News You May Not Have Heard About — 12/28/2016

News You May Not Have Heard About

(The information below is not meant to scare you but to inform you.)

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  2. FedEx Gives NRA Discount… Liberals Across Country Freak Out

  3. WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? Obama’s EPA BUSTED Deleting 3 Million Official Text Messages


  5. Obama Enrages Israel On Way Out The Door – Refuses To Veto U.N. Vote

  6. Obama enrages Israel on way out the door

  7. Senator Ted Cruz Releases Statement on Obama’s Betrayal of Israel

  8. Obama Quietly Signs ‘Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act’ Creating A U.S. ‘Ministry Of Truth’

  9. Using Holidays As A Distraction, Obama Just Signed NDAA “Propaganda” Provision To Destroy Free Press

  10. Obama Administration Secretly Worked With Palestinians To Craft Anti-Israel Resolution At UN

  11. Obama failed to unify nation, now more divided than ever


  13. Obama administration is close to announcing measures to punish Russia for election interference


  15. While Americans Were Celebrating The Christmas Holidays OBAMA Was Busy Working Against Us, Infuriating China Over Taiwan, And Further Arming Of Syrian Rebels Leading Russia To Declare It As A Hostile Act!

  16. Obama Circumvents Constitution with ‘Signing Statements’ after Blasting Bush

  17. Assange: Clinton did herself in, not WikiLeaks

  18. Meet the Dems who want to abolish the Electoral College

  19. The new Congress: Housekeeping, then right to Obamacare repeal

  20. Trump’s ‘landslide’: 2,623 to 489 among U.S. counties

  21. New EPA head appointed by Trump may finally begin dismantling the EPA’s overbearing, totalitarian ‘authority’

  22. Under scrutiny, Trump decides to dissolve his foundation

  23. Trump to Fill More Than 100 Judicial Vacancies, Reshape Courts

  24. BREAKING : Trump Warns the United Nations “Things Will be Different Soon”

  25. BREAKING: Trump Defeats U.N., Global Gov’t Backs Off After 1 Warning He Sent


  27. Byron York: For Trump, defense hawk, budget hawk could be winning combination

  28. Gingrich praises Trump’s vow to expand US nukes

  29. Trump nixes pet projects of liberal and conservative elites

  30. Trump acting like he’s president — and having more impact than Obama

  31. Trump Faces Threats Much Greater Than Assassination! Especially More Dangerous to the American Republic!

  32. Donald Trump Accuses NBC of Purposely Misquoting His Comments about Nukes (NOTE: Here we go. One of the main stream media networds spreading false/fake news.)

  33. A Proposed Trump Doctrine Against Islamic Supremacism

  34. FBI releases Weiner search warrant

  35. Here’s How The Government Is Working To Erode Constitutional Privacy Protections

  36. US Govt Now Asking Travelers For Facebook And Twitter Profiles To Feed Surveillance State


  38. US Customs Asking Visa Travelers for Social Media Accounts Before Entry


  40. Judge now holds fate of Obama’s mandatory transgender treatment for kids


  42. Leonardo DiCaprio meets with Trump in bid to boost jobs in green energy

  43. Microchiping Fears Force Changes To Bill That Allows Tracking People

  44. System that produced German terror thrives in U.S.

  45. Are You Ready for It? It’s Coming Ready or Not! The Trigger Event—Dave Hodges Bombshell

  46. FAKE NEWS: Media Hysteria Over Irrelevant Fake Websites Masks More Sinister Agenda

  47. Facebook ‘fake news’ checker embroiled in scandal

  48. Zuckerberg Announces Facebook Will Now Begin Censoring Stories They Feel Constitute ‘Fake News’


  50. Facebook Fact Checkers – New Arbiters of Truth All Lean Left

  51. FAKE NEWS FALLOUT: New York Times Vacates 8 Floors In Manhattan Headquarters As Revenues Plummet

  52. What They’re NOT Telling You About Fake News (Video: 8:26 minutes long.)

  53. New Yorkers: ISIS threats are ‘fake news’ (NOTE: The fake news the media has been spewing out for some time now has successfully “conditioned” the masses to “not” believe when a “real” threat is upon us. The results will be destruction of all who do not take the warning seriously.)


  55. Public Schools Teaching Kids That Terrorism Is Christianity’s Fault!

  56. The Dawn of Hope

  57. Austin Mayor, Feds Colluded as Texas Gov. Sued to Keep Syrian Refugees Out

  58. Albuquerque Police Department to start manufacturing crack cocaine so they can arrest the people they sell it to

  59. California shakedown: Flood private land, claim ownership

  60. Arizona Man Plans “Christmas Massacre” in the Name of ISIS

  61. CBS Reveals The True Origin of ISIS

  62. Massive SURGE of Illegals at Border Claiming They Want to “GET IN” Before Trump Takes Office

  63. VIDEO : Bill O’Reilly Exposes the Real Reason Dems Want to Abolish the Electoral College

  64. Social Security Issues Final Rules Removing Beneficiaries’ Gun Rights

  65. ‘FAKE’ OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE WAS ‘INSIDE JOB’ (NOTE: Once Obama is out of the White House and President Donald Trump has moved in, we need to have an investigation done to find all the guilty parties who took part in this scam and have them tried as traitors. They have permitted a non-qualified person, Obama, to get into the White House. This is an act of treason.)

  66. Investigator: Hawaii never verified Obama birth-certificate image

  67. Another Kirby Epic Fail! Caleb Maupin Rips State Dept Propaganda To Shreds At Press Conference

  68. The tribal war over property gifted to banned Indian chief

  69. Philadelphia cafe has a ‘pay-what-you-can’ payment system for the poor


  71. Feds’ secret ‘Super Search Engine’ about to be not so secret?

  72. Education Author Exposes Environmentalist Movement’s Agenda

  73. Walmart Pulls Black Lives Matter T-shirts After Police Union Objections

  74. Culture Wars: Colleges Abandon Open Debate to Create Leftist “Safe Spaces”

  75. Court Rules Police Can Legally Execute Your Dog If It Does Anything But Sit Silently

  76. America Has Unofficially Declared War On The Homeless

  77. The Real Reason The West Is Pushing War With Russia

  78. 4 Indications That 2017 Could Be A Year Of Transition And Trouble

  79. Military aircraft over NYC were part of training exercise

  80. Rachel Freier becomes official US judge




  84. WATCH: Anti-Israel vote reignites push for US to leave UN

  85. Report: Number of Refugee Arrivals Double at Start of Fiscal Year 2017

  86. Ohio Muslim shoots daughter 3 times in head, claims ‘accident’

  87. Newspaper bleeds: Not forgiven for endorsing Hillary

  88. Hillary Negotiating Secret Pardon With Obama’s White House Counsel Who Previously Worked for Clinton Family & White House (NOTE: This should speak volumes to everyone. What Hillary is saying is she is guilty and she knows it. She is working hard to get her “get out of jail/prison” free card before President Donald Trump comes into office. Let us pray that her efforts will not be successful. Both Bill and Hillary are guilty and they both need to stand trial.)

  89. How North Korea and the Obama regime both use the same mind control techniques against their citizens (video)

  90. Hell just froze over: the New York Times runs an article saying Zionism is racist

  91. Can Laws the Globalist Made Be Used to take Down New World Order’s Treasonous Subversives Under a Trump Administration?

  92. It is time Take Down the Anti American Subversives trying to Destroy The Republic

  93. Harry Reid: Dems 2020 field looks like an ‘old folks home’

  94. US Funding for Afghan Spies Subsidize Abusive Militia Factions

  95. MOCKINGBIRD: The Subversion Of The Free Press By The CIA

  96. How the Crackdown on Patriots Will Occur: “Dissent Will Become Unthinkable”


  98. Executive ISLAMIST board member of the CA Democratic Party cheering the horrible death in the russian plane crash, wishing more died

  99. America’s Top Climate Change Expert Sentenced To Jail For Fraud (NOTE: If they do this with this person, why not do it to all the major networks? What is good for one should be good for all.)


  101. Mark Tapson Video: How the Left’s War on Masculinity Weakens Us Against Jihad

  102. San Francisco’s de Young Museum to hold big fashion extravaganza: “The Fashion of Islam”

  103. Man In Texas Butchers His Own Wife, Takes His Own Child And Slits The Infant’s Throat, When The Cops Catch Him He Has No Emotions

  104. Report: US vice-president told Ukraine to vote against Israel at UN


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  1. Concerns for Queen’s health after she delays annual break at Sandringham

  2. Turkey Announces Proof U.S. is Supporting ISIS

  3. ISIS “Successfully Weaponizing Refugees” Warns Intel Agencies Following 112 U.S. Arrests

  4. Syrian War Report – December 26, 2016: Syrian Army’s Advance In Southern Aleppo

  5. Breaking: Al Qaeda Rebels Surrender to Syrian Army in Southern Syria

  6. Iranian commander threatens Israel In wake of Aleppo victory


  8. British Generals and Military Advisers in Syria to Recruit Retreating Aleppo Terrorists

  9. Israeli youth collect winter supplies for Syrian children

  10. Israel fears Obama will strike again

  11. WATCH: Israel has ‘Ironclad Information’ that US Helped Craft Anti-Israel UN Resolution

  12. Israel Takes Retaliatory Action Against Countries that Voted in Favor of Anti-Israel UN Resolution

  13. President Duterte Wants To ‘Burn Down’ UN (NOTE: He has my vote on burning down the UN. America needs to stop feeding this worthless beast.)

  14. Mystery Surrounds NATO Auditor General’s Suspicious Death

  15. German government officials get ‘safer’ vaccines

  16. German minister: “We are in a state of war”

  17. Israel to Spray Pesticides Along Gaza Border

  18. North Koreans are studying nuclear physics in Japan, say human rights activists

  19. South Korean Ruling Party Splits over Impeached President

  20. Police search office of terror-aiding Arab Knesset member

  21. Turkey beefs up military presence near Syria border

  22. Fatah official calls for escalation of ‘popular struggle’

  23. Fatah thanks UN members for giving it ‘permission’ to kill Jews

  24. More “Fake News” Photos “From Aleppo” Proven False, Poorly Executed Propaganda

  25. Ukraine rebels agree to new indefinite truce

  26. Berlin Plans ‘Center Of Defense Against Fake News’ Ahead Of Elections

  27. ACHTUNG: Germany Creates ‘Fake News’ Prosecution Board To Try And Keep Merkel In Power

  28. Mexican Ambassador To Immigrants: Apply For US Citizenship

  29. NATO Auditor Investigating Terrorism Funding Found Dead, Family Disputes It Was Suicide

  30. Recent tragic plane crashes in Russia (PHOTOS)

  31. Fragments of Russian plane found in Black Sea

  32. Putin: Russia must strengthen its nuclear arms

  33. European court deals blow to controversial UK surveillance law

  34. EU top dog: Best way to fight jihad terror is with open borders

  35. UK: 60 children per week sent to government ‘counter-terrorism’ program

  36. Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem a ‘Great Step Forward’ for Peace, Ambassador Dermer Says

  37. Chinese Carrier Enters South China Sea amid Renewed Tension

  38. China lodges protest over Taiwan content in U.S. defense bill

  39. China Plans to Land Probes on Far side of Moon, Mars by 2020

  40. Israel’s Delek Drilling, Avner Oil approve merger

  41. PM Netanyahu: Israel will overcome shameful Security Council resolution

  42. WATCH: UN’s Anti-Israel Vote is a ‘Victory for Terror’

  43. Hot Off The Press – Britain Pulled the Strings Behind Anti Settlement Resolution

  44. Dutch leader tells Israel to ‘ignore UN and continue building’

  45. Arabs see UN resolution as step towards destruction of Israel

  46. US Abandons Jewish State, Allows Anti-Israel UN Resolution to Pass

  47. Thousands of homes to be built in Jerusalem despite UN vote

  48. Pakistani Defense Minister threatens to nuke Israel

  49. ‘Fake news’ sparks nuclear threat between Pakistan & Israel

  50. Scorned by Obama, Israel Forges Beneficial Ties with Russia

  51. Knesset panel votes to strip terror-aiding MK of parliamentary immunity

  52. Low chances of war in 2017, IDF estimates

  53. German police offer reward for lead in search for Christmas market terrorist

  54. UN: Iran set to violate nuclear deal

  55. UN Lavishes Praise on Brutal Mass Murderer

  56. Nuclear program in better condition than ever, Iranian atomic expert says

  57. Report: ISIS in Sinai choking Gaza-based Hamas

  58. BREAKING: Plane With 118 Passengers Reported Hijacked… Threats to Blow up Plane

  59. EXPLOSIVE: Fireworks Market Goes Up, Dozens Injured, Some Dead [VIDEO]

  60. Pakistani Airline Workers Sacrifice Goat Next to Plane

  61. Thirteen killed in Mexican wave of drug violence

  62. Post-Fidel Cuba — Is the New Boss Just Like the Old Boss?

  63. Australian Terrorist Attack Foiled by Police

  64. Four Hundred Police Officers Ambush Muslim Terrorists In Australia Who Were Planning On Slaughtering Christians On Christmas Day

  65. ‘We Will Not Let You Muslims Destroy The Cultural Identity Of Europe’ Slovakian PM Robert Fico Doubles Down Against Islam After Terrorist Attacks

  66. ‘British universities becoming no-go zones for Jewish students’

  67. New Zealand Jewish community wants Israeli embassy to stay open


  69. Israel Urges Jews To Leave France, Suspends “Working Ties” With Countries That Voted For UN Resolution

  70. UK: Voter ID Passed to Combat Epidemic of Vote Fraud in Muslim Cities

  71. SWEDISH SCHOOLS collapsing in violence, sexual harassment of young children, and charges of ‘not being Muslim enough’

  72. Saudi Arabia: Man jailed, fined $8,000 for calling for an end to male control over women

  73. Archbishop of Vienna: Muslim migrant crisis “goes well beyond our capacity and ability…our country is worried”

  74. Palestinian “Santa Clauses” throw rocks at Israeli soldiers in Bethlehem

  75. Major Political Organizations Are Working To Get Governments To Slaughter Migrants In Europe

  76. India to Build Immense Statue, Twice the Size of the Statue of Liberty, of Medieval King Shivaji

  77. ‘Near-Euphoric’ PA Says UN Resolution Enables Anti-Israel Activity


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  1. It’s A Wonderful Lie — 100 Years of the Federal Reserve


  3. Keiser Report

  4. Boom Bust

  5. US Government Used $100 Million Of The Tax Payer’s Money To Spy On The Same Tax Payers (NOTE: More wasteful spending. These people need to be held accountable.)

  6. USA Gives $10.4 Million Per Day To Israel, A Country With Just Over 8 Million People

  7. When Assets (Such as Real Estate) Become Liabilities

  8. Yardeni: Trump Tax Cuts Could Boost Earnings by 20 Percent Next Year

  9. Democrats Plotting ‘Collision Course’ With Trump’s Tax Plan

  10. Goldman Sachs Caught Manipulating US Dollar — No One Arrested, Slap On Wrist Instead

  11. Sjuggerud: Why we could see LOWER interest rates in early 2017

  12. EURO ON THE BRINK: Investors predict currency COLLAPSE as Italy ‘worry child number one’

  13. REVEALED: Britain’s £1.1TRILLION liability in the EU and why we must get out NOW

  14. John Williams: The federal government’s fake news

  15. Trump’s ‘dream team’ is great news for these investments

  16. Three tax reforms Trump can push to help the ‘Forgotten Man’

  17. The coming financial bubble nobody is talking about

  18. Rickards: The ‘Axis of Gold’ is launching an attack on the U.S. dollar

  19. Tom Dyson: The dollar is headed (much) higher… Here are a few ways to profit

  20. Bill Bonner: The Fed’s ‘debt monster’ is calling the shots

  21. Oil prices could soar to $70 in 2017, based on history

  22. The global War on Cash claims its latest casualty…

  23. Resource expert: Time to look at these uranium stocks

  24. New Study Reveals The True State of the Economy, and We Are in BIG Trouble

  25. Percentage of Young Americans Living With Parents Rises to 75-Year High

  26. Debt collapse ‘perfect storm’ shaping up that will almost instantly wipe out pension funds nationwide

  27. Ukraine in Full-Blown Collapse: Deep-seated Economic, Social Crisis and Environmental Crisis

  28. Car dealers close as Ford, GM, Chrysler keep cutting

  29. New Study Shows 95 Percent of all NEW JOBS During Obama Reign Were Part-Time or Contract

  30. SHOCK STATISTIC : Obama’s So Called “Job Creation” Proven a Total Fraud

  31. THE TRUMP EFFECT : China Tycoon Moves Jobs to US, Citing High Taxes at Home

  32. Trump Meets With Lockheed CEO About F-35 Cost, Then Asks Boeing to Price Comparable F-18

  33. Dollar dips vs. yen after U.S. yields pull away from highs

  34. Iran says it sealed Boeing plane deal at half price

  35. Japanese Investment in Florida Satellite Company May Create 3,000 Jobs

  36. Bank of Israel to keep interest rates at 0.1%

  37. China’s Growth ‘Reassuring’ for ‘Weak and Vulnerable’ Global Economy: Xinhua

  38. How One Huge American Retailer Ignored the Internet and Won

  39. Washington state suing Monsanto over toxic pollution from PCBs

  40. Chinese Interbank Funding Freezes Again As Overnight Repo Hits 33%

  41. ECB Lowers Deutsche Bank’s Capital Requirements, Allowing It To Pay Bonuses


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  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. Real Time Seismicity

  3. USGS realtime Global Earthquakes Map

  4. Global Volcano Activity

  5. European – Mediterranen Quakes

  6. Molten iron river discovered speeding beneath Russia and Canada

  7. Dwarf planet Ceres is flush with ice, Nasa studies show

  8. Major quake jolts Chile tourist region on Christmas Day

  9. ASIA BIRD FLU EPIDEMIC – S. Korea, Japan & China Culling Millions of Birds Due To H5N6 & H7N9 Virus

  10. Incredible Earth Pics Snapped From Space Station In 2016 | Video

  11. Ammonia Detected in Earth’s Atmosphere for First Time

  12. Obama Bans Arctic Drilling Ahead of Trump Inauguration

  13. Winter Solstice: The Science of the Shortest Day of 2016

  14. Seafloor Robot Breaks World Record While Collecting Climate Data

  15. Secrecy and Mysteries Challenge the Official History of Antarctica

  16. Powerful typhoon Nock-Ten hits Philippines – 220,000 people evacuated

  17. Destructive M7.7 earthquake hits Chile prompting tsunami threat – No victims

  18. 13 different volcanoes are currently erupting – And it’s not near to an end

  19. Giant fire ravages 40,000 square meters and over 150 houses in Itoigawa, Japan (video)

  20. Nothing better than an Old Faithful Geyser eruption on Winter Solstice at Yellowstone

  21. Mother Nature forms snow rollers in Canada (video)

  22. Anomalous snow storm in northern Saudi Arabia blankets desert in white

  23. First snow covers destroyed Aleppo, Syria (video)

  24. Mysterious Sonic Booms Are Being Heard on the Moon


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  1. Antimatter atom trapped and measured with a laser for first time

  2. Augmented reality set to overtake VR as new apps go live

  3. Future air conditioning could work by beaming heat into space

  4. You Might Soon Use Your Face to Pay Bills

  5. First babies from menopausal mothers’ own eggs may be born soon

  6. Energy Harvesting Pavements Could Be Coming to A Street Near You

  7. Techies Are Responsible for Breakthroughs in Cancer Treatments

  8. Meet ChainFORM – the Multifunctional, Build-Your-Own Robot

  9. Spinach Could Be the Key to Producing Efficient Renewable Energy

  10. The World of Prosthetics Gets Even More Incredible With Help from 3D Printing

  11. Tracking Diabetic Health With This Smart Sock Can Save Your Feet

  12. These Wearables Detect Health Problems Rather than Showing Simply Health Data

  13. No More Flat Tires – Flat Free Bikes Are Here

  14. A 360-Degree Camera That’s Affordable and Compatible with Android

  15. Apple Takes the Biscuit With New Smart Collar for Dogs

  16. Injecting Hydrogen into Existing Gas Pipelines Could Solve Renewable Energy’s Biggest Problem

  17. UK Look to Adopt Policy That Allows the Creation of Babies Using Three People’s DNA

  18. Israeli VR program to help the paralyzed

  19. New Flying Robots Take Cues From Airborne Animals


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ACT NOW! Urge Your Senators to Cut Funding to UN

While the Obama administration abandoned Israel at the UN, several US senators are rallying in support of Israel in the wake of the UN Security Council’s anti-Israel resolution. Urge them to act on their words!

Several US senators are calling for a reassessment of US aid to the United Nations in the wake of an anti-Israel resolution endorsed by the UN Security Council on Friday.

The anti-Israel resolution states that Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria, “occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem,” have “no legal validity.” It demands a halt to “all Israeli settlement activities,” saying this “is essential for salvaging the two-state solution.”

Instead of casting a veto to support Israel, as is traditional US policy, US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power abstained, allowing the Council to approve the resolution in a 14-0 vote.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) threatened to campaign for a bipartisan consensus in Congress that would punish those who pushed for the resolution with a cut in US aid— as well as the UN itself, which relies on generous congressional appropriations.

Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) Tom Cotton (R-AK) and James Lankford (R-OK) signaled support for Graham’s initiative.

Likewise, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) called on the US to withhold funding to the UN until it reverses the resolution.

American funding accounts for 22 percent of the UN budget.

Israel has already announced it is cutting at least NIS 30 million in funding to several UN bodies.

We must urge our senators to take action against the United Nations and curb its anti-Israel, and at times anti-Semitic, stances and resolutions.

Tell National Geographic Gender Ideology Harms Children

National Geographic is wrongly using a nine-year-old boy to aggressively push gender ideology to children as a new social norm.

Please sign our petition telling editors of the magazine to retract and to stop pushing fake science. Gender ideology is not only a fallacy but harmful to children and considered child abuse by leading experts!

Gender ideology maintains the belief that being male and female are social and cultural constructs completely unrelated to someone’s biological sex. Biological males can maintain the belief they are female and the opposite for biological females.

This fallacy is being pushed in the liberal agenda to children as young as three-years-old.

National Geographic is a non-peer-reviewed journal. Articles do not undergo any type of academic scrutiny.

Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief of National Geographic Magazine claims: The male and female genetic markers “XY” or “XX” “don’t tell the full truth” and calls for a “gender revolution.”

Sign our petition demanding Susan Goldberg stop pushing her liberal lies to children.

What do the leading experts think?

On August 17, 2016, the American College of Pediatricians issued a statement saying “gender Ideology harms children,” and “urges educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts – not ideology – determine reality.” In their statement, they go on to say “a person’s belief that he or she is something they are not is, at best, a sign of confused thinking.”

These statements are supported by three leading medical doctors in the field, including Paul McHugh, M.D., University Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School and the former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The statement goes on to say “Conditioning children into believing that a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse.”

Demand National Geographic stop!

Abortion without Consent, Baby Parts Left to Decompose – Shocking Report Reveals How Marie Stopes Continues to Fail Women

In August of this year, a number of Marie Stopes International (MSI) abortion centre were unexpectedly forced to shut down a number of their abortion services. Earlier this week, the Care Quality Commission released their report with details of why they shut down these services. What the report reveals is truly shocking and shows MSI’s total disregard for the health and safety of the women who use their services.

The report details:

  • that MSI were experimenting with a new kind of abortion procedure – simultaneous administration of two abortifacients – without notification of the potentially dangerous risks to patients.
  • that MSI attempted to perform an abortion on a woman with learning impairments without her informed consent. As the Report states, “Consent to treatment for this patient was not carried out in a way [she] could understand and we observed the situation was poorly and insensitively handled by doctors”.
  • that MSI “[s]taff had no training in respect of female genital mutilation or child sexual exploitation, putting these patients at risk of further abuse”.
  • that at MSI centres there was “bulk signing” of HSA1 forms (forms required to be signed by two doctors), which could enable illegal abortions (e.g. sex-selective abortions). In the case of medical abortions, it was found that 95% of HSA1 forms had been pre-signed.
  • Staff had limited training in resuscitation. Unplanned simulation drills were poorly attended and staff in attendance rarely knew what the correct actions were.”
  • in MSI Norwich (p. 14), “multiple surgical termination products were left in a single open hazardous waste bin in a sluice room next to theatres for the whole day”. In other words, MSI left the corpses of aborted babies to decompose in the next room.

In short, MSI have shown total contempt for the law by flouting it in this way, and even more shockingly, they are apparently not especially concerned with the safety of women who go to their centres , as they not only failed to inform them about possible dangerous drugs they were being given, but even went so far as to take advantage of a woman with learning difficulties who was unable to understand and give consent to treatment.

This is only a small selection of some of the most shocking failures of MSI. If you want to know the rest, read the report for yourself.

The CQC temporarily suspended services at a number of centres but following some changes, these are now up and running again.

It is important in the interests of the safety of women that two things happen:

1. Independent abortion centres must comply with the Abortion Act’s regulations, the Health and Social Care Act and Required Standard Operating Procedures to receive approval from the Secretary of State. It is only right therefore that those which fail to adhere to these regulations have their approval removed, in order to protect women.

2. Marie Stopes International must be held accountable for the negligent actions which put the safety and lives of women at risk. The management must be held accountable as well as individuals. It is essential therefore that you do all in your power to ensure that appropriate disciplinary action is taken.

Sign this petition to Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health and Innovation, Nicola Blackwood asking them to ensure that MSI are held accountable and women are protected.

Just in time for Christmas: Romanian women and children are NOT for sale!

As Christmas and the end of the year approach, this is a good time for reflection on the problems of prostitution and human trafficking in Romania.

These are problems of staggering proportions in Romania, and leave a wasteland of personal and societal devastation.

Therefore, this petition is calling on the new PSD-led Coalition Government to reconsider the decriminalisation of prostitution, which occurred in 2014. And, we also call on the new Government to consider criminalising the purchase of sex, as well.

By downgrading the offence of prostitution from a criminal act to a civil act in the Romanian Civil Code, the Romanian Government, in effect, made it easier for pimps to operate…and, made human trafficking more likely.

Indeed, new studies have shown that human trafficking is more prevalent in countries which decriminalise, or legalise and regulate, prostitution. And, if the women simply have to pay a fine for breaking the statute, it is much easier for their pimps or traffickers to keep them on the streets.

Also, at the same time as the offence of prostitution was downgraded, the Civil Code was also amended to lessen the punishment given to pimps and human traffickers, from 5-15 years imprisonment, instead, to 3-10 years.

Taken together, these changes have only served to embolden pimps and human traffickers.

A Eurostat Report on human trafficking (please see below), released in 2015, states that Romania is proportionally the second-worst Member State of the EU for this problem (behind only Bulgaria), but actually has the highest number of registered victims in the whole of the EU.

During the period studied:

  • 80% of human trafficking victims were women, and of those, 95% were trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation.
  • Over 1,000 children were victims of human trafficking in the EU as a whole.
  • 65% of registered victims were citizens of EU Member States.
  • And, in Romania, slightly more than half of those victims were Romanian citizens.

This means that prostitution and human trafficking are taking a real human toll on Romanian society, especially among young girls and women living in the poorer regions of the country. Indeed, there are huge number of Romanian girls and women who end up on the streets of Bucharest, having been trafficked.

This is a deplorable state of affairs, and the government response, to-date, has been lacking.

Prostitution is not a “job”. Yes, prostitution pays, but prostitutes are constantly subject to violence, to acquiring STDs or HIV/AIDS, and to having their dignity, as human beings, degraded. More often than not, it is a matter of exploitation and “forced labour” – whether by real, physical coercion, or by some other type of coercion, which can include economic hardship, or even emotional blackmailing.

And, “sex tourism” is neither healthy for the individual, nor society. It is fundamentally degrading of the human person, and can also tear apart the fabric of family life.

Therefore, not only should prostitution be re-criminalised and prison sentences for pimps and human traffickers lengthened, but the purchase of sex should also be criminalised (e.g., according to the “Nordic model”).

After the introduction of such a law in Norway (i.e., criminalising the purchase of sex), both street and internet prostitution decreased, AND, human trafficking, for the purposes of sexual exploitation, also declined.

Of course, we do not wish to add to the suffering of prostitutes. And, as such, we would propose that first-and-second-time offenders be sentenced to either enter a work-training programme, finish their secondary education, or pursue third-level studies – and, be helped by the state (financially, if necessary) to do so.

As a society, we need to demonstrate that we are not willing to accept prostitution and human trafficking as a way of life, and, at the same time, we must be willing to actually help address this situation, by providing real, life-affirming solutions to the people involved.

Thank you for signing this petition, and thank you for standing up for the human person.

Stand with Rapper Nick Cannon: “Planned Parenthood is Modern-Day Eugenics”

Popular rapper, actor, comedian, and television personality Nick Cannon has recently voiced his strong opposition to the evil of Planned Parenthood. Cannon stated that Planned Parenthood is performing modern day eugenics against black Americans.

Please join us in affirming Cannon and thanking him for his boldness in speaking the truth.

In the current cultural climate, it can be politically dangerous to oppose the abortion industry—or for that matter, to oppose unlimited, unrestricted sex without consequences. As we recently reported, reality TV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines have come under fire for holding Christian beliefs on marriage.

In the face of so much cultural opposition, we must stand up and affirm those who are courageous enough to speak the truth about abortion. Cannon has stated that he believes Planned Parenthood is performing a “real genocide” against black Americans.

He’s right.

According to the CDC, although black women only make up six percent of the population, 35 percent of abortions are performed on black women.

“It’s modern day eugenics. It’s population control,” said Cannon.

This is no surprise; it’s what Planned Parenthood was founded to do in the first place. Founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger proposed the “Negro Project” in 1939 to cut down the growth of minority communities. She stated, “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” Sanger was a vile, wicked woman who should not be commended for her actions and words.

But instead of seeing Sanger for who she was—an elitist racist with no regard for the sanctity of life—many members of society laud her as a hero.

It’s true that many abortion-supporters today don’t consider themselves to be racist. But they must wake up to the fact that they support an organization and a practice that has been extremely racist in effect and is detrimental to all human persons!

Let’s praise and support Cannon’s courageous condemnation of Planned Parenthood! He has said that he will use his “platform [as an artist] to tell the truth at the end of the day.” Let’s thank him for taking a stand for the truth, and let’s work every day to cultivate a culture of life in our neighborhoods.


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Obadiah 1:10 “For violence against your brother Jacob, Shame shall cover you, And you shall be cut off forever.” (New King James Version)

Leviticus 19:17, “You shall not hate your brother in your heart,” succinctly describes the fundamental flaw in Edom, hatred. Edom’s hatred is the primary consequence of her pride. Because he always felt that he should have been the master and received his father’s wealth and blessings, Esau nursed his wounded feelings of superiority, and it boiled over into hatred of his brother. This flaw became a prime feature of Edomite character.

Hatred against a brother can lead a person to terrible acts, most often underhanded ones. In the case of the Edomites, their vile attitudes first manifested themselves in such things as gloating and rejoicing over Israel’s catastrophes, and led to actions such as pillaging, selling into slavery, and taking the other’s territory when Israel and Judah were weak.

God encapsulates the reason for His terrible judgment against Edom into a single word: “violence.” In Hebrew, this word is chamas, believe it or not, so strikingly similar to the name of the Palestinian terrorist organization, Hamas. In actuality, Hamas is an acronym for Harakat al-Muqawima al-Islamiyya, the Islamic Resistance Movement. Along with Hezbollah, it has been Israel’s chief enemy for many years. It is difficult to see this as a mere coincidence.

Could this be a scriptural clue as to the modern-day identity of Edom or perhaps Amalek? The details revealed in Obadiah support such a conclusion. A survey of recent Middle East history shows how Hamas has set itself against the Jews; no other group bears such vehement hatred for them. Even though it has secured political power in Palestine, it will not renounce its perpetual hatred against the state of Israel – not even to become a viable player on the world stage. Members of Hamas simply want to annihilate Israel.

Chamas suggests immoral, cruel violence, going hand-in-hand with “slaughter” in the previous verse. The two words are undoubtedly linked. Edom will be cut off with the same slaughter and in the same manner by which she treated Israel: with violence, with chamas!

Why does God describe Esau in these terms? What drives Esau to hate Israel so viscerally? Deuteronomy 32 succinctly illustrates God’s attentive relationship with Israel, how He found her, cared for her, and formed her into a great nation. God’s love for Israel undergirds why hatred and violence against Israel is such a terrible transgression. Indeed, God’s relationship with Israel is a driving factor behind Edom’s hot anger – it is essentially jealousy!

Zechariah 2:8 describes Israel as “the apple of His eye.” If a person pokes another in the eye, it hurts the recipient terribly. Because Esau’s perpetual enmity and violence against Israel are fingers in God’s eye, He takes extreme umbrage. The Edomites, rebelling against God’s will, picked on one whom God has chosen. This is sin, not only against Israel, but also against God. Rather than humbly bowing before His will that the older shall serve the younger, Edom has waged perpetual war against Jacob’s descendants. In doing so, she has, in effect, declared war against God – a very serious sin.

Richard T. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see: All About Edom (Part Five): Obadiah and God’s Judgment


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What is “Under the Law? by Brad Scott

Part 3

We were continuing our study of being under the law. This is an important subject to me. I believe that it is a foundational phrase used by modern Christian teaching that has ultimately led to the current moral collapse of our culture. As I have stated, there are ten occurrences of this phrase in the New Testament. We have covered three, (Romans 3:19, 6:14-15) and now we will go to a slightly different context in 1 Corinthians 9:20. First, keep in mind that Romans 3 and 6 showed us two clear insights. We are ALL under the law until we are under grace, and to be under the law is to be under the dominion of sin.

In 1 Corinthians 9:19-22, we have the popular Sha’uline (or Pauline ha ha) discourse concerning his desire to be all things to all men that he might by all means save some. This alone has been used erroneously to justify immoral behavior by some, but that is not really our purpose here. We need to go back to verses 19-21 for our study. Here is how the narration goes:

Verse 19
“For though I am free from all men, yet have I made myself servant unto all, that I might gain the more.

Verse 20
And unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews; to them that are under the law, as under the law, not being myself under the law, that I might gain them that are under the law;

Verse 21
To them that are without law, as without law (being not without law to God, but under the law to Christ), that I might gain them that are without law.”

Sha’ul begins by stating that he is not controlled or led by any man, but rather he is a servant to all men that he might gain them. His purpose is to win their trust. He will do this by empathizing with them. He will approach them from their perspective and from their point of view and needs. This in no way teaches that he will take on their behavior or even mystically become them. This is verified by his first statement: “to the Jews I became as a Jew”. Sha’ul states emphatically many times that he is a Jew, or that he has remained a Jew. So he certainly did not become a Jew to win the Jews. He also does not equate the Jew as being the one under the law. This statement is listed separately. These statements cover various situations that Sha’ul, in his ministry, confronts. Sha’ul obviously does not run away or shy away from anybody. He strives to understand a persons circumstances. He is not teaching that he becomes a drunk with the drunks in order to save the drunks, but rather he will not turn away from the drunk because he is a drunk. So Sha’ul will minister to the drunk from the drunk’s world. He will minister to the Jew from his world. He will confront those under the law from their mind set, considering their way of thinking and their kinds of problems. Remember that those who are under the law can be Jew or Gentile and have chosen to reject God’s gift of grace, and chose rather to remain under the dominion of sin because they cannot keep the law. Sha’ul is not under the law because he has confronted the Messiah and has seen his condition and has received His grace. He is unabashed in his zeal to win those who are without the law, who do not know the law for whatever reason. Then he says, “being not without law to God, but under the law to Messiah.” This is somewhat difficult to understand for Sha’ul has used a double negative here. Sha’ul is simply stating that he is not outside the true Torah of God, which is under the law of the Messiah. Perhaps better stated is that he is not subject to the letter of the law but the spirit of the law. The letter and spirit of the law is a very Hebrew concept that I will explain later. Sha’ul then becomes as weak to those who are weak. This, I believe, is a reference to those addressed in Romans chapter 14:1-12. All Sha’ul is saying here is that he is a witness of the Messiah to all, no matter what there condition. These passages do not teach that Jews are the ones under the law, or that being under the law means obeying Torah.

It is now time to address a few of the tough ones. The majority of the occurrences of this phrase are in the book of Galatians. I want to set a basic foundation for the phrase before we get to these very misunderstood verses. First we must keep in mind to whom Sha’ul is addressing his concerns. He is writing to Gentile believers who have been deceived by some Jewish believers into believing that works of Torah are required to enter the kingdom of God or to stay in the kingdom of God. Sha’ul reminds them in the beginning of Galatians chapter three that they did not receive the Spirit of God by works of Torah and they will not keep the Spirit by works of Torah. Torah is not and has never been designed to justify man before God, but rather, faith justifies man before God. Sha’ul goes on to say that if man were justified by Torah then he would have to continue in all things which are written in Torah which man cannot do (Galatians 3:10-12). Remember that if you reject God’s grace then you are under the law and subject to the law. Sha’ul explains that the law then becomes a curse rather than it’s intended blessing. Devariym (Deuteronomy) chapter 11 tells us that if you obey the law then you are blessed and if you disobey you are cursed. So the law is a curse only when it is disobeyed. If entrance into the kingdom of God is dependent upon our obedience to the law, which none of us keep, then we are all cursed and doomed. This we have seen in Romans chapter three and will see again in the latter part of this discourse. Sha’ul is re-teaching, if you will, these Galatian believers what God has done for them, and not only them but Sha’ul himself. In verse 13 Sha’ul tells us that we are all redeemed from the curse of the law, remembering that the results of our inability to keep the law is the curse of the law. In verse 14 he tells us that what happened to Abraham has now come upon the Gentiles, that the promise of the Spirit is by faith. He then reminds us that this promise was made to Abraham and his seed, and that there is only one seed. Sha’ul then expounds on the fact that the inheritance of this seed comes, not by the law, but by faith, and that the law was given because we sin. The seed is received by faith. For Abraham, it was through the promise of the Messiah. For all Old Testament believers, it was through the promise of the Messiah. For Sha’ul and us it is through the same seed fully manifested, i.e. Yeshua‘ the Messiah. To only those of the seed were the promises made, and there is only one seed. There cannot be one way of salvation for the Jew and another way for the Gentile, for there is only one seed and one way, by faith in the Messiah. For the Old Testament saint it is through the promise and for us it is the fulfillment of that promise. We are all kept under the law until faith comes. Verse 22 concludes that all are under sin and that the promise by faith of Yeshua‘ the Messiah would be given to those who trust. Sha’ul then states that before faith came, we were kept under the law, until faith is revealed. Sha’ul is not teaching that all Jews were kept under the law until Jesus came, but rather we are all under the law until faith comes, and that the law is our schoolmaster that points us all to that faith or the promise of that faith. Torah teaches us all what is right and what is wrong. It shows us our sinful nature and our need for the deliverer. Sha’ul is saying here precisely what he was teaching in Romans chapter 6. If you have not received God’s grace then you are under the law. If you are striving to keep the law then the law will teach you that you need the Messiah. It will point you to Him and show you your desperate need for Him and your complete inability to do it yourself. Nowhere in these passages does Sha’ul teach that Torah has been cancelled or even temporarily suspended. He teaches its purpose only. If I am relying on obedience to Torah to receive the inheritance then faith has not come to me.

This is not hard to understand if we keep in mind that being under the law is being under the dominion of sin, and being without His grace. Sha’ul takes up a lot of scripture time discussing this subject, yet it is the most taken for granted doctrine in all of the New Testament. There is a very fine line between being under the law and obeying the law. Sometimes it seems like an oxymoron. In 1 Corinthians 9:19, Sha’ul makes a casual statement relating to this very thing. He says, ” For though I am free from all men, yet have I made myself servant unto all …” He is free from them yet he is a servant to them, as well. Remember that Sha’ul taught us in Romans 6 that we have been set free from the body of sin so that we can be servants of righteousness. Only Torah determines what is righteous.

Next time we will spend a considerable amount of space discussing Galatians 4:1-7. These verses will make a lot more sense when seen from Sha’uls culture and not a Greek one.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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John 14.21 Message

12 Shofars

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