News You May Not Have Heard About — 03/03/2019

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Every American and every Christian and non-Christian NEEDS to watch this important videoTake note of the things he speaks on in this video and then think about what is going on with the Democratic Party and America in general. This video will open your understanding about all the things taking place in America today. (Video: 57:01 minutes long.) Those interested in his book, click HERE.


  1. Trump Tweeted He Wants 5G and 6G in America As Soon As Possible!
  2. Trump Blasts Dems for Blocking Bill To Stop Infanticide: ‘They Don’t Mind Executing Babies After Birth’
  3. Report: Trump To Take Defiant Stand in Support of 2nd Amendment
  4. Trump Hones In on ‘Racist Hit’ at the Oscars, Rips Spike Lee for Speech
  5. Trump Frees American Imprisoned in Yemen
  6. Hah! Trump Hits Phony Hero “Da Nang Dick” Blumenthal from Vietnam – Says He Talked About It with Vietnamese Leaders
  7. Trump Totally Humiliated This Smug WaPo Reporter in Front of Everyone During Summit
  8. Trump on Netanyahu: He’s ‘Tough, Smart’ and ‘Strong’
  9. Trump Makes Stop on the Way Home from N. Korea Summit To Honor Those Who Deserve It Most


  1. Mike Pence (Vice President): Pence steps up ‘socialism’ attack on Democrats
  2. Trump Administration: Trump administration to keep hundreds of US troops in Syria
  3. Mike Pompeo (United States Secretary of State): Pompeo Mocks Obama Admin’s Handling of KJU, ‘Test, Pray, and Cower’
  4. Mike Pompeo (United States Secretary of State): Pompeo Tells CNN: ‘We’re Not Interfering in Israel’s Election’
  5. Mike Pompeo (United States Secretary of State): Pompeo Has a Message For ‘ISIS Bride’ Suing to Get Back Into US, “She’s a Non-Citizen Terrorist… She’s Not Coming Back” (VIDEO)
  6. U.S. Pentagon: Pentagon releases blueprint for accelerating artificial intelligence
  7. U.S. Air Force: Russian Weapons Circumvent New START Arms Pact
  8. U.S. Defense Department: Military Spends Millions on ‘Special Operations’ for Trans
  9. U.S. House of Representatives: House Approves First Major Gun Control Legislation Considered by Congress in 25 Years
  10. SCOTUS: High court: ‘Federal judges appointed for life – not for eternity’
  11. SCOTUS: Supreme Court seems inclined to retain cross on public land
  12. SCOTUS: SCOTUS Delays Execution for Man Who Can’t Remember His Crime
  13. SCOTUS: Supreme Court strikes a blow for liberty
  14. National Institutes of Health: Feds Spend $267,946 Studying ‘Older Same-Sex Partner Caregivers’


  1. How the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact might unleash a violent civil war following the 2020 election… which is exactly what Democrats want
  2. Meet Trump’s New UN Ambassador to Replace Nikki Haley
  3. Trump’s Ambassador Confirms Radical Pakistan Has ‘Desire To Change’
  4. INVESTIGATE Social Media CENSORSHIP!!! (Video: 13:10 minutes long.)
  5. Senate to vote on legislation to stop infanticideSenate to vote on legislation to stop infanticide (Video: 3:12 minutes long.)
  6. Turley DESTROYS the Russian Collusion Narrative — ON CNN!!! (Video: 8:32 minutes long.)
  7. Clinton: HERE WE GO: Crooked Hillary and Politico Publish Hit List of 200 Influential Conservatives They call “Foreign Actors” Who They Want Removed from Twitter
  8. Clinton: Disgusting: Obama’s DOJ Instructed FBI To Ignore ‘Gross Negligence’ from Hillary Clinton
  9. Clinton: Bombshell Report: DOJ Planned to Shield Hillary, Not Even Prosecute Crime
  10. Clinton: Breaking: Newly Uncovered Evidence Connects Crooked Hillary and Creepy Podesta to Fake Russian Hoax Before Election
  11. No Draft Dodging for Women, Judge Rules
  12. Judge Rules Male-Only Military Draft Is Unconstitutional
  13. What a Judge’s Ruling on Drafting Women Means for Military
  14. New rule a step closer to defunding Planned Parenthood
  15. Poll: Americans Become More Pro-Life After Recent Push by Dems To Expand Abortion
  16. Here We Go-> Former Campaign Staffer Claims in Lawsuit Trump Kissed Her Without Consent – White House Responds
  17. BREAKING: Eye-Witnesses Destroy Claims That Trump Non-Consensually Kissed Former Staffer
  18. US Judge Says Prosecutors Violated the Rights of Victims in Jeffrey Epstein Underage Sex Abuse Case. Trump’s Sec’y of Labor and Robert Mueller Are Under Fire
  19. 9 Years After Obamacare Passed, Agency Finds Numbers Were Wildly Off
  20. Five in Ten 2/26/19: Russia Names Nuke Targets (Video: 18:13 minutes long.)
  21. Liberals outnumber conservatives in merely 6 states
  22. 8 Serious Flaws in the New Background Check Bill
  23. Nikki Haley Launches Advocacy Group, Continues Staunch Support for Israel
  24. FIREWORKS! Mark Meadows Hurls RACISM CHARGE Back at Radical Rep. Rashida Tlaib for Accusing Female Black Trump Employee of Being a Prop (VIDEO)
  25. Mike Huckabee Erupts, Calls Out Bernie Sanders’ Hypocrisy: ‘That, My Friend, Is Today’s Democrat Party.’
  26. EXCLUSIVE: Terror Cells on US Doorstep
  27. How Bernie Sanders Would Destroy American Power
  28. Many Staffers Defending Klobuchar Did Not Work in D.C. Where Abuse OccurredIndia and Pakistan on the Brink of Disaster
  29. Trump’s Protect Life Rule Is Good News for America
  30. Effort to Abandon Electoral College Gains Steam. Here’s What It Would Ruin for America
  31. Congress Sees U.S. Recognition of Israeli Control Over Golan Heights as ‘Slam Dunk’
  32. House Dems Fail to Show for Own Climate Change Hearing, Republicans Pounce
  33. Trump Would Veto The Two Draconian Gun Control Laws Moving Through Congress Right Now
  34. US Army Takes 50 Tons Of Gold From Syria In Alleged Deal With ISIS
  35. The Most Wanted Millennial Terrorist: US Offers $1 Million For Info On Bin Laden’s Son
  36. It’s OHIO for crying out loud!!! (Video: 9:57 minutes long.)
  37. March 1st 2019 | Messianic World Update (Video: 16:10 minutes long.)
  38. Crenshaw Steps Up, Annihilates Narrative over Universal Background Checks
  39. Poll Shows GOP Challengers Shouldn’t Even Run, Trump’s Got This in the Bag
  40. Sloppy Joe Biden Makes a Decent Mess
  41. Eyeing 2020, White House steps up ‘socialism’ attack on Dems
  42. Brothers Involved in Jussie Smollett Situation Release Public Statement: ‘Tremendous Regret’
  43. Famed Neurosurgeon Debunks Claim that Unborn Children Don’t Feel Pain
  44. Is Jared Kushner Right? Can Middle East Peace Be Bought?
  45. ‘Put Socialism on Trial,’ Larry Kudlow Urges
  46. Every American Needs To Hear This Man’s Challenge to Democrats on Guns
  47. Can Timing and Technology Shatter Russian Hack Fake News? with Special Guest Bill Binney (Video: 58:44 minutes long.)
  48. Raisin Caine Connection (Video: 15:44 minutes long.)
  49. CPAC 2019 – Left for Dead: Are There No Limits to the Progressive War on Humanity (Video: 28:16 minutes long.)


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump Summit in Vietnam

  1. Trump-Kim Jong Un Summit Off to Rocky Start Before It Even Begins
  2. Trump rejects Kim demand to lift all sanctions
  3. Trump-Kim summit ends without a deal
  4. Trump: US sanctions were sticking point in talks
  5. Trump Was Right to Walk Away From North Korea’s Bad Deal
  6. PRESIDENT TRUMP Walks Away from Kim Jong-un Talks — Leaves Summit Early
  7. From Vietnam, an Analysis of the US-North Korea Summit
  8. US/Korea Summit Failed Because There Was Never Supposed To Be A Deal
  9. Trump Asks China To “Immediately Remove All Tariffs On Agricultural Products”
  10. US Said To Prepare “Final China Trade Deal” But Skeptics Aren’t Buying It
  11. Trump Affirms Relationship With North Korea “Very Good”: “They Know What We Must Have”
  12. Trump’s Deal with North Korea Fell Apart over Denuclearizatio


Michael Cohen



  1. JUST IN: Michael Cohen Disbarred Following Felony Conviction For Lying Under Oath
  2. GET TRUMP! Democrats, Media Go All In On Michael Cohen: Broadcast, Cable News Nets to Air House Hearing Live; Politico Publishes ‘Bombshell’ Opening Statement
  3. Cohen’s History of Falsehoods Makes His Upcoming Congressional Testimony Worthless
  4. Watch Jim Jordan Corner Cohen on WH Aspirations, Then Trump Boys Finish Him Off
  5. Michael Cohen: My Comments on Cohen Hearing (Video: 10:39 minutes long.)
  6. JUST IN: House Intel Panel Seeks to Interview Trump Organization CFO Following Cohen Testimony
  7. There Was 1 Part of Cohen’s Testimony That the Leftist Media Hated and Trump Liked — the Part Where Even Cohen Agreed No Hard Evidence for Collusion
  8. Cohen Accused of Perjury During Congressional Testimony, Referred to Attorney General
  9. Michael Cohen Strikes Serious Blow Against Steele Dossier During Congressional Testimony
  10. Cohen the ‘next phase’ in Dem’s anti-Trump ‘coup’: attorney
  11. Trump: Cohen testimony a ‘fake hearing’
  12. President Trump Takes a Shot at Michael Cohen From Vietnam, ‘He’s Lying In Order to Reduce His Prison Time’
  13. There Was 1 Part of Cohen’s Testimony Trump Liked, and It Was a Doozy
  14. Watch: Dems’ Star Witness Implodes as Even CNN Calls Out Cohen as Liar
  15. WALSH: The Three Times When Michael Cohen’s Testimony Accidentally Exonerated President Trump
  16. Here Are The Checks Cohen Claims Are Evidence Of Trump’s Role In Stormy ‘Hush Money’ Deal
  17. Michael Cohen Returns to Congress for Closed-Door Questioning After Fiery Public Testimony
  18. Heir to Gambino Crime Family Predicts Michael Cohen Will Get WHACKED in Prison, ‘Inmates Hate Rats’
  19. 6 Takeaways From Michael Cohen’s Hill Testimony About Trump
  20. CNN Panel: Cohen Lied When He Told Congress He Never Wanted White House Job
  21. Cohen Overboard: Mudslinging and Civility
  23. Trump Today: President demands Congress probe Cohen’s ‘love letter’ book and calls relations with Kim very good after summit
  24. Just 37% Polled Found Cohen Testimony Credible
  25. To Expose Cohen Lies, Trump Says “Congress Must Demand Transcript Of Michael’s New Book”
  26. Watch: Dems’ Star Witness Implodes as Even CNN Calls Out Cohen as Liar
  27. Lynne Patton: Michael Cohen Flipped on Trump because Mueller Threatened to Jail His Wife for 30 Years
  28. Federal Judge Orders Release of Christopher Steele Deposition
  29. Democrats Get Brutal News After Cohen Testimony



  1. Socialist on a Power Trip – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Claps Back at Critics of Her Radical Green New Deal “I’m the Boss!” (VIDEO)
  2. McAuliffe Agrees With WaPo Editorial on Green New Deal: It’s ‘Unrealistic’
  3. Study: Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal Would Cost Over $600,000 Per Household in the United States
  4. Here’s ‘the Way It Works…’: This James Woods Tweet to AOC May Go Down as His Best Ever
  5. The Numbers on AOC’s Green New Deal Are Finally in, and They’re Jaw-droppingly Insane
  6. Study: Green New Deal Would Cost Up to $94 Trillion
  7. Democrats Considering Shielding Each Other on Green New Deal with ‘Present’ Vote
  8. Polar Vortex Exposes a Big Problem with the Green New Deal
  9. Ivanka Trump Criticizes Green New Deal: ‘People Want to Work for What They Get’
  10. Schumer: McConnell’s Decision to Vote on Green New Deal Is a ‘Sham’
  11. Nancy Pelosi Smacks Down Alexandria Ocasio Cortez: The Green New Deal Is ‘Not What We Hope To Achieve’
  12. Sanders Defends Green New Deal: ‘You Cannot Go Too Far’ on Climate Change
  13. The $90 trillion green new deal


people threatening acts of violence against covington catholic high school


  1. Experts Weigh In on Massive Covington Lawsuit, Suggest Bill Maher Might Be Next
  2. Washington Post Makes Pathetic Attempt To Backpedal on Covington Kids over a Month Later
  3. WaPo Admits Inaccuracies in Its Reporting About Covington High School Students


dems behind the wall


  1. Republican Congressman Deploys to Border With National Guard Unit, Says It’s ‘Awesome’ To Defend Country
  2. Beto O’Rourke: I Would ‘Absolutely’ Take the Wall Down in El Paso
  3. ‘Cowboys for Trump’ Trek to DC To Show Support for Border Wall with Hand-Crafted Gift for Trum
  4. Where Are The House GOP Leaders On The Border Wall?
  5. Congressman Backs Trump’s Emergency Declaration After Border Deployment: ‘What I Saw Was Really Disturbing’
  6. GOP Senator Thom Tillis Flakes On Border Emergency
  7. Border Patrol Chief’s Congressional Testimony Buries Claims That Border Crisis Is ‘Fake’
  8. The coming legal fight over the wall
  9. 2 Republican Senators Join with Democrats in Attempt To Halt Trump’s Emergency Declaration
  10. Rep. Makes Epic Move After Going on Nat’l Guard Duty at the Border
  11. EXCLUSIVE: Socialist National Emergency Border Wall Protest Demands: IMPEACH TRUMP!
  12. Construction Begins On 30-Foot-High San Diego Border Wall


  1. Media-Fox: Fox News Viciously Calls Out MSNBC over Jussie Smollett Coverage with Hilarious Image
  2. Media-NPR: NPR Attempts To Distract from Jussie Smollett by Digging Up Two Decades-Old Hoaxes by White People
  3. Media-CNN: CNN Publishes Article Speculating Insane Things About Trump
  4. Media-CNN: CNN Publishes Obama Official’s Civil War Conspiracy: Calls for Military, State Rebellion If President Trump Refuses to Accept Defeat After 2020 Election
  5. Media-CNN: MORE LIBERAL BS… CNN Claims Green New Deal that Ends US Gas, Oil Industries, Plane Travel and Farting Cows is “Feasible and Affordable
  6. Media-CNN: CNN Host Jumps in, Pulls Plug After Venezuelan Warns About Dems
  7. Media-CNN: CNN Exposed: Here’s Who Was Really Asking the Questions at Bernie Town Hall
  8. Media-CNN: CNN Caught Concealing Stunning Real IDs of Questioners at Bernie Town Hall
  9. Media-CNN: CNN Host and Obama Alum Van Jones Praises Trump Policies on Poverty and Legal System
  10. Media-MSNBC: WATCH: MSNBC Panel Warns Ocasio-Cortez’s Ignorance is ‘Going to Hand the Presidency Back to Donald Trump’
  11. Media-General: Look at the Ridiculously Diff. Headlines Media Used for Dem. Race Scandals vs GOP
  12. Media-General: 73 Media MISTAKES!!! (Video: 10:43 minutes long.)
  13. Media-General: Media in cahoots with far-left Dems – ‘What infanticide vote?’
  14. Media-General: Media Ignores Great Economic News… Again
  15. Media-New York Times: NYT Tries To Fact Check Trump’s Tweet on Abortion, Immediately Ends Up Backfiring on Twitter


  1. Doug Jones Excludes Alabama Voters From Ad Touting Opposition to Border Declaration


  1. (VIDEO) Knife-Wielding Muslim Declares Allegiance To ISIS, Attacks A Cop, Gets Shot. MEDIA BLACKOUT ENSUES


  1. Ark. preparing for a post-Roe ruling
  2. Arkansas: Public high school students use art to learn Islamic faith


  1. Sanctuary state guarded illegal who tried to murder sheriff
  2. UCLA Students Sign Petition to Put Conservatives in Concentration Camps
  3. Final Thoughts: Golden State Problems (Video: 2 minutes long.)
  4. Berkeley: Police Are Conducting ‘Additional Investigative Work’ on Assault of Conservative Activist
  5. Still No Arrest 10 Days After Assault on Conservative Activist at Berkeley
  6. CA Dems unhappy with lesson on biology & grammar
  7. Discover the Links Between the Four Elite Families of California that Have Run It into the Ground
  8. On the Cusp of Catastrophe, California Has No Margin for Error
  9. California: Muslim spoke of committing jihad massacres at “dance clubs, bars…because there’s people everywhere”


  1. Democratic Governor Signs Bill Allowing State To Potentially Bypass Electoral College


  1. High-Powered Former Executive also Snared in Prostitution Sting That Netted Robert Kraft
  2. Blue State Refugees Flock to Conservative Florida
  3. Kyle Kashuv Confronts Deputy Who Hid in Stairwell, Tears Him Apart on Video


  1. Massive Alligator Takes the Internet by Storm, Biologist Promises This Is Not a Hoax


  1. Top Chicago Officer Says ‘There’s a Lot More Evidence’ Against Smollett
  2. As Many As 5 Socialists Could Join Chicago’s City Council
  3. Fight Over Progressive Income Tax Starts in Illinois
  4. Illinois: Muslim cleric says “we all have a higher goal, and that is the establishment of the caliphate”


  1. WWHA showing ‘complete disrespect for human dignity’
  2. Buttigieg (D) Slams ‘Condescension’ of Democrats, Party’s ‘Abandonment’ of Midwest


  1. Kentucky Defies Godless Left, Moves To Put ‘God’ Statement Back in Schools


  1. 6 Key Exchanges From the Peace Cross Oral Argument
  2. Local Sheriff Explodes on Dem Lawmakers: ‘We Will Not Comply’ with Restrictive Gun Laws
  3. School Board Voted Against Armed Security Before Shooting, Now They’re Reversing Course


  1. Surprise! Woman Who Attacked Massachusetts Man Over MAGA Hat Is Illegal Alien; Arrested By ICE Tuesday
  2. James Woods Owns Dem Congressional Hopeful over Ridiculously Ignorant Gun Statement


  1. Transgender Activist Accused of Burning Down Own Home and Killing 5 Pets in Hate Hoax Crime


  1. Minnesota Muslima arrested for voting twice ‘knowingly committed voter fraud’, jihadi-Rep Ilhan Omar called for voters to “VOTE TWICE”
  2. Minneapolis: Muslim migrant took journalist captive, threatened to sell him to jihad group if ransom wasn’t paid


  1. Update: Teenager Arrested For Throwing 81-Year-Old Trump-Supporter to the Ground Over His MAGA Hat


  1. N.M. governor faces public impeachment calls after pulling troops from U.S. border (Video: 3:08 minutes long.)


  1. NYU to Host Linda Sarsour Despite Her Anti-Semitic Statements
  2. WATCH: New York Synagogue Prepares for Active Shooter Scenario
  3. Dozens of swastikas, anti-Semitic messages drawn on school playground in New York City
  4. Another One: Now an 81-Year-Old Has Been Beaten for Wearing MAGA Hat in Public, Prosecutors Say
  5. New York Stonewalls Over Accounting Issues At $850M Mental Health Program Run By Mayor’s Wife
  6. Cuomo And Union Leaders Beg Bezos To Reconsider New York HQ2
  7. NYC Implemented Minimum Wage Hike For Fast Food Workers. Now They’re Looking For Jobs


  1. GOP candidate in disputed US House race not running again
  2. NC Republican Betrays Principles, Pushes for Gov’t To Be Able To Track Citizens’ Bicycles
  3. Dumbfounding: State Will Let Bad Schools Keep Doors Open, Looks at Dropping F Grades From 60% to 39% – Report
  4. Duke University Faces Anti-Semitism Charges for Editorial Smearing AIPAC


  1. City Votes To Give a Lake More Rights Than an Unborn Child


  1. Video: Student Attacked in Oklahoma High School for Wearing MAGA Hat
  2. Oklahoma governor signs permitless gun bill


  1. Oregon’s Proposed Rent Controls Would Shrink Supply of Housing


  1. Update: Accused Killers of Nashville Singer Booted from Courtroom


  1. Boeing 767 Cargo Jetliner Crashes in Texas, No Survivors
  2. Pelosi Joins Forces with Mexican Officials at the Border To Celebrate ‘International Bridge Ceremony’
  3. Texas Boy, 17, Jailed for Jihad Threat to Abortion Clinic


  1. UN – We’re Underestimating Threat From Jihadi Brides
  2. Female terrorists at risk of return to jihad warfare because of ‘lenient’ treatment, UN warns


  1. Gillespie Addresses Northam Blackface Controversy: ‘Doesn’t Reflect the Virginia I Know’
  2. Virginia Legislature Thwarts Bloomberg’s AG Environmental Attorney Scheme
  3. VA bill pushes baby by contract
  4. Group wants to ban WWII POW’s Bible from veterans memorial
  5. Virginia Democrats Elect Their First Genocidal Jew-Hating Jihadi


  1. Wisconsin governor picks ex-Planned Parenthood VP



  1. Democrats plan to subpoena Mueller if final report is not made public (Video: 3:03 minutes long.)
  2. Democrats’ Scorched Birth Campaign
  3. New Gallup Study Spells Disaster for Dems Going into 2020
  4. Dems block Senate GOP bill on infants surviving abortions
  5. Senate Democrats Vote For Dead Baby Guarantee
  6. Little Climate Change Monsters Turn On Democrats
  7. PURE EVIL: Here Are the Democrat Presidential Candidates Who Just Voted to Support Doctors Killing Babies who Survive Abortion
  8. Only 3 Democrat Senators Vote for Bill Protecting Babies Born Alive After Abortion
  9. Dems Lose ‘Embarrassing’ Gun Control Amendment Vote After Multiple Defections
  10. 2020 Dem Presidential Hopefuls Vote to Block Newborn Care
  11. 2020 Democrats Fundraise Off Cohen Testimony
  12. Dems envision two years to drop Blue Cross for Uncle Sam
  13. Party Of Death: Democratic Presidential Candidates Vote For Infanticide
  14. Dems Give Born-Alive the Silent Treatment
  15. Dems dangle dollars with reparation talk
  16. House Democrats Unveil Plan to Bring Total Government Control Over American Health Care
  17. Anti-Israel Democrats Defend Past Comments At Anti-Israel Restaurant
  18. House Passes Gun-Control Bills
  19. In ‘Emotional’ Meeting After ‘Embarrassing’ Gun Bill Vote, Democrats Learn Their 2018 Blue Wave Isn’t So Blue
  20. Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden Break From Standards To Praise President Trump
  21. Muslim Reps. Tlaib, Omar sign impeachment petition against President Trump (Video: 2:40 minutes long.)
  22. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Watch: AOC Tries to Explain ‘Cow Farts,’ Only Digs Herself Deeper
  23. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Ocasio-Cortez Poses ‘Legitimate’ Question: ‘Is It Okay to Still Have Children?’
  24. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Radical Socialist Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Tells People They Shouldn’t Reproduce Due to Climate Change (VIDEO)
  25. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Bongino Blasts AOC over $52K Salary for Staffers: ‘She’s NOT Paying This “Living Wage”, You Are’
  26. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): AOC’s Neighbors Reveal SHOCKING Truth NO ONE Saw Coming
  27. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Ocasio-Cortez Joins Progressive Push That Large Families Are Bad For Environment
  28. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): AOC’s Rise to FAME??? (Video: 19:10 minutes long.)
  29. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): AOC Suffers Disaster as Feds Catch Word of Alleged Illegal Treatment of Her Boyfriend
  30. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): FEC complaint: AOC paid boyfriend thousands thru PAC
  31. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Report: Ocasio-Cortez Threatens Democrats, If You Vote With Republicans You’ll Be Put On A List
  32. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): The Mouth That Won’t Stop Chattering… Democrat Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Accuses ICE of Rape
  33. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): ‘UGLY RACIST TWEET’: Ocasio-Cortez Slammed For Promoting Bigotr
  34. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Ocasio-Cortez Move Allows Her Staff To Avoid Financial Disclosure Laws
  35. Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont): You Won’t Believe What Bernie Offered a Socialist Dictator
  36. Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont): Bernie Sanders: I Don’t Want Any Advice From Hillary
  37. Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont): BRAZEN! Bernie “Hires Illegal Immigrant” To Be His Potty-Mouthed Press Secretary
  38. Senator Cory Booker (New Jersey): Cory Booker: ‘This Planet Simply Can’t Sustain’ People Eating Meat
  39. Senator Cory Booker (New Jersey): Booker on American Dream: United States Is Not ‘Top Country’ to Be Born Today
  40. Senator Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts): Warren Restricting Her Fundraising Rules to Primary, Will Do ‘What Is Necessary’ in General Election
  41. Senator Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts): Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Gets Heckled For Voting to Support Doctors Killing Babies Who Survive Abortion (VIDEO)
  42. Rep. Eric Swalwell (California): Swalwell: ‘I Don’t Really Care’ About Alleged Hush Money, Nor Do ‘Most People’
  43. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Omar Took Trip Sponsored by Pro-Caravan Group, Promised to ‘Continue Their Fight on American Soil’
  44. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Ilhan Omar Discussed ‘Dismantling Patriarchy’ After Trip to Honduras With Radical Group
  45. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Ilhan Omar Quietly Deletes Some of Her Past Anti-Semitic Tweets
  46. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Omar Invokes Apartheid, Calls Pro-Israel Stance ‘Allegiance to a Foreign Country’
  47. Senator Kamala Harris (California): Harris Freezes, Laughs Awkwardly When Asked About Calling Smollett Incident a ‘Modern-Day Lynching’
  48. Senator Kamala Harris (California): Democrat Kamala Harris Calls for Slavery Reparations While She Is a Descendant of a Jamaican Slave Owner
  49. Senator Kamala Harris (California): MORE LIES: Kamala Harris Tells Iowa Voters President Trump Pulled Out of NATO (VIDEO)
  50. Senator Kamala Harris (California): Harris Unconcerned With Cost of Expensive Government Programs: ‘It’s Not About Cost’
  51. Senator Kamala Harris (California): On Prostitution, Another Kamala Harris Reversal
  52. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (New York): Watch: Fox Host Nails Gillibrand as She Desperately Tries To Worm Out of Question on Hypocrisy
  53. Senator Mark Warner (Virginia): Warner (D): ‘At Least Half’ of 2020 Democrats Aren’t Worried About ‘Assault’ on Modern Capitalism
  54. Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (Pennsylvania): Scanlon (D) Likens Border Agents to Nazi Collaborators
  55. Rep. Maxine Waters (California): Mad Maxine Waters Wants to Investigate Trump Foundation Because of ‘Tax Evasion Concerns’
  56. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (California): Speaker Pelosi Freezes, Slurs Her Words as She Takes a Shot at Trump After Meeting With Kim Jong Un Cut Short (VIDEO)
  57. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (California): Pelosi Threatens Moderate Democrats for Voting With GOP on Procedural Votes
  58. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (California): Pelosi Challenged, Gets Brutal Dose of Reality that Gun Supporters Are Going to Love
  59. Rep. Pramila Jayapal (Washington): Jayapal (D) Touts Health Insurance Stocks Sinking From Increased ‘Medicare for All’ Push
  60. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Michigan): WATCH: Rashida Tlaib Suggests Mark Meadows Is Racist. He Flattens Her
  61. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Michigan): Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib Calls Black Woman Who Works for Trump a ‘Prop’
  62. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Michigan): Rashida Tlaib Paid Herself $45,500 From Campaign Funds
  63. Rep. Terrance John Cox (California): Rep. T.J. Cox Continues to Dodge Questions on Compromising Audit




  1. House Republicans Float Free-Market Health Care Bills
  2. Israeli control of Golan in US House, Senate gains steam
  3. Poll Shows GOP Challengers Shouldn’t Even Run, Trump’s Got This in the Bag
  4. Eight House Republicans Join Democrat Gun Grab
  5. GOP Finds ‘Evidence of Potential Anti-Trump Bias’ on Mueller’s Team, Tells DOJ To Explain
  6. Senator Lindsey Graham (South Carolina): Lindsey Graham Electrifies CPAC Crowd With Promise of ‘Judges, More Judges, and Then Some More Judges’
  7. Senator Lindsey Graham (South Carolina): Lindsey Graham Credits Trump for ‘Tough’ Leadership
  8. Senator Tim Scott (South Carolina): WATCH: Sen. Tim Scott’s Powerful Speech On Senate Floor After Democrats Refuse To Protect Born-Alive Babies


World News Banner


  1. Netanyahu Ordered to Repay $300,000 in Donations for Legal Defense
  2. Netanyahu in Russia for Talks Focusing on Security, Iran
  3. Netanyahu: ‘There Won’t Be Another Mosque on the Temple Mount’
  4. Netanyahu to Putin: Israel will Drive Iran Out of Syria
  5. Breaking: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Charged with Multiple Crimes
  6. WATCH: Netanyahu Apologizes for Campaign Ad Using IDF Graves
  7. Poll: Netanyahu Cannot Form Right-wing Government, 68% Call for Resignation
  8. WATCH: Israeli Police Bust Jordanian-Palestinian Arms Smuggling Ring
  9. Two Armed Palestinian Women Nabbed at Israel Crossing
  10. Knesset Speaker to EU: Your Obsession with Israel Generates Anti-Israel Protests
  11. Daily Recap: Trouble on Temple Mount; AIPAC Wades into Israel’s Internal Affairs
  12. Opinion: ‘Hatred of Netanyahu’ Binds New Blue & White Party
  13. WATCH: Israel’s New Counterterrorism Unit Defends Red Sea Resort
  14. Religious Zionist Rabbi Compares Far-Right Israeli Party to Nazis
  15. IDF Launches Surprise Three-Day Simulation of Gaza War
  16. Bennett warns: Trump, Netanyahu dead set on PLO state
  17. Bennett to Trump on Peace Deal: ‘Let My People Know’
  18. Labour members resign from party over “institutional antisemitism”
  19. Kushner Says Trump’s Plan Redraws Israel’s Boundaries, Resolves Final Status Issues
  20. Israeli Jails On Alert Over Risk of Hamas Prisoner Riots
  21. Israeli FM Refuses to Apologize for Saying Poles ‘Suckle Anti-Semitism’
  22. After Temple Mount Riots, Israeli Police Arrest Top Waqf Officials
  23. WATCH: Israeli Police Side with Illegal Arab Settlers Over Jewish Protesters
  24. IDF Reduces Sentence of Elite Soldier Who Accidentally Killed Friend
  25. Israeli Minister Who Spied for Iran Sentenced to 11 Years
  26. Stars not Aligned? Israel’s Lunar Lander Hits Snag
  27. Israeli Intelligence Warns of 150,000 ISIS Members Deployed Around the World
  28. Dershowitz Comes to Netanyahu’s Defense in Corruption Cases
  29. WATCH: Secret Israeli Navy Operation Revealed
  30. Bulletproof Backpacks: Israeli Firm’s Answer to School Shootings
  31. WATCH: Israelis Near Gaza Discuss 5th Netanyahu Term – will their Families be Safe?
  32. Arab Knesset Member: ‘We Want to Topple the Right’
  33. Israel Nabs Arch-terrorist Right Before  of Mass Attack
  34. Israel Arrests PA’s ‘Governor of Jerusalem’ in Overnight Raid
  35. Political Rival Gantz Demands Netanyahu Step Down Following Indictment Bombshell
  36. WATCH: Massive Israeli Crackdown Nets Over 50 Terror Arrests
  37. Israel Slams UN Gaza Report Accusing IDF of War Crimes
  38. Israeli Air Force Retaliates for Balloon Bombs in Gaza
  39. Labor Unveils ‘Separation Plan,’ Speaks of Jewish Population Transfer
  40. Israel preparing for cyber attack by Russia and China


  1. WATCH: Hezbollah Launches Crowdfunding Campaign
  2. A new voice for the “Palestinian” Arabs is finally taking a stand
  3. Islamic Jihad Shows Off New Missiles that Can Strike Netanya
  4. When Were ‘Palestinians’ Invented?
  5. Arabs Uproot Trees Planted in Memory of Jewish Girl Who Was Brutally Killed
  6. Islamic State sex slave child pregnant at TEN years old, children raped by 100 jihadis and beaten with cables, 50 sex slaves found beheaded
  7. WATCH: Fox News crew flees “Palestinian” grenades at violent Gaza riot
  8. WATCH: ‘Paying Terrorists is Palestinians’ Top Priority,’ Brags Abbas
  9. Islamic Jihad: ‘No Place for the Zionist Entity in Palestine’
  10. GPS Kits Transform Hezbollah Rockets into Deadly Precision-guided Missiles
  11. Palestinian Writer: ‘The Arab World, Not Israel, Has Failed My People’
  12. Jihadi brags about killing “infidel” and then calling a woman on victim’s contact list to taunt her about the murder
  13. Video: Palestinians uproot trees planted in memory of Jewish girl brutally murdered by jihadist
  14. Hamas and Hezbollah Hide Missiles in Children’s Rooms
  15. Hamas Fights to Imprison Journalist Who Exposed Corruption
  16. Analysis: Peaceful Intentions that Bypass Mideast Reality Are Doomed to Failure
  17. What Will Happen The Day After A Palestinian State Is Established?
  18. Azerbaijan moves to obliterate its Armenian Christian past, destroying 89 medieval churches, Christian artifacts
  19. Islamic State sex slave escapes the caliphate with 5-year-old son after 5 failed attempts
  20. Palestinians: Trump’s Peace Plan Won’t Give Us ‘State’ or Control of Jerusalem
  21. WATCH: Hamas Vows Children Will ‘Liberate Palestine with Their Blood’
  22. The Palestinian Fan Club
  23. Hezbollah: UK Terror Ban ‘Insults Lebanon’s Feelings’
  24. Leader of the Gaza jihad riots says “we will tear their (Israelis’) hearts out from their bodies”
  25. IRGC Deputy Commander Hossein Salami: We Have Plans to Break America, Israel, Cleanse World of Their Filth
  26. Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza emerging as new al-Qaeda leader


  1. Belgium: Something is Terribly Wrong With The Children’s Clothing Line Caroline Bosmans
  2. England: Father of British ISIS Teen Says ‘Revoke Her Citizenship!’
  3. England: WATCH British Police ARREST Christian preaching about Jesus saying it’s “islamophobic”
  4. England: Watch antisemite Jeremy Corbyn express sympathy for Hamas suicide bombers in resurfaced video
  5. England: Antisemite Corbyn says Islamic State bride Shamima Begum ‘should be allowed back to Britain’ for ‘support she needs’
  6. England: Corbyn Opposed UK Ban on Terror Group Hezbollah
  7. England: Elderly Jew Punched Until Bloody in London ‘Definitely a Hate Crime’
  8. England: Watch neo-Nazi Jeremy Corbyn boast about inviting his “friends” from Hamas and Hezbollah to Britain’s parliament
  9. England: ROYAL MESS: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Raise Their Baby as “Gender Fluid”
  10. England: Huge Cost of Monitoring Returned Jihadists Means Majority Roam Free in Britain
  11. Europe: EU top official Tusk calls on May to delay Brexit
  12. Europe: Europe’s Muslims Lure Children Back to Homeland Only to Abandon Them
  13. Europe: Questioning Islam and Muhammad has been effectively criminalized in Europe
  14. France: Macron says those convicted of “hate speech” should be banned from all social media for life
  15. France: At least 10 incidents of vandalism and desecration of Catholic churches this month alone
  16. France: Anti-Semitic Vandals Deface Memorial to French Synagogue Destroyed by Nazis
  17. France: Muslim who screamed “Allahu akbar” and said he’d slit soldiers’ throats gets 10-month suspended sentence
  18. France: French Justice Minister says France will support Islamic State jihadists if they’re sentenced to death in Iraq
  19. Germany: Muslim migrant strikes 12-year-old girl on her buttocks, says “I am entitled to do this”
  20. Germany: Muslim migrant accused of gang rape with 10 others will be tried in juvenile court; he’s 22
  21. Germany: Even After World War II, Europe in Denial About Evil
  22. Germany: 2,000 Muslims ‘Ready to Carry Out Attacks at Any Time’ Says Former German Spy Chief
  23. Hungary: Hungarian government: Islamic State jihadists are returning to EU and “this must be stopped”
  24. Netherlands: Sharia Netherlands: College suspends teacher for insulting Muhammad
  25. Russia: Russia Introduces the AK-47 of Drones, and It Could Change Warfare Forever
  26. Russia: After Putin’s warning, Russian TV lists nuclear targets in U.S.
  27. Russia: Russian opposition leader says international sanctions have failed, must target Kremlin, not Russia (Video: 2:44 minutes long.)
  28. Scotland: Transgender Police: Laughing At Men In Women’s Clothes Will Get You Fined
  29. Sweden: Swedish city’s welcome sign is terror-tied Muslim woman in hijab
  30. Sweden: Sweden’s Ex-PM Issues Stunning Statement on Socialist Bernie Sanders
  31. Sweden: UPS suspends deliveries in heavily Muslim “no-go zone,” citing attacks on drivers
  32. Sweden: Islamic State jihadists recruiting in “basement mosques”
  33. Sweden: Town’s hijabi welcome sign vandalized amid threats
  34. UK: ‘Jews Murder Children’: UK Labour Party’s Anti-Semitism Sinks to New Low
  35. UK: UK researchers boast of devising tool to detect “strength” of “Islamophobic hate speech” on Twitter
  36. UK: Hezbollah to be Banned ‘In Its Entirety’
  37. UK: UK’s Muslim “advisor on countering extremism” says ISIS bride must be let back in or more Muslims will turn to jihad
  38. UK: Jihadi screams “Allahu akbar” as he is jailed, says “I have committed no crime under Sharia”
  39. UK: Jeremy Corbyn supports return of Islamic State bride, calls it “very extreme manoeuvre” to strip her citizenship
  40. UK: Labour calls for stripping IDF soldiers of citizenship – one day after call to let ISIS bride back in
  41. UK: UK schoolkids to be taught LGBT ideology, question religious beliefs; parents may be overruled
  42. UK: NHS Child Sex Change Clinic Chief Resigns After Disturbing Report from Staff
  43. UK: UK Follows US Terror Lead. Why Not the Rest of Europe?
  44. UK: ‘I was nothing but a toy to play with’: Victim of UK Muslim rape gang was plied with drink and raped when she was only 14
  45. UK: Maajid Nawaz suggests people only dislike ISIS bride Shamima Begum because she is “brown”
  46. UK: UK’s Muslim peer Lord Ahmed charged with attempted child rape
  47. UK: Muslim sentenced after threatening Muslim women dressed in western clothing


  1. Bangladesh: International Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Attempted Hijacking
  2. China: “Social Credit System” in China could rank people on anything from finances to jaywalking
  3. China: China’s amazing horizontal skyscraper nears completion
  4. China: China Infiltrating U.S. Education System in Propaganda Coup
  5. India: Over 100 Dead After Drinking Contaminated Alcohol
  6. India: Nuclear Powers on Brink as Air Strikes, Gun Battles Rattle Fragile Peace
  7. India: India prepares for war, 14,000 bunkers are built along Pakistan border as the nations prepare their military
  8. India: Video Shows Moment India-Pakistan Jets Clashed In Aerial Battle; India Denounces F-16 Use
  9. Iran: Iran Claims Infiltration of U.S. Command Center, Commandeers Drones
  10. Iran: WATCH Iranians Attack Islamic Religious Police Attempting to Arrest Women for Not Wearing Hijabs
  11. Iran: Video: Iran Hacks Into CENTCOM, Crashes MQ-9 Reaper Drone
  12. Iran: Iran’s Foreign Minister Quits, Netanyahu Says ‘Good Riddance’
  13. Iran: Iran Admits U.S. Hacking Tehran’s Ballistic Missile Program
  14. Iran: WATCH: ‘Iran Will Cleanse World of Israel’s Filth,’ Vows General
  15. Iran: Iran: Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps top dog says “We are planning to break America, Israel, and their allies”
  16. Iran: Islamic Regime Refuses to Pass a Bill to Prevent Violence Against Women
  17. Japan: Saudi sisters flee father and brothers who beat them: “I was like a prisoner”
  18. Malaysia: Police open investigations into three people for insulting Islam
  19. North Korea: Kim Jong Un Makes History in Interaction with American Media
  20. Pakistan: Mother of “Palestinian” Knife Jihadi in Praise of Son: He Was a Butcher, Knew How to Slaughter
  21. Pakistan: Pakistan Frees Indian Pilot: Is a Crisis Averted?
  22. Pakistan: Pakistan hands over captured Indian pilot
  23. Pakistan: Muslim mob attacks church, Christian homes after four Christians falsely accused of desecrating Qur’an
  24. Pakistan: Government minister says “Jihad is a duty in Islam. Those who avoid jihad are not Muslims.”
  25. Philippines: Jihad leaders sworn in as administrators of a new Muslim autonomous region
  26. Saudi Arabia: First Saudi Female Ambassador  Replaces King’s Son
  27. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia revokes citizenship of Hamza bin Laden
  28. Syria: ISIS Beheads 50 Yazidi Sex Slaves as Parting Gift
  29. Turkey: “Make Turkey Great Again” Collides With The U.S.
  30. Vietnam: Big welcome in Hanoi for Trump, Kim and new nuclear talks


  1. Egypt: Egyptian YouTuber leaves Islam “because of racism and cruelty in people who are supposed to believe in God”
  2. Egypt: Egyptian President Vows to ‘Build Synagogues’ if Jews Return to Egypt
  3. Egypt: Plague of Locusts to Strike Egypt in Time for Passover
  4. Ethiopia: Muslim Mobs Attack 10 Church Buildings in Ethiopia Chanting “Allah Akbar” (Allah is Greater)
  5. Nigeria: Death toll of Fulani jihad massacre doubles to over 130
  6. Nigeria: Muslims murder over 30 Christians, set fire to homes and churches, shoot those trying to flee
  7. Nigeria: Muslims Brutally Slaughter Over 30 Christians in Church Attack in Nigeria, Set Fire to Homes and Churches
  8. Somalia: U.S. airstrike in Somalia kills 35 al-Shabab extremists
  9. South Africa: Brothers, 15 and 19, arrested for allegedly raping their 96 year old great-grandmother
  10. South Africa: Schoolchildren in South Africa throw themselves to the ground in a reflex reaction after a pistol is fired to start their race
  11. South Africa: South African pastor facing lawsuits over alleged resurrection


  1. Australia: Muslim “refugee” father of 6 brutally rapes backpacker
  2. Australia: Muslim cleric who called 9/11 a “comedy film” is speaking in mosques nationwide


  1. Canada: Canada Allows Extradition Of Huawei CFO To Move Forward
  2. Canada: Canada’s Liberals Circle The Wagons As Rivals Demand Trudeau Face Corruption Probe
  3. Canada: Doctors Warn Dad They Don’t Need Parental Consent to Inject Daughter, 14, With Male Hormones
  4. Canada: Every Ontario Elementary School Forced to Fly Gay Pride Flag


  1. Venezuela: Opposition Leader Juan Guaido Has Ties with the CIA and Blood on His Hands.  He Meets with VP Mike Pence Today
  2. Venezuela: Venezuela ex-spy chief reveals Maduro’s ties to Hezbollah, drugs
  3. Venezuela: No One Is Safe in Maduro’s Venezuela
  4. Venezuela: Maduro takes 8 tons of gold from Central Bank without permission (Video: 2:52 minutes long.)
  5. Venezuela: Venezuela Orders PDVSA Offices Relocate To Moscow; Putin Affirms Support To “Friend” Maduro


World-Currencies Banner


  1. GE sells biopharma unit for $21 billion
  2. US appeals court clears AT&T’s $81B merger with Time Warner
  3. Walmart in Israel: Market Giant Makes First Acquisition in Jewish State
  4. Walmart Replacing Overnight Shifts With “Labor-Saving Machines”; Eliminates Store Greeters
  5. Cybersecurity companies look to artificial intelligence as they struggle to find human workers
  6. Owe the IRS? Here’s why you probably shouldn’t pay your taxes with a credit card
  7. Howard Gold: Investors should no longer bet on Warren Buffett
  8. You can buy an entire town in Georgia for the cost of a typical home in San Francisco
  9. Cannabis Makers’ New $16 Billion U.S. Opportunity
  10. GDP Growth Tops Recent Expectations
  11. Gold, Silver, US Dollar & US Stock Market Are About To VIOLENTLY RE-PRICE A Dead Maduro
  12. Greg Hunter: No Politician Is Talking About The Debt – That Should Scare The Heck Out Of You
  13. The Doomsday Scenario For The Stock And Housing Bubbles
  14. Remember Negative Interest Rates? Yeah, That’s Still A Thing
  15. Stockman Slams “Unhinged Madman” Trump “Waging Four Wars On The Economy”
  16. Another Government Debt Crisis Begins On Friday?
  17. Chris Vermeulen: Is The US Dollar Set To Rally And Gold Set To Collapse?
  18. As The Perfect Storm Approaches, Most Americans Are Partying Instead Of Preparing
  19. Millennials are facing $1 trillion in debt
  20. This technology will lead to America’s fourth industrial revolution
  21. Would you do this to pay zero income taxes for life?
  22. Fed Must Face Reality: No Return to Normalcy for Monetary Policy
  23. How Individuals Can Reset The Financial System
  24. The Debt Accrued Through Dollar Hegemony Is Unpayable (Except In Hyperinflated Dollars)
  25. America’s 10 Largest Corporations Haven’t Issued A Single Bond In Over A Year: Here’s Why
  26. It’s All About Who Reaps The Gains (Asset Bubbles) & Who Eats The Losses (Stagnating Wages)
  27. 18 Really Big Numbers That Show That The U.S. Economy Is Starting To Fall Apart Very Rapidly
  28. Goldman Could Face $9 Billion Fine Over 1MDB Scandal, Rival Bank Says
  29. Uber vs Lyft: Here Are The Highlights From Lyft’s IPO Filing
  30. Shale Growth Is Nearing An Inflection Point
  31. GDP Crash: Goldman, Atlanta & NY Feds See Q1 GDP Tumble Below 1%
  32. “We Are Concerned About A Slight Recession” – US Manufacturing Survey Plunges To 26-Month Lows
  33. Is The Economic Slowdown Over Or Just Getting Started?
  34. US Real Spending Crashes In December As Savings Rate Soars
  35. Global Stocks Surge On Rebound In Chinese Data, MSCI Inclusion
  36. Tax Refunds Are on the Rise, Treasury Reports
  37. Retail apocalypse rips through JCPenney, Gap, and Victoria’s Secret, 300 Closures in a single day


  1. How your view of stocks may be tied to these two seismic market events
  2. The Dow Just Had Its Best Two Months in Years — and There Could Be More to Come
  3. Battered L Brands Is Still Not a Buy
  4. Stocks Sprint to Best Start in 28 Years
  5. Why Investors Could Reap Big Profits From Activist Firm’s Nielsen Stake
  6. Steve St. Angelo: Insane Stock Market Rally Due To Massive Global Monetary Liquidity
  7. Billionaire list shows $1 trillion hit from 2018 market meltdown
  8. The Buyer Strike Is Over: US Stocks See First Inflows After 12 Weeks Of Redemptions
  9. Competitors’ Shares Tumble On Report Amazon To Open New Grocery Chain
  10. Dow Dumps Into Red For The Week After Dismal Data
  11. Trader: If You Do Nothing Else, Watch Bond Yields


  1. Cartel In Panic As Stackers Back-Up The Truck On Gold & Silver Price Smash?
  2. Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back: What A “No Fun Week” Means For Gold – Eric Sprott
  3. Lynette Zang: In A Crisis The Price For Physical Gold Detaches From The Paper Price
  4. Michael Pento: Falling Interest Rates Are ROCKET FUEL For Gold
  5. Jim Willie: Gold & Silver Prices To Get ENORMOUS LIFT As 3 Factors Finally Ending The Suppression
  6. Egon von Greyerz: Ability To Buy Gold At These Prices Quickly Coming To An End
  7. AMBUSH: TECHNICAL SET-UPS In Gold & Silver Charts WEAPONIZED By The Bullion Banks
  8. Simon Black: Stage Is Being Set For A MEGA MELT-UP IN GOLD RIGHT NOW!
  9. GOLD – We Have To Go Down To Go Up To $1400 Plus – David Brady
  10. Matt From Silver Fortune: Silver Stacking To Double In Popularity In The Next 5 Years?
  11. Paper Gold Trading Volume IS EXTREMELY LOW As People No Longer Want To Play In The Casino
  12. Big Moves Higher Coming To Gold & Silver As 2019 Becomes A Year Of Extremes
  13. Warren Buffett bashes gold, says the ‘magical metal was no match for the American mettle’
  14. Audio Alert: Here’s the Most Likely Trigger for a Gold Breakout….
  15. SILVER EAGLE SALES DOUBLED IN FEBRUARY: U.S. Mint Temporarily Suspends Authorized Purchases
  16. Supply Problems Worsen in Minted Silver
  17. Where Do Things Stand In The Gold Market?
  18. Nomura Has Just One Word As Treasurys Tumble


  1. At CPAC, talk of ‘phasing out’ Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  2. Home price gains slump to a fresh 4-year low, Case-Shiller says
  3. Mortgage rates stay subdued as housing issues grab the spotlight
  4. As more millennials become homeowners, seniors are becoming renters


  1. Watch out for these 10 ‘retirement killers’
  2. Americans worry about retirement, but not as much as Europeans


  1. Canada: Canadian Regulators Discourage Investment In Gold Mutual Funds
  2. Canada: Soaring Canadian Insolvencies Cripple Local Banks
  3. Canada: Canada In Recession? GDP Unexpectedly Drops For 2nd Month In A Row


  1. Zimbabwe: How A “Giant Ponzi Scheme” Destroyed This Nation’s Economy


Earth News Banner

  1. Tornado Slams City of 23,000 as Heavy Storms Rake Southern US
  2. Mountains buried 400 miles underground ‘could be BIGGER than Everest’
  3. Say hello to Hippocamp, Neptune’s newest moon
  4. Touchdown: Japan’s Hayabusa 2 probe snatches dust from asteroid Ryugu
  5. New Sky Map Reveals Hundreds Of Thousands Of Previously Unknown Galaxies
  6. NASA’s InSight Will Provide Daily Weather Reports For Planet Mars
  7. Where Is The Universe Hiding Its Missing Mass? – New Results From Chandra X-ray Observatory
  8. Mystery as humpback whale found dead in middle of Amazon jungle
  9. Earth’s atmosphere extends beyond moon
  10. Soho reveals moon’s place in our atmosphere
  11. Fake science: Heat “records” heavily manipulated by dishonest climate change propagandists to try to push global warming lie
  12. NASA looks to improve space weather forecasts by tracking airglow in the atmosphere
  13. Tokyo warned as Karymsky and Shiveluch volcanoes spew ash plume
  14. Hundreds of live fish rain from the sky during mega storm in Malta
  15. Scientists Are Hatching Mad Plans to Geoengineer Earth to Save Us from Global Warming
  16. Officials confirm earthquake near Trenton, Georgia Tuesday afternoon
  17. Ice Tsunami Forces Residents To Evacuate Along Lake Erie
  18. California river floods 2,000 buildings in California
  19. What’s up with the weather? UK record-breaking warmth and massive wildfires: LA coldest Feb: Cal shatter Feb snow records: Arctic start to March for U.S.
  20. New clues emerge in the hunt for Planet Nine
  21. Another massive quake hits South America: Magnitude 7.1 strikes Peru just days after the huge M7.5 (biggest quake of the year) also hit Peru
  22. A huge, strange-looking fish washed up on a California beach. Scientists say it’s a first


Sign Petition Banner

Urge Walmart to Remove Gay Ad

Walmart recently posted a video ad on its Facebook page of two homosexuals on a blind date. Unfortunately, the retail giant has decided to cave and be politically correct instead of remaining neutral on controversial issues. Founder, Sam Walton, would have never approved of this decision to promote the homosexual agenda.

The video ad normalizing the LGBT lifestyle is titled: “Love Is In The Aisle: A dating show at Walmart, episode 2.” The ad features Pat and Andy meeting at Walmart and shopping while getting to know each other. Walmart also interviews Pat and Andy after their date.

Instead of remaining neutral in the culture war, Walmart decided to offend many of their conservative customers with their new video. You may view the video here if you have a Facebook login. Or if you do not use Facebook, the video description we provided hopefully will suffice.

If this video ad offends you, please take action today. Even if you do not use Facebook, their method of advertising glamorizing the homosexual lifestyle still affects you if you support the company by shopping at any of their Walmart and Sam’s Club stores or online platforms.

Urge Cottonelle To Clean Up Their Advertising

Cottonelle’s commercials have gone down the toilet (pun intended). The list of inappropriate commercials has begun to grow almost to the point that there are too many to list here. A couple of recent ads have stood out above the rest and have parents highly concerned.

Cottonelle’s newest advertising campaign “Down There Care: Meet His Parents,” has turned off many of its conservative customers. The ad features a homosexual couple and suggests one should “feel like the kind of guy you can take home to mother” when meeting the parents. All of Cottonelle’s commercials are on YouTube, but this ad with a gay couple is the only one with the comments disabled, and with more dislikes than likes, it is probably safe to say many of their customers were not praising the company like they hoped.

Another Cottonelle commercial features children being exploited while being asked how they feel after going to the bathroom and using Cottonelle. This is not right since children should never be encouraged to talk publically about how their bottom feels and how clean their privates feel. A child’s privates should never be the focus of any advertisement. Cottonelle has crossed a line. Some commenters on YouTube agree mainly because we live in a world with pedophiles lurking.   

Cottonelle, owned by Kimberly-Clark Corporation, should be more responsible in advertising. These ads are airing on television when children are likely watching, even on conservative networks such as the Hallmark Channel.

The company’s downward spiral of irresponsible marketing began with their “Dare to Go Commando” campaign when One Million Moms first began contacting Cottonelle and Kimberly-Clark Corporation. This particular marketing campaign had a company spokeswoman ask individuals if they felt cleaner after using Cottonelle because of the ripple texture. The Cottonelle spokeswoman went so far as to ask another woman if she felt clean enough to “go commando” now. The woman walked back into the restroom to return with her undies in a small shopping bag. The commercial ended with both women pulling down the waistbands of their pants just enough to reveal they were not wearing panties.

Cottonelle is encouraging consumers to go without underwear. Oh, please! This is ridiculous. This type of advertising is extremely inappropriate.

The tissue paper company also has a similar ad, “Go Cottonelle. Go Commando.” In this ad, the spokeswoman asked a man to go commando, and it ended the same way.

Cottonelle should go back to using cute puppies in their advertisements instead of focusing on controversial issues.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Scientists Break 5,000-Year Mystery, Uncover Origin of Stonehenge
  2. Alexander Nevsky: Grand Prince Of Novgorod, Skilled Fighter, Quick–Thinking Strategist Who Defeated Swedish And German Invaders
  3. Teutonic Knights – Facts And History About The Christian Military Order
  4. King Menelaus Of Sparta: Husband Of Helen Of Troy And Key Figure In The Trojan War
  5. Ptolemaic Workshop For Repairing And Construction Of Boats Unearthed In Sinai
  6. Mystery Of Vangchhia Ancient Site: Water Pavilion And Ingenious Idea Of Water Harvesting
  7. Uncovered: Wealthy Samaritan’s Estate Dating Back 1,600 Years
  8. Nabataean Culture Lived On Long After Their Kingdom Disappeared – New Evidence
  10. Experts Racing Against Antiquities Robbers in Hunt for Dead Sea Scrolls


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Ten Tribes Studies (26 February January, 2019, 21 Adar-A, 5778)
  2. Ten Tribes Studies (1 March, 2019, 23 Adar-A, 5778)
  3. NASIRA TURGANBAJ, RICHARD HEWITT — KYRGYZSTAN (Audio: 1:01:30 minutes long. Our guest for this podcast was Nasira Turganbaj of Kyrgyzstan (an Asian nation just north of Afghanistan).  Her English was limited, so she had Richard…)


theTribes-cover (1)

THE TRIBES proves that most of the ancient Israelites were exiled and lost their identity. They eventually migrated to Western Europe where they formed distinct nationalities.

The peoples of Ireland, North Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Switzerland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, and Finland all contain significant numbers of Israelite Ten Tribe descendants. On the whole they are not aware of their Hebrew ancestry. The descendants of the Ten Tribes also populated North America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

In “THE TRIBES” Specific Israelite Tribes and Tribal clans are traced to present-day ethnic groups. Proof is provided from the Bible, Rabbinical Sources, Greek and Roman Accounts; History, Archaeology, Mythology, and Linguistics. National symbols and Ethnic Characteristics are analyzed.

Additional features include: up-to-date international comparative statistics; a detailed list of Biblical Proofs; new information of ground-breaking importance.

THE TRIBES proves its case with irrefutable evidence from Scripture!
This is confirmed from secular fields of Study that are adequately referenced with academically acceptable sources.

This could be the most important work of our times!

Since it was first published in 1993,  “THE TRIBES” has gone through several printings and caused quite a sensation.


Genealogy News Banner New

  1. Simple Tips For Reading Old Handwriting in Genealogy Documents
  2. Historical Canada 1926 Census of the Prairie Provinces Now Online
  3. Fold3 Adds New Allied POW Records
  4. Do You Have Mayflower Ancestry? Here is How to Prove It | Genealogy Gold Podcast (Video: 8:13 minutes long.)
  5. How to Do More Effective Old Newspaper Searches | Genealogy Gold Podcast (Video: 7:38 minutes long.)
  6. DNA and Genealogy Records Updates at Ancestry
  7. Episode 226: The Free Genealogy Gems Podcast
  8. 3 Shocking Discoveries I’ve Made While Searching Cemeteries
  9. Ancestry announces MyTreeTags
  10. Ancestry announces ThruLines
  11. Ancestry Announces New and Improved DNA Matches Fact Sheet
  12. Geni Announces the Return of GEDCOM Imports


Health News Banner


  1. Diapers and Menstrual Pads Laced with Toxic Chemicals
  2. 2 tuberculosis cases reported at northwest Georgia elementary schools


How long does the process of digestion last? Do you find yourself still hungry no matter how much you eat? If so, you might be eating foods that are too high on the glycemic index. It’s definitely something worth knowing if you’re struggling with excess weight. The glycemic index is a system of values given to foods according to how quickly they cause an increase in blood glucose levels. To put that in layman’s terms, it basically measures how fast different foods are digested by the body. Glucose is a simple sugar that gives your body energy, and you get it from the foods you eat. Your blood is what carries this sugar throughout your body to all your hungry cells and tissues. That’s why it’s called blood glucose. If you eat something that’s high on the index, your blood glucose will spike, giving you a fast boost of energy.

SUMMARY: – The glycemic index is a system of values given to foods according to how quickly they cause an increase in blood glucose levels. To put that in layman’s terms, it basically measures how fast different foods are digested by the body. – If you eat something that’s high on the index, your blood glucose will spike, giving you a fast boost of energy. – Foods and drinks are actually split into three groups: low, medium, and high. Low items rate from 1 to 55, medium is from 56 to 69, and high items are from 70 and above. – According to the experts at Bodytomy, some low-glycemic foods, like cooked vegetables or a salad, can remain in your stomach anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. – There are also foods that really don’t really have a glycemic index value since they don’t contain any carbs. But they can still take a while to be digested by your stomach. It can take you anywhere from 2 to 5 hours for your stomach to digest meats, like chicken, lamb, and pork. – If you’re having pizza that’s just dough, cheese, and sauce, that might rate high on the glycemic index, mostly because of that dough. But believe it or not, adding toppings actually makes your slice healthier! – You might encounter foods that will be low on the index, but if they’re processed, they most likely still contain tons of saturated fats, sugar, and empty calories.

  1. The Most Accurate Method to Determine Your Blood Sugar is Not A1C (Video: 7:03 minutes long.)
  2. What is Sjogren’s Syndrome? (Video: 2:44 minutes long.)
  3. Slashes Your Level of This Toxin by 60 Percent in Just 6 Days
  4. Higher Daily Fiber Intake, Less Risk for Disease
  5. How Potassium Can Help Your High Blood Pressure
  6. What Is Bloating and How Can You Get Rid of It Fast?
  7. Astaxanthin found to protect the heart in diabetics, researchers confirm
  8. Glyphosate found to attack our immunity: Here’s how to reverse its effects
  9. Ecologists warn that water-dwelling creatures are being inundated with antidepressants from human waste that gets flushed out to waterways
  10. Cayenne peppers are medicinal powerhouses that deserve a spot in your emergency medical kit
  11. Natural treatments are catching on: 81% of people prefer a healthy lifestyle over drugs, according to study
  12. Israel to Conquer Quarter of US Market With Generic EpiPen
  13. 10 Triggers of Inflammation (Video: 11:03 minutes long.)
  14. Keto, Type 1 Diabetes and Ketoacidosis (Video: 4:32 minutes long.)
  15. Statins double your risk of developing diabetes
  16. Take it from a doctor: Heart surgeon says statins do not work, can even increase risk of diabetes and obesity
  17. Fluoride exposure during pregnancy linked to increasing number of children with ADHD, says study
  18. Study reveals common painkillers are associated with heart attacks
  19. Hypoglycemia: Don’t Make This Common Mistake (Video: 3:24 minutes long.)
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  80. 3D bioprinter patches up wounds using a patient’s own skin cells
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  82. Yeast engineered to cheaply produce marijuana cannabinoids
  83. Flexible, high-performance transistors pave the way for mini medical sensors and implants
  84. FDA Chief Wants to Test if Opioids Actually Work


Robert O. Becker MD once said that, “The greatest polluting element in the Earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields.” Becker was an orthopedic surgeon, a researcher in electrophysiology, electromedicine and one of the most influential figures in the area of anti-EMF activism.

Becker challenged the position of the US Government since the mid-20th century, that non-ionizing radiationposes no health risks. Cellphones and WiFi were released onto the market with little to no testing to enable the US to have a jump on this technology. It created a lot of wealth for a lot of people but the costs to our health may not be known for another 20 years.

This story is being repeated by the Trump Administration with the fifth generation of wireless technology (“5G”), which requires that an area be completely saturated with harmful millimeter wave radiation, in order to implement driverless cars and the whole Internet of Things.

Mouthy Buddha has channeled his prodigious editing skills toward an examination of the dangers of WiFi, smartmeters, microwave and millimeter wave radiation with his usual pizazz.


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  4. Florida now following California in forcing toxic, deadly vaccines onto millions of children
  5. Before Presidency, Trump Claimed He Never Got Flu Shots (or “The Flu”) and That They Were a Scam. Since 1980s, U.S. Agency Paid $4B for Vaccine Injuries and Death
  6. Stunning video shows how the vaccine industry has turned the measles, an ordinary, non-fatal infection like chicken pox, into a hyperventilated national emergency
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His Word in My Heart

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Romans 14:15 “Now I myself am confident concerning you, my brethren, that you also are full of goodness, filled with all knowledge, able also to admonish one another. (New King James Version)

This verse provides a clear sense of an active, even aggressive, goodness. Paul links goodness with full knowledge and admonition of each other. This gives us insight into what he knew of and expected from Christians in Rome, placing before us a target to shoot for in our relationships within the fellowship of the church.

But Paul lists goodness first, as though it is either the foundation for the other two virtues or at least their necessary precursor. I Corinthians 8:1 says, “Knowledge puffs up.” Knowledge combined with vanity can spew a torrent of self-righteous offense, but goodness will hold such a display in check and guide knowledge to build up rather than destroy.

Biblical goodness is always, under every circumstance, beneficial. Though he had not yet been to Rome at the writing of his epistle, Paul evidently understood that he was writing to an unusually strong congregation. He was so confident that they had a strong and sincere desire to do the right thing that he wrote that they were “full of goodness [and] filled with all knowledge.”

This is quite a compliment, serving to reinforce what he writes in Romans 1:8: “Your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world”! They were far different from the recipients of Hebrews, whom he tells, “For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the first principles of the oracles of God” (Hebrews 5:12).

The Romans’ full knowledge was an intelligent and comprehensive understanding of the faith and Christian responsibility. Strong faith is not built on weak understanding. They had given honest, serious thought to applying their faith to the sometimes bewildering tangle of life in this world. They were living it.

These two qualities—goodness and knowledge combined—present a sound vehicle for instructing each other on the best ways to “walk the walk” despite the pulls of this world. Goodness provides the right disposition and motivation, and knowledge, the correct instruction. One devoid of the necessary knowledge cannot teach; anyone destitute of goodness will not even try because he lacks the impulse to help others in the right spirit. Even if he makes the effort, only a spirit marked by active love will win the response without which no true education in God’s way is possible.

The word translated “admonish” in verse 14 is rendered “advice,” “counsel,” and “instruct” in other translations. In I Thessalonians 5:14, the same word is translated “warn,” indicating that it is more than mere instruction. The English word that comes closest to expressing the sense best is “inculcate.” Inculcate means “to impress upon the mind by frequent repetition or persistent urging” (Webster’s New World Dictionary). Among its synonyms are such strong words as “indoctrinate,” “brainwash,” “admonish repeatedly,” and even “hammer”! No wonder William Barclay says that agathosune is goodness that “might, and could, rebuke and discipline.”

This goodness does whatever loving wisdom calls for in a given situation. However, this in no way means that one should deliver the admonishment, counsel, or even rebuke with meanness of spirit. In other words, one with goodness does not viciously “chew somebody out.” Numerous Scriptures counsel us to be gentle and tender with each other. Paul is himself a model of tact and diplomacy in dealing with difficult circumstances within congregations and between himself and a person or congregation.

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see:  The Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness


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The Deity of Messiah — Part 6 by Brad Scott

I thought perhaps it might be a prudent idea to introduce this next teaching with a few very up front comments that may be a matter of semantics to some. I have found that many times it is the terminology and phraseology we use that causes some of our differences. Language is the principle symbol of the thoughts and intents of the heart. How we define words and phrases can cause division and misunderstanding. I feel that some of the misunderstanding in the “deity” issue stems from carrying traditional, “trinitarian” doctrines into the equation. Let me state clearly that I do not teach the “God is three persons” doctrine. I do not hold to the Christian teaching of the “trinity”. Let me be more succinct. I do believe that the Father (you know who I mean) is God, the Holy Spirit is God, and the Son is God in the flesh. I believe that the Son of God is the manifestation of God in the flesh. The God I worship is perfectly capable of such a simple and logical feat. God is not limited to three of anything, much less three persons. I have stated very emphatically that I believe there is a technical and somewhat semantical difference between the statement that Yeshua‘ is God, and the statement that Yeshua‘ is God in the flesh. When most of my fellow brethren make the statement that Yeshua‘ is God, I know what they mean. But, technically, I take issue with the literalness of the statement. The essence of YHVH is spirit.

Yochanan (John) 4:24

God is a Spirit; and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

We are all familiar with that verse. Messiah helped define for us what spirit is, one chapter earlier in Yochanan. He tells us that spirit is like the wind, “thou canst hear the sound of it, but canst not tell from where it cometh.” Without going into boring technical detail, most of us already have a human grasp of the fact that the nature and essence of God is invisible, untouchable, and all three omni’s. So let’s move past that. The nature of God had to make Himself of no reputation, take upon the form of a servant, and be made in the likeness of man (Philippians 2:7). Why did God have to do these things? Because God, by nature, has a reputation, is not a servant, and is not in the likeness of man. To be our eternal sacrifice and living example, He had to manifest Himself as these things. According to Yochanan [John] 17:5, it seems that the infinite God had to leave behind His glory in order to become a man. What does that mean? I have not a clue. It is just one of those things that tells me that God as a man, is not all that God is. Something about the nature of the eternal God had to be different in order to take upon flesh. The nature of God is that He is omnipresent. God as a man (Yeshua’) was not omnipresent. An invisible, omnipresent entity cannot be a scriptural sacrifice nor our living example of righteousness. As I mentioned before, Paul tells us specifically that Yeshua‘ was the fullness of God bodily and not the fullness of God. Why did Rav Sha’ul (Paul) state it that way? Could it be because there is a difference between the omnipresent God and God taking upon flesh and dwelling among us. Keep in mind that this omnipresent God remained omnipresent while still dwelling upon the earth.

Some might ask, “Well, how can that be?” What do you mean how can that be? We are dealing with an incorruptible God here and not an image like unto corruptible man. Plainly spoken, if what I am saying is true, then God is not sharing His glory with another, and there is no idol worship here, and all the statements made by the gospel writers are in complete harmony with the prophecies of the Tanakh. We are told in Yesha’yahu that YHVH will not give His glory to another.

Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 42:8

I am YHVH, that is my name; and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to carved images.

The context here demonstrates what I believe to be a basic, fundamental statement about idol worship and other gods. I believe that the Scriptures are revealing the plea of our Creator to worship Him alone, to obey Him alone, and that He, in reality, is the only true God, and that all other so-called gods are really no gods at all. I do not believe that the statements made concerning the worshipping of other gods, taking His name in vain, or idol worship, were meant to be used as grammatical weapons for disecting the nature of the one true God. None of us have cornered the market on the precise and detailed, meticulous anatomy of the God of Israel. I believe the same is true concerning the Messiah, as well. Do you believe that the first 12 disciples of Messiah are and were in the kingdom? Do you know for a fact whether all 12 of them had the Messiah’s nature pinned down to a gnat’s derriere? Do you believe that any of them are in hades because they failed to nail down perfectly some aspect of His nature?

I remember distinctly stating that before this treatise ended I wanted to deal with some of the most quoted New Testament verses that cause confusion. These are the verses that are often sent to me.

Mattityahu (Matthew) 3:16-17

And Yeshua’, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him: And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

A logical conclusion, from a human point of view under the sun, would be that there are three different entities here. How could Yeshua‘ be the Father if He is the Son? How could Yeshua‘ be God if Yeshua‘ is standing there while God is speaking from heaven? Once again I ask, can God manifest Himself as a man and yet still remain God, yes or no? It is true that limited, finite humans are not capable of performing such a feat. In our three dimensional, finite world a father cannot be his son, and so because of this finite reality, the conclusion by many is that the Son cannot possibly be God in the flesh. So there. But if the term Son of God is simply a title used to express the relationship that our living example has with the infinite, eternal source (the Father), then this is certainly within the abilities of an all present Creator. The purpose of the terms Father and Son are to express one of the pertinent reasons for God becoming man. God reaches out to man using human, physical terms to help us to understand eternal, spiritual realities. There are dozens of familial relationships and analogies that can be reaped from viewing a righteous demonstration here on earth of a love between a father and a son. To conclude from this similitude (Hoshea (Hosea) 12:10) that God and the Messiah really are a literal father and son in the same way that we are is stretching the similitude way beyond its limits. God uses many anthropomorphisms to express His incomprehensible self to ignorant man. God protects us under the shadow of His wings. Now there are many things to be learned and understood by studying the way a majestic, mother bird treats her young, especially when danger lurks. This does not mean that we are to conclude that God is a Peregrine falcon or an affectionate hen.

Mattityahu (Matthew) 22:2

The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which made a marriage for his son,

Once again we are supposed to naturally conclude that the King makes a marriage for His son and not Himself. The king, we are told, is not the son, therefore, Yeshua‘ cannot be God in the flesh. I still call upon the same background to understand the anatomy of this parable. First of all, the purpose of this parable is to teach us about our responsibilities right now as members of the kingdom and the ramifications of disobedience in the future. This parable is not told to teach us about the differences between a king and his son. Like many teachings of the Messiah, God does not call or demand that we be God, but He does call His people to take upon His name, His thoughts, and His ways. He accomplishes this by becoming the very example He does expect us to be: The Son. After all, if all sin and fall short of the glory of God, who else could come and save us and remain sinless. Personally, I believe exactly what the Scriptures teach. There is only one who can save us from our sins, only one who could be a spotless sacrifice, and only one who can forgive sins. There is only one I AM, only one Holy One of Israel, and only one Redeemer. Now, are there other saviors and redeemers in the Scriptures? Yes, there are, but there is only one Savior and Redeemer from sin and damnation. (One of the arguments against God being the only Savior is that the word savior is used of humans, as well, i.e. Bere’shiyt (Genesis) 47:25, Melakhiym Bet (2 Kings) 13:5). As I go through several more scriptures, I would like you to keep something in mind. If God took upon flesh and dwelt among us to be our living, eternal sacrifice and example, then I would expect there to be distinctions between the one who was sent and the one who sent Him. I do not believe that God came to earth just to show off. His purpose was to show His people what obeying Torah means. What better example of obeying Torah than the one who wrote Torah! Especially to those who had strayed away from His laws and covenants and began manufacturing their own.

Acts 7:55-56

But he, being full of the Holy Spirit, looked up stedfastly into heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Yeshua‘ standing on the right hand of God, And said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God.

The argument here is similar to dozens of other so-called prooftexts. “See! There are two people here.” (No, actually there are 4 – Stephen, Holy Spirit, God, and Yeshua’. We will deal with the Spirit later.) The position is that the Son of Man (Messiah) is standing on the right hand of God, so how could Yeshua‘ be God? Well, first of all, I never said Yeshua‘ was God, I have stated repeatedly that Yeshua‘ is God in the flesh. Here is another example of taking the incorruptible God and making Him unto an image like unto corruptible man. The nature of God is that He is spirit and omnipresent, so how could anybody be standing next to something that is everywhere at once? Obviously, anyone with even a hint of gray matter can see that this vision of Stephen is much more than seeing two people hanging out at the throne. It seems some have a perception of God the Father as one guy and Yeshua‘ as another guy. I suppose, since the text mentions that the Holy Spirit was there, that these people would envision a trio somewhat like Peter, Paul and Mary. Without the Holy Spirit, these people must conclude that this vision looked somewhat like the Smothers Brothers. I know that I am being overly sarcastic here, but come on people, Yeshua‘ isn’t standing next to another person in this vision. This is simply a typical King James way of expressing the Messiah in the midst of the presence, glory, and power of an omnipresent, unseen God (i.e., right hand of God). The only person Stephen saw was the Messiah.

The idea of the expression of the one true God in different terms at the same time is all over both Covenants. We express the same thing in the English language, so this way of speaking is not specific to Hebrew. When the leader of our country is introduced, he most often is announced as, “… ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Commander in Chief, and the President of this great country, blah, blah, blah.” Paul uses the same way of speaking in some of his salutations.

1 Corinthians 1:3

Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from Adonai Yeshua‘ the Messiah.

Ephesians 1:2

Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from Adonai Yeshua‘ the Messiah.

1 Timothy 1:2

Unto Timothy, my own son in the faith: Grace, mercy, and peace, from God our Father and Yeshua‘ the Messiah our Adonai.

One of the most oft quoted prooftexts from both sides of this issue is found in Philippians:

Philippians 2:6-11

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Messiah Yeshua’: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Yeshua‘ every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Yeshua‘ the Messiah is Adonai, to the glory of God the Father.

I have previously dealt with much of this text. I would like to take this verse a little further. The subject of this verse is the Messiah Yeshua’. Paul did not write these verses off the top of his head, but rather he was quoting from the prophet Isaiah.

Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 45:20-25

Assemble yourselves and come; draw near together, ye that are escaped of the nations: they have no knowledge that set up the wood of their graven image, and pray unto a god that cannot save. Tell ye, and bring them near; yea, let them take counsel together: who hath declared this from ancient time? who hath told it from that time? have not I YHVH? and there is no God else beside me; a just God and a Saviour; there is none beside me. Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else. I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear. Surely, shall one say, in YHVH have I righteousness and strength: even to him shall men come; and all that are incensed against him shall be ashamed. In YHVH shall all the seed of Israel be justified, and shall glory.

Once again we are reminded that there are those who pray to gods that cannot save. There are lords many and gods many, as Paul states in 1 Corinthians 8:5. There is, however, only one God who can save, for there is only one Savior from sin and only One God in whom we find our righteousness. This true God will not give His glory to another. As I stated before, idolatry and worshiping a false god is to serve, follow, and give glory to a god other than the one true God. Once again, the one true God reminds us of this reality. The one true, infinite, unlimited God is a just God and a Savior. We look only to Him to be saved for there is none else. Only in YHVH (vs 24-25) can there be righteousness and justification. Now, according to Rav Sha’ul, at the name (shem – authority) of whom will every knee bow and every tongue confess? Has God given His glory to another or is Yeshua‘ simply God manifest in the flesh, therefore making YHVH’s statements in Yesha’yahu inviolate? Once again I ask, is this an absurd conclusion to make, or is our infinite, limitless God perfectly capable of becoming a man without violating His word?

It is my contention that virtually all the attributes, titles, and characteristics ascribed to God are also given to Messiah. Is that because the Messiah is acting as God’s agent and representative, or could it be because they are one and the same. I am going to focus the next teaching on these attributes and why I believe the deliverer of mankind had to be God or there could be no deliverer. As you might have already noticed, I do not approach these kinds of subjects the same way most others do. I could have dealt with this issue with a myriad of verses and prooftexts that seemed to support the deity of Messiah. These would have been answered by a myriad of verses that seemed to support the teaching that Yeshua‘ was not God in the flesh. These would have been answered by a few more prooftexts, which in turn would have spawned another group of prooftexts from the other side of the issue. And on and on and on. The result would have been something like a debate on television between a Republican and a Democrat. How many times have you seen one side convince the other of anything? I am not trying to convince anyone of the deity of Messiah Yeshua’. I am attempting to address some incredible, hyperbolic statements on this issue made by some brethren. Statements such as “there is not one thread of evidence that Yeshua‘ is God in the flesh”, or the idea that “God became a man” is utter nonsense. I would remind all of us that one can only output what one has inputted. It is still an amazing human phenomenon that two people can read the same English words to the 1st amendment of the constitution, and come to two different conclusions. This issue is no different. All of us, I said all of us, drag our preconceived biases and presuppositions into every text. It is a fact of life. If you already contend that Yeshua‘ was not God in the flesh, but simply an agent of God, then you will summarize Philippians 2 much differently than I.

I would like to close with this thought. I been asked in the past, “If Yeshua‘ was God in the flesh, why didn’t He just say so?” Interesting thought. I would ask the same question. If God had no intention of taking upon the likeness of men and dwelling among us, why didn’t He just say so. The fact that both sides of this issue ask that question is part of the evidence of what I have been saying all along. Let me ask another question. If God knows the end from the beginning, and He knows exactly when He will return, why didn’t He just say so? Why the parables, the idioms, the similitudes and the double entendres? Hmmmm.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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Exodus Exodus 38:21—40:38; 1 Kings 7:51—8:21; 1 Corinthians 2:6—3:17;
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