News You May Not Have Heard About — 04/04/2017

News You May Not Have Heard About

(The information below is not meant to scare you but to inform you.)

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I have been given the task of adding a blog unlike most blogs. The purpose of this new blog is to inform the Body of Yeshua (Jesus) on different topics. On this blog, there will be articles on different subjects. There will be featured books and some of the contents of those books to help the reader appreciate and learn what each author has been given to write to help educate the Body of Yeshua. A link to the respective author’s ministry website will always be provided. I encourage everyone to check it out. I will add content as time permits. So, if you want to be notified when a new item has been added, be sure to subscribe. Shalom!

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  1. Trump calls critics’ bluff: Will share intel on Obama spying

  2. Former Obama official admits: We spied on Trump

  3. Obama spying looks even worse than Trump claimed

  4. BREAKING : Trump Declares That The U.S. is Ready to Act Alone on North Korea

  5. ‘If China is not going to solve North Korea, WE WILL’ – Trump

  6. Trump says he’s had enough – Calls for criminal Clinton investigation

  7. President Trump Eliminates Job-Killing Regulations


  9.  WATCH: Trump ‘Seriously Considering’ Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem

  10. President Donald J. Trump meets with Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen

  11. President Trump and the First Lady Host the Women’s Empowerment Panel

  12. Statement by the Press Secretary on the Visit of President Al Sisi of Egypt

  13. Press Secretary Statement on the Visit of King Abdullah II of Jordan

  14. Statement by the Press Secretary on the Visit of President Xi Jinping of China

  15. Trump meets with victims of opioid addiction: this is a total “epidemic”

  16. Presidential Executive Order on Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth

  17. Trump Takes Chainsaw to Obama’s “Climate” Schemes

  18. President Trump Signs an Energy Independence Executive Order (Video: 16:33 minutes long.)

  19. President Trump Hosts a Listening Session with the Fraternal Order of Police (Video: 5:48 minutes long.)

  20. Trump tweets that ‘Repeal & Replace’ is NOT dead, all-caps THE REAL STORY!

  21. Senator: Obama ‘Coddled’, Trump ‘Confronts’ Iran

  22. Trump Welcomes Egypt’s President Al-Sissi in US Policy Change

  23. White House warns Dems Gorsuch opposition ‘baseless’


  1. David Friedman, Great Friend of Israel, Sworn in as New US Ambassador

  2. White House: Trump was Correct ‘From the Get-go’ on JCC Bomb Threats

  3. Ivanka Trump to become official White House employee

  4. CIA Director admits plans of aerosol spraying for geoengineering — media silent

  5. Obama’s ‘Gift to Planned Parenthood’ Revoke Bill Advances Thanks to Pence Vote

  6. WATCH: US Ambassador Says Assad Has to “Get Out of the Way”

  7. Trump Administration not Focused on Removing Assad

  8. Feds and UN Dumping “Unvetted, Diseased Refugee Men” on Taxpayer

  9. Republican Leaders Look to Repeal North Carolina’s Transgender ‘Bathroom Bill’

  10. Tillerson Fights Clobbers Liberal Judges With “EXTREME VETTING”

  11. Tillerson gives Russia an ultimatum about Crimea

  12. In Ankara, Tillerson Talks Turkey

  13. BREAKING : Another Democrat Will Vote For Gorsuch!

  14. Newt admits there’s REAL influence-buying by the Russians, but…

  15. John Cornyn says Senate Intel Committee will investigate BOTH leaking AND collusion…

  16. NGA: The massive spy agency you have not heard of


  1. Conservative News Sites Continue To Make “Fake News” Lists

  2. ‘People for a Free Press’ warn against … free press

  3. National Poll: 60% of Americans believe mainstream media is ‘fake news’

  4. VIDEO : Sarah Huckabee DESTROYS the Fake Stream Media “They Want to Talk About Things That Don’t Exist”


  1. LIVE: Police/Military Involved in U.S. Pedophile Roundup Speak Out (Video: 1:36:18 minutes long.)

  2. EU President threatens to ‘break up the United States’


  4. BREAKING : Lawmakers Demand Details on Crooked Hillary’s Security Clearance

  5. James Dobson names ‘villain’ in plot to destroy American families

  6. Texas Mayor Who Fought Against Sharia Law Will Join Trump’s Team!

  7. Russia to leak incriminating secrets about Obama admin

  8. Report: High-level Obama operative unmasked Trump associates during surveillance, spread their identities for political purposes

  9. Susan Rice Wanted to Unmask Names in Trump Wiretapping

  10. Sources: Susan Rice behind unmasking of Trump officials

  11. Federal judge says lawsuit claiming Trump incited violence at rally can go forward


  13. Refugee arrivals to skyrocket under new Trump plan

  14. Sanctuary cities free 253 illegal-alien criminals in 2 weeks

  15. These Rogue Sanctuary Campuses are Vowing to Harbor Illegal Students

  16. VIDEO : New Jersey Mayor Accuses Trump of Turning Sanctuary Cities into “Slave Catchers”

  17. VIDEO : Sorry Chicago, Spicer Says you Can’t be a SANCTUARY CITY and BEG FOR FEDERAL MONEY

  18. Michelle Malkin Has Come up With a MUCH BETTER Name for Sanctuary Cities

  19. ‘Unapologetic’ Trump zeroes in on 1 ‘explosive’ issue


  21. ‘US is So Overwhelmingly Partial to Israel’

  22. Man Accused of Threatening 8 Jewish Centers Appears in Court

  23. 13 reasons to declare Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization

  24. Former FBI agent says Russian twitter trolls are STILL trying to manipulate Trump

  25. Pamela Geller: Obama’s FBI ‘wanted us dead’

  26. Government  mandatory health care is still tyranny

  27. On Health Care, Look to the Passed for Answers

  28. Party Favors, Courtesy of the House Freedom Caucus

  29. Military at the Tip of the Speer

  30. They’ll have a ‘gay’ old time: ‘Bordellos’ now in nursing homes?

  31. Somali refugee in U.S. gets 3 years prison for attempted sexual assault

  32. Trumping Climate Hysteria With Facts: Heartland’s D.C. Climate Conference

  33. Hawaii Lawmakers Table Assisted-Suicide Bill for Now

  34. US Envoy Warns UN on Anti-Israel Bias: ‘There’s a New Sheriff in Town’

  35. US Ambassador to UN Haley: ‘The Days of Israel-Bashing Are Over’

  36. UN Chief Echoes Jordan’s Condemnation of ‘settlement Activities’

  37. Dem lawmaker tips off illegals in MS-13 hotbed

  38. Russia scandal? Inside the Obama-Clinton uranium deal

  39. Drudge visits Savage: ‘We’re trying to save this very young Trump administration’

  40. Tulsa Teen Comes Home From School With Contraceptive Implant

  41. Putting the NC in NCAA?

  42. A Vice Precedent to Support

  43. A Therapeutic Victory for Parents

  44. Moms declare holy war after school teaches Islam ‘true faith’

  45. Felony Charges Against Pro-Lifers Who Exposed Planned Parenthood Is ’21st Century Totalitarianism’

  46. Planned Parenthood’s Killer Workout

  47. Planned Parenthood uses “political cronies” in California to get charges filed against activists who exposed them

  48. Liberal Site Removes Story Claiming All Eight Supreme Court Justices Reject Neil Gorsuch

  49. Mattis gets earful about lesbian nominee to academy post

  50. School budget cuts because too many whites

  51. Homework? NY Students Debate Exterminating Jews

  52. Seattle Files Suit Against Trump Admin. to Preserve Sanctuary City Status

  53. Connecticut Bill Would Allow Police to Arm Drones

  54. McCain Whines About Threats to Globalist “New World Order”

  55. Amid Talk of Huge Funding Cuts, Ex-UN Staffer Calls for Amexit

  56. Cash-only Medical Care Benefits From IRS Non-enforcement of ObamaCare Mandate

  57. BREAKING : Rand Paul Optimistic about Obamacare Repeal after Golf with Trump

  58. HUGE Amount of People Are Fleeing Away From New York

  59. Are astronauts from NASA Space Shuttle Challenger crew still alive despite explosion?

  60. The DNC chairman is now resorting to pathetic LIES to attack Donald Trump

  61. DNC purge: Corrupt Democratic National Committee fires ALL staffers

  62. Democrats launch delusional ‘Moscow Project’ to ‘uncover the truth’ about Trump and Russia

  63. U.S. Army-built nuclear powered underground city completed, fully staffed by 1960: Project Iceworm

  64. Foreign armored personnel carrier spotted on AZ highway

  65. Citizens stand up to corrupt L.A. Board of Supervisors members who support illegal immigration

  66. “White genocide” Drexel University professor now attacking American veterans

  67. Meet ‘next Obama’ groomed to make political history



  70. Trump rally stormed by anti-fascist demonstrators in Washington State, arrests made (VIDEOS)

  71. Teen arrested over gang rape of 15yo girl streamed live on Facebook

  72. Obama administration gave Islamic market guilty of food stamp fraud a pass

  73. Facebook Enforces Sharia Blasphemy Laws

  74. Montana Democrats Vote Against Bill Banning Sharia Law, Call It ‘Repugnant’

  75. Family of dead burglar: Homeowner’s gun meant ‘unfair fight’

  76. Block and Blue: Dems Vow Filibuster


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  1. Netanyahu Promises ‘New Settlement’ for Amona Community

  2. Bereaved Families Slam Release of Notorious Palestinian Terrorist

  3. Poll: Israelis Oppose Withdrawal from Judea and Samaria for Peace

  4. Israel Warns Citizens to Leave Sinai Due to ISIS Threat

  5. WATCH: Even Israel’s Left Wants ‘Settlement’ Blocs

  6. IDF Shuts Down 3 Palestinian Weapons-production Plants

  7. Palestinian Terrorist Shot While Attacking Police

  8. WATCH: Netanyahu Reveals His Path to Peace

  9. Report: Israel Tried Recruiting Double Agents in France

  10. Arab-Israeli Indicted for Ties to ISIS

  11. Israeli and Arab Air Forces Fly Together in Drill

  12. AIPAC Conference Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Liberation of Jerusalem

  13. Arab-Israeli Knesset Member Denies Revealing Secrets

  14. Oldest German Doctorate Recipient Who Fled Nazis Dies

  15. Israeli Group Sues UN for Illegal Construction in Jerusalem

  16. Israel Approves Site for New ‘Settlement’; Others Restricted as Gesture to Trump

  17. Israel will Fight UN Ignoring Jewish Ties to Jerusalem Holy Sites

  18. ACT FOR ISRAEL! Demand that the US Deny Entry to Pro-Terror Jibril Rajoub

  19. Israel, US Reportedly Suspend Talks on ‘Settlements’

  20. Jerusalem Stabbing Attack Injures 3, Terrorist Killed

  21. David’s Sling, Israel’s Long-range Anti-missile System, Goes Online

  22. Court Extends Remand of Suspect in Jewish Center Bomb Threats

  23. 230 New Ukrainian Immigrants to Israel Arrive on ‘Freedom Flight’

  24. WATCH: Israel Leads in Marijuana Tech

  25. Netanyahu’s Party Rival Returns to Politics

  26. Israel Leads Construction of Underwater Gas Pipeline to Europe

  27. 2 Muslim Religious Figures Arrested After Terror Attack


  1. Palestinians: We Have the Right to Poison the Minds of Our Children

  2. WATCH: Why there isn’t a Palestinian State

  3. Palestinian Students: Blood Will Create State

  4. Palestinians, UN Condemn Approval of New Site for Amona Evacuees

  5. Hezbollah Building Up Massive Offensive Capabilities Against Israel

  6. Hezbollah’s role in Syria and Israel’s dilemma

  7. WATCH: Iraqi PM Wants Trump to Crush ISIS, but not at His Expense

  8. Abbas: Palestinians Are Descendants of the Canaanites

  9. UN Criticizes Hamas for Endangering Own People

  10. Hamas Continues Search for Killers of Senior Military Leader

  11. Advanced Hamas Rockets Pose New Threat to Israel

  12. Hamas Leader Threatens Israel After Killing of Commander

  13. Trump’s Negotiator Meets with Arab League Summit Leaders

  14. WATCH: Women Beat Afghani Father for Selling 6-year-old Daughter

  15. The Islamification of Europe – 423 New Mosques, 500 Closed Churches in London

  16. Nothing will stop refugees crossing Mediterranean to flee poverty – rescue NGO


  1. UK Foreign Minister: UN Criticism of Israel’s Bombing of Hezbollah is Absurd

  2. Homosexual Man In The UK Grabs Infant, And As The Infant Screams And Cries, The Homosexual Sodomizes The Baby, Gets It On Film And Sends The Video To His Boyfriend

  3. Germany Cancels Sports Agreement with Terror-Promoting PA Official

  4. German minister proposes registry of mosques, monitoring of Islamic sermons

  5. Western Leaders Confuse Endangering the Innocent for Compassion

  6. Europe: Combating Fake News

  7. PC kills: Will the West ever wake up from delusional approach to jihad?

  8. Putin bans U.S. adoption of Russian orphans due to pedophile epidemic

  9. BREAKING : Putin Asks for Meeting With President Trump

  10. Gays are being rounded up by police in the Russian republic of Chechnya

  11. Russia Claims “Unstoppable” Hypersonic Missile That Can Defeat Any US Warship


  13. Quarter of Russians put state interests above personal rights, poll shows

  14. Russian, South Ossetian defense chiefs sign collective security treaty

  15. Brexit Is Happening And You’re Unsure How To Feel

  16. ‘We WON’T be bullied’ Fury as Spain looks to exploit Brexit to SEIZE Gibraltar from the UK

  17. EU will not go soft on Gibraltar issue in Brexit talks, diplomats say

  18. Gibraltar chief calls Tusk ‘cuckolded husband’ over backing Spain’s stance on Brexit

  19. Marine Le Pen vows to destroy New World Order

  20. NATO sends Typhoon fighter jets to Romania in clear message to Russia

  21. After Inviting Muslims in, Swedish Feminists Are Pushed Out


  23. Tear gas vs bottles: Rally against police brutality in Paris


  25. Did illegal immigrants poop in Coke cans?

  26. Crowds march to defend Soros funded university in Budapest (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

  27. Western media scripting yet another ‘Russian invasion,’ this time in Libya

  28. Medieval villagers ‘mutilated corpses to stop rise of living dead’

  29. NATO Ally Turkey Working with U.S. Muslim Brotherhood

  30. Jewish Center in Sweden Closes After Wave of Anti-Semitic Threats



  2. Iran’s Presence in Syria Greater Threat Than ISIS

  3. Media coverage of Iraqi Mosul op ‘censored & suppressed’ – RT reporter in embattled city

  4. Iraqi Kurdistan sets roadmap for independence referendum

  5. Japan celebrates giant penises in bizarre yearly festival (VIDEO)

  6. Turkish Govt Opened $100m Mosque in Washington DC as Turkish Intel Spied From Mosques Across Europe


  1. Murder rate for these white farmers 20 times international average

  2. Former Egyptian Ambassador: Trump Should Undo Obama’s Sponsorship Of Muslim Brotherhood


  1. Islamic Refugee Rapes 10 Year Old, Says It’s “Culturally Acceptable” in his Homeland




  1. Nicaragua Restores Ties with Israel

  2. WATCH: Canadian Indian Explains Why Only Jews are Indigenous to Judea and Samaria


  1. Banned video reveals the horrors of Venezuela’s starving population

  2. Julian Assange’s Fate about to be Decided by Ecuadorian Election Results


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  1. Keiser Report

  2. Boom Bust

  3. Retail Collapse Continues As Sears, Payless On The Brink

  4. President Trump Restores Confidence in the American Economy

  5. Wall Street Facing Headwinds as Boomers Forced to Liquidate Their IRAs, 401Ks

  6. Morgan Stanley: Used car prices may crash 50%

  7. BREAKING : Barack Obama’s Presidency had Worst Economic Growth of Modern Era

  8. This bearish trend for stocks may mask a rally in waiting

  9. Yahoo’s name game continues, and Mayer is reportedly out

  10. U.S. households will soon have as much debt as they had in 2008

  11. Tesla surpasses Ford as stock zooms to record

  12. A Gold Move Below $1,000 Will Create the Energy to Send It Soaring Past $2300 – Martin Armstrong

  13. Record $10 Trillion Paper Gold Trading Market Continues To Depress Price

  14. Silver – The Window Of Opportunity is [Permanently?] Closing Fast

  15. Gold & Silver Are Potentially Explosive

  16. 3 Taps And Out? Fund Manager Reveals Outlook on Gold and Silver

  17. Precious Metals Are in Alignment for a Major Ascent – Ballanger

  18. Record Debt Dangling Over A Cliff: “We all Know How This Party is Going to End”

  19. The Federal Reserve Is A “Neat Little Trick” – Ron Paul

  20. BIG DEALS On US Gold & Silver Coins For the US Mint’s 225th Anniversary!

  21. This Is Not A Drill: Clif High Warns The Economic Crisis Will Start This Year & Last For 5 Years

  22. Hedge Funds Taking On the Banksters in Silver? – Harvey Organ

  23. WARNING: US Ponzi Retirement Market In Big Trouble, Protect With Precious Metals


  25. Market Report: Dollar Under Attack

  26. Gold Prices in Fed-Rate-Hike Cycles

  27. ‘Three Wise Men’ Warn Crash Coming, Own Gold


  1. Putin splits Russia from International Banking Cartel – ditching dollar for gold

  2. Central banks ditching euro for Sterling

  3. Increased Russian gas exports to Europe

  4. Brexit Triggered – Alasdair Macleod


  1. Bill making cryptocurrencies legal way of payment comes into force in Japan

  2. Moscow And Beijing Join Forces To Bypass US Dollar In Global Markets, Shift To Gold Trade


  1. Israel’s Economic Growth in 2016 ‘Higher Than Most Advanced Economies’


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  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. Real Time Seismicity

  3. USGS realtime Global Earthquakes Map

  4. Global Volcano Activity

  5. European – Mediterranen Quakes


  7. Scientists Warn Megaquake Could Plunge Parts Of California Into Ocean

  8. Ancient quakes may point to sinking risk for part of California coast

  9. Rogue object BAFFLES scientists: It maneuvered past Jupiter for 1 million years without crashing

  10. Scientists find massive underground tunnels on the Moon

  11. Radical new documentary claims Copernicus and four centuries of science is wrong

  12. More Unsettling Volcanic Activity Throughout Italy

  13. Earthquake scientists have been totally WRONG: Quake risk “dramatically underestimated” warns new report

  14. Scientists Discover A White Dwarf Orbiting Black Hole

  15. Recent Study Suggests Dark Matter is Scarce in Distant Galaxies

  16. Huge ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroid hurtling towards Earth

  17. Massive landslide hits Banaran village, East Java, Indonesia

  18. Hurricane force low sends huge chunks of ice into Newfoundland

  19. Massive mudslides leave hundreds dead and missing in Mocoa, Colombia

  20. Powerful M6.5 earthquake shakes Botswana

  21. Rockhampton prepares for major flood, Australia


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  1. Goodbye boarding pass, hello fingerprints: How biometrics is changing travel

  2. DuoSkin rolls out on the runway

  3. Future Technology We Can Look Forward to in the Next 25 Years

  4. Innovative New Process Uses Bacteria to 3D Print Materials

  5. Innovative New Battery Powers and Cools Simultaneously

  6. Testing Male Fertility At Home? There’s An App For That

  7. A Company Just Announced That Tesla Will Be Included in All of Their Homes

  8. WATCH: Israel’s Smallest Plane Fits in Your Backpack!


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Defend The House Freedom Caucus

The members of the House Freedom Caucus (HFC) are under assault, and it is up to us to make sure they are supported and defended. They have often been the only thing standing between the establishment Republicans and Democrats’ plans to take away our freedoms. After the members of the HFC were unable to get GOP leadership to strengthen Paul Ryan’s fake repeal bill, the Republican establishment is out for blood. Their goal with these attacks are twofold:

First, after grassroots victories over establishment candidates over the last seven years, they would like nothing better than to defeat the principled members of the House Freedom Caucus. The corrupt, entrenched members of the GOP establishment want them out of Congress so that they can work with Democrats to grow government and pay off their cronies without anyone stopping them.

Second, if the establishment can’t get rid of the House Freedom Caucus members, they want to neuter them. They want members of the HFC to give in, to buckle to the pressure, and get out of the way.

If you want Obamacare repealed; if you want illegal immigration stopped; if you want tax and regulatory burdens slashed; if you want the budget balanced, you MUST help us defend the members of the House Freedom Caucus. The first step is sign this petition of support. We need them to know the American people support them. If they know they aren’t alone, they will stay strong in their resistance. We also need their attackers to know that they aren’t alone and that if the establishment wants to mess with them, they’re messing with us too.

We, the undersigned, declare our full support for the members of the House Freedom Caucus, and their actions to repeal Obamacare in full, and to help President Trump keep his promises to the American people.

Protect the 2nd Amendment


From Constitutional Carry to keeping local politicians’ hands off your guns, I’m fighting for the Second Amendment!

Law-abiding Texans have a right to self-protection, to keep our families safe, and to enjoy the great outdoors.

 Please sign my petition to join the fight for Second Amendment liberty!


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  1. Israeli Students Unearth 2000-year-old Jewish Town

  2. Ancient Evidence of the Exodus from Egypt

  3. Pyramid Remains from Jews’ Exodus-Era Discovered in Egypt

  4. 20,000 Women and 100,000 Castrated Men to Serve the Emperor: The Imperial Harem of China

  5. Bones Reveal Gruesome Fate of Scottish Clan Members Who Were Smoked to Death in a Cave

  6. The 130-Million-Year-Old Human Fossil Heist

  7. A Medieval Painting Depicts the Chilling Image of a Worm Eating Its Way Out of the Body of a French Saint

  8. Two Roman Ships that Were Lost in WWII: What Destroyed the Floating Palaces of Emperor Caligula?

  9. Art Relics Shed Light on Mysterious Ancient Civilization

  10. Half A Million Dollar Mask With Otherworldly Origins

  11. Treasures Found Within Very Valuable Viking Hoard Finally Revealed

  12. Historian Claims 1st Century Coin Shows Image of Jesus

  13. Was the Emperor Constantine a True Christian or Was He a Secret Pagan?

  14. Making a Magical Substance for Health and Wealth – Discovery of Alchemy Transcripts by Newton

  15. The Unique Sculptures of Thutmose…and a Secret Love for One of His Muses?

  16. Was a Portuguese Queen Really Exhumed for her Coronation?

  17. Bones of a Teenage Mother Who Died 12,000 Years Ago Tell Researchers a Dark Story of Carnivores and Malnutrition

  18. Legendary Claddagh Rings: What are the True Origins of these Symbolic Irish Wedding Rings?

  19. Belisama: Who Was this Beautiful, Powerful, and Popular Gaulish Goddess?

  20. Just How Rich Were the Inhabitants of Magna Graecia Really?

  21. The King Who Made War Illegal! Challenging the Official History of The Art of War and the First Emperor –Part I

  22. The King Who Made War Illegal! Challenging the Official History of The Art of War and the Terra Cotta Army–Part II

  23. Were Catapults the Secret to Roman Military Success?

  24. The Secret Life of Melusine: Mysterious Mermaid & Serpent Mother of European Nobility

  25. Scotland’s Catastrophic Comet Conspiracy

  26. Tiller the Hun? Farmers in Roman Empire Converted to Hun Lifestyle

  27. Why Did Iron Age People Bury a Chariot and Two Horses?

  28. The Slain Will Rise Again: Lost Valkyries Remembered

  29. Hell on Earth? Is the REAL location of the Ancient Underworld Right in Front of Us?

  30. New Details Emerge on the Black Death by Examining a Plague Victim and her Tragic Coffin Birth

  31. Skeletons and Sarcophagi: Was This Newly Discovered Tomb Made for a Family of Elite Ancient Assyrians?

  32. 2,000-Year-Old Carving and 16th Century Manuscript Reveal Some Maya Came from Across the Sea

  33. The mystery handbag of the Gods: Depicted in Sumer, America, and Göbekli Tepe

  34. The Roswell Rock: A lost alien map?



  1. Jerusalem News (27 March 2017, 29 Adar, 5777)

  2. Ten Tribes Studies (29 March 2017, 2 Nisan, 5777)

  3. Ten Tribes Studies (31 March 2017, 4 Nisan, 5777)

  4. Ten Tribes Studies (2 April 2017, 6 Nisan, 5777)

  5. Ten Tribes Studies (3 April 2017, 7 Nisan, 5777)

  6. British Zionism (Video: 24:33 minutes long.)

  7. Why did Britain help Jews establish the Jewish state? (21 March 2017, 23 Adar, 5777)



  1. Confused by Your AncestryDNA Matches? Read This Post

  2. How to Test DNA for Family History (and get more from your results!)

  3. Tackling Your Inherited Genealogy Files: Merging Duplicates

  4. DNA Testing for Genealogy – What Can It Do For You??

  5. Where in the World are the Ancestors of DNA Circles?

  6. Using the right DNA testing tool to answer the right ancestry question

  7. Tips & Resources for DNA Testing in Your Genealogy Research

  8. Timely Genealogy Organization Tips

  9. Social History & Noah Wyle’s Civil War Ancestry on “Who Do You Think You Are?”

  10. AncestryDNA Genetic Communities First Look! My Mom’s Munster Irish Connections

  11. Old Family Photos of Women in the Workforce

  12. A million Vikings still live among us: One in 33 men can claim to be direct descendants from the Norse warriors

  13. Heritage

  14. How to Search the FamilySearch Site

  15. How to Use FamilySearch’s Mobile Apps

  16. Creating Traditions That Make Family Memories

  17. How to Add Sources

  18. 7 FamilySearch Record Collections You Shouldn’t Miss


  1. 50 Free Genealogy Sites to Search Today

  2. Genealogy Websites

  3. 3 Tech Tools Every Genealogist Should Have

  4. Managing My Work & Life: How I Use Evernote

  5. Download Free Evernote software

  6. Find A Grave

  7. Welcome to

  8. Family Search


  10. Family Tree | Make a Free Family Tree at Ancestry


  12. AccessGenealogy

  13. National Archives: Archives Library Information Center (ALIC) — Genealogy

  14. Genealogy and Family History

  15. The Best Genealogy Software of 2017 (NOTE: I personally use Family Tree Maker 2014.)


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  1. SHOCK: Toxic vaccines are now being produced by supporters of Jihad

  2. CDC document bombshell reveals list of all vaccine excipients, including “African Green Monkey Kidney Cells” and fibroblast cells from aborted human fetuses … see the complete list

  3. FACT CHECK: Yes, the CDC and FDA both confirm African Green Monkey kidney cells are put in vaccines used across the U.S.

  4.  SCIENCE FACT: Chicken pox vaccine is made with “human embryonic lung cell cultures” and human diploid cell cultures from aborted fetal tissue

  5. VACCINE STUDY: Peer-reviewed study shows vaccinated children have a 700% higher chance of neurodevelopmental disorder

  6. This EPA Bombshell Should Horrify All Americans – If Not the Whole World

  7. Fast food diets causing majority of stroke and diabetes deaths across U.S.

  8. Toxic hairsprays found to cause penile birth defects in boys

  9. STATINS WARNING: Cholesterol-lowering drug found to raise risk of diabetes by 50 percent in older women

  10. Shocking letter from dead EPA scientist reveals EPA bureacrats being bribed by Monsanto to hide scientific evidence of glyphosate causing cancer

  11. Babies being fed dangerous pesticides through toxic breastmilk after mothers eat pesticide-laden food

  12. If you have one of these 6 conditions you should stop consuming garlic immediately! IT IS VERY DANGEROUS!

  13. It is considered the most deadly drink in the world, it can end your life in less than 45 minutes!!!

  14. Zika virus vaccine will genetically re-engineer your DNA

  15. MEDICAL LUNACY: Fat people encouraged to become super OBESE in order to qualify for gastric bypass surgery

  16. When You See This on a Clothing Label, Run as Far and Fast as You Can


  1. Scientists have discovered a way to destroy cancer tumors using nothing but sound waves

  2. Spinach Leaves Used to Grow Human Heart

  3. Israeli Scientists Discover Way for Cancer to Self-Destruct

  4. Chewing gum ingredients and the titanium dioxide debate

  5. Tea found to play a major role in the fight against dementia

  6. Vaccine Injury Denialism is the denial of fundamental human dignity… see this highly emotional video of children damaged by vaccines

  7. New Bill to Penalize Missed Vaccines

  8. The insane vaccine industry now wants you FIRED from your job if you aren’t vaccinated

  9. Children across California found to have higher lead poisoning than those in Flint, Michigan

  10. WATCH: Israeli Drug Doubles Survival Time for Brain Tumor Patients

  11. Out with the Flu Shot in with the Vitamin D!

  12. Happy Feet, Healthy Body

  13. WebMD Implicated in Cancer Coverup

  14. Your face is covering with, heres how to tell whats wrong with your kidneys hormones and liver

  15. Healthy eyes – Creating clear vision naturally

  16. A Doctor Claims to Have Found a Cure for a Deadly Disease That Impacts Millions

  17. Why you must reset your circadian clock to live a healthier, happier life

  18. Cough medicines and lozenges are loaded with refined sugars that increase blood sugar levels

  19. Press Conference, Robert K. Kennedy, Jr. and Robert De Niro National Press Club, Washington, DC (Video: 1:01:58 minutes long.)

  20. BREAKING: CDC confirms Natural News 100% CORRECT on report of African Green Monkey kidney cells used in vaccines

  21. Autism, mercury, thimerosal and vaccines: Natural News releases large collection of scientific knowledge that’s been suppressed by the FDA, CDC and pharma-controlled media

  22. Sensational Food for Your Gut, but If Made Incorrectly, Can Cancel the Benefits

  23. The Truth About Migraines and How to Help Stop Them in Their Tracks

  24. A Shower at Night Might Help You Sleep Better

  25. Neroli Oil: The Pleasantly Fragrant Citrus Oil

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Hebrews 11:8 “By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to the place which he would receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going. (New King James Version)

We are involved in an awesome adventure, but we are blind to many particulars that will affect us. What is emphasized from Abraham’s life is his trust in God. Trust is the most powerful fruit, the strongest, clearest evidence, of belief. Trust is faith in action, setting a truly converted person apart from one who believes only intellectually. The Christian must live his life by faith.

Lack of trust is a major reason why young people “go bad” in their teen years. They do not really trust their parents. Rather, they trust other teens; they trust what they see in movies extolling the popular culture; they trust what they hear songs saying to their emotions. They trust their own thoughts and their own experiences, but Mom and Dad are low on the influence scale.

Notice, however, what Jesus says of Abraham regarding this principle: “Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day, and he saw it and was glad” (John 8:56). Abraham saw Christ as the Savior and Author of eternal salvation in his mind’s eye and demonstrated his trust in this fact through his conduct. Abraham’s proceeding on despite not knowing where he was going demonstrates that he put himself unreservedly in God’s hands. He actually performed what he said he believed despite its potential cost. His feet, as it were, gave proof of what was in his heart by where and how he walked.

Jesus teaches this principle in Matthew 16:24-26:

Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”

Abraham did this to a degree few have even come close to matching. To deny ourselves is to set aside our claims on the day-to-day use of our time and energy in favor of another. Often God’s commands seem demanding, even severe, but accepting God’s calling has placed the burden of this responsibility squarely on our shoulders.

There can be no doubt that Abraham’s neighbors thought he was loopy, even as Noah’s neighbors undoubtedly thought he was crazy for building an ark. People of the world cannot truly understand the actions of one who walks by faith because their perspectives on the value of things are usually quite different. If confronted with similar knowledge and circumstances without God’s gracious calling and gift of faith, the unconverted will adjust through compromise and self-justification. They will rationalize that under their “special” circumstances, God would surely not expect such things of them. The world of the unconverted is governed by its limited, carnal senses and feelings, not by faith in God’s character. They walk by sight.

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see: The Christian Fight (Part Seven)


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The Tabernacle – 6 by Brad Scott

The Table of Shewbread

Perhaps now would be a good time to stop and mention something that you need to keep in mind as we go through the Mishkan. Many of the treatises on the tabernacle available today, especially those written by “westerners”, treat this dwelling place of Tanakh as a novelty. By this, I mean that it is only a study designed to give the reader some deep insight into the mystical placement of “the Christ” in the Tanakh. The tabernacle itself and all the furnishings are seen as completed and done away with in Christ and are needful only to show the awesome foreknowledge of God, and of course, to reveal the profound spiritual insight of the author. It is absolutely true that even a cursory study of this structure does reveal the awesome foreknowledge of God, but the purpose of the documentation of this structure is much more personal and life changing than simple head knowledge. I have conducted many Passover meals in the last 25 years and the same attitude is displayed by many of the participants. Many comments are, “OH! that was so cute!” or “How very interesting” or “It is always good to see how other religions celebrate!”. I have sat in on other teachers attempting to explain the feasts of the Lord to their students. They teach these feasts in a very symbolic fashion, and always leave the students with a greater appreciation of the ancient past. The object of even the most insightful and innocently motivated teachers, is to educate their students about “Old Testament” types, but God forbid that we would actually observe them! In other words, this kind of approach leaves the student with the same emotions you would get after learning about Egyptian burial practices, mating customs of the Sioux, or watching an underwater video of the Titanic. I pray that you will, instead, see and experience YHVH reaching out to all His people of every generation, and speaking straight to them about His desires and will for them. Knowing in advance that His word would be preserved and that you and I would be reading and studying these things as if He spoke them just this morning: an eternal God speaking eternal words.

I am presently following the order of the 25th chapter of the book of Shemot (Exodus). The meaning of the inner veil will be discussed at a later time.

Shemot 25:23-25 Thou shalt also make a table of shittim wood: two cubits shall be the length thereof, and a cubit the breadth thereof, and a cubit and a half the height thereof. And thou shalt overlay it with pure gold, and make thereto a rim of gold round about. And thou shalt make unto it a border of an handbreadth round about, and thou shalt make a golden rim to the border thereof round about.

It would be fitting at this time to mention that I have heard several somewhat contrived attempts to place some special meaning to the dimensions of the ark and this table. I do not believe it would enhance this study at all to even mention them. I believe that types, symbols and similitudes should be reasonably obvious and not the product of twisted over-mystifying.

In our study of the Ark we learned, I hope, about the residence of the power of God. This is where YHVH must begin. As we enter the Holy Place we will learn of the next place that He begins to change in those who trust in Him. This is the area of the mind or the “soulish” area. This will give us the power for ministry, for it is the mind that tells the body what to do. The body does not operate separately from the mind unless there is nerve damage, i.e., the body is cut off from the mind. The body cannot choose to go bowling if the mind says we are going swimming! When behavior is exhibited, it is your mind that chose that behavior. The ultimate source of guidance and direction for the mind is found in the Ark or the heart, the residence for the Word of YHVH. If the Word of God is not in your heart, then the mind must take it’s direction from some other source. YHVH has placed several items in the Holy Place to teach us about this relationship between the heart, mind, and body. Remember, this is not about how we approach God. That will be seen in the reverse order given after Israel defies the first set of tablets. The first order of Shemot 25 gives us God’s work in our lives after we have received His mercy based upon our trust in Him. Before we get to the bread that is placed on the table, please take notice of the fact that the shewbread table is constructed very similarly to the ark itself. It is made of the same wood and gold, only with slightly smaller dimensions. However, it is the same height. This table is called a shul’chan (שלחן).

The word in this form is always translated in the English as table. However, its verbal root is very interesting and appropriate, considering our further study of the bread itself, or Himself. Its verbal root is shalach (שלח). Shalach is the Hebrew verb meaning to send out or simply to send. This word in Greek is apostello (απόστολοσ), which is in English, apostle. Now, you might be wondering what a table and an apostle have in common. Well, the connection is not really hard to see, and gives us some insight into the commonly misunderstood function of an apostle, as well. In the Hebrew culture, as well as many cultures, the table in the home was the place that the family gathered. Here the children learned from their father. It was at this place that every child received life sustaining words (bread) from him. This same table shared this life with friends in fellowship. This led to the oriental and middle eastern customs of not sharing a table with enemies. Information was shared and revealed here.

Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) declared:

Yesha’yahu 21:5-6 Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower, eat, drink; arise, ye princes, and anoint the shield. For thus hath YHVH said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees.

David asks YHVH to prepare a table before him even in the presence of his enemies, knowing that His rod and staff (Torah) will comfort him (Mizemor (Psalm) 23:4-5). To eat at the King’s table was to share together as one. In Shemu’el Bet (2Samuel) 9:7-11, David sends to Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan, and tells him that he is to now eat continually at the kings table, as one of the king’s sons. This would be the place where David would share his wisdom with Mephibosheth, and this is where he would receive food. If the wrong table is prepared it can also be death and despair. The table of Jezebel was no place to be in Melakhiym Alef (1Kings) 18:19, and it is a snare to those in Mizemor 69:22. I believe that rejection of God’s instructions are found in the polluting of His table, whether Jew or Gentile.

Male’akiy (Malachi) 1:7 Ye offer polluted bread upon mine altar; and ye say, In what way have we polluted thee? In that ye say, The table of YHVH is contemptible.

This is contrasted with those of:

Male’akiy 2:5-6 My covenant was with him of life and peace; and I gave them to him for the fear with which he feared me, and was afraid before my name. The law of truth was in his mouth, and iniquity was not found in his lips; he walked with me in peace and equity, and did turn many away from iniquity.

This same kind of contrast is evident in 1 Corinthians:

1 Corinthians 10:21 Ye cannot drink the cup of Adonai, and the cup of demons; ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of demons.

God has already set His table, and revealed this table to us all throughout the Tanakh.

The table that the shewbread is to be placed on is no ordinary table. It speaks clearly of the chosen place for YHVH’s truth to be set. It is a place that the Jewish people would naturally sit at, but a place that hungry Gentiles would risk everything to eat crumbs from, much less sit at and dine (Mark 7:27-28). Apostles are called by God to be carriers and vessels of the Bread of YHVH. The word apostle is simply the transliterated Greek word for one who is sent. There are more occurrences of this word in the Tanakh than there are in the New Testament. Those chosen and prepared by God are called to bring the bread of life to all. Their mission is to reflect the instructions of God to those who do not know them. The term is not a title but a calling. This word always follows the called one, it does not precede it, as a title. It is never “the Apostle Paul” or “the Apostle Peter”, but rather Paul the apostle or Peter the apostle. I will probably teach a more in-depth study of prophets and apostles at a later time.

According to Shemot 26:35, the table of shewbread was to set on the north side of the Holy Place. The entrance to the Holy Place was on the east, so that would mean that when you walked into the Holy Place the table of shewbread was to your right. According to Shemot 25:26-28, the table had the same location of rings and staves as the Ark. As I mentioned before, this table is made of the same materials as the Ark, as well. The source of the power for ministry is made of the same material as the source for the power of regeneration and reconciliation. The manna placed in the ark was the bread of life, new life, or regenerated life. The bread on this table will be the life sustaining bread. According to verse 29 there were four other items to be placed on this table. The dishes, the spoons, the covers, and the bowls with which to pour. The dishes and spoons were used to contain the frankinscence and spread it over the bread. The bowls were likely used for the drink offerings. See Bemidebar (Numbers) 28:7. These were practical items for the table. It is noteworthy to observe that when YHVH calls us to be a vessel for His word, He gives us all the things we need to carry out His calling, even down to the minor details. The priests need not bring anything with them, for our Creator has prearranged all that we need. Next time we will cover the bread, so to speak!

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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