News You May Not Have Heard About — 02/10/2019

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  1. Trump Goes Scorched-Earth on Virginia Governor’s Pathetic Excuse for Racist Photos: ‘Unforgivable’
  2. Trump Issues Powerful Statement on Black History Month, Defies Mainstream Media Narrative
  3. Trump Nominations Begin to Remake the Liberal 9th Circuit
  4. We’ll Come Back to Syria If We Have to: Trump
  5. Trump: ‘US Must Protect Israel, Watch Iran’
  6. Trump on Criminal Justice Reform: ‘A Lot of People in the NFL Have Been Calling and Thanking Me’
  7. President Trump Slams Nancy Pelosi, Kneeling NFL Players In Super Bowl Pre-Game Interview
  8. Trump to Nominate David Bernhardt as Next Interior Secretary
  9. Trump Contends That America Is Returning to Greatness, Calls for Democrats To Join in Effort
  10. WH Releases List of Trump’s Guests for SOTU and It Puts Dems & Their Illegal Guests to Shame
  11. Despite 92% Negative Press… President Trump Approval Tops Obama by 2 Points At Same Point in His Presidency
  12. President Trump’s Doctor Writes 3 Words That Should Strike Fear Into The Hearts Of Every Dem
  13. President Trump Takes Swipe at Obama – Says Democrats Cannot Legitimately Win the 2020 Election
  14. WATCH: Trump Vows to Stomp Out ‘Radical Islamic Terror’ at Anti-ISIS Conference
  15. At Prayer Breakfast, Trump Touts ‘Historic Action to Protect Religious Liberty’


  1. U.S. Army: Tiny 1-Ounce Piece Of Equipment Will Change The Game For US Army
  2. National Institutes of Health: Feds Spend $228,636 to Find Out Why Obese Lesbians Binge Eat
  3. FBI: FBI seeking to covertly create national DNA database that turns everyone into a suspect … and you help create it if you use DNA analysis services
  4. SCOTUS: Supreme Court Nixes Louisiana Pro-Life Reform


  1. Fake News Washington Post Blows $5.25 Million on Super Bowl Ad Highlighting Important Work of Junk Reporting


  1. US Suspends Cold War-Era Nuclear Treaty With Russia, and Ukraine Braces for the Fallout
  2. FBI: THEY LIED! FBI Hid Proof that Hillary’s Emails Were Attacked Multiple Times As Far Back as 2011 — But Used A 2016 DNC Incident As their Case for Mueller Probe
  3. FBI: EXCLUSIVE: DOCUMENTS SHOW CNN WAS TIPPED OFF on Roger Stone Arrest by 29 FBI Armed Agents – Leaked by Deep State
  4. FBI: Office of Inspector General Releases Findings of Misconduct by FBI Agent Who Violated Federal Law – PROSECUTION DECLINED
  5. Strategy: Dems in Distress!!! (Video: 26:53 minutes long.)
  6. Activist Max Blumenthal Asked Congress Members If the US Is Meddling in Venezuela
  7. Trump Regime Launches Coup in Venezuela. Deep State Smiles as Globalism Grows
  8. Man with Down Syndrome in Viral Pro-Life Video: ‘I Don’t Want To Make It Illegal, I Want To Make It Unthinkable’
  9. Watch: Woman Breaks Down in Tears, Changes Stance on Abortion After Watching Simulated Procedure
  10. Facing Deportation by ICE, Super Bowl Music Fest Performer Arrested on Super Bowl Sunday
  11. Deep State Threat To All Americans And Here’s Why (Video: 29:44 minutes long.)
  12. American Military Superiority ‘Seriously Eroded’
  13. CAUGHT ON VIDEO: MS-13 Murders Man on 7 Train in New York City In Ocasio-Cortez’s District — She’s Bringing Illegal to SOTU
  14. Did You Know Taxpayers Were Forced To Donate $700 Million to Sunday Night’s Super Bowl Venue?
  15. MYSTERY SIGHTING: Still No Pics From Ginsburg ‘Public Appearance’ – Hack Reporter Who Claims He Was Hugged by RBG Deletes Tweet, Locks Twitter Account
  16. Clinton: Hypocrite Hillary Clinton condemns VA governor Ralph “Coon-Man” Northam for racism and infanticide, but she supports Planned Parenthood, KKK, and wore “BlackFace” herself
  17. A growing record of insanity
  18. White House press secretary: Probe part of ‘hysteria’
  19. Discovery, the Dossier, and the DNC Server (Video: 17:16 minutes long.)
  20. Liberal Prosecutor: Donald Trump Jr. Will Be Indicted by Dirty Cop Mueller to Ensnare His Father
  21. REPORT: Source for Buzzfeed Junk Report on Trump Ordering Cohen to Lie is a Clinton and Mueller Lackey Felix Sater
  22. Capitol Hill’s Invisible GOP “Leaders”
  23. Federal District Judges Have Blocked Trump Actions 30 Times, a Record Rate
  24. Assessing Trump’s Foreign Policy, Two Years In
  25. RBG’s SOTU absence spurs health concerns, unclear if she’ll appear at SCOTUS public session (Video: 2:55 minutes long.)
  26. DOJ probes handling of Epstein sex abuse case, has ties to Clintons & Mueller FBI (Video: 3:48 minutes long.)
  27. Chair of Intel Committee Beats Mueller to Punch with Huge Statement
  28. Sheila Jackson Lee Triggered After Whitaker Trolls Judiciary Committee, “Mr. Attorney General, Your Humor is Not Acceptable” (VIDEO)
  29. Roberts sides with the left against Louisiana abortion law
  30. Bombshell: Mueller Dragged Before FISA Court 17 Years Ago Over FISA Frauds
  31. ‘Green New Deal’ Calls on Government To Provide for Those ‘Unwilling To Work’
  32. Obama’s Energy Secretary Shoots Down Green New Deal: ‘It’s Just Impractical’
  33. Watch as Steve Scalise Dares Dems To Protect Babies & Their Leadership Instantly Cuts & Runs
  34. Bombshell: Mueller Dragged Before FISA Court 17 Years Ago Over FISA Frauds
  35. Whitaker Testimony, President Trump’s Surprise Trip to Troops (Video: 2:32 minutes long.)
  36. Russian Activist’s Testimony Provides Additional Evidence Trump Tower Russian Guests were there to Set Up the Trump Family!
  37. Smith & Wesson Spurns ‘Smart Guns’ Despite Pressure from Investors
  38. WALSH: The 5 Most Hilarious And Insane Things In Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ Proposal
  39. The End of ‘Believe All Women’
  40. Trump’s Agenda Is a Winning Formula for Black America
  41. Why Liberals Can’t Talk Honestly About Abortion
  42. Trump’s Three Tests


State of the Union Address 2019



  1. Trump to call for unity, face skepticism in State of Union
  2. SOTU – a primetime chance for Dems to show their disdain for Trump
  3. Trump Calls For Late-Term Abortion, Dems Show Their True Colors With DISGUSTING Response
  4. Rep. Biggs invites Border Patrol agent to SOTU, reiterates need for border wall (Video: 4:56 minutes long.)
  5. My Reaction to the SOTU (Video: 8:59 minutes long.)
  6. Democratic women send political message by wearing white to State of the Union
  7. Highlights from President Trump’s State of the Union
  8. Nancy Pelosi and the Sarcastic Point Clapback Heard Round the World
  9. 6 of the Notable Guests Invited to the State of the Union Address
  10. Watch the Jaw-Dropping Moment a Dem. Sen. Appears To Threaten Another Sen. for Applauding Trump
  11. Greg Hunter: Trump Delivers An “A+” SOTU As Dems Push Socialism & The Economy Teeters


people threatening acts of violence against covington catholic high school


  1. Covington LAWSUITS Update (Video: 5:17 minutes long.)
  2. Covington Boy’s Lawyer Appears To Be Building Massive Defamation Suit
  3. List: 50 Celebs, Reporters, & Others Covington Kids’ Lawyers Just Officially Targeted


dems behind the wall


  1. Pentagon to deploy 3,750 additional US forces to provide more support at southwest border
  2. U.S. prepares to start building portion of Texas border wall
  3. It Happened Again, This Time to a Woman: Border Patrol Agent Killed
  4. Border officer shoots driver at Arizona crossing
  5. As border wall funding divides Washington, new multimillion-dollar barrier will soon break ground in Texas


  1. Media-CNN: SICK. Don Lemon Shames Gladys Knight Before She Sings National Anthem at the Super Bowl (VIDEO)
  2. Media-CNN: Fmr. Bush Assistant Tears into CNN over Northam Abortion Comments: ‘Don’t Interrupt Me’
  3. Media-CNN: CNN State of the Union Promo: ‘President Trump in Nancy Pelosi’s House’
  4. Media-Washington Post: Washington Post Disputes Fairfax’s Claim the Paper Found ‘Red Flags’ in Sexual Assault Story


  1. Welcome to California, land of 1,000 laws – and that’s just this year
  2. Los Angeles Just Made HUGE Statement With Sanctuary Ruling


  1. Initial OK Given for Investigation on Sergey Brin Dark-Money Contribution Allegation


  1. Connecticut Rep. Pushing Bill to Literally Price People Out of 2nd Amend. Rights. 50% Tax on Any Civilian Buying Ammunition


  1. First-Ever ‘Deregathon’ Targets Regulatory, Occupational Licensing Red Tape


  1. Stacey Abrams’ Full Embrace of Identity Politics Is a Recipe for Disaster


  1. HATE HOAXER ON THE HOT SEAT: Police Promise Charges Against Jussie Smollett if He Filed False Report – Suspicious Rope Plays Key Role
  2. Chicago Mayor Proposes Paying 1,000 Residents $1,000 A Month “With No Strings Attached”


  1. Federal Court: University of Iowa Illegally Targeted Religious Groups


  1. Jury Orders Senator Rand Paul’s Neighbor Who Attacked Him to Pay $580,000 in Damages


  1. Proposed Legislation Could Shut Down Top-Performing Schools in Michigan
  2. Michigan Man Found Guilty of Horrendous Crime Against Childhood Friend


  1. New Jersey becomes second state to require schools to teach LGBT history
  2. Suit Filed Against NJ Attempt to Criminalize Sharing Gun Blueprints Nationwide
  3. New Jersey: Imam says Muslims should reject “freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press”
  4. New Jersey Imam Delivers an Earful


  1. Dem Gov. of New Mexico Turns on Citizens, Issues Horrifying Orders to Nat’l Guard


  1. Nation of Islam’s Farrakhan calls for “separate state for black Americans”
  2. Do baby-murdering abortionists in New York get to choose how to execute live-birth infants, whether by knife, lethal injection, electric chair, or hanging?
  3. NYPD Orders Google To Stop Showing People Where Cops Are
  4. WATCH: Jew-haters burn down New York yeshiva, paint swastikas
  5. New York Times Food Section Joins the Boycott-Jews Movement


  1. Philly Union Boss Indicted
  2. Pa. governor targeting natural gas with tax (Video: 3:10 minutes long.)
  3. Pennsylvania College Paper Runs Racist Op-Ed Saying White Boys Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Speak During Class


  1. Following New York’s Lead, Rhode Island Governor Wants Abortion Legal Until Birth


  1. Five youths, 12 to 16 years old, are charged in Nashville musician’s murder


  1. Pro-Police Bikers Rattle Prison as Cop-Killer Is Executed
  2. Civil rights groups sue Texas over efforts to verify voter citizenship (Video: 2:49 minutes long.)
  3. Texas Couple Takes Down Machete-Wielding Clowns with Child’s Scooter and Suspect’s Own Weapon
  4. Texas Law Enforcement Roll Out Incredible ‘Gift’ For Migrant Caravan


  1. Vermont Democrats Elect Nation’s First Muslim Party Chair with DEEP TERROR TIES TO AL QAEDA, enemedia elated


  1. Northam Admits to Wearing Blackface, But Not in the Photo. But Why Does It Matter?
  2. Steven Crowder Calls Out Leftist Hypocrisy over Abortion, Covington Boys With 1 Brilliant Meme
  3. The Governor Of Virginia: Let’s Be Civil About Killing Newborns
  4. Gov. Northam, Step Down and Let the Healing Begin
  5. Wow! Far Left Hacks at Washington Post SPIKED Sexual Assault Charges Against Virginia Lt. Gov. Fairfax …A Democrat
  6. Virginia Lt. Gov. Denies Sexual Assault Allegation
  7. McAuliffe: I Don’t Support the Proposed Virginia Abortion Law
  8. The Establishment Media And Ed Gillespie Made Racist Ralph Northam Governor
  9. Hot Mic Catches the Moment Northam’s Wife Saved Him from Committing Potentially Racist Act
  10. Northam on Abortion Bill: Infant Could Be Delivered and Then ‘Physicians and the Mother’ Could Decide If It Lives
  11. Virginia School District Sues State AG to Allow Staff to Carry Guns
  12. MORE LIES: Democrat Gov. Northam Fabricated His Desert Storm War Experiences in 2017 Campaign
  13. Virginia governor meets with Cabinet amid pressure to resign
  14. Lt. Gov.’s Worst Fears Come True as Accuser Brings in Christine Ford’s Legal Team: Report
  15. Northam’s 1984 Yearbook Staff Member Obliterates Gov’s Denial- Report
  16. BREAKING: SECOND WOMAN COMES FORWARD — Accuses Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of RAPE IN COLLEGE
  17. Virginia House Dems seek more time on resignation demands
  18. EMILY’s List Does Not Care About Rape Victims


  1. Foxconn reconsiders Wisconsin plan after talks with President Trump (Video: 2:10 minutes long.)



  1. DNC Chair Piles On Virginia Governor Northam: ‘Lost Their Trust and His Ability to Govern’
  2. Democratic contenders hoping to run on soaking the rich
  3. New Dem presidential candidate calls for ‘spiritual awakening’ in US
  4. Dem Reps Signal Support for U.S. Recognition of Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights
  5. Senate Dems Block Bill Ensuring Medical Care for Babies Who Survive Abortion
  6. Now Democrats’ Chief Deputy Whip Turns on Pelosi on National TV
  7. Dems tell pollsters: We want Joe over crazy commies
  8. Turmoil over governor tests Democrats’ zero-tolerance policy
  9. Top Dems Now Intentionally Leaving Out God
  10. Rep. Al Green (Texas): Dem Rep Points to Va. Blackface Scandals as Further Reason to Impeach Trump
  11. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Simple-minded racist Ocasio-Cortez joins forces with infamous antisemite Jeremy Corbyn, calls for global socialist (Nazi) movement
  12. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Look What Ocasio-Cortez’s Own Staff Did to Her Green New Deal
  13. Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont): Bernie’s plan to soak the rich
  14. Senator Cory Booker (New Jersey): Senator Cory Booker Demands House Pass Anti-Lynching Law in Response Jussie Smollett Incident
  15. Senator Cory Booker (New Jersey): Booker Questions Rao About Religious Beliefs: Do You Believe Gay Marriage Is a Sin?
  16. Senator Cory Booker (New Jersey): Cory Booker compares Green New Deal to going to the moon, defeating Nazis
  17. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Omar Rips Trump Admin. for Granting Waiver to Christian Foster Group: Religious Freedom Means You Don’t Discriminate
  18. Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minnesota): Muslim Congresswoman Pushes Minimum Wage Hike, Then ‘Superman’ Does Simple Math
  19. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (California): Pelosi Stacks Climate Committee with Dems Backed by Energy Interests
  20. Senator Patty Murray (Washington State): Lone Dem Senator Blocks Bill Banning Infanticide For Babies Who Survive Abortions
  21. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Michigan): Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib registered to vote from false address, represented state House district she didn’t live in
  22. Senator Sherrod Brown (Ohio): Brown Chides Dems Over Medicare for All
  23. Senator Sherrod Brown (Ohio): Sherrod Brown Says Dems Need to Prioritize Workers Over Progressives
  24. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii): Gabbard Officially Launches Campaign at Hawaii Rally



  1. GOP Senator Trashes Pelosi’s Refusal To Use Border Wall Terminology: ‘Wangdoodle’
  2. Republican Senators Defy Trump with Vote Against Syria Withdrawal
  3. Key GOP Negotiator: Trump ‘Very Reasonable’ on Border Talks
  4. Rep. Denver Riggleman (Virgina): Podcast: A Freshman House Member Shares What He Plans to Fight For
  5. Rep. Lee Zeldin (New York): Congressman Lee Zeldin Demands Response From Rep. Omar After Receiving a Vicious, Jew-Hating, Hitler-Loving Voicemail From Omar Supporter
  6. Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky): Rand Paul Slams the Senate for Uniting to Defend Forever Wars in Syria and Afghanistan
  7. Senator Tom Cotton (Arkansas): Cotton Calls for Policies to Get Tough on Drugs


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  1. Netanyahu Tells UN: ‘Iran Controls Government of Lebanon’
  2. Netanyahu Warns Hamas, Iran: ‘We will Act Even During Elections’
  3. Netanyahu’s ‘Hit List’ Sends Likud Into ‘Tailspin’
  4. Attorney General Reportedly Prepared to Indict Netanyahu on Bribery Charges
  5. WATCH: Israel to Land a Spacecraft on the Moon in 2019
  6. Israel’s Culture Minister: Arab Knesset Delegation to Turkey ‘Seeks Evil’ for Israel
  7. IDF Thwarts Terrorist Posing as Tourist in Hebron
  8. IDF Captures Armed Terrorists Who Crossed Into Israel from Gaza
  9. WATCH: IDF Simulates Massive Gas Rig Attack in Complex Naval Drill
  10. Israel Begins Building Above-ground Section of Massive Gaza Barrier
  11. Israel Builds Massive Border Fence to Keep Gaza Terrorists Out
  12. Israel Honors Two American Heroes Who Helped Foil Jerusalem Terror Attack
  13. Yesh Atid MK: Gantz and Lapid in Unity Talks, Decision Within 2 Weeks
  14. Next Likud Government will Expand Jewish Presence in Judea and Samaria, Minister Vows
  15. Covert Israeli-Palestinian Security Coordination to Continue, Despite End of US Aid
  16. Israel Slashes Palestinian Tax Revenues Over PA’s Pay-for-Slay Policy
  17. WATCH: New Right Party Says No to Union with Netanyahu’s Likud
  18. Likud MK: Netanyahu’s Main Challenger Plans ‘Mega-Disengagement’
  19. UN Holocaust Event Hides Origins of Israeli-made Wine Served at Ceremony
  20. WATCH: Israeli Tech Makes Self-Driving Cars Affordable
  21. WATCH: Israel’s Rafael Defense Systems Unveils New Tamuz 5 Missile
  22. IDF Soldiers Eliminate Pipe Bomb Tossing Terrorist
  23. IDF Seizes Brothers, Mother of Terrorist Killer in Early Morning Raid
  24. 83 Ethiopian Immigrants Arrive in Israel
  25. Israeli Police Capture Palestinian Suspect for Brutal Murder of Teen
  26. Israel Discovers New Iranian Precision Missile Factory in Syria
  27. TERROR: 19 Year-Old Girl Ori Ansbacher Found Brutally Murdered, Mutilated in Forest Near Jerusalem Zoo, “Shocking Brutality”


  1. PA Chooses Terror Promotion & Rewards Over US Aid
  2. WATCH: Arab TV Releases Footage of IDF Soldier Shot in Head at Gaza Border
  3. Abbas plans to impose new sanctions on Gaza Strip
  4. Pro-Hezbollah Bikers in Lebanon Threaten Israeli Border
  5. Saudi Spokesman: ‘Israel Has a Right to Exist, No Palestinians in the Quran’
  6. Palestinians Promote Illegal Land Grabs at Expense of Good Jobs
  7. WATCH: Hezbollah Threatens to ‘Chop Off America’s Hand’ in Iraq


  1. Austria: White Austrian women forced to wear hijabs to avoid harassment (Video: 2:47 minutes long.)
  2. Belgium: Belgium War Zone: Gunman opens fire on diners in ‘Turkish’ cafe leaving one dead and two injured
  3. Belgium: Belgium Reports Rise in Terror, Refuses to Identify Islam as Cause
  4. England: Yelling ‘Allah,’ British Muslim brutally assaults, bites wheelchair preacher, attacks Christian volunteers helping homeless, threatened to cut people’s throats, tried to burn the charity down
  5. France: Man Killed Sister’s Boyfriend ‘Because He Was French and Non-Muslim’
  6. France: Paris building fire claims 10 lives; arson suspected
  7. Germany: Muslima who left Germany to join the Islamic State wants to return, says she made a “big, big mistake”
  8. Germany: Antifa Publishes 2019 Election Strategy to Assassinate Politicians in the AfD Party
  9. Italy: Pope Declares UAE ‘Homeland of Tolerance’
  10. Russia: Russia warns US of ‘NEW ERA’ after Trump scraps INF nuclear treaty
  11. Sweden: Hugh Fitzgerald: What’s the Matter with Sweden?
  12. Sweden: Muslim cleric intimidates and threatens journalist during mosque investigation
  13. Sweden: Sweden admits “it can’t control its own borders”
  14. UK: First Conviction for FGM in UK
  15. UK: Watch: UK Labour leader says Jews are the source of global terrorism, not Islam
  16. UK: Muslim screaming “Allah is god” beats Christian with metal bar, not charged with religiously aggravated assault
  17. UK: Muslim organization caught helping migrants cheat on citizenship test
  18. UK: Muslims convert homeless man to Islam, try to recruit him for jihad, threaten and assault him when he refuses


  1. Bangladesh: Teacher and imam tortured for trying to stop a child marriage
  2. China: Inside the Ring: China Developing Battlefield AI
  3. India: Five Muslims arrested for murder of Hindu who opposed Muslim proselytizing, one is member of jihad group
  4. India: Family forces woman to sleep with father-in-law to fulfill Islamic law
  5. Indonesia: Teen girl and her boyfriend are caned for hugging in public
  6. Indonesia: Muslim lawmakers reject anti-rape bill over concerns that it’s “pro-adultery” and “pro-LGBT”
  7. Indonesia: Islamic law: Young couple brutally whipped in public square for cuddling in”moderate” Indonesia
  8. Iran: Iran Celebrates Anniversary of Islamic Revolution with New Cruise Missile
  9. Iran: Crowds screaming “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” mark 40th anniversary of Islamic revolution
  10. Iran: Khamenei: “Death to America” means “Death to Trump, Bolton, and Pompeo,” not “Death to the American nation”
  11. Iraq: Deadly Attack on American Base in Iraq Foiled
  12. Iraq: Iraqi novelist assassinated after criticizing Iran’s Islamic revolution
  13. Pakistan: Supporter of accused blasphemer Asia Bibi says she is still in Pakistan, not in Canada as her lawyer claims
  14. Pakistan: One freed in Pakistan – others remain confined … so pray
  15. Pakistan: Muslim cleric defends blasphemy laws, says they have saved thousands of people from vigilante violence
  16. Saudi Arabia: UAE Forum Promotes Dubious Islamic Peace
  17. Saudi Arabia: Meghan Markle’s friend is being tortured in Saudi prison for fighting for women’s rights
  18. Syria: Syria Says US-led Coalition Attacked Assad’s Forces
  19. Syria: Syrian Fighters Begin “Final Battle” With ISIS As US Troop Withdrawal Looms
  20. Turkey: 1915 law enacted to seize property of non-Muslims still on the books, still being used
  21. Turkey: Long-lost Nazi Submarine Discovered Off Turkey’s Coast


  1. Nigeria: Call girls do swift business outside mosque
  2. South Africa: South Africa faces recession amid controversial land reform, investor skepticism (Video: 2:28 minutes long.)


  1. Australia: Muslim brandishes knife and makes bomb threat, “terrorism was later ruled out”
  2. Australia: Australia’s busiest airport shut down after bomb-threat by machete-wielding, “Middle-Eastern” “Arabic” man
  3. Australia: Muslims say call to disavow violent Qur’an verses is “inappropriate,” will “never, ever, ever” do it
  4. Australia: Australian embassies warned over security threat in wake of Prime Minister’s Israel embassy announcement


  1. Canada: Quebec Premier rejects calls for “anti-Islamophobia day”
  2. Canada: Canada fast-tracking asylum claims from Muslim countries


  1. Venezuela: Watch: Massive Anti-Maduro Protests Escalate, This Is the America That AOC, Bernie Want for Us
  2. Venezuela: Venezuela’s Maduro Entrenches With Hezbollah


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  1. The Trade War Is Having Catastrophic Effects On America’s Farmers
  2. All the ways Gen X is financially wrecked
  3. How a ‘Fed put’ could leave stock market on path for a ‘late-’90s-style meltup’
  4. Tax season kicks off with 8% smaller refunds
  5. The depressing reason rich people are now the fastest-growing segment of renters
  6. Our Currency, Our Problem with Dan Oliver of Myrmikan Capital
  7. These Nine Dead Giveaways Are Telltale Signs Of Recession
  8. MASSIVE LAYOFFS: The Auto Bubble Is Bursting!
  9. Creating A World Worth Inheriting | Chris Martenson
  10. The Most Depressing Stat Of The Month: US National Debt About To Pass The $22 Trillion Mark
  11. Living Paycheck To Paycheck: The New Crisis & The New Normal For American Middle Class
  12. Student loan relief or paid vacation? These workers get a choice
  13. Tech is splitting the U.S. work force in two
  14. The fastest-growing job in each U.S. state
  15. Over 60, and crushed by student loan debt
  16. Soak the rich? Americans say go for it
  17. Shorten the workweek to boost the economy
  18. PG&E files for bankruptcy following California wildfires


  1. Why stock-market traders are already bracing for a make-or-break month in March
  2. The bullish case for Facebook is about to get even better
  3. Third Point drops stakes in Alibaba, Microsoft and Netflix in fourth quarter
  4. Stocks bounce back from lows to close mostly higher; Dow gains for 7th week
  5. This Is Your Final Warning Before Things Get Ugly: The Next Stock Market Leg Down Is Here
  6. The Time To Be Short (Again) Has Arrived
  7. A health care ‘juggernaut’ to own for the long haul


  2. GATA Finally Wins A Gold, Silver, & Sound Money Ally In Congress
  3. What The Latest Numbers Mean For Gold And Silver – Eric Sprott On The Weekly Wrap-Up
  4. David Morgan: Will Silver Shine Again?
  5. 20 Years Of The The Euro And The Eurozone (And The Implications For Gold)
  6. Central banks haven’t bought this much gold since Nixon
  7. Wall St., Main St. expect gold prices to remain buoyant
  8. Audio: Financial Sector Calls Gold ‘Shiny Poo.’ Are They Worried?
  9. The Battle for Venezuela’s Gold Serves as a Lesson in Counterparty Risk
  10. Congressman Demands CFTC Explain Its Failure to Find Silver Market Manipulation Where DOJ Did
  11. If Financial Markets Make You Nervous, It’s Time to Own Physical Gold in Your IRA Instead
  12. Central Bank Gold Purchases Hit A Record In 2018
  14. COT Data Supports Further Downside Short-Term in Gold & Silver
  15. What The Latest Numbers Mean For Gold And Silver


  1. Yet another reason why San Francisco Bay Area house prices may rise in 2019
  2. Career military man explains how he earns $80,000 a year in passive income
  3. Fund Manager: Why The Housing Market Won’t Bounce With Lower Interest Rates
  4. More Than Half Of Homes In These Zip Codes Are “Seriously Underwater”


  1. 10 retirement lessons from a retired retirement pro
  2. The 10 commandments of retirement
  3. Invest in marijuana? What are you smoking?
  4. These are the 3 biggest financial risks of retirement


  1. This cocktail of macro risks could cause downturn that ‘rivals’ global financial crisis: Deutsche Bank
  2. Moody’s hikes Russia’s sovereign rating to investment grade of Baa3


  1. EXTRAORDINARY! Reserve Bank of Australia’s Governor Suspends Reality!


Earth News Banner

  1. 35 days of hell on Earth: After record breaking heatwave which saw temperatures nudge 50 deg C (122 deg F) now two months of rain in 7 days sinks Queensland
  2. After record-breaking heatwave Parts of Australia now hit with once-in-a-century flooding as monsoon-burst dumps a months rain in hours
  3. Temperatures above 42-degrees Celsius (108 F) are causing overcrowding on Rio beaches as temps break 97 year old record in Brazil
  4. 4.4 magnitude earthquake strikes N. California near Eureka
  5. Ten earthquakes strike the coast of Northern California in less than 24 hours
  6. 2019: And the records keep tumbling Parts of California breaks a 100-year record with 6ft, (almost 2 metres) of snow in just 24 hours
  7. Buckle up, folks: Just 840 hours into 2019 and we have had record heat, record cold, record snowfall and record rain along with a few plagues
  8. Forget Global Warming, Real Concern is Geomagnetic Shifting
  9. A horror is unfolding in Australia as hundreds of thousands of livestock are dead after a year and a half’s rain fell in just seven days
  10. The incredible record-breaking 2019 continues: Saskatoon Canada dipped to minus 42.6 deg C (minus 45 deg F) breaking a 112-year cold record
  11. Mystery booming sounds shake houses and terrify residents across America after ‘flashes of light’ spotted leaving experts baffled


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TBS Mocks God – Let’s Hold Network Accountable

WARNING! A new blasphemous series premieres February 12 at 10:30/9:30 pm CT on TBS, and it has Christians pretty fired up. Coming this February on TBS Network is a new comedy program titled “Miracle Workers.” TBS’ tagline for the program is “On the trillionth day God quit.”

This TBS produced sitcom is a blasphemous spoof on God. The show depicts God (Steve Buscemi) as some whacko who is determined to destroy the world with his new big idea to blow up Earth. His “angel” (Daniel Radcliffe) who works at Heaven Inc. is supposed to help answer prayers, and he decides to stop God. This show is clearly a mockery!

Previews have begun to air, and the scene depicting “god” drinking a beer was sickening. This disrespectful program mocking God and the Christian faith has now gone too far. TBS has crossed a line in misleading viewers about God, but they would never in a million years air a show that defamed Muhammad in a similar fashion for fear of instant and violent reprisals.

The title “Miracle Workers” could misguide families and mislead viewers about the content of the show. The network needs to drop plans to air this new sacrilegious program immediately.


Take Action below to send a pre-written letter to your Representative in opposition to H.R. 8, a bill that will criminalize private transfers and effectively register all gun sales.

Pelosi Wants to Criminalize Private Sales and Send You to Prison for Merely Showing Off Your Gun to a Neighbor
Dear Friend:

Nancy Pelosi and her anti-gun team are either profoundly stupid or genuinely evil.

Although either answer is arguably correct, the latter most likely explains H.R. 8 — a bill that is scheduled for a hearing this week in the House Judiciary Committee.

With H.R. 8, Pelosi and her gun-hating cronies have crafted a “Universal Background Check” bill with dozens of trap doors that could, if enforced to the letter, put millions of gun owners in prison.

Specifically, the bill outlaws the “transfer” of a firearm without a Brady Check. While this includes private sales, it by no means is limited to that.

The term “transfer” is nowhere defined, but it’s clear from the bill that handing your gun to a neighbor for as little as one second is a “transfer” unless you’re covered by one of the bill’s so-called exceptions.

So if you show off your new gun to your neighbor in your living room, and hand it to him to look at, you’re a criminal, and can go to prison for up to a year under federal level.

But as onerous as this provision is, the worst part consists of the Universal Gun Registry the bill would create.

Under H.R. 8, since every gun transfer will go through a dealer, every gun owner will have a 4473.

We know that the ATF, in connection with annual inspections conducted under federal law, is increasingly copying these forms to its database in a centrally accessible format. See examples here.

So here’s the problem: if everyone has a 4473, everyone is potentially in the database.

Even the Obama Administration recognized this in 2013, when a leaked memo from the Justice Department revealed its assessment of Universal Background Checks:

Effectiveness depends on the ability to reduce straw purchasing, requiring gun registration …. (Emphasis added.)

Regardless, gun grabbers today are trying to put a new spin on Universal Registration Checks. They claim that section 5(1) in the bill prohibits registration.

The problem is that the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 CURRENTLY prohibits a national gun registry. And yet, the ATF is not interpreting that prohibition from preventing it from doing what it’s already doing.

So if the current prohibition isn’t effective, why would anyone suppose that putting it in the law a second time would make any difference?

Are we putting the ATF on double super-secret probation?

As I mentioned above, the House is now pushing this bill to the forefront.

So please send your Representative a pre-written letter OPPOSING H.R. 8 by taking action above.

If you want to call your Representative — and need additional talking points — you can go here to see GOA’s Fact Sheet on H.R. 8.


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  19. More Than 40 Mummies Of Men, Women And Children Unearthed In Ptolemaic Necropolis In Minya, Egypt



Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. I Am Ashurbanipal at the British Museum
  2. EZECHIEL BAMBARA DOMSALA — CAMEROON (Audio: 27:14 minutes long.)



“Ancestry. The Hebrew Identity of Celtic Races,”  provides Proof that amongst Celtic Peoples (especially those of Britain and Ireland) were to be found many Hebrews from the Lost Ten Tribes. This still applies today, to their descendants.
The Ten Tribes were exiled in stages to a few major regions. 
 One section became part of the Cimmerians and helped give rise to Celtic Civilization. Another portion were transported under Assyrian-Edomite direction in Philistine (Minoan), and Phoenician (Tyrian) ships to Spain and from there moved to Ireland, Gaul, and Britain. This is confirmed by archaeology and written accounts including those from Ireland, Wales, Britain, and Scotland.
Celtic Mythology in the west encompasses proof of Israelite ancestry.
 The Picts of Scotland were otherwise known as Agathyrsi. They were  related to the Khazars who in Scythia recognized their Israelite origins and converted to Judaism. The Picts were also linked to people in the Netherlands.
Samuel Bochart proved how the names of deities, religious beliefs, and so on of the Celts in Gaul and Britain may be traced to Phoenician influence. This in effect meant Israelite Ancestry.
 The Celts did not call themselves “Celts” but rather “Iberi” meaning Hebrews in the Hebrew tongue. Jewish legends help trace the Lost Ten Tribes to Celtic peoples. Numerous names associated with Celtic groups are similar to those associated with Tribal groupings among the Hebrews, e.g.  GEBER = Gabar of Manasseh;  Parissi = Peresh of Menasseh; Uladah (Ulster) = Eladah of Ephraim; Isru and Isurium (of Britain) = Israel; etc. The same applies with the names of gods and place-names.
Sources for the evidence  in this regard include the Geography of Ptolemy concerning the British Isles and other areas.
The Celts practised the Druidic Religion which has similarities with ancient Canaanite paganism as well as parallels to the Levites of Ancient Israel and the Pharisees of Judah. In Scotland there existed strong taboos against swine and other foods interdicted by the Bible. The languages of Celtic Ireland and Gaelic Scotland show Hebrew substructures and many words of Hebrew origin in their vocabularies.
 The figure of Yair son of Manasseh who was a Biblical Patriarch reappears in Ireland and Scotland. Irish legends confirm the presence of Israelites among their ancestors.
 The Tribes of Dan and of Judah had representatives among the ancient inhabitants of Ireland and Ulster.
 Archaeological findings lend substance to the above conclusions. The dolmens describe a pathway of migration stretching from the general area of Ancient Israel to Western Europe.
This had been predicted by the Prophet Jeremiah concerning the Lost Ten Tribes and how they would return.

Jeremiah 31:
20  Is Ephraim My dear son?
Is he a delightful child?
Indeed, as often as I have spoken against him,
I certainly still remember him;
Therefore My heart yearns for him;
I will surely have mercy on him,  declares the Lord.

21  Set up for yourself roadmarks [Hebrew: “Tsionim,” i.e. Megalithic Monuments],
Place for yourself guideposts [Hebrew: “Tamrurim,” i.e. Cairns],
Direct your mind to the highway,
The way by which you went.
Return, O virgin of Israel,
Return to these your cities.

Jeremiah 31:20-21 in effect (in the light of Hebrew  language analysis by Renowned Rabbinical Scholars of the Past) says that there will be a Pathway of DOLMENS (Megalthic Monuments) stretching from the Place of the Lost Ten Tribes in the End times all the way back to Israel.
Such a Pathway exists.

Jeremiah tells us to take notice of this, to set our heart to it.
It is PROOF of Israelite origin.
It provides the MEANS for the Virgin of Israel to return to the cities that once belonged to them!!!!!

Proof from the Dolmens and evidence of such nature (Archaeology, history, mythology, linguistics, BIBLICAL EVIDENCE, Rabbinical indications ,etc) is what  this work , “Ancestry” (along with other Brit-Am publications) provides.

The Prophet Jeremiah says that this is what is needed!!!!!

 The Prophet Jeremiah exhorts the Descendants of Israel in our time to take heed of this evidence!!!!!!! It concerns their “Ancestry.”


Never Lost -- The Twelve Tribes of Israel -- Mysteries in History and Prophecy! Book 7

Never Lost: The Twelve Tribes of Israel: Mysteries in History and Prophecy! Book 7

Demystifying the ‘mysterious historical disappearance’ of the Ten Tribes of Israel by reconstructing the historical events proving their present locations! Walk in the footsteps of these Israelites and experience their fate and glorious reconciliation awaiting them!

Book 7

The genetic offspring of Jacob assimilated with the local peoples of the Caucasus lived so for more than thousands of years. They, the Ten Tribes, including some of the House of Judah’s Two Tribes, not only lost their Jewish customs and the natural desire to identify themselves with their ancestors, but also in the political sense.

A great amount of the Georgian people carry the ‘Jew’ haplotypes, thus giving it undeniable evidence that Georgia is the only country in a radius of ‘one-and-a-half-year’s journey by foot to the north’, which meets all the requirements and criteria of Arsareth’s location.

There are more than fifty ethnic groups living in the region that have Israelite origin. Many expert researchers and scholars on the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, affirm the Israelite origin of the majority of people from the Greater Caucasus Mountains.

The countries surrounding Georgia, both the ancient and modern, hold dearly to Israelite traditions and customs. This is in fact ingrained into their various cultures and has become part of their customs. Despite considerable assimilation, the Georgian society did indeed maintain many customs and traditions of the Israelites.

There are six distinct ‘Jewish’ populations in Georgia and the Greater Caucasus Area. Since ancient times, these various groups were generally called ‘Jews’, most of them are just called ‘Georgian Jews’, many in fact Ten Tribers.

The DNA, Social, Cultural, Linguistical, and National Characteristical Evidence in Georgia and the countries surrounding Georgia, prove that the Israelites dominated the entire area at some stage, and buried their culture deep into the nation’s ethos.  

The chapter contents are:



Holistic Overview of Peoples With Israelite Origin

The Israelite Peoples from the Caucasus


The Bukharan Jews’ Influence

Khazaria, Atil and Sarkel



Caucasian Albania




Mountain Jews



Tracing Ancestry

What is Genetic Genealogy?

The Secret Things…

The Twelve Tribes’ DNA Dilemma


Arsareth and the Diversed Georgian People

Arsareth Confirmed!



(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


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  1. Tips & Resources To Find Old Family Photos
  2. Ready to Contact Your DNA Matches? Here’s What to Say (and NOT to Say)
  3. New FamilySearch Databases added Between October 11 2018 & February 1, 2019
  4. FamilyTreeDNA Allows the FBI Access to its Database


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Health and Vitality Truths by Dr. Luan Q. Pho MD

Health and Vitality Truths by Dr. Luan Q. Pho MD Back Cover

Dr. Pho discusses what he calls Micro/Macro Rx. It is the supplementation of specific nutrients and a healthful diet to help stave off many illnesses and chronic diseases. You will be able to use this information to also help reverse gray hairs, enable weight loss, decrease the risk for diabetes, and much more.

He says on page 44, “My interest in health is not to treat the sign, symptom, or physical findings. My interest is to identify the root cause of the illnesses or disease states. This will enable me to better practice preventative medicine.

On page 45, he says “The medical education that allopathic doctors lack is the diagnostic skill to identify and treat nutritional deficiency. The diagnostic skill that is missing is the ability to interpret illness not as an isolated entity but more holistically. The main part that is missing in the allopathic training is nutrition education. Nutrition education should be a key component of preventive medicine. Nutrition holds the answers to health and vitality.

On page 51, he says “The food pyramid system deals in food groups and not the micro and macronutrients found within the foods that it represents. It focuses on the physical form of foods when it really should be on the actual nutrients themselves, since they are the key to health. The physical forms of the foods eaten do not matter as much as the nutrients they represent.

On page 51, he says “So what is the answer to increased health and vigor? Eating more or fewer foods is not the answer. The key lies in knowing what to eat. You need to know how to obtain the essential micro and macronutrients and the amount needed daily. This is a very important point that the food pyramid system fails to consider. The reason for this is that current nutritional thinking pushes a philosophy of food groups and not the essential micro and macronutrients you need. When you are eating to get sufficient nutrients, you will not ask how many food servings to eat but the amount of the actual micro and macronutrients needed. The amount of nutrients you need, in turn, depends on your body weight. Using body weight as the determining factor in figuring the daily amount of nutrients needed is the first step to health.

The formula Dr. Pho noted above on page 51 is on page 242 for carbohydrates, proteins and fats in his book. If you are interested in your health, it is well worth getting his book to “educate” yourself about what “real” health is all about. I encourage everyone to get his book.

I am currently seeing Dr. Pho and I am “thoroughly” impressed with his knowledge and approach to health. He is helping me regain my health and he is making a big difference.

Dr. Luan Q. Pho, M.D.‘s website.


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His Word in My Heart

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2 Timothy 3:1-5 “1 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, 4 traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! (New King James Version)

The apostle Paul writes that “evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived” (II Timothy 3:13). People today are no different from when Moses wrote the Pentateuch or Paul his epistles, but the occasion to sin, the incentive to do so and thus sin’s frequency and intensity are at their highest levels since just before the Flood. In other words, the environment to commit sin more easily grows ever more amenable, and human nature is taking advantage of it. We have been born into—indeed have unwittingly contributed to creating—an environment in which it is exceedingly difficult to remain faithful.

We live in a world in which self-centeredness is being promoted to its greatest extent in human history. Appealing advertising hammers away at us to gratify ourselves: Why wait, why deny ourselves, why sacrifice, why not go along with everyone else? Constantly we hear, “Indulge yourself because you deserve it.”

This world always appeals to moral and ethical standards lower than those of the great God and His way of life. In Technicolor with emotion-stirring music, Hollywood “sells” adultery and fornication as acceptable as long as the couple involved are attractive and somehow oppressed—thus “deserving” of a “better” relationship.

War, murder, lying, stealing, coveting, Sabbath-breaking, and idolatry are acts that almost everyone in the world would claim as being wrong, yet most unwittingly commit them to some degree and promote them in our culture. They justify their sin because everybody else is doing it, and they see no good reason why they should not just go along. If they try to swim against the tide, they think they will be taken advantage of.

Not too long ago, a person’s word was his bond, and mere handshakes sealed major business agreements. Tales of Abraham Lincoln’s honesty over pennies are an almost legendary part of our nation’s history. Historians say that faithfulness was such a hallmark of the Roman Republic that not one divorce occurred in its first seven hundred years! But in the last fifty years this nation has seen a calamitous, family-destroying rise in the divorce rate that threatens the very stability of society.

Faithlessness is playing a major role in this destruction. People are without natural affection and traitors to their marital contract. Child abuse is becoming ever more prevalent. Athletes seem to break contracts almost at will. Manufacturers lie about the quality of their products, and workers fudge in the quality of their work.

Faithlessness is rising to its peak because self-centeredness, the father of irresponsibility, is being promoted to its utmost. It is the spirit of this age, but we have cause to resist it by what God has offered us in His revelation. God-centeredness in our lives is the answer to faithlessness and irresponsibility. But God-centeredness is not cheap, and few are willing to pay the price: their lives!

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see:  The Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness


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The Deity of Messiah — Part 3 by Brad Scott

As I stated in the introduction to this teaching concerning this two thousand year old debate, the seminal issue is not the nature of the Messiah so much as it is the nature of God, in my opinion. We covered a couple of the major revealed attributes of God, His unsearchableness and the fact that He is, aside from what is revealed, incomprehensible. There is a distinct purpose for reviewing these characteristics of God which I will partially address in this teaching.

God is omnipotent. In every day English, this means that He possesses all power. He is exceedingly above and beyond anything and everything that His creation can collectively conceive.

Mizemor (Psalm) 139:1-12

O YHVH, thou hast searched me, and known me. Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising; thou understandest my thought afar off. Thou compassest my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways. For there is not a word in my tongue, but, lo, O YHVH, thou knowest it altogether. Thou has beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it. Whither shall I go from thy Spirit? Or whither shall I flee from thy presence? If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there; if I make my bed in sheol, behold, thou art there. If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me. If I say, Surely the darkness shall cover me; even the night shall be light about me. Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee, but the night shineth as the day; the darkness and the light are both alike to thee.

Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 40:28

Hast thou not known? Hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, YHVH, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary. There is no searching of His understanding.

Yiremeyahu (Jeremiah) 23:23-24

Am I a God at hand, saith YHVH, and not a God afar off? Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? saith YHVH. Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith YHVH.

We know from both testaments that God created all things by speaking. God said, “… let there be beasts in the field” and there were beasts in the field. With just His words, He placed all the celestial glories in their place. Not only did He, by just speaking, create our magnificent bodies, but He also created our emotions. The ability for literally billions of people to each laugh at something different. He gave us tears to respond to sadness and trials. He gave such people as myself the ability to express stupid humor and to tell bad jokes, while placing within the capacity of some people to actually laugh at them. All the still unexplained aspects of light, He considered just another product of another day. The very existence of God is also verified by many known scientific laws. One of those laws states that every effect has a cause, and every cause must be equal to or greater than it’s effect. Known science in the last century has agreed that all matter that exists is an effect of an initial cause. Many in science choose to call that the big bang but all agree that the initial cause of all that there is, is greater than or equal to all the effects we see. As believers, we all know who that cause is. Can you imagine that God is infinitely greater than all that we collectively see and even don’t see? Within the last 10 years, science has also discovered that the universe is actually more than a dozen dimensions. We only operate in three dimensions and possibly four, including time, as a dimension. Can you possibly conceive of at least eight more? Can you then comprehend that God is much more than even that?

It is this humble writers opinion that man, from the beginning, religious or are religious, has made consistent attempts, some with malice and some just by nature, to try to take the incorruptible God and make him unto an image made like unto corruptible man. At first sight, one might think that this refers to the idea of God becoming a man, but this is written by Rav Sha’ul (Paul) who is notorious, in religious circles, for starting Christianity and being the instigator of the “God became a man” doctrine.

Romans 1:22-23

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man, and birds, and four-footed beasts and creeping things.

The context of Sha’ul’s comments are made to those who, unable to accept or comprehend a God like I just described, attempt to make God like unto earthly images that they can see, touch, feel, worship and accept. Some cultures do it with the kind of idols and icons we see on PBS or the Discovery Channel. Some, however, try to understand God by affixing His essence to the essence of earthly images, which end up limiting God to those earthly pictures. While it is true that we understand heavenly things by comprehending the earthly ones, God is not those earthly things. For example, we gain insight into His loving presence through the image of a dove. But God is not a dove. We can experience His loving, Fatherly care through the teaching of being under the shadow of His wings, but God is not a duck, swan or a chicken. The Mormon religion teaches that God is Father and Yeshua‘ was His Son. Since a son is produced by sexual relations between a man and a woman, this means that God came down and had physical sex with Mary, because they are Father and Son. Can you see where an improper perspective on titles and terms used to help us understand what God has revealed to us, can lead to bizarre doctrines? I believe that one of the reasons for the controversy over the Messiah stems from misunderstood sound bites by one side of the issue, and an attempt to understand God by restricting Him to comparable earthly images on the other side. I am attempting to first establish the fact that the essence, abilities, and nature of God are infinitely beyond our limits.

In the last month or so, I have received many articles and teachings concerning the deity of Yeshua’. Ninety per cent of the questions posed, that led to many concluding that Yeshua‘ could not be God in the flesh, were all like the ones below.

Mattityahu (Matthew) 26:39

… O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt.

How can God be talking to himself?

Romans 10:9

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth that Yeshua‘ is Adonai, and shalt believe in thine heart that GOD hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
Holy moly! God raised up God from the dead?

Mattityahu (Matthew) 23:46

And about the ninth hour Yeshua‘ cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, la’ma sabach’thani? that is to say, My God, my God, why has thou forsaken me?

Well, that seals it. Is one part of God crying out while the other two parts are standing there listening?

Mattityahu (Matthew) 26:50

Yeshua’, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the spirit.
Oh yeah? How can God die? Huh. Huh. Tell me that!

There are probably, I have not counted, 500 or more verses in the Scriptures in which God seems to exist everywhere at once in one verse and in a specific spot the next. It seems that God only exists between the Cherubim at the same time that He is falling on Moses outside of the tent. He sits on His throne while leading the children of Israel through the wilderness at the same time. Part of the problem, from where I sit, seems to be erroneous conclusions drawn from doctrinal statements that go by unexplained. So let me explain. It seems that many are concluding from statements such as “Yeshua‘ is YHVH” or “God became a man” or “Jesus is God”, that when God became a man, God was just the man. In other words, when God was a man, He was not running the universe. God was the Messiah only. I would equally ask if God was in the burning bush when Mosheh approached Him? All would agree that He indeed was. So does that mean that God ceased to still be omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient while He was in the bush? Can this God that I have been describing be capable of taking upon the flesh of a man and still be everywhere at once? STOP and answer that question right now! If one of the purposes of God taking upon flesh was to show unfaithful mankind how to be faithful, would He not then be faithful? If He desired for us to know how to pray to our Father would He not then pray to the Father? If He desparately wanted His people to love, would He not then love? Would He not show His followers how to obey the Father by actually obeying the Father? Is that incomprehensible to you? If it is, then I would suggest that you are trying to understand the incorruptible, infinite, limitless God, from the perspective of corruptible, finite, limited man. Period.

I remember watching a Michael Keaton movie a few years ago called Multiplicity. In this movie Michael was a very busy man. So busy that he rarely had time for his wife and his children. Through a series of plot forming circumstances, he ends up cloning several of himself over time. He was then able to, so he thought, spend the necessary time at his business and still spend time with his wife and also his children. Now this story is not a representation of the nature of God. God is far more than what a movie can represent. But that is my point. Man, in his own imagination, can cinematically portray the idea of someone remaining themselves and also be the same person in many other places all at the same time. If man can imagine such a ludicrous thing, is God not greater than the imagination of men? So I ask a simple question. In the interest of the salvation of man, is God capable of existing as an ever present Father while simultaneously taking upon the flesh of man? If not, then I would ask for someone to explain to me how God spoke the universe into existence. I would like to know why that bit of truth is casually accepted and untouched by controversy, but the idea of God becoming a man, while still remaining God, is so absurd.

I still plan for this teaching to be contained in several parts. I intend to continue to go through many of the applicable Tanakh (Old Testament) teachings on this subject before addressing many so-called proof texts. I just wanted to begin by giving us all a good dose of the awesomeness of our Creator and only Savior.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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