News You May Not Have Heard About — 10/08/2017

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The Puerto Rican Resistance


  1. WATCH: Trump Calls North Korea Talks Wasting Time with ‘Little Rocket Man’
  2. Trump rejects diplomatic solution with North Korea’s ‘Rocket Man’
  3. Trump Hints At War With North Korea: “Sorry, But Only One Thing Will Work”
  4. New Trump Pressure Against Israeli Settlements Is Worrisome
  5. Trump Condemns ‘Act of Pure Evil’ in Las Vegas
  6. President Trump Gives Remarks (Video: 5:05 minutes long.)
  7. Presidential Proclamation Honoring the Victims of the Tragedy in Las Vegas, Nevada
  8. President Trump Asked to Pardon Former Border Patrol Agents Ramos, Compean
  9. President Donald J. Trump Amends Florida Disaster Declaration
  10. President Donald J. Trump Amends U.S. Virgin Islands Disaster Declaration
  12. President Trump to decertify disastrous Iran nuclear deal, Democrat traitors side with ….. Iran
  13. Trump warns military leaders today is ‘calm before the storm’
  14. Readout of President Donald J. Trump’s Meeting with Senior Defense and Military Leaders
  15. White House Says Trump’s “Calm Before The Storm” Comment Is “Extremely Serious”
  16. Trump Keeps Promise, Restores Religious Liberty in Workplace


  1. Wave goodbye to the 4th amendment: USA LIBERTY Act will make spying on you permanent
  2. State Dept Rejects US Ambassador’s Remark that ‘Settlements are Part of Israel’
  3. State Dumps Huge Trove of Documents
  4. House of Pain: GOP Moves Bill to End Unborn Agony
  5. House GOP: We Don’t Put a Price on Life
  6. US House of Representatives Pass Bill Banning Abortion at 20 Weeks
  7. Ambassador Haley: Nuclear Deal ’Empty Promise’ Without Full Inspections
  8. Haley: Russia Making JCPOA an ‘Empty Promise’
  9. Islamic connection to Las Vegas massacre quickly rejected by FBI
  10. FBI Director Stunningly Tells Russia: “We Are No Longer Functional”
  12. DHS Secretary Approves Waiver of Jones Act, Easing Hurricane Aid Shipments to Puerto Rico
  13. Pentagon to Install Israeli Equipment on U.S. Tanks
  14. Pentagon SEVERS all ties with hate group SPLC, after using group’s training materials on “extremism”
  15. U.S., North Korea in Back-Channel Talks
  16. All NY Congressmen Urge Tillerson to Deport Former Nazi Guard
  17. The US Military Is Quietly Building SkyNet
  18. Mattis Says US Should Stay in Nuclear Deal with Iran
  19. US: Any Palestinian Government Must Commit to Nonviolence, Recognize Israel
  20. Religious Liberty a Foreign Concept at Brownback Hearing
  21. Get Lasers Into the Field Faster, Lawmakers Tell the Pentagon
  22. DHS Forms Election Security Task Force
  25. Sen. Cruz Delivers Remarks at the ACT National Security Legislative Briefing – October 3, 2017 (Video: 22:18 minutes long.)
  26. John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s (Video: 10:39 minutes long.)
  27. Is Homeland Security ‘Colluding’ With Putin?


  1. Child Rape Apologist @NYTimes Turns Migrant Sex Attack of 5-Year-Old Child in Idaho into Fake News @itscaitlinhd
  2. NY Governor lies about being an immigrant; he’s not
  3. Nearly all medical studies are “totally bogus,” warns science writer who echoes the Health Ranger’s criticism of sloppy science
  4. Bozell: ‘Avalanche’ of Calls Forced CNN to Fire Aslan, and ‘This Is Just the Beginning’
  5. Advertising LIES: Researchers discover that most moisturizers on the market are dishonest in their advertising


  1. US troops killed in Niger; Last ISIS stronghold in N. Iraq falls; Report: Russian strike killed dozens of civilians; Why tac nukes are still a thing; and just a bit more…
  2. The US Will Be Dropping A Lot More Bombs on Afghanistan
  3. New report reveals 2 million may die if North Korea nukes Seoul and Tokyo
  4. Jim Rickards: War with North Korea is more likely than you think
  5. Loyal Trump Forces Destroy “Deep State” Bomb Factory, But FBI Warns Attack Still Imminent
  6. Will Trump allow release of secret JFK assassination papers?
  8. Jason Chaffetz Drops Bombshell, Says Sessions Refuses to Prosecute Obama, Clinton Crimes
  10. A Benghazi Trial Starts Today in DC
  12. NRA Stands With Anti-Gun Groups Against The Second Amendment And Says ‘We Need To Have More Firearms Regulations’
  15. DNC Ex-Staffer Imran Awan Bragged He Could Have People Tortured
  16. Allen West: I Can No Longer Remain Silent on Colin Kaepernick
  17. Fast and Furious Court Victory for Judicial Watch
  18. HHS Secretary Tom Price Resigns Over Brewing Travel Scandal
  19. Will HHS Remain Pro-Life with Price Out?
  20. Faith-Based Groups Free to Believe after HHS Rollback
  23. Antifa Supporters Edit Group’s Wikipedia Page to Downplay Terrorism Categorization
  25. Undercover Antifa video unveils coordinated plans to trap conservatives in “kill zones” to be stabbed and murdered by deranged Left-wing weirdos
  26. Footage Reveals Antifa Plot To Kill Americans With Knives, Guns & Bombs
  28. America’s police force now in cross hairs of Antifa!
  29. Warning: Antifa Planning Mass Uprising On Nov 4
  30. John Bolton: U.S. Should Support Independence for Kurds, ‘State of Iraq as We Have Known It Doesn’t Exist Anymore’
  31. UN Says Blacks In America Deserve Reparations, Ignores Entire History Of Slavery
  33. Las Vegas Mass Shooting: False Flag, PsyOp & Black Op to Distract
  34. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Official story of Las Vegas shooting unravels; physical impossibility of lone gunman senior citizen makes narrative ludicrous
  35. More than One Shooter
  36. Multiple shooters in Vegas: the standard progression in staged attacks
  37. Las Vegas Shooting is BULLSHIT
  38. Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Mass Shooting Was Another Faked Event—and Why These Deceit Events Matter
  39. Killed in Las Vegas Shooting Attack, Hundreds Wounded
  41. Las Vegas shooter’s father was on FBI’s most-wanted list
  43. WATCH: Who Were the Victims of the Las Vegas Shooting Massacre?
  44. Hillary On Vegas Massacre: We ‘Must Put Politics Aside’ — Immediately Calls For Gun Control!
  46. ISIS claims responsibility for Las Vegas shooting: American man “converted to Islam”
  47. ISIS issues official communique on Las Vegas attack, identifying Paddock as “Abu Abd Abdulbar al-Ameriki”
  48. Al Naba Newspaper: Steve Paddock “converted to Islam six months ago.”
  49. ISIS provides proof of Vegas claim, “careful monitoring of the crusader gathering” and other facts you do not know
  50. Motivated by Las Vegas Attack, Jihadis Warn Americans in Series of English Posters
  52. CBS Exec Fired for Facebook Post Following Las Vegas Strip Shooting
  53. Top @CBS lawyer: No sympathy for Vegas victims, ‘probably Republicans’
  54. Leftwing Teacher CHEERS “White Trump Supporters” Being Killed in Las Vegas Massacre
  55. Las Vegas Massacre Witness Kills Self And Daughter After FBI Raid—As Missing Piglets Search Continues
  56. Russian Mafia Link To Las Vegas Massacre Confirmed As Stephen Paddock Accomplice Captured
  57. Horrific “Pyramid Sacrifice” Massacre In Las Vegas Warned Is Chilling Message To Trump
  58. At CBS, a Victory for Comment Sense
  59. WATCH: Dershowitz Threatens to Sue UC Berkeley for Denying Right to Defend Israel
  60. Meet the Trump-supporting attorney who could take down Fox News
  61. Parents Win the Pronoun Showdown in Florida
  62. Report: Middle East Refugees to Begin Arriving to U.S. from Australia
  63. Russia Bought “Black Lives Matter” Ads, Fomenting Unrest
  64. Calif. Gov. Brown Pushing for Ban on Cars With Internal Combustion Engines
  65. California Becomes ‘Sanctuary State’ with Gov. Brown Signature
  67. California Law Includes Jail Time for Using Wrong Pronoun for Transgenders
  68. DOUBLE HONOR KILLING: California Muslim convicted of murdering gay son: ‘He deserved to die” and killed his wife, too
  69. The NYT Makes Another Attempt to Normalize Pedophilia
  70. Nearly 150 Minnesota Police Officers Are Convicted Criminals
  71. Gov. Rick Scott Declares State Of Emergency As 100,000s Of Puerto Ricans Flee To Florida
  72. Mattel Gadget Listens to Babies, Setting Off Privacy Alarms
  73. US Judge to Iran: Pay $63M to Marine Jailed for 4 Years
  74. Woman Fired From SouthWest Airlines For Opposing Union Support of Abortion
  75. Mass Terror: FBI Informant Testifies Against Jihadi Who Plotted to Behead Pamela Geller for Islamic State
  76. Shooting victim of Muhammad Art Exhibit ISIS terror attack sues FBI, accuses James Comey of cover-up
  77. New Wave of Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic Hate Plagues US Campuses
  78. Schools begin removing AD and BC in education lessons to avoid offending non-Christians
  79. Florida Atheist to Erect Six-Foot Satanic Pentagram in City Park
  80. Controversial ‘Sharia Law’ Bill Advancing in Montana
  83. Netflix’s Disgusting New Animated Show is about Children Becoming Sexually Aware
  84. ‘Liberalism is white supremacy!’: Black Lives Matter shuts down ACLU free speech event
  85. Arkansas: Muslim Ex-Cop Threatens to Blow Up Law Enforcement Training Academy
  86. South Carolina Imam Muhammad Adly: A Woman is Her Husband’s Prisoner and Must Obey
  87. Should Philadelphia say ‘Goodbye, Columbus?’
  89. New York’s Muslim bomber goes on trial: “Attack the Kuffar [non-believers] in their backyard.”
  90. 3 Muslims arrested in ISIS plot targeting New York City
  91. University of Texas at San Antonio: Prof threatens to expel student for saying Islamic countries kill gays
  92. Mysterious Soviet Buoy Washes Up On Florida Beach
  94. Why Small States Are Better
  95. Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer Quits After Two Days As Democrats Scramble To Distance Themselves
  96. The Fact That Online Retail Leviathan Amazon Just Bought An Entire City In Georgia Is Merely Another Fruit Of The Rotten Heresy That Is American Protestant Industrialist Darwinism


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  1. Netanyahu Denies Turkey’s Claim of Israeli Involvement in Kurdish Vote
  2. Netanyahu Backs ‘Greater Jerusalem’ Bill to Annex Surrounding Towns
  3. WATCH: Israel Set to Become Third Nation to Export Medical Marijuana
  4. WATCH: Yom Kippur War Miracle – Why 150 Syrian Tanks Retreated
  5. Israeli Intelligence Helped Foil Dozens of Terror Attacks Worldwide
  6. Israeli, Jewish Groups Provide Emergency Aid to Hurricane-Stricken Puerto Rico
  7. Hamas Terrorist Who Murdered Father of 5 Sent to Prison for Life
  8. WATCH: Israeli Technology Turns Glass Black with Touch of a Button
  9. Israel Joins US in Mourning Over Las Vegas Mass Shooting
  10. Israeli Minister: Israel Must Stop Serving as ATM for Palestinian Terror
  11. WATCH: Should Israel Accept Another Prisoner Swap with Hamas?
  12. Israel: Border Officer Who Was Stabbed in a Previous Jihad Terror Attack Killed in Border Crossing Shooting
  13. Palestinians Murder Jewish Employer in Samaria


  1. Hamas Prosecutes Journalist for Exposing Its Corruption in Gaza
  2. PA Prime Minister Visits Gaza to Initiate Power Transfer from Hamas
  3. WATCH: Hamas’ Terrorist Army An Obstacle to Palestinian ‘Unity’ in Gaza
  4. ISIS Kills Russian General in Syria
  5. Hamas Leader Vows Terror Group will Never Give Up ‘Armed Struggle’
  6. Hezbollah Leader Urges ‘Jewish Immigrants’ to Leave Israel Before Next War
  7. 8 Hezbollah Terrorists Killed in Syria
  8. ISIS Leader Still Alive? Al-Baghdadi Allegedly Calls for More Attacks
  9. .The Big Middle East Lie
  10. WATCH: Media Reports Only Half of Abbas’ Terror ‘Condemnation’
  11. Europe Funds Palestinian Schools Named After Terrorists Who Killed Children
  12. More Jihadists In The West – Why?
  13. WATCH: Palestinian TV Depicts Hasidic Jews Stealing Arab Houses


  2. France: 21-Year-Old French Nanny Murdered by Muslim Couple, Body Burned Beyond Recognition, “Weird Barbecue’’
  3. France: ISIS Claims Responsibility for France Stabbing
  4. France: Muslim knifeman at Marseille train station STABS 2 WOMEN TO DEATH “reportedly yelled Allahu Akbar”
  5. France: “Allahu akbar” Marseille jihadi who stabbed 2 girls to death released from custody day before assault
  6. France: French soldiers shoot dead knife attacker who, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’, killed 2 in Marseille
  7. France: Five Muslims arrested after ‘failed bomb attempt’ in upscale Paris district
  8. France: Brother of Gunman Who Murdered Four French Jews Goes on Trial
  9. France: 10-Year-Old Jewish Girl Repeatedly Beaten Bloody by Muslim Classmates
  10. France: French men who hanged severed pig’s head on mosque door handed suspended prison sentences
  11. France: France’s Islamic WWIII: Afghanistan is safer than Paris
  12. Switzerland: Switzerland does not know 90% of identities of asylum seekers
  13. Switzerland: Muslim “refugee” cleric prays that Allah “destroy the Jews, Christians, Hindus, Russians and Shia”
  14. Belgium: Knife-wielding Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” threatens to kill train passengers
  15. Balkans: Islam is Making Serious Advances in the Balkans
  16. Poland: Polish President: “Forcing migrants on nations will mean the end of the EU”
  17. UK: Devout Muslim father who served time for raping a schoolgirl savagely beat his 17-year-old daughter and her secret boyfriend with a hammer
  18. U.K: Jihad hate speakers invited to 112 student society events in 2016, counter jihad speakers nonexistent
  19. UK: Minister insists UK will leave EU ‘as one nation’, spurning suggestion Northern Ireland could stay in single market
  20. UK: Organic food sales booming in UK, outstripping growth of ALL conventional foods
  21. UK: UK seeks to ban sale of acid, corrosive substances to underage kids
  22. UK: Viewers of “jihadi websites” or “far-right propaganda” to get 15 years in prison
  23. UK: Police officer fired for Facebook post that was “offensive towards Muslims”
  24. UK: Englishman faces prison in UK for writing “death to Allah” on Qatar Airways plane armrest
  25. UK: After Muslim rape gang coverup, Rotherham Council nominated for “Social Worker of the Year” award
  26. Europe: European Parliament Embraces a “Palestinian” Jihad Terrorist
  27. Europe: What Do Islamic Parties Want?
  28. Europe: “A Civil War Is Coming” – EU Commissioner Urges Madrid & Barcelona To Talk
  29. Norway: Norway’s Immigration Minister: We’re ‘Experiencing Now the Fear That Israelis Have Experienced for Decades’
  30. Russia Identifies Las Vegas Shooter As CIA Arms Pilot As Israel Probes Stolen Weapons Flight To Nevada
  31. Russia: Russian air strikes kill over 2,000+ ISIS and Al-Nusra terrorists in Syria in 11 days
  32. Russia: Russian Hackers Obtain NSA Cyber Defense Data…
  33. Russia: Russia Throws North Korea a New Lifeline
  34. Sweden: Neo-Nazis March in Sweden on Yom Kippur, Armed with Helmets and Shields
  35. Sweden: 50 Arrested in Sweden at Violent Pro-Nazi March on Yom Kippur
  36. Spain: The Quiet Islamic Conquest Of Spain
  37. Spain: Catalonia: 90 Percent Vote for Independence from Spain
  38. Spain: Catalan Referendum: Brutal attack police protesters LIVE
  39. Spain: Spain braced for constitutional crisis after historic Catalan vote
  40. Spain: 10 Historic Reasons Catalonia is Fighting for Independence from Spain
  41. Spain: World’s First Internet War Leaves Hundreds Bloodied On The Streets Of Spain
  42. England: ‘I Love Islamic State’: Muslim Guilty of Showing Beheading Video to Child
  43. England: Islamic jihad attacks on Western tourists causes collapse of Britain’s oldest airline
  44. England: Muslim who murdered Lee Rigby on London street to sue prison for $33,000 for “gross affront to his personal dignity”
  45. England: ‘[Non-Muslim] girls are filthy’: Wives of Muslim men jailed for raping vulnerable British girls reveal why they blame the victims
  46. England: Jobless suspect, 29, is charged with attempted murder over stabbing of 15-year-old boy outside mosque in ‘ISIS-inspired attack by rival Muslim sect’
  47. England: SAS launch mission to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden’s son in Syria before he can copy his father and organise terror attacks against the West
  48. Car Slams Into Pedestrians Outside London Natural History Museum, Terrorism Ruled Out
  49. Italy: Italian TV Broadcasts Footage of ‘Save the Children’ Working with People Smugglers
  50. Italy: Pope Francis to Muslim Migrants: ‘You Are Warriors of Hope’
  51. Germany: Germany Investigating 2 Former SS Death Squad Members
  52. Germany: Merkel Squeaks By: What Does It Portend for Germany, the U.S., the EU, and Globalism?
  53. Germany: Analysis: Germany’s Far-Right AfD Party – Good Or Bad for Jews and Israel?
  54. Germany: Psychiatrist Warns of ‘Time Bomb’ in Germany: ‘Today’s Migrants Are Not Integrable’
  55. Germany: German Government Caught Running Major Slaughter Houses For Children. Fully Grown Babies Are Cut To Pieces And Kept In Freezers, And The Murderers Are Paid Directly By The German Government
  56. Serbia: A Muslim Spark Igniting the Balkan Tinderbox Scenario
  57. Denmark: Denmark to ban Islamic face veils
  58. Austria: Integration Law Goes into Effect


  1. China: DAYS OF NOAH: Chinese scientists create human life for DNA experiments
  2. China: Chinese Police Order Muslims to Hand in All Copies of the Quran
  3. China: China Bans Koran As Millions Of Poles Head To Border To Pray For Protection Against Muslims
  4. China: Leaked Document Reveals Chinese Plot To Assassinate Kim Jong-Un
  6. Japan: Japan Consults with Israel on Security Ahead of 2020 Olympics
  7. North  Korea: North Korea warns sanctions won’t deter it but will lead US to ‘doom’
  8. North Korea: North Korea Is Testing Not Just Bombs, But the Entire Global Nuclear Monitoring System
  9. Iraq: The Kurdish referendum has shown a yearning for independence, but also the lack of strength to carry it out
  10. Syria: Restoration of Syria: Who will Gain What?
  11. Syria: Syrian Army is Close to Total liberation of Hama
  12. Syria: What did the US-led Coalition Decide to Defeat: Islamic State or Raqqa?
  13. Syria: ISIS Takes Over Town With Christian Families In It, At Least Three Thousand People Have Died Just Last Month In Syria From The War
  14. Turkey: Turkey’s President: ‘F**k The Corrupt European Union’
  15. Turkey: Turkey and Iran Uniting Against Independent Kurdistan
  16. Burma: Rohingyas threat to national security, they have link with Jihad: Hindu leader
  17. Burma: Burmese Government Terrorizes, Tortures, And Murders Christians, Says ‘We Are Doing This Because This Is What Buddhism Teaches’
  18. Pakistan: Muslims Falsely Accuse Christians Of Kidnapping Baby, The Family Is Arrested And Tortured For 40 Days By The Police And Then The Muslims Try To Steal Their Property


  1. Madagascar: DEVELOPING: Deadly plague outbreak spreading in Madagascar
  2. Egypt: SHOCKER: Egypt Caught Secretly Buying Weapons from North Korea
  3. Egypt: Egypt ‘Hunting Down’ Gays, Conducting Forced Anal Exams
  4. Egypt: 16-year-old Christian girl kidnapped to be converted to Islam is freed
  5. Mali: Mali: Muslims tell Christians they’ll kill them if they go to church


  1. Myanmar Muslim asylum-seeker jailed for marrying underage Australian girl
  2. Australia: Multi-million-dollar “deradicalization” helpline gets “around five calls in two months”
  3. Australia: Australia plans to detain child jihadis as young as 10


  1. Canada: WATCH: Radical Islamists Strike in Canada and France
  2. Canada: Edmonton jihadi Abdulahi Sharif is Somalian national, currently in Canada as a REFUGEE
  3. Canada: Edmonton Police release video of Jihad terror attacks on police, stabbing, car and U-Haul truck rammings
  4. Canada: Edmonton Police Officer RAMMED WITH CAR, STABBED Near Sports Stadium, Reports of ISIS Flag in Front Seat
  5. Canada: No terror charges for Edmonton jihadi who rammed and stabbed cop and pedestrians
  6. Canada: Suspect in Canada Terror Attack Is Somali Refugee
  7. Canada: Canada Pushes for Progressive Demands in NAFTA Renegotiation
  8. Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico collapse now leading to total chaos… no food, no water, gang members robbing citizens at gunpoint
  9. Puerto Rico: Today, Elon Musk Is Meeting Puerto Rico’s Governor to Fix the Island’s Energy Crisis
  10. Mexico: Muslim Refugees Opting to Settle in Mexico Instead of USA


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  1. Bill Bonner: Who will pay for the Trump tax cuts?
  2. If you would like to know the money secrets the founders knew….
  3. These 32 Companies Might Come Under Attack
  4. Starbucks Has a Problem
  5. BlackBerry CEO John Chen Continues to Push Most of the Right Buttons
  6. This New Bitcoin Could Totally Change the Game
  7. Blankfein Tweets on Bitcoin That Paper Money Was Once Odd Too
  8. This is how Wall Street CEOs are describing bitcoin
  9. Sjuggerud: Why bitcoin investors should be ‘very careful’ today
  10. Audio: Insider’s Take on Bitcoin v. Gold; Update on Tax Reform
  11. Why Precious Metals Are The Better LONG-TERM Store Of Value Over Bitcoin
  12. PayPal’s Stock Has Blown Away Facebook and Google This Year for One Big Reason
  13. Ethanol Supporters Fight to Keep Government Regulations
  14. Reagan OMB Director Stockman: Bubble About to Burst
  15. ADP: Companies Add Fewest Workers in Nearly Year Amid Hurricanes
  16. Fed’s Fischer Sees Lower Unemployment Lifting Wages, Inflation
  17. Biotech Company Stock Soars After Name Change to ‘Riot Blockchain’
  18. Investors warn that signs of stock market instability gaining steam
  19. Is this the melt-up in the stock market that comes before Wall Street’s meltdown?
  20. The death of the cover letter and other ways automation is changing the hiring process
  21. Why Trump’s tax plan could be a big win for retirement savers
  22. Why ‘junk’ small stocks are shining, for now
  23. Junk Bond Debt Covenant Quality Drops To All Time Lows
  24. Dollar turns negative, erasing spike seen after storm-impacted jobs report
  25. Dow, S&P 500 end streak of records after jobs report; indexes post weekly gains
  26. A Golden Sunset & Silver Ripples Mean One Thing: SURFS UP
  27. Bix Weir: US Mint IS DYING Since JP Morgan Stopped Buying American Silver Eagles
  28. Louis Cammarosano: “Silver Is NOT A Store Of Value”
  29. Koos Jansen: Four Paragraph Article DEBUNKS Silver Price Suppression
  30. Gregory Mannarino: NO Person On Earth Could Know This
  31. Jim Rickards: Americans Will Find Out About Gold THE HARD WAY
  32. Jim Rickards: The big Fed story that nobody is talking about… and why it’s good for gold
  33. Fund Manager: There Housing Market Has Stalled
  34. Charles Hugh Smith: Financialization Is The Problem We Face
  35. Adam Hamilton: The Way For Gold’s Monster Winter Rally IS NOW PAVED
  36. Eric Sprott: “I MUST Warn You”
  37. BOHICA: Massive Gold Dump After FIRST NET JOB LOSS IN 7 YEARS
  38. CHARTS: Gold stocks are back in ‘rally mode’
  39. John Rubino: These Are The TEMPORARY Reasons Why Gold Isn’t $2,000
  40. Petro-Dollar Death Watch: BREAKING Saudi And Russia ARMS & OIL DEALS
  41. ‘The world will never trade oil in just U.S. dollars again’
  42. CHART: Oil is on the verge of a major breakout…
  43. Manufacturing is booming?! Not so fast…
  44. Another win for the ‘One Percent’…
  45. Believe it or not, these tech stocks still look cheap today
  46. CHARTS: Stock market headwinds building
  47. Shark Tank’s O’Leary shares his own investing techniques
  48. Visualizing The Real Test For Market Bulls (In 1 Simple Chart)
  49. Mapping The Most (And Least) Valuable States In America


  1. The Eurozone will survive after Brexit – even if the UK crashes out of the EU
  2. What is the Bombardier dispute about? And does it tell us Brexit will be a disaster?
  3. U.K. Airlines Stock Surge on Monarch Bankruptcy
  4. IMF Head Foresees the End of Banking and the Triumph of Cryptocurrency
  5. Not Just Bundesbank: Germans Physical Gold Buying Crushes China & India
  6. Catalan Independence: Deutsche Bank Explains How We Got Here & What Happens Next


  1. Why is Puerto Rico more than $70 billion in debt?


  1. China Is Worried The World Is At Risk Of Seeing An Economic Apocalypse


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  1. Don’t look now, but Arctic sea ice mass has grown almost 40% since 2012
  2. One of the world’s largest supervolcanoes nearing eruption, scientists warn… would cause global cooling
  3. Vanuatu Volcano Erupts; 11,000 Prepare to Evacuate
  4. Warnings of Major Earthquake Coming to California
  5. Sunken 8th continent reveals its buried secrets
  6. New Hampshire Forest Fire May Have Been Caused By Meteor Strike
  7. Shooting star explodes over city in China with equivalent of 540 tons of TNT.
  8. At least 22 people killed as Tropical Storm “Nate” hits Central America
  9. Powerful, fast-moving Hurricane “Nate” to slam into US Gulf Coast
  10. Strong M5.9 earthquake hits Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
  11. Severe windstorm hits Germany and Poland, at least 8 people dead
  12. Major fireball explodes over Shangri-La, China, meteorites very likely
  13. Impressive eruption of Popocatépetl volcano, Mexico
  14. Significant increase in activity under Llaima volcano, last eruption was in 2009
  15. Eruptive activity at Ambae remains stable, Alert Level lowered to 3
  16. Very bright fireball streaks over western France
  17. Explosions at Fuego volcano ejecting ash up to 5 km (16 404 feet) a.s.l., Guatemala
  18. Seismicity increasing at Shinmoedake volcano, alert level raised
  19. Severe windstorm hits Germany and Poland, at least 8 people dead
  20. Several dead, at least 24 injured in devastating rainstorms, Rwanda
  21. Hundreds of thousands of fish, crabs, shrimp and other species are washing up dead on India’s west coast leaving experts baffled
  22. It Turns Out That Our Moon Once Had an Atmosphere
  23. Scientists Just Found Water on Mars Where They Thought None Could Exist


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In the wake of the massive public controversy over NFL players refusing to stand for the national anthem, the “King of Beers” is thinking about ending its sponsorship with the football league, and now Anheuser-Busch wants to know what you think about the idea.

The company is getting so many calls demanding that it end its sponsorship that it apparently created a phone bank to specifically address national anthem-related outrage.

When WND called the phone number for Anheuser-Busch, 1-800-342-5283 or 1-800-DIAL BUD, a recorded prompt asked callers who are contacting the company about its sponsorship of the NFL to press 1.

“At Anheuser-Busch, we have a long heritage of supporting the nation’s armed forces, veterans and military dependents,” a female voice says. “The national anthem is a point of pride for our company and for the 1,100 veterans that we employ. Please feel free to share your feedback after the tone.”

Urgent Action: Congress Can Protect Unborn Babies

Human babies in the womb have “the ability to experience pain from 20 weeks.” 

Let that fact sink in a bit. Because, this week, on Tuesday, October 3, the House will vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 36) sponsored by Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), which would save over 13,000 human lives each year. This bill would prohibit brutal abortions on unborn babies after 5 months post-fertilization, who feel excruciating pain as they are ripped apart in the womb.

We know that abortionists like Dr. Kermit Gosnell, convicted of murdering born-alive babies and illegally performing late abortions, too-often kill unborn children late in development. We should not be one of only seven countries in the world, along with North Korea, China, and Vietnam that have legalized abortion on demand after 5 months of development.

The vast majority of Americans support restrictions on elective abortion, especially to protect unborn children whom medical evidence confirms can feel pain as early as five months. This is further evidenced by the fact that unborn children at this age routinely are given anesthesia during prenatal surgery. Dr. Kanwaljeet Anand testified before Congress that “the human fetus possesses the ability to experience pain from 20 weeks gestation, if not earlier and the pain perceived by the fetus is possibly more intense than that perceived by term newborns or children.”

Medical advances have enhanced our understanding of unborn human life and it’s time for the law to catch up. President Donald Trump has committed to signing the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act into law. Congress should pass this legislation to give him the opportunity to do so.


Our country was founded in opposition to unfair taxes. For most of its history, we didn’t even have an income tax. Then big government started to grow out of control, and now we are taxed on every facet of our lives, sometimes twice. 

  • Revenues have increased by massive amounts in the last 15 years – we now take in over $3.5 trillion dollars per year.
  • Some people pay more than 50 percent of their earnings to taxes when federal, state and local taxes are added up
  • We have the highest business tax in the world, over 35 percent. What does that mean? Businesses, profits and jobs all go overseas, because capital goes where it is wanted. 

Let’s cut those taxes, for everyone, now.

Support Association Health Plans!

Why Association Health Plans Matter:

Allows consumers to be king. Instead of being on your own or with a small group, you could join with hundreds of thousands of others to form a large group, taking the negotiating power back to your side.

Preexisting conditions would not be a problem, because large groups don’t have such restrictions like individual plans do. 

Prices would go down.

Insurance could be purchased across state lines, allowing more competition.


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  1. Lost city in Iraq founded by Alexander the Great discovered by archaeologists
  2. How Breeding with an Ancient Human Species gave Tibetans their Head for Heights
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  1. Ten Tribes Studies (3 October 2017, 13 Tishrei, 5778)



A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations – Part 10

In this section we addressed the Silent Witnesses: Roads and Pathways to derive at a plausible outcome.

Jer 31:21 says that the Ten Tribes will construct a trail of megalithic monuments from Israel to their places of exile and further migration, so as to find their way back. This indeed happened with unprecedented accuracy. These megaliths are also associated with the stars, which believers of today are only now really starting to study and understand, this as commanded in the Torah.

The Bible makes clear reference to these structures in many places, and covenants were strongly associated with them, therefore the megaliths had a long history with the Hebrew peoples. The use of menhirs as funerary monuments also exists from ancient time till late in historical times.

Megaliths have been erected in various phases: the first monuments to be erected were by the Sethites (Neolithic Period), then to these were added later by the descendants of Eber (King Solomon and the Phoenicians), and then later still by the descendants of Jacob-Israel (Ten Tribes) all the way into the Christian Era. Many Rabbis and leading Jewish scholars believe that most of the megaliths outside Israel were erected by the Ten Tribers on their migration routes. Thus, the megalithic monuments indicate the migratory paths.

There are four main migratory paths northwards. The path through Georgia was selected to prove the fact that the Ten Tribes will construct a trail of megalithic monuments from Israel to their places of exile and beyond. Megaliths, arranged in special formations were found on this migration path giving valuable information. Each country that is studied offers more cryptic information and clues. Megaliths on the migratory paths deserve further studies evolving into a doctorate dissertation.

There are direct parallels between megalithic structures such as the Caucasus, Stonehenge, Newgrange, and Kilmartin, not to mention the smaller groups on the migration path. Scotland is one of the ‘final’ destinations the Ten Tribers migrated to in Western Europe and a last piece of vital cryptic eschatological evidence is encoded in its menhirs, cairns, dolmens, cromlechs, and tumuli.

The headings in this part cover the following areas:

 Etymologies and Definitions: 
 Megaliths, Dolmens and Menhirs.
 Types of Stone Structures.
 Types of Dolmens.
 Why Do Modern People Erect Grave Stones?
 Stones In the Bible.
 Rabbis’ Interpretation on the Megaliths.
 From King Solomon to Christianity.
 Megalithic Monuments Indicate the Migratory Paths (One route was selected to prove the point as indicated in the countries listed): Israel: Point of Departure, Assyria (Syria), Persia (Iraq / Iran), Turkey, Armenia, Georgia (Arsareth), Russia, Ukraine (Crimea), Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, England, Ireland, and Scotland.
 Resemblance: Jewish Tombs of Today and The Ancient Dolmens.


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Ephesians 5:20giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, (New King James Version)

Philippians 4:3-4 3 And I urge you also, true companion, help these women who labored with me in the gospel, with Clement also, and the rest of my fellow workers, whose names are in the Book of Life. 4 Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice! ” (New King James Version)

For some, this is difficult, and indeed, we all often stumble over it. We can be very gracious to God when things go well. Perhaps, after returning safely from a trip, we are quick to thank God for our successful arrival, as if He were personally responsible for the operations of all who worked to get us home. Suppose, however, that the trip was not so successful. Maybe we were involved in an accident and injured or delayed so that we were late for a meeting, costing a large sale or the loss of a client? Or maybe lightning struck the house, an earthquake damaged it, or a burglar broke in and stole valuables?

Do we see God’s hand in these circumstances as well? Is God involved only in the “good” things of life? For example, did Job bemoan his “bad luck” or murmur against God? He bowed before Him, even managing to bless Him (Job 1:13-22)! Is this just fatalistic acquiescence or blind credulity? No, in people who live by faith, it is neither of these because real faith always rejoices in the Lord, knowing He is involved in all aspects of life.

Paul’s exhortation to the Philippian church (Philippians 4:4) is nothing short of a call to faith of those undergoing some sort of heavy trial. If a Christian believes that his life and all its circumstances are in the hands of the sovereign, wise, and loving God who is always working for his good, then he can truly rejoice always.

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see: Sovereignty and Its Fruit: Part Ten


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Names Mean Things – YHVH — Part 1 by Brad Scott

Once again I find myself compelled to address a subject that I would just as soon stay away from. I know, I ended a sentence with a preposition. But then, I just ended another sentence with a ‘preposition’. One of the great divisive issues in the ‘Hebrew roots movement’ is the question of how to address our Creator, and how do we articulate His name. I do not mean to trivialize the issue, for to many it is a most serious matter and to some it is indeed a salvational issue. I would like to address the subject focusing on the meaning of words. Names do mean things, and the words attached to or standing next to those names mean things as well. As we address this subject I wish to remain grounded in one of my favorite scriptures in Mishlei (Proverbs) 11:1:

“A false balance is an abomination to YHVH: but a just weight is His delight.”

Did you notice that I changed LORD to YHVH? Why? Because that is His name. But what does that mean? There are a lot of names and words that are revealed about the Creator but let us be honest. The name that creates the controversy is what we affectionately call the tetragrammaton. First of all, what does ‘tetragrammaton’ mean? Well it comes from two Greek words, tetrameaning ‘four’, and gramma meaning letters. So it means four letters. This word is not in the scriptures, it is just our quaint little way of referring to this revelation of ’Elohiym that most people either insist you say the correct way, or insist that you do not attempt any pronunciation at all. Either way, according to these two scales, you are doomed. But our attempt is to present a just weight. For you see, many times we find ourselves standing between the two extremes. Between those who present a scenario that condemns those who do not pronounce His name a certain way and those who treat it in a a very cavalier way, to those who are absolutely convinced that the writers of scripture called the Creator LORD and the Messiah, Jesus. Here is but one example I pulled off a web site called ‘The Church in the Wilderness’.

“If we believe the King James Bible, the name of God the Son, the second person of the Godhead, is no mystery: “His name was called JESUS, which was so named of the angel before he was conceived in the womb” (Luke 2:21). To Joseph, the angel spoke: “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins” (Matt. 1:21). “Sacred name” groups and churches challenge the validity of the name of Jesus. They reject God’s pure revelation in the King James Bible in their preference usually for a Hebrew name, such as “Yashua,” or “Yeshua,” which they have found in a Hebrew Lexicon. They search outside the English language and revelation of the King James Bible for a name fit for the Savior. But the Word of God reproves these “sacred name” groups who depend on Lexicons and extra Biblical information to spell and pronounce the name of God the Son. Clearly, His name is Jesus.”

As you can see, we are faced with a plethora of opinions that run the gamut from very scholarly detailed approaches to the inept organization that penned this last quote. Let me be frank with you. This teaching will obviously be my opinion on this issue based upon my understanding of the source tongue of all languages, what we today call Hebrew. From the onset, I will not attempt to convince you how Moses would have articulated this Name of the God of Israel. Until someone produces a tape recording of Moses or even Aaron for that matter, we will not actually KNOW how to accurately pronounce His name. Let’s start with this reality. Historically, there have been, and still are, many different dialects of Hebrew. The individual letters have remained consistent in their meanings, but the shapes and sizes have varied greatly throughout the generations since the time of Mosheh.The way we articulate the consonants today, may be reasonably close to how they were pronounced four thousand years ago. Someone who has poured over half their life into this language could only truthfully use the word ‘reasonably’. In other words, those who are well educated in linguistics, the study of language, are reasonably certain that the 22 consonants of this mother tongue are pronounced the way they were articulated by Mosheh or the ancient fathers. Now the vowels are another whole story. Because the vowel sounds of virtually all languages are ‘breathed’ out without the tongue touching the palate, lips or teeth, the way they would have sounded long ago could be greatly varied. Today, most linguists attempt to recreate the sounds by the way the Hebrew letters were transliterated into other languages.

The main difference between translation and transliteration is the difference between a comparison of meaning to a comparison of sound. Generally speaking, most words going from one language to another are translated. Translation keeps the terminology familiar and more relative to the receiving language. Translation occurs when a word is chosen from the receiving language that most accurately represents the meaning of the word in the initial language. The key words here are ‘most accurately’. All linguists know that any time you translate a word from one language to another you lose some, to a lessor or greater degree, of the dynamics of the word. Generally, an aggressive word becomes less aggressive, a passionate word looses some of it’s passion, or a very happy word looses some of it’s steam. A very high word is lowered just a bit, and a low word gets raised up a little. This is what occurs in just translating from one language to another. You can imagine what happens when a word goes through several languages. Now these are the facts concerning the transfer of language. It is the nature of going from one language to another. It is not a world wide plot.

Another rule concerning language is that you do not translate proper nouns. I realize that perhaps some of us fell asleep in English class when this was being taught, or perhaps it was just too long ago to remember. Proper nouns are people, places and things that do not require a definite article in front of them. Words like, Robert, McDonalds, or Philadelphia. YHVH definitely falls into this category. See, I did not need a definite article! YHVH is a proper noun and should have been transliterated or transferred to a receiving language by sound and not by a comparable meaning. The King James translators had no business expressing these four letters as LORD in the text of the Tanakh (Old Testament). As opposed to Adonay or ‘elohiym, which we will discuss later, YHVH should have been written in Hebrew just the way the four consonants appear, or expressed through the closest sound alike letters of the receiving language. The reason why it was translated into the Greek word kurios, and the English word LORD, is because the King James translators (dedicated, scholarly men, but all pasty-faced white Europeans) were committed to maintain the Rabbinical edict not to write or pronounce the ineffable Name (YHVH). As a matter of fact the second rule governing the translators stated “The names of the Prophets, and the Holy Writers, with the other Names of the Text, to be retained, as nigh as may be, accordingly as they were vulgarly used.” Vulgarly used! Just a strange way of saying the way the general population used and defined words. I think that is another way of stating that Biblical names were understood and pronounced democratically. You know, the rule of the people.

So, the bottom line is that millions upon millions of ostensibly good, well motivated followers of Jesus Christ, the only name they knew, were calling out and worshipping a LORD that bears no linguistic connection to the Creator of the universe whatsoever. So did all the sincere ones, for we know there are always the ‘professors’, all die and go straight to hell? If I write or say the word Lord, am I calling on a pagan god? Is the Creator of the universe incessantly crouched at the bottom of a genie bottle perpetually crying out “you didn’t say Simon says!” Is this what YHVH means when He says “I am YHVH, that is my name, or do not even mention the names of other gods.” I pray that in the next few teachings on this subject that I can present a just weight to you. A balance that recognizes the power behind His name combined with some common sense and the phonological reality of how language works. Because the sad truth is that any one can put together a cerebral looking web site and proceed to string pearls in such a manner as to convince anyone of anything. Obviously I have chosen to begin this series of teaching by focusing on the tetragrammaton (remember, this is an academically sly way of avoiding the YHVH). Next time we will begin researching this word and how it should accurately be articulated (just kidding). Before reading the next article, I would suggest taking a quick perusal of the internet in search of how this name should be accurately pronounced.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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“You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban (Jeffrey Li & Celine Tam)


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  1. Annual Torah Cycle for 2017-2018 (This is a downloadable PDF file.)

  2. Torah Portion B’reisheet (In the beginning) for adults for October 14, 2017. This is a downloadable PDF file.
  3. Torah Explorers B’reisheet for children for October 14, 2017. This is a downloadable PDF file.


  1. October 5 at sunset until sunset on the 6, 2017 at sunset: Erev Sukkot and Hag HaSuccoth (Feast of Sukkot-Day 1This is a High Holy Day. No work is to be done on this day.) Scripture readings: Genesis 48—49; Leviticus 22:26—23:44; Numbers 29:12-16; 1 Kings 8:2-21; Psalm 105, 113, 120—121; Zechariah 14:1-21; Matthew 6:1-34, 18:3-6, 19:4; John 1:10-14; Revelation 7:1-10, 21:1-4.
  2. October 7, 2017: Feast of Sukkot-Day 2 (Chol HaMoed Shabbat). Scripture readings: Exodus 33:12—34:26; Numbers 29:17-19; Psalm 114, 122—123; Ecclesiastes 1:1—2:26; Ezekiel 38:18—39:16; Matthew 20:1-16.
  3. October 8, 2017: Feast of Sukkot-Day 3. Scripture readings: Leviticus 22:26—23:44; Numbers 29:20-22; Psalm 115, 124—125; Ecclesiastes 3:1—4:16; Matthew 20:17-28.
  4. October 9, 2017: Feast of Sukkot-Day 4. Scripture readings: Numbers 29:23-25; Psalm 116, 126—127; Ecclesiastes 5:1—6:12; Matthew 13:44-46.
  5. October 10, 2017: Feast of Sukkot-Day 5. Scripture readings: Exodus 33:12—34:26; Numbers 29:26-28; Psalm 117, 128—129; Ecclesiastes 7:1—8:17; Ezekiel 38:18—39:16; Matthew 11:25-30.
  6. October 11, 2017: Feast of Sukkot-Day 6. Scripture readings: Numbers 29:29-31; Psalm 118, 130—131; Ecclesiastes 9:1—10:20; Matthew 10:1-42.
  7. October 12, 2017: Feast of Sukkot-Day 7 (Hoshana Rabbah). Scripture readings: Numbers 29:32-34; Psalm 132—133; Ecclesiastes 11:1—12:14; John 7:1-50; Revelation 20:7-15.
  8. October 13, 2017: Feast of Sukkot-Day 8 (Shemini-AtzeretThis is a High Holy day. No work is to be done on this day and it is also Simhat Torah). Scripture readings: Deuteronomy 14:22—16:17; Numbers 29:35-40 (Chumash: Numbers 29:35—30:1); 1 Kings 8:54-66; Psalm 134—135; Jeremiah 2:13—17:13; Zechariah 14:1-21; Matthew 6:1-34; John 7:1—8:11; Revelation 21:1—22:21.


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