News You May Not Have Heard About — 04/15/2018

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  1. ‘Everybody’s Going to Pay a Price’: Trump Promises ‘Major Decisions’ on Syria Response Soon
  2. WAR DRUMS: Trump threatens Assad and Putin over alleged chemical attack in Syria
  3. Trump Says ‘Big Price to Pay’ for Syria Chemical Attack
  4. Presidential Memorandum for the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and the Secretary of Homeland Security
  5. Trump says he’ll ‘make it up’ to farmers
  6. Trump, US hit new heights as trust in left freefalls
  7. WAR DRUMS: Trump warns of ‘major decisions’ in coming hours
  8. Trump: Raid on his lawyer abuses attorney-client privilege
  9. Trump Presidency Under Seige
  10. Trump Roasts ‘Fake and Corrupt Investigation, Attacks ‘Conflicted’ Rosenstein and Mueller
  11. Trump Warns Russia Missiles ‘Will be Coming’
  12. President Donald J. Trump’s Economic Mobility Reforms Will Restore Independence and Dignity to Millions of Americans
  13. ‘Get ready, Russia:’ Trump mocks Putin over Syria
  14. Trump Warns Russia To “Get Ready” After Believed To Be Spetsnaz Destruction Of Secret French Military Flight In Algeria
  15. Trump signs executive order pushing work for welfare
  16. Trump Considering Allowing States to Require Mandatory Drug Testing for Food Stamp Recipients
  17. Trump signs law aimed at curbing sex trafficking
  18. Trump Responds After Paul Ryan Announces Retirement
  19. Trump DOJ Deals Devastating Blow to Illegals Headed for Court
  20. THE GLOVES ARE OFF=> POTUS Trump Hits Rosenstein AGAIN For Signing FISA Application to Authorize Wiretap
  21. WAR DRUMS: Trump warns Russia to prepare for missile strike in Syria!
  22. Trump Signs EO to Emphasize Work Requirements for Welfare
  23. Trump: Syria attack ‘very soon or not so soon at all!’
  24. REALLY? Trump tweets correction on Syria strike
  25. Trump Slams Comey Over New Book: He Is a ‘LEAKER & LIAR’
  26. Comey ‘untruthful slime ball’ who should be prosecuted, president says
  27. Trump to Strategize with Allies Before Syria Strike Decision
  28. Trump Considering Striking 8 Targets in Syria
  29. Trump orders airstrikes against Syria
  30. President Trump launches ‘precision’ military strikes in Syria
  31. President Trump Orders Military Strikes, Huge Blasts Heard In Damascus
  32. Trump convenes task force to study US Postal Service
  33. Breaking: Trump Pardons Former Cheney Chief of Staff, Scooter Libby
  34. Trump Deploys Warships To Middle East… Largest US Strike Force in 15 Years
  35. Trump Ecstatic After OIG Releases Report Which Led To McCabe Termination
  36. Trump Overrules Sessions: Promises To Protect States’ Pot Legalization Rights
  37. Attorney General Jeff Sessions promises “new sheriff in town” on trip to Mexico border
  38. Trump says tax cuts allow workers to pocket more
  39. President Donald Trump signs bill to fight online sex trafficking
  40. Immediately After Missiles Strike Syria, Trump Sends Direct Message to Assad
  41. Trump to Skip Summit of the Americas Run by Globalists, Marxists


  1. Feds’ believe they now can have technology capable of gathering information from the brain
  2. Mattis authorizes up to 4,000 National Guard troops for US border with Mexico…
  3. Mattis not ruling out military strikes in Syria
  4. Mad Dog Mattis Drops 3 Word Bombshell on the Success of Syrian Missile Strikes
  5. DHS Hiring “Media Monitoring Services” To Compile Media Influencer Database
  6. WAR DRUMS: Ambassador to U.N. Nikki Haley: U.S. ‘will respond’ to Syria attack
  7. Haley Tears Into ‘Monster’ Assad, Calls Russia and Iran Shameless After Chemical Attack: ‘The World Must See Justice Done’
  8. Haley Blasts Russia for Blocking U.S.-Backed Resolution on Syria Chemical Attack: ‘It’s a Travesty’
  9. Haley on Bolton: He Disdains the UN as Much as I Do, We’ll Work Great Together
  10. Haley: No One Is Buying Russia’s Lies, Cover-Ups
  11. Nikki Haley Ignites UN Floor with Bombshell Threat Straight from Trump
  12. DEVELOPING: F.B.I. Raids Office of Trump’s Longtime Lawyer Michael Cohen
  13. Military Set for Cyber Attacks on Foreign Infrastructure
  14. McConnell Gets Tougher on Dem Obstruction of Trump’s Nominees
  15. U.S. Denounces Cuban Crackdown on Dissidents Traveling to Summit of the Americas
  16. Paul Ryan-Backed Super PAC Is Not Taking 2018 for Granted
  17. After Site Seizure, Feds Accuse Backpage Founders of Facilitating Prostitution
  18. Senate Suddenly Moves on Bill to Protect Robert Mueller
  19. Email: EPA Staffers Confirm They’re Actively Undermining Pruitt
  20. Fed Court Upholds AR-15 Ban, Takes 2nd Amendment Out of Context
  21. White House: Trump holds Russia Responsible for Syria Chemical Weapons Attack
  22. 9th Circuit Poised To Side with Trump Supporters Beaten by California Mob
  23. DOJ gives House Intel original document that prompted Russia investigation
  24. National security experts and public policy practitioners support Pompeo for Secretary of State
  25. Congress Demands State Department Release ‘Game Changer’ Report on Myth of Palestinian Refugees
  26. DOJ To Up Fight on Sexual Harassment in Public Housing
  27. New SNAP Proposal Aims to Get Millions Off Welfare, Back to Work
  28. WATCH: US Congresswoman Introduces ‘Never Again’ Bill
  29. White House Rift with Palestinians May Sideline Trump Peace Plan
  30. Mattis on Syria Strategy: We Must ‘Keep Our Foot on the Neck of ISIS Until We Suffocate It’
  31. FCC Chairman Pai Tells Senate Democrats the Government Won’t Be Investigating Private News Company
  32. Senator Exposes Syrian WMD False Flag; Says Hillary Ordered Murder Of Chris Stevens (Video: 28:20 minutes long.)
  33. DOJ Surrenders After Nunes Threatens Nuclear Option
  34. The Hill’s Near-Debt Experience
  35. Conservatives irate over spending hypocrisy
  36. Pentagon Confirms Every Target Was Successfully Hit in Syrian Attack
  37. Breaking: FBI Director Officially Announces McCabe Replacement
  38. Trump’s DOJ Sends Haunting Message to Illegals with New Ruling on Detainment
  39. DOD Releases Warship Footage Showing Tomahawk Missiles Being Fired in Late-Night Strike


  1. The anti-Trump media caravan rolls on
  2. FAKE SCIENCE ALERT: Flawed research claims sexuality is a “spectrum” and no one is 100% “straight”
  3. Is the Washington Post protecting Robert Mueller by deleting an article about a witness being a pedophile?
  4. In Zeal to Indict Trump, New York Times Flirts With Authoritarianism
  5. The NYT war on SCIENCE… watch how irresponsible propaganda gets paraded around as “science” when it’s actually pure bunk
  6. ABC Analyst: Trump Supporters Are Doing More Damage to America Than ISIS
  7. Syria, chemicals weapons and missile strikes: FAKE NEWS theater at its finest… you are being subjected to an elaborate psyop



  1. INCREDIBLE Syria Satellite Photos: Syrian Chemical Sites Before & After Devastating Air Strikes
  2. U.S. and Chinese Carrier Groups Simultaneously Patrol South China Sea
  3. You’ll Never Guess Who’s Lining Up Against War
  4. WATCH: Former Syrian Captive Not Surprised by Syrian Gas Attack
  5. Raising The False Flag: Syrian Gas Attack Staged By The U.K. And Russia Has ‘Irrefutable’ Proof
  6. Haunting Early Morning Photo Shows the Sheer Force America Delivered to Syria
  7. Leaked Emails Show Democrats Expect Trump To Take Drastic Personnel Action in ‘Next 48 Hours’
  8. President Trump Will Take Us To War In Syria For These Six Simple Reasons
  9. A Second US Tomahawk-Capable Destroyer Enters The Mediterranean
  10. Who’s In Over Their Heads In Syria?
  11. Poll Results: Should the US Strike Syria Over Chemical Weapons?
  12. Major Evidence Syrian Chemical Attack Staged by US-backed Terrorists (Video: 12:23 minutes long.)
  13. Threat of U.S. – Russia Clash Hangs Over Syria
  14. Bolton’s First Test: Helping Trump Take a Longer View on Syria
  15. Former FEC Chair Calls for Government Agency to Collect Social Media
  16. The death of the DOJ and FBI
  17. U.S., North Korea in Secret, Direct Talks
  18. Secretary of State Nominee Pompeo Says Years of Soft US Policy Towards Russia are ‘Now Over’
  19. Pompeo vows to boost State Dept, confirms Mueller interview
  20. Pompeo and Circumstance
  21. Iran Threatens Israel’s ‘Very Existence,’ Warns US Secretary of State Nominee Pompeo
  22. Pompeo: Iranian proxy Hizballah “threatens us right here in the homeland”
  23. A Pressure Cooker with Cory Booker…
  24. Top State Dept. nominee: Soft policy toward Russia ‘over’
  25. It’s not about trade: Trump’s power struggle with China may end in war
  26. Paul Ryan-Linked PAC Sets Up Shop in Toss-Up Washington District Held by Republicans for Decades
  27. Ryan bows out: ‘I have given this job everything I have’
  28. Why Ryan left and what to expect …
  29. Deep State FBI Hacks Are Shielding “Unclassified” Comey Memos from Congressional Investigators (VIDEO)
  30. The Deep State Closes In On The Donald, Part 1: There Will Be War
  31. The Deep State Closes In On The Donald, Part 2: Mueller’s War
  32. Deep-State Queen Sally Yates Warns Trump About Firing Rosenstein
  33. Lynch: Comey Didn’t Question Calling Clinton Case a ‘Matter’: ‘Concerns Were Not Raised’
  34. Video Surfaces of Top Democrat Revealing the Truth About James Comey
  35. Comey Failed To Tell Trump Hillary Paid For Dossier
  36. Trey Gowdy Drops the Hammer on James Comey with Brutal Claim — ‘I Can’t Think of Anyone…’
  37. Fmr. Clinton Staffer Destroys Comey with Brutal On-Air Admission
  38. Former Obama Spokesman: ‘Trump Was Handed a Mess’ in Syria
  39. Kaine Acknowledges Obama Admin Failed to Rid Syria of Chemical Weapons
  40. WATCH: Is the US Response to Syrian Chemical Attack Imminent?
  41. A Year On, Gorsuch is Critical Conservative Counterweight on Supreme Court
  42. Muslim former State Department official likens opposition to jihad terror to bigotry against Jews, blacks, Chinese
  43. Why the Russia-Turkey-Iran Alliance Could Be More Disturbing Than You Think
  44. WIKILEAKS: Obama, Clinton & Soros Overthrew Pope Benedict
  45. The Truth About the Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria (Video: 4:27 minutes long.)
  46. Top Dem Stuns Party, Praises Trump for Syrian Attacks
  47. WaPo Calls Out Pelosi for Misleading Claim That ‘Middle-Class’ Americans Will See Higher Taxes Under Trump Tax Law
  48. Warren Calls for Equal Pay for Women, Fails to Mention Own History of Not Paying Staff Equally
  49. Gun-Rights Group Calls on AG Sessions to Withhold Federal Funds from Local or State Governments Infringing on the Second Amendment
  50. 2nd Largest US Bank Declares War on Gun Owners
  51. BREAKING: Liberals Suddenly Care About Wasting Taxpayer Money
  52. Mauro: Don’t Forget Assad Killed US Troops in Iraq
  53. Robert Mueller Seeks Subpoena for 35 Witnesses in Paul Manafort Trial
  54. Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs Trashes Mueller: ‘I Would Fire the SOB in Three Seconds’ (VIDEO)
  55. Rep Gohmert: Mueller Needs to be Fired and Investigated For His Part in Helping Clinton Foundation Make $145 Million in Uranium One Deal (VIDEO)
  56. FBI’s Raid of Trump Lawyer’s Office Has Backfired Spectacularly on Mueller
  57. Third national Security Aide Resigns from White House Amid John Bolton’s Entrance
  58. HUSH MONEY: FBI, Dem establishment among McCabe legal fund’s donors
  59. Inspector General Releases Explosive Report That Led to McCabe Firing
  60. ‘We’re Not Messing Around’: Devin Nunes Floats Impeachment Of Wray, Rosenstein (VIDEO)
  61. Rosenstein Consulted With Ethics Advisor Over Recusing Himself From Mueller Probe
  62. Chairman Nunes Releases Statement After Being Given Access to “Electronic Communication” Document From DOJ
  63. BREAKING: Nunes Receives Unredacted “Electronic Communication” Document From DOJ After Threatening to Hold Rosenstein in Contempt
  64. President Trump is right. The Justice Department’s endless investigation into the White House is ‘an attack on our country.’
  65. Using rescissions, President Trump may be able to salvage the midterms for the GOP Congress
  66. Environmental radicals go all out against Scott Pruitt
  67. The model for civil service reform could be how the VA is being reformed by making it so civil servants can be fired
  68. Rep. Meadows: “Absolutely” Sessions & Rosenstein “Should Be Held In Contempt” — Wray Could Face “Impeachment” (VIDEO)
  69. Muslim group sues to ban government from distributing report showing Muslim migrant involvement in terrorism
  70. Chinese Spies Engaged in Massive Theft of U.S. Technology
  71. Experts: Assad’s Missile Defense No ‘Ring of Steel’
  72. Poll: America’s 10 Most Popular Governors Are All Republicans
  73. GOP Regains Majority on Labor Arbiter
  74. World’s Greatest Deliberative Body Doesn’t Understand Facebook
  75. Donald Trump Moves To Rejoining The TPP
  76. USDA Grants May Have Helped Chinese Telecoms Access U.S. Military Bases
  77. Author: ‘Deep state’ needs to be deep-sixed
  78. CBP Learns Chilling True ID of Unaccompanied Minor They Caught
  79. March Madness: Women’s Group Lobbies for Sex Work
  80. Islamic Org Sues Over Brutal Trump Terrorism Report
  81. Pruitt’s War on the EPA Rages All Way Down to Agency’s Stationery
  82. Paul Craig Roberts: You Now Have Ten Days Until THE END OF THE WORLD
  83. Army Major Exposes America’s Circle Of Absurdity: Killing The Extremists We Create
  84. In Leaked Memo, Apple Warns Employees Face Jail Time For Leaking Memos
  85. How The 1960s Made Everything Worse
  86. Democrats Plan Mass Nationwide Protests Over “Imminent” Mueller, Rosenstein Firing
  87. Two Supreme Court Shortlisters Nominated to Federal Courts
  88. Why it was so devastating when George W. Bush said “Islam is peace” right after 9/11
  89. Ben Shapiro Warns Conservatives — Hit TV Show ‘Rosanne’ Is Not What It Seems
  90. Top Company Caves, Resumes Advertisements on Ingraham’s Show
  91. NY Times Admits the Truth About Trump Air Strikes Amid Media Hysteria
  92. David Hogg Meets His Match… A 16-Year-Old Pro-Gun Teenage Girl
  93. Antifa and SPLC intimidation and threats get Wisconsin and Minnesota counter-jihad conferences canceled
  94. Petition Started For President Trump to Pardon Dinesh D’Souza
  95. Trump Lawyer Hits Back After Fake News Claims ‘Mueller Has Evidence Cohen Traveled to Prague in 2016 Confirming Part of Dossier’
  96. Alabama: Abortion Docs Kill 2 Babies for 14-Year-Old, Ignore Potential Rape
  97. Alaska: Anchorage voters reject bathroom protection referendum
  98. Arkansas: School Tells Student To Remove American Flags, Quickly Realizes Big Mistake
  99. California: California state senator who pushed vaccine mandate now seeks to CRIMINALIZE “fake news” about medicine, politics and government
  100. California: California Democrat Introduces Bill to Force Websites to Use ‘Fact-Checkers’
  101. California: California Introduces ‘Dangerous Bill’ That Would Make It Illegal for Christians to Counsel LGBTQ Adults
  102. California: Anti-Jewish, Anti-Zionist Discrimination Reported at San Francisco State University
  103. California: California Governor Agrees to Trump’s Request, Sends Troops to US-Mexico Border
  104. California: CA Forced To Appeal After Fed. Judge Sides with Trump on Border Wall
  105. California: Homeschoolers to join California exodus?
  106. California: The Canary in the Coal Mine is Trying to Get Your Attention!
  107. California: California Progressives Target Feinstein With Full-on Assault Ahead of Dem Primary
  108. Colorado: Colorado Dems Divided on Governor Nomination
  109. Florida: Pulse nightclub jihad massacre survivors sue tech giants over ‘material support’ to ISIS
  110. Florida: Dead at 42: Broward County Sheriff deputy who questioned Parkland school shooting’s gun control agenda
  111. Florida: Florida Mom Seeks 2nd Opinion on Dying Newborn After Car Accident – Loses Custody of All Three Children and Baby Dies in State Care
  112. Florida: Parkland Shooter Set to Inherit Nearly $1 Million
  113. Illinois: Chicago Schoolhouse is being Built on Site of Estimated 38,000 Unmarked Graves
  114. Kentucky: In the States, Some Life-Changing Experiences
  115. Kentucky: Kentucky teachers prepare massive protest
  116. Michigan: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” who stabbed police officer at Flint airport faces new terror charge
  117. Michigan: Officials in Michigan release fish consumption advisories after three lakes found to contain cancer-causing chemicals
  118. Minnesota: Misleading Islamic dawah exhibit touring rural Minnesota
  119. Minnesota: American Couple That Spent Months Torturing Six-Year-Old Boy All Over His Body Attaches Him To A Wall With Duct Tape And Beats Him To Death
  120. Missouri: Women’s March Defense of Puts Claire McCaskill in Tough Spot
  121. Missouri: McCaskill One of Top Five Most Unpopular Senators in Country
  122. Nebraska: Planned Parenthood Gets the Ax in Nebraska Budget!
  123. New York: Muslima nurse beheads her 7-year-old son
  124. New York: NYC to pay $1 million in legal fees and $75,000 in damages to Muslims in improper spying suit, even though police acted lawfully
  125. New York: New York Times’ Laurie Goodstein attacks Pompeo and Bolton for daring to notice there’s a jihad threat
  126. New York: EXPOSED: Planned Parenthood’s Degenerate ‘Comprehensive Sex Education’ Lesson Plans
  127. New York: Top De Blasio Aide Arrested for Illegal Weapons Possession
  128. New York: Muslim cleric who advocates wife-beating, stoning, contempt for non-Muslims speaks at St. John’s University
  129. New York: Newsweek features Holocaust survivor who says “Trump’s America feels like Germany before Nazis took over”
  130. New York: Mob of Law Students Berate Free Speech Lecturer, Call Rule of Law ‘White Supremacy’
  131. Ohio: Robert Spencer video: Tell the truth about Islam at University of Cincinnati, lose your job
  132. Ohio: Exclusive: Western Journal Survey of Ohio GOP Finds Trump Support Far Higher Than Expected
  133. Ohio: Monsanto, Big Oil Lobbies Back Smear Campaign Against Ohio Gov Candidate Dennis Kucinich
  134. Ohio: Three Muslims plead guilty to concealing their funding of jihad mastermind al-Awlaki
  135. Ohio: Three U.S. Muslims Plead Guilty to Financing Jihad Terror
  136. Oregon: Soros Consultant’s PAC Could Influence DA Races in Oregon
  137. Pennsylvania: Mango Peels off Support from Pro-LGBT ‘Republican’
  138. Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania school district gives teachers baseball bats to fight active shooters
  139. Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania School District Arms Its Teachers—With Miniature Baseball Bats
  140. Tennessee: Sen. Corker says he will ‘avidly support’ Pompeo nomination for secretary of state
  141. Texas: Nat’l Guard members start arriving at U.S.-Mexico border
  142. Texas: Teacher’s Incredible Post on Disrespectful Kids Gets Shared 400,000 Times
  143. UN: Christian Left Helps Push Palestinian Cause At UN
  144. UN: Russia Vetoes UN Security Council Resolution on Syrian Chemical Massacre
  145. UN: UN Unable to ‘Independently Verify Allegations’ of Alleged Chem Attack in Syria’s Douma
  146. Vermont: Vermont Governor Flips, Signs Massive New Gun-Control Law
  147. Virginia: Police: Virginia Muslima teen charged with FALSELY reporting man attacked her, removed hijab, called her ‘terrorist’ #islamofauxbia
  148. Virginia: Man converts to Islam, plots jihad attack, amasses child porn
  149. Washington, D.C.: Trump’s homeland security adviser to resign
  150. Washington, D.C.: Anti-GMO activist found dead in hotel pool, hours before planned delivery of 200,000 petition signatures to the EPA
  151. Washington state: Muslim migrant stabs his wife 23 times in front of their children


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  1. Netanyahu Silent on Syria Strike, Vows to ‘Hurt’ Those Who Would Harm Israel
  2. Netanyahu Assures Sderot Residents: Security is Number One Concern
  3. On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Netanyahu Says Israel ‘Steadfast’ in Facing Iran
  4. Former PM Ehud Olmert Seeks Presidential Pardon
  5. Israeli Defense Minister: Palestinian Journalist Who was Killed Posed Threat to IDF
  6. Grade Schoolers Find Proof of Jewish Life in Samaria Dating Back 1500 Years
  7. Israeli Ambassador to UN: ‘Condemn Hamas for Exploiting Children’
  8. Israel Bombs Hamas Target, Responding to Cross-border Attack
  9. Impeachment Process Launched Against Arab Knesset Member
  10. Latest Israeli Airstrike in Syria Likely Stopped New Iranian Threat
  11. WATCH: Israeli Technology Produces More Crops Using Less Water!
  12. Israeli Chief Rabbi: We Have ‘Moral Obligation’ to Respond to Syrian Massacre
  13. Israeli Party Cuts Ties with UK Labour Head Over Anti-Semitism
  14. IDF Investigates ‘Sniper Video’; Man Shot was Warned During Violent Riot
  15. 70 Years After WWII, Israeli Holocaust Survivors Still Suffer
  16. Border Attack on IDF Triggers Immediate Response
  17. Hebrew Songs in the Concentration Camp: 6 Holocaust Survivors Tell Their Stories
  18. WATCH: Israel’s Labor Party Severs Ties with Its British Counterpart Over Anti-Semitism
  19. Israel Remembers Six Million on Holocaust Remembrance Day
  20. Jew Population of World Still Lower Than Before Holocaust
  21. WAR DRUMS: Israel warns “If Iran acts against Israel, we’ll topple Assad”
  22. Sugihara’s Holocaust Survivors: The High Cost Of Obedience
  23. Hebrew Voices #69 – Nothing is Forgotten
  24. POWERFUL: Holocaust Remembrance Day Sirens Sound Throughout Israel
  25. World Jewish Population Has Yet to Recover from the Holocaust
  26. After Decades of Silence, Holocaust Survivors Share Their Harrowing Accounts
  27. Research Reveals Allies Knew About Holocaust Years Earlier Than Assumed
  28. The Greek Rabbi Who Saved His Community from the Holocaust
  29. Remembering Righteous Diplomats Who Saved Jews During the Holocaust
  30. Experts: Israel-Iran Conflict in Syria Could Spiral Into War
  31. Israeli Warplane Rehearsal Terrifies Citizens of Tel Aviv
  32. IDF Continues Strike in Response to Cross-border Attack
  33. Report: Anti-Semitism rises, violence against Jews falls
  34. WATCH: Confessions of An Israeli Combat Medic Who Saved Syrian Lives
  35. Pre-Holocaust Jewish Fortunes will Never be Recovered
  36. WATCH: Teen uses Israeli intel to unlock mystery of Great Potato Famine
  37. Parkland victims honored with new Israeli ‘ambucycles’
  38. Israeli Sniper Shoots Motionless Palestinian Man And Celebrates On Video
  39. Israel Demands That The USA Send Its Army To Attack And Invade Syria On Their Behalf


  1. Gaza Muslims fly Nazi flag between two “Palestinian” terror flags at today’s anti-Israel riot
  2. Gaza: Muslim cleric at “Return March” screams jihad chant vowing new genocide of Jews
  3. Hamas is paying $500 to Muslims in Gaza border protests to get shot by the IDF, $3000 to family if they’re killed
  4. Abbas adviser says Hamas is telling “Palestinians” in Gaza to “go and die” for favorable media coverage
  5. Horrific photo: Gaza grenade baby
  6. WATCH VIDEO from Gaza: Jihad terror show at kindergarten graduation ceremony
  7. Palestinian ‘Journalist’ Killed by Israel was Hamas Operative
  8. WATCH: Hamas is Destroying Gaza in a Relentless Pursuit of Hate
  9. WATCH: Murder of 11 was ‘Greatest and Most Wonderful Quality Operation,’ Fatah Says
  10. Islamic Jihad Chief Reported in Coma, Amid Fears of Poisoning
  11. Media Bias In Gaza – Invasion Of The ‘Body Counters’
  12. Palestinians Launch Shooting Attack in Samaria
  13. Sick Lie: Palestinians Depict Holocaust Victims’ Photo as ‘Arabs Killed By Jews’
  14. WATCH: How Hamas Engineered Its Violent Gaza Riots
  15. Horrific Details of Hitler’s Final Solution Known to ‘Indifferent’ Free World in 1943
  16. Amid Heightened Gaza Tensions, Hamas Training Jihadists to Kidnap IDF Soldiers
  17. The Hamas Gimmick That Failed
  18. ‘Hitler was Daring’: How the Palestinians Revere the Nazis
  19. Killing Jews is not ‘Freedom of Expression’
  20. Interior minister investigating entry by anti-Israel Irish politician
  21. Gaza March of Return Confirms Collapse Of Land-For-Peace
  22. Gaza Rioters Attempt Breach of Israeli Border with Explosives
  23. Palestinians Lead Arab Effort to Deny Israel UN Security Council Seat
  24. WATCH: How Palestinian TV Promotes Holocaust Denial, Nazi Conspiracies
  25. Palestinian Authority’s Nazi Sympathies Revealed
  26. Palestinian Rioters Try to Breach Barrier with Explosives, Molotov Cocktails
  27. Arab Social Media Users Defend Israel, Slam Hamas Over Human Rights Abuses
  28. Gaza jihadis use kite bombs to fly over border fence into Israel #savages


  1. Austria: Lawyer for Muslim who plotted jihad massacre tells court “the deradicalization process is underway”
  2. Belgium: Islam party top dog says, “Our goal is a 100% Islamic State…establishing Sharia law”
  3. Belgium: Islam Party pushes for separate men and women on public transport, “Our goal is a one hundred percent Islamic state.”
  4. Belgium: Belgian fashion company MXDVS introduces “Terror” clothing line
  5. Belgium: Belgium’s People’s Party tables anti-Sharia bill in parliament in opposition to Islam Party
  6. Cyprus: 20 Muslim migrants go to church, start screaming, cursing, and beating the attendees
  7. Cyprus: Night of terror for Christians in Cyprus after attack of Muslim migrants
  8. Czech Republic: Muslim migrants gang-rape Irish tourist in Prague hotel
  9. England: “Historians” “discover” that Queen Elizabeth is related to Muhammad
  10. England: London mayor adds knife control after curbing ‘Islamophobic’ searches
  11. England: Knife-Control Debate Heats Up in the UK amid London Murder Spike
  12. England: At least 14% of the “child refugees” arriving in Britain were adults
  13. England: British PM Theresa May Willing to Join US Military Action Against Syria
  14. England: Islamic State jihadi plotted with Muslims in UK to murder soldiers and cops in London
  15. England: London Mayor Calls for “Knife Control” to Combat Crime, Murder
  16. EU: EU border boss: Smuggling of people into Europe from Africa is increasing, jihad terror threat high
  17. EU: Muslim World League urges EU to assimilate Muslim migrants better and criminalize criticism of Islam
  18. Europe: Robots Replace Soldiers in First Exercise of its Kind…
  19. Europe: Europe’s Civilizational Exhaustion
  20. Europe: Anti-Semitism at highest levels since World War II because of mass Muslim migration
  21. Finland: Muslim who killed two and injured eight in stabbing frenzy smiles from the dock as his trial begins
  22. France: Accuser of Tariq Ramadan Beaten and Threatened: “Next Time It Will Be Gasoline”
  23. France: Imam berated Jews and women, yet authorities tolerated his sermons and occasionally cultivated him as an ally
  24. France: Politician fined $6,150 for mentioning “migrant invasion”
  25. France: Expert admits that it is “Islam, not social factors driving radicalism”
  26. France: Muslima caught with USB containing identities of 2,626 French intelligence officials
  27. France: Muslim punches, tries to strangle 26-year-old daughter’s boyfriend because he is not Muslim
  28. France: UNESCO Shelves Anti-Israel Resolutions for Six Months
  29. France: Two Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” threaten to kill man, are taken to psychiatric hospital
  30. France: Muslima screaming “Allahu akbar” threatens to blow herself up at Cannes Festival
  31. Germany: Muslim migrant stabs two-year-old daughter to death to punish his wife
  32. Germany: Terror attack in Germany: Vehicle crashes into crowd in Munster leaving three dead and more than 30 injured
  33. Germany: Cops say Munster vehicular attack driver had “psychological problems,” no links to terror orgs
  34. Germany: Van crashes into crowd, 3 dead, over 30 injured, cops say it’s a terror attack
  35. Germany: The Marriage Plot
  36. Germany: BERLIN MARATHON JIHAD-TERROR ATTACK foiled, four Muslims arrested with links to Christmas market Islamic terrorist
  37. Germany: Facebook bans historian for saying “Islam is not part of German history, but the defense against Islam”
  38. Germany: Muslims plot to attack spectators and participants with knives at Berlin half-marathon
  39. Germany: Münster vehicular attacker was Muslim, Romanian TV reports that he was German citizen of Kurdish origin
  40. Germany: Rising Security Threat, As Authorities Warn Islamic Jihadists Have Doubled to 11,000
  41. Germany: Muslim migrant shouting “Allahu akbar” stabs man, throws beer bottles at bystanders, smashes windows
  43. Germany: Germany Opts Out Of World War III After US Nuclear “Doomsday Plane” Goes Airborne In Aftermath Of Believed To Be Spetsnaz Takedown Of NATO Warplane
  44. Germany: Muslim migrants could cost German taxpayers over $12,325,000,000
  45. Germany: Muslim migrant stabs his ex-wife and one-year-old daughter to death at train station
  46. Germany: Germany Refuses to Join Potential Strike on Syria
  47. Germany: Muslim migrant teen attacks man, smashes windows, throws stones at police, who say his motive is unknown
  48. Greece: Special update on Syria, April 11, 2018 (Video: 35:32 minutes long.)
  49. Greece: Greece fighter jet CRASHES in dogfight with Turkey planes, Ottoman Greek genocide aspirations
  50. Hungary: Pro-freedom Hungarian PM Victor Orban WINS third term
  51. Hungary: Last Stand for Christian Civilization in Europe | End-Time Threat is Real | Cioccolanti (Video: 6:17 minutes long.)
  52. Italy: Muslim leader tells students “it is necessary to break the skulls of unbelievers and drink their blood”
  53. Italy: Pope insists accepting migrants should be a primary issue for Christians
  54. Italy: Muslim speedboat gang with “jihadist sympathies” smuggled Muslim migrants into Europe
  55. Italy: Muslim migrant gropes American student’s girlfriend, then stabs the student twice
  56. Italy: Rome in the Crosshairs: Islamic Terror Threat in Italy at All-Time High
  57. Netherlands: International Criminal Court Investigates Israel for War Crimes on Gaza Border
  58. Netherlands: Christian refugees from Syria say Assad is OK; priest calls him ‘a gift from heaven’
  59. Poland: Publisher Sued by Holocaust Survivors for Printing Books Praising Adolf Hitler, Nazis
  60. Poland: Poland Cancels Ceremony Honoring Anti-Semitic Author
  61. Poland: WATCH: 30th Annual March of the Living Held in Krakow, Poland
  62. Russia: WAR DRUMS: Russia calls Assad gas attack “Fake News”
  63. Russia: BREAKING! Russia Blames Israel for Syrian Air Base Missile Strike (Video: 58 seconds long.)
  64. Russia: WAR DRUMS: Russia warns of ‘gravest consequences’ if US takes military action over Syrian chemical attack
  65. Russia: Gays flee Muslim-dominated Chechnya over threats and beatings
  66. Russia: Russia’s Aim in Mid East: Bloody the Nose of Uncle Sam
  67. Russia: Russian Ministries Evacuate Moscow As Most Dangerous Great-Power Confrontation Since Cuban Missile Crisis Spirals Out Of Control
  68. Russia: Russia Warns Events Today Could Lead To The Last War In History Of Mankind—And Bad Fish Dinner Will Be Blamed
  69. Russia: Russia Warns Only Two Options Left For United States: Begin Retreat, Or Destroy The World
  70. Russia: Imperial Truth Enforcers Engulfed In Panic After UK Poisoning Charade Falls Apart, But Whose Forces Still Try To Trigger “War Of All-Against-All”
  71. Russia: Existential Battle For World Pits American-Led “Retrograde Forces Of Evil” Against Russian-Led “Shining Star” Of Emerging New Global Order
  72. Russia: Russia State TV Telling Citizens “What to Bring to (NUCLEAR) Bomb Shelters”
  73. Russia: Russia Warns Their Citizens To Prepare For Nuclear War With The US (Video: 3:42 minutes long.)
  75. Russia: Russia Deploys Anti-Drone Tech
  76. Russia: WAR DRUMS: Russia Prepares for Nuclear War With U.S., Instructing Citizens to Buy Water and Gas Masks
  77. Russia: Russia Can Stop U.S. Missiles, But It Won’t Be Easy
  78. Russia: Putin Warns Netanyahu Not to Threaten Syria
  79. Russia: Russia Appears to Move Warships Away from Syrian Danger Zone
  80. Russia: Russia Has “Irrefutable Evidence” UK Staged Syrian Chemical Attack
  81. Russia: Putin Responds to Syria Airstrikes – ‘Act Of Aggression…’
  82. Russia: Russian Ambassador Sends Chilling Threat to United States Following Syria Attack
  83. Russia: West Watches In Horror As 70% Of Missiles Fired In American “Military Masturbation” Attack On Syria Obliterated
  84. Sweden: Swedish Government Granted ‘Fast Track’ Powers to Delete Facebook ‘Troll Accounts’ Ahead of Elections
  85. Switzerland: Independent Swiss Lab Says Poison Used in Skripal Attack Was Produced in US or UK
  86. UK: UK Purge of jihadis who work on London transport network, 20,000 Islamic terror suspects under scrutiny
  87. UK: ‘If We Find Evidence of Material Which Incites Violence, We Will Take Action’
  88. UK: Islamic terrorist arrest at UK airport
  89. UK: Muslim migrant avoids jail for racist abuse of cops
  90. UK: Muslim migrant talks of shooting Jews, killing the “old woman Elizabeth,” launching jihad massacre
  91. UK: UK gives $28,300,000 in “aid money” to “Palestinian” schools glorifying jihad
  92. UK: Authorities STILL Failing to Investigate Muslim Rape Gangs in Telford
  93. UK: Social workers and police knew about plight of Muslim rape gang victim, but did nothing
  94. UK: Jihadi who ‘planned attack’ on Jews jailed for trying to join ISIS
  95. UK: Christian school hosts Islamic workshop — girls given hijabs, non-Muslim students perform Islamic prayers
  96. UK: WATCH: Why UK Jews Are Saying ‘Enough is Enough’ of Labour Party Anti-Semitism
  97. UK: Army major already cleared seven times facing new court threat over death of Iraqi 15 years ago
  98. UK: UK denies visa to Iraqi nun displaced by the Islamic State
  99. UK: UK Muslim rape gang victim: “Concerned about ‘giving oxygen to racists’, MPs ‘ignored our cries for help’”
  100. UK: …UK Submarines ‘Move Within Missile Range of Syria’
  101. UK: UK Prime Minister Theresa May Won’t Blame Assad for Syrian Gas Attack – More Evidence Needed
  102. UK: WAR DRUMS: UK orders subs towards Syria for possible missile strikes
  103. UK: UK government to crack down on homeschooling to fight “extremism”
  104. UK: Breaking: UK approves use of force against Syria
  105. UK: Muslim abducted 12-year-old girl to be repeatedly gang-raped by “pack of ravenous wolves”
  106. UK: Teachers blast “racist” parents who pull children from “education” about Islam in class
  107. UK: Major Homosexual Publication Declares That 2018 Is An ‘Excellent Year’ With A “Glorious Sexual Future” Because More Homosexuals Are Licking And Eating The Feces Of Other Homosexuals Than Ever Before
  108. UK: Police refuse to investigate death threats to Islam critic because they claim she is “inciting hatred”


  1. Afghanistan: US Takes Out Top ISIS Leader in Afghanistan
  2. China: China launches massive navy drills with 40 warships in the South China Sea
  3. China: UNRAVELING: China warns it will not hesitate with ‘major response’ to new tariffs
  4. China: Holy Bible Removed from Amazon and Other Online Stores in China
  5. China: China Tears Down Crosses Again
  6. China: China Shocks West With Massive War Move As Entirety of Russian Military Goes On High Alert
  7. India: Fingerprints, Eye Scans Now Required To Buy Food In India
  8. India: Muslim Cleric Asks 14-Year-Old Girl To Help Him Clean His Room At The Mosque, She Agrees And The Imam And Another Man Take Turns Raping Her
  9. India: Hindu Terrorists Kidnap 8-Year-Old Muslim Girl, Tie Her Up In Hindu Temple And Gang-Rape Her For Days, Then They Strangle Her To Death And When They Are Discovered, Hindu Nationalists Defend The Rapists In The Name Of Nationalism
  10. Indonesia: Lecturer faces “hate speech” charges for calling holy books “fiction”
  11. Indonesia: Indonesia’s Aceh province takes Sharia caning indoors to hide its abuses after backlash
  12. Iran: Iran’s Khamenei advises Muslims to force Israel to ‘retreat to the point of demise’
  13. Iran: Iran claims Syria gas attack reports ‘excuse’ for military action
  14. Iran: Iran Threatens to Restart Nuke Enrichment Program in Matter of Days
  15. Iran: US Will ‘Regret’ Collapse of Nuclear Deal
  16. Iran: Iran warns US of response ‘stronger than they imagine’ if Trump scraps nuclear deal
  17. Iran: Iran Threatens Israel and ‘Its Masters’ Striking Syria, Killing 7 Iranians
  18. Iran: WAR DRUMS: Top Iranian official warns that Israel attack will be met with response
  19. Iran: Iranian Cleric: Hezbollah will ‘Turn Haifa and Tel Aviv Into Ghost-Towns’
  20. Iran: Iran Threatens ‘If Israel Wants to Continue Its Treacherous Existence,” to ‘Avoid Stupid Measures’
  21. Iran: Iran proxy war with Israel may begin in the near future
  22. Iraq: Watch: Former Head Of British Armed Forces In Iraq Tells Truth About Syria, Is Cut Off By Sky News
  23. Iraq: Iraq strongly condemns US-led attack on Syria
  24. Japan: Japan activates first marines since World War 2
  25. Japan: The Rise Of Japan’s Android Population: “When Abnormal Becomes Normal”
  26. Pakistan: Honor killing in Pakistan: Muslim family murders newlyweds for marrying for love
  27. Pakistan: Muslim Mafia Illegally Seizes Christian Cemetery And Sells It To Construction Company
  28. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia intercepts a missile aimed at its capital
  29. Saudi Arabia: Dubai Princess ‘Seized During Escape Attempt’
  30. Saudi Arabia: Reform or Reaffirm? Mohammed Bin Salman’s Plan
  31. Syria: BREAKING: Airstrike on Syria’ reports of fighter jets and missiles over Lebanon
  32. Syria: PROPHETIC UPDATE: Latest Developments in Syria
  33. Syria: Development prospects in northern Syria
  34. Syria: Iran Confirms 7 Iranians Killed in Strike on Syrian Airfield
  35. Damascus Warns of Dangerous Repercussions of Israeli Attack on Syria
  36. Syria: Al-Jaafari : Some UNSC permanent members try to lie to create pretext for aggression against Syria
  37. Syria: WAR DRUMS: Syria Missile Strike ‘within hours’: Eastern Mediterranean on Alert for ‘possible launch’
  38. Syria: WAR DRUMS: Russia jams U.S. drones in Syria
  39. Syria: WAR DRUMS: U.S. Navy Destroyer Armed With Tomahawks Arrives Off Syrian Coast, “Harassed” By Russian Warplanes
  40. Syria: Syria: Fighting Over The Corpse
  41. Syria: Syrian Army beats Al-Nusra Front in Hama, Idlib Provinces
  42. Syria: Jaysh al-Islam militants keep on leaving Douma
  43. Syria: Alleged Israeli Strike on Syria Targeted Iranian Drones
  44. Syria: US Air Forces Retreat From Russian “Red Line” After Syrian Air Defenses Obliterate Israeli Missile Strike
  45. Syria: Terrible War Developments Overnight; Syria Situation Going “Critical”
  46. Syria: US Backed Syrian Rebels Caught Staging Corpses of Dead Children in Douma to Play on Western Emotions
  47. Syria: WAR DRUMS: Syria prepares for war as Assad moves military jets in response to Trump missile threat
  48. Syria: WAR DRUMS: Russia moves 11 navy ships out of Syrian port
  49. Syria: WAR DRUMS: Russia Warns It Will shoot Down US Missiles Fired At Syria, Attack Launchpads
  50. Syria: WAR DRUMS: US-led coalition warplanes ‘seen flying over Iraqi border’ as nerve gas counter attack looms
  51. Syria: Russian military vehicles cross into Douma, Syria
  52. Syria: New areas Joined Peace in Damascus
  53. Syria: Bashar Assad Adviser Warns: Israel Will Be ‘Biggest Loser’ in War with America
  54. Syria: Despite Chemical Weapons Attacks, Syria to Chair UN Conference on Disarmament
  55. Syria: Inspectors head to site of suspected gas attack in Syria
  56. Syria: Russian Heavy Bombers Return To Iran For Syrian Operations
  57. Syria: Syrian Army denies entering Douma in Eastern Ghouta
  58. Syria: Three more health centers reopened in Eastern Ghouta
  59. Syria: Syrian Government Confirmed Full Cooperation with OPCW
  60. Syria: Syrian Citizens Have an Extremely Telling Response to US Missile Strikes
  61. Syria: Eastern Ghouta officially under the Syrian Army’s control after last militant convoy leaves Douma
  62. Syria: Here’s why chemical attack in Syria’s Douma is just another FAKE of White Helmets
  64. Syria: 200 American Troops KILLED in Syria – along with 1800 more PMC’s
  65. Syria: Following Cruise Missile Attack Syria Posts Video of President al-Assad Walking to Work, Briefcase in Hand
  66. Turkey: Turkey buys Russian missile program, Russia to build nuclear power plant in Turkey
  67. Turkey: Turkish “human rights” committee to visit Europe to probe “Islamophobia”
  68. Turkey: Hours after vehicular attack in Germany, Erdogan says “the same thing will happen in France”
  69. Turkey: Islamophobia outbreak in Turkey: Hundreds of Muslim migrants from Afghanistan deported
  70. Turkey: US Muslim leaders attend “Islamophobia” conference of Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader who screamed “Death to Israel”


  1. Egypt: WATCH: ‘Scope of the Holocaust is Just a Rumor,’ Says Egyptian Journalist
  2. Egypt: Egypt Sentences Thirty-Six Muslims To Death For Bombing Three Churches For ISIS
  3. Mauritania: Islamic Republic of Mauritania finally beginning to enforce its law against slavery
  4. Mauritania: 36 years after abolishing slavery, Mauritania arrests more anti-slavery activists than slave owners
  5. Nigeria: ICC: World ignoring Fulani-led slaughter


  1. Australia: Murder charges dropped against Muslim who stabbed two to death while shouting “Allahu akbar”


  1. Canada: Trudeau sees high chance of NAFTA deal with US and Mexico
  2. Canada: Canadian town grieves after road crash decimates youth team
  3. Canada: Sharia YouTube suspends Canadian anti-terror expert, leaves up Muslim Brotherhood videos
  4. Canada: Canada Environmental Impact Studies Must Include Gender Identity?
  5. Mexico: Mexican Drug Cartel Murders Man, Writes A Message To The Police And Nails The Message Into His Chest With A Knife


  1. Trinidad and Tobago: Pro-LGBT Judge Ignore Christian Voices, Forces Trinidad And Tobago To Bend Over For The Sodomite Agenda
  2. Trinidad And Tobago: Christians Across Trinidad And Tobago March In Support Of Laws Against Homosexuality, Say ‘We Do Not Want The Wrath Of God Visited Upon Us’


World Financial News Banner


  1. Trans-Pacific Partnership to Facilitate U.S.-China Merger
  2. Five tips for all you tax procrastinators
  3. Here are the smartest things you can do with your tax refund
  4. Number of people receiving unemployment benefits running at 44-year lows
  5. Here’s what to do with your stocks if the U.S. military strikes Syria
  6. Stocks leap as China’s president eases trade fight fears
  7. Teamsters Launch Effort to Push Pension Reform
  8. 16 Sears Stores Being Auctioned Off Online
  9. Investors Inching Back to Gold After US-Russia War Talk
  10. Poll: Plurality of Democrats Credit Trump, Not Obama, for State of Economy
  11. CFPB Hacked Hundreds of Times, Risking Sensitive U.S. Financial Data
  12. Report: Gun Jobs Up Nearly 90 Percent Since 2008, Gun Industry Economic Impact Up 169 Percent
  13. Booker: Tax Reform Bonuses Are ‘Crumbs’
  14. Nobody Is Prepared For The Long-Term Economic Pain That’s Coming
  15. Biggest Coal Plant in West Facing Closure
  16. Audio Alert: War Drums over Syria Jolt Oil & Gold Markets
  17. Senator Ted Cruz’s Bill to Remove the Inflation Tax from Capital Gains Addresses a Symptom but Not the Cause
  18. FRAGILE NATURE OF CURRENCIES: Why Gold & Silver Are High-Quality Stores Of Value
  19. Silver May Be Getting Ready to Shine Again
  20. This market ‘wizard’ just predicted another rally
  21. Steve Sjuggerud: Buying gold during the ‘bitcoin frenzy’
  22. Bitcoin extends rise, jumping around $400 in an hour
  23. Billionaire Silicon Valley VC Tim Draper Forecasts Bitcoin At $250k By 2022
  24. Are trillion-dollar deficits the new norm?
  25. Why the Trump stock market is different
  26. The best sector to ride the market higher
  27. Subprime mortgages make a comeback
  28. Steve Sjuggerud says you’re wrong about China
  29. Four billionaires, four investment styles, and one incredible result
  30. Rick Rule: The 36 Year-Old Bond Bull Market is OVER
  31. UNBREAKABLE: Gold & Silver Gain For A Second Week In A Row Despite The Cartel Hammerings
  32. Eric Sprott: Gold’s 2% Spike Was Too Much For The Cartel To Allow So They Smashed Gold Back Down
  33. Harvey Organ Sounds The Alarm: MASSIVE Conspiracy To Defraud Is Going On RIGHT NOW
  34. Is This A Simple Stock Market Consolidation Or A Perilous Change In Market Dynamics?
  35. The Trade Wars Are Far From Over And No China Hasn’t Surrendered
  36. The SPX Resistance May Prompt A Massive Short Squeeze In The Stock Market
  37. A Year After The Changing Of The Guard At CFTC And What Changed? (Spoiler Alert: NOTHING)
  38. Fund Manager: Slippery Slope To Online Censorship And A Direct Attack On The US Constitution
  39. We’re Passed ‘Slowly At First’ And We’re Closer To ‘All At Once’ So The Time For Gold & Silver Is Now
  40. Bill Murphy: There WILL NOT Be A Bull Market – Gold & Silver Will Just Explode Out-Of-Nowhere
  41. They WILL BAN The $50 & $100 Bills In The U.S. To Fight The Next Recession
  42. Get Your Gold Position BEFORE The Hyperinflation Or You WILL NOT Be Able To Pay Off Your Debts
  43. The Rise Of The New Commodities Bull Market Is Less Than Three Weeks Away
  44. Jim Willie: The U.S. Government With Its Military Cannot Stop China & Russia’s New Gold Standard
  45. Despite trade tensions, Treasury declines to label China a currency manipulator
  46. Head of the world’s largest asset management firm says this is key for stock-market investors
  47. These beaten-down stocks look like bargains — and yield up to 8.1%
  48. Hypervolatility in stocks suggests the market has bottomed
  49. Nigam Arora: Six good reasons for investors to consider buying bank stocks
  50. Are U.S. stocks expensive? Depends on how you measure them
  51. Stocks fall as banks slide, but indexes notch weekly gains
  52. These 5 under-the-radar technology stocks are leaving Big Tech in the dust
  53. Billionaire toy maker bids $890 million for Toys ‘R’ Us
  54. A Facebook ‘death cross’ is coming, and it may actually be bearish this time
  55. Starbucks downgraded over concerns about competition in premium coffee
  56. Dow’s 122-point stumble driven almost entirely by JP Morgan, Boeing stocks
  57. Head of world’s largest asset management firm says this is key for stock-market investors
  58. Stock market ends solid week on a sour note as bank shares slump after earnings
  59. Marijuana-themed ETFs jump after report of legalized marijuana deal
  60. Stocks end with losses, but score weekly gains
  61. 13 simple ways to make early retirement easier
  62. 21 lessons for how to get the most out of life, from a guy who retired at 50
  63. How retirement investors can protect themselves — even without a fiduciary rule
  64. Traditional retirement planning isn’t going to cut it. Do this instead
  65. Why China Is Not “Locked In” To Buying Treasuries With Its Surplus
  66. US Treasury Releases FX Report: No Nation Found To Manipulate, India Added To Watchlist
  67. SocGen: “Low Vol Is Gone And This Changes Everything”
  68. Stocks Sink As State Department Says It Has “Proof” Syrian Government Behind Gas Attack
  69. How Trump’s “Doom And Gloom” Tariffs Are Crippling American Farmers
  70. British Banks Will Have to Cut Ties to Sanctioned Oligarchs, U.S. Says


  1. …Possibility of War With USA Sinks Ruble to Lowest Level in Years
  2. Germany We Have A Problem: It Kinda Looks Like You Only Repatriated FOUR GOLD BARS
  3. America’s Future No Longer “Looks Sustainable In A Market Context”: Deutsche
  4. Who’s Driving The Mysterious Swiss Franc Slump?


  1. China’s Xi promises to cut auto import tariff, warns against ‘Cold War’ mentality
  2. China is a paper dragon on rare earths monopoly, dumping treasuries
  3. Iran’s Currency Drops 18% in 2 Days as Resumed Sanctions Loom
  4. Hong Kong Monetary Authority Fails To Rescue Dollar For 3rd Day


Earth News Banner

  1. Another major quake hits Papua New Guinea (13 this year) as a canyon-shaped hole stretching nearly 1 million km faces Earth on our Sun
  2. Chile colossus Nevados de Chillan volcano awakes blowing a column of white smoke and a string of tremors and explosions
  3. Dozens of whales washed up on a beach in New Zealand once again during coronal activity on our Sun
  4. Yellowstone volcano eruption: ‘Life or death’ prep for supervolcano emergency underway
  5. Genetically Modified Weather: The Tale of FROSTBAN™ Synthetic Bacteria
  6. Top NASA scientist previously claimed all ice will VANISH from the Arctic by this summer
  7. Siliguri India is not an industrial township but tops the list among Indian cities with most polluted air thought to be causing the death of birds
  8. Dead Star Circled By Light Found In The Small Magellanic Cloud
  9. Why Do We Have An Ice Age Every 100,000 Years?
  10. In continued “climate instability” Argentina farmers are faced with slaughtering 1 million head of cattle as they endure their worst drought in decades
  11. The second cyclone to hit Fiji in just over a week as category 3 Tropical cyclone Keni to make landfall Tuesday
  12. Radiation is found 10 miles away from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation as demolition work is halted after contamination of workers
  13. Another important update from Bill in Alaska: Electrosmog and Its Effects on Children and Pregnant Women
  14. DEVELOPING: Mystery ‘trumpet sounds from sky’ in Hawaii baffle residents
  15. BOOM! Mexican colossus Popocatepetl known as El Popo spews ash 1km into the sky with a series of exhalations and tremors (spectacular video)
  16. A mag 6.2 – 54km SW of Ovalle, Chile is the 35th major quake of 2018 and the 34th to occur during coronal activity on our Sun
  17. DEVELOPING: Series of quakes shake California and Alaska prompting fears of larger event
  18. They know no boundaries appear to be indesctructible and eat everything before them: New hybrid swarm of “MEGA-PESTS” to threaten world crops
  19. Thousands of kilometres from home billions of jellyfish-like organisms called velella velella wash up on French coast for the first time ever
  20. Australian birds hit by ‘mysterious’ illness: Scores of birds suffering from paralysis which makes it difficult for them to stand or fly
  21. Yellowstone Officials – There Could Be A Supervolcano Eruption Imminently
  22. “Pacific Rim of Fire” Island of Ambae Vanuatu declared state of emergency after the latest volcano eruption as 11,000 prepare for evacuation
  23. Nearly 1 million people in Puerto Rico left without power after another widespread outage as island still struggles to recover from Hurricane Maria
  24. 5 laboratory primates tested positive for bacteria that cause tuberculosis without showing outward symptoms: Human caretaker also tested positive
  25. Houses collapsing trees falling and exacerbated breathing conditions as Vanuatu’s Ambae Island volcano blows during tropical cyclone
  26. Tens of Thousands Of Black Holes Exist In Milky Way’s Center
  27. Famous Giant’s Causeway In Northern Ireland And Devils Postpile (USA) Were Formed Around 840-890 ˚C
  28. 3D Infrared Tour of Jupiter’s North Pole – Released
  29. St. Elmo’s Firе – Ancient Plasma Phenomena Seen By Sailors Worldwide


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Tell the Liberals: STOP OBSTRUCTING

Liberals have refused to confirm President Trump’s appointees to hundreds of critical positions throughout our government.

The people DEMAND that they end their petty obstruction of qualified individuals for PURELY political motives.

Stop Gun Confiscation Orders In Your State

Legislatures across the country are using the shooting in Parkland, Florida, as an excuse to confiscate firearms.

Right now, this is probably the single biggest LEGISLATIVE threat to the Second Amendment which is spreading through the country.

Gun Confiscation Orders would allow police or angry relatives to convene a secret star-chamber proceeding and get permission to ransack your house and seize your guns without any due process whatsoever.  

And if you resist, they are authorized to arrest, or even shoot, you and your family. 

These are correctly known as Gun Confiscation Orders, although anti-gun zealots will try to disguise their insidious intent by sugar-coating them a “red-flag laws” or “extreme violence protective orders.” 

A person won’t get a trial by jury before his or her guns are taken — or a trial of any sort, for that matter.  They won’t even be able to get their attorney before the judge.  No one should lose any of their rights in this manner.  

Sometime after the gun owner’s constitutional rights are suspended without due process, they will theoretically have the “right” to spend $10,000 to try to convince a court it made a mistake.  This is a fool’s errand.

So not surprisingly, there is a wide coalition of groups that are opposing the suspension of the Constitution for persons who have not committed any crime. 

Gun Owners of America is joined by groups such as the ACLU, which, in Rhode Island, issued a 14-page analysis which concluded these laws raise “some serious due process concerns.”

So please contact your state representative and state senator and let them know that you don’t think the GUN CONFISCATION is an innocuous thing.  

And please do it now, before support for gun confiscation in your state begins to snowball. 

Tell them to oppose Gun Confiscation Orders, even though they are fraudulently sugar-coated as “red-flag laws.

Did a Netflix show kill Anna Bright?

Sign the petition demanding that Netflix pull Season 1 of the series 13 Reasons Why and cancel plans to air Season 2.

The hugely popular Netflix series has become a lightning rod for critics who say it glorifies suicide and may even make it an attractive option for teenagers who are enduring difficult times in their lives.

AFA President Tim Wildmon sent a private letter to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, respectfully asking for a short meeting to discuss our concerns. The letter was ignored.

Season 1 was hugely popular. While it was airing last year, the website for Teen Vogue said the series was Netflix’s most popular show on social media. Netflix plans to release a second season soon.

Read the AFA Journal feature about this series and its impact on the family of Anna Bright and others.

Even the mainstream media has publicized the potential dangers of 13 Reasons Why, and some schools here in America and abroad have sent home letters to warn parents about the series.

Those dangers are very real. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that suicide has risen to become the second-leading cause of death among teenagers.

Asking Netflix to drop this dangerous series is the right thing to do. Please sign this petition and then share it as a way to warn other friends, family, and church members about the dangers of 13 Reasons Why.

Below are some helpful resources …

 About the show:

“13 Reasons Why, and Its Unintended Consequences”

 For parents:

“13 Reasons Why”

For suicide survivors and those with suicidal thoughts:

Grieving a Suicide: Help for the Aftershock

I Just Want to Die: Replacing Suicidal Thoughts with Hope

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 1–800–273–8255


The vote to put CIA Director Pompeo in as Secretary of State will be a close one. So will the vote on CIA Director Haspel. That’s why you must let your Senators know where YOU stand today.


I AM AGAINST more nation building and policing the world.  

I AM AGAINST being involved in civil wars like Syria and Yemen.  

I AM AGAINST torture and for the protection of civil rights.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Archaelogists FInd Meieval Coffin Birth Skeleton
  2. Unearthed Secrets from Armageddon, the Site of the Ultimate Battle in Revelation
  3. Gordian Knot And How Alexander The Great Managed To Outmaneuver The Problem
  4. Mysterious Deaths Around Empress Cixi – Cruel Tyrant Or Victim Of Propaganda?
  5. Pukwudgie The Trickster: Grey-Faced Humanoid Creature In Native American Beliefs
  6. Puzzling Evidence Of An Advanced Ancient Civilization In Texas That Mysteriously Disappeared
  7. Elusive Celtic Otherworld Where Tuatha Dé Danann Reside And Time Passes Slower
  8. Dozens Of Giant ‘Lost’ Nazca Geoglyphs Unearthed By Drones In Peru
  9. Polish Excavations At Tell el-Murra And Long History Of Egyptian Coffins
  10. Did Ancient Romans Use Four-Meter Deep Shafts As Refrigerators During Summer?
  11. Remains Of Graeco-Roman Temple Discovered Near Egypt’s Siwa Oasis
  12. Underwater City: Unveiling The Secrets At The Bottom Of Fuxian Lake
  13. Ancient ‘Yahweh And His Asherah’ Inscriptions At Kuntillet ‘Ajrud Remain An Unsolved Biblical Mystery
  14. Strange Ancient Measurements Of The Earth Revealed – Ancient Texts And Physical Evidence Examined
  15. Giant Mimir And The Well Of Wisdom In Norse Beliefs
  16. War Between The Aesir And The Vanir Gods In Norse Mythology
  17. Dispute Between Russia And Poland Over Discovery Of Czarist Officer’s Corpse In Turkey
  18. Mystery Of The Gotland Grooves – Ancient Astronomical Observatory?
  19. Two Wolves Entwined: What did this Viking Ring Symbolize?
  20. The Hippie Town of Calcata – Hiding-Place of the Holy Foreskin of Christ
  21. Like Something Out of The Walking Dead: Medieval Warrior Found with Knife Hand Prosthesis
  22. Greek Art Goes Palaeolithic: Cretan Cave Art Includes an Animal Extinct for 11,000 Years
  23. This Ancient Egyptian Papyrus is the Oldest Known Account of Sexual Assault in the Workplace
  24. Excavation of the Maltese Catacombs of St. Agatha Revealed Some of the Finest 12th and 15th century Frescos in Europe!
  25. Matching Myth and Genetics: Revealing the Origins of the Inca Through Modern DNA
  26. Fifteen Years After Looting, Thousands of Artifacts are still Missing from Iraq’s National Museum
  27. Megalithic Examination Explains Why Stonehenge was Built on Salisbury Plain
  28. Thor: How a Norse Warrior God of Thunder Handles a Predicament
  29. Amateur Treasure Hunter Hit the Jackpot with The Ringlemere Cup Find
  30. Ancient Human Fossil Finger Discovery Points to Earlier Eurasian Migration
  31. Origins of Gold Spill the Secret of a Lost Culture. Does the Treasure of El Carambolo Lead to Atlantis?
  32. 7.2 million-Year-Old Pre-Human Fossil Suggests Mankind Arose in Europe NOT Africa
  33. Antediluvian Sacred Tablets And Rare Manuscript Reveal Secret Ancient Egyptian Knowledge
  34. Tomb Of Nicolaus Copernicus: Is The Mystery Surrounding Astronomer’s Burial Place Really Solved?
  35. Katana ‘Soul Of The Samurai’ – Most Famous Japanese Sword With Long Tradition
  36. Stonehenge Is Older Than Mankind – Archaeologist Suggests
  37. Strange Ancient Measurements Of The Earth Revealed – Ancient Texts And Physical Evidence Examined
  38. Ancient Egyptians Had A Different Definition Of ‘Foreigners’
  39. Puzzling Connection Between Native Americans And Lost Northern European Race Could Re-Write History
  40. Legendary Minamoto No Tametomo – First Samurai To Commit Seppuku
  41. Medicine in Antiquity: From Ancient Temples To Roman Logistics
  42. Why Did Vikings Burn And Bury Their Longhouses?


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  1. Ten Tribes Studies (9 April, 2018, 24 Nisan, 5778)
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Never Lost -- The Twelve Tribes of Israel -- Mysteries in History and Prophecy! Book 5

Never Lost: The Twelve Tribes of Israel: Mysteries in History and Prophecy! Book 5

Demystifying the ‘mysterious historical disappearance’ of the Ten Tribes of Israel by reconstructing the historical events proving their present locations! Walk in the footsteps of these Israelites and experience their fate and glorious reconciliation awaiting them!

Book 5

Dolmens and megalithic monuments originated in ancient Israel. The prophet Jeremiah distinctly says that the Ten Tribes will construct a mysterious trail marker-way of megalithic monuments from Israel to their places of exile and evidence of this path will enable them to return in the future. Such a trail exists all the way from Israel via Arsareth (Georgia/Abkasia) to areas such as Scotland and further! 

The traceable paths of dolmens and megalithic stone markers from the Middle East to the Western Nations are yet another unmovable fact of the veracity of the Bible as instructed by God. 

These dolmens and megaliths are dominant in the south Caucasus area called Georgia, the area where Arsareth nestles between the Greater and Lesser Caucasus Mountain ranges. The Western Caucasus, extending over 275,000 ha of the extreme western end of the Caucasus mountains and located 50 km north-east of the Black Sea, is one of the few large mountain areas of Europe that has not experienced significant human impact. Yet dotted within the pristine landscape there are literally thousands of ancient megalithic structures. This dominated stone marker area and the area south of the Greater Caucasus Mountain, is the mysterious ‘Arsareth’. Does God want to tell us something of significance with these thousands of dolmens and megaliths in this one specific area? Why are dolmens and megaliths specifically so prominent here? 

More importantly, why are the dolmens here and further in their migration paths, laid out according to the Mazarroth Constellations of the Twelve Tribes as penned in the Scriptures? Does God want to reveal to us the coded messages hidden so deeply through the ages? The answer is absolutely yes, and you need to know about it as is part of Scripture and knowledge that will increase in the last days!

The chapter contents are:

Formation of the Nations 
Meshech Revealed
Tubal Revealed
Togarmah Revealed
The Greater Scythians Kinsmen
Truth and History

Biblical Evidence: The Coding Of The Stone Markers
Etymologies and Definitions
Five Types of Stone Markers
Four Types of Dolmens
Why Do Modern People Erect Grave Stones?
Biblical Evidence of Stones Throughout the Scripture
Rabbis’ Interpretation
Rabbinical Thought Summary

Stone Markers: From King Solomon to Christianity

Megalithic Monuments Indicate the Migratory Paths
Israel: Point of Departure
Assyria (Syria), Persia (Iraq/Iran), Turkey, Armenia
Georgia: Arsareth, Russia, Ukraine (Crimea), Romania,
Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, 
Germany, France, England, Ireland, Scotland

Resemblance: Jewish Tombs of Today and The Ancient

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Young woman cupping hand to ear, close-up

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  1. Australia: Murder charges dropped against Muslim who stabbed two people to death while screaming “Allahu akbar”


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  1. Are we seeing a Prelude of the Prince who is to come?
  2. Iran: Instrument of Armageddon of Israel’s Partner in Redemption?


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Hosea 10:1-2 “1 Israel empties his vine; He brings forth fruit for himself. According to the multitude of his fruit He has increased the altars; According to the bounty of his land They have embellished his sacred pillars. 2 Their heart is divided; Now they are held guilty. He will break down their altars; He will ruin their sacred pillars. (New King James Version)

One would think that, if altars are increased during a period of prosperity, as verse 1 states, then religion must be flourishing. Indeed, religion was flourishing! Amos, Hosea’s contemporary, clearly reports this in his book. However, what was flourishing was not the religion God gave through Moses but idolatry. Notice in verse 2 that God accuses Israel of having a heart that is divided.

Ironically, commentaries have divided opinions over what the Hebrew word translated “divided” means. Most modern translators render this word as either “false,” “deceitful,” or “faithless.” None of these are wrong, including “divided,” because the Hebrew word indicates “smoothness.” It all depends on the context in which it is used. It can also suggest “flattering,” which ought to give us a clue that it describes people who “talk the talk but do not walk the walk.” Notice Isaiah 29:13:

Therefore the LORD said, “Inasmuch as these people draw near with their mouths and honor Me with their lips, but have removed their hearts far from Me, and their fear toward Me is taught by the commandment of men. . . .

Isaiah lived just before Amos and Hosea. However, he was a prophet to Judah primarily, whereas the other two men were prophets to Israel—the ten northern tribes. What Isaiah says agrees with what Hosea says. These people were flattering God with their tongues, but their hearts were not really in what they were doing. Reverence for God, then, was merely an intellectual accommodation intended to appease Him. They acted as if God could not see right through them! It shows how far off-base and carnal they were in their thinking.

They used the name of God frequently, undoubtedly claiming that they trusted Him, just as we do today. All of our coins and paper money read, “In God We Trust.” Yet, these people filled the nation with lying, stealing, murder, adultery, fornication, coveting, Sabbath-breaking, and idolatry, all the while giving Him lip service with their mouths—talking the talk but not walking the walk. This is why God says, “Your heart is divided. It is deceitful. You talk so smoothly, but your heart is false.”

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see:  Laodiceanism and Being There Next Year


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When Jim Meets God — Answering Jim’s Questions To Dr. Laura by  Preston McNutt

A frivolous dance around a difficult subject often gives the appearance of eminent knowledge. Ignorance is bliss, they say. Specious scholarship is quickly undone under the glaring spotlight of reasoned debate. Arguments against a subject about which one has little or no knowledge, no matter how humorous the argument, makes his contentions appear sterile and pedantic. Which brings us to the real reason behind the farcical letter from Jim to Dr. Laura. Jim wants to live his life his way. He wants others to join him in his self-delusion that we each are the center of our own universe. He invites any of like mind to join him in a chorus of “I did it my way”. He has determined, by faith mind you, that there is no God. He finds comfort in knowing there are others who confirm his decision. Misery loves company, they say. Here’s what the Bible says about that attitude:

Psalm 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.

Once that decision has been made, the inevitable next step is to convince others of the wisdom and consequent freedom of coming to that conclusion – a perilous decision if one is to believe there is One Who knows best for His creation.

Proverbs 4:14 Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men. Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away. For they sleep not, except they have done mischief; and their sleep is taken away, unless they cause some to fall.

Yep, misery loves company. Seems a person just cannot rest until he finds someone else to affirm his own desperate attempts to be totally independent. “I am my own man.” they declare. “I’m a self-made man” they indignantly proclaim, proving only that everyone ultimately worships their creator. Is it any wonder that people like comedian Bill Maher and evolution apologist Richard Dawkins spend so much expensive air time trying to prove that “there is no God”? Because misery loves company, remember? Here’s the question that troubles Jim so badly:

Leviticus 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle room here?

When buying a home, real estate agents will advise you to consider “location, location, location”. The same is true when quoting scripture: “context, context, context”. The verse in question is part of a larger body of instruction explaining what is required of priests before they are allowed to approach the altar. It begins by detailing those things that defile a Levitical or Aaronic priest and make them unfit to approach a Holy God. It has to do with the idea of being separated for the purpose of approaching a Holy God.

One of the prohibitions described in this passage gave rise to a parable taught by Yeshua in:

Luke 10:25 And, behold, a certain lawyer stood up, and tempted him, saying, Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life? He said unto him, What is written in the law? how readest thou? And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself. And he said unto him, Thou hast answered right: this do, and thou shalt live. But he, willing to justify himself, said unto Jesus, And who is my neighbour? And Jesus answering said, A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, which stripped him of his raiment, and wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead. And by chance there came down a certain priest that way: and when he saw him, he passed by on the other side. And likewise a Levite, when he was at the place, came and looked on him, and passed by on the other side. But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was: and when he saw him, he had compassion on him, And went to him, and bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine, and set him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn, and took care of him. And on the morrow when he departed, he took out two pence, and gave them to the host, and said unto him, Take care of him; and whatsoever thou spendest more, when I come again, I will repay thee. Which now of these three, thinkest thou, was neighbour unto him that fell among the thieves? And he said, He that shewed mercy on him. Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou likewise.

The typical interpretation of this parable from most pulpits today asserts that Yeshua is showing that no Jew is capable of performing a merciful act. Further, the implication is made that Yeshua is teaching against Torah in this instance by suggesting the Priest and the Levite were wrong in doing what they did, even though they were doing exactly as Torah instructed them to do. Being stuck in their “works of the law” made them incapable of fulfilling righteous acts. It was therefore shown that a despised Samaritan, one hated by the Jews, actually did the righteous act of Tzedekah [charitable giving]. I believe this is an incorrect interpretation, one that was carried over from Greco/Roman alteration of the original concept designed to make the Jews look like the “bad guys”. Understand what I’m saying. It is the concept that is altered, not the translation. Yeshua was actually showing that the two priests – one a Levite, the other an Aaronic priest – were in line with Torah in keeping from defiling themselves by touching what might be potentially a dead person, or at very least, touching blood, which would make them ceremonially unclean. What is not said is the possibility that they could very well have planned on sending help from their next stopping place. But the focus of this parable is not on what the priests did or did not do. The story ultimately revolves around the two concepts of tzedakah and malchut shamayim, righteous acts and the Kingdom of Heaven. The teachings of Yeshua always focused on these foundational concepts predicated with the necessary requirement of teshuvah, repentance.

According to Jewish thought, one who responds in obedience to God’s command to perform acts of tzedakah, righteous acts, has the favor of God. The word favor is related to the word for friend or neighbor, the same word used in this passage in Luke. In essence Yeshua was asking the scribe, “Who is the one who had favor?” The scribe is forced to answer that the Samaritan was the neighbor who had favor from God. Any other answer would have been an incorrect interpretation of Torah. In attempting to box the Messiah in, the scribe found himself boxed in his own corner. Yeshua’s point, as always, was to direct His listeners toward an intimate relationship with God. The concept of chesed, charity or act of kindness, is deeply embedded in the Jewish consciousness as an integral part of properly living out Torah. While the priest and the Levite were obeying the Law, the man who exercises tzedekah is actually more favored by God by expressing love in an act of charity and kindness towards his fellow man. The uncommanded righteous act of the Samaritan epitomizes the purpose and existence of YHWH’s love expressed through man. Yeshua is telling this scribe in classic Jewish debate form to get his own house in order. Take the Lincoln log out of your own eye before judging the dust mote in your neighbor’s eye, so to speak.

The scribe, who probably was just zealous for the holiness of Torah, like his forebear Phineas, acknowledges that Yeshua’s interpretation of Torah that tzedekah, takes precedence in Jewish thought and practice. To the multitude of modern day scribes who think to outwit Him still, I would say “Never engage in a battle of wits with the Master with death on the line!” (To those that get the allusion, just smile and nod your head.)

My questions for Jim: are you a priest of the lineage of Levi? of Aaron? Are you called to minister in priesthood duties as prescribed in the Book you so glibly draw your mockeries from? No? Then why does it even concern you whether your vision is 20/20 when approaching the altar? You’re not allowed to approach the altar under any circumstances. And no, there is no wiggle room. There is only ONE WAY that you or I can ever approach God. And you’d best put your cynical mind to rest and get serious with finding THAT WAY. Because the day is fast approaching that Yeshua’s words will be proven and we’ll “see” whether they be true or false – that the worm never dies and smoke ascends forever and ever. There’s your wiggle room. Enough to wiggle yourself into an eternity without God, without light and without life. Wiggle all you want.

Now for a deeper look at the concept of seeing without defect. Here’s a very short teaching for those that have an ear to hear – or eyes to see, since that’s the subject of discussion.

There is a Hebrew phrase, et ha’pei liphnei ha’ayin, that is used throughout Jewish historical literature to teach the halachik prohibitions against lashon ha’ra, or evil speech.

The phrase et ha’pei liphnei ha’ayin. means to put the mouth before the eye.The letters of the pictographic Hebrew alphabet, or alephbet, each were written as a picture, or glyph. Each glyph had specific meanings, which when combined with other letters served to form words with expanded meanings, thoughts and concepts. In the alephbet, the ayin is a picture of the human eye. The peh is a picture of the mouth and they are placed in that order, ayin then peh. Vision, ie., the eye, speaks of seeing, or recognizing and accepting the will of God.

Proverbs 2:5-6 Then shalt thou understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God. For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.

Psalm 34:8 …see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

The letter ayin (eye) precedes pey (mouth) because the righteous man speaks only after seeing. The mouth then gives testimony to what is seen and understood.

Romans 10:10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

One of the most famous acrostics in the Bible is found in Psalm 119. There are twenty-two segments, each with eight verses. Each verse in each segment begins with the letter of the alephbet corresponding to the number of that letter. For example: the first eight verses start with the letter aleph. The second eight verses start with the letter bet, and so on up to the last eight verses which begin with the letter tau.

Another acrostic not so well known outside of Jewish literature is found in Eikhah, the book of Lamentations. Eikhah is a poetic book of Jeremiah the Prophet mourning the destruction of Jerusalem and the first Temple in the 6th century B.C. In the first chapter, the letters are presented in their normal order. But in the second, third and fourth chapters, the pey comes before the ayin. This reversal is an example of the natural order being reversed when the people spoke their own false script then saw and believed what they said, resulting in the destruction of the Temple and their being carried into captivity.

When the Jewish People were poised to enter the Promised Land, Mosheh sent out twelve spies to investigate the land. Ten of them returned with a negative report. After having seen the mighty power of ’Elohiym to deliver them from bondage, after witnessing the many miracles wrought by El Shaddai, they chose to believe the report of the spies that said YHVH could not give them the land because its inhabitants were too strong. They spoke with their mouths that which was contrary to what their eyes had seen, or what they had received and understood. The spies reversed the alphabet of Reality. They put the peh – the mouth – before the ayin – the eye. And for their unbelief, that night the Jews cried. And spent the next forty years wandering in the wilderness. The Midrash tells us that Elohiym said, “You cried for nothing. I will establish for you a crying for generations.” That night was the night of the 9th of Av, the date of many of the worst disasters throughout Jewish history. The first Temple was destroyed on that date; the second Temple was destroyed on that date; the Jews were exiled from Spain in 1492 on that date to name a few.

Moral of the story? Be careful that you don’t let your mouth define your reality. The Creator gave you two ears and one mouth. So listen twice as much as you speak. Know before you speak. That includes inviting yourself to a dance when you don’t know the dance steps.

Preston McNutt


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