News You May Not Have Heard About — 07/21/2019 Early Edition

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  1. Trump tells progressive Democrats to go back and fix ‘broken and crime infested places’ they came from
  2. Trump Fires At AOC And Friends: Apologize To America, Israel, For What You Have Said
  3. Trump: Radical Democrats anti-America, anti-Israel, pro-terror
  4. Trump on Omar: ‘There’s a Lot of Talk About the Fact That She Was Married to Her Brother’
  5. Trump Calls on ‘Radical Left’ Democrats to Apologize to US and ‘People of Israel’
  6. Trump steps in to save Christians and Yazidis from extinction by jihadists

3 Branches of U.S. Government


  1. Mike Pence (Vice President of the United States of America): Vice President Pence demands U.S. ally Saudi Arabia release Raif Badawi, imprisoned for insulting Islam
  2. Trump Administration: BREAKING: Trump Admin Announces Major Crackdown On Asylum Abuse
  3. Trump Administration: Trump Admin: Asylum Seekers Must Ask Intermediary Countries First
  4. Trump Administration: Trump Admin Tackles Rising Anti-Semitism
  5. U.S. Navy: US Navy Destroyer Ships Equipped with New High-Powered Laser, Changing War Tactics – and Crowd Control
  6. U.S. Navy: U.S. Fighter Jets Are About To Get Infrared Sensors That Could Be Huge For UFO Reporting
  7. U.S. Pentagon: Pentagon ordered to reveal to Congress if its scientists used diseased ticks as biological weapons – and if any escaped the lab
  8. Ben Carson (Housing & Urban Development Secretary): Carson defends Trump’s tweets about ‘The Squad’ (Video: 8:55 minutes long.)

Wood Fake-Fact Banner

  1. Academic left-wing fascist Melissa “Mish” Zimdars behind authoritarian attempt to blacklist all conservative news outlets by labeling them “unreliable” … but fake news NYT, CNN, WashPost all given thumbs up
  2. WALSH: A Member Of AOC’s ‘Squad’ Just Made An Outrageously Bigoted Statement


  1. RUMORS OF WAR: US ‘to deploy 500 troops to expanding Saudi Arabian air base’ to front-up to Iran threat
  2. U.S. Navy ‘Destroyed’ Iranian Drone in Strait of Hormuz
  3. TRUMP BREAKING NEWS 9AM 7/19/19 | Breaking Fox News July 19, 2019 (Video: 34:14 minutes long.)
  4. Iran Seizes British Tanker After British Seize Iranian Tanker (Video: 11:30 minutes long.)
  5. Allies Resist US Call For Anti-Iran Naval Force, Fearing It Would Worsen Tensions
  6. A Massive Hole in TSA Security
  7. DHS Lets Airlines Rush Security to Keep Traffic Moving
  8. Top Government Media Network Official, Author of “Vying for Allah’s Vote,” Guilty of Stealing $40,000
  9. Mysterious Secrets From Prince’s Past… (Video: 33:52 minutes long.)
  10. Hatch Act Hullabaloo!!! (Video: 38:50 minutes long.)
  11. Kellyanne Conway explains why she skipped out on Congress (Video: 4:38 minutes long.)
  12. Trump is right: Democrats should leave America if they hate what America stands for… turn in your passports and GTFO
  13. GRAHAM GOES NUCLEAR: Graham RIPS ‘Anti-Semitic, Anti-America’ Dems; Says They ‘Hate Their Own Country’
  14. Peter Thiel: Peter Thiel Calls on CIA, FBI to Investigate Google’s China Ties
  15. Peter Thiel: Silicon Valley Tech Giant Peter Thiel Urges U.S. Probe of Google’s ‘ Treasonous’ Acts
  16. Peter Thiel: Tech Mogul, Peter Thiel, Says Google Is a Threat to National Security and May Have Committed Treason
  17. Attorney General Barr: Fighting antisemitism a top Justice Dept. priority
  18. The ‘SQUAD’ Wants You DIVIDED! (Video: 33:54 minutes long.)
  19. What You’re About To See Will Be Hard To Forget… “The Four Horsewomen Of the Apocalypse” (Video: 14:59 minutes long.)
  20. Clarion Intel Special: Explosive Testimony From Inside US Jihadi Cult
  21. Nunes’ Warning to BARR!!! (Video: 11:28 minutes long.)
  22. “The Blackout Is Coming” NYC a Warning—Says Former White House Official
  23. Political Violence Is Destroying Our Country. Former Antifa Member Reveals How Young People Are Drawn to the Domestic Terror Group
  24. Improper Payments Are Costing Taxpayers a Fortune
  25. Republican, Democratic Senators Join Forces to Keep Sanctions on Huawei
  26. House Defense Bill Would Embolden Iran
  27. 9th Circuit hands win to Trump: DOJ can withhold grants from Sanctuary Cities
  28. Imam of entity tied to LARGEST TERROR CASE IN U.S. HISTORY to speak at US State Department summit
  29. REPORT: Ilhan Omar’s Father and Other Somalian War Crimimals Now Living Illegally in the US
  30. Omar’s Two Marriages!!! (Video: 16:16 minutes long.)
  31. The True, Behind-the-Scenes Story of the Kavanaugh Confirmation
  32. Leader McCarthy: House Democrats Dead Set on Erasing Economic Gains
  33. Lawmakers Demand Trump Admin Nix Loopholes Permitting Iranian Nuke Work
  34. BONKERS: House to vote today on IMPEACHMENT resolution against President Trump
  35. Terror-Tied CAIR Wants The “Muslim Ban” To Be A Campaign Issue
  36. How Did THEY Get Away With It? (Video: 31:51 minutes long.)
  37. US Military Coup Against News and Elections Begins
  38. SHOCKING VIDEO: Google Expert at Senate Hearing: 15 Million 2020 Votes At Risk, Manipulating Voters ‘on a Massive Scale’
  39. Judicial Watch Forces Kentucky and California to Remove Almost 2-million Ineligible Voters from Voter Registration Rolls
  40. Why Are THEY Panicking In DC? (Video: 30:06 minutes long.)
  41. Congress Learns Google Has Already Rigged The 2020 Election
  42. After busting Google for election meddling, Project Veritas contacts members of Congress to inform them – but will they do the right thing and hold the company liable?
  43. Dr. Robert Epstein on Big Tech Censorship (Video: 7:08 minutes long.)
  44. OMAR CHANT “SEND HER BACK”: Omar’s REAL Anti-Semitic Agenda BDS Bill & PROPHECY- The Underground#117 (Video: 34:10 minutes long.)
  45. DOJ Announces Release of 3,100 Under FIRST STEP Act
  46. Paul Craig Roberts: Mueller Should Be Arrested for Conspiracy to Overthrow the President of the United States
  47. DARPA To Put Nuclear, Biological, And Chemical Detectors In Public Venues
  48. “American Race Hustle” Is A Sure-Loser For Dems; Kunstler Warns Of “Walking Time-Bomb” Epstein


Jeffrey Epstein

  1. POWERful People Connected To Mysterious Island? (Video: 30:42 minutes long.)
  2. Guess what they found in Jeffrey Epstein’s safe (Video: 2:17 minutes long.)
  3. “There Were Photos Of Topless Women Everywhere”: Epstein’s Former IT Guy Quit Over Disturbing Pictures
  4. How Long Is Jeffrey Epstein For This World?
  5. Palm Beach Sheriff Launches Internal Investigation Into Handling Of Epstein “Work Release”


Presidential 2020 Election Banner

2020 Democrat Presidential Candidates

  1. Dem Governors Concerned Over Presidential Candidates’ Leftward Lurch
  2. Biden: Biden Exploded at Dem Colleague Over Busing, Called Him ‘Dirty Bastard’
  3. Biden: If You Like Your Health Care Plan, You Can Keep It
  4. Biden & Booker: Booker, Biden Leave Far-Left, Anti-Israel Activists Fuming
  5. Biden: Biden Campaign Hires Public Speaking Guru After Debate
  6. Booker: Cory Booker’s Campaign Has a Spending Problem
  7. Castro: Joaquin Castro Introduces Bill to Scrap Terms ‘Alien’ and ‘Illegal Alien’
  8. De Blasio: De Blasio Rakes in Cash From Donors With City Interests
  9. Harris & Warren: Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren Outraised in Home States
  10. Hickenlooper: Hickenlooper Struggles to Establish Donor Base Outside of Colorado
  11. Klobuchar: Klobuchar Won’t Release Names of Potential Judicial Nominees
  12. Sanders: Medicare for All Will Cost $40 Trillion Over 10 Years
  13. Sanders: Sanders: Single Payer Means Tax Hikes for Middle Class
  14. Sanders: Sanders Adviser Hits Harris Plan to Pay for Medicare for All
  15. Warren: Elizabeth Warren takes aim at Jewish community?
  16. Warren: Elizabeth Warren plans to increase annual refugee admissions nearly 800 percent from FY2018
  17. Warren: Mother Jones Writer: Warren’s Immigration Plan ‘De Facto Open Borders’
  18. Warren: After Blasting Amazon, Warren, Sanders Campaigns Spend Thousands on Site
  19. Warren: Warren: I’m ‘Not There Yet’ on Allowing Prisoners to Vote

2020 Republican Presidential Candidates


dems behind the wall


  1. Former ICE Director Explains to AOC that Crossing the Border Illegally is…Illegal (Video: 4:25 minutes long.)
  2. Ocasio-Cortez Tries To Grill Former ICE Director. He Wrecks Her
  3. Tom Homan sounds off after being attacked by Dems at border hearing (Video: 8:16 minutes long.)
  4. Root causes of the Central American migrant caravans
  5. Klobuchar: I Don’t Support Open Borders Like Warren, Castro
  6. ICE Raids: Arrest These Elected Officials Obstructing Lawful Enforcement
  7. Pelosi, Dems urge illegal immigrants to resist ‘brutal’ deportation raids
  8. Driver who struck and killed Corey Cottrell of Normal is in country illegally, ICE confirms
  9. Study: Deporting Illegal Aliens Saves Americans $622 Billion in Tax Dollars
  10. 8 U.S. Code § 1621.Aliens who are not qualified aliens or nonimmigrants ineligible for State and local public benefits
  11. 8 U.S. Code § 1373.Communication between government agencies and the Immigration and Naturalization Service
  13. Trump’s immigration deal with Mexico is working
  14. Mexican military crossing border confronted by CBP: Brandon Judd (Video: 8:09 minutes long.)
  15. Trump’s asylum action will help ease the border crisis
  16. Central America: Advertisements in the Media and Online Promise Free Stuff to Migrants Who Immigrate to the US
  17. Mexico and Guatemala Respond to President Trump’s ‘Safe Third-Country’ Policy
  18. ICE Released List Of Illegal Immigrants Accused Of Crimes After Local Police Ignored Detainers
  19. 4 Big Border Issues in Homeland Security Chief’s House Testimony
  20. DHS chief challenges Democrats to help improve conditions at border
  21. Jim Jordan Shuts Down Dem’s Attempt to Demonize Border Patrol Agents (Video: 6:05 minutes long.)
  22. Rep. Jim Jordan Reminds Dems Who Really Built ‘Cages’ At The Border
  23. Bill Clinton talking about immigration in the 1995 State of the Union
  24. Secy Pompeo heading to Mexico for update on border security progress (Video: 2:17 minutes long.)



  1. One America News Network: Qatar seeks U.S. acceptance as Muslim Brotherhood ties may be leveraged (Video: 4:05 minutes long.)
  2. One America News Network: Angolan government spends more than 20% of U.S. aid on D.C. lobbyists (Video: 4:29 minutes long.)
  3. One America News Network: Far-left ‘squad’ faces pushback for accusing President Trump of ‘racism’ (Video: 4:37 minutes long.)
  4. One America News Network: Army detective in Green Beret murder case guilty of stolen valor (Video: 3:40 minutes long.)
  5. One America News Network: Rep. Ocasio-Cortez sued by former N.Y. assemblyman (Video: 2:59 minutes long.)
  6. One America News Network: OAN’s Week in Review (Video: 4:09 minutes long.)
  7. The Next News Network: Joe Biden Pulls The RACE Card Out Of Nowhere On Trump… A Little Hypocritical? (Video: 4:06 minutes long.)
  8. The Next News Network: Lindsey Graham Gives Trump HILARIOUS Advice Regarding AOC-Pelosi Feud (Video: 3:53 minutes long.)
  9. The Next News Network: AOC ATTACKS Joe Biden With Super LOW BLOW! (Video: 4 minutes long.)
  10. The Next News Network: MUST SEE Video Of US Coast Guard Will Make You Put ALL FAITH In Our Armed Forces (Video: 5:52 minutes long.)
  11. The Next News Network: DIVIDED PARTY! Bernie DEFENDS Socialist Ally AOC, Tears Into Pelosi For Being ‘Too Hard’ (Video: 6:23 minutes long.)
  12. The Next News Network: ALERT: Pelosi in VIOLATION! Look What She Just Did In The House! This is the LAST STRAW! (Video: 7:49 minutes long.)
  13. The Next News Network: ALERT: BOOM! Trump Turns To The Camera & MEGA NUKES Ilhan Omar (Video: 6:56 minutes long.)
  14. The Next News Network: “The Squad” Goes on CBS, Seconds later they Make COMPLETE Fools Out Of Themselves (Video: 5:43 minutes long.)
  15. The Next News Network: Here’s the White House POWERFUL Video That will make “The Squad” Hide in SHAME (Video: 4:15 minutes long.)
  16. CNN: CNN Tries To Convince GOP Women That Trump Is Racist, Doesn’t Go Over Well
  17. TheJohnBirchSociety: Endless War on Terror | Afghanistan 2019 (Video: 3:38 minutes long.)


  1. Man ‘fighting for his life’ after contracting flesh-eating bacteria on kayaking trip


  1. Eric Early announces bid to take Adam Schiff’s congressional seat in Calif. (Video: 12:52 minutes long.)
  2. Kobach: California Gives Illegal Aliens Free Health Care in Violation of Federal Law
  3. Southern California to be a nuclear radiation wasteland?
  4. Calif. residents move to recall Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom (Video: 3:41 minutes long.)
  5. Eco-friendly solar crematorium proposed for Los Angeles
  6. Murder, Rape, Assault, Burglary: 6 Examples of California’s Sanctuary Policies Leading to More Crimes
  7. Prominent California Islamists Praise Imam’s Call to Exterminate Jews
  8. California city will remove gender terms, including ‘manhole’ and ‘manemad,’ from municipal code to prevent people from being offended
  9. California: 22 Members of the MS-13 Gang Indicted for Crimes that Include Gruesome Murders with Machetes. 19 Are Illegal Aliens
  10. Republican Representative Matt Gaetz Receives Graphic Threat on His Life, But US Attorney in Northern California Dismisses It as “Non-Threat”
  11. San Francisco’s Hidden Homeless


  1. Lawless ‘traitors’ pulled down U.S. flag
  2. El Chapo Arrives At Supermax Prison After ‘Disappearing’ For Two Days


  1. Cow slaughtered in Home Depot parking lot ‘in accordance with Islamic law’


  1. Hotel in Atlanta, GA closes to investigate possible Legionnaire’s outbreak
  2. Georgia mosques teaching jihad, imam says “there has not been another 911 in America because Islam is winning”


  1. Idaho Residents Show Support for Homeschooled Teen Medically Kidnapped – Mom Continues Fight in Court


  1. Wake up, parents, to Left stealing your kids
  2. Chicago Mosque Holds Memorial Service for Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Top Dog Morsi, Calls Israel ‘Head of the Snake’


  1. Drone Startup Gets First-Ever Approval In Iowa To Spray Chemicals On Crops


  1. Boston Sued For Booting Christian Flag, While Allowing Islamic Symbols
  2. Boston Cops Urge Criminals To “Hold Off” On Breaking The Law This Weekend, Due To The Extreme Heat


  1. Miss Michigan Loses Her CROWN!!! (Video: 7:26 minutes long.)
  2. Israeli Watergen partners with Flint, Michigan where water quality is ‘third-world’


  1. Women’s “reproductive rights” in action: At least three babies born alive after botched abortions were left to die in Minnesota


  1. Deceased Navy Veteran’s Name Cleared in ‘Clean Water’ Case


  1. DEVELOPING: Widespread power outages reported in New York City
  2. Con Ed warns more blackouts could be coming
  3. Bill De Blasio Assists Illegals: ‘We Will Do Everything We Can to Protect You’
  4. Jewish Man Brutally Beaten on Sabbath in Upstate New York
  5. AOC gets new 2020 challenger: A Republican immigrant from Jamaica (Video: 3:48 minutes long.)
  6. GOP businesswoman Scherie Murray announces campaign for AOC’s seat (Video: 2:27 minutes long.)
  7. WATCH: ‘There is Anti-Semitism Within US Government,’ Says NY Politician
  8. Iran’s FM Zarif Confined to 6 Block Radius in Midtown Manhattan
  9. New York Landlords Sue to Overturn Rent Stabilization
  10. Far-left New York Times says American middle class needs to sacrifice clean, safe suburbs to make way for illegal aliens
  11. Dem Socialist Salazar Used Trust Fund Money to Fund Her Campaign
  12. This anti-Semitism in New York will shake you to your core
  13. Brooklyn Muslim busted as HIGH RANKING ISLAMIC STATE SNIPER


  1. Trump Supporters Line-Up at 4AM with Tents, Coolers for #MAGA Rally in North Carolina


  1. “I love beheading the enemy”: Muslim migrant who supports the Islamic State is deported from US
  2. Philadelphia: US Authorities Seize 20 Tons Of Cocaine Worth $1.3 Billion From Ship Owned By the JP Morgan Bank
  3. Parents Told They Could Lose Kids Over Unpaid School Lunches


  1. Food stamp fraud: Former head of South Dakota food stamp program ordered to pay 750k for helping states defraud the federal SNAP program


  1. Texas Court Orders Father to Raise His Son as a Transsexual
  2. Report: Texas House Democrats sends staffer to Mexico to coach migrants (Video: 3:38 minutes long.)


  1. Virginia woman infected with flesh-eating bacteria after just 10 minutes in water


  1. Washington, DC: Iranians to protest against National Iranian American Council, lobbying group for Iranian regime
  2. Pro-Illegal Immigration Groups Shut Down ICE Headquarters in Washington, DC


  1. Man with Rifle, ‘Incendiary Devices’ Attacked Migrant Detention Center Hours After ICE Protest
  2. Terrorist Who Firebombed ICE Facility Wrote in Manifesto: “I Am Antifa”
  3. Far-Left Terrorist Who Tried to BOMB Migrant Detention Center Hours After ICE Protest — Left an Audio Manifesto, Encourages Comrades to Arm Themselves
  4. Snake-like UFO spotted again as mystery object ’emits energy beam’ over Washington
  5. Elderly Patriots Threatened With Jail for Reciting the Pledge
  6. Microsoft worker charged with stealing millions in digital currency scam



The Squad - Democratic Women

  1. Inside the Democratic immigration bubble
  2. Dems Quiet on Whether Own Student Loan Debt Should be Forgiven
  3. Poll: AOC, Omar sinking Dem’s ship
  4. Progressive ‘Squad’ Holds Special Presser to Demand Impeachment
  5. Internal Dem Poll: Just 9% of Swing Voters Have Favorable View of Ilhan Omar
  6. Dems Get Reality Check on Climate Suits
  7. Moderate Dem slams ‘squad’ for threatening to primary him: ‘They’re not Democrats … they’re socialists’
  8. Here’s a List of Racist, Jew-Hating Statements Made By the Democrat Jihad-Squad
  9. Omar poses more problems for Dems with BDS push
  10. House Dems Anonymously Complain About Defending the ‘Squad’
  11. The Jihad ‘Squad’ Aims to Guillotine the Democratic Old Guard
  12. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Rush: AOC’s Trust Fund ‘Sugar Daddy’ Behind Radicalization of Congress
  13. Senator Amy McGrath (Kentucky): McGrath Cancels MSNBC Interview ‘At the Last Minute’ After Rocky Campaign Launch
  14. Senator Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts): Donor Helped Warren Pay for Access to DNC Voter File
  15. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Omar Blames American Foreign Policy for Immigration Crisis, But Loves America More Than You Do
  16. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Video: Ilhan Omar says “Palestinian” movement against Israel is “non-violent”
  17. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Ilhan Omar Introduces Pro-BDS, Anti-Israel Resolution, will Visit Israel Soon
  18. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Jihad Jew-hater Omar Defiant: “I Do Not” Regret My Antisemitic Remarks
  19. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Omar: I ‘Do Not’ Regret Past Anti-Semitic Comments
  20. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Ilhan Omar’s Bill Compares Israel to Nazi Germany
  21. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Ilhan Omar Told Jewish Voters She Opposed BDS During Election
  22. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): ‘I am legally married to one and culturally to another’: How Ilhan Omar desperately tries to explain marriage to brother #Brusband
  23. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Jihad-Rep Report: Ilhan Omar used false name to enter U.S., married brother
  24. Senator Kamala Harris (California): The Qatar Supporter Advising Kamala Harris
  25. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (California): Floor fight erupts as Pelosi speaks ahead of vote to condemn Trump’s tweets



  1. ‘ANARCHY’: GOP Releases Brutal New Campaign Ad Against ‘The Squad’
  2. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (California): McCarthy Slams Dems for Passing Minimum Wage Bill
  3. Rep. Lee Zeldin (New York): WATCH: Jewish representative links Ilhan Omar’s Jewish Boycott (BDS) resolution to Hamas
  4. Senator Ted Cruz (Texas): Ted Cruz Presses Executive on Why Google Disbanded Panel Rather Than Include Conservative Leader


World News Banner


  1. Israeli President Rivlin Receives Honorary Law Doctorate in South Korea
  2. Bibi slams Europe for response to Iran, comparing it to the 1930’s
  3. Netanyahu Campaign Sets Sights on Liberman Voters
  4. Why a two-state solution would mean suicide for Israel
  5. Israel identifies Hezbollah precision missile project commander
  6. Israel and Egypt Trap Terror Leader in Gaza
  7. Israeli Law Firm: Hand Over Iranian Supertanker to Compensate Israeli Victims of Terror
  8. WATCH: Terrorist Still Living in Jordan 3 Years After US Issues Arrest Warrant
  9. Ayelet Shaked Calls for Right-wing Unity Ahead of Elections
  10. Poll: Ayelet Shaked Most Popular Choice to Lead Right-wing Alliance
  11. Homes Destroyed as massive fires burst across Israel on the Hottest Day of the Summer
  12. Epstein Scandal Threatens to Derail Election Bid of Former Israeli PM as Pictures Emerge
  13. Former Labor Leader Yachimovich Pulls Out of Knesset Election
  14. Rioting Across Samaria and Gaza Border
  15. Israel Unmasks Iranian Mastermind of Hezbollah Missile Program
  16. IDF Beefing Up 20 Strategic Israeli Sites, Fearing Hezbollah Rockets
  17. IDF Soldiers Shoot Terrorist, Preventing Car-ramming Rampage
  18. Israel unveiled technology that will make sci-fi movies look like the Stone Age
  19. Caroline Glick shut down the debate with this bombshell speech


  1. EXPOSED: Hamas Official Reveals Terror Group’s Genocidal Jew-Hatred
  2. Qatar: Small, but dangerous
  3. Islamic State warns of jihad massacres in London to be carried out by children
  4. Islamic State (ISIS) Member: Beheading Inspired By Islamic Texts
  5. Failed jihad suicide bomber: “I don’t like life on Earth, my only reward is Allah”
  6. Watch: Shocking Hamas summer camps
  7. Peace Doesn’t Exist – Nor Do the Palestinians
  8. Hamas: “Enough warming up… We must attack every Jew on planet Earth and slaughter and kill them”
  9. Palestinians to Israel: Lift ‘siege’ or we’ll slaughter every Jew on planet
  10. As Hamas Loses Terror Tunnels, Faction Takes To Air & Sea
  11. Oil tanker missing in Strait of Hormuz after drifting into Iranian waters
  12. This Summer Camp Teaches Kids to Burn the American Flag
  13. Palestinians Shoot Down Israeli Drone Over Gaza
  14. WATCH: PA Calls Terrorist Murderers the ‘Best of Palestinian Fighters’
  15. Hamas Using WhatsApp to Gain Intelligence on IDF Troop Movements
  16. WATCH: Fears of ‘Tanker War’ Lead Britain, US to Boost Forces in Gulf
  17. US Islamic charities funding jihad terror in Gaza
  18. “Moderate” Fatah: Murdering Jewish children is “legitimate human struggle”
  19. “May Allah reward them” – “Palestinian” Fatah official honors mass jihad-murderer slaughtered father of 12 and young soldier
  20. Islamic State jihadis engaged in “temporary marriage” with non-Muslim sex slaves
  21. Report: Hezbollah readying for war with Israel


  1. England: New Survey Shows Drastic Decline in Number of Brits Who Identify as Christians
  2. England: Muslim Council of Britain launches Center for Media Monitoring to silence criticism of Islam
  3. England: Westminster Vehicular Jihad: Muslim found GUILTY of murder police and public in ramming them outside the Houses of Parliament
  4. England: Britain says two UK-linked vessels seized by Iran in Strait of Hormuz (Video: 4:20 minutes long.)
  5. As London burns, Jew-haters Corbyn and Khan Sign Letter Accusing Trump of ‘Racism’ Against Jihad ‘Squad’
  6. EU: EU’s GPS satellites have been down for four days in mysterious outage
  7. EU: The New EU Is Even More Insane Than The Old EU
  8. France: Bastille Day erupts: Riot police drag violent “protesters” away as they jeer Macron during parade
  9. France: Hundreds of ‘Black Vest’ Migrants Stormed the Paris Pantheon Demanding Citizenship
  10. France: Muslim who murdered Jewish woman while screaming “Allahu akbar” not responsible because he smoked marijuana
  11. France: Judge rules Muslim killer who BRUTALLY tortured and murdered Jewish woman while shouting “ALLAHU AKBAR” is not criminally liable
  12. France: Paris: hundreds of illegal migrants from Africa storm Pantheon, demand papers, housing
  13. France: No hate crime charges against suspects who targeted Jews
  14. France: France launches its first Barracuda class nuclear attack submarine
  15. France: 100 French Jews forced to flee France because of Muslim Jew-hatred shed tears as they arrive in Israel
  16. Germany: Germans shaken by series of violent migrant attacks
  17. Germany: Hizballah tied to 30 German mosques and Islamic cultural centers
  18. Germany: Violence Against Public Officials Surges in Germany Due to Public Fury Over Migrants
  19. Germany: Nest Of Middle-Eastern Spies
  20. Italy: Encased In Pompeii’s Volcanic Ash ’10 Unexploded Bombs’ Take Over Italian Headlines
  21. Italy: Far-right Group in Italy Found in Possession of Air-to-air Missile
  22. Italy: Italy’s Salvini Draws Up Plans To Raid “Illegal Settlements”: Deport Roma, Sinti
  23. Netherlands: Dutch Jewish leader assaulted, stabbed and tortured in his home
  24. Netherlands: The Dutch turn against the ANC
  25. Norway: Top Norwegian politician says on Facebook that Norway should give Tommy Robinson asylum, Facebook removes post
  26. Russia: Damaged Russian Sub Linked to Underwater Drone Program
  27. Russia: Seven Muslims plotted to stage a collision on high-speed railway between Moscow and St. Petersburg
  28. Sweden: Swedes are getting implants in their hands to replace cash, credit cards
  29. UK: ‘Sickness in the Party’:  UK Labour’s Anti-Semitism Crisis Goes from Bad to Worse
  30. UK: Muslim plotted to use driverless car in Islamic terrorist massacre
  31. UK: Jihad terrorists allowed to work at airports in UK
  32. UK: Tommy Robinson on trial shows the death of free speech in the UK
  33. UK: Muslim family forced daughter to marry cousin to stop her from getting “too Western”
  34. UK: Muhammad cartoons absent from Media Freedom Conference’s display of censored political cartoons
  35. UK: UK Opioid Drug Manufacturer Paid Record $1.4 Billion to Stop Investigations and Obtain Immunity Deal
  36. UK: UK poll: 31% believe Islam poses a threat to the British way of life, Mirror laments rise of “Islamophobia”
  37. UK: Tommy Robinson reportedly transferred to maximum security prison described as “jihadi training camp”
  38. UK: Telegraph asks if champagne celebrations should be ended in order to accommodate Muslims
  39. UK: UK Knife Crime Hits Record High, Despite London Mayor’s ‘Knife Control’
  40. UK: Waters Moment: U.K.’s New PM Bows to Islam (Video: 3:52 minutes long.)
  41. UK: Muslim crashed car outside Parliament, tried to “kill as many people as possible,” had “terrorist motive”
  42. UK: UK Warns “Robust” Response Coming If Iran Doesn’t Release Tanker As US Jets Fly Over Gulf


  1. Afghanistan: Doha agreement paves the way for Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan and imposition of Sharia
  2. Afghanistan: ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack on U.S. Base in Afghanistan
  3. Afghanistan: Radio station shuts down after Muslims threaten it for featuring three female broadcasters
  4. China: Network of Chinese Concentration Camps for Uighurs Uncovered
  5. China: PACOM: China Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile Tests a Signal to US, World
  6. India: Police raid Islamic school, find weapons and ammunition
  7. India: Fearful Hindus Try to Buy Off Muslims
  8. India: Court requires woman arrested for “offensive” statement about Muslims to give out copies of the Qur’an
  9. Iran: Iran’s Provocations Are Drawn From Russia’s Hybrid Warfare Playbook
  10. Iran: “If you insult the Prophet you will get executed, because he’s dead and he can’t defend himself”
  11. Iran: Iran Caught Smuggling Nuke Materials Out of U.S.
  12. Iran: RUMORS OF WAR: Iran threatens Britain with retaliation over seizure of an Iranian oil tanker near Gibraltar
  13. Iran: Iran Supreme Leader: Breaking Our Nuclear Commitments is Just Getting Started
  14. Iran: DEVELOPING: Iran seizes foreign oil tanker with 12 crew
  15. Iran: Ayatollah Khamenei declares Iran will “certainly continue to violate nuclear commitments”
  16. Iran: Iranian FM Zarif: We Could Close Strait of Hormuz
  17. Iran: Iran Posts Dramatic Video Showing IRGC Troops Raiding Seized Oil Tanker
  18. Iraq: Iraq: Explosives dropped on base belonging to Iran-backed forces
  19. Japan: At least 23 feared dead, 36 injured in arson at Japanese film studio, suspect arrested
  20. Pakistan: Christian cleared of blasphemy charges after suffering torture in prison at insistence of Muslim groups
  21. Pakistan: New blasphemy case just one of many in Pakistan
  22. Pakistan: Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Efforts intensify to protect Islamic law, including blasphemy laws
  23. Pakistan: Nurse killed by Muslim ex-boyfriend because she refused to convert to Islam
  24. Pakistan: “There are 200 more Asia Bibis”
  25. Saudi Arabia: American Woman Loses Custody Of 4-Year-Old Daughter Because She Might Not Raise Child In Islamic Traditions
  26. Syria: Muslims rape, stone 60-year-old Christian woman to death
  27. Turkey: S-400 Russian missile system delivered to Turkey against U.S. warning, sanctions may follow
  28. Turkey: Memo to Erdogan: You can have the S-400, or you can have the F-35, but you can’t have both
  29. Turkey: Muslim leaders complain that law combating violence against women aims to destroy the family
  30. Turkey: Pro-government daily says Islam must “stop Western civilization” and “Zionists want to take the world”


  1. Burkina Faso: Muslims enter village, start hunting for Christians, murder four Christians for wearing crosses
  2. Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): UPDATE: Ebola outbreak spreads to new city where over one million people live…
  3. Egypt: Egyptian TV: ‘Extremist’ Jews Make Passover Matzah with Blood
  4. Kenya: Muslim leaders oppose new anti-terror law
  5. Libya: Libyan leader threatens EU with 800,000 more migrants, including “criminals and terrorists”
  6. Malaysia: Bomb threats from anti-Shia Sunni Muslims force cancellation of seminar about ending Muslim sectarianism
  7. Sahel: Muslim persecution of Christians intensifying across the Sahel
  8. Somalia: Reporter whose goal was to report positive news is murdered in jihad attack
  9. Somalia: Deadly Islamic Attack on Popular Hotel in Somalia, Americans Among the Dead, 26 People Slaughtered, 56 Hurt, Ilhan Omar SILENT
  10. Somalia: Woman Travels to Ilhan Omar’s Home Country To Show Its Positive Side, Ends Up Murdered by Terrorists


  1. Canada: Canada to deport Christian refugee family back to jihad-plagued Nigeria
  2. Canada: Islamists in Canada Poised to Grab Anti-Racism Jackpot
  3. Canada: Muslim who shouted ‘Allah told me to do this’ during double stabbing at Canadian Forces recruitment centre is CLEARED BY COURT TO ATTEND COLLEGE ON HIS OWN
  4. Canada: Canada defines ‘Islamaphobia’ at cost of $45 million
  5. Canada: Appeal court allows Muslim who stabbed soldiers and said “Allah told me to kill people” to attend college
  6. Canada: Muslim Gangs Threaten Coptic Christian Refugee with Death
  7. Mexico: Mexican President Blasts Drug Lord El Chapo’s Life Sentence as ‘Inhumane’
  8. Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico Protesters Turn Streets Of San Juan Into ‘War Zone’ Over Corrupt Government


World-Currencies Banner


  1. U.S. becomes world’s biggest oil producer
  2. Big Pharma’s stock values plummet after President Trump announces executive order on drug prices
  3. Rand Paul Introduces Bill to Quadruple the Number of Working Immigrants in the US
  4. Tech Billionaires, the Koch Brothers, US Chamber of Commerce, and Democrats Are Leading Lobbyists to Import Workers for American Jobs
  5. Podcast: What’s Wrong With the $15 Minimum Wage?
  6. House Votes to Raise Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour
  7. Hiking the Minimum Wage Will Hurt, Not Help, Low-Income Americans
  8. The economy is likely to get a mediocre grade on its next report card, but don’t take it at face value
  9. SoftBank: The Biggest Bet on Tech
  10. The Three Ds of Doom: Debt, Default, Depression
  11. Move Over, Millennials: GEN X Is the Generation in the Most Financial Trouble
  12. Trump: “Almost NO INFLATION”, Then Data Shows Expectations Well Above Fed’s 2.0% “Objective”
  13. Trump’s Fight With The Fed Over Interest Rates Is A Scripted Farce
  14. Global debt levels continue to rise
  15. The Wayne’s World Job Market
  16. A closer look at the unemployment rate…
  18. American workers face different futures depending on where they live
  19. Latest deficit growth puts pressure on Congress and White House
  20. Federal Debt Ceiling Reached as Federal Spending Rages
  21. The Burden Of Government Debt And James Buchanan’s Corrective
  22. Dollar General has a new plan to gain wealthier shoppers
  23. The Top Three Contrarian Trades From Bank of America
  24. Goldman Read 4,000 Conference Call Transcripts… Here’s What It Found
  25. We’ve Arrived At The End Of The Road
  26. The Planetary Insanity Of Eternal Economic Growth
  27. “You’re All Serial Killers”: Outraged Californians Slam $2 Billion PG&E Rate Hikes


  1. At Tesla, another quarterly loss is likely, but Wall Street is hoping demand remained intact
  2. An Unprecedented Market Divergence: Robots Are All In Stocks As Humans Flee
  3. 60% Of US Equity Assets Are Already Parked In Passive Vehicles, Quants Control Another 20%


  1. What is Up With the Silver Market? Who Is the Whale? – Mike Maloney (Video: 6:55 minutes long.)
  2. CAN YOU SEE THE SIGNS? Lynette Zang & Jim Rickards Talk Economy, Gold, Crypto, & Aftermath (Video: 51:07 minutes long.)
  3. Silver is Headed for the Moon, Watch Out Says Bubba (Video: 5:11 minutes long.)
  4. Who owns the most Silver Bullion? | Ag Whales in the Fully Fiat Era
  5. Silver Rhapsody: Is This The Break-Out, Or Is This Just Fantasy?
  6. Michael Ballanger: Silver Is Going Higher Regardless Of JP Morgan Or China
  7. Craig Hemke: Banks Still In Control? How Difficult For Silver To Break-Out?
  8. Egon von Greyerz: The Real Potential For Silver Is $840/oz
  9. Keith Neumeyer: I’m “All-In”…Gold Price To $2,000 & Silver Price To $200
  10. Democratic Party Poised To Implode As Bitcoin, Gold & Silver Ready To Explode
  11. $1600 Gold & $26 Silver…BY SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2019!
  12. Truly Epic Silver Signals Are Vying for Your Attention
  13. Eric Sprott: “Paradigm Shift” – What A Week For Precious Metals
  14. SILVER BREAKOUT CONTINUES: Next Important Key Levels
  15. Influential, Legendary Investor Just Said Some BIG THINGS About Gold, And Now People Are Piling In
  16. Fund Manager: Modern Monetary Theory, Centralized Control And Gold
  17. Rob Kirby: The US Dollar Is The GLOBALIST RESERVE CURRENCY, There Will Be Inflation
  18. Audio: All Eyes on Silver… Will It FINALLY Launch?
  19. Here Are the Next Important Levels in Silver
  20. Monetary Metals Don’t Need a “Gold Standard” Proxy System
  21. THE SILVER PRICE: Setting Up For A Breakout?
  22. Downed Drones, Fed FUBAR, & Tanker Turmoil Spark Stock Slump; Silver Soars Most In 3 Years


  1. First-Time Homebuyers Share Of The Market Plummets To 33% Even As Prices Slump


  1. 5 Social Security Mistakes That Have BIG Consequences (Video: 9:08 minutes long.)
  2. Tricks and tips for getting the most from Social Security (Video: 7 minutes long.)
  3. These are the bad things about early retirement that no one talks about


  1. Germany Inc. Shudders as Deutsche Bank, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Other German Giants Face Crises
  2. Volvo CEO laments Sweden’s high crime rate, says company might move its HQ abroad
  3. In Major Threat To Dollar’s Reserve Status, Russia Offers To Join European SWIFT-Bypass


  1. Hyperinflation Is Back: “Zimbabwe Burns While The Lights Are Out”


  1. From a fake George Soros fund to cloud-controlled robots, Chinese IPOs are getting even scarier
  2. China’s Top Carmaker Guides For First Annual Sales Drop In 14 Years
  3. Something Just Broke In China As Repo Rate Soars To 1,000% Overnight


  1. Israel-South Korea to sign multi-billion dollar trade agreement at end of July: report


  1. These Two Charts Reveal The Extraordinary Collapse In Australian Homeownership


Earth News Banner

  1. Another powerful quake rattles the Pacific Ring Of Fire bringing the total to 39 in a row: A mag 6.9 (reduced to a mag 6.6) strikes Western Australia
  2. 4.0 earthquake rattles Montana
  3. Japan struck by magnitude 6.1 earthquake as shaking continues on Ring of Fire
  4. A magnitude 6.1 earthquake in Japan becomes the 38th straight major quake to rock the Pacific Ring Of Fire
  5. Global Earthquakes 3 Times Above Normal – Dozens More Hit The Ring Of Fire
  6. The flurry of powerful earthquakes continue, a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 rocks Indonesia: The 86th major quake of 2019
  7. 5.5 magnitude earthquake strikes W. Australia, Less than 24 hours from 6.6 earthquake
  8. Western Australia struck by 6.6 magnitude earthquake, largest ever recorded, tremor felt from Broome to Perth
  9. Indonesia rocked by 7.3 magnitude earthquake as Ring of Fire activity rises
  10. Thousands told to leave their homes on Hawaii’s Maui Island as wildfires burn across 30,000 acres and send flames and smoke billowing into sky
  11. Birds are falling from the sky, bleeding from their eyes and beaks
  12. Striking NASA rainbow map shows how earth moved after two major California earthquakes
  13. Scientists capture image of quantum entanglement for the first time
  14. Flesh-Eating Plague Hits East Coast: Eerily Similar to Gog and Magog Disease in Zechariah
  15. A Bacterial Invasion? People All Over The East Coast Are Suddenly Being Attacked By Flesh-Eating Disease In 2019
  16. Delusional Leftists now claim earthquakes are caused by climate change… why not solar flares, too?
  17. Long Frozen Organisms in the Arctic Awakened, Hinting at Life on Other Planets
  18. Sign of the times? The third consecutive time in 2019 (April, May and June) the past 12-month US precipitation record has hit an all-time high
  19. Over 100 killed with many missing along with millions displaced from floods in India, Nepal and Bangladesh: Deadly monsoon-induced disasters
  20. Pacific Ring continues to fire: A magnitude 6.4 rocks Papua New Guinea: Nearby Indonesia’s Moluccas islands hit by scores of aftershocks Monday
  21. Ridgecrest aftershocks continue as more than 70 measuring 4.0+ since July 4th
  22. BIRTH PANGS: The Number Of Global Earthquakes Is 3 Times Above Normal
  23. NASA Forecasters warn Earth will be struck by massive solar flares within the next 10 years
  24. Earth Crust Destabilizes As Earthquake Numbers Sky Rocket
  25. Magnitude 4.3 earthquake strikes California, widely felt around San Francisco Bay Area
  26. Over 150 Dead as Monsoons Ravage Nepal, India, Pakistan
  27. Food Shortage Warnings Are Already Starting To Appear, And Now Tropical Storm Barry Is Going To Rip Through America’s Heartland
  28. 3.0 earthquake strikes Washington in same area as 4.6 quake last Friday
  29. Tennessee rattled by Magnitude 3.0 earthquake in New Tazewell and 2.5 in Tiptonville
  30. Strong 5.3 Magnitude Earthquake strikes off coast of Oregon
  31. Rivers at highest levels since records began, River bursts banks – millions forced from homes in Bangladesh and India
  32. Magnitude 4.6 earthquake rattles Ridgecrest, California as aftershocks continue
  33. Mass die-off of pilot whales wash up along western Iceland Thursday with experts claiming they died after becoming disorientated
  34. The Marshall Islands in the Pacific have radiation levels up to 1,000 times higher than Chernobyl and Fukushima: With Plutonium-239, a radioactive half-life of 24,100 years
  35. Strong 5.1 earthquake strikes Greek capital of Athens sending people running into the streets


Archaeology News Banner

  1. They Found It, Hidden For Decades…Lost Treasure of Afghanistan! (Video: 15:10 minutes long.)
  2. Seems There Is Much More Than We Thought Under This Pyramid! (Video: 11:16 minutes long.)
  3. What’s Inside The Church, Are They Hiding Something in Ethiopia? (Video: 11:29 minutes long.)
  4. Archaeologist Says a Stone Pillar in the City of David is Where Abraham Met Melchizedek (Video: 3:55 minutes long.)
  5. Russian Scientist 14 Million Year Old Human Made Vehicle Tracks Discovered in Turkey! (Video: 9:53 minutes long.)
  6. Strange Unexplained Artefacts Discovered Deep Inside the Great Pyramid! (Video: 15:48 minutes long.)
  7. Ancient Mesopotamia and the Rise of Civilisation
  8. 210,000 Year Old Homo sapiens Skull From Greece is Oldest Outside Africa
  9. Origin of Greek Civilization Believed Found On Monumental Pyramid Island
  10. March of the Denisovans: Evidence of Archaic Human Gene Now Detected In the Orient
  11. Lost Biblical City Where Philistines Gave Refuge to King David Found, Archaeologists Say
  12. Scientists may have found one of the oldest Christian churches in the world
  13. Explorer Rushes Back to Collect Pygmy Prize After Child Pharaoh’s Golden Letter
  14. The Cutting Truth about Circumcision: It Was All About Rites and Religion
  15. 9,000-Year-Old Settlement Unearthed Near Jerusalem Sheds New Light On Stone Age Civilization
  16. Third-Century Inscription Related To Dionysus Cult – Discovered
  17. Massive Ancient Settlement, Size of Tel Aviv, Exposed Near Jerusalem
  18. Huge 9,000-year-old Stone Age settlement, one of the largest in the world, discovered in Israel


History Past Banner


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Kings of Judah and Israel-1 (Video: 12:57 minutes long.)
  2. The Monarchs of Judah and Israel
  3. DAVID BOTWICK-RIES — CANADA (Audio: 1:39:36 minutes long. David Botwick-Ries is a Jew from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, who understands the Two Houses of Israel to a degree that many do not comprehend.  In this deep interview, he explores how he came to this understanding.)
  4. TWO STICKS ROUND TABLE — SHOW #5 (Audio: 46:16 minutes long.)
  5. Blexit, Blacks & The Bible! (Video: 11:56 minutes long.)


Saga America

Saga America by Barry Fell

Book Review

Saga America will astound you….A Startling New Theory on the Old World Settlement of America–Before Columbus. Dr. Fells claims that Europeans visited the Western Hemisphere long before Columbus. In Saga America, however, Dr. Fell, with considerable hard evidence, tells us that pre-Columbian America was continuously and intensively settle by Europeans and North Africans from the fourth century B.C. through the cessation of regular trans-Atlantic voyages in about 1000 A.D….a strong case. (San Jose Mercury-News). Persuasive …an intriguing case. (Jackson (Miss.) Daily News.


Consequences on Rebelling Against The Authority of Scripture

Consequences on Rebelling Against the Authority of Scripture: A Hebraic Understanding

Warning: Do not read this book if you are not prepared to get challenged beyond what you are prepared for…

This book is NOT written for the unbeliever, it is written for the person that has already complied with the justification process (saved by Yeshua (Jesus) alone) and wholeheartedly pursuing sanctification (to live holy), but struggle to submit to the full authority of God’s Word, yes I am talking about dedicated beloved believers and leaders themselves…

The secular world we live in today promotes rebellion. This attitude has washed into God’s flock and it is the single biggest tool of satan for his evangelism. People don’t want to listen to authority. People want to be the god of their own lives and their flock.

Here is the problem:

  • Scripture equates rebellion to witchcraft.
  • Continuous rebellion makes God enraged.
  • Our enraged God will send a rebellious person to hell-fire.

Yeshua didn’t die for your sins so you can live in continuous rebellion and spit on God’s grace.

Continuous simply small issues it may see to you, but in God’s eyes it is blatant and outright rebellion against His direct instructions.

Here is the problem, if I as the author of the book, or you as a leader of the flock, or one of the sheep in the flock sees blatant and wilful sin is being committed and encourage it and do not do something about it, you beloved can lose your salvation and end up hell. Yes, my beloved friend, there is solid Old and New Covenant verses that bellows this fundamental reality out. 

Now you will begin to realize what does these verses directly from the mouth of Yeshua really means: “Many are called, FEW are chosen” and “NOT EVERYONE that says to me ‘Lord Lord’ will go the heaven”. Are you one of the statistics of the many or the few? They all call Yeshua (Jesus) but they are on their way to hell, how sad…

Come journey with me through the Scriptures as this is the single most important topic after you being justified by the grace of Yeshua’s work on the cross…

Brace yourself, this book will challenge you, but at the end you will remain on the narrow road of righteousness. Make sure you share it with loved ones without delay!

(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


Genealogy News Banner New

  1. How Many of These Must-Visit Genealogy Destinations Have You Been To?
  2. MyHeritage Expands to Health; Launches New DNA Test Offering Powerful and Personalized Health Insights for Consumers
  3. How to Create Your Genealogy Research Plan (& Why You Should!)
  4. A Look at the 1860 US Federal Census
  5. What Your German Surname Says About Your Ancestors
  6. Federal Census Questions at a Glance
  7. 13 Ways to Get Lucky on
  8. Records and Resources for Exploring Your French Heritage
  9. MyHeritage Announces an Update to the Theory of Family Relativity™
  10. 20th century German history on Klemperer Online: All Diaries from 1918 to 1959 in One Digital Resource
  11. The Genetic Genealogist Answers 9 Common Questions about DNA Testing
  12. U.S. National Archives Digitizes More than 500 Volumes of U.S. Navy Muster Rolls
  13. Index Your Entire Book Collection With Evernote
  14. TheGenealogist Announces New Searchable War Memorials are Now Online
  15. New Essex Parish Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday


Health News Banner


  1. 6 Supplements that are a WASTE of Money $$$ (Video: 14:11 minutes long.)
  2. HUGE Summer Costco Haul – What To Buy And Avoid Right Now! (Video: 21:21 minutes long.)
  3. Speeding up Mother Nature: New nanocoating technology can speed the degradation of microplastics by harnessing the elements
  4. Do ‘Lactose-Free’ and ‘Dairy-Free’ Mean the Same Thing?
  5. ‘Clone tick’ that can reproduce on its own has drained blood from livestock, threatens humans
  6. Immune cells reprogrammed to kill HIV-infected T cells
  7. New study links common meds with dementia (Video: 4:16 minutes long.)
  8. Motherwort Herb Eases Bleeding and Birth Complications
  9. This Water ‘Supplement’ Causes a 7-Point IQ Drop
  10. Osteoporosis MYTHS exposed and a science-based solution revealed
  11. Turnip greens: A powerhouse of nutrition and healing
  12. 5 Best Foods for Liver Health
  13. NH365 128: Immune system boosters – Avoiding chronic disease naturally
  14. Breaking NEWS: How VOCs could be destroying your health, while you sleep
  15. “Peppermint oil reduces pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome”
  16. American Health Care Treats Canadians Who Cannot Wait
  17. Enter ‘Fat Burning Mode’ Quicker (Pre Fasting Strategy) (Video: 10:01 minutes long.)
  18. Should You Do A Cleanse? – with Scott Laird, ND (Video: 2:30 minutes long.)
  19. Natural Remedies for Sunburn Relief and Summer Heat
  20. Gut bacteria found to help protect brain and central nervous system from harmful viruses
  21. New insights into why women develop Alzheimer’s more than men
  22. Implant uses electricity to heal the heart
  23. Kill the Sugar Before It Kills You: ‘Sugar Is the Source of All Chronic Disease’
  24. Are Supplements Safe? Here’s What You Really Need to Know
  25. Can Pacemakers (and Other Medical Devices) Really Be Hacked?
  26. Beyond Meat – Silent Killer or Safe Alternative (Video: 10:54 minutes long.)
  27. Israeli Innovation: Personalized Antibiotic Treatments Just for You!
  28. 4 Important Vitamins for Your Weight-Loss Journey
  29. What your Doctor may not Know about Keto Fiber | Dr. Boz (Video: 11:09 minutes long.)
  30. Which Meat Should You Eat? Comparing Fatty Acids of Protein (whiteboard) (Video: 12:57 minutes long.)
  31. The 7 Detrimental Cardio Mistakes People Make (Video: 10:39 minutes long.)
  32. The Best Peanut & Nut Butter To Buy At The Store – And What To Avoid! (Video: 15:41 minutes long.)
  33. Diarrhea and the Appendix are Signs of Intelligent Design
  34. Nestle creates new chocolate without any added sugar

Dr Alan Mandell, DC

  3. HACK YOUR BRAIN…FEEL HIGH, EASE PAIN, AND STAY CALM – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 4:49 minutes long.)
  4. What Happens When You Eat Too Much Peanut Butter – Dr Mandell (Video: 12:02 minutes long.)
  5. SQUEEZE YOUR EAR AND YOUR BRAIN WILL THANK YOU IN SECONDS – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 3:15 minutes long.)

Dr. Eric Berg DC

  1. Why Do You Have Salt Cravings at Night? (Video: 8:48 minutes long.)
  2. It’s “Backed by Science” TRUST US (Video: 3:37 minutes long.)
  3. Will Eating More FAT Boost My Metabolism? (Video: 8:12 minutes long.)
  4. Kidney Stones 101: Comprehensive Guide (Video: 10:29 minutes long.)
  5. The Most Important Nutrient on a Vegan Keto Eating Plan (Video: 2:43 minutes long.)
  6. High Creatinine on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)? 5 Reasons (Video: 1:39 minutes long.)
  7. Will Skipping Meals Spike Your Metabolism? (Video: 4:31 minutes long.)
  8. 3 Weird Symptoms of a Fatty Liver (Video: 6:43 minutes long.)
  9. Cancer Lives On Sugar AND…Something Else (Video: 4:54 minutes long.)
  10. The 7 Causes of Arrhythmias (Video: 6:07 minutes long.)
  11. What is Water Fasting? (Video: 7:17 minutes long.)
  12. Fasting and Chronic Inflammation (Video: 5:04 minutes long.)
  13. How to Lose More Weight if You Are a Diabetic (Video: 8:23 minutes long.)
  14. What Your Nails Reveal About Your Inner Nutrition Status (Video: 3:54 minutes long.)

Dr. Joseph Mercola

  1. Improve the Look and Feel of Your Skin With This Superfood
  2. Intermittent Fasting May Prevent Diabetes
  3. Simple Strategy to Help Stop the No. 1 Cause of Blindness
  4. How to Treat Sunburn Naturally
  5. Why Is Poop Allowed in Your Food?
  6. Help Protect Your Brain and Memory With Spikenard
  7. The Many Potential Health Benefits of Curcumin
  8. His Brain Called It Fun, but His Body Called It Poison
  9. Here’s Why You Should Always Stay Hydrated


  1. Top Vitamins for Skin Support | Dr. Josh Axe (Video: 4:30 minutes long.)
  2. Can Uterine Fibroids Cause Unexplained Weight Gain?
  3. Sugary Drinks Raise the Risk of Cancer — Does This Include Fruit Juice?
  4. How Much Is Too Much Vitamin C? (Symptoms, Causes & Treatment)
  5. 20 Coconut Oil Benefits for Your Brain, Heart, Joints + More!
  6. What Is Collagen? 7 Benefits for Skin, Hair, Joints and More
  7. Low-Carb Diet: A Beginner’s Guide
  8. Essential Oils: 11 Main Benefits and 101 Uses
  9. Sandalwood Essential Oil Benefits for the Brain & Body
  10. Homemade Mouthwash with Essential Oils
  11. DIY Detox Foot Soak
  12. DIY Poop Spray

Mike Adams-Health Ranger

  1. Colon Cleansing Smoothie for Detox
  2. Big Tech Tyranny is Big Pharma tyranny
  3. Top 8 places you’ll find deadly pesticides in your food, beverages, medicine and personal care products that you never even thought about before: Part I
  4. Alaskan vacation ends in mercury poisoning after man eats too much fish
  5. Nearly all bottled water found to contain microplastics… you are drinking “plastic stew” that disrupts human hormones
  6. Slaughter stats: Americans eat 9 B chickens every year, 100 M pigs and 35 M cows – How many are infected with disease?
  7. 5 Health Conditions Onions Can Help You With
  8. Another Big Pharma giant caught in massive bribery scandal reportedly involving thousands of U.S. doctors
  9. Antidepressants linked to dementia: Mental meds may just trade one condition for another
  10. They knew: Recently unsealed court documents reveal that makers of OxyContin purposely misled doctors and consumers about the strength of the drug
  11. 10 American Foods That Are Already Banned in Other Countries

Dr. Sten Ekberg

  1. 6 Ultimate BENEFITS OF EXERCISE For Diabetes, Insulin, Weight Loss, Your Brain & More (Video: 35:40 minutes long.)
  2. One Meal A Day Weight Loss (Plus 6 Top Reasons You’re Gaining Weight) (Video: 26:29 minutes long.)
  3. Diabetes – Intermittent Fasting Helps Diabetes Type 2 & Type 1? What You Must Know (Video: 17:51 minutes long.)
  4. Foods To Control Diabetes Naturally (Video: 9:37 minutes long.)
  5. How To Do Intermittent Fasting For Health – Dr Sten Ekberg Wellness For Life (Video: 15:32 minutes long.)

Dr. Nick Zyrowski

  1. Types Of Keto Diet | Confusion Made Clear (Video: 6:21 minutes long.)
  2. Top Weight Loss Myths (Video: 8:52 minutes long.)
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar Fasting Drink | Tastes Amazing! (Video: 5:55 minutes long.)
  4. How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar | Complete Guide! (Video: 13:24 minutes long.)



  1. Plants are better than chemicals at stopping cancer: Pomegranates suppress cancer stem cells
  2. Portable platform predicts chemo effectiveness for individual cancer patients
  3. “Trojan horse” anticancer system hides tumor-killing drug in fat cells
  4. Modified Citrus Pectin for Detoxification, Cancer, Longevity
  5. Fruit juices linked to higher cancer risk


  1. Chiropractor forced to pay fines for sharing “anti-vaccine” content on social media


  1. Baked Chicken and Rice Chimichangas
  2. Enchiladas Suizas
  3. Chicken Escabeche
  4. Chicken Marsala
  5. Smothered Chicken Breasts
  6. Spicy Garlic Lime Chicken
  7. Artichoke and Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken
  8. Hamburger Steak with Onions and Gravy
  9. Spicy Chicken and Hominy Mexican Soup
  10. Grilled Cilantro Salmon
  11. Cucumber-Mango Salsa
  12. White Beans and Peppers
  13. Cold Tomato Cucumber Soup
  14. Stack 10 Tortillas, Cut 4 Strips, And Grab A Bundt Pan! (Video: 3:36 minutes long.)
  15. Supreme Green Smoothie
  16. Grilled Portobello with Basil Mayonnaise Sandwich
  17. Grilled Spicy Sweet Potato Chips
  18. Simple Coconut Cake
  19. Joy’s Prizewinning Trifle
  20. Rich and Gooey Avocado Brownies
  21. Kay’s Mini Cheesecakes
  22. No-Bake Chocolate-Oatmeal Drop Cookies
  23. Honey Coconut Bananas
  24. How to Make Smart Cookie’s Strawberry Shortcakes
  25. Blueberry Muffin Cake


Misc. News Banner

  1. We Found Them…They Have Bases on Earth, They Look Just Like Us! (Video: 11:42 minutes long.)
  2. Amazon is now just an extension of the “military industrial complex” and the CIA deep state, with high-profit ties to Pentagon
  3. How to Become a Dangerous Person (Video: 5:10 minutes long.)
  4. I Went to a Socialism Conference. Here Are My 6 Observations
  5. These Defensive Uses of Firearms Should Disarm Second Amendment Skeptics
  6. Huge Anomalies In Space…How Is It Possible These Things Exist? (Video: 12:40 minutes long.)
  7. Pro-life interest ‘off the charts’
  8. The Soviet Superplane That Rattled America (Video: 11:13 minutes long.)
  9. It’s Been Their Plan All Along…This Is Way Beyond Comprehension! (Video: 12:54 minutes long.)
  10. Coca-Cola, Xerox, and other major corporations are now proudly announcing no more donations to Planned Parenthood
  11. The Mars Rat and Other Unexplained Features on the Martian Planet
  12. Traces of two unknown archaic human species turn up in modern DNA
  13. Bone-conducting bracelet lets you make payments, phone calls and tracks your health
  14. Crowd of UFO fans seeking to ‘raid Area 51’ hits 1 MILLION despite US Air Force warning
  15. If Area 51 exists, where are the first 50 areas?
  16. Dennis Prager Testifies Before the U.S. Senate on Big Tech Censorship (Video: 6:33 minutes long.)
  17. Elon Musk’s Neuralink plans its first brain chip implants for next year
  18. The Great Transgender ‘Awokening’
  19. TECH TIKES Silicon Valley geeks are ‘turning their kids into CYBORGS’ that can ‘detect liars and even force themselves to feel happy’
  20. Do People Realize They Are Creating Their Own A.I. Overlords?
  21. Gay Holocaust: It has already begun — in the very citadel of the West
  22. The Underwater Cemetery That NASA Doesn’t Want People to Know About (Video: 5:04 minutes long.)
  23. Eric Schmidt, Google Chinese Plot To Sterilize America With 5G, Take Our Guns With Robot Army
  24. Netflix Sees Historic Dip in Subscribers During Same Quarter Executive Denounces Georgia’s Pro-Life Bill
  25. Conspiracy theorists to now storm Bermuda Triangle after Area 51 plans
  26. Berkeley Labs creates first fully magnetic liquids
  28. Were the Founders Christian or Deist? | Constitution Corner (Video: 5:47 minutes long.)
  29. Facial recognition technology is spreading
  30. Orwell, Inc.: How Your Employer Spies On You From When You Wake Up Until You Go To Bed
  31. Banned China-Made Surveillance Tech Still Operational At Sensitive US Bases


  1. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook Plans Targeting Of “Misinformation” Leading Up To The 2020 Election
  2. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook says posting about dietary supplements is a “violation,” but issuing death threats against conservatives is a-okay
  3. Social Media-Google: Google – the master manipulator of millions of votes
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A Message from Brother Rog


July 14, 2019

Psalm 46 & 47                        Matthew 12

Matthew 12:20  A bruised reed shall HE not break, and smoking flax shall HE not quench, till HE send forth judgment unto victory.

            Have you ever wondered what this means?  May I submit my humble understanding??  First, what is flax???

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For other uses, see Flax (disambiguation). Flax (Linum usitatissimum), also known as common flax or linseed, is a member of the genus Linum in the family Linaceae. It is a food and fiber crop cultivated in cooler regions of the world. Textiles made from flax are known in the Western countries as linen, and traditionally used for bed sheets, underclothes, and table linen. …

TMI?  (too much information?)  Maybe; and yet, the fibers of this flax fabric reach back in antiquity to our Father’s instructions and bring to LIGHT amazing insight :o)  Remember baby Jesus “wrapped in swaddling clothes”?

Luke 2:7  And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

“Swaddling” is defined by James Strong as:





From σπάργανον sparganon (a strip; from a derivative of the base of G4682 meaning to strap or wrap with strips); to swathe (an infant after the Oriental custom): – wrap in swaddling clothes.

Thomas Edison’s electric light bulb seems to have severed our fiber-optic connection with candle light and the light of oil lamps such as the Menorah which lit the Holy place in the Temple of Jerusalem; and yet, it is the WICKS of the golden Menorah that most of us have forgotten.

            When the High Priest’s used linen garment was discarded, it was cut into strips and used for wicks in the Menorah to shine light in the Holy place.  Our Messiah is the LIGHT of the world and I am convinced that his mother wrapped HIM in strips of the former garment of the High Priest.

            Have you ever smelled burning hair?  It STINKS!  Wool is hair.  Abba Papa YHVH told us not to mix linen with wool:

Leviticus 19:19  Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee.

To make oil lamp wicks, of that blend of linen and wool fabric, would STINK up the place!  Isn’t Abba Papa smart?!!!

            Back to Matthew 12, let’s review our instructions:

Leviticus 16:3  Thus shall Aaron come into the holy place: with a young bullock for a sin offering, and a ram for a burnt offering.

Leviticus 16:4  He shall put on the holy linen [flax?] coat, and he shall have the linen [flax?] breeches upon his flesh, and shall be girded with a linen [flax?] girdle, and with the linen [flax?] mitre shall he be attired: these are holy garments; therefore shall he wash his flesh in water, and so put them on.

When our Messiah said that HE would not break a “bruised reed” (as some of us sometimes feel that we are) and that HE would not quench “smoking flax,” the picture I see is me when I feel beaten down and HIS LIGHT within me is nearly extinguished, but yet smoldering and giving off smoke.  Only our MESSIAH can fan our embers and re-ignite our LIGHT!  Are we virgins with OIL in our lamps? HE will not break us or extinguish us; but, HE is waiting for us to receive HIS breath of LIFE which brings us back to radiant LIGHT.

            Thank YOU Abba Papa for your ETERNAL Wisdom, “declaring the end from the beginning” (Isaiah 46:10) 

B’shem Yeshua ha Mashiyach (In the name of Jesus the Christ), Amen.


July 6, 2019

(my morning Bible chapters reading today)
Psalm 34                     Matthew 2

            Boker tov (good Morning, in Hebrew) my precious Siblings in Yeshua ha Mashiyach (Jesus the Christ, in the Hebrew tongue, as spoken by Yeshua HIMself according to Acts 26:14).

            Just in, via e-mail, from filmmaker Timothy Mahoney, a written account of Tim’s interviews (for the movie “Patterns of Evidence — EXODUS”) with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and then President of Israel late Shimon Peres, here is an excerpt:

The Exodus provided the idea of moral freedom

Benjamin Netanyahu being interviewed by Tim Mahoney. (copyright 2007, Patterns of Evidence LLC)

As part of the filming for Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus, Tim Mahoney had the opportunity to interview two of Israel’s leaders, President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Both gave their views on the Exodus and the origins of Israel.

Netanyahu shared the following thoughts on the freedom provided by God through Moses – that was more than just physical.

“Moses was the greatest revolutionary of all time. Remember that in antiquity there were grand empires that were based on one principle and that is slavery. And Moses challenged that twice. He challenged it by taking his people who were slaves in bondage in Egypt and freed them and took them to their Promised Land. But he also challenged it by providing a moral code for mankind that said it is not the king or the emperor that decides the law, there is a higher law

“Now, these were absolutely revolutionary ideas. And, it’s the combination of the physical freedom; physically freeing the slaves from Egypt, but also ennobling them to a higher code of personal dignity, respect for your fellow man and personal freedom that was so at odds with the ancient world. And this shone a light and that light progressively expanded and reached larger and larger sections of humanity until it became the dominant code by which we live, or we at least aspire to live.”

In the biblical account, the first destination of the Israelites after they left Egypt was Mount Sinai, where they met with and received revelation from God. The law [Torah] given to Moses at Sinai is sometimes viewed as a list of restrictions that were meant to keep the people from enjoying certain pleasures. But the Bible has a different perspective, portraying the keeping of the law [Torah] as the path to protection and blessing. It frees people to live with each other in peace, allowing for the most enjoyment of the good things that have been provided.

And now, Israel, what does the LORD your God require of you, but to fear the LORD your God, to walk in all his ways, to love him, to serve the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul, and to keep the commandments and statutes of the LORD, which I am commanding you today for your good?” – Deuteronomy 10:12-13 (ESV)

This understanding of the benefits produced by morality and virtue was central to the vision of the founders in the American Revolution, and to the form of government they would construct. It would maximize the freedom for a culture that was shaped, in part, by the ideas of Exodus.

“[I]t is religion and morality alone which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand. The only foundation of a free constitution is pure virtue.”

“[W]e have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. . . Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” (John Adams, The Works of John Adams, Second President of the United States, Charles Francis Adams, editor (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co. 1854), Vol. IX, p. 401, 229)

“[O]nly a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” (Benjamin Franklin, The Writings of Benjamin Franklin, Jared Sparks, editor (Boston: Tappan, Whittemore and Mason, 1840), Vol. X, p. 297)

For the entire e-mail, click on: FREEDOM AND THE EXODUS

YHWH hebrew-words-paleo

This is our FATHER’s name in paleo (ancient, as Moses wrote it) Hebrew.  Do you see the SON and the FATHER in THE name?

Do you see yourself in THE name?

According to Apostle John:

John 14:10  Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in Me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of Myself: but the Father that dwelleth in Me, HE doeth the works.

Then our Messiah includes you and me in THE NAME:

John 14:20  At that day ye shall know that I am in My Father, and ye in Me, and I in you.

Shabbat shalom, my precious “eternal” Siblings in Yeshua,



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Another Coffee Break

Deliver Us From Evil, Part 17

Last week, we talked about responsibility and consequences of choice. One of the things that goes with “a woman’s right to choose” is the consequence of that choice. The Spirit of Abortion, of course, always hides the responsibility that goes with choice, and particularly the consequences that follow our choices.  The deception for Christians who get contaminated with this same spirit is that they think that because they protest and take a stand against something so obviously hedonistic — something which so clearly violates the Word of God — they can avoid the consequences when their protests also violate the laws of the land.

During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, I was Chief Engineer for the Fox television station in Anchorage. I also happened to be filling in for the praise and worship leader at the Grace Brethren Church there. I was called to jury duty to serve in a case where one of the defendants was active in that church.

My recollection is that this took place in 1989. Both radio and television news accounts – not to mention all of the major newspapers in the state – were focused on a story in which 26 individuals were arrested and charged with criminal trespass for interfering with the operation of an abortion clinic run by NOW and (what has since become) NARAL.

To say that the case was a political hot potato would be understating it. Oddly enough, I was barely aware of the fact that these protesters had been arrested. I knew that I drove past the abortion clinic every morning on my way to the TV station, and that rarely a day went by without protesters walking up and down the sidewalk in front of the place. Frequently, I would roll my window down and stick my hand out the window, honk my horn, and give the protesters a thumbs up sign.

Two of the protesters were prominent Roman Catholic priests, both of whom I considered as personal friends. One of the protesters was the Postmaster for the Anchorage Main Post Office. Several of them were folks I knew as committed Christians, and although I was not particularly affiliated with their churches or church activities, we had a deep respect and appreciation for each other.

One morning as I passed the clinic, it caught my attention that there were no protesters waving signs out front; and the thought briefly passed my mind as to why they weren’t there. For whatever reason, I was so focused on resolving some technical issues at the TV station that the news of the arrest of some abortion protesters barely caught my attention. I never really gave it a whole lot of thought.

Some weeks later, I received the aforementioned summons for jury duty, and was pleased to respond. Throughout the past 35 or 40 years, I’ve served many times on various juries, hearing cases that ranged from murder to rape to homosexual crimes to robbery – you name it! I’ve always considered it my civic duty to serve, and have been pleased that in every case – with one exception in which the case was settled by a compromise between the defendant and the D.A. – we had been able as a jury to arrive at a unanimous decision. In two of those cases, I was picked to be the jury foreman.

You can imagine my surprise when I realized who the 26 defendants were. It wasn’t that I knew them all. As noted, I was acquainted with some of them. I was absolutely certain that I would be dismissed under questioning from the D.A. or the Attorneys for the Defense. The questioning was sure to include a question as to whether I knew any of the defendants personally, and that would preclude me from serving – or so I thought.

There was a fairly large jury pool from which to select prospective jurors, but to my surprise, many of those prospective jurors eliminated themselves from consideration by making bold anti-abortion statements or bold pro-abortion statements. The questioning ran on for something like three days until the three or four attorneys began with me.

The first question was, “What do you do for a living?” Easy answer. “I’m Chief Engineer for the Fox TV station, KTBY.”

“OK,” was the response, “So you’re a member of the media?” Had to think about that for a second. “I’m not a reporter, or news anchor, or anything like that, but, yes, my work certainly supports the media.”

Next question. “How much do you know about this case?” My answer was a whole lot easier this time. “Not a lot. You might think that my work in a TV station would make me very aware of current news events, but the fact is because I work around it all day long I probably watch a whole lot less TV than you do. I almost become insensitive to what is being aired. I’m barely aware of the fact that these folks were arrested, but I honestly have no idea what the circumstances are.”

OK so far. Next question. “Do you think you can listen to the facts and the evidence presented and make a clear and fair decision based on the facts alone?”

“Absolutely,” I answered.

The Assistant District Attorney – a woman of some repute as a hard-nosed prosecutor – had been doing the questioning. She nodded her head and turned to the Defense. “I’ll accept this juror,” she said.

WOW! That was it? No questions on “where do you stand on the abortion issue?” No questions on “do you know any of the defendants personally?”

The Defense attorneys simply nodded their heads and said, “We concur. We will accept this juror.”

For whatever reason, I could only assume that the Lord wanted me on this jury. I didn’t volunteer any information they didn’t ask for, and sure enough, I was accepted for the jury, and subsequently chosen as the jury foreman.

The case, as presented to the jury, was simple enough. Whereas the defendants had previously limited their protests to walking the sidewalk in front of the abortion clinic with signs, and speaking to young women who obviously were coming to the clinic for the purpose of getting an abortion, and encouraging them to choose to either carry the child to full term and keep him or her, or – in the alternative – putting the child up for adoption, they now chose to block access to the doors and refuse entrance to women seeking abortions.

NOW’s and NARAL’s involvement with the clinic brought the wrath of the liberals and leftists down on the heads of the protesters with a public campaign waged in the news media painting the protesters as hate-mongers and anti-women’s rights. What a sack of manure!

As I noted when I ran for Congress in 2004, I absolutely supported (and continue to support) a woman’s right to choose. The problem isn’t her having a choice in the matter. The problem is making the choice and then trying to ignore the consequences of that choice and not shoulder her responsibility for making the choice. When a woman makes the choice to go to bed with a guy and then flippantly decides to murder an unborn child conceived in her womb because she doesn’t want to live with the consequences of her choice, that is nothing less than cold, calculated, heartless irresponsibility. It cheapens her, it cheapens the whole sexual act, and it ignores the purpose behind the way God created us.

Our society has become contaminated by an effort to destroy the moral fiber and spiritual backbone our founding fathers had when they agreed to this nation’s creation and its constitution. There is no inherent constitutional right for any person, man or woman, to cavalierly ignore their responsibilities as beings created in God’s image or escape the consequences of actions they knowingly take with malice aforethought.

That underpinning of responsibility also comes with Christians who knowingly break the law – even if it is a bad and unjust law with horrific spiritual consequences. Hebrews 13:17 tells us, “Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves.

Add to that Paul’s admonition to the Romans (13:1-2) “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

We DO have the right, both as Christians and as Americans, to protest against unjust laws and unjust circumstances. That said, there may well be legal consequences for our protests; and if we choose to protest or take action in the face of laws forbidding such protest or action, we must do so KNOWING full well that we MUST bear the consequences for our actions.  The series I’ve done in previous years on the American Covenant clearly spells out the fact that our founding fathers knew the potential consequences for their actions, and many of them died for what they believed and did in the forming of this nation.

Responsibility and consequences are not just for “the other guy.” History is awash with the stories of Christians who have protested against ungodly governments and ungodly laws passed in the face of opposition from the righteous. Many, many of those Christians have suffered personal consequences for their protests, often winding up in prison or even worse.

A book that has impacted me throughout much of my ministry was written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer; a Lutheran pastor and university professor imprisoned and eventually put to death in a concentration camp by Hitler. That book was titled, THE COST OF DISCIPLESHIP, and it spells out in personal and spiritual detail the consequences for our stands as Christians in an evil society. Bonhoeffer personally took a stand against Hitler’s laws outlawing church training colleges and directed the creation and operation of two such colleges. He defied the edict of Hitler knowing it could cost him his life.

American and British friends spirited him out of Germany after the outbreak of WWII, but he insisted on returning to be a part of the Christian community in Germany with the statement, “I shall have no right to participate in the reconstruction of Christian life in Germany after the war if I do not share the trials of this time with my people….” Dietrich Bonhoeffer refused to be a part of a mindset that rejected the consequences of actions taken in defiance of ungodly and unrighteous laws.

When the trial of the abortion protesters began, the look on their faces when they saw me seated in the jury box clearly indicated that they expected me to be a force on that jury for their acquittal. We had no communications between ourselves, and I sought to carry out my responsibility to the court with integrity.

After several days of testimony, culminating in the showing of a video shot by someone on behalf of the abortion rights folks clearly showing some 20 of the 26 protesters refusing to peacefully disband and leave at the request of the Anchorage Police Department officers called to the scene, the case was turned over to the jury with some careful instructions by the presiding judge.

“You are not here to decide on the constitutionality of the law that permits abortions,” he said. “You are not here to render judgment on the doctors and medical practitioners who perform these abortions. You are here ONLY to rule on whether the protesters committed criminal trespass.” He proceeded to read the laws dealing with criminal trespass; and then directed us to retire to the jury deliberation room.

Once the jury was seated in the deliberation room, the cacophony that erupted among the jurors was almost deafening. After getting them to quiet down, I began to ask them one by one how they felt about the case and if they had arrived at a decision after hearing and seeing the evidence presented.

Not one single juror wanted to convict the defendants. Even those jurors who clearly were not Christians said to me, “We’re wasting our time, and we’re wasting the time of this court to even hear this case. This case ought never to have been brought to trial.”

I said to them, “I absolutely agree with you. In many ways, this is a sham case, and these protesters were baited and set up for prosecution.  Nevertheless, every single one of them had a choice to make – just like the women whose choices we have decried because they are now trying to avoid the consequences for their choices.”

“Were I in the position these defendants now face,” I continued, “I would gladly accept the consequences – just or unjust – simply because had I chosen to protest or block entrance to that clinic in the face of standing criminal trespass laws as a public statement of who I am as a Christian. I would gladly accept a fine or jail time because it is a small price to pay for saying a loud ‘NO!’ to a society that legalizes or attempts to legalize this kind of crime.”

I concluded my commentary by saying, “If, instead of 26 protesters, we had 260, or even 2600 protesters willing to take that stand at the same time, do you think our courts and our society would get the message? I suspect they would! These 26 protesters deserve our thanks. They deserve our commendation for their bravery. But they also – according to the Law – deserve a guilty verdict from us because they DID violate the laws of criminal trespass. Those are unjust laws specifically set up to prevent this kind of protest, but – until such time as those laws are repealed – we do the protesters a disservice, and we do society a disservice if we ignore the law.”

In the end, after a lot of debate and review of the video tapes, we agreed as a jury to free six of the protesters because there was no clear evidence against them as having been a part of the groups that blocked entrance to the clinic. The remaining 20 were all given guilty verdicts.

When the judge asked me, and I read the verdicts rendered by the jury, there was a gasp from the defendants. They obviously expected to get off. The judge fined each of them $1,000 and sentenced them to 30 days in jail, but suspended the jail time on condition they stay away from that clinic. The guilty verdict cost the Postmaster his job. I met with him and one of the two priests who were also found guilty after the trial. We went to a nearby restaurant for lunch together. They were obviously baffled at the outcome knowing my very strong stance on this issue, and began peppering me with one question after another.

I explained things to them exactly as I had spoken in that jury room. “We have a responsibility as Christians,” I said. “That responsibility is to stand up and speak out against the injustice of laws that permit wholesale murder. That responsibility can also include taking actions that may cause us to be arrested and jailed in order to make enough noise in our society to bring an end. With our actions, however, come consequences.

If we are brave enough to take those actions, and loud enough as Christians to speak out against the injustices and unrighteousness of officials who pass laws permitting these injustices, we’d best be ready to shoulder the consequences that go with our actions. When we try and escape from the consequences of those actions, we cheapen the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we cheapen our testimony as Christians, and we lower ourselves to the level of the cowardly women who also try to escape the consequences of their choices. That cannot and must not be!”

The Roman Catholic priest who sat across the table from me stood, reached towards me to shake my hand, and said, “Thank you for that. You’ve helped me to reevaluate my position as a Christian and certified the integrity of my choices and actions.”

My friend, the Postmaster, stood also with tears in his eyes and said, “I know this is going to cost me, but you’ve made me appreciate that cost, and I’ll never forget it.”

When our testimony and our stance as Christians costs us nothing, we’re worth nothing! Over the years, I’ve been threatened, shot at, sued in courts of law, kicked out of churches and called every name in the book – all for the sake of my stand as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Should the day come that I am compelled to violate some civil law in order to stand for truth, may I never run from the consequences of my choice and actions.

More to come next week.

Regner A. Capener

Temple, Texas 76504

Email Contact:

All Coffee Break articles are copyright by Regner A. Capener, but authorization for reprinting, reposting, copying or re-use, in whole or in part, is granted –provided proper attribution and this notice are included intact. Older Coffee Break archives are available . Coffee Break articles are normally published weekly.


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Foundations of Faith, Part II
By Dr. Roy Blizzard

We want to continue today with our study of the roots of Biblical faith. Where do those roots begin?

There are many important personages and interesting stories in the Biblical text in the early chapters of Genesis. But, it is not until we come to Abraham that we begin to touch down on any solid chronological ground.

Actually, the date for Abraham and the patriarchal period is only a relative date, circa 2000 BCE, but at least it gives us a peg upon which we can hang our chronological hat.

Abraham, you remember, was the son of a man named Terah (Genesis 11:27), who lived in Mesopotamia in a city called Ur of Chaldees. After the death of Abram’s father (as he was then known), God spoke to Abram and told him to go from Haran into the land that He would show him. He told Abram that He would make of him a great nation and bless him, make his name great and he would be a blessing. Further, He told Abram that he would bless those that blessed him and curse those that cursed him. So, they set out for the land of Canaan.

The one thing that we tend to overlook is that this is a mass migration of hundreds, if not thousands of people from Mesopotamia down into Canaan. That, in fact, might explain why Abram is called “The Hebrew.” For years, that posed a question. Some said he was called “The Hebrew” because he was a descendant of Eber (Genesis 11:14), or that he had come from across (avar) the Tigress Euphrates Rivers (as Hebrew in Hebrew is “Ivri”).

With the archaeological endeavors of the last fifty and more years, archaeologists discovered a parallel. From Mesopotamia and Egyptian documents of the 19th and 18th centuries BCE, roughly corresponding to the time of Abram, we have a mention of a group of people known as the Habiru or the Apiru. Because of the similarity, some suggested that the mention of these people in the ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian documents were references to the Hebrews. However, in Ugaritic documents of the 14th and 15th centuries BCE, scholars found a mention of a group of people called the Ibrim who were synonomous with the Habiru and the Apiru.

In the Hitite documents from the same period of time, they are referred to as the sa.gaz, which was the Hittite pictogram for a cutthroat or a mercenary. It referred to a way of life, or a manner of life, rather than an ethnic group. It seemed to refer to those who held no allegiance to any king or kingdom but rather went where they wanted, took what they wanted, and settled where they wanted. If we follow carefully the migration of Abraham into the land of Canaan, and read carefully between the lines, this is basically the story of Abraham. According to Genesis 13, Abraham was very rich in cattle, in silver, in gold. It is a better than a good possibility that he was a descendant of kings. The movement of Abraham and his people is well documented for us in Genesis 12 and following so that we need not follow that migration step by step, but only note some significant passages that relate directly to the historical foundation of the Biblical text in Genesis 15:18.

God cut a covenant with Abram (in Hebrew the word literally is cut) and said unto him, “I gave this land from the river of Egypt (the Nile) to the River Euphrates” along with a list of the peoples who inhabited the land.

Then we have the story of Sarah, her barrenness and her giving of Hagar, her Egyptian handmaiden, to Abram and the birth of her son, Ishmael, whose name means, “and God Heard.”

When Abram was 99 years old, the Lord appeared to him again and reiterated His covenant that he would multiply him exceedingly and his name was changed from Abram (which means exalted father) to Abraham (which means the father of a multitude.) He reiterated that Abraham would be exceedingly fruitful and that there would spring forth nations and kings from him. God also told Abraham that He would establish His covenant between Abraham and Himself and Abraham’s seed after him throughout their generations for an everlasting covenant and would give to him the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession. This covenant was sealed with the circumcision of every male throughout all his generations as it was to be an everlasting covenant. Also, males who were not circumcised had broken the covenant and would be cut off from His people. Abraham that self same day at the age of 99 was circumcised along with all of the men in his house.

In the same chapter (17), God prophesized the birth of Isaac and says, in verse 19 – and this is very important for our study –

“I will establish My covenant with him for an everlasting covenant for his seed after him. And, for Ishmael, I have heard you. Behold, I have blessed him and will make him fruitful and will multiply him exceedingly. Twelve princes shall he begat and I will make him a great nation. But My covenant I will establish with Isaac.

In this verse, God specifically declares that the covenant that He made with Abraham would pass from Abraham to Isaac and to his seed after him.

Here is an interesting question. Why did God choose Abraham in the first place? Of all the hundreds of thousands of people who were obviously alive at that time, why – out of all of them, did God chose Abraham and his descendants after him – to become the nation that would have as its plan and purpose the reclamation and redemption of all mankind?

Frankly, when you look at them individually, at their lives, at their actions throughout the course of their history for hundreds of years, they are not all that righteous a bunch of characters. Perhaps there were those who were even more righteous than Abraham. What about Melchizadek, for example, who was a priest of the most high God and to whom Abraham paid one-tenth of all he possessed.

So again, why Abraham?

The answer is to be found in Genesis 18:19:

“For I have known him, to the end that he may command his children and his household after him that they may keep the way of the Lord to do righteous and justice to the end that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that which He hath spoken of him.”

And, therein lies the reason why Abraham. Because God knew that he had that something that was necessary to pass on God’s commandments to his son and his sons after him.

In Genesis 21, Isaac, the son of the promise is born and the two sons of Abraham go their separate ways: Isaac, the son of the promise and Ishmael, the son not of the promise.

In Genesis 22, we have an interesting dialogue between God and Abraham. To further emphasize the place of Isaac, when God calls to Abraham and Abraham says, “Here am I.”

And God says, “Take now your son…”

Abraham might have responded – Which son? I have two.

God says, “Thine only son.”

Again, Abraham responds, “But I have two sons.”

Then God says, “The son whom thou loveth.”

Then Abraham says, “But, I love them both.”

And God responds, “Isaac.”

And we are now told the story of the offering of Isaac and God’s provision of a substitute and God’s further blessing of Abraham.

From that point in the Biblical text, the focus begins to shift to Isaac, the son of the promise, and to his sons, Jacob and Esau. According to the right of inheritance, Esau should have been in line to inherit the lion’s share of Isaac’s possessions. But Jacob, whose name means “supplanter” was chosen instead and we might ask the question, Why Jacob?

The answer is to be found, again, in the Biblical text in Genesis 25:32-24.

In verse 34, we are told that Esau despised his birthright. Jacob, on the other hand, was ambitious – we might even say overly ambitious. Esau, on the other hand had no respect or regard for his inheritance, but Jacob did. Not just for the inheritance but for the tradition and the teaching of his fathers. It further appears that his mother, Rebekah, instinctively knew this. Now, we have another division with Esau going to the south into the land of Edom and Jacob and his sons remaining in the land of the promise.

Let’s briefly note for purposes of our historical development that Jacob has twelve sons by two wives and two concubines.

The first wife, Leah, delivers Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar and Zebulun.

Rachel delivers Joseph and Benjamin.

Leah’s handmaiden, Zilpah, has Gad and Asher.

Rachel’s handmaiden, Bilhah, delivers Dan and Naphtali.

Each one of the sons becomes the head of what is later known as the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Although there is no tribe of Joseph, Joseph’s two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim receive what is essentially a double portion. And, Levi, from whom will spring forth the priestly leaders, will actually have no inheritance in the land.

All of these descendants of Jacob wind up in Egypt where they live in the land of Goshen for some 400 years. The religious situation is such that they are so surrounded by Egyptian paganism and polytheism that they forget the name of their God. Then we are introduced to a Hebrew shepherd by the name of Moses tending sheep in the land of Midian, who, at the age of 80 years, is called by God to go back into Egypt to appear before Pharaoh and say, “Let my people go.”

And with Moses, we begin a whole new period in Hebrew history that gives us much more information and a much deeper insight into the historical foundation of Biblical faith.


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