News You May Not Have Heard About — 09/24/2017

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  1. WATCH: What will Trump Say in His First UN Speech?
  2. Trump Makes Jewish New Year Call, Omits Liberal Groups that Snubbed Him
  3. Netanyahu-Trump Meeting in NY to Focus on Iranian Threat
  4. President Trump Participates in the 72nd United Nations General Assembly
  5. Trump Sees Good Chance for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Deal
  6. Trump: Fate of Iran Nuclear Deal Hangs on Tough UN Policing
  7. WATCH: Trump Tells UN that Iran Deal ‘An Embarrassment’ to US
  8. Donald Trump Hits the U.N. Circuit With an ‘America First’ Message in Mind
  9. At UN, Trump Threatens ‘Total Destruction’ of North Korea
  10. President Trump Gives an Address to the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly
  11. Remarks by President Trump to the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly
  12. President Trump Gives an Address to the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly (Video: 41:36 minutes long.)
  13. United Nations General Assembly
  14. Trump Lauds Jewish People’s ‘Incredible Character and Spirit’ in New Year’s Greeting
  15. POTUS Trump Makes Good on His $1 Million Hurricane Harvey Relief Donation – Liberals Still Trash Him
  16. Trump Boots Putin’s KGB Tech Guru Kaspersky Out of Fedgov Computers
  17. As Trump Expresses Hope for Peace, PA Moves Towards Unity with Hamas
  18. Readout of President Donald J. Trump’s Meeting with President Emmanuel Macron of France
  19. President Donald J. Trump Approves Puerto Rico Emergency Declaration
  20. President Donald J. Trump Approves U.S. Virgin Islands Disaster Declaration
  21. President Donald J. Trump at the United Nations General Assembly: Outlining an America First Foreign Policy
  22. Trump’s America-first UN speech was the best of his presidency
  25. Readout of President Donald J. Trump’s Meeting with African Leaders
  26. Trump signs executive order to target foreign banks doing business with North Korea
  27. Trump Announces More Sanctions; Praises China Bank Decision on N. Korea…
  28. Report: Trump Reluctant to Campaign in Alabama — But Swamp Fears Domino Effect if Luther Strange Defeated – Breitbart
  29. Trump Offers Mexico Assistance After 7.1 Earthquake
  30. Trump Bypasses Congress to Open Up World Markets to U.S. Gun Makers
  31. Donald Trumps Most EXTREME Flip Flop
  32. Trump is conflating Pyongyang with Tehran. The results could be catastrophic
  33. UTT Throwback Thursday: President Should Drop Pakistan as Ally
  34. Trump’s “Best Week Since Inauguration” Sends Approval Rating To 4-Month Highs


Congress has 382 millionaires

  1. Trump Administration Backs Bill to Halt Aid to Palestinians
  2. Tillerson: Closing US Embassy in Cuba is ‘under review’ after health incidents
  3. Tillerson: Iran ‘Technically’ Complying With Nuclear Deal
  5. State Department Waging “Open War” On White House
  7. GOP Gets with the Pro-Graham on Health Care
  8. The Graham-Cassidy Obamacare Repeal Bill Still Covers Fewer People
  9. John McCain Kills GOP’s Last Ditch Effort To Repeal Obamacare
  10. Angry Rand Paul Strikes Back: “I Won’t Be Bribed Or Bullied” On Obamacare Repeal Bill
  11. Cassidy-Graham bill would cut funding to 34 states, new report shows
  12. Report: Senate Republicans Near Votes to Replace Obamacare
  13. WARNING: Politics Can Be Hazardous to Your Health Care
  15. Feinstein Defends Religious Test, Until Her Dianne Day
  16. H.R. McMaster Says White House Is ‘Looking at’ Stricter Travel Ban after London Terrorist Attack
  17. House Passes Bill to Deport Suspected MS-13 Gang Members
  18. SHARE Act, Backed by NRA, Passes House Committee
  19. CIA agent blows whistle on deep state and shadow government
  20. The CIA: 70 Years of Organized Crime
  21. Declassified CIA Docs Also Attest Hitler Was Alive and Well in Argentina in the 1950s (Picture of Hitler Included)
  23. New Senate Obamacare ‘repeal’ bill gains momentum, but Rand Paul fiercely opposes it
  24. BREAKING: Senate Passes Trump Bill to Make Our Military Great Again!
  26. GOP Congress Kills Legislation Banning Taxpayer Funding Of Hamas
  27. Shock Survey: Less Than 1 Out Of Every 4 Republicans In Congress Support A Border Wall
  28. Pentagon Will Pay for Sex Change Surgeries Through Early 2018 — And Is Open to Exceptions After Cutoff Date
  29. For Senate: Life Begins at 50… Votes
  30. What to expect from Congress and Trump on tax reform next week
  32. DHS Notifies 21 States That Of Hacker Targeting; Election Officials Blame “Russian Government Cyber Actors”
  33. Sen. Cruz Votes for Final Senate Passage of the 2018 NDAA


  1. Government agencies fabricate science data all the time, warns science whistleblower
  2. Over 31,000 scientists say global warming is a total hoax; now they’re speaking out against junk science
  3. Media Criticism: NYT Buries Nationalities of London Bombers and Omits Refugee Status in Report
  4. Fake News, Palestinian Style
  5. How US journalists are bribed


Sanctuary Cities and Undocumented Withdrawals

  2. German prosecutor reviewing claim of illegal arms shipment to Syria through Ramstein
  3. US Begs Russia For “Mercy” In Syria After Germany Opens American War Crime Investigation
  6. Judge Blocks Trump on Threat to Punish Sanctuary Cities
  8. RUMORS OF WAR: Time is running out! US prepared to destroy North Korea
  9. US nuclear carrier conducts naval drills with Japan as N. Korea threatens H-bomb test
  10. US considers shooting down N. Korea’s ballistic missiles
  11. What would happen if Trump ordered the US military to Nuke North Korea?
  12. US Flies Bombers Amid Tensions with North Korea
  13. In wake of airstrike, US military moves to establish closer communication with Russian forces in Syria
  14. US Opens First Military Base on Israeli Soil
  15. Over 3,000 new US troops being sent to Afghanistan
  16. U.S. not ruling out possible oil embargo on Venezuela: Haley
  17. Military at Ease after Trans Ban Survives
  18. USS John Warner to be first Norfolk-based submarine with women on the crew
  19. Frank Gaffney: President Trump May Be ‘Undermined by His Own Subordinates’ After Strong UN Speech
  20. Frictional Characters Threaten GOP Repeal
  21. EXPOSED: Hillary Clinton Moved 800K From Her Campaign To Help Fund ANTIFA
  22. Hillary Clinton: I Wanted to Make Voodoo Dolls of Reporters, Lawmakers and Stick Them with Pins
  23. Hillary Dismisses Tarmac Meeting Between Bill Clinton And Loretta Lynch As Nothing (VIDEO)
  25. BREAKING: Obama FBI Wiretapped TRUMP Campaign Manager During 2016 Election
  28. Wall Street Analyst: John McCain Lives In George Soros’ Back Pocket
  30. Paper: Did Susan Rice Also Spy on Trump Officials For Muslim Brotherhood?
  31. Greenfield Moment: Susan Rice’s Muslim Brotherhood Watergate
  32. Tucker Carlson UNLEASHES on Illegal Alien: ‘You Don’t Have a Right to Demand Anything!’ (VIDEO)
  33. ISIS Encourages Attacks on US Hurricane Relief Centers
  34. Republicans Make Common Cause with a Billionaire Homosexual Rights Activist to Defeat Roy Moore
  35. Nolte: The Super Trump — Roy Moore Is Making First Amendment Great Again…
  36. ObamaCare Costs Projected to Rise Faster Than Inflation in Next Decade as Enrollment Declines
  38. Extent of Obama Era ‘Unmasking’ Still Mystery
  39. New World Order Power Play – Obama Hosts Global Summit For World Leaders
  40. Planned Failure – Obama Knew His AFA Costs Would Explode
  43. Yale Replaces ‘Freshman,’ ‘Upperclassman’ With Gender-Neutral Terms
  44. California Lawmakers Approve Historic ‘Sanctuary State’ Bill
  45. California Officials Prepare For Nuclear Attack: “Lots Of People Will Die”
  46. ‘How do we survive?’: fearful Californians prepare for nuclear attack
  48. California sues Trump administration over border wall
  49. California School Board Says Allowing Opt-Out of Discussions on Gender Identity Would Be ‘Discriminatory’
  50. End-of-world prediction interrupts TV broadcasts in California
  52. Memphis Imam Raises Money For Islamic Charity Tied to Muslim Brotherhood
  54. Videos and Photos: Anti-Israel Left rally to CELEBRATE murderess Rasmea Odeh
  55. Buy-Bye: Convicted Terrorist Rasmea Odeh Officially Off U.S. Soil
  56. Pastors Work toward Tar-Healing
  57. Israeli Strike on Syrian Chemical Weapons a ‘Service to Humanity,’ Says Washington Post
  58. Muslim faces 16 charges in massive weapons bust
  59. Michigan Muslim Mom Honor Murdered: “Americanized” her children “in contrast to Islamic roots”
  60. Educational Non-Fiction Content Provider Apologizes for Antisemitic September 11 Fact Sheet @Newsela
  61. St. Louis Riots: Far Left Protesters Spray St. Louis Police with Unknown Chemical
  62. St. Louis Police Confiscate Weapons, Guns and Protective Gear From Rioter (PHOTOS)
  63. Why Did the Judge Acquit a St. Louis Police Officer of Killing a Black Man?
  64. 80 Arrested in St. Louis after 3rdNight of Riots
  65. Arpaio Fires Back at Liberal Activist Judge Threatening to Keep His Conviction Despite Trump’s Pardon
  67. WATCH: James O’Keefe Teases ‘Biggest Ever Media Investigation’ — Muses ‘People Will Be Fired’
  68. Liberal Snowflakes at Cornell Suffer Meltdown Over Chanting About Trump’s Wall
  69. Florida Rapper Hangs Young White Child In Racially Motivated Music Video
  70. College Bias Response Teams Prepare For New Year Of Enforcement
  71. LOL! Now Dreamers are suing Trump over rescinding DACA!
  73. WATCH: Are UN Officials Part of the Political Swamp?
  75. U.N. Bears the Blunt of Trump
  76. Pamela Geller, Breitbart Radio: Berkeley Has ‘Come Full Circle on Free Speech and It’s Very Dangerous’
  78. Assassination target Pamela Geller to testify on foiled jihadis’ beheading plot
  79. Trial opens for Muslim Accused Of Plotting To Kill Behead Pamela Geller: Witness Testifies, ‘Jihadi said Geller Deserved Beheading’
  80. Defense attorney: Muslim who plotted to behead Pamela Geller an “idiot,” not guilty
  81. Minnesota Muslim traded over 550 messages with Garland jihadi, up to day of his attack
  82. The Trans Agenda in Schools: It’s Elementary
  83. Rocklin charter school won’t allow parents to opt out of “transgender” teachings
  84. Refugees From Australia Will Soon Arrive in US
  85. Oklahoma City police fatally shoot deaf man who did not respond to commands
  86. Chromosomes
  87. Antifa Communists Say “Liberals Get the Bullet, Too”
  88. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Deleting Popular Ex-Muslim’s Arabic Material Critizing Islam
  89. New Hampshire: Muslim “refugee” sexually attacks several little girls as young as 7
  90. Oklahoma trial of Muslim who BEHEADED co-worker: “Slave to Allah” said he did it because it’s in Quran, “no regrets”
  91. Palin: DC Swamp Afraid of Judge Moore Because ‘He’s Not One of Them’
  92. Armed Texan Stops Sexual Assault on Jogger
  93. Lib Teacher Tries to Mx up Kids on Gender
  94. On Adoption, Left Attacks Mich. Again
  95. Florida Supreme Court Rules Police May Detain Passengers During Traffic Stops
  97. Erdogan’s Bodyguards Are Beating Up Americans Right Here In The United States
  98. Police Officer In Georgia Shoots And Kills Major Homosexual Activist. Here’s Why The Officer Was Right
  99. Man In Utah Rapes His Daughter Over And Over Again, Then Takes Her To Planned Parenthood To Murder The Child To Make Sure No One Knows He Raped Her
  100. What happens when an ordinary American stands up to the global jihad?
  101. Robert Spencer: Trump Is Right — Pakistan Is No Ally
  102. Florida Residents Warned They’ll Be Ticketed For Hurricane-Damaged Homes
  103. Religious Liberty Is Abbott Forming
  104. A Boston Massacre of the First Amendment


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  1. Netanyahu to Urge Trump to Scrap Iran Nuclear Deal
  2. Netanyahu Praises Trump, Seeks to Change ‘Terrible Nuclear Deal’ with Iran
  3. Netanyahu Praises Trump’s ‘Bold’ and ‘Courageous’ Comments on Iran in UN Speech
  4. Netanyahu Praises Israel’s Ties with US as ‘Stronger Than Ever’ Under Trump
  5. Netanyahu at UN: ‘The World is Embracing Israel and Israel is Embracing the World’
  6. WATCH: Netanyahu Mobbed by Well-Wishers on Streets of Manhattan
  7. Netanyahu Holds First Official Meeting with Egypt’s Al-Sissi
  8. Netanyahu Dazzles UN with Israel’s ‘Remarkable Contributions to All Nations’
  9. Netanyahu at UN Signifies ‘An Entirely New Day’ in Israel’s Global Standing
  10. WATCH: Netanyahu Recommends UN Read Bible in Fiery General Assembly Address
  11. Netanyahu: Israel Supports Kurdish Statehood, Rejects PKK Terrorism
  12. Israel Seizes Cash Designated for Reconstruction of Terrorist’s Home
  13. Israeli Spy Chief Warns of New Hamas-Hezbollah Alliance
  14. Israel and Mexico Sign Historic Agreement!
  15. IDF Search and Rescue Team Departs for Mexico After Deadly Earthquake
  16. Israel Sends Aid to Mexico After Devastating Earthquake Claims 248 Lives
  17. WATCH: The Making of a Shofar!
  18. Israel’s Fertility Rate Tops List of Developed Countries
  19. Premier Charity for Hungry Israelis is Desperate for Funds
  20. Israel Brings Amazing Agricultural Advances to African Nations!
  21. WATCH: Will Israel Soon be Facing a United Hamas-Fatah Front?
  22. Israel Prepared To ‘Neutralize’ Hezbollah With ‘Overwhelming’ Force In Next war
  23. Settlements Are Israel’s ‘Defensive Wall’ Says Defence Minister
  24. Israel Destroys Hezbollah Aircraft by Firing Patriot Missile
  25. Israeli Doctors Perform Free Eye Surgery for Hundreds in Kenya
  26. Israel Shoots Down Iranian-made Drone Over Northern Border
  27. Israel’s Border Wall Proves 100% Effective in Preventing Infiltration
  28. Israel Arrests Palestinian for Declaring Intentions to Execute Attack
  29. New Year’s Milestone: 600,000 Sign to Keep Jerusalem United Forever Under Israeli Control!
  30. WATCH: Massive Police Deployment in Jerusalem Ahead of Rosh Hashana
  31. WATCH: How Hamas Planned to Massacre Jews on Rosh Hashana 2014
  32. IDF intercepts Iranian-made drone over demilitarized zone in Golan
  35. Israel Strikes Damascus After Syrian Missile Defense Fires On Aircraft


  1. Hamas Cleric: Quran Requires Exterminating Jews and Destruction of Israel
  2. Hamas invites Palestinian Authority to resume control of Gaza
  3. Abbas: UN must try to end Israeli occupation ‘within set timeframe’
  4. Fatah Welcomes Hamas Pledge to Try to End Palestinian Split
  5. WATCH: Arab League Meeting Becomes Shouting Match Over Qatar’s Terror Ties
  6. Muslim leader and followers publish “dead or alive” wanted notice for President Trump
  7. Exposed: The relationship between al-Qaeda and Iran
  8. Aoun at UN: Israel violating Lebanon’s sovereignty


  1. England: WATCH: Terror on London Train Injures 22
  2. England: Stunner: Police Arrest Iraqi and Syrian Refugees for London Subway Bucket Bombing
  3. England: Both Suspects in London Subway Attack Are ‘Refugee’ ‘Kids’ Nurtured by Do-Gooders
  4. England: London bombing: Fifth Muslim migrant arrested at ‘halfway house for asylum seekers’
  5. Sixth Arrest in UK Subway Bomb Investigation — Made At ‘Refugee Housing’
  6. England: DEVELOPING: Dozens evacuated from homes in South London from possible chemical attack
  7. England: Muslim refugee arrested at Dover port over London subway bombing ‘was first held by police two weeks ago but freed’
  8. England: Poll Shows 30% of British Public Holds Anti-Semitic Views
  9. England: Armed SAS Troops Deployed To London Underground – Given ‘Shoot To Kill’ Orders
  11. England: London market on LOCKDOWN: Shoppers told to ‘get out!’ as area evacuated amid bomb scare
  12. England: HORRIFIC ORDEALAsian sex gang victim says she was raped by THOUSANDS of men across Britain – and warns they are still out there
  13. England: GO WITH FLOTheresa May to bypass formal talks with EU Brexit negotiators and appeal directly to European leaders during her speech in Florence
  14. England: When the Terrorists Come Home
  15. England: Not one of the 400 Brits who fought alongside ISIS charged with war crimes or deported
  16. Europe: EU-funded exhibit “Islam, It’s Also Our History!” opens after delay caused by jihad massacres
  17. Europe: Muslim migrant who raped and murdered EU official’s daughter says the killing destroyed HIS life
  18. Europe: Czech President Zeman: Islamic Refugees are a Trojan Horse Phenomenon
  19. UK: UK lowers official terrorist threat level after second arrest
  20. UK: Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism Linked, Landmark UK Study Shows
  21. UK: Nail bomb explodes in Manchester – no media coverage for a week
  22. UK: The UK has more consumers of jihadi web content than anywhere else in Europe
  23. UK: UK VIDEO: Angry Muslims attack police when they enter mosque
  24. UK: UK Supermarket World’s First To Offer Cashless Checkout With Finger Vein Scan
  25. UK: Eight arrested on suspicion of making explosives, BBC mum on identity and motive
  26. Italy: The text messages with a younger, married woman that threaten to send an Army general’s career off the rails
  27. Italy: Pope Francis: Concern for “cultural identity” doesn’t justify opposition to mass Muslim migration
  28. Italy: “Good that she’s dead” – Muslim migrant stabs his little sister in honor killing in Vienna
  29. Italy: German woman raped, left tied to pole naked in Rome
  31. Italy: Mayor of Lampedusa says his island is ‘collapsing’ because of Muslim migrant violence and crime
  32. Albania: NATO concerned about Russia’s transparency on military games
  33. Russia: Russia Warns Atlantis Is “Rising Again”, Under The Very Heart Of America
  34. Russia: Russia Unveils Massive Military Force
  35. Russia: Putin orders to end trade in US dollars at Russian seaports
  36. Russia: Russia’s air force killed 850 militants in Syria in last 24 hours
  37. Russia: Russia Warns It Would Retaliate Against US Forces in Syria If Provoked
  38. Russia: Russia Rejects Israeli Plea To Keep Iranians From Golan Frontier
  39. Romania: Romania Honors Memory of Renowned Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel
  40. Russia: Russia to hit US-backed militants if Syrian troops targeted
  41. Russia: Russian submarine attacks Fateh al-Sham terrorists in Syria’s Idlib
  42. France: Train Derailments & Food Poisoning Are Next Possible Acts of Terrorism
  43. France: 4 female American tourists attacked with acid in Marseille train station
  44. France: Jihadists Eye ‘Train Derailments & Food Poisoning in Europe’ – French Media
  45. Sweden: Muslim rapist gets Swedish citizenship in the detention center
  46. Germany: “Palestinian” terror group allowed to run in German parliament elections
  47. Germany: VIDEO: Muslim “refugees” go on sex assault spree at church festival
  48. Germany: Muslim child sex trafficking leader STOMPED on fellow prisoner’s face for saying ‘terrorists should be eradicated’ after Brussels bombings
  49. Germany: Germany adopts international definition of anti-Semitism
  50. Germany: Two Afghans Arrested for Raping Girl, 16, on German City Street
  51. Hungary: Hungary Builds a Wall, Cuts Illegal Immigration By Over 99%
  52. Hungary: Hungary’s Border Fence Is Working – Prior to Building It, Up to 10,000 Migrants Illegally Entering Hungary Daily
  53. Poland: Polish Party Leader Denounces Anti-Semitism, Praises Israel
  54. Poland: Poland’s Anti Mass Migration Government Enjoys Record Popularity
  55. Albania: Albanian Lobby Working On Trump For Kosovo


  1. Bahrain: Bahrain monarch calls for religious tolerance, denounces anti-Israel boycotts
  2. Iran: Khamenei warns of Iran’s ‘tough reaction’ if US alters nuke deal
  3. Iran: Iran Claims Country Has Infiltrated U.S. Military, Obtained “Sensitive Documents”
  5. Iran: Iran Announces It Has Infiltrated American Command Control Centers And Is Going To Now Test A Massive Bomb
  6. Iran: Iran President Hassan Rouhani: Security for Israel ‘Not Possible’
  7. Iraq: Iraq Opposes Independent Kurdish State, Or a ‘second Israel’
  8. Iraq: Four PKK militants killed in airstrikes in northern Iraq
  9. South Korea: DEVELOPING: Reports of South Korean Plan to take out Kim Jong-Un
  10. South Korea: South Korea Unexpectedly Approves Aid to North
  11. India: 14 live bombs found in Muslim’s shop after he was injured in explosion
  12. India: Indian government says Rohingya Muslims are security threat
  13. India: Cellphone bomb found hidden in passenger luggage at Airport in India
  14. India: 4 Muslim youth gang-raped Hindu teenage girl for 10 days, forced to convert
  15. India: ‘They Are Trying To Drive All Christians Out Of India’ Hindu Terrorists Force Catholic School Closed As Catholic Bishop Warns Of Coming Persecution Of Christians
  16. Bruma: Roots of the Ongoing Jihad in Western Myanmar
  17. Pakistan: Pakistan is fueling jihad in Myanmar
  18. Pakistan: Christian Dad Sentenced to Death for ‘Blaspheming’ Muhammad, Muslim accuser had personal conflict with him
  19. Pakistan: Seven Muslim Men Kidnap Christian Boy, They Beat Him And Then Take Turns Sodomizing Him, The Police Refuse To Arrest The Muslims And Tell The Boy ‘You Are Lying’
  20. Dubai: Dubai man gets year in jail for insulting Islam on Facebook
  21. North Korea: North Korea’s Nuclear Tests Could Trigger “Supervolcano” Eruption
  22. North Korea: Report: NKorea Secretly Building Nuclear Sub
  23. North Korea: North Korea threatens US with nuclear strike and miserable and final ruin
  24. North Korea: Pictures Of Pyongyang: WSJ Unveils Never-Before-Seen Images From North Korea’s Showcase Capital
  25. Syria: United Nations: Syrian Sarin Gas Attack Was ‘Staged’
  26. Syria: Journalist Uncovers White Helmets Used Another “Victim” For Stage Prop Before Switching Him For “Little Omran”
  27. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia 5th-Grade Schoolbook: The ‘Hour’ Will Come After Muslims ‘Kill the Jews’
  28. Saudi Arabia: Saudi FM Jubeir: Iran has not lived up to terms of nuclear deal
  29. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Muslim cleric: Women have “a quarter the brainpower of men”
  30. Turkey: Erdoğan reiterates call on Iraqi Kurdish gov’t to cancel independence referendum at UN General Assembly
  31. Turkey: Four detained in raids on two ISIL cells in Turkey’s southeast
  32. Turkey: Turkey Is Attacking The Christian Calendar System As It Moves Closer To Being Under The Antichrist
  33. Turkey: The Government Of Turkey Wants To Teach Both Islam And Evolution. Be Prepared To See The Rise Of Islamic Darwinism And Genocide
  35. Asia: ‘Super malaria’ spreading rapidly in Asia


  2. Egypt: Muslim cleric says fathers can marry off their newborn daughters
  3. Egypt: Ex-Muslim Reveals During Interview ‘There Is A Massive Network Of Muslims Kidnapping Christian Girls And Selling Them Into Sex Slavery To Muslim Men’
  4. Libya: Almost 100 dead or missing after ship full of asylum-seekers heading for Europe has capsized off the Libyan coast


  1. Australia: Muslim Girls as Young as Nine Are Trafficked into Forced Marriages
  2. Australia: Devout Muslim butchered wife, mutilated her body, gouged her eye out
  3. Australia rejected CIA request to open embassy in North Korea
  4. Australia: 90 Percent of Asylum Seekers in Austria End Up On Welfare
  5. Australia: DEVELOPING: Flesh-eating ulcer cases in Australia raises concern
  6. Australia: Afghan Migrant Arrested for ‘Honour Killing’ His 14-Year-Old Sister


  1. Canada: Trudeau: Opposition To Canada’s ‘Islamophobia’ Law An Example Of Sexism
  2. Canada: Canada’s Gen.John Ivison: ‘U.S. Policy Is Not to Defend Canada’ in the Event of a Missile Attack, Says the U.S. Might Do So Anyway
  3. Canada: No charges against imams who called for the deaths of Jews
  4. Canada: Hearing features call for censorship and prosecution of “Islamophobia”
  5. Canada: Female jihadi like “moving a mountain of defiance” in court
  6. Mexico: Mexican Governor Denies Cartel Violence Despite 32 Executions in Days – graphic warning
  7. Mexico: Meth found in 7-Up bottles in Mexico
  8. Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico Could Be Without Power For 6 Months
  9. Cuba: The Case Of A Brain-Damaging ‘Sonic Weapon’ In Cuba Is Only Getting Stranger And Scarier


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  1. Bill Gross: Fed on Path to Triggering Recession
  2. RUMORS OF WAR: World War 3 threat puts stock markets on edge
  3. Jamie Dimon BUSTED Buying Bitcoin! (Bix Weir)
  4. John McAfee Admits Bitcoin Is A Total Scam
  5. Bitcoin Is Honey Badger of Money… Don’t Care What Chinese Govt Do
  6. One World Currency: BIS on Moving from Bitcoin to Digital Central Bank “Money”
  7. ‘A US trade war with China will end US monopoly on global financial system’
  8. US Refusal Of Russian “Surrender Terms” Warned Signals Western Banking Collapse “Within Months”
  9. Pension Storm Coming: “This Will Become One of the Most Heated Battles of My Lifetime”
  10. Long-Term Mortgage Delinquencies Seriously Under-Reported
  11. Wall Street’s Trillion-Dollar Monopoly Has Repo Traders on Edge
  12. Top Financial Expert Warns Stocks Need To Drop ‘Between 30 And 40 Percent’ As Bankruptcy Looms For Toys R Us
  13. Toys ‘R’ Us bankruptcy could push retail loan default rate past 10% by year-end: Fitch
  14. Will There Be A Major Stock Market Crash Before The End Of 2017?
  15. Google to acquire HTC’s Pixel smartphone division in $1.1 billion deal
  16. Oil dips on rising U.S. crude inventories and production
  17. Fed keeps U.S. rates steady, to start portfolio drawdown in October
  18. US Refusal Of Russian “Surrender Terms” Warned Signals American Banking Collapse “Within Months”
  19. Economics expert warns stock market meltdown looming and No one is prepared
  20. …S&P Downgrades China’s Credit Rating
  21. Gold Tops $1300, USDJPY Tumbles After North Korean “H-Bomb Test” Threat Reports
  22. Trader Roy Friedman: ‘We Are About To See The Greatest Asset Re-allocation In World History’
  23. A rising share of Wall Street CFOs think this stock market is ‘bubblicious’
  24. Zuckerberg abandons bid for nonvoting Facebook shares after investor fight
  25. Finance chiefs are becoming increasingly pessimistic about the future
  26. One chart shows all the bubbles that are about to pop
  27. Stocks, at their 4th-most expensive level ever, are ‘smack-dab at the heart of bubble territory’
  28. Why this week’s jump by 2-year Treasury yields is a ‘big deal’ for stock bulls
  29. Jim Rogers: When this bull market ends, ‘you don’t want the 26-year-old around’
  30. Jim Rogers says ETF holders will get mauled by ‘the worst’ bear market ever
  31. Dow, S&P 500 eke out small gains, post second weekly advance
  32. Apple stock suffers worst product-launch week of the iPhone era
  33. Tesla shares suffer their worst losing streak in months
  34. Why retirement can be a dangerous time
  35. The most sought-after job in America pays $110,000 a year — if you have this skill
  36. Insiders love these 14 retail stocks hit by the wrecking ball
  37. 3 reasons the U.S. dollar’s strength versus the yen could be here to stay
  38. U.S. stocks close mostly higher, Dow has 2nd positive week in a row
  39. Treasury yields rise for the week as Fed displays hawkish feathers
  40. Two Fed officials say ‘normal’ interest rates may peak far below prior cycles
  41. VICTORY IS OURS: Gold & Silver REFUSE to Drop a Handle
  42. Eric Sprott: “A Group of Suckers That Get Wiped-Out All The Time”
  43. US Mint News: American Palladium Eagle Coin Is Released!
  44. John Rubino: 80% Dollar Devaluation & $10,000 Gold Price Our Best Hope For Rebuilding
  45. Charles Hugh Smith: Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting For The Dollar Demise
  46. Jim Rickards: QT1 To Bring On QE4
  47. Marin Katusa: ACCELERATING De-Dollarization – Buy Gold BEFORE the Crisis and Panic
  48. Keith Neumeyer Is Optimistic About Silver Mine Impact Post-Earthquake
  49. Gold Smashed Under $1300 & Silver Hammered Below $17
  50. IMMEDIATE SILVER AFTERSHOCKS May Finally Put Fed In Their Place
  51. World Gold Council Reports Bullish Gold News The MSM Won’t
  52. Mish Shedlock: Gold Vs The Rule of Total Morons
  53. El-Erian Actually Calls The Now 1-1.25% Rate “Multiyear Normalization”
  54. Rob Kirby: Gold Manipulation AROUND THE WORLD Conducted By The Keepers Of The Dollar
  55. CHART: New Fed gauge shows fastest inflation since 2007
  56. The ‘great unwind’ is here…
  57. The simplest way to protect your money from Wall Street scams
  58. Are you ready for Dow 1 million?
  59. What is real wealth?
  60. It’s time to take out ‘Freedom Insurance’
  61. Another bullish sign for the market
  62. Sjuggerud: You should avoid this popular trade today
  63. The U.S. economy is dead in the water
  64. Demand for these metals could send prices 300% higher
  65. CHART: You don’t want to miss this new trend
  66. A bullish sign in Porter’s favorite business
  67. VIXtermination Sparks Buying-Panic In Stocks As Yield Curve Crashes To 10 Year Lows


  1. Britain downgraded by Moody’s on Brexit concerns
  2. Pound Flash Crashes After Moody’s Downgrades UK To Aa2
  3. Hugo Salinas Price: The Gold SKYROCKET Starts In London


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  2. DEVELOPING: Tropical Storm Maria forms in the Atlantic, Threatens Caribbean
  3. 3 Storms Raging in Atlantic – 1 Aiming for Irma’s Path
  4. Tropical Storm Warning for Los Cabos, Mexico Due to Norma
  5. Mexico on Alert for Tropical Storm Norma Following Max’s Landfall
  6. Deadly volcano erupts in Mexico after quake devastates capital city
  7. Death toll roses to 94 after 7.1 Quake strikes Mexico, collapsing buildings
  8. Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico acting as “The Day After Tomorrow!” Another massive quake hits Mexico! Massive mag 7.1 hits again…
  9. Solar Physicist Explains How the Sun Controls Climate, Not Man(begins 5:57 min. in)
  10. Mysterious light formation flying in Salt Lake City sky…
  11. Mystery lights spotted over Los Angeles leaving locals baffled
  12. Scientists warn super volcano nearing eruption…
  13. Severe storm kills 8, injures at least 140 in western Romania
  14. BREAKING: Earthquake in Los Angeles
  15. Hurricane Maria devastates Dominica, races toward Puerto Rico
  16. Strong 6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes south of New Zealand
  17. 56 dead, 200,000 homeless and 11,000 homes destroyed as floods ravage Niger
  18. Deadly 7.1 magnitude quake strikes just Days after largest in 100 years
  19. Puerto Ricans warned to ‘evacuate or die’ as deadly Hurricane Maria closes in
  20. Powerful 6.4 earthquake strikes Vanuatu
  21. Powerful 5.7 earthquake strikes off coast of Indonesia
  22. Active Volcano Mt. Rainer Shaken By ‘Swarm’ Of 23 Earthquakes
  23. 500,000 people evacuated from Japan and China with heaviest rain in 40 years from Tropical Storm Talim
  24. Coronal Hole blasting Earth with solar winds traveling at speeds of nearly 800km per second causing biggest geomagnetic storms since last weeks X-class flares
  25. Another warning! A mag 6.1 – off the east coast of Honshu, Japan, the same area as the 2011 Fukushima disaster
  26. Typhoon Talimd dumps almost 10 inches of rain every hour with winds of over 100mph as it hits
  27. Alert level for Agung volcano raised to highest (4 of 4), Bali
  28. Maria’s death toll rises to 37, Caribbean
  29. Bright fireball over the Netherlands, over 310 reports to IMO
  30. Mumbai inundated after more than a month’s worth of rain in 24 hours
  31. Category 4 Hurricane “Maria” slams Puerto Rico, first Cat. 4 since 1932
  32. At least 12 dead, 92 missing after river overflows in North Kivu, DR Congo
  33. 5.7 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Off North California Coast


Petition News Banner

ACT NOW! Urge Your US Representative to Support Bill that Bans Anti-Israel Boycotts

Israel continuously faces condemnation from international organizations. Urge your representative to support a bill that combats these attacks and, in particular, bans boycotts of the Jewish state. 

Israel faces ongoing malicious and fictitious criticism from the United Nations (UN), international organizations and activists that seek to delegitimize, isolate and ultimately destroy the Jewish state through legal action and boycotts.

In particular, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) targeted Israel last March with a resolution calling for the creation of a database—akin to a “blacklist”—of companies that operate in or have business relationships beyond Israel’s 1949 armistice Lines, including parts of Jerusalem. The list is meant to be used as a database for boycotts on Israel.

The State Department expressed opposition to the resolution.

However, the UNHRC is still considering anti-Israel action based on this shameful blacklist.

According to reports, the blacklisted companies would include businesses as large as Coca-Cola, Teva, Airbnb and TripAdvisor.

The Israel Anti-Boycott Act (H.R. 1697), introduced by Rep. Peter Roskam (R, IL-6), would expand existing US anti-boycott laws to organizations such as the UN and the European Union (EU).

H.R. 1697 amends the Export Administration Act of 1979 to include prohibitions on boycotts against allies of the United States that are fostered by international governmental organizations. It also directs the US Export-Import Bank to oppose boycotts against Israel.

The bill, to date, has 49 senators and 253 House members backing it.

“The BDS movement is nothing more and nothing less than the latest attempt by Israel’s enemies to destroy the Jewish State,” stated Roskam. “After their repeated military conquests ended in failure, they have now turned to economic means in the hopes of achieving the same outcome. Thankfully, the United States Congress – and the American people – will not stand for it. We will oppose all forms of economic warfare against Israel and Israelis.”

We must ensure that this bill is passed into law. Please urge your legislators to support this crucial law.

Graham-Cassidy won’t fix our health care problems. It will only add to our $20 trillion. Add your name and say no to fake Obamacare repeal

What are Lindsey Graham and his fellow RINOs up to now?
I’m getting very concerned. Too many are dismissing the latest attempt by the DC liberal/moderate establishment to sneak a fake Obamacare repeal bill through the Senate.

This threat is real and it must be stopped, today. 

Please don’t waste a moment to let them know you won’t stand for the Graham/Cassidy fake Obamacare Repeal!

No one wants to repeal Obamacare more than I do. As a career physician, there are few in Congress who have as much first-hand experience on all sides of the health care debate as I do. I’ve voted for repeal. I’ve sponsored my own Repeal and Replace plans.

But I won’t just vote for something they call repeal, not if it:

  • Keeps over 90% of the Obamacare taxe
  • Spends roughly 90% of the budget busting Obamacare
  • Repeals NO regulations. NOT ONE
  • Forces us to swallow “Obamacare Lite” instead of the real repeal we were promise

Together, you and I have led the fight to stop and block Obamacare Lite plans offered in both Houses of Congress this year. These have also been plans that have spent nearly as much money as Obamacare, that left most of the taxes and regulations in place, and basically failed to honor our promise of repeal.

I need you to join me again.

In all ways the Graham/Cassidy bill is also Obamacare Lite. In no way is it repeal the way we promised. I will oppose this bill as I did the other fake repeal bills, and I urge those who want repeal to do so as well.

Make no mistake – Graham/Cassidy keeps Obamacare funding and regulations in place. Oh, it rearranges the furniture a bit, changes some names, and otherwise masks what is really going on – a redistribution of Obamacare taxes and a new Republican entitlement program, funded nearly as extravagantly as Obamacare.

Graham/Cassidy doesn’t repeal a single Obamacare regulation.  All of the Title 1 rules, the Essential Health Benefit rules, all of them, they’re still in place here.

So help me beat this last-ditch establishment effort to fool you – to confuse everyone into thinking they’ve “done something” when in fact, nothing will have changed.

Graham/Cassidy won’t fix our health care problems, and it will become a permanent drain on the treasury, one that is already $20 trillion in debt with a $700 billion dollar deficit next year.

Repeal of Obamacare, if we did it “root and branch” as some suggested in their campaigns, would have saved over a trillion dollars in spending over 10 years.  Instead, we are left trying to save crumbs while leaving the system largely intact.

I won’t do it. 

And I know you won’t either.  So please help push your Senators not to do it as well.

Their sales pitch is “If you like your Obamacare, you can keep it.” 

That’s nice, but I don’t like it, I don’t want to keep it, and I don’t want to keep paying for it. So how about we all keep our word and get rid of it?

I’ll be fighting against this dangerous, deceptive Obamacare Lite bill, and I hope you’ll join me today.

I hope you’ll also help RANDPAC deliver this message to MILLIONS of people nationwide. I’m afraid it may be only us fighting this terrible bill –for now.

But if I can, through RANDPAC, mobilize enough grassroots power, we can defeat it, just like we’ve done all year long.

So please help RANDPAC after you’ve signed your petition.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Genesis Stands Up Against Discovery of 5.7-Million-Year-Old Footprints, But Evolution Is Shaken
  2. Bones attributed to St Peter found by chance in 1,000-year-old church in Rome
  3. 2,000-Year-Old Bones of Rebel Jews Murdered by Romans Finally Laid to Rest
  4. Hurricane Irma Leaves Island of Barbuda Uninhabited for the First Time in 4,000 Years
  5. Hurricane Irma Uncovers a Rare Native American Canoe in Florida
  6. 17th Century Letter Allegedly Written by Possessed Nun Decoded For the First Time
  7. Extinct Denisovans from Siberia Made Stunning Jewelry. Did They Also Discover Australia?
  8. New Technology Finds Barely Visible 28,000-year- old Cave Paintings in Spain
  9. The Birkebeiners and a Heroic Mountain Rescue that Helped Unify Medieval Norway
  10. Ancient Greek Vase Artists Painted Images of Biblical Figures Noah and Nimrod Over 2,000 Years Ago
  11. Are There Hidden Depths to the Golden Lozenge of Stonehenge?
  12. In Search of King Alcinous: Who were the Legendary Phaeacians?
  13. Thunder god and Skywoman – Myth and History of the Iroquois: Exploring a First Nations Tradition
  14. The Roman Pantheon: National Treasure and Legacy of a Powerful Empire
  15. Do You Have the Magic Touch? Chicago Library Appeals to Public for Help Transcribing Magical Manuscripts
  16. Long Lost Golden Age – Just a Myth?
  17. The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts
  18. Shimao City Ruins: This Massive Prehistoric Site Rewrites Chinese History
  19. Recently Discovered 6 Million-Year-Old Hominin Footprints Have Just Been Vandalized and Some Stolen
  20. Risky Wealth: Would You Dare to Open the Mysterious Sealed Door of Padmanabhaswamy Temple?
  21. Ancient Stones of Australia: A Mysterious Series of Rock Arrangements and Placements that Defy Conventional Historical Accounts
  22. Nubia and the Powerful Kingdom of Kush
  23. The Ascension of Gilgamesh: Did the Epic Hero Actually Exist?
  24. Was the Devil’s Dyke in England once Part of the Legendary City of Troy?
  25. Rare Tomb Shows Bronze Age Mycenaean-era Nobleman had a Fondness for Jewelry
  26. 7,200-year-old Vessel Tells of the Rise of the Elites
  27. A Warrior’s Face Frozen in Time, Gold, Hemp, Tents and Cheese Tell the Scythian Tale
  28. The Magic of Heka: Ancient Egyptian Rituals That Have Crossed Cultures and Time
  29. Bizarre Burials Uncovered in Ancient Georgia Cemetery Include Headless Skeletons and Decapitated Skull on a Plate
  30. Gone and Forgotten: The Sad Fate of the Witches of Prussia
  31. The British Museum Distorts History and Denies its Racist Past
  32. Clues to Africa’s Mysterious Past Found in Ancient Skeletons


Lost 10 Tribes News Banner

  1. Ten Tribes Studies (9 September 2016, 6 Elul, 5776)
  2. Ten Tribes Studies (17 September 2017, 26 Elul, 5777)
  3. Ten Tribes Studies (19 September 2017, 28 Elul, 5777)



Part 9: A Historical Research of the Ten Tribes Scattered Into the Nations

In this section we addressed the Physical Similarity and Scientific Evidence to derive at a plausible outcome. The scientific evidence presented in this research is concluded as follow:

Lineage testing can trace ancestry back to real people who carried a particular DNA type throughout prehistory until today. DNA tests to ascertain ancestry are now exploding in popularity.

DNA testing is also the most effective means to solve crimes. By using DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, technology, any person’s identity can be established without doubt.

DNA tests have now become a very popular tool for genealogists looking for additional evidence to help verify family trees. DNA tests can also help establish paternal and maternal ancestries, and there are also tests that can help determine whether a person is of African, Asian, European or Native American descent. Some of the newer genetic tests can even provide insight into possible inherited traits and disease risk.

Many of us are interested in having our DNA tested to learn more about our origins and ancestors. A DNA test is an analysis of DNA strands to identify matching markers among ancestral strands. In other words, a DNA test informs where you come from. Strand markers are used to compare your DNA to other strands and identify whether or not you’re related to another person or ethnic group. This can help you find family, and trace your lineage through time.

DNA testing is allowing people to uncover information about their genetic ancestry and find out where their ancestors came from.

In this part of our research we will focus on the physical similarity and scientific evidence to prove the presence of the Ten Tribes in the Georgian Caucasus area, specifically to prove Arsareth’s location, and to confirm what was presented in the previous scientific research sections.
The headings in this part cover the following areas:

 Physical Similarity of the Israelites to the Georgians
 What is Genetic Genealogy?
 Why Would Someone Want to Use DNA for Genealogy?
 What is DNA?
 What Is a Haplogroup and How Does It Work?
 How Are Haplogroups Identified?
 Are There Male and Female Haplogroups?
 What Haplotypes Are Identified in the Male and Female Haplogroups?
 What Is the Jews’ Haplogroup?
 What Are the ‘J’ and ‘E’ Haplotypes?
 The Secret Things…
 Why is Genetic Studies On the Israelites Important?
 Evolving Process of Generic Research
 The Twelve Tribes’ DNA Dilemma
 Twelve Tribes and Their DNA
 Arsareth and the Haplogroups of the Diversed Georgian People
 Background of the Georgian People
 The Genetics of the Georgian People
 Arsareth Confirmed!


Genealogy News Banner

  1. TheGenealogist adds over 1.1 Million Records to their Sussex Parish Record Collection
  2. How Your Ancestors Could Have Been Convicts Transported to Australia
  3. rootstrust is now interoperable with Evernote
  4. New York City Department of Health Proposes Adoption of 125 Years for Birth Records 50 Years for Death Records Embargoes
  5. Only 0.3% of People Have One Ethnicity in their DNA, Showing Our World is a True Blend
  6. How One Woman Brought the ‘Mother’s Curse’ to Thousands of Her French-Canadian Descendants
  7. Why We Celebrate Oktoberfest in September
  8. 5 Tips for Researching Your Relative’s Vietnam War Service
  9. 101 Best Free Genealogy Websites of 2017: Family Tree Magazine Podcast Episode 112
  10. Old Photo of a Nurse in the 1890s
  11. Why Do DNA Testing for Family History If You Already “Know” Your Tree
  12. The Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode 207 with Lisa Louise Cooke
  13. Disaster Recovery for Genealogy: “Think About the Things That Matter Most”
  14. Maine Irish Fundraise to bring DNA Tests to Galway
  15. Scotland Genealogy
  16. imbue App for iOS devices and soon, Android: Make Every Family Item a Time Capsule
  17.’s “Location Traps” Are Causing Researchers to Miss Important Records


Health News Banner


  1. DEVELOPING: Fears of Hepatitis A Outbreak Spreading In California
  2. One of the Biggest Scams in Today’s Food Industry
  3. All 8 extreme childhood food allergies are also common ingredients in CDC-recommended vaccines… coincidence?
  4. Women who carry excess abdominal fat have a 50% chance of developing lung and bowel cancer
  6. Texas carpet bombs its own hurricane-traumatized victims with neurological poisons sprayed from military planes
  7. Antidepressants found to be “death pills” that dramatically raise the risk of early death
  8. The 7 most common toxins people apply to their skin DAILY without even knowing it
  9. Annual flu shots linked to increased risk of miscarriage
  10. Multiple flaws found in smart syringe pump
  11. Dr. Mercola Discusses the Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation
  12. EXTINCTION WARNING: Chemicals in food and personal care products making humanity infertile… may lead to population wipeout
  13. Hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego has officials washing streets and extending public restroom hours as the disease infects hundreds
  14. Feds warn of Mosquitoes carrying deadly diseases could invade 75% of America
  15. 11 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned For Children Under The Age Of 12!
  16. Aspartame Being Re-Branded As AminoSweet
  17. Stop Using These 20 Medications Because They Cause Memory Loss
  18. Doc Eifrig: This nighttime habit is destroying your memory
  19. Vaccine cultists try to explain away newly discovered link between flu shots and spontaneous abortions


  1. Massive corruption and criminal misconduct uncovered at the CDC; World Mercury Project issues call for extradition of vaccine research criminal
  2. SCIENCE FOR SALE: Shocking emails reveal editor of food science journal was on Monsanto’s payroll at $400 per hour
  3. BREAKING: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls for extradition of CDC vaccine criminal mastermind Poul Thorsen to face charges of criminal scientific misconduct
  4. Vaccine industry celebrates Disneyland measles outbreak operation as a huge success, seeks to model similar outbreaks for more fear propaganda
  5. 2,800 Published Studies Show This Yellow Compound Is an Anti-Aging Marvel
  6. One of the Easiest Ways to Help Burn Away Your Stored Flab
  7. Top Foods to Help Lower Blood Pressure
  8. Eat Your Fiber – Soluble and Insoluble
  9. Healthy Body Hacks: Useful Health Information
  10. Your Middle-Aged Brain Can Get Clobbered Unless You Pay Attention to This
  11. Our Bodies Are Becoming Plastic
  12. High Cost of Corn and Saving Prairies
  13. Nutritionist reveals tricks for slimming down quickly; limit eating hours, don’t snack, eat light at night, among others
  14. Same mainstream media attacking football as “unsafe for the brain” says nothing about brain-damaging mercury in vaccines
  15. If Your Child Shows Any of These 15 Signs They Are A Natural Born Empath
  17. Diseases Expert Calls for White Genocide Since Most Vaccine Deniers are White
  18. Merck’s President Led Secret Biowarfare Program Against Americans
  19. This Test IS the Single Best Mortality Predictor, Says Life Insurance Companies
  20. Physicians Find Americans Taking Too Much Medication
  21. Will Opioid Lawsuits By County Officials Against Big Pharma Set Legal Precedent To Sue Vaccine Makers?
  22. Is Your Shampoo Making You Sick?
  23. Women low in vitamin D found to have an increased risk of multiple sclerosis, claims new study
  24. Are You as Flexible and Strong as You’d Like to Be?
  25. Some People May Find It Funny, but Left Untreated, It Can Be Deadly
  26. Empathy: Caring for Others Is Good for You
  27. Cystic Fibrosis: An Introduction to This Genetic Disease
  28. Bombshell study shows that stress hormones caused by the FEAR of a cancer diagnosis interfere with cancer treatments… oncologists are killing people
  29. Builds Muscle Twice as Fast as Weight Training, Without the Risks
  30. World Is Running Out Of Antibiotics, warns WHO
  31. Why Do Doctors Use Endless Drug Cocktails Instead of This Natural 1972 Discovery?
  32. How Your Height Might Affect Your Health
  33. 9 Sneaky Symptoms of High Blood Sugar
  34. 10 Signs Of Toxic Tooth Infection And How To Treat It Without Going To The Dentist
  35. Here Is How To Detox Your Body Through Your Feet
  36. This Bath Pulls Toxins Out Of The Body And Improves Circulation And Muscle & Nerve Function
  37. THIS Tea Is Toxic To Cancer Cells, Lowers Blood Pressure, And Prevents Stroke
  38. Beet Recipe That Can Help Detox Your Colon And Liver
  39. 8 Simple Home Remedies That Help With Cleaning Arteries
  40. 12 Home Remedies To Prevent And Treat Fatty Liver Disease
  41. She Refused Chemotherapy & Instead Chose To Receive Injections Of This Plant (Hint: It’s NOT Cannabis)
  42. Intravenous Vitamin C – A Cancer Killer The FDA Wants Banned
  43. The Over-The-Counter Cancer Cure You’re Not Supposed To Know About
  44. Forgotten European Remedy Brings Instant Relief To Colds, Congestion, And Arthritis Pain (How To Make It)
  45. Symptoms Of Colon Polyps And How To Prevent Them
  46. Japanese Secret For Healthy Young Skin Even After Your 50’s
  47. 7-Day Cucumber Diet That Drops Pounds Very Fast
  48. This Is The Murderer Of Obesity, With Only A Spoonful A Day, You Will Lose 30 Pounds In A Month!
  49. Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids In Just 24 Hours Using This Remedy!
  50. Spray This In Your Home And There Will Be No Flies, Cockroaches Or Mosquitoes In Only 2 Hours!
  51. This Tea Bag Can Keep Mice And Spiders Out Of Your House
  52. Say Goodbye To Glasses And Improve Your Eyesight With This Amazing Recipe!
  53. Start Eating These 26 Foods The Moment You Notice Your Vision Getting Worse
  54. 5 Home Remedies To Remove Any Type Of Skin Spot From Your Face
  55. 10 Simple Coconut Oil Uses That Will Change Your Life
  56. Treat Arthritis And Stiff Joints Once And For All
  57. Stress Relieving Magnesium Foot Soak Recipe
  58. Avoid Surgery: Recipe For Natural Removal Of Fatty Tissue (Lipoma) Within 8 Days!
  59. 10 Home Remedies For Toenail Fungus
  60. How to Test Your Gut Microbiome (At Home Without a Doctor)
  61. 5 Effective Natural Ways to Remedy Athlete’s Foot for Good
  62. 6 Ways to Improve Scleroderma Symptoms Naturally
  63. Researchers share how to conquer herbicide-resistant superweeds that threaten the food supply in the Midwest
  64. New report indicates more doctors now open to integrative medicine
  65. New study concludes modern living is more of a health risk than exposure to low-level radiation
  66. Is This the Deadliest Addiction Since Cigarettes?


  1. High-Quality Vitamin E Supplement to Complement Your Diet
  2. Discover DHEA’s Possible Uses and Benefits
  3. Want to improve your memory or ability to concentrate? Lutein in avocados shown to boost eye and brain health
  4. What Can Sweet Fennel Oil Do for Your Health?
  5. Can Curcumin Boost the Benefits of Exercise?
  6. The Many Uses and Benefits of Milk of Magnesia
  7. Japan’s Most Loved Supplement, Even More Popular There Than Vitamin C in the States
  8. The Health Benefits of D-Mannose
  9. 7 fruit & veggie SCRAPS that are actually GOOD for you
  10. Why Oregano Oil Is One Of The Greatest Things You Could Own!
  11. The Powerful Herb That Will Put You To Sleep And Relieve Anxiety Without A Single Prescription
  12. 13 Reasons to Try CBD Oil
  13. Homemade Lemonade To Quickly Make Your Body Alkaline
  14. 20 Reasons To Use Thyme Essential Oil instead Of Medication
  15. Gotu Kola May Help Boost Memory & Mood + More Benefits
  16. Magnesium Oil: Benefits, Uses & DIY Spray Recipe
  17. Omega-3 Supplements Can Help Kids with ADHD
  18. What Are Legumes Good For? Top 6 Benefits of Legumes


Misc News Banner

  1. Your Rights Regarding Social Security Numbers
  2. Equifax aftermath: How to protect against identity theft
  4. Facebook listed ‘Jew-hater’ as category for advertisers
  5. Facebook Removes Option to Target Anti-Semites with Tailored Ads
  6. The Ministry of Truth in 2017
  7. The Climate is Changing
  8. NY Exhibit Allows Virtual ‘Interviews’ with Holocaust Survivors
  9. US Aviator Who Helped Form Israeli Air Force Dies at 94
  10. Twitter Rival GAB Served Notice its Registrar Will Seize its Domain if Not Changed Due to GAB Promoting Free Speech
  11. Twitter closes over 300,000 accounts promoting terrorism
  12. New Medicare Cards Coming, But So Are New Scams
  13. VA Only Filling Half of Medical Appointments While Veterans Wait for Weeks
  14. Will ‘A Universal Basic Income’ Lead to a Coming New World Order?
  15. Biden to Oppose Universal Basic Income
  16. Equifax’s IT leaders ‘retire’ as company says it knew about the bug that brought it down
  17. ‘Everyone on the Plane was Crying’: Scene Surrounding Fallen Sailor’s Casket Brings Delta Passengers to Tears
  18. The Orchestrated Financial Fall of America and the World
  19. The Age of No Privacy: The Surveillance State Shifts Into High Gear
  20. The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: ‘Owning the Weather’ for Military Use
  21. Facebook censors Natural News from users who want it, but won’t allow you to block Mark Zuckerberg’s feed
  22. The Next Manhattan Project And The New World Order
  23. Top 5 Insights From US War On Terror
  24. Researchers Discover the Human Body’s Internal Clock
  25. Virtual Reality Travel Experiences That Will Blow Your Mind
  26. ‘2001 Space Odyssey’ science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke was a pedophile
  27. Why The Battles Against Liberalism, Globalism And The New World Order Are All Related
  28. Andrew Jackson to the Bankers
  29. Tesla caught “crippling” the battery life of cars, then controlling their discharge capacity from headquarters
  30. Focusing on Diversity Will Destroy America
  31. How Sensitivity Killed Common Sense
  32. Self-Sacrifice: The Most Powerful Idea in Our Culture
  33. Half of Americans Don’t Know Free Speech is a Guaranteed Right
  34. This Year’s Critical Darling Vying for Oscar Gold – A Pedophilia “Love” Story
  35. Will Postal Carriers Act as Census Enumerators for the 2020 US Census?
  36. NASA ADMITS WE NEVER WENT TO THE MOON (Video: 9:07 minutes long.)
  37. US Missile Machinations Undoes Non-Proliferation Efforts
  38. Never Forget: The US Government Has A Known History Of Using False Flags
  39. Robert Steele: We Have Met the Enemy and He Is US…
  40. The sick way thousands of parents are subtly wrecking their daughters’ futures
  41. Pat Buchanan: “America Has No Divinely-Mandated Mission To Democratize Mankind”
  42. How to Preserve Water-Soaked Books and Papers in an Emergency
  43. Fans Petition to ‘Make Wonder Woman Bisexual’ in Superhero Sequel


  1. Hackers Now Have Credit Information Of 143 Million Americans
  2. [HACKED] A Reminder To Be Vigilant
  3. Is This iPhone Madness?
  4. iPhone X Face ID: Here’s How Mass Surveillance Has Evolved
  5. Someone checked and, yup, you can still hijack Gmail, Bitcoin wallets etc via dirty SS7 tricks
  6. Wolfram Alpha: The Answer Calculator
  7. How to tell if your Mac is infected
  8. Conservative Websites Battle Google Bias
  9. Google reminds website owners to move to HTTPS before October deadline
  10. Compromised LinkedIn accounts used to send phishing links
  11. Geekly Update – 21 Sep 2017
  12. iPhone 8 Plans Compared To Samsung’s Galaxy S8 And Note8
  13. Tame Your Overflowing Inbox


Religion News Banner

  1. ‘Be Ready’: Famed Evangelist Warns of ‘Biblical Signs Before Christ’s Return’ Amid Wildfires, Violent Hurricanes and Earthquakes
  3. ‘Cheap Sex’ and the Single Christian
  4. The Overcommitted Church
  5. Christians in India Warn of ‘Spiraling Hatred’ in Letter to PM Modi With Photo of Hindus Burning Cross
  6. Wisconsin Church Vandalized With Anti-Christian, Sexually Explicit LGBT Graffiti
  7. Should We Use the End Times to Inspire Our Teenagers to Live for Christ?
  9. How Holy Spirit Brought Karen Wheaton’s Prodigal Daughter Back Home
  10. Death Spiral For The Anglican Church As Massive Numbers Leave The Church
  11. The Invisible Christians Of North Korea: Surviving By God’s Grace Alone
  12. Pope Francis and the Catholic Church
  14. Catholic leaders defend Trump after Pope challenges his pro-life views
  15. Jewish People Are in Second Stage of Redemption: Rabbi
  16. The Assault on Religious Freedom is ‘Undeniable’
  17. Church in Australia threatened to be burned to the ground for supporting traditional marriage
  18. New Mexico ‘Church’ Becomes First in Mennonite Church USA to Appoint Openly Lesbian ‘Lead Pastor’
  19. Air Force chaplain says Christians who tolerate other religions ‘serve Satan,’
  20. Sept. 23 ‘Prophecy’ Is an ‘Embarrassment to Christians’
  21. In Growing Trend, Christians Embracing “Biblical” Holidays of Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur
  22. These Teen Exorcists Are Seeking To Cast Out Demons Across The Globe
  23. Diocletian’s Great Persecution of Christians: How it Began
  24. Christianity Is Dead In The UK, Major Study Confirms Only 6% Of People Are Practicing Christians


The National Day of Repentance

Eagle among buzzards

It’s Time to Remove the Plank

I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.” Luke 5:32


Dear Christian Warriors:  

While most Conservatives lauded President Trump’s recent speech at the United Nations meeting in NYC, I couldn’t help but shudder at our inability to accurately assess ourselves as a nation.  

The Book of Daniel shows us the need to REPENT both personally and corporately as a nation (Daniel 9).  While we at The National Day of Repentance have seen some encouraging signs of individual repentance, there still seems to be zero recognition of our need for National Corporate repentance. 

During his U.N. speech, Trump specifically called out three “rogue nations”: North Korea, Syria and Iran.  Allow me to juxtapose Trump’s words against recent American news articles.

On North Korea

It is responsible for the starvation deaths of millions of [its own citizens].”

Oregon Senate Passes Bill to Allow Euthanasia by Starvation

On Syria: 

the actions of the criminal regime [of Syria/Assaad] including the use of chemical weapons against his [their] own citizens, even innocent children, shock the conscience of every decent person.”

Chemical Abortions on the Rise in U.S.

On Iraq

reckless regime – one who speaks openly of mass murder.”

Planned Parenthood Reports Banner Year 

Andhas turned a wealthy country into an economically depleted rogue state

Trump Raises Debt Ceiling as National Debt Soars to $20 Trillion

whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed and chaos

Planned Parenthood Kills 1 Million Babies in Global Outreach

the longest suffering victims…are in fact its own people.”

U.S. Abortion Clock

America appears to have a collective PLANK in the eye that is blocking our ability to REPENT. 

In scripture Peter denied Christ 3 times.  

In the past two years, the GOP failed 3 times to defund Planned Parenthood when they had the power to do so…three God-given opportunities to REPENT.  Keep in mind ALL THREE of these refusals to defund PP occurred AFTER the gruesome videos exposing the utter brutality, illegality and evil slaughter of innocents beyond the moral comprehension of any sense of decency.  Those videos made the Nazis look like amateurs in the proliferation of evil.   Yet this is what the GOP did when it had the chance to REPENT by defunding Planned Parenthood: 

1) The Republicans didn’t want to ruin their chances in the next election cycle:  GOP Ryan says “politically unrealistic” to defund Planned Parenthood 

2) The Republicans didn’t want to risk upsetting voters with a government shutdown during budget time: Planned Parenthood Funded in Budget Deal

3) Republican Senator John McCain kills defund Obamacare bill with deciding vote: Senate Gasps Aloud as McCain Votes “No” on Defunding Obamacare

It’s all there, the Three Temptations:  POWER, MONEY, FAME.  

Now we have the Graham-Cassidy bill failing miserably.  Let’s see what happens.  With three strikes already against us, it does not look promising as GOP Senators are dropping support like flies.  It appears, we have lost our national moral authority to call out sinners either at home or abroad. 

John McCain Sabotages Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood

Like Peter blustering and boasting that he would never desert Christ, our talk is cheap. Even after he repented, Jesus told Peter he would be bound up by others and forced to go with them.  

Truly, truly, I say to you, when you were younger, you used to gird yourself and walk wherever you wished; but when you grow old, you will stretch out your hands and someone else will gird you, and bring you where you do not wish to go.
 John 21:18

And so I believe it shall now be the same with the United States of America.  Even if we repent at this time…we will still have to walk the same pathway as Peter, the pathway of sorrows. 

As Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year celebration, wraps up…we enter the “Days of Awe.”  It is 10 days to “afflict our souls” before Yom Kippur, the traditional Old Testament “National Day of Repentance.” 

Those who remain clueless to the depth of their own sin both personally and nationally, those with a false sense of self-righteousness, will face destruction. 

I will end with President Trump’s own quote: 

it is time for the entire world to join us in demanding that [evil governments and leaders] end [the] pursuit of death and destruction.” 

Amen…so be it, Mr. Trump.  So be it.  


Pastor Jeff
Pastor Jeffrey Daly
National Day of Repentance



Heavenly Father, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we come to You confessing our sins and the sins of our family and our nation.  Like Daniel, we confess that we have failed You and have failed in our witness to our people.  We are a divided nation instead of one united under Your Providence.  We are grieved and we ask You to forgive our sins.  Help us repent and change our ways, so that the nation in which we live can begin to live out Your blessed Plan for us.   Restore to us the years that the locusts have eaten.  In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.


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Luke 14:26-2726 If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple. 27 And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple. (New King James Version)

Before baptizing anybody, the ministry almost invariably urges the person to “count the cost” of giving his life to Christ. While counseling the candidate, the minister expounds Luke 14:26-27.

The cross we bear may be any potentially long-lasting trial that persistently affects our liberty to submit to God. However, very often at the base of this chronic resistance to submission is our desperately wicked heart with its deeply engrained baggage of proud, self-centered, anti-God habits of thinking and conduct. Despite our being baptized and having God’s Spirit, pride remains a fellow traveler, stirring resistance to the knowledge of God. Satan’s pride separated him from the Creator, and if permitted, it has the power to separate us from Him as well.

Without really stopping to evaluate why, we are proud about what God describes as nothingness, vanity, a vapor. Pride resists the sovereign Almighty God and greatly hinders us from fulfilling our responsibility to submit.

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see: Living By Faith and Human Pride


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Christianity and Liberalism – Part 5 by Brad Scott

Well, I am sure that I could go on and on, so we will conclude this little side step.

Liberals – Blame problems on everyone but themselves

This one was a little more difficult because conservative and so-called moderate thinkers are guilty of this as well. It just seems that liberal thinking is full of whining, and blaming others goes right along with whining. But, let it be understood that when anything goes wrong, the liberals blame the conservatives and vice versa. Moderates, of course, wait around to see where most of the chips fall.

The most obvious ‘blamer’ was our last President and his wife. If I blame someone else, it takes the focus off of me. If I do it long enough, I will have convinced myself of my innocence as well. Mr. Clinton was very good at that. Most of the Clintons’ problems were the fault of a “vast right-wing conspiracy”. Blaming conservative legislation for a bad economy is always quite convincing. Blaming SUV’s for auto deaths and injuries, and the internal combustion engine for the destruction of the planet is quite popular. There has been more than a dozen attempts to blame 9-11 on the Bush administration or even President Bush himself. The down turn of Wall Street was Bush’s fault, as was the collapse of several corporations. The antifreeze in my air conditioner is responsible for the hole in the ozone, not to mention my anti-perspirent and certain antihistamines. Apparantly it is items that begin with ‘anti’ that seems to be the problem. Why is it that liberals see no problem with the ‘antichrist’? High crime is blamed on poverty. Violent teens and school shootings are the result of videos and bullys. The source of sexual promiscuity and lawlessness comes directly from Hollywood. Gunshot deaths are blamed on the guns. When I carelessly dump hot coffee in my lap, it is McDonald’s fault.

I get a mound of newsletters and emails from various Christian organizations every month begging me to contribute to their organization to help stop a variety of abominable practices that the ‘bad people’ are doing. Who are these lawless culprits? They are proponents of the new world order, new age shamans, people who read Harry Potter, Democrats, James Carville, abortion clinics, Martin Scorcese, San Francisco courts, Hillary Clinton, Larry Flynt, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, communism, Ozzy Osbourne, and flag burners. Every week I get a letter pointing at the darkness and warning me that they are dark. The problems in this country are because of the darkness and those who are evil, they proclaim, and we must stand united against it. But darkness will only flee when there is light, and only when the light IS light will the darkness flee. The moral decay of this nation is because the vessels of light have little or no idea what light is. Hey guys, according to all the polls, the Christians outnumber the bad guys by 90 to 1. Perhaps there is too fine of a line between the two.

Liberalism is guided by polls.

Let’s face it, the media is liberalism and liberalism is the media. Every night on the cable networks a poll is taken to see what the people think. Many times, when there is little or no juicy news, the poll results become the leading news item. My favorite polls are the ones in which the masses are asked questions concerning foreign policy, or whether we should go to war or not. Or how about quizzing the populace on their views of Israel and the Palestinians? How about the average citizens opinion on why the stock market is plummeting? The answers to these questions are taken very seriously by liberals and conservatives alike, and are especially important to moderates. Expert consultants are brought in to evaluate the meaning behind these polls. Here is a common poll result taken a few months back. The question was asked, “Who do you think is on the right side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? When the results came in, it was clear that America was behind Israel 41 percent to the Palestinians 28 percent, with 31 percent not sure. Wow! The commentators concluded, America is definitely behind Israel. So, what did this mean to the media? Well, there has obviously been too little positive coverage of the Palestinians!

Now, where do you suppose the idea of reacting to what the people think came from? Who has annual conventions and votes (polls) on doctrinal issues? Who concludes that the message must be right because, after all, look how much our church has grown? Look how many people we have. Who holds back the truth because it may run off the congregation? I know that there are mainline Christian pastors out there that visit this website. Ask yourself a question and answer it honestly. If one day you discovered that you had been following a pagan tradition by celebrating and even preaching sermons concerning Easter and Christmas, would you share that with your congregation? Would you teach them that it is wrong and an abominable practice according to scripture? If you had concluded that YHVH never commanded Sabbath to be exchanged for Sunday worship, how soon would it be before you moved your services to Shabbat? How many people would you have in your next service if you taught the faithful that Torah was for all of God’s people for all times? You would not last a week, because as tradition is, tradition does.

I wanted to take a few weeks and blow off some steam. I know I sound very harsh and unrelenting toward the Christian religion. It is and will continue to be one of the main purposes of this ministry. Preparing the bride for her bridegroom is part of the stated function of Wildbranch. Playing our part in restoring God’s Torah to a Torahless religion is why we exist. The ultimate conundrum is not between liberal and conservative or between Republicans and Democrats. When it is all said and done it will be the difference between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. It is always between righteous and unrighteous, holy and unholy, the tree of life or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That is really the bottom line. And in the end it will ultimately boil down to those who truly have the Son and those who truly do not.

Hitgalut [Revelation] 12:17
“And the dragon was angry with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, who keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Messiah Yahshua.”

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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  1. Annual Torah Cycle for 2016-2017 (This is a downloadable PDF file.)

  2. Prepare for Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement).
  3. Torah Parashah Netzavim Vayelech (Video: 1:04:58 minutes long.)


The New Moon was sighted in Jerusalem at sunset on September 21, 2017 by two different witnesses and by a group in South Africa. By the sighting of this New Moon which starts the 7th Hebrew month of Tishri, we are starting the Fall Mo’edim (Appointed Times/Feasts) of YHWH according to what is Written in the Torah. Rejoice in Him all you His Called Out People. When the New Moon was sighted on September 21, 2017 at sunset, this started the Feast of Yom Teruah known as Trumpets. This is the only Feast of YHWH that no man knows the “Day” nor the “Hour” in which it will happen. The following is a list of the upcoming dates and Feast days:

  1. October 1, 2017: Yom Kippur (Day of AtonementThis is a High Holy Day. No work is to be done on this day.) Scripture readings: Morning Reading: Leviticus 16:1-34; Numbers 29:7-11; Isaiah 57:14—58:14; Psalm 35:10-28; Romans 3:21-26; Hebrews 5:1—7:28 Afternoon Reading: Leviticus 18:1-30; Jonah 1:1—4:11; Micah 7:18-20; 2 Corinthians 5:10-21; Hebrews 8:1—10:39; Revelation 19:11-16.
  2. October 5 at sunset until sunset on the 6, 2017 at sunset: Erev Sukkot and Hag HaSuccoth (Feast of Sukkot-Day 1This is a High Holy Day. No work is to be done on this day.) Scripture readings: Genesis 48—49; Leviticus 22:26—23:44; Numbers 29:12-16; 1 Kings 8:2-21; Psalm 105, 113, 120—121; Zechariah 14:1-21; Matthew 6:1-34, 18:3-6, 19:4; John 1:10-14; Revelation 7:1-10, 21:1-4.
  3. October 7, 2017: Feast of Sukkot-Day 2 (Chol HaMoed Shabbat). Scripture readings: Exodus 33:12—34:26; Numbers 29:17-19; Psalm 114, 122—123; Ecclesiastes 1:1—2:26; Ezekiel 38:18—39:16; Matthew 20:1-16.
  4. October 8, 2017: Feast of Sukkot-Day 3. Scripture readings: Leviticus 22:26—23:44; Numbers 29:20-22; Psalm 115, 124—125; Ecclesiastes 3:1—4:16; Matthew 20:17-28.
  5. October 9, 2017: Feast of Sukkot-Day 4. Scripture readings: Numbers 29:23-25; Psalm 116, 126—127; Ecclesiastes 5:1—6:12; Matthew 13:44-46.
  6. October 10, 2017: Feast of Sukkot-Day 5. Scripture readings: Exodus 33:12—34:26; Numbers 29:26-28; Psalm 117, 128—129; Ecclesiastes 7:1—8:17; Ezekiel 38:18—39:16; Matthew 11:25-30.
  7. October 11, 2017: Feast of Sukkot-Day 6. Scripture readings: Numbers 29:29-31; Psalm 118, 130—131; Ecclesiastes 9:1—10:20; Matthew 10:1-42.
  8. October 12, 2017: Feast of Sukkot-Day 7 (Hoshana Rabbah). Scripture readings: Numbers 29:32-34; Psalm 132—133; Ecclesiastes 11:1—12:14; John 7:1-50; Revelation 20:7-15.
  9. October 13, 2017: Feast of Sukkot-Day 8 (Shemini-AtzeretThis is a High Holy day. No work is to be done on this day and it is also Simhat Torah). Scripture readings: Deuteronomy 14:22—16:17; Numbers 29:35-40 (Chumash: Numbers 29:35—30:1); 1 Kings 8:54-66; Psalm 134—135; Jeremiah 2:13—17:13; Zechariah 14:1-21; Matthew 6:1-34; John 7:1—8:11; Revelation 21:1—22:21.


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