News You May Not Have Heard About — 02/18/2018

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  1. Trump at National Prayer Breakfast: America Needs Faith in God to Be a Great Nation
  2. Trump to unveil $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan
  3. Building a Stronger America: President Donald J. Trump’s American Infrastructure Initiative
  4. Trump Says ‘Palestinians Not Looking to Make Peace’
  5. President Donald J. Trump’s Weekly Address
  6. Trump: Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital Was Pinnacle of My First Year
  7. Trump prods Congress amid debate on immigration
  8. Trump denounces Senate proposal on Dreamers
  9. Trump Backs Grassley Immigration Bill
  10. Finally: Trump budget proposes elimination of public TV, arts funding
  11. Trump tells Putin now time for peace between Israelis and Palestinians
  13. Trump: Nation joins Florida in its sorrow over shooting
  14. Presidential Proclamation Honoring the Victims of the Tragedy in Parkland, Florida
  15. Trump calls on nation to ‘answer hate with love’
  16. Trump gets briefed on Russia indictment and declares that all the allegations against him regarding the so-called Russian interference are nonsense
  17. Trump Responds: Mueller Indictment Shows “Campaign Did Nothing Wrong. No Collusion!”


  1. Pence’s PAC Quietly Helping GOP Candidates in Key Races
  2. WATCH: Pence Warns ‘Toughest’ North Korean Sanctions Coming Soon
  3. US Holds Arch Terrorists in Syria: Now What?
  5. Army conducts drills using ground robots that shoot…
  6. US Court Rejects Arab Bank Terror-financing Verdict
  8. Democrats work on removing harmful information from memo
  9. White House Denies Discussing Annexation of Settlements with Israel
  10. New Director Caught Red-Handed, Absolutely Appalling
  11. Congress takes on immigration issue amid election pressures
  12. Congress Laying Groundwork to Boycott U.N. Body After Rash of Anti-Israel Measures
  13. Trump’s $4 trillion budget delivered to Congress
  14. Trump Admin Not Backing Down From Confrontation With North Korea
  15. Lead Senate Immigration Hawks to Introduce Trump Immigration Plan as Bill
  16. Congress Laying Groundwork to Boycott U.N. Body After Rash of Antisemitic Measures
  17. US Defense Secretary: ‘Israel Has Absolute Right to Defend Itself’
  18. US intel officials say Russia targeting midterms
  19. Senate begins work on ‘dreamers’
  20. FBI Releases details on Porter timeline
  21. Sanders: WH takes domestic violence seriously
  22. Intel Chiefs Sound Alarm on China Threat
  23. Feds Runs Surplus in 1st Month of Tax Cut, Trump Popularity on Upswing
  24. Feds to Repeal 298 Tax Regulations
  25. ‏Congress Unanimously Passes Bill Slamming Hamas’ Use of Human Shields
  26. AG Sessions: We must stop these ‘heinous crimes’
  27. Haley Tells UN: Iran’s Attack on Israel is ‘Wake-up Call’ to the World
  28. US to Boost Aid to Jordan, Despite Trump’s Threats
  29. State Department Nominee Confirms FBI Was Blocked From Arresting Chinese Security Officials
  30. Here Are the Major Gun-Related Bills and Actions the Federal Government is Currently Considering
  31. Did Tillerson Just Go Off Script About Hezbollah?
  32. 13 Russian nationals charged in Mueller investigation
  33. Enforcement-free immigration bill goes down in flames
  34. U.S. Overtures to Hezbollah Suggest Internal Trump Admin Battle
  35. Fourth Circuit Appeals Court Strikes Down Trump’s Travel Ban, Yet Again
  36. U.S. appeals court says Trump travel ban unlawfully discriminates against Muslims
  37. The President Can Declassify the Records of the FISA court – FISA JUDGE IS POSSIBLY DIRTY
  38. “Russians Did Not Alter The Outcome Of The Elections”: Highlights From Rosenstein’s Press Conference


  1. Newsweek top executives FIRED after propaganda rag exposed for running Monsanto lies as “news”
  2. Left-wing media refuses to cover FBI / FISA corruption scandal; instead tries to recycle nearly year-old “Russia collusion” story as “Breaking News”
  3. DHS Statement On NBC News Fake News Of Election Hacking
  4. The Media Is in Crisis
  5. Investigative journalist reveals origin of ‘fake news’
  6. CNN loses 30% of its primetime watchers
  7. Enemedia Claim Israel the Aggressor, Iran the Victim, Hamas the Good Guys
  8. Falsehoods And Lies: Inciting War Is A War Crime


  2. ANOTHER Get-Trump Dossier uncovered – this one by the Obama State Dept
  3. List of Anti-Trump Politicians and Institutions Who Colluded with the Russians
  4. With New Peace Plan In The Works – President Trump Prepares To Pressure Israel
  6. Wife of Donald Trump Jr. rushed to hospital after opening letter containing suspicious white powder; was this an assassination warning?
  7. Bannon on Hill for closed-door interview in Russia probe
  9. WATCH: How the IRS Under Obama Waged War on Pro-Israel Groups
  11. Declassified Susan Rice CYA Email: Obama Contemplated Hiding Russia Intel from Incoming Trump Administration
  12. Obama-era cash traced to Iran-backed jihad terrorists
  13. Obama DOJ Official Bruce Ohr Hid Wife’s Fusion GPS Payments From Ethics Officials
  14. Deepthroat in Spygate has been acquired, It is over for Obama/Clinton and their “Secret Society”
  15. Hillary Clinton Outspent Russians 53-1… And Lost
  16. ‘Unusual’ email raises questions about ‘by the book’
  17. WATCH: A Neo-Nazi Runs for US Congress
  18. You Might Be Considered a Domestic Terrorist If This New Bill Passes
  19. Manchin Took Thousands From Dem Who Told Trump to ‘Take Your Border Wall and Shove It Up Your A—’
  21. Washington Will No Longer be a Roadblock to Rebuilding America
  22. Trump to Courts: Make America Immigrate Again
  23. Despite Sessions Opposition, Grassley Sentencing Reform Bill Clears Committee
  24. Tom Steyer Is Almost Single-Handedly Bankrolling ‘Immigrant Voters Win PAC’
  25. FAIR: Enforce immigration laws and illegals will leave
  26. Steyer Keeps Pressure on Local Races Despite Spotlight of National Goals
  27. How Republicans Got Schumer to End Obstruction of Rail Nominee
  28. Dozens of Clean FBI and DOJ officials working on indictments against the “Secret Society” and Deep State
  29. Caroline Glick: Israel’s ‘Deep State’ Targets Netanyahu With Bogus Charges
  31. GRAPHIC VIDEO: Islamic/Antifa links of Florida Mass Shooter was CAIR Follower, “Allahu Akbar” #BLM
  32. PSYCH DRUG SHOOTERS: Florida school shooter “was on medication,” reports Miami Herald, just like nearly all other mass shooters
  33. The One Who Did the Florida school shooting was not a Muslim, according to a report he was a part of a white nationalist group
  34. Report: Police Were Called to Suspected Florida Shooter’s Home 39 Times Over 7 Years
  36. Florida teen charged with 17 murder counts in school attack
  37. WATCH: How Florida School Janitor Saved Dozens of Lives
  38. Fla. Gov. vows to keep mentally ill from guns
  39. FBI says it failed to investigate tip on Florida suspect
  40. FBI too busy committing TREASON to stop the Florida shooter who was reported to the FBI months ago
  42. Was The Florida School Shooting A False Flag? These Three Anomalies Say Yes It Was
  43. Rick Scott: ‘The FBI Director Needs to Resign’
  44. Shots Fired At Highline College In Des Moines, WA; School On Lockdown
  45. Now’s the time to talk about reducing gun violence
  46. Breaking News: Legal Team file Court Motion To Obtain Evidence to Prove That General Michael Flynn Was Framed
  47. If Hillary Goes Down So Will Obama
  49. BOOM! Mueller and Rosenstein secretly apply to courts to throw out their own case against Paul Manafort. FULL COVER UP IN PROCESS!!
  50. Mueller Hits Manafort With New Bank Fraud Claim Over “Doctored” Paperwork
  53. Election Officials Convene in D.C. Amid Continued Friction Over Voting Security, Russian Propaganda Concerns
  54. BREAKING: Scumbag Paul Ryan’s Christian Conservative Primary Challenger Now Ahead In Polls
  55. Law enforcement: no evidence of connection between Florida school shooter and white supremacist group #FakeNews #Parkland
  57. Marines Didn’t Reach Out to Innocent Special Operators Until Story Went Public
  58. Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was on a “sedative-hypnotic” mind-altering psychiatric medication – autopsy report
  59. Rutgers University Fires Former Syrian Diplomat Who Slandered Israel
  60. WATCH: Why a Divided Jerusalem is ‘Nonsense’
  61. Muslim college student is jailed for 18 years after helping ISIS plot a pressure-cooker bomb attack on New York City
  62. Obamacide is Suicide
  64. ‘Impeach!’ Preserves Dems’ Midterm Goals
  66. A warning over Dems controlling power of the pen
  67. Red State Democrats Sink Anti-Sanctuary Cities Bill
  68. Washington Post, CNN, NPR, PBS all praise murderous North Korea and its slave state leaders
  69. Washington Post uses Muslim convicted on terror-related charges to smear evangelicals
  70. A military parade down Pennsylvania Ave. – a good idea?
  71. Bronze Stars for Special Ops Surgical Team Fighting ISIS
  72. Holder for president? Not a chance
  73. Obama-Backed, Holder-Led Group Raised More Than $11 Million in 2017; Will Target Republicans in 12 States
  74. Obama provided Iran with stealth drone that penetrated Israel’s border
  75. WATCH: Obama Cash Payments to Iran Traced to Terrorists Groups
  76. Catholic school fires lesbian teacher
  77. Conor Lamb Accused Israel of ‘Terrorism,’ Targeting ‘Innocent Civilians’
  78. Conor Lamb Says He Has ‘No Memory’ of Accusing Israel of ‘Terrorism,’ Targeting ‘Innocent Civilians’
  79. Liberals Accuse Sessions of Racism for Referring to ‘Anglo-American Heritage’ of U.S. Law
  80. Congressman caught dining with enemy of U.S.
  81. GOP Senate Candidate Invites Trump to Hold Military Parade in Missouri
  82. Former Obama Official Pleaded Guilty to Sex Crimes
  83. House Democrats Outspend GOP Counterparts 2-1 on Auto Leases
  84. Rutgers Finally Removed Lecturer Who Represented Assad’s Regime at UN
  85. Minnesota: Hijab-wearing sharia apologist running for Mayor of Rochester
  86. Video and Photos: Leftists Screaming for “Palestinian” Jihad Disrupt Afternoon Commute at Penn Station
  87. Scout Master forced out over niqab comment
  88. Muslim Brotherhood DNC Chair and Two Radical Democrats Attended Private Dinner With Iran’s President And Louis Farrakhan
  89. Minnesota Senators to spend $18,000,000 taxpayer monies on Somali Muslim Migrants
  90. Hollywood airheads write to Trump to protest his cutting funding to UNRWA
  91. Teacher Fired for Sharing Biblical Views; Loses Discrimination Lawsuit
  92. Harvard Teaches Graduate Course on Crap
  94. America’s Reversal On Gay “Marriage”: What Really Happened?
  96. Free money and pigeons
  97. AG’s objective: Shut down constitutionally protected speech
  99. California prison counselor in California turns to jihad, fights for ISIS, FBI says
  100. Calif. man pleads guilty in Russia probe
  101. Youth Prison Counselor Suspected of Joining Jihad in Syria
  102. Kochs launch $4M campaign against Dems in Missouri, Indiana
  103. Oklahoma lawmaker wants judge removed over rape plea deal
  104. Oklahoma: Shouting “Allah,” Muslim STABS man “because he didn’t follow Islam”
  105. Appeals court hears tribal challenge to SD child removals
  106. GOP needs to ‘wake up’ as midterms approach: Bauer
  107. The Ties That Blind: Libs’ Hypocrisy on White House Access
  108. Son of Holocaust survivor named next Harvard University president
  109. NEW VIDEO Shows Moment Muslim Migrant Detonates Bomb in NYC’s Port Authority Subway
  110. What American Muslim students are saying …..
  111. Muslim bomber gets multiple life sentences for NYC and NJ bombings
  112. Scripture Signs Removed From High School Choir Room Following Complaint From Atheist Activist Group
  113. Democrats Digging for Info on Republican Josh Hawley’s Wife
  114. Conor Lamb Bashes Lobbyists But Allows Them to Fundraise for Him
  115. More Cops Means Less Crime, Analysis Shows
  116. American ISIS Supporter Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Gun Crime
  117. Judge Disallows References to CAIR-Hamas Ties in Suit
  118. ISIS Terror Updates: Virginia, Maryland, New York
  119. Poll Results: Gitmo or Criminal Trial for Terrorists?
  120. Texas Couple Gets Prison Time for Lying About Jihadi Sons
  121. 23 Tennessee stores shut, accused of selling marijuana candy
  122. New Hampshire bill targets soda on kids menus
  123. Shooting reported near Fort Meade NSA campus
  124. 2 shot dead in New Orleans Mardi Gras night
  125. Advocates Defend Arizona’s Anti-BDS Law Following Kansas Setback
  126. Parents on Explicit Sex Ed: Get Real!
  127. Accusations of Anti-Semitism Surface for US Republican Candidates
  128. WATCH: Family Pleads for Ailing 81-year-old American to be Released from Prison in Iran
  129. Virginia: Muslim who wanted to join “Muslim army” and commit jihad pleads guilty to lying on U.S. military applications
  130. 3 injured in shooting outside NSA in Maryland, suspect arrested
  131. State wants to govern kids’ soda consumption
  132. Common Core drops U.S. 8 spots in global ranking
  133. Nurse who sued will get her day in court
  134. 70% drop in refugees admitted into the United States under Trump
  135. Muslim says he was kicked off flight after he was heard speaking in Arabic, Hamas-CAIR lawsuit claims
  136. How Chain Migration Will Create a Permanent Democrat Majority
  137. Leftist-Islamic Alliance: Hamas-Linked CAIR Hosts Forum for Democrat Gubernatorial Candidates
  138. The GOP Tax Cut Gamble
  139. ‘The View’ Host Joy Behar Says It’s ‘Mental Illness’ to Think Jesus Talks to You
  140. Inmates who clapped for cop death suspect may face reprisals
  141. MS-13 gang members get prison in fatal Long Island shooting
  142. Romney makes it official: He’s running for Utah Senate seat
  143. Court: Accept Your Child’s New Gender or Lose Custody
  145. Muslim student at Catholic Manhattan College: School overrun by Islamic proselytizing, Balkan Muslims in NYC are turning to jihad
  146. American flag was ripped from a flagpole, desecrated, slashed and replaced with ISIS flag at UTAH high school
  147. The Pro-Life movement is evil, it is controlled opposition that is not interested in outlawing abortion
  148. Nobody Cares about the Middle east anymore, because the conservatives are too busy worshipping Trump
  149. Man Burns One-Year-Old Child With 170 Degree Water, Then He Beats The Child So Badly He Has 100 Retinal Hemorrhages In His Eyes And Has To Have Brain Surgery
  150. Texas: Plano councilman pressured to quit for calling for banning of Islam from schools
  151. New “Islamophobia” report contains “hate crimes” faked by Muslims as if they really happened
  152. Robert Spencer in PJ Media: How Media Bias Actually Works: A Case Study
  153. Former CIA Chief Admits US Meddling In Foreign Elections “For Their Own Good”
  155. American Jewish Leaders Find Friends in the Emirates
  156. Jewish Groups Urge Resignation of Rep. Keith Ellison Over Ties to Louis Farrakhan
  157. TRUTH EXPOSED! Russian Plane Had 3 Key Connections to Democrats (Video: 7:44 minutes long.)


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  1. Israel President Reuven Rivlin Backs Annexation With Full Rights for “Palestinians”
  2. WATCH: Netanyahu’s Party Defends Him as Investigation Intensifies
  3. Netanyahu’s Allies Rally to His Defense, Opposition Calls for Resignation
  4. Defying the Odds: Israeli Public Supports Netanyahu
  5. WATCH: Netanyahu Says Israel ‘Absolutely Correct’ About Iran
  6. PM Netanyahu: Iran violated Israel’s sovereignty
  7. Netanyahu Departs for ‘Most Important Security Conference in the World’
  8. Netanyahu Says He’s Talking with Trump about Annexing Areas of Judea and Samaria
  9. Netanyahu will Meet Trump in Washington Next Month
  10. Israel to UN: We will not Tolerate Violation of Our Sovereignty
  11. Israeli Police Recommend Indictment of Netanyahu
  12. Defiant Netanyahu Claims Innocence, Predicts Re-election
  13. Attorney General Backs Police Procedure in Netanyahu Probe
  14. Analysis: Police Recommendations Against Netanyahu – a Coup D’état?
  15. Analysis: Are Israel and Iran on the Brink of War?
  16. After Decisive Response to Iran, IDF Ready to Strike Again
  17. WATCH: Israel Responds to Iranian Drone Attack from Syria
  18. Can Russia and the US pull Israel and Iran back from the brink?
  19. Israel launches heavy Syria strikes after F-16 crashes
  20. Israeli F-16I shot down in attacks prompted by Iranian UAV infiltration
  21. Four Hours Of Conflict: Israel, Iran & Syria
  22. Warning: ‘Major Strategic Clash’ With Iran ‘On The Horizon’
  23. Israelis Train Druze to Improve Emergency Response Times
  24. Knesset Marks Animal Rights Day with Vegan Cuisine
  25. IDF Arrests Suspects, Discovers Guns in Counter-terrorism Ops
  26. WATCH: Meet the Leader of Israel’s Newest Pioneers Turning the Desert Green
  27. WATCH: IDF Shows Iran and Syria It’s Serious About Israel’s Security
  28. ‘The Force of the Blast Could Have Killed Us,’ Says Wounded Israeli Pilot
  29. Exclusive: Israeli Pilot Says Israeli Air Force Remains Dominant in Region
  30. Israeli Campaign to End Enabling of Palestinian Terror Funding Gains Steam
  31. Israel Boycotts Paris Film Festival Over Anti-IDF Movie
  32. WATCH: IDF Soldiers Violently Attacked After Mistakenly Entering Palestinian City
  33. Israel Applies Sovereignty Over Ariel University in Samaria
  34. WATCH: IDF Officer Describes Israel’s Response to Iranian Aggression
  35. WATCH: Israeli Miracle Drug Targets MS, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s and Colitis
  36. WATCH: Israeli Diamond Industry Draws Dealers to Tel Aviv
  37. Jewish mother and children saved from lynching in Gush Etzion
  38. GRAPHIC Video: Two Jewish IDF Soldiers nearly LYNCHED by savage Muslim mob in Jenin
  39. WATCH: Palestinian Incitement Leads to Attempted Murder
  40. IDF Soldiers Attacked After Mistakenly Entering Palestinian City
  41. DEVELOPING: Israel appears to be preparing for major war, Gives strong warning to Iran
  42. Israel-Iran Escalation – Looking At The Big Picture
  43. How Israel Delivered ‘Major Blow’ to Syrian Air Defense
  44. What is really happening between Israel and Syria
  45. Arab Lawmaker Removed from Knesset Committee After Calling IDF ‘Murderers’
  46. WATCH: A Humorous Guide to Preventing ‘Israeli Brutality’!
  47. Israel Conveys ‘Sincere Condolences’ to Families of 71 Russian Plane Crash Victims
  48. Israel will ‘Teach Iran a Lesson it will Not Forget,’ Warns Intelligence Minister
  49. Turkish Professor, Israeli Arab Arrested for Aiding Hamas
  50. WATCH: ‘We Have An Octopus Sitting in Tehran,’ Warns Bennett
  51. WATCH: Israeli Police Battle Terror at Sea
  52. ‘Foolish and Devastating’: Israeli Leaders Condemn Gaza Disengagement
  53. Israel Arrests Palestinian Women with IDF Uniforms, Gun
  54. 2 IDF Soldiers Killed in Road Accident
  55. Israel said to fear Assad chemical weapons spillover into Golan Heights
  56. Israel Is Fighting A Five-Front War
  57. Israeli President: ‘The People of Israel Stand with the People of Florida’
  58. Palestinian Who Murdered 3 Israeli Family Members Gets 4 Life Sentences
  60. Israeli Minister Signs Petition to Raise Israeli Flag on Temple Mount
  61. Israeli Invention Tells Pet Owner When Dog’s in ‘Bad Mood’
  62. Israeli Special Forces Rush To Protect Wife Of Mysterious FBI Official Targeted For Death
  63. Israel Strikes Multiple Targets in Gaza; Rocket Hits Israeli Home
  64. 4 IDF Soldiers Wounded by Explosive Device at Gaza Border
  65. Israeli Court Rules Desertion from Eritrean Army is Grounds for Refugee Status
  66. General from Cyprus Visits Israel to Strategize with IDF


  1. Palestinians Enraged by Israel’s Welcome of ‘Special Guests’ from Arab World
  2. Once Again, Palestinians Have Fallen Victim to Their Leaders
  3. Hamas Publishes ‘Hit List’ of Israeli Rabbis, Politicians
  4. Ahmadi Muslims, Persecuted Across Mideast, Find Religious Freedom in Israel
  5. Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran Threaten Israel’s Borders
  6. Solution to the Gaza Humanitarian Crisis: Let Their People Go
  7. Abbas Has Nothing To Lose In Battle With US, Israel As He Prepares To Address UN
  8. Search Is on for Remains of Americans Beheaded by ‘Jihadi John’
  9. Look What Al-Qaeda Did Last Month in the Middle East
  10. The 21st-century Beatles: Bloodthirsty ISIS jihadis
  11. Video from Jordan: Woman faces death for taking off hijab, speaking out for women’s rights and supporting Israel
  12. Abbas in Moscow Pushes to Oust US as Mideast Peace Broker
  13. Palestinians Launch 6th Attempt to Blow Up Israeli Court
  14. Palestinians Make Second Attempt this Week to Blow Up Israeli Court
  15. Qatar-Backed Spy Operation on U.S. Jews Puts Al Jazeera in Congressional Crosshairs
  16. ISIS threatens to invade Paris ‘in the near future’ in new video showing an attack on the Eiffel Tower
  17. Gaza Needs To Look In The Mirror
  18. Palestinian Diplomat: ‘We’ll Keep Teaching Our Kids to Throw Rocks at Jews’
  19. Palestinians Enraged at PA Police for Helping IDF Soldiers Escape Lynching
  20. The Hamas-ISIS War
  21. Which Anti-US Terror Group Has 500,000 Rockets?
  22. Look What Al-Qaeda Did Last Month in Africa


  2. UK: Violent Muslim migrant who raped teenage girl held sharp piece of wood to her throat and said: ‘You cannot be a virgin because you are white’
  3. UK: UK’s Guardian publishes major article on terrorism, omits Israel
  4. UK: WATCH: Screaming Demonstrators in UK Disrupt Israeli’s Speech
  5. UK: Low Sentences for Muslim Gang That Raped Woman at Gunpoint Behind Mosque, in Alley, and Her Own Home
  6. UK: UK Courts Force Midwife Out Of Her Job After Losing Court Case Because She Refused To Murder Unborn Babies
  8. UK: Muslim doctor sexually assaults five female patients over 10-day period
  9. UK: Four Muslims admit to operating rape gang with girls as young as 13
  10. Russia: WAR DRUMS: Russia calls for restraint from Israel and Syria as war may be imminent
  11. Russia: Emergency teams search for victims of Russian plane crash
  12. Russia: WATCH: Russian Plane Crash Claims 71 Lives
  13. Russia: Russia’s Syrian Conundrum
  14. Russia: “Euphrates Massacre” And “Ottoman Slap” Push World To Brink Of “Unthinkable”
  15. Russia: Major Russian businessman who has been indicted for supposed Russian interference in US election declares that Americans are easily deceived and that these allegations are rubbish
  16. Russia: Russia Responds To “Absurd” Election Meddling Allegations
  17. Russia: Hackers Used SWIFT To Steal $6 Million From Russian Bank
  18. Germany: Video: Muslim migrants march through Berlin Metro station screaming “Allahu akbar”
  19. Germany: Germany Averaged Four Anti-Semitic Crimes Per Day in 2017
  20. Germany: Pro-Refugee Left-Wing German Activist #WOKE: “Those people who ate with me, drank, danced, laughed – they [refugees] talk about me as ‘stupid German whore’”
  21. Germany: Facebook’s Use of Personal Data Ruled Illegal by German Court
  22. Germany: The German government declares: There were on average four anti-Semitic attacks a day in the year 2017, the majority of them were right-wing
  23. Germany: Muslims on trial for jihad terror offenses attended same mosque as Berlin jihad mass murderer
  25. France: Muslim ‘The Voice’ singer quits reality show over pro-jihad, anti-Semitic tweets
  26. France: VIDEO Paris: City of Light now City of Migrant Ghettos
  28. France: Jihadi Policewoman Arrested in Paris No-Go Zone Suburb After Stealing Firearms
  29. France: KNIFE Rampage in Paris, six people stabbed near Eurostar station
  30. France: France Threatens to Hit Syria if Chemical Attacks Proven
  31. France: ‘ISIS Landlord’ Accused of Harbouring Paris Attackers Cleared of Charges
  32. France: French government uses Islamic jurisprudence to calculate housing benefits for Muslims
  33. France: Paris suburb becomes jihadi breeding ground and recruitment zone for the Islamic State
  34. France: Muslim leader warns Macron not to meddle with Islam
  35. Poland: Polish Adviser Says Israel Wants ‘Monopoly on the Holocaust’
  36. Poland: Poland Set to Criminalize Kosher Slaughter
  37. Sweden: Sweden to deport American student but gives jihadis housing and benefits
  38. Sweden: Qaisar Mahmood, New Head of the Swedish National Heritage Board
  39. Sweden: Swedish School Installs Bulletproof Windows
  40. Sweden: Pro-Sharia advocate of polygamy and wife-beating gets green light to open Islamic school
  41. Belgium: VIDEO: Muslim migrant removes mezuzahs from Jewish homes in Antwerp, attacks Jews, places qurans in synagogues
  42. Belgium: Muslim migrant kicks to near-death an 87-year-old Belgian for criticizing Islam
  43. Belgium: Belgian Jewish Community Shocked by Anti-Semitic Attack
  44. Belgium: New Muslim political party supports Turkey’s Erdogan and Turkish ambitions
  45. Belgium: Muslim couple beat up their four children because they were “too Western”
  46. England: Jihad terror suspect and sex offender with 17 ­aliases is able to get a job at Heathrow Airport with runway access
  47. England: Baby Born at 25 Weeks, Weighing Less Than an iPad, Shows Humanity of Unborn Children
  48. England: WATCH: Britain Honors Officer Who Saved 10,000 Jews in the Holocaust
  49. England: WATCH: British Lawmakers Attack Palestinian Authority’s Incitement to Violence
  50. England: Muslim Migrant Plotted to Kill Queen and Jews, Court Hears
  51. England: Iraqi Muslim “refugee” admits faking hundreds of abuse claims against British troops: “it was all about money”
  52. Europe: The Death of Europe
  53. Europe: Deal Between Macron and May Makes Calais a Migrant Magnate
  54. Europe: Major Rabbi That Pope Francis Appointed To The Pontifical Academy For Life Declares ‘The Bible Says You Can Murder Unborn Babies Conceived From Rape Or With Disabilities Because They Are Not Fully Human’
  55. Europe: George Soros To EU: Fight Populism, Regulate Social Media
  56. Italy: 50 Jihadis Tied to the Islamic State Found Among Boat Migrants On Way to Europe
  57. Italy: As Pope Francis Capitulates to Chinese Regime, Its State Media Defends the Pope and Attacks American Catholics
  58. Italy: Italians Horror-Shocked as Immigrants Barbecue Dog at Welcome Center
  60. Serbia: Top Serbian lawmaker: relations with Israel a ‘high priority’
  61. Austria: Austrian Prosecutor: Call to Kill Jews (On a Muslim’s Facebook Page) Is Legal Criticism of Israel
  62. Austria: Major Catholic Leader In Austria declares that Europe has become “sinister” in its ignoring of the Islamic persecution of Christians
  63. Romania: Syria takes part in the 12th session of PAM in Bucharest


  1. Syria: US-Led Coalition Airstrikes Kill Over 100 Syrian Soldiers
  2. Syria: The United States slaughters 100 pro-Assad fighters because they were fighting US backed jihadist rebels
  3. Syria: Report: At Least 6 Killed, Including Iranians, in Israeli Strikes in Syria
  4. Syria: Syria Has ‘More Surprises’ for Israel in Next Attack
  5. Syria: RUMORS OF WAR: Damascus warns Israel of ‘more surprises’ in Syria
  6. Syria: Syrian Children Urge Israel to Bomb Assad Regime
  7. Syria: Mercenaries Killed in Syria Were Part of Russian-Backed Hybrid Force
  8. Syria: Kurdish Militia Kills Thirty One Turkish Soldiers In Battle For Northern Syria
  9. Syria: Turkish Forces Hit Kurds With Toxic Gas After Crossing Into Syria: Report
  10. Syria: Syrian Army is Ready to Launch New Operation against ISIS in Deir Ezzor and Homs
  11. Syria: YPG Gets Indirect Help from Assad
  13. Syria: Kurds Attack Turkish Army’s Positions in Aleppo
  14. Syria: Breaking: U.S. illegal military bases in Raqqa Governorate
  15. Syria: Breaking: Where did Syrian Kurds Get Soviet Arms from?
  16. Syria: The main task of US-led coalition is supporting terrorists in Syria: Al-Jaafari
  17. Syria: Mass grave of 34 people executed by ISIS found in Raqqa, Syria
  18. Syria: Syrian Army to Deploy in Kurdish-Held Afrin
  21. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Cleric: Women Not Obliged to Wear Abayas
  22. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia Tries Distancing From Islamic Terror By Giving Up Control Of Largest Mosque In Belgium
  23. Iran: We’ll open the gates of hell for Israel and attack American bases
  24. Iran: Iran Rejects Israeli Downing of Drone as ‘Ridiculous’ Claim
  25. Iran: Iran Marks Anniversary of Islamic Revolution with Missiles, Burning of Flags
  26. Iran: Seriously Ill American Imprisoned in Iran Rushed to Hospital Late Sunday
  27. Iran: BREAKING: Iran military launches first direct military operation against Israel
  28. Iran: Iran Unveils New Homemade Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missiles Amid Massive War Celebrations
  29. Iran-Backed Terror Group Claims Half-a-Million Missiles Aimed at Israel
  30. Iran: Seriously Ill American Imprisoned in Iran Rushed to Hospital Late Sunday
  31. Iran: Iranian Official: Mossad, CIA Use Lizards to Spy on Iran
  32. Iran: Head of Iran’s al Quds Force threatens to “wipe out” Israel
  33. Turkey: Turkey, Iran Threaten to Overwhelm West with Refugees
  34. Turkey: ‘Turkey Declares War on US Even if Trump Doesn’t Know’
  35. Turkey: Turkish Vessel Attacks Greek Coast Guard Boat, Erdogan Responds By Building Up Turkish Military Presence In The Aegean Sea
  36. Turkey: Turkey, Macedonia and the revival of the Ottoman Empire
  37. Turkey: Erdogan: “What kind of NATO membership is this? What kind of NATO alliance is this?”
  38. Turkey: Turkey, U.S. agree to restore normal ties to ease rising tensions
  39. Pakistan: 13-year-old Christian domestic servant raped by 42-year-old Muslim while younger cousin chained to bed
  40. Pakistan: VICTORY: Pakistani Court Orders 12-Year-Old Christian Girl Kidnapped, Raped, And Forced To Convert To Islam And Marry Her Rapist To Return To Her Parents
  41. Pakistan: Pakistan Deploys Troops To Saudi Arabia For “Bilateral Security”- Pakistan And Saudi Arabia’s Goose Is Cooked, Turkey And Iran Are Waiting To Chow Down
  42. Pakistan: Raymond Ibrahim: The Hate Behind Muslim Tears and Outrage
  43. China: Chinese Conglomerate Facing U.S. Sanctions
  44. China: China warns it will ‘take action’ if India sends troops to crisis-hit Maldives
  45. India: Close to 100K at “Largest Pro-Israel Rally in History” in Calcutta
  46. India: WATCH: 70,000 Indians Rally for Israel and Jerusalem as Eternal Capital
  47. India: Could India and Iran make an alliance to destroy Pakistan?
  48. Bangladesh: Police Arrest Two Muslims For Spying On Converts From Islam To Christianity And Planning To Hunt Down And Murder Them
  49. Indonesia: Muslim Terrorist Who Attacked Christians In Church With A Sword In Indonesia Tried To Go To Syria
  50. Indonesia: Man Attacks Christians In Indonesia With A Sword During Church, Starts Hacking At People At Parts Of The Church Before Being Shot And Taken Away
  51. Malaysia: Chinese Year of the Dog images removed to avoid offending Muslims


  1. Libya: Black Africans Are Being Sold by Arabs in the Slave Market
  2. Nigeria: Persecution in Nigeria has resulted in 16,000 Christians dead in less than 3 years
  3. Kenya: Mass Sterilization of Millions of African Girls through Tetanus Vaccine Scandal Broadens as Kenyan Laboratory Attacked
  4. South Africa: WATCH: Despite Intense Drought, South Africa Refuses Israel’s Help
  5. South Africa: President Cyril Ramaphosa pledges ‘new dawn’ for South Africa
  6. Egypt: Graphic Video: ISIS Executions on Egyptian Streets
  7. Egypt: WATCH: Egyptian Army Continues Crushing ISIS in the Sinai
  8. Egypt: Muslim man who murdered Christian priest just got sentenced to death
  9. Sudan: Muslim Government Bulldozes Church In Sudan Right After Services, The Christians Say ‘You Will Not Stop Us From Praying To And Praising God’
  10. Cameroon: Muslim converts to Christianity, his wife calls for him to be beheaded


  1. Australia: Muslims Enraged as Judge Expels Veiled Muslima from Court for Refusing to Show Her Face
  2. Australia: Family of Muslima foreign student who slaughtered Aussie host family member defends killer, denies terror links
  3. Australia: Australia’s Churches See Threat in New Same-Sex Marriage Law
  4. New Zealand: Muslim teen planned to ram car into people and then stab them “for Allah”
  5. Australia: “I Mean to Take as Many of Them Down as I Can”: Muslim Teen Planned “Maximum Fire” Terror Attack
  6. Australia: Judge: Australia “under attack” from Muslims wanting “to kill as many unbelievers as they can”


  1. Canada: Toronto: Special banking favors for Muslims only — if you convert, your interest rates drop to 0%
  2. Canada: Muslim groups claim “anti-Muslim hate incidents” are under-reported
  3. Canada: Canadian Opposition Supports Moving Embassy to Jerusalem
  4. Canada: Canada’s Sex Ed Curriculum for Children – What the Public Isn’t Told


  1. Brazil: Brazil’s Largest Newspaper Abandons “Inhospitable Terrain” Of Facebook News Feed
  2. Brazil: Brazilian Army Ordered To “Restore Order” In Rio De Janeiro


World Financial News Banner


  1. Three Crazy Things We Now Accept As “Normal” For The Economy
  2. Inflation Dead Ahead: Core Import Prices Surge Most In 6 Years
  3. 2018 Will Be ‘Turning Point’ for Biometric Payment Cards: FPC
  4. Refugees cost taxpayers billions to remain in U.S.
  5. Study: Welfare for Foreign “Refugees” Costs U.S. Taxpayers Nearly $870 Million Annually
  6. Coal Company Inked Deal With Chinese Company While Pressing Trump For Bailout
  7. Companies Announce Benefits of Tax Reform for American Workers
  8. US Seeks to Increase Aid to Israel by $200 Million in 2019
  9. Lawmakers Turn to GROW to Avoid Pension Crisis
  10. Paying off credit cards, upping 401(k) savings: These people found the secret to money success is a few strong drinks
  11. This is how your life will change in retirement
  12. The retirement move that could kill you…
  13. Dow, S&P 500 rally for 6th straight day of gains while Nasdaq falters
  14. Anonymous trader buys $400 million of bitcoin
  15. Tom Lee sees bitcoin surge by the summer, as cryptocurrency struggles to hold $10,000
  16. The Noose Tightens Around Bitcoin
  17. The Distributed Ledger & Blockchain Are Here To Stay But BITCOIN IS NOT
  18. Wall Street Journal Confirms: Bitcoin Is Bust
  19. As Bitcoin Nears $11,000, Here’s A History Of Its Biggest Ups And Downs
  20. Everything we thought about millennials’ money habits was wrong
  21. Goldman’s Lloyd Blankfein: ‘The odds of a bad outcome have gone up’
  22. Former SEC boss says U.S. has become ‘a nation of day traders’
  23. The stock market’s new ‘wall of worry’ is built on inflation and rate fears
  24. Dash to cash? The selloff may have created bargains in these stocks
  25. Higher inflation, Trump tax-and-spend boom leave investors looking for Fed clues
  26. Housing starts soar in January, and building permits hit 10½-year high
  27. “There Is An Acute Crisis Coming”: Apartment Developer
  28. JPMorgan Has the Biggest Silver Position in Modern History | SD Weekly Metals & Markets
  29. Do Like JP Morgan’s Doing, Buy Silver?
  30. JPMorgan report: Cryptos could one day help diversify portfolios
  31. Is THE BLACK SWAN That Everybody Is Looking For ACTUALLY SILVER?
  32. Eric Sprott: When Stocks Go You Will Have Only One Bull Market Left And That Will Be In Gold & Silver
  33. Senate Candidate Tells Silver Doctors: Economic Implosion is Inevitable
  34. Andy Hoffman: “I Sold Off ALL MY GOLD And When The Old People Die Off MY VIEW WILL DOMINATE”
  35. Ted Butler: No Silver Manipulation After-all?
  36. The Large Banks Have Created A Black Market Central Bank And Now It’s Broken
  37. The Fed Is Unable To Keep The Stock Market Propped-Up Unless They Totally Reverse Course
  38. Fund Manager: Is The Fed Back To Quantitative Easing?
  39. Four Recent Developments Highlight The Importance Of Gold In 2018
  40. Unless You Believe The Easter Bunny Is Bringing Gifts To Us All Then Gold & Silver Are Going Higher
  41. The World Embraces Debt At Exactly The Wrong Time
  42. U.S. Public Debt Surges By $175 Billion In One Day
  43. Gerald Celente: When Gold Breaks $1450 It Will Signal The Stock Market Crash
  44. How to prepare for the next market catastrophe
  45. Tracking volatility in TradeStops
  46. The destructive effect of the U.S. government’s easy money policies
  47. ‘The golden age of American energy dominance’
  48. Jim Rogers says next bear market will be worst in his life
  49. The best way to profit from the world’s biggest IPO
  50. Audio: Inflation Flare Up; Governments LYING About Gold Activities
  51. The Dollar and Gold for 2018
  52. Huge Market Correction Update & Silver Price Trend
  54. Reckless Deficit Spending by Congress Set to Wreck the Dollar
  55. Retail Apocalypse Accelerates: 200 Winn-Dixie Stores To Close As Parent Goes Bankrupt
  56. Loan Shark Nation: Forcing Our Kids To Choose Between Student Loans And Everything Else
  57. “Everything Changed In 2011… What Comes Next Is Painful”: Deutsche
  58. Swan Song Of The Central Bankers, Part 1: Last Week Wasn’t An Error
  59. Swan Song Of The Central Bankers, Part 2: Yellen’s “My Girl”
  60. Swan Song Of The Central Bankers, Part 3: The Goldilocks Economy Delusion
  61. Swan Song Of The Central Bankers, Part 4: The Folly Of 2% Inflation Targeting
  62. This Year’s Stock Buybacks Are Already Bigger Than All Of 2009’s
  63. The Worst Threat We Face Is Right Here At Home
  64. Deutsche: “Nobody Can Understand What’s Going On With The Dollar… The Answer Is Simple”
  65. The Dirty Big Secret Behind Warren Buffett’s Billions
  66. OPEC Future In Doubt As US Production, Rig Count Surge
  67. Gartman: “Still Short… But Ready To Admit We Are Wrong”
  68. Stocks Tumble Into Red After Russian Indictments
  69. Global Trade Wars Begin: Ross Recommends Major Tariffs On Steel, Aluminum Focusing On China, Russia
  70. The Last Time Americans Were This Confident Of “Retiring Comfortably”, Stocks Crashed
  71. Treasury Yields Tumble – Erase CPI-Spike, As Stocks Rebound
  72. “Setting The Stage For A Broad Meltdown”: Bond Funds See 5th Biggest Outflow On Record


Earth News Banner

  1. The polar vortex just split in two – Get ready for some wild weather from Europe to the U.S.
  2. Mosquitoes infected with natural bacteria to prevent reproduction will be released in Miami, in a non-GM effort to reduce mosquito populations
  3. One Of Most Massive And Dense Super-Earth Planets Discovered In Pisces Constellation
  4. Planets In TRAPPIST-1 System: What They Could Look Like Based on New Clues
  5. Hailstorm strikes Cordoba, Argentina producing 9 inch hail, Potentially breaking record
  6. Scientists warn of unusually cold Sun…Another Ice Age coming?
  7. Have NASA scientists discovered the location of Heaven 6 Quadrillion miles away?
  8. NASA discovers more than 1000 life-ending asteroids perilously close to Earth
  9. Are We Closer to Finding a Fifth Dimension?
  10. Surprising Sources of Air Pollution
  11. Rosette Nebula In Constellation Monoceros And Its Puzzling Center
  12. WATCH: Stunning Views of Israel from Space!
  13. Giant 18 feet oarfish washes up dead in Peru just 24 hours before the dangerous M7.2 earthquake in Mexico
  14. Very strong and shallow M7.2 earthquake hits Oaxaca, Mexico
  15. Tropical Cyclone 10S (Kelvin) to make landfall over Western Australia
  16. Mini ozone hole appears over western Canada
  17. Crazy iridescence over Calgary, Canada
  18. Devil’s Woodyard mud volcano awakens after 23 years, Trinidad and Tobago
  19. Long-duration C1.5 solar flare produced Earth-directed CME
  20. Earthquake swarm under Cumbre Vieja volcano, Canary Islands
  21. Intense earthquake swarm at Tjörnes Fracture Zone, Iceland
  22. Earthquake swarm under dormant Furnas volcano, Azores
  23. Algae bloom kills 2,450 tons of salmon in the same area where 40 thousand tons died in 2016 in southern Chile
  24. By 2020 two thirds of all wild animals in the world will be dead: Unprecedented death of millions of tons of marine life around the world is increasing
  25. This is very bad luck: Fishermen fear the apocalypse after extremely rare 15ft-long megamouth shark washes up on their beach
  26. Elevated volcanic activity reported at Mount Michael on Saunders Island, South Sandwich Islands in the Southern Atlantic Ocean
  27. The crazy sounds of the frozen Black Sea
  28. Mystery as radioactive uranium is detected floating above Alaska… But where the particle came from is unknown
  29. From February 15 to 26, the “Horse Tail” waterfall in Yosemite becomes FIREFALL around 5-6 pm every day
  30. Road collapses in Rome, Italy swallowing up cars in giant 10 meters deep crater – Buildings evacuated
  31. Freak lightning storm hammers Queensland with more than 265,000 strikes leaving 120,000 homes without power
  32. Eerie image: Massive cyclone eye OVER Tonga – Tonga is gonna be destroyed this cyclone is huge
  33. Lightning kills 17 goats in Namibia and 89 livestock in South Africa
  34. Cambria Cavern: Sinkhole in Williamson County, Texas exposes 22 feet deep and 170 feet long cavern under three homes
  35. Enormous sinkhole devours street in Fairfax, Virginia
  36. Mysterious wind blows down big trees at once in Olympic National Park Washington – Small quake recorded – Weather experts baffled


Petition News Banner

GOA is Urging Congress to Repeal Gun-Free Zones

We want to thank you again for sending us to Washington to lobby on your behalf.

It’s at times like these … when our God-given rights are under assault … that I’m so glad for the 1.5 million members who are supporting GOA’s work.

Over the past 48 hours, GOA spokesmen have been doing round-the-clock interviews on media around the country.

USA Today printed our Opposing View editorial where we discuss the logic of repealing gun-free zones.

We also debated a CNN host yesterday and laid out the wisdom of arming teachers and school administrators.

Calls for Gun Control Reach a Fever Pitch After the Parkland Shooting

But you know the anti-gun Left doesn’t play fair.  Like vultures, they swarm to a tragedy and hover over the dead bodies to make their political points.

Democrat congressmen are pressing the most forcefully for new gun control restrictions.  And GOA lobbyists are hearing reports of Republicans who just “want to do something.”

In other words, they want gun control “lite.”

GOA is telling Representatives and Senators that if they want to “do something,” then they should pass Rep. Thomas Massie’s bill to repeal gun-free zones in the schools (H.R. 34).

But we need you to help us get that message across. 

Please email your federal legislators and urge them to OPPOSE every word of gun control.

Tell them that we do need to “do something” — and that “something” is to repeal the gun-free zones that are making teachers and students sitting ducks.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Vercingetorix – Visionary Nobleman And Mighty Warrior Who Led Army Of Gallic People Against The Roman Empire
  2. Beer Was Used As Medicine And Payment In Ancient Egypt
  3. Egyptian Gods’ Battle For Ancient Rome – Apis And Isis Cult Against Christianity
  4. Famous Medieval Manuscript Book Of Kells Reveals A Surprise
  5. Controversial Sand Mounds In Australia Are 6,000 Years Old Man-Made Burial Mounds – Radar Scans Reveal
  6. DNA Study Of ‘Cheddar Man’ Re-Writes Ancient History Of Britain
  7. Spider With A Tail Found Preserved In Amber After 100 Million Years
  8. Rare Multicolored Roman-era Mosaic Exposed in Israel
  9. WATCH: 1800-year-old Mosaic Uncovered in Israel
  10. Calçoene – Amazon Stonehenge And The Mysterious Amapán Megalithic Culture
  11. Kingdom Of Nubia: Pyramids And Priceless Secrets Of A Civilization Forgotten By History And Neglected By Archaeology
  12. Eye Of Providence – Powerful, Secret Symbol With Deep Meaning
  13. Birka: Major Trading Center During The Viking Age
  14. Legendary Pirate Black Sam And His Ship Discovered Off The Coast Of Cape Cod
  15. Is This The Face Of Queen Nefertiti? 3-D Facial Reconstruction Of Egyptian Queen Sparks Controversy
  16. Clay Tablets Reveal Sumerian Doctors Treated Disease With Spells Of Magic And Medicine
  17. King Ferdinand’s Secret Code Deciphered After 500 Years
  18. Cucumber-Shaped Asteroid ‘Oumuamua’ Had A Violent Past – Researchers Say
  19. Mysterious Emerald Tablet – Ancient Time-Capsule Of Forbidden Knowledge


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Ten Tribes Studies (9 February, 24 Shevet, 5778)
  2. Judah and Samaria and the Tribes / part one (Video: 21:14 minutes long.)
  3. Judah and Samaria and the Tribes / part two (Video: 21:31 minutes long.)



Israel’s Tribes, Genealogy and DNA: Is tracing my lineage descent possible?

Lineage testing can trace ancestry back to real people who carried a particular DNA type throughout prehistory until today. DNA tests to ascertain ancestry are now exploding in popularity! 

DNA testing is also the most effective means to solve crimes. By using DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, technology, any person’s identity can be established without doubt. 

DNA tests have now become a very popular tool for genealogists looking for additional evidence to help verify family trees. DNA tests can also help establish paternal and maternal ancestries, and there are also tests that can help determine whether a person is of African, Asian, European or Native American descent. Some of the newer genetic tests can even provide insight into possible inherited traits and disease risk.

Many of us are interested in having our DNA tested to learn more about our origins and ancestors. A DNA test is an analysis of DNA strands to identify matching markers among ancestral strands. In other words, a DNA test informs where you come from. Strand markers are used to compare your DNA to other strands and identify whether or not you’re related to another person or ethnic group. This can help you find family, and trace your lineage through time.

This book help people to understand the involved process to uncover information about their genetic ancestry.

The book “Israel’s Tribes, Genealogy and DNA” focus on:

• Is it possible to establish if you are connected to any of Israel’s Tribes?
• If so, to which Tribe am I connected?
• I am a Christian, where do I fit in?
• The scientific evidence to prove the presence of the Ten Tribes in the Georgian Caucasus area.
• The location of the “Arsareth”, mysterious location of the place of migration of the Ten Tribes, known by some as the Lost Ten Tribes. 

This book also covers the following exiting topics:

• Israeli State Announcement that it may begin to use genetic tests.
• What is Genetic Genealogy?
• Why Would Someone Want to Use DNA for Genealogy?
• What is DNA?
• What Is a Haplogroup and How Does It Work?
• How Are Haplogroups Identified?
• Are There Male and Female Haplogroups?
• Which Haplotypes are Identified in the Male and Female Haplogroups?
• What Is the ‘Jews’’ Haplogroup?
• What Are the ‘J’ and ‘E’ Haplotypes From?
• The Secret Things Belongs to God.
• Why are Genetic Studies On the Israelites and Tribes Important?
• The Evolving Process of Generic Research and Where We Heading To.
• The Twelve Tribes and Their DNA.
• Where Do I as a Messianic or Christian Fit In?
• Arsareth and the Haplogroups of the Diversed Georgian People.
• The Genetics of the Georgian People.
• Arsareth Confirmed!
• Additional Interesting Facts.
• Mt-DNA of the Caucasus Mountain Jews.
• The Origin of the Scottish People.

Come journey with me as we explore the profound “enigma” concerning your connection to the Israelite Tribes…

(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


Genealogy News Banner

  1. Ancestry Has Thousands of “Invisible” Records You Can’t Find With a Search
  2. Why Family Members Can Get Different Results From DNA Testing
  3. DNA Testing Has Folks Realizing That Their Race is More Complex Than They Knew
  4. DNA Basics Chapter 3: DNA Expression
  5. Finding Malaria Through Ancient DNA
  6. DNA Central! A New DNA Resource Launching April 2018!
  7. Write Your Family Stories With Over 150 Prompts
  8. Another Prompt For Writing Your Life Story
  9. 13 Reasons You Can’t Find the Genealogy Information You’re Looking For
  10. How to Find Your Cousins Using Only a Last Name and a Hometown
  11. Names of Emigrants to Canada 1845-1847
  12. Past and Present Pathways Announces Two New Additions
  13. Using an Obituary and Old Postcards to Piece Together My Great-Aunt’s Life Story
  14. Genealogy 101: Think about Your Census Search Differently
  15. Book to Help You Find Your Ancestor’s Death Record
  16. Names of Emigrants From England 1773-1776
  17. Vermont Archives: 124 Newspapers for Genealogy Research
  18. New Feature: Ethnicities Around the World
  19. ‘Sniffen’ Out My Cousins in Westchester County, New York
  20. Ancestor Marriage Record Finder Helps You With Your Brick Wall
  21. New Historical Records Added in January 2018
  22. Another Genealogist, Another Random Act of Kindness
  23. Our Immigrant Ancestors: the Huguenot Pierre Cresson ca1609-ca1681
  24. A Look Back at What GenealogyBank Found about My Revolutionary War Ancestors
  25. The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Researching Your Ancestors in England, Wales, Scotland or Irela
  26. New DNA Information About Native American Ancestry
  27. Richter Family Ephemera New York to Virginia
  28. The Last Holdout of the Confederacy
  29. Get With the Plan: Breaking Bad Genealogy Habits
  30. Cultivate the Leaves on the Family Tree: Talk to the Older Folks
  34. What Do Scotsmen Wear Under Their Kilts?
  35. An Online Digital Archive of Long-Lost Phillips County, Arkansas Death Certificates
  36. IGRS Launches “How-To” Irish Genealogy Videos
  37. The Tribes of Ireland – Ireland at the Birth of Your Irish Surname
  38. Index of FREE Genealogy eBooks


Health News Banner


  1. PROOF that vaccines target blacks for depopulation: Published science paper identifies infertility chemical secretly spiked into vaccines for African women
  2. This Will Kill 100 People Today— But FDA Continues to Eliminate the Alternatives
  3. Warning from the American Heart Association: Breast cancer treatments, such as radiation and chemo, can cause heart failure
  4. City in Alabama sees spike in cancer cases – scientists say it may be from water contaminants
  5. Mothers share their devastating stories of how this epilepsy drug “poisoned” their children
  7. These Dog Foods Have Been Recalled Because They May Contain EUTHANASIA DRUGS
  8. This Popular Drug Can Stop Your Heart (31% Increase In Cardiac Arrest Risk)
  9. Chicken From China Headed To U.S. Supermarkets And Will Not Be Labeled
  10. Highly Processed Foods Tied to Higher Cancer Risk
  11. Petition Warning The World About 5G At The Winter Olympics


  1. Flu in 2018: Your Most Pressing Questions Answered
  2. The Sacrifice of The Children Continues In Plain Sight
  3. Mega Vitamin C IV Therapy Being Used to Cure Sepsis and Flu Infections While Mainstream Medicine Opposes It
  4. CDC Says Flu Vaccine Just 25 Percent Effective Against Leading Strain
  5. Officials warn that intense flu season will continue…
  6. Are Many Modern Diseases Linked to the Failed Mass Swine Flu Vaccination in 1976?
  7. Flu Is Causing 1 in 10 American Deaths and Climbing, May kill 4,000 a Week
  8. Medical establishment BAFFLED over why so many healthy, vaccinated people keep dying from the flu
  9. Flu Brain: Here’s What the Virus Does to Your Central Nervous System
  10. Canine flu isn’t serious or contagious to humans, but hey, there are a couple of vaccines for that anyway
  11. Milwaukee Health Commissioner Attacked for Statement About Vaccine Safety
  12. 3 Serious Reasons Why You Need To Stop Using Your Smartphone At Night!
  13. Alternative for Opioids and Surgery That Kills Pain Fast – And Without Side Effects
  14. GOOD FATS HEAL: After conventional medicine failed, five-year-old cured of epilepsy by eating hundreds of avocados
  15. Why some people don’t eat sushi: NINE foot tapeworm removed from man’s rectum in Singapore
  16. Industry propaganda: New Food Evolution movie called out by experts for promoting corporate agenda, GMOs, agrichemicals
  17. This Adaptogenic Herb Could Slash Stress by 42 Percent, Fatigue by 39 Percent
  18. JFK Swore by This, Offers Almost Instant Stress Relief
  19. Here’s the Latest on Nattokinase
  20. Bromelain: Benefits and Uses
  21. How to tell which plastics are safe to use for food and drinks (food grade)
  22. Nestle accused of using JUNK SCIENCE to market infant formula products to gullible women
  23. How Long Does It Actually Take to Bake Chicken?
  24. Artificial Creation, Lab-Made Humans: Scientists Grow Human Eggs to Full Maturity Outside the Womb
  25. Green leafy vegetables irrigated with wastewater may contain high levels of toxic heavy metals
  26. Do Your Moles Ever Go Away?
  27. Customize your own protein shakes to fit your particular health needs
  28. Wildflowers Are the Best Pesticide
  29. How to Get Rid of a Stye in Your Eye
  30. Computer Hacker Who Defended Justina Pelletier When Medically Kidnapped Speaks Out From Jail Where he has been for 2 Years Without a Trial
  31. California Christian Homeschool Family Torn Apart as Children are Medically Kidnapped, Forced into Public School, and Mother is Forced out of Family Home
  32. One of the World’s Healthiest Drinks, Poisoned by Manufacturers of ‘Lifesaving’ Pill Ingredients
  33. Dog Almost Dies From Human Hair Dye – What Does That Tell You?
  34. 10 Everyday ailments: What causes them, which foods help and which foods to avoid
  35. Air pollution inside the home: Popular air fresheners and fabric cleaners are full of chemicals, could be causing your asthma, allergies
  36. Sleeping in This Position Could Ease Diabetes, Glaucoma, Migraines and so Much More
  37. Need Help Setting Goals and Sticking to Them?
  38. What Is Sleep Apnea, Its Symptoms and Treatment
  39. Greens, legumes and unsaturated fats: How to reverse diabetes with food
  40. Marijuana laws in New Jersey are loosening restrictions in the wake of a young boy’s tragic death to rare cancer
  41. Cannabis over chemo: Woman says the oil cured her aggressive breast cancer in 5 months
  42. Big Pharma Stands to Lose $18.5 BILLION if Marijuana is Legalized Nationally: Is this Why the Current Administration is Attempting to Halt the Progress of Medical Cannabis?
  43. Spotlight on cancer-fighting foods: What to eat to beat different kinds of cancer
  44. The Price of Eating Healthy
  45. Court Rejects FDA Secrecy in Genetically Engineered Salmon Case
  46. Start Your Parsley Plants Indoors
  47. Emu Oil: Benefits and Uses
  48. Shielding EMFs found to reduce 90% of symptoms in people with autoimmune disease
  49. Report: Opioid Manufacturers Paid $9 Million to Groups Promoting Opioids
  50. Neuroscientists Have Issued A Warning – Here’s How Much You Should Sleep If You’re A Woman!
  51. Home Remedies For Cholesterol Deposits Around The Eyes
  52. Alkaline Water Recipe To Quickly Alkalize Your Body, Lose Weight And Prevent Fatigue
  53. Red Meat Doesn’t Cause Cancer… It’s The Sodium Nitrite Added To Processed Meats
  54. How To Whiten Yellow Teeth Naturally At Home In 2 Minutes
  55. Use This Combination Of Three Superfoods To Improve Your Vision, Prevent Cataracts, And Detoxify Your Liver
  56. 10 Natural Solutions For Uterine Fibroids
  57. How To Unclog Arteries: 10 Natural Foods To Unclog Your Arteries
  58. Cinnamon Water With Apple And Lemon For Rapid Weight Loss: So Healthy!
  59. 5 Ways To Lose Weight (And Not Gain It Back)
  60. The Color Of Urine Says Everything About Your Health
  61. The Tea That Helps With Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, And Multiple Sclerosis
  62. 6 Clear Warning Signs Your Liver Is Full Of Toxins And Making You Fat (How To Stop It)
  63. Remove Liver Toxins Overnight By Blending Ginger And Turmeric With Coconut Milk
  64. Treat Bronchitis And Chronic Cough With This Honey, Banana, And Water Mixture
  65. A Month Before A Heart Attack, Your Body Will Warn You With These 9 Signals
  66. Combat Nail Fungus With This Natural Three-Ingredient Recipe
  67. Empty More Than 10 Pounds Of Waste (FECES) With A Single Teaspoon Of This Mixture
  68. This Incredible Plant Treats Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, And Insomnia
  69. Your Tax Dollars Fund Research on Hundreds of New Meds
  70. Short as a Child, Stroke Risk as an Adult?
  71. Researchers Probe Mystery of Illnesses in U.S. Cuba Embassy Personnel
  72. Could a Blood Thinner Actually Raise Stroke Risk for Some?
  73. How Proper Oral Healthcare Prevents Disease
  74. What Causes Bleeding Gums? + 5 Easy Natural Remedies
  75. Why Pharmaceuticals will Not Work for Depression
  76. If You Have Anxiety Or Depression, This Is How You Talk. Here’s Why
  77. Raynaud’s Syndrome (+ 6 Tips for Natural Raynaud’s Treatment)
  78. CICO Diet: Does Counting Calories Really Work for Sustained Weight Loss?
  79. 7 Seasonal Affective Disorder Natural Treatments That Work
  80. Breast Cancer Prevention: Researchers Announce Amino Acid Breakthrough
  81. I Tried Keto for 30 Days — Here’s What Happened
  82. 8 Foods that Boost Productivity
  83. Niacin Flush: Heart-Healthy Treatment or Hazardous Health Risk?
  84. Herbs Prove to Boost Breast Milk Production
  85. Kelp and Bladderwrack Seaweeds Boost Cognition
  86. 7 Ways To Never Have Cavities Again
  87. 4 Things Your Butt Reveals About Your Health And Lifestyle
  88. 5 Ways To Tickle Your Brain For Better Memory
  89. If You Smoke E-Cigarettes Every Day, The Real Danger Is Not…
  90. 7 Essential Oils To Beat Puffy Eyes
  91. Drink This In The Morning To Cleanse Your Colon
  92. Eat 3 Portions Of This Per Week To Keep Breast Cancer…
  93. Is Weight Gain Contagious? Here’s Why You’re Vulnerable
  94. 5 Ways To Fix A Slow Metabolism
  95. New Utah Law Would Expand Raw Milk Sales From Farms And Markets To Mobile Trucks
  96. Prevention Against Gallstones – Eat More Foods With Vitamin E
  97. FDA Bans Triclosan And 23 Other Antiseptics From Healthcare Products
  98. Goodbye Organ Donation – Scientists Generated Healthy Lung Tissue From Man’s Own Stem Cells


  1. Vitamin D3 Is a Powerhouse for Your Heart
  2. Vegan diet cures psoriasis: Woman, 20, is now off all traditional treatments after going gluten-free, vegan
  3. Peony Health Benefits, Uses and Recipes
  4. What Are Citrons Good For?
  5. The six health benefits of turmeric
  6. Help Regulate Blood Pressure With Celery Seeds
  7. The Great Healing Plant Your Doctor Will Never Tell You About
  8. Four science-backed benefits of chlorella
  9. Study: Antioxidants in Virgin Coconut Oil Counteract Environmental Pollutants and Improve Cardiovascular Health
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  11. Top 7 Heart-Healthy Foods + How to Follow a Heart-Healthy Diet
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Let The Scriptures Speak Banner

Psalm 139:7 “Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence? (New King James Version)

The psalmist does not really want to flee. He is posing ideas and questions so that we can see that wherever we are, we are always under God’s scrutiny. God is a positive spirit. Everything that He creates has positive function and beauty. His intention in everything for us is always positive, right, and good. He does everything in love and concern for our well-being so that we will fit within His purpose, and it will be worked out in our lives. Psalms 139 contains no negative connotations.

From this, because His mind permeates the entirety of His creation, we ought to derive great confidence that God is always with us. He is omnipotent. He is omnipresent. He is actively using His powers, His Spirit, to govern and manage His creation.

The beginning of the source of all power is in the mind. Remember, man is in God’s image. A man may make tools to intensify his powers, but the real power is in the mind because without it, he would not be able to create the tool that expands his powers.

God’s Holy Spirit is the essence of His mind. Just like a man, His power resides there too, only He does not have to use steam shovels and power tools to get things done. He speaks, and the laws He has created go to work. The tool by which He carries everything out is His Spirit, the essence of His mind.

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see:  The Right Use of Power


Food For Thought Banner

Baptism – Part 11 Some Final Thoughts
 by Brad Scott

Before moving on to other subjects I felt it was necessary to close this teaching up with some final thoughts concerning baptism and the Ruach HaQodesh (Holy Spirit). In our teachings series entitled, ‘The Ministry and Gifts of the Ruach HaQodesh’, I go into some detail on the nature of the Holy Spirit or Spirit of God. I will reiterate some of those thoughts here. It is the Spirit of God, also called the Holy Spirit, that is the generator and regenerator of life. The ‘Holy Spirit’ is a term used to express the active, demonstrative presence of God. We have already discussed this earlier. I believe that all of the actions or active manifestations of the one God are revealed in these two words. I have shown that all of the immersing, regenerating, giving, grieving, moving, rising, coming upon, falling upon, crying and rejoicing of the one God are expressed in the words Holy Spirit, or the Spirit of God. I also believe that, according to 1 Corinthians 12:11, this same Holy Spirit divides severally as HE wills.

I have stated that I believe that every human being, from the beginning, that chooses to follow the one Creator has received the Seed or the Word of God. I believe that Word of God is God. What that person receives from that point forward is determined by his or her obedience and faithfulness. I want to make it well understood that I believe that an individual who has received the Seed of the woman can still ‘receive’ the Holy Spirit. Receiving is a verb, it is an action, and that action is driven by the Holy Spirit. I believe that there will be an outward manifestation of that reception, and how it is manifested is left to the Holy Spirit, severally as HE wills. Once a seed has been firmly planted in the good soil, that seed still needs to receive sunshine and water. When that soil receives the seed is determined by the sower. You and I are NOT the sowers of the seed. God is the sower.

Mattityahu [Matthew] 13:37
“He answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man;”

All the baptisms (immersions) and manifestations of the Word of God that follows are our fruit. I hope I have made it clear that what happens to you AFTER you have received the Word of God is not confined scripturally to a particular order. There is not a God box that we can all stuff God into. Every appearance of the ‘Holy Spirit’ in the book of Acts is manifested in a different way. The twelve talmidim (disciples) of Y’shua [Jesus] could still be breathed on by Messiah (Yochanan [John] 20:22), and they could still ‘receive’ the Holy Spirit for power to go unto the nations after they were ordained as His disciples. Now just because a person is a talmidim (student, learner) of Messiah, does that mean that he is ‘saved’? The answer is an emphatic NO! But eleven of His twelve disciples were. For example in the parable of Mattityahu [Matthew] 13, Y’shua distinguishes His disciples from the multitudes by not only stating that it was given ‘them’ to know the mysteries of the kingdom, but He also proclaimed that they were those whose eyes see and ears hear.

Mattityahu [Matthew] 13: 11,16
“He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.”

Messiah calls His and Yochanan’s [John] disciples, ‘sons of the bridegroom’ in Mark 2:18-20. He gave them authority to heal and cast out demons in Mark 2:14-15. Now, were they very successful at it? Nooooo. But that was a matter of fruit and not the power and ability of the Seed. However, Mark 6:12-13 does record some success. I am convinced that all of Y’shua’s disciples, save one, had received the Word of God. I believe they were baptized (immersed) into the body of Messiah and that all other manifestations were the result of the Holy Spirit as He willed and according to His plan. I pray that I have shown that these expressions and manifestations of the Spirit of God have been in operation from the beginning, because God is the beginning, the end, and everything in between.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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Osseh Shalom (He Who Makes Peace) by Micha’el & Ashley


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