News You May Not Have Heard About — 08/09/2018

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  1. Trump’s New York Grit Shines Through, And GOP Opponents Better Be Listening
  2. Trump Announces Russia Collusion ‘100%’ Real, But It Came from Clinton Camp
  3. Enough Is Enough: Trump Hits Ohio Rally-Goers With Incredible Message About America’s Heroes
  4. ‘The Guys We Love:’ Trump Calls Out Fox News by Name During Ohio Rally, Blasts Competitors
  5. Fact Check: Trump Says 3.5 Million People Have Been Lifted off Food Stamp
  6. Trump: Meeting in Trump Tower Was to Get Information on Clinton
  7. GAME-CHANGER! Rasmussen Poll: Trump’s Approval Rating Among Black Voters Now 29% vs. 15% One Year Ago
  8. Trump Restores Some Sanctions on Iran Lifted in Obama Nuclear Deal
  9. President Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Restoring Sanctions on Murderous Regime in Iran
  10. Melania Trump’s Parents Become U.S. Citizens
  11. Trump: ‘Stay tuned’ for revelations on ‘witch hunt’
  12. Trump Calls for Suspensions After NFL Players Protest During Anthem
  13. Trump Imposes ‘Sanctions from Hell’ on Russia for Accusations that Russia Poisoned an Ex-Spy, But there Is No Proof


  1. Pence: Pence Hammers the Establishment Media for Ignoring One of the Most Important News Stories in Months
  2. Pence: VP Pence threatens sanctions on Turkey if American Pastor isn’t freed
  3. Pence: Pence outlines plan for new Space Force by 2020
  4. US President Donald Trump’s Middle East policy team: Report: Trump’s Mideast Team Seeks End to Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Status
  5. Trump Administration: U.S. Sanctions Russia Over Nerve-Agent Attack in Britain
  6. Trump Administration: Trump Admin Offers $10 Million Bounty on Top al Qaeda Leaders
  7. Trump Administration: Trump Administration ‘Fully Supports’ Israel’s Right to Defend Itself
  8. Senate: Senate Adopts Legislation that Supports Assistance for Israel’s Security
  9. Senate: Senators Urge Trump to Counter China’s ‘Debt-Trap’ Loans
  10. Congress: Congress Forces Al Jazeera, Other Foreign Media to Disclose Ties
  11. Congress: Defense Bill Pushes Trump Toward Tougher China Policies
  12. Pentagon: Maginnis on Iran sanctions: Trump had no choice
  13. Pentagon: Top US Navy admiral warns Russian submarine threat is the largest since Cold War
  14. Jeff Sessions: Sessions Stands Defiant After Judge Rules He Must Reinstate DACA
  15. Jeff Sessions: Sessions Calls Out Southern Poverty Law Center for Using ‘Hate Group’ Label to ‘Bully’ Conservatives
  16. U.S. Treasury Department: Trump Rewards Russian Oligarch For Stalling Lawsuit Alleging Special Counsel Robert Mueller And FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Stole $5 Million From Him
  17. State Department: US, Turkey meet on detained American pastor, sanctions
  18. Department of Homeland Security: DHS Reversal Reopens Asylum Cases for 87 Iranian Christians and Other Religious Minorities
  19. Department of Homeland Security: More Than 700,000 Foreign Nationals Overstayed Visas in 2017, DHS Says
  20. Department of Energy: Why Is The Department Of Energy Conducting Human Experiments?
  21. FBI: Unnamed FBI Special Agent Violates Numerous Federal Regulations, but Escapes DOJ Prosecution
  22. FBI: 71 pages of heavily redacted FBI documents reveal at least 11 FBI PAYMENTS made to Brit spy Christopher Steele, FAKE dirty Trump dossier creator
  23. John Bolton: Bolton Says ‘Unprecedented Pressure’ Campaign on Iran Already Working: ‘The Elites Are Getting Nervous’
  24. Pompeo: Iran Not Treated as Equal Until it Stops Sponsoring Terror
  25. Pompeo: Pompeo says sanctions a pillar of US policy toward Iran
  26. Justice Department: DOJ ordered to preserve James Comey’s personal emails
  27. Government Accountability Institute: Exclusive–Eric Eggers: November Midterms ‘Poised for a Tsunami of Voter Fraud’
  28. Health and Human Services: Trump’s Health Secretary Is Implementing Bold, Reaganesque Reforms
  29. National Institutes of Health: Feds Spend $140,625 to Reduce ‘Intersectional Stigma’ of Transwomen in Nepal
  30. U.S. Air Force: Watch: Air Force Releases Video Showing Medal of Honor Winner’s Heroic Last Stand in Afghanistan
  31. United States Commission on Civil Rights: Civil Rights Commissioner Slams House Attack on Asylum Integrity
  32. Kellyanne Conway: Kellyanne’s Nails It with Hilarious Response to Bill Kristol’s Potential Presidential Run
  33. Jared Kushner: Jared Kushner pushing to close UNRWA, end bogus refugee status for millions of fake “Palestinians”


  1. Biggest LIES of 2018 – including toxic twists of news about medicine, food, agriculture and politics
  2. 99% of modern scientific papers are nothing more than politically-motivated pseudoscience, warns science pioneer
  3. National media refuses to report on left-wing Antifa mob violence breaking out in three U.S. cities over the weekend



  1. Judicial Watch Sues Departments of State, Defense and Homeland Security to Obtain Anti-Israel ‘Boycott, Divestiture, and Sanctions’ (BDS) Lobbying Records
  2. Judicial Watch: FBI Records Show Dossier Author Deemed ‘Not Suitable For Use’ as Source, Show Several FBI Payments in 2016
  3. Weekly Update: JW Exposes New Strzok Emails
  4. Arab Living in Mexico Smuggles 6 Yemenis into U.S. Via Southern Border
  5. Judicial Watch: Court Orders DOJ to Preserve Comey Personal Email


  1. Are These 4 Countries Forming a One-World Alliance Against the US?
  2. U.S. Withdrawal From Iran Deal Helping Wind Down Yemen War, Officials Say
  3. Q – Killing The Mockingbird (Video: 4:47 minutes long.)
  4. Giving Trump Carte Blanche For War
  5. Clinton: IG Reports 5 & 6 The Weiner Laptop (Video: 8:36 minutes long.)
  6. Clinton: Text Messages Reveal Christopher Steele’s Concern over Senate’s Inquiry into Trump Dossier
  7. Clinton: Senior DOJ Official Aided Trump Dossier Author, Documents Show “Back Door” Communication Network
  8. Clinton: Handwritten Notes Reveal Glenn Simpson Gave Bruce Ohr a ‘Memory Stick’ in Secret Meeting Shortly After Trump Won 2016 Election
  9. Obama: Obama Ally Admits: Trump Economy Is a Clear Win
  10. Obama: Panel Ignores over a Hundred Civilians Murdered by Drone Strikes To Give Obama Humanitarian Award
  11. Deep State: Paul Craig Roberts: The Deep State And The MSM Will Fight To The Death Against Trump
  12. mueller_the_clown_cartoon
  13. Mueller: Bombshell: Old Mueller Pic Surfaces, Exposes Him as Total Fraud
  14. Mueller: Judge Ellis Brings Mueller’s Prosecutor to Tears in Courtroom Showdown
  15. Mueller: Gates describes funneling millions through Cyprus accounts
  16. Mueller: Rudy Giuliani Blasts Doors Off Mueller Investigation, ‘It’s Going To Blow Up’
  17. Mueller: DRAMA=> Judge Ellis Calls For Extended Delay in Manafort Trial After Mueller Prosecutors Whine
  18. Mueller: Greg Hunter: Mueller Probe Illegitimate, Internet Purge Is Here, And Journalism Is Dead
  19. Mueller: Manafort Prosecutor So Frustrated Judge Thinks He’s Crying in Court
  20. Peter Strzok & Carter Page: Veteran Reporter Says Uncovered FBI Text on Trump Should Alarm Every American
  21. Nancy Pelosi: New Poll Spells Trouble for Pelosi, 73% of Americans Don’t Want Her as Speaker
  22. Democrats: Democrats Panic as Black Voters Give Trump 29% Approval Rating
  23. Democrats: Al Sharpton Not Ruling out 2020 Run for President
  24. Democrats: Emboldened by Their Successful Deplatforming of Infowars — Democrats Start Push to Stamp Out FOX News
  25. Democrats: Democrats Circulate Plans to Take Control of Internet Including Regulations on Political Speech
  26. Democrats: Leaked Memo Reveals How Democrats Plan to Takeover the Internet
  27. Democrats: SHOCK VIDEO=> NANCY PELOSI: Voting for Democrats Gives “Leverage” to Illegal Immigrants
  28. Democrats: Pelosi: Voting for Dems equals ‘leverage’ for illegals
  29. Democrats: Dems blame ‘Russians’ for Ohio result
  30. Democrats: House Democrats Play A Double Game On Hamas
  31. Democrats: In Past Years, Feinstein, Schumer Said Nominee’s Judicial Record Most Important
  32. Democrats: Democrat Star Who’s Headed to Congress Throws Nancy Pelosi Under the Bus
  33. Democrats: Democrats Voice Frustration Over Obama Not Endorsing Candidates Sooner During Primaries
  34. Republicans: Watch: This Jarring GOP Ad Should Run Non-Stop Until 2020
  35. Media-MSNBC: MSNBC Host Asks Twitter to Censor President Trump’s Account
  36. Media-MSNBC: Chuck Todd Highlights Bill Nelson’s ‘Two Unforced Errors’ in Past Week
  37. Media-CNN: Crybaby Jim Acosta Reportedly Feared for His Life at Trump Rally — But Video Shows Him Posing for Selfies with Trump Supporters
  38. Media-CNN: Angry CNN Host Don Lemon Attacks First Lady Melania Trump (VIDEO)
  39. Media-Fox: BOOM! Rep. Darrell Issa: If Twitter, Facebook Are Going to Politic Through Algorithm – They May Start Getting Regulated by FEC (VIDEO)
  40. Media-Fox: Fox News Correspondent Abruptly Resigns After 9 Years on the Job
  41. Media-Fox: Pompeo: ‘Ways to go’ before North Korea is denuclearized (Video: 5:47 minutes long.)
  42. Media-Fox: Breaking: Fox Co-Host Leaving for Liberal Show
  43. Media-Fox: Rudy Drops Mueller Bombshell on Hannity’s Show
  44. Media-Washington Post: WaPo Fact Check: Dems Wrong to Suggest ‘Medicare for All’ Will Save Trillions
  45. Media-New York Times: Franklin Graham: N.Y. Times ‘slanderous,’ ‘vile’
  46. Media-New York Times: NY Times Writer Calls for Media To Work Together To Take Down Trump
  47. Media-Rush Limbaugh: Rush Limbaugh: D’Souza on his new provocative new film and the fascism of the Democratic Party
  48. ICE: ICE to Sue Portland over Mayor Ted Wheeler’s ‘Stand Down’ Orders to Police Forcing Them To Ignore Distress Calls from the Federal Agency
  49. ICE: Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly Calls Abolishing ICE ‘A Terrible Idea’
  50. ICE: EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS and PHOTOS: Hard-Leftists target Microsoft’s NYC offices — “We Won’t Be Complicit, No TECH FOR ICE”
  51. ICE: ICE Uncovers Major Ring of Businesses Using Illegal Immigrant Labor
  52. Immigration: Report: More than 1/2 of immigrants on welfare
  53. FISA: REPORT: President Trump to Declassify June 2017 Carter Page FISA Renewal App Signed By Rod Rosenstein
  54. NRA: NRA Smacks Down Gun-Grabbing Hogg After Teen Employs Armed Security and Shows Up to HQ
  55. NRA: NBA Coach Openly Mocks Prayer in Disgusting Anti-NRA Attack
  56. NRA: New York Lawsuit Forces NRA To Issue Dire Public Warning
  57. NRA: Cuomo: NRA Are the ‘Bad Guys’
  58. NRA: In Targeting NRA, Andrew Cuomo Focuses on Political Nemesis, Not Public Safety
  59. NRA: Libs Have No Chance: NRA Takes Stand for Kavanaugh
  60. EPA: EPA Finally Spills the Beans on True Cost of Obama’s Biofuel Mandate
  61. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP): NAACP Nightmare: Own Poll Shows Trump With Huge Surge in Black Support
  62. Dick Morris: No Negotiation Table Left for Iran Except the One Where They Surrender
  63. Brett Kavanaugh: Kavanaugh Wows GOP Senators After Meetings, Overwhelming Support Expected
  64. Brett Kavanaugh: Cotton Dismisses Harris’ Call for More Kavanaugh Documents: ‘You Already Said You’re Voting No’
  65. Brett Kavanaugh: McCaskill on Kavanaugh Nomination: ‘This Is Not a Political Winner’
  66. Rick Gates: DEVELOPING: Govt ‘Star Witness’ Rick Gates to Take the Stand in Manafort Trial
  67. Maxine Waters: SHE’S DONE! Maxine Busted For ‘Illegal Dealings’ Cries Like A Baby After Trump Supporters Get To Her
  68. Korean War Vet Sings Trump’s Praises as Remains of Fallen Brothers Are Finally Returned Home
  69. NeverTrumper Immediately Jumps Ship After Seeing President’s Long List of Accomplishments
  70. Dinesh D’Souza: ‘Kicking their butts’: D’Souza unleashes on his movie critics
  71. Nikki Haley: We Hear You: Nikki Haley, the UN, Identity Politics, Obamacare Costs, and Liberal Tantrums
  72. Candace Owens: Wow! Candace Owens Copies Racist Tweets by Sarah Jeong but Replaces “White” with “Black” …. IS IMMEDIATELY SUSPENDED!
  73. Dianne Feinstein: Trump, Limbaugh erupt over Feinstein’s ‘spy’ driver
  74. Dianne Feinstein: Feinstein easy target for Chinese spy
  75. Marco Rubio & Ann Wagner: Rubio Unveils Paid Family Leave Proposal
  76. Strong Support for Trump Among America’s Orthodox Jews
  77. Planned Parenthood: New Title X Rule Will Hold Planned Parenthood Accountable on Reporting Abuse
  78. What That Alleged Drone Attack on Venezuela’s Dictator Means for Americans
  79. Truth Behind Alex Jones Banishment Surfaces, All Rooted in Jealousy from Millennial
  80. Graphic: Tough Patriot Emotional After Flag Attack, Sends Bone-Chilling Message to Attacker
  81. Arizona: When You’re Trying to Fix a Problem and Only Make Things Worse (Snake Edition)
  82. Arizona: Arizona Found Simple Method That Is Sending Refugees Fleeing From Their State
  83. California: MAYHEM AT BERKELEY=> Police in Riot Gear Arrest Violent Far Left Protesters During ‘Anti-Marxist’ and Opposing Rallies (VIDEO)
  84. California: Watch: Antifa Caught Smashing Windows at Marines Recruiting Office
  85. California: ‘We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives’
  86. California: Underreported: The Santa Fe School Shooting Survivors the Media Ignored
  87. California: Podcast: California Not Happy With Trump’s Regulation Rollbacks
  88. California: Stanford: Muslim student who vowed to “physically fight zionists” resigns as RA, student paper paints him as martyr
  89. California: BIBLES BAN IN CALIFORNIA Moves one step Closer To An EVIL Reality
  90. California: ‘Prideful’ Vandal Who Destroyed Trump’s Star Gets Hit with Federal Charge, Possible Jail Time
  91. California: West Hollywood Wants Trump’s Star Removed Over ‘Treatment of Women,’ Yet Would Allow Bill Cosby’s To Remain
  92. California: Hospital Gifts Woman $25 After Performing C-Section Without Anesthesia
  93. California: Jihadi who plotted mass Islamic attack on CHRISTMAS holiday at San Francisco’s Pier 39 gets 15 years prison dawah
  94. California: Left’s civil war: Antifa members in Berkeley smash windows of US Marine Corps recruiting office during protest
  95. California: Berkeley Police Arrest 20, Seize Several Makeshift ‘Weapons’ at Start of Planned Protests
  96. California: Legal Immigrant Running for House Crushes Every Single Objection to Trump’s Wall
  97. California: Attorney: If it becomes law, AB 2943 will be challenged in court
  98. California: Dem Candidates in 10 Key California Races Run Away From ‘Abolish ICE’ Campaign
  99. California: Payback: 30 Trump stars appear on Walk of Fame
  100. California: California governor declares state of emergency
  101. California: Black Trump Supporter Lays Into Democrats, ‘Sanctuary Cities Are Racist’
  102. California: School Boots Student Over Double-Whammy NRA Shirt
  103. California: Decision Draws Near on California Sexual Orientation Bill
  104. Colorado: SWAT Brings Out The Big Guns When Anti-ICE Protesters Try Blockading Federal Building
  105. Colorado: Muslim migrant accused of shooting cop wasn’t deported despite series of crimes
  106. Colorado: Muslim migrant who SHOT Colorado cop in shootout with officers has criminal history, yet AVOIDED DEPORTATION, report says
  107. Colorado: Deportation of Muslim migrant who tried to kill cop was halted by court ruling
  108. Colorado: Voters to Decide in November Whether to Raise Taxes by $1.5 Billion Annually for Education
  109. Connecticut: Murphy: Tech Companies ‘Must Do More Than Take Down One Website’
  110. Delaware: U.S. judge authorizes seizure of Venezuela’s Citgo
  111. Florida: Concealed Carry Citizen Shuts Down Crazed Gunman Who Opened Fire at Children’s Event
  112. Florida: Report: Parkland Shooter Was Denied After Asking School For Help
  113. Florida: Does Bigfoot live in Northwest Florida? Some people say yes
  114. Florida: Bigfoot sightings abound, but you’ll never guess where
  115. Florida: Gunman Opens Fire At Florida Peace Rally – Realizes BIG Mistake Too Late
  116. Florida: Blacked-Out Parkland Shooting Doc Released, Reporters Erase Black & Finally Find Truth
  117. Florida: Registered Democrat Arrested for Allegedly Shooting Man Over Political Argument
  118. Florida: Democrat Attempt to Repeal Self-Defense Law Fails Miserably
  119. Florida Reporter: Nelson Has ‘Little Bit of Egg on His Face’ With Russian Hacking Claim
  120. Georgia: What Voter Fraud? 670 Ballots Were Cast in Georgia Precinct with 270 Registered Voters
  121. Georgia: RGA Slams Abrams for Loaning $50,000 to Campaign While Owing $54,000 to the IRS
  122. Georgia: School Cancels Daily Pledge of Allegiance for Something More ‘Positive’
  123. Georgia:A Banner Day for Georgia Democrats
  125. Idaho: Hero mom gives her life for her baby – literally
  126. Illinois: 16 Children Among 66 Injured or Dead in Horrific Chicago Shooting Spree
  127. Illinois: 11 killed and nearly 70 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings
  128. Illinois: Chicago Democrat Pleas for Trump’s Help Despite Mayor After Weekend Bloodbath
  129. Illinois: Chicago Protesters Call for Resignation of Mayor Rahm Emanuel over Increase in Gun Violence that Killed 12 over the Weekend
  130. Illinois: After Trip to Emergency Room Illinois Couple has all 4 Children Medically Kidnapped
  131. Iowa: 4-H exec who pushed LGBT agenda gets booted
  132. Iowa: Lawsuit: Univ. of Iowa discriminated against faith group
  133. Louisiana: Watch: Apparent Antifa Mob Attacks Black Woman, Beats City Hall Guards
  134. Maryland: ‘Social Justice’ now a Master’s degree for teachers?
  135. Massachusetts: Russian meddling in 2016? Leftist icon blames Israel
  136. Massachusetts: Harvard sorority closes amid rule on single-gender clubs
  137. Massachusetts: Chinese National Pleads Guilty to Trafficking Fentanyl
  138. Massachusetts: Deval Patrick Supports Democrats Impeaching Trump if They Take House
  139. Massachusetts: Don’t get behind the wheel, liberals, high on ‘TDS’
  140. Massachusetts: Feds: Man offered $500 for killing of ICE agents
  141. Michigan: Strangers Gather To Provide Military Sendoff to Veterans Unclaimed in Death
  142. Michigan: Detroit: Muslim doctor in FGM case says she committed no crime, just performed a religious ritual
  143. Michigan: Michigan doctor on trial for vaginal mutilation cases at WAR against feds, American law, uses sharia defense
  144. Michigan: First-ever Muslim Candidate for Governor Tied to Racist, Antisemitic NATION OF ISLAM
  145. Michigan: First Muslim Woman on Verge of Holding Congressional Seat After Primary Win
  146. Michigan: Sharia Sarsour: First Muslim candidate for Michigan Governor Abdul El-Sayed’s ties to Islamic death compound, training children to kill
  147. Minnesota: Minnesota Muslim Congressional candidate fundraises with Hamas-linked CAIR in California
  148. Minnesota: Muslim Congressional candidate Ilhan Omar swore to apparent falsehoods in court, while divorcing her brother
  149. Missouri: Missouri Union Goes on Trial for Forced Dues
  150. Missouri: Down but not out: Look for right-to-work to be resurrected
  151. Missouri: Missouri Farm Bureau Slams McCaskill, Endorses Hawley
  152. Montana: Peter Fonda Calls On Democrats To Commit Voter Fraud in Order To Win Election
  153. Nevada: Police Make Infuriating Ruling in Las Vegas Shooting, Close the Door on Investigation
  154. Nevada: Space-Time Warp May Exist Near Las Vegas – Could This Explain Why Time Slows Down In The Area?
  155. New Hampshire: Domestic Abuse and Assault Charges Tarnish New Hampshire Democrat’s Career
  156. New Hampshire: New Hampshire Changes Name Of Fall Fundraising Dinner To Stop Honoring Bill Clinton
  157. New Jersey: Democrats: Popular US Democratic Senator Poses with Pro-BDS Sign
  158. New Jersey: Pro-“Palestinian” Group Disputes Booker’s Claim He Didn’t Know About Anti-Israel Sign
  159. New Jersey: New Jersey Budgets $5M to Prop Up ‘Community’ Newspapers
  160. New Jersey: Two Police Officers Shot in ‘Ambush’-Style Attack
  161. New Jersey: Cops Called to Take Down a Kid’s Lending Library
  162. New Jersey: Menendez Campaign Chair Is a Lobbyist for Qatar
  163. New Mexico: Dem Candidate Cuts Warren Claim to Shreds Seconds Before She Takes the Mic
  164. New Mexico: Moms of 11 children found at New Mexico compound arrested
  165. New Mexico: New Mexico: 11 children found in “filthy” compound with two heavily armed jihadis
  166. New Mexico: Muslim Siraj Ibn Wahhaj Was Training Abused Kids at New Mexico Shelter to Commit Mass Shootings at Schools
  167. New Mexico: Imam: ‘Fake news’ media covering son’s jihadi compound
  168. New Mexico: Islamic compound leader on radar of counterterror officials for 13 years on suspicion of jihad activity
  169. New Mexico: FBI stalled on entering New Mexico jihad compound until finally local cops went in on their own
  170. New Mexico: Father arrested at NM compound to face court; son missing
  171. New Mexico: New Mexico Tragedy: Could the FBI Have Saved the Boy?
  172. New Mexico: AMI Smart Meter DEFEAT At New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
  173. New York: Public Schools Bring in Drag Queens To Teach Kindergartners About Gender Ideology
  174. New York: VIDEOS and PHOTOS: Antifa Fascists Harass Patriots at NYC “Deportee Suitcase Solidarity March,” Cops Intimidated
  175. New York: Video from NYC: Muslim sprays gas on floor, sets massive blaze at Staten Island gas station
  176. New York: K-12 Schools Bringing in Drag Queens to Teach Gender Ideology
  177. New York: WATCH: NY Muslim Fakrol Islam tries to blow up 7-Eleven gas station and is engulfed in flames
  178. New York: Suspect Accused of Threatening House GOP Leaders Had Ammo, Gun Receipts, Affidavit Says
  179. New York: Republican Congressman Arrested After Turning Himself In to FBI
  180. New York: New York Governor Calls for Investigation After Town Clerk Rejects Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ License
  181. New York: Ocasio-Cortez Goes 2-for-5 in Her Endorsements
  182. New York: Ocasio-Cortez Won’t Debate Shapiro Because He’s ‘Sexist’, So Conservative Ladies Step Up
  183. New York: Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Ben Shapiro’s Debate Request With Absurd Accusation
  184. New York: Dem New York Attorney General Candidate: ‘I Don’t Give a F*** What the Trump Fans Say’
  185. New York: Malta freezes Pilatus bank after Muslim chairman funneled $115 million to Iran through United States, breaking U.S. sanctions
  186. North Carolina: State slaps down doctor who wants to cut patients’ imaging costs
  187. Ohio: Randy Moss Sneaks ‘Black Lives Matter’ Message on His Tie at Hall of Fame Induction
  188. Ohio: Watch: He Held His Salute Until Trump Turned Around, Then His Patience Was Rewarded
  189. Ohio: Ohio contest could signal Democrats’ momentum for November
  190. Ohio: Republican Legislator Appears To Win Dramatic Comeback Victory After Trump Endorsement
  191. Ohio: Ohio Vote Tilted by Man Who Claims He’s Part Alien, ‘Speaks’ Sheet Music
  192. Ohio: 170 Voters in Ohio Election Listed ‘Over Age 116’ – But World’s Oldest Person Is 115
  193. Ohio: Officials Make Devastating Discovery While Counting Ohio Votes
  194. Ohio: Rep. Jim Jordan’s chief accuser loses key ‘witness’
  195. Oregon: Fatalities averted at Portland protests due to overwhelming presence of cool-headed patriots
  196. Oregon: Police Deploy Their Own Brand of Justice After Patriot Prayer Group and Antifa Protesters Turn Bloody
  197. Oregon: OR voters might drop ‘sanctuary’ law in Nov.
  198. Oregon: Judge Erases Right to Privacy, Rules Schoolgirls Must Share Bathroom with Males
  199. Oregon: Watch: Violent Anti-Police Protesters Injure Guards While Storming City Hall
  200. Pennsylvania: Scott Wallace Belongs to Millionaires Group Seeking to Overhaul America’s Framework
  201. Pennsylvania: Pa. gov. positioning LGBT over Christians
  202. Pennsylvania: Bipartisan Bill Moves to Protect Religious Foster Care
  203. Pennsylvania: Company incinerates aborted babies in ‘reverent way’
  204. South Carolina: South Carolina teen pleads guilty to terrorism charge
  205. South Carolina: Drunk driver tells cop: I’m a ‘clean, thoroughbred, white girl’
  206. South Carolina: Muslim pleads guilty to trying to join the Islamic State
  207. Tennessee: Prediction: Blackburn can pull out a win
  208. Tennessee: Watch: 10-Year-Old With Wheelchair Stands for Anthem, Becomes Instant Role Model
  209. Tennessee: Tennessee Set for Its First Execution in Nearly a Decade
  210. Tennessee: Dem Rep Under Fire for Wishing Blackburn Would Jump off a Bridge, Calls It ‘Obviously Humor’
  211. Texas: Texas jury convicts Muslim migrant in honor killing of his daughter’s Christian husband
  212. Texas: Muslim migrant who honor-murdered daughter’s husband also praised 9/11 and killed another daughter’s husband
  213. Texas: Cops Arrest Illegal Trying To Enter US with Fake Daughter He Kept Around To Rape
  214. Texas: Illegal Immigrant Supporters Get Bad News as DACA Case Goes to Anti-DACA Judge
  215. Texas: Muslim migrant who honor-murdered daughter’s husband also praised 9/11, murdered ANOTHER daughter’s husband
  216. UN: UN Envoy to Mideast Concerned Gaza Situation Will Deteriorate
  217. UN: In Shocking UN Accusation, China Said To Hold 1 Million Uighur Muslims In “Massive Internment Camps”
  218. UN: UN Puts Cost Of Syrian War Destruction At Nearly $400 Billion
  219. UNRWA: WATCH: How UNRWA Has ‘Betrayed Its Mission’
  220. Utah: Why I Objected to a Bill That Would Ban 3D Gun Designs
  221. Vermont: Bernie Sanders Caught Drastically Fudging the Numbers on His ‘Medicare for All’ Plan
  222. Virginia: Virginia imam: “Islam is only solution to solve America’s problems,” US “will be a Muslim nation”
  223. Washington State: The Mount St. Helens Bigfoot Cover-up Story! (Documentary) (Video: 17:59 minutes long.)
  224. Washington State: Coach appeals to SCOTUS over post-game prayer
  225. West Virginia: Appalachian Justice: Here’s How WV Handles an Out-of-Control Supreme Court


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  1. Netanyahu Assures Israelis: Nation-State Law Does not Hurt Minority Rights
  2. Netanyahu, Liberman Praise Trump’s Decision on Iran Sanction
  3. Netanyahu: Sanctions on Iran are an ‘Important Moment for Israel
  4. Liberman: Syria is Building Bigger Army than it Had Before Civil War
  5. Israeli Minister: Any Deal with Hamas Must Bring Back Captives, IDF Soldiers’ Remains
  6. Israel’s Security Cabinet to IDF: Take ‘Strong Action’ Against Hamas
  7. Jewish Labour MP will not Face Action for Calling Corbyn Anti-Semite
  8. Speaker of Knesset Refuses to Sign MK’s Resignation Letter While Written in Arabic
  9. WATCH: Jerusalem Mayor Issues a Wake-up Call to Europe
  10. Israelis Spearhead Efforts to Build ‘Jerusalem Neighborhood’ in Guatemala for Volcano Victims
  11. A Message to the Jewish Nation from a Druze Zionist Friend
  12. Thousands Join Druze-led Protest of Nation-State Law in Tel Aviv
  13. What Could a US-Iran Meeting Mean for Israel?
  14. IDF Targets Gaza ‘Fire Kite’ Launchers
  15. More arson jihad in Israel: Muslim sets Jerusalem building on fire
  16. Israelis Support Talks, But Don’t Believe They’ll Bring Peace
  17. WATCH: Defense Ministry Reveals First Photos of Sea Barrier at Gaza Border
  18. Is There a New Israel Fund Connection to the Nation-state Law Protests?
  19. Media Bias Against Israel – Where To Begin?
  20. WATCH: Teen Describes Her ‘Suffering’ in Israeli Prison – ‘Parties, Singing and Dancing!’
  21. WATCH: What the Media is Hiding from You About Palestinian Teen Ahed Tamimi
  22. WATCH: 3 Steps to Preventing Iran’s Nuclear Nightmare
  23. Eilat’s Coral Reef Growing, Reversing Global Trend
  24. WATCH: Is it Legal for Jews to Live in Jerusalem?
  25. Israel’s Biomedical Tech Industry Gets Major Boost from Life Science Giants
  26. Mossad Behind Assassination of Syrian Rocket Scientist – Report
  27. IDF Aircraft Fire on Arson Balloon Launchers in Gaza
  28. Hamas Threatens Retaliation for Israeli Counter-Terrorism Action that Killed 2
  29. Anti-Israel leader’s lies about Israel are completely disproved
  30. IDF Closes Roads Near Gaza Border Citing Suspicious Hamas Activities
  31. Israeli Air Force Appoints First Female Squadron Commander
  32. Israel’s UN Envoy: Appointment of New UNIFIL Head Opportunity to Push Back Hezbollah
  33. IDF Struck Hamas in Error, But will not Tolerate Retaliation
  34. Israeli Arabs Petition High Court Against Nation-state Law
  35. WATCH: Gal Gadot to Star as Real-life Jewish ‘Wonder Woman’
  36. An up close look at the devastation caused by Hamas terror fires
  37. Palestinian Rockets Strike Israeli Homes In Sderot, 2 Injured
  38. Israeli Experts to Help Thailand Boost Cyber Security
  39. WATCH: A Giving Society – Israeli Teen Volunteers
  40. Good News Israel! ‘Foldable’ Cars Coming to Tel Aviv, Online Book Features 100 Israeli Innovations, and More!
  41. Watch: Israeli Children Frantically Try to Get into Bomb Shelter as Palestinian Rockets Target Israeli Civilians
  42. Nightmare: Hundreds of Rockets Send Israel’s South Running for Cover
  43. WATCH: This is the Reality for Israel’s Citizens Near the Gaza Border
  44. Israel Slams BBC’s Skewed Reporting on Hamas’ Attacks on Israel
  45. Israel Welcomes End of Reign of Anti-Israel UN Diplomat
  46. Israel Sees Syrian Army Growing Beyond Pre-Civil War Size
  47. 150 Rockets from Gaza Hit Israel; IDF Officer Says Sides on Verge of Major Military Clash
  48. WATCH: Dozens of Alerts Have Sent Thousands Running for Cover in Communites Near Gaza
  49. WATCH: Panic as Gaza Rockets Hit Southern Israeli Communities
  50. Tense Calm Settles Over Israel as Hamas Ceases Rocket Attacks
  51. IDF Airstrike Demolishes Hamas Building in Gaza City
  52. WATCH: New Eilat Airport Named After Late Astronaut Ilan Ramon and Son
  53. Danon’s Term as Israeli UN Ambassador Extended 6 Months


  1. Bin Laden’s Son Marries Daughter of 9/11 Lead Hijacker
  2. WATCH: Hamas ‘Summer Camps’ Poison Young Palestinians’ Minds
  3. Palestinian Accused of ‘Normalization’ After Interview on Israeli TV
  4. Palestinians Slam Reported US Plan to Weaken UN ‘Refugee’ Agency
  5. WATCH: Details of Potential Israel-Hamas Deal Revealed
  6. WATCH: Hezbollah May Fill Vacuum Created by Assad’s Victory on Israel-Syria Border
  7. Palestinian Teens Win Place in Silicon Valley Finals with Fire-Fighting App
  8. WATCH: How Did the Palestinians Spend $25 Billion in Aid
  9. WATCH: Palestinian Professor Claims Koran Teaches ‘Jews Are Behind Every Conspiracy
  10. Palestinians in Samaria Copy Gazans’ ‘Fire Kite’ Terror
  11. WATCH: The Debate Over Scrapping Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Status
  12. Hamas Claims To Support Gradual Ceasefire with Israel
  13. Hezbollah Closes In On Israel’s Border As Last Syrian Rebel Groups Fall
  14. Islamic State murders Druze hostage, sends videos of his beheading to his family
  15. Economic Pressure on Iran Hits Hezbollah Hard
  16. Hamas Terrorists Shoot at Soldiers, IDF Returns Fire
  17. Most Palestinians Reject Trump’s Yet-To-Be-Revealed Peace Deal
  18. The History of Jihad shows what establishment foreign policy analysts get wrong – and what Trump gets right
  19. Comoros: Sunni Islam declared the state religion, Shi’ites and Christians fear backlash
  20. ISIS Is NOT Contained. Here’s Proof
  21. Tortured Yazidi slaves speak up after finally being freed
  22. Muslim professor of Quranic Studies says Quran teaches “how to deal with this human garbage,” the Jews
  23. Muslim cleric: “The Jews from all over the land will gather around the Antichrist…The Muslims will kill them”
  24. Hamas Pounds Southern Israel with 70 Rockets, IDF Strikes Back
  25. Abbas Heading Organization Designated as Terror Group
  26. WATCH: A Brainwashed Muslim Learns the Facts About Israel
  27. Hamas Rocket Strikes Distant Beersheva for the First Time Since 2014
  28. Hamas Warns Israel will ‘Pay a Price for Its Crimes’
  29. The child abuse taking place in Hamas summer camps
  30. Nine injured as CAIR-linked Hamas fires 70 rockets at Israeli civilians
  31. “Palestinian” President Mahmoud Abbas Vows To Continue Funding Families Of “Martyrs” And Prisoners: Even If We Had One Single Penny Left
  32. “Palestinian” Authority slams Canada for its “blatant interference” in Riyadh’s internal affairs
  33. “Palestinian” “journalist” takes random baby photo from Instagram, claims baby was killed by Israel
  34. Palestinians Paid $294,332 in Terror Stipends for Sbarro Suicide Bombing Killing 15 Israelis
  35. WATCH: Jihad is ‘A Duty Incumbent on Entire Nation,’ Says Palestinian Judge
  36. Jordan Consider the Ways to Help Syria with Economic Development
  37. How Russia, Turkey, and Iran are Going to Avoid a Battle for Idlib


  1. Belgium: Jewish couple afraid to leave house after antisemitic harassment and death threats
  2. Denmark: Imam defends himself against hate speech charges by calling for jihad against Israel
  3. England :A Dying Tree in England: Labour Party is on Verge of Uprooting Jewish Legitimacy, Safety
  4. England: Video: Antifa attacks women protesting Muslim migrant rape at Speakers’ Corner
  5. EU: In Affront to Trump, EU Urges ‘Increased Business with Iran’
  6. EU: WATCH: EU Transport Plan Links Gaza to PA, But Ignores Israeli Security Needs
  7. EU: EU Cuts Funding to Group ‘Undermining State of Israel’s Right to Exist’
  8. EU: E.U. Stands with Tehran, Boosts Iran Trade in Defiance of Renewed U.S. Ban
  9. Europe: European vegetable sector in most serious crisis since 1978
  10. France: Saint Denis Muslim policewoman stole weapons, munitions from police
  11. France: France Passes Law Saying Children Can Consent To Sex With Adults
  12. France: Six “YOUTHS” “LYNCH” man defending his wife outside Muslim-migrant “no-go” suburbs of Saint-Denis
  13. Germany: Muslim migrant who sexually abused 7 children released after only 7 months
  14. Germany: Report: Tensions Explode as Migrants Brawl. 3 Streets Shut Down. ‘Battlefield’
  15. Germany: Muslim Migrant Who Sexually Abused 7 Children Released After Only 7 Months
  16. Germany: Shots fired at church during Mass
  17. Germany: Muslim migrant plotted to explode ricin bomb packed with shrapnel, targeting “unbelievers”
  18. Germany: German central bank blocks $400 million cash delivery to Iran ahead of crippling new US sanctions
  19. Germany: Germany May Bring Back Conscription (Video: 5:14 minutes long.)
  20. Ireland: Pro-Life Leader Blames ‘Fake-News Storm’ on the Repeal of Ireland’s 8th Amendment
  21. Italy: Muslim migrants turn town into battleground with axes and machetes
  22. Italy: Two killed after landslide in Italian Alps
  23. Italy: Italian to Command UN Peacekeeping Force on Israel’s Border with Lebanon
  24. Italy: Italian Soldiers Forced to Intervene as Muslim Migrants Brawl on Naples Streets
  25. Netherlands: New Muslim building owner evicts Jewish community from synagogue to open restaurant
  26. Norway: Report: Norwegian Group Operating to Jam Israeli Legal System
  27. Norway: Sharia Norway: Israeli volunteers detained, questioned in SHOCKING airport ordeal, sent to a Muslim migrant camp in a PRISON car
  28. Poland: Poland Obtains Archive with Proof Poles Saved Jews During Holocaust
  29. Russia: Russia Warns of Severe Consequences if Georgia Joins NATO
  30. Russia: Russia To Break All Ties With United States As Libya And Yemen Cry To Putin For Help—And Turkish Forces Plan Invasion Of US Base To Arrest Top American Generals
  31. Russia: Russian Fleet Rushes To Arctic Over Fears US May Have Started War With Unknown Alien Species
  32. Scotland: Crosses Being Removed, Covered in Scottish Chapels Due to Offended Non-Christians at Funeral Services
  33. Scotland: Scotland Schools to Instruct 5-Year-Olds: Your Gender Is ‘What You Decide’ It to Be
  34. Spain: Barcelona jihad murderers: “Allah has chosen us from among millions of people to make you cry blood”
  35. Spain: Spanish fighter jet accidentally fires missile over Estonia
  36. Sweden: Four Somalis Who Filmed and Posted Their Rape of a 13-Year Old Girl Were Given Mild Sentences
  37. Sweden: Documentary: The Nazi past of the Swedish Social Democrats
  38. Sweden: New police station in no-go zone rammed by a car, set ablaze by masked men
  39. Switzerland: All 20 Passengers of a 1930s-Era Plane Were Killed in Swiss Alps Crash
  40. UK: UK’s youngest female Muslim terror plotter, 18, jailed for life (that is, 13 years) over jihad plot to bomb London
  41. UK: SHARIA UK: Police ‘turn a blind eye’ to child brides, thousands of victims, no prosecutions
  42. UK: Labour Party Deputy Leader Faces Backlash After Criticizing Party’s Handling of Internal Anti-Semitism
  43. UK: UK developing ‘Futuristic technology’ to predict terror attacks
  44. UK: UK jihadi: “Remember brother – war is deception. Be like one of those moderate muslims.”
  45. UK: Cop asks if Muslim migrant can date 12-year-old to be “culturally sensitive”
  46. UK: 18-year-old Muslima claims to have left Islam as she is jailed for life (i.e. 13 years) for jihad plots
  47. UK: Officer wanted to be “culturally sensitive,” asked if Muslim migrant could date a 12-year-old
  48. UK: Is the UK Legal System Supporting Child Marriage?
  49. UK: Should This UK Court Rule According to Sharia Law?
  50. UK: Muslim migrant who raped student in cemetery says “Yes, I did that. Why not?”
  51. UK: Jack is an Orthodox Jew. He refuses to be filmed at Speaker’s Corner because he’d be killed. This is today’s UK
  52. UK: Muslim migrant charged with sexually assaulting boy in McDonald’s men’s room
  53. UK: WATCH: UK Labour Leader Questions Israel’s Right to Exist on Iranian TV
  54. UK: Muslim “refugee” throws boiling water over his gay roommate, saying “IN MY COUNTRY WE DO NOT ALLOW YOU,” jailed for 17 months of prison dawah
  55. UK: Boris Johnson Faces Investigation For Criticizing Women Who Wear Burkas
  56. UK: MP Boris Johnson accused of “Islamophobia,” refuses to apologize over burqa joke


  1. Afghanistan: Sunni Muslim murders 25 people with jihad suicide attack on Shi’ite mosque during prayers
  2. Afghanistan: Islamic State jihadists accused of rape and murder to be granted amnesty
  3. Armenia: Armenian Prime Minister Wants Face-to-Face Meeting With Trump
  4. China: Chinese Crackdown on Christians Continues as Xi Implements Plan to ‘Sinicize’ Religion
  5. China: Repaired With Duct Tape And Bubble Gum? A Section Of The Great Wall Of China Collapses
  6. China: China tests 4,563-mph hypersonic aircraft that fires ‘unstoppable’ nukes…
  7. China: China’s Dangerous Ambitions In The Middle East
  8. China: China fires six warnings to US Navy in South China Sea ‘This is China…LEAVE IMMEDIATELY’
  9. India: The shocking history of the jihad against India — never before told in the West
  10. India: Honour Killing in UP : Brother beheads sister, waits for police with blood-soaked knife
  11. Iran: WATCH: Iranian Cities Hit By Protests in the Cause of FREEDOM For Fourth Day
  12. Iran: Iran Says Trump, Netanyahu and Saudis Isolated, Not Iran
  13. Iran: Protests in Iran Hit Boiling Point, Amplifying Calls for Regime Change
  14. Iran: Iran weighs response as US sanctions bite
  15. Iran: Iran’s plan that puts the entire West in danger
  16. Iran: WATCH: Iranian Militia Threatening Israel in Southern Syria
  17. Iran: “Revolution is coming” — 10,000 flood streets and chant “Death to the dictator”
  18. Iran: Iran ‘Revolution is Coming’ as 100,000 Rush to Streets Chanting ‘Death to Dictator’
  19. Iraq: Hugh Fitzgerald: Even the Kurds Now Impose a Disguised Jizyah
  20. Iraq: An Iraqi Tells the Truth, and Takes His Life In His Hands
  21. Japan: Number Of “McRefugees” Sleeping In Hong Kong McDonald’s Jumps 600%
  22. Kuwait: Former Kuwaiti Minister Kills the “Palestinian” Narrative with the Truth
  23. Kuwait: Kuwait Airways to Pay Damages to Israeli Barred from Flight
  24. North Korea: North Korea Claims United States Is Pushing Too Hard for Denuclearization
  25. Pakistan: TWELVE girls schools BURNED DOWN OVERNIGHT in coordinated attacks in Pakistan
  26. Pakistan: Muslims murder artist over false charges of “blasphemy”
  27. Pakistan: Artist Thrown Off Building Over Alleged “Blasphemy” of Islam
  28. Pakistan: Is Pakistan About to Be Caught in China’s ‘Debt-Trap Diplomacy’?
  29. Pakistan: Singer and actress is ‘shot dead’ by her Muslim husband In yet another act of honor violence against female artists in Pakistan
  30. Saudi Arabia: Saudis expel Canadian ambassador for calling for release of women’s rights activists
  31. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia EXPELS Canadian ambassador, freezes “all new business” over “blasphemy” of Islamic law
  32. Saudi Arabia: Two more women’s rights activists are arrested in Saudi Arabia
  33. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia to dump Canadian assets ‘no matter the cost’ as diplomatic rift spirals
  34. Saudi Arabia: Sharia in Saudi Arabia: Man is crucified for stabbing a woman to death
  35. Syria: Israel Accused of Chemical Weapons Scientist’s Assassination in Syria
  36. Syria: When an enemy country does the unthinkable
  37. Syria: Wife of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
  38. Syria: Amman is ready to open al-Jaber crossing point
  39. Syria: Syrian Pro-government Militia Repulsed ISIS Suicide Bombers’ Attack in Suweida
  40. Syria: Armenians Arrived in Syria for Negotiations and Support (photos)
  41. Syria: YPG Announced Death of 6 People in Afrin
  42. Syria: YPG’ member was killed at the US Military Base in Deir Ezzor
  43. Syria: Syria Returns its citizens. What is about Europe?
  44. Syria: Do Tigers Move to Idlib (photos)?
  45. Turkey: Turkish TV channel blocks out cross on Selena Gomez’s necklace
  46. Turkey: WATCH: Turkey Attempts to Buy Influence in Jerusalem
  47. Turkey: Turkish Lawyers Want To Raid Incirlik Air Base, Arrest US Troops For Terrorist Ties
  48. United Arab Emirates (UAE): Dentist mother JAILED for three days with 4-year-old daughter in Dubai for having glass of wine on Emirates flight from UK – and now could be detained in UAE for a year


  1. Democratic Republic of Congo: Ebola is Back! 33 reported dead in Congo in new outbreak
  2. Nigeria: Christian Association of Nigeria says Buhari doesn’t stop jihadis because they’re his “kith and kin”


  1. Australia: Muslim teacher fired over charges of “radicalizing” students is back in the classroom
  2. Australia: “Everyone has to prepare for maximum damage”: Muslim brothers plotted jihad massacre in Australia
  3. Australia: Australian Nurses Are Being Asked to Apologize to Minority Patients for Being White Before they Treat Them
  4. Australia: Super gonorrhoea outbreak worsens as new strains emerge…
  5. Australia: World Remains Blind To “Ticking Time Bomb” Counting Down To War On Australia’s Doorstep
  6. New Zealand: Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern Censored in New Zealand: Debate Canceled and Speech Silenced in News Interview


  1. Canada: Canada Learns Important Lesson About Saudi Arabia After Demanding Release of Activists
  2. Canada: What is Canada Trying to Accomplish in Standing Against Saudi Arabia?
  3. Canada: Verified Saudi Twitter account threatens jihad terror attack on Canada
  4. Canada: ANOTHER mosque sermon calls on Allah to slay non-Muslims ‘one by one’
  5. Canada: Verified Saudi Twitter Account Makes Veiled 9/11 Terror Threat Against Canada
  6. Canada: Farmer Converts 40,000 Acres into Largest Organic Farm in Canada
  7. Canada: Muslim who stabbed soldiers and said “Allah told me to kill people” allowed to attend college
  8. Canada: Muslim who stabbed soldiers for Allah will not be attending college after all
  9. Canada: Jihadi who STABBED 3 soldiers at Army Recruiting Center attack RELEASED, ALLOWED TO ATTEND COLLEGE
  10. Canada: $60,000 fine for blogger who reported on Islamic veil activist
  11. Canada: At Least 4 Killed in Canada Shooting, Police Urging Residents to Stay Inside
  12. Canada: Canada Cowers In Fear After Saudi 9/11 Threat—But Americans Can’t Know About After “Internet Dark Age” Descends Upon Entire United States
  13. Canada: Ottawa mosque loses charity status for promoting ‘hate and intolerance’


  1. Argentina: Argentina Rejects Liberalized Abortion Laws
  2. Brazil: Children’s comic book features Muslim character to discuss “Islamophobia”
  3. Brazil: Glyphosate use SUSPENDED in Brazil as cancer concerns take center stage
  4. Brazil: Brazilian Presidential Candidate Pledges to Move Embassy to Jerusalem
  5. Venezuela: Venezuela’s President Runs for Cover During Assassination Attempt


World-Currencies Banner


  1. Tariffs: Trump Tariffs Send China Plummeting off #2 Stock Market Podium
  2. Tariffs: Trump Escalates Feud With Turkey, Imposing Higher Metals Tariffs
  3. Labor: Study: Thousands of Minnesota Teenagers Without Jobs Due to Minimum Wage Hike
  4. Retirement: How much to put away for retirement? It depends
  5. Retirement: 3 steps to prepare for a fulfilling retirement
  6. Retirement: The best part-time jobs for retirees and how to get them
  7. Retirement: What Congress is doing to boost your retirement savings
  8. Real-estate: The Downsides Of Selling A “Smart Tech” House
  9. Real-estate: Another Way To Look At The Pension Crisis: A Stealth Mortgage On Your House
  10. Real-estate: U.S. housing market has hit a ‘significant slowdown’ in recent weeks, Redfin CEO says
  11. Real-estate: With rent surging, these startups offer to pay the security deposit
  12. Real-estate: Home prices rise at the fastest pace in more than four years, defying expectations of a pullback
  13. Real-estate: The U.S. is about to add even more cities with a median home value of $1 million
  14. Crypto: Are Cryptos A Grand Distraction? (Video: 2:43 minutes long.)
  15. Bitcoin: The Great Bitcoin Energy Consumption Debate (Video: 4:02 minutes long.)
  16. Bitcoin: Bitcoin looks ‘very sick’ and the pain is not over, says analyst
  17. Gold: Stewart Thomson: The Gold Bull Market Is Real And It Is Beginning Now
  18. Gold: Gold Should Be Performing Better (But It Might Not Until The Fed Does This First)
  19. Gold: Harvey Organ: For The 2nd Straight Big Delivery Month NO GOLD Is Entering COMEX For Delivery
  20. Gold: BIS Gold Market Intervention Increased By 17% In July
  21. Gold: No Bottom In Gold Until Trade War Ends – David Brady
  22. Gold: COMEX Gold And The Commitment Of Traders Report – Craig Hemke
  23. Gold: It’s Not That Gold Is Pegged To The Yuan It’s That The Chinese Have Changed How They Look At Gold
  24. Gold & Silver: Steve St Angelo: When The World’s Greatest Bubbles Pop You Better Own Gold & Silver
  25. Gold & Silver: The Bottom Is Likely In And A Reversal To The Upside In Gold & Silver Is Likely IMMINENT
  26. Gold & Silver: Gold & Silver Need To Hold On Here Or They Risk Losing Whole Number Support
  27. Silver: Clive Maund: It’s Likely Silver Will See A Rerun Of 2008, Only Worse
  28. Precious Metals: Audio: South Africa Political Disaster to Bolster Precious Metals
  29. Precious Metals: When The World’s Greatest Bubbles Pop, You Better Own Some Precious Metals
  30. Stocks: Nomi Prins: Buybacks Will Keep The Stock Market Bull Running
  31. Stocks: Chris Vermeulen: US Stock Market To Go Higher Until November
  32. Stocks: S&P 500 logs its worst day in 6 weeks as Turkey’s lira crisis spotlights global risks
  33. Stocks: S&P 500 is stalling, but these 3 sectors are scaling fresh highs like clockwork
  34. Stocks: Dan Loeb’s Third Point trims Facebook stake but buys more Microsoft shares
  35. Treasury yields fall by the most in more than 2 months amid Turkey contagion fear
  36. Oil: Bill Bonner: How to buy a million gallons of gas for a dollar
  37. Oil: Oil prices end up for the day on forecast for rising demand, but lower for the week
  38. Fund Manager: For Elon Musk, Friday Means It’s 420 All Day Long
  39. Fund Manager: Tesla’s Phony Quarterly Numbers
  40. Biggest U.S. Firms Report Massive Profit Surges
  41. Gold Company Makes Huge Blunder By Investing In U.S. Shale Assets
  42. The U.S. Government To Fork Out A Half Trillion To Service Its Debt In 2018
  43. $1 trillion deficits and the crisis of the entitlement state
  44. Where middle-class America’s wealth is tied up
  45. Sheila Bair on what hasn’t changed since the Great Recession
  46. Sjuggerud: ‘The “Melt Up” is officially underway’
  47. A rare chance to get into an investment before Wall Street
  48. Here I Sit, Oh What A Grunt: Time To Back Up The JB Hunt?
  49. Trump Appointed EBRD Director Has A Golden Idea For A New International Monetary System
  50. Aladair Macleod: The Coming Credit Crisis Is As Sure As Night Follows Day
  51. Lynette Zang Bombshell: Your Risk Just Tripled In ETFs, Mutual Funds, Annuities, 401Ks or IRAs
  52. Bankrupt America: Bankruptcy Soars As Nation Grapples With Unprecedented Debt Problem
  53. “It’s A Problem That’s Not Going To Go Away” – Eric Sprott
  54. Peter Schiff Calls Out The Hypocrisy Of The Left And Of The People Who Say Peter’s Only Trying To Sell Gold
  55. Aladair Macleod: The Coming Credit Crisis Is As Sure As Night Follows Day
  56. Fairy Tale Investing: The Fantasy Of A ‘Balanced Portfolio’ With ‘Balanced Returns’ Funding Retirements
  57. Jim Rickards: The US Must Turn To Russia To Contain China
  58. Want to make six figures? Try being a drone pilot
  59. Retail Collapse: Here Are 2018’s 57 Biggest Store Closings
  60. JPMorgan Makes A Striking Discovery: “The Wealth Effect Is Dead”
  61. Chicago Officials Looking at Universal Basic Income Program


  1. China: China strikes US with revenge tariffs
  2. China: China slaps 25% tariff on $16 billion worth of U.S. goods
  3. Iran: Trump Wins Again: Germany’s Central Bank Stops $400 Million Cash Delivery to Iran
  4. Israel: S&P Boosts Israel’s Credit Rating to Highest Ever
  5. Turkey: Turkey’s currency nosedives after US action on detained pastor
  6. Turkey: Turks Blame Trump As Turkey Finds Itself In An Accelerated Economic Collapse


  1. Venezuela: Gold In Venezuela Has Gone Up 3,100,000% Since January (And The Price Doubles Every 18 Days)


Earth News Banner

  1. Arizona: Massive dust storm rolls through Phoenix AZ spectacular footage!
  2. Australia: Hundreds record long-lasting bright fireball over Australia
  3. California: A surface sea sample the warmest it has ever been since records began in 1916 found off the iconic Scripps Pier in La Jolla, California
  4. California: California wildfire becomes fifth largest in state history…
  5. Colorado: Softball-sized hail strikes Colorado Springs, 8 people injured, Animals killed, extensive damage to more than 400 cars and homes
  6. Earth: 30 amazing years of failed climate-alarm predictions
  7. Earth: DEVELOPING: Unusual Activity as Four tropical systems swarm the Pacific ocean
  8. Earth: South Atlantic Anomaly Is Weakening Earth’s Magnetic Field Dramatically
  9. Earth: Earth Changes Accelerate: Record Heatwaves, Massive “Firenadoes”, Earthquakes
  10. Earth: HSBC one of the world’s largest banks tipping point warning! Earth spent its entire resource budget for the year by August 1
  11. Earth: What’s going on around the world? Seagulls drop from the sky, Millions of fish are dying, and whales are being stranded
  12. Europe: Melted asphalt and shoes for dogs as Europe hit with deadly heatwave
  13. Florida: A mass mortality never seen before: Thousands of fish sea turtles, manatees and other marine life dying from massive algae bloom in Florida
  14. Greenland: Air Force remains silent after huge meteor hits near US military base
  15. Guatemala: Deadly Fuego volcano in Guatemala which killed 300 causing thousands to be evacuated two months ago erupted yet again on Sunday
  16. Hawaii: DEVELOPING: Hector strengthens into a major hurricane on its way to Hawaii
  17. Hawaii: Volcanic activity decreasing in Hawaii but the damage is evident with new sinkholes and cracks
  18. Iceland: Nearly two dozen quakes at the gigantic Katla volcano in Iceland has experts worried which is long overdue for an eruption
  19. Indonesia: Indonesia earthquake kills dozens
  20. Indonesia: Tsunami warning issued after magnitude 7.0 earthquake rocks Indonesia tourist hotspot Bali the second major quake in a week
  21. Indonesia: Powerful 7.0 Earthquake strikes Lombok Island in Indonesia
  22. Indonesia: UPDATE: Indonesian Quake Leaves At Least 98 Dead, Rescuers Trying to Reach Victims
  23. Indonesia: Earthquake Death Toll Rockets to 259 as Aftershocks Rattle the State
  24. Japan: Weeks after hundreds died along with 40,000 hospitalised from floods heatwave and a powerful typhoon in Japan Typhoon Shansan takes aim
  25. Massachusetts: Deadly tornado causes extensive damage in Webster and Dudley, Massachusetts
  26. Mexico: Manatees fish reptiles birds and other marine animals mysteriously dying in Mexico’s southern state of Tabasco
  27. New South Wales: The entire state of New South Wales the breadbasket of Australia is now impacted by drought killing crops and diminishing livestock feed
  28. New York: Smoke from California wildfires reaches New York City 3000 miles away
  29. Russia: Long-lasting daylight fireball reported over Western Siberia
  30. South Korea: At least 29 people dead more than 3 million deaths of livestock vegetable prices doubled due to record breaking heat wave in South Korea
  31. Space: New radio telescope picks up mysterious signal from space
  32. Space: Massive glowing ‘rogue’ planet spotted ‘drifting’ in space
  33. Space: Mysterious radio signal from space continues to leave astronomers baffled
  34. Wyoming: Yellowstone rocked with 153 earthquakes in July


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Artifacts dating back thousands of years tie the Jewish people to Jerusalem
  2. Container Found That May Have Held Remains of Three Apostles
  3. Underground City And Pyramid Discovered At Tiahuanaco, Bolivia
  4. Mesopotamian God Nabu Inscribed The Human Fates Determined By The Gods
  5. Does A Renaissance Painting Offer Proof Of Unknown Advanced Technology?
  6. Quest For Atlantis Of The Sands – Iram Of The Pillars – A Legendary Lost City
  7. Hidden History Of Skull And Crossbones: The Untold Story Of The Templar And Their Connection To The Shining Ones
  8. World’s Oldest Meteorite From An Unknown Extraterrestrial Source Has Very Unusual Composition
  9. WATCH: Archaeologists Uncover Roman Recreation Rooms, Ceramics Factory in Israel
  10. Thousands of Gold and Precious Metal Items Found in Saka Burial Mound
  11. Black Market Bounty: Experts Find Coins Sewn into Clothes at Shipwreck
  12. The Great Pyramid of Giza Used in Quantum Experimentation
  13. Pharaoh Ramses’ Anti-Israelite Policy Now Explained
  14. Ground-breaking Science Reveals People Buried at Stonehenge Came from Way Out West
  15. How Hungry, Hungry Hippos Started a War in Ancient Egypt
  16. The Mysterious Waffle Rock: A Bizarre Boulder with a Hazy Background
  17. The Misnomer of Gypsies: The Real History of the Romani People
  18. Lost Norse of Greenland Fueled the Medieval Ivory Trade, Ancient Walrus DNA Suggests
  19. The Great American Origins Debate: Clovis First vs Pre-Clovis
  20. Once At the Far Reaches of the Roman Empire, Volubilis Rises Once More in Morocco
  21. Zmaj and the Dragon Lore of Slavic Mythology
  22. An ‘Absolutely Stunning’ Roman Gold Ring Is Unearthed In England
  23. Beni Hammad Fort: Ruins Attest the Dreams of a Medieval Algerian Islamic Dynasty
  24. Medieval Chivalry Wasn’t Just Knights and Valor
  25. House of Visual Delights Discovered in Pompeii
  26. Scientists Understand Why there are Short-statured Indonesians Today, But Can they Explain Hobbit Height?
  27. Loftus: The Hall of Dreams
  28. Scientists discover Great Pyramid of Giza can focus electromagnetic energy through its hidden chambers
  29. 2000-year-old Gold Earring Found in Jerusalem
  30. 1,500-Year-Old Skeleton with Weaponized Prosthetic Discovered in Italy
  31. Mystery Of King Solomon’s Mines: An Unsolved Ancient Enigma
  32. Identity Of The Shining Ones – One Of The Greatest Secrets Ever Kept From Mankind
  33. Stone Age Settlement Discovered Underwater In Finland
  34. Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Sa-Nakht May Have Been a Giant, New Study Suggests
  35. Ancient Warrior Unearthed Marching to Afterlife with his Dagger Drawn, Wearing Stylish Earrings
  36. Archaeologists Discover Ancient Irish Funeral Practices Involved ‘Deconstruction’ of the Body
  37. Parallel Worlds – Events in Game of Thrones Based on Real Historical Events
  38. Looted Iraqi Antiquities Can Finally Return Home After Simple Identification by British Museum
  39. Archaeologists Unearth the ‘Golden Man’ of the Saka Burial Mound in Kazakhstan
  40. Huge Bronze Age Citadel, Three Times Larger than Troy, Found in Romania
  41. Submerged Stone Age Settlement ‘Opens Up New Path’ for Finnish Archaeology
  42. Researchers Uncover History-Defying Facts About the Bible. Doubters Dumbfounded


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. MARGOT CROSSING — AUSTRALIA (Audio: 1:09:25 minutes long. Margot Crossing rejoins us to tell of the recent experiences that she has had in Kashmir and the resulting conference and tour that are being planned for October-November of 2019. YHWH is accelerating the emergence of Ephraim from the nations!)
  2. STEVE MATHE — UNITED STATES (Audio: 1:32:52 minutes long. This is the second half of the interview that Steve Mathe began this week regarding the responsibilities that we as the firstfruits of returning Ephraim have to “plow the ground” for all those who will follow us back into the Kingdom of Acts 1:6.)
  3. ALEKSANDAR VELJIC — SERBIA (Audio: 1:33:57 minutes long. Today, Aleksandar teaches on the two Covenants — what they are, what they are not, and how the word “testament” found its way into their names…things that we may not have thought of as we perused the pages of scripture.)
  4. STEVE MATHE — UNITED STATES (Audio: 1:19:56 minutes long. We welcome back Steve Mathe of He has been spending much time listening for YHWH’s leading for these last days. And he has some very pointed comments that we all need to take seriously.)


The Revelation of Yeshua HaMashiach Part 9

The Revelation of Yeshua HaMashiach: A Hebraic Perspective Verse by Verse Part 9

This Revelation Bible Study Book Series is adding dimension to Jewish History, Jewish Religion, and John’s mind-boggling adventure into the future, and simply escapes most commentaries…

Part 9 – Chapter 21-22

This amazing series takes you verse-by-verse through the entire Book of Revelation, but explain breathtaking Hebraic concepts and incredible mysteries as no other book, example:

The meaning of the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet is encoded into the 22 chapters of the Book of Revelation. Each Hebrew letter has a special pictograph, meaning and is loaded with Jewish wisdom. The captivating Hebrew Alphabet is unlike any other alphabet. It is not a haphazard collection of consonants. The individual names and sounds of the letters, their numerical gematria, and their graphic descriptions have been Divinely ordained by GOD and is concealed in Revelation. Thus, the key to truly understanding Revelation lies in the priceless 22 Hebrew letters which create a skeletal outline. Each letter has a given meaning and The Revelation conforms to that outline which undoubtedly confirms correct doctrine, an eye-opening revelation. It also proves that not everything in The Revelation is chronological as it follows the Hebrew Alphabet’s pattern which cannot be manipulated. Through the chapters the author shows how GOD had a hand in the secret placement of each chapter of Revelation. This ‘hidden pattern’ study shows a Divine design and helps you with the special blessing “if you read and hear (understand) it” (Rev 1:3), off course the only Book in the Bible that offers this blessing. This, if I may, is solid Jewish Bible Study, enlightening for devoted Christians, and up to now, unheard of!

Secondly, this series of the Book of Revelation explained, offers you a fresh and vibrant new view by comparing Jewish Eschatology with the various Christian Eschatological views, an informative manual for the serious eschatologist, end time student and teacher to understand where the Christians, Gentiles, Ten Tribes of Israel, Jews, and Heathen non-believers fit into God’s program for the end. The Revelation is the fulfilment of prophecies which are rooted in the Jewish history Books, explained by means of the Jewish calendar, and simply inspires beloved Christians to look at their Hebraic heritage.

Thirdly, various daring theories and opinions on the verses of Revelation are given where you as a reader can make an informed decision, helping you to form your own opinion as to which theory you prefer, i.e. believers escape the Tribulation Period by means of a Rapture, or going partly into the Tribulation and are then raptured, or are raptured at the end, or no rapture at all and are protected as they go through the Great Tribulation. It is NOT a one-sided view on The Revelation and it help you to understand / argue / defend various topics where the focus remains on Moshiach (Messiah), which Christians call by the Greek term ‘Christ’. This delighted Bible study is exciting for family reading, passionate Bible study groups, and dedicated seminaries; a proper exegesis forming part of a Hebraic roots Bible and unravels mysteries for Christianity.

Jewish history, a very short introduction is given in the Introductory section so that beloved Christians can understand where the ‘Gentile’ neatly fit into Jewish history. This mystery, hidden for so very long, will leave you startled!

This spectacular book series of Revelation was put together after many epic authors’ work was studied: from Orthodox to Jews Christians authors. The end result, a vibrant eye-opening series with staggering revelations based on facts, which leaves you, the reader, fearless on the road to victory!

(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


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  3. Macromolecules & Microwave Radiation: Effects On Human Body DNA Fragmentation & Food
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  1. Anne Graham Lotz Shares Powerful End-Times Prophecy
  2. Prophetic Preludes to 7 Disasters in the Book of Revelation
  3. END OF TIMES: Ancient Judaic Sources Indicate Trump Will Pave Way for Third Jewish Temple


Let The Scriptures Speak Banner

Deuteronomy 12:29-31 “29 When the LORD your God cuts off from before you the nations which you go to dispossess, and you displace them and dwell in their land, 30 take heed to yourself that you are not ensnared to follow them, after they are destroyed from before you, and that you do not inquire after their gods, saying, “How did these nations serve their gods? I also will do likewise.” 31 You shall not worship the LORD your God in that way; for every abomination to the LORD which He hates they have done to their gods; for they burn even their sons and daughters in the fire to their gods. (New King James Version)

Is it any wonder when the clergy—supposedly the guardians of religious purity—think so liberally, that the laity acts the way it does? The clergy shrug off the paganism in Christmas, claiming that it is harmless. Is it? Does it really make any difference whether we celebrate Christmas?

It certainly matters to God, the Lawgiver! It was because of these heathen practices that God drove out the inhabitants of the land. He did not—and does not—want His people to get caught in the process of judgment and punishment that results from broken law!

Notice that God says “that you are not ensnared.” In the Bible, a snare is a figurative expression of destruction through deception. The snare itself does not destroy, but it leads to destruction. The Israelites heard these words in the last months before going into the Promised Land. God had set the land aside for them, but the people who inhabited it were still there. It was a ready-made nation for their use. The towns, fortifications, houses, farms, businesses—everything was ready for them to take over.

We too were born into an ready-made society. The world was already here when we came into it, and because we had no alternative, we accepted it without resistance. We absorbed the culture because our parents taught it to us. However, with our calling God now has us moving in the other direction, away from this world. We must reject the false practices of those who have inhabited the land before us.

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see:  Christmas, Syncretism, and Presumption


Food For Thought Banner

Baptism — Part 6 by Brad Scott

I pray that I have reasonably established that God delivers us from the inside out, that He starts with the heart, changes our mind, and then our bodies respond. This spiritual reality is seen in the design of nature as well. All living things are produced and reproduced by a seed, and that seed is planted first in the ‘heart’ of all living things. So it is with God’s children.

There are many ‘baptisms’ in the Tanakh (Ivrim 6:1-2). The Hebrew uses several words to employ the idea of being immersed, washed, cleansed or purified with or in water. Four of the more common words associated with water are rachats, kavas, tahar, and chata’. Rachats means to thoroughly wash, kavas means to wash by compressing, tahar means to free from foreign matter, and chata’ means to remove from sin. You may notice that this word is the root of the word for sin and sin offering. Used in this form it speaks of removing from sin.

Vayikra [Leviticus] 14:52
And he shall cleanse the house with the blood of the bird, and with the running water, and with the living bird, and with the cedar wood, and with the hyssop, and with the scarlet:

Sh’mot [Exodus] 29:36
And thou shalt offer every day a bullock for a sin offering for atonement: and thou shalt cleanse the altar, when thou hast made an atonement for it, and thou shalt anoint it, to sanctify it.

In order to properly understand the spiritual application we must discern the natural application first. The context will generally reveal whether we are talking about the washing of the flesh with water or the washing or cleansing of the heart or mind. I believe this is imperative to discern in all of scripture. In other words, we must not read ‘water’ into every occurrence of washing, cleansing, purifying or baptizing. Here are a few examples of where the text clearly indicates cleansing or washing the flesh with water.

Sh’mot [Exodus] 29:4
And Aaron and his sons thou shalt bring unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, and shalt wash (rachats) them with water.

Sh’mot [Exodus] 30:20
When they go into the tabernacle of the congregation, they shall wash (rachats) with water, that they die not; or when they come near to the altar to minister, to burn offering made by fire unto YHVH:

Vayikra [Leviticus] 15:8
And if he that hath the issue spit upon him that is clean; (tahar) then he shall wash (kavas) his clothes, and bathe (rachats) himself in water, and be unclean until the even.

There are occasions when water is associated with cleansing or washing and the context still reveals an internal cleansing that only YHVH can perform. Y’shua seems to appeal to this truth as well with respect to the forgiveness of sins.

Yechezk’el [Ezekiel] 36:25
Then will I sprinkle clean (tahar) water upon you, and ye shall be clean:(tahar) from all your filthiness, and from all your idols, will I cleanse (tahar) you.

Luke 5:20-24
“And when He saw their faith, He said unto him, Man, thy sins are forgiven thee. And the scribes and the Pharisees began to reason, saying, Who is this which speaketh blasphemies? Who can forgive sins, but God alone? But when Y’shua perceived their thoughts, he answering said unto them, What reason ye in your hearts? Whether is easier, to say, Thy sins be forgiven thee; or to say, Rise up and walk? But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power upon earth to forgive sins, (he said unto the sick of the palsy,) I say unto thee, Arise, and take up thy couch, and go into thine house.”

We must discern the difference between cleansing the heart and cleansing our walk with YHVH.

Sh’mot [Exodus] 30:18-19
Thou shalt also make a laver of brass, and his foot also of brass, to wash withal: and thou shalt put it between the tabernacle of the congregation and the altar, and thou shalt put water therein. For Aaron and his sons shall wash their hands and their feet thereat:

Mizmor [Psalm] 26:6
I will wash mine hands in innocency: so will I compass thine altar, O YHVH:

Mizmor [Psalm] 51:7
Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

Yochanan [John] 13:6-10
Then cometh he to Simon Peter: and Peter saith unto him, Lord, dost thou wash my feet? Y’shua answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter. Peter saith unto him, Thou shalt never wash my feet. Y’shua answered him, If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me. Simon Peter saith unto him, Adonay not my feet only, but also my hands and my head. Y’shua saith to him, He that is washed needeth not save to wash his feet, but is clean every whit: and ye are clean, but not all.

When man is reconciled to YHVH, he is cleansed in his heart first as revealed in the construction of the tabernacle. When we, as sons of the living God, approach God we are to wash first. When the tabernacle or temple stood, it was a physical object that required one to enter by being physically cleansed. But this cleansing was also produced as a result of an obedient HEART first. One washes their flesh because their mind sent them the proper electrical signals. The information that the mind sends to the body must come from either the spirit of man or the Spirit of God (1Corinthians 2:10-12). But our obedience comes from the heart first. Whatever is in your heart will determine what you believe, and what you believe will determine how you behave. The cleansing of the heart, which only YHVH can do, leads to obedience and obedience tells us that we are to be immersed in water. In order to cleanse the heart, the old man of sin must die, and this is why baptism is a picture of death, which we will address soon. The bottom line is that the washing of the flesh is always preceded by the desire to wash the flesh. Water baptism DOES NOT precede salvation, for salvation is a matter of the heart.

I have, for the most part, stayed away from this issue in the New Testament. I have wanted to lay down a foundation of the use of words in the Tanakh. These words must be placed back into their proper context. Regardless of what a particular word means, it must be harmonious to the overall subject and context in which it is placed. I pray I have established the following:

  1. The word baptism in Hebrew is directly related to hope and gathering.
  2. That it prophetically speaks of the reuniting of the whole house of Israel.
  3. That the spiritual application is revealed in the natural.
  4. That God ALWAYS cleanses the heart first, then the flesh.
  5. That we must discern the difference between God’s cleansing of the heart and our approach to the throne of God as His children.
  6. And that we cannot immediately place water into the context of baptism, washing, cleansing and purifying.

Next time I am going to begin addressing the controversial occurrences of this word in the New Testament. Once again I believe that the revelation of what baptism is all about is found in the beginning.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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