News You May Not Have Heard About — 09/09/2018 [UPDATE]

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  1. Trump Eyes Former Justice Department Attorney for Vacant White House Position
  2. Trump Approved Air Force 2 to Transport McCain Casket to DC – Then Family and Uniparty Elites Trash Trump at Funeral
  3. 4 Key Points Nobody’s Addressing About Trump’s Federal Pay Decision
  4. Trump Asks Brutal Question in Response to Cali Wanting Universal Healthcare for Illegals
  5. Trump Fires Back With His Own Incredible Response After McCain Funeral Turns Political
  6. Trump Cancels Plans for Labor Day Fun, Shows Washington What Labor Day Really Means
  7. Trump Kicks Off Labor Day With Incredible Message for America
  8. Trump, Nikki Haley Ratchet Up Pressure on Syria, Issue Warning on Military Action
  9. Trump says Sessions’ DOJ has placed GOP in midterm jeopardy
  10. Trump Slams AFL-CIO Leader for Sunday Show Comments
  11. Trump draws RED LINE on Syria in threat to Putin and Assad
  12. Trump: ‘I’m Tough as Hell on People’ Because Otherwise Nothing Would Get Done
  13. ‘Adamant’ Trump to Chair Security Council Meeting on Iran
  14. Trump to Chair U.N. Security Council Meeting on Iran
  15. Trump taking Supreme Court fight to Montana, North Dakota
  16. Trump explains why he thinks the Woodward book was released NOW
  17. Melania Trolled Anti-Trump Actress So Hard She May Quit TV Show
  18. Forget the Other Comments on the NYT Op-Ed. Melania’s Take the Cake
  19. Sheriffs Burst into Applause as Trump Rips NYT to Their Face
  20. Trump: No More Palestinian Aid Unless They Make a Deal with Israel
  21. Trump Lays Down the Law on Sessions, DOJ, and the FBI
  22. Trump: I’ll Shut Down Government if I Don’t Get Border Wall
  23. Trump Responds with Joke After Obama Gives Fiery Anti-Trump Speech
  24. Trump campaigns in Montana, lauds Kavanaugh’s progress
  25. Trump: I Fell Asleep During Obama’s Speech
  26. Stossel: What Trump’s court pick means for liberty
  27. Trump Touts GOP Bill To Deport Criminal Aliens That “Crazy Dems Opposed”
  28. Trump Says If Cohn Stole Papers Off His Desk He Would “Never Speak To Him Again”
  29. “Issue Of National Security”: Trump Demands Sessions Investigate Anonymous Op-Ed, Looking At Legal Action
  30. Trump Stops Rally, Invites Unexpected Guest To Join Him on Stage
  31. Trump Reveals His Backup Plan if Congress Won’t Fund the Wall

Believe in something-President Trump


  1. Trump Administration: Fact Check: Trump Administration Challenges Washington Post Hispanic Passport Story
  2. Trump Administration: White House: Iran, Russia Gear Up for Mass Strike in Syria
  3. Trump Administration: U.S. Lacks Nuclear Weapon for Hardened Underground Targets
  4. Trump Administration: U.S. Reveals North Korean Behind Sony Hack
  5. Trump Administration: Trump Admin. Announces New Rule to Detain Children with Parents
  6. James Mattis (Defense Secretary): Mad Dog and Company Show Off Impressive Military Force in South China Sea
  7. James Mattis (Defense Secretary): Mattis Punishes Pakistan to the Tune of $300 Million
  8. James Mattis: Mattis Tears Woodward Apart in Epic Response to Anti-Trump Hit Job
  9. James Mattis: US Defense secretary makes surprise visit to war-weary Kabul
  10. James Mattis: Mattis To Spicer: “I’ve Killed People For A Living. Call Me Again, I’m Going To F**king Send You To Afghanistan”
  11. Jeff Sessions (Attorney General of the United States): Sessions Calls Together State Attorneys General To Consider Social Media Giants ‘Stifling’ Free Speech
  12. Department of Homeland Security: Massive Federal Operation Captures Over 20 Dangerous MS-13 Gang Members
  13. U.S. Department of Education: The US Department of Education Reported 235 School Shootings in 2015-2016, But the Real Number Was 29
  14. U.S. State Department: US Cuts All Funds to ‘Irredeemably Flawed’ UNRWA, Seeks to ‘Close Down’ Agency
  15. U.S. State Department: State Dept. Official: U.S. ‘Playing Catch-up’ in Era of Big Power Competition
  16. U.S. State Department: VISA-FRAUD SYSTEM ‘BIT OF A JOKE’
  17. U.S. Justice Department: Arrest of Iranian Spies in U.S. Just ‘Tip of the Iceberg,’ Lawmaker Warns
  18. Sarah Sanders (White House Press Secretary): Huck Has Hilarious Response After Kentucky Makes Sarah Honorary Colonel
  19. Pentagon: Pentagon Plans to Deploy Space-Based Missiles
  20. Nikki Haley (United States Ambassador to the United Nations): RUMORS OF WAR: Ambassador Nikki Haley warns that ‘All Eyes Are On Assad, Russia and Iran”
  21. Nikki Haley (United States Ambassador to the United Nations): UN’s Worst Nightmare’s Comes True: Haley Says Trump’s on His Way
  22. Nikki Haley (United States Ambassador to the United Nations): Psychic Nikki Hayley: If There Is a Future Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria, Assad Will Have Done It
  23. Senate Intelligence: 6 Key Moments From Social Media Hearings


  1. The fake news media has begun banning content that questions the global warming hoax… because DEBATE cannot be tolerated by the arrogant Left
  2. Fake News vs. Faith News: How Biblical Principles Can Expose the Truth through Investigative Journalism
  3. FBI tag-teamed with complicit media to print fake accusations as justification for illegal FISA spying warrant… why is James Comey not being arrested?
  4. The Mainstream Media Lies To Americans Every Day, What Happens When Those Lies Become The Truth?
  5. THE BIG LIE: Over 60% of “school shootings” never actually happened


  1. Russian Nuclear Bombers Intercepted Near Alaska
  2. MAJOR ESCALATIONS In Syria: US Not Bringing Troops Home, Russia Threatens To Attack US Base
  3. Top U.S. Counterintelligence Official: China Is Devoting ‘Ungodly Resources’ to Conduct Espionage Against U.S.
  4. What’s On & Off The Table When It Comes To Middle East Peace
  5. Washington Is Growing Exasperated Over Iran’s “Defiance” In Region
  6. Paul Craig Roberts: I Know Who The “Senior Official” Is Who Wrote The NYT Op-Ed
  7. Is The NYT Op-Ed Fiasco Really An Attack On Trump, Or Is It An Attack On “Q”?
  8. Judge Jeanine Pirro: Judge Jeanine Goes on Record About Trump: ‘This Guy Was framed’
  10. Watch: Man Who Prophesied Trump’s Presidential Victory Raises Midterm Warning Flag (Video: 3:18 minutes long.)
  12. A Comparison of Two Presidents: President Trump versus President Obama – Their First 600 Days
  13. 17 Years On: US Politicians Still Support Terror Organizations
  14. George Soros Working Closely With Iran
  15. Clinton: Dick Morris: Clinton’s Ties to the Uranium Scandal Continue To Grow
  16. Clinton: Over a Dozen CIA Agents May Have Died Over Hillary’s Leaked Emails
  17. Obama: Stunning revelation: OBAMA committed multiple felony crimes in personally signing off on illegal FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign
  18. Obama: BOOM! Barack Obama Just Made Sick Admission About Where He’s Really From In Foreign Speech (Video: 9:04 minutes long.)
  19. Obama: Obama Takes Direct Shot at Trump, Calls Him Out by Name Publicly for First Time Since Leaving Office
  21. Obama: Obama Reportedly Planning To Launch a Barrage Against Trump
  22. Obama: Paranoia: Obama Ordered ‘Invasive Procedure’ On Staffers
  23. Obama: Awful. Obama Calls Benghazi a “Wild Conspiracy” — Benghazi Hero Kris Paranto Responds
  24. Obama: Benghazi Hero Levels Obama After He Talks About ‘Wild Conspiracy Theories’
  25. Obama: Obama Administration Prosecuted More Leak Cases Than All Previous Presidencies Combined
  27. Robert Muller: BREAKING: Mueller Subpoenas Author Jerome Corsi for Questioning
  28. Deep State: YourVoice™ Steel Truth (9/3) “DeepState Exposed!” (Video: 1:01:27 minutes long.)
  29. Deep State: The Deeper State – Dr Lance Wallnau on The Jim Bakker Show (Video: 4:29 minutes long.)
  30. Deep State: Former Congressman: The DEEP STATE Is Real
  31. Deep State: Globalists Using Mass Migration to De-Christianize the West
  32. Deep State: HUGE DEVELOPMENT! Joseph Mifsud – The Man Who Deep State Used to Set Up Papadopoulos – Is Missing and PRESUMED DEAD
  33. ICE: We Hear You: Illegal Immigration, Gun Rights, Lower Taxes, and Free Speech
  34. Immigration: Immigrants Jump Off Government Assistance, After Trump Admin Threatens to Cut Green Card
  35. Nike Ad Goes Viral After Don Jr. Grabs It, Makes a Few Changes of His Own
  36. FISA: FISA Court Scandal: No Hearings on Trump/ Page Surveillance Warrants. Three of the Warrants Were Issued After Trump Won Presidency
  37. DACA: Federal Judge Denies Multiple State Request To End DACA
  38. NRA: NRA Launches Vicious Attack Ad Against Senator It Once Endorsed
  39. Deranged anti-Trumpers now pushing for “show trials” to criminalize, imprison all Trump supporters across America
  40. Trump Organization Executives Face Federal Campaign-Finance Probe
  41. Media-Fox: Developing: Gregg Jarrett Predicts President Trump Will Declassify Russia Docs This Week (VIDEO)
  42. Media-Fox: Tucker Says He Thinks He Knows Who Wrote NYT Hit Op-Ed on Trump
  43. Media-Fox: Psychologist: Trump May Be the Sanest Person in White House Ever
  44. Media-Fox: Tucker Says He Thinks He Knows Who Wrote NYT Hit Op-Ed on Trump
  45. Media-MSNBC: Kavanaugh Will Be ‘Illegitimate Supreme Court Justice,’ Trump Is a ‘Dictator in the Making’
  46. Media-MSNBC: At Terror-Tied ISNA, Antisemite Linda “Sharia” Sarsour Warns Muslims About “Humanizing” Jews
  47. Media-MSNBC: Former Obama Admin Official: Trump Is Right to Be Paranoid, Just Like Stalin Was
  48. Media-CNN: Unhinged: CNN Analyst Says Trump Tweet on Sessions So Bad He Could Be Impeached
  49. Media-CNN: CNN Publishes Letter Reportedly Stolen off Trump’s Desk
  50. Media-NBC: NBC Executives Lie about Refusal to Run Weinstein Sex-Abuse Story. Could the Reason Could be Blackmail?
  52. Media-New York Times: WHITE HOUSE COUP: New York Times Op-Ed: ‘Senior Official’ Admits WH Staff Working Against Trump
  53. Media-Washington Post: Washington Post Reports that Trump Reverses His Position Syria: Regime Change Is Back on the Table
  54. Greg Hunter: One Single Word Can Be Used To Describe This Week – PANIC
  55. Hollywood Elitists Will Be Horrified When They Learn What Buzz Aldrin Said About America in 2015
  56. Why Doesn’t President Trump Appoint His Own Special Counsel?
  57. Prediction: Dems would cripple our national security
  58. John Kerry: Kerry Accuses Netanyahu of Leaking Confidential Info in New Book
  60. John McCain: Iraq Vet Shares Her Heartbreaking Response to Bush Trashing Trump at McCain Funeral
  61. John McCain: Why These People Lined Up to Pay Respects to Sen. John McCain
  62. John McCain: More 1 of 70 Egyptian media: John McCain was the “Godfather,” “leader,” and “real Supreme Guide” of the Muslim Brotherhood
  63. John Brennan: Was John Brennan a traitor who allowed 9/11 terrorists to enter the United States and murder thousands?
  64. Candace Owens: America is prospering because Trump “killed” political correctness
  65. Oops: Study Used To Push Gun Control Embarrassingly Debunked
  66. WAR ZONES – Military hardware company swamped with orders for bulletproof schoolbags as US school term starts
  67. Government Fails Again: Creates ‘Transparency’ Site, Ends Up Exposing SS Numbers
  68. Homegrown Terror Threats Rise in the U.S. for Third Consecutive Month
  69. Levi Strauss Announces Massive Gun Control Campaign, Turns Employees into Political Activists
  70. Unisex changing rooms ‘magnets’ for 90% of attacks
  71. Obamacare: AGs push for end of ‘hook’ that saved Obamacare
  72. Obamacare: Future of Obamacare could be in jeopardy
  73. Herman Cain: Exclusive: Herman Cain Launches Official Project To Crush Anti-Trumpers
  74. Andrew McCabe: JUST IN: Grand Jury Impaneled to Investigate Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe
  75. Andrew McCabe: JEx-FBI Deputy Director Hit With Devastating News… He’s Finished
  76. Rod Rosenstein: Joe DiGenova drops BOMBSHELL NEWS – Rosenstein under investigation – 09/05/18 (Video: 6:20 minutes long.)
  77. American diplomats in Cuba were targeted with microwave weaponry
  78. What You Should Take From Alex Jones vs Marco Rubio
  79. Matt Drudge: MATT DRUDGE Trolls Barack Obama and Warns Democrats in Rare Tweet
  80. Ex-Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos sentenced to 14 days in prison
  81. Study: Alphabet Inc Employees Give 90 Percent of Political Donations to Democrats
  82. Arizona: Breaking: Arizona Governor Announces Replacement for John McCain
  83. Arizona: Former Senator Jon Kyl Appointed to Fill McCain’s Senate Seat
  85. Arizona: Police Widow Devastates Nike with One Photo and a Heartbreaking Story
  86. Arizona: SHOCKING FOOTAGE: Arizona Rancher Shows Why We Need A Border Wall
  87. California: Levin Embraces Pelosi While Fellow California Dems Avoid Her
  88. California: San Fran Bans Plastic Straws, Does Nothing for Hypodermic Needles Flooding Streets
  89. California: California on Cusp of Banning Short-Term Health Coverage
  91. California: More than 100 Arrested in California Labor Day Protests
  92. California: Judge Rejects Lawsuit Challenging GOP Candidate’s ‘Small Business Owner’ Status
  93. California: Steyer to Hold Calif. Fundraiser With House Challengers Quiet on Impeachment
  94. California: Killing the Family: New Calif. Law Would Enforce Corporate “Gender” Quotas
  95. California: In This California District, Parents Do the Impossible
  96. California: 23,000 Californians Getting Shock Message About Voter Registration
  97. Colorado: Grisly Murder Of Mother, Daughters Leaves Family Seeking Justice – Priest
  98. Colorado: Left Throws Fit over Christian Baker, Celebrates Gay Designer Who Refuses To Work for Melania
  99. Colorado: CO baker gains an ally after latest complaint
  100. Connecticut: Woman Lights Candle Left Behind By Renters, Learns It’s Dynamite After It Blows in Hand
  101. Florida: Sheriff Unloads On ‘Hothead’ Criminals: ‘Good People Carry Guns, And They Will Shoot You, A Lot’
  102. Florida: Rep DeSantis says Florida gubernatorial race is “huge” in national politics
  103. Florida: Fraud Alert: Andrew Gillum Gives Typical Democrat Response When Asked About $33 Trillion Dollar Plan
  104. Florida: Parkland Deputy Peterson May Have Misdirected Officers Trying To Stop Shooter
  105. Georgia: Voters In Mid-Term Elections Report Watching Their Ballots Mysteriously Switch To Other Candidate
  106. Georgia: Atlanta Mayor Signs Executive Order Barring ICE Detainees from City Jail
  107. Illinois: Anti-Violence Protesters Get Rude Awakening from Police After Trying To Shut Down Expressway
  108. Illinois: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel leaves city with big challenges
  109. Illinois: Botched Cook County Property Tax Relief Backfires On Working Class, Minorities
  110. Iowa: Covering Mollie’s Murder, WaPo Cries That Town’s Immigrants Don’t Do Quinceañeras
  111. Iowa: Immigrant charged in Iowa student’s death was known by alias
  112. Kansas: Study: Gun Owners More Likely To Utilize Their Constitutional Rights Than Non-Gun Owners
  113. Maryland: Fed-Up Sheriff Unloads On Sanctuary Cities
  114. Massachusetts: Gov. Charlie Baker wins GOP vote, to face Gonzalez in fall
  115. Massachusetts: Boston police captain’s son, a convert to Islam, gets 20 years for jihad massacre plot at college
  116. Massachusetts: Jewelry Store Owner, Daughter Get Sickening Threats Over Ad Mocking NFL Kneelers
  117. Minnesota: Records: Cop accused in Australian’s death can’t take stress
  118. Missouri: College Kicks Nike to the Curb: ‘If Nike is Ashamed of America, We Are Ashamed of Them’
  119. New Jersey: GoFundMe, law firm says homeless Samaritan will get cash
  120. New Mexico: Teenage Boy from NM Compound: We Were Being Trained for Jihad
  121. New Mexico: Compound Teen Betrays Jihadis, Horrific Details Revealed in Court
  122. New Mexico: Dignity and respect – they deserve it
  123. New York: Graphic: Alleged MS-13 Gang Member Arrested for the Rape of an 11-Year Old Girl
  124. New York: Entire Plane Quarantined in New York City After Mysterious Illness Breaks Out Among Passengers
  125. New York: Progressives Pan Schumer’s Strategy on Kavanaugh, Demand ‘Nothing Less Than All-Out Resistance’
  126. New York: The Law Shouldn’t Give Gov. Cuomo Special Treatment
  127. New York: State fights pro-lifers’ win, demands they change ‘point of view’
  128. New York: New York bike-path jihad murderer using Trump’s tweets in defense
  129. North Carolina: Foreign Nationals Who Were Indicted for Illegally Voting Still on North Carolina’s Voter Rolls
  130. North Carolina: UNC Prof Charged With Assault At Confederate Statue Toppling
  131. Ohio: Police Report 4 Dead in ‘Horrific’ Shooting at Busy Bank Building
  132. Oregon: Two Illegal Aliens, One in Oregon and the Other in North Carolina, Are Accused of Killing Motorcyclists in Traffic Accidents
  133. Pennsylvania: A Pennsylvania AMI Smart Meter Survey Reports Horror Stories
  134. Texas: Houston: Ex-Muslims banned from Hilton across from ISNA convention for “I’m an Ex-Muslim” t-shirts
  135. Texas: Wild West-Style Shootout Ends with Suspect Down, Chopper Intervenes
  136. Texas: Wake Up and Smell the Starbucks
  137. Texas: Breaking: Man Rams Truck into Fox TV Building ‘Screaming About Treason’
  138. Texas: Say what? Billboard’s claim raises Texas hackles
  139. Texas: Texas Governor Erupts After Proposal To Change the Way the Alamo Is Taught
  140. UN: U.N. Expert Asks Facebook to Label Fewer Violent Activist Groups “Terrorists”
  142. Virginia: TSA agents accused of groping 13-year-old girl
  143. Virginia: Judge Dismisses Child Rape Case Against Ret. Army General Charged With 6 Counts of Child Rape on Technicality
  144. West Virginia: Defamation verdict may land Facebook in court
  145. Wisconsin: 15-Y-O Boy Dies After Parents Subject Him to 40-Day Fast Seeking God’s Blessing


Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing News

  1. Brett Kavanaugh: What to Expect in Kavanaugh’s Senate Hearings
  2. Brett Kavanaugh: Fact-Checking 4 of Critics’ Claims About Brett Kavanaugh
  4. Brett Kavanaugh: Watch: Democrats Stall Kavanaugh Hearing in Wild Opening Seconds, Push for Delay
  5. Brett Kavanaugh: Watch: Protesters Interrupt Kavanaugh Hearing in Chaotic Opening Minutes
  6. Brett Kavanaugh: Huckabee Reveals Incredible Solution For Whiny Protesters Interrupting Kavanaugh Hearing
  7. Brett Kavanaugh: Watch: Feinstein’s Rant Shows What Democrats’ Kavanaugh Grandstanding Is Really About
  8. Brett Kavanaugh: Democrats Interrupt Kavanaugh Hearing Over 44 Times in First Hour
  9. Brett Kavanaugh (UPDATE): Senate Democrats Interrupt Kavanaugh Hearing 76 Times
  10. Brett Kavanaugh: 3 Takeaways From Day 1 of Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Fight
  11. Brett Kavanaugh: 3 Takeaways From Day 3 of Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearings
  12. Brett Kavanaugh: Bombshell: Kavanaugh Protesters Paid Off in Cash? 3 Claim They Witnessed It
  13. Brett Kavanaugh: Graham Sends Leftists Into Frenzy With Special Advice on Kavanaugh Hearing
  14. Brett Kavanaugh: Dems’ Hit Kavanaugh With Some of Dumbest Attacks Ever
  15. Brett Kavanaugh: Rice Counters Harris’ Narrative that Kavanaugh Cannot Be Trusted To Treat All Americans Equally
  16. Brett Kavanaugh: Senate Democrats’ Disingenuous Double Standard for Supremely Qualified Kavanaugh
  17. Brett Kavanaugh: Feinstein Clashes With Kavanaugh on Second Amendment
  18. Brett Kavanaugh: Durbin Tells Kavanaugh He Should Pause His Own Nomination Process
  19. Brett Kavanaugh: Liberals Accuse Woman Sitting Behind Kavanaugh of Being a White Supremacist — She’s Actually a Hispanic Descendent of Holocaust Survivors
  20. Brett Kavanaugh: Kavanaugh Protesters Star in Powerful New RNC Ad: ‘The Left Is Crazytown’
  21. Brett Kavanaugh: Booker Loses It in Kavanaugh Hearing: ‘I’m Releasing Committee Confidential Documents’
  22. Brett Kavanaugh: Booker releases confidential Kavanaugh documents
  23. Brett Kavanaugh: Far-left NJ Senator Cory Booker Breaks Law to Release Confidential Documents #KavanaughConfirmation #ExpelBooker
  24. Brett Kavanaugh: Bad News for Dems as Booker’s Doc Drop Makes Kavanaugh Look Amazing
  25. Brett Kavanaugh: Booker Humiliated After Truth About His “Courageous” Stand Exposed
  26. Brett Kavanaugh: Kavanaugh Gives His Thoughts on Whether or Not a Sitting President Can Be Indicted
  27. Brett Kavanaugh: That Was Embarrassing! Kamala Harris Grills Judge Kavanaugh for 7 Minutes About Mueller Only to Find Out He Worked with Mueller (VIDEO)
  28. Brett Kavanaugh: Parkland Dad Attacks Feinstein for Outrageous Behavior During Kavanaugh Hearing
  29. Brett Kavanaugh: CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin rips Democrat Senator, says her questions to Kavanaugh were UNFAIR! – [VIDEO]
  30. Brett Kavanaugh: Ted Cruz ACCUSES DEMOCRATS of orchestrating PROTESTS at Kavanaugh hearing!
  31. Brett Kavanaugh: On the Court, Kavanaugh Will Be an Umpire, Not a Player
  32. Brett Kavanaugh: Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings Showcase the Paranoia of the Resistance
  33. Brett Kavanaugh: CNN Legal Analyst Hits Harris’ Questions for Kavanaugh: ‘Puzzling,’ ‘Unfair,’ Proved Nothing
  34. Brett Kavanaugh: Kavanaugh avoids major missteps, closing 2 days of testimony
  35. Brett Kavanaugh: Handmaid’s Tale Protesters at Supreme Court Nomination Hearings Are Antifa in Disguise Led by Feminist, Lacey MacAuley
  36. Brett Kavanaugh: Kavanaugh’s TGIF: Thank Goodness It’s Finished
  37. Brett Kavanaugh: Ted Cruz Lays Down the Law: ‘Democrats Have Not Laid a Single Glove on Brett Kavanaugh’
  38. Brett Kavanaugh: Kavanaugh Ushers In 12 Special Guests to Hearing, Shows Exactly What Kind of Man He Really Is
  39. Brett Kavanaugh: After Booker Releases Confidential Documents, McConnell Alludes to Ethics Probe
  40. Brett Kavanaugh: Woman Sitting Behind Kavanaugh Perfectly Trolls Leftists With Just 1 Move Of Her Hand




  1. Democrats Eviscerated Filibuster 5 Years Ago, Now They Can’t Stop Kavanaugh
  2. The progressives’ game plan
  3. Dems Turn to Debarred Convicted Felon as Star Witness in Futile Kavanaugh Fight
  4. Democrats Keep Lying to Derail Kavanaugh
  5. Two of California’s Most Prominent Democrats Have Momentum Working Against Them in Tight Elections
  6. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York): Watch: Ocasio-Cortez Caught Trying To Politically Weaponize Children To ‘Bring Down’ Trump
  7. Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota): With Republicans in Power, Klobuchar Changes Position on Filibuster
  8. Ayanna Pressley (Massachusetts): Pro Single-Payer, Abolish ICE, Impeach Trump Democrat Unseats 20-Year Incumbent
  9. Ayanna Pressley (Massachusetts): Dem Candidate Held Event With Nation of Islam Members Outside Radical Mosque
  10. Beto O’Rourke (Texas): Beto O’Rourke Campaign Denies Sending Text Asking for Help Getting Illegal Immigrants to the Polls
  11. Beto O’Rourke (Texas): Alleged Beto O’Rourke Campaign Text Message Asks for “Undocumented Immigrant” Vote
  12. Claire McCaskill (Missouri): Claire McCaskill Said Hillary Clinton Was ‘Phony’ During 2000 Interview
  13. Cynthia Nixon (New York): Nixon on Universal Health Care: ‘Pass It and Then Figure Out How to Fund It’
  14. Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts): Warren’s Past Comes Back To Bite Her, Not Even Harvard Thought She Was Native American
  15. Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts): Warren Pushes Use of 25th Amendment Against Trump
  16. Kamala Harris (California): Documents Reveal ‘Unprecedented’ Treatment Kamala Harris Got from LAPD at Taxpayers’ Expense
  17. Kim Schrier (Washington, D.C.): Dem Candidate Kim Schrier’s Practice Hit for Not Treating Most Poor Children
  18. Nancy Pelosi (California): Nancy Pelosi Snaps When Reporter Asks About Her Slumping Support from Democrats
  19. Rashida Tlaib (Michigan): Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib Joins Radical Cast at Muslim Conference
  20. Richard Neal (Massachusetts): Tahirah Amatul-Wadud LOST
  21. Tammy Baldwin (Wisconsin): Baldwin Seeks to Overturn Trump Rule on Short-Term Health Insurance Plans
  22. Tammy Baldwin (Wisconsin): Baldwin Fundraises at K Street Firm Working Pro-Bono for Gun Control Lobby
  23. Tim Ryan (Ohio): Tim Ryan Leaves Door Open for Another Pelosi Challenge: ‘We Need New Leadership’



  1. Every Moderate or Undecided Voter in America Needs To See New RNC Ad ‘Crazytown’
  3. Lamar Smith (Texas): Rep. Smith: If Dems. Take House, It’s ‘Amnesty Number One, Number Two, and Number Three’
  4. Paul Ryan (Wisconsin): Paul Ryan voices disagreement with Trump!
  5. Rand Paul (Kentucky): Sen. Rand Paul Fights for Life on Senate Floor
  6. Steve Scalise (Louisiana): Scalice Sends Dire Warning About Leftists Inciting Violence
  7. Ted Cruz (Texas): Cruz Releases 27-Second Video to Expose Beto O’Rouke; It May Seal the Deal for Texas


World News Banner


  1. Netanyahu Praises US Decision to Slash UNRWA Funding for Palestinian ‘Refugees’
  2. Bibi Netanyahu’s chilling account of what he saw in the Vilna Ghetto
  3. Netanyahu, US Envoy to Syria Discuss ‘Shared Interest’
  4. Netanyahu: ‘Bad’ Iran Agreement Brought Israel ‘Closer to Arab World’
  5. Netanyahu: Israel is ‘Acquiring Friends’ in the Middle East
  6. US Ambassador: Golan will be ‘Part of Israel Forever’
  7. Netanyahu Shuts Embassy in Paraguay After Shocking Jerusalem Embassy Reversal
  8. Liberman: Israel Should Facilitate Mass Jewish Immigration
  9. WATCH: Israel Vows to Destroy ‘Any Iranian Military Presence’ in Syria
  10. Terror Attack in Judea on First Day of School
  11. Losing the Negev
  12. Leaked Scenes from a Censored Documentary Show How A Fake Protest was Staged and Passed Off As a Grassroots Pro-Israel Campaign
  13. Israeli Farmers File War Crimes Complaint Against Hamas
  14. Israel Welcomes Cuts to UN’s Palestinian ‘Refugee Perpetuation Agency’
  15. RUMORS OF WAR: Israel threatens attack on Iranian assets installed in Iraq
  16. Israel Rejects ‘Confederation’ with Jordan and Palestinians
  17. Israel confirms 200 strikes in Syria in 18 months…
  18. IDF End-of-Year Summary: 200 Airstrikes Against Iranian Targets in Syria
  19. ‘We’re in a Race Against Our Enemies,’ Says IDF Tank Battalion Commander
  20. Paraguay Moving Embassy from Jerusalem Back to Tel Aviv; Israel Retaliates
  21. Friedman Confident Iranian Regime ‘Will Enter the Dustbin of History’
  22. Friedman: Funding Palestinians Brings Peace No Closer, ‘Not Even by a Millimeter’
  23. Israel Accused of New Syrian Airstrike, Admits to Over 200 Strikes Since 2017
  24. Israel Shuts Down Gaza Crossing Following Palestinian Violence
  25. Terrorists Pay Up After IDF Court Forces Compensation to Victims
  26. Revealed: The Quran is a Pro-Zionist Document, Support Jewish Claims to Israel
  27. Israel’s Dry Bones Live – Israel’s Population Continues To Grow
  28. The hidden truth about anti-Jewish boycotts
  29. Former member of Israeli parliament calls out United Nations’ agency for “Palestinian” refugees
  30. Israel Prepares for Diplomatic Relations with Muslim Nation Chad
  31. WATCH: IDF Puts Hezbollah on Notice with Drill in North
  32. WATCH: Is Israel Working to Fix, not Nix, Iran Nuke Deal?
  33. Israel Unveils New Concrete Security Barrier on Lebanese Border
  34. WATCH: Israel Fortifies Lebanese Border with New Concrete Security Barrier Wall
  35. On the Gaza Border, Israeli Communities Thrive Despite Rocket and Arson Attacks
  36. Israelis Develop Drone to Save Drowning People
  37. Get An Edge this School Year with These 7 Great Israeli Technologies
  38. Israeli Developer: From Destruction to Rebuilding in Beit El
  39. Israeli Athletes will Compete in United Arab Emirates Under Israeli Flag for First Time!
  40. Censored: Israeli Defense Force Admitted Giving Cash and Weapons to Syrian Rebel Groups, then Demanded the Story be Dropped
  41. Israel and Chad set to establish diplomatic relations


  1. Palestinians Irate, Condemn US Decision to Stop Funding UNRWA
  2. WATCH: Palestinians Grapple with the Question – When Was ‘Palestine’ Established?
  3. ‘Trump Offered a Confederation Between PA and Jordan’, Says Abbas
  4. Palestinian leaders issue fatwa to sabotage … Palestinians
  5. WATCH: The US Has Done ‘2 New Things’ in the Middle East
  6. Jordan Dismisses US’ Alleged ‘Confederation’ Proposal for Palestinians
  7. WATCH: We Will ‘Take Haifa by Force,’ Says Former Jordanian PM
  8. WATCH: A Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Slams UNRWA’s Greed
  9. Arab MKs Defend Corbyn Amid Runaway Anti-Semitism Scandal
  10. Palestinian Journalists: We Do Not Have a Free Media
  11. ‘Palestinian’ Authority Mocks Belgium: Names Two More Schools After Terrorist Murderer
  12. Abbas Plans to Declare PA ‘State Under Occupation’
  13. Hamas leader admits “Marches of Return” were staged to avert internal crisis
  14. Hamas Bomb Expert Killed in ‘Accidental Explosion’
  15. Jordan-PA-Israel Confederation, Two-state Solution Or Status Quo?
  16. Palestinian Child Terrorists Become New Face of Terror Against Israel
  17. Abbas Open to Trump Peace Plan Between Israelis and Palestinians
  18. Abbas Threatens to Cut Ties with Israel if Hamas Truce Goes Through
  19. Palestinian Authority Mocks Belgium, Names Two More Schools After Terrorist
  20. Iran, Russia, Turkey Leaders Urge “Negotiated Political Process” On Idlib As Putin And Erdogan Clash
  21. WATCH: What is the Media NOT Telling You About Hamas?
  22. Palestinian Football Chief Will Fight FIFA Punishment for Incitement


  1. Belgium: Pro-sharia party leader: Belgium will have a Muslim majority within 12 years
  2. England: Boris, Burqas and Freedom of Speech
  3. England: Labour party leader is forcing Jews to consider leaving England
  4. England: London Bus Stops Defaced with ‘Israel is a Racist Endeavour’ Posters
  5. England: 85% Of Brits Think Their Healthcare System Is Over-Stretched
  7. Europe: Charles Martel, Where Are You to Fight Today’s Extremists?
  8. France: Islam in France: France’s ‘Great Replacement’ – in numbers
  9. Germany: Muslim migrant ten-year-old rapes ten-year-old boy during school trip
  10. Germany: German interior ministry: “This may not please Ankara,” but we need a “German Islam”
  11. Germany: Muslim migrant gets 8 1/2 years for murdering his 15-year-old ex-girlfriend
  12. Germany: Thousands protest on behalf of the victims of “killer migrants”
  13. Germany: 10-year-old RAPED by Muslim migrant classmates on school trip, rapists are underage “therefore not punishable”
  14. Germany: Achtung! Germany increases UNRWA terror funding ‘substantially’ to make up US shortfall
  15. Germany: Left-elite raising armies to crush opposition to migrant terror #wirsindmehr #dawah
  16. Germany: Muslim migrant gets light sentence for brutally murdering German girl who feared him, grown man tried as a juvenile
  17. Germany: Chemnitz: German victim dies in migrant “frenzied” stabbing attack, @DailyMail continues stabbing in its extraordinarily evil “coverage”
  18. Germany: German mother says “we feel like foreigners,” only 2 of 25 children in son’s daycare speak German
  19. Germany: Daily Mail: “Far Right is ruthlessly using five killings to stoke up hatred after migrants were implicated”
  20. Germany: ARMED with knives and metal pipes, MIGRANTS shouting “ALLAHU AKBAR” attack German nightclub, “‘We are Arabs, WE’LL KILL YOU ALL!”
  21. Germany: Germany: 8,000 Protested Against Mass Immigration After German Citizen Was Stabbed to Death by Migrants. The Next Day, 50,000 People Attended a Free Concert Supporting Mass Immigration
  22. Germany: Case dropped against Muslim migrant rapist because he is “too young to prosecute”
  23. Germany: German citizens bust the lying press
  24. Germany: Germany Forges Links Across the Middle East | This Week in Germany (Video: 4:09 minutes long.)
  25. Germany: German Police Identify 6 Suspects Who Gave Nazi Salute
  26. Germany: German media admits: Man who made Hitler salute at Chemnitz rally is actually a Leftist infiltrator
  27. Germany: 10-Year Old Boy Pinned Down and Raped By 10-Year Old Afghani Migrant. Authorities Say He Is Too Young to Prosecute
  28. Germany: Germany’s New Foreign Policy Towards The US Will Take Time To Yield Results
  29. Germany: Video: Germans complain to politician about dangers from Muslim migrants, she calls them Nazis
  30. Germany: German interior minister: Mass migration “mother of all political problems…I too would have taken to the streets”
  31. Germany: WATCH: Germans vent to politician about Muslim migrants — “I can’t take my grandchildren into town anymore”
  32. Hungary: Hungary asks concerning immigration: “What’s wrong with the Swedes?”
  33. Ireland: 800 Children Dumped in a Mass Grave by Irish Nuns — Liam Neeson Joins Fight for Pope to Confront Truth
  34. Italy: Muslim migrant tries to molest three boys, aged 6, 7, and 13, on a beach
  35. Italy: Police commissioner ATTACKED by migrants with razor blades in his OWN HOME, Matteo Salvini blasts EU migrant crisis, ‘Insane!’
  36. Italy: 74-year-old Italian widow RAPED by migrant in her own home
  37. Netherlands: Muslim migrant stabs two people at Amsterdam railway station, cops say terror “possible motive”
  38. Netherlands: Americans Stabbed in Amsterdam — and 6 Other Gruesome Happenings
  39. Netherlands: Muslim migrant says he stabbed two American tourists in Amsterdam because of “insults to Islam”
  40. Netherlands: Hugh Fitzgerald: Jawed Santani, Thin-Skinned In Amsterdam
  41. Norway: Why Did Nearly 40 Percent of Norwegians Compare Israelis to Nazis?
  42. Norway: Strange Disappearance of WikiLeaks Consultant in Norway
  43. Norway: Norwegian-‘Palestinian’ human rights organization leader indicted in Norway
  44. Russia: Horrifying ‘Insect Apocalypse’ Plagues Town, Has Residents Scared To Go Outside
  45. Russia: Massive Russian Military Maneuvers Near Syria are Delaying Israeli Flights
  46. Russia: Russia Opens a New Front in Its War Against Ukraine: the Sea of Azov
  47. Russia: Russia warns space station leak could be “deliberate sabotage”
  48. Russia: Russian Officials Not Ruling Out Sabotage on Space Station
  49. Russia: Evidence of American POWs in the Soviet Union
  50. Russia: Russia warns US of pending attack in Syrian area with US troops
  51. Russia: Russia’s GRU: A Cold War Spy Power with the Cruelty of ISIS
  52. Russia: Russia Is Now An Agricultural Superpower: US Farmers Can No Longer Compete In Wheat
  53. Russia: Russia’s Huge Natural Gas Pipeline To China Nearly Complete
  54. Russia: Russia Prepares After Trump Forces Warn Of Military Rule And Executions In Response To “Sleeper Cell” Awakening In White House
  55. Russia: Russia Watches In Fear As Socialist Tide Grows In US—But Celebrates Overturning America To Become Breadbasket For The World
  56. Spain: Tiny Pods For Poor People Sparks Outrage In Spain
  57. Spain: Muslim on plane screams “Islam is the solution,” “Sharia is fairest rule of law,” Christians are “infidels”
  58. Sweden: Neo-Nazi ideology is rising again – this time in Sweden
  59. Sweden: Migrant Crisis in Sweden Ushering in “Far-Right,” Booting Open-Border Left
  60. Sweden: Sweden’s Universal Healthcare System Goes the Way of All Others
  61. Sweden: Four migrants BEAT, GANG-RAPE mentally disabled woman (with the mind of a 6-year-old) and THEY WALK FREE
  62. Sweden: Muslim Green Party candidate offers to sell Muslim votes in exchange for mosque building permit
  63. Sweden: Sweden sees steady increase in reports of forced marriage and child marriage
  64. Sweden: Child Marriage and Forced Marriage Reports Spike in Sweden
  65. UK: Inmates Exact Their Revenge on Convicted Baby Torturer
  66. UK: Corbyn Blasts ‘Shameful’ US Cutting of UNRWA Funding, Calls on UK to ‘Fill Gap’
  67. UK: UK judge tells jihadi: “You’ll have plenty of time to study the Qur’an in prison…the Qur’an is a book of peace”
  68. UK: Muslim doctor convicted of gross negligence manslaughter allowed to practice medicine again
  69. UK: Former UK Labour Leader Opposes Corbyn on Definition of Anti-Semitism
  70. UK: “As we now know, you’re not allowed to say anything even remotely critical about Islam or its practices these days”
  71. UK: Muslim woman in hijab to participate in Miss England finals
  72. UK: Bennett condemns Arab-Israeli lawmakers for supporting Corbyn
  73. UK: UK Charity Commission orders military charity to close because of “anti-Islamic” comments and merchandise
  74. UK: Muslim migrant benefits cheat hasn’t worked in 30 years, is spared jail, accepts community service “only if it’s light work”
  75. UK: UK charges 2 Russians in absentia in nerve agent attack
  76. UK: UK Labour Party Adopts Anti-Semitism Definition with ‘Appalling’ Caveat
  77. UK: U.K. Charges Two Men in Sergei Skripal Poisoning
  78. UK: Two Muslims, one a migrant, one a convert, try to build a bomb involving a driverless car
  79. UK: Jihadis ‘plotted to use DRIVERLESS CAR BOMB in Islamic terror attack, stockpiled EXPLOSIVES, ACID, WEAPONS while seeking UK asylum’
  80. UK: Eight Muslims on trial for repeated rape of 14-year-old girl
  81. UK: WATCH: 12 Ways Corbyn Shows His Anti-Semitism and Support for Terror
  82. UK: 40% of UK Jews Would Consider Leaving if Corbyn Becomes Prime Minister
  83. UK: UK Charity Linked to Palestinian Terrorism
  84. UK: UK considering raising minimum age of marriage to stop forced child marriage
  85. UK: Authorities launch operations at UK and US airports to catch perpetrators and help victims of FGM


  1. Afghanistan: America Keeps Heat Turned Up on ISIS
  2. Afghanistan: Imam arrested for involvement in jihad bombing attacks
  3. Afghanistan: Islamic State Claims Responsibility For Multiple Deadly Explosions Targeting Medics and Journalists in Kabul
  4. China: China Just Tested Several Dozen Hypersonic Missiles The US Can’t Defend Against
  5. China: China Sought To Intercept British Warship, Claiming Expanded Territorial Waters
  6. India: Kashmir: Muslims threaten cops, two cops resign, one begs forgiveness on mosque loudspeaker
  7. India: Hindu man found murdered by Muslim ex-wife’s family
  8. India: Five Muslims plotted jihad murder of Hindu leader
  9. India: India Supreme Court decriminalizes homosexual acts
  10. Iran: Iran ‘Worked Closely’ with Jewish Billionaire George Soros’ Foundation
  11. Iran: Iran Building Another Syrian Missile Site, Satellite Images Show
  12. Iran: Iran Transfers Missiles to Iraqi Proxies, Threatening Israel
  13. Iran: Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps marches with Israeli flag on soles of boots
  14. Iran: Iran arming Shi’ite proxies in Iraq with ballistic missiles that can hit Tel Aviv
  15. Iran: Islamic Republic of Iran building ‘ballistic missile factory,’ with missiles able to reach Tel Aviv – Israel releases satellite images
  16. Iran: REVEALED: Iran Uses Civilian Airlines to Smuggle Arms to Hezbollah
  17. Iran: Iran FM Says ‘Terrorists Must be Purged’ from Syria
  18. Iran: US Tracks Elaborate Terror Scheme by Iran
  19. Iran: Iranian TV censors: “Buffaloes walking out of the water from behind is provocative”
  20. Iraq: 80-year-old man prays, starts to walk out of mosque, is murdered by the Islamic State
  21. Iraq: Basra Oil Facility Stormed By Protesters, 2 Hostages Taken In Growing Chaos
  22. Japan: Japanese Government Admits First Fukushima Radiation Death
  23. Malaysia: Counter terrorism cop confirms elements of jihad terrorism among Rohingya refugees
  24. Malaysia: Two women caned as lesbians, state Sharia official says punishment “in line with provisions in the Quran”
  25. Malaysia: Malaysian leader: Disagree with public caning and you risk being accused of being anti-Islam
  26. North Korea: North Korea Committed To Denuclearize by the End of Trump’s Term, SK Officials Say
  27. Pakistan: Pakistani Christians’ homes ransacked by Muslim mob after son falsely charged with abduction, rape
  28. Pakistan: Muslims beat group of Christians for protecting church property
  29. Pakistan: Christian loses sight in one eye in brutal attack by Muslim neighbors
  30. Pakistan: Muslim cleric joins Muslim mob that beat and stoned Christian man, blinding him
  31. Philippines: Philippines President Visits Israel, will Sign Major Agreements
  32. Philippines: Muslims murder one person and injure 15 with bomb in cafe in mostly Christian city
  33. Saudi Arabia: Muslim clerics fighting attempts to end child marriage
  34. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia to punish “content that ridicules, mocks and disrupts religious values” with 5 years, $800,000 fine
  35. Saudi Arabia: Arabs See Iran, not Israel, as Enemy, Says Israel’s Defense Minister
  36. Sri Lanka: Muslim groups say “female circumcision is an obligatory Islamic duty,” condemn moves to ban it
  37. Syria: Blasts from Area of Military Airport Shake Damascus; Syria Denies Israeli Airstrike
  38. Syria: US Forces to Stay in Syria Until Iran Completely Withdraws, ISIS Defeated
  39. Syria: U.S. Launches ‘Defeat-ISIS’ War Drills in Syria
  40. Syria: Report: Russia may soon attack U.S. military base in occupied Syria
  41. Turkey: SHOCKING footage: Muslim dad tied 13 year-old burka clad daughter to back of moving van
  42. Turkey: Turkish Filmmaker Gets 6-Year Prison Sentence For Depicting Execution Of Erdogan
  43. Turkey: Turkey Will Secure Its Energy Supply, No Matter The Cost


  1. Democratic Republic of the Kongo: Ebola outbreak in Congo spreads to new city
  2. Egypt: Muslim mob attacks Christian homes, injuring three people
  3. Egypt: Egyptian media: John McCain was the “Godfather,” “leader,” and “real Supreme Guide” of the Muslim Brotherhood
  4. Egypt: Muslim with “extremist ideas” tries to bomb US Embassy, New York Times says motive unknown
  5. Egypt: After Muslim mobs demonstrate, Christians jailed for worshipping in unlicensed house
  6. Nigeria: Video: Nigerian Christian pastor pleads, “America! Please stand for us. We are dying.”
  7. Nigeria: Kidnapped girl who refused her Muslim captors’ demands to embrace Islam pleads for help
  8. South Africa: The UN IMF Approves of South Africa’s Expropriation of Land from White Farmers. South African Bank Demands Loans Be Paid in Full
  9. South Africa: South African Farmer Reports on What Is Really Happening in His Country Regarding Land Seizure
  10. South Africa: South Africa Will Go the Way of Zimbabwe If It Doesn’t Change Course
  11. South Africa: South Africa Tried Taking White Farms, Now Their Economy Is in a Tailspin
  12. Tunisia: Tunisia’s once-lavish resorts deserted and abandoned after jihad massacres of tourists


  1. Australia: Muslima accused of being member of the Islamic State
  2. Australia: New Australian PM Opens Border to Millions of Jihadis
  3. Australia: Terror As 200 Migrants Brawl In Melbourne
  4. Australia: Solar Panels Were Just Printed Up in Australia in a World First
  5. Australia: Leftist MP lobbies for Islamic scholar who called for execution of gays to be granted visa
  6. Australia: Inmates Brutally Beat Stepfather Responsible for Gruesome Death of Baby
  7. New Zealand: Tech Titans Plotting Doomsday Escape to Luxury Bunkers in New Zealand…


  1. Canada: “Trudeau, fast becoming Canada’s Idi Amin, might have you arrested if you depart from his policies”
  2. Canada: Concern about Toronto’s mayor and Muslim extremists
  3. Canada: Former Canadian Prime Minister WARNS Britain about Jeremy Corbyn’s Antisemitism in Op-Ed
  4. Cuba: Needy Cubans Reduced to Using Condoms for Fishing, Birthday Balloons, Wine Making


  1. Brazil: “Tropical Trump” Bolsonaro May Be Brazil’s Next President
  2. Brazil: Brazil’s Trump: Brazil presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro STABBED in street
  3. Brazil: Brazil Museum Fire: Ancient Torah Scrolls Saved Ahead of Time
  4. Brazil: Brazilian “Art” Exhibition Promotes and Normalizes Pedophilia In A Disgusting Way


World-Currencies Banner


  1. NAFTA: Trump Threatens To Freeze Canada Out of New NAFTA Arrangement
  2. NAFTA: Off the Record, Trump Reveals Canadian NAFTA Strategy: “Totally on Our Terms”
  3. White House Forecasts 3.5 Percent GDP Growth in Third Quarter
  4. Economy Booming: Could We See Trump’s Claimed 5% GDP Growth?
  5. America is headed to ‘crazytown’
  6. JUST BEFORE THE CRASH: The 2 Patterns to look for! By Lynette Zang (Video: 18:12 minutes long.)
  7. A poster child for the coming debt crisis
  8. Over $3 Billion Wiped From Market Value After Nike Names Colin Kaepernick Face of 30th Anniversary
  9. Nike’s online sales jumped 31% after company unveiled Kaepernick campaign
  10. DEVELOPING: Global debt levels raise red flags…
  11. Theranos is shutting down for good
  12. More Evidence of Robust U.S. Economy
  13. These “Gradual” Rate Hikes Start to Add Up: US Treasury Yields up to Three Years Hit 10-Year Highs
  14. JPMorgan: The Next Market Crash Will Usher In Major SOCIAL UNREST
  15. It’s beginning to look a lot like a crisis
  16. The $63 Trillion EM Debt Bubble Implodes As Many Global Currencies Are In Total Meltdown
  17. When The US’s Stock Market Bubble Bursts, Inevitable Disaster Will Follow
  18. The Revelations About Weaponized Politics Threaten Financial Market Stability
  19. This Is Not A Drill: MARKET CRASH Coming As The Everything Bubble Pops
  20. Lynette Zang: What Hyperinflation And The Reset Look Like From Actual Boots On The Ground
  21. The government has moved on from the Equifax breach, but you shouldn’t
  22. The ‘Greatest Investor of All Time’ Has Just One Word of Advice
  23. The Real Reason Hooters is Disappearing Across the Country
  24. How Much Money Does The Average American Have in Their Bank?
  25. Why Rising Interest Rates Are Not Always Good For Banks
  26. The Pension Crisis Is Bigger Than The World’s 20 Largest Economies
  27. The Fed’s QE Unwind Hits $250 Billion
  28. Fed Said to Be Less Prepared For Crisis Than 10 Years Ago
  29. Global Stocks Slide On Tariff, Payrolls Suspense; Dollar Drops
  30. Tariffs: Trump Threatens China With Another $267BN In Tariffs
  31. Labor: Ivanka Trump’s Role as “Jobs Czar” Challenged by Robotics, AI, and Private Industry
  32. Labor: 4 Key Points to Consider About Trump’s Federal Pay Decision
  33. Labor: U.S. Job Growth Surges; Annual Wage Gain Largest Since 2009
  34. Labor: US adds a strong 201K jobs; unemployment stays at 3.9 pct.
  35. Labor: While the Left Steals the Spotlight, Unemployment Hits 49-Year Low
  36. Labor: Why workers are earning better pay — and why it won’t help them all that much
  37. Labor: When Up Is Down: Why The Jump In Hourly Earnings Confirms Economic Slowdown
  38. Trade: U.S. Trade War: Japan to Suspend Iran Oil Imports Amid Donald Trump Sanctions Threats
  39. Trade: Trade War Could Affect 11 Million US Blue-Collar Workers
  41. Oil: Gold-Acquiring Foreign Powers Put Petro-Dollar in Jeopardy
  42. Oil: Chris Vermeulen: Oil Likely To Find Support In Uptrend
  43. Oil: U.S. benchmark oil prices slip, book first weekly loss in 3 weeks
  44. Stocks: Tech Stocks Retreat as Senate Hearing Proceeds
  45. Stocks: Tesla erupts in chaos after senior execs leave
  46. Stocks: Elon Musk shakes up Tesla’s executive team after key departures
  47. Stocks: The mind technique Jeff Bezos uses (works for investors, too)
  48. Stocks: Why the next four months favor the bulls
  49. Stocks: The Stock Market “September Effect” Is More Concerning Than The “October Effect”
  50. Stocks: Yardeni urges investors to stay the course as U.S. stocks are still in meltup mode
  51. Stocks: Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma to step down, stock dips
  52. Stocks: An easy way for investors to buy protection: Value stocks with high dividend yields
  53. Stocks: These small-cap stocks are trading at lower valuations despite big gains
  54. Stocks: Look beyond Nike to these seven sporty stocks, says Jeff Reeves
  55. Stocks: Stock market logs weekly loss as Trump hints at more China tariffs
  56. Stocks: S&P 500, Nasdaq log 4th loss in a row, Dow erases weekly gain as China tariff spat spooks Wall Street
  57. Stocks: Stocks Cycle Downward Right On Schedule
  58. Gold: ‘Win-win situation’ for gold is forming
  59. Gold: This will ‘unlock the cage for well-rested gold bulls’
  60. Gold: US Mint Sold Out of Gold Buffalo Coins 2018
  61. Gold: Rob Kirby: The Day Is Coming When You Will Not Be Able To Buy 1 Ounce Of Gold For Fiat Currency
  62. Gold: What Does The COT Report Really Imply For The Gold Price?
  63. Gold: Gold Market Intervention By BIS Declines After $100 Gold Price Plunge
  64. Gold: Gold Awaits The Decision On Tariffs And China’s Response – David Brady
  65. Gold: The Ongoing Crisis In Turkey Can Teach Us Something About Gold
  66. Gold: Elliott Wave Trader: A Close Above This Level Would Be A Very Positive Sign For Gold
  67. Gold: Real Talk: How Is Gold Going To React To A Fed Rate Hike This Month?
  68. Gold: Gold Is Surging To Record Highs In Many Emerging Market Currencies
  69. Gold: Why Would Anybody Even Think About Buying Gold?
  70. Gold: The Most Bullish Gold Set-Up IN HISTORY | Fund Manager
  71. Gold & Silver: Congressmen Introduce Bill to End Taxation of Gold and Silver
  72. Gold & Silver: Audio Alert: U.S. Mint Questions Taxation of Gold & Silver
  73. Gold & Silver: Another Groundhog Week In Gold & Silver Is Enough To Make Any Investor Numb
  74. Silver: Red Line Ringing: We Need To Talk About The 45,000 Sealed Indictments, Silver, And Dow 26669.11
  75. Silver: Silver At $14: Some Of The Silver Miners Are Now Losing $2 Or More PER OUNCE
  76. Silver: If There Was Ever A Spring-Loaded Trade Set-Up In Market History – It Is Now In Silver
  77. Silver: Bix Weir: There Is NOWHERE For Silver To Go Except For UP, UP, AND AWAY!
  78. Precious Metals: Will This September Be One for Precious Metals Investors to Remember?
  79. Precious Metals: John Rubino: It’s Painful Along The Way But Precious Metals Investors Will Be Vindicated
  80. Bitcoin: Bitcoin on track for three consecutive losing sessions
  81. Dollar: Dollar pops higher after August jobs data show pickup in wage growth
  82. Dollar: Dollar, Yields Surge After Wages Come In Hot
  83. BofA: This Is A Redux Of The 1998 Crisis…. Just One Thing Is Missing
  84. Retirement: One-Third Of Americans Have Less Than $5,000 Saved For Retirement
  85. Retirement: Avoid making these 3 huge tax mistakes ahead of your retirement
  86. Retirement: Retirees often overlook one of the best investments available
  87. Retirement: Here’s why you shouldn’t retire super early — even if you can
  88. Retirement: Here’s What the Average Retiree Spends in a Month
  89. Real-estate: Mortgage rates tick up again as Fannie, Freddie start a second decade in limbo
  90. Real-estate: The road to homeownership: First-time buyers in Salt Lake City


  1. India: India’s Central Bank Sells Treasuries And Buys Gold For The First Time In Nearly A Decade
  2. Iran: Iran’s Currency Falls to Lowest Rate Amid Collapse of Nuclear Deal
  3. Iran: “Even Diapers Are Scarce”: Iran’s Rial Plummets To Record Low Amid Economic Carnage
  4. Israel: Israel, Hong Kong Sign Financial Tech Agreement
  5. Japan: First India, Now Japan – Gold Smuggling On The Rise
  6. Turkey: Nomi Prins: Look Out For Emerging Market Contagion


  1. England: Pensioners in Great Britain See Consistent Growth in Real Estate Wealth
  2. Estonia: “It’s Bigger Than We Thought” – Danske Bank Money-Laundering Case Involved Staggering $150 Billion
  3. Europe: After 10 Years of “Recovery,” What Are Central Banks So Afraid Of?
  4. Europe: Deutsche Bank’s Top Investor Selling Its Entire Stake Under Orders From China
  5. Greece: Politicians And The Media Say That The Greek Financial Crisis Is Over, But Greece Actually Is Dead
  6. UK: Foreigners Selling UK Debt as Hard BEXIT appears
  7. UK: U.K. Housing Prices Rising Modestly


Earth News Banner

  1. California: DEVELOPING: Fire roaring through Northern California triples in size
  2. Colorado: DEVELOPING: Water levels continue to drop to “Dangerous Levels” at Lake Mead and Lake Powell
  3. Earth: As the Arctic thaws NASA releases video of bubbling lakes releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere at unprecedented rates
  4. Earth: Injecting wastewater underground can cause earthquakes up to 10 kilometers away
  5. Earth: Gordon aims to hit Gulf Coast as hurricane after nightfall
  6. Earth: Drought Conditions Worsened Across The United States In August
  7. Earth: Rising CO2 producing “miracle” re-greening effects across the planet as global tree cover rapidly expands
  8. Earth: DEVELOPING: Florence upgraded to Category 4 hurricane in Atlantic
  9. Ecuador: The 3rd major quake to strike the Pacific Ring Of Fire in the last 36 hours rocks Ecuador coronal activity on our Sun suggests more to come?
  10. Ecuador: Powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes Ecuador – Capital Quito affected
  11. Fiji: BOOM! Massive mag 7.8 rocks Fiji after mag 6.7 strikes Japan yesterday…Pacific ring still very active after August record haul
  12. Japan: Disaster drills being held across Japan to prepare for “massive earthquake”…
  13. Japan: Strong typhoon slams western Japan; 8 dead, airport flooded
  14. Japan: Typhoon “Jebi” leaves 1.6 million without power, 9 dead and 300 injured in Japan
  15. Japan: When will they learn? A powerful mag 6.7 earthquake paralysed the northern island of Hokkaido Japan knocking out Tomari nuclear plant
  16. Japan: Nuke power station running on emergency power as huge earthquake rocks Japan
  17. Japan: UPDATE: At least 19 missing, 120 injured after powerful quake strikes Hokkaido, triggering landslides
  18. Philippines: The 4th major quake to strike the Pacific Ring Of Fire in the last two days rocks the southern Philippines with a powerful mag 6.1
  19. Space: Some Scientists warn of DEEP FREEZE as sun goes quiet for most of 2018
  20. Space: Within The Next 7 Days A Large Solar Storm Will Hit Earth And Comet 21P Will Make The Closest Approach In 72 Years
  21. Wyoming: Yellowstone volcano was rattled by more than 100 deep earthquakes in August


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Investigate the Link between Psychiatric Drugs and Senseless Violence

With increasing acts of violence and mass murder being committed by individuals under the influence of legally prescribed psychotropic drugs, we are calling for a federal investigation into the drugs being prescribed and what role they play in mass killings. All too often one common denominator has surfaced in hundreds of cases—prescribed psychiatric drugs. 27 international drug regulatory agency warnings confirm these drugs can cause side effects of mania, psychosis, violence, suicide and homicidal ideation. Individuals under the influence of these drugs have used planes, guns, bombs and swords in inexplicable acts of mass murder. We ask the federal government to put people over profit & launch a federal investigation into this issue. 

I Support the Flag and Not Nike – Sign our Petition to Nike

Nike announced on Monday it would make former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick the face of its “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. #JustDoIt” ad campaign. This is unbelievable! Kaepernick is the person who started the kneeling protests during the national anthem during the 2016 season, which lasted into last season. As Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has said, the national anthem is not the time or place to protest any perceived social injustice. It’s a moment to stand together as Americans despite our differences. The display of the American flag and the playing of the national anthem is to honor our country as a whole and to respect the men and women who serve and have served in our military to protect our freedoms and our way of life.

Nike could have chosen from many star athletes who love our country, or even a non-athlete such as a war hero who lost his life truly making the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  The fact that Nike would choose Kaepernick is a slap in the face to millions of Americans.

Let Nike know what you think about this!

Another backdoor gun control scheme

They’re at it again!

If Democrat Senators Dick Durbin (IL) and Chuck Schumer (NY) get their way, gun owners could go to jail — for a MINIMUM of five years — simply for posting a file that will allow honest citizens to print their own 3D-guns.

These Senators are trying to sucker Republicans into supporting this gun control by helping them pass prison reform legislation.

But for gun owners across America, this should be a non-starter!

The battle begins with the House-passed prison reform bill (H.R. 5682). In and of itself, the House-passed bill is not anti-gun.

But the Senate, with some help from the White House, is insisting that the House bill be coupled with the Senate’s sentencing reform bill (S. 1917), which is seriously anti-gun.

The specific problem is section 107 of the Grassley-Durbin-Schumer bill which imposes a 5-year MANDATORY MINIMUM PRISON SENTENCE for violation of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

This is a battle that GOA has fought against (and won) in the past.  

But now the anti-gunners are making another pass at this.

The ITAR revisions would outlaw gunsmithing with respect to a wide variety of guns.

Eight states have now successfully sued to criminalize over 100,000 downloads of instructions for making a gun from a 3D-printer.

In addition, communicating “how-to” information on the Internet with respect to guns on the Munitions List would also earn you a MINIMUM 5 years in prison under the Grassley-Durbin-Schumer bill.

The problem is that these ITAR regulations deem that any item of information posted on any medium is communicated to every person with access to that medium. 

Therefore, any “how-to” gun-related information on the Internet is deemed to have been communicated to everyone on the Internet (including terrorists). 

So please urge your Senators to OPPOSE any prison reform bill that also threatens to put  gunsmiths out of business — and threatens to punish gun owners with a FIVE YEAR MINIMUM sentence in jail for merely publishing certain gun-related information on the web.

But there’s another reason that Senators Durbin and Schumer love “sentencing reform”: Murderers, drug traffickers and rapists are natural “blue voters.”

So if you can get drug traffickers out of the prison cell and into the voting booth, it will ensure that anti-gun zealots like Elizabeth Warren will be able to defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

One more thing: If you let drug traffickers back on the street again, crime will go through the roof. Homicides will soar.

And you know what that means: New calls for gun control!

So now is the time to stop S. 1917, the sentencing reform bill, and to ensure that it is not combined with the House-passed prison reform bill


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  1. WATCH: Incredible Discoveries in Mount Zion Excavations
  2. Determining the Date of the Exodus
  3. Oldest surviving Maya book declared authentic
  4. Romulus and Remus, Osiris and Moses: Are the Storytelling Similarities a Mere Coincidence?
  5. Israeli town of Yavneh had thriving drug culture 3,000 years ago
  6. Archaeologists Unearth the Oldest Neolithic Settlement in Egypt
  7. 20 Million Artifacts In Latin America’s Largest Museum – Gone – In Blazing Inferno
  8. Magnificent Gärde Church of Gotland was Built on the Site of Ancient Viking Graveyard
  9. Researchers Find Physical Evidence for the Existence of a Female Pope
  10. House of Taga: Trinian Island’s Unique Megalithic Construction
  11. 4000-Year-Old Ural Necropolis Reveals Migrant Horse Breeders Died Very, Very Young
  12. Controversial Lead Codices With Earliest Written Account of Jesus Confirmed Authentic
  13. First Swedish City was Metropolis of Viking-Era Immigrants
  14. Te Wairoa: The Buried Village of New Zealand
  15. Grave of Female Scythian Warrior Found in Ukraine
  16. The Lost World of Socotra: The Most Alien-Looking Place on Earth
  17. Sunk by a Tsunami, Underwater Archaeologists Finally Find the Ruins of the Roman City Neapolis
  18. Skeleton Stalagmite Reveals Human Inhabitants in Mexico At Least 13,000 Years Ago
  19. Minoan Cemetery Reveals Two Early Burials Overflowing with Grave Goods
  20. Christian Basilica, and now Possibly a Roman Pagan Temple Found in a Turkish Lake
  21. These are the ruins of the fortress where John the Baptist was executed
  22. Bottle filled with “Mystery Liquid” dating back to time of Jesus Christ discovered
  23. WATCH: Israel Preserves Ancient Relics Around Gas Field
  24. Archeologists may have discovered one of the most important places in Christian history


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Ten Tribes Studies (2 September, 2018, 22 Elul, 5778)
  2. Brit-Am Research Sources (3 September, 2018, 23 Elul, 5778)
  3. Israelites in the Netherlands
  4. Judah & Joseph are Separate! (Video: 16:51 minutes long.)
  5. Ten Tribes Studies (5 September, 2018, 25 Elul, 5778)
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  7. America’s Biblical Identity (Video: 2:02 minutes long.)


The 37 Blessings in the Bible

All the Blessings and Their Conditions in the Bible: The 37 Blessings in the Bible and God’s Requirements for them

All the Blessings and Their Conditions in the Bible: a Hebraic Perspective: The 37 Blessings in the Bible and God’s Requirements for them.

Beloved Christians today need reassurance that we can succeed in being right with God. Most people want to succeed in some area; i.e., business, family relations, music, sports, politics, education, etc. But many Believers become discouraged as they try to live for God and find that they fail continuously. Some eventually give up entirely, very sad indeed.

The purpose of this book is to show that God has provided all the blessings we need to serve Him successfully. These blessings are available to everyone. Salvation IS a free gift, but what about the blessings? 

To achieve a successful life, we must MEET CONDITIONS that require effort—but all of us are capable of meeting these conditions. You can have God’s power working in your life if you meet the requirements of the various blessings, it is conditional, in the same sense when God says: Draw close to Me and THEN I will come closer to you – yes it is all conditional. Another example is: Pray for the peace of Jerusalem AND you will be blessed.

There are 37 different areas / conditions where you can be blessed. I have listed all of them and their conditions for you, beloved reader. 

Brace yourself, this book will encourage you as we come to the real understanding of the blessings.

(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


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John 3:1-12 “1 There was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. 2 This man came to Jesus by night and said to Him, “Rabbi, we know that You are a teacher come from God; for no one can do these signs that You do unless God is with him.” 3 Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” 4 Nicodemus said to Him, “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?” 5 Jesus answered, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. 6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. 7 Do not marvel that I said to you, “You must be born again.” 8 The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.” 9 Nicodemus answered and said to Him, “How can these things be?” 10 Jesus answered and said to him, “Are you the teacher of Israel, and do not know these things? 11 Most assuredly, I say to you, We speak what We know and testify what We have seen, and you do not receive Our witness. 12 If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things? (New King James Version)

The root and trunk of the born-again doctrine is found within John 3. Matthew, Mark, and Luke do not speak directly of it at all, though without directly naming it, they supply supporting information. It is not until the epistles of Paul, Peter, and especially John that main branches of this doctrine make appearances. Thus, as we begin, it is helpful for us to perceive the wide treatment of figures John uses to prepare us for how he uses them to support the various elements of this important, foundational doctrine.

He begins using symbolism immediately in John 1, identifying Jesus as the Word, the central Figure in God’s spiritual work in men’s behalf. He continues, speaking of light, darkness, baptism, the Lamb of God, and the Temple, among others, before the reader arrives at John 3.

The imagery regarding the Temple (John 2:18-22) is especially interesting because it immediately precedes Jesus’ teaching on born again in John 3. The Jews listening to Jesus immediately reject what He teaches based on what He says being a physical impossibility. Indeed, it is physically impossible, but note that this is the same reason Nicodemus rejects Jesus’ teaching on born again. Similarly, in John 4:7-15, the woman at the well immediately jumps to the conclusion that Jesus speaks of natural water, and in John 4:31-38, even Jesus’ disciples fail to grasp the spiritual significance of food.

In John 6:32-63, those who listen to His manna discourse follow the same pattern. In fact, His “eat My flesh and drink My blood” imagery so offends many of His disciples that they stop following Him! This consistent failure to grasp the meaning of His imagery continues through the entire book. If, in studying John 3, we follow the same pattern of misunderstanding His spiritual imagery, like Nicodemus, we will also misunderstand being born again.

We must recognize that this spiritualizing continues in John 3. In fact, for the children of God, it not only continues, but it also increases exponentially in terms of its importance to their spiritual lives! It is an unvarnished truth that only those who are born again will see and enter the Kingdom of God (John 3:5). Jesus is teaching that, besides one’s biological birth, one must also experience a supernatural, spiritual birth. Just as surely as a Christian is not merely biologically begotten but born, there is no such thing as a non-born-again Christian.

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see:  Born Again or Begotten? (Part One)


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The Baptism of Repentance — Part 10 by Brad Scott

The act of baptizing and being baptized is used dozens of times in both testaments. However, there is one occasion in which this word appears in the plural.

Ivrim [Hebrews] 6:1-2
Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Messiah, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God, Of the doctrine of baptisms, and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment.

According to Paul there is only one baptism.

There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; One YHVH, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.

I believe that the writer of Ivrim [Hebrews] is speaking of the various and sundry ways in which some one can be immersed in something, whether that be water, the Spirit of God, fire, or the Messiah. I believe that there is only one immersion into the body of Messiah, and it is this immersion that Paul is referring to. It is this immersion that everyone who has called upon the God of Israel from the beginning have been placed in. The scriptures are clear that the Messiah was the Word of God made flesh and has eternally existed. There is only one Seed, which is the Word of God, so there can be only one baptism into that Word. All other baptisms are ‘experienced’ in our walk with the Word of God. For example, Yochanan [John] the immerser tells us that he baptized with water unto repentance. This, as we discussed last time, is a faithful human experience with water appropriately representing repentance. But, he says, there is one after me (Messiah) who will baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire. I contend that this is also a faithful human experience that the Messiah appropriates. In other words, outside of the Word of God (Messiah) there can be no receiving of this baptism. I believe it is an experience which many encounter after having received the Word of God, and an event in which others encounter at the same time they receive the Word of God. A casual reading of the book of Acts will demonstrate that every occurrence and experience concerning the Holy Spirit is a different experience with different manifestations. While it appears in Acts 2:38-39, that water baptism seems to precede the receiving of the Holy Spirit, later on in Acts 10:44-48, water baptism follows the receiving of the Holy Spirit. I believe that the seminal act of God is the planting of His Word into our hearts. After that, it is different for all of us, depending on where our walk is at.

Only that which is eternal (unseen) can change or cleanse that which is temporal (seen). When someone receives the Messiah by faith, he or she receives the Word or Seed of God. Now this Seed is planted in order to produce fruit, and that Seed, by law, can only produce the fruit of the Seed that is planted. Our fruit, according to the scriptures, is the things we say and the things we do.

Mizmor [Psalm] 1:2-3
But his delight is in the Torah of YHVH; and in his Torah doth he meditate day and night.And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

Yirmeyahu [Jeremiah] 32:19
Great in counsel, and mighty in work: for thine eyes are open upon all the ways of the sons of men: to give every one according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings:

Romans 6:22
But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life.

Mattityahu [Matthew] 7:17-18
Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

I could have quoted a massive amount of verse dealing with the Word of God and fruit, but God in His awesome foreknowledge knew that men are capable of messing with His Word. So, in anticipation of that, He revealed the meaning of our fruit in the actual Hebrew letters that make of the word for fruit. The Hebrew word for fruit is periy. The consonants that make up this word are a peh, a resh and a yod. The peh is the letter for the mouth, the resh is the letter for the head, and the yod is the letter for the hand. The word for fruit means the things you say (mouth) and the things you do (hand). The resh lies in the heart of the word and means the ‘head of‘ or that which directs. The Seed is the Word of God or His instructions and teaching, which is His Torah. It is what determines the kind of fruit God’s people are to produce. When we receive the Word of God, we receive God Himself, according to Yochanan [John] 1:1-14. The Spirit of God comes with God, because He is God. Yochanan 14:26 tells us the purpose of the Holy Spirit:

Yochanan [John] 14:26
But the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

The seminal function of the Holy Spirit is to bring to our remembrance all things that the Messiah has taught. Once we have received the Word of God (the Good Seed), everything else is produced by our fruit. This includes water baptism, the manifestations of the Holy Spirit, and the fruit listed in Galatians 5:22-23. I will cut to the chase. Based upon the principle of the Seed, I believe that one can receive the Word of God and be saved from the wages of sin (death), and yet still receive the Holy Spirit, have the Holy Spirit fall on them. and manifest the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit (Ruach HaQodesh) is a term used to describe the active, demonstrative presence of God. It is a ‘three-dimensional’ word used to express God when we see Him acting, moving, rising, falling, entering, leaving, immersing, filling. grieving, rejoicing and giving. Baptism in or with the Holy Spirit is something I would desire every day of my life. Please, let us not attempt to compartmentalize the work of the Spirit of God. As a flower who has already been planted through no effort of my own, rain on me and in me O God, any time and any way you choose.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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  1. Annual Torah Cycle for 2017-2018 (This is a downloadable PDF file.)

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UPDATE: The New Moon was NOT sighted in Israel on September 10, 2018. Therefore, at sunset on a September 11, 2018 begins the seventh Hebrew month of Tishri 1 which is Yom Teruah (Trumpets). This is a High Holy Day.

Spring Feasts Dates for 2018

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Yom Teruah (Trumpets) Scripture Readings

Genesis 21:1—22:24; Numbers 29:1-6; 1 Samuel 1:1—2:10; Jeremiah 31:2-20 (Chumash: Jeremiah 31:1-19); 1 Corinthians 15:50-57; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Revelation 11:15—19:10

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Yom Kippur (Atonement) Scripture Readings

Morning Reading: Leviticus 16:1-34; Numbers 29:7-11; Isaiah 57:14—58:14; Psalm 35:10-28; Romans 3:21-26; Hebrews 5:1—7:28
Afternoon Reading: Leviticus 18:1-30; Jonah 1:1—4:11; Micah 7:18-20; 2 Corinthians 5:10-21; Hebrews 8:1—10:39; Revelation 19:11-1


Sukkot (Tabernacles) Scripture Readings

Day 1: Genesis 48—49; Leviticus 22:26—23:44; Numbers 29:12-16; 1 Kings 8:2-21; Psalm 105, 113, 120—121; Zechariah 14:1-21; Matthew 6:1-34, 18:3-6, 19:4; John 1:10-14; Revelation 7:1-10, 21:1-4

Day 2: Exodus 33:12—34:26; Numbers 29:17-19; Psalm 114, 122—123; Ecclesiastes 1:1—2:26; Ezekiel 38:18—39:16; Matthew 20:1-16

Day 3: Leviticus 22:26—23:44; Numbers 29:20-22; Psalm 115, 124—125; Ecclesiastes 3:1—4:16; Matthew 20:17-28

Day 4: Numbers 29:23-25; Psalm 116, 126—127; Ecclesiastes 5:1—6:12; Matthew 13:44-46

Day 5: Exodus 33:12—34:26; Numbers 29:26-28;  Psalm 117, 128—129; Ecclesiastes 7:1—8:17; Ezekiel 38:18—39:16; Matthew 11:25-30

Day 6: Numbers 29:29-31; Psalm 118, 130—131; Ecclesiastes 9:1—10:20; Matthew 10:1-42

Day 7: Numbers 29:32-34; Psalm 132—133; Ecclesiastes 11:1—12:14; John 7:1-50; Revelation 20:7-15

Day 8 (Shemini-AtzeretSimhat Torah): Deuteronomy 14:22—16:17; Numbers 29:35-40 (Chumash:Numbers 29:35—30:1); 1 Kings 8:54-66; Psalm 134—135; Jeremiah 2:13—17:13; Zechariah 14:1-21; Matthew 6:1-34; John 7:1—8:11; Revelation 21:1—22:21

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