News You May Not Have Heard About — 07/15/2018

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  1. Trump enjoys ‘suspense’ ahead of Supreme Court announcement
  2. How Trump Brilliantly Screwed Over Red State Dem Senators with Kavanaugh Nomination
  3. President Trump Issues Full Pardons For Oregon Ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond
  4. Trump Devastates Leftists with What Illegals Should Do If They Are Really Worried About Family Separations
  5. Trump: ‘Tell people not to come to our country illegally’
  6. Trump Slams Countries with Official Sanctions for Refusing To Take Back Deported Citizens
  7. Trump Forces Establishment Media To Eat Crow With Incredible Early Morning Video
  8. Trump claims Germany ‘totally controlled’ by Russia
  9. Trump Chooses Obama-era Mideast Envoy for Key State Department Role
  10. Blackwater founder’s plan to privatise America’s $76bn, 17-year war in Afghanistan
  12. NATO: WINNING: NATO pledges to boost defense spending after stern words from Trump
  13. NATO: President Trump Holds a Press Conference (Video: 35:43 minutes long.)
  14. NATO: BOOM! Finnish Journalist Finds Out Hard Way She Was Dealing with US President Who Doesn’t Give a Sh*t (VIDEO)
  15. NATO: Trump Goes NY Tough Guy on NATO Freeloaders: 10 Years Won’t Cut It, Pay up Now!
  16. NATO: Trump: US Commitment to NATO ‘very strong’
  17. NATO: Trump: NATO much stronger now than two days ago
  18. NATO: Trump Pulled Classic Reagan Move on Germany During NATO Talks
  19. NATO: Just Get Out Already! Trump Slams NATO And Ron Paul Agrees
  20. Trump Cracks Down on Disability Skimming
  21. Paid Family Leave is an Investment in America’s Families — It Deserves Bipartisan Support
  22. Trump warns of possible ‘escalation’ between US and Iran
  23. President Trump reportedly wants to give Air Force One a makeover — so it isn’t a ‘Jackie Kennedy color’
  24. UK PM May doing ‘fantastic’ job on Brexit, says Trump, promising trade deal
  25. Trump: Softened Brexit Deal Will Kill US-UK Trade Agreement
  26. Trump: Relations with May ‘strong’ after bombshell interview
  27. Trump: Migration has been very bad for Europe
  28. Trump says UK is “losing its culture” due to migrant influx, May praises migrants’ “fantastic contribution”
  29. WATCH: President Donald Trump told Theresa May how to do Brexit ‘but she wrecked it’
  30. Oregon: President Trump Pardoned Dwight and Steven Hammond, the Case that Sparked the Takeover of the Refuge
  31. Trump Responds To Russia Indictment: “Where Is The DNC Server? Why Didn’t Obama Do Something?”
  32. Trump Warns of  ‘Escalation’ Between US and Iran
  33. Trump Shuts Down Acosta During News Conference with UK’s PM: ‘CNN Is Fake News’
  34. Trump Responds to Mueller’s Russia Indictments by Blaming Obama


  1. Pence: Pence Refuses To Compromise with Left, Says He Wants Roe v. Wade Brought Down
  2. Trump Administration: US to Focus on Gaza After Palestinians Boycott Trump’s Peace Team
  3. Trump Administration: U.S. Seeks to Thwart Iran Flying Millions in Cash Out of Germany
  4. Trump Administration: Trump Admin Departs From ‘Zero-Tolerance’ Immigration Detention Policy
  5. Trump Administration: Health Insurance Rates to Skyrocket after Federal Court Ruling against Obamacare that Takes Money from the Healthy to Fund High-Cost Plans
  6. Trump Administration: US suspends visas from Myanmar, Laos following refusal to take back deported citizens
  7. Trump Administration: US says all eligible youngest children, families reunited
  8. Trump Administration: President Donald J. Trump’s Administration is Fighting Fraud on Consumers, Investors, and Markets
  9. White House: Trump WH to Dump Obama-Era Rule Allowing Unions to Siphon Medicaid $$$
  10. White House: Trump’s White House Delivers Ultimate Troll to Hillary Before and After SCOTUS Decision
  11. White House: White House Slams Latest ‘Smear’ on Brett Kavanaugh
  12. Congress: Congress Renews Push to Designate Muslim Brotherhood as Terror Group
  13. Congress: Congress Demands State Department Release Secret Report Busting Myth of Palestinian Refugees
  14. Congress: Congress Introduces New ‘Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018’ Law that Proposes Up to 15 Year in Prison for Masked Crimes
  15. Justice Department: Justice Dept pulls virtual trigger for online 3D guns
  16. Federal Grand Jury: U.S. Grand Jury Indicts 12 Russian Spies in 2016 Election Hacking
  17. State Department: US slaps terror designation on Iran-linked group in Bahrain
  18. State Department: United States Designates Iran-backed Militant Group in Bahrain a Terrorist Organization
  19. Pentagon: Pentagon in Show of Force With Taiwan Strait Warship Passage
  20. Pompeo: Pompeo Makes Unannounced Visit to Afghanistan
  21. Pompeo: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: Iran Is Using Embassies to Plot Europe Islamic Terror Attacks
  22. Pompeo: Pompeo Shores Up Support to Put Screws to Iran
  23. Pompeo: Pompeo travels to Mexico to meet new leftist president-elect
  24. Haley: Haley Lambasts U.N.’s ‘Politically Biased and Factually Wrong’ Report on U.S. Poverty
  25. FBI: FBI to add major law enforcement database to gun background check system
  26. U.S. Army: U.S. army makes major buy and gets Israeli tank technology
  27. Sessions: Sessions Announces New Taskforce to Tackle Fentanyl
  28. Mattis: Mattis Has Perfect ‘Mad Dog’ Response After Being Pushed on Fake News
  29. Department of Homeland Security & FBI: Intel Official: Cyber Threat Warnings ‘Blinking Red’
  30. Congressional Committee Investigation Exposes History of Testing on American Soldiers


  1. MSNBC Analyst Falsely Claims Potential SCOTUS Nominee Has ‘Hate Group’ Ties
  2. Fake News and False Flags Are Political Tools
  3. WaPo Quotes Satirical Website Clickhole as Authoritative Source
  4. WaPo Disaster as Reporter Falls for Satire, Writes Viral Fake News Story on Trump
  5. Washington Post article buries race of hate attack culprit in fifth paragraph
  6. WaPo Reporter Falsely Claims Russian Hackers First Targeted Clinton Campaign After Urging From Trump
  7. Glenn Greenwald warns: MSNBC a deep state propaganda extension of the corrupt CIA
  8. Junk science supreme: JAMA publishes bizarre study claiming election of President Trump linked to opioid drug use
  9. The SMEAR MACHINE known as fake news CNN is hard at work trying to destroy Jim Jordan… here’s how it works
  10. YouTube to fund FAKE NEWS media while labeling it “authoritative” (and banning all independent media)
  11. The Media’s Brazen Dishonesty About North Korean Nuclear Violations
  12. Media Gets Facts Wrong While Attacking Trump Over Queen Meeting Etiquette
  13. Jimmy Kimmel Deletes Video After Wildly Misleading Viewers About a Policy He Doesn’t Understand
  14. Steven Brill’s NewsGuard and the “fact-checking” scam


Kevin Shipp lays it all out in what can only be described as an epic presentation. As a former CIA agent, Kevin’s grasp of the inner workings of the deep state and the shadow government are second to none. Kevin sheds new light on the most powerful and prolific organized crime syndicate in human history.

  1. SCOTUS: Trump’s Supreme Court pick: Brett Kavanaugh
  2. SCOTUS: George W. Bush Praises Nomination of Kavanaugh for Supreme Court: ‘Outstanding Decision’
  3. SCOTUS: NAACP Falsely Claims Potential Trump SCOTUS Nominee Ruled Against Black Worker’s ‘Separate-but-Equal’ Claim
  4. SCOTUS: Flashback: In 2017, Schumer Said You Can’t Ask a Judge About a Specific Case
  5. SCOTUS: Media Gushes at Protests Outside SCOTUS, But Conservative’s Pic Tells Different Story
  6. SCOTUS: ‘Ping pong’ treatment sends property case to SCOTUS
  7. SCOTUS: Voters in Red states w/ shaky Sen. Dems: Confirm Trump pick
  8. SCOTUS: Murkowski, Collins: Trump could have done worse than Kavanaugh
  9. SCOTUS: Questions about Kavanaugh temper enthusiasm for Trump pick
  10. SCOTUS: SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh: Swamp Monster Or Tough-on-Immigration Conservative?
  11. SCOTUS: The Supreme Court is much too powerful
  12. Kavanaugh: Every Wedding Florist, Baker Will Love What Kavanaugh Said About Religious Freedom
  13. Kavanaugh: Brett Kavanaugh’s Judicial Policy Is Exactly What America Needs
  14. Kavanaugh: Kavanaugh begins Congress tour, selling himself for court
  15. Kavanaugh: Praise for Kavanaugh Sweeps In
  16. Kavanaugh: Kavanaugh’s Nomination Must Be Defeated-He Supports Abortion, Obamacare and the Cover Up of Vince Foster’s Murder
  17. Kavanaugh: Brett Kavanaugh’s View on the Second Amendment
  18. Kavanaugh: In an Unusual Request, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Asks Federal Prosecutors to Help With Kavanaugh Paperwork …WTH?
  19. Ginsberg: Watch: Moment Camera Caught Ginsberg Trashing US Constitution
  20. The defining moment of Trump’s presidency
  21. Russia, China Could Soon Outmatch U.S. in Combat Aviation
  22. Two US Destroyers Run Gauntlet in Show of Strength Against China
  23. Daily Beast Uncovers Devious Papist Plot to Destroy America: The Federalist Society
  24. Clinton: Report: Witness Prepared to Identify Two Killers of Seth Rich
  25. Clinton: Is Hillary Clinton secretly planning to run in 2020?
  26. Clinton: Clinton Charity Money Again Going to Clinton Foundation After Hiatus
  27. Clinton: Dead Woman Found In Huma Abedin’s Dumpster at New York Building
  28. Clinton: US Federal Witness Due To Testify Against Hillary Clinton For Drug Crimes Killed In Massive Explosion
  29. Clinton: Hillary Clinton’s Supernatural Luciferian Illuminati Protection
  30. Clinton: Russian Hackers Kept DNC Backdoor Longer Than Anyone Knew
  31. Clinton: Former Clinton Lawyer Urges Hillary Not To Run In 2020 “For Her Family’s Sake”
  32. Clinton: Hillary: GOP ‘trying to rip the heart out of America’
  33. Clinton: Hillary Clinton Sounds Like She’s Running in 2020
  34. Obama: Body Language Expert: Rod Rosenstein Confirmed Obama Administration Spied on Trump Campaign Much Earlier  . . .
  35. Obama: Report: Jewish Settlement Maps Shocked Obama Into Anti-Israel UN Vote
  36. Obama: ‘Children’ at border included murderers, rapists: Obama HHS
  37. Obama: Obama Returns to Boost Eric Holder-Led Group Targeting Republicans in 12 States
  38. Mueller: Mueller Indicts 12 Russian Officials For Hacking THE DAY BEFORE Trump Meets With Putin
  39. Rosenstein: Rod Rosenstein Impeachment Plans Drawn Up: Report
  40. Deep State: ‘Deep State’ accused of targeting tea party favorite
  41. Deep State: “The Deep State Strikes Back” is the first documentary that fully explains “Spygate” — see it now, exclusively at
  42. Deep State: Kevin Shipp In His Own Words – Recovering CIA Agent Speaks Out Against the Deep State Rogue Agency (Video: 56:57 minutes long.)
  43. Deep State: Speaker Ryan Threatens Lisa Page with Contempt of Congress
  44. Deep State: Lisa Page Will NOT Appear for Capitol Hill Interview Despite Subpoena
  45. Deep State: [MUST WATCH] Perry Stone on THE RISING OF DEEP STATE AND THE REPORT FROM NWO (Video: 40:19 minutes long.)
  46. DOJ: Corrupt FBI and DOJ Not Only Caught Redacting Their Criminal Acts – They’re Now Caught CREATING Fraudulent Documents
  47. DOJ: Trump DOJ appealing judge’s OK of AT&T-Time Warner merger
  48. DOJ: Rep. Meadows Drops Bombshell: DOJ Had Not Notified Lisa Page of Congress’ Outstanding Interview Requests For Over 7 Months
  49. Dershowitz: ‘Kavanaugh is 100% Correct,’ Trump Should Not Be Criminally Prosecuted
  50. FBI: Establishment GOP Waking Up: National Review Says to Split FBI Up
  51. FBI: Ryan issues warning to ex-FBI lawyer defying subpoena
  52. FBI: FBI ignored hacking of Hillary’s emails by ‘foreign entity’
  53. Strzok: FOX NEWS FIRST: Anti-Trump FBI agent Strzok expected on hot seat; Round 2 for Trump at NATO
  54. Strzok: Defiant Strzok confronted for ‘stop’-Trump texts
  55. Strzok: WOW! REP. GOHMERT GOES THERE! — Calls Out Cheater Strzok for Lying to His Wife About Lisa Page! (VIDEO)
  56. Strzok: Watch=> Peter Strzok Rolls His Eyes, Smirks As Trey Gowdy Destroys Him in Opening Statement (VIDEO)
  57. Strzok: Watch: Guy’s Reactions from Behind Strzok Absolutely Stole the Show
  58. Strzok: House Democrats Applaud Peter Strzok’s Speech Defending Himself, FBI Against Bias Charges
  59. Strzok: FBI Official Peter Strzok Denied Obvious Bias Against Trump in Marathon Testimony
  60. Strzok: Greg Hunter: Nobody Bought Strzok’s Excuses At The Dog-N-Pony Show With Congress Yesterday
  61. Strzok: James Woods Finds Old Video of Hillary, Links It to Strzok Testimony and the Internet Goes Nuts
  62. Strzok: Newt Slams Strzok & Calls for Fitting Punishment After Outrageous Testimony
  63. Page: Page Thinks She’s Above the Law, So Congress Sends US Marshals to Deal With Her
  64. Page: GOP Lawmakers: Lisa Page Answered Many Questions Peter Strzok Refused To – She’s a Credible Witness and Cooperating
  65. NRA: NRA, Gun-Rights Groups Applaud Trump Supreme Court Pick
  66. Gaffney: Port purchases by enemies not much ado about nothing
  67. Democrats: Democrats don’t really care about immigration, says expert
  68. Democrats: Lib Judge Proves Dems Don’t Care About Border Kids, Ruling Means Separations Can Resume
  69. Democrats: Pelosi Trashes ‘Inconsequential’ Democrats Who Want New Leadership: ‘They Don’t Have a Following in Our Caucus’
  70. Democrats: Pelosi: ‘Civilization As We Know It … Is at Risk in This Election’
  71. Democrats: Pelosi Slams Steyer Again on Impeachment Efforts: ‘It’s a Gift to the Republicans’
  72. Democrats: Pelosi Sets House Dem Leadership Elections for After Thanksgiving
  73. Democrats: Watch: Camera Catches Pelosi Unable to Repeat 6 Simple Words
  74. Democrats: Sparse Records Leave Questions About Dem Senate Candidate’s Consulting Business
  75. Democrats: What Democratic Socialists Don’t Get
  76. Democrats: Bernie Sanders has intensified hatred of Israel in the Democrat Party
  77. Democrats: Leftists Lose Their Minds Over SCOTUS Decision, Immediately Start Begging Supporters for Money
  78. Democrats: DNC, Perez Attack Kavanaugh in Blog Post Using Picture of Wrong Person
  79. Democrats: Limbaugh: Dems blundered by not having Ginsburg retire
  80. Democrats: Dem caught on video saying ‘what I cannot say’ in public
  81. Democrats: DNC Boss Won’t Rule Out Impeaching Kavanaugh
  82. Democrats: Democrats Wants Kavanaugh to Recuse Himself on Mueller Matters
  83. Democrats: Dems Divided as Sanders and Perez Push Plan to Weaken DNC Superdelegates
  84. Democrats: 9 US Democrats Urge Trump to Unfreeze $65 Million in Aid to Gaza
  85. Democrats: Democrat-Led Cities Top List as ‘Worst-Run’ Cities in America
  86. Democrats: Dems introduce bill to abolish ICE; Ryan calls it crazy
  87. Democraats: Centrist Dems Push Back Against Schumer’s Efforts to Influence Their SCOTUS Vote: ‘Kiss My You Know What’
  88. Democrats: Top Democrats Panic – Demand Trump Intel Chief Keep Info Classified on Trump Campaign Spy Halper
  89. Democrats: Report: Feinstein Failed To Disclose Husband’s $100k Facebook Stock Before Zuckerberg Hearing
  90. Democrats: Dems Introduce ICE Abolition Bill With Few Real Details
  91. Republicans: 27 Republicans Vote Against Trump Pick for 9th Circuit, Cite His Views on Gun Rights, Free Speech
  92. Media-CNN: CNN Legal Analyst Predicts ‘Abortion Will Be Illegal in 20 States in 18 Months’ With Kennedy’s Retirement
  93. Media-ABC: ABC News Lambasted After Posting Incredibly Biased Statement on Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee
  94. Media-Washington Post: WashPo Hails ‘All-American City That Speaks Spanish’ As Victory For Immigration. Residents Say It’s The Most ‘Unsafe’ City In America
  95. Media-CNN & MSNBC: CNN, MSNBC cover 50th anniversary of RFK assassination extensively, avoid mentioning that killer was “Palestinian”
  96. Media-General: The American MSM Is Delivering An Absurd View Of Russia To The American People
  97. Media-General: The War On Curiosity
  98. Pruitt: Here’s Scott Pruitt’s Resignation Letter
  99. Kellyanne: Kellyanne Has Supermarket Attacker Scrambling with Brutal Slam
  100. Politics: Voters before midterms: Immigration top issue, not economy
  101. Politics: All Conservative American Politicians Are In Danger-A New Age of Terrorism Has Arrived
  102. Schweizer: China ‘buying off’ Washington, making swamp undrainable
  103. ICE: Just One in Four Support Abolishing ICE
  104. ICE: ICE Agents Hit Paydirt in Massive Sting Operation
  105. Immigration: Children Under Five Reunited, Admin. Announces
  106. Immigration: DNA Tests Make Strong Case for Child Trafficking Claims at Border
  107. Immigration: Half of Children Under 5 Separated at the Border Came with Adults who Were Criminals or Not Even Their Parents
  108. Immigration: Judge Rules in Favor of Group of Asylum-Seeking Iranians
  109. Limbaugh: Elections only thing standing in left’s way
  110. Rap Sheet: 305 Acts of Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters by Leftists, 60 Graphic Videos
  111. Damning Chart Single-Handedly Takes Down Media’s ‘White Privilege’ Narrative
  112. OPCW: Chemical Weapons Watchdog Says No Nerve Agents Used in April Attack that Incited US to Bomb Syria and Nearly Started War with Russia
  113. Lisa Haven: Americans Forced To Comply By 2020—No Compliance, No Entry and The Bill Already Passed (Video: 8:42 minutes long.)
  114. Conservatives Wouldn’t Have to ‘Weaponize’ the First Amendment If Liberals Didn’t Keep Violating It
  115. Legally Armed Teachers Explain Why They Carry Guns in Their Schools
  116. The files you need to make your own gun can now be legally shared online
  117. Homegrown Terror Threats Increasing
  118. Homegrown Terror Threats Increasing, as Intel Finds Foreign Born Citizen-Jihadists Are Plotting Attacks Across America
  119. Hired Guns: Former American and European Bigwigs Lobby for Iranian Terror Group
  120. Major Supporters Of Trump Are Backing And Lobbying For Iranian Terrorists
  121. Ex-Homeland Security chief Chertoff wants EU-style data privacy laws
  122. Lib Asks Man ‘When Was America Great,’ Gets 1 of Best Answers We’ve Ever Heard
  123. No ‘Grand Bargain’ with Putin
  124. Hacker Selling Pentagon’s Killer Drone Manual on Dark Web for $150, Cheap
  125. The Globalist Elite Fears Peace, Wants War
  126. Neocons Panic As Trump-Putin Meeting Could Mark Close Of Syrian Proxy War
  127. U.S. Muslim Leaders Mourn Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Co-Founder Whose Leadership Calls for Trump’s Assassination
  128. Dinesh D’Souza: ‘Nothing racial about Trump’
  129. Fascists Masquerading as Anti-Fascists Complain When Their Fascism Is Unmasked
  130. Alabama: Latino voters seek to challenge Alabama Census lawsuit
  131. Alaska: Comedian Who Punked Sarah Palin Accidentally Proved How Classy She Is
  132. Arizona: Write and wrong: Calligraphers face jail for refusing LGBT weddings
  133. Arizona: Ken Bennett Billed Taxpayers for Personal and Political Travel
  134. Arizona: McCain Attacks Trump Ahead of Putin Meeting
  135. Arizona: Arizona Veterans Group Calls Out Local Law Enforcement and Mayor for Covering Up Pedophile Trafficking
  136. California: PG&E Plans to Cut Electricity to Some California Residents to Prevent Wildfires
  137. California: Los Alamitos Mayor Gears Up for Long Sanctuary-State Battle Ahead
  138. California: KAMALA HARRIS Says Schools in Berkeley Weren’t Integrated When She Was a Kid — But Yearbook Pictures Prove She’s Lying
  139. California: Vote delayed, but coming next month, over AB 2943
  140. California: Recycling? California’s Separated Trash Going in Landfills as China Cuts Demand
  141. California: Judge puts blame on Trump, Congress for immigration crisis
  142. California: Muslim slides backpack under Counter-Jihad Coalition booth at mall, walks away
  143. California: California Democrat Accuses Israel of ‘Genocide,’ Praises Anti-Semite Farrakhan
  144. California: California orders online gun registration, then lets website fail
  145. California: Gun-Rights Groups Sue California Over Registration Failures That Could Result in Gun Owners Being Locked Up
  146. California: California Delays Vote on Bill Outlawing ‘Gay Conversion Therapy’ After Public Outcry
  147. California: Chainsaw-Wielding Madman Turns Out To Be Illegal Alien Who Has Been Deported 11 Times
  148. California: Brown’s Ridiculous Plan To Spread California Grid Poised To Fail Miserably
  149. California: County denies Muslima’s claim that her hijab was “violently yanked” off as she was booked into jail
  150. California: California Lawmakers Propose Bills to Teach Students to Identify ‘Fake News’
  151. Connecticut: Yale elitists warn of deadly consequences if Kavanaugh confirmed
  152. Florida: Muslim Congress this week in Florida includes antisemitic, anti-gay, Holocaust denying speakers
  153. Florida: Facing the FBI & fleeing to Russia: US ex-cop reveals epic struggle to expose corruption
  154. Florida: 2nd Planet Fitness accused of letting men into female locker
  155. Florida: Bill Nelson’s Campaign Avoiding Taxes, Health Care Costs on Campaign Staff
  156. Florida: Mass Murder Plot Thwarted, CAUGHT Before Blowing Up Building to “Kill All The F***king Jews”
  157. Hawaii: Ige signs bills tightening gun laws
  158. Illinois: Chicago-area town board member pressured to resign for noting that Muslim immigrants aren’t integrating
  159. Maine: Maine governor defends veto of anti-counseling bill
  160. Maryland: Illegal Immigrant Kills 2 Law Enforcement Officers in Car Crash, Receives $280 Fine, No Jail Time
  161. Maryland: Mother Who Was Sexually Trafficked as a Child in Foster Care Has Her Own Baby Medically Kidnapped – Fears for Her Safety
  162. Maryland: “Dealers Are Taking Control” – Baltimore Murder Rate Soars As Police Ease Up On Stops
  163. Minnesota: Muslim Democratic candidate: Israel is an ‘apartheid state’ guilty of ‘evil doings’ in Gaza
  164. Minnesota: Muslim Democrat Running for Congress Blames Israel for ‘Evil Doings’ in Gaza
  165. Missouri: Missouri Democrats Create Alternative ‘News’ Site to Boost McCaskill
  166. Missouri: Josh Hawley Makes First Move to Airwaves, Puts Supreme Court Pressure on Claire McCaskill
  167. Montana: Judge Throws Green Party Off Montana Ballot in Boost for Democratic Sen. Jon Tester
  168. Montana: ‘Miracle Baby’ Survives 9 Hours Buried Alive in Montana Woods
  169. New Jersey: New Jersey Governor Signs Bill Allowing Birth, Death Certificates to Reflect ‘Gender Identity’ Instead of Birth Sex
  170. New Jersey: Rep. Smith Calls for State Department Investigation into Bitcovs’ Case
  171. New Jersey: Cops Sent To Seize Veteran’s Guns Without A Warrant, He Refused To Turn Them Over
  172. New York: NY: 75-Year Old Democrat Arrested after Trying to Run Over GOP Campaign Worker
  173. New York: Caught on Camera: Tedra Cobb Tells Supporters She Wants Assault Rifle Ban But ‘Cannot Say That’ in Public
  174. New York: Border Protection says NYC mayor crossed border illegally
  175. New York: Mayor’s publicity stunt went south – literally
  176. New York: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Goes Full Commie Dictator: Announces ‘New Rule’ Barring Trump
  177. New York: EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS and PHOTOS: Opportunistic, Insincere Leftist Politicians March in NYC Israel Day Parade 2018
  178. New York: NY Gov. Plans to Sue SCOTUS, Apparently Doesn’t Know There’s No Higher Court
  179. New York: NYC: Muslim who “got religious in the last year” pleads guilty to aiding the Islamic State
  180. North Carolina: Mom Horrified Over What Happened To Her Young Daughter’s Avatar in Video Game
  181. North Carolina: North Carolina: Muslim inmate fasted for Ramadan, now sues prison for $250,000 for denying him lunch
  182. North Carolina: New App “Report It, Don’t Ignore It” Encourages Students To Spy On Each Other
  183. Ohio: Ohio GOP Knocks Dem Candidate Cordray for Hypocritical Attack on DeWine
  184. Ohio: Stormy Daniels Arrested at Strip Club in Ohio
  185. Ohio: Charges Against Stormy Daniels Were Dropped Just Hours After Her Arrest
  186. Oklahoma: ‘School choice’ a winner for families – and for those running for office
  187. Oklahoma: OKLAHOMA VIDEO: Police bodycam footage Muslim mom bound, gagged, stabbed her three daughters, set house on fire
  188. Oregon: Watch: Cops Soak ICE Protesters with Pepper Spray Can So Big It Looks Like Anti-Bear Spray
  189. Pennsylvania: Wallace’s Family Foundation Gave Away Millions, But Not One Penny for His Own District
  190. Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh: Antifa Doxxes Judge, Masked Militants Protest at His Home, and Later Shut Down a Busy Street
  191. Pennsylvania: Daughter of Lifelong Democrat City Elections Chief Charged in Massive Fraud Scandal
  192. South Carolina: Defunding Planned Parenthood: All Part of the McMaster Plan
  193. South Carolina: US Senator Warns Israel not to Trust Russia to Remove Iran from Syria
  194. Tennessee: Walk Away: Leftists Abuse St. Jude Family Who Thanked Eric Trump For Raising Millions of Dollars to Help Children With Cancer
  195. Tennessee: Tennessee Court Seeks to Terminate Parental Rights for Young Sister of Down Syndrome Baby Euthanized by Vanderbilt Hospital
  196. Texas: Texas district OKs $1.5M for security after school shooting
  197. Texas: Appeals court hears challenge to Texas campus carry law
  198. Texas: Man with 500-Year Prison Sentence on a Mission to Bring ‘Dead Things Back to Life’
  199. Texas: Court: Clock boy, father, on hook for $200,000 legal fees
  200. Texas: Houston woman sentenced for trying to sell daughter for sex
  201. Texas: SHARIA DEFEATED in Texas: Clock-Bomb Boy’s Blasphemy (Defamation) Lawsuit Dismissed: Award of AFLC Lawyers’ Fees Affirmed
  202. UN: The UN appoints world’s worst human rights abusers as leaders of commissions
  203. UN: “This isn’t a crisis,” says UN refugee agency spokesman about Europe’s Muslim migrant crisis
  204. UN: UN gives incentive for “Palestinian” Arabs to NOT want peace
  205. UN: Israel Tells UN: ‘We Will Continue to Defend Our Citizens’
  206. Virginia: Convert to Islam who discussed joining the Islamic State gets 20 years for obstruction of justice and child porn
  207. Virginia: Aviation crash reported in Virginia residential area
  208. Washington State: Religious Freedom Group Takes Stand After CAIR Attempts To Assimilate into Public Schools
  209. Washington State: Seattle Public Schools Partnering with Hamas-CAIR
  210. Wisconsin: Conservative Professor Wins Academic Freedom Case in Wisconsin Supreme Court
  211. Wisconsin: Left’s War on Gov. Walker in Wisconsin Was a Dry Run for Its ‘Resistance’ Against Trump


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  1. Israel’s President Slams Nation-State Bill as ‘Discriminatory’
  2. Netanyahu Blasts Committee for Justifying Polygamy Among Bedouin
  3. Netanyahu to Putin: We will ‘Act Decisively’ to Defend Israeli Territory
  4. WATCH: Netanyahu Mulls Revisions to Israel-Poland Holocaust Declaration
  5. Netanyahu: Nationality bill is what the majority wants‏
  6. Netanyahu: ‘IDF Struck Hamas with Hardest Blow Since Protective Edge’
  7. Knesset Animal Cruelty Bill Halting Imports of Live Cattle
  8. Defense Minister: Israel will Act ‘Aggressively’ Against Iran-backed Terrorists
  9. Liberman Blasts Europeans for Ignoring Iran’s Repression of ‘Instagram Dancer’
  10. Liberman Calls to Shutter Israeli Embassy in Ireland to Protest BDS Bill
  11. Israel’s Labor Party Leaves Socialist International After it Endorses Anti-Israel Boycotts
  12. Israel Ranked as Eighth Most Powerful Country in the World
  13. Palestinians Fire Record Number of Rockets at Israel in 2018
  14. Did United Arab Emirates Pilots Visit Israel to Learn About F-35 Fighter Jets?
  15. Good News Israel! New Treatment for Immune Disease; Innovative Solution for Bone Regeneration, and More!
  16. After Three-year Ban, Israeli Lawmakers Renew Visits to Temple Mount
  17. Israel Blocks Turkey’s Influence Among Palestinians in Jerusalem
  18. Despite Netanyahu’s Opposition, Coalition Politicians Vow to Resettle North Samaria
  19. Arab-Israeli Sentenced for Planning Terror Attack on IDF Soldiers
  20. Israeli Intelligence Firm Helped Right Wing Party Win Hungary’s Elections
  21. Bill Easing Purchase of Land in Judea and Samaria Mulled by Ministers
  22. The Idea Of ‘Israel Victory’ Gains Strength
  23. Sheikh gets schooled by a Jew on Arabic TV in ARABIC!
  24. In Response to Hamas Arson Attacks Israel will Block Gaza Crossing
  25. High Court Authorizes Return of Palestinian Terrorists’ Bodies to Families
  26. IDF Heroes Protest Government ‘Inaction’ in Returning Fallen Soldiers
  27. WATCH: 36 Israeli Air Force Cadets Get Their Wings
  28. Israeli Firm Announces ‘Groundbreaking’  Crohn’s Disease Treatment
  29. Israeli Troops Save Life of Palestinian Baby in Hebron
  30. Children Fighting Cancer Join the Israeli Air Force for the Day
  31. WATCH: Tourists from Papua New Guinea Make ‘Emotional’ Visit to Judea and Samaria
  32. WATCH: Meet David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s First Prime Minister
  33. WATCH: How Southern Israel was Paradise, Until Hamas Burnt it to the Ground
  34. Gal Gadot Visits Children’s Hospital in Wonder Woman Costume
  35. Israel to Launch Its First Mission to the Moon
  36. Israeli Spacecraft Set for Historic Moon Landing in Coming Months
  37. Israeli Tourism Sets New Record with 2 Million Visitors
  38. Israel Welcomes Global Leaders for First Ever ‘Thank You’ Conference in Knesset
  39. Israel’s ‘Save a Child’s Heart’ Doctors Honored by UN
  40. WATCH: Indiana National Guard, IDF, Hold Rescue Drill in Israel
  41. UN Slammed for ‘Softcore Holocaust Denial,’ Weak Response to Anti-Semitism
  42. IDF Patriot Missile Shoots Down Syrian Drone Over Sea of Galilee
  43. Jerusalem Mufti: Muslim Who Sells Land to Jews ‘Traitor to Islam’
  44. IDF Thwarts Palestinian Attempt to Breach Gaza Naval Blockade
  45. Israeli Minister Blocks Professor for Supporting Insubordination in IDF
  46. IDF Neutralizes Arson Terrorists Along Gaza Border
  47. Israeli-Trained Emergency Team Provides Aid to Japan Flood Victims
  48. Israeli Company Brings Renewable Energy to Africa
  49. IDF Attacks Syria in Retaliation for Drone Infiltration
  50. WATCH: Israeli Youngsters Aid Syrian Refugee Children
  51. Israeli-Arab Lawmakers Praise Irish for Sanctioning Jews in Judea and Samaria
  52. Israel Designates Hamas-Linked TV Station a Terrorist Organization
  53. Court Releases to House Arrest Minor Suspected in Jewish Terror Attack
  54. WATCH: Exodus 1947 – A Perilous Journey to the Future Jewish State
  55. Good News Israel! Israelis Train Yazidis in Medical Clowning, Collect Toys for Syrian Children, and More!
  56. Israeli official: ‘There’s realistic opportunity to push Iran out of Syria’‏
  57. Israeli-Syrian armed duel over Quneitra has begun
  58. After Netanyahu-Putin summit, Israel must decide on a war with Iran in Syria
  59. Israel Is Carrying Out Warfare Against Gaza by Spraying Crops with Harmful Chemicals
  60. Israel Demands UN Condemn Hamas for Relentless Arson Terror
  61. WATCH: Israeli Invention Gives Paralysis Victims New Life
  62. WATCH: Seeing Better with Israeli Nanotechnology!
  63. Good News Israel! Opening High Tech to Immigrants, Fighting Phosphorus Pollution in Brazil, and More!
  64. The Sky’s the Limit for Israel’s New Agreement with NASA
  65. Israel’s South: 100 Days of Destruction
  66. The Truth Behind the Illegal Bedouin Village in Khan Al Ahmar
  67. Nearly 200 Gaza Rockets Fired Into Israel; Sderot Home Hit, 3 Family Members Injured
  68. WATCH: IDF Footage of Airstrikes on Hamas Bases

Participants from three religions recently united to celebrate the historic visit to Israel by religious leader Sheikh Haji Yahya Cholil Staquf, head of Indonesia’s largest Muslim organization, the 60-million-member Nahdlatul Ulama group.

To mark the event, the Koolulam organization in Israel invited 1,000 people from different backgrounds who had never met before to a special event at the Tower of David in Jerusalem, to sing the Bob Marley classic “One Love” in three languages and in three-part vocal harmony.


  1. EXPOSED: The Terrorist Hiding Behind Palestinian Sports
  2. Palestinians: Israeli Minister’s Visit to Temple Mount ‘Incitement Against Islam’
  3. Taliban: Even “the famous American newspaper ‘The Washington Post’” recognizes our “just Islamic governance”
  4. Abbas Announces Palestinian Authority Will Continue Paying Bounties to Terrorists
  5. Defiant Abbas Says He Won’t Halt Payments to Terrorists
  6. The Trump ‘Peace Plan’ Is Coming
  7. Palestinian Throws Pipe Bomb at Samaria Junction
  8. MUST WATCH: The Root of Palestinian Terror – Plain and Simple
  9. Imam Receives Death Threats for Meeting IDF Spokesperson
  10. ‘Pay To Slay’ And Why The ‘Occupation’ Continues
  11. WATCH: Australia is ‘Worthy of Being Spat On,’ Says Top Palestinian Official
  12. PA: Australia ending its funds a ‘declaration of war’
  13. Palestinian Poll: Hamas-Led ‘March of Return’ Achieved Nothing
  14. Hamas Vows to Make Southern Israel ‘A Hell’ in Response to Border Closure
  15. WATCH: Hamas Beefing Up Forces Along Border with Israel
  16. Palestinians Attack Saudi TV Documentary for ‘Normalizing’ Zionism
  17. Palestinians Carry Out Shooting, Stoning Attacks in Judea and Samaria
  18. Abbas’ Deputy to US: ‘We Don’t Want Your Flour, Your Wheat, Or Your Aid’
  19. What Happened to the Arab World’s Jews? Finally, An Answer!
  20. WATCH: ‘The Jews Keep the Arab World Subservient,’ Claims Islamic Cleric
  21. Gaza And Iran: One And The Same
  22. The Terrorists Whose Names Must Not Be Mentioned
  23. Abbas defiant, won’t stop payments to jihad terrorists
  24. Abbas Declares: Israeli Legislation Won’t Stop Me from Paying Terrorists
  25. Next Middle East War Is Most Likely to Start In These Places, According to New Report
  26. Hezbollah’s Indefinite Presence In Syria Will Remain Threat To Israel
  27. SHOCKING: What Makes a Palestinian Parent Proud?
  28. What Makes A Palestinian Parent Proud? A Son Who Recruits Suicide-Bombers
  29. “Palestinian” official on Australians: “The truth is they are worthy of being spat on”



  1. Belgium: 8 Muslim migrants brutally beat Jewish man because he wore a Jewish Star
  2. Belgium: NATO chief: Trump approach ‘having an impact’
  3. England: British Government Launches Inquiry Into Incitement in Palestinian Textbooks
  4. England: Muslim preacher who said he is “not obedient” to secular law is working as an expert witness to British courts
  5. England: Doctor fired for affirming basic biology
  6. England: New female genital mutilation case every two hours, still not a single conviction
  7. England: “Would You Endorse Flying a Black Baby Obama in a Nappy?” – Piers Morgan Obliterates Hypocrite Mayor Sadiq Khan Over Trump Balloon (VIDEO)
  8. England: London Mayor Sadiq Khan to Allow ‘Baby Trump’ Blimp to Fly at Parliament, Will He Agree to ‘Baby Khan’ Blimp?
  9. England: Trump Baby Blimp in London Turns Out to Be HUGE FLOP
  10. England: British Labour MP Who Called for Israel to be ‘Relocated’ Promoted
  11. England: Jihad Welfare: 50% of British Muslim males and 70% of females are on benefits
  12. Europe: Ex-ISIS Man: Next Big Attack Will Be by Child in Europe
  13. Europe: European Lawmakers Critical of Trump’s NATO Approach
  14. France: President of French Council of the Muslim Faith claims sermon calling for killing Jews was taken “out of context”
  15. France: War Zone France: Violent Migrant youth rioting on the streets for FOURTH night, streets ablaze, police attacked
  16. France: Prosecutors announce investigation into mosque sermon about how Muslims will kill Jews
  17. France: Video from France: Muslims building mosque at the site of the Battle of Tours in 732
  18. France: French Court Convicts Muslim Gang for Brutal Robbery, Rape of Jewish Couple in 2014
  19. France: Muslims who murdered 16 in Barcelona jihad attack also planned truck bomb jihad massacre at Eiffel Tower
  20. Germany: Video from Germany: Muslim migrant beheads 1-year-old girl, Merkel bans media reporting
  21. Germany: WATCH VIDEO: Muslim Migrant Beheads 1-Year-Old Girl in Germany; Merkel Bans Media Reporting
  22. Germany: Outrageous! German Government Covers Up Decapitation of Baby by Nigerian Migrant
  23. Germany: Germany’s Angela Merkel’s Response To Muslim Migrant That Beheaded Baby: Muzzle The Media
  24. Germany: Muslim mob attacks couple and hunts them through Berlin
  25. Germany: Muslim migrant who beat Jewish man with belt demands $1100 for being in jail too long
  26. Germany: 10 Muslim migrants repeatedly punch man wearing Star of David while spewing “anti-Semitic insults”
  27. Germany: German Opposition Party Files Human Trafficking Charges Against Migrant “Rescue” Groups
  28. Germany: Muslim “refugee” who murdered 14-year-old girl also twice raped 11-year-old
  29. Germany: Germany Agrees to $88 Million More for Holocaust Survivors
  30. Germany: Jewish Groups Demand German Government Confront Muslim Anti-Semitism
  31. Germany: German Court Sentences Neo-Nazi to Life for Murder of Migrants
  32. Germany: Germany’s soldiers forced to use BROOMSTICK for a gun
  33. Germany: Mullahs Want to Fly 300 Million Euros in Cash From Germany to Iran
  34. Germany: Germany’s Shameful Iran Policy
  35. Germany: A Tale of Two Visits (Video: 6:01 minutes long.)
  36. Germany: “Teens” shout “sh**ty Jew” and “Free Palestine” at rabbi
  37. Germany: Muslim migrant screaming “No Jew in Germany” assaults Jewish prof, police hit victim in the face
  38. Greece: Muslim mob brutally attacks Christians in refugee camp – even children were threatened
  39. Ireland: Ireland’s ‘Boycott Israel’ Law Condemned as Terror-Supporting and ‘Immoral’
  40. Ireland: Irish Ambassador: Israel’s Settlement Activity Impedes Opposition to BDS Bill
  41. Ireland: Ireland passes BDS law against trade with Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria
  42. Italy: Pope Francis denounces “murderous indifference” to persecution of Christians in the Middle East
  43. Italy: Muslim migrant threatens to blow himself up inside church
  44. Italy: Italy Migrant Arrivals Fall by 80% in 2018 under Populist Government
  45. Italy: Migrants from Libya Took Crew on Rescue Ship Hostage, and Threatened to Kill Them
  46. Italy: Muslim Migrants Threaten to KILL Crew of Rescue Ship
  47. Netherlands: School bows to Turks and bars student documentary on Aramean Genocide
  48. Netherlands: Muslim politician says if Dutch people “don’t like a changing Netherlands, they should get lost”
  49. Poland: Released World War II Historical Archive Documents Show That Poland Played Major Role In Rescuing Thousands Of Jewish People From World War II Germany
  50. Russia: Russia, China Could Soon Outmatch U.S. in Combat Aviation
  51. Russia: Putin Grants Free Russian Land To 15,000 Christians Facing “White Genocide” In South Africa As West Turns Its Back On God Once Again
  52. Russia: Russia Prepares For “Death Blow” Against American “Deep State” Forces In Syria President Trump Has Now “Disavowed” The Existence Of
  53. Scotland: Major Breach as UK Security Allowed Protesting Paraglider to Fly Within Yards of Trump in Scotland–and Then Escape!
  54. Sweden: Whistleblower Sued by Employer, Fined $54,000 for Revealing Most “Child” Migrants Are Adults
  55. Sweden: Muslim arrested in fatal shooting turns out to be Islamic State jihadi
  56. UK: UK Woman Dies After Poisoning by Soviet-Era Nerve Agent
  57. UK: Cousin marriage: Pakistani Muslims in the UK are 13 times more likely to have children with genetic disorders than the general population
  58. UK: Boris Johnson quits UK government in mounting Brexit crisis
  59. UK: UK police stop suspected “child sex party” in kebab shop
  60. UK: Brexit Exit: BORIS JOHNSON, DAVID DAVIS, Steve Baker and Suella Braverman FLEE: UK Prime MInister Theresa May on the ropes as her cabinet ministers resign en masse
  61. UK: Imam jailed for 109 violent attacks on children in Koran class
  62. UK: Acid Attacks Cost UK $80 Million a Year
  63. UK: UK Group Protesting Trump Tied to Corbyn’s Labor Party
  64. UK: UK to spend $26,500 of taxpayer money to give police Soros-backed “hate crime” training
  65. UK: UK’s Guardian claims Arabic in Renaissance painting shows “deep connection between Europe and Islam”
  66. UK: Generation Identity’s Tom Dupre – Islam and the West
  67. UK: Total Capitulation: Theresa May Proposes Sub-Norway Brexit Deal — Concedes on Goods, Rules, EU Court and More
  68. UK: Suicide Clusters – Mobile phone companies target students on UK university campuses
  69. UK: UK Steps Up War On “Hate Speech,” Announces Police Cash Boost… for Soros-Backed “Hate Crime” Training
  70. UK: UK Intel Agencies Preparing Muslim Insurgency
  71. UK: Nigel Farage Gives Update on Trump Dropping Bomb on Watered-Down Brexit Plan
  72. UK: Muslim headteacher allowed one of the London Bridge jihad mass murderers to teach after-school class
  73. UK: Dumb and Dumber Protest President Trump, UK’s #1 Ally
  74. UK: YUUUUGE: President Trump Storms UK
  75. UK: Human trafficking official warns about UK-Ireland “soft border” that May fights to keep open



  1. Afghanistan: Afghan soldier murders an American service member who was training him, wounds two others, in insider jihad attack
  2. Afghanistan: Afghanistan’s Sikhs: “We are left with two choices: to leave for India or to convert to Islam”
  3. Afghanistan: U.S. and Afghan Forces Liberate Former ISIS Regional Capital in Afghanistan
  4. Afghanistan: Suicide Bombing Kills Twelve in Afghanistan, Islamic State Claims Responsibility
  5. China: Chinese Aviation Firm Seeking Investment in U.S. Aircraft Makers
  6. China: Chinese government developing AI that can recognize anyone, anywhere
  7. China: China Orders Pastors to Reveal Personal Details About Churchgoers, Report Youth Who Go to Church
  8. China: China Releases Liu Xia from House Arrest, Allows Her to Leave Country
  9. China: WATCH: In Bid for Mideast Influence, China Pledges $15 Million to Palestinians
  10. China: Chinese government start-up expands its plans to use powerful facial recognition technology to spy on ‘anyone, anywhere’ without them ever knowing
  11. India: WATCH: Jewish Cemetery in India Used as a Garbage Dump
  12. India: Muslim girl expelled from madrasa for wearing bindi on her forehead as part of acting assignment
  13. India: Justice: 3 Men To Be Executed for the Gang Rape and Brutal Murder of a 23-Year-Old Woman
  14. India: Woman alleges “love jihad,” says her husband hid that he was Muslim and claimed to be Hindu
  15. Indonesia: Mosque survey finds 41% of Jakarta mosques are “radical,” including many that are state-owned
  16. Indonesia: Gay couple flogged over 80 times, woman caned for selling alcohol, crowd screams “Hit them harder”
  17. Iran: Iran arrests teenage girl over Instagram video of her dancing in bedroom without hijab
  18. Iran: Video from Iran: Woman gets 20-year sentence for protesting compulsory hijab
  19. Iran: Iranian General Says Islamic Forces Are Awaiting Orders to ‘Eradicate’ Israel
  20. Iran: Iranian general: “International Islamic army has formed in Syria…Zionist regime was never in danger as it is now”
  21. Iran: “We wish them [Israelis] death and they bless us with life. I am ashamed to be Iranian.”
  22. Iran: Iran’s Islamic Regime at Breaking Point
  23. Iran: Iranian man burns the Quran as an act of protest against the Islamic regime and the strict Sharia laws
  24. Iran: WATCH: How Iran Controls Gaza’s Children
  25. Iran: Video from Iran: Man threatens to shove a tear gas canister down a woman’s throat for not wearing hijab
  26. Iran: Islamic Republic of Iran: Man flogged 80 times for drinking alcohol over ten years ago
  27. Iraq: WATCH: Child Beggars Orphaned by ISIS Flood the Streets of Iraqi City
  28. Iraq: The Government Of Iraq Bans Farmers From Using Water. Now Iraqi Farmers Are Pushing The Government To Get Water From Turkey. This Is Only Helping Turkey Dominate The Middle East
  29. Malaysia: Islam, Malaysia’s Moral Impediment
  30. North Korea: North Korea Demanded $1 Billion from Israel to Cancel Nuke Cooperation with Iran
  31. Pakistan: Pakistan elections: Hundreds of candidates backed by jihad terror groups and supporters of blasphemy law
  32. Pakistan: Pakistan politician wants to NUKE the Netherlands: ‘Give me an atom bomb and I’ll wipe Holland off the face of the earth’
  33. Pakistan: Pakistani Muslim leader says it’s against Islam to vote for female candidates
  34. Pakistan: Muslims murder candidate who was foe of Taliban with jihad martyrdom suicide bomb as he campaigns
  35. Pakistan: “If they give me the atom bomb I’d remove Holland from the earth before they can hold a competition of caricatures”
  36. Pakistan: Muslims thrash the nation’s first Sikh police officer, forcibly evict him from his house
  37. Pakistan: Massive Blasts Kill 128 Ahead Of Pakistan Elections; Ousted PM Arrested At Airport
  38. Pakistan: New party gaining popularity by insisting that “blasphemers” must be put to death
  39. Philippines: Philippines’ Duterte vows to resign if anybody can prove God exists
  40. Saudi Arabia: WATCH: Saudi Journalist Slams Palestinian Leaders for Evading Peace
  41. Saudi Arabia: Two men “opposed to women drivers” set fire to a woman’s car
  42. South Korea: South Koreans resist Muslim migrants: “We have all read about the problems that immigrants have caused in Europe”
  43. Syria: WATCH: Syria Demands NGO UN Watch Be ‘Interrupted’ on ‘Hate Israel Day’
  44. Syria: Israel Strikes Iranian Forces in Syria
  45. Syria: SAS Pup Rips Out Terrorists Throat, Subdues 3 Gun-Wielding Jihadists and Saves Entire Team
  46. Syria: Syrian/pro-Iranian column from Daraa heading to Syrian-Israeli-Jordanian border junction
  47. Syria: Syrian media report Israel air strike on T-4 airbase
  48. Syria: Syrian Army liberates several towns bordering with Jordan
  49. Syria: End of Daraa Battle Triggers Syria’s Ultimate Battle to Liberate Idlib
  50. Syria: Militants are besieged in Daraa
  51. Syria: Civilians Welcome Syrian Army near Jordanian Border
  52. Syria: Syrian Army Controls 80 % of Daraa
  53. Syria: More Areas in Daraa province surrender to Syrian Army
  54. Syria: BREAKING: Syrian Opposition and Western NGOs Hire Actors for Chemical Weapons Provocation
  55. Syria: Israel Launches New Attack on Syrian Army Positions in Quneitra to Support Terrorists
  56. Syria: Syrian Army liberates 3 strategic town in northwestern Daraa
  57. Syria: Latest Map Update of Daraa offensive
  58. Syria: WATCH: Syrian Colonel Threatens Israel, Saudi Arabia
  59. Syria: RUMORS OF WAR: Ex-diplomat warns World War 3 could break out following another chemical attack in Syria
  60. Syria: Besieged Syrians Plead for Israeli Protection, Denounce Assad, Putin
  61. Thailand: Israeli Navy Offers Solution to Rescue Trapped Thai Boys
  62. Thailand: Rescuers Bring Eighth Person Out of Thai Cave on Second Day of Rescue
  63. Thailand: Jubilation as 4 more boys rescued from flooded Thai cave
  64. Thailand: All 13 Rescued From Flooded Thai Cave
  65. Turkey: Turkish Deputy PM admits: “Even if no Turks lived in Cyprus, Turkey would still have a Cyprus issue”
  66. Turkey: Major Turkish Politicians Reveal That Erdogan Is Conspiring To Bring Back The Caliphate, And This Is All Happening While Trump And NATO Are Allowing Turkey To Invade Syria And Iraq



  1. Egypt: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” throw bricks at Christian homes over Facebook post showing “contempt to Islam”
  2. Egypt: Explosion sets off fire outside Egypt’s Cairo airport
  3. Ethiopia: ‘Waiting and Longing for Zion’ – Some 8,000 Ethiopian Jews Await Aliyah
  4. Kenya: Christians Help Save Children With Disabilities Who Are Left To Die As Food For Wild Animals
  5. Libya: INVASION: Bottleneck of 700,000 migrants wait in Libya to cross the Mediterranean to Europe
  6. Libya: Muslim leader threatens to “raise the flag of jihad” against the “fascists” and “enemies of Allah” of Italy
  7. Mauritania: Islamic Republic of Mauritania: “Blasphemer” still in jail despite serving twice longer than his sentence
  8. Somalia: Muslim murders nine in jihad suicide bombing at interior ministry building
  9. South Africa: South African Zionist Activist Shot Dead in Johannesburg
  10. South Africa: South Africa On Genocide Watch Right Now As ANC Threatens To Wipe Out All European People From The Nation


  1. Australia: Welfare recipients to undergo face scan in order to get payments
  2. Australia: The Islam honor killing that will leave you speechless
  3. Australia: Man Larping As A Woman Walks Into A Convenience Store And Hacks Two Random People With An Axe For No Reason
  4. Australia: “I believe Islam killed my daughter” – Woman cut off contact with family to marry Muslim who killed her


  1. Canada: In acquitting Muslim accused of multiple sexual assaults, judge cites his “different cultural background”
  2. Canada: Muslim migrant NOT GUILTY of 12 CHARGES CHILD SEX ASSAULT: Judge cites “cultural” reasons, victims’ families in tears
  3. Canada: Prime Minister Trudeau to provide terror-tied Islamic groups with $23,000,000
  4. Canada: Is Justin Trudeau the Left’s Donald Trump?
  5. Canada: Possible Terror Attack in Toronto
  6. Canada: 300 university academics sign anti-Israel open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau about Gaza
  7. Cuba: Bizarre diplomatic ‘sonic attacks’ reaching epidemic proportions
  8. Haiti: Protesters Rioted as Government Attempted to Raise Fuel Prices, 4 Dead, Americans Still Stranded
  9. Haiti: Another Nation Snaps: Marines Headed To Haiti To Protect US Embassy As Riots Turn Into Total Chaos
  10. Mexico: Mexico Creates ‘Police Force’ To Stop Illegals from Crossing its Southern Border
  11. Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico Mayor Facing Fraud Charges Over $3 Million in Federal Funds


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  1. Obama Economic Adviser: Economy Growing Faster Than What Government Figures Show
  2. Marshall Swing Issues An Alert: It’s Now Time To Finish Your Preps For The Global Economic Crash Of July 20 – 27, 2018
  3. You Now Can’t Leave The U.S. Unless The IRS Lets You
  4. Trump’s ‘America First’ Economy Secures 10-Year Employment High For Manufacturing Workers
  5. Retirement: 3 Great Reasons to Take Social Security Benefits at 62
  6. Retirement: 3 Things That Affect When You Should Apply for Social Security
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  12. Trade: Experts warn new trade wars could be damaging for the world economy
  13. Trade: NAFTA Talks to Get More Complicated
  14. Trade: Trump Administration Announces Plan for Tariffs on $200 Billion in Chinese Products
  15. Trade: Will Trade War Lead To Global Economic Crisis?
  16. Trade: Something BAD Happened—China Is Preparing Their Military…Can You Guess What For? (Video: 11:22 minutes long.)
  17. Trade: China Can Hit U.S. Tech Firms Where It Hurts in Tariff Response
  18. Trade: Trump Today: President softens stance toward May, trade pact with U.K.
  19. Trade: The Escalation Of The Trade War Has Us On The Precipice Of A Cataclysmic Global Economic Crisis
  20. Trade: Legendary Investor Warns The Trade War Is Just A Warm-Up For The Financial Crisis
  21. Trade: Trump’s trade wars are incoherent, angry, and misguided
  22. Trade: “Everyone Wins In A Trade War”? Stocks, Bonds, Dollar All Soar After Tariff Tantrum
  23. Trade: El-Erian: Why The US Is “Winning” The Trade War
  24. Labor: Big Labor Hit with Another Class Action Suit
  25. Labor: Employers Start Using AI to Set Raises Based on “Predicted” Performance
  26. Labor: You may have to reapply for your job one day — here’s how to keep it
  27. Labor: Changing jobs midcareer? How to find fulfillment without going broke
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  31. Labor: New Report Warns Of “Unprecedented Wage Stagnation” In OECD Countries
  32. Labor: McMaken: The Military Is A Jobs Program… For Immigrants & Many Others
  33. Labor: Soros wants to raise your taxes
  34. Oil: U.S. Is Set to Become World’s Top Oil Producer, Government Says
  35. Oil: OPEC sees lower 2019 demand for its oil, points to return of surplus
  36. Oil: OPEC does not want to see volatility in oil prices – OPEC president
  37. Oil: World’s oil cushion could be stretched to the limit, IEA warns
  38. Oil: Trump’s OPEC Tweets Have Putin Preparing for Oil Talks
  39. Oil: Oil prices rise, but post sharp weekly loss amid expectations for rising Libyan output
  40. Oil: U.S. and other countries weighing oil reserve release: WSJ
  41. Oil: Higher gas prices doesn’t hurt the U.S. economy as much anymore, the Fed says
  42. Oil: Why The Coming Oil Crunch Will Shock The World
  43. Oil: Get Ready For The Third “Oil Shock”
  44. Oil: Trump May Tap Up To 30MM Barrels From Oil Reserve To Halt Rising Gas Price
  45. Bitcoin: Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Forecast – BTC Prices Continue to Slide
  46. Bitcoin: Indian government officials nabbed in massive bitcoin money laundering scheme
  47. Bitcoin: Don’t Fall For the New CryptoBlackmail Scam: Here’s How to Protect Yourself
  48. Coinbase says it’s exploring adding 5 news coins to its platform, as bitcoin slips
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  101. Amazon takes Prime Day perks beyond e-commerce to drive traffic to Whole Foods stores
  102. Amazon Prime Day will take a bite out of the food sector as Whole Foods is included
  103. Students cry for debt relief after for-profit college collapse, while executives admit no wrongdoing
  104. And Then There Was One: On Monday There Will Be Exactly ONE Blockbuster Video Store Left In The US
  105. US Consumers Go On Epic Debt Binge As Credit Card Debt Soars To All-Time Record High
  106. What The End Of The Credit Cycle May Look Like, And How To Trade It
  107. Rickards: Currency Wars Turn Into Trade Wars Which Turn Into Shooting Wars (Possibly WWIII)
  108. Marshall Swing: Commercials Preparing For THE CRASH By Taking Care Of Business In Asia While The West Sleeps
  109. NewsWire: You want to invest in growth…
  110. The greatest obstacle to investing success is… you
  111. The mother of all credit crises is coming…
  112. ‘Remarkably accurate’ market indicator predicts ‘devastating losses’
  113. Bill Bonner: America’s economy is phony
  114. Who will profit from artificial intelligence? The answer is painfully obvious
  115. Cisco Tumbles On Report Amazon May Start Selling Switches


  1. Europe: Varoufakis Blasts Europe’s Remarkable Ability To Remain In Denial


  1. Venezuela: Venezuela’s Hyperinflation Has Turned The Nation Back Into A Barter Economy


  1. China: China vows retaliation for $200 billion US tariff threat
  2. China: China Has Been Preparing For A Trade War For Over A Decade
  3. China: China braces for more pain
  4. China: Chinese Shadow Bank Lending Unexpectedly Plummets, Sparking China Growth Fears
  5. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Oil Production Surges By Over 400,000 Barrels In June: OPEC


  1. South Africa: 75% of South African gold mines unprofitable – mineral council


Earth News Banner

  1. Arizona: Return of the haboob! Phoenix is paralyzed by wall of dust and heavy rains from monsoon-like storm that grounded flights, damaged property and knocked out power for 100,000 customers
  2. Brazil: Very bright fireball seen over skies of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
  3. California: Southern California breaking all-time heat records
  4. Canada: 70 people have died in Quebec due to heat as the planet recovers from record smashing global heatwave which shocked the experts
  5. Czech Republic: A humanoid EBE contacted my friend Ilona telling her of a crop-circle to be seen in the Czech Republic a whole month before it happened (Video)
  6. Earth: Tropical Storm Chris strengthened on Tuesday to become the second hurricane of the North Atlantic season
  7. Earth: Hurricane Chris Forms, Rapidly Intensifies Off East Coast
  8. Earth: Global warming? 2018 year of ‘lost summer’ for Arctic
  9. Europe: As 2018 is set to be the hottest year ever Europe is beginning to parch from the lack of water after 50 days without rainfall
  10. Florida: The world may soon witness a Category 6 hurricane
  11. Florida: Toxic Algae, Seaweed And Red Tide Threatening Florida Waters And Beaches
  12. Greenland: Climate change caught on film: Greenland’s Helheim Glacier loses eight billion tons of ice half the size of New York’s Manhattan Island
  13. Hawaii: New river of lava emerges in Hawaii as fissure flow becomes unpredictable
  14. Hawaii: Stunning drone footage lets you fly over the ever-growing crater at Kīlauea’s summit, as experts warn the area is still collapsing
  15. Iceland: Iceland have issued a new status for Orafajokull volcano after showing clear signs of unrest and inflation for at least a year and a half
  16. Indonesia: DEVELOPING: Eruptions intensify, off scale seismicity at Anak Krakatau, Indonesia
  17. Iowa & Illinois: Bright Fireball seen over the skies of Iowa and Illinois
  18. Ireland: New Henge Appears Near Newgrange as a Heatwave Hits Ireland
  19. Israel: Earthquake swarm continues to rock Israel
  20. Israel: Israeli Authorities Call Urgent Meeting to Prepare for Big Earthquake
  21. Japan: More than 3 million told to evacuate as water levels reach five metres (16ft): Deadly floods kill 66 with 50 missing in Japan
  22. Japan: 6.0-magnitude earthquake strikes off Japan’s Chiba prefecture, Felt in Tokyo
  23. Japan: Unprecedented Japanese floods death toll near 100 with more than 50 missing and almost 6 million ordered to evacuate as horror unfolds
  24. Japan: Japanese flood horror “Hillsides gave way under the weight of water” death toll now 122 while hope fades for the dozens still missing
  25. Japan: Rescuers Race Against Time as Death Toll in Western Japan Floods Rises to at Least 176
  26. Japan: Almost half a year’s rain has fallen in Japan in just ten days now temperatures around 35 deg C, (95 deg F) impedes rescue workers
  27. New Jersey: Bizarre light in skies of New Jersey sparks interest and fear
  28. North Dakota: Baby killed and dozens hurt after tornado strikes North Dakota city
  29. Space: Cosmic radiation from giant star system heading towards Earth
  30. Space: Two Sizable Asteroids Were Spotted Zooming Past Earth
  31. UK: Extreme hot weather in UK producing plague of bloodsucking horse-flies
  32. Vanuatu: A rare major quake strikes Vanuatu magnitude 6.4 is the 2nd of July and only the 46th of 2018 on course for lowest year total this century
  33. Wyoming, Idaho and Montana: Steamboat Geyser in Yellowstone erupts for the eleventh time in 2018
  34. Is the EPA really an environmental agency? Documents reveal their active agenda to suppress relevant science


Petition News Banner

Urge Red Lobster to No Longer Sponsor ‘Teachers’

TV Land continues to air the vile program “Teachers” on Tuesday evenings at 10:30 p.m. ET/9:30 p.m. CT with a TV-14 L rating, but the previews air much earlier in the evening when children are likely watching TV. The vulgar advertisements for “Teachers” are airing during shows such as the “Andy Griffith Show” and other family-friendly programs. The previews alone are disgusting, and that is extremely disturbing since it involves a young cast. If the promos are this bad, then obviously the show is not suitable for TV.

It is almost impossible to describe the depth of depravity found in the TV Land sitcom “Teachers.” Every scene is filled with sexual innuendos, implications, or encounters.

Teaching is an honorable profession, but oftentimes a thankless job. 1MM wants to support and encourage educators, not belittle, mock, or bring them down as TV Land is doing.

TV Land is encouraging crude dialogue, offensive gestures at school, teachers being cruel to young children, and questioning authority. “Teachers” is irresponsible and an insult to women and teachers.

Defund Millions from Planned Parenthood

We’re on the precipice of defunding millions from Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood aborts – murders – 321,384 babies a year – nearly 900 lives a day. It takes $543 million of your tax dollars a year – nearly $1.5 million every single day.

Planned Parenthood is profiteering from abortion, padding its bottom line by selling aborted babies, and bragging about taking your tax dollars.

This indescribable evil must end. Now.

For decades, we’ve been fighting in Congress and at the Supreme Court to defund Planned Parenthood. Now in a stunning reversal, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has proposed a new pro-life rule defunding more than $60 million of our tax dollars from Planned Parenthood – all of Title X.

This is the beginning of the end for Planned Parenthood. But they won’t go down without a fight.

Sign on to our critical public legal filing to defend this new pro-life rule.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Archaeologists uncover gate to biblical city of Zer
  2. Egyptian Archaeologists unearth large black sarcophagus in Alexandria
  3. Restoration Work Uncovers Statuette of Osiris Secreted in Pyramid Wall
  4. The Carnac Stones: A Centuries-Old Enigma Solved Using Ancient Science
  5. Tiny, 2,300-Year-Old Egyptian Mummy Believed to be a Hawk is Actually a Human Fetus
  6. Peruvian Pyramid of the Bees Reveals Its Deathly Secrets
  7. Elite Companions, Flute Girls and Child Slaves: Sex Work in Ancient Athens
  8. 800-Year-Old Church in Ireland Survives Viking Presence, an English Invasion and War
  9. The Secrets of the Kabbalists Garden
  10. The Search for a Lost Scottish Monastery Reveals a Rare Viking Gaming Board
  11. Clan MacGregor: Fearless, Lawless And Persecuted Clan Of The Highlands
  12. Neith – Fearsome Egyptian Mother Of The Gods – Creator Of Sun God Ra, His Archenemy Serpent God Apophis And The Universe
  13. Oldest Giant Dinosaur Species Discovered In Argentina
  14. Mosaics Discovered In Ancient Galilean Jewish Village
  15. Mosaic of Moses’ Spies Who Explored Canaan Discovered in Israel
  16. Temples hidden in the jungle and tombs carved into rock faces: Stunning new book unravels the mysteries of the world’s ancient abandoned civilisations
  17. Mystery of Alexandria’s largest coffin: Archaeologists unearth 8.6-foot-long sarcophagus buried in Egypt 2,000 years ago beside a massive stone head
  18. Discovery of Two Boat Burials Changes Viking Timeline
  19. Sip Like a Sumerian: Ancient Beer Recipe Recreated from Millennia-Old Cuneiform Tablets
  20. The Smelliest Women of Ancient Greece: Jason and the Argonauts Get Fragrant
  21. Bones Suggest Romans Hunted Whales in the Mediterranean
  22. Long-Sought Ancient African Coin Found in Australia
  23. Kukulcan, the Snake God of the Maya, Remains as a Legacy of the Once-Powerful Civilization
  24. Clay Tablet Found at Olympia May Be the Oldest Excerpt from Homer’s Odyssey
  25. The Wallace Sword: Was it Truly Wielded by the Famous Scottish ‘Braveheart’?
  26. The Great Death Pit of Ur: Mass Human Sacrifice in Ancient Mesopotamia
  27. Giant Bath Tub Built For Tsar Alexander I – Why Was It So Large?
  28. Ancient Burial Site At Vulci Reveals Treasure Of Coins Dated To 3rd Century B.C.
  29. Hundreds Of Rock Paintings Found In Tanzania By Polish Archaeologist
  30. Found: Historic evidence of early Muslim intolerance of Christians


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. YOCHANAN FERGUSON MATTHEWS — ENGLAND (Audio: 1:01:05 minutes long. From Northumberland in the United Kingdom comes Yochanan Ferguson Matthews, another two-house believer with an amazing odyssey on his way to understanding the Kingdom that YHWH says that He will reunite with His whole heart and His whole soul.  His journey of discovery is well worth listening to…)
  2. ROGER ZEVALLOS RODRIGUES — PERU (Audio: 44:46 minutes long. Roger Zevallos Rodrigues is our first guest from South America. He grew up a Mormon…then discovered Torah! This ought to inspire every member of the House of Israel…)
  3. DEBY BROWN — UNITED STATES (Audio: 48:24 minutes long. Deby Brown is our guest for this interview, and her life is a perfect illustration of someone who has fallen in love with Israel and made that love the basis for intensive efforts to make life better for its people.)


The Revelation of Yeshua HaMashiach Part 5

The Revelation of Yeshua HaMashiach: A Hebraic Perspective Verse by Verse Part 5

The Revelation of Yeshua HaMashiach: a Hebraic Perspective Verse by Verse Part 1 is the A-Z on Revelation, giving various theories and explanations, a must for the serious end-time student! This teaching is adding dimension to Yochanan’s (John’s) adventure into the future, and simply escapes most commentaries…

Part 5 – Chapter 12-13 

This series takes you verse-by-verse through the entire Book of Revelation, but explain Hebraic concepts and incredible mysteries as no other book, example:

  • The meaning of the 22 letters of the Hebrew Aleph-beit is encoded into the 22 chapters of the Book of Revelation. Each Hebrew letter has a special pictograph and meaning. The Hebrew Aleph-beit is unlike any other alphabet. It is not a haphazard collection of consonants. The individual names and sounds of the letters, their numerical gematria, and their graphic descriptions have been Divinely ordained by GOD. Thus, the key to truly understanding Revelation lies in the 22 Hebrew letters which create a skeletal outline. Each letter has a given meaning and The Revelation conforms to that outline which undoubtedly confirms correct doctrine. It also proves that not everything in The Revelation is chronological as it follows the Hebrew Aleph-beit’s pattern which cannot be manipulated. Through the chapters the author shows how GOD had a hand in the placement of each chapter of Revelation. This pattern study shows a Divine design and helps you with the special blessing “if you read and hear (understand) it” (Rev 1:3), off course the only book in the Bible that offers this blessing. 
  • Secondly, it offers you a fresh and vibrant new view by comparing Jewish Eschatology with the various Christian views, an informative manual for the serious eschatologist (end time student).
  • Thirdly, various theories and opinions are given where you as a reader can make an informed decision, helping you to form your own opinion as to which theory you prefer, i.e. believers escape the Tribulation by means of a rapture, or going partly into the Tribulation and are then raptured, or are raptured at the end, or no rapture at all and are protected as they go through the Tribulation. It is NOT a one-sided view on The Revelation and thereby help you to understand/argue/defend various topics.

This is a first-off FULL HEBRAIC perspective which neatly fit into our motto, “We Inform, You Choose.”

(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


Genealogy News Banner

  1. 31 Days of “Out of the Box” Genealogy Tips – Facebook Groups
  2. The Disappearing Story of the Black Homesteaders who Pioneered the West and more…
  3. Why is Genealogy Tourism So Popular, and How Can You Use it to Add to Your Research?
  4. How Given Names Can Help You Identify Your Ancestor
  5. The Wild Days of Texas: When Texas Was a Country
  6. Another Reason to Store Your Data in the Cloud
  7. Scandinavian Genealogy Records and More
  8. Unclaimed Persons Celebrates 10 Years
  9. The Genealogy Gems Podcast (FREE) Episode #219
  10. DNA Ethnicity Accuracy
  11. 2 Unusual Genealogy Sources to Watch for at the Archives
  12. Familypedia: the Biggest Genealogy Site You Probably Never Heard Of
  13. Three Myths About Your Immigrant Ancestors
  14. Unusual Records: Petitions for Naturalization
  15. Identifying a Fur-Clad Family Member
  16. Tech Tips: Eight Evernote Genealogy Projects to Create
  17. OldNews USA – an Online Search of Old Newspapers
  18. Common Misconceptions about DNA Testing


Health News Banner


  1. Calcium channel blockers, a popular type of blood pressure medicine, shown to raise the risk of pancreatic cancer in menopausal women
  2. WARNING: 9 out of 10 popular cell phone models exceed regulatory limits for radiation
  3. Silent killers: Cordless phones show dangerously high radiation readings
  4. Global 5G WIFI Will Be INESCAPABLE – What You NEED To Know! (Video: 9:36 minutes long.)
  5. They’re About to Unleash Their Final Phase! (Video: 13:03 minutes long.)
  6. Most Bottled Water Is Filled With Fluoride Here’s A Complete List Of Brands To Avoid Life Well Lived (Video: 10:02 minutes long.)
  7. DEVELOPING: More than 500 sick as E. coli found at TN zipline attraction
  8. England: STD ‘stealth’ bug which makes infertile spreading rapidly…


  1. Vaccines: CDC ‘Vaccine Science’ Hides Giant Conflict of Interest, Manipulates Data
  2. Vaccines: Should Women be Given the Tdap Vaccine During Pregnancy?
  3. Vaccines: Australian Anti-Vaxxers Provide New Model for the World
  4. Vaccines: Samoa Seizes All MMR Vaccines After Two Infants Die Minutes After Receiving the Vaccine
  5. Vaccines: The WHO’s, CDC’s and FDA’s Vaccine Boondoggle
  6. Vaccines: Aluminum and Mercury In Vaccines Linked To Neurological Disorders and Autism
  7. Vaccines: Two Toddlers In Samoa Die Almost Immediately After MMR Vaccine Injections
  8. Vaccines: Hundreds of HPV Vaccine Victims Take to the Streets in Dublin to Protest – 2 Girls Suffer Seizures During Protest
  9. Vaccines: California’s CRAZY Vaccination Policy: No Medical Exemptions
  10. Cancer: Opening Statements Begin in Monsanto Cancer Trial Today
  11. Cancer: Judge: 300 Cases Against Monsanto Claiming Glyphosate Causes Cancer Can Continue
  12. Cancer: Monsanto may soon face “FLOOD” of lawsuits from cancer victims of Roundup herbicide
  13. Cancer: Secret Documents Expose Monsanto’s War on Cancer Scientists
  14. Cancer: The evidence is clear: Hemp slows the progression of ovarian cancer
  15. Cancer: Evidence is “overwhelming,” says EPA scientist, that pesticides contribute to cancer risk
  16. Cancer: New Study Shows Higher Vitamin D Levels Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer
  17. Cancer: Dr. Oz: Surprising Weapon in War on Cancer
  18. Cancer: Study: Costly End-of-Life Cancer Care Doesn’t Improve Outcome
  19. Cancer: J&J Forced to Pay $4.7 BILLION As Jury Finds They Knowingly Gave Women Cancer with Baby Powder
  20. Pharmicuticals: 500,000 opioid deaths expected next decade. Why?
  21. Pharmicuticals: The truth about painkillers: They do more harm than good
  22. Pharmicuticals: Health Basics QUIZ: Which has killed more Americans, all U.S. wars put together or prescription drugs?
  23. Monsanto Ghostwriting Journal Papers, Internal Documents Reveal
  24. DAMNING EVIDENCE: Revealed documents prove that Monsanto deliberately sold banned chemicals for years despite knowing their health risks
  25. Can putting your phone into airplane mode help reduce radiation exposure?
  26. Here’s how fluoride destroys your health in obvious, and not so obvious, ways
  27. Yeah, you need this: Bitter ginger can help prevent brain damage caused by alcohol
  28. As Effective as Ibuprofen, Is It in Your Pantry?
  29. Why Macadamias, Pecans and Walnuts Should Be on Your Shopping List
  30. Coffee Is Good for Your Heart
  31. What Happens to Your Body When You’re Dehydrated?
  32. Hijacks Your Immune System in Many Startling Ways You’re Not Being Told About
  33. Lymphatic Massage Helps Immune System
  34. 10 Home Remedies for Swollen Lymph Nodes
  35. Mercury Fillings Leak After Medical Scan
  36. Natural medicine is NOT the “alternative” — for most of human history, it was the ONLY medicine
  37. Processed food and toxic medications the key causes of high blood pressure
    Sunday, July 08, 2018 by: Vicki Batts
  38. Geoscientist analyzes how contaminants, including bacteria and viruses, move through groundwater
  39. Saving Sepsis Patients Lives
  40. New blood tests can reveal your life expectancy
  41. Dangerous Developments: Surrogacy & The Universal Parentage Act
  42. Psilocybin Mushrooms Help Addicted Cocaine Users Stop
  43. Alcohol’s health benefits hard to prove, but harms are easy to document
  44. Why Probiotics May Often Not Be Enough for Healthy Microbiomes: The Necessity of Prebiotics Like Resistant Starch
  45. Visual cues found to help people make better food choices
  46. offers a wealth of information on healing foods and harmful ingredients
  47. A growing epidemic even where it’s legal
  48. Give ’em time: The problem with diagnoses of ‘brain death’
  49. Medicaid work requirements could reach SCOTUS
  50. Whole Foods Betrays Its Loyal Customers With a Massive Sellout
  51. A Curious Reason to Wash Your Hands
  52. Is a Humidifier Good for Your Health?
  53. What Is Bursitis and How Do You Know if You Have It?
  54. 7 Environmental Nightmares Created by Open Pit Mines
  55. Hawaii Bans Most Sunscreens in Effort to Save Dwindling Coral Reefs
  56. Impossible Burger Fails to Inspire Trust in the GMO Industry
  57. Why Your Brain Fails as You Age, What You Can Do Now
  58. Could This Bean Give Your Brain a Boost and Help Battle Parkinson’s?
  59. How Long Does It Actually Take to Bake Chicken?
  60. There’s now so much raw human feces on the streets of San Francisco that a MEDICAL convention has canceled events there
  61. SICK: Renowned academic brags about suppressing information on the deadly effects of PFAS in 3M chemicals
  62. How to make your own laundry soap
  64. Fatty Foods Don’t Cause Heart Disease, Bread And Pasta Do
  65. 75% of Non-Organic Spinach Contaminated with a Neurotoxic Bug Killer
  66. 30 Days Before A Heart Attack, You’ll Get These 10 Warning Signs
  67. DARPA Wants to Boost Your Body’s Defenses ― By ‘Tuning’ Your Genes
  68. Modern Science Confirms Ancient Chinese Remedy Provides Effective Non-Addictive Pain Relief
  69. FREE Online Viewing of the Movie “Raising Meat Chickens” (Marjory Wildcraft, founder of The Grow Network, is offering a free online viewing of her entertaining, educational feature-length film “Raising Meat Chickens” from July 17, 2018 to July 19th.)
  70. If your knee hurts, keep exercising, says expert
  71. How to Support Joints and Reduce Injuries if You’re a Runner
  72. Green Smoothies & Oxalates (Video: 11 minutes long.)
  73. Just Try Not to Laugh When Doing This Exercise
  74. Sex Addiction a Diagnosable Mental Disorder, WHO Now Says
  75. Report: Virginia Student Gets Second-Degree Burns from Sap of Giant Hogweed Plant
  76. Half of Americans Trying to Lose Weight: Study
  77. Weird Trick Makes Your Brain Young — Rate Your Memory
  78. Expert: How Older Adults Can Reduce Risk of Deadly Falls
  79. Wearable, At-Home Patch Could Spot Your A-Fib Early
  80. Quitting Smoking? Even a Little Exercise Can Help You Stay Slim
  81. Smell These 16 Things To Lose Weight
  82. People Who Drink This Type Of Coffee Are Slimmer
  83. FDA Slaps Stronger Warnings on Potent Class of Antibiotics
  84. Report Warns of Dog Illness That Can Spread to Owners
  85. High Blood Pressure Threatens Aging Brain, Study Says
  86. 10 Healthy Drinks That Lower Blood Pressure
  87. Immune-Based Therapy May Help When Melanoma Spreads to Brain
  88. Is Glyphosate Causing Chronic Illness (And How to Reverse the Damage)
  89. Strawberries: Taste Great and GOOD for You
  90. 7 Signs You Have Pounds Of Waste In Your Colon
  91. Energize Your Routine With This Morning Wellness Shot
  92. 10 Sea Ingredients To Use In Your Beauty Routine
  93. Scientists Warn Bananas May Face Extinction Due to Lack of Genetic Diversity
  94. Chinese Botanical Medicine: Wikipedia Claims It is Fake, We are Certain it is Real
  95. Would You Put Eight Teaspoons of Sugar in Your Water?
  96. Resistant Starch Foods that Support Blood Sugar & Weight Maintenance
  97. 27 Low FODMAP Recipes for Digestive Discomfort Relief
  98. Behcet’s Disease: 6 Natural Ways to Ease ‘Silk Road’ Disease Symptoms
  99. What Is Adenosine? 6 Amazing, Energy-Boosting Benefits of Adenosine
  100. It’s Not Arthritis: Paget’s Disease (+ 5 Ways to Manage Symptoms of This Bone Disease)
  101. Milkweed: The #1 Plant You Need to Start Growing ASAP (Especially If You’ve Got a Stink Bug Problem!)
  102. 4 Steps to Achieve Proper pH Balance
  103. What Is Biohacking? 8 Ways to Biohack Yourself for Better Health
  104. Chigger Bites (+ 5 Natural Home Remedies for Chigger Bite Symptoms)
  105. Keep Your Eyes on Healthcare’s Odd Couple: AbbVie and Alphabet
  106. Psychedelic Mushrooms to Cure Cocaine Addiction?
  107. Headaches Can Be Triggered by the Air You Breathe; How to Effectively Address This
  108. Urgent: If Your Doctor Suggests This, Say No and Hightail It Out of There
  109. Once You Learn This You’ll Never Throw Out the Avocado Pit Again
  110. Nurturing Life with the Natural Allopathic Protocol
  111. Saving Sepsis Patients Lives
  112. This Can Make You Pain-Repellent, Make It a Habit Like Brushing Your Teeth
  113. This Buffalo Coleslaw Is Perfect for Your Summer Cookouts
  114. What You Need to Know About Hypoglycemia
  115. 3 Medicinal Herbs You Can Grow Indoors
  116. Breastfeeding has been the best public health policy throughout history
  117. DEVELOPING: Mysterious Rashes Plaguing Northern CA Community…
  118. Japanese Water Therapy: Drink water first thing after waking up and see what happens (Video: 2:06 minutes long.)



  1. Stevia Kills Lyme Disease (in a Test Tube) Better Than Standard Antibiotics, Study Says
  2. What Are Pomegranates Good For?
  3. Comprehensive study confirms the cardioprotective effects of blueberries and strawberries
  4. Find Out Why Black Cumin Seed Oil Has Stood the Test of Time
  5. Herbal Oil: Vetiver Oil Benefits and Uses
  6. Can You Count on Kava Tea for Health?
  7. What Is Jicama (Yambean) Good For?


Misc. News Banner

  1. Social Media-Facebook: Top Communications Union Joins Big-Budget Campaign Against Facebook
  2. Social Media-Facebook:  New Mechanisms “Guarantee” Transparency Ahead of U.S. Midterm Elections, Facebook Executive Says
  3. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook given maximum fine by UK watchdog over Cambridge Analytica fiasco
  4. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook paid $88 million this year to build out its Seattle area Oculus hub
  5. Social Media-Facebook: Facebook Purges Over 80 Accounts in Sweeping Attack on the Alternative Media
  6. Social Media-Facebook: Is this a political ad? Facebook thinks so
  7. Social Media-Facebook: Ahead of Midterms, Facebook Steps Up Its War on “Fake News” (That Is, Conservative Perspectives)
  8. Social Media-General: Beth Moore Says Social Media Is ‘Producing Freaks’ and ‘Breeding Abusers’
  9. Social Media-General: Over 20 Million Americans in Danger after Social Media App Says It’s Been Breached
  10. Social Media-Twitter: Twitter to Purge Site of Suspicious Accounts
  11. Social Media-YouTube: Soros-funded nonprofit’s YouTube channel gets a pass on copyright infringement allegations
  12. Survival: 10 North American trees every survivalist should know
  13. Survival: How to Survive a Summer Power Outage
  14. Survival: Tips for storing different types of fuel long term
  15. Invisibility breakthrough! New device makes stuff disappear
  16. If Faith in Democracy Ebbs, Danger Rises
  17. Is God Lifting His Favor Off America?
  18. Homeschoolers advised to ignore state requirement!
  19. How to Talk to a Kid After a Terror Attack
  20. Starbucks, citing ocean threat, is ditching plastic straws
  21. Communism Is Satanic by Nature
  22. What Does Patriotism Mean to You?
  23. Neanderthal Brains To Be Implanted in Robots to Create Cyborg Cavemen
  24. How an Advanced Civilization Could Stop Dark Energy From Preventing Their Future Exploration
  25. 25 ways Silicon Valley resembles the former Soviet Union
  26. A Month of Data Provides Ample Evidence for Why Law-Abiding Citizens Own Firearms
  27. Military Vets of another War: on Gender
  28. Abortion and the Constitution
  29. Streaming service called out for easy porn access
  30. Education: A rollback to ‘race neutral’ while court fights loom
  31. Marvel Announces 2 Openly Gay Heroes Coming to Movie Screens Soon
  32. Business Insider Pulls Conservative Column About Scarlett Johansson Playing Trans Man
  33. Walter Williams: Why the Founders Did Not Want a Democracy (Video: 10:11 minutes long.)
  34. The Left Have Gone Bonkers!! Forbidden Knowledge TV, Alexandra Bruce (Video: 55:55 minutes long.)
  35. Video Update – Islam’s Secret War In American Schools
  36. Ancient Witchcraft Trend Growing Sharply in Popularity
  37. The most important broadcast you will ever hear – William (Bill) Cooper (Video: 38:54 minutes long.)
  38. A step closer to a colony on Mars? Method of making oxygen from water in zero gravity raises hopes for long-distance space travel
  39. Smart technology sees through walls to track and identify people
  40. New road signs can detect mobile phones are being used in vehicles
  41. Bill Cooper Interview CNN Uncut 1992 original FULL (Video: 1:59:57 minutes long.)
  42. Big Data and the Beast — TWNow Episode_68 (Video: 33:49 minutes long.)
  43. Walmart Patents “Big Brother-Style” Surveillance Technology to Eavesdrop on Workers’ Conversations
  44. Traditional Advertising Is Soon to Be History. Here’s What Will Replace It
  45. Deagel’s Astonishing Forecast For 2025 America Envisions A Stalin-Style Purge And The Perfect ‘Communist-Muslim World’ In The US
  46. While Leftists Were Trashing Capitalism, Stats Show Capitalism’s Cured Famine
  47. If the Left wins, humanity DIES: An urgent warning about what’s really at stake
  48. The Technological Tipping Point
  49. Revelation – Dawn of Global Goverment (Video: 1:46:48 minutes long. Is it really true evil men want comtrol of our nation…and the world? Are Secret Societies just conspiracy theory? Is it possible our children are awash in Communist ideology? Do we see the ultimate spiritual battle unfolding?)
  50. Nancy Sinatra Sr. Dead At 101
  51. Homemade Chain for TRIMMER? !!!!! JUST EXPERIMENT !!!!! + TEST (Video: 6:31 minutes long.)
  52. Your Home Has Been Labeled With 3 Words: Find Out What Words They Pinned To Yours (Video: 8:44 minutes long.)


  1. Android: Amazing Ringtones Download BEST Ringtones (Video: 3:41 minutes long.)
  2. Android: Android Secret Code to Increase Battery Life!! (Video: 2:54 minutes long.)
  3. Android & Apple: Top 8 Phone Lifehacks & Tricks ( iOS & Android ) (Video: 10 minutes long.)
  4. Android: If you have a Samsung phone, Watch Immediately! (Video: 4:43 minutes long.)
  5. Android: 10 Amazing Phone Features You Had No Idea About (Video: 8:18 minutes long.)
  6. How to Make Your Phone’s Fingerprint Reader More Accurate
  7. 14 Awesome Phone Secrets Few People Know About (Video: 7:58 minutes long.)
  8. The Scanner in Your Pocket or Purse
  9. Windows: What Is A Windows System File?
  10. Windows: How to Automate Common Maintenance Tasks in Windows 10
  11. Windows: Everything New in Notepad in Windows 10 Redstone 5
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Matthew 26:39 “He went a little farther and fell on His face, and prayed, saying, “O My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will.”  (New King James Version)

Matthew 26:42 Again, a second time, He went away and prayed, saying, “O My Father, if this cup cannot pass away from Me unless I drink it, Your will be done.” ” (New King James Version)

Matthew 26:44 “So He left them, went away again, and prayed the third time, saying the same words.” (New King James Version)

Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, just a short while after urging His disciples to drink of His cup. As He prayed fervently and emotionally to His Father in heaven, the symbol of the cup was fresh in His mind. Just as He had given His disciples a cup from which to drink, so had the Father placed a cup before Him! Notice Matthew 26:39: “He went a little farther and fell on His face, and prayed, saying, ‘O My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will.'”

In the Old Testament, the cup is also a metaphor for the divine punishment of sin. Hence, Jesus’ death would involve far more than just physical torture and death. Christ would become the target of untold divine wrath, as every sin that had ever been committed would be heaped on this one sinless Being! He who had sought always to do the will of His Father perfectly, He who had heard His loving Father exclaim, “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased,” would now experience His Father’s overflowing wrath for all sin, including all the worst sins! Some of what He suffered was for our sins—yours and mine.

Jesus knew that death and incurring God’s wrath for sin comprised the climax of His mission on earth as the Messiah. But now, as that hour approached, His awareness of God’s wrath against sin became even more intense! The Bible explains this in detail in Romans 1:18—3:20. To Jesus, it was an unimaginable horror!

The second and third times He prays in the Garden, He changes His words slightly, as He realizes He definitely has to drink of that cup: “O My Father, if this cup cannot pass away from Me unless I drink it, Your will be done” (Matthew 26:42, 44). He now fully accepts the fact that the only way to get past this ordeal is to go through it.

The cup is still on Jesus’ mind even after the soldiers from the High Priest come to capture Him. When Peter tries to defend Him physically with a sword and misses Malchus’ head, cutting off his ear instead, Jesus says to Peter: “Put your sword into the sheath. Shall I not drink the cup which My Father has given Me?” (John 18:11). Indeed! And shall we not drink the cup which our King has given us?


To learn more, see:  Are You Drinking of the Master’s Cup?


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Baptism — Part 2 by Brad Scott

As I alluded to in part one, baptism is not a New Testament doctrine. As a matter of fact, it is one of the very oldest teachings in the scriptures. The idea of immersing and or cleansing with or in water is old because ALL matter is cleansed in water in the beginning. Water is in the very, very beginning and directly associated with the Spirit of God.

B’reshiyth [Genesis] 1:2
And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

The first action of God is to move upon the face of the waters. This is because all of God’s creation will be first immersed in water. Two entities are brought forth first in the Word of God. Light and water, both of which are still being researched as to their essence, purpose and possibilities. The Holy Spirit or Spirit of God and water are used consistently all through scripture as figures, one of another.

Yesha’yahu [Isaiah] 12:3
Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.

Yesha’yahu [Isaiah] 44:3
For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground: I will pour my Spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring:

Yesha’yahu [Isaiah] 55:10-11
For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater: 11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

Yochanan [John] 7:37-38
In the last day, that great day of the feast, Y’shua stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

Hitgalut [Revelation] 22:17
And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.

These are but a handful of examples. But we must take note that the pattern placed by God has the Spirit of God moving first. What God will do for man, He does for the creation first. In restoring a fallen creation, God first moves on the face of the waters (B’reshiyth [Genesis] 1:2). This is because the earth will be cleansed by the waters a little later. He then brings forth light (1:3). Then He cleanses the earth with water (1:6-10). After that, the earth brings forth fruit (1:11-13). Then the creation is a witness through the sun, moon, and stars (1:14-19), and the result is life (1:20-27).

In verses nine and ten of B’reshiyth [Genesis] we have the earth baptized first. All the material from whence life will come from, is first immersed and then brought up out of the water.

B’reshiyth [Genesis] 1:9-10
And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so. And God called the dry land Earth; and the GATHERING TOGETHER of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good.

Apparently, the land was still underneath the waters a result of the fall of hasatan in the beginning. (A detail I cover in much detail in our B’reshiyth series. This writer holds to a source of the fall of hasatan in the beginning and NOT a doctrine involving pre-adamic beings, mortal sin before death or any such teaching.) AFTER the Spirit of God moves on the face of the waters, we have the earth coming up out of the waters. The phrase ‘gathering together’ in verse ten is the word ulemiqeveh. This Hebrew word is the word miqeveh. This is the Hebrew word for baptismal, or the Hebrew equivalent of the Greek baptizo. It means a place of gathering. The Creator begins by immersing and cleansing the earth within which all plants, animals and people come from. The cleansing power of water still fascinates man to this day. Science, as we speak, still does not fully comprehend it’s abilities. The following is a quote from the Encyclopedia Britannica:

Although it’s formula (H2O) seems simple, water exhibits very complex chemical physical properties that are incompletely understood.

One of the more profound properties of water is it’s ability to dissolve so many other substances. Water is the principle substance in all living things, and is a universal solvent. I will suggest that only when we stand before our Creator and He reveals what water is really all about, will we fully realize the enormity of it. As I have stated so many times in the past, I believe ever law and every commandment of God has a physical and a spiritual purpose and application. All things brought forth from the earth are cleansed and declared very good by the Master. We have our pattern of baptism displayed in the gathering together of the waters in B’reshiyth [Genesis] 1:10, AFTER the bringing forth of light. This will be the pattern for man as well.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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  2. New Three Year Bible Reading Schedule (This is a downloadable PDF file.)
  3. Torah Portion Devarim (Words) for adults for July 21, 2018. (This is a downloadable PDF file.)
  4. Torah Explorers Devarim for children for July 21, 2018. (This is a downloadable PDF file.)


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