News You May Not Have Heard About — 08/18/2019

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  1. Trump Wants Israel to Ban Omar and Tlaib Over BDS
  2. Trump: Don’t Show Weakness; Keep Tlaib, Omar Out of Israel
  3. Trump Defends Israel’s Decision to Bar Congresswomen
  4. Trump Considering Buying World’s Biggest Island

3 Branches of U.S. Government


  1. Trump Administration: President Aims to Streamline Enforcement of Endangered Species
  2. U.S. State Department: State Dept says ‘enough’ with Israel-like-Nazis claim
  3. Mike Pompeo (United States Secretary of State): Pompeo Posts Iran Countdown Clock: ‘Time is Running Out’
  4. The Department of Homeland Security: New Rule Could Deny Green Cards, Visas to Immigrants Who Use Welfare Programs
  5. The Department of Homeland Security: DHS says that Americans need to be prepared for a power outage of up to 6 months
  6. The Department of Homeland Security: Department of Homeland Security Goes Further Down the Countering Violent Extremism Rabbit Hole
  7. U.S. Ambassador to Israel: US Ambassador: Israel ‘Has Every Right to Protect Its Borders,’ Deny Entry to Omar and Tlaib


  1. REPORT: ‘US and Israel are attacking Iranian targets in Iraq’
  2. US Moves to Seize Iranian Tanker in Gibraltar at Moment of Release
  3. US officials expecting Iran to launch rocket in coming days
  4. Did the Deep State CIA “pull the strings” and help orchestrate the El Paso massacre?
  5. POTUS lawyer Rudy Giuliani warns: “You can’t believe what’s coming out” regarding Deep State lawbreaking over Spygate
  6. Crime Prevention Research Center’s Dr. John Lott Responds To Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Gun Control Plan
  7. Gutowski: Background Checks Did Not Prevent Recent Shootings
  8. Former Miss Iraq blasts Omar: ‘She does not represent me as a Muslim’
  9. FBI Document Claims Conspiracy-Theory ‘Extremists’ Are a Terror Threat
  10. US Treasury Official at the Center of US Sanctions and Policies Against Iran May Be an Israeli Citizen
  11. Mass shootings are a deep state war against Trump
  12. CEO of Overstock claims that AG William Barr finally set to break open the biggest political scandal in the history of America: Spygate
  13. Barr Promises Fast Track for Federal Death Penalty
  14. Left-wing Daily Beast claims you could be “mentally ill” if you own a gun, thus permitting confiscation under “red flag laws” — just as Health Ranger predicted
  15. US Signs Historic Deal to Purchase Iron Dome from Israel
  16. Greenblatt: Trump Still Deciding When to Publish Peace Plan
  17. ‘Medicare for All’ Will Further Lower Physician Morale
  18. Trump, Baltimore, and the Diminishing Potency of the ‘Race Card’
  19. U.S. Knocks Germany in Row Over Middle East Peace Process
  20. Palestinian Arab leaders reject the truth – THIS is what the US has to say
  21. Shrinking state revenues follow Medicaid expansions
  22. Why Blacks Should Ignore the Liberal Agenda
  23. As Pelosi visits Ghana to remind of slavery in US, Muslims are still enslaving black Africans today amid silence
  24. Former Director of US National Counterterrorism Center stresses threat of “right wing extremists” instead of jihadis
  25. Former Miss Iraq: Ilhan Omar Trying to Push Sharia Law on U.S.
  26. Trump rule to nix Obama order forcing religious contractors to hire LGBT workers
  27. This Scientific Breakthrough Could Increase the Odds that Hillary Clinton Runs for President Again
  28. Hillary Clinton supporter testifies about massive Big Tech election meddling
  29. Gregg Jarrett Implicates Obama in FBI Counterintelligence Operation into Trump Campaign
  30. Ivanka Lobbies Congress to Reject the 2nd Amendment, Push Gun Control
  32. Do you really want D.C. to be your only healthcare option?
  33. How Trump Started a Civil War Between Hamas and a UN Agency
  34. Muslim Migration Lobby Feels ‘Ignored’ by 2020 Democrats as Trump Travel Ban Remains Popular
  35. Bombshell: Terrorist Supporting Group Was Funding Omar, Tlaib Trip To Israel
  36. Mike Adams: What You Need To Know About The Coming Arrests & Indictments Of Deep State Traitors


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2020 Democrat Presidential Candidates

  1. Democratic Presidential Candidates’ Message for Farmers (Video: 2:09 minutes long.)
  2. 2020 Dems’ Latest Attack on Obama: His DOJ Bungled the Michael Brown ‘Murder’ Investigation
  3. WaPo Gives Four Pinocchios to 2020 Dems Who Say Michael Brown Was Murdered
  4. ANALYSIS: Pete Buttigieg Unusually Popular Among Iowa Voters Who Put Corn Kernels Into Jars
  5. Stacey Abrams Open to Being Running Mate to Eventual Democratic Nominee
  6. Biden: Joe Biden claims there are ‘at least 3’ genders during Iowa campaign stop
  7. Biden: AOC ‘Quit’ Facebook in April, Spent $480,000 on Ads in 90 Days
  8. Bullock: Bullock On Debate Threshold: Democrats Being ‘Less Inclusive Than Republicans’
  9. Buttigieg: Democratic presidential candidate calls US recognition of Golan ‘interference’ in Israeli politics
  10. Castro: Castro: My Brother Was Right to Expose Donors of Trump’s ‘Campaign of Hate’
  11. De Blasio: De Blasio Event Attracts Fifteen People
  12. Gabbard: Ron Paul hints at ‘deep state’ conspiracy against Tulsi Gabbard (Video: 27:46 minutes long.)
  13. Gillibrand: Gillibrand Open to Prosecution of ‘Assault Weapon’ Owners Who Don’t Hand Them Over
  14. Harris: CORRECTION: Kamala Locked Up More People for Weed Than We Thought
  15. Harris: Kamala Harris’ hypocrisy on guns
  16. Harris: Housing Advocate Calls Kamala Harris a ‘Coward’ for Silence on Misspent Funds
  17. Harris & Warren: Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris Lied about Michael Brown’s Death, Calling It “Murder”
  18. Hickenlooper: Hickenlooper’s History of Tiffs With Local Media
  19. Hickenlooper: Hickenlooper to Drop Out of Presidential Race, Eyeing Senate Run
  20. O’Rourke: O’Rourke Supports Mandatory Gun Buyback Program
  21. O’Rourke: After Spending $79 Million on Senate Run, Beto Says Senate Seat Not ‘Good Enough’
  22. Sanders: CNN Fact Check: Sanders Has Been Repeating False Claim About Health Care Spending For a Decade
  23. Sanders: Sanders Vows to ‘Leverage’ US Funds to ‘End Racism’ in Israel
  24. Sanders: Bernie Sanders Compares Israel to Saudi Arabia, Threatens the Jewish State With US Aid
  25. Steyer: Steyer Meets Debate’s Donor Requirement, Draws Complaints From Left
  26. Warren: Police Union Rips Warren Over Ferguson Tweet: ‘Unacceptable and Dangerous’
  27. Warren: Warren Campaign Facing Unfair-Labor Complaint for Confidentiality Agreement
  28. Warren: Warren Backs Up False Michael Brown Tweet: ‘What Matters Is a Man Was Shot’


2020 Republican Presidential Candidates

  1. Trump: FOX NEWS POLL: Trump Loses To Every Leading Democratic Candidate


dems behind the wall


  1. Left-Wing Group That Compared Border Crisis to Holocaust Protests ICE Contractor
  2. Mexican Drug Cartel Shoots at US Border Patrol Marine Unit in Rio Grande
  3. San Antonio: Shots Fired at ICE Building Blamed on Political Rhetoric and Media Misinformation about ICE
  4. This Sheriff Was Sued for Cooperating With ICE. Now, He’s Vindicated
  5. Congress Can Help Migrant Children With This Key Fix
  6. Michelle Malkin: Who’s funding the wicked war on ICE?
  7. Hours Before Windows Were Shot Out at San Antonio ICE Facility, Protesters in Florida Hurled Threats against ICE Contractors
  8. UNHINGED Leftists Threaten ICE Contractors and Their Children in VICIOUS Protest
  9. Anti-sex trafficking leader praises ICE, Trump: ‘No question’ he’s done more than previous presidents


Jeffrey Epstein

  1. Autopsy On Jeffrey Epstein Has Been Completed
  2. Former Inmate At MCC: Impossible For Jeffrey Epstein To Kill Himself There
  3. Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein linked to tech IPOs via Morgan Stanley, which gave him favorable shares in dozens of stock offerings
  4. Coroner ‘Confident’ Epstein Committed Suicide
  5. Jail guards were supposed to check Jeffrey Epstein every 30 minutes
  6. Jeffrey Epstein Reported to Have Died 24 Hours After 2,000 Pages of Court Documents Were Unsealed that Implicated Prominent Men
  7. Jeffrey Epstein & The Full Clinton Body Count Tweeted By Donald Trump (Video: 14:23 minutes long.)
  8. LIVE: There’s only one scenario for why Epstein is dead (Video: 2:52:31 minutes long.)
  9. “Epstein” Gurney Picture is of Anthony Bourdain (Video: 3:17 minutes long.)
  10. Murder of Jeffrey Epstein by the deep state proves no one is safe from the corrupt, treasonous swamp creatures that still rule America
  11. New Details Emerge About Jeffrey Epstein’s Death
  12. What’s Next for Epstein Investigation
  13. Isn’t it obvious? Jeffrey Epstein was murdered because dead men don’t talk (about the Clintons)
  14. There Is A ‘Sexual Picture’ Of Bill Clinton In Jeffrey Epstein’s Mansion, Report Says
  15. Jeffrey Epstein’s Lawyers Requested that He Be Removed from Suicide Watch
  16. Prison Records Were Falsified From Morning Epstein Committed Suicide, Report Says
  17. Judicial Watch investigating Epstein’s death (Video: 4 minutes long.)
  18. Shock As It’s Revealed That Suicided Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Had A Painting Of Bill Clinton Wearing A Blue Dress With Red Heels Hanging In His Office
  19. Epstein Had Multiple Broken Bones In Neck, Common In Homicide By Strangulation, Experts Say
  20. What FBI Says It Found In Jeffrey Epstein’s Home (Video: 2:41 minutes long.)
  21. Years later, Epstein’s victims discuss the lasting impact of sexual abuse (Video: 4:52 minutes long.)
  22. Lolita Express Masseuse Reveals Lurid Details from Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Pla (Video: 2:56 minutes long.)
  23. Cover Up? Epstein Shipped $100K Cement Mixer To ‘Pedo Island’ Weeks Before Crushing Exposé



  1. Media-MSNBC: MSNBC, CNN Ignore 2020 Democrats Falsely Tweeting Michael Brown Was Murdered
  2. Media-MSNBC: MSNBC Analyst: Trump, Barr ‘Facilitated’ Epstein Suicide


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  1. Judicial Watch: Newly release 302’s are ” smoking gun” proof of FBI malfeasance (Video: 5:23 minutes long.)
  2. Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton, on Trump Taxes & the Constitution (Video: 5:34 minutes long.)
  3. Special ops combat veteran runs to flip Ariz. House seat for GOP (Video: 3:31 minutes long.)
  4. Reactions pour in after Attorney General William Barr talks gun violence prevention efforts (Video: 3:56 minutes long.)
  5. Reports: China moving troops to Hong Kong (Video: 3:38 minutes long.)
  6. Surprise trends in unprecedented rise of political millennials (Video: 3:38 minutes long.)
  7. Portland Bracing For More Antifa Violence (Video: 3:14 minutes long.)
  8. Biden advanced ‘culture of corruption’ in domestic, foreign affairs (Video: 3:39 minutes long.)
  9. FBI ignored warnings about Clinton server (Video: 3:03 minutes long.)

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  1. BOOM! Rudy Giuliani UNLOADS on Deep State, Reveals How SHOCKINGLY CORRUPT The FBI ACTUALLY Is! (Video: 6:46 minutes long.)
  2. Wishy-Washy Jerry Nadler Gives CNN ANOTHER Answer On Worthless Impeachment Proceedings Against Trump (Video: 6:14 minutes long.)
  3. WHOOPS! Biden Forgets History, BOTCHES Audience Question In THE Worst Way Possible (Video: 5:55 minutes long.)
  4. Steve Bannon PRAISES Trump, Reveals The TRUTH To His Appeal To Hispanic Voters (Video: 5:12 minutes long.)
  5. ALERT: TWISTED Painting Of Bill Clinton Inside Epstein’s Home Tells You EVERYTHING You Need To Know (Video: 7:23 minutes long.)
  6. ALERT: Lawmakers Move on Omar! This will FINALLY END HER! (Video: 7:36 minutes long.)
  7. Beto is Literally On The Ground BEGGING For Your Vote After Posting Humiliating Video (Video: 4:25 minutes long.)
  8. How SAD! Knowing What These College Kids Just Signed A Petition For Will Make Your HEAD EXPLODE (Video: 5:27 minutes long.)
  9. 2020 Dem’s Former Aide Launches Bid To Unseat Top Dem Jerry Nadler (Video: 7:31 minutes long.)
  10. Sean Spicer DESTROYS Disgraced Scaramucci, Reveals What He’s ACTUALLY Doing For The Left-Wing Media (Video: 5:11 minutes long.)
  11. Get Ready! Here is Their Plan to Take Your Guns (Video: 7:09 minutes long.)

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  1. Epstein’s Death Raises Questions About Media (Video: 10:28 minutes long.)
  2. How Red Flag Laws Affect Your Gun Rights (Video: 3:23 minutes long.)

Fox News Banner

  1. Can Democrats turn Texas blue after a wave of GOP House retirements? (Video: 6:36 minutes long.)
  2. Clinton IT aide created Gmail address to forward Hillary’s emails: report (Video: 7:03 minutes long.)

Justinformed Talk

  1. SECRET FBI Raid On Epstein Island REVEALS… (Video: 28:31 minutes long.)
  2. Without A BLOCKADE (SHIELD) THEY Are Vulnerable (EXPOSED) (Video: 31:39 minutes long.)
  3. How Do You Get Ahead Of A Story? (Video: 32:47 minutes long.)
  4. Does Epstein Scandal Go To VATICAN CITY??? (Video: 31:16 minutes long.)
  5. The Beginning Of Their Downfall… (Video: 35 minutes long.)
  6. Who Do THEY Secretly Worship??? (Video: 35:!7 minutes long.)

John Mark Banner

  1. EPSTEIN “SUICIDE”!!! 7 Reasons It’s a HUGE WIN for the Right Wing & America (Video: 21:28 minutes long.)
  2. I Have a BLOG Now!! Plus MORE Ways to Learn! (Video: 3:41 minutes long. To access John Mark’s new blog, click HERE.)



  1. An Illegal Immigrant Shot This Dad’s Son Dead. Now He Hopes to Spare Other Parents His Grief
  2. Curt Schilling ‘Absolutely Considering’ Arizona Run for Congress


  1. Arkansas: Muslim migrant goes to Yemen, aids al-Qaeda, returns to Arkansas


  1. California Removes Arrest Reports From Kamala Years
  2. Members of California’s Model Curriculum Advisory Committee have been exposed for their hatred of Jews
  3. California Dumps Anti-Israel Curriculum in Blow to BDS
  4. Squabble Over George Washington Mural Exposes Absurdity of War on History
  5. WATCH: San Fran Judge Releases Homeless Man Charged With Violent Attack On Woman, So She Posts Video Of Attack
  6. The ‘Mayor of Skid Row’ Says Los Angeles Has a Homeless Problem Because Politicians Get Money from Keeping It, Not Solving It
  7. California School District Will Not Allow Parents To Opt Children Out Of LGBTQ Content
  8. Lieu (D) Accuses Fellow Congressman of Dual Loyalty


  1. Feds Investigating Violation Of Girls’ Civil Rights In CT After Trans Athletes Smoke Competition
  2. Connecticut Tigers owner refuses to meet with Hamas-tied CAIR because of its support of terrorists


  1. Man asked Walmart salesperson to help him find something ‘that would kill 200 people’
  2. Florida man arrested after making Walmart shooting threat on Facebook


  1. Stacey Abrams PAC Pushed $1.2 Million Over to Dark Money Entity


  1. Another state mandates history of homosexuals


  1. Dem State Rep Trying to Obtain Cocaine Impersonates, Threatens Cops


  1. Kansas governor plans to skirt law for LGBT allies


  1. Kentucky bans abortions after fetal heartbeat is detected


  1. UPDATE: Suspect in disturbance at Missouri Walmart says he was testing 2nd Amendment rights
  2. Missouri: Muslim migrant gets five years prison dawah for providing support to jihad terrorists
  3. Creepy dolls, some headless, mysteriously appear around town Missouri


  1. 100+ Tires Slashed in New Jersey Orthodox Jewish Community
  2. New Jersey: Muslim migrant indicted for smuggling Muslim from Afghanistan who was deemed a security threat into US


  1. NYPD arrests suspect in violent anti-Semitic attack
  2. Brooklyn Jewish Girls’ School First in NYC to Install Bullet-Proof Security
  3. NY imam active in interfaith work distributes pro-jihad propaganda on the side
  4. Multiple Attacks in Brooklyn: 3 Orthodox Jews Assaulted Within One Hour
  5. Snake-like UFO returns as mystery object seen ‘moving like alive’ over New York…
  6. New York State Mulls Requiring Students to Study History Behind Swastika
  7. 9/11 revisited: New York Fire Commissioners call for new investigation


  1. Out-of-State Dems Come to the Rescue in NC Special Election
  2. People are now buying baby formula, replacing it with flour, and returning it for cash
  3. McCready (D) Gets More Dark Money Support Despite Past Denunciation
  4. McCready (D) Slams GOP Opponent for Not Believing in Public Schools, Sends Children to $18K Private School


  1. Ohio Rep. Wants to Use Fentanyl for State Executions
  2. Ohio 6th grader punished for saying gender-confused friend ‘is a boy, not a girl’


  1. Violence Breaks Out Between Antifa And Proud Boys Despite Heavy Police Presence; Bus Attacked, Chased


  1. Nurses Accuse Union of Pressure Tactics in Hospital Organizing Drive
  2. At least 6 Philadelphia officers wounded in shootout; police warn of active scene
  3. Philadelphia Mass Shooter Who Injured Six Cops Doesn’t Fit the Leftist Narrative
  4. Philadelphia: Maurice Hill, who wounded six cops in shootout, is devout Muslim who attended jihadi mosque
  5. Local Philly mosque incited against police, planned riot to protest ‘terrorist’ Philly police
  6. Philadelphia Shooter Who SHOT 6 COPS Attended Notorious Mosque


  1. Truck Drives Into Jewish Protesters at ICE Facility in Rhode Island


  1. Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn introduces federal bill to criminalize female genital mutilation
  2. Devout Muslim sentenced in Knoxville mosque stabbing attack


  1. So-called “manifesto” of El Paso shooter was NOT uploaded to 8chan by the alleged shooter, warns 8chan owner
  2. Report: Family Of Slain Couple In El Paso Met With Trump. Now They Say They’re Getting Death Threats
  3. Masked Man Causes Panic At Houston Mall After Saying He Would Kill Himself, Throwing Object On Ground
  4. Watchdog Seeks Probe Over Dem Candidate’s Muddy Financial Disclosures


  1. UN Confronts Palestinians Over Vile Anti-Semitism – Finally!


  1. Vermont considers abolishing age limits for tax-funded sex change surgery


  1. Shadow Money Arrives in Virginia
  2. UPDATE: Federal judge sides with transgender student in Va. bathroom case
  3. Warner (D) Fundraising Off of Russia Fears


  1. Wisconsin: Men convert to Islam, try to join the Islamic State, one gets 5 1/2 years after prosecutors asked for 20



  1. WATCH: When it Comes to Israel, Here’s Where the Democrats Really Stand
  2. Pelosi and Fellow Democrats Are Campaigning in Central America — Promising Economic Opportunity and Security for the People
  3. Democrats Blast Israel for Banning US Lawmakers Omar and Tlaib
  4. Dems Threaten Supreme Court: ‘Heal’ or Face Drastic Restructuring
  5. Epstein Associate Glenn Dubin Has Flooded Dems With Cash
  6. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): AOC has said shocking things, but THIS is just unforgivable
  7. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Core Part’ of Trump Coalition Are Racists
  8. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Virtually No One In Ocasio-Cortez’s District Has Donated To Her Re-Election Campaign, Report Says
  9. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): AOC ‘Quit’ Facebook in April, Spent $480,000 on Ads in 90 Days
  10. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Michigan): Tlaib to Attend Event With Pro-BDS Group Instead of Visiting Israel
  11. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Michigan): Jew-Hating Rep Rashida Tlaib Meets with Another Jihad-Terror Supporter



  1. House Republicans Open to Alternatives to Two-state Solution
  2. GOP Leader Demands Investigation Into Anti-Semitic Calif. High School Curriculum


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  1. Netanyahu Mulls Firing Transportation Minister Over ‘Trump-like’ Tweets
  2. Netanyahu Visits Family of Slain Teen, Vows ‘To Defend Our Homeland’
  3. Netanyahu: Omar, Tlaib’s ‘Sole Objective’ for Trip Was to ‘Harm Israel’
  4. Israel bans pro-BDS congresswomen from entry
  5. Poll: Netanyahu Should Remain Prime Minister Even if Indicted
  6. Ayelet Shaked: ‘We’re Working Harder Than Netanyahu to Make Him Prime Minister’
  7. Bennett: Right-wing Party Promises to Back Netanyahu for Prime Minister
  8. Gantz’s Zigzagging on Whether He’d Join Netanyahu Causing Allies Fits
  9. Israel Arrests Palestinians Suspected of Murdering Jewish Teen
  10. Arabs Attempt to Lynch, Drag Out Jewish Driver Near Old City of Jerusalem
  11. IDF Soldiers Eliminate Terrorist in Gunfight on Gaza Border
  12. WATCH: A Look at First Temple Digs in Jerusalem on Day Marking Destruction
  13. IDF Stops ‘Significant Attack’ from Gaza, 4 Terrorists Killed
  14. IDF Maps Out Homes of Palestinian Killers for Demolition
  15. Israel’s ‘Trump’? Transportation Minister Turns Twitter Into Battlefield
  16. Israeli MKs Criticize US Resolution, Warn Two-state Solution ‘Far More Dangerous’ Than Boycotts
  17. Analysts: The More Israel Gives in on Temple Mount, the More Arabs Want
  18. United Right Changes Name to Kick Off Election Campaign
  19. Deputy Health Minister Has ‘Clear Conscious’ Amid Investigations
  20. Arab Knesset Member Stoked Temple Mount Riots
  21. IDF Thwarts Third Infiltration Attempt from Gaza in a Week
  22. Emigration from Israel drops to lowest level in decades
  23. Israel to Build New Barrier to Fend Off Gaza Terrorists
  24. Terror Attack in the Old City of Jerusalem by Two Muslim Kids
  25. Redemption is on its way, and the proof just walked by the Western Wall
  26. WATCH: Terrorist Killed Stabbing Officer During Jerusalem Attack
  27. ‘Human Error’ at Israel Elections Committee Allows Right-wing Party to Slide Through
  28. Israel: Knesset members thank US Congress for rejecting BDS but warn that a two-state solution is far more dangerous
  29. Guardian omits from AP story the fact that Temple Mount violence was begun by Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar”
  30. Israel Reverses Course, Allows Tlaib to Visit Grandmother; Tlaib Says No, ‘It will Kill a Piece of Me’
  31. Israeli Minister On Tlaib: ‘Her Hate For Israel Overcomes Her Love For Her Grandmother’
  32. High Court Nixes Separate Seating by Gender, Angering Orthodox Israelis
  33. Secret Service Clears Streets Near Israeli Embassy Following Reports of ‘Suspicious Person, Vehicle’
  34. Breaking: “Bombs Exploding Over Holy Land” (Video: 21:56 minutes long.)
  35. Israel Shoots Down Rockets Launched from Gaza
  36. She killed 8 children in Jerusalem, and she has never been happier
  37. The former Hezbollah militant who became a rabbi


  1. Arab Villagers Celebrate The Murder of their Jewish Neighbor with Fireworks
  2. Arab Activist Calls on Arab World to Normalize with Israel
  3. Hezbollah: ‘Israel Readying for War, We’re Ready to Teach Lesson’
  4. Emirates Get Cold Feet, Backing Away from US Boycott of Iran
  5. Keeping up with the Qardashians: Islamic State caliph al-Baghdadi names successor, Abdullah Qardash
  6. Jordan Blasts Israeli Minister’s Call for Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount
  7. Jordan Halts Film that Refers to Historical Jewish Presence
  8. Abbas Belligerent in Talks with US Democrats in Ramallah
  9. Hamas Threatens Hundreds of Rockets on Israel ‘In a Single Barrage’
  10. Abbas Says Palestinians Are Descendants of Biblical Canaanites
  11. The Real Middle East Conflict Doesn’t Involve Israel
  12. Training The Next Generation To Hate – Gaza Summer Camps For Kids
  13. Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri calls the “Battle of the Hijab” part of the West’s war against the Islamic ummah
  14. “Palestinian” father chases son with knife and teaches him to stab Jews
  15. Why is Palestinian Leadership Thwarting Plans for a Hospital in Gaza?
  16. Palestinian Car-ramming Attack Wounds 2 Teens; Terrorist Killed
  17. Are “Human Rights Equally Disregarded in Israel and Egypt”?


  1. Austria: Muslim migrant screaming “Allahu akbar” beats, threatens to kill train conductor
  2. Austria: Muslim cab drivers refuse to take dogs, taxi center says “we are not in a position to solve this problem”
  3. Denmark: Copenhagen police station bombed
  4. England: School Trips to Sadiq’s London Now “HIGH RISK” Activity
  5. England: The special Brexit 50 pence coin! (Video: 2:36 minutes long.)
  6. Europe: The Rise of ‘Hate Speech’ Policing in Europe
  7. France: French Jews Demand Probe Into France’s ‘Non-Aggression’ Pact with Palestinian Terrorists
  8. Germany: Muslim desk clerk at Berlin Tegel Airport hurls anti-Semitic insults in English and Arabic at passenger
  9. Germany: Muslim migrant sexually assaults and bites seven-year-old girl
  10. Germany: Central Council of Muslims in Germany calls on government to appoint an “Islamophobia commissioner”
  11. Germany: Anti-Semitism in Berlin: Rabbi Attacked in Street by Arabic-speaking Men
  12. Germany: Muslims insult Jewish rabbi in Arabic and then punch him, knocking him to the ground
  13. Germany: Muslim migrants plan jihad massacre with truck bomb
  14. Hungary: DNA Shows Hungary Has Highest Percentage of Citizens with Jewish Ethnicity
  15. Italy: Vatican City: Muslim migrant screaming “Allahu akbar” threatens to ignite himself near St. Peter’s Square
  16. Italy: Muslim migrants slaughter sheep in a parking lot
  17. Russia: Russian Nuclear Accident Highlights New Cruise Missile
  18. Russia: Russia’s Proposal For Persian Gulf Peace
  19. Sweden: Muslim driver stops bus service, refuses women entry so he and other Muslims could pray
  20. Sweden: After four rapes in four days, Uppsala police warn women to “think how to behave”
  21. Sweden: Muslim migrant from Uzbekistan deliberately tries to run over people
  22. UK: Muslim stabs police officer in head and hand
  23. UK: Sikhs ask establishment media to stop calling Muslim rape gangs “Asian”
  24. UK: Muslim hijacks police car, runs over police officer
  25. UK: High Court rules that Islamic State jihadis can be legally stripped of their citizenship
  26. UK: Alasdair Macleod: Six Things Boris Johnson Should Do To Turn The UK Around


  1. China: Is China Hoarding Food, Gold And Other Commodities In Anticipation Of A Global Collapse?
  2. China: China Accuses US of Inciting Protests in Hong Kong and Doxxes a US State Department Official
  3. China: Why China Is So Obsessed With Hong Kong and Taiwan
  4. Federated States of Micronesia: To Counter China in the Pacific, America Reboots the ‘Island-Hopping’ Campaign of World War II
  5. India: Parliament Criminalizes Triple-Talaq Divorce
  6. India: RUMORS OF WAR: Fears of “Total War” as Indian warships prepare for Pakistan-based terror attack
  7. Indonesia: 14 men, including a Buddhist, flogged with a cane for relationships with women
  8. Iran: Iraq Warns Israel to Keep Out of Persian Gulf
  9. Iran: Iran Warns: Israeli Presence in Gulf Could Result in War
  10. WATCH: ‘Hezbollah Could Obliterate Israel,’ Threatens Iranian Commander
  11. Iraq: Turkey Bombing Christian Villages in Iraq
  12. Iraq: Muslims enraged over female violinist with uncovered hair at football tournament ceremony
  13. Iraq: Satellite Images Confirm Iraqi Site Hit, Israel Blamed for Airstrike
  14. Japan: As Protesters Mobbed the Hong Kong Airport, China Moved Troops to Its Border, and US Navy Ships Refused Entry to HK Ports
  15. Japan: (VIDEO) Hong Kong protesters sing US anthem, with US flags, against Chinese tyranny during airport occupation
  16. Japan: Hong Kongers stage more anti-government protests, braving storms on Saturday
  17. Malaysia: Muslims charge “Islamophobia” over roof to be demolished for safety concerns, looks like Qur’an book rest
  18. North Korea: North Korea fires two missiles into sea in another weapons test amid tensions…
  19. Pakistan: Quran Teacher Arrested for Beating, “Thrashing” Students with Pipe
  20. Pakistan: “Every year at least a thousand girls are kidnapped, raped, and forced to convert to Islam”


  1. Democratic Republic of the Congo: Ebola virus is no longer incurable, Congo trial reports over 90 percent success
  2. Egypt: SICK: Egyptian Holocaust Denier Accuses Israel of Fabricating Genocide for Profit
  3. Kenya: Muslim husband, divorces, BEATS Christian Mother after finding her Bible
  4. Morocco: Muslim elementary school teacher says Belgian volunteers “should be beheaded” because “they work in shorts”
  5. South Africa: Weekend murders escalate – Alan Winde


  1. Australia: BREAKING: Sydney Man yells, ‘Allahu akhbar!’, kills one, wounds another
  2. Australia: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” goes on stabbing rampage, cops say it isn’t terrorism, search for motive
  3. Australia: Muslim who went on stabbing spree while screaming “Allahu akbar” was recent convert to Islam
  4. Australia: “Experts” claim Muslim who slit woman’s throat and screamed “Allahu akbar” is not a terrorist
  5. Mariana Islands: Northern Mariana Islands, a Commonwealth of the US, Is Overwhelmed with Expectant Mothers and Wants to End Birth Tourism


  1. Canada: Canada under siege: Islamic supremacist onslaught against Christian federal Conservative candidate
  2. Canada: Refugees in 2015, Syrians now citizens in time for 2019 federal election
  3. Canada: Canadian Jews Launch $10 Million Campaign to Protect Montreal Community
  4. Canada: Canada cherishes euthanasia over conscience
  5. Canada: Canada Allows Jihadi Who Stabbed Three Soldiers to Roam Free Despite ‘Significant Threat’ to the Public
  6. Canada: Conservative leader Andrew Scheer panders to imam who hates Israel and sanctions wife-beating
  7. Canada: Canadian Paper Blasted Over ‘Anti-Semitic’ Cartoon
  8. Canada: Prediction: Trudeau scandal not forgotten on Election Day


  1. Venezuela: Venezuelan Opposition Leader  Picks Ex-Chief Rabbi as Envoy to Israel


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  1. Bankruptcy filings rising across the country and it could get worse
  2. Nightly Business Report – August 12, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  3. Nightly Business Report – August 13, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  4. Nightly Business Report – August 14, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  5. Nightly Business Report – August 15, 2019 (Video: 26:46 minutes long.)
  6. Auto Rates Heading Lower (Video: 1:48 minutes long.)
  7. The True Story Behind China’s ‘Currency Manipulation’ – Mike Maloney (Video: 8:03 minutes long.)
  8. President Trump on U.S.-China trade war: “No Deal” (Video: 3:46 minutes long.)
  9. Bank of America raises chance of a recession to 1-in-3 in the next 12 months
  10. INFLATION, HYPERINFLATION, GOLD VALUE… Q&A with Lynette Zang and Eric Griffin (Video: 12:39 minutes long.)
  11. US Consumers Are “Tapped Out”……. (Video: 43:02 minutes long.)
  12. Record Low Yield Curves and the Bond Crisis Black Hole (Video: 21:46 minutes long.)
  13. Four Must-Have Documents (Video: 2:52 minutes long.)
  14. Impact of Tariff Delay on the Market (Video: 3:36 minutes long.)
  15. U.S. set to give Huawei another 90 days to buy from American suppliers – sources
  16. Treasury is about to flood the market with debt to fund U.S.’s $1 trillion deficit — and that is a concern
  17. This 31-year-old sold $700,000 of stuff online without buying any inventory
  18. These 10 ‘grey swan’ events could conspire to imperil global economy and markets
  19. The trade war is already lost, Trump is doomed and this investment is about to go ‘ballistic,’ strategist says
  20. The No. 1 job in America with the ‘best career opportunities’ pays $112,000 a year — and it’s not in tech
  21. Modern Survivalist Currency Crisis Ongoing | Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre
  22. Max Keiser: The Global Banking System Is Collapsing
  24. The Road To Financial & Social Hell Is Paved With Virtue-Signaling
  25. Lost Within The Rate Cut: The Fed’s Drive To Establish A New Payment System
  26. 12 Reasons Why Negative Rates Will Devastate The World
  27. The CPI Constantly Understates Inflation: Why This Will Lead To Catastrophe
  28. Trump Administration Considering Issuance Of 50, 100-Year Treasuries
  29. Midwest Farm Loan Repayment Issues Hit Highest Level Since 1999


  1. Bonds haven’t been this popular since the financial crisis as recession fears rise
  2. Stock Market Plummeted 800 Points Today; Here’s Why
  3. Stock-market investors rattled by rising bond yields can blame the Fed, according to this chart
  4. After the yield curve inverts — here’s how the stock market tends to perform since 1978
  5. For stocks, ‘buying the dip’ is now likely to be a ‘losing proposition,’ says UBS
  6. Copy insiders and buy these stocks — because they see no recession looming
  7. Here’s why U.S. stocks could fall further
  8. Predicting what happens next in stocks will get trickier this fall when markets navigate a roller coaster of big events
  9. Don’t Read This If You Think Stocks Are About To Explode Higher
  10. Pay Attention To The Message The Yield Curve Is Sending


  1. Why gold’s ‘strong undercurrent’ has some analysts eyeing $2,000 an ounce
  2. BLOODY SUNDAY: Seems Like Gold & Silver Will Get A Brutal Beating When The “Markets” Reopen
  3. Gold Price Will Hit $3,000 When This Happens | Jim Willie
  4. The Most Massive Gold Accumulation Since The Great Depression
  5. Gold Traders Still Don’t Understand The Rally
  6. Gold Stocks Lagging Gold Now
  7. “Zero Has No Meaning” Says Greenspan: We Disagree, And So Does Gold
  8. Is Widening Yield Curve Inversion Lifting Gold Prices Up?
  9. Audio: Gold & Silver Firm amid Volatility & Falling Rates
  10. REPLY TO HARRY DENT: If Gold Is In A Bubble, Then Mine Supply Must Come From The Tooth Fairy
  11. It’s Time to Get Serious about Silver
  12. The Precious Metals Are Setting Up For Big Moves Higher
  13. Will The Precious Metals Rally Continue Throughout The Summer?
  14. U.S. Dollar to Lose Stature in Global Race to Devalue
  15. The Bull vs. Bear Case for Gold


  1. Mortgage Rates Dropping (Video: 1:36 minutes long.)
  2. Housing starts slump 4% in July, but there’s one silver lining for the real-estate market


  1. Social Security Income Limit: What Counts As Income? (Video: 9:12 minutes long.)
  2. Should Ministers Opt Out of Social Security? (Video: 12:07 minutes long.)
  3. This recent report suggests steady saving for retirement is not important
  4. Senior rip-offs are soaring—and you won’t believe who the crooks are
  5. Don’t want to retire broke? Do this


  1. Italy Was The World’s Superpower TWICE (And They Screwed It Up Both Times)


  1. A One Day Stock Market Plunge Of 48%! A Major Financial Crisis In Argentina Is Happening Right Now


  1. China Curbs Gold Imports As Trade War Heats Up, Sources Tell Reuters
  3. PetroChina Suspends Venezuelan Oil Imports In Huge Blow To Maduro


  1. The Real Issues Behind The Cash Ban (Video: 29:13 minutes long.)


Earth News Banner

  1. NASA has pictures of Martian “mushrooms” indicating proof of life, says controversial new research
  2. Is the big one coming? NASA aircraft flight pattern along San Andreas fault rings alarm bells among observers
  3. Asteroid bigger than Eiffel Tower and more powerful than Hiroshima hurtling near Earth
  4. (SCoPEx) Scientists at Harvard University funded by Bill Gates are planning to spray millions of tonnes of dust into the stratosphere to stop global warming
  5. Crete struck by third earthquake in two weeks as British tourists shaken awake
  6. Sorry, climate change fanatics: Turns out, Greenland’s glaciers are actually growing
  7. A total of 56 wildfires burning out of control in parts of Greece as smoke from the Evia fire covers Athens and strong winds fan the flames
  8. Japan hit with Biblical amounts of rain! Total rainfall could surpass 1200 mm (47 inches) in 24 hours which is more than 10 times their August average
  9. Our galaxy’s black hole just released a super bright light that has left scientists baffled
  10. The US could be hit by eight hurricanes before December as experts predict a storm surge following the end of El Niño
  11. Thunderstorm unleashes 18″ of hail in Michigan…
  12. Monster Hail breaks record in Colorado
  13. The Fantasy of Global Warming is Over All Hands Prepare for the Cold and Lack of Food
  14. 4.2 magnitude earthquake rattles Kansas; Felt in other states
  15. 5.4 magnitude earthquake strikes off Oregon coast
  16. America’s largest asteroid impact left a trail of destruction across the eastern US


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Mystery Of The Giant Boulder In North Salem
  2. Two 2,000-Year-Old Marble Eagle Statues Found In Anatolian Hellenistic Temple
  3. 6,500-Year-Old Pottery Belongs To Unknown Ancient Culture That Lived In Ecuador
  4. Strange Ancient Discoveries That Cannot Be Argued As One BIG Coincidence! (Video: 10:38 minutes long.)
  5. Conch Bar Caves: The Largest Non-Submerged Cave System of the Caribbean
  6. Survey Identifies Neolithic Monument Aligned With the Winter Solstice at Brú na Bóinne
  7. Ancient Mesopotamia Discoveries of The Sumerians, Babylonians and Akkadians! (Video: 14:04 minutes long.)
  8. Top Ten Most Incredible Ancient Texts That Survived From the Distant Past (Video: 12:29 minutes long.)
  9. Antarctica Melting Ice Reveals Something Hidden For Thosands of Years! (Video: 10:20 minutes long.)
  10. Pompeii Treasure Trove Discovered Described As ‘Sorcerer’s Treasure Trove’ (Video: 4:22 minutes long.)
  11. There Are Things in The Mahabharata That Are Simply Beyond Imagination (Video: 10:15 minutes long.)
  12. The Greatest Archaeological Discovery Of All Time: Sutton Hoo (Video: 10:04 minutes long.)
  13. They Landed in Sumer…What happened Next Sounds Unbelievable and Yet.. (Video: 11:16 minutes long.)
  14. Re-purposed through the ages by different Cultures: The Great Sphinx (Video: 10:36 minutes long.)
  15. 15 Thousand Year Old Weapons Discovered! Civilization and the Cataclysm (Video: 6:08 minutes long.)
  16. Impossible Ancient Artifacts…So Out of Place, They Should Not Exist! (Video: 11:15 minutes long.)
  17. Eyptologists Still Silent…There Is An Ancient City Under Giza Plateau! (Video: 10:10 minutes long.)
  18. Something Is Very Wrong In The Nazca Desert…What Happened To This Mountain? (Video: 12:40 minutes long.)


History Past Banner

  1. The Man Who Killed Richard III (Medieval Documentary) | Timeline (Video: 44:53 minutes long.)
  2. The Peterloo Massacre (Famous Protest Documentary) | Timeline (Video: 1:14:05 minutes long.)
  3. The Lancaster At War (Royal Airforce Documentary) | Timeline (Video: 46:37 minutes long.)


The Strange-Mysterious-Unexplained (Small)


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Brit-Am Now no. 2971
  2. Brit-Am Now no. 2972
  3. Brit-Am Now no. 2973
  4. Two Sticks Roundtable Radio Show – Episode 6 “Paul and the Two Sticks” (Audio: 45:15 minutes long. Today we talk about Rabbi Shaul known as Paul in the English NT and his ministry to the Two Houses and His focus on Different kinds of “Law”.)
  5. CURTIS REID — NEW ZEALAND/CANADA (Audio: 56:52 minutes long. Curtis Reid, co-publisher of Bible Pathway Adventures, is our guest for this show.  He explains his Donkey Stable concept of discipleship and why the Tribulation is actually a huge blessing from Elohim for all His people.)


Genealogy News Banner New

  1. Family Search Now Allowing Name Edits
  2. DNA Basics Chapter 11: What is Genetic Genealogy?
  3. Getting Started With School Records for Genealogy Research
  4. The 1820 US Federal Census — A Closer Look
  5. Your Polish Surname and its Meaning
  6. Untangling Your Ancestor’s State-Level Vital Records
  7. 12 Genealogy Organization Secrets the Pros Know
  8. The Best British Genealogy Websites
  9. 7 Records to Look for in Cemeteries
  10. The Newest Batch of British & Irish Genealogical Records Now Online
  11. A Shocking Family Secret and 3 Powerful Newspaper Search Tips
  12. The Genealogy Gems YouTube Channel: Awesome Apps for Genealogy!
  13. Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode 232


Health News Banner


  1. Hepatitis A is breaking out across the country in wake of opioid crisis
  2. Warning: High lead and aluminum found in probiotics sold by Amazon
  3. Legionnaires’ disease outbreak at Atlanta hotel is now largest ever recorded in Georgia
  4. USDA issues recall of 700 lbs. of beef and pork that may have been blended with human blood… did somebody fall into the grinder?
  5. Have You Seen This New Deadly Species Of Tick In Your Backyard Yet?


  1. Newly-discovered group of dental stem cells could patch up cavities
  2. A short selfie video on your smartphone can now measure your blood pressure
  3. Intermittent Fasting – Looking at the Views of Dr. Jason Fung (Video: 14:57 minutes long.)
  4. How To Lower Your A1C Levels – 10 Easy & Clinically Proven Ways – by Dr Sam Robbins (Video: 9:16 minutes long.)
  5. 5 Best Salts For Cooking…And One To Avoid – Salt Grocery Haul (Video: 8:12 minutes long.)
  6. Top 20 Healthy Snacks You Can Buy – Back To School Snack Review (Video: 18:29 minutes long.)
  7. HUGE Back To School Snack Haul – What To Buy And Avoid! (Video: 21:42 minutes long.)
  8. Truth About Intermittent Fasting & Slower Metabolisms (Video: 4:55 minutes long.)
  9. 7 Clinically Proven Foods Which Lower Blood Sugar & Help Prevent & Reverse Diabetes (Video: 7:34 minutes long.)
  10. Big Pharma Has Sold 76-Billion Opium Pills in the US, and the Drug Flood Continues
  11. Doctors killed more Americans last weekend than mass shooters… but there’s zero outrage from the media or leftists
  12. Activated charcoal shown to make herpes medication more effective
  13. Blood Vessel Flexibility & Elasticity Leads To ED, Hypertension, Memory Problems & Heart Disease (Video: 5:58 minutes long.)
  14. Turmeric extract finds use in wound-healing foam
  15. Pre-Diabetic Goes Vegan & Blood Sugar Soars Over 500! (Video: 26:22 minutes long.)
  16. 5 AMAZING HACKS Using Only Rubbing Alcohol! (Video: 7:11 minutes long.)
  17. Homemade Natural Disinfectant With 2 Simple IngredientsHomemade Natural Disinfectant With 2 Simple Ingredients
  18. How To Increase Blood Flow & Circulation Naturally – by Dr Sam Robbins (Video: 10:19 minutes long.)
  19. Best Supplements to Improve Blood Flow Naturally – by Dr Sam Robbins (Video: 8:17 minutes long.)


THomas DeLauer

  1. How to do Intermittent Fasting: Complete Guide (Video: 25:22 minutes long.)
  2. 5 Major Causes of WOMEN’S Stomach Fat (Video: 12:06 minutes long.)
  3. Clean Keto on a Budget – ALDI Grocery Haul (Video: 41:41 minutes long.)
  4. Is Intermittent Fasting the Way to a Healthy Gut? (Video: 7:46 minutes long.)
  5. Intermittent Fasting Increases Cortisol – How to Control (Video: 11:41 minutes long.)
  6. What is Coconut Oil Fasting? Fat Fasting as a Diet Reset (Video: 6:59 minutes long.)
  7. Protein Needs for Women | How Much Protein (Video: 12:06 minutes long.)

Dr Alan Mandell, DC

  2. FIX ACID REFLUX NATURALLY WITHOUT MEDS – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 4:36 minutes long.)
  3. TWO TABLESPOONS A DAY WILL MELT THE BELLY FAT AWAY – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 4:48 minutes long.)
  4. AN ANCIENT JAPANESE HAND TECHNIQUE TO RELAX IN MINUTES – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 4:35 minutes long.)
  7. RESTORE YOUR BAD NECK CURVE WHILE LAYING IN BED – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 3:58 minutes long.)
  8. HOW TO PEEL A BANANA THE FASTEST WAY: THE MONKEY WAY – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 1:51 minutes long.)
  9. CAN YOU DRINK APPLE CIDER VINEGAR DAILY & HOW? (Dr Alan Mandell, DC) (Video: 2:25 minutes long.)

Dr. Eric Berg DC

  1. What’s Worse: White Sugar or White Flour? (Video: 4:05 minutes long.)
  2. 9 Things to Make Intermittent Fasting Easier (Video: 3:32 minutes long.)
  3. 23 Benefits of OMAD (One Meal a Day) Intermittent Fasting (Video: 5:12 minutes long.)
  4. If Rice Is So Bad, Why Are the Chinese So Thin? (Video: 2:25 minutes long.)
  5. Why Women Live Longer than Men (Video: 2:44 minutes long.)
  6. SULFUR: The Most Important Element in Detoxification (Video:1:41 minutes long.)
  7. Should You Remove Your Gallbladder Because of a Stone? (Video: 8:48 minutes long.)
  8. Post Menopausal Estrogen Deficiency (Video: 2:44 minutes long.)
  9. Thinking About Starting the Ketogenic Diet, But Not Sure? (Video: 8:27 minutes long.)
  10. Breathe Better / More Oxygen with Keto (Ketogenic Diet) (Video: 3:14 minutes long.)
  11. The Best Vitamin for Tuberculosis (TB) (Video: 3:23 minutes long.)
  12. How Sweets and Grains Deplete Your Vitamins (Video: 3:23 minutes long.)

Dr. Joseph Mercola

  1. This Improves Your Brain, Muscles, Lungs, Heart and More

Mike Adams-Health Ranger

  1. Are You Living Next To A New Cell Tower?
  2. Are you poisoning yourself with commercial toothpaste?
  3. Lemon balm is excellent survival medicine: Review of its medicinal properties and how to use it
  4. Blueberries lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease
  5. Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Before Bedtime Will Change Your Life For Good
  6. Johnson & Johnson to face criminal investigation over asbestos talc scandal
  7. Beat depression with these 14 natural remedies
  8. Magnesium works better than prescription drugs for treating symptoms of depression
  9. Homemade Natural Disinfectant With 2 Simple Ingredients
  10. “Frankenstein” genetic experiments on humans will see massive “organ factory” farms of animals growing human organs to enrich the transplant industry
  11. The 5 worst Reader’s Digest Health Myths still being propagated and perpetuated today
  12. Antioxidant-dense goji berries are superfruit snacks that offer a variety of health benefits
  13. Health Ranger bombshell: You’d have to drink 41,000 liters of beer to get the same exposure to glyphosate as just a few drops on your skin of glyphosate weedkiller used in landscaping
  14. Here are the best reasons why you should go nuts with organic almonds

Dr. Sten Ekberg

Dr. Nick Zyrowski

  1. Foods That Burn Belly Fat | Uncover The Top Foods (Video: 6:54 minutes long.)
  2. Fake Foods We Eat Everyday | Don’t Be Fooled Any Longer (Video: 7:14 minutes long.)



  1. New breast cancer blood test 100 times more sensitive than similar tests
  2. Top 4 natural remedies for skin cancer the FDA does not want you using: Part II
  3. Top seven cancer-causing chemicals in American food
  4. Top 12 Super Foods That Fight Breast Cancer
  5. Conquering Cancer Course


  1. Pharma hack Paul Offit accidentally admits that the FDA’s process for licensing vaccines is fraudulent


  1. Pesto Cheesy Chicken Rolls
  2. Spiedies
  3. Cheeseburger Soup
  4. Hearty Hamburger Soup
  5. Instant Pot® Cabbage and Turkey Soup
  6. Instant Pot® Moroccan Chicken
  7. Za’atar Roasted Potatoes
  8. Cauliflower Tots
  9. Low-Carb Yellow Squash Casserole
  10. Marinated Garden Tomatoes
  11. Cauliflower Au Gratin
  12. Buttered Biscuits
  13. Parmesan-Roasted Green Beans
  14. Ratatouille Pappardelle
  15. Black Raspberry Ice Cream
  16. Slow Cooker Peach Upside Down Cake
  17. Tandy Cake
  18. Gluten-Free Blueberry Cake
  19. Orange Creamsicle® Sugar Cookies
  20. S’mores Bars with Graham Crackers
  21. Butter Brickle Frozen Delight
  22. German Pancakes
  23. Almond Butter Banana Oats
  24. How To Make Healthy Smoothies
  25. Starter Smoothie


Misc. News Banner

  1. Study Finds Rise In ‘Doomsday Prepping’ Due To Mainstream American ‘Culture Of Fear’
  2. Netflix adds transgender storyline to Nickelodeon children’s cartoon
  3. True for You but Not for Me (Video: 5:24 minutes long.)
  4. There Is No Such Thing as “Your Truth” (Video: 1:59 minutes long.)
  5. Finally, Someone Comes Forward…This Will Leave You Speechless! (Video: 13:17 minutes long.)
  6. Racial reconciliation – a trendy issue demanding biblical truth, not self-guilt
  7. Celebrities Lead Charge To Normalize Transgenderism For Young Children
  8. Teen Vogue Uses Snapchat to Instruct Kids How to Get an Abortion
  9. Instead of red flag laws, why won’t lawmakers investigate psychiatric drugs and their links to violence?
  10. Review: Pocketalk translator puts 74 languages at your fingertips
  11. The Dismantling of Reality – LGBTQ Organizations War On Society
  12. The Tea Party Isn’t Dead. It’s More Vibrant and Essential Than Ever
  13. Woman implants her Tesla Model 3’s valet key into her arm
  14. Racism Is Not in America’s DNA (Video: 6:15 minutes long.)
  15. Tech giants are colluding to silence all independent media, steal the 2020 election and suppress human knowledge
  16. You Cannot Legislate Morality
  17. What Would It Take To Build A World Without Globalists?
  18. The Biotech-Industrial Complex Gets Ready To Define What Is Human
  19. “Alarms Raised” After Request For “Permanent Reauthorization” Of NSA Surveillance Program Exposed By Snowden


  1. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook Denies It Shadow Bans Users But Has A Patent for Shadow Banning
  2. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook Has Been Caught Listening To Its Users Conversations
  3. Social Media-Google: Google now taking sides on key issues like medicine, cancer, vaccines, GMOs, climate change and more, and working to obliterate all views that Google doesn’t endorse
  4. Social Media-Google: Project Veritas Announces New Google Insider Bomb Shell Video
  5. Social Media-Google: Google operating like a news publisher, Project Veritas leaks reveal
  6. Social Media-Google: Google doesn’t want you to see this story — literally
  7. Social Media-Google: Google Insider Turns Over 950 Pages Of Docs And Laptop To DOJ
  8. Social Media-Google: Whistleblower: Google Broke Search Engine On Purpose, Built Back Doors To Secretly Control All Information
  9. Social Media-Google: Google Sent Police to ‘SWAT’ a Whistleblower When He Leaked Their Documents Proving Interference with US Elections


  1. Build a Black Out Bag Power Outage Preparation Kit
  2. How To Make Pepper Spray
  3. Top 10 Foods to Grow for Survival
  4. 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Off the Grid
  5. 5 Survival Myths That Could Get You Killed
  6. Outrageous, But Effective, Medicines People Used In The Past
  7. 10 Reasons Why You Need to Make Room for the God of Fungi in Your Backyard
  8. 5 Medicinal Plants that My Grandmother Grew in Her Backyard
  9. SHTF & Everyday Dawn Dish Soap Uses (Video: 7:24 minutes long.)


  1. 83 Groups: California New High School Curriculum Antisemitic and Anti-Israel
  2. Common Sense in Free Fall on American Campuses
  3. Kentucky High School Drops Plans for ‘Bible Literacy’ Course Over Constitutional Concerns
  4. CNBC’s ‘American Greed’ takes a deep dive into the college admissions scandal (Video: 3:16 minutes long.)
  5. Teachers union wants world without future students
  6. NO OPT-OUT ALLOWED: The California Sex Ed Indoctrination (Video: 31:32 minutes long.)
  7. California Introduces Radical Anti-Semitic High School Curriculum
  8. Transgender student suspended from Christian College after getting breast reduction
  9. Dad horrified as public school convinces daughter she’s a ‘boy’…and he can’t stop it
  10. California Schools to Teach Kids That Capitalism is Racist and that History Is Sexist
  11. Students sign petition to ban ‘offensive’ white man in crosswalk signs
  12. Illinois adopts law requiring LGBT history lessons to be taught in public schools
  13. Education Department to hear complaint against trans intrusion in girls’ sports


  1. USB-RF vs. Bluetooth for Mice and Keyboards: Which Is Better?
  2. Free Download: Remove PC Bloatware With Malwarebytes AdwCleaner
  3. How to Print Web Pages Without Ads and Other Clutter
  4. How to Convert a Video or Audio File Using VLC
  5. What Does “TLDR” Mean, and How Do You Use It?
  6. Secure Your Wireless Router: 8 Things You Can Do Right Now
  7. How to See How Much RAM Is In Your PC (and Its Speed)
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  9. How to Organize Your Google Drive
  10. What to Do Before (and After) Your Phone Is Stolen
  11. Try These Tips to Boost Your WiFi Signal
  12. How to Clean Dust Out of Inside of Your Computer (Video: 7:32 minutes long.)
  13. Microsoft Office vs LibreOffice | How to Make the Change (Video: 12:15 minutes long.)
  14. WhatsApp Vulnerabilities ‘Put Words in Your Mouth,’ Lets Hackers Take Over Conversations
  15. Change Whatsapp Home Screen Background to Use Any Photo (Video: 2:38 minutes long.)
  16. Hundreds of Exposed Amazon Cloud Backups Found Leaking Sensitive Data
  17. Top 10 Security Extensions for Google Chrome
  18. Huawei Covertly to Sell Smartphones in U.S.
  19. Tens Of Millions Of Android Phones Come Preloaded With Dangerous Malware
  20. Delete All Mail in Gmail AT ONCE…THE EASY WAY (Video: 3:24 minutes long.)
  21. Best FREE PC Backup Software For Windows 10 (Video: 11:59 minutes long.)
  22. Geekly Update – 14 August 2019
  23. How to Use the Equation Editor in Google Docs
  24. How to Download Android Apps On Chromebook
  25. Snapchat Spectacles 3 bring dual cameras for adding 3D to your photos and videos
  26. 56.3% of You Are WRONG About Incognito Mode (Video: 8:45 minutes long.)
  27. Microsoft Warns of Two New ‘Wormable’ Flaws in Windows Remote Desktop Services
  28. 6 Things You Can Do with BetterCloud’s OneDrive and SharePoint Online Integration
  29. How to Properly Erase Data From SSD / Hard Drive (Video: 14:07 minutes long.)
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  31. How to Prevent the Top 11 Threats in Cloud Computing
  32. WhatsApp Most Important Settings for All WhatsApp User’s (Video: 2:15 minutes long.)
  33. LibreOffice 6.3: New Features (Video: 4:10 minutes long.)
  34. Spear Phishing 101: What It Is and How to Stop It
  36. [SPEED TIP] Are Autoruns Slowing Down Your PC?
  37. What Is microSD Express, and Why Does It Matter?
  38. Can You Use AirDrop on a Windows PC or Android Phone?
  39. How to Use Virtual Desktops on Chrome OS
  40. How People Are Tweeting From Pretend Devices
  41. Huawei Harmony OS – Google Should Be WORRIED (Video: 4:06 minutes long.)
  42. Try These Free Online Photography Classes
  43. Have You Tried the VLC Media Player?
  44. How to Use Chrome’s Hidden “Send Tab to Self” Feature


  1. How to Measure Elevation on Your iPhone
  2. How to Rename Folders on an iPhone or iPad
  3. Apple’s new iPhones to come with built-in 5G transmitters… Avoid all Apple products or be irradiated
  4. How iOS 13’s “Silence Unknown Callers” Will Stop Phone Spam
  5. How to Create Contact Groups on Your Mac
  6. How to Tell Which iPhone You Have
  7. Why Apple is dropping the “i” from product names (Video: 9:09 minutes long.)
  8. How to Apply for the Apple Card
  9. How to Restore Apps and Games to Your iPhone or iPad
  10. The 8 Best Calendar Apps for Your iPhone
  11. Apple Promises Hostile Treatment for Sites That Break Safari Privacy Rules
  12. How to Set Dynamic Wallpaper on your iPhone or iPad


  1. DNA Basics Chapter 11: What is Genetic Genealogy? (Video: 2:08 minutes long.)
  2. 5 DANGEROUS Android Apps You Need To Uninstall Right Now! (Video: 4:55 minutes long.)


  1. Microsoft Office: How to Work with Trendlines in Microsoft Excel Charts
  2. Microsoft Office: How to Switch to Editing Mode in Excel
  3. Microsoft Office: How to Set Up a POP3 or IMAP Account in Microsoft Outlook
  4. Microsoft Office: How to Use iTunes Music in PowerPoint Presentations
  5. Microsoft Office: Microsoft Word Tutorial – Beginners Level 1 (Video: 29:08 minutes long.)
  6. Microsoft Office: Microsoft Word Tutorial – Beginners Level 2 (WIth Tips and Tricks) (Video: 20:37 minutes long.)
  7. Microsoft Office: Microsoft Word 2013 Tutorials – Page Layout (Video: 13:19 minutes long.)
  8. Microsoft Office: How to Disable ‘Pick Up Where You Left Off’ in Microsoft Office
  9. Windows: Master Windows 10’s Alt+Tab Switcher with These Tricks
  10. Windows: Windows 10 Now Lets You Reply to Your Android Notifications
  11. Windows: Why Does Windows Defender Firewall Block Some App Features?
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  13. Windows: How to Create Desktop Shortcuts on Windows 10 the Easy Way
  14. Windows: How to Open Old Web Pages in Internet Explorer on Windows 10
  15. Windows: Cheap Windows 10 Keys Do They Work? (Video: 5:01 minutes long.)
  16. Windows: Windows Vulnerability Released | Remote Desktop Users Beware (Video: 7:31 minutes long.)
  17. Windows: A Look at the Windows 10 Exploit Google Zero Disclosed This Week
  18. Windows: Fix Bluetooth Failed to Remove Device on Windows 10 (Video: 5:41 minutes long.)
  19. Windows: Microsoft Will Update Notepad Through Windows 10’s Store
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  1. How to Set Up Remote Desktop on Ubuntu
  2. Why I Switched From Ubuntu to Manjaro Linux
  3. How to Add a GUI to Linux Shell Scripts
  4. How to Install the Linux 5.0 Update on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  5. What Are stdin, stdout, and stderr on Linux?
  6. Linux Swap | Different Kinds and How to Use It (Video: 12:26 minutes long.)


Religion News Banner

Free From Religion

  1. Are Churches Still a Place for Prayer or Have They Become an Arena for Amusement?
  2. The Global Spiritual Trend We Can’t Ignore
  3. Why Many Christians Are in Danger of Falling for False Prophecies
  4. THE GREAT DEBATE: Predestination vs Election
  5. Is God ok with cremation? (Video: 7:15 minutes long.)
  6. If You Believe In God, You Might Want To Watch This Video Right Away….Tears Are So Powerful (Video: 13:16 minutes long.)
  7. 3 Things God Will Do When He Is Protecting You from Marrying the Wrong Person (Video: 6:21 minutes long.)
  8. The Ten Commandments: What You Should Know (Video: 5:36 minutes long.)
  9. Was There A Way For The Church To Avoid The Culture Wars?
  10. Lutheran denomination declares itself a ‘sanctuary church’ for migrants
  11. Growing number of Evangelicals outraged over Trump’s use of the Lord’s name in vain
  12. FALLING AWAY: Hillsong Leader Announces He Wants No Part in Christianity Anymore
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3 in 1

Shabbat Shalom

August 3, 2019

Psalm 98 & 99            Mark 5

Psalm 98:2  The LORD [H3068 YeHoVaH] hath made known HIS salvation [H3444 YESH-OO’-AW]: HIS righteousness hath HE openly shewed in the sight of the heathen.

Mark 5:15  And they come to Yeshua, and see HIM that was possessed with the devil, and had the legion [of devils, which went into the ~2,000 swine, pigs, garbage trucks!  And now our formerly possessed Brother IS (see Ephesians 4:23 regarding our minds being renewed, so that we, also, will be)], sitting, and clothed, and in his right mind: and they were afraid.

Mark 5:16  And they that saw it told them how it befell to him that was possessed with the devil, and also concerning the swine.

Mark 5:17  And they began to pray HIM [YESH-OO’-AW]  to depart out of their coasts. [if, indeed, HIStory repeats itself this is happening right now in this U.S. of A!  “theywant YESH-OO’-AWto depart”!]

3 in 1, maybe — as the old household sewing machine oil is anointing my reading of YHVH’s Holy WORD this morning and — as they say, “It is a well oiled machine” :o)))

I see the Father in the Son and us in them:

(as stated in John 17:21  That they all may be one; as Thou, Father, art in Me, and I in Thee, that they also may be one in Us: that the world may believe that Thou hast sent Me.)

YHWH-Paleo Hebrew

How do I see “3 in 1” in the Old Testament book of Psalms?  Very subtly, in Psalm 99 verse 4 we have YHVH the FATHER, and also Jacob/Israel (in Psalm 99:4), the Wife of YHVH (according to Isaiah 54:5 & 6) and Their Son SALVATION = YESH-OO’-AW (named twice in Psalm 98:2 & 3).  YESH-OO’-AW, the WORD made flesh and Who dwelt among us and showed us The WAY to Live LIFE according to our FATHER’s Instructions = Torah — goes into HIGH GEAR with 3 in 1:

Mark 5:35  While HE [YESH-OO’-AW] yet spake, there came from the ruler of the synagogue’s house certain which said, Thy daughter is dead: why troublest thou the Master any further?

Mark 5:36  As soon as Yeshua heard the word that was spoken, HE saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe.

Mark 5:37  And HE suffered no man to follow him, save Peter, and James, and John the brother of James. [the “3 in 1”]

Why do I see Peter, and James, and John as “3 in 1”?  These 3 went up on the Mt of Transfiguration (most likely Mt Hermon, the highest mountain in Israel) with YESH-OO’-AW and saw Moses and Elias (Matthew 17:1-4 and Mark 9:2) and these three are the first 3 Apostles mentioned by name in Matthew 10:2,  and these 3 were with YESH-OO’-AW when HE raised the young (12 year old) girl from the dead in Luke 8:51, and what appears to me is this: Peter tells us “2 Peter 3:8  But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”  James tells us “James 2:20  But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?”  And John — John wrote the Gospel of John, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John AND the book of THE Revelation for US in THIS generation

Side note: A couple years ago, while shopping in a distant city, a beautiful young Chinese lady walked up to me, took hold of a tassel hanging from my belt loop, looked me in the eye, and said, “Tzitzit.”  I did not feel “that virtue had gone out of” me, as with YESHUA in Mark 5:30; and yet, her eternal spirit touched mine and communicated to me, as would my long lost Siblings in YESH-OO’-AW.  We had a very blessed visit, as she said that she loves the roots of our Hebrew “Netzer” MESSIAH :o)  Soon, she disappeared.  I have not seen her since; and yet, I am certain that I will see her again in Abba Papa’s KINGDOM :o)

WWJD?  Did Jesus wear Tzitzit?  Mark 5:27 speaks of HIS garment and the account is better explained in Luke 8:44, which explains that the woman with the issue of blood touched the “border of HIS garment,” “border” being defined by James Strong as:




kras’-ped-onOf uncertain derivation; a margin, that is, (specifically) a fringe or tassel [H6734, see Numbers 15:37-39]: –  border, hem.

Numbers 15:37  And the LORDH3068 [YHVH] spakeH559 untoH413 Moses,H4872 saying,H559

Numbers 15:38  SpeakH1696 untoH413 the childrenH1121 of Israel [and strangers/aliens like me who are “sojourning among them” as explained in Romans chapter 11],H3478 and bidH559 H413 them that they makeH6213 them fringesH6734 inH5921 the bordersH3671 of their garmentsH899 throughout their generations,H1755 and that they putH5414 uponH5921 the fringeH6734 of the bordersH3671 a ribbandH6616 of blue:H8504

Numbers 15:39  And it shall beH1961 unto you for a fringe,H6734 that ye may look uponH7200 it, and rememberH2142 (H853) allH3605 the commandmentsH4687 of the LORD,H3068  [YHVH, the same yesterday, today, and forever!], and doH6213 them; and that ye seekH8446 notH3808 afterH310 your own heartH3824 and your own eyes,H5869 afterH310 whichH834 yeH859 use to go a whoring:H2181

Numbers 15:40  ThatH4616 ye may remember,H2142 and doH6213 (H853) allH3605 MY commandments,H4687 and beH1961 holyH6918 unto your God. [ELohim.]H430  





Feminine of H6731; a floral or wing like projection, that is, a fore lock of hair, a tassel: – fringe, lock.

How does “3 in 1” apply to me and my relationship with the ALMIGHTY?  Yes, I have been blessed with the audible voice of ELohim — back when I had the muzzle of a 38 caliber revolver against my skull, had heard the click of pulling the hammer back, and was beginning to squeeze the trigger HE SPOKE to me!  Yes, when I had totally lost control of a set of UPS doubles on a sudden sheet of ice at highway speed and I YELLED “FATHER!” and HE rescued me in the literal “twinkling of an eye.”  But, what about my daily diet of eternal health food?  How do I REnew my mind and REnew my relationship with HIM???  I feast upon HIS preserved Holy written WORD that speaks to me and nourishes me and draws me closer and closer to HIM and HIS WAY.  There’s nothing in this world that I love more than sharing what The WORD of YHVH is saying to me and us.  Yesterday, while MaraDale and I were out for a walkie-talkie, a so-called “Christian” overtook us on his newfangled bicycle and stopped to talk about the ingenious contraption that he was riding.  I mentioned my Bible reading, which I had just read in Psalm 97 and Mark 4, and his aloof yah, yah, yah — I know all about that *#&#* attitude told me that he is in good standing at his religion of the BROAD way which MANY are on and which leadeth to DESTRUCTION!  I did not say it; but I thought it: Credible dieticians have been heard to say, “We are what we eat”  and very possibly that is why my YESH-OO’-AW ha Mashiyach (Jesus the Christ) said to me:

Matthew 7:6  Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

 A few short verses later, HIS WORD is echoing for you and for me:

Matthew 7:14  Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

And I weep for those who just can’t be bothered.  Shabbat shalom, my precious Siblings in YESH-OO’-AW ha Mashiyach.

May YHVH add HIS blessing to the repeated reading of HIS entire Holy Bible.  Amen.



 August 5, 2019

Psalm 103 – 104                     Mark 7


Psalm 103:1  A Psalm of David. Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless HIS Holy name.

Mark 7:34  And looking up to heaven, HE sighed, and saith unto him, Ephphatha, that is, Be opened.

            Often I have sung “Bless the LORD, O my soul…” and somehow (for decades) I missed HIS blessingHIS invitation to HIS table, to HIS FEAST, HIS dress rehearsal in preparation for the Marriage Supper of the LAMB — that has been offered to ALL mankind since the beginning of creation, even the very beginning in Genesis 1:14 to date.  Genesis 1:14 tells us that the sun, moon and stars were put in their orbits to give you and me HIS unchanging signals, “signs,” of HIS appointed Festivals (moade, in Hebrew, seasons in English).  David is reminding us that these signals (and what they mean) still apply to our FATHER’s precious people; AND, our eternal MESSIAH IS ALSO reminding us to remember Isaiah, David, and Moses in Mark 7:

Mark 7:6  He [Yeshua] answered and said unto them, Well hath Esaias [Isaiah 29:13] prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.

Mark 7:7  Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

Mark 7:8  For laying aside The Commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do.

Mark 7:9  And HE [Yeshua] said unto them, Full well ye reject The Commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.

Mark 7:10  For Moses said, Honour thy father and thy mother; and, Whoso curseth father or mother, let him die the death:

Mark 7:11  But ye say, If a man shall say to his father or mother, It is Corban, that is to say, a gift, by whatsoever thou mightest be profited by me; he shall be free.

Mark 7:12  And ye suffer him no more to do ought for his father or his mother;

Mark 7:13  Making The WORD of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye.

As I prepare for a bit of a pilgrimage to our FATHER’s FEAST of SUKKOT (Tabernacles), a dress rehearsal of praising HIM, in order to be better prepared to TABERNACLE WITH HIM at the shout of the BRIDEGROOM, “Bless the LORD, O my soul…” is humming in the chambers of my heart and corridors of my mind….


 May YHVH add HIS blessing to the reading of HIS entire Holy Bible.  Amen.



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Another Coffee Break

ANOTHER COFFEE BREAK: Tribulation, Part 2

For reasons that are perfectly understandable when you realize how much we have been contaminated with the culture and mindset of death, God’s people want to be “raptured” out of here to escape all those things that Paul experienced for the sake of the Gospel.  I want to begin today with a story of a young woman who experienced much of what we have just read in II Corinthians.

Her name is Diana H.  Hopefully, we will be able to have her share her experiences in person, but for today, let me give you a very brief overview of her life.

For reference sake, Diana H is the wife of Michael H.  Michael is a worship leader at Joel Osteen’s church in Houston.  He is also a fellow-musician and guitarist.  He is the founder of the stem cell clinic in Houston where I received my stem cell injection.  That’s my introduction for today.

Before I share Diana’s experiences, let me lay a little groundwork from Paul’s letter to the Corinthians to which I have already made reference.

II Corinthians 11:23-28:  Are they ministers of Christ? (I speak as a fool) I am more; in labours more abundant, in stripes above measure, in prisons more frequent, in deaths oft.

Of the Jews five times received I forty stripes save one.  Thrice was I beaten with rods, once was I stoned, thrice I suffered shipwreck, a night and a day I have been in the deep;

In journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen, in perils by the heathen, in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren;

In weariness and painfulness, in watchings often, in hunger and thirst, in fastings often, in cold and nakedness. Beside those things that are without, that which cometh upon me daily, the care of all the churches.

Diana (and I won’t even attempt to pronounce her Arabic name) was born and grew up in Iran.  She was a Muslim from birth.  She was married to a man who was died-in-the-wool Islamic, hated everything about America, the Western world and Christianity specifically.

Diana knew nothing about Jesus Christ except that which was drilled into her by her Muslim instructors and peers.  No long after a young son was born, Jesus appeared to Diana in person.  To say that it was a life-changing experience would be a serious understatement.  Without access to other Christians, without access to a Bible of any kind, the Lord began to reveal His Word to her.

She began to talk to her family about Jesus.  Her husband became enraged over her confession and demanded that she renounce Jesus Christ.  She refused to recant.  Her husband then turned her over to the Islamic authorities who thought they could beat it out of her.

She was publicly beaten but stood her ground.  She would not take back her confession of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The torture and beatings only increased.  Her back is permanently scarred today from the beatings she took.  No matter how much she was tortured, she would not go back on her testimony of Jesus Christ.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months.  How anyone could survive the torture and beatings she took is a modern testimony to what the Apostle Paul went through, lived through it and continued to preach and teach Jesus Christ.

A day came when she managed to get her young son and escape from Iran.  Friends helped spirit her out of the country, and through a series of sequences eventually made it to the United States.  Christian friends in the U.S. helped her get to Houston where she was introduced to the Lakewood Church.

She and Michael were introduced to each other and sparks flew.  Within three months they were married.

Today, when you meet Diana, you will meet someone whose past life and experiences have only resulted in her exhibiting peace, joy, love and a countenance that belies any semblance to her past.  She is a joy to be around.

That is a very brief overview of Diana’s conversion and tribulations.  She will tell you that her experience with seeing Jesus, and His personal visitation transcended all the religion and teaching she’d ever known.

It goes without saying that the person with the experience is never at the mercy of the person with the theory or religious doctrine.  Once a person has had that kind of visitation, you’ll never persuade them that it was just a dream or vision or fantasy.  A visitation with the Lord is totally transformative!

Consider Paul on the road to Damascus.  Totally indoctrinated in the traditions of the past, a lawyer among lawyers expert in the Law of Moses, and one who firmly believed that Jesus Christ was NOT the Son of God, when Jesus appeared to Him, it changed everything!  The reality of Jesus was such that none of his past teaching and training could substitute for the relationship.

We come back, therefore, to the statement that Peter made (and we opened with this last week);

I Peter 4:12-14:  Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:

But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.

If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the spirit of glory and of God resteth upon you: on their part he is evil spoken of, but on your part he is glorified.

That said, let me take you to another young lady that I knew well, whose testimony cost her dearly, but whose testimony also resulted in the salvation of her persecutors.

What I’m about to share with you is a story I’ve repeated throughout the years.  This is the tale of a young teenage girl whose grit and determination to serve the Lord preached such a loud message, it resulted in many folks’ salvation.  Watching Rosa Frankson’s experiences and seeing her love for the Lord impacted my life as well as the lives of my parents – and ultimately, many hundreds of other folks.

Point Hope, Alaska — in the 1950’s and early 1960’s — was still pretty much an Eskimo village cut off from the rest of the world.  At that time, it was a community of perhaps 250 people.  Situated on the northwest tip of Alaska about 150 miles NW of Kotzebue, we were lucky to get one mail plane – bush planes only, if you please – per week, and in wintertime we could frequently go for three weeks without mail.  The pilots landed on the beach, or a small strip of land that had been cleared, provided it was free of snow drifts.

 It is important to understand that the Point Hope of 1961 was still steeped in old traditions, superstitions, shamanism and witchcraft.  Although an Episcopal church had existed there for some 50 years, the local priest admitted that they were not getting the job done in evangelizing the community.

When we arrived in Point Hope in the fall of 1961 to build an Assemblies of God church, opposition within the community began immediately.  We were not wanted.  The local shaman began walking circles around the church we were building and pronouncing curses on us.  Of course we were a threat to his spiritual dominion in the community — and up to that time, his spiritual control over the villagers was very strong.

 In the months following our construction of the new church, my mother began a club called “Esthers” in order to reach out to the young girls in the community.  It was a means to teach manners and etiquette, good grooming and appearance, and apply teaching from the book of Esther in order to bring the Gospel to them in a practical sense.

The group quickly caught on, and before long, she had between a dozen and two dozen girls ranging from 10 to 16 years of age.  One of those girls was 13-year old Rosa Frankson, the daughter of the local postmaster.

 Rosa quickly accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Saviour and began to become an outspoken voice for the gospel in her peer group.  Word of her conversion and increasing influence among the young people spread to the local shaman.  Incensed that someone was encroaching on “his territory,” he went to certain households where he knew his authority was unquestioned and encouraged the teenage boys to “keep her from going over to the Capeners.”

 On the day of the next “Esthers” meeting, Rosa set out to our place as usual.  This time, three teenage boys were waiting for her.  They roughed her up and told her that she was not to come to our place any longer.  She lay on the ground until they left, and then continued to our house as usual.  Although her appearance was a bit disheveled when she arrived at our house, she said nothing.

 The following week, as she headed to the club meeting, the same boys were waiting for her.  This time they beat and kicked her.  She was in pain, but she came to the meeting anyway.

This time, she could not avoid telling my folks what had happened.  Dad went to a meeting of the city elders and expressed his strong displeasure.  He ordered the leaders to appropriately discipline the boys who were mistreating Rosa, and made clear that he would not put up with this kind of abuse of a teenage girl.  In the meantime, Rosa was all the more outspoken about her relationship with the Lord.

 It made no difference.  The shaman threatened the parents of the boys with curses if the boys did not carry out his directives.

To most of us who have grown up in traditional American society, the idea of a shaman is totally foreign.  The idea that a shaman actually has any real power and/or the ability to actually bring curses upon someone that results in disaster or tragedy is just so much bunk!  Or so most folks think. Hollywood’s movies often portray shamans as relatively harmless Indian witch doctors who do their thing with herbs, do a few incantations, scatter strange mixtures in the fire, and have visions.

What gets left out of these portrayals is the fact that the overwhelming majority of shamans exercise demonic power.  There is nothing benign about it.  They do have power, and they do exercise it in order to subjugate people and keep them living in fear.

This shaman was no different.

The lack of true spiritual authority being taught and exercised by the local priest and those who professed Christianity only emboldened Point Hope’s shaman.  The thought that someone might actually thumb their nose at his authority – and especially a teenage girl – was intolerable!

When Rosa continued to come to our home and participate in the Esthers group, the boys who had assaulted her backed off for a week or so, actually impressed by her boldness.  One of the old Eskimo traditions was the trying of a person’s grit just to see what they were made of.

Rosa’s grit and determination to pursue the Lord in the face of her attackers had somewhat the same result – at least momentarily.  They backed off for a week or so.

The shaman wasn’t going to stand still, however.

The next week, he ordered the boys to “make sure” that Rosa did not come over to our place.  Strong threats were levied against them and their parents.

The next time Rosa headed towards our place for the weekly Esthers meeting, they stoned her, kicked her, and beat her unmercifully.  She was a bloodied mess, but she came anyway.  When she walked in our door, she was bent over in excruciating pain.  Dad took one look at her and knew that she was severely injured.  He contacted her parents, and then the hospital in Kotzebue. They immediately sent a doctor and a MedEvac plane to pick her up.

 For several days, Rosa hung between life and death in the hospital.  The internal injuries to her were extreme, and although the doctors did emergency surgery to repair broken bones and punctured organs, they advised the Frankson family that her condition was grave.

 Most of the time, Rosa was alert and conscious, and she took every opportunity to talk to the doctors and the nurses about “how wonderful it is to know Jesus.”  When questioned about the boys that beat her, she simply said, “They just don’t know Jesus.  Once they do, they won’t try to beat people up anymore.”

Her forgiving attitude took the doctors and nurses by surprise.  Even her parents didn’t know what to make of it.

I know you’ll really appreciate this, but I have to leave the story here for today and finish it next week.

Regner A. Capener

Temple, Texas 76504

Email Contact:

All Coffee Break articles are copyright by Regner A. Capener, but authorization for reprinting, reposting, copying or re-use, in whole or in part, is granted –provided proper attribution and this notice are included intact. Older Coffee Break archives are available . Coffee Break articles are normally published weekly.


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Heresies, Controversies, and Schisms in the Early Church, Part II
By Dr. Roy Blizzard

For those unfamiliar with Church history, some of the words, topics, and discussions seem strange, if not ridiculous. Read the material very carefully. It is very important. Why? Because It will give you an insight into the Western, or Greek, mind from which most Church doctrine developed. As you read, I think you will find it interesting to see how these ideas developed and to realize how much present-day Church doctrine developed from these early controversies or discussions, resultant from an attempt on the part of the Western Church to understand Jewish, or Eastern/Oriental ideas and concepts. I think the information will provoke some thought and, hopefully, you will find it helpful. The following is part II of “Heresies, Controversies, and Schisms in the Early Church.”
To the modern mind, these Gnostic systems seem complicated and bizarre. In general, they held that there exists a first principle, the all-Father, unknowable, who is love, and who, alone, can generate other beings. Since love cannot dwell alone, the all-Father brought into existence other beings, aeons, which, together with all-Father, constitute pleroma, fullness, or true reality.

From this world of the Spirit, the present world appeared. This was the work of one of the aeons who, moved by pride, wished to do what the all-Father had done and create something on his own. The present world was ascribed to a subordinate being, a demiurge who was identified with the God of the Old Testament (a rejection of the Old Testament). This present world has in it some traces of the spirit world. Men belong to this present world and are compounded of spirit, matter, soul, and flesh. Some have more of the spirit than others.

Salvation, the freeing of the spirit from the contamination of matter, is through Christ. Many different conceptions are held about Christ. One is that he was never flesh but pure spirit and just seemed to be a man. Another is that he was an aeon and separated Christ from Jesus, that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary and sent to be the savior of men. Not all men will be saved, for many have little or no spirit in them and will, therefore, be destroyed. Others, having a portion of the spirit, will be saved by being taught the hidden knowledge, or gnosis, and through faith and works, they will be freed from the contamination of the flesh and will mount to the pleroma. In other words, there were only two classes of people, saved and lost (the predestination concept.)

The principal effect of gnosticism on Christianity was to so distort the person of Jesus as to make him quite different from the Jesus recorded in the Gospels.

The popularity of these heretical movements ultimately forced Christianity to develop a structured organization and to clarify and formulate beliefs. Thus, the first notable steps in the development of what was to become the Catholic Church were taken.

The word, Catholic (meaning, universal), as applied to the Church, was first used in the letter of Ignatius to the church in Smyrna. He declared, “Wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church.” The term is also found in a letter from the church in Smyrna written about C.E. 155, describing the martyrdom of Polycarp. By the end of the second century, the word carried with it the dual meaning of universal and orthodox.

In response to heresy, an administrative system developed which centered around the bishops. The first episcopate, as distinct from presbyterate, appears in the Epistles of Ignatius. From the beginning, presbyter and bishop were interchangeable terms with a plurality in every church. The bishop became a characteristic feature of the Catholic Church and fell into different ranks according to the ecclesiastical and political importance of his district.

The lowest level, the country bishops, ‘chorepiscopi’ , stood between presbyters and the city bishops. City bishops, called “metropolitans,” were the bishops of capital cities of the provinces. Bishops of the apostolic mother churches were held in highest regard as the bearers of pure church tradition. Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria, Ephesus, Corinth, Alexandria, and Rome, capitals of the three divisions, ‘eparchiae’, were the most prominent. To the bishop of Antioch fell all Syria as his sphere of power; to the bishop of Alexandria, all Egypt; and under Rome was Central and all Italy.

The name, patriarchal, or eparchal, was first applied as an honorary title for all bishops within the system but, in the fourth century, was appropriated exclusively to the bishops of the three ecclesiastical and political centers of the Empire, Antioch, Alexandria, and Rome, and also as an honorary title to the bishop of Jerusalem.

In the West, the term, “papa,” was appropriated by the Roman bishop as Sumus Pontifex, Vicarius Christi, as he is still known until today.

As early as the beginning of the second century, a distinction had begun to appear between clergy and laity in spite of the fact that, in the first century, every Christian was held to be a priest under God. The bishop selected and ordained a subordinate clergy. Among them were presbyters, deacons, sub-deacons, acolytes, exorcists, readers, and janitors. Deaconesses were appointed in the Eastern church and, in both East and West were widows charged with the duty of prayer and caring for the sick.

In the middle of the second century, a major controversy arose over the time of the celebration of Easter. Should it be fixed by the Jewish Passover, or celebrated on Sunday, the first day of the week? Synods met to decide the issue. The controversy, called ‘quarto decimanian’, from the fourteenth day of Nisan, was a bitter one. In the last decade of the second century, Victor, bishop of Rome, declared the observance should be held on Sunday and broke off communion with dissenting bishops and churches. The matter was finally settled at the Council of Nicea in C.E. 325 in favor of the Western practice, which was Sunday (actually to divorce the Church from any connection with the Jewish calendar).

The Novatian Controversy arose about C.E. 110. From the beginning, baptism had been by immersion for the remission of sins. Novatian, at an adult age, grew sick. Nigh unto death, he called for baptism. He received clinical baptism by sprinkling, only on the condition that, if he got well, he would be properly baptized. Following his recovery, he was ordained to the priesthood and rose to the highest rank in the Roman clergy. The controversy arose over whether one unscripturally baptized could attain to such an office. The followers of Novatian advocated strict discipline, and though they admitted the possibility of mercy for a mortal sinner, they denied the church the right of absolution for such offenders. Instead, all who came to them from other communions had to be re-baptized. They considered themselves the only pure communion.

Novatian died a martyr under Valerian. After his death, the Novatians spread rapidly over the Empire and called themselves ‘katharoi’, or Puritans. They maintained that no one who had lapsed from the faith could be readmitted to communion. The movement died out about two hundred years after its inception.


Very early in the history of the Church, a controversy arose over an attempt to explain the nature of Christ. Monotheism was the fundamental tenet of biblical faith. In Christianity, this one God was seen as a triune god, a holy trinity (from the Platonic trichotomy of man). Others declared this doctrine led to tritheism. Anxious to preserve the unity of God, others espoused a monarchy of the deity; hence, the term, monarchian.

Monarchianism stressed monotheism against those who would make Jesus as the incarnation of the Logos, the second God. There were two groups of Monarchians, the “dynamic” and the “modalistic.” The first believed that Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin Mary, and imbued with a power, ‘dunamis’, which issued from God. They also were known as “adoptionists” because they held that this power came upon Christ after his baptism and that he was not the son of God by nature but became God’s son by adoption.

The second group made no distinction between father and son but saw a difference only in the mode in which the divine manifested himself. Modalistic Monarchians were also called patripassianists from ‘patris passio’, i.e., the Father’s suffering.

Sabellius was the most famous exponent of patripassianism and, therefore, it is often known as Sabellianism. He held that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three modes, or aspects, of God much as the sun is bright, hot, and round. Tertullian employed the Latin word, ‘substantia’, meaning status, declaring that God in substance is one. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are three ‘personae’.

These personae have their place in the administrative activity of God, a unity of substance, but a trinity in form and in aspect. The Son was subordinate to the Father. The Holy Spirit proceeded from the Father through the Son. A widely-held concept today.

Origen of Alexandria (C.E. 185-254) taught that the son, Jesus, was but an emanation, or an outflowing from the Father and that the Holy Spirit was an emanation from both. Origen also taught the punishment of the wicked was not final and the redeeming work of Christ extended even to the fallen angels. He was the Father of Universalism (universal salvation). He also taught that the future life would be a time of probation, the concept which paved the way for the Catholic doctrine of Purgatory. Eventually, the Catholic church labeled Origen a heretic because of his extreme views.

A pupil of Origen, Dionysius, bishop of Alexandria, stressed the distinction of the son as a person and implied that the Father had created the Son and that there had been a time when the Son was not and that he was subordinate to the Father.

Dionysius’ friend, another Dionysius, bishop of Rome, wrote urging that he be more careful and make it clear that the Son was ‘homoousion’, i.e., the same essential being or substance, and not ‘homoiusion’, or similar substance (‘Heteroousion’= differentness).

Another contemporary with Origen, Lucian, presbyter of Antioch, saw in the Logos a way of expressing the relation of Christ to God. One of his students was Arias, a presbyter of Alexandria (circa C.E. 320) who claimed that Christ was neither true God nor true man but a sort of demigod, halfway between man and the Father. He was unlike the substance and nature of the Father in all respects and also unlike man because he had no human soul. (This was the beginning of Arianism, which became a major controversy.)

The discussion over the nature of Christ involved the Church in bitter controversy for nearly a century.

Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria (circa C.E. 300), became the outstanding opponent of Arianism and one of the outstanding figures in the entire history of Christianity. Athanasius became the principal advocate for homoousia.

The first Ecumenical Council that met at Nicea, C.E. 325, condemned Arianism although some bishops took a middle position that became known as Semi-Arianism (homoiousians).

Another group called Macedonians, from Macedonius, their leader, also known as ‘pneumatomachians’, held that the Holy Spirit was of an essence inferior to that of the Father and of the Son.

At the first Nicean Council, homoousia was adopted as the basic creed of the Church, and Constantine banished Arias and his supporters. However, the debate continued, and Athanasius again came to the forefront in the debate against Arias. In C.E. 327, Constantine readmitted Arias and other of his followers to fellowship and sought to have Athanasius disposed. Athanasius was banished to Gaul, where he remained until after the death of Constantine In C.E. 337.

Constantine was succeeded by his three sons, Constantine II, Constans, and Constantius, who divided the Empire among themselves. They permitted the exiled bishops to return, and Athanasius returned to Alexandria.

On the death of Constantine II in C.E.340, the realm was divided between Constans in the West and Constantius in the East. In the West, the Catholic Church, supported by Constans, held to the Nicean decision while in the East, the majority opposed it. Athanasius was again disposed and took refuge in Rome.

In order to heal the breach, the two emperors called a council of the entire Church that met at Sardicia (Sophia) in C.E. 343. Athanasius was cleared of all charges and returned to Alexandria.

In C.E. 353, Constantius became ruler of the entire empire. His sympathies were pro-Arian. He sought to achieve unity with councils at Arles in Gaul, C.E. 353, and at Milan, C.E. 355. Athanasius was again sent into exile, C.E. 356, along with others. The emperor forbade the use of ‘ousia homoousia’, or ‘homoiousia’ on the ground that it was not found in the Scriptures, and this position of the Nicean Creed was condemned.

In C.E. 361, Constantius died and was succeeded by Julian who sought to restore paganism. Julian died in C.E. 363, and Jovian succeeded to the throne. He in turn was succeeded by Valentinian I who made his brother, Valeas, ruler to the East. The conflict raged, and Athanasius was exiled twice more.

Finally, in the year C.E. 380, Emperor Theodosius issued an edict on ecclesiastical affairs. He was born in Spain and was anti-Arian. In C.E. 381, the second Ecumenical Council convened at Constantinople, and the Nicean formula, ‘homoousia’, was confirmed, and Arians and Semi-Arians anathematized. Although it persisted until well into the fourth century, the Arian cause was irretrievably lost.

However, there remained the problem of the relation of the divine and the human in Jesus Christ, and the controversy was to continue into the seventh century and beyond into the present. Apollinaris, bishop of Laodicea in Syria, a friend of Athanasius, felt that in one being two complete and contrasting natures could not exist; namely, the human and the divine. He held each human to be composed of body, soul, and mind (or reason). Apollinaris said that the divine Logos was the rational element. The Cappadocians opposed Apollinaris and declared Apollinaris had sacrificed the full humanity of Christ.

Nestorias, presbyter at Antioch and later patriarch of Constantinople, C.E.428-435, made a distinction between the divine and human nature of Christ which amounted to almost a separation into two persons. Christ was not born, only the man, Jesus. Mary, therefore, could not be called the Mother of God. Nestorianism was condemned as heresy at the third General Council held at Ephesus in C.E.431.

Monophysitism, from the Greek ‘monos’ and ‘physis’, single essence or nature, claimed that Christ was both human and divine but had only one nature, that of God. Christ was so completely divine that he had no real human body but only the outward appearance of a man. The fourth council at Chalcedon, C.E.451, rejected this doctrine.

However, another group of Monophysites advocated the two natures in Christ and mixed into this a third and new theanthropic (God-man nature) concept. The fifth General Council in C.E. 553 forcibly suppressed Monophysitism. Monotheletism, from ‘mono’ and ‘thelma’ (single will), followed, declaring that, though Christ had a human nature, he had only a divine will. The sixth General Council at Constantinople, C.E. 680, condemned this doctrine.


Donatists, high church men of the fifth century, who took issue with the Catholic Church in matters of Church discipline and martyrdom, were so-called from Donatist, the Great, bishop of Carthage. Their briefs were similar to those of the Novatians. They disappeared in the fifth century.

The concepts of Pelagius (C.E. 370-440) became known as Pelagianism and centered in the question, “How is a man saved? Three answers were given. Pelaglus ascribed the chief merit of conversion to man. Augustine gave God all the glory and made freedom a result of divine grace. The Semi-Pelagianists coordinated the human will and the divine grace as factors in the work of salvation. Pelagius, a British monk, set forth the four basic views. The first was that man has no original sin inherited from Adam, that, sin is not a fault of nature but a matter of will. Secondly, he held that each person has freedom to do good or evil, that a sinless life is possible, and that a man can save himself by his own good works, that is, by the choice to do good. Third, he believed that newborn children are sinless and, therefore, that infant baptism is useless because. there is no original sin. Fourth, he proposed that, while salvation is possible without the law and the Gospel, or by divine grace, these do facilitate the attainment of salvation.

Augustine appeared as the great opponent of Pelagianism. He asserted that man was created in the image of God but that Adam lost all this in the fall. The character of Adam passed to his posterity through the act of procreation so that all are born in sin. Also, through Adam’s fall, man lost his freedom of choice pertaining to salvation which now must be attributed solely to divine grace. Infants dying without baptism are damned because they are born in sin. Original sin is taken away in baptism; yet, the sinful nature remains after. Salvation of man is attributed to grace and faith. Even faith is a work of grace. It depends solely on the will of God. God has mercy on some and leaves others to their merited fate.

The views of Augustine were generally accepted by the Catholic Church while Pelagianism was condemned by the third General Council at Ephesus in C.E. 431.

By the fifth century, the Church to the West had so completely severed itself from its Jewish roots and the historical foundations of faith that the Church from the fifth century onward becomes little more than a shell of the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints. The history of the Church from the fifth century onward is well documented and can be studied in detail by the serious student.

It is my contention that it is time for all of God’s people and all those who love the truth not just to acquaint themselves with facts but to begin to make a serious attempt to go back of the Protestantism of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, the Catholicism of the Middle Ages, the Dark Ages, the Greek Church of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th centuries, all the way back to the historical foundations of our faith and begin calling Bible things by Bible names and doing Bible things in Bible ways if we expect to get Bible results. I do not believe it is too much to ask nor is it beyond the ability of every sincere seeker after truth.

For further study I recommend:

1) Schaff s Church History (7 Volumes)

2) Qualban’s History of the Christian Church

3) Halley’s Bible Handbook

4) Encyclopedia Britannica

5) Encyclopedia Judaica

6) Unger’s Bible Handbook


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Deuteronomy 7:12—11:25; Isaiah 49:14—51:3; Luke 4:1-13; Romans 8:29-39;
Hebrews 12:1-29; James 5:7-11


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