News You May Not Have Heard About — 12/06/2019

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  1. President Trump Calls Canadian PM Trudeau Two-Faced After Video Surfaces of Trudeau Making Nasty, Bitchy Comments About Trump To Other World Leaders
  2. Trump says Democrats are ‘very unpatriotic and in search of a crime’ (Video: 5:44 minutes long.)
  3. Trump Executive Order Allows Local Governments to Reject Refugee Resettlement Program
  4. President Trump challenges treasonous Democrats to impeach him “fast” and threatens to have Schiff, Bidens, Pelosi testify in Senate trial

3 Branches of U.S. Government


  1. Trump Administration: Trump Administration Responds To Democrats’ Deadline On Impeachment Participation
  2. Trump Administration: Trump Admin. Takes Federal Death Penalty to Supreme Court
  3. Trump Administration: Trump Administration to Close Food Stamp Eligibility Loopholes for Able-Bodied Adults
  4. Trump Administration: U.S. Mulls Withdrawal From Open Skies Treaty
  5. SCOTUS: Supreme Court to Hear Gun, Obamacare Cases
  6. SCOTUS: Podcast: How a Supreme Court Decision Is Hurting a Family Business



  1. Judicial Watch: FBI Uncovers New Clinton Emails
  2. Communists Working in U.S. Steal Billions in Taxpayer-Funded Scientific Research
  3. Judicial Watch Sues for Documents on Census Plan to Hire Foreign Nationals
  4. Some British Lessons on ‘Single Payer’ Health Care
  5. SEE IT: Whistleblower Failed To Disclose Contact With Schiff’s Office In Initial Complaint, CBS Reporter Highlights
  6. BREAKING: AG Barr Disputes Key Finding In IG Report On FBI’s Russia investigation
  7. Bauer: Public not backing Dems’ push for impeachment
  8. New Fusion GPS Info Confirms The Special Counsel Probe Was A Hit Job on President Trump
  9. What Democrats And The MSM Don’t Want America To Know About Their Impeachment Hoax
  10. BREAKING: Convicted Pedophile Used In Mueller Investigation Indicted For Funneling Millions In Illegal Contributions to Hillary, DOJ Says
  11. Husband Of Democrat In Impeachment Hearings Took $700K From Firms Tied To Ukrainian Oligarch ‘Accused Of Ordering Contract Killings’: Reports
  12. 6 Big Moments From Day 1 of the Second Round of Impeachment Hearings
  13. SCHIFF SHOW: Phone Records Show SCHIFF SPIED on Giuliani, Rep. Devin Nunes, and a ‘Hill’ Reporter
  14. Hillary and Bill Clinton were Jeffrey Epstein’s closest ‘celebrity mates’ and frequent guests at his New Mexico pedo ranch
  15. ‘Palestinian State’ Up for Vote in US House Resolution
  16. House Judiciary Committee holds first impeachment hearing (Video: 9:04:02 minutes long.)
  17. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff Set Precedent By Subpoenaing the Phone Records of Two Trump Lawyers and a Journalist
  18. What Impeachment Tells Us A Democrat-Controlled America Would Look Like
  19. U.S. Confirms Interception of Iranian Weapons, Missiles Destined for Yemen
  20. Lawmakers Map Out Conservative Solutions to End Poverty
  21. ‘Powerful Interests on the Left Want to Shrink Freedom of Religion,’ McConnell Warns
  22. Impeachment Witnesses Have Failed to Prove Trump Guilty
  23. Here’s what’s coming in the bombshell Inspector General’s Russia probe FISA report
  24. House Judiciary Committee: Next Impeachment Hearing on Same Day as IG Report Exposing Democrat High Crimes and Treason
  25. Attorney General Barr Indicts Eight Individuals for Illegally Funneling Millions In Foreign Money To Clinton’s Campaign in 2016
  26. Authoritarianism: Democrat Candidates Pledge Social Media Free Speech Crackdown #Nazis
  27. Dem Impeachment Witness Noah Feldman Penned Fawning Defense of Brutal Shariah Law
  29. White House tells Nadler it won’t participate in impeachment hearing
  30. Bloomberg Unveils Extreme Gun Control Plan
  31. Senate Chairmen Say Ukraine Meddling ‘Not Debunked’, Demand Docs From DNC Contractor
  32. What The “Expert” Panel Should Have Told You About Impeachment… But Didn’t


Presidential 2020 Election Banner

  1. Gun-Rights Groups Celebrate as Gun Control Recedes From 2020 Debate
  2. Report: Google, YouTube Deleted 300+ Trump Campaign Ads
  3. Hillary Still Contemplating Presidential Run – Hilarity Ensues

2020 Presidential Candidates-3

  1. Bloomberg: Bloomberg Moves Ahead of Harris in Presidential Race
  2. Bloomberg: Bloomberg Trashes NYC Gun Regulation He Defended As Mayor
  3. Buttigieg: The Dangerous Progressive Christianity Message Of Mayor Pete
  4. Buttigieg: WaPo Gives Buttigieg Three Pinocchios for Black Poverty Rate Claim
  5. Castro: The Republican Base Loves Cruelty
  6. Harris: Marijuana Offenders Should Be ‘First in Line’ for Cannabis Industry Jobs
  7. Harris: Officer Down: Kamala Harris Drops Out of 2020 Race
  8. Sanders: New Bernie Sanders Hire’s Tweets Include Homophobic Slurs, References to ‘Jew Money’
  9. Warren: Warren Plans to End Electoral College by 2024
  10. Warren: Understanding Elizabeth Warren’s “Radical” Wealth Tax

2020 Republican Presidential Candidates-1

  1. Trump: Trump Campaign Denies Bloomberg News Press Credentials


dems behind the wall


  1. Woman Deported After Conviction In Car Crash That Killed 4 Children Arrested After Being Found Back In U.S.
  2. Sanctuaries to Release Illegal Immigrants Jailed for Rape, Murder, Child Molestation
  3. ICE Catches Alleged Child Sexual Predator and Rapist, After He Was Released Back on the Streets by Philadelphia Police — Twice
  4. Illegal Alien from Mexico Arrested for DUI and Hit-and-Run After Vietnam Veteran Was Struck, Dragged 50 Feet, and Killed
  5. Refugee Resettlement Watch Urges Citizens to Stand Up Against Mass Immigration – and Lists Who to Contact



  1. FOX: Tucker Carlson Names the Wealthy Elites Who Are Responsible for Wrecking California
  2. The Sun: Ghislaine Maxwell And Jeffrey Epstein Were ‘Israeli Spies’ Who Blackmailed Politicians, ‘Ex-Handler’ Claims
  3. MSM Now Compares Trump Supporters to ISIS Followers


One American News Network Banner

  1. Booker’s campaign message closely mirrors Obama’s (Video: 2:35 minutes long.)
  2. Sen. Barrasso pushes infrastructure plan (Video: 3:25 minutes long.)
  3. Tech giants promise $3B to help solve nation’s housing crisis (Video: 2:35 minutes long.)
  4. Breaking Down the Democrat’s Impeachment Report (Video: 3:35 minutes long.)
  5. President Trump in London for NATO summit (Video: 4:05 minutes long.)
  6. Bernie Sanders’ Plan to Nationalize Industry (Video: 2:37 minutes long.)
  7. Giuliani defends White House phone records revealed in Democrat impeachment report (Video: 3:02 minutes long.)

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  1. WHOA! Donny Deutsch DINGED for Absolutely TRASHING this 2020 Dem (Video: 5:53 minutes long.)
  2. Cory Booker Comes Out of the Closet in New Campaign Ad – This PROVES It! (Video: 5:13 minutes long.)
  3. GOP Judiciary Leader Doug Collins Just DEMANDED Adam Schiff to Testify (Video: 4:20 minutes long.)
  4. Klobuchar’s Ukraine ‘Global Watergate’ Comparison Is Beyond Pathetic (Video: 6:08 minutes long.)
  5. Rep. McClintock RUNS to Trump’s Ukraine Call Defense With The PURE and BLUNT TRUTH (Video: 4:06 minutes long.)
  6. Rand Paul Just Came up With a Student Loan Fix – This is Genius (Video: 7:56 minutes long.)

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  1. Finding the Impeachment Bombshell (Video: 7:32 minutes long.)
  2. COP25: Climate Summit’s Real Agenda (Video: 3:48 minutes long.)
  3. Key Concepts of Separation of Power | Constitution Corner (Video: 6:22 minutes long.)

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  1. Whitaker: Lisa Page made calculated move to front run IG report (Video: 5:30 minutes long.)
  2. Swamp Watch: Giuliani has become an unmitigated, unethical disaster (Video: 1:50 minutes long.)
  3. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries previews House Judiciary impeachment hearings (Video: 10:36 minutes long.)
  4. NO CRIMES HERE: Law Professor Outlines Reasons For NO IMPEACHMENT For President Trump (Video: 18:19 minutes long.)
  5. House Intel Democrats release impeachment report (Video: 2:16 minutes long.)
  6. Sen. John Kennedy hits back at Hillary Clinton’s Russia accusations (Video: 4:25 minutes long.)
  7. Pelosi asks House Democrats to proceed with articles of impeachment (Video: 8:40 minutes long.)
  8. Pelosi holds a press conference on climate change (Video: 38:33 minutes long.)
  9. Tucker Carlson Investigates Who Is Behind ‘Vulture’ Hedge Funds that Are Destroying Rural America

Justinformed Talk

  1. Major Military Ops Underway South Of The Border? (Video: 28:23 minutes long.)
  2. FUTURE Continues To PROVE PAST Posts? (Video: 29:06 minutes long.)
  3. How Do THEY Continue To SCAM US? (Video: 31:10 minutes long.)
  4. The Story THEY Don’t Want You To Hear… (Video: 31:50 minutes long.)
  5. Spy Tactics Used Against Trump Backfiring? (Video: 25:53 minutes long.)
  6. How Do THEY Plan To SILENCE US ALL? (Video: 29:54 minutes long.)

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  1. THE SOLUTION! Updated American Constitution Part 1 – KEY POLICIES (Video: 35:40 minutes long.)
  2. Updated American Constitution Part 2 – Overview & Contents (& How to Stop Activist Judges) (Video: 15 minutes long.)

US Defense Line

  1. China Nightmare (Dec 1 2019): US Boost to Modernize Philippines Military Amid South China Sea Crisis (Video: 10:13 minutes long.)
  2. SCS Crisis Heats up (Dec 3, 2019): The U.S. Sends Destroyer to Disputed South China Sea Region (Video: 10:48 minutes long.)
  3. China Panic (Dec 4, 2019): US-Vietnam warship deal is a devastating blow to China in South China Sea (Video:10:24 minutes long.)
  4. Tension Heats up (Dec 5, 2019): China Threat US as Warships Sail in Disputed South China Sea Region (Video:10:20 minutes long.)
  5. High Alert!! (Dec 6, 2019): China Quietly Deploying Airships in South China Sea Amid Tension Rising (Video: 10:17 minutes long.)
  6. Worst News (Dec 7, 2019): US-China Competition Will More and More Heat up in the South China Sea (Video: 14:03 minutes long.)

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  1. Breaking: US Base in Iraq Struck by 5 Rockets (Video: 12:55 minutes long.)
  2. Is FEMA Preparing for EMP Strike (Video: 3:33 minutes long.)

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  1. SHOCKING: 6 Year-Olds Taught “Self-Touching”?? I Pseudo-Intellectual (Video: 4:17 minutes long.)
  2. Epstein May Be Dead, But His Horrific Legacy Lives On I The Chad Prather Show (Video: 3:33 minutes long.)
  3. How Did Epstein Become Friends with the Clintons? I The Chad Prather Show (Video: 3:52 minutes long.)
  4. The Left Has Lost the Information Battle. Their Only Hope? Censorship I Steve Deace Show (Video: 4:44 minutes long.)



  1. California Farmer Fights Government Claim That Dirt Is a Pollutant
  2. Former president of org “dedicated to showing that Islam is a religion of peace” charged with jihad terror activity
  3. San Diego Resident Jihad Mostafa, “The Highest-Ranking U.S. Citizen Fighting Overseas with a Terrorist Organization,” Charged with Aiding, Abetting Islamic Terrorist Group Al-Shabaab
  4. California: Soros-Backed DA Releases 5 Men Without Charges Who Were Arrested in Mass Shooting that Left 5 People Dead at Halloween Party Turned Bloodbath


  1. George Zimmerman Is Suing Trayvon Martin’s Family, Their Lawyer, and Florida Prosecutors for $100-Million for Covering Up and Falsifying Evidence in the Famous Shooting Case
  2. Four dead including shooter at NAS Pensacola, officials say (Video: 17:08 minutes long.)
  3. DeSantis: Shooter is a foreign national, member of Saudi Air Force (Video: 15:52 minutes long.)
  4. Outrage After Police Use Bystanders As “Human Shields” In Florida UPS Truck Shootout
  5. Terrorism Probe Opened After Pensacola Shooter IDed As Saudi National Mohammed Alshamrani; Was There For Pilot Training


  1. Kemp to Appoint Businesswoman to Open Georgia Senate Seat
  2. ‘Abortion on Demand Agenda Is Immoral’: Meet Georgia’s Incoming Senator


  1. Judge finds that Muslima arrested in New Mexico jihad compound has “mental disease,” unfit to stand trial


  1. Under Progressive Policing, Transit Crime Surges in NYC, SF
  2. WATCH: In New York’s Times Square, Call for ‘Intifada in Every Classroom’
  3. Hezbollah Agent in NY Gets 40 Years
  4. New York Muslim gets 40 years for scouting sites for Islamic terrorist attacks in NYC
  5. WATCH: Abbas’ Party Admits Support for Hamas Terror Against ‘Zionist Enemy’
  6. NY: Mysterious Fire Engulfs House of Anti-Israel Cult


  1. Ohio Doctors who don’t “reimplant ectopic pregnancy” face “abortion murder” charge under new bill
  2. The Tragic Leading Cause of Death for Ohio Preteens


  1. Oklahoma: Police Officer Indicted for Murder After Returning Fire and Killing an Active Shooter


  1. Philadelphia: Authorities cave to Muslim group over Muslim kids dancing to chopping heads jihad song, take no action


  1. Austria: Muslim migrant at police check says “I do not talk to women, they have no rights”


  1. Anti-Israel Resolution at UN Condemning ‘Illegal Occupation’ Passes 147-7


  1. Virginia Democrats Filing Proposals To Begin ‘Confiscation’ Of Lawfully Owned Firearms, Second Amendment Reporter Says
  2. Flashpoint ahead: The ‘gun control master plan’ & push for the ‘final execution of the US Constitution & Bill of Rights in one fell swoop’ are on display for all to see in Virginia
  3. Overflow Crowd Turns Out in Blue County to Support Second Amendment


  1. DC bill halted, but kids still in danger



  1. Democrat Warns Party Not To Impeach Trump Because Of Who GOP Will Nominate In 2020
  2. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (California): Pelosi OKs drafting impeachment articles against Trump



  1. House GOP Report Contends Impeachment Drive Advances Rule by Bureaucrats


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  1. Netanyahu Expected to Call Indictment Politically Motivated in Bid for Immunity
  2. Netanyahu Indictment Officially Delivered to Israel’s Parliament
  3. Netanyahu calls for direct elections
  4. Netanyahu, Sa’ar Sharpen Rhetoric as Likud Primaries Loom
  5. Bereaved Families Warn Netanyahu: ‘Freeing Terrorists is Declaration of War’
  6. Netanyahu Associates to be Indicted in $2 Billion Graft Case Involving German Subs
  7. Netanyahu, Pompeo Move Forward with US-Israel Defense Treaty
  8. Jordan Valley Annexed Within 6 Months?
  9. Israel Approves 40-million-shekel Infusion for Judea, Samaria Security
  10. Defense Minister Bennett Endorses Plan to Build Artificial Island for Gaza
  11. The apartheid on the Temple Mount that should make the front page news
  12. WATCH: ‘Something Rotten in Israel’s Judiciary’ Regarding Netanyahu Cases
  13. IDF Scandal: Army Inflated Number of Ultra-Orthodox Recruits
  14. First-of-its-kind ‘Black List’ will Target Terrorists’ Personal Finances
  15. ‘Nothing More to Say to that Bunch,’ Says Likud Official as Unity Talks Grind to Halt
  16. Liberman: No Option Left but Another Election
  17. Nobel Winner Aumann: We Are Witnessing ‘A Coup of Lawyers, I Fear for the State’
  18. WATCH: Despite Ban on Non-Muslim Prayer, Jews Pray on Temple Mount!
  19. Israel Targets Terrorists’ Financial Assets for First Time
  20. Israeli Technology Detects Guns, Bombs, Drugs – and Flaws in Vehicles


  1. Top PA official: ‘Jerusalem is ours and will only be Islamic-Christian’
  2. Jordan conducts military exercise simulating war with Israel
  3. WATCH: Abbas’ Party Admits Support for Hamas Terror Against ‘Zionist Enemy’
  4. Palestinian Authority Children’s TV show: “The Dark-Eyed Virgins Yearn for Me”
  5. Arab Countries Discuss Forming Pacts with Israel at the White House
  6. Hamas Officials Make Condolence Calls to Bitter Rival Abbas


  1. England: Britain’s Main Jewish Group Asks Candidates to Commit to Palestinian State
  2. England: Senior London rabbi brutally attacked by antisemitic teenagers
  3. England: London Bridge jihad-murderer belonged to Muslim group that admired Hitler
  4. England: Ex-Labourites, and 24 Notables, Denounce Corbyn and His Labour Party for Antisemitism
  5. England: London’s Mayor Khan on London Bridge jihad massacre: “one of our strengths is our diversity”
  6. England: Six of London Bridge Muslim terrorist’s fellow Stock Exchange bomb plotters have also been FREED from prison – and another was freed only to be re-jailed after plotting a Lee Rigby-beheading attack
  7. England: More arrests: Police probing released terrorists after London Bridge stabbings arrest jihadi on suspicion of preparing ANOTHER attack
  8. England: Nothing to Worry About: London Bridge Jihadi Was Safely ‘Deradicalized’
  9. England: The London Bridge jihad attack and why “more will die”
  10. England: London: Islamic Terrorist Who Stabbed 2 People to Death Was an Ex-Convict Who Was Attending a Cambridge University Event on ‘Prisoner Rehabilitation’
  11. England: Police NOT investigating attack on Jewish children in London as hate crime
  12. England: Here’s everything investors need to know ahead of Britain’s election next week
  13. Europe: Europeans are more concerned about climate change than about jihad terrorism
  14. Europe: While Iran shoots protesters, Europe schemes to enrich the murderers
  15. France: French parliament to vote on whether hate of Israel is anti-Semitic
  16. France: French Prosecutors Won’t Charge Jihadi Killer With Murder
  17. France: Muslim migrants arrested for making Islamic State salutes at Strasbourg Christmas market
  18. France: French Judge Orders the Release of British Scientist, Lynda Thyer, Who Was Extradited and Falsely Accused of Selling GcMAF, an Alternative Cancer Treatment
  19. Germany: Muslim migrant rapes woman in car with police close by
  20. Germany: Merkel: German government “will and must oppose extreme speech. Otherwise our society will no longer be free.”
  21. Malta: Assassination of Journalist Leads Prime Minister to Vow to Resign from Office as His Colleagues Are Suspects in Her Murder
  22. Norway: Norway Qur’an-burning is being seized upon to justify imposing international blasphemy laws
  23. Russia: ‘Fake Aliyah’: 1,000s of Russians Exploit Israeli System in Passport-grab
  24. Sweden: Jews hiding their identity as violent Islamic antisemitism increases
  25. Switzerland: Muslim cleric who made hateful statements against non-Muslims now investigated for welfare fraud
  26. UK: Man who used sledgehammer to smash windows of mosques turns out to be Shia targeting Sunnis
  27. UK: Four Muslims who plotted jihad massacre received $1,000,000 in taxpayer-funded legal aid from government
  28. UK: Friend of London Bridge jihad murderer also freed from prison early, also returned to plotting jihad massacre
  29. UK: UK’s Guardian: London Bridge jihadi was reacting to racism, Muslims are the real victims of his massacre
  30. UK: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says jihad terrorists should “not necessarily” serve full sentences in prison
  31. UK: Prime Minister Boris Johnson says releasing London Bridge jihad murderer from prison early was a “mistake”
  32. UK: ‘No Jews’: UK Labour Election Ad Courts Muslims, Christians and Sikhs, Ignores Jews
  33. UK: Jihad preacher Anjem Choudary’s license under urgent review as photo surfaces of him with London Bridge jihadi
  34. UK: London Bridge jihad murderer was “beyond rehabilitation,” with views that were “deep and stubborn”
  35. UK: Family of London Bridge jihad murderer say they’re “shocked” by his jihad massacre
  36. UK: Muslim rape gang “passed around” 12-year-old girl “like meat,” sold her for sex with men


  1. China: Chinese Scientists are Working on a Way to Create an Image of a Person’s Face from a Blood Sample
  2. China: A Secret Government Project Sparks Huge Protest in Wenlou, China (Video:6:28 minutes long.)
  3. China: Chinese defector spills Communist Party, military secrets
  4. China: China Strikes Back Against America! | China Uncensored (Video: 11:38 minutes long.)
  5. India: Couple converts to Islam, goes to Afghanistan to become Islamic State jihadis
  6. Iran: ‘Unprecedented’: Iran Kills Hundreds Of Unarmed Protesters, Quran Expert Warns It May Kill Thousands In Crackdown
  7. Iran: Iranian Koran Expert: Apply Koran 5:33 to Crucify, Amputate Protesters
  8. Iran: Iran Admits Killing Gas Price Protesters
  9. Iran: Iran Orders U.S. to Pay $130 Billion in Reparations
  10. Iran: Iran is targeting 21 US military bases with missiles, says Iranian general
  11. Iran: Iran Waging ‘Shadow War,’ Seeding Iraq with Short-range Missiles Aimed at Israel
  12. Iran: Iran Waging ‘Shadow War,’ Seeding Iraq with Short-range Missiles Aimed at Israel
  13. Iraq: Iraqi Christians warn Sweden: “If Islamists gain power, they won’t treat you according to human rights, but Sharia”
  14. Pakistan: Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Minor girl stoned to death for honor
  15. Turkey: Chief advisor to Erdogan: “The Islamic world should prepare an army for Palestine from outside Palestine”


  1. Burkina Faso: Muslims murder 14 Christians in attack on a church during a Sunday service
  2. Democratic Republic of Congo: Muslims murder at least 19 in jihad raid on village, villagers flee for their lives
  3. Libya: Libya Open to Relations with Israel!
  4. Nigeria: Military releases 983 suspected Boko Haram jihadis, tells them “go and sin no more”


  1. Australia: Muslim accused of downloading info on weapons and recruiting Muslim teens for jihad
  2. New Zealand: Crusaders rugby team drops sword from logo because of Christchurch mosque massacres


  1. Canada: Canada appears eager to loosen euthanasia laws


World-Currencies Banner


  1. Globalists Have Declared War On Your Savings Accounts
  2. How & Why Central Banks are Preparing for the Crash (Video: 30:34 minutes long.)
  3. 47 Percent Of GDP – The Scariest Corporate Debt Bubble In U.S. History
  4. Trump’s “idiotic” trade policies will “destroy us”, here’s how according to Doug Casey (Video: 3:38 minutes long.)
  5. With U.S. – China trade resolution stalled, will this roil global economy? (Video: 6:01 minutes long.)
  7. ECONOMY DEATH METER: The Treasury EKG Shows “Near Death” Levels (Video: 6:06 minutes long.)
  8. Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up – 12.6.19 (Video: 22:09 minutes long.)
  9. Good Economic News Missing From The MSM Again
  10. US gains a robust 266,000 jobs; unemployment falls to 3.5%
  11. Things to get uglier and very serious in 2020 warns Doug Casey (Video: 16:24 minutes long.)
  12. THE NEXT RULE CHANGE: More Loss of Investor Protections (Video: 9:38 minutes long.)
  13. The #1 Most Important Skill You NEED To Be SUCCESSFUL -Robert Kiyosaki (Video: 10 minutes long.)
  14. Get Ready For An Economic Wake-Up Call This Holiday Season
  15. The Masses Are Being Conditioned To Ignore The Economic Bubble
  16. Wyoming, Texas, Utah Top 2019’s Sound Money Index – Vermont, Arkansas, New Jersey Among the Worst States
  17. Elephant in the Room: Why Nobody Talks About Ballooning Federal Deficits
  18. U.S. Farmers Struggling Under Rigged Markets…Trade Deal Unlikely, Won’t Help | Brian Ochsner
  19. Inflation To SKYROCKET! – Fed Says They Will Let Inflation “RUN HOT” As CRASH Approaches!
  20. Lior Gantz: The Baby Boom Miracle Is Over
  21. World’s Largest Commodity Trader Plummets To Three Year Low On Bribery Probe
  22. The COSTS Of Essentials (Housing, Education & Healthcare) ARE SPIRALING OUT OF CONTROL
  23. This depressing chart shows the jaw-dropping wealth gap between millennials and boomers
  24. Blue scrub vs. blue collar jobs? No contest. Health care growing much faster than manufacturing
  25. October consumer credit expands at second strongest monthly rate this year
  26. Economists say a recession is coming: How can 401(k) investors prepare?
  27. October Credit Card Usage Surges To All Time HIgh As Americans Regain Their Spending Mojo
  28. The Fed Is Expanding Its Balance Sheet At The Fastest Pace Since The Financial Crisis
  29. FX Volatility Nears All Time Low In “Perfect Storm Of Vol, Skew And Carry”
  30. Is Inflation Really Under Control?

Nightly Business Report Banner

  1. Nightly Business Report – December 2, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  2. Nightly Business Report – December 3, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  3. Nightly Business Report – December 4, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  4. Nightly Business Report – December 5, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  5. Nightly Business Report – December 6, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)


  1. Audio: Mining Stocks Flash Major Bullish Signal
  2. Stock Market Correction Is Over, The Next Leg Is Beginning
  3. Jim Rickards: Reduce Exposure To The Stock Market
  4. Does the stock market even need a U.S.-China trade deal with the jobs report this hot?
  5. Trump is not ready to sign a trade deal and the stock market doesn’t care
  6. Dow industrials post best day in 2 months after better-than-expected November jobs report
  7. Dow closes nearly 340-points higher after jobs report sparks stock-market rally
  8. CrowdStrike business looks strong but lock-up expiration looms over stock short term
  9. Zoom’s ‘perfection still isn’t enough,’ analyst says as stock slides 9%
  10. Big Lots stock bounces toward biggest gain in 3 decades after signs business has bottomed


  1. $2,000 gold price is very likely, this is what it will take – Agnico Eagle CEO (Video: 8:22 minutes long.)
  2. Uranium cannot be replaced and will be hot sector for 2020 (Video: 9:48 minutes long.)
  3. Supply Crunch Coming as Silver Miners Scale Back
  4. Making Sense Of A Crazy Week In Gold, Silver, Trade War, Markets & Economy
  5. EGON VON GREYERZ: GOLD AS CHEAP IN 2019 AS IN 1970 & 2000
  6. Gold & Silver Slammed The Moment The Absolutely Spectacular November Jobs Report Hit The Tape
  7. The Time Is Close For Gold’s Next Move – Technical Analysis
  8. U.S. government bond yields end higher after big gains in new jobs
  9. Oil gains as OPEC+ deepens output cuts, marks the highest settlement since September
  10. Oil Jumps After OPEC Agrees To 500,000 bpd Production Cut
  11. Gold May Triple to $4,000: Options Traders Positioning Themselves With Large Trades


  1. Mortgage rates hold steady, but economists say don’t expect that to last



  1. Not Just Deutsche Bank! Germany Heading To Economic Collapse & Stock Market CRASH (Video: 14:51 minutes long.)


  1. Meanwhile In Canada: “Terrible” Jobs Report, Worst Since The Financial Crisis


Earth News Banner

  1. The first major quake of December belongs to the Aleutian Islands in Alaska: A magnitude 6.0 rocks the volcanic Islands recording the 132nd major quake of 2019
  2. Record-breaking wildfires in Australia and California, record-breaking flooding in the UK, France and Italy, hundreds dead from flooding in Central Africa: November 2019 was a month to remember
  3. Typhoon Kammuri, known locally as Tisoy has rapidly intensified and is expected to reach “Super Typhoon Status” with the Philippine capital Manila in her sights
  4. Around 350,000 people in evacuation centres along with 10 dead and many missing: Powerful Typhoon Kammuri leaves a trail of disaster as it exits the Philippines
  5. Storm Ezekiel: Severe weather for the Western United States has transformed to precipitation in the East: Record amounts of snow dumped over parts of U.S.
  6. 20 million people a year – one person every two seconds – have to leave their homes because of extreme weather events and it’s not going to get better anytime soon
  7. A village in South Africa equals the worlds hottest recorded temperature with a sizzling 54°C, (129.2 deg F) Kuwait in 2016 and Death Valley 2013 hold the same record
  8. A Whole Lot Of Shaking Going On: Mt Rainier & New Madrid Fault
  9. Researchers identify crucial 10- to 15-second moment that can signal a magnitude 7 megaquake
  10. An incredible 7,000 wildfires in the last 5 months: As the record-breaking wildfires rage on in Australia’s New South Wales and Queensland we are witnessing a “global tragedy”
  11. Global Warming Leaders Openly Admit Their Movement Has Little to Do with the Environment but Is a Marxist Scheme to Redistribute Wealth
  12. No Jokes About Climate Change
  13. Debunking Every Climate Argument With Geologist Tony Heller
  14. New Report: More than 140,000 die from measles as cases surged worldwide in 2018: 2019 set to be even worse: Nearly 10 million cases estimated this year
  15. The Indian Ocean is putting on a show: Five (5) tropical systems have developed: The storms are forecast to erupt this week with torrential downpours, damaging winds


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Three 3,500-Year-Old Painted Wooden Coffins Discovered In Luxor, Egypt
  2. Celts In Poland: Iron Smelting Furnaces Used By Celts 2,400 Years Ago – Unearthed
  3. Huge 7,000-Year-Old Man-Made Structures Used For Religious Rituals Spotted In Poland
  4. Grave Of Amazon Warrior Who Lived In The Kingdom Of Urartu Discovered In Armenia
  5. 5000-year-old Pyramid Structure Leads to Grisly Finds In Peru
  6. Secrets of Iron Age Oman Revealed By Copper Mining Necropolis
  7. Warrior’s Beat Up Body Confirms Rosetta Stone’s Message
  8. Amazon Warrior Discovered in Ancient Armenian Grave
  9. 18,000-Year-Old Puppy Found with Whiskers, Hair, and Velvety Nose
  10. Mysterious Underground Discoveries That Have Still Not Been Completely Solved! (Video: 10:04 minutes long.)
  11. What Really Happened at Viking Funerals? It’s Not What You Think!
  12. Maria Theresa of Spain: Betrayal, Incest, and Black Baby Rumors
  13. Rare Gold ‘Christian Coins’ Shed Light on the Story of a Crusader Massacre in Ancient Caesarea
  14. The Curious Disappearance of the Eilean Mor Lighthouse Keepers – A Scottish Mystery
  15. Talos: The First Robot in History (Video: 6:04 minutes long.)
  16. Rare Roman-Era Mosaics Discovered in Ancient Golan Synagogue
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Yeshua (Jesus) had no servants, yet they called Him Master.
Yeshua had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher.
Yeshua had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer.
Yeshua had no army, yet kings feared Him.
He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world.
He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him.
He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today.
You, the believer in Yeshua (Jesus) should feel honored to serve such a Leader who loves you.

Merry Christmas

Learn the “REAL” story about the origins of Christmas. Did you know that Christmas was being celebrated long before Yeshua/Jesus was born? Do you know that He was NOT born on December 25th? Do you know what the Absolute Written Word of Almighty YHWH says about Christmas? I encourage everyone to check out all the links below. It is long past the time for the Body of Yeshua/Jesus to be awakened to His Truths which are written in His Word. If you “truly” love Him, then embrace His Truths which are written in His Word and abandon man’s traditions.

Nearly 25 years ago, YHWH called me to do research into the various Christian holidays. He wanted me to get to the “origins” of each of those holidays and learn of their origins. During my intense research, I learned the “real” truth and I learned in the process that I had been raised believing that these Christian holidays were indeed Christian. When in fact none of them were Christian. Then, it happened. While I was doing this research, I heard His voice speak to me, “LEARN NOT THE WAY OF THE HEATHEN. HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR CELEBRATIONS. IT IS A STENCH IN MY NOSTRILS. I AM HAVE SPOKEN TO YOU.” Needless to say, my response to Him was “Not a problem.”

What Christmas means to you as a Christian does not matter. What truly matters is what it means to Him. He sees his children trying to honor Him by celebrating Christmas when in reality He is seeing a repeat of the Israelites trying to worship Him with the golden calf at Mount Sinai. Many lost their lives because they worshiped the golden calf which is a false god. This is exactly what is happening today. My beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord are falsely worshiping Him using ancient pagan idols. Yes, the Christmas tree is an idol as well as the Yule Log, and many other items that go with Christmas. All these things are clearly presented in the below links. I strongly encourage all my brothers and sisters in Yeshua/Jesus to go through all these links and educate yourself.

Jeremiah 10:1-5 “1 Hear the word which YHWH speaks to you, O house of Yisra’ĕl. 2 Thus said YHWH, “Do not learn the way of the gentiles (See Leviticus 18:3; Deuteronomy 12:30 & 18:9; Ezekiel 11:12 & 20:32; Ephesians 4:17; 1 Peter 4:3.), and do not be awed by the signs of the heavens, for the gentiles are awed by them (See Deuteronomy 4:19 & 17:3.). 3 For the prescribed customs of these peoples are worthlessfor one cuts a tree from the forest, work for the hands of a craftsman with a cutting tool. 4 They adorn it with silver and goldthey fasten it with nails and hammers so that it does not topple5 They are like a rounded post, and they do not speakThey have to be carried, because they do not walk. Do not be afraid of them, for they do no evil, nor is it in them to do any good.” ”

Remember: What Christmas means to you as a Christian does not matter. What truly matters is what it means to HimIt is a stench in His nostrils.

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Learn the “REAL” story about the origins of New Year’s Celebration. New Years Celebration is like Christmas and other Christian celebrations, it has its roots in pagan practices. All who truly love Him will abandon pagan practices to please Him. Christians are not to learn the ways of the heathen. Nowhere in all the Bible from Genesis to Revelation will we find where it is okay to celebrate New Years. He has NOT given His stamp of approval on this celebration. So, why do Christians celebrate New Years? It all boils down to “Man’s Traditions.” YHWH wants ALL of His children to come out of pagan practices. Do you love Him enough to abandon “Man’s Traditions” to “show” Him that you have a “true” love for Him? The “fruit” of one’s love for YHWH is obedience to His Commandments.

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  15. New Years History

What does YHWH say about loving Him?

John 14:15 “If you love Me, you shall guard [keep/do/obeyMy commands.” We know one of His Commands is to ‘learn not the way of the heathen (gentiles).’ (Jeremiah 10:2)

Heathens (gentiles) were known for their pagan practices which are not from YHWH. YHWH has called His children to be Set-Apart (Holy/Dedicated) as He is Holy. (1 Peter 1:16) The real meaning of Holy is “Dedicate.” We can read 1 Peter 1:16 using the term “dedicate” and it will clear up what Holy really means. “because it has been written, “Be Dedicated (Set-Apart), for I [YHWH] am Dedicated (Set-Apart).” He is calling His children to be “Dedicated” to Him as He is “Dedicated” to His children.

Exodus 20:6 “but showing kindness to thousands, to those who love Me and guard [keep/do/obeyMy commands.

1 John 5:2-3 “2 By this we know that we love the children of Elohim [Mighty One/God], when we love Elohim and guard [keep/do/obeyHis commands3 For this is the love for Elohim, that we guard [keep/do/obeyHis commands, and His commands are not heavy,

2 John v. 6 “And this is the love, that we walk [keep/do/obeyaccording to His commands. This is the command, that as you have heard from the beginning, you should walk [keep/do/obeyin it.


Pete Banner


October 5, 2019

(and: I rest with our CREATOR, when HE rests)

Isaiah 65 & 66             Acts 14

            Our CREATOR’s preserved Holy written WORD speaks for itself.  I fear that I would insult your intelligence if I were to say that our Prophet Isaiah IS speaking of THESE last days and that our Prophet Isaiah is speaking to you and Isaiah is speaking to me in these last two chapters: Isaiah 65 & 66.  Sadly, Isaiah’s writing has been swept under the proverbial carpet by BIG global religion!  If men would quit going to Greco-Roman athletic stadiums, quit playing with their balls, quit eating hog-dogs, and get SERIOUS about GOD’s WORD — as our Prophet Isaiah is warning us — our Spiritual eyes would be open to verses like:

Isaiah 66:15  For, behold, the LORD will [future tense, in THIS generation!  YHVH WILL] come with fire, and with HIS chariots like a whirlwind, to render HIS anger with fury, and HIS rebuke with flames of fire.

Isaiah 66:16  For by fire and by HIS sword [not a man-made metal blade as the one Peter sliced an ear with; but the SWORD of the SPIRIT = TORAH! See Rev 1:16] will the LORD plead with all flesh [and HE IS pleading with us RIGHT NOW!]: and the slain of the LORD [still future tense! Yet SOON!!] shall be many [Mat7:13!!].

Isaiah 66:17  They that sanctify themselves, and purify themselves in the gardens behind one tree [decked with silver and gold… see Jeremiah 10:3, the book that is up next!] in the midst, eating swine’s flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse, shall be consumed together, saith the LORD.

Isaiah 66:18  For I know their works and their thoughts: it shall come, that I will gather all nations and tongues; and they shall come [yet future; but, RAPIDLY APPROACHING!], and see MY glory [see Romans 14:11].

Isaiah 66:19  And I will set a sign [sign” Genesis 1:14 SIGNAL, see Isaiah 46:10!] among them, and I will send those that escape of them unto the nations, to Tarshish, Pul, and Lud, that draw the bow, to Tubal, and Javan, to the isles afar off [as these United States!], that have not heard MY fame [O!  They go to church; BUT, do they read and heed THE WORD written by YHVH’s Prophet Isaiah???], neither have seen MY glory; and they shall declare MY glory [Matthew 24:5  For many shall come in MY name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.] among the Gentiles.

Need I say more?  As my mother used to say:

A WORD to the wise should be sufficient.
Acts 14:7  And there they preached the Gospel.

What gospel?

Do ya really think our Apostles trashed everything Isaiah said and slathered relish on a hog-dog?  DO YA???  Only the best dressed wolf in a wool suit would preach that LIE!!!

 YHVH IS adding HIS blessing to the reading of HIS entire Holy Bible.  Amen.



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Another Coffee Break

Our Covenant, Part 6

We are continuing today with our discussion on the kheseed aspect of Covenant.  Guess I didn’t think it would take this long to cover the various aspects of it, but it is too important to simply brush over.  Let’s pick up with the last couple of paragraphs from last week so as to connect our thought processes.

I should probably state parenthetically, that we are SUPPOSED to take on His onoma.  With that onoma comes His power over sickness, His power over death, His authority and power over Satan, his demons, and all his works.  With that onoma comes being seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus.)

This is why we see so many powerless, weak-kneed, namby-pamby, Caesar-Milquetoast (so-called) Christians in the world today.  They have “a name” that they are Christians, but they both deny, AND LACK, the power to demonstrate and back up their claim to being a Christian.  They say their lives have been changed, but for many of them, that change is a fraud.  The reason why they lack the power and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ is because they’ve taken their “relationship” with Him only as far as “salvation.”

Get it?  There is no covenant!  They haven’t entered into the covenant with the Lord — a covenant of blood that gives the Lord literally all that they are, all that they ever hope to be, and all that they have — including their pocketbooks.

Ooooops!!!!  Now I’m meddling.  Hehehehehehe……..

No.  Not really!  Jesus gave us all that He is, all that He WILL become, and all that He has — INCLUDING the wealth of the Kingdom of God — and put it at our disposal.  Perhaps I should say that He has put it all at the disposal of those who enter into that covenant relationship with Him.

When writing to the Galatians, Paul says, “For in Jesus Christ, neither circumcision availeth anything, nor uncircumcision, but faith which worketh by agape (love).”

Thus, it is agape-kheseed which empowers our faith and causes us to believe the Word of the Lord, which is the embodiment of His covenant.  This isn’t something he gives us a tiny bit of: He gives us the capacity to become one with Jesus Christ — “..according to the riches of His glory..”  — “..that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.”


Let’s go over the basis of this covenant statement one more time.

We did this yesterday, too.  Go back for a second to our review of Abraham and the Lord, and the covenant that God made with him.  Remember the “smoking furnace” and the “burning lamp” that depicted the physical presence of the Lord as He passed between the broken pieces of the animals?  Remember the analogy of the smoke and the cloud as the covering and protection of the Lord as a portion of His part of the covenant to Abraham?

Good.  Now you understand the concept of the cloak, the covering, the symbolism in that covenant of God’s gift to Abraham of all that he had.  Abraham easily became the richest man on the face of the earth — certainly the richest man in that region.  He became the most powerful man on the face of the earth in his generation.  Because of Abraham’s faith in God’s covenant Word, because of Abraham’s trust in God’s promises, he withheld absolutely NOTHING from the Lord.  All that he was, and all that he ever became belonged to the Lord — including the son given him as a result of God’s covenant with him: Isaac!  

By the same token, all that the Lord was became available and accessible to Abraham.  Abraham walked the supernatural from the world’s perspective.  Though his body was long past the point of procreation, the Lord restored the strength of his youth, enabling him to have children in abundance after the age of 100 years.

In his eighties, Abraham took 318 of his servants and took on the most powerful kings and armies of the middle east, defeating them and wiping them out.  That wasn’t natural power or fighting skill: that was a gift from the Lord.  The Lord defended Abraham and gave him the fighting skills of a whole army, embodied in a single person.  Not only that, all those who were servants to Abraham and lived under his authority benefited by having the same skills and power given them.

Now, let’s get back to the perspective of “..that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.”

Consider Jesus’ prayer in John 17.  And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to thee.  Holy Father, keep through thine own onoma — nature, very makeup, character, power and authority — (name) those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are.”

Let me pause for a second.

Do you get it?  Jesus and the Father were one!  All that the Father was, Jesus was.  All that the Father had Jesus had.  All power and authority that the Father exercised, Jesus exercised.  Why?  Because they were in covenant together.  They were one.

That is precisely what Jesus was praying as He addressed the Father, “That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us…

Right!  If we enter into covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ, we enter into covenant with the Father.

But it gets stronger.  Watch.  “And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one: I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me.”

Whewww!!!  So why don’t we see more of this kind of completeness (the word translated “perfect” in our English translations is the Greek word, teleioo, which means to be complete, finished, consummated, accomplished) in Christians today?  It’s quite simple, really.  Ignorance.  Unbelief.  Doubt.  Fear.

Fact is, we have a large segment of the body of Christ who are taught to be ignorant.  They are taught according to the doctrines of men instead of listening for themselves to the Holy Spirit.  They are taught that everything the early believers saw, that everything the apostles and prophets accomplished during the first and second centuries died out with them: that it’s no longer available today.  They are taught to be afraid of the Devil.  They are taught to be afraid of demons.   They are taught to be afraid of speaking in tongues, healing the sick, raising the dead, cleansing the lepers, causing the lame to walk and the blind to see.

They are taught to respect and be impressed by college and university degrees, along with “theologians” whose ignorant study of God is based in academic arrogance instead of walking in personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and being led by the Holy Spirit.  They make degrees and the study of books by men to supplant the Holy Spirit’s leading and authority in their lives, worshiping instead the doctrines of men rather than the Lord.  It is idolatry plain and simple.  I heard one teacher a number of years ago refer to it as “bibliolatry”: the worship of words and letters on paper written by men rather than the living Word of God.

Sorry, I’m getting a bit astray here.  It is vitally important that we live and walk by faith; and that faith only comes by living and walking in the agape love of the Lord; and that agape love of the Lord only comes by entering into covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ; and that covenant of the Lord Jesus Christ is absolute and inviolable to those who enter into it.

See the chain?  Father > Jesus Christ > Covenant > Agape > Faith.

It is critically important to us to understand this “chain of faith” as it relates to covenant, and as it relates to the promises that Jesus Christ made to all who entered into covenant with Him.

Something we have not yet touched on in our discussions of covenant is the fact that with every covenant comes two things: blessing and curse.

Those who walk in covenant and keep that covenant are entitled to such blessings as folks today can scarcely get a grasp on.  By the same token, those who violate that covenant bring upon themselves the curse of the covenant.

Remember our previous discussion about the consequences of violating a covenant?  How — because a covenant was a life-and-death matter established in blood — if one of the parties to the covenant breached that testament, their life was forfeit; how even if the abridging party managed to escape death, his descendants took upon themselves the curse and were subject to death at the hands of the aggrieved party’s descendants to the fourth generation?

The Tabernacle of Moses provided a graphic representation of blessing and curse.  The sacrifices for sin came without the gates, and without those blood sacrifices the offenders were subject to the penalties and curse of the covenant.

The curse was spelled out in Deuteronomy 28:15-68:

But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee:

Cursed shalt thou be in the city, and cursed shalt thou be in the field.  Cursed shall be thy basket and thy store.  Cursed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy land, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep.  Cursed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and cursed shalt thou be when thou goest out. 

The LORD shall send upon thee cursing, vexation, and rebuke, in all that thou settest thine hand unto for to do, until thou be destroyed, and until thou perish quickly; because of the wickedness of thy doings, whereby thou hast forsaken me……

Moreover all these curses shall come upon thee, and shall pursue thee, and overtake thee, till thou be destroyed; because thou hearkenedst not unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to keep his commandments and his statutes which he commanded thee: And they shall be upon thee for a sign and for a wonder, and upon thy seed forever.  Because thou servedst not the LORD thy God with joyfulness, and with gladness of heart, for the abundance of all things….

You can read the whole thing in Deuteronomy 28.  I’ve only touched on the curse of the covenant with the foregoing verses.

Notice that the Lord says to Israel, “They shall be upon thee for a sign and for a wonder, and upon thy seed forever.  Because thou servedst not the Lord thy God with joyfulness, and with gladness of heart, for the abundance of all things.”

This was not just a curse for four generations: this was a curse upon their seed forever!  And the crux of the curse was that “thou servedst not the Lord thy God with joyfulness, and with gladness of heart, for the abundance of all things.”

The Lord had — with His covenant — given them “the abundance of all things.”  All that He was, and all that He had was given to Israel as His covenant people in the earth.  They were to be His personal representative.  They were to show the rest of the world the path to redemption from the curse that came upon the entire human race when Adam and Eve subjected themselves — and their descendants — to the bondage of Satan.

With that position as God’s covenant people came immeasurable blessing — almost incalculable blessing!  With that position came God’s power and authority in the earth.

With it came agape-kheseed.

With it came the promise that All people of the earth shall see that thou art called by the name (shem/onoma — patria – lineageof the LORD; and they shall be afraid of thee…..And the LORD shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the LORD thy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them..

Get it?

And there is still more to come!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Regner A. Capener

Temple, Texas 76504

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All Coffee Break articles are copyright by Regner A. Capener, but authorization for reprinting, reposting, copying or re-use, in whole or in part, is granted –provided proper attribution and this notice are included intact. Older Coffee Break archives are available . Coffee Break articles are normally published weekly.


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Jesus a Jew? Says Who?

By Roy B. Blizzard and David Bivin

As surprising as it may seem, many Christians are not aware that Jesus was a Jew. As a matter of fact, when some hear it said that he was, they get indignant and even mad. This has happened to both authors many times.

“How can you say Jesus was a Jew? Everybody knows he was conceived of the Holy Spirit and is therefore God and not a Jew. He just happened to live among the Jews.”

This a verbatim response to a statement made by Dr. Roy Blizzard during an appearance on Trinity Broadcasting Network on February 21, 1985. The above was not an isolated response to Dr. Blizzard’s statement. A number of other viewers reacted in a similar vein. For instance: “What is all this stuff about Jesus being a Jew? He wasn’t a Jew, he was the first Christian and the founder of the Christian Church.”

It is most unfortunate that this type of thinking is prevalent in Christian circles today. Actually, it is an expression of a subtle, often subconscious attitude on the part of many Christians that is quite serious and most dangerous. We might even go so far as to define it as “hellish.” It is a “hellish,” ingrained anti-Semitism that expresses itself in an unwillingness to accept Jesus as a Jew. The perverted logic is, “How could anyone so dear and precious to me, someone I love so much and to whom I have surrendered my life, be a Jew?”

The authors believe that this type of thinking expresses the conviction of many Christians today. It is usually buried deep within the subconscious mind, or repressed, and only manifests itself overtly when one’s spiritual guard is down. It is the result of the spiritual-ship of the Word of God being torn loose from the moorings of the historical foundations of biblical faith, moorings that were secured firmly in the foundations of historic Judaism. As a result, the spiritual-ship has for centuries been awash in a sea of pagan theology that has led to the gentilization, i.e., paganization, of the Church. We have forgotten that we were wild olive branches grafted into the natural olive tree. We have forgotten from whence it is that the branch receives the nourishing sap. We have forgotten that we no longer have pagan ancestors, but our ancestors are Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, and Rachel, and that we too passed through the sea with Moses. We have lost our affinity to things Jewish and, if you will, to a Jewish Jesus.

The Church has failed to recognize for the last 1800 years that the movement to which Jesus gave birth was a Jewish one, totally within the historic Judaism of his day. Further, Jesus himself was a Jew, a rabbi, spoke Hebrew, used well-known rabbinic methods of teaching, and perhaps most importantly, drew largely on the Scriptures and oral traditions of his day in his teaching. It is often overlooked that much of what Jesus said was not new or original but was based on what the rabbis had said and were saying. Jesus was constantly referring back to the Scriptures and to the oral traditions of rabbis who had preceded him or who were his contemporaries. Unless this fact is clearly understood one will be greatly confused when an attempt is made to understand the magnificent sayings of our Lord. The above television viewers are obviously unacquainted with the real Jesus. It is the purpose of this article to address the question – Was Jesus a Jew?

It is very difficult for us, almost 2,000 years removed from Jesus’ day, to project ourselves back across the centuries of time to a culture and language so totally foreign to the western mind of today. And yet, before we can even begin to understand the magnificent and thrilling words of Jesus that is exactly what we must do. And again, the first thing that one must realize is that Jesus was a Jew. This fact should be obvious; however, as we have mentioned, it is, surprising how many Christians are shocked to learn that Jesus was a Jew. And, not just any ordinary Jew. He was a rabbi, a teacher, one learned in the Scriptures and the religious literature of his day, which was considerable.

Let us analyze the logic of the argument that Jesus was not a Jew. The fact that multitudes of Christians believe this is astonishing. Even the skeptics and the agnostics throughout the ages never advanced this argument. To begin with, Jesus’ genealogy is Jewish. In the Gospels of Matthew and Luke his lineage is traced back to David and the patriarchs in typical Jewish fashion. The angel Gabriel announced to Mary that the child, Jesus, that would be conceived by the Holy Spirit within her womb, would be given “the throne of his ancestor, David” (Luke 32). His family was Jewish: his earthly father’s name, Joseph, was the second most common Jewish name of the period, exceeded only by the name Simeon. His mother’s name, Mary, was the most common Jewish feminine name of the period. Jesus himself had a common Jewish name. We learn from inscriptions dating from the first century that the name Jesus was the third most common man’s name, tied with the names Judah and Zechariah. He had Jewish relatives: Elizabeth, Zechariah the priest, and their son, John the Baptist; as well as his own brothers, James, Joseph, Simon, and Judah, and his sisters, who are unnamed (Matthew 13:55,66; Mark 6:3). Jesus was circumcised on the eighth day (Luke 2:21), and since his parents were not from the tribe of Levi, after Mary’s purification, “according to the Law of Moses” (Luke 2,21), when Jesus was one month old, he was taken by his parents to Jerusalem for the ceremony known as pidyon ha-ben, or Redemption of the First Born (See Numbers 8:14,16,18; 18:15-16). Jesus’ parents went to Jerusalem every year to observe the Feast of Passover (Luke 2:41). Jesus too was an observant Jew. It was his custom to attend the synagogue services on the Sabbath (Luke 4:16). According to the Gospels, on at least one occasion (Luke 4:17-20), he was called upon to publicly read from the Scriptures in the synagogue, something a non-Jew would never have been asked to do.

Like all observant Jews of the first century, Jesus wore tzitziyot, (“tassels” or “fringes”) on the four corners of his robe as commanded in Numbers 15:37-41 (compare Deuteronomy 22:12). We see this dramatically illustrated in the story of the woman who, for twelve years, had suffered from a flow of blood. She was healed when she came up behind him and touched the “fringe of his garment” (Matthew 9:20, parallel to Luke 8:44). References to the fringed garment which Jesus wore can also be found in Mark 6:56 (parallel to Matthew 14:36).

It is very likely that Jesus also wore tefillin, (“phylacteries”), the two leather boxes each containing four small parchments inscribed each with a different passage of Scripture (Exodus 13:1-10, 11-16; Deuteronomy 6:4-9, 11:13-21) which were bound by leather straps, one on the forehead and one usually on the left arm. From Jewish sources it is not certain whether the tefillin were worn all-day or just at times of prayer. It appears that more observant Jews in Jesus’ day wore them all day. Actual phylacteries, or tefillin, dating from the first century, have been found in the Qumran caves along the shore of the Dead Sea. These ancient phylacteries are almost identical to those worn by Jews today.

How can we be nearly certain that Jesus wore phylacteries, especially since the wearing of phylacteries is not specifically commanded in the Bible, but represents a rabbinic interpretation of the above four Scriptures? The answer is found in Matthew 23:5: “…they make their phylacteries [tefillin] broad and their fringes [tzitziyot] long…” Jesus is here criticizing certain of the Pharisees for their religious hypocrisy, enlarging their tefillin and lengthening their tzitziyot to demonstrate how “spiritual” they were. He was not criticizing the wearing of tefillin and tzitziyot. As we have already shown, Jesus himself wore tzitziyot! Furthermore, notice that in the beginning of this passage in Matthew 23, Jesus, tells his followers to “practice and observe whatever they [the Pharisees] tell you, but not what they do, because they do not practice what they preach” (Matthew 23:2-3). Jesus never condemns the custom of wearing, phylacteries. Further, had not Jesus worn phylacteries along with fringes, he would surely have been criticized for this by the Pharisees. We can only conclude that in his manner of dress Jesus was just like the other observant Jews of his day.

Those outside the mainstream of Judaism, as well as non-Jews, also testify to his Jewish-ness. For example, when Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at the well and asks her for a drink of water, she questions, “How is it that you, a Jew, ask a drink of me, a woman of Samaria?” (John 4:9). During Jesus’ interrogation by Pilate, the Roman procurator of Judea (A.D. 26-36), Pilate explodes in frustration, “Am I a Jew?”, and then states, “Your own nation and the chief priests have handed you over to me” (John 18:35).

The skeptics who have tried to discredit Jesus have frequently claimed that Jesus did not believe he was the Messiah, nor claim to be the Messiah, but none have ever accused Jesus of not being a Jew. And, it is no wonder. In view of the evidence, if Jesus was not a Jew, who is, or who was?

(The above is a brief excerpt from the book Jesus the Rabbi and His Rabbinic Method of Teaching by Dr. Roy B. Blizzard.)


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