News You May Not Have Heard About — 03/14/2017

News You May Not Have Heard About

(The information below is not meant to scare you but to inform you.)

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I have been given the task of adding a blog unlike most blogs. The purpose of this new blog is to inform the Body of Yeshua (Jesus) on different topics. On this blog, there will be articles on different subjects. There will be featured books and some of the contents of those books to help the reader appreciate and learn what each author has been given to write to help educate the Body of Yeshua. A link to the respective author’s ministry website will always be provided. I encourage everyone to check it out. I will add content as time permits. So, if you want to be notified when a new item has been added, be sure to subscribe. Shalom!

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  1. Trump Replaces Previous Travel Ban with Revised Version


  3. Trump’s Plan For ISIS Poised To Put Marines 20 Miles From ISIS Capital

  4. President Donald J. Trump Delivers the Weekly Address (Video: 4:43 minutes long.)

  5. Trump: ‘I wouldn’t be president without this man’

  6. Trump Invites Abbas to White House, Says He’s Committed to Peace

  7. Trump contemplating regional peace conference

  8. President Trump’s First 50 Days of Action: Achieving Results for the American People

  9. ‘Trump will keep his promise to move embassy to Jerusalem’

  10. Trump: Secret Service did a ‘fantastic job’

  11. BREAKING : Trump Unleashed 40 Airstrikes in Yemen Over the Past 5 Days

  12. Trump budget opens new fight among Republicans

  13. Trump tried to call New York prosecutor Bharara before firing him: officials


  1. All 100 US Senators Urge Trump to Actively Address Anti-Semitic Bomb Threats


  3. Congress told to brace for ‘robotic soldiers’

  4. First House panel advances ObamaCare repeal bill

  5. GOP senator: House should ‘start over’ on ObamaCare repeal legislation

  6. The Hill’s Whip List: Where Republicans stand on ObamaCare repeal plan

  7. Conservatives dispute Ryan’s ‘binary choice’ on Obamacare

  8. 2018 will be a bloodbath if replacement bill fails – Paul Ryan



  11. Obamacare REPEAL? It’s more like health care system COLLAPSE!

  12. Rand Paul: Republican Healthcare Plan Is “Obamacare Lite”

  13. Here’s the problem that Trumpcare and Obamacare share

  14. EPA chief: Carbon dioxide isn’t a ‘primary contributor’ to global warming

  15. Senate GOP votes to nix Obama-era education rules

  16. ‘Fox & Friends’ co-host joining Trump administration

  17. John Boehner’s new partner: former top Dem Harry Reid

  18. White House pledges to bring back missing FBI agent

  19. Intel Community, White House’s Own Words Admit Validity of CIA Leaks

  20. Sessions Could Appoint a Special Counsel to Review Holder-Lynch Justice Department

  21. Jeff Sessions asks all remaining Obama-appointed U.S. attorneys to resign

  22. UPDATE: FIRED! — US Attorney REFUSES to resign, dares Trump to tell him ‘you’re FIRED!’


  24. BREAKING : Federal Court Blocks Trump’s Immigration Executive Order

  25. VIDEO : Newt Reminds Low-info Liberals that Honest Abe FIRED 70% of the Federal Govt.

  26. A massive investigation was launched to find out who leaked C.I.A. documents and data

  27. Secret Service investigating threats made against President Trump and V.P. Pence…

  28. Homeland Security rationing ammo to agents in field


  1. CNN drops congressman’s feed as he spills the beans

  2. Public erupts on N.Y. Times promoting itself as ‘Truth’


  4. Wikipedia has become a dangerous platform for medical disinformation and propaganda

  5. All the fake news that’s fit to print

  6. Media critic David Zurawik BLASTS CNN panel for ignoring Obama’s attacks on the press

  7. Robert Spencer: Harvard Smears Virtually Every Site That Isn’t Hard-Left, Including The Geller Report and Jihad Watch, As “Fake News”


  1. Monica Crowley: Dark ‘forces’ want to ‘personally destroy’ Trump

  2. VAULT7 SHOCKER: OBAMA MAY GO TO FEDERAL PRISON (Video: 4:27 minutes long.)

  3. It’s Time for Congress to Investigate the CIA Hacking Scandal

  4. WikiLeaks: CIA May be Hacking Cars to Murder People

  5. Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed

  6. Wikileaks Unveils ‘Vault 7’: “The Largest Ever Publication Of Confidential CIA Documents”; Another Snowden Emerges

  7. Vault 7 release: Rogue CIA elements may be illegally targeting Americans

  8. Obama’s ‘Watergate’: Ex-prez caught in ‘biggest scandal in U.S. history’?

  9. Saturday Night Live is now a propaganda outlet for the deep state

  10. Deep State unleashes propaganda campaign on Late Show

  11. Malkin: ‘Deep State operatives are embedded in every corner of the federal government’

  12. Bringing chaos to America: Obama “running a shadow government” from Washington DC


  14. VIDEO : Michelle Malkin “Deep State Operatives Need to be Exposed”

  15. Experts: Obama blocked us from vote-fraud data

  16. Superstar reporter goes public with Obama’s creepy spying on her

  17. Report: Iranian sleeper cells operating in U.S.

  18. Every ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ In America Has Just Been Vindicated

  19. Clif High-Chaos Starts Middle of March (Video: 43:07 minutes long.)


  21. Ex-Secret Service agent: Media missing 1 huge wiretap point

  22. Trump Wiretapping Claim Reminds Us We Are All Being Watched

  23. VIDEO : John McCain Gets EXPOSED

  24. VIDEO : Traitor Mccain Demands Trump Retract Wiretap Claim Despite Fact it Was Widely Reported

  25. BREAKING : Kremlin Spokesman Confirms Russian Ambassador Met With Clinton Campaign

  26. The German Government Is Now Planning On Returning To Militarism, And Is Preparing To View The United States As No Longer An Ally, But As A Threat To Germany. Prepare For The Rise Of The Fourth Reich

  27. TOP INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING REVEALS That Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor And Many Major Alt-Right Leaders Who Claim To Combat Muslim Immigration Are Caught On Video In Bed With The Top Islamist Nation In The World: The Neo-Ottomans Of Turkey

  28. A week before 2016 election, Obama administration spiked arrest of jihadi who lied to enter US

  29. New Hampshire House Unanimously Approves Bill Restricting Stingray Surveillance

  30. Irony alert: N.Y. Times asks ‘where’s evidence’ for own wiretap story

  31. Jewish Community Centers in US Hit with 6th Round of Bomb Threats

  32. Obamacare: Repeal, Replace, Revive?

  33. Healthcare groups unload on GOP bill

  34. Obamacare Repeal: Promising Pro-life Provisions, but Concerns Remain

  35. Mark Levin explains WHY Republicans are making excuses for not fully repealing Obamacare

  36. ‘CIA dilemma: Must hire millennials, very group that respects the Constitution’

  37. WikiLeaks will give info on CIA hacking to tech companies

  38. Lieutenant Dan Fires up the Troops on Privacy Bill


  40. Nice Work If You Ken Get It!

  41. Wikileaks CIA dump reveals how the Deep State can hack databases and make it SEEM like the Russians did it


  43. Malik Obama’s ‘Kenyan birth certificate’ for brother is fake

  44. Judge upholds state’s fining of ‘faithless electors’

  45. Monica Crowley – They Won’t Stop Until President Trump’s In Prison (Video: 6:14 minutes long.)

  46. Oklahoma state bill would let property owners shoot down drones

  47. Thousands Of Mics And Cameras To Be Installed In San Diego For “Data Harvesting”

  48. WATCH: Allen West Destroys Palestinian Myth

  49. LISTEN : Rush Limbaugh Lays out COMPELLING EVIDENCE that Russians Did NOT HACK the Election

  50. 95% of political donations by federal officials went to Hillary – Newt Gingrich

  51. Maryland to join lawsuit against Trump travel ban

  52. Four more states to challenge Trump travel ban

  53. Ohio Synagogue Defaced with Anti-Semitic Scrawling

  54. Rochester Jewish Community Center Evacuated After Bomb Threat

  55. WATCH: ‘Last Thing Intelligence Community Wants is Exposing How Pervasive Spying Is’


  57. CNN presenter Reza Aslan sparks backlash after he eats HUMAN BRAIN while filming with Hindu cannibal sect

  58. Demon-Possessed Hindu Cooks A Piece Of Human Brain, Gives It To A Famous American Muslim Writer And CNN Reporter, He Eats The Brains On Camera And Says ‘It Tastes Like Charcoal’

  59. Navy SEAL Widow Inspires the Nation

  60. Hezbollah’s Ongoing Threat To US National Security

  61. ‘Kissing Camels’ | Stoplight (Video: 2 minutes long.)

  62. Wait Gains: Abstinence Gets Hill Boost

  63. Air Force Throttles back Speech

  64. Boston to LGBTs: Don’t Reign on Our Parade

  65. Hawaii issues first challenge to Trump’s new travel ban

  66. Robert Spencer video: Why the State Department Swamp Is In Dire Need of Draining

  67. Hizballah’s Ongoing Threat to U.S. National Security

  68. Kafir Net: community organizing for counterjihad activists

  69. The Truth Behind Media’s New Favorite Euphemism: ‘Muslim-Majority Countries’

  70. UTT Throwback Thursday: Attacks on UTT Intensify, But Have Less Effect

  71. New York Cedes Ground in the Fight Against Terrorism

  72. Broken record: Dems spin 4 more reasons to impeach Trump

  73. Now it’s new Democratic Party vs. American worker

  74. Powell: Obama, Organizing for Action, and the Death Throes of the Democratic Party

  75. Rancher standoff trials ask: When is a ‘journalist’ an ‘occupier’?

  76. My speech to the Democratic National Committee

  77. US Deploys Marines In Syria to Fight ISIS

  78. Man arrested for breaking onto White House grounds

  79. New bill considers de-legitimizing Israel to be anti-Semitism

  80. South Carolina Takes First Step toward Banning Dismemberment Abortions

  81. Homeschoolers under attack by officials conducting unannounced visits

  82. Dozens of Unvaccinated Students Banned from Class

  83. Is Facebook Permitting Pedophilia and Child Porn on its Platform?

  84. Poll Finds College Students Less Tolerant Today Than 40 Years Ago

  85. Death by Education

  86. Previously Deported Illegal Busted With 200 Pounds of Meth

  87. BREAKING : This Weekend 4 Killed and 14 Wounded in “LIBERAL WAR ZONE” Chicago

  88. Chicago’s violent gangs looting freight cars filled with guns

  89. Woman Who Rigged Primary For Hillary Got ROASTED for Demanding Trump Investigation


  91. Media Bashes Trump for Firing Attorneys, But Went Silent When Obama Did the Same Thing in 2009

  92. KNOCKOUT! Hannity Destroys Coward Chaz Bono in Twitter War

  93. Scrubbed from textbooks: The U.S. government’s national experiment in extermination

  94. NASA heliophysicist admits they have already sprayed us with a mood-stabilizing drug

  95. Crazed Democrat Maxine Waters directly lies, claims Trump dossier sex acts “absolutely true”

  96. F.B.I. counterterrorism unit still investigating Trump Organization server for Russian connections: CNN

  97. Shock: Former intelligence officer claims anti-Clinton American intelligence operatives carried out DNC hack

  98. Roger Stone admits interactions with HACKER ‘Guccifer’ who gave DNC intel to Wikileaks

  99. Fox News freakout in White House press room

  100. Is The Left Trying To Start A Civil War?

  101. Obama lawyers moving fast against Trump


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  1. Israeli Defense Minister to Pence: ‘We Have True Friends in the White House’

  2. Top US General in Israel to Strengthen Ties with IDF

  3. IDF Uncovers Terror Cell that Ordered Weapon Parts Via the Internet

  4. Knesset Passes Law Barring Boycotters from Israel

  5. Israel Calls for Probe of UNRWA’s Ties to Hamas Terror

  6. Israel to Convene Anti-BDS Summit at UN

  7. BDS activist denied entry to Israel

  8. Netanyahu Flies to Moscow to Discuss Iran with Putin

  9. Judge orders Netanyahu to attend court hearing

  10. WATCH: IDF Destroys ISIS Base Near Syrian Border

  11. Israel’s Repeating Enemy: Ancient Haman and the Modern-Day Ayatollah

  12. Incredible Parallels Between the Purim Story and the Nazi Trials

  13. Secret Celebration: How Spanish Jews Kept Purim Under the Inquisition

  14. Ya’alon leaves Likud

  15. Likud MK: Re-arrest Jordanian terrorist

  16. Nails on the road, followed by shooting attacks on Israelis

  17. ‘Integrating women into combat is a colossal failure’

  18. Israeli Arabs protest ‘Muezzin Law’

  19. Skeletons of uniformed soldiers found in Jerusalem


  1. Arab League Prepares to Oppose Any Embassy Move to Jerusalem

  2. Twin Bombings in Damascus Kill at Least 40 Shi’ite Pilgrims

  3. Shin Bet Arrests Hezbollah Terrorist Who Planned Attacks in Israel

  4. Erdogan calls for sanctions on the Netherlands

  5. Watch: Murderer of 7 schoolgirls given hero’s welcome in Jordan

  6. The Amalek of today

  7. Mahmoud Abbas meets with terrorists

  8. Turkey and Holland fulminate as diplomatic crisis brews

  9. Iraqi Forces Retake Mosul Airport Runway from ISIS

  10. Russia, Turkey, Iran to press ahead with Syria talks in Astana: Kazakhstan

  11. ‘They were bombing randomly’: Mosul civilians doubt coalition’s careful targeting claims

  12. Teargas in West Bank as Palestinians decry death by Israeli forces working with local police (VIDEO)

  13. Lets kill all the people! At least 44 killed in Damascus bombing by radical Sunnis targeting Shi’ites

  14. President Assad calls U.S. forces in Syria “invaders”

  15. Blast in Afghan capital, killing at least one


  1. ‘Security breach’ probed after Theresa May’s travel diary found on train

  2. Brexit could be invoked within days as bill faces final parliamentary hurdle

  3. Leaving EU with no deal could leave Britain in worst trading position of rich nations – MPs

  4. Second Massive Anti-BDS Conference to Meet at UN

  5. ‘EU punishes Turkey for mending relations with Russia, NATO’s Enemy №1’

  6. For allies & foes alike, all roads lead to Moscow as Mideast’s main player

  7. United Nations Pushes “HeforShe” Dolls for Boys

  8. The West Submits To Blasphemy Laws

  9. The Future Of The European Union?

  10. Turkish politicians campaigning in EU make economic aid ‘extremely difficult’ – German minister

  11. European Parliament Votes to Censor Politically Incorrect Speech

  12. Dusseldorf axe attacker arrested, from “former Yugoslavia,” cops say mental illness, no terror motive

  13. Hugh Fitzgerald: Good News From France: “Hate Speech” Charges Dropped Against Georges Bensoussan

  14. Spain: Muslims call for marriage to Christian women to strengthen Islam

  15. Report: Homegrown Terrorism is Top Threat to UK

  16. British funding of incitement in Arab schools

  17. British Royal Family to end decades-long boycott of Israel

  18. Swiss Parliament’s National Council Votes to Defund BDS


  20. Swiss parliament votes to halt funds to anti-Semitic groups

  21. Hungary left and right maneuvre to oust ‘omnipotent’ Orban

  22. Turkish minister denied entry to Rotterdam consulate


  24. German police close down major shopping mall

  25. Five injured in axe attack in Germany

  26. German MPs call for troop withdrawal from Turkish airbase amid rally row

  27. German lawmakers call for withdrawal of troops from Turkey

  28. Czech Government Seeks Armed Citizenry to Fight Terror

  29. VIDEO : Watch Ungrateful Islamic “Refugees” RUDELY REFUSE Red Cross Food

  30. Forced marriage scandal: Hundreds of children among shock 17 PER CENT rise in UK

  31. “Europe will lose 100 million Christians. Islam will win.”

  32. EU Continues To Fund Indoctrination Of Hate At Palestinian Schools

  33. Sturgeon announces plan for 2nd Scottish independence referendum

  34. EU only hardened Russia with sanctions, now ‘we must talk’ – French presidential hopeful Fillon

  35. Fast-track Russian citizenship planned under new Duma bill

  36. More Russian emigrants return home, report disappointment with EU

  37. Supreme Court upholds first-ever ousting of MP for systematic slacking

  38. Serving as gov’t official disqualifies Mutko from council – FIFA

  39. Poland summons EU council head Donald Tusk to testify


  1. North Korea Fires 4 Banned Ballistic Missiles

  2. North Korea Admits Missile Launches Were Test of Possible Strike Against U.S. Bases in Japan

  3. US stations strike drones in South Korea to deter North

  4. It’s Official: Navy SEALs, F-35s & More To Simulate Taking Out North Korean Leadership, In South Korea

  5. The Government Of Japan Has Just Changed The Rules And Will Allow Shinzo Abe To Run For A Third Term

  6. Japan deploys helicopter carrier to South China Sea

  7. Japanese Lawmakers Want Preemptive Strike Capability

  8. Pakistan: High Court orders government to prevent “blasphemers” from leaving country

  9. 93% of women in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan experience sexual violence

  10. Islamic State Leader Baghdadi ‘Flees Mosul’ as Iraqi Forces Advance

  11. Iran: ‘Wicked Zionist’ Netanyahu Distorts Persian History, Has not Studied Torah

  12. Jordan Frees Soldier Who Killed 7 Israeli Children

  13. Moderate Muslim Spox: ‘Marriage isn’t the worst thing for rape victims’


  15. Turkey’s Erdogan says Netherlands acting like a ‘banana republic’

  16. China’s Xi pushes advanced technology for military

  17. South Korea’s Park criticized over defiance, faces calls for investigation

  18. US deploys drones in South Korea capable of striking North Korean targets

  19. China lawmakers add defaming Party heroes to civil code offences

  20. Global Leaders Rattle Their Sabers As World Tensions Rise

  21. Refugees surge into China as Myanmar ethnic border conflict escalates


  1. Next refugees for America: White South Africans?

  2. Ethiopian horror story! 300 dead thousands at life-threatening stage many mauled by wild animals as cholera epidemic sweeps region in just 72 hours

  3. More than 50 people a day dying from hunger in one region of Somalia as severe drought threatens millions:363,000 acutely malnourished children

  4. UN: World facing greatest humanitarian crisis since 1945 as famine threatens 20 million people in just four countries

  5. Another 25 refugees drowned crossing the Mediterranean: 181,000 refugees entered the EU through Libya and Italy last year 4,500 people died attempting the crossing

  6. Libyan strongman deployed Russian security near Benghazi


  1. Canada’s New Blasphemy Laws

  2. Canada pushes to legalize, expand abortion worldwide



  1. Economic Collapse – Lessons From Latin America


World Financial News Banner


  1. Keiser Report

  2. Boom Bust

  3. Trump aftershocks: Debt falls $68 billion since inauguration


  5. Five key reasons to pull plug on wind subsidies

  6. March 15: Another Debt Ceiling War Is Coming

  7. Debt-ceiling Charade Begins Again

  8. Friday’s Jobs Report Confirms Wednesday’s Blowout Numbers

  9. Phasing Out the Federal Reserve

  10. Bitcoin could hit $3,000 by the end of the year ?

  11. Samsung to Expand in United States, Bringing Back 500 Jobs From Mexico

  12. “Civil War” breaks out at White House over trade, Goldman is winning

  13. Expect a huge gold rally this spring

  14. Rickards: What the Fed’s next move means for gold

  15. Rickards: Here’s why gold will go to $10,000

  16. ‘Bond God’ Gundlach: The 30-year bull market in bonds will end this year

  17. Bill Bonner: This bubble will not prick itself…

  18. How to find the best offshore banks

  19. These charts show why stocks may surprisingly keep rising…

  20. Oil prices fall to three-month low as U.S. rig count climbs

  21. Another major warning sign for oil prices

  22. IEA: Huge Oil Price Spike Inevitable

  23. Millennial love for Snapchat extends to the stock

  24. Plan to hire refugees damaging Starbucks’ brand and sales – Credit Suisse

  25. The U.S. shale boom is coming to Alaska

  26. U.S. shale-oil production poised to hit highest level in about a year

  27. The common-sense secret to a 434% return

  28. Marc Faber: An ‘avalanche’ of selling is coming

  29. A new bill in Arizona challenges the Fed’s money monopoly

  30. Sjuggerud: It’s time to buy this breakout market today

  31. Staples and Office Depot to close a massive amount of stores in 2017

  32. Zales, Jared’s, and Kay to close 170 stores amid slow sales and fake diamond scandal

  33. Vera Bradley to close 15 stores after posting a disappointing fourth quarter

  34. Two iconic retailers forced to file for bankruptcy, hundreds of stores to close

  35. Radio Shack filing for BANKRUPTCY again…200 stores to close?

  36. HHGregg officially files for chapter 11 bankruptcy

  37. Sears reports a massive loss of $607 million…More stores to close?

  38. Clif High Warns Web bot, Bitcoin, & COMEX Are All SCREAMING HYPERINFLATION!

  39. More Bad News for the LBMA Silver Price…

  40. The Coming Great Wealth Transfer


  42. Gold And Silver: Legal Weapons Against The Deep State

  43. Silver Market Poised For BIG Reversal When Institutional Investors Move In

  44. Jim Willie Issues Warning On Seven Bowls Apocalypse: “HELL ON EARTH!”

  45. Gold Smuggling & Counter Party Risk in the Bullion Market

  46. Gold Miners Release VERY BULLISH Q4 Results

  47. “How to Become An International Gold Smuggler”: Bloomberg Goes Full Cover Story On Dealings of Largest US Gold Refiner

  48. Eric Sprott Breaks Down BRUTAL Week For Gold & Silver Prices

  49. Hedge Funds Are Taking On The Commercials! – Harvey Organ

  50. Intel buys driverless tech firm Mobileye for $15.3bn


  1. Euro firms to 1-month high after ECB rate hike talk, dollar drifts

  2. Iceland to end capital controls more than 8 years after banking crash

  3. EU risks spark investor appetite for sanctioned Russian bond market

  4. London Trader Andrew Maguire On Latest Gold & Silver Smash: “This Is The FINAL RINSE!”

  5. The Final Pillage: Greece to Surrender Gold, Real Estate, Utilities in Exchange for More Debt and Austerity


  1. Brazil Continues to Stagger as Economy Slows, Corruption Probe Expands

  2. This Region Of The World Is Being Hit By The Worst Economic Collapse It Has Ever Experienced


  1. Asian shares edge up but caution prevails ahead of Fed

  2. BOJ seen standing pat, may highlight disparity on growth and prices

  3. Toshiba Tec shares rise more than 6 percent on sale report


  1. Finance Minister: We’re about to lower taxes


Earth News Banner

  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. Real Time Seismicity

  3. USGS realtime Global Earthquakes Map

  4. Global Volcano Activity

  5. European – Mediterranen Quakes

  6. New Planets Raise Old Questions

  7. Sleepwalking Towards Armageddon: The Nightmare Continues Six Years Later While The Mainstream Media Remains Silent

  8. Fish leaking pus, covered in lesions, deformed along US West Coast — Fisherman: Nearly all fish caught affected; “I’ve never seen this… Some had pus all over body” — Official: So many are showing illness, environmental conditions could be a factor (PHOTOS)

  9. Ethiopian landslide kills 46, dozens more missing

  10. Could a Magnetic Shield Be the Answer to Creating a Suitable Atmosphere on Mars?

  11. How Did Mars Lose its Atmosphere?

  12. Scientists Observe the Most Detailed Black Hole Wind to Date

  13. The Hubble Shows How Asteroids and Comets are More Alike than We Realized

  14. If the Moon Were Destroyed What Would Happen to our Planet?

  15. NASA Just Released the First Images of the Trappist-1 System

  16. It’s Official: NASA is Heading to Our Solar System’s Ocean Worlds

  17. Physicists Suggest That Recently Found Cosmic Radio Bursts Are Evidence of Alien Life

  18. EPA Head Scott Pruitt Says CO2 Doesn’t Cause Global Warming

  19. A little later than expected but..A mag 6.5 strikes Papua New Guinea as massive coronal hole on the Sun begins to turn away from Earth

  20. Mexico’s majestic Popocatepetl volcano erupts ash water vapour and gas high into the sky yesterday afternoon

  21. Wall of water and sustained wind speeds of 195km/h hits northern Madagascar as “intense” tropical cyclone Enawo makes landfal: 220 mm (8.7 inches) rain per hour

  22. Another massive coronal hole turns and faces Earth: Huge coronal holes showing up with incredible regularity since last September

  23. Spectacular strange phenomenon! Lights appear in or around Mexican volcano caught on offical video spokseman claims “Balloons!”

  24. Barbarbunga volcano activity after ten quakes the largest being of magnitude 4.0, 3.9 and 3.3 has experts worried

  25. WINTER REVENGE: BLIZZARD WATCH, DC, NYC, BOSTON: Biggest and most impactful storm of the winter (record breaker) set to blast the North East!

  26. Massive die off of fish found in a lagoon in Cordoba, Spain! Experts blame heat wave and algae bloom

  27. Extreme winds wreak havoc in Newfoundland and Labrador

  28. Powerful eruption of Bezymianny volcano, Russia

  29. Comet Encke swings around the Sun as seen by solar observatory

  30. Early season tornado near Würzburg, Germany

  31. Westgate Park lake turns bright pink, Australia

  32. Massive sinkhole opens up in Auckland, New Zealand

  33. At least 16 sinkholes found near Johannesburg after heavy rains

  34. Barren Island eruption recorded using night vision

  35. JPL finds satellite lost in Moon’s orbit

  36. Huge new lava outbreak at Kilauea volcano, Hawaii


Technology News Banner

  1. DARPA’s Brain Chip Implants Could Be The Next Big Mental Health Breakthrough Or A Total Disaster

  2. Smart condo conundrum: Talk to appliances, or text them?

  3. Breakthrough for Science as MIT Researchers Create a New Form of Matter

  4. Can Specious Genetic Testing Motivate Real Behavior Change?

  5. The Ultimate Electric Mountain Bike is Here With the Trek Powerfly 8 FS Plus

  6. Super Fast Charging is Finally Here but at a Cost

  7. This supermarket is using food waste to power its delivery trucks

  8. Learn About The World With The Help Of This AR Globe

  9. We Can Officially Collect Solar Energy Without Solar Panels

  10. The Activation of Everything Will Optimize Your Entire World

  11. CRISPR Is Rapidly Ushering in a New Era in Science

  12. VR Lets You Drive Through Your Own Sandcastles

  13. Physicists: Time Crystals Exist, and We Can Create Them

  14. Tesla Unveils an Enormous Solar Farm to Replace 1.6M Gallons of Fuel a Year

  15. An AI Completed 360,000 Hours of Finance Work in Just Seconds

  16. This Is Flight in the World of Tomorrow

  17. Airbus Has Revealed Its Flying Car-Drone Hybrid

  18. Volkswagen’s Futuristic ‘Lounge on Wheels’ Drives Itself

  19. Five of the Most Futuristic Cars Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show


Petition News Banner


Last year, the federal agency – Housing and Urban Development (HUD) began enforcing the “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule,” (AFFH).

This was Barack Obama’s most radical assault on American private property rights and locally elected governments.

It’s actually worse than Obamacare!

The AFFH Rule is designed to destroy your property RIGHTS.

The AFFH Rule will destroy your property VALUES.

The AFFH Rule will destroy whole neighborhoods.

And the AFFH Rule will virtually erase the very concept of local rule by the people you have elected to run your city and county – overriding them through the dictates of federal agents.

Here are the facts.

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing requires EVERY community that applies for HUD grants to perform massive demographic analyses locally and regionally to determine if there are enough low income and minority people living in every neighborhood.

HUD will search the records of every person in each neighborhood for income levels, race, color, religion, national origin and much more.

If there aren’t enough of each category to satisfy HUD’s vague rules, HUD will claim that the community is in violation! Next, HUD will file law suits against the community to enforce its will. HUD is already doing this in many communities across the nation.

This is social engineering at its worst.

And HUD will demand such an assessment of every neighborhood every five years!

You will have no choice of the kind of neighborhood you wish to live in.

You will see your property values plummet. Your equity in the home you have worked so hard to create will be lost.

And even worse – AFFH is the total destruction of your locally elected government. Home rule in America will die under AFFH.

If you think AFFH will not apply to your community – you are wrong!

It won’t matter who you elect to city council or county commission. Even if you elect people who are opposed to AFFH and the HUD invasion.

HUD is already pouring over the last census reports to map out their strategy for your neighborhood.

In each step HUD maintains control.

And more…

As I’ve been warning you about Agenda 21 for over 20 years, nearly every community in the nation has already put together their comprehensive plans to impose Sustainable Development Smart Growth policy that controls development, energy use, water use, and enforces public transportation over your private use of your car.

In every one of those communities that have put these plans in place – they have taken HUD grants to pay for it.

Now my worst fears have become reality. The federal government, through AFFH, is becoming nothing less than a dictatorship. 

As I have issued my warning over the years, people laughed when I said Sustainable Development turned your communities into little Soviets? Well – here it is!

AFFH is redistribution of wealth.

AFFH is destruction of private property ownership.

AFFH is a top down dictatorship that destroys local control.

But let’s not beat around the bush. Let’s call AFFH what it really is!


Can it be stopped?


But you must take action today – right now!!!!

Here’s how.

Senator Mike Lee is a huge opponent of the AFFH Rule.

That’s why, as soon as the new 115th Congress began, he immediately introduced the “Local Zoning Decisions Protection Act” (S.103).

The Bill’s specific purpose is to defund AFFH and restore local home rule to your city council and county commission.

That’s why it’s URGENT that you sign the petition in support of Senator Lee’s S.103 Bill.

Support the Repeal and Replacement of Obamacare

Obamacare has led to higher costs and fewer health insurance options for millions of Americans. The 2010 healthcare law has brought the American people rising premiums, unaffordable deductibles, fewer insurance choices, and higher taxes.

President Donald J. Trump promised to repeal and replace this disaster, and that is exactly what he is working with Congress to achieve. Stand with him and support the repeal and replacement of Obamacare.


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John 8:28 “Then Jesus said to them, “When you lift up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am He, and that I do nothing of Myself; but as My Father taught Me, I speak these things.” ” (New King James Version)

He may have been talking to His disciples directly—and not to the crowds—when He said this. It was not until after Jesus died, was buried, and was resurrected that His disciples first believed—really believed! Later on, Peter and John ran pell-mell to the grave where Jesus had been interred. Peter goes in. He looks and sees everything there—except Jesus. John peers in the doorway, and the gospel says, “And then this disciple believed.” John was the first to believe. It took seeing the grave clothes folded up neatly in the sepulchre and no body of Jesus Christ in sight for him to finally get it. That act fulfills this little prophecy of Jesus’: “Then you will know.”

What momentous events they had just experienced—and they did not understand and believe. They did not really believe when He came into Jerusalem and was lauded by all the people, exactly fulfilling the prophecy of Zechariah. They did not see it when He gave the Last Supper, changing the symbols. They did not recognize it when one of their own betrayed Him with a kiss. He even gave the sop directly to Judas after John had asked Him, “Which one of these is it going to be?” He saw it go from Jesus’ hand to Judas’ hand or into his mouth. The fulfillment was just a few minutes away from His utterance, and they still did not believe! They still failed to see how it was all coming together.

Of course, there was the crucifixion. How many prophecies were fulfilled in the crucifixion, in His burial? And they still did not believe! The three days went by and still no belief. They had God-in-the-flesh leading them through all these prophecies, and they still did not get it—until that point when comprehension dawned on John.

It is arrogant and puffed up of us to think that we have prophecy figured out. In many cases, we do not have the mind even of the disciples. We do not have the teaching from the very mouth of God as the disciples had. Of course, they were not converted at the time. But if they could not get it, seeing these things happening right before their eyes, will we be able to see prophecy working out in our time any more clearly? Are we so much more advanced?

We can know the possibilities, but we cannot be certain of the exact progress and timing of prophetic events. Until the prophecy is fulfilled, we should not be dogmatic. We must always approach these things with humility. Because we are clay in the Potter’s hand, He gives us what we need to know. And, in many cases, what we think we need to know is not really “need to know” until after it has already happened. God has His own ways, and He is working out His purpose.

Richard T. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see: The Two Witnesses (Part 1)


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The Tabernacle – 3 by Brad Scott

The Ark

In our last lesson we established the fact that Israel was drawn by the grace of God and made the children of God by a blood covenant. Now YHVH is going to give them instructions. As I have said before, this is always God’s pattern. YHVH is now going to give His children instructions for life. He begins by giving them an earthly structure that will speak to us as well as them of heavenly things, specifically the Deliverer, the Messiah. He begins,

Shemot (Exodus) 25:1-2 And YHVH spoke unto Moses, saying, Speak unto the children of Israel, that they bring me an offering: of every man that gives it willingly with his heart ye shall take my offering.

There are several things we must point out here. YHVH speaks to His children to bring Him an offering. There are many kinds of offerings in Torah. This offering is the terumah or offering that is lifted up. This offering is referred to many times in the New Testament. Two good examples would be in Romans 11:16 and Yochanan (John) 12:32. The holiness of the first fruits in Romans is the first portion of the dough, which is literally lifted up and offered to God as a representation of the rest of the lump. When the first portion is deemed holy, then the rest of the lump, by identification, is also holy. Yeshua‘ also refers to himself as this offering in Yochanan 12:32 where he says, “And if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me.” Immediately, Yeshua‘ is hinted at in this earthly structure. The second comment is that this offering is to come from the heart, willingly. To give willingly or nadav means to do it in freedom. One of the cognates of this word means to flow from within. Remember that these children had been recently placed under God’s wings. True freedom comes from continuing in God’s words, not being released from them as is commonly taught. (See Yochanan 8:31-32.)

The next five verses of Shemot 25 are a synopsis of the materials that we will cover one at a time as they are solicited by God.

Shemot 25:8 And let them make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them.

The very structure that God is telling them to build from their heart is the very structure that He will become. This is why it is imperative that they build it according to all the pattern that God has shown Moshe. The word sanctuary is miqdash or a hallowed place. This word generally refers to the tabernacle itself and is derived from the word qodesh or holy. It was designed to be a place of separation and is also referred to simply as “the house of YHVH”. The temple at the time of the writing of the New Testament was also referred to as the Bet HaMikdash. It is commonly called simply “the house” and this is where the early Jewish disciples met on the feast of Shavu‘ot in Acts chapter two, not the upper room.

Shemot (Exodus) 25:9 According to all that I show you, after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the pattern of all the furnishings, thereof, even so shall you make it

God instructs them to make it according to the pattern. What pattern? I believe, as many do, that Moshe was shown the “real” tabernacle on the mount, and God instructed him to make it on earth as it is in heaven. The word pattern here is translated from the word tav’niyt. This word is translated as pattern, form, likeness, or figure. (Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 44:13, Yechezeq’el (Ezekiel) 10:8, Devariym (Deuteronomy) 4:16) It’s action or verbal root is banah, to build, or a building plan. Banah is also the root for son. A son is in the pattern or likeness of the father. I think you can see the connection here. God has a “plan” constructed in the heavenlies that is to be expressed or duplicated in the earth. It will be a picture of heavenly things, but particularly His Son. This is God’s ordained blueprint for understanding the purpose and nature of His coming Deliverer. This Deliverer is to be recognized and followed according to God’s pattern, not man’s evolving doctrines concerning the Messiah.

God is now going to give specific instructions for the construction of His dwelling place. He will begin where He has always desired to begin, and that is from the very heart of the mishkan or tabernacle. He will begin with the material for the ark, the place where His testimony will reside, the place of perfection and pure holiness. As it is with many translated words, the English word ark does not fully describe this piece of furniture. Perhaps to some it conjures up an image of Noah or Harrison Ford. To many it is simply a mysterious box or an irrelevant ritual of the dark, foggy, black and white past. In Hebrew, this word is ‘aron. We would think of it as a chest, for the verbal root of this word is ‘arah or gathering. In context here it will be the container or gathering place for the testimony or the word of God, to be eventually expressed in the tablets. ‘Aron is in the feminine gender and not by coincidence. The bearer of the “Word of God” is always in this gender, beginning with the seed of the woman in Bere’shiyt (Genesis) 3:15. The Word of God is pictured as a child in a womb, to be protected, kept, and nurtured. Five chapters earlier YHVH had given His people His word, and now He is giving instructions for a container for His words. It will be a pattern designed to show us where He will dwell. As we will see, there is to be only one vessel in the heart of the sanctuary, the ark. YHVH will design one vessel which is to teach, guide, and instruct His children, that which houses His eternal words. From God’s point of view this entire structure is constructed around His word. His word was, is, and will always be, the center of His will for man. This is the very reason that Yeshua‘ is first introduced to us by Yochanan as the “Word of God”. Again, the word will be housed for nine months in a feminine container called Miriam. He will be protected, kept, and nurtured there until this seed bursts forth from the ground for all to see, and once again the word of God will be in a tabernacle, a perfect tabernacle. The heavenly structure shown to Moshe by God will take upon flesh and shakan among us.

Shemot 25:10a And they shall make an ark of acacia wood.

The ark is to be made of ‘tzey shittiym or shittim wood. This word is sometimes translated as acacia wood, which may or may not be the same wood that Yeshua‘’s wreath of thorns were constructed from. It also was the thorny branches placed over the sheep pens at night and during the winter months that Yeshua‘ referred to in Yochanan 10:8-17. This tree grows very deep roots, draws nourishment from deep in the earth, and survives very well in dry ground. This tree is not an attractive tree such as a mighty oak or a giant redwood. In the Septuagint translation (Greek) of the Scriptures, shittim is translated as aphthartos or incorruptible.

So let’s summarize. This container for the word of God is to be made from a tree that has roots that grow from dry ground.

Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 53:2a For he shall grow up before him like a tender plant, and like a root out of a dry ground:

It is an unattractive tree.

Yesha’yahu 53:2b … he hath no form nor comeliness, and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.

This tree is translated as incorruptible.

Ivrim (Hebrews) 7:26 For such an high priest was fitting for us, who is holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens.

This shittim wood speaks of the Messiah’s perfect humanity. This wood was touched with all that nature could throw against it, as it was, and is, with all trees, yet remained undefiled and incorruptible. Why? Because it housed the word of God. See you next week.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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The Lord Bless You And Keep You (Aaronic Blessing)


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