News You May Not Have Heard About — 04/29/2018

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  1. Trump Tweets High Crude Prices ‘Will Not Be Accepted,’ Oil Plummets
  2. Huge: Trump Announces Surprise Plan to Take Down Hillary
  3. Trump Floats Making Border Security a Condition for NAFTA Agreement
  4. President Trump will soon decide on fate of Iran deal
  5. Trump warns Iran not to restart nuclear program
  6. Trump Gives Orders to DHS As Mexican Migrant Caravans Make Their Way to the Border
  7. Trump: ‘Wherever There’s Trouble’ in Middle East, ‘Iran Is Behind It’
  8. President Donald J. Trump Strengthens Security Standards For Traveling to America
  9. Trump has ‘Walked Back’ Vow of Pullout in Syria, Israelis are Relieved
  10. Trump meets wounded soldiers, pledges support for vets
  11. I’m No Longer a ‘Never Trump’ Conservative. Here’s Why
  12. President Trump threatens to pull out of NAFTA if Mexico fails to stop illegal immigrants and if the wall is not built
  13. President Trump stands by voters that got him elected, rejects Trans-Pacific Partnership for good
  14. POTUS Trump Pleased After Senate Confirms Mike Pompeo as 70th Secretary of State
  15. POTUS TRUMP Destroys Leaker-Liar Comey After His Crazy Town Hall on CNN (VIDEO)
  16. TRUMP RIPS Smear Merchant Sen. Jon Tester over Admiral Jackson Lies: “This Is Going to Cause Him a Lot of Problems” (VIDEO)
  17. Trump Agrees to China Talks Despite Rejecting WTO Authority
  19. Trump: Iran Screamed ‘Death to America’ with Obama, not with Me
  20. Trump Today: President says Americans should be proud Korean War is ending
  21. Trump wants hospitals to post their prices online. There’s just one problem
  22. Trump Honors U.S. Olympians: ‘You Were Given the Greatest Honor in Sports’
  23. Trump May Attend Opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem, ‘Very Proud of It’
  24. Trump Reveals the ‘Big-Problem’ Obama Told Him After the Election
  25. Trump Eviscerates Former Administrations with Denuclearization Finally on the Table
  26. Trump Tells Border Officials to Block Migrant Caravans from Entering US


  1. US State Department Stops Referring to Judea and Samaria as ‘Occupied’
  2. State Department drops ‘occupied’ from West Bank description
  3. Feds Strip US Citizenship From Muslim Migrant Diversity Visa Winner who fraudulently obtained citizenship for fake family
  4. Nikki Haley slams Russia and Syria for violating international law
  5. State Department Admits U.S. Buys Votes In U.N., But There Is Problem
  6. Iranian-Backed Cells Pose ‘Direct Threat to Homeland’
  7. Trump State Dept. Just Issued Abortion Announcement We’ve Been Waiting For
  8. US Embassy in Jerusalem on Course for May Opening
  9. Hezbollah Targeted in Bi-Partisan Bill
  10. Supreme Court set to hear arguments on Trump travel ban
  11. Supreme Court Signals That It Will Uphold Trump’s Travel Ban
  12. US Supreme Court Rules Against Israeli Victims of Terror Attacks
  13. US Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Palestinian Terror-Supporting Arab Bank
  14. U.S. Navy Keeps the First Amendment Afloat
  15. Gov’t Move to Stop Opioid Abuse Backfires in Horrifying Way
  16. Deal Struck: DOJ Will Hand Over Clinton Docs to House Committees
  17. Senators delay VA confirmation hearing amid new allegations
  18. Pentagon Warns of Major Incoming Cyberattacks
  19. Trump Admin To Grant Iran Missiles Capable of Destroying Israel
  20. U.S. Air Force to Ramp Up Commitments to Space Amid Chinese Threat
  21. ‘Adversaries’ jamming Air Force gunships in Syria, Special Ops general says
  22. Feds Studying Adding Warning Labels to Soda
  23. Sessions Is Back: Issues Huge Announcement on Trump-Cohen Investigation
  24. House Judiciary Chair Backs Bill to Ease Restrictions on Medical Marijuana Research
  25. Senate confirms Pompeo as Secretary of State
  26. Senate panel advances bill protecting special counsel
  27. Sarah Sanders Rips Reporter’s ‘Tone’ in Press Briefing, Calls it ‘Completely Unnecessary’
  28. U.S. Government Hiding Report on Number of Palestinian Refugees
  29. Congressmen Call for Disclosure of U.S. Aid to Palestinian Terrorists
  30. Religious Liberty Attorney Confirmed to Federal Bench
  31. Mattis Says Iran Risks Escalating War With Israel as Trump Mulls Nuclear Deal
  32. Mattis: Expect War Between Iran and Israel soon – starting in Syria
  33. RUMORS OF WAR: US Secretary of Defense warns of coming war between Israel and Iran
  34. Senate Confirms Richard Grenell as Ambassador to Germany
  35. US Military Releases 6,000 Page Niger Report, Blames “Culture of Excessive Risk”
  36. John Bolton Informs DC Staffers that He’s Cleaning House with High-Level Shakeups
  37. Secretary Of Defense Says US To Expand Its Operations In Syria
  38. U.S. Funds Scandinavian Humanitarian Group that Helps Islamic Terrorists
  39. House panel officially clears Trump in Russia probe
  40. House Intel Report Reveals Who’s Really Behind Trump-Russia Investigation
  41. Federal Court Rules Against Liberals, Decimates Voter Fraud with Historic Ruling
  42. FBI Delays Release of Communications With Firm That Examined DNC Servers
  43. DOJ Claims Victory in Campus Free Speech Case
  44. Feds Charge, Sanction Major Chinese Fentanyl Traffickers


  1. NY Times Corrects Piece Calling Palestinian Terror Payments a ‘Far-Right Conspiracy’
  2. CNN Goes to Commercial After Own Analyst Crushes Its Agenda
  3. Merck named in “fraud, deceit and negligence” accusation regarding Gardasil safety problems
  4. According to the fake news media, evil vans just run over people all by themselves… the DRIVER has nothing to do with it
  5. Who needs a lab when you can just SNIFF sarin gas? Check out the latest hilarious junk science used to justify the bombing of Syria
  6. Yahoo News spreads FAKE NEWS about fake news: Falsely claims Asian government crackdowns on “fake news” are modeled after President Trump “authoritarianism”
  7. Boston Globe reporter fabricated news coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombing… internal investigation launched
  9. New York Times “corrects” piece calling Palestinian Authority’s jihad terror payments a “far-right conspiracy”
  10. CNN Forced To Eat Crow, Admits Trump Victory after Historic Meeting
  11. “Fact checker” Snopes gets facts wrong again, falsely claims that Maine House didn’t allow female genital mutilation


America's Far Left Future

  1. The Price of US Global Dominance – Numerous Human Losses
  2. US refuses to comment on new base in Syria
  3. Will your U.S. tax dollars no longer support terrorists?
  4. Analysis: A Closer Look at US-French ‘New Iran Nuclear Deal’
  5. Saudi Arabia: New US Secretary of State Pompeo Arrives in Saudi Arabia; Iran Deal is Main Agenda
  6. US Intelligence Eyes Iranian Weapons Shipments to Syria
  7. What You Need to Know About the Effective Entry Restrictions Protecting Our National Security
  8. SK Foreign Minister Sends MSM into Panic Mode with Special Message for Trump
  9. Republican-Dominated Congress Set To Appoint Trump-Approved And Obama-Backed Jewish Sodomite And LGBT Activist As Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioner
  10. WATCH: Trump and Macron at Odds Over Future of Iran Nuclear Deal
  11. Report: Feds Could Save Billions By Cutting Duplicative Programs
  12. The Democratic Party filed a lawsuit alleging a conspiracy by Russian officials, the Trump campaign and Wikileaks to damage the Clinton campaign
  13. Report: DNC Aide Gave Pakistan the Power to ‘Change the US President’ with Stolen Information
  14. Revealed: Dream Democrat Agenda Includes Reparations
  15. Democrats Try to Block Trump Court Nominee Who Opposed Boys Using Girls’ Bathrooms
  16. Democratic Donors Paid $50 million for New Anti-Trump Research
  17. Rep. Nadler Says Conservative Censorship Claims are ‘Baseless,’ Received Over $20K from Google
  18. Week Before Blaming ‘F*cking Russians,’ McCaskill Said Election ‘Impossible’ to Rig
  19. Secret Recording Reveals Democratic Party Boss Ordering Progressive Candidate To Quit Race
  20. Schumer Too Busy to Meet With Pro-Israel Group About Rising Anti-Semitism on Campus
  21. Mueller: US Attorneys Investigating McCabe Will Have More Impact than Mueller
  22. Mueller: Poll Shows Americans Side with Trump over Mueller Probe
  23. Mueller: Robert Mueller Unmasked — by Congressman Louie Gohmert
  24. Kyle Kashuv Owns Obama for Ignoring Pro-Gun Parkland Survivors
  26. Judicial Watch Expert Panel: “Deep State Update”
  27. New US Law Helps Holocaust Survivors Secure Restitution, Seize Stolen Assets
  28. Pompeo: Pompeo facing rare opposition from Senate panel
  29. Pompeo: ‘USA Today’ and ‘New York Daily News’ Editorial Boards: Confirm Pompeo
  30. Comey: Former Trump Opponent Lindsey Graham Crushes Comey’s Credibility on Nat. TV
  31. Comey: Comey Memo Destroys 1 of Media’s Ugliest Trump Lies
  32. Comey: Hours After Giuliani Joins Trump, Comey Makes Shock Rudy Statement
  33. Comey: Bombshell Report: Comey Himself Set Trump Up
  34. Comey: Ex-AG Reports Massive News on Comey… Now Jail Time on the Table
  35. Comey: Weasel Comey Names the THREE People He Gave His Classified Trump Memos To (VIDEO)
  36. Comey: Huh? Crazy Leaker Comey: We Weren’t Looking at ‘Collusion’… We Were Looking to See if Americans Were ‘In Cahoots’ with Russia
  37. Comey: Leaker-Liar Comey Defends Liar McCabe: “He Stood Tall Under Tremendous Stress” (He Lied 3 Times Under Oath)
  38. Comey: Rep. Jim Jordan: Comey NEVER Told Congress His Memo-Leaking Friend Worked For the FBI (VIDEO)
  39. Comey: LEAKER-LIAR COMEY Leaked Private Trump Memos More Broadly Than Initially Reported — Patrick Fitzgerald Likely Recipient (VIDEO)
  40. Comey: Clapper Busted Leaking Dossier Details To CNN’s Jake Tapper, Lying To Congress About It
  41. Comey: In Explosive Interview Comey Grilled Over Memos, FBI Bias And Steele Dossier
  42. Clinton: Benghazi Survivor Rips Apart ‘The View’ After They Call GOP House Probe into Benghazi ‘Petty’
  43. Clinton: New emails show Hillary-FBI-DOJ coordination
  44. Clinton: Pakistani ‘Mystery Man’ Appears To Have Hugely Damaging Dem Docs
  45. Clinton: Of documents and the deep state
  46. Clinton: Report: McCabe Told FBI Agents to Stand Down on Clinton Email Investigation
  47. Clinton: DNC, DCCC Pay $1.3 Million for Hillary Group’s Lists
  48. Clinton: Ronan Farrow: Clinton Tried to Cancel Interview Because I Was Investigating Weinstein
  49. Clinton: Political SHTF! DOJ will provide to Congress 6 Months of “Lost” Texts Between FBI Strzok and Page
  50. Clinton: When Will Congress Divulge Ugly FBI Texts to Public?; Recovered Strzok-Page text messages delivered to congressional committees
  51. Clinton: Here Are The “Missing” Strzok-Page Texts The DOJ Handed Over To Congress
  52. Clinton: DNC Pledging $2 Million To ‘Buy’ Hillary’s 2016 Data
  53. Clinton: Playboy Bunny Judge Appointed by Bill Clinton Names New Judge Appointed by Bill Clinton to Review Seized Cohen Docs
  54. Clinton: While DNC Was Busy Suing Russia – Grifter Hillary Clinton Reportedly Stole $84 Million in Donations
  55. Clinton: Judicial Watch Reveals ‘Collusion’ Between Clinton State Dept, Clinton Foundation
  56. Clinton: When It Comes to Sexual Misconduct, Hillary Clinton Takes Whatever Side Benefits Her Most
  57. Obama: Obama in Danger After Aides Made McCabe Drop Clinton Foundation Investigation
  58. Obama: KANYE WEST IS ON A ROLL: Trashes Barack Obama…
  61. Robert Spencer: Islamic Scholar Akbar Ahmed Chides Italy, Says It Must Recover Its “Pluralist Past”
  62. Robert Spencer video: Why Merkel only barely won a 4th term, despite running unopposed
  63. Robert Spencer in PJ Media: Sold-Out Play Depicts Jesus Raping a Muslim Woman
  64. Soros-funded Media Matters moves to force policy changes at social media giants to ban and silence conservative voices
  65. Soros-Funded Group Launches App to Help Illegal Aliens Avoid Feds
  66. Over 90 Muslims in U.S., almost all of them Democrats, are running for public offices this year
  67. While Winning a Few US Battles, BDS is Ultimately Losing the War
  68. Dishonest CDC caught hiding data proving that guns are used FAR more for self-defense than for crime
  69. The data on guns destroys the left’s narrative
  70. Poll: Most Teens Fear Shooting at Their School Despite Rarity
  71. Democrats, Media Bash DNC Lawsuit Over Election Hacking
  72. Rahm Emanuel Warns Democrats of Misusing Impeachment
  73. CBS Runs Shock Program on Coming Assassination of Trump
  74. Non-profit urges no ‘behind-the-scenes’ deals to replace Ryan
  75. ‘Blue Wave’ Falls Short as GOP Locks Down Special Election
  76. Lower courts rebuked for joining ‘Resist Trump’ movement
  77. A Successful Trial Period for Trump’s Judges
  78. US and France to Demand ‘New Deal’ from Iran
  79. Acosta: Trump’s Attacks on Media Are Going to Get a Journalist Hurt By One of His Unstable Supporters
  80. American Dignitaries Line Up to Attend Dedication Ceremony Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
  81. Transparency Watchdog Requesting Investigation Into Rogue CFPB Lawsuit
  82. Europe Free Riding on American Drug Innovation, Congressmen Warn Trump
  83. SCOTUS Comes Down Against Inventors in Oil States Case
  84. Reality Check: Are Gun Confiscation Laws Trampling Your Civil Liberties?
  85. NRA PAC Breaks Fundraising Record Amid Push for New Gun Control
  86. NRA Gets Huge Break After 2 Months of Media Hate Mongering
  87. Look What Cops Caught Dreamer Doing After He Sued to Stay in US
  88. White House doctor Jackson fights to save imperiled VA bid
  89. DISGUSTING. Democrat Senator Tester Spreads Lies About VA Pick Ronny Jackson Forcing Him to Withdraw Nomination
  90. White House Releases Records Disputing Allegations Against Ronny Jackson
  91. VA nominee withdraws from consideration
  92. 2018: Midterms and Conditions May Apply
  93. Fare of Failure: Judge Orders Dollars for Doomed Sex Ed
  94. Cybersecurity Expert Not Buying Reid’s ‘Hacker’ Story
  95. Harry Reid Claims Republicans Have ‘Decimated’ Federal Government
  96. Dem Governor Says Taxes ‘Can Come Down,’ Despite Recent Budget Proposal Raising Taxes by $1.6 Billion
  97. MoveOn Calls for Democratic Leadership to Formally Commit to Stay Out of Primaries
  98. MSNBC Host Claiming She Was Hacked Gets Seriously Bad News
  99. The Inclusion Act: Defending Kids, Faith, and Freedom
  100. Study: Deportations Under ‘Cornerstone’ ICE Program Plateau
  101. Menendez ‘Severely Admonished’ by Senate Ethics Committee, Ordered to Repay Gifts
  102. Scalise One Year After Baseball Shooting: ‘God Performed Real Miracles’
  103. Broward County Sheriff Receives Vote of No Confidence From Deputies Union
  105. AP Suggests Criticizing Journalists is “Hate Speech”
  106. Rep. Steve King Defends Gateway Pundit at House Hearing on Facebook Censorship of Conservatives (VIDEO)
  107. Joy Reid Backpedals On Internet Archive Hack, Cyber “Expert” Can’t Produce Proof
  108. Imperial Judiciary: Acting Unconstitutionally, Judge Orders Restart of DACA
  110. EPA Whistleblower Who Complained About Pruitt’s Spending Inflated Military Service
  111. Ben Carson Attacks Welfare Leeches, Moves Against Millions Living on Taxpayer Dime
  112. Diamond and Silk Spar with Media Experts as Rep. Issa ask Questions April 26, 2018 (Video: 13:55 minutes long.)
  113. ‘Censorship Is Not a Hoax’: Diamond and Silk Testify in Congress About Facebook Bias
  114. “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance,” said Barack Obama. Let’s test his theory
  115. Trump’s UN migration agency pick asks forgiveness for comments deemed “offensive” to Muslims
  116. Anti-Trump National Review Unexpectedly Defends Trump on Putin
  117. Alabama: Thousands of tons of New York’s human sewage is stuck on a train in Alabama… say what?
  118. Arizona: Mom Who Lost 2.5 Years of Her Children’s Lives While They Were in Foster Care Seeks Attorney to Fight Corruption in Arizona
  119. Arkansas: Arkansas replaces Ten Commandments monument at state Capitol
  120. California: Fresno State Gets Brutal News After Prof. Trashed Barbara Bush
  121. California: Critics Call Free-Speech Foul as California Rolls Out New Religious Legislation
  122. California: California Man Arrested After Preparing ‘Kill List’ of Jews
  123. California: Fresno State prof praises plane hijackers, calls for acts of terrorism against “Spencer”
  124. California: New California law would CRIMINALIZE book stores for selling the Bible
  125. California: No banned books yet, just urge to ‘evolve’
  126. California: Polls prove CA not cozy with illegal aliens
  127. California: Orange County Squeezes out Parents with LGBT Class
  128. California: California Pastor: Has My State Lost Its Mind?
  129. California: Illegal Immigrant Cop Killer Booted from Court Over Profane Outburst Before Receiving Death Penalty
  130. California: Former Police Officer ID’d as Suspected Golden State Killer, Who Terrorized California in the ’70s and ’80s
  131. California: California School District Says Parents CAN’T OPT OUT of Curricula on Gender Identity, Expression, or Sexual Orientation
  132. California: Ben Shapiro Supports Islamic Jihad
  133. California: Love-Spurned Homosexual Teenager Viciously Stabbed His “Ex-Boyfriend” To Death After He Decided To Break Up With Him And Start Dating A Girl
  134. California: Conservatives Can Sue UC Berkeley Over Restrictions to Speakers, Judge Rules
  135. Colorado: Local Colorado Governments Face Pushback After Suing Oil Producers
  136. Florida: Terrorists in Gun-Free Schools
  137. Georgia: Democracy Alliance Descends on Atlanta to Plot ‘Course for Progressive Power’
  138. Georgia: Carter Center Sued for Providing Support to Terrorists, Defrauding Taxpayers
  139. Hawaii: Bump Stock Ban Passes Hawaii Legislature In Wake Of Las Vegas Massacre
  140. Indiana: ISIS wife from Indiana tells how her husband kept two sex slaves in their home in Syria
  141. Illinois: Illinois County Says It’s a ‘Sanctuary County’ for Gun Owners, ‘We’re Taking a Stand’
  142. Illinois: Aurora Public Library removes poem after accusations of “Islamophobia”
  143. Illinois: Illinois public library removes poem after accusations of “Islamophobia”
  144. Illinois: How Chicago targets innocent people’s money to pay down city debt
  145. Maine: House Democrats vote to allow female genital mutilation
  146. Maine: Media Freaks as Maine Gov. Refuses to Adhere to Statewide Vote
  147. Massachusetts: BDS Dealt Setback in Cambridge After Mayor Blocks Anti-Israel Resolution
  148. Massachusetts: School bans children from calling their classmates “Best Friend”
  149. Michigan: Teen Goes Undercover, Busts Homosexual Priest Who Tried To Get Him To Take Drugs And Then Rape Him
  150. Michigan: Michigan Candidate Attacked for Making ‘Civilization Jihad’ Claim
  151. Minnesota: Twin Cities School Bus Driver Removed after Leading Prayer
  152. Minnesota: St. Cloud, Minnesota: Muslim migrant leaves suspicious bag at city hall, writes on Facebook “Im bouta bomb this town”
  153. Minnesota: Minneapolis: Muslim cop who killed unarmed woman to plead self-defense
  154. New Jersey: Woman allegedly helped smuggle $2M in aircraft parts to Iran
  155. New York: NYC Crowds Flood Into Chick-fil-A Despite Attempt To Label Christian Chain as ‘Creepy’
  156. New York: NY Times: Reports of Palestinians Paying for Terror Just a ‘Far-Right Conspiracy’
  157. New York: Report: Political ‘Vendetta’ Shows De Blasio, Cuomo Violating ‘All Rules of Political Decorum’
  158. New York: Governor Andrew Cuomo to Grant Voting Rights to Paroled Felons in New York
  159. New York: WATCH: Jews in Brooklyn Viciously Beaten in Openly Anti-Semitic Attacks
  160. New York: Cuomo Introduces Bill to Ban Plastic Bags in New York
  161. New York: The NYPD must let out the truth about an unsolved cop-killing by Muslims shouting “Allahu akbar”
  162. New York: NY-NJ Port Authority Ethics Head Resigns After Video of Her Berating Police Is Released
  163. New York: Andrew Cuomo sends ‘cease and desist’ letter to ICE over ‘reckless’ enforcement actions
  164. New York: Judge Rules Trump Supporters Can Be Denied Service for Wearing MAGA Hat
  165. North Carolina: North Carolina City Becomes First in US to Ban Israeli Police Training
  166. North Carolina: American Tranny In Jail Sues Prison, Complains They Are Preventing Him From Doing Witchcraft
  167. Ohio: Ohio school district allows teachers, staff to carry weapons
  168. Oklahoma: Oklahoma House Pass ‘Constitutional Carry’ Gun Bill – No Permit Needed
  169. Oregon: Worker Seeks to Cut Ties with Union that Smeared Her Husband
  170. Pennsylvania: Bill Cosby convicted of drugging, molesting a woman
  171. Pennsylvania: Less Than 24 Hours after Guilty Verdict, Cosby Blindsided by More Devastating News
  172. Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Democratic House Candidate Calls for New Gun Ban, Slams NRA in Ad and Fundraising Email
  173. South Carolina: Young Child Molested by Nurse in Foster Care Still not Returned to Mother More than a Year Later
  174. Tennessee: Gunman Opens Fire at Waffle House Killing 4, Suspect Still At Large
  175. Tennessee: Man Who Stopped Waffle House Shooter Gives Surprise Gift to Victims’ Families
  176. Tennessee: Hero Who Raised $150k for Shooting Victims’ Families Just Got Life-Changing Reward
  177. Tennessee: Mental health and guns an issue after Waffle House attack
  178. Tennessee: Video Captures Huge Detail Waffle House Haters Missed
  179. Tennessee: Tenn. Senate Approves New Monument, Leaves Leftists Foaming at Mouth
  180. Tennessee: Nashville: Muslim cop found to be member of Kurdish gang known for selling illegal guns and drugs
  181. Texas: Texas man executed for killing 5-year-old and her grandmother at girl’s birthday party
  182. Texas: Muslim migrant couple kept woman as a slave for 16 years, starting when she was five years old
  183. UN: United Nations: Israel Have Murdered 40 Palestinians In 3 Weeks
  184. UN: UN Falsely Accuses Israel of Using ‘Lethal Force’ Against Gaza Terrorists at Israeli Border
  185. UN: Palestinian UN Agency Faces Financial Crisis, May Cease Services
  186. Washington, D.C.: D.C. Health Defends Assisted-Suicide Implementations
  187. Washington, DC: Man with machete and handgun attacks employee of Iran diplomatic office while screaming in Arabic
  188. Wisconsin: Explosion, Fire, and Injuries at Wisconsin Oil Refinery


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  1. Netanyahu Blasts Iran’s Foreign Minister for Attacking Israel and Saudi Arabia
  2. Netanyahu: No Nukes for Regimes that Seek Israel’s Annihilation
  3. Pondering the ‘German Problem’ after Holocaust Remembrance Day
  4. How Jewish National Freedom Comes at a Price
  5. Israel Busts Terror Ring in Ramallah
  6. 2 Negev Bedouins Arrested for Trafficking Arms to PA-controlled Areas
  7. Report: Target of Israel Strike in Syria was Advanced Iranian Air-defense System
  8. RUMORS OF WAR: Israel pulls fighter jets from drill in Alaska amid tensions with Iran
  9. Massive US Delegation to Attend Jerusalem Embassy Dedication
  10. Israel Nabs Second Place in Worldwide Cybersecurity Rankings
  11. Israelis Praise US for Dropping ‘Occupied’ References to Israeli Territory
  12. WATCH: A 360° Pilot’s-eye View of Israel’s 70th Birthday Aerobatics Flyover
  13. Defense Minister: Israel Did not Kill Hamas Engineer, Rival Palestinian Faction Did
  14. WATCH: How an Israeli Space Vest Protects Astronauts from Radiation
  15. Gaza Terrorist Killed in ‘Work Accident,’ Young Son Injured
  16. “This Will Be Israel’s Most Dangerous May Since 1967”
  17. Women in the IDF Don’t Take No for an Answer
  18. 70 years of Israeli milestones that will completely inspire you
  19. WATCH: Israel’s Mossad Strikes Fear into the Hearts of Its Enemies
  20. Israel Allocates Millions to Boost Hi-Tech in Arab Sector
  21. WATCH: Israel’s Amazing Technology is Solving World Hunger!
  22. WATCH: Miracle Israeli Innovation Keeps Airports and Birds Safe
  23. WATCH: Israel Warns Russia All S-300 Missiles in Syria will be Destroyed
  24. Israel Halts Deportation Proceedings Against Illegal Immigrants
  25. Israel Nabs Armed Terrorists on Gaza Border
  26. Syrian Mortar Falls in Israel; IDF Responds
  27. Daughter of Nazis Honored for Saving Lives in Israel
  28. US Central Command Visits Israel for the First Time
  29. Jordan to Strip Citizenship from Abbas, Other Palestinian Officials
  30. Israeli 3D-printed Veggie Burgers Coming to a Restaurant Near You
  31. Israel Demolishes Home of Terrorist Who Murdered Father of 6
  32. WATCH: Annual Druze Festival Culminates in Pilgrimage to Tomb of Jethro
  33. Freak Storm Pummels Israel, Kills at Least 9 Teens; Others Missing
  34. WATCH: Did You Know the Bible is Taught in Israel’s Public Schools?
  35. Lies Of The “Occupation”
  36. The world blames Israel for Middle East chaos, but here are the facts
  37. Israel Warns It Will Strike Tehran If Provoked
  38. WATCH: What Can be Expected if the US Pulls Out of the Iran Nuclear Deal?
  39. Israeli Rights Group Sues Hamas for Using Children as Human Shields
  40. WATCH: Israeli Undercover Police Arrest Weapons Smugglers
  41. Striking Back Israel Strives to weaken Syria
  42. Israel: “The Iranian Regime Is In Its Final Days”
  43. Liberman: If Iran Strikes Tel Aviv, Israel Will Hit Tehran
  44. BREAKTHROUGH: Israeli Scientists Complete Mapping of Entire Human Genetic Code
  45. Are Israel and Iran Heading to War?
  46. The 10 Teenage Victims of Flash-flood Hiking Tragedy
  47. WATCH: Israeli Teenage Twins Invent System to Prevent Forest Fires


  1. Al Qaeda Using Google Maps to Plan Jihadist Attacks
  2. WATCH: Islamic Jihad Threatens IDF Commanders in New Video
  3. “Palestinians” fly swastika kite with petrol bomb across Gaza border into Israel
  4. Islamic State widow from Indiana defends her husband’s purchase of Yazidi sex slaves
  5. Hamas Vows Revenge Against Israel for Killing of ‘Rocket Engineer’ in Malaysia
  6. ISIS ‘Beatle’ forced his four-year-old son to watch video of caged Jordanian pilot being burned alive
  7. Marriage in the Islamic State — a First-Hand Account
  8. Assassination of Hamas ‘Rocket Man’ Exposes Spread of Terror Group
  9. ISIS Threatens ‘Satanic’ CNN, Universal Studios Hollywood, NASA
  10. Palestinians Furious  US Won’t Call Judea, Samaria ‘Occupied’
  11. How Hamas Sacrifices Arab Children to Attack Jews and Demonize Israel
  12. Assassination in Malaysia Struck a Heavy Blow to Hamas
  13. Report: Assassinated Hamas Engineer was Arms Dealer
  14. Palestinian Factions Brawl in Gaza ‘Mourning Tent’
  15. Palestinians Name Kids Camp for Arch-Terrorist Who Helped Murder 125 Israelis
  16. Hezbollah Member Killed in Mysterious Blast
  17. The Islamic State is trying to foment a new wave of Muslim migration into Europe
  18. Taliban Attacks Several Positions Of Afghan Army During Second Day Of “Spring Offensive”


  1. Austria: Austrian PM threatens to close one of Vienna’s largest mosques after it has children dress up as Turkish soldiers
  2. Belgium: Belgian Court Sentences Paris Attack Terrorist to 20 Years
  3. Belgium: First Islamic State In Europe?
  4. Belgium: Will Belgium become the first Islamic state In Europe?
  5. Czech Republic: Czech Republic to Open Jerusalem ‘Honorary Consulate’ as ‘First Step’ of Embassy Move
  6. Czech Republic: Czech President Announces 3-Stage Plan to Move Embassy to Jerusalem — Eventually
  7. England: London’s Muslim mayor slams Trump again, threatens protests if he visits UK
  8. England: Evil British Judge Behind The State-Sanctioned Murder Of A Sick Two-Year-Old Boy Is Also A Sodomite-Loving Pro-LGBT Activist
  9. England: Alfie’s Battle Ends, Parents Issue Heartbreaking Statement after Socialized Health Care Kills Baby
  10. England: London: Homicides up 44%, robbery up 36%, knife crime up 21%, rape up 18.39%
  11. EU: New Israel Fund, EU Use Proxy to Fight Jerusalem Embassy Move
  12. Europe: Emerging Islamist Political Clout Accelerates Europe’s Self-Islamization
  13. Europe: European Parliament Demands Hamas Return IDF Soldiers’ Remains, Release Israeli Captives
  14. Europe: Now That We Saw The Arab Spring, Make Way For The Europe Spring
  15. Finland: Finland Forced to Shut Down Universal Income Program After Social Experiment Fails
  16. France: ‘Quiet Purge’ of Jews, ‘Islamist Radicalization’ Denounced by French Politicians and Celebrities
  17. France: WATCH: French Muslim Activist Henda Ayari On Rape By Tariq Ramadan, “This is what you are asking for because you don’t wear the hijab.”
  18. France: Lesbians in Muslim Migrant-Heavy Paris Suburbs Forced to Hide Their Sexuality
  19. France: PHOTOS: Paris lost, overwhelmed by Muslim migrants
  20. France: Algerian Muslima Refuses to Shake Men’s Hands; Is Denied French Citizenship
  21. France: Macron: Europe Entering Age of ‘Unprecedented’ Mass Migration, ‘Shares Destiny’ with Africa
  22. France: Hugh Fitzgerald: A Manifesto On Islamic Antisemitism Shows the France That Has Come to Its Senses
  23. France: Paris jihad mass murderer: “Allah guided me and chose me among his servants to open his path”
  24. France: Macron urges US to reject isolationism
  25. France: Macron: ‘Freedom Is Never More Than One Generation Away From Extinction
  26. Germany: Since 2017 German Regions Deported Just Ten Islamic Jihadis, 745 Known Jihadis Still in Country
  27. Germany: German chancellor Merkel: Bad Iran deal is better than no deal at all
  28. Germany: 7th grader beaten and kicked by Muslim migrants “because I am German and eat pork”
  29. Germany: German state orders crosses mounted at government buildings
  30. Germany: Politician of Merkel’s party will earn millions with refugees in her hotel
  31. Germany: German Jewish leader warns Jews not to wear religious symbols in cities
  32. Germany: German police arrest three Muslim migrants on suspicion of ties to jihad terror groups
  33. Germany: Germany Agrees with Palestinians: Jerusalem is NOT Israel’s Capital
  34. Germany: Muslim migrant vandalizes two churches, causes $3650 in damage, is “mentally confused”
  35. Germany: Angela Merkel admits anti-Semitism is coming to the country from “refugees or people of Arab origin”
  36. Germany: Germany’s Merkel: No to Jerusalem Embassy, No to ‘Settlements,’ Yes to Iran Nuclear Deal
  37. Germany: Merkel visits Trump hoping to head off transatlantic trade war
  38. Germany: “Living time bombs”: Two Islamic State wives return to Germany with their children
  39. Germany: Muslim migrant teens rampage in school, sexually harass schoolgirl
  40. Germany: Hugh Fitzgerald: In Germany Now, Wearing the Kippah Can Be Dangerous
  41. Italy: Half-naked warrior statue covered with sheet for Islamic conference in Italy
  42. Netherlands: Almost 90% of migrants still unemployed after 2.5 years in the country
  43. Russia: Russia Warns Israel of ‘Catastrophic Consequences’ for Attacking Missile Defense in Syria
  44. Russia: RUMORS OF WAR: Russia to move air defenses to Syria ‘soon,’ warns Israel against attack
  45. Russia: Russia Plans Largest Pirate Heist In History Of World Targeting Hollywood Elites And American Tech Giants
  46. Russia: Russia Warns Only 18 Days Left Until Apocalypse Begins As It Stunningly Budgets $162 Billion For Postwar Reconstruction
  47. Russia: Russia Slams News Network MSNBC For Being “Place Where Journalism Goes To Die” After Putin Made A Target In Joy Reid Scandal
  48. Russia: Russia to Provide Syria with Advanced S-300 Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) System – FREE
  49. Russia: Russia Claims It Has a US Tomahawk Cruise Missile and Will Use It to Improve Its Own Weapons
  50. Russia: Trump’s “Smart” Missiles In Syria: Summing Up Evidence And Numbers Provided By Russia
  51. Russia: Russia Brings Witnesses To Hague To Debunk Douma ‘Chemical Attack’ Accusations Against Syrian Government
  52. Spain: Devout Muslims planned to film beheading and attack police, banks and Jews in Barcelona
  53. Sweden: Swedish woman meets two Muslim migrants at night to prove xenophobes wrong, is brutally raped
  54. Sweden: Superstar DJ Avicii Found Dead After Exposing Pedophile Ring
  55. Switzerland: Credit Suisse: Global Elite Will Inherit 2 Thirds Of World’s Wealth By 2030
  56. Switzerland: Muslim migrant convicted of child abuse married 15-year-old for sex
  57. UK: Man converts to Islam, starts distributing material calling for jihad, had handbook for poisoning unbelievers
  58. UK: UK mosque got $350,000 from al-Qaeda-supporting Muslim cleric
  59. UK: Muslims attempt to rape female karate expert who escapes by kicking them in the balls
  60. UK: Horror: The Bone-Chilling Reason UK Won’t Let Alfie Go to Italy for Treatment
  61. UK: Muslim rape gang repeatedly raped and exploited 13- and 14-year-old girls
  62. UK: Former social services boss, local lawmakers exposed as pedophiles in Telford, site of Muslim rape gang coverup
  63. UK: UK Government Denies Alfie Evans Life Support, Tries To Play God
  64. UK: UK Parliament asks hard-Left and pro-jihad groups to create official definition of “Islamophobia”
  65. UK: 68-year-old imam accused of raping teenage girl, says she urged him to have sex with her
  66. UK: Rotherham Council Ordered to Apologise to Whistleblower They Harassed for Exposing Muslim Rape Gang Scandal
  67. UK: UK Sees Spike in Violent Attacks on Ambulance Workers as Migrant Doors Stay Open
  68. UK: “Forgotten In Statistics” – UK Homeless Population 10x Larger Than Government Says
  69. UK: Mayor forced to resign for following Geert Wilders, Mark Steyn, and Raheem Kassam on social media
  70. Vienna: Group of Nearly 100 Iranians Stuck in Vienna Files Class-Action Suit Against DHS


  1. Afghanistan: Islamic State bombs voter-registration site in Afghanistan, 57 DEAD
  2. China: China Steps Up Disinformation Effort Against Dissident
  3. China: Inside the Ring: China Using Students as Spies
  4. China: China Tests Fighter Jets Equipped With ‘Invisibility Cloaks’
  5. China: China Will Not Permit Taiwan to Be Seen as Separate Country
  6. China: China Solidifies Military Positions For New Push Against Taiwan
  7. Iran: Iranian Ayatollah condemns decriminalization of homosexuality, says homosexuals are lower than dogs and pigs
  9. Iran: Iran vows ‘expected and unexpected’ moves if USA exits nuke deal…
  10. Iran: Iranian general: Our hands on the trigger, your air bases within reach. Netanyahu: We are ready
  11. Iran: Iran Threatens to Resume Nuke Program if US Exits Nuclear Deal
  12. Iran: RUMORS OF WAR: Iran pledges to destroy Israel within 25 years as tensions rise
  13. Iran: Iran Threatens to Resume Nuclear Program if US Pulls Out
  14. Iran: Iranian Admiral Threatens to Sink US Ships
  15. Iran: Ayatollah Khamenei Calls for Muslim Coalition Against US
  16. Iran: Is Iran Undergoing Divine Retribution For Its Constant Threatening of Israel? Earthquakes and Sandstorms Rocking the Country Might Give the Answer
  17. Iran: ran’s top dog Khamenei: “All Muslim nations should stand united against America and other enemies”
  18. Iran: Maryam Shariatmadari, Women’s Rights Activist and Anti-Hijab Protester, Arrested, Beaten, Jailed
  19. Indonesia: “Amorous couples” and alleged sex workers whipped for breaking Islamic law
  20. Malaysia: Hamas Rocket Engineer Assassinated in Malaysia, Israel ‘Blamed’ for Hit
  21. Malaysia: PHOTOS “Moderate” Malaysia: MANY unmarried couples and two women publicly whipped, beaten black and blue, in front of mosque for breaking Islamic law, Muslim crowd cheers
  22. Malaysia: Six publications banned because they “confuse Muslims and threaten public order”
  23. Myanmar: Is the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar really just an example of “Buddhist terror”?
  24. North Korea: North Korea’s Nuclear Test Site Has Collapsed … And That May Be Why Kim Jong-Un Suspended Tests
  25. North Korea: Korea Summit: Kim Jong Un Promises ‘A New Beginning’ In North And South Relations
  26. North Korea: Kim Jong Un Made a Surprising and Revealing Comment to S. Korean President
  27. North Korea: Korean Leaders Aim for End of War, ‘Complete Denuclearization’ After Historic Summit
  28. Pakistan: Christian girl set on fire for turning down Muslim man’s marriage proposal
  29. Pakistan: “Most” human rights violations “are committed by the government institutions”
  30. Pakistan: Christians being forced out of Quetta by Islamic State jihad violence
  31. Pakistan: Once chanting “Death to Israel,” this Muslim is now a proud Zionist
  32. Pakistan: ISIS Kills Two Pakistani Christians in Drive-By Shooting
  33. Pakistan: Pakistan court removes Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif
  34. Pakistan: Christian Woman in Pakistan Dies After Being Set on Fire for Refusing to Convert to Islam
  35. Pakistan: Police defy court orders, withdraw security for lawyer of Christian woman on death row for blasphemy
  36. Saudi Arabia: Coup attempt in Saudi Arabia, or just an incident with a toy plane?
  37. Saudi Arabia: Why Does KSA Call Qatar to Deploy Forces to Syria?
  38. Saudi Arabia: A US Ally Is Literally Beheading People Over Nonviolent Drug Charges
  39. Syria: 9/11 Muslim terrorist captured by …. female fighters
  40. Syria: 220 Airstrikes on Palestinians in Syria; World Yawns
  41. Syria: RUMORS OF WAR: Arms shipments from Iran into Syria may be used against Israel
  42. Syria: Russian Navy Unleashes Missiles Against ISIS and “Rebels” in Syria — AMERICANS KILLED
  43. Syria: Russian Air Base in Syria Downs Four Armed Drones; Thwarts Attack
  44. Syria: While US huffs and puffs Syrian Army liberates East Qalamoun
  45. Syria: ISIS’s 3 year reign in southern Damascus ends after one night of strikes by Syria and Russia
  46. Syria: SAA Offense Towards IS Positions in al-Yarmouk (video)
  47. Syria: Syrian Army Killed Several Terrorists in Operation in Southern Damascus
  48. Syria: The Truth About The Syria Chemical Attacks – No Evidence of Assad Chem Weapons, Western False Flag Seems Likely
  49. Syria: Syrian Army Liberates More Areas in Eastern Qalamoun
  50. Syria: Syrian Army Destroyed Terrorists’ Defense Lines in Southern Damascus
  51. Syria: Syrian Army Advances Further In Southern Damascus, Kills And Captures Several ISIS Commanders
  52. Syria: Syrian Forces Develop Security Operation Against ISIS Cells In Homs-Deir Ezzor Desert
  53. Syria: Syrian Kurdistan: From “Olive Branch” to “Fallen State”
  54. Syria: FSA & Al-Qaeda Unite Efforts To Attack Syrian Army In Northern Hama
  55. Turkey: Turkish fighter jets repeatedly harass helicopter carrying Greek Prime Minister and Armed Forces Chief
  56. Turkey: Turkey delays pastor’s trial, gets earful from Trump, others
  57. Turkey: Let Turkish Scholars Speak: See What Islamism Is About
  58. Turkey: Erdogan Grooming Child Martyrs
  59. Turkey: Turkish report claims “Islamophobia is an undeniable fact in Europe,” condemns “far-right parties”
  60. Tajikistan: 71-year-old woman and six members of her family jailed for plotting to join ISIS


  1. Algeria: Algerian Government Shuts Down Full-Gospel Day Care
  2. Egypt: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” smash church’s doors and windows, pelt Christian homes with stones
  3. Egypt: Muslim Police Use Gay Dating Apps To Hunt Down And Arrest The LGBT- This Is The Reason Why The West Will Be Conquered By Islam
  4. Nigeria: Gunmen Open Fire During Church Service, Killing 19
  5. Nigeria: Muslims raid church, murder two Catholic priests, 17 parishioners
  6. Nigeria: Dozens of Nigerian Christians massacred, Houses burned down
  7. Rwanda: Mass graves believed to contain more than 2000 bodies discovered in Rwanda
  8. South Africa: Petition Effort to Admit Endangered White South Africans Spreads and Intensifies


  1. Australia: Muslima student screams “Allahu akbar” as she stabs sleeping man in the neck
  2. Australia: Muslima claims Muslims suffer great misery there, calls on Muslims to reestablish caliphate


  1. Canada: Canadian government ditches mediation talks in $27,000,000 lawsuit by accused jihadi who was detained overseas
  2. Canada: Toronto: Hate crimes up 28% in 2017, Jews, not Muslims, are again the most targeted group
  3. Canada: WATCH: Van Slams into Pedestrians in Toronto, 9 Dead
  4. Canada: Toronto Mayor Praises City’s Reputation for ‘Being Inclusive’ Just Hours After Fatal Van Attack
  5. Canada: Canada Police Won’t Call it Terror; Minister Insists: ‘No National Security Connection’
  6. Canada: Toronto van attacker bald in arrest photos yesterday, has full head of hair in court sketches today
  7. Canada: Trudeau: “Free Speech” Demands Funding Pipeline Protesters but Not Pro-Lifers
  8. Canada: Official Canadian Data Show That There Is More Autism in Regions Where Vaccine Coverage Is Highest
  9. Mexico: Cowboy Eyes Punk Holding Gun on Him, Slowly Takes Off His Glasses and Goes to Work
  10. Mexico: Mexican Drug Cartel Kidnaps Three Innocent Students, Tortures Them And Then Dissolves Them In Acid Just Because They Could


  1. Venezuela: Malaria is spreading rapidly in crisis-hit Venezuela at an incredible 69% from the year before and 5 times higher than 2013
  2. Venezuela: Starvation, Suicides Increasing Under Venezuela’s Hyperinflation
  3. Venezuela: Socialist Dystopia: Venezuelans Assaulted By Police Outside Socialist Health Ministry


World Financial News Banner


  1. Mike Adams interviews financial expert Peter Schiff: The falling dollar, cryptocurrencies and why gold will skyrocket
  2. SNAP Reform Will Send at Least Four Million New People to Work
  3. DeVos pushes back on ‘increase the budget’ cries
  4. Follow the money, Mr. President, behind Iran deal
  5. How to Get Free Bitcoin! (3 Methods) (Video: 6:48 minutes long.)
  6. MIT: 3 Part Plan to “DESTROY BitCOiN” (Video: 10:40 minutes long.)
  7. Global, Generational, Debt-Based, Ponzi Scheme (Video: 6:49 minutes long.)
  8. Alaska Airlines is scrapping the Virgin America brand
  9. GNC Is Closing 200 Stores
  10. Jobless Claims Lowest Since 1969
  11. 800,000 People are About to Flee New York and California Because of Taxes
  12. Here’s what to do with your 401(k) when you change jobs
  13. Amazon Raises Price for Prime Service to $119
  14. Amazon’s stock jumps 7% to a record at the open
  15. Nasdaq Open to Becoming Cryptocurrency Exchange, CEO Says
  16. PayPal Shares Tick Up After Surpassing Expectations
  17. Twitter Falls after Company Softens Forecast for the Year
  18. Conference Board Predicts Robust Economy for Rest of Year
  19. Ford is basically giving up on US car business, and GM is not far behind
  20. Watchdog: U.S. Spending Billions on ‘Dysfunctional Projects,’ ‘Ghost Workers’ in Afghanistan
  21. Why investors should dread the month of May — especially this year
  22. Stocks lose ground as tech rally fades; Amazon holds near intraday record
  23. How to ‘get out of the way’ of a bubble bursting for stocks
  24. Time to worry? Trading volume is rising when stocks are falling
  25. This could be the most important chart of the century for investors
  26. The longest bull market in U.S. history? Not so fast
  27. Stingy consumer spending in GDP report grabs the attention of economists
  28. First-quarter GDP grows solid 2.3% as businesses grab baton from consumers
  29. Worker compensation rising at fastest pace since 2008, ECI finds
  30. Fed will make 4 rate hikes this year, economists say after latest GDP, ECI reports
  31. Why a T-Mobile-Sprint merger could spell trouble for consumers
  32. Here’s the No. 1 tech stock in money flows after a flood of earnings reports
  33. Pepsi, Hershey, UPS and other earnings reports hint that inflation pressure is mounting
  34. Facebook, Amazon results show that FAANG stocks still have bite
  35. No bubble: 7 reasons why it’s still a great time to buy a house
  36. Goodbye renter nation: Americans still want to be homeowners
  37. How ‘redlining’ still hurts home values
  38. Mortgage rates surge to highest since 2013
  39. When is it OK for retirees to use margin?
  40. Intel shares surge 7% on earnings beat, strong outlook
  41. Microsoft stock heads toward record after earnings beat
  42. Smartsheet stock pops in debut
  43. Chevron’s stock surges after profit beat offsets revenue miss
  44. Exxon Mobil shares slip 1.2% after profit miss
  45. U.S. Steel shares slide 10% after earnings
  46. Kellogg to raise quarterly dividend by 3.7%, next quarter
  47. Dollar index at 3-month high, on track for best week since November 2016
  48. Oil steadies on expectations U.S. will renew Iran sanctions
  49. Rising Oil Prices And Rising Interest Rates Are Music To Gold’s Ears
  50. The Oil Curse Comes To Washington
  51. Trump, Merkel Confirm That Iran Deal Talks Continue; Oil Drops
  52. FTSE 100 rallies as GDP growth surprise drags pound lower
  53. So Much For Taking Control: Silver Gets Sniped On The Battlefield As Gold Is Pinned And Under Fire
  54. Stock Market Showing Signs of Weakness With A Waterfall Decline Possible | David Morgan
  55. Alasdair Macleod: The Shake-Out Period In Silver Is Over
  56. Craig Hemke: Here’s Why The Gold, Silver And Commodities Rally Was Crushed
  57. Marshall Swing: Only A Few More Months Of This Nonsense Left, But In The Meantime I’m Long Silver
  58. Potemkin Finance: Fake Markets Produce A Fake Economy
  59. Trump’s Policy Reversals And Appointees Leave Our Economy More Exposed Than Ever
  60. Why Is The U.S. Dollar Soaring Like An Eagle Right Now?
  61. Eric Sprott: It’s Not Difficult To Understand Why Gold Could Break-Out And Rally $1000 From Here
  62. Lynette Zang: We’re About To Find Out Just How Long The Fuse Is
  63. Gold & Silver Absorb The Sell Orders And Rise In Price After The First Quarter GDP Release
  64. Fund Manager: Auto Sales Are Forecast TO TANK In April
  65. Jack Chan: Whether It’s For Holding Short-Term Or Long-Term Both Gold & Silver Are A Buy Here
  66. ‘Bond King’ Says The Next Big Move In The Markets Will Be Gold (Spoiler Alert: It’s To The Upside)
  67. These Four Con Jobs Of Globalism Are Leading Us To A ‘New World Order’
  68. New Schemes Same Results: Wells Fargo Peddles Fraud
  69. The coming boom in gold prices…
  70. Can you pass this 9 question finance quiz?
  71. Three emotion-free approaches to investing
  72. Bill Bonner: How rejecting tradition created a monster
  73. Commodities are flashing a once-in-a-generation buy signal
  74. Mining CEO says now is the time to look at gold, silver before prices take off
  75. Porter Stansberry begs for a return to common sense
  76. Value expert: The No. 1 most important skill for investors
  77. Audio: Can the U.S. Be Trusted to Hold Everyone’s Gold?
  78. House Monetary Policy Committee Member Questions Treasury and Fed about Their Gold Activities
  79. GOLD & SILVER: The Ultimate Hedge Against Everything That Is Wrong In The Markets
  80. Don’t Get Screwed: Buy Collectible Coins ONLY When They Sell Near Bullion Prices
  81. The Crash Of 1929: “Can It Happen Again?”
  82. Breakaway Bounce In Techs Truncated As Strong Stats Stir Sellers
  83. The Next Crash: Making The Fed An Instrument For Disaster
  84. America’s Dumbest Companies Repeat Their Biggest Mistakes
  85. Uncle Sam Is “Biggest Brother”
  86. BofA: “A Deer In The Headlights” Market Moment
  87. “As Good As It Gets?”: Confidence Dips As Consumers Begin To Question The “Long Expansion”
  88. There Is Now A Non-Trivial Chance Of Rate Hike Next Week
  89. Hedge Fund Hiring Crypto Daytrader: “Don’t Care About Credentials, Just Make Money Daily”
  90. US Wages And Salaries Rise At Fastest Pace In 10 Years
  91. Nasdaq Surges Alongside The Dollar; 10Y Yield Slides Ahead Of GDP
  92. Trader: The Flattening Yield Curve Story Is Just Starting
  93. “Sandwich Crisis Deepens”: Subway Closes 500 Stores In 2018


  1. IEA Declares OPEC Has Accomplished Its Mission: Oil Is Now “Balanced”
  2. The Purge Begins: Deutsche Bank Fires 400 US Bankers
  3. European stocks lock in weekly gains as euro weakens
  4. No Such Thing As A Free Lunch: Finland Abandons Universal Basic Income Experiment After Two Years
  5. Norway’s $1 Trillion Wealth Fund Suffers First Loss In 2 Years, Bets On Rising TSY Yields
  6. Pound Crashes After UK Reports Worst GDP Since 2012, Rate Hike Odds Tumble


  1. “Canada Is In Serious Trouble” Again, And This Time It’s For Real


  1. Iran Latest to Ban Cryptocurrency
  2. China Takes the Long View on Gold-Silver… and So Should You
  3. Chinese Smartphone Sales Collapse In “Biggest Decline Ever”


Earth News Banner

  1. Unknown Process Responsible For Melting Ice In Antarctic – Discovered
  2. Concerns growing over Yellowstone Supervolcano
  3. Millions of people and animals in danger as parts of India expect mercury to rise above 45 degree Celsius around 115 deg F
  4. TICK..TICK…TICK … California fault line is ‘tectonic time bomb’ for disastrous earthquake
  5. Our Sun awakes from slumber! Sunspot AR2706 twice as wide as Earth and a new northern coronal hole turn to face Earth
  6. Clean Energy To Wipe Out New Ape Species Population
  7. The “Beast Of The East” delivers a cold month for Europe but NOAA claim March 5th warmest on record: Low sea ice at the poles persists
  8. Climate change high tides frequent storms and sea-level rise worrying for Miami home owners as house prices drop due to their vulnerability
  9. Drought the new killer in Afghanistan as 30% of water sources are reportedly dry affecting 3 million including 1.6 million children
  10. Lack of food and rough weather responsible for the “biggest penguin die-off in many years” along with other birds and fish in New Zealand
  11. Hayward Bay Fault MORE DANGEROUS Than San Andreas: It’s A ‘Ticking Time Bomb
  12. How Bad Will a Hayward Fault Earthquake Actually Be, and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself
  13. Mysterious Ice Circles Discovered In The Arctic Sea Remain Unexplained For Now – NASA Says
  14. Mysterious object projects light beams in Antarctica
  15. Tons of marine species washed up on Carelmapu beach in Chile: The harmful algae bloom Karenia is thought to have caused the deaths
  16. Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole May Have ‘Unseen’ Siblings
  17. Simple Law That Regulates The Growth Of Galaxy Clusters – Discovered
  18. Bouake, population 1.5 million Ivory Coast’s second-largest city is the first city in the world to run out of water beating Cape Town SA
  19. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef suffered a “catastrophic 30% die-off” of coral during a heatwave in 2016: Bleaching events corresponding with warm years
  20. Sick of the cold? Is March really the 5th warmest on record? And snow in Spain USA Canada UK Asia & Africa where will April be on the list?
  21. 39 People Injured in Turkey Earthquake
  22. Fukushima Study: Radioactive Water Still Flowing Into the Ocean — 2 Billion Becquerels A Day
  23. A Giant Crowdfunded Machine Is About To Begin Cleaning Up The Pacific Garbage Patch
  24. With many deaths and nearly a quarter of a million homeless rising flood waters continue to wreak havoc in many parts of Kenya after drought
  25. Vanuatu urges 11,000 Residents to evacuate NOW in wake of erupting volcano
  26. 5.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Iran, Third quake in a month
  27. Earthquake rattles Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Moreno Valley in California
  28. The Pacific Ocean is becoming the world’s largest trash dump


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  1. Why Did Socrates Drink Poison And Commit Suicide?
  2. Ancient Medical Machine Ahead Of Its Time Hidden In Emperor’s Temple – Secret Science Knowledge Examined
  3. Who Were The Hoplites And What Was Their Armor Composed Of?
  4. Why Did Christian Viking King Harald Bluetooth Carry A Hammer Of Thor Amulet?
  5. Utnapishtim And The Babylonian Flood Story
  6. Controversial Ancient History Of Harappa And Mohenjo Daro – Advanced Indus Valley Civilization Pre-Dates Egypt’s Pharaohs And Mesopotamia
  7. Coricancha – Stunning Golden Garden And Lost Treasures Of The Inca
  8. Vikings’ Unicorn Bluff Fooled Europeans For Hundreds Of Years
  9. Mysterious Maya Snake Kings And Their Powerful Kingdom In The Jungle Reveal More Ancient Secrets
  10. Choctaw Indians’ Legend Of Nanih Waiya Cave Mound – Mysterious Underground Realm Of Their Ancestors And Their Battle With Giants
  11. Puzzling Markings Carved On Ancient Artifacts Discovered In North America – Unknown Native American Tribe, Lost Civilization Or Something Else?
  12. Ancient Stela Of Piankhi – King Of Napata, Rightful Ruler And Maintainer Of Maat
  13. Lost Advanced Ancient Forest Civilization In The South West Pacific Could Re-Write History – Legends And Archaeological Findings Examined
  14. Eleanor Of Aquitaine – Mother Of King Richard The Lionheart And One Of Most Powerful Women Of Middle Ages
  15. Pulque: Ancient Drink Of The Gods Is Popular Again But It Has Odd Side-Effects
  16. Sōhei And Yamabushi: Fearsome Ancient Warrior Monks Of Japan
  17. Mysterious Nubian Stone Tablets Have Been Discovered in a Vast African ‘City of the Dead’
  19. Did an Astronomical Body Fly by the Earth and Produce the Floods of ‘Myths’ 12000 Years Ago? – Part 1
  20. Did an Astronomical Body Fly by the Earth and Produce the Floods of ‘Myths’ 12000 Years Ago? – Part 2
  21. Human Bone Daggers in New Guinea were Used to Strike the Fatal Wound
  22. Gladiator Helmets: Fit for Purpose, Not Just Protection
  23. New Research Suggests Neanderthal Knowledge Led Them from Caves Out to Sea
  24. South Africa’s National Gold Treasures Just Got Rarer
  25. In Ancient Mesopotamia, Sex among the Gods Shook Heaven and Earth
  26. Two Sides to Every Story: The North American Martyrs Shrines and Indigenous/ Roman Catholic Relations
  27. Two Sides to Every Story: The North American Martyrs Shrines and Indigenous/ Roman Catholic Relations – Part II
  28. The Head of an Emperor, the Shrine of a God: Two Contrasting Finds at the Egyptian Sites of Luxor and Aswan
  29. Photographs Mainstream Archaeology Does Not Want You to See (Video: 10:28 minutes long.)
  30. Ancient Shrine Of God Osiris-Ptah Neb And Rare Bust Of Emperor Marcus Aurelius Discovered In Egypt
  31. Is The Hashtag World’s Oldest Symbol And First Communication Attempt?
  32. Lost Biblical City, Ancient Treasure And Atlantis – Biblical And Archaeological Perspective


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Ten Tribes Studies (23 April, 2018, 8 Iyar, 5778)
  2. Christians and Jews and YOUR IDENTITY in Israel! (Video: 5:05 minutes long.)
  3. Ten Tribes Studies (24 April, 2018, 9 Iyar, 5778)
  4. Ten Tribes Studies (26 April, 2018, 11 Iyar, 5778)
  5. History of Israel (Video: 46:56 minutes long.)


Never Lost -- The Twelve Tribes of Israel -- Mysteries in History and Prophecy! Book 6

Never Lost: The Twelve Tribes of Israel: Mysteries in History and Prophecy! Book 6

Demystifying the ‘mysterious historical disappearance’ of the Ten Tribes of Israel by reconstructing the historical events proving their present locations! Walk in the footsteps of these Israelites and experience their fate and glorious reconciliation awaiting them!

Book 6

Several lines of evidence unite on an identification of the “Sambatyon” with the Bosphorus. The peculiarity of stopping on the Sabbath can be plausibly explained by reference to a single crossing on that day, combined with the information that the Bosphorus does slow drastically, stop or reverse every few days. The peculiarity of stones and sand coming to rest can be explained as a combination of three pieces of evidence. First, the consequence of the stopping of the current flow as has now been scientifically proven. Second, the name itself, with an acceptable change of pronunciation, can be derived from that of the neighbouring country of Bythnia. Third, the fact that the Greek name “Bosphorus” soon replaced it can explain the subsequent inability of the Jews (themselves disorganized by the Babylonian exile) to locate what they still knew as the “Sambatyon.”

These pieces of evidence are overwhelming conditional, and the identification can therefore only be academic. The evidence is unique, and their combination is exceptional. Not only the behaviour of the water, stones, wind and sea currents, but also the origin and disappearance of the name can all be accounted for. The Bosphorus Strait is thus the best scientific and academic candidate so far proposed for the “Sambatyon”.

The group that did not cross the Bosphorus Strait but ventures further up north, found themselves in the Greater Caucasus Mountain area, a place loaded with mysteries and hidden secrets…

The legends, myths and folktales of the various religious groups in Georgia, prove that the Torah principles were strongly applied at some stage. Taking into consideration that the Scythian / Parthian / Cimmerian ‘history’ proves undoubtedly an ‘Israelite’ presence in Georgia – Colchis / Iberia / Albania. Looking at the ‘culture and social’ life evidence, which add weight, also confirms that the Georgians at one stage spoke Hebrew, including their kings and their families.

The Mythological Evidence of Georgia, proves that the Israelites dominated the entire area at some stage, and buried their legends, believes and ethics deep into the nation’s ethos…  

The chapter contents are:



The Sambatyon River

The Bosphorus Strait

Scientific Evidence

Historical Evidence Proving Crossings

The Straits, Violent and Dangerous

Water Flow in the Bosphorus Can Stop

The Enigma of the Sabbath River

“Sam-batyon” or “Sam-bythion”?

Why the Name Remained a Mystery

Estimated Crossing Period


The Georgians

What are Legends?

What are Myths?

What are Folktales?

What Is the Difference Between Legends, Myths and Folktales?

The Land of God

Reasons for the Vast Amount of Myths


The Legend of Drinking Out of a Horn

The Legend of Bullfighting and Shuamtoba

The Myth of Ancient Georgian Cosmology


The Legend of the Ten Tribers in Georgia

The Myth of the Golden Fleece and Georgia’s Establishment

The Folktale of the Wishing Tree

The Legend of Saints Day

The Legend of Good Ethics

Final Thoughts: Origin of Myths



(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


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  1. Jamestown, VA – 1624 Census
  2. Africans Weren’t the Only Ones Sent to North America as Slaves
  3. FamilySearch Adds 2 Billionth Image of Genealogy Records
  4. Putting Chattanooga’s Historical Newspapers Online
  5. Create a Digital Diary and Your Descendants will Thank You
  6. DNA Basics: How DNA Testing Works
  7. 5 Most Important Updates
  8. Wranglin’ the Truth: The Tale of Two Cowboys
  11. Do You Have Mayflower Ancestry? Here is How to Prove It
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Ephesians 6:4 “And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord. (New King James Version)

In Ephesians 6:4, Paul directly addresses fathers. Connecting it to Colossians 3:21 will give us a broader view of what Paul is addressing: “Fathers, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged.” Mothers can also have this problem, but fathers are by nature far more likely to commit this child-training error. This verse is more clearly rendered, “Do not embitter or exasperate your children lest they become discouraged.” The words “to anger,” as in the King James Version, are not in the Greek text. The apostle is encouraging parents not to do things to their children like being overbearing, constantly finding fault, and nagging. The final phrase indicates, “. . . for fear that the child will become listless, moody, or sullen.”

Paul appeals to parents to train their children thoughtfully, so that their children’s characters and personalities are formed without self-esteem being destroyed. He allows for correction, but at the same time he urges patience with the children’s inexperience. Correction should never be revenge. It must be given for the child’s good but always within measure to the infraction.

His directive in Ephesians 6:4 is stronger; it could easily be translated, “Do not enrage your children to anger.” Discouragement, growing from exasperation, tends to lead a person to give up. By contrast, enraging inclines a person to fight back stubbornly. Neither is good, but the anger is the worse of the two.

The words translated as “provoke” and “wrath” are exactly the same word in Greek. The verse can legitimately be rendered as, “Do not enrage your children to enragement.” We might say, “Do not arouse your children to rage.” Overall, Paul is teaching us not to promote an angry mood or disposition in our children. Doing so may boomerang on us because children will eventually reflect the disposition of the parents. Firmness in correction is fine, but men, especially, must be careful about their temperament when they give correction. Paul is talking about injustice, favoritism, over-correction, neglect, and physical cruelty in correction.

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see:  The Fifth Commandment


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Names Mean Things—YHVH – Part 2 by Brad Scott

In keeping with the opening remarks concerning this subject, I do want to remain balanced in my approach on any issue. Is there a just weight to be found between the abracadabra view of our Creator and the ‘what difference does it make’ attitude? I believe there is. Let us focus for now on how we should articulate the Creator’s name once we have been informed that He indeed does have a name. I hope we can all agree that our all knowing Father is not only capable of responding to someone who calls upon Him that has never been told His name, but is anxiously awaiting for all whosoevers to call upon Him.

The major question of how we should pronounce His name once we know of this name has been addressed in qazillions of articles and books for literally hundreds and hundreds of years. My treatise of the subject is certainly not going to solve the debate and clear up the issue. Quite frankly, this is simply my opinion based upon my understanding of the history of Hebrew word structure. So, let’s start with the basics. The tetragrammaton is made up of the four Hebrew consonants of Yud – hey – vav – hey. Before addressing the dual use as vowels, let’s face the fact that our understanding of how to pronounce the letters as consonants is based upon our Hebrew ancestors faithfulness to pass proper articulations down from one generation to the next. How my Hebrew teacher pronounced the letters is based upon how my teacher heard the vocalizations of his Hebrew teacher, which was based upon the pronunciation of his Hebrew teacher and so on and so on. When your Hebrew teacher tells you that the ‘mem’ is pronounced as the ‘m’ in mother, that is accurate only in so far as we can historically and vocally verify how to pronounce mother. A resh is pronounced at least three different ways in modern Hebrew. We can, with some reasonable assurance, rely on current pronunciations of Hebrew consonants. However, we cannot look upon a written letter or pictograph of any language from hundreds of years ago, and say with full assurance that it was pronounced this way or that way. How much more the vowels! A yod is currently pronounced as the ‘y’ in yard, but not the ‘y’ in agony. However, when transliterated into other languages using their symbols, it is pronounced like the ‘y’ in agony. A classic example would be ‘Iesous. How was the yodpronounced by Hosea or Job? We do not know. In linguistics, the study of language, there are only three ways in which we can know how ancient words or letters are pronounced. The first and most obvious way is to hear a native speaker articulate the words. The second way is to listen to a recording of a native speaker. The third way is to know the position of the mouth and tongue of the native speaker used to make the sounds. As of this writing, we still do not possess any of these three.

Most of the time we are comparing the sounds of ancient Hebrew to the sounds of modern Hebrew. Even a novice in modern Hebrew knows that this is not accurate. Another method is to compare ancient Hebrew with Masoretic Hebrew (circa 600-900 A.D.). Here again we have a problem because we do not know for certain what a yod sounded like in Masoretic Hebrew. Another way is to compare the sounds of Hebrew letters and words to the sounds of other languages. Let’s take Greek, for example. The Y-H-V-H appears in some 1st century Greek texts as the Greek letters IAOUE, pronounced something like ee-ah-oo-eh. But these Greek letters are pronounced the way we pronounce modern Greek. We are not sure what the ancient Greek letters sounded like, either. There is even a Greek expression of IABE from a hardening of the waw into the beta of Greek. To add further confusion, there is a notable appearance in Origin’s Hexapla of the Greek majuscules (capitals) that spell out PIPI, something akin to pee-pee. We could also compare these four letters to mem-resh-yod-aleph (MarYah) of Aramaic. But we are not certain of those sounds, either. Are you confused yet? How it should be written is not all that difficult. How it should be articulated is when the hairs start splitting.

I could spend a considerable amount of time here dissecting this word to pieces. But the bottom line is always going to be the same. How do we correctly pronounce His name? WE DO NOT KNOW!!! Let’s stop trying to snow job everybody into thinking that we do. But someone will ask, are not the scriptures replete with statements such as:

Vayikra [Leviticus] 18:21
And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am YHVH.

Yesha’yahu [Isaiah] 42:8
I am YHVH: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.

Sh’mot [Exodus] 23:13
And in all things that I have said unto you be circumspect: and make no mention of the name of other gods, neither let it be heard out of thy mouth.

Yehoshua [Joshua] 23:7
That ye come not among these nations, these that remain among you; neither make mention of the name of their gods, nor cause to swear by them, neither serve them, nor bow yourselves unto them:

The scriptures are very clear. We are not to profane the name of YHVH and we are not to mention the names of other gods. It appears to be a very blunt, in your face commandment. But these words were not written in English. It appears from a western perspective to be telling me that I am not to form the sounds of the names of other gods with my mouth. I am not to say or articulate the words. The image I immediately think of is an old Three Stooges routine in which the words ‘Niagara Falls’ turned Moe into a zombie like state. This, my friends, is Greek, form thought and not biblical, functional thought. There are many differences between the thinking patterns of our culture and the thinking patterns embedded in the Hebrew language. We have been trained in our western world to think in terms of form rather than function. In western thinking, we process words and phrases based upon what something looks like rather than how it functions. This rather subtle reality is not something that most of us are aware of on a day to day basis. I catch myself looking at life that way all the time. It is our glittery, buzzers, bells and whistles culture that molds us into a visual society. In our architecture, bigger is better and a sign of great wealth. Advertisers know that we are more apt to buy a product if the presenters of the product are attractive and thin. Our fast food industry understands that bigger is better. When I am out of town, which is a lot of the time (ask my wife), and I ask a local where the best place to eat in town is at, he/she will usually respond with the place that serves the largest steak or the biggest buffet in town. Political candidates are carefully chosen based upon their presidential or gubernatorial presence. I could go on and on. If I asked a western thinking person to tell me about a watch, he would tell me that it is gold or silver, it has a round band with a face that has twelve numbers lined up in a clock-wise direction, with at least two moving hands traveling ever so slowly. The Greek minded person would tell me what the watch looked like. A Hebrew thinking person, when asked the same question, would tell me that it keeps time. In other words, he would tell me what it does or what it’s function is rather than what it looks like.

One might notice when reading the scriptures that there are very few physical descriptions of any of the biblical characters, including Yeshua. This is in spite of the fact that we as visually oriented westerners insist on having some kind of pasty-faced white European surfer looking Jesus hanging on our wall. This is because the revelations of YHVH to those willing to hear are not presented in form thought. However, we do know what Yeshua did and said. The details of Noach’s ark, the tabernacle and the temples are for the express purpose of accurately revealing their functional intention and not so we can sit down and draw nifty pictures of them. I believe our western thinking process dominates our major western religions. For centuries we have all been ‘looking’ for the antichrist. He is here, he is there, he will be a Gentile, a Jew, he comes from this line, he comes from that line. It’s Nero, or it’s Vespasian, it’s the pope or it’s Hitler. No! Wait a minute, it’s R-o-n-a-l-d W-i-l-s-o-n R-e-a-g-a-n. I do believe that this seed of the serpent will, like the seed of the woman, manifest himself as a person. However, I believe that while we have been looking for the form of this person, he has been functioning around us virtually un-noticed.

It is this writer’s opinion that we are still unconsciously using Greek thought patterns in our quest to understand words and thoughts expressed from a Hebrew mind. While in the process of conducting detailed surgery on the tetragrammaton, we take for granted the words ‘profane’, ‘name’ and ‘mention’ in the verses mentioned (pun intended) above. The word profane in Vayikra [Leviticus] 18:21 and many other places is primarily chalal. This word is translated dominantly as profane and pollute, but those are English words. It is not that they are wrong or mistranslated, it is the cultural meaning that we attach to those words. The western word ‘profane’ creates an image of cussing, swearing or using His name in satanic chanting, and God forbid that any of US would do such a thing. This is interesting because the Hebrew word for ‘God forbid’ is challilah. The pictographic meaning of this word is to lead outside the walls (of the house). The combination of the chet and two lameds paints this picture. In God’s eyes, to profane His name or word is to walk away from His authority and Fatherhood. Within the confines of His house is His ways, His peace, His desires and His will. To profane His name is to follow and serve other gods and walk in their ways.

The English word ‘name’ must also be examined in the language of scripture. A name in our culture is a written or articulated expression of identity. While this is also true in Hebrew thought, it goes much further. The Hebrew word for name is shem. This word first shows up in B’reshiyt (Genesis) 2:8.

And YHVH ’Elohiym planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there He put the man whom he had formed.

The phrase ‘there He put’ is vayyasem sham in Hebrew. The first appearance takes a word that is commonly used as a noun and puts it into it’s verbal form. This helps us to understand it’s use as a noun. Shem refers to the source of authority. It is an identity of power, character and ability. The function of this word is to identify the source of ability. YHVH is our Creator. He is our Father and our beginning and end. It is the rules and discipline of His house that we are to follow and not the dictates of other gods. I am your God, I am your Father, Creator, authority and source of your life. This is the function behind the ‘name’. However, in my quest to teach a just weight, I have found it to be generally true that the behavior and obedience of the followers of ‘the Lord’ seem to be somewhat different than the followers of YHVH. In other words, even though the power and authority is behind a name and not just in ‘using’ a name, the trend is that most followers of ‘the Lord’ hold an antinomian view of scripture, and most followers of YHVH seem to be inwardly driven to obey the Torah.

The meaning of the word ‘mention’ is also in keeping with the functional thought of Hebrew. In our culture, to mention something is to make a vocal reference, whether directly or indirectly, to someone or some thing. It means to speak of or about someone or some thing. However, in Hebrew this word is from the word zakar. This is the Hebrew word for remember, memorial or mention. Etymologically, this word means to speak or act in behalf of someone or some thing. This is why the verbal root is also used for the male gender. The male speaks and acts in behalf of the female or helpmate. When we are told not to mention the names of other gods, we are being commanded not to act or speak in behalf of those gods. We are not to follow their ways or teach others to do so (Mattityahu [Matthew] 5:19). This, I believe, is the functional meaning behind these commandments.

Next time we will talk about the words LORD, Lord, lord, and God. Are they pagan words?

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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SHALOM (YAH’S Peace to You)


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  1. The Radiation Report
  2. The Red Sea (Yam Suph) Crossing (Video: 29:46 minutes long.)
  3. The Ostrich Theory (Uncovering The Errors Of Dispensationalism) PART II
  4. Why the Antichrist Cannot be a Jew | The Underground with Joel Richardson #71 (Video: 51:25 minutes long.)
  5. KIB 167 – The Kingdom Dynamic of Being Overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit
  6. The Unicorn In The Bible Was An Oryx – Ancient Translation Mistake
  7. The Brit-Hadasha Series – Why is Yeshua the Messiah? (Video: 27:58 minutes long. Israel has been waiting for their Savior, their Messiah, for a long time. There have been multiple individuals called “Messiah” in the past; some believe Yeshua (Jesus), was that Messiah. Here are 3 reasons we believe why Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel.)
  9. TSR 117: Dr. Michael Lake and Spiritual Dynamics of Two Kingdoms (Video: 1:36:24 minutes long.)
  10. Genesis_ The Serpent (Nachash) Dr Michael S Heiser (Video: 29:11 minutes long.)
  11. Michael Heiser – What is the True Meaning of the Gospel? (Video: 43:42 minutes long.)
  12. Growing Deception Within Professing gChristianity. A Stand Up For The Truth Podcast (Video: 52:36 minutes long.)
  13. Fasting (Video: 21:37 minutes long. Fasting is a topic that is rarely taught on.  But what did our savior say about fasting?  Join us in this short teaching as we examine what our attitude and desire should be on this topic from a Biblical perspective.)
  14. Of Schemes and Stratagems – The ShockCast (Video: 50:10 minutes long.)
  15. False Grace Doctrine | Dr. Michael Brown | Ask Sid (Video: 43:45 minutes long.)


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