News You May Not Have Heard About — 11/05/2017

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  1. Trump Now Opposes ‘Greater Jerusalem’ Bill, Seen as Obstacle to Peace
  2. Trump: “Hoax Is Turned Around” as Intel Committee’s Russia Probe Shifts to Clinton, DNC
  3. Tax Cuts and Tax Relief Will Put the American Economy in High-Gear
  4. Statement from the President on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  5. President Trump Makes a Jobs Announcement (Video: 13:10 minutes long.)
  6. Remarks by President Trump and Business Leaders Before Tax Reform Industry Meeting
  7. Trump Orders More Extreme Vetting In Wake Of Fatal NYC Jihad Terrorist Attack
  8. After NYC Terror Attack, Trump Says ISIS Fighters Should Not Be Allowed Back In Our Country
  9. President Donald J. Trump Proclaims November 2017 as National Entrepreneurship Month
  10. Remarks by President Trump in Cabinet Meeting
  11. President Trump Delivers Remarks on the Federal Reserve Chairman (Video: 0:32 seconds long.)
  12. Trump: New York Terrorist Should Get Death Penalty
  13. Trump Is Quietly Deregulating All the Things
  14. President Trump Says “Independent” Central Bank Nominee For Fed Chair Is Jerome Powell


  1. Secretary of State warns threat of nuclear attack by North Korea “accelerating”
  2. Leading US Commander Warns North Korea Capable Of Striking US Mainland
  3. The Growth Effects of Corporate Tax Reform and Implications for Wages (NOTE: This is a downloadable PDF file.)
  4. Remarks to Airmen at Minot Air Force Base by Vice President Pence
  6. U.S. Will Direct Humanitarian Programs in the Middle East; No More U.N. Funding
  7. GOP senators pushing for alternatives to deadly, addictive opioid prescription drugs… but none of them dare say “cannabis”
  8. FEMA is a powerful partner in Puerto Rico’s recovery
  9. Bin Laden’s Ties to Iran Exposed by CIA Files
  10. CIA Thermite Grenade Kills 2 Las Vegas Massacre Witnesses As US News Blackout Continues
  11. U.S. Attorney’s Office Hosts Conference Addressing “Hate Speech” in K-12 Schools with Hate Group SPLC
  12. Nikki Haley tells United Nations: You’re not the boss of U.S.
  13. House Takes Up Bill to Protect the Unborn with a Heartbeat
  14. GOP Tries to Stop IRS after Years of a Tax
  15. Watch A Perky Congress Announce The TAX CUTS Right Here


  1. Jake Tapper, CNN Mouth, Says Allahu Akbar ‘Sometimes Said Under the Most Beautiful of Cirumstances’
  2. Robert Spencer: CNN claims that the “prayerful” phrase “Allahu akbar” is a “celebration of life”
  4. Becoming Numb To Mass Murder Terror Attacks ‘ A Good Thing,’ Vox Writes
  5. David Wood Video: “Allahu Akbar!” — Muhammad’s War Cry
  6. New York Times: “Allahu akbar” has “somehow” become “intertwined with terrorism”
  7. New York Times: Don’t Be Afraid of “Allahu Akbar,” It’s Just an “Everyday Phrase”
  8. CNN: The “prayerful” phrase “Allahu akbar” is a “celebration of life”


  1. USA and Russia send nuclear bombers to North Korea as tensions soar…
  2. Concerns Of North Korea Conducting Nuclear Test During Trump Visit
  3. North Korea Nuclear Tests Raise Fears of Radioactive Fallout
  4. Securing North Korean nuclear sites would require a ground invasion
  5. Federal Judge Blocks Trump From Banning Transgenders From Military…
  6. Amy Barrett Gives Senate Cause for Confirm
  8. Almost all American ISIS fighters unaccounted for, sparking fears
  9. JFK Assassination File Release Becomes Pablum Feeding Event
  10. The One Paragraph You Need To Read From The JFK Assassination Files That May Change Everything
  12. JFK Assassination File Release Becomes Pablum Feeding Event
  14. Declassified JFK Files Reveal Memo About U.S. Plans to Invade Cuba
  15. Declassified JFK Files Reveal CIA Reviewed Claims Hitler Was Alive in South America
  16. Navy SEALs Capture Terrorist Behind Benghazi Attacks
  17. WATCH: Benghazi Terrorist Snatched by Navy Seals
  18. Visit to Saudi Arabia by Trump’s Son-in-law Focused on Israeli-Arab Peace
  19. Judge Okays Lethal Injunction for Troops
  20. “Were You Sober?”: Hannity BLASTS “Bitter” Boehner For Fake Phone Call Story
  21. Hillary Rigged Election Against Bernie Sanders, Says Ex-DNC Chair Donna Brazile
  22. Closer To The Heart: Elizabeth Warren Says “Yes” The DNC Rigged The Primary For Hillary
  23. Donna Brazile’s Truth Bomb Was One Of The Most Important Things Of 2017
  24. “Hopelessly Compromised”: Judiciary Member Calls For Mueller’s Resignation Over Uranium One Scandal
  25. “REAL COLLUSION HE KNEW ABOUT!”: Hannity Explodes on Mueller For Distracting From Hillary Funding ‘Trump Dossier’
  27. BANANA REPUBLIC: Dirty Cop Mueller is Looking at Manafort Wire Transfer From Before Campaign in 2013
  28. Did Mueller’s Search of Manafort’s Home Violate the Fourth Amendment?
  29. Body Language Expert: Hillary Clinton ‘Afraid of Prosecution’ Amid ‘Trump Dossier’ Funding Revelations (VIDEO)
  30. WOW! Obama Campaign Paid Nearly $1 Million To Law Firm Connected To Fusion GPS
  31. “Seven Days In January”: Arrests Begin As Trump Counterattacks Against Obama-Clinton Coup
  32. CNN Writer Linked to Hillary Funded Fusion GPS – Broke Story on Mueller Indictments
  33. Trey Gowdy: Mueller Team ‘Violated the Law’ Leaking Charges in Trump-Russia Investigation (VIDEO)
  34. HUGE! Crooked Cop Comey and FBI Used Fake Dossier to Intimidate and Spy on Trump (Video)
  35. MORE LEAKS: Deep State Focusing on Paul Manafort and “Suspicious” Wire Transfers
  36. Paul Manafort, Rick Gates indicted in Russia probe
  37. AG Jeff Sessions Says He Will Not Prosecute Clintons or Deep State Crooks – Sessions Is Compromised and Must Go!
  38. Former Trump Campaign Officials Indicted, Surrender to FBI
  41. WATCH: Pro-Israel Arabs Slandered as ‘Rats’ and  ‘Garbage’
  42. WATCH: American Leaders Have Called Iran a Danger to the World for Decades
  43. Jew-Hating Rioters Crash, Riot in NYC Synagogue
  44. 8 Dead, Multiple Injured After Truck Driver Mows Down Pedestrians in Lower Manhattan
  45. WATCH: Manhattan Truck-Ramming Killer of 8 Yells ‘Allahu Akbar’
  46. Media Outlets Bury ‘Allahu Akbar’ In Reports On NYC Terror Attack
  47. NY jihad-truck mass murderer named “Sword of Allah” pledged his allegiance to Islamic State
  48. WATCH: After NY Attack, Democrats Pull THIS Ad Showing Republican Driver Chasing Latino and Muslim Children
  50. FBI nabs second Muslim in connection with New York City truck jihad terror attack
  51. FBI Apprehends Second Man Connected to NYC Terror Attack
  52. Feds interviewed NYC truck jihad mass murderer in 2015 about terror ties
  53. Immigration jihad: NYC jihad mass murderer brought in TWENTY-THREE “family members” after winning “Diversity Visa” lottery
  54. NYC jihad mass murderer entered US via Diversity Visa Program – despite YEARS OF WARNINGS
  55. NYC Muslim truck mass murder bragging from hospital about jihad slaughter, “would have continued to mow down pedestrians near the World Trade Center”
  56. NYC Halloween Jihadi Attacker Had Thousands Of Pieces Of Islamic Propaganda On His Phone
  57. NYC truck jihadi Sayfullo Saipov asks that ISIS flag be displayed in his hospital room
  58. Mosque where NYC jihad mass murderer worshipped was part of NYPD surveillance effort dismantled by de Blasio at behest of Islamic groups
  59. NYPD suspected NYC jihadi’s mosque of terror ties over a decade before massacre
  60. De Blasio was repeatedly warned about NYC terror hotbeds, but ignored the warnings
  61. New Yorker on NYC jihad massacre: terror is “evil opposite” of Islam, Muslims “fear being tarred”
  63. The FBI Knew That The Islamic Terrorist Who Murdered Eight People In Manhattan Was Dangerous, Going All The Way Back To 2012. Its Another Proof That The Government Wanted This Attack To Happen
  64. NYC Terror Suspect Had Been Planning Attack for Close to a Year
  65. NY Deputy Police Commissioner: “This isn’t about Islam, this isn’t about the mosque he attends”
  66. NYC jihad mass murderer Saipov a “devout” Muslim, wife wears a niqab
  67. AP: In wake of Halloween jihad, the real victims are ……. Muslims, “mosques near NYC face hostility”
  68. ISIS: Halloween Jihadi Who Killed Eight In NYC Is ‘Soldier Of The Caliphate’
  69. Glazov Moment: The Left’s Manhattan Massacre
  70. This Entire ‘Terrorist Attack’ Is No Different Than The ‘Refugee Crisis’ In Germany, It Is Just An Attempt To Sell Nationalism As The Answer To A Self-Inflicted Problem
  71. VIDEO shows special needs children trapped in bus after NYC Halloween jihad mass murder
  72. Dhimmi de Blasio: “Last thing we should do is start casting dispersions [sic] on whole races of people or whole religions”
  73. WATCH VIDEO: MSNBC Panelist Says ‘Allahu Akbar’ NYC Jihad Attack Was ‘Anti-Islamic’
  74. FP “journalist” Isaac Stone Fish: “The most Trumpian thing most people do is overreact to a small terrorist attack”
  75. Muslim who attended Halloween jihadi’s mosque: ‘I totally get what he did”
  76. Nothing to do with Islam? Halloween Jihadi Sayfullo Saipov’s Islamic Documents, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet”
  77. Saipov had 3,800 ISIS images on his phone, note saying “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet”
  78. Surrender: NYC Starts Barricading Pathways After Islamic Terror Attack
  79. Sharia-compliant NBC News reports on non-existent “backlash” against Muslim Americans in wake of NYC Islamic attack
  81. Ex-Antifa member: the group is a “threat to society,” “more dangerous than ISIS”
  82. US Antifa and other Leftist groups met with al-Qaeda and ISIS, plot to destroy Trump
  83. Antifa’s Coup to Replace Our Constitutional Republic Through Destablizing Terror Attacks
  87. SEX ATTACKS: U.S. Muslim migrants continue to beat the system, despite arrests
  88. Robert Spencer: Is Opposition to Muslims-Only Maryland Development Just “Islamophobia”?
  89. WATCH: Anti-Israel Activists Verbally Attack Pro-Israel Arabs at NYC Event
  90. Michigan: Muslim Amassed Weapons, Made Pipe Bombs, Boasted of How Easy It Would Be to Mount Jihad Massacre in U.S.
  91. Palestinian-American ISIS Terrorist Gets 20-year Sentence
  92. Berkeley Paper Retracts Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic Cartoon
  93. Texas Abortion Clinics Still Open Despite Numerous Safety Violations
  94. Leaks Expose Corruption of UN ICC Kangaroo Court
  95. U.N. gives $1.3 billion for Palestinian Muslim “legal recourse” against Jewish State & other “development programming”
  96. Outrageous: New UN Plan Pumps $18 Million Into Anti-Israel Organizations
  97. UN’s ‘Unprecedented’ $1.3 Billion Anti-Israel Witch Hunt Proceeds
  98. At UN, Creepy Globalist Robot Vows to Help “Create the Future”
  99. Videos and Photos: United Against Nuclear Iran Summit 2017 – NYC
  100. Outcry as Mugabe Named WHO ‘Goodwill’ Ambassador
  101. UNESCO’s Corrupt Election Offers More Reasons for US Exit
  102. WATCH: UNESCO Provides United Arab Emirates Another Venue to Snub Israel
  103. Arizona Judge Rules Christian Artists Must Make Same-Sex Wedding Invitations
  104. Rise Of ‘Knockout’ Attacks Leaves New York Residents On Edge
  105. More Vegas Shooting Witnesses Reported Dead, Couple Dies in Car Crash
  106. VEGAS MYSTERY: Sheriff Believes Gunman’s Girlfriend ‘Hiding Information’
  107. US: Seven of 129 Americans Who Fought for ISIS Have Returned Home
  108. Newsweek touts Hamas-CAIR’s “Muslim ban”- inspired gum, “NoBanz”
  109. Education Or Indoctrination? Islam In Our Schools
  110. Georgetown University’s Identity Crisis
  111. SF Chronicle Columnist @markmorford Says DEATH THREATS to Trump EPA Chief “Make Sense”
  112. Hate Letter and White Powder Mailed to Israeli Consulate in NYC
  115. New ‘knockout game’ incidents leave US residents terrified
  116. Trans Ruling Booed by Legal Experts
  117. Inspectors Stumble on Ghoulish Scene at Abortion Chain
  119. Wisconsin Becomes 24th US State to Pass Anti-BDS Law
  120. Israeli Software Gives New York Power Plants Iron Dome Protection Against Shutdown
  121. Outraged Parents Take on Abortion Giant Planned Parenthood for Its School ‘Sex-Ed’ Program and Win
  122. School Choice Hangs in the Balance in Key Colorado Election
  123. Attorney General Allows Abortionists to Protect Potential Abusers
  124. Iowa: What Is the Church to Do When ‘Gay Pride’ Comes to Town?
  125. Jack and Jail: Americans Reject Punishment for Bakers
  127. A Landry List of Problems with LA Order
  128. Red Cross Failed to Help Dutch Jews During Holocaust
  130. Ethiopian-born ‘Miss Israel’ Dreamed of Jewish State, Advocates for Israel on US Campuses
  131. CPS Using “Predictive Analytics” Software to Label Parents as Unfit, Even Before Baby is Born
  133. Army of Jesus’ Facebook Page Exposed as Russian Ad
  134. VIEWPOINT SEGMENT: Latest On EMP Drill and Black Plague
  135. Would Society Survive An EMP? People Refuse To Think About It Or Acknowledge It Could Happen
  136. DEVELOPING: At least 2 dead in shooting at Walmart in Colorado
  137. Effort underway to split California into three separate states
  139. Corey Feldman Names The First Name: Accuses Former Co-Star Of Molesting Him
  140. “It’s Okay To Be White” Signs Found At Maryland High School
  141. Ex-Soros Trader Sued For Viciously Abusing Women In “Manhattan Sex Dungeon”
  142. NYPD: Rape Allegation Against Harvey Weinstein Is “Credible”, Arrest Possible
  143. Man Disembowels Woman And Throws Her Entrails In A Trash Can, Rips Her Leg Off And Puts It In His Bed, Hangs Her Body In His Closet, When Police Catch Him He Says ‘She Is My Blow Up Doll’
  144. Oxford allows accused rapist Tariq Ramadan to continue teaching: “We must protect Muslim students”
  145. Tariq Ramadan and “The Zionist Plot”
  146. Deserter Bowe Bergdahl gets dishonorable discharge but no prison time
  147. DISGRACE: Deserter/Taliban recruit Bowe “Abdullah” Bergdahl Pleads GUILTY, Gets NO JAIL TIME
  148. The Jihadi Lottery: Time to Close the Open Door
  149. NBC News: “Americans must prepare for a future where terror is routine”
  150. Communist Sympathizer Mag “The Nation” Backs Convention of States
  151. Deep State: Follow the Rothschild, Soros, and Rockefeller Money
  152. Project Veritas Using Encrypted ProtonMail to Protect Whistleblowers


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  1. Israel ‘Stands with All Americans after Horrible Islamist Terror Attack,’ Netanyahu Tells Trump
  2. Netanyahu Asks Trump to Allow Jonathan Pollard to Move to Israel
  3. Netanyahu to US After NY Attack: Together We will Defeat ‘Scourge’ of Terrorism
  4. Netanyahu Honors Rabin with Call for ‘National Reconciliation’
  5. Thousands of Jews May Be Recognized With New Genetic Determination of Jewish Status
  6. Breakthrough Genetic Testing May Prove Jewish Identity For Thousands
  7. Israel Wins 5 Medals at Abu Dhabi, Despite Open Anti-Semitism
  8. Palestinians Again Fail to Oust Israel from International Sports Competition
  9. UN Human Rights Chief Acts Like Anti-Israel ‘BDS Activist’, Says Israeli Envoy
  10. Israeli Minister: Boycotting Judea and Samaria Equals Boycotting Israel
  11. Israeli Aid Boosts Kenyan Education and Next-Generation Leadership
  12. Palestinians Murdered Israeli as Revenge for Terrorist’s Death
  13. ISIS Attempts to Assassinate Gaza Security Chief
  14. Age of the Savage: Jihad terrorist’s father wins international human rights award
  15. Muslims Warn Christians Not to Sell Land to Jews: ‘Selling land to Jews is treason’
  16. IDF Blows Up Hamas Terror Tunnel
  17. 8 Terrorists Killed, More Wounded After IDF Blows Up Gaza Terror Tunnel
  18. Another Terror Tunnel Discovered Under UN School in Gaza
  19. WATCH: High Death Toll in Terror Tunnel Explosion not Intended, but ‘we Don’t Cry When Terrorists Are Killed’
  20. WATCH: Crash Course on the Balfour Declaration’s 100th Anniversary
  21. WATCH: How the Arab World Reacted to the Balfour Declaration
  22. Balfour Declaration Turns 100, Netanyahu Challenges Palestinians to Recognize Israel
  23. UK Leader Honors Balfour Declaration, Celebrates Israel
  24. Netanyahu: Real Tragedy of Balfour is Palestinian Rejection 100 Years Later
  25. Israeli Startup Makes Huge Progress in Artificial Cornea Implants
  26. WATCH: Time to Repeal and Replace the United Nations?
  27. WATCH: Terrifying Arab Road Rage Attack on Israeli Bus Full of Passengers
  28. Israeli Minister, Palestinian PM Discuss Economic Ties
  29. Breakthrough Israeli Technology Enabled Terror Tunnel Explosion
  30. Australian PM in Israel: ‘We are Part of the Same Family’
  31. Australian Riders in Israel Reenact Famed WWI Battle
  32. Israeli Lobbyists Working for Congo in D.C. Hire GOP Insiders, Including Bob Dole and Trump Campaign Liaisons
  33. WATCH: Israel Celebrates Urban Achievements on World Cities Day
  34. 3-D Holograms Preserve Holocaust Survivor Stories
  35. IDF Forces Shoot Palestinian During Suspected Attack
  36. IDF, Police Arrest Palestinian Terror Suspects, Seize Weapons
  37. Anti-Israel Activist Barred from Entry Into Israel
  38. WATCH: Israelis Forced Out of World Youth Event Promoting ‘Peace and Solidarity’
  39. WATCH: Israel Helps Save Lives Deep in Syria
  40. Israeli Fighter Jets Bomb Syrian Weapons Facility, ‘Violent Explosions’ Reported
  41. DEVELOPING: Israel Strikes Syrian Weapons Depot
  42. Israel ready to enter Syria to protect Druze under attack
  43. Arabs, Just 21% of Population, Commit Majority of Murders in Israel
  44. WATCH: Israeli Team Develops Major Cancer Breakthrough
  45. IDF Warns World of Iran’s Growing Cyber Threat
  46. Israel and Wisconsin Promote Water Tech Together
  47. Cooperation Soars Between Israeli and Indian Air Forces
  48. WATCH: ‘When You Blame the Occupation, You Need to Look Inside’


  1. WATCH: How to Make a Terrorist, Step-by-Step Guide [Spoof]
  2. Poking America In The Eye – Palestinians Continue To Erect Saddam Hussein Statues
  3. Palestinian Statue Honoring Saddam is a ‘Poke in America’s Eye,’ Diplomats Say
  4. WATCH: Palestinians Demand UK Apologize for Balfour Declaration
  5. WATCH: Palestinians Sue Britain Over ‘Ominous Balfour Promise’
  6. Palestinians Falsely Accuse Israel of Using Poison Gas for Terror Tunnel Explosion
  7. A Touching Episode from the Depths of Palestinian Hell
  8. 20 Palestinians Indicted Over Massive Agricultural Theft in Israel
  9. PA Leader Abbas OK with Hamas Support for Israel’s Destruction
  10. WATCH: PA President Denies Promise that Hamas Ministers will Recognize Israel
  11. WATCH: Hamas Brags Iran is Top Funder of Palestinian Terror
  12. Hamas-Fatah Love Affair: What It Means for Israel
  13. Hamas Promises ‘Blood for Blood’ in Wake of Tunnel Bombing
  14. Hamas Hands Over Control of Gaza Crossings to Palestinian Authority
  15. Hamas and Hezbollah Terror Leaders Meet in Lebanon
  16. WATCH: Hezbollah Tweets Menacing Photos of Israeli Communities
  17. Experts: Next Hezbollah War with Israel Inevitable, will be Devastating
  18. ISIS Threatens Greater Attacks Than Manhattan On Horizon


  1. Russia: YOU’RE TERMINATED Vladimir Putin warns of future sci-fi super-human soldiers more ‘destructive than nuclear bombs’ who feel no fear or pain
  2. Russia: Could Putin’s revenge on US see petro-yuan replace petrodollar?
  3. Russia: Russia Mocks Manafort Indictment, But Offers Cheburashka Aid To Psikhushka Americans
  4. Russia: Russian scientists create suit that allows soldiers to walk through fire and grenade blasts
  5. England: Government has 58 studies on Brexit – but refuses to publish them
  6. England: Brexit has already cost each household £600 a year
  7. England: Millionaire Brexit-backer investigated over EU referendum funding
  8. England: TIME TO WALK Tory donors urge Theresa May to quit EU without a trade deal or risk being exploited by European leaders
  9. England: KARREN BRADY Let’s get on with Brexit and back our businesses to make the best of it
  10. England: ISIS Threatens to Slaughter 4-Year-Old Prince George
  11. England: ‘Westminster sex pest dossier’ includes Tory MPs in Theresa May’s inner circle
  12. England: British Couple Seek Nanny Who’ll Raise Kids Gender Neutral; No Barbie or He, She Pronouns
  13. England: Outrage as ISIS Jihadis To Go To the ‘Front of the Queues for Council Houses and Jobs’
  14. England: London: Jewish Girl Told ‘be Patient, Jews Come Last’ in Shop
  15. England: Is Hamas Behind Anti-Israel Demonstration in London?
  16. Spain: CAT CALLS Thousands of pro-Spain supporters descend on Barcelona as tensions grow over Catalonia independence bid
  17. Spain: After Declaring Catalonian Independence From Spain, Carles Puigdemont Flees To Belgium And Is Now Being Protected By Major Nazi Elites
  18. Spain: Catalonia Declares Independence From Spain. This Is Only A Sign Of How Europe Is Fragmenting And Heading Towards Another Major War
  19. Spain: What’s Going On in Catalonia?
  20. Spain: Four Muslim migrants arrested over tourist gang rape in popular Canary Islands resort
  21. UK: UK Labour Leader to Snub Netanyahu
  22. UK: EXCLUSIVE: UK’s ITV Secretly Records Patriotic Britons, Desperate Smear, Defames Them as “Far Right” @ITV
  23. UK: ITV’s Exposé on “Far-Right” May Violate Broadcasting Code
  24. UK: UK: Muslim ISIS fighters to be GIVEN taxpayer-funded HOMES
  25. UK: WATCH: UK Labour’s Balfour ‘Celebration’ Rife with Anti-Israel Rhetoric
  26. UK: UK Labour Official Uses Balfour Celebration to Promote Palestinian Issues
  27. UK: Muslim terror couple plotted bomb attack after meeting on, Muslim dating site
  28. UK: Muslim who BEHEADED Lee Rigby ‘converts prison inmates to Islam’: Large group of Muslims look up to him
  29. Europe: The Deep Disconnect in the Cosmic Rift Between Islam and the West
  30. Europe: ‘Muhammad’ is the Future of Europe
  31. Europe: Third woman accuses elite jihad propagandist Tariq Ramadan of sexual harassment
  32. Europe: Leak Reveals Soros Network’s List of ‘Reliable Allies’ in EU Parliament
  33. France: Mother of devout Muslim who murdered French Jewish children: “The prophet permits the killing of Jewish children”
  34. France: Pro-jihad Jew-hating mob destroys Israeli products in French department store
  35. France: French Sharia: Court Orders Cross on Statue of Saint John Paul II Removed
  36. France: DAYS OF LOT: Paris opens it’s first-ever “naked” restaurant
  37. Germany: German Police Did Not Watch Berlin Jihad Attacker on Weekends, Holidays
  38. Germany: Collapsing foodchain: Germany’s ecosystem is threatened as scientists discover a 75% decline in insects — is industrial agriculture to blame?
  39. Germany: Merkel: Give Turkey Billions More Euros to Keep More Muslim Migrants out of Europe
  40. Germany: Muslim migrant arrested in “serious bomb plot” using “very powerful explosives”
  41. Germany: German Soccer Fans Distribute Anti-Semitic Stickers of Anne Frank
  42. Germany: Police call in reinforcements as Muslim migrants sexually assault women on Halloween in Cologne
  43. Germany: Number of asylum seekers doubles in two years, government admits it has lost track of 30,000 illegal migrants
  44. Switzerland: WFP chief says gets pledge from Congo president on food aid access
  45. Switzerland: Swiss Army’s Activities in Golan Heights Contradict Nation’s Official Policy on Israel
  46. Netherlands: Imam deported from Belgium for being a “danger to society” now preaching jihad against the kuffar in The Netherlands
  47. Netherlands: International Court Readies War Crime Charges Against US After CIA Assassinates Top Prosecutors Son
  48. Sweden: Synagogue windows shattered in Sweden’s Muslim Malmo
  49. Sweden: DEVELOPING: Explosion strikes night club in Malmo, Sweden
  50. Sweden: 11 BOMBS in 21 DAYS #WAR
  51. Ukraine: Meditation Cave of Mystical Jewish Leader Discovered
  52. Holland: Geert Wilders Declares: ‘I Don’t Want Swedes Or Moroccans In The Dutch Parliament.’
  53. Ireland: Convicted Muslim rapist appeals, says “Islamophobic” jury didn’t have enough Muslims
  54. Ireland: Muslim Rapist Launches Appeal, Too Many White Catholics on “Islamophobic” Jury
  55. Hungary: Hungarian PM: Governments should be “dedicated to Christian values” that made Europe great


  1. China: China speeds ahead of U.S. as quantum race escalates, worrying scientists
  2. China: Chinese whispers: China shows off magnetic propulsion engine for ultra-silent subs, ships
  3. China: China and South Korea to hold ’emergency summit’ amid rising North Korea threat
  4. China: China Moves Forces To Protect Critical Trump “Witness” From MI6 Assassination
  5. China: National Anthem Protesters In China Face 3 Years Of Jail Time
  6. Indonesia: “Moderate” Indonesia: Muslim group forces Christians to cancel celebration
  7. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia to vet use of Muhammad’s sayings to counter jihad terrorism
  8. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Daily: Hamas Founded ‘Iranian Emirate’ In Gaza
  9. Saudi Arabia: WATCH: Future Saudi King Vows to ‘Destroy Extremist Ideas Today’
  10. Saudi Arabia: Aramco CEO Not Worried About American Frackers
  11. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia intercepts ballistic missile over capital
  12. United Arab Emirates: Arab judo officials apologize for anti-Israel conduct on world stage
  13. United Arab Emirates: United Arab Emirates Gives Gifts to Every UNESCO Member Except Israel
  14. North Korea: RUMORS OF WAR: North Korea begins mass-evacuation drills to prepare for nuclear war
  15. North Korea working on advanced version of missile that could reach US
  16. North Korea: WATCH: North Korea Conducts Rare Evacuation and Blackout Drills
  17. North Korea: More than 200 dead after tunnel collapses at North Korea’s Punggye-ri nuclear site
  18. North Korea: Hundreds reported dead at Kim’s missile testing facility
  19. North Korea: North Korea warns it won’t think twice about ‘pressing button’ if US strikes
  20. India: Indian Attorneys Advise Parents Visiting the U.S. on How to Avoid Medical Kidnapping
  21. India: India Arrests 2 ISIS Supporters Who Planned Attack on Synagogue
  22. India: Horrifying injuries of man left partially blinded after acid attack
  23. India: Indian state of Madhya Pradesh
  24. Iran: Iran’s President Turned Down Trump Invitation to Meet
  25. Iran: WATCH: Iranians Openly Deny Holocaust, Call for Israel’s Annihilation
  26. Iran Threatens Ballistic Missile Strikes on American Forces, Can Hit ‘All US Bases’…
  27. Iran: Khamenei Points Fingers at ‘Nefarious’ US, Iran’s ‘Major Enemy’
  28. Iran: Iranian Official: Syrian Army will Recapture Raqqa
  29. Iraq: Iraqi Lawmakers Outlaw Israeli Flags, ‘Zionist’ Symbols
  30. Pakistan: 44 women killed in the name of honor in a single Pakistani district
  31. Pakistan: Pakistani Christian ‘beaten by gang of Muslims’ for having poppies on his car
  32. Pakistan: Islamic Honor: Girl, 14, is forced to parade through her village NAKED
  33. Pakistan: Muslim “family honor” in Pakistan: 14-year-old girl forced to parade naked through village
  34. Pakistan: Bride Accused Of Poisoning 17 People To Get Out Of Marriage
  35. Pakistan: Muslim stalker threatens Christian girl with acid attack for not marrying him
  36. Syria: Israel once Again Attacks Syrian Army
  37. Syria: More than 200 Militants Laid Downed Weapons in Aleppo
  38. Syria: Syrian Army Strikes ISIS in Deir Ezzor
  39. Syria: Terrorists are Equipped with Western Weapons in Syria
  40. Syria: Syria and Brazil Discussed Bilateral Cooperation in the Field of Health Care
  41. Syria: SAA captured large ISIS weapon depot in Deir Ezzor
  42. Syria: Turkish Convoy Crossed Idlib Border
  43. Syria: Who must be responsible for ruined Syria?
  44. Japan: Tokyo On Edge as Kim’s Radiation Blows Toward Japan


  1. Madagascar: Is a Terrifying Biblical Plague Returning Despite Science’s Best Efforts?
  2. Madagascar: Madagascar Authorities Warn Not to Handle Corpses as Plague Spreads
  3. Madagascar: Warning over huge airborne plague outbreak after 1,300 people are infected
  4. Madagascar: Madagascar outbreak is ‘Worst in 50 years, Expected to spike This weekend
  5. Madagascar: WHO helps countries prepare for further spread after death toll rises to 124
  6. Madagascar: Madagascar plague more deadly than 14th century killer
  7. Madagascar: Mass Efforts Being Made to Keep Black Plague From Spreading
  8. Madagascar: Plague outbreak could explode at any time in next six months…
  9. Somalia: Is Blowback to Blame for Deadly Bomb Attack in Somalia?
  10. Morocco: FIFTEEN Muslim teens in Morocco have been treated for rabies after raping an infected local donkey
  11. Nigeria: Christian Woman, Teen Daughter and Son Murdered by Muslims in Nigeria, priest slain after being kidnapped
  12. Nigeria: Muslim Terrorists Kidnap Christian Woman And Her Children And Then Shoot Them In Captivity
  13. DR Congo: ‘As bad as it gets’: Children starving in DR Congo
  14. DR Congo: Burundian refugees call for justice after massacre in DRC
  15. DR Congo: Babies burned alive and women raped 150 times: Why Nikki Haley is prioritizing the Democratic Republic of Congo
  16. Dr Congo: DRC opposition says 2018 vote OK if president leaves
  17. DR Congo: 4 killed, 15 injured in eastern DRC protests over Kabila
  18. DR Congo: Rebellion fears grow in eastern Congo
  19. DR Congo: Democratic Republic of Congo: Crisis update – October 2017
  20. DR Congo: DRC police arrest nine in more anti-Kabila protests
  21. DR Congo: World Food Programme chief raises the alarm on growing hunger crisis in the DRC
  22. DR Congo: Thousands of DRC children at immediate risk of starvation, UN warns
  23. DR Congo: The perils of mining in the DRC
  24. DR Congo: 2 dead amid anti-government protests in eastern DRC
  25. DR Congo: Millions driven from their homes in DR Congo
  26. DR Congo: U.S. envoy Haley’s blunt diplomacy targets S.Sudan, Congo
  27. DR Congo: Will Nikki Haley’s Tears Flow into a River of Compassion for Congo?
  28. DR Congo: UN warns of ‘looming humanitarian catastrophe’ in DR Congo’s strife-torn Kasai region
  29. DR Congo: At least five killed in east Congo clashes: Human Rights Watch
  30. DR Congo: Democratic Republic of Congo: “Months later, they still can’t remove the bloodstains from the soil”
  31. DR Congo: Four civilians, policeman killed in clashes in DR Congo’s Goma
  32. DR Congo: Digging in the DRC
  33. DR Congo: Glencore Congo deals are said to be part of latest offshore leak
  34. DR Congo: In east DRC, S Sudan’s lost rebel army finds a haven
  35. DR Congo: “People are dying every day” – CAR refugees fleeing war suffer in Congo
  36. DR Congo: D. R. Congo: Urgent need for aid in the rural areas of Kasai
  37. DR Congo: Ivanhoe agrees to rehabilitate critical rail line in DRC
  38. DR Congo: Op-Ed: Democracy continues to evade the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo
  39. DR Congo: UN Sounds Alarm on Humanitarian Crisis in Congo’s Kasai
  40. DR Congo: Congo Child Rape Cases to Go to Trial
  41. DR Congo: DRC lurches into crisis
  42. DR Congo: UAE establishes official diplomatic relations with Democratic Republic of Congo
  43. DR Congo: Displaced people in DRC live in ‘appalling conditions’
  44. DR Congo: Kim Bolduc appointed Deputy Special Representative for the United Nations Mission in DRC
  45. DR Congo: As fighting subsides, Congolese return home to scenes of destruction
  46. DR Congo: A Killing in Congo Reveals Human Cost of Conservation
  47. DR Congo: Southeast Congo faces ‘deadly disaster’, half a million people displaced – NGO
  48. DR Congo: Congo-Kinshasa: Charcoal and Forest Loss in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  49. DR Congo: DRC police ‘arrest anti-Kabila protesters’
  50. Uganda: Uganda spy case puts strain on relations with Rwanda
  51. Uganda: DEVELOPING: New deadly virus breaks out in Uganda with no cure
  52. Zambia: Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu Appeals to International Community for Refugee Support
  53. Zambia: Zambia seeks permanent resettlement for refugees, as they increase in numbers
  54. Zambia: UNHCR urges international community to put DRC refugee crisis on top of agenda
  55. Egypt: Egyptian lawyer says it is ‘national duty’ to rape women who wear ripped jeans
  56. Algeria: A Word from the Horse’s Mouth: Islam Will Blow Up Our Society
  57. South Africa: 10 questions about #BlackMonday – and farm murders – answered
  58. South Africa: Zuma must go to jail – Maimane after DA walkout
  59. South Africa: Zuma appoints 15 High Court judges
  60. Libya: Can Khalifa Haftar Defeat Terrorism in Libya?


  1. Australia: Muslim sent money to ISIS by depositing cash into Sydney banks
  2. Australia: ‘Millionaire Muslim’ ripped off taxpayers for 18 YEARS posing as struggling single mother
  3. Australia: Netanyahu Praises Australian Soldiers for ‘Liberating Holy Land’ 100 Years Ago
  4. Australia and New Zealand: Past And Present Bonds Converge For Israel, Australia & New Zealand


  1. Canada: McGill University Embroiled in BDS-Propelled Anti-Semitism Scandal
  2. Canada: 21-year-old Muslim who brutally beat, cracked skull of elderly woman on morning stroll, charged with attempted MURDER
  3. Canada: WATCH: Canadian Jihadists Claim Israelis Not Part of ‘Mankind’
  4. Canada: WATCH: Worshipers at Toronto Mosque Pray Daily ‘to Purify Temple Mount from Filth of Jews’
  5. Canada: Muslim slits woman’s throat, says Allah commanded him to sacrifice her, is found “not criminally responsible”
  6. Canada: Canada – Discrimination Against Pro-Life Politicians
  7. Canada: Video: Robert Spencer and Christine Douglass-Williams in Alberta on jihad and the war against free speech
  8. Canada: Imam urges sending weapons to Palestinians for jihad against “Zionists,” the “worst of mankind”


  1. Argentine: Argentine Ex-president in Court Over Jewish Center Bombing
  2. Argentina: Fiendish Alliance: Antifa Anarchists, Communists, Feminists, Islamists, Homosexualists Escalate Attacks on Catholic Church


World Financial News Banner


  1. U.S. Economy Powers Through Hurricanes, Beats Forecasts With Three-percent Growth in Third Quarter
  2. Deutsche Asks A Stunning Question: “Is This The Beginning Of The End Of Fiat Money?”
  3. Not Yours to Give
  4. It’s Total Madness in Bitcoin Land
  5. Round Two: “Bitcoin Price” Vs “Gold Price” In Online Searches
  6. Bitcoin Vs Gold: One Uses OVER 10 BARRELS OF OIL To Produce (The Other USES 10x LESS)
  7. Bill Bonner on Bitcoin: Better than gold?
  8. Bitcoin surges past $7,000 to extend record rally
  9. Why we could see 26 million new bitcoin investors by the end of 2017
  10. Kyle Bass Interviews Mark Cuban: “AI Will Help The FANG Stocks Crush Bitcoin”
  11. Bitcoin or Gold: Which One’s a Bubble and How Much Energy Do They Really Consume
  12. Suppressed Interest Rates Won’t Restore Growth
  13. Could Robots Be Capable Of Crashing Stock Market?
  14. Why tax cuts won’t ‘make or break’ stock-market rally
  15. Here’s what Trump’s tax plan means for the stock market
  16. Here are the winners and losers of the tax plan, by income bracket
  17. The Trump tax calculator — will you pay more or less?
  18. Here are the most expensive elements of the new tax bill
  19. Republican tax plan to get rid of medical expense deduction, used by older, disabled and sick Americans
  20. Republican tax reform is simply red states stealing from blue states
  21. Under Trump’s tax plan, divorces are about to get a lot nastier (The administration’s tax plan eliminates the tax deduction on alimony.)
  22. Social Security and gray divorce: What you don’t know can cost you
  23. Housing stocks tumble on tax bill’s ding to mortgage deduction
  24. Sjuggerud: New home sales ‘soaring’ and ‘surging,’ with more gains to come
  25. Why Republicans should have ditched the mortgage-interest deduction as part of tax reform
  26. Nvidia earnings: After big stock gains, all segments are under the microscope
  27. Big week for IPOs falls flat
  28. This tech-heavy stock-market index has never logged so many record closes in a single year
  29. Qualcomm sees best one-day rally in 9 years on report of Broadcom buyout interest
  30. Analysts can’t agree about these stocks — and that could make you money
  31. Stocks end at records as Apple results cap strong week of earnings
  32. This is where jobs are disappearing this year (and it’s not mining or manufacturing)
  33. How the internet keeps your paycheck from getting much bigger
  34. After October data, median jobs growth under Trump now above Obama levels
  35. U.S. adds 261,000 jobs in October in hurricane-inflated gain
  36. Here’s how to make a decent living without a college degree
  37. Starbucks has gotten too expensive for value-conscious customers
  38. Dollar gains ground after upbeat ISM data, but finishes the week flat
  39. Dollar could rally another 16% vs. Turkish lira, says Nomura
  40. How abolishing the ‘green-card lottery’ would harm U.S. workers
  41. Factory jobs are in; retail jobs are out
  42. Understand the return you need — not the one you want — to stay on course
  43. Generation X recovery boosts homeownership rate
  44. How incoming Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell could affect your mortgage
  45. Simon Black Says FACTA Repeal Conspiciously Missing From ‘Tax Cuts And Jobs Act’
  46. We’re Being PLAYED by Bankers & Media | Craig Hemke
  47. Bad News Banksters Double Cross Their Customers
  48. The Midweek Silver Rally Ends With The Typical Cartel Brute-Force Smashing
  49. Bix Weir Says “NOT A CHANCE” Fed Nominee Powell Will Stop Rigging Gold & Silver Prices
  50. The Commercials Aren’t Done Because They’re Short 400,000,000 Ounces Of Silver
  51. Don’t fall victim to ‘silver bullets’
  52. 29,450 Gold Contracts Dumped In 9 Minutes To Smash The Gold Price
  53. The US Dollar/Japanese Yen Is THE CATALYST For A Year-End Gold Price Rally
  54. Eric Sprott: “We Don’t Need To Know Your DAMN CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATES”
  55. Harvard Trained Economist Shows (With A Graph) That The Sun WILL POP The Bubble TIME NOW
  56. Bill Bonner: Get ready for the ‘crack-up boom’
  57. Jim Rickards Says Gold & The Russian Markets Are Safe Havens During The Next Financial Crisis
  58. A sneak peek at the economy of tomorrow
  59. Porter: ‘The current bull market is hiding a huge risk’
  60. The ‘Death of Retail’ rolls on…
  61. Stansberry Investor Hour: Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank
  62. The Economic End Game Continues
  63. All Of The World’s Money And Markets In One Visualization
  64. Investing In Bubbles
  65. Many Americans Have Dreamed of Being Their Own Boss – When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Create Their Own Jobs
  66. If Technology Fails, Just How Long Are Your Long Range Plans?
  67. What Will You Do When The Social security and Medicare are Running dry Fast and it is Only a Matter of Time Before They Stop Paying out in Whole or in Part
  68. Economic Survival Strategy: When Everything Goes Wrong With the Economy and You can no Longer Depend on a Regular Income
  69. We are living In A Depression Era – Economic History Can Provide Important Lessons For The Current Generation
  71. Audio: Fed Nominations & Tax Rejiggering Have Markets Guessing
  72. Threats to Digital Wealth Point Up Need for Tangible Backup
  73. U.S. Economy Continues to Surprise to the Upside
  74. U.S. Economy Powers Through Hurricanes, Beats Forecasts With Three-percent Growth in Third Quarter


  1. TARIFFIC BOOST Britain may save £90billion in trade tariffs by leaving the EU, study claims


  1. Canadian Stock Exchanges Look to Attract Israeli Companies


  1. Syria: What if You’d Been an ISIS Fighter?
  2. 900 Kilos Of Gold Traded On First Day Launch Of “Gold Connect” Linking Hong Kong and Shenzhen
  3. If Iran & Turkey Traded Oil-For-Gold To Evade Sanctions It’s Because GOLD IS MONEY
  4. Top analyst: Why Japanese stocks could soar 18% over the next year
  5. The Widow-Maker’s Back – Is It Time To Short JGBs?
  6. China: Shadow Bank Inflows Are Critical To Sustain The Ponzi… But They’re Falling
  7. BREAKING: China – World’s Largest Gold Producer Mine Supply Plummets 10%
  8. 1MDB Scandal Resurfaces As Singapore Cops Investigate Goldman’s Lucrative Bond Issues


Earth News Banner

  1. SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Mystery object may be our first visitor from another solar system
  2. SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Discovery Of ‘Monster’ planet stuns scientists
  3. Yellowstone Swarm Continues As 111 Quakes Recorded In October
  4. Octopus crawling out of sea and walking up Welsh beach leave experts baffled
  5. Biblical hailstorm covers Cordoba, Argentina in 1.5 m (4.9 feet) of hail within 15 minutes
  6. 250-mile-long lightning strike captured on video
  7. Another anomalous tropical storm in 2017: Selma is the first northeastern Pacific named storm on record to make landfall in El Salvador after forming in an unusual location
  8. Mysterious light column appears in the sky over Feliciano, Argentina
  9. Mysterious Crafts Spotted In California Sky
  10. ‘See the spectacle’: Tourism atop the world’s biggest lava lake
  11. Future volcanic eruptions ‘could lead to years of winter’
  12. Powerful Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake strikes off Ambon in Indonesia
  13. Massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes French islands
  14. DEVELOPING: France Region Struck By 140 Tremors In Days, BIG ONE Feared
  15. Record rainfall strikes Tanzania, causing widespread flooding
  16. Apocalyptic photos show sea of hail swamping cars in Argentina
  17. 132 dead seals wash up on the shores of Lake Baikal in Russia
  18. Large Earthquake May Be Imminent as 11 Quakes Strike Off Australia Coast in 24 Hours
  19. Major Earthquake unrest strikes Pacific — Multiple large quakes + multiple areas on watch.
  20. Trump Administration Issues Report Concluding That Climate Change Is Real And Man-Made
  21. California Wildfires Fuel Globalist Agenda
  22. Powerful 6.9 magnitude Quake strikes Ring of Fire
  23. Guatemala struck by strong earthquake causing massive tremors
  24. 4.5 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Yellowstone Region in Wyoming


Petition News Banner

Bring 1st Lieutenant Clint Lorance Home

1LT Clint Lorance is an American Hero who saved the men in his platoon from a Taliban attack. His only “crime” is doing exactly what the Army trained him to do. 

Sadly, Barack Obama let this soldier rot away in a prison cell while he pardoned traitor Bradley “Chelsea” Manning and traded five of the worst terrorists at Guantanamo Bay for deserter Bowe Bergdahl. 

Tell President Donald Trump, White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly, and Vice President Mike Pence it is time to pardon this hero and send him home to his family before he spends another Christmas locked away.

Support Action on Tax Reform

Our current tax code is overly complicated and outdated. It is a burden on American taxpayers and is harming American job-creators.

The current tax code has grown out of control in length and complexity – forcing many Americans to rely on professional help to file even the simplest return.

It also makes our businesses uncompetitive as other nations provide lower tax rates, and incentivizes American businesses to move their headquarters or utilize offshore jobs. The U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate among the 35 advanced economies in the world. This is unacceptable.

President Donald J. Trump is working to reform our tax system so that Americans are treated fairly, can keep more of their hard-earned money, and companies can bring jobs back to the United States.

“We believe every-day Americans know better how to spend their own money than the federal bureaucracy, and we want to help them keep as much of that hard-earned money as we can.” – President Donald J. Trump


Archaeology News Banner

  1. New Assassin’s Creed Has the Most Realistic Reconstruction of Ancient Egypt Ever Produced
  2. Unique 5,000 Year Old Figurine with Feather Headdress Found in Old Potato Field
  3. Researchers Get Closer to Finding the Origins of the Enigmatic Guanches…and No, They are Not Atlanteans
  4. Who Were These Vikings Buried Sitting Upright?
  5. Intriguing Coptic Tombstone Belonging to a Little Girl Discovered in Luxor
  6. A Staggering 5.6 Tons of Coins Are Unearthed in China and Archaeologists Struggle to Fathom Who Hid Them
  7. Cave Art in the Dark: Thousands of Indigenous Pre-Columbian Paintings Brought to Light
  8. Oldest Recorded Solar Eclipse Helps Date the Egyptian Pharaohs
  9. World’s Oldest Recorded Solar Eclipse Re-Writes History Of Egyptian Pharaohs
  10. Goddess… or Demon? Hidden History of Vinayaki, the Mysterious Elephant-Headed Woman of Hindu Myth
  11. Humans Traveled Far and Wide Before Little Red Riding Hood Ever Made It Through the Woods
  12. Solar Goddess Amaterasu, Divine Ancestor of the Japanese Imperial Family
  13. 6,000-Year-Old Skull is Earliest Known Victim of a Tsunami
  14. Earliest Known Marine Navigation Tool Revealed with Scanning Technology
  15. Ancient city has discovered in the middle of the ocean
  16. Israeli Archaeologists Unearth Intriguing Find at King Solomon’s Mines
  17. Secrets of Ancient Scroll of En-Gedi are Digitally Unraveled
  18. Evidence of Unknown Extinct Human Relative Found in DNA Study of Melanesians
  19. Devil’s Footprints: Who Descended the Side of an Erupting Volcano, Leaving an Ancient Trail Behind?
  20. The Westcar Papyrus and the Miracle Stories of the Old Kingdom
  21. Mystery Death in the Desert: What Was a Pregnant Woman Doing at an Ancient Mining Site?
  22. Face of Notorious “Witch” Digitally Reconstructed 300 Years after her Death
  23. Archaeologists discover mysterious void deep within Great Pyramid of Giza…
  24. Cosmic Rays Reveal Mysterious Void Inside Great Pyramid – What’s Hiding Inside?
  25. Secrets Of Mona’s Caves: Rock Art Reveals Ancient People Were Ahead Of Their Time Long Before The Arrival Of Columbus
  26. X-Ray Reveal Ghostly Portrait Of Mary Queen Of Scots Hidden Underneath 16th Century Painting
  27. King Henry VIII’s Walking Staff And Other Unusual Weapons
  28. Unique Chinchorro Burial Tradition For All And Ancient Egyptians Who Mummified Kings And Nobles Only
  29. Sigurd Fafnirsbane – Legendary Dragon Slaying Warrior And His Magical Sword
  30. Mystery Of Ancient New York Giants – Who Was Really Buried In The Druid Barrow?
  31. Is The World’s Oldest Zero Hidden In The Bakhshali Manuscript?
  32. Mystery Of The Watchers And Book Of Enoch – Fallen Angels And Their Secret Knowledge
  33. Sensational Find: Huge Cuneiform Archive Of Mysterious Ancient Clay Tablets Discovered In Iraq
  34. World’s Oldest Marine Navigation Tool Was A Sophisticated Astrolabe
  35. Mysterious Nagas: Serpent People Who Live In Secret Underground Cities
  36. Ouroboros – Cosmic Serpent And The Self-Devourer – Universal, Powerful Symbol Of Great Antiquity
  37. Did Lead Poisoning Cause The Fall Of The Roman Empire?
  38. Unique Medieval Horsemen Sculptures Made By Unknown Creators In India – Puzzling Discovery In The Himalayas


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Ten Tribes Studies (1 November 2017, 12 Heshbon, 5778)
  2. Brit Am Publications
  3. Brit-Am Research Sources (1 November 2017, 12 Heshbon, 5778)



Part 14: A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations

In this research section we will venture into the actuality how HaShem married the 12 Tribes, divorced 10 Tribes due to her unfaithfulness, chased them out of His house the Promised Land, and how He will remarry the 10 Tribes again according to prophecy.

Judah was never divorced by HaShem and is still legally married to Him, thus making them His wife. The 10 Tribes must be remarried and is therefore the bride who must accept the Original Ketubah – the Torah.

Judah was ordained by HaShem to be the Mechoqeck, and the New Testament support this view that the 10 Tribes must learn Torah from Judah. Yeshua in the New Testament reinforces this.

Torah forbids a whoring wife to get married again and this research gives a possible solution to the dilemma.

The headings in this part cover the following areas:

  • Are the ‘Jews’ and ‘Israel’ by Definition Synonymous?
  • The Ancient Gentile People’s Way of Redemption.
  • The Intricate Plan for Our Redemption Ordained Before the Creation.
  • Abraham the Point of Departure for the ‘Marriage’ Plan.
  • HaShem Brought His Bride From Out of Egypt and Proposed to Her.
  • Israel then Chose Harlotry and Turned their Backs on HaShem.
  • HaShem Eventually Ran Out of Patience and Divorced Israel.
  • Israel and Judah in an Allegorical Account in Hosea’s Life.
  • Chronological Order Summary of HaShem’s Mysterious Plan.
  • HaShem Promised that He will Remarry the House of Israel – Ten Israel.
  • Can HaShem Violate His Own Rules and Instructions in the Torah?
  • What Is the Mechoqeck Rabbis’ Verdict to Deal With an Adulterous Woman?
  • What Do the Mechoqeck Rabbis Say Concerning Remarriage of an Adulterous Woman?
  • Does the Bible Encourage a Person to Be Single – a Divorcee?
  • How Will HaShem Remarry Divorced Ten Israel?
  • Is there an Answer to this Mysterious Mystery Locked Away for Ages?
  • Is This Mystery Hidden for Ages?
  • The Spanner in the Works.
  • HaShem Encoded the Two-House Message Throughout Scripture.
  • The Two Pictures of the Messiah in the TaNaCh?
  • Conclusion


Genealogy News Banner

  1. 1921 Canadian Census is Now Available Free at the Library and Archives Canada
  2. Residential Genealogy Online
  3. Not Getting Enough Responses to Your DNA Match Requests? Here’s How to Get More
  4. The History of a Family: Using Naturalization Records as a Link to the Past
  5. Witches in the Family? Resources for Researching the Families of the Salem Witch Trials
  6. The French and Native American Relations
  7. My Favorite Genealogy Blogging Tools
  8. FREE PDF Tools in The Cloud (and One Non-Cloud Tool as Well)
  9. Find Living Cousins Using The Newfoundland 1921 Census
  10. Transcriptions from the St. Agnes Cemetery Tombstones in Menands, NY are Now Online
  11. Recorded MyHeritage Genealogy Seminar Webinars Are Now Available Online for Free
  12. German Genealogy Book List
  13. A Halloween Mystery: Women Dressed as Men in an Old Photo
  14. Who Actually Owns Your Content When You Post It to the Web?
  15. Scots and Scots Descendant in America
  16. Scots-Irish Immigration
  17. Ancestry Adds Options to Share or to Not Share DNA Information
  18. Researching Your Georgia Ancestors
  19. Tennessee Family History Research


Health News Banner


  1. MRSA is NOT just in hospitals, new research discovers: The antibiotic-resistant superbug is spreading in the wild
  2. Dr. Brownstein: New Shingrix Vaccine for Shingles Fails 97% of Time
  3. Popular Soda Is a Toxic Deception, Do Not Be Taken In
  4. Fluoride – A Little Bit at the Wrong Time Is Devastating
  5. Choose trick over treat this Halloween: Thousands of candy brands found to contain lead, according to new study
  6. Yet another risk for kids on antidepressants: Higher chance of developing type-2 diabetes, according to new study
  7. Six EVIL propagandists who promote chemical medicine so your children will get deathly sick and wind up in their offices
  8. Study Proves Sugar Is Responsible for Remarkable Rate of Disease
  9. CDC Recommending Dangerous HPV Vaccine for Adult Women
  10. SCIENTIFIC PROOF: Flu vaccine found to be completely ineffective because of how it is made, new study finds
  11. Do you trust your brand of supplements? Researchers found a majority of supplements collected at liver treatment centers were mislabeled
  12. The ‘Natural Flavors’ In Your Food May Contain Animal Poop. Here’s Why
  13. Orange Juice Samples Found Contaminated With Monsanto Weedkiller
  14. STDs Are on the Rise & What to Do About It
  15. Dangers of Bleach + NEVER Mix Bleach with These 3 Cleaning Ingredients
  16. Talcum Powder Risks: 5 Reasons to Never Put Baby Powder on Your Skin Again
  17. Popular Acid Reflux Medication Linked to Chronic Liver Disease
  18. New Study Links Antacids to Liver Disease
  19. Foods So Toxic That Other Countries Have Banned Them
  20. This Chart Warns America’s Opioid Crisis Is About To Get Worse
  21. Two Meta-Analysis Reviews Confirm (Yet Again) the Link between Mercury and Autism Spectrum Disorder


  1. Antibiotics found to leave bacterial toxins in your gut, which explains why you need probiotics after antibiotics
  2. The Day the Doctor Kicked Me Out for Not Vaccinating My Daughter
  3. Cut junk food in your 30s to maintain stamina through your 60s; another study shows diet makes aging easier
  4. Dr. Paul Offit EXPOSED as the “Skeptical Raptor” internet troll and science bully — exclusive inside story
  5. Body snatchers: Bodies donated to research don’t always reach the lab, according to new investigation
  6. Controversial 1800s Heart-Health Breakthrough Stuns Experts
  7. Science Finds New Food That Makes Your Gut Nearly Impenetrable
  8. What Is Bitter Orange?
  9. What Is a Pilonidal Cyst?
  10. Proof of illegal kickbacks: Doctor admits he was compensated by opioid manufacturer for issuing unnecessary prescriptions
  11. The opioid crime network exposed: Insider reveals corruption, collusion, commitment to growing the lucrative “industry” of addiction
  12. The Great White Lie That’s Killing Hundreds of Thousands – Are You at Risk?
  13. Freak doctor designs multi-million-dollar vaccine containing deadly virus that causes SEVERE diarrhea for treating mild diarrhea – huh?
  14. The Vanishing – Insect Extinction Is Another Canary in the Coal Mine
  15. Glyphosate to be banned across Europe? Massive war raging, and poison pushing Monsanto is playing dirty
  16. How Iodine Deficiency Increases Your Risk for Chronic Illnesses
  17. Everything You Need to Know About Ulcerative Colitis
  18. Baby Seized at Birth from Breast-feeding Alabama Mother to go Home More than 1 Year Later
  19. Dr. Andrew Wakefield: Fraud or Scapegoat?
  21. Federal judge rules that government subsidy payments to health insurance companies are illegal… Obamacare implosion accelerates
  22. This Single Hour Is Linked to Early Aging, Diabetes, Tumors and More
  23. Alternative Treatments Effective for Depression
  24. Ditch Your Cleaning Chemicals
  25. What You Need to Know About Spinal Stenosis?
  27. Want to Add 3 to 7 Years to Your Life? Could Be as Simple as This
  28. 4-Minute Daily Workout
  29. A high-fat diet encourages the growth of fungi in the gut, which makes for an unhealthy microbiota and contributes to obesity, study finds
  30. Are puppies the latest allergy treatment? Recent studies show protective effects against eczema, asthma
  31. Henry Miller, corporate prostitute: Endorses GMOs, tobacco, radiation, DDT, glyphosate
  32. The Eye Feature That Can Make You Appear More Attractive
  33. Monsanto postpones “NemaStrike” launch after new pesticide causes skin rashes among farmers
  34. Proof junk food is like a drug: Researchers found sugary and fatty foods distract people twice as much as healthy snacks
  35. Please Don’t Put Vicks Vapo Rub On Your Vagina. Here’s Why
  36. Is Your Man Circumcised? Here’s Why It Could Save Your Life
  37. Can You Really Get Herpes From Trying On Lipstick?
  38. 5 Ways These Centenarians Live Past 100 On Ikaria, Greece
  39. 6 Dirty Secrets That Grocery Stores Don’t Want You To Know
  40. Is Your Breakfast Dyed Red From Crushed Bugs? Here’s How To Know
  41. 7 Scary Things Your Eyes Reveal About Your Health
  42. 20 Unusual Facts About Pee You Should Definitely Know. #16 Made ME FAINT
  43. Is Your Dinner Steak “Glued” Together?
  44. House Cleaning Could Save Your Life But Not In The Way You Think
  45. What Your MD Doesn’t Tell You Can Harm You
  46. What Alcohol Consumption Does To Your Brain
  47. The Best Way To Wash Pesticides Off Apples According To Science
  48. No-Carb Diet Plan Benefits, Foods to Eat & Potential Risks?
  49. 12 Natural Ways to Relieve Silent Reflux Symptoms
  50. 15 Acidic Foods to Avoid + Healthier Alternatives
  51. Manage Narcolepsy Symptoms: 9 Ways to Get Your Life Back
  52. Green Burial: Is a Natural Burial Right for You? (And Is It Even Legal?)
  53. Why Is Legionnaires’ Disease Back? + How to Prevent It
  54. Top Vegan Candy Options, Plus Recipes to Make Your Own
  55. Climate Change and Nutrition: ‘Junk Food Effect’ Is Making Crops Nutrient Deficient
  56. Fibroadenoma + 15 Keys for Improving Breast Health
  57. Is Fluoride Bad for You? It’s Not Just in the Water
  58. What Are Microgreens? Top 10 Microgreens & How to Grow Them
  59. Do You Have a Vitamin C Deficiency?
  60. Yogurt: Healthy or Health Scam?
  61. Detoxing from Air Pollution (and Forest Fires)
  62. Does Red Yeast Rice Safely Lower Cholesterol?
  63. Low Cholesterol Can Be As BAD as High Cholesterol
  64. Fight Cancer Stem Cells with Food, Not Drugs
  65. Cord Blood Therapy for Cerebral Palsy Shows Promise
  66. Coffee May Be Kind to Your Kidneys
  67. New Finding Hints at Clue to Dementia
  68. Are Artery-Opening Stents for Chest Pain a Waste of Time?
  69. Kidney Failure Declining Among U.S. Diabetics: CDC
  70. Spotting Signs Of Depression In Kids And Teens
  71. What Exercise Regimen Is Best for Healthy Weight Loss in Seniors?
  72. Natural Hair Detangling Spray (You Can Make at Home)
  73. How to Make a Nourishing Natural Cuticle Cream at Home
  74. Fresh Spiced Apple Cider Recipe (Crock Pot or Instant Pot)
  75. Treating Cancer with Voltage, Alkalinity and Oxygen
  76. Intensive Care Medicine for Stage Four and Five Cancer
  77. Treating Cancer with Sodium Bicarbonate – Good Idea or Not?
  78. Natural Treatments Reverse Kidney Disease
  79. The Secret Items That Cause Fat Gain and Disease……Plus Their Healthy Substitutes
  80. 6 Things You Should Never Do After Eating (Video: 3:29 minutes long.)
  81. Hyperstimulates Your Immune System and Changes Your DNA, Bolster This Backlash


  1. Chlorella found to dramatically improve cardiovascular health
  2. Catechins Can Help Your Heart and Brain
  3. Glucosamine: Benefits and Uses
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2 Timothy 1:6 “Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands. (New King James Version)

Remembering that Timothy was a minister of the church of God, the gift was the power and authority to fulfill his responsibility within it. Though this book was originally just written to Timothy, it has application for all Christians. The principles in it involve every one who has the Spirit of God. Each has been given gifts by God to carry out his portion of God’s work within the body.

Salvation is more than mere forgiveness of sin. Another part of God’s salvation is that He gives gifts—abilities, talents, powers, authority—to do jobs within the church. Salvation requires a journey to the end of God’s purpose. It is a way of life that leads to a goal. God gives every one of us the powers to succeed in reaching the end of the journey: gifts of the Spirit given to carry out our functions within the body.

Just as the apostle Paul used the human body in an analogous way, showing that every portion of the body has its function, so has every portion of the human body been given the power to carry out that function in behalf of the body. So with God’s church: No matter how scattered it is, or how unified it is, God has given each Christian the power to carry out his function within the body. So Paul prodded Timothy to make good use of those gifts to help the church.

There is no indication within the context that Timothy was falling short in any way. It is clear from the verbal forms that Paul uses here that these were things that Timothy had done in the past and was continuing to do in the present. It could really be written more accurately in the English, “keep fanning the flame.” He was stirring the gift, and Paul was saying, “Keep on stirring it!” Timothy was cultivating the doctrine, the major means by which one keeps or guards what has been given.

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see:  Guard the Truth!


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Names Mean Things – Part 4 by Brad Scott

I closed our last discussion by stating that I wanted to address the words ‘elohiym and God/god after reading some of the email I knew I would get concerning this subject. Just as I anticipated, I received the usual responses. After 26 years of teaching Hebrew and the dynamics of language in general, I still get emails directing me on how to properly articulate the tetragrammaton and educate me on what the word ‘god’ means in the old, middle, or modern English, or what it meant to the Norsemen, Druids or Vikings. So I say to myself, “geee, I never heard THAT before!” I knew that no matter what I wrote, I would be chastised by one group because I used the pagan word God instead of ‘Elohiym. I would be hammered by another bunch because I DID use the word ‘Elohiym instead of God. And even though I made it clear that YHVH is a proper noun and should be transliterated and not translated as Lord, I was reminded by another group, referring me to a half dozen web sites, that YHVH is a pagan word. You know some people actually think that the information they find on web sites, including this one, is proof that something is true. Lastly, I received two responses informing me that the only name in which anyone can be saved is the name ‘Jesus’, and that His name has nothing to do with Yeshua, Yahshua, Yahashua, Yahushua or even the Hebrew language, for that matter. I am forever given CDs, articles and videos showing me that if I do not conform or believe that the ‘name’ is pronounced as this or that, then I am calling on and worshiping a false god. It seems to me that many years ago I left traditional Christianity because it was based not upon doing what the God of Israel said, but rather based upon a particular belief system. It seems that I am, once again, being dragged back into another simple Simon belief system.

I have chosen to begin addressing the subject of God/god/ ‘elohiym/’Elohiym/El/Eloah ad nauseam infinitum, by singling out the word Father/father, which was used quite often by those who are convicted that using the word God is calling on or addressing pagan deities. Several times they used the word Father. But before we do, a short reminder of the rules of grammar. Yes! Grammar has rules in almost every written language. We cannot just make them up as we go. One remark was that God is not a translation of the Hebrew word ‘elohiym, but it is the name of various pagan deities. Please do not think that I am being condescending, but let’s once again go back to Introductory Grammar 101. People, places and things are nouns. These nouns are initially divided into common nouns and proper nouns. When translators set out to convert (translate) the established set of symbols (alphabet) from one language to a different set of symbols in another language, they must translate common nouns and transliterate proper nouns. Proper nouns are words that identify and separate out a particular person, place or thing. Common nouns are words that address people, places and things that are common in virtually every culture and society. That is why they are called common. Common nouns are translated because they are words that refer to common things in each culture and if they were transliterated they would be undecipherable. Common words are translated. Once again, translating a word is finding the closest word in MEANING in the receiving set of symbols. Transliteration of proper nouns is finding the closest SOUNDS available in the receiving set of symbols. When the available set of sounds and symbols in the language you are translating from are different than the available set of sounds and symbols in the language you are translating to, a trained linguist follows these rules. We are not talking about the phonetic or SPOKEN transfer of words, syllabaries or sounds, we are talking about preserving WRITTEN texts.

The Hebrew word ‘av, father, is a common noun. Every culture has an ‘av. Because this Hebrew word is a common noun, it is then translated into other languages. Because it is a common word in Hebrew it would not be understood in other languages. So translators chose the closest word/words in MEANING in the receiving language. Therefore, we get pater in Greek and Latin, padre in Spanish and Italian, vater in German, father in English, but ate in Dakota, tat in Yucatec and ataataq in Greenlandic. These are the closest words in MEANING. As a sidebar, it should be noted that the p, pa, va and fa sounds in English, German, Greek and Latin are actually reversals of the aleph and bet letters for father in Hebrew. This is where we shorten pater and father to get papa, pappy and pa. So our English word father ultimately comes from manipulating or reversing the aleph and the bet of Hebrew. I happened to notice in some of the emails I received that they did not have a problem with calling ‘Elohiym Father. So when translating the Hebrew text into other languages, if the common nouns were transliterated instead of translated, then you might as well leave everything in Hebrew, because no one would understand what they are reading. This is what translators have to deal with when working with written languages. When standing in your presence I am perfectly capable of phonemically (by sound) transferring a language to you, but I am not capable of doing this when it has to be written down for future generations.

‘Elohiym is a Hebrew common noun. It is not a proper noun. If you look up this word and some of its cognates, you will find that the meaning common in every Hebrew lexicon will be supreme being, highest deity, strength, power, ruler, judge, or simply God/god/gods. This word comes from the pictographic expression of someone leading by power or strength, The pictographic aleph was a powerful ox and one of it’s closest cognates (family words) was ‘ayil, or the ram. It is a common noun because all cultures have a supreme being, a deity, a god/gods, or someone powerful that leads them. When you look up God/god in our American dictionaries you will find that the MEANING is someone or something that is a supreme being, a deity, or ruler. The Greek common noun theos, the Latin common noun deus or the Spanish common noun dios all have similar meanings. “Why?” you may ask. Because they are all COMMON NOUNS. So when we translate we choose the closest word that is similar in meaning. The word is NOT a name that designates a particular person. It can mean or refer to YHVH the one Creator of all that is, or it can mean any god/gods or deity. Since this is a common noun that can refer to any god or gods, then I believe this is why we are commissioned by our Messiah to go forth into all nations and TEACH them who the supreme deity is that created them and all there is, and what His name (proper noun) is. Melek in Hebrew is a common noun. It means a king. Since many cultures have a king we therefore translate this word into the closest word in meaning in their language. We must then teach them that while the Creator of the universe is also a king, we must diffentiate through context the King of the Universe from King Tut, the King of England, Burger King or the king of the hill. The nature of language is that proper nouns lose all their meaning when made common, but also common nouns lose some of the meaning when they are translated into different alphabetic systems and syllabaries.

You can find the background and history of the common noun god/God in a multitude of places. Over the years I have received hundreds of emails and web sites educating me on the Old English/Teutonic meaning of this word. The reason the root meaning of god is so easily researched is because, like most of our English words, it is a common noun. So that means you will find similar meanings in thousands of languages. I do not assume that because an individual uses the word God that he/she are referring to the one God of Israel. I also do not assume that because a person uses the word ‘Elohiym or YHVH that he/she is worshiping the God of Israel, either. One might wonder that if the all knowing Creator of the universe foreknew that YHVH, a proper noun, referred specifically to Him, then why associate the word ‘Elohiym with Him at all? Why not just use YHVH? Why cause the confusion? Because ‘Elohiym is a word that has a purpose and a function.

The reason I called this series of teaching Names Mean Things is because virtually all proper and common Hebrew nouns come from verbal roots and these roots have a meaning. The Hebrew langauge and thought is functional. The thinking process of western cultures is primarily in form, i.e., what does something look like or how does it appear. The conceptual thought process of Hebrew focuses dominantly on the purpose, design or function of someone or something. It is action oriented. Hebrew is more interested in what a watch does, than what a watch looks like. The Greek, Roman, Celtic, Norse, Teutonic and Egyptian cultures, for example, were form cultures with respect to their gods. They gave specific names to each god and they believed that by calling out those particular names they would receive favor and blessings commensurate with the names of the gods. If they called on the wrong god or improperly articulated his/her name then …

Many of the emails I receive gently remind me of all the verses that state in one way or another that YHVH is His name and that we are not to even mention the names of other gods. There are two aspects of this I would like to discuss. Many of these treatises on the ‘right’ way to articulate the tetragrammaton do an impressive stringing of pearls to show that this or that is the way to properly address Him. Some, I speak without sarcasm, very carefully walk you through why His name must be used through its Hebrew articulation rather than English or Greek. For the most part I agree with this and have already covered the meaning of YHVH. However, while doing a great job of breaking down the Hebrew letters of The Name, they gloss right over the Hebrew meaning of name. They just assume the most oft used meaning of the word in our culture. I do address in somewhat more detail the meaning of this word in our Word of the Week section. I would take a look at that before reading on: name. Etymolgically, this word means to follow something back to it’s beginning or source. This is seen in the meaning of the shin and mem, where the waters are pressed, i. e., the source of the waters. This is one reason behind the use of these two letters in the word shamayim, translated as heaven or heavens. It is also another word for breath as in neshamah (B’reshiyt/Genesis 2:7). Either way, the word is birthed in origin or source.

When YHVH tells us that this is His name, He is saying that HE is the Creator of all that is, and that HE is our authority or source of life and we are not to acknowledge or call upon the authority of other gods (many times the same word ‘elohiym). Our life and blessings come from Him and not other deities, and to separate Himself from those other ‘elohiyms. He has a personal name, YHVH, a proper noun. The word shem in Hebrew is a common noun. So that means that this word is to be translated into other languages. In the same way that father is used to denote the paternal parent of a child, the word father in Hebrew does not mean the paternal parent of a child. The Hebrew word ‘av, similar to shem, also means the origin or source of something. When Hebrew and English use the expressions the ‘father of tents’ or the ‘father of electricity’, it does not mean that their wives conceived and brought forth pup tents and light bulbs. So it is with the word name. Our Creator is saying “I am YHVH, your only true King, Father and source of authority for your life in this world, and my children are to have no other source of their life, prosperity, longevity and blessings from anyone other than Me.”

Two more things. I must address the verse in Sh’mot that is often quoted.

Sh’mot [Exodus] 23:13:
“And in all things that I have said unto you be circumspect: and make no mention (zakar) of the name (shem) of other gods, neither let it be heard out of your mouth.”

After giving the Ten Commandments to the people from the mount, the God of Israel now begins this verse proclaiming to His children to be watchful (circumspect) of the commands He just gave them. The context is His commandments and His authority and design for the lives of His children. He tells us to make no mention of the name of other gods. The word mention is a translation of the Hebrew word zakar. We have covered this word many times. The verbal, etymological meaning of this word is to speak or act in behalf of some one or some thing. In English, it means to recall or recollect something. In the context immediately following the instructions of our Creator, He commands us not to speak or act in behalf of the authority of any other gods. In other words, “Listen to Me, I am your Father, I am your Creator, I am the Dad, so you do what I say.” It is the God of Israel’s way of saying, “because I said so”. Have you or your children ever heard that before?

One last thing. I do not want to close this subject by saying anything confusing, but I feel that we must present a just weight (Mishlei 11:1). As it appears to be with every other doctrinal issue in the scriptures, there are extremes. There are good points to be made by those who insist that using translated common nouns is analogous to calling on pagan deities. I cannot help but notice that most cultures, organizations, denominations and institutions that use the words God, Lord, or Jesus, also live and teach a theology that Jesus died to free us from the Torah, or have rendered the Torah as a back seat driver to the Talmud or other Rabbinical writings. I believe that one of the reasons why we are sent out to teach the nations, is to help make clear what is many times lost in translation. I believe that the God of Israel is smarter than we are, and that He already knew that the good news would be watered down through translation into the scattered languages of the world. I believe that the translations and transliterations of The Word of ‘Elohiym is all part of the plan and design of our Creator. I believe this is why He is, at just such a time as this, restoring the pure language. Over the past ten years in particular, I have used the common noun God in every conference, every seminar, every article and every message to hundreds of congregations and thousands of people. I have witnessed countless hearts pricked by the message of the purpose and beauty of the Torah and the awesome treasures found embedded in the ancient Hebrew tongue. I have seen and heard from more than I can count, those who now call out and use His given Hebrew names. Let me reiterate that because someone uses a properly translated word to refer to YHVH, I do not know if that person is in the kingdom or not. Conversely, if someone uses ‘ElohiymYeshuaYahshua or YHVH, I do not assume that person is in the kingdom, either. I believe that YHVH, the God of Israel is the ultimate sower and that I am responsible as His child to produce fruit. My conclusion of the matter is that if you are convicted that you will use all Hebrew names to address the one God of Israel, then by all means do so and help us to teach the nations what these names mean in the language that created all things. I mean, how can I argue with that. My whole ministry from the beginning has been dedicated to restoring the pure language. But, please, let us temper our rhetoric with the rules of grammar, patience, love, a just weight and a remembrance of where we all were not too long ago.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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Yeshua Hamashiach – Jesus Is Lord – Majesty – Lyrics


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