News You May Not Have Heard About — 10/14/2018

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  1. Trump Calls Out Alleged Ford Leaker by Name Just Hours After Kavanaugh Confirmation
  2. Trump on Democrats’ Opposition to Kavanaugh: ‘I Thought It Was One of the Most Disgraceful Performances’
  3. Trump: Allegations against Kavanaugh a Democratic ‘hoax’
  4. Trump Stomps Hillary’s Kavanaugh Take in 1 Sentence
  5. Trump Responds to Clinton’s Criticism of Kavanaugh Event: ‘I Guess That’s Why She Lost. She Doesn’t Get It, She Never Did’
  6. WATCH: Trump Targets Radical Islam with New Strategy
  7. President Trump to swear-in Kavanaugh at the White House
  8. Trump: No intent to fire Rod Rosenstein; says they have a ‘good relationship’
  9. Trump warns of ‘tidal wave’ of illegals, crime if Dems win midterms
  10. Trump Vindicated for Calling Out Protesters Paid By Soros Who Harassed Senator in Elevator. One Is an Illegal Alien!
  11. Trump Helps Israel to Overcome New Russian Hostility in Syria
  12. Make American Weapons Great Again: Trump Wants No More Chinese Parts
  13. Hours After Haley Resignation, Trump Floats Surprise Suggestion for Her Replacement
  14. Trump Spoke to Sessions’ Chief of Staff About Replacing Him: Report
  15. Trump Shreds Saudis Over Missing Writer Believed Dead
  16. US increases pressure on Saudis over writer’s disappearance
  17. Trump Condemns ‘Dangerous’ Remarks by Holder: He’d ‘Better Be Careful What He’s Wishing For’
  18. Trump Signs Law To Lower Drug Prices, Ends Gag Orders Against Pharmacists
  19. Trump Makes Move To Obliterate Historically Liberal Courts
  20. Trump says cancelling Saudi arms order would be “punishing ourselves”
  21. Trump poised to name Pat Cipollone as next White House counsel
  22. Trump Vows “Severe Punishment” If Saudis Killed Khashoggi
  23. Trump thanks Erdoğan for American pastor’s release
  24. Trump Meets Freed American Pastor Andrew Brunson In The Oval Office
  25. Meet Trump’s 15 New Judges (Passed With the Unanimous Aid of Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats)
  26. Trump snubs Feinstein, Harris to nominate conservative judges to liberal 9th Circuit
  27. Melania Trump Finally Reveals the Meaning of Her ‘I Really Don’t Care’ Jacket



  1. Mike Pence (Vice President): 4 Big Threats Pence Says China Poses to US
  2. Trump Administration: Trump Admin Under Pressure to Save Iranian Financial Access
  3. Trump Administration: Trump Administration Examines Path to Waive Iranian Oil Sanctions
  4. U.S.: Senate: U.S. Senate Introduces New Sanctions Against Hezbollah
  5. Special Envoy for Middle East Affairs: Greenblatt advances Trump’s Mideast peace plan in congressional meetings
  6. SCOTUS: Kavanaugh Makes History with First Official Action on Supreme Court
  7. SCOTUS: Kavanaugh’s Already Hired as Many African-American Clerks as Ginsberg Has Since 1993
  8. SCOTUS: Court mood is jovial as Kavanaugh takes his place on bench
  9. Mike Pompeo (Secretary of State): ‘Big guy’ Pompeo faced a hard bargain in latest Pyongyang visit with North Korea calling the shots
  10. Mike Pompeo (Secretary of State): WATCH: Pompeo Praises Israel as ‘Only Consistent Ally’ in Mideast
  11. U.S. Navy: Top US admiral warns of Russian submarine threat
  12. Nikki Haley (United States Ambassador to the United Nations): U.N. Ambassador Haley resigning, leaving at end of the year
  13. Nikki Haley (United States Ambassador to the United Nations): 4 Questions About Nikki Haley’s Departure as UN Ambassador
  14. Nikki Haley (United States Ambassador to the United Nations): Nikki Haley Identifies the ‘Hidden Genius’ of the Trump Administration in Her Resignation Announcement
  15. Nikki Haley (United States Ambassador to the United Nations): WATCH: Haley’s Greatest Moments at the UN
  16. FBI: FBI Officials Rat on Rosenstein’s Trump Impeachment Strategy
  17. Pentagon: Inside the Ring: PACOM on China’s Belt and Road
  18. U.S. Justice Department: U.S. Arrests Chinese Intelligence Officer for Economic Spying
  19. Defense Department: U.S. Weapons Systems Vulnerable to Cyberhacks, Report Warns
  20. James Mattis (Defense Secretary): Mattis Issues Unprecedented Fighter-Jet Readiness Order
  21. James Mattis (Defense Secretary): Mattis Orders Fighter Jet Readiness, Wants 80% Ready for War in a Year
  22. John Bolton (National Security Adviser): Bolton Warns Chinese Military to Halt Dangerous Naval Encounters
  23. Betsy DeVos (Education Secretary): DeVos will no longer seek to delay Obama-era student loan regulations





  1. Clinton: Bill and Hillary Clinton Launch International Tour: An Evening With the Clintons
  2. Clinton: Here We Go Again… Hillary Clinton Coughs Uncontrollably at Mansfield College – Requests Water (VIDEO)
  3. Clinton: Hillary Uses Absurd Sexual Assault Double Standard To Defend Bill
  4. Clinton: Hillary Clinton: ‘Civility Can Start Again’ if Dems Win Back House, Senate
  5. Clinton: Hillary Moves in the Riot Direction
  6. Clinton: Hillary Clinton Calls for ‘Incivility’ Toward Republicans While the Washington Post Denies Left-Wing Violence Exists, Despite Video Proof
  7. Clinton: Michael Goodwin: Hillary’s calling for a ‘civil’ war — Where’s the outrage?
  8. Clinton: Hillary Clinton Says Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Bill Clinton ‘Different’ From Those Against Trump
  9. Clinton: Hillary Clinton: Democrats ‘cannot be civil’ with Republicans anymore
  10. Clinton: Watchdog Presses State Department in Court Over Clinton Emails
  11. Clinton: Hillary Clinton LOSES SECURITY CLEARANCE after server scandal
  12. Clinton: Foreign Newspaper Savages Hillary After She Lies About Experience There


  1. Deep State: Meet Deep State Shill John Burton, Digging Dirt On Republican Candidates
  2. Deep State: Deep State FBI and DOJ Caught Redacting Key Intel Documents that Implicate Hillary and DNC – Have Nothing to do with National Security!
  3. Deep State: Lawless FBI’s Dir. Refuses To Deny That Trump’s Phone Calls Are Being Listened To


  1. Immigration: Illegal Immigrant Births Cost Taxpayers $2.4 Billion Per Year, While the Border Wall Is Put on Hold
  2. Immigration: At Immigration Argument, Justice Kavanaugh Takes Hard Line


  1. Media-The New Yorker: ‘The New Yorker’ Tries To Get Kavanaugh On Sexual Abuse Allegations Again. It’s An Epic Fail Again.
  2. Media-MSNBC: MSNBC Anchor: We’re ‘Going After’ Kavanaugh
  3. Media-MSNBC: MSNBC Hosts Erupt Over ‘Bonkers’ Kanye-Trump Meeting: ‘That Was an Assault on Our White House’
  4. Media-CNN: CNN clashes with Hungarian foreign minister over immigration and multiculturalism
  5. Media-CNN: CNN Reporter Blatantly Reports Fake News On Clarence Thomas Confirmation Hearing
  6. Media-New York Times: NYT claims TX evangelicals flocking to ‘Beto’
  7. Media-New Yorker: Reporters admit to making unsubstantiated claim against Kavanaugh


  1. How the Secret Service Foiled an Assassination Plot Against Trump by ISIS
  2. Malloch: Look Who’s Squealing Now – James “Dirty Hands” Baker
  3. Christine Ford: Christine Ford’s Friend Now Says He Is a Witness to Crime — But Was First Told of Kavanaugh incident IN JUNE!
  4. Christine Blasey Ford: Blasey Ford Caves: Legal Team Shuts Down Further Investigation into Kavanaugh
  5. Christine Blasey Ford: An Explanation for the Two Doors at the Home of Christine Blasey Ford and Other Mysteries Revealed
  6. Michael Avenatti: Finished: Avenatti Blindsided After Democrats Turn on Him over Kavanaugh
  7. John Brennan: ‘Demagoguery and Lies’ Ex-CIA Chief Brennan Lashes Out at Trump, McConnell and Graham After Kavanaugh Confirmed
  8. The real reason to break with the Saudis
  9. There Will Be HORRIFYING CONSEQUENCES If China Runs The Globalist New World Order
  10. US State Department Iran Desk Shervin Hadjilou linked to Islamic Republic Lobby Group
  11. Election 2018: Unholy alliance of gun control, black liberation theology, and political Islam
  12. Leftists Are Still Doxxing and Making Death Threats Against Republican Senators, Even After Kavanaugh Was Sworn In
  13. ACORN Veterans Among Those Harassing Public Officials in Kavanaugh Fight
  14. Trump Adviser Sought Israeli Intelligence Firm for Dirty Tricks
  15. No, Mr. President, Two States Won’t ‘Work Best’
  16. Steyer’s NextGen PAC and Affiliates Have Registered 230K New Voters
  17. Amazon agrees to fund Islamic charity in UK whose leader supports child marriage, FGM, and stoning
  18. WATCH: Amazon Supports Charities with Ties to Islamic Extremism
  19. Bombshell Study Suggests Trump’s Wall Could Actually Save America Money
  20. Q: NOW COMES THE REAL PAIN. NOW COMES THE TRUTH. (Video: 12:50 minutes long. It’s time for an update about the STORM that is coming. Because it’s real. It’s quantifiable. And if you’re name is Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Valerie Jarrett, James Comey, Adam Schiff, John Brennan, Robert Mueller, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, or John and Tony Podesta, you’re most definitely in a panic RIGHT NOW. Here’s exactly why.)
  21. Who will Replace Haley? Speculation Swirls Around Former Trump Adviser
  22. Dina Powell top pick for UN ambassador, sources say
  23. Here’s why White House LEAKER Dina Habib Powell “McMaster’s Huma Abedin” should NOT be UN Ambassador
  24. SHE’S OUT! “McMaster’s Huma Abedin”: White House Leaker Dina Habib Powell NOT on Short List for U.S. Ambassador to UN
  25. Is Trump’s Administration Watering Down Iran Oil Sanctions?
  26. The Carbonaro Effect: Magician reveals how fake news media indoctrinates the gullible masses with junk science
  27. When The Enemy Doesn’t Hide His Plans Anymore You Should Pay Attention (Video: 12:39 minutes long.)
  28. Will Kavanaugh realign racial politics?
  29. #MeToo: Study: #MeToo Movement Has Had Unintended Consequences
  30. #MeToo: Melania Had Perfect Way To Slam #MeToo Movement’s Core
  31. #MeToo: Study: #MeToo Movement Has Had Unintended Consequences
  32. Al Gore: Al Gore Finally Loses It, Officially Endorses a Bird for Congress
  33. MOB TACTICS BACKFIRE=> Republican Voters Now More Angry and Energized after Kavanaugh Attacks and Liberal Mob Violence
  34. Make Them Scared UW’ Website Publicly Names Young Men Accused of Sexual Assault.  Defamation Lawsuits to Follow.
  35. Can Elections Be Hacked? Online Voting Threatens 32 States, Report Says
  36. The People v. the U.S. Senate
  37. The Senate represents states, not people. That’s the problem
  38. Midterms 2018 Polls: Latest Swing-State Surveys on Senate, House Elections After GOP Saw Apparent Kavanaugh Bump
  39. The Left Lost on Kavanaugh. So Now They Want to Abolish the Senate
  40. Report: The U.S. Intercepted Saudi Communications About Capturing Khashoggi
  41. The Khashoggi Affair
  42. Democrats aren’t being honest. Voters will take note
  43. Crackdowns on potential voter fraud fuel worries about ballot access in November
  44. Experts Dismiss Definite ‘Blue Wave’
  45. 4 Lessons of the Kavanaugh Confirmation Fight
  46. KrisAnne Hall: What Justice Kavanaugh Means for the Future of the Supreme Court
  47. Rod Rosenstein: Rod Rosenstein Gets a Reprieve; But For How Long?
  48. Rod Rosenstein: Rosenstein Refuses to Turn Over Subpoenaed Memos – Backs Out of Today’s Congressional Hearing
  49. ‘Real Housewives’ Star Ordered Deported from United States
  50. All the Left’s Worst Fears Realized in One Historic Oval Office Picture [Video, Details]
  51. American Music Awards Hit All-Time Ratings Low as Taylor Swift Gets Political
  52. US, Russian astronauts safe after emergency landing
  53. Feminists Are Going Crazy Over RBG’s Face At The Kavanaugh Ceremony. Just One Problem.
  54. Amazon Funding Radical Islamists in UK
  55. Dark Money Group Teams With Progressive Fund Led by Steyer and Soros
  56. Poll: Three-Fourths of Americans Oppose Central Plank of FIRST STEP Act
  57. Daily Beast Reports GOP Wants to Jail Liberal Women, Forgets to Provide Evidence GOP Wants to Jail Liberal Women
  58. Larry Sabato Predicts A Blue Wave, But A Look At The Toss Up Races Says Otherwise
  59. Oops: Fact Check Pokes Giant Hole in Plan To Impeach Kavanaugh
  60. U.S. Army reeling from Obama, competing with Trump economy
  61. The Return of the Rockefeller Republicans



  1. Arizona: Ariz. Dem Donor Charged with Felony Sexual Abuse
  2. Arizona: George W. Bush and Mitt Romney Rush to the Aid of Republican Candidate Locked in Tight Battle


  1. Arkansas: Arkansas Supreme Court upholds revised voter ID law
  2. Arkansas: Arkansas governor defends Medicaid work rule in debate


  1. California: Hollywood Elites Launch Vile Attacks on Sen. Collins After Kavanaugh Vote
  2. California: Federal Judge Rules Against Trump on Sanctuary Cities
  3. California: Historic: The City Council of Hesperia, California Became the First City to ‘Opt-Out’ of San Bernardino County’s Agenda 21 Plan
  4. California: How California’s New Boardroom Gender Equity Law Demeans Women
  5. California: LA: Hamas-linked CAIR enraged over pastor saying Muslim city council candidate “will not say no to Sharia”
  6. California: California DMV Admits to Adding Non-Citizens to Voter Rolls – Lawmaker Says the Cover-Up Is Unraveling
  7. California: California’s Gas-Tax Repeal Campaign Cites ‘Epic’ Levels of Taxpayer Waste and Abuse
  8. California: More anchor babies born to illegals in L.A. than 14 states’ total births
  9. California: Almost Overnight the State Turned Liberal, Became Mired in Over-Regulation and Over-Taxation Leading to Poverty
  10. California: New California Law Will Require Kids’ Menus to List Water and Milk as Only Drink Options
  11. California: SF Bay Area Realtor Caters To Mass Exodus Out Of The Region


  1. Florida: Co-Founder of Tween YouTube Channel Arrested for Molesting a Minor
  2. Florida: FEMA deploys thousands for rescue and recovery
  3. Florida: Teacher Scolds Black Student for Supporting Trump. Turns Out He’s Not Black


  1. Georgia: ERIC HOLDER: When Republicans Go Low, ‘We Kick Them’ …Crowd Chants, “Fight! Fight! Fight!” (VIDEO)
  2. Georgia: Federal Government Targets Transgender Policy After 5-Year-Old Gets Sexually Assaulted
  3. Georgia: 53K Georgia voter registration applications on hold with Kemp’s office: report


  1. Illinois: Real Estate Experts Say Pritzker’s Toilet Troubles Could Be Criminal


  1. Iowa: DOJ Clinches Conviction in Murder of Gender-Fluid Teen
  2. Iowa: Trump rally crowd chants ‘Lock her up!’ about Sen. Feinstein
  3. Iowa: Iowa Judge Blasts Corrupt Social Worker and CPS for Lying and Giving False Testimony to Kidnap Children


  1. Maine: Whiny Leftists Call for Boycott of an Entire State over Kavanaugh Confirmation


  1. Maryland: Scalise joins effort to defend World War I memorial


  1. Michigan: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Reach into Michigan
  2. Michigan: Detroit: Catholic college offers segregated Muslims-only classes
  3. Michigan: Police in One County Rescue 123 Missing Children in a Single Day
  4. Michigan: U of Michigan Disciplines Professor for Boycotting Israel Study Abroad Program


  1. Minnesota: Minnesota teacher resigns over Kavanaugh assassination tweet


  1. New Jersey: Muslim inmate sues jail, charging discrimination against Muslims


  1. New York: Hitler’s Relatives Living Secret Lives in Long Island, NY
  2. New York: Deadly limo owner Shaheed Hussain was arrested for MURDER in Pakistan
  3. New York: Shaheed Hussein, terrorist recruiter and owner of deadly NY limo company, and son are arrested following deadly crash
  4. New York: New York Mayor Signs Bill Adding Third Gender, ‘X,’ To Birth Certificates
  5. New York: Witches to Hex Justice Kavanaugh in Occult Ritual in NYC


  1. North Carolina: Report: Principal Boots Student Wearing Trump Jersey at ‘America Night’ Football Game


  1. North Dakota: Supreme Court allows North Dakota to enforce voter ID laws


  1. Ohio: Conservative Students Attacked, Threatened over Kavanaugh Posters
  2. Ohio: University Officials Bring Up Cops to Student Who Called Out PC Decision on Race
  3. Ohio: HATE CRIME HOAX: Ohio University Student Charged After Claiming She Received Death Threats. She Sent Them To Herself.


  1. Oregon: James O’Keefe Strikes Again: Catches Oregon Governor In Web Of Corruption, Possible Election Law Violations
  2. Oregon: Trump excitement rising in deep-blue Oregon


  1. Pennsylvania: Parents Deploy Their Own Brand of Justice After ‘Mean Girls’ Falsely Accuse Their Son of Sexual Assault
  2. Pennsylvania: Abortion House of Horrors. 47 Tiny Bodies Found in OJ Containers, Bags, Fridge
  3. Pennsylvania: Teamsters Scold Pa. Members for Voting Trump
  4. Pennsylvania: FBI Steals Treasure Hunters’ Civil War Gold Worth Up To $250 Million


  1. South Carolina: Mystery object washes ashore on an SC beach
  2. South Carolina: South Carolina Democrat: Sanders Would Be ‘Doing Us All a Favor if He Just Got Lost’


  1. Texas: Funeral Procession Stunned After Truck Driver Pulls Over, Takes Off Hat, And Honors Marine
  2. Texas: In Unprecedented Move Texas Judge Orders CPS to Have No Contact with 2 Children Removed without Warrant – Social Worker Pleads 5th in Court
  3. Texas: Border Patrol Agents Bust Truck with Hidden $1.4 Million Cargo at Southern Border


  1. Virginia: WATCH: 19 Swastikas Desecrate Virginia Jewish Center


  1. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown Professor: GOP Senators at Kavanaugh Hearing ‘Deserve Miserable Deaths’
  2. Washington, D.C.: Man arrested for building 200-pound bomb, plotting to detonate it in DC on election day
  3. Washington, D.C.: Reporter Makes Huge Mistake. Lets Kid Rock Hear Him Setting Up to Criticize WH


  1. Washington State: Vancouver, Washington: Antifa Is Suspected of Vandalizing and Torching a Truck with Pro-Trump Bumper Stickers
  2. Washington State: Washington State Supreme Court Abolishes Death Penalty


  1. West Virginia: Manchin Wanted to Use Opioid Funding on Personal ‘Governor’s Helicopter’


  1. Wisconsin: Wisconsin Ordered to Pay Transgender Employees $780K for Not Covering Sex Reassignment Surgeries


  1. UN: UN official: Qatar to buy fuel for Gaza’s only power plant
  2. UN: UN: Insurgents spur rise in civilian Afghan deaths, but US airstrike casualties also up
  3. UN: UN Attempts to Steal Israel’s Biblical Heritage with ‘Lies and Biases’
  4. UN: UN “mistranslation” conceals Abbas’ glorification of jihad terrorists and PA’s pay for slay policy
  5. UN: UNESCO Attempts to Steal Israeli Heritage with ‘Lies and Biases’



  1. BREAKING: Democratic Aide Arrested For Doxxing Republican Senators During Kavanaugh Hearing
  2. Polls say Kavanaugh will play in Democrats favor
  3. Democrats Riding a ‘Green Wave’ Into Midterms, Projected to Outspend GOP by $50 Million
  4. Democrats Reject Michelle Obama’s ‘We Go High’ Slogan
  5. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Eliminate’ Electoral College, it ‘undermines’ democracy
  6. Bredesen Spokesman: ‘Gun Nuts’ Are ‘Biggest Terrorist Organization on The Planet’
  7. When Did the Democratic Party Become Antifa?
  8. Democrats Consider Becoming ‘More Ruthless’ After Kavanaugh Confirmation
  9. Aftab Pureval (Ohio): Ohio Dem Candidate Will Face Finance Violation Charges 5 Days Before Election
  10. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Ocasio-Cortez Calls Electoral College ‘Shadow of Slavery’s Power’
  11. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Ocasio-Cortez on Preserving Right to Abortion: Dems Should ‘Pack the Supreme Court’
  12. Ammar Campa-Najjar (California): Democrat Congressional candidate Ammar Campa-Najjar defends donation to Hamas-linked CAIR
  13. Bill Nelson (Florida): In Fundraising Email for Hurricane Relief, Bill Nelson Directs Users to Group That Builds Donor Lists for Dem Campaigns
  14. Bob Menendez (New Jersey): Menendez Blames Trump for Not Filling Diplomatic Posts, Then Blocks Them
  15. Chuck Grassley (Iowa): Grassley Calls on Ford’s Lawyers to Hand Over Polygraph Material, Cites Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Signed Statement
  16. Conor Lamb (Pennsylvania): Poll: Lamb has double-digit lead in Pennsylvania House race
  17. Cory Booker (New Jersey): Rand Paul’s Wife to Cory Booker: Retract Statement Encouraging ‘Violence,’ ‘Intimidation and Threats’
  18. Dianne Feinstein (California): Pelosi Shoots Feinstein in Foot, Files FOIA on Report Colleague Wanted Private
  19. Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts): Warren Champions Indian Gaming Bill Tied to Special Interests
  20. Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts): Police Union Refuses to Endorse Warren Over Her Attacks on Law Enforcement
  21. Gil Cisneros (California): Cisneros Backs Away From Support for Single-Payer, Medicare-for-All Systems
  22. Harley Rouda (California): Doc Removed Showing Harley Rouda’s Support for ‘Medicare for All,’ Reparations
  23. Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota): As Attorney General, Heidi Heitkamp Did Not Push for Prosecution of Sexual, Physical Abuse at Native American School
  24. Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota): Democratic Senator Turns on Hillary Clinton Over Civility Comments – ‘That’s Ridiculous’
  25. Joe Donnelly (Indiana): Indiana GOP Files Ethics Complaint Against Joe Donnelly
  26. Joe Manchin (West Virginia): Manchin’s Failure to Report $700K D.C. Yacht Sparks Call for Probe From Watchdog
  27. Katie Hill (California): Dem Congressional Candidate: Talking About Single-Payer Health Care Would ‘Immediately Turn off a Lot of People’
  28. Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona): Sinema Compared Deaths of U.S. Soldiers to Deaths From Illegal Border Crossings
  29. Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona): Democrat Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema promoted events featuring lawyer convicted of aiding jihad terror
  30. Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona): Anti-Military Dem Senate Candidate: Deaths of Illegals ‘Are Same as’ Deaths in Iraq
  31. Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona): Sinema Called Arizonans ‘Crazy’ at Texas Democratic Event in 2011
  32. Leslie Cockburn (Virginia): Dem Candidate: ‘We Have to Negotiate With the Taliban’ to End Afghanistan War
  33. Leslie Cockburn (Virginia): Virginia GOP says Democratic candidate ‘hates America’
  34. Mazie Hirono (Hawaii): Hirono Defends Extreme Left-Wing Activist Tactics: People Are ‘Motivated by What Is Going On’
  35. Nancy Pelosi (California): Watch: Pelosi Explains How To Run a Successful Smear Campaign 1 Year Before Kavanaugh
  36. Nancy Pelosi (California): Pelosi and the WRAP UP SMEAR tactic (Video: 2:35 minutes long.)
  37. Nancy Pelosi (California): Projection and Pelosi (Video: 26:50 minutes long.)
  38. Nancy Pelosi (California): Pelosi-Affiliated PAC Sends Cash to Soros-Funded PAC Targeting Infrequent Voters
  39. Phil Bredesen (Tennessee): Tennessee Democrat Brings in Bloomberg for Fundraiser
  40. Phil Bredesen (Tennessee): GOP Keeps Up Pressure as Bredesen Defends Record on Sexual Harassment
  41. Phil Bredesen (Tennessee): NRA Drops New Anti-Bredesen Ad in Tennessee Senate Race
  42. Phil Bredesen (Tennessee): In Tight Race, Tenn. Dem’s Own Staff Says He’s Lying To Get Votes
  43. Phil Bredesen (Tennessee): Bredesen Campaign Staffers Say He Lied About Saying He Would Vote to Confirm Kavanaugh
  44. Phil Bredesen (Tennessee): O’Keefe Strikes Again=> Video Captures TN Dem Candidate Phil Bredesen in Classic ‘Bait and Switch’


  1. Report: GOP Majority on Verge of Collapsing, Up To 68 Seats in Play
  2. ‘Just ridiculous lies’: Dems incensed over misleading GOP ads on Medicare for All
  3. GOP Cut Backroom Deal with Obama Administration During 2016 Election
  4. ‘An Unhinged Mob’: RNC Rolls Out Damning New Ad Just Weeks Before Midterms
  5. Cory Gardner (Colorado): Leftists Send Graphic, Threatening Message to GOP Senator’s Wife After Kavanaugh Confirmation
  6. Dino Rossi (Washington State): New poll shows Rossi with 10-point lead in the 8th District
  7. Kevin McCarthy (California): House Majority Leader To Roll Out Fully Funded Border Wall Bill
  8. Lindsey Graham (South Carolina): Lindsey Graham Pulls Out Piece of Paper, Issues Incredible Challenge to Chuck Schumer
  9. Marco Rubio (Florida): Sen. Rubio, Rep. Smith Condemn Chinese Persecution of Religious Minorities
  10. Mark Warner (Virginia): Mark Warner Is Coming for Tech’s Too-Powerful
  11. Mitch McConnell (Kentucky): McConnell rips Hillary’s ‘can’t be civil’ warning
  12. Rand Paul (Kentucky): Paul Fearful of Assassinations in Current Climate: ‘I Really Worry That Somebody Is Going to Be Killed’
  13. Tom Cotton (Arkansas): Cotton: ‘The Democrats’ Crazed, Hysterical Attempt at Left-Wing Mob Rule Has Failed’
  14. Tom Cotton (Arkansas): Tom Cotton: Schumer’s Political Operation Along with Preet Bharara Were Behind Christine Ford’s Hit on Kavanaugh




World News Banner


  1. WATCH: President Rivlin Thanks Denmark for Saving Jews from the Holocaust
  2. Netanyahu calls out Iran and Hezbollah for secret missile sites
  3. Netanyahu and Putin to Meet Over Downed Russian Plane
  4. Netanyahu Meeting Convinces Coalition Partners Elections on the Way
  5. Netanyahu Thanks Haley for Fighting UN ‘Hypocrisy’
  6. Israel Will ‘Settle Accounts’ with ‘Abhorrent Murderer,’ Netanyahu Vows
  7. Netanyahu: Israel will keep deporting ‘infiltrators’, Eritrea-Ethiopia peace treaty will help accelerate expulsion
  8. RUMORS OF WAR: Netanyahu Says Israel Preparing for War With Gaza
  9. Netanyahu: Israel is Sparing No Effort to Avoid a War in Gaza
  10. Israel’s Netanyahu appears poised to call early elections
  11. Sara Netanyahu Goes on Trial
  12. AP Interview: Jerusalem mayor wants UN agency out of city
  13. Israeli Justice Minister to High Court: Back Off Nation-state Law
  14. Justice Minister: Trump Era Golden Opportunity to Impose Sovereignty
  15. Knesset Speaker Refuses to Speak at Politicized Rabin Memorial
  16. World’s most wanted man to address Israeli conference
  17. IDF Names Samaria Terrorist, Prepares to Demolish Home
  18. WATCH: The Amazing Story of ‘The Pearl’ – Israel’s Female Spy in Lebanon
  19. WATCH: Thou Shall Innovate – How Israel Improves the Lives of Billions Around World
  20. Massive Manhunt for Terrorist Who Killed 2 Young Israelis Execution Style
  21. Samaria Shooting Victims: Mother of Baby, Father of 3
  22. Barkan Terror Attack Attempted to ‘Sabotage the Normalization’ of Local Jews and Arabs
  23. WATCH: Israeli Startup Turns Anything Into a Charging Device
  24. Israel Responds to Violent Gaza Riots with New Restrictions
  25. Escalation: Terror Balloon Lands in Jerusalem
  26. Gesundheit! Israel Ranks 6th Globally for Health Care Efficiency
  27. WATCH: Israeli Breakthrough Could Save Coral Reefs Worldwide
  28. Heartbreaking Farewell to Terror Victim, Young Mother
  29. Manhunt for Samaria Terrorist Continues, IDF Warns He Could Strike Again
  30. VIDEO: Security camera footage shows Muslim terrorist fleeing the scene after brutally murdering young Jewish people
  31. This Video of Israelis is Driving the Arab World Nuts!
  32. Israel Provides Care for Nigeria’s Refugee Children
  33. New Israeli Robot Detonates Bombs Remotely
  34. Terror Attack Attempts To ‘Sabotage Normalization’ Of Jews & Arabs
  35. Muslim ties up and murders two Israelis in industrial zone in Judea and Samaria
  36. Israeli frankincense farmer cashes in on rare honey
  37. Israel Blasts UNESCO’s ‘Lies and Biases’ After ‘Occupied Palestine’ Resolution
  38. Daring: In UK Parliament, Israeli Envoy Assails ‘Anti-Semite’ Corbyn
  39. WATCH: Do You Know Israel’s ‘Untold Story’?
  40. Good News Israel! Hi-Tech Hub in Galilee, Israeli ‘Robat’ Navigates Obstacles, and More!
  41. Israel Can ‘Definitely’ Absorb 100,000 West Bank Palestinians, Justice Minister Says
  42. Israel confiscates 2,036 acres of Palestinian land in West Bank
  43. Samaria Stabbing Attack: 2 Wounded as Terrorist Escapes
  44. IDF Blows Up Hamas Terror Tunnel; Reached 200 Meters Into Israel
  45. ‘Anti-Semitic Scourge’: Jewish Group Denounces Sweden Arson Attack
  46. Gaza False Alarm: Iron Dome Interceptor Fired Accidentally
  47. Microscopic Worms: Israel’s Organic Answer to Saving Date Industry
  48. Israel Blasts Europeans for ‘Distorted’ Report on Palestinian Teen Terror
  49. Coexistence is a Big Lie!
  50. Israelis Treasure Children: What’s Behind Their High Fertility Rate?
  51. Israeli Security Forces Nab Samaria Stabber
  52. Lawmakers Expected to Approve Bill to Defund ‘Offensive’ Cultural Institutions
  53. Israeli and Emirates Envoys Share Table, Chat at Pro-Israel Event
  54. Shattered Memorial: Plaques to Israel’s Fallen Lie in Ruins
  55. Israel Grounds F-35 Fighter Jets After US Crash
  56. WATCH: Israel to Join UN Special Rescue Alliance
  57. Wharton Prof. Amir Yaron Named Governor of Bank of Israel


  1. Palestinian Murders 2, Wounds 1 in Samaria Shooting Attack
  2. Palestinians Celebrate Murder of 2 Jews, Blame Israel for Terror
  3. Palestinians Hand Out Candies to Celebrate Murder of Israelis
  4. The Next Generation Of Palestinian Hate Begins In School
  5. Palestinian Terror Groups Welcome Deadly Samaria Attack
  6. WATCH: ‘Fake Story’ of Unified Palestinian Nation Obstructs Peace
  7. Palestinians Threaten Israeli Minister Over Push to Keep Ex-Terrrorist Out of Olympic Committee
  8. “Palestinians” share the real purpose for the Gaza border riots
  9. WATCH: Palestinians Lose $165 Million in US Aid Over Terror Stipends
  10. Palestinians Boycott UN Peace Envoy Over Gaza Ceasefire Efforts
  11. Abbas gives Hamas an ultimatum: Give the PA full control of Gaza by the end of the month, or suffer the consequences
  12. Abbas Adviser: “Islam’s Religious War To Destroy Israel Has Started”
  13. Abbas advisor: Conflict with Israel is part of “the battle of history between Islam and the enemies of Islam”
  14. Golan Druze Gather at Northern Border, Chant Loyalty to Syria’s Assad
  15. Jihadi ‘Charity’ Raises Money for Terrorists in Syria
  16. Islamic Jihad: “Death is life for our people…We can turn Gaza border region into place not suitable for life”
  17. WATCH: Hamas’s New Strategy to Defeat Israel
  18. Grand Imam of Al-Azhar: Terrorism cannot be a result of Islam, jihad terror results from “unjust policies”
  19. Tens of thousands of Muslims violently storm border of Jewish state #WAR #Gaza
  20. Gaza Terrorists Breach Israeli Border, 3 Killed, Fuel Supplies Slashed
  21. WATCH: Palestinian Arson Blimp Joins Gaza Terror Arsenal
  22. WAR CRIMES INDICTMENT: Bosnian Muslim commander and 16 jihadis accused of killing of 300 Serbs
  23. Kuwait Air’s Ban on Israelis Sparks Ongoing Legal Battle



  1. Austria: Austrian court rejects Muslim migrant gang-rape appeal, issues “tough” 9-13 year sentences


  1. Belgium: Belgium charges Iranian diplomat with plotting bomb attack against Iranian dissidents


  1. England: Britain stages biggest war games for 17 years with 5,500 troops while rehearsing cyber strike to black out Moscow
  2. England: London BLOODBATH: THREE Police officers BRUTALLY STABBED in KNIFE attack
  3. England: “London is more Islamic than many Muslim countries put together”
  4. England: Britain’s Security chiefs warn of growing threat of chemical weapons attack
  5. England: “London is more Islamic than many Muslim countries put together”: 423 mosques, 100 Sharia courts
  6. England: Fear of “infuriating Trump” caused Britain to drop opposition to death penalty for UK Islamic State jihadis
  7. England: ‘British citizens should prepare for the day that a chemical attack comes’, says Minister of State
  8. England: British diplomats keep calm and carry on in EU
  9. England: 5 biggest obstacles to a Brexit deal
  10. England: May struggles to sell at home Brexit deal emerging with EU


  1. EU: ‘Press Freedom Has Limits’ – EU Boss Says Journos Must ‘Respect’ Politicians


  1. Europe: ISIS Warns of Knife Attack ‘Surprises’ at Concerts…
  2. Europe: European Nation Microchips National ID Cards For Banking, Voting, Insurance
  3. Europe: European Commission President attacks “stupid populists” in inept outreach to Eurosceptics


  1. Finland: Employer fined for cutting Muslims’ salaries for praying during work hours, offering haram food


  1. France: France’s Le Pen distances herself from Bannon’s Movement
  2. France: Marine Le Pen: She’s Not the Crazy One
  3. France: Macron’s power machine spins out of control
  4. France: French consulate employee confesses to making $12,000 smuggling weapons to Palestinians in West Bank
  5. France: Fears of swine fever lead to France building fence on Belgian border
  6. France: Concert by pro-jihad Muslim performer at site of jihad massacre canceled
  7. France: France says no to hate-filled, pro-jihad Muslim performer at Bataclan


  1. Germany: German Chancellor: Palestinians Must Recognize Israel as Jewish State
  2. Germany: German father charged for protecting his daughter against sexual assault by migrant
  3. Germany: Teen girl called “Nazi” for reading poem about migrant violence, her house vandalized
  4. Germany: German father charged for protecting his daughter against sexual assault by migrant
  5. Germany: Germany stuck between war and PiS
  6. Germany: Muslim migrant tells cops, “I’m not afraid of death, I’m Islamic State, I’ll kill you and your family!”
  7. Germany: BDS Activists Disrupt Holocaust Film Screening in Berlin
  8. Germany: Muslim migrants arrested for sexually assaulting women at Munich Oktoberfest
  9. Germany: Turkish anti-terror unit cars spotted in Berlin, intimidating Erdogan’s critics


  1. Italy: Italy’s Salvini: EU Commission President Juncker has “ruined Europe and Italy”
  2. Italy: Salvini threatens to close airports if Germany starts flying migrants back
  3. Italy: Italy Declares War On Merkel And The EU


  1. Netherlands: Danish Minister Rejects EU Migrant Quotas, ‘Too Few Contribute’


  1. Poland: Driver Gets Caught in Protest – Plows Through Mob In Portland


  1. Russia: The Mask Drops: Russia Reveals Itself As Israel’s Enemy
  2. Russia: Russia Challenges Israeli Sovereignty in Golan Heights
  3. Russia: WW3 WARNING: Russia threatens ATTACK on UK over cyber WARFARE – ‘Britain is our enemy!’
  4. Russia: Russia sends troops and missiles into Libya in bid to enforce stranglehold on the West
  5. Russia: World War 3: Putin tests NUCLEAR WEAPONS in major show of force as global tensions RISE
  6. Russia: Russia Has Data On Upcoming Chemical Weapons Provocations In Idlib: OPCW Envoy


  1. Scotland: Scotland should have its own Brexit backstop says Sturgeon


  1. Spain: Victory: BDS Suffers Triple Smackdown in Spain
  2. Spain: Islamic State Recruiting in Prisons


  1. Sweden: ‘School Run By an ISIS Recruiter’
  2. Sweden: Muslim migrant cuts man’s throat, stabs him 13 times, brags about it, has gotten psychiatric treatment
  3. Sweden: Swedish media try to cover up gang rape of girl by ‘Muslim migrants’ – Facebook censored posts as well
  4. Sweden: Swedish media try to cover up gang rape of girl by Muslim migrants, Facebook censors posts also


  1. UK: Ten baby girls in Birmingham less than a year old subjected to female genital mutilation
  2. UK: UK welcome to join Pacific trade pact after Brexit, says Japanese PM
  3. UK: Leftist group planning to disrupt demonstration against Muslim rape gangs
  4. UK: Hugh Fitzgerald: Jeremy Corbyn and the Great Labour Party Purge
  5. UK: Amb. Danon: ‘Anti-Semite’ Corbyn Sending Britain to Dark Ages
  6. UK: UK Supreme Court rules ‘gay cake’ refusal not discrimination
  7. UK: Army launches investigation over meeting between soldiers and Tommy Robinson
  8. UK: U.K. court sides with bakery; future ruling still awaits in U.S.
  9. UK: “I’m going to kill her today”: Muslim in UK live-streamed himself beating his wife with a shoe
  10. UK: Justice for ISIS Terrorists? Not in the UK or Canada
  11. UK: UK terror cop: High level terror threat is “new normal,” Muslims turn to jihad because they “feel disenfranchised”
  12. UK: Police told to “reflect upon the community impact” and “trauma” for Muslims of terror investigation


  1. Ukraine: ‘Lenin Is Kaput’: Ukraine’s War for Its Future Continues as Citizens Look Toward Europe, Not Russia


  1. Afghanistan: Taliban Ambushes Afghan And NATO Forces In Helmand
  2. India: 18-year-old Muslim girl tied to tree for five hours and caned for relationship with Hindu boy
  3. Indonesia: WATCH: Indonesia Accepts Israeli Aid, Despite Lack of Diplomatic Ties
  4. Indonesia: 63 jihad terror groups pledge allegiance to the Islamic State’s caliph
  5. Iran: Senior Iranian Official: ‘Bones of Zionists Will Be Crushed’
  6. Iran: The #MeToo Coverup
  7. Iran: Iran: Ayatollah Khameinei uses #MeToo to promote the hijab
  8. Iran: Insane! Iran to Join Pact to Combat Terror Financing
  9. Iran: Iranian General vows to destroy Israel in furious attack
  10. Iran: Iran Executes Child Bride Days After Delivering Stillborn Child
  11. Iran: Khomeini and the rejuvenation of the evil empire of Islam
  12. Iraq: 4 Iraqi women murdered for breaking Islamic norms
  13. Iraq: ‘What’s that coming out?’ ‘Your guts’: Boy, 14, killed in Iraq for ‘looking gay’: Filmed pleading for mother
  14. Malaysia: Malaysia Prime Minister: “Islam does not agree to killing…to cut people’s hands or heads is not Islamic”
  15. Pakistan: Christian family flees after home invasion and arson attack by Muslim mob, cops side with attackers
  16. Pakistan: Muslims open fire on polio vaccination team, murder security official
  18. Syria: Idlib Deconfliction Agreement Shrinks: Militants Shell Government Targets In Northwestern Hama
  19. Syria: ISIS Kills And Captures Scores Of SDF Fighters During Large Hit And Run Attack In Southeastern Deir Ezzor (18+ Photos, Video)
  21. Thailand: Bangkok Hotel’s ‘Hitler Room’ Sparks Outrage
  22. Turkey: Turkish Court Rules to Release U.S. Pastor Brunson


  1. Democratic Republic of the Kongo: Congo confirms more Ebola outbreak cases – WHO warns ‘we are very concerned’
  2. Democratic Republic of the Kongo: Ebola cases spike in DRC, daily case rate more than doubles since September
  3. Egypt: Egypt Threatens to Stop Acting as Mediator
  4. Egypt: Egypt Accuses Abbas of ‎actively Escalating Gaza Crisis
  5. Morocco: Morocco to include Holocaust education in schools, gets congratulations from Israeli official
  6. Niger: Muslims kidnap Catholic priest who organized meetings against female genital mutilation
  7. South Africa: Zulu King Worries His Property Can Be Seized, Too. He Is Teaming Up with White Farmers to Develop Farming on His Land
  8. Tanzania: Africa’s Youngest Billionaire Abducted In Brazen Early Morning Hotel Raid


  1. Australia: Australia: “Islamic Bonnie and Clyde” plotted New Year’s Eve jihad stabbing attack on non-Muslims
  2. Australia: Look Who the RED CROSS is Teaming Up With… (Video: 10:39 minutes long.)
  3. Australia: Students under the age of 10 threatened to BEHEAD teachers


  1. Canada: Christian mayoral candidate and Jewish journalist barred from Muslim event advertised as open to everyone
  2. Canada: Canada: Islamic State jihadist caught, but police “struggle” to lay charges
  3. Canada: Pro-Hamas Vandals Strike Toronto Jewish School
  4. Canada: Toronto Jewish school tagged with graffiti: “Free Palestine,” “Long life to the Hamas”
  5. Canada: US Muslim scholar who preached on the “filth” of Jews and Christians to speak at fundraising tour in Toronto
  6. Canada: Violence Escalates, Another Pro-Life Woman Physically Attacked After Engaging in Civil Debate
  7. Canada: The Daily Signal Podcast: Canadian Hospital Targets ‘Sick Kids’ With Assisted Suicide
  8. Guatemala: Guatemala Inaugurates 3rd ‘Jerusalem — Capital of Israel Street’


  1. Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro wins Brazil vote, outright victory awaits final vote October 28


World-Currencies Banner


  1. You Can Kick The Can Down The Road, But Reality Will Catch Up With You Eventually
  2. How Restaurants Get Away With Stealing Millions From Workers Every Year
  3. While You Were Sleeping: IMF Warns Of “A Second Great Depression”
  4. This Book Will Bring Economics to Life for You
  5. Ron Paul warns US is headed toward stock market drop of 50% or more, No way to prevent it
  6. Market Meltdown: New Warnings That Correction Is Unstoppable
  7. The Myth Of The Eternal Market Bubble
  8. Graham Summers: Is The Everything Bubble Popping?
  10. The Myth Of The Eternal Market Bubble And Why It Is Dead Wrong
  11. A Depression Is Coming | Philip Kennedy
  12. The World Is Quietly Decoupling From The U.S. – And No One Is Paying Attention
  13. The Federal Reserve’s Rising Interest Rates Are A Ticking Time-bomb For U.S. Economy
  14. The End Is Now In Sight: Rising Interest Rates Start Popping Bubbles
  15. Harvard Trained Economist: The Next Global Financial Crisis Is Starting
  16. An important ‘test’ for the market
  17. JPMorgan Lists 5 Reasons Why The Market Rout Can Continue
  18. Another black market is opening up… And it’s bigger than cannabis
  19. Robert Kiyosaki: Why the middle class is screwed
  20. Investors Run For Golden Cover As Jerome ‘El Loco’ Powell Storms Wall Street On A Grizzly Bear!
  22. TraderStef: Global Currency Reset Implosion With A $250 Trillion Debt Bomb
  23. GLOBAL RESET: Beware The 11th Of November And Also The 33 Days Between 10/10 and 11/11
  24. The Banks Are NOT On You Side – Craig Hemke
  25. Your financial adviser’s ‘sleep easy’ portfolio may be riskier than you think
  26. Credit-card users should ‘jump on’ these offers as interest rates hit record highs
  27. Natural-gas prices set to heat up just as temperatures start to fall
  28. SoftBank’s WeWork bid signals push to let companies stay private
  29. 3 benefits of a bear market
  30. Meet The Finance Professor Exposing Rigged Markets One Academic Paper At A Time


  1. Trade: Ron Paul Says Trump’s New Trade Treaty that Replaces NAFTA Actually Increases Government Control
  2. Trade: Alibaba’s Jack Ma: The US Will Suffer More Than China In The Trade War
  3. Trade: The Trade War Threatens Walmart’s Low Prices


  1. Labor: AFL-CIO Has a Union Problem
  2. Labor: END OF AN ERA – 125-year-old Sears to file for bankruptcy
  3. Labor: Here Come More Job Losses: Tariffs Cost Ford $1 Billion, Company Will Cut Jobs
  4. Labor: Why Sam’s Club is Disappearing Across the Country


  1. Gold: Gold’s weakness is not ‘justified,’ according to investment firm
  2. Gold: Peter Schiff: The Sale On Gold Is Coming To An End – Expect Gold To Move Up At A Faster Pace
  3. Gold: Will The October Stock Market Sell-Off Boost Gold Prices?
  4. Gold: “All Other Assets Got Crushed” – Eric Sprott On Gold’s Great Week
  5. Gold: GOLD REPORTING: How to Sell Gold Without Paying Taxes?
  6. Gold: The Price Action In Gold Does Not Make Sense
  7. Gold: Just These Five Charts Show Why Gold Belongs In Your Portfolio (And Belongs There Like Yesterday)
  8. Gold: Jayant Bhandari: PROBLEMS In The Third World Countries TO IGNITE GOLD PRICES
  10. Gold & Silver: ‘A Just Man Disobeys Unjust Laws’ – David Morgan On Gold & Silver Confiscation And Natural Law
  11. Gold & Silver: SRSrocco: Gold & Silver Rebound As The Stock Market Sells-Off
  12. Gold & Silver: Chris Vermeulen: Bearish Set-Up For The Dollar Warns Of Dollar Weakness And Gold Strength
  13. Silver: Harvey Organ: There’s Only One Reason The Silver Price Is So Low Despite HUGE DEMAND


  1. Dollar: Forget What Phony Government Statistics Say – the “Strong Dollar” Buys Less
  2. Dollar: Brent Johnson: Major US Dollar Strength To Come
  3. Crypto: The biggest opportunity in crypto right now
  4. Crypto: Two reasons to buy bitcoin today
  5. Crypto: If you’re mining bitcoin from home, you’re now losing money
  6. Crypto: Bitcoin holds above $6,000 but ends week lower; Bets against Ether hit record
  7. Precious Metals: As The Markets Sell-off The Precious Metals Rebound


  1. Stocks: Dow Jones plunges 836 points over China Trade Wars
  2. Stocks: Investors have spoken… It’s time for more risk
  3. Stocks: Interest rates spike, stocks tumble
  4. Stocks: US Transportation Index May Be Bottoming And Becoming Support For The Broader Stock Market
  5. Stocks: No Worries: Mnuchin Is On It And Has Declared The Stock Market Sell-Off A “Temporary Correction”
  6. Stocks: 50% Stock Crash Coming | Michael Pento
  7. Stocks: Coincidence? 3rd Largest Point Drop In Stocks On Same Day 3rd Most Powerful Hurricane Strikes U.S.
  8. Stocks: Fund Manager: The Cracks In The Stock Market’s Floor Grow Wider
  9. Stocks: After the Tumble: What’s Ahead for Stocks
  10. Stocks: The stock market’s nightmare may be far from over
  11. Stocks: Here’s how much damage has been done to the stock market during a powerful rout
  12. Stocks: Does stock-market volatility make CDs tempting? Read this first
  13. Stocks: Six blue-chip stocks to buy on the dip
  14. Stocks: During a stock-market selloff, how would you invest $100,000?
  15. Stocks: 5 questions worried Americans will ask after the Dow’s wild ride
  16. Bonds: Jim Rickards: The Bull Market In Bonds Is Not Over, This Bull Still Has Legs
  17. Bonds: The Biggest U.S. Bond Crash In Nearly 2 Years – What Does This Mean For The Stock Market?


  1. Retirement: Mr. Money Mustache says Suze Orman has it wrong on early retirement
  2. Retirement: Social Security beneficiaries to get biggest bump in seven years


  1. Europe & Asia: DEVELOPING: Global markets plummeting in Europe and Asia following Wall Street’s worst day since February
  2. Europe: European stocks fail to hold gains and book biggest weekly decline in 8 months
  3. China: China’s Command Innovation
  4. Iran: Rocked by Trump’s Sanctions, Iranian Oil Exports Drops Further
  5. Saudi Arabia: Global Boycott Of Saudi Investment Summit Accelerates After Journalist’s Disappearance


Earth News Banner

  1. Earth: Killer Earthquake & Massive Tsunami Likely to Devastate Pacific Northwest, Experts Warn
  2. Earth: Media Say ‘Time Is Running Out’ to Save Planet 30 Years After Previous Warning
  3. Earth: Climate Alarmists Admit They Want to Dismantle Our Free Enterprise System
  4. Earth: Toxic Red Tide Could Sicken People as Hurricane Michael Pushes It Ashore
  5. Earth: Hurricane Michael has left at least 16 dead
  6. Europe: Two months’ worth of rainfall in one night causes mayhem in southern Europe kills 14 with two missing with many more evacuated
  7. Europe: British holiday hotspot at risk of tsunami if volcano collapses
  8. Florida: Michael strengthens into a hurricane, menaces Florida
  9. Florida: “I’ve been here all my life and I’ve never seen anything like this.” Florida red tide bloom now stretches from the Gulf of Mexico to Fort Lauderdale
  10. Florida: “The smell started making her sick” City of Naples is the latest Florida area to suffer thousands of rotting dead fish washing up (Video)
  11. Florida: Green fireball recorded over skies of Florida
  12. Florida: Florida braces for a monster: Category 4 Hurricane Michael is expected to strengthen before making landfall as almost 400,000 evacuated
  13. Florida: Video: Storm Surge to Roofs, Houses Destroyed by Hurricane Michael in Mexico Beach, FL
  14. Florida: AFTERMATH: Hurricane Michael Leaves Catastrophic Damage To Florida Panhandle
  15. Haiti: At least 11 dead with more than a hundred injured as a magnitude 5.9 quake topples homes in northern Haiti
  16. Haiti: Strong Aftershock Rattles North Haiti Day After Deadly Quake, Death Toll Rising
  17. India: Cyclone Titli strikes Eastern India, Multiple deaths and destruction reported
  18. Indonesia: Indonesia’s Mag 7.4 quake has caused the Barren Island volcano India’s only active volcano to erupt according to geologists
  19. Indonesia: Death toll from Indonesia mag 7.4 quake, tsunami and landslides likely to be around 10,000, at least, 5,000 still missing
  20. Indonesia: Strong 6.0-magnitude earthquake rocks Indonesia’s Java, Bali
  21. Italy: Italy rocked by earthquake injuring dozens and wrecking buildings close to an active volcano.
  22. Italy: Mount Etna: Volcano Is Sliding Into the Sea and Could Collapse, Causing Catastrophic Tsunami
  23. Papua New Guinea: Tsunami alert declared after 7.3 earthquake rocks Pacific Ring of Fire
  24. Poland: Hundreds of birds drop dead in Poland
  25. Russia: Magnitude 6.4 quake strikes off Kuril Islands Russia: It is the 2nd major quake of October and the 90th of 2018
  26. Space: Astronomers Search for Planet Nine But Find a ‘Goblin’
  27. Space: Solar storm hitting Earth from massive Coronal Hole almost 1 million km long on our Sun coincides with 4 major quakes last night
  28. Space: Large Neptune-Sized Exomoon Orbiting Kepler 1625b Discovered
  29. Space: Researchers Reveal Polar Wandering On Dwarf Planet Ceres
  30. Spain: 80 tonnes of jellyfish-90 tonnes of plastic-99 tonnes of algae an enormous increase removed from Costa del Sol Spain in 3 1/2 months
  31. Spain: Majorca floods leave eight dead including Brit couple as cars are swept away by 13ft wall of water during Balearic Islands storm
  32. Sweden: Mysterious 45 minute hum coming from sky leaves locals baffled
  33. Wyoming: A supervolcano that could destroy humanity is ready to erupt — and NASA is trying to figure out how to contain it
  34. Yemen: DEVELOPING: Cycle Luban to unleash life-threatening flooding, mudslides in Yemen by the weekend


Sign Petition Banner

Urge Capital One to No Longer Sponsor ‘American Housewife’

ABC’s “American Housewife” is an insult to all mothers and housewives. The network’s tagline calls the main character “America’s most relatable mom,” but One Million Moms disagrees. The character playing the mom sets a terrible example and is the farthest from a positive role model for mothers or any women. She goes as far as bashing her children and making them feel like a hindrance or catastrophe. Children will also see this program, or at least the previews – which air entirely too early for the content presented – and they will be effected negatively by this distasteful television family.

Offensive content in the program include sexual innuendos and suggestive dialogue between parents in front of their children, foul language by teen children, and a mom who cusses at the kids.

One of the three child cast members is a Disney star, which will attract young viewers. The content in this program is inappropriate for children and not for family viewing. This is extremely disturbing since it involves a young cast. ABC continues to air “American Housewife” on Wednesday evenings at 8:30 p.m. ET/7:30 p.m. CT.

Contemptible late show writer should be fired for this!

CBS should immediately fire Ariel Dumas for her despicable and contemptable actions.In a Twitter post on Saturday, CBS’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” writer Ariel Dumas boasted about her part in trying to ruin Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation.

“Whatever happens, I’m just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life,” Dumas, posted on Twitter. Although public backlash forced her to delete the evil tweet with “regret,” it certainly didn’t hide her true feelings after the Senate confirmed Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court by a 50-48 vote.

On several occasions lately, Dumas has taken to social media to spew her vile and putrid hatred against Judge Kavanaugh. She also tweeted on Saturday, “Brett Kavanaugh is 100% gonna ask Justice Sotomayor to fetch him coffee.”

Dumas has disparaged Kavanaugh for referencing his family in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, saying, “it is not automatically a moral achievement to be a son, a husband, a dad. It is biology, a legal decision, and biology again. Plenty of a–holes are all three.”

Through Dumas’ writing, Colbert’s show has mocked Kavanaugh repeatedly. On September 20, she bragged about how hating Kavanaugh and writing insulting jokes has been “helpful” in relieving “stress” in trying to cope with life in the real world.

Urge Popeyes to Remove Swearing Commercial

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is following a trend in crude commercials. While a few fast food restaurants are cleaning up their ads, Popeyes decided to air a commercial that includes insinuated foul language when describing their dipping sauce.
When the spokesperson asks a customer what he thinks about the sauce, he responds by saying it is (blanking) good, with a jackhammer censoring. The same situation with car horns, etc. The label on the sauce itself has censoring symbols describing the name.
Even though the newest Popeyes commercial bleeps out the curse words, every viewer knows it is inappropriate language. We all know children repeat what they hear. There is nothing funny about swearing or kids mimicking this behavior.
Popeyes’ vulgar ad is irresponsible and offensive to customers. This inappropriate advertisement is airing during prime time when children are likely watching. It is extremely destructive and damaging to impressionable children viewing the commercial.

ACT NOW! Thank Ambassador Haley for Standing with Israel

Nikki Haley, Israel’s best friend ever at the UN, will be sorely missed. Here is why and how we should thank her and wish her well.  

Israel’s leadership thanked and bid farewell to US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley after she announced this week she would end her tenure at the end of the year.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Haley for “leading an uncompromising struggle against the hypocrisy at the UN and on behalf of the truth and justice of our country. Best of luck!”

President Reuven Rivlin thanked Haley, “a true ambassador, from the depths of our heart on behalf of all the citizens of Israel.”


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Buried by the Ash of Vesuvius, These Scrolls Are Being Read for the First Time in Millennia
  2. Hidden Text Discovered Inside Ancient Scroll
  3. Nicholas Of Cusa – A Medieval Cardinal Who Was Convinced Extraterrestrials Exist
  4. Enigmatic 2,000 -Years-Old Carved Stone Owl Pipes – An Ancient Unsolved Secret Of Illinois
  5. Ausevik Rock Art: Real And Mythical World Of Stone Age People Of Norway
  6. Were Medieval Philosophers Familiar With The Multiverse Theory?
  7. Mysterious Utah: Prehistoric Ancient Petroglyphs Of Santa Clara River Reserve
  8. Smallest Ancient Thracian Brick Tomb – Discovered In Bulgaria
  9. Viking Era Sword Discovered By Young Girl
  10. Intriguing Petroglyphs Reveal Traces Of A Lost Ancient Civilization In India
  11. Ancient Paintings Discovered At Kom Ombo Temple At Aswan, Egypt
  12. Traces Of Opiates Discovered In Ancient Cypriot Vessel
  13. Llanbadoc Discovery: Late Medieval Artifact And The Battle Of Usk
  14. The Lost City of Atlantis Part 1 – The Possible Legitimate Locations (Video: 11:06 minutes long.)
  15. London’s Underground Rivers Were Deliberately Hidden
  16. Din Lligwy: Celtic Settlement In Isolated Woodland Of Anglesey, Wales
  17. Ancient Stone With Full Spelling of Jerusalem Thrills Archaeologists
  18. 2,000-Year-Old Jerusalem Inscription Bears City’s Name
  19. 115,000-year-old Bones Found in Poland are of a Neanderthal Child that was Eaten by a Bird
  20. The Badlands Guardian: Geological Feature that Stunned the World
  21. A Gallery of Hidden Prehistoric Rock Art Points to Lost Indian Civilization
  22. The Mysterious Lost Colony of Roanoke Island Vanished, Leaving Behind a Strange Message
  23. An Ancient Supervolcano That “Exploded People’s Skulls and Evaporated Their Bodies” is Ready to Blow Again
  24. The Haga Dolmen: Neolithic Burial Chamber Sits Amidst an Impressive Megalithic Landscape
  25. Petroglyphs Provincial Park: Home to Canada’s Greatest Collection of Rock Carvings
  26. Beltany Stone Circle: Bronze Age Megalithic Site is a Gem in Ireland’s Ancient Landscape
  27. Prehistoric Humans are Likely to Have Formed Sex Networks to Avoid Inbreeding
  28. Neolithic Bones Reveal Socio-economic and Cultural Differences are Nothing New For Spain
  29. The Big Egyptian Sphinx Cover Up: Hidden Chambers, An Unexcavated Mound and Endless Denial
  30. 2,000-Year-Old Ancient Egyptian Cemetery Containing Dozens of Pets Unearthed in Berenike
  31. Tarascan Indians: Intriguing Pre-Columbian Civilization Of Artists, Warriors And Skilled Metallurgists
  32. Etowah Indian Mounds: A Legacy Of The Ancient Mississippian Culture
  33. Was King William II Murdered In The New Forest?
  34. A Well-Preserved Lararium Shrine Discovered At Pompeii
  35. Ancient Tomb Of Exceptional Priest Kaires – The Sole Friend And Keeper Of The Secret Of The Morning House Discovered In Egypt
  36. Incredible Lost Volcanic Underwater World Discovered Off The Tasmanian Coast


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Ten Tribes Studies – (8 October, 2018, 29 Tishrei, 5779)
  2. Ten Tribes Studies Brit-Am Now no. 2888


Crucifixion Site of Messiah Revealed: Astounding Information Exposed!

The Crucifixion and Burial site revealed from the pages of the Bible! 15 ‘unquestionable facts’ and jaw-dropping revelations!!! Simply a must read!

During 2008, whilst walking around in Jerusalem, I found myself being drawn to the Mount of Olives. I visited it a number of times, walking around the various beautiful ‘holy’ places and various churches that are scattered over the mount. I enjoyed the view at the top—the panorama of the old city of Jerusalem is quite stunning, with the Temple Mount dominating the scene. One verse, however, rang in my head continuously, “And the veil of the Holy Place was torn into two, from top to bottom.”

I was already very aware of how much of a key place this large hill known as the Mount of Olives (or Olivet) played in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) life, and that the Scriptures make it very clear that some awesome events were to occur on this hill in the future. I also believe, as per the Scriptures, that Yeshua would return to this mount (Zech 14:4-5), the same mount from which He had ascended into the heavens, but I didn’t fully realize then just how significant this place really is in God’s plan of things for this present earth. During the years that followed, this fact became much clearer to me…

One of the fundamental principles in Jewish Eschatology is ‘pattern’, meaning that where something of significance happened, it will happen again in the same area! Now we begin to understand why the road up the Mount of Olives to this very day is called “the ascent of the Adams”, simply the first Adam and the Second Adam were buried here. Dawid wept on this mountain at the place of the Scull, a place where Yeshua also wept, and much more…

The Mysteries of the Crucifixion is broken open as never before, brace yourself, this book will encourage you to visit the real crucifixion site! 

Make sure you share it with loved ones before visiting beautiful Jerusalem!

(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


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  1. Russian Surnames and Their Meanings
  2. WWI Draft Cards: Where to Find Them and What They Can Tell You About Your Ancestors
  3. 8 Things New Genealogists Waste Money On
  4. Do-Good Genealogy: 9 Exciting Volunteer Opportunities
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  7. 7 Steps for Preserving Old Photo Albums and Scrapbooks
  8. Why Are There Mistakes in US Census Records?
  9. Supreme Court Hears Case About Cemetery-Access Law
  10. Understanding Website Copyright Laws
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  12. A Unique Photo Format of the Past: The Daguerreotype
  13. Explore the Vivid-Pix Fix to Restore Your Family Photos
  14. Infinite Family Tree Drawer – a New App in the Macintosh App Store
  15. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada Local History and Genealogy Books are Available Online
  16. Someone Else’s DNA Can be Used to Identify You


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  1. Bioweapon? Scientists Sound the Alarm Over DARPA Plans to Spread Viruses Using Insects
  2. Lawsuit Claims Popular LaCroix Sparkling Water Has Insecticide and Other Harmful Chemicals
  3. Six cases of rare ‘polio-like’ illness diagnosed in Minnesota children
  4. UPDATE: 38 confirmed cases of mysterious polio like illness reported in 16 states
  5. Flea-Borne Typhus Has Reached “Epidemic Levels” in Los Angeles
  6. 10 Reasons 5G Should Scare the @#$% Out of You (Video: 10:57 minutes long.)
  7. Maseca Corn Flours Test Positive for Toxic Residues of Monsanto Weedkiller


  1. Good News Israel! US Approves Israeli Migraine Treatment, Breakthrough Melanoma Therapy & More!
  2. Try These Home Remedies for Eczema Relief
  3. Study Finds Disinfectant Cleaners May Alter Children’s Gut Microbiome
  4. 5G Network Uses Same EMF Waves As Pentagon Crowd Control System
  5. FDA Turned Your $10 Supplement into a $40,000 Drug
  6. EPA changing rules to allow far greater radiation exposure to the entire population… medical device manufacturers will rejoice
  7. Six FDA Approved Sweeteners Proven Toxic To Human Digestion
  8. Marvelous And Easy Usage OF Ice
  9. Important Part Of Body To Massage
  10. Three Useful Ways To Reduce Stress
  11. Great Important Mistakes in Eating Fruit
  12. Is It Safe to Cook with Wooden Spoons?
  13. Why Do So Many Recipes Bake at 350°F?
  14. Modern wheat, sprayed with toxic chemicals, may be one of the worst foods to eat for gut health
  15. Home remedies for hypothyroidism
  16. Parents facing incorrect pressure to affirm transition
  17. The Mother of All Toxins, Stealth and Decimating Your Gut Health
  18. Petition to Stop Weedkiller in Cereal
  19. Learn How to Address This Common Mental Health Problem
  20. Between Apple And Orange Which One Is Healthier?
  21. Important Effects Of Honey For Cold Seasons
  22. Do Not Add This Things To Your Yogurt
  23. 1 Things It Can Mean For Your Health If You Easily Fall Asleep During The Day
  24. The War Against Vitamin D – A Threat to Big Pharma
  25. Don’t Forget To Eat Magical Peach
  26. STUNNING: Alzheimer’s disease is NOT caused by amyloid plaque – the disease is multi-factorial and rooted in inflammation
  27. Switch to an organic diet and reduce your pesticide intake by as much as 90%
  28. Three health-altering assumptions most people make about their protein intake
  29. How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Yeast Infection (Video: 1:34 minutes long.)
  30. Cholesterol Does Not Cause Heart Disease
  31. Creating National Biometric System for Patient Matching Will Threaten Privacy and Security
  32. How a Vegan Diet Can Boost Athletic Performance
  33. The Natural Product Doctors Have Been Using for Years to Prevent Heart Attacks
  34. Best Herbal Teas For Fall Consumption
  35. How We Can Dry Fruits In The Sun
  36. Delicious Juices For Treatment Of Insomnia
  37. Weight Loss With delicious And Effective Meals
  38. Lose Excess Pounds, Lower Breast Cancer Risk?
  39. Ketogenic Diet Beginner’s Guide & the Keto Diet Food List
  40. Lipozene Reviews: The Truth Behind This Weight Loss Supplement
  41. What to Ask Your Doctor Before You Take Any Medication (#7 is especially important)
  42. Hospital Privacy Curtains May Be Home to Dangerous Germs
  43. Storing Insulin in Home Fridges May Lower Effectiveness
  44. Type 1 Diabetes Often Misdiagnosed in Adults
  45. One-Third of ‘Gluten-Free’ Restaurant Foods in U.S. Are Not: Study
  46. Putting Faith in Blood Pressure Control for Black Patients
  47. Could Impotence Be in Your Genes?
  48. Polymyalgia Rheumatica + 5 Natural Remedies
  49. Thyroid Nodules + 7 Natural Ways to Manage Symptoms of Thyroid Disease
  50. What Is a Chiropractor? Surprising Facts About Chiropractic Care
  51. What You Need to Know About Electrolytes This Flu Season
  52. Joe Rogan and Steph Curry Swear by It, Have You Tried It Yet?
  53. Ideal Impetigo Treatments to Reduce Symptoms and Address Causes
  54. Another Reason to End the ‘Dirty Dairy’ Industry: Contaminated Hamburgers
  55. Psychedelic Mushrooms Are Closer to Medicinal Use (It’s Not Just Your Imagination)
  56. This Fat Is Actually Worse Than Trans Fats
  57. Coconut Oil: 80 Reasons to Add It to Your Stockpile
  58. 3 (More) Easy To Grow Medicinal Plants For Your Home And Garden
  59. This Non-Extreme Diet Prevents Number One Cause of Blindness
  60. DEA Grants Pharmaceutical Company Monopoly on Medical CBD
  61. Study: Glyphosate Weed-killer Spreading to Bee Larvae and Threatening World’s Bee Supplies
  62. Study Finds Magic Mushrooms Help Honey Bees Fight Off Dangerous Viruses That Are Killing Them Off
  63. Taxpayer Money Used to Fund Drug Research – Drug Companies Robbing Americans
  64. Sleep Naked! (There are known health benefits to sleeping without clothes.)
  65. Important points In Keeping The Eggs Well
  66. The FDA Just Banned 7 Artificial Flavors Used in Candy, Ice Cream, Carbonated Drinks, and More
  67. Got depression or anxiety? Try supplementing with Mucuna Pruriens to raise your natural dopamine levels
  68. Not a smoker? Doesn’t matter, because the SAME DEADLY CHEMICALS in cigarettes are also found in conventional food, medicine, and personal care products
  69. Constipation Elixir, Drop a Tablespoon Soaked Overnight Into Your Smoothie
  70. Add Some Drama to Your Garden With Ornamental Amaranth
  71. What Happens to Your Body When You Use Medical Marijuana?
  72. Doctors in Scotland Are Now Prescribing ‘Nature’ to Their Patients
  73. Lose Your Weight By Eating Mushroom
  74. Latest Israeli Innovation: Contact Lenses for the Nose to Help You Lose Weight!
  75. Sperm Counts Continue to Fall
  76. Dangerous BPA Toxic Exposure is Worse from Handling Thermal Paper Receipts than Eating Food Packaged in BPA Plastics
  77. Make A Natural Slimming Pill At Home
  78. All The Properties Points Of Compotes
  79. 7 Ways to Make CBD Oil Work Faster
  80. CBD and Gut Health, An Overview
  81. Nearly 800 dietary supplements contained unapproved drug ingredients, study finds
  82. 15 Foods That Pack More Protein Than an Egg
  83. Pay Heed to This Important Nutrient, so You Don’t End Up With a Wheelchair or Walker
  84. How to Cook Asparagus Properly
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  86. Many people who think they caught the “flu” actually have SALMONELLA or E. coli poisoning
  87. Are your dental fillings making you sick? The mercury in them could be destroying your gut
  88. Glutathione holds the key to managing over 100 autoimmune diseases known today
  89. Understanding the medical dictatorship: Medicine has transformed into a business enterprise that is entirely removed from the science of healing
  90. The World’s Deadliest Snake Oil, Still Popular Today
  91. How Long Does It Take to Have an Empty Stomach?


  1. Cancer: High doses of vitamin C aggressively kill cancer cells, research confirms
  2. Cancer: Dramatically reduce your breast cancer risk by simply eating more cruciferous vegetables
  3. Cancer: Horseradish contains 10x more glucosinolate than broccoli, making it a potent cancer-fighting superfood
  4. Cancer: Is GMO corn the #1 cause of the Cancer Apocalypse?
  5. Cancer: Processed meat ‘linked to breast cancer’
  6. Cancer: Four Myths About Breast Cancer Debunked
  7. Cancer: Turmeric OUTPERFORMS conventional chemotherapy drugs in treating all forms of cancer


  1. Vaccines: Why you should REJECT the flu shot and take a SANE approach to immunity
  2. Vaccines: New Flu Shot Scare Tactics, Don’t Swallow This Spin
  3. Vaccines: FDA Approves Dangerous Gardasil Vaccine for Adults in the U.S.
  4. Vaccines: 12-year-old girl becomes paralyzed after being injected with Gardasil… doctors say it’s all in her mind
  5. Vaccines: Big Tech Releases Tool To Hide Flu Shot Dangers (Video: 9:02 minutes long.)
  6. Vaccines: The shocking truth about what’s really in vaccines: Mercury, MSG, Formaldehyde, Aluminum (Video: 11:02 minutes long.)


  1. Pharmaceuticals: Ask yourself: Why are there no pharma drugs without horrific side effects?
  2. Pharmaceuticals: Aspirin – Surprising Alternative to Get the Benefits Without Harm
  3. Pharmaceuticals: Drug Companies are Stealing from You


  1. Personal Care: Repair Damaged Hair With Homemade Steps
  2. Personal Care: Strengthen Skin And Hair With Wonderful Mask
  3. Personal Care: Banana Peel Is The Best Care For Skin
  4. Wonderful Hydrate Mask For Dry skin
  5. Personal Care: Necessary Cosmetics For beautiful Women
  6. Personal Care: The Miracle Benefits Of Grapes For Hair
  7. Personal Care: Great Benefits of Rose for Skin and Beauty
  8. Personal Care: Common Skin Problems in Men and Their Treatment
  9. Personal Care: How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth (Video: 1:22 minutes long.)


  1. Slow Cooker Beef Stew
  2. 12 of the World’s Best Savory Beef Stews
  3. Mom’s Basic Vegetable Beef Stew
  4. Lamb and Vegetable Stew
  5. Mississippi Roast – Slow Cooker Pepperoncini Pot Roast
  6. Pumpkin Seed Granola
  7. Easy Homemade Slimming Powder Recipe
  8. Wonderful Egg Diet Just In 3 Days
  9. Air-Fried Butter Cake
  10. Air Fryer Roasted Okra
  11. Apple Stuffed Chicken Breast
  12. Feta Roast Chicken
  13. Sweet Heat Chicken Wings
  14. Roasted Sage Broccoli
  15. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apples, Golden Raisins, and Walnuts
  16. 10 Fast and Easy Fall Side Dishes for Busy Weeknights
  17. Garlic-Ginger Roasted Spaghetti Squash
  18. Spaghetti Squash with Paleo Meat Sauce
  19. Top 4 fake news science websites are run by biotech clowns who promote chemical-laden food and toxic medicine as “safe and effective”
  20. This can save your life: Seven medicinal plants that Native Americans use for a variety of remedies
  21. Swimming with sunscreen damages the environment and wildlife: Study
  22. Hamburger Steak with Onions and Gravy
  23. Easy Instant Pot® Cocktail Meatballs
  24. Easy Salisbury Steak
  25. Slow Cooker Barbequed Beef Ribs
  26. Chicken and Lentils
  27. Turkey Pot Pie I
  28. Oat Applesauce Muffins
  29. Wild Rice, Corn, and Black Bean Quesadillas
  30. Potato Skillet
  31. Joy’s Easy Banana Bread
  32. Sticky Pumpkin Seed Granola
  33. Top Tips From Home Cooks: How to Make the Best Muffins
  34. Apple Crisp Muffins
  35. Johnsonville® Flame Grilled Southwestern Chicken Soup
  36. Savoy Cabbage and Mushrooms


  1. An ancient pear endemic to Italy is a little-known superfood with high concentrations of antioxidant compounds
  2. Anthroposophical medicine, a little-known alternative therapy, found to be effective in killing bad bacteria
  3. The Nutrient That Lowered Heart Attack Risk Even Better Than Statins
  4. Top Benefits of Vitamin B6
  5. Ginger Tea: An Ancient Solution to Today’s Common Ailments
  6. Unrivaled Properties Of Ginger Juice
  7. Black Tea: This Bold-Flavored Beverage Is Bursting With Benefits
  8. Properties Of Chocolate Milk Before Exercise
  9. Fiber Can Delay Brain Inflammation and Aging
  10. Bolster Your Immune System With Astragalus
  11. Mushrooms Combat Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
  12. Probiotics help body survive harmful effects of chemo better than antibiotics
  13. Familiarity With The Properties Of Cantaloupe
  14. Drink Your Way to Good Health With Moringa Tea
  15. Tarragon: Benefits, Uses and Recipes


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  1. Social Media-Facebook: [FAKE] When Your Friend is Not Your Friend
  2. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook Announces Removal of More Than 250 Accounts, 500 Pages for Breaking Spam Rules
  3. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook Suspends 800 Political Pages and Accounts, Including Right Wing News
  4. Social Media-Facebook: “Mark Zuckerberg Has Destroyed My Life”: Facebook DELETES over 800 mostly Conservative grassroots accounts, pages
  5. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook Purge: Here Is The List Of Pages Deleted By Facebook
  6. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook Adds 250-Person Group Chats, 3D Photos for Your News Feed and VR
  7. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook says hackers saw personal info of 14 million people
  8. Social Media-Facebook: Were You One Of The 30 Million Hacked Facebook Users? Here’s How To Check
  9. Social Media-Google: Google Translate censors obscene insult of Muhammad, allows it for Jesus
  10. Social Media-Google: Google Exec Says To ‘Abolish the Senate’ in Wake of Kavanaugh
  11. Social Media-Google: Google Leak Shows Censorship Plans After Users Behave ‘Badly’
  12. Social Media-Google: Google Hid User Data Breach from Public Out of Fear Congress Would Take Action
  13. Social Media-Google: Google briefing says tech companies should abandon “American tradition” of free speech
  14. Social Media-Google: Leaked: Google’s ‘The Good Censor’ Internal Memo Exposes Its Future Plans
  15. Social Media-Google: Google Vs. Trump: “The Good Censor” On Collision Course With The Patriot President


  1. Survival: Why you should learn to barter for when SHTF
  2. Survival: How To Make Yeast For Long-Term Storage
  3. Survival: How To Make Ash Cakes – The Ultimate Pioneer Food
  4. Survival: How To Identify Poison Ivy Growing In Your Backyard
  5. Survival: Burdock: The Annoying Weed That Can Save Your Life
  6. Survival: What Really Happens When You Take Antibiotics Past Their Expiration Date
  7. Survival: Where to Buy Survival Antibiotics without Prescription?
  8. Survival: Can A Home Garden Produce Enough Food To Live On?
  9. Survival: Use Vaseline For Home Preparedness
  10. Survival: 5 Maps You Should Have At Home
  11. Survival :9 Places to Scavenge After SHTF


  1. Frightening and dangerous future of warfare as ‘Robocalypse’ is on the horizon
  2. When Dozens of Korean War GIs Claimed a UFO Made Them Sick
  3. Bombshell: Environmental activism groups operating in the USA may actually be front groups run by communist China
  4. How we can turn plastic waste into energy
  5. America, From Sears To Google (Or Why Silicon Valley Is Set Up For “The Mother Of All Government Smack-Downs”)
  6. What is Operation Underground Railroad? (Video: 1:57 minutes long. Operation Underground Railroad is a group of former intelligence and Special Ops personnel that leads coordinated identification and extraction efforts to rescue victims of child sex trafficking and to prosecute perpetrators. They work in conjunction with and train local law enforcement throughout the world. Just as importantly, they supervise the aftercare and rehabilitation of survivors.)
  7. Healing A Fractured Nation
  8. The Truth About Columbus
  9. Is 5G Trump’s NEW WORLD ORDER? (Video: 39:09 minutes long.)
  10. Poll: Almost a Third of Millennials Identify as Socialists
  11. The Left’s Pattern of Overlooking Due Process
  12. The History Russians and Communists Want Us to Forget
  13. The True Story of Kermit Gosnell and His Victims
  14. Scientists Want To Put A DNA Encyclopedia Of Human Civilization On The Moon
  15. Scientists Attempt to Bring Extinct Species Back From the Dead
  16. Why YOUNG BLOOD??? (Video: 32:06 minutes long. It seems like blood is everywhere in our media these days. A recent study came out promoting drinking young blood to keep one’s vitality. Is there a connection between the Left’s thirst for blood and the push for abortion?)
  17. GENDER X AND AUTOMATION (Video: 6:28 minutes long.)
  18. Parents Beware – Porn Invading Online Gaming & VR
  19. Mega Porn Company Targeting Youngsters Through Video Games
  20. Your Kids Can Access Porn Through This Popular School Database
  21. Radical Sex Education Agenda & The Battle For Your Child’s Mind
  22. Lesbian Batwoman to make debut
  23. Why Technology Favors Tyranny
  24. The College Where No Student Has Paid Tuition in 126 Years
  25. Scientists Have Connected The Brains of 3 People, Enabling Them to Share Thoughts
  26. Super swift biometric ID system combines face, palm data
  27. Biometric Database Growth: Plans To Track, Trace & Database All Humans Beings
  28. UFO sighting: Massive ‘alien spaceship’ seen travelling across the Moon – shock video
  29. Alex Newman – Horrifying Consequences if China Runs Globalist New World Order (Video: 27:03 minutes long.)
  30. The Daily Signal Podcast: Most Americans Would Fail Our Citizenship Test
  31. Phone spampocalypse: fighting back in the age of unwanted calls
  32. CLAIM: China infiltrated Apple and Amazon with a tiny chip surreptitiously installed on server motherboards
  33. Gen Z and Morality: What Teens Believe (So Far)
  34. The Globalist Purge: UN Invasion, Martial Law, Walmart Closings, & FEMA Camps (Video: 1:01:19 minutes long.)
  35. Celebrating the Men and Women in Blue: A Visit to the New National Law Enforcement Museum
  36. Scientists breed mice with same-sex parents…
  37. Uber to Spend $10 Million Lobbying Cities Across the US to Charge a Tax on Entering Congested Areas
  38. Military Ray Gun • ADS Electromagnetic Radiation Weapon (Video: 5:08 minutes long.)
  39. Reduce Waste: How To Make The Most Of Your Autumn Leaves
  40. The U.S. military has an Achilles heel
  41. 3-D-Printed House Costs $10,000 and Can Be Built Overnight
  42. Human Animal Hybrids EXIST! DNA Manipulation and Modification ARE REAL!!! (Video: 11 minutes long.)



  1. Apple: How to View Websites on Mac that Require Internet Explorer (or a PC)
  2. Apple: Now that Password Autofill is Part of iOS 12, There’s No Reason Not to Use a Password Manager
  3. Apple: How to Use (or Disable) iCloud Optimized Storage on Mac
  4. Apple: Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL Phones Announced By Google! Are They Good? (Video: 10:14 minutes long.)
  5. Apple: Developer Options on the Pixel 3 XL Will Let You “Hide” the Notch
  6. Apple: Why Do My Mac’s Desktop Icons Say “Out of Space”?


  1. Google: How Google is Turning Chrome OS into a Powerful Tablet OS
  2. Google: Never Use Your Camera Flash Again With Night Sight on Pixel Phones
  3. Google: Google’s Live Albums Can Automatically Share Your Best Photos
  4. Google: Google Made a Call-Screening Robot for Your Pixel Phone
  5. Google: The Google Pixel 3 and 3XL Are Official, Here’s Everything You Need to Know
  6. Google: Google+ is Dead, Survived By Better Privacy Controls
  7. Google: Google ends support for Reply, which added smart replies to third-party apps
  8. Google: Google’s Home App Gets a Sleek Makeover
  9. Google: [REVIEW] Google Safe Browsing Protection
  10. Google Chrome: Use Google Contacts Like a Pro (Video: 12:30 minutes long.)


  1. Windows: Microsoft Pulls the Windows 10 October 2018 Update for Deleting Files
  2. Windows: How to Enable the Ultimate Performance Power Plan in Windows 10
  3. Windows: How to Reset or Clear Data Usage in Windows 10
  4. Windows: Microsoft Explains Why Windows 10’s October 2018 Update Was Deleting People’s Files
  5. Windows: How to Manage App Permissions on Windows 10
  6. Windows: Don’t Upgrade to the Latest Operating Systems on Day One
  7. Windows: How to Remove Viruses and Malware on Your Windows PC
  8. Windows: How to Give Yourself More Time to Uninstall Windows 10 Updates
  9. Windows: How to Roll Back Builds and Uninstall Updates on Windows 10
  10. Windows: How to Report a Problem or Send Feedback About Windows 10
  11. Windows: Don’t Click “Check for Updates” Unless You Want Unstable Windows 10 Updates


  1. Microsoft Office: How to Automatically Shrink a Word Document By One Page
  2. Microsoft Office: How to Use Microsoft Word’s Built-In Screenshot Tool
  3. Microsoft Office: How to Change Word’s Capitalization AutoCorrect Settings 
  4. Microsoft Office: How to Create Server-Side Rules in Outlook
  5. Microsoft: Microsoft Makes 60,000 Patents Open-Source to Aid the Linux Community


  1. Apple or Android? Here is the most secure phone you can get
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  8. Bing Is Suggesting the Worst Things You Can Imagine
  9. What Is a PHP File (And How Do I Open One)?
  10. What Shutter Speed Should I Use With My Camera?
  11. WhatsApp fixes video call exploit that allowed account hijacks
  12. [LOCKDOWN] How Authenticator Apps Protect Your Accounts
  13. What Happened to Winamp, and Can You Use It Now?
  14. Android: Not Getting Android OS Updates? Here’s How Google Is Updating Your Device Anyway
  15. RSS Newsfeeds Explained
  16. Snagit– The Ultimate Screen Capture Tool (Video: 10:02 minutes long.)
  17. 10 Free Apps for Windows 10 You Should Try! (Video: 7:51 minutes long.)
  18. HTG Explains: How Does a CPU Actually Work?
  19. CPU Basics: Multiple CPUs, Cores, and Hyper-Threading Explained
  20. What Does a PC’s BIOS Do, and When Should I Use It?
  21. How To Upgrade and Install a New CPU or Motherboard (or Both)
  22. What Is Overclocking? The Beginner’s Guide to Understanding How Geeks Speed Up Their PCs
  23. How to Monitor Your Computer’s CPU Temperature
  24. Pixelbook vs. Pixel Slate: Which Chrome OS Device is the Better Choice?
  25. IMPORTANT: You Can Now Put 140 Emoji In a Single Twee
  26. Pocket’s Updated Listening Feature Effectively Turns Web Pages into Podcasts
  27. Keep Loved Ones Digitally Close with Family Locator
  28. The best internet speed tests



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Follow The Son

  1. Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection and the New Age – Steven Bancarz’s Story (Video: 1:01:52 minutes long. Dr. Michael S. Heiser talks with The Second Coming Of The New Age author Steven Bancarz about his past life as a New Age teacher. In this interview, Mike talks with Steven about Astral Projection, Lucid Dreams, and how Jesus Christ ultimately changed his entire life.)
  2. Evangelical Belief in Reincarnation and Astrology Shockingly High, Survey Finds
  3. ‘The Trump Prophecy’ Film Sparks Prayer Movement for Country, Nation’s Leaders
  4. Cardinal raises question: Is Pope Francis part of Church’s ‘final trial’?
  5. Is Pope Francis trying to fundamentally change the papacy?
  6. Pope Francis Blames the Devil For Sex Abuse Scandal
  8. Pope Francis: Abortion is like hiring ‘contract killer’
  9. The Catholic Sex-Abuse Scandal Takes Down a Cardinal
  10. 40 years after the Jonestown massacre: Jim Jones’ surviving sons on what they think of their father, the Peoples Temple today
  11. ‘The Valley of the Shadow’: Anne Graham Lotz Facing a More Serious Cancer Battle Than First Thought
  12. How Christians Are Being Driven to Extinction in Nigeria
  13. Christian Man Slapped With Human Rights Complaint for Refusing to Make Pro-LGBT Church Signs
  14. McFarland hopes seminary stays on course with new leader
  15. Should ISIS Be Forgiven for Its Deeds?
  16. Golden Vessel Used in Jewish Ceremony for First Time Since Second Temple
  17. When promotion is waiting on the other end of the fire!
  18. 5 Things Every Christian Should Do Before the Coming of the Lord
  19. Saving our future by understanding role of Church
  20. Renewed Covenant and Jeremiah’s New Covenant in Second Temple Judaism and Jesus’ Movement (Video: 40:50 minutes long.)
  21. Yeshua’s Words about Yohanan the Immerser
  22. Turkey: Building Mosques, Erasing Christianity
  23. Hundreds Respond to the Gospel Message at Franklin Graham’s Revival in Mexico
  24. Tim Keller: Too Many Christians, Preachers ‘Enjoy’ Condemning People, Opposite of God’s Attitude
  25. How to Walk in Christlike Purity in a Sex-Saturated Society
  26. Pakistan: Appeal heard of Christian sentenced to death for blasphemy, Christians call for prayer, Muslims for riots
  27. ‘New Age’ beliefs common among both religious and nonreligious Americans
  28. ‘My Father Raped Me at Least 200 Times’: Joyce Meyer Says She’s Living Proof Recovery from Sexual Abuse is Possible
  29. Church Sues Christian Company For Not Broadcasting Pro LGBT Message
  30. Islam’s Code of Conduct
  31. The exorcists: Bishop setting up team to combat ‘evil forces’
  32. Tarot cards: The dark truth behind the popular trend
  33. Witches Outnumber Presbyterians in the US as Wicca and Paganism Growing ‘Astronomically’
  34. Anti-Trump Evangelicals Are On A Nationwide Bus Tour To Flip Congress
  35. Report: Catholic Church Faces Gravest Crisis Since ‘Protestant Reformation’
  36. Islamist’s Continue To Persecute Egypt’s Christian Copts
  37. One of the most anti-Semitic terms you will ever hear
  38. Secret deal with Turkey paves way for American pastor’s release
  39. Report: Turkey to Free U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson
  40. US Pastor Andrew Brunson Released From Turkey
  41. Are you falling for this New-Age Lie?
  42. Gamechanger: Court Rules for Christian Bakers Refusing to Make Gay Marriage Cake
  43. Christian colleges and the LGBTQ dilemma
  44. Number of Clergywomen Has Exponentially Increased Over Last 2 Decades
  45. Christians in Myanmar forced to sign papers vowing to limit their faith and not pray in churches
  46. Pastor Shane Warren says America is “at the end of an age as we know it.”
  47. Has Rampant Sexual Sin Turned the American Church Into the Laodicean Church?
  48. “Hilarious” t-shirts?? These people are SICK! (Video: 11:45 minutes long.)
  49. JOEL OSTEEN DENIES JESUS CHRIST & OPRAH WINFREY EXPOSED! Joel Osteen hoax parody (Video: 15 minutes long.)
  50. 11 Reasons Why Christians Absolutely Should Not Celebrate Halloween
  51. Is This Why You Aren’t Seeing Signs and Wonders in Your Church?
  52. Greece: Cross destroyed after Leftist group complained that it offended Muslim migrants
  53. ‘HANG THE INFIDEL’: Thousands of Muslims in Pakistan take to the streets demanding judges uphold death sentence for Christian woman convicted of “blasphemy”
  54. ‘I love him so much I can hardly explain it’: Evangelical leaders praise Trump after pastor’s release
  55. Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection and the New Age – Steven Bancarz’s Story (Video:1:01:52 minutes long.)
  56. First Liberty asks HUD to investigate Bible study threat



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  1. The Mark of The Beast (NOTE: This is a downloadable PDF file.)
  2. A Prophetic Vision of the Last Days of America
  3. Was America Described In The Old Testament?
  4. Rabbi warns that Yellowstone Supervolcano will be instrumental in the Last Days
  5. Liquid Gold – Farmers Harvest Olives In Preparation For Third Temple Sacrifices
  6. Enoch Told Us Of The Last Days We See Coming To Pass (Video: 13:18 minutes long.)


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Ezekiel 8:14 “So He brought me to the door of the north gate of the LORD”s house; and to my dismay, women were sitting there weeping for Tammuz. (New King James Version)

Here, God supernaturally reveals to the prophet some of the secret sins of the nation of Israel. One of these sins is lamenting for a pagan god named Tammuz. Who was Tammuz and why would women be weeping for him? The New Encyclopedia Britannica writes in the article “Tammuz”: “. . . in Mesopotamian religion, god of fertility embodying the powers for new life in nature in the spring” (Vol. 11, p. 532).

This “nature god” was associated with two yearly festivals, one held in late winter and the other in early spring.

The cult of Tammuz centred around two yearly festivals, one celebrating his marriage to the goddess Inanna, the other lamenting his death at the hands of demons from the netherworld. During the 3rd dynasty of Ur (c. 2112—c. 2004 BC) in the city of Umma (modern Tell Jokha), the marriage of the god was dramatically celebrated in February—March, Umma’s Month of the Festival of Tammuz. . . . The celebrations in March—April that marked the death of the god also seem to have been dramatically performed. Many of the laments for the occasion have as a setting a procession out into the desert to the fold of the slain god. (ibid. Emphasis ours.)

What does the worship of Tammuz have to do with the sign of the cross? According to historian Alexander Hislop, Tammuz was intimately associated with the Babylonian mystery religions begun by the worship of Nimrod, Semiramis, and her illegitimate son, Horus. The original form of the Babylonian letter T was ? (tau), identical to the crosses used today in this world’s Christianity. This was the initial of Tammuz. Referring to this sign of Tammuz, Hislop writes:

That mystic Tau was marked in baptism on the foreheads of those initiated into the Mysteries. . . . The Vestal virgins of Pagan Rome wore it suspended from their necklaces, as the nuns do now. . . . There is hardly a Pagan tribe where the cross has not been found. . . . [T]he X which in itself was not an unnatural symbol of Christ, the true Messiah, and which had once been regarded as such, was allowed to go entirely into disuse, and the Tau, “?”, the sign of the cross, the indisputable sign of Tammuz, the false Messiah, was everywhere substituted in its stead. (The Two Babylons,* 1959, p. 198-199, 204-205)

* This is a downloadable PDF file of this book.

Earl L. Henn (1934-1997)

To learn more, see:  The Cross: Christian Banner or Pagan Relic?

For additional info on Tammuz, see “Tammuz.” (This is a downloadable PDF file.)


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Christianity and Liberalism — Part 4 by Brad Scott

Once again I feel it necessary to post a disclaimer of sorts before getting to the meat of the matter. For those who are interested, do not know me personally, or who have not bothered to email me, I would like to answer a question I get quite a bit, so we can get on with it. No, I do not believe that Christians are going to hell. I do believe that Christendom, in general, is a major part of Babylon, and that YHVH is calling HIS people out of it. There I said it.

Liberals believe that the common masses need the government 
because we simply cannot effectively take care of ourselves.

Liberalism is only interested in itself and hides this by appearing to be compassionate, concerned, and giving. Raising taxes and creating government programs is one of the great pillars of liberalism. ‘We care’ is their motto, and they show it by creating and sustaining government give-a-way programs and raising taxes to pay for them. These same taxes are pilfered in order to pay the salaries of those who are creating the government programs. This is another reason why the same problems are never solved and the budgets keep going up year after year. Government programs are not designed to solve anything or to ultimately help anybody. The smoke and mirrors of all this is that they believe ‘we the people’ cannot survive without these programs, and in the midst of our despair, Congress will rescue us with money. Just enough tax dollars to keep the destitute, destitute. The idea is to reproduce this attitude in future generations to keep the system going. The country’s reaction to all this is to go vote for those who are giving us just enough money to keep us from taking care of ourselves. Doing what it takes to keep um comin’ back works pretty good. It is actually a big dependency cycle. Our liberal leaders front the idea that we need them, because they really need us. “Tickle their ears and they will be back” is something the libs know always works.

I believe that the modern Christian church today is interested in herself and proliferating herself. It is my opinion that most evangelical Christians today are only interested in producing more evangelical Christians. Truth has been irrelevant for centuries and any teaching outside of ‘accepted’ doctrine is by definition wrong, simply because it is outside of accepted doctrine. The idea is to teach the masses just enough to keep them coming back. The whole apologetic is designed to defend the doctrine of the Christian church and not to defend the scriptures, much less teach Torah to the people so that they will be prosperous and prolong their days upon the earth. I do not believe that orthodox Christianity has ever been in the business of a genuine search for truth, but rather to teach the congregation how to defend orthodox church teaching from the so-called cults. I continue to marvel to this day, as to how incredibly stupid I have been. I spent a good deal of my life defending an institution and not the truth, and the institution is dependent upon itself to propagate itself. I have found that it is very difficult to get people to break the mold. Which brings me to the next comparison of liberal thinking and Christian thinking.

Liberalism controls the media

It is a statistical fact that 84% of journalists and media types voted democratic and lean heavily to the left. What most Americans understand about the world around us comes from media sources such as the three major networks, cable news, newspapers, and magazines. Most Americans are still reading, and viewing on a daily basis, liberal perspectives on government, social issues, world events, medicine, marriage, crime, the earth, the universe, and the purpose of life in general. This is why it is so difficult to have an intelligent, civic dialogue on creation and evolution, or a real debate on abortion in the general media. Those who hold a creation position or pro-life stand are painted by the media to the masses as being kooks and religious nuts. Any ideas outside of the culturally accepted norms are rarely given a real prime time dialogue. When Bernard Goldberg attempted to expose this sad fact, his ex-cohorts in the media branded him as an anomaly and a deviation. I watched a few debates Mr. Goldberg was allowed to participate in and found myself viewing the same kind of response from his retractors as I have seen in ‘religious’ discussions. No one was really listening to what he was saying, but instead they were formulating their next response. This is how most interchanges go when two different ideas are being exchanged.

Let me take a moment and define a word I use a lot. When I say ‘orthodox’ Christianity, I mean the dictionary (Webster’s) definition of the phrase, which is, and I quote, “conforming to the Christian faith as represented by the creeds of the early church.” Could not have said it better myself. The medium by which virtually all Christian teaching material comes from is controlled by a handful of accepted publishers and two meccas, Dallas, Texas, and Wheaton, Illinois. The majority of Christian seminaries, according to research done by Zola Levitt’s ministry, provide 1 Hebrew class for every 9 Greek classes. The bulk of Christian pastors and teachers being churned out by these institutions have comparatively little knowledge of Hebrew and the Hebrew culture. This is borne out for me personally in our seminars. Many times I am approached and asked what the Jew or the Hebrew background of the scriptures has to do with Christians. Sometimes my answer is ‘you are right, it has nothing to do with you, I was only speaking of the Messiah and those who follow Him.’

The truth is that one can only output what one has inputed. The sea of Christianity can only teach what it has been taught. What it does not understand, it demonizes. I have found that many times I cannot even get to first base with someone before I am called a legalizer or a Judaizer. The instructions of YHVH from the beginning have taught us what is wrong and what is right. Try bringing up a single one of them and you will quickly be called some kind of name. I sense the same frustration with a liberal thinking person in trying to discuss our Creator’s view of homosexuality. I am immediately called a homophobe. Why? Because they will not listen long enough to grasp what you are saying. All they know is that what you are saying is different from what they have been taught. I have made it a habit that when I visit someone or I am invited into their home, I check out their library the first chance I get. What these people think and believe will be sitting on their bookshelves.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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  7. Brit Hadasha Series: The Firstborn Son – Exodus 4:22 (Video: 17:32 minutes long. Many arguments exist about Messiah in Scripture. One such argument says that Messiah cannot be the Son of God because Israel was called the Firstborn Son of God. How can we reconcile Yeshua, angels, Israel, and even us all being “sons” of God if Messiah is the only Son?)
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