News You May Not Have Heard About — 12/12/2018

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TO: News You May Not Have Heard About Subscribers

I want to say “Thank You” to all subscribers who have been hanging in there with me while I am still recovering from a blood clot to my left leg while put me in the hospital for nearly two weeks. This has been a long and painful journey for me. Thanks be to my Heavenly Father (YHWH), He has and continues to be with me on th road to recovery. HalleluYAH!!! As you can tell by this published newsletter, I am back in the saddle again. This newsletter is somewhat limited but it should be back to normal in the next few weeks. I have been feeling much better and I wanted to see if I could devote some time to working on a newsletter even if it was limited in its contents.
Thank you again and I pray all of you will be blessed by Almighty YHWH.
Eddie Rogers, Minister, D.D.

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  1. President Trump Goes Off on Leaker-Liar James Comey in Monday Morning Tweet Storm
  2. ‘NO COLLUSION’: Trump Lashes Out Against Robert Mueller
  3. Trump’s Ex-Lawyer Didn’t Violate Campaign Finance Laws, and Neither Did the President
  4. Trump Signs Bill Aimed at Assisting ISIS Genocide Victims in Iraq and Syria
  5. Melania Stuns Parents When They See Special Gift She Made for Their Daughter
  6. President Trump Invited Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to a Live-Streamed Television Debate on Funding the Wall



  1. Trump Administration: Trump Administration Seeks ‘Pro-Life, Pro-Science’ Alternatives to Fetal Tissue Research
  2. Trump Administration: WATCH: Trump’s Mideast Plan ‘Will Keep Israelis Safe,’ Says Kushner
  3. Trump Administration: Trump Admin. Declares War on Russian, Chinese, Iranian Propaganda
  4. U.S. Senate: Senate Will Vote on FIRST STEP
  5. U.S. State Department: US State Department Official: Hezbollah as Dangerous as ISIS
  6. U.S. Army: US Army Considers Incredibly Powerful ‘Next Generation’ Rifle To Square Off Against ‘Threats Like Russia’
  7. U.S. Navy: U.S. Navy to release genetically engineered organisms into the ocean, unleashing mass genetic pollution with devastating consequences
  8. Department of Defense: DOD: Incompetence Led Air Force Not to Share Shooter’s Criminal Records With FBI
  9. FBI: FBI Corruption Probe Indicts a Top Tallahassee Democrat


  1. Watch: Russians Ram US Ship, Almost Sink Their Own Boat


  1. Clinton: Clinton Foundation CFO Who ‘Knows Where the Bodies Are Buried’ Exposes Bill Clinton
  2. Clinton: Issa Puts It All Together on Hannity: Russia Link to Dossier Will Show Hillary’s Guilty of Collusion
  3. Clinton: Federal Judge Opens Discovery Into Clinton Email Usage
  4. Clinton: Clinton Operative and Top Democrat and Pennsylvania’s Attorney General JAILED for Mass Corruption
  5. Clinton: Clinton Foundation whistleblowers have come forward with hundreds of pages of evidence
  6. Clinton: Tom Fitton to Testify on Capitol Hill This Week on Clinton Foundation Scandals – Including Uranium One
  7. Clinton: Rep. Issa Blows Collusion Narrative Apart. Evidence Will Show It Was Hillary
  8. Clinton: Dick Morris: Criminal Chinese Company Had Strong Links to Clintons
  9. Clinton: Feds Have Secretly Been Holding On to 6,000 Pages of Anti-Clinton Whistleblower Docs
  10. Clinton: MEADOWS: Three Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers With “Explosive” Allegations Will Testify This Week (VIDEO)


  1. Obama: Obama Ignored Federal Law, Approved $310 Million To ‘Help’ Illegal Immigrants
  2. Obama: Obama Got Whopping Election Fine, 1 of Biggest in History. Where’s the Media?
  3. Obama: Flashback: Obama Offered $150,000 Bribe to Silence Crackpot Preacher Jeremiah Wright – No Charges Were Filed


  1. Robert Mueller: Mueller Gets Devastating News NO ONE Saw Coming
  2. Robert Mueller: Mueller Slapped with $350M Suit After Pushing Suspect Too Far
  3. Robert Mueller: It Is Highly Likely Mueller Hacks Doctored 302 Document — Dated Months After They Ambushed General Flynn… They Hid Evidence Before!


  1. James Comey: Comey Finally Breaks, Calls for US To End Trump
  2. James Comey: Comey Admits His FBI Didn’t Bother To Corroborate Majority of Dossier
  3. James Comey: Comey Confirms Lisa Page Helped Peter Strzok Draft Hillary Clinton’s Exoneration Statement
  4. James Comey: Leaker James Comey told Congressional Hearing: “I Don’t Know” – 166 Times, “I Don’t Remember” – 71 Times, “I Don’t Recall” – 8 Times
  5. James Comey: Gowdy Shuts Down Comey in Closed-Door Hearing


  1. Michael Cohen: Breaking: Judge Says Cohen’s Crimes Are ‘Serious Offense,’ Sentences Him to 3 Years in Prison
  2. Not All in Prison Are Hardened Criminals. We Need to Offer Rehabilitation Possibilities
  3. Brennan: Brennan Posts Ominous 2020 Warning to Trump: “You’ll Never Have the Opportunity to Run For Public Office Again”
  4. Deep State: OUTRAGE! Obama, Comey, Brennan Deep State Spied on Trump Daughter and Businesswoman Ivanka Trump
  5. Andrew McCarthy: No Court in America Would Sentence Michael Flynn with Time in Prison (VIDEO)
  6. U.S. Subsidizes Soros Radical Leftist Agenda Worldwide
  7. Judge Orders Stormy Daniels to Pay Trump Nearly $300,000 in Attorneys’ Fees
  8. Heather Nauert, Trump’s Pick To Succeed Haley at UN, Praised as ‘Capable,’ ‘Well-Informed’
  9. Kellyanne Asks Democrats: ‘Do They Want To Keep the Government Open or Keep Borders Open?’
  10. What Conservatives Think of Top Contenders and Wild Cards for Trump’s Next Chief of Staff
  11. The Racism the Left Ignores
  12. The New Farm Bill Is So Bad That Supporters Don’t Want Its Details Released
  13. How 1 State Fared After Enacting the Criminal Justice Reforms Trump Wants to Implement Nationally
  14. Every American Should Be Glad Trump Rejected French-Style Climate Policy
  15. Why the US Is Right to Refuse to Sign UN Migration Compact
  16. The FBI Vault (Video: 20:45 minutes long.)
  17. 16-year PLAN to DESTROY AMERICA!! (Video: 4:47 minutes long.)
  18. CIVILIANS Serve on Military Tribunals??? (Video: 19:23 minutes long.)
  19. What Terror Group Is As Dangerous and Just as Close as ISIS?
  20. FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Nails Dylann Roof Supporter, Can You Guess Her Political Affiliation?
  21. Nearly 70 Former Judges Call for ICE to Make Courthouses Sanctuary Spaces


  1. SCOTUS: Kavanaugh Appears to Toss Conservatives Under the Bus. Thomas Ticked
  2. SCOTUS: Justices won’t hear states’ appeal over Planned Parenthood
  3. SCOTUS: Supreme Court Rejects Environmentalists, Gives Border Wall the Green Light
  4. SCOTUS: Mass. Revolt
  5. SCOTUS: Right Side of History: Meet the Man Who Made the Supreme Court


  1. Media-NBC: NBC Launches News Program for Children That Promotes Leftist Values
  2. Media-Sports Illustrated: She’s Ba-ack-> Sports Illustrated Uses Blasey Ford to Give Award to Actual Victim – And Trash Kavanaugh (VIDEO)


  1. Arizona: Joe Arpaio Levels $300 Million Lawsuit Against CNN, Rolling Stone


  1. Arkansas: Arkansas Bill Allows Social Media Sites to Be Sued for Censorship, and Newly Elected US Senator to Investigate Big Tech


  1. Boston: Boston Herald Reporter: Warren’s Biggest Problem Is ‘People Are Already Getting Tired of Her’
  2. Boston: Newly-Elected DA, Funded by Soros, Vows to Stop Prosecuting Those Who Resist Arrest and 15 Other Crimes


  1. California: California Dems Mum on Sen. Harris’s Longtime Aide’s #MeToo Resignation
  2. California: San Francisco Creates World’s First ‘Transgender District,’ Dumps in Taxpayer Money
  3. California: New Report: Calif. Gov’t Fails To Enforce New Law That Could Have Prevented Wildfires
  4. California: Insurance claims at $9 billion from California fires
  5. California: California Democrat Arrested on Child Abuse Charge
  6. California: California regulators consider charge on text messaging


  1. Colorado: City Gives AR-15 Owners December Deadline To Submit to Rifle Count


  1. Florida: Muslim threatens synagogue, previously broke window of kosher store, damaged menorah
  2. Florida: Florida PAC Pads Bank Balance by Fundraising Off Possible Gillum Recount


  1. Illinois: What Chicago Political ‘Boss’ Did to Young Conservative Kid Who Challenged Him Is Sickening


  1. New Jersey: Starting Tomorrow, Gun-Owners in New Jersey Will Be Charged with Felony for High Capacity Magazines


  1. New York: New York gives Christian group ‘ultimatum’: change gay adoption policy or end placement program
  2. New York: In the Image of Joseph Stalin — Incoming NY AG Promises to Target and Destroy Trump and Family — Will Find a Crime Later!


  1. Ohio: WATCH: FBI Arrests Ohio Jihadist for Plotting Synagogue Attack
  2. Ohio: Ohio: Man converts to Islam, plots jihad massacre at synagogue, says Pittsburgh synagogue victims deserved death
  3. Ohio: OHIO: ISIS Supporting Muslim Plotted Attacks on Two Synagogues “To Inflict Mass Death” “To Kill a Rabbi”


  1. Tennessee: WATCH: Stunning Moment Nashville Airport Comes To A Standstill As Passengers Sing Star Spangled Banner To Honor Children Of Fallen Servicemen


  1. United Nations: US Blasts UN as Hamas Celebrates Attack on Pregnant Israeli Woman
  2. United Nations: UN True Colors Revealed After Failure To Condemn Hamas Terrorism


  1. Muslims To Mob Border To Assist Immigrants
  2. Some US troops to leave border this week
  3. Massive Sting Operation Catches over 100 Illegals: Murderers, MS-13, Wanted Criminals
  4. This Is Why Illegals Storm the Border: Census Confirms 63 percent of ‘Non-Citizens’ on Welfare, 4.6 Million Households
  5. Scalise: ‘Every Single Day’ at Least 10 Known Terrorists Are Captured Trying to Cross Our Border
  6. PragerU Pulse: Illegal Immigration (Video: 1 minute long.)
  7. Caravan Migrants Are Endangering Children in Order to Enter US Illegally and Claim Asylum
  8. Victor Davis Hanson from the Hoover Institution Explains How Leftist Elites Are Changing Demographics through Immigration
  9. Border Official Corrects Dianne Feinstein’s Claim That Agents Threw Tear Gas at Children
  10. Border Patrol Slams Pelosi, Dares Her To Come to Border




  1. Nasty Surprise Forces Dems to Admit Voter Fraud Is Real
  2. Dems Silent as Last Week Marked 153 Years Since the GOP Saved Black People
  3. Dems still confused by racist, hateful, clueless GOP voters
  4. Democrats Contest Ballot Harvesting in N. Carolina, But in California They Love It as It Helped Flip 7 Seats Blue
  5. What the New Socialists in Congress Need to Know About Poverty
  6. DNC’s Perez Joins Liberal Activists Hoping to Pack Supreme Court
  7. Dem Rep. Paid Sister’s Firm Nearly $200,000 From Campaign Funds During Midterms
  8. DNC Orders Staff to Remain Impartial in 2020 Primary
  9. New Poll Shows Beto Is Now The Democrats’ 2020 Frontrunner. Here’s Why
  10. Saudi Paper Writes Hit Piece On New Muslim Congresswomen
  11. House Democrats Change Rules to Make It Easier to Raise Taxes
  12. Cory Booker (New Jersey): Ethics Complaint Still Hovering Over Booker’s Head as He Tests 2020 Waters


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  1. Netanyahu: ‘No Jew will be Uprooted as Long as I’m in Charge’
  2. Netanyahu: Israel will Deliver ‘Unimaginable Blows’ to Hezbollah
  3. Senior IDF Officials Head to Russia to Address Hezbollah Tunnel Threat
  4. Operation Northern Shield: A Notch in Israel’s Belt
  5. Israel to intensify efforts to bring large numbers of French Jews to Israel
  6. Security Forces Thwart 3 Terror Attacks in Judea and Samaria
  7. WATCH: Israel Eyes Making Saudi Relations Official
  8. Education Minister Bennet to Netanyahu: ‘Restore Deterrence’
  9. Haifa Mayor, Feeling Pressure, Confronts Deputy Over Hamas Support
  10. Haifa Mayor Nixes Hamas Supporter’s Appointment as Deputy
  11. Explained Israel’s New Rules on Use of Cash and Tradable Checks
  12. IDF Shoots and Captures Ofra Terrorist Hours After Newborn Victim Dies
  13. IDF Exposes New Hezbollah Terror Tunnel on Border
  14. IDF Kills Son of Hamas Leader, Arrests Ofra Terror Suspects
  15. IDF Veterans Sue Palestinian Terror Groups for War Crimes
  16. Israel to Build Embassy Quarter in Jerusalem
  17. Wave of Terror: Israel Hit with 3 Terror Attacks in 24 Hours
  18. Israel Joins International Pact to Combat Terror Financing


  1. Bahrain Defends Israel’s Right to Eliminate Hezbollah Terror Tunnels
  2. WATCH: Every 3rd Home in Lebanon Aids Hezbollah Terror
  3. Palestinian Budget Reveals Extent Of Support For Terrorists
  4. “Palestinian” Muslims open fire on Israeli civilians: At least 7 wounded, including a pregnant woman
  5. Palestinians: No Difference Between Hamas and Fatah
  6. JIHAD: Arab League Threatens Brazil Over Israel Embassy Move
  7. Palestinian Authority Input Unwanted in ‘Deal of the Century’


  1. Bosnia: Former Bosnian Muslim commander arrested on war crimes charges
  2. England: TERROR ALERT: Jihadis are plotting a devastating CHEMICAL WEAPONS attack in Britain and could launch a chlorine bomb on London Underground
  3. England: Board of Deputies of British Jews suspends woman for “Islamophobic” social media posts, she refuses to apologize
  4. England: British PM Theresa May survives ‘no confidence’ vote
  5. France: Yellow Vest Protesters Concerned that EU Armored Vehicles in Paris Signal Formation of a New EU Army
  6. France: While France BURNS, Macron gives 20 million dollars to Islamic terrorists
  7. France: TERROR LOCKDOWN IN FRANCE: 3 Women brutally STABBED in France train station – one victim THROAT SLASHED in front of daughter
  8. France: Man “known to police” stabs three women, one in the neck, is said to have “mental disorder”
  9. France: The Paris Riots: What’s Behind the French Protests? (Video: 57 seconds long.)
  10. France: Globalism: French Riot Cops Literally Drag Yellow Vester Down Street by Her Hair
  11. France: Student Stabs Lecturer to Death in Paris for ‘Insulting Prophet Mohammed’
  12. France: WATCH: Strasbourg Terrorist Cried ‘Allahu Akbar’ Before Shooting
  13. Russia: Russia Dispatching Blackjack Bombers to Venezuela
  14. Sweden: Father Arrested for Beating Burglar Who Took His 7-Year Old Son Hostage with a Gun
  15. United Kingdom: UK PM May postpones vote on Brexit deal with EU
  16. United Kingdom: UK government condemns Hamas’ human rights violations


  1. China: China pressures US, Canada ahead of Huawei hearing
  2. China: Chinese Military Official Urges Government to Attack US Navy
  3. China: Muslims in China are being ethnically cleansed
  4. Indonesia: Google approves app enabling Muslims to report people who commit blasphemy
  5. Iran: WATCH: ‘Tehran Will Devour American Bases Like Pieces of Meat,’ Vows Iranian General
  6. Iran: Sunni Muslims murder at least 2 Shia policemen, injure 42 people in jihad attack at police headquarters
  7. Iran: Iran’s Rouhani threatens US: “You will not be safe from a deluge of drugs, asylum seekers, bombs and terrorism”
  8. Iran: Iran violates U.N. resolutions and the world is silent
  9. Iran: Iranian Forces in Yemen Demand Arms Smuggling Routes Be Opened
  10. Kuwait: Kuwait blocks work permits for Tunisian and Lebanese women lacking male guardian
  11. Yemen: Two Missile Launchers Found in Yemen Appear to Be From Iran


  1. Democratic Republic of Congo: Muslims murder 18 civilians in Ebola zone, hamper efforts to contain epidemic
  2. South Africa: “Your Time Is Up White People!” South African Government Sets Date for White Farmers to Give Up Land without Compensation


  1. Australia: Australia Reportedly Readying to Recognize Jerusalem
  2. Australia: Muslim teen buys knives, plots jihad massacre, screams “you will be slaughtered at the hands of Allah”
  3. Australia: Muslim teen jihad terror plotter jailed, had bought knives and said he was going “pig hunting”


  1. Canada: First wave of Syrian refugees set to become Canadian citizens


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  1. The High Cost of Refusing To Confront the Exploding National Debt
  2. Historic Debt Is At The Core Of Our Economic Decline
  3. Labor: Workers Will Ask the Supreme Court to Recoup Dues Money
  4. BOOM! China Moves to Lower Tariffs on US Cars from 40% to 15%
  5. Car Companies Roar Back as China Blinks in Trade War, Proposes Enormous Drop in Auto Tariffs
  6. IMF warns storm clouds are gathering for next financial crisis
  7. Stocks: Stocks are on track for the worst year in a decade
  8. Trump Wins Massive Victory, Makes China Blink First


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  1. Another monster quake rocks the Southern Hemisphere as magnitude 7.1 – strikes the South Sandwich Islands
  2. Yellowstone geyser breaks historical eruption record…
  3. The University Of Aberdeen has issued the latest depressing news of a catastrophic die-off: 70% decline of world population for seabirds since 1970
  4. Imagine if the human population fell by 60% Wildlife populations have declined by 67% in less than 50 years! The Living Planet Report 2018
  5. Powerful magnitude 7.1 earthquake strikes close to Antarctica
  6. Magnitude 4.4 earthquake jolts Tennessee; felt in Atlanta


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Petition to Uphold the Scientific Definition of Sex in Federal Law and Policy

Dear Mr. Whitaker, Secretary Azar, and Secretary DeVos,

We, the undersigned medical, legal, and policy organizations and individuals applaud the Trump Administration’s intention to uphold the scientific definition of sex in federal law and policy, such that girls and women will regain their sex-based legal protections, and the human rights of all will be preserved.

On February 22, 2017, the Department of Justice, in conjunction with the Department of Education, sent a Dear Colleague letter rescinding unprecedented “guidance” the previous administration had issued to expand the definition of sex in Title IX to include gender identity. On October 4, 2017, the Department of Justice issued a Memorandum regarding Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to clarify that gender identity is not legally included in the definition of sex, pointing out that the ordinary meaning of “sex” is biologically based. The New York Times article on Oct. 21, 2018 regarding a leaked memo from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) leads us to believe that HHS is continuing this trend and leading an effort to have a uniform, scientifically based, definition of sex across the various agencies. We write to applaud and encourage this effort.

Not only is an expanded definition of sex unscientific, but it has also proven harmful, as we detail below.

According to the Institute of Medicine, sex is a narrowly defined biological term. Sex is a biological trait that defines living things as male and female based on the complement of sex chromosomes and the presence of reproductive organs.[i] The American Psychiatric Association defines sex similarly as the “biological indication of male and female (understood in the context of reproductive capacity), such as sex chromosomes, gonads, sex hormones, and nonambiguous internal and external genitalia.” [ii]

Human sex is a binary, biologically determined, and immutable trait from conception forward.The norm for human design is to be conceived either male or female. Human sexuality is binary by design for the obvious purpose of the reproduction of our species. This principle is self-evident. “XY” and “XX” are genetic markers of male and female, respectively, and are found in every cell of the human body including the brain. Sex is established at conception, declares itself in utero, and is acknowledged at birth.

Sex differences are real and consequential. The Institute of Medicine recognized the singular importance of sex to health and the field of medicine nearly two decades ago. Sex chromosomes impart innate differences between men and women in literally every cell of our bodies.[i] There are over 6500 shared genes that are expressed differently in human males and females.[iii]These differences impact our brains, organ systems, propensity for developing certain diseases, differential responses to drugs, toxins and pain, differential cognitive and emotional processes, behavior and more.[i]

Individuals who identify as transgender deserve optimal medical treatment which is influenced by biological sex. In reality, an individual who identifies as transgender remains either a biological male or female. This objective biological fact has bearing upon their health even beyond sex-specific illnesses.

Diseases that affect both sexes often have different frequencies, presentations and responses to treatments in males and females; therefore, different preventative, diagnostic, and treatment approaches may be required for males and females. Doctors and scientists unconstrained by transgender politics know full well that were we to treat patients in accordance with a discordant gender identity, instead of their real sex, the results could be catastrophic.[i] For example, the heart medication, Betapace, is three times more likely to cause a lethal heart rhythm called torsades de pointes in women than it is in men.[iv]

Sex is not a spectrum; congenital disorders are not additional sexes. The final result of sex development in humans is unambiguously male or female over 99.98 percent of the time. “Intersex” is a term that encompasses a variety of congenital disorders of sex development that result in sex ambiguity and/or a mismatch between sex chromosomes and appearance.These disorders occur in less than 0.02 percent of all births.[v], [vi] A spectrum is defined as “a continuous distribution” or a distribution in which “no specific outcome is more likely than others.” [vi] Clearly, the existence of rare disorders of sex development do not constitute a sex spectrum.

As evolutionary biologist Dr. Colin Wright of University of California, Santa Barbara recently penned, “The claim that classifying people’s sex upon anatomy and genetics ‘has no basis in science’ has itself no basis in reality, as any method exhibiting a predictive accuracy of over 99.98 percent would place it among the most precise methods in all the life sciences.” [vi]

The use of congenital disorders to advance the myth that there are a multitude of human sexes which exist on a spectrum is ideological and political activism, not science.

Gender identity is not an immutable trait found anywhere in the body, brain, or DNA.[vii] Gender identity is an awareness of, and comfort level with, one’s physical body. Gender identity may be factually correct or factually incorrect, and, unlike sex, may change. Children with gender dysphoria, for example, will come to identify with their biological sex in 61-98 percent of cases by adulthood.[viii] There is also a rise in the number of adults who seek surgery to reverse their past sex reassignment surgeries.[ix]

The claim that upholding the scientific definition of sex will increase suicide among transgender identifying people is false. Individuals who identify as transgender may have mistaken beliefs about themselves and their bodies. They suffer real emotional distress and are at a higher risk for mental illness, including suicidal ideation, as compared to the general population. Social and medical “gender transition and affirmation,” however, is not proven to decrease suicide rates.

The rate of suicide attempts among transgender identified individuals has been estimated to be almost 9 times that of the general population.[x] Sweden is a transgender affirming country that has adopted laws and policies conflating sex and gender-identity. Nevertheless, a study conducted by researchers there in 2011 found the rate of completed suicides among surgically “gender-affirmed” adults to be 19 times greater than that of the general population.[xi] Clearly, transgender affirmation does not prevent suicide, and may paradoxically worsen the emotional health of these individuals in the long term.

Upholding the scientific definition of sex in law and policy protects everyone’s right to privacy, protection and equal treatment, especially that of girls and women. It is impossible to protect girls’ and women’s rights unless the law defines them solely according to objective biological reality and not according to subjective gender identity. When gender identity is erroneously treated as equivalent to sex in law and policy, then a male may at any time demand the rights, protections and access afforded to females. This automatically strips girls and women of their right to sex-based privacy, protection, and a proper playing field to compete equally. Transgender ideology thereby transforms all that was once reserved for females alone into another male prerogative.

Boys, for example, are literally running away with state level championship titles in girls’ sports because they identify as transgender.[xii] How is it just to award honors – which could include athletic college scholarships – reserved for female high school athletes, to boys who are innately biologically bigger, stronger and faster?

Of greater concern, gender identity has been used to allow biological males in spaces previously reserved for women. As a result, girls and women are suffering sexual assaults at the hands of biological men in women’s shelters,[xiii], [xiv] women’s prisons [xv] and even elementary school girls’ bathrooms.[xvi]

As the biological men and women they are, transgender-identified individuals possess the same human dignity and right to the equal protection of the law as all Americans. For the law to respect the human dignity of all Americans, including those who identify as transgender, it must be based on biological truth; not on ideological falsehoods at the expense of children and women’s rights, health and well-being.

For all of these reasons, it is with unwavering conviction that we urge the Trump Administration to uphold the original scientific meaning and legal intent of the term “sex” in federal law and policy.

Christian teacher fired for not caving to transgender student demands

According to, a teacher at West Point High School in Virginia was fired just last Thursday over his religious objections to using male pronouns when referring to a student who is biologically female but identifies as male.

The West Point School Board unanimously voted 5-0 to dismiss 47-year-old French teacher Peter Vlaming following a four-hour hearing.

Vlaming cited his Christian faith and told his superiors that he was willing to use the student’s name and simply avoid using feminine pronouns but he says the school rejected that compromise.

Showing aggression toward the religious rights and freedoms of Mr. Vlaming, school superintendent Laura Able and the school board accused Mr. Vlaming of creating a “hostile learning environment” by simply using the proper pronouns for the student based on her biological sex. The school clearly has a double standard since it has no policy regarding the use of gender pronouns for students, but its hiring policy specifically states it does not discriminate against teachers based on their religious beliefs.

Many parents and students support Vlaming, with over 100 students walking out of class the next day to protest the unfair actions of the board.

“I see this stuff on the news far away from here,” said Forrest Rohde, a West Point High School junior who supports Mr. Vlaming, “but when it hits close to home and someone’s free speech is being violated, I have to step in and say something about it.”

Vlaming’s lawyer, Shawn Voyles, argued that his client has constitutional rights. “One of those rights that is not curtailed is to be free from being compelled to speak something that violates your conscience,” he said.

Vlaming said the school’s demand that he accept transgenderism against his Christian faith is wrong. “That is not tolerance,” he said. “That is coercion.” He is consulting with his attorney about appropriate legal action.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Valley of Thracian Kings With More Than 1,500 Ancient Burial Mounds
  2. Murder Of Bardiya: Son Of Cyrus The Great And The Riddle Of The Impostor
  3. Rock-Cut Tomb Of Pennut, Viceroy Of Nubia Under Reign Of Ramses VI
  4. Rare Gold Coins And Treasures Linked To Crusaders’ Conquest Of Caesarea – Discovered
  5. Archaeologists: We’ve Located Biblical City of Sodom
  6. The Prehistoric Triple Burial at Dolni Vestonice – New DNA Evidence Deepens the Mystery
  7. The Children’s Crusade: Thousands of Children March to Holy Land but Never Return
  8. Car-boot Sale Toothbrush Holder Revealed to be a 4000-year-old Artifact
  9. Maria Theresa of Spain: Betrayal, Incest, and Black Baby Rumors
  10. 300-Year-Old Ninja Master’s Oath Alludes To The Secrets Of The Masked Deadly Assassins
  11. Speculum Alchemiae: Secret Underground Alchemy Lab Discovered in Prague During Flood
  12. Are These Incredible Historical Coincidences Actually Due to Synchronicity or Mathematical Probability?
  13. 50,000 Year Old ‘Tiara’ Made of Woolly Mammoth Ivory Found in the Famous Denisova Cave
  14. Despite Warnings, Blick Mead, the Possible Cradle of Stonehenge, has been Drilled by Government Contractors
  15. King Egbert of Wessex Conquers all to Become Bretwalda, the First King of a United England
  16. King Offa of Mercia: A Ruthless Anglo-Saxon Hellbent on Power and Prestige
  17. The Fascinating Lchashen Settlement, Armenia: Where Elite Warriors Emerged from a Watery Grave
  18. Ivan the Terrible: How Did He Become the First Tsar of Russia?
  19. Henrietta of England and Her Tragic Life of Calamities and Heartbreak
  20. Speculum Alchemiae: Secret Underground Alchemy Lab Discovered in Prague During Flood
  21. Suppressed Ancient Underwater Discoveries that Could Rewrite History (Video: 24:48 minutes long.)
  22. Mysterious Death Of Amy Robsart – Murder, Accident Or Suicide?
  23. Fascinating Geghard Monastery: Rock-Cut Secret Caves, Passages And Hundreds Of Monk Cells
  24. Astonishing Ancient Underground Basilica Cistern: A Marvel Of The Hidden Subterranean World
  25. Ancient Cave Church Complex In Basarabi, Romania
  26. Medieval Paradise Cockaigne – Land Of Extreme Pleasure And Luxury
  27. Marriage And Divorce In Ancient Egypt Were Different But Uncomplicated


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Aims of Brit-Am. Research and Unification (Video: 10:26 minutes long. The Lost Ten Tribes are among Western Nations. Brit-Am works to research and prove and confirm this matter. That is what we do. This involves Research at which we have merited to receive new Insights and Previously Unknown Information. We aim not only at revealing the Truth on this issue but also at a unification of heart and mind between Judah (the present-day Jews) and Ephraim meaning the Lost Ten Tribes in general. This is what we do. This too obliges us to be concerned with other issues that are related to the subject.)
  2. Ten Tribes Studies (10 December, 2018, 2 Tevet, 5778)


The Israelites were exiled. One part of them, Judah (i.e. the Jews of today), remained identifiable.   The remainder, known as “The Ten Tribes,” lost knowledge of their ancestry.  Hosea was a descendant of the Tribe of Reuben. Hosea prophesied mainly concerning the Lost Ten Tribes. The Prophet Hosea describes the exiled Israelites using prototypical examples from his own era.  These descriptions enable us to confirm our identification of Western Peoples as having been dominated throughout much of their history by peoples of Hebrew origin. Judah should set an example and help prepare the way for the Ten Tribes to come back. Ephraim, representing all the Tribes, should prepare itself to accept the future Messiah. Jewish and Rabbinical Traditions help us confirm where the Lost Hebrews are today. They are among Western Peoples!.

This work helps identify them. Hosea calls upon the Lost Ten Tribes to repent. The Lost Ten Tribes will return.


EXPOSE by Yaakov Coetzee

Historians, scholars, and sincere clerics agree that drastic, unscriptural changes came about within the early congregation, soon after the deaths of the original apostles that would increase down to our day. But, the Scriptures speak about a ‘remnant’ that will adhere to the original scriptural truths taught by Messiah, right up to His return one day soon.

After Messiah’s death, resurrection and ascension to heaven, Satan and his agents have been deceiving the whole world on an ongoing basis, as witnessed in Revelation 12:9, in this way:

“And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.”

But, how is it possible for him to deceive so many absolutely brilliant people and scholars of the Scriptures? Rav Shaul gives us the answer in Galatians 1: 6 & 7, which was written only a relatively few years after Messiah’s ascension to heaven, saying:

“I am amazed that you are so quickly deserting Him who called you by the grace of Messiah, for a different gospel; which is really not another; only there are some who are disturbing you, and want to distort the gospel of Messiah.”

The gospel that Messiah proclaimed is contrary to common believe, given in Mark 1: 14 & 15, as follows:

“And after John (the Immerser) had been taken into custody, Yahshua came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of Elohim, and saying, ‘The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of Elohim is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.’”

The purpose of this book is to expose the lies that Satan and his agents managed to convince believers to accept as their principal doctrines, but also to teach true believers Elohim’s plan of salvation for all mankind, through His ordained Festivals. This book is not to be sold for profit, as Yahshua taught us in the second part of Matthew 10: 8, saying: “freely you received, freely give.”

(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


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Philippians 2:1-5 “1 Therefore if there is any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and mercy, 2 fulfill my joy by being like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. 3 Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. 4 Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others. 5 Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, (New King James Version)

The Philippian congregation was generally a wonderful group of people. Many different commentaries state that of all the groups that Paul wrote to, Phillipi was probably the best of them all. However, Paul was writing to these people with some measure of sadness because two ladies were feuding, and it was inexorably dividing the group into rival camps. In this section, the apostle is spelling out our Christian responsibility.

Notice that nowhere in the entire epistle to the Philippians does Paul tell them, “Don’t come to church.” He did not say, “Split away by yourself.” That is what is happening in the greater church. Paul did not say, “Just go sit in your living room.” That is not an option with God. He tells us here that we have to look to and seek higher things. He says to let our conduct be worthy of the gospel that we say that we believe.

How far did Jesus Christ go to make peace? To the death! He did not allow the hostility of the world against Him to justify hostility against those who were mistreating Him.

We should not be misled by the word “if” in verse 1. Paul is not stating a “maybe.” He is stating an absolute fact. That word “if” is better understood as “since”: “Since there are these things in you because of God’s Spirit, sacrifice yourself. Make my joy complete and use them.” What are we to use? Love, fellowship of the spirit, bowels and mercies. “Fulfil you my joy, that you be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.”

Because of God’s calling, because He granted us repentance and gave us His Spirit, we have already been enabled by His spirit to use these things to make peace, to be of one accord, to be of one mind. “The mark of the beast” can be overcome by God’s Spirit in us, but we must sacrifice ourselves to use it. It is already there. Thus, Paul is saying, “Use God’s love in you, and be of one mind. Quit fighting with each other to gain the upper hand. Consider the other person better than you, and serve him by looking out for his interest.”

When he says, “Let this mind be in you,” what he literally says in the Greek is, “Keep thinking like this.” How? As Jesus Christ has already shown us. He is saying, “Don’t let your mind be drawn toward what you consider to be the cause of the offense.” Or, “Don’t dwell upon those things.”

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see:  The Spiritual Mark of the Beast


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Christianity and Liberalism — Part 6 by Brad Scott

Alright, so I lied! I would like to do one more installment on this subject. It is just so easy to see the comparision between liberal thinking and the Christian institution, and it is the institution I am confronting. It is just that over the years I have slowly begun to realize that, for decades, I have been defending the beliefs and doctrines of orthodox Christian teaching and not the scriptures, and there is a difference between the two.

Liberalism has always maintained the idea that big government, the source of liberal leaderships’ income, is our support and our ‘parents’, if you will. It is that which we become dependent upon to survive, not to thrive mind you, but to survive. Through big government and the media, liberalism creates the national paradigm. It defines our views of virtually everything from taxes to foreign affairs. Most of what the American public understands about the Middle East is spoon fed by the liberal media. Most of us have our views of ‘secular’ life formed by liberal thinking, and these views seem very natural and logical.

Mishlei [Proverbs] 14:12
“There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

I believe that there are traditions, practices, doctrines and behavior in our dominant religious culture that ‘seem’ natural, logical and right. The religious institution I was raised in created the sacred paradigms of righteous living, and all my life it ‘seemed’ right to me. Personally, when I began to read and study the Book of Life, in the language and culture from which it was written, I quickly began to realize that governments and religious institutions are not my parents, and neither of them are going to define my world view. Liberalism and it’s traditions, practices, doctrines and behavior has much difficulty existing if the Constitution, our founding document, is interpreted in light of the language and culture in which it was written. The traditions, practices, doctrines and behavior of our dominant religion would melt away with a fervent heat, if the Book of Life, our founding document, were interpreted in light of the language and culture in which it was written. The first thing that each one of those institutions do is to render obsolete the lives and perspectives of the writers of both of those documents. It is an historical fact that ‘new’ paradigms cannot be created unless first the old paradigms be disparaged, demonized, and condemned. This is why self evaluation is not a prevailing activity in liberal thinking of most religious organizations. The dominant activity is criticizing and condemning everyone else. I suppose it appears as if that is what I am doing at this moment. There is one BIG difference. Our ministry is designed to play our part in bringing ALL believers in Yahshua BACK to the roots and model that they have cut themselves off from, just as Sha’ul predicted in Romans 11.

In Rush Limbaugh’s second book, he provides a short lexicon of liberal definitions. I would like to use some of these definitions as a springboard for what I believe some definitions would be in the typical Christian lexicon. Here are a few examples.

The Liberal Lexicon: The Bible is a dangerous book that should be removed from school libraries.
The Christian Lexicon: The Old Testament is a dangerous book that should be removed from seminaries.

The Liberal Lexicon: Capital punishment is a cruel, unusual, and barbaric practice. 
The Christian Lexicon: Capital punishment is a cruel, unusual, and barbaric practice typical of the Old Testament.

The Liberal Lexicon: Christopher Columbus – the originator of genocide, racism, sexism and homophobia … 
The Christian Lexicon: Moses – the originator of genocide, racism, sexism and homophobia …

The Liberal Lexicon: The Cub Scouts – junior members of a subversive, homophobic, paramilitary organization. 
The Christian Lexicon: Children of Israel – junior members of a subversive, homophobic, paramilitary organization.

The Liberal Lexicon: Contributions – government confiscating the American peoples hardearned income to increase government spending. 
The Christian Lexicon: Offerings – church leaders confiscating the flock’s hardearned income to increase the ‘work’ of the kingdom. (ouch)

The Liberal Lexicon: Earth – the source of life 
The Christian Lexicon: Earth – the eternal home of the Jews.

The Liberal Lexicon: Faith – something you need a lot of to be a liberal. 
The Christian Lexicon: Faith – the opposite of obedience

The Liberal Lexicon: A Father – a non-vital member of the family. 
The Christian Lexicon: The Father – an almost irrelevant second banana to the son.

The Liberal Lexicon: Freedom -hedonism (living your own way outside the law.) 
The Christian Lexicon: Freedom – hedonism (living your own way outside the law.)

The Liberal Lexicon: Chosen – liberals by virtue of being liberals. 
The Christian Lexicon: Chosen – Christians by virtue of being Christians.

The Liberal Lexicon: Labels – what liberals try to stick on conservatives. 
The Christian Lexicon: Labels – what Christians put on refrigerators, shirts, and bumpers as definitive evidence that there is a Christian on board.

The Liberal Lexicon: Litmus test – something liberal presidents, but not conservative presidents should use in choosing Supreme Court Justices. 
The Christian Lexicon: Litmus test – the sinner’s prayer.

The Liberal Lexicon: Morality – defined by individual choice. 
The Christian Lexicon: Morality – defined by individual choice.

The Liberal Lexicon: Omniscience – the Federal Government 
The Christian Lexicon: Omniscience – something only the God of Israel has, but is not taken seriously.

The Liberal Lexicon: Right – wrong 
The Christian Lexicon: Right – something voted upon at yearly conventions.

Well I hope I have adequately stirred up things. Every day I see more and more evidence that these two entities are very closely aligned philosophically. The conclusion to all this is simply this; The God of Israel is my Father, and all teaching and behavior will be in harmony with Him and His ways. If it is not, then it is time to re-evaluate MY ways, and not to manipulate His ways.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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  4. Torah Explorers Vayigash for children for December 15, 2018. (This is a downloadable PDF file.)
  5. Joseph & Judah – Two Brothers and the Two Houses of Israel in End-Time Prophecy (This is a downloadable PDF file.)
  6. Parashah Points: Vayigash – Trusting in God’s Plan (Video: 4:42 minutes long.)


Genesis 44:18—47:27; Ezekiel 37:15-28; Matthew 10:6, 15:24; Luke 6:9-16, 15:11-32; Acts 7:9-16; Romans 9:1-29, 11:13-24;
2 Corinthians 5:1-21; Ephesians 2:1-22; Colossians 1:1-29


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  2. Where are we in Prophetic History? Part 1
  3. Where are we in Prophetic History? Part 2
  4. STUNNING! Messianic Prophecy Revealed In Genesis – Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat Explains (Video: 11:56 minutes long.)
  5. Did God Really Give An “Oral Law” At Sinai? (Rabbinic Oral Law Debunked) (Video:24:44 minutes long.)
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