News You May Not Have Heard About — 08/25/2019 Early Edition

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  1. President Trump slams Tlaib’s Grandma hoax, says letter, then refusal to go to Israel ‘a complete setup’
  3. Trump: Mideast Peace Plan to be Released After Israeli Elections
  4. Solar Panels in Asia, Border Security for El Salvador: Trump Aims to Rein in Wasted Tax Dollars Abroad
  5. Trump: Jews Who Vote for Democrats Show ‘Great Disloyalty’
  6. Trump Retweets: ‘Jews Don’t Even Know What They’re Doing or Saying Anymore’
  7. What Trump Really Said about Jews and the Democratic Party
  8. Trump tweets lavish praise saying Israeli Jews love him like ‘the King of Israel’ and ‘the second coming of God’
  9. President Trump’s Greenland New Deal vs. Democrats’ Green New Deal socialistic scheme
  10. President Trump Cancels Student Loan Debt for Thousands of Disabled Vets
  11. Trump Orders Mail Carriers to Search Chinese Packages for Fentanyl
  12. Trump labels China’s Xi – ‘ENEMY’

3 Branches of U.S. Government


  1. Trump Administration: Trump administration cuts aid to Islamic Republic of Pakistan by $440 million
  2. Trump Administration: Trump admin files SCOTUS brief against redefining sex discrimination to bar trans hiring decisions



  1. Trump’s Secret Plan to Save America Economically and Militarily
  2. US, Russia Quietly Agreed to Allow Israeli Airstrikes on Iraq
  3. How We Can Safeguard Our Election Process
  4. Federal Court: State Cannot Bind Presidential Electors
  5. MEUSER: Federal Court Deals Serious Blow To The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact
  6. Silicon Valley Censorship & The Coming Global Police State
  7. What You Need to Know About ‘Red Flag’ Gun Laws
  8. Ivanka Trump Pushes Women’s Empowerment and Gun-Control Red Flag Laws at Trump 2020 Fundraiser Dinner
  9. Conservative Action Project: Congress And President Trump Must Protect Second Amendment Rights
  10. More Leaked On the New World Order Agenda of the NYT and Their Intention to Start a Race War
  11. The Disturbing Truth about the Hebron Massacre Omar and Tlaib Ignore
  12. Spygate bombshell: Key “Russian” agent, Joseh Mifsud, actually turns out to be a CIA asset
  13. Media notices Trump cooling to more gun laws
  14. Court sides with Trump as abortion giant drops out
  15. Steve Stockman Case: Deep State Using The Federal Prison System For Political Payback
  16. U.S. Tests First Ground-Launched Cruise Missile Since INF Withdrawal
  17. 4 Things to Know About Trump’s New Voter Fraud Claim
  18. Tlaib and Omar Weren’t Banned for Disagreeing with Israel
  19. White Supremacists Set Up Fake Jewish Profiles to Promote Anti-Semitism
  20. U.S. Clears Sale of F-16 Jets to Taiwan
  21. The Two Major Reasons Why Trump Wants Greenland and Why the Democrats Oppose the Move
  22. How Is Stopping A Beating Human Heart A Civil Liberty?
  23. Thomas More Law Center Uncovers Taxpayer Funded Islamic Propaganda Forced On Teachers
  24. Why Does CAIR Want to Ban Sale of the Confederate Flag?
  25. US Confirms Israel Behind Bombing in Iraq, First in 4 Nearly Decades
  26. Confirmed: Obama knew about, and was directing, the “Spygate” coup attempt against Trump from the very beginning
  27. Charles Koch and George Soros Support an ADL Program to Combat ‘Online Extremism’ and Align to Censor the Internet
  28. Billionaire David Koch Dies; Leftist Media Trash Him: ‘Hope His Soul Suffers For Eternity’
  29. DoD has a multi-million dollar travel problem


Presidential 2020 Election Banner

2020 Democrat Presidential Candidates

  1. Democrats’ Gun-Policy Plans, Explained
  2. 2020 Democrat Candidates’ Radical Criminal Justice Reform Hurts the Minorities that the Leftists Pretend to Represent
  3. Dem Dark Money Group Begins Ads in Support of Dems Opposed to Dark Money
  4. Poll: Boat Shoes Buttigieg, Kamala Five-O No Longer ‘Top Tier’ Candidates
  5. 2020 Dem Candidates RUIN Themselves By Staying SILENT On This SICK Issue (Video: 8:08 minutes long.)
  6. 2020 Dems Stood With Uber and Lyft Strike, Then Crossed Picket Line
  7. Poll: Trump Trounces ‘Boat Shoes’ Buttigieg in Head-to-Head Matchup
  8. Pundit: Despite polling, Dems still come up short
  9. Biden: Joe Biden Drew Only 30 Supporters in New Hampshire During Trump Rally
  10. Biden: Biden Defends Parkland Gaffe: ‘I Was Still Called Vice President’ When Shooting Happened
  11. Biden: Fact-checking exposes Biden’s propensity to revise his past
  12. Booker: East Coast Elitist Cory Booker Says He Will Create An Office to Combat White Supremacy if Elected President
  13. De Blasio: De Blasio Squeaks Into Iowa
  14. Harris: Harris Not ‘Comfortable’ With Bernie’s Medicare for All Plan
  15. Harris: WaPo: Kamala Harris’s Tax Cut Promise ‘Simply Not Credible’
  16. Harris: CNN on Harris’s Polling Drop: Voters Don’t Know What Her Vision for the Country Is
  17. Hickenlooper: Colorado Dems Won’t Clear the Field for Hickenlooper
  18. Sanders: If Israel Doesn’t Want Members of Congress Visiting, ‘Maybe They Don’t Want American Money’
  19. Sanders: Sanders Debuts $16 Trillion Green New Deal
  20. Sanders & Warren: Sanders, Warren Ask Black Christians to Put Their Faith in Government
  21. Williamson: Marianne Williamson, a 2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate, Says We Must Stay in Afghanistan to Advance Feminism

2020 Republican Presidential Candidates

  1. Trump: POLL: Trump Loses Support Among Female Voters, But That’s Not The Whole Story
  2. Trump: Will Trump Win? The Latest On Trump’s National And State-By-State Approval Ratings
  3. Trump: Professor Who Correctly Predicted Past 9 Elections Analyzes Trump’s Chances (Video: 2:09 minutes long.)


dems behind the wall


  1. Yes, illegal immigrants are bringing a cesspool of dangerous infectious diseases into America, and the CDC is doing nothing about it
  2. Trump Administration to Close Loophole Blocking Immigration Enforcement
  3. Border Rule ‘Establishes Very High Standards of Care for Children in Federal Custody’
  4. Why Ending Catch-And-Release Is A Good Move By The Trump Admin (Video: 3:22 minutes long.)
  5. Brandon Judd: Irresponsible Dem attacks on ICE inspire violence by domestic terrorists


Jeffrey Epstein

  1. Jeffery Epstein Murdered Suicide or Bigger Frankism Sex-ring Cover-up (Video: 44:21 minutes long.)
  2. Epstein Given 3 Poor 12-Year-Old Girls As Birthday Present: Report
  3. 71% of Americans Don’t Believe Jeffrey Epstein Committed Suicide. Epstein Signed a New Will 2 Days Before His Death
  4. What Are Epstein’s Guards Hiding?
  5. Judge Jeanine Drops BOMB on Epstein Case – One Look At His Cellmate and You’ll Be SHOCKED! (Video: 5:42 minutes long.)
  6. If Epstein Is Really Dead, Then Why Is It Necessary to Threaten His Cellmate?
  7. Britain’s Prince Andrew denies knowledge of Epstein’s crimes



  1. The Media’s Latest Smear of a Trump Judicial Nominee
  2. The New York Times Works for the Left, and Now Everyone Should Know It
  3. New York Times Editor’s Anti-Semitic, Racist Tweets Exposed
  4. Washington Post Runs Glowing Profile of Libyan Jihadi Sanctioned by US Treasury for Rocket Attacks on Ambulance Workers
  5. Media running a psychological terror campaign on all Americans

U.S. Defense Line Banner

  1. China Sea Dispute : US Military Vows “Will Always” Help Philippine to Fight China in South China Sea (Video: 10:11 minutes long.)
  2. High Alert (August 21, 2019) : “China May Win the Fight Against US in South China Sea” (Video: 10:15 minutes long.)
  3. South China Sea Crisis (August 22, 2019) : “Strategy of US to Taking Down China in SCS” (Video: 10:12 minutes long.)

One American News Network Banner

  1. President Trump considered placing naval blockade against Venezuela (Video: 2:37 minutes long.)
  2. Acting USCIS Director Cuccinelli breaks down public charge rule (Video: 4:40 minutes long.)
  3. Acting USCIS Director Cuccinelli responds to media backlash (Video: 5:!5 minutes long.)
  4. Independent Journalist, Victoria Taft, on Crazy California (Video: 5:10 minutes long.)
  5. Former Advisor to President Bush, Tom Basile, on Election 2020 (Video: 5:41 minutes long.)
  6. Sen. Hawley files bill to fight social media predatory practices and addiction (Video: 3:20 minutes long.)

The Next News Network Banner

  1. Dem Rep. Fudge Endorses 2020 Candidate With SLIM Winning Odds (Video: 5:42 minutes long.)
  2. Idaho Pilot Becomes First Woman to Fly F-35 Jet for Marine Corps (Video: 4:43 minutes long.)
  3. ‘Empire’ Crews FILMING Very Close To Where Jussie Smollett Staged His Hate Hoax (Video: 3:31 minutes long.)
  4. Lindsey Graham Puts His Foot Down HARD, Calls For New Gun Laws ASAP (Video: 6:32 minutes long.)
  5. Trump Just Donated His Second Quarter Salary To Fight Critical Issue In America to MAGA (Video: 5:21 minutes long.)
  6. Bruce & Nellie Ohr BACK In The Spotlight After Matt Whitaker Warns Their Role in Spygate (Video: 5:18 minutes long.)
  7. Hillary Hit HARD With Reality After Killer 2016 Election Secrets Published (Video: 11:10 minutes long.)
  8. Italy Is DOOMED! One Look At This Boat PACKED Full of Migrants Will Make Italians SICK (Video: 4:35 minutes long.)
  9. Rep. Chip Roy Offers WAKE UP Call To Omar, Tlaib After Netanyahu DENIES Them Entry (Video: 5:48 minutes long.)

The John Birch Society Banner

  1. Conspiracy | What History Teaches Us (Video: 50:48 minutes long.)
  2. Will Big Tech Bring Government Censorship? (Video: 3:09 minutes long.)
  3. Stefan Molyneux – How to Enforce the Constitution (Video: 6:04 minutes long.)

Fox News Banner

  1. Lindsey Graham on Dems’ threat to restructure Supreme Court (Video: 5:50 minutes long.)

Justinformed Talk

  1. Who Is Telling The TRUTH About This? (Video: 31:58 minutes long.)
  2. How Much DEEPER Does This All Go??? (Video: 33:44 minutes long.)
  3. THEY Are Powerless To Stop What’s Coming… (Video: 32:28 minutes long.)
  4. What Are THEY Afraid To Talk About? (Video: 34:#5 minutes long.)
  5. Obama’s FBI Used CEO As SPY To SETUP Russia Hoax? (Video: 35:10 minutes long.)
  6. Would THEY Sell Out America’s Secrets? (Video: 29:27 minutes long.)



  1. New Report Shows Leprosy on the Rise in Los Angeles County
  2. Medieval Diseases Are Present In Los Angeles
  3. Success! California Stopped from implementing anti-Israel curriculum in high schools
  4. Boy, 9, makes his drag queen debut at pride march supported by his family
  5. Mayor of 1 million demands de facto gun ban
  6. California High-schoolers Sing Nazi Song, Make ‘Heil Hitler’ Salutes
  7. Outrage after California high-school students sang Nazi song and gave Hitler salute
  8. Second Video Emerges of California High School Kids Performing Hitler Greeting
  9. LA Is Not Just a Threat To Its Citizens, LA Threatens the Entire Country
  10. San Fran City Govt’s Response to Rising Crime Rate: Change ‘Convicted Felon’ to ‘Justice-Involved Person’
  11. Rep. Cox (D) Pays Years-Old Debt to Employees Before Disclosure Due
  12. Ethnic Studies Latest Ploy to Brainwash Kids
  13. San Francisco board rebrands ‘convicted felon’ as ‘justice-involved person,’ sanitizes other crime lingo
  14. Calif’s homeless problem can be laid at Dems’ feet
  15. How and Why California Became Flooded with Illegal Migrants and Where It Is Going…


  1. Florida’s iconic palm trees threatened by invasive disease
  2. At least 27 people have been arrested over threats to commit mass attacks since the El Paso and Dayton shootings
  3. Dolphins Owner Removed From NFL ‘Social Justice’ Committee After Hosting Trump Fundraiser
  4. Arrest made in shooting of Jewish man outside Miami synagogue


  1. Illinois: Democrat state senator Martin Sandoval hosts fundraiser where his supporters perform mock assassination of President Trump
  2. BREAKING: Special Prosecutor Appointed In Jussie Smollett Investigation


  1. Kentucky Democrats Revive ‘Deplorable’ Label With Attack on Republican Governor


  1. Newly Elected Missouri Democrat Council Member Sworn in on Dr. Seuss Book Instead of Bible


  1. Area 51 events in Nevada prompt emergency crowd planning


  1. Man Found With Gun Arsenal, Nazi Paraphernalia and Slave Manual


  1. WATCH: Wave of Violent Anti-Semitic Attacks Rocks New York
  2. Police are collecting DNA from people without their consent
  3. Podcast: Blue State Business Owners Are Packing Up
  4. Liberals Launch Plan To Rename New York’s Iconic 5th Ave After Worst President in US History
  5. For statues honoring women, NYC first lady nixes vote-winner St. Frances, chooses drag queens
  6. The New York Times Is Trying to Rewrite History to Fits Its Biases
  7. Al Qaeda jihadi fails to get conviction overturned for plot to BLOW UP THE NYC SUBWAY


  1. Illegal Alien Accused of Rape, Child Sex Crimes Released by Sanctuary County in North Carolina
  2. Special Forces across North Carolina secretively prep for war…Warns public not to be alarmed


  1. Antidepressants AGAIN: Dayton shooter found to have mind-altering SSRI drugs in his system
  2. Ohio Man Deemed Threat to Jewish Center Arrested


  1. Portland: Antifa Rioters Attack Right-Wingers With Hammers, Beat Man Unconscious, Spray People With Mace
  2. Why Were Members of ANTIFA Wearing MAGA Clothing in Portland
  3. Mistrial for pro-lifer refusing to pay taxes for 20 years: ‘I’m not going to fund the death of kids’


  1. Hundreds Expected at Left-Wing Rally To Support Philly Cop Shooter
  2. Philadelphia: Muslim migrant Uber driver rapes drunk passenger, then charges her $150


  1. Dem Gov Faces Ethics Investigation


  1. DEVELOPING: 2,000 infected, 13 dead in Tenn. from hepatitis A outbreak, vaccinations urged
  2. Tennessee man threatens Nashville shooting, joining ISIS in anti-Trump email to news station


  1. Another ‘drag queen’ reader exposed as lewd criminal
  2. Another Texas Walmart prankster licks Blue Bell ice cream, but claims innocence


  1. Va. Dem Delegate: ‘I Identify as Socialist in Many Ways’
  2. Former NBC News Reporter Says Medics at the Charlottesville Crash Told Her Police Forced Them to Stop Working On Heather Heyer, Which Led to Her Death
  3. Virginia Realtor Sues Real Estate Board After Being Prohibited From Including Christian Messages on Website and Email


  1. Seattle has a major poop problem, and it’s all being dumped, untreated, into the Puget Sound


  1. Democrat Governor Excludes Conservative News Service From Media List



  1. Omar, Tlaib Spread Cartoon by Artist Who Mocks Holocaust; Will Pelosi Act?
  2. Democrats Mull Revenge After Israel Bars Omar, Tlaib
  3. Analysis: Democrats Refuse to Confront Hate When It’s on Their Side
  4. Democrats Let Radicals Take The Steering Wheel
  5. WATCH: Criticism of BDS that Rashida Tlaib Doesn’t Want You to Hear
  6. Omar, Tlaib Rail Against ‘Occupation,’ Compare Israel to South African Apartheid
  7. Tlaib and Omar are all about weakening Israel, while staying silent on Hamas and Palestinian Authority
  8. Watch Unhinged Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib hold press conference to bash the Jews
  9. Exposed: What Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib were planning to do
  10. Reid: Medicare for All, Decriminalizing Border Crossing Bad Ideas
  11. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Omar: Withhold Israel Aid Unless They Give Full Rights to Palestinians
  12. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): The biggest Ilhan Omar scandal yet proves she works for terrorists!
  13. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Of 435 US districts, Omar’s ranked worst for blacks to live
  14. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Michigan): Rashida Tlaib meets with another supporter of jihad terror against Israel
  15. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Michigan): Is Rashida Tlaib Actually a Jew?
  16. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Michigan): US Lawmaker Blasts Wall that Prevented Suicide Bombings
  17. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Michigan): Tlaib’s “Palestinian” village is wealthy and thriving as she whines about “oppression”



  1. Senator Lindsey Graham (South Carolina): Sen Graham Wants to Shutdown “Offensive Websites”-Betrayal of the 1st Amendment
  2. Senator Tom Cotton (Arkansas): Cotton: Chinese Military Action Against Hong Kong Protests Would Be ‘Grave Miscalculation’


World News Banner


  1. Liberman will Steal Votes for Left with New Deal, Says Netanyahu
  2. WATCH: Netanyahu Makes Historic Visit to Ukraine
  3. WATCH: Israel’s President to Reduce Timeframe for Forming Government
  4. Tensions Escalate in South: IDF Forces Eliminate 4 Terrorists on Gaza Border
  5. IDF Kills 3 Gaza Terrorists Crossing into Israel
  6. Terrorists Launch Rockets at Israel Two Nights in Row, IDF Pounds Hamas
  7. WATCH: Iron Dome Destroys Palestinian Rocket Launched from Gaza
  8. Israel Agrees to Exclude Judea, Samaria from Billion Dollar Trade Deal with South Korea
  9. Iran Crisis: IDF Joins Forces with US to Simulate Ship-Hijacking Scenarios
  10. Freeing Gazans: Israel Working to Help Palestinians Oppressed by Hamas
  11. Israeli Women Revive Biblical Custom in Shiloh
  12. Jerusalem Deputy Mayor: ‘Battle Underway Over Jewish Character of State’
  13. Palestinian teen indicted in attempted lynching of Jewish driver
  14. WATCH: Israel ‘Stresses Red Lines’ on Trump Peace Plan
  15. Attorney General Said to Oppose Immunity for Netanyahu
  16. Gantz Dismisses Talk of Internal Spying Within Blue and White Party
  17. Israel Strikes Hamas Naval Targets in Response to Rockets
  18. Israel Launches Satellite over Africa to Give the Continent Internet Access
  19. Israeli Delegation Visits Chad to Build Ties Between the Two Nations
  20. Developed in Israel: Intel unveils first-ever AI chip
  21. Iodine: An In-Depth Guide to Its Potential Benefits
  22. Judea and Samaria: Muslims murder 17-year-old girl, seriously injure her father and brother with explosive device


  1. Palestinians Lie About Stabbing Terror, Video Shows the Truth!
  2. Hezbollah Threatens to ‘Destroy’ Israeli Troops; Netanyahu ‘Not Impressed’
  3. WATCH: Abbas Rewrites History, Creates ‘Palestinian Heritage’
  4. Islamic Jihad Says Israel’s Latest Terrorist Intercept Means War
  5. Is The Palestinian Authority Preparing For A New Intifada?
  6. Jordan Warns Israel on Temple Mount, Peace ‘in Danger,’ May Expel Israeli Envoy
  7. EXPOSED: Secret PA Report Predicts Violent Escalation in Judea, Samaria
  8. Palestinian Jihadists in Gaza Praise ISIS
  9. Hamas threatens escalation
  10. Islamic State claims bombing at Kabul wedding that killed 63
  11. Abbas Fires All of His Advisers, Demands Bonuses Returned
  12. Palestinian Authority bans LGBTQ activities in West Bank, police to “chase” those promoting LGBTQ
  13. WATCH: ‘Millions of Palestinian Fighters Will March on Jerusalem!’ Abbas Threatens
  14. Hamas again fires rockets from Gaza targeting Israeli civilians, Tlaib and Omar say nothing
  15. Blood money -The “Palestinian” Authority has paid MILLIONS to jihad terrorists who murdered 23 people, and will continue paying them more every month
  16. On 90th Anniversary of Hebron Massacre, Palestinian Authority Glorifies the Murderers
  17. PA President Abbas: ‘Millions Of Fighters’ Will Take Over Jerusalem


  1. Austria: Muslim migrant arrested for attempted arson at office of party that warns against Islamization
  2. Denmark: MP proposes ban on migrants “with Muslim values” becoming Danish citizens
  3. England: Sadiq’s London: More than 30 hooded youths MASS BRAWL in leafy suburb in front of horrified diners at Michelin-starred restaurant
  4. England: “Coming here is mental torture”: UK’s Sky News highlights home for Muslim migrants “not fit for humans to live in”
  5. France: Dijon, France: two women beaten because of their cleavage. Guess by who
  6. France: Gérard Davet (Le Monde): “There is a slogan in the northern suburbs of Paris: ‘one mosque, three mandates’”
  7. France: WATCH! France: Muslim praying on plane, gets up and punches out flight attendant
  8. France: “Every bit of Islam is monopolized” by the Muslim Brotherhood, which has plan to take over
  9. France: Taking on anti-Semitism in France | DW Documentary (Video: 25:56 minutes long.)
  10. Germany: DEVELOPING: Wide implications as Germany teeters toward recession
  11. Germany: Germany To Strip Asylum Status of ‘Refugees’ Who Go Home on Holiday
  12. Germany: Germany to strip “refugee” status from Muslim migrants from Syria who return home on vacation
  13. Germany: Germany’s Merkel demands that EU states resume illegal Muslim migrant naval pickup mission
  14. Italy: Pope Francis appoints promoter of “Islamo-Christian dialogue” as Archbishop of Marseille
  15. Italy: Italy’s Prime Minister Resigns (Video: 3:03 minutes long.)
  16. Poland: Under the Leadership of Their Communist Mayor, Portland Has Moved Into 4th Place
  17. Russia: Putin orders response to U.S. missile test (Video: 1:07 minutes long.)
  18. Russia: Russia launches floating nuclear power Akademik Lomonosov (Video: 2:@6 minutes long.)
  19. Sweden: Bombings in Sweden Up 45%, 120 bombings this year
  20. UK: UK Bus Driver Suspended After Allegedly Refusing to Drive Bus Supporting LBGTQ Pride Events
  21. UK: Sharia UK: Police hunting for man who made a rude joke to a Muslim
  22. UK: Muslim migrant with “desire to kill English people” attacked random men with ten-inch kitchen knife
  23. UK: Muslim supermarket security guard joins the Islamic State, blows himself up in Syria
  24. UK: Social media network promoting Western, anti-terror Muslim identity is covert government program
  25. UK: UK Grants Asylum to ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Doctor
  26. Ukraine: Ukraine Announces Opening of Hi-tech Center in Jerusalem During Netanyahu Visit


  1. Afghanistan: Muslims murder 63 with jihad suicide bomb at Kabul wedding
  2. Afghanistan: Afghanistan Vows to Crush ISIS Havens After Deadly Wedding Attack
  3. Bangladesh: Muslim Rapists Arrested for Gang-Rape and Murder of Hindu Teacher
  4. China: China Boasts of Restricting Millions from Public Travel Due to Low Social Credit Scores
  5. China: Chinese company to launch mass sale of cloned cats after recreating its first kitten
  6. India: India’s Chandrayaan-2 mission achieves lunar orbit ahead of Moon landing
  7. India: Muslim cleric says jihad is now “mandatory” against India over Jammu and Kashmir
  8. India: Over ten thousand rally in support of Israel
  9. Iran: Images Show Iran Satellite Launch Looms Despite US Criticism
  10. Iran: Iranian official: “Shiites must take on the jihad of childbearing to counter the goals of the enemies”
  11. Iran: Suitcases of Cash: Iran Finds Unorthodox Ways to Keep Funds Flowing to Terror
  12. Iran: Iran Kicks Off ‘Massive’ War Games, Unveils Homemade Russian Missile System
  13. Iraq: Explosion at Iraqi weapons warehouse rocks its capital
  14. Iraq: Massive Explosion Rocks Iraqi Arms Depot: Was Israel Behind It?
  15. Japan: DISTRESS OF NATIONS: Protestors defy police in Hong Kong as crowds swell to 1.7 million
  16. Japan: ‘We Are Facing One of the Biggest Authoritarian States’: A Hong Kong Politician Speaks Out
  17. Japan: How Long Before Hong Kong Suffers Bloody Communist Crackdown?
  18. Japan: Japan warns that North Korea now has miniaturized nukes; ‘Imminent threat’…
  19. Malaysia: Islamic Development Department official says non-Muslims “are acting like cattle for slaughter”
  20. Pakistan: Muslims murder five of the wrong kind of Muslims with bomb at mosque
  21. Pakistan: Religious minorities ask jihad-supporting government for protection and rights
  22. South Korea: South Korea Strikes Free Trade Agreement with Israel
  23. Syria: Islamic State jihadis getting art therapy in prison
  24. Syria: WATCH: Why Did Syria  Bomb Turkish Military Convoy?
  25. Syria: Syrian Kurds hand over four children of Islamic State parents to Germany
  26. Taiwan: Fearful Hong Kong Immigrants Are Pouring Into Taiwan
  27. Turkey: Turkish government destroys more than 300,000 books
  28. Turkey: Muslim Monster: Young Turks’ Hasan Piker Says ‘America Deserved 9/11’, Mocks Veteran’s War Injury: ‘Brave [Muslim] Soldier F***ed His Eye Hole’


  1. Ethiopia: Body Located: Missing Israeli Student’s Remains Found in Ethiopia’s Salt Desert
  2. Nigeria: First-Hand Report: Why is the World Ignoring This Genocide?
  3. Nigeria: Where is the News Media coverage of Christian genocide in Nigeria?
  4. Nigeria: ‘Many Feared Dead’: Islamic Group ‘Seizes’ Two Nigerian Towns Weeks After Gov’t Declared Group Defeated


  1. Australia: Australia to join US effort, send warship to Persian Gulf amid rising tensions with Islamic Republic of Iran


  1. Canada: Quebec: Green Party candidate forced to resign for criticizing mosque leader
  2. Canada: Leader of new People’s Party of Canada says his party is the only one willing to discuss the “Islamist menace”
  3. Canada: ‘Garbage’: Critics slam Ontario’s new sex ed for promoting homosexuality, gender theory, masturbation
  4. Canada: Jihadi Jack’s dad says Canada could “be enlightened world leader” by bringing son “home”


  1. Paraguay: Paraguay Officially Designates Hamas and Hezbollah as Terror Groups


World-Currencies Banner


  1. Nightly Business Report – August 19, 2019 (Video: 24:46 minutes long.)
  2. Nightly Business Report – August 20, 2019 (Video: 24:46 minutes long.)
  3. Nightly Business Report – August 21, 2019 (Video: 24:46 minutes long.)
  4. Nightly Business Report – August 22, 2019 (Video: 24:46 minutes long.)
  5. Nightly Business Report – August 23, 2019 (Video: 24:46 minutes long.)
  6. Political Agenda Behind Media Coverage Of Coming Recession?
  7. Each American Is $240,000 in Debt Because of Government Spending
  8. President of Wilsey Asset Management, Brent Wilsey, on Wall St., Recession Fears & China (Video: 5:30 minutes long.)
  9. Was Trump’s Huawei Decision a Trade War Misstep? | Gordon Chang (Video: 19:16 minutes long.)
  10. Pres. Trump: I am the chosen one to deliver Chinese trade deal (Video: 3:02 minutes long.)
  11. Trump raises China tariffs in escalation of trade war
  12. US China Trade War Explained -Who Needs Who? (Video: 17:49 minutes long.)
  13. Federal Spending News Missed Because of Epstein (Video: 8:05 minutes long.)
  14. 11 Reasons Why So Many Experts Believe That A U.S. Economic Crisis Is Imminent
  15. Another Depressing Chapter Of Atlas Shrugged Comes Alive
  16. Fraud Investigator Accuses General Electric of Hiding $38-Billion in Liabilities. GE Says the Accusation Is A Fraud to Game Stock Prices
  17. 11 Reasons Why Experts Believe That A U.S. Economic Crisis Is Imminent
  18. U.S. Steel plans to lay off hundreds of workers in Michigan
  19. A Transportation Recession Has Already Arrived in the US
  20. Tax Cuts? (Video: 1:32 minutes long.)
  21. The Federal Reserve Is Behind Every Recession and Depression Including This One
  22. Crash Of The ‘Everything Bubble’ Will Be Blamed On Trump & Conservatives
  23. The Budget Is at a Crossroads. Which Path Will Congress Take?
  24. Manufacturing sector contracts for the first time in nearly a decade
  25. One Of The Largest “Too Big To Fail” Banks In America Boldly Declares That “The Wheels For A Slowdown Are In Motion”
  26. Economic storm clouds hover over Trump and global leaders
  27. Opinion: The Trump era could wind up like the 1930s
  28. Bank of America’s CEO has one simple reason why he doesn’t see a recession looming
  29. Brace yourself: 10 steps to take now to prepare for the next recession
  30. Former Fed official says Trump’s trade war with China a ‘stagflationary shock’
  31. Jackson Hole notebook: Talk of full-fledged trade war, growing U.S. recession risk
  32. The Fed needs to radically change policy and start printing money
  33. How one millennial managed to save almost $1 million in 10 years without ever earning a salary of more than $75,000
  34. The Real Reasons Why The Media Is Suddenly Admitting To The Recession Threat
  35. Markets In Turmoil As China Announces Retaliatory Tariffs On US Goods
  37. Audio Alert: Worried White House Floats New Tax Cuts
  38. Paul Craig Roberts: Globalism Transferred The US Economy To China, Tariffs Are Not The Solution
  39. The Yield Curve Is Telling The Fed To Cut Rates
  41. Are These Mainstream Media Reports On The Looming Recession A Political Ploy?
  42. Shocking Proposal: BOE’s Mark Carney Urges Replacing Dollar With Libra-Like…
  43. Why Mark Carney Thinks The Dollar Can No Longer Be The World’s Reserve Currency
  44. Corporate Debt Is At Risk Of A Flash Crash
  45. How Negative Interest Rates Screw Up The Economy
  46. How far does $100 go in your state?
  47. The online tax grab


  1. Should Investors Expect More Market Volatility? (Video: 2:52 minutes long.)
  2. BONDS, GOLD RESISTANCE LEVEL, PORTFOLIO BUILDING… Q&A with Lynette Zang and Eric Griffin (Video: 30:22 minutes long.)
  3. DON’T WORRY, SPEND MONEY: Undeniable Bad Advice & Negative Signals (Video: 34:04 minutes long.)
  4. Bond markets are sending one big global recession warning
  5. Dow drops over 600 points after Trump says U.S. companies must look for ‘alternative to China’
  6. Interest rate cuts could make these bonds an attractive target


  1. Ted Butler | +100 Million oz Silver Trade, JP Morgan Busted Again
  2. Mega-Tsunami Of Gold & Silver Buying Wipes-Out Cartel’s Week-Long Build Up To A Friday Smash
  3. Signs Of Tightness In The Silver Market Continue To Emerge
  4. Lynette Zang: GOLD OR GARBAGE? Rating Agencies Emulating Crash Criteria
  5. Fund Manager: Get Ready For A HUGE RIDE HIGHER In Gold, Silver, And The Mining Stocks
  6. Greg Hunter: Gold Bandwagon Fills With Some Big Names As Trump Fights The Fed
  7. David Morgan: Currency Crisis Will Easily Increase Silver’s Share Of Financial System By 50 Times
  8. Ted Butler: Will DOJ Shift Focus From Individual JP Morgan Traders To Root Of Silver Manipulation?
  9. Gold & Silver Spike As Powell Says Fed Prepared To Sustain Bubble Economy, Trump Not Impressed
  10. What Will Jackson Hole Bring To Us And Gold?
  11. The Outlook For COMEX Silver Improves – Craig Hemke
  12. SILVER MARKET: Indicators Setting Up For A Big Move
  13. The Case for Gold Keeps Getting Stronger As Negative Interest Rates Spread
  15. Krugman & The Goldbugs


  1. The dirty secret about most ‘fixer uppers’
  2. Is It Too Late For The Fed To Prevent Another Housing Market Crash?


  1. ‘It is an act of insanity to stay in the U.S.:’ Why this 63-year-old teacher ditched Massachusetts to retire in the highlands of Panama
  2. What retirement crisis? Number of 401(k) and IRA millionaires hits record high
  3. Nearly 2 years into early retirement, here’s all that I’ve gotten wrong



  1. SEEMS LEGIT: Last Week Reuters Reported China Is Restricting Gold Imports, Now Reuters Reports China Eased Gold Import Restrictions Last Week
  2. China Responds To Trump’s “Barbaric” Tariffs: Vows To Fight “Until The End” And Have “The Last Laugh”
  3. Is “Financial Literacy” Making Gold Less Relevant In India?


Earth News Banner

  1. 11 earthquakes in 5 days strike one Kansas county…
  2. Hail Storm Kills and Maims More Than 11,000 Birds in Montana
  3. The New Normal – Earthquakes In Diverse Places As Kansas & Oklahoma Shake
  4. This Isn’t Normal: Kansas And Oklahoma Have Been Hit By 65 Earthquakes Within The Last 7 Days
  5. NASA preparing for ‘colossal God of Chaos’ rock to arrive in next 10 years
  6. Unexplained repeating signals from deep space has just tripled…
  7. Earth’s inner core is doing something strange
  8. Unusually warm temperatures across Alaska this summer led to die-offs of massive amounts of unspawned chum, sockeye, and pink salmon
  9. August heat records tumble in Phoenix Arizona as the mercury nudges toward 122 deg F (50 deg C)
  10. More than half a billion bees dropped dead in Brazil within 3 months
  11. 5.0 earthquake strikes outside of Ridgecrest, CA in Little Lake


Sign Petition Banner

Drag Queen Story Hour

Urge the American Library Association to stop supporting Drag Queen Story Hour

Drag Queen Story Hour, a time set aside for men to dress as garishly adorned women and read LGBTQ-themed books to young children, is being held in public libraries all across the country – all in the name of public service. And the American Library Association (ALA) is supporting it.  

According to the official website of Drag Queen Story Hour, this perverted reading time “captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models. … [K]ids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where people can present as they wish, where dress up is real.”

Public libraries are targeting our children by hosting these reading hours that are saturated in absolute filth. Our children are being “groomed” by drag queens under the disguise of education. Some drag queens have even admitted that their goal is to “groom” the next generation. Drag Queen Story Hour events are not enhancing learning but, instead, brainwashing our preschoolers and elementary-age children.

Both public and school libraries nationwide are hosting Drag Queen Story Hour events solely to indoctrinate children into transgenderism and homosexuality. The goal is to normalize the LGBTQ lifestyle, and the American Library Association is defending these efforts when it should be protecting our children and refusing to take part this abomination.

The American Library Association membership, which currently exceeds 60,000 members, is open to any person or organization, though most of its members are libraries or librarians.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Archaeologists Uncover Babylonian Destruction of Jerusalem Just How Bible Describes It
  2. Archaeologists uncover a dark chapter in Ancient Egyptian history: 60 Mummies found with evidence of gruesome deaths
  3. The Secrets of the Ancient Egyptian Gods That You Need To Know! (Video: 13:05 minutes long.)
  4. Inside This Pyramid They Discovered Something…’Like Nothing EVER Discovered on Earth!’ (Video: 12:28 minutes long.)
  5. Ancient tools suggest humans spread across Eurasia earlier than previously thought
  6. Early “monster” penguin found in New Zealand
  7. Atlantis, Ancient Adventure, Archaeological Discovery and Magnetic Stone Heads of Guatemala (Video: 9:15 minutes long.)
  8. Sumerian Cunieform Tablets – Lost Libraries of The Ancient World! (Video: 10:10 minutes long.)
  9. Ancient Time Capsule Discovered…The BIG Question Is, Who Left It? (Video:12:33 minutes long.)
  10. They Found Something in Antactica That Should Definetly Not Exist! (Video: 10:10 minutes long.)
  11. Is It Underground? The Lost Pyramid City of the Etruscans! (Video: 10:07 minutes long.)
  12. You Won’t Believe This Underground City Still Exists!! (Video: 13:28 minutes long.)
  13. 25 Ancient Gold-Filled Warrior Tombs Discovered in Spain
  14. Two Intact Chamber Tombs Dating Back 3,300 Years Unearthed in Greece
  15. Identity of 1000-Year-Old Warrior Corrupted by Nazi and Soviet Spin Doctors
  16. Hilda, A 2000-Year-Old Scottish Female Druid, Rises From The Grave
  17. Hellenistic Elite Found Buried on a Bronze Bed with Gold in Her Mouth
  18. Maya Sacrificial Victims Were Likely Young, Foreign and Skinned Alive
  19. Ancient Pyramid Cities of Peru: A Catalogue of Swift Decline
  20. Local Historians To Rebuild A 2000-year-old Romano-Celtic Temple
  21. 2,500-Year-Old Smashed Jewel Found at Site of Babylonian Destruction of Jerusalem
  22. THEY KEPT THIS HIDDEN | This Is What Archaeologists Don’t Want You To Know | Graham Hancock (Video: 14 minutes long.)
  23. A Falling Window Led to A Major Archaeological Discovery (Video: 10:32 minutes long.)


History Past Banner

  1. Corridors Of Power | Time Team (History Of London Documentary) | Timeline (Video: 47:52 minutes long.)
  2. Wyatt Earp’s Rivals: Old Man Clanton and the Cowboys (Video: 11:52 minutes long.)
  3. The Byzantine Empire (History of the Eastern Roman Empire Documentary) (Video: 16:38 minutes long.)
  4. The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire (Financial Power Documentary) | Timeline (Video: 1:16:20 minutes long.)


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Brit-Am Now no. 2974
  2. Brit-Am Now no. 2975
  3. BRAD SAUNDERS — UNITED STATES (Audio: 57:39 minutes long. Brad Saunders, an over-the-road truck driver who just happens to also be a flaming follower of Torah, the Two Houses and Yeshua, tells us how he got from Catholicism to his current Hebraic understanding.)


Genealogy News Banner New

  1. Use ArchiveGrid To Find Old Documents & Family Records
  2. A Closer Look at the 1810 US Federal Census
  3. Finding Church Records
  4. Colonial Genealogy Resources
  5. 5 Types of Land Records You Should Look For
  6. Are You a Cookie Cutter Genealogist?
  7. NGS and FGS Announce Merger
  8. MyHeritage Adds French Record Collection: Nord Civil Marriage Records, 1792–1937


Health News Banner


  1. More vaping-linked hospitalizations as study finds nicotine-free e-cigs can damage blood vessels
  2. More than 120 Cases of Lung Disease in 15 States Could be Linked to Vaping
  3. Fentanyl Trade Is Spreading, Feds Warn


  1. Foods with No Carbs and No Sugar (Video: 6:45 minutes long.)
  2. Breadfruit Leaves: Benefits & Uses (Blood Pressure) (Video: 3:36 minutes long.)
  3. What Are Natural Flavors And Why Are They In Everything At The Grocery Store?! (Video: 19:14 minutes long.)
  4. 5 AMAZING Baking Soda HACKS! (Video: 5:57 minutes long.)
  5. Study finds key gut immune molecule links obesity, the microbiome, and metabolic disorders
  6. CBD absorption significantly affected by high-fat foods
  7. Stretchy sensor tracks its wearer’s health via their skin
  8. Keto Fruits and Veggies (Allowed) (Video: 5:13 minutes long.)
  9. Plant Nutrients Fight Macular Degeneration (Video)
  10. Why You Shouldn’t Fall for Vitaminwater Hype
  11. Controversial new study rekindles link between fluoride and low IQ in children
  12. Blood test to predict how likely you are to die within 5 to 10 years
  13. Avoid These 5 Brain Damaging Neurotoxins Found In Popular Foods – by Dr Sam Robbins (Video: 10:28 minutes long.)
  14. Scientists Attempt Controversial Experiment To Edit DNA In Human Sperm Using CRISPR
  15. Deep brain stimulation found to increase dopamine levels
  16. WATCH: Israel’s Laboratory-Grown Bones Revolutionize Transplant Surgery


THomas DeLauer

  1. How to Lose Excess Arm Fat – 7 Simple Steps (Video: 12:14 minutes long.)
  2. Does Protein Get Turned into Fat? (Video: 10:32 minutes long.)

Dr Alan Mandell, DC

  2. 30 SECONDS CAN CORRECT 30 DAYS – (Discovered by Dr Alan Mandell, DC) (Video: 2:42 minutes long.)
  3. TRY THIS POSITION AND FIX YOUR STIFF NECK – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 2:21 minutes long.)
  4. MOST EFFECTIVE CHIN TUCK FOR NECK PAIN RELIEF – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 2:10 minutes long.)

Dr. Eric Berg DC

  1. Insulin & Lean Muscle Mass (Video: 5:51 minutes long.)
  2. 7 Interesting Benefits of Sea Kelp Beyond the Thyroid (Video: 3:17 minutes long.)
  3. How to Respond to a Keto Critic (Video: 3:57 minutes long.)
  4. Cauliflower, the Ultimate Keto Food (Video: 3:19 minutes long.)
  5. Fermented Wheat Germ Extract (Video: 5:37 minutes long.)
  6. Why You Should NOT Drink Alkaline Water (Video: 2:54 minutes long.)
  7. Green Blood Therapy (Video: 6:33 minutes long.)
  8. Why Eating Butter Can Make You Skinny (Video: 4:43 minutes long.)
  9. Hidden Foods That STOP Weight Loss (Dr.Berg) (Video: 5:17 minutes long.)
  10. Different Benefits Between the Ketogenic Diet vs Intermittent Fasting (Video: 7:10 minutes long.)
  11. Why is there a Major Zinc Deficiency in India and Pakistan? (Video: 4:53 minutes long.)

Dr. Joseph Mercola

  1. Does Your Omega-3 Supplement Contain Fake Fish Oil?
  2. Dietary Intake of Vitamin A May Prevent Skin Malignancy
  3. Why You Should Mix Coffee Into Your Cream
  4. Careful: These ‘Biodegradable’ Dishes Contain Forever Toxins
  5. The Second Silent Spring Has Sprung
  6. Corrupted Data on Gene Therapy Approved to Treat Babies
  7. What Is Fingerroot Good For?
  8. Iodine: An In-Depth Guide to Its Potential Benefits
  9. The Government May Be Shifting Its View About This Neurotoxin
  10. What You Should Know About Kidney Stones


Mike Adams-Health Ranger

  1. Mobile devices rewire your brain, turning you into a reward addict who craves more food
  2. Science confirms: Women athletes have different nutritional needs than men
  3. 6 Most Powerful Herbs and Spices
  4. 5 Best Detox Fruit Waters
  5. Get out of the hospital ASAP: Vitamin C can mean shorter ICU stays, according to research
  6. Scientists identify two molecules that make up the “fountain of youth” and even accelerate wound healing
  7. Sweet: Here are 7 reasons to eat sweet potatoes
  8. Why do You Sneeze and Have Runny Nose in the Morning
  9. Why are dogs dying from algae in lakes?
  10. Child Protective Services launches Soviet-style armed raid on family to kidnap their 4-year-old autistic child… this is real “family separation,” but Dems are silent
  11. 5-G: Brussels halts 5G deployment indefinitely: 5G project, says authorities, not compatible with radiation safety standards
  12. Lemon And Baking Soda A Miraculous Combination
  13. 5 Air Purifying Plants to Detoxify Your Home
  14. Regularly eating fermented foods can provide incredible health-promoting benefits
  15. Aspartame in diet soda linked to significant health issues, tumors
  16. Honey is medicine: 4 Scientifically proven perks of using Nature’s sweetener
  17. Just one serving of greens per day helps delay brain aging by over a decade
  18. Reduce inflammation, reduce disease: These foods can help
  19. Staying hydrated is not enough: Here’s why you should infuse your drinking water with minerals and electrolytes

Dr. Sten Ekberg

  1. What Is The Best Cooking Oil? coconut oil vs avocado oil vs olive oil vs vegetable oil vs butter (Video: 6:26 minutes long.)
  2. Are Fats Good? (The Truth About Fats) (Video: 11:35 minutes long.)

Dr. Nick Zyrowski

  1. Foods More Powerful Than Drugs | Must See! (Video: 6:38 minutes long.)



  1. Protect your colon with food: Garlic and onions reduce risk of colorectal cancer
  2. Coralberry: Natural treatment for eye cancer
  3. If you use “regular” sunscreen, you are poisoning your blood with cancer-causing chemicals


  1. “Mercury in Vaccines,” with Donald Drum, MD
  2. New York Moves Closer to Becoming Nation’s First Vaccine Police State


  1. Easy Slow Cooker Meatballs
  2. Easy Shake and Bake Chicken
  3. Chicken Parmesan with Zucchini Pasta
  4. Roasted Lemon, Garlic, and Chicken
  5. How To Spatchcock and Roast the Juiciest Chicken Ever
  6. Turkey Wraps
  7. Spicy Chipotle Turkey Wraps
  8. Easy Mexican Casserole
  9. Roasted Spatchcocked Chicken with Potatoes
  10. Roasted Cherry Tomatoes with Angel Hair
  11. Creamy Cornbread Casserole
  12. Cream Cheese Ranch Potatoes
  13. Garlic Bread – Low Carb, Keto Diet Fast Food! (Video: 5:12 minutes long.)
  14. French Onion Soup – (Video: 12:02 minutes long.)
  15. Vegan Leek and Garlic Mashed Potatoes
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  26. Peach Cobbler Cheesecake Bars


Misc. News Banner

  1. A US–Russia nuclear war could ‘plunge Earth into a 10-year winter’ causing plummeting global temperatures and constant darkness
  2. Amazon’s CEO Owns a Terror-Linked Paper
  3. What Edgar Cayce Saw In The Akashic Records Is Beyond Imagination! (Video: 16:13 minutes long.)
  4. Pornography Is Transforming Our Society – Study Looks At Teen Dating Violence
  5. Statistical Analysis of America’s 8 Stage Decline Into Genocide
  6. Walmart declares war on the First and Second Amendments; now blocking gun sites from Walmart wi-fi
  7. Portable OvenPlus cooker takes a topdown approach for smoke-free grilling
  8. Islamists and Neo-Nazis Are Not Opposites – On the Contrary
  9. Why isn’t the United States suing Mexico for all the kidnappings, murders, muggings and rapes of Americans south of the border?
  10. At least 40 Babies Were Born Last Year But Allowed to Die. Why? Because They Survived Botched Abortions
  11. Planned Parenthood Chooses Abortion Over Needy Patients
  12. The Left’s Game Plan Exposed
  13. What Will Life In America Be Like When Trump Leaves Office?
  14. Death By a Thousand Cuts Brought to You By Soros, Antifa, the Cartels and the UN
  15. The Resurrection Of Socialism In America
  16. Documentary: President Bill Clinton and his corrupt FBI ran the false flag bombing of Oklahoma City… to silence critics and ban the Second Amendment
  17. EXCLUSIVE: Mike Adams Issues “Death Camp” Warning! Genocide, Round-Ups? BOMBSHELL! (Video: 14:50 minutes long.)
  18. The Globalist Takeover of America -Mike Adams- CSS
  19. The Censorship Of Alternative Media Is Virtual Book Burning
  21. America Is Waking Up! First Netflix, Now Disney Are In Absolute Free-Fall
  22. The Pedophile Enterprise Sits at the Right Hand of Satan-Where Is Government Witness Kathy Hall?


  1. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook Is the Latest Tech Giant to Admit Contractors Are Snooping on Your Conversations
  2. Social Media-Facebook: Why is Facebook spying on the audio of its users?
  3. Social Media-Facebook: Conservatives ‘Lost Trust’ in Facebook, Independent Report Finds
  4. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook Head Fakes Conservatives With Empty Bias Report
  5. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook nixes ‘women for Trump’ 2020 ads
  6. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook Head Fakes Conservatives With Empty Bias Report
  7. Social Media-Facebook: Exclusive: Jon Kyl Spoke to 133 Conservatives About Facebook Bias. He Reveals the Findings and Rebuts His Critics
  8. Social Media-Google: Proof Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai knowingly lied to Congress, which is a felony crime… when will tech CEOs be subjected to armed government raids?
  9. Social Media-Google: Google Stops Sharing Your Network Data With Carriers Over Privacy Concerns
  10. Social Media-Google: Travel Is Denied to 2.5 Million Citizens Thanks to Google-System Is Being Unveiled In America
  11. Social Media-Google: ‘We are moving into a new, controlled society worse than old totalitarianism’ – Philosopher on Google leak
  12. Social Media-Google: Google Proposes New Privacy Standards to Protect Web Browsing Data
  13. Social Media-Google: Google tells workers to cool it on politics at work
  14. Social Media-Twitter: How to Unblock “Potentially Sensitive Content” on Twitter
  15. Social Media-YouTube: YouTube blocks PragerU Ten Commandments videos, restricts to ‘mature audiences’
  16. Social Media-YouTube: Unhinged feminist YouTuber issues crazed call for women to ‘kill all male babies and any man you see in the streets’


  1. Growing Cucumbers in a 5 Gallon Bucket without Soil (Video: 13:04 minutes long.)
  2. 7 Survival uses for expired gas
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  1. DAYS OF LOT: California Imposes Secular Ideology on School Children Through 5th Grade
  2. Illinois Governor JB Pritzker Signed a Bill Requiring Schools LGBTQ Lessons in School. His Family Generously Funds the Transgender Ideology
  3. Preferred Pronouns and More: What a Mom Saw at Her Son’s College Orientation
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  5. Why are universities filled with left-wing communists and America haters? Because China has infiltrated hundreds of them with social engineers
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  9. Michigan, California, Georgia, Texas, Florida, NJ public schools: Islam glorified, Christianity vilified, US bashed


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Religion News Banner

Free From Religion

  1. Here Are 5 Things Trump Has Fulfilled from the Wish Lists of Christian Voters
  2. Pastor warns of ‘demonic sacrifice’ to make Trump ‘bloodiest president in American history’
  3. ‘Veggie Tales’ Creator Says Christian Media Will Soon Be Forced to Cover LGBT Topics for Kids
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  12. End Times Teacher Irvin Baxter claims there is zero Biblical evidence for a “Seven-Year Tribulation”
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  19. 24 Reasons to Believe Hell Is a Reality
  20. You’re It – Keep Believing (Video: 11:45 minutes long.)
  21. One of the Hardest Thing to Talk About In Church Today – Francis Chan (Video: 17:46 minutes long.)
  22. 4 Companies That Have ‘Hidden’ Bible Verses on Their Products
  23. Mexican pastor shot and killed while at the pulpit during Sunday service
  24. Head Jesuit Says Devil Just a ‘Symbol’, Not a Real Being


Pete Banner

BAR hopping

(Bar means son, in Hebrew)

August 8, 2019

Psalm 107                   Mark 10

(Scripture interpreting Scripture)

Mark 10:45  For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give HIS Life a ransom for many.

Mark 10:46  And they came to Jericho: and as HE went out of Jericho with HIS disciples and a great number of people, blind Bartimaeus, the son of Timaeus, sat by the highway side begging.

            Hopping over to the bar (the son) of Abbas = Barabbas, the convicted murderer, who was set free while Yeshua took his/our death penalty:

Mark 15:6  Now at that Feast he released unto them one prisoner, whomsoever they desired.

Mark 15:7  And there was one named Barabbas, which lay bound with them that had made insurrection with him, who had committed murder in the insurrection.

As the son of Abbas, the convicted murderer, was set free and Yeshua took the death penalty; and, while the religious leaders were yelling, “His [Yesh-oo’-aw’s, H3444 our Salvation’s] blood be on us, and on our children” [Oooo!  That’s a CURSE! That’s still haunting the world of “children” to this day!!!].

Matthew 27:24  When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it.

Matthew 27:25  Then answered all the people, and said, HIS blood be on us, and on our children.

Matthew 27:26  Then released he Barabbas unto them: and when he had scourged Yeshua [H3444 Yesh-oo’-aw = Salvation], he delivered HIM to be crucified.

Is Yesh-oo’-aw’s blood still upon the children TO THIS DAYIs Hamas a murderous terrorist Palestinian Authority thorn to Israel and THE WORLD TO THIS DAY??  Is ABBAS the President of the State of Palestine and Palestinian National Authority the son of a murderer TO THIS DAY???  Are Abbas and Barabbas related????  And I ponder, Selah, muse = think…. (A-muse is to not think and we have entire parks designed for us to go, pay money, and to NOT THINK… Amusement parks)

            I am not amused by the Bible; but, I muse as I read it — as did our eternal Brother David when he said:

Psalm 39:3-4  My heart was hot within me, while I was musing the fire burned: then spake I with my tongue, YHVH, make me to know mine end, and the measure of my days, what it is; that I may know how frail I am.

            Is our GOD only merciful in the New Testament; or, is HE the same yesterday, today, and forever?  Answer:

Psalm 107:19  Then they cry unto YHVH in their trouble, and HE saveth them out of their distresses.

Psalm 107:20  HE sent HIS Word [see John 1:1-5  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word (Yesh-oo’-aw = Salvation) was with God, and the Word (Yesh-oo’-aw) was God.   The same was in the beginning with God.  All things were made by HIM; and without HIM was not any thing made that was made.  In HIM was Life; and the Life was the Light of men.  And the Light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”], and [Yesh-oo’-aw] healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.

Psalm 107:21  Oh that men would praise YHVH for HIS goodness, and for HIS wonderful works to the children of men!

Is HE really in us and us in HIM?  Lookie:

John 17:19  And for their sakes I sanctify MYself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth [truth” is Torah according to Psalm 119:142 “Thy law (H8451 Torah) is The TRUTH].

John 17:20  Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also [you and me :o)] which shall believe on ME through their word;

John 17:21  That they [you and me] all may be one; as thou, Father, art in ME, and I in Thee, that they also may be one in US: that the world may believe that Thou hast sent ME.

YHWH-Paleo Hebrew

Who’s yo Daddy?  Only when I quit bar hopping, began musing in the WORD, and falling in love with my eternal family did The Light of the world give me eternal Life.

May YHVH add HIS blessing to the reading of HIS entire Holy Bible.  Amen.



August 10, 2019

Shabbat shalom

(Abba Papa’s special day of rest and peace)

Psalm 112:1

(a Psalm of David continued:)

Psalm 112:1  Praise ye YAW [H3050, short for 3068 YeHoVaH. Here, our eternal Brother David is speaking a bit more intimately, somewhat as saying “Abba Papa” instead of Father; and, David is assuring you and me that]. Blessed is the man that feareth YeHoVaH, that delighteth greatly in HIS Commandments.

In terms of candy, this is not so much a “jaw breaker” as it is a delicious all day lollipop.  My Bible chapters for today were Psalm 112 and Mark 13; however, as I read the first verse of Psalm 112 my eternal spirit was captivated in awe of YAW!  Abba Papa loves us with a love that passes all understanding.  Man seems to have a problem with associating

commandments” with love; and yet, if I really love you — I won’t steal your stuff, right?  That should go without saying; but, most of us are too thick between the horns :o/  and need to be told :o)  If I really love Abba Papa and HE invites me to HIS dining table, do I accept HIS invitation and attend HIS mo-ade’ (festival/fiesta/feast, appointed time indicated by HIS signals in the sky which HE created in Genesis 1:14 in order for us to KNOW when “soup’s on!”) or, do I tell HIM to buzz off while I hobnob with Santa?

And, our eternal Brother Joshua harmonizes:

Joshua 24:14  Now therefore fear YeHoVaH, and serve HIM in sincerity and in Truth [Truth is Yeshua’s middle name in John 14:6 :o)]: and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the flood, and in Egypt; and serve ye YeHoVaH.

Joshua 24:15  And if it seem evil unto you to serve YeHoVaH, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve YeHoVaH.

And, as I twirl the stick of this all day lollipop for all the flavor I can get — I taste David’s understanding again — EVEN in the NEW Testament:

Hebrews 4:4  For he spake in a certain place of the seventh day on this wise, And ELohim [Father and Son = singular plural] did rest the seventh day from all HIS works.

Hebrews 4:5  And in this place again, If they [you and me :o)] shall enter into MY [Abba Papa’s] rest.

Hebrews 4:6  Seeing therefore it remaineth that some must enter therein, and they to whom it was first preached entered not in because of unbelief:

Hebrews 4:7  Again, HE limiteth a certain day, saying in David, To day, after so long a time; as it is said, To day if ye will hear HIS voice, harden not your hearts.

Shabbat shalom my precious Siblings in Yeshua ha Mashiyach (Jesus the Christ),



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Another Coffee Break

ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Tribulation, Part 3

I ran out of time last week to finish the story of 13-year-old Rosa Frankson, who endured persecution, beatings and torture for the sake of the Gospel.  I’m getting ahead of myself in saying so, but her life and her testimony affected the whole community of Point Hope, Alaska.

After three or four days of hanging between life and death, and fading in and out of consciousness, she was awake and talking to the attending nurse.  “You need to know Jesus like I do,” she said.  The nurse teared up, and not knowing what else to do or say, reached over and patted Rosa on the head.  “You’re going to be OK, Rosa.”

Rosa nodded her head and said, “Oh, yes!  I know I’m going to be OK.  I’m going home to Jesus!”

The nurse ran out and called for the doctor.  Her parents had just come into the hospital and they followed the nurse and doctor into the hospital room in time to see Rosa raising her hands toward the ceiling.

“Jesus!  Jesus!  I see you.”

A smile lit up her face, her hands sagged back to the bed, and she was gone.

In the days that followed, the nurse and the doctor both accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.  Rosa’s parents likewise accepted the Lord.  Dad preached the funeral back in Point Hope a week later.  The boys who had beaten her wept and cried, repenting before the community, and asking Jesus to come into their hearts.

It was the end of the shaman’s exercise of authority in Point Hope.  He shortly thereafter was diagnosed with cancer and died a few months later in a mysterious fire that burned his sod house to the ground.

Rosa’s testimony and dogged determination to serve the Lord at the cost of her life had both an immediate and long-term impact on Point Hope.  It broke the spell of witchcraft that had held the community in bondage for hundreds of years, and it pointed a path to freedom for her family and many young people who have since gone on in their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rosa Frankson proved to everyone through her life and her death that there was something far more powerful than witchcraft: it was the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, operating in her and through her.

The very idea that we should be able to escape from such things makes the Gospel a lie.  The current doctrines of the “Great Tribulation” are nothing more than a demonic attempt to infiltrate the body of Christ with an overpowering spirit of The Fear of Death.

Jesus died for us.  He shed His blood for us.  But he gained the final victory over death by rising again the third day and canceling out Adam’s death on the third day.  If that which the Lord has done in us is not worth challenging the world’s systems, its traditions, its psychological thought processes, as well as the religious baloney that populates the globe, we are liars and the truth is not in us.

Consider that which Paul writes again to the Ekklesia in Corinth:

II Corinthians 6:4-10:  But in all things approving ourselves as the ministers of God, in much patience, in afflictions, in necessities, in distresses,  In stripes, in imprisonments, in tumults, in labours, in watchings, in fastings;

By pureness, by knowledge, by longsuffering, by kindness, by the Holy Ghost, by love unfeigned,  By the word of truth, by the power of God, by the armour of righteousness on the right hand and on the left,  By honour and dishonour, by evil report and good report: as deceivers, and yet true;  

As unknown, and yet well known; as dying, and, behold, we live; as chastened, and not killed;  As sorrowful, yet alway rejoicing; as poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, and yet possessing all things.

Look at one more statement that Paul makes in his letter to the Colossians.

Colossians 1:23-24:  If ye continue in the faith grounded and settled, and be not moved away from the hope of the gospel, which ye have heard, and which was preached to every creature which is under heaven; whereof I Paul am made a minister;  Who now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for his body’s sake, which is the church…..

If Jesus suffered and died for us, what makes us think that we are better than Him?  How is it that we do not get to “enjoy” the same thlipsis — tribulation, afflictions —that Jesus endured?

Romans 5:1-5:  Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:  By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope: And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.

Romans 8:35-39:  Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?

As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.

Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,  Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

How do you like that?  Let’s take a look today at what takes place in all of us when we experience tribulation” or pressure or persecution.  Let me begin today with some humorous anecdotes.

After years of opposition to the ministry of deliverance — never mind the opposition I ran into from Mormon leaders in Utah — it produced a liberty and holy boldness in me that I couldn’t put into words.  A day came when I was attending a conference with Derek Prince in southern California.  We had just finished a time of praise and worship.  Derek Prince felt that the time of praise and worship should not have ended and he pointed to the musicians and asked them to continue.  I can’t remember exactly what they were playing, but if memory serves me, it was something like, “I WILL ENTER HIS GATES WITH THANKSGIVING.”

Derek started to dance.  For anyone who ever met him or knew anything about him, he was a very rigid, strait-laced, former British soldier, whose very proper upbringing and years in the British Army had produced a conservatism you couldn’t ignore.  When he started dancing, it was rigid, knees having difficulty bending, a kind of bouncing up and down.

I’d never seen him dance before and couldn’t help laughing.  He was doing everything he could to let it all out and dance before the Lord.  Had to admit that I hadn’t done a lot of dancing before and decided to let it all out!  I danced with all my might.  The liberty and freedom that I experienced were indescribable.

When we finished — and many of the folks who were there also danced vigorously — an older lady who was sitting behind me reached over and tapped me on the shoulder.  She had not participated in the dance other than to stay seated and tap her feet.  I turned around to respond to the lady’s tap.

“I sure wish I had your liberty,” she said.

Without even realizing what I was saying, I responded, “Sure wish you’d been with me when I got it.”

It was spontaneous.  When I stopped to really think about what I’d said, there was a striking realization that the years of overcoming personal and religious opposition, persecution and personal failures had created in me an ability to respond to the Lord in complete freedom.

That didn’t mean that I didn’t still have a long ways to go in overcoming and conquering other issues that confronted me, but there was a recognition that the Lord had really done something in me.

The apostle Paul continues his accent on tribulation and overcoming in his letter to the Romans.

Romans 12:10-14Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;  Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord;

Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;  Distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality.

Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.

This is the second time Paul has talked about patience in conjunction with tribulation and affliction.  I realize that the whole topic of “patience” is a dirty word in some circles.  There’s an old cliché about not praying for patience.  Only doctors can pray for patients.

Riiiiggghhhttt!  Nobody likes the fact that things drag on and on and on and on, ad infinitum.  This is especially true in today’s “push-button society.”  We want things NOW!  We want the finish of whatever is happening to us NOW!

But take another look at what Paul wrote.  We quoted this when we opened today’s discussion.

…………but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope: And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.

Get it?  The crushing, the pressure, the afflictions we experience, the failures of friends and family around us, all cooperate to work patience in us.  But with that patience comes the experiences of overcoming and conquering the emotions and mental gyrations and accusations that the Enemy throws against us in the midst of it all.

But it doesn’t stop there!  The overcoming of those experiences brings hope into our beings, and that’s a hope that is generated by the love of the Lord Jesus Christ working within us.

Consider Luke’s description of what he saw take place with Paul and Barnabas.

Acts 14:21-22:  And when they had preached the gospel to that city, and had taught many, they returned again to Lystra, and to Iconium, and Antioch,

Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.

There it is!  There’s the real secret of tribulation, affliction, stress, pressure, etc.: entrance into the Kingdom of God.

That phrase, “the Kingdom of God,” is not some ethereal, mystical place, nor is it Heaven.  The Kingdom of God is that place where the rulership of the Lord Jesus Christ is who we are and have become an integral part.  The Kingdom of God is nothing less than the domain — the people — in whom God reigns supreme.

I take you back to the 23rd Psalm which begins, The Lord is my Shepherd.  That is both the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His direct shepherding of our lives.  It requires our total submission.  There is no room for our acceptance of part of His Word, and resistance to part of it.  He is both Lord and Chief Shepherd!

Skip forward, if you will, to what happens when we are led in the Paths of Righteousness through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. 

Tribulation?  Yup!  Absolutely!

But look what happens.  Thy Rod and Thy Staff, they comfort me.

Have we been learning the significance of His authority in our lives?  Yes.  Because He is Lord!

Have we been obedient followers of both His written and His rhema Word?  Then He has been our Shepherd as well.

Now look what faithfulness and the walk of faith in the midst of the pressure, the threats, the trials and tribulation has produced!

Thou preparest a Table before me in the presence of mine enemies!

Right!  All that the Enemy has thrown against us up to this time has backfired on him!  We are getting the riches of God’s Glory given to us while our erstwhile enemies have to stand back and watch.  And they can’t do a thing about it!

Excuse me for getting a bit political for a minute, but this is exactly what is happening right now as God is giving President Trump victory after victory after victory in the face of enormous opposition, attack and an onslaught of persecution the likes of which no President in U.S. history has ever had to go through.  It is my honest conviction that all of the accusations and persistent attacks are already backfiring and are going to see the socialist leftists go down to one of the greatest defeats ever seen in this country in the next election cycle.  Just watch!

That’s where we quit for today.  See you next week.

Regner A. Capener

Temple, Texas 76504

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The Lucifer Myth
By Dr. Roy Blizzard

A recently discovered mask of the Greek god Pan was featured on the front page of the November/December 2015 issue of the Biblical Archaeological Review. This large, bronze mask is not only impressive and unique but helps shed light on a passage of scripture in the New Testament text of the Book of Matthew Chapter 16 as well as Jerome’s fifth century Vulgate translation of the Old Testament Book of Isaiah Chapter 14.

The mask of Pan that was unearthed at Hippos (ancient Sussita) along the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee has been carbon dated back to the first or second century of the present era. Few people realize that Panius, the principal city of Caesarea Philippi, was the largest center for worship of the Greek god Pan in the entire ancient world. A pagan shrine to Pan that existed in Panias in Jesus’ day was built at the entrance to a large cave opening into the mountain at present day Mt. Hermon. This cave was considered to be the entrance into hell and when Jesus speaks of the “gates of hell”, it is this cave to which he is referring. Although the shrine to Pan has long since been destroyed and only fragments remain, nonetheless, the cave still exists as do the ruins of the shrine seen below:

The cult of Pan continued well into the 4th Century CE and beyond. It was the image of Pan that gave birth to the physical visage of what we call Satan or the Devil. It is possible that the bronze mask found at Hippos could have been part of this shrine for the worship of Pan which usually involved drinking, nudity, orgies, and rituals of an ecstatic nature. Pan was the god of the wild who liked the company of nymphs and played rustic music utilizing the panpipes or syrinx. Note the image below of the Greek god Pan found on the Mildenhall Great Dish currently housed in the British Museum.

©Trustees of the British Museum

As this image shows, Pan was half man and half goat. He was horned and furry and in Greek mythology he could incite lust, panic, mindless fear, and rage. The discovery of the mask of Pan at Sussita provides a key for us in better understanding an important passage recorded in Matthew 16:13 in which we are told that Jesus and his disciples were on their way to the region of Caesarea Philippi. Jesus asked his disciples “Whom do men say that I the Son of Man am?” and “But whom say ye that I am?”. After some discussion Simon Peter answered and said, according to English translation, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Jesus replied “Blessed art thou Simon BarJonah: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. And I say also unto thee, thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Looking at this in English, it doesn’t seem to be all that confusing but then again, it’s not all that clear either. However, when one looks at the text in Hebrew, the original language, the meaning is quite different. When Jesus asks his disciples “Whom do men say that I the Son of Man am?” Simon Peter answers in Hebrew “ata hu hamashiach ben elohim hachim.” “You are the Messiah, the Son of the God who lives” (as opposed to the god Pan, who does not live but who is worshipped in this place).

There is also confusion about upon what rock Jesus will be building. In Greek Peter’s name, Petros, means small stone or rock but the Hebrew word for rock that is used in this passage is selah indicating a larger or immovable stone. Peter’s spiritual awareness is the foundation that Jesus is going to use to build his kahal meaning congregation. Some scholars such as Professor David Flusser and Dr. Robert Lindsey have even suggested that instead of kahal the word should be edah, which means a witnessing body. This translation comes from the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Qumran community that refer to themselves as the edah. Further examination of Jesus’ statement in Matthew 16 provides another interesting point. He says “… upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” In other words, upon this immovable foundation, Jesus is saying the power of the edah will be such that no other force, i.e., Pan or any other gods, will be able stand against it. With this knowledge, one can see that the idea or concept of Pan as being representative of the Devil is more important than one previously may have thought.

How did this concept of Pan being connected to the Devil come about? Actually, this idea relates back to a very important passage of scripture contained in the Book of Isaiah Chapter 14, which is a prophecy pertaining to Israel’s captivity and release and the role of Babylon. Isaiah 14:12 is the culmination of that prophecy, describing the fall of the King of Babylon, Belshazzar. Possibly this scripture has been one of the most frequently mistranslated and misunderstood scriptures in the entire biblical text. Isaiah 14:12 reads in Hebrew “ech nafalta meshamim helel ben shachar.” Translated it reads “How art thou fallen from heaven, bright shining one, son of the morning!” This is a reference back to Belshazzar and not a spiritual being called Lucifer as I will explain.

It is important to understand that in Belshazzar’s day, every city throughout Mesopotamia had a ruling planet or constellation. According to Babylonian cosmology, the planet Venus, the bright shining star of the morning, (Brown Driver Briggs Hebrew English Lexicon no. 1966) was the ruling planet over the city of Babylon where Belshazzar was king (referenced in the book Ancient Near Eastern Texts edited by James B. Prichard page 310 ). In the Book of Daniel, Chapter 5, we are told that Belshazzar and his court were having a great feast when, in the midst of the festivities, a hand appears on the wall and writes “mene mene tekel upharsin.” To Belshazzar and everyone else’s consternation, nobody could explain the unique phenomenon or translate the writing. Somebody remembered Daniel and suggested that he be called to see if he could find the meaning of the writing. Daniel interpreted it to say that Belshazzar was weighed in the balances and found wanting and that very night his kingdom would be taken.

Bible skeptics have questioned this account in the fifth chapter of Daniel. Until relatively recent times, there was no record of any Belshazzar in the lists of the kings of Babylon. Only King Nabonidus was listed during the time Belshazzar was supposed to have been reigning. However, in a cuneiform inscription on a clay tablet now known as the Nabonidus Chronicle which is today housed in the British Museum in London, we are told that Nabonidus suffered from a brief illness. During his time away from Babylon, his son Belsharusur (Belshazzar of Daniel 5) reigned in his stead. This one archaeological find vindicated the book of Daniel and established Belshazzar as the crown prince of Babylon. From the Yale collection of Babylonian texts we find statements such as “In a dream, I saw the great star, Venus, Sirius, the moon and the sun and I shall now study this constellation with regard to a favorable interpretation for my Lord Nabonidus, King of Babylon, as well as to a favorable interpretation for my Lord Belshazzar, the crown prince.” (ANET, Prichard, page 310) From these ancient documents we learn about the beliefs and customs of the people of Belshazzar’s day which in turn help us to understand and interpret passages of scripture like the one in Isaiah 14:12. Again, it is a reference to the existing cosmology of Babylon in Belshazzar’s day and is a specific reference to the planet Venus that was known as the morning star.

Next we need to examine the way Isaiah 14:12 was translated into the Greek Septuagint text which reads “How are you fallen from heaven heosphoros?” i.e., the shining one, son of the morning again a reference to the planet Venus. In the Liddell and Scott Greek~English Lexicon page 752 heosphoros is listed as the bringer of morn or the morning star.

And now, a little bit of history…First, it is important to mention that in the 3rd Century BCE Pharaoh Ptolemy Philadelphus of Egypt, (285-247 BCE) commissioned a Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures for his own library. Traditionally, some 70 Jewish scholars performed the work and their translation became known as the Septuagint or LXX which are the Roman numerals for 70.

In the 4th Century CE, a man by the name Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus, also known as Jerome, was born (340-419 CE). In the summer of 388, he moved from Rome to Bethlehem where he spent the remainder of his life. Due to the prominent rise of the Latin language, Pope Damasus suggested to Jerome, who was very knowledgeable in Latin and Greek but less so in Hebrew, that he start his own translation project. Jerome completed his work in the year 405 CE and it is still known to this day as the Latin Vulgate and is the official Latin Bible of the Roman Catholic Church.

It is safe to assume that Jerome had several texts available to him for comparison and undoubtedly used some texts that we do not have today, making it impossible to say for certain where he got all his ideas. One translation found in Jerome has caused much difficulty and misunderstanding, namely, his translation of Isaiah 14:12.

As we mentioned earlier, in the Hebrew text it reads “ech nafalta meshamim helel ben shachar” “How art thou fallen from heaven, bright shining one, son of the morning!” Jerome in his translation has “How are you fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning?” This is the first time that this word, Lucifer, appears in the biblical text. Jerome’s use of the word Lucifer has led to the development in Christian circles to the concept of Lucifer as the embodiment of the evil one i.e., Satan or the Devil. This usage then completely changes the meaning of Isaiah 14:12 because 14:1314 goes on to say “How art thou cut down to the ground which didst weaken the nations! For thou hadst said in thine heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the North: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds: I will be like the Most High.” The question now becomes where did Jerome get the idea of translating helel ben shachar or heosphoros to Lucifer? when the passage is a specific reference to the planet Venus and Babylon. The answer is that Jerome did not strictly translate the Hebrew helel ben shachar nor does it appear that he translated the Greek LXX heosphoros. It seems rather that he translated as though the original Greek word had been lukophosmeaning morning twilight. By following the trail of Greek etymology we see that luekeios is an epithet for Apollo and Pan. The word Lukay, not only means morning twilight, but is an epithet for the Greek gods Apollo and Pan and also means the god of light. (Liddell and Scott page 1064.)

Why would Jerome have strayed from heosphoros? Perhaps Jerome’s selection was influenced by the teachings of Tertullian (155-240 CE) and Origen (184-253 CE) who had already begun reading Satan into Isaiah 14 as opposed to the King of Babylon. Certainly, his knowledge of Panius at Caesarea Philippi could have influenced him since Pan was worshipped there. Since the discovery of the mask at Hippos, we are able to recognize the possibility of an even greater extent of worship of Pan throughout the GrecoRoman world than had been previously thought. I think it is interesting that we can’t altogether fault Jerome especially because he was working on his translation while all these influences were occurring at the same time.

As a result of Jerome’s translation, the images of Pan and the Devil were morphed together and today the Devil is often depicted as Lucifer and his appearance is similar to the Greek god Pan. The church historian Philip Schaff on pages 972-975 of History of the Christian Church writes that “Jerome could have done better.” “The defects are many and various and he sometimes let false translations stand when they seemed harmless.” Schaff continues “From the present stage of biblical philology and exegesis, the Vulgate can be charged with innumerable false inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and arbitrary dealing, in particulars.” It is important to note that the Bible includes no character named Lucifer. Isaiah had never heard of such a being, nor had the apostles of Jesus day. Lucifer as a manifestation of the Devil was a later innovation. Isaiah 14 was not speaking about the Devil or Lucifer; it is a prophecy against Belshazzar, who at that time was serving as the King of Babylon.

This is all the more important when we understand that in Hebrew there is no such concept of Lucifer as being the embodiment of evil i.e., the Devil or Satan, such as we find in English. As a matter of fact in the Encyclopedia Judaica Volume 14 page 902 under the entry for Satan it opens with the statement. “Satan is not a proper name referring to a particular being and a demonic one who is the antagonist or rival of God. In its original application in fact, it is a common noun meaning an adversary who opposes and obstructs. It is applied to human adversaries and its related verb is used of prosecution in a law court and the role of an antagonist in general…” Nowhere is hasatan, in any sense, a rival of God. With few exceptions Satan appears merely as the impersonal force of evil.

In Hebrew thought, Satan is the personification of wickedness. A significant remark is: “Satan, the yetzer harah, and the angel of death are all one” (Talmud Baba Batra 16a). It indicates that the prompting to evil is rather a force within an individual rather than an influence from without. In Hebrew thought, the yetzer harah stands in direct contrast to the yetzer hatov, the good impulse. The belief is that in every human being there are two urges, one to evil and the other to goodness. This idea figures prominently in the ethics of the Rabbis. The character of a person, it was thought, is determined by which of the two impulses is dominant. The good impulse controls the righteous and the evil impulse controls the wicked. Genesis Chapter 3 deals with the origin of evil in the world and the concept of evil was strongly associated with that of the serpent. However, in order to make it quite clear that we have here only a symbol, the passage stressed that the serpent belonged to the category of the beasts of the field that the Lord God had made i.e., created by God. In Genesis 3 the special characteristic attributed to the serpent is cunning. Umberto Cassuto, late Professor of Bible at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, states on pages 142-143 of his Commentary on Genesis 1 “In the ultimate analysis, we have here an allegorical allusion to the craftiness to be found in man himself.” In other words, Cassuto continues, the “duologue between the serpent and the woman is actually, in a manner of speaking, a duologue that took place in the woman’s mind, between her wiliness and her innocence, clothed in the garb of a parable.” Cassuto continues “by interpreting the text in this way, we can understand why the serpent is said to think and speak; in reality it is not he who thinks and speaks but the woman does so in her heart. Thus we need not wonder at the serpent’s knowledge of the prohibition; it is the woman who is aware of it.”

I know all of this may be very upsetting and disconcerting to some of you but keep in mind that in the first four centuries before Jesus, and the first four centuries after Jesus, paganism and idolatry were rampant in the world. Much of what we read of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds before, during, and after the time of Jesus centered on paganism in one form or another. Their gods, their religious practices, and much in the biblical text relates to that subject. After the time of Jesus, many of these pagan ideas or concepts were absorbed into the postbiblical world, and we have a host of pagan ideas, practices, and cults that ultimately led to the development of what became the organized religious system of the third and fourth centuries of the present era with its host of devils, demons, and angels.

An indication of the widespread focus upon pagan religious systems and their deities is recorded for us in the Biblical Archaeological ReviewSeptember/October 2014 on page 30, where a beautiful mosaic depicting Pan, as well as other images from Greek mythology, was found on the floor of a chapel in Jerusalem dating to the 6th century CE.

Zen Radovan,

In our treatment of the subject of Lucifer, the Devil, and Satan this quite naturally raises questions about various passages in the New Testament and about practices by many religious leaders and/or denominations relative to the subject of devils and demons. Some will question, “Well, are you saying that there is no such thing as devils and/or demons or evil in the world?” And the answer to that question is, “No, there is indeed evil in the world but according to Hebrew or Jewish thought on the subject, evil stems from man himself.” As mentioned earlier, it is the yetzer harah, or the evil inclination, that is a force within man himself. Questions then naturally arise about all of the passages in the New Testament that speak of demons and the casting out of demons such as in Matthew 8:16 “when evening was come, they brought unto him many that were possessed with devils: and he cast out the spirits with hisword, and he healed all that were sick…” Or, Matthew 10:78 as Jesus commissioned his disciples to “go, preach, saying the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely you have received, freely give.” Or Matthew 8:28 when two men possessed with devils speak to Jesus and the devils ask that they be cast into a herd of swine. Jesus grants the request and permits them to enter the herd which then ran down a steep hill and drowned in the sea. Now if the Jews did not believe in a physical/spiritual being that stood juxtapositioned to God, what is occurring in these and many other passages where Jesus is confronting demons and/or devils and casting them out? We need to stop for a moment and give pause. We must remember that the New Testament was written almost 2000 years ago and addressed the audience of that time. Also we must keep in mind that it has only been in recent times, in the last 150 years or so, that medical science has identified and named certain diseases and/or infirmities as well as treatments for them.

Let’s consider the story of the father who brought his son to Jesus and said that he had a spirit that tore him and caused him to foam at the mouth and often cast him into the fire. Jesus rebuked the foul spirit and the boy was healed and made whole. Up until relatively recent times medical science had not progressed to the point where epilepsy was identified as such and what is true of epilepsy is also true of many other ailments and/or afflictions, such as multiple personality disorder and a myriad of other mental conditions. In careful reading of the New Testament we see that many conditions that were attributed to a devil or a demon were relieved through some form or type of healing. In our modern world, remedies or methods for healing exist for various diseases and ailments that didn’t have names centuries ago. In the New Testament James 5:1415, Jesus issued a specific directive: “Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: And the prayer of faith will save the sick…” It is much more biblically correct to speak of healing and the efficacy of prayer rather than to focus on devils and demons. It has been my observation that a congregation, individual, or group of individuals that focus their attention on devils and demons are in error in many other ways as well.

Our brief examination on this subject is indicative of the importance of study and research and emphasizes the motto we have for Bible Scholars ‘Question the answers’. Perhaps there is a greater need for students of the Bible to devote more of their time to investigation and analysis to fulfill the admonition of the apostle Paul when he says in Timothy 2:15 “Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

Kudos and much thanks to Stephanie Morton for her effort in typing and editing this article. Her assistance has been and continues to be irreplaceable.


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Deuteronomy 11:26—16:17; Isaiah 54:11—55:5; John 7:37-52; 1 Corinthians 5:9-13, 8:1-13;
1 John 4:1-6

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