News You May Not Have Heard About — 05/26/2019

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Memorial Day – Monday, May 27, 2019


I salute all my fellow brothers and sisters who have and are serving in the U.S. Armed Services.

I encourage everyone to take the time to watch these short videos of some of our soldiers. All gave some and some gave all. I have wept many tears watching all of these videos.

  1. Idaho State Veterans Cemetery – Memorial Day 2016 (Video: 2:32 minutes long.)
  2. Honoring Fallen Vets (Video: 2:25 minutes long.)
  3. Veterans Day / Memorial Day Tribute (Video: 15:03 minutes long.)

American Bald Eagle-5

  1. Memorial Day Tribute | Mansions of the Lord | Hillsdale College (Video: 3:48 minutes long.)
  2. Angel Flight Radio Tower Remix With Lyrics (Radney Foster)(Video: 4:27 minutes long.)
  3. The Angel Flight- A1C Austin Harper Gates Benson (Video: 6:47 minutes long.)

U.S. Army [Emblem][Military Insignia 3D][1.5]

  1. Fallen Army Ranger Sgt. Tanner Higgins Returns Home(Video: 9:54 minutes long.)
  2. Dignified transfer: A fallen soldier’s final journey home(Video: 6:26 minutes long.)
  3. In The Arms Of An Angel-American Soldiers Tribute (Video: 4:46 minutes long.)

United States Navy Seal

  1. Vietnam Veterans never expected this.. (Video: 3:29 minutes long.)
  2. Veteran finds a fallen buddy on Vietnam Wall (Video: 4:33 minutes long.)
  3. Veterans Day: Soldiers Returning Home (Video: 6:42 minutes long.)

United States Marine Corp Shield

  1. Memorial Day Tribute – “Thank You” (Video: 2:03 minutes long.)
  2. “Hymn to the Fallen” by John Williams (Video: 6:05 minutes long.)
  3. Sad military video (Video: 4:32 minutes long.)


  1. Memorial Day tribute to fallen soldiers (Video: 8:21 minutes long.)
  2. Todd Heisler – Final Salute (Video: 5:08 minutes long.)
  3. Memorial Day Tribute Created By James Nagle (Final Version) (Video: 6:24 minutes long.)

United States Coast Guard Seal

  1. Psalm 23 Memorial day tribute (Video: 5:01 minutes long.)
  2. Memorial Day – A Tribute (Video: 2:25 minutes long.)
  3. True Meaning of Memorial Day (Video: 2:16 minutes long.)


The Great Seal of The United States of America

American Bald Eagle-1

The American Bald Eagle–America’s Symbol of Freedom


The Great Seal of The President of the United States of America

Let us never forget those who have served in the Armed Services and those who gave all serving America. Again, I as an Air Force veteran, salute you who are still serving America. May the Almighty watch over you and keep you safe. May His Face shine upon you and give you His Grace. May He embrace each of you with His loving arms. May He comfort you each and every day.

For all those who have given their all in serving America, May the Almighty One, the Creator of the Heavens and Earth embrace those who they have left behind. May His mercies over take you and help you each day with your loss.

A Soldier's Prayer



USA Banner-New



  1. Trump Lowers Iran War Talk, Calls Rising Tensions ‘Fake News’
  2. Trump Throws Down: ‘If Iran Wants To Fight, That Will Be The Official End Of Iran’
  3. President @realDonaldTrump makes an announcement regarding trade with Canada and Mexico
  4. President Trump is Looking at Pardons for Our Brave Soldiers
  5. Trump: Pelosi’s ‘Tantrum’ Claim Is ‘A Lie,’ And There’s Proof
  6. Trump: People Dealing With Pelosi See Her ‘Disintegrating Before Their Eyes’
  7. You’re not humans, how can you sit on Gold, diamond and oil and still be poor-Donald Trump descends on Africa again
  8. President Trump Takes Late Night Shot at FBI Director Wray Following Declassification Order of Spygate Docs
  9. Trump Targets UK, Australia And Ukraine Over ‘Greatest Hoax In The History Of Our Country’
  10. Trump Attacks Military Industrial Complex, Urges Infrastructure Investments In Middle East

3 Branches of U.S. Government


  1. Trump Administration: Trump Admin Kicks Off Plan to Foster Israeli-Palestinian Peace
  2. Mike Pompeo (United States Secretary of State): We Will Not Allow Iran to Hide Behind Its Proxy Forces
  3. FBI: Hamas Supporter Arrested for Plotting to Bomb Trump Tower, Aiding Terror Organization


  1. Govt Program Leads the Fight Against Fake Videos and Disinformation Online
  2. Russia: Russia to Set Up ‘Fake News Database’


  1. WAR DRUMS: The Trump administration has already built its case for Iran war
  2. U.S. Intel Warns Iran Plotting ‘Tactical Surprise’ Attacks in Gulf
  3. Iran’s Proxy War Is The Real Problem
  4. Pentagon Proposing 10,000 More Troops, Patriot Missiles to Counter Iran
  5. WAR DRUMS: 1,500 more troops and defensive capabilities headed to Middle East to deter Iran
  6. Dozen Fighter Jets & Drone Fleet Sent To Counter “Escalating Campaign By Iran”
  7. Poll: Half Of American Adults Expect War With Iran Within Next Few Years
  8. U.S. intercepted Iranian Orders to Hezb’Allah to Attack American
  9. U.S. Warns Assad Regime Preparing New Chemical Weapons Attacks
  10. Navy Again Sends Warship to Disputed S. China Sea
  11. Tensions erupt as US sail warship near Spratly Islands ‘angering Beijing’
  12. US ‘sees signs’ Damascus ‘may’ have used chlorine in Idlib, threatens ‘quick & appropriate’ response
  13. Russian bombers intercepted off the coast of Alaska
  14. Russia’s New Generation of Nuclear Weapons Render US Missile Defense Obsolete
  15. Equality Act: Equality for ALL??? (Video: 31:27 minutes long.)
  16. Equality Act: A misnamed legal jackhammer strikes
  17. Equality Act: The Equality Act would turn America upside down
  18. D’Souza explodes the lie that Democrats care about starving Latinos (Video: 4:02 minutes long.)
  19. GOP Rep. calling for Trump impeachment has personal business interests in China (Video: 2:33 minutes long.)
  20. Amash for POTUS??? (Video: 32:57 minutes long.)
  21. U.S. Embassy targeted in Baghdad strike (Video: 3:16 minutes long.)
  22. Happening now – Unelected Tech Giants Meet With Globalists To Form Internet Government – 1535 – 9A
  23. Part of ‘Deal of Century’ to be released on June 25 in Bahrain
  24. COMEY RATS OUT BRENNAN: Fired FBI Chief Claims Brennan Pushed Junk Dossier in IC Report
  25. Joe di Genova Drops BOMB On Barack Obama, James Comey- Reveals ALL Of Their Secrets! (Video: 3:56 minutes long.)
  26. Under a Cloud of Suspicion of Treason and Possible Indictment John Brennan to Brief Dems on Islamic Republic of Iran
  27. Mouthpiece for IRAN??? (Video: 4:36 minutes long.)
  28. Developing: Democrat Chairman of House Oversight Committee and Wife Accused of Massive Pay-to-Play Scandal
  29. Deep State FBI and DOJ Brass Had Exculpatory Evidence to Absolve Trump Campaign and Withheld It from FISA Court
  30. Federal Efforts to Secure Key Cities From Mass Terror Attack Found Faulty
  31. Lawmaker: Americans Will Be ‘Astonished’ By FBI Probe Transcripts
  32. McGahn No-Show — Nadler FROTHS!!! (Video: 42:34 minutes long.)
  33. Lawmaker Who Helped Write Obamacare: ‘What We Have Now Is Not Working’
  34. HUD Secretary Ben Carson Lambasted for Proposing That Illegal Aliens Should Be Removed from Subsidized Housing
  35. Americans feel good about economy and give Trump credit — CBS News poll
  36. House Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Action on Women’s Right to Vote
  37. VIDEO: US War Hero Sgt. Derrick Miller Released From Leavenworth Prison After Long Wrongful Imprisonment
  38. GOP WIN!!! (Video: 23:52 minutes long.)
  39. Ukraine whistleblower exposes alleged DNC collusion (Video: 2:32 minutes long.)
  40. William Barr: More Nationwide Injunctions in Trump Era Than in Entire 20th Century
  41. Attorney General Barr blasts federal judges for abusing ‘unprecedented power’
  42. Senate Picks Up the Pace in Confirming New Judges
  43. Dems Tied to Obama’s Pro-Iran ‘Echo Chamber’ Spread Terror Regime’s Anti-Trump Talking Points
  44. Spygate: Obama Admin Cut Situation Room’s Video Feed During Meetings on Russia InvestigationSpygate: Obama Admin Cut Situation Room’s Video Feed During Meetings on Russia Investigation
  45. EXCLUSIVE LIST: Four Different Fraudulent Steele Dossiers Were Circulated AT LEAST 20 DIFFERENT TIMES
  46. Democrat Hero Michael Avenatti Indicted
  47. The Declass!!! (Video: 15:22 minutes long.)
  48. Stop The Nomination of Far Left Attorney Michael Bogren For Federal District Judge
  49. Democrats Have A Three-Part Plan For The Politics Of Impeachment
  50. Child Recruits: Just How Bad Is It?
  52. States Sue Trump Admin Over Clinicians’ Right to Decline Abortions on Religious Grounds
  53. Driver’s License Photos of Almost Half of US Adults Now Are Being Used in Virtual Line-Ups by Law Enforcement
  54. Justice Department Hits Julian Assange with 17 Espionage-Act Charges
  55. FBI Lawyer Squeals Like a Pig: Implicates Comey, McCabe, and Yates for Mishandling of FISA Warrant
  56. Scared, Jim? Comey Concern Trolls ‘Loose Talk of Spying and Treason’ After Trump Declassification Order
  57. Marc Thiessen: Americans don’t want impeachment, but Democrats aren’t listening
  58. Feds move to correct Obama’s transgender healthcare policies
  59. HUGE: AG Barr Joins VP Pence, Also Says ‘Nationwide Injunctions’ Are Unconstitutional
  60. Congress Seeks to Stop Feds From Releasing Convicted Terrorists From Prison Early for Good Behavior


dems behind the wall


  1. Adam Brandon: Trump’s immigration plan recognizes that we urgently need workers – Here’s why it could work
  2. DNA TESTING: Nearly a THIRD of Migrants Faked Family Relationship with Children to Claim Asylum IN USA
  3. Senior Director of Elbit Systems of America, Bobby Brown, on Border Security (Video: 4:06 minutes long.)
  4. Final Thoughts: Immigration Red Flags (Video: 2:11 minutes long.)
  5. UN AGENDA: Hundreds of African Migrants Protest for Entry at Texas Border Bridge (Video: 22:26 minutes long.)
  6. Trump Planning To Important, It Will Give Him Tremendous Power To Deport Illegals (Video: 3:54 minutes long.)
  7. California’s Border Shelters Overflow, Causing Border Agents to Drop Migrants at Bus Station
  8. Report: Just 1.7 Miles Of Wall Built; Trump: ‘WRONG’
  9. Reps. Roy, Jordan, Biggs: Pelosi, Dems just don’t care about our national emergency
  10. Obama Judge Blocks Trump’s Border Wall



  1. Media-CNN: CNN Refuses To Report On Illegal Alien Serial Killer Allegedly Murdering 12 Elderly Women In Texas
  2. Media-CNN: ‘TRUMP BROKE CNN’: Layoffs Continue To Rock Far-Left Network, Former Employees Trash Company


  1. Alabama Public Television refuses to air Arthur episode with gay wedding
  2. PARTY OF GHOULS: Only 2 of 20 Democrats Vote to Save a Born Alive Baby in Alabama


  1. It’s time for California parents to defy the law
  2. Trash City: ‘Sky High’ Rat-Infested Trash Piles Found in Los Angeles Raise Concerns about Typhus
  3. Is It Time For California Parents To Defy The Law?
  4. Los Angeles County bans official travel to Alabama due to abortion bill


  1. Billboard in Colorado stirs controversy with message saying ‘Welcome To Colorado, Where You Can Get A Safe, Legal Abortion’
  2. Emails Show Colo. Official Asking Planned Parenthood to Help Craft Press Release


  1. FL: Muslim Candidate Andy Imtiaz Says “America Runs on Hate”
  2. Florida woman accused of threatening mass shooting at elementary school
  3. Shooting at mosque parking lot in Florida leaves one dead
  4. Muslim Shoot-Out at Islamic Society of Tampa Bay Parking Lot During Ramadan event leaves one man dead


  1. Abrams: ‘We Won’ in Georgia Through Identity Politics


  1. Chicago Synagogues Target of Several Arson Attacks
  2. ALERT! Jussie Smollett’s Jaw Just DROPPED! Illinois Judge Makes NEW Order In Hate Hoax Case (Video: 7:38 minutes long.)


  1. Gay Dem Candidate Buttigieg Compares Christians to Islamic Extremists, Calls Pence ‘Fanatical’
  2. ‘American Taliban’ who wrote in letter that ISIS was ‘doing a spectacular job’ to be released TODAY


  1. Rep. King introduces bill to save Iowa woman with ALS (Video: 2:40 minutes long.)


  1. Drag Queen Story Time brings protesters, counter-protesters outside library


  1. Will Supreme Court Agree that Christian Student Should Be Forced to Cite Islamic Conversion Prayer in School?


  1. Minneapolis: Somali Mob with Hammers Descends on Minneapolis East Bank Train Station Patrons
  2. “10-12 Somali teen males armed with hammers” Chased Passengers in Minneapolis


  1. Nevada Passes Bill To Give Electoral Votes To National Popular Vote Winner
  2. Nevada Passes Bill Joining Movement To Upend The Electoral College (Video: 3:14 minutes long.)


  1. Cultural Jihad: ‘I is for Intifada’: Children’s ABC book, ‘P is for Palestine’ sparks outrage in NJ town library
  2. Hamas-Obsessed NJ Man Spoke of NYC Terror Attacks, Sent Money to Militants and Polled Instagram Audience ‘Should I Bomb Trump Tower?


  1. NY Medical Society Rejects Assisted Suicide
  2. New York: 4 men shout to terrified Jewish teens:”Allah Akbar, do you know Hitler? We Love Hitler”
  3. Former Democrat Congressional Staffer Charged with Patronizing a Prostitute
  4. “Allahu Akbar!” “We Love Hitler!” Men In Car Chase Jewish Teens In Brooklyn
  5. NYC: hundreds of Jews protest against Ilhan Omar at Times Square


  1. Ohio middle school students accused of putting bodily fluids into food served to teachers


  1. Illegal Alien Pleads Guilty to Killing Salem Couple While Driving Drunk (Video: 6:47 minutes long.)


  1. BACKFIRE: Philadelphia Implemented Soda Tax, But It Didn’t Go As Planned


  1. Illegal alien from Kenya charged with murdering a dozen elderly Texans but is implicated in a thousand more
  2. Bill protecting religious freedom nearing law in Texas


  1. UN arms official warns that risk of nuclear war at its highest since WW2
  2. UN Arms Chief Warns: Nuclear War Is Closer Than Its Ever Been Since WW2


  1. Vermont on verge of becoming ‘abortion haven’
  2. Vermont Gov. Phil Scott to allow no-limits abortion bill to become law


  1. Virginia senior living community faces federal lawsuit after threatening residents with eviction for leading Bible study in their own apartment



  1. Democrats Remove ‘So Help Me God’ From Oath
  2. 2020 Dems Want National Abortion Rights Laws
  3. Dem Leaders Side With Iran as Trump Admin Seeks to Counter Terror Regime
  4. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Ocasio-Cortez says Muslim and Christian prayers ‘go to the same place’
  5. Senator Cory Booker (New Jersey): Booker Pledges to Create White House Office of Reproductive Freedom
  6. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Ilhan Omar Trashes America: ‘Ignorance Is Really Pervasive In Many Parts Of This Country’
  7. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Watch: Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Attacks Conservative Christians On House Floor
  8. Senator Kamala Harris (California): Sen. Kamala Harris unveils plan to close pay gap, penalize businesses (Video: 2:07 minutes long.)
  9. Senator Kamala Harris (California): Men Paid More Than Women in Kamala Harris’s Senate Office and Campaign
  10. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (New York): Gillibrand: ‘I Will Work to Overturn the Hyde Amendment’
  11. Senator Kristen Gillibrand (New York): Democratic Presidential Candidate Says Pro-Life Laws Are ‘Against Christian Faith’
  12. Senator Mazie Hirono (Hawaii): I Told Eighth Grade Girls ‘We Have to Fight for Abortion Rights’
  13. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (California): Team Pelosi Accuses Trump Of Posting ‘Doctored’ Video Of Her Stammering; NBC: There’s Just One Problem
  14. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Michigan): Tlaib Targets Payday Lenders With Amendment to CFPB Reform Bill



  1. Senate Republicans Renew Earmark Ban and Make It Permanent
  2. The GOP’s Secret Weapon To Win Elections (Video: 3:09 minutes long.)
  3. Senator Josh Hawley (Missouri): Hawley to Propose ‘Do Not Call’ List for Internet Tracking
  4. Senator Josh Hawley (Missouri): Hawley Introduces ‘Loot Box’ Bill


World News Banner


  1. Netanyahu Urges Coalition Partners: Sign Before Time Runs Out to Form Gov’t
  2. Netanyahu Blasts State Committee: Why Can’t I Receive Legal Defense Funding?
  3. Netanyahu Convenes Emergency Meeting to Save Coalition Talks
  4. Security Breach Exposes Travel Plans of Netanyahu, Senior Security Agents
  5. Balloon Bomb Lands in IDF Base in Israel’s South
  6. Israel Invents First Flying-Driving-Crawling Robot
  7. Israeli scientists brew beer with revived ancient yeasts
  8. Liberman Returning to Defense Ministry But Major Stumbling Block Remains
  9. Massive Fires Sweep Israel Day After Palestinians Launch 10 Arson Balloons
  10. Tens of Thousands Rally in Tel Aviv Against Netanyahu Immunity


  1. 35,000 Arabs Departed Gaza Strip in 2018
  2. ‘Deal of the Century’: Phase One Set for Release in Bahrain
  3. WATCH: The Palestinians’ One Condition for Peace – Israel’s Complete Destruction
  4. WATCH: Palestinian Terrorists Cause Gaza’s Woes, Warns Lebanese Journalist
  5. Palestinians Ice Cold On Trump Peace Deal, Say Won’t Attend Bahrain Meeting
  6. The Disturbing, Radical Anti-Israel Lessons in Palestinian Textbooks: ‘Annihilate the Remnants’
  7. Figures Prove Palestinian Financial Crisis is Fake
  8. Jihadis Plotted Massive Terror Attack on Tel-Aviv Beach and Targeted Assassinations
  9. Why Economic Prosperity Will Not Lure The Palestinians Into Peace Accord
  10. VIDEO: The “Palestinians” One Condition for Peace – Israel’s Complete Destruction
  11. Jihad Groups Release Posters Threatening The U.S. And Christians
  12. It’s About Time! Hamas Leader Haniyeh May be Charged as War Criminal
  13. Bahrain: ‘Purpose’ of Hosting White House Conference is ‘to Support Palestinians’
  14. PA Boycotts US-led Bahrain Conference, Condemning ‘Evil Face of Deal of Century’
  15. WATCH: Hamas Turns to Online Cryptocurrency to Raise Funds
  16. Supreme Leader Criticizes Iran’s President and Foreign Minister Amid US Tension
  17. “Ramadan rage” leaves 364 dead and 404 injured in two weeks


  1. Austria: Austria’s Government Collapses After Far-Right Minister Was Filmed Appearing to Agree to Contracts with Russia
  2. Belarus: Remains of Holocaust Victims Laid to Rest in Belarus
  3. England: Britain to Iran: Don’t Provoke the US, Trump will Retaliate
  4. England: Brit admiral warns US would need ‘one million soldiers’ to invade Iran
  5. England: On the eve of election, PM Theresa May’s House leader Leadsom resigns in protest over ‘new’ Brexit plan
  6. England: The End of May
  7. England: UK Prime Minister Theresa May Announces Resignation After 3-Year Brexit Failure
  8. England: BREAKING: UK’s Theresa May Resigns – Will Lead Country Until Replacement in Place
  9. England: Exit Polls: Nigel Farage and Brexit Party Leading in Britain with 37 Percent of Vote!
  10. England: In Britain, That “Working Definition” Of “Islamophobia” Just Won’t Work
  11. Estonia: Estonia’s new govt ministers join populist revolt, oppose “national suicide through immigration”
  12. France: Allahu Akbar: Man Praising Allah Stabs 2 in French Suburb
  13. France: EXCLUSIVE Interview with Jewish Couple in Paris Beaten by Muslim Home invaders
  14. France: Hundreds of “Black Vest” Migrants Seize Terminal in Paris Airport: “France does not belong to the French!”
  15. France: BREAKING: Terror fears as ‘parcel bomb’ explosion injures 13 in Lyon
  16. Germany: Poll finds overwhelmingly that Islam is unwelcome in Germany
  17. Germany: Merkel slams populists as the “enemy of Europe’ destroying globalist “values”
  18. Italy: Dangerous Red Francis Calls for Global Governance to Battle Climate Change
  19. Italy: Muslim migrant sets fire to police station killing two seniors, injuring others
  20. Netherlands: Netherlands, Asylum minister resigns over manipulated refugee crime report
  21. Netherlands: Dutch Minister Resigns: Crime Report Hid Migrant Crimes Including Rape, Murder, Child Abuse
  22. Poland: Polish PM: Restitution to Jews is ‘Hitler’s Posthumous Victory’
  23. Scotland: Conservative Local Politician’s Home in Scotland Firebombed While the Family Slept
  24. Spain: Border Wall Finds Appeal in 40% Muslim City in Spain
  25. Sweden: Police Arrest Several Jihadis Including Leader of Muslim School
  26. UK: Church offers to cover up crosses, host Ramadan prayers
  27. UK: Hamas “salutes” Jeremy Corbyn, thanks him for support of pro-Palestinian march
  28. UK: Muslim Defense League hurl bricks at Tommy Robinson and supporters at campaign stop
  29. UK: thousands rally behind doctor “forced out” for politely asking Muslim woman to lift her veil
  30. UK: UK Court of Appeal Upholds Ruling Against Nurse Fired for Speaking About Her Faith With Patients
  31. Ukraine: Ukraine’s New Jewish Leader: ‘We Have to Defend Our Land Like Israel’


  1. Bahrain: Bahrain warns Citizens To Leave Iran and Iraq IMMEDIATELY
  2. China: China’s new ‘social credit system’ turns Orwell’s ‘1984’ into reality…
  3. China: Huawei, the US ban, and links to Chinese spying explained
  4. India: Pro-Israel Prime Minister Modi Set For LANDSLIDE WIN
  5. Indonesia: 6 killed, 200 injured during “constitutional jihad” in ‘moderate’ Indonesia
  6. Iran: Iran Responds to Trump: ‘Genocidal Taunts Won’t End Iran’
  7. Iran: The Iranian Government’s 40 Years Of Hatred Towards America
  8. Iran: Iran Quadruples Production of Enriched Uranium
  9. Iran: Iran’s Rouhani Defiant Note: ‘Our Choice is Resistance’
  10. Iran: Iran Accelerates Production of Enriched Uranium as Tensions Rise
  11. Iran: Is Iran Testing Trump With Little Attacks in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the Persian Gulf?
  12. Iran: Iran Planning to Kidnap and Kill More Americans
  13. Iran: Iran Touts “Secret Weapons” Able To “Sink US Warships” In Reaction To Troop Deployment
  14. Iraq: Rocket fired at US embassy in Iraq the same model used by Iran
  15. Pakistan: Muslim Kills Daughter for ‘Refusal to Observe Fast’ on Ramadan
  16. Pakistan: a record number of honor killings hits a dozen in two weeks
  17. Saudi Arabia: Saudis Say They Don’t Want War, but will Defend Themselves
  18. Saudi Arabia: Saudi, UAE Participation in Trump’s Bahrain Peace Conference Confirmed
  19. Syria: Syrian Opposition Leader Wants To Normalize Relations With Israel
  20. Syria: Leaked Chemical Weapons Watchdog Report Suggests Assad Not Responsible for 2018 Gas Attack
  21. Syria: DEVELOPING: Syrian doctor describes latest alleged chemical attack as US mulls response
  22. Taiwan: RUMORS OF WAR: Taiwan holds ‘Largest’ military drill in years over invasion panic
  23. Taiwan: DAYS OF LOT: First Same-Sex Couples Marry in Taiwan


  1. Angola: Southern Angola facing worst drought in decades, 2.3 million at risk of suffering malnutrition
  2. Egypt: Bomb Hits Tourist Bus Near Egyptian Pyramids, Wounds 16
  3. Egypt: Egyptian Forces Storm Insurgency Hideouts in Sinai, Kill 16
  4. Egypt: jihad attack on tourist bus injures 17
  5. Nigeria: Nigerian pastor, 16 worshipers kidnapped by gunmen who stormed choir practice
  6. South Africa: My Neighbour The Rapist – Full documentary – BBC Africa Eye (Video: 42:58 minutes long.)
  7. South Africa: Farm Attack Activist Slaughtered at Home in South Africa


  1. Australia: Australia Re-Elects Conservative As Prime Minister In ‘Shock’ Result, Left Predicts Environmental Apocalypse
  2. Australia: Australia’s Election Shock Shows the Perils of Moralizing Climate Change


  1. Canada: Canadians Forced To Sponsor Government Media While Alternative Voices Silenced
  2. Canada: Canada Moves to Ban Christians From Demonstrating in Public Under New “Anti-Hate” Proposal
  3. Canada: WATCH: At Rally in Canada, Activist Calls to Kill 90% of the Jews
  4. Canada: Al Qaeda-Linked “Charity” Helps Canadian Mosque Fundraising
  5. Canada: Canada Court Forces Doctors to Euthanize and Perform Abortions
  6. Canada: WATCH: Muslim Activist Calls to Kill 90% of the Jews at Anti-Israel Demo in Toronto
  7. Canada: Justin Trudeau Threatens ‘Consequences’ If Social Media Sites Don’t Ban ‘Hate Speech’
  8. Canada: ‘Unplanned’ Is Now Effectively Banned in Canada


World-Currencies Banner


  1. Delaying approval of new trade deal hurts American workers, families and the economy
  2. Trump Hits Huawei With Export Controls
  3. Ford cuts 7,000 white-collar jobs
  4. Investor: Netflix’s Days Are Numbered
  5. On The Edge Of Disaster: Majority Of Americans Living Paycheck To Paycheck
  6. America Has a Debt Problem. Here’s the Viable Path to Fiscal Sanity
  7. Skyrocketing Debt Too Important to Be Paired With Spending Deal
  8. Heritage’s ‘Blueprint for Balance’ Has Real Fixes for Our Spending Crisis
  9. Tax reform could close the “tax gap”
  10. Uncle Sam can’t pass an audit
  11. Gouging the taxpayer
  12. Hope gives way to worry as stock-market investors reassess U.S.-China trade fight
  13. The richest 10% of U.S. households now represent 70% of all the country’s wealth
  14. These 16 money wasters are why so many Americans can’t save for retirement
  15. ‘Whiff of U.S. recession?’ It’s in the air again after China trade fallout
  16. Eric Sprott: Recession is coming. Are you ready?
  17. Latest China Tariffs Will Cost American Households $831 Per Year, Fed Says
  18. The Terrifying Truth About Negative Interest Rates
  20. Fed Encourages Runaway Debt as “Minsky Moment” Approaches
  21. SEA OF RED: Majority Of U.S. Shale Companies Took A Beating First Quarter, 2019
  22. Trade war sparks fears of China’s ‘nuclear option’
  23. Rural America Is On The Verge Of Collapse


  1. Fund Manager: More Evidence Tesla Is In A Death Spiral
  2. Negative Interest Rates Spread To Mortgage Bonds


  1. Global Macro: Tavi Costa on China, Bullion, & The Trade of the Century
  2. Cartel Is VERY NERVOUS Right Now, We Are Very Near Those $100 DAILY Price Spikes In Gold
  3. Bill Holter: An Accurate Valuation Of Gold And Where Global Markets Are Heading
  4. Oh The Irony Of The US Mint Suspending The “Mutilated Coin Redemption Program”
  5. Gold Demand Rose 7% in Q1 2019, A Launching Pad Higher for Gold?
  6. The Question of Gold Price Manipulation? – Craig Hemke
  7. Bill Holter: An Accurate Valuation Of Gold And Where Global Markets Are Heading
  8. Top Primary Miners Now Paying The Market $2 To Take Their Silver??


  1. Amazon is selling entire houses for less than $20,000 — with free shipping
  2. Four years, $13 million and dozens of hands: How ‘affordable housing’ gets made in America


  1. Young People Blaming Climate Change For Not Saving For Retirement
  2. The new math of saving for retirement may boil down to this one, absurdly simple rule
  3. Why early retirement IS all it’s cracked up to be
  4. Early retirement is a risk — so is working in an office your whole life
  5. Kevin O’Leary: This easy math trick helps you crush retirement goals
  6. The sharing economy is coming for your retirement
  7. Retirement Readiness: Have You Heard Of These 10 Must-Know Financial Terms?


  1. Adams & North: Extreme Policies Indicate The Establishment Is Desperate


  1. China’s currency is sending a warning signal about the trade war
  2. China has a silver bullet in its trade-war arsenal


  1. Why Turkey’s Debt Crisis is a Bigger Risk to the Eurozone than the PIGS


Earth News Banner

  1. Is Germany’s active Supervolcano Awakening?
  2. 5 Billion will die if Yellowstone erupts – and United States erased from map
  3. 100 dead sharks washed up on Wales beach
  4. Powerful 6.8 earthquake rocks island off coast of Australia
  5. Earth’s rotation is slowing and it will lead to major tremors
  6. Bombshell science study shows that electric cars are dirtier for the planet than diesel vehicles
  7. Bizarre celestial object spotted is one of the rarest in the galaxy
  8. Bizarre! NOAA puts strange positive spin on “drought free” US, with no mention of unprecedented flooding affecting farmers as April is crowned 2nd warmest ever
  9. “Half the expected growth in salmon volumes wiped out this year!” Salmon fishing industry on the verge of collapse after almost 10 million fish die in Norway
  10. Floods & Drought Devastate Crops Around The Planet – Global Food Crisis Coming?
  11. Are We on the Brink of a Global Food Crisis?
  12. Small tremors along West Coast could lead to ‘Big One’
  13. More misery for the Mid-West with more record-breaking floods inundating parts of central US as the relentless deluge continues
  14. BOOM! The fiery colossus, Mount Agung volcano Indonesia spews lava and showers of rocks over a distance of about 3 km (2 miles)
  15. Stunning Images Show Bali Volcano Spewing Ash 2 Miles Into Air


Archaeology News Banner

  1. A History of the Crusades As Told by Crusaders’ DNA
  2. The Epic of Gilgamesh Unveiled: Searching For a Way to the Home Planet
  3. Decoding Viking Signs: Nine Norse Symbols Explained
  4. Bones of Powerful Medieval Queen Identified at Winchester Cathedral
  5. Temple of Nemesis Found Under A Greek Theater. And Here is Why
  6. Farmer Unearths Elite Nomad Burials and ‘Laughing Man’ Elongated Skull
  7. Time Forgets But Archaeologists Don’t, They Found This in Iraq! (Video: 12:16 minutes long.)
  8. They Left Important Clues That Would Last For Thousands of Years! (Video: 10:11 minutes long.)
  9. Sumerian and Egyptian Texts Reference This Mystery Many Times! (Video: 9:31 minutes long.)
  10. Pancho Villa – Mexico’s Robin Hood – A Ruthless Bandit Or A Hero?
  11. Fragments Of Oldest Pharaonic Military Fortress Unearthed In Egypt’s North Sinai
  12. Mysterious Jars In Laos – Long-Lasting Mystery Is Still Unsolved
  13. Great Flood Myth Told By Klallam People Of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula – Confirmed
  14. 137 More Giant Artifacts Found in Deep Forest Around the Plain of Jars
  15. DNA of First Settlers of Scandinavia Gleaned from Ancient Chewing Gums
  16. Egypt’s Most Ancient Desert Fortress Uncovered in Sinai
  17. Possible Location of ‘Herodotus Lost Pyramids’ Found? (Video: 12:48 minutes long.)
  18. Something Dramatic Happened in the Egyptian Desert 29 Million Years Ago! (Video: 10:01 minutes long.)
  19. Graham Hancock: America Before-Exposing the Cover-Up of Ancient Advanced Civilisations (Video: 18:19 minutes long.)
  20. Mysterious Ancient Processes That Are Too Strange For Us To Understand! (Video: 10:10 minutes long.)
  21. The Plain of Jars: The Biggest Megalithic Mystery in Asia? (Video: 11:40 minutes long.)
  22. 10-Foot-Tall Stone Jars ‘Made by Giants’ Stored Human Bodies in Ancient Laos
  23. Did Humans Walk the Earth with Dinosaurs? Triceratops Horn Dated to 33,500 Years
  24. Did They Do It? Worlds Most Puzzling Ancient Code Finally Cracked? (Video: 10:10 minutes long.)
  25. Finds from Alken Enge Provide New Perspective on ‘Barbaric’ Germanic Tribes
  26. They Will NEVER Let You Excavate, Did They Find Something? (Video: 10:07 minutes long.)


History Past Banner

First 23 black Congressman were all Republicans


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. The Importance of the Descendants of Israel being Unified! (Video: 51:52 minutes long.)
  2. Ten Tribes Studies – (20 May, 2019, 15 Iyar, 5778)
  3. Ten Tribes Studies – (22 May, 2019, 17 Iyar, 5778)
  4. TWO STICKS ROUND TABLE — SHOW #3 (Audio: 44:40 minutes long. The Round Table participants explore the parable of the Prodigal Son and explain how it is the story of the Two Houses of Israel.  You will never see it in the same way you did after hearing this discussion.)

Lost Hebrews Found

Lost Hebrews Found-The Prophecies of Hosea-2

The Israelites were exiled. One part of them, Judah (i.e. the Jews of today), remained identifiable. The remainder, known as “The Ten Tribes,” lost knowledge of their ancestry. Hosea was a descendant of the Tribe of Reuben. Hosea prophesied mainly concerning the Lost Ten Tribes. The Prophet Hosea describes the exiled Israelites using prototypical examples from his own era. These descriptions enable us to confirm our identification of Western Peoples as having been dominated throughout much of their history by peoples of Hebrew origin. Judah should set an example and help prepare the way for the Ten Tribes to come back. Ephraim, representing all the Tribes, should prepare itself to accept the future Messiah. Jewish and Rabbinical Traditions help us confirm where the Lost Hebrews are today. They are among Western Peoples!

This work helps identify them. Hosea calls upon the Lost Ten Tribes to repent. The Lost Ten Tribes will return.

This is verifiable by the Bible, Rabbinical texts, and secular sources.


How To Pray

A Hebraic Perspective on How to Pray: Pray the Jewish Way as Messiah Did

A Hebraic Perspective on How to Pray. Christian’s Guidelines how to pray the Jewish Way as their Messiah did. Revelations as never before.

Experiencing prayer-life in a complete new, fresh and vibrant way! Opening the guidelines as to how Yeshua (Jesus) prayed and the origin of the Avinu, the Our Father prayer!

The Hebrew word for prayer is tefilah. It is derived from the root of the Hebrew word made up of three Hebrew letters Peh-Lamed-Lamed and the word l’hitpalel, meaning ‘to judge oneself’. This word origin provides insight into the purpose of Jewish prayer. 

The most important part of any Jewish prayer, whether it be a prayer of petition, of thanksgiving, of praise to God, or of confession, is the introspection it provides, the moment that we spend looking inside ourselves, seeing our ‘purpose’ in the universe and our ‘relationship’ to God.

Many beloved Christians today do not see the need for regular, formal prayer. “I pray when I feel inspired to, or when it is meaningful to me,” many say. This attitude overlooks two important things: the purpose of prayer, and the need for practice.

Observant Jews are constantly reminded of God’s presence and of their relationship with God, because they are continually praying to Him. Their first thought in the morning, even before they get out of bed, is a standard prayer of thanking God for returning their souls to them and that they are spared for another day.

Thus, the mind-set for prayer is referred to in Hebrew as “concentration” or “intent.” The minimum level for this is an awareness that one is speaking to God and an intention to fulfil the obligation to pray. Have you ever wondered why Jews read their prayers intently out of book, meaning reading a line then stop and ponder on it? Yes, now everyone can pray intently, you just got a secret of one form of praying!

Many beloved English-speaking Christians also find the idea of blessing (berachot) very confusing. They bless the food they eat for example whilst the Hebrew bless God for the food, simply because these dear Christians do not understand what the Hebrew meaning of the blessing actually is… this revelation is also explained in this book!

With that in mind, come journey with me as we penetrate the truth about Biblical Hebrew prayers our Messiah prayed…

(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


Genealogy News Banner New

  1. Finding a Loyalist Ancestor
  2. How to Create Your Genealogy Research Plan (& Why You Should!)
  3. GEDmatch Implements Required Opt-In for Law Enforcement Matching
  4. German Holocaust Archive puts Millions of Documents Online
  5. Luther Byrd Genealogical Collections from Surry Community College are Now Online at DigitalNC
  6. Airbnb Partners With 23andMe to Make It Easier for People to Get In Touch With Their Roots
  7. MyHeritage Offers Free Access to Military Records for Memorial Day
  8. New Transcription Workflow: African American Civil War Soldiers
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  15. 6 Details to Include in Your Genealogy Research Log
  16. Document Detective: Obituaries
  17. 23andMe is Updating Ancestry Results Without Telling Users


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  1. More than 62,000 pounds of raw beef recalled due to E. coli concerns


  1. COFFEE SHOP CAFFEINE SECRETS…HERE’S SOMETHING YOU WANT TO KNOW – Dr Alan Mandell, DC (Video: 2:02 minutes long.)
  2. What They Don’t Want You to Know | Dr. Bruce Lipton (MUST SEE!!!) (Video: 15:11 minutes long.)
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  7. New Study Shows ‘Skullcap’ Herb Repairs Brain Injury
  8. Oregano essential oil kills antibiotic resistant superbugs “without any side effects” … Pharma-controlled media silent
  9. Revitalize your health with the cancer-fighting properties of baking soda and lemon
  10. 7 Natural Ways to Treat Insomnia & Fall Asleep Without Drugs
  11. Prescription drugs in America are completely useless for long-term health “fixes”
  12. Discover which plants are effective against MRSA superbugs, according to studies
  13. Harmful Effects of Fluoride Continue to Mount
  14. Israeli Electronic Patch Reduces Pain of Migraines
  15. Table Salt vs. Himalayan Salt: Which Is Better? (Video: 17:31 minutes long.)
  16. Controlling Your Appetite After Meals (Video: 3:45 minutes long.)
  17. Supercharge Your Gut Microbes with Intermittent Fasting (Video: 2:41 minutes long.)
  18. How Much Protein Is in Chicken, Beans, and Other Protein-Rich Foods?
  19. Use Ajoene (in Garlic) to Prevent Strokes (Video: 1:50 minutes long.)
  20. Consumer Reports’ Disastrous New Sunscreen Recommendations
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  22. Why Propionate Is Strongly Linked to Diabetes and Autism
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  24. Meta-study suggests anxiety can be reduced by altering gut bacteria, but not with probiotics
  25. Wound dressing uses electricity to bust up antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections
  27. How to detect Fake Honey – It’s everywhere, Use this simple Trick | Life well lived (Video: 9:45 minutes long.)
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  31. Certain medications cause people to commit murder…
  32. 7 Best Herbs for Kidney Cleansing
  33. Fluoride chemicals added to U.S. drinking water are unprocessed toxic waste; water fluoridation needs to end
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  41. How to Reverse a Fatty Liver (Video: 9:07 minutes long.)
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  55. What Nutrients Are in the Skins of Sweet Potatoes?
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  63. Research shows doctors avoid talking to elderly patients about their mental health and just throw meds at them instead
  64. What’s the environmental impact of Impossible Foods GMO burgers, made with genetically modified soy that’s sprayed with glyphosate weed killer?
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  75. 5-G: Hundreds Of Respected Scientists Sound The Alarm About Health Effects As 5G Networks Go Up Nationwide
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  77. 5-G: OANN Exclusive: FCC Commissioner touts merger of T-Mobile, Sprint as boost to America’s 5G rollout (Video: 3:34 minutes long.)


  1. Google’s AI for lung cancer diagnosis proves more accurate than radiologists in early trial
  2. New Chinese medicine cures breast cancer
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  4. Colloidal Silver Made With Ghanera Extract Has Anticancer And Antimicrobial Potential – Study


  1. Fetal DNA Contaminants Found in Merck’s Measles Vaccines
  2. Bipartisan coalition of lawmakers calls for vaccine industry to once again be held liable for injuries and deaths caused by vaccines


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  22. No, abortion isn’t a constitutional right
  23. Journalists Charged With 15 Felonies For Undercover Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood Take Hit In Court
  24. HAMMER TIME (Video: 6:58 minutes long. The goat rodeo we’re seeing in US Congress, with AG Barr being held in contempt for refusing to break the law, with the calls for Trump’s impeachment and the Mueller Investigation, itself – all have been distractions being thrown up by Deep Staters to divert attention away from the many crimes of the corrupt establishment, not the least of which is Stasi-like secret surveillance system called “The Hammer” that spied on millions of Americans, including Donald Trump.)
  25. Segregation Is Back, and It’s Coming From the Left
  26. Sick Video game urges players to kill journalists
  27. Why You Need to be Tough (Video: 2:59 minutes long.)
  28. The Trans Lobby Is Now Marketing to Your Kids
  29. The ‘brutal reality’ of male homosexual behavior
  30. After decades of denials, the Pentagon admits it has been investigating UFOs … and still is, even today
  31. Murder of humans is murder – regardless of who the psychopaths use as the “scapegoat” – Blacks, Jews, or newborn babies
  32. Nike-owned Converse shoe company exploits child-abused “drag kid” in latest act of corporate pandering to evil LGBT mafia
  33. Death of the Internet! – TWNow (Video: 40:36 minutes long.)
  34. The War on Patriarchy (Video: 28:30 minutes long.)
  35. 8th Place: A High School Girl’s Life After Transgender Students Joined Her Sport
  36. ‘Google brain’ implants could end school as anyone can learn anything instantly
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  40. The mass dumbing down of humanity is now confirmed by scientists
  41. Next Generation Warfare: From EMP To CHAMP



  1. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook’s Zuckerberg Vows Facebook Will Work With Governments on Hate Speech
  2. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook removes more than 3 billion fake accounts from October to March


  1. Classified FEMA Report Confirms Preppers’ Worst Fears
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Case In Point

  1. Rabbi claims recent Earthquake in Israel is Birth pang of Messiah
  2. Pastor runs network that gives up to 50,000 Ugandans a “miracle cure” made from industrial bleach
  3. Christian Athletes Being Purged For Posting Biblical Beliefs On Social Media
  4. Rabbi: Trump Confronting Iran as ‘Tikkun’ of Esau
  5. Perry Stone Was Shown That The East Coast And The West Coast Will Both Be Hit By Giant Tsunamis
  6. Megachurch founder James MacDonald allegedly sought murder for hire, police investigating
  7. Christian Broadcaster Daystar’s Jerusalem Studio Destroyed by Firebomb
  8. Don’t help people who are not willing to change – Derek Prince (Video: 4:47 minutes long.)
  9. Two Strategies to Win the War on Lust // Ask Pastor John (Video: 13:21 minutes long.)
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  11. How to Know if Satan Is Attacking You: 3 Signs of Spiritual Warfare (Video: 8 minutes long.)
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  13. Kentucky Family Believe Statue of Saint Francis Caused Massive Tree to Miss House During Tornado
  14. Delaware County Church Vandalized With Abortion Rights Graffiti
  15. Apocalypse and the End Times – Thomas Ice – 1 (Video: 25:15 minutes long. Thomas Ice of The Pre-Trib Research Centre looks at how Genesis helps believers understand Bible Prophecy and he and Paul McGuire discuss five institutions that express God’s order for society.)
  16. Apocalypse and the End Times 2016 – Anthony Patch – 2 (Video: 25:45 minutes long. Scientific researcher, Anthony Patch talks to Paul McGuire about The Luciferian System and how it has penetrated mainstream circles and how Christians must embrace God?s truth in the face of evil.)
  17. Apocalypse and the End Times – Anthony Patch – 3 (Video: 26:28 minutes long. Scientist, Anthony Patch and Paul McGuire discuss how recent discoveries like the CERN Hadron Collider reveal a union between science and New Age religion and they urge believers not to be deceived.)
  18. Asleep At The Wheel? Fewer Pastors Concerned About Religious Liberty
  19. The Happiest of All Wives in America Are Religious Conservatives
  20. Pastor credits ‘divine intervention’ after locating 8-y-o kidnapped girl: ‘God literally led us to this place’
  21. Breaking Pope Prophecy Alert: It is Coming May 24 & Is Something Right Out of the book of Revelation (Video: 40:53 minutes long. NOTE: I disagree with his position on climate change. Most people do not do their home work on this subject to know that what we are seeing has happened before. It is a “cycle” that Almighty Yahweh created to “balance” planet earth. The only real issue is pollution of planet earth and not climate change.)
  22. UK Methodist Task Group Recommends Allowing Same-Sex ‘Weddings’ in Chapels
  23. Baptist church connected to Baylor to allow ministers to perform same-sex weddings
  24. Vision Church of Atlanta adds psychic medium to ministerial staff
  25. FALLING AWAY: Left-Leaning Methodist Leaders Vow ‘Resistance Tactics’ to Fight Church’s Support of Biblical Marriage
  26. Another Church Building Sealed Shut in Algeria


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  1. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn (May 17, 2019) — JUBILEE PROPHETIC UPDATE (Audio: 24:12 minutes long.)
  2. How Measles Outbreaks and the Crisis in Venezuela Prove We’re in the End Times
  3. In 1954, Evangelist A.A. Allen Was Given A Vision Of America Being Destroyed By Missiles Out Of The Ocean
  4. John Paul Jackson Warned That Giant Tsunamis Are Coming To Both The East Coast And The West Coast
  5. Is India in the Bible? (Video: 4:46 minutes long.)


Another Coffee Break

Deliver Us From Evil, Part 9

We will continue the discussion today that we began last week in dealing with the words that appear in Scripture that define witchcraft, or its tentacles.  If I didn’t mention it last week, let me say that there are seven words used through Scripture that translate out to “witchcraft,” “sorcery,” “necromancy,” and all the varieties thereof.

People today – and especially believing Christians – have no idea of the things they accept as “normal” in today’s world that are some variant of witchcraft or sorcery. By the way, we generally use the word, “witchcraft,” when we are referring to women or the feminine usage of manipulation.  “Sorcery” refers to the masculine or male activity in this realm.

We will be digging into a specific aspect of witchcraft in this series which addresses the Spirit of Jezebel.  The various forms of sexual perversion we see in society today are a direct product of this specific spirit.  The entire LGBTQ grouping of people are victims of this spirit – and they are totally oblivious to it.  We will get to that discussion in the weeks to come.

Before we get too far along, I know that the word, pharmakeia, conjures up visions of pharmacists – and it is the word that “pharmacist” comes from.  Let me say that I’m not suggesting that pharmacists are sorcerers who practice witchcraft – not all of them, anyway.

(Hehehehehehe……….)  I have very close friends – committed Christians – who have been in the pharmaceutical world for many years, and they are anything but sorcerers.

That said, there is much of the medical industry today that people overly rely on that falls into the category of sorcery.  We refer to it as “Big Pharma.”  This is a personal opinion so take it for what it’s worth.

Let me give you an illustration of an application.

Our youngest son, Joshua, got himself into some fights when he was in junior high and wound up in juvenile hall for a time.  A psychiatrist was assigned to him, diagnosed him as “hyper-active” and prescribed Prozac for him.  We knew nothing about the psychiatrist, or his diagnosis, or his prescription until we got a phone call from Josh. He was talking really slow and sounded horribly depressed – not the norm for Josh at all.

We asked him what was wrong and he said, “Nothing.  The doctor gave me some medication, and it is making me feel really funny.”  Della immediately called the institution, and they referred her to a psychiatrist.  When he told Della what he had prescribed, she demanded that he cancel the prescription on pain of a lawsuit.  He hemmed and hawed around, and finally admitted he was “experimenting” with Joshua to see if he could cure his “hyper-activity.”  He agreed to cancel the prescription, but told Della that we would be held responsible if Joshua “commits any acts of violence” in the institution.

It was the use of fear to force our compliance with his “experimentation,” and we made it clear to him in no uncertain terms that Joshua was not a violent person, and that his prescriptions were entirely unacceptable.  (I’m putting it nicely, if you know what I mean.  Hehehehehehe………..  We didn’t use any “colorful metaphors” in our discussion with him.)

We went through a similar scenario with Serena – our then-two-year-old granddaughter – when she was in critical condition after being stricken with Transverse Myelitis.  She had different doctors and different nurses prescribing and administering drugs they hoped would help her – and the nurses who were supposed to be watching Serena couldn’t be bothered to follow the doctors’ instructions carefully.

So one of them decided on her own to administer a sedative – on top of the cocktail of medications already being administered!  Serena would come out of her unconscious state and moan, and the nurse didn’t want to tend to her.  Her solution was to keep Serena in an unconscious state.  As soon as we found out what had happened, we filed a formal complaint and the nurse was fired.

Well, I’m sort of off track here, but I wanted to give you some illustrations of how drugs are used to manipulate emotions and feelings by some within the medical community who have no sense of care and concern for those under their care and keeping.  It’s witchcraft – pure and simple.

There’s another illustration of pharmakeia as witchcraft and sorcery that just about everyone can relate to: heroin, coke, PCP, marijuana, methamphetamines, etc., etc.: the drugs that have invaded our society with a curse beyond all comprehension.  Men and women who take these drugs have their minds and thought processes so altered they open themselves up to demonic activity, and frequently commit criminal acts of heinous nature.

The drug culture today has invaded the body of Christ in several ways, and there are – unfortunately – many Christian young people who get deceived into “trying” marijuana or some other supposedly harmless drug, not realizing they are opening themselves up to demonic activity.  Because the drugs cause an altered state of consciousness, the individuals are no longer in control of their minds, their wills, their thoughts or their moral and spiritual anchors.  It presents what I’ve come to call “open doors” for evil spirits to take control – if even for a short time – of the individual’s thoughts and actions.

Open those doors often enough, and leave them open repeatedly through the use of drugs (AND hard liquor), and you’ve presented Satan with an invitation to take control of your life in ways you would never normally and rationally allow.  The folks at AA treat alcoholism as “drug addiction,” and indeed it has the same effect.

During the 1960’s, I worked with David Wilkerson in Teen Challenge (the nationwide ministry that treats drug addicts) in the San Francisco Bay area, and in Los Angeles; and we treated alcoholics in virtually the same way as we treated drug addicts.

There are many would-be Christians who imbibe regularly in hard liquor, and think nothing of it.  “After all, I don’t get drunk very often, and I don’t drive when I drink.” What a rotten excuse!  Since when do we take our inspiration, or our relaxation from stress (stress is something no Christian has a right to) from distilled “spirits.”  Brother, talk about an apt description of hard liquor!  It is “spirits” all right!  Evil spirits.

Isaiah (28:7) talked about it like this: “But they also have erred through wine, and through strong drink are out of the way; the priest and the prophet have erred through strong drink, they are swallowed up of wine, they are out of the way through strong drink; they err in vision, they stumble in judgment.

Obviously the Lord was addressing the fact that the leaders of His people were leading folks down the primrose path because their ability to hear Him had been contaminated.  What they were hearing was something the Lord wasn’t saying.  It was coming from “other spirits.”

Now I know you are saying to yourself, “what does any of this have to do with witchcraft?”

When you boil down every aspect of witchcraft or sorcery, it all has one very simple purpose: to manipulate; to alter one’s normal decision-making process; to take control of a person’s thoughts, and by consequence, his or her subsequent actions.  Witchcraft, therefore, is simply Manipulation and Control of an individual, either through taking over their thoughts through drugs, drinks, potions or music, or playing with the circumstances surrounding them in such a way that they believe a lie and act accordingly.

I wish this were all there were to pharmakeia, but there’s more.

The body of Christ has fallen into the trap of pharmakeia through the subtlety of its slow and systematic intrusion into our modern society in ways most folks don’t think a thing about.

Let me ask you a question.  What’s the first thing you think about when you get a headache?  Do you rebuke the headache in the name of Jesus and take authority over it, or do you head for the medicine cabinet for an aspirin tablet?  Don’t answer that!  I don’t need to hear the answer; I already know what it is.

What’s the first thing you do when you start to get the sniffles and you think you’re coming down with a cold?  Declare the promises of healing in the Scripture (“I will put none of these diseases upon you……for I am the Lord that healeth thee;” or “By whose stripes ye were healed,” or “But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings,” or “who healeth all thy diseases,” etc.) or head to the drugstore to pick up some cold remedy?

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not condemning anyone for using aspirin or anything else. What I’m saying is that we have been programmed through pharmakeia – witchcraft – in our society to trust the substitute, the counterfeit, instead of taking Jesus Christ at His Word!  Our thoughts and our decisions have been programmed by lying spirits.

I refer to aspirin and various medical remedies as “counterfeit” because they don’t heal you.  These medicines simply make you feel better in the midst of your sickness or affliction.  Your ultimate healing still comes from the Lord instead of the medical profession.  The problem is that we’ve been programmed to follow a routine of heading for the medicine cabinet instead of declaring our health and walking in it by faith.  Pharmakeia becomes the substitute for faith.

Have I stepped on enough toes yet?  Ouch, anyone?

II Chronicles 16:12And Asa in the thirty and ninth year of his reign was diseased in his feet, until his disease was exceeding great: yet in his disease he sought not to the LORD, but to the physicians.

That was NOT a compliment!  The following verses make it clear that, although he was descended from David, he did not get buried in the graves or sepulchres of the Kings. Instead he was buried in his own grave, AFTER cremating him!  It is one of the very few examples in the Word where a leader was cremated instead of being buried with honors.  He had, in fact, succumbed to the Spirit of Witchcraft in the form of pharmakeia, which was overtaking the land.

Let me tell you, it takes the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, and the transformation of our thought processes to redeem us from the witchcraft and the control of our minds and thought processes that has invaded our society.  It is nothing less than wicked!

God’s people today are regularly deprived of the promises inherent in our relationship with Jesus Christ by virtue of the fact that their minds and thoughts have been programmed into believing the lies that pervade western culture.

We trust the doctors and the medicines more than we trust the Lord.  We trust the banks and credit unions more than we trust the Lord to help us in our finances.  We’ve accepted Mammon as God when it comes to operating in a financial realm because “this is the way things are done.”

We have a society living beyond their means and capabilities by virtue of the credit card mentality we’ve had shoved in our face year after year after year.  It’s easy.  You bet!  And it teaches us to sign our lives away and put us in bondage to others who control our financial destinies instead of being free to use our resources as God directs.

Witchcraft?  You bet!  Our minds have been altered.  Our thoughts have been altered. Our dependencies have been altered.  Our trust has been altered.  When it comes to things like health, healing, finances and the like, the promises in God’s Word become almost mythical in the face of the expectations we’ve grown up with.  We don’t expect to be healed.  We expect to take an aspirin, or maybe a penicillin shot, or a flu shot, or some other such thing.

We don’t expect God to prosper us.  We look to our employer and our weekly paychecks as our sources.  The Word of God and God’s promises to us have been shuttled into oblivion.  I’d be willing to venture that three-quarters of all Christians on the face of the earth – Nawwww…..make that 90 percent – have no clue what their inheritance in Jesus Christ is, nor do they even conceive of Him having an inheritance in us.

It get’s worse, folks!

The witchcraft has so permeated the body of Christ that we have preachers who laughingly and mockingly refer to any teaching or preaching on God’s promise to bless His people as “the Prosperity Gospel.”  They ridicule it, and they ridicule the Word in which John makes it perfectly clear in his third epistle to the Body of Christ.  If this teaching is so ungodly, then why did John write the following:

III John, V2:  Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

Of course it is conditional!  Of course there are requirements for that to be a nonstop lifestyle.  Just because there are requirements does not negate the truth of it!  The very fact that God has made so many promises concerning His desire to bless and prosper His people above all the people on the earth ought to be a non-stop focus in the lives of believers to achieve those promises in reality in their daily lives!

The fact that so many believers do not accept that truth is proof of the fact that they have been lied to and deceived by the Enemy.

Lots more to come, folks!  See you next week.

Regner A. Capener

Temple, Texas 76504

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Understanding the Difficult Words of Jesus – Part 2
By Dr. Roy Blizzard

This has passed us by for centuries.  We’ve never understood it.  As a result we’ve conjured up in our minds all kinds of erroneous conclusions over the things that Jesus has had to say whenever we heard him say anything or listen to him at all.  But most of us, as we have already demonstrated, have simply just passed him by because we have not understood the things that he did say.  If I asked you, why do you spend your time in the Epistles and not in the Gospels, you wouldn’t really be able to give me an answer.  It’s actually subconscious.  We don’t know why. The why is because whenever we read we don’t understand what it is that we hear. 

              If the apostle Paul came into town and he was speaking on one side of town and Jesus came into town and he was speaking on the other side of town, and you had the opportunity to go listen to one of the two, but not both, which one would you listen to?  It’s no contest.  There wouldn’t be anybody there because Paul would come to listen to him too.  So I think it’s about time that we listen to him also.  He had some exciting things to say.  They have been all the more exciting by the archaeological discoveries that we’ve made in Israel that have led us into this understanding.  We should have known all of these things all of this time because the material has always been there, but the Bible says that blindness is what happened to Israel until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.  If we’re Jews, and a part of the commonwealth of Israel, that means that we’ve been blinded to some extent too doesn’t it?  But God is lifting that veil of the Jews and he’s lifting the veil for those of us that are wild olive branches that have been grafted in and it’s unbelievable what is happening in Israel today.  I wish I could tell you of some of the exciting things that are going on.  I just spent two hours on the telephone from 2 am until 4 am talking to one of my colleagues in Israel who was telling me about some exciting things that have happened this week.  My son is in Israel now studying at the Institute of Holy Land studies in Jerusalem, and we’ve made so many giant steps forward in the understanding of the word of God in the last 15 to 20 years that I believe that today, right now, at this moment, we as God’s people have the capacity to understand more about the word of God, to move out into a dimension of knowledge and understanding and therefore power and victory than at any other time in human history.  We have the capacity to know more about the word of God then even the men that wrote it.  Why?  They didn’t write it all.  It was written over 1500 years by many different people and they didn’t have the complete picture and we’re living now, 2000 years, on the other side of the fact and we have all of the material at our disposal and now we have all of the knowledge, archaeological and textual, and now we can know more about God and the things of God and the word of God than even the men that contributed to the writing of it.   I don’t know whether that excites you or not, but it does me.  We know today a number of things that we’ve always wondered about and I’ve shared some of these with you before. 

              For example we were talking about John the Baptist a few moments ago.  What was he doing in the wilderness?  Why was he baptizing in the wilderness?  Why wasn’t he in Jerusalem where all the people were?   Some said he was baptizing in the wilderness because the Jordan River was there and they needed water to baptize and so that’s why the people were going from Jerusalem to be baptized.  But when you read in Acts 2 there were 3000 people who received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and they were baptized in Jerusalem and they didn’t have to go all the way to the Jordan River to be baptized.  Where were they baptized?  For years we didn’t know, and that’s why for about 250 years there has been an argument between the immersionists and the non-immersionists over the subject of baptism.  The non-immersionists have said, they must have been sprinkled because there isn’t any place in Jerusalem for that many people to have been dunked.  It was dry most of the time and this was right at the spring of the year and there probably isn’t that much water and so they must have been sprinkled.  The immersionists said, No, they must be dunked.  Now they didn’t know why they must be dunked, and they didn’t understand the whole subject of Jewish ritual immersion but they are supposed to be dunked.  Don’t think that I’m being facetious or unkind when I talk about a particular denomination.  You see I have to be specific in order to use an illustration.  I’m not just picking on one particular denomination.  If you come to me and tell me what denomination you belong to I’ll pick on you because by the large none of us in Christianity have understood the ordinances of the church.  But, the Baptist for example, immersionists, have said that the way that it was done was that they were dunked under the water.  Now they didn’t really know why.  They were dunked under because that was the outward expression of an inward act that had already taken place which meant that the individual didn’t really need to be dunked in order to be saved.  They can be saved and go to heaven without being baptized.  But you can’t get into the Baptist church without being baptized.  If you want to be a member of the Baptist church you have to be baptized because you can’t be a member without being baptized.  Which means that it takes one more step to get into the Baptist church than it was into heaven.

              But we know exactly what Jewish ritual immersion was.  We know what it was and how they did it, why they did it, and now we even know where they did it.  As a result of our archaeological excavations at the Temple Mount in 1974 we found a whole ritual immersion bath complex where the 3000 were baptized on the Day of Pentecost.  As a matter of fact, we can today pinpoint within a matter of steps the exact spot where Peter stood and preached the first gospel sermon on the Day of Pentecost.  Monumental staircase along the southern wall of the Temple Mount…we know where the Holy Spirit fell.  You thought that it fell in an upper room some place didn’t you?  The Bible says that they got themselves up into the house.  What house? What house in Jerusalem was big enough for all 120 disciples?  Then for them to preach and 3000 to respond.  What were they doing all 120 sticking their heads out of windows someplace?  Hollering to the folks down in the streets?  We never stop to think these things out.  That passage is not English and it’s not Greek and it doesn’t say that they got themselves into a house it says “the house”.  But not knowing that this isn’t Greek they just literally translated it from “the house” to house and now we have a house someplace.  But in Hebrew they got themselves up to Ha Bite “the house”.  But in Hebrew bite just doesn’t mean house. Bite can mean household, family or many other things, but one of the principle things that it means is Temple.  If you were with me in Jerusalem and we wanted to go to the temple mount I would say to my driver, La Ha ha bite…to the mountain of Ha bite, the house.  Even to this day in Hebrew ha bite means the Temple.  It says that they got themselves up to ha bite.  We even know from the Mishnah where they got themselves up to.   The Mishnah tells us that there was a monumental staircase along the southern wall of the Temple mount that led up to two gates, a double and triple gate that was known in the time of Jesus as the Huldah gates after the prophetess Huldah from the Old Testament time of Josiah (621 B.C.) and the reform and cleaning of the Temple during the time of Josiah king of Judah.  The gates were known as the Huldah gates.  There was a monumental staircase and we’re told that it was the custom of the Jews to assemble themselves together at this monumental staircase at three of the principle feasts or festivals of the year (Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles).  When did this happen?  Pentecost.  Where were the people?  The monumental staircase.  Where was this staircase?  At the Temple, it was part of the temple.  When Peter stands up under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and preaches the first gospel sermon and the people are stirred in their hearts and say, 
What must we do to be saved? And he says, repent and be baptized and receive the Holy Spirit they don’t have to stop and say, “Where are we going to be baptized?”  How are we going to do this?  There isn’t a lot of water in the Kedron valley.  They didn’t have to walk any further than from here to the back of the auditorium to reach the ritual immersion pools  and because of the way that the Jews baptized all 3000 could have been baptized in about 15 minutes time.  We didn’t find just one or two ritual immersion baths, we found a whole ritual immersion bath complex so large that all 3000 could have been immersion in a few moments time.  We know all there is to know about ritual immersion.  We know why it was done, how it was done, we know how big a ritual immersion bath had to be.  It has to be at least 43 inches high, we know it had to contain at least 120 gallons of water because if it contained 120 gallons minus one spoonful it wasn’t kosher and they had to go and be completely re-baptized all over again.  So it always had more than 120 gallons.  It had to be tri portioned.  We know how they immersed when they went down into the water. This is interesting.  No one ever immersed anyone else.  In Hebrew when it talks about John the Baptist, it’s not John the one dunking someone under.  It’s John the one who by virtue of what he is saying is causing the people to go under.  We know exactly how ritual immersion was done.  The Jews went down into the water, there was always someone there in attendance to assist them to see if they went completely under, this was especially important for the women for the hair because every single hair on their head had to be surrounded by water.  They would go down into the ritual immersion bath, stand with their feet apart, their arms out in front of them, their fingers spread apart, usually with their eyes and mouth open, and then they would dip themselves.  The one who was in attendance, the one doing the baptizing, was there to see if they didn’t get all the way they could give them a slight assist.  Just recently we found the oldest wall painting, called a fresco, of the baptism of Jesus by John.  It was on the catacombs in Rome.  It shows John standing out on the bank reaching forth and giving Jesus his hand and pulling him out of the water that he had just baptized himself according to Jewish method. 

              Much of what we know today, once it has been made known, will completely revolutionize theology.  It’s going to necessitate a restructuring of most major denominations.  That’s exciting to me because there is nothing that I cherish, no doctrine, no dogma, no tradition, that I have so dear that I’m not willing to lay down in face of the truth.  The reason for that is that the truth can only do one thing for us—set you free!  Did you catch that?  The other side of the coin is that I’m saddened because traditions do not come down easily.  There will be many who will turn a deaf ear to the truth.  But once you know what I just told you it eliminates any possibility of infant baptism.  In Judaism nobody ever baptized anybody else.  Baptism was always self-administered.  We know so many things that have never been published. 

We know how they crucified in Jesus’ day.  How many of you have heard, that we found, not too long ago, in a stone ossuary, or stone coffin, the bones of a man who had been crucified?  The first archaeological evidence that we have ever had of a man who had been crucified, and the man we know what his name was, and he dated back to the first century contemporary with Jesus.  We know how he was crucified.  He wasn’t crucified with his feet together as we see in the common method of crucifixion on the crucifix.  We even found in the ossuary in which his bones were placed, the nail that had been placed through the bones in his feet.  It even had a board on the front of it which had an inscription on it at one time which brings us in remembrance of the crucifixion of Jesus where they said that they had an inscription in three language.  What were those languages?  Greek, Latin, and Hebrew.  The man was crucified with his heels together sideways and the nail was driven through his heels.  Orthopedic surgeons who examined the bones said that it was at that particular point that they put a pin in the foot for certain types of orthopedic surgery.  Then they went on to describe what kind of a death this man would have suffered in that kind of a position on a cross when his feet would have been together with a board across his feet this way, the nail through his heels, and then turned in this kind of manner and suspended on the cross.  He would have suffocated in his own body fluids unable to support himself.  In certain ways you can support yourself, but in this way you cannot.  We’ve known that since 1968, and I was in Israel when it was found. I even know the man’s name.  It’s never been published to any degree.  The information that I’m going to be sharing with you in “Understanding the difficult words of Jesus” will be published this week for the first time in this country for the general audience.  This is just the beginning of what we know.

I just pray that you will join with me in praying that God will make it possible for all of the information that we have at our disposal as a result of the researches and discoveries in Israel in the last 30 years, that that information can be known to God’s people. 

Jesus was a Jew.  He was not only a Jew, he was a Rabbi.  As a Rabbi he taught in Hebrew and as a Rabbi he used a rabbinic method of interpretation, or study, called remez or hinting.  The Hebrew taught in one of four different ways. They had a word that was an acrostic that was formed from the first word of each of the four different methods.  That word was called pardett which means an orchard in Hebrew.  That is where you pluck, or harvest, that which is nourishing and sweet and sustaining and conducive to growth.   Those four methods of interpretation were Pshot, or remez, hinting at something, Drash which was homiletical, and Sod which was spiritual or hidden. Jesus was a master at remez.  It’s only when you know this can you begin to understand the difficult words of Jesus.   Jesus is always hinting back at something.  By using a word, a phrase, a sentence immediately he would call into the minds of his hearers the whole passage, the whole chapter, the whole book, the whole theology on the subject.  Because the Jews in his day, by and large, had all the Bible committed to memory.  Not only the Bible but Mishnah and Midrash, or commentary on law.  All he had to do was use a word and all of this information would be brought to mind.    

How many of you have been to Texas?  State Capitol?  When I say state capitol what comes to your mind?  You see it don’t you?  It looks like the capital in Washington except ours is bigger, and it’s made out of pink granite and ever night you can see the lights shining and as we come over the hill we can see the State Capitol and that mental image comes into our mind the moment I say state capitol.  Jesus is using this type of method of study known as remez.  He would use a word or phrase and when he used it that brought that whole chapter, or book, or teaching on that subject to their mind.  All he had to do is say, “If a man’s eye is single his whole body is filled with light.  If his eye is evil his whole body is filled with darkness.”  His audience would know exactly which passages he was referring.  They knew exactly about what he was speaking about.  The reason that we haven’t understood it is because we didn’t know this. But now we do and now we can begin to study and we can begin to hear Jesus speak to us.  Again, I say unto you, with great emphasis, he is the teacher par excellent.  What he has to say is revolutionary.  What he has to say about himself.  Who is he by the way?  Who is this man?  Who is Jesus?  We’ve never understood this really.  The ecclesiastical church has never understood for 1900 years who, or what, Jesus is.  Therein lies our problem because if we do not know who he is then we don’t know who we are.  It is he that is in me. 

How many of you heard that Jesus always tried to hide his messiah ship?  Everywhere he went he told people not to tell who he was or what he had done.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Everywhere Jesus went, and everything that he said and did, it was a dramatic declaration as to who he was.  He made some very dramatic statements about himself.  One thing that may come as a surprise to you is that he never calls himself the Son of God.  He never uses that term on himself and it’s not Hebraic.  It’s not Hebrew, it’s Hellenistic.  When we think of son of God, by and large we have a limited mental image in our mind as to his person.   When Jesus refers to himself he always refers to himself as the son of man.  What’s the son of man?  There are those folks that are confused and they think well son of man, because these terms are used in the gospels almost interchangeably and not knowing that one of them is Hellenistic or Greek and the other one is Hebrew they say, well son of man refers to the humanity of Jesus and son of God refers to the deity of Jesus and that he was both human and divine.  But nothing can be further from the truth.  Jesus never called himself Son of God.   He does use a number of terms that he does use in reference to himself. He does call himself son.  He does call himself son of man.  But who is son and who is son of man?  What is son of man?  What does it mean?  Son of man is a reference, a remez, or hint, back at Daniel 7:13, 14.  Let’s have a look at that passage of scripture.  The most supernatural figure in the biblical text.  “And I saw in the night visions, and behold on the clouds of heaven came one like a son of man. And he came to the Ancient of Days and was presented before him.  There was given him dominion, glory, kingdom that all people’s, nations and languages should serve him.  His dominion is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away, and his kingdom one that shall not be destroyed.”  Who’s he talking about?  The son of man.  The most supernatural figure in the entire biblical text.  Every time Jesus says son of man he might as well say Daniel 7: 13, 14.  The one to whom is given glory, and power and kingdom and dominion that all people’s, nation’s and language’s should serve him. And of his kingdom there shall be no end. 

Who is the son of man?  Before we start listening to Jesus let’s listen to the word of God if there is a difference.  In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.  The word became flesh and dwelt among us.  Turn to Isaiah 7:14, “Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign.  Behold a young woman who is unmarried and a virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall call his name Emmanuel.”  What’s Emmanuel?  God with us.  But, I don’t understand God with us because doesn’t God say at one time on one occasion “this is my beloved son”?  It just so happens that son of God is not Hebraic.  Son of God is not messianic.  Son of God is not a Hebraism for the person of Jesus.  But the word son is.  In the O.T. there develops the concept that when the messiah comes he’s going to come as a son.  There is going to be a son/father relationship.  Turn to Luke 10:22, (remember Daniel 7:13, 14; the one who is presented before the ancient of days and to whom is given glory, and power, and authority, and dominion.)  Now listen to Luke, “All things have been given over to me into my power by my Father.  No one knows who the son is except the father and who the father is except the son and anyone to whom the son may reveal and make him known.”  Here Jesus is claiming to have this son/father relationship.  As soon as Jesus uses the term son the Rabbis know immediately what he is talking about.  As soon as he uses the term father the Rabbis know immediately what he is talking about and to what he’s referring and the whole theological implications.  Turn to Psalms 2:7, “I will declare the decree of the Lord.  He said to me, “you are my son, this day have I begotten you.”  Turn to Psalms 89:26, “He shall cry to me you are my father, my God and the rock of my salvation.  I will make him the first born the highest of the kings of the earth. My mercy and loving kindness will I keep for him forever more and my covenant shall stand fast and be faithful with him. He shall cry to me, you are my father, my God.”  Who’s he talking about?  Son, father, who is this man?  Do you remember that even at the age of 12 Jesus has a conscious awareness of who and what he is?  As a matter of fact he makes a statement that is so dramatic, that is so revolutionary, that when he says no one can possibly mistake what he means.  We’ve never understood it of course because we’ve not seen it in its Hebraic context.  But do you remember when he was at 12 years of age there in the Temple questioning with the rabbinic authorities of his day and his parents come and his mother says, “What have you done?  You had us so worried.”  He turns and says, “Know ye now that I must be about my Father’s business?”  No Jew before or after to this day has ever dared call God, my Father.  That’s the reason why she pondered those things in her heart.  When Jesus taught his followers to pray did he teach them to pray my father?  Our father and all Jews to this very day pray, “Our father which art in heaven”.  Only Jesus dared call God his father.  Notice this son/father relationship. All things are delivered unto me by my father.  What is he doing?  He’s hinting back at something and once you know what’s happening the euphemisms that he’s using, the parallelisms, what he is saying is something much more dramatic than what we see in our theological concepts of Jesus as the son of God.


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Numbers 1:1—4:20; Hosea 1:10—2:20 (Chumash: Hosea 2:1-22); Luke 2:1-52; Romans 9:22-33; 1 Corinthians 12:12-31


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  1. Can The “MARK” Be Reversed? What YOU Need To Know…Dr. Michael Lake and David Heavener
  2. The Journeys of Abraham
  3. Ancient Altars
  4. Akal Esh: The Consuming Fire (Video: 9:57 minutes long.)
  5. Yirat: The Fear of the Lord (Video: 9:23 minutes long.)
  6. The 4th Man in the Furnace: The Kuwr (Video: 7:40 minutes long.)
  7. Akedah, the Binding of Isaac (Video: 8:03 minutes long.)
  8. Ruach HaKodesh: The Holy Spirit (Video: 9:16 minutes long.)
  9. The Isaiah Prophecy We All Must Know About! (Crucifixion In The Old Testament) (Video: 22:10 minutes long.)
  10. 5 AMAZING HIDDEN MESSAGES IN THE BIBLE That will BLOW your MIND !!! (Video: 15:29 minutes long.)
  11. The HE|ART of Torah: Christian Truthers Fellowship (Video: 1:26:26 minutes long.)
  12. Jonathan Cahn – The Elijah Paradigm (Video: 27:05 minutes long.)
  13. The Book of Enoch Tells The Nephilim Story, How Angels Became Corrupt, & How God Cleansed Earth (Video: 12:55 minutes long.)
  14. “Grace” in ancient Hebrew! (Video: 2:30 minutes long.)
  15. Kenneth Copeland Fire From Heaven 2018 – Satan’s Counterfeit (Video: 14:28 minutes long.)
  16. Triune God Triune Union (Video: 21:37 minutes long.)
  17. Ancient Crystal Skulls? Separating Fact from Fiction (Video: 8:47 minutes long.)
  18. KIB 214 – Preparing for the Fire of God
  19. 2300 Days of Hell – (Audio: 50:54 minutes long.)
  20. Eye for an Eye (Video: 11:34 minutes long. An “eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth” is a misunderstood Hebraic idiom. Did our Messiah change this commandment, or simply clarify it?)
  21. Angels, False Teaching, & Charismania – Dr. Michael Heiser Interview (Video: 1:13:45 minutes long.)
  22. The Testament of Reuben (Spirit of Lust) (Video: As each of the 12 fathers of the tribes of Israel passed away, they reflected on their life’s struggles. For Reuben, the struggle was primarily lust. A visual and audio experience of the last testimony of Reuben, the first-born son of Jacob (Ya’akov) and Leah, just before he died.)
  23. The Easiest Book in the Bible – Shabbat Night Live – 5/24/19 (Video: 58:30 minutes long.)
  24. Christian Rule in Amerika (Video: 15:15 minutes long.)
  25. 2300 Days of Hell – (Audio: 50:54 minutes long. In this episode of Hebrew Voices, 2300 Days of Hell, Nehemia Gordon expresses his skepticism as author Joseph Dumond warns about the impending demise of hundreds of millions of people beginning in 2020. They discuss Jewish and Christian interpretations of Daniel’s Messianic prophecy, ancient Aramaic tombstones that may reveal the true timing of Sabbatical years, and the many conundrums involved in deciphering chronological calculations.)
  26. The Scroll of Destiny: Dr. Lake on Remnant Restoration Now You See TV




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