News You May Not Have Heard About — 11/30/2016

News You May Not Have Heard About

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  1. To Really ‘Make America Great Again,’ End the Fed!

  2. America’s Three Trojan Horses

  3. Congress Passes World War III Legislation Despite Trump’s Election

  4. Everything you need to know about election recount

  5. The Left Continues To Self-Destruct

  6. The Entire Internet History of UK Citizens Now Viewable by Government Organizations Such as Police, Military, Taxes, Jobs and Pensions

  7. ‘SORE LOSERS’! HILLARY JOINING STEIN RECOUNT (NOTE: They just have not accepted the “fact” that Donald Trump has won the Presidential Election.)

  8. Jill Stein Bribed By Clinton to Help Steal the Election

  9. Jill Stein has become a national disgrace… shady recount effort nothing but a moneymaking scam to entice depressed liberals with false hope

  10. Furious Democrats Blast Stein’s Recount Effort As Nothing But A “Scam”

  11. Green Party’s Stein files for Wisconsin vote recount

  12. Jill Stein is the Clinton machine’s ‘recount puppet’… bilking liberal donors for millions in a last-ditch effort to steal the election for Hillary

  13. Pro-Monsanto think tank helped funnel Republican money into the Hillary Clinton campaign

  14. BREAKING : CNN Finally Admits that the Recount is Pointless and Won’t Change Election Results


  16. Limbaugh: Hillary campaign behind push to ‘threaten electors’

  17. US House Seeks Syria-War Escalation

  18. Obama fast-tracks plan to take Muslim migrants rejected by Australia

  19. News conference called on Obama’s birth certificate


  21. What’s ‘Doomsday Plane’ doing flying over U.S.?

  22. Soros’s Formula for Killing America: A Brief Guide, for Americans (Video: 15:56 minutes long.)


  24. Trump scorches media to their faces in what’s called ‘F—ing firing squad’

  25. Major Christian Leader Of Russia Declares: Trump Is The Only American Leader That Gives Hope For Persecuted Christians

  26. Lesson For Trump: David’s Attempt To Make Israel Great Again

  27. GOP elite ‘moderating’ Trump’s stance on ‘climate change’

  28. Trump Talks Turkey on Obamacare

  29. Trump’s CIA Pick Promises to Roll Back Iran Nuke Deal



  32. Boom! Trump IS Destroying the MSM- Here’s How

  33. Revolution Against The Communist Control Of MSM And Schools Is Happening Now – Americans Are Snatching Victory From The Jaws Of Defeat

  34. Rep. Tom Price, selected by Donald Trump for HHS Secretary, voted for the DARK Act to keep Americans in the dark about GMOs

  35. Zionist organization leader defends Bannon as strongly pro-Israel, not anti-Semitic


  37. No American Politician Is Safe Thanks to Gov. Brown’s Calexit Cartel

  38. The Origins of Pizzagate: Was Breitbart Murdered for What He Knew?

  39. NY Times Is Covering Up PizzaGate and Now Accuses Comey And Putin of Rigging the Election

  40. Pizzagate Comes to the White House- Scandal Touches Obama- MSM’s Silent

  41. ESPN Fouls up Disney’s Projections

  42. Why 5 US Congressmen Met with Member of Palestinian Terrorist Group in Ramallah

  43. SPLC moves to kill debate on ‘refugee’ resettlement

  44. Left-wing journalists who supported Hillary Clinton now celebrate the brutal dictatorship of Fidel Castro, a communist tyrant who ran death squads against political enemies

  45. Why Facebook Can’t Fix Fake News

  46. Here’s Why “Fake News” Sites Are Dangerous

  47. ‘Fake News’ is a contrivance of the fakestream media that has completely lost control of every narrative… and now they’re panicking

  48. Compilation of 12 fake news stories from the mainstream media

  49. How Fake News & Online Hoaxes are Dumbing Down Americans

  50. CNN FAKES THE NEWS: Network runs news banner implying Jews are not real people to stir up HATE, then apologizes

  51. The REAL FAKE NEWS exposed: ‘97% of scientists agree on climate change’ is an engineered hoax… here’s what the media never told you

  52. ‘I made a mistake’: Gaia theory scientist James Lovelock admits he was ‘alarmist’ about the impact of climate change

  53. Victory? Public outrage may force Feds to revisit approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline

  54. Militarized police injure 167 people at Dakota Pipeline using water cannons, flash bang grenades and tear gas

  55. The ‘purge’! Companies exact revenge on Trump supporters (NOTE: What some of these people are doing is against the law. I hope justice will be served to those who have yet to grow up and start acting like mature adults. I feel sorry for these poor people who’s minds have been so brain-washed with lies to the point that they cannot handle the truth. Yahweh have mercy on them.)

  56. Pentagon Is Now Deploying Reservists And Refusing To Pay Promised GI Bill Benefits

  57. Muslim ‘refugee’ goes on stabbing spree at Ohio State

  58. Muslim Somali refugee student unleashes Ohio State attack with a vehicle and a knife… 9 hospitalized… campus was gun-free zone

  59. Ohio State University Attack Is CONFIRMED Was Carried Out By At Least Three Muslim Terrorists One Named Ali Mohammed And Has All The Hallmarks Of An ISIS Lone Wolf

  60. Limbaugh: Dems to impeach Trump with voter fraud at top of list

  61. Washington Post has gone ‘full conspiracy,’ claiming any other media that tells the truth is working for the Kremlin

  62. WATCH: Who’s cleaning the rooms at the Trump Tower hotel? (Video: 3:54 minutes long.)

  63. Texas Abortion Law: Abortion Providers Now Required To Bury Or Cremate Fetal Remains

  64. More Foreign Troops Pouring Into America: Civil War Edges Closer

  65. Josh Coy Reports That Several ALT Media Are On Intel Hit List

  66. Twitter Grants Verification to Muslim Brotherhood’s Violent, Anti-Semitic Online Mouthpiece

  67. SPLC moves to kill debate on ‘refugee’ resettlement

  68. 2nd Vote the First Target of Tech Company

  69. Semper Sigh: Marines Follow Orders on Transgenders

  70. Julian Assange is Missing: Update (Video: 17:51 minutes long.)

  71. Elite Prepare to Hole Up in Luxury Underground Bunkers: “They Know Something The Rest of Us Do Not”

  72. FBI still hasn’t turned over Huma Abedin emails


World News Banner

  1. Paris at WAR (Video: 3:50 minutes long.)

  2. Martel: Fidel Castro Is Dead. This Changes Nothing

  3. Cuban exile: Castro’s true legacy of murder, persecution

  4. Fidel Castro

  5. Inside Fidel Castro’s life of luxury and ladies while country starved

  6. Here’s how Fidel Castro toilet paper is boosting Miami’s economy

  7. Muslim Terrorists Caught On Camera Setting The Massive Wildfires That Are Ravaging Israel Right Now

  8. Israel, Jordan, Palestinians Work Together to Save Dead Sea

  9. Israel warns UN Iran is using civilian airlines to arm Hezbollah

  10. Netanyahu: If the Palestinians really want peace, let them learn from Egypt

  11. WATCH: How Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ actually works

  12. Israel strikes ISIS in Syria following attack on IDF soldiers

  13. IDF thwarts Hamas attempt to smuggle rocket-making materials

  14. Israel to buy another 17 F-35 fighters from US

  15. The Palestinians: No Negotiations, Only Demands

  16. ‘Arson intifada’ continues as Arab terrorists burn cities and villages

  17. Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

  18. French To Block Pro-Life Websites

  19. The False Premise Of Palestine And Peace

  20. Iranian vessel points weapon at U.S. helicopter: officials

  21. Terrorist Financier “Dopey” Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Fecklessly Threatens Russia- ‘Consent To My Demands Or I Will Invade You’

  22. Erdogan, The Leader Of Turkey, Just Declared This Threat To Europe: ‘Allow Me To Join The E.U. Or Else I Will Flood Europe With Another Wave Of Muslim Migrants.’

  23. Head Of Italian Interior Ministry Declares To Citizens: ‘You Will Surrender Your Homes To The Muslims Or You Will Be Prosecuted And Sent To Jail’

  24. Assad On Verge Of Biggest Victory Since Start Of Syrian War With Imminent Capture Of Aleppo

  25. Something Very Strange Is Going On In The Pacific – A ‘Perfect Cocktail’ Of ‘Toxic Death Dumps’

  26. Massive hack in Germany sees nearly one million forced offline- and it could happen again anywhere, experts warn

  27. Erdogan: Turkish forces are in Syria to end Assad’s rule

  28. Assad, allies aim to seize all Aleppo before Trump takes power: official

  29. The CLONED dogs of war: Russia unveils genetically-enhanced canines which will work with Putin’s Special Forces and were created by scientist attempting to restore woolly mammoths

  30. Europe on ‘BRINK OF WAR’ as Turkey gathers boats to ship migrants to Greece over EU anger

  31. Callers for dollars: Inside India’s scam call centers

  32. Europe Divided Over EU Army After Trump and Brexit

  33. Have some Brexit secrets just been accidentally revealed?

  34. European Court of Justice has ‘ultimate authority’ on Brexit

  35. Brexit challenge: Theresa May ‘faces 11-0 defeat in Supreme Court’

  36. Brexit leaked memo: 10 of the most important things we’ve learned

  37. Uganda orders schools funded by Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, to shut down

  38. Holland votes to ban full-face burqas by a landslide

  39. Polish man ‘wakes up in morgue’, goes back to pub

  40. Great Wall of New Zealand which stretches for miles and reaches 15ft high

  41. Massive alien mothership spotted over British Isles

  42. Isis terror plots for UK discovered during Mosul offensive

  43. Attacks by Taliban stifle progress by Afghan and coalition forces

  44. Plane carrying Brazilian soccer team crashes in Colombia, killing 71

  45. ‘Sharia police’ street patrols did not violate law, German court rules


  47. Theresa May urged not to ‘abuse position to promote Christianity’ after revealing God is her driving force

  48. Theresa May’s officials to discuss Iran nuclear deal with Trump’s team

  49. Ringleaders of ‘Trojan Horse’ plot to impose Islamic regimes in state schools are BACK in the classroom despite being banned from teaching

  50. Moroccan state TV shows women how to hide domestic violence


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  1. Keiser Report

  2. Boom Bust

  3. Why India’s prime minister wants a cashless society

  4. Obama takes parting shot at small businesses

  5. Top Economist Predicts Housing & Stocks Will Crash Within Weeks- Where to Put Money

  6. How Far Can Bond Yields Rise Before Hurting Equities? Goldman Answers

  7. Use Your IRA to Protect Yourself from the Next Wall Street Crisis

  8. Venezuela Braces for Runaway Inflation As Merchants Weigh “Mountains of Cash” Instead Of Counting It

  9. Oil rises two percent as Iraq delegate says will be OPEC deal on Wednesday

  10. Bank of England sees ‘challenging’ outlook for UK financial stability

  11. Asia stocks trim gains as liquidity fears jolt China markets

  12. Leaner and meaner: U.S. shale greater threat to OPEC after oil price war

  13. RBS fails Bank of England stress test, must bolster capital

  14. Consumers, exports give U.S. economy muscle in the third-quarter

  15. Health stocks boost Wall Street; energy a drag

  16. India Takes Drastic Move Toward Cashless Society

  17. Trump to Announce Carrier Plant Will Keep Jobs in U.S.

  18. Investor who predicted Brexit now says Euro will probably collapse

  19. What is the single market – and what happens if we leave it?


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  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. Real Time Seismicity

  3. USGS realtime Global Earthquakes Map

  4. Global Volcano Activity

  5. European – Mediterranen Quakes

  6. ‘Demon’ asteroid playing chicken with Earth orbit

  7. Fukushima cooling pumps back online… tsunami warnings fade… world barely dodges another global-killing bullet

  8. 291 oil spills were hidden from North Dakota residents – in less than two years!

  9. Earthquakes: Reckoning with ‘The Big One’ in California-and it just got bigger

  10. Geoengineering to Alter Climate Moves Closer to Reality

  11. The dark side of the universe – a primer

  12. Mega-earthquakes strike where fault lines are flat

  13. Preparing For Wormwood – NASA Launches Planetary Protection Exercise

  14. Record early start of southern hemisphere NLC season

  15. Hydrothermal eruption in Lake Rotorua, New Zealand

  16. 4.8 km wide asteroid to flyby Earth at 57.2 LD

  17. Powerful eruptions at Popocatépetl volcano, Mexico

  18. Record-breaking Hurricane “Otto” hits Nicaragua and Costa Rica

  19. Critical environmental collapse: Hundreds of millions of trees are dying in North America

  20. Fantastic lenticular cloud awes Sheregesh at sunset

  21. Enhanced sprite activity end of November 2016 over Spain

  22. Cluster of 49 huge sinkholes discovered in China

  23. 19 volcanic eruptions last week – We are within a serious period of volcanic unrest

  24. Freak double halo around November’s Supermoon

  25. Anomalous ring cloud over Warwickshire, UK

  26. The stunning video from the ‘mothership’ of doomed Schiaparelli: European Space Agency reveals first images of the ExoMars orbiter (which did work perfectly)

  27. Earth-like planet is spotted 150 light years away – and it may have the right conditions to host alien life

  28. The 7km abyss deep under the ocean: Biggest fault on Earth found inside the deadly ‘ring of fire’

  29. Was there an ancient civilisation on Mars? UFO hunters spot ‘walled cities’

  30. Huge glacier in Antarctica is ‘tearing itself apart’ – and could trigger 10ft sea level rise

  31. Great Barrier Reef suffers worst coral die-off ever recorded


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  1. Malware Can Allow Hackers to Use Headphones, Speakers to Record Conversations

  2. Don’t update your iPhone software – it might kill your battery

  3. WATCH: Israel produces world’s tallest solar tower with 55,000 mirrors

  4. WATCH: Israeli Wristband Takes Photos and Videos!

  5. WATCH: Israel Leads the Way in Solving Global Water Shortage

  6. Israeli App That Diagnoses Car Problems and Finds Cheap Mechanics Expands to US, UK

  7. WATCH: New Israeli Device May Spare You a Visit to the ER

  8. NASA engages warp drive

  9. How does wireless charging work?

  10. Brain chip lets paralysed monkeys walk again


  12. Sweat Detectors? Tiny Sensors Use Perspiration to Track Health

  13. The ‘death ray’ that can knock out drones from more than a mile away: Rifle uses radio waves to kill UAVs

  14. Amazon’s Alexa set for an upgrade with ‘SuperEcho’ speaker complete with built in 7inch touchscreen



  17. Forget the headphone jack – next, Apple’s killing off the Home button

  18. We bet we can guess your favourite colour and number


Petition News Banner

End the sale of aborted baby body parts in Texas!

Last week, Texas Senator Charles Schwertner (R-Georgetown) filed a bill in the Texas senate titled “Pre-Born Protection and Dignity Act.”If this bill passes the legislature, SB 8 would ban the sale of fetal tissue from elective abortions and prohibit partial-birth abortion in the state.

This would be a crucial step toward protecting the unborn in Texas! Please join with us in urging the entire legislature to take action on this critical piece of legislation now. Recently, there has been a lack of prolife activity from the Texas legislature. We need to urge them to shake off their lethargy and support SB 8.

We won’t tolerate the disregard of human life and we will fight to protect human beings at all stages.

Senator Charles Schwertner stated: “The idea that anyone would seek to profit from the sale of fetal tissue is beyond abhorrent. It’s evil,” He furthered stated that SB 8 “will put a definitive end to the sale or exchange of fetal tissue, and outlaw the barbaric practice of partial-birth abortion in state law.”

Texas Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick further added that, “Nothing we do is more important than protecting innocent life. Texans count on us to do everything possible to make sure that the sanctity and dignity of life is protected.”

Tragically, some in our culture are fighting to expand abortion and find no problem with killing babies and then selling their organs, brains, and limbs. We need to stand together to support this legislation to protect the dignity and life of the unborn!

We must remember that every abortion ends a human life that is made in the image of God. There is sanctity in each and every human life, and we must fight on all fronts to protect unborn children. Our culture has become so callus to the sanctity of human life that aborted babies have become nothing more than units for sale.

Trafficking in human beings is gravely wrong. We must continue to protest against the abortion industry until it is eliminated. Please join us in supporting this critically important legislation that will prevent vile companies from turning a profit on murdered babies.

ACT NOW! Urge Your Senators to Extend the Iran Sanctions Act

Unless reauthorized by both the House and the Senate, the Iran Sanctions Extension Act cannot effectively target Iran’s nuclear program and pressure Tehran to cease support for terrorism and its ballistic missile program. The bill has now been approved by the House. Contact your Senator to ensure its passage!

Last week, the House of Representatives passed the Iran Sanctions Extension Act in an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 419-1.

This bill would extend the Iran Sanctions Act (ISA), a critical bipartisan piece of legislation that constitutes the core of American sanctions on Iran. ISA targets Iran’s nuclear program and pressures Tehran to cease support for terrorism and its ballistic missile program.

It is crucial for Congress to reauthorize ISA to ensure that there are sanctions to “snap back” should Iran violate the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Unless reauthorized by both the House and the Senate, the law will expire at the end of 2016.


The CEO of Grubhub, an online food delivery service, sent an e-mail his entire company attacking Trump and conservatives. Matt Maloney’s email stated ‘If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here.’

It’s time for us to stand together and tell Maloney he’s wrong and we won’t accept this!  Don’t let the media’s claim that he is backtracking fool you.  His e-mail is still up at Grubhub’s site for all to see.

If Maloney wants to fire employees who did not vote for Hilary and don’t share his views, we simply will #deletegrubhub.

Mr. President-elect, stand with us…

With your help, the results from Election Day 2016 could prove to be a massive defeat for the likes of abortion foes Planned Parenthood and others in the extreme left movement.

Our work is just getting started as we at CitizenGO remain committed to supporting and fighting for our common values during a Trump presidency and a GOP-controlled Congress.

We must continue to be the voice for those who’ve been left behind or forgotten over the past eight years because of extreme leftwing policies. We will continue to stand life, family, and liberty.

Sign our petition asking President-elect Donald J. Trump, Vice President-elect Mike Pence, and White House CoS Reince Priebus to defund Planned Parenthood and other big abortion industry foes; appoint cabinet secretaries and advisers who will defend the right to life from conception to natural death, support and promote the natural family, and fight for religious liberty; and be an outspoken voice for our common values: life, family, and liberty.

Whether you cast your ballot for Donald Trump or chose to vote for another candidate, we hope you’ll support our call to action for the President-elect to support and defend our common values.

Support North Dakota’s suit against the dangerous transgender mandate

The State of North Dakota, along with several other institutions (The Sisters of Mercy, the University of Mary, and SMP Health System), recently filed suit against the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) over a dangerous transgender regulation which would force medical practitioners to provide gender-transition treatments to children.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of these institutions by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, will have significant ramifications for the freedom of medical practitioners in North Dakota and across the United States. 

Please sign this petition to support North Dakota in their fight against the dangerous HHS transgender mandate!

Under the transgender mandate, doctors will be forced to perform harmful “gender-transition” medical procedures on any child referred to them by a mental health professional. This is in spite of the fact that “the government’s own panel of medical experts concluded that these gender transition procedures can be harmful.” In fact, Medicaid and Medicare are not included under this mandate because of these findings!

This mandate forces doctors to adhere to a certain political ideology against their better medical judgement, in violation of the Hippocratic oath.

When you sign this petition, your note will be sent to the Department of Health and Human Services and specifically the Office for Civil Rights. We ask them to revoke this dangerous mandate. The petition will also be sent to The State of North Dakota, the Sisters of Mercy, the University of Mary, and SMP Health System (a nonprofit hospital system founded by religious sisters in North Dakota). Help us show these institutions that they have your support!

End Robocalls

To: Phone Company CEOs
I demand that you provide free tools to block unwanted robocalls before they reach my phone.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Unique 3,800 year-old statuette uncovered in central Israel

  2. Israel Launches Expedition to Find More Dead Sea Scrolls

  3. Original pyramid found underneath two outer pyramids at Chichen Itza in Yucatan

  4. 4,000-Year-Old Megalithic Tomb in Spain Vandalized with Harry Potter References

  5. How the 1,000-Year-Old Mystery of the Druze People’s Origin Was Solved

  6. Archaeologists Uncover 9,000-Year-Old Underwater Stone Age Settlement

  7. 3,200-Year-Old Ancient Egyptian Mummy Discovered in Great Shape in Luxor

  8. The Time When Alexander the Great was ‘Defeated’

  9. Mysterious 1,500-Year-Old Stone Complex Unearthed in Kazakhstan

  10. 2,500-Year-Old Mummified Crocodile Yields Surprises

  11. The Lost Artifacts of Clover Hollow – Definite Proof of an Ancient Civilization or Just a Pile of Rocks?

  12. The Colossal Statue of Shapur, Powerful King of the Sassanian Empire

  13. Ancient DNA on parchments reveal hidden stories

  14. 2,500-year-old city buried under flood sediment may belong to lost civilization in Spain

  15. Was Tamana a Universal Civilization of Mankind Before the Great Flood?

  16. Archaeologists discover 7,000-year-old lost city in Egypt

  17. Ancient Arizona Fertility Statues Depict Gender Fluidity

  18. Altar Found From Viking King Olaf Who Became a Saint

  19. Revealed: 3,000-year-old gold belt worn by a pregnant woman during a fertility ritual is among the stunning treasures found in the UK last year


Health News Banner

  1. Science Natural News

  2. Texas: Is medical freedom in jeopardy?

  3. FTC orders homeopathy product manufacturers to claim their products don’t work

  4. Gardasil, considered the most dangerous vaccine on the market, may soon be pushed for infants

  5. Do you know about these vaccine scandals throughout history?

  6. Big Pharma Wants to Vaccinate Unborn Babies in the Womb

  7. Hidden history: Energy drinks used to contain radioactive elements, were sold with claims of boosting performance

  8. Weed killer found contaminating most popular US foods, including many non-GM products

  9. Customers as young as 10 damaged by ‘Roundup’ weed-killer now suing Monsanto

  10. Aspartame now being marketed as natural sweetener, name changed to ‘AminoSweet’

  11. The News You Don’t Want to Hear About Your Cell Phone

  12. World War One antiseptic may become 21st century saviour

  13. Liver Damage Among Risks of Too Much Tylenol, Motrin

  14. McDonald’s caught engaging in propaganda scheme at high schools, teaching that ‘fast food is nutritious’

  15. Clean food movement news: Carrageenan about to be banned from organic food

  16. All weight-loss diets which actually work have three things in common

  17. No Matter How Fit You Are, Make This Mistake and You Risk Poor Health

  18. Eat This Instead of Potato Chips: Crunchy Kale Chips Recipe

  19. This essential oil will calm and soothe your physical and mental well-being

  20. Your Great-Grandparents Had a Massive Health Edge Doing This – Shouldn’t You?

  21. What’s the Difference Between Brown and White Eggs?

  22. Gout Symptoms, Treatment and Recommended Diet

  23. Hate Exercise? Maybe It’s in Your Genes

  24. The Countless Health Benefits of Cilantro

  25. People Who Embrace This Perspective Sleep Better and Increase Happiness

  26. Sage Oil Has Been ‘Saving’ Lives for a Very Long Time

  27. Everything You Need to Know About Cellulitis

  28. This Common Food Toxin Can Make You Crampy and Miserable, Please Avoid It Like the Plague

  29. Surprising Ingredients Found in Lipstick

  30. American Heart Association’s Calculator Overestimates Need for Statins

  31. What Are Green Peas Good For?

  32. What Is Jackfruit Good For?

  33. England’s NHS discussing complete ban on sugary drinks

  34. Sonoma County, Calif. has become part of the largest GMO-free zone in the country – thanks to voter turnout

  35. Are your storable foods mostly just reprocessed GMO corn?

  36. Sagging Skin, Stiff Muscles and Painful Joints? You May Be Low in This

  37. Vitamin D Prevents Infections and Slashes Cancer Risk

  38. What Are Cranberries Good For?

  39. Plantar Fasciitis Treatment and Exercises

  40. Endorsed by Doctors, Way More Destructive Than Cigarettes

  41. The Liquidity Crisis

  42. Care What You Wear: Serious Concerns About Clothing

  43. 5 Raw Ginger Tonics That Beat Stress, Boost Immunity And More

  44. Simple Lavender Dryer Sachets That Ease Tension

  45. 17 Reasons To Detox With Lemon Water And Cayenne Pepper Drink

  46. Slash Your Risk Of Cancer With This Sweet Potato Burger And Fries

  47. Why You Need Vitamin K2 And How To Get More Of It

  48. 6 Reasons Why Your Nose Bleeds And How To Stop It The Right Way

  49. Nursing Moms: Try This Soothing Natural Booby Butter

  50. What Is The Gaps Diet And Does It Work?

  51. Coconut Oil: The Top Natural Eye Lubricant

  52. Multiple Studies: You Can Control Blood Sugar With Apple Cider Vinegar

  53. 7 Reasons To Drink Warm Salt Water Every Day

  54. Top 3 Best Smoothie Recipes For A Good Poop

  55. American Medicine Is a Death Trap: You Have Options

  56. 7 “fatty” foods for a flat stomach (these high fat foods help you to burn belly fat)

  57. Drink THIS first thing in the morning (for better digestion, more energy, and a metabolism boost)

  58. New HIV Vaccine Study Starts in South Africa

  59. Why Your Balance Gets Worse After 40

  60. Facts About Selenium

  61. The Nightmare of Walking Corpse Syndrome

  62. How to Effectively Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Using Drugs

  63. More Than Half of Americans Have Chronic Illnesses

  64. How Biased Research Drives Your Health Care

  65. Is Psoriasis Contagious? Here’s What You Need to Know

  66. 15 Fantastic Chicken Wing Recipes

  67. Are YOU going to die in the next five years? Simple blood test can help scientists to predict your chances of survival

  68. 17 Amazing Uses for Epsom Salt… Some You Won’t Believe

  69. Five Good Reasons to Eat More Cherries

  70. Pumpkin Seeds – Nature’s Forgotten Superfood

  71. Artichokes: 10 Health Benefits you Didn’t Know

  72. Frozen vs. Fresh Vegetables: Which Is Healthier?

  73. What You Need to Know About Cloudy Urine: Causes, Issues & Treatment

  74. 16 Vegan Recipes in a Jar

  75. Beet and Goat Cheese Salad Recipe

  76. Cherry Limeade Recipe

  77. Cranberry Apple Cider Recipe

  78. Top 10 Iron Rich Foods

  79. Oregano Oil Benefits Superior To Prescription Antibiotics

  80. What Does Bone Marrow Actually Do?


Misc News Banner

  1. Massive US Death Traps Exposed On Drudge Report – ‘They Can’t Hold It Back Much Longer’ Survival Expert Warns

  2. Fear of the beast: Your driver’s license is shared with entire world

  3. What do they know? Mega-rich preparing for disaster

  4. [HOWTO] Stop Annoying Robocalls

  5. There’s a Facebook status that lets you troll EVERYONE

  6. How to get rid of ANYTHING embarrassing about you online – forever

  7.’s word of the year sums up what a shocker 2016 has been

  8. New alternatives to Twitter, Google, Facebook rapidly emerging: These sites won’t censor you


  10. ALL-OUT WAR: Pro-Hillary leftists issuing wave of death threats to force Electoral College voters to switch to Clinton

  11. Trump may be right about winning popular legal vote

  12. Genetic engineering: Who cleans up the mess?

  13. The CONSPIRACY Project – FULL MOVIE (Video: 1:26:15 minutes long.)

  14. Waco-A New Revelation (Video: 1:49:59 minutes long.)

  15. Remembering the Radical Christian Roots of Our Thanksgiving Holiday

  16. How Israel Created Thanksgiving: The Biblical Roots of America’s Holiday

  17. Thanksgiving 2016: Squanto And The Providence of God

  18. U.S. Military Preps for Gene Drives Run Amok

  19. Ten Stupid Things You Can Do To Mess Up Your Computer

  20. Geekly Update – 22 November 2016

  21. Free TV Channels Online?

  22. Fight over ‘gay’ wedding cake given new life

  23. With Election Over, Will Republicans And Democrats Learn How To Love One Another

  24. Democrats Expected To Shift Hard Left If Keith Ellison Next Chair of DNC

  25. More Regions Going Down The Dark Path Of Assisted Suicide

  26. Voters Don’t Want to Alter the Altar

  27. Serving Those Who Serve Us

  28. ‘Smartphone detox’ shown to relieve stress and anxiety – similar to detoxing from other addictions

  29. TIN FOIL HAT: Washington Post claims Natural News is controlled by the Russian government

  30. Single mother of six facing jail time after selling homemade meal to undercover investigator

  31. JOURNO-TERRORISM waged by POLITICO as editor Michael Hirsh calls for baseball bat attack on private home of alt-right personality

  32. State seizes kids from mom who used marijuana, yet no punishment for parents who push ADHD drugs

  33. Big Pharma and the government are suppressing marijuana’s medicinal benefits

  34. Satanic PizzaGate Is Going Viral Worldwide (Elites Are Terrified) (Video: 14:17 minutes long.)

  35. [WOW] Millions of Free Ebooks

  36. Post-Truth, The Word Of The Year: Feelings Have Replaced Facts

  37. Americans Are Rejecting the Globalist NFL In Large Numbers

  38. The Cancerous Effect of Big Government: How Massive Defense Budgets Drive Unconstitutional Domestic Programs

  39. Dead Aliens and the “Fear of God”

  40. Mankind’s Mammoth-Sized Mystery In Michigan

  41. Your Dog Remembers What It Observes You Doing

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2 Corinthians 12:9 “And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” (New King James Version)

God’s grace is sufficient for us. Grace in general terms is “favor.” It is what God favors us with, what He gives to us. It can include spiritual gifts or physical things that He provides. By His grace, we have food to eat every day, we have clothes to wear, and we have a roof over our heads or cars to drive.

Paul considered his “thorn in the flesh” to be part of God’s grace, a hard thing to say. How could he say that an affliction that God allowed could be part of His grace toward him? Because with an infirmity, whatever it happened to be, God balanced out for Paul the revelations that he had received, so that he would not become big-headed, sin presumptuously, and lose his salvation.

It was good for Paul to be afflicted, because if he were not afflicted, he just might have done something that he would have regretted, like presumptuously taking upon himself too much, more than had been given. So Paul says, “I’m content being afflicted, because I know that God’s grace is sufficient for me. This affliction is good for me, helping me to make it into God’s kingdom.”

We have a hard time thinking this way. We consider this sort of affliction to be evil, but Paul turns that on its head, saying, “No, it is good, because with this affliction, I am weak, and because I am weak, then I don’t get the big head. Then Christ can work in and through me, and the work gets done.” So he was content.

Richard T. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see: Countering Presumptuousness


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The Words Defined by Brad Scott

Salvation — Part 1

We are going to spend the next few lessons discussing this last Hebrew word. We will then move on to some popular doctrinal concepts, where they came from, and how they got so screwed up. In the past few months I have chosen a handful of words that I thought were imperative to understand, scripturally, before we use them in any doctrinal studies. Salvation is certainly one of those terms. All my “Christian” life I have heard this term used. It is one of those English words that is used for more than just religious purposes, but none the less, conjures up religious thoughts when used. The scriptural meaning of this word has more in common with its “other worldly” use than it’s modern application in the so-called church. I grew up in the Lutheran system, which rarely ever used the word. I spent part of the third decade of my life in the Baptist denomination. You can imagine how many times I heard it used there! Many times we would do our dutiful visitation and use that word a lot. “Are you saved?” That was quite popular. “Do you want to be saved?” This was the phrase that we longed to say all evening. It worked quite well, as a matter of fact. More than half the people we talked to certainly wanted to be saved. The majority of the people that we “led to the Lord” we never heard from again, but we left feeling good that they were “saved.” I would imagine that if you asked most people who claimed to be Christians if they were saved, they would probably admit it. The problem with most Christians is you have to ask them!

Well enough sarcasm. What do you think Yeshua‘ meant when he said, “… salvation is of the Jews?” What did Sha’ul mean when he said, “… all Israel will be saved?” And finally, what did Mattityahu (Matthew) mean when he told us that we were to call Him Yeshua’; for He shall save His people from their sins. I can tell you what is the typical modern interpretation of this. To the modern Christian, salvation is proclaiming out loud that Jesus is the Christ, confessing that you are a sinner and wearing a WWJD band around your wrist. But true salvation is another concept that is assumed in the New Testament. The language frequently used in the New Testament is brought forth from its understood use in the Tanakh. When Mattityahu said that He would save us from our sins, the audience is not told what “save” means or what “sin” means. Why? Because there are 39 books, (or 24 books or 22 books, depending on which translation you are reading,) that have fully explained what these two words mean. So let us go back to the New Testament dictionary (i.e. Tanakh) to gain an understanding of the fullness of this very important word.

We are going to focus on two particular ways that this word saved is used. One is the root of the word salvation, which is the word ‘save’ or ‘to save’. I have stated in a previous study that the word “Jesus” is an English translation of the Greek word `Iesou(Ίησοΰς). This Greek word is a transliteration of the Hebrew word Yeshua’. The word in Hebrew for salvation is yeshu`ah(ישוּעה), which is feminine. Yeshua’ (ישוּע) is the masculine form. When writing this word, I, as many others do, simply write it as Yeshua’. I am not one of those organizations that quibble over pronouncing His name the correct way. My point here is not how to spell it but what this word means to YHVH’s people. The root of the word salvation is yasha`, or save. As we have said before, nearly all Hebrew nouns have verbal roots which set the foundation for all the cognates. The words save, deliver, preserve, and help are how this word is usually translated. The word yasha` literally means to open, or to be wide. You will see the application of this as we go. One of the areas that I have not ventured into at this point is the divine deliverance of the letters of Torah. From the early patriarchs to the modern Jewish scholars, the individual letters of the Hebrew aleph-bet are considered to be divinely ordained and put in just the perfect order by YHVH. Each meaning behind each letter of a word forms a complete meaning of the word when put together. (I would recommend our CD series “AlephBet: the Building Blocks of Life” for some elementary introduction to this exciting study. For further study I would recommend Rabbi Michael Munks’ “The Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet”.) The word yeshua’ contains three consonants which form the word. These consonants are the yod (י), the shin (ש), and the ayin (ע). Each of these letters has a primitive form and a primitive meaning behind each one. The primitive forms are not in use today. They formed the basis for the early round script which eventually became the modern more “square” look. The early form of the yod looked like a hand, and it’s meaning was a deed or action. The early form of the shin was teeth, and it’s meaning was to consume or destroy. The early form of the ayin was an eye, and it’s meaning was to cast your eyes or to look upon. To the Torah observant early Hebrews, this order of the letters helped to form their understanding of the meaning of the whole word. To be saved was to begin with an action or deed, a rescue followed by a destroying of the thing you were rescued from, ultimately concluded by a devotion, or casting your eyes upon, that which delivered you. I hope and pray that as we go you will see this order. I pray that you will see that in Hebrew thinking (Old Testament revelation), salvation always involved the whole person. The foundation of our trust never divided up the person into three parts. To the mind of the writers of scripture, the person is echad or one. I will elaborate on this later. So, let’s go to the first occurrence of the word save.

Shemot (Exodus) 2:16-17 Now the priest of Midian had seven daughters; and they came and drew water, and filled the troughs to water their father’s flock. And the shepherds came and drove them away; but Moses stood up and helped them, and watered their flock.

Here is the first example of someone being saved. The daughters of the priest of Midian had come to water their flock, but shepherds had come to not only take their water, but to drive them away. Moshe takes action and rises up against them and drives them away. This is implied from the use of the word vayyaqam (קוּם) which means to rise up as in against. Moshe then gives the women what the thieves came to take. The result is that one of them is given to Moshe in marriage. Imagine a Hebrew man goes into the territory of the nations, drives off thieves (see Yochanan (John) 10:10), gives his future bride water from the well, and takes her as his own! He then has the chutzpah to go back to his own people with her to a life contrary to her nature, and takes her out on a date to a Passover Seder. Hmmmm.

Let’s look at another use of this word.

Shemot 14:13-14, 27-31 And Moses said unto the people, Fear not, stand still, and see the salvation of YHVH which he will show to you today; for the Egyptians whom ye have seen today, ye shall see them again no more forever. YHVH shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace … And Moses stretched forth his hand over the sea, and the sea returned to its strength when the morning appeared; and the Egyptians fled against it; and YHVH overthrew the Egyptians in the midst of the sea. And the waters returned and covered the chariots, and the horsemen, and all the host of Pharaoh that came into the sea after them; there remained not so much as one of them. But the children of Israel walked upon dry land in the midst of the sea; and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left. Thus YHVH saved Israel that day out of the hand of the Egyptians; and Israel SAW the Egyptians dead upon the seashore. And Israel SAW that great work which YHVH did upon the Egyptians: and the people feared YHVH, and believed YHVH and his servant Moses.

Now, according to Shemot 3:17, YHVH told Moshe that He would deliver them out of Egypt and into a land flowing with milk and honey. We just learned that in between these two events He would destroy their enemy. This was concluded with Israel seeing or casting their eye on what YHVH had done.

We are just beginning to scratch the surface of this wonderful word. I pray that this particular study will profoundly change your view of what salvation really is. See you next time.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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Overcome – Psalm 18 – James Block


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