News You May Not Have Heard About — 12/10/2017


Today, December 7, 2017 marks the 76th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Let us pray for the families of those precious lives that were lost that day. Many of us look forward to the day when man will no longer learn war. When mankind will live in peace with all others.

  1. 76th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor (Video: 1:15 minutes long.)
  2. World War II – Attack on Pearl Harbor. Watch Full Documentary in Color (Video: 43:23 minutes long.)
  3. 5 Things You Don’t Know: Pearl Harbor (Video: 6:50 minutes long.)
  4. Remembering to Look Forward: Rising to the challenge in Pearl Harbor
  5. Military IDs 100 killed on USS Oklahoma in Pearl Harbor
  6. Peer Into a Fallen Battleship at Pearl Harbor | National Geographic (Video: 2:47 minutes long.)
  7. Inside the USS Arizona (Video: 52:51 minutes long.)
  8. USS Oklahoma – The Only Battleship that Capsized (Video: 53:39 minutes long.)
  9. Historic photos of Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941: Thank you, Greatest Generation
  10. Attack on Pearl Harbor

Ships Lost or Damaged


  • Arizona (RADM Kidd‘s flagship of Battleship Division One): hit by four armor-piercing bombs, exploded; total loss. 1,177 dead.
  • Oklahoma: hit by five torpedoes, capsized; total loss. 429 dead.
  • West Virginia: hit by two bombs, seven torpedoes, sunk; returned to service July 1944. 106 dead.
  • California: hit by two bombs, two torpedoes, sunk; returned to service January 1944. 100 dead.
  • Nevada: hit by six bombs, one torpedo, beached; returned to service October 1942. 60 dead.
  • Pennsylvania (ADM Kimmel‘s flagship of the United States Pacific Fleet):[Prange, Goldstein, Dillon. At Dawn We Slept page 49] in drydock with Cassin and Downes, hit by one bomb and debris from USS Cassin; remained in service. 9 dead.
  • Tennessee: hit by two bombs; returned to service February 1942. 5 dead.
  • Maryland: hit by two bombs; returned to service February 1942. 4 dead (including floatplane pilot shot down).

Ex-battleship (target/AA training ship)

  • Utah: hit by two torpedoes, capsized; total loss. 64 dead.


  • Helena: hit by one torpedo; returned to service January 1942. 20 dead.
  • Raleigh: hit by one torpedo; returned to service February 1942.
  • Honolulu: Near miss, light damage; remained in service.


  • Cassin: in drydock with Downes and Pennsylvania, hit by one bomb, burned; returned to service February 1944.
  • Downes: in drydock with Cassin and Pennsylvania, caught fire from Cassin, burned; returned to service November 1943.
  • Shaw: hit by three bombs; returned to service June 1942.


  • Oglala (minelayer): Damaged by torpedo hit on Helena, capsized; returned to service (as engine-repair ship) February 1944.
  • Vestal (repair ship): hit by two bombs, blast and fire from Arizona, beached; returned to service by August 1942.
  • Curtiss (seaplane tender): hit by one bomb, one crashed Japanese aircraft; returned to service January 1942. 19 dead.
  • Sotoyomo (harbor tug): damaged by explosion and fires in Shaw; sunk; returned to service August 1942.


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  1. Trump pulls U.S. out of United Nations Global Compact on Migration – thank you @POTUS!
  2. Trump’s White House Withdraws from UN Migrant Pact
  3. Trump Endorses Moore: ‘We Need Republican Roy Moore to Win in Alabama’
  4. Trump now voices full support for Roy Moore
  5. Trump lashes out at own FBI in a series of tweets
  6. Heading to Utah: Trump talks taxes, Flynn (Video: 1:56 minutes long.)
  7. Remarks by President Trump at Taxpayer Family Event
  8. Trump Pulls United States Out of UN Immigration Deal
  9. Trump Informs Abbas He Intends to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
  10. WATCH: Trump Misses Deadline to Sign Waiver Delaying Embassy Move
  11. BREAKING NEWS: Trump to forge ahead with relocating US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
  12. Trump’s Jerusalem endorsement may include two-state support
  14. Full Video and Transcript: Trump’s Speech Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, “The Recognition of Reality” (Video: 12:25 minutes long.)
  15. Trump Shockingly Warns Putin: “Either God Will Win, Or I Will Die”
  16. CIA “Death Spasms” Reverberate Across The Globe As Trump “Goes In For Kill”
  17. Trump Orders Every FBI Agent To Undergo Polygraph Test
  18. Trump Shrinks Fedgov Landgrab in Utah: Hopefully, More Similar Acts to Follow
  19. Trump Returns 2 Million Acres of Land Under Federal Control to Utah
  20. Trump calls Flynn indictment ‘very unfair’
  21. Statement by President Trump on Jerusalem
  22. WATCH: Trump Elaborates on Ancient Jewish Ties to Jerusalem
  23. White House Hosts ‘Especially Special’ Chanukah Celebration
  24. Remarks by President Trump and Vice President Pence in Meeting with Congressional Leadership
  25. Trump Refuses To Back CIA As Russian-Chinese Troops Prepare To Retake Libya
  26. Libya – Trump Jumps Back In
  27. Trump Slams CNN for Flawed Report: ‘Their Slogan Should be CNN, the Least Trusted Name in News’
  28. Trump Approves Russia Sanctions for Violating the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty
  29. Trump: ‘Vote Roy Moore’ to Defeat ‘Pelosi/Schumer Puppet’ Doug Jones


  1. Pence on Israel: It’s Impossible Not to See the ‘Hand of Heaven’
  2. Mike Pence Destroys Palestinian Land Claims
  3. Vice President Mike Pence Meets With Iraqi Christian Leader And Says America Will Provide ‘Swift Assistance’ And ‘Give US Aid Directly To Christians In Iraq’
  4. Remarks by Vice President Mike Pence at the Kemp Leadership Award Dinner
  5. WTAS: Support For President Trump’s Decision To Recognize Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital
  6. Congress Stalling Trump Ambassadors, Harming U.S. Effort to Combat N. Korea, Conduct Diplomacy
  7. U.S. Navy Squandered $4 Billion Due to Congressional Failure to Pass Budget
  8. Senate OKs tax bill as Trump, GOP near big legislative win
  9. House And Senate Tax Plans Have Major Differences That Need to Be Reconciled
  10. Vote on concealed carry bill days away
  12. House to Vote on National Gun-Carry Reciprocity, Background Check Fix Bill this Week
  13. National Gun-Carry Reciprocity Bill Passes the House
  14. Feds issue 4,000 orders to seize guns from people who failed background checks
  15. Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Says Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Will Help Solve Stagnant Wage Problem
  16. Senate Passes Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 51-49 Vote
  17. Statement from the Press Secretary on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  18. Sen. Collins may change vote if GOP reneges on her changes
  19. Twelve Nominations Sent to the Senate Today (December 01, 2017)
  20. SCOTUS lets stand Texas ruling on gay spouse benefits
  22. Supreme Court Allows Full Enforcement of Trump Travel Ban
  23. FBI, DOJ Under Investigation Over Clinton Email Probe
  24. FBI Hate Crime Report: No Anti-Muslim Backlash
  25. US Embassies Enhance Security Ahead of US Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
  26. CIA Confirms Israel’s Developing Ties with Saudi Arabia
  27. DHS announces progress in enforcing immigration laws, protecting Americans
  28. DHS Launches New Office to Combat Threat of Terrorists Acquiring WMDs
  29. U.S. Braces for Violence at Embassies Around Muslim World as Donald Trump Nears Jerusalem Move
  30. DARPA developing “genetic doomsday” weapon to exterminate populations on demand… GMOs to become WMDs
  31. Dems and Republicans vote to kill effort to impeach Trump
  32. HOUSE DIVIDED: 58 House Dems Vote To Impeach Trump…
  33. Tillerson: Diplomatic people in Cuba were ‘targeted’
  34. Bipartisan Support Passes Bill to Cut Funds for PA Terrorists
  35. FBI Issues Over 4000 Gun Seizures: US Government Start Taking Citizen’s Firearms
  36. FBI Investigation Into Jane Sanders Continues, New Witness Recently Questioned
  37. FBI Investigating Cuomo’s Office for Hiring, Pay Practices
  38. Kirstjen Nielsen Confirmed as Secretary of Homeland Security
  39. U.S. military invests in ‘doomsday genetics’ technology
  40. U.S. Troops Put On High Alert After President Trump’s Embassy Announcement
  41. DOJ Appeals and DOD Prepares on Trans Order
  42. WATCH: Trump’s Decision to Recognize Israel will not Affect Peace Negotiations, Says Haley
  43. Report: State, Defense and CIA Heads Opposed US Jerusalem Recognition
  44. Cotton Responds to Palestinian Protests Over Jerusalem Decision: The U.S. Won’t Accept a ‘Rioter’s Veto’ Against Our Policies
  45. Congress Passes Stopgap Measure to Fund Government for Two Weeks
  46. Ethics panel expands probe into GOP Rep. Farenthold
  47. DOJ Launches Investigation Into Planned Parenthood Over Fetal Tissue Harvesting Practices
  48. DOJ Investigating Planned Parenthood Over Sale of Fetal Tissue
  49. U.S. Still Won’t List Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital on Official Docs, Passports, Maps
  50. Sessions Meets With Latin American Counterparts to Discuss War on Drug Trafficking


  1. ABC News suspends (not fires) Brian Ross over HUGE Trump fake news #FireRoss
  2. Fake News and Fake Photos
  4. USA Today Misleads on FBI Gun Retrieval Requests
  5. “Mainstream media” continues to IGNORE fact that dozens of “beyond classified” emails were discovered on Hillary Clinton’s server
  6. Joy Behar of “The View” is an enabler of FAKE NEWS after defending network colleague’s bogus “Russia collusion” hoax about Michael Flynn
  7. ABC forced to “correct” FAKE NEWS report that candidate Trump directed Michael Flynn to talk to Russians — “Collusion” hoax takes another hit
  9. CNN corrects report on Trump campaign and WikiLeaks
  10. CNN Botches “Bombshell” Report “Proving” Collusion Between Trump Jr And Wikileaks
  11. How To Spot Fake News
  12. CNN Mixes Up Trump White House Official With Obama Administration Member in On-Air Graphic



  1. POWDER KEG – US Recognition Of Jerusalem Is ‘Declaring War”
  2. Ellsberg: U.S. Military Planned First Strike On Every City In Russia and China … and Gave Field Commanders Power to Push Button
  3. Supersonic jets on ‘secret missions’ causing mystery booms across US
  4. US deploys “Nuke Sniffer” as North Korea may be on verge of detonating bomb
  5. WAR DRUMS: US orders 16,000 troops, 230 jets to get ready for North Korea…
  6. WAR DRUMS: U.S. B-1B bombers to fly over Korea in joint exercise
  7. Stealth jets, other aircraft fly in U.S., South Korean drills
  8. Boykin: China could stop an all-out war
  9. North Korea missile: US ready to use microwave superweapon
  10. Navy Doesn’t Have Enough Warships to Train Marines for Combat
  11. US Views the Balkans As Battlefield to Fight Russia
  14. WATCH: Experts Warn North Korea’s Missiles Could Reach Entire US
  15. Potential War With North Korea Could Result In “Astronomical Loss Of Life”
  16. WATCH: Former US Ambassador Cautions ‘Time is Running Out’ on North Korean Nukes
  18. North Korea is U.S. problem but China’s ‘leverage’
  20. Attack siren blares in Hawaii for first time since Cold War…
  21. FBI Agent Who ​Investigated Hillary, Flynn and Trump Has Been Removed from Office, Possibly for Publicly Revealing Pro-Clinton Bias
  22. Obama Appointed Judge Mysteriously Recuses Himself From Michael Flynn Case
  23. FBI Increasingly Politicized Under Comey and Mueller
  24. Mueller Spends in 4 Months What Benghazi Investigation Cost in Over 2 Years
  25. Royce, Engel Ask CDC, NIH to Investigate Sonic Attacks on U.S. Diplomats in Cuba
  26. LOCK THEM UP: Why it’s time to arrest James Comey, Robert Mueller, Peter Strzok and the other swamp creatures staging an attempted coup
  27. Top Investigator on Mueller’s Team Extolled Yates for Defying Trump Travel Ban
  28. More anti-Trump messages reportedly sent by members of Mueller’s team
  29. ‘We Are not Pulling Out of Syria,’ US Assures Israel
  30. US to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital; Palestinians Threaten Violence
  31. Roger Stone: Why Is Flynn Indicted While Hillary Roams Free? (Video: 11:23 minutes long.)
  32. Top FBI Investigator into trumped up Russia inquiry FIRED for anti-Trump texts
  33. Mueller Removed Top FBI Agent in Russia Probe Over Possible Anti-Trump Texts
  34. Grassley Intensifies Probe Into Anti-Trump Bias at FBI
  35. WATCH: Ex-Trump Adviser’s Guilty Plea Tied to Support of Israel
  36. Blackburn: Expose the names, stop the hush money
  37. Lawmakers Admit FBI Destroyed Hillary Clinton’s Laptops To Save Her From Prison
  40. Dem Rep Accused of Sexual Harassment, DCCC Calls for His Resignation
  41. Democrats Try Amnesty — and Voters, By and Large, Say No: Rasmussen Poll
  42. Josh Hawley Takes Aim at Al Franken’s Fundraiser for Missouri Democrats, McCaskill
  43. SEVEN Female Democratic senators call on sex offender Al Franken to resign
  44. Franken and Franks resign as misconduct charges batter Congress
  45. MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle: Dems Forcing Out Franken Is ‘Disgusting,’ Makes Him ‘Sacrificial Lamb’
  46. Report: Franks Asked Staffers to Be a Surrogate, Retaliated When Request Was Denied
  48. Huma Abedin LIED to the FBI and Got Away With It
  49. Ex-U.S. Rep. Brown gets 5-year prison sentence in fraud case
  50. Like it or not, Congress might be forced to clean up its own act
  51. Progressives Sound Alarm on Voter Fraud
  52. DOJ Issues Arrest Warrant for Illegal Immigrant Acquitted in Kate Steinle Murder Case
  53. DOJ Indicts Illegal Immigrant Acquitted of Murder in Kate Steinle Case
  55. Steyer Slams Democratic Opposition to Impeaching Trump: ‘Human Beings’ Outside Washington Support It
  56. Dad of boy killed by illegal: Steinle jurists are ‘left-wing nutjobs’
  57. UN: UN Passes 6 Anti-Israel Resolutions in 1 Day, Denies Israeli Ties to Jerusalem
  58. UN: U.N. Report: Yemen Rebel Missiles Fired at Saudi Arabia Appear Iranian
  59. UN: UN warns of drug-resistant germs brewing in the natural environment
  60. UN: Exclusive: U.N. watchdogs call for probe of Taser assaults in U.S. jails
  62. Obama Alums Lobby Against Open Skies
  63. WATCH: Obama Official Says Calling Trump Team’s Russian Contacts Illegal a ‘Stretch’
  64. Conyers still has backing, for now, of CBC
  65. John Conyers “Retires” From Congress Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations
  66. Mosque gives $1M to Univ. of Cincinnati to start pro-Islam program
  67. UM Students Behind Anti-Israel Resolution: ‘Jews Are Not a Nation’
  68. University Drops Freshman Label Because it Contains The Word ‘Man’
  69. Islamic imam hate speech allowed as PC
  70. CAIR Demands Mentally Disabled Man Be Charged With a Hate Crime
  71. Terror-tied CAIR activist calls for Israel and Jews to burn
  72. Violence, rioting on the streets: ANTIFA terrorists attack as Alternative for Germany picks new leaders
  74. Terror group Antifa isn’t a ‘hate group,’ notorious Southern Poverty Law Center claims
  75. The SPLC’s Impoverished Mind
  76. Illegal doomsday bunkers found in Utah prompt probe…
  77. Salvation Army Worker Shot Dead With Bible in Hand, Preaching the Gospel to His Killer in Ohio
  78. Number of Kids in Foster Care in America Rises for Fourth Consecutive Year
  80. Democrats Only See Death in Taxes
  81. Democrats Flip Out Over ‘Armageddon’ GOP Tax Reform Plan
  82. GOP Sends Delegate to Communist Chinese Political Party Meeting
  83. Massachusetts: Man Stole Holocaust Memorial, Gave it to Friend
  84. Philadelphia Holocaust Memorial to be Renovated for 1st Time in Half a Century
  85. WATCH: Southern California Fire Forces Thousands To Flee Homes
  86. California sued because too many children can’t read
  87. A Jihad Grows in Florida
  88. Pressure builds for Senator Franken to resign
  89. Court to hear bid to dismiss lawsuit in Freddie Gray case
  90. Del. Aware of Problems with Trans Rule
  91. Students Protest Columbia’s Free Expression Policies
  92. More Than 300,000 Illegal Immigrants Apprehended in 2017
  93. 20 States Call for End of Forced Unionism
  94. Journalism Union Welcomes Fight for 15 Activists
  95. NRA Blasts Misleading Claims Made About Gun Background Check Bill Ahead of House Vote
  96. $5.5 Million in Unallowable Medicaid Payments Made to Dead People in Texas
  97. Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Our Lord Satan Will Destroy Donald Trump’
  98. Former Spokesman For Department Of Children & Families Arrested For Child Porn
  99. Police Find Corey Feldman’s 1993 Recordings Naming Pedophiles: Arrests to Follow
  100. Corey Feldman ‘Targeted by Death Threats’ After Announcing Project to Expose Hollywood Child Abuse…
  101. Victim Gives Sworn Testimony Exposing Washington DC Elite Pedophile Ring
  102. Moore Campaign Requests Vote Fraud Investigation
  103. VAST Child Trafficking Network Tied To Politicians, Heads Of State And The Mafia — Exposed By Victim’s Testimony
  104. Navy SEAL has Assets Ceased for Trying to Expose Elite Pedophile Ring
  105. Former Democrat Congresswoman​,​ Corrine Brown​,​ Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Fraud
  106. Mainstream Media Cover​s Sex Scandals of Republicans Twice as Much as ​of ​Democrat​s
  107. 9 Million Relatives of Immigrants ​Were ​Admitted into US in Last Decade
  108. Massive civil war coming if the Deep State removes Trump from power
  109. Islamization of the Workplace: Terror-tied CAIR sues Ariens, prayer times not enough, sues to STOP the line for Muslim migrants
  110. Videos and Photos: Freedom-Lovers Protest Linda Sarsour’s New School Anti-Semitism Panel Fraud
  111. VIDEOS and PHOTOS: JDL Counter Protests Alt-Left Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) Boycott of Israel Birthright Gala
  112. Professor Offers Extra Credit to ‘Rally Against the GOP Tax Bill’
  113. Jack Phillips Before The Supreme Court: “Tolerance Is a Two-Way Street”
  114. The SCOTUS Sweet Stakes: Baker’s Freedom in the Balance
  115. Moving the U.S. Embassy Was a Capitol Idea
  116. Victory! Huge Outcry Stops Dangerous Attack in Blue State
  117. Government and Big Business Pedophiles Gone Wild
  118. In The Future, All Of The Controversy Surrounding Immigration From Mexico Will Be A Thing Of The Past
  119. Mexican Drug Cartel Boss LIVING IN THE USA Takes A Six-Year-Old Girl And Cuts Her Apart Piece-By-Piece In Front Of Her Parents, As She Screams For Help He Laughs And Says To Her Parents “This Way You Will Remember Me”
  120. “Moderate” imam Suhaib Webb, atheist Islamic apologist CJ Werleman: US “greatest source of evil in the world today”
  121. WATCH: Ben Shapiro Destroys Two-state Solution to Israel-Palestinian Conflict
  122. Will God Bless Trump For Moving Our Embassy To Jerusalem?
  124. President Trump’s Democratic Opponents Ranked
  125. Erik Prince Accuses Obama Officials of Illegal Spying
  126. What Is Leandra English Doing All Day?
  127. Retiring Dem Rep. Gutierrez Paid Wife $430,000 From Campaign Funds Over Past Seven Years
  128. Tom Steyer Spent $344,827.59 Per Vote to Consider Impeachment
  129. Al-MSNBC Declares 3 Days of Rage
  130. Kihuen Accuser Says She Reported Sexual Harassment to DCCC 20 Months Before Going to the Media
  131. Fmr. Tennessee Dem Gov. Announces Senate Bid, Targets ‘Broken’ Washington
  132. Murphy Considers Holding Up Trump Nominee Over ‘Insulting and Derogatory’ Tweets Toward Women
  133. Florida man gets 15 YEARS IN PRISON (plus another 15 years probation) for leaving BACON on mosque doorstep
  134. Trump Peace team, ‘We’ll ride it out’: Muslim Jew-haters riot, burn President Trump posters, American & Israel flags, *yawn*
  135. Video and Photos: “Stop the DREAM-Killers” Alt-Left Demo in NYC Against Sound Immigration Policies
  136. Report: McMaster Approved NSA Spying on Trump Family Which Was Sent to George Soros-Owned Facility
  137. Leftist U.S. Jews Slam Trump Over Jerusalem Move, Warn of ‘Destructive Consequences’
  138. Brian Ross Removed From Trump Coverage After Suspension Ends, ABC News Says
  139. At issue: can U.S. move embassy quickly?
  140. ACLJ wants ink lifted from tarmac documents
  141. NYC leads nation in shameful statistic
  142. Student-led prayers will continue in Texas and beyond
  144. Justice for Planned Parenthood?
  145. Ariz. GOP lawmaker resigns over surrogacy allegation
  147. Roy Moore Accuser Admits She Tampered Yearbook Entry (VIDEO)
  148. Paul Craig Roberts: America Is “Walking Into Armageddon”
  149. Arizona Cop Acquitted For Killing Crawling Man Who Was Begging For His Life: Graphic Video
  150. Blue Vs Red Slice – American Politics Explained Using Pizza
  151. DNI Orders Changes To US “Unmasking” Policy
  152. Baltimore Students Create An App To Detect If Their Heroin Is Laced With Fentanyl
  156. Customs begins testing border wall prototypes
  157. U.S. Files Suit to Seize Antiquities Looted by Islamic State Militants
  158. Top Dem in Tennessee Senate Race Has Record of Covering Up Sexual Assault Allegations
  159. U.S., Foreign Leaders Warn of Terror Groups Converging With Organized Crime in Latin America
  160. U. Maryland College of Education May Be Producing Grads Unprepared for Classroom
  161. Muslim Brotherhood Declares JIHAD on “Enemy State” US Over Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
  162. Prophet Who Says He Visited Heaven After Heart Attack Charged With Running Prostitution Ring
  163. DEVELOPING: At least 3 Dead and 12 injured after shooting at New Mexico school…
  164. Academic journal warns against Eating meat, Promotes “toxic masculinity”
  165. Chris Matthews: ‘Crazy’ Evangelicals ‘Don’t Understand’ the Situation in Israel
  166. Arabs, Europe and UN reject Trump recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital…
  167. Illinois Boy Who Identifies as Girl Sues to Use Girls’ Locker Room to Change for Gym Class
  168. Paula White, Samuel Rodriguez, Mike Huckabee and Jentezen Franklin All Agree On This One Thing
  169. Wisconsin Republican: ‘Witch Hunt’ Into Scott Walker Campaign Collected Personal Info Illegally


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  1. Netanyahu: ‘Jerusalem Has Been the Focus of Our Prayers for 3000 Years, it’s Here that Our Temples Stood’
  2. Netanyahu: Nazis and Iran Share ‘Ruthless Commitment to Murder Jews’
  3. Netanyahu Talks Tough on Iran, Will Not Tolerate Military Base in Syria
  4. Netanyahu Warns ‘We Have To Act Now Against Iran’!
  5. Netanyahu Says New Law Limiting Police in Criminal Investigations Won’t Apply to Him
  6. Netanyahu: Non-religious Jewry in North America will disappear within a generation
  7. WATCH: Netanyahu Would Win New Election, Polls Show
  8. WATCH: ‘Seize the Opportunity’ to Stop Iran, Netanyahu Tells Influential Americans
  9. Netanyahu signs multi-billion-dollar Power Africa agreement with US
  10. Why Israeli Experts Do Not Expect Trump to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem
  11. Report: Several Iranians Killed in IDF Strike on Syrian Base
  12. WATCH: How Ethiopian Jews are Succeeding in Israel
  13. Historic First: 6 African Heads of Parliament to Attend Conference in Israel
  14. WATCH: Samarian Jewish Communites Fulfilling Biblical Prophesy
  15. Israeli Forces Demolish Home of Terrorist Who Killed 70-Year-Old Man
  16. Education Minister Cancels Event with NGO that ‘defends Terrorists’
  17. 25 Years in Prison for Islamist Who Plotted Bomb Attack on Jewish Center
  18. This Israeli Man on a Bicycle Saved 2500 Lives
  19. WATCH: IDF Finds Palestinians’ Terror Weapons Hidden in Toys
  20. Inspiring: Blind IDF Soldier Uses Disability to Teach Tolerance
  21. WATCH: Israeli Boy Genius Builds Robot to Solve Rubik’s Cube
  22. Israel Strikes Outskirts of Damascus, Loud Explosions Heard
  23. DEVELOPING: Israel Strikes Near Damascus Again! Second Strike In Days
  24. WATCH: Jerusalem Mayor Makes Final Plea to Trump to Move the Embassy
  25. Israel Arrests 2 for Murder of IDF Soldier
  26. Palestinian Mob Attacks Activists Asserting Jewish Presence in Samaria
  27. Syrian Shell Explodes in Israel
  28. Jerusalem Awaits Decision: Will Trump Sign Waiver After the Deadline?
  29. Jerusalem Police Watch Fallout from Trump Announcement, Prepare for Violence
  30. 10 Reasons Why Trump Should Recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel
  31. WATCH: Why Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem is a Step Toward Peace
  32. Baruch Hashem! Trump tells Abbas and Abdullah, US Embassy is Moving to Jerusalem
  33. WATCH: Israel Improves Law to Help Disabled Find Employment
  34. Knesset Unveils Cutting-Edge Technology for Disabled
  35. WATCH: The Jewish People Will Never Leave Jerusalem!
  36. ‘Let There Be Light!’: Israel Brings Power to Africa
  37. WATCH: What Security Precautions is the IDF Taking in Anticipation Palestinian Rage?
  38. Israel’s Major Opposition Parties Support Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem
  39. Jerusalem Mayor Calls on US to Cancel Travel Warning Due to Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration
  40. WATCH: Israelis Unanimously Declare ‘Jerusalem is My Capital’!
  42. First Israeli Female Combat Tank Operators Are Ready For Deployment
  43. Meet The Israeli Cyber-Weapons Dealer Paid Millions By Governments To Hack Our Phones
  44. Israel Officially Declares Its F-35I Warplanes Operational (Video, Photos)
  45. WATCH: Jerusalem Mayor Thrilled with UWI’s Global Support for United Jerusalem
  46. Arab Students at Israeli University Call to Expel the ‘Zionists’
  47. Israeli Policemen Save Palestinian’s Life
  48. Israel Signs Agreement to Supply Europe with Natural Gas
  49. IDF Blasts Hamas in Gaza Following Rocket Attacks Against Israel
  50. WATCH: What Do Jerusalemites Think of Trump’s Announcement?
  51. WATCH: Arab Students at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University Call to Destroy Israel
  52. WATCH: IDF Responds to Palestinian Riots Over Jerusalem Recognition
  53. Abbas’ Response a ‘Tragedy’ for Palestinians, Says Top Israeli Minister
  54. Clashes erupt across West Bank, Gaza over U.S. Jerusalem pivot


  1. Palestinians Threaten Violence if US Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
  2. Palestinians Scramble to Block US Recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli Capital
  3. Palestinians Struggle to Stop US Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
  4. Palestinian Official Confirms Trump Warned Abbas About Embassy Move
  5. Palestinians Threaten ‘3 Days of Rage’ in Response to US Embassy Move
  6. Palestinian Doctors Trained in Israel to Perform Life-Saving Ultrasound Treatment
  7. “Palestinian” spox Hanan Ashrawi: “No way there can be talks with the Americans. Peace process is finished.”
  8. New Palestinian Curriculum Even More Radical Than Before
  9. Scores Injured, One Dead as Palestinians Hold ‘Day of Rage’ Over Jerusalem
  10. Vice-President Pence ‘Unwelcome in Palestine,’ PA Says
  11. WATCH: Palestinians Warn Trump, will Respond with ‘Twice the Strength’ Over Recognition of Jerusalem
  12. Abbas, Jordanian King Coordinate Response to US Jerusalem Declaration
  13. Analysis: The Real Palestinian Response to Trump’s Jerusalem Speech
  14. Trump ‘Declaring War on 1.5 Billion Muslims’ by Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital, PA Says
  15. WATCH: Jordanian Cleric Says ‘Only Sword Will Resolve Struggle with Zionists’
  16. WATCH: Lebanese Prime Minister Withdraws Resignation
  17. Muslim States Warn US Against Jerusalem Embassy Move
  18. 57 Muslim leaders send letter to Trump warning him not to move U.S embassy to Jerusalem
  19. Hamas says Trump has opened ‘the gates of hell’ and calls for ‘day of rage’
  20. ISIS Terrorists Threaten Europe
  21. How ISIS Has Changed Christmas
  22. Arab World Prepares Response To Trump Declaration On Jerusalem
  23. Major Islamic Terrorists Declare This Order For Muslim Terrorists To Kill Christians: “Blow Up Their Churches And Monasteries, Kill Their Priests And Monks, Do Not Show Mercy Toward Any Christian For They Are All Belligerent Toward Allah’s Religion.”
  24. Judea and Samaria: Muslims screaming “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine” throw stones at Israeli soldiers
  25. Violence Escalates in Jerusalem after Friday Muslim Prayers
  26. Nasrallah calls for support of new Palestinian Intifada


  1. Germany: Frankfort Mayor Slams Germany for Denying Israeli Ownership of Dead Sea Scrolls
  3. Germany: Surge in Migrant Attacks on Police, “Migrants Have No Respect for Us”
  4. Germany: Victims and family members of Berlin Christmas market jihad attack blast Merkel
  5. Germany: Germany Warns of ‘Highly Radicalized’ ISIS Wives, Children
  6. Germany: AfD Politician sued for “racial incitement” for reading out news about Muslim migrant crime
  7. Germany: German Foreign Minister Unironically Calls for ‘Solution to the Jerusalem Problem’
  8. Germany: What They Don’t Tell You About History: The Gas That Was Used To Slaughter Hundreds Of Thousands Of American And Allied Troops In World War One, Was Invented By A German Jew Loyal To German Supremacy. This Very Gas Was Later Used To Exterminate Jews In The Holocaust
  9. Netherlands: Islamization of Holland: “For us gays, Amsterdam was [once] the safest city in the world to live in
  10. Netherlands: WATCH: Police Stand by as Muslim Man Smashes Kosher Restaurant’s Windows in Amsterdam
  11. Netherlands: Netherlands video: Man holding Palestinian flag smashes windows of kosher restaurant in Amsterdam
  12. Holland: Only 4 Out Of 2,429 Refugees Are Fully Employed in Dutch City of Rotterdam
  13. Poland: YouTube “quarantines” hard-hitting Polish government’s video about Europe’s migrant crisis
  14. Hungary: Hungary refuses to accept jihad terrorism as “something we have to live with”
  15. Bosnia: 13 Bosnian Muslims arrested over 1990s war crimes
  16. UK: Christmas Season of Terror: Islamic State makes chilling threat to ‘attack on Christmas markets in UK, Germany and France’
  17. UK: Saying Grace Before Meal Could Offend Non-Christians and Atheists, UK Girl Guides Leaders Told
  18. UK: UK Border Force Chief: Illegal Migrants Can Use British Services, Access Schools, and ‘We Can’t Catch You’
  19. UK: ‘We will destroy your country’: Chilling ISIS threat to UK in new poster being shared by jihadists
  20. UK: International outcry over Muslim father’s claim that teacher called cops on boy who only said “Allah” and “boom”
  21. UK: A Muslim woman speaks: No more silence
  22. UK: What the Democrats want for us: 400 JIHAD ARRESTS IN 8 MONTHS IN UK
  23. UK: UK record 400 terror arrests in ’17 up 54%
  24. UK: Obsessive Jew-Hatred: 176 Anti-Israel Events in a Month in the UK
  25. EU: European Union to Mark Human Rights Day by Defaming Israel
  26. EU: EU vows push to make Jerusalem capital for “Palestinians,” too
  27. EU: EU vows push to make Jerusalem capital for “Palestinians” too
  28. Denmark: Muslima, 17, who wanted to join ISIS and plotted to blow up two schools, including one for Jewish children, is jailed for eight years
  29. Sweden: Sweden Plans ‘Grenade Amnesty’ as Attacks Soar
  30. Sweden: Leaked Crime Statistics Show 82% of Gang Rapes by Migrants
  31. Sweden: Swedish Government to Ban Websites that List Ethnic Origin (Muslim Migrant) of Criminal Suspects
  32. Sweden: Swedish chief prosecutor: No-Go Zone Stockholm suburb Rinkeby is like a “war zone”
  33. Sweden: Swedish government to ban websites that reveal ethnic origin of crime suspects
  34. Sweden: Chief of Anti-Crime Unit Says Stockholm Suburb is Like a War Zone
  35. Sweden: Muslim migrants responsible for 300% increase in HIV cases
  36. Europe: 26,000 Jihadis Ready to Attack
  37. Russia: Putin Announces He’ll Seek Reelection as Russian President in 2018
  38. Russia: Russia Cheers Trump Takedown Of FBI, But Warns Olympics Still Doomed
  39. Russia: Russia and China building space weapons to target US satellites
  40. Russia: After Peddling Blood Libel, Russian Priest Denies Anti-Semitism
  41. Russia: Russian Su-57 5th Gen Fighter Jet Flies With Production-Standard Engine For First Time (Video)
  42. Russia: Major Russian Government Official Declares That All Of Syria Is Now Liberated From ISIS
  43. Russia: Putin Vows To Bring Back Christian Syria, And Declares That Russia Will Help Rebuild Churches And Bring Better Lives For Christians In Syria
  44. France: Beloved Christmas Market in Lyon, France CANCELLED because of Islamic terror security costs
  45. France: WATCH: Migrants RIOT at Paris train station
  46. France: A Two State Solution For Europe?
  47. France: Generation Identity mosque protesters convicted for mosque protest, get harsh sentences
  48. English: Islamist suicide plot to assassinate Prime Minister Theresa May foiled
  49. England: Outrage over BBC’s Sharia-Compliant Christmas
  50. England: Beating wives if they refuse sex is OK, according to books in Britain’s Islamic schools
  51. England: $2,000/year Muslim girls’ school won’t provide toilet paper or soap for students ‘for cultural reasons’
  52. England: Prince Charles: “Let’s remember Muhammad on Christmas”
  53. England: British PM May travels to Brussels in hope of clinching Brexit deal
  54. Belgium: Red Cross Demands Branches Remove Crucifixes
  55. Ireland: Viagra Factory Fumes Causing Thousands Of ‘Spontaneous Erections’
  56. Ireland: Substantive changes to Brexit border text, says Northern Ireland’s DUP leader
  57. Italy: Pope Francis Charged in Trafficking Orphans Trial
  58. Italy: Pope Criticizes Trump’s Decision to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem
  59. Italy: Donald Trump Just Declared That Jerusalem Is The Capital Of Israel, And That The US Embassy Will Be Moved To Jerusalem. Pope Francis Says That This Will Only Cause Further Violence In The Middle East
  60. Czech Republic: Czech Republic follows Trump, recognizes Jerusalem
  61. Austria: Austrian Constitutional Court Declares ‘Gay Marriage Is Legal, Supporting Traditional Marriage Is A Form Of Bigotry’


  1. South Korea: Six Minutes to Counterattack: South Korea Shows Plan to Strike Back at North’s Missiles
  2. North Korea” Kim Jong-Un Warns Trump Begging For World War 3 With Joint Drills
  3. North Korea: North Korea warns U.S. threats make war “unavoidable” on Korean peninsula
  4. North Korea: US Threats Have Made Outbreak Of War ‘An Established Fact’
  5. Japan: WAR DRUMS: Millions in Tokyo to take part in North Korean nuclear attack exercise
  6. Japan: Japan seeking missiles capable of striking range of North Korea
  7. Japan: Japanese priestess stabbed to death at shrine in apparent family feud
  8. China: China stepping toward ‘personality cult’
  9. China: China Calls for Tight Control of Internet, Is America Next?
  10. China: Bill Gates, Other Elites Inducted Into Communist Chinese Academy
  11. China: China Stages Largest Ever ‘WW3 Drills’ To Warn Off U.S.
  12. China: PERSECUTION — ‘Thugs’ assault elderly, vandalize church in China
  13. China: WAR DRUMS: China preparing to join forces with North Korea
  14. China: Inside the Ring: China Confirms Test of DF-41 Missile
  15. Pakistan: Live-streamed terror footage of college massacre shows civilians helping burka-clad jihadis
  16. Pakistan: After Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital, Pakistani Historian Mobarak Haidar Writes: ‘Muslims Of The World… Have No Religious Basis To Rule Jerusalem’
  17. Pakistan: Pakistan Air Force Ordered To Shoot Down US Military Drones
  18. India: police uncover Islamic plot to poison drinking water
  19. India: Former President Obama Declares ‘India Must Cherish And Protect Its Muslim Population’ And He Is Absolutely Right To Say This
  20. Turkey: Turkey Threatens to Sever Ties with Israel Over US Embassy Move
  21. Turkey: Turkey warns recognition of Jerusalem as capital is “Red Line” For Muslims
  22. Turkey: Would-be caliph Erdogan: “Jerusalem is our red line” demands Trump “return from this grave mistake immediately”
  23. Turkey: Turkey Intends to Provide Extra-Support to its Syrian Contingent (photos)
  24. Turkey: Turkey Calls For Emergency Summit Meeting After Israel Announcement
  25. Turkey: The Frenzy Over Jerusalem Has Begun. Erdogan Threatens Trump “In Five To Ten Days We Will Gather The Muslim World In Istanbul And We Will Deal With The Issue Of Jerusalem”
  26. Turkey: Turkey’s Deputy PM: “Declaring Jerusalem a capital is plunging region and world into a fire with no end in sight”
  27. Turkey: Hugh Fitzgerald: The Rise and Rise of Recep Tayyip Erdogan
  29. Iran: Top dog of Iran’s Navy promises to “fly the Iranian flag in the Gulf of Mexico”
  30. Iran: Iran, Muslim Brotherhood Threaten Violent Reprisals for U.S. Recognition of Jerusalem
  31. Syria: Terrorist Groups Join FSA to Prevent Syrian Army Advance
  32. Syria: Who is Really Interested in Solution of Syrian Conflict?
  35. Syria: Tiger Forces Allegedly Reached Positions Of Syrian Army Near Al-Bukamal – Reports
  36. Syria: 15 Civilians from Foua and Kafraya previously kidnapped by terrorists, Returned to Aleppo
  37. Syria: Can America be trusted to restore peace and stability in Syria?
  38. Syria: Syrian Army Detects a Huge Arms Depot in Deir Ezzor
  39. Syria: ISIS Tried to Maintain Military Presence in South Deir Ezzor but Failed
  41. Afghanistan: Top al-Qaeda leader reported killed in Afghanistan in U.S.-Afghan operation
  42. Kuwait: Muslim cleric: “Offensive Jihad means attacking infidels in order to conquer their countries and bring them into the fold of Islam”


  1. Cairo: Arab League Warns Trump recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital would “fuel violence”
  2. Ghana: African states say they will follow Trump in moving their embassies to Jerusalem
  3. Nigeria: Muslim Terrorists Attack And Slaughter Thousands Of HIV-Infected Homosexuals Across Nigeria
  4. Nigeria: Major Muslim Groups Attack Christians On Charges Of “Religious Discrimination” And ‘Promoting Christianity’ For Giving Clothes To Thousands Of Poor Muslim Children Across Nigeria, The Government Tells The Muslims ‘No- You Give Gifts To Christians At Ramadan, You Are Just Trying To Make Trouble’
  5. DR Congo: DR Congo displacement crisis ‘worse than Middle East’
  6. DR Congo: IDMC Says Conflict Displacement Hits Congo More Than Any Other Country
  7. DR Congo: Scale of People Fleeing Congo Is ‘Off the Charts,’ Group Says
  8. DR Congo: Deadline for the DRC
  9. DR Congo: The Forgotten War: Conflict in Congo Worse than ‘Syria, Yemen and Iraq’
  10. DR Congo: Money low to feed 500 000 in deadly Congo region, UN says
  11. DR Congo: Kasai, Democratic Republic of Congo: Millions at Risk as Funding Dries up
  12. DR Congo: Armed groups in central Africa using roadblocks as funding source
  13. DR Congo: Offshore Congo concession prolonged to 2043
  14. DR Congo: Congo-Kinshasa: Hospitals That Act As Modern-Day Debtor Prisons Deny Rights and Dignity
  15. DR Congo: Congo-Kinshasa: Funds Sought to Revive War-Torn DRC ICT Sector
  16. DR Congo: UN peacekeepers, Congolese soldiers die in DRC attack
  17. DR Congo: 14 UN peacekeepers killed, 53 hurt in Congo attack
  18. South Africa: Holomisa hammers at confident coalition
  19. South Africa: Sunnyside police rolling up their sleeves and abusers are copping it
  20. Tanzania: Tanzania’s National Assembly Speaker: “Commendable” to move embassy, “several African countries” will follow


  1. Australia: Muslim arrested over Melbourne New Year’s Eve jihad mass murder plot for Federation Square


  1. Canada: Robert Spencer: Canadian University Feeds the False Muslim Victimhood Narrative
  2. Canada: Trudeau labels legit terrorism questions as “Islamophobia”
  3. Canada: Leftists and Muslims Set to File Human Rights Complaint Over Showing of Film on Islamization of Europe
  4. Canada: Quebec: Iranian Muslim judge suspends law requiring people to show their faces for public services
  5. Canada: Halifax Explosion
  6. Canada: A CITY DESTROYED — Experience the Halifax Explosion, 100 years later
  7. Canada: Trudeau and his liberals vote in support of ISIS, Trudeau ripped for “little arrogant smile”
  8. Canada: Canadian Government Quietly Compensates Daughter of MKULTRA Victim
  9. Cuba: Cuba attack victims have brain abnormalities (Video: 2:22 minutes long.)
  10. Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico Pays Gov’t Employees $100 Million in Bonuses After Asking for $94 billion in Federal Disaster Relief


  1. Venezuela: Venezuela to create digital currency amid financing crisis…
  2. Venezuela: Citgo’s Future in Doubt, Thanks to Its Takeover by Venezuela’s Military


World Financial News Banner


  1. Survey: 34 Percent of Students in Default Never Made a Payment
  2. CVS expands into insurance with $69B Aetna bid
  3. REPORT: GOP Tax Bill Includes $400 Stimulus For Retirees
  4. West Coast Housing Crisis Drives Up US Homeless Numbers
  5. ‘Wall of money’ pushes bitcoin over $US14,000
  6. As Bitcoin Storms Past $15,000, These Maps Reveal Where It’s Most Popular
  7. Bitcoin plummets more than 12 percent to below $15,000
  8. Bitcoin sinks below $15,000, just hours after taking out $17,000
  9. Steam Just Dropped Bitcoin Support, Saying It’s Just Too Damn Volatile
  10. The Surging Bitcoin Faces Two Barriers to Going Primetime
  11. Here’s why a burst bitcoin bubble probably wouldn’t derail global markets
  12. Ride the bitcoin wave with these 11 cryptocurrency-related stocks
  13. A bitcoin crash, a burst housing bubble — brace for these 30 risks, says giant bank
  14. BITCOIN HYSTERIA, $100,000 Bitcoin Coming? | Michael Pento
  15. This Bitcoin Rally Is Truly Historic And It Has Gold In The Year 1979 Written All Over It.
  16. Michael Ballanger: The Government Manipulation Of Precious Metals Caused The Rush Into Bitcoin
  17. Bill Blain: Bitcoin Futures Could Be “A Clusterf*ck Of Monumental Proportions”
  18. Bitcoin Has A “Whale” Problem: 1,000 Investors Control Nearly Half The Market
  19. Bitcoin Mania Hits Craigslist: Sellers Can Now Use Cryptocurrency As Method Of Payment
  20. Bitcoin Collapse, Equity ‘Flash Crash’, & The Fed Loses Control: Saxo’s ‘Outrageous Predictions’ For 2018
  21. Audio Alert: Bitcoin Owners Take Profits by Buying Gold
  22. Investor warns ‘Gold price will explode & dollar get wiped out’
  23. Charles Hugh Smith: Every Type Of Money Does Not Need to Perform All The Functions Of Money
  24. Strong November U.S. job gains anticipated; wages seen rising
  25. Exclusive: Wells Fargo sanctions are on ice under Trump official – sources
  26. General Electric to cut 12,000 jobs in power business revamp
  27. Millions would lose mortgage, gift write-offs under U.S. tax bill: study
  28. Unemployment Rate Remains Steady at 4.1%, 148,000 More Americans Join Labor Force
  29. U.S. employers add 228K jobs; unemployment rate stays 4.1%
  30. Here’s why stocks will likely be even higher in December 2018
  31. Stock market turns higher for the week after stronger-than-expected jobs report
  32. Global stocks could make history this month by refusing to fall
  33. Think you can time the stock market? Look at this chart first
  34. Stocks are still feeling the hangover of the dot-com bubble and the financial crisis
  35. Reagan budget expert Stockman says Republican tax overhaul won’t create jobs or lift pay
  36. To fight automation, white-collar workers must play to this strength
  37. This is the highest-paying job in AI
  38. Here’s exactly how much the Democratic National Committee now pays its interns
  39. This is one of the few companies in America that pay women as well as men
  40. 7 reasons investors should believe Walmart’s comeback is for real
  41. Tax reform and holiday shopping send retail stocks to best month in 6 years
  42. Lululemon keeps Amazon at bay and reaps the financial rewards
  43. American Eagle Outfitters is finding strength beyond denim, and analysts are relieved
  44. Honeywell sets new $8 billion stock buyback program
  45. Gold prices suffer a nearly 3% drop for the week
  46. 5 things to know about biotech Denali Therapeutics and its $250 million IPO
  47. GE to pay new lowered quarterly dividend on Jan. 25
  48. Dollar sees choppy trade after payrolls data
  49. Oil prices climb for the session, post a loss for the week
  50. Silver Is Desperately Trying To Reach You Before It’s Too Late
  51. Eric Sprott: Moving Just A Little Crypto Profits Into Gold & Silver Could BLOW UP THE MARKET
  52. Jim Rickards: Gold Is Now FULLY Priced In For A Rate Hike
  53. Jim Rickards: ‘Prepare now for the avalanche… before it’s too late’
  54. Jim Willie: China Will RESET The Gold Price As Oil-For-Yuan Launch IMMINENT
  55. Hyperinflation Watch: CryptoKitties (Think ‘The Sims’ But Just One Virtual Cat) Selling For $100,000 EACH
  56. Fund Manager: The Paper Gold Price Attack Cycle Is Almost Over
  57. The Fed Is In An Inflation Rate Catch-22
  58. Finally, An Honest Inflation Index – Guess What It Shows
  59. Gold & Silver Shrug Off November Jobs Report But We’re Not Holding Our Breath
  60. Peter Schiff: The Fiat Currency Crisis Will Include Bitcoin And The Cryptocurrenies
  61. John Rubino: The Speculators Have Not Been Washed Out – They Are Becoming Even More Bullish
  62. De-Dollarization Picks Up Speed: China & Iran Agreements On Bilateral Trade Escalate
  63. Fund Manager: Investors Are The Citizens Of Pompeii Ignoring The Volcano’s Warning Signs
  64. How to profit from the ‘death’ of Black Friday
  65. How to be wrong half the time… and still make money
  66. This Trump tweet is good news for your portfolio
  67. The Golden Triangle: ‘The single greatest investment strategy we’ve ever found’
  68. ‘Melt Up’ update: ALL CLEAR again
  69. Bill Bonner: Why work is more important than money
  70. Porter Stansberry: One thing you’ll want to own when this bubble implodes
  71. America First (After All Of You…) – Mapping Billions Of Dollars In Foreign Aid
  72. China Systemic Risk: HNA Group Denies Liquidity Problem, It’s Only “End-Of-The-Year Tightness”


  1. Russia-China bond market advancing “dollarless” financial system


  1. Venezuela Launches the ‘Petro’: Oil & Gold Backed Cryptocurrency to Fight US Financial Blockade


  1. Imports From China Hit Record High As U.S. Trade Deficit Continues To Explode
  2. Asia cheers China trade boost, bitcoin shoots for the stars


Earth News Banner

  1. Upcoming Cycle of New Year Supermoons Ends With Super Blue Blood Moon
  2. Powerful magnitude 6 earthquake strikes Ecuador as damage feared in coastal city
  3. World’s Longest-Lasting Rainbow Seen Over Taiwan for 9 Hours
  4. Super-Flood (Video: 6:43 minutes long.)
  5. Scientists and residents on edge waiting for imminent volcanic eruption in Indonesia
  7. 46 Earthquakes Have Shaken California Over The Past 24 Hours
  8. Alaska records one of the most extreme snowfall rates on record
  9. Öræfajökull caldera deepens 20 m (65 feet), geothermal heat in the area, Iceland
  10. Storm Caroline to hit Scotland with heavy rain and powerful winds, UK
  11. SoCal Wildfires: Los Angeles, Ventura declare state of emergency as 200 000 evacuate
  12. Very Severe Cyclonic Storm “Ockhi” to hit Maharashtra, India
  13. Atmospheric radiation increasing as we head into Solar Minimum
  14. Shallow M4.2, M2.8 earthquakes hit northeast Oklahoma
  15. Earthquakes in strange places: The Mediterranean islands of Cyprus and Malta along with northern Libya hit with mid mag quakes
  16. The Russian colossus Shiveluch Volcano spews ash 10 kilometres (6 miles) into the sky! A “giant eruption” with powerful lightning in the ash column
  17. Three earthquakes hit eastern Iran in quick succession close to Isfahan and Bushehr Nuclear sites (how long before one receives a direct hit?)
  18. Earthquakes in strange places leaving USGS official claiming “this is wild” as a mag 4.1 hits Delaware just 7 miles northeast of Dover Air Force Base
  19. This new simple method could purge our Oceans from the most dangerous radioactive Cesium-137 released by the Fukushima disaster in sea waters
  20. Traces Of Nuclear Tests Conducted By Superpowers In The Early 1960s Found In Russian Pine Trees
  21. Mysterious river ground elevation causes massive fish kill in the Philippines and terrifies residents
  22. Newly Discovered Black Hole Paradox –“Weak Magnetic Fields, Powerful Jet Outbursts at Near Speed of Light”
  23. WATCH NASA VIDEO: “2017 –Death of Saturn’s Cassini to the Discovery of 10 Earth-Sized Alien Planets”
  24. Gargantuan Galaxies of the Early Universe –“So Massive They Almost Defy Current Understanding”
  25. Earth’s Deep “Hum” Recorded for 1st Time –“Planet is Constantly in Movement”
  26. This Supermassive Black Hole Is a “Rare Relic from the Early Universe”
  27. 46 Earthquakes Rock California In Past 24 Hours
  28. An asteroid big enough to destroy New York just missed Earth and even NASA didn’t notice


Petition News Banner

Tell the U.N. – Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital

Take a stand for Israel by telling the United Nations that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish state and God’s eternal city.

Israel is surrounded by enemies on all sides facing anti-Semitic unrest and violence. Take a stand for Israel right now by letting the U.N. know that Jerusalem is the Capital City of the nation of Israel.

ACT NOW! Protest Democratic Senators’ Call on Israel to Halt Razing of Illegal Arab Construction

US senators are opposing the demolition of unauthorized Palestinian structures that were built illegally. We must protest this hypocritic and immoral action!

Democratic US senators have called recently on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop the planned demolition of two illegally built Palestinian villages, claiming that the move could endanger Israel’s future.

Ten members of the Democratic Party signed the letter, including Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Diane Feinstein, Al Franken and Brian Schatz.

The letter urges Netanyahu to scrap an order to demolish the Palestinian villages of Sussiya and Khan al-Amar, situated in the Hebron area. While both are not authorized and were built illegally, the plans to raze the villages, as prescribed by law, have sparked an international outcry.

“Efforts to forcibly evict entire Palestinian communities and expand settlements not only directly imperil a two-state solution, but we believe also endanger Israel’s future as a Jewish democracy,” the authors claim in the letter.

The letter is harsh in its assault on Israel and is even reminiscent of language used by anti-Israel organizations.

“Instead of forcibly evicting these communities, we encourage your government to fairly re-evaluate Sussiya’s professionally developed master plan and provide the residents of Khan al-Ahmar equal building rights,” the letter reads.

Sussiya’s illegal Palestinian structures are situated in Area C, officially fully controlled by Israel as per the 1993 Oslo peace accords.

The Obama administration had previously put pressure on Jerusalem on the issue, threatening a severe response if Israel acted in accordance with its own law.

These so-called defenders of human rights have exercised a double standard with regard to Jews. They choose to remain silent and fail to defend Jews whose homes are destroyed under the pretense that they are “built illegally” on allegedly privately owned Palestinian land.

We must let these US representatives know that their duplicity is unacceptable and shameful.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. The Mixtec – Mysterious Very Advanced Culture Of The Foremost Goldsmiths Of Mesoamerica
  2. Preserved Mixtec Codices: Codex Zouche-Nuttall – Beautiful ‘Folding Screen Of Historical Events Of Mixtec People Of Oaxaca
  3. Ancient Copy Of Jesus’ Secret Teachings To His Brother James Discovered – First Apocalypse And Future Events Described
  4. James the brother of Jesus mentioned in ancient Christian document found at Oxford
  5. Large Mysterious 2,000-Year-Old Structure Discovered At The Center Of A Military Training Area In Israel
  6. Viking Children Were Buried With Extremely Sharp Knives – Afterlife Tools To Be Used In Valhalla?
  7. Mighty King Harald Hardrada- The Last Great Viking And Most Feared Warrior Of His Time
  8. Millennia Old Ceremonial Stone Belt And Maya Pok-A-Tok Ball Game
  9. Mysterious Doorways In King Solomon’s Temple Leading To The Inner Shrine
  10. Caesar’s Invasion Of Britain Started from Pegwell Bay in Kent – New Study Says
  11. Three Temples Shed Light On Roman Emperor Nero’s Mysterious Links To Silchester And Confirm His Vanity
  12. Europe’s Oldest Time Capsule Discovered Inside A Statue Of Jesus In Spain?
  13. Astonishing Upper Paleolithic Camel Cave Painting Discovered In The Ural Mountains
  14. Rose Cross – Powerful Symbol That Existed Long Before Christianity
  15. New evidence dates Christ’s tomb to Roman era, matching historical records
  16. New Dead Sea Scroll Translation Could Unlock Bible Mysteries from 2000 Years Ago
  17. Shield Maiden Freydis Eiriksdottir – Hot-Tempered Daughter Of Erik The Red Terrified Native Americans
  18. Pants And Boots Were Forbidden In Ancient Rome – Trousers Were A Symbol Of Barbarism To Ancient Romans
  19. Oxford University Is Older Than The Aztec Empire – Historical Records Say
  20. Nicholas Owen ‘Little John’ Who Paid Highest Price For His Ingenious, Camouflaged Places To Hide
  21. Belobog White God In Everlasting Fight With His Cursed, Evil Counterpart, Chernobog In Slavic Beliefs
  22. 2,800-Year-Old Urartian Basalt Stele Covered With Cuneiform Script Discovered In Van Province, Turkey
  23. Ancient Secrets Of Iberian Warrior Vase – 2,000-Year-Old Masterpiece Of Art
  24. Prehistoric Sime Skeleton And Now 15,000-Year-Old Bone Pendant Depicting ‘Venus’ Found In Vlakno Cave, Croatia
  25. SPQR Was A Symbol Of The Roman Republic
  26. Is Mysterious Prehistoric Jiroft The Legendary Land Of Aratta?
  27. Ancient ‘Cosmic’ Artifacts – Ancient Civilizations Used Meteoric Iron Much Earlier Than Previously Thought
  28. Norse Watcher Spirit Vörðr Followed A Person From Birth To Death
  29. Egyptian Priest Who Introduced Atlantis to the world: Sonchis of Sais
  30. The Ancient Giants of Nevada and the Mystery of Lovelock Cave
  31. Gigantic 2,000-Year-Old Geoglyph of an Orca Is One of the Earliest in Peru
  32. Over 200 well-preserved pterosaurs eggs some with embryonic remains unearthed in China
  33. Cryptic Message Found on Viking Runestone in Norway
  34. Bronze Age, or Space Stuff? Ancient Iron Artifacts Found to Have “Otherworldly” Origins
  35. Mysterious Engraved Stones May Prove Links Between Neolithic Coastal Settlements
  36. The Story of Human Migration Out of Africa Just Got Rewritten
  37. Archeologists discover Jewish symbol inscribed on Early Islamic period coins, further falsifying the legend of Muhammad


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Ten Tribes: More Points (Video: 19:27 minutes long.)
  2. Ten Tribes Studies (7 December 2017, 20 Kislev, 5778)


Ephesians Understandable to Every Christian

Ephesians Understandable to Every Christian!

Ephesians Understandable to Every Christian! A Hebraic Perspective: Verse by Verse Explanation of the Book of Ephesians (Christian Foundational Teachings 8)

Beloved Christian, do you want to know the TRUE UNDERSTANDING and INTEND of the ARMOUR OF GOD? If you are a Pastor, Counsellor, Intercessor, involved in Spiritual Warfare, or just a normal Believer, then you must get to the original Hebrew meaning of the Armour of God! 

This characterization of Ephesians suggests to us that this Book has proven to be greater than the minds of those who have studied it. Ephesians is one of those Books which, like God of whom it speaks, is beyond the grasp of the finite minds of men.

It is an important fact that division and splintering in the ranks of the beloved Messianics have been rampant lately, rather than enhanced unity, as the Gospels and the Epistles frequently instruct, further division is experienced. This is the very reason for this study of Ephesians. We need to re-think our views on the matter of defining the Believer community… The Two Houses mentioned in the Letter to the Ephesians will become “one” whether we are part of this prophetic reality or not. Unity will come!

This study of Paul does not support any specific denomination. It has deliberately been written from the ROOT SOURCES using fundamental principles of Scripture interpretation as to get an accurate exegesis on each verse.

This book will help you to understand who the Community really is and how God expects us to build a relationship with the House of Judah, that after all is the whole purpose of the Letter to the Ephesians. This is also the Believer’s sole mandate, which is captured in these two verses:

Rom 11:11: “I say then, have they (Judah) stumbled that they should fall? Let it not be! But by their fall deliverance has come to the gentiles (Lost Sheep of the House of Israel), to provoke them to jealousy.”

Gen 12:3: “And I shall bless those who bless you, and curse him who curses you. And in you all the clans of the earth shall be blessed.”

Meaning, you must be a blessing to all brothers, and you must provoke Judah to jealousy and not despise them. This off course is a Commandment in the Bible from God and there are consequences if you do not do it. The question is how do you do it?

In this study we will go through each and every verse in the Ephesians Book. You will at last understand the FULL ARMOUR OF GOD, not from a Roman soldier (Greek mind-set) perspective, but from a Hebrew perspective, yes a jaw-dropping revelation! 

This book is a MUST-READ for those who want to understand the “New Testament” in its original context.

(BOOK IS UPDATED! Thank you for being patient with us. We are in the process to upgrade all our books based on captivating Biblical topics, explaining secrets and mysteries. Books are also available in PDF at as well as FREE videos for your convenience. Please come back regularly to see our upgraded and vibrant new books.) 


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  1. Don’t Do Another Minute of Genealogy Research Until You Do This One Thing
  2. Hidden from the Nazis, Thousands of Lost Jewish Records are Discovered in a Basement
  3. Countless Americans Never Returned Home After War: Find Their Burial Records Here
  4. 4 Big Genealogy Mistakes That May Be Hurting Your Research (and How to Avoid Them)
  5. The 2 Minute Cyndi’s List Experiment That Helped Me Find My Elusive Ancestor
  6. Some of the Best Genealogy DNA Reports are Free, Here’s Where to Find Them
  7. Master Genealogy Organization in an Hour with One Online Program
  8. How to Locate Any Offline Genealogy Record in 1 Minute
  9. This Old Newspaper Site Lets You Clip Directly to Your Ancestry Tree
  10. How to Instantly Transcribe Your Genealogy Records for Free
  11. Finding Ohio War of 1812 Soldiers: Tuesday’s Tip
  12. Ten Tips For More Success With Newspaper Research
  13. 41 Strategies For Finding Your Family History Online
  14. Family Tree Friday: War of 1812 certificates of discharge
  15. Genealogy Data Entry Techniques
  16. Why You Should Incorporate Periodicals into Your Genealogy Research
  17. Gustave Anjou: An Intriguing Career of Genealogical Fraud
  18. Genealogy Gold Podcast (#155) How to Use Cluster Research to Find Those Hidden Ancestors
  19. Want to Know Your Ancestor’s World? Look at a Map
  20. The 11 Million Free Immigration Records You May Have Completely Overlooked
  21. Millions of Homestead Act (and Other) Land Records Are Free Online from the BLM
  22. Use DNA Tools to Analyze Your Results
  23. Flour Sack Dresses: Thrifty Fashions from the Great Depression
  24. Introducing MyHeritage Surveys for Those Who took a MyHeritage DNA Test or Uploaded Their DNA Test to MyHeritage
  25. New BT27 UK Outbound Passenger Lists Go Online for the 1930s Decade
  26. Why You’re Probably Related to Nefertiti, Confucius, and Socrates … and Most Everyone Else
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Ephesians 2:8 “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, (New King James Version)

Where do we get the faith that is required for salvation? Ephesians 2:8 answers: “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God.” We cannot work it up—that would be our effort (Isaiah 64:6).

Consider when God first started working with us. One year we were clueless, the next year things were making sense. We read the Bible and understood it, but more importantly, we believed it.

Where did that belief come from? It was, as Ephesians 2:8 says, a gift from God. The real miracle is not that we understood, but rather that we now believed those words we understood. And this happened only because God made it possible.

What was the evidence that we believed those words? We began living by them. Our new works and actions were the evidence of our faith: keeping the Sabbath, tithing, eating habits, etc.

Just like Abraham, our actions showed our desire to begin a right relationship with God motivated by His gift of faith. “Don’t you remember that our ancestor Abraham was declared right with God because of what he did when he offered his son Isaac on the altar? You see, he was trusting God so much that he was willing to do whatever God told him to do. His faith was made complete by what he did—by his actions” (James 2:21-22, New Living Translation).

To complete our faith, are we willing to believe and do whatever God tells us? Consider those first experiences as we began to believe. We faced family pressure, work pressure, peer pressure, etc., to obey what we now believed. What evidence did we have to back up our actions? All we had were God’s words. Armed with only those words, we willingly faced any opposition to act on what God commands. Just like Abraham, it was our faith in those words that encouraged us to obey and begin our journey, not knowing where we were going (Hebrews 11:8).

At our baptism, could we have predicted all the twists and turns our lives have taken since? Just like Israel’s journey after baptism in the Red Sea, God has taken us in a zigzag route across this wilderness we call life. What was our evidence of things not seen? Only the words of God. That was the only evidence we had then, and it is the only sure evidence we have now.

As we deal with our trials, do we remember that first love? Do we remember the challenges we were willing to confront with only the words of God as our evidence? It is no different today. Will we believe God or what we can see? God needs to find out just as He did with Abraham—to “know” we will obey, no matter what, until the end (Matthew 10:22).

To test our faith, God’s pattern is to bring us to a point—a brick wall or a Red Sea—that seemingly allows no escape. That is where He can find out what is truly in our hearts—hearts of belief or evil unbelief (Hebrews 3:12). Will we believe Him or our eyes?

Pat Higgins

To learn more, see:  Faith—What Is It?


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Baptism – Part 5 by Brad Scott

In the beginning YHVH cleansed the earth and all that is contained in it. God begins with a washed and cleansed world. He cleansed that which is natural first. This was a picture for all mankind to see so that man would be able to comprehend what God does to that part of us that is unseen, that which is eternal.

2 Corinthians 4:18
While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

The law of like kind producing like kind tells us that only that which is eternal and unseen can bear that which is eternal and unseen. Renegenerating our spirit can only be accomplished by spirit. The area of the mind and body is where we come in. Now that that which is eternal has been cleansed, that which is temporal can now respond to that change.

1 Corinthians 2:11-12
For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God. Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.

One of the things that makes man unique from animals and rocks is that man has a ‘spirit’. According to Rav Sha’ul [Paul] the ‘spirit of man’ is given so that man might know the things of man. Once again, like kind begets like kind. The spirit of man gives man the unique opportunity to be able to invent, to plan, to ponder, to design and put things in order, to purposely travel across town to rescue someone. The Spirit of God however, is given so that the man who receives Him can know the things of God. This ‘Spirit’ becomes one with the spirit of man (1 Corinthians 6:17). Only the Spirit of God can wash and cleanse the spirit of man so that man might know Him. This is a baptism only God can perform.

However, God’s children are designed like the tabernacle in the wilderness. God begins with the ark in the Most Holy Place and then moves toward the court, or that part of the tabernacle which is SEEN. The court, or our bodies, are designed to reflect the essence of that which is unseen. Every time we wash ourselves, we are to be reminded of what our Savior has accomplished in our Holy of Holies. So, Brad, are you saying that water baptism is just for show. Chalilah! God forbid. Water baptism is a commandment from YHVH.

Vayikra [Leviticus] 8:5-6
And Moses said unto the congregation, This is the thing which YHVH commanded to be done. And Moses brought Aaron and his sons, and washed them with water.

Mattityahu [Matthew] 3:14-15
But Yochanan [John] forbad him, saying, I have need to be baptized of thee, and comest thou to me? And Y’shua [Yeshua/Jesus] answering said unto him, Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness. Then he suffered him.

What God has done in us, that only He could do, is present in the seed of the woman, which is what was planted in our hearts. That is why the Word of God has to begin in our hearts. It has never begun anywhere else. ALL things that come forth from a believer from that point on comes from the heart. The heart contains the seed and then we produce fruit. No or little fruit is a matter of obedience. Here are but a few examples of the fact that God has ALWAYS begun with the cleansing of the heart.

Sh’mot [Exodus] 25:2
Speak unto the children of Israel, that they bring me an offering: of every man that giveth it willingly with his heart ye shall take my offering.

Sh’mot [Exodus] 28:29
And Aaron shall bear the names of the children of Israel in the breastplate of judgment upon his heart, when he goeth in unto the holy place, for a memorial before YHVH continually.

D’varim [Deuteronomy] 4:29
But if from thence thou shalt seek YHVH thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul.

D’varim [Deuteronomy] 6:5-6
And thou shalt love YHVH thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart:

According to the parable of the sower, which is the most important parable to understand according to Mark, the fruit you produce is the evidence of what has taken place in the heart first. The God of Abraham, through His omniscience, understood the importance of our immersion in water in the natural. God has designed the natural and spiritual laws and ordinances to play a symbiotic role in the kingdom. The spiritual cannot have completed purpose or expression without the natural and vice versa. So, in my mind the debate concerning whether water baptism is a requirement for salvation or not, is an attempt on both sides of the controversy, to skirt the whole purpose of this cleansing. Immersion in water is a commandment that is self-evident. When something is wrong on the inside, it manifest itself on the outside. God is simply showing us a picture of this. God shows us this in nature by designing an unseen tomatoe seed in the ground to produce tomatoes. The intrinsic difference between you and I, and a tomatoe plant, is that we get to choose whether we produce fruit or not.

One of my fundamental beliefs is that God is very smart, and we as humans are most fortunate that God has chosen to share some of His intelligence with us. I think that choosing the natural activity of washing ourselves to represent what He has done in the unseen is, well, pretty clever and insightful. I believe that God in His mercy chose a simple, almost everyday activity to show forth what He has done for us. Why would someone NOT want to be baptized? Is is too much to handle? Is it just too bizarre? Our Father has painted a beautiful yet simple picture of His rescue of mankind. A picture that began in B’reshiyt [Genesis] chapter one and has remained constant throughout the scriptures. Immersion into the natural flowing waters is not a Christian thing. It is a God thing. I have attempted to lay some fundamental pillars down concerning this issue. I would now like to spend the rest of this series discussing some of the controversial texts such as full immersion or sprinkling, and is baptism essential to your salvation. Most Christian Bible teachers also refer to baptism as a strictly Christian rite. Is that true? We will conclude with a study of baptisms mentioned in Hebrews chapter six. If there are other specific areas concerning baptism that you would like to see covered, please do not hesitate to email me.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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Man Of War ~ Ish Milchama


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Merry Christmas

Learn the “REAL” story about the origins of Christmas. Did you know that Christmas was being celebrated long before Yeshua/Jesus was born? Do you know that He was NOT born on December 25th? Do you know what the Absolute Written Word of Almighty YHWH says about Christmas? I encourage everyone to check out all the links below. It is long past the time for the Body of Yeshua/Jesus to be awakened to His Truths which are written in His Word. If you “truly” love Him, then embrace His Truths which are written in His Word and abandon man’s traditions.

Over 20 years ago, YHWH called me to do research into the various Christian holidays. He wanted me to get to the “origins” of each of those holidays and learn of their origins. During my intense research, I learned the “real” truth and I learned in the process that I had been raised believing that these Christian holidays were indeed Christian. When in fact none of them were Christian. Then, it happened. While I was doing this research, I heard His voice speak to me, “LEARN NOT THE WAY OF THE HEATHEN. HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR CELEBRATIONS. IT IS A STENCH IN MY NOSTRILS. I AM HAVE SPOKEN TO YOU.” Needless to say, my response to Him was “Not a problem.”

What Christmas means to you as a Christian does not matter. What truly matters is what it means to Him. He sees his children trying to honor Him by celebrating Christmas when in reality He is seeing a repeat of the Israelites trying to worship Him with the golden calf at Mount Sinai. Many lost their lives because they worshiped the golden calf which is a false god. This is exactly what is happening today. My beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord are falsely worshiping Him using ancient pagan idols. Yes, the Christmas tree is an idol as well as the Yule Log, and many other items that go with Christmas. All these things are clearly presented in the below links. I strongly encourage all my brothers and sisters in Yeshua/Jesus to go through all these links and educate yourself.

Jeremiah 10:1-5 “1 Hear the word which YHWH speaks to you, O house of Yisra’ĕl. 2 Thus said YHWH, “Do not learn the way of the gentiles (See Leviticus 18:3; Deuteronomy 12:30 & 18:9; Ezekiel 11:12 & 20:32; Ephesians 4:17; 1 Peter 4:3.), and do not be awed by the signs of the heavens, for the gentiles are awed by them (See Deuteronomy 4:19 & 17:3.). 3 For the prescribed customs of these peoples are worthlessfor one cuts a tree from the forest, work for the hands of a craftsman with a cutting tool. 4 They adorn it with silver and goldthey fasten it with nails and hammers so that it does not topple5 They are like a rounded post, and they do not speakThey have to be carried, because they do not walk. Do not be afraid of them, for they do no evil, nor is it in them to do any good.” ”

Remember: What Christmas means to you as a Christian does not matter. What truly matters is what it means to HimIt is a stench in His nostrils.

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  25. Yule Goat Is A Scandinavian Christmas Tradition Based On Norse Legends And Worship Of God Thor



Learn the “REAL” story about the origins of New Year’s Celebration. New Years Celebration is like Christmas and other Christian celebrations, it has its roots in pagan practices. All who truly love Him will abandon pagan practices to please Him. Christians are not to learn the ways of the heathen. Nowhere in all the Bible from Genesis to Revelation will we find where it is okay to celebrate New Years. He has NOT given His stamp of approval on this celebration. So, why do Christians celebrate New Years? It all boils down to “Man’s Traditions.” YHWH wants ALL of His children to come out of pagan practices. Do you love Him enough to abandon “Man’s Traditions” to “show” Him that you have a “true” love for Him? The “fruit” of one’s love for YHWH is obedience to His Commandments.

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  13. The Bible’s Viewpoint — Should Christians Share in New Year’s Festivities?
  14. The Roots and Fruits of New Year’s Eve
  15. New Years History


What does YHWH say about loving Him?

John 14:15 “If you love Me, you shall guard [keep/do/obey] My commands.” We know one of His Commands is to ‘learn not the way of the heathen (gentiles).’ (Jeremiah 10:2) Heathens (gentiles) were known for their pagan practices which are not from YHWH. YHWH has called His children to be Set-Apart (Holy) as He is Holy. (1 Peter 1:16) The real meaning of Holy is “Dedicate.” We can read 1 Peter 1:16 using the term “dedicate” and it will clear up what Holy really means. “because it has been written, “Be Dedicated (Set-Apart), for I [YHWH] am Dedicated (Set-Apart).” He is calling His children to be “Dedicated” to Him as He is “Dedicated” to His children.

Exodus 20:6 “but showing kindness to thousands, to those who love Me and guard [keep/do/obey] My commands.”

1 John 5:2-3 “2 By this we know that we love the children of Elohim [Mighty One/God], when we love Elohim and guard [keep/do/obey] His commands. 3 For this is the love for Elohim, that we guard [keep/do/obey] His commands, and His commands are not heavy,”

2 John v. 6 “And this is the love, that we walk [keep/do/obey] according to His commands. This is the command, that as you have heard from the beginning, you should walk [keep/do/obey] in it.”