News You May Not Have Heard About — 06/09/2019

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  1. President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s Visit to the United Kingdom – Day 1 (Video: 1 minute long.)
  2. Trump, Queen Elizabeth toast to historic US-UK relationship at state banquet
  3. Trump’s UK Visit Was a Glowing Success
  4. President Trump touts growth of energy sector as La. LNG plant comes online (Video: 2:43 minutes long.)
  5. Trump approval rating soars to 2-yr. high at 48%
  6. Trump: Israeli Politics ‘All Messed Up’
  7. Trump Seeks to Add China to New Arms Treaty
  8. Trump puts a stop to using aborted baby parts for federal research
  9. Finally: Trump declares war on Big Tech to stop monopolistic practices, censorship and de-platforming discrimination
  10. Trump Prohibits Cruise Travel to Cuba, Undoing More Obama Policy
  11. Trump Considers Banning Silencers
  12. ‘Thy Will Be Done, Almighty God’: Trump Prays FDR’s D-Day Prayer at Ceremony in England
  13. Trump’s Great D-Day Speech
  14. Trump Delivers D-Day Remarks in Normandy


3 Branches of U.S. Government


  1. Mike Pompeo (United States Secretary of State): President’s ‘Deal of the Century’ May Be ‘Un-Executable’
  2. Mike Pompeo (United States Secretary of State): Pompeo Slams Accusations that Trump Peace Plan Favors Israel
  3. Mike Pompeo (United States Secretary of State): Pompeo Demands China Release Death Toll From Tianamen Square Massacre
  4. Mike Pompeo (United States Secretary of State): No Peace Deal with Palestinians Without Security for Israel, Warns Pompeo

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  1. Americans more worried about “fake news” than terrorism
  2. George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel “1984” turns 70 while the book remains relevant as it ever was with “alternative facts” and “fake news.”
  3. Many Americans say fake news is a critical problem


  1. New Strzok-Page Emails Reveal at Least FOUR FBI 302 Reports Related to Hillary Clinton’s Investigation Were Never Written
  2. House Intel Chair Adam Schiff Threatens to Subpoena Robert Mueller to Testify (Video)
  3. Remember: UK Intel and Obama’s Deep State Tried to Stop Trump in 2016 – UK Did More to Interfere on US Election than Russia
  4. Attorney General Barr: Official Explanation For Trump Surveillance Doesn’t Add Up
  5. Attorney General Barr: Trump’s critics, not Trump, are ‘shredding our norms and our institutions’
  6. Attorney General Barr: Diana West: Barr ‘will keep a lid on questions about this Special Counsel investigation’
  7. James Comey Named As Defendant In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against FBI
  8. Justice Department Is Preparing Antitrust Investigation of Google
  9. The story that no one wants to hear or believe
  10. 3 Things to Know About a Disaster Spending Bill Conservatives Couldn’t Stop
  11. Leaked Documents Show NSA Gave Israel Full Access to US Citizens’ Data in 2009
  12. Former Trump Campaign Manager, Paul Manafort, to Be Moved to Riker’s Island Prison
  13. Former UN Official: Iran May Be Only ‘Six Months’ from Nuclear Bomb
  14. Trump dirty dossier hoax author Christopher Steele will be questioned by US investigators: report
  15. Remember The DNC’s Lawsuit Over Russian Collusion? Trump Campaign Just Used The MUELLER REPORT To Demand They Retract It
  16. Hillary Clinton Rebrands As ‘Climate Change Expert,’ Is Already Ruining The Climate
  17. Terror-tied CAIR Settles Out of Court to Avoid Fraud Scheme Case
  18. John Bolton Gives Best Answer about the so called “Palestinian state”, Ever
  19. US Congress Introduces Bipartisan Bill for Aid to Palestinians
  20. FBI Counterintelligence Is Focus of Trump Campaign Spying Probe


dems behind the wall


  1. The Cost Of Amnesty For Illegal Aliens
  2. Illegal alien invasion part of left’s plan to control electoral college (Video: 4:21 minutes long.)
  3. Privately Funded Group Proves Border Wall Can Be Built (Video: 3:21 minutes long.)
  4. Border Patrol Catches 116 Africans at Texas Border
  5. Mexico Says It Is Holding Back 250K Migrants in Response to Trump’s Tariff Threat
  6. Surge Of Bangladeshi Migrants With Bogus Passports Forcing US To Rely On Dental Exams
  7. ‘Full-Blown Emergency’: Southern Border Arrests Surge
  8. Conservatives: Amnesty Bill Fails to Address Crisis
  9. Nearly 150,000 Apprehended at Border in May
  10. 1,072,000 illegal immigrants in 2019
  11. TRUMP BREAKS MEXICO: New Deal Reached, Mexico To Take Action Against Illegal Immigration Into U.S.



  1. Eco-lefties targeting state-sized Green New Deal



  1. One America News Network: OAN dives into Al Jazeera, Muslim Brotherhood’s role in U.S. politics (Video: 3:50 minutes long.)
  2. One America News Network: Final Thoughts: Attempting to Shanghai the Constitution (Video: 2:18 minutes long.)
  3. Fox News: Newt Gingrich JUST PUT THE FEAR OF GOD ON BIG DEMS!! ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!! (Video: 8:39 minutes long.)
  4. CNN: RATINGS FAIL: CNN Fires All London Correspondents
  5. CNN: Far-Left CNN Suffers Double Digit Prime time Ratings Crash in May


  1. Ala. judge says ‘no divide’ with President Trump, challenges D.C. establishment (Video: 3:06 minutes long.)
  2. UPDATED: Alabama Bill Aims To Punish False Accusations Of Rape. Media Cries Foul
  3. Alabama passes bill requiring chemical castration for certain child molesters


  1. California Democrats try to link Israeli government “clashes with Palestinians” to Pittsburgh massacre
  2. Doctor warns Los Angeles collapsing into Third World health status… the filth of progressivism has become undeniable
  3. Hill (D) on L.A. Homelessness: Government Programs ‘Working’
  4. Why I’m Never Going Back To California
  5. Oakland City Council decriminalizes all “natural psychedelics” in landmark resolution
  6. California City Officials Fight To Keep Chick-Fil-A From Doing Business
  7. Los Angeles Homeless Crisis Worsens By 16%
  8. Rats and typhoid at the police station, filth on L.A. streets — scenes from the collapse of a city that’s lost control
  9. California city approves adding ‘In God We Trust’ to police and fire vehicles


  1. ‘Coward of Broward’ Arrested: Former Sheriff’s Deputy Who Ran from School Shooting Faces 11 Charges
  2. Parkland Officer Arrested for Neglect of Child, Culpable Negligence
  3. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Banning Antisemitism in Schools, Universities
  4. 12-year-old took Uber alone to parking garage and jumped to her death


  1. Why Illinois’ Abortion Bill Is Much Worse Than New York’s
  2. Jussie Smollett’s Court Records Made Public and the Chicago Police Department Is Suing Him


  1. Judge carves out special exemption for abortuary


  1. Maine legislators OK assisted suicide; bill goes to governor


  1. These Guys Are Planning A “Straight Pride Parade” In Boston


  1. SHOCKING: Threats to Israel, Hatred of U.S. Spewed at Michigan ‘Quds Day’ Rally
  2. Detroit Imam: Wife-Beating Serves To Remind Her That She Misbehaved
  3. WATCH Dearborn, Michigan: Islamic Rally Calling for the Genocide of the Jewish People


  1. Minneapolis Cop Who Shot Woman To Death Asks For Sentence Of Two Weeks In Jail Each Year
  2. Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor gets 12.5 years for murder of unarmed, pajama-clad 911 caller Justine Damond


  1. Missouri Restaurant Declines to Host Lesbian Wedding Rehearsal Dinner


  1. NY City Mayor Bill De Blasio’s ‘No Bail’ Program Will Release Teens from Jail, Even for Violent Crimes
  2. NYC: Sharia Censorship Prohibits #IlhanMustGo Billboard Ad
  3. 60% of Hate Crimes in NYC This Year Targeted Jews
  4. NYPD apologizes for 1969 Stonewall raid that birthed modern LGBT rights movement
  5. Authorities: NY Muslim Planned Attack On Times Square With Guns, Suicide Vests And Grenades


  1. Ohio Family Bakery Stopped Shoplifter. Protesters Called Them Racist. This Jury Just Awarded The Bakery $11 Million


  1. Muslim Child Brides in Philadelphia Grows


  1. Texas AG Files Suit Over Chick-fil-A’s Exclusion From Airport
  2. A second TX city says no to drag queens reading to kids
  3. Alarming Poll: Biden Leads Trump In Texas
  4. Texas Republicans fear Trump could lose the state in 2020


  1. Va. Governor Calls for Special Gun-Control Session
  2. Congressional Candidate In Virginia Admits He’s A Pedophile


  1. Washington Supreme Court Rules Against Florist Who Refused Same-Sex Wedding



Bernie Sanders Socialism

  1. 4 Things to Know About House Democrats’ ‘Dream and Promise’ Amnesty
  2. House Dems Pass Mass Amnesty Bill
  3. Yes, Democrats Have Removed ‘So Help Me God’ From House Committee Oaths
  4. Joe Biden: Biden Declares LGBTQ Rights His No. 1 Legislative Priority
  5. Joe Biden: Dem. Front runner Joe Biden: the two-party system was “good for the Negro”
  6. Joe Biden: Biden Flips, Supports Hyde Amendment Again
  7. Joe Biden: ‘I Can No Longer Support’ the Hyde Amendment
  8. House Democrats Seek to Kill Small Nuclear Warhead
  9. House Dems Expected to Vote on Mass Amnesty Bill
  10. Senator Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts): Warren’s Manufacturing Plan Echoes Trump’s ‘America First’
  11. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Islamic Supremacist Omar Claims Latinos Can’t Compete in Merit-Based Immigration
  12. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Anti-Israel Lawmaker Ilhan Omar to Join Newly Formed Black-Jewish Caucus
  13. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Found Guilty of SIX Campaign Finance Violations, Fined Thousands, Alleged Fraudulent Tax Returns Linked to Marriage to Her Brother
  14. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (New York): Gillibrand Tells BLATANT Lies About NRA, So The NRA Reveals Her Explosive Letter From 2008 (Video: 9:17 minutes long.)
  15. Rep. Lucy McBath (Georgia): McBath Calls for ‘Gun-Free Society’



  1. Republican Senators Propose Harsher Sentences for Fentanyl
  2. Rep. Mo Brooks (Alabama): Rep. Brooks: Federal Employees Engaging in ‘Coup D’etat’ Against Trump Should Be Caught, Jailed ‘to the Maximum Term Allowed by Law’


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  1. Israel Mourns the Passing of First Lady Nechama Rivlin
  2. Netanyahu Rebukes Jihad-Reps. Omar, Tlaib
  3. Israeli Lawmaker Calls for Torah Law to Rule Jewish State ‘As in Days of King David’
  4. Likud Says No Way to Religious MK Who Sought Justice Ministry After Talk of Torah Law
  5. New Mosque Built on Temple Mount Despite Netanyahu’s Order to Close it
  6. Israel Seals Off Last, and Largest, Hezbollah Terror Tunnel
  7. Knesset Confirms Netanyahu’s Pick for State Comptroller
  8. Stabbing in Central Israel: Witnesses Say Attacker was Arab
  9. Israeli Police Arrest Arab with 110 Firebombs
  10. Israel’s High Court: Hamas Prisoners not Entitled to Family Visits
  11. Analysis: Liberman’s Campaign Strategy May Tear Apart Israel’s Social Fabric
  12. IDF Busts Hamas Rocket Smugglers
  13. Israel Working to Stop US From Publicly Endorsing Two-State Solution
  14. Israeli Airstrike Makes It Clear To Iran That It Cannot Hide In Syria
  15. 54% of religious Jews support gay marriage and partnership


  1. WATCH: Delusional Palestinian Schools Preach Israel’s Destruction
  2. WATCH: Islamic Jihad Releases Video of Apparent Drone Attack on IDF Tank
  3. New Leaks Expose Rampant Corruption Among Palestinian Leaders
  4. Senior PA Ministers Caught Laundering Money for Hamas in Malaysia
  5. WATCH: How Hamas Exploits Children For Terror
  6. Russian Jet Harasses American Navy Plane Over Mediterranean
  7. Palestinian Islamic Jihad declares Trumps peace plan “born dead”, renews violent threats to Israel
  8. WATCH: Palestinians Cry Poor to NY Times, Fork Over Millions to Terrorists
  9. Islamic State (ISIS) plotted to send westerners to U.S through Mexico border
  10. Dispute over Ramadan Prayers Results in 10 Shot to Death


  1. England: London Mayor Sadiq Khan: President Trump Is ‘Global Threat’, Farage a ‘20th-century Fascist’
  2. England: Fear of ‘Mass Arrests’ After Court Bans LGBT Class Protests
  3. England: Sexually transmitted superbug warning as infections soar 26% in a year
  4. England: Sadiq’s London: Lesbian Couple Posts Bloody Photo After Four ‘Hooligans’ Beat Them For Kissing
  5. England: Sadiq Khan’s London: Airport Jihad Attack, Shooting, Stabbings Among 7 ‘Major Incidents’ in One Day of Trump’s Visit
  6. England: Jailed jihadis are forcing other inmates to convert to Islam, beating those who don’t comply
  7. France: France jails Iranian Imam over English Channel migrant inflatable boat crossings
  8. France: Muslim beats up French cameraman filming footage outside mosque
  9. Germany: The stealth jihad role in Germany’s ignoring Jewish pleas to outlaw Hizballah
  10. Germany: Mullah Merkel allows Jew-hatred march amid rising Jew-hatred
  11. Germany: Peaceful protesters against salafist mosque construction attacked by Muslim screaming “allahu akbar”
  12. Germany: Germany 1933 Or Europe 2019?
  13. Germany: Muslim Migrant and Convert Wife in Court over ‘Ricin Attack Plot’ Against ‘Unbelievers’
  14. Netherlands: Dutch Doctors Allow 17-Year-Old Rape Victim to Take Her Own Life Due to ‘Unbearable’ Emotional Anguish
  15. Netherlands: Denmark FINALLY Admits Country Has ‘Big Problem’ With Criminal Migrants
  16. Norway: VIDEO: Knife Wielding Maniac Screaming “Allah Akhbar” Stabs One Person in Norway Attack
  17. Russia: Russia rescues Huawei — US ban backfires (Video: 7:04 minutes long.)
  18. Sweden: Muslim Migrant Rapes Host’s Children, Including 5 Year-Old Girl in Sweden, NO JAIL TIME
  19. Sweden: bishop of Stockholm says she has more in common with Muslims than “right-wing Christians”
  20. UK: Jews in fear after pro-Palestinian group supported by Jeremy Corbyn forces Jewish shops closed
  21. UK: Bereaved British teen stripped of £500,000 inheritance after Dubai sharia court told she’s Christian
  22. UK: Manchester Victoria station knife jihad attack: Mahdi Mohamud charged with multiple counts of attempted murder
  23. UK: Brexit Party poised for upset in U.K. special election (Video: 3:50 minutes long.)


  1. Asia: Millions of pigs in Asia culled as African swine fever spreads, Described as “largest outbreak we’ve ever had on the planet”
  2. China: Chinese defense minister vows ‘fight to the end & at all costs’ over trade, Taiwan issues
  3. China: ‘Social-Credit System’ Is Turning All of China into A Virtual Prison
  4. China: China Continues to Violate Human Rights
  5. China: China Unveils First Chip Designed Specifically for Mind-Reading
  6. China: China launches its first ever rocket from the sea
  7. China: China Tensions Loom at Commemoration of Tiananmen Massacre
  8. China: Why These 5 People Think We Shouldn’t Forget Tiananmen Square
  9. India: Police arrest Muslim serial killer of non-Muslim Women after 8 murders, 6 others in critical condition
  10. Indonesia: Islamic teachers instructed deadly youth riots to make country “more Muslim”
  11. Iran: LOOK: Iran’s underground MISSILE bunker packed with bombs that could SAVAGE the west
  12. Iran: Iran Hawks Prep Final Push to Dismantle Nuclear Deal
  13. Iran: Iran is ‘six months away from an atomic bomb’
  14. Iraq: Kurds in Iraq besieged by Arabs yet again
  15. Malaysia: Explosives Expert Among Three Arrested for Islamic State Terror
  16. Pakistan: violent attack on Christians incited from Mosque loudspeakers
  17. Pakistan: Dozen Cases of Honor Murder in Just Two Weeks in Pakistan
  18. Philippines: Dutch birdwatcher who was held for 7 years by Islamic terror group is KILLED by his captors as he tried to escape
  19. Sri Lanka: Muslim doctor accused of sterilizing non-Muslim patients without knowledge, consent
  20. Syria: ON EDGE: Ten killed in Israeli attack in Syria following rocket fire
  21. Turkey: Erdogan declares Istanbul is “Islam-bul”, not Constantinople
  22. Yemen: 10 shot to death in Ramadan prayer dispute


  1. Central Africa: Nun decapitated; Christian persecution deemed close to “international definition of genocide”
  2. Nigeria: “local Muslims” murder 7 Christians on way home from church, burn Christian homes
  3. South Africa: Prominent White South African Farmer Is Gunned Down in His Home While Having Dinner, Wife and Friend Survive Attack
  4. South Africa: South African Farmer Who Was Interviewed by the New York Times Was Murdered
  5. South Africa: IDF trains South African farmers to defend themselves against violent gangs


  1. Australia: DEVELOPING: Deadly flu virus kills 43 in Australia and is spreading
  2. Australia: At least four dead, two more injured after Australian gunman goes on shooting spree
  3. Australia: 200 Daycare Centers With Links to the Islamic State Are Shut Down
  4. Australia: JIHADI Sisters Jailed After TWO Knife Attacks
  5. Australia: Muslim electrician for developing weapons systems, designed missiles for the Islamic State


  1. Canada: Conservative leader Andrew Scheer throws Tory MP out of Commons committee after confrontation with Muslim witness
  2. Canada: Canada fights “hate”, while jihadist sign threatening “massacre of Jews” flaunted at Toronto al-Quds Day rally
  3. Canada: Professor Jordan Peterson declares “Islam is not compatible with democracy” amid Canada’s battle for free speech
  4. Canada: Toronto Muslim: Executing gays may sound “unfair,” but that’s sharia law and “it’s coming to Canada”
  5. Canada: Hate Fest in Canada, Times Square
  6. Canada: Toronto Al Quds rally : Muslim openly endorses murder of gays, proclaims sharia is Canada’s future
  7. Mexico: TRUMP WIN? Mexican President Says He’s Ready To Amp Up Immigration Enforcement To End Trade War


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  1. USMCA Kills the Tariff (Video: 6:24 minutes long.)
  2. Trump suspends plan to impose tariffs on Mexico after reaching deal
  3. No, Trump’s tariffs aren’t really going to wreck the economy
  4. ICYMI: April’s Great Economic News
  5. Ky. Sen. Rand Paul issues warning on failure to balance budget (Video: 4:54 minutes long.)
  6. Businesses continue hiring illegal aliens without fear of prosecution (Video: 2:42 minutes long.)
  7. LOST CONFIDENCE: The New Developments Q&A with Eric Griffin and Lynette Zang (Video: 34:26 minutes long.)
  8. Repealing the Tax Cuts Would Hit Middle Class and Workers
  9. And now, writes Tim Mullaney, the Fed must cut rates to protect the economy from Trump
  10. 14 lies about money that Americans can’t seem to shake
  11. Get out the scissors — Barclays forecasts a half-point rate cut from the Fed in July
  12. If The Fed Cuts Rates Next Month, This Is What Happens Next
  13. Something’s Blown-Up In Financial Markets Already | Dave Kranzler
  14. The Next Stage Of The Engineered Global Economic Reset Has Arrived
  15. Is There A Project Underway To Develop A New Digital Global Currency, The e-SDR?
  16. “The Skid Is Everywhere” And We Just Got Confirmation That The Worst Is Yet To Come
  17. Why You Should Not Underestimate The Severity Of The Coming Recession
  18. Druckenmiller: If Bernie Became President, Stocks Would Crash 40%, “But We’d All Be Equally Poor”


  1. Facebook shares plummet after FTC announces massive probe into Big Tech antitrust violations, censorship
  2. Microsoft market cap tops $1 trillion as stock surges to record high
  3. Uber stock hit by executive shake-up a month after the IPO
  4. Value stocks are trading at the steepest discount in history
  5. Revolve closes its first trading day up 90%
  6. Stocks notch best week of the year as jobs report fuels hopes of a Fed rate cut
  7. Trump: “Stocks Would Be 10,000 Points Higher If Fed Kept Rates Lower”
  8. The Fed, QE, & Why Rates Are Going To Zero


  1. Gold & Silver Surge As The Grieving Of Trump’s Supporters Turns From “Denial” Into “Anger”
  2. Bix Weir: Silver Investors Did EVERYTHING RIGHT, Just Missed One Single Thing
  3. Gold Is Not An investment – It’s A Store Of Value
  4. Greg Hunter: Steele Cuts Deal To Talk, Mexico Blinks On Border & Gold Prices Jumping
  5. Silver Punches Through $15 As Govt Reports A Pitiful Number Of Jobs (75,000) Created In May
  6. The Gold Miners Are Ready For MAJOR MOVES
  7. Torrid Advances In The Gold ETFs Warrant Caution
  8. TRIFECTA: Gold Rising On Recession Worries, Trade Tensions & A Dovish Fed


  1. Home flipping rate hits 9-year high — and that could foretell troubles in the housing market
  2. Why Americans are holding off on remodeling their homes (for now)


  1. Should we really wait until age 70 to receive Social Security benefits?
  2. This hybrid Social Security plan could help more people save enough for retirement
  3. Marc Faber: The Coming Pension Crisis And Its Subsequent Fallout
  4. Retirement is forced upon roughly one-quarter of Americans


  1. Deutsche Bank & Citi Foreclose On Venezuelan Gold And FX Market Rigging Banks Pay More Fines


  1. Currency War Next? Yuan Tumbles After PBOC Says “Tremendous” Room To Ease Monetary Policy


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  1. So far this year, a record 70 gray whales have been found dead and along the west coast of the US but the true figure could be as many as 700 as most die out at sea
  2. A Swarm of Aftershocks Swept Through Yellowstone, From a Quake 60 Years Ago
  3. NASA warns another solar storm similar to the 1859 Carrington Event will cost trillions
  4. The recent uptick in volcanic activity continues: Mount Merapi Indonesia blows ash columns up to 3,000 meters into the sky as the Pacific Ring ramps up
  5. Radiation levels up to 6,000 times higher than those found in the open ocean found in seafood near “CRACKED” Marshall Islands nuclear Runit Dome
  6. Temperature humans shouldn’t have to endure: Deadly heatwave in northern India climbs above the 50 deg C 122 deg F mark triggering warnings of water shortages and heatstroke
  7. DEVELOPING: Tropical threat in Gulf of Mexico may bring more misery to flood-ravaged central US
  8. It’s the wettest planting season American farmers can remember – And the flood season isn’t coming close to an end
  9. After a biblical spring, this is the week that could break the Corn Belt
  10. DEVELOPING: Hundreds of small earthquakes strike parts of Southern California
  11. When will the so-called “big one” arrive? A total of 430 quakes struck Riverside and San Bernardino counties California on Monday morning
  12. 4.3 earthquake strikes near Avalon, California
  13. An incredible Biblical swarm of ladybugs measuring 80 miles by 80 miles (130 km by 130 km), has been captured on a radar screen in Southern California this week
  14. The US suffered its 2nd wettest May ever and the wettest 12 month period ever with some cities suffering almost double the yearly average
  15. Jupiter will be so close in June you can use binoculars to see its moons
  16. Sleeping giant: Scientists warn Russian volcano could cause destruction on scale of Pompeii


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Demand Netflix Back Off Georgia Pro-Lifers!

Let’s send a strong economic message to Netflix that pro-lifers and conservatives won’t be bullied by the Hollywood elite.

Not content with debasing modern culture by continuously flooding the world with degenerate entertainment, Hollywood has decided to take it upon itself to threaten the people of Georgia over the passage of Georgia’s heartbeat law.

The Personhood Alliance and our affiliate Georgia Right to Life believe that human life should be protected from conception and without exceptionsand therefore, do not support the heartbeat law. BUT, we can all agree that the attack against the state of Georgia is an attack against all pro-life advocates. We can and should unite on this.

Until this week, the big Hollywood studios remained mostly quiet about heartbeat laws spreading across the country. It’s very likely that they sensed that America is not nearly as pro-abortion as they are, and they wanted to avoid the type of backlash they received after the national anthem protests. They also surely want to continue to take advantage of the very generous 30% tax rebate that Georgia offers film companies, as well as the favorable business environment of Georgia compared to the over-regulated over-taxed state of California from where the film companies fled.

Be it as it may, as state after state in middle America exercised their sovereign right of self-government and enacted legislation limiting the evil of abortion, abortion-activist actors have increased their calls to boycott the state of Georgia, and now Netflix has joined them.

In a statement released by the film industry magazine Variety, Netflix’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, vowed to get the streaming giant personally involved by working “with the ACLU and others to fight it in court.” For all their talk of “choice,” Hollywood liberals seem to have no problem with bullying people who wish to make different choices and live according to a different worldview than theirs.

To Netflix and to Hollywood liberals we say, enough is enough!!! Let’s fight back on this one.

We ask you to join us in signing this petition and following that up with cancelling your Netflix membership, and if you don’t have one, asking a friend or family member to cancel theirs.

What will happen if Christians continue to bend and give in to the ideological demands of the radical left? We have already seen Christians lose their businesses and their jobs for refusing to violate their Christian conscience. We must stand up to these anti-Christian, pro-abortion bullies now or risk greater and greater persecution.

Let’s start by sending Netflix a strong economic message and canceling our subscriptions.

Don’t let Netflix use a single dollar of your hard-earned money to support pro-abortion attacks on the state of Georgia. Join us in cancelling your subscription to Netflix today.

BEFORE YOU SIGN, please click on the box above the Sign button so that we can stay in touch with you and update you on the results of this petition.

May God bless you and yours.

Kroger Is Loud and Proud – Sign 1MM Petition Now!

The Kroger Co. announced it earned a perfect score on the 2019 Corporate Equality Index, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s national benchmarking tool for corporate policies and practices supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer employees.

The annual survey assesses non-discrimination workplace protections, domestic partner benefits, transgender-inclusive health care, competency programs, and public engagement with the LGBTQ community. Kroger met or exceeded all Corporate Equality Index criteria, resulting in a perfect score of 100 and designation as a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality.

“This is a very proud moment for Kroger. We have worked to create a more inclusive work environment where every associate can be their best self every day and this recognition reinforces our commitment,” said Tim Massa, Kroger’s senior vice president of human resources and chief people officer. “It is also a testament to the thoughtful insight provided by our LGBTQ associates and allies, who have shown us what we do well and where we can improve.”

Kroger also posted a video on the company’s Facebook page March 28, 2019, celebrating its 100% ranking on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index for LGBTQ – inclusive workplace policies and practices.

Not only is Kroger no longer remaining neutral, but the company is also attempting to play both sides. In their most recent issue of My Magazine, Kroger’s coupon book with recipes for their best customers, the company included a short article on the inside front cover next to the editor’s letter titled, Celebrating Pride Month, since June is Gay Pride month.

It reads: “Diversity and inclusion are part of our core values. We are honored to be recognized for our emphasis on diversity, ranking among the top U.S. corporations when it comes to inclusion. During the month of June, we’re also sponsoring dozens of events and parades across the country.” 

Kroger deliberately avoided including the words: Gay, Lesbian, and Human Rights Campaign. Kroger didn’t mention these key words and clearly omitted them.

After signing the petition, 1MM supporters can also call local Kroger Store Managers and ask a few important questions:

  1. Pride for what exactly are you celebrating?
  2. What kind of rankings?
  3. What kind of events and parades are Kroger sponsoring?


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Bizarre Rocks That Are So Out of Place, No One Can Decipher Them! (Video: 16:09 minutes long.)
  2. Genius Engineer Has Brilliantly Solved The BIGGEST Mystery of Ancient Egypt! (Video: 12:30 minutes long.)
  3. The Great Boat of Khufu Is NOT What You Think It Is! (Video: 10:43 minutes long.)
  4. One Of Egypt’s Oldest Christian Churches Discovered By Polish Archaeologists
  5. Underwater Fortress Found: Ancient Fort Linked to Bloody Biblical Battles Found Off Coast of Israel
  6. Christian Church Ruins Unearthed in Alexandria May Be Oldest Ever Found in Egypt
  7. Illegal Viking Coin Hoard Worth £500,000 Threatens To Rewrite English History
  8. Lost Artifacts of the Great Pyramid: The Mysterious Case of the Dixon Relics
  9. Syrian Army Discovers Tragic Destruction of Apamea at the Hands of Terrorists
  10. Fingerprints of Ancient Masons Reveal Advanced Iron Age Construction Technique
  11. Evidence Of New Route Into Scotland For Roman Invasion Attempt
  12. Batman Existed in Mesoamerica and His Name Was Camazotz! (Video: 10:48 minutes long.)
  13. Dinosaur herd found fossilized in gemstones in Australia
  14. Enigma Of Ancient Bell-Shaped Metal Vase Found In Solid Sedimentary Rock
  15. 2,300-Year-Old Tablet Found In Mugla, Turkey – Region Of Great Historical Importance In Ancient Times
  16. Inaccuracies Found in Radiocarbon Dating Calibrations Could Change Historical Timelines
  17. Antarctica’s Origins Update – Part One: Deglaciation Reveals More Amazing Secrets
  18. Antarctica’s Ancient Origins Update – Part Two: Did Early Voyagers Leave Evidence?
  19. Second (Or Third) Ever Skeleton with Evidence of Crucifixion Discovered


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Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Brit-Am Anthropology and DNA Update (24 October 2017, 4 Heshvan, 5778) (2 June, 2019, 28 Iyar, 5779)
  2. Ten Tribes Studies (5 June, 2019, 2 Sivan, 5779)


Israel_s Tribes Today


LOST ISRAEL FOUND!…Most efforts to locate the “lost” House of Israel have failed because of erroneous assumptions. Searchers assume that the supposedly “lost” ten tribes of Israel would be found in isolated little bands of people. However, the first chapter of Hosea and other Biblical prophecies foretold that the nations of the ten tribes would be found among the most wealthy and powerful nations with large populations!  Traces the Israelite migrations into Europe after the fall of Parthia, and locates each of the tribes of Israel among the modern nations.

This book identifies the modern house of Israel as those nations descending from the Goths, Saxons, Germans and related peoples who migrated into Europe from Asia after the fall of Parthia and Scythia. They have enjoyed national prominence, power, and prosperity as the primary recipients of the divine “birthright” blessings of the Abrahamic Covenant. Many nations have Israelite roots, in whole or in part. Not only did they retain Semitic-Israelite names and customs, but many of the tribal and clan names of the ten tribes of Israel are found among them. This book presents exciting new research and over 140 maps, charts, and illustrations to provide convincing evidence concerning the Israelite origin of large modern nations. The final portion of this book utilizes Biblical prophecies about the tribes of Israel, as well as evidence of secular history, to identify the descendants of each tribe in the modern world. Readers may marvel at how specifically the prophecies have been fulfilled among modern nations, and that these nations even now enjoy the promised blessings of the Abrahamic Covenant. With the substantial body of evidence laid out in this book, their Israelite origin and character is impossible to miss.


The Feast of Weeks

Feast of Weeks: a Messianic User-Friendly Family Guide: Guidelines the Celebrate Shavuot: the Feast of Pentecost

More and more Beloved Christians are asking questions on the Biblical Feasts. 

Shavuot (Pentecost) is the anniversary of Moses’ receiving the Commandments and the Wedding Invitation from God at Mount Sinai. This happened exactly 50 days after they left Egypt. Moses then went up the mountain and God came down in fire. Later 3,000 Israelites rebelled against God and God destroyed them. 

50 days after Yeshua (Jesus) rose from the dead He ascended into heaven. The disciples went up (as Moses did) into the Upper Room and God came down in fire. The first Assemble was then birthed with 3,000 believers. This is the purpose of studying the festival, it is loaded with typology and remarkable truths, yes EACH AND EVERY Old Testament festival, sacrifice, offering, etc. is full of typology!

Pentecost (Shavuot) is an ancient feast celebrated since the time of Mt Sinai, and mentioned in Leviticus 23. Yeshua did indeed fulfil this feast by the outpouring of God’s Spirit. Beloved the word ‘Pentecost’ is only a Greek word meaning ‘fiftieth’ as both events happened on the 50th day! If you attend in a Pentecostal Church beloved Christian, then it simply means you attend a ’50th Church’, nothing more, smile.

On this specific day was the celebration of God entering the affairs of men in a profound way. On Shavuot (the first Pentecost), it was to teach people how to live as the community of God and with other people, and later on Pentecost (Yeshua’s time) it was to empower them to do so.

The truth is that God has always had His important 7 POINT PLAN OF SALVATION foreshadowed by His festivals and has always had His most important eschatological events fall on the dates of these festivals. In other words, God’s redemption plan for mankind is encoded in the seven main feasts of Leviticus chapter 23.

This book gives you the fun practical steps as to how you can celebrate this feast as an individual or group; it makes everybody involved with fun and excitement!

(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


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Another Coffee Break

Deliver Us From Evil, Part 11

In our last study on this topic, we began doing a breakdown and pursuit of understanding the various words that are translated in the Old and New Testaments — Hebrew and Greek — that are either translated “witchcraft” or “sorcery” or one of the variants that are part of the whole genre of witchcraft in general.

We wrapped up taking a look at the word pharmakeia, which is one of the primary words translated witchcraft in the New Testament, and specifically translates as: “to enchant with drugs.”  I want to move on today with another one of these 64-dollar words from the Greek that are part and parcel of witchcraft or sorcery.

Witchcraft.  Manipulation.  Control.  The control of our thoughts and subsequent behavior by lies repeated again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again, ad nauseam.  It’s easier to believe the lies than it is to believe God’s Word!  We’ve heard those same lies propagated from the pulpits of churches for centuries.

Preachers and ministers of the Gospel have been permeated with the same witchcraft our society has been filled with, and because they haven’t had a deep, interpersonal, one-on-one love relationship with Jesus Christ, the Truth of His Word and His promises have gotten lost in the shuffle; and they’ve simply repeated the same old drivel coming out of Mammon, the Beast.

Most Christians have been deceived into taking the Mark of the Beast, and are completely oblivious to it.  They live and operate by and through the world system, by a system that controls their behavior, their lives, their finances – their thinking!  It’s witchcraft, folks!  Pure and simple.

Wow!  I’ve hardly scratched the surface.  Looks like we’re going to be on this topic for awhile.  There are a lot of words in Greek and Hebrew that translate out to witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment, etc.  Every one of them has its own special significance.

We’ve gotten started on this topic of Witchcraft, Sorcery and Fear over the past few weeks, and I want to continue today with a look at a word that occurs in reference to witchcraft and idolatry in the New Testament Greek.  I was going to take a different track today, but felt to deal with this word before we go any further because of the way this form of witchcraft or sorcery has taken hold in the body of Christ.

The word, eidololatreia, is generally translated “idolatry,” in the New Testament.  It occurs in its various forms 33 times in the Greek text.  By itself, it translates literally to: wholly given over to idols; the intense worship of idols; the service of idols.

One of its combination words is: latreia, which generally translates to “service.”  The context of this kind of “service” is what I want to get at.

John 16: 2-3:  “They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.  And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me.

This Greek word, latreia, has a companion word, leitourgeo, which provides us with the context.  Leitourgeo is the verb (or adverb) form, and its noun form is leitourgia.  Thus, leitourgeo is the “doing,” and leitourgia is the “doer.”  On the surface, these words sound absolutely wonderful.

Leitourgeo translates out: to perform a public function; to perform religious or charitable functions; to minister to a need, to relieve or serve.

Sounds good, right?  We often see our representatives in government in this context, and it can be a proper application to use that word this way.

Here’s the problem.  The word, leitourgeo is derived from leitourgos: a functionary in the temple; more generally, it is applied to a worshiper and one who is a benefactor.  See the catch?  Benefactor?

This word derives from the picture of one who has both ability and resources meeting the needs of one who is needy.  The benefactor is the superior individual, whereas the “needy” individual is inferior – at least at that moment in time.

There is nothing wrong with being a benefactor in our society today.  There is a sense of good, a sense of accomplishment, a sense of well-being that goes with serving the needs of people.  The problem comes when we retain that place of being and standing in our efforts to serve God.

Since when are we the benefactors of God?  Since when is He needy and wanting?  To come to Him in that sense is to come before God in utter arrogance and pride.

We have an English word you no doubt easily recognize from these Greek words: liturgy.  We often make reference to the so-called “liturgical churches” and the fact that they have a spelled-out liturgy for those who attend the church services.  Liturgy, in today’s usage, literally means: order of service.

Liturgy, my friends, IS a form of witchcraft and idolatry.  We spell out – usually on paper, but not necessarily – the songs we are going to sing, the time when we are going to take up an offering, the time when we are going to have some testimonies (if indeed such a thing even happens during the service anymore), announcements, and the topic of the morning (or evening) sermon: i.e., the order of the service, and [almost] the timing of things to a gnat’s hair.

We start at 10:00 AM (or 11:00 AM – or whatever time we so choose) promptly, and by 12:00 noon, folks are looking at their watches to make sure the preacher is going to let them out of church in time to take care of their roast in the oven, or whatever.

We basically say to the Lord, “this is what you get from us today, and that’s it! 

Consider yourself fortunate that we’ve done all of this for you.  You have need of our service, and we’ve given it to you.

It is the attitude that makes the difference between liturgy and real worship.  It is the spirit that makes the difference between whether we are engaging in sorcery, and attempting to manipulate God into doing certain things for us or meet certain needs and whether or not we are engaging in true praise and worship in a spirit of love.

Leitourgeo – liturgy – when applied like this is nothing more and nothing less than witchcraft, sorcery, and idolatry.  It takes a humanistic approach, putting man in the driver’s seat as the benefactor of God.  It takes away completely the freedom and liberty that exists in the Spirit.

Worship is nonexistent.  Praise is nonexistent.  We’ve gathered together to sing songs, have a good old time, listen to a (hopefully) inspirational and motivational 20- or 30-minute message that makes us feel good and tickles our insides, and then we head out the door to do our more important things.  We’ve “given” God an hour or two of our time (if He’s really fortunate), we’ve done our duty to Him and now it’s time for us to get on with our day and our week.

Wasn’t that really big of us?  Didn’t we really bless God by our service (latreia-leitourgeo)?

Uhh Huhh!  Right!  Sure!  Eidololatreia: idolatry.  The trick here is that WE are the idols we are worshiping.  We’ve become so important to ourselves and so preeminent that our needs and our lives take the greater importance over our worship and true service of or waiting upon the Lord Jesus Christ.  We’ve become number One.

Get this.  We are stupid enough and arrogant enough to think that we are doing God service.  It stinks in the nostrils of God!

There is a rather extraordinary example drawn for us in the picture of Saul.  In I Samuel 15, we have a picture of Saul being instructed by Samuel (as the prophet of God) to kill Agag, the king of the Amalekites, to destroy every last man, woman and child, sheep and oxen and beast of burden and to wait for him following the battle to offer up a burnt offering and sacrifice to the Lord.

Saul, in fact, saves Agag alive (it was politically expedient for Saul to keep his foe alive and in chains in order to demonstrate his military might and supremacy), keeps alive the best of the sheep and the oxen, the fatlings and the lambs “for a burnt offering to the Lord.”  You’ve got the picture, I’m sure.

It didn’t matter that the Lord had instructed Him to destroy them all because of the evil Amalek had wrought upon Israel when they were fleeing Egypt.  It didn’t matter that Saul was instructed to destroy ALL of the livestock and beasts of burden.  Saul decides that his choices are of greater importance than God’s.

Saul makes a decision on how he will “serve” the Lord and “offer up” to the Lord sacrifices and burnt offerings of the sheep and oxen kept alive.  Thus, he determines his own liturgy for his “order of service” to the Lord.

Samuel shows up on the scene, realizes what has happened and rebukes Saul.

I Samuel 15:22-23:  “And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.

Got it?  Saul’s decisions were seen by the Lord as direct rebellion.  His choice to save alive the best of the sheep and oxen for his “order of service” was regarded by the Lord as idolatry.  Both those choices cost Saul the throne of the kingdom, and – most importantly – his standing with God.

It isn’t any different in today’s society – and especially today’s churches.  When we come before the Lord with a planned order of things, a set schedule of how we are going to “serve the Lord” and do this really big thing for Him, He sees our idolatry. Idolatry results in a loss of standing with God.  Witchcraft – manipulation and control of people and events – and idolatry – the worship of, or placing greater importance upon anyone or anything than we do of the Lord – costs us our kingship.

Need to rule over sickness and disease?  Need to rule over poverty and needs?  Need to rule over the prevailing circumstances in your life instead of having them prevail over you?

It ain’t gonna happen, folks, when you decide that you will “serve” the Lord according to your dictates, your priorities, your needs and your wants.  You can call it “service” if you want.  The Lord calls it witchcraft and idolatry.

The “createds” don’t tell the Creator when, how and where they will respond to Him. “Whosoever wills” don’t come to Jesus Christ as their redeemer and decide the terms and conditions under which they will serve Him, walk with Him, love Him and become heirs and joint-heirs in the Kingdom of God.

Rulership is for those who meet God’s conditions.  The mandate for becoming an heir and joint-heir with Jesus Christ is determined by the Testator – NOT the heir.

Want to become an heir of the Kingdom of God?  Want access to health, life, wholeness, healing, prosperity, and abundance in Christ?  Then stop making up the conditions upon which you think you can have them.  Stop with your fake “orders of service.”  They count for squat in terms of spiritual value and Kingdom authority.

I know this sounds really strong — and my comments are not intended for those who really are coming before the Lord to minister to Him — on His terms — but rather, those who are stuck in the religious system — that system we’ve talked about in bygone days that came out of the Sadducees and Pharisees.  The Sadducees had an ecclesiastical, hierarchical order we refer to as “Power over Man.”  The Pharisees had an order we know today as “Democratic” — or rather, “Power to the People.”

No matter how you slice it, whether you see it as power vested in a few, or power vested in the masses, it is still “Power to Man.” NOT Power to God.  Whether you know it as “Secular Humanism” or “Religious Humanism,” it still boils down to humanism — man making the decisions for himself and taking God off the Throne of their lives.

I need to take you down a bit of a rabbit trail for a while to show you where this Spirit of Idolatry leads in the body of Christ.  Allow me to borrow from something I wrote in the book (soon to be published) titled: Seven Nations, Seven Letters.  You’ll recall from earlier discussions that this book deals with the parallel between the seven nations that occupied Canaan — the same ones that God commanded Israel to drive out of the land He was giving to them — and the seven letters in Revelation which essentially become a single letter to the Body of Christ.

Next week we will begin with the Letter to Thyatira, which addresses the idolatry and witchcraft that was manifested in Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab.

Regner A. Capener

Temple, Texas 76504

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Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus – Part 4
By Dr. Roy Blizzard

What does it mean to be comforted?  You shall establish yourself on righteousness.  What’s righteousness?  Turn to Isaiah 51:3, “The Lord will comfort Zion.  He will comfort all her waste places.” (v. 12)  “I, even I, am he who comforts you.”  (v. 19) “Two times of calamities have befallen you.  Who feels sorry for you and commiserates with you.  There is desolation and destruction and famine and sword; how shall I comfort thee?”  He’s already answered the question.  I, even I, am he who comforts you.  What does it mean to be comforted?  It’s a synonym for salvation.  It means to be saved. 

              Blessed are those who are poor in spirit, who are thoroughly repentant, who have turned from their sin, who love God and keep his commandments, who are broken hearted for their own spiritual strength and they cry out to God in helplessness and despair, these are the people that are going to be saved.  These are the ones over whom God is ruling now.  Comforted means saved. 

              Matthew 5:5: “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.”  What does it mean to be meek?  Ps. 37:11: “But the meek shall inherit the land…”  There it is. It isn’t original with Jesus.  Would you be surprised if I told you that Jesus said almost nothing that is original with him?  He did almost nothing that someone before him had not done.  He came performing all of these mighty works…it wasn’t unusual.  It’ wasn’t unique.  In many instances they weren’t even impressed.  They didn’t run out and say, Boy, did you see that miracle?  We’ve never seen anything like that before.  They said, “What manner of man is it that does these things?  No one can do what he is doing unless God is with him.”  They had been sustained throughout all of their history with miracles.  In Hebrew there isn’t even a consciousness of miracle as there is in English.  There isn’t even a word for miracle as we think of miracle in English.  Why?  These people were the children of God.  They just expected it.  It wasn’t a miracle, it was an inheritance.  So he says almost nothing unique.  He’s always hinting back to that which had already been said and then getting his own idealistic interpretation as he had come to reveal truth.

              Blessed are the poor in spirit.  Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.  Right out of Ps. 37:11.  But what does it mean to be meek.  Whatever it is I want to get it.  I want to be it because it’s only going to be the meek that are going to inherit the earth. Look back up 37:9, “evil doers shall be cut off; but those who wait and hope and look for the Lord shall inherit the earth.”  Now it tells me here that those who hope and look and wait for the Lord are going to inherit the earth.  By the way, what is hope?  Hope is now wishful thinking.  Hope is one’s confident conviction that God will do what he said he will do.  Who are going to inherit the earth?  Those who are hoping for, waiting for, and looking for the Lord.  They are going to inherit the earth.  v. 29, “Then the uncompromisingly righteous shall inherit the land and dwell upon it forever.”  v. 21, “The wicked borrows and pays not again; but the uncompromisingly righteous deals kindly and gives (is generous).”  Who is going to inherit the land?  The uncompromisingly righteous will.  What does it mean to be meek?  It means one who is hoping for, who is confidently expecting the coming of the Lord, who is waiting for him, who is uncompromisingly righteous, in that he gives of himself in the ministry to others.  This is the person who is going to inherit the land.  What does it mean to be meek?  To be uncompromisingly righteous.  Who’s going to inherit the land?  The uncompromisingly righteous are going to inherit the land.  What does it mean to be meek?  It means to be righteous. 

              Matthew 5:6: “Blessed are those who are hungering and thirsting after righteousness: for they shall be filled.”  Do you see what’s happening?  He’s just building one right on top of another.  What does it mean to be meek?  It means to be uncompromising righteous.  Now blessed are those who are hungering and thirsting after that righteousness.  Ps. 37:17-19: “for the arms of the wicked shall be broken; but the Lord upholdeth the righteous.  The Lord knows the day of the upright and blameless; and their heritage shall abide forever.  They shall not be put to shame in the time of evil; and in the days of famine they shall be satisfied.”   Do you see that?  There is a lot of nonsense that’s going around in the body of Christ.  A lot of it is based on nothing more than fear that things are getting bad, times are getting hard, it’s going to get worse and worse, economic situation is going to collapse, money market is going to collapse, the whole world is going to collapse around us, and therefore we need to go out and store up all of this rapture foods, freeze dried foods, and get ready for the rapture.  One of these days, when all of this comes down, if we don’t have all of these groceries stored up we won’t make it through.  The church is going to have to go through the tribulation and all kinds of nonsense.  Listen brethren, I know of great men of God, great churches, that have been deceived by this doctrine.  I could name off one right after another.  I know of two here in Texas.  I’m talking about great churches and great people.  I was speaking at one of them several years ago, and the church was so large that it had 8 full time pastors on the staff.  They came to me excited and told me how that God had showed them how hard things were going to get and how they needed to store up all of these groceries and they had gone out and bought four acres of ground and every pastor had bought an old box car and they were going to fill that box car with groceries and go out and bury it in the ground and have all of that food ready whenever difficult times came.  After talking with them they abandoned the whole project.  That whole concept is based on fear and the Bible says that God has not given us the spirit of fear.  Fear doesn’t come from God. What do you mean?  Who is this man?  Who is this that is in me?  God!  Do you mean that this one who had the power to take five loaves and two fishes and feed thousands and then take up 12 baskets full can’t supply me in my hour of need?  You mean this one who took 7 water pots and turned it into wine hasn’t got the power to take water and turn it into gasoline if necessary to get me from point A to point B?  If he doesn’t do it that way at least he could transport me in the spirit like he did Philip.  What does this say?  “The Lord upholds the righteous and he knows the days of the upright and the blameless, and they’ll never be put to shame in the time of evil.”  In the days of famine they’re going to be satisfied.  V. 25: “I have been young, and now am old; Yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, not his seed begging bread.”  How immature can the body of Christ be?  I happen to have close personal friends of mine that have numbers tattooed on their arms from Concentrations camps in Nazi Germany.  They told me that one of the first things that happened when Hitler rode into power was that they came and confiscated all of their food.  One of our prayers partners, a mighty warrior for God, out in CA, five years old Hitler used her as an example of the pure Arian race because she was blond headed and blue eyed and he didn’t know that she was a Jewess.  Wounded 38 times in her body with shrapnel with the bombing of Berlin.  Laying in the gutter with her life’s blood flowing out of her veins, cried out to God to spare her, came here, found Jesus as her Messiah and she’s on fire for God.  She’s told me time and again that the highlight of the week was when they got one egg.  They spent all week thinking about how they were going to cook that egg.  Were they going to hard boil it or were they going to scramble it or were they going to fry it.  What were they going to do with it?  The first thing the Nazi’s did when they rode into power was to confiscate all of their food and all of their goods.  Do you think it’s going to be any different if times get hard?  The only way that we’re going to be sustained and that’s to be uncompromisingly righteous and if we are because even in the midst of famine we’re going to be fed and I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread.  Isaiah 55:1, 2 “Wait and listen everyone that is thirsty.  Come to the waters and he who has no money come, buy, and eat.  Come buy priceless spiritual wine and milk without money and without price. Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread and your earnings for that which does not satisfy?  Harken diligently unto me for that which is good and let your soul delight itself in the fatness, the profuseness of spiritual joy.”  Isaiah 65:13: “Therefore thus says the Lord God, behold my servants shall eat but you shall be hungry.  My servants shall drink, but you shall be thirsty.  My servants shall rejoice, but you shall be put to shame. Blessed are those are hungering and thirsting after righteousness because these are the kinds of people God saves.”  That’s what it means to be filled.  Ps. 22:26, “The poor and afflicted shall eat and be satisfied. They shall praise the Lord who diligently seek for, inquire of, and for him and require him as their greatest need.”  Notice who is going to eat?  The poor and afflicted.  See how all of this builds on one after the other?  What does it mean to be poor in spirit?  What does it mean to be a spiritual mourner?  What does it mean to be meek?  Uncompromisingly righteous.  Now who is going to be filled?  Those who are uncompromisingly righteous who are hungering and thirsting after God’s salvation because these are the people God saves.  Righteousness in Hebrew doesn’t mean holiness.  It has two meanings: in the broad meaning righteousness means salvation, and if you’ll just look in Isaiah you’ll notice the righteousness is used time and time again synonymously with salvation.  Righteousness means God’s salvation.  In narrow limited sense it’s the Hebrew word tzedakah, and it means alms giving.   We’ve already read the uncompromisingly righteous is going to inherit the land because he gives.

              Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.  Where do you find giving mercy in the Old Testament?  You don’t.  You will never find it used of man in the O.T. but you will in the writings of the Rabbis.  You’ll find it in Rabbinic literature showing mercy and bestowing mercy, but you will find receiving mercy.  Proverbs 28…what does it mean to receive mercy?  This is magnificent but it smarts a little bit.  We think mercy is receiving comfort or being sensitive to one’s needs and ministering to them and holding their hand when their sick, visiting in the hospital.  v. 13: “He who covers his transgressions shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsakes them shall obtain mercy.”  Who is going to get mercy?  Whoever forsakes his sin and confesseth it.  Do you remember that the poor in spirit are those who are sorry for their sins, they are repentant, penitent who has turned to God, loves his word and keeps his commandments.  Now mercy…he who confesses his sin and forsakes his sins shall obtain forgiveness.  So mercy means forgiveness.  Now, here’s the rub. Blessed are those who are forgiving for they shall be forgiven.  Do you remember what Jesus said?  If you expect me to forgive you you’d better be forgiving and forgive your brother.  If you’ve got any sacrifice to offer unto God and you’ve got anything against a brother you go to your brother and get that thing taken care of first and then come and then come and offer your sacrifice. If you do not forgive your fellow man your heavenly Father is not going to forgive you.  If you don’t forgive you’re not going to be forgiven.  I see it everywhere I go.  Men and women have been expecting something from God.  They’ve been praying for healing and haven’t received it.  Why?  I dare say that more people fail to receive from God whatever it is that they need whether it be prosperity, physical healing, whatever because their bound with spirits of bitterness and resentment and unforgiveness.  Their holding a grudge against somebody and their just bound up with all of that hate and anger and bitterness and they won’t let go. It happened 30 years ago but they won’t forget.  Do you know something?  God doesn’t expect you to forget, he expects you to forgive and then whenever you forgive it doesn’t make any difference.  You say but you just don’t understand how I’ve been hurt.  You don’t understand what that person did.  You don’t understand how that person treated me.  You don’t understand what that person said.  I don’t care.  What I do understand is that unless you forgive you’re not going to be forgiven, so that means it doesn’t matter how you feel you’re going to have to forgive.  You can be honest with God and he knows all of this anyway.  You can say God, you know my feelings.  You know what happened and you know that I don’t feel like forgiving.  But because your word says to forgive and because I love you and I want to keep your commandments I’m going to forgive. The confession of my mouth is going to be I forgive and then you say I forgive and say it over and over and all of a sudden you do forgive because God got your feelings in line with the confession of your mouth.  Then you can begin to receive from God.  Blessed are those who are forgiving because they’re going to be forgiving.  

              Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.  What does it mean to be pure in heart?  Where is that found in the O.T.?  What kind of people are the worshippers of God?  Ps 24:3, 4: “Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord?  And who shall stand in the holy place?  He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who has not lifted up his soul unto falsehood, and hath not sword deceitfully.”  What does it mean to be pure in heart? Never to have lifted yourself up to falsehood, nor sworn deceitfully.  What does it mean to be pure in heart?  It means to be a man of integrity and not a liar.  How does one of the Ten Commandments go?  Thou shall not bear false witness.  What does that mean?  It does not mean thou shalt not lie.  There are all kinds of lies and we’ve thought that all kinds of lies were bad.  One lie is just as bad as another. There are little white lies and there are big black lies and all kind of lies in-between and one lie is just as bad as another.  That’s not what this commandment says.  There are times when a little white lie is the better part of wisdom.  How do you like my new hat honey?  Is your coffee and toast ok this morning?  Are your eggs like you like them?  I’m going to eat them because if I don’t I know whose going to be fixing them tomorrow.  To bear false witness means to give false witness in a court of law.  You remember that the Bible says that at the mouth of two witnesses a matter of established.  What this has to do with is that in a court of Law when man is on trial for his life, you’re not going to bear false witness against him that will lead to his harm, so when it says in the Biblical text that thou shall not bear false witness and when it talks about lying it’s talking about the intent on the part of the person to deceive to one’s harm.  Lying in Hebrew means an intentional deception to the harm of the individual. 

Who is going to stand before God?  Who is going to see God?  The one who has a pure heart.  But what does it mean to have a pure heart?  It means one who has never lifted himself up to falsehood to intentionally deceive.  One who is a person of integrity, a man of his word, one whose word is as good as his bond.  I’ve had to live down, for 30 years of my life, going into a community, trying to live down the reputation of some preacher before me who was run out of town because he didn’t pay his bills.  Now the situation has worsened.  It’s not just preachers anymore but people in the pew.  It’s gotten to the business that I’d almost rather do business than a heathen than I would a Christian because at least they pay their bills.  About the only time that I’ve gotten ripped off in my ministry is with Christians.  Somehow or another we’ve for this Pollyanna philosophy that God owes it to us.  I’ve got it coming to me.  You don’t.  God expects his people to live in the world and before the world without rebuke.  He expects them to honest and live within their means, to be men and women of integrity and people who pay their bills on time or at least make arrangements to take care of their obligations if difficult times befall them.  To be pure in heart means to be honest, it means to be a man and woman of integrity, and one whose word is as good as their bond.  Who’s going to see God?  Those who haven’t sworn deceitfully nor lifted themselves up to falsehood.  

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.  What is a peacemaker?  It’s never used of men in the O.T., it’s only used of God.  But it is used in the Mishnah.  (Peah 1:1)  Do you know what peah is?  The plural is peyot.  Have you ever seen an Orthodox Jews with the long side curls hanging down?  That is a peah, plural peyote.  He doesn’t cut the corners of his hair.  Why?  This ties in with everything that we’ve been saying.  In the O.T. commands the Jews that he isn’t to cut the corner of his hair to remind him that he’s not to cut the corner of his fields, but he is to leave the corners of his fields for the poor to glean in.   It was Ruth that was gleaning in the field of Boaz. 

It’s not found in the O.T., but it is found in the Mishnah.  Sons of God you’ll find in Hosea 1:10.  “Yet the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured nor numbered; and it shall come to pass that, in the place where it was said unto them, Ye are not my people, it shall be said unto them, Ye are the sons of the living God.” Who are the sons of the living God?  Those who are making peace whatever that means.  What is the Hebrew word for peace?  Shalom.  What’s the Hebrew word for Hello?  Shalom.  What’s the Hebrew word for goodbye?  Shalom.  We can go on and on. One of my colleagues when he was writing his doctoral dissertation did the entire work on the root shem, lamed, mem from which shalom comes.  Shalom means to be whole, complete, perfect, at peace, at rest, saved, secure.  Blessed are those who are bringing men and women into wholeness, into completeness…these are the people who are called sons of the living God.   How can one bring one into peace?  How can a man be whole, saved, secure, how can he have real peace?  Jesus says, My peace I leave with you.  My peace I give unto you.  Be not afraid.  Only in him can one be made whole.  Blessed are those who are bringing men and women into wholeness, completeness, salvation…blessed are those who are getting men and women saved because these are the ones who are called sons of the living God. 

Blessed are they who are persecuted for righteousness sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  What does it mean to be persecuted for righteousness sake?  There are over four mistranslations in this passage alone.  It has absolutely nothing to do with persecution.


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