News You May Not Have Heard About — 04/22/2018 — Early Edition

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  1. Trump Fires Back at James Comey, Calls for ‘Jail’
  2. Trump Confirms Pompeo Met With Kim Jong Un: ‘A Good Relationship Was Formed’
  3. Trump Ends Brief Truce With California Over Sending Troops to Border
  4. WH says Russia sanctions still under consideration
  5. Trump says ‘good relationship’ formed with North Korea
  6. President Trump Orders High Honor for Barbara Bush After Her Death – ‘As a Mark of Respect…’
  7. On Tax Cuts, Jobs, and Optimism, Look at What’s Happening in America’s Heartland
  8. Trump Urges Congress To Act After Supreme Court Strikes Down Deportation Law
  9. Trump Fires Off Warning to KJU: I’ll Leave the Meeting if It Isn’t ‘Fruitful’
  10. Trump Tweets ‘Full Endorsement’ of Blackburn
  11. Trump Thanks San Diego County for Supporting His Legal Action Against ‘Sanctuary City’ Law
  12. President Trump stands by voters that got him elected, rejects Trans-Pacific Partnership for good
  13. Trump Torches Mueller Witch Hunt: “The FBI Takes Everything But They Never Took the DNC Servers” (VIDEO)
  14. Trump Says There’s a ‘Revolution’ Going On in California
  15. Trump Ready to Kill Iran Nuclear Deal
  16. Trump Threatens Special Counsel Mueller With Murder Indictment Over Worst FBI Scandal In History That Cost US Government $100 Million
  17. Trump says midterms are “choice” for country on taxes
  18. OPEC under fire from Trump over oil price hikes
  19. Why Trump is tweeting about OPEC — and what he can do about oil prices
  20. Trump Today: President says Flynn’s life ‘destroyed’ as Comey cashes in


  1. Gorsuch Casts Deciding Vote Against Trump in Immigration Case
  2. Gorsuch, Liberal Justices Back Immigrant Facing Deportation for ‘Violent’ Crime
  3. Nikki Haley Pushes Back Against White House on Russia Sanctions: ‘With All Due Respect, I Don’t Get Confused’
  4. U.S. Preparing New Sanctions on Russia over Syria, Haley Says
  5. US to hit Russia with new sanctions for aiding Syria’s Assad
  6. Cruz Introduces Legislation to Make Individual Tax Cuts Permanent
  7. Supreme Court rejects pro-life pastor’s appeal on noise
  8. Supreme Court hearing case about online sales tax collection
  9. 6th Circuit agrees: PP has ‘constitutional right’ to public monies
  10. Federal Judge Drops the Hammer on Facebook with New Ruling
  11. US Blasts Palestinian Negotiator’s ’Empty, Self-indulgent Rhetoric’
  12. Feds Give $1 Million to Study 3-Year-Old ‘Non-Binary Children’
  13. GAME ON: Comey Memos Released to Congress Today, Per DOJ
  14. Pelosi Falsely Claims Trump Fired Mueller, ‘So Furious I Can Barely Write’
  15. Confirmed: HUD Misplaced $2 Billion During 2016
  16. Trump Admin Makes Chinese Company Pay Steep Price for Cutting Deal with Iran
  17. Lawmakers Call for 2nd Special Counsel To Investigate DOJ/FBI Corruption
  18. Mattis Dismisses Rumors He Disagreed With Trump on Syria Strikes
  19. Coast Guard Adrift on Trans Policy
  20. Inside the Ring: Pentagon: Missile Threats Increasing
  23. Senate Committee Plans Monday Vote on Pompeo as Secretary of State
  24. Senate approves Trump’s nominee to lead NASA
  25. House Panel Considers Ban on Killing Dogs and Cats for Meals
  26. Federal court rules against Trump’s sanctuary city crackdown efforts
  27. Schumer to introduce bill to decriminalize marijuana
  28. Turkey ‘may face sanctions’ for buying Russian S-400 missiles and not toeing US line – diplomat
  29. Army won’t meet recruiting mission, lowers 2017 goal


  1. FAKE news media regurgitates old, discredited story claiming Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was in Prague meeting with “Russians”
  2. Pulitzer Prize awarded to Washington Post, New York Times for publishing FAKE news
  3. FAKE VIEWS Russian TV claims Syria chemical attack boy, 11, filmed being doused with water was tricked into taking part in return for biscuits
  4. Pentagon Warns Of ‘Blatantly False’ MSM Report As Fake News Warnings Comes From Strange Source



  1. In Memoriam: First Lady Barbara Bush (1925-2018)
  2. George HW Bush Releases Incredibly Moving First Statement After Wife’s Death
  3. George W. Bush Reveals Hilarious Joke Barbara Told Days Before Her Death
  4. Remembering Barbara Bush, Former Campaign Staffer Shares a Story She Kept Secret for 34 Years
  5. The Coup to Install Pence as the President
  6. USS Harry Truman Aircraft Carrier Strike Group has entered the Mediterranean
  7. The Purge Is Here-Can 42 Congressman and 82 Mexican Politicians be Wrong?
  8. Iranian-Backed ‘Sleeper Cell’ Militants Hibernating in U.S., Positioned For Attack
  9. Cohen: Cohen Disputes Mueller Claim of Having Evidence on Prague Trip
  10. Cohen: Is Cohen an FBI RAT? Trump Insiders Worried Ensnared Lawyer May Take The Government’s Cheese
  11. Cohen: Judge overseeing Cohen case and Trump’s (Seized) Attorney-Client records, performed George Soros’ wedding!
  12. Cohen: Judge in Cohen case says “not really a friend of Soros”… Despite Officiating His Wedding!
  13. Democratic Senator Slams Own Party Over Misleading Mueller Fundraising Email
  14. Schiff Goes Into Overdrive=> Introduces Bill to Make it Difficult For Trump to Grant Pardons in Russia Witch Hunt
  15. Judiciary Committee Member Okays Getting Rid of Rosenstein
  16. Rosenstein Reassures Trump He’s Not a Target In Mueller Probe
  17. A ‘Deep State’ could be blackmailing Trump… but which one?
  18. DEEP STATE DON’T PLAY: Dirty Cop Mueller Will Threaten Trump Attorney with Life in Prison
  19. Syria Chemical Attack: The Deep State And The BIG Lie
  20. Syria airstrikes: US warns it is ‘locked and loaded’ if Assad uses chemical weapons again – latest news
  21. Largest and Oldest Syrian-American Group Thanks Trump
  22. Trump Falls into the Geopolitical Trap Laid by the UK in Syria
  23. Putin Humiliates Self in Front of Trump, Looks More Like Obama Than Russian Strongman
  24. Syrian Refugee Who Survived 2013 Chemical Attack Decimates Obama in Bombshell Interview
  25. Trump Hits Syria a Second Time and Signals to the World that the U.S. Empire is Coming Apart at the Seams
  26. Paul Craig Roberts: The Crisis With Syria (And Russia-China-Iran) Is Only Beginning
  27. Storm Clouds Over Syria
  28. US Intel Officials Just Admitted US Bombed Syria with No Proof of Sarin Attack
  29. SYRIA – the Terrifying Truth of What is Really Happening (Video: 41:41 minutes long. NOTE: SYRIA – the Terrifying Truth of What is Really Happening:This is what every person needs to know about what is really happening in Syria. To jump to the most recent news, skip to 26:05.)
  30. Minimal Strike On Assad Shows Extent Of Russian Deterrence
  31. Experts warn that Russian cyber attack could be imminent
  32. Duncan Hunter: President Trump Must Block The Sale of Delaware Port To Saddam’s Weapons Chief
  33. Obama Holdover Accused of Corruption Approved Trump Lawyer Raid
  34. Ex-CIA Chief Says Obama Rejected Cyber Action Against Russia for Election Meddling
  35. 8 Years of Obama Gave NK Nukes, 1 With Trump Has Them Begging for ‘Complete Denuclearization’
  36. The Left’s War on Our First, Second, and Fourth Amendments
  37. Robert Spencer: Why it was so devastating when George W. Bush said “Islam is peace” right after 9/11
  38. BOMBSHELL – Russian Evidence of Staged Chemical Attack in Syria (Video: 14:45 minutes long.)
  39. Officials Blocked From Investigating Chemical Attack Site Again
  40. Why Trump’s Airstrikes on Syria Will Not Deter Assad
  41. Scooter Libby pardon shows Donald Trump understands Mueller is not about justice, but about getting scalps
  42. Ohio Brothers Convicted in Al-Qaeda Terror Financing
  43. Pompeo: Why Rand Paul Opposes Trump’s Nomination of Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State
  44. Pompeo: Pompeo ‘Not a Close-Minded Partisan’
  45. Pompeo: Graham: Dems ‘Taking Politics to an Extreme’ in Opposing Pompeo for Sec. of State
  46. Pompeo: Dem Senators Begrudgingly Praise Pompeo’s Meeting With Kim Jong Un
  47. Pompeo: Are Christians Welcome in Public Life? Booker vs. Pompeo
  48. Overheard on Acela: Teachers’ Union President Plots to Shut Puerto Rico Schools From First Class Car
  49. 100 Face Charges for Multi-State Heroin Trafficking Ring
  50. Crowley Making Moves to Succeed Pelosi as Dem House Leader
  51. Dem Senators to Ditch D.C. for Big Money Fundraisers
  52. NRA Announces Drive to Sign Up 100,000 New Members in 100 Days
  53. How the IRS Could Help Shut Down Radicalization
  54. Comey: Comey Caught in Massive Lie, Can’t Even Tell Truth to Softball Interviewer Stephanopoulos
  55. Comey: Hannity Excoriates Comey in Sunday Night Scorched-Earth Tweet Fest
  56. Comey: GOP Lawmakers Demand Criminal Probe of Comey, McCabe, Clinton, Lynch
  57. Comey: Lynch Cracks, Turns on Comey in Remarkable Political Betrayal
  58. Comey: ABC makes unusual decision to release all of Comey talk
  59. Comey: Bartiromo Skewers Comey on Memo-Taking – Why None About Hillary?
  60. Comey: James Comey’s Historic Criminal Credentials (Video: 4:22 minutes long.)
  61. Comey: FBI: James Comey Allowed McCabe to Run the FBI’s Clinton Foundation Probe Despite Conflicts of Interest, Deceit and Lies; No One Was Prosecuted
  62. Comey: WATCH: Comey Ended His Appearance On The View With A Very Bizarre Statement About Hillary
  63. Comey: “YOU’RE GOING TO GET LOCKED UP!” – Conservative Reporter Laura Loomer DESTROYS Comey at Book Signing (VIDEO)
  64. Comey: Comey & McCabe Square Off as the Fight of the Century Looms – Special Guest Thomas Paine (Video: 1:05:20 minutes long.)
  65. Comey: Comey Confirms – There is a deep state…
  66. Comey: Chilling Confirmation The ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Were Right All Along As James Comey Verifies The ‘American Hydra’ Is Real
  67. Comey: AP obtains memos drafted by former FBI Director James Comey on interactions with President Donald Trump
  68. Draining the Swamp Commences: Former FBI Deputy Director McCabe Referred by DOJ for Criminal Prosecution
  69. Jordan can drain D.C. swamp, says political activist
  70. Jeffress slams media after visiting with Trump
  71. WATCH: Former Senator Says Raids on Syria Must End with ‘Assad Out’
  72. WATCH: US Military Expert Slams ‘very Weak’ Allied Attack on Syria
  73. Judge’s Rule Is over the Illegal Limit
  74. Clinton: Turns Out That New York Times’ Clinton Email ‘Botched Story’ Actually Wasn’t
  75. Clinton: CIA Director Pompeo Oversees Capture Of UN Pedophile Who Leaked Video Of Hillary Clinton Killing Child
  76. Clinton: Top CIA Officer Linked To Hillary Clinton Hit Team Thrown In Mental Ward By Trump Loyalists
  77. Clinton: The Clinton campaign disguised the Steele dossier funding by covering up payments to Fusion GPS on mandatory disclosures to the FEC
  78. Clinton: FBI Informant “Threatened” After Offering Details Linking Clinton Foundation To Russian Bribery Case
  79. Clinton: Clinton Foundation Open Records Tax Return. 6% went to charity. Hillary kept 94%
  80. Clinton: Hannity: “96% of ALL campaign contributions from journalists went to Hillary Clinton
  81. Democratic Party Sues Russia, Trump, Wikileaks For Conspiring To Hurt Hillary In 2016 Election
  82. Muslim Congressional IT staffer transferred House data to Pakistani government, says his father’s ex-partner
  83. Father of Mastermind behind DNC Muslim Spy Ring Transferred Data To Pakistani Government
  85. US response to 1979 Iran hostage crisis was hampered by an “American inability to understand” Khomeini
  86. ‘Pushing Back on Iran’: One Expert’s Strategy to Confront the Islamic Republic
  87. Jacob Wohl: It’s Time to Mercilessly Bomb Iran
  88. Why are State Attorneys General putting up with school walkouts to promote gun control when the walkouts violate state laws against disrupting public schools?
  89. Apple Tells Gun-Control Advocates To Get Lost With Their Outrageous Demands
  90. Poll: Voters Say Gun Views More Important for Candidates Than Views on Trump as Gap Between Republicans and Democrats Tightens
  91. Poll: Impeachment Not a Winning Issue for Democrats in 2018
  92. A black-robed counterrevolution
  93. Punishing the Kids: The LGBT Reality and How You Can Push Back
  94. Dick’s Literally Destroying AR-15 Inventory Instead of Selling Back to Manufacturers
  95. Banks that took taxpayer bailouts seek to revive Eric Holder’s anti-Second Amendment Operation Choke Point
  96. Ex-Dem Savages David Hogg and His Lazy ‘Buffoonery’
  97. George W. Bush: ‘People Are Forgetting the Lessons of 9/11’
  98. Robert Spencer video: In the UK, if you see something, you better say nothing
  99. Revealed: Dream Democrat Agenda Includes Reparations
  100. Counterspy Official: Snowden Leak Damage Increasing
  101. Pritzker’s Investment Firm Bought Company Accused of Wage Theft
  102. Employers Call on Trump to Rescind Ambush Rules
  103. What could a Trump-Kim summit mean for people of NoKo?
  104. Oil, gas drilling in Alaska refuge takes step ahead
  105. Attorney: Congress needs to act after SCOTUS ruling
  106. Rush Limbaugh Turns the Sean Hannity ‘Scandal’ Around on the ‘Drive-By Media’
  107. Report: Rudy Giuliani Could Join Trump’s Legal Team
  108. Developing: Giuliani Takes New, Unexpected Place on Trump Team
  109. MS-13 Directs Members to ‘Take Out a Cop’
  110. DHS Reveals Dozens of MS-13, Other Gang Members Released By ‘Sanctuary’ Policies
  111. National Association of Scholars calls for the end of ‘secret science’ in government regulations
  112. How President Trump could shut hidden ‘backdoor’ hardware threats from China being installed on critical systems
  113. Rhetoric Aside, the US Commitment to Preventing Nuclear Terrorism Is Waning
  114. STUNNING! 94% of Immigrants in US Federal Prisons, Over 35,000 Individuals, Are Criminal Illegal Aliens (VIDEO)
  115. Adoption Freedom: Caring for Children and Families
  116. Arkansas: Arkansas Ten Commandments display to be installed next week
  117. California: San Diego County Joins California’s ‘Sanctuary-State’ Revolt
  118. California: Calif. Gov. Brown Wants to Ensure ‘Every Californian Is Counted’ for 2020 Census
  119. California: California rejects proposed border duties for troops
  120. California: Calif. governor says deal reached on National Guard mission
  121. California: Stanford labels the forcible suppression of dissenting views “free expression”
  122. California: OK, for now, to tell your kids they are being indoctrinated
  123. California: Californians Disagree with Governor, Majority Side with Trump Immigration Policies
  124. California: HALF Californians Support Travel Ban, Increasing Deportations
  125. California: California Legislature Passes Bill That Will Ban Books That Help People Fight Homosexuality- The Bible Is Going To Be Next At Some Point And That Is No Exaggeration
  126. California: This California State Assembly bill would BAN the Bible! (Video: 2:47 minutes long.)
  127. California: Fresno State Holds Press Conference to Address Hateful Muslim Professor Who Cheered Death of Barbara Bush
  128. California: California Churches pledges to Stop Calling the Police for Anything at All
  129. Cleveland: Muslim charged for making harassing voicemails left at Jewish houses of worship in January
  130. Delaware: New Gun Control Measures in Delaware Face Stiff Opposition
  131. Florida: Muslim cleric who calls for the killing of Jews and gays speaks at Orlando middle school
  132. Florida: Soros Dumps $450K Into Florida-based PAC
  133. Florida: Florida lawyer gets prison for role in $23M insurance fraud
  134. Florida: Motorcycle Dealer Gets Last Laugh After City Worker Attacks Vet, Demands Store Remove Flags
  135. Florida: Miami Among Cities at Risk From Yellow Fever Spread
  136. Florida: Florida school district may deploy armed janitors to fight shooters
  137. Florida: Florida man murders two officers then kills himself 
  138. Florida: One Student Injured In Florida High School Shooting; Suspect In Custody
  139. Georgia: Middle school teacher urges anti-gun action
  140. Illinois: Illinois Wants to Use Taxpayer Funds to Advertise Dangerous Flu Shot to School Children
  141. Illinois: Gun-Rights Groups File Suit on Behalf of Illinois Day-Care Operators
  142. Illinois: Illinois County Declares Itself a Sanctuary for Gun Owners
  143. Illinois: Chicago Suburb Makes It Illegal for Residents to Own Assault Rifles
  144. Illinois: Were faith leaders invited under false pretenses?
  145. Indiana: Muslim from Indiana joins the Islamic State in Syria, keeps two sex slaves at home with his wife and kids
  146. Iowa: In Iowa, Christians Need Not Apply!
  147. Louisiana: American Couple Tortures Two-Year-Old Boy To Death By Scalding His Entire Body With Hot Water
  148. Louisiana: Gambling Expansion is a Losing Bet for Families
  149. Massachusetts: Mass. Lawmaker Hands Cop Killer Terrifying Surprise… Moves to Bring Back Death Penalty
  150. Michigan: Two Homosexuals Slip Date Rape Drug Into Man’s Drink, When He Becomes Incapacitated They Take Him And Sodomize Him
  151. Michigan: Terror-tied CAIR trying to spring inmate on religious grounds
  152. Michigan: Michigan town’s feud over military gear gets ugly
  153. New Jersey: NJ Dem Candidate Flip Flops on Tax Reform Repeal, Says He Isn’t In Favor of Fast Repeal
  154. New York: High alert: NYPD counter-terror army hit NYC streets in wake of Syria strikes
  155. New York: VIDEOS and PHOTOS: Commie/Fascist “Palestinians” vs NY-JDL Patriots in NYC’s Union Square
  156. New York: New Yorker Magazine Ridicules Chick-fil-A – Calls It Creepy
  157. New York: Cuomo to Pardon, Restore Voting Rights to 35,000-Plus Felons on Parole
  158. New York: ICE Arrests Hundreds of Illegals in NYC
  159. New York: NYC Mice Are Carrying Antibiotic-Resistant Germs
  160. New York: New York Changes Jail Rules To Accommodate Transgender Inmates. What Could Go Wrong?
  161. New York: Feds Round Up 225 Migrants in New York’s ‘Sanctuary City’
  162. New York: Military Helicopters Scare the Hell out of Folks in Manhattan as they fly BETWEEN Skyscrapers at night
  163. North Carolina: Chemical contamination discovered in water supply at North Carolina military base… experts warn this could be the first of many
  164. North Carolina: Protesters Storm Stage, Find out College Is Sick and Tired of That
  165. North Carolina: North Carolina court considers if father’s paddling is crime
  166. Ohio: Court blocks law that diverts money from Planned Parenthood
  167. Oregon: He refuses to pay taxes because he opposes abortions. He just beat the feds in court
  168. Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh Police Already Planning for Possible Riots if Trump Fires Mueller
  169. Pennsylvania: 640 pounds of explosives stolen in Pennsylvania – Iranian “Sleeper Cells” Suspected
  170. Philadelphia: Engine Failure Causes Southwest Emergency Landing in Philadelphia, One Death Reported
  171. Philadelphia: Woman Partially Sucked Out of Jet When Window Breaks Mid-Flight; Plane Lands Safely in Philadelphia
  172. Philadelphia: NTSB: Blown Southwest jet engine showed ‘metal fatigue’
  173. Philadelphia: FAA orders fan blade inspections after jet engine explosion
  174. Philadelphia: Protesters claim Starbucks is anti-black
  175. Philadelphia: Starbucks to train workers on ‘unconscious bias’
  176. Philadelphia: Starbucks helped feed left-wing “progressive” hysteria… now they are being eaten alive by it: #BoycottStarbucks explodes
  177. Philadelphia: Dad of H.R. McMaster Dies; Death Called “Suspicious”
  178. South Carolina: South Carolina becomes first state to pass bill confronting anti-Semitism
  179. Texas: Hundreds of Muslims from Bangladesh illegally crossing into US at Laredo, Texas
  180. Texas: Waco Survivors Ask for Government Apology on 25th Anniversary of the Deadly Siege (VIDEOS)
  181. Texas: Texas A&M Shuts Down 2 Chinese Learning Institutes Deemed National Security Threats
  182. Texas: Valero Refinery on Fire in Texas; SHELTER IN PLACE ORDER
  183. Texas: Police Testing Controversial Portable DNA Machine
  184. UN: WATCH: UN warns of dangers of returning ISIS fighters
  185. UN: UN admits ‘refugees’ are ‘replacement migration’ for low-fertility countries
  186. Washington, D.C.: Washington, D.C., May Lower the Voting Age to 16 For the 2020 Elections
  187. Washington, D.C.: Assisted Suicide Attracts 0 Patients, 2 Doctors in DC


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  1. Netanyahu declares Israel’s ‘full support’ for US-led Syrian strike
  2. Netanyahu Silences Gun Grabbers with Perfect Definition of ‘Independence’
  3. Netanyahu: World Leaders Seek Israel’s ‘Ingenuity and Genius’
  4. Netanyahu Says 6 More Countries Considering Embassy Move to Jerusalem
  5. Netanyahu Warns Iran: ‘IDF is Prepared, Israeli People Will Prevail’
  6. Iranian Drone Shot Down in February by Israeli Air Force Was Carrying Explosives for Direct Attack
  7. WATCH: Israel prepares for war on multiple fronts
  8. IDF: Downed Iranian drone was armed to attack Israel
  10. IDF destroys Gaza cross-border terror-tunnel
  11. Iron Dome voted greatest Israeli invention of all time
  12. Israel Versus Hamas: The Case For Moral Clarity
  13. The Secret History of Israel’s targeted assassinations
  14. On Its 70th Birthday, Israel Boasts Tenfold Population Growth Since 1948
  15. Israel’s Population Tops 8.8 Million On 70th Anniversary
  16. Israeli Civilian Who Shot Terrorist Receives Commendation
  17. Israel Successfully Reaching Arab World Through Social Media
  18. WATCH: An Animated Journey Through Israel’s History!
  19. IDF Source Credits Israel with Attack on Iranians in Syria
  20. Israel and Russia: Friends or Foes in Syria?
  21. Students Discover Ancient Menorah-adorned Lamp While Preparing Independence Day Surprise
  22. Israel Approves Measures Restricting Trade with North Korea
  23. Newly Minted Trump-Cyrus-Third Temple Coin Prophetic Confirmation During Israel’s 70th Anniversary
  24. What the media isn’t telling you about Gaza and its “peaceful” protesters
  25. Israeli Army Reveals Terror Tunnel-busting Technology
  26. WATCH: IDF destroys longest, deepest Gaza terror tunnel to date
  27. Israel’s Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers Unifies the Citizens of Israel
  28. WATCH: Israel Honors the Brave Women of the IDF
  29. Is Iran imminently planning to attack Israel from Syria?
  30. Israeli radiation vest to be used on NASA’s moon mission
  31. WATCH: How Israel won military and diplomatic victories in 1948
  32. Israeli lawmakers battle over ties with Nazi-linked Austrian party
  33. IDF sanctions Gaza bus companies for aiding Hamas
  34. Israeli Strike on Syrian Base Will Save US & Muslim Lives
  35. The State of Israel Celebrates its 70th Birthday!
  36. 40 UN Ambassadors in Israel for 70th Anniversary Celebrations
  37. IDF Fires at Terrorists Operating on Gaza Border Fence
  38. Israel Air Force Opts Out of US Drill as Iranian Threat Looms
  39. IDF: Iran assembling Air Forces in Syria for Retaliatory Attack on Israel
  40. WTF? Israeli defense minister claims right of ‘total freedom of action’ in **Syrian** airspace
  41. 70 Years – 70 Nations!  How 70 Nations Proudly Stand United with Israel!
  42. A Celebration of Jewish Survival and Strength: Never Again will Jews be Defenseless!
  43. WATCH: America Tells Its Best Friend… Happy 70th Birthday Israel!
  44. HEARTBREAKING: Hear Terror Victims’ Families Share Their Pain on Memorial Day
  45. How Secure is Israel at 70?
  46. Bomb Discovered at Security Checkpoint; Major Terror Attack Thwarted
  47. Why the Israeli/Palestinian conflict will never be solved by negotiations
  48. Major Israeli Independence Day Jihad Bombing Attempt Foiled
  49. Greater Israel
  50. WATCH: The Jewish People Return to the Temple Mount
  51. WATCH: How Can Such a Tiny Country Break So Many Records?
  52. AP’s 3-Way Independence Day Botch: Get Your Facts Right About Israel!
  53. WATCH: Israeli Betsy Ross Raised the Flag in Besieged 1948 Jerusalem


  1. Islamic Jihad in Gaza Accidentally Blows Up Four of Their Own
  2. WATCH: How Palestinian Terror Causes Psychological Damage to Society
  3. Jordan Quashes Pro-Palestinian Demonstration in Capital
  4. Gaza Rioters Try to Firebomb Israel with Kites
  5. It’s Checkmate in the Mideast
  6. The Secret World Of The Palestinian Authority
  7. Hezbollah threatens Israel: Killing Iranians ‘will be met with response’
  8. WATCH: Hamas holds Gazans hostage, uses them as human shields
  9. Stuck in Strategic Stalemate, Hamas Uses Gaza Border Protests to Pressure Israel
  10. 4 Palestinian Terrorists Killed in Gaza ‘work Accident’
  11. TRUMP IN CHAINS Chilling ISIS propaganda poster shows Donald Trump as prisoner in organge jumpsuit as terrorists threaten West with drive-by shootings
  12. Mahmoud Abbas Welcomes Released Terrorist Home With Big Warm Embrace
  13. Open Letter to the Muslim World: End Your War with Israel
  14. Truth Finishes Last at Hamas ‘Press Office’


  1. Belgium: WATCH: Attacker Screams ‘Jew,’ Whips Israeli in Vicious Berlin Attack
  2. England: British Hospital Set on Killing Young Boy Blocks Father from Removing Him
  3. England: Machete Attack Every 90 Minutes in ‘Gun-Free’ Britain
  4. England: Muslim rapist who groomed and abducted 12-year-old girl to be repeatedly gang-raped by ‘pack of ravenous wolves’ is jailed for 23 years
  5. England: British tourists on “Red Alert” to flee Cyprus amid escalating war
  6. Europe: Humans will be genetically modified for the first time in Europe as scientists get the go-ahead to use DNA-splicing therapy to treat blood disorder
  7. Europe: NATO Chief: US, Allies’ Strikes on Syria Were ‘Signal’ for Syria, Russia, Iran
  8. France: France riots: Muslims attack police, torch cars for two nights after Muslima arrested for refusing to identify herself or lift her face veil
  9. France: Russian Roulette of the West
  10. France: “Children should not be ‘products’ for the satisfaction of individuals”, French evangelicals say
  11. France: Muslims erupt in “extremely violent” riots after woman is ordered to remove her niqab
  12. France: Macron: “Migratory phenomenon” is “historic,” Africans will be flooding into Europe “for many years to come”
  13. France: French President Macron Says That “Migration” Is Unstoppable And That He Can’t Wait To See 200 MILLION People From Africa Brought Into Europe In 30 Years
  14. France: Major Conservative Website Reports That France Needs To Support Le Pen To Save The Homosexuals From Muslims And ‘Migrants’
  15. France: Hugh Fitzgerald: The “Marche Blanche” For Mireille Knoll, Jean-Luc Melenchon, and Marine Le Pen
  17. Germany: “Asylum Seeker” Grabs Boy, Jumps in Front of Train in Germany
  18. Germany: German Paper Accuses Jews of ‘Settling Arab Land’ in Israel
  19. Germany: 745 known jihadis now in Germany, since 2017 regional governments have deported only 10
  20. Germany: Video from Germany: Muslim beats Jewish men with belt
  21. Germany: Infamous European Homosexual Who LARPS As A Woman Says He Is Proud To Be Infected With A Deadly Incurable Illness He Contracted From Sodomy
  22. Germany: Berlin: Man attacked by Muslims for wearing kippah isn’t Jewish, wanted to “see whether it was safe” to wear one
  23. Germany: Muslim migrant children beat vegetarian fourth-grader over false claim he ate pork, victim is hospitalized
  24. Germany: Germany’s EU minister: “Do not slam the door shut” to Turkey joining the European Union
  25. Germany: Children in mosque play Turkish soldiers and corpses draped in Turkish flags
  26. Germany: WATCH VIDEO: Muslims in Berlin attack two men wearing kippot, whip one with belt
  27. Germany: Berlin Anti-Semitic Attacker Identified as Palestinian-Syrian, Turns Self in
  28. Germany: ‘Really safe’ Germany becoming more dangerous place
  29. Greece: Greece opens the doors for more migrants to enter Europe: Court rules asylum seekers cannot be forced to stay in the country while being processed
  31. Hungary: No matter how hard George Soros & Brussels try, no illegal migrants will be admitted to Hungary – FM
  32. Netherlands: Study: Almost 90% of Refugees Still Not Working After 2-1/2 Years in The Netherlands
  33. Poland: Poland’s Plight
  34. Romania: Romania to relocate embassy to Jerusalem
  35. Russia: Russia claims Syria air defences shot down 71 of 103 missiles
  36. Russia: Putin calls Syria air strikes ‘act of aggression’ as Russia warns of ‘consequences’ over bombing raids
  37. Russia: Russia threatens response to Syria bombings as researchers release computer model showing 280,000 would die from a nuclear strike on DC
  38. Russia: Russia Prepares For Strikes On Saudi Arabia After Chemical Weapon Attack Fears In Yemen Grow, Orders Heavy Bombers To Stay In Iran
  39. Russia: Western Powers Won’t Join Russia To Strike Saudi Arabia For Using Chemical Weapons, But Send Massive Fleet After US Troops Seize Syrian Oil Fields
  40. Russia: RUMORS OF WAR: Russia and Iran prepare multi-level response for US-led precision strike on Syria
  41. Russia: DEVELOPING: Russian warships laden with tanks, military trucks sail towards Middle East…
  42. Russia: Putin warns that global ‘chaos’ will happen if West strikes again…
  43. Russia: REPORT: Putin Ready To Make “Deep Concessions”, Kremlin Orders Ease Of Anti-U.S. Rhetoric
  44. Russia: Vlad Unveils the Death Star
  45. Russia: While Righteous Muslims Seek Out Catholic Priests And Exorcists For Help Fighting Evil, Cannibalism, and Human Sacrifice, Major Conservative Media Supports The LGBT Fleeing To The West From Exorcists In Russia
  46. Russia: Putin Warns Russian Students Living In Britain: “Come Home Immediately”
  48. Sweden: As Sweden collapses into chaos, its government launches an “image of Sweden” campaign
  49. Sweden: Sweden’s violent reality is undoing a peaceful self-image
  50. UK: Concerned About ‘Giving Oxygen to Racists,’ MPs ‘Ignored Our Cries for Help’: Muslim Rape Gang Victim
  51. UK: DEVELOPING: Russian cyber attacks coming for phone, computer and internet
  52. UK: UK police employee tells woman threatened for criticizing Islam: “I wouldn’t put the messages out that you’ve put”
  53. UK: Muslim drives over pedestrian’s head, “This offence involved the deliberate use of a car as a weapon”


  1. Bangladesh: Muslim International Red Cross employee arrested for jihad terror plotting
  2. China: China readying Social Credit System where citizens receive scores based on their online obedience to the state
  3. China: China Issues Decree that Demands All Christians Register With the Government in the Henan Province
  4. China: China Air Force Again Circles Taiwan in ‘Sacred Mission’
  5. China: China Touts New ‘Brigade’ of ‘Guam Killer’ Missiles
  6. China: Homosexual terrorists pressure Chinese social media platform to allow homosexual propaganda and pornography
  7. India: MONSTER DAD Indian dad ‘gives his daughter to friends as a ‘gift’ and joins them in gang-raping her in horror 18-hour attack’
  8. Indonesia: Remarkable evolution of ‘Indonesian fish people’ revealed: Bajau tribe have spleens 50% larger than normal allowing them to hold their breath for 13 minutes when diving
  9. Iran: For the Second Time in a Week, Iranian Official Threatens to Destroy Tel Aviv, Haifa
  10. Iran: Report: ‘Large-Scale Explosion’ At Iranian Weapons Depot Hours After Trump Strike
  11. Iran: PROPHECY WATCH: Senior Iranian commander sets date for Israel’s destruction
  12. Iran: Iran Warns The United States With a Huge Show of Military Force – Is Trump Getting The Message?
  13. Iran: VIDEO: Screaming woman ‘is viciously beaten by Muslimas in Iran because her head scarf is deemed an “insufficient” hijab’ under Islamic law
  16. Japan: DAYS OF NOAH: Japan to lift ban on growing human organs in animals…
  17. North Korea: North Korea joins forces with Syria to defend ‘just cause’
  18. North Korea: North Korea drops withdrawal of US forces as condition of denuclearization
  19. North Korea: North Korea Softens, Willing To Consider “Complete Denuclearization”
  20. North Korea: North Korea Drops Key Demand for US Troop Withdrawl
  21. North Korea: North Korea To Dismantle Nuke Test Site, Kim To Seek Peace & Socialist Economy
  22. Pakistan: Muslims open fire on Christians leaving Sunday worship, two dead, five injured
  23. Pakistan: Pakistani Homosexual Sentenced To Death For Raping And Murdering 11-Year-Old Boy
  24. South Korea: Kim Jong Un Regime Expresses Complete Denuclearization of Korean Peninsula
  25. Syria: DEVELOPING: Explosions At Iranian Base Near Aleppo
  26. Syria: Report: 4 more Syrian bases bombed; Iranian soldiers killed
  27. Syria: WAR DRUMS: 4000 US Troops Launch Massive Military Drill On Edge Of Syria
  28. Syria: DEVELOPING: Missile strikes reported near Homs in Syria
  29. Syria: Chemical arms inspectors enter Syrian town
  30. Syria: After barring chemical inspectors, Syria finally grants access to attack site
  31. Syria: Report: Airstrikes Continue to Rain Down in Syria… Air Defense Deployed
  32. Syria: BREAKING: Syrian air defense fires missiles at suspected Israel warplanes
  33. Syria: Syrian Kurds Capture Islamist Who Helped Plan 9-11 Attacks
  34. Syria: UN Team Fired on at Suspected Syria Chemical Attack Site
  35. Syria: Israel Continues to Block and Sabotage Peaceful settlement in Syria
  36. Syria: Syrian Army Advances Towards Qalamoun
  37. Syria: Source Warns about Another One Possible Chemical Provocations in Syria
  38. Syria: ISIS Attacks Syrian Army Southeast Of Palmyra
  39. Syria: Eastern Qalamun Militants Surrender Their Areas To Syrian Army, Prepare To Withdraw To Northern Syria
  40. Syria: Syrian Army Attacks ISIS In Southern Damascus As Negotiations Collapse (Video)
  41. Syria: Containers With Chlorine From Germany, Smoke Bombs From UK Found In Eastern Ghouta: Russia
  42. Syria: Syrian Army Besieges Key Town In Eastern Qalamun. Militants In Region Are About To Surrender
  43. Syria: Tensions Grow In Southern Syria As Militants Preparing To Capture Daraa – Reports
  44. Syria: Some Facts Exposed on British Role in Syria Disinformation Campaign and Orchestrated Attacks
  45. Syria: Uncanny Timing: Thousands Of U.S. Troops Are Amassing On The Syrian Border For A ‘Drill’
  46. Turkey: Erdogan lashes out at the West for stoking anti-Islam sentiment in its bid “to impose its own ideology and lifestyle”


  1. Ghana: Major Christian Leader In Ghana Declares ‘Homosexuality Is A Satanic Act, Only Demons Engage In It, And We Will Not Allow Foreigners To Force Us To Accommodate It’
  2. Mali: Jihadis stage “unprecedented” “major, complex attack” on UN military camp in Mali, “particularly sophisticated and underhanded”
  3. South Africa: A White Farmer Is Murdered By Blacks Every 5 Days in South Africa, and Not One Thing Is Done About It


  1. Australia: Muslim cleric loses court battle over marrying off 14-year-old girl
  2. Australia: Australia’s mysterious flesh-eating ulcer ‘epidemic’ is a mystery and experts don’t know how to stop it and is spreading at unprecedented levels
  3. Australia: The new weapon of terror? A massive wildfire in Australia which has hit parts of Sydney started deliberately according to authorities
  4. Australia: Sleeping man feels “sharp pain in his neck,” wakes to see knife-wielding Muslima screaming “Allahu akbar”
  5. Australia: ‘Super gonorrhoea’ spreading fast…
  6. Australia: DEVELOPING: Mysterious flesh-eating bug spreading at unprecedented levels in Victoria, Australia
  7. Australia: Muslim husband tells wife “I’m allowed to marry four women. You have to change your Western mentality.”


  1. Canada: Canada’s Liberal party considers decriminalization of all illicit drugs
  2. Canada: Muslim MP defends her association with antisemitic, jihad-linked Palestine House
  3. Canada: Toronto: Muslim charged with throwing rocks at two women, kicking several others
  4. Canada: “Random and unprovoked” attacks: Muslim in Toronto charged with throwing rocks at two women and kicking several more in the head, chest and back
  5. Cuba: Associated Press Reports Cuba Has ‘Elected’ New President
  6. Cuba: Diaz-Canel replaces Raul Castro as Cuba’s president
  7. Cuba: A Castro in All But Name?
  8. Honduras: Honduran Lawmakers Vote to Move Embassy to Jerusalem
  9. Mexico: Mexico Agrees To Pay For Wall – in Exchange For Closing NAFTA Loophole
  10. Mexico: Remnants of migrant caravan resume trek to U.S. border
  11. Peru: Summit of the Americas Inks “Commitment” to Globalism, UN Agenda
  12. Puerto Rico: Most of Puerto Rico Still in Island-Wide Power Outage


World Financial News Banner


  1. You’ll Be Shocked to See the Deductions You’ve Lost Under the New Tax Bill
  2. Food Stamp Usage Drops over Half-Million in a Single Month
  3. Trump tax cuts are boosting economic growth and are mostly paying for themselves
  4. Heritage: End ‘autopilot’ spending or crash
  5. EXCELLENT NEWS! US Freight Expenditures Surge 15.6% from Year Ago – Economy Steaming ahead!!!!
  6. US, Japan plan new talks on ‘fair, reciprocal’ trade deal
  7. Oil soars 2.9% to 3-year high, settling at $68.47, as US crude stockpiles drop
  8. Oil Is Breaking Out, So Are Inflation Expectations
  9. Pier 1 Imports’ Stock Plummets After Disappointing Earnings Report
  10. Analysts worry Apple iPhone sales are even worse than they thought
  11. Amazon, Best Buy Team Up to Sell Smart TVs
  12. Millennials Pile Up Debt to Keep Up With Their Friends, Survey Finds
  13. Student Debt SKYROCKETS Causing Many MILLENNIALS To Consider Dropping Out!
  14. 42% of Americans a Risk of Retiring Broke
  15. It’s Clear ‘White Flight’ to Suburbs Isn’t Reason Cities Struggle
  16. Trans-Pacific Partnership to Facilitate U.S.-China Merger
  17. Trade Expert to Trump: Use Bully Pulpit, Make the Case for Tariffs, Tough China Policy
  18. Tax Foundation: Average American Works 109 Days to Pay All of His Taxes
  19. U.S. & World Early Warning report by Richard J. Maybury (NOTE: This is a downloadable PDF file.)
  20. Fake it till you make it: meet the wolves of Instagram
  21. Credit Card debt of Americans has hit a fresh high, US Consumer is feeling the pain of a declining dollar, 75% of the ultra-rich forecast a US recession in the next two years
  22. US debt load ballooning, set to outpace some African countries in 5yrs – IMF
  24. This $233 Trillion Bomb Is Set to Blow
  25. The cost of being an alpha male: Study reveals testosterone-fueled hedge fund managers like those in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ are more likely to LOSE money, commit fraud, and get fired
  26. 20-Something Slowly Climbing Out Of Debt…
  27. Laurence Kotlikoff – Retirement Crisis Around the Corner
  28. The US Is Being Prepared For An Economic Collapse Transition
  29. The Moment When Stocks Figure Out That Soaring Yields Are Not Good
  30. Stock-market investors brace for months of uncertainty as midterms approach
  31. What the rise of dementia may mean for your financial future
  32. How geopolitics have helped drive this haven currency to a 3-year low
  33. Stock market fall as energy, Apple offset GE rally; indexes set for weekly gains
  34. Dow falls 200 points; Apple weighs on tech sector
  35. Guess which of these S&P 500 valuation measures is telling the truth
  36. From solar panels to sheep, winemakers take eco-friendly steps to grow their businesses
  37. The U.S. ranks near the bottom on this sustainability scorecard
  38. REI rolls out first-of-its-kind sustainability requirement that will affect every brand in its stores
  39. How to teach your children to be investors rather than spenders
  40. Here’s what investors will learn about their brokers, if the SEC gets its way
  41. The secret to being a better investor: Understand how your brain works
  42. How the ‘#’ symbol has the power to upend your investments and your job
  43. Qualcomm laying off 4.4% of its workforce to cut costs
  44. Watch out as even Fed doves fret about markets living in La-La Land
  45. Inflation expectations reach the highest in more than three years
  46. Rising interest rates don’t scare these bond pros
  47. What Do They Know? Investors Dump High Yield Bond Funds Most Since Election
  48. A Little-Known Indicator Sees VIX Soaring To 40
  49. Fed must be alert to imbalances given unusual timing of fiscal stimulus, Brainard says
  50. Why do underwater homeowners keep paying the mortgage?
  51. Mortgage rates roar to a fresh 2018 high
  52. Fund Manager: Subprime Mortgages Have Come Roaring Back
  53. Fed’s Quarles: 30-year fixed-rate mortgage ‘probably’ doesn’t need government backstop
  54. How fintech lenders give mortgage borrowers an edge
  55. Stocks end lower but eke out weekly gains
  56. Worldwide Debt Default This Fall | Michael Pento
  57. “Greatest Set-Up I’ve Seen In Over 40 Years” (And It’s Got Something To Do With Gold & Silver)
  58. Harvey Organ: Silver Wasn’t Just THE BIG WINNER But The Bankers Are CAPITULATING
  59. Global Silver Scrap Supply Falls To 26-Year Low
  60. Marshall Swing Issues An Alert: The Commercials ARE BUSTING UP The Managed Money Shorts
  61. Eric Sprott: “I Can See There’s A Bit Of A Tightness Showing Up In All Of The Metals”
  62. Price Inflation: More Bad News For Anybody Who Has To Live Somewhere Or Drive Somewhere
  63. Death Of Brick-N-Mortar Real Estate Quickens: 2018 Has Already Nearly Passed 2017’s Record Year
  64. Contrarian Indicator Tripped: Prepare For A Possible Brief Silver Price Drop To A 16-Handle
  65. If This Spike In Silver Is For Real Then It Could Create A Rally With A Positive Feedback Loop
  66. Mark Cuban’s Anti-Gold Comments Just Make Me Want To Buy Gold Even More
  67. Big Profit Potential: Gold Is In A Unique Position Just Like It Was In 2007
  68. Just A Superficial Look At The Bullion Banks And Their Trading Should Give Regulators Pause For Thought
  69. Mining CEO: Gold Miners DO NOT HAVE The Capability Of Keeping Up With Demand
  70. Jim Rickards: Bitcoin Is Falling Under $2,000 And Then Bitcoin Is Headed To The Scrap Heap
  71. This is why bitcoin works
  72. Cryptos Continue To Surge As Tax-Day Passes
  73. Harvey Organ: Silver Wasn’t Just THE BIG WINNER But The Bankers Are CAPITULATING
  74. A tale of two metals: Trading gold and silver today
  75. It’s like buying Amazon at $6… over and over again
  76. Porter Stansberry: Horse, meet water
  77. Porter Stansberry’s favorite precious metals company
  78. Wells Fargo pays record $1 billion fine
  79. The next financial crisis will begin in this market
  80. Audio: Inflation Tax Bill Exposes Government’s Perverse Incentives
  81. Inflation Is The Caboose Of The Economy
  82. Syrian Conflict Is A Distraction From A Secret War
  83. How Wall Street Banks “Masked” A Record $350 Billion In Subprime Exposure
  84. The Pain Continues: Here Are The Best And Worst Performering Hedge Funds Of 2018
  85. 2018’s “Most Successful Trading Strategy” Says ‘Sell’
  86. Who Will Bail America Out Then?
  87. Stocks, Bond Yields Stumble On Trump Lawsuit, Draghi Disappointment
  88. Bank of America: “The Last Time We Saw This In The Market Was 2007”
  89. Draghi Admits “Growth May Have Peaked”; ECB To Delay QE Unwind
  90. A Crisis At The Heart Of U.S. Shale
  91. The Fed Has Forgotten The Lessons Of 2008
  92. Tech Stocks Tumble As Dollar, Bond Yields Spike To March Rate-Hike Highs
  93. The War Between Public Pensioners And Tax Donkeys Is Heating Up


  1. Canadians Are Going Broke! – Interest Rates Are Going Up


  1. Venezuelan: What Hyperinflation in Venezuela Really Looks Like


  1. Analysis: Iran’s Plummeting Currency Reflects Country’s Economic, Military Concerns
  2. More Signs Of The Inevitable Economic Collapse: Japan & Russia Are Dumping U.S. Treasuries
  3. Can We Blame Japan For The Liquidations (and HKD)? Right Now It Sure Seems That Way
  4. China’s “Nuclear Option” In The Trade War
  5. Turkey Will Repatriate All Gold From The US In Attempt To Ditch The Dollar


  1. Covanta’s green tech is a hit in Europe — is the U.S. next?
  2. Russia Is Ready To Be Cut Off From SWIFT (The International Payment System)
  3. Can’t Misconstrue Blankfein’s Words: “Central Banks Around The World Are Buying All The Risky Assets”
  4. IMF warns of mounting global debt: ‘United States stands out’


Earth News Banner

  1. Experts stumped! New Brunswick shaken by 14 earthquakes in 17 days in same area where a rare toxic bloom wiped out the shellfish industry last year
  2. A powerful spring storm is pummeling the U.S.Midwest and Plains as summer is put on hold with a late season storm causing chaos
  3. Earth Has Near Miss With Asteroid Spotted Just Hours Earlier
  4. Floods and lightning have killed nearly 50 with 160 injured 600 animals killed and thousands of homes destroyed in Rwanda since March
  5. Is a massive tremor on the way? Ring of Fire activity returns as a series of earthquakes shake California and Alaska
  6. Deadly Oklahoma wildfire has now consumed over 246,000 acres
  7. Dozens of earthquakes strike village in New Brunswick, Canada leaving residents baffled
  8. SIGNS IN THE SUN …Strange objects with unusual shapes orbiting around the sun
  9. DEVELOPING: Multiple earthquakes have been felt beneath volcanoes across the world
  10. Mysterious Gatherings of Nearly 1,400 Sharks Spotted Off Northeast Coast
  11. Nebraska struck with 6 rare earthquakes in less than a week
  12. Meteorite Diamonds Tell Of A Lost Planet
  13. Origin of Phobos And Deimos By Impact Of A Vesta-To-Ceres Sized Body With Mars
  14. Pruitt revises CAFE standards to meet real life, not Obama’s fantasy land
  15. Environmental radicals go all out against Scott Pruitt
  16. EPA Chief Scott Pruitt gets results — that’s why he’s a target of the left
  17. If environmental radicals are in full panic mode over Scott Pruitt at EPA, that means he is doing a good job
  18. Drought Returns to Huge Swaths of USA, Fueling Fears of Thirsty Future
  19. Mount Io (Iwo-yama volcano) erupts for the first time since 1768, Japan
  20. 14 killed after severe floods hit Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  21. Record-shattering rains trigger destructive floods in Hawaii, 699 mm (27 inches) in 24 hours
  22. Kilauea volcano: Magma system becomes increasingly pressurized, Hawaii
  23. Earthquake Hits Detroit, MI; shakes into Ohio and Canada!


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Ancient King Who Built A Mysterious Underground City Illuminated By Artificial Lights As Hiding Place
  2. God Ptah ‘Lord Of Memphis’ Was Among The Most Revered Creator Gods Of Ancient Egypt
  3. *COLOSSAL statue of Ramses II, was ALIVE *reloaded “(Tanis, Egypt) (Video: 13:38 minutes long.)
  4. Aurelian Walls Built By Emperor Aurelian Who Tried To Lead Roman Empire Out Of The Crisis
  5. Pharaoh Merneptah – His Giant Sarcophagus And Unique Victory Stele
  6. Why Should There Be An Iron Throne Inside The Cheops’ Pyramid?
  7. Mysterious Ancient Lost Civilization Of North America Had Interest In One Particular Constellation
  8. Was There a Civilization On Earth Before Humans?
  9. Mystery of Tutankhamun’s ‘missing’ wife could soon be solved in new dig
  10. Unexplained Phenomenon In Ancient Ireland – When Legends, Science And Real Events Collide
  11. Sator Square: Mysterious Ancient Magical Word Puzzle Remains Unsolved
  12. Rosicrucian Secret That Was Never Meant To Be Revealed
  13. Ancient Symbol Fleur-de-lis: It’s Meaning And History Explained
  14. Fascinating Legend Of The Seven Sleepers Of Ephesus


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Ten Tribes Studies (15 April, 2018, 30 Nisan, 5778)
  2. Ten Tribes Studies (17 April, 2018, 7 Iyar, 5778)
  3. Europeans Are The “Lost” Tribes Of Israel – A Rare Documentary (Video: 44:29 minutes long.)
  4. Dan the Redeemer (Video: 19:29 minutes long.)
  5. Israelite Tribal Symbols Part 1 (Video: 6:31 minutes long.)
  6. Israelite Tribal Symbols Pt 2 Judah, Levi, Simeon, Reuben (Video: 3:55 minutes long.)


Dolmen Secrets

Dolmen Secrets in the Bible Demystified:
Travel back in time to understand the future!

Dolmens, Menhirs, Cromlechs, Cairns, and Tumuli vividly revealed from the pages of the Bible! Astounding messages and secrets encoded in the megaliths and their alignment with God’s stars, now being revealed!

Dolmens and megalithic monuments originated in ancient Israel. The prophet Jeremiah distinctly says that the Ten Tribes will construct a mysterious trail marker-way of megalithic monuments from Israel to their places of exile, and evidence of this path will enable them to return in the future. Such a trail exists all the way from Israel via Arsareth to areas such as Scotland and further! 

The traceable paths of dolmens and megalithic stone markers from the Middle East to the Western Nations, as instructed by the God of Israel, are yet another unmovable fact of the veracity of the Bible.

The dolmens on their migration paths are laid out according to the Mazarroth in the Bible. God, now in the last days, want to reveal to us the hidden codes for a specific reason.

The book discusses the following topics:

•Formation of the Nations. 
•Meshech Revealed.
•Tubal Revealed.
•Togarmah Revealed.
•The Greater Scythians Kinsmen.
•Truth and History.
•Biblical Evidence: The Coding of the Stone Markers.
•Etymologies and Definitions.
•Five Types of Stone Markers.
•Four Types of Dolmens.
•Why Do Modern People Erect Grave Stones? Where Did It Originate From?
•Biblical Evidence of Stones Throughout the Scripture.
•Rabbis’ Interpretation.
•Stone Markers: From King Solomon to Christianity.
•Megalithic Monuments Indicate the Migratory Paths.
•Israel: Point of Departure, then the Migratory Route via Assyria (Syria), Persia (Iraq/Iran), Turkey, Armenia, Georgia: Arsareth, Russia, Ukraine, (Crimea), Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, England, Ireland, and Scotland.
•Resemblance: Jewish Tombs of Today and The Ancient Dolmens.

You are about to embark on a journey back in time to understand the prophetic future… 

(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


Genealogy News Banner

  1. MyHeritage Announces a DNA Day Sale through April 25 (NOTE: This is a time sensitive offer.)
  2. The MyHeritage DNA Quest Pro Bono Project helping Adoptees is now Global
  3. Libraries and Archives Canada Introduces Co-Lab, a Tool to Collaborate on Historical Records
  4. A Professional Research Service at an Affordable Price
  5. Never Throw Away Records of People!
  6. Who Owns a Cemetery?
  8. The Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode #216 with Lisa Louise Cooke
  10. Scots-Irish Immigration
  11. TLC’s “Long Lost Family” Reunites Separated Families
  12. 10 Weird Taxes Our Ancestors Paid
  13. A Mystery in a Framed Wedding Certificate
  14. How to Communicate with Your DNA Matches the Proper Way
  15. Genealogy Gold (#173) Using Local Historical and Genealogical Societies to Further Your Genealogy Research
  16. How to Do More Effective Old Newspaper Searches


Health News Banner


  1. Chemtrails the truth! Chemtrails cause heart and lung disease in humans and animals and are destroying plant life and eco systems
  2. Millions Will Soon Die From These Infections, Unless We Stop This Nonsense
  3. BPA, found in plastic water bottles, linked to abnormal brain development in fetuses … Mothers BEWARE
  4. First-ever birth study finds 93% of pregnant women have detectable levels of herbicide in their bodies
  5. Scientists warn that many pharma drugs DESTROY our gut microbiome, causing us to be more vulnerable to disease
  6. Study: Cholesterol-Lowering Statin Drugs Increase Risk of ALS Lou Gehrig’s Disease
  7. Two sodas a day DOUBLE the risk of heart disease, study warns
  8. E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Romaine Lettuce
  9. Iron Supplements Grow Cancer Cells – Throw Them Away



  1. Don’t Drink the Bottled Waters That Contain Dangerous Microplastics
  2. Leaked Memo Reveals Military Anthrax Vaccine Responsible for Injuries – VA Claims “Fake News”
  3. The Painful Truth About Last Year’s Failed Flu Vaccine
  4. One-and-a-Half Cups a Day Keep the Doctor Away – And Your Neck Arteries Clean as a Whistle
  5. Sassafras Tea: Benefits and Side Effects
  6. Japanese study confirms vitamin D reduces cancer risk
  7. This Often-Vilified Food Substance Naturally Boosts Brain Energy
  8. More Trouble for Organic Products
  9. Pantothenic Acid: Benefits and Uses
  10. Infrared Light and Saunas: Healing Many Illnesses
  11. Heat And Cold Affect People With Certain Health Conditions – New Study
  12. How to Make Portable Soup
  13. How To Make Ash Cakes – The Ultimate Pioneer Food
  14. ‘Wedge’ aims to cut insurers from doctor and patient
  15. Coffee found to affect metabolism in dozens of ways, including impacting steroid pathways
  16. What’s All the Noise About Coffee?
  17. Study: 3 Cups of Coffee Per Day is Good for Your Heart
  18. No, Pasta Is Not an Effective Tool to Reduce Your Girth
  19. Molluscum Contagiosum: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention
  20. Food Independence: Learn how to build a simple, sustainable and humane system of raising meat chickens
  21. Yummier and juicier: Using natural fertilizers increases fruit yield and size
  22. When cows are raised naturally, cattle production becomes environmentally friendly and sustainable, producing a healthier product
  23. Avoid This Vitamin, Even if Your Doctor Endorses It
  24. Latest Brain Images From Sleep Study Stun Experts
  25. A nutritionist shares the best natural foods to eat for better sleep
  26. Why Seasonal Allergies Cause ‘Brain Fog’ – Here’s What the Science Says
  27. IWF: ObamaCare still unpopular, underachieving
  28. The FREE Online Keto Edge Summit: Leverage the Power of KETONES to Return to Health
  29. New laws would allow children to be artificially created from the genes of dead humans… “posthumous conception” creates living from the dead
  30. Neuroscientist shares easy, natural ways to prevent dementia
  31. Cancer is a lifestyle disease: 4 in 10 cancers can be entirely avoided
  32. 4 reasons people are flocking to fermented foods
  34. Dr. Matthew Sams Joins The SkyWatch Team TIMEBOMB INVESTIGATION (Video: 28:30 minutes long.)
  35. THE HAGMANN REPORT: Steve Quayle Discuss Joe Horn’s TIMEBOMB EXPOSE (Video: 1:20:32 minutes long.)
  36. Important First Step To Fighting Obesity At Cellular Level
  37. One of the Best Exercises for Women
  38. Sore Muscles? Why You Should Exercise Anyway
  39. Lipase: Benefits, Uses and Side Effects
  40. Japan to legalize “organ transplant farms” of animals to be raised and slaughtered for human transplant organs
  41. “Beet” it! A compound found in this superfood may help slow Alzheimer’s
  42. 48 million people in the U.S. get food poisoning each year; new report reveals the most common germs making us sick
  43. Heart study finds that omega-3 intake cuts your overall risk of death by a THIRD
  44. Reduced oxygen levels in ocean water impact marine species’ development, could threaten our food supply
  45. Here’s the Path Forward for Health Reform in 2018
  46. How Better Treatment of the Mentally Ill Could Reduce Mass Shootings
  47. Will Carentanil Cause the Next Opioid Epidemic in the US?
  48. Run-ins With Carfentanil: The Opioid 5,000x More Potent Than Heroin
  49. Arizona Reports First Carfentanil Overdose Death
  50. A 24-Fold Rise in Organ Transplants From Drug Overdose Donors
  51. Understanding Our 12 Strands of Holographic DNA
  52. The “Deadly Breast Cancer Gene” Is A Myth, Lancet Study Confirms
  53. How Your Cells Use Light to Communicate
  54. These Plants Are Oxygen Bombs & They Clean The Air In Your Home
  55. AHA: Hypertension Plus Prediabetes a Dangerous Duo for the Heart
  56. What’s the Best Way to Track Your Blood Pressure?
  57. As Younger Men’s Smoking Rises, So Does Their Stroke Risk
  58. The Connection Between Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer: Are You at Risk?
  59. 5 Things To Improve Your Health Immediately
  60. Research Confirms Probiotics Treat IBS
  61. ADHD Treated with Vitamins and Minerals
  62. Coconut Oil For Clogged Sinuses + 4 Other Remedies
  63. 4 Tropical Fruits And Drinks To Speed Up Your Metabolism
  64. Men: Prostate Cancer Is On The Rise. Here Are 7 Foods To Stop It
  65. Beware: These 6 Things Are Killing Your Taste Buds
  66. 5 Things Your Sweat Says About Your Health
  67. 6 Reasons To Stop Eating White Flour (Try These 7 Paleo Flours Instead)
  68. 6 Foods To Always Eat Raw Instead Of Cooked
  69. 4 Types Of Headaches (And How To Naturally Beat Each One)
  70. Less Pain + 4 More Health Benefits Of ‘Grounding’
  71. Huge Drug (Pharma) Money Changes Hands In High-Level Financial Deals—Why?
  72. How To Make A Medicinal Mushroom Extract
  73. Could Goldman Sachs Report Be Exposing Pharma’s Real End Game?
  74. Goldman Sachs Analyst: Curing Patients Not A Sustainable Medical Business Model
  75. Does Sugar Make You Sad? New Science Suggests So
  76. Sugar In The Diet May Increase Risks Of Opioid Addiction
  77. HIDDEN SUGAR DANGER: Breakfast blueberry muffins contain as much sugar as a can of Coke
  78. Spring Cleaning The Liver
  79. Gilbert’s Syndrome + 10 Natural Ways to Boost Liver Health
  80. Environmentalists And Farmers Seek Court Decision Halting Use Of Dow’s ‘Agent Orange’ Pesticide
  81. Pesticides Are Making Children Aggressive
  82. Privilege of Knowledge and the Duty to Act on Pesticides
  83. Dirty Dozen List: Are You Eating the Most Pesticide-Laden Produce?
  84. Gene Therapy And The Trans-Human Agenda — Cure Disease Or Alter Humans?
  85. Light At Night Can Disrupt Circadian Rhythms In Children – Are There Long-Term Risks?
  86. Future Dental Product May Cure Cavities
  87. What does your dental health say about your risk for diabetes?
  88. Digital Addiction Increases Loneliness, Anxiety And Depression
  89. Children Prefer To Read Books On Paper Rather Than Screens
  90. Can the Ketogenic Diet Treat Depression and Anxiety, Even Schizophrenia?
  91. What Are Fructans? Signs of Fructan Intolerance & How to Overcome It
  92. Vitamin C Benefits the Immune System — and So Much More
  93. Is Pasta Healthy? The Answer May Surprise You
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Matthew 15:33 “Then His disciples said to Him, ‘Where could we get enough bread in the wilderness to fill such a great multitude?’ (New King James Version)

The skepticism of the disciples is quite shameful. A short time earlier, they had witnessed Christ miraculously feed the 5,000. They had seen His power multiply a few loaves and fish to fill the hungry crowd. Yet, confronted with an identical problem, they throw up their hands and say that it cannot be done.

Is that not what all of us do when faced with a new but similar trial? Each new difficulty appears as one from which there is no rescue. Why do we become so perplexed and discouraged? We know God heals and intervenes on behalf of believers. Like the Israelites in the wilderness, we seem to forget previous deliverances. What short memories we have! The person with true faith develops confidence from God’s former interventions of faithfulness and love.

There is no excuse for such skepticism. All of us have expressed similar skepticism in our failures in trusting God. The biblical words for doubt suggest being “suspended,” “driven by gusts,” or “fluctuating in mid-air.” Doubt does not necessarily indicate a lack of faith, but rather a state of qualified faith—weakness but not its total absence. Hebrews 11:6 asserts, “Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” Like us, Christ’s disciples obviously pleased God often, yet they sometimes displayed weak faith.

Martin G. Collins

To learn more, see:  The Miracles of Jesus Christ: Feeding the Four Thousand


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Names Mean Things—YHVH -Part 1 by  Brad Scott

Once again I find myself compelled to address a subject that I would just as soon stay away from. I know, I ended a sentence with a preposition. But then, I just ended another sentence with a ‘preposition’. One of the great divisive issues in the ‘Hebrew roots movement’ is the question of how to address our Creator, and how do we articulate His name. I do not mean to trivialize the issue, for to many it is a most serious matter and to some it is indeed a salvational issue. I would like to address the subject focusing on the meaning of words. Names do mean things, and the words attached to or standing next to those names mean things as well. As we address this subject I wish to remain grounded in one of my favorite scriptures in Mishlei (Proverbs) 11:1:

A false balance is an abomination to YHVH: but a just weight is His delight.

Did you notice that I changed LORD to YHVH? Why? Because that is His name. But what does that mean? There are a lot of names and words that are revealed about the Creator but let us be honest. The name that creates the controversy is what we affectionately call the tetragrammaton. First of all, what does ‘tetragrammaton’ mean? Well it comes from two Greek words, tetra meaning ‘four’, and gramma meaning letters. So it means four letters. This word is not in the scriptures, it is just our quaint little way of referring to this revelation of ’Elohiym that most people either insist you say the correct way, or insist that you do not attempt any pronunciation at all. Either way, according to these two scales, you are doomed. But our attempt is to present a just weight. For you see, many times we find ourselves standing between the two extremes. Between those who present a scenario that condemns those who do not pronounce His name a certain way and those who treat it in a a very cavalier way, to those who are absolutely convinced that the writers of scripture called the Creator LORD and the Messiah, Jesus. Here is but one example I pulled off a web site called ‘The Church in the Wilderness’.

If we believe the King James Bible, the name of God the Son, the second person of the Godhead, is no mystery: “His name was called JESUS, which was so named of the angel before he was conceived in the womb” (Luke 2:21). To Joseph, the angel spoke: “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins” (Matt. 1:21). “Sacred name” groups and churches challenge the validity of the name of Jesus. They reject God’s pure revelation in the King James Bible in their preference usually for a Hebrew name, such as “Yashua,” or “Yeshua,” which they have found in a Hebrew Lexicon. They search outside the English language and revelation of the King James Bible for a name fit for the Savior. But the Word of God reproves these “sacred name” groups who depend on Lexicons and extra Biblical information to spell and pronounce the name of God the Son. Clearly, His name is Jesus.

As you can see, we are faced with a plethora of opinions that run the gamut from very scholarly detailed approaches to the inept organization that penned this last quote. Let me be frank with you. This teaching will obviously be my opinion on this issue based upon my understanding of the source tongue of all languages, what we today call Hebrew. From the onset, I will not attempt to convince you how Moses would have articulated this Name of the God of Israel. Until someone produces a tape recording of Moses or even Aaron for that matter, we will not actually KNOW how to accurately pronounce His name. Let’s start with this reality. Historically, there have been, and still are, many different dialects of Hebrew. The individual letters have remained consistent in their meanings, but the shapes and sizes have varied greatly throughout the generations since the time of Mosheh.The way we articulate the consonants today, may be reasonably close to how they were pronounced four thousand years ago. Someone who has poured over half their life into this language could only truthfully use the word ‘reasonably’. In other words, those who are well educated in linguistics, the study of language, are reasonably certain that the 22 consonants of this mother tongue are pronounced the way they were articulated by Mosheh or the ancient fathers. Now the vowels are another whole story. Because the vowel sounds of virtually all languages are ‘breathed’ out without the tongue touching the palate, lips or teeth, the way they would have sounded long ago could be greatly varied. Today, most linguists attempt to recreate the sounds by the way the Hebrew letters were transliterated into other languages.

The main difference between translation and transliteration is the difference between a comparison of meaning to a comparison of sound. Generally speaking, most words going from one language to another are translated. Translation keeps the terminology familiar and more relative to the receiving language. Translation occurs when a word is chosen from the receiving language that most accurately represents the meaning of the word in the initial language. The key words here are ‘most accurately’. All linguists know that any time you translate a word from one language to another you lose some, to a lessor or greater degree, of the dynamics of the word. Generally, an aggressive word becomes less aggressive, a passionate word looses some of it’s passion, or a very happy word looses some of it’s steam. A very high word is lowered just a bit, and a low word gets raised up a little. This is what occurs in just translating from one language to another. You can imagine what happens when a word goes through several languages. Now these are the facts concerning the transfer of language. It is the nature of going from one language to another. It is not a world wide plot.

Another rule concerning language is that you do not translate proper nouns. I realize that perhaps some of us fell asleep in English class when this was being taught, or perhaps it was just too long ago to remember. Proper nouns are people, places and things that do not require a definite article in front of them. Words like, Robert, McDonalds, or Philadelphia. YHVH definitely falls into this category. See, I did not need a definite article! YHVH is a proper noun and should have been transliterated or transferred to a receiving language by sound and not by a comparable meaning. The King James translators had no business expressing these four letters as LORD in the text of the Tanakh (Old Testament). As opposed to Adonay or ‘elohiym, which we will discuss later, YHVH should have been written in Hebrew just the way the four consonants appear, or expressed through the closest sound alike letters of the receiving language. The reason why it was translated into the Greek word kurios, and the English word LORD, is because the King James translators (dedicated, scholarly men, but all pasty-faced white Europeans) were committed to maintain the Rabbinical edict not to write or pronounce the ineffable Name (YHVH). As a matter of fact the second rule governing the translators stated “The names of the Prophets, and the Holy Writers, with the other Names of the Text, to be retained, as nigh as may be, accordingly as they were vulgarly used.” Vulgarly used! Just a strange way of saying the way the general population used and defined words. I think that is another way of stating that Biblical names were understood and pronounced democratically. You know, the rule of the people.

So, the bottom line is that millions upon millions of ostensibly good, well motivated followers of Jesus Christ, the only name they knew, were calling out and worshipping a LORD that bears no linguistic connection to the Creator of the universe whatsoever. So did all the sincere ones, for we know there are always the ‘professors’, all die and go straight to hell? If I write or say the word Lord, am I calling on a pagan god? Is the Creator of the universe incessantly crouched at the bottom of a genie bottle perpetually crying out “you didn’t say Simon says!” Is this what YHVH means when He says “I am YHVH, that is my name, or do not even mention the names of other gods.” I pray that in the next few teachings on this subject that I can present a just weight to you. A balance that recognizes the power behind His name combined with some common sense and the phonological reality of how language works. Because the sad truth is that any one can put together a cerebral looking web site and proceed to string pearls in such a manner as to convince anyone of anything. Obviously I have chosen to begin this series of teaching by focusing on the tetragrammaton (remember, this is an academically sly way of avoiding the YHVH). Next time we will begin researching this word and how it should accurately be articulated (just kidding). Before reading the next article, I would suggest taking a quick perusal of the internet in search of how this name should be accurately pronounced.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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The Lion of Judah is Roaring


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