News You May Not Have Heard About — 08/04/2019

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  1. President Trump: Google may be a ‘national security concern’, vows to launch probe into China relationship
  2. President Trump Calls For Investigation Into Cummings Misappropriating Funds In West Baltimore
  3. Trump Called ‘Racist’ For Saying Baltimore Is ‘Rat’ ‘Infested.’ But PBS Aired Documentary Confirming Trump’s Comments
  4. Trump Releases Orthodox Jewish Man After Receiving Children’s Letters
  5. President Trump Rips Racist Conman Al Sharpton
  6. Trump Calls for Camp David Peace Summit with Arab Leaders, Not Israel
  7. Trump orders Navy to rescind medals from lawyers who prosecuted SEAL Eddie Gallagher
  8. Trump says Rep. John Ratcliffe has withdrawn as intelligence chief nominee
  9. Trump signs spending and debt bill into law

3 Branches of U.S. Government


  1. Trump Administration: Trump Admin Sanctions N. Korean Nuclear Weapons Enabler
  2. Trump Administration: Trump Admin Sanctions Iranian FM Zarif as Terrorist Enabler
  3. Trump Administration: Trump Admin. Debuts Plan to Experiment with Canadian Drug Importation
  4. Mike Pompeo (United States Secretary of State): Media ‘Got It Wrong’ on US Withdrawal From Afghanistan, Pompeo Says
  5. U.S. Department of Defense: Stratcom: China Rapidly Building Up Nuclear Forces
  6. U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): FBI warns conspiracy theories are a new “domestic terrorism threat”
  7. U.S. Pentagon: Pentagon testing mass surveillance balloons across the US

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  1. Vox Reporter Called Out For Posting Express Lie About Trump’s 9/11 Comments
  2. White House: Camp David-Style Peace Summit was Fake News


  1. Russia Hoax BOMBSHELL: Secret FBI Informant and Billion Dollar CEO, Says He Was Part Of A “Soft Coup” Against President Trump
  2. New Transcripts Obtained of Former FBI Chief of Staff Testifying Russia CONSPIRACY CAME FROM OBAMA’S WHITE HOUSE
  3. After Unmasking Elijah Cummings Epic Failures, Donald Trump Rips Nancy Pelosi, ‘Failing’ Squalid San Francisco
  4. Judges Seated by Trump Begin to Transform ‘9th Circus’
  5. Civil Rights Panel Wants to Bring Back Obama’s Race-Based School Discipline Policies. Bad Idea
  6. One of the Most Dangerous Muslim Organizations in America
  7. If you think the Holocaust could never happen today, watch this and think again…
  8. Why the Carbon Tax Would Backfire on America
  9. ISIS Warns of Terror Strikes in San Francisco, New York, London
  10. Obama DOJ’s Immunity Agreements with Hillary Clinton Lawyers Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson to “Dispose” of Evidence and Refuse to Comply with Federal Law
  11. Judicial Watch uncovers bombshell but DOJ ducks instead
  12. Report: DOJ Inspector General Referred James Comey For Criminal Prosecution For Leaking Classified Information
  13. Doug Hagmann on Comey; LA Marzulli & Steve Quayle on the Coming Deception – Ep 1932 – 8/01/19 (Video: 1:58:34 minutes long.)
  14. REVEALED: Secret Texts Between FBI’s McCabe And British Intelligence During 2016 Campaign
  15. Cassidy, Sinema Release Family Leave Plan
  16. We Just Witnessed 3 Major Developments That Could Easily Lead To Global War
  17. Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza, terror heir is DEAD
  18. What Medicare for All Would Really Mean
  19. Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Big Government Is the Only Factor Holding Economy Back
  20. Soros Pours $5.1 Million Into New 2020 PAC
  21. FEMA to conduct a Nationwide Emergency Alert Test on August 7th
  22. Epstein’s Lawyers Request A Full Year To Review A Million Pages Of Documents
  23. UK “Up To Its Neck” In RussiaGate Affair, Secret Texts Reveal British Role In Trump Coup Effort
  24. Mueller DEFINITELY Knows About Fusion GPS, And Don Jr. WASN’T FOOLED! (Video: 5:41 minutes long.)
  25. 83 Ethics Complaints Against Brett Kavanaugh Dismissed
  26. Prosecutors Subpoena Trump Organization For Stormy Daniels Docs
  27. Can a State Amend Presidential Eligibility Requirements? (NOTE: This article is in response to news article #5 under the sub-heading of California below.)


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2020 Democrat Presidential Candidates


  1. Full video: Democratic presidential debate, night 2
  2. Purple States on the Big Issues
  3. China Covertly Subverting Trump Reelection
  4. Poll: 2020 Voters Concerned About Immigration, Economy
  5. Stabenow (D) ‘Happy to Debate’ Abolishing Private Insurance
  6. Minority Dems: Democratic Campaign Arm In ‘Complete Chaos’ Over Diversity Fail
  7. 2020 Dems Praise, Defend Al Sharpton After Attack From Donald Trump
  8. Musicians Planning 46 Anti-Trump Concerts in 2020 Swing States
  9. Michigan Democrats Not Optimistic About 2020 Chances
  10. US Presidential Candidates Blasted for Praising Anti-Semite, Showing Disdain for Jews
  11. Analysis: Dem Candidates Call For More Than $200 Trillion in Spending
  12. WATCH: One Candidate Snubs National Anthem At Democrat Primary Debate
  13. ‘Ingraham Angle’ panel breaks down second Dem debate (Video: 18:45 minutes long.)
  14. Hot Takes on the Democratic Debate
  15. Activist disputes polls showing Biden leading Trump in OH
  16. Hot Takes on the Democratic Debate
  17. Here’s where the 2020 presidential candidates, including Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, stand on affordable housing
  18. Where was China in Democratic debates?
  19. Former DCCC Chair: Party’s Leftward Lurch Could Cost Dems in 2020
  20. Biden: Top Firefighters’ Union Supports Biden, Opposes Medicare for All
  21. Biden: Biden Attacks Kamala’s ‘Have-It-Every-Which-Way’ Health Care Approach
  22. Biden: Blundering Biden ambushed by radicals in 2nd debate
  23. Biden: Menacing Invective Against Trump Lowers Bar for Violence
  24. Biden: Economy ‘Collapsing’ Because of Trump
  25. Biden: MSNBC Panel: Biden Seemed to Forget Words
  26. Buttigieg: Pete Buttigieg Dominant in ‘Boat Shoe’ Strongholds of Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod
  27. Castro: CNN Panel Clashes With Castro Over Decriminalizing Illegal Border Crossings
  28. De BlasioDe Blasio Del: ays Passengers From Leaving His Flight So He Can Make TV Appearance
  29. Gabbard: Voters Got No Answer From Harris on Criminal Justice Record
  30. Gabbard: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Responds To Sen. Kamala Harris Calling Her An Assad ‘Apologist’
  31. Gabbard: Tulsi Gabbard Destroyed Kamala Harris in Second Democrat Presidential Debate. Twitter users (or Trolls?) Began Accusing Tulsi of being an agent of Russian President Putin
  32. Gillibrand: Gillibrand Skips Hearings for Top Military Nominee Accused of Sexual Assault
  33. Harris: WATCH: CNN Host Gets Kamala Harris To Admit She’s Taking Away Your Employer-Provided Health Insurance
  34. Hickenlooper: FLASHBACK: Hickenlooper Lamented ‘Backwards Thinking’ in Rural Areas
  35. Sanders: Sanders Would ‘Absolutely’ Cut Military Aid to Pressure Israel
  36. Sanders: Bernie Sanders: US policy in Mideast can’t be pro-Israel
  37. Sanders: Sanders Campaign allegedly fired staffers for unionizing (Video: 2:06 minutes long.)
  38. Sanders & Warren: Bernie, Warren push universal health, Green New Deal vs. field
  39. Sanders & Warren: Republicans Bash Warren, Sanders Over Eliminating Private Insurance
  40. Sanders & Warren: WaPo: Sanders, Warren’s Ideas Lack ‘Factual Plausibility’
  41. Warren: Cramer: Warren’s Drug Plan Would Reduce Market 20%
  42. Warren: MSNBC Host Grills Warren on Tax Hike Dodge
  43. Warren: Warren Faces Pushback From CNN Panel Over Policy Promises
  44. Warren: WATCH: Chris Matthews Battles Elizabeth Warren: ‘Answer That Question’
  45. Warren: As she lies to voters about plans to fight Big Pharma, Elizabeth Warren exposed for siding with Dow Chemical against breast implant victims
  46. Yang: Yang Campaign: DNC ‘Stacking the Deck Against Us’

2020 Republican Presidential Candidates


dems behind the wall


  1. Prediction: SCOTUS will sort through immigration debate
  2. It’s time for Trump to ignore activist judges and implement executive rules necessary to protect our border
  3. The Supreme Court Allows Trump to Use Billions in Disputed Funds to Build the Wall, Lifts the Injunction
  4. Democrat Senator Ron Wyden Escorts 8 1/2 Months Pregnant Mexican Woman and Her Family Across the Border into US
  5. ACLU Accuses Trump Administration of Separating More Families at Border
  6. What It’s Really Like Inside a Migrant Processing Facility
  7. Illegal Migrants on Way to US Border Down 39%, Mexico Says
  8. Immigration now stands as top overall problem in U.S.



  1. Study: ‘Green New Deal’ Would Cost $75-K Per Household in Year 1
  2. Hertitage Foundation Statistician: Green New Deal ‘economically impossible’ (Video: 2:52 minutes long.)



  1. Media Completely Ignore Ilhan Omar Endorsing Violence Against a Senator
  2. Media Overlook Warren’s Comparison of Wall Street Bankers to Bloodsucking Vampires
  3. Buzzfeed Accuses Babylon Bee of ‘Pushing Conspiracy Theory,’ Forgets to Provide Actual Evidence
  4. Conservatives Are Reaching CONSENSUS (and the Left Should Be Terrified) (Video: 24:05 minutes long.)


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  1. Biden falsely claims Obama admin. was free of scandals and lies (Video: 3:37 minutes long.)
  2. ALERT: Baltimore Official EXPOSED! Look How He Spoke About HIS CITY He STILL REPRESENTS Back in 1989 (Video: 4:52 minutes long.)
  3. GOP aims for school safety by ending gun free school zones (Video: 2:49 minutes long.)
  4. President Trump: Democrats obsessed with illegals while their own districts rot (Video: 3:05 minutes long.)
  5. President Trump mulls classifying Antifa as terrorist group (Video: 2:34 minutes long.)
  6. Iran vows more terror attacks, hopes President Trump loses in 2020 (Video: 3:16 minutes long.)
  7. August 2, 1964: Gulf of Tonkin leads U.S. to get involved in Vietnam War (Video: 2:39 minutes long.)
  8. Pres. Trump Considers 3 People for Director of National Intelligence (Video: 4:08 minutes long.)

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  1. IT’S OVER! Top Dem Gives Deadline For Impeaching Trump Or Concedes Defeat! (Video: 7:21 minutes long.)
  2. Rep. Ratcliffe UNLOADS On Mueller’s Testimony, EXPOSES Who REALLY Wrote The Report (Video: 4:40 minutes long.)
  3. Trump SLAMS Nancy Pelosi and Her Poop Infested San Francisco District (Video: 4:39 minutes long.)
  4. Trump WARNS Obama, Hillary and The Swamp… Threatens MANY Subpoenas! (Video: 4:16 minutes long.)
  5. 2020 Dem Calls For Americans To UNITE Against Big Tech (Video: 10:44 minutes long.)
  6. John Solomon PULLS COMEY Out Of The Dark And EXPOSES What’s Next in His TERRIFYING Future (Video: 5:02 minutes long.)

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  1. Media Misses “Economic Integration” Meeting (Video: 7:58 minutes long.)
  2. Democratic Party Presidential Debates | Constitution Corner (Video: 5:26 minutes long.)

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  1. TRUMP BREAKING NEWS [ 10AM FULL ] 7/29/19 | Breaking Fox News News July 29, 2019 (Video: 43:35 minutes long.)

Justinformed Talk

  1. Do You Realize How Much THEY Did? (Video: 36:36 minutes long.)
  2. How Do You Clean DIRTY MONEY??? (Video: 33:!9 minutes long.)
  3. How Did THEY Lose The POWER To Control? (Video: 33:40 minutes long.)
  4. Secret Black Ops & FBI Raids Uncovering TRUTH? (Video: 35:12 minutes long.)
  5. Guess Who They’re COMING For NEXT? (Video: 33:23 minutes long.)
  6. When Will THEY Ask The Q? (Video: 34:56 minutes long.)



  1. US, Israel successfully test missile defense system in Alaska, officials say


  1. Arrested! Two in Arizona Joined ISIS, Planned Truck Ramming
  2. Arizona: Muslim “refugee” wrote “this kuffar [infidel] I want to kill them so many I am thirsty their blood”


  1. ‘Rat Plague’ Overtakes California
  2. Mass Shooting At California Festival, Gunman Killed; Trump, Newsom Respond
  3. Garlic festival shooting took place in another “gun-free zone,” could have been stopped by citizens, but they were all disarmed
  4. UPDATE: 6-year-old among three killed at garlic festival, 15 injured
  5. California: Gilroy Garlic Festival shooter had “reading material on white supremacy and radical Islam”
  6. California Passes Law Banning Trump from State Ballot Unless His Tax Returns Are Made Public
  7. California Jihadi Walks Free
  8. Stefan Molyneux Examines the Effects of Mass Migration in California and Confronts the Los Angeles City Council on the Cost of Offering Sanctuary
  9. California Removes Arrest Reports from Kamala Years
  10. Abortion Pills Could Soon Be Available on Cali College Campus as Lawmakers Move Forward With Bill
  11. 5-G: Hundreds of bees drop dead around ‘5G towers’ in California


  1. Former Denver Mayor and Clinton Cabinet Member Rejects CO Candidates
  2. Colorado Poised to Hold Statewide Referendum on National Popular Vote


  1. Man converts to Islam, discovered with chemicals and grenades, arrested for planning jihad massacre


  1. Elderly Man SHOT at Miami Synagogue
  2. Florida Muslim Federation Promotes Taliban Imam in New Town Hall Meetings
  3. Suspicious Package With Antisemitic Hate, Death Threats at Young Israel of Bal Harbor
  4. Florida: Muslim attacks man, screams “We are coming for you Trump. We are coming for you with knives.”
  5. Florida: Muslim attacks man with scissors, screams “We are coming for you Trump. We are coming for you with knives.”
  6. Florida AG Attempts to Block ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban From Ballot


  1. Hamas-linked CAIR claims Georgia mosques found to be “dangerous” are actually “warm and welcoming”


  1. Children Were Encouraged to Whack ICE Agent Piñata at Chicago East Side Community Day
  2. It’s now obvious: The taxpayers of Illinois will have their incomes confiscated to fund increases for overpaid teachers … get out while you still have your wallet
  3. MASS MURDER: 48 People Shot, 9 DEAD, over Weekend in Democrat-Controlled Chicago
  4. Illinois Dem Indicted on 40 Embezzlement Charges


  1. Woman nearly loses her arm after contracting deadly skin infection in hot tub


  1. Muslim woman suing Louisville, KY Metro Corrections and the city after forced to remove hijab for mugshot


  1. Dem Opponents Seize on Sara Gideon’s Campaign Finance Violations


  1. Where did the $16 Billion in US Grants Given to Baltimore in 2018 Disappear to?
  2. EPIC FAIL: Crime-Plagued Baltimore Received $1.8 Billion of Obama’s 2009 Stimulus
  3. Elijah Cummings Called Baltimore ‘Drug Infested Area’ in 1999
  4. Baltimore murder rate worse than Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, driving asylum surge
  5. Trump Hints at the Truth About Baltimore (Video: 8:35 minutes long.)
  6. REPORT: Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore Home Was Burglarized
  7. Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings rejects tour of HUD facility in Baltimore
  8. Maryland: BDS Occupies Takoma Park


  1. Flint Mayor’s Re-Election Campaign Pays Local Gentleman’s Club for ‘Consulting’
  2. Muslim from Dearborn, Michigan went to Iraq to wage jihad for the Islamic State and fight Americans
  3. Pro-Trump activist organizes Baltimore trash cleanup (Video: 4:40 minutes long.)


  1. Minnesota: Mom Sues County for Giving Her Minor Son a Sex Change Without Her Consent


  1. Starting Thursday, NJ will allow terminally ill patients to commit suicide with medical prescription
  2. Assisted Suicide Is Now Legal in New Jersey. It Could Get Even Worse


  1. Bronx Muslim wanted to kill American soldiers, arrested at JFK airport enroute to join Taliban
  2. Brooklyn: Mosque spokesman says women who show “any indication” of their form are cursed, disobedient and deviant
  3. Republican candidate Scherie Murray challenging AOC (Video: 3:41 minutes long.)
  4. New York: Imam buried in mosque backyard against the “respectful wishes” of community leaders
  5. Judge DISMISSES DNC lawsuit against Trump team, says claims ‘ENTIRELY DIVORCED FROM THE FACTS’
  6. NYPD Prepared For Riots As Decision Whether To Fire Officer In Eric Garner Death Is Announced
  7. New York Area Fire Commissioners Call for New 9/11 Investigation of “Pre-Planted Explosives”
  8. NYC Council Members Host Drag Queen Story Hour to Celebrate Funding Increase for City Libraries
  9. Man beaten in the face in NYC for wearing Trump ‘MAGA’ hat
  10. NYPD Using Facial Recognition On Kids Despite Higher Risk Of False Matches


  1. UPDATE: ‘Storm “Storm Area 51” craze continues as 2 Million people pledge to raid secret gov’t military base


  1. Judge Orders Oberlin College to Post $36-Million Bond Because It Refuses to Pay Defamed Bakery


  1. Woman wanted for urinating on potatoes at Walmart in Pennsylvania


  1. Dem Gov’s $1 Billion Gift to Party Deputy


  1. City: ‘We screwed up’ – but biblical references will be removed


  1. South Dakota will require “In God We Trust” signs in all public schools


  1. Questions raised as Texas CPS removes 4-year-old from homeschool family
  2. Houston: Extremist Mosque Launches Cub Scout Troop
  3. Cornyn Challenger Supports Providing Health Care to Illegal Immigrants
  4. Antifa anarchists gearing up for 10-day “militancy training” and “siege” of El Paso; Texas patriots should mobilize
  5. Heroic Man Saves Multiple Children at Horrific El Paso Walmart Shooting
  6. Teen urinates on Walmart shelf days after woman sullied another store’s potatoes


  1. Virginia: Muslim lawmaker who disrupted Trump speech had Hamas financiers as donors, wrote anti-Semitic posts


  1. Gas Guzzling DC Threatens Oil Companies


  1. Washington soon to allow X gender designation on driver’s licenses




  1. Did you know the Democrats ran the KKK, started the Civil War, celebrated slavery and fought against the Civil Rights Act?
  2. Dem’s new plan for health care: don’t kill insurers just yet
  3. Democrats Run All Of The Dangerous And Rodent Infested Cities
  4. Here’s who Democrats are praising when they praise Al Sharpton
  5. “Can Pelosi Ignore This Number”: Majority Of Democrats Now Support Impeachment
  6. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Ocasio-Cortez Suggests Palestinians ‘Have No Choice But to Riot’ Against Israel
  7. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Ocasio-Cortez Chief Of Staff And Comms Director Abruptly Quit
  8. Ilhan Omar, Puppet Pelosi 12 Dem lawmakers plan taxpayer-paid out-of-country junket to mark first African slaves landing in America
  9. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): America hater Ilhan Omar retweets vile message from Left-wing nut job Tom Arnold justifying crippling attack on Sen. Rand Paul
  10. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Ilhan Omar MUST be removed from Congress after this proof!
  11. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Ilhan Omar’s Contempt for the Law
  12. Senator Kamala Harris (California): Kamala Harris accused of keeping blacks jailed to provide “slave wage labor” to the state of California
  13. Senator Kamala Harris (California): CORRECTION: Kamala Locked Up More People for Weed Than We Thought
  14. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Michigan): Tlaib Defends BDS Against Charges of Anti-Semitism in CNN Interview
  15. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Michigan): Tlaib Donor Has Been Deceased for 10 Years
  16. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Michigan): Rashida Tlaib, Marc Lamont Hill, other Leftists celebrate “Palestinian” teen from murderous jihadi family




  1. Senator Josh Hawley (Missouri): Hawley Introduces Plan to Prohibit Addictive Tech Practices
  2. Senator Steve Daines (Montana): GOP Senator Introduces Resolution Declaring America Will Never Be A Socialist Country
  3. Senator Ted Cruz (Texas): ‘Deep State’ Working Behind Trump’s Back to Save Iran Nuke Deal
  4. Senator Tom Cotton (Arkansas): Cotton: Goal of Immigration Should Be Commitment to Citizenship


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  1. Netanyahu: No More Evictions from Jewish Land
  2. Netanyahu Promoting Building Plan in Judea, Samaria for Palestinians?
  3. Jewish Home Leader Gives Ayelet Shaked Top Spot on United Right List
  4. Right-wing Parties Unite, Headed by Ayelet Shaked
  5. Ayelet Shaked’s United Right Surges to Third Among Knesset Lists
  6. Israel Offering Incentives for Countries to Move Embassies to Jerusalem
  7. WATCH: Israeli Satellite to Expand Internet Access in Africa
  8. Former Intelligence Chief: ‘Palestinians 100% to Blame for Oslo Failure’
  9. Right-wing Zehut Party will Run Alone, Risking Netanyahu Coalition
  10. New Israeli Satellite Scheduled to Blast Off Next Week
  11. ‘Israel Expands Scope of Strikes Against Iranian Assets in Middle East’
  12. Terrorists Live it Up in Israeli Prisons with Entertainment Centers
  13. Arab Kids Radicalized in Anti-Israel Summer Camp in Heart of Jerusalem
  14. Israeli Teens to Sue British Woman Who Accused Them of Rape
  15. Hopes for Broad, Right-wing Bloc Crumble as Zehut Party Runs Alone
  16. IDF Neutralizes Bomb at Joseph’s Tomb Before 1200 Jewish Worshippers Arrive
  17. Netanyahu Cabinet Approves Palestinian Housing in Judea and Samaria
  18. Top Rabbi In Israel: We Must Build The Third Temple
  19. Israel Attacks Syrian Border Town of Qunetria, Report Says
  20. WATCH: Netanyahu’s Opposition Turns to Arab Vote for Help
  21. IDF Helicopter Disaster Claims Its 74th Victim
  22. Israel’s Labor Leader Denies Allegation of Post-election Deal with Netanyahu
  23. Israel hit rocket depot in Iraq, expanding target area beyond Syria, report says
  24. Hang Onto Your Seats! Sanhedrin Wants To Replace United NationsHang Onto Your Seats! Sanhedrin Wants To Replace United Nations


  1. Palestinians Find it ‘Hard to Believe’ Abbas will End Cooperation with Israel
  2. ‘Auschwitz is in Every City in Palestine,’ Says PA Official
  3. Jordan Fears Deal of the Century Will ‘Open Gates of Hell’
  4. Palestinians Throw Explosives, Hand Grenades During Gaza Border Riots
  5. Cyprus Releases Israelis Teens FALSELY Accused of Gang Rape, Accuser Arrested
  6. UNRWA chief suspected of ‘abuses of authority for personal gain’
  7. Abbas ‘Losing His Mind’ Over Israel’s Lack of Response to His Threats
  8. How Palestinian Leaders ‘Guarantee’ Freedom of Expression
  9. WATCH: Arabs Riot at Joseph’s Tomb, Bomb Discovered at Compound
  10. Jordanian Muslim Secretly Helped by Israelis After Discovering Jewish Identity
  11. WATCH: How Palestinian Children are Taught to Kill Jews
  12. Yemen Houthi group raises money for terrorism as its own people starve
  13. Palestinian Authority’s Abbas halts all agreements with Israel, reaches out to Hamas
  14. Wives of Islamic State jihadis STAB GUARDS, STONE AID WORKERS in refugee camp in Syria
  15. Hamas Terrorist Breaches Gaza Border, Shoots 3 IDF Soldiers
  16. Hamas Gunman Killed by IDF After Infiltrating From Gaza & Shooting IDF Soldiers
  17. Palestinian PM: ‘We Don’t Need Permission from Israel to Build’
  18. Palestinian Authority has paid $1,257,259 to jihad mass murderers who killed nine people at Hebrew University
  19. The Coming Middle Eastern Storm


  1. Austria: World powers, looking to salvage nuclear deal, meet Iran in Vienna
  2. England: Soldier in uniform BRUTALLY BEATEN, ATTACKED in London
  3. EU: European Superstate: A Massive Expansion Of Central Power Coming Soon
  4. France: Algerian Immigrants in France Rip Down Statue of Former President General de Gaulle
  5. France: Muslim migrant will not be deported despite conviction for three sex attacks
  6. Germany: Muslim migrant hurls anti-Semitic insults and spits upon man wearing a kippah
  7. Germany: HORROR in Frankfurt as CHILD is killed by a train after he and his mother are PUSHED FROM PLATFORM BY MIGRANT
  8. Germany: Muslim Migrants Attack Jewish Student Wearing Kippah in Germany
  9. Germany: Muslims spit on rabbi in anti-Semitic attack, UK’s Daily Mail blames the “far right”
  10. Germany: Migrant who killed 8-year-old by pushing him onto tracks was hailed as “example of successful integration”
  11. Germany: Migrant who pushed random mother and child in front of upcoming train was considered an ‘EXAMPLE OF SUCCESSFUL INTEGRATION’
  13. Germany: German Swimming Pool Forced to Introduce ID Checks to Stop Harassment by Migrant Youths
  14. Germany: Protesters in Germany Chant “Adolf Hitler” and “Allah-O-Akbar”
  15. Germany: Muslim who murdered man with sword in broad daylight is “Palestinian” claiming to be Syrian “refugee”
  16. Germany: NATO ally Germany refuses to back U.S. in Gulf out of fear of Iran
  17. Italy: Town introduces $445 fine for blasphemy against Christianity, “Allah, Buddha or Mohammad”
  18. Italy: Global Elites Take Private Jets, Yachts to Secret Google Summer Camp to Solve World Problems
  19. Netherlands: Police and transport companies refuse to enforce ban on burqa and niqab
  20. Russia: Protests in Moscow Reveal a Disparity in Russian Democracy
  21. Russia: Russia has declared a state of emergency in two regions of Siberia as wildfires engulf an area the size of Belgium
  22. Sweden: Muslim migrant rapes 13-year-old girl but will not be deported
  23. Sweden: Sweden’s blood reserves running low thanks to rampant knife crime
  24. Switzerland: Swiss Stop Payments to UNRWA Amid Allegations of Chief’s Abuse of Power
  25. Switzerland: Accused Frankfurt Train Station Killer Was Praised as a Model Immigrant by Swiss NGO. More Train Murders Covered Up in Media
  26. UK: Antisemitic, pro-jihad Labour Party demands that Boris Johnson fire aide who praised foe of jihad terror
  27. UK: Migration Watch UK Launches Petition Against New Prime Minister’s Illegal Migrant Amnesty Proposal
  28. UK: Christian arrested for “racism” and “Islamophobia” for preaching to Muslims wins $2786 for wrongful arrest
  29. UK: UK video: Niqab-wearing Muslima verbally abuses gay man during Pride march
  30. UK: UK knife crime epidemic sees children as young as 10 rushed to hospital with stab wounds
  31. UK: New UK PM BoJo flings open doors to mass migration and considers “Islamophobia” inquiry
  32. UK: Estranged Wife of Dubai’s Ruler Surfaces in UK for Court Battle
  33. UK: Man converts to Islam, discovered with chemicals and grenades, arrested on suspicion of planning jihad massacre
  34. UK: UK anti-Semitic incidents hit a ‘record high,’ says watchdog group
  35. Ukraine: Ukraine Takes Another Step Toward Freedom From Russia


  1. Afghanistan: Taliban lash two women for attending music party
  2. Afghanistan: Afghanistan’s former border police chief: “60 to 70% of the land is controlled by the Islamic Emirate”
  3. Afghanistan: Government says Taliban may participate in the presidential elections if it agrees to peace talks
  4. China: World’s first ever human-monkey hybrid grown in lab in China
  5. China: Chinese Town Officials to Monitor and Track Number of Christians
  6. India: Jihad Plot to Poison 40,000 Hindus Discovered in India
  7. India: Muslim cleric and advocate teach Muslims how to acquire firearms, conduct training camp inside mosque
  8. India: Muslims who plotted to poison Hindu worshippers also planned to poison Mumbai’s water supplies
  9. India: Muslims threaten to blow up railway station if Hindu pilgrims pass through
  10. India: Muslims threaten to blow up railway station if Hindu pilgrims pass through in India
  11. India: Muslims pelt female Hindu pilgrims with stones as they pass by mosque
  12. Indonesia: “Moderate” Indonesia: Woman breaks down as she is publicly whipped under Islamic law in front of gathered crowds
  13. Iran: Iran Says it will Restart Activities at Nuclear Facility
  14. Iran: Iranian women face 10 years’ jail for online videos of hijab removal, officials say
  15. Iran: Iran Surrounding Israel with Missiles and Hostile Forces
  16. Iran: US Sanctions Iranian Foreign Minister, Rouhani Says ‘Childish’
  17. Iran: Iranian Terrorists Demand $80 Million to Stop Mass Ecological Disaster
  18. Japan: Human-animal hybrids to be developed in Japan after ban controversially lifted
  19. Malaysia: Government agencies to monitor social media for insults to Islam and Muhammad
  20. Malaysia: Malaysia’s Prime Minister says global terrorism will end if Israel ends its “seizure of Palestine”
  21. Malaysia: Muslim proposes a Malaysian law protecting men from being seduced into committing rape, incest by women wearing immodest clothing
  22. North Korea: DEVELOPING: North Korea fires multiple unidentified projectiles…
  23. North Korea: North Korea conducts third test launch in 2 weeks…
  24. North Korea: North Korea says it tested crucial new rocket launch system
  25. Pakistan: Muslim kidnaps 14-year-old Christian girl, forces her to convert to Islam and marry him
  26. Pakistan: Muslim husband accused of honor killing of his ex-wife in Pakistan planning to return to UK with his new wife
  27. Saudi Arabia: Newspaper says authorities are going to allow women to travel abroad without a male guardian
  28. Syria: Wives of Islamic State jihadis stab guards, stone aid workers in refugee camp
  29. Turkey: Turkey’s Erdogan: ‘Whoever is on the Side of Israel…We are Against Them’
  30. Turkey: Turkey deports thousands of Syrian refugees after Turkey-backed rebels join al-Qaeda to fight Assad
  31. Turkey: Turkey’s Erdogan: “Whoever is on the side of Israel, let everyone know that we are against them”
  32. Turkey: Cop who plotted to murder non-Muslims gets off scot-free after Erdogan’s government intervenes in case
  33. Turkey: Turkey Threatens To Reignite European Muslim Migrant Crisis


  1. Africa: There Are 9.2-Million Slaves in Africa Today
  2. Cameroon: Women Mutilated as Muslim Group Strikes Terror in Cameroon, Terrorists Targeted Town’s Women
  3. Central Africa: Ebola outbreak unstoppable as victims refuse treatment fearing govt ‘behind disease’…
  4. Egypt: Egyptian minister threatens to ‘slice’ critics in Canada
  5. Nigeria: Please, Save My Life!’ A Bomb Specialist Defuses Explosives Strapped to Children By Islamic Group
  6. Nigeria: Muslim group SLAUGHTERS 23 mourners at funeral in Nigeria
  7. Nigeria: At least 65 have been slaughtered at funeral in suspected Boko Haram attack
  8. Nigeria: Kidnapped aid worker says Muslims killed Christian girl for refusing to renounce Christ
  9. Nigeria: WATCH Muslim terrorists release video of 6 kidnapped Christian aid workers begging for lives
  10. Nigeria: Muslims murder 65 in jihad massacre at funeral


  1. Canada: Federal court rules that “settlement wines cannot be labeled ‘Made in Israel’”
  2. Canada: Montreal: Muslim taxi driver punched, shouted death threats at Jewish man in anti-Semitic assault
  3. Puerto Rico: Tens of Thousands of Unopened Bottles of Water Supplies for Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims Was Discovered Rotting in a Field


World-Currencies Banner


  1. Capital One data breach exposes tens of thousands of Social Security numbers, linked bank accounts
  2. 100 million Capital One credit card applications hacked: What you need to know (and do next)
  3. Record 157,288,000 Employed in July
  4. July’s jobs report gets a ‘Gentleman’s C’ as growth slows
  5. U.S. tech-job listings have slowed down in recent quarter
  6. Multiple Jobholders Soar To Record High As Old Americans Can’t Afford To Retire
  7. July Payrolls Preview: Beware The Census Hiring Surge
  8. Trump confirms deal boosting U.S. beef exports to EU
  9. ‘Left behind’ Americans start to catch up as strong labor market boosts job prospects
  10. Jim Willie: The USFed And A Return To Infinite QE Forever At Zero Bound
  11. Central Banks Bought More Gold In The First Half Of 2019 Than In The First Half Of Any Year…EVER!
  12. Central Banks Still On Gold Buying Frenzy, But “Bar & Coin Investment” Plunge Indicates Still No Love From John Q. Public
  13. Is This The End Of The Fed? Surviving The Coming Crisis
  14. Fund Manager: The Economy Is Starting To Implode
  15. Endgame: Starting In 2024, All US Debt Issuance Will Be Used To Pay Only For Interest On Debt
  16. Audio: Congress & Trump Agree to Jack Up National Debt
  17. Federal borrowing soars as deficit concern wanes
  18. The Elephant In The Room Forcing The Fed Rate Cut
  19. Trump Unleashes Market Chaos With Tweet Announcing New Tariffs On China
  20. Trump Says China Tariffs Could Be Much Higher, Warns EU Is ‘Very Tough To Deal With’
  21. How to spot a coming recession
  22. Audio: Tariffs, & Rate Cuts, & Devaluation… Oh my!
  23. After Fed Disappoints, Will Trump Initiate Currency Intervention?
  24. Bannon: Trump Tariffs Put China On Notice That They Can No Longer ‘Game The System’
  25. 10 Fascinating Facts About The Global Markets And Economy
  26. The Fed Rate Cut Shows The Fed Is Either Clueless Or Lying… Or Both
  27. US Factory Orders Contract For 2nd Month In A Row As War-Spending Plunges
  28. 3 Reasons Why More Tariffs Are Bullish For Government Bonds
  29. US-China Goods Trade Deficit Hits 5-Month High
  30. “Sea Of Red”: Global Markets Tumble In Post Trump Tariff Carnage


  1. Here’s the real reason U.S. stocks are losing so much ground after their long bullish run
  2. Fluor’s stock suffers biggest-ever fall to 15-year low after another surprise large loss
  3. Apple’s stock takes a ‘gut punch’ from Trump’s tariff threat
  4. Critical Turning Point? The Stock Market Started To Fall In July
  5. One And Done? A Stunned Wall Street Reacts To Powell
  6. Stocks Suffer Worst Week Of Year; Beans, Bonds, & The Buck Blitz’d
  7. Mauldin: The Yield Curve Inverted Months Earlier Than Most Think
  8. Six Reasons Why We Have Not Yet Seen The Top In Stocks… And Six Why We Have
  9. Stocks Re-Accelerate Losses As China UN Envoy Warns “We Will Fight”


  1. Why Facebook Wants Control of Your Money: Libra Coin (Video: 21:45 minutes long.)
  2. How Facebook Libra Could Bring Your Enslavement – Mike Maloney (Video: 4:44 minutes long.)
  3. SILVER BREAKOUT PRICE, FUNDAMENTAL VALUE… Q&A with Lynette Zang and Eric Griffin (Video: 27:17 minutes long.)
  4. DEUTSCHE BANK’S DEMISE? Are Central Banks Prepping for a Gold to Dollar Reset? (Video: 28:39 minutes long.)
  5. Sunday Night Price Gap-Up Coming? Silver Lags As Gold Hits Fresh Multi-Year Highs This Week
  6. Eric Sprott: Why Silver Will Be The “Star Of The Show”
  7. Lynette Zang: $10,000 Gold Price Is The Current Minimum Needed For The Global Monetary Reset
  8. Short Squeeze Coming? A Preview Of The Silver Market For The Month Of August
  9. Harvey Organ: We’re Out Of The Liquidation Phase For Gold, Into The Accumulation Phase For Silver
  10. Gold & Silver Sell-Off As Govt Reports 164,000 Jobs Were Created In July, 2019
  11. Market Analyst: Various Indicators Suggest Gold Is Over-Priced And Over-Valued
  12. We Are In The Next Leg Up For This Gold Bull Market
  13. Trump Not Alone In Seeking Lower Dollar, As Lawmakers Unveil Foreign Investor Tax
  14. Bulls Vs. The Bears: A Bullish Wind Blows For Gold
  15. If You Blinked, You Missed It: Is This Why The Silver Price Traded Down To $15 This Morning?
  16. Price of Silver Forecast 2019: Is This The Year For A New Bull Market?
  18. Like Jeffrey Epstein, Bullion Banks Get Sweet Deals from the Justice Department


  1. Trump administration plans to reduce the size of loans people can get through FHA refinancing
  2. Bay Area Home Sales Crash In June Swoon


  1. Raising the minimum wage to $15 could add over $100,000 to Social Security benefits for many workers
  2. Retired and in massive debt? Do this


  1. Entire German Curve Drops Below Zero For First Time Ever
  2. Mario Draghi Lays Out Plan For A Dangerous Round Of Stimulus


  1. Beyond BYND – China IPO Breaks New Ground Pricing Shares At 468x Profit


Earth News Banner

  1. More than 30 million people rattled after magnitude 6.3 struck near the south coast of Japan’s island of Honshu Sunday
  2. Volcanic Eruption in Indonesia Sends Ash Plume 650 Feet Into The Air
  3. Swarms of grasshoppers have invaded Las Vegas
  4. “Something’s going on up there!” Strange sunsets are being witnessed around the world as the Arctic burns: “Worst Arctic wildfires in 10,000 years!”
  5. More Than 80,000 Earthquakes Have Hit California Since July 4th, And The Aftershocks Are Headed “Toward The Garlock Fault”
  6. DEVELOPING: Hawaii could be impacted from newly formed Tropical Storm Erick
  7. DEVELOPING: Etna and Stromboli burst into life as double eruption strikes Sicily
  8. Europe’s heat wave is about to bake the Arctic
  9. Eight killed and a dozen injured as 6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes the Philippines
  10. Unidentified High-Energy Particles Detected Passing through the Antarctic Ice
  11. Hurricane season ramps up! Two Tropical Storms ( Erick and Flossie) Strengthening to hurricanes in the Eastern Pacific tracking west toward Hawaii
  12. The source of a gigantic, mysterious leak of radioactive material that swept across Europe in 2017 has been traced to a Russian nuclear facility
  13. North America’s strange and bizarre summer continues: A new record low is broken as Minnesota drops to 37 degrees F, (2.5 deg C)
  14. NASA discovers three alien planets, including the ‘missing link’
  15. NASA discovers three alien planets, including the ‘missing link’
  16. “It has transformed into an ecological disaster!” Wildfire smoke travelling east from Siberia has reached Alaska, the west coast of Canada, and Seattle
  17. Strong magnitude 5.9 earthquake strikes El Salvador, Prompting emergency services
  18. Geoengineering – even in modest amounts – works just like a drug, will kill the planet slowly
  19. How Faulty Assumptions in Climate Predictions Could Mean Big Costs for Americans
  20. A magnitude 6.6 earthquake Vanuatu islands is the 91st major quake of 2019 already 61 more than the entire year total of 1919
  21. Strong 6.5 earthquake strikes off coast of Santiago, Chile
  22. Empire State Building-size asteroid ‘expected’ to miss Earth
  23. Powerful 5.3-magnitude earthquake rocks Australia’s Northern Territory
  24. Tsunami warning after magnitude 6.8 earthquake strikes off island of Java in Indonesia


Sign Petition Banner

Drag Queen Story Hour at Whole Foods

Whole Foods, a retailer that once promoted organics and purity, is now sponsoring ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

A retailer that once promoted organics and clean food is now saturated in absolute filth, exploiting America’s children to be “groomed” by drag queens. Whole Foods Market is now sponsoring a Drag Queen Story Hour event to indoctrinate children into transgenderism and homosexuality. Their goal is to normalize the LGBTQ lifestyle.

Whole Foods Market was one of the primary sponsors of the Drag Queen Story Hour held in Atlanta, GA. (City of Atlanta LGBTQ Affairs tweeted the photo above when thanking Drag Queen Story Hour sponsors which included Whole Foods Market.)

Drag Queen Story Hour has been endorsed by Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who is obviously signaling her support for transgenderism and homosexuality in order to appease the Left.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms invited “Miss Terra Cotta Sugarbaker,” a.k.a. Steven Igarashi-Ball, to perform in City Hall after a Drag Queen Story Hour he was scheduled to perform in at a nearby Fulton County Library branch was removed from the library system’s event calendar. 

While the event wasn’t canceled, the library’s decision to halt all promotion of the event was perceived as a snub to the drag queen. 

“Thank you to everyone who joined us at today’s Drag Queen Story Hour with Mayor Keisha Bottoms and Miss Terra Cotta Sugarbaker,” read a tweet posted by the City of Atlanta’s Official Twitter account.  

Drag Queen Story Hours have been planned at local public and school libraries nationwide over the past year. The disturbing events involve men dressed up as garishly adorned women who read LGBTQ-themed books to young children under the guise of performing a public service. Some drag queens have admitted their goal is to “groom” the next generation.

Whole Foods Market headquarters is located in Austin, TX, with more than 499 stores, throughout the U.K., Canada, and in 42 U.S. states.

If you shop at Whole Foods Market, you are also supporting child exploitation, which this corporation apparently contributes to and endorses.

That meme you shared

That meme you shared? It may soon cost you $15,000

Have you ever shared a meme that you didn’t make? Or downloaded a photo you saw on social media? If Congress has its way, you could soon get slapped with a $15,000 fine by copyright trolls––with no chance of appeal––just for doing normal stuff on the Internet. These trolls buy up copyrights with the sole intent of sending out mass threats and lawsuits to harvest settlements. Now, a dangerous new bill called the Copyright Alternative in Small Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act is sailing through Congress to make it easier for everyone from trolls to Hollywood producers to sue you. And it just slipped through a Senate Committee, clearing the way for a full Senate vote.

In recent years, federal courts have made it easier for regular people to defend themselves from frivolous lawsuits by trolls. But the CASE Act would create a separate, industry-friendly system for copyright claims to $30,000, with no option of appeal. The corporate interests pushing this bill through Congress are the same ones that created the SOPA/PIPA. You know their names: the Copyright Alliance. The Motion Picture Association of America. The Recording Industry Association of America. These corporate lobbyists are obsessed with locking down the Internet and making it easy to squeeze every cent out of you, even if that means enabling an army of copyright trolls along the way.

The CASE Act is bad for the Internet and bad for free speech. Tell Congress: “Don’t feed copyright trolls and put ordinary Internet users at risk of huge fines. Vote NO on the CASE Act!”


Amazon bans books that offer to help with unwanted same-sex desires

On Friday, June 28, Amazon stopped selling books that describe methods to heal homosexuality or suppress unwanted same-sex desires.

Amazon censored the following titles, among others: 

  • “Heterosexuality: True Stories,” by Mexican psychologist Everardo Martínez Macías
  • “A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Homosexuality,” by Joseph Nicolosi
  • “Healing Homosexuality,” also by Nicolosi
  • “How a Gay Boy Became a Straight Man,” the testimony of American David Robinson
  • “The Battle for Normality: A Guide for (self-) Therapy for Homosexuality,” by Gerard van den Aardweg

In all cases, the authors received a brief email informing them that they had violated Amazon’s content policy. The content policy refers to the prohibition of pornography and other “inappropriate content.” The authors weren’t provided with any other details regarding their supposed violation. 

Everardo Martínez wrote an email asking for an explanation of how he had violated the content policies, but the response he received was vague and unspecific. 

Amazon sells books about how to commit suicide, books by Marquis de Sade who presented all priests as rapists and murderers, and books by Hitler, but they refuse to sell books that help people voluntarily stop unwanted same-sex attraction

Joseph Nicolosi’s son, Joseph Nicolosi Jr., explained

On Amazon, you can buy almost any book written throughout human history—from the Bible to Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” or even a book glorifying pedophilia. 

As of last week, however, you cannot get any of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Sr.’s books about leaving homosexuality—because Amazon just banned them all. 

Why has Amazon suddenly implemented this unjustifiable censorship? Apparently, Amazon caved to a campaign on asking for the censorship of these books.

In an attempt to restore the distribution of these books and help individuals with unwanted same-sex attractions, we must implement a strong counter-campaign.

Ideological censorship on the world’s largest online sales platform should not be accepted

I encourage you to sign this petition to send a message to Amazon and demand that they restore the distribution of these censored books!


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Everything You Need To Know About Sumerian Cylinder Seals! (Video: 10:11 minutes long.)
  2. New Discoveries In Underwater Excavations Of Sunken Cities Of Canopus and Heracleion
  3. They Said It Did NOT Happen, But It Looks Like They Were In Antarctica! (Video: 10:18 minutes long.)
  4. 200,000 Year Old Ancient Technology…Artefacts That Could Do Seemingly Impossible Things! (Video: 12:37 minutes long.)
  5. Meteorite Found in Siberia Contains Naturally Impossible Crystal
  6. Subaquatic Temple and Countless Treasures Discovered in Egypt’s Sunken City of Heracleion
  7. How Old Are The Thousands Of Bones Discovered Beneath Vatican? 500 Years? 50, Possibly 5?
  8. Chinese Boy Accidentally Finds 66-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Eggs
  9. The Mysterious Pyramid of Bomarzo: Discovering The Etruscan’s Enigmatic Past
  10. Ancient Slavic Woman Warrior Buried In Viking Graveyard With Her Brutal Weapon Of Warcraft
  11. 10,000-Year-Old Engraved Stone Found to be World’s Oldest Lunar Calendar
  12. Researchers Find Roman Villas and a Spectacular Mosaic in Egypt
  13. The Disc of Life in Ancient Texts, It’s Not What You Think It Is! (Video: 13:29 minutes long.)
  14. The Most Incredible Ancient Artefact EVER Discovered Even Scholars Agree! (Video: 10:22 minutes long.)
  15. Something Is Hiding Inside The Giza Pyramids Secret Chamber..and We Know What It Is! (Video: 12:29 minutes long.)
  16. Excavations At Urartu Fortress Will Shed Light On Mysteries Of Ancient Temple
  17. Almost 3,000 Year-Old Burial Site Of Urartian Royals Discovered In Turkey’s Famous Van
  18. Mystery Of Ancient Magnetic Potbelly Statues In Mesoamerica Revealed – But Something Is Still Wrong
  19. Thousands of Gold and Precious Metal Items Found in Saka Burial Mound
  20. The Mysterious Waffle Rock: A Bizarre Boulder with a Hazy Background


History Past Banner


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Ten Tribes Studies (28 July, 2019, 25 Tammuz, 5779)
  2. Are Britain and the United States in the Bible? – TWNow (Video: 49:34 minutes long.)
  3. TAKANI JOSEPH BEN NATAN — UGANDA (Audio: 40:39 minutes long. Our first guest from Uganda joins Gene to describe his growing up in a Jewish synagogue and being the third man in his family to become its leader/chazan.)


Genealogy News Banner New

  1. New record collections added in July 2019
  2. Ancestor Photos Can Make You Sad
  3. Genealogy Basics Chapter 2: Build a family tree in six steps
  4. You Can Start a Genealogy Club in Your Area: Here’s How
  5. Digitized Historic Mississippi Newspapers are Available Online
  6. Ontario’s Vernon Directories are now Beginning to Appear Online
  7. Adds Online Records: Europe, Registration of Foreigners and German Persecutees, 1939-1947
  8. Death of the Blue Bloods ‘Red Book’ As Debrett’s Moves Online Only
  9. A Look at the 1840 US Federal Census
  10. Do You Have a Jewish Surname in Your Family Tree? Here are Some Meanings
  11. Geneticist Says Scientific Evidence Supports Biblical Creation


Health News Banner


  1. Watch out: That new Walmart cantaloupe was developed by Monsanto
  2. A deadly mosquito-borne virus that causes brain swelling in humans has been detected in Florida
  3. A deadly fungal infection called candida auris is spreading across the globe, and no one knows how to stop it
  4. Life threatening risk: Hackers can take over defibrillators, rewrite commands with disastrous consequences – DHS warning
  5. Dengue outbreak reaches epidemic levels with hospitals at breaking point


  1. WATCH: Israeli ‘Artificial Vision’ Device Opens Up New World for the Blind
  2. WATCH: Revolutionary Israeli Treatment for Migraines Gets European Approval
  3. What is your Hemoglobin a1c Level? Understanding Hemoglobin a1c on Keto | Dr. Boz (Video: 9:53 minutes long.)
  4. Discovery of liver cell with stem cell-like properties could eliminate need for organ transplants
  5. How an electrical tickle to the ear could help apply the brakes to aging
  6. How to Make Your Own Hibiscus Syrup
  7. Understanding Thyroid Problem Symptoms and Treating Thyroids with Keto! (Video: 55:03 minutes long.)
  8. Association between liver dysfunction and Alzheimer’s disease found in new study
  9. Advance in bulk hair-regrowth technology keeps follicles coming thicker and faster
  10. Skin-worn stretchable device wirelessly transmits health data
  11. How to Spot, and Avoid, Hydrogenated Oil
  12. Medicinal herb receives a diabetes-fighting boost
  13. Woman loses hair ‘in clumps’ after Nair was allegedly mixed into conditioner bought at Walmart
  14. 25 Proven Natural Pain Killers (Solution to the Opioid Crisis)
  15. New technologies that could make your memory sharp again
  16. Here’s one scary way being overweight can affect the brain in old age
  17. The Impossible Whopper goes nationwide
  18. ALDI Summer Grocery Haul – What To Buy And Avoid Right Now! (Video: 21:57 minutes long.)


THomas DeLauer

  1. Best and Worst Veggies on Keto – GET SMART (Video: 10:09 minutes long.)
  2. How to Stop Eating Mindlessly (Sleep Deprivation and Munching) (Video: 10:16 minutes long.)
  3. Are You Absorbing Your Food? Digestion vs ABSORPTION (Video: 8:02 minutes long.)
  4. Homemade POST Workout Trick for Fat Loss and Recovery (Video: 6:04 minutes long.)

Dr Alan Mandell, DC

  1. FIX STIFF NECK! (INGREDIENTS: 1 SOCK + 90 SECS) – Discovered by Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 5:33 minutes long.)
  2. SUPERFOODS TO LUBRICATE YOUR STIFF JOINTS – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 3:43 minutes long.)
  3. HOW DO YOU KNOW YOUR BODY IS CRAVING VITAMIN D – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 4:17 minutes long.)
  4. FIX THE WRIST (Texting, Typing, Weight Lifting, Carpal Tunnel) – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 3:52 minutes long.)
  5. START SLIMMING DOWN IN 24 HOURS – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 3:32 minutes long.)
  6. UNCLOG AND DISOLVE CALCIUM DEPOSITS IN ARTERIES, ORGANS & JOINTS – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 3:29 minutes long.)

Dr. Eric Berg DC

  1. The 7 Reasons Why You Get Up During the Night (Video: 7:39 minutes long.)
  2. How to Get Rid of Cravings During Your Menstrual Cycle with ONE Nutrient (Video: 3:22 minutes long.)
  3. Do I Reduce Carbs or Sugar Grams on the Ketogenic Diet? (Video: 6:17 minutes long.)
  4. If Bread is so Bad, Why Are the French so Thin? (Video: 4:08 minutes long.)
  5. Reactive Hypoglycemia: Not as Complex as You May Think (Video: 6:39 minutes long.)
  6. Why Sweaty or Dry Palms? (Video: 3:32 minutes long.)
  7. Nutrient Deficiencies in Dry or Oily Hair (Video: 5:17 minutes long.)
  8. Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte Powder, Not a Sodium Electrolyte Replacement (Video: 2:28 minutes long.)
  9. The Missing Nutrient In Allergies (Video: 2:32 minutes long.)
  10. How to Boost Pregnenolone for More Hormone Energy (Video: 3:12 minutes long.)
  11. What Causes Crusty Eyes? (Video: 3:07 minutes long.)
  12. Is Coffee Okay for a Fatty Liver? (Video: 4:38 minutes long.)

Dr. Joseph Mercola

  1. These Proteins Help Keep You Alive, Do You Have Enough?
  2. How Vitamin D Keeps You Young and Thin
  3. Reishi Mushrooms Fight Inflammation
  4. 6 Factors That Raise Your Risk for Flesh-Eating Disease
  5. This Vitamin Can Cut Migraine Frequency by 50%
  6. Multiple Bottled Water Brands Tainted With Arsenic and PFAS
  7. New Study Links Many Popular OTC Meds With Alzheimer’s
  8. How to Grow Vanilla Beans at Home
  9. Do You Suffer From This Underrated Significant Health Risk?
  10. This Bug Juice Has More Antioxidants Than Orange Juice
  11. Grape Seed Extract: Reap Big Benefits From Tiny Seeds
  12. As Levels of This Widespread Toxin Soar, so Does Disease
  13. Gastroparesis: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


  1. 7 Marula Oil Benefits for Skin, Hair and Nails (Is It Better Than Argan Oil?)
  2. What Is Endive Good For? Top 5 Benefits of This Leafy Green
  3. Molybdenum: The Little-Known Element Your Body Depends On
  4. 20 Coconut Oil Benefits for Your Brain, Heart, Joints + More!
  5. What Is Collagen? 7 Benefits for Skin, Hair, Joints and More
  6. No-Carb Diet Plan Guide, Plus Foods to Eat vs. Avoid
  7. Your Diabetic Diet Plan (A Guide for What to Eat with Diabetes)

Mike Adams-Health Ranger

  1. Here’s How to Find Out If It’s a GMO Product
  2. Juice up your brain: Pomegranates improve brain function and blood flow among the elderly
  3. What are all those inactive ingredients in prescription drugs really doing to you?
  4. Ten Fruits And Vegetables With The Most Pesticides
  5. How to Get Rid of Dry Feet and Cracked Heels Fast
  6. This Berry is One of the Top Chinese Longevity Secrets
  7. 5-G: YouTube begins banning critics of 5G cell towers to cover up the crimes of the telecommunications industry
  8. 5-G: Strange sonic waves in Cuba linked to brain damage – is this what we all have to look forward to once 5G is rolled out?
  9. Are You Stressed or Anxious Try This Simple and Effective Recipe
  10. Don’t drink the water: Study warns that bottled water may contain toxic microplastics
  11. EMFs linked to massive decline in global health
  12. Salt, Water, and Carb Myths Busted
  13. The beauty benefits of essential oils plus DIY beauty recipes
  14. Here’s Why You Should Have A Spoonful Of Olive Oil and Lemon Everyday
  15. Here’s Why You Should Start Your Day With Raw Garlic And Water
  16. What is Okra Good For 5 Wonderful Benefits of Okra
  17. Why you should start eating more Chlorella, “Nature’s Perfect Food”
  18. Can’t Sleep Try These Natural Sleeping Pill Alternatives
  19. Enhance your strength and stamina with Astaxanthin, one of nature’s most potent antioxidants

Dr. Sten Ekberg

  1. 15 Fad Diets: Definition & Dangers You Must Know (Video: 35:46 minutes long.)

Dr. Nick Zyrowski

  1. 5 Ways To Reduce Cellulite | What You Must Know (Video: 8:13 minutes long.)
  2. The Best Apple Cider Vinegar | Use This NOT That! (Video: 6:28 minutes long.)



  1. Breakthrough discovery of signal cancers use to hide from immune system
  2. Scientists pluck an anti-cancer compound from a common flower
  3. Top 5 Cancer Stem Cell-Killing Foods
  4. Top 4 natural remedies for skin cancer the FDA does not want you using: Part I


  1. Nearly Half of Those Surveyed Doubt Vaccine Safety
  2. Deadly U.S. medical hoaxes that Americans still believe
  3. Merck’s former lead Supervisor for Vaccine Safety never vaccinates his own children due to sterility concerns
  4. Japan has no vaccine mandates, yet achieves the healthiest children in the world


  1. Marinated Flank Steak with Horseradish Cream
  2. White Chicken Enchilada Slow-Cooker Casserole
  3. Chicken Breasts with Lime Sauce
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  13. Garlic Roasted Cabbage Steaks (Video: 7:16 minutes long.)
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  15. Broccoli with Garlic Butter and Cashews
  16. Naked Turkey Sliders
  17. Strawberry-Lemon Poke Cake
  18. Slow Cooker Fruit Cobbler
  19. Healthy 5-Ingredient Granola Bars
  20. Strawberry Lemonade Cake
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  22. Summertime Lemon Ice Pops
  23. Quick Pecan Candy (Video: 5:25 minutes long.)
  24. Chocolate Lace Sandwich Cookies
  25. Chocolate-Banana Muffins


Misc. News Banner

  1. Child trafficking CPS agencies now using “predictive analytics” to decide which children to kidnap
  2. A Spirit of Lawlessness Has Descended Upon America
  3. Surveillance state: 1 in 2 American is already in the FBI’s facial recognition database
  4. Amazon openly sells pedophilia products while banning books that try to help people
  5. Girl, 10, asked to send topless picture to ‘verify her age’ on popular kids gaming app Gacha Life
  6. That meme you shared? It may soon cost you $15,000
  7. Equality Act – How Will it Affect You? (Video: 3:24 minutes long.)
  8. LGBTQ agenda in kids’ programming is deliberate
  9. Significant rise of cartoons showing same-sex parents, gay marriage and general expressions of romantic non-binary expressions
  10. Brigitte Gabriel completely exposes Linda Sarsour
  11. ‘Intolerant’ news service booted from Apple platform
  12. Apple Suspends Program That Records Users Having Sex And Buying Drugs
  13. Pale Blue smart USB-rechargeable LiPo batteries let you break the disposable habit
  14. Disney Features First Teenage Gay Couple In ‘Andi Mack’ Series Finale
  15. Scam of the month: How to fight back against robocalls


  1. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook is getting closer to letting you type with just your thoughts
  2. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook admits that it stored at least 600 M passwords in plain text, with employees having access to the files for years
  3. Social Media-Twitter: While banning all conservatives, Twitter openly allows extremely graphic, blood-filled images depicting the murder of President Trump


  1. How to Get Rid of Bedbugs Using Household Items
  2. Potassium Permanganate: Why You Need It in Your Survival Kit?
  3. DIY Beehive in a Jar


  1. Choose Between 14 Languages & Access More Than 8,500 Hours of High-Quality Language Education Online
  2. A Generation Of School Teachers Who See Their Jobs As Political Advocacy


  1. Mozilla to Add Password Manager, Hack Alert to Firefox 70
  2. How Chrome OS Virtual Desks Could Change the Way You Work
  3. Google Sticks Another Knife in Flash’s Corpse
  4. 7 Reasons You Should Be Using a Password Manager
  5. Smartphone device identifies plant diseases on the spot
  6. 2 Factor Authentication – What is 2FA? (Video: 9:01 minutes long.)
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  8. Are You Fed Up With Telemarketers? (here’s the answer)
  9. Microsoft Will Drop Skype for Business Online on July 31, 2021
  10. What Is Password Spraying and How Can It Be Used Against You?
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A Message from Brother Rog


July 29, 2019

Psalm 87 – 89             Mark 1

Psalm 89:26 He [David, Rog, and I hope you] shall cry unto Me [YHVH], Thou art my Father, my God, and the Rock of my Salvation*.

*Salvation = H3444 YESH-OO’-AW

Mark 1:1 The beginning* of the gospel of Jesus Christ [YESH-OO’-AW ha Mashiyach], the Son of God [YHVH]; …

*beginning is defined by Strong’s G746 as commencement

What does commencement mean?  The English word, “beginning,” suggests the start of something entirely new; BUT, is that what our eternal Brother Mark is saying to you and to me?  Most any basic English dictionary defines commencement:

Encarta ® World English Dictionary



2. graduation ceremony: a ceremony during which degrees and diplomas are conferred at high schools, colleges, and universities, or the day on which this ceremony takes place

Mark is speaking of our Messiah.  Is our Messiah married yet?  Revelation 19:7 (at-the-back-o’-the-book) is the first ever mention of YESH-OO’-AW’s Wife; hence, HE is still a bachelor, right?  (I know, I’m stretching our thinking a bit :o/  Is it within the parameters of rational thinking to suggest that at our current commencement of Scripture study (Mark 1:1), and having learned well from our “schoolmaster” in the 39 books of the Tanakh (Old Testament), that when Mark refers to “The beginning*” he is referring to our and our Messiah’s commencement and baccalaureate service?  As we already know from Genesis, Eliezer (which means comforter and shadow picture of the Holy Spirit) went in search for a wife for Abraham’s son Isaac, and leapfrogging into the 21st century, the Holy Spirit (our Comforter) is currently in process of finding a wife for YHVH’s Son YESH-OO’-AW because YESH-OO’-AW is not yet married :o)))  As many young women used to go to college to get their MRS degree, is it possible that our Messiah (and we) now have our BA, having studied the Tanakh and we are now awaiting the Marriage Supper of the LAMB?  What does baccalaureate mean?

Encarta ® World English Dictionary



 bachelor’s degree: a bachelor’s degree (formal) 

and, when are these diplomas (certificates of achievement) issued?  Graduation, right?

Encarta ® World English Dictionary



1.  completion of studies: the completion of a course of academic study [such as our “Old Testament SCHOOLMASTER”  right?]

2.  degree ceremony: a ceremony in which degrees or diplomas are awarded to students who have successfully completed their studies

Without first learning basic arithmetic, it is virtually impossible to understand calculus; and, without learning the fundamentals of Who YHVH IS in the Tanakh, we will never have a clue Who HE or HIS SON IS and “what’s it all about Alfie”!

In the words of our Brother Brad Scott, of, the Gospel of Jesus Christ

is not new — IT’S TRUE!

and I wholeheartedly agree :o)))

May YHVH add HIS blessing to the reading of HIS entire Holy Bible.  Amen.



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  2. The DAY OF THE LORD: The 7th Seal and 7 Trumpets of Revelation (Video: 25:16 minutes long.)


Another Coffee Break

Deliver Us From Evil, Part 19

Howdy, Howdy!!

I will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart; I will enter His gates with praise; I will say this is the day that the Lord hath made…..

Right.  I’m still starting the day off singing.  Can’t help it.  This is a stupendous day!  Another blessed day!  A highly prosperous day!

Folks that sit next to me at times wonder if I have a case of heebie-jeebies because my legs are bouncing, or my feet are tapping.  I get these really strange looks from them when I tell them that I have music that pours through my spirit non-stop; and most of the time it is completely new music I’ve never heard before.  Guess it’s a product of being a praiser and worshiper.  Like I said, I can’t help it!  I awaken in the middle of the night and praise and worship are just pouring through me.  I can’t remember a time when it hasn’t been that way.

Let me start off today by repeating some of my last remarks from last week.

After re-reading some of what I’ve written in the past couple of weeks, it occurred to me that I may not have made a clear connection between the fear that causes folks to “hoard” and store up and save things — even necessities — in huge quantities and the Spirit of Abortion.  Maybe most of you caught it, but for the sake of those who seemed puzzled and fired off a bunch of questions at me, let me go through this again.

Abortion is driven by fear.  The Fear of Death is entirely selfish.  This is a spirit that imposes a totally self-centered agenda.  Everything revolves around one’s personal comfort, one’s personal needs, one’s personal well-being — and especially whether any event (whether internal or external) will affect one’s ability to survive.

Hoarding (as opposed to the wise setting aside of something appropriate for the “rainy day”) is based in that same fear.  Hoarding is driven by a need for self-preservation.  Self-preservation is a natural instinct, but when it becomes driven by the Fear of Death with all of its imaginary and fantastical scenarios (many of which are totally subconscious), the need for self-preservation gets driven to some pretty wild extremes.

Without getting too side-tracked here, one of the symptoms of this spirit’s existence and torment in a person’s life is Gluttony — often exhibited in alcoholism, drug abuse, serious over-eating, nicotine addiction, and a host of other addictive manifestations.  It would be accurate to say that ALL addictions are a manifestation of symptom of the operation of and torment of the Fear of Death.

It is that need for self-preservation, driven by the Fear of Death, which motivates and feeds a Spirit of Abortion.  Thus, the mythical “woman’s right to choose” becomes entirely based in that fear.  Any right which is demanded, screamed for, argued and debated over — whether it be the “right” to an abortion, the “right” to receive certain “government entitlements” (and most notably in today’s news, the “right” for illegal immigrants to have food and water provided for them in the desert areas of the southwest as they cross the border into America in violation of our immigration laws) — is most assuredly driven by the Fear of Death.

The reason I highlight this is because no believer in Christ Jesus has any need to “demand” any rights whatever.  Every “right” afforded the true Christian is clearly identified in God’s Word.  It is freely given under our covenant with Jesus Christ.  We have no need to demand ANYTHING!! 

We only need exercise the power and authority given us in the realm of the Spirit to enjoy the freedoms and liberties that belong to us as heirs and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ, having been seated with Him in heavenly places.

Ephesians 1:21-23: “Far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come: And [God, the Father] hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church, Which is his body, the fulness of him that filleth all in all.

If we are His body, therefore, and He (Jesus Christ) is the Head, we are ONE!  Therefore, every situation, every evil spirit, everything of this world has been placed under our feet.  We are in the place of dominion and authority in and with Jesus Christ.

The need to “demand” anything by its very nature flies in the face of that authority.  When it becomes necessary for Christians to “demand” something, that demand comes out of fear, doubt or unbelief.

As I noted on Monday, ignorance almost always produces unbelief.  Ignorance produces fear.  And Satan does everything in his power to keep God’s people ignorant of truth.  The entire pro-abortion agenda is driven by fear, doubt and unbelief.  Sadly, thousands of Christian women who are ignorant of God’s Word and God’s promises to them fall prey to the lie of Satan.  They also subsequently come under severe condemnation and guilt without really understanding why.

Women who have been driven through fear and ignorance into having an abortion can be free of the guilt and condemnation that almost always follows and torments them throughout the remainder of their lives.  Being free of condemnation and walking in spiritual liberty is really quite simple.  Let’s see if we can express this in some simple steps to freedom.

1) Acknowledge first of all that aborting children is sin — the sin of murder.

2) Repent of that sin and ask forgiveness through the covenant of Jesus’ shed blood on the Cross.  KNOW absolutely that He WILL hear your prayer; and that He WILL forgive you.

3) Recognize that it is an evil and wicked spirit that has lied to you and deceived you so as to deprive you of a relationship of love and trust in Christ Jesus.

4) Take the authority given you in and by God’s Word and kick out the Fear of Death and a Spirit of Abortion in the name of Jesus.  Mark 16:17 gives you the absolute right as a believer in Jesus Christ.

5) Because Satan is the accuser, and because his first and primary job is to kill and destroy you and your relationship with the Lord, each and every time he comes to accuse you and condemn you, respond to each accusation with the Word:

Romans 8:1-2: “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.  For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.

6) Remember one fundamental spiritual law — even if you don’t remember anything else — that applies here.  It’s what you say that either brings life or death. 

Revelation 12:11 reads, “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony….

7) Freedom from condemnation is predicated on two things, (1) “the blood of the Lamb” (Jesus Christ) which He shed on the Cross as part of your deliverance from the control and trap of Satan; and (2) that which you speak according to His Word, and in agreement with that which Christ has done on your behalf.

Proverbs 18:21 (Amplified): “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they who indulge it shall eat the fruit of it [for death or life].”

Jesus put it like this.

Matthew 12:37 (Amplified): “For by your words you will be justified and acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned and sentenced.

Murder is a sin, but it is no more heinous in God’s sight than speaking lies, committing adultery, stealing, or whatever.  The murder of unborn children is just as forgivable under the blood of Jesus as any other sin; and any suggestion to the contrary is an absolute lie.

Each of us is responsible for our actions and for our decisions.  We cannot escape the responsibility and consequences — even if we have been manipulated by the lies, deceit and treachery of evil spirits. 

By the same token, once we have taken personal responsibility for and confessed our actions and decisions as sin to the Lord Jesus Christ — and repented of them — no demon has the right to bring them up again since they have been obliterated legally at the Cross, and all consequence of death eradicated.

Consider, then, the promise of redemption and salvation brought by Jesus Christ.  Matthew tells us the following:

Matthew 4:16-17: “The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up. From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Death hung over the human race – and does today – minus the redemptive work of Jesus Christ on the Cross.  Death still hangs over those today who do not repent of their sins.

That said, if you are among those who have committed the sin of murder, particularly of the unborn, and you have repented and asked forgiveness of Jesus Christ for that sin, walk in freedom.  Walk in your deliverance!  Walk according to and in agreement with the Word of God!


There!  Short and sweet today.

Next week, we’re going to shift gears and begin talking about Covenant, and specifically, the Covenant we have through and with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Regner A. Capener

Temple, Texas 76504

Email Contact:

All Coffee Break articles are copyright by Regner A. Capener, but authorization for reprinting, reposting, copying or re-use, in whole or in part, is granted –provided proper attribution and this notice are included intact. Older Coffee Break archives are available . Coffee Break articles are normally published weekly.


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The Book of Job
By Dr. Roy Blizzard

The book of Job is perhaps the best known book of the Bible and yet the one most frequently misunderstood. The Hebrew text contains some of the earliest forms of the language as well as some of the latest. Scholars have suggested that perhaps the story of Job dated form the time of Abraham or before and was transmitted orally from generation to generation until it was committed to writing during the post Exilic Period. The book is the earliest example of “Wisdom Literature” in the Bible.

The Theme of Job has often been misunderstood. While Job deals with the question of human tragedy and suffering, it is also an overriding story of the true measure of success and achievement that comes by fleeing evil and trusting God. There is a spiritual principle at the heart of the story that can be recognized only after we answer the principle question, “Did Job sin?”

In order to answer that question, we must ask another question, “What was the nature of sin circa 2000 BCE?” Sin was seen as a transgression of God’s will; however, there were two principal categories of sin:

  1. The willful sin – sin so heinous that there are no provisions made for atonement. The person who commits the willful sin is simply cut off from God.
  2. The weakness of the flesh – for this category there were both the sins of omission and the sins of commission.

If sin was a transgression of God’s will, then the question becomes, “Had God communicated His will?” From Job 22:22 and 23:11-12, the answer would seem to be “yes.” The contention is that the Law which was later written was first communicated orally.

At the introduction, Job is righteous before God. At least he is not a willful sinner. Whatever else he was or was not, he was at least accounted by God as righteous (Job 1:8).

After the afflictions and before the visit of his three friends, he was still deemed righteous before God (Job 2:10). The visit of the friends indicates:

  1. The influence of Job (Job 4:3-4),
  2. The concern of his friends (Job 2:11-12),
  3. The wide spread knowledge of God.

Their speech indicates (1) a highly developed spiritual concept (Job 15:31 ff) and (2) their advice of repentance is basically sound although tactless at times (Job 42:6). Ultimately, this is what Job did.

Again, we consider the question, “Did Job sin?”

  1. He contends that he did not. No where does he admit his guilt. Job 7:20-21 and 9:1 ff are not admissions of guilt.
  2. Rather, he claims his up righteousness (Job 27:6) and justifies himself that he regards all Ten Commandments, again indicative of the oral communication of Law.

                a. No God before me (Job 31:26),
                b. No graven image (Job 31:24),
                c. Do not take the name of God in vain (Job 2:9-10),
               d. Remember the Sabbath – the sacrifices in Job 1:5 imply worship although this
commandment is not specifically given until Exodus 20,

               e. Honor your Father and Mother (Job 31:18),
               f. Do not kill (Job 31:39),
               g. Do not commit adultery (Job 31:1 and 31:11),
               h. Do not steal (Job 31:39),
                i. Do not lie (Job 6:28, 27:4 and 31:5),
                j. Do not covet (Job 31:7).
His friends appear to be faintly aware of Job’s problem or sin although vague in reality concerning his true nature of God. Obviously, they lack perfect insight as they themselves were chastised by God in Job 42:7:

  1. Sophar – Job 11:3
  2. Eliphaz – Job 15:2-6
  3. Bildad – Job 25:4

In Job’s lengthy response in Job 26:31, we see the nature of his real sin revealed:

  1. In Job 27:6 – he declares his righteousness,
  2. In Job 19 – he uses the pronoun referring to himself fifty times,
  3. In Job 30:19-21 ff – he accuses God, and
  4. In Job 31 – he justifies himself.

In Job 32:1-2, his sin is revealed and correctly identified: Job has “I” trouble. His sin is PRIDE. This is indicated further in the nature and essence of Elihu’s lengthy admonition (Job 32:4 ff). In Job 34:35-37 Elihu declares that Job has added rebellion to his sin. In Chapters 38, 39, 40 and 41, God both reproves and informs. His words speak volumes regarding His being and His nature. In Job 42:1-6, Job replies, “Therefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes.”

The real lesson and/or theme of the book of Job is TRUST. Trust God even in the midst of suffering and prolonged anguish. In emphasizing the theme of trust, the story of Job serves as the foundation for all of the “Wisdom Literature” to come.


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Deuteronomy 1:1—3:22; (Shabbat Hazon) (Preparation for 9 Av) Isaiah 1:1-27; John 15:1-11; Acts 7:2-60, 9:1-21; 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Hebrews 3:7—4:11


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