News You May Not Have Heard About — 11/26/2017

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  1. President Trump saves the elephants of Zimbabwe: Big game hunting trophy ban to remain in place
  2. BREAKING: President Trump’s Public Humiliation Of Liberals Is What We’ve All Been Waiting For
  3. Powell, Taylor, El-Erian: Trump Sets Up Another CFR/Globalist Sweep of Top Fed Posts
  4. Breaking: President Trump Announces Five New Additions to Supreme Court List
  5. POTUS Trump Blasts Father of UCLA Basketball Player For Dismissing Role in Securing Son’s Release From China
  6. Trump Renews Call for Border Wall After Patrol Officer Dies
  7. Trump to designate N. Korea a state sponsor of terror; Here’s what it means…
  8. Is Trump right about something ‘very fishy’ in Foster death?
  10. Trump labels North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism, unleashing new sanctions
  11. Trump slaps North Korea with fresh sanctions in bid to crush Kim
  12. Trump Puts North Korea Back on US’ Terrorism Blacklist
  13. Trump Says AT&T-Time Warner Merger Is ‘Not Good for the Country’
  14. Trump Continues to Rip ‘Ungrateful Fool’ LaVar Ball, Retweets Radio Host Referring to Clinton’s ‘Corrupt A**’
  15. White House: Trump Spoke With Putin for Over an Hour on Tuesday
  16. President Donald J. Trump Proclaims Thursday, November 23, 2017, as a National Day of Thanksgiving
  17. Tweeting Trump unloads on thankless trash-talking LaVar Ball
  18. Trump Revealed Sensitive Israeli Intelligence to Russians, Infuriating Israelis
  19. ‘Trump’s classified info leak had details on Mossad op in Syria’
  22. The Latest: Trump talks up US weapons to Coast Guard
  23. Trump Reportedly Tells Erdogan US Will Cease Arming Syrian Kurds
  24. President Trump Just Solved The NFL/National Anthem Issue With The Stroke Of His Pen
  25. President Trump Just Saved Christmas For 13 Million Retirees
  26. Trump’s Covert Special Ops Team Uncovers 3 Traitors Running Federal Agencies On Obama’s Payroll
  27. President Trump Wants Congress to Release the Names of Politicians Who Used Taxpayer Money to Settle Sexual Harassment Lawsuits


  1. Pence to Address Knesset During Hanukkah Visit
  2. US Vice President Mike Pence to address Knesset during Israel visit
  3. US Threatens to Shut Down Palestinian Mission in Washington
  4. Trump Administration Threatens to Shut Down Palestinian Office in D.C.
  5. Planned Parenthood could face federal charges for trafficking baby body parts
  6. State Dept. Sued for Secret Records on UN Paris Climate Accord
  7. State Dept.: 30,000 Diversity Visas issued to people from terror-sponsoring countries since 2007
  8. Policy shift: Secretary Tillerson backs jihad in Burma, pledges 50 million to Muslim refugees
  9. U.S. Calls Myanmar Operation Against Rohingya ‘Ethnic Cleansing’
  10. Government Caught Spraying Synthetic DNA To Mutate Humans
  11. House Panel OKs Bill Aimed at Limiting Skilled Foreign Workers in US
  12. UGH: Secy of State Rex Tillerson just released an official statement on “Transgender Day of Remembrance”
  13. US State Dept. Marks ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’
  14. State Department Puts $700,000 Into Hungarian Media, Demands ‘Programming’ Against Viktor Orban
  15. Radical Members Of Congress Oppose Israel Arresting Teen Terrorists
  16. US Congressmen Try to Prevent Israel from Arresting Teen Terrorists
  17. DOJ’s Sessions Gets a Reg up on Obama
  18. Jeff Sessions orders review of gun background check system
  20. Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing 11/20/17 (Video: 30:35 minutes long.)
  21. Congress Advances Legislation Targeting Hamas Terrorism
  22. The CIA documented long-range planning for a drugged and debilitated society: OPIOIDS ARE A PERFECT FIT
  23. Top secret CIA files reveal US plan to start a War with Russia…using a False Flag attack
  24. Declassified Files Reveal Gov’t Plot to Carry Out Soviet False Flag Attacks in US to Start War
  25. Homeland Security Poised to Deport 59,000 Haitians If Democrats Don’t Deal on Border
  27. Pentagon Setting Biological Bombs Against Europe?
  28. Feds Spend $709,334 Studying How to Prevent Obese Women From Getting Pregnant
  29. DoD Agents Complained of Failure to Share Records with FBI Decades Ago, Were Ignored
  30. Justice Department Vows to Overturn California Judge’s Ruling on Sanctuary Cities and States
  31. Kushner Under Investigation for Trying to Block Anti-Israel UN Resolution
  32. US Representative​,​ John Conyers, 88, Accused of Sexual Harassment, Victim ​Receives $27K ​from ​Taxpayer​s
  33. FBI Issues New Alert: Illegal Immigrant Crime Wave At Cemeteries Is ‘Out Of Control’
  34. US Treasury Department Designated Alleged Iranian Counterfeit Cash Operation Funding Revolutionary Guards
  35. FBI Warns Of Growing Threat Of Left-Wing Violence


  1. Sean Hannity Unleashes on “Fake News CNN” and Soros’ Media Matters – Warns “Tick Tock”
  2. Man Shouts “Fake News” Live On CNN During Judge Moore Hit Piece (VIDEO)
  3. The CBO Determines Which Bills Get Passed Based on Biased and Inaccurate Projections – It’s Time to Abolish the CBO!
  4. Google’s Eric Schmidt Says Americans Too Dumb To Detect Fake News, Plans to “Derank” Russian News
  5. Friday’s Fake ‘Morning Joe’: Pre-Recorded, Made to Seem Live
  6. Bloomberg Op-Ed: IRS Targeting Scandal Is ‘Fiction’
  7. FDA’s recent attack on Kratom based on lies and junk science, warns herbal group



  1. US Military To Stay In Syria, After ISIS Defeat, To Topple Assad
  2. Opinion: An Unlikely Bedfellow Delivers a Wake-up Call
  3. Russia-China Plan For Incoming Nuke Strikes Over “Credible Evidence” Coup D’etat Will Topple Trump
  4. US troops begin training for ‘Chemical War’ on the North Korea border
  5. CONFIRMED: Marines Land At Langley To Stop Coup – Hillary Worried Over Indictments (Video: 6:38 minutes long.)
  6. CONFIRMED AGAIN! Troops at Langley, Al Waleed Sent Snipers to Mandaly Bay (Video: 7:15 minutes long.)
  7. MS-13 Arrests Linked To 1800 Sealed Indictments, Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Obama (Video: 8:35 minutes long.)
  8. Police: MS-13 Members Maimed, Decapitated Man in Maryland Park
  10. ‘Impossible’: Doubts Over Trump’s Plan to Defeat World’s Bloodiest Gang MS-13
  12. Former Secret Service Agent Threatens To Reveal Details About Bill Clinton And Epstein’s “Lolita Express”
  13. BREAKING: ‘Lolita Express’ Flight Logs Reveal Another Democrat Who Likes Molesting Kids
  14. Did Hillary channel cash to journalists for Trump-dossier news stories?
  15. Liberals and Feminists Throw​ing Clintons Under the Bus to​ Hide Past Support
  16. Clinton Campaign Scandals
  17. Clinton Collusion & Coverups
  18. Another Clinton-Russian Connection Exposed: See Any Reason For a Special Counsel Now, Mr. Sessions?
  20. The Clinton Foundation Is Used to Fund Grand Scale Fraud Across the World
  21. The Deep State Institutions That Make Up The ‘Secret Government’
  22. DEEP STATE CRIMINALS=> FBI and DOJ did NOT verify Phony Trump Dossier before Requesting FISA Spy Warrant on Trump Campaign
  23. Ex CIA- Robert David Steele – Trump Counter Coup In Play, Deep State, Pedophiles, Satanist Are Toast (Video: 42:35 minutes long.)
  24. UH -OH!! It’s Happening Just Like Mark Taylor Said (Video: 49:34 minutes long.)
  25. Judge Protects Child Rapist & Fmr US House Speaker, Tells Victim He ‘Can’t Sue’
  26. Grassley Abandons Slip on Judges
  27. Roy Moore’s Attorney Derails MSNBC Interview by Bringing Up Ali Velshi’s ‘Background’ When Asked About Dating Teenagers
  28. BREAKING: Roy Moore Jumps to 10 Point Lead in PredictIt Market as Accuser Accusations Falls Apart
  29. ALABAMA CHURCH Gives Judge Roy Moore a Standing Ovation for Standing Up to Liberal Media Smears (VIDEO)
  30. VIDEO: Kellyanne Conway says voting for Roy Moore’s opponent would be a vote against tax cuts, so….
  31. Democrat Sexual Predators Could Give Victory to Judge Roy Moore
  32. Judge Roy Moore Rises in the Polls as ​the Case​ Against Him for​ Sexual Assault Falls Apart
  33. Reducing Corporate Tax Games
  34. The simple truth about America’s awful tax code I learned as a Fortune 500 CEO
  35. Coalition of Lawmakers Seeks to End Illegal Wars
  36. Lerner Fears ‘Physical Harm’ if Truth about IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups is Revealed
  37. Lawmakers to Trump: Stop Stalling on Moving U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
  38. Wyden Tries to Stop Momentum Behind Bipartisan Sex-Trafficking Bill
  39. Liberals Are Disappointed in Franken, Call for His Resignation
  40. Al Franken Won’t Resign for Sexual Assault – Of Course He Won’t, He’s a Democrat!
  41. BOOM!! Democrat Rep. who used $17 million sex predator slush fund REVEALED!
  42. Liberals, Journalists Call for Reevaluation of Bill Clinton Sexual Assault Claims
  43. Boom: Four NEW women are accusing Bill Clinton of sexual assault AFTER he left the White House
  45. Dershowitz: Mueller “Going Way Beyond His Authority”
  46. See who’s ecstatic over Flynn ‘flipping’ on Trump
  47. Judge Pirro: I’m Tired of the Clintons Being Above the Law
  48. Column: ‘Hillary is toast’ as scandals, old and new, put end to ‘Clinton Inc.’
  49. HUGE SCANDAL=> Ranking Democrat on Major Committee Accused of Sexual Harassment by Multiple Women: Report
  50. Weinstein Watershed – List of the 42 Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct (So Far)
  51. REPORT: ‘Next Wave’ of Sexual Harassment Allegations Set To Rock Washington
  52. BREAKING: Charlie Rose SUSPENDED by three networks! — UPDATE: Rose releases statement…
  53. Charlie ROSE gets SLAPPED by sexual harassment accusations by EIGHT women!
  54. Report: ‘CBS This Morning’ Is ‘Begging’ Oprah to Fill in for Fired Anchor Charlie Rose
  55. White House reporter SUSPENDED over sexually inappropriate behavior…
  56. Nuclear Official Says Hillary Clinton Engaged In Extortion – Secret FBI Informant Is Set To Blow Open Uranium-One Scandal (VIDEO)
  57. #NeverTrumper Jeff Flake Was Foreign Lobbyist Working For Uranium Firm With Ties to Iran
  58. Hillary Clinton Seems Concerned About UraniumGate Investigations
  59. UraniumGate “Secret Witness” Comes Forward; Clinton Says Trump Behind Investigation
  60. Longtime Clinton Aide Becomes Unglued With Homophobic Attack Against POTUS Trump
  61. Witness About To Expose Hillary Clinton Is Missing, Feared Dead
  62. Mystery Surrounds Sudden Death of Mega Donor To Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama
  63. REPORT: Police Called To The Obama Mansion After Reports Of ‘Loud Racial Slurs’
  65. Why Amnesty Should Not Be Part of Any ‘Deal’ on DACA
  66. Lerner, Paz say they fear physical harm from enraged public, want IRS testimony sealed permanently
  67. BREAKING: Chelsea Clinton Commits Her First Act Of Treason
  68. Gabby Giffords’s Gun Control Group Releases Report Warning of Muzzleloaders, Other Firearms
  69. WATCH: Tennessee Imam Claims Israel Plans to Destroy Holiest Muslim Site
  70. WATCH: Former US Marine Describes Terrorist Attack in Israel, ‘He Smiled, then Hit Me’
  71. Meet ‘next Obama’ groomed to make political history
  72. BREAKING: Woman Says Obama Groped Her When She Was 13
  73. BREAKING: Barack Obama’s Mother Speak Out And Liberals Will Be FURIOUS
  74. BREAKING: Liberal ‘Fact Checker’ Snopes BUSTED Lying For Obama AgainBREAKING: Liberal ‘Fact Checker’ Snopes BUSTED Lying For Obama Again
  75. Liar-in-Chief: Obama Lied About Al Qaeda Strength Before Election
  76. How 10 Dem (dumb) Congress Members Encourage the Use of Child Terrorists
  77. BREAKING: Major Nevada Democrat Just Became A Republican
  78. Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter’s Death Ruled An Overdose
  79. Convicted Mass Murderer Charles Manson Found Dead Aged 83
  80. U.N.: Crying Wolf (Again): UN Chief Warns Global Warming Is “The Defining Threat Of Our Time”
  81. UN Envoy: Failure of Palestinian Unity will Lead to Conflict
  82. United Nations Plan to Push Sex on Young Children is Defeated as African Nations Fight Back
  83. Oklahoma Senator Pleads Guilty To Child Sex Trafficking
  84. Calls Grow for Arrest of Gloria Allred Over Forged Document – Including Accuser’s Stepson!
  85. Illegal Aliens Murdered US Border Patrol Agent by Crushing His Skull with Rocks
  86. Democrats Dump $250K a Day into Partial Birth Abortion Candidate Doug Jones Campaign to Beat Roy Moore
  87. Abortion Clinic Director Defends Sex-Selection Abortions: “It’s Always Down to the Woman”
  88. Feminists Call Judge a “Hero” Who Struck Down Ban on Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Off Babies’ Limbs
  89. Should We Give Doctors the Right to Kill Another Human Being n Euthanasia or Assisted Suicide?
  90. Democrats Denounce Steyer’s Impeachment Push: “It’s Not Helpful”
  91. Border Agent Killed, Another Injured During ‘Attack’ Near Texas Southern Border
  92. Texas Law Requires Businesses It Trades With to Swear Allegiance to Israel
  93. California city has just elected an all-LGBTQ city council…
  94. Robert Spencer: Inside Higher Ed Thinks Rational Discussion Is Aggressive and Dangerous
  95. Truman State University officials worked actively to sabotage Robert Spencer event
  96. Ann Coulter on Robert Spencer’s Confessions of an Islamophobe: “Brilliant!”
  97. Kerry Praises “Palestinians” for ‘Non-Violence’
  98. College asks NYPD to use bathrooms out of sight from students
  99. Arkansas Schools Add ‘In God We Trust’ Posters to Classrooms
  100. WATCH: Could a Terrorist Hijack An Airplane with a Cyber Attack?
  101. Support for Air Force Colonel Takes off
  102. Congressman calls absentee fathers a national crisis
  103. Children’s Book ‘P is for Palestine’ Outrages NY Moms, Praises Violence
  104. CAIR leader refuses to denounce Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood
  105. HHS Looks for Comment Ground on Faith
  106. On video: Prof takes swing at conservative students
  107. WATCH: Berkeley Students Insult American Flag, Unfazed by ISIS Flag
  108. WATCH: New York City Mobilizes Strongest Anti-terror Force Ever for Massive Parade
  109. Police are Using DNA Mugshots to Arrest Innocent People
  110. Witness: Planned Parenthood personnel took fetal body parts without permission
  111. Nuns Back in Court as State AGs Fight for Planned Parenthood
  112. Federal judge who struck down Trump order withholding sanctuary city funding has a disturbingly partisan past
  113. Judge Blocks Trump Executive Order Withholding Funds From Sanctuary Cities
  115. Schools Ban Textbooks That Don’t Promote LGBT
  116. Virginia: Teacher accidentally pulls off student’s hijab, is placed on leave, Hamas-CAIR howls for his head
  117. The Boston Islamic Seminary Is Training the Next Generation of Extremists
  118. Wipeout: Prof learns expensive lesson for erasing students’ message
  119. Liberal Millionaires Group Seeks to ‘Fundamentally Reset’ America’s Ideology and Economy
  120. WaPo Reporter Goes Rogue, Gives Strategy Briefing to Secret Dem Donor Conference
  121. Southcom: Hundreds of Tons of Cocaine Flowing into U.S. from South America
  122. Mount Holyoke ‘Women of Color Trailblazers Leadership Conference’ to Feature Linda Sarsour
  123. New School hosts anti-Semitism panel featuring two foes of Israel: Linda Sarsour and head of Jewish Voice for Peace
  124. New School under fire for putting antisemite Linda Sarsour on anti-Semitism panel
  125. Major New School donor threatens to cut off funding following antisemitism panel featuring antisemite Linda Sarsour
  126. U.S. Navy Plane Crashes in Philippine Sea; Three Missing
  127. NARAL: ‘Repealing Net Neutrality Is a Direct Threat to Reproductive Freedom’
  129. Mother Shoots Her Teenage Son Before Killing Herself With The Same Gun
  130. MS-13 Gangs Are Murdering Illegal Immigrants In America Because They Know That The Illegals Are Afraid To Report To The Police In Fear That They Will Be Deported
  131. Virginia: Islamic conference decries US as “land of infidels,” says Americans should be “forced” to accept Qur’an
  132. San Diego State University professor Khaleel Mohammed on Robert Spencer: “Satanic ignoramus”
  133. “By not allowing the examination of jihad on its own terms Stanford chose to enable it”
  134. Minnesota: Muslims investigated for ISIS ties include theater student, father of four, and jujitsu instructor
  135. WATCH: NYC Truck-ramming Terrorist Indicted on Murder, Terror Charges
  137. Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data on 57 Million People
  138. Florida on Path to Declare Pornography a ‘Public Health Crisis’
  139. Hackers Take Over Sacramento Regional Transit, Demand Ransom
  140. Oklahoma School District Investigates Football Team’s Prayer After Atheist Group Complains
  141. Islamic Groups Call For Jihad At Meeting Near Washington D.C.
  142. Tennessee: Imam claims Jews will destroy Kaaba, prays that Allah “inflict your revenge upon them”
  143. Busted: Fusion GPS Bank Records Reveal $523K Payment From Russia
  147. Rutgers University Hires Muslim Ex-Diplomat Who Accused Israelis of Trafficking Children’s Organs
  148. Michigan: Muslim Doctor Accused Of Mutilating Female Genitalia Freed From Michigan Jail
  149. Search ends for 3 US sailors missing in Navy aircraft crash
  151. Operation C.A.R.E. is underway by VT State Police
  152. Previously Deported Gang Member, Child Sex Offenders Busted Crossing Border
  153. Vietnam veterans may be dying from slow-killing parasite, study shows
  155. The US-Saudi Starvation Blockade
  156. Detroit’s Digital Divide: Low Income Citizens Build Their Own Internet
  157. Kunstler Warns “There Is Some Kind Of Revolution Coming To American Life”
  158. PornHub Erects Its First Physical Retail Store In New York City
  160. Prayer of Thanks Removed From Elementary School’s Thanksgiving Program Following Complaint
  161. Homeless Numbers Not Seen Since Great Depression…
  162. Second Judge Blocks Trump’s Transgender Ban in the Military
  163. 45 Pennsylvania Teachers Resign over Students’ Violent Behavior
  164. Death threat allows Muslim woman to evade deportation
  165. Islam rains on Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  167. BREAKING: Muslim-Owned Cafe Offers Black Friday Deal On 9/11 Memorabilia
  168. National Review columnist: Thank president this Thanksgiving
  169. Harvard Law Prof: Every Family Should Be Under Mandatory Government Surveillance


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  1. Israeli President Rivlin Rejects Pardon of Soldier Who Shot Wounded Terrorist
  2. Netanyahu Questioned by Police for 6th Time
  3. Netanyahu Reacts to Trump’s Rumored Peace Plan Including Palestinian State
  4. Netanyahu: ‘I Have Not Yet Met the Palestinian Sadat’
  5. Netanyahu Discusses Middle East Hot Spots with World Leaders
  6. Minister Threatens to Quit Israeli Government Amid Palestinian Statehood Talks
  7. Opinion: Why a Palestinian State is a Deathtrap for Israel
  8. WATCH: 35,000 Jews Dance in Hebron Celebrating Abraham’s Purchase of the Cave
  9. 162 ‘Lost’ Indian Jews, 69 Ethiopian Jews, Come Home to Israel
  10. Israeli Team Trains Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital on Disaster Preparedness
  11. WATCH: Pigs Aren’t Kosher, but They’re Helping Israel Save Lives
  12. Court Orders Palestinians to Pay Israeli Victims’ Families Millions
  13. WATCH: 40th Anniversary of Egyptian Leader Anwar Sadat’s Visit to Israel
  14. Israeli Defense Minister: Arab World Should Unite with Israel Against Iran
  15. WATCH: Israel Moving Quickly to Thwart Revenge Attack by Islamic Jihad
  16. Rabin’s Assassin Yigal Amir Seeking Retrial
  17. Israel Fires Warning Shot at Syrian Military Position
  19. Declassified Israeli Documents Reveal Strategy To ‘Suffocate’ Gaza Strip
  20. Israeli Minister Reveals Jewish State’s Secret Ties with Saudi Arabia
  21. WATCH: Syrian Mothers Seeking Israeli Medical Aid ‘Love’ Israel!
  22. Brother of Israeli Held by Hamas Tells UN: World Must Help Us
  23. Police Recover Torah Scrolls Stolen by Palestinians
  24. First in a Decade: Egypt Opens Gaza Border Crossing Under PA Control
  25. Israeli Forces Nab Terrorist Harbored by Palestinian Security Forces
  26. Clashes Continue Over IDF Draft Law for Ultra-Orthodox
  27. WATCH: When Disaster Strikes Around the World, Israel is Always First on the Scene
  28. Israel Trains Palestinian Doctors for Transplant Surgery in Gaza
  29. WATCH: Israel Mourns 2nd Anniversary of Horrific Father-Son Terror Attack
  30. Israel’s ‘Culinary DNA’ Unites the Three Abrahamic Faiths
  31. WATCH: Terror Statistics Hide the Horror that Actual Victims Endure
  32. 102-year-old Holocaust Survivor Reunites with Newly Discovered Nephew
  33. THIS AUSCHWITZ HERO’S STORY WILL AMAZE YOU (Video: 5:35 minutes long.)
  35. Israeli Defense Minister: We Need $5 Billion Boost to Prevent Next War
  36. Israeli Minister: Disqualify Pro-BDS Groups from National Service Program
  37. IDF Soldier Wounded by Fire on Egyptian Border
  38. IDF Arrests 2 Infiltrators from Gaza
  39. Former IDF Soldier, Left-wing Spokesman Caught Slandering the Israeli Army
  40. WATCH: Israeli Retirees Working to Keep Aging Adults at Home
  41. IDF Protects 1000 Jews Praying at Joseph’s Tomb, Rescues 3 Israelis
  42. WATCH: Family of Israeli Man Held Captive in Gaza Appeals to UN for Help
  43. Knesset Advances Bill to Crack Down on BDS Activists Within Israel
  44. Diaspora Jews want embassies to Israel moved to Jerusalem
  45. Terror Victim Wounded in 2011 Dies
  46. WATCH: A Look Inside An IDF Field Hospital Treating Syrians
  47. Poll: Vast Majority of Israel’s Arabs ‘Proud’ to be Israeli
  48. WATCH: Why Christian Arabs Volunteer in the IDF
  49. WATCH: How Israeli Rescuers Revived ‘Clinically Dead’ Baby Who Drowned
  50. WATCH: Israel Prevents Smuggling of Explosives Into Gaza
  51. Israel’s First Permanent Marine Station Launched Off Haifa Coast
  52. ‘I’m Very Sorry,’ Israel’s Deputy FM Tells US Jews, but Stands by Her Statement
  53. Hamas Terrorist Defects to Israel, Provides Intel on Terror Tunnels
  54. WATCH: Israel Joins US in Bringing Power to Africa
  55. Hamas tunnel operative arrested, provides ‘valuable information’
  56. ‘Coalition stalling bill calling for death penalty for terrorists’
  57. Haredi parties threaten coalition crisis over Shabbat railway work
  58. AG to High Court: Settlement Regulation Law unconstitutional
  59. 40 lawmakers sign petition urging pardon for Hebron shooter
  60. ‘Hackers plan massive phishing attack against Israeli companies’
  61. Thyssenkrupp says knew of Shimron’s ties to Netanyahu‏
  62. Gazan who fed Shin Bet intel on tunnels indicted in Israel‏
  63. Saar: I will run for Likud leadership ‘at the right time’
  64. Liberman: Situation in Gaza still tense
  65. Israeli High Tech Leads the World!


  1. ISIS Depicts Beheaded Pope Francis, Vows ‘Christmas Blood,’ Attack on Vatican
  2. Palestinians Threaten to Suspend Ties with US if it Closes PLO Mission
  3. BREAKING: Palestinians Freeze Ties with US
  4. Palestinians: If You Do Not Give Us Everything, We Cannot Trust You
  5. Palestinians Cut All Ties with US Over Its ‘Unacceptable Measures’
  6. PA Muslim kids magazine: Muhammad ordered kids to throw rocks at Jews
  7. Palestinian Libel Continues: Israel Poisoned Arafat, US Helped
  8. Palestinian Kids’ Magazine: Muhammad Ordered Kids to Throw Rocks at Jews
  9. WATCH: ‘Now Or Never’ for Sunni Muslims to Stand Up to Iran
  10. Hezbollah Admits: We are Arming Palestinian Terror Groups
  11. Lebanon’s Premiere Says He will be in Beirut Within Days
  12. WATCH: Lebanese Army Chief Ready for War with Israel
  13. Back in Beirut Lebanese PM Puts Resignation on Hold
  14. WATCH: Lebanese People Celebrate as PM Delays Resignation
  15. Lebanese Army Chief: Soldiers Must be ‘Fully Prepared’ to Fight Israel
  16. Lebanon Army Chief Prepares Troops For War At Israeli Border
  17. WATCH: Palestinian TV Accuses Israel of Poisoning Arafat
  18. Hassan Nasrallah accuses U.S. of supporting ISIS
  19. Robert Spencer: The Islamic State Releases Image of Pope Francis Beheaded
  20. The Islamic State calls on Muslims to murder Barron Trump
  21. Caliph Calls for Killing Trump’s 11-Year-Old Son
  22. Arab Social Media Blasts Israeli Jew for Peace-seeking Visits to Mosques
  23. ISIS Claims One Of Its Sucide Bombers Killed Or Injured 50 Policemen In Eastern Afghanstan
  24. ISIS makes threat against Pope
  25. “Palestinian” Devout Muslim Terrorist Had “Big Smile on His Face,” Israeli Wounded in Gush Etzion Ramming Attack Recalls
  26. Yemen minister: Houthis turned courts into military headquarters
  27. Palestinian factions agree to hold general elections by late 2018
  28. Hamas remotely strengthens grip on West Bank
  29. ‘Palestinian refugees’ leaving Lebanon en masse
  30. Islamic Jihad: Abbas thwarted reconciliation
  31. Hamas disappointed by agreement with Fatah
  32. Palestinian Education – Raising The Next Generation To Hate
  33. Palestinians vs. Trump: The Battle Begins


  1. UK: UK’s top counterterror officers urge media to rein in coverage of Islamic State and jihad terror attacks
  2. UK: Fellow police made my life torture for trying to stop Muslim child rape gangs
  3. UK: SHARIA UK: British politician Jayda Fransen ARRESTED for offending Islam, flown to Belfast, FULL VIDEO OF SPEECH
  4. UK: Islam in the West: Armed guards, concrete barriers, metal detectors at CHRISTMAS markets in the UK
  5. UK: Muslim teen accused of planning ISIS-inspired jihad massacre probed security at Justin Bieber Cardiff concert
  6. UK: Muslim road rage driver who hadn’t eaten for 20 days during Ramadan has jail sentence cut
  7. UK: UK to Buy Israeli Iron Dome to Defend Falklands
  8. UK: Married Muslim doctor who molested student nurse then blamed Islamic norms, gets to keep his job
  9. Poland: ADL Demands Poland Investigate Hotel Sign That Read: “Entry Forbidden to Jews’
  10. England: London TERROR ATTACK AT Oxford Circus Subway
  11. England: Report: Schools Must Teach Britain Is an ‘Immigration Nation’ to Fight Islamophobia
  12. England: Britain: 60% of Muslim Wives Not Legally Married
  13. England: 60% of Muslim marriages in Britain are not legal, women forced into polygamous relationships
  14. England: MI6 chiefs used secret slush fund to finance operations, document shows
  15. England: UK Teen ‘Who Thought Humans Were Robots’ Detained for Killing Girl Aged Seven
  16. Italy: Huge Pedophile Ring Discovered With Clear Ties To Pope Benedict
  17. Italy: Another Massive Pedophile Ring Uncovered, With Clear Ties To Pope Benedict’s Brother
  18. Italy: Pope John Paul II Said God Told Him ‘Islam Will Invade Europe’ in a Vision
  19. Italy: Newly revealed vision of St. Pope John Paul: Islam will invade Europe
  20. Italy: Migrant Crisis in Italy Makes Half Citizens ‘Feel Like Strangers in Their Own Country’
  21. France: French academic: Establish an Islamic state within France to avoid civil war
  22. France: France Seeks to Ban Muslim Street Prayers in Paris After Clashes
  23. France: French “Free Thinkers” who denounced Christian cross now plead for Islamic mosque
  24. France: French postal service refuses to deliver to Muslim migrant “No Go Zone,” citing “danger to staff”
  25. France: French Police Find Rocket Launchers Among Massive Weapons Arsenal in Drug Raid
  26. Monaco: Prince of Monaco: We will never harm the Jews
  27. Germany: MUSLIMS RIOT IN BRUSSELS – Stores Looted, Christmas Market Attacked (Video)
  28. Germany: Blow for Merkel as German Talks Collapse
  29. Germany: Political Instability After Merkel Fails to Form Coalition
  30. Germany: The end of Merkel?
  31. Germany: Germany Sees Massive Spike in Stabbings
  32. Germany: German Officials: Punish Kuwait Airways for Refusing to Fly Israelis
  33. Germany: Giant Nazi-era Swastika Unearthed in Germany
  34. Germany: Muslim ‘Refugees’ Destroy Housing Provided by Germany
  35. Germany: Muslim migrants destroy their free housing, repairs will cost $23,000
  36. Germany: Germany: Muslim migrants get mansions while the country has 860,000 homeless
  37. Germany: Six Muslim “refugees” arrested, plotted major Christmas market attack in Germany
  38. Germany: Six Muslim migrants arrested over plot for jihad massacre at Christmas market
  39. Germany: ‘You can’t let anyone preach’: Germany needs to ‘control’ mosques to fight terrorism – UAE minister
  40. Germany: Two hundred churches damaged and Christian symbols destroyed in just one region
  41. Germany: Top German Judges Slam EU Plans To Create Global Court To Enforce Corporate Sovereignty
  42. Germany: Germany invites ISIS caliphate kids BACK to Europe
  43. Spain: Police shoot man ‘shouting Allahu Akbar’ near French border
  44. Spain: Court Suspends Anti-Israel Boycott Motion in Seville
  45. Spain: Spanish official: Real controllers of Argentina may be Jews
  46. Europe: World Economic Forum ‘Davos Man’: Mass Muslim Migration Makes Europe MORE SECURE
  47. Europe: Imams Warn Muslims Not to Integrate
  48. Europe: Christmas Terror Threat Issued For Europe Travelers
  49. Europe: North Koreans seeing a clearer truth thanks to sunglasses company
  50. Europe: Western Europeans flee from Islam, move to Hungary
  51. Hungary: George Soros Launches ‘Media Blitz’ Against Hungary
  52. Russia: Putin: I’m building an alliance to defend ourselves against the New World Order
  53. Russia: Russian scientists hope to ‘bring back’ 50,000-year-old cave lion in Jurassic Park-style experiment
  54. Russia: ‘Looking for a smoking gun’: Russian billionaire to fund alien-hunting mission to Saturn moon
  55. Russia: WATCH: Russia Vetoes UN Resolution on Chemical Weapons in Syria
  56. Russia: Russia Issues US-EU “Terror Alert” After “Terrorist Incident” At American Swiss Consulate
  57. Russia: “Deep State” Gold Fears Plunge World Into Crisis After Top Russian Diplomat Arrested
  58. Russia: Russia Readies Switch To Full War Production After Saudi “Interrogations” Reveal Vile “Deep State” Plot
  59. Russia: Russian Military Counterintelligence Detained Alleged Ukrainian Spy In Crimea
  60. Russia: Russia to reduce Syria presence by year’s end
  61. Russia: Russia says Iran, Turkey back ‘new order’ in postwar Syria
  62. Russia: Breaking: Russia’s MiG-41 Stealth Interceptor Aircraft: All What You Need To Know
  63. Russia: Russian Anger Builds In Town Next To Leaking Nuclear Plant
  64. Russia: Putin wins backing from Iran and Turkey for new Syria peace push
  65. Sweden: Meanwhile In Sweden, Crime Hits All Time Highs
  66. Sweden: Sweden’s Rape Jihad: Sexual Offenses Reach Record
  67. Sweden: Residents of Swedish No Go Zone suburbs afraid to leave their homes
  68. Sweden: People Living in ​Sweden’s ​ Migrant-Populated No-Go Zones Are Afraid to Leave Their Homes
  69. EU: EU Super-state Agrees to Plan for EU Military
  70. EU: EU Super-state Agrees to Plan for EU Military
  71. Austria: Muslim migrants receive more money than working class pensioners
  72. Netherlands: Dramatic moment knifeman is wrestled to ground by police after threatening passers-by
  73. Ukraine: Ukraine, Belarus expel diplomats following espionage claims


  1. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia’s Top Cleric Rules: ‘Fighting Jews is Forbidden’
  2. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Prince Admits He Had Snipers At Mandalay Bay During Mass Shooting
  3. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia Gives Iran a Stern Warning
  4. Saudi Arabia: Arab League Harshly Criticizes Iran, Brands Hezbollah ‘Terror Group’
  5. Saudi Arabia: Prominent Saudi Cleric Denounces Violence Against Israel as ‘Un-Islamic’
  6. Saudi Arabia: Top Saudi Officials Make First Ever Visit to Synagogue
  7. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Royals & Billionaires Rounded Up And Interrogated By US Mercenaries
  8. Saudi Arabia: EXCLUSIVE: Inside Saudi Arabia’s gilded prison at Riyadh Ritz-Carlton – BBC News
  9. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Crown Prince: Khamenei is the Middle East’s ‘new Hitler’
  10. Kuwait: Kuwaiti writer: There is no ‘Palestine’ and no occupation
  11. Japan: Japan Bolstering Defenses Against North Korea Threat, PM Abe Says
  12. Japan: 6 Years After Fukushima, Robots Finally Find Its Reactors’ Melted Uranium Fuel
  13. Japan: Probe into child labor in Congo mines
  14. China: China Is Testing Weapons That Can Reach the US In 14 Minutes
  15. China: Chinese firm probes if African mines hired children
  16. China: Huge Pre-School Pedophile Ring Uncovered In China
  17. China: Doctors Baffled As Giant Eel Removed From Drunk Man’s Butt
  18. China: China unveils next-generation nuclear missile that can strike ‘anywhere in the world’
  19. China: China reports breaking up gang that moved $3 billion abroad
  20. China: Sexual abuse of children investigated at US run nursery in China
  21. China: China unveils 19,030 mph Hypersonic scattergun nuke to strike ‘Anywhere in world’…
  22. China: China Intends to Assist with Reconstruction of Syria
  23. North Korea: WATCH: North Korean Soldier Shot While Defecting Regains Consciousness
  24. North Korea: North Korea Replaces Guards, Fortifies Site Where Defector Made His Daring Escape
  25. South Korea: Three former South Korean spy chiefs charged with illegally diverting secret funds
  26. India: WATCH EX-MODEL: My Muslim husband forced me to convert to Islam, beat me repeatedly because I refused
  27. India: India Scraps $500 Million Missile Deal with Israel
  28. India: Hindu Man Beats His Wife And Disowns His Children After They Leave Hinduism And Embrace Christ, They Say ‘This Persecution Had Only Made Our Faith In Jesus Stronger’
  29. India: Muslim Men Tell Impoverished Starving Children- ‘If You Convert To Islam We Will Feed You’
  30. India: India Ditches Iran, Bids for Israeli Offshore Exploration 
  31. Pakistan: Christians flee for their lives after Muslims blame them for “blasphemous” Facebook page
  32. Pakistan: Geller Report Exclusive: Pakistani Christian Facing Death on “Blasphemy” Charges Pleads for Help
  33. Pakistan: Pakistan Frees Mastermind of Deadly 2008 Mumbai Terror Attacks
  34. Pakistan: Pakistan releases US-wanted militant suspect on court order
  35. Iraq: Iraqi Forces Liberate the Last Bastion Stronghold along Syrian Border
  36. Iraq: Mass Grave of Yazidi Murdered by ISIS Found, Iraqi Officials Say
  37. Iraq: Iraqi Forces Liberated 56 Villages During First Day Of Its Operation In al-Jazeera Region (Photos, Video)
  38. Turkey: Erdogan Accuses US-led International Coalition of Sponsoring ISIS in Syria
  39. Turkey: Greek island has been turned into a Muslim migrant hell, residents go on strike, stage mass protest
  40. Turkey: The Islamic Government Of Turkey, And Its European Allies, Are Making Plans On Committing Mass Genocide Against Christians, And Enslaving Entire Populations, And They Are In The Process Of Creating Killer Robots To Slaughter Human Beings
  41. Turkey: Pro-government columnist says Turkey will fight NATO, Turkish conflict with US inevitable
  42. Iran: Hassan Rouhani declares victory over ISIS in Syria and Iraq
  43. Iran: Iran’s Rouhani calls Macron, denounces Israel & “adventurism of some inexperienced princes in region”
  44. Iran: WATCH: Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Planning Long-term Stay in Syria
  45. Iran: Iranian Chief of Staff Announces Fall of ISIS in Syria and Iraq
  46. Iran: Iran’s Revolutionary Guards: Hezbollah Must Be Armed To Fight Against Israel
  47. Iran: Iran Calls On Syria To “Legalize” National Defense Forces
  48. Iran: Iran emphasizes maintaining the Revolutionary Guards in Syria
  49. Iran: Iranian official: Disarming Hezbollah nonnegotiable
  50. Iran: Iranian general: War would lead to annihilation of Israel
  51. Iran: Iran Promises ‘Eradication’ of Israel in Next War
  52. Iran: Iran Vows To Send Fleet Of Warships To Gulf Of Mexico “In The Near Future”
  53. Iran: DEVELOPING: Iran Sends Warships to Gulf of Mexico…
  54. Iran: Iran prepared for War as tensions with Saudi Arabia reach breaking point
  55. Burma: ‘We are going to kill you’: Villagers in Burma recount jihad violence by Rohingya Muslims
  56. Nepal: Nepal hopes first state elections will give people a voice
  57. Indonesia: SAVAGES: Woman accused of adultery is caned in Sharia punishment in front of cheering mob in “moderate” Indonesia
  58. Afghanistan: Six Muslim Men Take Ten Year Old Girl, They Each Take Turns Raping Her, And Then They Saw Her Head Off
  59. Syria: Syrian Army Liberates territories Near Al-Bukamal
  60. Syria: Terrorist Attack in Damascus, 4 Civilians Killed
  61. Syria: WATCH: First Footage of Syrians Crossing Israeli Border for Medical Care
  62. Syria: Women and children continue to die because of ongoing militant clashes in Idlib de-escalation Zone
  63. Syria: URGENT: Interview with SAA’s soldier on ISIS toxic substances in Deir Ezzor (Video)
  64. Syria: Syrian Army Liberates new Territories from HTS in Aleppo
  65. Syria: IRGC Quds Force Leader’s Discourse on Fall of ISIS and Soldiers of Victory
  66. Syria: Damascus Hails Sochi Summit Results
  67. Syria: Syrian Authorities Find ISIS Warehouses Full Of Israeli Weapons
  68. Syria: Syrian War Report – November 23, 2017: Syrian Army Liberates Dozen Villages In Euphrates Valley
  69. Syria: Syrian War Report – November 22, 2017: Army Launches New Military Operation In Euphrates Valley
  70. Syria: Heavy Clashes Between Army And Militants In Northern Hama And Southwestern Aleppo (Photos, Videos)
  71. Syria: Syrian Army Captures Another Key Village In Western Ghouta (Map, Photos)
  72. Syria: Syria opposition agrees to send united delegation to Geneva talks
  73. Syria: Syria is in flaming ruins but Assad’s grip on power looks firm
  74. Syria: Syrian-Iraqi War Report – November 24, 2017: US Forces To Remain In Syria To Oppose Iran, Assad
  75. Syria: Syrian Kurds ‘Determined to Retaliate Against Turkish Invasion of Afrin’
  76. Syria: Syrian Army Attacks Militants in Idlib
  77. Syria: Famous White Helmets’ FB-accounts Exposed: Look Into Their Eyes Again (Photos)
  78. Syria: Russia Delivered Humanitarian Aid to Deir Ezzor


  1. DR Congo: DRC court suspends trial over mass rape of children
  2. DR Congo: 36 suspected militia on trial in DRC
  3. DR Congo: ISS Today: In SADC, the interests of ruling parties come first
  4. DR Congo: Six hurt as police fire on DRCongo opposition rally: MP
  5. DR Congo: Congo-Kinshasa: Over 800 Dead in DRC Cholera Outbreak
  6. DR Congo: Peacekeepers bring China to life for village orphans in conflict-hit DRC
  7. DR Congo: ‘Mum, they’re killing me’: Child kidnappings surge in DRC’s Goma
  8. DR Congo: 53 protesters killed over six months in DRC: report
  9. DR Congo: Six dead, including two soldiers, in DRC attack
  10. DR Congo: Glencore’s shady dealings in the DRC
  11. DR Congo: Glencore probed for alleged bribery in Congo
  12. DR Congo: Congo virus kills 13, infects 42 in Herat
  13. DR Congo: Congo’s Youth Find Peace in a Violent Land
  14. DR Congo: UN documents rise in Congolese human rights abuses
  15. DR Congo: UN condemns rise in DRC rights violations
  16. DR Congo: New protected area in Congo basin is bigger than Switzerland
  17. DR Congo: Meeting of the Guarantors of the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework for the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the region
  18. DR Congo: Good News: Congo Is Ditching Conflict Metals For Cannabis
  19. DR Congo: Mugabe is out, now for DRC’s Joseph Kabila
  20. DR Congo: Air Serv Responds to Cholera Outbreak in Southern DRC
  21. DR Congo: LCB Bank and Mastercard working together to contribute to the Republic of Congo’s economy transformation
  22. DR Congo: DR Congo recalls ambassador from Libya
  23. Zambia: Zambia will maintain its bilateral relations with DRC-Mwanakatwe
  24. Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Crisis: Mugabe Ignores Deadline to Quit as Party Leader 
  25. Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe’s Grace Mugabe: How Her Addiction to Luxury Caused Her Fall from Power
  26. Zimbabwe: Zimbabweans preparing to greet country’s new leader
  27. Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe’s new leader reaches out to opposition, pleads for foreign investment return
  28. Nigeria: Major Slaughter Just Happened: Muslim Terrorists Massacre Fifty People
  29. Nigeria: Muslim Terrorists Take Six Poor Farmers, And Cut All Of Their Heads Off
  30. Nigeria: Muslim Terrorists Ambush Christians Walking Home From Church, Shoot Them And Then Chop Up Their Bodies With Machetes
  31. Nigeria: Suicide bomber strikes mosque in Nigeria, Scores Dead
  32. Libya: At Slave Auctions, Muslim Smugglers Are Selling Off Migrants For As Little As $400
  33. Libya: US and EU to ‘colonize’ Libya
  34. Egypt: First in a Decade: Egypt Opens Gaza Border Crossing Under PA Control
  35. Egypt: Egyptian Security Forces Crack Down There Armed Cells Of Muslim Brotherhood
  36. Egypt: Frenzied 1,000-strong Muslim mob attacks CHURCH forcing Christians to lock themselves inside
  37. Egypt: BREAKING: More than 150 Worshipers Killed in Massive Sinai Terror Attack
  38. Egypt: At least 235 killed in bomb and gun attack on mosque in Sinai, Egypt


  1. New Zealand: Muslim “refugee” rapist considered dangerous enough to deport could soon be back on the streets


  1. Mexico: Mexico Seizes 800 Pounds Of U.S. Government Cocaine
  2. Mexico: Mexican Drug Cartel Kidnaps Man, Strips Him Naked, Impales Him Through The Anus On A Stick, And Then Saws His Head Off
  3. Mexico: Bags Filled With Chopped Up Pieces Of Human Bodies Discovered In Mexico
  4. Cuba: Cuban Exiles Recount ‘Sonic’ Torture by Castro Regime
  5. Canada: Prime Minister Trudeau plans to ‘reintegrate’ ISIS terrorists into Canada
  6. Canada: University Student Disciplined for ‘Transphobic Thought Crime’
  8. Canada: PATHETIC: Trudeau Government Calls Jihadis ‘Returning Foreign Terrorist Travellers’


  1. Brazil: Badass cop shoots armed robbers to death while holding baby… [VIDEO]
  2. Trinidad: Christian Police Officer Reports Corruption, Drug Dealers Declare: ‘We Will Put This Guy On A Hit List And Kill Him.’
  3. Venezuela: Tracking Socialist Venezuela’s Death Spiral: 4,000 Percent Inflation
  4. Venezuela: How bitcoin is saving lives in Venezuela


World Financial News Banner


  1. The Stage Has Been Set for the Next Financial Crisis
  2. Will Cryptocurrencies Make Governments and Central Banks Obsolete? (Video: 26 minutes long.)
  3. Economic Strategist Warns ‘The Great Crash of 2018’ Will Start in Bond Market
  4. International Energy Agency Forecasts Continued Slowdown In Oil Demand
  5. Financial Problems: The Most Likely Disaster To Strike Anyone
  6. Why America’s Retail Apocalypse Could Accelerate Even More In 2018
  7. Conference Board: Full Speed Ahead for the U.S. Economy
  8. Americans’ Worry About the Economy at Lowest Level in 18 Years
  9. Jobless Claims Drop Confirms Economy’s Strength
  10. Saudi Arabia Buying US Precision Weapons Worth $7bn From Raytheon & Boeing
  12. Amazon Black Friday records push Jeff Bezos’s fortune past $100 billion
  13. S&P 500, Nasdaq close at record highs, book weekly gains
  14. Fund manager looks beyond ‘FAANG’ stocks and finds even bigger winners for 2018
  15. Black Friday sales spur a multitude of social-media complaints against retailers
  16. The ‘Vanguard effect’ means your investments could soon cost nothing
  17. Tesla Semi will cost less than new Roadster
  18. Think U.S. stocks will keep rallying into 2018? Not so fast, says SocGen
  19. 6 life lessons from 40 years of financial writing
  20. What to do in your 40s to retire a millionaire
  21. Here’s where stock-market volatility is lurking
  22. U.S. oil prices end at more than 2-year peak, ahead of OPEC meeting
  23. Dollar hits 2-month low as euro extends gains
  24. Gold settles lower as the dollar slumps in Black Friday trade
  25. FTSE 100 ends in the red as retailers pull back, but scores weekly gain
  26. The 8 indicators that Byron Wien is watching to spot an economic turning point
  27. Mortgage rates head lower ahead of big decisions from Fed, Congress
  28. Salesforce earnings: Analyst surveys pointing to a strong quarter
  29. This addictive money habit may explain why ⅓ of Americans are ‘barely getting by’
  30. Precious Metals End Mixed: Is The Flush Over And The Cartel Out Of Ammo For Now?
  31. PARADIGM SHIFT: This U.S. State Just Got An Investment 3X The Size Of The Energy Dept Budget
  32. Eric Sprott: Investors May End Up Selling Their Mining Shares To Take A Tax Loss For The Year
  33. Jim Willie: Oil-For-Gold The First Of The Roll-Outs That Are All Non-Dollar And ALREADY Stress-Tested
  34. Fund Manager: The Debt Bubble Is Beginning To Leak Air
  35. The Silver Skyrocket IS VERY CLOSE As One Of THE BIGGEST Silverbugs Gives Up
  36. Fed Insider: I WILL OWN GOLD Because There Will Be NO PLACE TO HIDE But In Precious Metals
  37. Here Comes The Move Out Of Cryptocurrency And Into Gold & Gold Stocks
  38. Bank of America Is Now Warning Of Full-On Economic Collapse
  39. Final Boarding Call For Gold & Silver: Destination – Next Move Higher
  40. Steve St Angelo Destroys The ‘Sell Gold And Silver To Buy Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency’ Meme
  41. BOHICA: 12,128 Gold Contracts Dumped In ONE MINUTE
  42. Raids Finally A Little Successful Cutting Open Interest (But Only In Gold)
  43. “True Tax Reform Would Have Started By Throwing All Of It In The Garbage”
  44. Can Prices Rally With The Current COMEX Commercial Net Short Position?
  45. Fed Insider Doubles Down: Gold & Silver Are The ONLY Places To Hide And Get True Safety
  46. Retail Silver Investment Demand Is Down, But Still Double Pre-2008 Crash Levels
  47. Governments Are About To Create The Inflation That The Central Banks Can’t
  48. Globalist JFK’s Executive Order 11110 Didn’t Take Away But GAVE MORE POWER To The Fed
  49. John Rubino: We’re Accelerating Towards National Bankruptcy
  50. We’re Set For A Crash That Nobody Sees Coming And There’s A Twist
  51. Captain Ewave: We Are Long Several Gold Miners WITH NO STOPS
  52. The Flattening Yield Curve Is Signaling That A Recession Is Close
  53. Latest MSM Gold Hit Piece May Inadvertently Boost The Gold Price
  54. Stansberry Investor Hour: Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank
  55. Bubble dynamics and market crashes
  56. Porter Stansberry: Two big warning signs emerge for the stock market
  57. Uranium stocks are soaring… Here’s why
  58. Bill Bonner: How the Deep State squeezed America’s wealth
  59. Jim Grant: How the Fed lost control & why bitcoin benefits
  60. Jim Rickards: Markets are trapped in ‘zombie like’ state
  61. Even a $31 million hack couldn’t keep bitcoin down… reaches new record high
  62. Steve’s favorite Chinese company just surpassed Facebook in valuation
  63. The world’s easiest country for opening an (offshore) bank account
  64. If you’re holding gold and silver stocks, read this warning…
  65. Elon Musk Pulls An ICO
  66. 28 Reasons to Buy Physical Gold
  67. Bitcoin & Fiat Paper Dollars
  68. Automation Nation: America’s Largest Employer ‘Secretly’ Tests Self-Driving Floor-Scrubbers
  69. More Evidence BoJ Desperate To Steepen Yield Curve
  70. Will Bitcoin Mining Consume All The World’s Current Electricity Production By Feb 2020?
  71. Is $40 WTI Now More Realistic Than $60?
  72. The Economic Fallacies Of Black Friday: 2017 Edition
  73. VIX Flash-Crashed Into Today’s Close – Hits Record Low 8.56
  74. A Few Unwise Investors Are Selling ALL Their Precious Metals to Buy Bitcoin


  1. The Coming Economic Downturn in Canada


  1. Who’s Next? Venezuela’s Collapse Puts These Nations At Risk
  2. Switzerland: Greyerz Says 1 of the 2 Largest Swiss Banks Refused to Hand Over Clients’ Physical Gold
  3. Russia: BRICS Countries Mulling Formation Of SINGLE GOLD TRADE SYSTEM With China In 2018
  4. Russia: Russia Is Scooping Up Gold Like There’s No (Petrodollar) Tomorrow
  5. Norway: $1 Trillion Norway Wealth Fund Sees “Red Flag” In Real Estate Market


  1. Saudi Coup Signals War And The New World Order Reset
  2. Asian shares mixed, China in focus after big sell-off
  3. China cuts import tariffs on some consumer goods
  4. China shares post worst loss in 18 months, cracks 3% on bond selloff


Earth News Banner

  1. Human efforts to reverse climate change could DESTROY the planet in catastrophic backfire, scientists warn
  2. 15,000 scientists warn it will soon be ‘too late’ to save Earth
  4. Mysterious ‘Booms’ Now Reported In 64 Locations Around The World Leave Experts Baffled As To Cause
  5. Huge Increase In Mega Earthquakes Predicted For 2018
  6. Artificial climate intervention could completely destroy the planet, so we probably shouldn’t do that
  7. Tsunami waves observed after 7.0 earthquake near France’s New Caledonia
  8. Experts discuss warning signs of eruption at Yellowstone super volcano
  9. Strong Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake Strikes Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia
  10. Scientists Warn Deadly Earthquakes Could Begin To Increase In 2018
  11. Tiny Slowdown in Earth’s Rotation Could Unleash Major Earthquakes
  12. Heavy rain wreaks havoc across Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  13. Eruption at Agung volcano, Bali, Aviation Color Code raised to Orange
  14. ‘Serious temperature anomaly’ in parts of Siberia, Russia
  15. Powerful tornado hits Kelapa Dua island, near Jakarta, damaging 34 houses
  16. 5.7 million pounds of air pollution released in Texas after Harvey landfall
  17. Severe hailstorm hits Mersin, Turkey, producing huge hail accumulations
  18. Mount Agung, which hasn’t seen an eruption in more than half a century spews ash and smoke 700m into the Bali sky!
  19. Sandy beach reappears OVERNIGHT in Ireland after 12 years of absence
  20. A giant crater opens up out of nowhere in Brazil
  21. Freak hailstorm buries cars in one meter of hail and turns beach white in Mercin, Turkey
  22. The New Madrid Fault may take out 150 miles of the Midwest
  23. Upsurge in big earthquakes predicted for 2018 as Earth rotation slows down
  24. Series of strong and shallow earthquakes (M7.0, M6.6 and M6.4) hits New Caledonia
  25. ALERT: San Andreas Fault rocked by 134 earthquakes in past 7 Days
  26. Seafloor sediments off Pacific Northwest could unleash Megaquake and Tsunami
  27. Meet ‘Oumuamua, the first observed interstellar visitor to our solar system
  28. Are 134 California Quakes Prelude to Flood-Like Destruction of Good and Evil Alike?
  29. Dying Coral Reefs Linked to Chemical Fertilizers and Factory Farms


Petition News Banner

ACT FOR ISRAEL! Fight US Bill that Prevents Israel from Arresting Teen Terrorists

A new congressional bill seeks to curb Israel’s war on terrorism. We must ensure this legislation NEVER becomes law!

12 Democratic members of Congress have introduced a bill to prevent US aid to Israel from being used to arrest Palestinian terrorists who are under the age of 18.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minn.) and titled ”Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act, characterizes young terrorists merely as “Palestinian children” and contends that their arrest by the Israeli army constitutes “abuse.”

This bill was introduced just days before a 17-year-old Palestinian deliberately ran over two Israeli civilians near the town of Efrat. One of the victims was a 70-year-old American immigrant, and former US Marine. After hitting his second victim, the terrorist exited his vehicle and attempted to stab Israeli soldiers, who shot and wounded him.

The second victim is still hospitalized in critical condition.

The soldiers’ shooting and detention of the teenage terrorist are among the types of actions that would trigger the sanctions mandated by the McCollum bill.

“I urge Congresswoman McCollum to withdraw her bill, before it helps inspire other young Palestinians to copy the 17-year-old attacker near Efrat,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC).

“Palestinian youth do need a ‘protection act’—they need protection from Hamas that uses them as human shields for terrorism and who send them to dig terror tunnels,” Cooper added. “They need protection from the brainwashing of the Palestinian Authority that teaches them to deny the rights and humanity of their Jewish neighbors.”

Commenting on the dangerous bill, Stephen M. Flatow, whose daughter was murdered by Palestinian terrorists, wrote that “yes, the Israeli army does arrest a significant number of Palestinian minors. That’s because a significant number of Palestinian minors engage in terrorism. In the past two years, there have been at least 79 terrorist attacks carried out by Palestinians from the ages of 8-17.”

“The real abuse that Betty McCollum… should be investigating is the constant effort by the Palestinian Authority (PA) to incite minors to engage in the murder of Jews.

Morad Abdullah Adais, the 16-year-old who butchered Dafna Meir in front of her children in January 2016, told investigators that he was inspired to murder her after watching a PA television program depicting Israelis as cruel oppressors of the Palestinians.

““How about some congressional action against the PA’s use of American aid to sponsor such vicious and deadly incitement?” Flatow wrote.

This bill is dangerously arrogant and could put Israel in peril. This measure blatantly ignores the victims of terrorism and basically calls on Israel not to respond to acts of terror or act to prevent them.

At a time when the free world is working to fight terrorism, such US-sponsored legislation is disheartening and immoral.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Egyptologists Discover Pits Filled With Giant Severed Hands in “Joseph’s Palace”
  2. 8,000-Year-Old Engravings in Arabian Desert Are Oldest Known Depictions of Dogs on Leashes
  3. 3,000-Year-Old Castle Built by Mysterious Civilization Found at The Bottom of a Lake in Turkey
  4. Where the West Actually Meets the East—The Tarim Mummies
  5. Mungo Man Returns Home: There is Still Much He Can Teach Us About Ancient Australia
  6. The Ancient Roman Cult That Continues to Vex Scholars
  7. Nine Places To See the Ruins of Ancient Religious Cults
  8. Were Gates of Solomon’s Desert Fortress, Described in 1 Kings, Uncovered in Israel?
  9. Ancient Statue of Lioness Found Near Sea of Galilee
  10. François l’Olonnais: Cunning and Cruel Pirate and Flail of the Spanish
  11. Medieval Treasure Unearthed at the Abbey of Cluny
  12. French Pirate Olivier Levasseur Left Behind a Curious Cryptogram – Does it Lead to his Long-Lost Treasure?
  13. Remains Of Viking Camp Unearthed At Historical Village Of Repton, England
  14. New Giant Geoglyph Of Orca With Mysterious Symbols And A ‘Trophy Head’ Found In Nazca Lines
  15. Wooden Coffin With Greco-Roman Mummy Wearing Mask Depicting Sky God Discovered In Egypt
  16. Mysterious North America Giants & Advance Ancient Human Civilizations (Video: 1:00:32 minutes long.)
  17. Long History Records Of Medicine In Mesopotamia And Sumer
  18. What Happened To The Mysterious And Beautiful Queen Nefertiti?
  19. Chinese Invention: World’s First Known Movable Type Printing
  20. Toilet Found in 3,000-Year-Old Shrine Verifies Bible Stories Against Idol Worship
  21. 5,600-Year-Old Ceremonial Center Found Near Stonehenge, Built 1,000 Years Before Stone Circle was Erected
  22. The Tecaxic-Calixtlahuaca Head: Evidence for Ancient Roman Transatlantic Voyages, a Viking Souvenir, or a Hoax?
  23. Divers to look for century-old ‘treasure’ in Sea of Galilee
  24. What Exactly is the Holy Grail – And Why Has its Meaning Eluded us for Centuries?
  25. Library of Congress Obtains Mesoamerican Map from the Dawn of the Americas
  26. Grave Findings Could Solve a Viking Age Mystery
  27. Why the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film Should Concern Scholars of Human Origins
  28. Neanderthals Survived at least 3,000 Years Longer in Spain Than We Thought
  29. Three Roman Shipwrecks with Hoard of Treasures Discovered in Alexandria
  30. Viking Camp Complete with Ship Building and Weapon Workshops Unearthed in England
  31. Are the Distinctive Kalash People of Pakistan Really Descendants of Alexander the Great’s Army?
  32. No Bones Provides a New Perspective for ‘House of the Dead’
  33. Inscriptions on Song Dynasty Tombs Narrate the Captivating Tale of an Ancient Chinese Couple
  34. The Comet that Sparked a Worldwide Flood ‘Myth’


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Ten Tribes Studies (20 November 2017, 2 Kislev, 5778)
  2. Ten Tribes: Prophesied Behavior (Video: 21:12 minutes long.)
  3. Ten Tribes: Predicted Personality (Video: 19:22 minutes long.)
  4. Heirs of the Promise II – The Lost Tribes of Israel, FOUND! (Video: 1:45:22 minutes long.)
  5. Our Ancient History – The Lost Tribes (Video: 52:46 minutes long.)
  6. Who are the British People – Ancient British History (Video: 44:28 minutes long.)
  7. History of England – Documentary (Video: 53:28 minutes long.)
  8. History of England – Documentary P2 (Video: 41 minutes long.)
  9. Ten Tribes Studies (24 November 2017, 6 Kislev, 5778)



Part 17: A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations

Divine information in the Bible is shrouded in mystery. Described by numbers, information is presented to its reader as an equation, begging to be solved.

A day is a thousand years is the epicenter of major Judaic concepts related to the destiny of humanity. Broad in scope, it addresses a universal audience but focuses primarily on the Twelve Tribes of Israel, in both the TaNaCh (OT) and the New Testament.

The 7,000-year plan of the God of Israel is a major concept and foundational truth in understanding Bible prophecy and eschatology. The Rabbis of traditional Judaism understand that the God of Israel gave the seven days of creation in Genesis as instruction to teach His people that there are 7,000 years of time from the creation of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to the end of the Messianic Age. Each day in creation represents 1,000 years in time. This is based upon connecting Psalm 90:4 to the seven days of creation. In Rabbinic literature, it is also taught that each day in creation represents 1,000 years of time.

The traditional Jewish view of each day of creation representing 1,000 years of time is expressed in the New Testament in 2 Peter 3:8-10 as it is written and directly ties it to the Torah and the end of the Messianic Age. It fact it warns not to be Lawless (Torahless) in the chapter.

We have Judaism explaining everything in great detail to the end of the Messianic Era and all is then shrouded in mystery. What happens after this period?

The New Testament is the only source that adds to it and gives staggering revelations on what happens after the 7,000 year period, come and embark on a futuristic journey to learn about the biggest mystery in human history; your destiny into eternity…

The headings in this part cover the following areas:

         All Things Made New Overview.
         The Purification Process.
         The New Jerusalem City.
         The Occupants Of The New Jerusalem.
         Living Conditions.
         Seven Names For The City Of HaShem.
         Twelve Blessings For Man On The New Earth.
         The Holy City, The New Jerusalem.
         Only Torah-Observant Believers Allowed In The New Jerusalem City.
         Life In the Eternal City.
         The Bible Explains The Enigma Of The Sphinx And Pyramid Of Giza.
         Who Built The Pyramids Of Giza?
         Background And Statistics Of The Giza Pyramids.
         Names Of The Three Stars In Orion’s Belt.
         The Background And Statistics Of The Giza Sphinx.
         The Age Of The Sphinx.
         Meaning Of The Word Pyramid.
         The Astonishing Accuracy Of The Giza Pyramids.
         The Construction Material Of The Giza Pyramids.
         The Site Of The Giza Pyramids.
         The Chambers Inside The Great Pyramid Of Giza.
         Engineering Of The Known Interior Chambers.
         Did They Find Any Egyptian Hieroglyphics As In The Other Pyramid?
         The Capstone Of The Great Pyramid Of Giza.
         The Eight Sides of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
         Is The Giza Pyramids A Holy Place? Isaiah’s Altar In The Middle Of Egypt.
         The Torah Calls For Two Witnesses.
         The Coffer Inside the Great Pyramid.
         Isaiah’s Altar In Egypt Decoded In The Hebrew Text.
         The Pyramid Altar Concept: Isaiah’s Sign And Witness.
         Is the New Jerusalem a Cube or a Pyramid?
         Conclusion on the Pyramid of Giza.
         Into Eternity.


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John 6:10-14 “10 Then Jesus said, “Make the people sit down.” Now there was much grass in the place. So the men sat down, in number about five thousand. 11 And Jesus took the loaves, and when He had given thanks He distributed them to the disciples, and the disciples to those sitting down; and likewise of the fish, as much as they wanted. 12 So when they were filled, He said to His disciples, “Gather up the fragments that remain, so that nothing is lost.” 13 Therefore they gathered them up, and filled twelve baskets with the fragments of the five barley loaves which were left over by those who had eaten. 14 Then those men, when they had seen the sign that Jesus did, said, “This is truly the Prophet who is to come into the world. (New King James Version)

On the next day, Jesus taught in the synagogue in Capernaum, saying, “I am the Bread of Life” (John 6:32, 35, 48). Though willing to receive the physical bread, many would not receive the living Bread—Jesus Christ who came down from heaven. Thus, the miracle of feeding the multitude was actually a sermon with visual aids.

The main lesson of the miracle is that Christ is the Bread of Life to a dying humanity, and in Him, there is enough to satisfy the entire world. Only He can satisfy the spiritual hunger in mankind. Jesus says, “I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is My flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world. . . . Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink his blood, you have no life in you” (John 6:51, 53). The Bread that is Jesus gives life in the present (John 6:35, 47) and eternal life in the future (John 6:27, 40).

The tragedy is that people waste time and money on “that which is not bread” (Isaiah 55:1-7). Waste is an enemy of miraculous generosity, so great care was taken to collect the leftovers, though we are not told how they were used. The lesson is that overabundance does not justify waste.

We also learn that Christ asks that we give Him all that we have and allow Him to use it as He sees fit. When we do this, we never lose, always ending up with more blessings than when we started.

Martin G. Collins

To learn more, see:  The Miracles of Jesus Christ: Feeding the Five Thousand (Part Two)


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Baptism – Part 3 by Brad Scott

As we study the subject of baptism, we will see that there are many kinds of baptisms in scripture. There is the full immersion pattern established in the creation, in the beginning; there is a purpose of sprinkling clean water; there is baptism of the Holy Spirit, fire; and repentance, for example, all of which we will cover in this series. I wish to continue our discussion of the miqveh. This word used to describe what is commonly called a baptismal, is taken from the Hebrew word qavah. This word is formed by a qof, vav, and he. Its etymological meaning is to gather together toward a purpose or goal. It’s various uses in scripture is quite intriguing.

Vayikra [Leviticus] 11:36
Nevertheless a fountain or pit, wherein there is PLENTY of water, shall be clean: but that which toucheth their carcass shall be unclean.

‘Ezra 10:2
And Shechaniah the son of Jehiel, one of the sons of Elam, answered and said unto Ezra, We have trespassed against our God, and have taken strange wives of the people of the land: yet now there is HOPE in Israel concerning this thing.

Yirmeyahu [Jeremiah] 14:8
O the HOPE of Israel, the saviour thereof in time of trouble, why shouldest thou be as a stranger in the land, and as a wayfaring man that turneth aside to tarry for a night?

Yirmeyahu [Jeremiah] 17:13
O YHVH, the HOPE of Israel, all that forsake thee shall be ashamed, and they that depart from me shall be written in the earth, because they have forsaken YHVH, the fountain of living waters.

And now perhaps the most revealing appearance of this word and it’s first use as an abstract term.

B’reshiyth [Genesis] 49:18
I have WAITED for thy salvation, O YHVH.

Right in the middle of Ya’kov’s (Israel) prophecy over his twelve sons, he stops and makes this statement. As you can see, the verbal root of the word for the place of immersion is also the verbal root of the word for hope and waiting. Hope and wait for what? This is what I hope (pun intended) to bring together in this teaching series. The very first appearance of immersion occurred with the creation in the beginning, as we have already addressed. What happens to the earth and creation is a pattern for what YHVH will do with His people. It is this writers’ opinion that the adversary (satan) fell from his exalted position as a cherub named Lucifer (Yechezk’el [Ezekiel] 28:14; Higalut [Revelation] 12:9; 2 Corinthians 11:14), and that he was the cause of the tohu and bohu of B’reshiyth [Genesis] 1:2. The Creator then moved over the face of the waters to restore the creation in the same way He restores mankind. Now we add to this the fact that when you begin to absorb the dynamics of the Hebrew language you begin to observe a pattern of like kind in many of the Hebrew words that are associated with things that are wholesome and positive, and likewise a pattern of like kind in the words that are associated with evil, wickedness and destruction. In other words, as these words are traced out, we find that terms associated with righteousness all share a common etymological root meaning of bringing things into oneness or ‘echad. Likewise, words and terms that are generally associated with corruption, confusion and chaos also share common etymological meanings of breaking or scattering. When the formless, confused and empty earth is immersed in the waters, it emerges as a cleansed creation. No longer formless and void but whole and complete, only to await as we do for a new body. This process will also be seen in the restoration of Adam and in the restoration of the body of Messiah or Israel, His assembly from the beginning.

In Romans chapter eight we have a continuing revelation of this truth that God patterns the salvation and deliverance of man in the creation.

Romans 8:18-25
For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. For the earnest expectation of the creation WAITETH for the manifestation of the sons of God. For the creation was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in HOPE, Because the creation itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, WAITING for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body. For we are saved by HOPE: but HOPE that is seen is not HOPE: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet HOPE for? But if we HOPE for that we see not, then do we with patience WAIT for it.

Notice that the creation ‘waiteth’ for the manifestation of the sons of God. The word translated as wait is from the Greek word ekdechomai. This word is translated in the Tanakh from several Hebrew words of which all are very provocative, keeping in mind that our subject is baptism which in it’s root means to wait or to hope and it’s verbal root means to gather together for a goal. The three Hebrew words are qavatz, bachar, and qatzar. These words are generally translated in the Tanakh as to gather, chosen and harvest. Gee, you mean to be immersed, to wait, to hope, to gather, a harvest, and the chosen are all connected some how? Yes, and not only connected but patterned by the natural things from the beginning.

The next word we come to in our Romans text is the word hope in verse 20. It comes from the Greek word elpis. (Elpis not Elvis. There is no hope in Elvis.) This is the common Greek word for hope and also comes from the Hebrew root qavah. This word is translated specifically from the Hebrew word tiqvah, which you may recognize as the basis for the title of the Israeli nation anthem, HaTikvah or The Hope. This word in Romans 8:20 is translated many times in the Tanakh from the Hebrew word for trust, batach. It is as if the Master is telling us that the creation, having already been immersed, is waiting and trusting in it’s new body as well as we are. The big difference being that the creation trusts in it’s Creator naturally, instinctively, and without hesitation, whereas humanity is created with the ability to say no to the Master and choose not to hope or wait.

In this section of scripture Rav Sha’ul [Paul] takes us back to the creation, to the earth immersed in the waters in the beginning. Sha’ul teaches us that the creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God as we all wait for our new bodies. In the end, we will be resurrected with our new bodies as a new heaven and earth emerge with theirs. Notice how many times the words hope and wait are used here. I intend, with much prayer, to connect the conceptual relationship between the pattern of the natural things in the beginning, baptism with the regathering of the whole house of Israel.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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  4. Torah Explorers Vayishlach for children for December 2, 2017. This is a downloadable PDF file.
  5. # 6 – Torah Parashah Toldot (Generations) (Video: 1:32:09 minutes long.)


Teachings -- Test All Things Banner

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Merry Christmas

Learn the “REAL” story about the origins of Christmas. Did you know that Christmas was being celebrated long before Yeshua/Jesus was born? Do you know that He was NOT born on December 25th? Do you know what the Absolute Written Word of Almighty YHWH says about Christmas? I encourage everyone to check out all the links below. It is long past the time for the Body of Yeshua/Jesus to be awakened to His Truths which are written in His Word. If you “truly” love Him, then embrace His Truths which are written in His Word and abandon man’s traditions.

Over 20 years ago, YHWH called me to do research into the various Christian holidays. He wanted me to get to the “origins” of each of those holidays and learn of their origins. During my intense research, I learned the “real” truth and I learned in the process that I had been raised believing that these Christian holidays were indeed Christian. When in fact none of them were Christian. Then, it happened. While I was doing this research, I heard His voice speak to me, “LEARN NOT THE WAY OF THE HEATHEN. HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR CELEBRATIONS. IT IS A STENCH IN MY NOSTRILS. I AM HAVE SPOKEN TO YOU.” Needless to say, my response to Him was “Not a problem.”

What Christmas means to you as a Christian does not matter. What truly matters is what it means to Him. He sees his children trying to honor Him by celebrating Christmas when in reality He is seeing a repeat of the Israelites trying to worship Him with the golden calf at Mount Sinai. Many lost their lives because they worshiped the golden calf which is a false god. This is exactly what is happening today. My beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord are falsely worshiping Him using ancient pagan idols. Yes, the Christmas tree is an idol as well as the Yule Log, and many other items that go with Christmas. All these things are clearly presented in the below links. I strongly encourage all my brothers and sisters in Yeshua/Jesus to go through all these links and educate yourself.

Jeremiah 10:1-51 Hear the word which YHWH speaks to you, O house of Yisra’ĕl. 2 Thus said YHWH, “Do not learn the way of the gentiles (See Leviticus 18:3; Deuteronomy 12:30 & 18:9; Ezekiel 11:12 & 20:32; Ephesians 4:17; 1 Peter 4:3.), and do not be awed by the signs of the heavens, for the gentiles are awed by them (See Deuteronomy 4:19 & 17:3.). 3 For the prescribed customs of these peoples are worthless, for one cuts a tree from the forest, work for the hands of a craftsman with a cutting tool. 4 They adorn it with silver and gold, they fasten it with nails and hammers so that it does not topple. 5 They are like a rounded post, and they do not speak. They have to be carried, because they do not walk. Do not be afraid of them, for they do no evil, nor is it in them to do any good.” ”

Remember: What Christmas means to you as a Christian does not matter. What truly matters is what it means to Him. It is a stench in His nostrils.

  1. Paganism in Christmas
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  23. EXPOSED How Satan infiltrated Christianity with CHRISTMAS {Full Documentary} (Video: 34:14 minutes long.)



Learn the “REAL” story about the origins of New Year’s Celebration. New Years Celebration is like Christmas and other Christian celebrations, it has its roots in pagan practices. All who truly love Him will abandon pagan practices to please Him. Christians are not to learn the ways of the heathen. Nowhere in all the Bible from Genesis to Revelation will we find where it is okay to celebrate New Years. He has NOT given His stamp of approval on this celebration. So, why do Christians celebrate New Years? It all boils down to “Man’s Traditions.” YHWH wants ALL of His children to come out of pagan practices. Do you love Him enough to abandon “Man’s Traditions” to “show” Him that you have a “true” love for Him? The “fruit” of one’s love for YHWH is obedience to His Commandments.

  1. The Truth About NEW YEAR’S!
  2. Why Christians Don’t Celebrate New Year’s
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  14. The Roots and Fruits of New Year’s Eve
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What does YHWH say about loving Him?

John 14:15If you love Me, you shall guard [keep/do/obey] My commands.” We know one of His Commands is to ‘learn not the way of the heathen (gentiles).’ (Jeremiah 10:2) Heathens (gentiles) were known for their pagan practices which are not from YHWH. YHWH has called His children to be Set-Apart (Holy) as He is Holy. (1 Peter 1:16) The real meaning of Holy is “Dedicate.” We can read 1 Peter 1:16 using the term “dedicate” and it will clear up what Holy really means. “because it has been written, “Be Dedicated (Set-Apart), for I [YHWH] am Dedicated (Set-Apart).” He is calling His children to be “Dedicated” to Him as He is “Dedicated” to His children.

Exodus 20:6 “but showing kindness to thousands, to those who love Me and guard [keep/do/obey] My commands.”

1 John 5:2-32 By this we know that we love the children of Elohim [Mighty One/God], when we love Elohim and guard [keep/do/obey] His commands. 3 For this is the love for Elohim, that we guard [keep/do/obey] His commands, and His commands are not heavy,”

2 John v. 6 “And this is the love, that we walk [keep/do/obey] according to His commands. This is the command, that as you have heard from the beginning, you should walk [keep/do/obey] in it.”