News You May Not Have Heard About — 12/20/2018

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  1. Federal Judge Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional, Trump Steps In for the Knockout Blow
  2. Trump Picks OMB Director Mick Mulvaney As Acting Chief Of Staff
  3. Trump: Michael Cohen Only Became a ‘Rat’ After FBI Did Something ‘Absolutely Unthinkable’
  4. Trump Bulldozes Lisa Page and Peter Strozk After Establishment Media Ignores Damning New Evidence
  5. Trump Gets Cornered on ACA Ruling: His 30-Second Response Says It All
  6. President Trump Announces He Will Review Case Against Major Matt Goldsteyn – Charged with Murder for Killing Taliban Bomb-Maker
  7. Trump Says He Just Got Mexico To Pay for the Border Wall… You Won’t Believe How He Did It
  8. Trump Launches Plan To Transform Black Communities Without a Dime of New Taxes
  9. Trump says he’s ‘proud’ to shut down government during fight with Pelosi and Schumer
  10. Trump’s Unannounced Arlington Visit Is Going Viral for All the Right Reasons
  11. Hah! POTUS Trump Releases Video Showing Hypocrites Schumer, Obama and Hillary Pushing Border Security
  12. Trump’s Newly Unveiled Strategy Will Advance US-Africa Relations
  13. Trump Responds to Cohen Allegations: ‘I Never Directed Him to Do Anything Wrong’
  14. What Melania Does To Non-Verbal Military Child In A Wheelchair Has Establishment Media Reeling
  15. Trump signs bill to aid persecuted minorities
  16. Trump Charity Forced To Shut Down Over Alleged ‘Shocking Pattern of Illegality’
  17. Trump Backs Off Demand For Full Wall Funding, Simultaneously Pushes Criminal Justice Reform
  18. Trump Gives Hope to Nation on Border Wall after Republicans Cave Again
  19. Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan Recognizes New Middle East Realities
  20. HUGE! TRUMP Border Wall GoFundMe Page Passes $4.3 Million in Donations in 4 Days
  21. Trump Fires Back Against NY Democrats After Trump Foundation Is Shut Down
  22. Trump tells House GOP he won’t sign Senate bill
  23. BREAKING: President Trump Interrupts Paul Ryan During GOP Meeting – CALLS HOUSE GOP LEADERS TO WHITE HOUSE FOR MEETING (Video)


  1. Trump Administration: U.S. Fears Iran Planning ‘Massive Regional War’ in Middle East
  2. Trump Administration: Trump Admin. to Slash Support for UN Peacekeeping Missions in Africa
  3. Trump Administration: 5 Takeaways From the Trump Administration’s School Safety Report
  4. White House: White House dismisses Cohen accusations as lies
  5. White House: White House: We Don’t Want to Shut Down the Government, We Want to Shut Down the Border
  6. U.S. Congress: Congress Moves to Blacklist Iranian Banks
  7. U.S. Congress: Congress Just Made a Dangerous Move
  8. U.S. Congress: Members Of Congress Will Now Have To Pay Out Of Pocket To Settle Sexual Harassment Claims
  9. U.S. Senate: Historic Victory!  Senate Votes to Stop US Support in Saudi Arabia’s War in Yemen
  10. U.S. Senate: With Vote Approaching, Authors Revise FIRST STEP
  11. U.S. Senate: Prison reform gets Senate approval without conservative amendments
  12. U.S. Senate: Senate’s Conservative Prison Reform Advances Trump’s Public Safety and Economic Growth Agendas
  13. U.S. Senate: Senate Passes Two-Month Stopgap Spending Bill in Late Night Vote – No New Money For Border Wall
  14. U.S. House of Representatives: House Democrats Change Rules to Make It Easier to Raise Taxes
  15. U.S. Department of Homeland Security: Department of Homeland Security Sends Grave Warning After 7-Year-Old Guatemalan Girl Dies
  16. U.S. Department of Homeland Security: Department of Homeland Security Reveals Official Cause of Death for 7-Year Old Guatemalan Girl
  17. U.S. Department of Defense: Trump DOJ Announces Bump-Stock Ban, Confiscation
  18. U.S. Justice Department: US charges 2 with China intelligence ties in hacking case
  19. U.S. State Department: US Warns Hezbollah Threat To The West As Dangerous As ISIS
  20. U.S. State Department: State Dept. Warns of Rising Extremist Threat in Africa
  21. U.S. State Department: US Announces $10.6 Billion in Welfare Aid to Central America and Southern Mexico as More Caravans Head to US
  22. U.S. Food and Drug Administration: The Food and Drug Administration’s Invisible Victims
  23. U.S. Department of Justice: Examiner: Tax Dollars Fund Nation of Islam
  24. SCOTUA: HUGE: Supreme Court ruling granting cert in pending case could be the beginning of the end for federal regulators like the ATF, DEA and FDA
  25. U.S. Air Force: Air Force study on EMP threat
  26. U.S. Navy: US Navy Threatens to Pull Out of Haifa Port Over Chinese Control
  27. U.S. Navy: US Navy Provides Emergency Healthcare for People Fleeing Socialist Venezuela
  28. U.S. Army: Green Beret charged with premeditated murder of Taliban bomb maker
  29. John Bolton (National Security Advisor): US Must Curb Chinese, Russian Influence in Africa
  30. Nikki Haley (U.S. Ambassador to the UN): Haley: Trump’s peace plan recognizes new Mideast realities
  31. Sarah Sanders (White House Press Secretary): Sarah Sanders Fires Back at ‘Shameless Fraud’ Comey After He Targets President’s Supporters
  32. U.S. House Freedom Caucus: “We’re Ready to Fight!” -Mark Meadows and Freedom Caucus Release Statement: President Trump, Veto the Bill, Fund the Wall!
  33. U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC): Federal Investigators: Mapping Apps Are Endangering U.S. Troops
  34. U.S. Bureau of Prisons and the Department of Justice: Nation of Islam receiving federal cash to teach federal inmates


  1. FACTS about CNN’s “facts” (Video: 9:47 minutes long.)
  2. Exposed: NBC Caught Red-Handed Spewing Fake News Again
  3. Winner Of CNN’s ‘Journalist Of The Year’ Award Admits He Made Up Reports


  1. Trump inaugural committee under criminal investigation
  2. Before & After Border Wall Pics Show Trump Is Making Incredible Difference
  3. 400 Former DOJ Officials Signed Letter Protesting AG Whitaker — NONE Protested Deep State Spying, Criminal Attacks on President Trump
  4. Daniel Greenfield: “Guns Are How A Civil War Ends… Politics Is How It Starts”
  5. Elite Campaign Finance Expert Leaves Zero Doubt: Trump Not Guilty
  6. The Truth About What Actually Shuts Down During a Gov’t Shutdown Is Depressing
  7. TRUMP WALL CENSORED: GoFundMe Page for Trump Border Wall Removed From Trending Campaigns
  8. Yes, Those Were Indictments Served At Bush Funeral (Video: 1:10:49 minutes long.)
  9. Open Records Lawsuits Probe into Russian Support for U.S. Green Groups


  1. Clinton: Is The Clinton Foundation Under Investigation? (Video: 16:31 minutes long.)
  2. Clinton: BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Responds to Court Order – Files New Email Answers Under Oath on Private Server
  3. Clinton: HUBER No-Show: FAIL??? (Video: 20:16 minutes long.)
  4. Clinton: Whistleblowers: Clinton Foundation Operated Outside Bounds of Non-Profit – Brokered Money and Pharmaceuticals (VIDEO)
  5. Clinton: Christopher Steele Rolls Over. Reveals Much Bigger Plot to Destroy American Democracy
  6. Clinton: Bombshell: Christopher Steele admits he wrote “Russia dossier” so Hillary could challenge 2016 election results: Proof Deep State is real


  1. Obama: Collusion: Obama’s FBI Paid More on Russian Dirt and Fake News in 2016 Election Than Russia Did
  2. Obama: More Criminal Actions: Obama Admin Urgently Provided CLASSIFIED Russia-gate Documents to Senators Hours Before Trump Inauguration
  3. Former President Obama funded Iran’s war on Israel
  4. Obama’s School Discipline Guidance Could Be Doomed. Here’s Why That’s Great News


  1. Robert Mueller: Rod Rosenstein: Rod Rosenstein WILL NOT ALLOW Gen. Flynn Interrogator Joe Pientka To Testify — Despite His Reported Willingness to Defend Flynn
  2. Robert Mueller: HUGE— Strzok’s Phones Scrubbed AFTER He Was Fired — Page’s Phone Scrubbed and Lost for ENTIRE YEAR before It Was Turned Over
  3. Robert Mueller: Footnote in Mueller’s Filing About a Mysterious FBI Interview With Peter Strzok Raises Questions
  4. Robert Mueller: Witchhunt: Special Counsel Investigation Has Had Disastrous Effect on Taxpayers
  5. Robert Mueller: Special Counsel Investigation Has Cost Taxpayers $25.2 Million
  6. Robert Mueller: Should Robert Mueller be arrested for obstruction of justice? Under his direction, damning evidence was destroyed to protect Hillary Clinton
  7. Robert Mueller: Judge Demands Mueller Present Records of Potential FBI Misconduct
  8. Robert Mueller: DOJ Investigation Reveals Strzok’s Phone Was Wiped and Re-Issued by FBI
  9. Robert Mueller: Justice Department Investigators Unable to Find Peter Strzok’s Text Messages During Mueller Probe
  10. Robert Mueller: Lynch, Comey…and FISA Release??? (Video: 7:40 minutes long.)
  11. Robert Mueller: Mueller’s Team Muscled Flynn Into Guilty Plea – Admits Monday’s Indictments Were a Warning
  12. Robert Mueller: SHOW TRIAL DISGRACE: Judge Sullivan Suggests Mike Flynn Committed Treason? …For Turkish Lobbying That He Has Not Been Convicted Of
  13. Robert Mueller: It’s Beginning to Look Like Mueller Has Been Destroying Evidence
  14. Robert Mueller: Jordan, Meadows Put Comey on Hot Seat Over Handling of Flynn Matter
  15. Robert Mueller: Key senator brushes off memo on Mueller probe
  16. Robert Mueller: BREAKING: Acting AG Matt Whitaker CLEARED to Take Over Mueller Probe — SHUT IT DOWN!


  1. Stormy Daniels Offered Disturbing Proposition in Order To Pay Off Legal Fees
  2. Ivy League Study Finds Liberals ‘Patronize’ Minorities, Conservatives Don’t
  3. After Airport Run-In with TSA and Muslim, Model Blasts ‘Bulls***’ Political Correctness


  1. Media-The Weekly Standard: Conservative Anti-Trump Magazine The Weekly Standard Announces Closure
  2. Media-New York Times: New York Times photographer posted support for “Palestinian” jihad terrorism on Instagram
  3. Media-CNN: CNN Impeachment Poll Backfires, Shows Growing Support for POTUS
  4. Media-General: Looking Like Trump Not Actually Elected…At Least Not ‘Democratically’


  1. Build The Wall: Nearly $7 Million in Illegal Drugs Seized at Border
  2. Here’s the Stunning Number of Migrants Border Patrol Has Saved in This Year Alone
  3. WALSH: An Illegal Immigrant Child Died In Custody. The Left Blames Border Patrol. Here’s Why They’re Wrong
  4. Man Leading Migrant Caravan Demanding Entry Is A Suspected Terrorist, Demands $50,000 Each for Migrants to Return Home
  5. Border Patrol Arrests 3 Convicted of Sickening Crimes
  6. Caravan wants gringo cash to go away
  7. Dad of Deceased Migrant Girl Smashes Media Narrative with BP Statement
  8. Border Patrol Comissioner Shuts Pelosi Down Over & Over on Border Security
  9. Border Patrol Agents Shut Down Tunnel Construction at Border With Mexico
  10. ICE Arrests 6.5K Convicted Murderer, Sex Offender Illegal Aliens This Year
  11. Illegal Immigrants Facing Deportation Get One Last Trip Courtesy of ICE Air
  12. Judge blocks restrictions on who can apply for asylum
  13. Judge Sullivan of Flynn Fame Just Blocked Trump’s Asylum Crackdown – Demands Deported Aliens Under Policy Be Brought Back
  14. US says asylum-seeking people to wait in Mexico


  1. John McCain’s Family Takes a Shot at Likely Replacement for His Senate Seat
  2. JUST IN: Arizona Governor Appoints Rep. Martha McSally to McCain’s Senate Seat
  3. Jeff Flake Is Teaming Up with Democrats To Attempt To Raise Taxes in His Final Weeks in Office


  1. SHOCKING: Man in Islamic Garb Holding Machete Threatening Hollywood Synagogue
  2. California Billionaire Tom Steyer’s War Against Fossil Fuels Could Destroy American Energy
  3. Bomb threats sent out across Bay Area, U.S. in email terrorism scare
  4. Agenda-21 Ordinance to Make People Pay for Their Own Prosecutions Passed in 80 Seconds
  5. California State Water Resources Board Votes to Cut Water to Farms and Bay Area Cities
  6. Video from California: Muslim boasted of plots for jihad massacres at gay bars and UC Berkeley


  1. ‘This Is Outright Christian Persecution’: Baker Jack Phillips Strikes Back at Colorado’s Anti-Christian Attacks


  1. Florida Senate won’t block election chief’s suspension
  2. Florida: Muslim migrant who called himself “al-Qaeda soldier” sent bomb-making instructions to jihadis


  1. Judge Orders Idaho Dept. of Corrections to Allow Man Who Identifies as Woman to Obtain ‘Sex Change’ Operation


  1. Chicago, Suburban Mayors Call for Hike That Could Make Illinois’ Gas Tax Highest in Nation


  1. Armed Police Thwart Apparent School Shooting Attempt, Suspect Dead


  1. School Districts Roll Out Firearms Course, Give Students the Gun Control That Works


  1. Kentucky Proposes New Pro-Life Bill, Abortions Would Be Felony with Jail Time


  1. Minnesota: Muslim workers at Amazon demand longer prayer times, less work
  2. City Council Votes to Eliminate Single-Family Zoning


  1. City Forced To Pay $240k in Medical Bills for Gangbanger Who Shot at Police


  1. NJ Doesn’t Say How It Will Enforce Magazine Confiscation After Court Upholds Law


  1. NY Times Photographer Praises ‘Martyr’ Who Killed Israeli Newborn
  2. NYC: Muslim fractures woman’s spine because another woman kissed her on the cheek
  3. Dem State Senator Behind Social Media Check for NY Gun Sales Tweets ‘Kill Yourself’ to GOP Staffer
  4. WALSH: An 11-Year-Old Boy Dances In Drag At Gay Bars. If He Were A Girl, His Parents Would Be Arrested
  5. The Left’s War On Parenting


  1. Amid Alleged Voter Fraud in NC, Left Celebrates California System Susceptible to Same Fraud


  1. Pair of abortion restrictions in Ohio head to Kasich’s desk


  1. Oklahoma: Muslim who attended flight school also attended al-Qaeda training camp


  1. Pro-Palestinian Vandals Deface Pittsburgh Victims Memorial
  2. Gun-Rights Groups Threaten Lawsuit if Pittsburgh Passes New Gun Control
  3. Marines testify about being beaten, called ethnic slurs in brutal Antifa mob attack in Philadelphia


  1. Stop the Islamization of Texas
  2. Time for Darl Easton to Step Aside
  3. Texas teen gets 12 years in prison for stabbing classmate
  4. Speech Pathologist Files Lawsuit over Texas Law Prohibiting Israel Boycott
  5. Hamas-CAIR Challenges Texas Ban on Boycotting Israel, Governor Abbott Retorts, ‘Texas Stands With Israel. Period’


  1. UN Appeals to the World to Fund Palestinian ‘Pay for Slay’ Policy


  1. D.C. Attorney General Sued for Documents Related to Bloomberg Scheme
  2. TYRANNY: D.C. Attorney General files suit against Facebook for doing business with firm who worked with President Trump’s 2016 election campaign


  1. Seattle Law Ripped After School Suspends ICE Programs



  1. New Poll Shows 2020 Could Be Another Dem Nightmare
  2. DNC’s Perez Joins Liberal Activists Hoping to Pack Supreme Court
  3. Dem 2020 Hopeful Julian Castro: ‘We Need Medicare for All’
  4. Democrats Ran Secret ‘False Flag’ Operation To Influence Alabama Race, Report Finds
  5. David Limbaugh Unloads on Pelosi and Schumer’s Childish White House Tactics
  6. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal Is ‘Pretty Much All Fantasy-land’
  7. Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts): Elizabeth Warren Finally Admits What We Have Known ALL ALONG… She Is Finished
  8. Kamala Harris (California): Misconduct Claim Against Kamala Harris Aide Brought to Office’s Attention Months Before She Left for Washington
  9. Maxine Waters (California): Maxine Waters’s Campaign Debt to Daughter Jumps $90,000
  10. Ted Lieu (California): Lieu: ‘I Would Love to Be Able to Regulate the Content of Speech’ but First Amendment Stops Me



  1. In farewell, Ryan sees solutions if ‘politics will allow it’
  2. Read the Full Text of Speaker Ryan’s Farewell Address
  3. Tom Cotton (Arkansas): Tom Cotton Makes Last-Ditch Effort to Preserve U.S. Support for Saudis in Yemen


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  1. Netanyahu: UNIFIL Needs to ‘Do Tougher Job’ Against Hezbollah
  2. Netanyahu Launches Major Crackdown to Combat Palestinian Terror Attacks
  3. Netanyahu: Israel Building Missiles to Reach Entire Region
  4. ‘Palestinian Terror Will Not Uproot Us,’ Netanyahu Declares at Site of Attack
  5. Knesset Confirms Netanyahu as Israel’s New Defense Minister
  6. Knesset Caucus Demands Ouster of Hebron Observer Force in Wake of Revelation
  7. Knesset Advances Bill to Deport Terrorists’ Families
  8. Israelis Living Abroad May Soon Vote for the Knesset
  9. Bennett Won’t Back Netanyahu for Defense Portfolio
  10. Israel Making Real Breakthroughs in Relations with African Nations
  11. US Envoy: ‘Palestinian Authority Can Be Political Body OR Terror Sponsor, Not Both’
  12. WATCH: IDF Blows Up Home of Terrorist Who Killed Elite Commando
  13. WATCH: Is Israel Facing Third Lebanon War and New Intifada?
  14. Pregnant Woman Injured in Arab Stoning Attack in Samaria
  15. Israel Unimpressed as Australia Recognizes Only ‘West Jerusalem’
  16. Hundreds Call on Netanyahu to Take Strong Steps Against Terror
  17. Israel will Legalize 80% of Judea and Samaria Towns in Limbo
  18. IDF Uncovers Fourth Hezbollah Tunnel Cutting Into Israel
  19. IDF to Demolish Home of Ari Fuld’s Killer
  20. IDF Soldiers Suspended for Trying to Free Israeli Protesters
  21. Iran’s Fingerprints on Judea/Samaria Terrorist Attacks
  22. WATCH: How Theodor Herzl Pioneered the Zionist Dream of a Jewish State
  23. Israeli troops arrest dozens in West Bank raid
  24. IDF Soldier Seriously Wounded in Rock Attack Near Beit El
  25. IDF Intelligence Chief: Volatile Region Presents Opportunities for Israel
  26. Israel Wants US to Halt Aid Until Lebanon Deals with Tunnels
  27. Israeli Envoy to UN: ‘We Will Bury Hezbollah in the Rubble of Lebanon’
  28. Israel Braces for US’ Complete Withdrawal of Troops from Syria
  29. WATCH: Israel Foots the Bill for ‘Ambassadors’ to Palestine
  30. Lebanon At The Crossroads: Israel & Hezbollah Prepare For Next Conflict
  31. Sanhedrin Invites Nikki Haley to be Honorary President of Organization of 70 Nations
  32. Israel Exposes Lebanese Army’s Cover Up of Hezbollah Terror


  1. Palestinian Imam: ‘Martyrs Killed by Jews Receive Double Heavenly Reward’
  2. WATCH: ‘Evil Jews’ Are ‘Wild Apes, Miserable Pigs Destined for Humiliation,’ Chants Palestinian Girl
  3. Abbas’ Party Hails Terrorists Behind Recent Attacks as ‘Heroic Martyrs’
  4. Replacing Israel With A Palestinian State From The River To The Sea?
  5. Senior Palestinian Negotiator: All of Jerusalem on Table
  6. Palestinians Intensify Campaign of Deadly Terror in Judea and Samaria
  7. Hezbollah Sealed Terror Tunnel Exposed by IDF
  8. Poll: Majority of Palestinians Want Hamas’ Leadership
  9. Report: Islamic State slaughters 700 prisoners in two months


  1. Belgium: Belgium’s Prime Minister Resigns After Government Collapses Over UN Migration Pact Dispute
  2. France: French Far-right Party Rising in Wake of Mass Protests
  3. France: Jewish woman attacked by two Muslim “teens” in Paris suburb
  4. EU: EU to Trump: Peace Deal Must Include Palestinian State
  5. France: Opinion: Why Are French ‘Yellow Vest’ Protesters Attacking Jews?
  6. Germany: German Government Approves Third Gender Option for People with ‘Indeterminate Gender’
  7. Germany: Muslim Demonstrators Chant “Adolf Hitler” and “Allah-O-Akbar” as They Wave “Palestinian” Terror Flag
  8. Germany: Stabbing Frenzy: Three women brutally stabbed and fighting for their lives in Nuremberg in multiple knife attacks, knifeman still at large
  9. Germany: German Gov’t-Backed Push Seeks To Re-Educate Pre-School Kids from ‘Right-Wing’ Families
  10. Germany: Cops rule out terrorist motive for man who stabbed three random women in Nuremberg
  11. Germany: Police raid mosque over jihad financing
  12. Germany: Mosque raided for suspected jihad terror financing, imam is one of chief suspects
  13. Ireland: Hamas-linked “charity” Islamic Relief Worldwide expanding into Ireland
  14. Netherlands: Dutch paper: Strasbourg jihad murderer’s zebibah confirms “exaggerated conversion behavior” that led to his attack
  15. Netherlands: Holland to Cut Funding to Palestinians Over Terror Stipends
  16. Netherlands: International Criminal Court elects “Palestinian” official to advisory committee for selecting judges
  17. Russia: Russia Dispatching Blackjack Bombers to Venezuela
  18. Scotland: Gingerbread men replaced by ‘gingerbread persons’ in Scottish Parliament coffee shop in drive to ‘stamp out sexism’
  19. United Kingdom (UK): UK bans accused blasphemer Asia Bibi, but welcomes Muslim clerics who support murderer of foe of blasphemy law
  20. United Kingdom (UK): UK’s May sticks to her Brexit plan despite rebuff from EU
  21. United Kingdom (UK): PROPHECY WATCH: Are UK Employees Ready For Microchips?
  22. United Kingdom (UK): UK DOUBLE HONOR KILLING: Muslim honor kills wife and her mother after she leaves him upon discovering other wives
  23. United Kingdom (UK): INSANITY: Public schools ordered to teach little boys that males menstruate
  24. United Kingdom (UK): UK: Muslim who attacked cops with sword while screaming “Allahu akbar” found not guilty, didn’t mean to hurt anyone
  25. United Kingdom (UK): Interpol Warning: New Wave of Jihad Attacks


  1. China: China Is Data Mining Directly from the Brains of Workers
  2. China: China Flight Tests New Submarine-Launched Missile
  3. Indonesia: Muslims plot jihad massacres during Christmas and New Year celebrations
  4. Iran: Iran Promises to Restart Nuclear Weapons Work as Tehran Identified as Top Global Threat
  5. Iraq: U.S. Makes Great Strides to Help Iraqi Christians, More Remains to Be Done
  6. Okinawa: The Great Wall of Democracy
  7. Pakistan: Christian brothers charged with “blasphemy” are sentenced to death
  8. Syria: US-backed Kurdish forces take Hajin, the last town held by the Islamic State
  9. Turkey: Erdogan threatens military action against US-backed forces fighting against the Islamic State
  10. Turkey: Islamic Beast? Turkey Wants Global Islamic Union Governed By Sharia


  1. Democratic Republic of Congo: Up to 319 people dead as Congo Ebola outbreak worsens
  2. Egypt: WATCH: Muslim Bloodshed Makes West Justifiably Wary, Warns Egypt’s Al-Sisi
  3. Egypt: Take No Prisoners: The Brotherhood’s Comeback in Egypt
  4. Egypt: Muslim Policeman Murders Two Christians While Guarding Their Church in Egypt
  5. Morocco: Two women, Scandinavian tourists, found beheaded in isolated mountainous region
  6. Nigeria: Islamic jihadists repeatedly declared defeated by the government murder 12 soldiers
  7. South Africa: Racial Hate and Violence in South Africa is rising


  1. Australia: Australia Recognizes ‘West Jerusalem’ as Israel’s Capital


  1. Canada: Baby dies in Palestinian drive-by jihad attack on civilians that injured seven people
  2. Canada: Trudeau paying those who live near Quebec border up to $25,000 for disruptions caused by migrant influx
  3. Canada: Trudeau initially silent on jihad attack in Israel with Montreal victim, Conservatives send condolences
  4. Canada: Convicted jihad terrorist murderer of US soldier demands passport to travel to Saudi Arabia
  5. Canada: Trudeau Facing Macron Nightmare as Yellow Vests Come to Canada, Protest Taxes, Illegals
  6. Canada: Appeals Court upholds ruling that Muslims who plotted jihad massacre were entrapped by police
  7. Mexico: BORDER CONTROL: Mexico Cracks Down On Illegal Immigration By Shutting Border With Guatemala


  1. Venezuela: As Country Crashes and Burns, Venezuelans Offer Chilling Warning About Gun Grabbers
  2. Venezuela: Venezuelans Learn Effects of Gun Ban the Hard Way


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  1. Dick’s Sporting Goods Says Gun-Control Stance Hurt Business, May Close Field & Stream
  2. Global debt hits all-time high of $184,000,000,000,000
  3. Fed lifts rates for 4th time this year but sees fewer hikes
  4. California Taxes, Overregulation Force 1,800 Businesses To Relocate
  5. Stock market on pace for worst December since Great Depression…
  6. Powell party pooper: Here are the worst-performing stocks after the Fed wrecks the market
  7. U.S. stocks extend slide; Dow down 400 points at lows after Fed’s rate hike
  8. Wall Street’s ‘fear index’ touches 10-month high as Nasdaq drifts into a bear market
  9. Nasdaq hits bear market on intraday basis in midday trade Thursday
  10. Dow falls more than 400 points, relinquishes 23,000 level amid fear of partial government shutdown
  11. Apple’s stock chart set to flash first ‘death cross’ in over 3 years
  12. One of Wall Street’s most successful investors says a Fed stock-market safety net is gone
  13. Nike earnings: Analysts are bullish but say China, tariffs could weigh on stock
  14. Tilray and Budweiser maker will partner to research weed drinks; Tilray stock jumps
  15. Peter Schiff says we’re not in a bear market, ‘we’re in a house of cards that the Fed built’
  16. What the Fed’s rate hike will mean for America’s wavering housing market
  17. Rent prices are doing something unexpected in some of the country’s most expensive cities
  18. Americans could pay $2.4 billion more on their credit-card debt after Fed rate hike
  19. Gold’s down for the year, but set to shine in 2019
  20. The Fed’s Powell prevented a stock market crash by throwing red meat to the bears
  21. Dollar keeps sliding in Fed aftermath
  22. As markets wilt, Trump Scoreboard tilting to workers, away from Wall Street
  23. It’s OK to ignore your 401(k) balance right now — but make sure to ask these 3 questions about your investments
  24. Forget the stock market, you should really be worried about your job
  25. These are the 3 biggest financial risks of retirement
  26. Be Careful of “Innovative” Financial Services


  1. Bank of England sees intensifying economic unease over Brexit uncertainty


Earth News Banner

  1. Warmer or cooler? US: Record December Snowfall in the Mid-Atlantic: November 2018 was cooler, wetter for U.S. as deadly wildfires torched California
  2. Strong 5.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Taiwan
  3. Earthquakes In Diverse Places As Tennessee Has Largest Earthquake In 45 Years
  4. A mystery major quake appears on the USGS website: Mag 6.3 – Pacific-Antarctic Ridge not reported by any major news agencies
  5. New Madrid Mega-Quake is a ticking time bomb waiting to blow!
  6. Libs Are Lying: Green New Deal Won’t Save Planet. Would Require 12x the Mining We Do Today
  7. Bill Gates Predicts ‘Millions of Deaths’ from Climate Change Before Century’s End
  8. Study: Microplastics Were in the Gut of Every Sea Turtle Tested
  9. Is Yellowstone Geyser Activity Sign the Globe Is in For Some Serious Shaking?
  10. “This is our Deep Water Horizon!” An incredible 408 marine life die-offs almost one every day since July 2016 is the biggest marine disaster in Florida’s history
  11. A magnitude 6.2 M – Southeast of Easter Island is the 128th major quake of 2018 which will probably be the second lowest total this century after the 111 in 2017
  12. The Earth’s Shell Has Cracked, and We’re Drifting on the Pieces


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Please Pardon Kent Hovind on the false charges he was convicted under. The evidence is overwhelming when fully viewed

Kent Hovind was unlawfully convicted of 58 felonies over 12 years ago. 12 counts were alleged to be for failing to withhold taxes from workers, 45 counts were alleged to be for structuring and 1 count was alleged to be for interference with a tax official. I researched 15 months, reading over 1500 pages of Federal Statutes, Regulations, Case law and IRS Manuals and found that Kent Hovind (and his then wife Jo) did NOT commit one single crime, and I used the acts of Congress and the unoverturned rulings of the Federal Judges to prove it. All of my evidence is thoroughly documented and publicly posted in The Hovinds were falsely charged, maliciously prosecuted, and judged by a biased and prejudiced judge who manipulated the jury and altered the transcript.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Kingdom Of The Vandals: A People In Search Of A Home
  2. Tabula Peutingeriana: Huge Ancient Roman Map Created By Unknown Cartographer
  3. “Thogcha” – Thousand-Year-Old Tibetan Amulets And The Bon Culture
  4. Parachute May Have Been Invented By Ancient Chinese – Not Leonardo Da Vinci
  5. Triskelion – Millennia Old Traditional Symbol Used In Many Cultures Around The World
  6. Babylon’s Kiln-Fired Bricks Almost Erased The City From History
  7. Ancient Village Of Monsanto, Miraculously Balanced Giant Boulders And Knights Templar Connection
  8. Ancient Great City Of Timgad And The Magnificent Arch Of Trajan
  9. Legendary Helike – Uncovering Lost City of Poseidon


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Ten Tribes Studies (13 December, 2018, 5 Tevet, 5778)
  2. Ten Tribes Studies (18 December, 2018, 10 Tevet, 5778)
  3. Judah and Joseph Identied (Video: 22:41 minutes long.)
  4. Brit-Am Now no. 2905


What is Our Destiny

This book explains your destiny and exposes Paganism in the Church and gives fundamental truths and teachings for the Messianic Believer. This covers the following topics:

1. The Oneness of Elohim.

2. The Sacred Names.

3. YHVH our Elohim’s plan of salvation for all mankind.

4. Why are we here?

5. What is the true Gospel or Good News?

6. What is Satan’s destiny?

7. What happens when we die?

8. Yahshua the Salvation of YHVH.

9. Yahshua shall return.

10. Is the Torah still binding on us?

11. When do we keep the Passover?

12. The genius of the Hebrew calendar.

13. Were you ever in doubt about what we as Nazarene Jews/Israel believe?

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18. Confusion reigns.

19. Comfort zone.

20. Where do we go from here?

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Matthew 22:36-40 “36 “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the law?” 37 Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets. (New King James Version)

Mark 12:28-31 “28 Then one of the scribes came, and having heard them reasoning together, perceiving that He had answered them well, asked Him, “Which is the first commandment of all?” 29 Jesus answered him, “The first of all the commandments is: “Hear, O Israel, the LORD our God, the LORD is one. 30 And you shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.” This is the first commandment. 31 And the second, like it, is this: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” There is no other commandment greater than these. (New King James Version)

Luke 10:25-28 “25 And behold, a certain lawyer stood up and tested Him, saying, “Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” 26 He said to him, “What is written in the law? What is your reading of it?” 27 So he answered and said, “‘You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,’ and ‘your neighbor as yourself.'” 28 And He said to him, “You have answered rightly; do this and you will live. (New King James Version)

Jesus Christ’s response to the Pharisee’s question shows that He divided the Ten Commandments into two sections or tables. He covers the first four by saying, “‘You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and great commandment” (verses 37-38). This supersedes all other commandments; none is greater. The second, covering the last six, is similar to it. “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (verse 39).

God also arranged each section to begin with the most important command. He placed first the commandment, which, if kept, will ensure the greatest benefit to our lives, both physically and spiritually. On the other hand, if we break this commandment, it will cause the most damage to our worship of God or to the community by virtually ensuring that we will break others. In the first table of the law, this commandment is, “You shall have no other gods before Me” (Exodus 20:2). In the second, it is the fifth commandment: “Honor your father and your mother that your days may be long upon the land which the LORD your God is giving you” (verse 12).

Just as the first commandment governs our relationship with God, the fifth commandment is first among those that govern our relationships with men. When we keep it or break it, it affects those relationships. Not only is it chief in this section, it also acts as a bridge between the two tables of the law. When we keep the fifth commandment properly, it leads us to revere and obey God Himself.

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see:  The Fifth Commandment (1997)


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Be Ye Transformed — Romans 12:1-2 by Brad Scott

I found it no coincidence that having just finished the needed but frustrating subject of the divisive issue of the Messiah’s divinity, my wife points me to one of the definitive chapters of service. In doing research for the Deity of Messiah series, I found myself confronted with a variety of teachings on this issue that colorfully displayed a number of predictable demonstrations of arrogance, divisive arguments, and little hospitality and love. Romans chapter twelve is designed by Sha’ul [Paul] to remind all of Israel what our priorities of ministry are, and that only by the mercies of our God do we stand before a lost and confused world.

I would like to take the next several teachings to study this short chapter in some detail. I have read this section, especially verses one and two, dozens of times. It is only of late that the words “mercies of God” leaped off the page, blinked on and off and waved to me like an unfurled VFW United States flag. I went back to the 8th chapter of this book and slowly read back to chapter 12. YHVH contextually reminded me that those of us who are in Messiah Yeshua‘ are to walk in the Spirit, and that the righteousness of Torah is to be fulfilled in us who do indeed walk after the Spirit. Yeshua‘ taught us in Yochanan [John] 14:26 that the purpose of the Spirit was to teach us all things, and to bring all things to remembrance that the Messiah had said. This statement logically led my mind (that is supposed to be renewed) to the 1st chapter of Yochanan’s gospel that taught us that Messiah is from the beginning and was in the beginning with God and was God. In this same gospel we were taught that if we loved Yeshua’, then we were to keep his commandments. According to the testimony of scripture, it is the Messiah, before He took upon flesh as the Word of God, that wrote all the commandments. My pea brain soon began to race back to the prophecies in the Tenakh in which YHVH foretold that His people Israel would forsake His ways and be scattered throughout the nations. That except for a remnant, these people would be declared ‘not a people’ and would soon have ‘not the mercies of God’ (Hoshea 1:1-11). However, these same prophecies in Hoshea would also reveal that there would come a day known only by YHVH, that He would make a covenant with the people of these same two groups that would believe on Him, that He would once again make them a people of His own and have mercy on them.

Romans chapter 9 and 10 once again reminded me that YHVH has not cast away His people, and all peoples are saved by grace through faith, and whosoever calls upon the name of YHVH will be saved. It became abundantly obvious that these chapters were not revealing a new plan of God, but rather a fulfillment of a foretold people that would bring God’s word to fruition because it is set in stone and eternally trustworthy. Romans chapters 9-11 are the foundation of committment by a God of truth. All Israel would be saved when all of Israel was complete, and all of Israel could not be complete until the mystery of Messiah was complete.

Ephesians 3:4-7
Whereby, when ye read, ye may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Messiah which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit; that the Gentiles should be fellow heirs, and of the same body, and partakers of his promise in Messiah by the gospel: whereof I was made a minister, according to the gift of the grace of God given unto me by the effectual working of his power.

I was reminded once again in Romans 11, that the promises, gifts, and callings to the house of Israel and the house of Yehudah [Judah] were without repentance. Those of us who are scattered and wild are to stand by the same faith that all of God’s true people have stood. We are all to remember WHO the root and the fatness are, and that all of this tree comes from one seed, the seed of the woman, the Word of God. Romans 11:30 reminded all of us grafted into this ancient tree that we are there because we obtained mercy from God, that same mercy our Creator promised would be given to us in the 1st and 2nd chapters of Hoshea. “Oh!, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out! His mercy endureth forever!

Romans 12:1-2
I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. 2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

I have heard a dozen or more sermons in my life in which the speaker pointed out that when a text uses the word ‘therefore’ one should stop and find out what it is ‘there for’! This chapter begins with “I beseech you therefore”. It is as if Sha’ul, by the inspiration of God, knows full well that chapter 11 will be misunderstood. It is as if he anticipates that many will not really capture the prophetic reality of who constitutes all of Israel. It is as if no sooner that he uttered the words that we should not be wise in our own conceits, that many would take upon the cloak of pride and arrogantly separate themselves from their own brethren seemly motivated by the gentiles coming in. With this in mind, Sha’ul shifts his emphasis to redirect our priorities and remind us what is most important. He begins this readjustment by placing three little words in the initial verse to reintroduce us to the prophecy of Hoshea 2:23:

And I will sow her unto me in the earth; and I will have mercy upon her that had not obtained mercy; and I will say to them which were not my people, Thou art my people; and they shall say, Thou art my God.

One cannot ignore the parallel of these two verses. Ten times in chapters 9-12 (Romans 9:15 (2x),16,18,23,11:30,31 (2x), 12:1,8), we are reminded of God’s restored mercy when He began to reunite the two houses of Israel He prophesied of so many times in the Tenakh [Old Testament]. In Romans chapter 11 we are given the image of a tree and branches to illustrate the New Covenant, agriculturally, and told once again that we who believe are the ones who are the partakers of those who have now ‘obtained mercy’. We are told that it is by these ‘mercies’ that we can present our bodies a living sacrifice. The word ‘beseech’ is the Greek word parakaleo,which means to ‘encourage’. This word is translated in the Septuagint from the Hebrew word nacham, from which Noach gets his name. In the Hebrew text, this word employs the idea of ‘comfort’. Sha’ul tells his readers that he is there to give comfort by encouraging all the brethren that it is by those prophesied ‘mercies’ of God that we are to present our selves wholly. There is a Hebrew play on words here as Sha’ul, so typical of the Hebrew grammar of the scriptures, uses words that have meter and flow, musically, by rhyming. Sha’ul does not employ the typical Hebrew word for ‘mercy’ – chesed. but instead, uses the Hebrew word racham. This word combines the idea of ‘compassion’ along with ‘lovingkindness’. The word ‘present’, taken from the Greek paristemi, is used in harmony with the living sacrifice. This word would be better translated as ‘offering’ or ‘providing’. It is quite notable that Sha’ul exhorts us to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice. This statement, more than likely, is an intentional comment leveled at the popular gnostic beliefs of the time. Gnostic and Hellenistic thinkings elevated the soul and denigrated the physical. Man was dual with the inner soul being all that was good, and the body was evil. This pseudo-Greek thought process was deliberately aimed at Torah. Torah was looked upon as commands for the outward man, the physical and fleshy demonstration of life. It was correct thoughts and right doctrine that guided man’s soul in the eyes of the gnostic believers that dominated much of the religious scene outside of Judaism in Rome. So with this in mind, Sha’ul responds with a statement that includes the outward man in service and offering. He makes it a point that the inclusion of the outward man in this sacrifice is both holy, acceptable, and our reasonable service.

Two other words are most noteworthy in this opening verse. The word ‘acceptable’ used here is from the Greek euarestos. This word is taken from the Hebrew word halak. In his very typical Yehudimic way (I made that word up) Sha’ul points out that this service is our halakhah. It is how we are to walk. This offering of our bodies is a natural result of our minds being transformed. It is how we humans are designed. Sha’ul is saying that the giving of ourselves over to God as a response to His mercy is not only holy, but is our halakah or walk. We are then told that this is our ‘reasonable’ service. What in the world does that mean? What exactly is reasonable? Well, in my opinion, this is a very misleading translation. The Greek word behind ‘reasonable’ is logikos.The Greek word behind ‘service’ is latreia. Both of these words are taken from the Hebrew words davar and ‘avodah. This statement would be better understood as ‘your work or service in the word’, or ‘from your thinking’. This fits the context of the next verse. The Brit Chadashah is clear in many other places that the growth, maturity, and service of the believer is a direct result of being fed from the Word of God. The word logikos is translated in English versions as ‘spiritual service’. It is very thought provoking that some New Testament translators make a distinct connection between the application of the word of God and serving in the spirit. As a matter of fact, the Old Testament teaching of the blessing that comes from obeying the word of God is also associated with tasting that Adonai is gracious

1 Kefa [Peter] 2:1-3
Wherefore laying aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil speakings, as newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby: If so be ye have tasted that Adonai is gracious.”

Looking at this verse closely should reveal the same admonishing context that we are reading in our Romans text. The word logikos is translated in several English versions such as the New American Standard and the New International Version as the ‘pure spiritual milk’, the Darby translation has the ‘pure mental milk, and the Douray-Rheims translates it as ‘the rational milk’. The point here is that these translators associated the word of God with the words ‘spiritual’, ‘mental’ (mind) and ‘rational’. The bottom line of verse one, after defining many of the terms used here, is that Sha’ul is encouraging us that because of the foretold mercies of our God, we can offer our entire lives to God as our halakah, or acceptable walk, which is our work found in His word. As we grow in the word of God we will begin to change our lives, to transform them because of His mercies.

Romans one verse two begins with Sha’uls usual methodology. He begins with a conjunction so typical of Hebrew and many times so unnecessary if it were originally written in Greek. Sha’ul proclaims, “be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed.” Sha’ul uses two very interesting contrasts of terms here. He states that we should first not be conformed. Notice Sha’ul does not simply say, “be ye transformed”, but rather asks that we “be not conformed” first. This is always the pattern in scripture for the new believer. It also happens to be the way our minds work, and the conclusion of the judgment of Ya‘aqov and the council of Acts 15. In order to begin to practice a radical change of thinking, one must purge themselves of previous erroneous thinking. Turning away from our own ways must precede taking upon God’s ways. This was the same conclusion in Acts 15. These new believers were first exhorted to abstain from those practices that typified their pagan lifestyles, and then were told that they would learn God’s ways in the synagogue every Shabbat (Acts 15:14-21).

Sha’ul has a distinct reason for using these two contrasting terms. The Greek word for conform is suschematizo. Say that fast five times. This word comes from the Greek word schema, which means an ‘outward expression’ or ‘form’. Then Sha’ul follows this word with the word transformed or metamorphoo. This word is used to reflect an inner change or transformation. Kefa also challenges us to keep from being conformed to our old ways of thinking and behaving.

1 Kefa [Peter] 1:13-15
Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Messiah Yeshua’; as obedient children, not FASHIONING yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance: but as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation;

Kefa uses the same word here translated in the English as ‘fashioning’ ourselves. The conclusion is the same. We must deal with our minds in order to purge ourselves of the former lusts of our ignorance. I have stated many times in our audio teachings that what you are about to hear will be contrary to what you previously naturally thought. Sha’ul uses this same teaching in the chapter that preceded the one we are studying. (Romans 11:24). Sha’ul teaches us elsewhere what we are to be transformed into.

2 Corinthians 3:18
But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

The word ‘change’ in this verse is the same word and concept that Sha’ul is teaching in Romans 12:2. We are to be ‘transformed’ into the image of the Messiah. When Yeshua‘ lived upon the earth, He obeyed all the commandments of His Father, observed the seventh day, attended and observed all the biblical feasts and ate foods ordained as clean by the scriptures. Sha’ul taught us in 1 Corinthians 11:1 to follow him (Sha’ul) as he followed the Messiah. It is pretty clear what image we are to be transformed into. This is one of the obvious reasons why YHVH took upon flesh and dwelt among us.

Transforming ourselves begins with turning away from our own ways and not conforming to the way the world outside of YHVH views matters of how to live and serve the Creator. The actual transformation process must begin in what is called the ‘mind’ here in English. This is one of those places where it is imperative to search the meaning out in the scriptures. There are two primary terms used in the Greek to express the area of the mind. The one used in our text is nous. This word is used quite extensively in the Old Testament. However, in the Hebrew language and culture, what we call ‘the mind’ is most often understood as the ‘heart’. Of the less than 25 times it is used in the LXX, 17 times it is translated from the Hebrew word levav, the Hebrew word for heart. Three times it is translated from the Hebrew word for ears, ozen, and one time it is translated from the Hebrew ruach, or spirit. I find it more than fascinating to see all the connections the words used in these first two verses have with the word of God and our service to Him. The bottom line to me is that when anyone has indeed the Creator of the universe dwelling in them, their mind will change, they will NOT conform to this world, and they cannot help but seek to prove what is that good, acceptable, and perfect will of God.

Sha’ul states that we are transformed, not just by the mind, but by the ‘renewing’ of our minds. There seems to be a whole lot of changing going on here. Renewing is the Greek word anakainosis. The middle of that word should look familiar to many of us. You guessed it. The essence of renewing is the Hebrew word chadash. This is the heart of the New Testament, or the Brit Chadashah [New Testament]. You mean the fundamental teaching of the New Testament is renewing? There is not just a one time membership renewal here, either. The Greek word used here is not just kainos, the Greek word for newness of quality’, but anakainosis. The prefix ‘ana‘ adds constant repetition to this renewal, as to cause something that is going up, to go even further. Here is a sample of how it is used in the Tenakh.

Mizmor [Psalm] 104:30
Thy sendest forth thy Spirit, they are created; and thou RENEWEST the face of the earth.

YHVH has consistently throughout history, renewed all of His creation by introducing His commandments and precepts to sustain, and in some cases, reverse entropy and the self destruction of man. YHVH, our Creator knows full well that unless His people are transformed into His image, all of creation will melt away with a fervent heat. This is not just a case of suggesting that we renew our way of thinking, but it is imperative for the plans of our God. This renewing and constant transforming through His word is the only way to prove what is His good, acceptable, and perfect will. The act of renewal presupposes that at one time His people were following His ways and were serving God and obeying His commandments. It also assumes a turning away or rejection of God’s ways. This, not by coincidence, is the history of the only peoples that are part of the New Covenant, the house of Israel and the house of Judah. In the Sh’ma God’s people are called to service by giving themselves to Him with all their heart, all their soul, and all their might. After centuries of being scattered in the midst of the nations, God is once again calling His reunited people to serve Him with all their heart, soul, mind and body. However, centuries of mixing with the culture and religions of the gentiles has produced a people who must take their root downward in order to produce fruit upward (M’lakhim Bet [2 Kings] 19:30). In order for us to be a living sacrifice, we must wholly transform ourselves by the renewing of our minds.

I believe that this chapter is specifically written to those who fully or at least partially understand, that being a child of God is directly tied to returning to the ancient paths of the one true God. In the rest of this chapter, Sha’ul, under the inspiration and prophetic guidance of the God who is reuniting His people, will warn believers everywhere, what is and shall be our priorities.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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