News You May Not Have Heard About — 11/17/2019

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  1. Trump Has Good Reason to Address Israeli American Summit in Florida
  2. Trump Tweets GOP’s List Of Impeachment Witnesses; Dems Tell GOP ‘Get Lost’; Media Fact-Checks
  3. Trump Tweeted that Many DACA Recipients Are ‘Hardened Criminals,’ But He Vowed to Make a Deal with Democrats to Let Them Stay in the US
  4. Trump, Senators meet with Erdogan amid first public impeachment hearing (Video: 13:16 minutes long.)
  5. Trump To Steal Syria’s Oil – Sowing The Seeds Of Blowback?
  6. JUSTICE! President Trump grants clemency to 2 more Army officers imprisoned for actions taken in combat, restores rank to Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher

3 Branches of U.S. Government


  1. Trump Administration: Trump administration approves Hamas-linked CAIR to train US Customs and Border Patrol officers
  2. Trump Administration: Trump Admin Will Fight European Mandate that Jewish-Made Goods Carry ‘Warning Labels’
  3. SCOTUS: Supreme Court Declines to Stop Suit Against Remington in Potential Blow to Gun Industry
  4. FBI: FBI Scrutinizes Over 2,000 Cases Tied to Foreign Terrorist Organizations
  5. Department of Homeland Security: DHS Plan to Shoot Down Drones Near U.S. Airports Draws Criticism





  1. Report: Impeachment Witness (Obama Holdover) Marie Yovanovitch Caught in Lie Under Oath
  2. GOP Lawmakers Will Call HUNTER BIDEN as Witness in Public “Impeachment” Hearings
  3. This Impeachment Effort About Ideology, Not Constitution
  4. Nikki Haley BOMBSHELL: Former Secretary of State Tillerson, Kelly plotted resisting, undermining Trump, tried to recruit her, ‘It was offensive’
  5. WATCH: Nikki Haley – US Should Always Back Its Kurdish Allies
  6. Haley: Tillerson tried to stop US Embassy move to Jerusalem
  7. Paul Highlights Law That Could Protect Trump In Impeachment Inquiry; Explains Kentucky Election Results
  8. Here’s a List of 100 Members of Congress Supporting CAIR
  9. CAIR‘s Goal: 30 Islamists into Congress
  10. Congress Warns E.U. Against ‘Warning Labels’ for Jewish-Made Products
  11. Popular Vote‘ Movement Would Shift Power to Big Cities, Experts Warn
  12. 4 Things to Expect as the Trump Impeachment Inquiry Goes Public
  13. 5 Key Exchanges From Supreme Court’s DACA Hearing
  14. Joe diGenova compares whistleblower Eric Ciaramella to Lincoln assassin: “This is a political assassination. This is a decapitation of a president. This is regicide.”
  15. Report: “WhistleblowerEric Ciaramella Was Hosting 2016 White House Meeting Where Ukrainian Officials Were Told to Drop Investigation on Hunter Biden!
  16. BOMBSHELL: Another Whistleblower Comes Forward, Files Complaint Against Ukraine Whistleblower For Soliciting Illicit Donations, Report Suggests
  17. Impeachment Hearings Produce Shocking Evidence of Moral Corruption
  18. 6 Key Moments From the First Day of Public Impeachment Hearings
  19. EPIC FAIL: Impeachment hearings fall flat so treasonous Dems trot out new charge
  20. Ukrainian Officials Release Records Showing 46 Payments to Hunter Biden Totaling Over $3.1 Million
  21. CORRUPT Schiff won’t let Republican list of witnesses testify in impeachment hearing after the Intelligence chairman said a hearing with the whistleblower would be ‘redundant and unnecessary’
  22. Congressman Drops Epic ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ Meme During Impeachment Hearing
  23. Jim Jordan Shreds Democrats’ Impeachment Witness: ‘What You Heard Did Not Happen’
  24. WATCH: Impeachment Witness: My Aide Overheard Trump Asking About Investigations When He Was On Phone Call
  25. Judge In Planned Parenthood Trial Orders Guilty Verdict Against Journalist
  26. Iranian Man Sentenced to 46 Months in Prison for Illegally Exporting Nuclear Materials to Iran
  27. Everything You Need to Know About What’s Happening in Impeachment Process
  28. The Green New Deal Isn’t Just Expensive. It’s Also Bad Environmental Policy
  29. Edward Snowden And Chinese Censorship | Trump Promises Tariffs in US China Trade War (Video: 9:01 minutes long.)
  30. Victory: Federal Court Rules Suspicionless Searches of Travelers’ Phones and Laptops Unconstitutional
  31. Understanding The Deep State’s Propaganda
  32. Exposing The Deep State’s Deep State Department
  33. Fireworks Erupt As Schiff Shields Questions Over Biden And Burisma
  34. Assad Goes Red Pill In Interview: Epstein, Bin Laden & Baghdadi ‘Liquidated’ As “They Knew Vital Secrets”
  35. New Remarks From Top Ukrainian Official Damages Democrats’ Impeachment Narrative
  36. House Ethics Board: ‘Substantial Reason to Believe’ Tlaib Used Campaign as Personal Piggybank
  37. Kissinger warns of ‘catastrophic’ conflicts between China and America
  38. Why the World Needs a Google Detox


Presidential 2020 Election Banner

  1. What Do Republican Voters Want?

2020 Presidential Candidates-3

  1. Harris: Harris Campaign Releases Video From 2016: Trump Election ‘Some S***’
  2. Hickenlooper: Press Should ‘Protect’ Me From Ethics Complaint
  3. Sanders: Mandatory Gun Buyback Is Unconstitutional
  4. Sanders: Self-loathing Jew Bernie Sanders says his plan to fight antisemitism is to ‘do exactly the opposite of what Trump is doing’
  5. Sanders: Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez unveil $180 billion plan to overhaul public housing through Green New Deal
  6. Warren: Warren Proposes Free Taxpayer-Funded Health Care for Illegal Immigrants
  7. Warren: Study: Warren Plan Would Hike Deficit $15 Trillion, Create ‘Soaring Demand’ for Health Care
  8. Warren: Economists’ Analysis Finds Warren Wealth Tax Would Slow Economic Growth

2020 Republican Presidential Candidates-1

  1. Trump holds campaign rally amid public impeachment hearings (Video: 1:48:25 minutes long.)

dems behind the wall


  1. Yale University shocker: 29.5 million illegal immigrants, 3X higher than Census number
  2. Corsi touts ‘Terrablock’ as border barrier
  3. Press Briefing by Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan




  1. New York Times: NY Times admits the real goal of mass immigration is to win elections for Democrats
  2. New York Times: New York Times Scrubs “Terror” from Islamic Jihad Story
  3. New York Post: New York Post Releases Cover Mocking Democrats Over Impeachment Charade


  1. Deep State-Hearsay Witnesses Will Be Identified – It’s the Law!!!
  2. Understanding the Hierarchy of Power Coming Against You
  3. With Impeachment Crumbling, a Third Plot Emerges to Remove Trump
  4. Schiff Declares There Is No Rule of Law In America…
  6. The Murder of the 9 Americans Was a Calexit Hit with the Help of the Mexican Government and the UN
  7. What Do Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile Have In Common & Why Should the US Care?
  8. The Question Nobody Asks: Who Was Epstein‘s Whistleblower?
  9. FAKE SCIENCE for COPS: Alcohol level breathalyzers based on sham science, shocking investigation discovers
  10. Average Americans Reporting Large Amounts of Chinese/UN Troops On US Soil
  11. Schiff Operative’s Testimony Just Sunk the Impeachment Coup
  12. What a joke: Adam Schiff claims he doesn’t know the name of the “Ukraine whistleblower” his office COACHED to lie
  13. Impeachment Hearing Update #1-Evidence of Witness Coaching and Tampering
  14. What If There’s a New “Red List” Only Consisting of Unhealthy People?
  15. The Plot to Overthrow America Is Headquartered In California-Paul Preston- The CSS
  16. Americans Better Pay Attention to Hong Kong Because It Is Coming Here
  17. Pelosi and Schiff Must Impeach Trump to Cover Their Own Extreme Criminality
  18. The UN/CHICOM Formula for Occupying America: When the Rape of Nanking Comes to the US
  19. Coming to a Democrat-run city near you: Shoplifting mobs becoming a “thing” as the Left continues to destroy civil society
  20. A Very Telling and Troubling Discovery In Ft Collins, CO-Paul Martin-CSS
  21. The Communist Chinese Have a Kill Switch to Your Solar Power
  22. US Special Operations Forces Forced to Flee From “Foreign Beings” In the Story That Won’t Go Away!(Check this story out: U.S. Forces Flee Anunnaki In Syria)

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  1. Potential Bloomberg bid gets slammed by Democrats & GOP (Video: 3:12 minutes long.)
  2. President Trump sounds off on GOP witness list (Video: 3:19 minutes long.)
  3. Wilsey Asset Management’s Brent Wilsey on Michael Bloomberg’s Bid for President (Video: 3:19 minutes long.)
  4. Impeachment Updates (Video: 2:35 minuter long.)
  5. 5 Things You Need To Know About DACA (Video: 3:16 minutes long.)
  6. Aware Baby Taken Off Life Support Against Mom’s Wishes (Video: 3 minutes long.)
  7. Democrat Impeachment Farce (Video: 2:45 minutes long.)
  8. Rising Iraq tensions may threaten U.S. interests (Video: 3:28 minutes long.)
  9. 5 Stories The Media Was Afraid To Tell You (Video: 3:36 minutes long.)
  10. Financial institutions may be able to help mitigate mass shootings (Video: 2:54 minutes long.)

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  1. Joe Biden is SO CLUELESS About Guns It’s MIND BOGGLING How He Wants to Take Them Away!! (Video: 5:41 minutes long.)
  2. BOOM! Watch Devin Nunes Hit Adam Schiff with BRUTAL Reality Check Turning His Life Upside Down (Video: 8:37 minutes long.)
  3. KABOOM! FIREWORKS At Schiff’s Sideshow on Capitol Hill, But It’s Trump’s Response That KILLS It ALL (Video: 19:31 minutes long.)
  4. Schiff’s ‘Whistleblower’ OUTED Publicly by GOP Freshman Dan Bishop (Video: 4:05 minutes long.)
  5. FOX’s NEVER-TRUMP Chris Wallace PRAISES Schiff’s Sham Hearing – Throws Trump in the MUD (Video: 7:51 minutes long.)
  6. TAKE NOTES – Coming Soon to a DEMOCRAT Run City Near You!! Absolute FILTH! (Video: 5:27 minutes long.)

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  1. National ID for Americans? (Video: 3:55 minutes long.)
  2. How a Con-Con Endangers the Constitution | Constitution Corner (Video: 6:13 minutes long.)

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  1. Trump to release second Ukraine phone call transcript (Video: 7:26 minutes long.)
  2. Whitaker says Americans won’t be happy if Ukraine whistleblower doesn’t testify (Video: 6:08 minutes long.)
  3. Napolitano: A quid pro quo is ‘clearly impeachable (Video: 4:30 minutes long.)
  4. Fox News Live: First public hearing in Trump impeachment probe (Video: 6:22:26 minutes long.)
  5. ‘The Five’ reacts to media’s ‘bombshell’ analysis of impeachment hearing (Video: 8:56 minutes long.)
  6. Fox News Live: Trump impeachment hearing Day 2 – Ambassador Yovanovitch (Video: 4 hours long.)
  7. ‘The Five’ on key takeaways from second public impeachment hearing (Video: 11:21 minutes long.)
  8. House Dems release transcripts from Morrison, Williams deposition (Video: 6:09 minutes long.)

Justinformed Talk

  1. Why Won’t THEY Cover The REAL WHISTLEBLOWER Story? (Video: 17:17 minutes long.)
  2. Are Rogue CLOWNS Infiltrating EVERYTHING? (Video: 31:13 minutes long.)
  3. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming… (Video: 32:22 minutes long.)
  4. Are THEY Losing Control Of The NARRATIVE? (Video: 33:11 minutes long.)

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  1. Michelle Malkin vs Candace Owens TWITTER BATTLE on Immigration, Blexit – HISTORY IS BEING MADE!!! (Video: 31:19 minutes long.)

Israeli News Live Banner

  1. Amended: Does Biden Know Trump’s Connections to Ukraine? (Video: 1:38:22 minutes long.)
  2. Bolivia In Melt-Down and Israel Braces for War (Video: 43:25 minutes long.)

US Defense Line

  1. The Newest Bomber is Coming, New B-21 Stealth Bomber Will Be the Most Feared Bombers Ever (Video: 10:33 minutes long.)
  2. South China Sea Crisis : Beijing Threatened by the Philippines in Power Move as Tensions Rise (Video: 10:15 minutes long.)
  3. The T-Rex : United States Turn The F-22 Raptor Transforms Into a Bomber (Video: 6:10 minutes long.)

Blaze TV Banner

  1. WHAT? There’s Now a Whistleblower on the Whistleblower! | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 413 (Video: 24:56 minutes long.)
  2. And So It Begins: Impeachment Hearing Breakdown Day 1 | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 414 (Video: 24:57 minutes long.)
  3. Glenn Beck Presents: The Democrats’ Hydra (Video: 1:59:39 minutes long.)
  4. Just What We Needed! ANOTHER Presidential Candidate | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 415 (Video: 24:58 minutes long.)
  5. Massie Exposes Abortion Doctor, Asks If She Would Abort Viable Fetus (Video: 6:24 minutes long.)
  6. AOC Just Accidentally Admitted The Dems’ REAL Impeachment Plan I White House Brief (Video: 19:35 minutes long.)



  1. Judge Rules for America: Denies Citizenship to US-born Alabama Muslim Who Joined ISIS and who urged Muslims in America to ‘Go On Drive-Bys and SPILL ALL THEIR BLOOD’
  2. Alabama: New Montgomery mayor celebrates election with readings from Bible and Qur’an


  1. Sole Dem Challenging Tom Cotton Abruptly Drops Out of Race



  1. California Dems’ Private Prison Conundrum
  2. San Francisco: Chesa Boudin, the Son of Cop-killing Terrorists, Was Elected District Attorney and Plans to Implement Radical Policies
  3. Crime in Los Angeles, Including Violent Attacks By Homeless People, Rose by More than 50% in One Year
  4. REPORT: Homeless Man Randomly Poured ‘Bucket Of Hot Diarrhea’ On Woman In Los Angeles
  5. San Francisco Gets The Leader It Deserves
  6. What Happened to California Republicans?
  7. Shocking California Sex Ed Videos Indoctrinate Young Children With Drag Queens and Explicit Sex Advice
  8. Is California now forcing churches to pay for abortions?
  9. Police update the media on California high school shooting (Video: 28:28 minutes long.)
  10. Another Tragic School Shooting (Video: 8:04 minutes long.)
  11. Santa Claria, California, 16-Year Old Asian American Student Arrested in School Shooting that Killed Two Students and Injured More


  1. Unreal: Democrats fining business owners in Denver for refusing to clean up human waste and used drug needles near their stores


  1. Dem Senate Candidate: ‘Stop Complaining’ About Cost of Green New Deal


  1. Chicago: Muslim students riot over alleged Quran burning (VIDEO)


  1. Tens of thousands of purged Kentucky voters added back on registration rolls weeks before GOP Gov. Bevin LOST his reelection bid
  2. 4 Things to Know About Republican Daniel Cameron, Kentucky’s First Black Attorney General
  3. McConnell Challenger Drops Out Following Ethics Complaint


  1. Obama, Holder Group Drops $300K Into Louisiana
  2. Exclusive: Democratic Party-Linked Shadow Group Funded Racially Charged Louisiana Ad


  1. FBI: Michigan Muslim Engineer STOLE and SENT Confidential Nuclear/Tech Data to Iran


  1. Dem. Rep Lacy Clay’s Campaign Has Paid Over $1M to Sister’s Firm


  1. Mystery as three objects fall from the sky over Las Vegas


  1. Surprise: NJ Muslim Mayor Who Cried ‘Islamophobia’ Has History of Jihad Support


  1. SHOCKING: ‘Kill All Jews’ at NYC Subway Station
  2. New York City: Muslim teen who egged Brooklyn synagogue busted on hate crime charges
  3. VIDEO: Muslim teen who attacked Jews, egged Brooklyn synagogue arrested on hate crime charges
  4. New York City Will Start Bribing Criminals To Show Up To Court After Cash Bail Is Removed


  1. Ohio: Man converts to Islam, plots jihad massacre at Independence Day parade, scouted other targets
  2. Ohio Union Returns Improperly Seized Dues to Bus Driver


  1. San Antonio Satanic group kicks off charity drive: ‘Menstruatin’ with Satan’


  1. At UNRWA, An Open-and-Shut Case
  2. UN Discovers ‘Secret Atomic Warehouse’ in Iran, Exposed by Israel
  3. UN tries to restore its shattered credibility, condemns Islamic Jihad rocket attacks against Israel


  1. Utah: Imam loses appeal to be removed from terrorism watchlist


  1. Virginia: Muslim migrant doctor tied women’s tubes, performed hysterectomies without their consent
  2. No Republican Appeared on the Ballot in 23 Percent of Virginia House of Delegates Races
  3. Virginia’s Elections Should Serve as Wake-up Call to Monochromatic GOP
  4. VA Parents Warned About County’s Graphic Student Surveys About Sex, Drugs


  1. Backed by Soros Cash, Radical District Attorneys Take Control in DC Suburbs


  1. Washington State Defeats Affirmative Action Proposal



  1. Dem Sen: All Dems Want Universal Coverage, But at ‘Different Speeds and on Different Paths’
  2. 2020 Dems Plan Deportation Freeze
  3. Democrats and Republicans Giving Away Hundreds of Thousands of American Jobs to Foreigners to Benefit Tech Billionaires
  4. House Dems Ignore Call to Investigate UAW After Taking Hundreds of Thousands in Union Cash
  5. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Ocasio-Cortez: Fight Climate Change By ‘Combating White Supremacy,’ Clothing Everyone, Educating Everyone, Paying Everyone Living Wage
  6. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): AOC Links White Supremacy to Climate Change
  7. Rep. Ayanna Pressley (Massachusetts): ‘Squad’ Member Pressley Offers Plan to Dismantle Criminal Justice System



  1. Republican List of Witnesses for Impeachment hearings
  2. 4 GOP torpedoes aim to sink Dems’ impeachment hopes
  3. Senator Josh Hawley (Missouri): Hawley Bill Takes On Cop Suicide Crisis


World News Banner


  1. Netanyahu Marks 25th Anniversary of Jordan Peace Treaty Despite Recent Crises
  2. Netanyahu Endures Insults as Rabin Memorials Turn Into Bashfests
  3. WATCH: Israel Makes Cave of Patriarchs Accessible to All!
  4. Israeli Farmers Lament End of Jordan Land Deal
  5. France Reopens Contested Jewish Tomb in Eastern Jerusalem
  6. Massive ‘City of the Dead’ Soon to Open in Jerusalem
  7. Gaza Terrorists Fire 200 Rockets on Israel, Sirens Wail in Tel Aviv
  8. Israel Kills Islamic Jihad Commander, Rockets Rain From Gaza
  9. IDF Confirms: Islamic Jihad Leader Abu Al-Ata Assassinated In Gaza
  10. WATCH: IDF Spokesperson Explains Why Abu Ata Had to Die
  11. WATCH: Who was Abu Al Ata and Why Did Israel Kill Him?
  12. Israel Under Attack After IDF Assassinates Major Terror Leader
  13. Assassinated Islamic Leader was One of Israel’s Most Implacable Foes
  14. Israeli Air Force Brings the Thunder: Terror Targets Reduced to Rubble
  15. WATCH: Israel’s remarkable precision missile shot Islamic Jihad leader through window
  16. Israel Warns Hamas: Stay Out of this Fight Or We’ll Topple Your Tall Buildings
  17. Israeli Defense Minister: ‘He Who Plans to Harm Us Today, will Never be Safe at Night’
  18. What the Media is Not Reporting About the Recent Gaza Conflict
  19. ‘Jerusalem Under Attack’: Hamas Fake News in War Against Israel
  20. Ceasefire Threatens to Break Apart as Rockets Continue to Hit Israel
  21. Israel Strikes Hamas After More Rockets Fired from Gaza


  1. WATCH: Palestinian Mothers Rejoice Over ‘Sacrificing’ Their Children as ‘Martyrs’
  2. Is Kuwait the last hope for ISIS?
  3. Detained Islamic State members turn to EU courts for help to come “home”
  4. Nasrallah: Iran has won, US threat removed
  5. WATCH: Hamas Threatens to ‘Crush Tel Aviv’ with ‘Thousands of Missiles, Hundreds of Miles of Tunnels
  6. Fox News reporter in Gaza: Amnesty International lied
  7. Terrorists Strike Their Own Building, Israel Blamed
  8. Has The Final Apocalyptic Conflict With Israel Begun?
  9. WATCH: Palestinian Authority Blows Billions on Terror, Murder and Mayhem
  10. Hamas-linked CAIR top dog Nihad Awad describes his “formula” for Islamic political power
  11. Islamic Jihad Unveils Homemade Buraq Missile, Claims it Shot One at Israel


  1. Chechnya: Chechnya’s Kadyrov calls for killing people who “insult someone’s honor” online
  2. Czechoslovakia: Czech Republic: Imam indicted for supporting and promoting jihad terrorism
  3. England: Terminally-ill scientist completes transformation into ‘world’s first full cyborg’
  4. England: British Jewish Newspaper Uses Front Page To Urge “Non Jews” Not To Vote For Jeremy Corbyn
  5. EU: In landmark ruling, EU’s top court says Jewish settlement product labeling mandatory
  6. EU: European Union Mandates Warning Labels on Goods from the West Bank
  7. Finland: Finnish Christian MP Faces Hate Speech Charge For Quoting NT
  8. Finland: Leftist Muslim migrant politician admits he fabricated story about man who told him “go back to Somalia”
  9. Finland: Faked hate in Finland: Muslim migrant politician apologizes for false story about abusive taxi passenger
  10. France: Thousands march against “Islamophobia,” saying “Yes to criticism of religion, no to hatred of believers”
  11. Germany: Muslim “asylum seekers” attack disco with machetes, try to slash bouncer’s neck
  12. Germany: Three Muslim migrants planned jihad bombing, wanted to kill as many “infidels” as possible
  13. Greece: Justice minister tries, fails to criminalize blasphemy in order to protect “rights of religious minorities”
  14. Ireland: Irish People-Smuggling Gang, Accused in Deaths of 39 Vietnamese Migrants Discovered Suffocated in the Back of a Truck, Has Been Under Investigation for a Year
  15. Ireland: Ireland Sending Military to Syria to Bring Back Islamic State Bride
  16. Italy: Moloch statue of child sacrifice on display at Colosseum, holy site for Christian martyrs
  17. Netherlands: Court orders government to repatriate 56 Islamic State jihadis’ children from Syria camps
  18. Scotland: A Further Slap in the Face for Victims of Muslim Rape Gangs
  19. Scotland: Church of Scotland minister calls Corbyn terrorist sympathizer, Church of Scotland condemns “Islamophobia”
  20. Sweden: Taxpayer money is being funneled to violent Islamic jihad groups
  21. Sweden: Muslims chant death threats to Jews at rally in Sweden
  22. Switzerland: “Child marriage is not regarded as forced marriage in Switzerland and is therefore not prohibited”
  23. UK: Muslim rape gang faces 36 counts of rape and forcing children into sexual activity
  24. UK: UK National Health Service to Deny Treatment to ‘Racists’ ‘islamophobes’ and ‘Sexists’
  25. UK: National Health Service to deny treatment to “racists,” “sexists,” and “Islamophobes”
  26. UK: Jewish conservative’s door broken down, he is handcuffed and jailed on suspicion of “Islamophobia”
  27. UK: Eight Muslims charged with raping and trafficking the same 15-year-old girl
  28. UK: Eight Muslims will stand trial for raping and trafficking the same 15-year-old girl


  1. China: Major Breaking Story-China Sends Mexico Strong Message to Not Cooperate with US
  2. China: China Poised to Benefit If Ukraine’s Western Relationships Fray
  3. China: Two patients have been diagnosed with pneumonic plague in China
  4. China: China Uses PornHub to Spread Hong Kong Disinformation (Video: 2:53 minutes long.)
  5. India: Muslim MP demands ban of Islamocritical book and arrest of its author
  6. India: Cleric Arrested after Explosives Found Hidden at Mosque
  7. India: Four Muslims, including an imam, arrested for hiding explosives inside a mosque, “something big” was planned
  8. Iran: Iran Begins Construction on 2nd Nuclear Reactor At Bushehr
  9. Iran: Iran Acknowledges That FBI Agent Gone Missing Since 2007 Involved In Ongoing Court Case
  10. Iran: Iran Admits It’s Holding US Hostage Bob Levinson
  11. Iran: Iran Enriching at Fordow, IAEA Confirms, as Enriched Uranium Stock Grows
  12. Iran: International Atomic Energy Agency discovers uranium at undeclared site in Iran
  13. Iran: Iran Not Calling for ‘Disappearance’ of Jews, Just Destruction of Jewish State
  14. Iraq: Kurdish Peshmerga General Shares Why America Should Stand with the Kurds
  15. Iraq: Series Of Blasts Target Mass Protest Gathering In Baghdad, Multiple Dead & Wounded
  16. Japan: Hong Kong protests have reached a new dangerous stage
  17. Japan: Protester Shot, But Hong Kong Govt Keeps Making It Worse (Video: 9:59 minutes long.)
  18. Japan: President Xi “Stopping The Storm And Restoring Order” In Hong Kong Is China’s Top Priority
  19. Japan: Hong Kong Liquidity Crisis Near Decade Highs As Capital Flight Accelerates
  20. Malaysia: Moderate Malaysia: Housewife charged with six counts of insulting Islam
  21. Malaysia: Five men sentenced under Islamic law to jail and caning of attempting to engage in gay sex
  22. Pakistan: Muslim leader slams Prime Minister as pro-West, says “if blasphemy laws are softened things will go bad”
  23. Syria: ‘We are going to slaughter you’: Syrian camp full of thousands of ISIS brides and their children has turned into a ‘mini caliphate’
  24. Syria: Islamic State murders priest and his father as they were going to inspect restoration of a church
  25. Turkey: Erdogan Hints Syria Invasion Really Islamic Holy War
  26. Turkey: Turkey’s Erdogan renews threat to flood EU with millions of Muslim migrants
  27. Vietnam: Rabbit-sized deer relative, lost to science, found alive in Vietnam


  1. Democratic Republic of Congo: Muslims murder ten civilians in raid on village
  2. Egypt: Christian woman uses Christian doctrine to fight misogynistic, unequal Islamic inheritance laws in Egypt
  3. Ethiopia: Muslim leader calls for beheading of Christians, then two pastors beheaded
  4. Nigeria: Girls, Staff Members Tortured and Kidnapped By Muslims from Christian Run High School Freed


  1. Australia: Muslim sends over $2700 to Islamic State jihadi, gets $500 fine and is freed on promise of good behavior
  2. Australia: Muslim refugee rapist is GRANTED BAIL ‘because he can’t speak English’ just Arabic


  1. Canada: Toronto: Muslim charged with 54 sexual assault-related offenses, including many with children
  2. Canada: Toronto: Muslim Charged with 54 Sexual Assault-Related Offenses, Including Many with Children
  3. Canada: Farewell Don Cherry & Goodbye to Free Speech in Canada
  4. Canada: “Canadian Defenders of Human Rights” claims that rabbis who support Israel are a “danger” to Canada
  5. Mexico: Mexican Oil Official Says UN-Mexican Cartels and Chinese Are Provoking a Border War
  6. Mexico: China Won’t Tolerate a Disobedient Mexico-Watch the PEMEX Oil Fields


  1. Bolivia: Chaos In Bolivia After President Morales Resigns, Claims He Was Victim Of A Coup
  2. Bolivia: Bolivian Coup Comes Less Than A Week After Morales Stopped Multinational Firm’s Lithium Deal


World-Currencies Banner



  1. The 1% Has More Wealth Than 99%-What’s the Next Goal of the Globalists?
  2. D.C. shrugging off trillion-dollar issue: national debt
  3. The Truth About the Fed’s Rate Cuts (Wait For the Final Frame) – Mike Maloney (Video: 9:23 minutes long.)
  4. Mixed Messages on Trade Between the U.S. & China (Video: 1:46 minutes long.)
  5. 2020 Strategic Business Planning (Video: 11:32 minutes long.)
  6. Big Comeback For Industrials (Video: 2:15 minutes long.)
  7. Red Alert: The Banks Are Preparing to Give America a “Cyprus Haircut”
  8. G. Edward Griffin Says Bankers Are Going for Broke Because the Economy Is Broke
  9. Iceland and Switzerland Have Shown US How to Save the American Economy
  10. THERE GOES YOUR PRIVACY AND WEALTH [10 minute Breakdown] (Video: 10:54 minutes long.)
  11. Guess Who Is Preparing For A Major Stock Market Crash?
  12. Ray Dalio’s Investment Philosophy (Video: 3:41 minutes long.)
  13. Why US & China Clash – Ray Dalio (Video: 4:01 minutes long.)
  14. Federal Interest Rates on Hold (Video: 2:10 minutes long.)
  15. Rate-Cutting Fed Warns That Prolonged Rate-Cuts “Increases Vulnerability Of Market To Shocks”
  16. THE GLOBAL TRIFECTA TRIGGER: False Optimism Zooms While Global Growth Dooms (Video: 11:56 minutes long.)
  17. Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up – 11.15.19 (Video: 24:28 minutes long.)
  18. How to Get Rich In The Next Market Crash | Take Action TODAY!!! -Robert Kiyosaki (Video: 11:50 minutes long.)
  19. Billionaire Ray Dalio Predicts The Next Big Market Crash (Video: 1:15:40 minutes long.)
  20. What to Do NOW in Case of a Future Banking System Breakdown
  21. New Evidence Futures Markets Are Built for Manipulation
  22. Jim Willie: We’re In Weimar Type Crisis When Repo Ops Reach $500 Billion Per Day, Or $1 Trillion?
  23. Fed Prints Even More Money, Adds 3 Additional Repo Operations With Longer Maturities!
  24. U.S. National Debt Hit 23 Trillion Dollar Mark, Our Steamroll Towards Financial Oblivion Continues
  25. Retail Industry CRASHING! – We Are Now Entering GREATEST Financial Collapse IN HISTORY!
  26. Middle-income Americans are increasingly ‘financially vulnerable,’ despite strong economy and low unemployment
  27. Modern Monetary Theory carries ‘grain of truth’ and that’s why it’s dangerous, says former Treasury official
  28. Q4 GDP Crashes: US Economy Growing At Slowest Pace In 4 Years
  29. Recession & Bear Market Risks With Financial Thought Leader Jason Trennert (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)

Nightly Business Report Banner

  1. Nightly Business Report – November 11, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  2. Nightly Business Report – November 12, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  3. Nightly Business Report – November 13, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  4. Nightly Business Report – November 14, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  5. Nightly Business Report – November 15, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)


  1. Outlook for Small Cap Stocks (Video: 2:55 minutes long.)
  2. Stock Market Hits Record Highs As Globalist Expendables Continue To Drop Like Flies
  3. Dave Kranzler: Plunge Protection Team Will Shut Down Stock Market When They Lose Control
  4. Stock Market And Gold Manipulation Efforts Intensify
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  8. Quality stocks are winning this year, but they might be too expensive now
  9. Investors putting money back into stock-market funds, but flows still solidly negative for 2019
  10. This forecast predicts barely any growth in U.S. stocks next year — and a big drop if there’s a recession
  11. Aurora Cannabis stock suffers worst day in more than five years, analyst says ‘it would be fair for investors not to believe them’
  12. 10-year, 30-year Treasury yield logs biggest weekly drop in one and a half months
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Earth News Banner

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  2. Over 70 earthquakes rattle Ventura with 2nd Quake Swarm
  3. Brutal Arctic Cold Surge Arrives Ready To Shatter Hundreds Of Mid-November Records In Most Part Of The U.S. (More Crops In Danger!)
  4. Southeastern France rocked by an unusual 5.4-magnitude earthquake: The quake is thought to be the biggest to hit France in 15 years
  5. Iceland authorities are monitoring Askja volcano 24/7 after a swarm of 1,000 earthquakes have been recorded at the caldera, in less than a week
  6. Another quake swarm hits California: A mag 4 quake is followed by 63 aftershocks on the U.S. Mexican border town of El Centro
  7. A shallow, (10km deep), magnitude 6.1 – 146 km NW of Pangai, Tonga last night was the 6th major quake of November and the 121st for the year to date
  8. Officials Are Using The Word “Disaster” To Describe The Widespread Crop Failures Happening All Over America
  9. The 2020s are set to be an economic and social upheaval: Europe losing 1000 small farms a day: America’s 2019 crop failure is a “disaster”: Asia millions of pigs slaughtered
  10. Mystery as ‘thousands’ of birds found dead in India
  11. 35 large aftershocks including a mag 6.0, mag 5.9, mag 5.8 and a mag 5.5 rock NW of Kota Ternate, Indonesia after powerful magnitude 7.1 quake yesterday
  12. A powerful magnitude 7.4 quake reduced to a magnitude 7.1 by USGS has rocked Indonesia with authorities issuing a tsunami alert
  13. Venice braces for more devastating flooding today: Almost 150 flood warnings across Britain after more heavy rain: Heavy snowstorms cause havoc across the southeast of France
  14. Ridgecrest earthquake ruptured at least 24 faults in California
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Ancient Paleo Hebrew Alphabet

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September 26, 2019

Isaiah 52                      Acts 5

Isaiah 52:6  Therefore [therefore” is speaking of future tense — more specifically — this is speaking to you and me TODAY! And our Heavenly FATHER is saying] MY [YHVH’s] people shall know MY name [YHVH]: therefore they shall know in that day [which is NOW!] that I am HE that doth speak: behold, it is I [YHVH!].

Isaiah 52:7  How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of HIM [our Messiah, even our Mashiyach!] that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth Salvation [our FATHER, YHVH is speaking to YOU and to me about HIS only “begotten” (in the flesh) SON YESH-OO’-AW = our SALVATION!]; that saith unto Zion [the place of “healing the nations” according to Revelation 22:2… and], Thy ELohim [singular/plural Father & Son & Holy Spirit] reigneth [H4427 ascends to The THRONE!]!

            Shalom aleichem = Peace be upon you precious “eternal” Siblings in Jesus the Christ = Yesh-oo’-aw ha Mashiyach.  As you and I speak, the place of our Messiah’s throne is currently the focus of ALL nations!  And — while the Spiritual windspools up” (as the boost of a GIANT turbocharger) — the BLOWING of the SHOFAR/trumpet


is nigh at hand.

Our Messiah IS speaking to you and to me in the entire Holy Bible, case in point:

Zechariah 13:6  And one shall say unto HIM [our Salvation, our Yesh-oo’-aw],

What are these wounds in thine hands?

Then HE shall answer,

Those with which I was wounded

 in the house of MY friends.

Who are my “friends?  Really… Who are my friends?

            Can you imagine a parent condoning their child who is “best friends” with a kid who keeps saying to your child, “You don’t have to do what your Dad says.  You have rights, ya know.  Your Dad’s curfew does not apply any more — you can stay out as late as you want (even if ya are just 10 years old).  You can have sex with anyone or anything you want.  You don’t have to do what your Dad says anymore.”  Is that “friend” in your house — wounding you and wounding your relationship with your child?

            As I turned the pages of my Bible to the next chapter in Acts and in the course of reading I happened upon (by providence, no doubt) a bit of NEW Testament information that is ALSO hitting very close to “home:

Acts 5:3  But Peter said, Ananias, why hath Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost….

For that friend that keeps telling me that I no longer have to do what my DAD says, may I suggest that he who wounds me with his dastardly twisted gospel that is NOT the Gospel at all — that he read the 5th chapter of Acts?

            Just before entering the Promised Land (as you and I are at the brink, TODAY) our real friend and eternal Sibling in YESH-OO’-AW is speaking for me and I hope you:

Joshua 24:15  And if it seem evil unto you to serve YeHoVaH, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell [and these United States have become defiled by the same kinds of “friends]: but as for me and my house, we will serve YeHoVaH.  The SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, and FOREVER!

As we speak, the NAME is being revealed, which has been banned for nearly 2,000 years

YHWH-Paleo Hebrew

Reading the dead Hebrew language, which has been REVIVED in these last days, as “dry bones,” from right to left “from the east to the west” — we read:

YOD = the hand    HEY = behold    VAV = the nail    HEY = behold

Behold the hand Behold the nail and the wounds that HE is still receiving in the house of HIS friends.

YHVH IS blessing the reading of HIS entire Holy Bible.  Amen.



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Another Coffee Break

Our Covenant, Part 3

Two weeks ago, we were talking about the original Covenant that God made with Abraham.  We got part way into that picture, but then I temporarily side-tracked that last week to talk about the Covenant of Marriage.  Let’s pick up today with where we left off.

We started off this discussion talking about the fact that Adam and Eve — and by virtue of descending from them, the whole human race — were created in the image of God, imbued with his character and makeup, and given the same creative power of speech.  This is absolutely critical to our understanding the makeup of covenant.

One of the most important aspects of true covenant is the promise made between the parties.  The promise embodies both irrevocable commitment and creative power which implements the conditions of the covenant.  The speaking forth of the promise creates and sets in motion the circumstances which empower the covenant.

But there’s a whole lot more to this.  Watch!

I noted two weeks ago that the Lord instructed Abraham to bring Him “an heifer of three years old, a she-goat of three years old, a ram of three years old, and a turtledove and a young pigeon.”

The animals were slaughtered, their carcasses divided in two parts and laid out with each half facing the other.  One bird was placed on one side, and the other bird the other side.  The halved carcasses were placed far enough apart that Abraham could stand between them and the Lord could pass between them.

The significance of this IS relevant since the parties to this covenant would be standing and/or walking in blood as the covenant was struck.  Why?

We’ll get to this picture in due time, but let’s finish our review of Abraham and the Lord and the covenant the Lord made with Abraham.

One of the common misconceptions about covenant is that it is an agreement between equals in which they combine their strengths.  Wrong.  It IS a commitment between equals, but covenant takes the weaknesses of both parties and places them under the protection of the combined strength of the parties to the covenant.  The lives of the parties to the covenant are at stake.  The bloodshed of the animals — in Abraham’s case — was both prophetic of things to come and symbolic of the lives of the two parties to the covenant: in this case, the Lord God and Abraham.

Bear with me while I show you how this unfolds.

Abraham grew up in a world where an understanding of covenant — real covenant — was embodied in all of society.  It had been embodied and incorporated into every man and woman since the Lord killed the animal(s) and made leather clothing for Adam and Eve.

History and archaeology show us the following.

Whenever a covenant was cut between two parties, the first thing to happen was that the initiating party took his cloak or outer garment off and gave it to the other party.  The second party likewise removed his cloak and gave it to the first party. 

The cloak represented covering.  Each party was saying to the other by this act that all that they were, all that they had, all their abilities would cover each other.  They would lack for nothing so far as it was in the power of each party to fulfill.  

The second act of covenant was for the first party to remove his girdle and give it to the second party, who then reciprocated with his girdle.  A girdle was not what we commonly think of in today’s understanding, but rather a weapons belt.  It was the mainstay of one’s sword, and any other weapons they might choose to carry.  

Along with the girdles, the parties gave each other their best sword, their best bow and arrow or their best spear — whatever their primary weapons were.  The transfer of weapons symbolized the fact that each party was saying to the other, I give you the best of my defenses, and I will defend you against all enemies to the death.

The third act of covenant was the shedding of blood.  Prior to God’s command to Abraham, and the enactment of what we have come to call the “Abrahamic Covenant,” parties to a covenant would draw a knife across their hand to draw blood, then let that blood drip into a goblet or drinking vessel of some kind and mingle it with wine.  Both parties would drink from the goblet until it was consumed.  

In so doing, each party thereby had the blood of each other, thus making them “of one blood” in a somewhat literal and yet metaphorical sense now considering themselves and their descendants and kin from that day forward to all be of the same family.

The consequence of this final act meant that each party put their lives on the line to the agreement struck between each other.  If either party to that covenant violated or breached the covenant, death was the consequence, and if the offending party avoided death at the hands of the aggrieved party, the descendants of the aggrieved party could hunt down and kill the descendants of the offending party to the fourth generation.

THAT’s how strong the enforcement was of a covenant!

In Abraham’s case (and for that matter in every case of covenant since where God is concerned) one did not drink blood.  God’s command to Moses (see Leviticus 3:17) was that, “It shall be a perpetual statute for your generations throughout all your dwellings that ye eat neither fat nor blood.”

God established His covenant with Abraham by substituting the blood of animals for human blood, and instead of drinking it, they walked or passed through it.  Notice what happens when God fulfills His acts within His covenant with Abraham.

And when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and, lo, an horror of great darkness fell upon him.  And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance. 

And thou shalt go to thy fathers in peace; thou shalt be buried in a good old age.  But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again: for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full.

And it came to pass, that, when the sun went down, and it was dark, behold a smoking furnace, and a burning lamp that passed between those pieces.  In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates: The Kenites, and the Kenizzites, and the Kadmonites, And the Hittites, and the Perizzites, and the Rephaims, And the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Girgashites, and the Jebusites.

I’ve underlined a significant phrase in these passages.  We have two distinct illustrations of the presence of the Lord manifested in the smoking furnace and the burning lamp.

Proverbs 20:27 can be rendered from the Hebrew text, “The spirit of man is the torch of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of the soul and body.”  (RAC Translation & Amplification)

The phrase, “smoking furnace,” is a Hebrew metaphor for “burning love,” great, intense feeling and emotion: that which burns within a person.

It clarifies the picture of the spirit of the Lord passing between the halves of the slain animals, standing in the midst of the blood, having intense love for Abraham as He covenants with him to give him all of the land from the Nile to the Euphrates River for Abraham’s covenant seed.

The covenant that God made with Abraham is so profound, and so far-reaching as to boggle the imagination.  What we see in this covenant was only the beginning of God’s covenants with Abraham.

First let’s review the binding nature as it has unfolded throughout the centuries, and just how much covenant has impacted our lives and many traditions we take for granted.

Whenever two people entered into covenant — and by the way, covenants were struck between men: not women — blood was drawn.  We’ve already talked about the tradition that existed for centuries and millennia in which the blood was mingled with wine, and the parties to the covenant drank of it.  What followed was the searing of a mark in the flesh signifying that covenant.

One of the common methods was to heat a knife or a sword in the fire, then take it an lay it across the flesh where a cut had been made to draw blood, searing the flesh and creating a burn that would leave a lifetime scar.  Whenever anyone saw the scar, they knew it represented a “to the death” covenant that had been cut; and family members and relatives had enormous reverence and respect for the parties to that covenant.

Throughout the centuries, new methods developed to signify the covenant.  When two men cut a covenant, they frequently took a sharp knife and cut around their thumbs in a circle.  Instead of burning the flesh with a knife, they would rub dirt or powder (in more recent times, gunpowder) into the cut so that it would fester.  This process continued until the cut eventually healed, leaving a ringed mark on the thumb (or forefinger) that could not be removed or eradicated in any way short of cutting off the finger or hand.  Anyone seeing that ring knew that a covenant had been made.

Traditions in different cultures varied the practice, and sometimes it was a circular mark on one’s arm creating the look of a band around the arm.  Eventually, the practice evolved into the easier method of placing a gold ring on one’s finger or a gold band around one’s arm.  The tradition of exchanging rings with wedding vows grew out of this practice between a husband and wife, eventually replacing the cutting of the flesh and creation of a permanent mark on the hands of the husband and wife.

Originally, there was no cut made on the hand of the woman taken in marriage.   Rather the cuts were made in the hands of the bridegroom-to-be and the father of the bride, who gave his daughter in marriage as part of a larger covenant merging the two families.  The young woman taken in marriage was given a gold ring which she wore as a symbol of the mark her father had in his hand.

Covenants joined families inseparably for at least four generations.  As noted previously, if one of the parties to the covenant breached their pact in some way, death was the consequence.  The phrase in our modern wedding ceremony, “’til death do us part”, is a product of that understanding of covenant.  If the covenant was breached, and the individual committing the breach escaped death at the hand of his covenant brother, the descendants could avenge that breach to the fourth generation.

As I noted last week, one of the most important aspects of true covenant is the promise made between the parties.  The promise embodies both irrevocable commitment and creative power which implements the conditions of the covenant.  The speaking forth of the promise creates and sets in motion the circumstances which empower the covenant.

Thus, God’s promise to Abraham was irrevocable.  The covenant made with Abraham applied to all the seed that would follow as a product of God’s covenant.

Abraham, however, did not yet have the mark of that covenant in his body.  After the Lord appeared to Abraham and the ceremony of the covenant took place with the slaughter of the animals, and the Lord passed through the blood between the halves in the cloud ( ashan — cloud, vapor, smoke) and the burning torch, Abraham (still referred to as “Abram”) obviously shared the experience with his household.

Sarah (still called Sarai at this moment in time) had not been a part of the experience and covenant, and she — unfortunately — thought to take things into her own hands to make the covenant come to pass.  Believing herself to be beyond childbearing, she took her fairly young Egyptian handmaid, Hagar, and gave her to Abraham (that always baffled me, personally) in the expectation that Hagar could bear a child, and that child would become hers.  What came out of that mistake was Ishmael: perhaps the costliest misstep to a people in all of history.

But God had covenanted with Abraham, and that covenant meant that God was about to do the creative in order to bring it to pass.  A dozen years pass, and the Lord appears to Abraham again and establishes another covenant.  This time, Abraham is going to undergo both a physical change in his body and a name (shem-onoma) change.  So is Sarah.  Abram (high father) now becomes Abraham (father of a multitude).  Sarai (dominative) now becomes Sarah (noble woman – queen).

Physical change to Abraham is evidenced in the cutting of his flesh.  Just as covenants were normally enacted with a visible sign in the flesh (the ring around the thumb, a scar on one’s side, a mark on the right hand or forehead), Abraham was going to have a visible sign in his flesh.  Never before had such a covenant been cut with such a sign.  Abraham was going to shed his blood by having his foreskin circumcised.

Thought I was going to wrap up this beginning of Covenant with Abraham today, but there’s still more to cover.  That’s where we will take it next week.

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Who Is Jesus? Part I

By Dr. Roy Blizzard

Who is Jesus? Who is he? What did he have to say about himself? Who does he claim to be? What does the term “Son of Man” call to mind?

This fact needs to be established from the beginning. Jesus didn’t hide who he was. In everything he says and in everything he does, he establishes who he is. Nowhere does he refer to himself as “Son of God” as the term is commonly used in Christianity. “Son of God” is not Hebraic. Yet, it says “Son of God” in many places in the Scriptures. One must keep in mind that the term is a result of the English translation from the Greek. Although much of the New Testament was Hebrew, we have no original Hebrew text of a New Testament book. It is only as the Church moves to the West and attempts to translate these ideas, or concepts, which in many instances are impossible to translate, that they begin to pick up on this terminology, or phraseology. It is when he calls himself ben Elohim that it looks like it means “Son of God.” But, remember that it was not the term “Son of God” that was Hebraic. The term “Son” was. The rabbis always believed when Messiah, Redeemer, came, he was going to come as a “Son.” There would be a son-father relationship. “Son” is Hebraic. However, the term, Son of God, is not. Nowhere do you find it in the Old Testament. Many of these concepts in Hebrew are impossible to translate into any other language because they are very abstract, very complex. They carry with them a whole spectrum of meaning.

Someone is always inquiring as to when we are going to write a commentary. At its very best, a commentary would still fall short of conveying what the original text is attempting to convey. Rather than using all that time and energy trying to accomplish such a task, it would be easier to teach you Hebrew. The key to our understanding of these concepts is in trying to understand them from the Hebrew perspective; to attempt to understand the Hebrew language patterns, synonyms, parallelism, allegory, etc., even though they are difficult and foreign to our Western mind.

For example, if Jesus was God, whom was he praying to all the time? He was always praying to the “Father.” What about the Holy Spirit? How do we understand all of this? Our Western mind has been struggling with this since the fourth century, actually even before the 4th century. It was already a problem as the Church moved to the West in the latter part of the 2nd and on into the 3rd century, because the Western mind had to have everything rational, reasonable, explainable, had to have everything make sense…had to be able to explain God.

This is one of the basic differences between Hebrew thought patterns and those of the Western mind. To the Hebrew mind, the Hebrew language, everything, is very realistic. God was a real God who was working in a real way in history. When they speak of God, they speak of Him in realistic terms. They talk about “the hands of God,” “the face of God,” “and the feet of God.” At the same time, they know that God is a spirit, and “those that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth,” that he is, non-corporeal, meaning he does not have flesh and blood, as…“Flesh and blood will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.” But they use all these anthropomorphisms to try to explain Him. To the Hebrew mind, this is no problem, but it is completely frustrating to the Greek mind. Everything has to be explained. Everything has to be logically understood. Whereas the Hebrew mind is realistic – God is a real God that enters into a real relationship with his people, the Greek mind is idealistic. Man has to be ideal. They take a representation of the ideal man and transfer that to God so that the god is simply nothing more than a reflection of the man. Hence the magnificent Greek deities the beautifully formed bodies of both males and females. The Greeks exalted the body. They exalted physical strength, and the beautiful form of the body was reflected in the architecture and the art as well as the literature and the language. Everything was all perfectly formed and fashioned and fit together in a marvelous, intelligent, rational, reasonable, understandable pattern.

In Hebrew, you have none of that. How is it that God can have hands and face and feet and at the same time be a spirit? How is it that Jacob can wrestle with God? That Moses can see God? How is it then that the Bible says that no one has seen God at anytime?

Remember the three who came to see Abraham? Who were these three? You may be thinking “angels.” But the whole idea of angels, angelology, as we understand it today in Christendom, did not develop until about the 4th century, about the same time we have the development of all of the demons and demonology that comes into Christianity from Zoroastrianism. Do not misunderstand. That does not mean that the Hebrews did not believe there is a force of evil. They did believe that and do today, but they believe that that force was created by God and is equal to the yetzer hara, or the evil inclination within man.

One has to keep in mind one very important fact. There is only one God! There is no other god but God! As a matter of fact the devil, or Hasatan, or whatever the force of evil is called is not even the god of this world. That may be surprising to those who have taken as literal 2 Corinthians 4:4, which says in our English translations that “the god of this world has blinded the unbelievers’ minds preventing them from seeing the illuminating light of the glory of the gospel…,” and thereby assume that this can only mean the devil. Except that, in the Greek, it is ho theos ton kosmon which, in Hebrew, is el elohay ha-olam which means “the God of this universe.” The only God that there is has blinded unbelievers. Why would the devil have to blind unbelievers. The devil is not the god of anything. Whoever or whatever the force of evil is, it was created by God and is subject to God, subject to do his bidding. Not only that, but he is also subject to the man and woman of God. You remember that Jesus said, “I give you power and authority over all the power and authority that the enemy possesses and nothing shall in any way harm you.”

The three personages who came to Abraham are called in Hebrew malachim. A Malach in Hebrew is a messenger. Abraham saw them coming from afar and sent his servants out to kill the fatted lamb, prepared a meal, and they came and sat down with him under a tree. When they drew near to him, he called all three of them YHWH, or Yahweh. They partook of the meal, they talked, and two got up and went down to Sodom. One remained behind, and Abraham called that one remaining YHWH. Unfortunately, that presents a problem to the Western mind. When we begin to study this we think, “Oh, that’s not a problem; that’s just God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.” Except that’s not correct.

This idea that we call Trinity, and the Trinitarian concept that is espoused by so many in Christendom, is a late, historic development in the Western church. Let’s look at the historical record, at how and with whom it developed. Even before the time of Constantine, the Greeks could not understand how God could assume the form of human flesh. It was not a problem just for the Greeks. It remains a problem still for some of us today. How could God assume the form of human flesh and still be God? So, they said that, actually, he really didn’t, as there was no substance, just form. He just looked like a human being, but he really was not; and that is why he could go through walls, be anywhere, but he didn’t really have flesh and blood. They had already started thinking along those lines by the end of the 1st century. If you do not know that, then you do not understand what John, the Apostle, is getting at when he writes in one of his epistles, “If any man says that Jesus Christ did not come in the flesh, he is a liar and the truth is not in him.”

The Western church began to deal with this problem of the nature of Christ. It is very interesting and can be studied in any church history book, for example, Schaffs History of the Christian Church. In it, you can trace the whole development of the concept of Trinity as it originates in the latter part of the 2nd, and on into the 3rd and 4th centuries, as the Western church has wrestled over this question of the nature of Christ. They began to use the principal Greek words, homoousia, which means sameness. There were those who said that Christ was the same as God, and therefore used this term homoousia, sameness or same essence. Others said no, that he was not the same but just like God, so they used the term hommoiousia, a like essence. Then there were those who said no, that they were actually different, three distinct individuals in the godhead, and they used the term heteroousia. It is interesting, in studying the various church fathers, to know which one of these various positions they espoused.

Remember Eusebius, the bishop of Caesaria in the 4th century? It was Eusebius whom Helena, the queen mother of Constantine, joined with to travel throughout the land of Israel, searching out the sites that had been made sacred by Jesus and his disciples. When Helena, the queen mother, went back home, Eusebius wrote a book, the Onomastikon, a dictionary of place names in which he identified over 1,000 sites that they had personally sought out and identified, one of which is today the site of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. The Church of the Nativity at Bethlehem is another, along with many other sacred sites. Euseblus also wrote another book, a classic in its field called Ecclesiastical History, in which he refers back to writings that have been lost to us of some of the early church fathers, such as Papias. It so happens that Eusebius believed in heteroousia. He believed that Jesus was different than the Father, that they were two separate and distinct entities

The church fathers argued back and forth over this issue, and it is not until the 4th century, with a man by the name of Athanasius, that the church finally voted on homoousia, or same essence. Paraphrased, the proposal is basically this, that there is just one God. There is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit…then, they made a mistake. They said, “…and these three personae,” or these three persons, “are one.” So, what you had were three distinct and different persons in what was called the “godhead.” That was accepted for a while following the council of Nicea, until Constantine died after which his son took the throne and changed the whole concept, banishing Athanasius.

The argument waxed heavy, and in the next 40 years, Athanaslus was banned five times! All over the issue of the nature of Christ. The church would accept it, then throw it out, accept it, and then throw it out, again and again, keeping Athanasius traveling back and forth. When it was finally accepted and they made their decree, it was basically that there is just one God, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, and these three are one, and this is a great mystery and no one is able to explain it. The simple fact of the matter is that not only has no one been able to explain it, but also no one has been able to understand it. Nor have we been able to understand or explain it from that day to this. Why? Because it is not Hebraic; it is not biblical. It is a product of the Western mind, in its attempt at trying to explain or understand God.

There are those movements within Christianity that have rejected Trinitarianism, e.g., the “Oneness” folk. They have for years espoused just one God and only one God. That was correct, but many said Jesus was all God and that when he was on earth and was praying to the Father, the throne room was vacant and he was talking to himself. As soon as we start trying to use our Western mind to try to explain God, we are going to have problems because, basically and fundamentally, God cannot be understood according to our Western method of reasoning and conceptualizing. Try to forget Oneness, try to forget Trinitarianism. Try to forget all the usual Christian theological terms and just ask, “How can I understand God?” “How can I begin trying to understand God?” “Where do I begin?”

What is the basic, fundamental, foundational principle of biblical faith? That there is just one God. That is the whole foundation upon which biblical faith is built. Shema, Yisrael, Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai echad, “Hear O Israel, the Lord your God is one.” So, if there is only one, there cannot be two, which automatically eliminates, as we have already seen, anyone or anything else being a god. Satan, or the devil is not the god of anything.

However, the question is still there. How do I understand God? I can understand him best if I look at the names by which he is called, the names by which he is known. When I look in the biblical text at the names of God, I find that there are well over 50 principal, proper names for God that are used in the biblical text, not counting all the biblical euphemisms. Adding the euphemisms, there are probably another 50, or well over 100 different names for God that are used.

What do we mean by euphemism? Descriptive phrases such as “the holy One, blessed be He” are euphemisms. The Hebrew have an aversion to calling God by his name, so they use a term that refers to God, or that in some way means God, or is descriptive of God. They simply use a phrase like hashemayim, the heaven. In using that term, they are referring to God. For example, in the passage, “I have sinned against heaven.” What does it mean to have “sinned against heaven?” The next passage, which is a parallel passage, explains what it means with “I have sinned against thee, O God.” In this context, the heaven is a euphemism for God. Hashemayimhamakom, the place, hakadosh, baruch hu, the Holy One, blessed be He, are euphemisms.

In researching the proper names that are used for God, we are introduced to one right at the beginning in the biblical text, Bereishit barah Elohim et hashemayim ve et haaretz, “In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth.” Then in chapter two, we are introduced to YHWH Elohim. It is interesting, as you look at these in Hebrew, that Elohim refers to a creative deity, a god who is performing mighty acts, such as calling the world into existence out of nothing. You can take a Hebrew concordance and look up the word, Elohim, and see that it is used all the way through the Old Testament. Everywhere it is used, you will see that Elohim always refers to a God who is far removed from his people.

However, when you look at YHWH, or Yahweh, it is always a God who is covenanting with his people, or entering into a covenant relationship with his people in an intimacy of fellowship. It is therefore safe to say that Elohim refers to the creative aspect of deity, and YHWH the covenant aspect of deity. When the two are coupled together, as “the Lord God,” Yahweh Elohim, it refers to the totality of all that God is. There are many other names: El Shaddai meaning “the God who nourishes, or sustains me, suckling me from his breast.” In that particular name for God, we see the feminine aspect of deity. Few are aware that, in Hebrew, God has no gender. So, is God male or female? Most would answer that everybody knows he is male. Don’t we pray “Our Father…?” Except that, in Hebrew, his name is Yud hey vav hey (YHWH), and Yud hey is masculine while vav hey is feminine. The Jews have always believed that God in neither masculine nor feminine but both. That is important to keep in mind. If God created Adam Betzelmeynu kidmuteynu, “in our image and our likeness,” and God was neither male nor female but both, then what was Adam? Something very interesting to think about, Yud hey vav hey (YHWHyerape means “the God that heals.” El Elyon means “the highest God that there is,” the high God, the God that is God above all and, in the sense again of being the only God that there is. YHWH yireh means “the God who sees,” the all-seeing God. In this particular name of God, we see the omniscience of God, the all-knowingness of God.

Adonai actually is not really a name in the sense of the others, but more of a euphemism because it simply means “master,” or Lord. We even use it today in common terms, as Adon so-and-so, or Mr. so-and-so. It means master, but we use it as a euphemism because we do not speak the name. We do not pronounce Yud hey vav hey. We do not say Yahweh or Jehovah, but whenever we see this, the tetragrammaton, the Yud hey vav hey (YHWH), we say “Adonai.” So, when you hear someone say “Adonai,” and they are reading in the biblical text and say Adonai Elohim, then you know it is YHWH Elohim, but it carries with it the connotation of Master, or Lord. Another is Ruach Elohim, the Holy Spirit, which has to do with the empowering aspect of deity, “the God who empowers.”

I will mention a few more here because, by looking at the names, we are able to understand something about the nature of God. The reason we can do this is that what God is doing is reflected in the various names by which he is called. You see here that God is covenanting with his people. God is sustaining his people. God is entering into a covenant with his people as El Brit. God is faithful to his people as El hane’eman. God is a holy God as El hakadosh. He is the God of all, God of heaven as well as God of earth as El hashemayim. He is my rock, my fortress, El saliEl simchat Gili, the God who is “the joy of my exaltation.” He is the God who is due honor and glory and respect as El kavod, as the God of knowledge, El da’ot, as the God of truth, El emet, as the God of my salvation El Yeshuati. He is the God of compassion El rachum and the righteous God El Tzadik. He is Elohim chaiim, the living God, and El Tsva’ot, the God of hosts, El mishpat, the God of judgment, El marom, the God of heights, El mikarov, the One who is near unto his people. He is Elohey mauzi, the God who is the God of my strength, the One who gives me strength. He is El Elohey kol basar, the God who is the God of all flesh; YHWH mekadesh, the One who causes me to be holy; YHWH nisi, not just the God who is my banner, the One who goes before me, but a nes in Hebrew is also a miracle, the God who performs miracles, the God who is my miracle, or the God who sustains me by miracle, YHWH shalom, the One who is peace or, as we saw before, brings wholeness, or completeness.

In Luke 3:6, we see “And all flesh will see the salvation of God.” What does this mean? In English, it is difficult to extract the whole of its meaning. However, in Hebrew it says “Ve ra’u kol basar et Yeshuat Elohim.” Yeshuat Elohim is just like Ruach Elohim, like YHWH Elohim in that it is a construct, a name for God. Yeshuat Elohim means the God who has redeemed me, or the God who has saved me, or the God who has Yeshua’d me. Now, is this something interesting or is this just some obscure term that is picked up by the New Testament? Remember that much of the New Testament text carries allusions back to things in the Old Testament. Example: Exodus 14:13. What it says is Ra’u et Yeshuat YHWH, “See the Yeshuat of YHWH, see the salvation of God, see God saving, see God redeeming.” You will find the same thing in 2 Chronicles 20:17, the same thing in Isaiah 52:10. Here you have the exact quote, the passage to which Luke is referring in the exact same Hebrew structure, Ve ra’u kol basar et Yeshuat Eloheynu, “And all flesh is going to see our God redeeming,” God saving. Jesus said, “The Son of Man (Daniel 7:13,14) is come to seek and to save those that are lost.” But, what did Ezekiel 34:11 say? God said, “I, I myself will seek and save those that are lost.” When John the Baptist sends his disciples to ask Jesus, “Are you the one who should come?” He wants to know if Jesus is the king who is to come having yeshua, salvation, in his hand. Isaiah 52:10 says, Ve ra’u et kol basar Eloheynu, “And all flesh is going to see God redeeming.” Zechariah 9:9ff says, “Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion, Shout, Daughter of Jerusalem. See, your king comes to you, righteous and having salvation….”

There is only one, but this one God is known to us by as many as 50 or more different names. In each one of these names that is used for God, we can see some aspect of deity, some one thing that God is doing that helps us understand something of the nature of this God that we worship and serve. The more I understand about what it is that he does, the more I not only understand Him, the more that I am in relationship with Him, but the more benefit that ensues for my own practical daily use. Elohim, the creative aspect of deity, is not all that God is and not all that God does. YHWH, the covenant aspect of deity, is not all that God does, nor all that he is. El Shaddai, the sustaining aspect of deity is not all that he is or that he does. Yeshuat Elohim, the redemptive aspect of deity, is not all that God does. It is correct to say that Yeshuat Elohim is all God, but is not all the God there is. Ruach Elohim is all God, but not all that there is.

God is the sum and total of all of his parts. He is the sum and total of all that he is doing, and the very nature of God is such that he can be doing this, this, this, and so on, all at different times, independent of one another, for the benefit of his people – yet, he is still one. Consider H2O. A cup of it is H2O, but it is not all the H2O that there is. All of the H2O would be the sum and total of all of it flowing together that there is in the world. God is the sum and total of all his parts. For the Hebrew mind, that is no problem – only for the Western mind.

How is it that Jesus could have been God and yet prayed to the Father? Look at Isaiah 9:6. “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” How is it that son can also be father? How is it that child can also be son? How is it that son can also be God? It is no problem for the Hebrew mind, only the Western mind. This is the reason why the rabbis always believed that when Redeemer came, when God came to redeem, he was going to come as a son.

It is only when I begin to put away all of the Greek gnosticism and Greek philosophy, the theology of the Western church, and try to begin understanding God from the Hebraic perspective that all of this suddenly makes sense. There is just one God. Jesus was God – but, he was not all the God there was. The Father was all God, but he was not all the God that there was. God is the sum and total of all of his parts, the sum and total of everything he is doing. Therefore, we can best understand who he is and what he is doing by looking at the names by which he is called.Yet, that raises another question. Why was it necessary for God to assume human form and become flesh in order to effect reconciliation or redemption? This is a real problem. We could understand, and understand it a lot better – that Jesus was God – if he just was not an ordinary human being, if he just was not flesh and blood. That’s the same problem the Greeks had. Why would and how did God assume the form of human flesh? It is important to remember that this was not the only time God did that. Remember the time the three malachim (messengers) came to Abraham? And what were they? Ghosts or spirits do not eat, yet, these three ate with Abraham. Why, now, is this all so extraordinary? Why is it suddenly that Jesus becomes some kind of exception? Do we so soon forget, first of all, that God is God? And that one of the principle characteristics of deity is that he is omnipotent – all powerful, meaning he can do anything he wants to do, whether I understand it or not?

However, there had to be some reason for God doing what he was doing. God is not capricious. God just does not do something to confuse us or cause us problems. What was his purpose? To understand, we have to go all the way back to Genesis 1:26, and look at a very interesting passage of Scripture where God says, Naaseh Adam, “Let us make Adam…” betzelmaynu kidmutaynu. Right here is where we make our mistake. We missed the whole point, which caused us to miss it all the way through the biblical text. We missed it with Jesus. Instead of translating, we just transliterated. God created Adam and, of course, his counterpart, Eve. What do we picture in our minds when we say, “Adam and Eve?” Someone who looks like us, and most of us have a mental image of the garden of Eden, perhaps a beautiful meadow right in the middle of which is a large, spreading tree covered with little red apples. Look at Genesis 5:1-2. “In the day that God created Adam, in the likeness of God made he him; male and female created he them, and blessed them and called their name Adam…” Now we have a problem. Already that means there was more than one. What was it God had created? Here is a story that graphically illustrates how far off our interpretations can be. In a primary Sunday school class of approximately five and six-year-olds, they had been learning about major Old Testament figures – Adam, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the great heroes of faith. At the end of the series, the teacher asked them to draw a picture depicting each one’s favorite story. She went around the room and saw many that were clearly recognizable, David and Goliath, Daniel and the lion’s den, etc. Then she came to little Roy, and his picture was a total puzzle. It was an old man at the wheel of a red Cadillac convertible with a younger man and woman in the back seat. When asked which Bible story this was, he looked up and replied, as though the teacher should have known, “That’s God driving Adam and Eve out of the garden!”

Our problem is created by our transliteration. A translation is when you take a word from one language and you give it a meaning in another language. A transliteration is when you take a word in one language and put it in another language so that it just sounds the same, but you have not assigned it a meaning. We have done that with a lot of words in the biblical text which has created all kinds of problems. For example: baptize. What is to baptize? Our understanding and answer probably will depend upon our denominational background, anything from sprinkling to total immersion. In Hebrew, however, it only means one thing and one thing only – total immersion in the mikvah, the ritual immersion bath, or any body of water meeting all the criteria for a kosher ritual immersion bath. We know exactly how it was built, how much water it had to contain to be kosher, and how baptism was done. But because we only transliterated, there has been a misunderstanding for centuries.


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Genesis 23:1—25:18; 1 Kings 1:1-31; Matthew 8:19-22, 27:3-10; Luke 9:57-62;
John 4:1-42; 1 Corinthians 15:50-58; Hebrews 11:13-16

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