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  1. Trump Announces ‘Major Additional Sanctions’ on Iran
  2. Trump Ratchets Up Sanctions on Iran’s Top Ayatollah, His Inner Circle
  3. Trump warns Iran of ’obliteration like you’ve never seen before’
  4. Trump Executive Order Aims for More Hospital Pricing Transparency
  5. President Trump’s surprising message to the “Palestinian” people
  6. President Trump’s booming Middle East speech at the United Nations
  7. Trump says this is his ‘Plan B’ if China-U.S. trade talks collapse
  8. Trump To Unleash Hell On Europe: EU Announces Channel To Circumvent SWIFT And Iran Sanctions Is Now Operational
  9. Trump: Israeli-Palestinian Deal will be Made with Me Or ‘Will Never Happen’
  10. Democrats Debate, Donald Trump Calls Game


3 Branches of U.S. Government


  1. Mike Pompeo (United States Secretary of State): Pompeo Embarks on Whirlwind Mideast Tour to Build Global Coalition Against Iran
  2. Mike Pompeo (United States Secretary of State): Pompeo: Iran-Orchestrated Attack on Saudi Airport Threatens Americans
  3. SCOTUS: Supreme Court Misses Opportunity to Stop Congress Outsourcing Its Power
  4. SCOTUS: New Supreme Court Ruling May Start Checking Power of Federal Bureaucrats
  5. SCOTUS: SCOTUS Blocks Census Citizenship Question, But Not Permanently
  6. SCOTUS: Supremes Decline Anti-Dismemberment Law
  7. SCOTUS: Obama-Holder Group Dealt Blow with SCOTUS Gerrymandering Decision
  8. U.S. State Department: State Department Report: U.S. #1 in Sex Trafficking – 60% American Child Sex Slaves Come Out of Foster Care
  9. U.S. Pentagon: The Pentagon has developed a laser that can identify subjects from hundreds of meters away based on their Heartbeat


  1. Lindsey Graham Drops The Truth On Israel And Iran And We Should Be Worried (Video: 10:16 minutes long.)
  2. The US Launches Cyber Attack on Iran after President Trump Calls Off Deadly Airstrike
  3. WATCH: US Cyber Attack Disables Iranian Missile Systems
  4. Congress Seeks to Make Iran Pay For Downed American Drone
  5. ‘Iran Can Never Have Nuclear Weapons,’ US Assures Israel
  6. Dozen US F-22 Stealth Jets Arrive In Qatar To Counter Iran
  7. RUMORS OF WAR: Additional US fighter planes sent to Gulf amid Iran tensions
  8. Globalists Push Trump for War With Iran (Video: 5:27 minutes long.)
  9. U.S. Warning: Iranian Hackers Hitting Gov Agencies With Cyber Attacks
  10. Poll: The Majority of Americans Reject Action Leading to a New War with Iran as Only 24% Want a Military Response
  11. As Tensions Between Iran and US Rise, What You Need to Know
  12. Will Iran Unleash Hezbollah Terrorists On U.S. Soil?
  13. Deep Sabotage From The ENEMIES WITHIN? (Video: 31:20 minutes long.)
  14. ‘Deal of the Century’ Offers Palestinians Billions, But Will They Make Peace?
  15. Kushner: The US Does Not Have to Help the Palestinians
  16. Jared Kushner Reveals First Part of President Trump’s Deal of the Century
  17. 5.8 Million Individuals Drop Off Food Stamps Under President Trump
  18. True the Vote Took on the IRS and Won. Its Founder Explains Why It Matters
  19. Bombshell: Trump Wasn’t Given Same Intel Briefings by FBI as Hillary During 2016 Election
  20. Cruz Dropping Veritas Hammer on Google! Priceless!
  21. Stephanie Grisham to Replace Sarah Sanders as White House Press Secretary
  22. New U.S. Curbs on China Target Supercomputers
  23. RUMORS OF WAR: Political experts warns that China and US are heading for war
  24. Everything THEY Won’t Tell You On TV… (Video: 33:21 minutes long.)
  25. Mueller to testify before Congress (Video: 4:15 minutes long.)
  26. Do You Know The SECRET Behind The CODE? (Video: 31:37 minutes long.)
  27. The FUTURE Will Prove The PAST… (Video: 27:32 minutes long.)
  28. Radical Left-Wing Group Announces List Of 15 House Democrats To Unseat
  29. Why the Supreme Court Got It Right on Gerrymandering
  30. Brigitte Gabriel reveals the Muslim plan for the destruction of America
  31. 2019 G20 Summit: What happened on the first Day in Osaka | DW News (Video: 6:37 minutes long.)
  32. Comey’s Binder filled with Clinton Emails!!! (Video: 31:51 minutes long.)
  33. Psychologist, Dr. Robert Epstein, Says Big Tech Can ‘Shift Upwards of 15 Million Votes with No One Knowing They Have Been Manipulated’
  34. Trump Rape Accuser E. Jean Carroll: ‘I Have Not Been Raped’
  35. Medicare For All Could Shutter Hospitals


Presidential 2020 Election Banner

  1. 2020 Election: Bombshell: Google Exec Caught on Hidden Camera Reveals Meddling in 2020 Elections
  2. 2020 Election: Iran, Russia, China Continuing Operations to Disrupt 2020 Elections
  3. 2020 Election: Do THEY Plan To Interfere In 2020 ELECTION? (Video: 30:34 minutes long.)
  4. 2020 Election: Project Veritas video exposing Google – and banned by Google – is now available on
  5. 2020 Election: Project Veritas bombshell: Google engaged in massive censorship effort to prevent “repeat” of 2016 when Trump won the presidency
  6. 2020 Election: Google’s Ruthless Assault on Americans and the 2020 Election
  7. 2020 Election: The Major Takeaways From The First Democratic Debate (Video: 2:57 minutes long.)
  8. 2020 Election: 19 of 20 Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Say They’d Rejoin Iran Nuclear Deal
  9. 2020 Election: The Beto Bust
  10. 2020 Election: Campaign Confidential: What Voters Really Think About The 2020 Election
  11. 2020 Election: 2020 Election Meddling by China, Iran, N. Korea Likely, Administration Officials Warn
  12. 2020 Election: Reflections on the Democratic Debate (Part 1)
  13. 2020 Election: J Street’s Antisemitic Tip Sheet to Debating Democrats
  14. 2020 Election: Cory Booker was the only Democrat at the first debate who didn’t commit to rejoining the Iran deal
  15. 2020 Election: 2nd night of primary debates expose Democrat’s weak points ahead of 2020 (Video: 3:56 minutes long.)
  16. 2020 Election: Every Democrat on Stage at the Second Night of Debates Says Illegal Aliens Should Get Health Insurance. The $32 Trillion Cost for ‘Medicare for All’ Is Wildly Underestimated – Before Adding 11 Million Migrants
  17. 2020 Election: Greg Hunter: Dems Slug It Out For 2020 Nomination, Touting Free Stuff & Socialism


dems behind the wall


  1. Texas Governor Orders 1000 National Guard Troops to Border
  2. Homeland Security Chief Kevin McAleenan Accused of Leaking Plan for ICE Raids to Washington Post to Sabotage Deportations
  3. The Border Crisis Is Getting Worse. Why Are Democrats AWOL?
  4. A Border Patrol Agent Shares What It’s Really Like at the Border
  5. Pelosi Lauds Border Bill as Not Funding ‘Failed Mass Detention Policy’
  6. Pelosi: ‘What’s the Point?’ of Interior Enforcement on Immigration
  7. Mexico prevents illegals from entering U.S. (Video: 3:11 minutes long.)
  8. Warren Calls for Decriminalizing Illegal Border Crossing
  9. All 2020 Senate Dems Absent for Vote to Send Humanitarian Relief to Border
  10. Homeland Security Investigations Uncover Hundreds of ‘Fraudulent Families’ at the Southern Border
  11. Far-Left Groups Pressure 2020 Dems to Back Decriminalizing Border Crossings
  12. Media, Dems Shift From ‘Manufactured Crisis’ to ‘Crisis’ at Border
  13. Mexican officials confirm U.S. warned them about suspected Islamic State jihadis headed to border
  14. VP Mike Pence HARSHLY MOCKS Do-Nothing Dems After Mexico Deploys 15,000 Troops To U.S. Border (Video: 4:32 minutes long.)
  15. More Americans say immigration is a top problem



  1. Media-Fox News: Tucker Carlson Warns Republicans that the Koch Brothers Support Open Borders and Censorship of Conservatives
  2. Media-Fox News: Hannity: New documents shed light on attempted coup (Video: 7:51 minutes long.)
  3. Media-The Next News Network: SICK! Devin Nunes BLASTS Old, Creepy Congressmen For PRYING Into Hope Hicks’ Love Life (Video: 5:06 minutes long.)
  4. Media-The Next News Network: LOCK’EM UP! This Parade Float Is A DREAM COME TRUE And Dems Are FREAKING OUT! Media-The Next News Network: LOCK’EM UP! This Parade Float Is A DREAM COME TRUE And Dems Are FREAKING OUT! (Video: 7:13 minutes long.)
  5. Media-The Next News Network: Lifelong Democrats APPLAUD Trump And FINALLY Lose Hope In Democratic Party (Video: 5:11 minutes long.)
  6. Media-The Next News Network: Home Depot Co-Founders SLAM Bernie And All of His CRAZY Socialist Ideas (Video: 6:20 minutes long.)
  7. Media-The Next News Network: Heather Mac Donald DEMOLISHES Trump’s Rape Accuser, EXPOSES The REAL Motive Behind The Accusation (Video: 6:24 minutes long.)
  8. Media-New York Times: New York Times smears Jihad Watch, covers for Minneapolis Muslim migrant community, US jihad recruitment capital
  9. Media-New York Times: NY Times Admits It Sends Stories to the US Government for Approval Before Publication
  10. Media-Washington Post: Washington Post laments that jihad murders of Scandinavian hikers were “seized on by the far right to attack Islam”
  11. Media-CNN: CNN: Democrats Could Lose Middle of Country With Immigration Positions
  12. Media-TheJohnBirchSociety: How Sheriffs Defend U.S. Constitution! (Video: 3:21 minutes long.)
  13. Media-One America News Network: OAN’s Week In Review (Video: 3:07 minutes long.)


  1. Arizona: Muslim teen who threw rocks and brandished knife at cop had disseminated jihad propaganda


  1. California Bill Would Dictate What Topics Pastors Can Preach About
  2. After a Lawsuit, Los Angeles County Begins to Clean Up Its Voter Rolls
  3. Historic Catholic Bell Removed from UC Santa Cruz After Being Deemed a ‘Racist’ Symbol
  4. Second California Swing District Democrat Now Supports Impeachment
  5. Gov. Gavin Newsom: ‘Know your rights’ over threat of ICE raids
  6. WATCH: How Dangerous Is The L.A. Homeless Problem? This Dangerous
  7. Federal Judge Moves Forward Suit Over California Gun Registration
  8. UPDATE: California Lawmakers Pass Measure Forcing Pastors to Embrace LGBT Ideology
  10. California Bill Would Dictate What Topics Pastors Can Preach About


  1. Poll: Support for Florida Gov. DeSantis Surges After Sanctuary City Ban
  2. ‘Latinos For Trump’ Launching In Miami One Day Before Dem Debates
  3. Florida City Pays $462,000 In Ransom After Second Cyberattack Cripples City’s InfrastructureFlorida City Pays $462,000 In Ransom After Second Cyberattack Cripples City’s Infrastructure


  1. Judge approves a “special prosecutor” in Jussie Smollett hate hoax case; criminal charges against Smollett a possibility
  2. Illinois: Men convert to Islam, plot jihad mass murder, talk of dropping gays from Sears Tower
  3. Illinois: Muslim migrant worked at O’Hare Airport, sent tactical gear to ISIS, wanted to “bury unbelievers alive”
  4. Chicago police roll out rainbow SUV to patrol Pride Parade
  5. Chicago Bar Employee Spits On Eric Trump, Secret Service Springs To Action; Eric Trump Responds


  1. Indiana: Muslim had “kill list” of US service members, tried to join the Islamic State
  2. South Bend Community Activist Doesn’t Trust Buttigieg


  1. Kennedy combined ‘loneliness’ and 14th Amendment


  1. Obama Appointed Judge Talwani Invents Sanctuary Courthouses


  1. Ilhan Omar’s District 5 Minnesota city council has voted unanimously to stop reciting the Pledge of Allegiance


  1. New Jersey school lets Muslims interrupt classes to “convert students”
  2. NJ Muslima arrested for ISIS support, again, defended by Ground Zero mosqueteer Daisy Khan who claimed jihadist sympathizer “wanted to make Islam great again”


  1. New York Law Gives Illegal Aliens the Ability to Vote After Obtaining Driver’s License
  2. This New York Man Got Arrested After Defending His Own Home
  3. WATCH: NY Gov. Cuomo Blasts AOC’s ‘Concentration Camps’ Statement
  4. Mysterious NYPD Deaths Connected To LIFE INSURANCE? (Video: 23:48 minutes long.)


  1. A North Carolina Court Makes the Chapel Hill Islamophobia Hoax Official


  1. Swarm of mayflies invade Ohio
  2. Ohio strips Planned Parenthood from budget, set to boost pro-life pregnancy center funding


  1. Oregon GOP Senators Defiant After Governor Threatens Arrests


  1. Muslim Syrian Refugee Plotted a Black Church Massacre
  2. Pennsylvania is expected to become the third state to ban child marriage entirely


  1. Fast-growing Hispanic population likes message of GOP
  2. Alleged Illegal Alien Serial Killer Now Accused Of Killing 18 In Dallas, Report Says
  3. Texas CPS Medically Kidnaps 4 Year Old Homeschooled Boy After Parents Complain About Poor Doctor Care
  4. Dallas council approves rainbow crosswalks honoring LGBT in Oak Lawn


  1. UN poised to launch global ban on all criticism of Islam


  1. Charlottesville killer blames Jewish grandfather in plea for mercy
  2. Virginia: Police officer converts to Islam, sends money to the Islamic State
  3. Virginia police officer converts to Islam, joins Islamic State, gets 15 years on terror conviction
  4. Virginia Beach Employee Works to Abolish City’s Gun-Free Zone Policy
  5. Virginia: jailed “rock star” jihadist may be released early over “vague” crime law


  1. Massive Iranian-Americans March in D.C., Call for Regime Change in Iran: ‘Down with Terrorist Regime in Iran’


  1. Baptist Pastor Jailed During ‘Drag Queen Story Hour,’ SWAT Team Snipers Positioned Atop Library Roof
  2. Breast ‘binder raffle,’ drag show held at public library for ‘Teen Pride’
  3. Christian mom forced out of library drag show by cops and harassed by Antifa speaks out


  1. West Virginia man calls for Stonewall Jackson statue to come down




  1. House Will Pass Senate Border Bill After Pelosi Yields to Internal Pressure
  2. Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont): Socialist Bernie Sanders Calls for Taxpayer-Funded Medicare for All, Including Illegal Aliens, at a Cost of $32 Trillion Over 10 Years
  3. Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont): Bernie Sanders: Medicare For All Would ‘Absolutely’ Cover Illegal Immigrants
  4. Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont): Sanders Proposes Student Debt Jubilee
  5. Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont): Bernie Seeks to Bail Out Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors
  6. Senator Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts): Warren Comes Out For ‘Gay Reparations’
  7. Senator Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts): Elizabeth Warren Wants to Give $57 million in Taxpayer Money as Reparations to LGBT Couples
  8. Senator Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts): Warren’s Private Health Insurance Blow Up
  9. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): New Documents Shed Light On Ilhan Omar’s Marriage To Her Alleged Brother
  10. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Evidence On Ilhan Omar’s Sister’s Website Indicates Ilhan Omar Lied Oath About Brother She Married
  11. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): WATCH Rep. Ilhan Omar Speechless When Confronted About Her Brother-Husband
  12. Senator Kamala Harris (California): Critics: Kamala Harris ‘hypocritical’ after resurfaced anti-gang ads (Video: 2:32 minutes long.)
  13. Senator Kamala Harris (California): Harris Constantly Changes Position on Eliminating Private Insurance
  14. Rep. Maxine Waters (California): Maxine Waters Echoes Iranian Propaganda on Downed Drone
  15. Rep. Maxine Waters (California): Radical-Rep Maxine Waters Takes Iran’s Side in Dispute Over Drone Shoot Down
  16. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (California): Nancy Pelosi Accepts Senate’s $4.6 Billion Migrant Funding Bill that Contains Many Democrat Wins


World News Banner


  1. Netanyahu Vows to Prevent Iran from Entrenching on Israel’s Border
  2. Netanyahu: Israel Won’t Let Iran Entrench in Syria Or Attain Nuclear Weapons
  3. Netanyahu Willing to Cancel Elections? Rumors, Contradictions Swirl
  4. Netanyahu: Israel has used Cyber Intelligence to Thwart around 50 ISIS Terror Attacks Worldwide
  5. Trump Peace Plan ‘Very Strong,’ Netanyahu Says
  6. Jewish Child Rape Case: New Testimony will Decide Fate of Accused
  7. Israel’s Religious Right Faces Leadership Power Struggle
  8. Otzma Yehudit Declares Breakup of Right-wing Union
  9. Suspect in Child Rape Case Released for Lack of Evidence
  10. Molotov Cocktails Thrown at Jewish Community as Arson Terror Attacks Continue
  11. The two-state “solution” is dead and this is why
  12. Nikki Haley in Jerusalem: “A Strong Israel Makes a Strong America”
  13. WATCH: Masked Arab Attackers Fire on Swimmers in Jordan River, Torch Car
  14. Israeli Official Confirms Ceasefire Deal with Hamas
  15. Israeli Company Wins Bid to Help Secure US Border


  1. Palestinian Authority Blasts US Peace Plan as Balfour Declaration II
  2. Palestinians Condemn Arab Leaders While Asking for their Money
  3. Palestinian Nationality: the Deception
  4. Palestinians Kick Trump’s $50 Billion Economic Package: ‘Nothing Positive’
  5. Gaza Muslims send incendiary balloons into Israel, six fires rage in South
  6. Once Again, “Palestinian” Authority Shows It Has Nothing to Do With Wanting a State
  7. New Poll Shows Majority Of Arab World Still Believes Israel Is #1 Threat
  8. Abbas rejects Trump peace plan: “We will not be slaves or servants for Greenblatt, Kushner and Friedman”
  9. Fatah youth threaten holy war in response to Bahrain Middle East Peace Conference
  10. Palestinians Burn Trump Effigies, Riot to Protest Bahrain Conference
  11. WATCH: Hamas Vows to ‘Liberate’ Tel Aviv and Haifa
  12. Palestinians ‘Not Completely Honest’ About Wanting a State, Historian Says
  13. UNRWA raises over $110 million from UN member states, countering US cutoff
  14. Hamas sleeper cell and Islamic Jihad discovered working together inside UNRWA
  15. Poll: ‘Honor killing’ more acceptable in Muslim world than homosexuality
  16. ‘The Jewish People Have a Place Among Us,’ Bahrain FM Says on Israeli TV
  17. Palestinian Arab Activist Calls for Israeli Sovereignty in Judea & Samaria
  18. Muslim cleric: “Why does the Quran focus on the Jews? Because they are our sworn enemy.”
  19. Islamic State Muslim Groups Publish Posters With Threats To Destroy White House, Behead Trump
  20. ISIS supporters threaten to bomb London and NY ahead of Fourth of July
  21. Palestinian Authority officials support jihad murderers because they are “before all” and second only to Allah
  22. Palestinians Ramp Up Arson Attacks, Ignite 24 Fires in Israel
  23. WATCH: The Fate of Palestinians Who Attended Bahrain Summit
  24. Palestinians Arrest Hebron Businessman for Attending US-led Bahrain Workshop
  25. The Islamic State “retained a global finance network,” could soon mount “devastating” comeback


  1. Austria: Muslim migrant goes on arson rampage, sets fires at Graz court and city hall, cops rule out terrorism
  2. England: British Judge Forcing Mentally Disabled Mother to Have Abortion Against Her Will
  3. England: Mentally Disabled Woman Will No Longer Be Forced to Abort Her Child, After Court Reverses Ruling
  4. England: 44 MORE ARRESTED: “HISTORICAL child sex grooming” in unending Muslim child rape/sex trafficking horrors
  5. England: More Acid Attacks in Sadiq Khan’s London: Two more rushed to hospital in spate of acid attacks over the weekend
  6. England: Grim milestone in Sadiq’s Londonistan 2019: Murder toll hits 60, man is found stabbed to death at the end of a weekend bloodbath in the capital in which three others were killed
  7. England: Burka-wearing attackers HURL ACID at face of 45-year-old father at Walthamstow Market
  8. England: Muslim gang attacks are happening throughout London, and the mayor is silent
  9. England: Britain faces invasion of deadly Asian hornets, 80 nests found
  10. England: WATCH Acid Epidemic in Sadiq Khan’s London: 4 More ‘Acid Attacks’ Over Past Three Days
  11. England: Boris Johnson: Time to stand up to EU (Video: 3:39 minutes long.)
  12. England: Do or Die’: Boris Johnson declares Brexit challenge to end stalemate (Video: 3:19 minutes long.)
  13. England: Sadiq Khan’s London: acid attack on 3 people by “people wearing burqas”
  14. England: Britain’s Compulsory Abortion Fight Shows Risks of Government-Controlled Health Care
  15. England: Miss Teen Great Britain goes jihad, faces terrorism funding charges
  16. England: Honor Killing: murdered his teenage wife by hitting her with a frying pan, stabbing her 38 times as she cooked eggs, strangling her because she didn’t want to move to Hull
  17. Europe: WATCH: How Europe Sneaks Money to Israel’s Enemies Within
  18. France: Iran attempted terror attack in Paris, HALF A TON of explosives found – report
  19. France: Explosives Sent to Paris in Iranian Diplomatic Packages
  20. France: France backs terrorist regime in Iran and says Trump is not really ‘interested in dialogue’ with Tehran
  21. Germany: Authorities classify incidents of Islamic Jew-hatred as “far-right antisemitism”
  22. Germany: Thirty anti-Christian attacks in two months
  23. Germany: Muslim migrant threatens and spits on rabbi
  24. Germany: High-speed train hits concrete slabs placed on tracks by saboteurs
  25. Germany: Germany loses track of 160 returning Islamic State jihadis
  26. Germany: “Palestinian” Muslims murdered German for being ‘rich Jew’ who ‘destroyed my country’
  27. Germany: District center in Aachen renamed Mosque Square
  28. Germany: Muslim migrant mob accused of gang raping teenager outside a German nightclub claim the victim, 18, ‘demanded’ sex
  29. Germany: Do the German Police and Army Support the Far Right? (Video: 3:42 minutes long.)
  30. Germany: Muslim migrant who raped teen girl with 10 friends claims she “demanded” sex
  31. Ireland: Climate Emergency: Ireland Set to Ban Private Cars While Inviting Mass Migration from the Third World
  32. Netherlands: Acquittal for plotting murder attack on Dutch PVV leader Geert Wilders
  33. Russia: Russia Attacks Israel’s GPS While Attending Historic Security Meeting in Israel
  34. Sweden: Migrant Rapes Foster Family’s Daughter, Says He Thought It Was Legal in Sweden
  35. Sweden: Jewish congregation in Muslim-dominated Malmö says city is “already a no-go zone for Jews”
  36. Sweden: Swedish-Jewish Community Set to Dissolve Over Security Concerns
  37. Switzerland: UN Displays Arch of Palmyra Combining New World Order, Idolatry and Quantum Physics
  38. UK: Police finally arrest 44 rape gang members 17 years after their crimes
  39. UK: UK man converts to Islam, calls himself “enemy of Britain,” says “I wanted to be an ISIS suicide car bomber”
  40. UK: Disabled grandfather fired from job for sharing “anti-Islamic” comedy sketch on Facebook
  41. UK: Terror victim: UK government funding payments for my attacker
  42. UK: Disabled grandpa fired from job for sharing “anti-Islamic” comedy sketch on Facebook
  43. UK: majority of headteachers want to strip parents of legal rights to remove children from Islamic indoctrination classes
  44. UK: UK former equity chief warns: “Islamophobia” is a “bullies charter” used by “censorious Muslims”
  45. UK: UK has “by far the highest rate of returning jihadi fighters in Europe”: 400 have returned, only 40 prosecuted
  46. UK: Muslims shout abuse, send warning letter to owner of Greedy Pigs cafe, demanding its name be changed
  47. UK: Muslim family of 12 who joined Islamic State ‘all die in Syria’


  1. Afghanistan: Taliban say they’ll target radio and TV stations that broadcast anti-Taliban announcements
  2. China: Mutant DNA-edited babies created by ‘Frankenstein’ scientist ‘secretly born in China’
  3. China: After slaughtering millions, China joins world’s population problem
  4. China: China Confirms Submarine-Launched Missile Test
  5. Iran: Iranian Official: Iran Will Put America In ‘Garbage Bin Of History,’ ‘Erase’ Israel ‘From The Face Of The Earth’
  6. Iran: Iran has ‘multitude of ways’ of striking, Vows to ‘set area on fire’
  7. Iran: Members of Parliament scream “Death to America,” call US “the real terrorist in the world”
  8. Iran: Iran’s Rouhani: Trump White House Afflicted by ‘Mental Retardation’
  9. Iran: New sanctions end “channel of diplomacy forever,” Trump “afflicted by mental retardation”
  10. Iran: Iran delivered half a ton of explosives in diplomatic suitcases to Paris for jihad terror attack
  11. Iran: Iran currently setting up terror cells in Africa to attack U.S., others
  12. Iran: Iran Warns of ‘Stronger’ Response if US Again Violates Airspace
  13. Iran: Iran responds to new US sanctions calling them “economic terrorism”
  14. Iran: Iran Seeking ‘Land Bridge’ to Mediterranean, US Think Tank Warns
  15. Iran: Iranian villagers cheer as they use mock missiles to bomb Capitol Hill
  16. Iraq: Baghdad: Seven wounded as Sunni Muslims bomb Shi’ite mosque
  17. North Korea: RUMORS OF WAR: North Korea vows to ‘pull the trigger’ and attack the US after its ‘reckless remarks’
  18. Pakistan: Pakistani court set to hear couple’s appeal
  19. Turkey: Turkey’s President-Caliph Recep Erdogan Suffers STUNNING DEFEAT in Istanbul Election Redo


  1. Africa: Alarming Rise Of Christian Persecution
  2. Mali: Muslims murder 95 Christians, “no one was spared – women, children, elderly people”
  3. Nigeria: Christian teen girl remains in Boko Haram captivity for refusing to deny Jesus Christ
  4. Nigeria: Muslims murder at least 20 civilians on their farms as other villagers flee
  6. Tunisia: Muslims murder one police officer, injure others in two jihad suicide bombings near French embassy
  7. Uganda: US missionary accused of pretending to be doctor, causing hundreds of Ugandan children to die


  1. Canada: ACID Attacks come to Canada: Woman rushed to hospital with serious injuries after second Toronto acid attack this month
  2. Canada: Immigration minister seeks to “massively ramp up” refugee intake
  3. Canada: Trudeau calls for “Conservative Muslims” to help Conservative Party cure “Islamophobia”
  4. Canada: SHOCKING HONOR KILLING: Toronto Muslim neurosurgeon BRUTALLY beats doctor wife to death, stuffs her in suitcase because she wanted divorce
  5. Canada: Quebec premier “shrugs off” complaints that new anti-religious symbols law encourages ‘Islamophobia’
  6. Canada: “We will get rid of Christian people like you”: Christian jailed on false charges in Kuwait, sues Kuwaiti government
  7. Cuba: Moscow Sends Warships to Havana in Message to US


World-Currencies Banner


  1. Layoffs Accelerate As Farmland Obliterated World Wide
  2. Mastercard to unleash massive identity theft wave across America by allowing “gender fluid” individuals to use any name they want on their credit cards
  3. 5 Myths About the State and Local Tax Deduction’s Cap
  4. IS YOUR MONEY HACKABLE?: The Rising Risk of Cyber Security (Video: 50 minutes long.)
  5. Economist Thomas Landstreet on Trade, Tariffs & Taxes (Video: 3:44 minutes long.)
  6. 4 Takeaways From a New Report on the National Debt
  7. The Next Step In Conservative Blacklisting – Financial Services
  8. A Currency Upheaval Is Coming & It Could Change The World Economy
  9. Bank of America Cuts Business with Illegal Immigrant Holding Facilities for Illegal Immigrants and Private Prisons
  10. How to invest for income when bonds pay pennies on the dollar
  11. 12 good investing lessons to teach kids — and yourself
  12. The Real Reason Why The Fed Is Not Cutting Interest Rates
  13. The Great Transformation: Robots Will Displace 20 Million Jobs By 2030
  14. Millennials Blame Unprecedented “Burnout” Rates On Work, Debt & Finances
  15. Hyperinflation Round Two – The Ridiculous Return Of The Zimbabwe Dollar
  16. Goldman Beats Fed By Cutting Rates On Its Online Saving Account First
  17. Undermining Right to Work
  18. Facebook Removed from S&P List of ‘Ethical’ Companies
  19. US Steel credits Trump as it restarts construction on factory


  1. If Trump can’t secure a trade truce, watch for these stocks to get hammered
  2. Stocks close higher; S&P 500 up 17% halfway through the year
  3. Here are the stock market’s winners and losers in the first half of 2019
  4. Powell Capitulation Sparks S&P’s Best Start To A Year In 22 Years
  5. The “Powellful Put” Paradox: Investor Positioning Has Never Been This Negative With The S&P This Strong
  6. Investors Managing $25 Trillion Say 1.70% Before 2.30% On The 10-Year
  7. With A Recession Now Inevitable, This May Be The “Trade Of A Lifetime”


  1. Merrill Lynch Caught Criminally Manipulating Precious Metals Market “Thousands of Times” Over 6 Years
  2. There’s That Feeling From The 2016 Election Again, This Time It Will Be Good For Gold & Silver
  3. Eric Sprott: Celebrating A “Great, Great, Great, Great” Month For Gold
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The Origins And Empire Of Ancient Israel


This is Book One of a series of four books that give us a fresh look at the early history of Israel … with special emphasis on the little-known and immensely important events that helped to shape our modern world.  Covers Israelite history from the call of Abraham through the global “Phoenician” Empire of Kings David and Solomon.

Here is the untold story evidence that God’s People visited distant lands in Europe and America in ancient times. The central theme of this book is the biblical Covenant which God made with the Patriarchs and their descendants. This included the biblical promise of numerous descendants who would build powerful wealthy nations. This exciting story is told with the aid of over 100 maps charts and illustrations. The book begins with the call of Abraham and the elements of the unconditional Covenant which God made with the Patriarchs and their descendants. Strong evidence is presented that the real Mt. Horeb on which Moses and the Israelites received the Torah and made a covenant with God is not in Egypt’s Sinai desert but rather in another location identified both in the Bible and by physical evidence existing to this day. The role of the Israelite tribes in the ancient Sea Peoples is shown to parallel accounts about them in the book of Judges. This book then reveals new information about King David the warrior king who united the tribes of Israel made lasting ties with Tyre and Sidon and built an Israelite Empire. This book documents that the Israelites were not only major players in ancient history but actually became the leading powers on earth under Kings David and Solomon. When it is realized that the Israelite tribes had major roles in that time it becomes easier for the reader to understand that the ten tribes have also had major roles in the world’s geopolitics from that time forward.

EXCERPT from Chapter 6, Pages 206-232

It has long been known that the Phoenicians had the sailing and navigational skills to make long, trans-oceanic voyages to distant continents. The reader may be surprised that this has already been documented by many historians. In 1834, Sir William Betham wrote:

The advancement of the ancients in the science of navigation has been much underrated.”29

The late Dr. Cyrus Gordon was a highly regarded archeologist and historian of modern times. A 1996 issue of the magazine, Biblical Archeologist, contained several articles devoted to his career and his many accomplishments.30 Dr. Gordon wrote the following about the Old World’s awareness of the New World.

The evidence points in the direction of an ancient maritime system of which the Mediterranean was only a part…This is reflected in the Timaeus of Plato, which tells of an…ancient Atlantic Order with interests extending from America into the Mediterranean. It is futile to…forget his plain reference to the continent that seals off the Atlantic Ocean on the West. This continent — which Plato mentions without more ado because it was well known to his reading public — can only be America.”31 (Emphasis added)

The McClintock and Strong Cyclopedia, offers the following information about the navigational skills of the Phoenicians that enabled them to navigate across the oceans.

They steered by the…last star in Ursa Minor; and they could cast reckonings from the combined application of astronomy and arithmetic (Strabo, xvi, 2, 24). This nautical application of astronomy is ascribed by Callimachus to Thales, a Phoenician…”32

Thomas Moore’s History of Ireland, written in 1843, adds:

…at no time, however remote, has the interposition of sea presented much obstacle to the migratory dispositions of mankind…the Phoenicians, with far more knowledge, it is probable, of the art of navigation, than modern assumption gives them credit for, were to be seen in the Mediterranean, the Baltic, the Atlantic, — every where upon the waters.”33

Thomas Johnston’s 1913 book, Did the Phoenicians Discover America?, offers much evidence on the mechanics of Phoenician navigational skills and tools. He begins by saying “the compass…was clearly a Phoenician invention,”34 and adds that the Phoenicians determined suitable sailing seasons by the “rise and setting of the Pleiades.”35 Johnston adds:

Once…steering by a stellar object took…place (which was clearly of Phoenician origin), supplemented by the use of the magnet, which enabled the navigator when the weather was cloudy to determine his position and direction (also, it is equally clear, a Phoenician invention), then the last obstacle to a complete mastery of the sea was removed.”36

Johnston explains that early magnets utilized “loadstones,” which were stones with magnetic properties. These served as compasses by always pointing to magnetic north when suspended or when allowed to float freely in a “water compass.”37 The Phoenicians’ ingenuity was remarkable, as it allowed them to know their ships’ heading and direction, whether it was day or night, clear or cloudy. This ability would allow them to not only cross the oceans with confidence, but maintain reasonably-fixed sailing schedules, an important aspect to the commercially-minded Phoenicians. Dr. Barry Fell commented on the Phoenicians’ regular sailing schedules to ancient America, as noted earlier.

The reader might justifiably wonder at this point, given the extensive evidence of Old World civilizations in ancient America, why America’s history books have not been updated with this new information. The reason is, unfortunately, that the modern academic establishment as a whole is in a state of denial regarding these discoveries because the facts overthrow “established” theories.

Dr. Fell noted that some archaeologists were so deeply in denial about the realities of ancient America that they tried to dismiss clearly readable ancient inscriptions as “accidental markings made by plowshares and roots of trees…(and) colonial stone cutting drills.”38 Ancient American dolmens, megalithic monuments consisting of a large slab stone positioned atop smaller supporting stones, have been found in New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Massachusetts, which parallel Old World dolmens. These locations are all near the ancient Phoenician/Celtic temple and calendar complex called “Mystery Hill” in New Hampshire. These obviously man-made structures have even been called glacial “erratics”39 to deny the obvious evidence of Old World ties to ancient America. It is unfortunate that some in modern academia have resorted to such unscholarly, fanciful extremes to maintain a state of denial regarding the evidence of Old World civilizations in ancient America. As a result, the exciting story of ancient America’s history has been largely withheld from the American public.

Unfortunately, the concept that “Columbus discovered America in 1492” has become such a cherished dogma that it now commands an almost superstitious devotion from modern academics. Columbus was a very brave mariner, but he was clearly preceded by other discoverers and colonists from the Old World who settled the New World millennia before Columbus. Columbus’ voyage was a courageous effort reestablishing New World links after the Dark Ages, but it is now known that such links commonly existed prior to the Dark Ages.

So far, we have discussed only the Phoenician inscriptions and presence in the New World. As noted earlier, the ancient Egyptians were also allies of King Solomon during his reign. Their navies were also skilled in oceanic navigation, utilizing the Semitic inhabitants of ancient Libya as their mariners. The ancient Egyptian-Libyan fleets sailed across the Indian Ocean and sent exploration and mining expeditions into the Pacific Ocean. The Egyptians mined gold in Sumatra,40 and writings and drawings of their Pacific explorations are found as far as the Hawaiian Islands41 as “the Egyptians roamed the Indian and Pacific Oceans for gold about 1000 B.C.”42 The date “about 1000 B.C.” is significant as that is the time when the united kingdom of Israel, under Kings David and Solomon, moved to world prominence, with the Phoenicians and Egyptians serving as Solomon’s allies. That the Egyptian fleet would be searching a large portion of the world for gold during a time which included the reign of King Solomon will become most significant when we later examine King Solomon’s insatiable appetite for gold!

Israelite Colonies in the New World

So far, we have only scratched the surface of the subject of ancient civilizations being present in North America. Let us examine additional evidence of their presence in the ancient New World.

Consider the languages of the triple alliance of Israel, Egypt and Phoenicia in the time of King Solomon. Their languages included the Semitic language shared by the Israelites and Phoenicians (with mere dialectal differences), Egyptian, and the language of the North African-Libyan sailors of the Egyptian navy. Let us now examine evidence that North America was both explored and colonized by people speaking Phoenician-Hebrew, Egyptian, and ancient Libyan.

Dr. Barry Fell’s book America B.C. includes much evidence of the exploration of American soil by ancient people with the above language groups. We have already examined evidence from his book that the Phoenicians had a significant presence in North America, and that the Phoenician god Baal was worshipped at an ancient temple site in New Hampshire. Rawlinson cited the habit of the Phoenicians in bringing their religion wherever they went, and building temples in their colonies to honor their deities,43 so the existence of a temple dedicated to Baal at the ancient New England temple site is consistent with their habits.

Explorations and settlements in ancient America would logically be concentrated on major inland waterways, and evidence of their presence has been found in such locales. A major archeological find, a stele inscribed with ancient Old World languages, was found in 1877 in a burial mound near Davenport, Iowa. Unfortunately, this New World equivalent of the Rosetta Stone was largely ignored because no one could read it. The false dogma that no Old World explorers prior to Columbus could have been on our continent also affected people’s perceptions. If it had been discovered in Europe, it would surely have been recognized for what it was: a tri-lingual archeological stele of ancient cultures. Since it was found in the American Midwest, it had to wait approximately a century to be appreciated. Surprisingly, one of the reasons the stele was initially rejected was that it contained “some signs resembling Hebrew and others resembling Phoenician.”44


This ancient stele contains joint inscriptions in three ancient languages: Iberian-Punic (a language related to and descended from Phoenician-Hebrew), Egyptian, and ancient Libyan.45 These are the language groups of the triple alliance that the Bible reveals began in the reign of Solomon! Since this ancient stele confirms these groups were traveling and working together in the interior of North America, it indicates that this alliance not only existed but also had a global reach!

Indeed, Dr. Fell described this stele, shown above, as “one of the most important steles ever discovered.”46 Why then, is this priceless evidence of ancient exploration in North America not featured in history textbooks? Again, we are confronted by the refusal of modern academia to accept the obvious because of their devotion to the false dogma that nobody could have discovered America before Columbus. ‘

This ancient Iowan stele, attested by Dr. Barry Fell to be genuine, confirms that the language groups of King Solomon’s alliance were cooperating in joint-expeditions as far away as the American Midwest! Unless it was a well-established practice for the nations with these language groups to be in joint expeditions, there would have been no need for parallel inscriptions on the same stone. Dr. Fell dates this stele as follows:

The date is unlikely to be earlier than about 800 B.C., for we do not know of Iberian or Libyan inscriptions earlier than that date. The Egyptian text…may merely be a local American copy of some original. That original could be as old as about 1400 B.C., to judge by the writing style…it seems clear that Iberian and Punic speakers were living in Iowa in the 9th century B.C…” 47 (Emphasis added)

Dr. Fell also wrote that this ancient inscription found in Iowa could date to “around 700 B.C.”48 A dating of 800-700 B.C. is very consistent with biblical accounts of that period. That these language groups were still acting in such close concert with each other that they left a trilingual inscription at that time indicates that they were still cooperating very closely in trans-oceanic voyages. The Bible reveals an alliance of these linguistic groups was established under King Solomon during the tenth century B.C. The terms “Iberian” and “Punic” indicate languages that are closely related to and descended from the Phoenician-Hebrew language. Indeed, the term “Iber-ian” comes from the name “Eber,” the forefather of the Hebrews. The term “Iberian” proclaims Hebrew roots. Dr. Fell noted the “Phoenician character” of the Iberian inscriptions on either side of the Atlantic.49 Solomon’s reign began in obedience to God, but by 800 B.C., when the Iowan stele was apparently inscribed, the Israelite-Phoenician-Egyptian alliance had embraced paganism.

The makers of the Iowan stele may have been looking for raw materials to exploit; by then they had exhausted the copper mines of Lake Superior. However, because of Assyria’s growing pressure on Israel and the Phoenician city-states during 800-700 B.C., one motive for their voyage to North America may have been an effort to find a safe refuge from the Assyrian menace.

The next book in this series will confirm that the Phoenician-Israelites had extensive settlements in the Iberian Peninsula, modern Spain and Portugal, during most of the first millennium B.C. The ancient stele in Iowa may have been made by Israelites and Phoenicians who sailed from Iberian settlements. A date of 800-700 B.C. for this stele confirms that the triple alliance of Israel, Egypt and Phoenicia lasted long after the lifetime of King Solomon. The Bible records that the ten tribes of Israel forsook worshipping the Creator God after Solomon’s death, and adopted the religious customs of Egypt, Tyre and Sidon. Biblical accounts show Israel and Phoenicia were still very closely allied during the reign of King Ahab of Israel (circa 850 B.C.), and there is no evidence that their alliance suffered a breach until approximately 721 B.C., when Israel ceased to be a nation in the Mideast. Also, after Israel and Judah split into two separate Hebrew kingdoms, Egypt did fight periodic wars with Judah. Peaceful relations apparently prevailed between Egypt and Israel during that time. Therefore, the Iowa stele showing that these ancient nations were still working together around 800 B.C. in the New World is consistent with biblical accounts.

Dr. Fell wrote that this ancient stele and other artifacts were found in an Iowan burial mound.50 That this burial mound from about 800 B.C. confirmed the presence of Semites and Egyptians in ancient America, begs the following question: How many other burial mounds in ancient North America were made by Old World cultures?

Another stele exhibiting an ancient Egypto-Libyan script was found on Long Island, New York. (See photograph on opposite page) This inscription, according to Dr. Fell, “probably dates from about the ninth century B.C.”51 In his discussion of the inscriptions found on the Davenport and Long Island steles, Dr. Fell noted clear similarities between the written script of the Micmac/Algonquin Indians and that of ancient Egypt.”52 This analysis indicates that the Egyptians continued trading with ancient American inhabitants long after the kingdom of Israel fell to the Assyrians.


Additionally, another stele was unearthed in Oklahoma with reference to the Phoenician and Egyptian gods of Baal and Ra, with an inscription described as “an extract from the Hymn to the Aton by Pharaoh Akhnaton [which]…dates from the thirteenth century B.C.”53 This stele is written in Iberian-Punic (related to Hebrew/Phoenician), but is dated by Fell as “scarcely older than 800 B.C.”54 This stele also supports the biblical account of Israelite-Phoenician-Egyptian cooperation. Why is Pharaoh Akhenaton mentioned in an Egyptian writing in ancient North America? At this point, some striking information about Egyptian history finds a solid parallel in biblical events.

David Rohl’s book, Pharaohs and Kings, offers a revised chronology of Egypt’s dynastic rulers, which proposes remarkable parallels to biblical events and personalities. It has long been known that the reign of the “heretic” Pharaoh, Akhenaten (Dr. Fell’s “Akhnaton”), marked a temporary period in which an Egyptian ruler rejected the pantheon of Egyptian gods and required a virtually monotheistic devotion to the god “Aten” (or “Aton”). Rohl’s new chronology of Egypt’s dynasties has Akhenaten being a “contemporary” of King David of Israel!55 If this is the case, it argues that this inscription may have been made soon after the reign of Solomon, as it had to be a time when Israel, ruled by Jeroboam, had turned to paganism but when there were Egyptians still loyal to the beliefs of the “heretic” Pharaoh Akhenaten. Akhenaten’s belief-system was rejected by later Pharaohs, so it is difficult to make sense of a “hymn to Aton” (Akhenaten’s god) being present with an Egyptian contingent much past the reign of Jeroboam of Israel.

The internal turmoil in Egypt caused by Akhenaten’s rejection of traditional Egyptian deities provided a golden opportunity for King David’s Israel to focus all of its attentions eastward against Assyria while devoting scant attention to Egypt as a potential rival. The Bible relates that Egypt became Israel’s ally during King Solomon’s time, so Israel’s border with Egypt was secure during his reign as well.

David Rohl makes the following observation about this time:

During the period of Akhenaten’s reign and for decades afterwards Egypt became militarily impotent, due almost entirely to the politically naive rule of the heretic…The prosperous northern empire…had rapidly disintegrated…This chaotic era…would have provided the opportunity for a new state to come into being in Canaan — this is precisely what happened.”56 (Emphasis added)

In other words, Egypt was “impotent” during the reign of King David and also “for decades afterwards,” that is, during the reign of King Solomon! One reason for Egypt’s relative decline was the rise of Israel to world power status. The “impotence” of Egypt was also caused by the severe internal stresses resulting from the Pharaoh’s rejection of the old Egyptian pantheon, to which the priests and much of the populace remained loyal. The internal stresses in the reign of Akhenaten would have kept Egypt at the brink of civil war, unable to project power outside its own borders. Also, since Solomon’s reign was a time of peace and Egypt was allied to Israel, there was no need for Egypt to be warlike. When Israel’s civil war later split Israel’s tribes into two rival kingdoms, Egypt quickly attacked Judah and Jerusalem, reasserting its influence over its northern regions. (I Kings 14:25-29 )

However, Egypt attacked only Judah, but remained an ally of the northern kingdom of Israel, formed by the ten tribes of Israel. The first king of the northern Kingdom of Israel, Jeroboam, had been a courtier and friend of Egypt’s Pharaoh (I Kings 11:40 ), and one of his first official deeds was to institute the worship of Egypt’s apis bulls in the northern kingdom of Israel! (I Kings 12:28-30 ) King Jeroboam chose to seek security in alliances with Egypt, Tyre and Sidon instead of obedience to God. Jeroboam’s rejection of Israel’s God set a pattern for future kings, which would never be reversed. While the smaller kingdom of Judah periodically had good rulers who served God, the northern kingdom of Israel never returned to God. The ten tribes were politically, socially and religiously immersed into the “Phoenician” culture that was also allied with Egypt until the fall of Samaria.

The famous “Amarna tablets,” which preserve many letters to Pharaoh’s court from rulers of petty city-states in Palestine during the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaten, take on a whole new perspective in David Rohl’s revised chronology. It is known the Amarna Tablets were written in the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaten, as they were found in the ruins of Akhenaten’s capital city, Amarna. Egypt’s other Pharaohs ruled from other cities.

The events described on the Amarna Tablets coincide with biblical events and mention prominent biblical characters. In David Rohl’s words:

…the Amarna period is contemporary with the rise of the Israelite Monarchy…the Amarna letters log the whole process, beginning with the Hebrew revolt in the central hill country of Palestine at the beginning of King Saul’s reign and ending with the assault upon Jerusalem in the eighth year of King David.” 57 (Emphasis added)

It is a vital clue that the Amarna tablets seem to end with the eighth year of King David’s reign. That is the year that David conquered Jerusalem and became king over all the united tribes of Israel. (II Samuel 5:1-10) When David unified all the tribes of Israel under his unified command, the petty city-state rulers who had been writing to Pharaoh Akhenaten ceased their messages. The reason is obvious. David tolerated no opponents as he consolidated the territory under his rule; rulers of city-states within his claimed domain either submitted to David or they died. The Amarna letters mention the leaders and activities of a group of people called “the Habiru,” which is an obvious term for “the Hebrews.” Rohl notes the “Sumerian logogram-form” for the word “Habiru” is “SA.GAZ.”58 The term “SA.GAZ” is a form of the root word of the Israelite forefather “Isaac,” [the “Saga,” “Sacae,” or “Saka”], which Genesis 21:12  and 48:14-16  had prophesied would be the name attached to the birthright Israelite tribes.

David Rohl asserts that the Amarna Tablets identify Israel’s King Saul as “Labayu,” a king who rose to power in Palestine. King Labayu wrote letters to Pharaoh Akhenaten in the Canaanite tongue, which is “simply early Hebrew” in David Rohl’s words.59

For a full accounting of the Amarna Tablets’ description of biblical events and personalities, the reader is referred to David Rohl’s aforementioned book. However, several instances will be cited here. Many readers are familiar with the story of David’s close friendship with Jonathan, the son of Saul. This friendship infuriated King Saul (I Samuel 20:30-31 ), and this story is also found in the Amarna Letters. As David Rohl describes it:

In Labayu’s third letter to Pharaoh (EA 254) we learn that the king’s son…has been implicated in the activities of the Habiru [David’s rebel band]. This is without the knowledge of his father. Labayu [Saul] writes: ‘…the king wrote for my son. I did not know that my son was consorting with the Habiru. I herewith hand him over…’ Here again is a clear parallel with the story of King Saul’s reign.”60

The Bible records that Saul died fighting the Philistines in a battle that the Hebrew Israelites lost. (I Samuel 31) One of the Amarna letters to the Pharaoh is from the Philistine King of Gath, the city of Goliath, who tells Pharaoh of Labayu’s death:

Let the king…be informed that the Habiru (singular) who was raised up against the lands; the god of…my lord, delivered him to me, and I have smitten him.”61

The obsequious language of the Philistine king indicates that while Egypt was in temporary decline, the chieftains of Palestine recognized that they were still in Egypt’s “sphere of influence” and they wanted to not alienate the Pharaoh. It was not until David united all of Israel’s tribes that Egypt’s titular influence in Palestine ended. According to Rohl, the following biblical characters are named in the Amarna letters. David is referred to as “Dadua,” and Rohl supports his conclusion by noting:

In its earliest Hebrew form the name David is written Dwd [cf. I Samuel 16:13 ]..The Septuagint renders the name as Dad [cf. I Kings 2:33  (ALEXANDRINUS COPY) and Ecclesiasticus 47:1 ].”62 (Latter emphasis added)

Rohl also notes that Joab, King David’s army commander, is named “Ayab” (Hebrew: “Yoab”) in the Amarna Letters,63 and that David’s father, Jesse, is called “Yishuya.”64 Non-Israelites mentioned in the Bible are also identified by Rohl in the Amarna Letters. He cites Goliath as being the “Gulatu” of the Amarna records, and he identifies biblical Syrian kings, Hadadezer of Zobah and Toi of Hamath, as being named in the Amarna Letters. Rohl also identifies one Amarna Letter (EA 256) as being from the short-lived king of Israel, Ishbosheth (Saul’s son), who mentions he cannot find “Ayab” (Joab) as he also mentions the biblical personalities of Baanah (Benenima), David (Dadua) and Jesse (Yishuya) in his account. Baanah eventually assassinated Ishbosheth and brought the king’s head to David, the son of Jesse, who executed Baanah for his regicide (II Samuel 4). It is noteworthy that all the personalities mentioned in Amarna Letter EA 256 actually do interact as contemporaries in the Bible.

The Amarna Letters appear to be the account of Israel’s rise to power in the time of David. If Pharaoh Akhenaten was a contemporary of King David, it explains why Egypt was passive during the glory days of Kings David and Solomon of Israel. It may also explain why an Egyptian Pharaoh became fascinated with monotheism, the religion of the resurgent Israelites. It took time for Egypt to reassert itself after the domestic turmoil caused by Akhenaten’s reign. When Egypt allied itself to Israel, Tyre and Sidon, it was in a weaker international position. King Jeroboam of Israel later forged strong links between Egypt and the northern kingdom of Israel during his reign, and discoveries of Hebrew-Egyptian-Phoenician artifacts in ancient North America confirm this alliance lasted for centuries.

We have seen evidence that Baal-worshipping Hebrew-Phoenicians were in ancient America, but what about worshippers of the God of Israel? One major barrier to finding relics of worshippers of God (Yahweh) is that such worshippers were forbidden by God to build elaborate altars. In Exodus 20:24-26 , God commanded the Israelites to make plain altars of earth or natural stones which had not been shaped by any tools, and added that altars not be placed at the head of staircases. These instructions effectively eliminated the man-made religious structures that the pagans built, and which can be unearthed by archeologists today. There could have been many worshippers of Yahweh in ancient America at the time that Israel served God under King Solomon, and there would be little evidence of them because of God’s instructions on altar-building. Also, Exodus 20:23 records that God forbade making “gods of gold and silver,” and the second of the Ten Commandments forbids the manufacture of any “graven image” as part of religious worship. This further eliminates the types of artifacts (idols) which pagan worshippers commonly manufactured. God gave these instructions so people would keep their minds focused on God and His laws, and not on physical objects.

However, there is evidence that worshippers of Yahweh, the God of Israel, were present in ancient America. At Hidden Mountain, near Los Lunas, New Mexico, the Ten Commandments were written on a large stone in ancient Hebrew. Dr. Fell noted that “the inscription, written in ancient Hebrew letters of the style of the Moab Stone, about 1000 B.C., was not translated until 1949.”65 A dating around 1000 B.C. would place this inscription during the reigns of Kings David and Solomon of the united kingdom of Israel when Israel was, indeed, serving the God of the Bible. (The famous “Moabite Stone,” referred to above, was found in the Mideast and refers to wars between Israel and Moab in the ninth century B.C., during the time of the separate kingdoms of Israel and Judah.) George Morehouse, a geologist who studied this ancient Hebrew Decalogue inscription, estimated the inscription to be 500-2000 years old based on the weathered patina of the rock.66 However, accurately dating the inscription on the basis of weatherization was made very difficult, if not impossible, by the fact that the inscriptions had received periodic scrubbings which removed evidence of weatherization needed for dating.67


Further complicating the dating of this ancient Hebrew inscription is the statement that “the punctuation [of the inscription] matched that of ancient Greek manuscripts, such as the Codex Sinaiticus of the fourth century A.D.”68 Dr. Fell’s discussion of this artifact stated that separation points like those in this inscription date as early as 1200 B.C., but that the oldest known record of some punctuation marks (carets to denote an insertion to correct an omission) date to the Codex Sinaiticus of the fourth century A.D. This does not date the Hebrew inscription to the fourth century A.D.,69 but is rather an example of the oldest known occurrence of a similar punctuation mark. How long such punctuation was used prior to the fourth century A.D. is not known.


In view of the above, this Los Lunas inscription pre-dates the arrival of Columbus by at least a thousand years, but it most likely dates to the time of King Solomon for several reasons. The first reason is that the inscription is in the Paleo-Hebrew characters in use from approximately 1200-600 B.C., which includes the reign of King Solomon. A second piece of evidence is what the inscription says! Since it is an inscription of the Ten Commandments given by God to Moses, it was obviously made by Israelites at a time when they worshipped the God of the Bible. Since the Kingdom of Israel quickly degenerated into pagan practices after the reign of Solomon, it argues that this inscription was made during the reign of Solomon when God’s laws were the standard for the nation. I Kings 10:22  records that Solomon’s sailors undertook voyages that returned after three years with samples of wildlife, apes and peacocks, from other continents. Such fleets could easily have visited the New World during a three-year voyage.

Another factor powerfully supporting a dating of this ancient Hebrew inscription to the time of Solomon are the economic and logistic realities in the ancient world. Transoceanic expeditions and colonization efforts in the ancient world required a very large commitment of monetary and human resources. The source of such resources had to be the king of a wealthy nation. Because the New Mexico inscription is in ancient Hebrew, the sponsor for that ancient expedition had to be a very wealthy king of the ancient Israelites! Solomon was the wealthiest ancient King of Israel, and he reigned at a time when the Israelites kept the Ten Commandments.


The high cost of financing trans-Atlantic voyages is verified when one considers the European colonization efforts, which began when Columbus “rediscovered” America in 1492. European colonization at the beginning of the modern era required the backing and approval of national monarchs in order to occur at all. Even companies with a large presence in the New World, such as the Hudson’s Bay Company, conducted their efforts only with the support and favor of a reigning monarch. Those who would argue for a more recent date for the Los Lunas inscriptions are confronted with this major problem: What Old World nation in the fourth century A.D., or any other date more recent than Solomon’s reign, would fund exploration and/or colonization efforts in the New World which would leave behind ancient Hebrew inscriptions? Since there were no powerful and rich Hebrew-speaking nations in the fourth century A.D., any such proposed dating lacks the support of any logical historical context for its occurrence.

Because the Los Lunas inscription proclaims its makers were devoted to the God of the Ten Commandments, we are limited to those kings of Israel who could have funded international expeditions during Israel’s brief period of loyalty to God. This requirement limits the prospective dating of the Los Lunas inscription to the reigns of Kings David and Solomon.

The kings of Israel that followed David and Solomon were, almost without exception, apostates who served Baal and other idolatrous gods. Under later kings, any sailing fleets would have left inscriptions devoted to pagan gods, as in the inscriptions on the tri-lingual, Davenport artifact. The kings of Judah who survived until about 587 B.C., had several righteous kings whose followers served God, but Judah was a small nation with few resources to fund and mount such expeditions. Judah had interludes of resurgent national power, but there is no record that Judah was ever a naval power. I Kings 22:48-49  and II Chronicles 20:36-37  record that righteous King Jehoshaphat tried to build a fleet for Judah, perhaps to compete with the fleets of Israel-Phoenicia, but God himself intervened to stop Judah from becoming a naval power.Therefore, the only logical historical context for the making of the Los Lunas inscriptions is still during the reigns of either King David or King Solomon.

Since King David was a warrior with little interest in scientific endeavors, the reign of King Solomon is the most logical milieu for any expeditions or colonization efforts which had Israelites carving inscriptions in ancient America proclaiming a loyalty to the God of the Bible. Also, King Solomon’s insatiable scientific curiosity about the world’s flora and fauna (I Kings 4:29-33 , 10:22 ) made him eager to fund international expeditions.

This author has personally visited and inspected the Los Lunas inscription, and the site is located adjacent to a large, dry river-bed. This vanished river would formerly have been a major tributary of the Rio Grande River during a wetter climate when the river flowed freely. As the dry river-bed attests, there was once enough water in the ancient Southwest to support thriving colonies. It is likely that the ancient Israelites established a colony at the Los Lunas site during the time of King Solomon when the area could be reached via sailing routes from the Gulf of Mexico and the tributaries of the Rio Grande River. When the climate reverted to its dominant arid condition, the colony would have been abandoned.

In an apparent attempt to discredit the validity of the ancient Hebrew translation of the Los Lunas inscriptions, some artifacts were “discovered” in the region of the Los Lunas inscriptions and certain individuals asserted that these new “artifacts” indicated that the Los Lunas inscriptions were Greek (not Hebrew) writings from about 500 B.C. In a 1986 court trial, it was conclusively demonstrated by expert epigraphers/linguists that while the Los Lunas inscription is a valid Hebrew rendition of the Ten Commandments, the other “artifacts” and the supposed Greek translation were hoaxes.70

Additional evidence of ancient worshippers of the Bible’s God in ancient America has been noted on a “Decalogue Tablet” (an artifact bearing an ancient Hebrew inscription of the Ten Commandments) unearthed in Ohio in 1860. Besides having the Ten Commandments inscribed on it, the tablet includes a depiction of “an individual meant to represent Moses [which] has been carved in considerable detail on the ‘front’ of the tablet…[and] a ‘handle’ at the bottom of the tablet, which may have been constructed to accommodate a strap.”71 The presence of a handle on this tablet indicates that it served as a portable object, which could accompany worshippers of God as they were traveling in ancient America.


This “Decalogue Tablet” was found with grave goods in an ancient American burial mound. Its presence suggests that the person interred in the mound may have been an ancient Levite present with Israelite explorers or colonists in ancient America. It has been noted that the Hebrew inscription also has some characteristics of “the old Phoenician alphabets.”72 A Hebrew inscription with Phoenician features is exactly what ancient Israelite inscriptions should be like. The Israelites were close allies of the Phoenicians and shared a common culture and navy from the time of King David until the fall of Israel circa 721 B.C. Their artifacts would naturally exhibit the traits of both cultures.


While this artifact unearthed from an Ohio burial mound cannot be specifically dated, the alphabet used indicates that it was made by ancient followers of God who spoke Hebrew. While it would be tempting to date this artifact to the time of King Solomon, the fact that it was engraved with square Hebrew letters indicates a date several centuries more recent than the Los Lunas tablet, which exhibited the more ancient Paleo-Hebrew letters. This raises the possibility that there were Israelite colonists in the New World who remained loyal to the laws of God long after Old World Israelites abandoned them. Linguistic traits in the New World could also be retained for a greater length of time due to their remoteness from the Old World and its linguistic changes.


More evidence of a Hebrew presence in ancient New England, in the area of the 20 acre “temple site” discussed earlier, is seen in the presence of hundreds of Hebrew-Semitic root words in the languages of the Eastern Algonquin Indians, as Dr. Barry Fell documented.73

Whatever the dating of the above artifacts, such discoveries provide firm archaeological support to the Bible’s assertion that the ancient Israelites sponsored wide-ranging fleets and were one the major nations of the ancient world. Since the Ten Commandments in ancient Hebrew have been found in both Ohio and New Mexico, it confirms that ancient Israelite explorations and/or colonizations of the New World were widespread. These facts may be disconcerting to “establishment” sources who cling to the flawed dogma that “Columbus discovered America in 1492” no matter how voluminous the evidence that Israelites and other Old World civilizations sent explorers or colonists to the New World. This evidence will become ever more voluminous and convincing as this book series continues.

Hundreds of inscribed Phoenician, Celtiberian, and Basque stone grave markers, dated to 800-600 B.C., have been found in the Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania.74 The inscriptions on these artifacts had been identified as Phoenician decades prior to Dr. Fell’s research,75 but these facts were incompatible with the dogmas and assumptions of modern historians so they were ignored.

The Egyptian presence in the New World has been found in the writing system of the Wabanaki/Micmac Indians (an Algonquin tribe) of Maine,76 in an ancient tablet found on Long Island in New York,77 and on the Iowa stele mentioned earlier in this chapter. Also, it has been documented that the ancient Egyptians sailed the Pacific Ocean as afar as Polynesia and Hawaii as they “roamed the Indian and Pacific Oceans for gold about 1000 B.C.”78(Emphasis added) The date of “1000 B.C.” parallels the golden age of Israel’s Empire days under Kings David and Solomon when the Bible records that Egypt was allied to King Solomon’s Israelites.

An inscription in ancient Ogam and Libyan, the language of Egyptian sailors, was found near the Rio Grande River of Texas, indicating North Africans sponsored by an Egyptian/Libyan king named Shishonq visited North America in ancient times.79 The ancient inscription is translated as, “A crew of Shishonq the King took shelter in this place of concealment,” and Dr. Fell’s commentary on the inscription states: “several kings of this name ruled Libya and Egypt between 1000-800 B.C., an era when North African voyagers began to explore the New World.”80 (Emphasis added)

Whether this inscription dates to the reign of King Solomon or not, it further confirms that nautical travel between the Mediterranean Region and North America took place in ancient times. The phrase “Crew of Shishonq the King” may indicate that the king himself was on the voyage. Obviously, monarchs would not likely have come to the New World unless it was considered safe to leave their home kingdoms. A period of peaceful stability, as during King Solomon’s reign, would have been an ideal time for such journeys. Also, the Bible records that many monarchs did undertake international visits during the reign of Solomon. (II Chronicles 9:23-24 ) The Bible mentions an Egyptian ruler named “Shishak” (i.e. “Shishonq”) sacked Jerusalem during the time of King Rehoboam of Judah. (I Kings 14:25-26 ) While Shishak’s Egypt attacked Judah, the smaller Jewish kingdom, it did not attack the much larger, northern Israelite kingdom of Israel. Indeed, Egypt’s Shishak was a friend of King Jeroboam of Israel (I Kings 11:40), so the ten tribes of Israel in the northern kingdom of Israel likely cheered Shishak as he attacked Judah, their estranged Israelite brothers.

Dr. Fell cited the work of Gloria Farley, who “made notable finds of ancient inscriptions left by Libyans, Celts and Phoenicians who ascended the Mississippi, Arkansas and Cimarron Rivers.”81 The evidence is compelling that the ancient alliance of Israel, Egypt, Tyre and Sidon extensively explored North America during biblical times, following the river courses in Phoenician ships.

It is significant that Dr. Fell noted the time period of “1000-800 B.C.” as marking a period of significant Old World exploration of the New World. This time frame exactly parallels Bible records showing international travel and commerce flourished with fleets undertaking multi-year voyages and visiting other continents. This time frame begins with the reign of Kings David and Solomon, but continues through much of the history of the northern kingdom of Israel, the dominant partner in the Phoenician alliance until Israel fell circa 721 B.C. The conclusion is inescapable that the record of ancient history verifies the biblical accounts. The Bible is not a detailed history of all that happened in the ancient world, but it confirms what archaeology and epigraphy have shown about the real state of commerce and travel in the ancient world.

Israel’s “Phoenician” Empire

Many historical accounts confirm that the beginning of the first millennium B.C., marked a golden age for Phoenicia. Historian Philip Hitti states:

Phoenician trade on an international scale in textiles, metalwork, pottery, glass, timber, wheat and wine gave the country three centuries – beginning around 1000 B.C. – of prosperity unmatched in its history.”82 (Emphasis added)

Secular evidence that Phoenicia’s greatness began around 1000 B.C. is critically important since it coincides precisely with the period during which King Hiram of Tyre allied his people to King David’s Israelites. Since the Israelites were of a common race, language and culture with the Phoenicians, the true Israelite role in “Phoenicia’s golden age” has not been recognized. In fact, it was Israel’s golden age rubbing off on the Phoenician city-states! Israel was the dominant partner in the Phoenician alliance with Tyre and Sidon serving as junior partners. This conclusion is supported by the facts that Phoenicia’s “golden age” did not start until it allied itself to Israel, and that their “golden age” ended when Israel fell. The small city-states of Phoenicia were unable to sustain any “golden age” of international power apart from their alliance with Israel.


At this juncture, new observations must be made about the term “Phoenicia.” This book has so far referred to the inhabitants of the city-states of Tyre and Sidon as “Phoenicians,” and to the inhabitants of Israel as “Israelites.” However, the term “Phoenicia,” when applied to the ancient world in the time frame 1000-700 B.C., designates the combined alliance of the Israelites and the city-states led by Tyre and Sidon. It must be realized that the people we call “Phoenicia” did not give themselves that name. The term “Phoenicia” is derived from a Greek word, which the Greek historians used to describe several nations living on the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. George Rawlinson wrote:

“At first, the term [Phoenicia] was used [by the Greeks] with a good deal of vagueness, of the Syrian coast generally between Asia Minor and Egypt.”83 (Emphasis added)

The Encyclopedia Judaica states that “the Greek name Phoinike is first mentioned by Homer,”84 and it adds:

though the exact extent of the region called Phoenicia cannot be determined, the name is clearly the Greek equivalent of Canaan.”85 (Emphasis added)

Lionel Casson, author of The Ancient Mariners states concerning the Phoenicians:

Even their name is a puzzle. They called themselves Sidonians, from the city that was their chief center until Tyre outstripped it about the beginning of the first millennium B.C., and their land was Canaan. It was the Greeks who named them the ‘Phoinikes’ [Phoenicians]…”86 (Emphasis added)

The above accounts all indicate the term “Phoenicia” included a region much larger than just the small city-states on the eastern Mediterranean coastline. What harmony with the Bible! I Kings 5:6  also uses the term “Sidonians,” but that same chapter of the Bible shows King Hiram of Tyre becoming the leader of the Phoenician city-states at the beginning of the first millennium B.C! Casson’s account also affirms concerning the Phoenicians that the land of Canaan was “their land!” It is well-known that “the land of Canaan” was the territory of the Israelites! The Bible actually provides us with contemporary information about who was in the Phoenician alliance, and why it became so powerful as the first millennium dawned.


The Greek age of Homer is identified in Halley’s Bible Handbook as being contemporary with Israel’s golden age under Kings David and Solomon.87 The Encyclopaedia Britannica lists many optional dates for Homer’s birth, including 1159 B.C., 1102 B.C., 1044 B.C., and 830 B.C. 88 The Encyclopedia Americana states:

Ancient tradition…plac[ed] Homer in the 9th century B.C….These [poetic sources] suggest a date, now widely accepted, in the last half of the 8th century B.C.”89

While no one knows the dates of Homer’s lifetime, all of the above suggested dates coincide with the period that the Israelites lived in Canaan.This is important because if Homer and his fellow Greeks originated the term “Phoenicia,” they did so at a time when the city-states of Tyre, Sidon, etc., were so closely linked to the Kingdom of Israel that they were virtually one entity.

The word “Phoenicia” is, therefore, derived from an initial Greek description of the area known to us as the land of Canaan and the broader Levantine region of the Eastern Mediterranean. The term “Phoenicia” was applied to this area at a time when Israel was the dominant power in the region; therefore, the original application of the term “Phoenicia” included Israel. The Encyclopedia Americana succinctly confirms the above conclusions in these words:

The name ‘Phoenicians’ was given by the Greeks to the inhabitants of the coastal region of present-day Lebanon and the adjacent shores of Israel and Syria in the first millennium B.C. No evidence exists that they called themselves by any such name.”90 (Emphasis added)

This explains why the term “Phoenicia” is absent from the Bible. Unlike modern history texts that reflect Greco-Roman perspectives, the Bible was written from a Hebrew perspective, and it records the names by which the “Phoenicians” referred to themselves. Such names included “Israel,” “Sidonians,” “people of Tyre,” and even the names of Israel’s large tribal units.

After Israel fell, the term “Phoenicia” remained on the smaller city-states of Tyre, Sidon, etc., even though they lacked the manpower to sustain the empire that had existed when they were allied to the Israelites. However, during the period of 1000-700 B.C., the term “Phoenicia” meant the alliance of Israel and the city-states of Tyre, Sidon, etc. It is not technically correct to say the Israelites were “allied to the Phoenicians” because Israel itself was the dominant member of the allied people on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea who were called “Phoenicians” by the Greeks. This explains why international power and influence characterized the “Phoenicians” from approximately 1000-700 B.C., the time when Israel was in the alliance, and why the term “Phoenician” describes a people with severely reduced numbers and influence after 700 B.C., when the Israelites were absent and the city-states were left all alone.

This series of books will sometimes refer to “Phoenicians” and “Israelites,” but the reader should realize that, during the lifetime of the kingdom of Israel, the term “Phoenicia” included the Israelites.

Philip Hitti also notes: “around 1100 B.C., Egyptian wisdom writing reached its highest ethical point…[it] counsels against arrogance, snobbery, ill-temper, and oppressing the poor. [It]… stresses courtesy, deference, contentment, tolerance and kindness…it served as a source for certain Hebrew Proverbs.” 91 The Hebrew proverbs referred to are, of course, those attributed to Solomon at the beginning of the first millennium B.C., and found in the book of Proverbs in the Bible. Whether Solomon borrowed these from the Egyptians or whether it was in fact the other way around is a valid question. The time dating of “around 1100 B.C.” is so close to the reign of Solomon that the case can easily be made that the “wisdom” of the Egyptians was learned from their ally, Solomon. The above virtues are all regularly found in the Bible as elements of how God expects us to deal with other people. It is significant that Egyptian wisdom “reached its highest ethical point” at the general time that Egypt was allied to King Solomon, the wisest king who ever lived! The fact that Egypt’s Pharaoh became Solomon’s father-in-law (I Kings 9:16 ) also offered an easy pathway for Solomon’s wisdom to flow to Egypt’s elites.

From the above accounts we find international power attributed to the Phoenicians and wisdom characterizing the Egyptians at a time the Bible states both had allied themselves with King Solomon of Israel, who was exceedingly powerful and wise.


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Another Coffee Break

Deliver Us From Evil, Part 14

Last week, we started off a bit differently than we have in the past, and this week’s Coffee Break is no different. Last week, we dealt with the effect of curses, and the non-effect of causeless curses. This week, let’s talk about deliverance from the need to compromise.

In Psalm 122:6, David writes, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.  Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces.  For my brethren and companions’ sakes, I will now say, Peace be within thee.  Because of the house of the Lord our God I will seek thy good.

Then Ezekiel prophesies, “Again the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Son of man, thy brethren, even thy brethren, the men of thy kindred, and all the house of Israel wholly, are they unto whom the inhabitants of Jerusalem have said, Get you far from the LORD: unto us is this land given in possession.  Therefore say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Although I have cast them far off among the heathen, and although I have scattered them among the countries, yet will I be to them as a little sanctuary in the countries where they shall come.

Therefore say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will even gather you from the people, and assemble you out of the countries where ye have been scattered, and I will give you the land of Israel.  And they shall come thither, and they shall take away all the detestable things thereof and all the abominations thereof from thence.

And I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit within you; and I will take the stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them an heart of flesh: That they may walk in my statutes, and keep mine ordinances, and do them: and they shall be my people, and I will be their God.  But as for them whose heart walketh after the heart of their detestable things and their abominations, I will recompense their way upon their own heads, saith the Lord GOD.” (Ezekiel 11:14-21)

Brother! What a mouthful!  Now, before we get too far along in this and you begin to wonder where I’m headed in this discussion, let me lay a clear foundation.

In Exodus 34:10-17, we read the following: “And he said, Behold, I make a covenant: before all thy people I will do marvels, such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation: and all the people among which thou art shall see the work of the LORD: for it is a terrible thing that I will do with thee.

Observe thou that which I command thee this day: behold, I drive out before thee the Amorite, and the Canaanite, and the Hittite, and the Perizzite, and the Hivite, and the Jebusite.  Take heed to thyself, lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land whither thou goest, lest it be for a snare in the midst of thee: But ye shall destroy their altars, break their images, and cut down their groves:

For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God: Lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land, and they go a whoring after their gods, and do sacrifice unto their gods, and one call thee, and thou eat of his sacrifice; And thou take of their daughters unto thy sons, and their daughters go a whoring after their gods, and make thy sons go a whoring after their gods.  Thou shalt make thee no molten gods.

OK.  That ought to be a good start. You DO understand, do you not, what we’re talking about here?

God made it absolutely, abundantly clear that the nation of Israel was NOT to compromise with, make covenants with, nor co-habit the land of their inheritance with the seven nations whom He had pronounced His judgment upon. Let’s not forget that the judgment against these seven nations actually goes back many hundreds of years even before Israel was in captivity in Egypt. It began with a homosexual act committed by Ham against his father, Noah, while he was in a drunken stupor.

Lest you think I’m off on some wild hair, let me take you back to Genesis 9:24-25 where we read, “And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him.  And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.

Let’s be clear about this. Noah didn’t pronounce this most incredible of curses because Ham had simply pulled his robe off to look at him while he was drunk. Verse 22 of the same chapter tells us (KJV) that Ham “saw the nakedness of his father” and then went and bragged to his brothers about what he had done. 

Gesenius, in his Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon, tells us that the phrase “saw the nakedness of” is a metaphor for engaging in an illicit sexual act — regardless of whether it refers to male or female.

The fact that Ham committed this act was horrific enough as it was, but to commit it upon his father was an unspeakable act of treachery and betrayal, never mind the fact that he subsequently laughs and brags to his two brothers. I know it seems like I’m going around a 40-acre field, but bear with me for a moment.

Thus Noah pronounced a curse upon Canaan, the firstborn son of Ham, along with all of the seed to follow in that lineage. The Amorites, the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Hivites, the Perizzites, the Jebusites and the Girgashites were all descendants of Canaan. God specifically promised the lands of these nations to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob/Israel; and He subsequently told Moses that HE would drive them out of the land before Israel.  Israel, however, was NOT to covenant with them, not to compromise with them in any way, not to intermarry with their sons and daughters.

In fact, they did just that.  Only one of the seven nations actually disappeared — the Girgashites. Both Scripture and history tell us that they fled from the land before the oncoming Israelites.  Joshua began the compromise with the nations when he failed to check with the Lord concerning the Gibeonites. Had he done so, he would quickly have learned that they were Hivites who were using their deceptive and manipulative skills in order to survive and avoid their destruction at that moment in time.

Let’s not forget that this tactic of the Hivites was already well established when the sons of Hamor — and particularly Shechem — sought a covenant with Jacob in the matter of Jacob’s daughter, Dinah.  The story unfolds in Genesis 34.

We see Shechem and Hamor talking with their fellow-Hivite elders and saying, “These men are peaceable with us; therefore let them dwell in the land, and trade therein; for the land, behold, it is large enough for them; let us take their daughters to us for wives, and let us give them our daughters.

Only herein will the men consent unto us for to dwell with us, to be one people, if every male among us be circumcised, as they are circumcised.  Shall not their cattle and their substance and every beast of theirs be ours? only let us consent unto them, and they will dwell with us.” 

The picture is quite obvious. Once they’ve intermarried with the descendants of Jacob, their intention is to gobble up everything they’ve got. It was a spirit that ruled the entire nation of Hivites. Deception, trickery, lies, false promises, manipulation, using sexual seduction — you name it — all were characteristics of these people.

And the Hivites were not alone in these characteristics. Those these traits were the dominant traits of the Hivites — and each of the other seven nations had their own specific traits, cultural identities and characteristics — the use of deception and trickery in order to gain control of their enemies was common to all seven nations.

Hence, the Lord gave Moses a direct order to kill, to destroy every last man, woman, child, cattle and beast of the field belonging to these nations: not to save alive any portion of their existence, but to blot them out.

Got the picture?


Let’s take this the next step. Most of those people who call themselves “Palestinians” are, in fact, descendants of one or more of these accursed nations. The present-day Gaza Strip is the old stomping grounds of the Philistines, who were an Amorite tribe. Palestinians occupying the so-called “West Bank” historically are descendants of the Amorites and Hittites, along with a mix of Ammonites (present day Amman, Jordan [and one of the oldest cities in continuous existence for thousands of years] gets its name from its Ammonite forbears). The name, Palestine, actually derives from its origin in Philistia (the Philistines).

Here’s a problem.  Israel’s old – and now imprisoned — Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, announced his intention to divide the city of Jerusalem and give away — unilaterally, if necessary — half the city to the Palestinians. That ultimately cost Olmert his Prime Ministership, and eventually saw him tried for fraud and corruption.

If memory serves me correctly, it was Winston Churchill who once said, “Peace at any price is no peace at all.”

Olmert’s efforts to gain peaceful coexistence with the Palestinians were doomed before they ever got off the ground.  He sought, once again, to compromise with a people who have made it abundantly clear (and have never renounced this) that their ultimate purpose is the control of and eradication — if necessary — of all Jews in Israel, along with the expunging of the name of Israel from the lands and territories they want to call Palestine. Olmert, in fact, was simply repeating the mistakes made by the leaders in Israel more than 3300 years ago.  His labors and efforts — in ignorance, I am sure – could have brought a curse upon the nation and the people.

With Hamas now in control of the Palestinian people, their intentions have become very overt, whereas before they were more covert. Before I go on with this, let me make something very clear.  We are not talking about a people, even though we make reference to the Palestinians. There are many Palestinian people who would just as soon live in peace and prosperity with the Jews. There are many of them who don’t care anything whatever for a so-called nation of Palestine.  There are many of them who actually are committed Christians.

What I am referring to is a spirit in control of the leadership of these people. It is the same spirit that Israel needed to overcome that was in control of the nations that occupied that region prior to its being given to the descendants of Israel by the Lord God.  This is a “principality,” a “ruler of the darkness” of the region. Once again, we see this spirit seeking the elimination and annihilation of God’s people, Israel, just as it did when the Lord gave the lands to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by divine covenant.

And once again, we saw the leaders in Israel seeking a compromise in order to bring an end to the perpetual conflict that has plagued the region. While it isn’t hard to understand the desire for peace, peace at any price — including the giving away of one’s inheritance, and especially half of a city that has the most incredible history of any city in the world: a history of God’s purposes and His covenant with a people who have chosen a relationship with Him — results in no peace, and ultimately the destruction of those who capitulate to compromise.

David well knew the history of Jerusalem before he wrote, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” and then prophesied, “they shall prosper that love thee.”

That said, one of the purposes of today’s Coffee Break is to alert Christians to a conspiracy of Satan — actually a conspiracy that has existed for millennia — and call the body of Christ to prayer and intercession for Jerusalem, and for the nation of Israel. I believe it is incumbent upon us as believers to pray the fulfillment of Ezekiel’s prophecy, to wit:

Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will even gather you from the people, and assemble you out of the countries where ye have been scattered, and I will give you the land of Israel.  And they shall come thither, and they shall take away all the detestable things thereof and all the abominations thereof from thence.

And I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit within you; and I will take the stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them an heart of flesh: That they may walk in my statutes, and keep mine ordinances, and do them: and they shall be my people, and I will be their God.

Let’s make it clear. The Palestinian inhabitants (under the control of this evil spirit), “The inhabitants of Jerusalem have said, Get you far from the LORD: unto us is this land given in possession.” The gathering of the people, as prophesied by Ezekiel, began many years ago. The assembling out of the countries where Jews have been scattered for centuries has been taking place since the 1940’s. What has not yet manifested is “a new spirit” and God’s promise that “I will take the stony heart out of their flesh.

In the coming days and weeks, I call upon all of you who read this to join us in concerted prayer and intercession for Jerusalem, and for Israel.  God has a purpose here, and I will not stand idly by knowing that purpose, and fail in my responsibility to cry out on behalf of the city, and the nation.

There’s a whole lot more I could say on this, but hopefully, this will adequately spur you to prayer, to intercession, to praise, to High Praise, to worship, to “battle worship.”

This is a warning to those who would compromise with the Enemy.  Beware, my brothers and sisters! Compromise leads to destruction!

Regner A. Capener

Temple, Texas 76504

Email Contact:

All Coffee Break articles are copyright by Regner A. Capener, but authorization for reprinting, reposting, copying or re-use, in whole or in part, is granted –provided proper attribution and this notice are included intact. Older Coffee Break archives are available . Coffee Break articles are normally published weekly.


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Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus – Part 7
By Dr. Roy Blizzard

Most of what we do in the body is immature anyway.  That’s right.  Unfortunately about 90% of what the body does today is immature.   Did you ever come into an assembly of the saints and they would give a tongue and it would be that long.  And there would be an interpretation come and it would be that long.  Or somebody get up with a tongue and it sounds like gibberish and the interpretation would be, “my little children, thus I say unto thee, thy praises have gone up before me and I have heard thy prayers and I have the praise….”  Have you wondered about it and what was happening?  Did it bother you?  It just to do me the same way until one day, right in the middle of it, I mean it was going on around me, it was just like the Lord jerked a knot in me and brought me up short and said, “One thing you need to understand, Mr., the body has to be afforded the opportunity to be immature or they’ll never grow to maturity.”  What should our response be when we see immaturity in the body?  We ought to say glory to God.  There’s another one of God’s children taking another step towards maturity.  Do you want to know a real indication of maturity?  The willingness on the part of the individual in the pew to receive correction from those who have been placed in a position of spiritual authority over them.  Whenever some dear sister stand up and interrupts the pastor in the middle of his sermon with a tongue and the pastor says, “Sister, sit down.   That’s not the time or the place.  The Holy Spirit doesn’t interrupt himself. You sit down and be quiet until I’m through and the Holy Spirit is through ministering through me and then we’ll see if he has something to say through you.”  Then you sit down and say, “Glory to God, I’m learning.” But let me tell you this, because of who it is that is in you and because of the capacity that you have in God, for all of the manifestations of the spirit, faith, knowledge, wisdom, miracles, healings, prophesy, discernment of spirits, tongues, interpretation of tongues to be flowing in and through you to minister life and health to the body, you need never to shrink back in fear moving out in faith believing in God for miracles in your life.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather make a mistake for God than I would make one for the Devil.  I’d rather make a fool out of myself for God than make a fool out of myself for the Devil.  That opportunity must be afforded for God’s people whenever they come together to minister fellowship one to the other.  Why do we come together?  If we’ve been commissioned as kingdom to go, where have we been commissioned to go?  Into the cities and into the villages to do what?  To take the authority over the devil, to lay hands on the sick and they’ll recover, then why do we come back together again?  We think we come back together to hear somebody preach at us.  But preaching is to be done to the lost by you.  So whenever we come back together why do we come together?  Because all of the time during the week if we know who we are and what we are and who it is that’s in us we have been out there expending that energy of God and now we need to come back and get those spiritual batteries recharged. 

               Who is it that’s in us?  Jesus Christ.  Who is Jesus Christ?  God.  What has he given us?  His power.  His Holy Spirit to do the work that he’s commissioned us to do.  What is that work? To be the kingdom of God.  What is Kingdom?  Those people over whom God is ruling and who are demonstrating the rule of God in practical application in their lives.  What is the commission of kingdom?  To go unto the cities and the villages to take the authority over the devil and he’ll flee from before you.  To lay your hands on the sick and they’ll recover and to say that the kingdom of God has come near you.  Why do we come back together?  To get our spiritual batteries recharged, to get our needs met in order that we might get back out there and active—be the kingdom of God. 

              Do you believe that?  Are you ready to do it?  Are you ready to be it?  Now is the time–let’s do it. We are transformed by the renewing of our minds, not by emotion, not through experience, but by knowledge.  The renewing of your mind because knowledge is power and ignorance is powerlessness.  I hope that the power of the Holy Spirit rises up in you and that you will come to know and understand as you’ve never known before who and what you are.  Who it is that’s in you, the capacity that you’ve got in God, and the commission that’s yours as kingdom.


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Numbers 19:1—22:1; Judges 11:1-33; John 3:1-21, 4:3-30, 12:27-50


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