News You May Not Have Heard About — 06/03/2018

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  1. Trump Frees American Prisoner Held in Captivity for 2 Years
  2. U.S. Missionary Home After Two Years Behind Bars in Venezuela
  3. Trump Makes Comey Pay for Bringing Up Trump’s Grandkids
  4. Trump Enrages Unions with New Swamp Draining Tactic
  5. Poll on Trump’s ‘Animals’ Comment Hands the President Another Big Win
  6. President Trump Hurls a SECRET WARNING to Corrupt Mueller Team in His Saturday Tweet
  7. Trump Makes Firing Bad Federal Employees Easier with Three Executive Orders
  8. Trump Just Delivered His Best Line Ever at Naval Academy Graduation
  9. President Trump is bringing faith into the White House
  10. President Trump’s 2018 Memorial Day Message (Video: 55 seconds long.)
  11. President Donald J. Trump Is Reforming the Civil Service to Work for the American People
  12. Trump Sounds Off on American Pastor Jailed in Turkey: ‘Totally Innocent Man’
  13. ‘Freedom Isn’t Free’: Melania Shares Powerful Memorial Day Message
  14. First Lady Melania Trump Scolds Left-Wing Conspiracy Cranks Speculating Over Her Whereabouts Following Kidney Surgery
  15. Melania Outfoxes Media with Clever Health Update Trick
  16. Trump Delivers Powerful Message At Arlington Hours After Critics Slam Him for ‘Appalling’ Memorial Day
  17. Watch: Trump Reminds Americans What Memorial Day Is All About
  18. Trump: North Korean Official on Way to U.S. to Discuss Possible Summit
  19. MUST SEE=> Little Boy Steals Hearts at President Trump’s Signing ‘Right to Try’ Into Law (VIDEO)
  20. Trump Signs ‘Right to Try Act’ Into Law
  21. Trump personally receiving Americans’ prayers
  22. Trump talks MS-13, border wall and Nancy Pelosi
  23. President Donald J. Trump is Confronting China’s Unfair Trade Policies
  24. President Donald J. Trump Is Reforming the Civil Service to Work for the American People
  25. Trump Tweets About Roseanne Controversy: ABC Never Apologized for ‘Horrible’ Statements Made About Me
  26. Trump Takes Aim at Sessions Again for Recusal in Russia Probe
  27. Trump blows up G7 agenda
  28. Trump Moves In For Kill Against Europe While Driving Stake Into Heart Of American Leftists
  29. Trump says June 12 summit with Kim back on
  30. Trump takes aim at Canada as US protest his tariffs
  31. Trump Calls for Samantha Bee’s Firing for Ivanka Slur: ‘A Total Double Standard’
  32. Trump Wishes He Chose A Different Attorney General. We Do, Too
  33. Here’s What Trump Actually Said to Lester Holt
  34. ICYMI: Trump Fires Back At Dems For ‘Rooting Against’ North Korea Summit
  35. White House Shakeup: Trump Replaces Homeland Security Adviser
  36. Trump Cracks Down on ISIS with Unprecedented Force and It’s Already Paying Off
  37. Trump Blasts ‘Russian Hoax’ as Cost of Witch Hunt Hits $17 Million


  1. Pompeo: Pompeo Promises Appointment of Special Envoy to Monitor Anti-Semitism
  2. Pompeo: U.S. Moves to Shutter All Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Sites in Major Reversal of Obama Policy
  3. Pompeo: Pompeo Announces Groundbreaking US Policy to “Crush Iran” with “Painful Sanctions”
  4. Pompeo: $48M ‘No-Bid’ State Department Grant for ISIS Bomb Removal Faces Scrutiny Under Pompeo
  5. Pompeo: Talk with Pompeo, NKorean ‘went well’
  6. Rubio: Sanctions on Venezuela Remain in Place and ‘Will Actually Increase’
  7. Congress: Congress Directs Immediate Weaponization of Space to Block Missile Strikes
  8. FBI: FBI Director: 1,000 Homegrown Terror Investigations Active, Not Counting ‘Traditional’ ISIS, al-Qaeda Suspects
  9. Pentagon: US aircraft carrier stalked for days by UFO travelling at ‘ballistic missile speed’
  10. Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Case, Threatens To Completely Shut Down Arkansas Abortion Clinics
  11. DENIED: Supreme Court strikes blow to infant death industry by refusing to strike down Arkansas ban on “medication abortion”
  12. Sen. Mike Lee: To Achieve Middle East Peace, Nations Must Recognize Israel’s Capital
  13. Fallen Heroes Get Overwhelming Support from Senators Across the Country
  14. Developing: US Officials Now in North Korea to Prep for Summit
  15. DeVos’ Remark on Illegals Creates Uproar Among ACLU, Immigration Advocates
  16. Sen Mike Lee: Trump’s New Rule Means Fewer Tax Dollars Will Go to Abortion Providers
  17. FBI Admits Giving Congress Fake Numbers on Encrypted Phones
  18. FBI Issues Warning to Protect Your Home From Russian Hackers
  19. FBI Releases Docs Showing Hillary’s State Department Shopped Benghazi Story to Compliant WSJ Reporter One Week After Attack
  20. Mattis Tells Grads ‘Your Primary Weapons System is Your Attitude’
  21. Mattis Announces Name Change for U.S. Pacific Command
  22. U.S. Voices Outrage as Syria Assumes Presidency of U.N. Disarmament Body
  23. US Will Dump $700-Billion into Obamacare Subsidies in 2018
  24. US Calls for Urgent UN Session to Respond to Attacks on Israel
  25. Senators Urge Tougher Response to China’s Military in South China Sea
  26. Navy Seeks to Accelerate Development, Construction of Columbia-Class Submarines
  27. Pruitt: ‘We’re Going to Be Energy Dominant and Energy Independent’
  28. Brownback: Burmese Government Blocked My Access
  29. Staff Emails Undermine Congressman’s Claim of Being ‘Blocked’ From EPA Summit
  30. Soldiers may soon have implantable health monitors and robotic surgeries done remotely
  31. Sarah Sanders Demands Action, Calls Out TBS for Bee’s ‘Vile And Vicious’ Attack on Ivanka
  32. Watch: Tears Fill Sarah Sanders Eyes When Young Boy Asks Question in Press Briefing
  33. Haley: Haley to Veto Security Council Measure Calling to Protect Palestinians
  34. Appeals Court Upholds Currency Standards, ‘In God We Trust’ Will Continue To Be Printed
  35. White House to Start Anti-Opioid Ad Campaign
  36. DHS Confirms “Rogue” Cellular Eavesdropping Device May Have Been Used Near White House


  1. Viral Photo of Caged Children Actually from Obama Era, Nothing To Do with Trump
  2. Mass HALLUCINATIONS of the Left: Baby prison buses, caged child refugees and other make believe fantasies of progressives
  3. Democrat Creates Fake News Website to Promote Congressional Campaign



  1. Iran: 5 Ways Trump’s New Iran Policy is Working
  2. FULL SHOW – 5/8/18 – The Middle East Crisis, Israel is the Prophetic Key (Video: 3:01:20 minutes long. Iran nuke deal was NEVER SIGNED!)
  3. Britain Orders Mass Burnt Offering Sacrifice Of 150,000 Cattle In Occult Bid To Kill President Trump
  4. North Korea: Both sides preparing as if US-North Korea summit is a go
  5. American People Left Clueless As China Prepares To Invade North Korea—While At The Same Time They Fail To See Their Own Destruction Coming
  6. We were warned about China again and again and…
  7. Angry CEOs Split from GOP over Immigration Reform as Trump Appears to Support His Base
  8. U.S. Sees ‘Tremendous Potential’ for Peace Talks Between Afghanistan, Taliban
  9. Expert: NASA’s Cybersecurity Flaws Leave Agency Exposed to International Threats
  10. US Won’t Criticize Housing Boom in Judea and Samaria
  11. Obama: Obama Energy Secretary Billed Taxpayers $75,461 for Flight to Mexico Weeks Before Trump Inauguration
  12. Obama: ‘Terrible President:’ Former ACLU President Attacks Obama on Free Speech Issues
  13. Obama: Trump Didn’t Lose 1,500 Immigrant Kids, But Obama ‘Lost’ 4,159
  14. Obama: Obama Privately Fumed Over Voters Electing Trump: ‘They Can Just Have a Cartoon’
  15. Obama: Mark Levin DESTROYS ‘Slip and Fall Lawyer’ Trey Gowdy’s Defense of Obama’s Spygate Scandal
  16. Obama: Bombshell: Obama Deep State Was Spying on Trump Campaign with Human Sources Before Investigation Launched
  17. Obama: The World As It Wasn’t
  18. Obama: Obama Allies Scheme to Kneecap Trump’s New National Security Team
  19. Obama: Former Obama Officials Attack Trump on Early Job Report Message, Forget Barack Did the Same in ’09
  20. Obama: Son of Prominent Obama Admin Figure Now an Outspoken Trump Supporter and Republican
  21. Obama: Bombshell Report: Obama Admin Attempted To Take Over FBI’s Investigation into Trump
  22. Obama: Obama Calls on Supporters to ‘Change Our Leadership and Our Laws’
  23. Deep State: Mark Penn, Former Clinton Pollster: ‘Deep State’ Did Indeed Conduct ‘Sting Operation’ on Team Trump
  24. Deep State: Why the Deep State Brought Nazi Spies to America (Video: 3:57 minutes long.)
  25. Deep State: Bill Bonner: How the government became a Deep State puppet
  26. Clinton: Capitol Police “Accidentally” Gave Treasure Trove of Evidence To Muslim Defense Attorney
  27. Clinton: Scary: Hillary Clinton Wants to Be CEO of Facebook
  28. Clinton: Tammy Bruce: What Hillary’s desire to run Facebook really tells us
  29. Clinton: What Is That Back Bulge?… Hillary Clinton Bundles Up Like an Eskimo For Memorial Day Parade
  30. Clinton: DOJ Inspector Finishes Review of Hillary Probe, Expected To Be Released to Congress Soon
  31. Clinton: Justice Dept. IG, key FBI officials slated for Capitol Hill appearances as Clinton email report looms
  32. Clinton: Grassley: Fusion GPS Founder Gave ‘Extremely Misleading’ Testimony on Trump Work
  33. Clinton: HAH! New Documentary Shows Moment Far Left Hack Ben Rhodes Finds Out Hillary Got Shellacked! Hilarity Ensues! (VIDEO)
  34. Clinton: Huma email horror returns to haunt FBI brass, in IG report on Clinton case
  35. Clinton: Valerie Jarrett Must Explain Her Clinton Foundation Cover-Ups
  36. Clinton: Timely Flashback: Hillary Clinton Predicted Trump’s Tax Plan Would Kill 3.5 Million Jobs
  37. Comey: Comey Disaster: Agent Who Quit Over Rigged Hillary Investigation Heads to Congress
  38. Comey: Comey Grilled As Feds “Seriously” Consider Charging McCabe In Criminal Referral
  39. Ryan: Paul Ryan Goes Against Trump, Hits Commander In Chief on Tariffs Decision
  40. Robert Spencer video: Why Hasn’t John Kerry Been Arrested? Leftist Privilege
  41. Mueller: Rudy Hits Another Home Run: Mueller’s Team is Rigged So Bad Some of His Team Were “at Hillary Clinton’s Funeral!”
  42. Mueller: REVEALED: Joseph Mifsud – The Man Who Set Up Papadopoulos – Is Member of Soros-Funded European Council on Foreign Relations
  43. Mueller: Giuliani sets ‘red lines’ for Mueller, swipes at Gowdy over informant comments
  44. Avenatti: Porn Star Lawyer Avenatti Accused by Courts of Acting “with Malice, Fraud and Oppression” – Suddenly Disappears from CNN
  45. Avenetti: Avenetti’s Financial Mishaps Could Spell Trouble for Stormy Daniels
  46. Avenatti: Developing: Avenatti Won’t Represent Stormy Daniels After Judge Slams ‘Publicity Tour’
  47. Avenatti: Funding Sources Revealed in Stormy Daniel’s Lawsuit Against Trump
  49. Democrats: Warren: I’m Not Ready to Impeach Trump Yet
  50. Democrats: Poll: Dems blow 10-point lead over GOP
  51. Democrats: Top Iranian Official, John Kerry Meeting Partner, Caught Chanting ‘Death To America’
  52. Democrats: Himes Defends Vote to Repeal Dodd-Frank Provisions
  53. Democrats: Progressive Super PAC Rallies Democrats to Impeach Pence
  54. Democrats: Scorching GOP Ad Shows Pelosi Defend MS-13 as Gang Beats Victim in Background
  55. Democrats: Democrats Blame Trump for Obama Photo of Children Locked in Detention at Border
  56. Democrats: Local New York Democrats ‘Disgusted’ by National Party Meddling in House Race
  57. Democrats: Dem Governor Faces Backlash After Bucking Party to Sign 15-Week Abortion Ban
  58. Democrats: Democrat Candidate Goes Over the Top in Disturbing New Ad, Links Trump to Bin Laden
  59. Republicans: CFPB Political Battles Will Reignite in June When Mulvaney’s Term Is Up
  60. Republicans: Pro-Amnesty Republicans Would Undermine Border Security and US Law
  61. Republicans: Jeff Flake Hints At 2020 Run, Calls On GOP to Forcefully Stand Up To Trump
  62. Republicans: 76% of GOP voters give Trump thumbs-up on immigration
  63. Republicans: New RNC Ad Slams Democrats’ ‘Midterm Message’ That MS-13 Gang Members ‘Aren’t so Bad’
  64. Republicans: Trump’s MS-13 ‘animals’ remark right on
  65. Republicans: Rogue Republicans pushing amnesty, but facing stiff opp
  66. Republicans: RNC Chair: We Want Assurances From Facebook, Twitter That They Won’t Suppress Conservatives
  67. Media: NBC’s Chuck Todd Tries To Blame Trump for Samantha Bee’s Sick Attack
  68. Media: COMMENTARY: On Democrats, walls and voter ID
  69. Media: Unhinged CNN Personality’s Tweet Asks If the Trump Admin Is Trafficking Children
  70. Media: CNN Interview Goes Wrong as Deported Illegal’s Wife Wrecks Media Narrative
  71. Media: Unexpected: James Clapper Says Trump Could Be the Key to Solving North Korea
  72. Media: Libs Pushing the 1,500 Missing Illegal Kids Stat Aren’t Telling the Whole Story
  73. Media: MSNBC Slammed For Bringing Joy Reid on Air to Talk About Roseanne’s Controversial Tweet
  74. Media: MASSIVE Majority Ruins MSNBC‘s Day, Say Mueller’s Got Nothing
  75. Media: STUNNING! MSNBC Host Joy Reid Agreed with Ahmadinejad that Israel Should Be Ethnically Cleansed of Jews
  76. Media: Joy Reid Apologizes for Blog Posts, Appears to Drop Hacking Claim: ‘There Are Things I Deeply Regret’
  77. Media: Frequent MSNBC Guest Leads Organization Facilitating Donations to Palestinian Terrorist Groups
  78. Media: Breaking: ABC Officially Cancels ‘Roseanne’ After Controversial Barr Tweet
  79. Media: ABC Considering Desperate Move To Reboot ‘Roseanne’ with a Liberal Twist
  80. Media: Top Dog: Fox News Handed Prime-Time Crown, CNN Audience Collapses By 25%
  81. Media: NYT Corrects Report of Crowd Size at Nashville Rally After Trump Calls It Out for Being ‘Dishonest’
  82. Media: Media keeps bombing in effort to destroy Trump
  83. Media: Huffington Post Doxes Pro-Trump Writer, Gets Her Husband Fired… And Now They’re Targeting Her Brother! …BECAUSE SHE’S CONSERVATIVE!
  84. Media: USA Today Warns About Marijuana ‘Smuggling,’ Proves It Knows Nothing About US Geography
  85. Media: Establishment Media Caves: Forced To Make Major ‘Updates’ After Attacking Trump with Fake News
  86. Media: Here’s Why the Media Got the Gaza Violence Wrong
  87. Obamacare: GOP Senators Push Idea To Lower Health Care Costs
  88. Obamacare: Dick Morris: Trump Set To Float Insurance 1/2 the Cost of Obamacare
  90. Tim Allen Wastes No Time Riling Libs, Says Guns Coming to ‘Last Man’ Revival
  91. Report: 5 out of 6 Prisoners Rearrested Within 9 Years
  92. Robert Spencer: Ramadan Jihad 2018 Death Toll So Far Is 218
  93. Drone Terrorism: Only A Matter Of Time
  94. Hero Legal Immigrant Teaches Brits Unforgettable Lesson on Tyranny
  95. Hamas-linked CAIR applauds Roseanne cancellation, accuses her of “Islamophobia”
  96. ADL partnering with Hamas-CAIR to denounce Bolton’s new chief of staff
  97. Greg Hunter Drops THE BOMB: Roseanne Fired For WAKING UP THE MASSES (Not For Her Tweet)
  98. Planned Parenthood: Antifa Calls for Violence Against Upcoming Pro-Life Rally at Planned Parenthood
  99. Planned Parenthood: Starbucks on Shaky Grounds with Planned Parenthood
  100. Planned Parenthood: Planned Parenthood’s War on (Underage) Women
  101. Planned Parenthood: Planned Parenthood Caught Performing Abortions on 12-Year Old Girls and Neglecting to Report the Crimes
  102. George Soros’ Open Society Literally Behind Starbucks’ Sensitivity Training
  103. Exposing PP’s willingness to ‘look the other way’
  104. American Medical Association President Cheers Group’s Jump into Gun Control Advocacy
  105. Dinesh D’Souza Celebrates Presidential Pardon With Epic Smackdown of Obama Hack Preet Bharara
  106. Bauer: Sessions should have been up front w/ Trump
  107. Halper: Retired FBI Officials Claim Halper’s ‘Highly Irregular’ Media Contacts Pose Major Problem
  108. Samantha Bee: After Rosanne Fired, Samantha Bee Calls Ivanka a C*** and Gets Award
  109. Samantha Bee: Samantha Bee Loses First Sponsors After On-Air Attack of Ivanka Trump
  110. Samantha Bee: Megyn Kelly Blasts Samantha Bee for ‘Jarring’ Attack on Ivanka Trump: ‘She Should Be Condemned for It’
  111. Samantha Bee: Samantha Bee Apologized for Giving Her Audience What It Demands
  112. Samantha Bee: Ben Shapiro Says He’s Uncovered Proof Samantha Bee’s Apology Was ‘Utterly Fake’
  113. After Samantha Bee Attacks Ivanka, Chelsea Clinton Finds Way To Go After Donald
  114. What Kim Kardashian Missed in Her Visit With Trump
  115. Dick’s Says Firearms Policy Hurt Their Hunting Business, Will Continue to Hurt Going Forward
  116. The Rise Of Mass Knife Attacks Around The World Shows The Problem Isn’t Guns
  117. Our Future? Liberal Millenials Claim They Would Rather Date MS-13 Members Than Trump Supporters
  118. Arizona: Report: Cindy McCain Set to Take Over Husband’s Senate Seat
  119. Arkansas: Justices allow Arkansas to enforce abortion restrictions
  120. California: School Decides Not to Play National Anthem Before Championship Game, So Crowd Starts Singing
  122. California: California Unveils New E-Ink License Plates In Limited Pilot Program
  123. California: California Mayor Introduces Controversial Legislation, Looks To Pay Potential Shooters
  124. California: Judge Assigns Homework to Cities Suing Oil Companies over Global Warming
  125. California: Black Student Takes Mic at Stanford — Disavows Leftist Lies, Then Declares ‘I’m Free’
  126. California: Jane Fonda Joins Black Lives Matter in Campaign to Place Police Under So-Called Civilian Control
  127. California: Time for Davis, CA Imam to Get Canned
  128. California: Judges Rejects Bid to Vacate Assisted Suicide Ruling
  129. California: Trial Date Set for Anti-Semitism Suit Involving San Francisco State U
  130. California: Changing Calif. to ‘red’ requires starting small
  132. California: Court Orders Calif. to Count Ballots in Union Decertification Vote
  133. California: McCarthy Slams Google for Linking ‘Nazism’ Ideology to California Republican Party: ‘This Is a Disgrace’
  134. California: George Soros Pulls Out of San Diego’s District Attorney Race
  135. California: Leaked Military Report: UFO spotted off coast of California
  136. California: Calif. Goes Easy on HIV Transmission, Then Blames Racism for Rise in STD Rates
  137. California: California Assembly Passes Bill to End Unrestricted Federal Militarization of Local Police
  138. California: California Senate Passes Bill to Help End Unchecked Police Surveillance, Establish More Local Control
  139. California: Privacy Localism Grows as Communities Take Steps to Limit Surveillance State
  140. Colorado: Denver: Muslim had pipe bombs in hotel room, wrote “explosives” on closet door mirror
  141. Colorado: Muslim who had pipe bombs in downtown Denver hotel pleads guilty
  142. Colorado: Signed as Law: Colorado Expands Asset Forfeiture Reforms
  143. Connecticut: John Stossel: Junk science locks up innocent people
  144. Florida: Ooops! David Hogg Stages Protest at Pro-NRA Supermarket that Responds by Canceling All Donations, Including to Gun-Control Advocates
  145. Florida: Publix does the right thing: CEO refuses to cave to Parkland anti-gun activist David Hogg’s extortion
  146. Florida: Pizza Guy Shoots Florida Man Wearing Demon Mask After Being Attacked
  147. Georgia: Man Goes Viral After Helping Marine Cadet Guard in Need on Memorial Day
  148. Hawaii: Hawaii Becomes 12th State to Ban Conversion Therapy for Minors
  149. Hawaii: “Heed Evacuation Order Or Face Arrest” – Hawaii Eruption Begins More Violent Phase
  150. Illinois: Chicago Endures Bloody Memorial Weekend With 8 Dead, Dozens Injured
  151. Illinois: Gun-Grabbing Liberals and Mainstream Media Silent about Violence in Chicago
  152. Illinois: Chicago Policing: Dangerous Youth Mob Put on Train, Sent Elsewhere
  153. Illinois: To the Governor: Illinois Passes Bill to Legalize Industrial Hemp Despite Federal Prohibition
  154. Indiana: Fed-Up Granny Is Locked and Loaded, Looks To Take Back Community From Spice Dealers
  155. Iowa: Polluting Pigs Hit Again Over Air Emissions in Iowa
  156. Iowa: Judge agrees to halt fetal heartbeat abortion law in Iowa
  157. Louisiana: Louisiana Becomes the 25th State to Ban Boycotts on Israel
  158. Maine: George H. W. Bush Rushed To Hospital
  159. Maine: WATCH VIDEO: Gang of Muslim migrant kids attack park goers in Lewiston, Maine
  160. Massachusetts: Harvard’s mass discrimination against Asians exposed in shocking investigation… RACIST BIGOTS run the school
  161. Michigan: How do you like them legal apples, East Lansing?
  162. Missouri: Missouri Governor Eric Greitens Resigns
  163. Nevada: Las Vegas: New Docs Show 12 Resorts Reported Active Shooters and Paddock Had 3 Women in His Room
  164. Nevada: HUGE BREAKING NEWS=> Vegas Killer WARNED UBER DRIVER of Looming “Terrorist Attack at Mandalay Bay” — With Woman in Car with Him!
  165. New Jersey: Huge News in NJ Senate Race Shows Blue Wave May Be in Trouble
  166. New York: Since When Do Public Schools Support Terrorists?
  167. New York: Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein Arrested on Rape Charges
  168. New York: VIDEOS and PHOTOS: “Nakba” Day 2018 NYC – New JDL counters Jew-hating LIES
  169. New York: New Cuomo Policy Gives Released Cop Killer the Right To Vote
  170. New York: School district mulling homework ban proposal from students
  171. New York: When Terror Attacks Keep Terrorizing
  172. New York: VIDEOS and PHOTOS: Antisemite Linda Sarsour Holds Ramadan Iftar in the Streets, NYPD Warns Jewish Group: “You make a sound, you will be removed”
  173. New York: AFDI’S NEW MOVIE AD CAMPAIGN HITS NYC BUSES: ‘Can’t We Talk About This?’
  174. New York: New York Bill Would Terminate Common Core in the State
  175. Ohio: DOJ Says Federal Gun, Violent Crime Prosecutions in Ohio Up 60 Percent
  176. Ohio: Pilots Give Teamsters the Boot
  177. Oregon: Judge Hands Student Banned From Wearing Trump Shirt to School a Big Win
  178. Pennsylvania: The Hubris of Judges Threatens Our Ability To Govern Ourselves
  179. Pennsylvania: DEVELOPING: Over 20 Mysterious Booms and explosions reported in Philadelphia
  180. Pennsylvania: Philly Student Uncomfortable Sharing Bathrooms With Opposite Sex Told to ‘Tolerate It,’ ‘Make It as Natural as Possible’
  181. South Carolina: NAACP Branch Pres. Calls Out Police For Racial Profiling, Cops Respond by Releasing Bodycam Footage
  182. Tennessee: Tennessee sheriff’s deputy fatally shot; suspect at large
  183. Tennessee: Search continues for cop killer suspect in Tennessee
  184. Tennessee: Cop killer suspect captured in Tennessee
  185. Texas: Illegal Alien Shot and Killed Crossing the US Border
  186. Texas: Video from University of Houston: “Palestinian” fascist students shout down Nikki Haley with lies about Gaza
  187. Texas: Conservative Christian attorneys gain influence under Trump
  188. Texas: Texas Governor Greg Abbott Reveals Innovative Plan To Stop School Shootings
  189. UN: 5 Ways Trump’s New Iran Policy is Working 
  190. UN: WATCH: Enough of the UN’s Hypocrisy!
  191. UN: UN Refuses to Condemn Palestinian Rocket Attacks
  192. UN: Countries Around World Condemn Hamas’ Attack on Israel
  193. UN: U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley Urges U.N. Security Council to Condemn Attacks on Israel by Gaza Islamic Terror Groups
  194. UN: Haley Scolds UN: ‘Outrageous’ Not to Condemn Hamas
  195. UN: ‘Would You Allow Rockets Launched Into Your Country?’
  196. UN: UN’s Mideast Envoy Slams Hamas for Warmongering
  197. Vermont: Small Town Flower Farm Accidentally Pulls People Out Of Depression
  198. Virginia: Search for 2 swept away on flooded Virginia road
  199. Virginia: Report: Leading BDS Organization Tied to Palestinian Terrorist Groups
  200. Virginia: Former Dem Governor’s Controversial Legislation Allows Convicted Pedophile To Run for Congress



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  1. IDF Soldier Hit with Marble Object Dies; Netanyahu Vows to Bring Terrorist to Justice
  2. Netanyahu: Israel Still in Midst of Campaign to Stop Iranian Aggression
  3. Netanyahu: Israel Dealt Terror Groups ‘Severest Blow’ in Years
  4. WATCH: Netanyahu Says ‘The Iranian People are Brilliant’
  5. WATCH: ‘We Must Topple Hamas,’ Insists Israeli Party Chair
  6. PM Netanyahu vows to continue building in Israeli Settlements
  7. Israel Approves Construction of 2000 New Homes in Judea and Samaria
  8. Israel Issues Tenders for 1162 Homes in Judea and Samaria
  9. Israel and US to Solidify ‘Anti-Iran Pact’ in Washington
  10. Knesset Speaker Calls for Israel to Recognize Armenian Genocide
  11. Israeli Invasion of Gaza ‘On the Table,’ Warns Justice Minister
  12. First Time Ever: A Jewish-Christian Party To Run For Israeli Knesset
  13. Israeli Air Force Strikes Hamas Positions in Gaza
  14. WATCH: Gaza Terrorists Cross Security Fence into Israel
  15. Israeli Technologies in ‘Great Demand by UN’
  16. Terrorists Place Bomb on Border Fence, IDF Strikes Back
  17. WATCH: Arab-Israeli Woman’s Defense of Israel Shocks TV Interviewer
  18. You won’t believe what this Arab has to say about Israel as an apartheid state
  19. WATCH: Modern Day Exodus Brought 14,000 Ethiopian Jews Home to Israel
  20. IDF Warns Gazans: You will Get Burned if You Play with Fire
  21. WATCH: Israeli Researchers Closing in on Cure for Highly Aggressive Cancer: Mesothelioma
  22. Good News from Israel! Pregnant Women Check Baby’s Health on Smartphone; New Therapies for Rare Genetic Diseases
  23. Israel Celebrates 70 Years of Contributions to ‘Helping Others Live a Better Life’
  24. Gazans Destroy Their Own Infrastructure, Israel Comes to Rescue
  25. Arch-Enemies Israel and Iran Secretly Negotiate Future of Syria
  26. Israel Rejects UN Collaboration, Will Issue Own Report on Gaza
  27. IDF Hunt for Palestinian Murderer Sparks Riots
  28. WATCH: Palestinians Throw Heavy Marble Slab at IDF Soldiers
  29. Gaza Infiltrator Caught by IDF Exposes Hamas Abuse of Civilians
  30. Israeli Farmers Sue Hamas for Torching Fields
  31. Israel Begins Construction of Underwater Barrier at Border with Gaza
  32. Double Standards & The Power Of Photos
  33. Israel’s Iron Dome system could save MILLIONS of lives!
  34. WATCH: Iron Dome Intercepts Rockets Fired from Gaza
  35. Dozens of Gaza Rockets Strike Southern Israel, Kindergarten Yard Hit
  36. Palestinian Rocket Explodes Outside Israeli Kindergarten
  37. IDF Strikes Gaza Terror Targets in Response to Mortar Fire
  38. Analysis: Israel’s Left Veers to the Right
  39. Israel to Grant Humanitarian Visas to 300 Sudanese Migrants
  40. IDF: UN Gaza ‘Probe’ An Attempt to ‘Undermine Legitimate Use of Force’
  41. Gaza Violence Can’t Mar the Beauty of Thriving Israel
  42. Ramadan in Judea and Samaria: Muslim murders IDF soldier by dropping marble slab off building onto him
  43. Muslim Mob Pelts US Diplomats with Eggs in Bethlehem Area
  44. Dozens of Rockets Fired from Gaza Overnight, IDF Retaliates
  45. Israel Denies Arab Ceasefire Reports, Blames Iran for Gaza Escalation
  46. WATCH: Gaza Terror Group’s Mortar Shell Hits Home in Israel
  47. IDF: Terrorists Attacked with ‘Made in Iran’ Missiles
  48. Israel: Our Massive Response Stopped Palestinian Fire
  49. WATCH: Israeli Entrepreneurs Tame the Negev Desert!
  50. The TV Personality who went to Israel and disproved every lie (Video: 2:28 minutes long. Faith Goldy went on a trip to Israel. She went in with an open mind but came out with answers to all the myths about Israel. Find out from Faith why a 2 state solution will never work.)
  51. 18 Years On, Ehud Barak Defends Decision to Retreat
  52. Israel Strikes Back After Israel’s South Sustains Worst Bombing in Years
  53. WATCH: IDF Blows Hamas Terror Tunnel to Pieces
  54. WATCH: Meet Young Israeli Mothers Who Live in Jerusalem’s Muslim Quarter
  55. An Israeli Promise: Attacks Will Not End Favorably for Our Neighbors
  58. The Arab-Israeli conflict is not as complicated as people think
  60. Israel puts crosshairs on Iran for recent Gaza rocket attacks!
  61. Israel Strikes Back After 100+ Rocket Attacks from Gaza
  62. The Amazing Growth & Operational Capabilities Of The IDF
  63. Former Mossad Head: Netanyahu Almost Triggered War with Iran
  64. WATCH: IDF Destroys Hamas Weapons Sites in Gaza
  65. Opposition Blasts Netanyahu’s Response to Gaza Rocket Barrage
  66. Analysis: Israel is Splitting Europe
  67. IDF Forces Uncover Explosive Stash, Nab Palestinian Terror Suspects
  68. Something Special is Happening in Israel’s South – Be Part of It!
  69. WATCH: The Real Story Behind the Gaza Riots
  70. Israel, Canada Sign ‘Historic’ Free Trade Deal
  71. Iran is Losing, Israel is Winning
  72. What I learned at Christ at the Checkpoint
  73. A Messianic Jew Stirs Up Anti-Christian Zionists: Christ At The Checkpoint
  74. RUMORS OF WAR: Israel nears the threshold of war
  75. IDF Bombs Gaza Terror Targets
  76. Iron Dome Shoots Down Rocket from Gaza
  77. Liberman: ‘Israel Appreciates Russia’s Understanding of Our Security Needs’
  78. Terrorist Shot Dead in Attempted Car-ramming Attack in Hebron


  1. Despite Claims of Good Health, Abbas’ Discharge from Hospital Postponed
  2. WATCH: Amid Abbas Health Concerns, Debate Over His Successor Intensifies
  3. Palestinian Terror: Gazans Fly Booby-Trapped Drone Into Israel
  4. Russian Jets Force Israeli F-16s Away from Lebanon
  5. Syrian Rebels Dug Up Graves in Search of Missing Israelis, Says Palestinian Official
  6. THIS is how you shut down Linda Sarsour’s lies about Gaza
  7. This is what “Palestinian” feminism actually looks like
  8. Gaza Terrorists Fire 70 Rockets and Mortar Shells at Israel
  9. HORRIFYING: Child’s Play in Gaza Means Murder & Kidnapping 
  10. Experts: 93 of 112 of Palestinians Killed in Gaza Riots Linked to Terror Groups
  11. WATCH: Hamas Publicly Thanks Iran for ‘Money and Weapons’
  12. WATCH: The Bus that Destroys ‘Gaza-Under-Siege’ Fake News
  13. Gaza ‘Reverse Flotilla’ Attempts to Breach Israeli Sovereignty
  14. Mahmoud Abbas Blames ‘Jerusalem Issue’ For Putting Him in the Hospital
  15. Imam Calls on Fellow Muslims to ‘Drive Out the Jews’ From Jerusalem: ‘Allah Willing, We Will Soon Take What Was Taken From Us’
  16. Islamic ‘Palestinian’ Terrorists Strike Israel With Strongest Mortar Attack Since 2014
  17. Gaza’s Hamas rulers say cease-fire reached with Israel
  18. Stray Terror Rockets Knock Out Gaza’s Power, Deprive Residents of Electricity
  19. The Real Story Behind the Gaza Riots
  20. PROPHECY WATCH: Threat erupts to take Jerusalem ‘by force’
  21. Palestinians Bomb Their Own Power Plant, Send Parts of Gaza Into Darkness
  22. Dangerous Escalation By Islamic Jihad Could Lead To Another Gaza War
  23. How Hamas Sends Boys to Their Deaths – The Case of Saadi Abu Salah, 16
  24. WATCH: Senior Abbas Adviser Tells Palestinians to ‘Uproot the [Jewish] Evil’
  25. Abbas Snubbed Visiting US Democrats, Refused to Meet Them
  26. Hezbollah Chief is Worth $250 Million, Mostly from Drug-Trafficking
  27. WATCH: Hamas’ Leadership Must be Brought to Justice!
  28. Female Medic Killed in Violent Gaza Protests; Palestinians Call for Revenge



  1. Belgium: Terrorist Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Kills Three in Belgian City
  2. Belgium: Man kills 3 in Belgian city after seizing police weapons
  3. Belgium: Ramadan in Belgium: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” takes woman hostage, kills three, including two police officers
  4. Belgium: Muslim who murdered three had appeared in reports on “radicalism,” still allowed to take a leave from prison
  5. Belgium: Belgian TV cannot find a single Jew to agree to wear a yarmulke in public
  6. Belgium: Muslim who murdered four told hostage he wouldn’t harm her since she was Muslim and observing Ramadan fast
  7. Czech Republic: Czechs Open ‘Honorary’ Jerusalem Consulate, Split on Embassy Move
  8. Denmark: Denmark joins some European nations in banning burqa, niqab
  9. England: WATCH: Prince William to Make First Official Royal Visit to Israel
  10. England: Video: Luke Nash Jones of Make Britain Great Again says UK is heading toward blood in the streets
  11. England: Transgender people encouraged to become priests in Church of England diversity drive
  12. England: Diversity Gone Wild – Church Of England Seeking Transgender Priests
  13. England: Hello Brexit, goodbye Brexit department
  14. England: Church Pushes for Transgender Priests To Increase Membership
  15. EU: EU Unveils Plans to Punish Patriotic Eastern Nations Who Oppose Mass Muslim Migration and Brutal Sharia Laws
  16. EU: EU announces retaliation against Trump tariffs
  17. EU: EU court finds Romania and Lithuania complicit in CIA torture
  18. Europe: WATCH: Europe, Iran Struggle to Salvage Nuclear Deal
  19. Europe: Video: Killing Europe
  20. Europe: The suicide of Europe
  21. Europe: Soros: EU Should Keep Borders Open and Pay Africa $35 Billion Per Year to Solve Refugee Crisis
  22. France: Paris In Migrant Crisis As Thousands Set Up Camp, But Left-Wing Mayor BLOCKS Removal
  23. France: 3 months in jail required for tobacconist who demanded that her Muslim client remove her veil
  24. France: Wikileaks’ Julian Assange drops bombshell: Obama’s CIA also spied on French presidential candidates
  26. France: Muslim migrant saves toddler, is given French citizenship — “people without papers are human beings”
  27. France: Shopkeeper gets three months, $3450 fine for asking woman to remove Islamic head covering
  28. France: Ramadan in France: Muslim migrants kick and beat woman for “showing too much cleavage”
  29. France: Muslim seizes cathedral microphone during Pentecost Mass, screams “Allahu akbar,” bishop denies it happened
  30. France: French Muslim website compiles hit list targeting famous Jews
  31. France: French Woman Beaten Up By Muslim Migrants ‘For Being Too Lightly Dressed’
  32. Germany: Germans could need to work until their 70s to pay for hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants on welfare
  33. Germany: Germany’s Immigration Office accused of taking bribes to grant asylum status to over 1,000 migrants
  34. Germany: German priest wears Islamic headscarf in protest against anti-immigration party AfD
  35. Germany: Muslim Parents Complain Their Children Should Be Exempt from Exams During Ramadan
  36. Germany: Man stabs two people near Flensburg central station
  37. Germany: Knife-wielding terrorist kills one, seriously injures two, including police woman in RAMPAGE on German train
  38. Germany: Ramadan in Germany: Muslim migrant rapes teen girl so violently, she needs surgery
  39. Germany: Corpus Christi procession canceled due to inability to provide safeguards against jihad attacks
  40. Germany: Court rules that Muslim migrant may become German citizen despite having two wives
  41. Greece: Muslim migrants attack other Muslim migrants for not observing Ramadan fast, 10 injured
  42. Greece: Greeks are afraid to leave their homes due to violent Muslim migrants: “Women are afraid to go out alone, we keep our children inside our homes”
  43. Greece: Migrant camp in Greece: Muslim migrants attack other Muslim migrants for not observing Ramadan fast, 10 injured
  44. Ireland: Landslide Vote Legalizes Abortion Up to 3 Months
  45. Ireland: Pro-Life Americans Issue Response to Ireland Repealing Abortion Ban
  46. Ireland: Pro-lifers in Ireland down but not out
  47. Ireland: Ireland invites Palestinian jihadi plane hijacker to speak at teachers’ club in Dublin
  48. Italy: Italy’s President sabotages popular anti-Muslim migration, “Euroceptic” coalition
  49. Italy: Italy gets populist government
  50. Italy: Euroskeptic Populists Formed Coalition Government — And Hell Broke Loose
  51. Italy: Italy’s new minister wants to revamp immigration
  52. Italy: Popular anti-Muslim migration, “Euroceptic” coalition back on track after backlash to President’s sabotage attempt
  53. Netherlands: Muslim Migrant Grooming Rapists Lure 1,400 Underage Dutch Girls Into Sex Slavery in Netherlands Every Year
  54. Netherlands: Hugh Fitzgerald: Did A Holocaust Survivor Convert to Islam In Amsterdam?
  55. Netherlands: Hindu temple vandalized in notorious Muslim suburb, vandalized during Ramadan before
  56. Netherlands: Dutch Citizen Becomes First Person Allowed to Change Birth Certificate to Register As Neither Male nor Female
  57. Netherlands: Axe-waving Muslim migrant attacks police officers
  58. Netherlands: Dutch Antisemitism Reaches Five-Year High, Despite Scant Jewish Population
  59. Netherlands: Denmark Bans Islamic Veils for Women
  60. Netherlands: Ramadan in the Netherlands: Axe-waving Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” stabs police dog to death
  61. Netherlands: Jihad in the Netherlands: AXE-wielding Muslim screaming “Allahu Akbar” attacks police, HACKS police dog to death
  62. Netherlands: Ramadan in the Netherlands: Muslims break windows of Hindu temple for second time in a week
  63. Poland: Fearing Russia, Poland Offers US $2 Billion for Permanent Military Presence
  64. Russia: Iran Must Stay Away from Israel’s Border!
  65. Russia: WATCH: Can Russia Put a Iran on a Short Leash?
  66. Russia: Anti-Putin Journalist’s ‘Murder’ Faked by Ukrainian Security Service
  67. Russia: Putin Orders Retaliatory Strike After American Forces Murder 4 Russian Soldiers In Syria
  68. Russia: Russia Gives Israel Green Light to Attack Syria
  69. Russia: Russia, N Korea use Latvia to dodge US sanctions
  70. Russia: Russia Makes Diplomatic Play in Pyongyang, Puts Trump’s ‘Maximum Pressure’ Plan in Jeopardy
  71. Scotland: Scottish Government Greenlights Plan to Allow All Refugees and Asylum Seekers to Vote
  72. Spain: Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy Ousted From Power; Sanchez Is New Socialist Prime Minister
  73. Sweden: Swedish Moderate Party calls for arrests of Sharia police in no-go zones
  74. Sweden: Welcome to the new Islamic State of Sweden
  75. Sweden: Three Muslim migrants charged for firebombing a synagogue
  76. Sweden: Girls Fearing Forced Marriage Told to Stick a Spoon in Underwear to Alert Airport Security
  77. Sweden: Sweden distributes ‘be prepared for war’ leaflet to all 4.8 million homes
  78. UK: Citizen journalist Tommy Robinson jailed under secret order from UK government; total media blackout issued to protect Muslim pedophiles
  79. UK: UK Protesters Flood the Streets to Demand the Release of Imprisoned Journalist Tommy Robinson (VIDEOS)
  80. UK: The UK’s legal system has created very specific conditions around Tommy Robinson to silence him
  81. UK: UKIP peer warns Home Secretary Sajid Javid: If Tommy Robinson is murdered or injured in prison, we’ll hold you accountable
  82. UK: BREAKING: UK Journalists Successfully Challenge Tommy Robinson Reporting Ban in Court
  83. UK: Video: Paul Weston on the Orwellian Jailing of Tommy Robinson
  84. UK: Alleged Muslim rapist uses “Islamophobia” as a defense
  86. UK: Far-Left hate group gets Generation Identity UK co-leader fired from banking job for anti-Islamization views
  87. UK: Thousands of children on waiting list for “Transgender Clinic” in UK
  88. UK: Muslim gets just 24 months prison dawah for disseminating jihad terror material
  89. UK: Forced marriage in the UK: Muslim mother guilty of forcing daughter to wed older man
  90. UK: Accused Muslim rapist uses “Islamophobia” as a defense
  91. UK: Primary School Tells Kids to Tattle on Transphobia
  92. UK: Gun-free UK: Drive-by shooters spray house with bullets at site of “several anti-terror raids”
  93. UK: Muslim called on other Muslims to murder four-year-old Prince George and poison supermarket ice cream
  94. UK: 1984: The UK Is Illegally Detaining Two Journalists, Seemingly Making Them Vanish


  1. Afghanistan: Ramadan in Afghanistan: Muslims murder five workers who were clearing land mines
  2. Afghanistan: Ramadan in Afghanistan: Muslims murder at least 16, injure 38 with minivan packed with explosives
  3. Afghanistan: Donald Trump Effect: Taliban Commander, Under Siege From U.S. Airstrikes, Shutters Heroin Factories
  4. Afghanistan: Ramadan in Afghanistan: Muslims murder man who made medal thanking Trump
  5. China: Asia Times: China in Race to Overtake the U.S. in AI Warfare
  6. China: China Steps Up The Pace In Nuclear Arms Race With Russia And US
  7. China: China says carrier group reaches ‘initial’ combat capability
  8. India: Muslims on way to mosque to pray stop to molest 12-year-old girl
  9. India: Deadly Nipah virus outbreak in India prompts warnings from officials
  10. India: Rutgers prof: Muslim rule in India characterized by “tremendous cross-cultural respect and not religious conflict”
  11. Iran: Airport screens hacked with message decrying regime for “wasting Iranians’ lives and financial resources”
  12. Iran: Islamic Republic of Iran vows to continue to support Hamas, Hizballah, Islamic jihad and other jihad terror groups
  13. Iran: The world wants to save the Iran deal, and the U.S. won’t budge
  14. Iran: Iran Plotting With U.S. Allies to Skirt Trump’s New Sanctions
  15. Iran: Screens at Iran airport hacked with anti-regime messages
  16. Iran: As US issues new sanctions, Iran vows to continue to support Hamas, Hizb’Allah, Islamic jihad and “the Resistance Axis as a whole”
  17. Iran: WATCH: Iran Issues New Threats with Nuclear Deal on ‘Life Support’
  18. Iran: Iranian university students criticize country in meeting with supreme leader, report says
  19. Iran: WATCH: Can Iran Use China to Skirt US Economic Sanctions?
  20. Iraq: Ramadan in Iraq: Sunni jihad suicide bomber murders at least five people in cafe in Baghdad Shi’ite area
  21. Iraq: Ramadan in Iraq: Sunni jihad suicide bomber murders seven in park in Baghdad Shi’ite area
  22. Iraq: Ramadan in Iraq: Islamic State kidnaps and murders elderly village chieftan
  23. Jammu and Kashmir: Ramadan in Jammu and Kashmir: Islamic jihadis slit man’s throat in front of his wife and son
  24. Myanmar: Myanmar Rohingya Muslims massacred Hindus, says Amnesty
  25. North Korea: WATCH: Destruction of N. Korean Nuclear Facility ‘a Show’
  26. North Korea: North Korea Dispatches Official to US To Prepare for Summit with Trump
  27. Pakistan: VIDEO: Muslims in Pakistan open fire on Christians who try to retake their homes that Muslims seized
  28. Pakistan: Historic Ahmadi mosque demolished by Sunni Muslim mob in Pakistan
  29. Pakistan: Ramadan in Pakistan: Man’s father and brother gouge out his eyes for “violating Islamic values”
  30. Pakistan: Ramadan in Pakistan: Muslims murder prominent Sikh leader Charanjit Singh
  31. Syria: Assad Denies There Are Iranian Troops in Syria
  32. Syria: Assad Threatens Retaliation, Vows To Reclaim Syrian Territory Out of the Hands of US-Backed Forces
  33. Syria: Ramadan in Syria: Muslims murder at least seven civilians with bombs in market area and residential area
  34. Turkey: WATCH: Is Turkey’s Stance on Israel Anti-Zionist or Anti-Semitic?


  1. Algeria: Ramadan in Algeria: Muezzin and worshiper found murdered inside mosque by Islamic “extremists”
  2. Algeria: Africans report slavery, torture in “moderate” Muslim Algeria
  3. Algeria: African migrants report slavery, torture in 99% Muslim Algeria
  4. Algeria: Welcome To Algeria Where Sharing Your Faith With A Muslim Will Send You To Jail
  5. DR Congo: African Ebola Victims Get Dangerous Experimental Vaccines While Proven Life-saving Therapies Denied
  6. Egypt: Top court orders one-month ban of YouTube over video criticizing Muhammad
  7. Egypt: ‘Go to Hell!’ Egypt Responds to French Call to Revise Koran
  8. Libya: Ramadan in Libya: Muslims explode car bomb on busy Benghazi street, at least seven murdered
  9. Mali: Ramadan in Mali: Muslims open fire on group of people resting under a tree, murder at least 20
  10. Mozambique: Ramadan in Mozambique: Muslims behead 10 people, including children
  11. Nigeria: Boko Haram’s leader “said his intention was to establish Sharia from north to south, to the Atlantic Ocean”
  12. Nigeria: Ramadan in Nigeria: Muslims murder five in jihad suicide bombings
  13. Nigeria: Ramadan in Nigeria: Muslim gunman attack Catholic seminary, priest “badly wounded”
  14. Sudan: Teen rape victim appeals sharia death sentence


  1. Papua New Guinea: Report: Government Bans Facebook for 8 Million People in Unusual Move


  1. Canada: NDP Muslim candidate caught praising Hitler online
  2. Canada: Bearded man attacks teens with knife, slashes one in the neck, the other in the chest
  3. Canada: Sharia Canada: Officer cadets kicked out of Canadian Forces after desecrating Qur’an with bacon and bodily fluid
  4. Canada – Fast Becoming a Third-World Country
  5. Canada: Radical left-wing political party may take control of Canada’s largest province
  6. Canada: Canada’s Decision to Allow Monsanto’s Mega-Merger with Bayer Worries Farmers, Environmental Groups
  7. Canada: Muslim robs jewelry store to pay for other Muslims to travel to Syria and join the Islamic State


World Financial News Banner


  1. The U.S. Has Decided To Fight Trade Wars With China, Europe, Canada And Mexico Simultaneously
  2. The U.S. Trade War Will Be Fought On Four Fronts (And Will End In Disaster For The Global Economy)
  3. China Holds The Cards In Trump’s Trade War
  4. Trade War Escalation: President Trump Considers TOTAL BAN On German Luxury Cars
  5. Trump hits US allies with steel, aluminum tariffs
  6. What You Need to Know About Implementing Steel and Aluminum Tariffs on Canada, Mexico, and the European Union
  7. Unemployment Levels Lowest in 18 Years; President Overseeing a Renaissance in Manufacturing
  8. The ‘real’ unemployment rate reached a 17-year low. Here’s why that’s a big deal
  9. Where The Jobs Were In May: Who’s Hiring And Who Isn’t
  10. The US Added A Record 904,000 Full-Time Jobs Last Month
  11. Record 95.9 Million Americans Are No Longer In The Labor Force
  12. May Jobs Surge By 223,000 Smashing Expectations; Jobless Rate Hits Historic Low As Wages Beat
  13. U.S. Job Growth Accelerates, Unemployment Rate Drops to 3.8 Percent
  14. Pelosi Slams Jobs Report: ‘Strong Employment Numbers Mean Little’
  15. Costco Raises Its Starting Minimum Wage to $14 an Hour, Credits Tax Cuts
  17. Welcome To Bitcointopia: A Group Of Cryto-Nerds Are Trying To Secede From America
  18. US has largest debt in world history, dollar to lose status as No.1 currency
  19. Why America Is Heading Straight Toward The Worst Debt Crisis In History
  20. Miracles Aren’t Free
  21. 12 Indications That The Next Major Global Economic Crisis Could Be Just Around The Corner
  22. Experts Warn of Oil Price Spike as Venezuela Careens Towards Chaos
  23. Art Berman: Think Oil Is Getting Expensive? You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
  24. What the Left Gets Wrong about Stock Buybacks
  25. Fewer babies means grown-up decisions on Social Security
  26. Need an entry-level job? It can be harder now
  27. 12 Indications Next Major Global Economic Crisis Could Be Just Around The Corner
  28. Silver Eagles Sales COLLAPSE and why that’s good… (Video: 14:23 minutes long.)
  29. US economic growth revised down as spending slows
  30. Storm clouds begin gathering for the next global financial crisis …
  31. Shopping Malls across America turning into abandoned buildings as “Retail Apocalypse” continues
  32. END OF AN ERA: Sears plans to shutter 72 more stores
  33. Yes, Sears is likely to collapse, but its biggest stakeholder will be just fine
  34. Sears’ stock set to its suffer biggest-ever weekly decline
  35. How to snag the best discounts before Sears closes 72 stores
  36. All the latest signs of the bubble that will crush this economic expansion
  37. Here’s why stock-market bulls should cheer this data on junk-bond defaults
  38. Stocks look stuck in ‘no man’s land’ as a wild week ends — here’s how to play it
  39. Sorry, stock investors: A hot summer market rally is just a mirage
  40. Stock market scores solid gains after stronger-than-expected jobs report
  41. How to consistently win in the stock market
  42. Fed’s Williams tells Reuters that the central bank may lift interest rates beyond ‘neutral’ level
  43. AMD’s stock surges to 9-month high after analyst price hike, Cisco adoption
  44. This U.S. state will pay you $10,000 to move there
  45. 10 questions to ask yourself before you buy — or sell — a house
  46. Even with mortgage rates up, buying instead of renting makes sense for many
  47. Gold continues to disappoint, so why are market-timers bullish?
  48. Gold settles under $1,300 after upbeat U.S. jobs data
  49. Gold Hammered To Close Week Below $1300 As The Cartel Shows The World Who Is (Still) In Charge
  50. Gold Production Is On The Cusp Of Peaking
  51. ‘In Gold We Trust’ 2018: The Turning Of the Monetary Tides
  52. Keith Neumeyer & Craig Hemke Give A Critical Mid-2018 Gold & Silver Update
  53. Andrew Maguire: The Cartel MUST ‘Contain’ Gold As $1,000,000,000,000 In Derivatives AT STAKE TODAY
  54. Gold To Rally On Data, Not Hope – David Brady
  55. Global implications of recent political turmoil could send money into gold market
  56. The gold market will remain healthy in the next 30 years… Investors won’t be disappointed
  57. Reversing Gresham: Good Money Can Drive Out Bad
  58. Chris Vermeulen: Phantom Blips On The Chart (And A Free Silver Giveaway)
  59. The Case For Investing In Platinum (Spoiler Alert: The Case Is VERY STRONG)
  60. ALERT! Copper May Be the Metal for the Era of Trump – Up 50% since January 2016
  61. These 5 things will kill your early retirement dreams
  62. Claiming Social Security early could lead to poverty later in life
  63. How retirees can climb to the top of the ladder
  64. Here’s how to pull off a tiny tax rate when you earn $100,000 in retirement
  65. The world isn’t prepared for retirement
  66. Dick’s Sporting Goods following Best Buy’s ‘playbook’ after athletic-store bankruptcies
  67. That big investment in GM Cruise will change how Wall Street looks at GM, J.P. Morgan says
  68. Porter Stansberry: Wall Street can be that wrong, it happens all the time…
  69. A government student-loan website may soon treat private loan companies more favorably
  70. Latest Wall Street view on Tesla is a cautious one
  71. Traders with pockets full of crypto quit Wall Street
  72. Dow ends over 200 points higher after stronger-than-expected jobs report
  73. Dollar inches higher, with jobs report outweighing trade war fears
  74. The Dollar, Yields And Equities Are Surging, Here’s Why
  75. U.S. Treasury yields rise after strong jobs report
  76. Oil prices fall, with U.S. benchmark ending at lowest since April
  77. 5 things to know about investing in single-family rental homes
  78. I’m Giving It 45 Days: We NEED To See THIS Happen By Mid-July | Bill Holter
  79. Michael Ballanger: Back In The (Volatility) Saddle Again
  80. Outside Reversal Friday? Gold & Silver Stable After Coming Under Heavy Pre-Jobs Report Pressure
  81. ‘Stagflation’ & ‘Declining Wages’ Aren’t Just Theories: NYC Taxi Drivers Commit Suicide At Alarming Rates
  82. Fund Manager: Gold Mining Stocks Are Historically Undervalued And Presenting Great Opportunities
  83. CEO Pay & Compensation: The Next Populist Political Issue
  84. MarketCast: How to protect yourself from eurozone chaos
  85. A Tale of Two Crooked Companies
  86. How Business Owners Take Cues From Interest Rates
  87. Just One Stock Was Responsible For 35% Of The Dow’s Gains In May
  88. Explaining The Double-Digit WTI Discount
  89. The Best And Worst Performing Assets In May And YTD
  90. The U.S. Economy In Two Words: Asymmetric Gains
  91. BofA: Beware These Three June “Capitulation” Risks
  92. Petrobras CEO Unexpectedly Resigns Amid Crippling Nationwide Strike, Sending Stock, Real Tumbling
  93. US Manufacturing Dipped (Or Bounced) In May As Prices Paid Hits 7 Year Highs
  94. Dollar & Banks Bid After Payrolls Beat; Stocks, Bonds, Gold Down
  95. S&P Downgrades Deutsche Bank To BBB+
  96. Now in Effect: Alabama Law will Help Encourage the Use of Gold and Silver as Money


  1. NOW Europe Has An Economic CRISIS! (Video: 8:13 minutes long.)
  2. George Soros Claims “New Global Financial Crisis” Coming
  3. Think the Italy panic was bad? Just wait until central banks turn off the spigot
  4. Italian Yields Spike On Report Italy Ruling Coalition Seeks Funds To Quit Euro
  5. Italian Bond Selling Resumes; Yields At Session Highs
  6. Futures, European Stocks Surge Celebrating New Spanish, Italian Governments As Payrolls Loom
  7. Falling Deutsche Bank shares reignite ‘black swan’ worries
  8. Deutsche Bank stock is looking cheap after 40% slide, but analysts remain wary
  9. Is Anyone Really Surprised Deutsche Bank’s Problems Had Nothing To Do With The DoJ Fine?
  10. The Situation With Deutsche Bank Getting Worse By The Day
  11. Visa recovering from service disruption affecting payments across Europe
  12. It’s Not Italy But THIS Is The Mother OF ALL Systemic Threats
  13. Audio Alert: Europe Crisis Unfolding… Currency Blow-Up Next?
  15. Three Critical Lessons From Europe’s Recent Mini-Meltdown
  16. After Italy… Spain Risk Soars


  1. China: China cuts import duties on some consumer goods
  2. Turkish Stocks, Lira Tumble After Erdogan Comments Prompt Capital Control Concerns
  3. Why Turkey And Argentina Are Doomed, In One JPMorgan Chart


  1. Egypt Enjoys a Surge in Economic Freedom


Earth News Banner

  1. The first named storm of the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season arrives early as subtropical Storm Alberto to hit Florida, Alabama and Mississippi
  2. Tropical Cyclone “Mekunu” slams into Oman as strongest in recorded history, dumps nearly 3 years’ worth of rain in one day
  3. Green Economist Comes Clean: Fossil Fuel Divestment Has No Impact
  4. Environmentalists Have To Pay Oil Co. $38 Million after Court Uncovers Fraudulent Lawsuit
  5. Islands off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and Queensland coast shut down to the public after being taken over by rats
  6. As the world warms up deadly lightning storms are increasing by 12% every degree Celsius of warming killing thousands around the globe
  7. Hurricane Maria Death Toll 70 TIMES MORE Than We Were Told
  9. Major quake alert: Massive coronal hole on the surface of the Sun faces Earth: NOAA forecasters say a 60% chance of G1-class storm
  10. “Students still able to wash their hands if the water is not blue or green!” Algae bloom found in Detroit Lake Oregon drinking water
  11. Strange Sounds continue over California, Minneapolis and Southampton (UK) leaving everyone baffled
  12. Alabama: Soggy Alberto triggers mudslides, threatens dam failure
  13. Argentina: River turns mysteriously blood red overnight in Argentina
  14. Europe: Violent thunderstorms produce more than 400,000 lightning strikes in 48 hours in Europe
  15. Europe: Crazy May! Warm and sunshine records SMASHED in the UK, Western Europe and Scandinavia while the Mediterranean was cool and wet
  16. France: Remnant from Hurricane Sandy Washes Up on French Shore 6 Years Later
  17. Hawaii: After-shock warning for Hawaii residents after a resurgence of nearly 400 quakes in a 24 hour period around volatile Kilauea volcano
  18. Hawaii: New evacuations ordered as fast-flowing Hawaii lava blocks major volcano escape route
  19. India: Temperatures in the mid-40s (C) dust storms lightning and thunderstorms kill another 54 people in India: Warnings of worse to come
  20. India: Temperatures above 48 degrees Celsius (118 deg F) causing dizziness dehydration birds falling out of the sky roads and cars melting in India
  21. India: Record-breaking rains flood parts of Karnataka
  22. Indonesia: Pacific ring of fire awakes as Indonesia colossus Mount Merapi spews a column of volcanic ash and steam 6 km into the air
  23. Maryland: The 2nd 1,000-year flood in 2 years: 3 years rainfall in 1 day: 1 months rainfall in 1 hour: 60,000 lightning strikes in 4 hours it’s weather madness!
  24. Maryland: Residents of Maryland town reeling from pair of 1,000-year floods…
  25. Maryland: Maryland reached a 10-year high in flesh-eating bacteria infections in the Chesapeake Bay so far this summer
  26. Mexico: Mexico burning! Life-threatening temperatures hitting 50 C (122 F) just 3.9 Celsius short of the hottest temperature ever recorded on our planet
  27. New Zealand: 12 dead whales found washed up on beaches in New Zealand in “Rare Event”
  28. South Africa: A highly unusual hailstorm completely unheard of this time of the year smashes entire blocks of citrus banana and vegetable crops in South Africa
  29. Space: UCR Astronomers Have Identified 121 Giant Planets That May Harbor Life
  30. Space: New Model Explains What We See When A Massive Black Hole Devours A Star
  31. Space: Is There Anything In The Universe Bigger Than A Galaxy?
  32. Space: Closer Look On Dunes Discovered In Sputnik Planitia Region Of Pluto
  33. Space: NASA CubeSats – MarCO-A and MarCO-B – Steer Toward Mars
  34. UK: Homes evacuated after huge sinkhole opens up on A26 in Kent, UK


Petition News Banner

Did a Netflix show kill Anna Bright?

Sign the petition demanding that Netflix pull Season 1 and Season 2 of its original series 13 Reasons Why.

The hugely popular Netflix series has become a lightning rod for critics who say it glorifies suicide and may even make it an attractive option for teenagers who are enduring difficult times in their lives.

AFA President Tim Wildmon sent a private letter to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, respectfully asking for a short meeting to discuss our concerns.

The letter was ignored.

Season 1 was hugely popular. While it was airing last year, the website for Teen Vogue said the series was Netflix’s most popular show on social media.

Netflix recently released Season 2, and it is worse than ever. Full of gratuitous sex scenes including multiple rapes and sexual assaults – one extremely graphic; the acceptance and celebration of homosexuality; pornography; gun violence including a thwarted school shooting, and other unspeakable perversions, Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why is abhorrent.

AFA executive vice president Ed Vitagliano said that the whole series “is a dark and demonic primer for impressionable young people, inviting them to enter a realm of perversion, hatred, and violence that has been birthed in hell itself.”

Read the AFA Journal feature about this series and its impact on the family of Anna Bright and others.

Even the mainstream media has publicized the potential dangers of 13 Reasons Why, and some schools here in America and abroad have sent home letters to warn parents about the series.

Those dangers are very real.

Asking Netflix to drop this dangerous series is the right thing to do. Please sign this petition and then share it as a way to warn other friends, family, and church members about the dangers of 13 Reasons Why.

Sign Our Petition to Remove Robert Mueller as Special Counsel

We the People Call On President Trump to Remove Robert Mueller as Special Counsel and to Appoint Larry Klayman to Investigate the Clinton Email, Uranium One, and Fusion GPS Scandals!


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Sacred Ancient Texts Reveal Who Really Aligned The Oldest Monuments To The Stars
  2. Praetorian Guard: Roman Elite Unit Assigned To Protect But Also Involved In Confinement, Execution, Spying And Threats
  3. The Helm Of Awe – Powerful Viking Symbol For Physical, Mental And Spiritual Protection
  4. Traces Of Ancient Maya In Europe? Controversial Theory Examined
  5. Greco-Roman Bath Complex, Coin Depicting King Ptolemy III And Other Artifacts Found In Egypt’s Gharbia Province
  6. Previously Undetected Huge Subglacial Valleys And Mountains Discovered Near Antarctica’s South Pole
  7. Ancient Symbol Fleur-de-lis: It’s Meaning And History Explained
  8. WATCH: Israeli Archaeologists Use Drones to Map Ancient Towns
  9. Death And Afterlife In Ancient Egyptian Beliefs – Death As Transition To Another Reality
  10. Previously Unknown Hieroglyphic Inscriptions Found By Polish Researchers At Gebelein, Egypt
  11. Mummified Remains of Monk, Still in Lotus Position, Found in Mongolia – Some Claim He Was Alive!
  12. Disrespect and Desecration at Victorian Mummy Unwrapping Parties
  13. Taiwan Jaw Bone Connected to the Origins of Humanity, May Reveal Entirely New Prehistoric Species
  14. Archaeologists Found the Grave of Famous Spanish Author, Cervantes
  15. Clever Rock Science Provides New Possibilities for Migration to the Americas
  16. Cave Holds Evidence of a 20,000-year-old Kangaroo Meat Family BBQ
  17. The Battle of Mount Gilboa: King Saul’s Defeat and Death
  18. Landmark Find: Spanish Archaeologists Locate Long-Lost Janus Augustus Arch
  19. Secrets in 2,000-Year-Old Scorched Scrolls of Herculaneum to be Revealed with New Tech
  20. Tiny Black Sea Island may be Hiding Lost Temple of Apollo
  21. Medical supplies found aboard the wreck of Blackbeard’s flagship
  22. No Escape: Man Decapitated by Stone Block Discovered at Pompeii
  23. Daily Prayers with Decomposing Corpses: Death Chairs at Aragonese Castle
  24. Sun and Earth Aligned: Ancient Andean Calendar is Illuminated on the Atacama Desert
  25. Extremely rare evidence of Roman crucifixion uncovered in Italy
  26. ‘Oldest Manuscript’ of Gospel of Mark Discovered
  27. Pre-Columbian Pachacamac Site Dedicated To God Of Creation, Fire And Earthquakes In Inca Religion
  28. The Caesar Cipher: Ancient And Simple Yet Effective Cipher Used By Julius Caesar
  29. A 1,000-Year-Old Intact Mummy Unearthed In Ancient Pachacamac Site, Peru
  30. Extremely Rare And Tiny Biblical Coins Discovered Near The Temple Mount
  31. Megachirella: Mother Of All Lizards – World’s Oldest Fossil Found
  32. Magnificent Hattusha: Capital Of The Hittites
  33. Ancient Cities Built By Biblical Giants – Archaeological Evidence
  34. What Function Did Towering Columns Have In Ancient Rome?
  35. New Genes May Explain Why Humans Got Such Big Brains
  36. Puzzling Biological Event 7,000 Years Ago – Something Weird Happened To Men
  37. Micro-CT Scans Revealed: It Wasn’t Egyptians’ Falcon-Headed Deity But Malformed Human Baby
  38. Khufu Boat And Unique Boat-Building Technique Of Ancient Egyptians
  39. Ancient Superhighways: 12,000-Year-Old Massive Underground Tunnels From Scotland To Turkey


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Messianic Age – The 1000 years of peace and beyond – Part 4: The A-Z on the Millennial Reign Also Called the Messianic Age

Curses Removed, Earth Changed, King Moshiach Rules:

Not much is known or written about the Believer’s destiny into the future, especially not from a Hebraic mind-set; the mind-set of Yeshua, our King and Saviour!

The Olam Haba introduces us to the most beautiful, peaceful, and rewarding age this world will ever know. It is also known as ‘the Millennium’, or the thousand-year reign of the Moshiach.

There are many references, to specific areas that are targeted for reconstruction, but the most devastating changes on the face of the earth will occur through Israel and Lebanon. The geographical changes that are coming to this world are beyond human comprehension and our intellectual capacity!

In this part we examine the prophecies concerning the restoration of the earth, how life and the general conditions will be during this period and the structure of the rulers during this time. Any true Believer should be desperate to gain knowledge of his/her future as listed in the topic headings below. Come and embark on a futuristic journey to learn about the biggest mystery in human history; your destiny into eternity…

Some of the topics covered for this mysterious period are:

• The Timing of the Messianic Era.
• Hebrew Eschatology Overview.
• Reasons for a Messianic Era.
• What Will Activate the Messianic Era?
• The Earth Will Be Changed at the Beginning of the Messianic Age?
• Earthshattering Changes Occur.
• GOD Forms a Spring, Digs a River Bed, Divides the Great City, Heals the Eastern Sea and Fills His Breadbasket.
• The Manifestation of Moshiach in the Millennium.
• Description and Character Trends of the Moshiach.
• Zion, the City of David and Jerusalem Flourishes in the Wilderness.
• The Heavenly Jerusalem.
• New Boundaries of Israel and Jerusalem.

(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


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  1. The 20 Largest Genealogy Record Collections Online: Have You Searched Them?
  2. Why You Should Stop Your Research and Reexamine Every Single Genealogy Record You Have
  3. Reaching Out to Close Genetic Relatives
  4. Why a Genealogy Lookup Request Might Not Pan Out
  5. What Our Ancestors Used for Medicine
  6. Tennessee Historical Timeline, 1623-1820
  7. South Dakota Historical Timeline, 1738-1945
  8. Calling all Boelen Descendants!
  9. Genealogy 101: Veterans Cemeteries
  10. Revisit Life in New York City 1911
  11. Colorado Archives: 122 Newspapers for Genealogy Research
  12. Borussia Dortmund Players Test with MyHeritage DNA
  13. Map Guide to Swiss Parish Registers Vol. 8: Cantons of Solothurn, Basel-Landschaft, Basel-Stadt
  14. The Mead of the Picts – Part One: The Ballad
  15. The Mead of the Picts — Part 2: The People
  17. A New Database with Pictures of 18th and 19th Century Ireland is Launched
  18. Study Trace DNA Of Inca Emperors To Their Modern-Day Descendants
  19. Maybe DNA Can’t Answer All Our Questions About Heredity
  20. Your Ancestors: the Swimsuit Edition
  21. GDPR ‘Risks Making It Harder to Catch Hackers’
  22. United States Colored Troops (USCT) Pension Files Online
  23. How To Research Your Ancestors in a Location You Cannot Visit
  24. MisIndexing — A Common Brick Wall and How to Get Around It
  25. Civil War Medical Cards: Using Them to Research Your Union Ancestors
  26. Your Ancestry may Qualify You for Luxembourg Citizenship and Passport
  27. Early ‘Vermont Newspapers of Record’ are now Available Online
  32. 38 Family History Discoveries You Can Only Make in Person
  33. How to Overcome Obstacles in Eastern European Genealogy
  34. Terrific Genealogy Technology at Your Fingertips
  35. Barefoot in the Backyard: Identifying Kids in a Hand-Colored Photo
  36. DNA Q&A: Understanding Sibling DNA
  37. 7 Tips For Successful Genealogy Research In A Burned County
  38. Experts Outline Ethics Issues With Use of Genealogy DNA to Solve Crimes
  39. How to Maintain Your Own Personal Archive


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  1. Urgent Public Health Threat: Antibiotic Resistance Now a Reality for This Transmittable Disease
  2. As U.S. Opioid Epidemic Skyrockets, Sea Life Now Testing Positive for Big Pharma’s Oxycodone
  3. Triclosan, a common antimicrobial in toothpaste and other products, linked to inflammation and cancer in the gut
  4. Why Are So Many Concerned About The Potential Health Dangers Of The 5G Cell Phone Network That Is Going Up Nationwide?
  5. 5G: Hype Or Horror?


  1. Vaccines: Should I Sign The AAP Doctor’s Form to Refuse Vaccines for My Child?
  2. Vaccines: The U.S. Needs an Independent Vaccine Safety Organization Separate from the Corrupt FDA and CDC
  3. Vaccines: Vaccinated versus Unvaccinated Study of Mice Links Hepatitis B Vaccine to Autism
  4. Vaccines: New Utah Vaccine Law – Unvaccinated Students Will Be Expelled
  5. Vaccines: Low Grade Inflammation Decreases Emotional Recognition – Vaccine Model of Inflammation
  6. Vaccines: Canadian Chiropractor Under Investigation For Highlighting Vaccine Dangers
  7. Vaccines: Attorney Who Represents Vaccine Injuries Claims there is no Science Linking Vaccines to Any “Spectrum Disorder”
  8. Cancer: Talcum Powder Cancer Risk Sends Johnson & Johnson BACK To Court (Video: 7:38 minutes long.)
  9. Cancer: Landmark lawsuit claims Monsanto hid cancer danger of weedkiller for decades
  10. Cancer: Health experts say ALL sausage and bacon products cause diseases like cancer… is that really true?
  11. Cancer: A protein found in breast milk can be used to treat cancer and certain bacterial infections
  12. Student suicide clusters and its missing link
  13. Whole Foods Quietly Halts GMO Labeling Requirements
  14. BETRAYED: Whole Foods suspends GMO labeling promise, will continue selling unlabeled GMOs after five-year LIE to its own customers
  15. Tumors Hate These Vitamins – Despite What These ‘Experts’ Claim
  16. Everyone Will Love This Creamy Keto ‘Potato’ Salad Recipe
  17. All About Crohn’s Disease
  18. Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) – Most Necessary Effective Medicine on Earth
  19. Zaps Your Heart Attack Risk, Devour These ‘Good Guys’ Often
  20. Study Shows Blueberries and Omega-3s Are Great for Your Brain
  21. Yogurt: A Top Food for Fighting Inflammation
  22. How to Get Rid of a Cough
  23. A Brief History of Fat, and Why We Hate It (Video: 20:34 minutes long.)
  24. Can Autoimmune Disease Be Reversed?
  25. Food Police Shut Down Raw Dairy Club
  26. Exercise Treats Addiction By Altering Brain’s Dopamine System
  27. 5 Lifestyle habits to follow to add more than 10 years to your life
  28. 6 More reasons NOT to drink diet soda
  29. Absolute WORST foods that clog your blood and lead to Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and strokes
  30. Olive Oil and Mediterranean Diet Reduce Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
  31. From swallowing condoms for fun to this? Dangerous internet craze teaches kids how to remove scar tissue using a rubber band
  32. Electro pollution from power lines threatens health of wildlife
  33. Millions Glop This ‘Protective’ Cream on, but Studies Show It May Be Useless
  34. Yes, You Do Sweat Out Toxins
  35. 50 Years Late, WHO Declares War on Trans Fats
  36. Everything You Need to Know About Gynecomastia
  37. Autoimmune disease doesn’t have to take over your life
  38. CONFIRMED: Antidepressants and other drugs cause dementia
  39. Thousands of premature deaths from cardiovascular disease in the U.S. linked to historical lead exposure
  40. Going to the sauna 4-7x a week can reduce your risk of a stroke by 61%
  41. The ‘Flagrantly Psychotic’ Habit You Should Develop Today, No Kidding
  42. Do You Know the Most Common Signs of a Brain Tumor?
  43. Why Even Stainless Steel and Aluminum Cookware May Be Less Than Ideal
  44. What Is Worcestershire Sauce Good For?
  45. It’s OFFICIAL – Bayer Monsanto Merger Going Through Despite Anti-Trust Law
  46. The Company That Is Taking Over Monsanto Knowingly Gave Thousands Of Children HIV
  47. The Most Venomous New Thug Against Humanity?
  48. Expert Warns of Antidepressants and Mental Health Screenings Linked to Violence
  49. Why STEM CELLS And U.S Medical Tourism Are On The Rise In Mexico (Video: 24:01 minutes long.)
  50. Scientists claim Cockroach Milk will be the next “Super Food”
  51. This Plant Can Help Cleanse The Liver, Kidneys, And Whole Body From Toxins
  52. Western Diet and Refined Sweeteners Impair Liver Function
  53. 10 Symptoms Of High Cholesterol That You Shouldn’t Ignore
  54. 10 Mistakes With Contact Lenses That Could Damage Your Eyes
  55. 15 Ways To Use Borax You’ve Probably Never Even Thought Of
  56. Cinnamon And Lemon: A Sensational Remedy To Discover
  57. Vitamins And Apple Cider Vinegar Are Jennifer Aniston’s Morning Routine For A Healthy And Glowing Skin!
  58. 9 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Can Change Your Life
  59. The #1 Supplement Recommended by Cardiologists
  60. Scientific Discovery: Aspartame, Commonly Used In Artificial Sweeteners Is The Main Cause Of Diabetes
  61. 5 Drinks To Help You Sleep Better And Lose Weight: You’ll Love Them!
  62. 10 Foods To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels And Prevent Diabetes
  63. Early Warning Signs That You Are Infected With A Parasite (Weight Gain, Anxiety, Sugar Cravings, Bloating)
  64. How To Wash Your Face And Say Goodbye To Saggy Facial Skin And Wrinkles
  65. How To Make Pineapple Ginger Smoothies To Help With Pain And Inflammation
  66. 7 Tea Tree Oil Uses Most People Have No Idea About
  67. Get Rid Of Ants From Your Home Naturally With These 4 Tricks
  68. This Shake Flattens Belly, Cleanse The Colon, And Removes All The Fat Completely From Your Body
  69. Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease May Be Easier Than You Think
  70. 6 Reasons To Make Banana Peel Tea & How To Do It
  71. This Is How A 1/4 Teaspoon Of Himalayan Salt Fights Muscle Pain, Toxins, And Belly Fat
  72. An Extra 300 mg Of This Common Mineral Could Help Stop Your Arteries From Hardening
  73. How To Quickly Remove Uric Acid Crystallization From Your Body To Prevent Gout And Joint Pain
  74. The Exact Daily Dose Of Vitamin D You Need To Avoid 13 Health Problems (Proven By Science)
  75. 2 Apples, 1 Lemon And 1 Cup Of Oats, Prepare To Lose Size Without Any Control
  76. FDA Approves 1st Artificial Iris
  77. Dietary Vitamin C Reduces, Protects Against Cataracts
  78. Scientists Create First 3D-Printer Corneas
  79. Baby Teeth Give Clues to Autism’s Origins, Detection
  80. How Coffee, Sugar and Alcohol Chemically Block Your Best Life
  81. Addictions, Self Sabotage and Learning How to Heal
  82. Are You Really Happy or Just Experiencing Pleasure? Take The Test
  83. Debunking the Lectin-Free Diet Fad
  84. Nitrate Rich Diet Boosts Athletic Performance
  85. THE ANCESTORS DIET: Living and Cultured Foods to Extend Life, Prevent Disease and Lose Weight
  86. Western Diet Shortens Telomeres and Lifespan
  87. Plant-based Diets Reduce Cancer and Heart Disease Deaths
  88. Elimination Diets Increase Food Allergies in Kids
  89. Low-Carb Mediterranean Diet Found to Treat Type 2 Diabetes
  90. Mediterranean Diet with Nuts Reduces Cognitive Decline
  91. Diets High in Potassium Reduce Stroke Risk
  92. Plant-based Low Carb Diet Aids Weight Loss, Cholesterol
  93. Alkaline Diet Reduces Risk of Kidney Failure
  94. 19 Drinks As Good As Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss
  95. Feeling Stressed Out? Here Are 9 Of The Best Videos For Self-Massage
  96. Use This Ancient Greek Remedy For Better Digestion, Hydration And More
  97. 4 Natural Ways To Recalcify And Re-Enamel Teeth
  98. 7 Signs Your Body Is Crying Out For Selenium
  99. Flush Toxins + 7 Other Health Benefits Of Epsom Salts
  100. How Jailing Drug Users Increases Opioid Overdoses
  101. Scientists Discover Genius Way To Get Vitamin B12 Naturally Into Vegan Diet
  102. 28 Healthy, Hearty Broccoli Recipes
  103. What an Itchy Scalp Means & How to Get Rid of It Naturally
  104. Anthocyanin Benefits the Brain, Eyes & Immune System
  105. What Is the Best Pillow? (Plus the 5 Dangers of Conventional Pillows)
  106. Top 15 Anti-Inflammatory Foods + Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  107. Subluxation Symptoms + 5 Natural Remedies
  108. Chronic Venous Insufficiency Causes Leg Pain & More (+ 8 Natural Ways to Relieve CVI Symptoms)
  109. Know When It’s a Heart Attack: 10 Heart Attack Symptoms (+ 7 Tips to Help Recovery)
  110. Stop Using Bug Zappers Immediately
  111. Antidepressant Withdrawal Symptoms — Worse Than You Think
  112. FDA Bows to Public Pressure: Compounding Pharmacies Can Continue Making Natural Medicines
  113. Curcumin is your heart’s best friend: Three ways the compound protects you from life-threatening cardiac events
  114. Six healthy lifestyle habits that prevent dementia
  115. Your thyroid hormones could be the reason why you’re tired all the time
  116. Study: This Exercise Method Significantly Boosts Your Mood
  117. Exercise Four to Five Times a Week to Prevent Arterial Stiffness
  118. Acid Reflux: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention
  119. Allergies and the Hygiene Hypothesis
  120. Flavanols in Foods Help Prevent Colon Cancer
  121. PSYCH DRUG America: More than 8 million children now on mind-altering psychiatric medication
  122. 4 Signs you might be deficient in omega-7
  123. Michigan state senator testifies to his “serious concerns” about the health risks of cell phones, WiFi routers, and smart meters
  124. What Does the Color of Your Mucus Mean?
  125. Researchers Discover Why Pesticide Exposure Increases Risk Of Parkinson’s
  126. Is Mom Co-sleeping with Baby Child Abuse? A Safe Time-Honored Tradition Now Used to Kidnap Babies
  127. African Use of Ants and Intercropping to Fight Armyworm Pests in Corn Crops More Effective than GMOs
  128. An ancient virus could be responsible for human consciousness (Video: 4:12 minutes long.)
  129. Understand stroke risk: National Aphasia Month
  130. Death Of American Exceptionalism – China Overtakes America In “Healthy Life Expectancy”
  131. Toxic Oil and Gas Wastewater Used to Treat Roads Contains Radium
  132. Are Red Meats Really Carcinogenic?
  133. Dr. Rowen: A Stunning Ozone Miracle, Perhaps the Most Dramatic of my Career
  134. Fraud Revealed in One of the Most Risky Food Enhancements Ever
  135. Refreshing Asian Marinated Kale and Kraut Salad Recipe
  136. Learn How to Address This Common Mental Health Problem
  137. Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)


  1. What Are BCAAs’ Benefits for Your Health?
  2. 4 Powerful healing properties of manuka honey (and why you should stock up on it now)
  3. Natural remedies for stopping a runny nose
  4. Honeysuckle: More Than Just a Decorative Flower
  5. Ginger Tea: An Ancient Solution to Today’s Common Ailments
  6. What Is Acorn Squash Good For?


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  1. Social Media: ‘Our Mistake,’ Twitter Forced To Admit After Restricting User Critical of Hamas
  2. Social Media: Woke: Twitter Meltdowns and Truth- Trump, Rosanne, Musk and Mel (Video: 13:27 minutes long.)
  3. Social Media: Zuckerberg Calls for ‘Supreme Court’ of Facebook Appeals
  4. Social Media: Facebook confirmed to be a massive spy machine that records your conversations and violates your privacy
  5. Social Media: Donald Trump, Jr. Says He Is Censored by Facebook – and Proves It
  6. Social Media: Claim: Facebook Helped Discriminate Against Elderly Job Seekers
  7. Social Media: Facebook Cofounder’s Wife Bankrolls BLM Activist Shaun King’s PAC
  8. Social Media: Facebook Co-Founder’s Wife Bankrolling Fake News Promoter Shaun King’s Project
  9. Social Media: Facebook Is Tracking Your Phone’s Location, Here’s How to Review Your History
  10. Social Media: Facebook’s Privacy Policy is History
  11. Social Media: Facebook‘s Own Shareholders Grill Zuckerberg over Conservative Censorship at Annual Meeting
  12. Social Media: Facebook to remove ‘trending’ news from its site amid fake news criticism
  13. Social Media: Facebook Use Among Teens Plummets 30% In Three Years
  14. Social Media: Social Networks Are Great, But They’re a Terrible Place to Get News
  16. Social Media: Google Abandons Pentagon’s AI-Drone ‘Project Maven’ After Employee Revolt
  17. Social Media: Google Blames Wikipedia For Listing Nazism As One Of California Republican Party’s Ideologies
  18. Social Media: History’s most massive PURGE of health information ever recorded under way right now thanks to Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and Facebook
  19. Biometrics are here: The crazy ways you’re going to be paying in the future
  20. Why Elon Musk’s plans to build a Cyborg Dragon spells excitment
  21. Laser holography kit that can fit in a backpack can project holograms into your brain
  22. Politicians: The Worst Kind of People to Run the Government
  23. Opinion: Should Human-Animal Chimeras Be Granted “Personhood”?
  24. Hybrid human chicken embryos: HALF HUMAN – HALF CHICKEN abomination created in US lab
  25. ‘Just moms’ and lawsuits causing quite a stir
  26. Having a Professional Drive to Your Home and Clean Your Guns Is More Practical Than You Might Think
  27. Is Time Travel Possible? Scientists Explore The Past And Future
  28. Amazon is found selling jihad recruitment material and bomb-making manual on next day delivery
  29. Shocking Statistics on Teaching Islam in American Schools
  30. How to Develop the Situational Awareness of Jason Bourne
  31. A Lessen in Liberty from North Korea
  32. The Origins of War Lay In State Propaganda and Indoctrination
  33. Newt Gingrich: Space entrepreneurs will change our lives with advances that are out of this world
  34. Demographics Are Destiny: China Finally Gets It, Do We?
  35. When your DNA research pokes holes in Darwin
  36. Home Is Where the Classroom Is…
  37. GREEN FIVE: Health Ranger video allows you to prove to yourself that you’ve been quietly hypnotized to delete reality
  38. Transcending Duality Reality
  39. Homeschooling surges as parents seek safer options…
  40. More Parents Homeschooling To Counter LGBT Indoctrination
  41. Critical infrastructure in the US at risk for hackers
  42. Why you’re being flooded with calls in your area code—and how to stop them
  43. This is how long you should keep airline credit cards
  44. You might qualify for this unique second passport. But the window closes soon…
  45. Lawsuit Exposes How The Government’s “Justice” System Keeps The Poor, Poor
  48. CIA Informant Revealed Hitler Survived WWII And Fled To South America – Conspiracy Or Truth?


  1. How to View and Improve Your Game’s Frame Per Second (FPS)
  2. What’s New in Windows 10’s Redstone 5 Update, Available Fall 2018
  3. What is Windows 10 in S Mode?
  4. How to Disable Windows 10’s Tabs From Showing in Alt+Tab
  5. How to Install and Manage Fonts in Windows 10’s Settings App
  6. How to Exclude an App from Windows 10’s New Tabs
  7. How To Use Reading View In Microsoft Edge
  8. Water Leak Sensors: The Most Overlooked Smarthome Device You Probably Don’t Have
  9. What’s With All the Privacy Policy Emails? (Video: 7:53 minutes long.)
  10. Download WinX DVD Ripper Platinum
  11. Why You Should Consider Adding a TV to Your Computer Setup
  12. How to Listen to Spotify With Just Your Web Browser
  13. Don’t Be An Idiot! Get Rid of Alexa! (Video: 6:30 minutes long.)
  14. Best Streaming Devices for 2018
  15. The Best Alternatives to Slack for Team Chat
  16. How to Turn Any File Into a Template in macOS
  17. How to Buy Kindle or Audible Books on iPhone or iPad
  18. The Best 7 Bluetooth Key Finders To Ensure Your Keys Never Go Missing Again
  19. The Best Oversized Mouse Pads And Desk Pads
  20. 10 Coolest Android Apps You Need to Know About! (Video: 12:43 minutes long.)
  21. Geekly Update – 30 May 2018
  22. How to Use Apple’s New Multi-Room Audio Features in AirPlay 2
  23. What is Focal Length in Photography?
  24. What Is A Wi-Fi Hotspot (and Are They Safe to Use)?
  25. The Best Alternatives to Slack for Team Chat
  26. Plex Media Center Now Supports Podcasts
  27. How to Check or Update Your HomePod’s OS Version
  28. Google Daydream vs. Gear VR: Which Mobile VR Headset is Better?
  29. How to Install and Set Up Kwikset SmartCode Door Locks
  30. If Your Cellphone Is Paid For, Demand Your Cell Company Unlock It
  31. The Best Chromebooks You Can Buy, 2018 Edition
  32. What is Pro Mode in the Samsung Galaxy Camera, and What Can You Do With It?
  33. How To Take Professional Photos With Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Camera
  34. Can You Plug Surge Protectors and Extension Cords Into Each Other?
  35. How to Use Apple’s New Multi-Room Audio Features in AirPlay 2
  36. Free Download: Sync Philips Hue Lights With Your PC or Mac
  37. Why People Don’t Pick Up The Phone Anymore
  38. How To Change Your Password
  39. How to Save Money on Flights With Kayak’s Price Alerts
  40. [HOWTO] Fill and Sign PDF Forms Digitally
  41. How to Change the Home Page in Your Web Browser
  42. What Is A SIM Card (And What Comes Next)?
  43. There Are Now Three Versions of Ubuntu in the Microsoft Store, Here’s Why
  44. You Should Set Your iPhone To Wipe Everything After 10 Wrong Passcode Guesses
  45. How to Install Fonts on an iPad or iPhone
  46. How to Edit Live Photos on Your iPhone
  47. What to Do If You Replaced Your iPhone Battery and Still Have Issues
  48. Gear VR vs Oculus Go: Which One is Better?
  49. The Best Budget Desk Lamps For All Your Lighting Needs
  50. ANOTHER Router Virus Going Around – What You Need to Do! (Video: 7:07 minutes long.)
  51. How to Stream Your PC Games to Android with Steam Link
  52. How-To Geek Recommends Running Malwarebytes Alongside Your Antivirus for Maximum Protection (NOTE: I also use Malwarebytes on my computer.)
  53. Free Download: QuickLook Instantly Previews Files on Windows
  54. How to Unlock Your Smart Locks with Alexa


Religion News Banner

  2. Southern Baptist Denomination Cuts Ties With DC Baptists Over Homosexuality
  3. Claims against former SBC seminary head refuted
  4. ‘Break Her Down’: Southern Baptist Leader Covered Up Rape Allegations
  5. Greear: Women deserve ‘top’ leadership roles in SBC
  6. Patterson’s role as seminary’s president emeritus short-lived
  7. Will Today’s Church Awake To The Transhuman Danger In Time? Or Blindly Assist Antichrist’s Rising?
  9. Judgment Of The Nephilim Book
  11. LYING SIGNS AND WONDERS: Catholic Church launch probe after Virgin Mary statue starts WEEPING
  12. The Supply and Demand Of What THEY Want
  13. Sweden: Church collects money to build mosque
  14. Is It Moral to Seek Immortality? A Discussion at the Vatican
  15. Generation Z, Justice, and the Gospel: A Call for Balance
  16. Generation Z, Justice, & The Gospel
  17. How important was religion to the founders of the United States of America?
  18. There’s a Way to Pray for Victory Over Habitual Sins, and Many People Have No Idea What It Is
  19. Jewish Rights Spokesperson: U.S. Students Suffer ’30 Incidents Per School Day’ of Religious Bullying
  20. NEW INVESTIGATIVE SERIES: Why The Church Needs To Understand TRANSHUMANISM (Video: 28:30 minutes long.)
  21. Have We Entered A HYBRID AGE? (MILIEU Part 2) (Video: 28:30 minutes long.)
  22. INVESTIGATION Continues into TRANSHUMANISM and End Times Prophecy (Pt.3) (Video: 28:30 minutes long.)
  23. FINAL TV REPORT from ‘The Milieu’ on The Hybrid Age, Prophecy (Pt.4) (Video: 28:30 minutes long.)
  24. Will Today’s Church Awake To The Transhuman Danger In Time? Or Blindly Assist Antichrist’s Rising?
  25. Giving Life To The Living Image Of The Beast And The First-Fruits Of His Dark Image-Bearers
  26. Wycliffe witnessing need for audio of Bible
  27. State-funded Foster Care and The Church: Part of the Problem, NOT Part of the Solution
  29. When God REMEMBERS his Word
  30. Pastors Arrested Without Warrants While Teaching Class
  31. Violence Against Christians Reaches All-Time High
  32. Jesus Miraculously Healed Woman’s ‘Incurable’ Cancer
  33. Myths About Israel, Part 1 (Video: 28:30 minutes long.)
  34. Myths About Israel, Part 2 (Video: 28:30 minutes long.)
  35. God may have put you in a lonely place for an incredible reason
  36. Baptist church removing Jesus statue it deems too ‘Catholic’
  37. American Bible Society to Require Church Attendance, Certain Beliefs about LGBT
  38. Christians in North Korea Executed and Tortured for Praying and Reading Bible
  39. What Kathryn Kuhlman Told a Skeptical Student Searching for the Supernatural
  40. Christian baker to be baked or vindicated by SCOTUS?
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2 Corinthians 13:5 “Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not know yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you?—unless indeed you are disqualified. (New King James Version)

God intends for us to discover the reality of our nature. Of course, it is impossible to fathom it entirely, but we can and must come to grips with the potential for evil that exists in every one of us. We must at least annually measure the extent that we have overcome the evil in us and the sincerity of our commitment to our relationship with God. As we examine ourselves this and every year, God expects us to prepare ourselves as mature Christians to rededicate ourselves to Him afresh at Passover and to put sin out of our lives diligently and actively, which one of the lessons of the Days of Unleavened Bread.

If we sincerely ask God in faith, He will reveal our inward, hidden faults to us (see Psalm 19:12-13; 51:6; 139:23-24). It is important that we not be overly discouraged by what He reveals. It is human nature. It has lived and grown within us for as long as we have lived, and it takes long years to overcome its influence. In fact, we cannot entirely escape it in this flesh, a compelling reason Christians long for the resurrection at the return of Jesus Christ.

Rather than wallow in discouragement, we should channel our energies in eradicating its power over our lives (see II Corinthians 7:9-11). Paul tells us in Romans 7:14-23 that, to his shame and regret, he often did what he hated, sin, and conversely, he did not do what he really wanted to do. Yet, the same apostle also writes in verse 25: “I thank God – [I am delivered from my sinful flesh] through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God, but with the flesh the law of sin.” As long as we are “in the flesh,” we will sin, but we must continually – daily – repent and ask God for help in fighting our carnal nature.

God has promised the overcoming if we do our part. Although every imaginable wrong influence in this age besets us, we must remember that God has promised to stick with us and give us the help we need: “For He Himself has said, ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you.’ So we may boldly say: ‘The LORD is my helper; I will not fear'” (Hebrews 13:5-6).

In Psalm 119:57-60, David intimates that it is a Christian’s obligation to turn again, day after day and year after year, to God, saying:

You are my portion, O LORD; I have said [declared, promised] that I would keep Your words. I entreated Your favor with my whole heart; be merciful to me according to Your word. I thought about my ways, and turned my feet to Your testimonies. I made haste, and did not delay to keep Your commandments.

By doing so, we will, due to God’s help, succeed in attaining eternal life.

When approaching the Passover season, we would do well to fast, dedicating a whole day to searching the Scriptures and ourselves. We need to make sincere inquiry of God regarding our sins and shortcomings, so that God will never need to reveal them to us in condemnation.

Let us recall I Corinthians 11:28-30:

But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread and drink of that cup. For he who eats and drinks in an unworthy manner eats and drinks judgment to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body. For this reason many are weak and sick among you, and many sleep.

Notice verse 31: “For if we would judge ourselves, we would not [need to] be judged.” Christ is the righteous Judge. He would much rather we judged ourselves and turned to righteousness than have to point out our faults to us.

In II Timothy 4:7-8, Paul speaks of his life’s accomplishments. He knew he had run the course of his life in a way that was “pleasing” to God. He described it this way:

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that Day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing.

He is speaking about us!

We have no need to be discouraged at Passover time. It is our opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to Almighty God and renew our dedication to putting on the new man. As James says, sometimes we have not because we ask not (James 4:2). We need to ask God for a clean heart before Him, as well as for hope, joy, peace, and a close, personal relationship with Him and His Son.


To learn more, see:  What Does ‘Examine Yourselves’ Mean?


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The Sabbath Day—Part 3 by  Brad Scott

Most of the statements made in the Dake’s Bible concerning the validation of the Sunday sabbath remind me of witnessing to Mormons out here in Utah. They, too, attempt to authenticate the Mormon religion by quoting Mormon authorities. The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia goes on to say that … “A given day as a matter of divine obligation is denounced by Paul as forsaking Christ [Gal. 4:10].” I have covered this quite thoroughly in the Messianic Apologetic Series. However, a brief comment is in order here. The immediate context of Galatians 4:10 is Galatians 4:8.

Galatians 4:8
Howbeit then, when ye knew not God, ye did service unto them which by nature are no gods. But now, after that ye have known God, or rather are known of God, how turn ye again to the weak and beggarly elements, whereunto ye desire again to be in bondage? Ye observe days, and months, and times, and years.

This letter is addressed to the Galatians. Remember those guys? Galatia is in Asia and dominantly gentile. Paul was the apostle to the gentiles according to this same bible encyclopedia. Paul is speaking to those who ‘knew not God’ and formally worshiped ‘those’ who were by nature no gods. The Galatian culture, as most of the Roman empire, was saturated with a multitude of religious rituals and observances. It would take the greatest of ignorant anti-Jewish stooges to conclude that observers of days, months, times, and years, were only Jews. America, hardly a Jewish nation, has more observances of days, months, times, and years, than Orthodox Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists put together. Once again, an absurd statement.

This encyclopedia next quotes Colossians 2:16 as an attack on the Sabbath and that it is condemned explicitly by Paul.

Colossians 2:16
Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:

This section of Colossians has also been covered in much detail in our MA series. There is so much to be gleaned here, but I will focus on the historical meat of Paul’s statements. Once again, history and context plays a major role here. In the time in which Paul lived, when a thief was convicted, he served time in jail. On the outside of the cell was a document declaring the penalty and the crime for which he was convicted. When the prisoner served his time, the penalty was blotted out and he was set free. Now just prior to Paul’s direct reference to this in Colossians 2:14, Paul reminds us that because of Y’shua’s crucifixion and resurrection from the dead, that our trespasses have been forgiven. Messiah died for ALL our sins. It is the PENALTY He has paid for. Paul uses the analogy of a Greek penal system to teach this truth. Those who have been set free from the penalty of sin and now have eternal life (Romans 6:23), are free to serve the God of Israel now (Romans 6:22). Now we follow the God of Israel rather than our own ways that only lead to bondage and death. Without going into detail at this point, the reference to judging over food, drink, and sabbaths is actually quite the opposite of what the Sabbath forsakers are suggesting. Those of us who are now free to serve YHVH are not to be judged, because we have been set free of the traditions of MEN and the rudiments of the world (Colossians 2:8)

The Dake’s bible then quotes a number of excerpts from the writings of the so-called early church fathers. I will not address these commments for the reasons I stated at the beginning of this teaching. These comments only serve to prove that the prophecies of the Tanakh and Paul’s comments in Acts 20:29-31 were already in full swing by the time Constantine wrote it in ‘official’ stone. I will continue to address the scriptures that this commentary depends upon. The following is their next claim:

[Ed. note: typos are included in copying this from what was sent us!]


Ex. 31:13-14
Not once in scripture are the Gentiles and the N.T. church commanded to keep any particular day as a Sabbath, or respect one day as being holy any more than another [Rom. 14:5-6; Gal. 4:9-11]. The program of the N.T. for all men [Jew and Gentiles] is to consider every day holy and realize that whatever is sin must not be committed on any day, Saturday, Sunday or any other. It is not the day that makes an act sinful; it is the act, itself regardless of the day it is committed on. Transgression of the law is sin and that regardless of the day the transgression takes place [1 John 3:4].

It is here that we get to the real source of the matter. The first statement begins with a presupposition, taken as a matter of fact, not substantiated, and then set in place as the first domino in their game. This is precisely why an overall knowledge and chronology of the entire Bible is so crucial. A grasp of prophecy and history of God’s people, from the beginning, is imperative to proper exegesis. Where do we get the phrase ‘the Gentiles and the New Testament church’? It is difficult to decide where to begin here. An entire system is set up here, based upon foundational principles, that are nowhere found in scripture. They should have just simply said “Not once in scripture are the Gentiles and the New Testament church…” and stopped there. It is the Christian religion in concert with traditional Judaism that started this rumor. To properly comment on this ignorant statement alone would take volumes of time. The whole background of the ‘two house’ teaching is for the express purpose of addressing this fundamental flaw. Once this fallacious pillar is removed, the entire religious system comes tumbling down. I will be as succinct as possible. From the beginning, God’s commandments have always been for God’s people. In God’s kingdom there NEVER has been a difference between Jew and Gentile. It is man that has divided God’s people into numberless sects and denominations. From the beginning, you either follow the God of Israel or you do not. God’s called out people (KJV translators choose to call ‘church’ in the NT and ‘assembly’ or congregation in the Tenakh) have existed from the beginning. These truths are covered quite extensively in the Teachings/Archive section on this web site.

I find the comments on sin in this Bible encyclopedia equally provocative. It is clearly seen by these ‘commentators’ that sin is not to be committed on any day of the week. A strange comment to say the least. Are they implying that followers of the God of the Old Testament considered sin on the Sabbath to be different than sin on Tuesday? Or are they intimating that Jews were only to be holy on Sabbath? Or that in the Old Testament it was the day on which you sinned and not the act itself that was taught? These statements are no more than just incredibly stupid comments. If Y’shua came to free mankind from the ‘law’, then how can sin be transgression of the law, when there is no law to transgress? 1 John 3:4 does indeed stand against these people. The wages of sin are death, and Messiah came to free us from those wages. He had to be speaking of spiritual death, because everyone still physically dies. Sin is defined as rebellion against Torah, the result of which is separation (death) from God.

Yesha’yahu [Isaiah] 59:1-2
Behold, YHVH’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.

The Tanakh teaches precisely the same thing that Paul teaches. Y’shua came and obeyed all of God’s commandments because He did not sin. He did not transgress the law. Then He said that we should take up our cross and follow Him. Sin is transgression of the law, a statement which condemns their premise and the next one as well.


Ex 31:13 The weekly Sabbath of Israel was not only a sign of the covenant between God and their nation, but also a witness to all other nations that Israel was a special people set apart from others to receive the revelation of God, and to bring the Messiah into the world.

I am afraid that I cannot disagree with any part of this statement. Israel IS God’s nation. Israel IS God’s people. Israel IS set apart from the heathen nations. Israel IS to be a witness to the gentile nations, and Israel IS a special people above all the other nations. Israel DID bring Messiah into the world. However their domino falls in the FACT that God’s Israel is not separate from God’s church. Religions and systematic theologies separate the two, but the scriptures do not. The essence of my statement lies in the fact that the renewal and fulfillment of a covenant does not constitute a new body of believers or new rules. As I have stated so many times, from the beginning there has only been one seed, one body, one faith, one Spirit, one hope of our calling, one baptism, one God, one Father, one church, one Israel. To attempt to run from the commandments and covenants of God by ascribing or assigning them to someone else is the act of a child.

Sh’mot [Exodus] 31:13-14
Speak thou also unto the children of Israel, saying, Verily my sabbaths ye shall keep: for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations; that ye may know that I am YHVH that doth sanctify you. Ye shall keep the sabbath therefore; for it is holy unto you: every one that defileth it shall surely be put to death: for whosoever doeth any work therein, that soul shall be cut off from among his people.

Here is how the ‘convenient’ reasoning of Christian teaching goes. The Sabbath was given to the children of Israel. We are not the children of Israel, we are the church. Therefore, the Sabbath is not for us, for nowhere in the Bible is the weekly Sabbath given to the church. It is not difficult to imagine how pogroms, inquisitions and gas chambers sprang forth from this view of scripture. Ever since the beginning of the 2nd century A.D. there has been a great gulf fixed between those whom God calls Israel, and the church. Christian nomenclature has always spouted the difference between Israel, the Jews, you know, THOSE PEOPLE, and the New Testament church, the body of Messiah. Next time I would like to address the important question of who are the children of Israel.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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EVERY TRIBE // Joshua Aaron & Chief Riverwind // Ein Gedi, Israel


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