News You May Not Have Heard About — 11/3/2019

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  1. Trump Blasts Pelosi For Letting San Francisco ‘Rot Away’ While She Pursues Impeachment
  2. President Trump Says His Purpose for Keeping Troops in Syria Is to Control the Oil
  3. Trump shut out D.C. swamp over Syria raid​
  4. Trump releases photo of “the wonderful dog that did such a GREAT JOB in capturing and killing the Leader of ISIS”
  5. President Trump says that al-Baghdadi’s ‘number one replacement’ as leader of ISIS has been killed
  6. Report: Trump prods thousands to drop fake amnesty claims
  7. Paula White Hired by Trump to Work in White House Office of Public Liaison

3 Branches of U.S. Government


  1. Trump Administration: Trump Admin Again Gives Iran Green Light to Conduct Sensitive Nuclear Work
  2. Trump Administration: Trump Admin Proposes End to Obama Crackdown Against Faith-Based Adoption and Foster Care Agencies



  1. Obama’s deep state in crosshairs of Trump’s Justice Department as “Spygate” review becomes a criminal probe
  2. Here’s How The Obama Administration Set In Motion Democrats’ Coup Against Trump
  3. Report: Saudi National Gave Thousands of Illegal Donations to Obama Inaugural Committee
  4. Two New Potential Scandals Emerge For Joe, Hunter Biden
  5. Hunter Biden’s China Entanglements Spark Concern in Senate
  6. ‘120+ Members of Congress’ Send Letters of Support to CAIR
  7. McConnell Senate Challenger Attends Dinner Hosted by Hamas-Linked CAIR
  8. Schitt Show: Adam Schiff Linked to Prominent Ukrainian Arms Dealer
  9. Adam Schiff’s Suspected Whistleblower’s Boss, Charles Kupchan, Was “Special Assistant to President Obama
  10. CONFIRMED: Schiff Witness Vindman Shared President’s Call with SEVERAL PEOPLE — Likely VIOLATION OF LEAKING STATUTE US Code 798 (VIDEO)
  11. BOOM! NSC Official Tim Morrison To Schiff: “I want to be clear, I was not concerned that anything illegal was discussed” On Trump-Ukraine Phone Call
  12. Soros-Linked Group Targets Local Sheriffs and District Attorneys to Adopt Soft-on-Crime Policies and Thwart Immigration Enforcement
  13. Soros Sends Last-Minute Cash to Virginia Prosecutor Candidates
  14. NRA PAC Fundraising Surges After Dem Candidates Back Gun Confiscation
  15. VA Left Vets Vulnerable to Identity Theft
  16. Attorney General William Barr Gives Update On Criminal Investigation Into Origins Of Russia Probe
  17. WATCH: ‘First-Ever’ Extensive Look Inside Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’
  18. Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy more consistent with homicidal strangulation than suicide
  19. Dangerous Trends: More Than Half Of Americans Want Government To Censor Speech
  20. ‘Dangerous and Foolish’: How Legal Vote Harvesting Prompts Illegal Conduct by Political Operatives
  21. 3 Takeaways From a Conference for Liberals and Conservatives
  22. Medicare for All’ Actually Isn’t Medicare at All
  23. White House Touts ‘Health Care for You’ as Better Option Than ‘Medicare for All
  24. Report: Medicare For All Requires Huge Taxes, High Prices, Ballooning Deficit
  25. Deep State Democrats Plot To Give America Away
  26. Exclusive: State Dept. Launches Investigation of ‘Deep State Targeting Top Trump Iran Official
  27. Nikki Haley Bashes Bernie Sanders for Horrific Policy Change on Israel
  28. Window Closing for Nuke Talks With North Korea
  29. North Korea growing impatient with US, warns of ‘exchange of fire at any moment’ amid stalled talks
  30. US gives Islamic State’s al-Baghdadi burial at sea with Islamic rites
  31. Flynn hearing CANCELED after bombshell – FBI doctored, changed Flynn’s testimony
  32. The Attorney for General Michael Flynn Says the FBI Hid Evidence That Proved He Was Innocent
  33. AP Reporters Gave DOJ/FBI Ukraine Info and Code to Manafort Private Locker
  34. Chuck Grassley Rips Comey: You Missed Key Evidence In Clinton Investigation. I’m Going To Find It
  35. WATCH: US Captured ‘Two Adult Prisoners’ During Hunt for ISIS Leader
  36. In Jerusalem, US Treasury Secretary Vows Tougher Sanctions on Iran
  37. WATCH: US Soldiers Felt Deep Shame at Abandoning Kurds, Says War Reporter
  38. Everyone’s Upset by Mike Pence‘s China Speech | China Uncensored (Video: 10:32 minutes long.)
  39. US Military Strength Rated ‘Marginal’ as China, Russia on Move
  40. Jacob Rothschild’s publication admits that President Trump is trying to destroy the new world order that globalists spent decades trying to build
  41. And if articles of impeachment make it to the Senate?​
  42. 4 Keys to Understanding a Trump Impeachment Trial in the Senate
  43. Top House Conservative Derides ‘Secret’ Impeachment Proceedings
  44. EXPOSED: Names Of 44 Congressional Traitors Promising To Give America Away (Video: 13:32 minutes long.)
  45. US envoy: Iran has spent $16 billion on militias in Iraq, Syria
  46. Nice Try, Dems, but Your Impeachment Inquiry Is NO Match for Trump I Wilkow (Video: 8:40 minutes long.)
  47. SGTreport: American Patriots EXPOSE Clinton & Obama
  48. Mike Adams: Two Democrats Are Complicit In Treason Against America, Attempted Political Coup
  49. Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower Suddenly Won’t Testify; Lawyers Break Off Negotiations Amid New Revelations
  50. It’s No Coincidence The Century Of Total War Coincided With The Century Of Central Banking
  51. A Dream Of Chinese And Russian Troops On U.S. Soil
  52. Democrat-Only House Majority Rubber Stamps Impeachment, Prohibits Republicans From Calling Witnesses or Subpoenaing Vvidence


Presidential 2020 Election Banner

  1. What you need to know about the 2020 Democratic candidates before you vote
  2. US Presidential Hopefuls Push Pro-Palestinian Platform at J Street Conference
  4. Surviving Politicon Part 1
  5. Surviving Politicon Part 2
  6. Analyst: Dems’ ‘inquiry’ designed to influence 2020 voter turnout

2020 Presidential Candidates-3

  1. Bennet: Bennet Slams Warren for Offering New Programs Without Saying How They’ll Be Funded
  2. Biden: Axelrod: Biden in ‘Candidate-Protection Program’
  3. Biden: ‘Grassroots’ Biden PAC Linked to Players Involved With 2020 Dark Money Strategy Hub
  4. Buttigieg: Buttigieg Says His Christian Faith Inspires Him to Work Towards a World Without Weapons
  5. Castro: Castro Open to Quid Pro Quo for Israeli Aid
  6. Gabbard: Tulsi Gabbard: U.S. Government ‘Is Hiding The Truth’ About 9/11 Terror Attacks
  7. Harris: COP OUT? Kamala Harris to Slash Staff, Restructure Failed Campaign Amid Cash Shortage
  8. Hickenlooper: Ethics Commission Denies Hickenlooper Request to Dismiss Investigation
  9. O’Rourke: Police Groups Slam Beto’s Plan to Send Cops to Collect Americans’ Guns
  10. O’Rourke: Beto O’Rourke drops out of 2020 presidential race
  11. Sanders: Self-Loathing Jew Bernie Sanders and Jihad Jew-Hater Ilhan Omar to hold Minneapolis (Bund) Rally
  12. Sanders: Sanders Threatens to Withhold Israeli Security Aid
  13. Sanders: Bernie Sanders wants to take US aid to Israel and give it to Gaza
  14. Sanders & Warren: Sanders and Warren Offer ‘The Squad’ Peace Plans that Favor Israel’s Enemies
  15. Steyer: Steyer Doesn’t Know How Much He’s Spent Opposing Trump
  16. Warren: Warren Threatens Israel: ‘Everything Is On the Table’
  17. Warren: ‘Two-state solution, dividing Jerusalem only solution’
  18. Warren: WATCH: Presidential Hopeful Warren Vows to Divide Jerusalem, Withhold Aid to Israel Over Judea, Samaria
  19. Warren: Warren’s Magical Medicare for All Plan
  20. Warren: Warren on Job Losses Under Medicare for All: ‘No One Gets Left Behind’
  21. Warren: Middle-Class Taxes Won’t Go Up ‘One Penny’ for $52 Trillion Health Care Plan

2020 Republican Presidential Candidates-1

  1. Trump: Trump campaign says Twitter ad ban will ‘silence conservatives’
  2. Trump: Trump Mocks Beto at Rally: ‘He Quit Like a Dog’ (Video: 5:08 minutes long.)


dems behind the wall


  1. Border Agents Save Thousand of Lives, Seize More Drugs and Guns
  2. Border Saw a ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ in 2019
  3. Muslim migrant from Jordan smuggled at least 6 Muslims from Yemen across US-Mexico border
  4. Pelosi says there is no deadline to finish impeachment probe (Video: 2:26 minutes long.)




  1. Washington Post: Washington Post hails al-Baghdadi as “austere religious scholar”
  2. Washington Post: WaPo Editorial Board Blasts Warren for Caving to Unions on Charter Schools
  3. How The Establishment Media Is Helping Schiff Promote Impeachment
  4. Media and Democrats Bash Trump over US Killing ISIS Leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Russians Are Not Convinced It Happened
  5. Wall Street Journal: Islamic State sprang from “humiliations at the hands of arrogant European imperial powers”
  6. Former Time Magazine Editor Is Wrong. America Doesn’t Need ‘Hate Speech’ Laws
  7. Limbaugh: Whistleblower’s Identity Revealed, Now We Know Why Dems Wanted To Hide It


  1. The Impeachment or Assassination of Trump Means World War III with Russia and China
  2. Trump, Edogan…and the Tsar: Dancing Towards Armageddon?
  3. The Globalists Are Declaring Victory-Something Big Is Coming!
  4. After His Plea Deal Was Cancelled, Why Was McCabe Caught Trying to Flee?
  5. Beto O’Rourke and Nancy Pelosi Are a Part of a Criminal Cabal Designed to Keep the Borders Open and the Drugs Flowing
  6. More Major DOJ Revelations to Come- Comey Is Next
  7. GoFundMe EXPOSED for taking money from Big Pharma to de-platform vaccine skeptics
  8. Why the Impeachment of the President Is Becoming More Likely
  9. Impeachment or Indictments? Who Will Win the Race? The Latest on the Dems vs Trump
  10. The Latest on the UN Invasion In Utah
  11. Hidden Secrets Revealed with Dave and Paul on KHNC 1360AM @10AM Pacific
  12. Where’s the #Me Too As Tom Arnold Uses Extreme Sexual and Racist Language Against Two Black Females?
  13. The 4 Horesemen of Fed Apocalypse-Bob Kudla-CSS
  14. Telecoms Are Actively Blocking Journalists’ Communications
  15. The Present Leftist Coup Will Culminate with a Reign of Terror Including the Unlimited Use of Guillotines
  16. Progress Report on the Coup Against America
  17. The Climate Change Police Strike Again! Are Your Days Numbered If You Use An Inhaler?
  18. Why Has the Epstein Narrative Changed?
  19. Why Are the Globalists Pushing Cannibalism and Eating Bugs? What Is Coming?
  20. Partial UN Update From Salt Lake City
  21. Sham impeachment vote proves all but two Democrats are complicit in treason against America, attempted political coup against a duly elected president
  22. What Happens When the Barbed Wire On the Wall Points Back At You?
  23. Representative Gohmert Warns Democrats That They Have Pushed USA Past the Point of No Return!
  24. The Occupation of America-When Dreams Become Prophetic
  25. The Dots Are Connecting Between Trudeau, CHICOMS and FEMA-Is This the Beta Test Prelude to Invasion?
  26. Prophetic Dreams Provide a Glimpse Into Our Collective Genocidal Future At the Hands of the CHICOMS and Democrats
  27. How Are Concentration Camps Satanic Counterfeits of God’s Kingdom?
  28. United Nations says China’s concentration camps contribute to “stronger sense of happiness”
  29. Marine Corps Reservists Called Up to Quell the Coming Civil Unrest
  30. New Paradigm In Prepping to Meet the Deadly Challenges Coming to America-Bob Griswold-CSS
  31. Two Former CIA Directors Reveal Plot to Assassinate Trump on C-SPAN
  32. Civil war is coming, and the COLLAPSE is imminent… here’s how to maintain your sanity as it all comes down

One American News Network Banner

  1. FBI accused of doctoring evidence in Michael Flynn probe (Video: 3:10 minutes long.)
  2. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez praises climate protest arrest after slamming GOP (Video: 3:05 minutes long.)
  3. How Far Left Can The Democrats Go? (Video: 3:27 minutes long.)
  4. Obama-era DHS ignored on illegal aliens and DNA samples (Video: 3:26 minutes long.)
  5. Final Thoughts: The Proper White House Response to Impeachment (Video: 2:12 minutes long.)
  6. President Trump calls Ukraine Envoy Bill Taylor a “Never Trumper” (Video: 2:30 minutes long.)
  7. Navarro: Ball is in Pelosi’s court for USMCA deal (Video: 2:19 minutes long.)
  8. Stop the Tape! Lack of Transparency in the House (Video: 5:25 minutes long.)
  9. Covington student’s Washington Post lawsuit back in play (Video: 2:50 minutes long.)
  10. White House blasts impeachment resolution as illegitimate (Video: 2:54 minutes long.)
  11. We Join Attorney for Michael Flynn (Video: 2:34 minutes long.)
  12. Rep. Nunes gives behind the scenes insight into collusion probe (Video: 4:53 minutes long.)

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  1. Man Violently Shoves Woman Face First Into Subway Train in New York FOR NO REASON! (Video: 3:23 minutes long.)
  2. Laura Ingraham Calls on America to Act NOW – China Will NOT Like This One BIT! (Video: 5:49 minutes long.)
  3. FOX’s Chris Wallace Steps Up, Puts Eric Swalwell on the SPOT on Impeachment with NO Mercy (Video: 9:18 minutes long.)
  4. Bloomberg BREAKS Protocol, Aims and FIRES At the ENTIRE 2020 Dem Pool! (Video: 5:59 minutes long.)
  5. OOPS! Bernie & Rashida Make CRITICAL ERROR With What They Chose To Stand in Front to Push SOCIALISM! (Video: 4:46 minutes long.)
  6. Schiff Witness Vindman EXPOSED! Likely VIOLATION OF LEAKING STATUTE US Code 798!! (Video: 5:11 minutes long.)
  7. FAKE NEWS! MSNBC Doesn’t Even TRY To Hide Their DISGUST For This GOP Rep. (Video: 5:43 minutes long.)
  8. Famed Pathologist Makes MAJOR Announcement in Epstein’s Death Case – It’s NOT Over Yet! (Video: 6 minutes long.)
  9. Liberal Media OUTRAGED After John Yoo Accuses Schiff’s Trump-Hating ‘Witness’ of Espionage (Video: 5:41 minutes long.)

The John Birch Society Banner

  1. Al-Baghdadi Dead: Radicalized in American Prison in Iraq (Video: 8:50 minutes long.)
  2. Millennials | Politically Dazed and Confused (Video: 3:47 minutes long.)
  3. 2020 Candidates Weaken the Constitution | Constitution Corner (Video: 6:07 minutes long.)

Fox News Banner

  1. Doug Collins: Trump kept his eye on the ball despite impeachment inquiry (Video: 4:08 minutes long.)
  2. Pelosi praises military’s ‘daring raid’ to kill ISIS leader (Video: 2:!3 minutes long.)
  3. ‘The Five’ reacts to Democrats filing Trump impeachment resolution (Video: 6:38 minutes long.)
  4. Schumer says the GOP’s ‘defenses are declining’ on impeachment (Video: 18:13 minutes long.)
  5. UK parents suing Trump administration over death of teen son (Video: 5:14 minutes long.)
  6. Rep. Collins’ warning to House Dems leading impeachment inquiry (Video: 6:42 minutes long.)
  7. ‘The Five’ reacts to Trump ditching New York for Florida (Video: 10:16 minutes long.)
  8. Conway: The appetite to remove the president isn’t there (Video: 5:27 minutes long.)
  9. Trump admin to repeal limits on religious adoption groups (Video: 4:32 minutes long.)

Justinformed Talk

  1. Are WE Dismantling THEIR Global Control Systems? (Video: 31:24 minutes long.)
  2. Why Did THEY Shut Down Every Embassy WORLDWIDE? (Video: 33:11 minutes long.)
  3. Was IMPEACHMENT A Part Of The Plan All Along? (Video: 31:11 minutes long.)
  4. Did We Just Stop A MAJOR ATTACK? (Video: 33:22 minutes long.)

John Mark Banner

Israeli News Live Banner

  1. CIA Trying to Overthrow Bolivia Again (Video: 21:53 minutes long.)
  2. Baghdadi Death What Does it Mean (Video: 18:40 minutes long.)
  3. Turkey Takes 18 Syrian Fighters as Prisoners of War (Video: 3:15 minutes long.)
  4. Petrodollars at Work in Iraq (Video: 11:09 minutes long.)

US Defense Line

  1. Big Deal : Pentagon and Lockheed Martin finalized $34 billion agreement for 478 F-35s (Video: 10:12 minutes long.)



  1. Arizona Senator David Farnsworth Says Fellow Republican Lawmaker, Kate Brophy McGee, Threatened Him for Investigating Child Sex Trafficking
  2. Arizona Democrat Party top dog says Trump “has aligned himself with ISIS” just before ISIS caliph killed


  1. Jury in Planned Parenthood Trial Allowed to Watch ABC News 20/20 Undercover Video that Shows Abortionist Discussing Sale of Fetal Tissue
  2. California declares statewide emergency, 200k evacuated, deploying “every resource available”
  3. Every time the wind blows, California becomes Venezuela
  4. Insurers tell California citizens to drop dead: Fire coverage yanked from 350,000 residents in response to PG&E power blackouts and ‘fire risk’
  5. Thousands attend Taiwan’s first pride since legalization of gay marriage
  6. Report: Staffers Allegedly Confirmed Katie Hill’s Affair With Legislative Director, Leading Pelosi To Demand Resignation
  7. Katie Hill Becomes the First Female Member of Congress to Quit Over a Sex Scandal
  8. California Violates the Logan Act-Sedition! Lawsuits Filed
  9. California’s Disastrous State Illustrates Limits of Progressivism
  10. LA Times highlights predatory organ harvesting industry, and other news you may have missed today


  1. It’s not just San Francisco; now MIAMI’s streets are flowing with human feces from masses of homeless as America’s left-wing cities descend into Third World status
  2. Atheist Group Fights to Remove National Motto ‘In God We Trust’ from FL Patrol Cars


  1. In Chicago, Trump Fires Back at Police Chief Who Boycotted His Speech
  2. “Palestinian” Chicago-area congressional candidate’s remarks about Jews, Israel spark questions


  1. Judge Reverses Course On Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann’s Lawsuit Against The Washington Post
  2. Kentucky Supreme Court Sides With Christian T-Shirt Maker in Free Speech Case


  1. Ethics Commission Says Collins Challenger Broke Campaign Finance Law


  1. Photo shows Drag Queen Story Hour performer in miniskirt exposing crotch as children sit close by
  2. Minnesota: Muslim Migrants Arrested Charged with Sending Drones to Jihad Terror Group Hezbollah


  1. MO Dem Approved Public Funding for Obscene, Sex-Driven Forum


  1. Police arrest pro-LGBT high school teacher for soliciting sex with underage student
  2. UK Muslim who murdered man who made a pass at his sister in honor killing hid for nearly 20 years in New Jersey


  1. Justice Democrats-Endorsed Candidate Wants to Disarm Police
  2. New York City, Under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Leadership, Is Secretly Sending Its Homeless Population to Other States
  3. Will NY strap a political muzzle on churches?​


  1. Two Ohio Counties Receive $260-Million in Opioid Lawsuit Settlements from Drug Manufacturer and Distributors


  1. WATCH: Suspected Antifa Members Show Up At Reporter’s Family Home, Dox Elderly Mother’s Business


  1. Sinkhole Swallows Port Authority Bus On Busy Street In Downtown Pittsburgh…
  2. PA Judge Throws Out Pittsburgh Gun-Control Measures


  1. Biden denied communion at South Carolina church over abortion stance
  2. Woman stabbed by man who feared she was going to ‘Feed him to Zombies’…


  1. East TN group’s billboard: ‘God & Government, A Dangerous Mix’


  2. Video footage shows seven-year-old James Younger telling his biological father that fake mother Anne Georgulas is forcing him to be a “girl”
  3. Texas School District Mandates Teaching Kids How to Have Anal Sex
  4. Texas school district to teach third graders about sodomy, condoms
  5. UPDATE: Texas school district mandating teaching on anal sex was fabricated and sensationalized
  6. TX state rep vows action after ‘transition’ legal fight


  1. Dem Megadonor Using Clean Energy PAC as Front to Turn Virginia Blue
  2. Area in Virginia is set aside to become Sharia zone
  3. Muslim Commissioner of Virginia Human Rights Commission: Gays Are ‘Abomination to the Human Race’
  4. Key Virginia Democratic Candidates Won’t Say if They Support Governor’s Gun Confiscation Plan
  5. New Bloomberg Group Drops Over $600,000 on Dem Virginia Delegate Candidates
  6. Virginia school teacher on mission to place “Action Bibles” in school libraries across the US


  1. Media, ‘human rights’ orgs making prostitution attractive to children


  1. Washington Man Threatened With $70,000 A Month Fines After Chopping Firewood For Charity



  1. Democrats Move to Create New Protected Class – Climate Refugees. The Goal Is Increased Mass Immigration
  2. Goal of impeachment push: Dem wins in 2020
  3. Dem Super PAC Spends Big to Boost Lawmakers Behind Controversial Abortion Bill
  4. In Trump Impeachment Probe, Democrats Refuse to Follow Nixon and Clinton Precedents
  5. House approves rules for Trump impeachment probe
  6. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Ilhan Omar refuses to vote for Congressional resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide
  7. Senator Mazie Hirono (Hawaii): Hirono Makes Bizarre Argument Against Originalist Court Nominee
  8. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (California): Nervous Nancy Pelosi announces Trump impeachment inquiry vote, here’s what next



  1. Senator Joni Ernst (Iowa): Sen. Joni Ernst Wants to Cut Absurd Washington Spending


World News Banner


  3. Netanyahu: Iran Seeking to Attack Israel from Yemen
  4. Netanyahu to Meet Gantz: Unity Gov’t is Matter of Security, not Politics
  5. No Breakthrough: Netanyahu-Gantz ‘Unity’ Meeting Ends Without Compromise
  6. Can Benny Gantz Crack the Right-wing Bloc?
  7. Netanyahu May be Tarnished by Leaked Recordings with Newspaper Publisher
  8. Israel Marks 25 Years of Peace with Jordan
  9. IDF destroys terrorist’s home again after PA paid to rebuild it
  11. Israel Saves Second Temple-Era Palace from Palestinian Destruction
  12. WATCH: Israeli Police Confiscate Cellphones of Netanyahu’s Senior Advisers
  13. Israel Places Embassies on Alert Over Iran Threat, Ramps Up Air Defenses
  16. Israeli embassies around the world shut as diplomats, military attachés strike
  17. Protests by Foreign, Israeli Security officials Freeze Arms Trade, Close Embassies
  19. Female Terrorist Shot While Attempting to Stab Israeli Near Tomb of Patriarchs in Hebron
  20. Israeli Justice Minister Blasts State Attorney’s Office as Out to Topple Netanyahu
  21. Israel Stops Illegal Arab Construction Destroying Hasmonean Site
  22. Likud MK Causes Storm: Young will Leave Israel if Netanyahu Doesn’t Lead Country
  23. Likud Chief Negotiator: Blue and White Fakes Talks, Wants Government with Arabs
  24. Israel Rocked by Right-Wing Professor’s Comment on Rabin Assassination – Academic Freedom Only for the Left?
  25. Israel to Extradite Russian Hacker; Israeli Prisoner’s Family Slams Move
  26. IAF Commander: Defending Israel’s Skies More Complicated Than Ever
  27. New Right is ‘Dying’ as Ayelet Shaked, Bennett Consider Bolting
  28. IDF Sniper Convicted in Connection to Death of Palestinian Rioter
  29. Arab teen tries to stab police officers in Jerusalem’s Old City
  30. WATCH: Israeli Air Force Pounds Hamas Targets in Gaza
  31. IDF Unleashes Retaliatory Strike on Hamas, 1 Dead


  1. Apartheid? Over 7000 Palestinians Join Israel’s Top Trade Union!
  2. Arabs Scrawl Swastikas on Tomb of Biblical Figure Joshua in Samaria
  3. PLO rep to the UK admits “Palestinians” never wanted a two-state solution
  4. Protests in Lebanon, Iraq Point to End of Iranian Influence
  5. ISIS supporters: “The manifestation and continuation of this religion does not reside on the shoulders of people”
  6. Brutal But Popular New ISIS Leader, “The Destroyer,” is a Former Sharia Judge and Commissioner
  7. 7-year-old Palestinian Girl on PA TV: ‘I Learned Art of the Rifle… Abbas, My Blood is Your Blood’
  8. “Palestinian” 2nd grader: “O Mahmoud Abbas, walk on and don’t worry… By Allah, my blood is your blood”
  9. Lebanese prime minister quits amid violent anti-government protests
  10. Keeping up with the Qardashians: new Islamic State caliph is Sharia judge Abdullah Qardash
  11. Islamic State spokesman also killed in separate US raid (but they still have the Washington Post)
  12. Palestinian Authority Portrays Murderer of Israeli Teen as Jesus on the Cross
  13. Jordan Recalls Ambassador to Israel as ‘First Step’ Over Israeli Detention of Jordanians
  14. ISIS says announcement is “Coming Soon … By the Willingness of Allah the Almighty,” US braces for revenge attacks
  15. Palestinians Launch 10 Rockets at Israel, Strikes Home in Sderot


  1. Albania: Police foil Tehran-backed jihad terror plot at Sufi ceremony
  2. Armenia: Armenian Assembly: Omar’s Refusal to Acknowledge Armenian Genocide Doesn’t Represent “Muslim Values”
  3. Belgium: Belgium’s First Female Prime Minister a Jewish Mother of 4
  4. Belgium: Belgian Court Could Release Marc Dutroux, the ‘Monster of Belgium,’ Who Was Convicted of Raping 11 Underage Girls and Killing 4 of Them. He Claims to Be Part of an Elite Pedophilia Network
  5. Denmark: Muslim migrant gets 10 days in jail for threatening to behead queen and anti-mass migration politician
  6. England: British Muslims demand that BBC removes documentary on Muslim clerics and sex trafficking in Iraq
  7. EU: EU security chief: Thousands of “radicalized” jihad inmates set to be freed from European prisons
  8. France: France on high alert for revenge attacks following death of Baghdadi
  9. France: Muslims enter church during Mass, scream “Allahu akbar”
  10. France: French Organization Supports Terror and BDS Under Guise of ‘Agricultural Work’
  11. France: PANIC BREAKS OUT After Muslim Shouts “Allahu Akbar” at Paris ‘Joker’ Screening in Mass Robbery Attempt
  12. France: Muslim screams “Allahu akbar” during “Joker” screening, is admitted to psychiatric ward
  13. France: Seven Muslim cops ordered to hand over their weapons, one suspended on suspicion of “Islamic radicalism”
  14. France: Seven Muslim cops ordered to hand over their weapons, one suspended for “Islamic radicalism”
  15. Germany: Muslim hits his wife with a car, drags her 30 meters, smashes her with an axe
  16. Germany: Knife-wielding Muslim migrant screaming “Allahu akbar” who threatened Jews was released, has now vanished
  17. Germany: GRUESOME: Muslim migrant runs over his wife, then BEHEADS HER WITH AXE in broad daylight on public street in Germany
  18. Germany: Shock as Merkel Gives Half a Billion Dollars to Killers and Demonizers of Jews…
  19. Germany: Merkel gives $500,000,000 to Palestinian Authority as it pays Muslims to murder Israelis
  20. Germany: Two Muslim Migrants, Allegedly Secret Service Officers, Are Charged With Crimes Against Humanity
  21. Germany: Two Muslim “asylum seekers” charged with crimes against humanity
  22. Ireland: Hundreds of N. Irish Medical Professionals Refuse to Perform Abortions
  23. Italy: Muslim Enters the Vatican with a knife on Saturday
  24. Netherlands: Muslim “refugee” turns out to be former commander of jihad group suspected of war crimes
  25. Norway: Norway is stealing children from their parents. The EU government noticed
  26. Russia: 26 year old Israeli woman being held in Russian prison as geopolitical pawn
  28. Sweden: Muslim migrants make bomb attacks now a normal part of life, migration foes smeared as bigots
  29. Switzerland: “Are you gay? Are you gay? Are you gay?” asked Iraqi Muslim father as he tried to kill his gay son by slitting his throat
  30. UK: UK Imam calls for action to destroy Western democracies
  31. UK: Muslim restaurant boss had ISIS execution videos in his eatery, manual on how to be a sleeper agent in the West
  32. UK: Ruling in UK a bad omen for Bible-believers: ethicist
  33. UK: Another Muslim rape gang convicted in England
  34. UK: Man who went to Iraq to fight against the Islamic State is convicted on terror charge
  35. UK: Retired Scotland Yard Detective Explains that Children’s Care Homes Are Used for Pedophilia and Organized Child Sex Ring
  36. UK: WATCH: UK Stands with Israel in Fight Against Iran, Says British Ambassador
  37. UK: 93% of UK Jews won’t vote for Labour because of Antisemitic leader Jeremy Corbyn
  38. Ukraine: Ukraine to Open Tech Innovation Office in Jerusalem
  39. Ukraine: WATCH: Ukrainian Prime Minister Attends Neo-Nazi Concert in Kiev


  1. China: Chinese government continues crackdown on Christianity by fining churches in possession of “unapproved bibles”
  2. China: Xi Jinping: “Inherit the Red Gene” (Video: 4:34 minutes long.)
  3. India: Muslims who murdered Hindu leader for insulting Muhammad stabbed him 15 times, tried to slit his throat twice
  4. India: A third Muslim cleric arrested for aiding the murderers of Hindu leader accused of “blaspheming” Muhammad
  5. India: Leading organization of Islamic scholars gives financial and legal aid to jihad murderers of Hindu leader
  6. India: Muslims who Killed Hindu Leader Say the Murder was Justified by Sharia
  7. India: Indian Nuclear Power Plant Refutes Major Cyber Attack Rumors from Twitter, and Says Its Critical Systems Are Impossible to Hack
  9. Iran: Sharia in the Islamic Republic of Iran: Man’s hand amputated for theft
  10. Iran: Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps: “Death to America! We are the conquerors of Jerusalem! Death to Israel!”
  11. Iran: Iran Foils Plot To Oust Iraqi PM In Latest Sign Of Tehran’s Growing Influence
  12. Iran: Pop Star Charged with Homosexuality Faces Execution
  13. Syria: Turks Using Chemical Weapons Against Kurdish Civilians
  14. Syria: Islamic State brides “unleash reign of terror,” slaughtering babies, dousing people with petrol
  15. Syria: Syria’s Assad: Trump is ‘Best’ President, ‘What’s Better Than a Transparent Enemy?’
  16. Syria: Islamic State imprisoned jihadists asking to come home with AIDS, hepatitis; one says “my organs are spilling out”
  17. Taiwan: Thousands attend Taiwan’s first pride since legalization of gay marriage
  18. Turkey: Turkish President Erdogan Promotes Koranic Harshness Toward Non-Muslims, And Their Koranic Conquest


  1. Malawi: Muslims rampage after Friday prayers, destroy liquor stores and other places selling beer
  2. South Africa: South Africa is under attack


  1. X


  1. Bahamas: DEVELOPING: Ebola outbreak feared in Bahamas as nation put on ‘high alert’
  2. Canada: Did the Canadian Gov’t Try to Swing the Muslim Vote?
  3. Canada: Federally funded guide tells Muslims how to vote
  4. Canada: University-sanctioned antisemitic Muslim voting guide gets federal funding
  5. Canada: Video: Christine Douglass-Williams on the reelection of Justin Trudeau and “Islamophobia”
  6. Canada: Adding to America’s Growing List of Enemies, Prime Minister Trudeau Has Joined Forces with The CHICOMS and Terrorists
  7. Canada: Muslim hits gay man, breaks his phone in what cops call a “hate-motivated assault”
  8. Canada: Muslim migrant who ran over and stabbed police officer found guilty of attempted murder, not terrorism
  9. Canada: Two “foreign-looking” men tried to break into a Toronto yeshiva pretending to be phone repairmen
  10. Canada: Muslims Continue to Send Death Threats to Christian Asylum Seeker for Supposedly Insulting Islam
  11. Canada: University Dumps Professor Who Found Polar Bears Thriving Despite Climate Change
  12. Canada: Muslim arrested for vandalism of a Jewish structure


  1. Chile: One-Million Angry Protesters March, Ignoring a Military Curfew. 18 Have Been Killed and Hundreds More Wounded in Protests


World-Currencies Banner


  1. Nightly Business Report – October 28, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  2. Nightly Business Report – October 29, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  3. Nightly Business Report – October 30, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  4. Nightly Business Report – October 31, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  5. Nightly Business Report – November 1, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  6. Report: China to Buy $20B in Agricultural Products from U.S. in New Deal
  7. 90 Years After Black Monday: Three Things You Didn’t Know About Crash Of 1929
  8. LARGE BANKS VS LOCAL, MORTGAGES, MONEY MARKET… Q&A with Lynette Zang and Eric Griffin (Video: 22:06 minutes long.)
  9. Why 3 Million Employees Quit This Month (Video: 20:10 minutes long.)
  10. How to protect your money from the greatest recession and global meltdown (Video: 9:14 minutes long.)
  11. 4 CRITICAL QUESTIONS TO ANSWER: Interest Rate Experiments Show We’re In DEEP Trouble (Video: 27:56 minutes long.)
  12. Economic Collapse Is Confirmed! QE/Repo Is Killing The Dollar & Will Devastate The Entire Planet! (Video: 13:58 minutes long.)
  13. Federal Reserve Cuts Interest Rates (Video: 2:07 minutes long.)
  14. The Fed’s Liquidity Response Is Too Little Too Late – But That Was Always The Plan…
  15. Mixed Messages on Trade (Video: 58 seconds long.)
  16. US-China Trade Deal Hits a Snag | China News Headlines (Video: 8:52 minutes long.)
  17. How to Bet on China — and Manage the Risks
  18. U.S. Economic Forecast (Video: 3:22 minutes long.)
  19. FCA & Peugeot Merger Plans (Video: 2:03 minutes long.)
  20. Odd Economic Numbers: Consumer Confidence Falls, But Consumer Spending Remains…
  21. Jim Rickards: The Next Financial Crash Is Coming
  22. Three Signs Of A Malfunctioning Monetary System w/ Alan Myers
  23. Peter Schiff: Powell Won’t Be Able To Put The Inflation Genie Back In The Bottle
  24. Trump Says 303,000 Jobs Created In October As MSM Paints Rosy Picture, Gold & Silver Shrug It Off
  25. Trump math: Here’s how the president arrived at ‘303,000’ jobs instead of 128,000
  26. Producers are putting the brakes on the shale boom — here’s what that means for oil prices
  27. Total US Debt Surpasses $23 Trillion For The First Time
  28. Two-Thirds Of Adults Say Finances Haven’t Improved Since The Election


  1. THE LEVEL OF LIES: The Truth About Municipal Bond Investments You Thought Were Safe (Video: 42:18 minutes long.)
  2. Altria Writes Down Juul Investment (Video: 2:36 minutes long.)
  3. Socially Responsible Bond Investing – You Can Do Good And Do Well [2019] (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  4. The October Stock Market Crash That Wasn’t Turns Into The November Madness That Is
  5. S&P 500, Nasdaq hit new records after October jobs numbers beat expectations
  6. Treasury yields climb after U.S. jobs report but notch biggest weekly slide in a month


  1. Gold and Silver Come Together to Raise Mega Bucks for a Cause (Video: 5:35 minutes long.)
  2. Should You Buy GOLD in 2020? – In Gold We Trust Part 2 – Mike Maloney & Ronnie Stoeferle (Video: 22:04 minutes long.)
  3. Diwali sales dire, but middle-class will save gold demand says Frank Holmes (Video: 7:22 minutes long.)
  4. We are on cusp of the most historic gold and silver price rallies in our time – Auryn Resources (Video: 10:04 minutes long.)
  5. What gold companies should do for investors says Sprott’s Rick Rule (Video: 9:42 minutes long.)
  6. The reasons for gold price to test the $3,000 range; rally isn’t over yet (Video: 10:10 minutes long.)
  7. What’s needed for a silver breakthrough ? Morgan Report says it’s coming (Video: 5:11 minutes long.)
  8. If higher gold price won’t boost junior miners, what will? (Video: 6:55 minutes long.)
  9. Is passive investing killing the gold sector? (Video: 7:20 minutes long.)
  10. The Fed has moved “big buyers” into precious metals (Video: 4:12 minutes long.)
  11. Max Keiser: China secretly hoarding gold and will unleash crypto backed by metal and destroy USD (Video: 16:15 minutes long.)
  12. How to invest in mining when juniors are still uncompetitive (Video: 7:10 minutes long.)
  13. Silver’s Three Legged Bull-Run Stool
  14. James Howard Kunstler: Silver Will Be Our Money After The Financial Crisis
  15. Gold & Silver Versus The Latest Interest Rate Cut And The Fed’s “Not” QE
  16. Matt from Silver Fortune: Gold & Silver Are In An Incredibly Bullish Setup
  17. Unprecedented Physical Shipments Of COMEX Silver | Ted Butler
  18. Minimum Waves Now In Place: Setting Up The Next Rally In Metals
  19. David Morgan: There’s No Silver Shortage…For Now
  20. Trump Administration Launched Bitcoin Futures To Manipulate Price Lower: Former CFTC Chair


  1. Climate change will break the housing market, says David Burt, who predicted the 2008 financial crisis



  1. ALERT: Deutsche Bank Misses Again As Bank Bailouts Continue To Climb!! (Bix Weir)


  1. Is China Going Broke and Taking the World With It? (Video: 18:06 minutes long.)
  2. Audio: China & Russia Hoard Gold; Fed Loses Credibility


Earth News Banner

  1. Category 4 Kyarr becomes strongest cyclone over the Arabian Sea in 12 years
  2. Bureau of Meteorology fiddling with temperature records to hype ‘global warming’
  3. Strong and shallow Magnitude 6.6 earthquake rocks Mindanao, Philippines
  4. Global Authorities Brace For A Worldwide Protein Shortage As “One-Quarter Of Earth’s Pigs Have Been Wiped Out”
  5. Explosion in Antarctic sea ice levels may cause another ice age
  6. DEVELOPING: Earthquake Swarm rattles area near Hollister, California
  7. Powerful Lightning strike leaves 15-foot hole and debris 75 feet from impact in Fort Worth, Texas parking lot
  8. Asteroid flyby one of the closest near misses ever seen…
  9. California Faces 72 Hours Of Hell As “Devil Winds” Turn The Current Wildfires Into Unstoppable Infernos


Sign Petition Banner

Boycott Target Pledge

Boycott Target Pledge!

An update from AFA President, Tim Wildmon

AFA Target boycott crashes corporate earnings

AFA’s 1.5 million supporters are dealing a crippling blow to Target because of their dangerous bathroom policy. Please help us reach 1.6 million supporters!

The Target boycott, launched in April 2016, is causing a significant drop in foot traffic to the store. Effects of the boycott are clear in Target’s financial report released February 28. The report indicated a dramatic drop in Target’s sales and earnings during October, November, and December. This bad news for Target resulted in the company’s stock value dropping 13 percent on the day of the report.

Target, however, remains willfully blind to the link between the boycott and financial loss, but this blindness should not persist. Investors will hardly allow a politically correct bathroom policy based on a minority opinion to sink Target’s profits further. Target investors must be aware that a strong majority of Americans believe the use of restrooms and dressing rooms should be linked to a person’s biological sex We must keep the pressure on Target.

Somebody needs to tell this to, the fact-checking site so many people depend on for honesty. The site’s appraisal of the Target boycott is well off the mark. is simply repeating Target’s false claims that the boycott is having no effect on the company.

The story includes a quote from Target’s public relations manager Erika Winkels saying the boycott has had no effect on them: “We have made it clear over time that we’ve seen no material impact to the business based on the bathroom policy. We don’t have anything new or different to share.”

FACT: Despite Target’s denial, the boycott is dealing a crippling financial blow to the company. Since it was launched in April 2016, Target has seen a significant drop in foot traffic to their stores. Effects of the boycott are also clear in Target’s financial report released February 28. The report reflected a dramatic drop in Target’s sales and earnings during October, November, and December.

FACT: ignores the assessment of others outside the corporation. Here are some recent news headlines…



Archaeology News Banner

  1. A Wreck Of The Spanish Armada | Time Team (Archaeological documentary) | Timeline (Video: 50:18 minutes long.)
  2. Herod’s Pagan Temple (Video: 14 minutes long.)
  3. Proof Tesla Discovered The Secret of Ancient Pyramid Builders! (Video: 18:34 minutes long.)
  4. Obscure Objects Found at Antikythera Shipwreck
  5. An Astonishing Revelation in Saqqara – A Hidden Pyramid!
  6. Golden Sword Found in Young Scythian Warrior’s Grave
  7. Baffling Bronze Age Weapons Hoard Found in London
  8. Archaeologists Locate Battlefield Dubbed ‘Where England Began’
  9. Skeletons of Woman and Child Found Beneath Tower Of London
  10. Lost empire that ruled Mesopotamia for 200 years may have been been wiped out by apocalyptic dust storm
  11. Ancient Israelites’ Conquest of Holy Land Revealed by Desert ‘Footprints’!
  12. Pyramids found in China, Japan and Alaska must be over 14 Thousand Years Old (Video: 13:37 minutes long.)
  13. The Most Highly Sought After Secret of the Ancient World Finally Revealed! (Video: 11:52 minutes long.)
  14. Israeli Family Discovers 1400-Year-Old Hammer and Nails in the Lower Galilee
  15. Have They Got It Wrong? What Is The True Purpose Of Serpent Mound? (Video: 11:09 minutes long.)
  16. Archaeologists Say They’ve Solved Mystery of How Pyramids were Built After Unearthing 4,500-Year-Old Ramp
  17. Has The “Red Bag” That Once Held Sir Walter Raleigh’s Decapitated Head Been Discovered At An Old Family Manor?
  18. $31 Million Assyrian Relief is Causing a Great International Controversy


History Past Banner

  1. The Seattle Underground: The Hidden City (Video:15:42 minutes long.)


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Brit-Am Megalithic Bulletin Update
  2. KILIRI AND CAROLYN LAFI — SAMOA (Audio: 55:16 minutes long. Just in case you don’t really believe that YHWH has cast the House of Israel into ALL the nations, you need to listen to what these guests, Kiliri and Carolyn Lafi of Samoa, have to say…)


Genealogy News Banner New

  1. Finding Your Family in U.S. Marriage Records
  2. Vertical Files in the Archives – A Valuable Genealogy Resource
  3. AncestryDNA, MyHeritage , FTDNA: Ethnicity Results Compared, One DNA test, 3 different results! (Video: 24:27 minutes long.)
  4. Cluster Tool: GEDmatch Tier 1 Tools – A Segment of DNA (Video: 14:12 minutes long.)
  5. Sub-Clustering Your Shared Matches at AncestryDNA (Video: 25:32 minutes long.)
  6. W5: When DNA tests reveal a hidden history (Video: 22:27 minutes long.)
  7. How to Cluster your DNA matches With Ancestry’s New DNA Matches Beta Part 1 (Video: 36:42 minutes long.)
  8. How to Create a Family tree from your DNA matches With Ancestry’s New DNA Matches Beta Part 2 (Video: 24:50 minutes long.)
  9. Sourcing your family tree with Ancestry DNA Part 3 (Video: 1:27:12 minutes long.)
  10. Ancestrydna match triangulation to find or prove your family tree Part 4 (Video: 20:48 minutes long.)
  11. New Database with Photos of WWll Soviet Army Veterans is now Online
  12. Free FamilySearch Family History Classes and Webinars for November 2019 and more…
  13. Reclaim the Records Introduces the Online New York City GEOGRAPHIC Birth Index and more…
  14. New Free Historical Records on FamilySearch: Week of 28 October 2019
  15. New Records are Available to Search this Findmypast Friday
  16. The International Society for British Genealogy and Family History Presents the Commonwealth Virtual Institute


Health News Banner


  1. Mexico is about to legalize marijuana, with huge implications for the USA
  2. Garlic and Onions Lower Breast Cancer Risk
  3. How sunlight on the skin directly affects the gut microbiome
  4. Alzheimer’s Patients Experience Marked Improvement With New Drug – Really?
  5. Building a Home Pharmacy and Intensive Home Treatment Center
  6. Fruits and Vegetables Boost Memory, Reduce Depression
  7. Bacteria-free Bedding? Israeli Chemists’ New Invention Helps Free Hospitals of Infection
  8. How to choose the healthiest bread
  9. How To Prevent, Reduce & Erase Varicose Veins – By Dr Sam Robbins (Video: 7:20 minutes long.)
  10. 42,000 Plaintiffs Sue Bayer Over RoundUp Glyphosate Pesticide that Has Been Shown to Cause Cancer
  11. Do Oats/Oatmeal Lower Sex Drive & Testosterone Levels? (Video: 6:09 minutes long.)
  12. Never Buy Ground Beef At Wal-Mart And Here’s Why (Video: 3:52 minutes long.)

FlavCity with Bobby Parrish Banner

THomas DeLauer

  1. Building Muscle Over Age 40 – Complete How-to Guide (Video: 23:14 minutes long.)
  2. Your Keto Results have STOPPED – The Keto Wall (Video: 10:25 minutes long.)
  3. Best Protein Sources for Vegan Keto (Video: 12:07 minutes long.)
  4. Your Doctor Thinks You Have High Cholesterol: Here’s What to Do (Video: 8:46 Minutes long.)
  5. Intermittent Fasting for Vegetarians and Vegans (Video: 18:54 minutes long.)
  6. Healthiest and Worst Canned Fish – Buy THIS not THAT (Video: 10:54 minutes long.)

Dr Alan Mandell, DC

  1. HOW TO FIX PINCHED NERVE CAUSING LOW BACK PAIN & SCIATICA – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 22:04 minutes long.)
  2. HOW MAGNESIUM REVERSES DISEASE AND COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 5:08 minutes long.)
  4. HOW TO CUT YOUR RISK OF A HEART ATTACK AND STROKE – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 2:05 minutes long.)
  5. PRESS HERE FOR 45 SECONDS AND FEEL RELIEF – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 2:41 minutes long.)
  6. EAT WATER! BURN BELLY FAT, LOSE INCHES, LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT HUNGER – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 5:07 minutes long.)

Dr. Eric Berg DC

  1. Vitamin D Deficiency and Your Teeth (Video: 3:50 minutes long.)
  2. The 7 Benefits of a Cold Shower (Video: 3:13 minutes long.)
  3. Why Are French Fries So Addictive? (Video: 5:30 minutes long.)
  4. How to Reduce Lung (Respiratory) Mucus (Video: 3:29 minutes long.)
  5. How to Fix the Swollen and Puffy Face and Eyes
  6. What Are Telomeres and Why Are They Important in Anti-Aging?
  7. Why Do You Get Heart Palpitations After Eating (Video: 8:35 minutes long.)
  8. Are Carrots Okay to Eat on Keto? (Video: 2:15 minutes long.)
  9. Natural Desiccated Thyroid: Why Some People React Badly (Video: 3:52 minutes lone.)
  10. Armour Thyroid versus Synthroid (Video: 4:53 minutes long.)

Dr. Joseph Mercola

  1. Stops Muscle Wasting, Everyone Over 30 Needs This
  2. Fermented Dairy Lowers Heart Disease
  3. Most Fruit Juices Contain No Fruit
  4. What Costco Doesn’t Want You to Know About Its $4.99 Chicken
  5. Be Aware, Amazon Caught Red-Handed Selling Fake CBD Oil
  6. Common Bladder Pill Is Causing Blindness
  7. Many Sunscreens May Require a Prescription
  8. Antidepressants for Seniors Have Doubled in Two Decades
  9. Simple Way to Snub Tumors, Slash Mortality and Feel Better
  10. Top 6 Ways to Lower Your Resting Heart Rate
  11. Do Sunglasses Protect or Harm Your Eye Health?

Mike Adams-Health Ranger

  1. Which one’s better for your health – Greek yogurt or regular yogurt?
  2. How To Tell If Your Mole is Cancerous Use This Simple ABCD Test!
  3. This common food additive may cause insulin resistance and increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease, warn health experts
  4. When You Find Out What is in McDonalds French Fries, You Will Be Shocked
  5. Learn how to identify magnesium deficiency, and what foods fix it
  6. This is What Drinking Carrot Juice Everyday Can Do for You – Carrot Juice Benefits
  7. Smoking and food additives linked to hardening in the arteries, a risk factor for heart disease and death
  8. World’s most popular pizza joint – Pizza Hut – testing out new compostable, round box, BHA/BHT-free meats, antibiotic-free chicken, and no MSG
  9. 10 Natural Antibiotics That Our Ancestors Used Instead of Pills
  10. China \”laundering\” dirty supplement ingredients through Canada
  11. UPS partners with CVS Pharmacy to carpet bomb America with medications delivered via drones
  12. Exposed: Amazon caught selling all sorts of expired products, including beef jerky and baby food
  13. 5 Foods That Are Secretly Damaging Your Brain
  14. Three shocking things you never knew about what’s in your food
  15. Complications of the flu: Symptoms and natural remedies for sinusitis

Dr. Sten Ekberg

  1. You Had A Cheat Day On Keto Diet? Here’s How To Undo The Damage Of A Keto Cheat Day Get To Fat Loss (Video: 16:15 minutes long.)

Dr. Nick Zyrowski

  1. Fats That Cause Insulin Resistance | This is bad stuff that you must avoid (Video: 11:11 minutes long.)
  2. Best Exercise For Insulin Resistance | How To Rapidly Increase Insulin Sensitivity (Video: 15 minutes long.)

Ryan Taylor Natural Remedies Banner

  1. Foods That Reverse Insulin Resistance (Video: 6:59 minutes long.)
  2. Top 16 Foods To Eat: During Pregnancy (Video: 5:52 minutes long.)
  3. Foods Rich In Folate to Prevent Birth Defects (Folic Acid) (Video: 6:10 minutes long.)



  1. If you’re still eating these cancer-causing foods, here are some reasons to stop
  2. WATCH: Israeli Breakthrough Relieves Debilitating Cancer Pain
  3. Implantable cancer traps could replace biopsies for tumor detection
  4. Biggest Mistakes People Make After a Cancer Diagnosis
  5. Shocker: New “Perfexonate” bottled water contains an FDA-designated drug that causes cancer, brittle bones and lowered IQ – just kidding, that’s American tap water
  6. Oral Sex may be to blame for record high mouth cancer cases


  1. Vaccine Holocaust: Cancer genes are engineered into MMR vaccines
  2. Even the fundraising site GoFundMe is now de-platforming vaccine skeptics


  1. Instant Pot Buffalo Wings  Instant Pot(R) Buffalo Wings
  2. Hamburger Steak with Onions and Gravy  Hamburger Steak with Onions and Gravy
  3. Easy Salisbury Steak  Easy Salisbury Steak
  4. Slow Cooker Beef Stew  Slow Cooker Beef Stew
  5. Mom's Basic Vegetable Beef Stew  Mom’s Basic Vegetable Beef Stew
  6. Company Cauliflower  Company Cauliflower
  7. The Brutus Salad  The Brutus Salad
  8. Autumn Muffins  Autumn Muffins
  9. Pumpkin-Apple Cider Muffins  Pumpkin-Apple Cider Muffins
  10. Apple Crisp Muffins  Apple Crisp Muffins
  11. Cinnamon Buttermilk Biscuits  Cinnamon Buttermilk Biscuits
  12. Joy's Easy Banana Bread  Joy’s Easy Banana Bread


Misc. News Banner

  1. Will “small government” Republicans let the telecom industry take over your local government and fast track 5G?
  2. ‘Chaos Map’ shows violent deaths will ‘soar’ in 10 years due to food and water shortages
  3. The Invisible Victims Of Political Correctness
  4. Why These 6 Towns Became ‘Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn’
  5. Researcher attacked over study showing 96% of biologists believe life begins at conception
  6. How pressure to impeach Trump is created by fake news polls
  7. What It’s Like to Lose Your Children to the ‘Transgender Cult,’ From a Mom Who Knows
  8. Index of Military Strength Finds Preparedness to Win Wars ‘Marginal’
  9. Media Coverage of Terrorist ISIS Founder’s Death Exposes a Double Standard
  10. Polyamory next? Activists push to legally accommodate multi-partner relationships
  11. The Capacity to Give up on People (Video: 5:39 minutes long.)
  12. Why Has There Been A 56 Percent Increase In Suicide Among Young Americans?
  13. The Truth About America’s Founding and Slavery
  14. Robot judges ‘will pass sentence with no human bias’ in AI courts
  16. This Halloween, 45% Of Americans Believe VENERATION Ghosts And Demons Exist
  17. ‘Cold, calculated, institutionalized child abuse’: Experts comment on gender ‘transitions’ for kids
  18. The shocking truth: Aborted babies are born alive and left to die
  19. You can now access all existing US abortion data in one place thanks to pro-life org
  20. Company that created the abortion pill affiliated with makers of gas used during the Holocaust
  21. Is America’s Military Headed for a ‘Rocky’ Experience?
  22. Media keeps sexualizing children and it must stop
  23. More than a third of millennials polled approve of communism


  1. Social Media-Twitter: Twitter Gives Platform to Terror Groups, Bucking US Law
  2. Social Media-Twitter: Twitter BANS all political advertisements from platform
  3. Social Media-Google: Whistleblower Reveals Why Google Snuffed Natural Health Sites


  1. 36 PVC DIY Projects for Your Homestead
  2. 12 Woodworking Projects for Preppers and Homesteaders
  3. How To Make Oil From Plants At Home
  4. This Solar “Generator” Works Indoors


  1. Ohio: High school runner disqualified for wearing hijab in violation of rules, “Islamophobia” hysteria ensues
  2. The University of Minnesota to Host Terror Supporting Conference
  3. Federal Judge Smacks Univ. Of Iowa For ‘Ludicrous’ Anti-Christian Discrimination
  4. Group Demands Docs Related to Qatar’s Suspected Infiltration of U.S. Public Schools
  5. Supreme Court rejects case of Christian teen forced to write Islamic conversion prayer
  6. Universities now demanding total obedience to transgenderism lunacy for businesses before they are allowed to operate on campus… intellectual DIVERSITY is outlawed
  7. Ed. Secretary: ‘Country is in a student achievement crisis’
  8. Homeschooling skyrockets as more parents get fed up with Left-wing social engineering and violence in public schools
  9. Kids are lab rats in school boards’ transgender social engineering experiments
  10. Christian Student Movement Reaching Millions
  11. Florida District Fires Principal Who Refused to Say the Holocaust Really Happened
  12. Campus surveys show disdain for Trump, love for socialism
  13. Teacher allegedly rebukes demons from her Classroom
  14. U.S. Muslim and Left-Wing College Students Call for ‘Slaughter of Jews’ and ‘Bloodshed’


  1. More Dangerous Than Malware?
  2. Can a Virus Really Destroy a Hard Drive?
  3. Oops—Adobe Leaves 7.5 Million Creative Cloud Accounts Exposed
  4. How to Maintain Your PC Performance (Video: 5:08 minutes long.)
  5. Geekly Update – 30 October 2019
  6. Everything You Need to Know About 10G, the Future of Broadband Technology
  7. What To Do if Your Phone is Lost or Stolen
  8. Revolutionary AIRO.Life Be Free Phone gets you a smartphone and data plan for free
  9. Scammers Are Now Faking Voicemail Notifications to Steal Office 365 Login Credentials
  10. How to Force Dark Mode on Every Website in Google Chrome
  11. Will VoIP Service Replace Your Landline?


  1. Archive or Delete: Understand iOS Mail’s Most Confusing Setting
  2. Is macOS UNIX? (and What Does That Mean?)
  3. Apple’s Mac Pro Clears FCC, Hinting at Imminent Launch
  4. Apple’s 5G iPhones Will Reportedly Be Powered by Its First 5-nanometer Chips


  1. Windows: Microsoft Patch Alert: October Updates Bring Problems With Start, RDP, Ethernet, Older VB Programs
  2. Windows: What Happens After Windows 7’s Retirement?
  3. Windows: How to Create a Local Account in Windows 10
  4. Windows: Make Entering Safe Mode Easy on Windows 10 (Video: 10:40 minutes long.)
  5. Windows: Top 7 Windows Features To Enable! (or Bill Gates will come to your home and knock you unconscious) (Video: 10:13 minutes long.)


Religion News Banner

Ancient Paleo Hebrew Alphabet

  1. 3 Not-So-Obvious Reasons Church Visitors DON’T Return to Your Church
  2. ‘The Church That Makes God Vomit’: Texas Pastor Robert Jeffress Explains New Sign That Sparked Reaction
  3. 9 Out 10 households have a Bible but the majority don’t read it
  4. 12 Truths to Cling to When the Healing Doesn’t Come
  5. Francis Chan: churches must lay out Gospel even when unpopular: ‘Jesus had no problem losing the crowds
  6. The Rapid Rise of Actual Witchcraft in America Is Real and Frightening
  7. Former pastor explains why he abandoned his Christian faith
  8. 252 Million People Still Have No Access to the Bible
  9. Atheist Richard Dawkins: Getting Rid of God Would Make World Less Moral
  10. Church in ‘shock’ after Florida pastor, father of 2 facing rape allegations, kills himself
  11. Former Devil Worshipper Encourages Churches Not to Celebrate but Evangelize on Halloween
  12. Is It Good for a Christian to Celebrate Halloween?
  13. Dr. Michael Brown Warns Spirit-Led Christians of the Darkness Lurking Behind Halloween
  14. Should Christians Celebrate Halloween? – TWNow Episode_135 (Video: 39:54 minutes long.)
  15. The secret séance rituals of America’s largest Spiritualist community
  16. Christian Walks Out of ‘The Addams Family’ for ‘Demonic’ Content
  17. Is Christianity Really In Numerical Decline In America?
  18. Drag Queen Story Hour Invades The Church
  19. A Tennessee pastor has been arrested and stranded in India
  20. Mobs shut down church service and claim ‘Christians are not welcome’
  21. I could see the demons’: A exorcism in Arkansas
  22. Is the American Church About to Die Off?
  23. Church Steps in to Help Shelter and Feed Those Fleeing From California Wildfires
  24. Massive Spike in Faith-Based Google Searches After ‘Jesus Is King’


Pete Banner

TO SPEAK = From The Door In Your Head

September 24, 2019

Isaiah 50                      Acts 3

I applaud Ari Abramowitz for explaining the paleo Hebrew “to speak” which is “medabear” (sp?) in paleo (ancient) Hebrew and spelled in paleo Hebrew:

Mem  Dalet  Bet  Resh

Mem = from, Dalet = door, Bet = house, as in the house, and Resh = a man’s head

Hebrew Paleo Mem

mem = water, chaos, from

Hebrew Paleo Dalet

   dalet = tent flap – door

Hebrew Paleo Bet

    bet = floor plan IN the house

Hebrew Paleo Resh

     resh = a man’s head

to speak” as written in paleo Hebrew are the pictures of “from the door in your head

This presentation was given at EL Shaddai Ministries in Washington state back in 2012; and yet, it is still AWESOME to this day!

As I was reading, this morning, about our SALVATION = YESHUA and how HE learned TO SPEAK, I was and still am in awe!

Isaiah 50:4  The Lord [H136 Ad-o-noy’] GOD [H3069 Yeh-ho-vee’ the intimate Child to Papa vernacular] hath given ME [Yesh-oo’-aw  =  Salvation – our FATHER’s SON] the tongue of the learned [which the religious leaders could not understand how a peasant’s son knew “letters” as stated in in John 7:15*], that I [Yesh-oo’-aw, who learned it ALL from MY FATHER] should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary: HE wakeneth morning by morning, HE wakeneth MINE ear to hear as the learned.

Isa 50:5  The Lord [H136 Ad-o-noy’] GOD [H3069 Yeh-ho-vee’] hath opened MINE ear, and I was not rebellious [as Rog was], neither turned away back [as I have done so many times].

Isa 50:6  I [Yesh-oo’-aw] gave MY back to the smiters, and MY cheeks to them that plucked off the hair: I hid not MY face from shame and spitting.

*John 7:15  And the Jews [more accurately translated “the Pharisees] marvelled, saying, How knoweth this man letters, having never learned?

John 7:16  Jesus/Yeshua answered them, and said, MY doctrine is not MINE, but HIS that sent ME.

And, as I turned the pages to Acts chapter 3, I am still in awe:

Act 3:22  For Moses truly said unto the fathers, A prophet [Yesh-oo’-aw] shall the Lord [YHVH] your God [ELohim] raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me [Moses]; HIM shall ye hear [in Hebrew, this is shema which means hear AND OBEY] in all things whatsoever HE [Yesh-oo’-aw] shall say unto you.

Act 3:23  And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which will not hear [and obey] that prophet [Yesh-oo’aw], shall be destroyed from among the people.

And the first words Yeshua preached were:

          Matthew 4:17  From that time Jesus/Yeshua began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

YHVH IS adding HIS blessing to the reading and obeying of HIS entire Holy Bible.  Amen.



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  1. Germany: Local Election Sends Ominous Signal (Video: 4:29 minutes long.)


Another Coffee Break

Our Covenant, Part 1

It has been several years – 14 years, in fact – since I last shared on the nature, the meaning and the significance of Covenant, and the fact that we are Covenant beings, living in and under the Covenant that Jesus made for us with His death and resurrection, and the blood He shed on our behalf.

My understanding has grown a lot during these years, and it is time for us to launch into it again.  What many folks miss out on is the fact that even America was founded under a covenant made between our early settlers and the Lord Jesus Christ.  That covenant was expanded and became the core of the founding of our Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights.  I won’t get into the covenant that formed the United States – not now, anyway – because we first need to understand the enormous difference between a contract, an agreement, and a covenant.

Today, and in the weeks to come, we’re going to take a first track as we first delve into the nature of covenant within the biblical and historical concept, and then, in the weeks to come, demonstrate how the whole nature and makeup of covenant became the foundation for America as a nation.  Unfortunately, the idea of covenant has been totally lost in our modern society; and about the only time we even hear the word used is in the legal jargon of attorneys.

Covenant is something much more than a binding contract, and the use of the word in today’s legal profession completely loses the intent and purpose of covenant within its historical and Scriptural context.

Let me illustrate by first giving you the current definition of covenant as most people in the legal profession see it.

Encarta gives us the following: 

Covenant, in law, promise, usually under seal, that a certain act shall be performed or shall not be performed, or a solemn declaration under seal that certain facts are true. Covenants are used most often in deeds. An express covenant is an express declaration of intention by the parties to the deed. An implied covenant is inferred by the law from certain words in a deed; for example, the law holds that implied in a lease is a covenant that the lessee shall quietly enjoy possession of the demised premises as long as the terms of the lease are honored. A similar covenant is implied in absolute transfer of property.

A covenant may be collateral, that is, purely personal to the original parties; or it may run with the land, so that it can be enforced at the instance of the subsequent owners of the property, although they were not parties to the original covenant or agreement. Covenants also fall into many other classifications. In the United States covenants affecting title to real estate are usually expressed in the form of warranties.

Now, let’s take a look at the history of covenant going back to Creation, and how the original picture of covenant was based in God’s love for His people.

It’s important to understand that the power of covenant is in blood.  Let me explain.

Consider Creation.  When God created man, He created him in His image and likeness, imbued him with his nature and makeup, and gave to him the same creative power inherent in His nature, and instructed him to “have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

In Genesis 1:28, we are further told that “God blessed them…”  The Hebrew word here is barak“, and the connotations of this word extend well beyond the traditional concept of “speaking well of someone,” or “pronouncing good.”  That word, barak,” brings with it an empowerment, an authority, the ability to carry out and fulfill that which is good, that which is excellent, that which brings a betterment — a wholeness — to one’s existence.

What you speak well of or bless, therefore, brings the empowerment of the blessing.

In so doing, the Lord made man to be virtually exactly like Him.  I condition the description with “virtually” because in every respect save one, Adam and Eve were like the Lord.  The one exception was that they were not — and could not become — THE supreme rulers of the universe.  Their domain, and their dominion, were relegated to the earth as a whole.

Adam and Eve had the ability to speak things into being, and whatever they spoke was so.  Genesis tells the following:

Genesis 2:19: “And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.

Out of Adam’s mouth, therefore, came the empowerment and creative ability to speak the character and nature and makeup of each animal species into existence.  Just as God spoke the world into existence, Adam spoke the nature and makeup of animals into existence.

It may seem that I’m going around a 40-acre field, but laying this foundation is critical to our understanding of true covenant.

Now, consider the implications of the fall when Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  I won’t take time now to revisit our previous discussions on all that transpired with that act in terms of its consequences to the human race, other than to touch on a single aspect.

Prior to eating of the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve were unclothed in the natural sense.  They wore no clothing, no covering of any kind, and there was absolutely no sense of embarrassment or shame or wonderment.  Ever wonder why?  The answer is quite simple.  They were clothed in the righteousness of the Lord.  They were clothed in His presence.  The fact that their bodies had no clothing or natural coverings was irrelevant because the environment of the Lord was total protection.

The act of eating of the fruit of that tree instantly separated them from the presence of the Lord and His covering.  A dawning came in their realization for the first time that they had no covering.  Moving past the discussion that ensued between them and the Lord to their eviction from the Garden of Eden, we read again:

Genesis 3:21: “Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins, and clothed them.

Implicit in these words are the fact that the Lord had to kill animals in order to make these coats.  The Hebrew word used in this passage is øBò  (‘or): the same word that is used for leather, or the skin of an ox (e.g., cowhide).  Thus, the Lord slew an ox (or oxen) to make these coverings, shedding the blood of the animal.

It is the first time in scripture where we have evidence of blood being shed.  The Lord has just spoken to the Serpent and said that “I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise shuph [cover]) thy head, and thou shalt bruise shuph [cover]) his heel.

The Hebrew shuph translates out in several different ways as we see it used here in the Genesis 3:15 passage.  The word, covenant, is not used in this instance, but you can see the beginnings of it.

The first evidence of covenant, and its significance, really begins in Genesis 15.  Most of you who read these Coffee Breaks are already well aware of Abraham, and how the Lord called him — first at approximately age 50 — to leave the land of his fathers (Ur of the Chaldees) and follow him into a new land.  Abraham obeyed, but his first obedience was partial because he took his whole family along.  They got as far as Haran — some 600 or so miles to the northwest of Ur (in modern-day Syria) — and settled down.

25 years later, the Lord spoke to Abraham the second time (see Acts 7:2-4) and instructed him to leave his family and follow Him into a land “which I shall show thee.”  This time — except for taking Lot with him — his obedience was much more complete.

More years pass.  Abraham is pretty firmly ensconced in Canaan when the Lord appears to Abraham (at this point, he still is known by his given name, Abram) in a vision and says to him,

Genesis 15:1, Ampl: Fear not, Abram: I am your shield, your abundant compensation, and your reward shall be exceedingly great.

By now he is in his eighties, and having any abundant compensation and great reward is almost meaningless without an heir who will profit by it, so Abraham says to the Lord,

Lord God, what can you give me seeing I am [going on from this world] childless, and he who shall be the owner and heir of my house is this [steward] Eliezer of Damascus.

The Lord quickly responds and says to him, “This man shall not be your heir; but he who shall come from your own body shall be your heir.

Then the Lord takes Abraham outside his tent on a very clear starlit night and instructs him to “Look now toward the heavens, and count the stars, if you are able to number them.  Then He said to him, So shall your descendants be.

And Genesis 15:6 tells us that “Abraham believed in [word of] the Lord, and He counted it to him for righteousness.

The Lord then proceeds to tell him, “I am the [same] Lord God that brought thee out of Ur of the Chaldees, to give thee this land to inherit it.

So far so good.  Abraham by this time was well aware of the significance of covenant.  To inherit is to have heirs.  At his age, having children is rare, if not impossible, so he says to the Lord — within the framework of covenant thought, “Whereby shall I know that I shall inherit it.

Now we’re going to see the enactment of covenant.

The Lord instructs Abraham to bring Him “an heifer of three years old, a she-goat of three years old, a ram of three years old, and a turtledove and a young pigeon.

The animals are slaughtered, their carcasses divided in two parts and laid out with each half facing the other.  One bird was placed on one side, and the other bird the other side.  (I don’t have time — and it isn’t relevant to this discussion — to get into the significance of each of these animals or birds, and their spiritual implications. 

We’ll save that for some later discussion.)  Suffice it to say that the halved carcasses were placed far enough apart that Abraham could stand between them and the Lord could pass between them.

The significance of this IS relevant since the parties to this covenant would be standing and/or walking in blood as the covenant was struck.

Next week, we’ll pick it up at this juncture and before we continue with the covenant the Lord cut with Abraham, I’ll show you just how covenants were struck and what ancient history tells us about the cutting of covenant.

Then I’ll show you how the Lord fulfilled his half of cutting and enacting the covenant.  I use the word “cut”, by the way, purposefully, since this is the word that occurs in the Hebrew text concerning covenant.

Complete and direct obedience to the Word of the Lord always produces tangible and life-giving results.

Regner A. Capener

Temple, Texas 76504

Email Contact:

All Coffee Break articles are copyright by Regner A. Capener, but authorization for reprinting, reposting, copying or re-use, in whole or in part, is granted –provided proper attribution and this notice are included intact. Older Coffee Break archives are available . Coffee Break articles are normally published weekly.


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Prophecy, Eschatology, and the Hebrew Mind

By Dr. Roy Blizzard

Prophecy. It is the “in” thing. People are talking about it, writing about it. “Prophetic News”, The “World in Prophecy”, “End Times Newsletter”, plus a spate of others cross my desk every month. People want to know about it. People want to hear about it. People want to read about it. It is exciting. It is sensational. It lets us know that the end is near and helps us to prepare for Messiah’s coming which, by all accounts, will be “soon.”

If you want to get a crowd together today, just announce a teaching on prophecy, or organize a prophecy conference! Only one thing will attract a bigger crowd – a miracle service! People want to know about prophecy. They want to see a miracle. I will admit that it is exciting and frequently sounds so good.

There is only one problem. It is basically wrong. The root of the problem is an inability on the part of the occidental Western mind to understand Hebrew apocalyptic literature. It is an inability to project oneself back 2,000-2,700 years in time to a culture and a language totally foreign to the Western mind of today and try to interpret the allegorical, the abstract, into prophecies, literalisms.

In Hebrew, there are three different words that are translated in the English so as to imply a look into the future. The first is roeh. In Hebrew, it is resh aleph hey from the verb ra’ah, which means “to see.” The roeh was a seer and it is used in Isaiah 30:10 of the seers as a class.

The same word is used for Samuel in I Samuel 5 and implies one who sees or knows things, although not necessarily futuristic. Their seeing could be likened to a “word of knowledge,” or a “word of wisdom.”

The second is chozeh, which also means a seer, or a visionary, one who sees visions. The verb is chazah and a chazon is a vision. It is used frequently of prophets such as Gad, Amos, Iddo, Jehu, as well as of historical writers who are known as divre hachozim.

II Chronicles 33:18 implies one who perceives with the inner vision. Although it can mean to “see,” as in an ecstatic state such as Isaiah and Ezekiel, it can also mean to see with intelligence, or from experience, and is frequently used synonymously with navi. The word most commonly translated as “prophesies” in English is the Hebrew navi, which means a spokesman, a speaker, one who speaks forth.

In its oldest form, the verb navah denoted religious ecstasy, sometimes accompanied in the ecstatic state with song and music. In its later form, it meant, essentially, religious instruction with only occasional futuristic predictions. In most instances, the futuristic predictions were peripheral to the message and not the heart of it.

In primitive stages of development, traces of the primitive arts and practices of soothsaying and divination can be found, but the idea of seeing things veiled from the common eye and declaring the things just seen to the people of God soon becomes characteristic of the true prophet. It was his or her privilege to understand and know God’s will and to communicate His will and words to the people.

Somehow, it has escaped the Western world that the ideas, the images, and theologies of both the Old and the New Testaments relative to the “end of the days,” the “end time,” or simply “the end,” are all Hebraic and must be understood in the broader context of Hebrew eschatology.

Eschatology comes from the Greek to eschata, denoting “the end of days,” or in Hebrew acharit hayamim, or haketz, “the end.” Eschatology expresses the hope of greater things to come for Israel and for mankind. These views begin with the patriarchs and are solidified with Moses in Israel’s final victory over the nations of the world.

The prophets sound forth the coming judgment with the “day of the Lord,” a time when God’s wrath is to be directed against all the ungodly, and a time for salvation of the righteous. It becomes a day of wrath for the pagans, a day of triumph for Israel. The final destruction of the heathen world empires is a feature in many of the later prophecies of Ezekiel, Isaiah, Zechariah, Haggai, etc., in contrast to the salvation promised to Israel (Isaiah 34, 35).

The origin of the term, “day of the Lord,” is obscure. Although Amos is one of the first to use the term yom yud hey vav hey, the idea certainly dates from a period of time much earlier than his. There is a hint of a general belief in a future time found in the Accadian ina almti, which means simply, “in the future.” Nonetheless, by the time of Amos (8th century BCE), the idea that there was a time coming when God would bring His people a complete victory over their foes and lead them into an age of everlasting peace and prosperity was common.

In addition to this concept of the “day of the Lord,” prophets from the time of Amos onward spoke of a Messianic future through the reign of a “son from the house of David,” an age of bliss, perfect peace and harmony among all creatures, a new heaven, and a new earth (Isaiah 11:1-10; 65:17-25). In this Messianic kingdom, death would be swallowed up and the righteous raised from the dead, and all would behold the glory of the Lord (Isaiah 24:21; 25:8; 26:19).

The idea of a resurrection was first expressed by Ezekiel (Ezekiel 37) in reference to the Jewish nation. Under the influence of Persian theology, the resurrection was made a part of the “day of judgment.” The clearest expression of this belief is in Daniel 12:12, and from the time of Daniel onward, a concept of resurrection and of life after death becomes a focus of mainstream Jewish thought.

There is no basis in the Old Testament for retribution for the soul after death. Under the influence of Babylonian and Persian theology, the ancient Hebrew concept of Sheol is replaced by Gehenna (Hebrew, Gey Hinnom), the valley west and south of the ancient city of Jerusalem. Since it had been defiled as “the place of the Topheth worship of Molech” (II Kings 23:10; Jeremiah 32:35), it was cursed by Jeremiah, who predicted that the valley would be filled with corpses to be burned and rot like “dung upon the face of the earth” (Jeremiah 7:32; 8:3).

IV Ezra 7:36, the Assumption of Moses, 10:19; II Baruch 85:12-13 add further details from Testamental writings to the eternal suffering to be endured by the wicked. Gehenna was pictured as having seven levels (Sotah 10b), each lower than the other, and has seven names, SheolAbbadon, “pit of corruption,” “horrible pit,” “mire of clay,” “shadow of death,” and “nether parts of the earth.”

It is also called Tophet (Isaiah 30:33), and there are seven kinds of pains experienced there (II Esdras 7:81). Genesis Rabah 28 says that the generation of the flood will be released in due time whereas Toseptha Sanhedrin 85 declares “the punishment of those who have led others into heresy will never cease.”

The “abode of the righteous” is spoken of as having three levels (I Enoch 8), each higher than the other, the uppermost being next to the abode of God. In this paradise of God, man returned to the original peace and joy of Gan Eden, the Garden of Eden, as it was before Adam’s sin (Isaiah 51:3; Ezekiel 36:55).

The Dead Sea Scrolls are replete with references to the end of time and about a time of judgment when God will judge both angels and men and the end of the world in some great cosmic conflagration.

Because of God’s promise of a new heaven and a new earth (Isaiah 65:17), the more mystical of the apocalyptic prophets and writers expected a new Jerusalem built of sapphire, gold, and precious stones, with gates, walls, and towers of marvelous size and wondrous splendor. The expectation included a heavenly temple, migdash shel ma’alah, coming down from on high.

The scroll of The War Between the Sons of Darkness and the Sons of Light (1 QM 2:1-6) gives instructions on how the priests and Levites are to function in the new temple. The famous Temple Scroll, translated by Professor Yigael Yadin, on display in the Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem, presents detailed description for the construction of the new temple along with the instructions for ritual purity, sacrifices, and festivals.

It is important to note that all these eschatalogical themes are Jewish – the “day of the Lord.” the “last days,” the “war of Gog and Magog,” the “gathering of the exiles,” the “Messianic age,” the resurrection, the “final judgment,” the “Messianic banquet,” the “new heaven and new earth.” They are all Jewish theological concepts.

Why is that important – that they are all thoroughly Jewish both in spirit and conception? The Hebrew language is realistic; whereas, the Western mind is idealistic. The Biblical prophets were filled with divine enthusiasm. Their messages were filled with allegory and metaphor. In a state of inspired ecstasy, the prophet would often speak forth things fully understood only by them and, therefore, subject to varying interpretations.

Thus, it was that the rabbis frequently disagreed as to its proper interpretation. It was not uncommon for one to make some pronouncement or prediction that failed to come to pass – not at all unlike some contemporary end-time prophets.

Not only the year of redemption, but even the very month and day was fixed by those who calculated the end. According to Rabbi Joshua (Mekhilta, Pisha 14), it was to occur on the fourteenth day of Nisan. Since none of the calculations proved true, the scholars concluded that when the Messiah would come was one of the things that was hidden from men (Sanhedrin 97a).

Even more striking was the pronouncement, “May the bones of those who calculate the end rot, for they say: ‘Since the time has arrived and He has not come, He will never come (Sanhedrin 97b).’”

Herein do we see a very real danger in playing with prophecy. The danger is in the idea that Messiah is coming “soon.” 2014 Reasons Why the Lord Will Come in 2014 – during the Feast of Tabernacles, to be exact! If my theology states that the Lord is coming soon, whether “soon” is tomorrow, a month from now, or a year from now, it still leaves time for me to exercise my own will and then allows time to repent.

The theology of the “soon” coming of the Lord is subject to grave abuse. One says, “I can buy this car and not have to make any payments for six months and drive it until the Lord comes and never have to make a payment,” or some other idea just as absurd. But, it has been done! It is being done!

Nowhere in the teachings of Jesus is the idea that the coming of Messiah will be “soon.” Rather, His coming will be sudden, as a thief in the night, at a time when you think not. Therefore, the clear injunction is, “Be ready, for at a time when you think not, the Son of Man cometh.”

In other words, if you do not believe that the Messiah could come NOW, at any moment, your theology is wrong! Rabbi Jose, in Derek Eretz Rabah 11, taught that “He who announces the Messianic time based on calculation forfeits his own share in the future.”

In the Mishnah, Order Moed, Tractate Chagigah, Chapter 2, Mishnah 1, it states, “Whoever puts his mind to these four matters, it were better for him if he had not come into the world: what is above, what is below, what is in front, what is behind, for [it continues in the commentary] these speculations lead to no result whatever and do not even serve any useful academic or philosophical purposes, but only cause a falling away from true moral teaching” (Mishnah, Blackman, Judaica Press, Volume 2, page 494).

Biblical faith is very much a religion of today, now. Remember the teaching of Jesus, “Take no thought for the morrow, what you eat, what you drink, or what you wear. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (the demonstration of God’s power in action through your actions) and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:31-34). It’s an admonition we would all do well to heed.


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Lekh L’kha

Genesis 12:1—17:27; Isaiah 40:25—41:16; Acts 7:1-8; Romans 3:19—5:11; Galatians 3:1-29;
Colossians 2:8-15; Hebrews 7:1-19, 11:1-2, 8-12

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