News You May Not Have Heard About — 11/11/2016

News You May Not Have Heard About

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Veterans Day Tribute 2016

To Salute Our Veterans ~ Amazing Grace~(bagpipes)


USA News Banner


  1. Donald Trump wins the presidency in stunning upset over Clinton


  3. Signs of divine intervention in Trump victory

  4. Election of Donald Trump proves that the power of the people can overcome corruption and a ‘rigged’ system

  5. President-Elect Donald Trump Looking to Pro-Life Lawmakers to Fill Top Cabinet Posts

  6. Giuliani, Gingrich, Christie shortlisted for Trump’s cabinet


  8. It Looks Like George Soros Is Funding The Trump Protests Just Like He Funded The Ferguson Riots

  9. The defeated left turns to HATE: Liberals unleash beatings, death threats and calls for mass murder of Trump supporters

  10. FALSE FLAGS AVERTED: No massive false flag attacks took place because the globalists mistakenly thought they would win the vote

  11. The FALL of Hillary Clinton and the demise of the DNC

  12. 1 million sign petition to ‘make Hillary president’

  13. Make No Mistake About It, The Anti-Trump Riots Happening In America Are Being Created By Muslim And Homosexual Forces As Part Of A Conspiracy To Create Civil Unrest In America

  14. ‘There Will Be Casualties, People Have To Die’- Trump Protestors Call For Violence On CNN

  15. Unsolicited Advice for the Trump Transition Team on National Security Intelligence

  16. Frank Gaffney: Trump Foreign Policy Must Start with Designating Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization

  17. VIDEO: Pulling the drain on the swamp, Paul Ryan may be the first to go

  18. US Leaders Reject “Nuclear Winter” Studies, Ignore Existential Danger of Nuclear War. Turn a Blind Eye towards Armageddon

  19. [Breaking] Rigged!? HUGE voting issues reported

  20. Ballots switch to Hillary before voters’ eyes

  21. America’s ruling elite has failed and deserves to be fired

  22. Revealed: Gun Used in Paris Terrorist Attacks came from Obama and Holder’s ‘Fast and Furious’ Operation

  23. Obama Admin: The Bible, Constitution, Declaration of Independence Are All ‘Sexist’

  24. First The Muslims, Now The European Union Bureaucrats Are Crawling To And Groveling Before Trump That He Will Listen To Them Rather Than The UK

  25. Major Political Figure In Iraq Sends This Message To The United States: ‘Congratulations To Donald Trump For Winning, He Will Help Destroy ISIS’

  26. Trump Victory May Push Obama To Move Against Israel At UN

  27. The Decisions Facing Donald Trump

  28. After Trump Victory, New Era In U.S.-Israel Relations Beckons

  29. Celebs who said they’d leave U.S. if Trump won (NOTE: Let’s see if these people will DO as they have spoken. They need to leave because they are part of the trash here in America. Let the process of draining the swamp begin by these people leaving America.)

  30. Report: Hillary Visited “Sex Island” with Convicted Pedophile Six Times, NYPD Ready to Issue Warrents

  31. WA Gun Owners Stage The Largest Felony Civil Disobedience Rally In America’s History

  32. FBI Publishes Report Stating Nobody Died At Sandy Hook

  33. Snowden: There Is A Secret Power Ruling Our Government

  34. James O’Keefe: Main Stream Media Is Now Powerless (Video: 4:27 minutes long.)

  35. Protests Are Working! Major Bank Considers Pulling Funds From DAPL If Violations Continue


World News Banner

  1. NATO puts 300,000 troops on ‘high alert’ in readiness for a confrontation with Russia as fears grow Putin is preparing to attack the West

  2. Movement of Military Forces in Eastern Europe and Middle-East by NATO and Russia Risk WWIII

  3. RESET: Vladimir Putin Says That Russia Is Ready To Do It’s Part To Rebuild Ties With America Under Trump

  4. Monster Chinese Telescope to Join Tabby’s Star Alien Hunt

  5. Gigantic Pinocchio Erected Near UN to Protest UNESCO’s Jerusalem Lies

  6. UN adopts more anti-Israel resolutions

  7. Oil wars? UK’s most advanced warship secretly deployed to Yemen coast

  8. WATCH: Trump will not impose a peace plan on Israel

  9. Iran arming Hezbollah with missiles made in Syria

  10. Iran once again exceeds a nuclear deal limit

  11. Knesset committee approves bill barring boycotters from Israel

  12. Iraqis probe mass grave near ISIS-held Mosul

  13. 6 killed, 20+ Hurt In Terror Shelling Of Aleppo

  14. Ultra-Nationalist Groups All Over Europe Are Now Using The Trump Victory To Take Power. You Will See The Rise Of Nazism In Europe In The Future

  15. Muslims Worldwide Tremble In Fear As Americans Choose Donald Trump The Fighter Over Hillary The Terrorist Lover


  17. Canada: Parliament Condemns Free Speech

  18. Afghan official: Taliban attack German consulate, killing 4

  19. Globalists Terrified About Trump Not Being ‘Bound,’ Beholden And Controlled By NWO Puppet Masters

  20. IDF strikes Syrian target after mortar shell hits Golan Heights

  21. Politics Over Principles: US Denies Philippines Weapons, Continues Arming Saudis

  22. CAIR-linked Hamas top dog: Trump “deluded”

  23. Muslims Destroying Germany’s Entire Health Care System

  24. Philippines Triggers Asian Shift Away From US

  25. Spain Busts ISIS Recruitment Cell After Kids


World Financial News Banner

  1. Keiser Report

  2. Boom Bust

  3. Federal judge gives city of Spokane, WA, the go ahead to sue Monsanto

  4. Porter Stansberry: The most powerful (and hidden) force in the stock market today

  5. Sjuggerud: Stocks soar when Republicans control it all

  6. The bond market is approaching an ‘epic turning point’…

  7. Alan Greenspan: We’ve never seen a bond market like this

  8. The next commodity bull market just kicked off

  9. Trump bets blast Dow to new high, bank sector hits 2008 levels

  10. Wall Street surges after Trump wins White House

  11. Bank accounts aren’t smart for college funds

  12. Global markets in green despite widely-predicted collapse after Trump win

  13. IEA warns glut will swamp oil market if no OPEC cut

  14. Feeling the oil crunch: Saudi Arabia cancels $266bn in projects

  15. GM To Ax 2,000 Workers In Ohio And Michigan


Earth News Banner

  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. Real Time Seismicity

  3. USGS realtime Global Earthquakes Map

  4. Global Volcano Activity

  5. European – Mediterranen Quakes

  6. Today’s “Moment of Zen” –Watch Summer Clouds Sail Over Saturn’s Titan (VIDEO)

  7. Mysterious Ice Circle Appears on Frozen Russian Lake

  8. Absolutely enormous sinkhole swallows back garden in Ripon, UK – 7 houses evacuated

  9. Scientists concerned approaching solar minimum could plunge Earth into deep freeze

  10. This is how the Earth’s magnetic field looks like during a geomagnetic reversal

  11. Sabancaya volcano erupts for the first time in 18 years in Peru

  12. Huge sinkhole swallows up road in Fukuoka, Japan (pictures and videos)


Technology News Banner

  1. The perils of planned extinctions

  2. Airplane Wing Actively Morphs for More Agile, Efficient Flying

  3. Facial Payments Could Become The New Norm

  4. New bionic eye implant connects directly to brain, allowing blind woman to see shapes & colors


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Behistun Inscription, The Rosetta Stone of Persia

  2. Recently Discovered Scratched Stone in Denmark Could be One of The Earliest Maps in History

  3. Three Famous Sites in One – The Story of the Legendary City of Tanis

  4. Ancient Passage Tomb Discovered Beneath “Haunted” Hellfire Club of Dublin

  5. Interpreting the Murals of Egypt through the Eyes of the Hopi

  6. Scanning Mummies – What Has Modern Technology Revealed About the Family of Tutankhamun?

  7. Unearthing the 1,000-Year-Old Story of a Rare Viking Toolbox

  8. 9,000-Year-Old Cheddar Man Has Living Descendant Still Living in The Same Area

  9. Ancient Remains of Important Bronze Age City of the Akkadian Empire Found in Iraq

  10. Padre Padilla, the Incorruptible: Body of Murdered Friar Remains Perfectly Preserved After Centuries

  11. The Lemon Grove Mummies: Ancient Corpses from Mexican Cave Found in California Garage

  12. The Intriguing Origins of Aphrodite





  17. Mummified Hand from Yorkshire May Be Last Hand of Glory Still in Existence

  18. Excitement Mounts as New Infrared Scan in Tomb of Tutankhamun Suggests Hidden Chamber

  19. Work Begins to Retrieve Nazi Gold Train Believed to Contain Lost Amber Room of Charlottenburg Palace

  20. Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Tomb of Chinese Emperor and 7 Nobles Full of Riches

  21. Mayan Pompeii: Remarkable Ancient Village Preserved in Ash Emerges in El Salvador

  22. Mysterious Shackled Skeleton Found In Ancient Etruscan Tomb

  23. Ancient Egyptian Boat Found In 3,800 Year-Old Royal Tomb


Health News Banner

  1. Science Natural News

  2. Every Finger Is Connected to 2 Organs: Japanese Methods Of Curing in 5 Minutes!

  3. Mix Baking Soda With This For An Effective Chronic Bad Breath Remedy

  4. Common Food Additive Promotes Colon Cancer in Mice

  5. Benefits & Risks of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

  6. How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids

  7. Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Recipe

  8. Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

  9. Cashew Butter Recipe

  10. Homemade Morning Eye Solution with Witch Hazel

  11. Bergamot Oil for Cleansing, Confidence & Body Cures

  12. 10 Natural Headache Remedies for Fast Relief

  13. The Government Of Colorado Legalizes Assisted Suicide

  14. Best Way to Flush ‘Alzheimer’s-Causing’ Toxic Waste From Your Brain

  15. 7 Steps To Reverse Diabetes So You Never Have To Take Insulin Or Medication Again

  16. They May Lack Calories and Sugar, but New Research Documents Their Dangers

  17. Air Pollution Can Trigger Cardiovascular Disease at a Young Age

  18. Women Are Drinking More Like Men

  19. What Are Jujubes Good For?

  20. Eliminate Bad Breath In 5 Minutes! This Remedy Will Destroy All The Bacteria That Cause Bad Breath!

  21. THIS Fruit Removes Body Odor Better Than Cancer Causing Deodorant!

  22. How to Use Essential Oil Massage for Cancer Healing

  23. Squeeze 1 Lemon with 1 Spoonful of Olive Oil and You Will Never Stop Using It

  24. CDC proving to be just as criminal and ‘above the law’ as Hillary Clinton

  25. Oil and gas companies continue to ignore regulations by dumping fracking waste into local rivers

  26. UN expert: Large corporations have flooded the global food market with cheap, nutrient-poor foods

  27. Make Free Radicals ‘Quake in Their Boots’ With This Superstar Antioxidant

  28. Discover Thyme Oil’s Top-Notch Health Benefits

  29. What Is Schizophrenia?



  32. sweet potato casserole with pecan praline topping {dairy-free, gluten-free}







  39. FDA: Testosterone supplements can cause heart failure, stroke, depression, liver toxicity, insomnia and more

  40. Why You Should Listen to Music When You Work Out

  41. The Shallot: A Rival to the Onion

  42. Corruption: Nestle plans to profit off Flint victims with water privatization scheme


Misc News Banner

  1. After Election Day: How Then Shall We Live?

  2. Don’t Let Obama’s Conciliatory Tone Fool You; Here’s What’s Really Going On…

  3. Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Closes First Clinic After Donald Trump Defeats Hillary Clinton

  4. A Changing Investigative Landscape

  5. Judge Jeanine Pirro Slams Obama . Goodbye , FIERY Don’t Miss (Video: 15:07 minutes long.)

  6. Satanic Globalists Threaten Violent Revolution Upon America As Thousands Of George Soros Zombies Are Triggered By Donald Trump And Reality

  7. America Dodges A Bullet But ‘It’s Not Over, Not By A Long Shot’ Oathkeepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Warns – ‘We Are Not Out Of The Woods Yet’

  8. Silent Obama/Clinton Coup Stopped by U.S. Intelligence Agencies With Voter Help (Video)

  9. How to Stop Annoying Auto-Play Videos

  10. SkyWatchTV WEB EXCLUSIVE: Gary Heavin – Preparing for an EMP (Video: 28:32 minutes long.)

  11. This election is God’s judgment on us

  12. Why Hillary is too evil for voters to comprehend

  13. Incredible video demonstrates how election theft mechanism can be used to rig the election


  15. Google Home vs Amazon Echo

  16. Can You Trust ScanGuard?

  17. Strange Goings On in Antarctica –  Did they find some sort of lost ancient high technology there?


Religion News Banner


  2. Six new Beatitudes proposed by Pope Francis

  3. Documented: Obama’s “Traditional Muslim Bias” Against Christians

  4. Palestinians Are Demanding ‘Return’ Of The Dead Sea Scrolls

  5. German Lutheran church says no to conversion of Jews

  6. Muslim Man Becomes A Christian, Muslims Severely Beat Him In Public With A Pick Axe And Break His Knee And Now He And His Family Is In Hiding From The Muslims In The UK

  7. The Contagious Cult of Liberalism


Jihad News Banner

  1. Muslims Kidnap 25,000 People And Force Them To Become Human Shields

  2. Muslims Gang Rape Teen Girl, She Reports It To The Police, The Police Chief Turns Around And Rapes And Threatens To Kill Her

  3. UK: Mosque caretaker tried to join the Islamic State

  4. 9 “Palestinians” arrested plotting jihad terror attacks against Israeli forces

  5. CNBC frets that Trump victory has “enraged” jihad terror groups

  6. Germany: ‘We’re Somalis, we don’t pay’: Muslim migrants smash bistro with iron bars

  7. Nigeria: Muslims murder Christian pastor, 8 others in jihad suicide attacks


Prophecy News Banner

  1. Temple Institute Moves Ahead With Plans For Third Temple

  2. Ten Tribes (11 November 2016, 10 Cheshvan, 5777) (Video: 9:02 minutes long. In this short video, Yair Davidiy talks about the current locations of the Lost ten Tribes of Israel. The Bible tells us where the Lost Ten Tribes will be in the End Times. Taking every location mentioned and seeing what group of nations is to be found in all of them we may confirm where the Ten Tribes now are. One of the placements recalled several times are the Ends of the Earth, i.e. the Geographical Extremities of the Continental masses when measured from the Land of Israel as the central point. This is pertinent to regions where additional evidence shows the Ten Tribes to now be, i.e. North America (Canada and the USA), Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, Scandinavia, Netherlands, France, and the British Isles including Ireland.)


Let The Scriptures Speak Banner

Colossians 3:12-13 “12 Therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering; 13 bearing with one another, and forgiving one another, if anyone has a complaint against another; even as Christ forgave you, so you also must do. ” (New King James Version)

The very fact that Paul urges us to dress ourselves with these virtues signifies that none of us has “arrived” spiritually. All of us are flawed, deficient, and weak in some respects. As we yield and develop these virtues, we must be forbearing and forgiving toward our brothers on the basis of Christ’s example of forbearance and mercy toward us. The enabling power of God’s Spirit is already within us, or this exhortation would be in vain.

It can be done if we will choose to humble ourselves and act when we become aware of the need of a brother or of the church itself. God calls upon us here not merely to act but to do it with affection. In all cases, we must let our heart dictate to our hand, to let our most tender feelings encounter the miseries of those in distress, just as Christ did in descending to clothe Himself in clay. We need to let our feelings be at hand and readily touched that we might open our hands wide in help.

This world has hardened us. We have seen so much arrogance and cruelty that God warns that at the end people will be “without natural affection” (II Timothy 3:3, KJV). We are this end-time generation, and we must go a long way even to start to be like Christ in kindness. But we can do it! Perhaps we can liken beginning to be like this to learning to swim by just “jumping in.” Kindness is something that we must develop, and we can do it because God has already enabled us by His Spirit. This fruit is especially sweet tasting and a major factor in producing unity.

Never forget God’s character, His example, and this promise He has given to us in Isaiah 54:10: “‘For the mountains shall depart and the hills be removed, but My kindness shall not depart from you, nor shall My covenant of peace be removed,’ says the Lord, who has mercy on you.”

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see: The Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness


Food For Thought Banner

The Words Defined by Brad Scott

Repentance — Part 2

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

What does this mean? Well, for the most part it means nothing. I mean that! For most of modern Christianity, this word simply means to stop doing whatever you are doing, and it is precisely this definition that leads most of us to go right out and do it again. Some sooner, some later. So, let’s go back (shoov, pun intended) and get some more background to this word.

We have now established how this word began in the beginning. Let us examine several other uses of this word.

Bere’shiyt (Genesis) 31:3
“And YHVH said unto Jacob, return unto the land of thy fathers, and to thy kindred; and I will be with thee.”

You will soon see that this word from YHVH is to be true physically and spiritually for all time.

Yehoshua‘ (Joshua) 4:18
“And it came to pass, when the priests who bore the ark of the covenant of YHVH, were come up out of the midst of the Jordan, and the soles of the priests’ feet were lifted up unto the dry land, that the waters of the Jordan returned unto their place, and flowed over all its banks, as they did before.

Mizemor (Psalm) 51:12 – 13
Restore [tashiyvah, repent] unto me the joy of thy salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit. Then will I teach transgressors thy ways, and sinners shall be converted unto thee.”

Both restore and converted are the word shoov. David is praying that he be returned back to Yah’s ways so that he may be able to teach others to do the same. This is one place that teaches us that sacrifices are vain (vs 19) without repentance.

Mizemor 23:3
“He restoreth my soul; he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.”

How can YHVH lead His people in the paths of righteousness if they do not first repent or return unto Him? By the way, the word paths here is properly translated as cycles of righteousness. I am sure someone will remind me to elaborate on that one at a later time!

Mizemor 119:79
“Let those who fear thee turn unto me, and those who have known thy testimonies.”

Again, the context is to those who have turned away from YHVH, who have known His testimonies. YHVH is pleading for them to go back.

Yiremeyahu (Jeremiah) 23:21 – 22
“I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran; I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied. But if they had stood in my counsel and had caused my people to hear my words, then they should have turned them from their evil way, and from the evil of their doings.”

This word is used in this manner over 1,000 times in the Tanakh (Old Testament). Our Father has gone to great lengths to fully define this word for us. There should be no confusion as to what it means when it is used in the New Testament. But yet there is. Why? Because most students of scripture begin in the middle in order to search out doctrine, not at the beginning. This technique has always been saturated in a basic Greek philosophy, the Old Testament is for Jews. Their laws are not our laws, their ways are not our ways. Their food is not our food. Their repentance is not our repentance, and eventually their God is not our God.

Let us go back to the New Testament now. The very first words that we hear from Yochanan the Immerser (John the Baptizer) is REPENT! Who was he speaking these words to? the Nations? Of course not. The nations would not have a clue as to what to go back to! He speaks this word to the local Jewish leadership. Yochanan is pleading in behalf of Yeshua‘ for YHVH’s covenant people to go back to the covenant. Yeshua‘’s first words to the Jewish leaders is to REPENT! (Mattityahu (Matthew) 4:17). The two main religious systems in Judaism, the Pharisees and the Sadducees, had strayed away from the Word of YHVH. He certainly knew this in advance. Go Back! YHVH says. The common myth that Judaism was a law-keeping religion that YHVH came to denounce and change is a lie. Most of the Jewish leaders of that time were big time law breakers. Yeshua‘ constantly railed against them for not knowing the Scriptures. We have discussed this before, so I will not labor on this. Although there are some exceptions, for the most part, the word to the covenant people was repent. The word for the gentiles was believe. Then, in the letters of Sha’ul, as he visited the local gentile communities, he pleaded with many believing gentiles, who had already walked away, to repent. Many gentile believers had already turned back to their old ways. Sha’ul reminds many of them in 2 Corinthians 7:1, that they are to cleanse themselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of YHVH. In verse 10 he reminds them of the difference between worldly repentance and godly repentance. One works death and the other leads to the paths (cycles) of righteousness.

Next time we will talk about YHVH repenting and the concept of entropy as it directly relates to repentance.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


Music For Your Soul Banner

Kave EL Hashem / Hope in God (First Version)~Tehilim/Psalm 27:13


Torah Portion Banner

  1. Annual Torah Cycle for 2016-2017 (This is a downloadable PDF file.)

  2. Torah Portion Lekh L’kha (Get yourself out) for adults for November 12, 2016. This is a downloadable PDF file.

  3. Torah Explorers Lekh L’kha for children for November 12, 2016. This is a downloadable PDF file.


Teachings -- Test All Things Banner

  1. Hebrew Reveals Secret Nature of Sin on Yom Kippur

  2. Hidden Depths of Hebrew Teach Essence of True Love

  3. Prophetic Warning: Messianic Rabbi Warns about the Great Tribulation (Video: 15:58 minutes long. The young man, I believe, has failed to point out that Yahweh has and will supernaturally provide for the remnant during the Great Tribulation.)

  4. Should Christians Prepare?

  5. Who are You America?

  6. Defining Biblical Terms – Part 3 by Avi ben Mordechai (Video: 30 minutes long.)

  7. Teaching on 2 John (This is a downloadable PDF file.)

  8. Six Things YAHWEH Hates Seven Things That Are Abomination


12 Shofars

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