News You May Not Have Heard About — 02/04/2018

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  1. Trump Calls for Action After Kabul ‘Ambulance’ Bomb
  2. President Calls Attention To ‘God And Donald Trump’ By Stephen E. Strang In Davos
  3. Trump vs. the “Davos Man” Globalists: He Came, They Saw, He Conquered
  4. Trump playing chess on immigration, Dems playing checkers
  5. Randomness Cannot Have a Place in our Immigration System
  6. Washington Examiner: “Trump’s immigration deal is, well, the real deal”
  7. Remarks by President Trump at Lunch with Members of the United Nations Security Council
  8. Remarks by President Trump at Swearing-In Ceremony of Alex Azar as Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services
  9. Trump favors release of memo White House wants reviewed
  10. Trump on GOP memo release: ‘Oh yeah, don’t worry, 100%’
  11. UPDATE: White House Snubs Deep State – Says They Will Release Memo Without Redactions
  12. Trump Administration Official: FISA Memo To Be Released Thursday
  14. Trump Keeps Gitmo Open
  15. Trump: Guantanamo Bay Is ‘Being Prepared For Deep State Traitors’
  16. Trump Calls for End to ‘Dangerous’ Budget Caps on Defense Spending
  17. Trump celebrates America at SOTU, Dems sulk
  18. Trump calls for optimism in spite of warnings of danger
  19. Trump immigration: ‘Americans are dreamers too’
  20. Remarks by President Trump in State of the Union Address
  21. State of the Union (Video: 1:20:32 minutes long.)
  22. Special Guests for the State of the Union Address
  23. President Trump’s #SOTU
  24. Trump gave big warning to North Korea in State of Union
  25. Trump Puts State of the Union in Strong Hands of Americans
  26. WATCH: Trump Reiterates ‘Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital’
  27. Trump: US Aid Should ‘Only Go to Friends of America, not Enemies’
  28. New Trump Crackdown Seeks to Sever Ties Between Iran, Palestinian Terrorists
  29. Trump warns NKorea’s ‘reckless pursuit’ of nuke weapons could soon threaten the US.
  30. Trump nears decision on releasing GOP Russia memo
  31. Trump Is Rolling Back Obama’s Policies Which Made It Difficult, If Not Virtually Impossible, for Law Enforcement to Surveil Potential Muslim Terrorists and Monitor Mosques
  32. Trump: Democrats Do Nothing but ‘Resist, Blame, Complain, and Obstruct’ on DACA
  33. Trump Grants 6,900 Syrians Permission To Stay in US
  34. President Trump Is Getting Ready to Dump the ‘Palestinians’ Permanently – Taxpayers Rejoice
  35. New Trump Crackdown to Sever Ties Between Iran, Palestinian Terrorists
  36. President Trump Speaks at the 2018 House and Senate Republican Member Conference (Video: 34:57 minutes long.)
  37. Trump on FISA memo’s revelations: “I think it’s a disgrace”; president now MUST pardon anyone caught up in crosshairs of special counsel Mueller
  38. Trump: FBI, DOJ have ‘politicized’ probe in favor of Dems
  39. Trump Revises Nuclear Posture Toward Russia: Conventional Attack Could Prompt Nuclear Response
  40. Trump To Present Mideast Peace Plan “With Or Without The Palestinians”
  41. Trump Asks Congress to Cut Aid to U.S. ‘Enemies’ Who Opposed Jerusalem Recognition
  42. TRUMP UNLEASHED: The President RIPS TOP BRASS at FBI, DOJ for ‘Favoring Democrats’
  43. Trump tells workers their tax-cut bonuses are ‘not crumbs’
  44. President Trump invites local news reporters to the Oval Office
  45. Trump Meets With North Korean Defectors From “Depraved” Regime


Building a Wall will violate the rights of millions of illegals

  1. US Envoy: Abbas Lacks What is Needed to Achieve Peace
  2. FBI takes on ‘Islamophobia’: White nationalism seen as bigger threat than jihadism
  3. FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe leaving post early ahead of planned retirement
  4. Report: FBI deputy director and Clinton colluder Andrew McCabe “resigns”
  5. The FBI’s war on Trump
  6. FBI takes on “Islamophobia”
  7. FBI confirms existence of jihad training camps in rural America
  8. MEMO FRIDAY: FBI/DOJ panicking, “The FBI is accountable to we the people, the Congress, not the other way around”
  9. FBI Director Wray Tells Staff After Memo: “Keep Calm & Tackle Hard”
  10. Pentagon: China, Russia Soon Capable of Destroying U.S. Satellites
  11. ‘Police state’ national ID card tucked in immigration bill
  12. HUD Emails Raise Questions About Bureaucrats Skewing Bidding Process
  13. Cotton: Putin’s Jailing of Opposition Leader Shows He Fears His Own People
  14. Lawmakers Press Pence to Help 100 Iranian Christians in Legal Limbo in Austria
  15. FCC: Hawaii False Missile Alert Sent by Worker Who Thought Attack Was Imminent
  16. U.S. Designates Zhao Wei Network as Transnational Criminal Organization
  17. State Department Says Russia ‘Flagrantly’ Violated Accord During Aerial Intercept
  18. US Brands Hamas Leader a ‘Specially Designated Global Terrorist’
  19. Red-State Dems Help Kill Bill Banning Abortion After 20 Weeks
  20. What Yesterday’s Vote Says About Your Senators
  21. Manchin Reacts to Pelosi’s Racially Charged Immigration Comments: ‘We Don’t Need That Type of Rhetoric’
  22. Republicans vote to release classified memo on Russia probe
  23. Ryan defends vote to release FBI memo
  24. Report: FBI says explosive FISA surveillance memo ‘accurate’
  25. House Intel votes to make secret memo public
  26. Federal Judge Recommended by Claire McCaskill Fines Her Republican Opponent
  27. US Federal Court in Kansas Blocks Anti-BDS Law
  28. In First, U.S. Classifies Data Showing Insurgent Control of Afghanistan
  29. NYC congresswoman compares Trump’s policies to Nazis
  30. On #HolocaustMemorialDay Kamala Harris compares Muslim “refugees” to Anne Frank
  31. Trump admin may reject granting refugee status to “Palestinian” descendants in perpetuity
  32. Nikki Haley Emphasizes Syria Atrocities, Iran Provocations in Security Council Talks in D.C.
  33. WATCH: Nikki Haley is Ready to Help Israel
  34. Haley Backs Trump’s Stance on ‘Dangerous, Destabilizing Regimes’
  35. Exclusive: FBI Confirms Jihadi Training Camps in America
  36. Feds Spend $302,331 On ‘In-Home Semen Testing’
  37. Rubio defends President’s message of unity
  38. US chief warns of North Korea missile launch in DAYS as Kim uses Winter Olympics as cover
  39. U.S. Tightens Olympic Security Amid Standoff With N. Korea
  40. Pelosi, Schumer Demand Ryan Remove Nunes From House Intel Committee
  41. Mattis Speaks to GOP Lawmakers at Annual Retreat: ‘I Need to Make the Military More Lethal’
  42. Navy Missile Intercept Test Fails Again
  43. Judicial Watch Reveals Obama Officials Distributed ‘CLASSIFIED RECORDS’ to ‘Undermine’ POTUS Trump
  44. Top House Intel Dem says Nunes Sent Trump ‘Secretly Altered’ Version of Memo
  45. Nunes Claims Only “Minor Edits” Made to Memo
  46. Reports: FISA memo will be released; Dems want Nunes out
  48. The Nunes Memo: A Nothing Burger That Will Destroy Our National Security
  49. Major Garrett: Memo Will be Sent Back to House Intel Committee Friday with Redactions From WH – Committee to Release on its Timetable
  50. BREAKING: Sen. Ron Johnson Demands OBAMA, HILLARY, COMEY & MCCABE EMAILS After Strzok-Page Texts Raise RED FLAGS
  51. State of Union unveiled Left’s state of despair
  52. GOP lawmakers put medical skills to work after train crash
  53. GOP Lawmakers Pushing for FISA Memo Release in Massive Train Crash 
  54. Immigration authorities detail plan for courthouse arrests
  55. FBI: Antifa Preparing A Massive Terrorist Attack At Sunday’s Super Bowl Event
  56. Hard At Work: Photo Exposes Dem Lawmaker & Black Caucus Member Playing Candy Crush During SOTU
  57. Maxine Waters Wants Parental Advisory When Trump Is on TV
  58. Black Dems Take Lead in Push to Impeach Trump
  59. Why Democrats Have Moved Left On Immigration
  60. Congress Considers Slimmed-Down Plan For Immigration Deal 
  61. ICE Chief: 9th Circuit Partly to Blame for Rise in Illegal Immigration
  62. HHS Targeted for Anti-Faith Purge
  63. The US Senate Declares That Its Okay To Murder Your Child After 20 weeks of pregnancy
  64. Trump administration puts new sanctions on Islamic Republic of Iran and Hamas top dog Ismail Haniyeh
  65. U.S. Tightens Screws on Iran After American Imprisoned
  67. U.S. Troops Deploy to Israel to Train for Massive Missile Attack on Jewish State
  68. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Should Treat the Law Equally
  69. GOP Reps Seek Criminal Prosecution Of FBI, DOJ Officials For “Full Throated” Illegal Misconduct And “Treason”
  70. Mattis Threatens Military Action Over Syria Gas Attack Claims, Then Admits “No Evidence”
  71. Mattis: The Syrian Regime ‘Would Be Ill-Advised’ to Use Chemical Weapons Again
  72. U.S. classifies Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh as specially designated terrorist
  73. U.S. to Deploy Smaller Nuclear Warheads to Counter Russia’s Low-Yield Arms
  74. Judge Dismisses Suit Against Mulvaney Appointment to CFPB
  75. In Speech, Sessions Touts Successes in Fighting Human Trafficking
  76. Congressional Train Crash Brings Latest Barb in Fight Over Rail Safety Nomination
  77. DOJ Charges Arizona Man With Selling Armor Piercing Ammo to Las Vegas Shooter
  78. Taking Aim at Iran, US Hits Hezbollah with New Sanctions
  79. IRS admits Obama admin WEAPONIZED agency against pro-Israel groups…
  80. A Federal Ban on Making Lethal Viruses Is Lifted
  81. No progress on ‘Dreamers’ as another U.S. shutdown looms



  1. Media Sad: Democrats Back Off From Impeaching Trump
  2. Fake News: Public Broadcaster Admits to Increasing Booing Sounds During Trump Davos Speech
  3. Media Warns Americans to Not Get Distracted from Russia Probe
  4. FAKE NEWS: CNN Botches Report About FBI Director Christopher Wray Amid FISA Firestorm
  5. THIS IS CNN: Network Regular Says God ‘Cleaning Up’ After Fatal GOP Train Wreck
  6. Newsweek And USA Today Have Bizarre Standards For Opinion Writers
  7. Journalistic Fraud Rampant in Professional Medical Journals
  8. MSNBC Rips Trump’s Invocation of MS-13 at State of the Union
  9. FAKE NEWS: Lazy media outlets use kid’s ‘guesstimation’ as fact



  1. House Intelligence Committee Report On FISA Abuses (NOTE: You have the ability to download this 6 page document everyone has been waiting to be released.)
  2. Here’s The FISA Memo In Full As Well As Analysis On What The Memo Says
  3. Mother Jones, WashPost, NYT, CNN and Yahoo all exposed as deep state propaganda puppets in shocking FISA memo
  4. FISA memo released — bombshell report reveals MASSIVE Deep State conspiracy to keep Donald Trump out of the White House
  5. SHAMELESS: No Democrats or left-leaning publishers denounce shocking abuses of power detailed in FISA memo release
  6. Who’s named in the FISA memo? James Comey, Rod Rosenstein and more…
  7. Memo declassified, released in full
  10. FBI Used Dossier Funded by Clinton Election Campaign to Spy on Trump Adviser
  12. Pat Buchanan Sees A ‘Never-Trump’ Press In Near-Panic
  13. What the Release of the Memo Tells Us About Our Country
  14. FISA memo is the ‘TIP of the ICEBERG’ – ANOTHER MEMO is coming…
  15. Time To Spring The Trap And #ReleaseTheDocuments Behind FISA Abuse Memo – Veteran FBI Special Agent Warns Much Worse To Come
  16. Corrupt FBI, DOJ officials committed TREASON, warns lawmaker; James Comey could face DEATH penalty
  17. F.B.I.A.S.E.D: Memo reveals James Comey used dodgy ‘golden showers’ dossier to get Trump team surveillance warrant even though top officials KNEW it was paid for by Hillary and British spy who wrote it was desperate to keep him out of office
  18. Ex-Secret Service: FISA Memo Release Leaves Obama with Only 2 Options
  19. Time to thank Founding Fathers for Electoral College
  20. Kissinger Warns “Pre-Emptive Attack” Against North Korea “Is Strong” Possibility
  21. Reactions to Trump’s Policies Are Telling
  22. Great Video Explanation – “Operation Trump” – Former Federal Prosecutor Outlines Scope of FBI and DOJ Corruption…
  23. Nunes: House panel looking at State Dept. involvement in Russia probe
  24. Michael Flynn Jr. Reacts to FISA Memo “I WANT JUSTICE!”
  25. Top Russian Spy Chief Summoned To Washington Told Trump Considering Mass Arrests
  26. Russian Spy Chiefs Testimony Before Special Counsel Robert Mueller Ordered To Highest Classification Rating
  27. All-out War: Deep State vs. Trump
  28. Franklin Graham warns of deep state coup against President Trump
  29. CNN Reports Turkey Killed Hollywood Actor Bradley Cooper After Trump Abandons CIA In Syria
  30. Former CIA Director: ‘Israel is a Cyber Superpower’
  31. State of the Union: Trump Plans to Defeat Radical Islam
  32. Warren on State of the Union: ‘I Wanted It Burned Into My Eyes’
  33. Lawmakers Press Pence to Help 100 Iranian Christians in Legal Limbo in Austria
  34. Trump infrastructure plan seeks to shift burden to states
  35. Analyses Find White House Immigration Plan Cuts Immigration 33 to 44 Percent
  36. FAIR: Contrary to reports, some DREAMers are bad apples
  37. Train carrying GOP lawmakers to policy retreat hits truck
  38. One dead in GOP train collision in Virginia
  39. Democrats Use ‘Racist’ Term Chain Migration
  40. Democrats Fall for Viral Tweet, Denounce Trump for Deportation Order Issued Under Obama
  41. The Back to the Future Democrats
  42. Dem Strategist: None of the Potential 2020 Dems Have ‘Captured Our Hearts Yet’
  43. Bogus racist claims against Trump
  44. VIDEO: President Trump’s State of the Union: An Extraordinary New Optimism
  45. “POLL: Majority of Americans Agree with Trump on DACA, Immigration”
  46. NY Videos and Photos: DACA Protesters Vent Rage at “Trump” Government Shutdown #nuts
  47. Border agents arrest DACA ‘dreamer’ in Texas for human trafficking
  48. Russian jet flies within 5 feet of US Navy plane…
  49. Will Donald Trump Initiate Armageddon? Authors Of TRUMPOCALYPSE Have News (Video: 28:30 minutes long.)
  51. Adam Schiff: FISA Memo Could Lead to Firings of Mueller, Rosenstein
  52. US Engulfed in the Most Corrupt Scandal in History & All Roads Lead Back to Obama
  53. Bombshell:FISA Court in Public Document Confirms President Obama Wire Tapped Candidate/President Elect Trump and His Transition Team
  54. GOP Rep: FISA Memo Will Show How Obama Officials, Hillary Clinton and DNC Weaponized FBI to Target Political Adversaries
  55. Hillary Has Sent Over $1 Million From Onward Together to Other ‘Resistance’ Groups
  56. Lawmaker: FBI Memo Will ‘Shock Americans,’ Warrant Removal of ‘FBI, DOJ Officials’
  57. “Deep State at its Most Frightening”: Judge Napolitano Hints NSA Behind Delay of FISA Memo Release
  58. GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz CLUBS Adam Schiff, Says FISA Memo Changes Were “Merely a Syntax Change with Almost No Significance” (VIDEO)
  60. Eric Holder PANICS Over FISA Abuse Memo – Trashes Chairman Nunes in Unhinged Tweetstorm
  61. STUNNING ADMISSION: James Clapper Admits Steele Dossier Was Used For FISA Surveillance “Extension” (VIDEO)
  62. MONICA CROWLEY: This is the First of Several Memos to be Released – “There is Worse Coming Down the Pike” (VIDEO)
  63. WOW! New Strzok-Page Texts Suggest Intent To “Copy/Take Classified” Information
  64. Ex-DOJ official reacts to McCabe exit, rips politics at FBI
  65. Sanders Acknowledges Democrats Forced Government Shutdown: ‘It Was the Right Thing to Do’
  66. Democrat Party of Treason: Conspiracy Theory vs. Conspiracy Fact
  67. THE RESISTANCE IS OUT OF CASH: Democrats Run Their Party Like They Do Big Cities
  69. Emails Reveal Cordray’s Plot to Appoint Own Successor
  70. Watchdog Files Ethics Complaint Over NJ Democrat’s Use of House Email for Campaign
  71. Trump advised to ‘walk away’ from his immigration plan
  72. FRC Action’s New Scorecard Helps You Keep Track of Congress
  73. Voters Say Health Care Is Top Issue For 2018 Midterm Elections
  74. Legal prediction: Unions lose, 1st Amendment wins
  75. As Democrats’ Support for Israel Drops, Political Scientists Debate the Causes
  76. Failing Support for Israel Among U.S. Democrats
  77. New Orleans Unanimously Rescinds Resolution Supporting Israel Boycott
  78. Documents show Obama leaked Russia intel to probe Trump
  79. Secret Obama-Farrakahn Photo Revealed After 13-Year Pre-election Cover-up
  80. Team Obama Still Hasn’t Learned the Lesson of 2016
  81. Obama Defends Trashing Israel in End-of-term UN Vote
  82. Obama’s Envoy to Israel Agrees with Trump’s Jerusalem Stance
  83. How Barack Obama turned the Democratic party against Israel
  84. Post-Obama, States Pick Up Harassment of Little Sisters
  85. Mauro: Kerry in 2020? He’s Delusional on Radical Islam
  86. Clinton Issues Statement Explaining Why She Shielded Alleged Sexual Harasser in 2008
  87. Clinton’s Strobe Talbott linked to 2nd Russia dossier?
  88. Hillary Clinton’s 1,500 Word News Dump
  89. GOP Rep. Gowdy, former chair of Benghazi panel, to retire
  90. BREAKING: Gowdy Breaks His Silence On His Alleged ‘Sexual Assault’ In 2009
  91. Robert Spencer: Man Bites Dog: Muslims Turn In Jihadi
  93. California AG touts prosecution of man for making death threats to mosque AFTER agreeing to dismiss those same charges
  94. WATCH: Why America Should Care About Israel
  95. Left scolds Hillary for shamelessly coddling sexual harasser
  96. NJ Mom Sues School for Islam Indoctrination
  97. How the U.S. is using terrorists’ smartphones and laptops to defeat them
  98. What Ever Happened to ‘Peak Oil’?
  99. Accused Philly Cop Shooter: ‘I Did It in the Name of Allah’
  100. Info on S. Carolina Terror Suspect Too Secret to Hold Trial
  101. Minnesota: Muslim who stabbed two at Mall of America says “it was indeed an act of Jihad in the way of Allah”
  102. Roane and the Republic
  103. WATCH: Amb John Bolton to Sky News’ Kay Burley: ‘You Are a Munchkin in the Media”
  104. Pigs fly: LA Times apologizes for running California Attorney General’s false statement that man made death threats to mosque
  105. Kentucky Gov. Stands up for Kneeling Down
  106. Conservative group sues TX college, alleges discrimination
  107. S.C. Governor Calls on Residents to Stand for National Anthem During Super Bowl
  108. Governor orders criminal probe of Texas gymnastics ranch
  109. SHOCKER: Bill Maher Praises Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration!
  110. New York Faces Problems with SAFE Act Gun Owner Database as Deadline to Recertify Passes
  111. USF Student Government Tries to Push Resolution Condemning Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
  112. Iowa Students Could Soon be Studying Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament
  113. Push at state level for Bible elective in schools
  114. IGNORANCE: Students Criticize Trump’s State of Union Address Week Before It’s Given!
  115. Minnesota gubernatorial candidate under fire for calling Islam “antithesis of Constitution”
  116. VIDEO, PHOTOS “Women’s March NYC ’18”: Millennial-Morons, Muslims, Man-Haters, Miserable Malcontents Protest Trump’s Magnificent 1st Year
  117. Terror in Philadelphia: Driver DELIBERATELY mows down pedestrians, attacks cop, gets shot
  118. Terrorism Suspected in Philadelphia Car-ramming Attempt
  119. Philadelphia jihad car attack: “Police don’t believe incident was a case of domestic terrorism”
  120. New Bill Would Allow Public High School Coaches to Pray With Students in Georgia
  121. Muslim US soldier “obsessed” with bloody jihad videos, watched them for hours daily, laughed and insulted the victims
  122. Church World Service and HIAS Join CAIR to Protest at White House
  123. Boston Beheader Appeals: Jihadi found GUILTY in Pamela Geller beheading plot and plot to kill Boston cops FILES APPEALS
  124. Judge: If Family Can’t Rein in Islamist Teen I Will
  125. Dem Rep Disbursed $153K to Sister’s Law Firm From Campaign Funds in 2017
  126. Another Pennsylvania Democratic Congressional Candidate May Have Skirted Campaign Finance Laws in Announcement Ad
  127. Court sides with fireman fired for his faith
  128. Florida Female Student Who Identifies as Male Sues to Use Boys’ Restroom, Locker Room at School
  129. Things Democrats Won’t Applaud
  130. The Democrats’ Extreme Rhetoric on Immigration
  131. Brain-numbed Nancy Pelosi spreads vicious lies about tax cuts, claims people taking home larger paychecks is a “scam”
  132. Democrat hits Pelosi over ‘make America white again’ comment
  133. Democrat Amy McGrath Returns Donation from Disgraced Priest Guilty of Obstructing Child Porn Investigation
  134. Democrats Can’t Stop Drooling Over Russia
  135. Nashville’s Democrat mayor confesses to adultery, but will not resign
  136. Ohio: Muslim migrant who plotted jihad massacre in Texas asks for deportation instead of prison
  137. L.A.’s Homelessness Surged 75% in 6 Years
  138. California sued after hospital ends life of sick boy
  139. California’s War On Off-Grid Independent Homes – Residents Made Homeless By Rogue Govt
  140. Two students shot at California Middle School, One in critical condition
  141. San Francisco University Slammed with Second Anti-Semitism Suit
  142. Watchdog Warns Against California’s Idea For Public Pot Bank
  143. San Jose City Council Votes to Remove Christopher Columbus Statue
  144. OUTRAGEOUS: Appalling Anti-Semitism on American Streets
  145. Las Vegas Massacre: Court Error Unmasks Person of Interest
  146. Clark County Defies Order to Release Vegas Shooter Coroner’s Report
  147. Coroner Refuses to Release Las Vegas Shooter’s Autopsy Report
  148. Police May Have Witnessed Las Vegas Gunman Stephen Paddock Kill Himself
  149. Baltimore Police Kept Toy Guns ‘To Plant’ In Case They Shot An Innocent Citizen
  150. Newsweek Publisher Caught Defrauding Gov Agency In Ad Revenue Scheme
  151. Illegal Immigration Is Never going away, because corporations make millions of dollars from illegal immigrants being detained in the private prison system
  152. Walter Williams: “Immigration Lies And Hypocrisy”
  153. Father of Daughter Slain by MS-13 Blasts Democrats for Their Disrespect at SOTU: “It Hurt Me a Lot – They Should Show Respect” (VIDEO)
  154. Man Who Used Drone to Smuggle Drugs into US Sentenced to 12 Years In Jail, Officials Say
  155. Mexican Illegal immigrants will never take over America. There is no such thing as “anchor babies.”
  156. Another Bombshell: Judge Overseeing Michael Flynn Case Was Removed Because He Was a WITNESS in the FISA Court Memo issue.
  157. Man in Pennsylvania goes to carwash armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, .308-caliber rifle and 9mm handgun, and wearing body armor, opens fire and slaughters four people
  158. College Students Sign Petition to Imprison All Registered Gun Owners!
  159. Poll Results: Islam Course in NJ School
  160. Pro-Israel Groups Call on Feds to Pull Funding from Anti-Israel Middle East Programs
  161. Border War Continues
  162. Devout Muslim SHOT COP 13 times because “police enforce laws that undermine the Quran’s teachings”
  163. Muslim ex-soldier, ISIS supporter sentenced in execution-style slaying of Denver security guard
  164. NYS to end “I Love New York” campaign after being warned of possible loss of federal funding
  165. Inside a Public School Social Justice Factory
  166. Kansas Judge Blocks State Law Barring Contractors From Boycotting Israel
  167. Majority of Americans Want Southern Wall to Keep Out Illegals: CBS Poll
  168. Police: 1 suspect dead, Louisville officer shot and wounded
  169. Victims’ father tries to attack Larry Nassar in courtroom
  170. Proposed ‘Fairness Act’ unfair to people of faith
  171. Daniel Greenfield: “Trump Divides Americans And Un-Americans”
  172. Scaramucci Unloads On “Rancid Penis” Priebus And “Cock Of The Swamp” Bannon In Explosive Interview
  174. U.S. Coast Guard Offloads Nearly Two Tons of Cocaine in Florida
  175. Funds Sent to Georgetown Group that Promotes Traditional Marriage Ends Up Allocated to LGBTQ Group
  176. Eagles Quarterback Sets Sights on Becoming a Pastor After NFL
  177. 140 “news” organizations join reporting effort to document “hate crimes”
  178. ‘Law & Order SVU’ Depicts Brutal Rape of Conservative Pundit Resembling Ann Coulter
  179. Hawaii Emergency Worker Who Triggered False Alarm Fired
  180. Seth Rich Murdered for DNC Leak to WikiLeaks, Says Roger Stone
  181. ACLU Uses #MeToo to Advocate K-12 Sex Education That Denies Science and Dismantles Traditionalism
  182. California Senate Votes for Free Abortion Pills at State Universities
  183. Rand Paul Tells Evangelical Student Group: There Is No Liberty Without Virtue
  184. Trump’s top health official traded tobacco stock while leading anti-smoking efforts
  185. Physical education teacher on leave after allegedly assaulting a student who refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance
  186. Gun in LA school shooting went off in backpack
  188. Oregon: Convicted Muslim rapist sues state over failure to provide sharia meals
  190. UN: Human Rights Council ‘Most Anti-Israel of All UN Groups’
  191. UN: Israeli Envoy to UN: Iran Has 82,000 Fighters in Syria
  192. UN: U.N. proving its anti-Israel bias again?
  193. UN: Beware: the United Nations is taking aim at ammo
  194. UN: UN Releases Blacklist Targeting Israel’s Business Partners
  195. UN: UN Refugee Chief Says Europe Must Prepare to Cope with Bigger Migrant Flows



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  1. Israeli President Rivlin Begins State Visit in Greece
  2. Rivlin Concludes Greece Visit with Praise for Strong Ties, Security Cooperation
  3. Netanyahu Slams Polish Bill, Says ‘Holocaust Cannot be Denied’
  4. Holocaust bill row: Angry Israel calls off visit by Polish security chief
  5. Netanyahu Warns Putin: Israel Ready to Act Against Iran
  6. Netanyahu Warns Putin – Israel Will ‘Stop’ Iranian Expansion
  7. Netanyahu-Trump Position Impacting World Views on Limiting Iran’s Ballistic Missiles
  8. WATCH: Netanyahu and Putin Visit Jewish Museum in Moscow
  9. Netanyahu’s Demands to Stop Iran Likely to be Ignored by Putin
  10. Can Trump and Netanyahu Get Europe to Halt Iran’s Ballistic Missiles?
  11. WATCH: Breathtaking Flocks of Starlings Swoop Across the Holy Land!
  12. WATCH: A Most Moving Rendition of Israel’s National Anthem!
  13. Holocaust Experts Denounce Polish Law as ‘Whitewash’ of Culpability
  14. Israel, Poland Agree to Jointly Formulate Holocaust Bill
  15. Bennett: Israeli Schools to Teach About Polish Complicity in Holocaust
  16. Israel Slams Poland’s Holocaust Law for Denying Truth and Rewriting History
  17. Israeli Lawmakers Blast Poland’s ‘Holocaust Denial’ Law
  18. WATCH: Precious Lessons From Holocaust Survivors
  19. Message To Israel: To use the term “Polish death camps” is no different than saying “Armenian death camps” when speaking about the Armenian Genocide that was committed by the Ottoman Empire
  20. WATCH: Israel Honors Righteous Diplomats
  21. WATCH: EU Parliament Holocaust Event Speakers Stress ‘Never Again’
  22. Arab Vandals Scrawl ‘Hitler’ Graffiti in Southern Israel
  23. Drug Trafficker Killed in Border Shootout with Police
  24. Israel Ranked 8th Most Powerful Nation!
  25. WATCH: An Israeli Startup is Changing the Way We Pay!
  26. Two Vice Presidential Visits To Israel: What A Difference!
  27. Israeli lawmaker: time to ‘shatter blatant lies’ about African migrants
  28. US Envoy Slams Hamas for Sabotaging Gaza’s Chances for Success
  29. 3 Israeli Startups Vie to be ‘Waze of Indoor Spaces’
  30. ‘Tu B’Shvat’ – A Joyful Day in Israel to Celebrate Trees!
  31. US Delegation Flees Palestinian Mob in Bethlehem
  32. WATCH: Orthodox Jewish Israeli Disguised as Sheikh Infiltrates ‘Jihad’
  33. Israel to Reopen Embassy in Jordan, Ending 6 Month Diplomatic Crisis
  34. WATCH: Former Israeli Ambassador Blasts Palestinians Negotiator’s Threats of Violence
  35. US Envoy Demands that ‘Despicable’ Hamas Release All Captive Israelis
  36. Human Rights Organizations Ignore Arab Victims of Palestinian Torture
  37. FLASHBACK: Blood Moon Heralds Sukkot Festival!
  38. RUMORS OF WAR: Is There A War Brewing Between Israel And Lebanon?
  39. Israel and US at Odds Over Aid to Lebanon’s Army
  40. WATCH: Female IDF Search-and-Rescue Canine Unit in Action!
  41. WATCH: Remembering the First Israeli Astronaut, Ilan Ramon
  42. WATCH: How the Mossad Turned a Former Nazi Into Israel’s Secret Weapon
  43. After Heavy Rain, Israel’s Chief Rabbi Lifts Call for Public Prayer, Land was Blessed!
  44. WATCH: Israeli and Palestinian Medics Display True Co-existence
  45. New Israeli Software Combats Online Anti-Semitism in Real-time
  46. WATCH: How Israeli Technology Fights ‘Customer Hijackings’
  47. WATCH: Israeli Defense Firm to Outfit Philippine Army with Advanced Vehicles
  48. Israel, US Brace for Growing Iranian Threat in Lebanon and Syria
  49. Haim Gouri, Legendary Israeli Fighter and Poet, Dies at 94
  50. It’s Israel vs Lebanon and Hezbollah In Escalating Dispute Over Mediterranean Gas Field
  51. IDF Strikes Gaza Following Rocket Attack
  52. Israelis are Generating Water in India and Saving Crops in Africa!
  53. WATCH: How Israel’s Border Authority Protects Its Citizens
  54. The Dark Secret of Two-Faced Anti-Israel Academics
  55. Opinion: Time to End the Big ‘Palestine Lie’
  56. Christian Zionists Plant Trees In Israel To Help Fullfill Biblical Prophecy
  57. ‘Hezbollah is growing stronger – but Israel is prepared’
  58. Israel Pounds ISIS in Egypt Through ‘Secret Alliance’ with Cairo
  59. WATCH: Israel’s Billion Dollar Plan to Save Gaza from Collapse
  60. Israel and US Closely Watch Turkish Incursion Into Syria
  61. Palestinians Carrying Knives, Grenade Arrested After Crossing Gaza Border
  62. WATCH: ‘Startup Nation Israel Goes from Strength to Strength’
  63. Jazz Musician, Nazi Camp Survivor, Coco Schumann Dies at 93
  64. 17 Graves to be Exhumed in Yemenite Missing Children Case
  66. US Forces Arrive in Israel as Tensions Rise Between Tel Aviv, Beirut


  1. Abbas’ Alleged New Jet Shows How Islamism Spreads
  2. Terrorists Released in Shalit Deal Leading Attacks Against Israel
  3. Severed Doll Heads Doused in Red Paint Left at Tel Aviv Immigration Office
  4. WATCH: Palestinian Children Play ‘Stab the Jew’ Game
  5. Palestinian Leaders Mourn Murderer of Israeli Father of 6
  6. Analysis: Abbas Claim that ‘Oslo is Dead’ is Just Rhetoric
  7. Heavy Rains Expose 12 Bombs on Palestinian Road
  8. PA Official Claims US Has Never Given Palestinians ‘Anything of Substance’
  10. Palestinians Blast NY Times for ‘Time for Abbas to Go’ Article
  11. Number of Children Fighting for ISIS, Terror Groups Skyrockets
  12. Hamas Official Dies of Mysterious Gunshot Wounds
  13. New ISIS Video Sings to U.S. Jihadists: ‘It is Now Time to Rise, Slit Their Throats, Watch Them Die’
  14. ‘Palestinians’ Burn Effigies of Trump, Pence
  15. Abbas’ Alleged New Jet Shows How Islamism Spreads
  16. Muslim World League Comes Out Against Holocaust
  17. Hamas Calls Trump ‘Mentally Ill’ After US Blacklists Arch-terrorist
  18. Islamic Republic of Mauritania failing to tackle pervasive slavery
  19. Hamas enraged by designation of its top dog as “global terrorist”: “dangerous violation of international law”
  20. WATCH: Palestinian TV Teaches Kids to Idolize Terrorists
  21. Debates on Islamism: Faith Schools
  22. Why Polls On A Palestinian State Are A Mirage
  23. Palestinian kids’ TV makes hero of murderous jihadist
  24. Human Rights Organizations Refuse to Assist Arab Victims of Palestinian Torture
  25. Justice is served: Terror group Hamas co-founder dies after accidentally shooting himself


  1. England: British MPs: Proscribe ALL of Hezbollah as Terrorist
  2. England: Ex-IDF Soldier Speaks in London as Protesters Call for Israel’s Destruction
  3. England: Theresa May poll boost: PM has support of more than two thirds of Conservative voters
  4. England: Muslim humor? Muslim YouTube prankster throws water in people’s faces amid acid attack fears
  5. England: British PM Travels To China To Salvage Relations As Post Brexit Looms
  6. England: Doctors in Britain declare that a sick baby must be killed. The parents protest and say that the child is still responsive and has emotions. The doctors say that the child must be put to death
  7. England: British Defense Chief: ‘Israel is Beacon of Light and Hope’ in Mideast
  8. England: Left Blames Brexit for Problems of Britain’s Socialist Healthcare System
  10. Germany: Return Of The Stasi Police State?
  11. Germany: Germany, UK Wake Up to Brotherhood Threat
  12. Germany: ‘Step down, Chancellor!’ Allies turn on Merkel as rivals scramble to steal her job
  13. Germany: German journalist: “Like many other women in Germany, I no longer feel safe”
  14. Germany: German FM in Israel Rejects US Jerusalem Move, Warns of European ‘Frustration’
  15. Germany: German Intel Chief Pledges to Spy On ALL Children To ‘Prevent Terrorism’
  16. Germany: German Politician Explains That He Became a Muslim Because of Church’s Approval of Same-Sex Marriage
  17. Germany: Town teaches Muslim migrants how to pick up non-Muslim women
  18. Germany: Staples removes “Mohammed” ruler after complaints from Muslims
  19. Germany: Germany Introduces Women’s Pants with Safety Alarms to Thwart Muslim Migrant Sex Attacks
  20. Belgium: 9 in 10 women in Brussels experience sexual harassment: study
  21. Europe: Ignoring the rise of antisemitism of International Holocaust Remembrance Day #NeverForget
  22. Europe: In First, Council of Europe Tells Palestinians to Stop Funding Terror
  23. Europe: Muslim jurist: “The occupation of the West will be done without war but quietly, with infiltration and subversion”
  24. Europe: MUST-SEE VIDEO: Women of Europe rise up against migrant sexual violence, rape jihad #120DB
  25. Sweden: Shocking statistics: 1 in 8 Swedish women will be raped
  26. Sweden: Beaten for rejecting being groped: Shocking photos show bloodied Swedish teen attacked in a nightclub
  27. Sweden: Sweden plagued by gang shootings, bombings and sexual assaults
  28. Sweden: Sweden Murder Spree: Muslim migrants shoot man, stab trial witness and wife to death
  29. Italy: Pope Francis – Pedophilia Is ‘Overblown Right Wing Conspiracy’ | Pedogate (Video: 3:54 minutes long.)
  30. Italy: Does Pope Francis Care More About Dead Jews Than Living Israelis?
  31. Italy: ‘Migrants are more profitable than drugs’: how the mafia infiltrated Italy’s asylum system
  32. Poland: WATCH: Jail Time for Calling Auschwitz ‘Polish’?
  33. Poland: Polish TV: Call Them ‘Jewish Death Camps’ Because ‘Jews Ran Crematoria’
  34. Poland: Polish Senate Approves Controversial Bill Whitewashing Holocaust
  35. Poland: Polish Senate backs controversial Holocaust speech law
  36. UK: Top Muslim Activist to Head Counter Extremism Drive
  37. UK: Manchester Police Cases Dominated by Forced Marriages
  38. UK: Muslim migrant refused to answer police when asked if he supported the Islamic State
  39. UK: Senior education official comes to aid of bullied headteacher over hijab ban
  40. UK: Rotherham child services top dog denies race was a factor in the Muslim rape gang scandal
  41. UK: Anti-Jewish hate crimes at all-time high in UK
  42. UK: Govt’s “terror watchdog”: “Fundamentally wrong to attach the word terrorism to any of the world religions”
  43. UK: Theresa May’s Government REJECTS Petition for a Free Speech Act
  44. Denmark: Danish government: Muslims are violent and commit terror
  45. France: France says it will intervene if jihadis from France are sentenced to death in Syria or Iraq
  46. France: Leading Islamic Scholar in Police Custody Following Rape, Sexual Assault Allegations in France
  47. France: Migrants Shot, Several In Critical Condition After French Police Stop Massive Two-Hour Brawl
  48. France: Oxford Muslim icon TARIQ RAMADAN ARRESTED in Paris after being accused of rapes
  49. France: Eight-year-old Jewish boy beaten in latest antisemitic attacks in France, sparking hollow response from President Macron
  50. France: French PM Warns: France is Facing Violent ‘New Form of Anti-Semitism’
  51. France: Paris: “Hate Crime” Charges Dropped for Muslim Who SAVAGELY BEAT Jewish Woman TO DEATH, He Screamed “Allahu Akbar!” Called Her “Dirty Jew,” Recited Verses From Quran
  52. Ireland: OUTRAGEOUS: Ireland Advances Bill Making it ‘Crime’ to Buy Israeli Goods
  53. Russia: Russia Steadily Cultivating Electronic Warfare While U.S., NATO Lag Behind
  54. Russia: ‘Underwater Dragons’ Caught in Siberian River and Eaten
  55. Russia: Russia builds four new air bases in Syria, deploys another 6,000 troops
  56. Russia: Breaking: Russia Retalliates Cruise Missle Strike On Turk Rebels” 30 Dead (Video: 2:02 minutes long.)
  57. Switzerland: Swiss Central Banker Goes On Murder-Suicide Rampage: Kills Top Lawyer, Self
  58. Switzerland: Grandson Of The Founder Of The Muslim Brotherhood And One Of The Biggest Muslim Scholars In The World Arrested On RAPE Charges
  59. Switzerland: Muslim migrants “behave like movie stars: want expensive clothes and don’t integrate”
  60. Austria: Austria stands with Visegrad group against Muslim migrant influx
  61. Bulgaria: Hizballah not mentioned in charges for 2012 bus bombing, despite clear evidence of its involvement
  62. Bulgaria: WATCH: How Bulgarians Saved Their Jewish Neighbors from the Holocaust


  1. Iran: Iran Fired 23 Ballistic Missiles Since Signing Nuclear Deal
  2. Iran: ‘Halal’ internet means more control in Iran after protests for freedom
  3. Iran: Iranian Police Arrest 29 Women for Participation in Anti-Hijab Protests
  4. Turkey: Erdogan Chief Advisor Threatens To “Break The Legs” Of Greece’s PM
  5. Saudi Arabia: Muslim World League Comes Out Against Holocaust
  6. Saudi Arabia: Prominent Saudi Cleric: ‘Holocaust Denial is a Crime that Distorts History’ 
  7. Pakistan: Mentally incapacitated Christian charged with “blasphemy,” brutally tortured by police
  8. Pakistan: 7-year-old Christian boy brutally sodomized by a Muslim rapist
  9. Afghanistan: Lives Destroyed by Virginity Tests
  11. North Korea: Pyongyang’s secret weapon? Mystery as North Koreans executed by Kim Jong-un return to life
  12. North Korea: ‘Leave us ALONE!’ North Korea warn Trump to BACK OFF or Kim will SMASH USA
  13. China: China Has Already Gene-Edited 86 People With CRISPR
  14. China: Leaked Photos Show “Secret Railgun” Mounted On Chinese Warship
  15. China: China and Japan Hold Talks on Improving Relations
  16. Iraq: Trump Effect: 45,000 Students Enroll at Mosul University Destroyed by ISIS
  17. Iraq: Iraqi Forces Arrest ISIS Oil Chief
  18. Cambodia: Woman Sells Her Daughter For $800 To Sex Traffickers. They Take The Girl To A Hospital Where Her Virginity is tested. Once it is confirmed that she is a virgin, they take her to a hotel where she is raped for three days
  19. India: Pedophile Arrested After He’s Caught Raping His 8-Month-Old Baby Cousin
  21. India: Nine Muslims arrested in plot to convert Hindu woman to Islam, sell her as sex slave to the Islamic State
  22. India: Hugh Fitzgerald: Are Indian Muslims Really A Special Case?
  23. Japan: Robot Gets Job as Newscaster in Japan
  24. Indonesia: Muslims push ban on gay sex, cohabitation, sex outside marriage
  25. Syria: Car Bomb Kills Senior Terrorist Commander in Syria
  26. Syria: Sochi Talks Led to Creation of Several Special Commissions
  27. Syria: Syria Targets Turkish Military Convoy
  28. Syria: Syrian Army recaptured another town from ISIS in northeast Hama
  29. Syria: China Is Ready to Help Syria
  30. Syria: Sochi Conference Is Step toward Peace in Syria: Iran
  31. Syria: Syria is no longer a functional state. It is an utter war zone where Islamists have been slaughtering Christians. Assad is no longer in power and has practically been overthrown
  32. Syria: Hamas-linked international symposium declares that “the war on terrorism is a war against Zionism”
  33. Syria: Just What and Where is Bab Touma, and Why Is It So Important?
  34. Syria: Russian Fighter Jet Downed in Syria, Pilot Ejected and Killed
  35. Syria: Syria complains to UN Secretary-General and Security Council about Turkish operation
  36. Syria: American Member of ISIS Killed by Rival Group in Southwestern Syria
  38. Syria: Syrian Army Continuous Advance West of Abu Duhour
  43. Syria: ISIS SVBIED Targets Syrian Democratic Forces In Al-Bahrah In Southeastern Deir Ezzor (Photos)
  44. Syria: Syrian Army Captures 5 Villages, Deploys Within Only 10km Of Saraqib City In Idlib Province
  45. Syria: Prominent Ahrar al-Sham Commander Assassinated North Of Saraqib City
  46. Syria: Video: YPG Destroys Vehicle Of Pro-Turkish Forces In Azaz Via ATGM
  47. Syria: Turkish-backed Forces Attack SDF Positions North Of Manbij – Reports


  1. Egypt: Muslim Historian: Jews Killed and Tortured Thousands of Germans in ‘Counter Holocaust’


  1. Australia: VIDEO: Hundreds of Migrants Riot Nightclub After Sexually Assaulting Several Girls
  2. Australia: Government sponsors taxpayer-funded “modest fashion” exhibit featuring Islamic clothing
  3. New Zealand: NZ: Federal Control Of Fluoridation Would Be A Nightmare


  1. Canada: Real Asians mass protest hijab hoax
  2. Canada: Sweet Jesus: The Disturbing Marketing of a Trendy Ice Cream Franchise
  3. Canada: Canada to Make Its National Anthem Lyrics Gender Neutral
  4. Canada: Police drop investigation as Muslima who claimed to have received death threats refuses to cooperate
  5. Canada: Anti-BDS group rallies Canadian support for Israeli businesses
  6. Canada: More faked hate in Canada: Failed Muslim school trustee candidate falsely claimed to be victim of racist death threats
  7. Cuba: Fidel Castro’s Son Commits Suicide


  1. Argentina: Mystery deepens as missing Argentine submarine ‘monitored Brit nuke sub near Falklands’
  2. Peru: Truck Driver Destroys Parts of the Nazca Lines in Peru
  3. Venezuela: Venezuela’s Crude Oil Exports to U.S. Declining Sharply


World Financial News Banner


  1. Democracy Dies in Dismal Retirement Plans
  2. America’s hidden depression
  3. Tomgram: Nomi Prins, How to Set the Economy on Fire
  4. Groundhog Day Drives Stock Market 666 Points Below Ground: What that says about the frosty season ahead
  5. Americans Expect Booming Economy to Continue, Says Conference Board
  6. Black Unemployment Surges By The Most In 12 Years
  7. Unemployment may fall to 3.5% in a year
  8. Occupational Licenses: Petty Tyranny Over Property and Labor
  9. Not So Fast: Here’s The Full Story About Those “Surging Hourly Earnings”
  10. Bonds, Stocks, Gold Drop After Wages Pop, Dollar Jumps
  11. Cigna raises wages, benefits following tax law
  12. Payrolls Jump 200K, Beating Expectations As Earnings Soar Most Since 2009
  13. January Payrolls Preview: The “Bomb Cyclone” Rebound
  14. Where The Jobs Were In January: Who’s Hiring And Who Isn’t
  15. Popularity of Trump Tax Reform Skyrockets as More Americans Realize It Cut Their Taxes
  16. BOOM! Atlanta Fed Upgrades Trump First Quarter GDP to 5.4%
  17. Richard J. Maybury’s U.S. & World Early Warning Report (NOTE: This is a downloadable PDF file.)
  18. BofA: “Our Sell Signal Was Triggered On Jan 30, S&P 2686 Is Next”
  19. NLRB Employees Object to Admin’s Cost-Cutting Measures
  20. UMich Economic Confidence Tumbles To Lowest Since Election
  21. Market Jitters As The Dow Falls 362 Points – Worst Drop In More Than A Year
  22. Survey: US companies added healthy 234,000 jobs in January
  23. Good News Keeps Rolling in for American Workers and the American Economy Following Tax Reform
  24. Core Capital Goods Orders Tumble Most Since Sept 2016
  25. Hostess Gives Employee Bonuses Because of Tax Cuts
  26. Bitcoin created by the CIA and NSA, warns co-founder of Kaspersky security software firm
  27. Demystifying Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency
  28. US added strong 200K jobs in January; pay up most in 8 years
  29. S&P 500, Dow suffer biggest weekly decline in more than 2 years
  30. Wall Street’s ‘fear gauge’ hits highest level in more than a year at 16.90
  31. Fed says Wells Fargo isn’t allowed to grow after wave of scandals
  32. Exxon stock falls the most in 6 years after surprise earnings miss
  33. Exxon Mobil Announces $35 Billion in New Investments in U.S. Thanks to Tax Reform
  34. Mark Hulbert: Market timers just gave stock investors a reason to celebrate
  35. Fed’s Williams tries to ease market fears the central bank will turn aggressive on rate hikes
  36. Dow industrial marks biggest weekly point setback in 9 years, weekly drop of 1,100
  37. The Dow’s tumultuous 120-year history, in one chart
  38. Most home-equity loan borrowers don’t understand how Trump’s tax code affects them
  39. Homeownership rate reaches three-year high as rebound from crisis gathers pace
  40. Mortgage rate jump didn’t slow applications to purchase or refinance homes… yet
  41. Tony Robbins on stock market corrections: Get used to them
  42. Jeff Reeves: 5 high-risk, high-reward stocks to buy on the stock market’s dive
  43. Nigam Arora: ‘Smart money’ signals are positive for only 2 of these 10 popular tech stocks
  44. Mark Hulbert: These stocks could get a big kick from a market melt-up
  45. What this early warning sign is saying about the ‘Melt Up’ today
  46. This stock looks set to ride higher thanks to the fight against data breaches
  47. Are we heading for an Amazon-Alibaba e-commerce showdown?
  48. Jeff Bezos’ fortune tops $120 billion as Amazon shares surge after hours
  49. The tax bill is making the fourth-quarter earnings season a muddle
  50. Big pay gains in January favor high-income workers over minimum-wage workers
  51. Why it might be better to take Social Security at age 66 instead of 70
  52. Why these early retirees won’t touch bitcoin or other cryptos — and neither should you
  53. Honda Says China Will Soon Overtake US As Largest Market
  54. How long until you’re a 401(k) millionaire? Check this chart
  55. The big mistake investors make once they hit that first $1 million
  56. Don’t make these 3 big mistakes when filing your taxes early
  57. 1 good reason to file your taxes early this year
  58. Under Trump’s tax plan, you now have a year to avoid a nasty divorce
  59. GM earnings: Will the good times keep on rolling?
  60. GE Just Signaled The Next Crisis And NOBODY Is Paying Attention
  61. GE’s century on the Dow nears end
  62. Tesla earnings: Model 3 is still the issue investors care most about
  63. Bitcoin briefly tumbles below $8,000, as cryptos crater
  64. Bix Weir Calls The Bottom In Bitcoin And Adds “Nobody Is Selling Bitcoin Right Now”
  65. Junk-bond market gets riled up over potential crash into a ‘maturity wall’
  66. Dollar on pace for strongest daily gain since October after jobs report
  67. Dollar Spikes Most In Over A Year, But…
  68. Silver Market, “Never Seen Anything Like It In 40 Years” | Bill Murphy
  69. Eric Sprott: How STUPID They We’re To Not See The Gold & Silver Manipulation Right In Front Of Their Eyes
  70. Jim Rickards: There WILL BE A ‘Failure To Deliver’ In Gold Probably SOONER Than Later
  71. Marshall Swing: Global Economic Collapse July 20-27, 2018 (Part I, The Calculation And Significance)
  72. Fund Manager: Amazon’s Shock-And-Awe Earnings
  73. ‘Super Bowl Sunday’, ‘Sunday Presidential Address’, Or Is the Deep State Collapsing The Economy Right Now?
  74. Mannarino Says ‘THIS IS IT!’: Gold & Silver Are Telling Us The MEGA Stock Market Bubble Is Bursting
  75. Alan Greenspan: There are TWO market bubbles
  76. Rickards: The bubble that could break the world
  77. “Dr. Doom” Nouriel Roubini Says Bitcoin Is The “Biggest Bubble In Human History”
  78. Gold & Silver Hammered As BLS Jobs Report Hits Tape
  79. Chris Vermeulen: Gold And Gold Miners Preparing For A Big Move
  80. A Geopolitical Event Would Cause Zinc & Other Metals To Surge In Price
  81. Savings Rate Drops To 12-Year Low As 50% Of Americans Have No Savings
  82. Eight Locations For Hiding Your Gold & Silver Stack In Plain Sight
  83. Trader: Be On The Lookout For A Surprise That Catches Everybody Off Guard
  84. A Reversal In The Stock Market And Rising Interest Rates Create ‘Safe Haven’ Demand For Gold
  85. John Rubino: How Did That Get In My Bond Portfolio?
  86. Ted Butler: The Regulators Didn’t Even Come Close To Cleaning Up The Market With The Arrests & Fines
  87. Buy and hold: Wall Street’s misleading advice
  88. Sjuggerud: How the unemployment rate predicts stock market crashes
  89. ‘Bond God’ Gundlach likes gold
  90. How to make money in real estate without buying property
  91. Porter Stansberry: This could easily become the next Enron or Lehman
  92. DANGER AHEAD FOR U.S. GOVT: Unable To Service Debt As Interest Rates Surge
  93. Audio: Crypto Currencies Crash, Dollar Slides, Gold & Silver Stay Strong
  94. For Anyone Still Wondering If Gold Prices Are Rigged…
  95. WORLD’S LARGEST SILVER MINES: Suffer Falling Ore Grades & Rising Costs
  96. Illinois’ Debt Crisis Foreshadows America’s Financial Future
  97. The Coming Market Crash Will Set Off The Biggest Gold Panic Buying In History
  98. The Ultimate Bear Chart
  99. To Jeff Gundlach, This Is The “Chart Of Death”
  100. Just Three Charts
  101. Is The VIX-‘Tail’ Wagging The Bitcoin-‘Dog’?
  102. Bank Of America, JP Morgan Bar Crypto Purchases On Credit Card
  103. Apple Enters Correction, Drops 10% From Highs As Moody’s Warns
  104. Gold-Backed Cryptocurrencies: Icing On An Already Tasty Cake?
  105. US oil production tops 10 million barrels a day for first time since 1970
  106. Fracking Revolution Pushes U.S. Daily Crude Oil Production Over 10 Million Barrels
  107. Alabama Bill Would Encourage Use of Gold and Silver in Trade
  108. When Truth Matters…Confidence Will Break


  1. Canada: Police Say Jewish Billionaire, Wife Apparently Murdered


  1. Two-Thirds of UK Pension Funds Are in the Red – $300 Billion Shortfall Revealed
  2. Customer Lawsuits Pummel Spanish Banks
  3. Risk of market contagion has reached a 6-year high, Deutsche Bank analyst says
  4. Italian Banks Are Dumping Italian Sovereign Debt To The ECB Ahead Of The Election


  1. Cryptos Tumble After India Says It Will “Take All Measures to Eliminate” Their Use
  2. Chinese Gold Demand Surges 9.41% In 2017: Chinese Have ‘Growing Appetite’ For Gold
  3. Chinese Stocks Tumble As Hong Kong Officials Monitor Surge In ATM Withdrawals


  1. Israeli Economy is Thriving, More Money for Social Causes!


Earth News Banner

  1. NASA Streams LIVE Super Blue Blood Moon As It Eclipses Across The US
  2. “One Typhoon Away From Full Breach” – US Nuke-Test Dome Leaking Fatal Radiation Into Pacific Ocean
  3. The Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Shifting, Poles May Flip: “This Could Get Bad”
  4. Some Experts Warn Of Earth’s Magnetic Poles Flipping
  5. Was Newsweek’s Recent ‘Coming Pole Flip’ And ‘Planet-Wide Blackout’ Story A Solemn, Ominous Warning To Prepare For TEOTWAWKI Or ‘Utter Codswallop’?
  6. First Detailed Image of Surface of Gigantic Star 350 Times Larger Than Our Sun
  7. World’s Rarest Fish With Hands Found Only Off South East Tasmania
  8. Misplaced Piece of North America’s Continent Found In Australia – New Study
  9. Earthquake rocks Japan as Ring of Fire remains on High Alert
  10. BEAUTIFUL CO2: Higher carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere linked to more flowers blooming in tropical forests
  11. Two Huge Earthquakes Strike Atlantic
  12. Miracle ‘River of Hail’ collectively fills some dams to the point of overflowing in drought-stricken Northern Cape, South Africa
  13. Animals freeze solid in Kazakhstan after temperatures drop to minus 68F
  14. Paris flooding forces 1,500 to evacuate, Major tourist attractions to close
  15. Saudi Arabia’s freak snow storm produces 15 inch drifts covering Sahara Desert
  16. The search for Earth II: Three new French telescopes are searching the stars for another planet like ours
  17. Weird, Intriguing Hot Jupiter CoRoT-2b With Winds Blowing In Wrong Direction
  18. Massive Deposits Of Ice Only A Few Feet Under Mars’ Surface – Discovered
  19. First snow in 50 years leaves southern Morocco paralyzed
  20. DEVELOPING: Major volcano cluster in Japan, Eruption Imminent, Warning raised to highest level
  21. Russia Reports River Turning Blood Red, Experts Searching for Cause
  22. Deadly Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes Hindu Kush, Afghanistan
  23. Fireball brighter than the Moon seen over southern Spain
  24. Locals Panic As Mysterious Fireball Crash Lands Over Sky In South America
  25. Lava Spreads More Than 2 Miles From Philippine Volcano
  26. Los Angeles Is Trying to Cool the City By Giving Residents Free Trees
  27. Ex-tropical cyclone Fehi hits New Zealand, combines with kind tides
  28. Tropical low devastates Western Australia’s north, drops massive rain
  29. Deadly M6.1 earthquake hits Hindu Kush, Afghanistan
  30. Melbourne’s wettest January day since 2004 after 95 000 homes lose power during heatwave
  31. Just one of those freak things! “No aliens, no cloaking device,” hundreds of small starling birds fall from the sky in Utah, US
  32. Remnants of Tropical Cyclone Fehi batter New Zealand with 160 kmh winds turning wheelie bins into “missiles” with King tides causing flooding
  33. The kangaroo is the latest species under stress as nearly 4 million die in 12 months from a mystery disease which has left experts baffled
  34. Pacific Ring Of Fire Vanuatu Island volcano Gaua rumbles back to life in the South Pacific Ocean
  35. Eruption Fuego volcano in Guatemala: Ashfall, evacuations, dark ash plume rises 1.7km above summit, pyroclastic flows
  36. Another interdimensional portal opens up in remote Chuvashia
  37. What’s up in the sky? Crazy intense colors appear and float in the sky over Brazil
  38. US States are using beet juice, molasses, cheese waste, and beer to de-ice roads
  39. Popocatepetl volcano erupts 4 times in a row sending column of ash 3000 meters above its crater – Cenapred urges not to approach the volcano
  40. Flooding in Chiapas and across Tabasco after 278 millimeters of rain fall in 24 hours and the Pichucalco River overflows
  41. High tide and giant waves flood Scituate, Massachusetts – Storm surge blamed on January 31st full blue blood moon
  42. Latest Unexplained Megacryometeor Narrowly Misses Canadian Home
  43. Think Tank Requests SEC Investigation of California Governments Worried About Climate Change
  44. Scientists reinforce warnings of coming “Mega-Quake” as California continues to reel from earthquakes
  45. Gaua volcano alert level raised, Major unrest reported
  46. Eruption of Fuego volcano forces school closures, Orange Alert issued


Petition News Banner

TBS Uses the Lord’s Name in Vain!

It is almost impossible to describe the depth of depravity found in the TBS sitcom “The Detour.” Every scene is filled with extreme foul language, sexual innuendos, implications, or graphic encounters throughout the entire thirty-minute program. The foul language used, including using the Lord’s name in vain, is disgusting.

New episodes of this criminal family who are running from the law air on Tuesday evenings at 10:30 p.m. ET/9:30 p.m. CT and reruns on Saturday evenings. For starters, you can be assured with a TV-MA L rating, it is not appropriate for television. This irresponsible and tasteless program is inappropriate for any age, but unfortunately, the age of two primary cast members may attract young viewers. The network should be ashamed of themselves for also exposing the two young actors to this filth and crude humor. Many times the script involves the two children spouting off profanities.

In the TBS’ show “The Detour”, the Lord’s Name is used in vain constantly. And even ONCE is too much. The Ten Commandments clearly proclaim, “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.”

God is never glorified when the Lord’s name is taken in vain. You and I cannot let this continue. One Million Moms intends to do something about it.

The Biblical Heartland belongs to the Jews through Biblical, historical and legal rights

The world condemns Israel for construction in its most ancient and holy cities, such as certain areas of Jerusalem, Hebron, Beth-El, Shiloh, and other Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria. 

Tell the world, “I support the Jewish People’s Right to Build Their Homes in All Areas of Israel’s Biblical Heartland.”
“Take possession of the land and settle in it, for I have given you the land to possess.” ~Numbers 33:53

Our petition will be sent to the Israeli Parliament, United Nations and the White House, and shared online to let the world know just how many people believe in the Biblical, legal and historical rights of the Jewish people to Israel.

ACT NOW! Protest Poland’s Whitewashing of the Holocaust

Poland is promoting a bill that dissociates the country from the Holocaust. We must demand that Poland face its dark past and recognize its complacency in the Holocaust.

The Polish Parliament and Senate this week approved a law that prohibits any references to Polish involvement in the Holocaust, severely hindering free speech and essentially whitewashing the history of the Holocaust.

The bill prohibits describing Nazi death camps in Poland as Polish, and sets fines or a maximum three-year jail term as punishment. The bill’s objective is to hide any Polish complicity in the Holocaust.

The move angered Israelis across the political spectrum and elicited much criticism from groups around the world.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the law as “baseless.” ”One cannot change history and the Holocaust cannot be denied,” Netanyahu stated.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin slammed the law as an attempt at “fake history.” “Every crime, every offense, must be condemned. They must be examined and revealed,” Rivlin demanded.

Yad Vashem, the Jerusalem-based World Holocaust Remembrance Center, also expressed opposition to the new legislation, saying it is “liable to blur the historical truths regarding the assistance the Germans received from the Polish population during the Holocaust.”

Yad Vashem said that “there is no doubt that the term ‘Polish death camps’ is a historical misrepresentation! The extermination camps were set up in Nazi-occupied Poland in order to murder the Jewish people within the framework of the ‘Final Solution.’”

However, “restrictions on statements by scholars and others regarding the Polish people’s direct or indirect complicity with the crimes committed on their land during the Holocaust are a serious distortion,” Israel’s official Holocaust memorial stated.

US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert stated the US understands that phrases like “Polish death camps” are “inaccurate, misleading, and hurtful” but voiced concern the legislation could “undermine free speech and academic discourse.”

The bill has even generated distress among Holocaust survivors. Halina Birenbaum, a Holocaust survivor, writer and poet, who has traveled many times to Poland on education trips as a witness, said that she will reconsider her visits out of fear that she may be arrested.

She shared that she was invited to Warsaw as a guest of honor of events marking the Holocaust, but now she is unsure she will go. “I am scared to tell the story on Polish soil,” she said.

Princeton University Professor Jan Tomasz Gross, an expert on Polish complicity in the Holocaust, previously stated that Poland’s new stance dissociating itself from the Holocaust is “a step back to the dark ages of anti-Semitism.”

Gross has asserted that Poles killed more Jews than Germans during the war. Though the exact numbers are difficult to measure, Gross said evidence indicates that Poles killed up to 30,000 Germans during the war, at most, while they probably killed 70,000 to 90,000 Jews, but possibly more.

We must raise our voices in protest and encourage Poland to reevaluate the legislation in light of its potentially negative impact on free speech, and demand that the country face its dark past and recognize its share in the Jewish catastrophe during World War II.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Lost Kingdom Of Mari – Once Important Commercial And Political Center Of Mesopotamia
  2. Mysterious Manuscript 512 Reveals Lost Ancient City Hidden In The Amazon Jungle
  3. Champa’s Megalithic City My Son And The Nagas Inscription That Could Re-Write History
  4. Gods’ Creation Of Five Different Human Races – Ages Of Man On The Earth And The End Of The World
  5. Fremont Indians: Unique 2,500-Year-Old Forgotten Culture Of North America
  6. One-Eyed Giant Polyphemus – Most Famous Of The Cyclopes In Greek Mythology
  7. Earliest Modern Human Fossil Outside Africa Unearthed At Misliya Cave, Israel
  8. Face Of A Greek Girl That Lived 9,000-Years Ago Reconstructed In Athens
  9. Remains Of Ancient Roman Military Camp Discovered In Brno, Czech Republic
  10. Stone Age People Lived In Reused Houses – Not Just Caves – Discovery In Norway Reveals
  11. Impressive Inca Agricultural Terraces Discovered In Cusco, Peru
  12. Gold Treasure Recovered from 1857 Shipwreck Goes on Display
  14. Lost city of Atlantis FOUND? ‘8.5-mile pyramid’ found at bottom of ocean – see pics HERE
  15. 5 Different Types Of Priests In Ancient Rome – Their Role And Responsibility Explained
  16. Curious Pre-Columbian Clay Figurines With Smiling Faces From Veracruz
  17. Zerzura – Lost Ancient Sahara Oasis Guarded By Black Giants
  18. Oldest Recently Discovered Fossil of Bird ‘Archaeopteryx’ That Lived 150 Million Years Ago
  19. Earliest Ochre Crayon Used By Our Ancestors 10,000 Years Ago Found In Yorkshire, Northern England
  20. Two Well-Preserved Shipwrecks Found By Swedish Maritime Divers In Baltic Sea
  21. Mystery Of Ancient Language PIE From Which Half Of All Languages Originate
  22. Pharaoh Ramses Was Not One Of History’s Greatest Generals – New Study Ruins His Formidable Reputation
  23. Enigmatic Voynich Manuscript: Computer Scientists From Alberta Use AI To Decipher Document
  24. Mysterious pool and fountain discovered at ancient Christian site in Israel
  25. First Temple-era Structure, Rare Silver Coin Found in Jerusalem Dig
  27. Discovered! Ancient Mexican Spiral of Death


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Ten Tribes Studies (30 January 2018, 14 Shevet, 5778)
  2. Ten Tribes Studies (1 February, 16 Shevet, 5778)
  3. Unity Needed! (Video: 26:18 minutes long.)


What Are Hebrew Roots

What is Hebrew Roots, Messianic Believers and Messianic Judaism?: What Do Messianic Believers or Hebraic Restorers Believe?

You have heard the terminology many a times “Get back to the Roots of your faith”, or “Follow the Ancient Paths of your faith”. Well what is it all about, a new sect or the belief-system Yeshua (Jesus) embraced whilst He was living amongst men? 

Many beloved Christians are sceptical with a person exploring his Hebrew Roots, and you cannot blame them. A part of these Christians do not even know what the adherents of the Hebraic Roots believe in, or have never bothered to find out. Many are uninformed and make a blanket statement that it cannot be good.

Then there are many in the Hebraic Roots that also give this movement a VERY BAD NAME, extremist, hard-headed individuals that FORCES THEIR DOCTRINE on poor Christians and really scare them, frustrate them and leave them angry.

The worst thing a Believer can do is to force a doctrine onto another Believer. There are 41,000 different Christian denominations, churches, movements, organisations, etc. (2013), then add to this the vast amount in the Hebraic Roots movement. Yes total chaos! Who is wrong and who is right?

Why is it so wrong to force your doctrine on another person? Well first of all, you are going outright against God himself. God says His Ruach (Spirit) will teach you all things (John 14:26). Who is any person to force his doctrine on another person? If any person says “only my doctrine is 100% correct”, then that person makes himself all-knowing and omniscient, in other words he elevates himself to the status equal to the Almighty God Who is the ONLY Sovereign One! Beloved ONLY God knows everything and is 100% correct!

That is why the author acknowledges openly that he cannot say his doctrine is 100% correct. He cannot claim that he is perfect! He tries to the best of his ability to give seed under the supreme authority of God’s Spirit, but states categorically it is ultimately the SPIRIT OF GOD that must convince a Believer to accept what is written or reject it. That is why the author maintains the motto We Inform, You Choose. 

If we all apply this simply humble rule then we will not sit with 41,000 different denominations and churches, etc., All it takes is a humble spirit and allow God to be God.

Now, this easy to read book was written to the beloved Christian so that he can understand what this Hebraic ‘stuff’ is all about. It is nothing new, in fact it is from Biblical times and how the first believers believed. 

This book is the A-Z of Yeshua’s belief system and gives you the information you need to make an informed decision…

(Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


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  1. Recent Tools, Tips, & News
  2. Free Civil War Records: Find Your Ancestors With These No-Cost Resources
  3. A Little-Known Government Genealogy Service
  4. Thousands of 1890 Census Records DO Still Exist: Here’s How to Find Them for Free
  5. Millions of Free Records on FamilySearch Can Not Be Found via Search: Here’s How to Access Them
  6. Genealogy Insider
  7. The central database for UK burials and cremations
  8. Find Family History in Funeral Home Records
  9. How to Determine Your Ancestor’s Birth Date (Even If No Birth Record Is Found)
  10. The 5 Best Free Sites for Online Newspaper Research for Genealogy
  11. Free Genealogy Sites for Researching Ancestors in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
  13. Familypedia: the Biggest Genealogy Site You Probably Never Heard Of
  14. How Picmonkey Will Aide Your Genealogy Research
  15. 6 ‘Secret’ Google Search Tricks for Genealogy That’ll Help You Find Your Ancestors
  16. Yes, You CAN Download Your Tree From – Here’s How
  18. This Underused Resource May Have the Family History Details You’ve Been Looking For
  20. You’ve probably never heard of this creepy genealogy site. But it knows a lot about you
  21. 7 Steps to Begin Jewish Genealogical Research
  22. Illegitamate Children and Missing Fathers — Working Around Illegitimacy
  23. Contacting DNA Matches is Now Free on MyHeritage
  24. Map Your Genome at Home With a Cell-Phone Sized Human DNA Sequencer
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  26. British Genealogy Gems: The 1910 Domesday Books
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  28. The 11 Million Free Immigration Records You May Have Completely Overlooked
  29. Navigating NARA online
  30. The 1890 Census – How To Research the “Genealogy Black Hole” Part 1
  31. How Popular is Genealogy?
  32. Tips for Researching German Genealogy
  33. Genealogy Gold (#163) What is PERSI and How Can You Use it to Improve Your Genealogy Research?
  34. Genealogy Basics: Marriage Research Advice for Beginners
  38. How to Edit and Digitize Old Photos
  39. The Advertising of Our Ancestors’ Generations
  40. Free Family History Databases at Your Local Library
  41. Cyberduck for Windows and Macintosh
  42. City University of New York has Compiled the State’s First Slavery Records Index
  43. Findmypast Publish new Suffragette Collection in Association with The National Archives
  44. Library and Archives Canada Launches Voila, the New National Union Catalog, as part of WorldCat
  45. 5 Things You Need to Know About DNA Testing for Genealogy
  46. Fold3 Offers Free Access to its Black History Collection through the End of February
  47. Stories Behind Hundreds of Irish Names
  48. Migration of the Scotch-Irish from Ulster to Western North Carolina


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  1. 50,000 Now Dead From Flu Outbreak: Mainstream Media Blackout
  2. High-fat diet found to cause prostate cancer to spread, according to new research
  3. Get This Out of Your Home Today, It Could Trigger a Heart Attack
  4. Man dies after being sucked into MRI machine, police say
  5. Banned in Japan, highly recommended in the U.S., Tamiflu causes another child to hallucinate, suffer seizures
  6. The real danger behind this season’s flu
  7. Pharma Co Has License Suspended as Vaccine Blamed For Sterilization of 500,000 Women & Children
  8. Newly emerged superbug, hyper-resistant and hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumoniae discovered


  1. Life expectancy in the United States keeps dropping
  2. More Than 2,300 Flu-Related Deaths Reported in Texas
  3. Are Vaccine Ingredients Safe?
  4. Vaccine industry in PANIC MODE as *vaccinated* children keep dying from the flu all across America
  5. Woman nurses kids through the flu, then is diagnosed herself, only to die 3 days later – all of them were vaccinated
  6. Family Says Tamiflu Caused Teen’s Suicide
  7. Another HPV vaccine victim: 17-year-old dancer left paralyzed after getting the jab
  8. Special Alert: Why Some People Are Dying From the Flu (It’s Not What You Think)
  9. Doctor reveals how anyone observing vaccine damage to kidneys is immediately branded an “anti-vaxxer” by the brainwashed medical establishment
  10. Flu vaccine BOMBSHELL: 630% more “aerosolized flu virus particles” emitted by people who received flu shots… flu vaccines actually SPREAD the flu
  11. Science vs. CDC: Is the Flu Vaccine More Dangerous than the Flu?
  12. Move Star Discusses His Daughter’s Autism…….Instantly Caused By Vaccination
  13. Pharmacist Awakens To The Poisonous Vaccine Agenda
  14. Andrew Wakefield, Jenny McCarthy, Vaccines and Autism
  15. The new face of the vaccine industry: Detailed plot to carry out mass shootings and interrupt live video streams with torture scenes of female vaccine “truthers”
  16. New Aborted Fetal Cell Line Emerges for Vaccine Production
  17. More than 50,000 deaths expected from Flu Season from Hell!
  18. Cleveland Clinic medical director FIRED for daring to question “vaccine cult” medical dogma
  19. The 7 best natural home remedies for your personal flu season pharmacy (recipes included)
  20. Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Useful During Flu Season
  21. Schools Close in 11 States as Flu Epidemic Spreads
  22. Flu season worst since 2009 swine flu pandemic
  23. Texas Mom Blamed for Baby’s Accidental Gardasil Vaccine Injuries Fights to Get Medically Kidnapped Daughter Back
  24. Pandemics are becoming a real threat to humanity: A century after the “Spanish flu” killed 50 million people, humanity now risks a new wave of deadly diseases
  25. How Cold Weather Can Make You Sick
  26. Another celebrity victim of Big Pharma: Autopsy report shows Tom Petty died of a prescription drug overdose
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  28. Is Your Body Silently Screaming for This Life-Giving Mineral?
  29. Why Did Ketogenic Meal Planning Finish Last for the Best Ways to Eat?
  30. Everything You Need to Know About Intermittent Fasting
  31. It’s Happening: US Scientists Reportedly Made a Genetically Modified Human Embryo
  32. Hydrogen for Surgery & ICU
  33. Cannabis found to reduce alcohol-induced liver disease, according to new study
  34. Didn’t they take an oath not to do harm? Opioids are coming from doctor’s offices, not the ER
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  36. Stop Buying ‘Fake’ Beef
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  40. 10 natural remedies for back pain
  41. Most furniture is full of toxins which pollute your indoor air; here are 5 ways to eliminate the poison
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  46. Scandalous CDC director RESIGNS after caught buying shares of vaccine maker Merck while heading the CDC
  47. Avoiding dementia: Brain health strategies that really work
  48. Globalist propaganda rag NEWSWEEK runs Monsanto-style hit piece on organic food, authored by discredited propagandist Henry Miller
  49. Monsanto’s Fingerprints All Over Newsweek’s Hit On Organic Food
  50. 7 unconventional uses for pepper
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  52. Top Tips to Boost Your Immunity
  53. Be the Boss of Your Health With Boswellia
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  55. Kids receive new ears — grown from own cells!
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  121. Delaware bill would allow euthanasia for ‘intellectually disabled’


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Misc News Banner

Quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

  1. African American History Month and the Bonds of Patriotism
  2. The Real Reason the Pentagon is “missing” 10 TRILLION Dollars (Video: 22:51 minutes long.)
  3. The Battle between Good and Evil: Part 1
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  16. Child experts: Just say ‘no’ to Facebook’s kids app
  17. Number of people using Facebook daily in North America dropped for first time
  18. IT HAS BEGUN! Facebook flagging and removing ETH posts on people’s pages
  19. UPDATE: Google Explains Why ‘Jesus’ Isn’t Recognized on Smart Devices
  20. Google partners with anti-Semitic, pro-Hamas Muslim group
  22. Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Urgent Case for Legislation against Facebook and Google
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  39. After Education
  40. Fed Up With Telemarketers? (here’s the solution)
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  42. A brave new world of robot chemists and ‘synthesiser farms’ awaits
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  45. Why Is Modern Pop Music So Terrible? (Video: 20:01 minutes long.)
  46. Homeschooling, Worldview, and the State: Who’s Responsible?
  47. Top scientist who claims human-chimp hybrids were born in Florida says we could soon crossbreed with all great apes
  48. Unsolved Mystery: Why Do Over 2,000 People Worldwide Have The Same Dream?
  49. FCC chief opposes Trump administration 5G network plan
  50. Finally, PROOF – Qanon Is A Psy HOP (Video: 9:32 minutes long.)
  51. MASS DECEPTION: Group of UFOs seen in three US locations baffle shocked witnesses
  52. Mysterious orange cave crocodiles mutating into a new species
  53. Ford developing AI-driven police car to catch speeding drivers
  54. Robot cop cars could soon be handing out tickets without pulling you over
  55. 5 Predictions for the Future of Automotive Technology
  56. Mastercard Pushes Biometrics, Banks Follow
  57. A moral obligation to help enslaved, trafficked
  58. The Disgusting Thing ‘Shape of Water’ Reveals About Our Culture
  59. WATJ 20: Secret Gov’t Space Program, UFOs & Steven Greer (Video: 28:01 minutes long.)
  60. Monopoly to Encourage Dishonesty in New ‘Cheaters’ Edition
  61. Border Patrol finds mysterious 75-foot tunnel in El Paso, Texas – And it’s origin could go back 100 years
  62. Is there a moral obligation for high-income countries to take in refugees?
  63. U.S. citizens urged to reconsider traveling to Cuba after US Citizens experience symptoms similar to those suffering by American diplomats after sonic attacks in Havana
  64. Scientists discover new species of dinosaur and solve ancient mystery
  65. Planned Parenthood CEO Declares ‘Christians Should Be Forced To Perform Abortions Because Morality Is A Form Of Discrimination’
  66. Homosexual Writer Complains ‘American Healthcare Is A Failure Because I Got Really Sick From Parasites And Had To Take Antibiotics After I Ate Feces From Another Man’s Rectum And Then After I Got Better I Did It Again And Got The Same Disease’
  67. America Once Had A Great Culture, But Now It Has Become Very Dysfunctional
  68. Boomer Conservatism is dying out. Make way for the Alt-right, nationalism, neo-paganism and the desire to put people in gas chambers
  69. TDA Account: RipOff Report and Double Authenticated Birth Certificates (Video: 10:24 minutes long.)
  70. Roswell 1994 (Video: 1:31:12 minutes long.)
  72. More Americans are living with people who are not their family
  73. Women who do this all night suffer the most at work the next day
  74. Why you’re still going to be miserable — even if you do spend less time on Facebook
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  85. Our entire bodies could be ‘replaced or upgraded’ with robotic parts by 2070 to give us SUPERHUMAN abilities, claims robotics writer
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  2. Fitness Tracking App Creates Military Security Nightmare
  3. Fitness Tracking App Accidentally Exposes ‘Top Secret’ CIA Underground Bases
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  6. Microsoft Takes on the Scammers


Religion News Banner

  1. Is the Shroud of Turin Evidence of Jesus’ Existence?
  2. Destination Slovakia: In Protection of Religious Freedom
  3. Christians Debate Trumps Impact On Sharing Faith
  4. Christian voter turnout for midterms looks gloomy
  5. Life after death: Doctor ‘saw cauldron of HELL and heard screams of the DAMNED’
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  7. Atheist Group Seeks Bible Study ‘Secrets’
  8. Jim Caviezel: New ‘Passion of the Christ’ to be ‘biggest film in history’
  9. Some speculate that Supermoons may spark ‘Biblical year’ with the return of Christ
  10. Atheist Group Forces New Mexico College to Remove Crosses Displayed on Campus
  11. How John Piper Was Wrong About The Biblical Disempowerment Of Women
  12. Report: American Religiosity ‘Growing More Exceptional All the Time’
  13. Wife of Iranian Pentecostal Leader Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison After Praying With Christians
  14. Muslim Man Abandons Islam For Christ, In Response His Wife And Seven Children Leave Him, His Parents Disown Him, And Now Muslims Are Hunting To Kill Him
  15. Muslim Gang Attacks Christians In Church While At Services, Egyptian Court Exonerates All Of Them For “Good Behavior” And Fines The Church
  16. Latino Evangelical Christianity Is Committing Suicide Along With Its American Cousin, It Does Not Matter What Social Group, The Teens Are Leaving And Not Returning
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  20. Kenneth Copeland Ministries Workers Could Be Fired for ‘Blatant Lying’ on or Off the Job
  21. Christians Lose Their Faith Because of These Errors in the Church


Jihad News Banner

  1. Thailand: Devout Muslims murder three and wound 22 with jihad bomb at pork stall
  2. Christian students ‘attacked with MACHETES for refusing to recite Koran’
  3. Rabbis Claim Convergence of Lunar Eclipse With Tu B’Shvat Signals “End of Ishmael’s Reign”
  4. Islamic Terrorists kidnapped Christian woman, One Islamic Terrorist felt sorry for her and helped her escape. When She returned home, she found her husband beheaded
  5. Well-Known Local Muslim Man Tricks Seven-Year-Old Christian Boy Walking Home From School, Lures Him To A Farm, Then Rips His Clothes Off And Tries To Strangle Him To Death While Violently Sodomizing Him
  6. Muslim Men In Sweden found guilty of entering a couple’s apartment, stabbing the wife to death and then taking the husband and butchering him
  7. Muslim High School Students Demand Christian Teens Convert To Islam At School And They Refuse, The Muslims Attack Them And Stab Them With Knives
  8. Muslims Kidnap And Savagely Torture Africans, Melt Plastic On His Naked Body, As He Screams For Help They Tell Him “Shut Up!”


Prophecy News Banner

  1. Is the Current Influenza Outbreak a Sign of the End Times?
  2. FLU WARNING: Future pandemic could kill MILLIONS as virus mutates
  3. The Holiest Police in the World Paving the Way for the Third Temple
  4. He Predicted Trump Would Be President 6 Years Ago; Here’s Why This Prophet Says Trump Is in for Two (Video: 5:39 minutes long.)
  5. Is This a Clear Sign That Jesus Is Returning Soon?
  6. Bill Salus Talks About The “Two Judgments of End Times Babylon”
  7. Post-Apocalyptic Drama Portrays the Reality for Christians in the End Times


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Galatians 5:18 “But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law. (New King James Version)

Verse 18 appears as a summary statement in light of all that Paul wrote previous to this. It needs a bit of defining. According to what the apostle wrote earlier, to be “under the law” includes three areas:

  1. Most obviously, it means to be under the law’s penalty because we have sinned. Jesus died so that we can be freed from that penalty.
  2. It means to be striving to achieve justification through lawkeeping, which is what the main body of this epistle covers.
  3. The third meaning is also covered but less thoroughly: that a person is trying to earn God’s election and salvation by becoming a member of the Old Covenant. Chapter 5 covers that to a very small extent.

Paul’s statement, then, must be seen in context of all that has been written before. Notice what Kenneth Wuest writes in Word Studies in the Greek New Testament, Volume 1, page 156. This is a typical Protestant statement regarding verse 18.

The exhortation is therefore, to be led by the Spirit. The assurance is given those who do so, that they will not be living their lives on the principle of legalism. The Spirit and the law are here contrasted, and are shown to be methods of living a Christian life that are diametrically opposed to one another. The law is not only no safeguard against the flesh, but rather provokes it to more sin. Therefore, the believer who would renounce the flesh, must renounce the law also. Thus, the flesh and the law are closely allied, whereas the flesh and the Spirit are diametrically opposed to one another. (Author’s emphasis.)

To understand this truthfully, all he needs to do is reread what Paul wrote. What the apostle contrasts is Spirit with flesh, and Spirit with those under the law—not the law per se. But this commentator made no attempt to define what Paul means by “under the law,” as Paul himself uses it in the epistle. Also, there was no attempt to define what the author of the commentary means by “legalism.”

We have already seen what Paul means by “under the law.” To these people, legalism is “the belief that one is obligated to obey the law.” The key word in that definition is “obligated.” They hate it (Romans 8:7), and therefore lawkeeping is seen as a burden, a yoke of bondage, despite the undeniable fact that God (through James) says it is a “law of liberty” (James 1:25; 2:12).

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see:  The Covenants, Grace, and Law (Part 28)


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The Baptism of Repentance – Part 9 by Brad Scott

As we continue our study in baptism, we now come to the baptism of Y’shua [Jesus]. All four gospels record Yochanan [John] baptizing Y’shua, although the book of Yochanan reveals a bit less detail of the natural and more detail of the spiritual. We know that the ministry of Yochanan the immerser was the baptism of repentance, but did the Messiah have need to repent? Was Y’shua baptized after repenting and turning from His sins or was He baptized to fulfill all righteousness? Well, I suppose that was a wee bit leading.

Mattityahu [Matthew] 3:15
And Y’shua answering said unto him, Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness. Then he suffered him.

Boy oh boy, sometimes the King James English is irritating. There seems to be a whole lot of suffering going on here. Yochanan has viewed this whole process as bass-ackward. You should be baptizing me, he says, but the Messiah has already baptized Yochanan, if you know what I mean. The preparer of the way must be prepared before the preparer of the way can prepare the way. I believe Yochanan had some insight into Who the real baptizer has always been in Yochanan’s gospel.

Yochanan [John] 1:15-16
Yochanan bare witness of Him, and cried, saying, This was He of whom I spake, He that cometh after me is preferred before me: for He was before me. And of His fulness have all we received, and grace for grace.

I believe that fulfilling all righteousness is clearly understood in it’s context. The word ‘fulfilling’ in Mattityahu [Matthew] 3:15 is pleroo in the Greek and mala’ in the Hebrew. It’s form here is the same form in which it occurs in Mattityahu 5:17. It is in the infinitive, active, and aorist tense. This means that Messiah is fulfilling all righteousness and has not completed His fulfilling. Messiah is establishing righteousness by doing what is righteous. Baptism is the righteous thing to do. Y’shua is our pattern and example. I believe that Y’shua’s call to be our pattern is revealed in the Hebrew word for pattern, which is tavniyt. (See Sh’mot [Exodus] 25:9, Ivrim [Hebrews] 8:1-5.) The root of this word is ben, the Hebrew word for son. I also believe that this example He has set for us is expressed in the very consistent cries to follow Him.

Yochanan [Jphn] 10:4
And when He putteth forth His own sheep, He goeth before them, and the sheep follow Him: for they know His voice.

Mattityahu [Matthew] 16:24
Then said Y’shua unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

1 Corinthians 11:1
Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Messiah.

1 Kefa [Peter] 2:21
For even hereunto were ye called: because Messiah also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow His steps:

There are two primary words used in biblical Hebrew to express our English concept of following. One is yalak and the other is radaph. The word yalak is dominantly translated as walk. The word radaph is much more intense and etymologically means to actually chase after or pursue. When both words are used in context with the Lord, they both also express the idea of following.

Mizmor [Psalm] 34:11
Come, (yalak) ye children, hearken unto me: I will teach you the fear of YHVH.

Mikhah [Micah] 4:2
And many nations shall come, and say, Come, (yalak) and let us go up to the mountain of YHVH, and to the house of the God of Jacob; and He will teach us of His ways, and we will walk (yalak) in His paths: for the law shall go forth of Zion, and the word of YHVH from Jerusalem.

Mishlei [Proverbs] 15:9
The way of the wicked is an abomination unto YHVH: but He loveth him that followeth (radaph) after righteousness.

Mishlei [Proverbs] 21:21
He that followeth (radaph) after righteousness and mercy findeth life, righteousness, and honour.

Hoshea 6:3
Then shall we know, if we follow (radaph) on to know YHVH: His going forth is prepared as the morning; and He shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth.

The Messiah is the one that comes as the latter and former rains. This is all part of God’s plan to teach us and to know Him. He will take upon the form of a servant and be a living, breathing example of what His righteousness looks like when obeyed. Messiah came to restore unto His people the Torah. Now, tell me if you think it is a coincidence that the Hebrew word for the former rain is yarah. Does that look familiar? It should, for it is the root of the word Torah.

All right, back to our subject. Y’shua’s baptism was to serve as our example as we follow in His footsteps, as we take up our tree and follow Him. Before Yochanan brings up his confusion of who should baptize who, he mentions that Y’shua came to baptize in the Holy Spirit and with fire. Now, remember that Yochanan’s baptism is of repentance and it was to prepare the way for Messiah. Repentance (shoov) means not only to turn from something, but to turn back to something. We discussed the people that Yochanan baptized in our last time together. These people were not baptized in the Holy Spirit as yet. I believe, as I hope to show, that baptism in the Holy Spirit is our immersion into the body of Messiah. Of course, these people had not so much as heard of Messiah or the Holy Spirit (Acts 19:1-6).

I do not believe some of the trinitarian teachings. I do not believe that there are three separate persons, each doing their thing. I teach that the one God is perfectly capable of ministering to His people in diverse ways and yet still remain omnipresent in the universe and one. I do not believe that one can have the Messiah, but not the Holy Spirit. Nor do I believe that one can have the Father, but not the Son, or the Holy Spirit and not the Word of God. When you receive the seed (the Word of God) you are indwelt by YHVH. It is the Word of God that regenerates and gives life. Regeneration is an action and the Ruach HaQodesh (Holy Spirit) is the term used to express the demonstrative, active presence of God. However, you cannot separate the Spirit of God from God or from the Word of God. They are all the one God. I believe that there are various terms, for lack of a better word, that are used in the Hebrew and carried over in the Greek and English to express the different attributes of the one God. Here is the bottom line. When you are reconciled to God you receive His Word or Seed. You receive the Word, YHVH, the Holy Spirit, Y’shua, the Father, the Creator and the one true God. Everything that comes after that is fruit. How much and how often His fruit is manifested depends upon the contents of the soil, light, water, and tender loving care.

Yochanan’s [John’s] baptism was soil preparation for The Seed. Yochanan tells us, however, that someone will come after him and He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit. This is the regenerative work of the Word of God, expressed through the words Ruach HaQodesh [Spirit of Holiness or Holy Spirit]. This is how we receive the Seed. The Spirit of God is God. This means He is just as omnipresent as God. The Holy Spirit can indwell you and I, and still be everywhere at once. This the Spirit of God has been doing from the beginning. You cannot be a child of God without the Seed of God in you.

Next time we will talk about the different ways that baptism in/with the Holy Spirit is expressed in scripture.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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Speak, O Lord (Hymn from Together For The Gospel Conference)


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