News You May Not Have Heard About — 03/04/2018

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  1. President Donald J. Trump Prioritizes Historically Black College and Universities
  2. Trump calls Sessions’ handling of Russia probe ‘disgraceful’
  3. “Today Feels Different”: Sources Say POTUS Trump Fury Against AG Sessions May Lead To Firing
  4. WATCH: Trump Weighs Jewish Billionaire’s Offer to Fund Jerusalem Embassy Move
  6. White House Sends Congress Framework for Prison Reform
  7. President Donald J. Trump Is Promoting Free, Fair, and Reciprocal Trade
  8. Trump names campaign manager for re-election bid
  9. President Trump Meets with Bipartisan Members of Congress to Discuss School and Community Safety (Video: 1:03:15 minutes long.)
  11. Trump at Odds With Republican Lawmakers Over Gun Reforms
  12. Trump cites some good, ‘not so good’ gun ideas
  13. Donald Trump: ‘Respect 2nd Amendment’
  14. Report: Trump Plan Includes Palestinian State with Capital in Eastern Jerusalem
  15. Trump Pulls World From Brink Of War By Warning “Deep State” America Will Leave Syria
  16. No longer on defensive, Trump plays offense at CPAC
  17. Trump To State Dept: ‘Get ISIS And Go Home, That’s The Goal’
  18. How We Will Win the War on Opioids
  21. Trump to Sign Taiwan Bill Opposed by Beijing
  22. Trump, NRA Announce They Had Meeting on Gun Policy in Oval Office
  23. Trump Announces Tough-on-Crime Nominees to Sentencing Commission
  24. Trump Declares Total Economic War On Canada-Mexico Saying “Trade Wars Are Good, And Easy To Win”
  25. ‘Maybe we’ll give that a shot someday’: Trump suggested US should do away with term limits after praising China’s leader Xi Jinping for becoming ‘president for life’
  26. Trump ramps up trade war threat with Europe as he threatens to tax cars ‘which freely pour into the U.S.’ after EU proposed stiffer tariffs on Harleys, bourbon and jeans
  27. Trump’s approval rating remains at 49 per cent after a wild week in which he lost Hope Hicks and started a trade war


  1. V.P. Mike Pence: Legal Abortion Will End in America
  2. VP Pence: It’s time to restore the sanctity of life
  3. Embattled Vought Wins Embattled Vote
  4. US Delegation Heading to Israel to Begin Jerusalem Embassy Move
  5. Hot Off the Presses: US’ New Strategy to Fight ISIS
  7. Trump Admin to Reverse Obama Deal to Loosen Sanctions on Iranian Terrorists
  8. Trump Admin Preparing to Kill Iran Nuclear Deal If Europeans Refuse to Fix Agreement
  9. U.S. General Says Russia Has Failed to Deliver in Syria
  11. Supreme Court not ready to decide the fate of ‘Dreamers’
  12. US Supreme Court Rules Illegal And Non-Citizen Legal Immigrants Can Be Detained Indefinitely
  13. SCOTUS to Take Up Capital Case of Man Who Can’t Remember His Crime
  14. Supreme Court divided over forced union fees
  15. DOJ Announces New Task Force to Crack Down on Opioid Manufacturers
  16. Judge Curiel Rules in Favor of Trump’s Border Wall
  17. Court: US anti-discrimination law covers sexual orientation
  18. Federal Judge Deals Blow to Scientific Agency Under Congressional Fire
  19. Security Clearance Downgraded for Kushner, Other White House Aides
  20. Kaine Introduces New ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban in Senate
  21. State Department Nominee Confirms FBI Was Blocked From Arresting Chinese Security Officials
  23. Federal Reserve Pick Proponent Of Chipping Cash To Track & Tax
  24. From Hope to Nope: Longtime Presidential Aide Suddenly Exits West Wing
  25. Pentagon: Russian Military Policy ‘Actively Considers’ Limited Use of Nukes
  26. Sessions Defends DOJ From President’s Tweet Criticizing FISA Abuse Investigation
  27. Sessions, Trump duking it out over Obama DOJ corruption
  28. ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis and a crazy transgender policy
  29. Russell Vought: To Be or Not to OMB?
  30. House Sends a Trafficking Signal
  31. WATCH: How US Plans to Enforce New Sanctions Against North Korea
  32. Americas Most Powerful Woman-Spymaster Rushes To Pakistan To Avert World War III
  33. Pentagon Refuses To Confirm It Will Search North Korean Ships
  34. GOP Rep Sends Letter to AWOL AG Sessions Urging Him to Appoint a Special Counsel to Investigate FISA Abuses, Hillary’s Sham Investigation
  35. Cash-Strapped DNC, DCCC Pay Hillary Clinton’s ‘Resistance’ Group Nearly $900,000 Combined for List Acquisitions
  36. Senior White House Official Accuses John Podesta of Threatening Jared Kushner
  37. The Military Wants Genetically-Modified Sea Creatures to Snitch on Enemy Ships
  38. Feds Spend $248,000 to Ensure the ‘Legitimacy’ of Women in Workplace
  39. Agency Tosses Pro-Franchising Ruling After Ethics Complaint
  40. Manchin on AR-15 Ban: ‘I Wouldn’t Take Their Gun Away’
  41. Major Data Breach at Marine Forces Reserve Impacts Thousands
  42. Pentagon Just Pledged Millions to Pay Media Companies to Wage a Massive Information War
  43. The U.S. government lost more money last year than the entire…
  44. Pelosi: Trump’s ‘bigoted’ ICE raids ‘terrorize’ illegals
  46. Senate Schedules Hearing for Controversial Nominee for Colombian Ambassador
  47. A Hypersonic ‘Arms-Race’ Erupts As DARPA Director Demands More Funding To Counter Russia
  48. Justice Department “Reviewing” Actions Of “Gang Lookout” Oakland Mayor
  49. Far-Left in a HUD-on Collision with Trump
  50. Appeals Court Requests Answers in Organ Harvesting Recusal Case
  51. WATCH: US bill fighting Palestinian terror close to becoming law
  52. The Trump administration will be selling 210 anti-tank missiles to Ukraine (the Cold War never ended!)
  53. The United States government is training Turkey on how to use nuclear weapons against Russia


  1. California TV station touts parking lot discussion as anti-Muslim hate crime, with help from Hamas-CAIR
  2. CNN’s Cuomo Spreads Misleading AR-15 Story, Doubles Down When Called Out
  3. Ted Cruz Slams CNN’s Chris Cuomo for Falsely Claiming He’s ‘Afraid’ to Appear on CNN
  5. Deranged CNN Leftist says TRUMP should be “charged with manslaughter” when people die from opioid drugs… HUH?
  6. Media, Gun Control Groups Exaggerate NRA Donations to Republicans
  7. Why the media loves fake news (when it serves their agenda)



  1. Billy Graham: A Life of Honor Lies in Honor
  2. President Trump Makes Remarks at the Lying in Honor of the Reverend Billy Graham (Video: 29:28 minutes long.)
  3. Atheists Complain When the Church Lies in State
  4. No Explanations Needed to Exercise Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  5. China & Russia Military Build-Up Challenges US Dominance
  6. “Deep State” Warned Is Preparing Massive ISIS Attack On America To Expand Global War
  7. Key Senator Demands Answers on Why FBI Sat on Weiner’s Clinton Emails as Election Approached
  8. Dinner with Deep State: Former Top DOJ Official Tells All on Mueller, Comey, McCabe and Punk Peter Strzok
  9. Insider Ed Butowsky: Seth Rich’s Father Confirmed His Son Was the Wikileaks Leaker
  11. Former CIA Director James Woolsey admits CIA interferes in foreign elections for a “very good cause”
  12. Plot Twist in Michael Flynn ‘Lying’ Case, He was Framed!
  13. BREAKING: DOJ Crooks Refuse Request to Hand Over Transcripts from FISA Court Hearings on Carter Page (VIDEO)
  14. Will DOJ Probe Into FISA Abuses Just Go Through the Motions?
  15. Democrats Rebuttal FISA Memo—What It Says (And What It Doesn’t)
  16. Weak FISA Probe Intended to Keep Secret US Court from Being ‘Overly Scrutinized’
  17. SHUT IT DOWN=> Robert Mueller Investigating Whether Trump Tried to Oust AG Sessions Last Summer: Report
  18. Dirty Cop Mueller’s Latest Leak Shows His Desperation as Witch Hunt Turns Into National Joke
  20. LOUIS FARRAKHAN Confirms DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison Was Disciple of Nation of Islam (VIDEO)
  21. Farrakhan Discusses Ellison’s Prior Membership in Nation of Islam, Compares Him to Jesus’ Treacherous Apostles in Anti-Semitic Rant
  23. How Moving Embassy to Jerusalem is Good for AMERICA (not just Israel)
  24. Missile Wars – US, Russia and China Battle For Hypersonic Dominance
  25. Stunning. Hillary Clinton Gave Russia the US Technology for Hypersonic Intercontinental Nuke Missiles
  26. Republican Senator Warns ‘War Of Biblical Proportions’ May Be Unavoidable: ‘If This Thing Starts, It’s Going To Be One Of The Worst Catastrophic Events In The History Of Our Civilization’ – And Once Again, We Have Hillary To Blame!
  28. Release the memo – investigate Uranium One
  29. REPORT: Uranium One Informant Reveals Russians “Bragged About Bribing Clintons” (VIDEO)
  30. Why It’s So Hard to Take the Democrats Seriously on Russian Collusion
  34. Chairman Nunes Sends Blistering Letter to AG Sessions: FBI May Have Violated Multiple Criminal Statutes in FISA Application
  35. WOW! ‘Foreign Government’ Hacked Obama’s Campaign – He Didn’t Do A Damn Thing About It
  36. 5 Things to Know About the Democrats’ Rebuttal to Nunes’ Memo
  37. POTUS’ Latest Gun-Speak Would Have Founding Fathers FURIOUS!
  38. NRA Responds to Gun Control Proposals Discussed During White House Meeting With Congressional Officials
  39. Illinois: Gun Control Bills to Be Heard on House Floor
  40. This Kentucky school district just voted to let teachers carry concealed guns
  41. School Districts Contemplate Allowing Teachers to Carry Concealed Guns
  42. Hypocritical United Airlines Cuts Off NRA While Funding Planned Parenthood
  43. Danhof: You can push back on NRA boycotts
  44. NRA’s Dana Loesch reveals why the so-called “journalists” at CNN are some of the lowest forms of life walking the planet today
  46. School Shooting Plot Exposed: You Won’t Believe Who Set It Up
  47. BOMBSHELL CONFIRMED: Broward County deputies were *ORDERED* to stand down… then all radio communications were cut off while the shooting continued
  48. Fla. Governor orders investigation of terror-tied CAIR Sheriff Scott Israel whose deputies did nothing during school shootout yet he provided weapons training to radical mosque
  49. DAILY MAIL:’He left 75 percent of his students in the hallway to be slaughtered’: Parkland high school junior hits out at ‘coward’ teacher who ‘closed the door on him and other students’ during the Florida massacre
  50. Narrative Fail: Americans Blame Florida School Shooting on Government Failures NOT Guns
  51. Massive Law Enforcement Failures in Florida Shooting: Local and FBI
  52. Deputies were told not to enter Florida High School
  53. MORE Despicable Behavior Unearthed in Broward Sheriff’s Motley Crew
  54. Broward County Sheriff Refuses to Resign Despite Department’s Numerous Mistakes During Parkland Shooting
  56. Very Odd Florida School Shooting Update…..
  57. Teacher Identifies Solider or Police Officer As Shooter in Florida School Shooting
  58. NAACP Helped Craft Sheriff Israel’s No Arrest Policy
  61. 98% of mass shootings occur in “gun-free zones” … why do gun control loonies refuse to protect their own children?
  62. Gun Control Timeline In The US: Did It Actually Work Or Just Violate The Constitution?
  63. The Price of Kicking God Out of the Schools
  65. China Violated Obama-Xi Agreement to Halt Cyber Theft
  66. Bernie Group Rages at Democratic Establishment Following Leaks
  69. Future of Fix NICS Unclear in Wake of Trump Gun-Control Meeting
  70. Gun-Control Groups Praise Trump’s Embrace of New Federal Gun-Control Proposals
  71. For Dems, a Conflict of Centrist
  72. Dem Challenger Pushing Gun Control Works at Law Firm That Lobbied Against Colorado’s New Measures
  73. Dem Obstruction of Education Officials Handcuffing Agency on School Safety
  74. Pittsburgh Jewish Federation Leaders Donate Primarily to Democrats
  75. Nevada Dem Downplays Casino Wealth in Fight for Vegas Suburb
  76. Boxer to Hold Fundraiser for Dems in Seat Left Open by Issa’s Exit
  77. Dems’ ‘attack’ on Nunes memo a ‘big fat dud’
  78. Democratic Oakland Mayor Tips Off Illegals to Possible ICE Raid
  79. Oakland Mayor Attacks ICE as ‘Racist’ After Warning Illegal Immigrants of Impending Raids
  80. Can California Officials Continue To Proudly Defy Federal Laws on Immigration?
  81. Liberals Voice Opposition to Trump Admin Attempts to Include Citizenship Questions in Census
  82. The Missing Republican Agenda
  83. Republican Mega-Donors, Koch Brothers, Prep for Pro-DACA Push: Illegals Are ‘Patriots’
  84. Judge Orders City of Charlottesville to Remove Tarps From Confederate Statues
  85. Taylor-Made Parent Protections
  86. Three Taken to Hospital After Letter Opened at Virginia Military Base
  87. 71% Of Military Age Americans Too Sick To Join, Study Says
  88. Faculty at a Pennsylvania University Vote to Revoke Trump’s Honorary Degree
  89. Pennsylvania State Dept. Sued for Hiding Noncitizen Voting Records
  90. Group Files Lawsuit Claiming 100,000 Non-Citizens Are Registered To Vote In Pennsylvania
  92. ACLU Sues Over Law Making It Hard For Illegals to Vote
  93. Anti-Gun Student Protesters in California Turn Violent, Throw Rocks at Police Cruisers
  94. Was Texas Muslim teen honor-murdered? Maarib Al Hishmawi was beaten regularly
  95. Soros Messes with Texas
  97. Videos and Photos: Americans For a Safe Israel Protests Genocidal Jew-Hater Mahmoud Abbas’ Address to U.N. Security Council
  98. Motion filed in lawsuit over terror-tied CAIR curriculum: ISLAMOPHOBIA and proselytizing for Islam and at San Diego School District
  99. More than 150 arrested in California immigration raids
  100. Feinstein Fails to Receive Party’s Endorsement at California Democratic Party Convention
  101. New Orleans residents used as secret test subjects for pre-crime police technology
  102. California Dead Last in Quality of life; Beset By Money Problems, Homelessness, Trash and Rudeness: Report
  103. California Couple Arrested After 3 Kids Found Living in Box for Years
  104. California Democrats Vote Against Anti-BDS Legislation at Their Convention
  105. A literal free speech case over ‘Don’t Tread on Me’
  107. How the Democrats will lose in 2020
  108. Democrats Going After the Second Amendment Could be the Boost Republicans Need in 2018
  109. Democrat Rep Kills Himself On Facebook Live To Prove ‘Guns Kill’
  110. Pennsylvania Dem stiff arms Pelosi in GOP-leaning district
  111. EXCLUSIVE Video and Photos: Leftists Call for Open Borders at NYC Rally for Illegal Migrant Convicted Felon
  112. Christian man told to strip and give oral sex to his cousin accused of blasphemy, leaps from 4th floor of Pakistan’s ‘FBI’ headquarters
  113. Comparing ISIS and the NRA
  114. Former D.C. Cop Gets 15 Years for Aiding ISIS
  115. Poisoned Ivy: Harvard Sanctions Christian Group
  116. U.S. Congressional Black Caucus to Protest Israel’s Deportation of Asylum Seekers
  117. SC Imam: Don’t Send Kids to Non-Muslim Schools Because of Gay Teachers
  118. Imam says Muslim call to prayer “shows power and control over the country”
  119. CBS will be presenting Rohingya jihad propaganda #buddhismophobia
  120. School District Demands Church Remove Cross From Sanctuary
  121. Why Homeschool Regulation Won’t Stop Child Abuse
  122. CIS, FAIR: Get MS-13 members off the streets
  123. Delta’s Political Baggage Hurts Business
  124. Survey: Anti-Semitic Incidents in US Surged Nearly 60% in 2017
  126. Delaware Proposal Would Let Kindergarteners ‘Choose’ Their Sex and Race
  127. Brutal Murder of Elderly Jewish Woman Hurled Off a Balcony by Screaming Muslim Savage Finally Declared an Anti-Semitic Crime
  128. Far Left Antifa Activists Openly Chant to Murder Conservatives (VIDEO)
  129. 11 Marines Affected in Hazmat Incident at Fort Myer Near Pentagon
  130. Parent Backlash as Cross-Dressing Men Sent Into Primary Schools to ‘Promote Tolerance’
  131. A 20-state challenge may take down ObamaCare
  132. Thousands of Americans Are Being Jailed for Debt, Chased by Private Collectors
  133. US Police, Firefighters Turn to Israeli App to Save Lives
  134. Oprah Winfrey says she will run for president if “God” speaks to her
  135. Lawsuit Alleges Mafia-Like Tactics Aimed At A Disneyland Social Club
  136. Is Country Music Going the Way of the NFL?
  138. Burlington, Vt., Prepares for Vote on F-35 Base
  139. Washington State to ‘Monetize Wombs,’ Legalize ‘Baby Selling,’ Redefine ‘Parent’
  140. Michigan Rabbi slanders God and says Eve was the first woman in the #metoo movement
  141. Satanic Temple of Arizona Files Suit for Not Being Allowed to Deliver Invocation at City Council Meeting
  142. Conservative Hijacks Hollywood Billboards
  143. Louis Farrakhan: “Jews are my enemy,” “white folks are going down”
  144. Widow of Pulse Nightclub Gunman On Trial for Aiding and Abetting
  145. Man Shoots Himself, Dies Outside White House
  146. Teenager Gives Birth To Baby Boy, As Soon As He Is Born She Stabs Him Nine Times All Over His Body, Wraps His Body In A Bathrobe And Dumps Him In Her Neighbor’s Shed
  147. Robert Spencer video: Five lethal converts to Islam
  148. Environmental watchdog group withdraws false accusation against Trump
  150. UN: UN Prepares to Condemn Iran for Involvement in Yemen
  151. UN: UN Chief Calls for World Governments to Disarm Nuclear Weapons
  152. UN: UN Security Council Approves Ceasefire in Syria Despite Resistance from Russia
  153. UN: U.N. Links North Korea to Syria’s Chemical Weapons Program
  154. UN: Haley Blasts UN for ‘Mockery’ of Iranian Human Rights Violator Addressing Human Rights Council
  155. UN: Israel will Not Allow Iran to Take Over Syria, Says UN Ambassador
  156. UN: UN human rights experts say mass expulsion violates international law


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  1. Benjamin Netanyahu Named In New Bribery Case
  2. Judge, attorney purportedly discovered colluding in case against Netanyahu
  3. Likud insiders rally behind Netanyahu, ruling out his resignation
  4. Amid gnawing corruption scandals, Netanyahu maintains hold of his seat
  5. Netanyahu: In the Middle East, ‘It Is the Strong Who Survive’
  6. Netanyahu rebukes Jews who whitewash Qatar
  7. WATCH: Why Netanyahu’s Popularity Remains Despite Investigations
  8. Growing cloud of corruption allegations may steer Israel towards elections
  9. Politicians call for investigation after judge-lawyer collusion exposed
  10. US Embassy Attack Foiled in Jordan
  11. WATCH: Could Modern Day Iranian City be Purim Story’s Actual Locale?
  12. Convert to Islam Sentenced for Trying to Join ISIS
  13. ISIS Terror Plot Targeting Temple Mount Foiled by Shin Bet, Israel Police
  14. WATCH: Rocket Drills Become New Reality in Israeli Schools
  15. $15 Billion Gas Deal: Warming of Ties Between Israel and Egypt?
  16. WATCH: The Eerie Connection Between Purim, Prophecy and Hitler
  17. “If You Are Silent Now….” – A Timeless Lesson from Esther
  18. WATCH: Can Israel and Poland Resolve the Holocaust Law Feud?
  19. Churches Protest Over Back Taxes as Jerusalem Mayor ‘Follows the Law’
  20. Church of the Holy Sepulchre to Reopen; Negotiations Launched to Resolve Tax Dispute
  21. Israel Arrests 3 ISIS Supporters, Thwarts Attack on Temple Mount
  22. ‘Professional Error’ Cited in Crash of Israeli F-16
  23. SIGN OF WAR? River in Lebanon turns blood red
  24. From South Korea To Guatemala, Evangelical Influence Boosting Ties To Israel
  25. Middle East military heavyweights Israel, Iran on collision course over Syria
  26. Biblical Lessons For Dealing With Modern Terrorism
  27. WOW! Israel Helped 30 Countries Foil Terror Attacks in 2017
  28. Israeli ‘WoundClot’ Bandage Saves Stabbing Victims, Goes Global in 32 Countries!
  29. Israeli Satellites Reveal New Russian Stealth Bombers at Syrian Base
  30. Terror Victims’ Family Members Sue Palestinian Authority for Damages
  31. Coalition Threatened Over Bill Exempting Ultra-Orthodox from IDF Draft
  32. Palestinian Who Murdered Israeli Woman Sentenced to Life in Prison
  33. 2500 American Troops Land in Israel for Massive Air Defense Exercise with IDF
  34. Are the Israeli Golan Heights GROUND ZERO for the Coming War with Iran?
  35. WATCH: What Prevents School Shootings from Happening in Israel?
  36. ‘Iran is Shiite ISIS,’ Israeli Lawmaker Warns Europeans
  37. Exposed: The racism of anti-Israel ‘human rights’ organizations
  38. Bi-partisan opposition to ‘Breaking the Silence’ unites Israelis
  39. Jerusalem Mayor: Israel ‘Will Seriously Consider’ Naming Western Wall Train Station After Trump
  40. Israeli Airline Pursues Right to Fly Over Saudi Arabia
  41. Enshrining Torah Study as Supreme Value Causes ‘Political Crisis’
  42. Immigration official clarifies Israel’s plan to manage ‘delicate’ migrant deportations
  43. Draft law crisis could lead to dissolution of the government
  44. A Computer Mouse for Amputees


  1. Al-Qaeda Recruitment Methods Revealed
  2. Palestinian Religious Leader Threatens ‘Disasters’ of Holy War if US Moves Embassy
  3. Arabs Slam US Embassy Move as ‘Aggression, Crime’
  4. Sheikh of Al-Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayeb: People Blame Us for Terrorism, But If Not for Israel, There Would Be No Problem
  5. Hamas And Fatah Unite Against Trump Peace Plan
  6. Palestinian Indoctrination Has Raised A Generation That Feeds On Hate
  7. 34 Nations to Attend Abu Dhabi Military Event
  8. Palestinians View All of Israel as ‘One Big Settlement’
  9. Palestinians Claim Europe Holding Consultations on Recognizing ‘Palestine’
  10. WHO: Cholera Epidemic in Yemen is Intensifying
  11. ‘Kill Them All’: ISIS Tells Jihadis to Carry Out Vehicle Attacks in U.S., Europe
  12. Islamic scholar with 109,000 Twitter followers calls for those who leave Islam to be killed
  13. Gazans Prepare for Possible War With Israel with Surprise Drill
  14. Palestinian Anti-Semite Accuses Jews of Using Non-Jewish Blood to Bake Purim Pastries
  15. Abbas’ Fatah Gives Apartment to Family of Terrorist Who Murdered Rabbi
  16. Al-Qaeda Recruitment Methods Revealed
  17. ISIS targets Christian tourist in new threat
  18. WATCH: How Islamic Terrorists Use Social Media to Wage Jihad
  19. Yemen: Muslims murder Muslim cleric known for his moderation


  1. UK: Kevin Spacey Foundation Shuts Down
  2. UK: Ministers too ‘politically correct’ to enforce hijab policy in schools, 150 schools now mandate hijab
  3. UK: UK Labour Party Braces for Return Of  Anti-Semitic London Ex-Mayor
  4. UK: Jihadi brides returning from the Islamic State ‘deradicalised’ at taxpayers’ expense — by hijabbed Muslima
  5. UK: UK Muslim Radio Fined for Airing ‘Hate Speech’ Against Non-Muslims
  6. UK: Muslim who vowed to ‘drive a car into a crowd of white people’ spared jail
  7. UK: Three Muslims charged with arson over shop blast in Leicester that killed five people
  8. UK: Muslim teacher tried to raise army of jihadi children for jihad massacres at Big Ben and Heathrow Airport
  9. UK: Muslim rape gangs expanding activities, now preying on children in parks
  10. UK: Muslim teen who was “hours away” from committing jihad massacre gets 11 years prison dawah
  11. EU: Co-founder of Jewish boycott to address the EU Parliament
  12. EU: George Soros Demands EU Regulate Social Media To ‘Purge Populism’
  13. Netherlands: 17 People Have Been Knowingly Infected With One of The World’s Most Devastating Parasites
  14. England: College Students in London Rebel Against BDS, Threaten Legal Action for ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’
  15. England: Archbishop of Canterbury: Islamic law incompatible with British laws
  16. England: Britain’s Top Clergyman Warns Against Sharia Law
  17. England: London sees 20% rise in rape reports in a year, but police say they ‘don’t understand’ reason
  19. England: Tony Blair Slams Brexit: ‘Leaving The EU Is Sickening And Evil’
  20. England: Prince William to Make First-Ever Royal Visit to Israel
  21. England: WATCH: Prince William’s Visit Shows ‘Just How Much UK and Israel are Doing Together’
  22. Europe: European Leader Calls on Poland to Counter Public Surge of Anti-Semitism
  23. Europe: Nearly 1,000 jihadi brides are returning to Europe, border chiefs warn
  24. Europe: European powers meet with Iran to discuss nation’s regional aggression
  25. Holland: Holland won’t grant asylum to Jewish grandmother sentenced to death in Iran for helping women with abusive husbands
  26. Germany: Muslim Migrant Convicted of Sexually Attacking 10-Year-Old Received Asylum Status Despite Known Long Criminal History
  27. Germany: Mass protests against Merkel and migrant immigration spread through Germany
  28. Germany: German Town Votes to Keep Church Bell Dedicated to Hitler
  30. Iceland: Iceland proposes circumcision ban, Religious leaders in uproar!
  31. Poland: Poland Denies Reports it Froze Controversial Holocaust Law
  32. Poland: Holocaust Law will not be Renegotiated, Says Polish Delegation in Israel
  33. Poland: Polish Minister Cancels Plan to Build ‘Polocaust’ Museum
  34. Poland: Europe’s Telling Silence on Polish Anti-Semitism
  35. Italy: Rome’s Colosseum turned blood red to protest blasphemy laws under Islam
  36. Italy: Knife-wielding Muslim who attacked soldiers and cop gets reduced sentence due to his “mental state”
  37. Switzerland: Swiss Islamic Council Justifies Female Genital Mutilation
  38. Switzerland: Muslim migrant arrested for bomb threat in church
  39. Russia: Russia Says American Students Should Be “Raging Bears” Not “Sitting Ducks” When Attacked
  41. Russia: Russia Has ‘Unstoppable’ Supersonic Nuclear Missile That Cannot Be Traced By Western Defence Systems, Says Putin
  42. Russia: Related: Satan 2: Putin Tells U.S. ‘You Will Listen To Russia Now’ as he Deploys Hypersonic Nuclear ICBM
  43. Russia: Putin boasts of invulnerable nukes that can reach anywhere in the world…
  45. Russia: Russian Foreign Minister Accuses US Of Violating Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
  46. Russia: Putin Unveils Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missiles, Drone Submarines for Attacking U.S.
  47. Russia: Russian President Vladimir Putin Says If The US Attacks Russia Then He WILL Use Nukes
  48. Russia: Putin Threatens To Reduce America To Nuclear Ashes—Warns: “You Will Listen To Us Now!”
  49. Russia: Putin Boasts Military Might With Animation of Florida Nuke Strike
  50. Norway: Norway Mysteriously Invests ‘$13M To Upgrade’ Doomsday Seed Vault
  51. France: France foils TWO jihad terror attacks so far this year, plotting to strike a football squad and school
  52. France: Marine Le Pen Officially Charged Over 2015 Daesh Tweets
  53. France: Three Men In Paris Attack Man And Begin To Try To Eat Him Alive. They Bite Chunks Off Of His Ear And His Lips And Eat His Flesh
  54. France: Islamic terror attack on French embassy and army HQ – jihadis storm buildings and explosions heard
  55. France: Mobile app helps protect travelers from violent attacks and no-go zones
  56. France: Marine Le Pen indicted for sharing ISIS pictures on Twitter
  57. Holland: Dutch University Closes Center that Hosted Palestinian Terrorist
  58. Lithuania: Poland And Lithuania Declare “When We Were Together When We Cooperated, We Had Strength. You Have To Go Back To Such Traditions”- They Are Doing This Because They Know That War Is Coming
  59. Sweden: Woman faces two years in prison for making jokes about Islam
  60. Greece: Greece not planning exchange of two soldiers held in Turkey: Greek Alternate FM Katrougalos


  1. Pakistan: Sexual Horror in New Blasphemy Case
  2. Pakistan: Pressure Pays: Trump’s Threats to Pakistan
  3. Pakistan: Pakistani Human Rights Activist Asma Jahangir Dies
  4. Pakistan: Blasphemy laws encouraging violence
  6. Pakistan: Pakistani Court Demands- ‘You Will Give Us The Names, Ages, And Family Of All People Who Have Left Islam’
  7. India: Muslims beat Hindu women for passing too close to a mosque, three hospitalized
  8. India: Hindu Terrorists Attack Christians Driving A Car In India, Drag Boxes Of Bibles Out And Burn Them
  9. Turkey: Turkey’s President Glorifies Child Martyrdom
  10. Turkey: Over 200 Undocumented Migrants Held in Turkey
  11. Turkey: 572 Years in Prison for Janitor Who Sexually Abused Kids in Turkey
  12. Turkey: Turkey Warned Syria Against Entering Afrin
  13. Turkey: Why Turkey Wants To Invade The Greek Islands
  14. Turkey: Turkey to Aggravate Situation in Northern Syria
  15. Turkey: THE NEXT GENOCIDE OF CHRISTIANS IS BEING PLANNED RIGHT NOW BY TURKEY: The government of Turkey releases online genealogy database to find out the ethnicity of all Turkish citizens. This is being done as part of Turkey’s plans to do genocide on anyone who is ethnically Armenian
  16. Turkey: Turkey is now going to be using unmanned remote controlled tanks
  17. Turkey: Muslim Turkey is now working to create nuclear weapons — The world is heading for war, the nations are turning their plowshares into swords
  18. Turkey: Turkey Ignores the Security Council Resolution
  19. Turkey: Turkey continues with crackdown on Erdogan rival’s network
  20. Iran: PURIM RE-RUN? Iran’s ‘Hourglass Festival’ Counts Down to Israel’s Destruction
  21. Iran: Now Iran Wants to Build Nuclear Ships
  22. Iran: WATCH: Iran’s ‘Script to Get the Bomb’ Involves Blaming Israel and US
  23. Iran: Satellite Images Reveal New Iranian Military Base near Damascus
  24. Iran: Iran police to crack down on women protesting headscarf law
  25. Malaysia: Year of the Dog images REMOVED in “moderate” Malaysia as it’s deemed too offensive to Muslims
  26. Bahrain: Bahrain arrests 116 suspects in counter-terror operations
  27. Japan: Japanese Company Creates Giant Robot From Anime Series As A ‘Toy’ When The Only Thing It Is Promoting Is Japanese Nationalism
  28. Philippines: Muslim employers arrested after Filipina maid was found dead in freezer, tortured, strangled to death
  29. North Korea: WATCH: North Korean Delegation Willing to Talk to US
  30. China: China’s Xi to Assume Greater Dictatorial Power
  31. China: China Moves to Extend Xi Jinping’s Rule Beyond 2023
  32. China: China Angered with U.S.-Taiwan Travel Bill, Adding to Tensions
  33. China: China Is Taking Dictatorship To The Next Level But History Says It Won’t Work
  34. China: ‘Descent Into Hell’: China Warns Of Potential War With US Over Taiwan
  35. Indonesia: Two Christians are flogged in Indonesia for playing a children’s game that violates Islamic law
  36. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia Is Building a $500 Billion Mega-City That’s 33x the Size of New York City
  37. Syria: What is Actually Happening in Eastern Ghouta?
  38. Syria: Jihadists Manipulate Information From Eastern Ghouta
  39. Syria: Biased Coverage of Eastern Ghouta: Who the West is Trying to Protect?
  40. Syria: Escalation In Syria – How Far Can The Russians Be Pushed?
  41. Syria: Syrian War Report – March 1, 2018: Syrian Army Overruns Militant Defenses In Eastern Ghouta
  42. Syria: Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Captures Key Base In Western Aleppo From SLF
  43. Syria: Turkish airstrikes ‘kill 36 pro-government fighters’ in northern Syria as violence again flares in rebel-held Damascus suburb
  44. Syria: Terrorists Plot a Provocation with Chemical Weapon in Eastern Ghouta
  45. Syria: West Continues to Aggravate Situation in Eastern Ghouta
  46. Syria: Rajo, town in Afrin in Syria’s north, ‘cleared of’ YPG militants: PM Yıldırım


  1. Nigeria: Muslim cleric leads mob that destroys church building
  2. Nigeria: Muslims murder 20 Christians, burn down 10 churches
  3. Morocco: “Moderate” Morocco OKs law against violence on women — wives EXCLUDED
  4. South Africa: South Africa To Cut All Diplomatic Ties With Israel
  5. South Africa: “Black People Unite!” After Proposal by Black Racist – South Africa Votes to Confiscate Land from White Farmers
  6. South Africa: New South African President to Follow Zimbabwean Redistribution Model
  7. Somalia: They Just Made FGM Mandatory
  8. Somalia: Somaliland: Fatwa bans two types of female genital mutilation, makes a third type MANDATORY
  9. Egypt: Muslim TV host hands out chocolates to celebrate downing of Israeli fighter jet
  10. Egypt: ISIS tells jihadis to turn holiday hotspots into bloodbaths by murdering Christian tourists


  1. Australia: Australians Turn in 57,000 Guns in National Amnesty
  2. Australia: Officials praise Muslim for “getting more involved in his religion,” months later he arms jihad murderer


  1. Canada: ‘We’ll Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital’ Say Canada’s Conservatives
  2. Canada: Trudeau government appoints former Omar Khadr lawyer as federal judge
  3. Canada: SIGN THE PETITION: Protest the First Free Speech Arrest in Ontario
  4. Canada: When Elected, Canada’s Conservatives ‘Will Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital’
  5. Cuba: WATCH: The Story of Cuba’s Jews


  1. Condition in Venezuela worsens as zoo animals begin to feed on each other


World Financial News Banner


  1. [TAX PREP] Free Tax Filing Options
  3. U.S. Jobless Claims Plunge to 49-year Low of 210,000
  4. Don’t Need To Ban Cash When They Can Just (RFID) Chip It And This Trump Fed Pick Wants To Do Just That
  5. Labor Watchdogs Optimistic After Forced Dues High Court Hearing
  6. What Will Happen With Cryptocurrencies in the Next Economic Crisis
  7. US consumer confidence rises to highest level since 2000
  8. Papa John’s Tosses Partnership with NFL
  9. Best Buy closing its 257 remaining mobile stores in the U.S.
  10. GE’s stock may rise 50% this year, says analyst who’s covered the company since 1983
  11. Foot Locker shares sink but analysts recommend investors ‘buy the weakness’
  12. S&P 500 companies expected to buy back $800 billion of their own shares this year
  13. LIVE! The America Matters Radio Show – Interview with Dissolve Your Debt author Jonathan Hawley (Video: 2:04:35 minutes long.)
  14. Fed Chairman Powell Forecasts Interest Rate Increases to House Committee
  15. Inflation Concerns Unfounded, Wall Street Moves Higher
  16. America’s Resurgent Economy
  17. Economic disparity: 10 States where the middle class is being left behind
  18. An Apocalyptic Paul Tudor Jones Warns The Fed Is About To Lose Control
  19. Dow Jones Industrial Average Plunges
  20. Total Student Debt In America Now Exceeds The Cost Of Iraq War
  21. New Fed chair doesn’t understand why student debt can’t be discharged in bankruptcy
  22. States to DeVos: We’ll keep cracking down on student-loan companies
  23. Parents don’t regret this decision, but maybe they should
  24. The most expensive colleges in America
  25. Audio: Fed Reversal, Currency Crash & Mad Rush into Gold Predicted
  26. Why U.S. GDP Hasn’t Really Increased Since 2000
  27. New Warnings on Risky “Self Storage” Gold & Silver IRAs
  28. Your ‘Melt Up’ moment has arrived
  29. ‘The King is dead. Long live the King!’
  30. After the glass ceiling, a glass cliff
  31. Pain trade lower, steel tariffs, Fed rate hike fail…
  32. Bill Bonner: This has predicted every market crash in history
  33. What is the VIX and what does it mean?
  34. Bill Gates: Cryptos cause deaths
  35. Why gold, cryptos, and free markets matter
  36. ‘It’s your problem now’
  37. A new hope for U.S. stocks… Gold gets smacked…
  38. What an economist is learning by driving for Uber
  39. Summers warns next U.S. recession could outlast previous one
  40. Did President Trump Just Stop The Bleeding In Gold & Silver?
  41. Shhh: President Trump’s Steel Tariffs Are Going To Be GREAT For Gold & Silver
  42. Here’s why the Dow took the Trump tariffs so hard
  43. In 2002, President Bush Imposed 30% Steel Tariffs; This Is What Happened Next
  44. Trump’s tariffs will hurt the 6.5 million U.S. workers at steel-consuming manufacturers
  45. ‘No big deal’: Wilbur Ross on the consumer price impact of Trump’s tariffs
  46. Opinion: Tariffs on steel, aluminum are long overdue
  47. GMO: “A Global Trade War Would Lead To a 40% Market Crash”
  48. In 2002, President Bush Imposed 30% Steel Tariffs; This Is What Happened Next
  49. Tariff Tantrum Ends With Massive Short Squeeze
  50. Eric Sprott: Gold & Silver Are Going To Rise In Price As The Other Asset Classes Fall
  52. Gold Investment Fundamentals: Supply And Demand Factors Driving Today’s Investment In Gold
  53. Gold Investment Fundamentals: Supply And Demand Factors Driving Today’s Investment In Gold
  54. Harvey Organ: The Crooks At The COMEX Are Supplying MASSIVE Paper Silver Right Now
  55. What’s Going On With Crude Oil? Chris Vermeulen Has The Answer
  56. We Can Only Transition From The Coming Energy Crisis And Economic Collapse If We Do This
  57. Peter Schiff: Consumer Prices Are About To Go Up Big Time
  58. Twelve Years In A Row And Counting: A Look At More Than A Decade Of Dismal Economic Growth
  59. No Need For A Hit Piece Because The Numbers Speak For Themselves: U.S. Mint Sales Are Lousy
  60. Harvey Organ: JP Morgan Is Stacking More And More Physical Silver Nearly Every Single Day
  61. Jim Rogers: People WILL Lose Confidence In Govts & Money Then The People WILL Return Gold & Silver
  62. Jim Rickards Warns “This Is Completely Unprecedented”
  63. How Low Can They Go? Gold & Silver Come Under Heavy Pressure In Pre-Market Trading
  64. Latest Gold Hit Piece: Not A ‘Pet Rock’ Or A ‘Barbarous Relic’ – Gold Is Now A ‘Zombie’
  65. Jim Rickards: The IRS Is Coming For You And Your Bitcoin
  66. Ex–FDIC chief Sheila Bair says bitcoin’s like the dollar — neither has intrinsic value
  67. The Worst Threat We Face Is Right Here At Home
  68. Ron Paul: Central Economic Planning NEVER Works No Matter How Long They Get Away With It
  69. Fund Manager: Powell Is No Economist And The Fed Is Not Tightening Monetary Policy
  70. Nomi Prins: The Inflated Stock Market Is All They Have To Show For All Their Efforts
  71. Chris Vermeulen: The Average Joe Is Panic Selling Just As The Market Is Reversing
  72. Stewart Thomson: We Have A 67% Chance Of A Break-Out Above $1370 On This Latest Run
  73. Not Even In Crisis Mode: Treasury Department Reports $1.2 Trillion Loss In 2017
  74. Craig Hemke: Debt And The Debt Limit Is The Reason Gold Could Be At $1900 In A Matter Of Months
  75. Don’t Give In To Your Fears But Face Them: Gold & Silver Are Probably Going Lower For Longer
  76. Here’s what the 30 Dow industrials companies say about a potential trade war
  77. 10 popular stocks that would be hit hard if Trump started a trade war
  78. Dow falls for 4th day on trade fears; major indexes post big weekly drops
  79. Worried about a trade war? Stock-market investors should think small
  80. Paying workers just $1 more can drastically reduce how often they call out sick
  81. How to insure someone else’s life
  82. The bull market in stocks is barely limping along, says Mark Hulbert
  83. Jeff Reeves has 5 ETFs that nervous investors can use as insurance against a stock-market crash
  84. Worsening Lumber “Supply Crisis” Is Driving Record Home Prices Higher
  85. Fed’s QE Unwind Marches Forward Relentlessly
  86. Nomura: What Is Happening Is The Fed Unloading Their “Short Vol Position”
  87. Another “Inconvenient Truth”: Market Tops Are Violent Inflection Points After All
  88. Never Mind Volatility: Systemic Risk Is Rising
  89. Trump trade policy will turn the US into Brazil:The US share of global high-tech exports has fallen from just below 20% in 1999 to barely over 5% in 2014, while China’s share has risen from 3% to 26% during the same period.
  90. Retail Apocalypse: 23 big retailers closing stores:The rise of ecommerce outlets like Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has made it harder for traditional retailers to attract customers to their stores and forced companies to change their sales strategies.
  91. Major Bank Now Demands Personal Information For Cash Transactions
  92. Report: The Fed is About to Lose Control


  1. Iran Bans Use Of US Dollars In Trade
  2. More Than Just A Pivot: Iran BANS The Use Of U.S. Dollars In Trade


  1. Iraq Exports More Than 100 Million Barrels of Oil in January, 3.5 Million a Day


  1. Furious World Responds To Trump Tariffs, Vows Retaliation


Earth News Banner

  1. Rare blue ice stacks ‘as high as a three-story building’ form along Michigan’s Great Lakes
  2. Amateur Astronomer Captures Rare First Light From Massive Supernova
  3. Moon’s Water Is Widely Distributed Across The Surface But Not Necessarily Easily Accessible
  4. Powerful 7.5 earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea
  5. Restoring Coral Reefs Is Possible and Surprisingly Fast
  6. Rare snowfall blankets Rome…
  7. Thousands of fish die mysteriously in Argentina
  8. Swarm of 16 earthquakes rattles San Francisco Bay Area after series of 60 earthquakes hit the Danville area last week
  9. Coldest Temperature Record Broken in Germany After More Than 117 Years
  10. Mysterious Boom Reported in Georgia Leaves People Baffled
  11. Strange Sounds in the sky of Canada, Romania and Norway (videos)
  12. Residents Panic After Mysterious Booms Shake Homes in India
  13. One Eastbound Lane of Ohio 7 Reopen After Massive Rock Slide
  14. Volcano in Southwestern Japan Erupts
  15. Another Study Warns About Catastrophic Consequences of Implementing Geoengineering
  16. UK ON RED ALERT! 8th named storm of the year “Emma” to bring galeforce winds and another 50cm of snow as “gas deficit warning” issued
  17. Mt.Shinmoe eruption on the southwestern Japanese island of Kyushu Japan rains ash on nearby towns
  18. Earthquakes in strange places: As the UK copes with freezing Siberian weather dubbed “the Beast from the East” a mag 3.2 strikes Cumbria
  19. NASA/Hubble Update: “Unique Alien Planet Found to Have Abundance of Water”
  20. New Study Undermines Accusation ExxonMobil Tried to Mislead Public on Climate Change
  21. Israeli and US Astronomers May Have Found Mysterious ‘Dark Matter’
  22. Bright fireball lights up the skies over Antofagasta, Chile
  23. North Pole surges above freezing in the dead of winter, Baffling scientists
  24. Ireland Shutdown as Europe Severe Weather Continues Killing at Least 55
  25. Hawaii Dumped 1.5 Billion Gallons of Lava Into Pacific as Volcano Wall Collapses
  26. ‘People Are Slowly Dying’: PNG Earthquake Sparks State of Emergency
  27. There’s a Type of Black Hole That Erases Your Past And Messes With Your Future
  28. NOAA Just Got Busted Fiddling with Research Results to Support Climate Change Theory


Petition News Banner

Hold Sponsors of ‘Good Girls’ Accountable

If possible, try to imagine the worst possible characteristics a mother could have and you have NBC’s newest program, “Good Girls.” The title could mislead parents, but with a TV-14 DLSV rating, you can be assured this will not be for family viewing. The name of the show along with the age of the child cast members will attract young viewers. The content in this program and in its commercials is inappropriate and will send the wrong message to America’s youth.

Offensive content in the program includes: thief, laundering drug money, murder, affairs, sexual dialogue, alcohol abuse, foul language, and attempted rape.

Almost every scene is filled with sexual innuendos, implications, or encounters. It is impossible to list them all, so here are a few scenes from the show:

The show opens with a mom on all fours on a table getting a Brazilian wax talking about her love life.
The dad was performing what appears to be oral sex on his employee at work.
Then three moms break the law by committing a premeditated robbery after they drop their kids off at school!
One child actor is playing the part of a gender non-binary tween.
That was in the first few minutes! This vile content should not be on television, let alone primetime.

‘The Mick’ Ridicules Disabled Veterans and Senior Citizens

“The Mick” has yet another season of putting child actors in even more inappropriate and adult situations, if that is possible. 1MM notices this show also ridicules disabled veterans, senior citizens, and Christianity.

This vulgar program is far from family-friendly, and with a TV-14 DLSV rating, you can be assured it is not for family viewing. This irresponsible and tasteless program is inappropriate for any age, but unfortunately, the age of the primary cast members may attract young viewers. “The Mick” airs on FOX on Tuesday evenings at 9:30 p.m./8:30 p.m. CT.

“The Mick” centers on Mackenzie “Mickey” Murphy, an irresponsible, foul-mouthed, alcoholic, pill-head who is forced into raising her rich sister’s intolerable kids after the sister is arrested.

The victims of this outrageous show are the young cast members, not to mention any children who view the program. The sexualization and moral corruption of these children is child exploitation at its worst. No child should be subjected to a bondage gag, violence, cross dressing, and sexual jokes.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Papyrus With Oldest-Known Hebrew Reference to Jerusalem Proves City Jewish 1,300 Years Before Birth of Islam
  2. 17 Mysterious Miniature Coffins In Scotland Remain An Unsolved Enigma
  3. Kuthodaw Pagoda – ‘The World’s Largest Book’ Carved In 729 Marble Slabs
  4. Solutrean People: Were First Americans European Stone Age People?
  5. 2nd Century Roman Temple Unearthed In Aswan, Egypt
  6. 1,500-Year-Old Tunnel Tomb With Human Remains And Artifacts Accidentally Unearthed In Japan
  7. Mystery Of The Chinchorro Civilization And The World’s Oldest Mummies
  8. Egypt Has Discovered Huge Parts of a King Ramses II Statue
  9. Ancient Egypt: Newly Discovered 2,000-Year-Old Tomb Contains Mummy of High Priest and 40 Sarcophagi
  10. 5 giant footprints that you won’t believe are real
  11. GIANTS WERE REAL Here Is the Proof that They Forgot To Hide (Video: 1:00:11 minutes long.)
  12. New Forbidden Archeology Documentary on Discovery of Ancient Real Giants (Video: 1:08:38 minutes long.)
  13. AMAZING Discoveries That Prove Giants Actually Existed! (Video: 10:54 minutes long.)
  14. Eleanor Of Aquitaine – Mother Of King Richard The Lionheart And One Of Most Powerful Women Of Middle Ages
  15. Cuauhtémoc: Brave And Determined Ruler Of Tenochtitlan And The Last Aztec Emperor
  16. Flexible Glass – Lost Ancient Roman Invention Because Glassmaker Was Beheaded By Emperor Tiberius
  17. Mysterious Bronze Age Viksö Helmets With Horns Related To Myths, Holy Animals And Divine Power
  18. Old Kingdom Of Alashiya And City Of Enkomi With Roots On The Island Of Cyprus
  19. Sun Chariot – Powerful Symbol Of Bronze Age Cosmology
  20. Story Behind The Two Keys On Vatican’s Flag
  21. Epona – One Of The Oldest And Widely Known Celtic Deities
  22. Xochicalco: Stunning Ruins Of Sacred City Linked To Maya and Aztecs Civilizations
  23. Clay Tablets Of Assyrian ‘King Of The World’ Esarhaddon Found Beneath Biblical Tomb Of Jonah
  24. Fall Equinox Explains Unusual Alignment Of Egypt’s Great Pyramids – Engineer Says
  25. Tomb Of God Thoth’s High Priest Discovered In Ancient Egyptian Necropolis
  26. Hidden Details Discovered In Picasso’s Painting The Crouching Woman
  27. An 8,000-year-old Slab Holds the “Oldest Writing” Ever Discovered! Or Does It?
  28. Medieval Ring Unearthed in the Shadow of Armageddon
  29. Archaeologists Find Something Truly Bizarre in an Isolated Medieval Graveyard


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Ten Tribes Studies (27 February, 2018, 12 Adar, 5778)
  2. The Lost Tribes of Israel (Part 1 of 3) (Video: 1:54:41 minutes long.)
  3. The Lost Tribes of Israel (Part 2 of 3) (Video: 55:41 minutes long.)
  4. The Lost Tribes of Israel (Part 3 of 3) (Video: 1:22:53 minutes long.)
  5. Brit Am Publications


The Messianic Age Part 1

Messianic Age – The 1000 years of peace and beyond – Part 1: The A-Z on the Millennial Reign Also Called the Messianic Age

The Start of Eternity:

Not much is known or written about the Believer’s destiny into the future, especially not from a Hebraic mind-set; the mind-set of Yeshua, our King and Saviour!

Christendom’s mind-set of eternity is vastly different from that of Judaism; this fundamental difference is used as the point of departure for this series. 

This series discusses the fundamental principles for the total Plan of Redemption of God: the marriage of the Bride, her elevation to that of Queen who will sit next to her King, how the world will physically be changed and the curses that will be removed, how life in general will be like, what will happen after the 1000 year period, and a huge amount of other topics.

You are about to embark on a futuristic journey to learn about the biggest mystery in human history, your destiny into eternity…

Some of the topics covered to lay the foundation of this mysterious period are:

•What is Christendom’s Mind-set of Eternity?
•Who Will Dwell in Who’s Tent?
•Who Will Learn The Scripture From Who?
•Are There Two Wives, One Household, and One Husband Involved in God’s Process?
•Clarity on Which Tribes Were Divorced and Who Are Not
•But Who Is ‘Joseph’ and More Importantly Is ‘Joseph’ Alive Today?
•So Who Am I and Where Do I As a Non-Jew Fit In?
•What Is the Redemption Outcome?
•What Is The Secret of Redemption and What is the House of Judah’s Responsibility?
•Who Must Regather the Ten Tribes, Joseph or Judah?
•Can Judah Wake To The Most Fundamental Prophecy?
•Is Judah Preparing and Building The Land?
•Can There Be Redemption Without a Land?
•Is Judah Starting to Realise That He Needs Ephraim, the House of Israel (Matt 15:24)?
•Is There a Continuous Cry For the Re-awakening of Lost 10-Israel?

(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


Genealogy News Banner

  1. What’s New at FamilySearch
  2. A new ‘In-brief’ Concise Report has been Released for English & Welsh Ancestor Research
  3. The National Institute for Genealogical Studies Announces a New Eastern European Records Certificate Featuring Courses Written by Lisa Alzo, MFA
  4. Millions of Immigrants Never Set Foot on Ellis Island – Find Their Records Here
  5. Ancestry for Free: Genealogy Research Sites That Don’t Cost a Dime
  6. Dictionary of Old Occupations: A-Z Index
  7. Six Steps to Become a Better Researcher
  8. Researching Cherokee Ancestry
  9. The Seven Clans of the Cherokee
  10. How to Prove That You’re Cherokee
  11. How to Prove an Indian Heritage
  12. How to Trace Ancestry in India
  13. How to Find a Roll Number on the Dawes Roll
  14. How to Tell If You Have Italian Ancestry
  15. How to Locate Persons in Australia
  16. How to Access Marriage Records Using a Social Security Number
  17. Maximizing Your Search for Ancestors in Historical Newspapers
  18. 3 Times Genealogy Records Were Wrong
  19. What’s New in Genetic Genealogy: Family Tree Magazine Podcast Episode 117
  20. Keltic united
  21. MyHeritage Releases Chromosome Browser Upgrade to Facilitate Better Exploration and Interpretation of DNA Matches
  22. Findmypast Brings New York Catholic Records Online for the First Time
  23. MyHeritage Launches DNA Quest — a Major Pro Bono Initiative for Adoptees and Their Biological Families to Find Each Other via DNA Testing
  24. Findmypast Helps North American Researchers Discover British & Irish Ancestors
  25. United States land claims and cessions, 1782-1802
  27. The Scottish Parish Register Guide with Archive & Family History Society Directory
  28. Tax Records Could Offer Surprisingly Rich Details About Your Ancestors
  29. How Europeans colonised the world: Visualisation shows migration and marriage of millions of people over 500 years (and reveals when they stopped marrying their cousins)


Health News Banner


  1. Tamiflu is not safe OR effective
  2. Tamiflu Again Linked to Extreme Adverse Reactions, Including Suicide
  3. Flintstone’s children’s vitamins, owned by biotech giant Bayer, are full of questionable ingredients, including GMOs, aspartame, hydrogenated oils
  4. Don’t Eat the Laundry Pods. (Seriously. They’re Poison.) (Video: 3:54 minutes long.)
  5. Common Food Found to Have Shockingly Strong Link to Tumors
  6. How poultry farming in India contributes to the global superbug problem: Antibiotics help chicks grow bigger, faster, for more profit
  7. Do you take too much ibuprofen? It could cause bleeding stomach ulcers and even heart attack, according to new study
  8. Childhood Cancers Rising Same as Autism – Cancer Now #1 Cause of Death in Children
  9. Herbicides and Pesticides Linked to Parkinson’s Disease
  10. U.S. livestock raised for food found to have HUGE levels of antibiotics – five times more than what is allowed in the U.K.
  11. PUTRID MEAT: Filthy conditions uncovered in pig and chicken meat plants


  1. HERE’S THE PROOF FLU VIRUS WAS DELIBERATELY WEAPONIZED FOR WIDEST TRANSMISSION-More than that, they are also studying specific strains from different locations on Earth, so that a gene, or race, specific attack can be made possible.
  2. No sweets or juice on an empty stomach: Sugars, including fructose, harm the good bacteria in your gut in the absence of food
  3. The Next Prescription Drug Epidemic Is Already Here — And Nobody’s Talking About It
  4. Superbugs set to kill more people than cancer
  5. Controversy among scientists as “horsepox recipe” becomes public knowledge, raising fears terrorists will “hack” the virus to kill millions
  6. Flu season is like Black Friday for Big Pharma: From vaccines to medication, the outbreak has business booming
  7. The vaccine manufacturing process could be contributing to disease epidemics due to retrovirus contamination
  8. Citizens Create Program For Vaccine Injury Awareness: The People’s VAERS Report
  9. Who Says Vaccines Are Safe? Not When They Shed The Very Diseases They Are Supposed To Prevent!
  10. America’s Vaccine Civil War: Baylor Doctor Attacks Mothers of Vaccine Damaged Children in Attempt to Silence Them
  11. Teen Girl Develops Leukemia After Gardasil Vaccine – Life Back to Near Normal After Mother Gives Her Cannabis Oil
  12. Are Teen Neurodevelopmental Disorders Caused by Vaccines and Other Toxins being Masked by Big Pharma as “Mental Health” Disorders?
  13. Toddler-marketed milk drinks are NOT recommend by health experts
  14. How Long Does the Flu Last?
  15. Make your own elderberry tincture and cough syrup to fight the flu
  16. This Cuts Viral Illness by 9 Times
  17. Many cases of “dementia” are actually side effects of prescription drugs or vaccines, according to research
  18. Effortless yet effective way of boosting memory performance revealed, works for both young students and Alzheimer’s patients
  19. Violent crime is down where marijuana use is up, according to new study
  20. Four science-backed health benefits of cannabis that are ignored by the mainstream media
  21. 2 Years After Isaiah Rider Medically Kidnapped: “They Destroyed Our Whole World”
  22. Study of 85,500 People Shows This Is Horrible for Your Heart
  23. This Essential Oil May Help Cleanse Your Body and Address Illnesses
  24. California Could Become First State to Force Universities to Provide Abortion Pill
  25. Is It Beneficial to Eat Soil?
  26. Keep Boycotting These Evil Traitors, Even Nestle Has Left
  27. Grocery Stores Forced to Carry CAFO Eggs
  28. Ex-opioid addict starts online campaign against billionaire family behind OxyContin; their company, Purdue Pharma, has made billions off opioids
  29. Teflon – The Devil We Know
  30. DuPont Exposed for Mass Worldwide Cover Up of Teflon Health Risks
  31. What’s Worse Than Bedbugs? Their Poo
  32. Glucomannan: Benefits and Uses
  33. 8 reasons why you should grow your own food
  34. Johnson & Johnson facing class action suit over the asbestos in its talc products
  35. How does your city affect your health? Map reveals the healthiest – and least healthy – cities in the U.S.
  36. Monsanto Victory: California Ordered To Remove Cancer Warning On Weed Killer
  37. Hydrogen for Sports Medicine
  38. How to Grow Marjoram
  39. Lysine: Benefits and Uses
  40. EPA, Monsanto face lawsuit over pesticide drift that damaged millions of acres and threatened endangered species
  41. Innovative new antimicrobial adhesive uses essential oils to reduce bacterial infection risk in Europe’s hospitals
  42. Hidden poisons in your MOUTH may be causing cancer, arthritis, heart disease and even obesity
  43. If You Have Arthritis Pain, Eat These 6 Ingredients For Breakfast
  44. 6 Reasons To Make Banana Peel Tea & How To Do It
  45. This Shake Flattens Belly, Cleanse The Colon, And Removes All The Fat Completely From Your Body
  46. This Is How A 1/4 Teaspoon Of Himalayan Salt Fights Muscle Pain, Toxins, And Belly Fat
  47. Your Stomach Fat Can Disappear With The Help Of An Affordable Shake And 5 Exercises
  48. 2 Apples, 1 Lemon And 1 Cup Of Oats, Prepare To Lose Size Without Any Control
  49. How To Quickly Remove Uric Acid Crystallization From Your Body To Prevent Gout And Joint Pain
  50. The Exact Daily Dose Of Vitamin D You Need To Avoid 13 Health Problems (Proven By Science)
  51. An Extra 300 mg Of This Common Mineral Could Help Stop Your Arteries From Hardening
  52. 9 Alkaline Foods That Will Help Clean And Remove Acid Build Up From Your Body
  53. 12 Dangerous Bedtime Habits You Should Avoid
  54. Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease May Be Easier Than You Think
  55. What The DASH Diet Is And Why Doctors Call It One Of The Best Diets For Our Health
  56. Millions Of People Are Exposed To Toxic Mold Every Day! Here Are 14 Early Signs You May Be One Of Them
  57. United States FDA Officially Approves Banned Genetically Modified Chinese Rice For Export To The States
  58. 24 Incredible Facts Why Hydrogen Peroxide Should Be In Every Home
  59. New Study Concludes 100-Year-Old Drug Reverses Autism Symptoms In Kids
  60. This “Healthy” Drink Destroys Your Thyroid & 10 More Reasons Why You Should Never Consume it
  61. The 10 Tricks With Aspirin That Every Woman Has To Know. It Will Change Your Life Completely
  62. Holding Your Hand In This Position Does Something Incredible For Your Body – Here’s How
  63. Ancient German Remedy That Will Unclog Arteries, Lower Cholesterol And Improve Your Immune System!
  64. Pediatric Doctor Pleads Guilty to Illegally Targeting Teens for Cholesterol Drug Trials
  65. Human brain remains active minutes after heart stops beating
  66. Have Smartphones, Pot Become Deadly for Pedestrians?
  67. Lasers, Freezes: Non-Surgical Fat Reducers Gaining Popularity
  68. Do Women Really Need to Starve Themselves During Labor?
  69. Obesity to Blame for Jump in Health Care Costs
  70. Big Outdoor Temperature Swings Tied to Heart Attack Risk
  71. Calcium Supplements Tied to Higher Odds of Colon Polyps
  72. How to Avoid the Toxicity of Everyday Products
  73. How Rhodiola Boosts Performance and Naturally Eases Depression
  74. Agar Agar: The Vegan Gelatin Substitute that Promotes Satiety & Regularity
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Deuteronomy 14:22-27 “(22) “You shall truly tithe all the increase of your grain that the field produces year by year. (23) And you shall eat before the LORD your God, in the place where He chooses to make His name abide, the tithe of your grain and your new wine and your oil, of the firstborn of your herds and your flocks, that you may learn to fear the LORD your God always. (24) But if the journey is too long for you, so that you are not able to carry the tithe, or if the place where the LORD your God chooses to put His name is too far from you, when the LORD your God has blessed you, (25) then you shall exchange it for money, take the money in your hand, and go to the place which the LORD your God chooses. (26) And you shall spend that money for whatever your heart desires: for oxen or sheep, for wine or similar drink, for whatever your heart desires; you shall eat there before the LORD your God, and you shall rejoice, you and your household. (27) You shall not forsake the Levite who is within your gates, for he has no part nor inheritance with you.  (New King James Version)

Instructions for the second tithe are found in this passage. Included here is the command to “truly [fully] tithe all the increase of your grain that the field produces year by year” (verse 22). This is the tithe we are to save for ourselves for use during God’s Feasts throughout the year, not the same tithe that was given to the Levites.

Note here that a full tithe is to be set aside for this purpose only. Over the years some have invested their second tithe in projects that have failed; this is a wrong use of this money. It is not to be set aside as venture capital, but as money to be used to enjoy God’s festivals.

Some have erroneously thought that if they saved just enough to attend the Feast, they were fulfilling God’s requirement. Again, this is not correct, for God wants us to save a full tithe to “spend on whatever your heart desires . . . before the LORD your God, and you shall rejoice, you and your household” (verse 26).

Also, spending second tithe for any other purpose than for keeping the Feasts is wrong. It actually harms our relationship with our Creator. We destroy character through disobedience and fail to learn the important lessons contained in the saving and use of this second tithe.

John O. Reid

To learn more, see:  Tithing: God’s Financial System


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Exploring Difficult Commands — A Letter to Dr. Laura — Part 2 by Brad Scott

I would like to begin addressing Dr. Laura’s critic with a couple of quotes from well known atheists.

Aldous Huxley from Brave New World

I had motives for wanting the world to have no meaning and assumed that it had none, and was able with no difficulty to find satisfying reasons for this assumption. The philosopher who finds no meaning in the world is not concerned exclusively with anything metaphysical (that which is beyond our physical realm), but is concerned with proving that there is no valid reason why he shouldn’t do what he wants to do and why his friends should not seize political power and do what they wish or what is advantageous to themselves … meaninglessness is essentially liberation, sexual and political.”

Margaret Sangar, Founder of Planned Parenthood

No Gods….No masters.

I do not wish to suggest that every evolutionist or atheist is driven by the same motivation, at least not consciously. I do believe that this fundamental idea lies behind their religious agenda. Yes, I do mean religious. For those who run to the absurd to avoid the obvious, it is so easy and convenient to pray on the general public’s perspective of religion being confined to organized recognition of a metaphysical deity. Atheists consistently taut their propaganda that they are without religious bias and approach life with an open, unprejudiced, rational, scientific mind. At least Huxley and Sangar have the where with all to openly proclaim their motivation. It is this writer’s opinion that the rejection of someone greater and smarter than yourself is generally masking some personal, deep seated, self realized depravity that is easily reconciled by simple denial. I remember watching an episode of a program called “Cops” a few years ago. During this reality drama of police officers chasing criminals, a car thief was being chased through the back yards of several neighorhoods. At one point the thief suddenly disappears in the clutter of the back yard of one of the houses. The cameras are searching for him as one of their flashlights captures two long legs sticking out from under a small plastic swimming pool. It appeared that the thief figured that if he could not see them, then they could not see him. I believe it is human nature that motivates many people to conclude that if you can deceive yourself into believing that there is no ruler, well then, there are no rules. Religious and non-religious people alike can be easily convinced that freedom means no restraints or moral compasses. All right, let’s cut to our chase here with Jim’s first registered complaint to God.

“When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord – Lev. 1:9. The problem is my neighbors. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?”

This is a good example to start with because much of the reasoning I wish to use here will be repeated with the other complaints he makes to management. Let me also add that I am under no delusion that my comments will lead to Jim’s sudden conversion. I simply wish for Jim to understand that the Creator of the universe is not reclining on pillows of clouds sticking pins in dolls and demanding senseless rituals of His people. He is not, nor has He ever, required the sacrifice of an innocent animal from His people just to see if they will actually go through with it to verify some cruel act of loyalty. Jim does not understand, nor wants to understand, the whole concept of sacrifices. Neither does most of the rest of our so-called civilized society. There is an underlying reason for denying the obvious. No God, no master. Jim reveals much of the same thought patterns that religious men use to render the Old Testament obsolete. It may be obvious that he uses no quotes from the New Testament. Most religious people in western cultures would sympathize with Jim. The polemic technique is that if one can find a commandment in the Torah that we do not obey or practice, then by inductive reasoning, we have the precedent for not obeying or following any of them. Whether consciously or unconsciously, that is concealed behind most questions. Jim was repulsed at the idea that the standard for homosexuality today was justified by Dr. Laura by going back to the Torah some 3500 years ago. In a pavlovian response, he immediately finds a verse that he knows Dr. Laura does not practice today. Conclusion? We throw out the standards and morals for human behavior, as well.

Let’s begin with some of the more obvious comments and then move to a deeper explanation. There is no commandment from YHVH concerning the smiting of a neighbor who does not care for the odor of a sacrifice. As I said in my introduction, the comment is funny and good sarcasm, but simply not true. This is much the same way that Bill Maher addresses biblical subjects, as well. Secondly, there is no standing temple today, so the priestly responsiblity that is an intimate part of this cannot be applied. Thirdly, we all live in a culture in which we are subject to the laws of the nation in which we reside. This is why we are called “Ambassadors” in the Scriptures (Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 18:2, Ephesians 6:20). We are residents of another country, another land. We are only sojourners in a strange land respresenting the land of which we are true citizens. As Ambassadors we are to obey the laws of the land we find ourselves assigned. Although we all yearn to someday be planted in the soil that produces the abundant fruit we so desire, the reality is that we can only produce from the soil in which we are currently planted. Jim’s first choice to slam dunk the twisted logic of Dr. Laura is quite a stretch from whether homosexuality is moral or immoral. His logic, however, is that if we do not sacrifice bulls on an altar today, then by the laws of sound reasoning, we should not use any biblical standard to discern man’s behavior with his fellow man. Uhhhh. I remember when I was eight, a kid across the sandbox saying something very similar.

But let’s get down to what is really behind Jim’s thought process. He is not interested in hearing theological apologetics. I could go on and on into this issue, drawing the book of Hebrew into the discussion and pursuing an endless diatribe on why we do not practice this today. I know exactly what Jim’s fundamental disgust is all about. Why does this Old Testament barbaric God of yours require innocent animals to die? First of all, I would be willing to risk all the capital I have in a bet that Jim believes in evolution. Man came about through extremely slow natural forces taking place over billions of years. He denies that like kind produces like kind because that conflicts with his premise for doing whatever he wants to do. A Creator implies design and purpose. Evolution implies randomness and constant change. People like Jim know that the only way they can justify doing what ever they wish now, is to destroy what was done then. People like Jim are not interested in the ramifications of sin or evil. In atheistic thinking, we are all alone here in the universe watching the parade of personal experience go past us day after day. Wrong is only wrong if we all collectively decide that it is wrong. Mankind rarely gets a glimpse into the ultimate results of sin and evil. If the results do not manifest themselves within hours of the act, we quietly move on, blind to the effects of our actions. What is this business of shedding the blood of an animal? This is what the Jim’s of the world cannot wrap their mind around.

I would like to begin with an appeal to Isaac Newton and the laws of motion. A relationship that most atheists and evolutionists would not make. Why? Because what in the world do the laws of science have to do with Bible stuff? What does Isaac Newton have to do with religious rituals? Every effect has a cause, and every cause is equal to or greater than the effect. Every effect or just some effects? Is it possible that God is aware of Newtonian mechanics? Is it possible that He knows that there are effects to disobedience? Do children in a traditional family atmosphere suffer the effects of disobeying their parents? Is their disobedient behavior actually self destructive and do the parents who love them know that? Could the Father of lights be responding to His children the same way that an earthly father responds to his children? Could this clear parallel provide the motivation for most atheist organizations through Supreme Court rulings to repudiate the traditional family as well? Why is it that most people who do not believe in God are also involved in tearing down the traditional family? It could be that the parallel is just too close to home.

When a child rebels against his parents and is grounded for two weeks, is the act of being grounded the parents goal? Ask most parents. The goal is to teach the child to obey so there are no negative effects. This is the loving movitation of a parent who loves his/her children. I know this is rocket science Jim, but try to follow along. If the result of sin and/or evil is the repugnant death of an innocent animal, then perhaps one might draw the brilliant conclusion that they would cease from sinning. That is if you really care about the animal. Did the animal deserve to die? No, you do Jim. You assume that the cause has no effect because you rarely experience the effects. Like medical companies that issue drugs to fight the symptoms, you spend most of your time fighting and protesting the effects while ignoring the cause. If the effect of my sin is revealed in the slaughter of an animal, then why would I solve the problem by continuing to thumb my nose at sin? Like a snot-nosed kid you do not agree with the morality, ethics and rules of your parents. This is one reason why the Scriptures teach us that our Father would rather have obedience than sacrifice. His goal is not the sacrifice, but rather children that listen to their father. The bottom line for the Jim’s of the world is that just like the Huxley’s and their friends, they want to do what they want to do. Their lives and morals are in stark contrast to their Creator so they solve the problem by hiding underneath the plastic swimming pool.

The truth is that God hates burnt sacrifices more than the brains of atheists can imagine. When that odor reaches His nostrils it tells him that someone has chosen to repent and not do whatever it was that initiated the sacrifice in the first place. Our Father wants repentance and obedience. Why? Because He created the laws of motion and He knows the sure effects of doing what is right and what is wrong. Man is only capable of reacting to whatever is in his face at the time. Are atheists aware of the laws of physics, the characteristics of sound or the dynamics of the energy of the universe? Have they had enough personal experience to know that a single act of love and kindness in one place can have an effect on someone else thousands of miles away? That the words we speak do not really disappear? Do they really think that a private act between two consenting males is their own business and effects no one else? The known laws of the universe do not operate that way.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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Ruma Adonai / Be Exalted O LORD Psalm 21


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