News You May Not Have Heard About — 06/10/2018

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  1. Trump Attacks FBI, Justice Department for Failing To Disclose Manafort Probe
  2. Mrs. Trump skipping G7, North Korea summits
  4. Trump’s White House Isn’t Acknowledging June As LGBT Pride Month
  5. Trump Sticks It to Anthem Protesters, Uninvites Super Bowl Champs to Honor American Heroes Instead
  6. Trump’s Hardball Forces Massive Offer From China
  7. Trump 2020 Campaign Unveils New Website
  8. Report: Trump Quietly Requested Increased Oil Production from Saudis
  9. Trump Ridicules Corrupt MSM over Spygate With Blistering Tweet
  10. Trump decries ‘fake’ reporting on Melania, says she’s well
  11. To POTUS’ Great Delight, Melania Makes Her Return
  12. Trump hosts first Ramadanr dinner
  13. Trump takes his own brand of diplomacy to NKorea summit
  14. Trump signs bill to expand veterans private care
  15. Trump Mocks Flake’s ‘Record Low Polling Numbers,’ Calls Him a ‘Flake’
  16. Donald Trump does Brexit — it’s HUGE
  17. Trump cannonball hits the G7
  18. Trump and Bolton spurn top-level North Korea planning
  19. Trump on North Korea Summit: One-Week Preparations ‘Don’t Work, Just Ask Hillary’ About the Debates
  20. Trump says Kim summit all about attitude, not preparation
  21. Donald Trump: No White House Invitation for LeBron, Steph Curry
  22. Not in My House: Trump Insults Dem at Signing Ceremony for His Own Bill
  23. Trump says he may pardon late boxing champion Muhammad Ali
  24. Trump Unloads on Hillary with Hilarious One-Liner
  25. Trump Just Followed in Reagan’s Footsteps Yet Again
  26. Trump Stuns Conservatives With Alarming Equal Opportunity Nominee
  27. Trump Moves 1,600 Immigrant Detainees To Federal Prisons As ICE Scrambles To Find Space
  28. Trump Hints He May Support Eliminating Federal Pot Laws
  29. Donald Trump warns Kim Jong-un peace is a ‘one-time shot’ ahead of Singapore summit
  30. Trump urges DOJ not to let Imran Awan and Debbie Wasserman Schultz off the hook
  31. WATCH: Will Trump Agree to US Allies’ Request for Exemption from Iran Sanctions?


  1. White House: White House Urges Companies To Resist Beijing’s Bullying
  2. Pence Demands USAID Break Through Bureaucratic Gridlock to Help Iraqi Christians, Yazidis
  3. US Navy Invites Israel to Participate in Major Pacific Exercise
  4. Mattis: Chinese General Trades Barbs with General Mattis as Tensions Rise in South China Sea
  5. Mattis: Mattis Warns China, Stop Installing Weapons or There Will Be ‘Consequences’
  6. Mattis: NKorea talks ‘going to be bumpy’ 
  7. Pompeo: $48M ‘No-Bid’ State Department Grant for ISIS Bomb Removal Faces Scrutiny Under Pompeo
  8. Pompeo: ‘Change Is Inevitable in Cuba’; Youth Demand Opportunity
  9. Pompeo: ‘We Won’t Allow Iran to Develop a Nuclear Weapon,’ Pompeo Declares
  10. Pompeo: The Gloves Are Off: State Department Goes Nuclear On Leakers After Wolfe Arrest
  11. State Dept gets serious about religious freedom
  12. State Dept.: US Backs Ambassador Friedman’s Right to Criticize Media Coverage of Gaza Riots
  13. Congress: Congress Directs Immediate Weaponization of Space to Counter Missile Strikes
  14. Congress: Congress to Crack Down on Chinese Influence in U.S.
  15. U.S. Senate: U.S. Senate Summer Recess CANCELLED! They’ve gotta work ! ! !
  16. U.S. Senate: Senators Press Facebook on Third-Party Access to User Data
  17. U.S. Senate: Senate Approves Education Civil Rights Nominee After 8-Month Delay
  18. Homeland Security: The Department Of Homeland Security Plans To Compile A List Of All Bloggers, Journalists And “Social Media Influencers”
  19. DOJ Seizes NY Times Reporter’s Phone and Email Records in Leak Investigation – Senate Intel Aide Arrested
  20. DOJ Reneges On Commitment To Provide Trump Russia Docs To Congress
  22. Supreme Court: Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Christian Baker Who Refused To Bake Cake for Same-Sex Wedding
  23. Supreme Court: Will Unborn Immigrants Live to See Another Day?
  24. Supreme Court: The Supreme Court’s Decision Leaves Religious Freedom Claims in Murky Waters
  25. Federal Judge Opens Floodgate for Class Action Suits Against Facebook
  26. Karl Rove, Sen. Tillis Praise White House Pick for EU Ambassador
  27. US Ambassador to Media: ‘Keep Your Mouths Shut’ on Israel’s Response in Gaza
  28. The FAA Is Sacrificing Your Safety for Diversity Due to Obama’s Policies
  29. Sanders: Sarah Sanders Smacks Down Paul Krugman, Who Predicted ‘Great Recession’ Under Trump
  30. Sanders: Sarah Sanders Unloads on White House Press Corps: Americans ‘Don’t Care’ About the Stories You Cover
  31. Sanders: Sarah Scorches Incompetent Reporters During Their Own Briefing
  32. US Envoy Greenblatt: Hamas Firebomb Kites ‘Not Metaphors for Freedom’
  33. Rep. Gosar introduces amendment to hold out of control federal employee responsible. Will the rest of Congress back him up?
  34. Feds Spend $347,176 Studying If Sex Is Good With Contraception
  35. Feds Spend $583,211 Fighting Obesity By Making People Take the Bus
  36. Feds Prosecuting More Border Crossers, Analysis Shows
  37. Government Admits Medicare Is Going Broke Faster Than Expected
  38. Trump’s Ambassador to Germany: “Conservatives throughout Europe say there is a resurgence going on”
  39. Americans Evacuate From US Consulate In China After Debilitating Sonic Attacks
  40. U.S. Consulate Employees in China Continue to Fall Ill After Hearing Strange Noises
  41. House GOP in eleventh-hour attempt for immigration accord
  42. Pentagon: U.S.-led coalition committed crimes against civilians in Syria, Iraq
  43. Pentagon: Pentagon’s New Transgender Policy Strikes Right Balance for Military
  44. Inspector General: Trump To Get Birthday Present From IG, Clinton Email Investigation Report To Be Released Soon
  45. Air Force Grounds B-1 Bombers after Ejection Seat Incident
  46. AG Jeff Sessions Refuses to Charge Pakistani Awan Brothers Accused of Spying on Democrats
  47. Justice Department takes aim at heart of health law


  1. FAKE NEWS exposed again: Evening Standard took money from Google, Uber to write propaganda stories
  2. Once more the failing New York Times proves it traffics in fake news just to smear POTUS Trump
  3. CNN is part of the deep state, and its fake “journalists” may be subject to arrest and prosecution just like other traitors who tried to frame Trump
  4. Trump Derangement Syndrome spikes as Leftists in the Pravda media fantasize about POTUS Trump beating up Melania



  1. G7 Trump Assassination Fears Rise After Plot To Kill Israeli Leader Leads To Arrest Of White House Defense Official
  2. Trump to face tough crowd at G-7 amid tariff fight
  4. Bombshell Revelation Shows Russian Spy Chiefs Joined With Special Counsel Robert Mueller To Trap CIA Operative George Papadopoulos
  5. Trump-Kim Summit Move To Russia Meets “Deep State” Backlash—But That Pentagon “Shock Warning” Move Counters
  6. Trump-Kim Summit Move To Russia Warned Set To Explode American Political Landscape
  7. How Trump ‘reset’ North Korea’s nuclear talks
  8. No, Trump’s Iran Policy Doesn’t Strengthen ‘Hardliners’
  9. Are We on the Verge of an Iran-US War?
  10. Majority Believe Feds Broke Law to Stop Trump from Winning Presidency
  11. West still isn’t prepared to stop Russia meddling in elections
  12. Wolfe: James A. Wolfe, former Senate Intel panel security director, indicted for allegedly lying to FBI
  13. Wolfe: Breaking: Feinstein’s Former Intel Staffer Daniel Jones is Also Connected to NY Times Reporter in Leak Investigation
  14. Clinton: Report: Dozens Of FBI Agents Admit Agency Corrupted Hillary Probe, Considering Legal Action
  15. Clinton: Don Jr. Drops a MOAB on Bill Clinton For Playing Victim When Asked About Monica Lewinsky #MeToo
  16. Clinton: Impeachment Expert Bill Clinton Weighs In on Claims Trump Should Be Impeached
  17. Clinton: Closer Look At Details Of Papadopoulos/Downer London Conversation Throws Cold Water On Previous Assumptions
  18. Clinton: Bill Clinton Rape Accuser Juanita Broaddrick Skewers NBC over Clinton Interview
  19. Clinton: Schumer Won’t Say Whether Clintons Are Helpful to Dems
  20. Clinton: SWAMP: McCabe seeks immunity to RAT on Comey & FBI’s handling of Clinton email probe
  21. Clinton: HUGE! Dirty McCabe Interrogated Mike Flynn for Russia Hoax at Same Time Flynn Was Witness Against McCabe in Sex Discrimination Case
  22. Clinton: Irony: FBI Leaker McCabe Outraged After DOJ Leakers Finger Him for Criminal Referral
  23. Clinton: First DOJ Leak on IG Report Reveals Obama AG Loretta Lynch Tried to Hide Evidence of Hillary’s Wrongdoing Before Election
  24. Clinton: Hillary Clinton Blames State Colleagues for Classified Email Secrets
  25. Clinton: MSNBC, NBC Anchors Push Back on Bill Clinton’s Attacks on Interview: ‘Baffling,’ Making ‘False Allegations’
  26. Clinton: Judicial Watch: Newly Uncovered Strzok Email Suggests Decision Not to Prosecute Hillary Clinton Made in April 2016
  27. Clinton: #MeToo Corners Bill Clinton at Book Signing
  28. Clinton: Bill Clinton Unintentionally Bashes Hillary, Gives Perfect Explanation To How Trump Won 2016 Election
  29. Clinton: Bill Clinton: Lewinsky Paid ‘Quite a Price’ for Affair
  30. Clinton: Bill Clinton Plays Down Franken Harassment Charges: ‘There Were 29 Women On SNL That Put Out a Statement for Him’
  31. Clinton: Democratic Party Accused of Illegally Funneling Millions of Dollars to Clinton Campaign
  32. Obama: Former Sailor Pardoned by Trump Drops Bombshell Lawsuit on Obama, Comey
  34. Obama: Obama-Era School Policy Caused 9-Year-Old to Become Suicidal, Parents Claim
  35. Obama: Report: Obama Holdover Provided Outside Entities Information, Plagued US Chemical Safety Board
  36. Obama: Will Today Be the Day Spygate Officially Shifts Its Focus From Trump to Obama? FBI Director of Counter Intelligence Priestap in Front of Congress Today
  37. Obama: ‘Spygate’ Deepens: Another Trump Official Was Invited to the Event Where It All Began
  38. Obama: Report: Obama Administration Opened US Financial System to Iran
  39. Obama: Obama Administration Let Iran Have Access to U.S. Financial System, ‘Misled The American People:’ Report
  40. Obama: DOG & PONY SHOW: AWANS Strike Plea Agreement with Justice Department; Set to Plead Guilty In Front of Obama-Crony Judge
  41. Obama: Muslim spymaster Imran Awan tried to hide his money, gold, real estate while claiming he “does not have a pot to piss in”
  42. Obama: Soon After Imran Awan’s Other Wife Called Police on Him, Gunmen Shot At Her
  43. Obama: Danger in the Skies: Obama Dumbed-down Air-traffic Controllers With “Diversity” Rules
  44. Obama: Obama Administration Skirted U.S. Sanctions to Grant Iran Billions in Cash
  46. Obama: Rand Paul: Obama Admin Sought To Criminally ‘Entrap’ Trump Campaign
  47. Obama: Obama Secretly Sought to Give Iran Access to US Financial System
  48. Obama: Obama State Dept Official Reveals Feds Used Propaganda on Americans
  49. Mueller: John Brennan Unhinged=> Blasts Trump Over Tweet Calling Mueller Witch Hunt “Unconstitutional”
  50. Mueller: Giuliani: Mueller’s Team Is 13 People Trying to “Frame” Trump
  51. Mueller: Mueller Demands Cell Phones From Trump Witnesses to Poach Encrypted Messages
  52. Mueller: Mueller Charges Manafort With Witness Tampering
  53. Giuliani: Mueller’s Team Is 13 People Trying to ‘Frame’ Trump
  54. Giuliani: Turning Tide: Giuliani Goes on the Offensive Against Stormy Daniels
  55. Giuliani: Giuliani Issues Unexpected Melania Announcement… Media Can’t Be Happy
  56. Ex-Trump campaign chairman Manafort faces new charges in Russia probe
  57. Yates: Leaked Confidential Letter from Trump’s Lawyer to Mueller on Jan. 29 Likely Spells Doom for Liar Sally Yates
  58. Nunes: BOOM! Rep. Devin Nunes: Aussie Ambassador Downer Lied About Launch of Deep State Spying on Trump Campaign (VIDEO)
  59. Schultz: Report: Wasserman Schultz Screamed at House Official, Admitted To Intervening in Pakistani Deal
  60. Clapper: James Clapper Admitted that the US Meddled in Foreign Elections and the Overthrow of Regimes
  61. FBI: Newly Unredacted Texts Between FBI Lovebirds Reveal Peter Strzok Talking About Handling a “Confidential Human Source”
  63. FBI: Ex-DIA Official Charged as Beijing Spy Used Chinese Cell Phones
  64. Coulter: Ann Coulter Goes for the Jugular After Joy Reid Accuses Her of Being a Man
  65. Democrats: Democrats Spend Big to Survive California’s ‘Jungle Primary’
  66. Democrats: Voter Poll’s Leadership Question Deals Blow to Democratic Party
  67. Democrats: Holder: A ‘Blue Wave’ Is Coming but It Might Not ‘Reach the Shore’
  68. Democrats: Maxine Waters Panders To Millenial Voters, Shamed When Only 10 Kids Show Up For Event
  69. Democrats: Dem Congressman Warns Trump Presidency Is a Tyrannical One
  70. Democrats: Schumer Frets: Trump 1 Step Away from ‘Virtual Monarchy’
  71. Democrats: Joe Biden: Will He Oppose Trump in 2020?
  72. Democrats: Dems Take Critical Loss in Calif. Primary
  73. Democrats: Democrat Party Tells Own Candidate He’s ‘Too Brown’
  74. Democrats: Adam Schiff Caught in HUGE LIE About Carter Page’s March 2016 Interview With FBI Officials
  75. Democrats: American Democrats Collapse In Terror As Diabolical Trump Plot To Destroy Them Emerges, While Europeans At Same Time Cheer Their Liberation By Russia
  76. Democrats: Tom Steyer Branded a ‘Perpetual Loser’
  77. Democrats: Democratic Support for Israel’s Right to Self Defense Far From Guaranteed in Congressional Battle
  78. Democrats: Democrats Anger Bernie Sanders Supporters with Rule Change for Presidential Candidates
  79. Republicans: McCarthy: GOP Has ‘Changed for the Better’ Under Trump’s Leadership
  80. Republicans: Gingrich: Supporters Allow Obama to Have It ‘Both Ways’ on the Economy
  81. Republicans: Republicans Target U.S. Environmental Group Over Connections to China
  82. Republicans: Romney: Trump will be reelected in 2020
  83. Republicans: GOP Asks New Director of Embattled Science Lab for Committee Testimony
  84. Poll: Nearly Half of Voters Less Likely to Support a Candidate Who Backs Pelosi
  85. Star Parker: Will More Blacks Vote Republican?
  86. Big Shake Up: Judge Jeanine Gunning for Jeff Sessions’ Job
  87. Media: Hamas isn’t hiding the truth, BUT the media is
  88. Media: Reporter: Jeff Sessions ‘Covering Up’ Scandal That Will ‘Demolish’ Dems’ Russia Narrative
  89. Media: Charles Krauthammer Reveals He Has Weeks to Live in Heartbreaking Letter to Colleagues
  90. Media: Guest Issues Disgusting Statement on Nat. Anthem, CNN Airs Anyway
  91. Media: Media Blame Trump for Puerto Rico Hurricane Deaths, but Facts Tell a Different Story
  92. Media: Tucker Carlson Corners CA Congressman on Whether FBI Spied on Trump
  93. Media: Gotcha: NYT Reporters Caught Using Sick Racial Slurs, Slamming US Military
  94. Media: Immigrant Activists Goes Up Against Army Col., Makes Worst Mistake Possible
  95. Media: Bill Maher Admits He Is Actively Rooting for Economy To Crash
  96. Robert Spencer in FrontPage: Modern Journalism: Huffington Post Reporter Doxes Counter-Jihadi
  97. MS-13: Mother of 16-Year-Old Girl Butchered by MS-13 Says Trump Didn’t Go Far Enough with ‘Animals’ Comment
  98. Islamists Brought to Justice on East, West Coasts
  99. Dick’s Gun Sales Policy Has Caused ‘Considerable Damage’ To Key Areas of Company’s Business
  100. WATCH: Record Number of Anti-Semites Running for Office in US
  101. CAIR: Hamas-linked CAIR, SPLC, ADL launch smear campaign against Bolton’s new chief of staff
  102. CAIR: CAIR Furious After Trump Trolls Muslim Groups With Ramadan Dinner Bait and Switch
  104. Weinstein Arrives At Court, Enters Plea Deal On Rape Charges
  105. Weinstein: Harvey Weinstein pleads not guilty to rape, sex charges
  106. Halper: OMG! Anti-Trump Deep State Spy Stefan Halper Was Busted on Crack Cocaine Charges!
  107. Blackwater: Why are feds trying to hide info on Blackwater?
  108. Gun Control Push Backfires as Sales Hit All-Time High
  109. Navy SEAL Vet Takes Apart David Hogg’s School Safety Plan Piece by Piece
  110. Steyer: Two-Thirds of People Signing Trump Impeachment Petition Don’t Vote
  111. More Black Voters Say They’re Better Off During Trump Presidency Than Did During Obama’s
  112. Kim Kardashian Thanks POTUS For Commuting Alice Johnson’s Life Sentence – Liberals Go Ballistic
  113. ACLU sues over plans for citizenship question on 2020 census
  114. Muslim refugee rape gangs may be on their way to America
  115. Amnesty talk, aided by GOP, keeps border busy
  116. Alice Johnson free after Trump commutes sentence
  117. Elderly Black Woman Trump Freed Gets Nasty Surprise From Dems
  118. Alice Johnson to Trump: ‘I Am So Grateful for Everything You’ve Done for Me and My Family’
  119. Report: 1 in 5 Federal Inmates Born Outside US
  120. Legal Immigrant Scorches Progressive Fascists He Found Trying To Take Over US
  121. Samantha Bee Lets Stunning Admission Slip During ‘Apology’
  122. You Don’t Get To Rewrite the Constitution Because You Dislike Donald Trump
  123. Arizona: US Veterans Uncover Underground Bunker Possibly Used for Child Trafficking Camp In Arizona
  124. Arizona: Update: ‘Child Trafficking Camp’ Discovered in Arizona is Located on Clinton Foundation Donor CEMEX Property
  125. Arizona: BREAKING: Vet Group Finds Pedophile Child Sex Camp Near Tucson – Local Law Enforcement Refuses to Help as Tensions Rise
  126. Arizona: Veteran’s Group in Arizona Confronts Police on Inaction – Finds Child’s Dead Body While Authorities Stand By
  127. Arizona: Investigative Report Catches Planned Parenthood in Systemic Sex Abuse Cover-Up
  128. California: Trump’s Border Wall Construction Underway with Specialized ‘Anti-Climbing Plate’
  130. California: Now It’s Against the Law in California to Shower and Do Laundry on the Same Day
  131. California: California To Fine Citizens Using Over 55 Gallons Of Water As Nestlé Pumps Billions Of Gallons For Free
  132. California: San Diego Makes Desperate Attempt To ‘Save the Environment,’ Looks To Ban Take-Out Containers
  133. California: One of the most vile anti-Semites is running for the U.S. senate
  134. California: California Inches Closer To Socialism, Offers Guaranteed Income To Residents
  135. California: California tops list as midterm matchups form
  136. California: Bay Area blues: Nearly half want to go … soon
  137. California: California Man Pleads Guilty to ISIS Planned Attack
  138. California: Muslim who plotted Christmas jihad massacre in San Francisco gets 15 years for supporting ISIS
  139. California: Calif. Assures Citizens Everything’s Fine After Losing Track of 118,000 Voters
  140. California: Voter Anger Over Gas-Tax Hike In California Fueled Cox’s Rise
  141. California: Dems Take Critical Loss in Calif. Primary
  142. California: As California Goes, So Goes the Nation – Agenda 21 and the 5G Weapons System
  143. Colorado: GAY MAFIA handed huge defeat in 7-2 U.S. Supreme Court decision involving a Christian baker
  144. Florida: Court agrees cops can withhold Bible from inmate
  145. Florida: Armed Felon Makes Catastrophic Mistake After Pulling His Weapon On Concealed-Carry American
  146. Georgia: Newly-elected Ga. official refuses Bible, takes oath of office on ‘Autobiography of Malcolm X’
  147. Georgia: Atlanta Child Trafficking Sting Operation Rescued 149 Children, Including a 3-Year Old
  148. Hawaii: Experts Warn Worst Could Be Yet to Come From Hawaii Volcano, as Mayor Vows to Rebuild With FEMA Help
  149. Houston: 13-Year Old Black Boy Lied about White Supremacists Robbing and Beating Him
  150. Illinois: Judge: ‘In God We Trust’ on money isn’t religion endorsement
  151. Illinois: Federal Court Shuts Down Satanist’s Attack on ‘In God We Trust’
  152. Illinois: Chicago Family Demands Answers After Police Handcuff 10-Year-Old Boy
  153. Illinois: Admin Over Adolescents: 7 Ways Illinois’ Bureaucracy Is Siphoning Money From Classrooms
  154. Indiana: Indiana teacher challenges district transgender name policy
  155. Indiana: Teacher Fighting for Job After Refusing District’s Demands to Call Students by ‘Transgender’ Names
  156. Iowa: Veteran Steps In After City Says It’s ‘Too Expensive’ to Fly American Flag
  157. Kentucky: Kentucky Joins States’ Assault to Boldly Condemn Pornography as Public Health Crisis
  158. Maryland: Pro-lifers urged medical waste co. to cut ties
  159. Massachusetts: Company Has Epic Response To Town’s Demand To Remove American Flags
  160. Minnesota: Minnesota Seeks to Insert ‘Social Justice’ in Teacher Licensing
  161. New York: UN Ambassadors from Around World Celebrate Israel in New York!
  162. New York: Dinesh D’Souza Sounds the Alarm: NY Attorney General Wants to Get Rid of ‘Double Jeopardy’ to Go After Me Again (VIDEO)
  163. New York: NYPD to Use Sharpshooters, Bomb-sniffing Dogs to Secure Israel Parade
  164. New York: Under guise of “diversity,” de Blasio announces plans to destroy NYC’s top high schools
  165. New York: New York State’s Sharia law: Ignore the U.S. Constitution
  166. New York: Commie West Point Grad Spenser Rapone Given “Other Than Honorable Discharge” from US Military
  167. Ohio: Immigration agents arrest 114 in landscaper sting
  168. Oregon: Trump Supporter Arrested for Disorderly Conduct After Violent Antifa Mob ATTACKED HIM
  169. Oregon: Oregon State University: Students asked not to eat in “shared spaces” during Ramadan so as to avoid offending Muslims
  171. Pennsylvania: Public Elementary School in Philadelphia Displays Anti-GOP and Anti-NRA Signs on Front Doors
  172. Pennsylvania: Video: SJW’s Take Over Philadelphia Schools
  173. Pennsylvania: Judge sides with Philadelphia in ‘sanctuary city’ fight
  174. Pennsylvania: Judge: DOJ must give money to law-breaking city
  175. UN: US Vetoes UN Attempt to Compromise Israel’s Security
  176. UN: Danon: Classify Hamas as a Terrorist Group
  177. UN: U.N. continues wearing blinders, ignores attacks on Israel
  178. UN: U.N. Accused of Doctoring Video to Erase Leading Pro-Israel Speaker’s Credentials
  179. UN: UN Plans to Deal with African Population Explosion by Forcing Mass Migration on the West
  180. Virginia: Frequent MSNBC guest associated with “Palestinian terrorist groups”
  181. Virginia: Publicly Open Pedophile Running for Office in Virginia Reveals How Foster Care is a Pipeline to Adopt Children as “Sex Toys”
  182. Virginia: WILD VIDEO: Police Engaged in High Speed Pursuit of Army Tank on I-95
  183. Virginia: Muslim who tried to join U.S. military to imitate Fort Hood jihadi gets 5 years for lying on applications
  184. Virginia: Virginia Delegate Supports Code of Ethics to Reign in Teachers’ Political Activism
  185. Washington State: Man Caught Allegedly Selling Military Secrets to China in Elaborate FBI Sting
  186. Washington State: Muslim YouTube user arrested after livestreaming bomb threat hoax at University of Washington
  187. West Virginia: U.S. School Kids Told to Declare Submission to Allah
  188. Wyoming: Iraq War Vet Jumps into Action, Saves Trooper’s Life After Seeing Suspect Reach for Gun


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  1. Netanyahu Did Not Ask to ‘Specifically’ Tap Mossad Chief’s Phone
  2. Netanyahu: Only Two Issues on Agenda During Trip to Europe, ‘Iran and Iran’
  3. Netanyahu Fighting Iran Nuclear Deal in Europe
  4. Netanyahu: Israel Works ‘To Prevent Humanitarian Collapse in Gaza’
  5. Netanyahu Says Iran’s Renewed Uranium Enrichment Aimed at Destroying Israel
  6. WATCH: Iran Deal Key Sticking Point for Netanyahu in Paris
  7. In France, Netanyahu Predicts Collapse of Iran Deal Under US Sanctions Pressure
  8. Assad ‘No Longer Immune’ from IDF Attack, Netanyahu Warns
  9. Economic Realities will End Iran’s Nuclear Plans, Netanyahu Tells Macron
  10. Netanyahu to French Jews: Israel Doing Everything to Make Immigration Easier
  11. Netanyahu to BBC: Peace Impossible with Those ‘Who Want to Destroy You’
  12. Liberman Blasts Lawmakers for Blocking Impeachment of Radical Arab Knesset Member
  13. Liberman: Ayatollah’s Uranium Enrichment Statement ‘a Sign of Hysteria’
  14. Liberman: We will ‘Settle All Accounts’ with Gaza Terror Groups, Liberman Vows
  15. Israeli Minister: Assad a ‘Monster’ but not Israel’s Problem
  16. Israeli Intelligence Minister: US-led Coalition will Fight Iran
  17. Israel: Palestinians Will Pay for Damage Caused by Fire Kite Terror
  18. Israeli Intelligence Foils Plot to Assassinate Netanyahu, Jerusalem Mayor, Other Officials
  19. Israeli Embassy Responds With Humor to Iran’s Threat to Eradicate Entire Country
  20. Israeli Minister: Fire Kite Terror Shows ‘Wretchedness’ of Our Enemies
  21. Knesset Committee Warns of Palestinian ‘Strategic Takeover’ of Israeli Land
  22. Knesset Exacts ‘Painful Price’ from Those Who Call to Boycott Israel
  23. Eyeing Turkish elections, Israel delays Armenian genocide debate
  24. IDF Pounds Terror Targets After Rocket Fire; Gazans Breach Israeli Border
  25. WATCH: How Israeli Scientists Are Solving World Hunger!
  26. WATCH: The Truth About ‘Innocent’ Gaza Rioters
  27. Israeli Firm Brings World’s Poultry Farms Into the Future
  28. IDF Bombs 15 Hamas Targets in Response to Rocket Fire from Gaza
  29. Israel In, China Out for World’s Largest Naval Exercise in Hawaii
  30. Amid rising tension with Iran, Israel to join largest int’l navy exercise
  31. In First, Israel Participates in Massive NATO Maneuver
  32. High Court to Decide Fate of Law Seeking to Legalize Settlements
  33. Israel Denies Reaching Deal with Russia on Iran Presence in Syria
  34. WATCH: Israel Develops Emergency Flying Vehicle
  35. Hasidic women fight for gender equality while saving lives
  36. WATCH: Trump’s Pivot Toward Israel Felt in Judea and Samaria
  37. Israel Accepted 6,000 Gazans for Medical Treatment in Past Four Months
  38. WATCH: Israeli Minister Clashes with Anti-Israel Activists
  39. Gazans Infiltrate Israel, Torch Heavy Equipment
  40. Terrorist Armed with Ax Killed on Gaza Border
  41. Ultra-Orthodox Party Threatens to Leave Government Over Military Deferrals
  42. Israel gives aid after Guatemala volcano erupts
  43. Israeli Aid Reaches Volcano-stricken Guatemala as Death Toll Climbs
  44. Israel Extends Condolences to Guatemala After Volcano Disaster
  45. Israel Praises Trump Administration’s New Approach to Combat U.N. ‘Hypocrisy’
  46. WATCH: Ancient Jewish Synagogue Rebuilt in the Golan
  47. Arabs Attack Jew Listening to Israeli Music in Berlin Train Station
  48. WATCH: Hi-tech Talent Seekers Praise Israel’s Unique Startup Culture
  49. Rabbis to Netanyahu: Israeli Security Tortured ‘Jewish Terrorists’ to Extract Confessions
  50. WATCH: World Ignores Anguish of Israelis Living Near Gaza
  51. IDF: Female Gazan Medic Killed Was ‘Not Intentionally Fired Upon’
  52. WATCH: IDF Officer Claims Recognizing Gaza as Sovereignty Entity is Key to Solution
  53. Israel: PA Taxes will Pay for Arson Damage in South
  54. Did Mossad Agents Assassinate Iranian Advisers in Libya?
  55. WATCH: From Zion Shall Come Forth… Technology and Innovation!
  56. WATCH: Israel Crushes Plastic Pollution!
  57. Israel, UK Announce ‘Landmark’ Scientific Cooperation Agreement
  58. Israel and France Celebrate 70 Years of Independence, Shared Values
  59. WATCH VIDEO: Catholic Priest Attacked in Bethlehem after Giving Refuge to Women Who Were Being Harassed
  60. Muslims Loudly Bang Drums At 2 AM For Pre-Dawn Ramadan Meal Face Arrest In Israel
  61. Israeli Intelligence Foils Islamic Plot to Assassinate Netanyahu, Jerusalem Mayor, Others
  62. French-Israeli Relations: Yesterday and Today
  63. Israeli Innovation is Taking ‘Smart Vehicles’ into the Future
  64. New Plan Pushed to Quintuple Jewish Population in Golan Heights
  65. IDF: Killed Palestinian Medic was ‘no Angel of Mercy’
  66. Expecting Unrest, IDF Drops Leaflets Warning Gazans not to Approach Border Fence
  67. WATCH: Israeli High Schools Train the Next Generation of Intelligence Agents
  68. Why History Still Matters: The 1967 Six-Day War
  69. IDF Soldier Describes Real Life on the Gaza Front
  70. Where is Our Temple? Are We Still Living with the Spies?
  71. IDF Fires First ‘Warning Shot’ at Arson Terrorists in Gaza
  72. WATCH: Israeli Scientists Use Nanotechnology to Treat Infant Cancer
  73. Outgoing IDF Commander: Israel Must Prepare for Escalation with Hamas


  1. Hundreds of Jailed Palestinians to Launch Hunger Strike
  2. Jordanians Protest Government’s Austerity Plan
  3. Jordan’s King Threatened by Protests as Prime Minister Resigns
  4. ISIS Leader’s Sinister Plan for the Future
  5. THIS is what sponsoring terrorism looks like
  6. Son of a Gazan speaks the truth about Israel
  7. WATCH: Hamas Chose Terrorism and Destruction Over a Better Future
  8. Starting Jihad Early: Parents Film Under-Fives Dressed as Heavily Armed Jihadis Storming an Israeli Building, Acting Out the Killing of an IDF Soldier
  9. Hamas’s Next Test
  10. Official Palestinian Daily Calls Trump ‘Copy of Hitler’
  11. As Fires Rage, Arson Lawsuit Targets Hamas’ Kite Terror
  12. WATCH: Will Jordan’s Regime Survive Public Unrest?
  13. Fire Jihad: Gaza Muslims Launch Fire Kites, Burn 6,000 Acres in Israel
  14. WATCH: Hamas Scorches Israel’s South with Fire Terrorism
  15. Watch: Gaza medic throws grenade
  16. Palestinians: A Story You Have Not Heard In The West
  17. Palestine – Failing the Test of History
  18. “Palestinians” to dress like Holocaust concentration camp prisoners in protest
  19. Palestinians: ‘Burn the Jews!’
  20. 10,000 Palestinians Riot on Gaza Border, Causing Nearly 20 Fires in Israel
  21. WATCH: Hamas ‘Lynch Mobs’ Tried to Kill Jewish Civilians, Warns Dershowitz


  1. Austria: Austria and Putin’s mutual appreciation society
  2. Austria: Austria to Shut Down Seven Mosques, Expel Dozens of Imams
  3. Belgium: Devout Muslim who murdered three while shouting “Allahu akbar” appeared in reports on “radicalism,” allowed to take a leave from prison
  4. Belgium: Devout Muslim who murdered 4 people told hostage he wouldn’t hurt her because she was Muslim and observing Ramadan fast
  5. Belgium: Brussels urges EU leaders to push ahead with Poland censure
  6. England: Child Marriage Just Took a Hit
  7. England: The MUST WATCH Video on the Imprisonment of Tommy Robinson
  8. England: VIDEO: Man blasted in face with shotgun during night of bloodshed in Sadiq Khan’s London
  9. England: Nine in 10 crimes in Britain are NEVER solved, as police hunt for online “islamophobia”
  10. England: May to Netanyahu: UK Disagrees with Israel on Iran Deal and Gaza Deaths 
  11. England: London Manhunt After Muslim STABS Mom and One-Year-Old Baby in Broad Daylight
  12. England: London Baby Stabbing: Man Arrested for Double Attack Was Muslim Migrant Awaiting Deportation
  13. England: Theresa May staggers over the line with Brexit plan
  14. England: How Brexiteers lost control of Brexit
  15. England: Baby born to transgender man could become first person without a legal mother
  17. EU: If You Run A Facebook Page, You’re Responsible For User Data, Says EU Court
  18. EU :Refugees land EU in hot water
  19. EU: EU faces Poland test
  20. EU: Strikes by interpreters to disrupt European Parliament
  21. EU: Report: EU Could Fine Google Next Month Over Android
  22. Europe: Europe Makes an About-Face on Israel
  23. Europe: Anti-Semitism is raging all across Europe
  24. Europe: International world still doesn’t understand Gaza conflict
  25. Europe: Europe is committing suicide, and here is how it happened
  26. Europe: Don’t put US bases in Poland
  27. Europe: Spineless, gutless European leaders work to undermine Trump: “No Leader Is Forever”
  28. France: Robert Spencer: Did a Muslim Screaming “Allahu Akbar” Disrupt the Pentecost Mass in a French Cathedral?
  29. France: Some of the Loudest Backers of Paris Climate Accord Are Bucking the Agreement
  30. France: Imam: Kids Listening to Music Become Monkeys, Pigs
  31. France: 170 Migrants Settle in Posh Paris Neighborhood to the Dismay of Its Wealthy Residents
  32. France: Truckers Warn of Migrant ‘Normandy Invasion’ After Illegals Abandon Calais
  33. France: Store Manager Pressured Into Removing Israeli Products by Muslim Customer
  34. France: French swimmer attempts Pacific Ocean crossing
  35. France: French President Suggests US Embassy Move Caused ‘People Dying’ in Gaza Riots
  36. France: Judges in Paris dismiss rape allegation made against Tariq Ramadan by third woman
  37. France: France’s fake news law will be used to silence critics, win elections
  38. France: Mayor asks Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior for help, police losing control of city
  39. France: Iraqi refugee who stayed in Calais ‘Jungle’ accused of being Isil executioner after dramatic arrest
  40. France: 50 Islamic Terrorists and 450 Radicalized Prisoners to be Set Free in 2019
  41. Germany: ‘BDS is Anti-Semitic,’ Confirms German Agency
  42. Germany: German Politician: Nazi Era a ‘Speck of Bird Poop’ in German History
  43. Germany: New Law Requires Crosses In All Bavarian Government Buildings
  44. Germany: Knife-wielding, “verbally aggressive” man rampages in cathedral, cops say no “terrorist or Islamist motive”
  45. Germany: Man rampaging with knife in cathedral shot by Berlin police
  46. Germany: ‘We will Push Iran Out of this Region,’ Vows Germany’s Merkel
  47. Germany: Ramadan in Germany: Muslims kick, punch Jews, say “If I see you again, I’ll slit your throat, you [expletive] Jew”
  48. Germany: Jewish Youths Attacked by Muslims in Berlin Train Station
  50. Germany: “Merkel Mouse” Bites “Tiger Trump”—Then Quickly Realizes It Was Worst Mistake Of Her Life
  51. Germany: Two Middle Eastern Migrants Suspected in Rape, Murder of Jewish Girl in Germany
  52. Germany: Antifa fascists disrupt, force cancellation of university event on Islamization
  53. Germany: More than 100 German citizens fall victim to migrant crimes every single day
  54. Germany: Jewish girl raped and murdered by Muslim migrants
  55. Germany: Merkel Implicated in Migration Agency Scandal Where 46 Devout Jihadis Were Granted Asylum for Money
  56. Germany: Germany targets the atom
  57. Germany: Head of Berlin think tank: Germans too often ‘misinformed’ on eurozone
  58. Germany: Time for Berlin to loosen the purse strings for Europe
  59. Germany: Merkel Urges Europe to Step Up in Trump’s New World Order
  60. Germany: Merkel Backs Macron’s European Army Initiative
  61. Hungry: Hungarian Foreign Minister: “Migration should not be managed, it must be stopped”
  62. Italy: What is the secretive Bilderberg gathering? Are they plotting the New World Order?
  63. Italy: ‘Heretic’ in the Vatican
  64. Italy: “Salvini, do you think you can stop our invasion? You think we’re gonna stop raping your women? You’re wrong.”
  65. Italy: Here comes Bilderberg — with talk of populism, U.S. leadership and the ‘post-truth’ world
  67. Italy: Conte breaks with EU, backs Trump’s call for Russia to return to G8
  68. Italy: New Italian PM is proud to be populist
  69. Netherlands: Denmark May Ban Circumcision of Children Under 18
  70. Netherlands: Mark Rutte: North’s quiet rebel
  71. Norway: Norwegian PM to UK: Why would you want our EU deal?
  72. Romania: Measles Outbreak in Romania Kills Dozens of Children
  73. Russia: Putin Orders Massive Naval Fleet To Atlantic As Trump Prepares For Full Scale Military Invasion Of Mexico
  74. Russia: The Saker: “Is Putin really ready to ‘ditch’ Iran?”
  75. Russia: Putin: Kiev Forces’ Advance In Donbass Region Would Have “Grave Consequences For Ukrainian Statehood”
  76. Russia: Vladimir Putin warns World War 3 will be the ‘end of civilization’
  77. Scotland: Ramadan in Scotland: Muslims threaten to murder a fellow Muslim for saying Ramadan fast isn’t required
  78. Spain: Spain’s Sánchez picks team to dispel ‘Frankenstein’ fears
  79. Sweden: Welcome to the new Islamic State of Sweden
  80. Sweden: Sweden Activates ENTIRE “Home Guard” – 40 Battalions of Civilians Mobilized to Military Service
  81. Switzerland: Man who takes lives accused of taking money, too
  82. Switzerland: Swiss senate rejects ban on foreign funding of mosques
  83. UK: Hizballah flags again fly in London for Al-Quds Day march against Israel
  84. UK: The Rape of My Daughter Mary
  85. UK: Muslim fake “child refugee” gets just three and a half years for violent rape of 14-year-old girl
  86. UK: Ramadan in UK: Muslims run over teen rugby star, hit him with golf club, give him fractured skull and brain bleeding
  87. UK: 18-year-old Muslima plots grenade and gun jihad attack on British Museum
  88. UK: Over 40% of Jihad-Terrorists Jailed in Past Decade Will Be Released in 2018, Including Imam Who Called For Execution of Pamela Geller and Incited London
  89. UK: More Than 23,000 People Are a Terror Threat to UK, Home Office Says, on London Bridge Attack Ceremony
  90. UK: State Officials on Life in U.K. Today: Islamic Jihad Is the New Normal
  91. UK: Firefighter suspended for expressing support for Tommy Robinson
  92. UK: UK’s Independent laments: “Far-right nationalists are winning elections or gaining new ground across Europe”
  93. UK: Firefighter ‘suspended’ after writing support for Tommy Robinson
  94. UK: U.K. Supreme Court Dismisses Challenge to Northern Ireland’s Abortion Laws
  95. UK: UK Calls on Israel to Conduct ‘Independent Inquiry’ Into Gaza Deaths
  96. UK: Michel Barnier pours cold water on UK Brexit backstop plan
  97. UK: UK officials float third way Brexit customs compromise
  98. UK: Thousands of Children in the UK Foster Care System Are Being Sold to Pedophile Rings
  99. UK: Muslim migrant raped a young woman on a night out to celebrate her 18th birthday after pretending to help her


  1. Afghanistan: Ramadan in Afghanistan: Jihadis dressed as US soldiers try to shoot their way into Afghan Interior Ministry
  2. Afghanistan: Ramadan in Afghanistan: Muslims murder archaeologist, injure three others with roadside bomb
  3. Afghanistan: Ramadan in Afghanistan: Muslim murders eight near gathering of Muslim clerics calling for peace
  4. Afghanistan: Muslim Clerics Bombed Hours After Declaring Fatwa on Suicide Attacks
  5. Afghanistan: Ramadan in Afghanistan: 80 girls’ schools close over Islamic State threats to bomb them
  6. China: Loch Ness Monster in China? Mysterious creature in lake terrifies tourists
  7. China: China Makes Huge Offer to US in Effort to Avoid Trump’s Tariffs
  8. China: Gardasil HPV Vaccine Acceptance into China Creates Instant Billionaires
  9. China: China To Send Fighter Jet Escort For Kim When He Arrives In Singapore On Sunday
  10. China: Chinese hackers obtained sensitive Navy undersea warfare plans…
  11. India: Muslim ruler celebrates Ramadan: “He butchered many people and demolished all Hindu temples in his kingdom”
  12. Indonesia: Ramadan in Indonesia: Muslims force closure of church
  13. Iran: WATCH: Iranian Children Refuse to Step on Israeli, US Flags
  14. Iran: WATCH: Iranian Official Slams Russia’s Demand to Leave Syria
  15. Iran: Iranian Teens Uncover Hair in Latest Protest
  17. Iran: We Won’t Leave Syria
  18. Iran: Iran’s Supreme Leader: We will Increase Nuclear Enrichment Capacity
  19. Iran: Iran’s Supreme Leader Threatens to ‘Eradicate’ Israel, Restarts Nuclear Activity
  20. Iran: Renewing Iran Sanctions is Catalyst for Regime Change
  21. Iran: Reality Check: Iran Isn’t Going Anywhere
  22. Iran: Iran Prepares to Start Uranium Enrichment: Another Step Closer to War
  23. Iran: Iranian President Demands Mass Demonstration for Anti-Israel ‘Quds Day’
  24. Iran: Report: Iran Paid Off Families of Dead Gaza Rioters
  25. Iran: Rouhani and Putin to Discuss US Exit from Nuclear Deal
  26. Iraq: Ramadan in Iraq: Islamic State jihadis murder family of 12 in northern Iraq
  27. Iraq: Ramadan in Iraq: Muslims attack beat restaurant workers for serving food during Ramadan, two hospitalized
  28. Iraq: At Least 20 People Killed, 110 Wounded In Double Bombing In Iraqi Capital
  29. Iraq: Powerful Shi’ite Cleric: Jews Can Return to Iraq if They Show Loyalty
  30. Iraq: Iraqi migrant accused of raping and killing teen girl to be returned to Germany
  31. Malaysia: Malaysia’s new Prime Minister: “We will not do anything contrary to Islam”
  32. Myanmar: Rohingya: We attacked police outpost, then Muslim leader “told us to set fire our houses and run to Bangladesh”
  33. North Korea: Kim Jong Un Has Major Regime Change Ahead of Historic Summit Meeting With Trump
  34. Pakistan: Muslims murder prominent Sikh leader Charanjit Singh
  35. Syria: Assad threatens to expel U.S. troops from Syria by ‘force’
  36. Syria: Is Biblical King Og Rematch About to Take Place In Syria?
  37. Syria: Satellite images show US expanded Tanf base as Syrian Army prepares offensive in the south (pic)
  38. Syria: Turkey and the US endorsed a roadmap on Manbij
  39. Syria: Amnesty Claims US-led Coalition Disregarded Civilian Lives in Syria
  40. Syria: A massive explosion at the Syrian Arab Army’s Abu Dhuhour Airbase near Idlib
  41. Syria: Syrian War Report – June 7, 2018: Kurdish Leadership Declares Readiness For Direct Negotiations With Damascus
  42. Syria: Syrian War Report – June 6, 2018: YPG Forces Withdraw From Manbij
  43. Syria: Syrian Liberation Front To Merge With Several Free Syrian Army Groups – Report
  44. Syria: Syrian Forces Stop US Military Column On Road Near Syria’s Qamishli (Video)
  45. Syria: Iraqi Air Force Destroys ISIS Command Center In Syria’s Hajin
  46. Syria :SDF forces continue fighting ISIS
  47. Syria: New Possibilities to Restore the Economy in Syria (industrial map)
  48. Syria: Whether ISIS Offense or Not?
  49. Syria: Locals in Northern Aleppo Protest against Turkey-Backed FSA Militants
  50. Syria: Syrian Army Repeals ISIS Attack near Albukamal
  51. Syria: BREAKING: A Huge explosion reported near US-French base in northern Syria
  52. Syria: Syrian Army Detects Saudi-Made Chemical weapons in Terrorists’ Positions in Southern Damascus
  53. Syria: Who and What is Destabilizing Situation in the North of Syria?
  54. Syria: Syrian Army Repulsed ISIS Heavy Offensive in Deir Ezzor
  55. Syria: First Ground Operation Begins with the Participation of French Contingent in Syria
  56. Syria: 10 Civilians Killed in US-led Coalition Air Raid on Northeast Syria
  57. Syria: Intentional Coalition was hugely criticized for Raqqa’s campaign by the Amnesty International
  58. Syria: Militants use Turkish military presence to attack Syrian Army
  59. Syria: HTS’ Average Monthly Income in Idlib is Revealed
  60. Syria: Syrian FM: US-led Coalition’s attacks against civilians a retribution for their refusal to join separatist militias
  61. Syria: More locals Killed in coalition air raid in Eastern Syria
  62. Syria: Breaking News: Syrian Army initiates a powerful night attack in eastern Daraa
  63. Syria: How to Legitimize the Attacks and Sanctions over Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen or even North Korea?
  64. Syria: WATCH: Will Syria’s Assad Meet with Kim Jong Un?
  65. Syria: International al-Quds Day in Damascus (photos)
  66. Syria: SAA Managed to Dislodge ISIS from al-Aashrafiya and al-Avra
  67. Taiwan: Taiwan conducting war games simulating repelling Chinese attack amid heighted tensions
  68. Turkey: Turkish Twitter Posts Praise Adolf Hitler: ‘I Wish He Had Killed All Of Them’


  1. Kenya: Panic as second huge crack opens in Kenya, Home to 10,000 households
  2. Libya: Ramadan in Libya: Muslims attack security checkpoint, killing a woman who was passing through with her family
  3. Mauritania: Death Penalty ‘Now Mandatory’ for All Who Blaspheme Against Islam in Mauritania
  4. Nicaragua: How Nicaragua’s revolutionaries turned their guns on their own people
  5. Niger: Ramadan in Niger: Muslims murder 10 people with jihad suicide bombings at rival mosque
  6. Nigeria: Devout jihad bomber kills four, Muslims attack Catholic seminary, priest “badly wounded”
  7. Somalia: U.S. Military Announces Airstrikes Killed 27 Terrorists in Somalia
  8. South Africa: If You Think The Water Restrictions In California Are Tough, Check Out Cape Town
  9. South Sudan: South Sudan’s latest civil war atrocities kept out of sight
  10. Uganda: Ramadan in Uganda: Muslims declare jihad, attack Christian preachers, accuse them of “despising Islamic teachings”


  1. Australia: AMAZING: Australian Interview Takes Shocking Pro-Israel Turn!
  2. Australia: TV star faces “racial vilification” hearing for saying Muslim immigration should be stopped
  3. Australia: Muslim gouges out wife’s eyes and slaughters her in front of their three young children
  4. Australia: Muslim brothers scream “we’re going to kill you, we need you dead” at mother because she left Islam
  5. Australia: Muslims plotted jihad mass murder on airplane with bombs hidden in Barbie doll
  6. Australia: Muslim brothers threaten to murder their mother because she left Islam
  7. Australia: Muslim who joined the Islamic State says head of Australian charity pushed him to do so


  1. Canada: G7 and Trump: Can’t live with him, can’t live without him
  2. Canada: As G-7 Fractures In Canada, Putin Meets Xi In China
  3. Canada: Leftist candidate condemns “Islamophobia” in attempt to gain Muslim votes
  4. Canada: Three Muslims sexually assault 14-year-old girl
  5. Canada: Police searching for Muslim who forcibly confined, assaulted, and threatened a women over two day period
  6. Canada: Justin Trudeau Accused Of Groping Woman
  7. Canada: Canada’s Right Turn: Conservative Doug Ford wins Ontario’s provincial election!
  8. Canada: “We have taken back Ontario”: Doug Ford leads PCs to majority government
  9. Guatemala: The world just changed for a lot of people: Guatemala’s Fuego volcano violent erution kills 25 and injures 300 with many more missing (videos)
  10. Nicaragua: Leftist Nicaraguan Tyrant Meets Uprising With Deadly Force


  1. Argentina: Death Threats Caused Argentina to Cancel Jerusalem Soccer Match
  3. Venezuela: Collapse of Venezuela perfectly demonstrates what happens when Left-wing governments confiscate everything from productive members of society to REDISTRIBUTE in the name of “equality”


World Financial News Banner


  1. New warnings about cuts to Social Security and Medicare are a reason to worry
  2. Much Sooner Than Expected: Medicare Will Be Insolvent By 2026 And Social Security To Follow
  3. Audio Alert: New Social Security Funding Jitters in Washington
  4. Weekend Reading: Social Insecurity
  5. It’s Official: Medicare Trust Fund Will Run Out Of Money In 8 Years
  6. 15 Signs That America’s Middle Class Is Being Systematically Destroyed
  7. Why Trump is targeting G-7 nations on trade
  8. The Era of American Complacency on Trade Is Over
  9. Dow posts best week since March as traders shake off G-7 trade jitters
  10. Dollar: Dollar, yen rise as traders seek havens amid tense G-7 meeting
  11. Dollar: The Almighty, Err, The All Confusing Dollar: Is It Going Up, Down, Or Sideways From Here
  12. Black Unemployment Hits Another Record Low in Trump Economy
  13. Stocks: Tech Stocks at Record Highs
  14. Stocks: Money flows in 11 popular tech stocks suggest a contrarian signal is coming up
  15. Stocks: Fund Manager Asks: Are We About To Have Another Blow-Off Top In Stocks?
  16. Stocks: Bullish sentiment hits highest level since February as stock rally charges on
  17. Stocks: ‘Something lurking out there’ will upset the stock market, says Blackstone’s Wien
  18. Stocks: Goldman Urges “De-Risking Strategies In Stocks” As Credit Tumbles
  19. In Stockton, Calif., crime does pay as Universal Basic Income goes into effect
  20. Why are 33 million working age adults with no disability out of the labor force?
  21. President Trump follow through on steel and aluminum tariff threat against Canada, Mexico and Europe
  22. Facebook Investors Take Zuckerberg to Task
  23. Oil: Latest Drop in Oil Prices Puts OPEC in a Bind
  24. Oil: How Low Will Crude Go Before It Rallies?
  25. Oil: “Its’ Crazy”: Texas Roiled By Unprecedented Labor Shortage As Shale Industry Hires “Just About Anyone”
  26. PREPARE! The NEXT $ Crisis THEY Don’t Need YOUR Labor! (Video: 4:40 minutes long.)
  27. Apple Slashes Production and Stock Price Follows
  28. McDonald’s Plans to Lay Off Workers as it Streamlines Management
  29. Target Makes Big Leap in the Delivery Wars Against Amazon, Walmart
  30. $1.1 Billion in Cryptocurrency Has Been Stolen this Year
  31. CEO says cryptos could replace U.S. dollar as reserve currency
  32. MAGA: In Just 2 Months, Trump Reduced National Debt Enough to Pay for Wall
  33. Vanguard thinks its own employees should own this fund, not the S&P 500. They’re right
  34. Bitcoin: Another wave of selling could be on the horizon, bitcoin analyst says
  35. Bitcoin: Ron Paul: The Dollar Will Crash And The Govt Is Too Involved With Bitcoin To Call Bitcoin A “Hedge”
  36. Bitcoin: Bitcoin – The Next Level
  37. The number of days homes spend on the market hits post-recession low
  38. Mortgage rates fall to 7-week low, as buyers catch a break
  39. America is house-rich but cash-poor. These businesses see opportunity
  40. About those millennial homebuyers: they’re getting younger and younger
  41. Porter Stansberry: Groundhog Day in the mortgage market
  42. Retirement: These 3 simple steps will help you prepare for retirement
  43. Retirement: “Immediate Retirement Payouts”: Hidden From The American Public
  44. Corporate bond market may be sending a red flag to stock-market investors: Goldman
  45. Long-term bull run for copper could see prices top $10 a pound: analyst
  46. Fed’s goal is to signal an ‘unhurried’ pace of interest-rate hikes
  47. The Fed Is 18 For 18 With Rate Hiking Cycles Ending In Huge Crashes And/Or Recessions
  48. “Bring It On” – Eric Sprott On The FOMC Rate Hke
  49. How Savvy Investors Do (and Don’t) Hedge against Inflation
  50. Former Fed Insider Tells Lynette Zang “Gold & Silver Are The ONLY Places You Can Hide”
  51. This is why you buy gold and silver
  52. Gold: Gold’s Break-Out Must Occur Within Months But It Could Happen At Any Time And It Looks Imminent
  53. Gold: Are you a contrarian or a victim?
  54. Ben Bernanke Says The U.S. Economy Is Going To Go Off The Cliff In 2020
  55. Silver: I Bought Silver… NOW WHAT?! (Video: 14:55 minutes long.)
  56. Silver: The Silver Price Suppressing Algorithms Were Written With Post-2013 Data And That Matters
  57. Silver: There Is A BIG MOVE Brewing In Silver And Probably SOONER Than Later
  58. Silver: Silver market could still hit $21 an ounce, says Sprott Asset Management
  59. Beyond Market Traders: Central Banks BEGGING The Fed To Stop Shrinking Its Balance Sheet
  60. How many banking scandals will it take to make a change?
  61. Nomi Prins: Central Bank-Inspired “Major Credit Squeeze” Will Trigger Next Crisis
  62. “It’s Just Like 1998”: Why One Bank Is Haunted By Visions Of Credit Tremors Bursting The Tech Bubble
  63. Larry Kudlow: A Horseman Of Economic Apocalypse?
  64. The Three Crises That Will Synchronize A Global Meltdown
  65. Polls Show Americans Are The Most ‘Optimistic’ They’ve Been In A VERY Long Time
  66. Keith Weiner Blows Paul Krugman’s Statement Out Of The Water That ‘Infinite Debt Is Okay’
  67. The Absence of Diplomacy Is Isolating The United States And Destroying The U.S. Economy
  68. Treasury Yields Flash-Crash And Then Recover As Gold Gets Dumped
  69. Will Power & Patience: The Difference Between Buying That Stack In 2011 Vs Buying Decades Ago
  70. Americans Get Massive Utility Bill Surprise After Trump Tax Cuts
  71. Precious Metals Represent Something True
  72. Money Metals Is the Best Place to Sell Your Metal (Even If We Don’t Think You Should)
  73. Total U.S. Public Debt & Interest Expense Hit A New Record High
  74. Here Are The Schools With The Best ROI In Each State
  75. The Politics Of Pretense: The Status Quo Is The Problem, But It Can’t Be Touched
  76. More High Yield Dominoes Fall: BofA Warns “Rates Are Falling Victim Of Their Own Success”
  77. “Really Bad Accidents” Can Happen: Why BofA May Be Hoping For A Market Crash
  78. Average New Vehicle Auto Payment Hits Record High $523 Per Month


  1. Canada: OMG WATCH THIS: As The G7 Bickers In Canada Watch Xi Give Putin The ‘Highest State Honor’ & A MASSIVE Gold Necklace
  2. Canada: City Officials Struggle To Fend Off “Unstoppable Juggernaut” Of Chinese Homebuyers


  1. Argentina Peso Plunges To New Record Low
  2. Venezuela: Bitcoin Buying Is On The Rise Again In Venezuela


  1. Greece: Greece Is No Longer The Ugliest PIIG In Europe
  2. Italy: Italy seats populist government as Reinhart calls Italian debt restructuring ‘unavoidable’
  3. Russia: Is This The Mysterious Russian Phenomenon That Is Booting Volatility Lower?
  4. UK: U.K. House Price Growth Subdued in May


  1. China: China Offers to Buy Nearly $70 Billion of U.S. Products to Fend Off Trade Tariffs
  2. China: How Petro Yuan Changes Everything! (Video: 3:24 minutes long.)
  3. China: China’s ZTE Will Pay $1B Fine in Deal with US
  4. China: Belt & (Yellow Brick) Road: China Is Absolutely Dominating The Global Gold Trade
  5. China: Is China Now Rigging All Currency Prices And Asset Prices?
  6. China: It’s The Demand, Stupid! Is China About To Burst The Black Gold Bubble?
  7. Turkey: Turkey Takes Back All Its Gold From The US And Ditches The Dollar


  1. Australia: Australia’s Sky-High Fuel Prices Are ‘Financing The Extravagance’ of Ultra-Wealthy, Oil-Rich Nations Like Saudi Arabia – Consumer Watchdog Warns


Earth News Banner

  1. Arizona: “Heat kills more people than floods hurricanes earthquakes and lightning combined.” Warning as Phoenix temps hit 110 deg F (43 deg C)
  2. Arkansas: Tens of thousands of fish endure a terrible stressful death after river dried up due to closed Keystone Dam and Zink Dam in Arkansas
  3. California: California fears “Big One” after quake strikes near Anaheim
  4. China: Bright fireball explodes over Jinghong City, China
  5. Colorado: Colorado wildfire forces hundreds to evacuate
  6. Florida: Mysterious sounds from the sky over Sanford, Florida baffle residents
  7. Guatemala: Violent eruption at Guatemala’s Fuego volcano leaves 6 killed and 20 injured
  8. Guatemala: Guatemala volcano kills dozens
  9. Guatemala: Dozens are still missing nearly two million people affected and a whole town is buried now a mag 5.2 quake Guatemala Fuego volcano
  10. Guatemala: A second eruption at Guatemala’s Fuego volcano causes panic as death toll raises to 75 with almost 200 missing
  11. Guatemala: UPDATE: Death toll rises to 62 killed and 300 injured from deadly volcanic eruption in Guatemala
  12. Guatemala: Ash covers more than half of Guatemala with dead crops a secondary disaster as the death toll hits 100 from Guatemala’s Fuego volcano
  13. Guatemala: At Guatemala volcano, families left on own to keep searching 
  14. Hawaii: More Hawaii residents leave homes as new lava threatens Big Island
  15. Hawaii: Lava Cuts Off Last Remaining Escape Route for Group of Hawaiians Stranded Without Food or Water
  16. Hawaii: Kilauea Volcano crater is compromised and is clearly unstable as 500 quakes and mag 5.5 explosion hit the stricken volcano in Hawaii
  17. Hawaii: Rainbow spotted in crater of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano
  18. Hawaii: Kilauea’s magnetic field goes OPPOSITE direction – sending compasses crazy
  19. Hawaii: BIRTH PANGS – All-Time Record 500 Earthquakes Hit The Big Island As Rivers Of Lava Pour Out Of Volcanoes In Hawaii And Guatemala
  20. Hawaii: Another explosion at Kilauea’s summit triggers a 5.4-magnitude quake causing an ash-cloud 10,000 ft into the Hawaiian sky
  21. Hawaii: Hawaii rocked by more than 12,000 earthquakes over the last 30 days
  22. Hawaii: Kilauea destroys 600 homes, marking its most destructive eruption in modern times
  23. Maryland: As pesticides and fungicides are wiping out the bees and insects so are fertilizers from agriculture causing algal blooms killing marine life
  24. Missouri: Ozarks rocked by massive boom, Meteor explosion suspected
  25. Russia: Hundreds of birds fall dead from the sky in Russia
  26. Experts warn of super storms and call for new category 6 for the oncoming Hurricane Season 2018
  27. Earth’s Crust In Turmoil
  28. ‘Bee Saving Paper’ is an Ingenious Way to Save Hungry Pollinators Around the World
  29. Is The Planet’s Hydrologic Cycle Screwed Up By Weather Geoengineering?
  30. Microplastics May Heat Marine Turtle Nests and Produce More Females
  31. Global Warming on Ice and Deep Sixing the Democratic Party
  32. DEVELOPING: Earthquake swarm detected under dormant Parinacota volcano, Chile-Bolivia


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Thank Pres. Trump for denying Title X funding to Planned Parenthood

President Donald Trump stated on the campaign trail that Planned Parenthood locations should receive no federal funding for health related services as long as they perform abortions.

“When I ran for office, I pledged to stand for life,” President Donald Trump said in a recent speech to pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List. “And as president, that’s exactly what I’ve done. And I have kept my promise, and I think everybody here understands that fully.”

President Trump made good on that promise by making a recent change to federal policy denying Title X federal funds to facilities performing or referring for abortions, including the nation’s largest abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

The policy change will now make possible the allocation of federal funds, as much as $60 million, for health related services at nearly 15,000 community health centers in comparison to less than 700 Planned Parenthood centers.

The executive policy change will not, however, affect the several hundred million in federal funding Planned Parenthood receives via Medicaid reimbursements for health care. Reallocating these Medicaid dollars away from Planned Parenthood and to community health centers will require federal legislation, and the U.S. Senate and House Republican leadership have failed to make good on their promise to defund Planned Parenthood.

President Trump is to be commended for using his executive authority to make good on his promise to deny federal funding to facilities performing or referring for abortions.


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  1. Scientists discover ‘Mother of All Lizards’ in the Alps
  2. Discovering the lost Tabernacle in Shiloh today
  3. Ancient Persians Were Familiar With Chemical Warfare 2,000 Years Ago
  4. How Did The Early Rapa Nui People Put Huge Hats On Giant Statues Of Easter Island?
  5. Viminacium Ancient Roman Camp: Sarcophagus With Skeletons, Rich Grave Goods Found In Serbia
  6. Lost City Of Irisagrig Comes To Life In Ancient Stolen Tablets
  7. Drones Discover 25 Never-Before-Seen Geoglyphs Near Famous Nazca Lines
  8. Who Were The First Icelanders?
  9. Mummy hair reveals ancient Peruvians enjoyed seafood and beer
  10. Archaeologists discover remains of medieval knight with extensive jousting injuries
  11. The mummified monk inside a Buddha
  12. Inaccuracies Found in Radiocarbon Dating Calibrations Could Change Historical Timelines
  13. Discovery of Three Chariots in India Suggests Warrior Class of Ancient Civilization
  14. Rapa Pyramid and the Mummified Family of Poland
  15. Ashes from Santorini’s cataclysmic Volcanic Eruption Found in Smyrna Excavation
  16. The Magna Carta: Did a Tyrannical English King really Set the Stage ofr Liberty?
  17. The Mabinogion: Ancient Welsh Tales Bridging the Celtic Mindset and the Otherworld
  18. Rock Hewn Grave is Named ‘Tomb of the Athlete’ due to Novel Grave Goods
  19. Magic Mountains and Sea Serpents: the Secrets of Early Arctic Maps
  20. Skeleton found at shipwreck site is a reminder of a brutal massacure off the Australian coast
  21. Roman Skeletons Adorned in Jewelry Found in Serbia
  22. The Eerie Balbal Statues of the Eurasian Steppe
  23. WW1 Souvenir? Or Proof Ancient Egyptians Sailed to Australia
  24. Ancient Coptic text revealed to be divination tool for predicting the future
  25. The Remote Irish Monastery Where Medieval Christianity Meets Fictional Jedi Spiritualism
  26. Giant Finger of Emperor Constantine Found At Last
  27. The Battle of Mount Gilboa: King Saul’s Defeat and Death
  28. 2,800-Year-Old Face, Possibly of Biblical King, Found in Israel


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Messianic Age – The 1000 years of peace and beyond – Part 5: The A-Z on the Millennial Reign Also Called the Messianic Age, Thousand Years Peace Period (Understanding The Messianic Age)

Constitution, Administration, Temple, Priests, Worship, and the End of the 1000 years:

Not much is known or written about the Believer’s destiny into the future, especially not from a Hebraic mind-set; the mind-set of Yeshua, our King and Saviour!

The Messianic Era will be one of tremendous prosperity. It will leave humankind with ample free time as the pursuit of riches and wealth will be no more, meaning war will cease to exist. Because of these prosperous conditions all the nations of the world will be preoccupied with one pursuit: the study of GOD and His Teachings. Moshiach will reveal profound previously unknown dimensions of GOD’s Word. Furthermore, while our present-day knowledge of GOD is limited to intellectual perception, during the Messianic Era we will actually “see” what we are studying.

Also, with the rebuilding of the Holy Temple we will resume the worship on a complete new level. The prophets depict the Messianic Era as a miraculous one regarding fantastic miracles that will be commonplace during the Messianic Era.

One of the most significant facts relating to the Messianic Era doctrine is the teaching that the Millennial Kingdom is a rule of GOD on earth, thereby distinguishing it from a purely spiritual reign in the hearts of men through centuries of human history. The King of Kings ruling on earth distinguishes it from the will of GOD as expressed in eternity future. Psalm 2:8 records the invitation of the Father to His blessed Son: “Ask of me, and I will give thee the nations for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.”

Isaiah 11 paints the graphic picture of the reign of King Moshiach on earth, a scene which cannot be confused with the present age or the eternal state if interpreted in any normal literal sense. As presented, it vividly describes the Messianic Era and the righteous government of King Moshiach.

Come and embark on a futuristic journey to learn about the biggest mystery in human history; your destiny into eternity…

Some of the topics covered for this mysterious period are:

• The Eternal Constitution of the World.
• The Word: Changed to a Deeper Dimension.
• Holistic Overview of the Messianic Age Structure.
• The Structure and Administration of the Messianic Age.
• Characteristics and Dynamic of the Kingdom.
• The Nations and Worship.
• Messianic Age Temple Overview.
• Description of the Messianic Age Temple.
• Living Water Will Flow From the Temple.
• Temple Priests and Ordinances.
• End of the Seventh Thousand Year: The Messianic Era Closure.

(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


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  1. Why You Need to Quit Attaching Records to Your Family Tree, and What to Do Instead
  2. Is Ancestry LLC the Devil? Or Just his Little Brother?
  3. 15 Ways to Solve Your Family History Mystery Once and for All
  4. Indiana Husband & Father Who Disappeared in 1993 is Discovered Via Ancestry Search
  5. NEW! – Irish Research – A Practical Guide
  6. Military Naturalization Records – Finding a Soldier Ancestor
  7. The Genealogy Guys Podcast #344
  8. Memorial Day 2018: Remembering a Revolutionary War Hero
  9. Meghan Markle Not the First With African Ancestry to Marry Royalty?
  10. 10 Unique Genealogy Gifts for Father’s Day
  11. GDPR Regulations Cause Sites Used by Police to Shut Down – WhoIs is One of Them
  12. Words of Wit and Wisdom by Mark Twain!
  13. Another Cold Case Solved Using DNA
  14. Historical Jurisdictions of Texas, 1691-1896
  15. DNA Testing May Lead to Arrest – Not Necessarily Yours, But a Blood-Relative
  16. R.I.P. Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck
  17. ParabonA® Announces SnapshotA® Genetic Genealogy Service for Law Enforcement
  18. The Prize Papers Projects
  19. Tracing Your Irish Ancestors, Fourth Edition – Still the Standard Reference for Irish Rese
  20. Finding Your Irish Ancestors in New York City — A terrific guide for those searching for Irish
  21. Maine Archives: 109 Newspapers for Genealogy Research
  22. New – Hoffmann Heraldry and Genealogy: A Geographical Perspective – 15% Off
  23. On This Day: Danica Patrick Became the First Woman to Lead the Indy 500
  24. Pension Files of the United States Colored Troops
  25. New Records Available To Search at FindMyPast Friday, June 1, 2018
  26. ICANN Files Suit to Protect WHOIS Database
  27. Arkansas State Archives Launches WWI Digital Exhibit
  28. Genealogy Tip: Find Bar Mitzvah Notices in Newspapers
  29. The Scots/Irish Emigration of the 1700’s
  30. How To Perform Your Genealogy Searches More Successfully
  31. How To Research Your Ancestor’s Estate Record
  32. How To Find Your Ancestor’s Death Date
  33. How To Research Your Ancestors in a Location You Cannot Visit
  34. Need a Little Extra Money? You’ll Soon be Able to Sell and Rent Your DNA and more…
  35. Runaway Connecticut
  37. MK Eichler wants to Establish a National Genealogy Database for Israel and more…
  38. Plains to Peaks Collective Shares Historic Collections from Colorado and Wyoming with the Digital Public Library of America
  39. Are You a Family Historian or a Name Collector?
  40. Comment About the Recent Cybersecurity Incident at MyHeritage
  41. New York City Board of Health Adopts Amendment to Article 207 Expanding Those Who May Access Birth and Death Records Without Embargo Periods
  42. Military Hints now Available on Findmypast Family Trees
  43. TheGenealogist adds more records to its new 1921 census substitute
  47. These Genealogy Pros Are Sharing Their Research Secrets
  48. Google is Changing How We Interact With Our Photos
  49. MyHeritage News: Pedigree View Update, New Records, and More
  50. Are We All Royalty? Mathematics Seems to Prove It
  51. The United States Under the Articles of Confederation: A Forgotten History
  52. New Historical Records Released on FamilySearch During the Week of June 4, 2018 and more…
  53. The U.K. National Archives is Investigating the Use of Blockchain for Records Sharing
  54. Findmypast Publish New Suffragette Records Online for the First Time
  55. Genealogy Databases and the Future of Criminal Investigation
  56. Are You New to Genealogy?


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  1. A professor of toxicology explains how EMFs cause biological damage and even cancer
  2. 5G Mini Cell Towers—“Junk Yards On A Pole”—Will Affect Your Lifestyle More Than You Know
  3. 5G Woefully Lacking In Safety Issues—Are FCC And ICNIRP To Blame?
  4. Factual Microwave Radiation Research Consumers Need To Know Before Embracing 5G
  5. Will 5G Technology Bring About Human Extinction?
  6. Manuals Warn: Keep Cell Phones and Wi-Fi AWAY from Body But Industry Silent on Dangers
  7. Large-scale study links cell phone radiation and brain cancer
  8. The Killing Fields And Mind Control Of Microwave Radiation – TETRA Anyone?
  9. Opioids Found in Seafood
  10. Steer Clear of This Meat, up to 4 in 10 Are Infected With Lethal Neurological Disease
  11. How This ‘Lifesaver’ Could Actually Take Your Life


  1. Cancer: Biologist discovers one molecule that makes naked mole rats almost immune to cancer
  2. Cancer: Amazon has a secret Laboratory, Working on cancer research and other “ventures”
  3. Cancer: Here’s why you should avoid a high-carb diet if you have cancer
  4. Cancer: Fighting Cancer with Cannabis
  5. Cancer: Woman with Late-Stage Breast Cancer Has Life Saved by Groundbreaking Treatment
  6. Cancer: Woman Who Appeared on HGTV Diagnosed with Cancer After Viewer Spots Lump
  7. Cancer: Mango Lowers Inflammation, Helps Prevent Cancer
  8. Cancer: New experimental cancer cure helping some patients when chemotherapy fails
  9. Vaccines: Merck accused of fast tracking Gardasil for financial gain; judge orders the drug company to prove the effectiveness of this vaccine
  10. Vaccines: FBI Turns Against Anti-Vaccine Doctor After She Reports Death Threats
  11. Vaccines: The criminalization of science whistleblowers: A mind-blowing interview with Judy Mikovits, PhD
  12. Vaccines: Kat Von D in Vax Shaming Firestorm After Declaring She Will Not Vaccinate Unborn Child
  13. The Name Monsanto is Gone – Bayer Will Drop Name From New Mega Corporation
  14. German Company Bayer Approved to Buy Out Monsanto: “A Marriage Made in Hell”?
  15. Years before merging with Monsanto, BAYER apologized for role in Nazi death experiments which used chemical weapons similar to pesticides
  16. Monsanto Relied on These “Partners” to Attack Top Cancer Scientists
  17. These Farmers Switched to Organic After Pesticides Made Them Sick
  18. Medical Despotism, the AMA’s and Wikipedia’s Offensive Against Chiropractic
  19. Top 10 health HAZARDS commonly associated with eating conventional meats
  20. Eat healthier AND save money by growing your own food at home
  21. Startup creates the world’s first collapsible, reusable straw that you can attach to your keychain
  22. The Ultimate ‘Lung Foods,’ an Important Read if You’re Over 30
  23. Cooking Tomatoes Increases Lycopene and Beneficial Bacteria
  24. Top 23 Health Benefits Of Tomatoes That You Should Know
  25. Why Fish Is the Ultimate Superfood
  26. What Should You Eat When You Have a Stomach Virus?
  27. Parents Jailed, 15-Year-Old Kidnapped by Gov’t, For Using Cannabis to Stop His Seizures
  28. Analysis: There Is a Meth Crisis in America
  29. Allergic to peanuts? Probiotics found to be effective at ending the threat – naturally
  30. Explaining the obesity paradox: It’s muscle mass, not fat, that helps you live longer
  31. Why you should begin homesteading today
  32. Millions Are Catching on, Popular Prevention Health ‘Fact’ Doesn’t Smell Right
  33. Early Microbial Exposure Prevents Leukemia
  34. Low Iodine In Women Before Pregnancy Associated with Lower IQ in their Children
  35. Constant Interruptions From Smartphone Can Impact Brain Chemistry, Scientists Say
  36. Learning from the Russian woman who died after a botched surgery: Here’s what happens when you get injected with embalming fluid
  37. Treating shingles with homeopathy
  38. A ‘flawed’ study that only hurts more children
  39. A Tough Cell for Embryonic Research
  40. Study Reveals 45% of American Teens Are Online “Almost Constantly.” Research Reveals Software and WiFi Radiation Causes Addicted Behavior
  41. Sulforaphane May Prevent Alzheimer’s
  42. What You Need to Know About Epazote
  43. Everything You Need to Know About High Blood Pressure
  44. Medical Marijuana, Harry Anslinger and the Legal Challenge
  45. Walking Faster Found To Reduce Cardiovascular Death Risk Over 50 Percent
  46. Will the Extinction of Bees Really Mean the End of Humanity?
  47. Replacing wheat flour with pumpkin seeds is a sneaky way to improve your child’s diet
  48. What you should and should not eat before and after a workout
  49. The survivor prepper: Choosing the right vegetables to grow when SHTF
  50. Gut microbes can fight parasites: Probiotics may reduce infections, and severity of infections, in developing countries
  51. Migraines Reduced by Aerobic Exercise
  52. Anxiety, Heart Problems, Chest Pains, Cancer from EMR But “No Proof of Harm”
  53. Scientists Just Developed NEW Material that Can Regenerate Dental Enamel
  54. Beginner’s Guide to Making Herbal Remedies for Pets
  55. Study: Your immune system has a memory of illness
  56. How to rewire your brain to develop healthy relationships with your friends and family
  57. First-aid 101: How to identify and treat spider bites
  58. Eating more fruits and vegetables builds stronger bones
  59. How to Grow Radicchio
  60. 7-Year-Old Sister of Down Syndrome Baby Euthanized by Vanderbilt Hospital Still Not Returned to Family – State Wants Her Adopted
  61. Think Twice About Tonsil, Adenoid Removal
  62. New Blood Pressure Rules Could Prevent Many 2nd Strokes: Study
  63. The Keto Diet Is Popular, But Is It Safe?
  64. Blacks, Hispanics Suffer Second Bleeding Strokes More Often
  65. Human Trials Set for Experimental HIV Vaccine
  66. Job Strain Plus Heart Disease, Diabetes a Lethal Mix for Men
  67. Colonoscopies, Endoscopies Carry Greater Infection Risk Than Thought: Study
  68. Must-Have Foods & Supplements for Stopping Cognitive Decline
  69. Migraines Reduced by Aerobic Exercise
  70. 19 Benefits Of Apricot Kernel Oil For Beauty And Health
  71. 21 Reasons You Should Drink Algae Every Morning
  72. 10 Best Essential Oils For Arthritis And Muscle Pain
  73. Essential Oils That Could Help Your Headaches
  74. Essential Oils to Fight Infectious Biofilm in Hospitals
  75. 5 Life Lessons From The Morning Routines Of Successful People
  76. 3 Things Your Dreams Can Tell You About Your Health
  77. 5 Of The World’s Healthiest Spices You Should Be Eating
  78. Would You Drink Black Lemonade? Lose Weight, Remove Toxins And More
  79. This Amazing Relative Of Chocolate Can Improve Skin, Hair And More
  80. 8 Ways To Clean With Oregano Oil
  81. EMDR Therapy for Anxiety, PTSD & More: 5 Potential Benefits
  82. 18 Low-Carb Desserts You’ll Love
  83. 21 Easy Vegetarian Recipes for Beginners
  84. Top 15 High Selenium Foods & Their Benefits
  85. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (Tick Bite Prevention + 6 Natural Ways to Help Manage Symptoms)
  86. Pita Chips Pros & Cons: Healthy Snack or Processed Junk Food?
  87. 40 Healthy Smoothie Recipes
  88. 44 Creative Cranberry Recipes
  89. Black Bean Brownies Recipe
  90. Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread Recipe
  91. Keto Fat Bomb Recipe with Cinnamon and Almond Butter
  92. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (+ 7 Natural Ways to Help Relieve IBD Symptoms)
  93. Senna Tea: Healthy Natural Laxative or Gut Irritant?
  94. Does Your Shoulder Hurt? Thoracic Outlet Syndrome + 8 Exercises to Help Recovery
  95. Do an Elimination Diet to Uncover Food Allergies or Sensitivities
  96. Benefits & Dangers of IGF-1: Weight-Loss Promoter or Cancer Causer?
  97. Secret Detox Drink Recipe
  98. Dandelion Tea for Liver Detox, Healthy Skin & Stomach
  99. Black Tea: This Bold-Flavored Beverage Is Bursting With Benefits
  100. 11 Benefits of Cod Liver Oil: The Anti-Inflammatory Disease Fighter
  101. Top 10 Vitamin B5 Foods (Pantothenic Acid)
  102. Anti-Wrinkle Cream with Ginseng and Rosehip Seed Oil
  103. Best Butt Workouts — Great Butts Are Made, Not Born
  104. Knee Pain Relief — 6 Natural Treatments, Including Exercises
  105. Back Workouts: The Quickest Way to a Strong, Sculpted Back
  106. Infant Severely Burned by Garden Hose Left in Sun. Fire Department Posts Haunting Warning
  107. Study: Light While Sleeping May Increase Risk of Diabetes
  108. Know the Signs of Suicide, Save a Life
  109. US Suicide Rate Surges 30% Since 1999
  111. Defeating the “Spirit of Suicide”
  112. Suicide now 10th leading cause of death in the United States
  113. A primer on tooth sensitivity: What causes it and natural remedies to try
  114. Many mental illnesses are inflammation based: More and more science backs up a link between gut health and mental health
  115. The Political Significance Of LSD: What You’re Not Being Told
  116. GMO Golden Rice Lacks Nutritional Benefit Says FDA
  117. Bee Saving Paper Will Feed Hungry Bees When You Throw It Away
  118. How to Handle Underestimated Indoor Pollution, Which Can Be Worse than Outdoor Pollution
  119. Do This 5 Minutes Before Meals, Incredible for Digestion
  120. Here’s How to Make the Perfect Aioli
  121. Measles: Here’s What to Do if You Have This Viral Infection


  1. These energy-boosting herbs help keep you awake without the coffee jitters
  2. Don’t know how to cook your broccoli? Science proves that stir-frying is the best way to preserve glucosinolates
  3. Herbal Oil: Neem Oil Benefits and Uses
  4. Poor vision? Try this simple technology and get these highly revered supplements to naturally support your eyes
  5. Once revered as an exclusive royal delicacy, the pistachio nut is now being recognized as a great healing food
  6. Plays Second Fiddle to Carrots, This Veggie Is Loaded With Nutrients, Not Calories
  7. Spearmint Tea: Benefits and Nutrition Facts
  8. Mango Lowers Inflammation, Helps Prevent Cancer
  9. Herbs for regenerating bodily tissues with nutrition


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  1. Social Media: Anti-Trust Action Now: Tech’s Titans Tiptoe Toward Monopoly
  2. Social Media: Democrat Congressman Slams Facebook CEO over Data Sharing, ‘Sure Looks Like Zuckerberg Lied’
  3. Social Media: ‘Facebook Bans Imam for Slamming Terrorists’
  4. Social Media: Facebook Bug Set 14 Million Users’ Sharing Settings to Public
  5. Social Media: Facebook Launching More Than a Dozen News Shows this Summer
  6. Social Media: Facebook Confirms: Data Shared With Chinese Firms
  7. Social Media: Facebook Makes Horrifying Admission to 14 Million Users
  8. Social Media: Republican Congressman Devin Nunes Claims Drudge Report Is Being Censored by Twitter
  9. Social Media: Google Lists “Nazi” in GOP Search Results and Twitter Censors Drudge
  10. Social Media: Government & Social Media Companies Censor Anyone Questioning Official Narrative
  11. SPLC Tells Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, Which Organizations are ‘Hate Groups’
  12. Parents Look to Home Schooling As Leftists Take Over Public Schools
  14. Cheddar Man: Science as Propaganda (Video: 13:55 minutes long.)
  15. What’s With All the False Alarm Warnings from the Emergency Alert System Lately?
  16. The History of the “Come and Take It” Hat Is Deeper Than You Realize
  17. Clif high, Massive Pyramids Built by Giants in Antarctica & Is Planet 9 Ripping the Earth Apart? (Video: 1:59:25 minutes long.)
  18. New Details Emerge Of ‘Smallville’ Star’s Sex Slave Cult, And They’re Insanely Creepy
  19. Killer cyborgs with superhuman strength move a step closer after scientists combine muscles made from living tissue with a machine
  20. WATCH: Antisemitic Women’s March Co-Founder Condemns Founding of Israel as ‘Human Rights Crime,’ Israel Like North Korea
  21. Congressman Threatens To Drop Hammer On Google For Anti-Republican Bias
  22. STARBUCKS OUSTS Executive Chairman – Radical Lefty bites the employment dust
  23. 10 Facts About the United States Postal Service (USPS) That You Need To Know
  24. Almost Seven-in-Ten Americans Have News Fatigue, More Among Republicans
  25. International Scientific Conference Deems Evolution A “Hoax”
  26. Propaganda: Fight for the Minds of Children
  27. Star Wars – Preparing For War In Space
  28. NFL Announces Polarizing New Policy for the National Anthem
  29. Testimony of Ronald Bernard about heavily damaged children and our liberation (Video: 33:05 minutes long.)
  30. ‘Back in the Arms of Her Predator’: Why Traffickers and Abusers Send Young Girls to Planned Parenthood
  32. Video: Why We Need the K-12 Code of Ethics
  33. Video: Gender Propaganda in Kindergarten
  34. Video: Our Educational Horror System
  35. Pamphlet: Leftist Indoctrination in Our K-12 Public Schools
  36. New Pamphlet: “Leftist Indoctrination in Our K-12 Public Schools”
  37. Farmers Are Now Strapping Sheep Into CT Scanners To Check For Best Breeds
  38. Forget Agenda 21: UN’s 2030 Agenda Will ‘Transform The World’
  39. The U-2 Spy Plane: Still Flying Combat Missions 60 Years After Debut
  40. Black Ops Operator Comes Forward And Tells All: Cody Snodgres (Video: 1:04:10 minutes long.)
  41. These are the birthdays when you’re most likely to make real change in your life
  42. ‘Settled’ Evolution Science Turned on Head by New Discovery
  43. The people rethinking methods of execution
  44. Scared by Facebook? Wait til millennials are selling their data
  45. How a single submarine defeated the U.S. Navy
  47. Forbes Says Self-Reliant Homesteaders Are “Delusional” and “Mooching” Off “Civil Society”


  1. Google Will Push Everyone to the New Gmail This Fall, Whether They Want It or Not
  2. What is Google Smart Lock, Exactly?
  3. Google is Starting to Phase Out the Old Gmail Design
  4. Windows 10 FORCED Update…THIS is Why I’ll NEVER Buy a Microsoft Windows based Computer Ever Again! (Video: 4:10 minutes long.)
  5. How to Enable Focus Assist in Windows 10
  6. How to Track GPU Performance in Windows 10
  7. How to Enable Case Sensitive File and Folder Names on Windows 10
  8. The Best Places to Find Free Audiobooks (Legally)
  9. [READ] Millions of Free Ebooks
  10. How to Watch Apple’s Live Stream Events on Windows, Android, and Linux
  11. Apple Claims iOS 12 Will Speed Up Old Devices
  12. Apple’s New Measure App Uses AR to Measure Anything with Your iPhone
  13. Apple Announces Creepy ‘AI iPhone’
  14. iOS 12 Introduces “USDZ,” A New File Format Just for AR Video
  15. Major Announcements by Apple! The Best Stuff from WWDC 2018 (Video: 12:24 minutes long.)
  16. Siri is Getting Custom Voice Actions in iOS 12
  17. Carplay Will Support Google Maps, and Other Apps, in iOS 12
  18. iOS 12 Will Help You Fight Your iPhone Addiction
  19. iOS 12 Could Stop USB Devices From Cracking Your iPhone Passcode
  20. iOS 12 Speed Test: Here’s How Fast iOS 12 Runs on Older Devices
  21. FaceTime Will Support Up to 32 People on a Group Call
  22. Use Your Apple Watch as a Walkie Talkie, Coming Later This Year
  23. Quick Look Will Quickly Edit Files in macOS Mojave
  24. macOS Mojave Will Warn You When Malware Uses Your Camera or Microphone
  25. macOS Mojave Upgrades Screenshot Tools with Video Capture and Annotation
  26. Apple Strips Facebook & Twitter Integration from MacOS Mojave
  27. macOS Finally Gets a Proper Dark Mode
  28. macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode Puts Windows 10’s to Shame
  29. How to Get macOS Mojave-Style Desktop Stacks on Windows
  30. Your Seven Year Old Mac Can’t Run macOS Mojave, So Maybe Sell It Now
  31. Safari Battles Browser Fingerprinting and Tracking on macOS Mojave
  32. iPhones Are Getting Grouped Notifications in iOS 12
  33. How to Fix a 404 Not Found Error
  34. What’s the Latest Version of Microsoft Office?
  35. Why Viruses on Android Aren’t Really an Issue
  36. What Lenses Should I Buy for My Nikon Camera
  37. Why Bluetooth Headsets Are Terrible on Windows PCs
  38. Avira Free or Paid – How About Neither?
  39. How to Take Good Silhouette Photos
  40. How to Take Good Long Exposure Photos
  41. How to Make Ubuntu Look More Like Windows
  42. How to Create a Landscape Page in a Portrait-Oriented Word Document
  43. How to Watch Apple’s Live Stream Events on Windows, Android, and Linux
  44. Lenovo’s Notch-Free, Bezel-Free Screen Has a Notch and Bezel
  45. Best Cell Phone Plans for Single Lines
  46. The Best Standing Desk Mats For Aching Feet
  47. Would You Want Alexa or Google Assistant on Your Xbox One?
  48. Alexa Unofficially Works on Your Apple Watch
  49. Talk, text, and even use maps with no cell service thanks to this futuristic device
  50. Intel’s Got Some New Tricks to Try to Save Your Laptop’s Precious Battery
  51. Geekly Update 06 03 18
  52. Freeze or Blur? The Two Ways to Capture Movement in Photography
  53. Customize Firefox’s Color Scheme However You Want
  54. This Chrome Extension Makes GitHub Look Like Windows XP
  55. How to Easily Select a Block of Cells in Excel
  56. How to Get Android Files to Show up In the Chrome OS File Manager
  57. How To Sign Out Of Gmail
  58. Is Norton’s Paid Security Protection Worth It?
  59. How to Select and Use a Tripod
  60. What the &#%$ is a CryptoKitty?
  61. Favicons Are Finally Coming to Safari, Here’s How to Enable Them Now
  62. Browse Two Websites in One Tab With Firefox Side View
  63. Why a Touchscreen Mac Isn’t Happening
  64. How to Insert, Delete, and Manage Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word
  65. What Are assistant_service and assistantd, and Why Are They Running on my Mac?
  66. Which iPad Model Do I Own?
  67. Amazon’s Fire TV Cube Is a Fire TV and Echo Dot Squished Together
  68. 5 Spectacular Speakers With Support For Spotify Connect
  69. The 5 Best iPhone Battery Cases for iPhone 7 and 8
  70. What is Access Control
  71. Why You Get MORE Robocalls When You Opt Out
  72. Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft Expected to Announce Big Games at E3
  73. Why the Google Pixelbook is a Chromebook Worth $1000
  74. How to Turn Off YouTube’s Annoying Auto Playing Thumbnails on Android
  75. You Can Ask Netflix To Add TV Shows or Movies, But You Probably Don’t Have To
  76. How to Use Gmail With Microsoft Outlook
  77. How to View EXIF Metadata for Photos on an iPhone or iPad
  78. The Best Smart Thermostats For Homes (And Budgets) Of All Sizes
  79. [GOTCHA] WiFi Security Cameras
  80. Mobile Sensor Secret Tricks (Video: 2:57 minutes long.)
  81. Mobile Speaker Secret Tricks (Video: 2:55 minutes long.)
  82. How to Customize What Gmail’s Swipe Gestures Do
  83. Use CloudConvert to Convert a File from One Format to Another


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  1. 9 Bible verses for those struggling with depression
  2. Discerning Between US and THEM
  3. Just A Coincidence? On May 1 Chuck Missler Died – On May 31 Spelling Bee Winning Word Was “Koinonia”
  4. Statue of Mary in a NM church appears to be crying tears that smell like roses
  5. Torah Codes: The Dark Angel of the Left-Wing Battling Messiah
  6. What Christians Think of Muslims
  7. Christianity in the Shadow of Jihad
  8. Top Psychiatrist says “Demonic Possession” is REAL
  9. Sharing your faith with a Muslim in Algeria will result in jail time
  10. Why We Still Desperately Need the Old Testament
  11. Is Netanyahu the Messiah from the House of Joseph?
  12. How the Church of Climate Change Resembles a (Deadly) Cult
  13. Tony Alamo’s former child brides come forward in a new doc about the apocalyptic cult
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Matthew 25:32-33 “32 All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats. 33 And He will set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on the left. (New King James Version)

The sheep are given eternal life, but the goats are cast into the Lake of Fire. It is clear from this section of Scripture that we want the attributes of sheep and not those of goats!

What is it about goats that causes God to use them in such a negative light? Goats are capricious. They are impulsive and unpredictable, devious and contrary. If they are not poking their heads through fences, they may be standing on their hind legs, stretching for those tender leaves just out of reach. Goats are never content with what they have.

They are experts in opening gates and squeezing through small gaps because they hate to be confined. Fences that will handle sheep, cattle, and horses will not hold goats. They will work tirelessly to spring themselves from any situation they deem inhibiting.

Consequently, goats are not very good followers. “Gregarious behavior” is a term that refers to the flocking or herding instinct which is found strongly in sheep, cattle, and horses. Again, this quality is rather weak in goats; they prefer leading or going off on their own. Meat packers use this instinct in sheep and goats to their advantage. They will train an old goat, appropriately called a “Judas,” to lead sheep to the pens for slaughter. A well-trained Judas will lead group after group of sheep to the slaughter all day long.

A sheep follows its Shepherd, peacefully moving forward with the flock. He is content to be led because he has faith in Him. A sheep responds to his Shepherd’s voice and goes where He directs. On the other hand, a goat follows only its own lead, creating disunity when he comes in contact with others in the flock. Because of his independent nature, he often finds himself in contention with the Shepherd for leadership of the flock, leading some astray. A goat often eats things—a symbol of ingesting spiritual instruction—sheep would avoid because they have no real value and cause sickness.

Goats are not inherently evil, but some of their traits could be deadly—spiritually—if found in a Christian. A Christian who is unpredictable, who thinks he is above it all, who independently does his own thing, who wants to take over, has trouble functioning in a group, or does not want to be led, is exhibiting the characteristics of a goat—one Christ says will be cast into the Lake of Fire!

Mike Ford

To learn more, see:  Goats on the Left


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The Sabbath Day—Part 4 by Brad Scott

The Dake’s Bible references that I have been addressing contain a fundamental presupposition that is at the root of every defense of the Sunday sabbath. In the heading, ‘The Sabbath is not for the Gentile Church‘ the first line begins with “Not once in the scripture are the Gentiles and the N.T. church commanded to keep any particular day as a Sabbath…” It is statements like this that lie at the very heart of what the “legitimate” two house teaching is all about, and why it is imperative that it is taught. An improper understanding of who “Israel” and “The Church” are leads to a multitude of misleading doctrines. A perverted view of prophecy and of the term “Israel” and “children of Israel” is what forms the base of all replacement theology. Lets begin with a simple statement. Where in scripture is there such an entity as a N.T. church? Who and where is the O.T. church? The truth is that no such things exist. There is only the church (those who are called out). From the beginning, there has only been His called out, His people. It is man and man’s religious doctrines that have conjured up a New Testament church.

Here is how the convenient systematic theologies of the Christian religion work. If there is a commandment or ordinance given to a select group of people in the scriptures, we simply define ourselves out of that group. This makes us free of responsibility to that ordinance. Here is an example:

Sh’mot (Exodus) 31:13
“Speak thou also unto the children of Israel, saying, Verily my sabbaths ye shall keep: for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations; that ye may know that I am YHVH that doth sanctify you.”

Here we have a simple request from the only God and Father that exists, of whom we are all born from. (I know, I ended with a preposition.) So what is the typical Christian response? We are not the children of Israel, we are the N.T. church. Now, at this point we could take a sharp left turn and spend several teachings verifiying from the scriptures that this statement is taught nowhere in the Bible. It is a remark made from the religious minds of man rather than the heart of God. But Rav Sha’ul already anticipated this kind of ignorance about who is Israel and the children thereof. Paul reveals the children of God and His seed from God’s point of view rather than man’s.

Romans 9:6-8
“Not as though the word of God hath taken none effect. For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel: 7 Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham, are they all children: but, In Isaac shall thy seed be called. 8 That is, They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the seed.”

There is only one good seed from the very beginning. It is the seed (the Word of God – B’reshiyth 3:15, Luke 8:11) that reproduces GOD’s children. From God’s point of view, the children of the flesh (unbelieving Israel who literally come from the loins of Abraham) are not the children of God. They are not ISRAEL! Only in Isaac (faith) shall thy seed be called. The children of the promise are counted as the seed. The English word ‘promise’ is translated from the Hebrew word davar. This is the Hebrew word for ‘the Word’. It is those who have received the WORD of God, that are the true children of God. Now, would Christian churchmen care to define themselves and all their followers out of that one too? The bottom line is this, when God is speaking to the ‘faithful’ children of Israel, He is speaking to us as well. There are not two different seeds. The same commandments given to Abraham are the same commandments given to us. The Sabbath is instituted in the beginning before any followers of God existed, because the command is FOR all the followers of God. In our Creator’s eyes, you are either a faithful follower of the God of Israel or you are not. God does not have ‘breeds’ among His people. God’s people are not like dogs. He does not tell the German Shepherds to stay here and the Golden Retrievers to go there. He does not take the pit bulls and separate them from the Boston Terriers.

Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible


Ex. 31:17 Some argue that this is sufficient evidence that the Mosaic Sabbath was to be eternal and therefore observed by Christians under the N.T. program [good grief], but it must be kept in mind that similar eternal terms are used of sacrifices and many other things in the law of Moses. If we can prove that the Sabbaths of Israel, by being eternal, are for us today, we can likewise prove the offerings, sacrifices and various rituals are for us today also, for all are referred to with eternal terms in the law of Moses.

As I have alluded to previously, the introduction of non-biblical terms and expressions that become standard nomenclature is what irritates the most. Before addressing this statement, I would like to ask where we find the term or even the concept of a ‘Mosaic Sabbath’ in the scriptures. This is a critical part of the communication process, my friends. Beginning an arguement with non-existent terminology creates the paradigms that I believe God is tearing down in these last days. By using the term ‘Mosaic Sabbath’ the dispensationalists have already placed a negative, ancient, primitive, and obsolete connotation to the Sabbath. It is like using the word ‘prehistorical’ to describe history. As if to say, “Back in the fuzzy past when men drug their knuckles on the ground, grunted and foraged for food like three-toed sloths… ” Let me just say that those who see the precious Word of God like this, will give an answer to God some day for every word that proceeds out of their mouths. What God has called a memorial, refreshing, holy, our rest, blessed, an eternal covenant, and given for us from the very beginning, the majority of Christianity has either changed to another day, slandered, rejected, ignored, fought against, or repudiated. (For those of you in Rio Linda, that means ‘will not have anything to do with’.) Before moving on, I would like to add that I especially enjoyed the statement about the ‘N.T. program’. Hear ye, Hear ye, get your program here.

Other than these two absurd statements, Mr. Dakes brings out a good question. This is the kind of question that should be asked. There are a handful of things that are associated with the idea of eternal and everlasting in the Tanakh. Some examples are the Sabbath (Sh’mot 31:16) the Aaronic priesthood (Sh’mot 29:9) the incense in the temple (Sh’mot 30:8) the waters of separation (B’midbar 19:21) the rainbow (B’reshiyth 9:16) the Abrahamic covenant (B’reshiyt 17:7) and, of course, God (B’reshiyth 21:33). The question is whether or not these things have ceased to exist. The same eternal words that are used of things related to the temple are also used of the Sabbath and of the existence of God. Can we just pick and choose which ‘eternal’ things are really eternal and which ones are not?

The book of Hebrews addresses this very question. This is one of the reasons why it is called the letter to the Hebrews. This book addressed three issues concerning what the Messiah had established on the tree. When man disobeyed the commandments of God, depending upon the transgression, he was to recompense man and God. In other words, when you sin there are ramifications. If you steal, you have a responsiblity to man AND a responsibility to God. If you steal a man’s ox and kill it or sell it, you are to repay him with five oxen. But you have also offended and slapped the face of the God that created you. Your reconciliation to Him was found in the sacrifices, through the priesthood in the temple. There is reconciliation on earth and reconciliation in heaven. Reconciliation before God was accomplished with sacrifices, a priesthood and a temple. The book of Hebrews teaches us that Y’shua the Messiah was the fulfillment of prophecy concerning these three things. He IS the eternal sacrifice, He IS the eternal priesthood, and He IS the eternal temple. So God’s words in the Tanakh concerning these things has not failed or ceased to exist. The key is the fact that God will pick and choose what the Messiah has done and what He has not. It is imperative to understand that Y’shua died for OUR SINS. This is a big clue taught in both testaments. It is the sacrifices, the priesthood and the temple that were the objects of atonement for sin. Keeping the Sabbath, observing the feasts and dietary laws, abstaining from murder, lying, adultery, stealing, honoring your father and mother, and a host of other teachings had nothing to do with atonement for sin. If the New Testament ever taught that Y’shua died to end the commandments of God, or to make His logical teaching obsolete, then I would not be writing this. As a matter of fact, I would be doing whatever I wanted to do, in the name of Jesus Christ, just like most of our dominant religion does.

The bottom line is that YHVH has revealed to us what has been absorbed in the Messiah because of His death and resurrection. We are not left to pick and choose what we are to obey and what we are to give back to the Jews. I have sat and listened to many a preacher, including myself years ago, teach the purpose and necessity of the ten commandments in our culture. Churchmen have been consistent in picking nine out of the ten. I have listened to many a sermon on the fact that societies cannot exist outside of the commandments of an Almighty God. Except for the dietary laws, the Sabbath, and the feasts, of course. That would also include all the commandments concerning Jewish rituals and ceremonies as well. What constitutes Jewish rituals and ceremonies is left up to the church to pick and choose. If you decide to pick and choose which things are eternal and which are not, you had better choose carefully. The Sabbath of the God of Israel is in the beginning, it is there at the time of Abraham, Moses, David, Isaiah and Ezekiel. It is there in the time of Y’shua, the book of Acts and prophetically in the parables. It is there at the return of Messiah and in His kingdom.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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