News You May Not Have Heard About — 09/08/2016

News You May Not Have Heard About

(The information below is not meant to scare you but to inform you.)

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USA News Banner

  1. No, The UN Is Not Taking Over “The Internet” (Video: 17:00 minute long.)

  2. Soros: Western Society Must Fall Before One World Govt Can Be Established (Video)

  3. Agenda 21 & George Soros

  4. U.S. Government Experimenting on U.S. Citizens Unknowingly (Video)

  5. WW3 WARNING: Planet closer to catastrophic World War III than at any time for SIXTY years, experts warn… and it doesn’t look good for Britain or America if it does kick off

  6. It’s the Democrats and not the Russians who are enemies of the Republic

  7. Obama administration admits paying entire $1.7 billion Iran bill in CASH from little-known fund of taxpayer money


  9. Obama Uses UN to Bypass Senate’s Treaty Consent Authority

  10. Media go berserk over Trump immigration speech


  12. California set to criminalize video ‘stings’ of Planned Parenthood

  13. “The Decline of the American Empire”

  14. Government Escalates Surveillance of What You Say, Read on the ’Net

  15. 9/11 conspiracy gets support from physicists’ study

  16. The Tyranny of 9/11: The Building Blocks of the American Police State from A-Z

  17. 9/11 Suspects: Christine Todd Whitman

  18. 9/11 Suspects: Philip Zelikow (Video: 15:42 minutes long.)

  19. Mike Cernovich Tweets Saudis and Bush Did 9/11

  20. Do We Trust The Elections? Homeland Security To Take Charge

  21. 2021: The United Shariah States of America

  22. The Hammer Is About To Drop – WikiLeaks To Release ‘Teasers’ As Early As Next Week

  23. Napolitano lays out two cases against Clinton in email case

  24. EmailGate and the Mystery of the Missing GAMMA

  25. Buried in FBI report is revelation that all Clinton’s emails were being iillicitly copied

  26. NY State Attorney General Let Clinton Foundation Hide Foreign Donors

  27. MEDIA MAFIA: Dr. Drew threatened by CNN to retract his medical analysis of Hillary… ‘scary and creepy’ phone calls… then his show was pulled

  28. Matt Drudge: Hillary’s press corps in new cover-up

  29. Does Hillary Clinton Have Parkinson’s Disease?

  30. Hillary’s ‘mystery man’ appears after coughing fit

  31. The Hillary Files: How special interests that violate health, human rights and the environment have pre-purchased the Clinton presidency

  32. Wayne Madsen: Hillary Clinton courts Muslims to win election



  35. Why does DHS want to designate election booths ‘critical infrastructure?’

  36. Leader of Ferguson protests murdered, found dead in burning car

  37. Hold on! Clintons don’t benefit from foundation?

  38. The Clintons: is the Oregon standoff really about uranium?

  39. “Too Many Whites” – MSNBC ‘Tweaks’ CNN Poll To Show Hillary Back In The Lead

  40. Are You Going To Believe Your Eyes Or The MSM Lies?

  41. WATCH: New Allegations of Secret Iran Deals Approved by Obama

  42. Republicans Vow Legislation Against Ransom Payments to Iran


  44. Janet Yellen Is Choosing the President: Rate Hike Would “Give Trump the White House”

  45. Donald Trump Is Endorsed by Nearly 90 Military Figures

  46. Trump as American ‘messiah?’ Rabbi says yes


  48. Report: US Deceived Public, Gave Iran Secret Nuke Deal Exemptions

  49. September 30th – Beginning Of The End For Free Speech On The Net?

  50. Military Psychiatrists to be Used to Send Americans Into FEMA Camps

  51. Active Duty LEO Warns America To ‘Prepare For A Gut Check’ – This ‘Worst Nightmare Scenario’ For America Has Already Begun: ‘Low Tech Death’

  52. Google Accused of Manipulating Search Results for ‘Jihad’

  53. How Google’s Search Engines use faked results for social engineering

  54. The Destroying Of The Constitution And We The People

  55. “What A Mess!” – Pentagon At War With CIA In Syria

  56. Fox News Host: FEMA Camps to be Located Within a Private Prison

  57. Scientists In New Mexico Dissect The Brains Of Murdered Babies As Part Of Evil Experiments On Human Beings

  58. Iranian boats harass US ship in another ‘unsafe’ incident

  59. Yes, Virginia, Kaepernick is Breaking the Law

  60. Smart Cities: Spying Is Just The Beginning




  64. Drone Speedboats To Be Tested In Massive Military Drill “Unmanned Warrior 2016”

  65. How Total Tyranny & Endless War Are Being Sold To American Society

  66. Russian SU-27 Jet Intercepts US Navy Spy Plane Over Black Sea

  67. How Russia and China Could Strike the US Air Force’s ‘Achilles Heel’

  68. How Snowden escaped

  69. California University Creates Segregated Dorms for Black Students (This makes no sense. It is as though this is a way to revert back to the days when segregation. This is clearly going in the WRONG direction.)

  70. Major Cities All Over America Have Become Infested With Opioid Addicts And Extremely Violent Gangs




World News Banner

  1. Turkey’s Erdogan ratifies reconciliation pact with Israel

  2. Turkey Calls For “Buffer Zone” In Syria As Military Seizes Territory Called For By Brookings, MSM

  3. Germany: No Normalization With Iran Until it Recognizes Israel

  4. BDS: A threat to the entire Middle East

  5. ISIS Terrorists Mere Kilometers from Israel’s Northern Border

  6. ‘Iran, aided by proxy terrorist groups, biggest existential threat to Israel’

  7. Iran’s Supreme Leader Urges Muslim Nations to Take Hajj Away from Saudi Arabia

  8. Iran: The Return of Ahmadinejad

  9. WATCH: Why is the Palestinian Cause the World’s #1 Focus?

  10. Human Bones Found Near Former Nazi Research Site in Berlin

  11. Russia is preparing for a full-scale INVASION of Ukraine – and Europe is too weak to prevent it, warns President Poroshenko

  12. China Speeding Efforts to Build a Manned Oceanic “Space Station”

  13. ISIS’ New Top Commander In Iraq Was Trained by US Special Forces

  14. Turkey’s Stewardship of U.S. Nukes Troublesome; Whose Coup?

  15. New UN Lies Blame Israel for Incompetent Palestinian Governance

  16. ‘Hezbollah, Syrian army preparing large operation near Israel border’

  17. Netherlands, Israel to build gas pipeline to Gaza

  18. ‘Extremist Islamic terror is spreading throughout Europe’

  19. North Korea Sends Message with Multiple Missile Launch

  20. Chinese Warships Shadow Alaska Amid G20 Fallout

  21. Brexit victory fuels Scottish Independence

  22. Angela Merkel Says Welcoming 1 Million Refugees Into Germany Was Mistake

  23. ‘Wrap Them All In Pig Skin And Deport All Muslim Criminals!’ Major Hungarian Acadamic Rips Islam At Conference, Calls For The Deportation Of Muslims For The Good Of Society


  25. The RAND Corporation Calls For War With China

  26. Hundred of Angry French Farmers And Truckers Storm Muslim Ghetto At Calais, Set Up Blockade In Standoff With Police, Demand Government Deport Muslims And Destroy The Ghettos

  27. Obama Humiliated By Russia And China While Turkey Invades Further Into Syria

  28. Erdogan Strips Two Thousands Academics And Eight Thousand Security Personnel Of Their Jobs, Joins The Ranks Of Pol Pot, Mussolini, And Ottoman Turkey Right Before The Armenian Genocide

  29. Judge challenges Islamist extremists who live on benefits while claiming to ‘despise’ the West, as he sentences Anjem Choudary

  30. Taxation is Theft: EU Edition

  31. Britain is Officially Building a Wall to Keep Refugees Out

  32. IRONY: ISIS Bans the Burqa Due to Terrorism


World Financial News Banner

  1. Keiser Report

  2. Boom Bust

  3. Gerald Celente Issues Updated Trend Forecast For The Rest Of 2016

  4. Will Banks And Governments Become The New Bonnie And Clyde Of A Cashless Society

  5. ‘Optimism bias’ explains why people remain in denial about the coming collapse

  6. Five distinct crises Americans will face after an economic collapse

  7. A Global Crisis Is Now Close At Hand – Gold & Silver Bull Market Will Crush What Was Seen In The 1970s


  9. While America Partied On Labor Day: ” Obama Initiated Another MAJOR Redistribution Of Wealth”

  10. Obama Kept His Promise, 83,000 Coal Jobs Lost And 400 Mines Shuttered

  11. “No Way to Avoid Economic Collapse” According to Recent Government Study

  12. This sector is on the verge of a big move… and it could take the broad market with it

  13. How you can make 49% on a gold stock in just one day

  14. Here’s the latest crack showing up in the U.S. economy

  15. 40,000 Students In Limbo, 8,000 Employees Fired As ITT Suddenly Shuts Down

  16. From An Industrial Economy To A Paper Economy – The Stunning Decline Of Manufacturing In America

  17. The Matrix Exposed

  18. Hungary Becomes First European Nation To Ban Rothschild Banks

  19. The One Trillion Dollar Consumer Auto Loan Bubble Is Beginning To Burst

  20. Trillion-Dollar Auto Loan Bubble Also Ready to Burst: “End Result Is Going To Be Catastrophic”

  21. Why You Should Be Paying Attention To America’s Quiet War On Cash

  22. TRUMP: Fed created ‘false economy’…

  23. Bill Holter: Newly Solidified Chinese Superpower Will Replace Dead U.S. Dollar (Interview)

  24. Societe Generale strategist warns US near recession

  25. Slash and Burn at Desperate Deutsche Bank

  26. Korean Shipping Failure Will Impact Global Goods

  27. Saudi Arabia schemes to boost oil price for ARAMCO IPO

  28. Critical: Bilderberg Globalists Conjure Financial Horror: Abolish Cash and Negative Interest Rates Now Underway

  29. America’s Debt-Based Paper Economy Crumbling: “Manufacturing Cities In Advanced State of Decay”

  30. Wall Street banks eat their words on Brexit: Humiliating U-turn as they admit recession forecasts were wrong

  31. Wait Until You Hear This! This is How Bad It Will Get, Really Soon…

  32. Walmart, Kroger, Home Depot warn House GOP on banking bill

  33. Fannie and Freddie face a new threat


Earth News Banner

  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. Real Time Seismicity

  3. USGS realtime Global Earthquakes Map

  4. Global Volcano Activity

  5. European – Mediterranen Quakes

  6. Over 30,000 scientists say ‘Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming’ is a complete hoax and science lie

  7. They’re not saying it’s aliens, but signal traced to sunlike star sparks SETI interest

  8. Hunt for 9th Planet Reveals Extremely Distant Solar System Objects

  9. Meet the climate change bigoted professors who BANNED informed debate: Rebecca Laroche, Wendy Haggren and Eileen Skahill… NO THINKING ALLOWED

  10. Japan invests in $320M ‘Ice wall’ in an attempt to prevent disastrous escalation of radiation release

  11. Alert: Typhoons cause failure of ‘ice wall’ around Fukushima reactors — Highly radioactive water flowing into ocean — Structure “critically affected” — Fears over multiple sections of barrier that have thawed — Expert: “The plan to block groundwater is failing” (VIDEO)

  12. Klyuchevskoy erupts spewing ash up to 11.2 km a.s.l., Aviation Colour Code raised to Red

  13. A magnitude 6.3 – 189km ESE of Nikol’skoye, Russia is the 2nd major quake of September

  14. Second Dyson Star Discovered

  15. More than 5500 earthquakes hit the same region than the deadly earthquake in Italy

  16. Sundogs in Antarctica

  17. Giant 450,000 km long solar filament growing since August 31 to ignite an Earth directed Hyder Flare explosion

  18. Biblical rains wreak havoc Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico

  19. Loud rumbling noise rattles Whitehall, Montana during M4.0 earthquake

  20. M5.6 earthquake in Oklahoma felt across the entire midwest, from North Dakota through Houston (I personally experienced this earthquake. I was sitting in my office working on a project and all of a sudden, I am moving in my chair. I looked up at a kerosene lamp I have on top of my supply cabinet and the kerosene was moving. I have  a floor lamp next to the supply cabinet and it was wobbling. I knew this was not right. I learned a little later that we had experienced an earthquake. All is okay where I am. HalleluYAH!!!)

  21. New Zealand earthquake: Scores of aftershocks after 7.1 magnitude quake off East Cape

  22. This New Technology Can “See” Beneath The Ground Cover And May Soon Lead To Massive Gold Discoveries In America

  23. River in Russia Mysteriously Turns Blood Red


Technology News Banner

  1. The Mystery of Quantum Tunneling

  2. CIA reveals Spacenet ‘AI in the sky’ that could constantly monitor activity on Earth via high resolution satellites

  3. Nanotech To Bring Radical Life Extension

  4. Physics-Defying “EmDrive” Warp Engine To Be Tested

  5. Carbon Nanotubes Could Soon Replace Silicon In Electronic Devices

  6. New ‘Gel’ May Be Step Toward Clothing That Computes

  7. Interstellar Space Travel: 7 Futuristic Spacecraft To Explore the Cosmos

  8. Gumby Bots! New Bendable Structures Could Make Origami Machines



Petition News Banner

Sign the Petition to the NFL: Discipline Colin Kaepernick

Last week, San Francisco 49ers football player Colin Kaepernick disrespected the United States, the NFL and his team by refusing to stand during the playing of our national anthem in a pre-season game.

Now we learn that he has also demonstrated a great disrespect for police officers. According to, since at least August 10, Kaepernick has been wearing socks during practice sessions that show a pig in a police hat.

As a player who wears a professional football uniform, Kaepernick is a public representative of the National Football League and the San Francisco 49ers football team. His actions continue to embarrass all professional sports and bring reproach on his team.

America is also stunned at his overt disrespect for the nation that guarantees him the freedom to earn millions of dollars each year.

It is important for the NFL to take necessary steps to insure that its players, coaches, and teams show proper respect for our country and our police officers. If Kaepernick is allowed to continue his deeply offensive actions, it will only lead to other such movements by other players in the future.


Archaeology News Banner


  2. The Frightening Discovery of the Mount Owen Claw

  3. Discoveries in Spanish cave suggest Neanderthals had hot water and bedrooms

  4. 11,000 Years Old: New Dating of Shigir Idol reveals it is Oldest Wooden Sculpture in the World

  5. Nazi gold train could contain lost Amber Room of Charlottenburg Palace

  6. Huge Ancient Greek City found underwater in the Aegean Sea

  7. Bigfoot, is That You? Fossilized Humanoid Footprint Found in China

  8. Latest Archaeology Discovery May Prove Biblical References

  9. The Great Pyramid at Giza and Noah’s Ark: Are we coming closer to an understanding of the Ancient Mind? Part I

  10. The Great Pyramid at Giza and Noah’s Ark: Are we coming closer to an understanding of the Ancient Mind? Part II

  11. Did Egyptian Mummification Descend from a More Ancient and, Perhaps, Reversible Preservation Technique?

  12. 7,000-Year-Old Ceramic Fragment with Signs, Symbols and Swastika May Be One of the Oldest Examples of Writing

  13. Preserved by Nature: Studying the Spectacular Salt Mummies of Iran

  14. The Controversial Dashka Stone: 120 Million-Year-Old Map?

  15. Archaeologists Reconstruct Unique Flooring from Second Temple

  16. Archaeology Discovery: 3,000-Y-O Israeli Site Supports Old Testament Account of Philistines

  17. Stay Out of the Water: Does a Prehistoric Shark Still Live in the Ocean?

  18. Unraveling the Mystery of the Great Pyramid Air-Shafts

  19. Unraveling the Mystery of the Great Pyramid Air-Shafts – Part II

  20. Researchers Surprised by Rich and Rare Roman Plate Set Found Underwater in Turkey

  21. 1,000-Year-Old Viking Sword Discovered in Iceland by Men Hunting Geese


Health News Banner

  1. Science Natural News

  2. Drug companies won’t like this one getting around



  5. General Mills sued for false use of ‘natural’ claim on Nature Valley Granola Bars, found to contain glyphosate

  6. 101 Science-Backed, Evidence-Based Uses for Coconut Oil That Will Change Your Life

  7. KFC’s ‘secret ingredient’ is a brain-frying neurotoxin

  8. 3 Dead From Listeria, Don’t Eat This Ice Cream Tonight

  9. There are toxic chemicals hiding in your deodorant

  10. High-Normal Thyroid Levels Linked to Cardiac Arrest

  11. Genetic Manipulation – The New Weapon Of Mass Destruction

  12. Cold truth about your fridge: As it’s revealed we waste tonnes of food by not keeping it cold enough, your guide to getting the best out of your fridge 

  13. Chronic dehydration is the primary cause of pain and disease in the human body, expert says

  14. Some of the Best Inflammation Busting Foods There Are

  15. New Bacteria Genus — “Frackibacter” Identified In Shale Fracking Wells

  16. 45 Things To Do With Baking Soda

  17. Landmark Study Shows Half of Cancer Patients are Killed by Chemo — NOT Cancer

  18. NASA admits to spraying Americans with poisonous chemtrails

  19. Action alert: 5G cellular technology will blanket planetary life with ultra-high microwave frequencies

  20. What Are the Benefits of High Intensity Weight Training?

  21. Turkey Tail Mushroom: The Disease-Fighting, Immune-Boosting Fungus

  22. How to Get Rid of a Migraine Naturally

  23. Migraine Symptoms to Naturally Treat + Causes to Avoid

  24. Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes Recipe

  25. Avocado Ranch Dressing Recipe

  26. Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

  27. Homemade Frankincense Soap Bar

  28. Bruise Cream with Arnica & Bilberry

  29. Acid Reflux Remedies and Natural Cures

  30. What Are Elderberries Good For?

  31. How Long Should You Steam or Boil Broccoli to Maximize Its Cancer-Fighting Powers to the Next Level?



  34. Silenced Researcher Spills the Beans on Possible Breast Cancer Trigger

  35. Why Do We Have a Uvula?

  36. Fermented Versus Unfermented Soy: Which Is Better?

  37. Treat Yourself to This at Every Meal, and Watch the Pounds Just Roll Off

  38. Healthy Cream of Broccoli Soup Recipe

  39. Democrat Senator’s daughter raised price of EpiPen, raked in millions from cronyism

  40. Mylan’s EpiPen Disaster: Investigated for Fraud & Sued in Class-Action

  41. Hungary destroys GMO corn fields

  42. Mind control: New light technology can manipulate memories, emotions and thoughts

  43. Cannabis found to be possible ‘cure’ for organ transplant rejection

  44. DEA claims cannabis holds no medicinal value even as the federal government owns the PATENT on its use as a medicine

  45. Surgeon General reprimands doctors across the U.S. for promoting Big Pharma at patients’ expense

  46. Only 1-in-10 drugs prescribed are brand name, yet they account for majority of spending

  47. Gluten sensitivity caused by cereal grains responsible for sickening 10 million Americans

  48. South Carolina succeeds in ‘nuke’ test of aerial chemical weapons of mass destruction; food supply pollinators instantly obliterated by the millions

  49. Woman wrongfully prescribed chemo treatment … cancer doctors are often incompetent or unethical

  50. More than six teaspoons of sugar a day is dangerous for children

  51. Cancer patient thrown in jail for being too sick to pay debts

  52. Join the Kinetic Culture and Make Your Own Fermented Vegetables

  53. Cockroach Milk – The Most Nutritious? (Sorry, I’ll have to pass on this one.)

  54. What You Need to Know About Hemorrhoids

  55. If You Want a Long Healthy Life, You MUST Radically Limit or Avoid This Pervasive Sweetener

  56. Splenda Hires Monsanto’s PR Firm

  57. EpiPen: Latest Pharma Fiasco

  58. Safely Boost Bone Health With Vitamin K2

  59. What Happens to Your Body During a Heart Attack?

  60. WATCH: Think about a World without Skin Cancer

  61. Monsanto PCBs and Their Link to Autism

  62. Water Fluoridation Linked to Diabetes and Low IQ

  63. What Are Dandelion Greens Good For?

  64. America’s Obesity Epidemic: At Least 1 Out Of Every 5 People Are Obese

  65. Watch out: Florida residents being fined for growing vegetables on their own property

  66. Canola oil: a chemical carcinogen that doesn’t belong anywhere near your food

  67. South Carolina sprays for Zika, further decimates honeybee population

  68. Discrimination by medicine? Cannabis users have no Second Amendment rights, court rules

  69. Doctors claim 60% of college students have psychiatric disorders and need to be on drugs

  70. WHO: Antibiotic resistance causing untreatable STDs

  71. How modern medicine treats disease symptoms while ignoring underlying causes

  72. Chickpeas offer 4 surprising health benefits

  73. Ditch Unhealthy Microwave Popcorn NOW And Make Your own

  74. Remove Those Annoying Dark Patches on The Neck and Underarms in 20 Minutes

  75. What Nobody Ever Told You About Diffusing Essential Oils

  76. Oranges and Lemons Prevent Heart Disease, Liver Disease and Diabetes

  77. Oreos and Milk: A Cancer-Causing Combination?

  78. Shocking Health Benefits Of Corn Silk That You Didn’t Know !!

  79. Take This Drink In The Morning And The Next Day You Will Feel Years Younger

  80. 8 proven ways to quit smoking without using a single nicotine patch

  81. 6 Types of Energy Vampires That Emotionally Exhaust You

  82. Mysterious Honey Discovered That Kills All Bacteria Scientists Throw At It

  83. For 78 Days He Ate Nothing But Potato: This Is How He Looks Today And, What’s More, He Doesn’t Intend To Stop Here!

  84. How to use tomatoes to protect yourself from radiation

  85. Study: If You’re a Coffee Lover, it Might Be in Your Genes

  86. Is cauliflower the next health fad? From rice to mash and even pizza crusts -why people are swapping out carb-heavy foods for the white stuff

  87. New Study Reveals Medical Marijuana Saves Over $165 Million In Annual Medicare Costs In United States

  88. A Single Drop of This Can Boost Your Mood Almost Instantly

  89. What Lack of Sleep Does to Your Brain

  90. The Vitamin Deficiency That Can Cause Migraines

  91. Your Ultimate Guide to Fermented Foods


Misc News Banner

  1. ALERT: Explosion scare forces Samsung to recall 2.5 million smartphones … Are you safe?

  2. The Scariest Video You Will Ever See – Proof Of How Easily The Masses Can Literally Be Programmed To ‘Conform’

  3. Conservative champion Phyllis Schlafly dies at 92

  4. Geekly Update – 01 September 2016

  5. ‘Born this Way’ Is Shaky Science: The Truth Comes Out Of The Closet

  6. [FIXED!] Social Fixer is Back and Better

  7. Burning Man: America’s Largest Celebration Of Hedonism

  8. Come Out from Your Safe Space!: A Sign of Hope on Campus

  9. Separating The Value Of Black Lives From The Black Lives Matter Movement

  10. Physicist finds entanglement instantly gives rise to a wormhole

  11. Designer Babies and Human Enhancement: Ronald Bailey Lectures in Moscow

  12. Is the mysterious ‘eye’ island near Argentina hiding an alien base? Kickstarter campaign to investigate bizarre rotating island launched

  13. Was SpaceX rocket a victim of foul play?

  14. Have scientists spotted a new particle? Researchers claim ‘Madala boson’ could help explain dark matter

  15. Should Hawaii Be A ‘Guinea Pig’ In Gene Drive Technology?

  16. The ethics of transhumanism

  17. [SNAP!] Photo Editing Apps

  18. Big Brother’s Eye In The Sky – Persistent Surveillance Systems

  19. Scientific study confirms that dogs grasp what their owners are saying

  20. Scotland’s Real Sea Monster is Put on Display

  21. 5 Myths About Setting Boundaries That Steal Your Joy and Lead to Resentment

  22. iPhone 7 Cancellation Leak: Russia Confirms Device Has Been Cut From Apple Lineup

  23. How the Globalist Maintain Control and What’s Coming Because They Have Lost Control

  24. There Is A Huge Rate Of Homosexuals In Sweden Attacking And Raping Other Men, Sodom And Gomorrah Is Taking Over, And The West Is Allowing It

  25. READ THIS And Defeat The Rising One World Order And Prevent Yourself From Getting Brainwashed. We Must End The Evils Of Obama, Hillary, Soros … Once And For All

  26. Is Digital Heroin Addicting Children?

  27. The Hidden Symbolism of “Stranger Things”

  28. The CFR Releases a Promotional Video Trying to Appear Friendly … But it’s NWO Propaganda (video)


Religion News Banner

  1. High Priest is Chosen by Sanhedrin, Temple Service Could Be One Week Away

  2. Confirmed: The Arch Of Triumph Is Going Up In New York City On September 19th

  3. American judge on trial for being Lutheran

  4. Ecumenical Movement Tries To Push Catholic & Protestant Churches Together

  5. Living Torah: Cleave to God for a Happy Marriage

  6. What the Hell? Satan worship on rise in America

  7. Burning Man: America’s Largest Occult Festival Is a Celebration of Weirdness and Hedonism

  8. Witchcraft, Islam and Humanism Are Filling the Spiritual Void Left by the Dying Church

  9. God’s Solution to the ‘Nones’ Who Have Left the Faith

  10. Majority of UK Christians Have Had a Supernatural Experience

  11. Saudi Arabia’s top cleric says Iranians are ‘not Muslims’

  12. The Cursed Mystery Guilds of the New World Order

  13. Christians Most Certainly Can Be Influenced by Demons

  14. Satan’s America

  15. Burning Man: America’s Largest Occult Festival Is A Celebration Of Weirdness And Hedonism

  16. Unknown “Woman” In Full Veil With ISIS Pulls Out A Handgun And Blasts Five Jihadis Before Getting Away Free

  17. 100,000 Christians Gather Together To Go Against The Antichrist And To Fight Against The Demonic Evil Of Abortion

  18. Major Drug Lords Kidnap 81 Year Old Catholic Nun, And Brutally Gang Rape Her

  19. Millennials & The Church: What To Expect From The Next Generation





  24. MAN PROPOSES TO HIS BOYFRIEND AT TEXAS METHODIST CHURCH GETS STANDING OVATION FROM CONGREGATION (Sick, Sick, Sick. This church obviously does not teach what the Scriptures teach about men with men and women with women. WOE be to them that listen NOT to His Absolute Written Words and heed His Word.)

  25. Mock Human Sacrifice Ritual Caught on Video at CERN (video)


Jihad News Banner

  1. Palestinian Summer Kid Camps End With Another Generation Ready For Terror

  2. ISIS Radicals Chainsaw 9 Iraqi Youths in Half for Belonging to Anti-ISIS Group

  3. Muslim Doctor In The United States Designs Very Sophisticated IED Explosives And Places Them Under The Ground In Kentucky To Slaughter Random Americans. He Then Grabs A Police Officer And Tries To Murder Him, The Officer Takes Out His Gun And Shoots The Muslim To Death

  4. Muslims Attack Christian School, They Murder One Person And Injure Two Others, They Go To One Room, Knock On The Door And Tell The Christians To Open The Door, They Open The Door, The Muslims Enter The Room, Soak The Floor With Kerosine And Light It On Fire

  5. “Stab Them, Shoot Them, Poison Them, Run Them Down With Your Vehicles, Slay Them Wherever You Find Them” ISIS Tells Its Followers To Start Attacking Random Australian People Because They Are “Infidels”- Get Ready America Because This Will Come To You Too

  6. ISIS Tells Pope Francis ‘You Are The Number One Enemy’- Muslims Are Preparing To Attack The Vatican As A Great Darkness Descends Upon The World

  7. Muslim Prisoner Attacks Two Prison Guards With Shank, Stabs One Of Them Through The Throat And The Back And Then Writes With Their Blood On The Walls Of His Cell Before Praying To Allah

  8. As Soon As Muslim Pervert Arrives In The UK He Stalks A 12-Year-Old Girl, Corners Her, Strips Her Naked And Molests Her, Tells Her “I Have To Do This”

  9. German Christian Man Apostatizes To Islam And Joins ISIS, Makes Videos Of Himself Flogging Syrian Prisoners And Watching Their Limbs Get Mutilated- This Is What Islam Does To A Man

  10. Terrifying Report: ISIS has “Increasingly Sophisticated” Network in Europe, Ready to Attack at Any Time!


Prophecy News Banner

  1. Patriarch issues dire warning: Christianity ‘disappearing’ from Mideast

  2. America’s Fate at the End of Days

  3. Could the Third Temple Be Something Other Than a Building?

  4. Sanhedrin Takes Major Step Toward Revelation 11 With High Priest Appointment

  5. Final Foe at End-of-Days is Scourge of Anti-Israel Jews: 200-Year-Old Messianic Text

  6. Third War Cycle Events (Video: 24:31 minutes long.)

  7. The Beginning of Jacob’s Troubles (Video: 18:44 minutes long.)

  8. The Babylonian Invasion of America (Video: 27:04 minutes long.)

  9. Release of the Whirlwind (Video: 18:21 minutes long.)

  10. Creator of D-Wave Quantum Computer Artificial Intelligence is the “altar of an alien god” – Science is Bringing About the Antichrist System

  11. The Weather is Changing Around the Globe – Famine: It’s Not Just A Foreign Thing



Let The Scriptures Speak Banner

Jude 1:3-4 “3 Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints. 4 For certain men have crept in unnoticed, who long ago were marked out for this condemnation, ungodly men, who turn the grace of our God into lewdness and deny the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ.” (New King James Version)

Contrary to popular belief, we live in one of the most difficult and dangerous ages in all of human history. Some would be willing to argue this, saying that civilization has come a long way and that mankind is not as cruel as the record of history shows that he once was. Certainly living in the first century in the Roman Empire must have been difficult, they might say as an example, since we have the Bible’s account of the apostles living in constant danger—and most of them died horrible deaths!

That is true. From what the Bible shows, that constant danger promoted closeness to God; the apostles relied on God to keep them safe and provide deliverance for them at every turn. While we are not being hunted down for our religious beliefs, the danger we face today is far greater—spiritually—in that it does just the opposite: It promotes a slow separation from God. We know this kind of danger by the illustration of the frog in the pot of water. The increase in temperature happens so slowly that the frog fails to realize that it is in trouble until it is too late to jump to safety.

What produces this danger for us, the called-out children of God? What is the signature attitude of the era that we live in? What failing among the majority of people will cause the loss of our freedoms and the downfall of our nation? It is compromising with the laws and principles of God.

We live in a nation that has largely compromised the character it once possessed. Just a minority uphold the Christian principles that underlay documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, which provided the foundation for America to become the envy of the world. Now, so many are willing to trade their hard-won freedoms for a little temporary security, essentially selling their birthright.

We face an analogous situation among the greater churches of God. We live in a time when the majority of those with whom we once fellowshipped have compromised the beliefs they used to hold dear. Many of these people have joined worldly churches, or worse, losing faith altogether, have slipped back into the world. Some have contrived strange new doctrines to live by, and despite attending services among the scattered churches, too many have nearly lost their faith and zeal for this way of life.

In our church history, we can see how deadly even a little compromising with God’s ways is. It almost always leads to greater compromises until a person is so far from what has been revealed in Scripture that he has apostatized, cutting himself off from God. What a sad end after such a promising start!

In these perilous times, it is of the utmost importance that we resist the urge to use our human reasoning to compromise with God’s law. We must be particularly careful in what we perceive as the “smaller areas” of God’s Word. Why? Because Satan often makes his greatest inroads by getting us to relax in little things and gradually convincing us to do the same in more vital matters. If he can just get his foot in the door, he feels he has won a great victory and can make us slip away from God. Paul, however, exhorts us, “. . . nor give place to the devil” (Ephesians 4:27).

Once we compromise, the process of sin has commenced, and godly character, which is so precious to God, begins to erode, opening the way for sin on a larger scale. If a wise man like Solomon went from ignoring a seemingly obscure admonition to the flagrant breaking of many of God’s commandments, we, too, can certainly yield to the peril of compromise. We must learn to spot and avoid the little compromises that lead to big sins.

John O. Reid

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The Words Defined by Brad Scott


Faith Part 1

Faith, in my humble opinion, is second only to law as the most misused word in the scriptures. In many ways it has developed a meaning that incorporates almost every concept from religion to sports. Many people are now named “Faith”. The word has become an every day part of our vernacular. “Keep the faith, baby!” “Ya gotta have faith.” “Don’t you have any faith?” “Where is your faith, man?” “What kinda faith is that?” “I have a lot of faith!” These are common sayings in our society. They are common sayings in modern Christianity, as well. “What faith are you?”, we ask. “I do not think he’s of our faith”, we respond. This is one of those words that you say out loud over and over again, and pretty soon it sounds nonsensical and not like a real word at all. I can imagine that this would be one of the words that I would set out to redefine if I were hasatan. I mean, if I knew that “… faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God …” then I would do what I could to keep everyone from hearing. I could not stop YHVH’s people from preaching the word. But I could surely do my best to redefine His word. In Hebrew / Scriptural thought, this was called “destroying the law” (Mattityahu (Matthew) 5:17). If someone misinterpreted the words of YHVH, this was synonymous to “destroying” the words. To interpret correctly was to “fulfill” His word. This insight makes the context of Mattityahu 5 much clearer.

As we have done with many words so far, we are going to go back to the origin of this very important word. We must search out the scriptural definition of this concept, and not fall prey to modern interpretations. Since the word faith and believe are basically the same word, we will address both terms from the minds of the ones who penned the words. What did this word mean to Avraham? What do you suppose Mosheh was thinking when he used this term? When Havakuk (Habakkuk) said, “The just shall live by faith what do you suppose he meant? But, most importantly, what did YHVH mean when He breathed this word into existence? Let’s go back to the beginning.

In the Hebrew language, there is one word that is the basis or foundation for several familiar terms that we frequently use. This word is, of course, a verbal root. The word is ‘aman (אמוּן). Sound familiar? It should. ‘Aman is translated as faith, faithful, believe, assurance, nursing. It is the root for emunah (אמוּנה) – faithfully, truth, faithfulness, steady; emet (אמת) – truth, true, right; and of course amen (אמן), which is pronounced ah-mayn. The first occurrence of the root ‘aman not only lays down an action to describe the word, but is very intriguing, as well. The first mention is in Bemidebar (Numbers). Mosheh is complaining about the assignment YHVH has given him. The people are getting on his nerves a bit. So in verse 11 Mosheh says,

Bemidebar 11:11-12Wherefore hast thou afflicted thy servant? And wherefore have I not found favor in thy sight, that thou layest the burden of all this people upon me? Have I conceived all this people? Have I begotten them, that thou shouldest say unto me, Carry them in thy bosom, as a nursing father beareth the nursing child, unto the land which thou didst swear to give unto their fathers?

The two words, nursing father, are translated from the one word ‘aman. This word ‘aman is translated as faith in the Old and New Testaments. Very interesting, huh? This is what I love about the Hebrew language. It has such common everyday meaning to words that eventually produce such ambiguous conclusions. Mosheh is assigned by YHVH to be the nursing father to these rebellious children. YHVH desires for this man to be the object of total trust for these disobedient brats. True faithfulness is the complete trust that a helpless child has in his nourishing parents. The image used here is that of young children relying on a nursing father. Mosheh goes on to state that he cannot bear all of their problems and concerns. So, YHVH tells him to gather unto Him 70 elders to rule and guide the people in smaller matters. As the Hebrew people wandered their remaining years in the wilderness, they looked to the wisdom of YHVH through Mosheh and the elders. Their faith was expressed as a childlike reliance on the words of YHVH to lead and guide them in life, not an intellectual acknowledgment that He simply existed! They knew who YHVH was. They knew who Mosheh was. From Yah’s point of view faith was not an admission of His existence. It was not an accumulation of facts about Him, but trusting in His words and doing them out of that trust. Faith was coming to Him every time there was a need, and not an admission of His attributes, but in total trust that He knows what He is doing. YHVH desired for Mosheh to be the earthly father figure for an unseen, heavenly Father, to teach His children what was good for them at the proper time. Many times in the past I have used the Father/Son image to describe scriptural faith, but this reveals much more than an intellectual struggle to find allegories. At the very root of faith is the reality of this nursing image.

Nearly all of my Christian life I was taught things about YHVH. To know Him was to accept things about Him. In the book “The Influence of Greek Ideas And Usages Upon The Christian Church ” Edwin Hatch reveals the same conclusion. Hatch, who is the author of “Concordance to the LXX”, bases his conclusion on decades of research into the Greek culture from which the modern Church has much of her roots buried. He says:

“The object which I have in view in this lecture is to show the transition by which, under the influence of contemporary Greek thought, the word Faith came to be transferred from simple trust in God to mean the acceptance of a series of propositions, and these propositions, propositions in abstract metaphysics.”

He also goes on to say that:

“Why do I trust God? The answer was: Because He is wise, or good or just. The propositions followed: I believe that God is wise, that He is good, that He is just. Belief in God came to mean the assent to certain propositions about God.”

So, to believe in YHVH did not necessarily mean to believe YHVH. This eventually became even easier by theologically eliminating the laws and teaching of YHVH in the Tanakh. And to add insult to injury, this was all done in HIS name. Christians had soon become “spiritual Israel” and this placed YHVH’s commands and teachings into a celestial playground. Allegorizing became the talk of the town. The games had begun. Which teacher could out-allegorize the next one. The devil had a huge victory. He had managed to redefine faith into a meaningless, spiritualized, allegorized, term.

Next time we will continue our discussion of faith. This word is so important to define that we need to spend some adequate time with it.

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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