News You May Not Have Heard About — 07/29/2018

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  1. Trump Fires Back After Iranian President Threatens War: ‘You Will Suffer’
  2. Trump Blasts Iran’s Rouhani: “Never, Ever Threaten the US, Or Suffer the Consequences Few Have Ever Suffered Before”
  3. Trump to Iran: Let’s ‘Make a Real Deal’
  4. Trump is right to pull security clearances from those actively undermining his administration
  5. Pompeo: Pompeo Rolls out the Welcome Mat for World Leaders
  6. THE GLOVES ARE OFF=> President Trump Calls For Mueller’s “Discredited” Witch Hunt to End After Carter Page FISA Docs Released
  7. Brennan, Comey, Clapper security clearances under review
  8. Trump Targets Security Clearances of Brennan, Comey, Other Antagonists
  9. Trump tweets Hillary’s call for ‘strong, prosperous Russia’
  10. Trump Uses Childhood Memory as Driving Force for America’s Future
  11. URGENT President Trump SHOCKING Speech at White House Made in America Showcase Event [BREAKING] (Video: 18:17 minutes long.)
  12. Trump planning emergency aid to farmers affected by tariffs
  13. Trump ‘very concerned’ Russia will impact upcoming election
  14. Trump Invites World War II Vet to Stage and Immediately Grants His Cherished Wish
  15. Trump’s Attack on Anthem Kneelers Has Entire Room of Vets on Their Feet
  16. HUGE NEWS! TRUMP Secures Concessions From EU to Avoid Trade War (VIDEO)
  17. Trump, EU Leader Agree to Work Toward ‘Zero Tariffs’
  18. Trump gets deal: ‘The Europeans have blinked’
  19. Trump Didn’t Ask North Korea’s Permission, Sent Plane Immediately To Save Otto Warmbier
  20. Trump Congratulates Kemp, Tells Him to Beat ‘Crime Loving’ Opponent
  21. Trump delays proposed Putin meeting until 2019
  22. Trump: ‘Twitter Shadow Banning Prominent Republicans’ Is ‘Discriminatory and Illegal’
  23. Trump: US to impose sanctions on Turkey over detained pastor
  24. Trump Issues Brutal Orders After CNN Reporter’s Offensive Question
  25. Trump Hits Roadblocks in Remaking the Nation’s Most Liberal Court
  26. President Trump Puts Terrorists on Notice
  27. Fed-up Melania Just Humiliated Entire New York Times Organization
  28. Trump Tells Iowa Farmers ‘We Just Opened Up Europe for You’
  29. Trump thanks Kim for fulfilling promise on Korea war remains
  30. Trump’s Unwavering Message to ICE Is the Last Thing Leftists Wanted To Hear
  31. Trump Gives Ultimate Praise to Cowboys Owner’s Hard Stance on Anthem Protests
  32. Trump on Cohen’s Claim He Knew About Trump Tower Meeting: ‘Sounds to Me Like Someone Is Trying to Make up Stories’
  33. Trump Posthumously Honors Soldier with Medal of Honor, First Airman To Receive Award Since Vietnam


  1. Pence: Pence, Pompeo Address Religious Freedom Ministerial
  2. Trump Administration: Trump Administration Takes on Unions Over ‘Skimming’ Medicaid Funds
  3. White House: White House Seeks Input on Reskilling Feds and Upgrading Agency Services
  4. White House: North Korea Has Transferred the Remains of Fallen American Service Members
  5. Congress: Trump, Congress Play Hardball on Brunson
  6. Congress: Congress Seeks Major Downsizing of U.N. Palestinian Refugee Agency
  7. Pentagon: The Pentagon Wants to Bring Mind-Controlled Tech To Troops
  8. Pentagon: The Pentagon Wants to Automate Some Classification Decisions
  9. Pentagon: Pentagon Considering Specialized Military Detail to North Korea
  10. Defense Security Service: Defense Security Service Is Trying to Overhaul the Entire Security Clearance Process
  11. Department of the Interior: Zinke Ditches Obama Policy that Raised Power Prices Across Country
  12. 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals: Federal Court Hands Trump a Win, Rogue Agency Brought Under Tighter Control
  13. 9th U.S. Circuit Court: Victory: 2nd Amendment Nails Huge Win in 9th Circuit
  14. Justice Department: Justice Department Rod Rosenstein Targets Foreign Disinformation Operations
  15. House: House conservatives move to impeach Rosenstein
  16. State Department: State Department Working to Kill Sanctions on Terrorist Use of Human Shields
  17. CIA: U.S. ‘Benign China’ Policy Ending
  18. CIA: Top CIA Expert: China Is Waging A Quiet ‘COLD WAR’ Against The US
  19. FBI: FBI Seized Far More than Initially Led On During Michael Cohen Raid
  20. FBI: FBI Spied on Page Using Clinton-Paid Dossier, Records Show
  21. FBI: FBI Panic as Nunes Confirms the Worst About Their Treatment of Carter Page
  22. Sessions: Sessions laughs as students chant ‘lock her up’
  23. Sessions: ‘A Threat to Our Freedom’: Jeff Sessions Warns of Hostile Environment on College Campuses
  24. Sessions: Justice Department Weighs In to Protect Free Speech on Campus
  25. Sessions: Sessions defends deputy after impeachment move
  26. Sessions: Sessions Cheers Young Cons for Not Backing Down, Then Backs Down Himself
  27. Pompeo: First-Ever State Dept. Ministerial on Religious Freedom Will Be ‘More Than Talk,’ Pompeo Says
  28. Pompeo: U.S. Puts Its Money Where Its Freedom Is
  29. Pompeo: Awesome! When Unhinged Leftist Interrupts Mike Pompeo’s Speech to Iranian-Americans — The Crowd Stands Up and Chants “USA! USA!…” (VIDEO)
  30. Pompeo: Pompeo Attacks Iran’s ‘Hypocritical Holy Men’
  31. Pompeo: Watch: Pompeo Humiliates Dem. Sen Over Absurd Russia Talking Points
  32. Pompeo: Pompeo Releases Declaration Calling for Governments to Uphold Religious Freedom
  33. James Mattis: James Mattis ok’s sale of F-35’s to Turkey despite human rights violations
  34. James Mattis: Mad Dog Launches Another Devastating Attack On the Media, He Has No Time for ‘Fake News’
  35. Senate Armed Services Committee: A 2% minimum commitment – time to pony up
  36. Health and Human Services: Trump Aims to Increase Value and Decrease Costs of Health Care, HHS Secretary Says
  37. Sarah Sanders: Sarah Sanders Gives Kavanaugh The Highest Praise In Trumpworld
  38. Sarah Sanders: Sarah Sanders Embarrasses White House Reporter in What Could Be Her Best Diss Ever
  39. Sarah Sanders: URGENT White House EXPLOSIVE Press Briefing with Sarah Sanders on Iran, Russia (Video: 15:04 minutes long.)
  40. Nickki Haley: Haley Rips Arab States for Paying Lip Service to Palestinians at UN
  41. Nickki Haley: Haley ‘More Israeli Than the Israelis,’ Says Palestinian UN Ambassador
  42. Nickki Haley: Haley: Gaza Terrorists Burn Israeli Fields ’10 Times Area of Paris’ as World is Silent
  43. Nickki Haley: Nikki Haley Challenges Student Conservatives to Persuade, Not Just ‘Own the Libs’
  44. Nickki Haley: ‘We Don’t Trust Russia’: Nikki Haley Lowers the Boom on Putin, Puts Iran on Notice
  45. Nickki Haley: ‘We Stand With Israel’: Nikki Haley Cites Her Faith in Jesus as Reason for Support of Israel
  46. Nikki Haley: “Palestinian leadership has been allowed to live in a false reality for too long”


  1. Justice: Leftist Publication Notorious for Anti-Trump ‘Fake News’ Forced To Cut Half Its Staff
  2. MSNBC Fake News: Maddow’s Massive False Claim About Rigged Trump Video
  3. Beware The Ministry Of Truth: Do We Want The Govt Deciding What Is Fake News?
  4. Media Outrageously Spins Incredible Economic Numbers



  1. Clinton: What is She Wearing? Hillary Clinton Looks Like Hell at OzyFest – Wrapped in a Drape (VIDEO)
  2. Clinton: Hillary Calls For ‘Defending Diplomats:’ Blindsided when Benghazi Survivor Brings Up Dead Brothers
  3. Clinton: New Arrests in Hillary Clinton Tied Sex Cult NXVIM, Co-Founder Nancy Salzman, Clare Bronfman (Video: 11:26 minutes long.)
  4. Clinton: DEVELOPING: GOP Lawmakers Aware of New Documents Related to Hillary’s Phony Dossier After Lisa Page Deposition
  5. Clinton: Bill Clinton Heckled By Angry Prostitutes In Amsterdam
  6. Obama: Obama Crony Caught Up in Massive Fraud Scandal Dating Back to Barrack’s Reign
  7. Obama: How Obama presidency was 8-year hacking nightmare
  8. Obama: Obama: ‘I’m Actually Surprised by How Much Money I Got’
  9. Obama: SLIP? Obama in Africa: “I Visited Kenya as First American President to Come from Kenya”
  10. Obama: Obama says he’s from Kenya, again
  11. Obama: Russia Narrative Decimated: Alleged Russian Spy Had Special Meeting with Obama Admin in 2015
  12. Obama: The predictability of Barack Obama
  13. Obama: Jason Riley: Barack Obama has done a 180 on identity politics — Democrats ought to listen to him
  14. Obama: Obama’s Cybersecurity Coordinator Confirms Susan Rice Ordered Him to ‘Stand Down’ On Russian Meddling
  15. Obama: SHOCKING REPORT: Obama Knowingly Gave US Aid Money to Al-Qaeda
  16. Obama: Obama gave $200,000 to al-Qaida affiliate
  17. Obama: Obama Admin Caught Aiding Terror-Connected Group
  18. Obama: Obama Administration Granted Green Cards, U.S. Citizenship to Senior Iranian Regime Officials
  19. Deep State: Here Is A List of Deep-State Insiders, Democrats and Republicans, Trying to Destroy Trump for Pursing Peace with Russia
  20. Deep State: “Vladimir The Terrible” – US Deep State Desperately Needs A Russian Villain To Cover Its Tracks
  21. dirty_rats_dancing
  22. Mueller: Judge Is Finished with Mueller’s Games, Demands He Identify Witnesses in Manafort Case
  23. Mueller: Mueller Probe: 100 Cohen/Trump Tapes Seized
  24. Mueller: Who really benefited from Russian meddling? The only plausible explanation ….
  25. Mueller: Mueller Loses His Mind, Demands Bizarre Trump Interview
  26. James Comey: Crooked Comey Makes DESPERATE Plea to Democrats After Carter Page FISA Docs Reveal FBI Misled Courts
  27. Carter Page: BOOM! President Trump: “It Looks More and More Like the Trump Campaign Was Illegally Being Spied Upon”
  28. Carter Page: Trump’s DOJ Releases Carter Page FISA Documents, Leftists Are in Trouble
  29. Carter Page: FISA Applications Omitted Game-Changing Fact that Steele Dossier was Bankrolled by Clinton Campaign and the DNC
  30. Carter Page: Judicial Watch now wants Carter Page FISA transcripts
  31. Carter Page: What the Carter Page FISA Warrant Reveals About the Trump-Russia Investigation
  32. Peter Strzok: IT’S HAPPENING!!Peter Strzok MAY GET LIFE IN PRISON! He Just IMPLICATED Himself even more (Video: 15:39 minutes long.)
  33. Paul Manafort: BREAKING: Manafort Judge Releases Names of Five Witnesses Granted Immunity
  34. James Clapper: Corrupt Clapper Responds to Trump Considering Revoking His Security Clearance
  35. Rand Paul: Rand Paul Names 3 Intelligence ‘Bad Apples’ That Need to be Removed ‘from the Swamp’
  36. Ryan: Trump trolling former nat’l sec officials
  37. Michael Cohen: HE LIED: Cohen’s Testimony to the Senate Refutes His Claim That Trump Knew About Russian Trump Tower Meeting
  38. Rod Rosenstein: Rod Rosenstein Has Major Conflicts of Interest in Trump Collusion Case – Signature on FISA App Only The Latest
  39. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Closer Look at Ocasio-Cortez Donations Should Make Her Supporters Furious
  40. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Progressive PAC Slams Establishment Dems for Trying to Stop Its Movement: They ‘Would Rather Continue a Losing Strategy’
  41. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Conservative Comedienne’s Hilarious Ocasio-Cortez ‘Interview’ Sparks Outrage
  42. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Watch Ocasio-Cortez Flub Her Way Through Simple Question On Democratic Socialism
  43. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Ocasio-Cortez on How to Pay for Her Ideas: Raise Taxes, Cut Military Spending
  44. SCOTUS: Right Side of History: The 7 Biggest Supreme Court Political Controversies
  45. Brett Kavanaugh: Kavanaugh Reveals Special Trump Message He Received Immediately After Kennedy Resignation
  46. Brett Kavanaugh: Senate Dems Hit Kavanaugh For Proposal They Themselves Supported
  47. Brett Kavanaugh: What Brett Kavanaugh’s Speeches Tell Us About His Judicial Approach
  48. Brett Kavanaugh: Democrats Keep Moving Goal Posts on Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination
  49. Brett Kavanaugh: Privacy, Surveillance Views Central to Kavanaugh Confirmation Battle
  50. Brett Kavanaugh: Democrats Call for Kavanaugh’s Staff Secretary Documents After Republicans Didn’t Call for Kagan’s as Solicitor General
  51. Brett Kavanaugh: No, Brett Kavanaugh Does Not Believe Presidents Are Above the Law
  52. Brett Kavanaugh: Dem Senator Pushes Back Against Booker’s Comment Against Kavanaugh, His Supporters: ‘I Can’t Say That He’s Evil’
  53. ICE: Fmr. ICE Director Digs Up Agency Statistics, Uses Them To Bury Wolf Comparing Agency to ISIS
  54. ICE: ICE nabs dozens of criminal aliens in NJ sanctuary city
  55. ICE: California Petition Levels False Claims in ‘Abolish ICE’ Campaign
  56. ICE: Gillibrand: Dems Should ‘Get Rid of ICE’ as Soon as They Retake Congress
  57. ICE: Waters Dismisses Abolishing ICE: People With That Stance ‘Didn’t Really Think It Through’
  58. ICE: ICE Protest Leader Arrested as Sick Pedophile History Exposed
  59. ICE: Media Matters hires “journalist” who falsely accused ICE agent of having Nazi tattoo to research “far-right”
  60. ICE: ICE Banned From Using Philadelphia Arrest Database
  61. ICE: Watch: ICE Haters Live in Squalor but Tell Us How Kids Should Be Treated
  62. Immigration: US: Mass Immigration Imported 15 Million New Voters
  63. Immigration: Cuomo: Trump Admin. Is on a ‘Jihad to Deport as Many People’ as Possible
  64. Immigration: Here’s what U.S. voters really think of illegals voting
  65. Immigration: House Amendment Would Dump Sessions Asylum Reforms
  66. Immigration: DOJ to Attorneys: Call Them ‘Illegal Immigrants,’ Not ‘Undocumented Workers’
  67. Immigration: US government: Kids of illegals reunited by deadline
  68. Immigration: Admin. Announces Reunification of Most Detained Families
  69. Federal Housing: Fannie, Freddie Regulator Mel Watt Investigated For Sexual Harassment
  70. Democrats :The flailing, failing, ailing Democrats
  71. Democrats: Muslim Democrat promising lots of gov’t ‘freebies’
  72. Democrats: Newt Gingrich: Democrats’ latest election strategy? They aim to win by allowing non-citizens to vote
  73. Democrats: McCarthy was right
  74. Democrats: Democrats Confused by Trump’s Positive Poll Numbers
  75. Democrats: Dem: Media deifying ultra-left socialist Ocasio-Cortez
  76. Democrats: Dem Rep Responds to Threat of Campaign Strike, Reverses Practice of Not Paying Interns
  77. Democrats: Dem Megadonor Alliance Transfers $2.5 Million to 10 Competitive House Races
  78. Democrats: Democratic Senator’s Massive Hypocrisy Exposed After Latest Trump Attack
  79. Democrats: Bernie Sanders’ Advisor Named in Tranche of Mueller Evidence Against Manafort Will Not Be Charged by Special Counsel
  80. Democrats: Bernie Tied To Manafort Investigation
  81. Democrats: Latest Poll Finds Today’s Democrat Party Scares the Hell Out of Voters
  82. Democrats: Nancy Pelosi Slurs Her Way Through Presser – Makes Up Words “Traillion Dollars” (VIDEO)
  83. Democrats: “Crumbs” Pelosi Desperately Tries to Distract From Epic 4.1% GDP Growth – Posts Completely Debunked Chart on US Wages
  84. Democrats: Avenatti Vs. Trump In 2020? Porn Lawyer To Speak At Pivotal DNC Event
  85. Republicans: GOP watching Dems go all in on illegal immigration
  86. Republicans: 11 House Republicans seek impeachment of DOJ’s Rosenstein
  87. Republicans: ‘Intimidated’ GOP opens borders to ‘everyone’
  88. Maxine Waters: Maxine Waters’ Sacrilegious Claim: She’s Been Sent by God To Stop Trump
  89. Maxine Waters: Maxine Waters Offices Evacuated After Major Security Threat Shows Up on Doorstep
  90. Steve Bannon: Steve Bannon’s new mission: Paralyze E.U.
  91. Steve Bannon: Bannon Sets Up For EU Showdown With George Soros
  92. SPLC: Muslim Who Squeezed $3M Out of SPLC for Calling Him an Anti-Muslim Extremist Says Others Also Wrongly Labeled
  93. SPLC: SPLC ignores Islamic anti-Semitism, warns about the danger to Muslims of Holocaust denial
  94. SPLC: SPLC drops two jihadis, including Orlando mass murderer Omar Mateen, from its “right-wing terrorists” list
  95. CAIR: Hamas-linked CAIR pressures Fox reps to pull out of counter-jihad conference
  96. Media-Fox: Huckabee Stays True to the Constitution, Reveals Top Priority for Supreme Court Justices
  97. Media-Fox: Colonel MacGregor Warns President Trump that Another ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ Incident Could Be Staged to Incite New US War with Iran
  98. Media-Fox: Fox Issues Stunning Anti-Trump Statement, Openly Teams Up with CNN
  99. Media-Fox: MUST SEE=> Watch Gregg Jarrett DESTROY #NeverTrumper Neil Cavuto on Russian Witch Hunt
  100. Media-ABC: Whoopi Is Finished: Judge Jeanine Puts Goldberg in Her Place with One Final Zinger
  101. Media-New York Daily News: NY Daily News slashes newsroom staffing in half 
  102. Media-Denver Post: Denver Post Runs Letter to Editor Suggesting Trump Should Be Executed
  103. Media-CNN: Breaking: Secretly Recorded Trump Tapes Leaked to CNN
  104. Media-CNN: CNN Reporter Banned From Rose Garden Presser After Blurting Out Questions About Trump-Cohen Tapes (VIDEO)
  105. Media-CNN: April Ryan: Putin Is ‘Big Pimping’ Trump, U.S. Becoming Like a ‘Dictatorship’
  106. Media-CNN: CNN Will Despise Trump’s New Orders for Air Force One
  107. Media-CNN: Normally ‘Civil’ Jake Tapper Blows Fuse After Minor Staff Goof, Source Claims
  108. Media-CNN: CNN Guest Silences Panel, Calls Out Anti-Trump Bias on National Television
  109. Media-Huffington Post: Kimberly Guilfoyle Reportedly Threatens to Sue Liberal News Outlet After Leaving Fox News
  110. Media-New York Times: NY Times Targest Kavanaugh’s Wife in Sick Way
  111. Media-General: Media Disgraced: Truth on “E-Chip” Soccer Ball Putin Gave Trump Comes Out
  112. Media-Rush Limbaugh: Limbaugh Digs Up Obama Dirt, Uses It To Destroy Establishment Media’s Russia Narrative
  113. Media-Drudge: Drudge Calls out Cohen: ‘THE RAT’
  114. Sharia supremacists won’t protect U.S. Constitution
  115. US Plan To Fund Hamas For Peace Is A Mistake
  116. Poll: Israel Important Partner for Republicans But Not for Democrats
  117. Holder: I’m Seriously Thinking About Running for President in 2020
  118. The Left’s Unhinged Opposition to Trump Plays Into Putin’s Hands
  119. ‘Shark Tank’ Star: Ignore Media’s Trump Hysteria, Look at ‘Remarkable’ Things He’s Actually Done
  120. It’s Settled: Government Rules That AR-15s Are Not Weapons of War
  121. ISIS Is Alive and Well in the US
  122. Trump Could Give Aid Money to Farmers Hurt by Tariffs. Here Are 5 Reasons That’s a Bad Idea
  123. Nikki Haley Is Wrong: 5 Things Real Patriots Can (and Must) Do to Own Libs Now!
  124. Bush Tried To Kill Reagan! (Video: 8:16 minutes long.)
  125. Betsy DeVos: Education Secretary DeVos’ Yacht Vandalized, Causing Thousands in Damage
  126. Omarosa Manigault Newman: Omarosa to Release ‘Explosive’ Memoir Titled ‘Unhinged’
  127. US Envoy Backs Israel’s Defensive Strikes in Syria and Gaza
  128. 5 ‘Never Trump’ senators are least popular
  129. Cotton to Iranian Protesters: ‘In Secretary Pompeo, You Have a Friend and You Have a Champion’
  130. Attorneys’ Pledge Stars Bar Fight
  131. Former Press Secretary For The Bush Demonstration Declares That America Needs To Destabilize Iran And Bring Regime Change
  132. Senate Is Dragging Its Feet on Major Prison Reform Bill
  133. Problematic Women: Meghan McCain Speaks Out on Socialism
  134. US Peace Plans: A Long History Of Failure
  135. ‘Not coming for your guns’? Since the Parkland shooting, 26 states have passed new gun-control laws
  136. Is Europe America’s Friend Or Foe?
  137. Paul Craig Roberts Exposes The All-Pervasive Military-Security Complex
  138. Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Going To War With Iran, New Poll Finds
  139. House of Bill Repute: GOP Heads into August at Record Pace
  140. LGBT legal group: No lawyer should help conservatives
  141. China, Russia, Iran Engaged in Aggressive Economic Cyber Spying
  142. George Soros Spent $10.37 Million Lobbying During Second Quarter
  143. Why Israel’s Nation-State Law Matters
  144. Alaska: Attorney who dared defend client facing legal fight, too
  145. Boston: Federal Judge Gives Greenlight on ‘Racist’ Lawsuit Against Trump
  146. California: Muslim pleads guilty to helping ISIS, spoke of jihad plan to murder 10,000 in Bay Area
  147. California: Fukushima’s nuclear signature found in California wine
  148. California: Muslim Stanford student threatens to assault Jews on campus
  149. California: I Used To Hate Guns and the NRA. Then I Was Mugged
  150. California: Suspect Arrested After Trump’s Hollywood Star Is Destroyed
  151. California: Trump’s Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame Destroyed by Man With Pick Axe
  152. California: California DMV Worker Fesses Up: She Slept 3 Hours Every Day on Job for 4 Years
  153. California: Slain young woman, a Navy corpsman was ‘ambushed’, murdered by Marine Corps deserter, references to the Quran inscribed on his car
  154. California: Grandmother Wrongly Accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome is Freed from Prison After 11 Years
  155. California: Sickening: Hollywood Writer Caught Publishing Nude Barron Trump Drawing
  156. California: Trump-Supporting Veteran Violently Attacked By LA Mob
  157. California: SHOCK VIDEO: Brawl Breaks Out at Trump’s Star on Hollywood Blvd. – Youth Pastor Assaulted-Robbed for Wearing MAGA Gear
  158. California: Pointless: CA Bans Straws But US Plastic Pollution Is Tiny Compared to Other Countries
  159. California: Court Rules Lawsuit Against San Jose Officials By Trump Supporters Beaten to a Bloody Pulp by Violent Leftists Can Proceed
  160. Connecticut: Watch: Patriots Send a Clear Message After Politician Kneels for Pledge of Allegiance
  161. Florida: Bill Nelson Campaign Still Dodging Taxes by Employing No Full-Time Staffers
  162. Florida: Miramar, Florida: Highly Organized Pro-Immigration Protesters Funded by George Soros Shut Down an Intersection for Hours
  163. Florida: Steyer Begins Push for Florida Gov. Candidate Trailing in Polls
  164. Florida: Migrant Avoided ICE 2 Different Times Before Shooting Cop in Head
  165. Georgia: Teacher orders kids to reveal private details with ‘DNA dossiers’
  166. Hawaii: Court Rules Open Carry Is ‘Core 2nd Amendment Right’
  167. Hawaii: Federal Court Says Hawaii Must Allow Open Carry of Guns
  168. Illinois: MUST SEE=> Steel Worker Cries Talking About Donald Trump at Reopened Granite City, IL US Steel Plant (VIDEO)
  169. Illinois: Chicago Funnels A Third Of Property Taxes To Mayor-Managed Slush Funds
  170. Illinois: Judge Allows Illegals To Run Rampant in Disturbing New Ruling
  171. Indiana: Indiana Bus Company Sued for Barring Pro-Life Ad
  172. Kentucky: Citizen gets sued for asking about city’s spy cameras
  173. Louisiana: Louisiana A.G. Floats Electrocution, Firing Squad as Death Drugs Remain Scarce
  174. Louisiana: Catholics Plan To Battle Hex Event
  175. Massachusetts: Unhinged Elizabeth Warren Supporter Tackled, Arrested After Punching Her Opponent Dr. Shiva in Face (VIDEO)
  176. Massachusetts: Nude Customer Reveals a lot about Gym
  177. Michigan: Michigan Muslim Returnee Indicted For ISIS Terrorism
  178. Michigan: Dem Candidate in Michigan Touts ‘Chief of Staff’ Job in Obama Auto Task Force
  179. Minnesota: Former Daycare Provider Convicted of Hanging a Toddler Was Sentenced to Probation, No Prison Time
  180. Minnesota: Lawsuit launched against Muslim police officer in Minneapolis
  181. Minnesota: University preparing pronoun policy
  182. Minnesota: Minneapolis: Family of woman killed by Muslim cop sues city, charging conspiracy and coverup
  183. Minnesota: University of Minnesota on Redefining Gender: Gopher It!
  184. Missouri: Duck boat that sank in deadly accident is raised from lake
  185. Missouri: Claire McCaskill Spent Thousands to Use Private Plane on RV Tour
  186. Missouri: Russian Hackers’ New Target: a Vulnerable Democratic Senator
  187. Montana: VP Pence and Security Detail Rush Through Crowd To Aid Young Man
  188. Nevada: Gunman Opens Fire in Mormon Church
  189. New Jersey: F-16 Fighter Jet Swarms Private Trump Golf Course After Major Security Threat
  190. New Jersey: Rabid fox attacks woman, she strangles it with 1 hand
  191. New Jersey: New Jersey Radio Host Suspended Over ‘Turban Man’ Hit Piece
  192. New York: Obama-Appointed Judge Rules In Favor of Convicted Terrorist
  193. New York: Federal judge rules that US can’t strip citizenship from Muslim who aided al-Qaeda in Brooklyn Bridge jihad plot
  194. New York: Cuomo Starts Pardoning Illegal Aliens Before Deportation Proceedings
  195. New York: NY Governor Cuomo Granted Conditional Pardons to 24,000 Parolees, Including 77 Dangerous Sex Offenders, to Get Their Votes
  196. New York: NY pro-lifers survive AG’s all-out attempt to silence them
  197. New York: De Blasio Launches New PAC to Support Federal, State Candidates
  198. New York: Columbia U Slammed for Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic Faculty
  199. New York: : Cuomo likens Trump’s immigration policies to “jihad”
  200. New York: Facial Recognition Toll Booths Identify Drivers and Passengers, Notify Police Within Seconds
  201. New York: Fmr. New York State Assembly Speaker Receives Seven-Year Prison Sentence
  202. Ohio: Bold Advancing across Ohio!
  203. Ohio: ‘Man of integrity’ gains endorsement for House leader
  204. Oregon: Abolish ICE Activists Bring Makeshift Guillotine to Protest, Depict Trump Beheading
  205. Oregon: School Ordered To Shell Out $25K, Give Formal Apology to Pro-Trump Student Wrongfully Suspended
  206. Oregon: Judge forces high-schoolers to share showers with opposite sex
  207. Pennsylvania: Permission Accomplished: Parents Have Sex-Ed Say at RNC
  208. Pennsylvania: Dem Candidate Wants To Severely Punish Families With 2+ Kids
  209. Pennsylvania: Muslim migrant recruited Muslims for jihad massacres in Europe
  210. Pennsylvania: Dem Candidate Wants Tax On Parents With More Than Two Kids
  211. Pennsylvania: Pa. Dem Criticized Ruling to Uphold Laws Protecting Sexually Abused Children
  212. Tennessee: Tennessee Dem Spokesman: ‘F—k Reaching Out to Trump Voters.… The Idiots Aren’t Listening’
  213. Texas: Prosecutors recommend 20-year sentence for Muslim who tried to join ISIS, he gets 18 months
  214. Texas: Gun Expert John Lott: ‘The Goal of Eliminating Guns is Ultimately A Fool’s Errand’
  215. Texas: Border patrol apprehends four Muslims from Bangladesh illegally crossing into US
  216. Texas: Muslim murders his daughter’s Christian husband to recover his honor
  217. Texas: Texas Muslim found guilty of ‘honor killings’
  218. Texas: Texas Company Gets OK To Upload 3D-Printed Gun Specs to Website
  219. Virginia: State: You need permit, which we won’t give you
  220. Virginia: Israel-Haters Rave over Staged Agitprop
  221. Washington, D.C.: Watch: Fed-up Young Conservatives Ignore McCain’s War History, Savage Him for Selling Out
  222. Washington State: Seattle Attacks Gun-Owners With ‘Safe Storage’ Gun Laws, Blindsided After NRA Shows Up With Lawsuit
  223. Washington State: NRA, Second Amendment Foundation File Suit Against Seattle Gun-Storage Ordinance
  224. Wisconsin: Judge Orders Wisconsin to Pay for Gender Reassignment Surgeries


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  1. Israel’s President Praises Serbs For Enabling Restitution of Jewish Property Lost in Holocaust
  2. WATCH: Netanyahu Responds to Critics of Nation-State Law
  3. Netanyahu: Christians Thriving in Israel, Persecuted In Iran
  4. Netanyahu Praises Trump’s Tough Stand Against Iran
  5. Netanyahu Tells Russian FM Iranian Entrenchment in Syria Unacceptable
  6. WATCH: Netanyahu Calls on Parents to Love Children as Remedy for Hamas’s Hatred
  7. Netanyahu Blasts Turkish Ruler as ‘Dark Dictator’ After Nazi Comparison
  8. Netanyahu Expresses Israel’s Sorrow Over Disastrous Fires in Greece
  9. Netanyahu Tells IDF Recruits that Gaza Campaign is ‘Test of Willpower’
  10. Netanyahu Advances Economic Plan to Heal Rift with Druze Over Nation-State Law
  11. Israel Declares Itself ‘Jewish State,’ Jerusalem as Eternal Capital
  12. Cabinet Allots Millions to Solve Migrant Problem in South Tel Aviv
  13. Israel Gives 30-billion-shekel Boost to Anti-missile Project
  14. No Normalcy for Gaza Without Complete Halt to Terror, Liberman Vows
  15. IDF Investigation Reveals Hamas Used Iranian Rifle to Kill Soldier
  16. WATCH: IDF Rescues Hundreds of Syrian Civilians
  17. IDF Retaliates After Soldier Killed by Sniper Fire from Gaza
  18. On Tisha B’Av, Annual Day of Mourning, Tens of Thousands Pack Western Wall Plaza
  19. WATCH: Israel Set to Expand Handgun Permits to Former Combat Soldiers
  20. The Mufti of Jerusalem: Jihadi Bloodlust, the Nazis, and British and French Perfidy
  21. Israel Helps ‘White Helmets’ Flee Syria for Settlement in Western Countries
  22. Israel Cuts Industrial Air Pollution by Half in One Decad
  23. Israel Deploys ‘David’s Sling’ Against Stray Syrian Rockets
  24. Ancient Western Wall Boulder Dislodges, Crashes into Prayer Section
  25. World Praises Israel for Saving Syrian ‘White Helmets’ from Assad Regime
  26. Druze Minister Says Arab MKs Sent Him Death Threats for Supporting Nation-State Law
  27. Israeli Minister Apologizes After Druze Protest Nation-State Law
  28. IDF Unit Attacked Outside Bethlehem, Reportedly Killed Palestinian
  29. Police Carrying Out Court-Ordered House Demolition Assaulted by Israeli Arabs
  30. Record-breaking 2 Million Tourists Visit Israel in First Half of 2018
  31. Israeli Border Towns Hit with 1000 Fires in 3 Months of Gaza Terror
  32. WATCH: IDF Downs Syrian Fighter Jet that Breached Israeli Airspace
  33. Israel Celebrates 70 Years with 700 New Immigrants!
  34. Israel Offers Help Combating Greece’s Massive Blazes
  35. Good News Israel! Genetic Test for Aging; Instant Blood Tests; Next Cancer Breakthrough, and More!
  36. Israelis Return to Evacuated Samaria Community 13 Years Later
  37. WATCH: Jewish Agency Celebrates 70 Years of Bringing Jewish Immigrants to Israel
  38. In a first, Israel fires 2 David Sling interceptor missiles…
  39. Israel develops wingless flying car with 1,000hp capable of landing anywhere
  40. Israeli Government Blasts CNN and BBC: ‘Stop Your Manipulation!’ [Jew hatred]
  41. Israeli Military Says Rifle That Killed Soldier on Gaza Border Was Iranian-Made
  42. Israel Evacuates 800 of Syria’s White Helmets and Their Families to Jordan
  43. Israel Searches Sea of Galilee for Syrian Rockets that Landed in the Water
  44. WATCH: Children in Southern Israel Show How They Run Into a Bomb Shelter
  45. Evict Violent International Observers, Hebron Community Urges Netanyahu
  46. WATCH: Tunisia Bans 7-year-old Israeli Chess Prodigy from Championship
  47. Hebron Jewish Community Calls on Netanyahu to Throw Out International ‘Observers’
  48. Female IDF Officer Responsible for Downing Syrian Fighter Jet
  49. Western Wall Prayer Section Still Closed After Herodian-era Boulder Crashed Down
  50. WATCH: Israel, Russia Differ Over Red Line for Iran in Syria
  51. Despite Agriculture Ministry Strike, Produce Allowed to Enter Gaza
  52. Opinion: When Jewish Children Were the Ones Separated from Their Parents
  53. Israel Confronts Deadly Terror Threats on Two Fronts
  54. WATCH: When You Say ‘Palestine, What Do You Really Mean?
  55. Israeli Police Medic Treats Injured Palestinian Boy in Hebron
  56. Injured IDF Officer After Being Shot: ‘My Soldiers Are Here, I’m not Leaving’
  57. Powerful solution to help beat Islamic terror has just been revealed
  58. Israel draws red line with Russia
  59. 2nd Islamic terror attack today in Israel: Bomb thrown into apt building, igniting huge blaze
  60. Major Protests Are Going On Throughout Israel For Pro-LGBT Surrogacy Rights
  61. Muslims Riot on Temple Mount, Celebrate ‘Victory’ of Removal of Metal Detectors
  62. Welcome! 232 North American Jews Make Israel Their Home
  63. WATCH: Holocaust Survivor’s Suitcase Arrives at Final Destination in Israel
  64. Israel’s $500 Million Plan Improving Arab Neighborhoods Criticized by Palestinians
  65. WATCH: Moses Recited 515 Prayers to Enter the Land of Israel
  66. Muslim terrorist murders Jewish father of two
  67. Israel: Terror Victim Dies From Islamic Terror Attack


  1. Jordan Says Jews’ Visit to Temple Mount ‘Provocation Against Muslims’
  2. WATCH: Jordanian MP Praises Late Mother’s Desire to Blow Up Jews
  3. WATCH: Palestinian Rioters Throw Rocks, Burn Tires, On Gaza Border
  4. Dozens Killed in Nightmare Terror Attacks by ISIS, Al-Qaeda
  5. Israelis living under Hamas terror have a surprising message for the world
  6. Islam before Environment: UN environmental activist Amina Mohammed refuses to condemn Hamas for committing “Eco-Terrorism” against Israel
  7. WATCH: Palestinian Quiz Show Denies Israel’s Existence
  8. Leader of Islamic State Affiliate Killed in Sinai Peninsula
  9. Palestinians Boast of Blocking Trump’s Peace Plan
  10. Hamas Ratchets Down Terror, Israel Partially Reopens Border in Response
  11. Palestinian Authority struggling with “peace” process
  12. Abbas Cursing US Ambassador to Israel is an Unprecedented Attack on America
  13. Secret Report On Number Of Palestinian Refugees Could Upend Entire Peace Process
  14. End-Times Prophetic Alert: Will Muslim Palestinians Ever Agree to Peace With Israel?
  15. Palestinians Throw Firebomb at Jewish Community in Judea, Causing Serious Damage
  16. WATCH: ISIS Publishes Video of Syrian Jet Downed by Israel
  17. ‘State of Palestine’ Chosen to Lead Largest UN Bloc, in Snub to US, Israel
  18. PA Leader Abbas Declares: ‘We’ll Never Stop Paying Martyrs & Prisoners’
  19. Number of foreign female Islamic State jihadis significantly underestimated, now pose security threat
  20. Islamic Jew-Hatred – a religious mandate
  21. Terror Attack: Palestinian Stabs 3 Israelis in Samaria
  22. WATCH: Hamas Steals Fuel and Sells to Gazans at Double the Price
  23. Palestinian Textbooks Demonize Israel, Encourage Violence
  24. Gaza Terrorists Used Children as Decoy to Distract IDF in Attack that Injured Soldier
  25. WATCH: Palestinians Stone Jewish Car Near Hebron
  26. Hamas Vows Israel will ‘Pay a High Bloody Price’ as Fighting Escalates
  27. Hamas Opens Summer Camps For Next Generation Of Terrorists
  28. Palestinian Terrorist Stabs, Murders Young Father of 2
  29. Jordanian Columnist: Earthquakes Due to Israel’s Intention to Destroy Al-Aqsa
  30. Abbas vows to continue to pay salaries to jihad terrorists and their families even if “we have only a penny left”


  1. Austria: Muslim migrant beats Jews in front of kosher shop in Vienna
  2. Denmark: Denmark charges imam with incitement over sermon calling to kill Jews
  3. England: Four Men Arrested After Horrific Acid Attack on 3-Year-Old
  4. England: Study: Children are being taught in classrooms where the air is so polluted, it breaches WHO guidelines
  5. England: Britain’s Second City: ‘Acid Attacks’ Follows Weekend of ‘Unprecedented Violence’
  6. England: British Prime Minister just DESTROYED the Labour party for its anti-Semitism
  7. EU: Dysfunctional & Disunited: The Coming CRASH of the EU (Video: 11:14 minutes long.)
  9. Europe: 2 Muslims arrested over planned jihad terror attacks in France & Netherlands
  10. Europe: 10,800 “radical Islamic Salafists” in Germany, thousands more in France, Sweden and increasing
  11. France: France Refuses to Recognize Israel’s Role in Syrian Rescue Mission
  12. France: Jewish man attacked in Paris by Muslim shouting “Allahu akbar, long live Hitler, death to the Jews”
  13. France: Mossad Set Up Operations in Paris Against Hamas
  14. France: French Judge Protects Muslim Killer of Elderly Woman from “Hostile” Jewish Community
  15. France: Church set ablaze and spray painted with “Allahu Akbar”
  16. Germany: German prosecutor on Muslim migrant stabbing rampage: “We have no indication of political radicalisation”
  17. Germany: TED talks promote pedophilia, but ban any discussion critical of GMOs
  18. Germany: Adidas Vows to Use Only Recycled Plastic as Market Shifts Toward Conscious Capitalism
  19. Germany: Study Shows That A Majority Of Germans Believe That Germany Does Not Need America’s Military For Protection
  20. Germany: Germany Will Be Creating An Extremely Efficient Jet Fighter To Compete Against The British Air Force, As Merkel Declares That Germany Must Be Independent Of American Power
  21. Greece: Drones Hunt Arsonists In Greece’s Massive Wild Fires
  22. Greece: Muslim migrant arrested for trying to set a fire near a military camp
  23. Ireland: Analysis: Ireland’s Anti-Israel Bill Fueled by Islamic Organizations
  24. Italy: Italian bishop warns that Europe must avoid “fear and xenophobia” and welcome Muslim migrants
  25. Italy: Pope Francis Calls for ‘Decisive’ Action to End Migrant Deaths in Mediterranean
  26. Italy: Catholic historian explains the disturbing history behind Pope Francis’ ‘novel’ rhetoric
  27. Italy: Muslim migrant wrecks his family home after accusing his sister of being “too Western”
  28. Netherlands: Dutch Company Sets Goal of Having Lab-Grown Meat in Your Favorite Restaurant in Three Years
  29. Netherlands: Denmark: Imam indicted for quoting Muhammad on killing Jews says “indictment criminalizes Islam & Islamic texts”
  30. Portugal: What happened to Portugal after it decriminalized drugs
  31. Russia: Russian Foreign Minister Attacks Pompeo, Has Specific Demand for US Politicians
  32. Russia: Russian Hackers Reach US Utility Control Rooms
  33. Russia: Russia Releases Video of New Underwater ‘Doomsday Machine’
  34. Russia: Russia tests new nuke weapons that can strike ANYWHERE on the planet…
  35. Russia: Russians Arrest NATO Spy Suspects in Probe of Hypersonic Missile Secrets
  36. Russia: Russia considers fake news law that would fine social networks, America next?
  37. Russia: Russia Thanks Israel for Striking ISIS in Syria
  38. Russia: Man Beats His Girlfriend To Death With A Bottle, Pours Her Blood Into A Glass And Drinks It, Then Cuts Her Brain Out, Cooks It And Eats It, Then Dismembers Her Body Piece-By-Piece With A Meat Cleaver Before Feeding Her Ears To Her Cat
  39. Spain: Border Chaos: 800 Migrants Armed With Flamethrowers & Feces Storm Border Of Spain
  40. Spain: Violence as 600 migrants storm Morocco-Spain border fence, ATTACK police with caustic chemicals and feces
  41. Sweden: Swedish parliamentary candidate suggests deporting all Jews from Jewish state
  42. Sweden: Muslim migrants get five months’ youth detention for prolonged, bloody, filmed gang rape of 13-year-old girl
  43. Sweden: Student’s protest prevents Muslim’s deportation to Afghanistan
  44. Sweden: Student blocks Afghan man’s deportation by refusing to sit down on flight
  45. Sweden: Sweden Will Remain Sweden In Name Only
  46. Sweden:Wow! Far Left Politico Says Opposing Child Marriage is a “Far Right” Issue
  47. Sweden: Muslims pull down girl’s pants, threaten to rape her because she was “not Muslim enough,” no charges filed
  48. UK: Lesbians demand ‘L’ be removed from LGBT
  49. UK: New U.K. ‘Brexit’ chief: We may not pay exit fee if no deal is reached
  50. UK: Video from UK: Muslim says Western society superior to Sharia
  51. UK: Franklin Graham Festival of Hope ads banned over Graham’s “islamophobic” comments
  52. UK: Former UK PM David Cameron lectures Donald Trump: It is “wrong to project terrorism as Christianity-Islam clash”
  53. UK: UK Government Office Knew About Muslim Mass Rape Gangs Decade Before Investigating
  54. UK: Muslim threatens to murder Tommy Robinson and attack his wife with acid
  55. UK: Muslim who plotted to behead Theresa May was motivated by wanting to meet the virgins of paradise
  56. UK: Home of convicted rapist used as Islamic school, council can’t shut it down
  57. UK: Leftists, senior Conservatives fight to save Islamic State jihad killers from execution
  58. UK: Gays Against Sharia UK rally planned, Antifa counter-protesting to oppose “Islamophobia”
  59. UK: SHARIA UK: Politician under constant death threat (FATWA) after condemning rape gangs of ‘common ethnic heritage,’ forced out of pro-jihad Labour cabinet
  60. UK: SHARIA UK: Ashraf Khan who RAPED and fathered 3 children by his OWN DAUGHTER is jailed for ONLY 4 years
  61. UK: UK Jewish Newspapers Warn Corbyn Poses ‘Existential Threat’ to British Jewry
  62. UK: Video: MEP Janice Atkinson — Bacon has become weaponized
  63. UK: Muslim migrant arrested for acid attack on his three-year-old son, other attackers sought
  64. UK: Inside the Courtroom During Tommy Robinson’s Appeal
  65. UK: Muslim comedian says, “I want people to see the funny side of the Qur’an”
  67. UK: Pastor Says UK Needs New Free Speech Law Protecting Bible Reading in Public After His Arrest
  68. UK: Corbyn government would pose an “existential threat to Jewish life,” say three major Jewish newspapers
  69. UK: Corbyn government would pose an ‘existential threat to Jewish life,’ say three major Jewish newspapers


  1. China: China adding ‘significant capabilities’ to nuclear forces
  2. China: Sex robot human CLONES: Chinese firm using 3D printers to scan and make replicas of PEOPLE
  3. China: Experts: China Waging War Against the U.S.
  4. China: Atheist Chinese Government Rounds Up One Million Muslims And Places Them Into Internment Camps
  5. China: DEVELOPING: Small bomb detonated outside US Embassy in Beijing
  6. India: Muslim group offers cash reward to anyone who stones and chops off hair of women’s rights activist
  7. India: Muslims lynch Hindu man for having affair with Muslim girl
  8. India: Muslim politician says Islamic instant divorce saves “cheating” wives from murder
  9. India: Muslim Man Poses as Hindu to Marry Girl, Shoots Her After His Identity Was Revealed
  10. India: Over Three Dozen Hindu Terrorists Form Mob And Attack Christians At University In India
  11. India: Hindu Terrorists Attack Christians And Destroy Church, Declare ‘We Want A Christian-Free Village’
  12. Indonesia: 15-year-old Muslim girl who was RAPED by her older brother 8 times is jailed for six months for having an abortion in “moderate” Indonesia
  13. Iran: WATCH: Iran’s Regional Aggression Exposed
  14. Iran: RUMORS OF WAR: Iran’s Rouhani warns Trump about ‘mother of all wars’
  15. Iran: Iran’s Rouhani: “America should know that war with Iran is the mother of all wars”
  16. Iran: Iran Responds to Trump’s Tweet: ‘Be Cautious!’​
  17. Iran: Iran dismisses Trump threat, says he ‘won’t dare’ attack
  18. Iran: Why Reza Pahlavi is a Perfect Leader for Iran
  19. Iran: RUMORS OF WAR: Iranian general warns Trump: ‘War will destroy everything you own’…
  20. Iran: Iran’s top commander threatens America with “unimaginable response” to Trump
  21. Iran: Opinion: Why Iran Supports Palestinian Terror Groups
  22. Iran: Islamic Republic of Iran: Christians seized from homes, pastor arrested and tasered despite offering no resistance
  23. Japan: Japan executes 6 more cult members of deadly sarin attack
  24. North Korea: Report: North Korea Balks, Has Strict Demands If Trump Expects Denuclearization
  25. North Korea: North Korea said to be dismantling key parts of launch site
  26. North Korea: North Korea dismantling key facilities
  27. Pakistan: Pakistanis Vote, But There’ll Be Just One Winner
  28. Pakistan: Imran Khan claims victory in Pakistan elections
  29. Pakistan: Pakistan allows three candidates on the UN terror watch to run in elections
  30. Philippines: Philippines Pres. Caves to Extremists, Grants Muslims Autonomous Region To Quell Violenc
  31. Saudi Arabia: Meghan Markle’s friend, human rights activist Loujain Al-Hathloul, faces 20-year jail term in Saudi Arabia #sharia
  32. South Korea: South Korea Considering Major DMZ Shake-Up as Denuclearization Looms
  33. Syria: Five Shocking Truths About Syrian Education
  34. Syria: Syrian Army Liberated Several Towns at Border with Occupied Golan Heights
  35. Syria: HTS militants Destroy Own Supply route to Israel before Withdrawal from Southern Syria
  36. Syria: More than Syrian 850 refugees to return from Lebanon
  37. Syria: Sarah Abed: US Aims for Long Term Presence in Syria to Check Iran and Ensure Israeli Domination
  38. Syria: Tens of buses carrying hundreds of militants left Quneitra countryside
  39. Syria: Civilians Continue Protesting against US-Backed Militias in Northeastern Syria
  40. Syria: Israel shoots down jet as gov’t forces reach Golan
  41. Syria: Breaking: Syrian pilot killed after Israeli missile strikes jet
  42. Syria: Syria to Exploit Israel’s Role in ‘White Helmets’ Rescue to Persecute Those Who Remain
  43. Syria: Assad not Expected to Retaliate for Felling of Syrian Fighter Plane by Israel
  44. Syria: Syrian Army keeps up destroying ISIS pocket in Daraa
  45. Syria: Assad’s Forces Raise Syrian Flag on Israel’s Doorstep
  46. Syria: RUMORS OF WAR: Syria Threatens to Respond after Israel Shoots Down Fighter Jet over Israeli Airspace
  47. Syria: Wave Of Suicide Bombings From Foreign Backed Terrorists Slaughter Two Hundred People Throughout Syria
  48. Syria: Assad urges ‘every Syrian to come back to Syria’
  49. Syria: U.S. Loses in Syria, High Time to Go?
  50. Turkey: Racist supremacist Turkey’s Erdogan accuses Israel of apartheid over Jewish Nation State law
  51. Turkey: ACLJ: Evangelical pastor being released from Turkish prison
  52. Turkey: Arrested Developments on Brunson
  53. Turkey: BREAKING: Pastor Andrew Brunson to Be Released From Turkish Prison
  54. Turkey: Erdogan: “Spirit of Hitler” lives on in Israel because of new nation state law


  1. Chad: Fears Of Persecution Rise After Islamic Government Installs Sultan To Rule Over Christians
  2. Congo: Mass Rape, Cannibalism, Dismemberment, Unspeakable Atrocities in Congo War
  3. Egypt: Report: Extremist Muslim preachers losing clout
  4. Egypt: Cairo conference to address “impartial critics of Islam in the West” and present Islam as “religion of love”
  5. Egypt: Muslim mob attack on church encouraged by police promise ‘No church will be allowed here’
  6. Malaysia: Hugh Fitzgerald: Thin-Skinned Muslims In Malaysia
  7. Morocco: Moroccan police to patrol Paris streets to tackle Muslim migrant gangs in no-go zones
  8. Nigeria: Muslim murders at least 11 with jihad/martyrdom suicide attack on rival mosque
  9. Somalia: Dies From FGM Aged 10; Miscarries Aged 11
  10. Somalia: Father defends FGM after his daughter dies from it, can’t be criminalized because people think it’s Islamic
  11. South Africa: Thousands March in Pretoria to Demand Full Resumption of Ties With Israel
  12. Tunisia: Muslims hold a barbeque in a Jewish cemetery


  1. Australia: Muslim man who left his wife, 25, to die for FIVE DAYS after she suffered more than 100 injuries is jailed for just eight years – as victim’s grieving mum blames Islam for her ‘honour killing’
  2. Australia: Police Charged Lauren Southern and Stephan Molyneux $68,000 for Protection
  3. Australia: Australian ambassador to Iraq dresses in full hijab to visit Muslim shrine


  1. Canada: Gunman Dead After Opening Fire in Toronto, 12 Injured, Fatalities Reported
  2. Canada: VIDEO: Toronto mass shooting, multiple casualties (including child) outside restaurant in Greektown neighborhood, gunman dead
  3. Canada: Mass shooting it Toronto leaves 3 dead and 12 injured
  4. Canada: Toronto shooter’s neighbors unaware of his mental illness
  5. Canada: Jihad in Toronto confirmed: Restaurant shooter who killed two and wounded 13 identified as Faisal Hussain
  6. Canada: Canada gov’t to take kids from Christian homes (Video: 10:22 minutes long.)
  7. Canada: Man with knife stopped as he tried to attack Ceremonial Guard on Parliament Hill
  8. Canada: Toronto terror fundraising: Using TERROR-TIED extremist groups, “Muslims United” fund-raise “for the victims” of bloody jihad terror attack
  9. Canada: Toronto Islamic terror attack: Jihadi mass murderer named FAISAL HUSSAIN
  10. Canada: Toronto police finally name former Muslim boyfriend in the brutal murder of 20 year-old Alyssa Lightstone
  11. Canada: WATCH: Toronto Police Press Conference on Terror Attack: Lead Detective Terry Brown we “won’t release name of shooter” “NOT ALLOWED to do it” there would be a “FRENZY ON SOCIAL MEDIA”
  12. Canada: Israel’s Role in Saving Syrian Rescue Workers ‘Indispensable’
  13. Canada: Stricter Gun Laws Didn’t Stop This Mass Shooting in Canada
  14. Canada: Toronto jihadi family’s statement crafted by spin doctor linked to Muslim Brotherhood
  15. Canada: Toronto Star reporter tells Ezra Levant his reporting “won’t be tolerated,” orders him to delete tweet
  16. Canada: Toronto jihad murderer’s neighbors unaware of his “mental illness”
  17. Canada: Toronto shooter “known to police,” had expressed “support” for pro-ISIS website
  18. Canada: ISIS claims responsibility for Toronto attack after police say shooting not linked to terrorism
  19. Canada: Toronto Police Chief: “No evidence to support” Islamic State’s claim of responsibility for shooting
  20. Canada: ISIS claims responsibility for Toronto shooting after cops claim it’s not terrorism
  21. Canada: It’s Official: Toronto Muslim Gunman Not A Terrorist — Never Mind That He Expressed Support for ISIS
  22. Canada: “Mentally ill” Muslim returned to community, found “not criminally responsible” for STABBING three soldiers in army recruiting centre, “ALLAH told me to do it”
  23. Canada: Older brother of Toronto Jihadi was facing weapons charges: court docs
  24. Canada: Toronto mosque’s supplication: “SLAY THEM ONE BY ONE”
  25. Canada: Liberals rise in the polls as Canadians rally behind Trudeau in spat with Trump
  26. Canada: Toronto: Viral video shows man screaming “racist” comments at Muslim family in Toronto
  27. Canada: Toronto: “ISIS-like” Islamic teachings freely and widely shared at busy intersection
  28. Canada: Toronto: Why Should the Mentally Ill Carry the Can for Islam’s Violence?
  29. Mexico: Mexican President Delivers Incredible Letter to Trump, Promises a ‘New Stage’ Leftists Will Hate
  30. Mexico: Evil Drug Cartel That Dismembers People Alive And Eats Their Remains Puts Out Video Saying ‘We Are Here And We Are Coming To Get You’
  31. Mexico: Record Murders Plague Mexico In First Half Of 2018: “The Figures Are Horrible”
  32. Mexico: Expect More Instability, Corruption, And Crime From Mexico’s AMLO
  33. Puerto Rico: Mayor Arrested, Trump Vindicated, & People have Power Restored (Video: 6:57 minutes long.)


  1. Ecuador: WikiLeaks Kingpin Assange To Be Surrendered to British Authorities


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  89. Two Giant Pension Funds Just Admitted To Have BIG PROBLEMS
  90. Chris Martenson: A Wealth Transfer Is Coming And People Will Become Trapped If They’re In Paper
  91. Welcome To The 3rd World America: Where The Bottom 50% Boosts The Economy On Pure Debt
  92. Disney’s board has voted to buy those Fox assets — now what?
  93. Pandora earnings: A new member of the band could matter beyond the music
  94. Here’s why investors will be keeping close watch on the Bank of Japan
  95. These smart budget tips will keep you in the money — and out of the doghouse
  96. Why many women won’t talk about money and how to get past it
  97. The idea of ‘investing in what you know’ is more dangerous than you think
  98. How to teach your children to be investors rather than spenders
  99. Use these online watchdogs before giving a financial adviser your money
  100. Which College Degrees Get The Highest Salaries?
  101. Richard Duncan Fears Trade War Could Bring China’s Economy To A “Screeching Halt”
  102. Rickards: Get Ready For The “100-Year Flood”
  103. “What We’ve Seen Is Unprecedented”: “Mysterious” New Whale Emerges In The Market
  104. US Wheat Exports Losing Ground To Russia As Mexico Seeks ‘Alternatives’
  105. Bank of America: These Are The 6 Triggers For The Next Market Crash
  106. Trader Warns “It’s Pure Folly To Think Next Week Isn’t Huge”
  107. SocGen Spots A “Near-Unprecedented” Divergence In The FX Market
  108. Surprise: US Savings Rate Twice As Big As Previously Thought


  1. EU: Europe Caves: EU Chief Pledges To Lower Trade Barriers with US
  2. Europe: Deutsche Bank Continues To Fail Which Could Ultimately Lead To A Massive Banking Crisis


  1. Venezuela: Inflation to Hit 1 Million Percent in Collapsing, Socialist Venezuela
  2. Venezuela: Economic Collapse Update: Venezuela’s Inflation Rate On Track To Hit 1,000,000% By End Of Year


  1. China: Jack Ma Declares On World Economic Forum Video That Countless People Will Die In The Name Of Technology and Industry
  2. China: Jim Rickards: Prepare For A MAXIMUM Chinese Yuan Devaluation
  3. Israel: Israeli Hi-tech Startups Raise Record $3.2b in First Half of 2018


  1. Australia: Mortgage Prison: Sydney Home Prices Suffer Largest Annual Decline Since 2008


Earth News Banner

  1. Algeria: Insane: 124.3 degrees F (51.3 Celsius) in Algeria is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Africa as the global heat wave continues
  2. Asia: It resembles the film “The Day After Tomorrow” six tropical storms aiming for East-Asian coastline death toll expected to rise
  3. Australia: Hundreds of Galah birds mysteriously fall from the sky in Burra, Australia
  4. California: California Heat Is Buckling The Grid Months After Being Warned of This Exact Thing Happening
  5. California: Death Valley sees 127 Degrees
  6. California: Tornadoes of Fire Witnessed in California Wildfire
  7. Earth: SCANDAL: Airport weather stations that record “global warming” temperatures sit directly in the exhaust paths of fiery hot jet engines
  8. Earth: Trump’s EPA Outpaces Obama in Cleaning Up Hazardous Waste Sites
  9. Earth: We Are Seeing Heat And Drought In The Southwest United States Like We Haven’t Seen Since The Dust Bowl Of The 1930s
  10. Earth: Heatwave could last MONTHS because of ‘STALLED’ jet stream, warn experts
  11. Earth: Pieces of mantle found rising under north and south ends of Cascadia fault
  12. Europe: Scorched Earth! European heat wave intensifies with hottest summer in nearly 50 years while Japan sets a new heat record of 41.1 deg C
  13. Florida: Red tide algae bloom from Tampa Bay area to the Florida Keys is killing hundreds of sea turtles with a mass mortality never seen before
  14. Germany: Germany is the latest country to be hit by global heatwave with damaged roads and devastated crops with higher temperatures still to come
  15. Greece: Greek wildfires kill 74, the deadliest blaze in decades
  16. Greece: Greece wildfire Update! Another 24 bodies have been found on a Greek beach “bracing each other” as death toll rises to 50
  17. Greece: Deadly wildfires kill 24 with many more injured as coast guard vessels and private boats rescue survivors from Greece’s beaches
  18. Greece: DEVELOPING: Deadly Greece wildfires kill 60 near Athens as tourists forced to flee into sea
  19. Greece: Who started the massive Greek wildfires, “the nation’s worst disasters in recent memory”?
  20. Greece: UPDATE: 79 Killed in Deadliest Wildfires to Hit Greece in Decades
  21. Iran: Strong 5.9 earthquake strikes Western Iran injuring 26
  22. Israel: Earthquakes continue to reel Israel as minor quake shakes Sea of Galilee
  23. Japan: Japan sets new heat record, Hottest since 1896, Death toll rising
  24. Japan: Japan classifies heatwave as ‘natural disaster’ as hottest temperatures ever recorded claim 80 lives
  25. Laos: Many people are thought dead and hundreds missing after a hydroelectric dam collapsed in southeastern Laos nearly 7,000 homeless
  26. Oregon: DEVELOPING: Earthquake swarm including 5.6 taking place off Coast of Oregon
  27. Pennsylvania: Heavy rains cause flooding woes in central Pa.
  28. Philippines: At least 5 dead, 728,000 affected as monsoon rains hit Philippines
  29. Russia: The day the Sun disappeared! Mystery surrounds area of Russia larger than Italy when a summer day turned to night for almost three hours
  30. Shanghai: Almost 200,000 people evacuated as Tropical Storm Ampil batters Shanghai with damaging gusts of winds and torrential rain
  31. South Korea: South Korea latest country to join the global heat wave with the mecury hitting 40 deg°C (104 deg F): 80 dead 35,000 hospitalised in Japan
  32. Space: Liquid water lake found on Mars called “Game Changer”
  33. Space: Mars makes closest approach to Earth in 15 years this weekend
  34. UK: Earthquake swarm detected near London, UK
  35. UK: The UK expecting the hottest day on record as parts have gone 54 days without significant rain killing crops with rivers and streams drying up
  36. Vanuatu: Volcanic eruption causes damage, disruption on Vanuatu’s Ambae island
  37. Vanuatu: Vanuatu reimposes state of emergency amid volcanic eruptions
  38. Vietnam: 20 people dead 16 missing 17,000 animals killed and thousands of homes destroyed as Tropical storm Son Tinh hits Vietnam


Sign Petition Banner

Petition to President Trump: Stand Up to the U.N.

The U.N. is trying to force America to surrender our Second Amendment rights.

President Trump needs to be immediately ALERTED about this travesty taking place behind his back and to put an end to this secret agreement.

Please add your name to direct President Trump to end this attempt by the U.N. to destroy our Second Amendment rights.

And urge him to “unsign” the Obama administration’s signature from the 2013 U.N. gun control treaty.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Award Winning Archaeologist: Smashed Idols Show Biblical Jerusalem Was Religious
  2. Oops! Federal officials divulge secret info about Native American artifacts
  3. ‘This is Not Mythology’: Archaeologists Dig Up the Bible at Ancient City of Shiloh
  4. A Tower Of Skulls: Cultural Relativism Meets Human Sacrifice
  5. Incredible Anatomical Human Machines – Two Fleshless Bodies Mystery
  6. Mary Boleyn – King Henry VIII’s Other Woman And Sister Of Anne Boleyn
  7. The Black Stone Sarcophagus is Open and Investigators Found More Than They Bargained For!
  8. Over 20,000 Have Petitioned to Drink the ‘Pharaoh Punch’ of the Black Sarcophagus
  9. Goujian: The Ancient Chinese Sword that Defied Time
  10. Authorities Give Protection to a Rare 16th Century Tudor Shipwreck Found on an English Beach
  11. An Ancient Maya City Founded by a God and Conquered by a Death Cheating Despot
  12. The Cutting Truth about Circumcision: It Was All About Rites and Religion
  13. Explorer Rushes Back to Collect Pygmy Prize After Child Pharaoh’s Golden Letter
  14. Are These the Headless Remains of Sir George Yeardley, One of America’s First Politicians?
  15. Huitzilopochtli: The Hummingbird War God at the Forefront of the Aztec Pantheon
  16. Symbolic Monuments Depicting ‘Descent of the Grandfather’ Myth of the Olmecs Found in Guatemala
  17. A Window into the Traditional Sami Culture: Reindeer and a Worldview
  18. Paleolithic Toothache: Oldest Dentistry Revealed in 14,000-Year-Old Tooth of Young Man
  19. Use of fire by Peking Man goes back 600,000 years, Chinese scientists say
  20. Elmina Castle and its Dark History of Enslavement, Torture, and Death
  21. Wadi Al-Salam: Magnificent Ancient Cemetery in Iraq is Largest in the World
  22. Wicklow Gaol: Rebels, Ghosts, and Severe Punishment in 18th Century Ireland
  23. Defeat Was Not an Option: Viking King Herlaug and His Men Choose to be Buried Alive Instead
  24. Pyramids True Purpose FINALLY DISCOVERED: Advanced Ancient Technology (Video: 22:45 minutes long.)
  25. Laodicean Church Founded By The King Antiochus II – One Of The ‘Seven Churches Of Asia’
  26. Intriguing Ancient City Of Pergamon: Medical Center, Great Library And Remarkable Water Supply System
  27. Khutulun – Great Female Warrior Of The Mongol Empire And Cousin Of Kublai Khan
  28. WATCH: Jerusalem Artifacts Dating Back Thousands of Years Tie Jews to City
  29. Linguists Are Finally Unravelling the Mysteries Trapped Within Mayan Hieroglyphs
  30. China Offers $15,000 for Each Deciphered Character of Mystery Text on Ancient Oracle Bones
  31. Hominid Hanky Panky Led to ‘Ghost’ Species of Ancient Human
  32. Real-Life Lord of the Flies: The Strange and Violent History of Pitcairn Island
  33. Cryogenic Breakthrough: Worms Frozen in Permafrost for 42,000 Years Have Been Resuscitated!
  34. Thucydides Versus Herodotus: Who Was the Real Father of History?
  35. Archaeologists Have Unearthed a Literally Heart-Rending Aztec Child Sacrifice to the God of War
  36. The Amazing Hoddøya Bronze Age Spear – A Gift to the Gods
  37. The Eye-opening Epitaph of Allia Potestas and her Perugian Ménage à Trois
  38. Java Man and the Discovery of the ‘Missing Link’ in Evolutionary Theory
  39. Archaeologists May Have Unearthed the nearly 400-Year-Old Skeleton of America’s Second Governor and more…


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. ISAAC HECKMAN — UNITED STATES (Audio: 1:07:34 minutes long. Isaac Heckman is a wonderful Jewish Torah teacher who dedicates his (immediate) efforts to an Ephraimite congregation in Washington state called the Assembly of Called-Out Believers. However, his teachings are going far and wide these days. When you hear him, you will understand why.)
  2. STEPHEN SPYKERMAN — ENGLAND (Audio: 1:06:39 minutes long. Today’s guest is Stephen Spykerman of, who shares Gene’s passion for the Two Houses of Israel. In the first of several interviews, Stephen discusses Assyria and the role that it has played and will play in the history of Israel.)


The Revelation of Yeshua HaMashiach Part 7

The Revelation of Yeshua HaMashiach: A Hebraic Perspective Verse by Verse Part 7

This Revelation Bible Study Book Series is adding dimension to Jewish History, Jewish Religion, and John’s mind-boggling adventure into the future, and simply escapes most commentaries…

Part 7 – Chapter 17-18

This amazing series takes you verse-by-verse through the entire Book of Revelation, but explain breathtaking Hebraic concepts and incredible mysteries as no other book, example:

The meaning of the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet is encoded into the 22 chapters of the Book of Revelation. Each Hebrew letter has a special pictograph, meaning and is loaded with Jewish wisdom. The captivating Hebrew Alphabet is unlike any other alphabet. It is not a haphazard collection of consonants. The individual names and sounds of the letters, their numerical gematria, and their graphic descriptions have been Divinely ordained by GOD and is concealed in Revelation. Thus, the key to truly understanding Revelation lies in the priceless 22 Hebrew letters which create a skeletal outline. Each letter has a given meaning and The Revelation conforms to that outline which undoubtedly confirms correct doctrine, an eye-opening revelation. It also proves that not everything in The Revelation is chronological as it follows the Hebrew Alphabet’s pattern which cannot be manipulated. Through the chapters the author shows how GOD had a hand in the secret placement of each chapter of Revelation. This ‘hidden pattern’ study shows a Divine design and helps you with the special blessing “if you read and hear (understand) it” (Rev 1:3), off course the only Book in the Bible that offers this blessing. This, if I may, is solid Jewish Bible Study, enlightening for devoted Christians, and up to now, unheard of!

Secondly, this series of the Book of Revelation explained, offers you a fresh and vibrant new view by comparing Jewish Eschatology with the various Christian Eschatological views, an informative manual for the serious eschatologist, end time student and teacher to understand where the Christians, Gentiles, Ten Tribes of Israel, Jews, and Heathen non-believers fit into God’s program for the end. The Revelation is the fulfilment of prophecies which are rooted in the Jewish history Books, explained by means of the Jewish calendar, and simply inspires beloved Christians to look at their Hebraic heritage.

Thirdly, various daring theories and opinions on the verses of Revelation are given where you as a reader can make an informed decision, helping you to form your own opinion as to which theory you prefer, i.e. believers escape the Tribulation Period by means of a Rapture, or going partly into the Tribulation and are then raptured, or are raptured at the end, or no rapture at all and are protected as they go through the Great Tribulation. It is NOT a one-sided view on The Revelation and it help you to understand / argue / defend various topics where the focus remains on Moshiach (Messiah), which Christians call by the Greek term ‘Christ’. This delighted Bible study is exciting for family reading, passionate Bible study groups, and dedicated seminaries; a proper exegesis forming part of a Hebraic roots Bible and unravels mysteries for Christianity. 

Jewish history, a very short introduction is given in the Introductory section so that beloved Christians can understand where the ‘Gentile’ neatly fit into Jewish history. This mystery, hidden for so very long, will leave you startled!

This spectacular book series of Revelation was put together after many epic authors’ work was studied: from Orthodox to Jews Christians authors. The end result, a vibrant eye-opening series with staggering revelations based on facts, which leaves you, the reader, fearless on the road to victory!

Thus, this is a first-off FULL HEBRAIC perspective on the wonderful Book of Revelation which neatly fit into our motto, “We Inform, You Choose”, due to the many outcomes provided; simply a must for the serious futurist!

(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


Genealogy News Banner New

  1. United States Census, 1850
  2. South Carolina Department of Archives and History Announces Digitization Of Over 11,000 Revolutionary War Records and more…
  3. Xcode Life Releases Free Do-It-Yourself Tools for Ancestry DNA Raw Data Holders
  4. Now It’s Easy to Publish Your Family History in an Electronic Book with Gedcom Publisher and more…
  5. Grant Backs Project to Digitally Preserve Slave Deeds across North Carolina
  6. The Connecticut Witch Trials: Witch Hysteria in America Long Before Salem
  7. What is a Reasonable Conclusion in Genealogy?
  8. Simple Tips for Reading Old Genealogy Documents
  9. 4 Tips for Researching Someone Else’s Genealogy
  10. Applying My DNA Results To My Research in Genealogy Records
  11. DNA and Adoption: Podcast Episode 122
  12. Narrowing the List of Suspects: Wedding Bells
  13. 4 Reasons to Follow DNA Testing Company Blogs
  14. New European Genealogy Records Online
  15. Findmypast and Living DNA to provide genetic genealogy testing
  16. Why You Should Look for Archives in Museums
  17. Develop Your DNA Testing Plan for Genealogy
  18. FamilySearch Adds 29 Million Netherlands Records
  19. 23andMe’s DNA Library to be used for Drug Development
  20. U.S. National Archives Recalls Fire That Claimed Millions of Military Personnel Files


Health News Banner


  1. Shocking study finds that mobile devices can zap your MEMORY
  2. Ritz cracker products recalled amid fears of salmonella
  3. Pepperidge Farm voluntarily recalls Goldfish crackers for salmonella risk
  4. HIV Epidemic Could Return, This Time on a Global Scale
  5. Evidence is UNDENIABLE: Smart meters cause massive changes to the heart
  6. Photos Inside Chemtrail Planes You’ve Never Seen Before (NOTE: For more info on Chemtrails, click HERE.)
  7. 1st 5G Rollout in CA Causing Brain Damage to Firefighters (Video: 9:31 minutes long.)
  8. Baby teething liquid, other health products recalled due to microbial contamination
  9. Kraft Heinz recalls Taco Bell cheese dip due to botulism risk
  10. Contagious pink eye ‘superbug’ spreading around Houston
  11. Hungry-Man dinner product recalled due to salmonella risk
  12. UPDATE: 123 more people sick in McDonald’s salad outbreak


  1. Cancer: Tualang honey prevents breast cancer: New study
  2. Cancer: Breast cancer gene scandal: Half the women who undergo mastectomies found to have harmless gene variant, not cancer
  3. Cancer: Avoiding Breast Cancer Like the Plague
  4. Cancer: Does removing sugar from your diet starve cancer cells? New study finds surprising answers
  5. Cancer: Are You Eating These 8 Nutrients That Block Cancer Metastasis?
  6. Cancer: The unique complex of protein and fats found in human breast milk KILLS over 40 types of cancer
  7. Cancer: Former National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health Scientist Calls Cancer “An Induced Disease of the Twentieth Century”
  8. Cancer: More proof that deeply colored vegetables prevent cancer (Video: 53 seconds long.)
  9. Cancer: One of the most powerful superfoods, honey protects you from cancer and keeps your immune system strong
  10. Cancer: Study: Just being close to a barbecue raises your cancer risk
  11. Vaccines: Merck to Expand Dangerous Gardasil Vaccine to Women and Men Ages 27 to 45 (Video: 7:19 minutes long.)
  12. Vaccines: China’s Serious & Breaking Vaccine Scandal: Are Your Vaccines Made In China?
  13. Vaccines: North Carolina State Bar targets vaccine rights attorney with unprecedented bullying lawsuit
  14. Vaccines: Unable to Sue Big Pharma, Vaccine Injury Victims Now Being Denied Legal Counsel in Vaccine Court
  15. Vaccines: U.S. media decries China’s censorship of a massive vaccine scandal, even while the U.S. media censors all the vaccine scandals covered up by the CDC
  16. Vaccines: World Mercury Project video BANNED by Facebook now available at – see “Epidemic – The Science”
  17. Vaccines: Why the Federal Government Broke Vaccine Law for 30 Years
  18. Vaccines: Soaring Infertility Rates Linked to Vaccines
  19. Vaccines: Are Vaccines Linked to Increase in Mast Cell Disease and Allergies?
  20. Vaccines: More Foreign Vaccine Scandals
  21. Autism: New Jersey’s Eye-opening Autism Facts Everyone Really Must Know
  22. Study: Glyphosate-based Herbicide Impairs Female Fertility
  23. Pharmaceuticals: Top 10 medical treatments that can make you SICKER than before you took them
  24. Pharmaceuticals: #1 Most Popular Prescription Drug That Causes Erectile Dysfunction & Impotence (Video: 2:58 minutes long.)
  25. Pharmaceuticals: Editors of two of the most prestigious journals of medicine agree that “evidence-based medicine” might not be trustworthy or even true
  26. Pharmaceuticals: ANOTHER side effect of opioids: New research finds they tank your metabolism, increasing risk of obesity by a shocking 95%
  27. Do you know that some of the most common endocrine disruptors are found in your kitchen?
  28. This Evil Corporation Bullies Scientists to Cover Up Toxicity
  29. GMO Giant BASF Unveiled as Member of Organic Trade Association
  30. Biology Fortified is another front group for Monsanto, pushing GMOs and cancer-causing herbicides in your food
  31. Diabetes: Story of Engineer’s Recovery From Diabetic Coma — Death to Diabetes (Video: 2:54 minutes long.)
  32. Candida: Why antibiotics don’t work on Candida? (Video: 11:58 minutes long.)
  33. Depression: A traditional Chinese medicine found to be effective in treating depression
  34. Epilepsy: Cannabis drug found to reduce risk of seizures by half in people with treatment-resistant epilepsy
  35. This Thyroid Condition Is a Top Public Health Issue
  36. Valerian Tea May Help You Relax and Sleep Better
  37. Genetic researchers reverse wrinkles, gray hair and balding in mice, called ‘unprecedented’
  38. Health apps are BAD for your privacy: 80% or more share your data, research reveals
  39. Pediatric Child Abuse “Experts” are NOT Experts in Anything
  40. This Country Drops Bombshell That Should Alarm Parents Everywhere
  41. Ben & Jerry’s Sued for Misleading Customers
  42. The Killer Side Effects of Trans Treatments
  43. 11 Unexpected Ways to Free Your Body from Toxins (Video: 7 minutes long.)
  44. Women, are you aware of these TOXINS found in common feminine products?
  45. Top 7 pollutants of the organic food industry
  46. Social media is actually ISOLATING teens: Doctor warns parents of serious risks associated with heavy smartphone use
  47. The Most Toxic Protein Food in the World? Watch Out, It’s a Popular Choice
  48. Many cleaning products, especially those billed as “antibacterial,” contain toxic chemicals that cause physical damage
  49. Air Pollution Triggers Millions of Cases of Diabetes Each Year
  50. What You Don’t Know About Sugar Can Kill You
  51. Can Trigger Decreased Hearing, Ignore at Your Peril
  52. Time in Nature Provides a Host of Health Benefits
  53. Do Not Heat This Oil if You Want to Gain Its Benefits
  54. Ayurveda and Modern Medicine: Are They Compatible?
  55. Warning! Never Reheat These 7 Foods They Can Poison Your Family! (Video: 3:03 minutes long.)
  56. This Bee Makes Stunning Flower Nests
  57. Recalled Foods list Continues To Grow
  58. Cambridge University scientists create artificial embryo from stem cells
  59. Medicinal Mushrooms Help Protect the Liver
  60. Huffington Post shills for Monsanto, recommends consumers eat more pesticides
  61. Researchers examine how pesticides contribute to the rapid decline in bee populations
  62. Track and Boost This, It’s Like Karate for Your Heart
  63. Simple Stretches to Help Relieve Lower Back Pain
  64. Gene-Editing Will be Regulated in Same Way as GMOs in EU
  65. The Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  66. Photobiomodulation Technology is Healing Neurological Diseases
  67. Artificial intelligence begins diagnosing patients in Iowa…
  68. Government Aims to Dictate Your Vitamin Dosages
  69. Organic Trade Association member revealed to be … guess who? … BASF, one of the leading GMO producers in the world
  70. Making organic tortillas the right way (plus 3 recipes to impress your friends)
  71. Drinking This Healthy Beverage May Fill You With Chemicals
  72. Cold Temperature Can Increase Brown Adipose Tissue in Offspring
  73. Spider Bites 101: Symptoms, Types and Treatment
  74. Oxygen can be Dangerous but is Vital
  75. Healing Powers of Garlic Confirmed by Research
  76. Shingrix Vaccine Makes Shingles Less Severe, Disruptive to Quality of Life
  77. Food Storage – How Long Can You Keep It? Apple Juice – Commercially Frozen Concentrate
  78. Could Psoriasis Patients Eat Their Way to Fewer Symptoms?
  79. Yes, Fingernail Cancer Is a Thing — Just Ask This Beauty Queen
  80. PROBIOTICS SIMPLIFIED: How Nature’s Tiny Warriors Keep Us Healthy
  81. Ayurveda and Modern Medicine: Are They Compatible?
  82. 5 Ways To Get A Natural Facelift
  83. 6 Health And Beauty Benefits Of Oat Milk
  84. 4 Ways To Combine Coffee And Sugar During Your Beauty Routine
  85. Anxious Pets? Here’s How Hemp Can Help
  86. 11 Unique Uses For Cinnamon Around The House
  87. Take This 16-Day Lemon Challenge For Great Skin, Weight Loss And…
  88. 3 Physiological Benefits Of A Grateful Life (And 3 Ways To…
  89. These 8 Mental Health Benefits Of Community Gardening Might Make You…
  90. The Anxiety Epidemic, Antidepressants and CBD
  91. Study Finds Clear Link Between Social Media And Depression
  92. The Blind Spot in the Anti-Soda Crusade
  93. Gates Foundation Helping Government Dictate How Much Vitamin C You Can Take
  94. Over 50 Industrial Chemicals Found In Average Pregnant Woman
  95. New Jersey’s Eye-opening Autism Facts Everyone Really Must Know
  96. Recognize Ovarian Cancer Symptoms (+ 3 Natural Ways to Help Ease Treatment)
  97. Are Lectins Bad for You? Pros & Cons of Lectin Foods
  98. Signs of Food Poisoning (+ 5 Food Safety Tips)
  99. 19 Natural Diuretics to Help Relieve Water Retention, Bloating & More
  100. Xeomin: Safe Anti-Aging Agent for Skin or Risky Treatment?
  101. Little-Known Alternative to Bypass Surgery, Forms New Blood Vessels Like Crazy
  102. Chickenpox Facts: Here’s What to Know About This Illness
  103. American Academy of Pediatrics’ Failing Shaken Baby Syndrome Diagnoses: Use Tyranny When Science Fails
  104. Lithium Orotate: Nutrient for Brains that Fights Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinson’s


  1. Just One Cup of This Juice Lowers Blood Pressure Better Than Many Meds
  2. What Are the Health Benefits of Yams?
  3. What’s up, doc? Carrots are one of the best foods to eat if you have heart problems
  4. Hollyhock: Benefits and Uses
  5. Butterfly Pea Tea: Benefits and Nutrition Facts
  6. Chlorella: What Are Its Benefits and Uses?
  7. Curcumin combined with boswellic acid scientifically shown to be a treatment for patients with osteoarthritis
  8. How to Get Rid of Moles Safely and Naturally
  9. PROBIOTICS SIMPLIFIED: How Nature’s Tiny Warriors Keep Us Healthy
  10. Powerful healing effects of taking quercetin and vitamin C
  11. Here’s What You Should Know About Japan’s Most Popular Tea
  12. Tap Into the Health Powers of Garlic
  13. 9 Mushrooms That Help Protect the Liver
  14. Top 11 DHA Benefits for the Brain, Skin, Eyes & More (NOTE: Be sure the source of DHA comes from clean food sources according to the book of Leviticus.)
  15. Osteoporosis Treatment + 7 Natural Ways to Boost Bone Density
  16. L-theanine: The Amino Acid that Combats Anxiety & Sleep Issues
  17. What Is Fermentation? Benefits of Fermentation + How to Ferment Foods
  18. Top 14 Foods that Lower Cholesterol


Misc. News Banner

  1. Social Media-Facebook: New Study Shows Congress Hit Hard After Facebook Algorithm Change, And That’s Bad For America
  2. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook likes jihadists, not anti-jihad Muslims
  3. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook Censors Pastor’s Powerful, Patriotic Declaration From 450,000 Followers
  4. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook sends jailers if you don’t rejoice over Revoice
  5. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook’s New Watch Party Lets You Watch Facebook Videos With Your Friends
  6. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook’s New Watch Party Lets You Watch Facebook Videos With Your Friends
  7. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook Blocks Barely-Clothed Crucified Jesus Painting for Being Too ‘Indecent’
  8. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook Appears to Go Rogue, Endorses Opposition Candidate for Her
  9. Social Media-Facebook: On Heels of WJ Study, Gateway Says FB Stopped ‘93% of Traffic’ to Top Conservative Pages
  10. Social Media-Facebook: Zuckerberg Lost $16.8 Billion, Now Investors Want Him Out
  11. Social Media-Facebook: Want to delete Facebook? Read what happened to these people first
  12. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook Follows YouTube’s Lead, Blocks Alex Jones’ Pages
  13. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook troubles grow – facing lawsuit liabilities of … billions?
  14. Social Media-YouTube: How to Delete Your YouTube Watch History (and Search History)
  15. Social Media-Twitter: Twitter Admits They Shadowban Republicans in Orwellian Statement
  16. How the New World Order Weaponized Social Media to Advance Its Agenda
  17. Survival: Tea Tree Essential Oil And Why It’s ‘Essential’ For Preppers
  18. Survival: 3 Powerful Things You Can Do NOW To Prepare For A Future Grid Failure
  19. Survival: 7 Uses For A Sun Oven (Other Than Cooking)
  20. Gasp! Is science leaning toward creation of man?
  21. Body Language: Ben Szemkus on NXIVM Party with Stormy Daniels, Keith Raniere & Allison Mack (Video: 17:23 minutes long.)
  22. Scholar Says Pedophilia is ‘An Unchangeable Sexual Orientation’ and Should Be Accepted By Society
  23. Education: Tax Dollars Are Funneling into Bizarre Academic Work
  24. Conspiracy Theory About Walmart Now A Proven FACT: U.S. Senator Denied Access… (Video: 6:42 minutes long.)
  25. [HOWTO] Get The Lowest Airfares Online
  26. Scientists Can Erase Memories in Mice: Traumatic Memories Could be Rewritten in Humans Soon
  27. Warning! Horrible New Trick: If You See Plastic Bottle On Your Tire, You Are At Risk (Video: 3:44 minutes long.)
  28. Online censorship is a WAR against human knowledge and sustainable civilization
  29. 7 REASONS Why I Am Leaving GOOGLE ~ Social Media Influencer Steve Cioccolanti (Video: 29:42 minutes long.)
  30. Monsanto’s Lawsuit, Walmart’s Spying, And Clare Bronfman Arrested! (Video: 7:55 minutes long.)
  31. Feel Guilty? You Might Be More Trustworthy
  32. Man Runs Backwards in Marathons to Save the Bees
  33. How old is my pet in dog years or cat years? A veterinarian explain
  34. The Reasons Women Aren’t Happy Today
  35. Mary Todd Lincoln, Spiritualist
  36. Scientists Believe They Have Just Discovered A Parallel Universe
  37. Future Quantum Computers Already Threatening Today’s Data
  38. Your Smart TV Is Watching You
  39. 7 Reasons Why the Transgender Revolution Will Fail
  40. RedAlert: MASSIVE Silicon Valley Censorship Happening Real-Time (Video: 10:07 minutes long.)
  41. Always On Listening Devices Another Step To The End Of Privacy
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Luke 12:42-47 “42 And the Lord said, “Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his master will make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of food in due season? 43 Blessed is that servant whom his master will find so doing when he comes. 44 Truly, I say to you that he will make him ruler over all that he has. 45 But if that servant says in his heart, “My master is delaying his coming,” and begins to beat the male and female servants, and to eat and drink and be drunk, 46 the master of that servant will come on a day when he is not looking for him, and at an hour when he is not aware, and will cut him in two and appoint him his portion with the unbelievers. 47 And that servant who knew his master’s will, and did not prepare himself or do according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes. (New King James Version)

Here, Christ’s instruction to watch continues. However, this time Jesus focuses specifically on the responsibility of the steward—the one given authority over the household while the Master is away. His theme is preparation and faithful continuance of duty. He tasks the steward—a type of the ministry—with giving the household “food in due season.”

Similarly, Paul outlines the responsibilities of church leadership in his letter to the Ephesians. Notice that the focus is on the church, not on the world: “And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry [service], for the edifying of the body of Christ. . .” (Ephesians 4:11-13). Church leaders are responsible for feeding and preparing God’s household and encouraging them to watch themselves.

If the steward does not properly watch, however, the human proclivity is to let down—and abuse. The steward in Luke 12:45 is focused on the Master’s return—or lack thereof—rather than on his own alertness and attention to his duties. As a result, he falls into excesses of eating and drinking (rather than providing food for the household). He ends up beating those he was supposed to watch over, as if he thought they belonged to him. Clearly, those who have stewardship responsibilities in the church have an added weight to “take heed to themselves” lest they neglect or even damage those for whom they are supposed to be providing spiritual food.

David C. Grabbe

To learn more, see:  ‘As a Thief in the Night’


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Baptism — Part 4 by Brad Scott

God’s desire from the very beginning has been to fill His house with His people, His family. This truth is portrayed in the language through the very first letter of scripture. This first letter is a bet, which is the Hebrew letter for the ‘house’. This letter is enlarged and written demonstratively bigger than the other letters. This expresses that God’s word not only begins with His house, but His house is a big house. All those who will dwell in this house are His family, made up of His people. Those who belong in His house are those who have been cleansed, are expressing His light and producing His fruit, because they have inherited His seed. From the beginning, there is only one house and one seed. The process that one goes through to enter His house is first expressed in the creation in the beginning. The creation is first cleansed by the Spirit of God (B’reshiyt [Genesis] 1:2), then it receives the light (B’reshiyt [Genesis] 1:3), followed by the immersion and rising from the waters (B’reshiyt [Genesis] 1:10). All this is followed by the creation’s ability to be a witness (B’reshiyt [Genesis] 1:14-18)

I believe that God begins this process through His Spirit in man as well. The creation could not receive that light until the Spirit of God redeemed it through His power first in the very bowels of the creation, and so it is for man as well. Man is first immersed by His Spirit from within. This, I hope to show, is the one baptism that Rav Sha’ul [Paul] refers to in Ephesians 4. The etymological background of baptism is to gather. Not only to gather, but to gather into one. It is the Word of God that ultimately does the gathering. It is the Word of God that regenerates us. The Spirit of God is an idiomatic term used to express the Word of God in demonstration and action. In the same way that the words Y’shua [Yeshua], Messiah, Son of God and Emmanuel are used to express the Word in redemption, deliverance and salvation. In the Etymological Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew by Samson Raphael Hirsch (my favorite verbal root Hebrew dictionary) the word davar means to ‘gather into one’. It is the Hebrew word used to express the gathering of the thoughts, desires, motivations and will of God into one to produce all of creation. Everything, if you will, boils down to the Word, and it is the Word that gathers all that is holy into His house. The Word of God must first quicken and cleanse.

Yochanan [John] 6:63
It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.

Mizmor [Psalm] 119:9
Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word.

Mizmor [Psalm] 119:50
This is my comfort in my affliction: for thy word hath quickened me.

Ephesians 5:26
That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,

Ephesians 1:13
In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise,

Yochanan [John] 15:3
Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.

The Word of God will cleanse us,produce light in us, gather us together and cause fruit to produce from us so that we may be a witness unto all the creation. His Word is His seed. (Luke 8:11, Galatians 3:16) The nature of His Word is to gather into one all that are His. When we repent and choose to follow the God of Abraham, Yitzchak [Isaac] and Ya‘aqov [Jacob], we are first immersed into Him by His Spirit. As sons of God we are gathered unto Him, but this same pattern will be accomplished in His body as well. It will be His assembly, His people, His Israel. But His people are scattered throughout the earth. They are now immersed in the sea of humanity, scattered to the west. But God will send for fishers to fish for them.

Yirmeyahu [Jeremiah] 16:16
Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith YHVH, and they shall fish them; and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain, and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks.

But then God will gather them. The Hebrew word used here is qavatz.

Mizmor [Psalm] 102:22
When the people are gathered together, and the kingdoms, to serve YHVH.

Yesha’yahu [Isaiah] 40:11
He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.

Yesha’yahu [Isaiah] 43:5
Fear not: for I am with thee: I will bring thy seed from the east, and gather thee from the west;

Mattityahu [Matthew] 13:1-2
The same day went Y’shua out of the house, and sat by the sea side. And great multitudes were gathered together unto him, so that he went into a ship, and sat; and the whole multitude stood on the shore.

Can you see the familiar components of the gathering of the people of God QaVatz, with the gathering together of the waters QaVah in B’reshiyt [Genesis] 1:10? YHVH uses the waters to express the gathering together of His creation, His people, and His body. The creation was made perfect and complete, it fell into emptiness and worthlessness, then God restored it. Adam is made perfect and complete, he falls, and then God restores Him. His people Israel are made complete, they fall (divided) and God is restoring them as we speak. All who are part of this one house, one body and one seed, are redeemed by first being washed in the water of His Word. This is the means by which we enter into the everlasting covenant. The fruit of this immersion is that we bring forth light, then we immerse ourselves into the waters of baptism. In other words, I am saying that God Himself has to carry out the baptism into His body, house and seed. The result of this baptism will be our immersion into water. Water baptism is the fruit of our immersion into the Word of God. God first has to cleanse the Most Holy Place (heart)in our tabernacle, Then He moves to the Holy place (mind) wherein stands the Menorah, the great light. Then He moves to the court (body) where we wash overselves.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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