News You May Not Have Heard About — 07/22/2016

News You May Not Have Heard About

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USA News Banner

  1. Duff on Rense: Nuclear Threat on America, the Hard Proof

  2. U.S. Defense Contractor To Blanket Earth With New Surveillance Technology

  3. Surveillance Technology Advances

  4. AP Admits that UN Troops Will Impose Martial Law In US

  5. UN Backed MS-13 to Carry Out Assassinations of American Police Officers

  6. Citizen Action Brings Runaway Transgender Train to a Halt

  7. How Your Kids Will Be Used to Lure You Into a FEMA Camp


  9. Baton Rouge Shooting Eyewitness Report Does Not Match Official Narative

  10. Baton Rouge cop-killer in Nation of Islam

  11. LIVE STREAM – Multiple Officers Shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Cops In The Bullseye Across America

  12. Despite Requests, Obama Refuses To Light Up White House In Blue To Honor Slain Policemen


  14. Critical Infrastructure Being Guarded by Muslim Immigrants -DHS Paying Security Firms $1200 for Each Muslim Hired

  15. Social Security under fire for plan to disarm seniors

  16. Extended Blackouts: Power Grid Completely Vulnerable to Sabotage: “America Could Go Dark”

  17. City: Surrender 4th Amendment rights or else

  18. Pentagon Fiddles with Gender While World Burns

  19. Title IX: The Law of Unintended Consequences

  20. Black Militants Plan Chaos For Republican Convention After ‘Day Of Rage’ Protests Fail And BLM Supporters Whine France Terror Attack Stole Their Thunder

  21. “Hope and Change” Becomes “Death and Destruction”

  22. CIA Director Brennan Says Trump is Right – ISIS Attempting U.S. Infiltration Via Refugees…

  23. Judge Jeanine Unloads On Obama In Epic Rant After Nice, France Terror Attack [VIDEO]

  24. 28 Pages Suggest Huma-Connected Group Funded Terrorism

  25. New Ties Emerge Between Clinton And Mysterious Islamic Cleric


  27. She’s one-degree of separation from a devil-lover! Ben Carson claims Hillary is unfit to be president because her ‘hero’ radical writer ‘acknowledges Lucifer’

  28. Clinton Accused of Taking Down Congressional Website Calling for Perjury Indictment

  29. BILL WHITTLE’S FIREWALL: IS HILLARY GUILTY? (Video: 4:52 minutes long.)

  30. How Many Associates Suffered Mysterious Deaths Working For the Clintons?

  31. New Hampshire Gov. Covering Up Child Molestation at Husband’s School Which Has Visits From the Muslim Brotherhood



  34. Why Hillary Clinton’s Email Case Is Still Not Closed

  35. Another Clinton mystery: Who paid millions for speeches?

  36. FBI to start handing over deleted Clinton emails to State on Friday

  37. Limbaugh OK with losing radio show if it means Hillary loss

  38. How Many Associates Suffered Mysterious Deaths Working For the Clintons?

  39. Babies may have been born alive for body parts harvesting: Congressional report

  40. How the Dallas Shootings Serve the Elite’s Race Wars and Police State Agenda

  41. Outrage after West Virginia politician demands Hillary Clinton be ‘hung’ on the National Mall for ‘treason, murder and crimes against the US Constitution’

  42. City Council Meeting in Pensacola Opens With Satanist Invocation

  43. Report: Roger Ailes’ time at Fox News ending


  45. Fox Contributor Calls For White America to Stand Up Against Black Lives Matter

  46. Jihadi Terrorism: You Think It’s Just the Jews? Think Again

  47. 15 Senate Democrats blast Obama over weak Iran inspections

  48. Obama Plans To Use Executive Orders To Strip United States Of Its Nuclear Supremacy

  49. Democrats Introduce Bill to Ban Kids from Using Assault Rifles

  50. EU & US Forage New Data-Transfer Rules, Much to the Chagrin of One Irish Man

  51. Will the Senate USA Freedom Act Protect Americans From the NSA?

  52. GOP convention kicking off with ‘Make America Safe Again’ theme

  53. It’s Official — GOP Approves Platform

  54. What Will Cleveland Mean for You? | Family Policy Briefing

  55. Commentary: ‘Best’ is Not Available – Choose the ‘Better’

  56. Scott Baio slaps MSNBC anchor with facts

  57. WATCH: Gov. Pence Declares Strong Support for Israel

  58. Republican Convention Floor Erupts in Chaos as Never Trump Forces Thwarted

  59. The Republican and Democratic Platforms: No Comparisons


  61. Gov. Brown launches tough gun control push for Oregon with executive orders

  62. Fake CIA Agent And FOX News “Terror Expert” Sentenced To Prison For Lying To The Public For Years

  63. Franklin Graham: ‘We’re on the Precipice of Anarchy’

  64. Megyn Kelly: Roger Ailes ‘harassed me, too’

  65. Is Martial Law Coming To America?

  66. Planned Parenthood Depravity: Freedom From Violence Is Reproductive Justice


  68. IRS workers guilty of ID theft, taking bribes, defrauding the feds

  69. Congressman asking you: Should IRS chief be impeached?

  70. Don’t let the globalists start a race war! Health Ranger video reveals the REAL enemy that threatens us all, regardless of our skin color


World News Banner

  1. This “Failed Military Coup” In Turkey Is Just Another False Flag Attack By Turkish President Erdogan To Consolidate His Power And Create A Neo-Ottoman Islamic Super State

  2. Erdogan’s revenge: Thousands arrested following coup attempt

  3. Coup could’ve been ‘positive development’ for U.S. and allies

  4. Turkey Suspends All US Operations Against ISIS At Incirlik Airbase, Which Vaults B61 Nuclear Bombs

  5. Erdogan calls on US to extradite Pennsylvania-based cleric after failed Turkey coup

  6. WATCH: Was the coup in Turkey staged?

  7. What The Hell Is Happening In Turkey?

  8. The Worst (Fake?) Coup Ever Has Enthroned Erdogan As A Dictator And Has Sealed Turkey’s Fate

  9. The Worst Coup Ever Has Enthroned Erdogan As Dictator Over Turkey

  10. Reshaping Turkey In Erdogan’s Image – 50,000 Purged

  11. No Coup for Christians in Turkey

  12. Syria’s “Moderate Rebels” are not Moderate, not Rebels

  13. Breaking: US-backed Rebels Behead Child, US Civilian Bombing Casualties Soar


  15. ISIS Claims Responsibility for Nice Attack Killing 84

  16. ISIS claims responsibility for Germany attack

  17. Why ISIS Hates France

  18. France’s New Reign of Terror Puts U.S. Readiness in Focus

  19. After Nice Attack, Christian-Jewish Group Expects Rise In Aliyah From France’

  20. WATCH: Axe attack on train in Germany injures at least 21

  21. Facebook helping Germany crack down on anti-Islam speech

  22. Worldwide Chaos About To Peak? Russian Armageddon Convoy Practices For World War III As Warnings Ring Out Loudly: ‘Something Strange Is Going On!’

  23. NATO: Lying All the Way to Barbarossa

  24. Is Putin’s Purge Of Top Russian Commanders An Advance Warning Of Large-Scale Military Action In The Near Future?

  25. Secret add-on to Iran deal reportedly allows stepped-up nukes production by 2027

  26. Australia, Indonesia exchange intelligence personnel to combat ISIS

  27. Islamic Jihad terrorist killed in latest Gaza tunnel collapse

  28. KINGS OF THE EAST: China Unveils Massive 190′ High Pagan ‘God Of War’ Statue Guan Yu

  29. Shocking Secret Deal Allows Iran to go Nuclear Sooner

  30. The Return Of Ahmadinejad Could Trigger New Middle East Conflict

  31. New Naval Sonar Network to Allow Russia to ‘Hear’ Enemy Subs Via Satellites


World Financial News Banner

  1. Keiser Report

  2. Boom Bust

  3. Corporations Overcharge $40-70k per American

  4. US stocks end higher with 7 straight record closes for the Dow

  5. White House sees $600 billion budget deficit in FY 2016

  6. The U.S. government is targeting your retirement savings… Here’s what you can do

  7. China Is About To Shock The World And The Global Financial System

  8. 68% of Europeans want to use biometric authentication for payments

  9. The U.S. government is targeting your retirement savings… Here’s what you can do

  10. How to escape the world’s biggest Ponzi scheme

  11. Forget Brexit… this is the biggest economic problem our children will face

  12. How the news media costs you millions

  13. The Terrifying $2 Quadrillion Monster Is Now Totally Out Of Control

  14. Bank of America cuts more than 2,600 jobs

  15. Bankers spell out concerns with GOP finance reform bill

  16. The money revolution being perpetrated by the world’s central bankers

  17. Surge in cancellations after price hike sees Netflix miss expectations

  18. Yahoo misses profit expectations in what could be its last-ever earnings report

  19. Gallup Poll: 30 Percent Say US ‘Very Likely’ to Become Cashless


Earth News Banner

  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. Real Time Seismicity

  3. USGS realtime Global Earthquakes Map

  4. Global Volcano Activity

  5. European – Mediterranen Quakes

  6. California ill-prepared for the Big One, experts say

  7. STRICTLY KEPT SECRET: NASA Finds HIDDEN portals in Earth’s magnetic field

  8. Toxic Blue-Green Algae Takes Over Florida Coastlines

  9. Climate Change Truth Ignored: Geoengineering Causing Global Droughts

  10. Microbes: The Environmental Solution To Chemtrails

  11. Why Florida’s recent earthquake is so rare

  12. Earth Crisis: We live in a time of extraordinary change

  13. Bolivia’s second largest lake disappears – another victim of climate change

  14. After 36,000 years, a massive volcano near Rome rumbles to life

  15. Megathrust: Giant Bangladesh earthquake could put 140 million lives at risk, study says

  16. Geohazard: Giant sinkholes near West Texas oil patch towns are growing—as new ones lurk

  17. Piton de la Fournaise volcano (La Réunion): signs of unrest, volcano might be heading for new eruption

  18. Mercury pollution contaminating Arctic wildlife, causing death and reproductive problems among bird populations, studies show

  19. Special operatives hired by powerful industries are assassinating environmental activists trying to protect Mother Nature


Technology News Banner

  1. Profusa, Inc. Awarded $7.5M DARPA Grant to Develop Tissue-integrated Biosensors for Continuous Monitoring of Multiple Body Chemistries

  2. Google Project Tango Can Map Your House Using 3D Sensors


Petition News Banner

Against the law to preach the Bible?

In Iowa, it’s now against the law to preach the Bible, at least according to the Civil Rights Commission. The commission is stretching a state code to ban churches from teaching on biblical sexuality and to force the churches to open restrooms and locker rooms to members of the opposite sex.  The commission reasons that since churches are places of public accommodation, they cannot “discriminate” against anyone on the basis of sexual orientation.

This is absurd and unconscionable. Our culture has become so obsessed with sex, that we are losing our fundamental principles.America was founded on the principles of freedom—particularly freedom of religion.  Please stand with us in fighting back against the Iowa Civil Rights Commission.

We cannot allow the State of Iowa a to muzzle people of faith and force us into silence. This is an issue of critical importance. We must stand together to make our voice heard and our strength felt.

The Civil Rights Commission has interpreted Chapter 216 of the Iowa Code to mean that if a pastor discusses anything in the Bible that relates to sexuality or marriage, he has broken the law.

Cary Gordon is the pastor of Cornerstone World Outreach, a nondenominational church with around 900 members in Sioux City, Iowa. He says his greatest concern is the “flagrant disrespect for the First Amendment of the Constitution.” Under this interpretation of the code, “the state retains the power to correct or control what I say and teach out of the Bible.”

“It’s fundamentally wrong and I can’t comply with that,” Gordon said. “I’ve taken an oath to the Lord Jesus Christ, and I obey the Bible above all men. … I have to obey God, and that puts me in a precarious position.”

As Christians, we need to show that we will not quietly abdicate our freedoms. The right to religious liberty is ingrained in the very fabric of our nation. The ability to faithfully preach the word of God must be protected. Please stand with us in pushing back against this attempt to silence the church from discussing the biblical context for sexuality. Rally your church, your family, and your neighbors: this is something we all can, and must, resist.

It’s #NotOver! Tell the White House to protect women’s health and safety!

As human rights activists and former abortion industry workers, we know the deplorable conditions of unregulated women’s health centers. We are asking the White House to call on Congress to act to ensure that abortion facilities meet the standards of Ambulatory Surgical Centers in light of current health inspections, previously suppressed, documenting the unethical and criminal abuses in Texas abortion facilities:

  • RN unlicensed to dispense medication
  • Unsanitary ultrasound probes
  • Illegal abortions on minors
  • No infection risk protocols
  • Unsterile instruments being used woman to woman

This petition is in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to put politics ahead of the safety and health of women who find themselves inside an unregulated abortion facility. On June 27th, the Supreme Court decided in favor of unsanitary, unsafe, and unhealthy abortion facilities with abortion doctors unable to admit women suffering from a botched abortion in those facilities.

Abby Johnson of ATTWN ministries has been releasing documents, dating as recently as October of 2015 which shows how Texas clinics failed to regulate abortion clinics.

We need abortion clinics to be held to the same standards as all other ambulatory centers, because:

  • To require a facility performing invasive, medical procedures on a woman to meet the standards of an ambulatory surgical center is a no-brainer.
  • Every woman undergoing a highly invasive surgery should be assured by law that it being performed safely, and that the doctor has admitting privileges at a local hospital in case something goes wrong. Why would anyone – especially women – fight a good law that’s designed to protect them?
  • Texans should have full freedom to prioritize women’s health and safety over the bottom line of abortionists.
  • The Supreme Court was wrong to strike down a common-sense law that contains requirements and protections ensuring the maximum amount of safety for women.
  • Abortionists should not be exempt from medical requirements that everyone else is required to follow. This is a dangerous ruling for women.
  • Abortion businesses shouldn’t get a free pass to put women’s health in danger. They must be held to the same health and safety standards for invasive surgery as everyone else.

Women have been treated as second class citizens when it comes to the basic standards of health care for far too long. It is time for ALL women to demand better treatment and better regulations.

We deserve much better than what the Supreme Court has given us. We won’t stop until that is exactly what we have received. It’s not over, friends.

As a worker at Eggland’s Best, I uncovered sickening animal cruelty—please help me end it!

NOTE: If you decide to sign this petition, it will take you to yet another petition. This goes on and on and on. So, please be careful about blindly filling in your info on any other petitions. read carefully to see if you agree with the petition should you go further than this one petition on Eggland’s Best eggs.

Did your eggs come from tortured hens? If you buy Eggland’s Best, the answer is likely yes. How do I know? Because I worked undercover at several egg factory farms that supply Eggland’s Best and took video footage of the conditions.

The misery and suffering these animals endure is the stuff of nightmares. But don’t take my word for it. Watch the undercover footage and see for yourself.

This egg industry cruelty is sickening—and it must be stopped.

If you’ve signed petitions calling on companies to go cage-free before, thank you and congratulations—your signature paid off!  Top food retailers and restaurants, including Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, McDonald’s, and Starbucks, and more than 100 other companies have pledged to go cage-free in just the past year.

They made cage-free pledges because people like you are outraged by the millions of egg-laying hens suffering in filthy wire cages so small the birds can’t even spread their wings. You took action and signed the petitions calling on these companies to make a change. 

But one major company seems stuck in the past and refuses to take a stand against blatant animal abuse: Eggland’s Best.

My hidden-camera video shows just how cruelly hens in Eggland’s Best’s supply chain are treated:

  • Thousands of hens are crammed inside cages so small the birds can’t freely walk, spread their wings, or even rest comfortably.
  • Birds suffer from feather loss caused by rubbing against the bars of their tiny wire cages.
  • Countless dead hens are left to rot in cages with live birds still laying eggs for human consumption.
  • Workers violently yank birds out of their cages by their wings or necks and throw them on top of each other in garbage cans to be gassed to death.

It’s time for Eggland’s Best to stop cramming birds into torturous cages and commit to a 100 percent cage-free policy—just like so many other major companies have already done!  

Please, take a moment to sign my petition so that all of my work and risk in gathering this important evidence is not in vain. The cruelty I witnessed can be stopped. That’s why I am asking you to help me urge Eggland’s Best to stop stuffing egg-laying hens into cages.


Archaeology News Banner

  1. Discovery of 3,000-Year-Old Philistine Cemetery May Change History

  2. Holding Hands for 5,000 Years, A Couple with Mysterious Jade Rings and Dagger

  3. The Wisdom of Cleopatra, the Intellectual Queen Who Could Outsmart Them All

  4. The Celtic Ogham: An Ancient Tree Alphabet that May Disappear Before Showing its Roots

  5. The Ancient Kingdom of Tuwana: A Bridge that Aided the Flow of Culture

  6. Newgrange and Saqsayhuaman: Separated at Birth in 3050 BC?

  7. What was the REAL relationship Between Alexander the Great and Hephaestion?

  8. Burned 3,000-Year-Old Settlement Frozen in Time May Have Been Torched by Raiding Party

  9. Unravelling the Mysteries of the Tomb of the Red Queen of Palenque

  10. Child Miners, Mother Goddesses, and One of the Greatest Powers of the Bronze Age


Health News Banner

  1. Science Natural News

  2. Dangerous New Era Of Superbugs

  3. Americans Are Buying Gene-Edited Food That’s Not Labeled GMO

  4. Foods gene-edited to withstand noxious herbicides are being labeled non-GMO

  5. Truth-in-labeling proponents bombard White House with 250k petition signatures demanding Obama veto bill that strips away Americans’ right to know about GMOs

  6. WATCH: Have Israeli Scientists Cured Blindness?

  7. Antidepressants linked to neurological damage in newborns, study finds

  8. Do 1 in 50 Now Suffer From This Brain Condition?

  9. Your Favorite Artificial Sweetener May Be Tricking You into Being Hungry

  10. Crunchy Zucchini Fritters With Avocado Dill Dip Recipe

  11. Embrace These Foods, They’re the Future for Phenomenal Health and Food Security

  12. Doctors Issue Warning About LED Streetlights

  13. Diseases Directory: What to Do If You Have Any of These Conditions

  14. BETRAYED! Whole Foods and the Organic Trade Association just plowed right through American food consumers like the terrorist truck rampage in France (op ed)

  15. Totally hijacked by Big Food: Organic Trade Association turns against GMO labeling

  16. Monsanto’s glyphosate poisoning Lake Erie, causing toxic algae blooms responsible for killing fish and contaminating drinking water

  17. Malta fearlessly prepares to outlaw Monsanto’s cancer-causing glyphosate, becoming first EU nation to enact complete ban

  18. The Mark of Monsanto

  19. Drug resistant tuberculosis could lead to government quarantines, high mortality rates … so why are infected refugees being settled in America?

  20. Simple eye exam could successfully detect Alzheimer’s disease years before symptoms arise, new research shows

  21. Linked to Alzheimer’s, Yet It’s Being Mandated Without Safety Testing

  22. Stunning Health Gains From Combining These 2 Often Ignored Foods

  23. Choline: Why You Should Eat Your Egg Yolks and Take Krill

  24. What Is Matcha Green Tea Good For?

  25. What Causes Chlamydia?

  26. To Fight a Virus, Get a Virus: Military Bets on Mutant Pathogen

  27. The Key to Treating Chronic Bad Breath

  28. No Wonder Europeans Are Healthier Than Americans – They Eat Far Less of This

  29. Chronic Fatigue Starts in Your Gut

  30. 5 Ingredients That Make Your Deodorant Dangerous

  31. Fibromyalgia Diet: Foods to Eat and Avoid

  32. Why I Don’t Recommend Glucosamine and Chondroitin for Joints

  33. Most Common Anxiety and Depression Drugs for Adolescents Are Ineffective

  34. Love Lavender? Try Lavender Oil

  35. What Is Turmeric Good For?

  36. Seven reasons eating dark chocolate supports healthy living

  37. Big Pharma finds new use for statins in cancer patients, after large study reveals the drug’s benefits were 100 percent fabricated

  38. This ONE ingredient can ruin your entire healthy organic salad

  39. Woman gives birth to healthy baby in rainforest stream to avoid unnatural hospital setting

  40. Lab analysis shows strawberries are contaminated with 20 different pesticides, majority of which cause cancer in humans

  41. Neuroscience journal confirms adverse effects of fluoride on brain development

  42. All-natural cleaning remedies that will leave your home smelling fresh… minus the harsh chemicals

  43. Exercise recognized as one of the biggest influences for warding off cancer

  44. Don’t make these detoxification mistakes… they might cause you harm

  45. Three easy recipes for making homemade bug spray

  46. Dr. Farid Fata, criminal cancer fraudster and medical murderer, confessed to conspiring over illegal cancer treatments… with WHOM did he conspire?


Misc News Banner

  1. [SIZZLE] Grill Gadgets For Geeks

  2. International Space Station Live Video Feed Cut “As Unknown Object Slows Down” –Triggers Viral UFO Speculation, NASA Issues Denial

  3. The Normalization of Perversion: Transgender Children Epidemic.. END TIMES pt.2

  4. Amira Willighagen & André Rieu : 10 000 people : Standing ovation (Video: 6:20 minutes long.)

  5. Incredible Little Boy and Girl sing “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban (Video: 4:11 minutes long.)

  6. Two Centuries of US Immigration

  7. [SPEED] Improving Google Chrome Performance

  8. 15 Insane Works Of Japanese Rice Field Art

  9. [HOWTO] Install Windows 10 and Keep the Windows You Have Now

  10. Geekly Update – 20 July 2016

  11. 40 shockingly simple skills that today’s Millennials have no idea how to do

  12. Defending freedom of the press: Activists now suing Facebook over censorship

  13. The Pokemon Pied Piper zombie apocalypse has begun: Hoards of mindless, obedient sheeple now stampede anywhere the puppet masters plant fictitious monsters


Religion News Banner

  1. Will We See Progress on the Third Temple Next Month?

  2. US pastor says Pokémon Go is ‘spawning demons inside your church’


  4. State doubles down, wants to define what’s religious

  5. Methodists Elect First Openly Gay Bishop in Defiance of Ban

  6. Fátima: ‘Third secret’ controversy still in dispute – By Len Port

  7. Poll: One-Third of Republicans Believe Hollywood is Biased Against Christians

  8. A Holy Ghost Party Can Be Dangerous Without This Key Element

  9. The 5 Worst Beliefs A Christian Parent Can Have In An Imploding Society

  10. Dollar General Faces Trial on Sabbath Work Claim

  11. Leading Zionist Rabbis Protest ‘Abomination’ of Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade


Jihad News Banner

  1. Palestinians Hailed for Developing ‘Innovative’ Car-Ramming Terror Tactic


Prophecy News Banner

  1. Tom Horn: ISIS Will Detonate a Weapon of Mass Destruction

  2. How One Jewish Prayer Revealed 2016 is a Time of Prophetic Fulfillment

  3. The Coming Russian and Chinese Invasion of America-Quayle, Hodges, Hagmann

  4. Top rabbis: Unmistakable signs of Messiah coming


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Join us this week with Laura Densmore and Kimberly Rogers:

*The failed military coup in Turkey: analysis and commentary
*Erdogan’s revenge: 16,000 purged, many arrested, he reinstates the death penalty
*Tammuz 17/July 23: Tomorrowland Music Festival in Belgium, connected via internet to 7 gateway cities
*Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade slated for….Tammuz 17/July 23
*Last Friday: No violence in our cities and against police officers last Friday on Day of Rage: Prayer Canopy was highly effective
*Last Sunday:Baton Rouge killing of 3 police officers, others injured
*Trump is named as the candidate for the RNC
*Trump says he will eliminate Johnson rule which forbids churches from endorsing candidates or lose non profit status—churches will be unmuzzled.
*Close in prayer/scripture: Isaiah 49:1-12

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Let The Scriptures Speak Banner

1 Peter 4:17 “For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?” (New King James Version)

God judges His children today by evaluating how well they live by His written Word. Their rewards in God’s Kingdom will depend on their character development during their mortal life. It is a process requiring time and opportunity for learning and growth.

Those resurrected after the Millennium will be judged the same way. They, like Spirit-begotten Christians today, will be given enough time to prove they are willing to live God’s way through a life of overcoming and obedience to God.

In this period of judgment after the 1,000 years, not only will the Bible be opened, but the Book of Life will also be opened. These people will be given an opportunity to receive eternal life! God, in perfect fairness, will give them an opportunity for salvation, just as He gives to those He calls now. But, in this last great judgment, people will not be subject to Satan’s influence as we are today, because Satan will have been put away (Revelation 20:10).

With God’s Spirit freely available, and freed from Satan’s spiritual influences, they will be given their one and only opportunity for salvation through repentance, baptism, receiving God’s Spirit, and growing in godly character during a second mortal life. They, like Christians today, will be required to act on the knowledge God will give them, to choose righteousness as defined by God’s spiritual law, to quit breaking that law.

Those who continue to live God’s way of life will be changed from mortality to immortality at the end of this period of judgment.

Those people who were born to physical life first—many before the First Coming of Jesus Christ and even those born before the Flood—have not yet had the opportunity to participate in God’s plan. Their chance is coming, but they will be called last—in the Last Great Judgment.

Those now being called into God’s church, although born later, are being given their opportunity as God’s firstfruits (James 1:18). Even people born during the Millennium will be called to participate in God’s plan before the vast majority of mankind, who have lived in this first 6,000 years of human experience. Referring to this age, Jesus said: “The last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen” (Matthew 20:16).

The Last Great Day pictures the completion of God’s Master Plan—the Great White Throne Judgment period after the Millennium. Revelation 20:5 shows that a second resurrection will occur after the Millennium, and verses 11-12 reveal that those in this resurrection, who died not having been called to participate in God’s plan of salvation, will then be given their opportunity to become members of God’s divine Family.

To learn more, see: God’s PlanGreat White Throne JudgmentJudgmentJudgment as ProcessLast Great DayResurrectionResurrection to Immortal LifeResurrection to Mortal LifeResurrection, FirstResurrection, SecondResurrections , Order of


Food For Thought Banner

The Design of Scripture by Brad Scott

The Number One Hundred Forty Four

The number one hundred and forty four (144) is the square of twelve. The number twelve, as we have previously studied, is the number of governing. Not a government of chance or put together by popularity or wealth, but rather 12 disciples chosen by the Messiah and obviously patterned after the 12 tribes of Israel. Messiah said, “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit.” (Yochanan [John] 15:16)

During the time of much tribulation 144,000 Israelites, 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel, will be CHOSEN to follow the lamb and not to be defiled with women (Hitgalut [Revelation] 7:1-8, 14:3-5). These 144,000 are redeemed from the earth, they are virgins, and no guile was found in them, and they were without fault before the throne of God: i.e. they obeyed Torah, they were washed in the water of the word. It is important to note that these are all Israelites and not ‘Jews’. There are only 12,000 from the tribe of Judah. The chosen ones will come from these 12 tribes. The word ‘chosen’ is used to describe Israel, Jerusalem, and the location of His house in the scriptures.

Divre-HaYamim Alef [1 Chronicles] 16:13
“O ye seed of Israel, his servant, ye children of Ya‘aqov [Jacob], his chosen ones”

Divre-HaYamim Bet [2 Chronicles] 6:6
“But I have chosen Jerusalem, that my name might be there; and have chosen David to be over my people, Israel”

Divre-HaYamim Bet [2 Chronicles] 7:16
“For now have I chosen and sanctified this house, that my name may be there forever; and mine eyes and mine heart shall be there perpetually”

Notice that he used the words ‘mine eyes’ and ‘mine heart’. This I will elaborate on a little later.

Mizmor [Psalm] 105:6
“O ye seed of Avraham [Abraham], his servant, ye children of Ya‘aqov (Israel), his chosen.”

Mizmor [Psalm] 132:13-17
“For YHVH hath chosen Zion; he hath desired it for his habitation. This is my rest forever; here will I dwell; for I have desired it. I will abundantly bless her provision; I will satisfy her poor with bread. I will also clothe her priests with salvation; and her saints shall shout aloud for joy. There will I make the horn of David to bud; I have ordained a lamp for mine anointed.”

Yesha’yahu [Isaiah] 41:8
“But thou, Israel, are my servant, Ya‘aqov [Jacob] whom I have chosen, the seed of Avraham [Abraham], my friend.”

Of the four directions on a compass, the directions of east and west are used to express not only two opposite directions, but two opposing destinies or the divided house of Israel. This is coupled with the historical reality that the house of Israel (Ephraim) and the house of Judah also went two different directions doctrinally, as well. Judah, in spite of the fact that they would, as a house, reject the Messiah, did maintain Torah (B’reshith [Genesis] 49:10, Mizmor [Psalm] 108:8.) The house of Israel was prophesied to mix with the sea of gentiles and quickly reinstitute calf worship and pagan practices (M’lakhim Alef [1 Kings] 12:16-33, M’lakhim Bet [2 Kings] 17:21-41. Yirmeyahu [Jeremiah] 2:21-27, 7:15, 9:13-16.) These two houses are represented in the tabernacle camps as Judah from the east, and Ephraim (house of Israel) from the west. The word ‘east’ is in the Hebrew qedem. This word is also translated as ‘ancient’. This is because the teaching of scripture is that the good and right ways are the ways of old, the ancient (east) paths, the way of the Creator which began with the tree of life and the sinless ‘adam’ planted ‘eastward’ in the garden.

Yirmeyahu [Jeremiah] 6:16
“Thus saith YHVH, Stand in the ways, and see, and ask for the OLD PATHS, where is the good way, and walk in it, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said (the nations, the west) We will NOT walk in it.”

According to B’midbar [Numbers] 2:3,18, the camp of Judah was to set up on the east side toward the rising of the sun, and the camp of Ephraim was to set up on the west side, which by definition is looking away from the sun. It is the tribe of Judah that the Messiah will spring forth from. The Messiah is from the beginning, from old, from the east.

Mikhah [Micah] 5:2
“But thou, Bethleham Ephrathath, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in ISRAEL, whose goings forth have been from OLD (qedem) from everlasting.”

Well, as you have probably guessed by now, the numerical value of qedem is 144. It is also no coincidence that the Hebrew word for west is yam. This word is also the word for the ‘sea’ as in the sea of humanity or the masses, those who will unfortunately choose the wide gate. God’s ways are from the east, from Israel, from Jerusalem and Zion. This is where He places His name. And though we are all scattered like sheep, as it is with true circumcision, it is where our heart, our desires, and our source of sustenance comes from that YHVH is truly looking for. This is where the eyes and heart of YHVH look upon. It is those with a heart, not just FOR Israel, but OF Israel that YHVH has chosen.

Hitalgut [Revelation] 2:23
“And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he who searches the minds and hearts; and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.”

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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