News You May Not Have Heard About — 12/13/2019

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  1. Trump Calls Out Anti-Semitism, BDS at Israel-US Summit
  2. Trump on Boycott of Jewish State: Americans will not stand for it
  3. In a Blow to Political Correctness, Trump Praises Salvation Army
  4. Trump to Sign Order Targeting Anti-Semitism at Colleges
  5. Trump signs order targeting college anti-Semitism
  6. Israeli special needs band makes history on stage with President Trump
  7. President Trump will address false impeachment charges during the Senate trial
  8. Trump to Sign Executive Order Declaring Jewish People a ‘Nation’ Just as Written in Genesis
  9. Trump speaks at White House amid ongoing impeachment hearing (Video: 18:23 minutes long.)
  10. Trump Issued Executive Order that Infringes on Free Speech and Targets the Boycott Movement Against Israel as Anti-Semitism on College Campuses
  11. Trump’s USMCA Trade Agreement Is a Big Win for Tech Giants Who Were Given the Right to Censor Internet Content

3 Branches of U.S. Government


  1. SCOTUS: Supreme Court Keeps Hold on Federal Executions
  2. U.S. Navy: US Naval Academy Now Offers Satanic Temple Study Group for Midshipmen

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  1. CNN and NBC Caught Faking Photo of Baby with Measles to Scare people into Accepting Vaccines


  1. FBI Detains 10 Saudis After Attack, Searching For More After Attacker Had Party To Watch Mass Shooting Videos
  2. Trump Triumph: The Senate has now confirmed 170 Trump judges, with even more to come
  3. The Myth of Inspector General Reports
  4. Nikki Haley calls out Canada for making a “deal with the devil”
  5. Judicial Watch: Court Rejects FBI Effort to Keep Secret Records about FBI-Clinton Lawyer Meeting on Russia
  6. U.S. Blows $230 Million on Wasteful Projects—Self-Cleaning Toilet, Promoting Serbian Cheese
  7. The Truth About the New Food Stamp Work Requirements’ Effects
  8. Adam Schiff’s Release of Phone Records Invites Legal, Ethics Scrutiny
  9. Military bases on high alert as FBI hunts for Saudi military students who vanished from Pensacola after jihad attack
  10. House Dems overwhelmingly reject motion to condemn illegal immigrant voting
  11. Bill Barr Indicts 8 For Illegally Funneling Foreign Money To Adam Schiff And Multiple Dem Senators
  12. 6 Takeaways From the IG Report on FBI’s Spying on Trump Campaign
  13. FISA report: DOJ watchdog releases findings on Russia probe surveillance DOJ inspector general finds 17 ‘significant errors or omissions’
  14. Another pathetic Jerry Nadler impeachment charade
  15. Democrats Filing Two Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump, No Longer Pursuing Bribery, Report Says
  16. Horowitz report finds serious abuses of FISA court by Obama operatives but makes no criminal referrals, meaning the deep state is free to target Trump again
  17. Hospitals Are Suing President Trump Over a New Rule Requiring Them to Publish Their Prices
  18. Soros-Sponsored Activist Confidently Predicts That White Population in America Soon Will be the Minority, Then Says: ‘So Watch Your A–!’
  19. The Most Corrupt, Partisan, Vindictive, Unjust Impeachment In American History
  20. Clinton Prosecutor Sees Weak Impeachment Case Against Trump
  21. Attorney General: FBI acted in ‘bad faith’ in probing Trump campaign’s links to Russia
  22. Muslim Community Patrol: Sharia Law Coming To Community Near You
  23. Budget Office Releases New Legal Memo Indicating Delay In Ukraine Aid Was Routine
  24. SCHIFF SLIP: Adam Schiff Reveals Real Reason For Trump Impeachment
  25. DoJ Inspector Horowitz: FBI Created ‘Fraudulent Evidence’ In Investigation, Implies ‘Illegal Surveillance’
  26. Public Turns Against Impeachment
  27. US Department of Justice Tells Judicial Watch it Can’t Produce Documents on Imran Awan Due to “Technical Difficulties”
  28. Jeffrey Epstein’s Suicide Watch ‘Companion’ Says He Has ‘No Doubt’ Accused Sexual Predator Killed Himself
  29. Since Feeding The Homeless Is Illegal, Activists Carry AR-15s To Give Out Food, Supplies
  30. Democrats on Judiciary Committee pass impeachment articles
  31. McConnell: “There’s No Chance The President’s Going To Be Removed”
  32. After Hours: Chad Robichaux & Steve Toth (Veterans Affairs) (Video: 4:57 minutes long.)


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  1. The lack of paid family leave is ‘breaking families’ backs’ — so what are Democratic presidential candidates going to do about it?

2020 Presidential Candidates-3

  1. Biden: Biden Supported Welfare Work Requirements in 1996, Now Calls Them ‘Morally Bankrupt’
  2. Biden: Joe Biden Refuses to Explain What He Meant by Calling African American Children ‘Roaches’ in 2017 Video
  3. Biden: Biden Privately Told Aides He’ll Only Serve One Term
  4. Bloomberg: Bloomberg On Employees Of His News Org Complaining: ‘With Your Paycheck Comes Some Restrictions And Responsibilities’
  5. Bloomberg: Bloomberg Fumbles Facts, Laws in Gun-Control Policy Rollout
  6. Bloomberg: NBC Anchor: Bloomberg Needs to Read the First Amendment
  7. Buttigieg: 2020 Dem Just Accused 63 MILLION Trump Supporters of One SICK Crime (Video: 5:16 minutes long.)
  8. Warren: Warren to Parents: You Fix the Public Schools
  9. Warren: Warren Pressed on Spending: ‘There’s Always Money’
  10. Yang: CRINGE: 2020 Dem Andrew Yang Sprays Whipped Cream Into Kneeling Supporter’s Mouth (Video: 3:43 minutes long.)

2020 Republican Presidential Candidates-1

  1. Trump: Polls show Trump trouncing Dems in Rust Belt
  2. Trump: Poll: President Donald Trump Beating 2020 Democrats in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin
  3. Trump: Trump campaign sees boost in Pa. from USMCA, impeachment (Video: 3:13 minutes long.)
  4. Trump: Trump’s Most Savage Roasts of Dems at His PA Rally (Video: 3:04 minutes long.)
  5. Trump: President Trump’s Support Among Orthodox Jews Has Risen from 54% to 89%


dems behind the wall


  1. Critics sound alarm after video shows men climbing Trump’s border wall (Video: 5:06 minutes long.)
  2. WATCH: Border Patrol Agent Debunks Viral Video Showing Illegal Immigrant Scaling Trump Wall
  3. Border Patrol Agent SILENCES all Rumors Attached to Viral Video Showing Immigrant Scaling Wall (Video: 4:58 minutes long.)



  1. Analysis: Trump’s Overwhelmingly Pro-Israel Speech Twisted by Media
  2. Failing CNN Admits: Democrats Lied About Trump’s Phone Call With Ukriane President Zelensky


  1. Why Every Single American Should Be Deputized
  2. Red Alert: Insider Reveals Democrats Aligning 2021 Policies with UN Agenda 2030
  3. THE MSM Has Known All Along That Millions Will Die In the Cascadian Subduction Zone As They Purposely Underestimate the Carnage
  5. Is France On the Verge of Civil War?
  6. The Only Criminal Finding In the IG Report
  7. Past Criminal Assoications Will Determine Democratic Impeachment Vote
  8. China Is Completely Infiltrating America’s Culture and Government Using Soviet Style Infiltration Strategies
  9. Why You Should Keep Your DNA Private at all Costs
  10. What Will History Say About the Impotent IG Report?
  11. Impeach At Your Own Risk
  12. The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet shows that in September, the Fed decided to re-elect Trump… and the money pumping began in earnest
  13. Polls Indicate Democrats Are Going to Lose Seats Over Impeachment Issue
  14. Steve Quayle & Dave Hodges-The Cascadian Subduction Zone Extinction Level Event-CSS
  15. The Real Reason Why Feeding the Homeless Is Illegal
  16. Venezuela proves that after government takes your guns, they will distribute firearms to their own socialist militia groups
  17. Why the Yellow Vest Revolution Is Important to America
  18. Bill Just Told America That Hillary Is Running

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  1. OAN EXCLUSIVE: Yuriy Lutsenko says Yovanovitch perjured herself before Congress (Video: 5:21 minutes long.)
  2. New Biden ad claims allies laugh at President Trump (Video: 3:30 minutes long.)
  3. Pompeo completes bilateral talks in Morocco & Portugal (Video: 2:08 minutes long.)
  4. Nat’l Council of Resistance of Iran, Alireza Jafarzadeh, on Iranian Aggression (Video: 6 minutes long.)
  5. OAN EXCLUSIVE: Secretary Pompeo responds to NATO summit, details Iran hostage transfer (Video: 5:06 minutes long.)
  6. OAN EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Nunes blasts Intel community IG’s lack of transparency (Video: 3:42 minutes long.)
  7. OAN’s Legal Analyst: Schiff’s phone record stunt proves his abuse of power (Video: 2:57 minutes long.)
  8. U.S. urges clean energy, less regulation at UN climate summit (Video: 4:08 minutes long.)

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  1. OMG! Dems Just Leaked Their REAL Thoughts on Impeachment! (Video: 3:59 minutes long.)
  2. WHOA! Eric Swalwell CURVES on Impeachment! (Video: 3:35 minutes long.)
  3. OMG! White Black Lives Matter Activist Ignites BRAWL at Black Event for Buttigieg (Video: 4:35 minutes long.)
  4. Lindsey Graham CAVES – Turns His Back on GOP and REFUSES to Subpoena Phone Records (Video: 6:31 minutes long.)
  5. Bernie Sanders Offers His FINAL Decision on a Trump Impeachment (Video: 6:04 minutes long.)
  6. SICK! Look What This Church Just Did To Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! (Video: 5:23 minutes long.)
  7. GOP Hero Mark Meadows Has ONE BRUTAL Message for Colleagues Who Say Trump’s Call was Inappropriate (Video: 8:02 minutes long.)
  8. Dana Bash Puts Nadler On The Spot With His Own Statements On Partisan Impeachment (Video: 5:32 minutes long.)
  9. Russia Officially Banned (Video: 3:36 minutes long.)
  10. SICK! Biden DOUBLES Down after DEGRADING Iowa Voter – This is REALLY Bad! (Video: 6:20 minutes long.)
  11. John Ratcliffe Drops BOMB During Hearing that Has Adam Schiff PANICKING (Video: 5:35 minutes long.)

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  1. The Impeachment Words that Will Haunt Dems (Video: 5:17 minutes long.)
  2. USMCA: It’s Go Time! (Video: 3:08 minutes long.)
  3. USMCA has Moved Way to the Left (Video: 4:17 minutes long.)
  4. Mexico Leaks USMCA True Purpose (Video: 6:12 minutes long.)
  5. Exposing the Dem’s USCMA Changes (Video: 8:02 minutes long.)
  6. USMCA Threatens Constitution | Constitution Corner (Video: 6:06 minutes long.)

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  1. Nunes: My phone records don’t match what Schiff, Dems put in report (Video: 5:02 minutes long.)
  2. Stephanie Grisham: We’re not going to participate in a ‘sham’ hearing (Video: 7:18 minutes long.)
  3. Defense Secretary Mark Esper discusses challenges to US national security (Video: 12:18 minutes long.)
  4. Stephanie Grisham: Dems hate Trump more than they love the country (Video: 9:43 minutes long.)
  5. Barr releases scathing statement on inspector general’s FISA report (Video: 1:39 minutes long.)
  6. Doug Collins: Democrats are destroying House rules (Video: 48 seconds long.)
  7. Rep. Devin Nunes says Dems are poisoning public with impeachment (Video: 6:31 minutes long.)
  8. Lisa Page sues DOJ, FBI for leaking text messages (Video: 1:31 minutes long.)
  9. Ken Starr: IG report another ‘blight’ on Jim Comey’s service (Video: 1:42 minutes long.)
  10. Carter Page: We’re taking this case to the Supreme Court (Video: 12:19 minutes long.)
  11. Ratcliffe: Trump didn’t get caught, Schiff got caught with the whistleblower (Video: 2:37 minutes long.)
  12. Dem Rep. explains why she’s undecided on impeaching Trump (Video: 8:29 minutes long.)
  13. SCOTUS will take up case on Trump’s financial records (Video: 4:37 minutes long.)
  14. The Conservative Squad on Fox & Friends (Video: 7:27 minutes long.)

Justinformed Talk

  1. Why Do THEY Fear Our Movement? (Video: 29:09 minutes long.)
  2. Secret Message In IG Report REVEALED? (Video: 33:24 minutes long.)
  3. Who Is The Real RENEGADE SPYMASTER? (Video: 33:22 minutes long.)

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  1. Will Civil War 2 Start in Virginia??? A SHOWDOWN is Shaping Up… (Video: 26:38 minutes long.)

US Defense Line

  1. Bad News (Dec 8, 2019): China Wins The South China Sea Map War Against US Ally in the Region (Video: 10:14 minutes long.)
  2. Alert!! (Dec 9, 2019): China and US Fight a War in the South China Sea (Video: 10:31 minutes long.)
  3. China Panic (Dec 11, 2019) : U.S. Destroyer Challenges China’s Claims in the South China Sea (Video: 10:59 minutes long.)
  4. Tension (Dec 12): Duterte Threat China of ‘Suicide Missions’ to Protect his Territory in China Sea (Video: 10:38 minutes long.)
  5. High Tension (Dec 14): US-Japan Enrages China by Buying an Island for a Joint Military Base (Video: 10:17 minutes long.)

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  1. Netanyahu’s Re-Election Plan: Bomb and Annex (Video: 4:25 minutes long.)
  2. Trump’s Executive Order Defies Logic (Video: 1:41:07 minutes long.)

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  1. Rep. Collins Makes Dem Counsel Sweat, Exposes Biden’s Quid Pro Quo (Video: 3:29 minutes long.)
  2. Rep. Gohmert Makes Nadler Slam Gavel in Rage as He Loses Control of Impeachment (Video: 3:26 minutes long.)
  3. Rep. Gaetz GOES OFF on Dem Chairman During Impeachment Hearing (Video: 4:20 minutes long.)
  4. House Dems (a.k.a. The Brat Pack) are Coming for Trump! | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 431 (Video: 23:55 minutes long.)
  5. Trump SLAMS the FBI After IG Report: “They Spied on Our Campaign” (Video: 6:43 minutes long.)
  6. Jim Jordan: ‘The Democrats Have Never Accepted the Will of the American People’ (Video: 5:02 minutes long.)
  7. Rep. Gaetz Exposes Hunter Biden’s Dark History of Corruption (Video: 4:51 minutes long.)



  1. Judge Tosses Six Counts, But Allows Calif. to Prosecute Pro-Lifer Behind Organ Harvesting Videos
  2. Two US Federal Agencies Cleared Farmer to Plow His Field. Then a Third Federal Agency Slapped Him with Millions in Fines
  3. Jewish Activists Shut Down Border Patrol Facility In San Diego, Demand Illegals Be Given Flu Shots
  4. Congressional Candidate for California’s 45th District, Peggy Huang, on Her Campaign (Video: 5:39 minutes long.)


  1. Colorado Public School Forces Students to Recite Pornographic Poem Praising Pagan God Moloch


  1. Official: US Naval Base Killer Watched Shooting Videos Before Attack
  2. Pensacola: Muslims keeping children home “out of fear they will become targets of backlash aimed against Muslims”
  3. 10 Saudi military students at Pensacola Naval Air Station now detained after jihad massacre
  4. First Red Flag Conviction In Florida After Man Refuses To Give Up His Guns
  5. Pensacola jihad murderer was “infuriated,” filed complaint when instructor teased him about his mustache
  6. Pensacola jihad murderer became more religious after trip home to Saudi Arabia in February
  7. Here We Go Again: Pensacola Muslims Fear “Backlash” After Jihad Massacre
  8. After NAS Pensacola shooting, Navy suspends flight training for nearly 300 Saudi students, official says


  1. Pearl Harbor, Hawaii: US Navy Sailor, Gabriel Antonio Romero, Opened Fire, Killed Two Department of Defense Workers, and then Killed Himself at the Naval Shipyard


  1. WATCH: 6 Dead in Shooting Near New Jersey Kosher Market
  2. 300 rounds of ammo and 3 pipe bombs found in van at scene of Kosher market shooting
  3. ‘Jews are Dead? That’s Great’: Bystanders Spew Anti-Semitic Hate After NJ Attack
  4. SHOCKING VIDEO: Jersey Residents Blame Jews for Deadly Shooting as Jewish Victims Lay in Cold Blood!
  5. NJ Shooter Linked to ‘Black Hebrew’ Hate Group; Posted Anti-Semitic Content
  6. Terrorists who gunned down Jews in a Jersey City kosher market were inspired by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan
  7. Jersey City Shooters were ‘Black Israelites’: A Replacement Theology Cult
  8. Jersey City Shooters Who Killed 4 People Were Driven by Hatred of Jewish People and Law Enforcement, Attorney General Says


  1. Ron Unz, Valerie Plame, and a Congressional Seat in New Mexico


  1. WATCH: Two teens beat, tase Israeli tourists in Brooklyn robbery
  2. NYC Muslim Patrol: Bullying, Gangster Tactics Reporte
  3. 20-year-old arrested for hate crime in a New York Costco
  4. Bronx: Muslim migrant plotted to behead people with chainsaw, amassed large stash of weapons


  1. North Carolina: Congressional Candidate Pete D’Abrosca Calls For 10-Year Moratorium on ALL Immigration


  1. Portland Wants Private Property Owners To Add ‘Mandatory Rest Spaces’ For The Homeless
  2. Portland Plans to Force New Construction Sites to Include ‘Rest Spaces’ for Homeless People


  1. Pennsylvania: Muslim State Rep Charged with Perjury and Theft Illustrates the Dangers of Identity Politics
  2. Pennsylvania State Lawmaker Accused of Stealing Over $500K from Her “Non-Profit” Charity Intended to Aid Homeless and Drug Addicted People


  1. Texas: Muslim cleric whines that when Muslims preach about Muslims killing Jews, “Pamela Geller jumps on him”
  2. Austin’s New Radical Sex Ed Program Invites Drag Prostitute To Teach Children


  1. Reversal! 13 Countries Say ‘No’ to Anti-Israel UN Vote


  1. Vermont taxpayers will now be forced to pay for the transgender mutilation of children… State-sponsored medical mutilations are now a reality thanks to LGBT delusions


  1. Virginia sheriff to pre-empt Democrat gun grab by ‘deputizing’ thousands of ordinary citizens so they can keep their firearms
  2. GUNPOINT TYRANNY: Democrat tyrants in Virginia threaten to use the National Guard to enforce draconian new gun laws
  3. The Logic Of Revolution Unfolds In Virginia


  1. Ilhan Omar Hypnotizes Catholic Church, Reads Islamic Prayer at St. Peters Gathering in D.C.



  1. Democrat Congressman Al Green: Trump Must Be Impeached ‘To Deal With Slavery’
  3. Rep. Karen Bass (California): Dem Rep: We Will Push Impeachment Again If Trump Wins


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  1. Netanyahu: ‘I’ll Win Big!’, Agrees to Primary for Likud Party Leadership
  2. Iranians Love Israel! Netanyahu Reaches Out in Persian, Iranians Respond
  3. Netanyahu to High Court: I Will Renounce All My Ministerial Positions
  4. No Staff Or Resources for 3rd Round of Voting, Says Israeli Elections Head
  5. Message to Iran? Israel Tests Rocket System Capable of Carrying Nuclear Warheads
  6. Israel moves forward to expand Jewish community in ancient city of Hebron
  7. Bombing Iran to Destroy Nukes ‘is an Option’, Says Israel’s Foreign Minister
  8. Likud Challenge: Sa’ar Demands Primaries in Bid to Topple Netanyahu
  9. Poll: Results of Third Knesset Elections will be Identical
  10. Zero Chance of Avoiding Third Knesset Election
  11. Iranian Defector: ‘Netanyahu Has Made Israel Popular in Iran
  12. Jerusalem ‘Fast-tracks’ Construction for New US Embassy!
  13. Permanent US Embassy in Jerusalem will Happen ‘Fast’
  14. Poll: Blue and White expected to gain 37 Knesset seats, Likud drop to 33
  15. Ahead of third elections, a Knesset dissolution bill was introduced
  16. Netanyahu Party Challenger Calls for Evacuation of Illegal Bedouin Camp
  17. Right-wing Parties Won’t Pledge Allegiance to Netanyahu After 3rd Elections
  18. Israel’s Former Chief Rabbi Meets with King of Bahrain
  19. Liberman Vendetta Against Netanyahu Brought 3 Elections, Likud Accuses
  20. Ayelet Shaked: Justice System Engaged in ‘Hostile Takeover’ of Israeli Democracy
  21. A Quarter of Israelis Live Under the Poverty Line, Report Says
  22. Knesset Dissolves, Israel Heads to Third Elections
  23. Poised to Challenge Netanyahu, Sa’ar Woos Top Cabinet Minister
  24. WATCH: IDF’s New Weapons Strike Deep Into the Heart of Enemy Territory
  25. Liberman: Netanyahu Pardon in Exchange for ‘Honorable Retirement’
  26. Israeli Satellite Shows Iranian Tunnel on Syria-Iraq Border
  27. Netanyahu’s Top Challenger Gantz Vows to Amend Immunity Law
  28. Netanyahu Trails Gantz by 6 Seats in New Poll
  29. IDF Captures ISIS Terrorists Planning Attack in Jerusalem


  1. Gaza Riots Resume After 3-week Pause
  2. Palestinian High School Honors Suicide Bomber with New Memorial
  3. Palestinian Authority: No elections without east Jerusalem participation
  4. Hamas Denies Egyptian Report of Long-term Agreement with Israel
  5. WATCH: Palestine Moved to Jordan? Hamas Says No Way
  6. Muslim cleric: “Allah permitted the Prophet Muhammad to marry Aisha when she was 9 years old”
  7. Hamas runs influential pro-Corbyn Facebook page out of Gaza
  8. UN Ambassadors Visit Hamas Terror Tunnel, Israel’s Iron Dome Defense System
  9. EXPOSED: Terrorist Funded by PA Tried Collecting Welfare from Israel


  1. England: Former London Mayor Blames Jews for Corbyn Defeat
  2. Europe: ‘Deadly Delusions’: Europe’s Deradicalization Programs
  3. Europe: Europe No Longer Hides Its Hostility To Israel
  4. European Union (EU): EU to discuss whether to modify policy on Israel and PA
  5. European Union (EU): EU openly declares war on the Jews
  6. France: Israeli Beaten on Crowded Paris Train in Anti-Semitic Attack
  7. Germany: Germany’s Merkel Voices ‘Shame’ During First Auschwitz Visit
  8. Germany: Muslims Incite to Murder Jews at Rally in Berlin
  9. Germany: Member of Parliament who Opposes Immigration Receives Death Threat from Antifa
  10. Germany: German Army to Get Military Rabbis Again After 100 Years
  11. Germany: Germany: 91-year-old Neo-Nazi Denied Early Release
  12. Netherlands: Muslim man who stabbed Jews at Amsterdam market ruled unfit to stand trial
  13. Netherlands: Denmark: 20 Muslims Arrested in Foiled Jihad-Terror Plot
  14. Norway: Finally, a European Country Punishes Palestinian Authority for Educating to Incite to Kill Jews
  15. Russia: Russia Intercepts Israeli Warplanes Headed to Syrian Airbase
  16. Russia: Russia Postpones Hearing for Jailed Israeli Naama Issachar
  17. Russia: Russia vs. Israel? Moscow Condemns Israeli Airstrikes
  18. Switzerland: Swiss woman who accused Tariq Ramadan of rape launches slander case against him
  19. UK: EXPOSED: Corbyn, UK Labour Party Tied to Hamas Network
  20. UK: Hamas is Running Pro-Corbyn Facebook Page and Labour Knows it
  21. UK: Corbyn Gains on Johnson in Latest UK Polls, Jews Fear Anti-Semitic ‘Poison’
  22. UK: Hackers Attack Site After it Revealed Corbyn’s Ties to Hamas
  23. UK: Corbyn Cutting Into Boris Johnson’s Lead Day Before UK Elections
  24. UK: UK Goes to the Polls in Fateful Vote for Britain’s Jews
  25. UK: If Jeremy Corbyn Wins, Britain Will Move in a Socialist Direction
  26. UK: The UK has its own Trump! The left-wing Labour Party annihilated by the right-wing Conservative Party in the British Election: Scotland to break from the UK?
  27. UK: Exit poll says Tory landslide
  28. UK: Labour Party Suffers Crushing Defeat in UK Elections
  29. UK: Corbyn Finished: Trounced at Polls After Anti-Semitism Scandal, Labour Leader Quits
  30. UK: Corbyn’s Damning Verdict: Labour Against Anti-Semitism ‘Relieved’!
  31. UK: U.K. conservatives’ snap election win biggest since 1983 (Video: 3:59 minutes long.)


  1. China: China wins on Haifa port, but fights with US for the future – analysis
  2. China: China Is Moving to Control the World’s Mineral Resources: America Is Facing Death by a Thousand Cuts
  3. China: China’s Scary ‘Emotion Recognition’ Spytech (Video: 3:21 minutes long.)
  4. China: Trump Challenges World Bank on China | China Uncensored (Video: 13:05 minutes long.)
  5. Iran: Police told to shoot at Iranian protesters by Iranian municipal official
  6. Iran: Iran Threatens to ‘Flatten Tel Aviv’
  7. Iran: Secret Iranian subterranean armory revealed
  8. Iran: Iran is building tunnels in Syria near Iraq border for weapons
  9. Iran: Ayatollahs Take Drastic Action to Withstand US Sanctions
  10. Malaysia: “Moderate” Malaysia: Six Muslims get jail, fine for going to picnic at waterfall instead of Friday prayers
  11. South Korea: South Korea Releases Imagined ‘Preemptive Strike’ Video On North


  1. Libya: WATCH: Libyan Jews Expose World’s Hypocrisy on ‘Palestinian Refugees’
  2. Niger: Islamic Terror in Africa: Jihadis Slaughter 70 Soldiers in Ambush in Niger
  3. South Africa: Here is South Africa’s new land expropriation without compensation bill
  4. South Africa: Eskom, SAA, SAPO and all the other state companies the South African government has run into the ground


  1. New Zealand: Tourists seen walking inside the rim of the White Island Volcano, New Zealand moments before eruption: A number of people missing feared dead (Video)


  1. Canada: Canada ‘made deal with devil’ with antisemitic (UN) vote, says ex-U.S. envoy to UN
  2. Mexico: World’s first 3D-printed neighborhood unveiled in Mexico


World-Currencies Banner


  1. The FOOLPROOF way to protect real assets from any financial collapse, currency collapse or economic apocalypse
  2. How To Make Money Like A Pro | DON’T Listen To Wall Street – Robert Kiyosaki [Millennial Money] (Video: 7:24 minutes long.)
  3. TRADE WARS ESCALATE DANGERS: How the US Has The Most to Lose (Video: 7:51 minutes long.)
  4. Blockbuster Jobs Report Beats Investor Expectations (Video: 2:21 minutes long.)
  5. It’s Too Late To Fix the Coming Financial Armageddon – Get Prepared Now (Video: 6:30 minutes long.)
  6. Auto Prices on the Rise Amid End-of-Year Discounts (Video: 2:14 minutes long.)
  7. Markets are wrong; Fed is not done cutting rates says Peter Schiff (Video: 6:22 minutes long.)
  8. At Midnight, Trump Will Get His Wish: World Trade Organization Loses Power
  9. The Value of Your Data… (Video: 28:12 minutes long.)
  10. The Formula For Getting What You Want In Life – Kim Kiyosaki [The Rich Dad Radio Show] (Video: 41:07 minutes long.)
  11. Gen Z Returns to the MallsGen Z Returns to the Malls (Video: 1:58 minutes long.)
  12. China deal: why Trump needs this to win – Jim Rickards (Video: 2:18 minutes long.)
  13. Confidence in Fed is fragile; are we doomed for a crisis? Jim Rickards weighs in (Video: 4:22 minutes long.)
  14. MONEY CONTROL IN 2020: (Part 2) What’s Next with Central Banks & Big Tech Monopolies (Video: 37:27 minutes long.)
  15. Five key tips for your 2020 portfolio (Video: 9:30 minutes long.)
  16. The Rush To A Cashless Society Plays Into Globalists Hands
  17. Trump Is Delivering Economic Wins for Rural America
  18. Podcast: Alaska Attorney General Talks Workers’ Rights
  19. The Collapse Is Confirmed! $255 Trillion Dollar Debt Lead To Economic Collapse &Stock Market CRASH (Video: 11:47 minutes long.)
  20. Trump: We’ve Agreed To ‘Very Large’ Phase One Deal, Phase Two Negotiations ‘Begin Immediately’
  21. Trump Folds! Will Cancel New China Tariffs, Offers To Cut Existing Tariffs 50% In Exchange For Pledges
  22. Trump Says “VERY close to a BIG DEAL with China”, Stock Market Surges And Gold & Silver Plunge
  23. Lighthizer Confirms China Pledged $40BN In Ag Buys Next Year, There Is Just One Problem…
  24. Goldman Is Displeased: “The Tariff Reduction Is Only Half What We Expected”
  25. Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up – 12.13.19
  26. A “Stealthy” Next Recession?
  27. Audio: Fed Calls for Higher Living Costs for All Americans
  28. Congress Still Covering for the Fed’s Bailouts
  29. Rob Kirby: No Country Wants To Be Left Holding Dollars
  30. Ted Butler: Repo Crisis Started By JP Morgan To Get DOJ To Back-Off Certain Gold & Silver Manipulation Charges
  31. John Rubino: Yield Curve Control And Mega-Stimulus
  32. Bix Weir: BANG! Fed’s Bank Bailout Program Will Be Over $700 Billion PER DAY By December 31st!
  34. Peter Schiff: US Federal Govt Budget Deficit $209 Billion In Just The Month Of November!
  35. Bill Holter: Confidence Going To Break Biggest Debt Bubble In History
  36. Spending deal to provide $1.4 billion for Trump’s border wall, while Democrats get expanded Head Start, other programs
  37. This is the tax break America’s 1% will cling to — even after death
  38. Fed Brainwashing On Net Wealth In One Picture
  39. Central Banks Alarming Moves Towards Social Engineering
  40. Core Retail Sales Growth Weakest Since February
  41. The Fed Has ‘Absorbed’ 90% Of Treasury Issuance Since September

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  1. Nightly Business Report – December 9, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  2. Nightly Business Report – December 10, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  3. Nightly Business Report – December 11, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  4. Nightly Business Report – December 12, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  5. Nightly Business Report – December 13, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)


  1. Mutual Funds Investing in Tech Startups (Video: 2:10 minutes long.)
  2. AT&T to raise quarterly dividend by 2% to 52 cents a share, retire $100 million of stock in Q1
  3. Here’s why the stock market is not thrilled with the China trade deal
  4. These are Wall Street’s top dividend stock picks for 2020
  5. These are the 20 best-performing stocks of the past decade, and some of them will surprise you
  6. Cannabis stocks jump on hopes that Canadian move will curb black-market sales
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  9. Oracle stock falls as earnings show continuing struggle for revenue growth
  10. Oil ends at 3-month high as the U.S. and China reach a preliminary phase one trade deal
  11. U.S. oil futures settle above $60 for first time since mid-September
  12. IEA Warns An Oil Glut Is Inevitable In 2020
  13. Stocks Are Headed Higher in 2020, Strategists Say. Here’s Which Sectors Will Benefit the Most
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  15. Choice Hotels raises quarterly cash dividend by 5% to 22.50 cents a share
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Earth News Banner

  1. New evidence emerges to show that climate change is a criminal science fraud ring run by corrupt pseudoscience puppets
  2. It’s not climate change: Our disposable society of plastic trash is killing the natural world, as over 70 gray whales have died on West Coast beaches
  3. Fish all gone! Gulf of Alaska fishery to close for the first time ever: No more cod: Salmon all but gone: Millions of small sea birds died since 2015
  4. Sydney under siege! “Only flooding will put this fire out,” no meaningful rainfall until late January, leaving 5.5 million people chocking in 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) temps
  5. Attention Cascadia: The Ring of Fire Has Gone Active In New Zealand
  6. The first named storm “Atiyah” is set to impact Ireland, the UK, Western Europe and especially Iceland with hurricane-force winds and more rain
  7. Temperatures are expected to dive to -19 deg F (-28.1 deg C) in the U.S., which is 14 deg F, (7.5 deg C) colder than the North Pole at the moment
  8. Hawaiian Volcanic Activity Could Become the Catalyst That Unleashes An Extinction Level Event In the Cascadian Subduction Zone
  9. Aus bushfire update: Smoke triggers 500 smoke false alarms in buildings across Sydney: Air quality 12 times worse than “hazardous.”: Thousands protest
  10. Survival rates for salmon just 3 per cent on the West Coast of the U.S. Salmon demise is being blamed on global warming (we found an increase of 27% in radiation from 2012 to 2017)
  11. A super-charged jet stream continues to send a barrage of storms to the UK since September with the latest storm arriving today during their general election
  12. Amazon Rainforest, The Italian city of Venice, Victoria Falls, the Great Barrier Reef, Florida’s marine shoreline, the Marshall Islands in the Pacific, all these wonders are in desperate trouble
  13. Australia is bracing for its highest recorded temperature ever which is currently 50.7C, (123 deg F): Brisbane breaks rainfall record with 6 months rain in 1 hour
  14. A 5.2-magnitude quake on Wednesday struck off Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture were thousands of bags of radioactive waste and 1,000 tanks of dangerous radioactive contaminants are stored
  15. NASA Accidentally Shows Evidence of Large-Scale Weather Manipulation In Satellite Photos
  16. Top Scientist Resigns: ‘Global Warming is a $Trillions Scam — It has Corrupted Many Scientists’
  17. 3D scans show underwater volcano off Oregon coast could explode without notice
  18. Methane Explosions with Nuclear Force Lie In Wait Off the West Coast


Sign Petition Banner

Hallmark is now airing LGBT commercials, open to LGBT movies

The Hallmark Channel has always been known for its family friendly movies. Even its commercials are usually safe for family viewing. But unfortunately, that is not the case anymore.

Recently, One Million Moms received concerns about Hallmark airing a commercial from in which two lesbians are shown kissing at the end of their wedding ceremony. Similar concerns from regular viewers are posted on an online complaint board for the Hallmark Channel.

One viewer commented on the board:

“Why would you show a lesbian wedding commercial on the Hallmark Channel? Hallmark movies are family friendly, and you ruined it with the commercial.”

Another viewer wrote:

“Our family was watching a wonderful Hallmark movie based on a true story. It was late, but our daughter was up late with us. During the commercial break, there was a commercial from Zola with two women lip locking! Please Hallmark … we are fed up with having the gay agenda crammed down our throats! You are one of the few channels we thought we would not have to deal with this issue! Please remove this and any other gay, lesbian, bisexual, or anything else it is called from your channels. … We love you but won’t keep watching with this type of ads.”

Conservative viewers will be disappointed to learn that Hallmark has ideas of moving beyond airing only commercials with LGBT content and is open to producing LGBT movies in the future.

According to, Michelle Vicary, executive vice president of programming for Crown Media Family Networks – the company that makes Hallmark movies – recently said: “We are continuing to expand our diversity. We are looking at pitches for LGBT movies. …”

While currently there is nothing known in the works for Hallmark programming to contain same-sex couples as lead characters, Crown Media Family Networks CEO Bill Abbott confirmed Vicary’s words: “We look at a variety of different things, so we’re always looking for the best stories that we think will resonate in the best way. And so we’re open to really any type of movie of any type of relationship in any space.”

Shame on Hallmark for airing commercials with same-sex couples and even considering movies with LGBT content and lead characters.

Until recently, Hallmark had a good record for keeping their movies and commercials family friendly. Now, parents can no longer trust Hallmark because Hallmark is no longer allowing parents to be the primary educators when it comes to sex and sexual morality.

Parents need to know they could now come face-to-face with the LGBT agenda when they sit down to watch the Hallmark Channel.

Family entertainment is not the outlet in which to be politically correct by forcing tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality – a sinful lifestyle that Scripture clearly deems as wrong. You can read so in Romans 1:18-32.

One Million Moms is asking Hallmark to stay true to its family friendly roots that so many families have grown to love, and to keep sex and sexual content – including the promotion of homosexuality – out of its programming.

Chick-fil-A ends support for Christian charities

Chick-fil-A ends support for Christian charities

Sign our petition to Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A was founded on Christian principles. I heard that from the founder of Chick-fil-A himself, Truett Cathy, when I heard him speak at a prayer breakfast in Tupelo, Mississippi, 20 years ago. Mr. Cathy passed away in 2014.

I was so impressed with Mr. Cathy’s public expression of faith and his devotion to God. That’s why it saddens me greatly to find out that Chick-fil-A seems to be wavering on those Christian principles. 

As you probably know, Chick-fil-A has been hounded by LGBTQ activists since 2012 when then CEO Dan Cathy, son of Truett Cathy, made a public statement in support of the biblical definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman. Since that time, these LGBTQ stormtroopers and their cohorts in the media have been after Chick-fil-A.

For the last couple of years, they have been pounding Chick-fil-A over the company’s donations to The Salvation Army, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Paul Anderson Youth Home in Georgia. Because these ministries believe what the Bible teaches about human sexuality and marriage, these ministries have been labeled “hate” groups. Therefore, according to LGBTQ groups, Chick-fil-A donates to hate groups.

Now Chick-fil-A has announced it will no longer make donations to these groups. The company says its contracts with the ministries have simply expired, and they’re moving on. Frankly, I don’t buy it. For all practical purposes, it looks like they have caved to the LGBTQ activists and their illegitimate complaints. I hope I’m wrong.

Some very fine Christians have spoken out forcefully against what Chick-fil-A has done. Here is what my friend Gov. Mike Huckabee had to say about this turn of events:

“I’m sure you’ve heard that Chick-fil-A has fully surrendered to the very leftist anti-Christian hate groups. In August 2012, I asked to help promote Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. It was an incredible display of quiet, loving support and record sales. I now regret that I did it and that I invited your participation. Sad day. I wonder how long before they go ahead and open on Sundays?”


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  2. Legendary Undeciphered Texts That Even The Best Cryptographers Can’t Solve! (Video: 15:56 minutes long.)
  3. 800 Ancient Egyptian Tombs Discovered at Middle Kingdom Necropolis
  4. Forgotten Kings and Queens: The Lost Gypsy Dynasty of Scotland
  5. 28,000-Year-Old Mammoth Kill Site Discovered in Austria
  6. Decayed Papyrus Hints that More Dead Sea Scrolls Remain
  7. Medieval Ring Found In Piast Stronghold Near Gniezno, Poland – Is Unique Christian Artifact
  8. Grave Of Amazon Warrior Who Lived In The Kingdom Of Urartu Discovered In Armenia
  9. Ancient City Was Discovered Underground In Antalya’s Demre District
  10. 1,500-Year-Old Ancient Lamps Unearthed In Zerzevan Castle In Southeast Turkey
  11. Mystery of the Megalithic Daisenryo Kofun in Japan (New Images released by NASA) (Video: 5:48 minutes long.)
  13. The Colossi of Memnon: Why Did the Giant Statue Sing at Dawn?
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The Strange-Mysterious-Unexplained (Small)

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  7. Venus de Milo and the Intersection of Beauty and Politics (Video: 16:22 minutes long.)
  8. Pilots Who Won The Battle Of Britain | The Last Of The Few (Remembrance Day Documentary) | Timeline (Video: 46:19 minutes long.)
  9. Death of a Valkyrie: The 1966 XB-70 Midair Collision (Video: 15:59 minutes long.)
  10. The Assassination of William Goebel, Kentucky Governor (Video: 13:01 minutes long.)


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

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  9. 7 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Baking Soda (Video: 8:23 minutes long.)
  10. What SKIN TAGS Really Mean (Does your Doctor know?) (Video: 5:30 minutes long.)
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THomas DeLauer

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Dr Alan Mandell, DC

  1. THE WORST TIME TO TAKE YOUR MULTIVITAMINS – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 2:56 minutes long.)
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Dr. Joseph Mercola

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Mike Adams-Health Ranger

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Dr. Sten Ekberg

Dr. Nick Zyrowski

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Yeshua (Jesus) had no servants, yet they called Him Master.
Yeshua had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher.
Yeshua had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer.
Yeshua had no army, yet kings feared Him.
He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world.
He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him.
He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today.
You, the believer in Yeshua (Jesus) should feel honored to serve such a Leader who loves you.

Merry Christmas

Learn the “REAL” story about the origins of Christmas. Did you know that Christmas was being celebrated long before Yeshua/Jesus was born? Do you know that He was NOT born on December 25th? Do you know what the Absolute Written Word of Almighty YHWH says about Christmas? I encourage everyone to check out all the links below. It is long past the time for the Body of Yeshua/Jesus to be awakened to His Truths which are written in His Word. If you “truly” love Him, then embrace His Truths which are written in His Word and abandon man’s traditions.

Nearly 25 years ago, YHWH called me to do research into the various Christian holidays. He wanted me to get to the “origins” of each of those holidays and learn of their origins. During my intense research, I learned the “real” truth and I learned in the process that I had been raised believing that these Christian holidays were indeed Christian. When in fact none of them were Christian. Then, it happened. While I was doing this research, I heard His voice speak to me, “LEARN NOT THE WAY OF THE HEATHEN. HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR CELEBRATIONS. IT IS A STENCH IN MY NOSTRILS. I AM HAVE SPOKEN TO YOU.” Needless to say, my response to Him was “Not a problem.”

What Christmas means to you as a Christian does not matter. What truly matters is what it means to Him. He sees his children trying to honor Him by celebrating Christmas when in reality He is seeing a repeat of the Israelites trying to worship Him with the golden calf at Mount Sinai. Many lost their lives because they worshiped the golden calf which is a false god. This is exactly what is happening today. My beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord are falsely worshiping Him using ancient pagan idols. Yes, the Christmas tree is an idol as well as the Yule Log, and many other items that go with Christmas. All these things are clearly presented in the below links. I strongly encourage all my brothers and sisters in Yeshua/Jesus to go through all these links and educate yourself.

Jeremiah 10:1-5 “1 Hear the word which YHWH speaks to you, O house of Yisra’ĕl. 2 Thus said YHWH, “Do not learn the way of the gentiles (See Leviticus 18:3; Deuteronomy 12:30 & 18:9; Ezekiel 11:12 & 20:32; Ephesians 4:17; 1 Peter 4:3.), and do not be awed by the signs of the heavens, for the gentiles are awed by them (See Deuteronomy 4:19 & 17:3.). 3 For the prescribed customs of these peoples are worthlessfor one cuts a tree from the forest, work for the hands of a craftsman with a cutting tool. 4 They adorn it with silver and goldthey fasten it with nails and hammers so that it does not topple5 They are like a rounded post, and they do not speakThey have to be carried, because they do not walk. Do not be afraid of them, for they do no evil, nor is it in them to do any good.” ”

Remember: What Christmas means to you as a Christian does not matter. What truly matters is what it means to HimIt is a stench in His nostrils.

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Learn the “REAL” story about the origins of New Year’s Celebration. New Years Celebration is like Christmas and other Christian celebrations, it has its roots in pagan practices. All who truly love Him will abandon pagan practices to please Him. Christians are not to learn the ways of the heathen. Nowhere in all the Bible from Genesis to Revelation will we find where it is okay to celebrate New Years. He has NOT given His stamp of approval on this celebration. So, why do Christians celebrate New Years? It all boils down to “Man’s Traditions.” YHWH wants ALL of His children to come out of pagan practices. Do you love Him enough to abandon “Man’s Traditions” to “show” Him that you have a “true” love for Him? The “fruit” of one’s love for YHWH is obedience to His Commandments.

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What does YHWH say about loving Him?

John 14:15 “If you love Me, you shall guard [keep/do/obeyMy commands.” We know one of His Commands is to ‘learn not the way of the heathen (gentiles).’ (Jeremiah 10:2)

Heathens (gentiles) were known for their pagan practices which are not from YHWH. YHWH has called His children to be Set-Apart (Holy/Dedicated) as He is Holy. (1 Peter 1:16) The real meaning of Holy is “Dedicate.” We can read 1 Peter 1:16 using the term “dedicate” and it will clear up what Holy really means. “because it has been written, “Be Dedicated (Set-Apart), for I [YHWH] am Dedicated (Set-Apart).” He is calling His children to be “Dedicated” to Him as He is “Dedicated” to His children.

Exodus 20:6 “but showing kindness to thousands, to those who love Me and guard [keep/do/obeyMy commands.

1 John 5:2-3 “2 By this we know that we love the children of Elohim [Mighty One/God], when we love Elohim and guard [keep/do/obeyHis commands3 For this is the love for Elohim, that we guard [keep/do/obeyHis commands, and His commands are not heavy,

2 John v. 6 “And this is the love, that we walk [keep/do/obeyaccording to His commands. This is the command, that as you have heard from the beginning, you should walk [keep/do/obeyin it.


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PETE the Grin Reaper :o)

(often folks of all ages, little children to elderly, give us a BIG GRIN & thumbs up :o)

October 6, 2019

Jeremiah 1                   Acts 15

If the “wise men” from Persia (modern day Iran) had followed an “eastern star” that star would have taken them farther AWAY from Bethlehem!

Why do atheists celebrate Christmas?

Jeremiah is reluctant to tell us:

Jeremiah 1:6  Then said I, Ah, Adonoy YeHoVee! behold, I cannot speak: for I am a child.

However, by chapter 10, Jeremiah has become a “Man of GOD” and explains:

Jeremiah 10:3-6  For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.  They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.  They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil, neither also is it in them to do good.  Forasmuch as there is none like unto thee, O YHVH; Thou art great, and Thy name is great in might.

So, again I ask, “Why do atheists celebrate Christmas?

And, moving on, for us who listen to and obey (shema) our SAVIOR:

ACTS 15:20 (for starters)

And ACTS 15:21 explains, to us, how to finish the good “race” :o)))

Pete-1 small

Acts 15:20  But that we [our Jewish Apostles] write unto them [us new Gentile “believers], that they abstain from pollutions of idols [the FIRST of the 10 Commandments, “Exodus 20:3  Thou shalt have no other gods before ME = YHVH!.], and [abstain] from fornication [self explanatory], and from things strangled [it is already understood what is food = kosher (adjective) and what is “unclean”; and yet, this is also speaking of kosher (verb) in how we “field dress” the kosher animal — do NOT strangle it!  Strangulation raises blood pressure and fills the meat with excessive blood and we are told in Genesis 9:4 to NOT eat the blood; so do not strangle an animal for food], and [abstain] from blood [shed?  Murder??  I think so and it is very abnormal to shed the blood of our neighbor if we love them, right?].

Now, once we have come back to the BASICS, we hone our skills, in the very next verse:

Acts 15:21  For Moses of old time hath in every city them that preach him [that teach what Moses taught and Yeshua our MESSIAH said: John 5:46  For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed ME: for he wrote of ME.

John 5:47  But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe MY WORDs?], being read in the synagogues [G4864 Christian churches] every Sabbath day.

The 9 branch Hanukkiah, on Pete’s tailgate, is for Hanukkah which means dedication, a day to re-dedicate our flesh “temples” for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  Yes.


The book of Revelation explains the 7 lights of the Menorah = 7 Churches = us who have come back to the root of Jesse = David and David’s Son Yeshua our Mashiyach/Messiah, hence the star that we must follow in order to be “fishers of men.”  And, what do the Hebrew letters at the top say?  Ah-nee Mah-ah Mah-een = I’M A BELIEVER!


YAH IS adding HIS blessing to the reading of HIS entire Holy Bible.  Amen!

And now, as we hit the road, to go celebrate YAH’s 7th (and last, of each year) FEAST of Tabernacles, in anticipation of Yeshua’s promise to return and Tabernacle with us for 1,000 years, “PETE the grin reaper” is either a message to other weary travelers OR a target for radical terrorists.  As we hear the sound of the shofar, I trust that we will not hear the blast of gun shots, “nevertheless not as I will, but as THOU wilt.

Shalom aleichem,



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Another Coffee Break

Our Covenant, Part 7

Today, if possible, I want to finish the part of our discussion dealing with ãñ•ç• kheseed.   When I first began this part of the sharing, it didn’t dawn on me that it was going to become so exhaustive but buckle your seatbelts, when we start to expand on this concept with regard to the establishing of the United States of America, you will see Covenant repeated again and again and again.

Our founding fathers fully understood the principle of Covenant.  They realized that if there was going to be a Covenant to establish a new nation, it had to be a Covenant with God, since He was and is the author, the Creator, the backup and support of any real Covenant.

Let’s get back to where we left off last week.

The Lord had — with His covenant — given Israel “the abundance of all things.”  All that He was, and all that He had was given to Israel as His covenant people in the earth.  They were to be His personal representative.  They were to show the rest of the world the path to redemption from the curse that came upon the entire human race when Adam and Eve subjected themselves — and their descendants — to the bondage of Satan.

With that position as God’s covenant people came immeasurable blessing — almost incalculable blessing!  With that position came God’s power and authority in the earth.

With it came ãñ•ç• kheseed.

With it came the promise that….

Deuteronomy 28:10, 13:  “All people of the earth shall see that thou art called by the name (shem/onoma — patria – lineageof the LORD; and they shall be afraid of thee…..

And the LORD shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the LORD thy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them..”

Get it?

Thus, it required agape-kheseedwhich empowered Israel’s faith, and caused that nation to believe the Word of the Lord, which was the embodiment of His covenant.  As I noted yesterday, this isn’t something he gives just a tiny bit of: He gave Israel the capacity — under that covenant –to become His holy people.  He gave Israel “..according to the riches of His glory..”  — “..that (they) might be filled with all the fullness of God.


The Tabernacle of Moses was a picture — a graphic representation — of the covenant, all the way from unregenerate and unredeemed death and destruction under the bondage of Satan to a living relationship, walking and talking with the Lord in the Holy of Holies.

Human flesh, however, is stubborn and recalcitrant; and natural Israel — at least up to David’s day — had gone astray time after time after time after time.  The nation had gone through periods of repeated assault from their enemies and occasional captivity only to be delivered by the Hand of God when they cried out for a deliverer.

David knew that the nation had somehow never really seen the heart of the Lord.  He knew they had missed out on the truth and power of the covenant God had made.  He saw beyond the symbolism of the Tabernacle of Moses to the Ark of the Covenant as a picture of Israel’s marriage to the Lord God.  He saw beyond the symbolism of the Golden Candlestick to a worshiping people — a people whose hearts exploded with a flame of love for their Bridegroom.

So David set out to draw THAT picture ONLY in a way that anyone and everyone could relate.  He pitched a simple tent on top of Mount Moriah.  It was the same place where Shem had originally built his citadel as a place of refuge for his bride and established Salem as an outpost of righteousness in an otherwise heathen land.  It was the same place where Abraham had taken Isaac to offer him up as a sacrifice to the Lord in direct obedience to God’s command.  It was the same place where the Lord had provided “a lamb for a sacrifice” in Isaac’s place.

In that tent — with its flaps open for all Israel to see — was placed the Ark of the Covenant.  NOW Israel would see their marriage covenant with the Lord.  Instead of bringing the Golden Candlestick over from Moses’ Tabernacle in Gilgal, David appointed the families of Asaph, Heman and Jeduthun to become a living golden candlestick: a people whose entire life would be given over to minister love to the Lord God and to show Israel just what could come from that covenant relationship.

And he succeeded in a way that no one had ever before succeeded.  The nation began to prosper as it had never prospered.  They had victory over all of their enemies.  Kings and leaders of nations and tribes began to sue for peace with David and with Israel.  The land began to bring forth as it had never before brought forth.  The people prospered.  David prospered.  And Israel, for the first time in its history, actually became a nation that worshipped God.

For some reason, God’s people have missed this picture.  America was founded upon a covenant with the Lord — despite what the mainstream (or “lamestream”) media loves to push off on the public.  The time has come for this nation to return to the Lord, and to the covenant our forefathers made with Him in establishing us as “one nation under God.”

Allow me to digress for a minute.  It is for that purpose that River Worship Center has been established.  Our vision is to bring about a place where people will gather — people whom the Lord has called, trained, equipped, prepared and anointed in the same way that Asaph, Heman and Jeduthun were — to minister to the Lord Jesus Christ in praise and worship.  Our goal is generating a place where folks will gather in teams around the clock to minister to the Lord in shifts, 24 hours a day.

We know from past experience what happens in the realm of the Spirit when this begins to take place.  We know — by vision and by the direct Word of the Lord to us — what God’s purpose is for this nation, and where He intends to take this worship.

It is a small beginning.  We are only a few people at this moment in time.  But we have the Word of the Lord:

Zechariah 4:10:  For who hath despised the day of small things? for they shall rejoice and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel with those seven; they are the eyes of the LORD, which run to and fro through the whole earth.

Early on in our series on Covenant, I made a statement that raised a few eyebrows: namely, that Adam and Eve, being made in the express image of God, in His likeness and makeup, had the ability to speak things into being.  I cited from the example that the Lord brought to Adam every living creature to see what he would call them, “and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the “name” thereof.”

This word, “name,” of course, comes from the Hebrew íL shem.  Paralleling the Greek, onoma, it is a whole lot more than “dog, cat, elephant, horse,” etc.  The word, íL shem, represents the very nature, the character, the makeup, the personality — what makes one what they are.

Thus, Adam was not simply coming up with some kind of name that popped in his head: he was declaring and decreeing the character and makeup — the very nature — of each animal as the Lord brought it before him.  That was creative power in action.  Adam spoke the nature of every living creature into existence.  He “called those things that are not as though they were,” thus speaking life (in this case, animal life) into existence.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but some folks may draw the wrong conclusions from my words, so let me be specific.  Adam was not creating life in the same sense that God created life by breathing His breath into Adam.  He was not creating life out of the dust of the earth.  Rather he was speaking life in the sense of personality and nature into these heretofore robotic creatures that made them what they are.

That may be a concept that escapes some folks, but his decrees were not academic sayings: they were life commands that caused every animal to take on the nature and makeup that we now know of those animals.  Prior to Adam’s decree, the animals had no particular distinctive character or personality or makeup.  They were just “living creatures” without any real identity.

It is important to understand this concept because it is at the very heart and center of covenant.  Bear with me.

Proverbs 18:21:  “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” 

That is not a metaphor, or a figure of speech: it is a covenant statement.  How about this one?

Proverbs 18:20:  “A man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth, and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled.

I quit counting after I passed more than 600 references in Scripture to the truth of “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…,” as they relate to the words that we say, the things that come forth from our mouths.  I suspect that number of references in Scripture to the words we say, the statements we make — for good or evil — easily exceeds a thousand in the Old Testament alone.

Let me get to something that Jesus said; and this is specific and germane to covenant:

Mark 11:23-24:  For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.  Therefore, I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

Why do I say that this is specific to covenant?

Were it not for the fact that every word which proceeds out of the mouth of God carries with it the creative power and empowerment to bring it to pass, there would be no covenant.  If we are to enter into covenant with the Lord, that same creative power must be there for our part to be enacted and come to pass.  We must have, therefore, “whatsoever we say.”

The very fact that so many (un)-believing Christians fail to have what they say is because they almost immediately cancel out whatever positive, life-giving, creative power they hope for by conditioning their speech with doubt, unbelief and fear.  They have what they say, all right: death, destruction, sickness, poverty, need, weakness, etc.  They cancel the benefits of their covenant with the Lord by virtue of the destructive power of their speech.

We were created to be like God in every respect, save that we cannot be Him and be the ultimate ruler of the universe.  Yet we have been empowered by covenant, as Paul writes,

Ephesians 2:6-7 “And [He] hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus: That in the ages to come he might show the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.

THAT’s not a figure of speech.  It isn’t a metaphor.  It is a covenant truth that places us — as faith-parties to the New Covenant — on the throne of the heavenlies LITERALLY!  It is a covenant truth enacted by the agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ for us.

Do you understand that it is agape-kheseed that empowers covenant, both for us and through us?

I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again.  It required agape-kheseed, which empowered Israel’s faith, and caused that nation to believe the Word of the Lord, which was the embodiment of His covenant.  Just as He gave Israel “..according to the riches of His glory..”  — “..that (they) might be filled with all the fullness of God,”  He has given to us in an even greater measure.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Regner A. Capener

Temple, Texas 76504

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Study Shows Jesus as Rabbi

By Roy B. Blizzard and David Bivin

It is very difficult for us, almost 2,000 years removed from Jesus’ day, to project ourselves back across the centuries of time to a culture and language so totally foreign to the western mind of today. And yet, before we can even begin to understand the magnificent and thrilling words of Jesus, that is exactly what we must do.

The first thing that one must realize is that Jesus was a Jew. This fact should be obvious; however, it is surprising how many Christians are shocked to learn that Jesus was a Jew. And, not just any ordinary Jew. He was a rabbi, a teacher, one learned in the Scriptures and the religious literature of His day, which was considerable.

There is a general consensus in Christian circles that Jesus was unlearned or unschooled. His knowledge was divine and God-given. It is said, even by some scholars, that because Jesus was unschooled, the people of His day were amazed that he had some knowledge of the Scriptures. This misunderstanding is due in part to a statement made in reference to His home, Nazareth: Can there be anything good from Nazareth? (John 1:46) and to certain statements made about Jesus’ disciples:

And they were amazed and marveled, saying one to another ‘Behold, are not all these which speak Galileans? (Acts 2:7)’

Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and they perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marveled, and took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus (Acts 42:13).

From the above passages the idea has arisen that Jesus, like His disciples, was basically ignorant and uneducated because He was from Galilee. The implication is that Galilee was “sticksville,” or the “boondocks,” and that the people who lived there were basically ignorant.

This line of thinking is fundamentally in error. The level of learning and education in Galilee exceeded that of Judea in Jesus’ day. Galilee surpassed even Judea in its schools of learning, and most of the famous rabbis of Jesus’ day were from Galilee (Johnanan ben Zakkai, Hanina ben Doda, Abba Yose Holikufri, Zadok, Halaphta, Hananian ben Teradyon.) According to Professor Shmuel Safrai, Hebrew University Professor of Jewish History of the period of the Mishnah and Talmud, not only did the number of 1st century Galilean rabbis known from rabbinic literature exceed the number of Judean rabbis, but even the moral and ethical quality of their teaching excelled that of their Judean counterparts (private communication).

In the New Testament, a great deal of space is given to Jesus’ birth; but then, until His appearance in the Temple at age 12, almost nothing; and from age 12 until He began His public ministry at about the age of 30, again, nothing. What was Jesus doing in His early childhood and in His adolescence? We have a very strong indication from a tractate, or chapter, in the Mishnah, the Jewish “Oral Law.” The passage is as interesting as it is pertinent.

At five years of age, one is ready for the study of the Scripture, at ten years of age one is fit for the study of the Mishnah, at the age of thirteen for bar mitzvah, at the age of fifteen for the study of Talmud, at the age of eighteen for marriage, at the age of twenty for pursuing a vocation, at the age of thirty for entering into one’s full vigor…(Avot 5:2l).

Although this statement cannot be dated with certainty and may come from 70 to 150 years after the time of Jesus, it does, nevertheless, reflect what the Jewish boy in Jesus’ day would have been doing in each stage of his growth and development.

Most Christians know that the synagogue is the Jewish house of prayer and worship. Few Christians are aware that each synagogue usually had its own elementary school, or bet-sefer, and its own school, or bet-midrash. As we think of institutions within the framework of Judaism, it is natural to assume that the synagogue, or house of prayer and worship, would be considered most sacred. However, such is not the case. In Judaism, even to this day the bet-midrash is given more prominence and is considered more sacred than the synagogue.

However, there is one fact that is of the utmost importance for our understanding of the subject at hand, and that is: although scrolls, or books for reading and study, were used, and although the practice of writing was highly developed, writing materials were costly and scarce, and all manuscripts had to be written by hand by scribes trained in this profession. Therefore, learning usually meant memorization by constant repetition. Professor Shmuel Safrai, in his article, “Education and the Study of the Torah,” 945-970 in Volume Two of The Jewish People of the First Century, relates:

Individual and group study of the Bible, repetition of the passages, etc., were often done by chanting them aloud. There is the frequent expression “the chirping of children,” which was heard by people passing close by a synagogue as the children were reciting a verse. Adults too, in individual and in group study, often read aloud; for it was frequently advised not to learn in a whisper, but aloud. This was the only way to overcome the danger of forgetting.

In the eyes of the rabbis, repetition was the key to learning. One who repeats his lesson a hundred times is not like him who repeats it a hundred and one times (Chaggigah 9b).

All kinds of methods were devised to assist the student in memorization. One passage in the Talmud, too lengthy to quote here, tells how even infants were taught to memorize the Hebrew alphabet (Shabbath 104x). In elementary schools the children were instructed in the Hebrew language and in Torah, the Law of Moses.

Lessons took place on all the days of the week including the sabbath when they would, however, read no new material, but repeat earlier lessons. We even find the children going over their lessons on Friday evenings in the synagogue (Safrai: 954).

From these written sources we can say with great certainty what Jesus was doing in His early childhood and adolescence. He was studying, committing vast quantities of material to memory – Scripture, Mishnah (the Oral Law), midrash (commentary on Scripture). halachah (rabbinic legal rulings) – all the available sacred literature of His day. It is important to emphasize that this was exactly what most of the other children of His day were doing. To such an extent that most of the people in Jesus’ day had large portions of this literature firmly committed to memory, and at the very least, almost all the Old Testament. It is only when we understand this that we can understand the peculiar way in which the rabbis of Jesus’ day taught.

As we have already said, Jesus was not only a Jew, He was a rabbi. He had had a thorough education, and when he appears on the scene, He appeared as a rabbi, recognized as such by his peers. There are many passages in the New Testament which illustrate this recognition. Here are a few:

And Jesus answered and said to him, “Simon, I have something to say to you,” and he said, “Rabbi, speak” (Luke 7:40).

And, behold, a certain lawyer stood up, and tempted him, saying, “Rabbi, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” (Luke 10:25 – Matthew 23:36).

And one of the company said unto him, “Rabbi, speak to my brother, that he divide the inheritance with me” (Luke 12:13).

And behold, a man came up to him and said, “Rabbi, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” (Matthew 19:16 – Luke 18:18).

And some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to him, “Rabbi, rebuke your disciples” (Luke 19:39).

And they asked him, saying, “Rabbi, we know that you speak and teach rightly, and show no partiality, but teach the way of God truly…” (Luke 20:21 – Matthew 22:16).

Then there came to him some of the Sadducees…and they asked him, saying, “Rabbi…” (Luke 20:27 – Matthew 22:23-24).

In the above passages, note the diversity of those who recognize and address Jesus as Rabbi: private individuals, lawyers, the rich young ruler, the Pharisees, the Sadducees – a broad cross section of the people of His day.

But, why is it important to understand that Jesus was a rabbi? Because, in Jesus’ day the rabbis were accustomed to using methods of instruction that are quite foreign to the western mind of today. The term “rabbi” is derived from the Hebrew word rav, which in biblical Hebrew means “great.” The word rav is not a title in biblical Hebrew. By the time of Jesus rav had come to refer to a master, as opposed to a slave, or as opposed to a disciple. The word “rabbi” (pronounced ra-bee), means literally, “my master.” It was used as a form of address when speaking to a learned teacher, or sage. It was not yet a formal title. The rabbi in Jesus’ day was quite different from the present day rabbi. In Jesus’ day, the rabbi almost always had an occupation from which he derived his livelihood. He had not yet become the synagogal functionary that he became in a later period. He was, rather, an itinerant or peripatetic preacher functioning in much the same way as the prophet of the Old Testament. In an age in which there were no highly developed and sophisticated methods of mass communication as we have today, the rabbi had to travel from place to place if he wanted to communicate to the masses his teachings and interpretations of Scripture.

According to Professor Safrai, the itinerating rabbi was the norm, rather than the exception. There were hundreds and perhaps thousands of such rabbis circulating in the land of Israel in Jesus’ day. These rabbis did not hesitate to travel to the smallest of the villages or the most remote parts of the land. They would often conduct their classes in the village square or out under a tree (Safrai, ibid, 965). In some instances, classes would be conducted in someone’s home. Often these classes were small. The rabbis did not hesitate to teach as few as four or five students. According to custom, one could not charge for teaching the Scriptures, so the itinerant rabbi was dependent upon the hospitality and generosity of the community. Many rabbis carried their food with them – a pouch of meal and a few olives. From such they subsisted, not wanting to be a burden to their host. The rabbi’s stay in the community might last from only a few days to weeks, or even months. However, for the long term student (“disciple”), learning from a rabbi meant traveling, since the rabbi was always moving from place to place. If one wanted to learn from a rabbi, one had to “follow after him.”

Implied is the further exhortation to open one’s home to rabbis and their disciples. The rabbi (and his disciples) would naturally need to eat and sleep near where he was teaching. In Rabbinic literature there are many passages which call on the people to show hospitality to the sages. It is now easy for us to see the reason. If the people had not been hospitable, opening their homes for teaching and providing food and lodging for the rabbis and their disciples, it would have been impossible for the rabbis to teach and for the students to learn. Upon the background that can be drawn from Jewish sources, a clear picture of Jesus as a rabbi emerges from our Gospels. When we see Him at the beginning of His ministry, He is walking along the shore of the Sea of Galilee and enlisting disciples with the call, “Come, follow me” (Matthew 4:19). “Follow me,” lech aharai (literally, “walk after me”), was a technical term in Hebrew for becoming a disciple. The call to discipleship sometimes necessitated heartrending decisions. It was, more often than not, a call to leave home. (Note that this was a temporary absence, although it might involve months of study.) We recall the words of the man in Luke 9:61 who said to Jesus, “I will follow you, Lord, but first let me go say goodbye to my family.” The call to discipleship often meant leaving mother, father, wife, children, relatives, friends and traveling the country under adverse and austere conditions. It meant leaving all. We can see this reflected over and over again in the Gospels. To the rich young man in Luke 18:22ff, the call to follow Jesus meant selling all that he had, giving it to the poor, and lech aharai, “walk after me.” Peter reminds Jesus (verse 28) that he and the other disciples are not like the rich man: “We have left “ours” (i.e., home) and followed you.” Jesus responded, “Amen, (You have, and that is commendable) I say to you, there is no one who has left house (i.e., home, family)…for the sake of the kingdom of God who will not receive much more in this life, and in the age to come eternal life.” Note that the Beatitudes, too, are 1) a call to discipleship, but also 2) a promise of life everlasting.

If married, with his wife’s permission, a man could leave home for a period of time in order to study with a rabbi. Sometimes it was the wife who encouraged the husband to leave home to study (See Safrai, Comp. II p. 965). For some, this call to be Jesus’ disciple was too demanding, the price too high to pay, as exemplified by the rich young man, and as demonstrated in the parable of Jesus recorded in Luke 14:16-24.

Perhaps the most beautiful example of hospitality afforded to Jesus and His disciples is that pictured for us in the story of Mary and Martha recorded in Luke 10:38-42 (See Understanding The Difficult Words Of Jesus, 98-103). Mary and Martha had opened their home for both physical and spiritual nourishment – hospitality in the truest sense of the word. Another important point is seen in this story when it is related that Mary was…sitting at the feet of Jesus: This rabbinic expression is a technical term for becoming a disciple.

Notice again the clear picture of Jesus the rabbi that emerges from our Gospels. He itinerates from place to place. He depends upon the hospitality of the people. He teaches in homes or in the open air. He has disciples. His disciples follow Him from place to place. It is the picture of a 1st century rabbi.

How did the rabbis in the time of Jesus teach? What were their methods of teaching? What were they teaching?

It is correct to state that the focus of all the rabbis teaching was the Law. For the rabbis, the “Law” consisted not only of the Written Law, but of the Oral Law as well. The Written Law was the Torah, or the five books of Moses (GenesisExodusLeviticusNumbersDeuteronomy), that God gave to Israel at Sinai. In addition to this written revelation, Moses also received, according to the rabbis, additional commandments or instructions that were communicated orally. These additional commandments were designated by the rabbis as the Oral Law.

The Oral Law is divided into two catagories: halachah and haggadahHalachah is from the Hebrew root halach, meaning “to walk,” or “to go.” In other words, halachah is that path or way in which one is to walk. Halachah is the term used to refer to the whole legal system in Judaism. It includes the 613 written commandments of the Torah and all of the legal rulings and decisions of the rabbis found in the Oral Law.

Haggadah, from the Hebrew root nagad (“to draw out; to narrate or tell”), is everything that is not halachic; the non-legal portion of the Oral Law; that part which does not deal with religious laws or regulations. According to the Jerusalem Talmud (Horavot 3:8. 48c), the purpose of the haggadah, unlike the purpose of the halachah, is not to state what is “forbidden” or “permitted” nor to declare what is “pure” or “impure.” Haggadah includes history, narrative, story, legends, fables, poetry, dirges, prayers, parables, proverbs, allegories, metaphors, hyperboles, analogies, and more. The haggadah is not written as a legal textbook, nor a digest of legal precedents. It is moral and ethical instruction about personal faith and the ways of God. It strives to teach man how to live in harmony with God and in harmony with his fellow man. Its fundamental purpose is to reach out and touch the heart of man that he might “know the Creator of the world and adhere to His ways” (SifreDeuteronomy 49).

The common man loved haggadah. He was strengthened and encouraged by it. It was the spiritual food that nourished the soul. The sermons for the common people were mainly haggadah. More technical discussions were reserved for advanced disciples. The itinerating rabbi-preacher loved haggadah as well. It caught the people’s ear and drew the people to God. And, the rabbi that could do that – draw the people closer to God that they might know His presence and feel His power – was highly esteemed. Great crowds would throng to hear his words and disciples would eagerly follow after him.

In Jesus’ day, the stress was still upon haggadah rather than halachah. In their teaching and preaching the rabbis still focused primarily on contemporary problems and the application of biblical principles in everyday life, rather than on theoretical discussions of the legal aspects of the Law.

As surprising as it may seem, we have a record of more of the sayings and the deeds of Jesus than any other 1st century rabbi. Thus, the even greater importance of the Gospels as a witness to rabbinic, haggadic style in the 1st century. In Jesus, we find the classic example of the peripatetic rabbi. His teaching abounds in inspirational instruction that lifts man to God. It abounds in parables, moral and ethical maxims, exhortations, words of comfort and reproof, etc. To quote the great Jewish historian, Joseph Klausner, for many years professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem:

In his [Jesus] ethical code there is a sublimity, distinctiveness, and originality in form unparalleled in any other Hebrew ethical code; neither is there any parallel to the remarkable art of his parables. The shrewdness and sharpness of his proverbs and his forceful epigrams serve in an exceptional degree, to make ethical ideas a popular possession (Jesus of Nazareth; His Life, Times, and Teaching, 414).

Due to exciting breakthroughs in synoptic studies by the late Dr. Robert Lindsey, working together in Jerusalem with the late Professor David Flusser, it is now possible to reconstruct many of the discourses of Jesus and recover their original contexts. This breakthrough has made it possible to better understand not only the teaching methods and style of Jesus, but also His teaching format, the way in which He organized His discourses. These discoveries have far reaching implications for better understanding the method and style of the haggadic preacher of the 1st century.

In general, it can now be seen that Jesus’ format was as follows:

  1. Jesus would see an incident and it would be affirmed by him with the use of the Hebrew word amen,
  2. Jesus would then comment on the incident in the form of instruction to His disciples,
  3. His instruction was then followed by two parables…for…out of the mouth of two witnesses is a thing established.

The Gospel records of the teaching of Jesus are also a prime source of information for understanding haggadic methods of scriptural interpretation. A wide variety of methods were used. One list of 32 haggadic hermeneutical principles is found in the Baraita of the Thirty-Two Rules, which is attributed to Eliezar ben Yose, the Galilean, CE 150. This Baraita is inserted in some printed editions of the Talmud after the tractate Berachot. It is also found in the preface to the Midrash Ha-Gadol on Genesis, and at the beginning of Mirash Mishnat Rabbi Eliezer. In the Gospels we can see the application of these rules of interpretation in the teaching of Jesus.

Of the haggadic methods of interpretation, the most frequently used by Jesus is remezRemez, or hinting, is a very rabbinic way of making a statement or declaration about something or someone by alluding to an Old Testament verse or passage of Scripture. Jesus hints at a biblical verse or passage just by mentioning one key word or phrase in the passage. His listeners, knowing the Bible by heart, much in the same way hear a key phrase and can recall the whole passage. Often, the point being taught is found in the biblical passage immediately before or just after the “hint” from that passage. However, it was unnecessary, in fact a waste of time, to quote a long passage from the Bible which the listeners all knew from memory. The moment the “hint” was given, the whole passage hinted at immediately burst into the mind of each listener.

John the Baptist uses this method when he asks Jesus: “Are you he who is to come?” (Matthew 11:3). In other words, “Are you the Messiah?” John alludes to “The Coming One” of Malachi 3:1 and Zachariah 9:9. Jesus uses this same method in answering John: “The blind receive their sight, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are brought back to life, and the poor have the good news preached to them.” In other words, “Yes, I am the Messiah.” Jesus alludes to Isaiah 29:18, 35:5-6, 42:7, and 61-1, and John understood exactly what Jesus was saying. The allusions by John and by Jesus to Old Testament Scriptures are not only their way of communicating with each other in a highly rabbinic and abbreviated way, a kind of oral shorthand, but these allusions are also their haggadic interpretations of the Scriptures alluded to. Each is declaring that he understands these Scriptures to be messianic Scriptures, references to the promised Messiah.

Jesus was a Jewish rabbi. That this is so difficult for large segments of the Christian community to see, only illustrates how dim is the recollection of their Jewish origins and to what extent they have assimilated into the pagan culture that surrounds us. We wonder what kind of dynamic organism the Church might have been throughout the ages had she clung more closely to her Hebraic roots rather than embracing and becoming amalgamated with the pagan Hellenistic oriental philosophy that persists in the Church even to this day.

We, quite frankly, are extremely concerned by the present day situation in Christendom. We see little hope for organized Christianity extricating itself from the quagmire of 19 centuries of pagan influence unless there is a concerted and intelligent endeavor to return to the historic foundations of biblical faith which are firmly established in the Land of Israel and the Judaism of Jesus’ day. It would seem that Christianity’s only hope is to see Jesus as He really is – an observant Jew, a Jewish rabbi, a Jewish Messiah. The “Gentile” Church must become more Jewish, and purge itself of the pagan influences of the last 19 centuries. May those who are not of Jewish parentage quickly rid themselves of the arrogance of which Paul warned the Roman Christians:

Do not boast over the branches. If you do boast, remember it is not you that supports the root, but the root that supports you. So do not become proud, but stand in awe. Note…God’s kindness to you, provided you continue in His kindness (Romans 11:18, 20,22).

Do not forget that non-Jews are spoken of as wild olive shoots grafted in among the natural shoots to share the nourishment of the olive tree (Romans 11:17) adopted, to use another of Paul’s metaphors (Galatians 4:5), into a Jewish family.


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