News You May Not Have Heard About — 05/02/2017

News You May Not Have Heard About

(The information below is not meant to scare you but to inform you.)

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I have been given the task of adding a blog unlike most blogs. The purpose of this new blog is to inform the Body of Yeshua (Jesus) on different topics. On this blog, there will be articles on different subjects. There will be featured books and some of the contents of those books to help the reader appreciate and learn what each author has been given to write to help educate the Body of Yeshua. A link to the respective author’s ministry website will always be provided. I encourage everyone to check it out. I will add content as time permits. So, if you want to be notified when a new item has been added, be sure to subscribe. Shalom!

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  1. 100 Days of Our Lives…

  2. President Trump’s First 100 Days (Video: 2:56 minutes long.)

  3. President Trump’s 100 Days of Historic Accomplishments

  4. Trump Claims His First 100 Days ‘Most Successful in Our Country’s History’

  5. Remarks by President Trump at a Working Lunch with U.N. Security Council Ambassadors

  6. Trump Summons Entire Senate for Emergency Meeting on N. Korea

  7. FINAL WARNING? Trump Warns North Korea Not to Conduct Another Nuclear Test


  9. Trump, Putin To Speak In Phone Call On Tuesday

  10. Remarks by President Trump at the National Rifle Association Leadership Forum

  11. Remarks by President Trump at Signing of Executive Order on an America-First Offshore Energy Strategy (See the video HERE.)

  12. Presidential Executive Order on the Establishment of the American Technology Council

  13. Presidential Executive Order on Establishment of Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy

  14. Presidential Executive Order Addressing Trade Agreement Violations and Abuses

  15. Trump Expected in Israel at Time of 50th Anniversary of Reunification of Jerusalem

  16. Donald Trump to 9th Circuit Court: “See You In the Supreme Court!’

  17. Report: Trump to Visit Israel Ahead of Jerusalem Day Festivities

  18. Remarks by President Trump at Signing of Executive Order on Federalism Education

  19. Remarks by President Trump at Signing of Executive Order on the Antiquities Act

  20. Joint Statement from President Donald J. Trump and President Mauricio Macri

  21. Presidential Memorandum for the Secretary of Commerce (Watch the video HERE.)

  22. President Trump’s 100 Days of Accountability

  23. President Trump’s Remarks to the World Jewish Congress Plenary Assembly (Video: 3:54 minutes long.)

  24. Trump To Initiate ‘Long Overdue’ Review Of Potential Antiquities Act Abuses

  25. Donald Trump on Presidency: ‘I Thought It Would Be Easier’

  26. Trump Sets Aside May 2017 as ‘Jewish American Heritage Month’

  27. Donald Trump Disappoints The Anti-Semites

  28. Sebastian Gorka is not Leaving Trump White House: Breitbart

  29. Trump Calls Bannon “Alt-Left”, Says He “Isn’t Going Anywhere”

  30. “That’s Enough” – Angry Trump Kicks CBS Reporter Out Of Oval Office

  31. Trump Destroys Michelle O’s Legacy; Makes School Lunches Great Again


  1. Trading Replaces: House Rolls out New Health Plan

  2. Republicans in Congress push for religious liberty executive order

  3. What Did All 100 US Senators Just Agree Upon About Israel?

  4. US Imposes Financial Sanctions Against 271 Syrian Officials

  5. Trump Win, As Freedom Caucus Endorses Obamacare Opt-Out Bill

  6. Pentagon Caves To Terror-Tied CAIR Demands, Agrees to ‘Review’ Anti-Terror Training Program

  7. Sen. Cruz on Fox and Friends – April 26, 2017 (Video: 4:55 minutes long.)

  8. Sen. Cruz’s Opening Remarks at Senate Hearing on Expanding American Free Enterprise in Space (Video: 5:31 minutes long.)

  9. Sen. Cruz: Today Chairman Pai Took A Significant Step Toward Protecting the Open Internet

  10. US Approves Possible $440 Million Arms Sale To Israel

  11. Omnibus Picks up New Riders

  12. Remarks by Vice President Pence at Swearing-In Ceremony for Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta (See the video HERE.)

  13. Big Brother Is Still Watching You: Don’t Fall For The NSA’s Latest Ploy

  14. Republicans Just One Vote Away From Failing To Repeal Obamacare, Again

  15. State Dept issues Travel Alert amid terrorism threats ‘throughout Europe’

  16. Tillerson Cuts 2,300 Jobs From Bloated State Department


  1. Latest global warming scare: CO2 said to set “record” even as latest data show NO warming taking place

  2. Pro-Hillary EPA contractor spread FALSE STORY that Trump was shutting down its climate data service

  3. Climate change app terrorizes youth with wildly exaggerated sea level projections

  4. Jim Bakker: The Most Dangerous Fake News Story in the World


  1. DEVELOPING: Trump Could Soon Have Meeting With Kim Jong-Un

  2. Claim: U.S. Prepping for Nuclear War with Russia and China

  3. PLAYING WITH FIRE: North Korea vows to bolster its nuclear arsenal ‘at maximum speed’

  4. BREAKING NEWS: North Korea Warns of Next Nuclear Test ‘At Any Time’

  5. THAAD Missile Defense System in South Korea Ready For Potential Conflict

  6. US Air Force to Conduct 2nd Missile Test amid Rising North Korea Tensions

  7. WATCH: US Tells N. Korea It’s not Looking for a Fight

  8. North Korea Hints it will use Nuke Test to Challenge U.S.

  9. RUMORS OF WAR: North Korea says Trump has pushed peninsula to ‘brink of nuclear war’

  10. Decades of nuclear blackmail spawned ‘major, major’ North Korea crisis


  12. TRUMP: Nationalist or Globalist? (Video: 28:35 minutes long.)

  13. North Korea threatens to sink US nuclear submarine in South Korea

  14. Expert: North Korea has EMP attack capability

  15. Humanity has reached peak idiocy… what happens when the idiocy bubble bursts?


  17. Joint US-S. Korea naval drills start in Sea of Japan amid tensions around Korean peninsula

  18. BREAKING NEWS: Japan deploys warship to protect US vessel

  19. US Navy Clashes Again with Iranian Vessel

  20. Russia reportedly planting deep-sea ‘mole nukes’ near US capable of causing Tsunami

  21. Deep State Strikes Back: Gary Hunt & Paul McGuire (Video: Undetermined length.)


  23. “Thinking Is Hard”: The Horror Of The Deep State’s Plan Exposed

  24. Could Steve Bannon Replace Sen. DeMint at Heritage?

  25. A Split End for the Ninth Circuit?

  26. Base to Trump: Break a Reg!

  27. Sanctuary Cities Strike out in the Ninth

  28. Pelosi-Backed PAC Took Funds From Owner of Site Tied to Underage Prostitution

  29. Low Expectations Ahead of Trump-Abbas Meeting


  31. WATCH: Obama Told Americans ‘Total Lie’ When Releasing Iranian Terrorists

  32. Obama Freed 7 Iranians Who Were Threats to National Security

  33. Elizabeth Warren Blasts Ignorant Obama For Abandoning Working Class That’s “Getting Kicked In The Teeth”

  34. Bill makes sanctuary-city officials responsible for illegals’ crimes

  35. Pence, DeVos, Carson, Sessions and Bachmann Join in Weekly White House Prayer Sessions

  36. Really Bizarre: Erdogan’s Mouthpiece Declares That Erdogan’s Visit To The White House Will Be Accompanied By Spirits Of The Dead

  37. ‘Inconsistencies’ in FBI Comey’s Statements on Trump Dossier

  38. The Left-Wing Takeover of Fox News

  39. Poll of White House Press Corps Includes Grand Total of Three Republicans

  40. Video: Robert Spencer on the Andrew Klavan Show on Trump’s 100 days and the fight against global jihad

  41. “Palestinian” “feminist” terrorist murderer Rasmea Odeh CONVICTED of US immigration fraud, to be deported


  43. O’Reilly goes public after Fox ouster: ‘You’re going to be shaken’

  44. Sensitivity training for all at Fox News after O’Reilly ouster

  45. Ann Coulter sics lawyers on UC Berkeley

  46. Ann Coulter cancels: ‘Dark day for free speech’

  47. Huh? New York Times blames Coulter for Berkeley riot threats

  48. Rogue journalist stuns White House reporters with surprise grilling

  49. WATCH: Media Attacks Ivanka Trump and Her Husband


  51. Video: Pamela Geller Discussing Islamization of San Diego Schools on One America News

  52. Pamela Geller, Breitbart: Cover-Up of Florida Refugee Attack on 75-Year-Old Woman

  53. Jailed jihadi was put in segregation for plotting to BEHEAD PRISON GUARDS but judge rules move breached his HUMAN rights

  54. Poll: Democrats More Out Of Touch Than GOP, Trump

  55. NYC Police Union Chief Slams De Blasio And NYPD Leadership: AG Sessions Is Right

  56. CUNY Cowards Defends Decision to Host Pro-Sharia Jew-Hater as Commencement Honoree: PROTEST JUNE 1 – BE THERE

  57. Baltimore Mayor Begs For FBI Help As 2017 Murders Soar To 20-Year High

  58. Former Hamas-CAIR official Ismail Royer released from prison

  59. Missouri School of Journalism Prof: NRA More Dangerous Than Islamic State

  60. Human Rights Blogger Who Challenged Jihadis Stabbed to Death

  61. UN Elects Largest Oppressor Of Women, Saudi Arabia, To Women’s Rights Commission

  62. Muslim charged with beating woman with U.S. flag skips court

  63. Texas House Unanimously Passes Anti-BDS Bill

  64. University of Arkansas Hosts Mock Refugee Camp

  65. San Fran train takeover robbery: 40 to 60 thugs storm train, hold up and rough up riders

  66. 51% Of Murders In The U.S. Come From Just 2% Of The Counties

  67. EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE: Leftists Hold Pathetic Anti-Trump Tax Day Protest, “Show Us Your Tax Return” – NYC

  68. Schumer Makes Light Of Rising NYC Subway Violence

  69. Hundreds of Illegal Voters Uncovered in North Carolina in 2016

  70. Howard Dean: “Hate speech is not protected by the first amendment”

  71. House Democrats Hide Autopsy of 2016 Election, Won’t Even Allow Members to Have Copies

  72. Dems adopt new tactic for gun confiscation

  73. 2% of counties have more than 1/2 nation’s homicides

  74. University puts abortion pills in vending machine

  75. Iowa Legislature gives final OK to bill defunding Planned Parenthood; heads to Branstad

  76. Report: Detroit Muslim FGM-Doctor Mutilated Girls Far Worse Than She Admits

  77. Michigan: Muslim doctor held for performing female genital mutilation is wife of mosque leader

  78. Portland, Oregon: Organizers cancel 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade, after protesters threaten to shut it down over Republican participation

  79. Dr. Jihad’s prescription for a Muslim America

  80. Left-Fascist Savages Triumph: ‘Hate Speech’ Hysteria Wins Again In Berkeley

  81. #CancelSarsour Controversy Over Pro-Sharia Jew-Hater Linda Sarsour Giving CUNY Commencement Speech Reaches NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

  82. Upcoming UN Resolution to Reject Israeli Sovereignty Over Jerusalem

  83. All 100 senators to U.N.: Quit targeting Israel

  84. WATCH: Protesters Gather at NY Home of Nazi War Criminal No Country Wants

  85. Judge Rules Missouri Pro-Life Laws Unconstitutional

  86. Must-see video: F-bombing principal unleashes fury, tells students ‘go to hell’

  87. How can Bill Nye understand anything about science when he can’t even understand the U.S. Constitution?

  88. Bill Nye Suggests We Should Penalize People For Having ‘Extra Kids’

  89. Ivanka Trump Confirms She’s Leaving The Trump Organization and Her Fashion Label To Pursue New Passion In Washington


  91. Why Did the Doctors Cross the Road?

  92. Schoolboy, whose legs were AMPUTATED after beatings by Muslim religious school staffer, DIES

  93. Ivy League Schools Did Not Disclose $246 MILLION in Taxpayer Funding

  94. Indiana State University Muslim Professor Arrested After Making Up Anti-Muslim Threats and Assault



  97. Climate experts: Global warming doubts are ‘real science’

  98. City Council Unanimously Votes to Remove Bench That Features ‘God’ Quote From State Founder

  99. Elizabeth Warren Jokes About Wanting to ‘CUT OPEN’ Republican ‘Bodies’

  100. California playing devious trick with ‘religious freedom’

  101. 1 in 8 children in California schools have an undocumented parent

  102. Thousands expected to hit the streets for May Day protests

  103. DHS Slapped With Lawsuit To Release Jeh Johnson’s Emails

  104. Top 20 Cities in U.S. Where Women and Girls at Risk for Female Genital Mutilation

  105. Republican lawmaker introduces bill to punish parents for female genital mutilation

  106. Robert Spencer: Michigan FGM Trial Could Be Test Case for Whether Religious Freedom Overrides Duty to Obey Other Laws

  107. Clinton Pollster: Trump’s Support Is ‘5 Or 6 Points Better’ Than Polls Suggest

  108. Texas Privacy: By Hook or by Cook!

  109. ‘Minutemen’ 2017: Civilian army floated to guard U.S. border

  110. San Francisco Grid Failure Offers Preview Of EMP Threat

  111. Texans cry out to God in miraculous rescue of 2 babies

  112. Knife-Wielding Attacker Kills One, Injures 3 at University of Texas

  113. UN Slated to Vote on Anti-Israel Resolution on Israel’s Independence Day

  114. More Fake Hate: Claim that Muslim student killed in hit and run was “racially motivated” DENIED by family

  115. SUNY-Albany hate crime hoaxers avoid assault convictions from 2016 bus incident


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  1. Ezekiel’s Bones Live – Israel Prepares To Celebrate Independence Day

  2. WATCH: On Independence Day, Netanyahu Recalls ‘Moment of Triumph’

  3. Netanyahu on Memorial Day: “Israel Is the Realization of Generations’ Dream”

  4. WATCH: Experience Israel’s Amazing Independence Day Air Show!

  5. Netanyahu: Israel Depends on the ‘Sacrifice’ of ‘Our Sons and Daughters’

  6. Netanyahu: Israel Can Rely ONLY on Itself for Defense

  7. Israel Commemorates 23,544 Fallen IDF Soldiers, 3117 Terror Victims

  8. Israeli President Rivlin Criticizes Le Pen for Denying French Role in Holocaust

  9. WATCH: ‘One Bombing Attack’ Could Have Stopped Auschwitz

  10. Israel Settling An Old Score?Terrorist Who Commanded Notorious Hang Glider Attack Killed in Israeli Bombing

  11. HORROR VIDEO: Muslim “Peace Tour” Run By Left-Wing NGO Ends With 4 Stabbed

  12. Report: Israel Bombs Targets in Syria Causing Massive Explosions

  13. Patriot Missile Intercepts Aircraft Flying Over Israel’s Golan Heights

  14. Liberman in Moscow: ‘Israel will not Allow Concentration of Iranian Forces in Golan’

  15. IDF Official: US-North Korea Tensions Could Impact Israel

  16. North Korea Threatens Israel With “Merciless, Thousand-Fold Punishment”

  17. The Concept of Charity in Jewish Thought

  18. Israel Fends Off Massive Cyber Attack

  19. Israel Foils Hamas Attempt to Smuggle Funds for Terrorism

  20. Netanyahu Thanks Austrian Chancellor for Fighting Holocaust Denial, Anti-Semitism

  21. “Palestinian” wounds four Israelis in Tel Aviv stabbing attack

  22. Look how Muslim terrorists live in Israeli jails

  23. Israel Slams Germany for Promoting Anti-Israel UNESCO Resolution

  24. Israeli Surgeons Perform World’s First-Ever Dual Robotic Surgery

  25. Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister: ‘Welcome to (UNESCO’s) Fake History’


  1. Palestinian Man Busted for Stolen Second-Temple Treasure Trove

  2. Palestinian Authority Official: Jihad Terrorists Who Murder Americans Are “Victims”

  3. The Palestinians Don’t Want Mandela, They Want Another Arafat

  4. PA cuts salaries to Gaza workers, but NOT to Islamic terrorist prisoners

  5. Muslim land brokers who sold land to Jews TORTURED TO DEATH

  6. WATCH: PA Inflates Population Statistics to Discourage Annexation

  7. Thousands of Muslims rally in Ramallah for destruction of Israel #CancelSarsour

  8. Thousands in Ramallah Call for Islamic Caliphate to Replace Israel

  9. Why Islamists Attack On Holidays

  10. Muslim plot to ‘bomb Elton John concert’ on 9/11 anniversary

  11. DEVELOPING: Arab News Agencies Report Israel Attacking Syrian Army Base



  2. Bomb Shelters in the UK Mapped Out Amid Fears Of Coming War

  3. Europe’s Rising Political Islam Parties

  4. Spokesman For Church Of England States ‘”Fundamentalist” Parents Have No Right To Object To Forced Lessons About Islam In School For Their Children’

  5. Church of England spokesman: “Children should be forced to learn about Islam”

  6. Survey Shows About Half of Brits Wish They Were Descended from Vikings…and Many Probably Are!

  7. Hugh Fitzgerald: Derek Holloway, A Podsnap For the Present Age

  8. United Kingdom Refuses to Apologize for Signing Balfour Declaration

  9. UK ‘Proud of Role in Creating State of Israel,’ Won’t Apologize for Balfour Declaration

  10. “Palestinian” leaders vow to SUE British government after it refuses to apologize for Balfour Declaration

  11. UK: Muslim plotted to murder a police officer after travelling to Syria to join ISIS

  12. European Countries Failed to Return Property Stolen from Holocaust Victims

  13. Warning to Americans: Avoid speeding in this 1 place

  14. Paris Police Clash with May Day Protesters

  15. Marine Le Pen Surges Over Macron in Latest Poll


  17. Le Pen Seeks to Ban Religious Slaughter of Animals

  18. French mayor FINED for ‘too many Muslim children’ comment

  19. French Presidential Front-Runner Macron Against Arresting and Deporting “Radical Islamists”

  20. French forces kill 20 jihadists on Mali-Burkina Faso border

  21. McDonalds Bombed in France

  22. Reunion island: French police SHOT by devout Muslim

  23. “Extremely dangerous” Muslim who threatened to “ROAST NON-BELIEVERS ON SKEWERS” arrested, planned terror attack in Italy

  24. UK: Muslim Liberal party candidate suspended after his SAVAGE Jew-hating comments surface

  25. Holocaust Remembrance Day: EU vows to ‘make sure Jews feel totally safe in Europe’ as Jews FLEE Europe

  26. ‘Charities’ Bringing Boat Migrants to Europe ‘Colluding’ with Human Traffickers

  27. Dutch city allows pro-Hamas event, bans counter-protest

  28. Abortion referendum ‘could be held next spring’

  29. ‘Appalling’: Irish gov’t body calls for unrestricted abortion

  30. UK Teacher’s Union Pushes LGBT Education For Toddlers

  31. Armed police SHOOT woman terrorist during anti-terror raid in London – four other jihadis arrested

  32. Muslim arrested for jihad terror attack plot on UK Parliament #smirk

  33. London Muslim arrested in terror plot was on 2010 Gaza violent “protest” flotilla

  34. British Police Making Terror Arrests on ‘Near Daily Basis’ as Expert Estimates 10,000 UK Jihadis

  35. British Muslim issues YouTube death threat to critics of Islam

  36. London: Muslim leaves ball-bearing bomb on train, casually walks away to attend lecture

  37. Ahmadi Muslims facing discrimination…IN BRITAIN

  38. UK National Union of Students Ousts Radical Anti-Zionist President

  39. UK: Muslim arrested carrying knives near PM’s office was on Gaza jihad flotilla ship in 2010

  40. Russia Arrests 12 Islamic State Suspects

  41. Russia unveils new remote-controlled robot tank with 30mm automatic gun and six missiles

  42. Where Is The UK Outrage? – Terrorist Rewarded For British Student Murder

  43. Germany Finds Number of Migrant Criminal Suspects Soars by 50 Percent

  44. Ireland: Two Muslims Arrested For Suspected Islamic Terror Activity

  45. While The Russians And The Chechens Are Fighting Homosexuality, So-Called “Christian” Political Leaders In The West Are Declaring It ‘Not A Sin’

  46. UK: Muslima gets year in prison for downloading Islamic State magazine and bomb-making instructions

  47. Germany may grant asylum to Muslims who claim to be former Taliban jihadis over torture fears

  48. German Parliament bans full-face Islamic veil

  49. Belgium PM: Vote for Saudi Arabia to UN women’s rights panel was “regrettable diplomatic mix-up”

  50. Study: Muslim Migrants Become Less Integrated the Longer They Stay

  51. Southern Europe is Crumbling: A Continent of Elders in Diapers


  1. China Prepping for North Korean Exodus Amid Nuclear Threat?

  2. DEVELOPING: China May Be Preparing Citizens for Nuclear Emergency

  3. Further North Korea Nuclear Testing May Goad China Into Oil Embargo

  4. Fugitive Turkish Al-Qaeda convict arrested working as IMAM

  5. Muslim names like Islam, Quran, Mecca, Jihad, Imam banned in China in new counter terror policy

  6. Landmark ruling over same-sex marriage TBA May 24

  7. Pakistani government sheltering al-Qaeda chief Zawahiri

  8. Jordan Tells Israel: Withdraw And You’ll Get “Security”

  9. Syrian Official Threatens to Respond to Israeli Strike

  10. Iran Behind Massive Cyberattack on Israel

  11. Iranian Presidential Candidate: US Should Fear Us

  12. China Bans Islamic Names in Muslim-populated Xinjiang Region

  13. Hindu converts to Islam, starts plotting terror attack

  14. Philippine President Claims N. Korea’s Kim “wants to end the world”

  15. Turkish Police Arrest Over 200 During May Day Clashes

  16. Turkish Court Rules That Erdoğan Must Be Portrayed As A Rooster Never A Hen Or Else You Will Go To Jail

  17. Three ISIS Terrorists Are Mauled To Death After Attacking A Herd Of Wild Pigs

  18. India: Female Muslim leader says women in tight clothes “pollute the environment,” provoke rape

  19. Missing lesbian couple set up for ‘honor’ killing, found in Turkish detention center

  20. Muslim migrant jailed for hour-long HAMMER attack on wife he used for visa because dinner was late

  21. Pakistan: Teen girl killed by brother for “HONOR” after she was FORCED INTO PROSTITUTION

  22. “As an American expat living and working in Indonesia, I am sickened how Islam treats women”



  1. 53 arrests in Nigeria for alleged same-sex wedding

  2. So-Called Moderate Muslim Algeria Erases Faces of Female Candidates on Political Posters


  1. Austrian president: ‘All women’ should wear headscarves in ‘solidarity’ with Muslims

  2. Australia: Muslim avoids jail for sex attacks on beach due to “cultural differences”

  3. Australia: New police anti-terror unit to target “fixated persons” who are “mentally ill”

  4. Experts warn child bride cases ‘tip of the iceberg’

  5. Muslim Teen Who Murdered Australian in broad daylight exhorts ‘Call of Allah’ in his martyrdom letter


  1. Toronto Sun Columnist on ISIS Hit List for Islam Coverage Saved by Police

  2. Canada Reports Countrywide Internet, TV, Phone Outage

  3. “Moderate” Canadian imam says sharia law is the solution, claims jizya is not discriminatory


  1. After Losing Their Homes and Crops to Devastating Peru Floods, Victims Ask for Bibles


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  1. Keiser Report

  2. Boom Bust

  3. 45% Of Americans Spend Up To Half Their Income Repaying Credit Card Debts

  4. Trump Tax Reform Plan Reduces Seven Tax Brackets to Three

  5. Trump Plays Taxes Hold’em


  7. Trump Budget Increases US Foreign Aid to Palestinians

  8. Harvard Study Proves That Minimum Wage Hikes Hurt Businesses, Increase Unemployment

  9. American Manufacturing High On Trump As He Approaches 100th Day

  10. 11 Reasons Why U.S. Economic Growth Is The Worst That It Has Been In 3 Years

  11. Standing at the Precipice of Next Great CRASH — Mike Maloney (Video: 47:56 minutes long.)

  12. BANKSTERS PAPER SILVER & GOLD RAIDS LOSING POWER (Video: 40:23 minutes long.)

  13. President Trump’s Big Bank Breakup

  14. Citi Issues An Alert On Its Most Popular Index

  15. BofA Sees “The First Step Toward Market Euphoria” As Wall Street Bullishness Hits 20 Month High

  16. As Incentives Soar, Auto OEMs Argue That Sticker Prices Are Dragging Down Sales

  17. Bitcoin, Ethereum Hit New All Time Highs Amid Buying Frenzy, Liquidity Squeeze




  1. Contagion: Home Capital Bank Run Spreads To Another Canadian Mortgage Lender


  1. WTF Chart Of The Day: Korean Stocks Record High Edition


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  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. Real Time Seismicity

  3. USGS realtime Global Earthquakes Map

  4. Global Volcano Activity

  5. European – Mediterranen Quakes

  6. Fukushima a “ticking time bomb” — Fires now “raging” near nuclear plant — Blaze doubles in size; “Smoke rising from wide areas” — Concern over fallout of highly radioactive material; Officials closely watching radiation levels (VIDEO)

  7. Night sky guide for May 2017

  8. NASA scientists quietly announce that Enceladus, a Saturn moon, can support life

  9. Maverick Archaeologist Warns Of Potential “Killer Comet” In 2030

  10. More than 65,500 Earthquakes Have Struck Central Italy in 9 months

  11. Where Do You Go In A ‘Hurricane’?

  12. A magnitude 6.3 in Alaska is the first major quake of May and the 26th of 2017

  13. Strong 6.3 Earthquake Strikes Alaska

  14. Landslide buries 24 in southwestern Kyrgyzstan, warnings ignored

  15. Very strong M6.8 earthquake hits Philippines, tsunami warnings issued

  16. Destructive tornado near Cologna, Italy

  17. Strong eruption at Sakurajima volcano, ash to 4.3 km (14 000 feet) a.s.l.

  18. Extreme amounts of rain hit Dominican Republic

  19. At least 2 new craters formed during new Nishinoshima eruption

  20. Oklahoma declares state of emergency after severe weather outbreak

  21. Ongoing Earthquake Swarm Continues In Skagway, Alaska

  22. Violent wedge tornado hits Canton, Texas, at least 5 dead and over 50 injured

  23. Tornado Rips Apart Texas Church — 45 People Inside Left Totally Unscathed

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  1. Plastic-eating wax worm ‘extremely exciting’ for global pollution crisis

  2. Scientists Have Turned Spinach Into Beating Human Heart Tissue

  3. Apple’s AI expert says the rise of augmented ‘superhumans’ is inevitable and says technology will ‘make personal memory enhancement a reality’

  4. An artificial womb successfully grew baby sheep — and humans could be next

  5. Groundbreaking solar device pulls water from DRY air

  6. Researchers Invent Stem Cell Capable of Becoming an Entire Embryo

  7. Mobile and Wearable Biometric Authentication to Reach 3.3B Users by 2022: Report

  8. Cryogenically frozen brains will be ‘woken up’ and transplanted in donor bodies within three years, claims surgeon


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Defend America’s Internet

Our open Internet is under intense attack right now. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) — the body that’s supposed to protect the web, ensuring it’s free and fair — is under new leadership.1 The new head, Ajit Pai, has Big Telecom’s interests at heart, not yours.2

They have already rolled back key protections3, 4 that ensure the web doesn’t become like cable TV — completely controlled by Big Telecom. But they want more, including the power to pick and choose winners and losers online by forcing some of your favorite websites into an Internet slow lane.

We have to say no to that vision of the Internet now. Tell Chairman Pai: “Keep the Internet open. Do not undo Net Neutrality.”

ACT NOW! Urge Your Congressmen to Support a Bill that Bans Boycotts on Israel

Israel faces ongoing malicious and fictitious criticism from the United Nations (UN), international organizations and activists that seek to delegitimize, isolate and ultimately destroy the Jewish state through legal action and boycotts.

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), for example, targeted Israel last March with a resolution calling for the creation of a database—akin to a “blacklist”—of companies that operate in or have business relationships beyond Israel’s 1949 armistice Lines, including parts of Jerusalem. The list is meant to be used as a database for boycotts on Israel.

The State Department expressed opposition to the resolution.

However, the UNHRC is still considering anti-Israel action based on this shameful blacklist.

The Israel Anti-Boycott Act (H.R. 1697), introduced by Rep. Peter Roskam (R, IL-6), would expand existing US anti-boycott laws to organizations such as the UN and the European Union (EU).

H.R. 1697 amends the Export Administration Act of 1979 to include prohibitions on boycotts against allies of the United States that are fostered by international governmental organizations. It also directs the US Export-Import Bank to oppose boycotts against Israel.

The bill, to date, has 105 backers in the House.

“The BDS movement is nothing more and nothing less than the latest attempt by Israel’s enemies to destroy the Jewish State,” stated Roskam. “After their repeated military conquests ended in failure, they have now turned to economic means in the hopes of achieving the same outcome. Thankfully, the United States Congress – and the American people – will not stand for it. We will oppose all forms of economic warfare against Israel and Israelis.”

In the Senate, a companion bill was introduced by Senators Rob Portman (R-OH) and Ben Cardin (D-MD).

Tell the Texas House to protect Privacy & Safety

HB 2899, the House version of privacy and safety legislation, recently received a hearing in House State Affairs Committee. The bill is currently still sitting in the House State Affairs Committee, which is chaired by Rep. Byron Cook, who is also on the House Calendars Committee.  HB 2899 must pass out of House State Affairs and the House Calendars Committee before it can be voted on the floor by the full Texas House. The ACLU and LGBT lobby groups have come out in full force against HB 2899, making defeating this bill their top goal for this session.

While HB 2899 is less detailed than SB 6 (which was passed by the Texas Senate), HB 2899 also protects the privacy and safety of Texans by stopping all current and future local city ordinances and public school policies that allow biological males to use girls’ restrooms, showers, locker rooms or changing rooms.

State Representative Ron Simmons (R-Carrollton) is the bill sponsor and has courageously taken up the issue to move something meaningful through the Texas House after SB 6 stalled. Governor Abbott has called HB 2899 a thoughtful approach and has urged the legislature to move a bill protecting privacy in bathrooms, stating “will work to get a bill to my desk.”

We are entering the final weeks of the legislative session and there is no time for further delay on this issue. If HB 2899 does not move quickly and get passed out of the Calendars Committee and moved to the House floor for a vote, the clock will run out. 


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  1. Ancient stone carvings confirm how comet struck Earth in 10,950BC, sparking the rise of civilisations

  2. Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Entrance to Caesarea in Israel


  4. Was a Comet Swarm Memorialized on an Obelisk at Prehistoric Gȍbekli Tepe?

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1 Samuel 28:14-20 “14 So he said to her, “What is his form?” And she said, “An old man is coming up, and he is covered with a mantle.” And Saul perceived that it was Samuel, and he stooped with his face to the ground and bowed down. 1) Now Samuel said to Saul, ‘Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?’ And Saul answered, ‘I am deeply distressed; for the Philistines make war against me, and God has departed from me and does not answer me anymore, neither by prophets nor by dreams. Therefore I have called you, that you may reveal to me what I should do.’ 16 Then Samuel said: ‘So why do you ask me, seeing the LORD has departed from you and has become your enemy? 17 And the LORD has done for Himself as He spoke by me. For the LORD has torn the kingdom out of your hand and given it to your neighbor, David. 18 Because you did not obey the voice of the LORD nor execute His fierce wrath upon Amalek, therefore the LORD has done this thing to you this day. 19 Moreover the LORD will also deliver Israel with you into the hand of the Philistines. And tomorrow you and your sons will be with me. The LORD will also deliver the army of Israel into the hand of the Philistines.” 20 Immediately Saul fell full length on the ground, and was dreadfully afraid because of the words of Samuel. And there was no strength in him, for he had eaten no food all day or all night. (New King James Version)

The internal evidence from the narrative reveals a number of significant details to conclude that the spirit the medium saw was not Samuel but a demon impersonating him. One of the most obvious clues is that the text tells the reader outright—twice!—that the Lord would not answer Saul (I Samuel 28:6, 15-16), and there is no way that God would answer him through a lying spirit during an abominable séance! One of the points of the story is to show what desperate people will do when they are cut off from God, in fear for their lives, and without hope.

Yet, this does not mean that the demon does not give Saul a truthful answer. Acting as if it were Samuel, the demon wounds the king with the cruelest words it can use, complaining about being disturbed in his rest, mocking Saul for seeking him, and rubbing it in that God had left him and become his enemy. It reminds him of one of Samuel’s prophecies—given when Saul had disobeyed God’s instruction about the punishment of Amalek and its king, Agag (see I Samuel 15)—foretelling that the kingdom would be torn from him and given to another, David (I Samuel 15:23, 26-28). Finally, it predicts that both he and his sons would die in the next day’s battle against the Philistines, a reasonable assumption considering how overmatched Saul’s forces were.

The demon’s words have the desired effect: “Immediately, Saul fell full length on the ground, and was dreadfully afraid because of the words of Samuel. And there was no strength in him, for he had eaten no food all day or all night” (I Samuel 28:20). Playing on Saul’s fears and weakness, the demon succeeds in bringing the big man low, destroying any remnant of hope. Later, after finally eating and resting (verses 21-25), he leaves the medium’s house a completely broken man.

So, what happened at En Dor?

  1. At the end of his rope and highly susceptible to suggestion, Saul was ready to clutch at any straw of hope for a better outcome.
  2. The medium was a fraud, bilking people of their money by preying on their superstitions. The spirit’s appearance shocked her.
  3. At most God allowed a demon to impersonate Samuel and pronounce Saul’s doom to him, to give him the truth from the only source he had ever trusted to speak straight to him.

In the end, the story of Saul and the medium at En Dor is a morality play of sorts, an object lesson to teach how dangerous it is to forsake God and turn to the counsels of demons through sorcery and divination. It is a path of fear, despair, lies, curses, and death. It records the sad and tragic end of a man who had shown such great potential but who had allowed jealousy and pride to bring him and his house to ruin.

Richard T. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see: What Happened at En Dor?


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The Tabernacle – 8 by Brad Scott

The Menorah – Part 1

As we move away from the north side of the Holy Place and the life sustaining bread, we now travel to the south side in which the Menorah stands.

Shemot (Exodus) 25:31-32 And thou shalt make a lampstand of pure gold: of beaten work shall the lampstand be made; its shaft, and its branches, its bowls, its knobs, and its flowers, shall be of the same. And six branches shall come out of the sides of it; Three branches of the lampstand out of the one side, and three branches out of the other side.

The word candlestick in the King James English is from the Hebrew word menorah (מנרה). This word is taken from the word nur (נור) or light. The nur or light forms the middle of the word menorah. With the addition of the mem prefix and feminine singular suffix the light now becomes the apparatus from which the light shines, illuminates, or exposes. If you read the text casually you would conclude that this lampstand is formed with six branches, however a closer study reveals a middle shaft called a yarek (ירך). The six branches actually extend from this shaft and all seven branches form the menorah that is one beaten work. This is the meaning behind the supplied phrase “of the same”. The word “it” in verse 32 refers back to the shaft. The word yarek is generally translated as thigh, loins, or body (Bere’shiyt (Genesis) 24:2, Shofetiym (Judges) 8:30). The six branches extend out from the shaft and are yet one with the shaft. Is it just a coincidence that believers of the Messiah, whether Jew or Gentile are referred to as branches in Romans 11? Is it just mere happenstance that these branches are all one with the central shaft or tree, and called the body of the Messiah? Even further, is it just the luck of the draw that Yeshua‘ uses this lampstand to refer to His kehillot (assembly, “church”) in Hitgalut (Revelation) 1:20?

As we continue to study the tabernacle structure it will become clear that the Most Holy and Holy Places are completely covered in various linens and skins. The inner sanctuaries were dark, very dark. There was no natural light to enter this place. Only the light of the menorah was to illuminate the Holy Place or the place of ministry. Ministry is to be driven by the light of God and not by man’s design or desires. The life-sustaining shewbread was to be eaten by God’s priests, but that food was to be shared or given to all that hunger for righteousness. The light of the menorah expresses that commission. Our minds are to be illuminated by God’s light. His light speaks forth of the contents of the ark of His testimony. It is this light that is to be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path (Mizemor (Psalm) 119:105). Proverbs 6 sums it up:

Mishlei (Proverbs) 6:23 For the commandment is a lamp, and the law is light, and the reproofs of instruction are the way of light.

Torah teaches Israel that they were to be His light to the nations.

Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 49:6… I will also give thee for a light to the nations, that thou mayest be my salvation unto the end of the earth.

Historically, we know that Israel failed to do this, so Abba prepared a body, Himself, to be that same light to the gentiles. “I, YHVH, have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the nations…”. Yeshua‘, confirming that calling in Yochanan (John) 8:12, claims to be the light of the world. Yeshua‘ then calls those who follow Him, whether Jew or Gentile, to be the light of the world in Mattitiyahu (Matthew) 5:14. According to the idioms and symbols understood and practiced by the writers of the New Testament, the symbol of light spoke of the menorah in the temple. The menorah, according to their thinking, was the illuminating expression of the edut (עדות) or testimony of the ark. This is known as Torah. Remember, Yeshua‘ is the author of all that is written in the Tanakh. To be a light was not simply a quaint, poetic expression to denote a glowing personality. It had a previous firmly established meaning familiar to Yeshua’‘s brethren. For example, the term “sons of light” used by Sha’ul in 1 Thessalonians 5:5 was speaking of the children or inheritors of Torah, the light of God. This would be a good time to go back to our archives and click on lesson 4 of my discussion on the defining of light. Light was Torah and Torah was light, and every physical activity of God’s people was to be guided by this. Many times I wonder what most modern Christians think Yochanan (John) means when he says that we are to walk in the light. Are we supposed to conjure up an image of strolling around with a piercing glow about us? Is being a light to mean that I put “Jesus” bumper stickers on my car, or buy only “Christian” music? Am I being a light when I enter church on Sunday or go to Wednesday nite Bible study? Am I being a light to the world by just telling people about Jesus or confronting the cults? Or does the word of God teach us that to be a light is: to proclaim God’s ways to a world covered in darkness, and that the answer to all of man’s trials is found in His word? To theologically restrict our commission to proclaiming that Yeshua‘ is the Savior of the world, is to provide a lost world with the apparatus of the light, but not the light.

The menorah was never to go out. In Vayiqera (Leviticus) we read,

Vayiqera 24:2-3 Command the children of Israel, that they bring unto thee pure olive oil beaten for the light, to cause the lamps to burn continually.

The priests obeyed this command because they understood the meaning of the light. It was the word of YHVH that sustained their lives, not to mention the universe. The sages of old, before Yeshua‘’s time, taught that the universe was held together by Torah, and Torah was formed by the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. If Torah failed to be spoken, much less observed, the world would melt away with a fervent heat. Sound familiar? Kefa (Peter) uses this same image to describe the end times in 2 Kefa 3:10. He describes this in conjunction with the “day of the Lord”. When you investigate all the verses in the Tanakh concerning the “day of the Lord”, you will see most of them describe a time in which all peoples have rejected Torah. This is why ‘Amos describes it as a time of darkness.

‘Amos 5:18 Woe unto you that desire the day of YHVH! To what end is it for you? The day of YHVH is darkness, and not light.

The menorah goes out in the tabernacle. Three chapters later ‘Amos will proclaim again,

‘Amos 8:11 Behold the days come, saith YHVH ’Elohiym, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of the hearing of the words of YHVH;…

The six branches of the menorah are to be of one beaten work with the shaft or seventh branch. This lampstand was to be the symbol of Israel. However, it was designed to be the symbol of all that claimed to be one with the seventh branch. This is why Yeshua‘ uses this same image in describing the condition of seven of His kehillot (churches) at the time that Yochanan wrote, and a symbol of the kehillot since then. Hitgalut chapter two and three are also an accurate prophetic description of the condition of His branches today. In Hitgalut 2:1-7, there is a description of the k(q)ahal (קהל) (church – singular) at Ephesus, and it begins by mentioning one of the aspects of Yeshua‘’s ministry. “…who walks in the midst of the seven golden lampstands.” Yeshua‘ commends this group first by reminding them of their dedication to forging out imposters, and of their works, and patience. However, He then tells them what He has against them. They have lost their first love, and will not go back to their first works and repent. He says that if they continue He will remove their lampstand from its place. Many times I have been confronted with verses four and five, and asked to defend certain “salvation” doctrines. As it is with much of what the New Testament teaches, this scripture is not teaching whether you can or can not lose your salvation. It is a warning to repent! If you are a child of God then repent! If you are a believer and cleave to a doctrine that states you can do something to remove yourself as a child of God, then Yeshua‘ is telling you to repent. However, if you have been taught that there is nothing you can do to render yourself “unborn again” then God is still telling you to repent!

The light of the menorah pictures the word of God, and the menorah is the bearer of that light. The light of the menorah is to first irradiate the mind with the testimony of God. That tesimony is then to be taken to the nations. Take this symbol of God’s instructions for man and bring it into 1 Yochanan:

1 Yochanan 1:5-7 This, then, is the message which we have heard of Him, and declare unto you, that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth; But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Yeshua‘ the Messiah, his Son, cleanses us from all sin.

Yochanan goes on to relate sin to darkness, and light to keeping His commandments. If walking in the light is vital to our “Christian” walk, then would it not be imperative to know what walking in the light means?

Yesha’yahu 8:20 To the law and to the testimony; if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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