News You May Not Have Heard About — 11/08/2016

News You May Not Have Heard About

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  1. Your Complete Guide To Election Night: What To Watch For And When

  2. Rob O’Neill: “98% of US Special Forces are voting for Trump”… ABC just predicted a Trump LANDSLIDE of 700,000 votes in FL.

  3. Latest Fox News’ Electoral Map shows a shift towards Trump!… And NORTH CAROLINA FLIPPING TO TRUMP!

  4. Wikileaks Gives Hillary An Ultimatum: QUIT, Or We Dump Something Life-Destroying


  6. Utter Bulls**t: FBI Wants you to Believe It Examined 650,000 Emails in 691,000 Seconds


  8. FBI Agents Must Come Forward to Confront Corruption


  10. Three American Servicemen Shot Dead In An ISIS Infested Southern Jordan While Obama-Hillary Administration Increase Aid To Muslim Rebels There From $660m to A Whopping $1 Billion Of Your Tax Dollars (Its Time To Save American Lives By Voting TRUMP)

  11. Clinton Sent Classified Document to Daughter That State Department Has Identified as “Foreign Relations Activities… Including Confidential Sources”

  12. See How Treasonous Hillary’s Email Breach Really Is (Video)

  13. Exclusive! New World Order Infiltrator Spills Never Before Heard Secrets—What’s Really Going Down—Carl Teichrib

  14. Information Warfare: Communist Takeover of U.S. Entertainment Industry

  15. The backlash is imminent… prepare for real Americans to take their country back… the ‘revolt on Washington’ is just getting started

  16. Let’s Be Clear – A Vote For Warmonger Hillary Clinton Is A Vote For World War 3

  17. Just in case, impeach Hillary plans ready

  18. Trump And Clinton Have Both Assembled An Army Of Lawyers To File Lawsuits And Contest The Election Results

  19. I Just Lost All Faith In Our Deeply Corrupt Legal System And In The Rule Of Law In The United States

  20. EVERY Reporter on Hillary’s Payroll – LEAKED! – Proof MSM in cahoots with Clinton

  21. Podesta Caught Throwing Hot Tub Parties With Children: FULL UPLOAD (Video: 13:32 minutes long.)

  22. Clinton’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta Invited to an Occult ‘Spirit Cooking’ Dinner by Marina Abramović

  23. Weiner Laptop Reveals Massive Illuminati Pedophile Ring

  24. Source: FBI has evidence Hillary visited ‘Orgy Island’

  25. FBI Exposes Clinton Pedophile Satanic Network (Video: 44:37 minutes long.)

  26. The FBI Continues To Help Destroy The Constitution Through Protecting Hillary’s Crimes

  27. Hillary’s huge scandal list explodes to 25

  28. Hillary Clinton sent Chelsea info now deemed classified

  29. NYPD and NY FBI Caught in ONGOING Cover-Up

  30. NYPD Reveals CHILD-SEX RING in Hillary Clinton Campaign & DNC involving Members of Congress + Fed. Judges; Evidence of Bribery, Money-Laundering, Depraved-Indifference Murder and more!



  33. ISIS created by same governments that are giving money to the Clinton Foundation

  34. The Dallas IRS Office That’s Quietly Determining the Fate of the Clinton Foundation

  35. Leaked Memo: Clinton Foundation Broke The Law




  39. Top Clinton aide Huma Abedin tied to international terrorism, video claims

  40. ‘Fake’ Huma in burqa given ‘real’ Huma’s ballot

  41. NYC: Undercover journalist in full burka allowed to vote as Huma Abedin

  42. Associated Press reporter admits faking news stories for Hillary Clinton… stunning admission reveals how AP prints whatever the Clintons want, FACTS BE DAMNED

  43. The FBI is going to bring down the DOJ… and America will cheer the agency’s heroes as the Clinton crime regime is finally toppled

  44. BREAKING: Racketeering indictment of Hillary Clinton now ‘likely’ as FOIA for Datto backup device reveals FBI possesses ALL the incriminating emails



  47. Lawless Obama openly calls for illegal aliens to VOTE… says they won’t be deported even if caught

  48. Pennsylvania State Police Stage Voter Fraud Sting

  49. CAUGHT!! Broward County Elections Officials Filling Out Absentee Ballots Behind Closed Doors (UPDATE)

  50. Army Of Lawyers Preparing To File Lawsuits And Contest The Election Results

  51. Welcome To Minority Report – Where The Government Never Forgets A Face

  52. Soros Drops Millions To ‘Rig’ Justice System In Arizona

  53. ‘Enemies Within’ exposes plan to take over America

  54. Why Isn’t NSA Surveillance an Election Issue?


  56. Benghazi guards turned on US diplomats in 2012 attack, sources say

  57. US War in Afghanistan Silently Slips into the Abyss

  58. VT Exclusive: Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble


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  1. UK’s high court puts the brakes on Brexit

  2. Nigel Farage Plans To Head 100,000-Strong March On Supreme Court To Protest Brexit Ruling

  3. British spies say ISIS leader escaped Mosul as Iraqi forces stormed city

  4. Last Stronghold of ISIS Caliphate Set to Topple in Battle for Mosul

  5. ISIS loses grip on Mosul: Special Forces surround jihadists

  6. Iran-Backed Hezbollah Cells Preparing to Launch Future Attacks in Europe, US

  7. Kurds decide to get on US nerves

  8. In UNESCO, Palestinians claim ownership of Dead Sea Scrolls

  9. Nato puts 300,000 troops on ‘HIGH ALERT’ amid fears of all out confrontation with Russia

  10. Putin’s new ‘super tank’: British intelligence warns Russian vehicle is ‘the most revolutionary change in tank design in the last half century’ and leaves the West totally outgunned

  11. Terrorists Targeting Russia in Syria – As Planned

  12. Lebanon elects Hezbollah-backed president

  13. US Plan “C” in Syria: Make Al Qaeda Central the New Capital

  14. Latest Assault on Aleppo: West Covers Up Terror-Ties

  15. Nato puts 300,000 ground troops on ‘high alert’ as tensions with Russia mount

  16. Israel says ‘no’ to Middle East peace conference in Paris

  17. Iraqi Kurdish forces advance into IS-held town east of Mosul

  18. Merkel orders EU to turn back boats full of Muslim migrants

  19. Germany discovers 20 Islamic jihadis in its army

  20. Fed Up German People Rebel Against Muslim Invaders, Form Gangs To Hunt Them Down And Run Them Out Of Their City

  21. North Korea May Provide It’s Own Election Day Bombshell

  22. Saudi’s threaten OPEC oil freeze over Iran row


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  1. Keiser Report

  2. Boom Bust

  3. Men Not At Work: The Growing Jobless Crisis

  4. Colorado Cannabis Industry Contributes More To Economy Than All Other Industries: Report

  5. Fed Holds on Raising Rates, Fears Rising Dollar

  6. Obamacare Forces Companies to Drop Workers from Private Insurance

  7. Financial Whistleblower Explains What’s About to Happen to the Economy

  8. How HUD Makes Lousy Programs Look Great

  9. Military Veteran Bonus Scandal Might Be Much Worse Than Initially Reported

  10. Johnson & Johnson Loses Yet Another Multimillion Dollar Case Over Baby Powder

  11. Election Uncertainty Now Influencing Gold And Silver Prices

  12. China’s Global Game-Changer And Why Gold Will Skyrocket As It Anchors New Monetary System

  13. Tiny Homes Banned In U.S. At Increasing Rate As Govt Criminalizes Sustainable Living

  14. Wells Fargo Gets Sued by Employees Over Fake Accounts

  15. Today may be your last chance to SELL EVERYTHING: ‘Every asset will collapse’ warns financial analyst

  16. Alan Greenspan: We’ve never seen a bond market like this

  17. Sjuggerud: Why stocks could gain 30% over the next year

  18. China Trade Data Disappoints (Again) Despite Plunging Yuan


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  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. Real Time Seismicity

  3. USGS realtime Global Earthquakes Map

  4. Global Volcano Activity

  5. European – Mediterranen Quakes

  6. The Next ‘Little Ice Age’ Is Already Here, Russian Scientist Claims

  7. The smell of death is everywhere: 350 seals, 2500 birds and thousands of fish die around the world and nobody knows why

  8. Volcano on Rome’s doorstep is slowly reawakening

  9. Emergency investigation as Italian mountain develops huge crack after massive earthquake

  10. Mysterious mud volcano forms and erupts after M6.6 earthquake in Italy

  11. Signs In The Heavens – Biggest Supermoon Since Israel Became A Nation Approaches

  12. The Biggest Supermoon Since Israel Became A Nation In 1948 Will Happen 6 Days After The Election

  13. Substantial damage after earthquake rattles major Oklahoma oil hub

  14. Cushing, Oklahoma badly damaged by M5.0 earthquake – loud thundering noises

  15. Mysterious sound pinging from the sea floor baffles Military in Canada

  16. Powerful geomagnetic storm cracks Earth’s magnetosphere

  17. Signs in the sky? Mysterious angel cloud appears prior strong M6.4 earthquake in Chile

  18. Thousands of rare ice balls wash ashore after polar storm hits Russia

  19. Unseasonal dust storm sweeps through Phoenix

  20. NASA: Asteroid Impact With Earth –“Not a Matter of If, but When”

  21. Earth’s Super-Powered Telescopes Attempt to Capture the First-Ever Image of the Massive Dark Void at the Center of the Milky Way

  22. “Colossal Wave of Stars” –Tsunami Observed Crashing Through a Spiral Galaxy


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  1. Russian military testing 1st-ever VR helmet for drone pilots – report

  2. Tree-Shaped Vertical Farm Can Grow 24 Acres Of Crops

  3. AT&T Secret Spy Program Unveiled: Project Hemisphere

  4. Researchers awarded grant to continue investigations into brain biometrics technology

  5. Leaked NASA Document Confirms EM Drive Engine Actually Works


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A brief video exploring the Soros network infiltration of the Church and nation

At a time when many Christian ministries are struggling, a few of the Soros network “faith” and “interfaith” grantees are Jim Wallis of Sojourners, Richard Cizik’s New Evangelical Partnership, Telos, J Street to malign Israel, “ Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, Faithful America and Gamaliel. Faith in Public Life to “counter” Christians and the Tea Party in the media and, with PICO, advocate for amnesty, mass Islamic migration, and even to attempt to influence the visit and priorities of Pope Francis himself. Billions of additional dollars to “Christian VOLAGs” for large scale “refugee” and migrant resettlement come from the Obama administration.

Joining “faith” fronts, the Soros network also funds thousands of other collaborators and projects that suggest a pattern and goal to demoralize America (and Europe). The list includes: film studios and hundreds of media outlets; attempts to control the Internet; racial and gender agitation; euthanasia; drug legalization and “injection zones;” abortion and the “sex worker” industry; Al Gore’s Climate campaign; pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel projects; the rights of jihadists and Sharia advocates.

In the ironic rhetoric of compassion, Soros and friends also fund mass immigration followed by redistricting schemes and “voting“rights,” while financing the campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. (Soros is a major donor to the Democratic Party and co-chairman of Ready for Hillary PAC.)  One wonders if the end goal is the destruction of national identity through demoralization, open borders and debt, thus the “fundamental transformation” (weakening) of American civil society for their leveraged global power. (They have done this to other nations.)

We urge you to question the true intentions of persons or organizations that receive money from Soros and other billionaire globalists. We must not give their surrogates four more years.

Our true America is more just, generative and loving than the “new America” of stateless and “post-American” social engineers. Global socialism is a system of control over the lives of others. This sends us backwards. The hostility of the Progressive political agenda to biblical faith is foreign to the Spirit of Jesus. Instead, let us do justice to the American story and future. Though imperfect, it is a great forward leap in human dignity, freedom and actual progress.

And so we ask again, why do those who claim to share our faith in Christ continue to advocate for politicians who will pass legislation, and appoint justices and judges who will attack Christian liberty and persecute believers? Turning our nation over to the enemies of biblical faith does not honor Christ, promote love of neighbor, or advance God’s kingdom in the world.

We ask those who have intentionally or unwittingly aided the Progressive agenda in the past to look at the actual consequences of their policies. Please stop inviting fellow believers to assist global profiteers and political activists who are determined to de-Christianize America. Please repent, refuse funding and turn away from those who attack the Church and injure the nation.

Archaeology News Banner

  1. The Mysterious Secret Society of Ancient India and The Nine Unknown Men of Ashoka

  2. The Windover Bog Bodies, Among the Greatest Archeological Discoveries Ever Unearthed in the United States

  3. Pictured for the first time: The limestone piece of rock on which ‘Jesus was resurrected after crucifixion’

  4. Ancient Irish Grave Yields Europe’s Oldest Polished Ax


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  1. Science Natural News

  2. Smart Meter Case Testimony Before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission: What No One Wants to Acknowledge About EMF Damage

  3. Smart Meter Case Testimony Before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission: What No One Wants to Acknowledge About EMF Damage (Part 2 of 4)

  4. Smart Meter Case Testimony Before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission: What No One Wants to Acknowledge About EMF Damage (Part 3 of 4)

  5. Smart Meter Case Testimony Before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission: What No One Wants to Acknowledge About EMF Damage (Part 4 of 4)

  6. Media dare not report wave of paralyzed children caused by vaccines

  7. If you support Hillary Clinton, you support big pharma and mandatory vaccinations

  8. The Rise of Mandatory Vaccinations Means the End of Medical Freedom

  9. Pesticides found in majority of drinking water tested; EPA warns consumers need water upgrades

  10. Fight antibiotic-resistant superbugs with these six powerful and natural alternatives to antibiotics

  11. Artificial turf fields linked to cancer in young athletes

  12. The top 10 worst ingredients found everywhere across the survival foods industry

  13. World’s oldest living person has eaten 3 eggs a day for over 90 years

  14. Glyphosate – The unpopular truth exposed

  15. How Could the Water You Drink Trigger Cancer?

  16. Top Cancer-Fighting Foods

  17. Chemotherapy patients’ quality of life suffers long after treatment

  18. Antibiotic herbs destroy drug-resistant bacteria

  19. ORGANIC SURVIVAL FOOD: Health Ranger launches non-GMO, certified organic survival food instant meals delivering real nutrition, not junk calories

  20. Syrian children feared dead after being injected with tainted measles vaccine

  21. Super Foods for Women

  22. 20 Reasons for Blood Sugar Swings

  23. Healthy Organic Broccoli Chips Recipe

  24. Should You Use an Over-the-Counter Brace?

  25. Craving Ice? You Could Have an Iron Deficiency

  26. Is the Wasabi You’re Eating the Real Deal?

  27. Myths and Facts About Chronic Pain

  28. The Meat You Eat: What’s Good for You? (NOTE: You will want to avoid the last on in this slide presentation.)

  29. What Your Hair & Scalp Say About Your Health

  30. A Visual Guide to PCOS (NOTE: For women only.)



  33. Make Sure Your Protein Powder Has These 9 Essentials

  34. Please Don’t Overpeel This Vegetable

  35. Omega Fix for Obesity: How the Right Fats Fight Fat

  36. Egg-White Eaters – The Yolk Is No Joke

  37. What You Need to Know About Lupus

  38. CDC Report Prophesies Disease and Death for Our Sexually Immoral Generation

  39. Is your storable food just repackaged genetically modified SOY and CORN?

  40. Use these simple tricks to pack more nutrition into every meal

  41. Taiwan: 97% of soybeans are now GMO

  42. USDA approves genetically engineered potatoes despite GMO backlash

  43. Potato, Cauliflower and Cheddar Bake

  44. 23 Insanely Clever Ways To Eat Cauliflower Instead of Carbs

  45. 23 Ridiculously Delicious Ways To Replace Carbs With Cauliflower

  46. Americans are sick and tired of their voices being drowned out by monetary interests

  47. Chef’s Banquet storable foods earns warning from food scientist over hidden MSG and artificial coloring

  48. Studies funded by soda industry skew the link between soda and diabetes

  49. Obama Signs ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Written by Monsanto-Sponsored Senator

  50. How to Get Rid of a Boil

  51. Paleo Muffins with Almond Meal & Cacao Nibs

  52. Pear Salad Recipe with Sautéed Spinach

  53. Almond Butter Banana Protein Bars Recipe

  54. 5 Ways To Treat Hyperthyroidism Naturally

  55. Natural Head Cold Remedies for FAST Relief

  56. Sandalwood Essential Oil Benefits & Uses

  57. This One Fruit Kills Malignant Cells of 12 Different Types of Cancer

  58. The 5 Best Herbs to Soothe Your Nerves


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  1. How the New World Order is Using the Christian Churches and their Pastors – to Destroy Christianity!

  2. Don’t Touch That Dial…

  3. Can This Gadget Suck Money Out of Your Wallet?

  4. WHY DO AMERICAN COMPANIES LEAVE AMERICA? (Video: 2:25 minutes long.)

  5. We Now Have Proof Obamacare Was Designed to Fail… and Here’s Why

  6. Geekly Update – 26 October 2016

  7. Tired of Ants? Try These Natural Ways to Get Rid of Them

  8. The Greatest Heist You’ve Never Heard Of | Retro Report | The New York Times

  9. Is the FBI Constitutional?

  10. Catastrophy


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  1. The Unholy Alliance – Christianity & The NWO Part I

  2. The Unholy Alliance – Christianity & The NWO Part II


  4. Muslim Refugees Meet Jesus: God At Work In The Midst Of Crisis

  5. America Needs To Wake Up – There is ZERO Hope For Our Country Until We Turn From Our Evil Ways

  6. Jezebel Is Going Down!


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  1. Islamic State-Linked Magazine Urges ‘Lone-Wolf’ Attacks in West to Avenge Mosul

  2. Australia: Muslim migrant kept 15-year-old girl captive and sexually assaulted her

  3. Muslim released from Gitmo in plan to rehabilitate terror detainees threatens jihad attacks on U.S. cities

  4. Muslims Beat Christian Woman To Death, The Muslims Are Arrested And Then Released

  5. Major Muslim Terrorists Give Out This Warning To Americans Who Are Voting In This Election: “We have come to slaughter you and smash your ballot boxes. May Allah make this year’s US presidential election a dreadful calamity like no other to have struck America throughout its pathetic history.”

  6. Muslim Man Barges In Front Of Woman In Line, She Calls Him Out, He Laughs At Her And Says “Shut Up You F_cking Whores. I Urinate On People Like You.”

  7. Muslim Pedophile Predator Caught Live On Camera Snatching Three-Year-Old Girl In Supermarket At Random When Her Mother Isn’t Looking And Running Off With Her

  8. Muslims Destroy Christian Church And Turn It Into Terrorist Training Camp, Take A Statue Of Jesus And Cut Its Head Off

  9. Muslims Take Small Children, And Several Adults, And Butcher All Of Them

  10. Muslims Shoot Woman And Then Crucify Her

  11. Suicide Bomb in Nigeria Slaughters Nine People, Including One Pastor


Prophecy News Banner

  1. The Final Prophecies Documentary

  2. Rabbi Predicts Trump Will Win and Usher in the Second Coming

  3. Trump Chosen by God To Stop America’s Destruction – Astounding 2011 Prophecy (Video: 1:02:13 minutes long.)


  5. B’ney Yosef Declares Birth of New Nation: Brothers of Judah

  6. Exposed! Details so Alarming, This Nation Will Reel With God’s Fury! 32 Year Old Prophecy About to Explode! (Videos)



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Numbers 22:28-30 “28 Then the LORD opened the mouth of the donkey, and she said to Balaam, “What have I done to you, that you have struck me these three times?” 29 And Balaam said to the donkey, “Because you have abused me. I wish there were a sword in my hand, for now I would kill you!” 30 So the donkey said to Balaam, “Am I not your donkey on which you have ridden, ever since I became yours, to this day? Was I ever disposed to do this to you?” And he said, “No.” (New King James Version)

It is incredible that Balaam even replies to the donkey. If an animal spoke to one of us, would we respond? Perhaps he thought, “Well, I’ve talked to her enough. She was bound to answer me sometime.” This is obviously a miracle—there is only one other place in the Bible (Genesis 3, the serpent to Eve) where an animal speaks—yet Balaam acts as if it happens to him every day! The donkey asks him questions, and he answers!

Balaam is totally, spiritually out of it. He has no thought for God or for spiritual things. He is so self-possessed, so full of self-interest that he cannot think beyond the end of his nose! All he is thinking about is, “What am I going to do when I get to Balak? He’s going to pile all this money on me! How am I going to set up the sacrifices? What am I going to do? How am I going to say this? I know God will let me do it because I’m just a wonderful negotiator, and that’s just the way it is. All the other gods have done exactly as I’ve bargained, so I think. . . .” As he travels, he talks to himself like this, thinking only about the wonderful job and the wealth he has ahead of him. He is heedless to anything else.

When these amazing things happen, they fail to faze him. They fail to make him wonder what is going on. He does not even ask why the donkey was treating him in a way she had never had before. She was totally out of character! She speaks, and he answers! It illustrates the depth of his spiritual blindness. He could not see God if He had bit him!

In today’s lingo, we would call Balaam totally materialistic. Everything was based on what he could see, feel, hear, smell, and taste. He could not understand beyond that.

He was involved in spiritism, with augury, enchanting, and such, but there is nothing spiritual about him. He had no depth. And this made him thoroughly evil. He bore a nice façade that made him look spiritual, but in reality, there was nothing there. The donkey was more truly spiritual than he was!

He may have had some spiritual knowledge, but it did not work in him properly because he never put it into practice. He may have known about Israel, about Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, perhaps even of some of God’s instructions to Israel. He certainly knew God was, in all His power and sovereignty, working for them. But none of this knowledge that he may have had did him any good. He even talked to God, and God talked back to him! God was doing all these things in his life, and he was thoroughly blind to all of it.

The incredible thing here is that Balaam acted as if these things happened to him every day. But they did not! These were once-in-a-lifetime events, but he was so self-centered that he shrugged them off, ignoring them as if they did not matter. Here was the great sovereign God saying, “Wake up, Balaam! I’m here! Can’t you see Me? Can’t you see Me working?” But Balaam is blind to the true reality of Him. The “seer” can see nothing because he is so stuck on the here and now, on what he has in his hand and in his pocket.

Richard T. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see: Balaam and the End-Time Church (Part 2)


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The Words Defined by Brad Scott

Repentance — Introduction

This word will begin to shift our focus from this point on. I have prayed that what we have defined so far will give you a grasp of how the New Testament should be understood. Going back to the beginning and defining all the words and phrases spoken in it gives us a better, if not a proper, understanding of what the writers meant when they used these words. So many students of Scripture teach these concepts by starting in the middle of the book. As you can see, this omits the very foundation. Many recent scriptural creation ministries have been trying to tell Christians, and non-Christians alike, this same thing. You MUST go back to the beginning to understand what is being taught in the middle and the end. So it is with the next word that we will tackle.

I am going to, very bluntly, tell you that without a scriptural understanding of repentance, you are not redeemed or reconciled back to YHVH. To put it more perfectly, as Sha’ul [Paul] would say, you are not saved. Repentance, as we will see, is the starting point of your salvation. This is the perfect place for hasatan to deceive. Pervert the beginning and all the rest of the house is on sand. I am sure that you have wondered why so many people answer altar calls and go right back to their vomit, so to speak. You saw them seek Him with tears, and still their lives did not change. Could there be a difference between sorrow for your sins and true repentance? Is scriptural repentance more than changing your mind? Is it different from just turning away from sin? When Yeshua‘ [Jesus] and Yochanan (John the baptizer) said to the P’rushim (Pharisees), “repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” what did they mean by repent? Do you really believe that the meaning of repent in the English or the Greek is what they meant? Do you believe that all 23,214 verses of teachings in the Tanakh (Old Testament) about this word is irrelevant? In the Tanakh, the Father teaches us His ways and sets the foundation for us. In Luke 2 verse 49, when they find Yeshua‘ teaching in the temple, He says to His parents, “Knew ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?”. In other words, my Father has taught me His ways and I am doing what He has taught me. He will carry on His father’s profession. This only makes sense when you can see that this was Yeshua‘’s bar mitzvah. A Jewish boy’s father spends 12 years teaching his son what is right and wrong. He teaches him Yah’s ways. He teaches him his profession. Yosef was a carpenter, and Yeshua‘ was taught how to be a carpenter. When people watched Yeshua‘ build things, they saw the very nature of Yosef, as well. When he carved out the wood, they saw the skilled hands of Yosef in him. When his time came (bar mitzvah) and he was now a “son of the commandments”, he was now responsible to continue His father’s ways Himself. He was directly responsible to YHVH Himself. We must understand this father/son teaching in order to understand the Messiah. The Tanakh is replete with teaching on the fact that the Messiah will observe and follow His father’s ways. He would not break one single commandment and not teach anyone else to break even the least of them (Mattityahu (Matthew) 5:19). In verse 52 of Luke 2, we see this confirmed when Luke says that Yeshua‘ increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with ’Elohiym and man.

The English word repent can begin to be understood by the Greek word that it is translated from. This word is metanoeo. Greek lexicons generally define this word as a changing of one’s mind or sorrow. The New Englishman’s Greek concordance goes on to say that it is “a change of heart and mind away from self and sin, and towards God and holiness.” This is getting much closer, but too many students and teachers stop right there and try to apply that definition to our present day lifestyle. Many commentaries on the subject are quick to mention that this turning away from sin also concludes with a turning to YHVH. But, as I have said so many times before, this means virtually nothing to us today. We have not been taught scripturally what it means to turn to YHVH. To modern Christians, this means acknowledging that Jesus is Lord, the devil is bad, the Jehovah’s Witnesses are a cult, and Bill and Hillary are responsible for our moral decay! So, we must take this very important word back to its origin, to see how the Father has already defined it. Then we will know what Yeshua‘ means when He says it, as well.

The comparable word used in the Tanakh and the Hebrew culture is teshuvah. This word is generally translated ‘to return’, or to ‘go back’. This is borne out from its verbal root shoov. The first use of this word sets the standard for how it is to be understood. In Bere’shiyt (Genesis) chapter 1 and 2 we have the creation and making of all things. Man is created perfect and without sin and given only ’Elohiym’s word. He has no knowledge of good or evil. His instructions are only the word of ’Elohiym, and he is told to not eat of the other tree. When he does, he now is doomed to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and banned from the tree of life. This tree of life, the pure word of YHVH (Mishlei (Proverbs) 3:13-18, 11:30) is in the paradise of YHVH (Hitgalut (Revelation) 2:7). Adam is taken out of the garden and put in the place that he was taken out of, i.e. the ground (Bere’shiyt 3:23). This is because the garden of Eden is a place of living eternally. Had he remained in the garden and eaten from the tree of life, he would have lived eternally in a fallen state. ’Elohiym removes him from this place and puts him back from where he was taken and bans him from entering the garden. This also teaches us that Adam’s physical body is not made from material in the garden but from the earth outside the garden, which was not created in the image of ’Elohiym but in the beginning. This means that Adam cannot live eternally in the garden, but can receive the Tree of Life IN him and have eternal life IN him. This brings Adam back to access to the Tree of Life (YHVH’s word). Notice that the other tree (the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) never appears in scripture again. Why? Because it is in all of us by inheritance. There is no need to reach out and take of this tree, it is there by nature. Keep in mind however, that the tree is there by nature, not necessarily the fruit. This is why the believer has two natures struggling inside of him. Ask Sha’ul. He will tell you. Okay, now back to repentance. It is no coincidence that the word shoov shows up so soon after Adams’ rebellion. In chapter 3 we see the deception of Chava (Eve) and the transgression of Adam (more on this later). Adam and Chava then set the standard for the response of man to ’Elohiym’s call for the rest of human history. ’Elohiym searches for him and calls him on the carpet, and man denies personal responsibility for disobeying Him. Chava quickly follows with the same denial that she has personally done anything wrong. Hasatan, being a serpent, hasn’t a leg to stand on and says nothing. YHVH ’Elohiym will now spend His time drawing man back to His tree. He dramatically illustrates this in Adam’s curse.

Bere’shiyt 3:17-19
“… cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field; In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”

There are a bunch of neat things here, but lets stay with our subject. The word return, used twice here, is the first occurrence of the word for repent. This is dovetailed with the ‘fall’ of Adam. The foundation of repentance is the return to where you came from. Adam came from the dust, and that is where he will teshuvah, or return to. The root of repentance is to go back to something. It is what we are to go back to, that is critical. Ponder this for awhile. Is not this repentance the constant cry of YHVH to His people always? When you read of all the terrible judgment poured out in the last days, is this because the nations did not acknowledge that Yeshua‘ was Master, or is it because they turned (shoov) from His ways? Do you seriously believe that YHVH created a whole new tree (Christianity) designed to go their own way, as well? Or can you see that YHVH grafted us into a set apart, righteous tree that has been here all along, and that the natural branches can return to that tree?

We will continue to clearly define this word next time.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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