News You May Not Have Heard About — 10/21/2018

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  1. Melania Reveals How She Trolls ‘Left-Wing Media’ with Wardrobe Choices
  2. Trump Gains 5 Points in Poll After Handling of Kavanaugh, Hurricanes
  3. ‘Severe Punishment’: Trump Threatens Action over WaPo Journalist’s Murder
  4. WATCH: Trump Vows to Unearth Truth About Dead Saudi Writer
  5. Trump Seeks Answers in Saudi Journalist’s ‘Terrible’ Disappearance in Turkey
  6. Trump says Saudi king denies knowledge of missing journalist
  7. Trump asks Turkey for audio, video evidence on Khashoggi
  8. Trump: Saudi Journalist Likely Dead, Consequences Could Be ‘Severe’
  9. Trump Touts ‘Changed’ Republican Party, Welcomes Blue-Collar Workers
  10. Trump Calls Out Leftwing Hack Leslie Stahl on “60 Minutes”- “I Never Knew How Dishonest the Media Was… You Treated Me Different Than Obama”
  11. Trump Ends Caravan’s Plan With 1 Tweet to Honduras
  12. Trump sanctions Iran over alleged child soldier recruitment
  13. Trump’s Re-Election Fundraising Is on an Astonishing Pace Not Seen in Decades
  14. With 1 Statement Trump Had Caravan Organizer in Custody & 3 Countries Desperately Trying to Stop Immigrants
  15. In 8 Years Obama Never Got US #1 World Economic Ranking. Only Took Trump 2 Years
  16. Trump During Medal of Honor Ceremony: ‘I Like Brave People & You Meet Them Right Here’
  17. Here’s How Much Red Tape Trump Has Cut
  18. On the Street: We Went to a Trump Rally. Here Are the Stories No One Tells
  19. Trump WINS AGAIN!!! Judge dismisses lawsuit from Stormy Daniels (Video: 2:43 minutes long.)
  20. Trump vows to go after “horseface” Stormy Daniels and Avenatti


  1. Trump Administration: China Is Thumbing Its Nose at the World
  2. Trump Administration: US Withdraws From Another UN Committee Over Blatant Anti-Israel Bias
  3. Trump Administration: US eyes military bases for coal, gas exports
  4. Trump Administration: Trump Admin Sanctions Iranian Paramilitary Group Training Child Soldiers
  5. Trump Administration: Navy Shipbuilding Plan Would Be Largest Naval Buildup Since Reagan Administration
  6. Senate: Senate Panel to Probe Cyber Vulnerabilities to U.S. Supply Chain Amid Reports of
  7. Congress: Latest Move to Clamp Down on Hezbollah
  8. House Judiciary Committee Chairman: ‘I will issue a subpoena’ for Rod Rosenstein
  10. Department of Health and Human Services: High Level “Biodefense” Govt Agency Quietly Created For The Event Of A Pandemic
  11. Department of Justice: DOJ Prosecutes Trump Aides for Lying, Does Nothing When FBI Official Is Caught in Lie
  12. Betsy DeVos (Education Secretary): The Daily Signal Podcast: Betsy DeVos on Giving States More Power in Education
  13. Betsy DeVos (Education Secretary): Why Do Millennials Like Socialism? Betsy DeVos Cites Lack of Civics Education
  14. National Science Foundation: Feds Spend $368,695 Studying Microaggressions in Engineering Programs
  15. National Science Foundation: Feds Give $570,890 Science Grant to ‘Intersectional Feminisms’ Professor
  16. Jeff Sessions (Attorney General of the United States): Sessions vows ’emergency’ Supreme Court battles amid ‘outrageous’ discovery rulings by federal judges
  17. Jeff Sessions (Attorney General of the United States): Jeff Sessions attacks judges who rule against Trump administration
  18. Jeff Sessions (Attorney General of the United States): The Daily Signal Podcast: Jeff Sessions Discusses Direction of the Courts
  19. Jeff Sessions (Attorney General of the United States): Exclusive: Trump’s Record on Judges Is the Best Ever, Says Jeff Sessions
  20. James Mattis (Defense Secretary): Mattis: China’s Island Militarization Continues
  21. FBI: FBI chief warns: Islamic State could use drones to attack America
  22. Mike Pompeo (Secretary of State): Pompeo arrives in Riyadh as Saudis claim they killed Khashoggi in “interrogation gone wrong”
  23. Mike Pompeo (Secretary of State): Pompeo: U.S. takes Khashoggi disappearance ‘very seriously’
  24. Mike Pompeo (Secretary of State): State Department: Pompeo Waiting for Recording of Khashoggi’s Killing
  25. Nikki Haley (United States Ambassador to the United Nations): ‘Palestine’ is Not a State
  26. Nikki Haley (United States Ambassador to the United Nations): Haley Reveals Details About Trump, Israel in Private Meeting
  27. Nikki Haley (United States Ambassador to the United Nations): UN Security Council: Nikki Haley rips Iran’s use of child soldiers
  28. SCOTUS: HUGE: Supreme Court Will Hear Case to Decide if Far Left Tech Giants Can Censor Users
  29. SCOTUS: Supreme Court case could decide Facebook, Twitter power to censor speech
  30. Pentagon: The Pentagon’s Push to Program Soldiers’ Brains
  31. John Bolton (National Security Adviser): Bolton Pushes Trump To Drop 1987 Treaty After Russia Unveils Advanced Nukes
  32. John Bolton (National Security Adviser): Bolton heads to Moscow for high-stakes meeting with Russians
  33. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (White House Press Secretary): Sarah Sanders Responds to Potential Hillary 2020 Run with Brutal Yet Hilarious Line


  1. Liberal Magazine Tweets Fake News About Kanye West to Get People to Register to Vote
  2. Fake science: CDC publishes totally false data on gun injuries, but the left-wing media eats it up without any supporting evidence
  3. JOURNALISM AS USUAL: NYT Accuses Kushner Of Brutal Callousness, Retracts The Accusation, Issues No Correction
  4. Trump, Pompeo Deny Report Pompeo Listened to Audio of Khashoggi’s Death


  1. Trump Assassination Attempt Foiled by Secret Service, Establishment Media Silent
  2. How ISIS Plot to Assassinate Trump Was Foiled
  3. Secret Service foiled Islamic State assassination plot against Trump in the Philippines
  4. How Trump Nailed the Dramatic Release of Pastor Andrew Brunson
  5. Justice Scalia’s Son Breaks Silence on Kavanaugh Confirmation
  6. Liberal Activists’ Latest Attack on Kavanaugh Could Be Illegal
  7. New Yorker Reporter Suggests She Ran With Ramirez Accusation to Show ‘If True … There Was a Pattern’
  8. Judicial Watch: New Documents Show State Department and USAID Working with Soros Group to Channel Money to ‘Mercenary Army’ of Far-Left Activists in Albania
  9. Tom Fitton: Comey Testimony coordination with Mueller was Blessed by FBI
  10. Tom Fitton: Rosenstein Discussed a Coup
  11. Who Killed Khashoggi? (Video: 19:41 minutes long.)
  12. Gory Details of Khashoggi Murder Complicate US Response
  13. Nikki Haley’s political future looks bright
  14. Horowitz: Not so fast on ‘reform’ plans
  15. Col. Richard Kemp said something about the Gaza border riots that everyone needs to hear
  16. GOP Lawmaker: FBI Sat on Evidence ‘Directly’ Contradicting Trump-Russia Narrative
  17. South Korea and North Korea Strike Massive Deal, Washington Issues Warning
  18. Trump Envoy Calls for Unifying Gaza-PA, but Plan May be Dead in the Water
  19. Killing the Electoral College Would Alienate Half the Country
  20. Poll: Support for Gun Control Drops Ahead of Midterm Elections
  21. P.C. in D.C.? How One Party Is out of Touch with America
  22. JUST IN: U.S. Official Arrested, Criminally Charged For Leaking Confidential Documents in Russia Probe
  23. JUDICIAL WATCH: FBI Docs Detail Weiner Laptop/Hillary Clinton Email Find Shortly Before 2016 Election
  24. Dem Operative For Soros-Funded Group Arrested For ‘Battery’ Against Republican Campaign Manager in Nevada
  25. Harvey Weinstein: Weinstein Prosecutors Say Cop Pushed Accuser To Destroy Evidence
  26. US Downgrades  Palestinian ‘Embassy’ in Jerusalem
  27. Former FBI Agent Sentenced to Four Years in Prison For Leaking Documents to Media
  28. Robert Mueller: Breaking: Yesterday’s Indicted Leakers Are Linked to Mueller Team Member ANDREW WEISSMAN and DOJ Fusion GPS Collaborator BRUCE OHR
  29. Robert Mueller: Analyst expects Mueller probe to flame out
  30. Stunning arrest of deep state official reveals how BuzzFeed acts as part of a treasonous criminal enterprise pretending to be engaged in journalism
  31. Poll: US Jews Favor Democrats, Say Israel not ‘Very Important’
  32. Activists Demand HHS End Involvement in Late-Term Abortion
  33. KWR-003 The Deep State, the Occult, and the Mid-Term Elections
  34. Libs Can’t Explain How ‘Racist’ Trump’s State Dept. Is More Diverse Than Obama’s
  35. Man Who Fought To Save Justina Pelletier from the Government Endorses Ted Cruz
  36. BREAKING: Nellie Ohr Invokes Marital Privilege Preventing Her From Answering Questions About Talks With Her Husband Bruce Ohr
  37. Farrakhan lifts phrase from ‘Nazi playbook’ in speech
  38. Tom Fitton on CBN: 3.5 MILLION ‘Ghost Voters’ on Voter Rolls–‘That’s where you get fraud’
  39. Meet the anti-Trump Democrats who are friendly to terrorists
  40. Tensions In Diplomatic Rhetorics Between U.S. And Russia Reach Pre-War Level
  41. TSA Announces “Biometrics Vision For All Commercial Aviation Travelers”
  42. U.S. And China Agree To Aerial Defense Rules To Avoid Fighter Jet Clashes
  44. Mueller: Judge Orders Mueller To Prove Russian Company Meddled In Election
  45. In Latest Provocation To Beijing, US Plans New Warship Passage Through Taiwan Strait
  46. US Navy Investigating Two Mysterious Helicopter Crashes Amid Rash Of Suspicious Incidents
  47. “Big-Ass Fight On The Horizon”: Nearly Half Of All U.S. Troops Think Major War Is Coming
  48. Judge Dismisses Remaining Charges Against Paul Manafort
  49. US and South Korea Take Definitive Step To Improve Relationship with North Korea
  50. Complaint Filed Against Christine Blasey Ford’s Lawyers


  1. Clinton: Hillary Finally Loses Security Clearance
  2. Clinton: Judicial Watch Uncovers More Classified Material on Hillary Clinton’s Unsecure Email System
  3. Clinton: Shocking Hillary Admission Proves Rush Has Been Right All Along
  4. Clinton: Hillary Clinton Denies Existence of Overriding Power Imbalance in Bill’s Sex Scandal
  5. Clinton: Jaw-Dropping: Hillary Openly Indicates Dems Will Use Violence To Regain Power
  6. Clinton: Hillary Clinton’s ‘Resistance’ PAC Raised Just $42K During Third Quarter
  7. Clinton: Clinton Slated as Headliner at NYC Fundraiser for Women AG Candidates
  8. Clinton: Alert: Hillary Clinton in Car Accident [VIDEO]
  9. Clinton: Chelsea Clinton Urges Democrats to Condemn Farrakhan for Comparing Jews to Termites
  10. Clinton: Judge in Clinton FOIA Hearing : ‘False Statements Were Made To Me By Career State Department Officials’
  11. Clinton: Longtime Hillary Adviser on Clinton Running Again: ‘It’s Somewhere Between Highly Unlikely and Zero, But It’s Not Zero’
  12. Clinton: Did The British Collude To Steal The Election For Hillary?


  1. Obama: Obama’s shady anti-gun agenda still being concealed
  2. Obama: Unsealed Choke Point Documents Show Obama Administration Was Far From Scandal-Free
  3. Obama: Obama Scolds ‘Uninformed’ Progressives Over Excuses Not to Vote: ‘Elections … Aren’t Boring’


  1. Deep State: The Deep State Lies about the Phony Steele Dossier Are Surfacing, But Investigation Documents Are Kept Under Wraps to Protect the UK
  2. Deep State: Mike Rivero: I’d Love To Believe The GITMO Story But The Deep State Protects Their Own


  1. Immigration: Second Caravan Begins Journey to US Border
  2. Immigration: Trump Administration is Deporting People to Country Where Almost 20 Percent of Population is Enslaved
  3. Immigration: 1300+ Migrants from Honduras Begin Organized Trek to US Border for Economic Benefit
  4. Immigration: Trump, Mexico move to stop 2K Honduran migrants
  5. Immigration: BREAKING: Honduran Migrants in Caravan Tear Down Border Gate in Guatemala – Storm Mexico Border (VIDEO)
  6. Immigration: 100 Islamic State Terrorists Caught in Guatemala as Central American Caravan Erupts in Chaos at Mexico Border
  7. Immigration: Soros? GOP Rep. Posts Video Purportedly Showing People Being Paid To Join Honduran Caravan
  8. Immigration: Caravan Activists Are Weaponizing Poor Central Americans
  9. Immigration: Laura Ingraham Posts Stunning Migrant Caravan Photo – ‘This Must Be Stopped’
  10. Immigration: DHS warns migrant caravan: ‘U.S. will use force if necessary to stop illegal entry’
  11. Immigration: Reporter Unexpectedly Catches Border Patrol in Action, Illegal Immigrants Shut Down on Live TV
  12. Immigration: US And Mexico Reach Agreement on Huge Migrant Caravan
  13. 100 ISIS Terrorists Caught in Guatemala as Migrant Caravan of Military-Aged Males Marches to U.S.


  1. Media-CBA: CBS’ Own Video Exposes Them Editing Trump Interview to Make Him Appear Hateful
  2. Media-NBC: NBC Corrects Misreporting of Trump’s Comments on Lee, Grant
  3. Media-MSNBC: MSNBC Analysts: Beto O’Rourke on a ‘Vanity Project’ in Texas
  4. Media-MSNBC: MSNBC Analyst Actually Implies Cherokee Nation Is Racist for Rejecting Warren
  5. Media-CNN: CNN Panel Criticizes Hillary Clinton for Saying Lewinsky Affair Wasn’t an Abuse of Power
  6. Media-CNN: CNN Host’s ‘Reliable Source’ on Climate Change Has Ph.D…. in Renaissance Lit
  7. Media-General: Pathetic media doubling down on stupid
  8. Media-New York Times: NYT Critical of Trump’s Wall, Creates Barrier Around Their Own Building
  9. Media-New York Times: NYT Board Member Turns on Hillary, Tells Her To Be Quiet, Get Off Campaign Trail
  10. Media-CBS: Colbert Thinks Trump’s a ‘Racist,’ Conveniently Forgets Racist Segment on His Own Show



  1. Alabama: Small Town Grocery Store Stands Up to NFL: ‘I Will Not Bow Down In Order To Make a Dollar’
  2. Alabama: BREAKING: Alabama top court judge urges Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade


  1. Arizona: Trial Begins for Little Arizona Girl Placed with Pedophiles in Foster Care and Burned by Adoptive Mom
  2. Arizona: Joe Arpaio Hits New York Times with $147.5 Million Lawsuit


  1. California: San Francisco School Board President Drops Pledge Of Allegiance, Replaces With Quotes From Black Authors, Gay Leaders
  2. California: Emails Show Law Firm Pitched San Francisco on Idea of Suing Energy Producers
  3. California: Cali Libs Help Institute Wide-Reaching Blackouts To Save Environment
  4. California: Millions Take Part in Great Shake Out Earthquake Drill in California


  1. Colorado: New charges vs. Colo. Christian baker after his SCOTUS win
  2. Colorado: Colo. Library Consortium sued for exposing kids to porn


  1. Connecticut: Cyberattack on utilities would cripple America


  1. Florida: Alex Snitker’s Voter Guide to Florida Constitutional Ballot Amendments
  2. Florida: Air Force Failed to Protect Frontline F-22 Jets During Storm
  3. Florida: Volunteers searching for 1,135 people in Florida: Authorities say it will still take weeks to repair downed lines to reconnect customers
  4. Florida: Florida’s same-sex counseling ban challenged
  5. Florida: Video: Things Spin Out of Control When GOP Protesters Show up to Democrat Event
  6. Florida: Post-Michael Florida: Fear, frustration and life on the edge
  7. Florida: Steyer Commits Another $2 Million to Gillum Campaign in Fla.
  8. Florida: Sharia Law in Florida Court: Islamophobia is Employment Discrimination


  1. Georgia: Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams Encourages Voter Fraud by Saying Illegal Aliens Will Be Part of the ‘Blue Wave’ During Elections
  2. Georgia: Husband Wrestles Gun Away, Delivers Cold, Hard Justice to Thug Attacking Wife
  3. Georgia: Dems Hate GA Voter Law Because They Don’t Think Minorities Can Write Own Names: Hunter
  4. Georgia: Dem Gubernatorial Nominee Says Illegal Immigrants Are Part of the ‘Blue Wave’
  5. Georgia: 107,000 purged from Georgia voter rolls for not voting in past elections: report


  1. Indiana: Supreme Court asked to review abortion law signed by Pence
  2. Indiana: Indiana Takes Abortion Law to Supreme Court


  1. Kansas: Kansas Faces Transgender ‘Civil Rights’ Lawsuit for Refusing to Change Sex on Birth Certificates


  1. Louisiana: As Holder-Backed Suit Seeks to Redraw Congressional Boundaries, State Questions Whether Proposed Solution Is Feasible


  1. Massachusetts: Warren Releases Study Showing She’s Supremely White. Media Then Pretend She’s Native American
  2. Massachusetts: Cherokee Nation Brutally Smacks Down Elizabeth Warren
  3. Massachusetts: Elizabeth Warren Demands $1 Million From Trump for Tiny American Indian Heritage
  4. Massachusetts: Worse for Warren: Great-Great-Great Grandad Helped Slaughter Indians: Report
  5. Massachusetts: The Real Villain in the Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’ Saga Is Higher Education
  6. Massachusetts: Pocahontas Descendant: Warren Should Apologize for Using Native American Heritage for Political Gain


  1. Minnesota: Dem Mayor Requires Cops To Instruct Illegals on How To Thwart Prosecutors
  2. Minnesota: Paper Flips to GOP
  3. Minnesota: Domestic abuse charges diminishing Ellison’s lead
  4. Minnesota: Republican candidate for Minnesota House seat punched in the face
  5. Minnesota: After 5-Term Dem, Paper Couldn’t Wait To Endorse Pro-Trump Ex-Cop
  6. Minnesota: Anti-Israel Minnesota Democratic Lawmaker Faces Fraud, Bigamy Charges
  7. Minnesota: Democratic Staffer Calls for More Violence After Two GOP Candidates Physically Attacked


  1. Mississippi: ‘Insurgent prof’ on hot seat for encouraging incivility


  1. Nebraska: Public School Under Fire After ‘Mystery Meat’ Revealed To Be Kangaroo


  1. Nevada: Nevada Policy Group Proposes Changes to State Law to Improve Workers’ Rights
  2. Nevada: On the One-Year Anniversary of the Las Vegas Mass Shooting, More Details Point to a Cover Up


  1. New York: Horror Video *GRAPHIC*: Muslim brutally beats elderly Jewish man in Brooklyn
  2. New York: Brooklyn: Hate Charges DROPPED Against Muslim Shouting ‘Allah’ Who Brutally Beat Hasidic Jew
  3. New York: Antifa vandals attack NYC GOP headquarters, say this is “only the beginning”
  4. New York: Brooklyn: Teresa Klein, aka ‘Cornerstore Caroline’, Accused a 9-Year Old Boy of Sexual Assault for Bumping into Her with His Bag
  5. New York: UPDATE: 1,300 Sign Up for NYC Witchcraft Event to Put Hex on Brett Kavanaugh
  6. New York: Growing Number Of Witches & The Upcoming Hex On Justice Kavanaugh
  7. New York: Witches Sell Out Event to Publicly Curse Brett Kavanaugh
  8. New York: Brooklyn: Hate crime charge dropped against Muslim who brutally beat Jew while screaming “Allah” and “kill the Jews”
  9. New York: Robotic Security Forces Patrol Streets Of NYC
  10. New York: New York Man Charged With Threatening Two Senators Over Kavanaugh Support


  1. North Carolina: School Principal Gets Devastating News After Attacking Pro-Trump Teen
  2. North Carolina: Christine Blasey Ford: Nominated by UNC Professor For Distinguished Alumna Award ‘For Speaking Truth To Power’


  1. North Dakota: Supreme Court Allows Voter ID Requirements In Key Battleground State


  1. Ohio: Ohio May Become First State in US to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s True Capital


  1. Oregon: Police Officers Get Creative, Devastate Patriot Prayer and Antifa’s Violent Protests
  2. Oregon: ANTIFA RAGES: Patriot Prayer Rally In Portland Turns Bloody; American Flag Saved From Flames
  3. Oregon: Portland Mayor ‘Supports’ Police Standing Idly By as Mob Envelops Car
  4. Oregon: Chaos In The Streets: Portland Civil Unrest A Sign Of What Is To Come?
  5. Oregon: Portland’s Mayor Says City Is Safe for Drivers Despite Recent Car Attack by Antifa and Street Brawl
  6. Oregon: Watch: Leftist Loses It, Tells 9/11 Widow Her Husband Should Rot in the Grave


  1. Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania County Democratic Party Chairman Asked to Resign for “I Stand for the Flag” Facebook Post and for Defending Cop
  2. Pennsylvania: Federal prosecutors open clergy abuse probe in Pennsylvania


  1. Tennessee: Lee won’t use ‘biblical’ victim witness standard if governor
  2. Tennessee: Pilot gives $1M to McConnell-linked PAC aiding Blackburn


  1. Texas: Antifa Group Puts Severed Pig Heads at Campaign Offices in Texas, Call for ‘Revolutionary Violence’
  2. Texas: Texas Voter Fraud Ring Busted, Slapped with Nearly 30 Felony Charges
  3. Texas: Texas Dem Party Mailing Pre-Marked Ballots to Non-Citizens, Report Says


  1. Vermont: Sick: Vermont School Asks 10-Year-Olds About Sex History, Preferences
  2. Vermont: Letter Threatens Rape, Murder of Republican Female Candidate: “My comrades will kill you and the Constitution…Socialism is here.”


  1. Virginia: Swastikas found in multiple locations in Manhattan, 19 swastikas painted on Jewish Community Center in Virginia


  1. Washington State: The ties between Amazon and Islamic extremism will leave you speechless


  1. Wyoming: Candidate Caught Selling Her Panties Online May Drop Out Of Race


  1. UN: UN Shifts Power to ‘State of Palestine,’ Enabling it to Head Biggest Bloc
  2. UN: Pay Up or the Earth Gets It! – #PropagandaWatch (Video: 23:15 minutes long.)
  3. UN: UN “mistranslation” hides Abbas’ glorification of jihad terrorists and PA’s pay for slay policy



  1. 99.7% of Political Dollars from Hollywood Hotshots Went to Dems
  2. Democrats’ New Strategy: Destroy The Institutions Of American Government
  3. Democrat Spokesman Calls ‘White ‘Murican Gun Nuts’ Part of the ‘Biggest Terrorist Organization’
  4. Robert Spencer: Campa-Najjar and Sinema Prove the Democrats are the Party of Treason
  5. Fusion GPS co-founder will invoke ‘constitutional rights not to testify’
  6. UH-OH: Democrats Up By 11% In Generic Midterm Poll
  7. Mind-blowing video shows Democrat activists being mass hypnotized in broad daylight… the Left has become a CULT of fanatical followers
  8. The Forecast: Democrats have a problem with Latino voters
  9. Senate Democrats skip hearing amid post-Kavanaugh tensions
  10. Democrats Know They Can Always Count on the Media
  11. DNC Hit with First Defamation Suit over ‘Irreparable Damage’ Caused by Dossier
  12. Russian Govt. Has Gun Laws Dems Want, Still Didn’t Prevent 89-Casualty School Shooting
  13. Beto O’Rourke (Texas): Beto O’Rourke Claims His Mother Is ‘Lifelong Republican’ (She’s Not)
  14. Beto O’Rourke (Texas): Beto’s Plan for Texas: Turn Lone Star State into National Gun Control Icon
  15. Beto O’Rourke (Texas): Beto O’Rourke’s Campaign Gets Hit by a Class Action Lawsuit
  16. Claire McCaskill (Missouri): ‘People Just Can’t Know That’: McCaskill, Staff Exposed In Undercover Sting Video
  17. Claire McCaskill (Missouri): Senate Dems Show Their Red State Lie-ability
  18. Claire McCaskill (Missouri): Tape Proves Corruption, So McCaskill Wants Investigation…of How She Got Caught
  19. Claire McCaskill (Missouri): McCaskill Tapes: For Your Lies Only
  20. Elissa Slotkin (Michigan): VIDEO: Dem Candidate Elissa Slotkin FLEES From Journalist When Asked About Her Role in Disastrous Iran Nuke Deal
  21. Greg Stanton (Arizona): Dem Candidate Robbed at Knifepoint Previously ‘Ignored’ Police Staffing Concerns
  22. Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota): Sexual Assault Victim Outed by Heitkamp: ‘She Definitely Lost My Vote’
  23. Hiral Tipirneni (Arizona): Arizona Dem Candidate Signals Support for Impeaching Kavanaugh
  24. Joaquin Castro (Texas): Democratic Rep Accuses Jared Kushner of Being Behind Saudi Journalist’s Death
  25. Joe Donnelly (Indiana): Donnelly Takes Aim at ‘Socialists’ But Voted With Bernie 74% of Time
  26. Kamala Harris (California): Kamala Harris Books 2020 Iowa Ticket, Hints at WH Ambitions
  27. Kamala Harris (California): Socialism: Kamala Announces Annual $6,000 Per Family Wealth Redistribution Plan
  28. Keith Ellison (Minnesota): Minnesota court orders Woman Beater Keith Ellison (Hakim Muhammad) divorce records unsealed
  29. Keith Ellison (Minnesota): Ellison Loses Court Battle, Divorce Dirt Coming Out
  30. Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona): Democrat Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema: “I don’t care” if Muslims go fight for Taliban against US
  31. Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona): Arizona’s Democratic Senate Candidate Really Hates Arizona
  32. Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona): Sen. Candidate Caught Attacking Citizens on Video, Still Within 1/3 Point of GOP War Hero
  33. Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona): Report: Sinema Thinks Bush Put Arsenic In Our Water, Pushed Other Crazy Conspiracy Theories
  34. Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona): Stay-At-Home Moms ‘Leech Off Their Husbands’
  35. Lisa Brown (Washington State): Dem Candidate Was Member of Group Working Against U.S. Gov’t in El Salvador
  36. Nancy Pelosi (California): Pelosi Outlines Dems’ Priorities if They Take House: Gun Control, Immigration
  37. Nancy Pelosi (California): Pelosi-Linked PAC Pushed $100K to Liberal Activist Effort Backed by Soros
  38. Nancy Pelosi (California): Angry Mob of Protesters Confronts Nancy Pelosi – ‘Socialism Sucks’
  39. Phil Bredesen (Tennessee): After Taylor Swift Endorsement, Tennessee Democrat Bredesen Drops 14 Points in Polls
  40. Phil Bredesen (Tennessee): Tenn. Lawmaker Accuses Bredesen Campaign Treasurer of Hatch Act Violation
  41. Scott Wallace (Pennsylvania): Pa. Dem Uses Gun Felon as Character Witness in Campaign Ad
  42. Sherrod Brown (Ohio): Ohio Dem Senator Sherrod Brown Accused of Making Unwanted Sexual Advance Against Woman



  1. Huge Group of Desperate GOP Incumbents Sells Out Conservatives on Health Care
  2. Red Wave Rising! Early Requests and Returns Show a Huge Red Wave Coming! Republican Early Voting Even Greater than 2016!
  3. Republicans Claim Victory in Dem District
  4. GOP Women’s Group Attacking Trump Funded Solely by Male Democratic Donor
  5. Anti-Trump Republican Group Exposed as Fully Funded by Major Democrat Donor
  6. Lindsey Graham (South Carolina): The Daily Signal Podcast: Sen. Lindsey Graham Speaks Out on ‘Character Assassination’ of Kavanaugh
  7. Lindsey Graham (South Carolina): Mob Rule or the Rule of Law? Lindsey Graham Says America’s Future Is at Stake
  8. Lou Barletta (Pennsylvania): ttack Ad Goes Low, Targets Republican with Cancer-Stricken Grandson
  9. Mark Meadows (North Carolina): Rep. Meadows Calls For Rosenstein to “Resign Immediately” Following James Baker Testimony He Plotted to Oust Trump From Office
  10. Mitch McConnell (Kentucky): McConnell Quietly Powers Through 15 More Trump-Appointed Judges
  11. Mitch McConnell (Kentucky): McConnell Calls National Debt ‘Very Disturbing,’ Blames ‘Bipartisan Reluctance’ to Tackle Entitlements
  12. Mitch McConnell (Kentucky): Break Specialists: GOP Uses Recess to Move Judges
  13. Mitch McConnell (Kentucky): ANGRY DEM MOB Confronts McConnell in Restaurant – Man Slam Fists on Table – Then Throws McConnell’s Food Out the Door (VIDEO)
  14. Shane Mekeland (Minnesota): GOP Candidate Fears Going Door-to-Door After Alleged Sucker Punch Left Him Unconscious
  15.  Susan Collins (Maine): Breaking: HAZMAT Teams Called to Susan Collins’ Home After Holder Talks Violence
  16. Ted Cruz (Texas): Cruz Slams J Street: ‘Rabidly Anti-Israel’
  17. Ted Cruz (Texas): ‘Unprecedented’ Response to Trump-Cruz Rally Forces a Venue Change
  18. Ted Cruz (Texas): While Media Fawns Over Beto Crowds, Trump Texas Rally Forced to Find Bigger Venue


World News Banner


  1. Netanyahu, Liberman Warn Full-Scale War with Hamas ‘Inevitable’
  2. Netanyahu: Israel will Act Against Hamas with ‘Great Force’
  3. Netanyahu: Israel Dominates Cybersecurity, Ready to Tackle Transportation Technology
  4. Netanyahu Promises ‘Painful’ End to Hamas Terror
  5. Bibi threatens Iran with strong American-Israeli alliance
  6. Netanyahu Blasts Israel’s ‘Leftocracy’ in Knesset Kick-off
  7. ‘Full of Lies’: Netanyahu Slams Anti-IDF Activist’s Speech at UN
  8. Attorney to Political Stars Passes: Netanyahu Mourns Death
  9. Israeli Knesset member uses Bible to prove “Palestinian’s” fake history
  10. Israel Defense Minister Strongly Hints Gaza War Ahead
  11. UN Palestinian Agency ‘Strengthens Terrorism,’ Warns Jerusalem Mayor
  12. Ancient City of Hebron to See First Israeli Construction in 16 Years
  13. Fire Balloons in Jerusalem: Will Arson Terror Spread to All of Israel?
  14. WATCH: Why It’s So Hard to Capture the Barkan Terrorist
  15. ‘Disgrace!’ UN Ambassador Blasts Harmful Israeli NGO Set to Testify at UN
  16. Israeli Court Imposes $12K Fine on New Zealand BDS Activists Who Convinced Singer Lorde to Cancel Her Show
  17. Israeli Supreme Court Judge Narrowly Dodges Carjacking
  18. Terrorist Killed in Samaria Stabbing Attack
  19. Justice Minister: Knesset Must Have Power to Veto High Court
  20. Israel Prepares to Reopen Syrian Border
  21. Denmark’s unique courage during World War II saved countless Jewish lives
  22. Swedish flotilla lands in Gaza to support Israel, Christians
  23. IDF Strikes Hamas After Terrorists Blast Fence with Explosive
  24. Palestinian Baby Gets Life-saving Heart Transplant from Israeli Child
  25. Muslim with knife arrested at checkpoint in Judea and Samaria, says “I came to kill Jews”
  26. Israeli Planes Attack Gaza Balloon Bombers
  27. WATCH: Zero Chance Gaza and Judea will Merge into One State
  28. IDF Sweep: 15 Terrorists Arrested in Judea, Samaria
  29. Bulldozing Thieves Caught Destroying 2,000-year-old Jewish Village
  30. Israel Devises Legal Means to Block Bedouin Polygamy
  31. Israel has foiled at least 40 Islamic State jihad terror attacks in Western countries over the last three years
  32. Rocket Smashes Into Israeli Home in Beersheba, Family Narrowly Escapes
  33. IDF Strikes Back: 20 Gaza Terrorist Targets Blasted
  34. WATCH: IDF Blows Up Gaza Terror Cell on Verge of Launching Rocket Attack
  35. WATCH: Will Israel Deliver ‘Hard Blow’ to Hamas in Gaza?
  36. Ancient Israel, China Meet in First-ever Joint Antiquities Exhibit
  37. Poll: 77% of Israelis Favor Attacking Iran in Syria
  38. Jewish Groups React to Israel Blocking BDS Activist
  39. Israel’s Supreme Court Rules BDS Supporter Can Stay
  40. Israel & So-Called ‘Social Justice’
  41. What you didn’t know about the first Israeli spacecraft going to the moon
  42. WATCH: Israeli Home Reduced to Rubble by Rocket Terror
  43. World Court Threatens Israel with War Crimes
  44. Israel to Open Embassy in Rwanda, Deepening African Diplomatic Partnerships
  45. WATCH: A Grade School For Syrian Refugees Built and Run By…Israelis!
  46. IDF Responds Forcefully to Gaza Missiles in South
  47. Israeli Government Response to Gaza Rockets Draws Ire from Angry South
  48. WATCH: Danon Slams Anti-IDF NGO’s Lies, Demands UN Condemn Hamas
  49. Israel’s SodaStream Sucks Up Ocean Plastic in Honduras Cleanup
  50. 2 Israeli-Arabs Caught Trying to Join Syrian Jihad
  51. The Two-State Paradigm Is Over
  52. Israel Thwarts Arab-led Palestinian Plot at Parliamentary Conference
  53. “All-Out War” Coming: Record Number Of Israeli Tanks Amassed On Gaza Border
  54. IDF Nabs Palestinian Suspected of Aiding ‘Execution-style’ Killer of 2 Israelis
  55. Israel, US Expose Venezuelan President’s Alleged Links to Hezbollah


  1. Connection? Freed American Priest, ‘Butchered’ Saudi Journalist
  2. Palestinians Tell UN Envoy: ‘Go on Vacation with Israeli Friends’
  3. EXPOSED: Palestinians Stage Fake ‘Atrocities’ in Low Budget Scam Video
  4. WATCH: ‘Jews Behind All World’s Corruption,’ Claims Palestinian Judge
  5. WATCH: Palestinians’ Shocking ‘Solutions’ to their Conflict with Israel
  6. “Palestinians” win UN backing to lead Group of 77 developing country bloc
  7. “Palestinian” Sharia Judge Admits: Jihad Against Israel Is All About Islam
  8. “Palestinian” Muslims destroy ancient Jewish village
  9. “Palestinian” Sharia judge: “The war is not only over this strip of land”
  10. ‘Palestinian’ Authority: ‘Better to kill a Jew than keep a job’
  11. Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar called Munich jihadist grandfather a “hero” and “legend”
  12. Hamas Probing Israel’s Defenses With Latest Border Incursion
  13. Hamas Turns Israeli Border Into ‘24/7’ War Zone in New Bid to Kidnap Israeli Soldiers
  14. Islam’s War to Destroy Israel is Underway, Says Abbas Adviser
  15. Muslims Rage Over Australia’s Openness to Jerusalem Embassy Move
  16. Arab MK Quits Over Law Defining Israel as Jewish State
  17. ‘Anti-racism’ rally in Berlin calls for destruction of Israel
  18. Islamic State takes 700 hostages – including US and European citizens – after raiding Syrian refugee camp, vows to will ‘kill ten hostages every day’
  19. DESPICABLE: Munich Massacre Celebrated by Abbas’ Party in New Video
  20. ISIS RETURNS: Terrorists take 700 hostage – Putin issues warning
  22. Report: Abbas Rival ‘Hired’ Israeli to Lead Hit Squad in Yemen



  1. Austria: Muslim migrant randomly attacks train passengers with knife, injuring two


  1. Czech Republic: Czech spy agency says it neutralized Hezbollah cyberespionage network


  1. England: Jews banned and almost burned at Labour event in London
  2. England: Thousands March the Streets of London Calling for Israel’s Destruction on Al Quds Day
  3. England: Muslim Child Rape and Sex Trafficking Gang Jailed for 221 Years


  1. Europe: Rasmussen: Growing Number of Adversaries Working to Undermine Western Elections
  2. Europe: Salvini: “The next European elections will start epochal changes for the future of Europe”


  1. France: 4 Jewish Minors Assaulted in France, Mayor Decries Anti-Semitism
  2. France: French hero, who sacrificed himself to save a hostage from a jihadi, won’t have a place named after him as ‘it may offend Muslims’
  3. France: Pro-migrant activist raped by a Muslim migrant in France
  4. France: Paris: Muslim shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ stabs one person, victim is fighting for his life
  5. France: Four Jewish teenagers beaten because one was wearing a Star of David
  6. France: Salvini calls Macron an “international embarrassment” after France drops off migrants in Italian woods
  7. France: France Forced to Stop Discriminating Against Israeli Products


  1. Germany: German teenage girl called ‘Nazi’ for reading poem about migrant violence – Her house vandalised as well
  2. Germany: Germany deports convicted 9/11 suspect home to Morocco
  3. Germany: Germany releases 9/11 terrorist
  4. Germany: 9/11 Plotter Grinning Ear-to-Ear After Progressive Germany Sets Him Free
  5. Germany: Muslim migrant takes woman hostage, says he is member of the Islamic State, cops say his motive is unclear
  6. Germany: Police “not ruling out terror” in hostage-taking by Muslim migrant who threw Molotov cocktail
  7. Germany: Short Sentences for Migrant Mob Who Gang Raped 13-Year-Old
  8. Germany: Belgium charges Iranian diplomat with planning jihad bomb attack in Paris
  9. Germany: Muslim migrant douses hostage with gas and straps homemade bomb to her
  10. Germany: Cologne: Muslim migrant doused hostage with gas and strapped homemade bomb to her
  11. Germany: Germany: Woman converts to Islam, tries to recruit women to marry ISIS jihadis so they can enter the country


  1. Hungary: Hungary vows to ‘shake up’ EU in video attacking open borders, migrant crime, jihad
  2. Hungary: Hungarian Parliament: EU “attacks Hungary on the grounds that it didn’t take in migrants”


  1. Italy: Italy deports Muslim who screamed “Allahu akbar” with knife at synagogue, and Muslim who wanted to kill Christians
  2. Italy: Italian authorities monitoring schools for jihad recruitment
  3. Italy: Italy’s Salvini Deports Muslim Migrant Who Wanted to Kill ‘White Tourists’ and ‘Christians’


  1. Netherlands: Young Muslim boys tell Dutchman, “If we dominate here, all of you will be beheaded”
  2. Netherlands: School replaces Easter tradition with celebration of Islamic Sugar Holiday
  3. Netherlands: Islamic State jihadi on trial after posing next to beheaded body


  1. Russia: Chilling footage shows Putin’s submarines carry out mock atomic strike
  2. Russia: Putin: Trumps wants better relations with Russia
  3. Russia: Putin declares Russians ‘will go to heaven’ in event of nuclear war
  4. Russia: Putin says Islamic State returns in Syria, takes 700 hostages, threatens to murder 10 every day
  5. Russia: Russia’s New Maritime Doctrine And Issues With The Surface Fleet
  6. Russia: Putin Lays Down The Law At Valdai


  1. Sweden: Muslim politician asked to resign after it’s exposed that he wants to kill the leaders of the US and Israel
  2. Sweden: Sweden Begins Hand Grenade Amnesty
  3. Sweden: Swedish Jewish politician’s house burned in antisemitic attack


  1. Switzerland: Switzerland Votes to Criminalize Homophobia and ‘Hate Speech’


  1. UK: Muslim teacher, 22, marries 13-year-old girl
  2. UK: Police chief defends deputy who stayed in car as officer was killed during Westminster jihad massacre
  3. UK: Corbyn supporter tells Jewish Labour leader: “You are just another Jewish pig, bloodsucker living on taxpayers’ money. What are you doing in this country anyway?”
  4. UK: Passengers on a Plane Prevented Somali Man Who Is a Convicted Gang Rapist from Being Deported
  5. UK: Video from UK: DFLA organizer says his group is protesting Muslim rape gangs
  6. UK: Muslims forced woman to drink alcohol, then one raped her and the other sexually assaulted her
  7. UK: UK government blocks study of prison conversions to Islam and prison jihad recruitment
  8. UK: Jewish woman kicked in the face while protesting Labour Jew-hatred
  9. UK: “Most dangerous” jihad preacher Anjem Choudary released from prison
  10. UK: Police Must ‘Reflect’ on Impact and ‘Trauma’ of Manchester Attack Investigation on Local Muslims


  1. Ukraine: Under Shadow of Russia’s War, Ukrainian Veterans and Families of Fallen Try to Move On



  1. China: China’s Next Revolution Is On The Horizon


  1. India: 18-year-old Muslim girl in love with Hindu boy tied to tree for five hours, thrashed
  2. India: Muslim clerics pressure Indian government to allow anti-woman Sharia practice of divorce


  1. Iran: Just How Much Terrorism Does Iran Finance?
  2. Iran: Iran Blasts New US Sanctions: ‘Insult’ to World Order
  3. Iran: Islamic Republic of Iran: Children stand next to missiles and sing in praise of jihad and martyrdom


  1. Pakistan: Muslims warn of “terrible consequences” if Christian “blasphemer” is shown any “softness”
  2. Pakistan: Thousands of Muslims rally to demand death for Christian woman accused of blasphemy
  3. Pakistan: Muslims call for jihad against the Dutch and infidels over Muhammad cartoons
  4. Pakistan: Hardline military official to take command of Pakistan’s powerful spy agency
  5. Pakistan: Pakistan removes judge who accused spy agency of trying to rig general election


  1. Saudi Arabia: Saudis Reject US ‘Threats’ and Pressure Over ‘Shocking’ Death of Journalist
  2. Saudi Arabia: Breaking: Saudis to Release Game-Changing Info on Reporter’s Death
  3. Saudi Arabia: The new Saudi narrative: Jamal Khashoggi death the result of a botched interrogation
  5. Saudi Arabia: Saudis Admit Khashoggi Killed At Consulate “In Fist-Fight”, King Salman Fires 5 Top Officials
  6. Saudi Arabia: Khashoggi murder suspect dies in “suspicious car accident”
  7. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Royal Family considering replacement for Crown Prince
  8. Saudi Arabia: Is Saudi Arabia About To Enter The Arctic Gas Game?


  1. Syria: After Long Negotiations, ISIS Cells In Al-Safa Release Six Hostages


  1. Turkey: Turkish Police Stop Ramming Attack on Israeli Embassy
  2. Turkey: Turkey probes whether Khashoggi remains taken from consulate
  3. Turkey: Turkey Promises To Reveal Details Of Khashoggi’s Murder
  4. Turkey: Suicide bomb threat reportedly leads to evacuation of Iranian envoy to Turkey


  1. Yemen: ‘Unthinkable… after Ethiopia’: Yemen faces globe’s worst famine in 100 years


  1. Egypt: ‘Personal Affront’: Egypt Furious with Palestinians Over Gaza Rockets
  2. Nigeria: Jihad group murders Red Cross worker, says kidnapped Christian girl will be their slave
  3. South Africa: The US have deployed marines in Botswana (Video: 6:18 minutes long.)
  4. South Africa: BREAKING ! Chinese Military Enters South Africa
  5. South Africa: South Africa City To Begin Confiscating Land From Whites In National “Test Case”


  1. Australia: “Islamic Bonnie and Clyde” plotted jihad stabbing attack on non-Muslims
  2. Australia: Australian Prime Minister Considers Moving Embassy to Jerusalem
  3. Australia: Australia Spy Agency Tries to Torpedo Jerusalem Embassy Announcement
  4. Australia: Violent Immigrant Gang Bashes and Robs Pensioner
  5. Australia: Muslim Grand Mufti says gay teachers ‘suffer from a mental illness’ and ‘contradict nature’
  6. Australia: Left-Wing Muslim MP Aligns with KKK
  7. Australia: Muslim doctor kept SLAVE threatening to dissolve his body in acid


  1. Canada: Canada Pledges $38M to UNRWA for Sake of Regional ‘Stability’
  2. Canada: The Expansion Of Assisted Suicide North Of The Border
  3. Canada: Canadian Hospital Unveils Assisted Suicide Plans for Kids, Parents Won’t Know Until Child Is Dead
  4. Canada: The Right Lessons
  5. Canada: Female Student Physically Attacks a Pro-Life Demonstrator at Ryerson University in Ontario, Infringing on Free Speech
  6. Canada: Trudeau using Canadian tax dollars to fund Hamas
  7. Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico’s Inept Gov’t Finally Faces Justice as FBI Agents Descend in Corruption Investigation
  8. Puerto Rico: Trump-Bashing Mayor’s Office Gets Surprise Visit from FBI After Allegations of Corruption


  1. Trinidad and Tobago: Trinidad and Tobago is now a jihad hotspot


World-Currencies Banner


  1. Stockman: Why Greenspanian Central Banking Is The Mortal Enemy Of Capitalist Prosperity
  2. ‘US hides real debt, in worse shape than Greece’
  4. Federal Reserve has declared economic war on America in order to destroy Trump
  5. Trump turns attention to budget cutting after slashing taxes
  6. Trump vs. The Fed: When Markets Crash, Who Is To Blame?
  7. Investor Alert: Is the Trump Agenda in Peril?
  8. President’s Plan to Cut Budget by 5% Meets With Skepticism
  9. Greg Hunter: The US Will Default On The Debt But Trump Understands The Science Of Bankruptcy
  10. Goldman: “The Fed Will Deliver Significantly More Hikes Than Are Priced In”, Here’s Why
  11. Escobar: What Sanctions On Russia And China Really Mean
  12. Need Cash Fast? US Bank Unveils Payday Loan Program With 88% APR
  13. “Perfect Storm” – The (Ominous) Problem With Global Liquidity
  14. The Coming Inflation Threat: The Worst Of Both Worlds
  15. Why aren’t most Americans rich? These theories may help explain it
  16. The case for paying every American a dividend on the nation’s wealth
  17. Mega Millions is just a tax on U.S. lower class
  18. Savings – Not Tariffs – Will Make America Great Again
  19. The party’s far from over for the economy, as GDP will show
  20. World’s ‘most competitive’ economy: U.S. regains the crown it lost 10 years ago
  21. Women return to U.S. workforce as economy strengthens
  22. Dr. Doom’s latest warning should not go unheeded
  23. If The Economist’s 1988 And Now 2019 Warnings Are Correct Then We Are Almost OUT OF TIME
  24. America’s $1.5 trillion student-loan industry is a failure
  25. America is one step closer to a government-backed account and debit card for college students
  26. Is The Greatest Bull Market Finally Ending? (Hint: Follow The Money)
  27. Teaching people about money doesn’t seem to make them any smarter about money – here’s what might
  28. Half of Americans with this credit card regretted getting one
  29. Here are the best new ideas in money
  30. “Watch Out Below” Or “Get Out & Never Come Back” – The Two Types Of Bears
  31. “These Are All Starting To Crack”: Bank of America Spots 4 Bearish Anomalies
  32. “It Will Not End Well” – How Gibson’s Paradox Has Been Buried
  33. This Is The Worst Case Scenario If Investors Dump Saudi Arabia
  34. Car-nage: The Rate Of Change Demands Attention


  1. Trade: AMD earnings: Trade wars could harm assault on Intel


  1. Labor: U.S. employers post record number of open jobs in August
  2. Labor: Employer of Veterans Wins Fight With Union Over Worker Rights


  1. Gold: Audio: More nation banks stockpiling gold; David Smith: 3 converging dynamics to boost metals
  2. Gold: Here’s what gold is saying about the stock market
  3. Gold: Will gold make fools of the bulls – again?
  4. Gold: Gold Silver 2019 Major Macro Trends | Christopher Aaron, iGold Advisor
  5. Gold: Michael Ballanger: The INCREDIBLY BULLISH Set-Up For Gold May Be THE LAST TIME IN HISTORY
  6. Gold: Indian Gold Imports Double In August As We Head Into What Is Generally A Good Buying Season
  7. Gold: “A Safe Haven Asset” – Eric Sprott On Why You Should Own Gold Now
  8. Gold: The Gold Price Steadies And Rises As BIS Gold Market Intervention Diminishes
  9. Gold: Inflection Point For Gold – David Brady
  10. Gold: Is Gold Becoming Cool Again?
  11. Gold & Silver: It’s A Matter Of Perspective: Gold & Silver Spend The Week Marking Time (Or In A Hamster Wheel)
  12. Gold & Silver: Lynette Zang: You Have To Be A Contrarian – They Have Reflated Everything EXCEPT Gold & Silver
  13. Silver: Harvey Organ: Yesterday’s Trading Volume In Silver Was Over 44% Of Annual Production


  1. Crypto: The Federal Reserve Plans to Roll Out Its ‘Patriot Act’ AML Bitcoin Cryptocurrency by 2020
  2. Crypto: This is where cryptocurrencies are actually making a difference in the world
  3. Crypto: 86% of 2017 ICOs are now in the red, Ernst & Young study finds
  4. Crypto: Bitcoin in the doldrums, can’t shake $6,500 range
  5. Dollar: Dollar monopoly slips as China & Japan dump US Treasuries
  6. Fund Manager: Fund Manager: Financial Collapse Is Not A Question Of “If” But A Question Of “When”


  1. Stocks: DOW Is Down 1500 Points From Its Peak (And This May Just Be The Beginning Of An ‘October Panic’)
  2. Stocks: Stocks mark anniversary of 1987’s ‘Black Monday’ crash with a bull-bear clash
  3. Stocks: The Most Dangerous Set-Up In The Markets
  4. Stocks: Stocks Are Falling Again: Is The Fed Trying To Sabotage President Trump?
  5. Stocks: Investors weigh whether to ditch stocks for bonds as yields finally offer an alternative
  6. Stocks: The next frontier in investing is ‘quantamental’ stock picking
  7. Stocks: 5 companies that spent lavishly on stock buybacks while pension funding lagged
  8. Stocks: Stock market closes mostly lower as weak data overshadow solid earnings
  9. Stocks: Even with headwinds, home builder stocks are ‘ludicrously cheap,’ these analysts say


  1. Real-estate: Subprime loans are back
  2. Real-estate: Existing-home sales slump to a near 3-year low as buyers back out
  3. Real-estate: The housing market’s slowdown is going to kill the home renovation boom too
  4. Real-estate: Homebuilder ETF falls for 23rd time in 25 sessions after disappointing housing starts data
  5. Real-estate: Why Are Home Sales Falling? What Buyers and Sellers Should Know
  6. Real-estate: The Canary In Coalmine: Bank OZK Plummets After Shock Commercial Real Estate Write Downs


  1. Retirement: Take a peek at what the top 1% have in savings
  2. Retirement: Why retirees should feel very worried right now
  3. Retirement: Mr. Money Mustache says Suze Orman has it wrong on financial independence and early retirement
  4. Retirement: Here’s why you shouldn’t retire super early — even if you can


  1. Canada: Marijuana investors may lose 90% of their money in Canada, so consider the really big prize elsewhere
  2. Mexico: Peso Pummeled To 6-Week Lows After Pompeo Comments


  1. England: Pound Spikes On Report May Willing To Drop Key Irish Border Demand
  2. Italy: Moody’s cuts Italy’s credit rating one notch; stable outlook
  3. Russia: Russia welcomes foreign banks to join its money transfer alternative to SWIFT
  4. Sweden: Sweden’s Most Powerful Family Braces For The Next Global Crisis


  1. China: China’s economy is getting battered – and it will severely affect US stocks
  2. China: Have The Chinese Lost Control? Something Is Going On With Gold, The Yuan, And The Peg
  3. China: Had China Finally Lifted Its Thumb Off Of Gold?
  4. China: Charting China’s Imminent Implosion
  5. Saudi Arabia: Could Saudi Arabia Destroy the US Economy?
  6. Saudi Arabia: Fallout from Suspected Murder of Journalist Complicates US – Saudi Finances


Earth News Banner

  1. Alaska: Magnitude 5.5 earthquake shakes Northern Alaska
  2. America: Disasters become big chunk of U.S. deficit…
  3. Earth: Deadly One-Two Punch: Killer Quake & Massive Tsunami Likely to Devastate Northwest, Experts Warn
  4. Earth: Climatologist Dr. Tim Ball Gives an Explanation for Al Gore’s ‘Loopy’ Theory
  5. Florida: Paradise lost: More than 8,000 miles of Florida coast is now suffering from an unprecedented red tide algae bloom! Disaster for marine life
  6. Florida: Hurricane Michael’s devastation continues with more deaths reported in Florida
  7. Florida: “It smells like pure crap.” The stench is unbearable: The ocean is brown and you can’t swim! Florida algae bloom is a disaster
  8. Guatemala: Guatemala volcano spews ash months after deadly eruption
  9. Indonesia: Emergency responder calls earthquake and tsunami aftermath in Indonesia ‘one of the worst’ he’s ever seen
  10. Italy: Europe’s most active volcano is sliding into the sea
  11. New Caledonia: Two huge earthquakes strike New Caledonia – tremors felt across Ring of Fire
  12. Niger: 45 people and 33,000 livestock killed, 17,400 homes destroyed in Niger floods
  13. Russia: A magnitude 6.7 – 262km NW of Ozernovskiy, Russia Saturday was the 7th major quake of October and the 95th of this year


Sign Petition Banner

Prosecute the Deep State

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) memo was released! Thanks to you and #releasethememo, we have proof the Obama administration, DNC, and the Clinton campaign weaponized the FBI to target President Trump before and after the election. Now, we must demand congress fight back and PROSECUTE the DEEP STATE.

President Trump said a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves. Let’s LOCK THEM UP! The memo contains beyond earth-shattering revelations that can potentially bring down the corrupt house of cards built by the Clinton/Obama cartel. BUT, we need to act quickly. We must keep the pressure on and let Congress and President Trump know the American people stand with him and will no longer accept lies and doublespeak from the Deep State. Heads MUST roll.

With the release of the memo, we know for sure the dubious “Steele Dossier” was used by the FBI to secure warrants to electronically surveil members of the Trump team under false pretenses, and there was NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION. The only collusion was between the Obama administration officials, FBI, DOJ, DNC, Hillary Clinton, Fusion GPS, British spy Christopher Steele, and plenty of others yet to be revealed. President Trump has ripped off the band-aid covering up an infected, festering wound within our government that needs to be fully exposed to the light of day to heal. It’s up to all of us to let the Congress know we will not stand for the corruption any longer. NOW is the time for you to take action!

Sign the petition demanding that Congress PROSECUTE the DEEP STATE and everyone involved!

The entire Obama administration knew what was going on – Obama, Holder, Comey, McCabe, Lynch, Rosenstein, Yates, Rice, Ohr, Strzok, Page. Hillary Clinton knew! YOU would never get away with this kind of deception! That’s why we demand that Congress PROSECUTE the DEEP STATE and everyone involved!

According to the memo released by the House Intelligence Committee, Former FBI Director James Comey, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates, then-Acting DAG Dana Boente, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein each signed one or more FISA applications. THEY WERE ALL IN ON IT. The FISA memo names names with more to come, and it is time for Congress and President Trump to DRAIN THE SWAMP of all of these corrupt individuals. It’s time for YOU to put your name down and SIGN the petition to PROSECUTE the DEEP STATE.

This is an incredible abuse of power and intentional omission and manipulation of facts and judicial processes. Our founding fathers warned us against the enemy within!  We are witnessing infiltration instead of invasion to seize our democracy. We need your help to hold the Deep State accountable. It’s time to call out Obama, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Ohr, Strzok, Page, Hillary, Holder, Lynch, Rice, Lerner, to name just a few. They ALL need to be exposed and sent to jail – sign the Tea Party PROSECUTE the DEEP STATE petition and let them know the PEOPLE are back in control of our great country! No one is above the law.

The weaponization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act under the Obama administration can’t be overlooked or swept under the rug. Obama has destroyed these institutions. We have real momentum now. Let’s keep it going. Americans know there are true patriots in the FBI, DOJ, CIA and thankfully now the White House, but some of the Obama holdovers are as rotten as it gets. They destroyed the honor and integrity of the FBI because they didn’t like Trump, and they DON’T like conservatives – including everyday Americans. They went after Trump, it’s only a matter of time before they can come after YOU.


The good people in South Africa are being persecuted and taken advantage of. I urge you, the reader of this newsletter, to sign this petition urging the United States government to step up to the plate and take action to stop this collective punishment of the minorities who live in South Africa.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Mysterious Megalithic Stones Of Carnac, France – An Unsolved Neolithic Enigma
  2. Cuicuilco Circular Pyramid: Ancient Astronomical Observatory And Place Of Power
  3. The Lost City of Atlantis Part 2 – Weird Theories and Occult Influences (Video: 15:44 minutes long. For Part 1, click HERE.)
  4. Tomoe Gozen’s Bravery And Strength, Embodiment Of A True Female Samurai
  5. Conwy Castle In Snowdonia: Outstanding Medieval Fortification In Europe
  6. An Ancient Method of Forced Euthanasia: The Disturbing Truth Behind a Sardonic Grin
  7. Archaeologists Strike Gold While Searching for Answers to the Sandby Borg Massacre
  8. The Common Western Depiction of the Yeti is Wrong
  9. Did Pliny Get It Wrong? Inscription Points to a Later Date for the Destruction of Pompeii
  10. Has the Enigmatic Voynich Manuscript Code Finally Been Cracked?
  11. Canada’s Spotted Lake: The Most Alien-Looking Lake on Earth
  12. Genghis Wipes Out His Own Bloodline with the Slaughter of the Merkit People
  13. 10,000 Years of Landscape Architecture by the Ancient Cultures of Utah
  14. Hunting the Haunted: Ghosts, Ghouls and Geists of South Africa
  15. Eco-Architecture in Egyptian Blue: Scientists Discover Modern Usage for the 4000-Year-Old Pigment
  16. The Real Story of Medusa and the Gorgons
  17. M’Zab Valley: A Pentapolis That Has Inspired Many Celebrated Architects
  18. Ancient Volcanic Eruption Protected a Treasure Trove of Ritual Relics On Santorini
  19. The Satanic Temple in America: Ancient Good and Evil in an Online Battle for Followers
  20. Australian Dirk Hartog Island Undergoes $16million Fauna Roll Back to 1616
  21. The Glozel Case Is A Symbol Of Disgrace Lies And Shame – Archaeological Scandal Of The Century
  22. Somalia’s Legacy: Laas Geel Caves Covered With At Least 5,000-Year-Old Paintings
  23. Spectacular 2,500 Years Old Shwedagon Pagoda In Myanmar – World’s Oldest Pagoda
  24. Limestone Stela Of Liberation Discovered In Kom Ombo Temple In Aswan, Egypt
  25. Viking Ship Burial Detected By Georadar In Norway


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Rh Negative Bloodlines in History – ROBERT SEPEHR (Video: 14:15 minutes long.
  2. Hebrews Found (Video: 25:23 minutes long.)
  3. Ten Tribes Studies
  4. NATHAN DANIEL BOWRING — NEW ZEALAND (Audio: 42:26 minutes long. There are many young people involved with the Two House understanding today, and one of them is Nathan Daniel Bowring, who you will hear in this interview.  In his own very taciturn way, he makes clear his steadfast advocacy for the undeniable fact of the continued existence of the scattered House of Israel in the nations.)
  5. MARTIN STIVALA — MALTA (Audio: 1:05:48 minutes long. Martin Stivala makes a return visit to Gene’s podcast to talk about his experiences in Kenya in the developing two-house congregation that he encountered on Rusinga Island, Mbita, Kenya.)
  6. DOUG KOLATA — UNITED STATES (Audio: 1:13:10 minutes long. Doug Kolata, leader of the Two House Congregation in Chicago, is with us in this interview (along with his assistant, Rex Harris) to expound on his beliefs regarding the Two Houses and Torah.  Doug has researched many of the basic things of Torah and is well worth listening to.  Despite the audio difficulties that transpired toward the end of the podcast, Doug is still very understandable…)


Mysterious Spirit World

Mysterious Spirit World Explained Biblically: A Hebraic Perspective Part 1

The Mysterious Spirit World: A Hebraic Perspective is the A-Z manual on Demonology, Fallen Angels, Nephilim, and the Various Topics from the Underworld Explained in Great Detail. Revelation truth revealed as never before!

A must for Spiritual Warfare, Intercessors, Counsellors and Teachers!!

You are about to embark on a journey to life on the ‘other side’. This ‘other side’ is the Spirit World which includes the ‘afterlife’. The Spirit World is a sobering reality and is more real than the one you are living in now.

This is what God’s Good News is all about. Y’shua’s sole purpose was to come and teach, proclaim, and to make a way for us to enter the ‘KINGDOM of Heaven’ just about every time He spoke.

Most of what happens in natural life is shaped by the spirit world. God is Spirit, and whatever decision is made in the Spirit World influences and determines everything in material life. The abstractness seems to be conducive to breaking all of the rules that normally apply to science.

Atheists, including most scientists, say there needs to be evidence or proof of the Spirit World before they consider the subject. If there is any amount of proof, they immediately defy it. They always contrive and claim someone else needs to do the proving—a strategy from satan himself.

This book answer puzzling topics such as:

• What is Heaven and Hell?
• The Bible speaks of the 3rd Heaven, where is it and what is the 1st and 2nd Heaven?
• What is the difference between demons, wicket spirits, fallen angels and nephilim?
• What are the 5 chambers in the underworld the Bible speaks about?
• What are the 5 reasons why Y’shua descended to the Underworld?
• And many other intriguing topics!


  1. Know your Enemy.
  2. Who is Satan? (who created him).
  3. What was Lucifer like? (nature before his fall).
  4. What did Lucifer look like? (his physical appearances).
  5. What was Lucifer’s plan? (the 5 ‘I wills’).
  6. Iniquity was found in him (the five reasons).
  7. The actual fall of Lucifer (from where to where and how did it take place).
  8. When did the fall take place? (the timing of his fall and who saw it).
  9. What is God’s promise for Satan at the end of time? (we jump into the future quickly to preview what happens in Revelation).
  10. Supremacy position of Satan after the fall until today (his power basis describe from the Hebrew and Greek words as well as the believers’s power).
  11. The various rakings of demons, angels, rulers of the darkness, etc., all unravelled.

Brace yourself, this book will challenge and encourage you. Make sure you share it with your loved ones without delay! 

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Genealogy News Banner New

  1. 15 MORE Quick Genealogy Tasks To Do In 15 Minutes
  2. Toolkit Software Review: Family Tree Maker 2017
  3. 13 Pages from the Missouri 1880 US Census Population Schedule Long Thought Lost have been Discovered
  4. 28 Reasons why your Genealogy Research may be Stuck
  5. Use Historical Directories to find your Ancestors
  6. Where to find British & Commonwealth Military Records
  7. Your Polish Surname and its Meaning
  8. 6 “Must-Do” Genealogy Projects for October
  9. 3 Overlooked Clues in Genealogical Documents
  10. Tips for Mastering Family Tree Maker
  11. What is it? A Carte des Visite
  12. Tracing Ancestors Who Entered Via Canada or Mexico
  13. Episode 222 – The Free Genealogy Gems Podcast
  14. New US Navy Records and More!
  15. Improve Google Search Results with these Powerful Techniques
  16. Why Do DNA Testing for Family History If You Already “Know” Your Tree
  17. Forces War Records now has Over 20 Million Military Records Available to Search Online


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  1. 5G TOXIC TECH COMING TO YOUR TOWN SOON! (Video: 4:43 minutes long.)
  2. Government Study: Higher Levels of Urinary Fluoride Associated with ADHD In Children
  4. DEVELOPING: Measles outbreak reported in New York
  5. Drug-resistant salmonella linked to raw chicken in 29 states
  6. LA Competes For California’s Most Disgusting City As “Typhus Zone” Underscores Skid Row Squalor


  1. What Is The Best Sleep Mode For Your Health
  2. Safer Than Mammograms, Slashes Your Risk by 83 Percent
  3. Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy (Video: 5:52 minutes long.)
  4. Boycott This Infamous Food That’s Long Been Fraudulently Called an Anti-Flab Wonder
  5. The First Food of Life – Why Is Raw Milk Illegal?
  6. Deviated Septum: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Options
  7. Living for 200 Years’: Israeli Stem Cell Research Offers New Path to Longevity
  8. Family Doctors’ Lobby Lifts Opposition to Assisted Suicide
  9. A natural treatment for PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome): Vitamin D
  10. Quercetin, a plant pigment, helps neutralize damage from toxic pesticides
  11. 25 EYE OPENING Things Your Blood Type Says About You (Video: 6:06 minutes long.)
  12. Scientists Fear DARPA’s Plan to Infect Insects with GM Viruses to Place on our Crops
  13. Creator of GMO Potatoes Reveals The Dangerous Truth
  14. Do Not Eat These Fruits Together
  15. What Is Varice And How Can It Be Resolved
  16. The Great And Magical Natural dental pain Treatments
  17. If You Eat Celery Everyday For 1 Week This is What Happens to Your Body (Video: 2:20 minutes long.)
  18. 14 Commonly-Held Ideas About Food—And Exactly How True They Are
  19. Can You Eat Too Much Avocado?
  20. The powerful medicinal potential of four little-known superfoods
  21. Doctors Are Wrong About This Surgical Intervention Two-Thirds of the Time
  22. Everything You Need to Know About High Blood Pressure
  23. There’s a Secret Code That Tells You Exactly When Your Eggs Were Packed—Here’s How to Read It
  24. Yes, Snickers Has a New Almond Butter Candy Bar—But Is It Healthy?
  25. Top 6 preservatives that extend shelf life, but SHORTEN human life
  26. Are you an ADDICT? Sugar has mind-altering effects similar to cocaine
  27. Discover the hidden truth about your dental fillings
  28. Top 7 MISTAKES most parents make when their kids get sick
  29. Children’s Lack of Sleep Is a Hidden Health Crisis
  30. New Proof You’re Not ‘Crazy’ if You Suffer From This Insanely Painful Disease
  31. What You Can’t See in Your Indoor Air May Be One of the Biggest Threats to Your Health
  32. Why You Should Eat Feta for Breakfast
  33. 1.9 Million People Prove It: Do This Regularly to Avoid Early Death
  34. What’s the Difference Between a Strain and a Sprain?
  35. How to Treat a Burn
  36. Produce ALERT: New EXPERIMENTAL Monsanto Franken-Fruits hit the produce racks soon – watch out for genetically mutated mushrooms, tomatoes, bananas and strawberries
  37. Artificial Meat WARNING: Here’s what you’re not being told about lab-grown meat (Video: 14:46 minutes long.)
  38. Canada “JUST SAYS NO” to the UN Drug War’s Pot Prohibition (Video: 13:52 minutes long.)
  39. EPA to Increase Your Exposure to Radiation and Mercury
  40. Worried that your herbs might be messing with your drugs?
  41. Maseca Flours Test Positive for Weedkiller and GMOs. What Should Consumers Do?
  42. Hidden Health Dangers: A Former Agbiotech Insider Wants His GMO Crops Pulled
  43. Judge Considers Monsanto Appeal, Jurors Demand Court Respect Verdict
  44. Judge Says She Will Overturn Jury Conviction of Monsanto and Nullify $250 Million Award in Damages Over Glyphosate Injuries
  45. Growing Evidence Suggests Why More People Distrust Scientific Findings
  46. 3 TOTALLY FAKE Foods in Just About Everybody’s Kitchen
  47. The Rising Threat Of A Global Pandemic
  48. Avoid These 3 Big Mistakes In Slimming Diet
  49. Red Rooster goes halal
  50. Drinking this Herb Infused Water Increased Memory by 15 Percent
  51. No Contest: Cannabis vs. Alcohol
  52. UPDATE: 127 cases of polio-like illness under investigation…
  53. Try Mango For Weight Loss Easily
  54. Does The Sauna Make You Slim And Fit?
  55. Fukushima, Doctors & Treatments for Radiation
  56. ‘Safer Than Table Salt,’ Except It’s Carcinogenic
  57. Get a Good Night’s Sleep With Valerian Tea
  58. How to Get Rid of Skin Tags
  59. Memory Foam mattress warning: Chemical offgassing (Video: 4:21 minutes long.)
  60. DARPA to weaponize insects to spread viruses across the population… sinister plans exposed by team of scientists
  61. The most important vitamins for beating depression
  62. The dangers of blue light from digital devices: It can harm your eye health
  63. Ketamine a safe, effective alternative to opioids for acute pain in ER
  64. Study: Youngest Children in Classrooms Frequently Mislabeled as ADHD – Drugged
  65. Harmful Damages After Eating Burgers
  66. Best Properties You Should Know About Dark Chocolate
  67. Benefits Of Sleeping In The Cold Room
  68. Take The 7 Men’s Pains So Seriously
  69. 5 Big Common Reasons To Wake Up Overnight
  70. Snyder: ‘The Thinning’ Continues – US Birth Rate Slumps To Another All-Time Low
  71. This Novel Gas Snuffs Out Inflammation, Also a Godsend Against 170 Diseases
  72. Acid Reflux: Symptoms, Causes and Natural Treatment Options


  1. Cancer: Being deficient in magnesium increases your risk of pancreatic cancer by 76%
  2. Cancer: SCIENTISTS: A compound found in this Chinese herbal medicine can be used to treat skin cancer
  3. Cancer: Confirmed AGAIN: Sodium nitrite preservative in processed meat causes breast cancer
  4. Cancer: Burdock Herb Inhibits Cancer, Boosts Memory
  5. Cancer: FDA Decision Will Likely Increase Cervical Cancer Rates


  1. Vaccines: Paul Offit, MD, Vaccine Authority & Co-inventor, Finally Levels About Vaccinations Being Violent Acts
  2. Vaccines: A Universal Flu Vaccine: The Mad Science Solution
  3. Vaccines: Adjuvants found in vaccines have led to an increase of autoimmune disease
  4. Vaccines: Is the Current Epidemic of “Mystery Illnesses,” Similar to Polio, the Result of Vaccine Side Effects?
  5. Vaccines: Danish Doctor Issues Warning about HPV Vaccine: “The Vaccine Should be Stopped Immediately!”
  6. Vaccines: 5 Flu Vaccine Myths Everyone Should Know
  7. Vaccines: The Next Flu Explosion: Rise In Obesity And Diabetes Will Exacerbate Future Pandemics


  1. Pharmaceuticals: Study shows children are still being prescribed opioid pain relievers despite federal warnings against the practice
  2. Pharmaceuticals: Medical Drugs: Too Big To Fail
  3. Pharmaceuticals: CLAIM: Big Pharma drug research facility just a front for government bioweapons development program
  4. Pharmaceuticals: Big Pharma desperately trying to block President Trump from lowering drug prices
  5. Pharmaceuticals: Trump Takes On Big Pharma – Forces Transparency On Drug Prices (Video: 11:26 minutes long.)
  6. Pharmaceuticals: How ‘Big Data’ can help fight opioid abuse


  1. Personal Care: Methods To Prolong The Smell Of Perfume
  2. Personal Care: The Best Effects Of Rose Water For A Succulent Skin
  3. Personal Care: What You Should Know About Skin Laser
  4. Personal Care: Know The Best Herbal Oils For Skin And Hair
  5. Personal Care: Make Parsley Soap To Have A Healthy Skin
  6. Personal Care: Homemade Recipe For Making Black Toothpaste


  1. Dreamy and Cheesy Cauliflower ‘Mashed Potatoes’ Recipe
  2. Cheese Corn Spoon Bread
  3. French Chocolate Mousse with Orange
  4. Slow Cooker Chicken Quesadillas
  5. Spicy Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup
  6. Recipe: How to make a natural, allergy-busting smoothie
  7. This Is the Secret Ingredient That Makes Chick-fil-A’s Chicken Tortilla Soup So Amazing
  8. Halloumi Parmigiana
  9. Cola Pot Roast I
  10. 10 Best Comfort Food Favorites to Make With Chuck Roast
  11. Salsa Chicken Rice Casserole
  12. Easy Chicken Enchiladas
  13. Skinny Spaghetti Squash Alfredo
  14. 7 Mexican-Style Chicken Recipes Everyone Should Know
  15. 7 Healthy Chicken Dinners, Ready in 30 Minutes or Less
  16. Grilled Lemon Chicken
  17. Zucchini Nachos
  18. Maple-Dijon Brussels Leaf Salad
  19. Sriracha Honey Brussels Sprouts
  20. Brussels Sprout Slaw
  21. Easy Lime Shredded Brussels Sprouts
  22. Balsamic-Glazed Brussels Sprouts
  23. Easy Korean Ground Beef Bowl
  24. Easy Oven-Baked Real Polenta (Not Instant)
  25. Instant Pot Indian Butter Chicken
  26. Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup
  27. Instant Pot Coconut-Curry Chicken
  28. Jamaican Jerk Chicken
  29. Cream Cheese Pound Cake
  30. Easy German Apple Streusel Pie
  31. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies VII
  32. Cinnamon Swirl Bread
  33. Crunchy Pumpkin Pie Granola
  34. Overnight Oats Blueberry Smoothie Bowl
  35. Pumpkin Is the Breakfast Squash of Champions
  36. Custard Bread Pudding
  37. Hasselback Baked Apples
  38. Tater Tot Hot Dish II
  39. Cauliflower Tots
  40. Fabienne’s Hasselback Potatoes
  41. Scalloped Hassleback Potatoes
  42. Hasselback Sweet Potatoes
  43. Hasselback Carrots
  44. Hasselback Caprese Salad
  45. Cheesy Hasselback Chicken Breast
  46. Hasselback Biscuits
  47. Mexican Tater Tot® Casserole
  48. Comforting Cauliflower Stew With Tomatoes, Herbs and Spices
  49. Herb Buttermilk Biscuits
  50. Nacho Daughter-In-Law’s Cheesy Breakfast Burrito


  1. Amazing Properties Of Zucchini For Your Health
  2. What Are the Benefits of Fisetin?
  3. Garlic Is a Great Blood Thinner
  4. This Recipe Heals Your Knees And Reconstructs Bones And Joints Immediately!
  5. Milk thistle is not only good for your liver – it can protect you from the toxic effects of chemotherapy, too
  6. Best Properties About Delicious Cherries
  7. The Amazing Health Benefits of Ginseng
  8. Mugwort: A Weed to Some, but a Beneficial Herb to Others
  9. Help Improve Your Digestion With Inulin
  10. The Amazing Health Benefits of Dong Quai


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  1. Social Media-Facebook & Google: Facebook, Google declare all pro-liberty speech to be “political spam” or “Russian bots” as pretext to censor conservatives
  2. Social Media-Facebook: Social Media Purge Intensifies As Midterms Approach
  3. Social Media-Facebook: How to Check What Facebook Hackers Accessed in Your Account
  4. Social Media-Facebook: Major @Facebook Shareholders Join Call To Boot Mark Zuckerberg As Chairman
  5. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook Deleted Disabled Veteran’s Page Without Warning – After Collecting $300,000 in Advertising Fees
  6. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook Just Silenced Political Speech In America. And No One Seems To Care
  7. Social Media-Google: Robert Spencer video: Google claims it isn’t rigging search results, but it is
  8. Social Media: Google GOTCHA! 377 DHS Tracked Online Words —The List—Who, What, Why & How To Stop It… (Video: 8:41 minutes long.)
  9. Social Media-Google: Google Confirms Censored Search Engine ‘Dragonfly’ Being Developed for China
  10. Social Media-Google: Google is Going to Pay Phone Makers More to Install Chrome Now
  11. Social Media-Google: Google CEO Admits They Are Censoring. “Don’t Be Evil” Was Always A Joke (Video: 16:41 minutes long.)
  12. Social Media-Twitter: Twitter Won’t Ban Farrakhan For Calling Jews ‘Termites.’ They’ll Ban Conservatives For Calling Chelsea Manning A Traitor
  13. Social Media-Twitter: Jewish Leaders Join in Slamming Twitter’s Hypocrisy


  1. Survival: Outrageous, But Effective, Medicines People Used In The Past
  2. Survival: What To Do With Your Frozen Food If Your Power Goes Out
  3. Survival: How To Store Six Months of Food When You Only Have Space for One
  4. Survival: The Lost Book of Remedies
  5. Survival: 11 Things Native Americans Carried With Them To Survive In The Wild
  6. Survival: What the Pioneers Stockpiled To Survive Winter
  7. Survival: How to Treat Migraines with an Herbal Tincture


  1. After Omitting US Flag on Moon, ‘First Man’ Takes Beating at Box Office
  2. ONE GIANT HOAX FOR MANKIND? (Video: 44:25 minutes long.)
  3. Secret project exposes corruption in leading scholarly journals
  4. Is Science Going To Bring Your Nightmares Into Black Box Reality (Video: 14:45 minutes long.)
  5. MOORE/PAINE – MOAB DROP (Video: 2:01:53 minutes long. Today’s bombshell relates to evidence and testimony acquired by Paine, documenting how, in the aftermath of 9/11, officials in the George W Bush Administration made an agreement with the Iranian government to hide Osama Bin Laden in Iranian territory, from which he continued to run Al Qaeda, a job which then passed on to his son.)
  6. Ben Shapiro left this Liberal completely speechless
  7. Liberals Who Say Truck’s Tailgate Is Racist Will Flip When They See Where It Came From
  8. Global Insect Decline Now “Hyperalarming” According to Latest Research
  9. Sabotage!! Sedition!! — Media Matters’ Plot to Take Down Trump (Video: 45:35 minutes long. On the very day Donald Trump was inaugurated, David Brock and his Media Matters organization was scheming to take President Trump down. Hint: The recent Facebook and Twitter purges of Conservatives is part of their plan to silence anyone who opposes them.)
  10. “Smart” meters are wildly inaccurate: Study finds that readings can be 581% higher than actual use
  11. Right Side of History: Why We Need More Pro-American Books and Movies
  12. WordPress is shadowbanning conservative sites
  13. Defense Intel Chief Worried About Chinese ‘Integration of Human and Machines’
  14. There’s no escape now… Boston Dynamics video shows its Atlas humanoid robot running and jumping over obstacles
  15. The Curse of Silicon Valley’s Community Standards
  16. Fabricating Hate Crimes Is a Byproduct of Victimhood Ideology on College Campuses
  17. Obese Americans Pose Growing Risk to National Security
  18. Problematic Women: Teen Vogue Wants to End Capitalism
  19. Military Poll a Morale Victory for Trump
  20. WALSH: 4 Problematic And Offensive Disney Films That No Child Should Ever Be Allowed To Watch
  21. Brennan’s CIA bin Laden Group, Carlyle Group and Blackrock losing their grip on Saudi Arabia (Video: 13:06 minutes long.)


  1. Fileless Malware: A New Threat?
  2. Walmart may soon track heart rates through shopping carts
  3. HTG Explains: What is Port Scanning?
  4. The Most Common Online Errors (and How to Fix Them)
  5. What Is HTTPS, and Why Should I Care?
  6. Kraken Ransomware Masquerades As Legit Software
  7. Google Competitor Reaches 29 Million Searches a Day, Won’t Store Private Info or Bombard You With Ads
  8. Is Wireless Charging Safe?
  9. Winamp 6 Might Maybe Possibly Not Be Vaporware and Could Arrive in 2019 (Potentially)
  10. 13 Coolest Tools You’ve Never Heard Of – But Need! (Video: 17:56 minutes long.)
  11. Why Do Websites Make You Log In So Much?
  12. Security Updates Are Even Breaking Your Printer (On Purpose)
  13. Turns Out Putting a Facebook Camera in Your House Might Be a Privacy Issue
  14. How to Convert Cassette Tapes to CDs
  15. Geekly Update – 17 October 2018
  16. Best Free Music Apps for Android and iPhone
  17. How to EQ and Mix Your Microphone Without Any Hardware
  18. What Is an AZW File (And How Do I Open One)?
  19. The Web’s Creator Is Doing Us A Solid
  20. Will Streaming Music Soon Cost More?
  21. How To Make Your Computer’s Microphone Sound Better
  22. Apple’s Parental Controls Are Bad, But So Are Microsoft’s
  23. How to Delete Apps from Your Chromebook
  24. How to EQ and Mix Your Microphone Without Any Hardware
  25. Don’t Get Caught in a Phishing Scam! (Video: 4:08 minutes long.)
  26. How to Set Up an Etsy Shop
  27. Free Download: Winamp 5.8 Beta Is Official, Now Llama-Friendly


  1. Android: See How Many Dollars You’ve Spent On Android Apps with This Free Tool
  2. Android: Google will start charging Android device makers a fee for using its apps in Europe


  1. Apple: Adobe is Bringing Full Photoshop to the iPad Pro, Here’s Everything We Know
  2. Apple: Can I Bring My iPhone to Another Carrier?
  3. Apple: How to Remove Old Boarding Passes From Apple Wallet
  4. Apple: How to Remove Cards and Passes from the Wallet App on iPhone
  5. Apple: US Users Can Now Download All Their Apple Account Data, Here’s How to Do It
  6. Apple: Apple Is Still Sending macOS Mojave Upgrade Alerts to Incompatible, Older Macs


  1. Google: Google Translate 2018: Instant Interpreter! (Video: 5:30 minutes long.)
  2. Google: Why Does Google Chrome Say Websites Are “Not Secure”?
  3. Google: How to Stop Chrome From Automatically Signing You Into the Browser
  4. Google: How to Install Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in Chrome
  5. Google: Chrome 70 Has Picture-in-Picture Now, Here’s How It Works
  6. Google: Google Maps Will Soon Show Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  7. Google: How to Change the Subject Line of a Reply in Gmail
  8. Google: How to Use New Gmail Add-Ons (Like Dropbox)
  9. Google: Use This Extension to Get Chrome’s New PiP Feature on Any Site
  10. Google: 10 Chrome Extensions You Can’t Live Without! 2018 (Video: 8:26 minutes long.)


  1. Microsoft: How to Delegate Your Outlook Account to Someone
  2. Microsoft: How To Choose How Much Mail Outlook Downloads to Your Computer
  3. Microsoft: What’s the Difference Between Junk Email, Clutter, and Focused Inbox in Outlook?
  4. Microsoft: How to Hide an Object Before Animation in PowerPoint
  5. Microsoft: How to Reuse or Import Slides from Another PowerPoint Presentation
  6. Microsoft: Microsoft Is Killing Skype Classic on November 1, and Here’s Why People Are Upset


  1. Windows: How to Fix Your PC’s Sound if Windows Update Just Broke It
  2. Windows: How to Uninstall Windows 10’s Built-in Apps (and How to Reinstall Them)
  3. Windows: How to Remove Old User Account Pictures in Windows 10
  4. Windows: How to Change Your Account Picture in Windows 10
  5. Windows: How to Turn On and Use Bluetooth in Windows 10
  6. Windows: How To Log Into Windows 7 If You Forgot Your Password WITHOUT CD OR SOFTWARE!! (Video: 13:01 minutes long.)
  7. Windows: How to Change the Size of Text in Windows 10
  8. Windows: Windows 10’s Next Release Will Let You Uninstall More Built-in Apps
  9. Windows: How to Use Touchpad Gestures for Windows 10
  10. Windows: Windows 10’s Next Update Will Make Your PC Faster, Thanks to Better Spectre Fixes
  11. Windows: How to Clear Recently Used Desktop Background Images from Windows 10 Settings 



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Follow The Son

  1. Christian Bakers’ Victory at UK Supreme Court Keeps Free Speech Alive
  2. Evangelicals wield voting power across Latin America, including Brazil
  3. Christians Sentenced To Death Under Sharia Law
  4. Christian Man Faces Trial in Algeria Because His Muslim Wife Accused Him of Evangelizing Her
  5. Virginia Couple Threatened With Eviction for Holding Bible Study File Complaint With HUD
  6. Iraqi Archbishop: “Another wave of persecution will be the end of Christianity after 2,000 years” in Iraq
  7. Christians In America Going Underground? JESUS IS ILLEGAL, FOLKS | Lisa Haven & David Heavener (Video:15:01 minutes long.)
  8. First Century Foundations Part 1 (Video: 12:58 minutes long.Join Jeff Futers from First Century Foundations as he explores the City of David with AnaRina Heymann. Learn more about how the ancient Jerusalem played a significant part in the meeting between Abraham and Melchizedek, King of Salem.)
  9. First Century Foundations – Part 2 (Video: 12:21 minutes long. Join Jeff Futers from First Century Foundations as he explores the City of David with AnaRina Heymann. Discover the place of anointing where most of the kings of Israel were anointed. Experience the story behind Hezekiah’s tunnel and why God send Hezekiah’s worst enemy after all the faithful things Hezekiah did.)
  10. First Century Foundations – Part 3 (Video: 12:20 minutes long. Join Jeff Futers from First Century Foundations as he explores the City of David with AnaRina Heymann. See how the story of David and Batsheba comes to life as well as how the City inspired Psalm 23. Learn an important life lesson from one of the excavation stories and see how the excavations of a massive Second Temple Period Road is just another Biblical Prophecy being fulfilled.)
  11. Islam and the Rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan
  12. Pro-BDS Christian Conference to Feature Man Who Blamed Israel for 9/11
  13. Middle East Christians Risking All
  14. This Is One of the Most Dangerous Emotions You Could Entertain
  15. Government tears down church cross; Worship attack wave fears…
  16. 3 Major Cracks That Could Tear Today’s Church Apart
  17. What’s Next on God’s Prophetic Calendar?
  18. 5 Indicators of an Evil and Wicked Heart
  19. City settles lawsuit with fire chief fired for his faith
  20. Chief Who Was Fired for Marriage Views Wins Major First Amendment Victory
  21. Meadows: Religious liberty a high priority for Trump administration
  22. The Dangers of Under- or Over-Reacting to Church Security Risks
  23. Why do people mock Bible prophecy?
  24. Christian Girls Kept as Slaves, Aid Worker Killed as ‘Apostate,’ Report Says Islamic Law Allows ‘Infidels’ to be Enslaved
  25. The Christian Arab Dilemma
  26. The Gradual Steps Being Taken Towards TOTAL CONTROL (Video: 11:38 minutes long. If you look at what is happening today, you’ll easily see where it’s headed and the end results that are rapidly nearing mankind. The Gradual Steps Being Taken Towards TOTAL CONTROL.)
  27. Pulpit politics: Tell us how you feel, preacher
  28. Bibi’s speech that made every Christian proud to be a Christian
  29. LGBT Activists Overplay Their Hand – A Win In The Courts For Religious Freedom
  30. World Ignores Myanmar Persecution Of Christians
  31. 12 Christians Arrested in Sudan for Sharing Gospel With Muslims
  32. Andrew Brunson Spent Hours Praying to Keep Sane in Solitary Confinement Inside Turkish Prison
  33. Are You Believing a Heresy? You Might According to a New Study
  34. Anne Graham Lotz Declares She Has ‘No Fear of Death’ as She Begins Chemotherapy
  35. Half Births Happen Outside Marriage, Signaling a Cultural Shift…
  36. Kenya: Muslims storm school, murder Christian teachers
  37. Does Your CHURCH Teach The NEW AGE GOD? Steven Bancarz and Josh Peck Explain How To Know For Sure! (Video: 28:30 minutes long.)
  38. Witches Outnumber Presbyterians in the US; Wicca, Paganism Growing ‘Astronomically’
  39. The Artificial Sun, Dark Frequencies, And The Light Of Truth
  40. The Catholic Church and Pedophilia: Trafficking Children as Sex Slaves
  41. 52 Verses for Kids to Memorize
  42. 4 Ways to Authentically Live for Jesus
  43. The Amazing Riches of Psalm 23
  44. New ad depicts dying Jesus as organ donor
  45. 7 Guaranteed Ways to End Boring, Predictable Church Services
  46. Turkey Cracks Down on More Christians: US Missionary Arrested, Interrogated, Ordered to Leave
  47. Pastor Disguised as Homeless Man Outside Church Goes Viral
  48. State Demands Christian US Filmmakers Make Same-Sex Films or Face Jail Time
  49. A head-scratching survey over half-hearted beliefs
  50. Study with Purpose: Seeing the “Big Story” of the Bible


(Video: 39:20 minutes long. Before you finish reading this, one individual will have ended their life by suicide — because they think they have no other choice. According to the World Health Organization, a massive 800,000 people take their lives every year—one death every 40 seconds. That’s over 2,000 a day. For millions who suffer from depression and despair, “EXIT” points to a better way. This compelling movie shines a powerful light in the darkness and offers true hope to those who think they have none. Someone you know may be secretly considering their exit. Watch “EXIT” and share it with those you love.)



  1. “Trick?” or “Treat?” Unmasking Halloween
  2. The Truth About Halloween
  3. Halloween: A Return to Paganism
  4. Halloween History and the Bible
  5. Halloween Pagan Origin (with New World Order Roots) Illuminati & Freemason Occult Worship (Video: 1:13:02 minutes long.)
  6. Halloween Or HELLoween: The Pagan Origins Of Halloween EXPOSED (Video: 10:59 minutes long.)
  7. The Origin of Halloween Traditions (Video: 3:15 minutes long.)
  8. Why Christians Absolutely Should Not Celebrate Halloween
  9. Dabbling With the Dark Side? The Bible Clearly Condemns Halloween
  10. Ex-New Age Expert Drops Major Truth Bomb About October 31st


Prophecy News Banner

  1. Brent Miller Sr. : The Last Generation (Video: 13:33 minutes long.)
  2. Gary Stearman: The Nuclear Destruction of Egypt (Video: 28:30 minutes long.)
  3. The Great Falling Away | The Trumpet Daily (Video: 26:47 minutes long.)
  4. Why Is Russia Stockpiling Weaponry in Kaliningrad (Video: 3:48 minutes long.)
  5. Acceleration Radio with L.A. Marzulli and Dr. Michael K. Lake (L.A. Marzulli and Dr. Michael K. Lake discuss the Shinar Directive, ancient Nephilim, and how it unfolds into bible prophecy.)


Let The Scriptures Speak Banner

1 Corinthians 6:12 “All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any. (New King James Version)

The apostle Paul tells us in Romans 14:23, “Whatever is not from faith is sin.” This indicates that there is more to Christian living than merely following rules. It is key for a Christian to understand the principles involved in God’s laws, not just the letter-of-the-law wording.

Those in the world argue that the law is done away altogether, and believing this, they find numerous gray areas. To support this belief they will use I Corinthians 6:12. However, just a few verses earlier, he seems to say something totally different! Notice verses 9-10:

Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.

Paul does not intend for this list to encompass every sin possible, but he does cover a lot of ground. In addition, he begins verse 9 with “the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom,” which casts a wide net. So if fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, homosexuals, thieves, the covetous, and drunkards will not enter the Kingdom of God, how then can all things be lawful?

Verse 12, we find, is a poor translation. Paul is paraphrasing what some people were saying—and still say today. Notice that he repeats “all things are lawful for me, but . . .,” following each phrase with an objection. The Contemporary English Version renders verse 12 as, “Some of you say, ‘We can do anything we want to.’ But I tell you that not everything is good for us. So I refuse to let anything have power over me.” The New International Version is similar: “’I have the right to do anything,’ you say—but not everything is beneficial. ‘I have the right to do anything’—but I will not be mastered by anything.” Clearly, Paul is telling us what others have said and giving his response.

We are free-moral agents, in other words. We can make our own decisions. We can sin, if we wish to, but there are consequences. Paul says he refuses to let “anything have power over me.” He implies that he keeps a close watch on his thoughts and actions.

Notice verse 9, again from the Contemporary English Version:

Don’t you know that evil people won’t have a share in the blessings of God’s kingdom? Don’t fool yourselves! No one who is immoral or worships idols or is unfaithful in marriage or is a pervert or behaves like a homosexual . . . .

Are there gray areas here? Not to God, but our definition of “evil people” might be different. Certainly “immoral” is open to wide interpretation these days in the world. To “worship idols” can be looked at in different ways. Is “unfaithful in marriage” just an affair or is it more? Each of us knows exactly what these things mean to us, and that is as it should be. We do not need an exhaustive list, or we should not, of all the possibilities of each category. We should know the principle involved.

This is one reason we do not see many lawyers as members of the church. Lawyers are taught to see everything as a gray area. “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is,” as the lawyer Bill Clinton famously said. It seems that, as we grow in the faith, gray areas disappear, and the line becomes clearer. Satan and his world, on the other hand, are busy blurring the lines, trying to make us feel guilty or prudish if we judge something to be sin and choose not to participate.

I have known ministers who thought they were the town sheriff and had to be in on all decisions in our lives. Others, though, taught the principles involved and left it to church members to make decisions for themselves. Once our teachers have taught us God’s way, the burden is on us, not them, to know right from wrong. We must know where the lines are.

Mike Ford

To learn more, see:  Do We See the Line?


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Christianity and Liberalism — Part 5 by Brad Scott

Well, I am sure that I could go on and on, so we will conclude this little side step.

Liberals – Blame problems on everyone but themselves

This one was a little more difficult because conservative and so-called moderate thinkers are guilty of this as well. It just seems that liberal thinking is full of whining, and blaming others goes right along with whining. But, let it be understood that when anything goes wrong, the liberals blame the conservatives and vice versa. Moderates, of course, wait around to see where most of the chips fall.

The most obvious ‘blamer’ was our last President and his wife. If I blame someone else, it takes the focus off of me. If I do it long enough, I will have convinced myself of my innocence as well. Mr. Clinton was very good at that. Most of the Clintons’ problems were the fault of a “vast right-wing conspiracy”. Blaming conservative legislation for a bad economy is always quite convincing. Blaming SUV’s for auto deaths and injuries, and the internal combustion engine for the destruction of the planet is quite popular. There has been more than a dozen attempts to blame 9-11 on the Bush administration or even President Bush himself. The down turn of Wall Street was Bush’s fault, as was the collapse of several corporations. The antifreeze in my air conditioner is responsible for the hole in the ozone, not to mention my anti-perspirent and certain antihistamines. Apparantly it is items that begin with ‘anti’ that seems to be the problem. Why is it that liberals see no problem with the ‘antichrist’? High crime is blamed on poverty. Violent teens and school shootings are the result of videos and bullys. The source of sexual promiscuity and lawlessness comes directly from Hollywood. Gunshot deaths are blamed on the guns. When I carelessly dump hot coffee in my lap, it is McDonald’s fault.

I get a mound of newsletters and emails from various Christian organizations every month begging me to contribute to their organization to help stop a variety of abominable practices that the ‘bad people’ are doing. Who are these lawless culprits? They are proponents of the new world order, new age shamans, people who read Harry Potter, Democrats, James Carville, abortion clinics, Martin Scorcese, San Francisco courts, Hillary Clinton, Larry Flynt, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, communism, Ozzy Osbourne, and flag burners. Every week I get a letter pointing at the darkness and warning me that they are dark. The problems in this country are because of the darkness and those who are evil, they proclaim, and we must stand united against it. But darkness will only flee when there is light, and only when the light IS light will the darkness flee. The moral decay of this nation is because the vessels of light have little or no idea what light is. Hey guys, according to all the polls, the Christians outnumber the bad guys by 90 to 1. Perhaps there is too fine of a line between the two.

Liberalism is guided by polls.

Let’s face it, the media is liberalism and liberalism is the media. Every night on the cable networks a poll is taken to see what the people think. Many times, when there is little or no juicy news, the poll results become the leading news item. My favorite polls are the ones in which the masses are asked questions concerning foreign policy, or whether we should go to war or not. Or how about quizzing the populace on their views of Israel and the Palestinians? How about the average citizens opinion on why the stock market is plummeting? The answers to these questions are taken very seriously by liberals and conservatives alike, and are especially important to moderates. Expert consultants are brought in to evaluate the meaning behind these polls. Here is a common poll result taken a few months back. The question was asked, “Who do you think is on the right side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? When the results came in, it was clear that America was behind Israel 41 percent to the Palestinians 28 percent, with 31 percent not sure. Wow! The commentators concluded, America is definitely behind Israel. So, what did this mean to the media? Well, there has obviously been too little positive coverage of the Palestinians!

Now, where do you suppose the idea of reacting to what the people think came from? Who has annual conventions and votes (polls) on doctrinal issues? Who concludes that the message must be right because, after all, look how much our church has grown? Look how many people we have. Who holds back the truth because it may run off the congregation? I know that there are mainline Christian pastors out there that visit this website. Ask yourself a question and answer it honestly. If one day you discovered that you had been following a pagan tradition by celebrating and even preaching sermons concerning Easter and Christmas, would you share that with your congregation? Would you teach them that it is wrong and an abominable practice according to scripture? If you had concluded that YHVH never commanded Sabbath to be exchanged for Sunday worship, how soon would it be before you moved your services to Shabbat? How many people would you have in your next service if you taught the faithful that Torah was for all of God’s people for all times? You would not last a week, because as tradition is, tradition does.

I wanted to take a few weeks and blow off some steam. I know I sound very harsh and unrelenting toward the Christian religion. It is and will continue to be one of the main purposes of this ministry. Preparing the bride for her bridegroom is part of the stated function of Wildbranch. Playing our part in restoring God’s Torah to a Torahless religion is why we exist. The ultimate conundrum is not between liberal and conservative or between Republicans and Democrats. When it is all said and done it will be the difference between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. It is always between righteous and unrighteous, holy and unholy, the tree of life or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That is really the bottom line. And in the end it will ultimately boil down to those who truly have the Son and those who truly do not.

Hitgalut [Revelation] 12:17
And the dragon was angry with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, who keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Messiah Yahshua.”

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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