News You May Not Have Heard About — 08/19/2018

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  1. Trump Responds to London Terrorist Attack: These ‘Animals’ Must Be Dealt With Through ‘Toughness and Strength’
  2. Trump Signs Defense Bill With Biggest Pay Bump for Soldiers in Nearly a Decade
  3. Trump Signs Bill Named After Sen. McCain, Still Finds Way To Troll Rival
  4. Trump Calls Out ‘Lowlife’ Steele, ‘Scared Stiff’ Sessions
  5. Trump Approves Largest-Ever Aid Package to Israel
  6. President Trump Targets Peter Strzok, Crooked Hillary in Tweetstorm – Then SLAMS AG Sessions AGAIN!
  7. Trump revokes Brennan security clearance
  8. Trump Issues Fiery Response to Coordinated Attack from 300 Newspapers
  9. Trump Celebrates ‘Great’ Night of Election Results, Touts ‘Red Wave’
  10. Trump Lures Media with Omarosa Dog Comment. Trap They Never Noticed Snaps Shut
  11. POLITICAL EARTHQUAKE! Trump Approval Ratings with Black Voters Soars to New All-Time High at 36%
  12. EXCLUSIVE TO GATEWAY PUNDIT: Trump Delivered a Letter to Vladimir Putin – Here Is What It Says
  13. President Trump says he has cancelled military parade
  14. Trump: I Cancelled Military Parade Because of Dishonest DC Politicians
  15. Trump expects to revoke Ohr’s security clearance
  16. Trump won’t say whether he’d pardon Manafort
  17. “Trump Makes Promises And Keeps Them…Trump Promised To Throw Hillary In Jail And He Will”
  18. Trump tweet storm against ‘Speech Code Cartel’
  19. Trump Issues “Declaration Of War” Warning After US-Mexico Drug Conflict Death Toll Soars Over 280,000
  20. Trump Drops the Hammer on Social Media Giants


  1. Trump Administration: Trump Admin Builds ‘More Lethal’ U.S. Military, Expands Force by Nearly 16,000
  2. Trump Administration: Millions to Help Immigrants “Foster a Sense of Belonging and Attachment” to U.S.
  3. Trump Administration: Trump to Sanction Iranian Ship Identified in Facilitating Terror Strikes
  4. Trump Administration: Trump Administration Taking the Fight to California Over ‘Bad Environmental Laws’
  5. Trump Administration: US suspends military training program for Pakistan
  6. Senate: Senate confirms more Trump judges
  7. Department of Defense: The Earliest Signing of the NDAA in 40 Years Is a Giant Step in Rebuilding the Military
  8. State Department: Tensions Flare in U.S.-Canada Border Dispute Over Island
  9. State Department: U.S. Says Small Russian Satellite A Space Weapon
  10. Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center: V.A. facility in D.C. resembles ‘3rd world hospital’
  11. Department of Housing and Urban Development: Ben Carson’s HUD Launches Serious Investigation of Facebook
  12. Pentagon: Pentagon Looks to Speed up ‘Third Wave’ AI Technologies
  13. Pentagon: PENTAGON Aware Of Supernatural Connection To Middle East Developments!? (Video: 28:30 minutes long.)
  14. Pentagon: Pentagon Whistleblower Demoted After Exposing Millions Paid To FBI Spy Halper, Clinton Crony
  15. Pentagon: China Boosts Nuclear Readiness
  16. U.S. Army: Army Brigadier General Says John Brennan Is a ‘Clear and Present Danger’ Who Wants to ‘Overthrow’ Trump
  17. National Institutes of Health: Feds Spend $30,257 to Help Transgenders Change Their Voice
  18. Office of Management and Budget: How Congress Could Generate Enormous Savings Across the Government
  19. FBI warns of imminent mass attack on world’s ATMs…
  20. U.S. House of Representatives: Criticize Islam, then lose your government job
  21. National Defense: US to force Al Jazeera to disclose workings under foreign agents act
  22. CIA: Shocking Report Details How CIA Hubris Exposed Agents In China, Resulting In 30 Executions
  23. Pompeo: Pompeo Forms “Iran Action Group” To Coordinate All Iran Strategy, Reports Directly To White House
  24. Pompeo: US Announces Creation of Iran Action Group to Maximize Pressure on Regime
  25. Senate Intelligence Committee: Top Senate Investigator: After 19 Months, Still No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion


  1. ABC confirms it ran a false flag operation with ACTORS to try to accuse Trump supporters of being violent, intolerant
  2. Corporate media once again covering up the radical Islamic terrorism behind this week’s London terror attack
  3. CNN goes insane, claims independent media is a “terrorist” network that should be criminalized and exterminated
  4. Boston Globe calls for coordinated media collusion to destroy Trump… haven’t they already been doing that for three years?
  5. Lester Holt “word salad” satire video shows the horrifying dishonesty of journalism’s “selective editing”
  6. Mozilla / Firefox goes all in for EVIL… pushes corporate news collusion to silence independent media
  7. American media WORSE than Nazi Germany with constant stream of fake news propaganda – WATCH at
  8. Fake news CNN plants “regretful” Trump voter in attempt to claim POTUS is losing his base
  9. Watch ‘Idiot’ Spreading Fake News Get Ripped Apart By Foaming-At-The-Mouth Mattis


  1. US Doubles The Number Of Marines In Norway: No Big Deal Or Serious Threat To Russia?
  2. Stunning Letter To US Federal Judge Preparing To Sentence George Papadopolous Exposes Massive Scandal
  3. US Demands Urgent Meeting After Historic Russian Agreement Spells Final Doom For American Empire
  4. Clinton: Evidence: Trump Tower meeting set up by Hillary operatives
  5. Clinton: New Evidence Points to Clinton Operatives Colluding with Russians To Frame Trump Campaign
  6. Clinton: Thomas Lipscomb: What I Know About the Late Peter Smith That the Media and Mueller Team Won’t Tell You
  7. Clinton: Emails Show Junk Dossier Author Chris Steele Was Communicating with Mueller Special Counsel Well Into 2017
  8. Clinton: Devin Nunes: Clinton Campaign Colluded With ‘Nearly Every’ Top Official at the DOJ and FBI
  9. Clinton: 5 more classified Hillary emails uncovered
  10. Clinton: Hillary Caught Red Handed: Newly Released Report Shocks America To Its Core
  11. Clinton: Hillary Caught Again. New Report Reveals More Classified Emails on Unsecured Servers
  12. Obama: Disgraceful: Obama Center Gets Lot for $1, Sticks Taxpayers With Bill for Almost $200M
  13. Obama: Massive Efforts Made to Hide Nellie Ohr’s Involvement in ‘Spygate’ – She May Be the Link Between Former CIA Head Brennan and His Boss – Obama
  14. Obama :’Dossier’ author to Ohr: Comey firing could expose us
  15. Obama: ‘Make Obama President Again’ hits TV
  16. Obama: Obama Took Shock Action as Man Closed in on Anti-Trump Spy Ring
  17. Expert Warns About Changed Threat of ‘ISIS 2.0’ — ‘They’re Looking for High Value Targets’
  18. Rudy Giuliani: Obama’s Bag Man “Ex-CIA Director John Brennan Is Behind The Entire Investigation,” says Rudy Giuliani
  19. Robert Spencer video: John Brennan and others charging Trump with “treason” are the real traitors
  20. John Brennan: SEAL Who Shot Bin Laden Absolutely Humiliates John Brennan
  21. John Brennan: Boothe: Brennan Crying About Abuse of Power, Had To Apologize for Spying on Congress
  22. John Brennan: John Brennan’s CIA ‘Operated Like A Branch Office Of The Hillary Campaign’
  23. John Brennan: John Brennan: I Didn’t Mean That Trump Committed Treason When I Said That Trump Committed Treason (VIDEOS)
  24. John Brennan: Senate Intel Chair Reprimands Brennan, Provides Cover for Trump Stripping Sec. Clearance
  25. John Brennan: John Brennan Exposed By Benghazi Hero: 4 Tweets He Never Saw Coming
  26. Peter Strzok: FBI Fires Strzok After Disastrous Testimony and Anti-Trump Texts
  27. Peter Strzok: 4 Unanswered Questions About FBI, Justice Department After Strzok’s Firing
  28. Peter Strzok: Peter Strzok Reacts to Firing on Newly Created Twitter Account – Begs For $150,000 on GoFundMe
  29. Peter Strzok: Report: Weekly Standard Founder Bill Kristol Caught Up in Spygate Scandal and Linked to Peter Strzok
  30. Peter Strzok: Twitterverse Blows Up After GoFundMe Campaign Opens for Peter Strozk
  31. omarosa_cartoon_tina
  32. Omarosa Manigault-Newman: “LOCK HER UP!” Calls For Omarosa to be Prosecuted Grow After She Releases Secret Recording of Chief of Staff John Kelly (AUDIO)
  33. Omarosa Manigault-Newman: New Audio Released by Omarosa Reveals President Trump Was Unaware of Her Firing — And Was Genuinely Concerned for His Friend (VIDEO)
  34. Omarosa Manigault-Newman: Pollster: Omarosa Says I’m Source of Trump N-Word Story, But I’ve Never Heard It
  35. Omarosa Manigault-Newman: Interview Turns Brutal as Host Asks Omarosa Very Simple Questions from Her Book
  36. Omarosa Manigault-Newman: Trump Breaks Silence, Unloads on Omarosa in Morning Barrage of Tweets
  37. Omarosa Manigault-Newman: White House Slams ‘Lack of Character’ After Omarosa Secretly Records in Situation Room
  38. Omarosa Manigault-Newman: Security experts, Trump allies alarmed by Omarosa recordings
  39. Omarosa Manigault-Newman: Melania Just Gave Omarosa a Major Manners Lesson
  40. Omarosa Manigault-Newman: Trump camp goes to war with Omarosa
  41. Omarosa Manigault-Newman: Omarosa Could Be In for Financial Ruin
  42. Omarosa Manigault-Newman: Long-Time Friend Flips on Omarosa, Debunks N-Word Claim Point-by-Point
  43. Omarosa Manigault-Newman: Black Americans aren’t buying Omarosa’s turn against Trump
  44. Omarosa Manigault-Newman: MLK’s Niece Reveals SICK Truth About Omarosa
  45. Omarosa Manigault-Newman: New Omarosa “Bombshell” Tapes of Lara Trump Turn Out to be Huge Flop (VIDEO)
  46. Omarosa Manigault-Newman: Piers Morgan Reveals ‘Appalling’ ‘#MeToo Moment’ With Omarosa: ‘One of the Worst Human Beings I’ve Ever Encountered’
  47. Omarosa Manigault-Newman: Clinton Staffers Share 2 Years’ Worth of Omarosa Horror Stories
  48. Dinesh D’Souza: Big Lies About Charlottesville – No, White Nationalists Are Not on the Right
  49. Seth Rich: Judge Dismisses Seth Rich Family Civil Suit – Special Guest Retired Homicide Detective Rod Wheeler (Video: 55:33 minutes long.)
  50. Rand Paul: EXCLUSIVE: Senator Rand Paul Thinks Julian Assange Should Be Granted Immunity for Testimony
  51. Herman Cain: Yes, Donald Trump Is the Most Pro-Black President
  52. Paul Manafort: Manafort’s defense rests after calling no witnesses
  53. Paul Manafort: DEVELOPING: Manafort Lawyers Hammer Mueller’s Prosecutors in Closing Arguments ‘Fishing For a Crime’
  54. Paul Manafort: Jury deliberations under way in Manafort trial
  55. Paul Manafort: Judge Ellis Declines Motion by CNN, WaPo to Release Names of Manafort Jurors – Reveals ‘I HAVE BEEN THREATENED’
  56. Paul Manafort: Here’s Why Manafort’s Lawyers Think They Have Enough to Exonerate Their Client
  57. Media-Fox: FOX News: Antifa Is Reporting They Are Blocking Camera Lenses and Cutting Chords to TV Cameras (VIDEO)
  58. Media-Fox: Bill O’Reilly Takes Strong Stance on NFL Anthem Controversy: ‘Don’t Like it, Go to Canada’
  59. Media-Fox: Fox News Breaks Record, Beats CNN in Category They Couldn’t Crack Until Now
  60. Media-USA Today: USA Today shills for Sharia: “American Muslim women don’t need you to save them from Islam”
  61. Media-New York Times: NYT Caught With Tweet So ‘Racist’ They Had to Delete It
  62. Media-Washington Post: Washington Post Gives Pelosi ‘Four Pinocchios’ After She Claimed McConnell Made ‘Racist Statement’ About Obama
  63. Media-Washington Post: Reporter Gets Unexpected Note From Trump, Furious Trump Turned the Tables on Him
  64. Media-Vox: Leftist Website Portrays Brutal MS-13 Gang as Clean-Cut, Hard-Working Teenagers
  65. Media-Rush Limbaugh: Rush Was Right: Leftist Op-Ed Openly Calls for End of Presidential Elections
  66. Media-General: Mainstream Media Throws In the Towel, Accepts Kavanaugh’s Inevitability as SCOTUS Justice
  67. Media-General: The Media’s Double Standard on Taking Relatives’ Views Seriously
  68. Media-Boston Globe: Editors’ collusion against Trump likely self-destructive
  69. Media-CNN: Antifa’s Violence Against ‘Bigots’ Is ‘Right’
  70. Media-CNN: Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez Get Caught Red Handed by CNN
  71. Media-MSNBC: MSNBC Analyst: 10 Percent of Trump Supporters Would Say President Has Power to Kill Their Parents
  72. Media-MSNBC: MSNBC Host Presses Baldwin on ‘Nakedly Political’ Decision to Oppose Kavanaugh Before Meeting Him
  73. Media-MSNBC: Anti-Trump NY Times Columnist Reprimanded by MSNBC Host
  74. Immigration: CIS: 51% of immigrants in US on welfare
  75. Immigration: More Than Half of Foreign Refugees are on Taxpayer-Funded Food Stamps in USA
  76. Immigration: We Hear You: This Woman Regrets Crossing Border Illegally and Supports Trump on Enforcing Law
  77. Immigration: Report: Smuggling of Aliens From Terrorism-Prone Nations Across the Southern Border Should Be Part of the Immigration Debate
  78. QAnon Movement: Ascending: Legacy Media Spotlight Propels QAnon Movement
  79. CAIR: CAIR’s Latest Press Conference Showcases Its Muslim Brotherhood Ties
  80. CAIR: The Hamas-Tied Council on American Islamic Relations’ Bigoted Hate Report Author, Zainab Arain
  81. Antifa: “I Would Murder Him – Do Him Like Gaddafi” Antifa Activists on Video Threaten to Kill President Trump at Unite The Right Counter-Protest
  82. Antifa: Trump’s DOJ Gave Antifa a Brutal Special Designation
  83. Antifa: Secret Service Moves in After Antifa Thugs Finally Cross the Line
  84. Antifa: Antifa, Democratic Socialists And The New World Order
  85. Antifa: Antifa Calls for Removal of President, Overthrow of U.S. Government
  86. Antifa: Young Antifa Protesters Are Asked about Their Political Preferences. Now We Know What They Are Taught in School
  87. Antifa: UNDERCOVER IN ANTIFA: Their Tactics and Media Support Exposed! (Video: 11:33 minutes long.)
  88. Victory: 3 ‘Problem’ Nations Tested Trump, He Sent Them Crawling Back
  89. Obamacare: Audit: Obamacare Pushed Out $434 Million of Improper Payments in 2014
  90. Special Board Gives Leftist Activists a Direct Line to the Census Bureau
  91. The Divisive Consequences of the Census Bureau’s Committee on Race
  92. Bret Kavanaugh: On Kavanaugh and Health Coverage: The Sky Is Not Falling
  93. Bret Kavanaugh: Service Employees International Union (SEIU): SEIU Rallies Supporters Against Kavanaugh Nomination
  94. Bret Kavanaugh: Separation of Powers, Rule of Law Will Guide Kavanaugh’s Decisions, Legal Experts Say
  95. Bret Kavanaugh: How Kavanaugh’s Hearing Will Spotlight Separation of Powers
  96. Alveda King: Revisiting Prophecy After Prison Reform Meeting with Trump at the White House
  97. IRS: At long last: IRS pays up for targeting conservative groups
  98. Harvey Weinstein: Sex trafficking lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein can proceed, judge rules
  99. Progressive feminist group calls on Democratic Party to adopt definition of anti-Semitism
  100. Former Obama Supporter Explains Why She Chose to #WalkAway
  101. Was the June 2016 Trump Tower Meeting a ‘Setup’ By Clinton Operatives with Russian Ties?
  102. All Guns Should Be “Undetectable” to the Government
  103. Pro-Israel Supporters Disappointed As Trump Gives PA $61 Million In Aid
  104. Energy Conferees Shut Down Fuel Economy Mandates as Costly to Consumers
  105. The three big lessons from this week’s primaries
  106. Indictment Reveals GRU Role in Election Meddling
  107. ‘Comedian’ Michelle Wolf, Who Brutally Mocked Sarah Sanders, Gets Shut Down by Netflix
  108. Hugh Fitzgerald: American Aid to the Lebanese Army Won’t Help Cut Hezbollah Down to Size
  110. Alabama: Posting of motto an option in Bama classrooms
  111. Alabama: Alabama Putting God Back in Schools with Ten Commandments, ‘In God We Trust’ Displays
  112. Arizona: Muslim “refugee” couple arrested in Tucson on terror charges and immigration fraud
  113. Boston: Parents Outraged After Teachers Conspire to Reject ‘Objectivity’
  114. California: Disturbing Photos Surface of Disgraced Ex-Disney Director Dressed as Pedophile at Party
  115. California: LA-based Group Threatens School District with Legal Action Over Biased Anti-Israel Curriculum
  116. California: No. 1 solution for No. 2: San Francisco Poop Patrol
  117. California: Newsom to Hold Hollywood Fundraiser With California Still Reeling From Wildfires
  118. California: Los Angeles Implements Body Scanners in Metro System
  119. California: California’s Swalwell Not Ruling Out 2020 Presidential Run
  120. California: ISIS Member Who Applied For Refugee Status Has Been Arrested On Murder Charges In California
  121. California: Islamic State jihadi arrested, had entered US as a “refugee”
  122. California: Out-of-operation power plant is a ‘Fukushima waiting to happen’
  123. California: Sources Indicate Trump to Impose Marital Law In California Unless Brown and CALEXIT Capitulate
  124. Colorado: Colorado Targets Christian Baker Again Despite Supreme Court’s Cake Ruling
  125. Colorado: Colorado man arrested after pregnant wife, 2 children vanish
  126. Colorado: Tables Have Turned: Christian Baker Goes on Offensive, Sues State of Colorado
  127. Florida: Another locker room ‘encounter’ for Planet Fitness
  128. Florida: Kyle Kashuv Celebrates 1st Day of School with Brutal Sheriff Israel Takedown
  129. Florida: Stoneman Douglas at 6 Months
  130. Georgia: Sickening: Illegal Who Killed Airman Gets Outrageous 5 Year Prison Sentence
  131. Georgia: HS Cheerleaders Under Fire After Their Patriotic Shirt Is Called ‘Racist’
  132. Illinois: US Citizen Indicted for ISIS Ties at Hiding in Israel
  133. Illinois: Chicago: Islamic State jihadi quietly released after FBI intervention found in minimum security jail
  134. Illinois: Chicago’s Violence More Proof of How Liberal-Controlled Cities Have Let Down Black Americans
  135. Illinois: Urban Violence Begins in Broken Homes
  136. Iowa: Iowa Dem Invested in Companies that Contaminated Water
  137. Kansas: Kansas governor concedes, says he will endorse GOP nominee
  138. Kansas: North Kansas City school district goes fully gender neutral at two new elementary schools
  139. Louisiana: Rep. Graves Instrumental in Helping Louisiana Flood Victims Still Struggling to Receive Funds
  140. Louisiana: OUTRAGEOUS: Louisiana Deputy FIRED for Being a Proud Boy After Being Targeted by Anti-Cop Facebook Page
  141. Louisiana: Big Banks Tout Being Pro Gun-Control, So Louisiana Just Took $600 Million Out of Their Hands
  142. Maryland: Asian-American Parents Join Forces to Fight for ‘Education Fairness’
  143. Massachusetts: Mayor Pushing Boycott of Sam Adams Over Pro-Trump Owner Gets Wake-Up Call from the Public
  144. Massachusetts: Massachusetts Taxpayers Sue Over Anti-Semitic, Pro-Islam School Lessons
  145. Massachusetts: Voters force referendum on dangerous pro-LGBT bathroom law
  146. Michigan: Double Standard: Dem Candidate Uses Wildly Racist Language To Insult Asian Opponent
  147. Michigan: Watch 100-Year-Old WWII Vet’s Stunned Reaction to Birthday Surprise from Trump
  148. Minnesota: Establishment media blacks out evidence of Muslim Congressional candidate’s perjury
  149. Minnesota: Minnesota Dem Candidate Voted Against Bill to Stop Insurance Payments to Convicted Terrorists
  150. Minnesota: Minneapolis Star-Tribune finally mentions perjury allegations against Muslim Congressional candidate, after she wins
  151. Minnesota: Hijab-Wearing, Jew-Hating Muslima Ilhan Omar Wins Democratic Primary In Keith Ellison’s Old District
  152. Minnesota: Massive Muslim Brotherhood Display of Power to Take Place in Minnesota
  153. Mississippi: LGBT push for ‘full equality’ claims another MS city
  154. Missouri: Missouri Democrats Slam Door on Pro-Life Voters
  155. Nebraska: Nebraska executes first inmate since 1997
  156. New Jersey: Mysterious Object Addressed to Trump Falls Out of Sky – ‘NOT A BOMB’
  157. New Jersey: Pro-Trump Event Gets Rained Out. President Goes Above and Beyond for Those Who Came
  158. New Jersey: NJ Dem Tom Malinowski Tries and Fails to Defend Record of ‘Lobbying for Terrorist Rights’
  159. New Mexico: Mauro: ‘Jihadist Waco’ Narrowly Avoided in New Mexico
  160. New Mexico: The Father, the Son and the Unholy Exorcism
  161. New Mexico: Muslim who was training school shooters in New Mexico compound has two wives
  162. New Mexico: SHOCKING RULING: Judge Releases NM Extremists
  163. New Mexico: Traitor Alert: Guess Which Elected Democrat Just Released Every Single One Of the NM Terrorists
  164. New Mexico: Exclusive: NM Compound’s Links to Al-Qaeda
  165. New Mexico: Potential Terrorist Case in New Mexico Draws Attention to Growing Use of Children in Terrorist Plots
  166. New Mexico: Explosive Details Emerge About New Mexico Cult
  167. New Mexico: New Mexico judge under fire for release of compound suspects
  168. New Mexico: New Mexico jihad compound murder suspect lived in US illegally for 20 years
  169. New Mexico: What’s Going On? New Mexico Authorities Move In to Destroy Jihadi Child Training Camp
  170. New Mexico: Authorities bulldoze New Mexico jihad compound, leave ammo, paperwork behind
  171. New Mexico: VIDEO: SHOCKING New Mexico Islamic compound mysteriously DESTROYED by authorities, site of murder, jihad, school shooting training, weapons cache
  172. New Mexico: Remains at New Mexico jihad compound ID’d as missing 3-year-old boy
  173. New York: Conservative Artist Builds Epic Trump Display in Yard, Opponents Should Think Twice Before Vandalizing
  174. New York: De Blasio Bodyguards Remove Reporter Attempting to Ask Questions
  175. New York: In Trip to Utica, NY, Trump to Follow in Truman’s Footsteps
  176. New York: EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Barnard College hosts jihad group tied to “Palestinian” terrorists
  177. New York: Cuomo Slams Trump’s MAGA Slogan: America ‘Was Never That Great’
  178. New York: Problematic Women: Gov. Cuomo Says America Isn’t Great Because Women Are Discriminated Against
  179. New York: Republican Nominee for New York Governor: Cuomo ‘Should Be Ashamed of Himself’
  180. New York: The Journey of the ‘Sex Cult’ Heiress: From Reluctant Recruit to Criminal Defendant
  181. New York: New York’s 19th Congressional District Resists ‘Blue Wave’
  182. North Carolina: Gov’t Workers Denied Pay for Openly Supporting President Trump on the Job
  183. Oregon: Transgender Who Strangled Friend to Death and Left Body in Tub Is Sentenced
  184. Pennsylvania: ‘Gosnell’ Trailer Gives First Look at Movie About Convicted Abortionist
  185. Texas: Texas Restaurant Draws Fire for Serving Sessions
  186. Texas: Trump Foes Assail Mexican Restaurant Chain After Jeff Sessions Eats There
  187. Texas: Illegal Alien Smuggled ‘Daughter’ into US and Raped Her
  188. Texas: Muslim convicted of two honor killings says his daughters are lying when they say he beat them
  189. Texas: Muslim migrant gets DEATH penalty for MULTIPLE HONOR MURDERS
  190. Texas: Gun-Control Lauding Texas Democrat, Gubernatorial Candidate Loses Service Weapon
  191. UN: WATCH: Will New UN Human Rights Council Chief Change Course on Israel?
  192. UN: Opinion: The UN Shares the Blame for Hamas’ Bloodshed
  193. UN: WATCH: Former USAID official says it’s time to end UNRWA
  194. UN: Immigration experts: U.N. handling key parts of U.S. foreign policy
  195. UN: UN report: “ISIS is back” and prepared for “war”
  196. UN: UN Enabling Hamas’s War Machine
  197. UN: UN Report: Iran Helping Resurgent Al Qaeda as Bin Laden’s Son Rises to Leadership
  198. Vermont: Vermont Democratic Candidate for Governor: ‘I’m Not Sure I Even Know What Socialism Is’
  199. Vermont: First Transgender Nominee for Governor Thinks ‘Radicalized Christians’ Are a Threat
  200. Virginia: Antifa Turns Charlottesville Anniversary into Sick Anti-Police Attack
  201. Virginia: Virginia College Student Gets 100 Days in Jail For Registering Dead Voters for Democrats
  202. Virginia: Neo-Nazi Leader Lives in Parents’ Basement. Embarrassed as Daddy Scolds Him Live on Air
  203. Washington State: Wash. State Court Ruling Disqualifies Gun-Control Initiative From Ballot
  204. West Virginia: West Virginia’s Supreme Court Is So Corrupt, Every Justice Faces Impeachment
  205. West Virginia: Lawmakers impeach all 4 W.Va. court justices over spending
  206. West Virginia: Impeached W.Va. Justice Robin Davis retires
  207. Wisconsin: Trump’s Harley boycott call roils Wisconsin primary
  208. Wisconsin: Wisconsin May Cut Income Tax Rates to Offset Rise in Online Sales Tax Revenues
  209. Wisconsin: Wisconsin races feature Trump backers
  210. Wisconsin: Leah Vukmir Wins Wisconsin GOP Primary to Challenge Tammy Baldwin
  211. Wisconsin: Vukmir Plans to Make Baldwin Pay for Medicare for All Support
  212. Wisconsin: Tammy Baldwin to Attend Hamptons Fundraiser Hosted by Corporate Executive



  1. Dems Are Losing It: Latest Data Shows They Prefer Socialism To Capitalism
  2. Gallup Poll: Democrats View Socialism More Positively Than Capitalism by 10 Points
  3. Democrat Candidate Caught in the Act on Camera
  4. Fighting Dirty: Dem Handles Tough Questions by Calling Cops on Reporter
  5. House Democrat: 16-Year-Olds Should Be Allowed to Vote in Elections
  6. Dems Dealt Tough Blow, Archivist Won’t Respond to Demand for Kavanaugh Docs
  7. Democrats Cry Foul Over Release of Kavanaugh Documents, Despite Precedent Set With Kagan
  8. Toxic: Not Even Fellow Dems Want De Blasio’s Money
  9. Tennessee Democratic Chair Welcomes Socialists: ‘We’ve Got a Big Tent’
  10. Dem Candidate Cisneros Invested in Oil Sector Despite Campaigning Against It
  11. Liberal claims to the moral high ground
  12. The rise of the radical left in America’s Democrat Party
  13. Some primary night ‘firsts’ as Dems pick diverse slates
  14. Why Democratic Socialists Can’t Legitimately Claim Sweden, Denmark as Success Stories
  15. The Agenda That Dare Not Speak Its Name
  16. Dem Racks Up More Than $30,000 in Car Damages, and Taxpayers Foot the Bill
  17. Democrats Reportedly Duped, Have Been Supporting Secretly Pro-Trump ‘Insider’
  18. Jim Kunstler Exposes The Democratic Party’s “Three-Headed Monster”
  19. Rashida Tlaib: Muslim Democrat Rashida Tlaib Celebrates Primary Win with Anti-Semitic Tweets
  20. Rashida Tlaib: Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib Says She Will ‘Absolutely’ Vote Against Aid to Israel
  21. Rashida Tlaib: Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib Now Too Radical for J Street
  22. Rashida Tlaib: Muslim congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib endorses one-state solution, pledges to slash Israeli military aid
  23. Elizabeth Warren: Elizabeth Warren’s Own State’s Police Chiefs Turn Against Her After ‘False and Damaging’ Statements
  24. Elizabeth Warren: Jeff Sessions Drops Truth Bomb on Elizabeth Warren After Her Attack on Law Enforcement
  25. Elizabeth Warren: Kavanaugh Prescreened by ‘Right-Wing Extremist Groups,’ Confirmation Not a ‘Done Deal’
  26. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Ben Shapiro Digs Up Ocasio-Cortez Tweet That Exposes Her Hypocrisy – ‘Unacceptable’
  27. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Ocasio-Cortez: Upper Middle Class ‘Doesn’t Exist Anymore in America’
  28. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Crowd Shocked At What Self-Absorbed Ocasio-Cortez Does Seconds After End Of Speech
  29. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Ocasio-Cortez smashed in 5 fact checks, cries ‘sexism’
  30. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Democrat hater Ocasio-Cortez endorses Ilhan Omar of “may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel” infamy
  31. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Greg Gutfeld: Ocasio-Cortez ‘Had to Cloak Her Weak Ideas in the Armor of a Smear’
  32. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bans Media From Campaign Town Halls
  33. Keith Ellison: More hot water for No. 2 Dem leader
  34. Keith Ellison: SHOCK CLAIM–> VIDEO Shows Democrat Party Deputy Chair Keith Ellison Physically Abusing Woman, Screaming
  35. Keith Ellison: Bombshell: 2006 Allegation Uncovered, Supports New Ellison Abuse Charges
  36. Keith Ellison: DNC Stays Quiet on Domestic Abuse Allegations Against Vice Chair Keith Ellison
  37. Keith Ellison: Disaster: Ellison Ex’s Sons Accuse DNC Co-Chair of Brutal Abuse
  38. Keith Ellison: Ellison Is Done: 911 Report Confirms Assault Details and We’ve Got the Report
  39. Keith Ellison: After 3 Days of Silence, DNC Finally Speaks out on Ellison Accusations
  40. Keith Ellison: Ellison Wins Attorney General Primary, Continues to Deny Abuse Allegations
  41. Keith Ellison: Ellison Accuser: He Grabbed Me and Said ‘B****, Get the F*** Out of My House’
  42. Keith Ellison: Ex-Girlfriend Gets Unexpected Plea From Alleged Abuser Ellison
  43. Nancy Pelosi: One of NBC’s Priorities Is to ‘Undermine My Prospects as Speaker’
  44. Nancy Pelosi: Pelosi Sinks to New Low, Tells Dems: If You Have to Lie to Voters to Win, Do It
  45. Nancy Pelosi: Nancy Pelosi Attempts to Play the Race Card and Gets Hit With 4 ‘Pinocchios’
  46. Nancy Pelosi: Nancy Pelosi’s Liberal Hometown Newspaper Literally Begs Her Not To Run for Speaker
  47. James Clyburn: I’ll Run for Speaker if Pelosi Doesn’t Have the Votes
  48. Jared Polis: Polis Decision to Skip Western Slope Debate Sparks Backlash
  49. Chuck Schumer: Schumer Fundraises Off Russia’s Attempt to Hack McCaskill’s Senate Office
  50. Chuck Schumer: Trump Trolls Schumer on Twitter, Brings Up Anti-Illegal Immigration Quote from 2009



  1. Massive Polling Data Points to Potential GOP Landslide in November
  2. John McCain: Bombshell: McCain’s Office Linked to Lerner’s Tea Party Attacks
  3. Tom Cotton: Cotton: Congress Can’t Go ‘Soft on Crime’ While Pursuing Worthy Prison Reforms
  4. Mitch McConnell: McConnell urged to bypass Dems, confirm judges


Judicial Watch

  1. TOM FITTON: FBI Has Ignored Our Requests for McCabe Emails — Because They Know They “Will Blow It Wide Open” (VIDEO)
  2. Tom Fitton: Steele was Working for the Clinton Camp to Target President Trump
  3. Judicial Watch Sues Justice Dept. for Communications between Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele, and Fusion GPS
  4. U.S. District Court Grants Judicial Watch Motion to File Amicus Curiae Brief for the Unsealing of IRS Officials Lerner, Paz Depositions


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  1. Netanyahu Denounces Arab-Israeli Protests Against Nation-state Law
  2. WATCH: Netanyahu, Liberman Under Pressure To Respond to Hamas Terror
  3. Netanyahu’s Promise: Plans in Place for Achieving Quiet on the Gaza Front
  4. Netanyahu to Meet with Polish Foreign Minister at UN General Assembly
  5. Netanyahu, Sisi Addressed Gaza Situation at Secret Meeting in Egypt
  6. Netanyahu Apologizes After Shin Bet Detains American Jewish Journalist
  7. “They want to turn Israel into ‘Palestine,’” Netanyahu says after Muslim Israeli nation-state law protest
  8. Netanyahu Blasts Corbyn for Honoring Munich Massacre Terrorists
  9. Sara Netanyahu Welcomes 300 New Immigrants Who will Serve in the IDF
  10. Liberman Warns Next Gaza War is a Matter of Time
  11. US Ambassador: ‘No Reason to Evacuate’ Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria
  12. Israeli Minister Says Conquering Gaza Still on the Table
  13. Israeli Defense Minister Tells Gaza Residents: Quiet Depends on You
  14. Jerusalem mayor slams European leaders for letting terrorism win
  15. Israel Requests that US not Cut Aid to UNRWA
  16. WATCH: Remember The Jewish Refugees Expelled from Arab Lands
  17. Tens of Thousands of Arab-Israelis Waving Palestinian Flags Protest in Tel Aviv
  18. WATCH: ‘Israel Should Retake Gaza,’ Urges Former US Diplomat
  19. Israel Thwarts Attempt to Smuggle Arson Balloons Into Gaza
  20. WATCH: City of David Mixes Fun with History at Ancient Jerusalem Site
  21. IDF Posts Demolition Order on House of Terrorist Who Killed Israeli Father of Two
  22. New Low in Israeli-Palestinian Support for 2 States
  23. Controversy Surrounds IDF Chief Candidate Who Compared Israel to Pre-Nazi Germany
  24. Opinion: Israel’s Nation-State Law is not Discriminatory
  25. Israel’s perfect response to being banned from World Chess Championships
  26. Israel Uses PA Funds to Compensate Victims of Palestinian Torture
  27. Pipe Bombs Thrown at Rachel’s Tomb
  28. WATCH: Terror Balloon from Gaza Lands Outside Israeli Community
  29. Israeli and Arab Doctors Break Every Stereotype in the Middle East
  30. Israel to Ease Some Gaza Restrictions; Bennett Opposes Concessions to Hamas
  31. WATCH: Does a Ceasefire Agreement with Hamas Benefit Israel?
  32. Two Israeli Universities Ranked Among World’s 100 Best
  33. Israel Denies US Author’s Account of Interrogation
  34. Vandals Deface Petach Tikva Synagogue with Nazi Symbols
  35. Welcome! 239 North American Jews Make Israel Their Home
  36. WATCH: 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Jerusalem’s Famous Market
  37. Police Arrest Palestinian Who Planned Attack in Jerusalem’s Old City
  38. WATCH: Israel Connects with UK to Develop Innovation
  39. Israeli Woman Killed in Car-ramming; Suspect Denies Terror Motive
  40. WATCH: What Did the News Look Like When Israel was Reborn?
  41. WATCH: Israel and ‘Palestine’ – The Words that Turned History Upside Down
  42. Israel’s Defense Budget Set for Massive Increase
  43. Israel to Indict Belgian Terror Recruit Who Attempted Entry from Jordan
  44. The Poster Loving Child-Terrorist the Media Loves
  45. Ahed Tamimi Accidentally Shows How Humane Israel Is
  46. ‘Gaza Deal will Strengthen Hamas,’ Shin Bet Head Warns
  47. Car-ramming in Samaria Kills Woman, 42
  48. Israel Slams UN Chief for Advocating Armed Force to Protect Palestinians
  49. WATCH: Arab-Israeli Attempts Stabbing Attack in Jerusalem, Shot Dead
  50. WATCH: What Do Israelis Say About a Ceasefire Deal with Hamas?
  51. Possible Ceasefire Agreement with Hamas Getting Closer


  1. Gaza Riots Leader Admits: ‘We Lost the Battle For Public Opinion’
  2. Despite ‘Ceasefire,’ Hamas Resumes Airborne Arson Attacks Against Israel
  3. Palestinians Continue Violent Riots, Airborne Arson Attacks as Hamas Rockets Subside
  4. Al-Qaeda Turned 30 – and It’s Alive & Well. Why?
  5. PA Paid Nearly $300,000 to Sbarro Massacre Terrorists and Their Families
  6. Hamas Is Taking The Region To The Brink Of War
  7. Hamas Is Jealous Of Hezbollah
  8. Nasrallah Says Hezbollah ‘More Powerful’ than Israel Defense Forces
  9. Lebanon’s Army Claims IDF Targeted Its Troops
  10. Abbas Calls US Officials ‘Liars’ Over Gaza Situation
  11. Terror Leader: Hezbollah is Stronger Than IDF
  12. RUMORS OF WAR: Hezbollah Chief Claims Terrorist Group Stronger than IDF, Ready for War With Israel!
  13. Journalism jihad: Islamic surpemacist libels Jewish state, lies about fictional “interrogation”
  14. Former Jordanian Minister’s ‘Peace Plan’: Kick the Jews Out of Israel
  15. WATCH: PA Seeks Israel’s Expulsion from UN Over Nation-state Law
  16. Hamas Anniversary Is Reminder Of Terror Group’s Agenda
  17. Jordanian culture minister: Send Jews back!
  18. Jihadists who murdered 8 children receiving paychecks


  1. Austria: Imam in mosque calls on Muslims to establish Islamic state and wage jihad
  2. Belgium: Belgium authorised euthanasia of a terminally ill nine and 11-year-old in youngest cases worldwide
  3. Belgium: NATO Repeats The Great Mistake Of The Warsaw Pact
  4. England: Muslim convert pleads GUILTY: Plot to kill 100 people at Disney store, other targeted sites include “Madame Tussauds”, “Oxford Street – busiest time…””St Paul’s Cathedral”
  5. England: Britain’s Inability to Handle Last Year’s Flu Season Shows Perils of Socialized Medicine
  6. England: UFO Hunter who dies of mysterious death has laptop wiped clean by authorities
  7. England: Britain Suffers 15 Acid Attacks a Week, Most Taking Place in London
  8. England: New British Police Boss: ‘We Are Failing the Public… And They Are Going to Suffer More And More’
  9. England: London jihadi named, Muslim migrant Salih Khater: ‘Sudanese immigrant terror attacker’ drove around London for hours before smashing his car into cyclists outside Parliament leaving 15 hurt
  10. England: What’s next for us Londoners? Complimentary crash helmets? Coats of armour?
  11. England: British Prime Minister’s Comment Makes CNN’s Attack on Trump Backfire
  12. England: Save Soho, but let’s destroy the rest of the U.K.?
  13. England: London’s Khan Says BAN CARS From Parliament Square After London Jihad Terror Attack
  14. England: Muslim child rape gangs: THIRTY charged over rape, trafficking and sexual exploitation of girls as young as 12 during seven-year period
  15. England: Knife Ban Not Enough for London Mayor. Now He’s Going After Dangerous Cars
  16. EU: EU Plans Massive Transportation Project Without Consulting Israel
  17. Europe: Public Prayer Rallies Display Islam’s Growing Strength In Europe
  18. Europe: Report from Europe: Muslim migrants commit wave of terrible sex crimes, mainstream media still silent, Merkel hails ‘European solution’
  19. Europe & Asia: Iraq, Turkey, European Allies Scheme to Skirt New U.S. Sanctions on Iran
  20. France: Despite Paris Agreement, Breathing in Paris Air Is Like Smoking Cigarettes
  21. France: Muslims murder man for trying to rescue his friends who were being attacked
  22. France: Muslims murder man for trying to rescue his friends who were being attacked
  23. France: GapKids ad features little girl wearing hijab
  24. France: Muslim migrant goes on knife rampage in sleepy French town, four stabbed
  25. France: Muslim migrant injures four people in knife attacks, cops rule out terrorist motive
  26. Germany: Jewish Leaders Concerned by Rising Anti-Semitism in Germany
  27. Germany: Muslim migrants found guilty of raiding German ship now in Germany on welfare, can’t be deported
  28. Germany: Erdogan’s visit to Merkel raises concerns EU will aid Turkey financially, “support a path to Islamist dictatorship”
  29. Germany: Yazidi sex slave meets her Islamic State rapist/enslaver in Germany
  30. Germany: White Powder Sent to U.S. and Israeli Embassies in German Capital
  31. Germany: Former Yazidi sex slave flees Germany after being confronted by her Islamic State captor, also a “refugee”
  32. Germany: Muslim migrant rapes 14-year-old girl in downtown Hamburg
  33. Germany: Muslim migrant stabs doctor to death in random attack at his practice
  34. Hungary: Hungary victorious! George Soros defeated, abandoning operations ​in Hungary
  35. Italy: WATCH: Italian Wine Shop Selling Nazi-themed Wines Exposed
  36. Italy: At least 25 dead in Italian bridge collapse
  37. Italy: Italian motorway structure collapses onto houses 300 ft below full of cars and trucks killing dozens with many more feared dead during storm
  38. Netherlands: Former MP commits suicide, says she was gang-raped by Muslims who asked, “Do you respect Allah?”
  39. Netherlands: Denmark Rejects Ban on Circumcision of Minors
  40. Netherlands: Denmark: Muslim cleric defends himself against “hate speech” charges by calling for jihad against Israel
  41. Netherlands: Danes protest new law banning face veils in public
  42. Russia: Russia to Help with Patrols Along Syria-Israel Frontier
  43. Russia: Russian Reaction to Trump’s Energy Policies Echoes Soviet Opposition to Reagan’s Missile Defense
  44. Russia: DEVELOPING: Russian strategic bombers deploy near Alaska…
  45. Russia: Russia Showcases Its Modernized Tu-22M3M Strategic Bomber
  46. Russia: Russian Intel Chief Blasts Trump Loyalists For Revealing Communist Terror Cell That Was Running CIA And FBI
  47. Sweden: ‘Like a Military Operation’: Migrants Set Ablaze 100 Cars in Swedish ‘No-Go Zones’ Arson Jihad
  48. Sweden: Masked “youths” rampage in no-go zones, torch 100 cars, “extremely organized,” “like a military operation”
  49. Sweden: Diversity Obsessed Sweden Rocked as Gangs Torch Cars Like a ‘Military Operation’
  50. Sweden: New ‘No Go Zone’ Police Station Rammed by Car, Attacked by Masked Arsonists
  51. Sweden: Muslim migrant joblessness at nearly 20%, government calls for even more Muslim migrants
  52. Switzerland: Switzerland Refuses To Sign Nuclear-Bomb-Ban Treaty
  53. UK: Muslim admits to plotting jihad massacres at Madame Tussauds, St Paul’s Cathedral, & London’s busy Oxford Street
  54. UK: UK’s Corbyn attends tribute for Munich Olympics jihad murderers, joins in Islamic prayer
  55. UK: Muslim migrant who savagely raped 17-year-old virgin had history of sex attacks
  56. UK: Man Suspected of Terrorism Attack on UK Parliament After Driving Into Pedestrians
  57. UK: Muslim rape gang to be stripped of British citizenship and deported
  58. UK: Council drops bid to take children of two jihadis into care, children not “radicalized”
  59. UK: Gas station forces motorcyclist to remove his helmet while Muslima in niqab filled up next to him
  60. UK: Police tell soccer fans to be “really, really vigilant and not be inhibited about reporting stuff to us”
  61. UK: Bus driver disciplined for asking Muslim woman to remove face veil
  62. UK: The niqab is a form of torture
  63. UK: Judge Says Parents Linked to Jihad Terror Group Can Keep Kids
  64. UK: UK peer Lord Sheikh who criticized Boris burka remark attended genocidal jihad meeting honoring Munich mass murderers
  65. UK: UK MP needs police security for saying “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls”
  66. UK: WATCH VIDEO: Chilling footage of rush-hour UK terror attack shows car intentionally mowing down at least 10 cyclists at 50mph
  67. UK: Media starts covering for UK car jihadi: ‘He’s quiet, kind, it’s just an accident’
  68. UK: Vehicular attack at Parliament is terrorism, but “what the motive was we can’t answer at the moment”
  69. UK: Conservative Party may send Boris Johnson to “diversity training” over face veil comments
  70. UK: Muslim teacher who said gays should be “eradicated” is back in the classroom
  71. UK: MP expelled from Shadow Cabinet for noting “problem with British Pakistani men raping white girls” gets threats
  72. UK: Leftist media blames “mean tweets, online comments” for London jihad attack
  73. UK: 31 Muslims charged for seven years of sexual exploitation of five teenage girls
  74. UK: Theresa May says “The twisted aim of the extremists is to use violence and terror to divide us. They will never succeed.”
  75. UK: Westminster vehicular jihadi is Muslim migrant Salih Khater, cops still trying to establish motive
  76. UK: Muslim “refugee” from Turkey charged with sexually assault of boy in McDonald’s men’s room
  77. UK: IMAM at Manchester Muslim bomber’s MOSQUE called for ARMED JIHAD months before mass murder attack at Ariana Grande concert
  78. UK: UK double standard: Prominent Leftists attacked the burqa, never got Boris Johnson treatment


  1. Afghanistan: 120 Afghan forces, civilians killed in battle with Taliban
  2. Afghanistan: Taliban blindsides U.S. forces with surprise jihad offensive
  3. Afghanistan: A milestone in Afghanistan
  4. China: China Unveils Nuke Purpose-Built to Evade Defenses
  5. China: New Chinese Nuke Is Built to Evade US Defenses
  6. China: Two-Million Chinese Muslims Incarcerated in Secret Camps
  7. China: Chinese bombers likely training for strikes against the US
  8. India: TRIPLE MURDER: Spurned Muslim sets fire to 19-year-old Hindu mother, INFANT daughter, grandmother, all BURNED ALIVE
  9. Iran: Iran Test-Fires Ballistic Missile for First Time in 2018
  10. Iran :Iran Takes Another Step Towards Restoring Nuclear Program
  11. Iran: Iran Unveils New Short-Range Missile
  12. Iran: Iran Sentences Couple for ‘Orientation Toward the Land of Christianity’
  13. Iran: Iran jails entire church 1 yr., sentences pastor to 10 yrs.
  14. Iran: Trump’s sanctions lead Iranians to demand an end to regime
  15. Iran: The Saker: “Iran’s Reply: No War And No Negotiations”
  16. Iran: WATCH: ‘Iranian regime on the brink of collapse,’ expert predicts
  17. North Korea: North Korean scientists attempting to CLONE humans for Kim’s super army
  18. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia claims that “Canada is the world’s worst oppressor of women”
  19. Syria: The secret Jew in Syria who is finally telling her story
  20. Syria: Only 900 Christians left in Syrian region where 10,000 lived before the Islamic State came in
  21. Syria :#TimeToBackHome Flash-mob: Syria is Waiting for Its Citizens to Come Back
  22. Syria: Syrian War Report – August 17, 2018: 5th Assault Corps Will Participate In Upcoming Battle For Idlib
  23. Syria: Syria’s 5th Corps Conducted Special Operation Against ISIS Cells North Of al-Suwayda (Photos)
  24. Syria: Syrian Army Artillery Shells Positions Of HTS And Jaysh Al-Izza In Northern Hama And Southern Idlib
  25. Tajikistan: Bleeding-Heart Liberals Bike Through Tajikistan to Prove “Evil Is a Make-Believe Concept” — Are Stabbed Dead By ISIS
  26. Turkey: Erdogan Locks Horns With Trump
  27. Turkey: Erdogan to US: “Shame on you. You are exchanging your strategic partner in Nato for a priest.”
  28. Turkey: U.S.-Turkey Rift Widens
  29. Turkey: In Defiance of Trump, Turkey Aligns With ‘Global Jihad Movement’
  30. Turkey: Turkish Millitary Deploys Upgraded Battle Tanks Near Border With Syria (Video)


  1. Canary Islands: Muslim migrants try to rape British tourist on the beach in Tenerife
  2. Congo: Congo’s Looting and Killing Machine Moves Into High Gear
  3. Egypt: Muslim attempts jihad suicide bombing at church, blows himself up when guards approach
  4. Egypt: Report: Head of Egyptian Intelligence Visited Tel Aviv to Negotiate Gaza Agreement
  5. Mauritania: Muslim Cleric: On Judgment Day, the Muslims Will Kill the Jews, the ‘Brothers of Apes and Pigs’
  6. Tunisia: Thousands of Muslims demonstrate against gender equality and legalization of homosexuality
  7. Uganda: Uganda to conduct a study on abortion rates


  1. Australia: Australians told to lock their doors as Muslim migrants rampage, police make no arrests


  1. Canada: Brouhaha in Canada over “racist” tweets against Muslim MP Omar Alghabra, but who really is Alghabra?
  2. Canada: Canada & the Saudis: Snowflake Versus Tyrant
  3. Canada: Canadian TV Erroneously Claims Israel Destroyed Gaza ‘Cultural Center,’ Actually a Hamas HQ
  4. Canada: Hugh Fitzgerald: Saudi Arabia and Canada Square Off
  5. Canada: What’s going in Canada? Another politician being persecuted for “racism” for challenging “extreme Liberal multiculturalism”
  6. Canada: Trudeau Welcomes All To Canada, Now Migrant Crisis Is Top Issue for Elections
  7. Canada: Conservative leader capitulates to Trudeau’s “cult of diversity”
  8. Canada: Citizens Upset Over Anti-Pipeline Protesters, So They Send In The Boys in Blue
  9. Mexico: Mexican Radio to Beam Chinese Propaganda
  10. Mexico: 50 Tons of Meth Found in Underground Mexican Drug Lab
  11. Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico Just Discovered Anti-Trumpers’ Worst Nightmare At Old Donation Site


  1. Argentina: Hamas is the Cause of the Recent Violence Between Gaza and Israel


World-Currencies Banner


  1. Top Reagan Economic Adviser Makes Bold Prediction About How Long Trump Boom Could Last
  2. The Federal Reserve: Secretly Sticking It to Americans for Over 100 Years
  3. Is President Trump Really Going To End The Fed And Usher In A New Gold Standard?
  4. The questions every investor should ask about Trump’s proposal to radically change how companies report earnings
  5. Trump and Warren agree: Corporations are holding back the economy
  6. Trump Calls For End To Quarterly Earnings Reporting
  7. Trump reportedly showing renewed interest in Erik Prince’s plan to privatize Afghanistan war
  8. Trump ‘Boom’ Sparks Record-Breaking Backlog Of Big Rigs
  9. Greg Hunter: Trump Is Using The Trade Deal Negotiations To Hammer Out The Global Reset
  10. Silver: Strong Dollar! Weak Silver! Not For Long! (Video: 10:29 minutes long.)
  11. Silver: For Sterling (Silver) Results, Repetition of the Basics Is Worth Its Weight in Gold
  12. Gold & Silver: How Gold & Silver Will Trade During The Next Market Crash
  13. Gold & Silver: Harvey Organ: CARNAGE EVERYWHERE As The Crooks Whack Gold & Silver
  14. Gold & Silver: Michael Ballanger: Serendipity In Life, And In Gold & Silver
  15. Gold & Silver: Fund Manager: Gold & Silver Being Hit Like In 2008 To Cover-Up Impending Global Financial Crisis
  16. Gold & Silver: Steve St Angelo: The Performance Of Gold & Silver During The Coming Stock Market Crash
  17. Gold: Trader: Here’s why I just bought gold
  18. Gold: Martin Armstrong: Gold Is Nothing More Than A Trinket To The Young
  19. Gold: A New Or False Dawn For Gold? – David Brady
  20. Gold: US, China, India & Russia Must Come Together For New Bretton Woods Gold Standard Agreement
  21. Gold: Keith Weiner: Who Would Invest In A Gold Bond?
  22. Gold: Gold To Soar Between $5,000 – $12,000: Keeping The Big Picture And The Long Term In Perspective
  23. Gold: It’s Time For Contrarians To Get Bullish On Gold
  24. Gold: Stewart Thomson: Tactics For Taking Advantage Of The Gold Sale Price
  25. Gold: Buy Gold, Sell Small Caps – PIMCO Warns Late-Cycle Risks Are Rising
  26. Metals: Audio Alert: Metals Market Smashed… Is the Bull Market Alive?
  27. Crypto: Crypto extends turnaround, adds more than $10 billion to market value
  28. Dollar: Is the dollar the new gold? It won’t last…
  29. Underreported: What Tax Reform ‘Crumbs’ Meant for These Blue Collar Workers
  30. Labor: Labor Watchdogs Back Trump’s Dues Skimming Crackdown
  31. Labor: Skills for a 21st-Century Workforce Cap GOP’s ‘Better Way’
  32. Labor: Average Pay Gap Between CEOs and Ordinary Workers Hits 312x
  33. Labor: Here Are The Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In America
  34. Stocks: Traders Have Never Paid So Much For Crash Protection
  35. Stocks: MarketCast: Why Tesla is a ‘no trade’ stock
  36. Stocks: Best stock investing strategy now is just to ‘stay home’: Ed Yardeni
  37. Stocks: Three ‘tiebreakers’ that will determine if stock market bulls or bears are right
  38. Stocks: U.S. stocks advance with S&P 500, Dow notching weekly gains
  39. Stocks: Analysts are more bullish on Nvidia stock despite investor disappointment
  40. Stocks: Global Stocks Slump, US Stocks Jump Despite Economic Data Dump
  41. Stocks: Rosenberg: “Is The Stock Market Flashing An Anti-Growth Signal?”
  42. Stocks: Stocks, Yuan Jump On Reports Of US-China “Roadmap” For Trade-Talks
  43. Real-estate: Is the world’s biggest real estate market about to collapse?
  44. Real-estate: Afloat On Debt: US Household Debt Hits Record $13,000,000,000,000
  45. Real-estate: Mortgage rates tumble as housing starts to drag down the economy
  46. Real-estate: Here’s why America’s houses are getting older
  47. Retirement: Volatility is back. Are your retirement investments ready?
  48. Retirement: The best way to save for retirement may be to not think about it
  49. Retirement: What you probably don’t know about Social Security
  50. Retirement: How to market-time your retirement portfolio
  51. Retirement: This is how to have the ‘perfect’ retirement
  52. Retirement: How the new tax law creates a ‘perfect storm’ for Roth IRA conversions
  53. Retirement: Volatility is back. Are your retirement investments ready?
  54. Retirement: Student loans after 40: Is your retirement doomed?
  55. Bayer Shares Plunge By 12.5 Billion After Monsanto Court Case
  56. Emerging Market Currency Crisis Could Destabilize Global Financial System
  57. JP Morgan’s Plan To OWN Wall Street In the Next Crisis!! (Video: 3:22 minutes long.)
  58. 10 Economic Numbers That Show Our Financial Condition Is On Life Support
  59. 100 Manufacturers Have Boosted Hiring, Expanded, or Given Raises, Bonuses Thanks to Tax Reform
  60. The bull market’s 10-year anniversary: What to do now?
  61. How much longer can the bull market last?
  62. NewsWire: The risk remains to the upside
  63. Tesla’s board throws Elon Musk Under the bus
  64. Tesla short sellers are up $1.2 billion since Elon Musk’s ‘going-private’ tweet
  65. The Bottom Is Coming! The Bottom Is Coming! (This Dynamic Says The Bottom Is Already Here)
  66. Eric Sprott: Everything I See In The Physical Markets Is Very Optimistic
  67. About That Contagion: Here’s When The Emerging Market Crisis May Hit US Markets
  68. 5 Signs The Global Financial Markets Entered A Bear Market And 11 Ways To Prepare For The Coming Chaos
  69. It’s Not Just Turkey: There Is A Dollar Liquidity Storm Ahead Of Us
  70. Steve St. Angelo: The Central Banks Cannot Just Keep On Rigging The Markets Forever
  71. Brandon Smith: The Central Banks Are The Real Culprit For The Latest Economic Contagion
  72. The Looming Economic Collapse: The $250 Trillion Dollar Worldwide Debt Crisis
  73. Nomi Pins: You Should Fear The Emerging Market Debt Bubble
  74. Our ‘Prosperity’ Is Now Dependent On The Predatory Practices Of Globalization
  75. Lynette Zang: You Do Not Need Inflation For An Economy To Thrive (But Govt Wants It For Taxes)
  76. Palladium Plunges & Copper Crashes: Major Metal Mayhem Is Morphing Into A Massive Meltdown
  77. John Rubino: There’s NO Pain Free Option When You Borrow Too Much Money
  78. The Global Fiat Currency Regime Turns 47 Today (But It’s On Life Support With A Terminal Disease)
  79. The biggest risk that companies will face in the 2nd half of 2018 isn’t trade, says Goldman
  80. Here’s how investors are duped each earnings season
  81. Index fund investors will fail in a bear market if they can’t pass this test
  82. 5 financial planning myths you need to ditch now
  83. Blistering U.S. economy still surging at midsummer, leading index shows
  84. Recession indicators are flashing a yellow ‘caution’ signal, Pimco says
  85. There are signs the U.S. economy is approaching its speed limit
  86. U.S. consumer sentiment drops to 11-month low in August
  87. Tech Flows Are Finally Rolling Over
  88. UMich Sentiment Slumps To 11-Month Lows As ‘Spending Plans’ Plunge
  89. What Can Kill The S&P; What Can Save EMs; Just Two Things
  90. “Get Prepared” For The Chaos To Come, Snyder Fears Global Financial Bear Market Looms
  91. The Case For Leveraged US Treasury Bonds
  92. No Seller – Not Even China – Can Disrupt US By Selling Treasurys…But The “Why” Ain’t Good


  1. Canada: Loonie Spikes As Canadian Consumer Prices Soar Most Since 2011


  1. Europe: Economic Contagion? Central Banks Are The Real Culprit
  2. Europe: Currency Exchanges Run Out Of Lira (Demand Spikes 24,000%) As Britons Travel To Turkey Last Minute


  1. China: China Blinks in Trade War, Drops Oil From Retaliatory U.S. Tariff List
  2. China: Jim Rickards: China To Devalue The Yuan Until Its Stock Market Crashes
  3. Turkey: Turkey favors switching from dollars to national currencies in trade with Russia & China
  4. Turkey: Trump On a Roll: Turkey Lira Tanks: ‘They Have the Dollar, We Have Allah’
  5. Turkey: Turkey Has Sold-Off Half Of Its Physical Gold Holdings This Year To Defend The Lira
  6. Turkey: Turkey Joins Russia In Dumping US Treasuries
  7. Turkey: Turkey has torn up the playbook on dealing with emerging-market crises


  1. Israel: Israel Gets NIS 17.6 Trillion Valuation


Earth News Banner

  1. Alaska: BREAKING NEWS: Strongest-ever recorded earthquake strikes Alaska’s North Slope region
  2. Alaska: A magnitude 6.4 quake followed by nearly 200 aftershocks strikes Alaska’s oil-producing North Slope
  3. Alaska: Strong and shallow Magnitude 6.6 earthquake strikes Andreanof Islands, Alaska
  4. Alaska: Little seabirds washing up dead along the shores of Alaska by the hundreds of thousands now dying as far south as San Francisco
  5. Alaska: Bermuda Triangle Of Alaska Erupts With Largest Earthquake Ever Recorded As Over 20,000 People Remain Missing
  6. California: California super volcano found with 240 Cubic Miles of magma swirling underneath
  7. California: California’s largest fire ever keeps growing…
  8. Canada: B.C. declares state of emergency as nearly 600 wildfires burn across the province, Canada
  9. China: Several violent tornadoes reported in China, injuries reported
  10. Costa Rica: Strong magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes Costa Rica near Panama, Damage and power outages reported
  11. Earth: Millions of Sea Creatures ‘in Real Peril’ as Pacific Temp Rise to Dangerous New Records
  12. Florida: Tens of tons of dead marine life including fish dolphins turtles manatees and birds along the Westcoast of Florida from red tide algae bloom
  13. Florida: ‘Red tide’ and green slime: Florida’s toxic algae problem
  14. India: Kerala, India struck with worst floods in almost 100 years, facing worst in history
  15. India: 164 dead and more than 150,000 people have been left homeless from floods in the southern Indian state of Kerala
  16. Indonesia: Pacific rim on fire as the 7th major quake in 5 days struck tonight when a magnitude 6.5 rocked Kampungbajo, Indonesia
  17. Italy: Italy struck by 5.2 magnitude earthquake in popular holiday hotspot
  18. Iwo Jima: A magnitude 6.4 – 252km SE of Iwo Jima last night the 2nd in the area yesterday was the 6th major quake in just 4 days
  19. Japan: Japanese authorities are preparing to evacuate Kuchinoerabujima island after the threat of an eruption as earthquakes and sulphur emissions increases dramatically
  20. Maine: Another marine life disaster unfolding in the US as dead harbour seals are washing up in large numbers around southern Maine
  21. South America: A magnitude 6.1 Earthquake – South Sandwich Islands region is the 4th major quake in August and brings the total this year to 57
  22. South Korea: Record-breaking temperatures leave 29 dead in South Korean heatwave
  23. Space: Sun is split in two: A massive coronal hole has opened up on our Sun and is shooting solar wind directly towards Earth
  24. Space: The enormous 700,000 km-long coronal hole on the Sun is responsible for major quake and volcano activity uptick
  25. Space: Skull-shaped asteroid makes it’s return this Fall


Sign Petition Banner

Urge Febreze to No Longer Sponsor ‘Teachers’

TV Land continues to air the vile program “Teachers” on Tuesday evenings at 10:30 p.m. ET/9:30 p.m. CT with a TV-14 rating, but the previews air much earlier in the evening when children are likely watching TV. The vulgar advertisements for “Teachers” are airing during shows such as the “Andy Griffith Show” and other family-friendly programs. The previews alone are disgusting, and that is extremely disturbing since it involves a young cast. If the promos are this bad, then obviously the show is not suitable for TV.

It is almost impossible to describe the depth of depravity found in the TV Land sitcom “Teachers.” Every scene is filled with sexual innuendos, implications, or encounters.

Teaching is an honorable profession, but oftentimes a thankless job. 1MM wants to support and encourage educators, not belittle, mock, or bring them down as TV Land is doing.

TV Land is encouraging crude dialogue, offensive gestures at school, teachers being cruel to young children, and questioning authority. “Teachers” is irresponsible and an insult to women and teachers.

Tell the Organic Trade Association: Cargill and BASF Don’t Belong!

The Organic Trade Association (OTA) says it’s dedicated to promoting and protecting organics. But the organization, dubbed the Organic “Traitors” Association after it betrayed the consumer-led GMO labeling movement, is moving farther away from its organic roots—and closer to corporate control.

How do we know? The OTA recently admitted two new members: chemical giant BASF, a dicamba manufacturer and leader in genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and Cargill, one of the largest factory farm meat corporations in the world, and a big supporter of GMO crops.


Demand that the FDA immediately end the taxpayer-funded trafficking of aborted baby body parts

Remember when Planned Parenthood was caught on video trying to sell the body parts of aborted babies to the highest bidder?  Not only has the US Government been unwilling to do anything about that, but we have just discovered that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is using our tax dollars to solicit and participate in the fetal parts trade. 

Please sign our petition to the FDA demanding an immediate end to the taxpayer-funded trafficking of aborted baby body parts. just revealed in an extremely detailed and well-referenced report that the FDA has entered into a contract with Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR) for “fresh” human fetal tissue to transplant into humanized mice.  

ABR is the “non-profit” organization that was caught on video by David Daleiden’s Center for Medical Progress describing the fetal harvesting process in the following gruesome manner: “The abdomen [of the baby] is always ripped open…Everything will just get ripped up,” and lamenting that “unfortunately and I don’t know why, a lot of times the abdomen presents first and they just go in and start pulling…They’re just there to end a pregnancy. And we cannot ask them to change a process.” 

Did you know that the very same federal agency that is using our tax dollars to purchase the body parts of children who were brutally aborted has strict regulations for the humane treatment of laboratory research animals?  You can see the regulations for yourself on the FDA’s website.

It doesn’t take a PhD to understand why it is wrong to pay abortuaries and their intermediaries to harvest the body parts of little boys and girls and then use those parts to make human-animal hybrids.  But here’s a non-exhaustive list as to why this is SO wrong.

First, there’s the obvious one: Abortion is murder, and no ethical society should allow the perpetrator of a murder to profit from the sale of the murdered person’s organs.  If we are shocked by the Communist Chinese government’s widespread practice of harvesting the organs of prisoners, how much more shocking is the harvesting of organs of murdered innocent babies?

Second, never mind that the US Congress refuses to pass a law that would actually and effectively ban the practice of trafficking in fetal remains, now we find out that the government itself is guilty of using taxpayer dollars to fund this horrific business.  How can this be right in anyone’s mind?  

Third, why is the US government funding the creation of human-animal hybrids that require the destruction of a living human being in order to provide the “fresh” tissue for the hybrid? In 1907, the Hague Convention outlawed the desecration and despoiling of the dead during an armed conflict.  In the Pohl case in 1947, the US Military Tribunal at Nuremberg stated that robbing the dead “is and always has been a crime.” Yet, here, we have the innocent victims of abortion not only being “ripped up,” but also sold to intermediary companies who then sell the body parts to the US government.  

This is sick, and it must stop immediately.  Please sign our petition to the FDA demanding an immediate end to the taxpayer-funded trafficking of aborted baby body parts.


Archaeology News Banner

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  21. Ghost Marriages: Love For the Living and the Deceased
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  25. Ironclad Hoof: Unique Roman Horse Shoes Found on Hadrian’s Wall
  26. The Australian Yowie: Mysterious Legends of a Tribe of Hairy People
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  28. Archimedes: An Ancient Greek Genius Ahead of His Time
  29. The Taj Mahal is wasting away, and it may soon hit the point of no return
  30. Discoveries in Spanish cave suggest Neanderthals had hot water and bedrooms
  31. Washing Up Wasn’t Enough: Evidence of 8.2 ka Climate Event Found in Çatalhöyük Cooking Pots
  32. The Ancient History of Chocolate, Gift of the Gods
  33. Egypt’s Second Sphinx Found Buried in Thebes
  34. Oldest Donkey Bit Discovery in Israel Provides a Lesson for Bible History


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  1. MARK BYRD — UNITED STATES (Audio: 1:42:05 minutes long. Mark Byrd of Phoenix, Arizona, reveals how he came to the Two House understanding…and what he is doing about it.)


The Revelation of Yeshua HaMashiach From 1-10 BooksThe Revelation of Yeshua HaMashiach:
FULL Book Hebraic Perspective Verse by Verse

This Revelation Bible Study Book Series combined into ONE VOLUME is adding dimension to Jewish History, Jewish Religion, and John’s mind-boggling adventure into the future, and simply escapes most commentaries…

The Complete Book Explained Verse-by-Verse

This amazing volume takes you verse-by-verse through the entire Book of Revelation, but explain breathtaking Hebraic concepts and incredible mysteries as no other book, example:

The meaning of the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet is encoded into the 22 chapters of the Book of Revelation. Each Hebrew letter has a special pictograph, meaning and is loaded with Jewish wisdom. The captivating Hebrew Alphabet is unlike any other alphabet. It is not a haphazard collection of consonants. The individual names and sounds of the letters, their numerical gematria, and their graphic descriptions have been Divinely ordained by GOD and is concealed in Revelation. Thus, the key to truly understanding Revelation lies in the priceless 22 Hebrew letters which create a skeletal outline. Each letter has a given meaning and The Revelation conforms to that outline which undoubtedly confirms correct doctrine, an eye-opening revelation. It also proves that not everything in The Revelation is chronological as it follows the Hebrew Alphabet’s pattern which cannot be manipulated. Through the chapters the author shows how GOD had a hand in the secret placement of each chapter of Revelation. This ‘hidden pattern’ study shows a Divine design and helps you with the special blessing “if you read and hear (understand) it” (Rev 1:3), off course the only Book in the Bible that offers this blessing. This, if I may, is solid Jewish Bible Study, enlightening for devoted Christians, and up to now, unheard of!

Secondly, this volume of the Book of Revelation explained, offers you a fresh and vibrant new view by comparing Jewish Eschatology with the various Christian Eschatological views, an informative manual for the serious eschatologist, end time student and teacher to understand where the Christians, Gentiles, Ten Tribes of Israel, Jews, and Heathen non-believers fit into God’s program for the end. The Revelation is the fulfilment of prophecies which are rooted in the Jewish history Books, explained by means of the Jewish calendar, and simply inspires beloved Christians to look at their Hebraic heritage.

Thirdly, various daring theories and opinions on the verses of Revelation are given where you as a reader can make an informed decision, helping you to form your own opinion as to which theory you prefer, i.e. believers escape the Tribulation Period by means of a Rapture, or going partly into the Tribulation and are then raptured, or are raptured at the end, or no rapture at all and are protected as they go through the Great Tribulation. It is NOT a one-sided view on The Revelation and it help you to understand / argue / defend various topics where the focus remains on Moshiach (Messiah), which Christians call by the Greek term ‘Christ’. This delighted Bible study is exciting for family reading, passionate Bible study groups, and dedicated seminaries; a proper exegesis forming part of a Hebraic roots Bible and unravels mysteries for Christianity.

Jewish history, a very short introduction is given in the Introductory section so that beloved Christians can understand where the ‘Gentile’ neatly fit into Jewish history. This mystery, hidden for so very long, will leave you startled!

This spectacular Volume of Revelation was put together after many epic authors’ work was studied: from Orthodox to Jews Christians authors. The end result, a vibrant eye-opening volume with staggering revelations based on facts, which leaves you, the reader, fearless on the road to victory!

(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


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  1. Weed-killing chemical linked to cancer found in some children’s breakfast foods
  2. Measles outbreak reaches 21 states, including North Carolina
  3. BPA-Free, but Not Toxic-Free
  4. Flame Retardants Plus 3 Other Man-Made Ingredients In Your Seafood
  5. Oatmeal, breakfast foods contain unsafe amounts of weed killer (Video: 7:40 minutes long.)
  6. Salads sold at McDonald’s sicken 476


  1. Cancer: WATCH: Israeli Breakthrough Could End Cancer Recurrence
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1 Corinthians 16:1-3 “1 Now concerning the collection for the saints, as I have given orders to the churches of Galatia, so you must do also: 2 On the first day of the week let each one of you lay something aside, storing up as he may prosper, that there be no collections when I come. 3 And when I come, whomever you approve by your letters I will send to bear your gift to Jerusalem. (New King James Version)

What do these verses say? Protestants think they mean three things:

1. That a collection should be taken up for an offering to God.
2. That it should be done every week at church services.
3. That we should attend church on the first day of the week.

Actually, these verses do not mean these things at all.

Immediately, we notice that this collection, a gift from the congregation in Corinth, was for “the saints” (verse 1). It was not a tithe or an offering to God for the support of the ministry and its work. Notice Paul’s salutation to the Philippian church: “Paul and Timothy, servants of Jesus Christ, to all the saints in Christ Jesus who are in Philippi . . .” (Philippians 1:1; see Romans 1:7; II Corinthians 1:1). The brethren of the church are the saints. Thus, this collection was a gift from the Corinthian congregation to the one in Jerusalem (I Corinthians 16:3).

Why had Paul “given orders to the churches of Galatia” (verse 1) to send a gift to Jerusalem? The immediate context does not say, but other verses fill in the missing details:

And in these days prophets came from Jerusalem to Antioch. Then one of them, named Agabus, stood up and showed by the Spirit that there was going to be a great famine throughout all the world, which also happened in the days of Claudius Caesar. Then the disciples, each according to his ability, determined to send relief to the brethren dwelling in Judea. This they also did, and sent it to the elders by the hands of Barnabas and Saul. (Acts 11:27-30)

Knowing that a severe famine was to strike the Roman world—and hit Judea especially hard—church members everywhere decided to give their brethren in Palestine as much aid as they were able to provide. Though they may have wondered why God would allow them to endure this harsh trial, the members of the church made the most of the situation, trusting that God would bring them through it and bless them for it. The easiest and least expensive way to accomplish this was to send their contributions with Paul and Barnabas as they returned to Jerusalem.

When Paul reminded them of the collection, he did not mention a church service. Knowing that it took time to reach each of the churches, he told the people to lay aside what they were planning to give, so that when he arrived he would not have to wait while they gathered it (see II Corinthians 9:5). He specified the first day of the week for this task. As this work was strenuous, he did not want them to do any of it on the Sabbath day.

Nor does Paul specifically mention money in these scriptures. He uses the words “collection,” “something,” and “gift.” How do we know the gift was not just money? The apostle writes, “And when I come, whomever you approve by your letters I will send to bear your gift to Jerusalem” (verse 3). If it were simply money, he would not need a bearer; he could put the money in a bag and carry it himself.

In a parallel passage to the church in Rome, Paul explains, “Therefore, when I have performed this and have sealed to them this fruit, I shall go by way of you to Spain” (Romans 15:28). Literally, the phrase “sealed . . . this fruit” means “secured this produce.” It is likely that the Corinthians were sending foodstuffs, which would require the help of others during the trip to Judea.

One aspect of the famine and the churches’ relief has not yet been emphasized: The Jews in Judea suffered, and the Gentiles of Achaia and Macedonia sent them aid. Years before, when they heard that God was increasingly calling Gentiles into the church, the Jews had harbored hard feelings against them and required things of the Gentiles that God had not (see Acts 15:1-5). This had inflamed existing frictions between the two groups, and Paul spent years trying to heal the wounds.

Even though the church members were converted, the old prejudices continued to crop up from time to time. But God in His love and wisdom used the famine and the Gentiles’ aid to help the church to learn and grow together as a family. Understanding this, Paul asks the Romans for prayers about this matter (Romans 15:27, 30-32).

Paul’s intent was to use the collection of food for the Judean brethren as a means to mend and build the relationship between the Jews and the Gentiles. He desired to see them join together in loving acceptance and appreciation of their equality in Christ (Galatians 3:26-29; Ephesians 2:11-22). And these things did indeed occur. II Corinthians 8 and 9 describe the spiritual fruit—the love, zeal, liberality, submission to God—that was produced in the Macedonian and Achaian churches through their generous gifts.

John O. Reid

To learn more, see:  During a Famine, What Is the Work?


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Baptism — Part 7 by Brad Scott

The scriptures teach that there is only one Torah for the homeborn and the stranger (Sh’mot 12:49, Vayikra 24:22). The Hebrew word for homeborn is ‘ezirach. Planted in the heart of this word is the Hebrew word for seed, zera’. This is because there is only one good seed from the very beginning. And that seed, according to the law of like kind, always reproduces after itself, or should I say Himself. This is a very simple teaching. God’s commandments and instructions are always the same for all His people, whether they were born in the land, or were grafted in among those born in the land. This principle is given in the first chapter of B’reshiyt, because it is designed to be the basis for all of the teaching of the rest of scripture. In other words, when reading and studying the New Testament, we must keep these fundamental principles in mind that were revealed in the beginning. These truths are given in the beginning because God loves the whole world, and those whom He has called are ALL ordained from the beginning. The New Testament writers wrote nothing new, they simply wrote what was true.

This fundamental fact is none the less true with baptism. Baptism was and is nothing ‘new’ to the Hebrew people or the writers and prophets of the Tanakh. If this truth is more difficult to see in the Tanakh, Paul brought this truth forth in his letters.

1 Corinthians 10:1-4
Moreover, brethren, I would not that ye should be ignorant, how that all our fathers were under the cloud, and all passed through the sea; And were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea; And did all eat the same spiritual meat; And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Messiah.

Do you know why all the ‘mixed multitude’ ate the same spiritual meat and drank the same spiritual drink? Because there is only one good seed!! This passage is a clear reference to the ‘one’ baptism that Paul will mention later to the Ephesians. When YHVH does the immersing, it is done to the heart, for the heart (the source of obedience) must be cleansed first. This is the pattern repeated for us in the Torah when our loving Father teaches us how to deal with disease.

Vayikra [Leviticus] 15:5-13
And whosoever toucheth his bed shall wash his clothes, and bathe himself in water, and be unclean until the even. And he that sitteth on any thing whereon he sat that hath the issue shall wash his clothes, and bathe himself in water, and be unclean until the even. And he that toucheth the flesh of him that hath the issue shall wash his clothes, and bathe himself in water, and be unclean until the even. And if he that hath the issue spit upon him that is clean; then he shall wash his clothes, and bathe himself in water, and be unclean until the even. And what saddle soever he rideth upon that hath the issue shall be unclean. And whosoever toucheth any thing that was under him shall be unclean until the even: and he that beareth any of those things shall wash his clothes, and bathe himself in water, and be unclean until the even. And whomsoever he toucheth that hath the issue, and hath not rinsed his hands in water, he shall wash his clothes, and bathe himself in water, and be unclean until the even. And the vessel of earth, that he toucheth which hath the issue, shall be broken: and every vessel of wood shall be rinsed in water. And when he that hath an issue is cleansed of his issue; then he shall number to himself seven days for his cleansing, and wash his clothes, and bathe his flesh in running water, and shall be clean.

Every instruction there follows a willing heart. One who does not regard His Father will not wash himself or herself. Our Father is giving instructions here for His children. Their obedience to wash themselves begins first in the heart. These passages begin with, ‘speak unto the children of Israel’ (Vayikra 15:1-2). YHVH has already cleansed their hearts. This pattern was repeated with Y’shua and His disciples in Yochanan 13:1-11.

Now here is where I begin to depart with much Rabbinic teaching on this subject. Though we may not understand all of it yet, I believe that the washing of the flesh with water was NOT a ceremonial washing. I do not worship a God of pomp and ritual. I believe that the cause of much of our common and deadly diseases today are a result of our lack of desire, or just old fashioned disobedience, to these commands. Most Rabbinical commentators teach that these ordinances were given to distinguish Israel from the rest of the nations. This is no doubt true, but they go on to comment that the waters did not actually cleanse the flesh. While recognizing the ‘spiritual’ picture, they still ignore God’s desire to preserve us holy, spirit, soul AND body. The following is a typical example.

Living Judaism by Rabbi Wayne Dosick:
The Torah enjoins that in order to reenter a state of ritual purity, to be eligible to participate in the ritual rites, a person is to bathe–to immerse in natural, flowing water as a symbolic act of purification (Leviticus 14:8, 15:5, 22:6 and Deuteronomy 23:22) The act of immersion is called tevilah. The waters are not used to remove any physical uncleanliness, but rather serve as a symbolic rebirth, an emergence from the purified, cleansing waters of new beginnings.

Does that not sound like part of a good Baptist sermon? Although the ‘spiritual’ is the greater eternal reality, the natural is designed to consistently teach us the spiritual, but works in a symbiotic relationship with the spiritual. When faithful to the natural we see the spiritual. When grasping the spiritual, we now can see how the commandments concerning our bodies and behavior is revealed in the spiritual. Did that make sense? Perhaps this is part of what Y’shua was referring to in what we erroneously called the Lord’s prayer.

Mattityahu [Matthew] 6:9-10
After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth (the natural) as it is in heaven (the spiritual).

I believe the patterns for this reality have been revealed from the beginning. God’s desire is to cleanse our hearts, knowing that this is where obedience begins. In showing us this eternal reality, He gives us a natural picture in the beginning with the immersion of the creation and it’s coming out of the waters. This is why I believe it is so imperative to learn the scriptures from the beginning.

As you may have noticed, I did took a side trip here before tackling this issue in the New Testament. I felt it was necessary background. Next time we will address the baptism of Yochanan the immerser.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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  6. Believing (Video: 22:41 minutes long. Can we profess to believe in the Word of God and not do the Word of God? What does believing look like? What does the Bible say? How does Biblically defining terms affect the meaning we extract in our study? This study examines those questions and uses the Bible to reveal the answers.)


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