News You May Not Have Heard About — 03/11/2018

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  1. President Donald J. Trump Proclaims March 4 through March 10, 2018, as National Consumer Protection Week
  2. Trump links tariff relief for Canada, Mexico to NAFTA talks
  3. Trump orders stiff trade tariffs, unswayed by grim warnings
  4. TRADE WAR BEGINS: Brussels and China FURIOUS as Trump signs off steel tariffs
  5. President Donald J. Trump is Addressing Unfair Trade Practices That Threaten to Harm Our National Security
  6. President Donald J. Trump will Protect American National Security from the Effects of Unfair Trade Practices
  7. ‘US Relationship with Israel Best We’ve Ever Had,’ Declares Trump
  8. Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel Before Bilateral Meeting
  9. Trump on Korean news: Could be ‘progress’ or ‘false hope’
  10. President Trump, tell terror-supporting Qatar it can kiss our US air base goodbye
  11. Trump Signs Sweeping Executive Order Clearing Path For Mass “Deep State” Arrests By US Military
  12. Did Trump Hint At Future Death Penalty For Drug Dealers?
  13. President Trump Delivers Remarks at the Latino Coalition Legislative Summit (Video: 19:25 minutes long.)
  14. Federal Interagency Council on Crime Prevention and Improving Reentry
  15. President Donald J. Trump’s Tax Reform is Delivering for all Americans
  16. Trump Meets With Former U.N. Ambassador Bolton at the White House
  18. Trump Creates Prison Reform Council
  19. President Trump to Latino conference: Democrats ‘nowhere to be found’ on DACA
  20. Trump is getting his military parade — and here’s what it will include
  21. “A Clean Reset”: Trump Said To Be Cleaning House; Kelly, McMaster, Jared, Ivanka All On Way Out: Report
  22. Trump Plans to Meet North Korean Leader for Nuke Talks in May



  1. Remarks by Vice President Pence at America First Policies Event
  2. Vice President Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence Meet North Korean Defectors
  3. WATCH: US will ‘No Longer Certify Iran Nuclear Deal’
  4. Haley: ‘Jerusalem was, is, and will Always be the Capital of Israel’
  5. Haley: ‘US Did Not Make Jerusalem Israel’s Capital, but Recognized Reality’
  6. Not So Fast: White House Says North Korea Must Take “Concrete Actions” Before Trump-Kim Meeting
  7. West Point Grads Lobby Senate to End ‘Pay for Slay’
  8. U.S. Air Force Academy Symposium Presents Transgender Couple, Marxist, and Sex Guru As Models
  9. WATCH: US Accuses Syria of War Crimes After Chemical Attack
  11. FBI to Judge: Dismiss lawsuit before the public learns details about the jihad attack in Texas
  12. The FBI paid Geek Squad employees as informants
  13. Government Lawyers: ‘Tear Up Texas’ Text to Radicalized Islamist ‘Innocuous’
  14. Probe finds deadly Niger mission lacked proper approval
  15. Ryan urges more ‘surgical’ approach to trade
  16. Feds to SUE California, and other jurisdictions, over Sanctuary & Immigration Laws!
  17. ‘HOW DARE YOU’: AG Sessions Slams California Democrats For Protecting Illegal Aliens (VIDEO)
  19. Sessions says California cannot block ICE agents
  20. Federal Investigation Into Al Jazeera Gains Steam After Qatar-Funded Spy Op on U.S. Jews
  21. DIA: China, Russia Engaged In Low-Level Warfare Against U.S.
  22. CIA Warns of Extensive Chinese Operation to Infiltrate American Institutions
  23. China is an even bigger threat than we thought, warns Pentagon official
  24. SCOTUS Takes Up Case of Private Property Forced to Become Public
  25. Rubio, Hatch Push Stop School Violence Act in Response to Parkland Shooting
  26. Rubio to Scrutinize Credentials of Nominee for Colombia Ambassadorship
  27. A nightmare scenario of war-torn Seoul
  28. New Bill Will Force Citizens to Pay and Register With Gov’t to View Porn Online
  29. Sarah Sanders Says Trump ‘Already Won Case in Arbitration’ Against Stormy Daniels After CNN Reporter Obsesses Over Porn Star (VIDEO)
  30. FBI Investigate Clinton For Stealing Millions Of Australian Taxpayer Funds
  31. FBI Agent Investigating Hillary Clinton Links To Slain Baltimore Detective Suicided
  32. Trump Administration Has Reduced Refugee Immigration To A Trickle
  33. Pentagon Steps Up North Korea Military Planning
  34. Pentagon negotiators become more unpredictable: Stall F-35 fighter jet deal
  35. White House: Some countries may get tariff exemptions
  36. US spy agency to help human rights groups monitor North Korea
  37. Congress Claims Russia Behind Anti-Fracking Sentiment
  38. US Government Denies Refugee Status To 100 Christians Fleeing Iran From Persecution
  39. Democrats would reverse some tax cuts to fund infrastructure
  40. DeVos says arming teachers should be an option
  41. US Lawmakers Demand Investigation of Al Jazeera as ‘Foreign Agent’
  42. US Senator Schumer: Palestinian Government ‘Aids Terrorism Every Day’
  43. Federal investigation into Al Jazeera gains steam after Qatar-funded spy op on U.S. Jews
  44. Pentagon Gearing Up for Space Warfare
  45. DHS: DACA Recipients Still Not Targets for Deportation
  46. White House aide launches first wave in final-days PA push
  47. On International Women’s Day, the Administration Commits to Helping Close the ‘Digital Gender Gap’
  48. Congressman Warns of Gun Control “Trojan Horse” in Reciprocity Bill ! !
  49. The Ninth Circuit Just Allowed Children To Sue Trump Over Global Warming
  50. GOP Lawmakers: Trump’s ‘Strong Stand’ on North Korea ‘Starting to Work’
  51. World War 3: US senators call for URGENT talks with Russia due to TERRIFYING new weapons
  52. USA Issues Travel Warning For Mexican Resort Town
  53. Senate to Force Vote On New Border Chief
  54. White House to Convene ‘Brainstorming Session’ to Help Gaza
  55. DOD Report on Mishandled Military Dog Adoptions Skips Accusations of Attempts to Sell Retired K9s to Foreign Countries
  56. Jared Kushner says ‘Trump administration has a new plan for interoperability’
  57. Commerce Secretary Ross: Tariffs are ‘motivation’ for Canada, Mexico to make a ‘fair’ NAFTA deal
  58. Justice Department takes first step to ban bump stocks
  59. Ron Paul Institute Exposes The State Department’s War On Political Dissent


  1. As Graham Is Honored at Funeral, Media Buries Coverage
  2. Stupid SNOPES “fact checks” satire article that said CNN buys industrial washing machine to SPIN the news
  3. NY Times FINALLY gets around to reporting on Sweden’s immigrant gang problem a year after bashing Trump for pointing it out
  4. Hannity Pummels Fake News CNN For Interviewing Hooker in Thailand Claiming to Have ‘Trump-Russia Dirt’ While Ignoring Julian Assange
  5. New York Times on Social Media Censorship: “Conservatives are zeroing in on a new enemy in the political culture wars: Big Tech.”
  6. New York Times spins story about social media suppression of dissent as “conservatives zeroing in on new enemy”
  8. More Left-wing media fraud: Websites run by Newsweek Media Group caught running malicious code to commit ad fraud
  9. White House press secretary hits back at fake news reports of “chaos” in the Trump White House; says McMaster departure report WRONG
  10. NYT Corrects Piece About Couple’s Tax Increase Under New Law to Admit Their Taxes Would Go Down



  1. BREAKING NEWS: Major Emergency Action Message (EAM) Radio Traffic all day; At least TWO (2) E4-B “Doomsday” Planes airborne all day
  2. US deploys missiles just miles from Russia border
  3. Russian Spy Ship Off Georgia Coast
  4. US sends message with carrier visit to Vietnam
  5. US Carrier Visit to Vietnam Signals Deepening US-Vietnam Alliance vs. China
  6. Nuke talks set between Trump and North Korean leader
  7. 3 Reasons Why North Korea’s Offer of Direct Talks Is a victory for Trump
  8. The Welcome Rebirth of Nationalism
  9. Should Trump Welcome the Saudi Crown Prince?
  10. Devin Nunes Tweeted: The Leakers and Their Recipients Have Been Found
  13. UGH: Jeff Flake’s DACA bill gives illegals Obamacare
  14. ObamaCare Medicaid Scandal: 21,904 Truly Needy People Died While Waiting Behind 13 Million Able-Bodied Adults
  15. Dreamers turn on Dems, call them ‘fake allies’
  16. The Price For Trump’s Israel Plan Is Too High
  17. SARA CARTER: John Kerry Officially Under Investigation As Dossier Probe Targets Obama State Department
  18. DNI Denies Intel Assessment on Russian Election Meddling Based on Steele Dossier
  19. AUDIO: Congressman Matt Gaetz on Rose Unplugged: ‘There’s More to Come’ Regarding Obama’s State Department
  21. Former U.S. Attorney: James Clapper & Peter Strzok Ignored Possible Hack of Hillary’s Server ‘With Consent of Obama’ (VIDEO)
  22. Justice Department To Hand Over New Documents On ‘Fast and Furious’ To Congressional Investigators
  23. FINALLY: DOJ agrees to turn over Fast and Furious docs to Congress
  24. Colombia Ambassador Pick’s Testimony Spurs Questions About Role in Benghazi Aftermath
  25. Illegal immigrant from Mexico pleads guilty to using fake identity to steal $361,000 in government benefits
  26. GOP Lawmaker Who Never Supported Second Special Counsel Now Says One Is “Essential” (VIDEO)
  27. Breaking News on Seth Rich Case? (Video: 9:35 minutes long.)
  28. REVEALED: Trey Gowdy Calls For Second Special Counsel Because IG Horowitz CANNOT ‘ACCESS’ Comey & McCabe (VIDEO)
  29. BREAKING: Gowdy, Goodlatte Send Blistering Letter to DOJ DEMANDING a Second Special Counsel Investigate FISA Abuses
  30. Establishment alarmed as Trump threatens to gut US ‘democracy promotion’ racket
  32. Convicted Money Launderer in Rep. Alcee Hastings’s District Office Received Pay Increase for ‘Part-Time’ Work Last Year
  33. Will deal-maker Trump succeed in the Middle East?
  34. Deep State Panics: America No Longer Believes Us! Americans Waking Up to Fake News, Propaganda, Lies and Incompetence Peddled By Intel Community
  35. Partisan Tensions Bubble Over at BBG, VOA as Trump Delays Naming New Leaders
  36. The AIPAC Comfort Zone
  37. Schumer Slams BDS Movement Against Israel: ‘There’s Only One Word for It: Anti-Semitism’
  38. WATCH: AIPAC Chief Calls for Palestinian State ‘with its Own Flag’
  39. Janus Case Only Beginning for Forced-Dues Fights
  40. US Lawmaker Cites Holocaust to Oppose Gun Control
  41. Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire (Audio: 1:21:51 minutes long. This is an eye-opening look at the genesis of the Second Amendment to the Constitution, leading the audience to rethink the issues surrounding gun control, and the effect on civil rights and liberty. After all, what you don’t know can kill you.)
  42. Unmaking Gun-free Killing Zones
  43. This American town actually requires its citizens to OWN a gun and now the crime rate there is extremely low!
  44. TV vs. Trump in 2018: Lots of Russia, and 91% Negative Coverage
  46. Democrats Stonewall Ed Civil Rights Nominee As Anti-Semitism in Schools Rises 94%
  47. Muslim wanted to target federal buildings in Baltimore, “kill a lot of people”
  48. Undercover FBI agent who egged on Garland jihadis to testify in disguise in third Garland jihad suspect’s trial
  49. All Obama’s Scandals That Didn’t Embarrass Him
  50. #StandAgainstCensorship by taking action: 10 powerful things you can do NOW to take back your freedom from the “techno tyrants”
  51. Missouri’s looking out for its girls
  52. Missouri governor, others to announce aluminum smelter plans
  53. Alabama: Muslim bought bomb ingredients, targeted police station, military arsenal
  54. Alabama: Muslim plotted jihad bombing for ISIS
  55. Florida: Jurors in trial of Orlando jihad mass murderer’s wife asked their views of Muslims and Islam
  56. Florida: Muslim stole AK-47, scouted out sniper locations, had ISIS literature
  57. Florida: Orlando Sentinel and Orlando Weekly smear African-American teacher as “racist” for opposing jihad terror
  58. Florida Gov. Rick Scott signs gun bill that includes 3-day waiting period, raises age minimum
  59. Parkland Shooting Survivor to Sue Broward School District After Deputy Accused of Failing to Act
  60. Disgraced Parkland Officer Lied, Radio Dispatch Recording Reveals
  61. Top 50 Deadliest Cities in the World: St. Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans and Detroit. All Run by Democrats, All Majority Black
  62. School-Safety Administrator Discusses Disturbing Evidence in Parkland School Shooting
  63. Broward County Hid Student Crimes To Make Crime Statistics Appear to Improve
  65. Pennsylvania State Dept. Sued for Hiding Noncitizen Voting Records
  66. Lawsuit Reveals How Democrats Are Getting Non-Citizens to Vote — and It’s Worse Than We Thought
  67. Local Pennsylvania Bridal Shop Harassed and Threatened By LGBT Activists After Turning Away Same Sex Couple
  68. LGBT Threatens To ‘Burn Down Bridal Shop’ And ‘Shoot The Owners In The Head’ For Refusing To Support Homosexual “Marriage”, The City Council Responds ‘We Will Pass A Law Forcing You To Serve The LGBT Even If Goes Against Your Religious Beliefs’
  69. NYC Settles Hijab Grievance Claims for $180,000
  71. Democrats, Media Just Don’t Know How to Talk About Guns
  73. WATCH: Speech on Guns by Virginia Senate Candidate Causes Democrat Walk-Out, Goes Massively Viral Online
  74. Police: 1 killed, another student hurt in school shooting
  75. Federal Overreach and the National Concealed Carry Law
  77. Federal Judge: San Diego Unified School District Ordered to Produce Records of Alleged Collusion With Islamic Group
  78. Democratic Party Activists Clash With Local Dems in California Primary
  79. DCCC Strategy to Destroy Dem’s Candidacy Backfires
  80. California Muslim accused of attempting to join ISIS arrested in Tunisia
  82. Hollywood Condemns NRA While Dramatically Increasing Gun Violence in Entertainment
  83. Steyer Works to End Bail Payments for Criminal Defendants in California
  84. Criminals cut loose as California sanctuary laws pit police against feds: Border Patrol
  85. Out-of-touch Feinstein too conservative for the Left
  86. Thou shalt not thwart federal immigration laws
  87. Oakland mayor to pay for tipping off illegals?
  88. San Francisco to Remove Statue of Saint Some Call Racist
  89. Left’s Attacks on Historical Figures Expanding
  90. Oklahoma: Muslim student threatened to kill Jews and terror expert John Guandolo, FBI did nothing
  91. Oklahoma Gov. Fallin and Transportation Sec. Patterson: “Trump’s infrastructure plan brings needed attention for improvements”
  92. Georgia police association suspends approval for ‘Islam in America’ course after Hamas-CAIR complaints
  93. Georgia police association “reevaluating” Islam in America course after Hamas-linked CAIR complains
  94. West Virginia leaders reach deal to end teachers strike
  95. West Virginia’s Patrick Morrissey Claims Victory in Fight Against Opioid Supply
  96. In Louisiana, State Government Seeks to Reverse Sky-High Incarceration
  97. Nashville mayor resigns in disgrace after affair and theft plea
  98. Meghan McCain: Trump Will Lose His Base if He Keeps Hedging on Second Amendment
  99. NYPD: We have considerable evidence in Weinstein rape case
  100. The Left Really Is Trying To Silence Us
  101. Kleins still seeking America’s promise of protection
  102. Democrats’ big Texas turnout may not translate to many wins
  103. In Texas GOP primary, it’s who can love Trump the most
  104. Voters Stampede to Record Turnout in Texas
  105. No Blue Texas Wave: Ted Cruz Received More Votes than Entire Democrat Turnout
  106. Texas Rounds up More Support for Privacy
  107. Texas: Communists use lawfare to censor pro-freedom newspaper
  109. Media Matters Little in Soros-Funded Distraction
  110. Washington State to ‘Monetize Wombs,’ Legalize ‘Baby Selling,’ Redefine ‘Parent’
  111. Only 42 Percent of Washington, D.C. Students on Track to Graduate
  112. Seattle Man Pleads Guilty to Jihad Killing
  113. Washington May Soon Require Companies to Cover Elective Abortions Regardless of Religious Objections
  114. Seattle Police Begin Gun Confiscations: No Warrants, No Laws Broken, No Due Process
  115. Gov. Bryant ready to sign 15-week abortion ban
  116. $1.5 Billion Taxpayer Boon for Abortion Providers
  117. Pro-lifers warn of a slippery slope to murder
  118. VIDEO and PHOTOS: Communists Rally in NYC, Scream at Real Workers That They’re Victims of “Corporate Greed”
  119. Buffalo, New York: Muslima aided the Islamic State in targeting US government employees for murder
  120. New York: Muslim pleads guilty to helping orchestrate jihad suicide attack at US base in Iraq
  121. Poll Results: Mug Shots and Hijabs
  122. Brooklyn: ‘Kill Zionist Entity’: Kingsborough Community College Administrator Targeted by Antisemitic Graffiti
  123. NYPD’s Secret Tribunals May Keep Guilty Cops on the Job
  124. Oregon governor signs first gun law since Florida massacre
  125. Progressive Zionist Group Blasts Women’s March Leaders for Association With Antisemitic Farrakhan
  126. Women’s March Leaders Support Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan
  127. Dem Rep Confirms Relationship With Louis Farrakhan, Dismisses ‘The Jewish Question’
  128. Ellison Says His Democratic Colleagues Never Asked Him About Farrakhan Connection: ‘No One Cares’
  129. Seven House Democrats Have Direct Ties To Notorious Jew-Hater Farrakhan, Republicans Call for Their Resignations
  130. WATCH: Why Does the Left not Condemn Farrakhan’s Anti-Semitism?
  131. Joe Biden Admits Some Democrats Don’t Understand The Working Class Anymore (VIDEO)
  132. Trump Derangement Syndrome? Dem Governor Admits Trump’s Tweets are Causing Him to Have Mental Health Issues (AUDIO)
  133. Raymond Ibrahim: Eliminate Israel, Eliminate Islamic Terrorism?
  134. McCaskill Uses the Oscars to Slam Republican Challenger
  135. LGBTs force closure of another Christian business
  137. Bomb Left in Utah High School Linked to ISIS
  138. SHOCK: ISIS-Inspired Teenager Attempts To Detonate BOMB At Utah High School
  139. Utah: Muslim student leaves explosive backpack at high school, posts Islamic State propaganda
  140. Utah: Muslim teen attempted to detonate bomb at high school, sprayed ISIS graffiti on school wall
  141. ISIS-inspired Teen Charged with Bringing Bomb to Utah School
  142. School Teacher Convicted Of Recruiting ‘Radicalized Islamic Child Army’
  143. “Kill All White People” KC Serial Killer Charged with Three More Murders
  145. About Face on Forced Dues
  146. “Strict Muslim” pleads guilty to New Jersey murder meant to “avenge” U.S. Mideast policy
  147. New Jersey Schools Pushing 9-Year-Old Kids to Join March 14th Anti-Gun Walkout Protests
  148. Baltimore Mayor: We Will Send 60 Buses of Kids to March Against Guns in DC — With Free Food and T-Shirts
  149. Nancy Pelosi Charged In The Death Of Her Husband
  151. Pelosi Dodges on Whether Nevada Democrat Accused of Sexual Harassment Should Still Retire
  152. NANCY PELOSI ON DOJ LAWSUIT: We will keep the doors open for illegals….. ”make America more American”
  153. 10 Times That God Has Hit America With a Major Disaster After The U.S. Attempted to Divide The Land of Israel
  154. Census Respondents May Be Asked Citizenship Status in 2020 Survey
  155. Idaho Fights to Nullify NDAA Indefinite Detention
  156. Judge Rules Idaho Cannot Deny Amended Birth Certificates to Men Who Identify as Women
  157. Obama’s CIA Chief Attacks President Trump on Economics …(Obama Had Worst Economic Numbers Since 1949)
  158. Mike Flynn Jr Sends Message to Supporters Following Report General Flynn Selling Virginia Home to Pay Mounting Legal Fees
  159. Washed Up Porn Star Stormy Daniels Sues Donald Trump Over Unsigned Hush Agreement
  160. Kansas City Royals Pitch in to Stop Porn
  161. The Shocking Persecution Of Family Exposing Elite Pedophiles -Video
  162. Dolly Parton Embarrasses ABC Host By Refusing To Trash Talk The POTUS
  163. The ADL Announces New Internet Censorship Project To Identify and Prevent Hate Speech
  164. ADL Ignores: Twitter Welcomes Terrorists, Not Pro-Israel Activists
  165. Based on last night’s results, here’s how bad Ted Cruz would beat Beto O’Rourke in the general election!
  166. Watchdog report: Failed VA leadership put patients at risk
  167. VA chief outlines changes at hospitals nationwide following report on alleged D.C. center mismanagement
  168. Man Busted By Police For Seeking ‘Person That He Could Cannibalize’, Soliciting Sex With Animals, Then Trying To Kidnap A Child To ‘Make Her Drink Her Own Urine’ As His Personal ‘Baby Maker And Sex Slave’
  169. Muslim on jihad admits to killing 4 in cross-country binge
  170. Minneapolis college: Muslim crawls into bathroom stall, tries to rape woman, tells cops “I’ll rape you too”
  171. The Second Era of No Decision
  172. NEA Funds Woke Journal
  173. Vice-Chair of David Brock-Linked Group Announces Exploratory Committee for MN Senate
  174. Robert Spencer Video: 5 U.S. Jihadis You Haven’t Heard Of
  175. Raymond Ibrahim: Americans “Mistreat” Muslims More than Muslims Mistreat Christians?
  176. General: Physical, Mental, Moral Issues Disqualify 70% of Today’s Youth From Military
  177. Border Patrol: Viral Video Shows Agents Nabbing Smuggling ‘Organizer,’ Not Separating Family
  180. Rider University to Amend Bill Targeting Hate Speech
  181. SC: Muslim planted bombs, said they would keep coming “until the Islamic State and flag are above all others”
  182. Boston: Simmons College warns that saying “God bless you” is “Islamophobic”
  183. Ohio: Jihad terror plot dismantled
  184. “My Life Is Over”: Ex-DOJ Lawyer Busted Trying To Sell Whistlelower Cases
  186. UN: At UN, Israel Showcases 3000 Years of History in Jerusalem


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Cyrus and Trump Coin

  1. Global Support for Third Temple Coin
  2. Prime Minister Netanyahu Likens Trump to King Cyrus
  3. Netanyahu Takes Off for Crucial Meeting with Trump
  4. WATCH: Netanyahu to Invite Trump to Embassy Opening in Jerusalem
  5. Support For President Trump’s Decision To Recognize Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital
  6. Netanyahu to Trump: ‘Iran Must be Stopped,  It’s Our Common Job’
  7. Netanyahu at AIPAC: ‘We Must Stop Iran! We Will Stop Iran!’
  8. Netanyahu: Israel Will be ‘Right By America’s Side,’ Netanyahu Proclaims
  9. Netanyahu: Two State Approach ‘Doesn’t Work with What We See’
  10. Netanyahu Highlights Iran Threat in Capitol Hill Meetings
  11. WATCH: Netanyahu Gives US Congressman IDF Paratrooper Beret
  12. WATCH: Netanyahu Thanks Haley for ‘Defense of Israel’ at UN
  13. Israel’s Political Scene in Turmoil as Netanyahu Warns of Early Elections
  14. Poll Shows Early Elections Would Strengthen Netanyahu and Likud
  15. Bennett: ‘Netanyahu would not sell Israel’s interests for personal gain’
  16. Bennett Ready for New Elections, will Ask for Defense Portfolio
  17. Former Netanyahu Aide Turns State Witness
  18. Netanyahu Enters Negotiations with Ultra-Orthodox in Final Effort to Save Gov’t Coalition
  19. Knesset Approves Anti-incitement Bill Blocking Return of Terrorists’ Bodies
  20. Knesset Gives Initial Nod to Bill Cutting PA Funding Over Payments to Terrorists
  21. Israeli Officials Discuss Normalization with Saudi Prince – Report
  22. Arab Terrorist Hits 4 Israelis in Car-ramming Attack
  23. Trump Coin Minted to Honor Jerusalem Recognition
  24. WATCH: Arab Terrorist Rams Into Pedestrian in Northern Israel
  25. WATCH: IDF Forces Arrest 40 Palestinians Illegally Entering Israel
  26. WATCH: Heartwarming Reunion Between a Palestinian Hero and the Jews He Rescued!
  27. Israel and South Korea Grow Closer Through History, Innovation… and Faith!
  28. WATCH: What Jerusalemites Really Think About Trump’s ‘Peace Plan’
  29. After Bahrain Visit, Rabbi Says Gulf State Will Establish Ties with Israel within 2 Years
  30. Israel Honors Czech Pastor Who Saved Jews in the Holocaust
  31. Israeli Lawmakers Slam AIPAC Head for Supporting Palestinian State
  32. EXCLUSIVE: Is War Looming on Israel’s Northern Border?
  33. WATCH: Israeli Hikers Conquer Highest Mountain in Africa to Benefit Sick Children
  34. Israel: Muslim runs over policeman, his family insists he did it in anger over traffic ticket
  35. WATCH: Can Israel Live with Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’?
  36. Terrorists Firebomb Jerusalem Hospital
  37. Political Tensions Mount as IDF Draft Law Threatens Coalition’s Stability
  38. WATCH: A Jewish-themed Disney Park is Coming to Israel!
  39. Israeli Genealogy Company Offers Free Help to Adoptees Seeking Birth Families
  40. ‘No Doubt Whatsoever’ Trump Will Walk From Iran Deal If It’s Not Fixed: Israel Ambassador
  41. Israel Brings Amazing Agricultural Advances to Russian-Speaking Countries
  42. IDF Exposes Hamas’ Theft of Electricity from Gaza Civilians
  43. WATCH: Disguised IDF Unit Nabs Suspect in Undercover Sting
  44. Hoping For the Best, Preparing for the Worst: IDF Faces Prospect of War in the North
  45. ‘Top secret’ details of Israeli military systems and tactics briefly leaked online – report
  46. Poll: Half of Israel’s Arabs Don’t Recognize Israel’s Right to Exist
  47. US Marine Assault Ship Arrives in Israel to Train with IDF
  48. WATCH: IDF and US Army Train Together in Israel
  49. Preparing for War, US Joins Israel in Missile Defense Training
  50. Israeli Bill Paves Way to Cannabis Legalization Advances
  51. WATCH: Israel Leads the World in Gender Equality!
  52. WATCH: How a Palestinian-‘Refugee’-Turned-Israeli Could Revolutionize Mideast
  53. WATCH: Israeli ‘Superheroes’ Bring Joy to Sick Children!
  54. WATCH: How Israel Gives Syrian Children the Gift of Hearing
  55. Israel Assists Papua New Guinea After Devastating Earthquake
  56. Israel Donates Wheelchairs to Needy Children in South Africa
  58. Egyptian Counter-terror Operation Jams Israeli Cellular Service


  2. WATCH: Abbas Scrambles for a New Strategy
  3. ISIS: Attack Christian, Foreign Tourists
  4. Witnesses to Destruction and Hope
  5. Do Western “Goodists” Really Care About Helping Syrians, Palestinians?
  6. Guatemala’s ‘Direct Aggression’ Enrages Palestinians
  7. Muslim Diplomat Praises Israel and Muslim World’s Growing Ties with Jewish State
  8. Abbas Rejects US Peace Initiative, Won’t ‘End Life as a Traitor’
  9. Abbas Successor Will Not Make Any Difference To Middle East Peace
  10. Hezbollah Declares Emergency, Fears Israeli Surprise Israeli Attack
  11. Exclusive: Is Hamas Losing Its Grip on the Gaza Strip?
  12. Does Hamas have the courage to admit failure?
  13. Abbas’ Heir Apparent a ‘Nablus Warlord,’ Warns Expert
  14. Palestinian Minister Slams Arab League for Failure to Confront US
  15. Palestinians Increase Payments to Terrorists by $56 Million
  16. Palestinians: The Arab World Does Not Care About Us
  17. Palestinian Leader Abbas Says Peace with Israel is ‘Treason’
  18. Shaping The Next Generation: The Battle For School Curriculum
  19. Abbas’ “moderate” Fatah gives free apartment to family of jihadi who murdered rabbi
  20. Amid Rumors of Abbas’ Deteriorating Health, PLO Appoints Successor
  21. WATCH: 3 Strong Muslim Women Fight Radical Islam


  1. UK: Muslim migrant rapes pregnant woman in her own bed
  2. UK: UK’s top counter-terror officer says “Islamist” and “far right extremists” should have their children taken away
  3. UK: UK police call on Muslims to report more “hate crimes,” claim they’re “hugely underreported”
  4. UK: Rotherham Muslim rape gang activity so vast that police need 100 more officers to work on investigation that has already cost $14 million
  5. UK: Teacher Planned to Raise ‘Army’ of Jihadi Children
  6. UK: Muslim Teacher Convicted of Training Students for Terror
  7. UK: Muslim rape gang repeatedly raped teen girl over two-year period, nothing was done by police
  8. UK: Jihadi on benefits showed his son ISIS beheading clips and told online followers to ‘Take a break, come to jihad’
  9. UK: Muslim who plotted jihad massacre wrote “imams and scholars will condemn our actions yet deep down they will feel happy”
  10. UK: Muslim Teen Gets 11 Years for Jihad Attack Plot at Justin Bieber Concert
  11. UK: Muslim described as “peace-loving man who abhorred violence” stabs wife 21 times, shows no remorse
  12. UK: The Power Of Influence – Teacher Planned To Raise ‘Army’ Of Jihadi Children
  13. UK: UK Labour Leader Belongs to Secret Anti-Semitic Facebook Group
  14. UK: Social media giants allow jihadis to act with impunity, fail to report a single one to cops
  15. UK: Muslim migrant teen used his $27 school prize to buy bomb ingredients — 18 months AFTER telling border staff ISIS trained him how to kill
  16. UK: Social media giants are allowing jihadists to ‘act with impunity’ after failing to report a SINGLE potential jihadist to terror police
  17. UK: Almost All Female Genital Mutilation Cases Performed in the UK Are Just Legal ‘Intimate’ Piercings
  18. UK: Muslim migrant teen who bombed Tube told border officials he was trained by ISIS, was admitted anyway
  19. UK: Muslim gets ten years for running down soldiers
  20. UK: Sunni Muslim tweeted “death to shias” and called for “dirty and filthy shiite scum” to be burned alive
  21. UK: Court removes two Muslim boys from father’s care, he was grooming them to be ‘religious warriors’
  22. UK: UK terror-related arrests rose almost 60% to record high in 2017
  23. UK: UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn ‘was a member of Palestine Facebook group’ that posted antisemitic comments
  24. EU: EU Wants World Trade Organization to Punish U.S. for Tax Cuts
  25. EU: EU ready to react to U.S. tariffs
  26. EU: EU snubs Britain’s post-Brexit trade demands
  27. EU: EU FURY: Brussels threatens to SUE Britain if Fox secures exemption from US steel tariffs
  28. EU: EU’s £24bn BOMBSHELL: Lithuania admits Brexit cost is DOUBLE the previous estimate
  29. EU: EU REVOLT: Polish PM reveals the TWELVE nations ready to TOPPLE Macron and Merkel’s agenda
  30. England: How to Prevent ISIS From ‘Bouncing Back’
  31. England: URGENT Word about BREXIT
  32. England: WATCH: British MP Demands End to ‘Abhorrent’ Palestinian Terror Funding 
  33. England: London Closes 500 Churches; Opens 423 New Mosques
  34. England: British PM Claims Saudi & UK Links Are ‘Saving Lives’
  35. England: British intelligence already sees Kremlin behind ex-spy’s poisoning, say sources
  36. England: Britain First leaders jailed over so-called anti-Muslim hate crimes for “harassing” Muslim rape gang
  37. England: Britain First leaders jailed over “anti-Muslim hate crimes”
  38. England: Islamophobes relive Parsons Green subway terror
  39. England: WATCH: Protesters Storm Iran Embassy in London, Tear Down National Flag
  40. Ireland: Irish Govt ‘Paid Press’ to Promote Plan to Grow Population by One Million With Mass Migration
  41. Ireland: Irish Fight Plan to Dump 115 Migrants in Town of Lisdoonvarna
  42. Ireland: Tiny Irish town taking in a 33% population increase in migrants had no say, locals fear being called racist
  43. Austria: Woman who complained about Muslim prayers in her hospital room told to see a psychologist
  44. Austria: Manhunt in Vienna after 2 knife attacks leave several people critically injured
  45. Austria: Muslim migrant arrested in mass stabbings attacks in heavily Jewish area of Vienna, Austria
  46. Austria: Austria knife attack: ‘Indiscriminate’ ‘mass stabbing’ in heavily Jewish area of Vienna leaves ‘several injured’, whole family hacked up
  47. Austria: Vienna: Knife-wielding man randomly attacks pedestrians, at least three injured
  48. Austria: Vienna: Muslim migrant who went on stabbing spree was shouting “Allah”
  49. Sweden: Sweden’s feminist party: Completely opening borders and keeping terrorists in the country leads to a better world
  50. Sweden: Sharia scandal in Sweden: Are blasphemy laws being sneaked into the Swedish justice system?
  51. Sweden: Muslim with knives and Qur’ans in car drives into three cars, attacks policeman
  52. Sweden: Swedish Government Ignores, Refuses To Help Middle Eastern Christians And Ex-Muslim Refugees In Sweden Who Are Attacked And Murdered by Muslims
  53. Sweden: For the first time, judge applies sharia, acquits Muslim who beat his wife
  54. Sweden: Sweden refuses to investigate hundreds of acts of Muslim violence against Christian refugees
  55. Sweden: Swedish Jews Complain Google Searches Returning Anti-Semitic Results
  56. France: Marine Le Pen Charged Over Tweeting ISIS Images
  57. France: France finally admits: Elderly Jewish woman thrown off balcony by Muslim shouting “Allahu akbar” was anti-Semitic murder
  58. France: Iran Must Curb Missile Program Or Face Sanctions, Says Top French Diplomat
  59. France: WATCH: Louvre Displays Nazi-looted Art in Effort to Find Owners
  60. France: Man ‘Scalped, Mutilated’ In Paris Restaurant By Attackers Wielding Machete and Sword in Migrant Heavy Neighborhood
  61. France: Muslim migrant murders homeless man, found wearing victim’s shoes
  62. France: French judge drops hate crime charges against Muslim gang that beat boy and called him “dirty Jew”
  63. France: Third rape case filed against Muslim “reformer” Tariq Ramadan
  64. France: Burkina Faso: “Islamic and Muslim Support Group” members arrested for jihad massacre at French embassy
  65. Europe: WATCH: European Rabbi Confronts BDS Leader: ‘What is Your Real Agenda?’
  66. Europe: The Rapid Spread Of Dhimmitude
  67. Spain: Spanish Court Strikes Down Anti-Israel Boycott
  68. Spain: The government of Madrid declares that all Christian schools must push homosexuality on their students
  69. Germany: Surprise: Muslim migrant “child refugee” who murdered German teen girl is probably an adult
  70. Germany: Angela Merkel admits that ‘no-go zones’ exist in Germany
  71. Germany: ‘This is How You’ll End’ If You ‘Irritate’ Your Husband
  72. Germany: GERMANY PANICS: Angela Merkel LOSES her cool over Trump tariffs as US takes aim
  73. Italy: Muslim Migrant Attacks Asylum Home Worker over Lack of Wi-Fi Internet
  74. Italy: Euroskeptic parties surge in Italy vote, but no majority
  75. Italy: Italian election shows a growing anti-European Union sentiment
  76. Italy: Italian Election Results Very Dangerous for Israel, Says Former Italian MP
  77. Italy: Italy’s voters choose populists, deliver stinging rebuke to Europe
  78. Italy: Italy stuns Euro establishment by voting for its own freedom and security
  79. Italy: Male Escort Sends 1,200-Page Diary to Vatican Outing 40 Gay Priests
  80. Italy: Migrant Attacks Italian Asylum Home Worker Over Lack of Wi-Fi Internet
  81. Italy: Anti-Establishment Parties Surge in Italian Election
  82. Italy: Former Vatican Bank Chief Indicted Over $61 Million Embezzlement Losses
  83. Italy: Man in Italy approaches African street vendor, pulls out a gun and murders him
  84. Italy: Vatican signals its “concern” over populist rise in Italy elections
  85. Italy: Muslim who attacked soldiers and police officer with knife gets reduced sentence due to his “mental state”
  86. Russia: Satan 2: Russia Deploys Hypersonic Missile That Can Destroy Area Size Of Texas
  87. Russia revelas mock nuke strike against Florida
  88. Russia: Russia Refuses to Extradite Citizens to Face Mueller (Radio Free Europe Inspired) Indictment
  89. Russia: Russia Rescues Millions Of American Democrats Unable To Save Themselves As New England Region Warned Faces Coming Blackouts Due To Stupidity
  90. Russia: Russia Prepares To ‘Cut Itself Off’ From The Web As It launches its own Internet
  91. Russia: Russia Begins Feeding Half The World As Fears Grow Over American GMO Plot To Alter DNA
  92. Russia: Putin: ‘Jews with Russian Citizenship’ May Have Interfered in US Election
  93. Poland: First lawsuit filed under controversial Polish ‘Holocaust law’
  94. Poland: Polish President Not Welcome at the White House – Report
  95. Hungary: Hungary challenges UN plan to facilitate global mass migration
  96. Belgium: Belgium Distributing Iodine Pills; NUCLEAR FEAR
  97. Belgium: EPIC VIDEO: Flemish Patriots Tear Down Massive EU Flag From Historic Castle At Open Borders Event. Leftists React In Horror
  98. Ukraine:  begins seizure of Russian energy giant Gazprom’s assets, citing Stockholm court decision
  99. Czech Republic: Czech President Wants Embassy Move to Jerusalem Expedited
  100. Switzerland: Muslim migrant arrested after bomb threat at church
  101. Kazakhstan: Abdrakhmanov: Guarantor states’ foreign ministers will adopt joint statement on future of solving Syrian crisis
  102. Norway: Norway used technology previously not released outside of NSA for potentially illegal spying


  1. Iran: Women protesting against wearing the hijab in Iran will be charged with inciting PROSTITUTION and jailed for up to ten years
  2. Iran: Iranians Complain Mosque Looks Too Jewish, AP Buries the Lede
  3. Iran: Islamic Republic of Iran to host festival celebrating Israel’s imminent demise
  4. Iran: Iranians Upset About New Tehran Mosque: ‘Too Jewish’
  5. Iran: We Can Resume Uranium Enrichment in Less Than 2 Days
  6. Iran: Supreme Ayatollah of Iran Proclaims That America Needs To Disarm Its Citizens To Protect People From Gun Violence
  7. Iran: Iranian Shiite militias expand jihad; take control of U.S. tanks in Iraq
  8. Iran: Massive Explosion Rocks Iran Military Base
  9. Iran: WATCH: What on Earth is Iran Doing on the Israeli Border?
  10. Iran: Iran Tripled Missile Production, Boasts Iranian General
  11. Iran: Massive Iranian Missile Buildup Sparks Fear of ‘Second Holocaust’
  12. Iraq: NATO troops are now in Iraq, and they are staying to help Turkey and to increase tensions with Russia
  13. North Korea: North Korea snubs US demands to de-nuclearise
  14. North Korea: Breakthrough or Deception? North Korea Says Willing to De-Nuclearize
  15. North Korea: Breakthrough: North Korea Ready to Denuclearize “If Regime Safety Is Guaranteed”
  16. North Korea: Remarks by Republic of Korea National Security Advisor Chung Eui-Yong
  17. South Korea: President Trump’s Stunningly Effective North Korea Policy Leaves Professional Diplomatic Corps Gobsmacked…
  18. China: China’s New Silk Road | DW Documentary (Video: 42:40 minutes long.)
  19. China: Chinas Surveillance State Bans words such as ‘1984,’ ‘Animal Farm,’ and ‘Xi Zedong’
  20. China: Has The King Of The East Now Taken His Throne? China’s New Emperor For Life
  21. China: Half the world warned ‘Chinese space station will fall on you’
  22. China: America Should Ban Civilian Guns to Protect Human Rights, Chinese Communist Dictatorship Says Through State-Run Media
  23. China: China’s Scary Social Credit Score – Pathway To The System Of The Beast?
  24. China: Xi Jinping For Life: Bad News For Christians & The World
  25. Pakistan: Muslim cleric: “We will come out as a force to establish Islamic rule over the entire world”
  26. Pakistan: Torture of Christian by federal investigators exposes brutality of state machinery and vulnerability of non-Muslims in the country
  27. Pakistan: Muslim Mob Injures Christians During Attack on Church Worship Service in Pakistan
  28. India: Muslims gang-rape Hindu girl after she refuses to convert to Islam
  29. India: Serious Neglect By MP Doctors; ‘Dead’ Accident Victim Wakes Up Right Before His Post Mortem
  30. India: Pagan Mob Attacks Indian Christians Trying To Bury Dead Toddler In Village, Beat Them With Sticks And Threaten To Burn Them Alive With Gasoline And Say ‘We Kill You If You Try To Return To Your Homes’
  31. Turkey: Turkey Arrests 4 ISIS Terrorists for Plotting US Embassy Attack
  32. Turkey: Turkish Daily Close to Erdogan Calls for ‘Army of Islam’ to Fight Israel
  33. Turkey: Turkey Refusing to Release Detained Greek Soldiers
  34. Turkey: Turkish paper close to Erdogan calls for OIC “army of Islam” attack against Israel
  35. Turkey: Erdogan denounces critic of Sharia mistreatment of women: “Nobody has the right to accuse our religion”
  36. Saudi Arabia: Saudis Allow Airspace for Air India Flights to Israel
  37. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia Buys 48 Typhoon Fighters Jets From U.K.
  39. Yemeni: Saudi-led Coalition Advances In Yemeni Province Of Saana, Repels Large Houthi Attack
  40. Malaysia: Sharia Courts in Malaysia to Judge Christian Conversions
  41. Indonesia: Islamic University Bans Full-Face Veils
  42. Bangladesh: Muslim who stabbed writer says victim is “enemy of Islam…I am working for Islam”
  43. Afghanistan: 10 Killed In Suicide Attack Of ISIS In Afghan Capital
  44. Syria: Syria Is Now A ‘Shi’a Colony Of Iran’
  45. Syria: World War III Starts In Syria
  46. Syria: US Air Strikes Responsible For Killing 150 Civilians In Syria
  47. Syria: Russian cargo plane crashes at Syria base, killing all 32 passengers
  48. Syria: Syria War: What the mainstream media isn’t telling you about Eastern Ghouta
  49. Syria: Reports: Syrian troops split rebel-held enclave near capital
  50. Syria: Some Facts and Figures on Eastern Ghouta
  51. Syria: Has Somebody a Chance to Change the Course of Events on Ghouta’s liberation?
  52. Syria: First Comments on the Negotiations Between the Radicals and SAA in Eastern Ghouta
  53. Syria: The Talks Have Been Going On on Possible Leaving Eastern Ghouta Between the Sides
  54. Syria: Syrian Army reaches outskirts of Islamist strongholds in East Ghouta
  55. Syria: Jaysh al-Islam Approves Evacuation Of HTS Fighters From East Ghouta. First Group Leaves Towards Idlib (Photos)
  56. Syria: BREAKING: Map of the defense systems of YPG in Afrin released
  57. Syria: Turkish Army Captures Key Positions Around Afrin City From YPG (Map, Video, Photos)
  58. Syria: Overview Of Battle For Afrin On March 10, 2018 (Map, Videos)
  59. Syria: Turkish Army Captures Two Key Towns, Deploys Within 6km Of Afrin City (Map, Video, Photos)
  60. Syria: Eastern Ghouta: a Humanitarian Convoy has Arrived in Al-Wafedeen
  61. Syrian War Report – March 9, 2018: Syrian Army Gains Upper Hand In Eastern Ghouta Battle
  62. Syria: Tiger Forces Enter Key Town Of Misraba In Eastern Ghouta, Militants Are On Retreat (Map)
  63. Syria: Overview Of Battle For Eastern Ghouta On March 10, 2018 (Videos, Maps)
  64. Syria: Militants Plan To Sage Chemical Attack In Eastern Ghouta To Blame Govt – Syrian Foreign Ministry
  65. Syria: Pro-Government Protests Erupt In Eastern Ghouta (Videos)
  66. Syria: Turkey And U.S. Reached Agreement Regarding Manbij City – Turkish Official


  1. Algeria: Christian gets six months in prison for “shaking the faith” of Muslims
  2. Kenya: “These infidels should be wiped out”: Muslims in Kenya shoot three Christians to death
  3. Nigeria: Boko Haram Jihadis Drown Christian Woman’s Baby, Rape and Impregnate Her for Refusing to Convert to Islam
  4. Nigeria: Muslim block road to pray, beat up 56-year-old woman who asked them to make space for her to pass
  5. Nigeria: Lassa fever outbreak: Map shows terrifying new plague with NO cure SPREADING
  6. Nigeria: 12 Christians Murdered in Nigeria for Trying to Protect Girls From Forced Islamic Conversions
  7. Nigeria: The killer disease with no vaccine
  8. Egypt: Muslim cleric: Muslims must fight non-Muslims in jihad until they convert to Islam or submit and pay the jizya
  10. Tunisia: Muslims beat up and stab president of Tunisian Freethinkers
  11. Somalia: Final report: October Mogadishu jihad truck bombing is third deadliest terror attack in modern history
  12. South Africa: Racism Against Whites Flourishes in South Africa
  13. South Africa: Islamic State planned to kill British couple in order to “put fear into the heart of the kuffar”


  1. Australia: Robert Spencer: Australian Authorities Praise Islam As Solution for Wayward Youth
  2. Australia: Australia Brexit ultimatum: Leave EU customs union or LOSE out on lucrative trade deal
  3. Australia: “Natural Immunity Community” Creates Vaccine-Free Zone for Childcare and Home Schooling in Response to Australia’s Mandatory Vaccine Policies
  4. Australia: Australian Greens top dog says Islamic State jihadis “good people,” should be welcomed back into Australia
  5. Australia: Has The Australian Government Gone Stark-Raving Mad?


  1. Guatemala: Guatemala, Following US, Plans Embassy Move to Jerusalem in May
  2. Guatemala: WATCH: Guatemalan President Says Recognizing Jerusalem is ‘Right Thing to Do’
  3. Canada: Toronto: Muslim teacher charged with sexually assaulting 10-year-old boy
  4. Canada: Video from Canada : Landlord taken to court by Muslims for “Islamophobia” speaks out
  5. Canada: The Islamic Lobby Takes Over Canada, and Patriots Are Now Being Silenced
  6. Canada: Canada’s Conservative Party vows to recognize Jerusalem as Israeli capital
  7. Canada: Why Canada Defends Ukrainian Fascism
  8. Puerto Rico: 6 months after Hurricane Maria, life in Puerto Rico is better — but will ‘never be normal again’
  9. Mexico: Mexico Floats Legalizing Pot, Drug Warriors Concerned


  1. Argentina: Argentina’s Former President on Trial for Alleged Cover-up in Jewish Center Bombing
  2. Argentina: Former Argentine President Cristina Kirchner Facing Potential Trials Over Iranian Jewish Center Bombing Coverup and Murder of Investigator
  3. Argentina: Argentina’s farm of horrors: Latest shocking animal mutation discovered
  4. Brazil: DEVELOPING: Yellow fever spreads in Brazil, Government struggles to vaccinate millions…
  6. Venezuela: Venezuelan opposition declares Petro cryptocurrency illegal


World Financial News Banner


  1. Dow closes above 25,000 while Nasdaq finishes at a record as stocks rally
  2. Dollar index on track for 3rd weekly gain in a row, despite post-jobs report softness
  3. The Tax System, Explained in Beer! By Johnston Grocke (Video: 4:37 minutes long.)
  4. Tax Reform Isn’t Only for Big Business
  5. Beware, the IRS is looking for these red flags this tax season
  6. Catherine Austin Fitts – We Are Financing What is Killing Us (Video: 37:35 minutes long.)
  7. Hiring surge added 313K jobs in February, most in 1½ years
  8. Republic Steel Re-Opens Idled Plant; Re-hiring 1,000 workers in Ohio
  9. The labor pool is shrinking, and it could be decades before it comes back
  10. Job Growth Just Had Another Huge Month
  11. Jobs report: ADP says businesses added 235,000 private sector jobs in February
  12. These 7 states still have fewer jobs than before the recession
  13. New Peril For Moderate Dems: Voters Happy With Trump’s Economy
  14. ‘Made in America’ Makes Its Comeback
  16. What brought back 500 steel jobs? Tariffs may have just been ‘icing on the cake.’
  17. Here’s what happened the last time the U.S. imposed tariffs on steel
  18. JP Morgan chief warns stock markets heading for 40 percent crash
  19. Thousands More Stores Are On The 2018 Retail Apocalypse Death List
  20. USA will have cheap UNLIMITED energy in 15 years and it could come to the UK
  21. U.S. Crude Oil Production Grows as OPEC’s Stagnates
  22. “U.S. Will Be the World’s Largest Oil Producer by 2023, Says IEA”
  23. 5 Other Reasons Cohn Quit as Trump Economic Adviser; and Why it’s GOOD He’s Out
  24. Concern over Trump’s food stamp plan ‘overblown’
  25. Mixed review on Trump’s education budget
  26. Economy’s Performance Continues to Beat Forecasts
  27. Mnuchin Says Trump Might Do TPP After All
  28. Fed Chairman Powell Forecasts Interest Rate Increases to House Committee
  29. Names Change, Fiscal Irresponsibility Endures
  30. US Steel Restarts Two Blast Furnaces in Granite City, IL After Trump Announcement on Tariffs
  31. Top Analyst: Collapse of The US Dollar Will Push Gold To $10,000
  32. Imminent collapse of US dollar & other major currencies will push gold to $10,000 – bullion analyst
  33. Globalists weaponize the stock market to control presidents
  34. ‘Death by China’ economist ascendant
  35. BHP says will consider asset swaps as part of shale exit
  36. Crypto Carnage Continues – Bitcoin Below $9000
  37. Mark Your Calendars: Federal Govt To Dump A Whole Lot Of Bitcoin Onto The Market On March 19th
  38. Bitcoin rout continues, records 5th consecutive losing day
  39. Audio: Rand Paul Makes New Play to Expose Fed Banking Cabal
  40. The massive, hidden problem at Berkshire Hathaway, part I
  41. The massive, hidden problem at Berkshire Hathaway, part II
  42. My favorite strategy to lower risk and boost returns
  43. Are dollar shorts about to give small-cap stocks a shot in the arm?
  44. The economy looks good today, but the next debt crisis is on the horizon
  45. How currency investors are bracing for a full-blown trade war
  46. This profitable investing strategy is about to make a comeback
  47. The four mistakes that will sink the economy
  48. Gold’s decline is temporary
  49. Why Didn’t Gold Rise To $20,000 During Three Rounds of Fed Money Printing?
  50. Missing $21 Trillion Used to Manipulate Markets? | Rob Kirby
  51. They May Not Have Crushed Gold & Silver Prices But The Cartel Sure Has Crushed Sentiment
  52. Bill Holter: GET OUT OF THE SYSTEM With Physical Gold & Silver BEFORE THE BAIL-INS
  53. Fed Chair Powell Literally Wrote The Book On Bank ‘Bail-Ins’
  54. Eric Sprott: This Is THE PERFECT Set-Up For Silver To Move Higher Here
  55. Lynette Zang: Don’t Need To Know Every Tiny Detail If You Just Look At The Smartest Guys In The Room
  56. Wall Street Bailouts May Be Coming From The Fed Just Don’t Expect Them Anytime Soon
  57. What Happens When Corporations, The Nation, States & Cities All Cry ‘Bail-Out’ At The Same Time?
  58. Wyoming Legislature Passes Bill to End ALL TAXATION of Gold & Silver
  59. The Cost Of Housing Is Now So High That It Is Forcing Americans Into Poverty
  60. Realtors will soon be free of 10-year-old Justice Department decree — so what happens to housing now?
  61. Mortgage rates clock a ninth straight weekly gain
  62. Gold & Silver Come Under Pressure But Don’t Crack After Super-Duper Jobs Report
  63. Egon von Greyerz: $300,000,000 For One Ounce Of Gold
  64. Jim Willie: The Gold Standard Will Be Re-Introduced In The East As The U.S. Turns Into The Third World
  65. 2017 Silver Coin Sales May Have Been Down In The U.S. But This Silver Category Was Up Impressively
  66. Lior Gantz: It Is VERY RARE To See Silver As Cheap As It Is Right Now
  67. Ted Butler: JP Morgan Is FULLY PREPARED For A DRAMATIC LIFTOFF In The Silver Price
  68. Wage Inflation Is Coming But Does This Mean Spiking Interest Rates?
  69. Worry about higher inflation? Sure, but there’s no reason to be scared
  70. The stock market will remain glued to the inflation story
  71. David Stockman Says ‘Good Riddance Gary Cohn’: Cohn Gave Trump Bad Advice On EVERYTHING
  72. One Of History’s Most Accurate Indicators Of Financial Crisis Is Literally Reaching New heights
  73. The System Nearly FELL APART Last Month | Chris Martenson
  74. Lynette Zang: The Banks Are Hiding Something Very Critical From Us
  75. More than 40% of Americans may be at risk of going broke in retirement
  76. The overheating economy could crash in 2019, this top forecaster says
  77. If Tesla’s stock rises…sell, analyst says
  78. Why Goldman investors could be happy when Lloyd Blankfein leaves
  79. What to do in your 50s to build wealth for your retirement
  80. No bargains left? These stocks look cheap and enjoy a ‘healthy’ backdrop
  81. The other assets that are in a bull market along with U.S. stocks
  82. Run, don’t walk, from investing pros who won’t lay their cards on the table
  83. The Fed can’t waste this historic opportunity on jobs and pay
  84. Amazon checking accounts could have massive appeal for these Americans
  85. Rich people don’t make these 5 money mistakes
  86. Why throwing out your resume can get you a better job
  87. All fired up over guns? A better way to invest for the socially conscious
  88. Here’s how to pull off a tiny tax rate when you earn $100,000 in retirement
  89. Want to get a better raise than the average American? Get a job in this industry
  90. Nearly 100,000 members of Generation Z own a home (they’re 23 and younger)
  91. Here’s why retiring baby boomers won’t create a ‘stockmaggedon’ for millennials
  92. Fourth Turning’s Neil Howe: “Today’s Demographics Defy Conventional Wisdom”
  93. Stockman: “The Everything Bubble Is Just Waiting For The Pin”
  94. Forbes Removes 10 Saudis From “100 Richest” List After MbS’s “Corruption Crackdown”
  95. What If Higher Risk Leads To Lower Returns?
  96. Broadcom Shares Spike After Reports Of Intel Acquisition Interest
  97. Forget “Free Trade” – It’s All About Capital Flows
  98. VIX “Elephant” Breaks The Vol Market


  1. Mexico: Mexico rushes to add heavy oil auction to calendar
  2. Canada: Canada’s Finance Minister Spins Trump Trade Tariffs as a Sign of the ‘Strength of Our Relationship’ with the US


  1. Japanese Bubble-Bursting Playbook (Or What If China Rolls Over?)


  1. Extreme cold results in severe agricultural damage across Europe, food prices rising
  2. UK carmakers warn of Brexit trade barrier costs
  3. Exclusive: Goldman puts some London staff on notice for German move by June – sources
  4. US V EU trade war: Thousands of steel jobs in Europe threatened over Trump’s new tariffs
  5. $21 Trillion And Rising: How Central Banks Are LBOing The World In One Stunning Chart
  6. Russian Billionaire Claims Fusion GPS Funded By Soros


  1. Israeli Unemployment Rate Lowest Since Early ’70s
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio to Invest in Israeli Luxury Green-Tech Hotel


Earth News Banner

  1. Three Super Earths Discovered At Distance of 100-Light-Years From Earth
  2. Some black holes erase your past
  3. Strong magnitude 6.7 aftershock strikes Papua New Guinea
  4. A Diamond Bigger Than Earth Is Located In The Constellation Of Cancer
  5. Another Nor’easter Bearing Down On East Coast Days After Deadly Storm
  6. Papua New Guinea Hit by Powerful Aftershock as Quake’s Toll Mounts
  7. Papua New Guinea rocked by powerful 6.8 earthquake amid Ring of Fire fears
  8. ‘Hazardous’ Asteroid Larger Than Golden Gate Bridge Rushes Towards Earth
  9. Hundreds of thousands of dead creatures reported in aftermath of “The Beast Of The East”
  10. 200 million battered by 2 deadly storms on both sides of Atlantic
  11. Explosive Eruptions Continue at Mount Shinmoe
  12. Wonderful Auroras as far south as Maine and Scotland tonight as the Earth is entering a possible G1-class geomagnetic storm
  13. A Massive Geomagnetic Storm Is Going to Hit Earth on March 18th
  14. Cosmic rays hitting Earth are ‘bad and getting worse’ says NASA
  15. Scientists warn that the world isn’t ready for Yellowstone eruption, Millions would die
  16. Rare Celestial Event: Red Giant Revived Neighboring Dead Neutron Star Bringing It Back To Life
  17. Star HR 4796A Encircled By Vast, Complex Dust Structure About 150 Billion Miles Across
  18. Major flooding hits Queensland, comparable to 2009 flood event
  19. Deadly thunderstorm, tornado hits Thailand
  20. Bright flash, sonic boom as minivan-sized bolide explodes over Washington
  21. Tropical Cyclone “Hola” heading toward Loyalty Islands
  22. Research helps explain ongoing changes in geomagnetic field
  23. Large explosive eruptions at Mount Shinmoedake, lava flow observed
  24. State of emergency after landslide destroys over 100 homes, Peru
  25. Mount Etna, one of the world’s most active volcanoes causes panic after several shocks shook the volcano in just five minutes
  26. The Philippines most active colossus the Mayon volcano blows red hot lava and clouds of ash erupting on seven separate periods in 24 hours
  27. Incredible photo of bird frozen alive under the water in Holland as 100’s of thousands of dead creatures reported in aftermath of “The Beast Of The East”
  28. A magnitude 7.5 plus quake prediction today from Patrick Geryl earthquake researcher due to planetary alignment! Large Coronal Hole facing Earth too
  29. TEPCO’s BIG HOPE the ‘ice wall’ fails to freeze Fukushima’s toxic water buildup! Another million tons of toxic waste to be dumped into the Pacific
  30. Untold millions of dead marine life washing up around coastal areas of the UK in the wake of “The Beast From The East” and Storm Emma
  31. Japanese Shinmoedake volcano eruption caused cancellation of flights after ash reached 3,650 metres in the peak’s strongest eruption in seven years
  32. California’s other drought: A major earthquake is overdue but the current strong quake situation in California is actually more dire than people may realize
  33. Mount Etna sparks fears of fiery eruption after rapid swarm of earthquakes in Italy
  34. I bet you haven’t seen anything like this yet. Look a horseshoe cloud!
  35. The Big Drowning: More of the San Francisco Bay Area will sink underwater in 2100 than previously thought
  36. Enormous waves engulf Venezuela and Puerto Rico – The swell is the largest to hit Puerto Rico in more than a decade, and it is generating waves bigger than those produced by Hurricane Maria
  37. Bizarre Quantum Skyrmion solves the centuries-old mystery of ball lightning
  38. South Atlantic Anomaly vs poleshift: Core region beneath southern Africa may be the birthplace of recent and future magnetic pole reversals
  39. We have to build a shield made of waves to save Planet Earth from EMPs
  40. Our Earth splits in two as giant fissure appears in the desert of Saudi Arabia
  41. North Carolina’s New Mystery Island Retreats Back into the Sea
  42. Massive Magnetic Anomaly Discovered Under Africa
  43. “Jupiter’s Totally Weird, Alien World” –NASA: ‘We’re Seeing the Beginnings of a New Jupiter’


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It’s time to #AuditTheFed

Bring transparency and accountability to the Federal Reserve by supporting Senator Paul’s amendment to audit the Fed.

  • Current law prohibits Congress from fully auditing the Fed’s monetary policy actions – Senator Paul’s amendment will bring much-needed transparency to the Fed.
  • The dollar has lost 90% of its value, killing the purchasing power of everday Americans.
  • The Fed is run by unelected and unaccountable group of central planners with ultimate power over our economy.
  • The Federal Reserve has stripped the middle class of trillions of dollars of wealth through the hidden tax of inflation and continues to bury us in debt.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Numa Pompilius – Remarkable Legendary Second King Of Ancient Rome Who Succeeded Romulus – Did He Ever Exist?
  2. Vegvisir – Very Old And Sacred Norse Symbol Of Protection And Guidance
  3. Frey – Handsome Vanir God Of Fertility And Son Of Giantess Skadi In Norse Beliefs
  4. Skofnung – Formidable Sword With Supernatural Powers That Belonged To Legendary Danish King Hrólf Kraki
  5. World’s Oldest Tattoos Discovered On Egyptian Mummies Re-Write History Of Tattoos
  6. New Finds on Old Egyptian Skin Reveals Symbolic Tattoos Were In Use 5,000 Years Ago
  7. 7,000-Year-Old Native American Underwater Burial Site Discovered Off The Coast Of Florida
  8. In Sudan, Rediscovering Ancient Nubia Before It’s Too Late
  9. The Eleusinian Psychedelic Rebirth Rites of Ancient Greece are Making a Comeback
  10. The Great Heathen Army: Viking Coalition Becomes an Anglo-Saxon Nightmare
  11. Ancient Greek Vase Celebrates the Exaltation of Our Ancestors as Gods
  12. An 8,000-year-old Slab Holds the “Oldest Writing” Ever Discovered! Or Does It?
  13. Getting High with the Most High: Drugs in the Bible
  14. Halfdan Ragnarsson: Viking Commander and King of Dublin
  15. Da Vinci Designed a Double Helix Staircase at the Château de Chambord
  16. Ancient Turkish Castle Remains Threatened by Dynamite Blasts
  17. Ancient Nubia: The Melting Pot of Egypt and Black Africa
  18. Frigg: Queen of Asgard, Beloved Norse Goddess, Mother
  19. Blood on the Shroud: An Interview with the Blood Investigator of the Shroud of Turin Research Project
  20. Tools of Medieval Wisdom Unearthed Beneath England’s Ancient Academic Hub
  21. Avian Detectives Discover Vikings Dreamed on the Feathers of Giant Eagle Owls
  22. From Fart Gods to Farting Out One’s Soul: The Historic Ritualization of Farts
  23. Was the First Islamic Siege of Constantinople (674 – 678 AD) a Historical Misnomer?
  24. Mounds of Krakus and Wanda: Earthen Mausolea of Legendary Polish Aristocracy?
  25. Finders of Killingholme Treasure Hoard Make a Mint
  26. The Lost Charms and Incantations That Molded Celtic Reality
  27. Mysterious Ichthys – Ancient Secret Christian Symbol With A Deep Meaning
  28. Kiln Was Invented In Mesopotamia Around 6,000 B.C.
  29. Viking Ivar The Boneless Could Be Buried In Repton – Remarkable Viking Burial Holds Clues To Where Ragnar Lodbrok’s Son Died
  30. Return Of Pahana – The Lost White Brother Of The Hopi And The Sacred Tablet
  31. Bryggen Inscriptions Reveal Viking Runes Were Used As Modern SMS – Short Message Service In The Norse World Was Popular
  32. Ancient Roman ‘Commander House’ Discovered In Rome
  33. Crypts, Coffins, Artifacts And Wooden Church Remains Under The Floor Of Basilica In Poland
  34. Ancient Napata And Meroe Kingdoms Reveal Secrets Of Queen Tiye And Goddess Maat
  35. 15th Century Cooking Pot With 500 Silver And Gold Coins Unearthed In Vianen, Netherlands
  36. Remarkable Intact 700-Year-Old Ring With Image Of St. Nicholas Found In Jezreel Valley, Israel
  37. Erik The Red: Famous Viking Outlaw Who Colonized Greenland And Was Father Of Leif Erikson
  38. Who Was King Menes? Mystery Of This Legendary Ruler May Go Back 20,000 Years
  39. 1890 NY Times Article: Race Of Giants Discovered In New York
  40. Did the Yonaguni Underwater Monument Sink During The Last Ice Age?
  41. High Fashion of Ancient Egypt: The Bead-Net Dress
  42. Ancient Skulls Found in China Could Belong to an Unidentified Human Species
  43. Shah Cheragh and The Dazzling Dome of Mirrors
  44. Holmgang – Dangerous Viking Duel Settled Disputes
  45. Secrets Of Maxims Of Ptahhotep – Ancient Egyptian Wisdom Is Still Relevant Today
  46. The Seal Of Solomon, The Fifth Element And The Andromeda Constellation Reveal An Intriguing Connection
  47. Message In A Bottle Thrown Overboard In Germany 132 Years Ago Was Found In Australia
  48. Rare Iron Age Crouch Burial Discovered At The Margate Caves Site In Kent, UK
  49. Unique Medieval Spindle Whorl With Cyrillic Inscription Discovered In Poland
  50. History Of Middle Ages Altarpieces Has Been Re-Written
  51. Fragments Of 50-Mile-Long Roman Aqueduct And Road In Cádiz, Spain Revealed By Storm
  52. Receding waters suck by Nor’easter Storm Riley in Maine reveal an extremely rare Revolutionary War era shipwreck


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Ten Tribes Studies (5 March, 2018, 18 Adar, 5778)
  2. Ten Tribes Studies (8 March, 2018, 21 Adar, 5778)


All About Divorce

Divorce Correctly Explained: Be set free and marry again!

Divorce Correctly Explained: Be Set Free and Marry Again releases deprived believers from the bondage of an Incorrect Doctrine being taught. Read and be set free to marry again!

Millions of beloved Christian women (and men) sit with a heart-breaking dilemma that they can never marry again after being divorced. Or, a beloved Christian man dearly loves a divorced lady but thinks he cannot marry her. How sad when the Scriptures actually NEVER ever said that, if you understand the original Hebrew and Greek.

If GOD DIVORCED the House of Israel (Jeremiah 3) and outright says that He will MARRY HER AGAIN (Matt 15:24), then there is something seriously wrong how beloved pastors ignorantly were taught that a divorcee cannot marry again. If God divorced and will marry again then it should be GOOD ENOUGH FOR EVERY CHRISTIAN. 

This ERRONEOUS REASONING is the cause of the TRADITIONAL DOCTRINE that has been handed down from generation to generation in the various Christian educational institutes all based of the following verses:

“It hath been said, Whosoever shall put away his wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement: But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery. It was also said, Whoever puts away his wife, “let him give her a bill of divorce.” But I say to you, Whoever puts away his wife, apart from a matter of fornication, causes her to commit adultery. And whoever shall marry the one put away commits adultery.”

This book sets the record straight what it ACTUALLY MEANS, and already helped a vast amount of enslaved believers to be set FREE and have a blessed remarried life!

Brace yourself, this book will encourage you as we come to the real understanding of divorce and to enter a new life. Make sure you share it to loved ones, counselors, pastors, divorce lawyers, psychologist, etc., without delay!

(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


Genealogy News Banner

  1. MyHeritage Releases New Collections with 325 Million Historical Records
  2. Serious About Genealogy? Here are 10 Books to Read This Year
  3. New FamilySearch Tree Sync (beta) allows FamilySearch users to synchronize their family trees with MyHeritage
  4. Searching Old Newspapers: Finding the Details about Your Family
  5. Finding Ancestors: A Beautiful 1862 Cartes de Visite
  6. Don’t Overlook Tokens if Your Ancestor was a Storekeeper
  7. Major Upgrade to the MyHeritage Chromosome Browser for Better Exploration of DNA Matches
  8. Introducing DNA Quest: New pro bono initiative to reunite adoptees with their biological families
  9. Over 175K Records Added At FindMyPast This Last Week
  10. A New Nation Is Born: The Republic of Texas
  11. Maryland Archives: 176 Newspapers for Genealogy Research
  12. Using One Wedding Announcement to Find Multiple Cousins
  13. African American Genealogy: A Guide to Finding Your Ancestors Online
  14. District of Columbia Historical Timeline, 1790-2017
  15. Kentucky Historical Timeline, 1541-1998
  16. FindMyPast Brings New York Catholic Records Online
  17. 1771 Massachusetts (and Maine) Tax Inventory is Available Online
  18. 5 Steps for Storing Photos and Records Online
  19. MyHeritage DNA Quest to Help Adoptees Find Birth Families
  22. America’s First Ladies, #22 — Frances Folsom Cleveland
  23. Genealogy Gold (#168) Tips on Researching Your African-American Family History Before 1870


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  1. Tap water in Illinois is polluted with high levels of nitrate from the GMO corn belt
  2. Saline solution in hospital IVs found to cause kidney failure
  3. Antibiotics FAIL: Yaws bacteria develops resistance and is making a comeback
  4. A Two-Dose Vaccine For Chicken Pox Now Is Linked To An Epidemic Of Shingles
  5. Lab-grown meat now coming to restaurants near you: Is your stomach prepared for it?
  6. Major side effects from popular medicines: Beta-blockers and painkillers found to double risk of stroke
  7. Causes Kidney Failure 40 Percent of the Time – So Ignore at Your Peril
  8. Animal organ HARVESTING farms coming soon? Researchers develop method to “refurbish” harvested animal organs for human transplant
  9. Scientists develop pigs for human transplants…



  1. Editor Of Top Medical Journal Admits ‘50% Of Pro-Vaccine Science Is Fraudulent’
  2. First-Ever Peer-Reviewed Study of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Children Shows Vaccinated Kids Have a Higher Rate of Sickness, 470% Increase in Autism
  3. U.S. Government Continues to Pay Out Millions to Victims Injured by the Flu Shot
  4. Incentivizing Pediatricians to Be Vaccine Bullies
  5. Gardasil Vaccine Documentary Series Sacrificial Virgins wins Australian Best of Festival Award
  6. Teenage boy dies from meningitis only MONTHS after receiving the vaccine
  7. Why Claims Of Unvaccinated Flu Deaths Are Highly Deceptive
  8. Merck and UAB Recruiting 16 to 26 Year Old Mothers Who Just Gave Birth to Enroll in Gardasil 9 Vaccine Trials
  9. Federal Lawsuit Against Forced Water Fluoridation Proceeds
  10. This Homeopathic Remedy Can Help You Recover From The Flu Faster
  11. Flu-Like Symptoms Turn Out to Be ** HANTAVIRUS**
  12. How Your Future Will Look Esthetically, Thanks To 5G Cell Towers
  13. AMI Smart Meter Abuse Ramps Up Around The USA
  14. EPA Wants China To Sell Bee-Killing Pesticide For 165 Mil Acres Of US Farmland
  15. Dow Chemical Lobbyist Of 20 Yrs Appointed To EPA To Manage Highly Toxic Superfund Sites
  16. The hidden truth about glyphosate EXPOSED, according to undeniable scientific evidence
  17. Immune systems go haywire when mice are fed fast food, causing an “explosion” of inflammation
  18. Number of Children Hospitalized by Opioid Overdose Almost Doubles
  19. ER Visits for Opioid Overdoses Soaring: CDC
  20. Opioids May Be No More Effective Than OTC Meds, Study Suggests
  21. Scientific Discovery: Aspartame, Commonly Used In Artificial Sweeteners Is The Main Cause Of Diabetes
  22. This Supplement Destroys Clotting Material Linked to Heart Attacks, Specialized Key
  23. Does stir-frying veggies destroy their nutrition? Not according to the latest scientific analysis
  24. Legionella bacteria in municipal water systems has killed or sickened thousands – is anything being done to address the problem?
  25. U.S. Food and Drug Administration approves first ever 3D-printed spine implant to treat injuries
  26. Are Air Fryers Healthy?
  27. Are Organ Meats Good for You?
  28. What Is Bursitis and How Do You Know if You Have It?
  29. Doctors SHOCKED as children no longer able to hold pencils due to endless use of mobile devices
  30. Politicians join with conservation groups in calling on the EPA to ban bee-killing pesticides until a full scientific review is conducted
  31. Please Be Careful – This Hoax Could Leave Your Body Short on Nutrients
  32. Trusted but Dangerous Medical Info Hardly Anyone Recognizes
  33. Critique of Proposed Regulations of Homeopathic Medicines and Alternative Proposals
  34. Judge to Decide if Monsanto Roundup Cancer Lawsuits Move Forward
  35. Public Health Agency Sued for Coke Collusion
  36. INVESTIGATION: “Trans” ideology pushed by Big Pharma and surgery companies backed by $400 million P.R. campaign
  37. Gender Reassignment Surgeries on the Rise, Study Finds
  38. Worse Than Smoking a Pack a Day yet Millions Do it Without Knowing
  39. Is It Dandruff or Dry Scalp?
  40. Can You Taste Pesticides in Your Food?
  41. Riboflavin: Benefits and Uses
  42. Controversial gene-editing procedure to fight AIDS is again being considered by scientists, despite disastrous results a decade ago
  43. U.S. Food and Drug Administration issues approval for first blood test for concussions… but is it accurate?
  44. Dr. Mercola and Dr. Wunsch on the Dangers of LED Lights (Video: 35:59 minutes long.)
  45. 6 Ways to Tell if a Heart Attack Is Brewing
  46. Walking While Counting Backward Could Diagnose Dementia
  47. Is Peru Balsam Oil a Wise Choice for Healing Wounds?
  48. As Strong As Morphine: This Natural Painkiller Grows in Your Backyard
  49. Exposing FDA’s Disinformation Campaign on Kratom
  50. Test risk of breast cancer from home with new FDA-approved DNA kit by 23andMe
  51. Teen Designs Bra to Detect Breast Cancer
  52. Oncologists Accidental Discovery – The Juice That Kills Cancer
  53. 15 Ways To Use Borax You’ve Probably Never Even Thought Of
  54. Cinnamon And Lemon: A Sensational Remedy To Discover
  55. 10 Symptoms Of High Cholesterol That You Shouldn’t Ignore
  56. Vitamins And Apple Cider Vinegar Are Jennifer Aniston’s Morning Routine For A Healthy And Glowing Skin!
  57. 9 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Can Change Your Life
  58. Avoid These 3 Medications If You’re Taking Apple Cider Vinegar
  59. 5 Drinks To Help You Sleep Better And Lose Weight: You’ll Love Them!
  60. The #1 Supplement Recommended by Cardiologists
  61. How To Wash Your Face And Say Goodbye To Saggy Facial Skin And Wrinkles
  62. 10 Foods To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels And Prevent Diabetes
  63. Early Warning Signs That You Are Infected With A Parasite (Weight Gain, Anxiety, Sugar Cravings, Bloating)
  64. How To Make Pineapple Ginger Smoothies To Help With Pain And Inflammation
  65. Tumeric and Honey Spread for Inflammation and Pain
  66. 7 Tea Tree Oil Uses Most People Have No Idea About
  67. Get Rid Of Ants From Your Home Naturally With These 4 Tricks
  68. How Honey Fights Cancer (And Plenty of Other Diseases)
  69. 7 Best Home Remedies for Cough
  70. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Signs + Prevention
  71. Creatine Monohydrate: Beneficial or Just Dangerous?
  72. 5 Healthy Ways to Spice Up Your Green Tea
  73. What Is Ascites? (+ 6 Natural Ways to Manage Ascites Symptoms)
  74. How Does Alcohol Affect the Brain? (It’s Not Pretty)
  75. New Study: If You Eat These Foods, You’re 10X More Likely To Develop Cancer
  76. These 3 People Fought Cancer Without Chemo. Here’s How
  77. 5 Reasons You Had Trouble Pooping Today
  78. Before You Buy Eggs, Avoid These 5 Things
  79. Instead Of Drugs, Try These 5 All-Natural Ways To Banish Sciatica…
  80. Rosemary + 5 Other Healing Herbal Teas For Migraine Relief
  81. At The Grocery Store, Avoid These 4 Dangerous Foods From China
  82. New Study: This Common Oil May Harm Your Liver
  83. 5 Easy Facial Exercises To Combat Aging And Tighten Skin
  84. Teen Mental Health Seriously Deteriorated In 5 Years – The Surprising Culprit
  85. Researchers Use Essential Oils To Successfully Treat ADHD Symptoms
  86. Boy Denied Life-Saving Treatment Because He Used Cannabis Oil To Treat Seizures
  87. Why Are We So Sleep Deprived, And Why Does It Matter?
  88. Trump’s HHS Secretary Literally Just Denied Existence Of Medical Marijuana
  89. Health Secretary Who Gave Cialis To Children Says There Is “No Such Thing As Medical Marijuana”
  90. 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Avocados
  91. Top 5 Ways To Burn Back Fat Naturally
  92. HPV Documentary “Sacrificial Virgins” Wins Australian BEST OF FESTIVAL Award
  93. Earthing: 5 Ways It Can Help You Fight Disease
  94. Fight Hypertension, Blood Sugar, Insomnia And Other Problems With This Particular Leaf
  95. After Reading This, You Are Going To Drink Aloe Vera Juice Every Day!
  96. Homemade Remineralizing Toothpaste
  97. Marijuana Chewing Gum to Relieve Fibromyalgia Pain
  98. Relieve stress naturally with these scientifically proven supplements
  99. Vertical gardens reduce air pollution and improve energy efficiency in buildings
  100. Ketone supplement drinks help diabetics control blood sugar, study finds
  101. Boost your metabolism AND the microbiota in your colon with a small amount of prebiotics
  102. Scientists seek to use gene from deadly disease as new cancer treatment… could it actually work?
  103. Natural and Non-toxic Options for Treating Hepatitis C or Liver Inflammation
  104. Department of Justice Sues County in Wisconsin Over Nurse Being Forced to Receive Flu Shot Against Her Religious Beliefs
  105. Study: Americans dying waiting for Medicaid help
  106. Big Pharma’s contradictory JUNK SCIENCE: Merck pulls “promising” Alzheimer’s drug from trials the same day Cleveland Clinic hails its success
  107. FOOD COLLAPSE imminent? Researchers create “robobees” as last ditch effort to compensate for collapsing bee populations
  108. Diets high in saturated fat contribute to anxiety and depression, new research finds
  109. They Say Dementia Is Incurable, but They’re Wrong
  110. Is Nonalcoholic Beer an Effective Recovery Drink?
  111. Royal Jelly: Benefits and Uses
  112. Disabled Virginia Mom Arrested with No Warrant, No Charges Because Health Impact News Exposed her Story
  113. NASA Astronaut Who Spent a Year in Space Now Has Different DNA From His Twin
  114. Oral cancer epidemic growing among men
  115. Colon cancer: Are You at Risk?
  116. Death begins in the colon (Video: 58:06 minutes long.)
  117. Snake Oil Sold as Organics – Fraud Uncovered
  118. This Rich and Cheesy Beef Casserole Might Just Be Your New Favorite


  1. Earl Grey Tea: Benefits and Nutrition Facts
  2. Bee propolis: One of nature’s most effective antibiotics
  3. Probiotics for your heart: Eat yogurt twice a week to reduce risk of heart attack in those with high blood pressure by up to 30%
  4. Why everyone could use a bit more flax in their diet
  5. South African herb lance-leaved waxberry found to offer antimicrobial and antitumor benefits
  6. What Is Tempeh Good For?
  7. Orange Nutrition Benefits Skin, Immunity & More
  8. Science Explains The Health Benefits of Drinking ‘Ginger Tea’ Every Night Before Bed
  9. Essiac Tea: Benefits and Nutrition Facts


Misc News Banner

Google Goes Fascist

  1. Seriously? Facebook Flags Christian Satire Site as ‘Fake News’
  3. Election interference ALERT: Google / YouTube now blatantly trying to steal the 2018 elections
  4. Why YouTube’s Conflict With Infowars Should Concern Us All
  5. Twitter Wars With Pro-Israel Group, Suspends Account Amid Crackdown on Speech
  7. We Are Seeing the Worst Purge of Conservative Voices in the History of the Internet
  8. How the Tech Giant Cabal Shadow-Bans, Censors, and Snuffs Out Your Christian Voice
  9. The Unlearned Lessons of Columbine
  10. 5 Technologies from NeuromancerThat Are Almost Here
  11. Scientists to make tech revolution: Dead people will return in form of robotic clones
  13. 11 Things The Pioneers Carried With Them On The Oregon Trail
  14. The Lost Pioneer “Flu Shot”
  15. Now That Your Preps Are In Order: Becoming The ‘Gray Man’
  16. 10 Things to Do Before the Upcoming Great Depression
  17. 15 Weird Foods That Were Common During The Great Depression
  18. What Do You Do When Someone Asks For Food in a Crisis?
  19. Quick and Easy Cheat Sheet to Learn How to Operate a Ham Radio
  20. Pet cloning is not just for celebrities anymore
  21. Bizarre research paper explores threat of alien galactic cyber attack
  22. Experts imagine how robot-led AI apocalypse could play out
  24. Erasing U.S. History; The _Real_ Reason Schools Stopped Teaching Cursive Writing
  25. For Babies with Down Syndrome, Quality of Life Looks up
  26. Truth and the Transgender Movement
  27. 16 Facts on Gender Confusion
  28. Gender Ideology Harms Children
  29. Planned Parenthood: Its Elect Trick
  30. Distortion on Abortion at Planned Parenthood
  31. Former Planned Parenthood Worker Admits Staff Would ‘Laugh’ and Cover-up Sexual Abuse of Minors
  32. Planned Profiting: Abortion Biz Rakes in Taxpayer Cash
  33. The Left Is Playing More Than a Numbers Game
  34. Disabled Parents Losing Right to Parent their Own Children in America while Foster Parent Recruitment Seeks “Imperfect Parents”
  35. WATCH: PayPal Cuts Ties with Anti-Israel Organization
  36. Exposing schools to truth about 1st Amendment
  37. Famous Atheist: Let’s Eat Human Meat
  38. Major Atheist Leader, Richard Dawkins, Declares: ‘We Must Overcome Our Taboo Against Cannibalism. I Am Looking Forward To Eating Human Flesh.’
  39. David vs. Goliath: New Social Media Site ONEWAY Takes On the Giants
  40. “Hate Group” SPLC Helping YouTube Purge Conservatives
  41. Report: Southern Poverty Law Center ignores anti-Semitic hate crimes on campus
  42. YouTube, Twitter and Facebook May Soon Use ADL’s ‘Online Hate Index’ to Detect ‘Hate Speech’ on Platforms
  43. Should **Facebook*-*Google*-*Twitter** Be Public Utilities?
  44. Who is Really Behind Youtube’s Censorship? (Video: 12:06 minutes long.)
  45. Facebook Sees 24% Drop In Average Time Spent On Site
  46. Facebook Pres. Admits Social Media Not For Connection, But Distraction By Dopamine Hits
  47. Facebook Announce Trump Ban: “We Will Deprioritize The President’s Posts”
  48. Facebook Tracks Internet Users, Builds Secret Files
  49. Facebook really is spying on you, just not through your phone’s mic
  50. Purge Of Conservative Voices On Social Media Continues
  51. Game of Trolls: The Sinister Face of Facebook
  52. THIRD WORLD COMMUNISM: Facebook Flags and Bans Legitimate Gateway Pundit Article — Then Instructs Our Followers to Read the AP Instead!
  53. Trump Campaign Manager @Parscale Warns Facebook: “We Are Watching – Make Sure the Playing Field is Level” …(But Is It Too Late?)
  54. STUNNING: Facebook Was Losing 50,000,000 User Hours Every Day — Then Decided to Crackdown on Conservative Content
  55. Facebook, Google & YouTube Censorship At An All Time High — What Ever Happened To Free Speech?
  56. Facebook Algorithm Change Hits Fox, Breitbart, Conservative Sites – CNN, New York Times Unaffected
  57. “We Know All About You” – MoviePass Is Secretly Tracking Its Customers’ Movements
  58. Health Ranger announces Real.Video as “the answer to YouTube censorship” … bypass tyranny and censorship with p2p file sharing
  59. How biased is your news source? You probably won’t agree with this chart
  60. The Long Walk, by An Armenian
  61. Oscars Celebrate All the Wrong Things
  62. NFL Kneeler League Approves National Anthem Protests for Next Season
  63. ‘Flippy’ A Burger-Flipping Robot Has Just Begun Its First Shift
  64. Top Scientist Claims NASA Is Covering Up Evidence Of Alien Life On Mars
  65. Smashing the Cult of Celebrity and the Disempowerment Game
  66. False Flag Mass Shootings: Stages of Awakening
  67. Illiteracy leads to censorship
  68. Dark-Web Browser Partners with US Intelligence Agencies
  69. Bones found in South Pacific ‘likely’ Amelia Earhart’s, researcher says
  70. Coca-Cola breaks with tradition to produce its first alcoholic drink
  71. Stargate Files Shed Light On Some Astonishing Secrets The Government Never Told Us About Mars
  72. A.I. Face Swapping Technology Migrates From Pornography To The Mainstream- We Warned This Would Happen
  74. ‘Nano Tech Inside Human Brain Can Make it Billion Times Smarter’ – Futurist
  75. 3 Reasons Why It’s a Good Idea to Resurrect a Species
  76. Flying to the Supermarket for Milk! (Video: 11:06 minutes long.)
  77. What is the History of Daylight Savings Time, and Why Do We Have It?
  78. The Hug of the Century (Video: 1:17 minutes long.)
  79. Matthew 25: Do we go to hell for not feeding the hungry?
  81. Start-up Develops Special Lens for 3-D Photography and Film
  82. Scientists Reach ‘Significant Milestone’ in Race to Create World’s First Quantum Computer – Discover How to Make Atoms in Silicon ‘Talk’ to Each Other
  83. Never-Before-Seen Mineral Found Inside a ‘Super Deep’ Diamond
  84. That Ridiculous Voice We Use to Talk to Dogs? They Actually Love It, Paper Shows
  85. Oprah Winfrey and Stephen Colbert Take Turns Mocking God, Jesus and the Bible on the Late Show
  87. Scientists claim nothing wrong with first cousins getting married
  88. The new ID theft: Millions of credit applicants who don’t exist
  89. A warning cry from the Doomsday Vault
  90. Drone swarms are going to be terrifying and hard to stop
  91. DARPA wants to freeze soldiers on the battlefield
  92. Today’s “Planet Earth Report” –‘The U.S. Military Keeps Reporting UFOs. Why Don’t They Seem to Care?’


  1. Battery Backup Power – What You Need to Know
  2. Is Satellite Internet a Good Choice?
  3. [UPDATE] Free Cloud Storage Services
  4. Terrified Amazon Echo Users Say Alexa Has Gone ‘Criminally Insane’
  5. The Best New Features of Android 9.0 P (Android Pistachio Ice Cream) (Video: 9:54 minutes long.)
  6. Geekly Update – 08 March 2018
  7. Securely Erasing Your Hard Drive
  8. New app helps travelers avoid no-go zones in Paris


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Joel 2.28

  1. Anne Graham Lotz Reveals the Stunning Prophetic Significance of Billy Graham’s Death Date
  3. ‘Billy Graham Loved, Hugged Me in Prison When I Was Cleaning Toilets’: Jim Bakker
  5. Jonestown cult survivor recalls horrifying massacre in new documentary: I thought I would die at 22
  6. SBC hoping to extinguish ‘theologically progressive’ flashpoint
  7. When the Lord puts your enemies under your Feet!
  8. The power of gratitude
  9. Replacement theology ‘infecting’ evangelicals
  11. Pastor accused of ‘hate speech’ not backing down
  12. Pope Francis in Chile Placed Crown on Statue of the ‘Virgin Mary’ and Declared Her Queen of the Universe
  13. ‘Compromise’ in the American Church is ‘Destroying the Credibility of American Christian Witness’
  14. The One, Simple Fix That Could Totally Restore Christianity’s Impact in the Modern Era
  15. America is a nation that is filled with heresy, heretics and false prophets who make money off deceiving people with false prophecies
  16. Will the Son of Man find faith on the Earth?
  17. Investigation Into “The Handmaidens Conspiracy” Continues (Video: 28:31 minutes long.)
  19. ‘Save the Nation’ seeks to rescue wandering generation
  20. Six Rwandan Pastors Arrested Following Shutdown of 700 Churches
  21. 4 Ways America—And the Church—Is on the Wrong Track


Jihad News Banner

  1. Soldiers discover an utterly horrifying sight: Forty bodies, all of them Christians, holding their crosses, slaughtered by Islamic terrorists
  2. Jihad in Sri Lanka: Buddhist government declares state of emergency


Prophecy News Banner

  1. PROPHECY WATCH: The Psalm 83 Alliance
  2. America, North Korea and Bible Prophecy
  4. Award Winning Film Reveals Frightening New Evidence About the Tribulation
  5. How Amos’ Prophecies Are Springing to Life in Israel Right Now
  6. “These Are The Days Of Elijah, Daniel, Samuel, and Jonah Encounter – 03-06-18”
  7. Is China’s new social credit score paving the way for the system of the Beast?
  8. David Wilkerson Warned God Would Judge America With These 3 Things


Let The Scriptures Speak Banner

Hebrews 9:27 “And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment. (New King James Version)

A primary factor in Jesus’ death is that it was substitutionary. For each sin we commit, we earn the death penalty. This penalty cannot be paid by dying a natural death of old age, by accident, or by disease, for this is the way everyone dies as a matter of course. Verse 27 says, “It is appointed for men to die once.” If “merely” dying any old way were the payment for sin, idolaters, murderers, rapists, thieves, liars, adulterers, and other sinners would be completely absolved of their sins upon their deaths. Cleared of all guilt by death, they would legally qualify for entrance into God’s Kingdom.

However, we must remember the rest of verse 27: “. . . but after this the judgment.” Thus, even after a person’s physical death, he is brought under judgment. This means the penalty for sin is something more than “just” death. Verse 22 helps to clarify this: “Without shedding of blood there is no remission.” Sin cannot be forgiven until someone pours out his blood to cover the transgression. The penalty for sin is therefore death by execution.

So, as a substitutionary sacrifice, Jesus had to die the way we would have, by execution. He could not have paid the penalty for our sins by dying any way other than by execution. He could not have died by suicide or even “euthanasia,” as these forms of death would have been sin, disqualifying Him as Savior. He would then have had to die for His own sin.

Remember also that Jesus’ death resulted from a pronouncement of Pilate, when he handed Jesus over “to be crucified” (John 19:13-16; Matthew 27:26). Though Pilate literally washed his hands of the whole affair by saying, “I am innocent of the blood of this just Person. You see to it” (Matthew 27:24), he made the judgment and sentenced Him to death.

Of course, Jesus was not guilty of any crime or sin. Our sins brought on us the death penalty. In taking the penalty on Himself, Jesus had to die by execution, and crucifixion was Rome’s preferred means.


To learn more, see:  Why Did Jesus Have to Die by Crucifixion?


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Exploring Difficult Commands — A Letter to Dr. Laura — Part 3 by Brad Scott

I learned a few provocative things this past week concerning our Dear Dr Laura letter. It seems that the author of this letter is still anonymous. That is, he or she has not actually confessed to being the source of this letter. I also learned that the letter is some ten years old now and was actually quoted to some extent in a television series called The West Wing. I understand that it is indeed a letter written to Dr. Laura as a result of her comments on homosexuality to which she subsequently apologized. Since Jim seems to be a ficticious character I have now chosen to refer to the author affectionately as “Mr. Wizard”. In this response I wish to address his comments concerning slavery followed by the actual passage to which he is referring. 

“I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?”

Shemot (Exodus) 21:7 And if a man sell his daughter to be a maidservant, she shall not go out as the menservants do.

We will also address Mr. Wizard’s other comments concerning what he thinks of slavery later, but I want to get the two quotes up front.

“Lev. 25:44 states that I may indeed possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can’t I own Canadians?”

Vayiqera (Leviticus) 25:44 Both thy bondmen, and thy bondmaids, which thou shalt have, shall be of the heathen that are round about you; of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids.

The passage in Shemot [Exodus] 21 verse seven follows the passage in verse one and two which subsequently followed chapter 20 and the Ten Words or Commandments. Chaper 21 verse one begins with shoftiym or judgments. There is a reason why the Hebrew uses particular words. Judgments are decisions that are to be based upon the commandments. It is the reason why we refer to the Supreme Court as judges. They are to make decisions based upon the Constitution (commandments). This is also the reason why theologians translate the word kiy as if or when. For example, in verse fourteen of this same chapter we are told that if a man come presumptuously upon his neighbor to slay him with guile then … God is not commanding that a man slay his neighbor! When this or that arises, here is how you are to judge this case. So, the fact that these are shofiym is critical to the context.

There are actually two questions asked that deal with the same subject of slavery (see above quotes). I will attempt to deal with both questions in this response. I am sure that many of you have already discerned what Mr. Wizard was thinking when he asked this question, although this is not a question but merely a very short lecture in the form of a question. When our wizard friend reads passages like this in the Scriptures he immediately downloads images of Kunte Kinte dancing in his head. His anger rages as he invisions chained human flesh on auction blocks and rotund sweaty white men smoking cigars and ogling the female merchandise. The bottom line is that Mr. Wizard carries the movie version with him. The Scriptures never sanction such an abominable picture as what is usually thought of when reading or hearing the word slave or slavery. How we define words is how we develop our cultural philosophies which eventually determines our behavior.

Let’s begin by defining the words. There are only a small handful of translations that use the word slave. The first passage that Mr. Wizard is referring to does not mention servant or slave, but that is the image he is trying to portray to those who have little understanding of the language in which the Scriptures were written. It is easy for him to insert the word slavery, hoping no one will notice, much less actually go and read the passage. Most translations use the word servant. Although this is a much closer word in English, it still solicits rows of Black Afro-Americans bending over in cotton fields. The Hebrew word behind slave or servant is ‘eved. Its pictographic meaning is someone standing at the door (dalet (ד)) watching (‘ayin (ע)) over the house (bet (ב)). A more useful understanding to us is “to serve or minister”. This is why the same word is used for the priests serving in the Temple. It is also the same word used in Mattityahu (Matthew) 20:28 when Yeshua‘ [Jesus] states that He did not come to be served, but rather to serve. As it is with most Hebrew words, the word slave has several applications depending on the context, but we did need to at least begin by refocusing the meaning away from just Hebrews making bricks for the Pharaoh.

The word used in Shemot [Exodus] 21:7 is ‘amah (אמה) translated as maidservant, female slave or simply servant in most translations. This word comes from a familiar root in Hebrew from which we get the English mom or ma. The word is ’em translated as mother or motherly. The word for maidservant in Greek is oiketin (οικετιν) or one who takes care of a home. This is an image many of us are familiar with, like Julie Andrews, in The Sound of Music. Do you think Maria was there against her will? (Remember Hazel?) Mr. Wizard wants us to envision a drunken, destitute father hawking his daughter in the streets for a bottle of rum. Our “angry at God” friend is like most godless paleontologists: they always find what they are looking for. He wants, oh dare I say, he needs to be convinced that God is bad, very bad, so he can use that as evidence that there is no God. The reality is that most people who deny the existence of the Creator of the universe, deep down inside, just hate God. They do not want to be plagued by His adversion to their lifestyles. So if they can make HIM to be the bad guy, then it is easier to live with themselves.

Let’s define at least two more words, buying and selling. The word for buy is qanah (קנה). This happens to be the root of Cain’s name, as well. This is a very fundamental Hebrew word that describes getting or acquiring something. The idea of money or payment involves the context and should not be assumed. The judgment involves someone acquiring someone to serve him. It is from watching too many movies that one would assume an auction with human flesh going to the highest bidder. Later, we will combine what the Scriptures say along with a little history of the culture, which is not much different today, we just use different words. The other word is selling or makar (מכר). The meaning behind this word is to relinquish or deliver in exchange for something. When someone purchases merchandise with money, that is makar. But that is only one use of the word, and should not be assumed. This word makar is also the root for bartering. Both uses of this word were applied during the time of the exodus. Many people, however, traded or bartered back and forth. When I used to sell oilfield services my employer paid me a salary in exchange for my services to their company.

Now the major difference between the image that Mr. Wizard is selling and our Father’s judgment is the difference between man’s carnal nature and the humane kindness of our Creator. These atheistic geniuses assume that the maidservant in this passage is there against her will. Most of the occurrences of servants or maidservants in scripture involve either the working off of the payment of debt and destitution or the result of captives in a war. Believe it or not, thirty five hundred years ago, families stayed together. Sons and daughters worked with the family plowing the fields and bringing in the harvests. When the family fell into debt the sons and daughters would pool together to work off the debt and save the farm, the land, the house and the family. In the passage being referred to an acquired Hebrew servant must not serve longer that six years. How was the servant acquired? We are not told, but the cultural history tells us more than likely to work off a debt rather than tossing the man in prison or dropping him off in the middle of the desert. When a man creates a debt he cannot pay, what is the point of throwing him into debtors prison? At the end of six years he is to go out free of the debt and the obligation. Later on we are told that if the man loves his master, he may stay with him forever. Today sons and daughters move hundreds of miles away from their parents and when they lose their job and fall into debt, the parents send them a check or they tough it out in the streets looking for soup kitchens and warm air vents. I must add that our Father knows man’s depraved nature and actually addresses the image that our clueless wizard evolutionist is trying to portray.

Devariym (Deuteronomy) 24:7 If a man be found stealing any of his brethren of the children of Israel, and maketh merchandise of him, or selleth him; then that thief shall die; and thou shalt put evil away from among you.

If we had been living according to the words of someone who is smarter than we are, then how many slaves do you think would have been brought in ships from Africa if the penalty for the sweaty white and black slave owners when they arrived was death! But pinheads just want to whine, write books and pen sarcastic letters about it. As Barney Fife might say, “… our Father wants to nip it, nip it in the bud”, but the snot-nosed kids just want to smoke pot and wax poetic to justify the need for more government grants. They intrinsically recognize, just like the so-called environmental movement, that if the problem ever gets better they are out of a job, eventually being forced to sell themselves as menservants or maidservants. Although Mr. Wizard only brought up a misquote from Shemot [Exodus] 21:7, we all know what he is addressing. But, once again, he assumes the Roots version. The context of the judgements concerning those who are servants is Israel conquering the land and how the people are to be treated. There are judgements from God as to the humane treatment of servants because of debt and destitution or servants captured as a result of war or conflict. As I stated in the last response, we are currently in exile, scattered among the nations and called ambassadors. When American troops withdraw from countries we have been at war with, many people from those countries soon come to America to have a better life, and became servants to small and large corporations. In the days of Moses there were no small or large corporations, just individual people that owned lands to farm.

When servants are acquired then you are to treat them as if they were your own. This is revealed in the English word possession. The word possession in these passages is ‘achaz (אחז). This word’s first appearance gives us a better understanding of the text of Vayikra [Leviticus] 25:44 as well as our Shemot or Exodus passages.

Bere’shiyt (Genesis) 17:8 And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God.

The word ‘achaz is tied to taking hold of something that was acquired. When the children of Israel possess the land, they were to make it their own and take care of it. When servants are acquired by whatever means, they are to be taken care of like they were their own. Has Mr. Wizard ever seen the condition of land in Israel taken over by Palestinians? Has Mr. Wizard ever seen the conditions of much of Mexico? Does he ever wonder why millions of Mexicans risk their lives and families to come to America to live a life as servants to those mean, nasty American businesses? Can he imagine how one of these illegal immigrants would feel if their master told them that they can serve them for six years and after the six years they can go free or they can work for them forever and even their next generations? Can he imagine that perhaps in this state of our economy many homeborn may jump at the same opportunity? The reason our godless friend cannot own Mexicans or Canadians is because he does not own Canada or Mexico.

Mr. Wizard needs to read more Bible and watch less movies. Mr. Wizard is partially blind, has approached an elephant, grabbed a hold of its trunk and is warning us of a snake.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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