News You May Not Have Heard About — 05/13/2018

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  1. Trump Labels UK Hospitals ‘War Zones’ in Heated Pro-2nd Amendment Speech
  2. Trump Slams Kerry for Engaging in ‘Shadow’ Diplomatic Efforts to Save Iran Deal
  3. 2 People Warn Trump About NRA Conv., Watch His Epic Response
  4. Trump makes it official: U.S. out of Iran nuke deal
  5. Trump warns Iran against resuming nuclear program
  6. Trump warns Iran of severe consequences if they restart nuclear program
  7. WATCH: Trump Announces Withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal
  8. Trump could end Obamacare with…a tweet?
  9. Trump Called Schneiderman Perversion in 2013: He’s ‘Worse Than Spitzer or Weiner’
  10. Melania’s Poll Numbers Just Took a Landslide-Sized Leap… Even Dems Love Her
  11. ‘Melania’ Soars in Baby Name Popularity Along with Melania Trump’s Favorability Rating
  12. WATCH: Melania Trump Launches ‘Be Best’ Campaign to Help Children
  13. TRUMP & PENCE CANCEL JERUSALEM TRIP FOR U.S. EMBASSY OPENING; Very Ominous Words from Israeli Leaders . . .
  14. Trump Called Demise of Former New York AG Nearly 5 Years Ago
  15. Trump Buries Obama Rules: Every Illegal Caught Crossing Border Will Be Charged
  16. Trump hails release of 3 Americans from N Korea
  17. WATCH: Trump welcomes Americans home from North Korea (Video: 8:30 minutes long.)
  18. Summit is set: Trump-Kim to meet June 12 in Singapore
  21. President Trump ends Obama’s Iran Hostage Crisis: “America will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail.”
  22. Trump Just Accomplished an Economic Feat Never Before Recorded
  23. American Pravda media continues to trash Trump — but the president’s polling numbers keep improving
  24. Trump Slams NY Times for Criticizing Pompeo’s Absence During Iran Deal Withdrawal Announcement
  25. WATCH LIVE: Trump is returning to campaign roots with rally in Indiana
  26. Trump says he’ll rebuild border wall in California despite Gov. Brown
  27. WATCH: Trump Asked What Would Happen If Iran Tried To Make A Nuke — His Answer Is Radioactive
  28. President introduces $15.4 billion spending cuts, gives GOP chance to show they are serious about fiscal responsibility
  29. Trump Signs Law Helping Holocaust Survivors Secure Restitution; Poland Irate
  30. Trump Threatens to ‘Take Away Credentials’ From TV Reporters Because ’91 Percent of the Network News About Me is Negative’
  31. President Donald J. Trump is Enhancing Opportunity for Military Families
  32. The Iran Deal Was Betrayed by Its Own Abysmal Record
  33. Trump plan for drug prices won’t include direct negotiations
  34. In Indiana, Trump urges GOP to mobilize for 2018 midterms
  35. Greg Hunter: President Trump’s Actions Show He Is Not A Shill Or A Rothschild Agent


  1. White House Counters China’s ‘Orwellian’ Disinformation Aimed at Americans
  2. Congress Takes on Hezbollah
  3. Congress Ready to Charge AG Sessions With Contempt of Congress Over FBI Docs
  4. Congress Is Planning To Spend Millions On Search For Aliens, UFOs
  5. White House Announces Delegation to Attend Embassy Opening in Jerusalem
  6. White House Has Unwelcome Plan for Spendthrift Congress
  7. White House Examining Plan to Help Iranian People Oppose Regime
  8. White House Examining Plan: Regime Change Iran
  9. Trump’s White House Calls Out Iran’s ‘Reckless Actions’ Following Withdraw from Iran Deal
  10. Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks During a Protocolary Meeting at the OAS (Video: 30:14 minutes long.)
  11. Pence says it’s time for Mueller to “wrap it up”
  12. Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Pushes for Term Limits
  13. House Releases Unredacted Russia Report, Comey Caught Red-Handed in Massive Lie
  14. House Majority Leader Delivers Blunt Bad News to Nancy Pelosi
  15. Pelosi Calls for Ethics Investigation into House Dem for Allegedly Sexually Assaulting a Minor
  16. VIDEO: Dem leader Nancy Pelosi gleefully laughing about taxing Americans if Democrats win mid-terms
  17. Prison Reform Gets New Life in House With Dem Backing
  18. US Navy Announces Resurrection of Second Fleet As Russia Tensions Linger
  19. UH OH! TROUBLE . . . U.S. Reactivates Navy 2nd Fleet; To Protect US East Coast
  20. Trump’s FDA Helps Solidify Michelle O’s Food Legacy
  21. Sessions: Every Person Entering US Illegally Will Be Prosecuted
  22. Conservatives to McConnell: Time to Force Issue on Nominees, Spending Bills
  23. Why is US State Department Funding Palestinian Terror Education?
  24. Haspel Thwarts Kamala Harris’ Attempts to Denigrate CIA Colleagues
  25. DHS Reissues Bulletin Warning of Potential Terror Attacks
  27. Mattis: Trump Admin. Already Working with Allies to Prevent Iran from Acquiring Nukes
  28. Iran Violated Nuclear Deal, Bolton Says
  29. USDA caught murdering hundreds of kittens in “incineration ovens” as part of cruel medical experiments
  30. DOJ: Can’t Reveal Russia Source to Congress for Security Reasons
  31. US Denounces Iran’s ‘Highly Dangerous’ Missile Attacks on Israel
  32. US Embassy Moves Twitter Account from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
  33. EMP Commission Warns Of Year-Long Blackout And A Massive Death Toll
  34. USS Fitzgerald officer pleads guilty in collision that killed 7 sailors
  35. Lawsuit can’t compel HUD Secretary Ben Carson to implement the Obama HUD racial and income zoning reg because Congress prohibited it
  36. Outrageous Redactions to the Russia Report
  37. US Embassy in Jerusalem to open with initial staff of 50
  38. Senate Considers August Stay-cation
  39. US to Dedicate Jerusalem Embassy on Monday, Israel’s 70th Anniversary
  40. Futuristic New Night Vision Goggles Just Made the US Army Even More Powerful


  1. NY Times Bites off More than It Can Skew
  2. War on Men: CNN Website Says Men are ‘Inherently Violent, Dominant, Controlling’
  3. Report: BuzzFeed Used User Data To Fuel Anti-Trump Super PAC Ads




  1. Top Trump Official Confirms To American People Existence Of “Deep State” Coup To Overthrow President Of The United States
  2. Air Force Intercepts Nuclear-Capable Russian Bombers Just off US Coast
  3. The day the Iran deal died
  4. Trump’s Decision to Pull Out of The Iran Nuclear Deal Raises Many Questions
  5. WATCH: Why Sanctions on Iran ‘Should Never Have Been Lifted’
  6. US Public Support For Iran Deal Reaches All-Time High
  7. Trump’s Pyrrhic Victory: The US Opts For A Path That Can Only Lead To War
  8. Is It The 1970s All Over Again As The Middle East Explodes?
  9. President Trump Is Rothschilds’ Puppet- Major Revelations
  10. President Trump Is Done As The Deep State Wins Its War On ‘America First’
  11. The Deep State Mob Targets Nunes
  12. Military readiness paramount, not transgender ‘rights’
  13. Army Major Warns Don’t Poke The Dragon, War With China Would Be An Unnecessary Disaster
  14. Israel Attacks Syria, Threatens Iran, and Draws US Closer to Full-Scale War
  15. What You Need to Know About the Surge in Illegal Border Crossings and the Failures of Our Current Immigration System
  16. Family of Prisoner Freed from North Korea Thanks God and President Trump for His Release
  17. Exhaustive Study: Murder Rates Rise Every Place that Bans Guns
  18. Pompeo: USA: Leader of the Freed World
  19. Pompeo: Art of the Deal: Pompeo Reveals N. Korea Will Be Rewarded if Nuke Program Is Dismantled
  20. WATCH: US Affirms that Israel Has ‘Sovereign Right’ to Self-Defense
  21. Clinton: Disturbing Message About Hillary’s Server Found in FBI Office Storing It
  22. Clinton: ‘New Leads’ In Clinton Email Review Halt Inspector General’s Testimony
  23. Clinton: Hillary Photo Explodes After Eagle-Eyed Observers Notice Big Problem with Coat
  24. Clinton: Secret Hillary Meeting with Foreign Prime Minister Revealed
  26. Clinton: Secret Hillary Meeting with Foreign Prime Minister Revealed
  27. Clinton: Monica Lewinsky Just Openly Attacked Clinton Privilege
  28. Clinton: Assassin Of Hillary Clinton Email Leaker Seth Rich Gunned Down In Fierce Gun Battle That Leaves 4 Dead
  29. Clinton: Dick Morris: Clinton Foundation Got $50,000-$100,000 from Russian Firm That Paid Michael Cohen
  30. Clinton: VIP Packages for Clinton Foundation’s Upcoming Gala Cost $100K
  31. Clinton: Huma Abedin Helped Harvey Weinstein’s Wife Cope With Scandal
  32. Mueller: Judge Ellis ordered Mueller prosecutors to produce the UNREDACTED memo in 2 weeks. They balked and he replied, ‘I’m the judge!’
  33. Mueller: Judge rejects Mueller’s request for delay in Russian troll farm case
  34. Mueller: Mueller probe finally gets probed over its goals
  35. Mueller: Judge Losing Patience As Mueller Turns Attention to Putin’s ‘Personal Chef’
  36. Mueller: Slew of Polls Reveal Changing Attitudes on Mueller’s Investigation
  37. Mueller: Russians throw Mueller a curve and show up for indictment
  38. Mueller: DiGenova on Mueller Probe: They’re Investigating a Person Not a Crime
  39. Mueller: Special Counsel Mueller Team Faces Russian Truth In US Federal Court For First Time—Then Flee From Courtroom In Soiled Nappies
  40. Mueller: US Federal Judge Orders Mueller Back To Court To Face Russians—While Thousands Of American Bikers Head To Washington To Shut Down His “Sham” Investigation
  41. Mueller: Why All the Secrecy? Mueller’s Trump Investigation Should Disclose Crimes Being Investigated
  43. Mueller: Unexpected Mueller-Kerry Relationship Unearthed by British Paper
  44. Mueller: Mueller May Be the First Casualty of Russia Trial
  45. Mueller: Swamp Creature Mueller Has A History Of Targeting The Innocent (Which Explains Why He’s After Trump)
  46. Mueller: Fake News: Mueller probing FOREIGN donations to TRUMP campaign but never investigated OBAMA’S MILLIONS from foreign donors and GAZA
  47. Giuliani: ‘Nobody Seems to Care’ That Kerry is ‘Violating the Logan Act’
  48. Giuliani: Giuliani Inserts Foot In Mouth, Says Trump “Denied” AT&T Merger
  49. CIA: Gina Haspel Has Defended Our National Security
  50. CIA: CIA nominee says she doesn’t believe torture works
  51. CIA: Inside the Ring: Ex-CIA Officer Indicted as Chinese Spy
  52. CIA: Torture and assassination in Gina Haspel’s CIA
  53. Stormy Daniels: Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Accuses Wrong Michael Cohen of ‘Fraudulent’ Payments
  54. Stormy Daniels: Hot Water for Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer: Bar Complaint Filed, Links to Tax Liens, 46 Lawsuits
  55. Stormy Daniels: Where Is the Media? Stormy Stories Overshadow $84 Million Clinton Scandal
  56. Stormy Daniels: Report: CNN, MSNBC Has Given Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer $174 Million in Free Media Coverage
  57. Democrats: John Kerry secret meetings with Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif to sabotage President Trump’s plans
  58. Democrats: Kerry Mocked Over Rogue Bid to Save Iran Nuclear Deal
  59. Democrats: WATCH: How Should Trump Handle Kerry’s ‘Illegal Shadow Diplomacy’?
  60. Democrats: Robert Spencer in PJ Media: Why Hasn’t John Kerry Been Arrested? He Has Leftist Privilege
  61. Democrats: Scoop: John Kerry was in a meeting in Paris with 3 Iranian diplomats
  62. Democrats: Rosie O’Donnell Caught Red-Handed Making Illegal Donations to Dems
  63. Democrats: Not One of Nine Democrats in N.H. Congressional Race Will Commit to Supporting Pelosi
  65. Democrats: Democrats go full TYRANNY: Now demand nationwide gun confiscation from law-abiding Americans… at gunpoint, of course
  66. Democrats: Democrats Openly Saying National Motto ‘In God We Trust’ Offends Them
  67. Democrats: Dick Morris: Democrats Fall Into the Monica Lewinsky Trap
  68. Democrats: Michelle Confirms: No 2020 Run
  69. Democrats: Obama, Kerry Slam Trump’s Withdrawal from Iran Deal
  70. Democrats: WATCH: Counter-terrorism Expert Debunks Obama’s Iran Deal Reaction
  71. Democrats: Obama got played by Iran, and Israel proved it!
  72. Democrats: Obama Denounces Trump’s Decision To Pull Out of Iran Deal
  73. Democrats: Obama ignores facts about Iran’s nuke deal violations, says “debates in our country should be informed by facts”
  74. Democrats: Classless Obamas Have Slammed Trump A Dozen Times Since Leaving The White House, Breaking With Precedent
  75. Democrats: Obama on U.S. Iran Deal Exit: This ‘Turns Our Back on America’s Closest Allies’
  76. Democrats: Former Obama Officials Suggest European States Expel U.S. Ambassadors Over Iran Deal Withdrawal
  77. Democrats: Sanders Introduces Legislation to End State ‘Right-to-Work’ Laws
  78. Democrats: The Democrat Party Is Funded through Government Agencies
  79. Democrats: Former Democrat Congressman Blames Racism After Third Jail Sentence
  80. Democrats: Maxine Waters Goes on Unhinged Rant After Republican Congressman Says ‘MAGA’
  81. Republicans: McCain Scorns Trump, Attacks Sarah Palin in Disgusting Statement
  82. Republicans: Dying McCain Condemns Obama Admin’s ‘A**-Covering’ Response to Benghazi
  83. Republicans: McCain: Releasing Steele Dossier Was ‘Duty,’ Anyone Who Disagrees Can ‘Go to Hell’
  84. Republicans: Sarah Palin Responds to McCain Saying He Regrets Picking Her as VP – ‘He Has Been My Friend’
  85. Republicans: EPA ‘Whistleblower’ Had Run-Ins With Law Enforcement, Other Background-Check Red Flags
  86. Republicans: Turnout: The GOP’s Primaries Objective
  87. Republicans: After primary, National GOP breathes easy in W.Va.
  88. Republicans: Indiana GOP hopes nasty primary won’t haunt Senate candidate
  89. Republicans: GOP efforts to move forward with Wisconsin judge riles Dems
  91. Republicans: Greg Pence wins GOP nomination for House seat once held by brother Mike Pence
  92. Media: CNN’s “25 influential American Muslims” list a rogue’s gallery of Jew-haters and jihad enablers
  93. Media: CNN Instantly Regrets Baiting Waffle House Hero on Trump [VIDEO]
  94. Media: CNN, others take ‘anonymous’ to another level
  95. Media: Blitzer Pushes Back Against Obama Official’s Claim Iran Deal Would Permanently Prevent Iran From Obtaining Nuclear Weapons
  96. Media: Mauro: Iran Is Blustering to Hide Panic Ahead of May 12 Deadline
  97. Media: Don Lemon Labels Trump as Racist, Claims It’s His ‘Obligation as a Journalist’
  98. Media: Nunes Dumps Huge Load of Bad News on Sessions on Live TV
  99. Media: Fox News’ Worst-Rated Show Just Delivered Brutal Punishment to CNN
  100. Media: Pollster Gets Shock Trump Results, Immediately Disavows Own Poll
  101. Media: Hamas isn’t hiding the truth, BUT the media is
  102. Media: How Buzzfeed’s ‘Data-Monster’ Leveraged User Data To Fuel Super PACs, Target Voters
  103. Media: Poll: Almost Half of America Thinks Media Coverage on Trump is ‘Too Critical’
  104. Media: Anti-American CNN’s April Ryan hit for saying Melania Trump is ‘not culturally American’
  105. Media: CNN Poll Shows ‘Blue Wave’ Is Fading
  106. Media: New Low: CNN Attacks Trump as He Greets Americans Freed from N. Korea
  107. Media: MSNBC’s Ruhle Suggests Trump ‘Blew Up’ Iran Deal to ‘Please’ Wealthy Israel Supporter
  108. Media: CNN, MSNBC Have Given Stormy Daniels Lawyer Michael Avenatti $175 Million in Earned Media
  109. Media: ‘You are right about Iran,’ Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other former PMs tell Trump in ad
  110. Media: New York Times Runs Column By Wife Of Violent Jihadi, Taliban Fighter
  111. Media: MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle: Trump “only blew up the Iran deal, maybe to please Sheldon Adelson”
  112. Media: MSNBC Host Attacks Sarah Sanders, Suggests Someone Should ‘Wring Her Neck’
  113. Media: The Hill: “Fear of Islam must not drive US foreign policy”
  114. Media: TV Stations OK Democrat Candidate’s Horribly Explicit Anti-NRA Ad
  115. Open Doors: No peace in NK until people are free
  116. Retired general: Torture worked on John McCain, that’s why they call him ‘Songbird John’
  117. The Red Cross Has Built Just 6 Homes In Haiti Despite $500 Billion in Donations
  118. As Trump Decides on Iran, Watch These Videos as a Reminder
  119. FBI: Embattled FBI Officials Lisa Page and James Baker RESIGN amid treasonous revelations in collusion investigation
  120. FBI: The FBI Hid A Mole In The Trump Campaign
  121. FBI: Did the FBI place a spy inside the 2016 Trump campaign? #treason #coup
  122. FBI: Brennan, Strzok And Kerry Allegedly Set “Spy Traps” For Trump Team; Hunt For FBI Mole Intensifies
  123. ACLU: “Most” Philly SEPTA riders “would probably agree” AFDI ads about Islamic Jew-hatred “racist and gross”
  124. AmazonSmile offers charitable donations only for leftist
  125. James Woods Has the Perfect Question for Boy/Girl Scout Debacle
  126. Mormons End 100-Year Ties With Boy Scouts, Form Own Group
  127. Devastating Loses Hit Boy Scouts 1 Week After Name Change Announcement
  128. Boy Scouts battling child-abuse lawsuits
  129. What We Lose When We Lose the Boy Scouts
  130. George Soros Funding App that Helps Illegal Immigrants Avoid Arrest
  131. Soros Sole Funder of PAC Targeting Infrequent Voters in Battleground States
  132. Congressional Black Caucus PAC Spends Lavishly on Hotels, Event Tickets
  133. Dr. Phil becomes latest Left-wing hate monger to question Kanye West’s mental health for daring to think for himself
  134. SPLC: SPLC Complains Cinco de Mayo Festivities Are ‘Textbook Cultural Appropriation’
  135. SPLC: Southern Poverty Law Center Declares War On Conservative Christians
  136. SPLC: Wisc. Attorney General Answers the Kaul on SPLC
  137. NRA: Oliver North to Become Next President of the NRA
  138. NRA: NRA Makes New York Governor Pay Big-Time for ‘Blacklisting Campaign’
  139. Gun Industry Group Kicked Out Dick’s Sporting Goods Over “Unconstitutional” New Policies, Gun-Control Lobbying Effort
  140. April Sets Gun Sales Record
  142. KANYE now red-pilling everyone, teaching the black community how to discover personal power, courage and freedom
  143. 4 Reasons Why Trump Was Right to Pull Out of Iran
  144. A Readiness Ready-Mess for U.S. Soldiers
  146. Pruitt: The Real Story of Scott Pruitt’s Trip to Rome
  147. Pruitt: Email Records May Contradict Democrat Claims Against Scott Pruitt
  148. Allison Mack’s role in NXIVM latest in long line of sordid, celebrity-linked sex cult stories
  149. Glazov Gang: Starbucks Bows to Farrakhan and Jew-Hatred
  150. Medal of Honor Recipient Slights Obama, Praises Trump’s Capture of 5 ISIS Leaders
  151. Diamond and Silk Bury Whoopi Goldberg for Her Outrageous Claim About Trump
  152. We’re All Trespassers Now In The Face Of The Government’s Land Grabs
  153. The 2017 Statistics Just Came Out… And The “War On Cops” Is Officially A Myth
  154. Alabama: Kindhearted Age 4 Boy Delivers Chicken Sandwiches to Homeless People on Streets
  155. California: Soros Drops $1.5 Million in San Diego for Far-Left District Attorney Candidate
  156. California: San Diego Area School Has Mural With Trump’s Head on a Spear
  157. California: Hugh Fitzgerald: Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl, Scholar of the House
  158. California: Multiple shootings in San Diego leave 5 injured
  159. California: PJI: Be wary of inspiration to tax churches
  160. California: Calif. College Republicans Face Funding Cut, Redistribution to Black Student Union
  162. California: Analysis: California Solar Panel Mandate Lowers Emissions by 0.32%
  163. California: California First State to Force Homebuilders to Include Solar Panels on New Homes
  164. California: Students Oppose Trump Winning Nobel Prize, Can’t Name 1 Obama Achievement for Winning Award
  166. Colorado: Student Refuses to Back Down After College Bans Jesus, Scores Big Win
  167. Connecticut: Connecticut legislators vote to ban bump stocks on firearms
  168. Florida: Florida Muslim on trial for murdering family shouting “Allahu Akbar!” claims he is victim of bad press
  169. Florida: Officials Make Massive Parkland Shooter Admission, Devastate Left’s Narrative
  170. Florida: Soros Continues Massive Cash Offensive in Florida
  171. Florida: Pastor: Relocation won’t bring peace – but recognition might
  172. Florida: Florida Imam: Only way to defeat Israel is do what Omar ibn Al-Khattab did, send “the companions and the army, thousand after thousand, and they sacrificed and they were martyred, in order to liberate it”
  173. Georgia: School Board Sides with Trump, Allows Trained Teachers To Carry Guns
  174. Illinois: Hamas-tied CAIR to give “sensitivity training” to library over “Islamophobic” poem
  175. Iowa: Iowa Governor Signs Bill to Ban All Abortions After an Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins
  176. Iowa: Catholic university in Iowa opens sex-segregated prayer space for Muslim students
  177. Iowa: Iowa tweaks pro-life family planning program
  178. Kansas: Kansas Police No Longer Allowed To Have Sex With People They Pull Over
  179. Maryland: ‘Murdaland’: Baltimore Homicides For 2018 Spike At “Second-Fastest Pace In A Decade”
  180. Massachusetts: Muslima on bus slashes two passengers’ throats, prays to Allah when questioned by cops
  181. Massachusetts: Boston public schools refuse CBN questions on LGBTQ funds ‘because they are a Christian News Agency’
  182. Michigan: Judge Denies Teachers Union’s Requested Restraining Order Against Project Veritas
  183. Minnesota: Minnesota Army National Guard campaign: ‘Blessed Ramadan’
  184. Minnesota: Ex Minnesota police officer in court on murder charge
  185. New Jersey: Syrian migrants sue feds and landlord over government-funded housing complaints
  186. New Jersey: NJ Property Developer Warns Tenants to Get Rid of All Guns and Rifles
  187. New York: New York Attorney General Schneiderman Resigns Following Abuse Allegations
  188. New York: Killer Abortionist Cops Deal
  189. New York: Ultra-liberal NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman accused of beating women in weird sex slave assaults… FOUR accusers come forward
  190. New York: “Deep State” Sex Pervert Who Thought He Could Take Down Trump Learns Quick Lesson On Why You Don’t Attack Man Who Controls Most Of World’s Top Spies
  191. New York: EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS and PHOTOS: Communists Celebrate Their Failed Ideology in NYC on May Day 2018
  192. New York: When #MeToo Goes Bad: Two Accused Rapists Cleared After 26 Years as Victim Recants
  193. New York: Columbia University Professor Blames Israel on Facebook for ‘Every Dirty, Treacherous Act Happening in the World’
  194. North Carolina: School District Apologizes After Student Wears Confederate Flag T-Shirt While Holding Gun
  195. Oklahoma: Churches now included in Oklahoma’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law
  196. Oklahoma: Oklahoma Governor Goes Against Gun Owners, Rules Against Constitutional Carry
  197. Oregon: Gun Owners Bury Oregon Secretary of State’s Office in Paperwork After Attempted Gun Ban Goes Bad
  198. Oregon: School District Accused of Punishing LGBT Students By Forcing Them to Read the Bible
  199. Pennsylvania: Muslim disrupts church service, screams “You press on Muslims’ nerves. You’re going straight to Hell.”
  200. Pennsylvania: “I’m going to kill all of those who mocked me, my faith, Muhammad my savior and Allah”
  201. Pennsylvania: Muslim claiming to be Lafayette College student threatens bombings, “I will destroy Christianity within the school”
  202. Pennsylvania: Muslim who disrupted church service entered another church the week before, began yelling loudly
  203. Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Bill Backed by ‘LGBT Megadonor’ Will Punish Residents for Their Religious and Moral Beliefs
  204. Pennsylvania: ISIS Threat in Easton, PA – Lack of Information?
  205. Texas: Dallas Restaurant Openly Attacks Gun-Owners… Blindsided by NRA’s Blistering Response
  206. Texas: Dana Loesch Has Perfect Response to Anti-Gun Critic’s ‘Incendiary Lie’ About Her
  207. Texas: Navy SEAL Competing in Texas GOP Runoff Lauds Trump’s Korea Strategy
  208. Texas: Texas Terror Attack: A Travesty of Justice
  209. Texas: Those Bombings All Over Austin Were Not Done By Muslims- They Were From A Homosexual Terrorist And Suicide Bomber Who Bragged That He Was A God-Hating “Psychopath” And Loved Having Sex With Random Men
  210. Texas: Texas Town Elects Cross-Dressing Homosexual Soldier For Their Mayor- America is Done
  211. Texas: Muslims from Syria caught sneaking across the border from Mexico
  212. Texas: 12-Year-Old Autistic Boy Handcuffed, Arrested for Using Imaginary Gun in School
  213. UN: The U.N. has betrayed the women of Saudi Arabia
  214. UN: UN Chief Nuclear Inspector Abruptly Resigns As Iran FM Embarks On Global Tour To Salvage Deal
  215. Virginia: Democrats nominate virulent Jew-hater for Congressional seat
  216. Virginia: Virginia Muslim ‘tried to poison his wife and kids with DONUTS’ in attempted honor murder
  217. Washington, D.C.: Netanyahu and Arab diplomats discussed Iran in chance DC encounter
  218. Washington State: Revolt: Watch Overtaxed Seattle Workers Turn Councilwoman’s Rally Upside-Down
  219. Washington State: 14 arrests in Seattle environmental protest
  220. West Virginia: GOP frets over West Virginia as 4 states decide primaries
  221. West Virginia: Manchin Struggles to Answer Questions About Blankenship’s Disparaging Comments


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  1. PROPHECY WATCH: Storm exposes 70-year-old copy of independence declaration
  2. Israeli PM Steps Up Call to End the Iranian Nuclear Deal
  3. Netanyahu: Israel ‘Fully Supports’ US Exit from ‘Disastrous’ Iran Deal
  4. Netanyahu’s Response to Trump Killing Iran Nuclear Deal and Reimposing Sanctions
  5. WATCH: Netanyahu Condemns Iranian Aggression at Trilateral Summit
  6. Netanyahu Discusses Massive Gas Pipeline, Iran Threat with Greece, Cyprus
  7. WATCH: Netanyahu Has Trump’s Back on Iran Deal Exit
  8. Netanyahu Tells Putin: Israel will Defend Itself Against Iranian Aggression in Syria
  9. Netanyahu: Iran ‘Crossed a Red Line; We Responded Accordingly’
  11. Knesset Votes to Deduct Palestinian Tax Money that Funds Terror
  12. Jerusalem Mayor Names Square in Honor of Trump!
  13. WATCH: ‘Rabin Never Would Have Divided Jerusalem,’ Declares Former Israeli Diplomat
  14. WATCH: Recently Discovered Silent Movie Predicted Holocaust 20 Years Earlier
  15. Israel Says Paraguay to Move Embassy to Jerusalem
  16. Israel fears ‘explosion of violence’ as USA prepares to open embassy in Jerusalem…
  17. WATCH: Biblical City of Efrat Defense Goes High-tech with Drones
  18. Israel Bombs Hamas ‘Fire Kite’ Position
  19. Israeli Minister Warns Assad: Get Iran Out of Syria Or Get Killed
  20. Israeli Natural Flavor Company Acquired for $7.1 Billion
  21. U.S. Embassy road signs go up in Jerusalem
  22. WATCH: Chinese Mogul Visits Israel, Blown Away Israeli Ingenuity!
  23. OUTRAGEOUS: Terrorist Butcher Who Murdered 3 Family Members to Receive $3 Million from PA
  24. WATCH: Israel, Cyprus & Greece – Secure a Bright Future Together!
  25. U.S. report leaves out word “occupied” regarding disputed territories
  26. Israeli hospitals give Kurdish children a chance at life
  27. Israel to Residents: Ready Bomb Shelters; ‘Irregular’ Iranian Activity Detected
  28. IDF on High Alert, Orders Opening of Civilian Bomb Shelters in North
  29. An underground office in Tel-Aviv is changing the world
  30. IDF Soldier Who Killed Wounded Terrorist Released from Prison
  31. Remains of Casualty of Israel’s War of Independence Recovered
  32. Israel spots “unusual activity” from Iran, readies troops for imminent attack
  33. WATCH: Israel Extends Olive Branch to Iranian People with Persian Radio Station
  34. Israel to Deport Human Rights Official Over BDS Activities
  35. Israel Celebrates Its Independence for First Time in Egypt Since Arab Spring
  36. WATCH: The Jews of the Ancient Silk Road
  37. Rocket Sirens Sound in the Golan Heights
  38. ‘If it Rains on Us, it will Pour on Iran,’ Warns Liberman
  39. Israel Takes Unprecedented Action Against Banknote Counterfeiting
  40. Israel and Iran on Path to War as Mideast Tinderbox Awaits Spark
  41. Is Israel-Iran clash imminent?
  42. US Embassy Move Ushers in New Era for Israel, Jerusalem and the Nations
  43. Jerusalem Is Rising As Israel’s Enemies Falter
  44. “Fellowship House” Near New US Embassy To Build Upon Jewish/Christian Bond
  45. A New Bible Celebrating Israel’s Role in the Fulfillment of Prophecy
  46. Jerusalem Hosts Interfaith Climate Change and Renewable Energy Conference
  47. WATCH: Former IDF Cyber Warriors Battle Computer Viruses with Digital ‘DNA’
  48. Israel Makes History by Appointing First Female Druze Judge
  49. Israel aggravates situation on Golan Heights
  50. Former Mossad Official Warns That Now That Trump Has Pulled Out Of The Iran Deal, Iran Will Become More Unhinged In Its Nuclear Goals
  51. Major Israeli Government Official Boasts That Assad’s Blood Will Be Spilt
  53. Five in Ten 5/9/18: Avi Lipkin – Bible Bloc Party Gets Green Light in Israel (Video: 12:03 minutes long.)
  54. WATCH: Israel Attacks Syrian Air Defense with Pinpoint Accuracy
  55. Quds Force’s Bravest Runs Under Zionist Missile
  56. Israeli Minister: US Withdrawal from Iran Deal is Good for the Free World
  57. Southern Israeli Communities Grow Despite Security Threat from Gaza
  58. WATCH: A United Jerusalem Celebrates Its Rich Diversity
  59. Israeli organization reveals Trump coin in expression of ‘gratitude’ over embassy move
  60. IDF Strikes Hamas Terror Tunnel Just Meters from Border
  61. Perfect Timing: America is About to Make King David Very Proud!
  62. Israel Posthumously Honors Belgian Couple Who Saved Jewish Boy During Holocaust

Middle East Tinderbox


  1. Pro-ISIS Telegram Channel Shares Image Of ISIS Flag ‎Flying Over Roman Colosseum, Writes: ‘Soon, Allah ‎Willing’‎
  2. ‘Al-Qaeda Earns up to $40m Every Month’
  3. Hezbollah, Allies Set to Be Largest Bloc in Lebanon
  4. Me, My Brother and ISIS
  5. Extremists Make Major Political Gains
  6. Palestinian Authority pays $2.78 million each to jihadis who murder Israelis
  7. WATCH: Gazan ‘Wounded’ by IDF Gets Off Stretcher When Filming Stops
  8. Video proof: Palestinian Muslims fake injuries and use children as human shields
  9. 2 Palestinians Killed in Attempted Infiltration from Gaza
  10. Hamas Blames Israel for Mysterious Blast that Killed 6, Vows Revenge
  11. WATCH: Abbas Honors ‘Precious, Beloved’ Mother of 5 Terrorists
  12. PEACEFUL PROTEST? ‘The Jews’ Hearts Will Burn,’ Threaten Gaza Rioters
  13. Islamic State (ISIS) beheads President Trump as New York City burns in latest propaganda poster about ‘war’ with the U.S.
  14. ‘Kill them all’: Islamic State (ISIS) calls for attacks at the World Cup
  15. Islamic State quotes Qur’an in threatening mass murder at World Cup
  16. “Palestinian” Flag to Premiere at Cannes Film Festival
  17. Hezbollah/Iran Now Control Lebanon: Multi-Front War With Israel Coming
  18. Palestinian Fire Terror Persists in Israel’s South
  20. Friday Sermon by Gaza Muslim Cleric: The “Return March” Goes Hand in Hand with Jihad by the Sword
  21. Abbas Is Only Part Of A Much Larger Problem
  22. Palestinians Slam Arab Nations’ Participation in Israeli Race as ‘Stab in Back’
  23. Who are the White Helmets?
  24. Muslim youth see the U.S. as an enemy
  25. Hamas Warns: Riots on Day of US Embassy Move Will Be ‘Decisive’, ‘Like a Tiger’
  26. The West Betrays The Kurds…Again
  27. Hamas-linked CAIR complains that ROTC exercise featuring jihadis “promotes an image of Muslims as dangerous”
  28. Mahmoud Abbas: “Sorry If People Were Offended”
  29. Palestinians to Mark US Jerusalem Embassy Opening with ‘Huge Day of Rage’
  30. 15,000 Palestinian Rioters ‘Sabotage Humanitarian Efforts’ on Gaza Border
  31. “Palestinians” destroy Gaza gas pipeline that serves them
  32. WATCH: Videos Show “Palestinian” Muslim Rioters Faking Injuries, Using Children as Human Shields


  1. Belgium: Muslim Migrant says he ‘accidentally’ raped a Belgian woman: “I wasn’t myself that day”
  3. England: “War Zone”: London Hospital Admits Trump Right on Knife Crime Epidemic, But Disagrees with Second Amendment Stance
  4. England: London To Implement Martial Law Amid Gun Crime Epidemic
  5. England: London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s Acid Attack Capital
  6. Europe: Young ‘identitarian’ European anti-immigrant movement rises to defend against Islamization
  7. Europe: Signatories to Iran Deal Vow to Stay In, Despite Trump Exit
  8. Europe: Anti-Semitism is raging all across Europe
  9. Europe: Dick Morris: Europe Opposes Iran Action To Disguise Its Impotence
  10. Europe: Europe Under The Vaccination Gun: An Expanding Tragedy
  11. Europe: European Leaders Set to Abolish the EU, Signed Agreement to Create European Superstate
  12. Europe: Over 200 convicted jihadis to be released in Europe over the next two years
  13. Europe: European leaders scramble to save the Iranian nuclear deal
  14. Europe: Analysis: European Doublespeak on Abbas
  15. Finland: Muslim migrant has sex with 10-year-old girl, court says it’s not rape
  16. France: Al-Azhar on French call to reform Qur’an: “Go to hell!” Violent verses are “in reality verses of peace”
  17. France: Paris Mayor backs Communist Party plan to turn public park into migrant camp
  18. France: Illegal Migrant Seriously Injures Police Officer After Running Him Over
  19. France: VIDEO: The Muslim Brotherhood in France: Full episode of investigative piece
  20. France: Muslim with knife chants Qur’an verses outside police station, has photos of cops who worked at the station
  21. France: France vows pushback against new U.S. sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran
  22. France: Attacker “Shouting Allahu Akbar” Killed In Paris Mass Stabbing; ISIS Claims Responsibility
  23. Germany: Statues of saints and crosses destroyed in five churches in Bamberg
  24. Germany: German president hosts Iran-linked anti-Semitic Islamic group for “interreligious dialogue”
  25. Germany: ‘Nazi Grandma’ evades prison term
  26. Germany: Germany: 89-Year Old ‘Nazi Grandma’ Arrested after Failing to Show Up to Start 2-year Prison Sentence
  27. Germany: VIDEO: Muslim smashes alcohol in rampage at liquor store in Germany
  28. Germany: Germany Celebrates Karl Marx 200th Birthday by putting up Chinese funded Statue of the Communist
  30. Germany: Germany to halt weed killer glyphosate use in household gardens, parks, and sports facilities
  31. Germany: Angela Merkel Declares: ‘We Must Rebuild Germany’s Military.’
  32. Germany: German Government Declares That It Is Going To Rebuild Its Entire Military
  33. Greece: Video: Greek Islanders Protest EU: One-Third of Population Now Muslim Migrants
  34. Greece: Jewish Headstones Smashed in Athens Cemetery
  35. Greece: WATCH: Jewish Cemetery Desecrated in Greece
  36. Greece: Greece Submits To Islam, Asks President Erdogan Of Turkey To Conquer Them And Enslave Their Population
  37. Greece: Muslim migrant tries to murder Greek police officer in Kalamata
  38. Netherlands: Terror in The Hague: Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar” Goes On Stabbing Rampage in the Netherlands
  39. Poland: Liquid chocolate spill creates sticky mess on Polish highway
  40. Russia: Russia warns return of ‘axis of resistance’ with Iran if deal collapses
  41. Russia: Over 1,600 Detained as Anti-Putin Protests Sweep Russia
  42. Russia: Israel Fired 70 Missiles at Iranian Targets in Syria
  43. Sweden: Swedish government falsely claims that Swedish meatballs are actually Turkish
  44. Sweden: Underage Schoolgirl Gang Raped, Police Don’t Want to Describe Attackers
  45. Sweden: Police refuse to publish description of three men who raped ten-year-old girl
  46. Sweden: study finds vast majority of gang rape convicts are Muslim migrants
  47. Sweden: “Jihad” scrawled on church wall, church spokesman says “it’s a common doodle”
  48. Sweden: Muslim leader says “We are in Sweden only to spread Islam….Sweden will be a Muslim country”
  49. Sweden: Sweden to reconsider not studying relation between migration and crime after “high demand” for data
  50. UK: Wales opens first female genital mutilation clinic
  51. UK: Corbyn colludes with Islamists
  52. UK: Muslim rapist gets one-year sentence for “grooming” 12-year-old girl for sex
  53. UK: First FGM clinic opened in multicultural Wales
  54. UK: Left-wing UK Paper: Trump Hired Israelis to Probe Iran Deal Negotiators
  55. UK: 100 investigations in Rotherham into police misconduct over refusal to stop Muslim rape gangs
  56. UK: UK singer Lily Allen reneges on her promise to house Muslim migrants in her luxury apartment
  57. UK: UK proposes six-year prison sentence for criticizing Islam
  58. UK: UK Proposes Seven Years of Jail Time for Criticizing Islam
  59. UK: UK Proposes 6-Months in Prison for Sharing Racist or Anti-Gay Posts on Social Media
  60. UK: Muslim “dirty, paedophile scumbag” gets ONE YEAR prison for raping and abusing 12-year-old girl
  61. UK: VIDEO: Horrifying moment savage mob wielding hammers, cricket bats and planks of wood smash up a Mercedes before beating defenseless man to the ground in Muslim-dominated Birmingham


  1. Afghanistan: 11 Muslims dead as bomb they were constructing in mosque detonates prematurely
  2. Afghanistan: Muslims kill several and injure more in two jihad attacks in Kabul
  3. Afghanistan: Murder Suspect ‘Knifed His Sister to Death in Honor Killing’
  4. Afghanistan: Afghanistan: Mosque prayer leader accidentally blown up by his own bomb
  5. Bahrain: SURPRISE: Bahrain Backs Israel’s Right to Strike in Syria!
  6. China: No Place To Hide – Facial Recognition Technology Will End Your Privacy
  7. China: China Rapidly Building Advanced Arms for Use Against U.S.
  8. China: China Builds Warning System To Detect Earthquakes 3 Weeks In Advance
  9. Indonesia: Man gets five years prison for “insulting Islam” and “spreading hate speech”
  10. Indonesia: Muslim inmates murder five cops in prison where Jakarta’s ex-governor is held for “blasphemy”
  11. Indonesia: Islamic State (ISIS) Prisoners Take Control Of Jail, Live Stream From Inside The Facility in Indonesia
  12. Iran: RUMORS OF WAR: Iran planning to launch a barrage of missiles against Israel
  13. Iran: Iran Preparing for Revenge Missile Attack on Northern Israel
  14. Iran: Iranian President: Nixing Nuclear Deal Would be ‘Historic Regret for the US’
  15. Iran: Expert: Iranian Leadership ‘Quaking in Its Boots’
  16. Iran: Iran Lied: There is No Islamic Religious Ban on Nukes
  17. Iran: Iran’s Rouhani Foresees ‘Problems’ After Trump Aborts Nuclear Deal
  18. Iran: Iran Threatens Brutal Reprisals After U.S. Exits Nuclear Deal, Israel on HIGH ALERT, readies troops for imminent ATTACK
  19. Iran: WATCH: Iranian MPs Torch American Flag During Parliament Session
  20. Iran: Iran Plots Next Move Under Nuclear Deal After US Withdrawal
  21. Iran: Iran Attacks Israel for First Time; IDF Responds with Massive Strike
  22. Iran: Iranian Forces Fire 20 Rockets at Israel
  24. Iran: Iran’s Leader Dismisses Trump’s ‘Empty, Absurd’ Words
  25. Iran: Islamic Republic of Iran threatens harsh reprisals after US exits nuke deal
  26. Iran: Iranians are thanking President Trump — he has become an honorary citizen of Iran #ThankYouTrump
  27. Iran: “As an Iranian, I declare that the greatest enemy of the Iranian people is the Islamic Republic”
  28. Iran: Iran likely to launch cyber attacks on Western businesses…
  29. Iran: Khamenei on Trump: “This man’s corpse will be worm food while the Islamic Republic of Iran stands strong”
  30. Iran: SAVAGE: Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei says he cannot wait for Trump to die and ‘be eaten by snakes and ants’
  31. Iran: Iran cleric threatens destruction of Israeli cities
  32. Iran: Iran claims Israel attack was false flag
  33. Iran: WATCH: Iran Aims to Control Strategic Mountain in Iraq
  34. Iraq: WATCH: Iraq Becomes Sixth Country to Conduct Airstrikes Inside Syria
  35. Japan: Scientists discover a trove of rare-earth metals in Japanese waters
  36. Malaysia: Malaysia gets world’s oldest elected leader
  37. Myanmar: ‘The Worst Humanitarian Crisis No One’s Talking about’
  38. North Korea: Kim Jung Un Meeting Xi Jinping in northern China – AGAIN
  39. North Korea: North Korea To Publicly “Dismantle” Its Already Collapsed Nuclear Test Site On May 23-25
  40. Pakistan: Imam among those indicted for honor murder of model Qandeel Baloch
  41. Pakistan: Pakistan’s spy service planning to free jihad terrorists, train them for jihad in Jammu and Kashmir
  42. Saudi Arabia: Kuwait Blocks UN Criticism of Abbas’ Anti-Semitism
  43. Saudi Arabia: Dubai to open ‘Quran Park’ showcasing miracles of Islam
  44. Saudi Arabia: Iran-backed Rebels in Yemen Fire Missiles at Saudi Capital
  46. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt Welcome President Trump’s Withdrawal From Iran Nuclear Pact
  47. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia intercepts Iranian missiles over Riyadh
  48. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Airstrikes Leave Over 90 Dead in Busy Residential Area In Yemen
  49. Syria: Report: Syrian Soldiers Who Downed Israeli Fighter Jet Killed in Blast
  50. Syria: Syrian Government Declares That The Syrian Military Just Shot Down Two Israeli Missiles
  51. Syria: Syrian TV Reports Israeli Attack Near Damascus
  52. Syria: Report: Iranian Military Base Struck Outside of Damascus
  53. Syria: Clashes Aroused Between Ahrar ash-Sharqiya and Turkish-backed Forces in Al-Bab with Ahrar al-Sham as Mediator
  54. Syria: Syrian Army Getting Ready for Large-Scale Offensive in Northern Hama
  55. Syria: The Displacement of the Radicals in al-Rastan: First 38 Buses and 3,000 People
  56. Syria: Syrian Army Initiates Massive Assault in Western Deir Ezzor
  57. Syria: The last rebel group to leave southern Damascus
  58. Syria: Army general Command renews readiness to confront any aggression , stresses futility of attempts to support devastating terrorism
  59. Syria: Syrian army launches new strtikes into occupied Golan Heights
  60. Syria: Assad: West’s Chemical Weapons Claims Designed to Justify Attack on Syria
  61. Syria: New American Military Base in Manbij to Increase Tensions between Turkey and US
  62. Syria: ASSAD: ‘Donald Trump Isn’t In Control Of America, THE DEEP STATE IS’
  63. Turkey: Turkish Media Blackout of Opposition Party’s Rally Stokes Backlash
  64. Turkey: Turkey bans Armenian Genocide commemoration in Istanbul, arrests three participants
  65. Turkey: Irony: Turkey Issues Hilarious Threat if US Won’t Sell It Weapons
  66. Turkey: Those calling for Qur’an reform “worship bigotry and violence,” are the “same as ISIS”
  67. Turkey: The Armenian and Greek Genocides: What the Turkish government is covering up
  68. Turkey: Erdogan’s World of Terrorists Includes Everyone But Terrorists
  69. Turkey: Those Calling For Koran Reform ‘Worship Bigotry and Violence,’ Are the ‘Same as ISIS’


  1. Congo: DEVELOPING: Ebola returns in Congo! 17 Dead
  2. Congo: It killed almost 14,000 people in 2014 Ebola is back thought to be the cause of 19 deaths in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  3. Egypt: Atheist blogger arrested for criticizing Islam
  4. Egypt: Israeli Embassy in Cairo Holds First Independence Celebration in 7 Years
  5. Egypt: Atheist blogger arrested for criticizing Islam
  6. Nigerian: Nigerian Senator converts to Christianity from Islam, Muslims accuse her of “bigotry”
  7. Somalia: Woman is stoned to death by Islamist terror group in Somalia after being accused of marrying 11 men
  8. Tunisia: WATCH: Tunisian Grand Mufti Shocked He Spoke to Israeli Media, Backtracks on Message of Peace


  1. Australia: Muslima who stabbed sleeping man says she was “acting on behalf of the Caliphate”
  2. Australia: ‘Sexuality Expert’ Says Babies Should ‘Give Consent’ to Diaper Changes
  3. Australia: Muslima who stabbed sleeping man in the neck practiced first by stabbing a mattress
  4. Australia: Family of seven found shot dead in Australia
  5. Australia: Australia Hit with Largest Mass Shooting Since 1996 Gun Confiscation


  1. Canada: Board votes to shut down Alberta Christian school for teaching Bible verses about sexuality
  2. Canada: Farmer Charged with Shooting Intruder… Floored By Unexpected Surprise in Courtroom
  3. Canada: ‘Brotherhood Raising Cash in West Disguised as Human-Rights Group’
  4. Canada: Trudeau government pushing “far right” and jihadi threats as equal concerns
  5. Canada: Sodomites Are Furious That Schools May Be Required To Tell Parents If Their Children Join Pro-Homosexual Clubs- More Proof The LGBT Wants To Control Parents
  6. Canada: 14th Human foot found on beach since 2007 in bizarre mystery


World Financial News Banner


  1. Health care tops economy as biggest issue
  2. What this week’s Iran news means for your portfolio
  3. What Impact Will Pulling Out Of The Iran Deal Have On Gold?
  4. Is your state covering for lazy slackers?
  5. Return to Spender, Address Is Known
  6. Average American Worker Puts in More Hours Than Medieval Peasant
  7. Walmart Ends Grocery Delivery Partnerships With Uber, Lyft After They Fail to Take Off
  8. Elon Musk Buys $9.85M More of Tesla Shares, Boosting His Stake to Nearly 20%
  9. Fund Manager: The Creditor Collateral Grab Signals The Beginning Of The End For Tesla
  10. Housing Confidence Hits Record High as Home Prices Skyrocket
  11. The Three Stage Housing Bubble Collapse Ends With A Median Home Price Of $40,000
  12. Buffet: Bitcoin is “Rat Poison”
  13. Echo’s ‘Drop In’ Feature: What You Need to Know
  14. Labor Activist Goes Low in Wage Hike Debate
  16. Wells Fargo owes $97 million to California workers
  17. MoviePass Parent’s Stock Plunges to Second-Lowest Close Ever
  18. Robinhood Overthrows E-Trade in User Numbers
  19. Walmart Invests $16 Bil in Indian eCommerce Company
  20. Stagflationary Crisis: Understanding The Cause Of America’s Ongoing Collapse
  21. Another Step Towards Collapse Of The Petrodollar
  22. Fed’s QE Unwind Accelerates Sharply
  23. Audio: Metals Rise on Iran Fears, Dollar Deeply Overbought
  24. The 3 Stage Housing Bubble Collapse
  25. The Two Most Important Reasons To Invest In Gold & Silver
  26. Future currency – gold and silver?
  27. Bill Holter: Please Relax About The Current Gold To Silver Ratio As Silver Will Be ‘Gold On Steroids’
  28. The PERFECT STORM for Gold Is FORMING | Jesse Felder
  29. Where Porter Stansberry keeps his gold
  30. Eric Sprott: If You Had Any Brains You’d Be BUYING GOLD
  31. Marc Faber: Hold Gold And You Will Sleep Well At Night
  32. Purchasing Power In Terms Of Silver (Spoiler Alert: Silver Is Extremely Undervalued Right Now)
  33. Pop Quiz: It’s Friday Afternoon Do You Know Where The Silver Price Is?
  34. The Wealth Watchman: India’s Huge Silver Stacking Will Help Us Reach ESCAPE VELOCITY
  35. You Should Still Be Planning For National Bankruptcy
  36. Why the wealthy are hoarding $10 billion of bitcoin in bunkers
  37. The rival carmaker going for Tesla’s throat
  38. As yields stabilize, banks benefit
  39. Are YOU risking too much?
  40. $100 oil? Bank of America thinks so…
  41. Dalio: Principles for success
  42. MarketCast: Buffett’s advice you can use today
  43. Deutsche Bank: A SD Exclusive Crash Course On What Could Blow Up The Global Financial System
  44. David Stockman: Donald’s Fabulous Fiscal Folly & Wall Street’s Wile E. Coyote Moment
  45. Chris Vermeulen: If You Only Knew What We Know About The Stock Market…
  46. New Loan Sharks Are Entering The Credit Card Business
  47. How Safe Are We? Our Blindness To Systemic Dangers
  48. An “Audible Gasp” Was Heard When The Chicago Fed Unveiled Its “Solution” To The Pension Problem
  49. Trump’s Neocon Folly: Goodbye Nuke Deal, Hello Global Debt Crisis
  50. Correlations Flashing Yellow Light
  51. This Is What The Slow-Motion LBO Of The Stock Market Looks Like
  52. Boeing’s Been Granted A Patent For Turning The B-1B Into A Gunship Bristling With Cannons
  53. Macquarie: “This Is The Key Danger Facing Investors For The Next 12 Months”
  54. “There Will Soon Be A Terrible Price To Pay For This Hubris…”
  55. “Going Broke Faster” – Economic Numbers Are Less Than Meets The Eye


  1. Australia’s War On Cash Intensifies: Payments Over $10K Banned & ‘Mobile Strike Teams’ At The Ready


  1. Online Game’s Currency Is Now Worth 7 Times More Than Venezuela’s Bolivar
  3. Argentina Haunted By Ghosts Of Crises Past




  1. Italian Coalition Takes Shape: Platform Includes Parallel Currency


Earth News Banner

  1. Explosion reported at Cleveland volcano, Alert level raised to Orange
  2. Hawaii braces for more eruptions and upheaval
  3. More than 500 quakes show tremors have almost doubled in the last 48 hours around the Kilauea Volcano Hawaii
  4. UPDATE: Toxic gas coming from new cracks bubbling with lava in Hawaii
  5. “We Are Telling People To Plan For The Worst”: Hawaii Braces For Explosive New Eruptions
  6. “It’s sort of like you’ve injected ammonia into your lungs” Incredible level of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere from Kilauea volcano off the scale
  7. It looks like the island is collapsing! More than a hundred quakes yesterday brings the total to 1400 in the last 7 days at Kilauea volcano
  8. USGS warns Hawaii could see “Explosive Eruptions”, Produce ash fall for hundreds of miles
  9. Massive Coronal Hole stretching almost across the face of the Sun delivers a G2 magnetic storm and wakes up The Pacific Ring Of Fire
  10. Powerful 6.1-magnitude earthquake smashes Philippines hours after Hawaii quake
  11. 6-Story Deep Sinkhole Opens Up in New Zealand
  12. Mysterious booms continue to rattle US and UK leaving residents baffled
  13. US govt preparing for nuclear apocalypse? Strange trumpets from underground baffle locals
  14. Pakistan experiences hottest day ever recorded in the world of 122.4 degrees
  15. The world’s hottest April day ever at 122.4F (50.2C) belongs to Pakistan but the rest of the globe is also witnessing very strange weather
  16. The latest left-wing ecological insanity: Clear-cutting forests to burn the trees for “green” energy
  17. Rebuilding the Amazon forest with chocolate: How cocoa could be the key to making South America green again
  18. Rare magnitude 4.5 earthquake strikes off coast of New Orleans
  19. The world’s hottest April day ever is followed with the Arctic recording its warmest period on record for the time of year; sea ice near record low
  20. The Fukushima legacy: More than just cancer, diabetes diagnoses have increased six-fold
  21. Environmentalists Cited for Moral Licensing, Study Shows Massive Hypocrisy
  22. OH NO! 250 Earthquakes in Canary Islands spark fears of Volcanic Eruption
  23. Earthquake Hits Gulf of Mexico
  24. Earthquake Jolts Wide Swath of Southern California
  25. 5 Shallow Earthquakes Felt in California Over 18-Hour Span, Including Pair of 4.5 Temblors
  26. 4.6-magnitude earthquake strikes near Mt. San Gorgonio in California
  27. Earthquake swarm hits El Salvador, Destroys 11 homes and damaging 200
  28. Over 270 quakes rock Canary Islands; Fears of volcanic eruption…
  29. “What happened to spring?” U.S. had its coldest April in more than 20 years! Record- cold temperatures from the Northern Plains to Gulf Coast
  30. Small Small Planet Detected About 600-Light-Years Away From Earth In Constellation Chameleon
  31. First Unusual Carbon-Rich Asteroid Observed In Kuiper Belt
  32. “Snowball Earth” Caused By Plate Tectonics About 700 Million Years Ago
  33. Methuselah Star Is Older Than The Universe – How Is It Possible?
  34. An incredible 14th major quake to strike Papua New Guinea and a mag 6.2 in Tajikistan are the 40th and 41st major quakes of 2018
  35. Strong Magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan
  36. Tens of thousands of fish wash up on popular beach
  37. Ras Al Khaimah residents United Arab Emirates woke on Monday to their beach littered with tens of thousands of dead fish reason unknown
  38. A “sea of water” horror: Dam burst in Kenya kills at least 50 people and another 132 dead with 222,000 displayed from torrential rain
  39. Earthquakes and eruptions spark talks of Yellowstone super volcano
  40. New video shows extent of volcanic damage
  41. 29 deaths from lightning in last 24 hours – 112 in first 10 days of May 2018 in Bangladesh
  42. Volcano erupts in Indonesia, Residents forced to evacuate, Shuts down airport
  43. Mount Merapi Indonesia’s colossus north of Yogyakarta city population 2.4 million blows a column of volcanic ash 5,500 meters high
  44. NASA’s MMS Mission Uncovered New Type Of Magnetic Phenomenon Close To Earth’s Magnetosphere
  45. NICER Found X-ray Pulsar That Revolve Around Each Other Every 38 Minutes


Petition News Banner

ABC Make Moms Look Bad on ‘American Housewife’

ABC’s “American Housewife” is an insult to all mothers and housewives. The network’s tagline calls the main character “America’s most relatable mom” and “World’s Best Mom” (see image above), but One Million Moms disagrees. The character playing the mom sets a terrible example and is the farthest from a positive role model for mothers or any women. This character is completely dissatisfied with her life and full of regrets as a mom and housewife. This mother resents her children and treats them terribly most of the time. She drains all the joy from motherhood. She goes as far as bashing her children and making them feel like a hindrance or catastrophe. Children will also see this program, or at least the previews – which air entirely too early for the content presented – and they will be effected negatively by this distasteful television family.

One of the three child cast members is a Disney star, which will attract young viewers. The content in this program is inappropriate for children and not for family viewing.  New episodes air on Wednesday evenings at 9:30 p.m. ET/8:30 p.m. CT.

Offensive content in the program include sexual innuendos and suggestive dialogue between parents in front of their children, foul language by teen children, and a mom who cusses at the kids.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. 1800-Year-Old Coin from Jewish Revolt Against Romans Discovered
  2. Vikings in Ireland: Traces of Warriors Not Just Buried Beneath the Ground, They Are in the DNA
  3. Vikings in Ireland: Recent Discoveries Shedding New Light on the Fearsome Warriors that Invaded Irish Shores
  4. Were Viking Swords As Effective As They Were Impressive?
  5. 450 Stolen Sumerian Tablets are on Their Way Back to Iraq, but it is Just the Tip of the Iceberg
  6. Skeleton Found in Pompeii Belonged to Child Seeking Shelter from Deadly Volcanic Eruption
  7. Setting the Story (Mostly) Straight: Archaeological Experiment Shows How Mycenaean Stone Masons Cut Stone
  8. The Great Boat of Khufu: The ‘Black Box’ to the Construction of the Pyramids
  9. Evidence Of A Lost Advanced Ancient Civilization In Cincinnati – Remarkable Artifacts And Ancient Bodies That Shouldn’t Exist
  10. Mysterious And Sacred Intihuatana Stone Of The Inca Was More Than Just An Astronomy Calendar
  11. Antediluvian Time-Capsule Hidden In Forbidden Ancient Egyptian Crypts?
  12. Atacama Desert Reveals More Ancient Secrets
  13. Archaeologists Make Groundbreaking Discovery Linked to Biblical Account of King David
  14. Ancient Artifacts Smuggled by Hobby Lobby Traced to Mysterious Sumerian City
  15. Why Were Wampum Belts Important To Native Americans?
  16. Unusual Scenes Painted On The Walls Inside Egyptian Tomb Of General Iwrkhy – Discovered
  17. Unknown Ancient God Was Worshipped In Mesopotamia – Sacred Texts And Archaeology Reveal
  18. Why Has The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Survived Strong Earthquakes Since The Middle Ages?
  19. Mysterious Scrolls And Artifacts Discovered Inside Ancient Buddha Statuette
  20. Mysterious Moon-Eyed People – Ancient Subterranean Race In Conflict With The Cherokee
  21. Ruins of Ancient Biblical City of Eglon Uncovered Near Hebron Hills of Israel
  22. Archaeologists Discover Paintings of Ancient Egypt in a 2,000-Year-Old Villa in Pompeii
  23. Inside Etemenanki: The Real-Life Tower of Babel
  24. No Atomic Blast. Fire Melted the Stones of Iron Age Forts Say Investigators
  25. Cave Provides 78,000 Years of Cultural and Technological Evolution in East Africa
  26. Immense Tomb Provides a Fascinating Peek at the Life of High Steward of Ramesses II
  27. By the Rivers of Babylon: Life in Ancient Babylon’s Thriving Jewish Community
  28. The Puzzling Death of Sultan Saladin: A 12th Century Medical Mystery Solved?
  29. The Rags to Riches Story of Liu Bang: Peasant, Rebel, Chinese Emperor
  30. Hoard of Scrolls and Artifacts Discovered in Antique Japanese Statuette
  31. Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities Announces there are NO Hidden Chambers in Tut’s Tomb
  32. Found: Dragon and Griffin Megaliths Dating Back 12,000 Years to End of Ice Age, or Earlier
  34. Artificial Intelligence is Cracking Open the Vatican’s Secret Archives
  35. WATCH: Israel Invests Additional $17 Million in Biblical Site Excavations
  36. DNA Study Reveals 250 Siberians Became The First Native American Population
  37. Stone Artifacts Reveal Humans Lived In Philippines 700,000 Years Ago – Much Earlier Than Previously Thought
  38. New Evidence Of Human Habitation At Panga ya Saidi Cave, Kenya That Dates Back 78,000 Years


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. AMAZING History of Israel’s Migration around the World! By Dr. Stephen Pidgeon (Video: 1:29:08 minutes long.)
  2. Rulers of Mankind (Video: 12:50 minutes long.)
  3. Ten Tribes Studies (8 May, 2018, 23 Iyar, 5778)
  4. Ten Tribes Studies (9 May, 2018, 24 Iyar, 5778)


Messianic Age - The 1000 years of peace and beyond – Part 1

Messianic Age – The 1000 years of peace and beyond – Part 1: The A-Z on the Millennial Reign Also Called the Messianic Age, Thousand Years Peace Period (Understanding The Messianic Age)

The Start of Eternity:

Not much is known or written about the Believer’s destiny into the future, especially not from a Hebraic mind-set; the mind-set of Yeshua, our King and Saviour!

Christendom’s mind-set of eternity is vastly different from that of Judaism; this fundamental difference is used as the point of departure for this series.

This series discusses the fundamental principles for the total Plan of Redemption of God: the marriage of the Bride, her elevation to that of Queen who will sit next to her King, how the world will physically be changed and the curses that will be removed, how life in general will be like, what will happen after the 1000 year period, and a huge amount of other topics.

You are about to embark on a futuristic journey to learn about the biggest mystery in human history, your destiny into eternity…

Some of the topics covered to lay the foundation of this mysterious period are:

•What is Christendom’s Mind-set of Eternity?
•Who Will Dwell in Who’s Tent?
•Who Will Learn The Scripture From Who?
•Are There Two Wives, One Household, and One Husband Involved in God’s Process?
•Clarity on Which Tribes Were Divorced and Who Are Not
•But Who Is ‘Joseph’ and More Importantly Is ‘Joseph’ Alive Today?
•So Who Am I and Where Do I As a Non-Jew Fit In?
•What Is the Redemption Outcome?
•What Is The Secret of Redemption and What is the House of Judah’s Responsibility?
•Who Must Regather the Ten Tribes, Joseph or Judah?
•Can Judah Wake To The Most Fundamental Prophecy?
•Is Judah Preparing and Building The Land?
•Can There Be Redemption Without a Land?
•Is Judah Starting to Realise That He Needs Ephraim, the House of Israel (Matt 15:24)?
•Is There a Continuous Cry For the Re-awakening of Lost 10-Israel?

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Galatians 5:23 “gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law. (New King James Version)

In Galatians 5:23, “self-control” (temperance, KJV) is the translation of the Greek word enkrateia, which means “possessing power, strong, having mastery or possession of, continent, self-controlled” (Kenneth S. Wuest, Word Studies in the Greek New Testament, “Galatians,” p. 160). Vincent’s Word Studies of the New Testament adds that it means “holding in hand the passions and desires” (vol. IV, p. 168). The word thus refers to the mastery of one’s desires and impulses, and does not in itself refer to the control of any specific desire or impulse. If a particular desire or impulse is meant, the context will indicate it.

Self-control is comprehensive in practical application to life, but the Bible does not use the word extensively. It is implied, however, in many exhortations to obedience, submission, and sinless living. The noun form is used only three times, the verb form twice (I Corinthians 7:9; 9:25), and the adjective form once (Titus 1:8). The negative form of the adjective is used three times. In II Timothy 3:3, it is translated “without self-control [incontinent, KJV]”; in Matthew 23:25, “self-indulgent [excess, KJV]”; and in I Corinthians 7:5, “lack of self-control [incontinency, KJV].”

Another Greek word, nephalios, has the same general meaning, but it generally covers a more specific area of self-control. It is often translated as “temperate” or “sober.” Even though its root condemns self-indulgence in all forms, the Bible’s writers use it to refer to avoiding drunkenness.

Despite self-control’s obvious importance, we should not limit our understanding of these words to merely the stringent discipline of the individual’s passions and appetites. These words also include the notions of having good sense, sober wisdom, moderation, and soundness of mind as contrasted to insanity.

We see a good example of self-control implied in Proverbs 25:28: “Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down, without walls.” No specific Hebrew word in this sentence means “self-control,” but “rule” certainly implies it. In its comments on this verse, the Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible states:

The picture is that of a city whose walls have been so nearly destroyed as to be without defense against an enemy; so is the man who has no restraint over his spirit, the source of man’s passionate energies. He has no defense against anger, lust, and the other unbridled emotions that destroy the personality. (vol. 4, p. 267)

Proverbs 16:32 shows a more positive side of self-control: “He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city.” Here Solomon uses an entirely different word for “rule,” but the sense of self-control remains. A comparison of the two proverbs reveals the great importance of self-control as both an offensive and defensive attribute.

Undoubtedly, self-denial, self-sacrifice, and self-control are inextricably linked in Christian life; each is part of our duty to God. Yet human nature exerts a persistent and sometimes very strong force away from God, as Romans 8:7 clearly shows: “Because the carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be.” It is this force that each Christian must overcome. Controlling ourselves, denying human nature its impulse to satisfy its desire, and even sacrificing ourselves are necessary if we are to stop sinning as a way of life. When we add the concepts of self-denial and self-sacrifice to our understanding of self-control, we can see more easily how large a role self-control plays in the Bible.

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see:  The Fruit of the Spirit: Self-Control


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Names Mean Things—YHVH – Part 4 by Brad Scott

I closed our last discussion by stating that I wanted to address the words ‘elohiym and God/god after reading some of the email I knew I would get concerning this subject. Just as I anticipated, I received the usual responses. After 26 years of teaching Hebrew and the dynamics of language in general, I still get emails directing me on how to properly articulate the tetragrammaton and educate me on what the word ‘god’ means in the old, middle, or modern English, or what it meant to the Norsemen, Druids or Vikings. So I say to myself, “geee, I never heard THAT before!” I knew that no matter what I wrote, I would be chastised by one group because I used the pagan word God instead of ‘Elohiym. I would be hammered by another bunch because I DID use the word ‘Elohiym instead of God. And even though I made it clear that YHVH is a proper noun and should be transliterated and not translated as Lord, I was reminded by another group, referring me to a half dozen web sites, that YHVH is a pagan word. You know some people actually think that the information they find on web sites, including this one, is proof that something is true. Lastly, I received two responses informing me that the only name in which anyone can be saved is the name ‘Jesus’, and that His name has nothing to do with Yeshua, Yahshua, Yahashua, Yahushua or even the Hebrew language, for that matter. I am forever given CDs, articles and videos showing me that if I do not conform or believe that the ‘name’ is pronounced as this or that, then I am calling on and worshiping a false god. It seems to me that many years ago I left traditional Christianity because it was based not upon doing what the God of Israel said, but rather based upon a particular belief system. It seems that I am, once again, being dragged back into another simple Simon belief system.

I have chosen to begin addressing the subject of God/god/ ‘elohiym/’Elohiym/El/Eloah ad nauseam infinitum, by singling out the word Father/father, which was used quite often by those who are convicted that using the word God is calling on or addressing pagan deities. Several times they used the word Father. But before we do, a short reminder of the rules of grammar. Yes! Grammar has rules in almost every written language. We cannot just make them up as we go. One remark was that God is not a translation of the Hebrew word ‘elohiym, but it is the name of various pagan deities. Please do not think that I am being condescending, but let’s once again go back to Introductory Grammar 101. People, places and things are nouns. These nouns are initially divided into common nouns and proper nouns. When translators set out to convert (translate) the established set of symbols (alphabet) from one language to a different set of symbols in another language, they must translate common nouns and transliterate proper nouns. Proper nouns are words that identify and separate out a particular person, place or thing. Common nouns are words that address people, places and things that are common in virtually every culture and society. That is why they are called common. Common nouns are translated because they are words that refer to common things in each culture and if they were transliterated they would be undecipherable. Common words are translated. Once again, translating a word is finding the closest word in MEANING in the receiving set of symbols. Transliteration of proper nouns is finding the closest SOUNDS available in the receiving set of symbols. When the available set of sounds and symbols in the language you are translating from are different than the available set of sounds and symbols in the language you are translating to, a trained linguist follows these rules. We are not talking about the phonetic or SPOKEN transfer of words, syllabaries or sounds, we are talking about preserving WRITTEN texts.

The Hebrew word ‘av, father, is a common noun. Every culture has an ‘av. Because this Hebrew word is a common noun, it is then translated into other languages. Because it is a common word in Hebrew it would not be understood in other languages. So translators chose the closest word/words in MEANING in the receiving language. Therefore, we get pater in Greek and Latin, padre in Spanish and Italian, vater in German, father in English, but ate in Dakota, tat in Yucatec and ataataq in Greenlandic. These are the closest words in MEANING. As a sidebar, it should be noted that the p, pa, va and fa sounds in English, German, Greek and Latin are actually reversals of the aleph and bet letters for father in Hebrew. This is where we shorten pater and father to get papa, pappy and pa. So our English word father ultimately comes from manipulating or reversing the aleph and the bet of Hebrew. I happened to notice in some of the emails I received that they did not have a problem with calling ‘Elohiym Father. So when translating the Hebrew text into other languages, if the common nouns were transliterated instead of translated, then you might as well leave everything in Hebrew, because no one would understand what they are reading. This is what translators have to deal with when working with written languages. When standing in your presence I am perfectly capable of phonemically (by sound) transferring a language to you, but I am not capable of doing this when it has to be written down for future generations.

‘Elohiym is a Hebrew common noun. It is not a proper noun. If you look up this word and some of its cognates, you will find that the meaning common in every Hebrew lexicon will be supreme being, highest deity, strength, power, ruler, judge, or simply God/god/gods. This word comes from the pictographic expression of someone leading by power or strength, The pictographic aleph was a powerful ox and one of it’s closest cognates (family words) was ‘ayil, or the ram. It is a common noun because all cultures have a supreme being, a deity, a god/gods, or someone powerful that leads them. When you look up God/god in our American dictionaries you will find that the MEANING is someone or something that is a supreme being, a deity, or ruler. The Greek common noun theos, the Latin common noun deus or the Spanish common noun dios all have similar meanings. “Why?” you may ask. Because they are all COMMON NOUNS. So when we translate we choose the closest word that is similar in meaning. The word is NOT a name that designates a particular person. It can mean or refer to YHVH the one Creator of all that is, or it can mean any god/gods or deity. Since this is a common noun that can refer to any god or gods, then I believe this is why we are commissioned by our Messiah to go forth into all nations and TEACH them who the supreme deity is that created them and all there is, and what His name (proper noun) is. Melek in Hebrew is a common noun. It means a king. Since many cultures have a king we therefore translate this word into the closest word in meaning in their language. We must then teach them that while the Creator of the universe is also a king, we must differentiate through context the King of the Universe from King Tut, the King of England, Burger King or the king of the hill. The nature of language is that proper nouns lose all their meaning when made common, but also common nouns lose some of the meaning when they are translated into different alphabetic systems and syllabaries.

You can find the background and history of the common noun god/God in a multitude of places. Over the years I have received hundreds of emails and web sites educating me on the Old English/Teutonic meaning of this word. The reason the root meaning of god is so easily researched is because, like most of our English words, it is a common noun. So that means you will find similar meanings in thousands of languages. I do not assume that because an individual uses the word God that he/she are referring to the one God of Israel. I also do not assume that because a person uses the word ‘Elohiym or YHVH that he/she is worshiping the God of Israel, either. One might wonder that if the all knowing Creator of the universe foreknew that YHVH, a proper noun, referred specifically to Him, then why associate the word ‘Elohiym with Him at all? Why not just use YHVH? Why cause the confusion? Because ‘Elohiym is a word that has a purpose and a function.

The reason I called this series of teaching Names Mean Things is because virtually all proper and common Hebrew nouns come from verbal roots and these roots have a meaning. The Hebrew language and thought is functional. The thinking process of western cultures is primarily in form, i.e., what does something look like or how does it appear. The conceptual thought process of Hebrew focuses dominantly on the purpose, design or function of someone or something. It is action oriented. Hebrew is more interested in what a watch does, than what a watch looks like. The Greek, Roman, Celtic, Norse, Teutonic and Egyptian cultures, for example, were form cultures with respect to their gods. They gave specific names to each god and they believed that by calling out those particular names they would receive favor and blessings commensurate with the names of the gods. If they called on the wrong god or improperly articulated his/her name then …

Many of the emails I receive gently remind me of all the verses that state in one way or another that YHVH is His name and that we are not to even mention the names of other gods. There are two aspects of this I would like to discuss. Many of these treatises on the ‘right’ way to articulate the tetragrammaton do an impressive stringing of pearls to show that this or that is the way to properly address Him. Some, I speak without sarcasm, very carefully walk you through why His name must be used through its Hebrew articulation rather than English or Greek. For the most part I agree with this and have already covered the meaning of YHVH. However, while doing a great job of breaking down the Hebrew letters of The Name, they gloss right over the Hebrew meaning of name. They just assume the most oft used meaning of the word in our culture. I do address in somewhat more detail the meaning of this word in our Word of the Week section. I would take a look at that before reading on: name. Etymolgically, this word means to follow something back to it’s beginning or source. This is seen in the meaning of the shin and mem, where the waters are pressed, i. e., the source of the waters. This is one reason behind the use of these two letters in the word shamayim, translated as heaven or heavens. It is also another word for breath as in neshamah (B’reshiyt/Genesis 2:7). Either way, the word is birthed in origin or source.

When YHVH tells us that this is His name, He is saying that HE is the Creator of all that is, and that HE is our authority or source of life and we are not to acknowledge or call upon the authority of other gods (many times the same word ‘elohiym). Our life and blessings come from Him and not other deities, and to separate Himself from those other ‘elohiyms. He has a personal name, YHVH, a proper noun. The word shem in Hebrew is a common noun. So that means that this word is to be translated into other languages. In the same way that father is used to denote the paternal parent of a child, the word father in Hebrew does not mean the paternal parent of a child. The Hebrew word ‘av, similar to shem, also means the origin or source of something. When Hebrew and English use the expressions the ‘father of tents’ or the ‘father of electricity’, it does not mean that their wives conceived and brought forth pup tents and light bulbs. So it is with the word name. Our Creator is saying “I am YHVH, your only true King, Father and source of authority for your life in this world, and my children are to have no other source of their life, prosperity, longevity and blessings from anyone other than Me.”

Two more things. I must address the verse in Sh’mot that is often quoted.

Sh’mot [Exodus] 23:13:
“And in all things that I have said unto you be circumspect: and make no mention (zakar) of the name (shem) of other gods, neither let it be heard out of your mouth.”

After giving the Ten Commandments to the people from the mount, the God of Israel now begins this verse proclaiming to His children to be watchful (circumspect) of the commands He just gave them. The context is His commandments and His authority and design for the lives of His children. He tells us to make no mention of the name of other gods. The word mention is a translation of the Hebrew word zakar. We have covered this word many times. The verbal, etymological meaning of this word is to speak or act in behalf of some one or some thing. In English, it means to recall or recollect something. In the context immediately following the instructions of our Creator, He commands us not to speak or act in behalf of the authority of any other gods. In other words, “Listen to Me, I am your Father, I am your Creator, I am the Dad, so you do what I say.” It is the God of Israel’s way of saying, “because I said so”. Have you or your children ever heard that before?

One last thing. I do not want to close this subject by saying anything confusing, but I feel that we must present a just weight (Mishlei 11:1). As it appears to be with every other doctrinal issue in the scriptures, there are extremes. There are good points to be made by those who insist that using translated common nouns is analogous to calling on pagan deities. I cannot help but notice that most cultures, organizations, denominations and institutions that use the words God, Lord, or Jesus, also live and teach a theology that Jesus died to free us from the Torah, or have rendered the Torah as a back seat driver to the Talmud or other Rabbinical writings. I believe that one of the reasons why we are sent out to teach the nations, is to help make clear what is many times lost in translation. I believe that the God of Israel is smarter than we are, and that He already knew that the good news would be watered down through translation into the scattered languages of the world. I believe that the translations and transliterations of The Word of ‘Elohiym is all part of the plan and design of our Creator. I believe this is why He is, at just such a time as this, restoring the pure language. Over the past ten years in particular, I have used the common noun God in every conference, every seminar, every article and every message to hundreds of congregations and thousands of people. I have witnessed countless hearts pricked by the message of the purpose and beauty of the Torah and the awesome treasures found embedded in the ancient Hebrew tongue. I have seen and heard from more than I can count, those who now call out and use His given Hebrew names. Let me reiterate that because someone uses a properly translated word to refer to YHVH, I do not know if that person is in the kingdom or not. Conversely, if someone uses ‘ElohiymYeshuaYahshua or YHVH, I do not assume that person is in the kingdom, either. I believe that YHVH, the God of Israel is the ultimate sower and that I am responsible as His child to produce fruit. My conclusion of the matter is that if you are convicted that you will use all Hebrew names to address the one God of Israel, then by all means do so and help us to teach the nations what these names mean in the language that created all things. I mean, how can I argue with that. My whole ministry from the beginning has been dedicated to restoring the pure language. But, please, let us temper our rhetoric with the rules of grammar, patience, love, a just weight and a remembrance of where we all were not too long ago.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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