News You May Not Have Heard About — 03/31/2019

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  1. Trump Taps Stephen Moore for Federal Reserve Board
  2. Trump Recognizes Israel’s Right to Golan Heights During Netanyahu Visit
  3. Trump signs recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over Golan; Netanyahu: “Israel never had a better friend than you”
  4. POTUS Trump calls for investigations into traitorous Democrats and operatives who enabled Deep State coup attempt against him
  5. Trump says FBI, DOJ to review Jussie Smollett case
  6. Trump Says Republicans Will Become ‘Party of Great Health Care’
  7. Trump signs executive order on protecting US from potential EMP attacks


  1. Trump Administration: Trump admin. to expand Mexico City Policy, crackdown on funding abortions abroad
  2. Trump Administration: Trump administration now says entire Affordable Care Act should be struck down
  3. Mike Pompeo (United States Secretary of State): Pompeo video tour omits mosque on holy site, includes ‘Third Temple’
  4. Mike Pompeo (United States Secretary of State): Pompeo: China threatens US-Israel intelligence sharing
  5. Mike Pompeo (United States Secretary of State): Pompeo to AIPAC: Democratic Lawmakers, Politicians Mainstreaming Anti-Semitism
  6. U.S. Pentagon: The Pentagon Wants to Make an Army of Virus-Spreading Insects. Scientists Are Concerned
  7. U.S. Pentagon: Pentagon Wants to Test A Space-Based Weapon in 2023
  8. U.S. Pentagon: Pentagon Conducts Successful Missile Defense Intercept Test
  9. Department of Defense: DoD Orders $250 Million Of Gas Masks – What Do They Know?


  1. With President Trump now vindicated of all conspiracy theories concerning “Russian collusion,” where is the mainstream media’s apology to the American people?
  2. U.S. fake news media claims geoengineering is a “conspiracy theory” while China and Russia work together to “modify the atmosphere”


  1. Mueller: Mueller report summary released, showing no proof Trump team conspired with Russia
  2. Mueller: Trump team turns tables after Mueller report, calls for investigation into probe’s origin
  3. Mueller: Trump’s MUST SEE Memo!!! (Video: 12:28 minutes long.)
  4. Mueller: What the Mueller Report Revealed, and What’s Coming Next
  5. Mueller: It was a hoax: No finding of “Russian collusion” in Mueller investigation proves there really was a Deep State plot to depose POTUS Trump
  6. Mueller: Just how long did Robert Mueller sit on the fact that the Russia collusion narrative was a hoax? Long enough for Dems to win the House in 2018
  7. Insurance Companies May Use Social Media Posts To Determine Your Risk…
  8. Medicare for all legislation has thorny issues
  9. Google Manipulated, Influenced Midterm Elections, Cost Republicans Seats: Study
  10. AG Barr: Stop States Attempts To Skirt The Constitution
  11. US, Russian Bombers Square Off Over Europe
  12. Avenatti Arrested for Federal Crimes in New York, California
  13. Electoral College: EXCLUSIVE: Who’s Bankrolling the National Popular Vote Movement
  14. Electoral College: Presidential Historian DEMOLISHES ALL DEMS Who Want To Abolish The Electoral College (Video: 5:21 minutes long.)
  15. National Security Group Reestablished With Focus on China Threat
  16. Obamacare: DOJ to Court: Obamacare Unconstitutional
  17. Obamacare: Obamacare Is in Danger. Here’s Why It’s Been So Bad for America
  18. Obamacare: Justice Department Endorses Federal Court Move to Eliminate Obamacare in Its Entirety
  19. The Conservative Health Care Plan, Explained
  20. U.S. calls Russia deployment of planes to Venezuela ‘reckless escalation’
  21. Ron Paul: ESCALATION – Is Russia In Venezuela A New Cuban Missile Crisis?
  22. U.S. high court to hear historic electoral map manipulation cases
  23. US expands ban on foreign aid to overseas abortion providers
  24. House Libs Gunning for Trump’s Military Policy
  25. President Trump can end Big Tech’s treasonous censorship with a single signature… here’s how
  26. Counterattack – Devin Nunes promising criminal referrals for Deep State and Clinton operatives who “perpetuated” Russian collusion hoax
  27. Nunes: NEXT WEEK!!! (Video: 16:29 minutes long.)
  28. The #SPYGATE Project (Video: 6:22 minutes long.)
  29. Here Are 4 Egregious Ways the Left Wants to Transform American Politics
  30. Soros Bankrolls Unverified ‘Hate Crime’ Database Used by Major Media Outlets
  31. CRIMINAL: Obama Admin Pressured Ukraine Not to Investigate “Mega-Donor” George Soros
  32. Deep State Shifts Blame Of Intelligence Failure To Obama
  33. Official: Obama White House Pushed Delay of Anti-Israel U.N. Resolution to Provide Cover for Clinton
  34. Kingpins behind “Russiagate” conspiracy theory, James Clapper and John Brennan, both lied to Congress – will they be held criminally liable?
  35. How ‘Justice Democrats’ Plan to Infiltrate Republican Party to Control Congress
  36. Why the 2018 mid-term elections should be recalled
  37. Here’s the Conservative Plan to Improve Health Care
  38. Schiff Fundraises Off Calls for His Resignation From Trump, Republicans
  39. Amid Calls for New Special Counsel, Silence on Internal Probe of FBI, DOJ Abuses
  40. New Transcripts Reveal Bruce & Nellie Ohr Were Key Players in FBI Corruption (Video: 2:46 minutes long.)
  41. US redrawing official maps to include Golan as part of Israel
  42. More SPLC Employees Step Forward, Claim “Systemic Culture Of Racism And Sexism”


dems behind the wall


  1. Border invasion of America happening right now, yet even GOP lawmakers vote against national defense… are they insane?
  2. Leftist Students Stalk, Harass and Scream “KKK!” at Border Patrol Agents at University of Arizona Campus (VIDEO)
  3. Ocasio-Cortez Makes False Comparisons, Deliberately Misleads About Southern Border, Wall
  4. Cost To U.S. Taxpayers $5.3 Billion: 429,000 Annual Immigrant Birth Costs
  5. Pentagon takes $1 billion from military personnel account to build border fence
  6. A Surge Of Migrants Strains Border Patrol As El Paso Becomes Latest Hot Spot
  7. Democrats fail to override Trump veto on border funding
  8. Trump threatens to close border with Mexico next week
  9. Border Patrol orders quick releases of families
  10. Cartels Are ‘Abusing’ Asylum Laws, Causing a Human Trafficking ‘Crisis,’ Texas Lawmaker Says
  11. CBP Chief: Agency Is Facing an ‘Unprecedented’ Crisis at Border
  12. “This Is A System-Wide Collapse” – Texas Border City Overwhelmed By “Surge” Of Central American Migrants



  1. ‘A DISGRACE’: Ocasio-Cortez Angered After McConnell Allows Vote On Green New Deal
  2. We Hear You: The Left Backs Green New Deal, Opposes Care for Abortion Survivors
  3. A Glimpse of What the Green New Deal Would Cost Taxpayers
  4. Democrats Refuse to Vote for Green New Deal They Endorsed
  5. Senate Democratic Caucus Abstains From Vote on Green New Deal
  6. Suozzi (D.): Green New Deal Is ‘Fantasyland’ But Is Helpful ‘To Shock People Out of Their Torpor’
  7. Katy Tur to Hirono (D): You Are ‘Trying to Have It Both Ways’ on Green New Deal Vote
  8. Sen. Mike Lee’s Epic Speech Against the Green New Deal
  9. Deeper Discovery Into Origins Of The Green New Deal
  10. Former EPA Official: Senate Green New Deal vote proves GOP can win environment (Video: 1:12 minutes long.)
  11. The Green New WHA–???? EPIC!!! (Video: 15:30 minutes long.)


  1. Media-Wall Street Journal: Wall Street Journal Calls for Obama Admin to be Held to Account for ‘Historic Abuse of Government Surveillance Powers’
  2. Media-Fox: Fox news caves to group with terrorist ties
  3. Media-New York Times: Author of NYT Anti-Israel Piece Works for Group Funded by Qatar


  1. Police Probe Swastikas at Arizona Synagogue; Jewish Community Shocked


  1. Signed by the Governor: Arkansas Decriminalizes CBD Despite Ongoing Federal Prohibition


  1. Massive Protests Against Jihad Jew-hater Ilhan Omar at Terror-Tied CAIR Powwow as She Calls on Muslims to “Raise Hell”, ‘Make People Uncomfortable,” “Blames for New Zealand”
  2. Court: San Francisco can’t be sued over illegal who killed Steinle
  3. OAN EXCLUSIVE: ‘Reform California’ chairman says Gov. Newsom is not serving the will of the people (Video: 6:12 minutes long.)
  4. Court Kicks CAIR Out of San Diego School District
  5. San Francisco: Leftist Beats and Kicks 85-Year Old Pro-Life Protester
  6. Rich Liberals in Nancy Pelosi’s District Launch GoFundMe to Stop Homeless Shelter


  1. Colo. Group Hopes to Overturn National Popular Vote Bill at Ballot Box


  1. Georgia lawmakers approve ‘heartbeat’ abortion ban


  1. Jussie Smollett hoax charge dropped by Chicago prosecutors, prompting mayor’s rebuke
  2. Chicago mayor blasts Smollett dismissal as ‘whitewash of justice’
  3. SHOCK: Controversial Chicago Prosecutor DROPS Charges Against Jussie Smollett, UPDATE: ‘Not Exonerated’
  4. Who Is Kim Foxx? Five Things You Should Know About Chicago’s Controversial Prosecutor
  5. Bombshell: Kim Foxx Did Not Recuse Herself
  6. BREAKING: FBI Is ‘Reviewing’ Circumstances Surrounding Dismissal Of Criminal Charges Against Smollett, Report Says
  7. A Former Prosecutor Explains How Jussie Smollett Could Still Be Charged
  8. BREAKING: Jussie Smollett’s COVER Blown! BOMBSHELL Reveals Who Was Behind it All Along, It’s BAD (Video: 6:16 minutes long.)


  1. Former Baltimore police commissioner heads to prison
  2. Maryland Rejects Assisted Suicide


  1. Minnesota Senate Bans Cellphones While Driving EXCEPT for Hijabed Muslimas, No Ban for Them
  2. Minnesota Lawmakers Are Trying to Smuggle in Measure to Subvert Electoral College


  1. Police Accuse Illegal Alien with Killing Four Americans to Steal Money for Meth


  1. NJ to Become the 8th Assisted Suicide State
  2. Jewish Father & Son Viciously Assaulted in Newark, NJ; One in Critical Condition


  1. Businesses, Residents Plan to Leave New York
  2. WATCH: Brooklyn College rally against New Zealand shooting turns into calls to murder Jews


  1. Ohio Withdraws All Funding From Planned Parenthood


  1. Pennsylvania: Muslim lawmaker says prayer in name of Jesus “represented Islamophobia”
  2. State rep threatened with censure over pre-session prayer
  3. Pennsylvania: State Dems call Christian prayer “bigoted,” applaud Qur’an reading at state House session


  1. VIDEO: Texas Kids Sing ‘We Are Khamenei’s Soldiers’
  2. Texas bill would shield religious rights from LGBTQ agenda
  3. San Antonio accused of religious discrimination


  1. UN Official Calls for New World Order (Video: 7:54 minutes long.)
  2. The UN appoints world’s worst human rights abusers as leaders of commissions


  1. President Signs Major Brent Taylor Bill (Video: 3:03 minutes long.)
  2. Utah bans abortions after 18 weeks, teeing up legal showdown


  1. Virginia Muslim leader says it’s “Islamophobic” and “hate” to use words such as “Islamist extremist”
  2. Virginia Democrats appear to escape scandals


  1. Washington state governor and Presidential hopeful Jay Inslee welcomes Hamas-linked CAIR to state capital


  1. BREAKING: Man Detained For Alleged Threat To Murder Trump, Blow Up Pentagon, Report Says




  1. Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Promise to Rejoin  Iran Nuclear Deal
  2. Democrats Hold Emergency Call On Mueller Report, Turn Down Classified Briefings, Plot Subpoenas
  3. Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Equality Act’ Would Be Disastrous. Here Are 5 Likely Victim Groups
  4. Democrats’ Paycheck Fairness Act Would Make Them Pay Some Male Staffers More
  5. House Democrats may have internet tax hike in their sites (Video: 3:03 minutes long.)
  6. Dem Offices Remove POW Flags, Replace With Transgender Pride Flags
  7. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Ocasio-Cortez: Illegal Aliens Are ‘My Constituents’
  8. Bernie Sanders (Vermont): Sanders: ‘Get Rid of the Insurance Companies’
  9. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Evidence That US Representative, Ilhan Omar, a ‘Justice Democrat’, Married Her Brother
  10. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Omar Falsifies Record to Attack AIPAC
  11. Senator Kamala Harris (California): Kamala Harris Made Increasing Bail Costs a Priority as San Francisco DA
  12. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (California): Pelosi: Anti-Semitism is Un-American
  13. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Michigan): Tlaib Will Continue Impeachment Push After Mueller Findings



  1. Republicans Escalate Calls For Adam Schiff’s Resignation. Here Are His Most Blatant Claims About Collusion
  2. 14 House Republicans Stab America In The Back
  3. Republicans Introduce Bill to Prevent Big Banks from Targeting Gun Industry
  4. House Republicans Call for Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff to Resign as Chairman of the Intelligence Committee  
  5. Senator Lindsey Graham (South Carolina): Graham Calls for New Special Counsel to Probe Justice Department
  6. Senator Lindsey Graham (South Carolina): The Cynical Liars Who Started The Mueller Investigation Must Be Punished


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  1. Netanyahu Accuses Blue and White Party of ‘Blood Libel’
  2. Netanyahu Coalition Expands Lead, Pulls Ahead in Election Polling
  3. Romania and Honduras to Move  Embassies to Jerusalem
  4. IDF Strikes Hamas Target Following Cross-border Attacks
  5. WATCH: Israeli Technology Protects Civilian Aircraft From Terrorists’ Missiles
  6. Israel Arab Village to Name Street After Terrorist
  7. IDF Attacks Gaza As Hamas Sends ‘Significantly Stronger’ Bombs
  8. Gaza Rocket Hits Central Israel, 7 Injured Including 2 Children and Infant
  9. IDF Strikes Terror Targets Along Entire Length of Gaza Strip
  10. IDF Destroys Hamas Leader’s Office, Secret Terror Headquarters
  11. HISTORIC: US Officially Recognizes Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights!
  12. ‘No Alternative’: Israel Must Use Force to Stop Iran in Syria
  13. Israel Moves Two Brigades to the Gaza Strip, Calls Up Some Reserves
  14. Echoes of Ezekiel 38: Israel Has “No Alternative” But Force With Iran In Syria
  16. Palestinian Terrorism’s Jewish Roots
  17. Majority of Israelis Want Tougher Response to Hamas
  18. Israel Attacks Iranian Forces in Syria, 7 Killed
  19. Entebbe Pilot Who Refused to Leave Plane Dies at 95
  20. IDF on High Alert as Hamas Calls for Million Man March on Anniversary of Riots
  21. Israel Signs Deal to Get World’s Most Advanced Cannon


  1. WATCH: ‘Hamas is ISIS!’ Declare Palestinian Rivals
  2. WATCH: Terrorists in Gaza Hurl Over 300 Explosives at Israeli Troops
  3. WATCH: PA Teaches Children that ‘All of Palestine’ is Theirs
  4. The real story of ‘Nakba Day’ that the Palestinian Arabs are hiding
  5. Hamas official: “Our goal is jihad for the sake of Allah”
  6. After Firing 30 Rockets at Israel, Hamas Claims Ceasefire Reached
  7. Arab States Furious Over Trump’s Golan Declaration: ‘US Main Enemy of the Arabs’
  8. Hamas: Iran was Behind Rocket Attack on Central Israel
  9. WATCH: ‘Scatter the Enemies’ Body Parts, Make the Skulls Fly in the Sky,’ Hamas Preaches
  10. Muslim cleric: “We will ask for Allah’s help and fight them until the entire world is subject to the rule of Islam”
  11. Hamas Official claims Iran ordered rocket attack on Central Israel
  12. Qatar Spreading Radical Islam To A Mosque Near You
  13. Unnerved by Gaza Protests, Hamas Attacks Israel
  14. Yemeni scholar: “ISIS has come to implement Islam as it is, by the book, complete with slave girls, the rape”
  15. Arab Summit will Tone Down Opposition to Trump’s Pro-Israel Golan Move
  16. Palestinians Step Up Effort to Lay Claim to Jerusalem
  17. Supporters of “Palestinian” jihad use photo of girl injured in Yemen to claim Israeli war crimes in Gaza
  18. Hamas TV: “Scatter” Israeli body parts, “make skulls fly in the sky”
  19. Watch US Bunker Buster Bomb Level An ISIS Mountain Base


  1. Austria: Muslim migrant, an Islamic State supporter, arrested for trying to derail German trains
  2. England: Robert Spencer: Freedom of Speech Dead in UK as London’s Muslim Mayor Defends Arrest of Christian Preacher
  3. England: MONSTERS: British Government Rules Christianity Is Not a Religion of Peace, Refuses Convert Asylum
  4. England: Man Dead in London Stabbing, Perps Fled to Mosque
  5. England: Theresa May Reportedly Planning To Bring Brexit Plan Back For Unprecedented 4th Vote
  6. EU: EU Rejects Israeli Sovereignty On the Golan
  7. EU: We do not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights
  8. EU: 5 Reasons You Should Be AFRAID Of The EU (Video: 14:41 minutes long.)
  9. Europe: Video: Homelands: The departure of Jews and Christians from Europe
  10. Europe: Scale of Planned Islamic State Attacks in Europe “Revealed” in Seized Documents: “Department of Operations in Europe”“Kill the Enemies of Allah”
  11. France: Catholic churches vandalized, set on fire, smeared with excrement
  12. France: Man converts to Islam, is arrested while trying to pick up his mail-order sub-machine gun
  13. France: Muslim with armband saying “jihad” attacks police, screams death threats in the name of Allah
  14. France: 9 out of 10 Jewish students have suffered from Jew-hatred
  15. France: Archbishop “delighted” to participate in dedication of largest mosque in the country
  16. Germany: Germany Won’t Disclose Iranian Attempts to Obtain Nuclear Weapons
  17. Germany: Two more Muslims arrested for attacks on German trains, Islamic State cell uncovered
  18. Hungary: Muslim “refugee” discovered to have beheaded 20 people for the Islamic State
  19. Hungary: Islamic State commander arrested in Hungary had refugee passport allowing unrestricted air travel
  20. Italy: Homes searched of 20 Muslim migrants suspected of funding jihad terror group
  21. Netherlands: Muslim migrant who was “reading the Qur’an a lot” stabs Jewish father and son
  22. Netherlands: Koran-burning protest meets hardline Islamic rally in Denmark
  23. Spain: Six Muslim migrants rape 12-year-old girl for 45 minutes after freeing her friend because she was Muslim
  24. Sweden: Serious Crimes Committed by Returned ISIS Fighters
  25. Sweden: Swedish school giving classes to “refugee children” on how to “pick up girls”
  26. UK: MI5 admits number of “far-right” terror cases “absolutely dwarfed” by number of jihad terror cases
  27. UK: UK human rights activist’s Twitter account permanently suspended for criticizing Islam
  28. UK: Welcome To The UK’s Transgender Orwellian Nightmare
  29. UK: UK Home Office rejects asylum bid of second Iranian Christian: “Jesus could not protect him from the Iranian regime”
  30. UK: UK government defiant as Parliament takes control of Brexit
  31. UK: What Next? UK lawmakers torn on fate of Brexit, and May
  32. UK: UK Sharia courts: “I have heard stories of women made to go back to abusive husbands”
  33. UK: UK lawmakers reject government’s Brexit deal


  1. Afghanistan: Taliban coercing, beating locals to allege civilian deaths in Kunduz operations
  2. Brunei: Under Sharia Law, Brunei to Start STONING Gay & Bisexual Men to Death Next Month
  3. China: China Building Long-Range Cruise Missile Launched From Ship Container
  4. India: India Successfully Tests Satellite-Killer Missile…
  5. Iran: Ayatollah Says Iran Did Indeed Hack Netanyahu Family Phones
  6. Iran: Iran’s New Long Game: Outlast Trump
  7. Iran: Iran Threatens America and Israel Over US Recognition of Golan as Part of Israel
  8. Iran: Friday prayers in Iran: “America is an abomination. Death To America! Death To Israel! Death To England!”
  9. Malaysia: Malaysia Prime Minister: “If we want to make Islam less hated, we need to find out what wrong we have done”
  10. Pakistan: WATCH: Video shows Muslim cleric brutally BEATING student at Islamic school
  11. Pakistan: Muslim student STABS PROFESSOR TO DEATH over “un-Islamic” “welcome party” at the college
  12. Pakistan: Provincial parliament adopts resolution denouncing women’s marches as “shameless and un-Islamic act”
  13. Pakistan: Muslims abduct two Hindu girls, marry them to Muslims, forcibly convert them to Islam
  14. Pakistan: 3,000 Muslim children from the UK attend madrasas in Pakistan that preach jihad violence
  15. Pakistan: Mentally Disabled Christians Charged with Blasphemy
  16. Pakistan: Christian women abducted, tortured, forced to convert and marry Muslim abductor
  17. Philippines: “Good student” of Islamic jurisprudence becomes ISIS beheader, authorities baffled
  18. Saudi Arabia: Organization of Islamic Cooperation urges UN to declare “Islamophobia” a form of racism
  19. Syria: WATCH: Syria will Use ‘All Means’ to ‘Liberate’ Golan
  20. Turkey: Turkey’s Erdogan threatens to murder Australian visitors to Turkey if they have “anti-Muslim views”
  21. Turkey: Erdogan: European politicians opposed to conversion of Hagia Sophia to a mosque are “enemies of Islam”
  22. Turkey: Erdogan: Hagia Sophia will be made a mosque in retaliation for US declaring Golan to be a part of Israel
  23. Turkey: Wiretaps: Turkey Aided Passage of Militant ISIS Terrorists Into Syria
  24. Turkey: Furious Over Trump’s Decision on Golan Heights, Erdogan Confirms Hagia Sophia Will Become a Mosque


  1. Libya: Rescued migrants hijack merchant ship
  2. Libya: “Libyan” human traffickers forced boys to rape their sisters, women sexually assaulted until they bleed to death and men’s genitals cut off
  3. Nigeria: Muslims enter Christian town, steal seven vehicles, start shooting in the streets
  4. Nigeria: Nigerian Christians Burned Alive. Pastor Pleads to World for Help
  5. Nigeria: Muslims burn four churches and 28 homes, rape and murder Christian woman in raids on Christian villages
  6. South Africa: Land reform in South Africa is doomed unless freed from political point-scoring
  7. South Africa: Code Red: Farm attacks, shootings, attacks, Sunrella and surrounds


  1. New Zealand: Mosque leader blames Mossad for Christchurch attack
  2. New Zealand: Man fired for calling Islam “violent and destructive” after Christchurch mosque massacre


  1. Canada: University cancels speech by ex-Muslim-turned-atheist in light of New Zealand terror attack
  2. Canada: Canada rejects Israel’s needs to defend itself, does not recognize its control over Golan Heights
  3. Canada: Three Muslim Facebook groups reject Zionist condolences for New Zealand massacre
  4. Canada: Recording Exposes Top Trudeau Aide Leaning On Canadian Attorney General To Drop Case
  5. Cuba: Five jihadis freed from Guantanamo in exchange for Bergdahl now face US as Taliban reps at peace talks
  6. Mexico: Mexico braces for “mother of all caravans”


  1. Venezuela: Russian planes ‘carrying troops’ arrive in Venezuela
  2. Venezuela: Expert: Venezuela is the new Syria


World-Currencies Banner


  1. LifeWay to close all 170 stores nationwide, will continue online sales
  2. MONEY MARKETS-U.S. fed funds rate returns to parity with interest on reserves
  3. Indicator That Has Predicted Every Recession In The Last 50 Years Just Got Lit
  4. Proposed NY Real Estate Tax Called ‘Disaster’ for Already Lagging Market
  5. Lawyer: D.C. Climate Suit Could Accept Investment From Hedge Funds, Per Contract
  6. White House’s Kudlow calls for Fed to ‘immediately’ make half-point cut — and then walks it back a bit
  7. Fed’s Quarles takes hawkish stance, suggesting more rate hikes may be in the offing
  8. Yellen says Fed has been looking to engineer slowdown due to ‘tight’ labor markets
  9. Getting rid of debt may actually make your brain work better
  10. Executives and directors are insider trading on advance knowledge of audit issues, new study finds
  11. Many annual earnings are arriving without an audit, and that could be a problem
  12. The No. 1 thing people with fat savings accounts scrimp on that you likely don’t
  13. Why the markets aren’t buying the Fed’s claims about the strength of the U.S. economy
  14. How To Prepare For The Coming Debt Crisis | Jerry Robinson
  15. If Donald Trump Is The King Of Debt, These Guys Were The Kings Of Inflation
  16. BEEF PRICES TO ESCALATE: Nebraska Alone Loses Up To 1,000,000 Calves In Flooding
  17. Another Nail In The US Economy’s Coffin: Consumer Confidence Plunges In March
  18. The Fed’s Controlled Demolition Of The Economy Is Almost Complete
  19. Michael Pento: China Can’t Stop What’s Coming To The Global Economy
  20. Audio: Federal Reserve Shakeup Coming after Major Blunders
  21. Economic Insecurity Is Becoming The New Hallmark Of Old Age
  22. De-Dollarization Accelerates: Central Banks Dump Dollar In Q4, Buy Yuan
  23. 70% Of Consumers With Credit Cards Say They Can’t Pay It Off This Year


  1. Lyft stock pops on first day of trading in encouraging sign for unicorn pipeline
  2. Wall Street hasn’t been this bullish on bonds in a decade, according to this chart
  3. AT&T and Verizon Are Going In Opposite Directions. Here’s the One to Buy
  4. S&P 500 logs its best quarterly advance since 2009
  5. Biogen stock plummets 28% after company halts Alzheimer’s trials
  6. The Smartest Investor On The Planet Is Betting On A Stock Market Crash In 30 Days
  7. Fund Manager: Price Won’t Stay Below $1300 For Long After Thursday’s Paper Gold Raid
  8. Fund Manager: Recession Fears Are Fading? ROFLMAO!
  9. Are Traders & Investors Blind To The US Stock Market Upside Super-Cycle?
  10. RED FLAG: Bond Market Indicator That’s Predicted Every Recession In Last 50-Years Just Triggered
  11. 7 Market-Moving Charts Investors Need To See
  12. Russell Napier: A Terrible Market Combination Has Emerged That Suggests It Is Indeed All Over Now


  1. FORECAST: $1400 Gold in 2019 | David Morgan
  2. Jim Willie Drops Mother Of All 2019 Truth Bombs: US Must CREATE WAR To STEAL THE GOLD Needed To DEFEND THE DOLLAR
  3. Peter Grandich: Why Gold Is Set To Shine Again
  4. Eric Sprott: Quarter End – Reasons To Own Gold Look Great
  5. Clive Maund: A Sharp, C-Wave Drop For Gold Coming?
  6. Harvey Organ: Here’s How The Crooks Get Gold & Silver To Cascade Down In Price
  7. John Rubino: Fascinating News From The Gold Mining Sector And The Junior Miners
  8. Matt from Silver Fortune: Why Governments Around The World Don’t Want You To Own Silver & Gold
  9. GOLD PRICE SMASHED: Christopher Aaron Says The Gold Price Is Going to $1140
  10. The Bearish Case For Gold: A Sharp Price Correction To $1255.90 May Be Imminent
  11. An Inflection Point For Palladium? – Craig Hemke
  12. Stewart Thomson: There’s Good News For Gold, But Where’s The Demand?
  13. Jim Willie: Widening Divergence In The GLD Flashing Warning Signals Of A Gold Shortage
  14. TEOTGMAWKI: The End Of The Gold Market As We Know It Only 2 Days From Now?
  15. MERGER MANIA: Consolidation In The Gold Mining Sector
  16. The Logic For BUYING GOLD NOW As The Story Gets Much Simpler And MUCH MORE URGENT
  17. Harvey Organ: Gold & Silver Are Looking Quite Strong
  18. Gold mining stocks are surging on global economic fears
  19. So Why Should You Own Gold?
  20. The Staggering Amount Of Gold & Silver Investment Since The 2008 Financial Crisis


  1. Redfin CEO: Technology is finally ready to change how you buy and sell your house
  2. The lawyers who took on Big Tobacco are aiming at Realtors and their 6% fee
  3. Housing market is tipping in favor of buyers, real-estate agents say
  4. The new tax law gives rental property owners some breaks — and one important negative change
  5. The eviction crisis is starting to look a lot like the subprime mortgage crisis
  6. Mortgage rates plunge at the fastest pace in a decade as growth fears resurface
  7. Median-priced homes not affordable for average wage earners in 71% of U.S.


  1. Have nothing saved for retirement? Follow the ‘austerity’ solution
  2. Why you can’t afford to miss Medicare’s general enrollment
  3. How bad can it get for the S&P 500?
  4. Half of older Americans have nothing in retirement savings
  5. Your kids are ruining your retirement


  1. Venezuelan power outage proves that the value of Bitcoin when the grid goes down is exactly zero


  1. Airline Declares Bankruptcy and Abruptly Ceases Operations, Stranding Thousands of Passengers
  2. Draghi Says Sovereign European Nations Must Seek ECB Approval To Manage Gold Reserves
  3. Can The EU Survive The Next Financial Crisis?


  1. Next Oil Domino To Fall? Mexico Becomes Net Oil Importer For First Time In 50 Years


Earth News Banner

  1. A plague of poisonous toads swarm Palm Beach Gardens Florida with another wave expected in three weeks
  2. Geologic evidence supports theory that major cosmic impact event occurred approximately 12,800 years ago
  3. Physicists have discovered that rotating black holes might serve as portals for hyperspace travel
  4. Mozambique’s cyclone devastation has become a ‘ticking bomb’ of disease
  5. ‘Major’ earthquake strikes Costa Blanca ‘shaking buildings’
  6. Alaska earthquake: 5.2 quake strikes – ‘Be ready for more earthquakes’ says USGS
  7. Magnitude 5 earthquake strikes near Mangya City in northwest China
  8. USGS addresses Yellowstone overdue eruption
  9. Massive Coalition Backs Trump’s Climate Science Committee
  10. Latest study shows an increase in levels of Fukushima-related contamination in Alaskan waters as Tokyo reassure the world all is well with 2020 Olympics
  11. Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes off Russia’s Kuril Islands
  12. More than 1 million acres of U.S. cropland ravaged by floods
  13. Midwest Apocalypse: Satellite Data Show “At Least 1 Million Acres Of US Farmland” Devastated By Floods


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Persian Jar Decorated with Mask Found in Jerusalem’s Old City
  2. Paracas DNA Results: March 2019 Update (Video: 18:45 minutes long.)
  3. The Pool of Siloam – First Century Jerusalem
  4. Forbidden Archaeology Documentary 2018 Ancient Ruins That Defy Mainstream History (Video: 41:15 minutes long.)
  5. WATCH: World’s Longest Salt Cave Discovered in Israel’s Biblical Mount Sodom


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Scandinavian Secrets

This work proves that in ancient times Israelites settled in Scandinavia.

The author summarizes previous studies that proves this point from archaeological and related historical research.

Previous studies that linked Scandinavian Languages and scripts to those of the Middle East are summarized and explained.

The author then discusses runic inscriptions from a variety of sites and implements. The background history of these examples along with a complete physical description is given in detail.

Photographs and illustrations by the author using sophisticated scientific techniques enable the reader to participate in the decipherment.

It is shown in this work how Runic Inscriptions are similar in form and appearance to scripts known in the Ancient Middle East. It is explained and proven step by step how the earliest examples of runic script, and especially those of southeast Sweden, were actually written in the Hebrew Language or in Aramaic or in a mixture of Aramaic and Hebrew.

Aramaic is similar to Hebrew. Aramaic words are found in the Hebrew Bible. A few of the Biblical Books were written in Aramaic and there were Hebrew Tribes who spoke the Aramaic Language before their exile by the Assyrians.

Orjan Svensson shows how the Israelite authors of the Runic Inscriptions incrypted messages within their script that scientifically prove their Hebrew origins!


Mysterious Spirit World Part 1

Mysterious Spirit World Explained Biblically: A Hebraic Perspective Part 1

The Mysterious Spirit World: A Hebraic Perspective is the A-Z manual on Demonology, Fallen Angels, Nephilim, and the Various Topics from the Underworld Explained in Great Detail. Revelation truth revealed as never before!

A must for Spiritual Warfare, Intercessors, Counsellors and Teachers!!

You are about to embark on a journey to life on the ‘other side’. This ‘other side’ is the Spirit World which includes the ‘afterlife’. The Spirit World is a sobering reality and is more real than the one you are living in now.

This is what God’s Good News is all about. Y’shua’s sole purpose was to come and teach, proclaim, and to make a way for us to enter the ‘KINGDOM of Heaven’ just about every time He spoke.

Most of what happens in natural life is shaped by the spirit world. God is Spirit, and whatever decision is made in the Spirit World influences and determines everything in material life. The abstractness seems to be conducive to breaking all of the rules that normally apply to science.

Atheists, including most scientists, say there needs to be evidence or proof of the Spirit World before they consider the subject. If there is any amount of proof, they immediately defy it. They always contrive and claim someone else needs to do the proving—a strategy from satan himself.

This book answer puzzling topics such as:

•What is Heaven and Hell?
•The Bible speaks of the 3rd Heaven, where is it and what is the 1st and 2nd Heaven?
•What is the difference between demons, wicket spirits, fallen angels and nephilim?
•What are the 5 chambers in the underworld the Bible speaks about?
•What are the 5 reasons why Y’shua descended to the Underworld?
•And many other intriguing topics!


1.Know your Enemy.
2.Who is Satan? (who created him).
3.What was Lucifer like? (nature before his fall).
4.What did Lucifer look like? (his physical appearances).
5.What was Lucifer’s plan? (the 5 ‘I wills’).
6.Iniquity was found in him (the five reasons).
7.The actual fall of Lucifer (from where to where and how did it take place).
8.When did the fall take place? (the timing of his fall and who saw it).
9.What is God’s promise for Satan at the end of time? (we jump into the future quickly to preview what happens in Revelation).
10.Supremacy position of Satan after the fall until today (his power basis describe from the Hebrew and Greek words as well as the believers’s power).
11.The various rakings of demons, angels, rulers of the darkness, etc., all unravelled.

Brace yourself, this book will challenge and encourage you. Make sure you share it with your loved ones without delay! 

Email us after you bought the book for the FREE Chart on the Spirit World at

(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


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Another Coffee Break

Deliver Us From Evil, Part 1

It is coming up on 50 years since I was first introduced to the ministry of Deliverance by Derek Prince.  In those 50 years, what I have learned and what I have seen has opened my eyes to a realm of Jesus’ ministry that is still greatly misunderstood in many parts of the body of Christ.

Because of what we have seen unfolding in the past few months and years, it is clear that we are in the midst of a battle Royal with the Enemy.  He has been losing ground, and is doing everything in his power to fight against what God is doing in the earth today.  He has opposed (and continues to oppose) any and all believers whose very existence threatens his domain.  He knows that his days are numbered and that he is on the losing side.

In the coming weeks, I would like to take you through a renewed understanding and revelation of this realm — a realm that encompassed fully one-third of Jesus ministry as recorded in the Gospels.

This past week, I woke up at 4:30 in the morning coming out of a vision that was as vivid as any vision I’ve ever had.  I shared it with Neville and he agreed that it is a perfect description of what has been taking place.  He also had a confirming word from Bobby Connor that fit with what the Lord has been saying to us.

In this vision, we were in an open field.  Our staff and leaders in the body of Christ were running around, trying to avoid a bunch of vultures who were swooping down and pecking at them.  Each time a vulture reached a person, he would pick bits of flesh out of that person and drop them in the field.  This happened again and again and again.  The field was littered with bits of human flesh and the people were rapidly becoming bloody messes.

I saw a gigantic vulture appear — seemingly out of nowhere.  In my spirit, I knew that what I was seeing was a picture of spiritual warfare.  The vultures were demons, attacking God’s people, and especially those who were at the forefront of what God is doing now.  The gigantic vulture was none other than Satan, himself, who was there to direct the vultures and finish the destruction of God’s people.

Laying on the ground in front of me was a very large rock, perhaps 15 inches across, 8 inches wide and six inches deep.  The Lord spoke to me and said, “Pick up that rock and bring the big vulture down.”

My first instinct was that it was way too heavy for me to pick up and throw.  A sudden surge of strength flowed through me in that instant.  I picked the rock up and hurled it at the giant vulture, striking it just below the head on the neck and upper body.  The vulture came crashing to the ground.

It lay there flopping its wings in an attempt to get back up.  Again I received the instruction of the Lord, “Crush the vulture’s head with the rock.”  I picked up the rock again and brought it down on the vulture’s head again and again and again until I knew it was crushed.  Then I stomped on the head of that vulture, declaring victory.

Suddenly, all the bits of flesh that had been scattered over the field began to fly through the air and come back to the people from whom they had come.  In short order, everyone was whole again!  It was a very clear picture of what is being required of us in these days.  That rock was a picture of Christ Jesus.  We use Him to crush the head of Satan, the vulture who is trying to pick us apart and destroy our effectiveness — if not us as individuals.  He is also trying to divide and conquer the unity that exists between those of us who are working together.

A few years ago, I met with a group of perhaps eight or ten pastors over lunch to discuss what is a really contentious topic still in many parts of the body of Christ: deliverance.  You understand that this topic is only contentious for those folks who’ve adopted the mindset and doctrine that Christians can’t be afflicted with evil spirits.

The doctrine really does come out of the mis-interpretation of the word, daimonizomai, and its usage in the KJV as “being possessed” by demons. Possession conveys the wrong idea entirely.  Possession connotes ownership.  People aren’t “owned” by demons, any more than they are “owned” by the Holy Spirit.

When we invite Jesus Christ into our lives, He takes up “his abode” with us.  If we continue to yield to the leading and guidance He provides through the Holy Spirit, we have the opportunity and authority to become totally free in every aspect of our lives. Once a person has begun the process of salvation, deliverance, healing, walking in health and prosperity, it is somewhat like the kid who throws a big rock in a pond. You have a big splash, but then there are the ripples that seemingly continue outward for a long time thereafter.

Deliverance is like that.  Your initial experience of being set free from unclean spirits may be dramatic, but there are the ripples – the ongoing revelations that come by the Holy Spirit – that continue on for months, and sometimes years.

Demons, unclean spirits, evil spirits – no matter how you refer to them – can only create impulses; they can lead you through the pleasures of your flesh, they can create thoughts in your mind, and they can drive you through fear, through doubt or through unbelief to commit certain acts or take certain actions that lead you into sin, or take you away from the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Evil spirits operate in two ways: internally – through thoughts implanted in your mind, and externally – by creating a set of circumstances or “supernatural” manifestations that generate fear, doubt and unbelief.

The eight or ten pastors that met with me that day over lunch knew, and confessed to me, that Christians could be afflicted and tormented by evil spirits.  Nevertheless, they had adopted – for the sake of convenience and political expediency within their churches – the anti-deliverance doctrine.

I took them to task over their arrogant expediency, and quoted to them from Jeremiah’s lament and prophecy:

Jeremiah 8:11-12: “For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.

Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush: therefore shall they fall among them that fall: in the time of their visitation they shall be cast down, saith the LORD.

I rebuked these pastors for telling their folks that they were free when many of them were still being tormented.  They were saying to the people, “It’s just your flesh.  You need to discipline your flesh and bring it under subjection.”

So what’s wrong with an answer like that?  Nothing.  Except that it doesn’t go far enough.  It stops short.  You cannot bring unclean spirits under subjection.  You don’t discipline evil spirits.  You kick them out!

In the months that followed, three of those men fell “among them that fall” – they fell into sin themselves.  All three were removed from their places of ministry.  One was indicted by a federal grand jury and wound up in prison.

Of the remaining pastors, one began to suffer ill health and turned his senior pastorate over to his son – who also happened to be among that group of pastors.  The son, when he took over the pastorate, later called me and acknowledged that they had been wrong.  He asked me out to lunch, and made it clear that I would be welcome to come and share and teach in their church any time.

Another of the pastors present that day at the luncheon began to repent of his anti-deliverance stance when the fall began for the three who were later removed from their ministries.  I was pleased to sit in his church one Sunday and hear him openly repent for having taught error.  He began to call people to acknowledge their need for deliverance and respond to the authority available in Christ Jesus.

The sixth man in that group was stricken with Parkinson’s Disease.  Although he acknowledged to me privately that he knew I had spoken the truth, he refused to acknowledge it publicly and died two years later.  It was a real loss to me because he had been a dear friend and brother in the Lord whose ministry I had otherwise greatly appreciated.

The other pastors moved on, and I never heard how their ministries prospered or failed.  It was a graphic picture I’ve never forgotten.

This is something that the Lord Jesus Christ takes very seriously.  You cannot pretend that folks are free, tell them they are free, and withhold the deliverance from them or the understanding that deliverance is necessary to deal with certain issues in their spiritual lives, and not suffer the consequences.  The responsibilities that accompany spiritual leadership are great.

Jesus paid the complete price for our freedom on the Cross.  He took back the authority that had been given Satan and made it available to all believers.  Everything that Satan stole from us – everything! – was now available to those who would seize it.

Jesus put it like this.

Matthew 11:12: “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force.

When an individual is called by the Lord, anointed for leadership, and equipped by the Holy Spirit to teach and to lead folks into a relationship with Jesus Christ, and then that individual knowingly avoids teaching and sharing truths that will set folks free from bondage, he or she effectively leaves Jesus hanging on the Cross instead of presenting Him as the resurrected and risen Christ who has taken the final authority over death and all that Satan seeks to do to retain his control of the human race.

Wheww!   That was a mouthful!  Let me put it another way.

Jesus’ death and resurrection proved that there is no enemy man cannot subdue when that subduing takes place utilizing the power and authority He has given.  To cheat folks out of that authority is unconscionable.

One of the worst fables being taught by those who seek to make Salvation a once-and-for-all event, presupposing that once a person is a Christian, it is impossible for Satan to afflict them, is the idea that evil or unclean spirits cannot remain in the presence of the Lord.

That flies in the face of Job, Chapter 1, where Satan presents himself before the Lord and God asks him if he has considered his righteous servant, Job.  It becomes an event in which Satan repeatedly tests Job and returns to stand before God to continue his arguments, “Yeah, but if you do this, Job will turn on you…”

Consider for a moment, each and every event where Jesus ministered deliverance.  The individuals who were under the influence and/or being afflicted by the evil spirits did not flee from His presence.  Not one of the evil spirits fled from the individuals until they were ordered to do so by the Lord, and in a couple of cases we have examples of them arguing with Him over having to depart.

In each case Jesus held firm.  The unclean spirits recognized His authority over them and finally departed at His command.

But they didn’t leave until they were commanded to.  There is not one single case of an evil spirit leaving as soon as Jesus was present.

It makes a nice, religious doctrine for folks to believe that once they have Christ in their lives, no unclean spirit can remain, but there isn’t one shred of evidence in Scripture to support such a doctrine.

What is truth is that individuals who allow these spirits to remain in their lives after they have accepted Jesus Christ and made Him the Lord of their lives will suffer raging spiritual battles in their lives.  Sadly, too many Christians seem to be unaware of the fact that He has given them the authority to deal with the situation.  They do not have to remain in the midst of these struggles.

History is replete with the stories of some of the most influential Christians, saints of God and profound leaders in the body of Christ who have lived their lives with certain aspects of their character under the torment of evil spirits.

Martin Luther, one of the most incredible leaders of the Reformation, and a man responsible for beginning the process of leading Christians out of the Dark Ages, was tormented by a spirit of racism.  It hounded him to the day of his death, and he never recognized that Christ had given him the authority to be free of his hatred of the Jews.

John Bunyan, who wrote one of the all-time classics of Christian literature, The Pilgrim’s Progress, was tormented by a spirit that drove him to demand everything at half price.  You may laugh at that and think it is something of little consequence, but he was never free to the day of his death.  Because of his continuous demands on people to sell him whatever he wanted at half-price, his testimony was compromised, and people had difficulty seeing the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ in him.  Was he a Christian at the time of his death?  Certainly.

Just because folks are tormented and do battle in certain areas of their lives with unclean and evil spirits does not in any way alter the fact that they have committed their lives to Christ and seek to walk with Him in a love-relationship.  It simply means they have not taken advantage of the authority available in Christ Jesus to kick out the tormentors.

It was the prophet Hosea that prophesied the following:

Hosea 4:6:  “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

This is where we have to leave it for today.  We have lots of territory to cover in this series, and we will spend a number of weeks getting through all of it.

Regner A. Capener

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Essay: The Peter Principle (Part One)

We have all been in a restaurant, a store, or a bank, and the employee serving us—perhaps newly hired or in training—just cannot complete the task. We ask to see the manager, and when he comes over, if he is good at his job, he solves the problem quickly and efficiently. If he is not competent in his position, he might swoop in aggressively or with a surly attitude, and the situation only becomes worse.

It could be that he is inept, and the Peter Principle has come into play. The Peter Principle is a concept in business management developed in 1969 by Laurence J. Peter. It states, simply, that people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their level of incompetence.

The Peter Principle asserts that a person good at his job will be promoted to a higher position, one requiring a new set of skills. If the person promoted does not have those new skills, he will be incompetent at his new position and not be promoted again. However, he will not return to the former job in which he excelled, but for the rest of his career, he will plateau at the job for which he is not qualified. If he is good at his new job, he will be promoted repeatedly until he eventually reaches a level in which he is incompetent. Laurence Peter’s research concluded that this outcome is inevitable, given enough time and assuming enough positions in the hierarchy to promote competent employees.

For instance, a competent mechanic may make an incompetent foreman. Or, a competent school teacher may make a competent assistant principal but then go on to become an incompetent principal, not to be considered for promotion to assistant superintendent. In each case, the higher position required skills not needed at the level immediately below. The mechanic had to know only how to fix cars, but as a foreman he needed to be able to manage the other mechanics and deal with customers. Seldom will an individual admit that he was better in a lower position and ask to be demoted. Human pride is too strong.

Some apparent exceptions to the Peter Principle exist. For example, when an individual is incompetent but promoted nonetheless (kicked upstairs, as it were) is called a “pseudo promotion,” a move from one unproductive position to another. Peter calls it a “lateral arabesque” when a person is moved out of the way and given a longer job title.

Sometimes, the competence of an employee is measured by the employer rather than the customer or the public. We might run into a person who seems to stink at his job, yet he follows the rules of the company to such an extent that it defies common sense and hurts the company. Even so, his immediate supervisor thinks him competent because, in Peter’s words, “internal consistency is valued more highly than efficient service.”

He also gives examples in his book of the super-incompetent and the super-competent, who disrupt the company’s hierarchy and so must be expelled, a process he calls “hierarchical exfoliation.” Consider a super-competent teacher of special needs children. She is so effective at educating her charges that after a year they exceeded all expectations at reading and arithmetic, but she is still fired because she had neglected to devote enough time to bead-stringing and finger-painting.

Disheartening as it may be, the Peter Principle contains a great deal of truth, but it is certainly not true in every case. It misses a key factor: God’s Holy Spirit. We few members of God’s church look at our jobs a bit differently. We grow—hopefully. We overcome—also hopefully. We know that we are not truly in charge. When we leave the house to go our jobs, we have already prayed and studied; we have suited up in our spiritual armor and are ready for battle. If we are doing it right, we are not just going through the motions at work, treading water, marking time, and watching the clock. We have a greater purpose—not necessarily trying to advance, although that is not wrong—to do an honest day’s work for our wages. We are responsible for the administration of our gifts. As Jesus says in Luke 12:48, “. . . to whom much is given, from him much is required.”

For clarity, the management principle of Laurence Peter will be called the Physical Peter Principle in contrast to the Spiritual Peter Principle, named after the apostle Peter, a man much like many of us. From what we read in Scripture, we can assume that he was somewhat impetuous, impulsive, and sometimes eager to the point of speaking before thinking things through. He was fallible, as we are. Yet, following his story from fisherman to church leader, we can also see how he grew as a Christian.

This same Peter writes in I Peter 4:10 “As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” The word translated “minister” is a verb meaning “to serve.” It is an action rather than a position. The word translated “stewards,” however, is a position, the Greek oikonomos, “manager” or “overseer, a fiscal agent, governor, superintendent of the city’s finances, the treasurer of a city.” Used ten times in the New Testament, it refers in many cases to the apostles and other Christian teachers and leaders.

Adam Clarke comments, “Whatever gifts or endowments any man may possess, they are properly speaking, not his own; they are the Lord’s property.” Notice this verse in the Good News Translation: “Each one, as a good manager of God’s different gifts, must use for the good of others the special gift he has received from God” (Good News Translation® (Today’s English Version, Second Edition) Copyright © 1992 American Bible Society. All rights reserved.).

We are managers, each one of us. We manage the gifts God has given us to use in the service of others. The Physical Peter Principle says a person rises to his or her level of incompetence. Conversely, the Spiritual Peter Principle says God has blessed us with certain gifts, talents, divine endowments, which we do not deserve, and we are to manage those gifts.

In other words, we are to get better—improve—at living this life! As Christians, we will not reach our potential until we die. Our trajectory is unlike those laboring under the Physical Peter Principle, where many reach a level unsuited to them, and there they stay. Say, for instance, a Christian was happy as a teacher, but he is miserable as an administrator. If only his pride would let him admit it and return to the lower position—or push himself to work harder to learn the skills necessary to be effective as an administrator.

Under the Spiritual Peter Principle, we are never to stop advancing to perfection (Matthew 5:48; Hebrews 6:1). Next time, we will see more of this spiritual principle in God’s Word.

Mike Ford


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