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Martin Luther King Jr. Day — Monday, January 15, 2018

January 15, 1929 to April 4, 1968 (aged 39)

Martin Luther King Jr. (born Michael King Jr., January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) was an American Baptist minister and activist who became the most visible spokesperson and leader in the civil rights movement. He is best known for his role in the advancement of civil rights using the tactics of nonviolence and civil disobedience based on his Christian beliefs and inspired by the nonviolent activism of Mahatma Gandhi.

President Trump signed a Martin Luther King Jr. Day proclamation at the White House Friday. 

The president praised Martin Luther King Jr. for standing up for the rights of African-Americans, and emphasized the importance of equality.

“Today we celebrate Dr. King for standing up for the self-evident truth Americans hold so dear, that no matter what the color of our skin or the place of our birth, we are all created equal by God,” Mr. Trump said.

At the MLK Day event, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson also spoke of the importance of equality.

“If we look upon our countrymen as brothers… we will truly create one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,” Carson said.


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  1. Hold on! Trump makes everyone wait on ‘Fake News Awards’
  2. Trump suspends at least $900 million in security aid to Pakistan
  3. Trump Takes Second Swing at Pakistan, Shows $250 Million Cut Was Only the Beginning
  4. President Donald J. Trump Stands with Local Communities Against Government Overreach on Land Management
  5. 26 Years Later, a President Hears Rural America
  6. Tax Reform: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?
  7. President Donald Trump Recognized as ‘Pro-Life Person of the Year’ for 2017
  8. WATCH: Should Trump kill the Iran deal to help the protesters?
  9. With Deadline Approaching, Trump May Decide to ‘Rip Up’ Iran Nuclear Deal
  10. Report: Trump to extend sanctions relief for Iran
  11. Trump Reportedly Waives Iran Sanctions “For Last Time”
  12. Trump suggests 2-phase immigration deal for ‘Dreamers’
  13. Trump greeted by cheers at college football playoff game
  14. Trump Vows to Crush Globalist Agenda by Attending Secret Elite Meeting in Davos
  15. Trump Warns Farmers That Democrats Want to Raise Taxes, Regulations
  16. Trump Follows Through on Threat, Slashes Aid to Palestinians
  17. Remarks by President Trump at Signing of Executive Order on Supporting our Veterans During their Transition from Uniformed Service to Civilian Life
  18. Remarks by President Trump in Meeting with Bipartisan Members of Congress on Immigration
  19. Trump criticizes federal judge blocking him on immigration
  20. Sec Perdue: “Rural broadband is our duty to farmers”
  21. WATCH: Trump calls libel laws a SHAM, announces he’s going to take a “strong look” at overhauling them
  22. Trump calls out Dianne Feinstein, gives her a NICKNAME!
  23. Trump to attend Davos economic forum: White House
  24. Trump’s new nuke ‘posture’: Draft allows nuclear response to conventional attack and new warheads
  25. White House demands ‘immediate release’ of Iranian political prisoners
  26. Trump’s Mideast ‘achievement’: A growing rift with the Palestinians
  27. Why Trump’s Palestinian Aid Cut Threat Makes Sense
  28. Trump Won’t Sign DACA Deal Without Wall Funding: ‘No, No, No’
  29. Trump Says it ‘Seems Unlikely’ He’ll Give Mueller Interview
  30. Trump: No War Looms; My Opinion ‘Counts More’ Than General’s
  31. Trump: US Could ‘Conceivably’ Return to Paris Climate Deal
  32. Guilty and Sad: Trump Sues Buzzfeed and Other Media Midgets Over “Pissing Dossier”
  33. Remarks by President Trump in Cabinet Meeting
  34. Donald Trump: ‘We Can Build the Wall in One Year’
  35. Trump’s new nuke ‘posture’: Draft allows nuclear response to conventional attack and new warheads
  36. Remarks by President Trump in a Meeting on Prison Reform
  37. President Trump Signs INTERDICT Act to Improve Opioid Screening Technology (Video: 2:29 minutes long.)
  38. Trump Rejects London Visit After Assassination Warning—And Reveals Plane “That Saved America” On 9/11 As “15 January” Explosion Nears
  39. Trump calls off trip to London amid fears of protests
  40. Trump Today: President denies vulgar comment and attacks congressional immigration plan



  1. Pence to Visit Israel, Egypt, Jordan but will Not Meet with Palestinians
  2. VP Pence Praises Trump’s Courage to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
  3. Nikki Haley: Trump’s North Korea Threats Keep the World Safer
  4. US Amb. Friedman: Palestinian Incitement is Reason there is No Peace
  5. Congress Plotting To Cut a Hole in the 4th Amendment, Again
  6. Congressional Probe Finds Evidence of FBI Protecting Clinton in E-mail Investigation
  7. Federal Investigators Couldn’t Illegally Buy Guns Through Legitimate Websites Despite 72 Attempts
  8. Law Enforcement Backs Sessions’s Ending of Hands-Off Approach to Marijuana
  9. US Imposes New Sanctions on Iran’s Missile Program
  10. White House, Congress Scramble to Save Iran Nuclear Deal in Face of Opposition
  11. H.R. McMaster Rushes to Save Iran Nuclear Deal from Team Trump Destruction
  12. US Denies Cutting Aid to Palestinian Refugee Agency
  13. U.S. places Pakistan on watch list for religious freedom violations
  14. ‘Preparing For The Unthinkable’: CDC To Hold Briefing On How To Prepare The Public For a Nuclear Detonation In America
  15. Harms Wide Open for FCC Chief
  16. More countries deserve ‘Particular Concern’ designation
  17. Tillerson tells AP Cuba still risky; FBI doubts sonic attack
  18. Democrats appear ready to promote universal health care
  19. CIA Director Seeks Stronger Counterintelligence Against Spies and Leakers
  20. Rubio to Hold Hearing on Sonic Attacks in Cuba
  21. Trump Admin to End Temporary Protected Status for Salvadoran Immigrants
  22. Democrats Holding Spending Bill Hostage Over DACA
  23. Texas Rep: Most Dems Will Vote Against DACA Fix That Includes Wall Funding
  24. Blackburn: Border Wall ‘Imperative’ for DACA Deal
  25. Jeff Flake Admits GOP Establishment Working Against Trump’s Popular Immigration Agenda in DACA Meetings
  27. Trump’s DACA deal could flip 4 states to Dems
  28. Look: Leaked Memo Shines Light On Why Democrats Are Really Fighting For DACA
  29. Trump Administration Cuts El Salvador’s Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for 200,000 Recipients
  30. State Dept. Announces World’s Top 10 Religious Persecutors
  31. State Dept Waited a Year to Set Up Panel Into Unexplained Attacks on U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
  32. Congress at War Over New U.S. Nuclear Missile System to Combat Russian Threat
  33. MASS EXODUS: Here’s the long list of Republicans who are not running for reelection in the House and Senate!
  34. Senator wants Apple to answer questions on slowing iPhones
  35. House Votes Overwhelmingly To Stand With the People of Iran
  36. Army Taps Combat Units for Korea, Europe, Middle East Deployments
  37. House renews spy program with extra protection clause
  38. Attorney general’s team to review Obama-era Hezbollah probes
  39. Major shift as Trump opens way for Medicaid work requirement
  40. Congress Monitoring Trump Admin Investigation into Obama Scheme to Nix Hezbollah Investigation
  41. Head of Congressional Terror Financing Task Force Praises AG for reviving Hezbollah Investigations
  42. Pelosi Continues to Rip Tax Reform: Wage Increases and Bonuses Are ‘Crumbs,’ ‘So Pathetic’
  43. U.S. ambassador to Panama quits, saying he can no longer serve Trump administration


  1. CNN Has ‘Lost It’
  2. Media Is Cool With Fake but Accurate ‘Fire and Fury’
  3. “Gorilla channel” hoax demonstrates how quickly Trump-hating Leftists will believe any stupid thing (and share it with their stupid friends)


  1. Russia Warns Trump To Be Assassinated In 9/11-Type Attack Within Weeks, If Not Days
  2. WATCH: Iran was Behind Thousands of US Deaths in Iraq
  3. Paul Craig Roberts: The US Military Security Complex Has Taken Another Step Towards Armageddon
  4. Panic Engulfs Elites As Feared “Trump-Trap” Prepares To Spring And CDC Warns Of Nuclear War
  5. The ‘Bloody Nose’ Strategy: The US Weighs Military Action Against North Korea
  6. Explosive testimony: FBI had mole in Trump’s circle
  7. 9,292 sealed indictments and the last time Hillary, Podesta and Soros were on Twitter
  9. Rep Jim Jordan says released Fusion testimony suggests the FBI was helping plant stories against Trump…
  10. Here’s the full Fusion GPS testimony on Trump-Russia dossier that Feinstein just released against GOP wishes
  11. Fusion GPS Admits They Used John McCain to Pass Anti-Trump Dossier to Obama-Era Intel Agencies
  12. Feinstein Makes Startling Admission: “I Got Pressured” To Release Fusion Transcripts
  13. Hannity: Sources Tell Me Comey or McCabe Paid for Anti-Trump Dossier
  14. Blackwater: Black-listed and betrayed
  15. Wikileaks: John Podesta Briefed By FBI On ‘Gross Negligence’ then ‘Covered Up’
  16. WikiLeaks: John Podesta Ordered FBI To Remove “Gross Negligence” From Clinton Exoneration
  18. Weiner Laptop Document Proves Obama Tried To Frame Assange
  20. Millions of Dead And Illegal Voters Discovered In Key Swing State
  21. How Trump Can Cut Aid to a Horrible U.N. Program
  22. If the GOP Controls the Government, Why Does Planned Parenthood Still Get Federal Funding?
  23. DOJ quietly hit a White Supremacist with TERRORISM charges for trying to DERAIL AMTRAK train…
  24. Clintons Warned Over DOJ Investigations: No More Free Passes
  25. Clinton Foundation Donors Could Have Money Clawed Back By Government: Judge Napolitano
  26. Epic Greed, Power, and Pride: Where’s the Bottom? With Bill and Hillary, There’s No Telling
  27. The Problem with Hillary Clinton Isn’t Just Her Corporate Cash. It’s Her Corporate Worldview
  28. Conservative Group Claims Hillary Clinton’s Foundation Took Millions
  29. Clinton Foundation Received Up to $81 Million from Clients of Controversial HSBC Bank
  30. After Mining Deal, Financier Frank Giustra Donated Over $130 Million to the Clinton Foundation
  31. Scottish Philanthropist, Sir Tom Hunter, Gives Clinton Foundation Between $110 and $125 Million
  32. Canada’s Trudeau Gave at Least $20 Million to the Clintons
  33. As of 2012, More than 146,000 Individuals, Organizations and Governments Contributed to the William J. Clinton Foundation
  34. Ukrainian Magnate, Victor Pinchuk, Who Donated $29 Million to Clinton Foundation, Demanded Meeting with Bill Clinton to Discuss Maidan Failure
  35. Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton’s State Department
  37. Sex Criminals Revealed on a Large Scale
  38. Leaked Documents Prove Black Lives Matter Violence Was Planned, Orchestrated By Soros
  39. LEAKED MEMO SHOCKER: DREAMers Are ‘Critical’ to Dems ‘Future Electoral Success’
  40. “That’s Complete Surrender!” – Mark Levin hammers Trump’s statement on immigration
  41. With DC Distracted, Immigration Debate Reaches Critical Point
  42. Bauer: Trump needs to be wary of immigration trap
  43. The Democrat party is now officially a domestic terrorism group: DNC Deputy Chair endorses Antifa terror tactics handbook that promotes “kill zones” for conservatives and whites
  44. Antifa Terrorist-Activist Yvette Felarca Ordered to Pay $11,000 for Filing False Restraining Orders
  45. Video: Pathetic Antifa Protesters Can’t Even Explain What Fascism Actually Is
  46. Democrats’ desperate ploy to unseat President Trump over “mental health” false diagnosis will push America to bloody civil war
  47. President Trump Is Not the One with a Mental Illness
  48. Steyer Hedges on Democrats
  49. Tom Steyer Not Running in 2018, Will Funnel $30M into Races to Boost Democrats
  50. The Missing Democratic Agenda
  51. Demorat-ordered study to expose illegal online gun sales backfires
  53. Report: Pro-Palestinian Activists in US Advocate Violence, Express Support for Terror
  54. Have Dems Switched Side on Anti-Immigrant Policies? Former Australian, New U.S. Citizen, Nick Adams Explains
  55. Trump allies defend him against book’s claims
  56. Trump Book Author Admits ‘Fire and Fury’ is ‘Full of Lies’
  57. Was Trump Tower Fire A Warning From the Deep State To The President?
  58. Numbers USA: Voters back Trump on immigration
  59. Trump gets high mark on immigration
  60. U.S. Sees Spike in Homegrown Terrorist Cases
  61. Judge Reinstates Hamas/American Muslims for Palestine Terror Lawsuit
  62. Escalating Tensions Between U.S., Pakistan Risk Key Counterterrorism Alliance
  63. Robert Spencer: Trump’s Cutoff of Pakistan Aid Is Wise and Long Overdue
  64. Santa Is Not Coming and the Deep State Is Still Intact
  65. Deep State: Pulling Strings From Behind the Scenes
  66. Exposing the Deep State
  67. Deep State Bureaucracy vs. Trump, America, Constitution
  68. Deep State Behind the Deep State: CFR, Trilaterals, Bilderbergs
  69. Deep State’s ‘Plan B’ To Remove Trump In Full Force: Lawmaker Introduces ‘Stable Genius Act’
  70. D.C. AG Used Outside 527 Group to Coordinate Comms When Announcing Trump Suit
  71. Ex-DEA Agent Says Obama Admin. Lost ‘Gold Opportunity’ to ‘Crush’ Hezbollah
  72. Late Night Raid On Michigan Mosque Nets 11 ISIS Terrorists and More Than 40 Vests
  73. 44% of Voters Believe Repealing Any Part of Obamacare Is a Good Start
  74. Acting ICE director takes aim at sanctuary cities
  75. ATF, Gun Industry Offer $10,000 for Information on Maryland Gun Store Robbery
  76. SCOTUS: 5th Circuit got it right on ‘religious freedom law’
  77. SCOTUS Hears Case on Purged Ohio Voter Rolls
  78. Lawmakers ‘overturn’ Supreme Court to defend homeowners
  79. Bundy case dismissed in staggering blow to federal government
  81. NRA to Give $25,000 to Pennsylvania Police Agencies
  83. FEMA Weathers the Storm on Church Aid
  84. Manhattan Truck Jihad Massacre Inspired Devout Muslim in California to Join ISIS
  85. California: Muslim migrant murders his two daughters following custody dispute
  86. 15 dead in So. California as rain triggers mudslides
  87. Another California Republican not running for re-election
  88. INSANE!! California judge says TRUMP MUST ENFORCE DACA…?!!
  89. Illegals React to New DACA Talks with More Crime
  90. Listen Up Congress! No Deal On DACA
  91. Solution To DACA: Why We Must Stop All Immigration
  92. Sanctuary in California: Illegal alien on the run after sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl
  93. Do Not Criticize Islam Or Else…..
  94. ‘Sanctuary’ for illegals becomes blacks’ worst nightmare
  95. Former Trump aide BLASTS new “tell-all” book on Trump White House: “National Inquirer on Steroids!”
  96. It’s literally UNREAL: Author of “bombshell” Trump White House book ADMITS he can’t verify all that’s in it
  97. Bannon’s Name Appears 908 Times in Wolff’s Book ‘Fire and Fury’
  98. Mohamed 3rd most popular name for baby boys in Minnesota town
  99. NY-NJ Grant Request Would Exhaust Capital Investment Fund, Feds Warn
  100. New York City to spend $50,000,000 on “security infrastructure,” including 1,500 steel street barriers
  101. NY Democrat Stole Hurricane Funds And Tried To Cover It UP
  102. Cotton: Democrats Are In ‘Unreasonable Negotiating Position’ on Immigration, Need to Compromise
  103. Immigration agents raid dozens of 7-Eleven stores
  104. Soros-Backed Philly DA Purged Dozens of Prosecutors in First Days
  105. You’re outta here! Trump adviser tangles with ‘CNN flunky’
  106. Washington state allows 3rd sex option ‘X’ on birth certificates
  107. Texas woman dies from flesh-eating bacteria after raw oysters banquet
  108. VERMONT: Machete-Wielding Muslim Attacks 73-Year-Old Meals On Wheels Volunteer
  109. Another imam in U.S. calls for killing Jews
  110. Guess what’s not in Obama’s super posh library
  111. Obamas Criticized for Lavish Library Plans, Including ‘Test Kitchen’
  112. Obama Presidential Center Panned as ‘Socially Regressive’
  113. F-word Rows and Bitter Disputes over Russia, Iran and Syria: New Documentary to Lay Bare the Truth about the Obama White House’s Last Days
  115. Sylvester Stallone: ‘Pathetic’ Obama Is ‘Closet Homosexual Living A Lie’
  116. WATCH: Ben Shapiro Slams Oprah’s ‘Truth’
  117. Oprah for President? Twitter fans make the case
  118. British Actress: Oprah Winfrey ‘Pimped Me Like A Whore’ To Weinstein
  120. Top GOP Research Firm ‘Ready to Examine’ Oprah
  121. Warning to Christians: Don’t board the Oprah bandwagon
  122. NY Times Accuses Israel of ‘Annexation and Apartheid’
  123. ‘America’s toughest sheriff’ Joe Arpaio announces Senate run
  124. HERE WE GO: New poll is out showing Arpaio in a neck and neck battle with McSally!
  125. McSally launches Senate campaign in heated Arizona contest
  126. Muslims to Outnumber Jews in the US by 2040, New Research Shows
  127. School board mom calls out controversial assignment
  128. NAACP, ‘anti-fascists’ plan to protest Trump in Atlanta
  129. Anti-Trump Consultants Try Using Trump’s Tough Trade Talk in Open Skies Fight
  130. Business Groups Support Labor Rule Aiding Expansion of Association Health Plans
  131. Academics Tried to Force Professor Out of Meeting Over Opposition to BDS
  132. Major Jewish Organizations Back Israel’s BDS Ban
  133. DC Teachers’ Union President Supports BDS
  134. Rachel Maddow Show Sparked FBI Investigation Into Death Threats Against McConnell, Pruitt
  135. Judge Tosses NAACP Lawsuit Challenging Alabama’s Voter ID Law
  136. 2 Illegals Found Dead in South Texas – the First of 2018
  137. The Lib/Con Utah School Porn War Rages On
  138. HIV Positive Teacher Caught Raping, Infecting 42 Young School Kids
  139. Top NYPD Chiefs Fired As Part Of Pedogate Investigation
  140. Stephen Bannon Resigns From Breitbart News
  142. Attempted Illegal Entry at Mexican Border at Record Low in 2017
  143. Kentucky may be the first state without an abortion facility
  144. U.S. Sees Spike in Homegrown Jihad-Terror Cases
  145. 6th-grade curriculum teaching gun control is based on motiveless Las Vegas…
  146. After Florida, more states press U.S. for offshore drilling exemptions
  147. Divided Supreme Court may allow Ohio voter purge policy
  148. US neo-Nazi sentenced for bomb plot
  149. Man who attended Charlottesville far-right rally tried to derail passenger train
  150. Any Republican That Will Not Pledge To Support Trump’s Border Wall Should Not Be Running For Congress
  151. US Judge Postpones ‘El Chapo’ Trial Until September
  152. Trump’s Nominee for HHS Gave Penis Enhancement Drugs to Kids to Make $1 Billion
  153. Truth denied: Investigation into voter fraud thwarted
  154. Voter panel made no findings, will destroy data: White House
  155. New York Times: Anti-Trump Movement Is Dying a Slow Death with Every Trump Win
  156. Winning: Experts Notice 180 in KJU Behavior After Trump Attacks
  157. Arizona Girl Raped and Burned in Foster Care Still Represented by Same Attorney – Kept Away from Family
  158. Anti-Israel Groups Try to Smear Education Department Nominee
  159. Colorado Governor Pushes for Full Immigration Reform
  160. U.S. Prison Population Drops for Third Year in a Row
  161. Supreme Losses for Empire State Unions
  162. Dem State Senator Will Face Recall in California Over Gas-Tax Hike
  163. Gun-Rights Groups Ask Supreme Court to Review Case Against California County’s Gun Store Ban
  164. US Jewish leadership ignores consequences that Muslim immigration has had on European Jewry
  165. Email from a Muslim: “Speaking the truth about Islam is NOT Anti-Muslim”
  167. ‘Arm-chair’ diagnosis of Trump unethical, irresponsible
  168. Greitens acknowledges affair, denies blackmail allegations
  169. Severed Body Parts Of Twenty Horses Discovered In Florida, Believed To Be Used For Occult Rituals
  170. State Of New Jersey Suspends Christian Woman For Posting That Homosexuality Is Wrong On Facebook At The Same Time It Pays $110,000 To A Sodomite Former Teacher Because He ‘Felt Embarassed’ That Students Called Him A Homosexual
  171. One Hundred Iranian Christians Trying To Get Refugee Status In The United States To Escape Islamic Persecution, May Be Deported Back To Iran
  172. Muslim Man Smashes Car Windows, Attacks A 73-Year-Old Meals-On-Wheels Volunteer With A Machete For Absolutely No Reason
  173. Woman In Texas Murders Her Husband And Then Slaughters Her Two Children
  174. Man In San Diego Beats Another Man To Death With A Hammer In Front Of A McDonald’s
  175. Former Teacher Has Certificates Suspended for Speaking Against Homosexuality on Facebook
  176. Manhattan Bomber Indicted on Terror Charges
  177. Public School Kids Get Assembly on Sex Changes
  178. What You Can Do to Fight Sex Trafficking
  179. Chelsea Clinton rebuked for Trump attack: ‘Haiti helped pay for your wedding’
  180. Suspect in fatal shooting killed, officer injured
  181. Teacher: Lawsuit over her forcible removal seems likely
  182. UN: UN Chief Urges DRC Elections to Go Ahead as Scheduled
  183. UN: UN official condemns Congo’s violent repression of protests
  184. UN: UN Demands Implementation of Political Agreement in Congo
  185. UN: UN pushes DR Congo to investigate crackdown on protesters
  186. UN: ABSURD! UN Pushes to Include IDF on List of  ‘Child Abusers’
  187. UN: UN Chief Touts China’s Lead Role in Building UN “Police Squad”


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  1. Netanyahu: To Solve Palestinian Problem, Shut Down UN Agency Perpetuating ‘Refugees’
  2. Netanyahu Proposes Construction of Artificial Islands to Address Overcrowding
  3. Netanyahu Says Israel Has Foiled Dozens of Major Terror Attacks in Europe
  4. WATCH: US Jerusalem Declaration a ‘Huge Deal,’ Says Netanyahu
  5. Netanyahu’s son discusses gas deal, prostitutes in strip club recording
  6. Netanyahu Accuses Abbas of ‘Running Away’ from Peace Process
  7. WATCH: Netanyahu Baffles World-famous Mentalist
  8. How Did Golda Meir Define the ‘Palestinians’?
  9. Knesset Passes Law Shuttering Mini-markets on Shabbat
  10. Bill paving way for Litzman’s return to government passes amid Knesset drama‏
  11. Analysis: ‘United Jerusalem’ Law Allows for Tampering with Holy City’s Municipal Boundaries
  12. Israeli Doctors Separate Infant’s Fused Jaws
  13. AMAZING! Israeli Tech Helps Paralyzed People Walk Again
  14. Revealed: Blacklist of BDS Groups Not Welcome in Israel
  15. WATCH: How Israel’s War on BDS Has ‘Moved into High Gear’
  16. Israel Switches from Defense to Offense Against BDS, ‘Finally Gets It’
  17. Israel Bars Entry to BDS Activists and Organizations
  18. Dutch Foreign Minister in Israel: ‘We are Opposed to BDS’
  19. NBC’s ‘Today Show’ Exposes Evidence of Biblical Truths in Ancient Jerusalem
  20. Innovative Israeli Procedure Enables Bed-Ridden Palestinian Teen to Stand Again
  21. Israeli Emergency Team Aids New York Patient in Real-Time
  22. WATCH: How will the Iran Protests Impact Israel and the West?
  23. 2 female Bedouins joined ISIS, planned attack in Israel
  24. Israel Celebrates Over 3000 Years of the Hebrew Language
  25. WATCH: Tribute to Terror Victims Shows Israelis Will Not Succumb to Violence
  26. Bravery: Multiple Terror Attacks Didn’t Stop IDF Officer’s Rise
  27. Father of 6 Murdered in Drive-by Shooting Terror Attack
  28. IDF Launches Manhunt for Terror Cell that Murdered Father of 6
  29. WATCH: IDF Continues Search for Terrorists Who Murdered Father of 6
  30. WATCH: Israeli Victims of Terror Debate Death Penalty
  31. Rabbi, Father of 6, Murdered in Samaria Shooting Attack
  32. Terror Victim, Father of 6, Laid to Rest
  33. Victims Urge Deduction of Terrorists’ Salaries from Palestinian Tax Funds
  34. WATCH: What’s Your Favorite Hebrew Word?
  35. Israeli Specialists in Zambia Battle Deadly Cholera Outbreak
  36. WATCH: Israeli Hospital Sends Delegation to Zambia Amid Cholera Epidemic
  37. Bedouin Women Become Emergency Responders in Israel’s Galilee
  38. Mossad Chief: Israel Has “Eyes And Ears” In Iran
  39. WATCH: Hundreds Attend Funeral of Rabbi Killed in Terror Attack
  40. Israeli Police Save Czech Tourists from Palestinian Mob
  41. Israeli Boxing Champion Wins International Gold Medal
  42. ‘K’ is for Knowledge: New Israeli Medical App Gives Users Vital Information
  43. Israel Step Closer To Making Jerusalem Jewish-Only City
  44. Air Raids and Missile Attacks Show Israel Flexing Its Muscles in Syria
  45. Israeli soldiers protect Jewish settlers attacking Palestinian village
  46. How to successfully stop illegal immigration: Follow Israel’s model
  47. Israel Sanctions Family of Blonde-haired Blue-eyed Palestinian Girl Who Attacked IDF Soldiers
  48. Rock-throwing Palestinian Teens Killed in Violent Clashes with IDF
  49. Police Thwart Attempts by Terror Group to Hold Gathering in Jerusalem
  50. WATCH: Social Media Campaign for Holocaust Remembrance Reaches Hundreds of Millions
  51. Following PA Request, Israel Restores Power to Gaza
  52. At Request of Terror Victim’s Widow, Defense Ministry to Connect Samarian Town to Electric Grid
  53. After Week of Violence, Jerusalem Returns to Calm
  54. JOIN THE GLOBAL EVENT! Participate in the World’s Largest Holocaust Remembrance Event
  55. How the IDF Recruits Autistic Soldiers
  56. Israel to Allocate NIS 150 Million to Bolster Northern Homefront Security


  1. Terror Fights Terror: ISIS Declares War on Hamas
  2. What Do Arab States Think About the Iran Protests?
  3. Palestinians Protest Harsh Conditions in Hamas-Ruled Gaza
  4. Palestinian Ambulance Driver Caught Serving as Terror Courier
  5. Palestinians Assault Greek Orthodox Patriarch Over Selling Land to Israelis
  6. WATCH: Palestinian Songs Demand Horrific Violence Against Israelis
  7. Palestinians Say ‘No Peace Talks’ Until US Reverses Recognition of Jerusalem
  8. Palestinians Paid Terrorists Almost $350 Million in 2017
  9. WATCH: Palestinian Official Defends Attack that Killed Rabbi, Father of 6
  12. Palestinians Accuse US Ambassador of Adopting ‘Occupation’s Policy’
  13. Palestinians Celebrate ‘Killed Settler,’ Glorify Murder of Beloved Israeli Rabbi, Father
  14. WATCH: Female Terrorists are ‘National Symbols,’ Claims Palestinian Leader
  15. Palestinian Authority paid jihad terrorists and their families nearly $350 million in 2017
  16. PA Arrests Four Who Sold Land to Jews
  17. WATCH: Hezbollah ‘Not Worried About Situation in Iran’
  18. Arabs Seek Recognition of Jerusalem as Palestinian Capital, Full Palestinian UN Membership
  19. Arab League to seek recognition of ‘Palestine’
  20. Arab League to Support Palestinian Bid for Full U.N. Membership
  21. Hamas Leader Shot, in Critical Condition
  22. Hugh Fitzgerald: The Palestinian Slough of Despond, Or, “How is Jerusalem Different From Ramallah, Really?”
  23. Hamas ‘Blesses’ Fatal Terror Attack as ‘Heroic Operation’
  24. WATCH: Muslim Woman Called ‘Racist’ for Fighting Radical Islam


  1. Italy: Muslim migrant tries to rape pregnant woman in labor in Rome hospital
  2. Italy: Pope Francis: Opponents of Mass Muslim Migration Sow ‘Violence, Racial Discrimination and Xenophobia’
  3. Italy: Pope Francis continues to promote his leftist agenda
  4. Greece: “Historic step”: Greece limits power of Sharia law
  5. Greece: Greece Limits Sharia Law After European Court Challenge
  6. Greece: End of Separate Sharia Law for Muslims
  7. Hungary: Hungarian PM Viktor Orban Says That Muslims Are ‘Just Invaders’
  8. Finland: Finland investigates gay politician for criticizing Islam
  9. UK: UK Rehires Ex-Spies to Tackle Terror
  10. UK: Deadly Flu Outbreak Spreading in UK, Churches Ban Handshakes
  11. UK: Non-urgent health care services being put on hold across the UK as state-run health care nightmare edges toward collapse
  12. UK: UK Says Jerusalem Should be ‘Shared Capital’ of Israel and ‘Palestine’
  13. UK: Muslim migrants plotted poison attack in UK
  14. UK: UK government admits it has lost track of hundreds of jihadis in Syria and Iraq fighting for jihad groups such as ISIS
  15. UK: Muslim tells teenage army cadets “Better be careful because me and my ISIS brothers will kill you all”
  16. England: Couple Who Met on Muslim Dating Site Convicted of UK Bomb Plot
  17. England: Cadet Honored for Heroism During London Bridge Attack
  18. England: British Homeschool Population Doubles in Six Years
  19. England: London is lawless: “At least” 6th fatal stabbing in 10 days
  21. Sweden: Stockholm: One dead in GRENADE metro explosion
  22. Sweden: Everyday life in Swedish schools: “Threats, violence and even rapes”
  23. Sweden: The Swedish Government Is Warning Citizens to Be Prepared for at Least a Week Without Help
  24. Spain: Hundreds of Muslim migrants reach Spain after storming heavily fortified border
  25. France: French Kosher Grocery Torched on Anniversary of Supermarket Attack
  26. France: French PM’s Nephew Stabbed In Israel Over France’s Refusal To Recognise Jerusalem
  27. France: French intelligence ‘doctored files’ to cover up failings over Islamic jihad murder of priest
  29. France: President of the Confederation of Jews in France says “In a few decades, there will be no Jews in France”
  30. Europe: New Push For EU Superstate Army
  31. Europe: Mass Migration: The European Commission’s New “Norm”
  32. Europe: Europe is ALL IN for renewable energy: They are planning to build an artificial island in the North Sea to support the world’s largest wind farm
  33. Germany: Polls Shows 52 Percent Want Merkel Off the Ballot in ‘New Election’
  34. Germany: Merkel Exposed: Germany, France Reeling Under Refugees’ Crime Waves, Welfare Costs
  35. Germany: Germany to Iran: Don’t Spy on Israel in Our Country
  36. Germany: Muslim 18-year-old incited Muslim 12-year-old to plot jihad bombing at Christmas market
  37. Austria: 100 Iranian Christians Waiting to Enter U.S. Could Be Sent Back to Iran This Week
  38. Austria: Jewish Students Fined for Waving Israeli Flag
  39. Austria: government calls for “restrictive asylum policy” amid growing crime rate
  40. Austria: Vienna cops charge 3 for waving Israeli flag at rally while Muslims scream genocidal anti-Jewish chant
  41. Austria: No Entry for ISIS Fighter for Emergency Surgery
  42. Russia: Russia To Move Millions-Of-Tonnes Of Grain To Egypt As New Ice Age Looms
  43. Russia: Why Russian women are paying big bucks to come to America, and you probably won’t like the reason…
  44. Russia: Defense chief sets sights on beefing up Russia’s nuclear triad with advanced weaponry
  45. Russia: Russia is blaming Turkey for attacks on its military bases in Syria — after hinting the US was responsible
  46. Russia: “We Know Who They Are”: Putin Claims “State Provocateur” Behind “Terrorist Drones” In Syria
  47. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Up to 10,000 Catholics are leaving Bosnia-Herzegovina every year because of discrimination by Muslims
  48. Poland: Polish PM sacks key ministers in move to mend EU ties
  49. Netherlands: International Criminal Court may investigate Israeli officials
  50. Norway: Norway, EU to push ‘two-state solution’
  51. Norway: “Refugee” Muslim cleric charged with being behind jihad group planning “violent actions on European soil”
  52. EU: EU boss calls Hungary and Poland “racist” and illiberal for refusing Muslim migrants
  53. Denmark: WATCH: How Denmark Saved Its Jews


  1. Iran: 8 Ways Women Are Fighting Iran’s Ayatollahs
  2. Iran: Iran’s Nascent Freedom Movement: Protests in Iran – 17,000 Arrested, Scores Killed
  3. Iran: Iranian Man Sets Himself on Fire in Protest
  4. Iran: Iran Bans English Lessons for Elementary School Children
  5. Iran: U.S. Tries to Disintegrate Syria: Velayati
  6. Iran: The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Right to Protest
  7. Iran: The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Right to Protest
  8. Iran: Iranian warship crashes at Caspian port, two crew missing
  9. Iran: Iranians call for charges against top cleric receiving treatment in Germany
  10. Iran: Iran calls for detailed full report on protests in one week
  11. Iran: Iran says it has arrested dozens on suspicion of “terrorist activities” during pro-freedom protests
  12. Iran: Iran’s top dog: Trump “must realize that these extreme and psychotic​ ​episodes won’t be left without a response​”
  13. Iran: Iran Threatens to Ramp Up Enrichment Beyond Pre-Nuclear Pact Pace
  14. Pakistan: Pakistan to US: We Are No Longer Allies
  15. Pakistan: Pakistan Says The US Is No Longer Its Ally (And It’s A Much Bigger Deal Than You Think)
  16. Pakistan: Muslim leader calls for jihad against US and Israel, use of nuclear bomb to “free Jerusalem”
  17. Pakistan: Impassioned Sri Lankan airport officials allow detained Pakistani Christian rape victim to flee Pakistan
  18. Pakistan: Pakistan halts intelligence cooperation with US, but US embassy denies knowledge
  19. Pakistan: Pakistan suspends military, intel cooperation with US
  20. Pakistan: Pakistan’s price: US to pay $365 million more a year to reopen supply lines
  21. India: Muslim school teacher suspended for beating kids for singing National Song of India
  22. India: India could purchase missiles from Israel after all
  23. India: India Says $500 Million Missile Deal with Israel Will Move Ahead
  24. India: Major Hindu Terrorist Group With A Long History Of Violence Against Christians Says ‘If You Are A True Hindu, You Will Go Out And Buy Guns And Prepare To Fight The “Evil Forces” In India’
  25. India: Hindu woman forcibly converted to Islam, says husband planned to sell her as sex slave to the Islamic State
  26. Iraq: ISIS’ Chief Mufti Captured; Freed in Minutes for $7.5K
  27. Turkey: Turkey’s Top Islamic Body Suggests Girls as Young as NINE Could Marry
  28. Turkey: Turkish State-Run Media Accuses “Assad Regime”, Russia, Iran Of Cooperating With ISIS Against “Opposition” In Idlib Province
  29. Afghanistan: UK Soldier Out of Ammo Beheads Jihadi With a Spade
  30. Malaysia: Malaysian Opposition Names 92-year-old as Leader
  31. Philippines: Muslims murder soldier, wound three civilians in jihad bomb attacks
  32. North Korea: North Korea to join Olympics in South Korea as tensions ease
  33. North Korea: Just desserts: Kim Jong Un’s ballistic missile accidentally hit a North Korean city
  34. North Korea: North Korea leads world in persecuting the Church
  35. South Korea: South Korean ex-president took millions in bribes from spy agency, say prosecutors
  36. Yemen: Military Situation In Yemen On January 10, 2018 (Map Update)
  37. Yemen: Close Combat Footage: Houthis Successfully Storm Fortified Positions Of Saudi-led Forces In Yemen’s Narjan
  38. Saudi Arabia: Saudis Looking to Purchase Weapons from Israel
  39. Saudi Arabia: How did the oldest man in Saudi Arabia live for 147 years?
  40. Syria: There isn’t any Iranian military base in Syria: Hossein Amir Abdollahian
  41. Syria: Syrian Army continues to attack Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham in Eastern Idlib
  42. Syria: Assad Refuses Iranian Demand for More Military Bases in Syria
  43. Syria: Syria Claims it Thwarted Israeli Missile Attacks
  44. Syria: Syrian Army Initiates new Attack on Jihadists in Idlib
  45. Syria: Syrian War Report – January 10, 2018: Militants’ Defense Collapses In Southern Idlib
  46. Syria: Over 80 Militants Killed, 100 Injured In Clashes For Armoured Vehicles Base Over Past Few Days (Photos, Videos)
  47. Syria: Government Forces Impose Fire Control Over Abu Duhur Airbase. HTS Fighters Run Away From Southwestern Aleppo (Maps)
  48. Syria: Government Troops Establish Fire Control Over Maarat al-Nouman – Abu al-Duhur Road (Map)
  49. Syria: Syrian Military’s Ammo Depots Exploded In Northern Lattakia. Casualties Reported
  50. Syria: Terrorists May Use Explosive-Laden Boats Against Russian Warships In Syria
  51. Syria: Map Update: Militants Flee Area South Of Abu al-Duhur Airbase Following Syrian Army Advance
  52. Syria: Syrian Army Liberated 12 More Villages From Militants, Deploys Within 2km From Abu al-Duhur Airbase
  53. Syria: Israeli Warplanes Strike Hezbollah Convoy In Syria’s Zabadani – Israeli Media
  54. Syria: Drone attack on Russian bases in Syria came from Turkish-backed rebels – MoD
  55. Syria: Russian Airbase Bombed By 13 Homemade Drones
  56. Syria: More than 50 locals in Deir Ezzor Suffered from U.S.-led International Coalition Air Strike
  57. Syria: Syrian Army Eliminated At least 4 High-Ranking Field Commanders During Idlib Offensive
  58. Syria: Secret Mission of Polish Journalists in Syria
  59. Syria: Iran’s cooperation in Syria valuable
  60. Syria: Syria’s cooperation with allies foils Western plans: Assad


  1. Egypt: Palestinians Should Make Ramallah their Capital, Says Egyptian Officer
  2. Egypt: Egypt Denies Suggesting Ramallah be Palestinian Capital
  3. Egypt: WATCH: Egypt Privately Accepting US Embassy Move to Jerusalem
  4. Egypt: As jihad advances, Egypt cracks down on atheists, gays, and musicians
  5. Egypt: New report says Christians in Egypt face unprecedented persecution from Muslims
  6. Kenya: Female doctor wants ban lifted on female genital mutilation
  7. Nigeria: Muslims Condemn ‘Terrorist’ Label, Seek Fair Portrayal in Nigerian Media
  8. Tunisia: Historic Tunisian Synagogue Set on Fire
  9. Tunisia: Muslims throw Molotov cocktails at Jewish school
  10. Uganda: Muslim poisons Christian mother with Christmas gifts, sending her vomiting
  11. DR Congo: Brinkmanship, lack of compromise will deepen Congo crisis
  12. DR Congo: Possible Intensification of Cholera in DR of Congo
  13. DR Congo: ICC judges ‘prejudiced’ say lawyers for DRC’s Bemba
  14. DR Congo: Congo’s Gécamines urges Gov’t to revise 16-year-old mining code
  15. South Africa: Zulus in South Africa Urge Close Ties with Jewish State, Citing Israeli Aid


  1. Canada: Hamas-tied NCCM’s “Open Letter” to Trudeau demands January 29 “National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia”
  2. Canada: Islamist-Leftist-Government Alliance Silences Free Speech
  3. Canada: Canada increasingly sure Trump to pull out of NAFTA
  4. Canada: Trudeau’s Support For Islamists A Warning To America
  5. Canada: Quebec opposition parties reject making mosque shooting anniversary “day of action on Islamophobia”
  6. Canada: Liberal MP Chris Bittle labels anti-Islamic State protesters “white supremacists”
  7. Canada: Mother of jihad-terror victim opposes the designation of National Day against Islamophobia in Canada, here’s why
  8. Canada: Siavash Safavi: An Iranian Dissident Speaks Out
  9. Mexico: Authorities Find Cartel Human Incineration Camp in Mexican Border State
  10. Puerto Rico: Commie bastardo: FALN terrorist, Oscar Lopez Rivera, tells mainlander Americans to get out of Puerto Rico
  11. Puerto Rico: Report: Puerto Rico Launches Statehood Bid in Congress
  12. Haiti: A U.N.-Backed Police Force Carried Out A Massacre In Haiti. The Killings Have Been Almost Entirely Ignored
  13. Cuba: Guantánamo enemy combatants claim Trump’s ‘anti-Muslim bias’ fuels their detention


  1. Argentina: EXCLUSIVE: Argentina’s Own 9/11 – Made in Iran
  2. Brazil: Walid al-Moallem Meets with Brazilian Parliamentary Delegation
  3. Ecuador: Assange getting Ecuadorian ID could be ‘first step’ to diplomatic immunity – rights activist


World Financial News Banner


  1. The Global Economy Will Collapse On July 20th (For Now Just Get Ready For A MASSIVE RAID On Silver)
  2. The Three Snowflakes That Could Cause The Next Financial Avalanche
  3. SRSrocco: Nasty Dark Clouds Are Forming On The Financial Horizon
  4. US hits record for costly weather disasters: $306 billion
  5. WaPo Admits: Trump’s First-Year Job Numbers ‘Very, Very Good’
  6. A Financial ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Is Coming for the States in 2018
  7. What the Latest Jobs Reports Really Mean
  8. 18 States Raise Minimum Wage in 2018
  9. Lawmakers Working to Overhaul Pension Rules
  10. New Department of Labor Report Reveals Rampant Embezzlement By Union Employees Around U.S.
  11. “It’s Historic Euphoria”: 5 Trading Days Into 2018, The S&P Has Already Hit 4 Year-End Price Targets
  12. Credit Card Debt Hits $1 Trillion, Raising Alarms
  13. Source: Alabama picked for new Toyota-Mazda factory in works
  14. Boeing logs record deliveries for 2017, upbeat on 2018
  15. Shell sells stake in Iraq oilfield to Japan’s Itochu: Official
  16. Analysis: China’s U.S. bond rebalancing would hold few fears for Fed
  17. Toyota, Mazda announce $1.6 billion plant for Huntsville, Alabama
  18. U.S. 10-year yields highest since March on China bond holdings fears
  19. Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies will ‘come to bad ending’ – Warren Buffett
  20. S&P report sees financial stability in Gulf, except for Qatar
  21. Mortgage Rates Just Plummeted – Lock in Now
  22. IRS Said to Need Additional $495M to Implement New Tax Law
  23. Jamie Dimon: ‘Cryptocurrencies Will Soon Be Under Government Control’
  24. Ron Paul: ‘When Our Financial System Crashes…The Elites…Will Suffer The Least’
  25. Party While You Can – Central Bank Ready To Pop The ‘Everything’ Bubble
  26. Walmart boosts starting pay to $11 an hour, offers bonuses
  27. Sam’s closures quashed PR bonanza of Wal-Mart pay hikes and bonuses, but analysts have eye on longer term
  28. Walmart Raises Wages With A Twist: 260 Sam’s Club Stores Abruptly Close With NO Warning
  29. Markets Jittered By China Threat To Halt US Treasuries
  30. Stocks hit records in broad rally, but Facebook tumbles on newsfeed overhaul
  31. Facebook reveals big changes that will put friends ahead of business
  32. Residents of this U.S. state have the highest credit scores
  33. Why do my friends all seem to have more money than I do?
  34. You can retire early without adopting Mr. Money Mustache’s extreme frugality
  35. Rex Nutting: Don’t worry: Americans aren’t taking on a lot of debt
  36. Markets risk a ‘brutal’ fall as they ignore the Fed’s latest warning shot
  37. Is the market ‘frothy?’ A beginner’s guide to Wall Street jargon
  38. These 5 transport stocks are winning plays on an upbeat economy
  39. Want more income? These closed-end funds have yields up to 12.5%
  40. Veteran investor sees ‘giant opportunity’ in natural gas partnerships
  41. How to generate the income you need in retirement
  42. Here’s a way to get a pension-like benefit in retirement
  43. This is exactly how much you need to save to each month to send two kids to college and retire on time
  44. The big bitcoin question: What is it good for, and where?
  45. As promised, big bank earnings were messy, but CEOs keep faith in tax cuts
  46. Big bank stocks have plenty of juice left — here’s why
  47. Fed levies fresh foreclosure-related fines as it terminates penalties against others
  48. What to expect when Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley report earnings
  49. Black college graduates default on their student debt more than white dropouts
  50. Everything you need to know about student loan forgiveness
  51. The most sought-after jobs in America pay over $100,000 a year
  52. Amazon stock jumps to 9th straight gain as another analyst’s target cracks $1,400
  53. Bon Ton Store bonds tumble as deadline for $14 million interest payment looms
  54. Oilman T. Boone Pickens to close hedge fund after two decades
  55. Fiat Chrysler to move Ram production from Mexico to Michigan
  56. Carrier plant in Indiana that played role in Trump election sheds another 200 workers
  57. Oil prices end at a 3-year high, up nearly 5% for the week
  58. Emerging-market currency bulls are betting oil’s gains can be sustained
  59. Gold prices notch fifth week of gains in a row
  60. Gold & Silver WILL NOT First Go Down In Price Like They Did When The Markets Crashed In 2008
  61. Grant Williams: The Next Move For Gold Against Fiat Currencies Is Up Not Down
  62. Eric Sprott: The Day That The Commercials Fall Flat On Their Face Could Happen Here
  63. Jim Rickards: China & Russia Are Only A Small Step Away From A New Gold-Backed Currency
  64. 12,158 Gold Contracts Dumped On Market IN ONE MINUTE Friday 8:30 A.M. EST (Silver Hit Too)
  65. Oil Crisis, Stock Crash, Gold Crypto-like Gains | Steve St. Angelo
  66. The War On Cryptocurrency Just Intensified As Steve Mnuchin Enters The Fight
  67. They’re Back: Long Live The Bond Vigilantes!
  68. Political & Geo-Political Risks And De-Dollarization Can Have Major Impacts On Gold & Silver Prices In 2018
  69. Fund Manager: The Household Debt Ticking Time Bomb
  70. Alasdair Macleod: There’s A Reason The Gold Price Moved Up That Fast Since Mid-December
  71. Keeping An Eye Out For Dynamite As The Stock Market Speeds Along The Train Tracks
  72. If President Trump Doesn’t Join China’s New Silk Road Then The U.S. Is Facing A Financial Crash
  73. Six ways to get ready for the next crisis – before it strikes
  74. Bitcoin crackdown? Mnuchin warns against bitcoin becoming the next ‘Swiss bank account’
  75. Buffett’s bold call on cryptocurrencies
  76. Sign of a top? 130-year-old Eastman Kodak joins crypto-mania with ‘KodakCoin’
  77. Is Bitcoin Dying As A Payment Option?
  78. Crypto expert: Here’s a sell strategy to avoid getting killed in cryptos
  79. 5 reasons to add this income investment to your portfolio
  80. The ‘January effect’ predicts these five sectors will rise in 2018
  81. Read this before you even think about buying a marijuana stock
  82. The marijuana boom hits California: This once-dying city is now experiencing a renaissance
  83. ‘Bond God’ Gundlach: S&P 500 will have negative return for 2018
  84. Why today’s record-high optimism doesn’t mean you should sell
  85. The 2018 Stock Market Bubble vs. Gold & Silver
  86. Silver Antidote to Bubble Craziness
  87. Audio: U.S. States Remove Barriers Impeding Gold & Silver
  88. World Debt Is Rising Nearly Three Times As Fast As Total Global Wealth
  89. Premiums on Coins, Bars, and Rounds May Finally Have Bottomed
  90. Gold Market Switches From A Surplus In 2016 To Deficit In 2017
  91. Gold Bullion Up 1% In Week, Heads For 5th Weekly Gain As Bonds Sell Off
  92. Stocks Surge To Best Start In 30 Years; Bitcoin, Bonds & Dollar Battered
  93. David Rosenberg Wonders If Fed “Will Remain A Serial Bubble Blower”
  94. Fed Paid $29.3 Billion To Banks ‘Not’ To Lend In 2017; Gave $80 Billion To Treasury
  95. US Oil Rig Count Surges By Most In 7 Months – Will Shale Show Restraint?
  96. Here Comes The Debt Tsunami: Goldman Warns Treasury Issuance To More Than Double In 2019
  97. Broke, But Full Of Hope – Is This The Scariest Chart In The World?
  98. Mnuchin: “We Want To Make Sure Bad People Can’t Use Bitcoin To Do Bad Things”


  1. Breakingviews – Chancellor: Bitcoin will never be real money
  2. Soros Buys $100M Worth Of Blockchain Technology To Control Crypto Market
  3. Russia-China real gold standard means end of US dollar dominance
  4. UK trade deficit worsens, sparking new Brexit concern
  5. Euro hits 3-year high, sterling at highest since Brexit


  1. A Curious Thing Happened When Ontario Hiked Minimum Wages By Over 20%


  1. Turkey’s Halkbank looks to get loans, issue bonds when conditions are right
  2. Asian shares step back from New Year rally as trade concerns resurface
  3. China may be mulling Treasuries slowdown, but options limited
  4. China May Halt Purchases of U.S. Treasuries…
  5. Chinese tech heavyweight Tencent issues $5 billion in bonds
  6. Peter Schiff: China Rings The Bell On The U.S. Dollar
  7. China’s attack on the dollar…What does it mean?


  1. Hizb’Allah and Hamas rank at top of Forbes’ “Richest Terror Groups’ list”
  2. Israeli Exports Exceed $100 Billion in 2017


Earth News Banner


  1. Bitter Cold Is “Exactly What We Should Expect” From Global Warming, Says Al Gore
  2. California braced for the BIG ONE as series of earthquakes RAVAGE San Andreas fault
  3. Strong quakes Hit San Francisco And Mount St. Helens And Experts Warn They May Be Foreshocks For ‘Something Larger’
  4. Iran struck 5.1 earthquake injuring at least eight people
  5. Alarming Drop in Populations Has Scientists Warning of ‘Insect Armageddon’
  6. NASA Alert: Strange Electric-Blue Clouds Detected Over Antarctica
  7. Freak Snowfall Covers Sahara Desert in 15 inches of Snow!
  8. Snowmageddon strikes Spain and Italy, Hundreds trapped in vehicles, Blizzard drops major snowfall
  9. The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Continues Unabated
  10. New Map Of Saturn’s Moon Titan Shows Features Similar To Those We Have On Earth
  11. Supermassive Black Holes Prevent Star Formation In Dwarf Galaxies
  12. Could A Huge Earthquake Sink A Whole Country?
  13. Just In: Massive 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Caribbean
  14. Will 2018 Bring Massive Earthquakes? Earth Could Enter High Seismic Activity Period
  15. Tropical Cyclone “Joyce” forms near Western Australia
  16. Bangladesh hit by coldest temperatures ever
  17. Major M7.6 earthquake hits off the coast of Honduras, small tsunami observed
  18. Homes wiped out after heavy rainfall, deadly floods and mudslides hit California
  19. California mudslide takes lives of elderly, young; 5 missing
  20. Chaos in the Alps: Red avalanche alerts as several meters of snow cause lockdowns
  21. Very bright flash over thousands of kilometers, ground-shaking explosion, Russia
  22. Heavy snowfall affects 2.3 million people, kills 21 and destroys 700 homes, China
  23. ‘Avalanche of exceptional magnitude’ cuts off Bonneval-sur-Arc with 7 m (23 ft) deep snow, France
  24. Snow covers northern Algeria’s desert for the second winter in a row
  25. At least 79 dead as cold wave grips northern India and Nepal
  26. Cold in India claims 143 lives as temperatures near freezing just a week after brutal cold killed 11 in Nepal
  27. Kadovar could turn explosive, landslides and tsunamis possible, P.N.G.
  28. As promised yesterday another major quake! A magnitude 6.0 – 39km WSW of Pyu, Burma (Myanmar) is the second major quake of January 2018
  29. One to watch! Iran Iraq border struck by 100 quakes in the last 11 hours with 17 mag 5+ range: Iran has 5 nuclear sites and 3 research reactors
  30. A new Coronal Hole opens up on the sun’s atmosphere gaseous material is emerging from this hole faster than 500 km/s (1.1 million mph)
  31. Abundant ice on Mars: Deep buried glaciers discovered on the Red Planet
  32. There is a large inactive submarine fault between Gran Canaria and Tenerife that conditioned the first growth stages of the archipelago
  33. Strange sky spiral in the night over Sudan
  34. A neutron star near a black hole is pelting Earth with incredibly powerful explosions of rotating radio waves
  35. Oceans are suffocating
  36. Water disappears from Belize’s beaches after M7.6 earthquake hits East of Great Swan Island, Honduras
  37. Another Chelyabinsk meteorite? Huge bolide changes night into day while disintegrating in loud rattling booms over thousands of kilometers in Russia on Orthodox Christmas Day
  38. Scary! No earthquakes with magnitudes larger than M6.0 in 25 days – The really big one is building up! Get ready!
  39. Thousands of flying foxes fall from the sky near Sydney, Australia after record-breaking heatwave boil the bats alive
  40. Giant Bono tidal waves flood Kampar River estuary in Indonesia with a thundering sound ahead
  41. Snowmageddon in Spain and Italy: Hundreds of drivers trapped overnight in vehicles as heavy snowfall cuts off major roads near Madrid, Spain – Blizzard drops several meters of snow in Italian Alps
  42. Today’s Top Space Headline –Source of Mystery FRB Bursts “Like Nothing We’ve Seen Before, Unlike Anything Known to Exist in our Galaxy”
  43. France is Launching a Mini Satellite to Probe a Mysterious Planet System in Our Milky Way
  44. Supermassive Black Holes ‘Spawn’ Dwarf Galaxies –“Outnumber Larger Galaxies Like Our Milky Way 50 to One”
  45. Kepler Mission Discovery –“Most Planetary Systems Have a Different Formation Than Our Solar System”
  46. Today’s Top Science Headline –“The Plethora of Rocky Planets Raises a Big Question: Is Life Common in the Universe?”
  47. Tropical Cyclone “Ava” causes floods and landslides, leaves 29 dead
  48. Bangladesh struck by coldest temperatures ever recorded
  49. PROPHECY WATCH: Earth’s Volcanoes Are Waking Up: Dormant Papua New Guinea Volcano Erupts For First Time
  50. UPDATE: Massive 7.6 Quake strikes in the Caribbean, One of most powerful Quakes ever in region


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Scholastic Inc. is Marketing Transgender Picture Books for Children

Everyone is familiar with Scholastic Inc. Their book fairs are popular fundraisers at your child’s school. However, Scholastic is not safe for your child and parents should be warned.

Scholastic Inc., the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books, is using its platform to promote pro-homosexual and pro-transgender books for children.

The corporation, for example, published a pro-transgender book called George for 3rd graders. “When people look at George, they think they see a boy,” the book reads. “But she [George] knows she’s not a boy. She knows she’s a girl.”

According to its website, Scholastic Inc. reaches 6 million children per week with its publications. It features morally toxic reading lists for children, such as:

  • “Books for Two-Mommy Families”
  • “Great books for Two-Dad Families”
  • “6 Picture Books About Transgender Children”

The American College of Pediatricians warns: “Conditioning children into believing that a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse.”

Scholastic does not have our children’s best interests at heart. Tell Scholastic to stop harming children.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Ancient DNA said to support Bible’s Babel account
  2. Paper Fragment on Shipwreck Reveals Blackbeard’s Crew Enjoyed Reading Pirate Stories
  3. The Ma’rib Dam: An Engineering Wonder of the Ancient World… Torn Apart by Rats?
  4. Sacred Plant of Eternal Love and Healing: The Mythology and Magic of Basil
  5. WATCH: Rare Ancient Archaeological Site Discovered in Central Israel
  6. Titans Under the Earth: Evidence for The Tall Ones, and the Ancient Mounds of Pennsylvania
  7. Does ‘New Evidence’ Prove Noah’s Ark Is Buried on a Turkish Mountain?
  8. Assassins in Ancient Athens: The Tyrannicides, Harmodius and Aristogeiton
  9. Why Did Queen Victoria Want the Rothschilds to Buy this Precious Jewel?
  10. Germany’s Brutal Werewolf Belt and The Gut-Wrenching Execution of Peter Stumpp
  11. The symbol of the Swastika and its 12,000-year-old history
  12. The Hurdy Gurdy Was Essential Medieval Entertainment Enjoyed by Merrymakers Across Europe
  13. Sutton Hoo Ship Burial And Famous Helmet That Could Belong To Raedwald, King Of All The Kings Of Britain
  14. Is A Viking Ship Hidden In The Colorado Desert?
  15. Ancient Symbol Hamsa: It’s Meaning And History Explained
  16. How The Great Sphinx Gave Thutmose IV Power To Become Pharaoh
  17. Antisthenes And Diogenes – Founders Of Cynicism Were Ancient Greek Philosophers
  18. Cedar – Sacred Tree With Medicine Power In Native American Beliefs
  19. Grave Creek Mound – One Of North America’s Most Curious Ancient Monuments
  20. Book Of Deer And The Lost Scottish Monastery – Archaeologists Report New Finds
  21. Hellenistic Decorated Tombs And Tombstone Probably Used As A False Door Unearthed In Egypt
  22. Jew’s Harps: Old Musical Instruments Discovered In Altai Mountains
  23. Extraordinary 5,000-Year-Old Astronomical Event Depicted On Indian Rock Carving
  24. Ancient City Of Metropolis: Ruins With Traces Of The Hittites, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine And Ottoman Empires
  25. Tiny Paper Scraps From ‘Queen Anne’s Revenge’ Shed Light On Reading Habits Of Blackbeard’s Pirates
  26. Satellite Images Revealed Lost Ancient Irrigation System In Desert-Like Region Of China
  27. What Happened To The Staircase In The Temple Of The Goddess Hathor?
  28. This Native American Chief Risked All To Give Us The Prophecies And Knowledge Of The Star People—The Story Of How Standing Elk Became Chief Golden Light Eagle
  29. Pooka: Mythical And Not Entirely Benevolent Prankster In Irish Folklore
  30. Dark Peak – UK’s Bermuda Triangle And The Mystery Of Ghost Airplanes
  31. Ancient Egypt: Mysterious 2,600-year-old Temple and Statues Point to Holy Site at Hill of the Pharaohs
  32. Sealing Biblical History: Archaeology and the Old Testament
  33. Surprise! DNA reveals new group of Native Americans: the ancient Beringians
  34. Were there giants in Bolivia? Lawyer claims he has found enormous footprints near Tarija that could be the missing link to the ancient giants that roamed the area
  35. Mysterious Stone Found in Egypt Contains Exotic Alien Compounds


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. A Hidden Heritage – Generations Scattered w/ Dr. Stephen Pidgeon (Video: 2:36:35 minutes long.)
  2. Ten Tribes Studies (4 January 2018, 17 Tevet, 5778)
  3. Jews in the Russian Revolution (Video: 36:52 minutes long.)
  4. The Ten Lost Tribes | Where They Went, What They Are Now Called — Part 1 (Video: 1:42:38 minutes long.)
  5. The Ten Lost Tribes | Where They Went, What They Are Now Called — Part 2 (Video: 1:24:00 minutes long.)


Undeniable Facts Why Paul's Letters Cannot be Discredited

Undeniable Facts Why Paul’s Letters Cannot be Discredited

Many beloved Messianic Believers today outright say that Sha‘ul (Paul) was a False Prophet. They say that his letters directly contradict the teachings of Yeshua and that of the Torah (Law) by Paul not upholding the Torah.  

Then there are beloved Christians that say Paul outright discredits the Torah and he teaches that the Law has been done away with, and for once the these Messianics and Christians agree on one thing  – Paul took the Law away…

Here is the logical reasoning to help these beloved Messianics:

Yeshua is the Messiah and cannot make mistakes.

Yeshua chose Peter (Kepha) to look after His Sheep (Believers).

Peter then must have been competent, trustworthy and intelligent.

Peter, this credible person whom Yeshua chose and Yeshua who cannot make a mistake, says that Paul was an great teacher and MANY will be confused by Paul’s teachings due to his EXTREME HIGH LEVEL OF TORAH EDUCATION and the fact that he spoke about at least 3 different types of law in his various letters and we, poor uneducated Torah scholars who did not even study Torah close to 30 years as the requirement was, want to come and proof Yeshua, Peter and Paul wrong: “He (Paul) writes the SAME WAY in all his letters, speaking in them of these matters. His letters contain SOME THINGS THAT ARE HARD TO UNDERSTAND, which IGNORANT and unstable people distort, as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction. Therefore, dear friends, since you have been forewarned, be on your guard so that you may not be carried away by THE ERROR OF THE LAWLESS (Torahless) and fall from your secure position.” (2 Peter 3:16-17). Note that Peter himself wrote this.

The main 21 areas of conflict were addressed in this book as to prove to sincere Believers that they have been mistaken concerning Paul’s teachings. All conflict areas were explained in context in this book.

Lastly, the author includes a couple of paragraphs from his other book “WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN TO WALK IN YOUR RABBI’S FOOTSTEPS?” to help you to understand that Paul’s level of training (not to mention Yeshua’s) exceeds ours by light-years:

Jewish education was made up of three primary sections…

Beit Sefer:

From ages 6-10 they would MEMORIZE Torah: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. By age 10 they had memorized the entire Torah and completed Beit Sefer!

Beit Talmud:

Progressing on from Beit Sefer, it continued from the age of 10 to 14 (when it is the religious coming-of-age ceremony, normally at 13), and only the BEST OF THE BEST STUDENTS would continue in this stage. This next stage was called Beit Talmud. Beit Talmud meant House of Learning. From ages 10-14 the student would CONTINUE HIS MEMORIZATION of the Psalms, Prophets, and the rest of the Hebrew Scriptures (the TaNaCh). It wasn’t uncommon in that day for a good Jewish boy to have the TaNaCh (OT) MEMORIZED by the age of 14. Think about it, by 14 years of age you had the ENTIRE HEBREW TEXT MEMORIZED! Even today in Jewish seminaries they still do this.

You would also at this age begin learning the Jewish art of questions and answers. In our western civilization today, we are into information transfer, but in those days, answering a question wasn’t quite as direct. In Yeshua’s day the Rabbis taught you to answer with a question. So the Rabbi might say what is 5 and 5?, you could answer what is 15 minus 5 or what is 20 divided by 2? This not only told the Rabbi that the student heard and understood the question, but was able to process it and respond with a question of his own. So you would begin to learn the Jewish art of answering with questions.

When Yeshua’s parents came and found Him in the Temple He was 12 years how old, what did they find Him doing? Luke 2:46 says: “And it came to be, after three days, that they found Him in the Set-apart Place, sitting in the midst of the teachers, both listening to them and ASKING THEM QUESTIONS.”

When it came to Scripture Yeshua was the best of the best. He knew how to answer with questions. Why? Because of Beit Talmud.

Beit Midrash:

Now, at the end of your study at Beit Talmud, when you were around 13-14 years old, and IF you were the BEST OF THE BEST, then you would go and present yourself to a well-known respected, powerful Rabbi.

So, at the age of fourteen, the best of the best, the Harvard and Yale of the Jewish boys took the next step. All Jewish boys wanted to be Rabbis, because TEACHERS were the most respected people of the day because teachers were best able to know or serve God.

At fourteen, the Harvard’s and Yale’s best would approach a Rabbi and request to become his talmid and would say, “Rabbi, I want to become your disciple, your talmid, your student. Please let me in your Beit Midrash, your House of Study.”

The Rabbi would then sit you down and ask you a lot of questions. The reason; to find out if you are really the best of the best. Each Rabbi wanted to teach his thinking and his interpretation of Scripture. Do you know what this was called? It was called “his yoke.” Meaning, this Rabbi wants to know, when he is questioning this possible disciple, “Is this boy able to become a Rabbi himself and to teach and spread my yoke, my teachings on Torah, my Halachah,” which would bring them closest to the Torah.

So the Rabbi would ask him all kinds of questions, many many question. This cross-examination would continue for hours. For instance, he might have asked, “Give me the four references to Deuteronomy in the Book of Habakkuk in order…”

And as if that weren’t enough, the Rabbi would also engage the boy in what were called remezes. A remez is where the Rabbi would form his question based around a certain piece of Scripture, so he would quote, for instance, the first three verses of the passage. But the actual question the Rabbi was asking was about the fourth verse. Now, because the boy had been raised through Beit Sefer, Beit Talmud, and now needed access to Beit Midrash, he knew the Scriptures and his mind continued on through the next verses and was able to understand that the Rabbi was really referring to verse four with his question. The boy would then form his answer around another piece of Scripture and quote a few verses, stopping just shy of the one he was referring to or starting shortly after it. The Rabbi would then have to figure out what the boy was referring to and judge how well he had answered his question. If it sounds complicated, it was!

Now, only if the Rabbi believed that you were the best of the best, that you were able to become a Rabbi, He would say, “Lech Acharai!” – “You Go Forth!” Meaning, “Come, Follow Me!”

Then without hesitating, you would leave your family. You would leave your family compound, your, mother your father, your entire family. You would leave your village. You would leave the local synagogue where you had been studying, and your community and infrastructure. You would literally leave everything and you would follow that Rabbi, you would your entire life to the Rabbi. You would become a talmid, a disciple, a student for the next minimum 17 years till you were 30 and perhaps beyond that too. You would give your life to being exactly like that Rabbi. You would follow him everywhere without hesitating one bit, because you only had this one opportunity to become like him. Beit Midrash was a life-journey with no other alternative.

Now you understand why the fishermen dropped their nets and followed Rabbi Yeshua immediately when He said “Follow Me”. Now who gave Paul a change to be trained, yes Gamaliel! Gamaliel was the most famous of all the Pharisee Rabbis throughout history.

(BOOK IS UPDATED! Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.)


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Matthew 13:45-46 “45 Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls, 46 who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it. (New King James Version)

The first four parables of Matthew 13 are darkened by an ominous cloud. In contrast, the last four cast light on the assurance of a positive future for the saints. In this second of the chapter’s third pair of parables, Jesus reveals more secrets to His disciples regarding the high value God places on the church. The Parable of the Pearl (verse 45) particularly reveals the high cost to God of acquiring potential members of His Kingdom.

Until we are baptized members of God’s church with the Holy Spirit dwelling in us, we cannot understand the full meaning and purpose of God’s plan. As Asaph writes, “When I thought how to understand this, it was too painful for me – until I went into the sanctuary of God; then I understood their end” (Psalm 73:16-17). This parable helps us understand God’s perspective.

Between the Parable of the Hidden Treasure and the Parable of the Pearl, we can notice this distinction: The Treasure is made up of units of precious things, such as coins and gems of various kinds, although they are collectively one treasure. The Pearl, however, is a single object. These two illustrations – both of which conclude at the same place, the completion of the purchase – represent different aspects of the same truths: the costliness of the Treasure or Pearl, and the joy of the Purchaser.

The merchant is seriously and deliberately searching the world to secure the best and costliest gems. It is his livelihood, and he is diligent to travel extensively because he knows his efforts will be rewarded when he finds the best and purchases them. Since Christ is the One who seeks the sinner (Luke 19:9-10; John 6:44), the merchant cannot represent the members of God’s church (Romans 3:11). The Shepherd seeks the sheep, not vice versa.

The use of the word “seeking” (Matthew 13:45) helps identify the merchant as Christ, as it means “to depart from one place and arrive at another.” Jesus did this Himself to pay the price for the pearl. He departed from heaven and arrived on earth to complete His mission (Philippians 2:6-7; II Corinthians 8:9). He gave up everything – He sold all – to possess us!

Unlike other gems, pearls are produced by a living organism, an oyster, as the result of an injury. It usually begins forming around a grain of sand or an egg of some parasite that invaded the oyster. The oyster protects itself by layering the irritant with nacre (mother-of-pearl) until, out of pain and suffering, it forms an object of great beauty. The offending party actually becomes a gem of great worth.

In a similar way, spiritually, we are an irritant, a parasite due to our nature and sins (Romans 3:23-26). However, because God loves us, we are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, and gradually, we can become a thing of beauty, clothed with the righteousness of Him who bought us (Romans 3:24-26; Ephesians 2:13). As long as the pearl – the church – remains in the oyster – the world – it has no value. In fact, the pearl has no real intrinsic worth; its value resides in the immense cost paid for it.

God’s grace is essential in understanding this parable (II Corinthians 9:15; Romans 6:23). The merchant is willing to buy the pearl at an exorbitant cost. No one can buy salvation or the Kingdom of God or eternal life for himself. Grace would not be grace if one were able to barter with God (Luke 7:41-42). According to Scripture, we have no righteousness, no talents, no goods, nothing that is of any value in purchasing such a priceless gift from God (Isaiah 64:6). Peter’s denunciation of Simon Magus clearly shows that no one can buy what belongs to God (Acts 8:17-24).

Further, we do not choose Christ but He selects us (John 15:16; Luke 19:10). Since He is the merchant, the price paid was His life, and the church is the pearl. The church is one body (Ephesians 4:4), composed of those He has sought out through the ages to be a habitation of Christ by His Spirit and who will be His bride at His return.

The Pearl presents a wonderful picture of the purchase of the church in preparation for the Kingdom of God. It is encouraging to know that Jesus does not seek us in reluctant fulfillment of duty. Nor is He groping in the dark, hoping that we will respond to His plea, but He seeks us out with an efficient, organized, pre-planned goal in mind. He pursues us as a man courts a woman to be his bride, willing to spill His own blood as her purchase price (Acts 20:28). What greater price could have been paid for the church than the life of Jesus Christ, the perfect sacrifice?

Martin G. Collins

To learn more, see:  The Parables of Matthew 13 (Part Seven): The Parable of the Pearl






Peruvian Eyewitness Accounts

In the mid-16th century, 168 Spanish conquistadors gave an account of what they saw.

One of the most detailed accounts of giants in Peru was written by renowned conquistador and chronicler Pedro Cieza (pronounced see-es-a) de Leon who recorded a popular legend among the natives concerning giants that landed on the peninsula of Santa Elena

The natives say that the giants were so large that a man of common stature measured only up to their knees.

Pedro Cieza de Leon

When the giants landed at Santa Elena they built massive houses and dug extremely deep wells. The infamous houses of the giants were still standing, and their wells were still in use, during and after the conquest of Peru, and are referenced numerous times in the historical records from that era.

It was said that a single giant consumed more food than fifty of the natives combined.

The natives hated the giants, not only because they were consuming all of their food, but also because they were taking and killing their women by attempting to have intercourse with them. Basically the giants were raping the women to death.

One day, while they were engaged in the act, a bright angel appeared in the sky above them wielding a shining sword. He threw fire and lightning down on the giants until they were completely consumed in the flames, and only their charred bones remained as a testimony of their judgment.

Francisco Pizarro and his men saw the bones with their own eyes while passing through Santa Elena.

[Francisco Pizarro and his company] arrived at Puerto Viejo, and to Santa Elena, where they saw a large quantity of bones of giants, that according to their proportion, were 20 palms [15 ft. approx.] tall (the Indians had a tradition concerning these giants, that they were people from before the flood, because giants of such huge size were never known to exist while others say that they were sodomites, and that in one day fire fell from heaven and consumed them all

Antonio de la Calancha 1663

in the year 1543, Captain Juan Olmos, native of Trujillo, hearing of all these things, conducted an excavation in that valley, where he found such gigantic ribs and other bones, that if the heads had not been found with them, it would not have been believable that they were human beings;

Agustín de Zárate

 in the province of Tucumán and Tarija; in the latter of these a whole body was discovered beneath the ravine, or bank of a river, that the water, having eroding the bank, had unearthed; it was so massive, that its grave occupied a very large space, and its skull was so abnormally gigantic, that some of the Spaniards, thrusting their swords through its eye socket, could barely reach the back side of its head with the points of their blades.
In the province of Santa Cruz in the Sierra [Bolivia] the governor

he found something during the conquest of Tucumán; this gentlemen used to say that, while marching in that conquest, they discovered an ossuary [repository of bones] that appeared to contain more than a hundred human bodies, and all of the bones belonged to enormous giants, and he himself thrust his sword through one of the skulls, and the whole blade passed into the cavity.

Bernabé Cobo

Pablo José Arriaga

They took us to the other side of the village, about a quarter of a league, where a very large cave was, and in it many dead gentiles, and among them were three bodies of giants with deformed heads [elongated skulls] dressed in cumbi [ceremonial cloth], but rotted with time. These [giants] are the progenitors of all this people, whom they worshipped and revered; there were many traces of [human] sacrifices; they [the Official Inspectors] burned the bodies in the village.

  • Pablo José Arriaga
    Jesuit Priest & Missionary
    The Extirpation of Idolatry in Peru, 1620

Antonio de la Calancha

September, 1630, a mestizo boy eighteen years old was brought to Lima from Huamanga, named Juan Núñez, who was 8.5 feet tall, and with feet more than a foot and a half long. He has since died in Pisco.

  • Antonio de la Calancha
    Augustinian Monk & Anthropologist
    The Moral Chronicle of the Order of Saint Augustine in Peru, 1663

These giants seem to have been everywhere, since so many have seen them and affirmed their existence, and they might even all be of the same race.
Pedro Cieza de Leon
Conquistador & Chronicler
Chronicle of Peru, 1553


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Baptism – Part 6 by Brad Scott

I pray that I have reasonably established that God delivers us from the inside out, that He starts with the heart, changes our mind, and then our bodies respond. This spiritual reality is seen in the design of nature as well. All living things are produced and reproduced by a seed, and that seed is planted first in the ‘heart’ of all living things. So it is with God’s children.

There are many ‘baptisms’ in the Tanakh (Ivrim [Hebrews] 6:1-2). The Hebrew uses several words to employ the idea of being immersed, washed, cleansed or purified with or in water. Four of the more common words associated with water are rachats, kavas, tahar, and chata’. Rachats means to thoroughly wash, kavas means to wash by compressing, tahar means to free from foreign matter, and chata’ means to remove from sin. You may notice that this word is the root of the word for sin and sin offering. Used in this form it speaks of removing from sin.

Vayikra [Leviticus] 14:52
And he shall cleanse the house with the blood of the bird, and with the running water, and with the living bird, and with the cedar wood, and with the hyssop, and with the scarlet:

Sh’mot [Exodus] 29:36
“And thou shalt offer every day a bullock for a sin offering for atonement: and thou shalt cleanse the altar, when thou hast made an atonement for it, and thou shalt anoint it, to sanctify it.”

In order to properly understand the spiritual application we must discern the natural application first. The context will generally reveal whether we are talking about the washing of the flesh with water or the washing or cleansing of the heart or mind. I believe this is imperative to discern in all of scripture. In other words, we must not read ‘water’ into every occurrence of washing, cleansing, purifying or baptizing. Here are a few examples of where the text clearly indicates cleansing or washing the flesh with water.

Sh’mot [Exodus] 29:4
“And Aaron and his sons thou shalt bring unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, and shalt wash (rachats) them with water.”

Sh’mot [Exodus] 30:20
“When they go into the tabernacle of the congregation, they shall wash (rachats) with water, that they die not; or when they come near to the altar to minister, to burn offering made by fire unto YHVH:”

Vayikra [Leviticus] 15:8
“And if he that hath the issue spit upon him that is clean; (tahar) then he shall wash (kavas) his clothes, and bathe (rachats)himself in water, and be unclean until the even.”

There are occasions when water is associated with cleansing or washing and the context still reveals an internal cleansing that only YHVH can perform. Y’shua seems to appeal to this truth as well with respect to the forgiveness of sins.

Yechezk’el [Ezekiel] 36:25
“Then will I sprinkle clean (tahar) water upon you, and ye shall be clean:(tahar) from all your filthiness, and from all your idols, will I cleanse (tahar) you.

Luke 5:20-24
“And when He saw their faith, He said unto him, Man, thy sins are forgiven thee. And the scribes and the Pharisees began to reason, saying, Who is this which speaketh blasphemies? Who can forgive sins, but God alone? But when Y’shua perceived their thoughts, he answering said unto them, What reason ye in your hearts? Whether is easier, to say, Thy sins be forgiven thee; or to say, Rise up and walk? But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power upon earth to forgive sins, (he said unto the sick of the palsy,) I say unto thee, Arise, and take up thy couch, and go into thine house.

We must discern the difference between cleansing the heart and cleansing our walk with YHVH.

Sh’mot [Exodus] 30:18-19
“Thou shalt also make a laver of brass, and his foot also of brass, to wash withal: and thou shalt put it between the tabernacle of the congregation and the altar, and thou shalt put water therein. For Aaron and his sons shall wash their hands and their feet thereat:”

Mizmor [Psalm] 26:6
“I will wash mine hands in innocency: so will I compass thine altar, O YHVH:”

Mizmor [Psalm] 51:7
“Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.”

Yochanan [John] 13:6-10
“Then cometh he to Simon Peter: and Peter saith unto him, Lord, dost thou wash my feet? Y’shua answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter. Peter saith unto him, Thou shalt never wash my feet. Y’shua answered him, If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me. Simon Peter saith unto him, Adonay not my feet only, but also my hands and my head. Y’shua saith to him, He that is washed needeth not save to wash his feet, but is clean every whit: and ye are clean, but not all.”

When man is reconciled to YHVH, he is cleansed in his heart first as revealed in the construction of the tabernacle. When we, as sons of the living God, approach God we are to wash first. When the tabernacle or temple stood, it was a physical object that required one to enter by being physically cleansed. But this cleansing was also produced as a result of an obedient HEART first. One washes their flesh because their mind sent them the proper electrical signals. The information that the mind sends to the body must come from either the spirit of man or the Spirit of God (1Corinthians 2:10-12). But our obedience comes from the heart first. Whatever is in your heart will determine what you believe, and what you believe will determine how you behave. The cleansing of the heart, which only YHVH can do, leads to obedience and obedience tells us that we are to be immersed in water. In order to cleanse the heart, the old man of sin must die, and this is why baptism is a picture of death, which we will address soon. The bottom line is that the washing of the flesh is always preceded by the desire to wash the flesh. Water baptism DOES NOT precede salvation, for salvation is a matter of the heart.

I have, for the most part, stayed away from this issue in the New Testament. I have wanted to lay down a foundation of the use of words in the Tanakh. These words must be placed back into their proper context. Regardless of what a particular word means, it must be harmonious to the overall subject and context in which it is placed. I pray I have established the following:

1. The word baptism in Hebrew is directly related to hope and gathering.

2. That it prophetically speaks of the reuniting of the whole house of Israel.

3. That the spiritual application is revealed in the natural.

4. That God ALWAYS cleanses the heart first, then the flesh.

5. That we must discern the difference between God’s cleansing of the heart and our approach to the throne of God as His children.

6. And that we cannot immediately place water into the context of baptism, washing, cleansing and purifying.

Next time I am going to begin addressing the controversial occurrences of this word in the New Testament. Once again I believe that the revelation of what baptism is all about is found in the beginning.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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Beckah Shae – Heartbeat (Official Video)


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God is God:

  • He doesn’t care about *age,* no wonder he blessed Abraham.
  • He doesn’t care about *experience,* no wonder he chose David.
  • He doesn’t care about *gender,* no wonder he lifted Esther.
  • He doesn’t care about *your past,* no wonder he called Paul.
  • He doesn’t care about *your physical appearance,* no wonder he chose Zacchaeus (the shortest one).
  • He doesn’t care about *fluency in speech,* no wonder he chose Moses.
  • He doesn’t care about *your career,* no wonder he choose Mary Magdalene; a prostitute.

All I know is that my God never changes.

  • He never made *a promise he wouldn’t keep*
  • He never saw *a person he wouldn’t help*
  • He never heard *a prayer he wouldn’t answer*
  • He never found *a soul he wouldn’t love*
  • He never found *a sinner he wouldn’t forgive*

This is the kind of God I would like to commune with every day the moment I wake up. I strongly recommend Him to you.



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