News You May Not Have Heard About — 06/03/2016

News You May Not Have Heard About

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USA News Banner

  1. Texas orders schools to defy Obama’s transgender order

  2. Transgender Deteriorations – Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse

  3. Federal Appeals Court Rules “Stingray” Surveillance Does Not Require Warrant

  4. Yahoo! Just Exposed One Of The FBI’s Most Secretive Tricks To Unethically Obtaining Your Info

  5. Do You Want to Be On the Red List? Keep Using Facebook

  6. Christians told it’s wrong to refuse to vote for ‘lesser of two evils’ in U.S. presidential election

  7. Once and for all: Is America a Christian nation?

  8. Obama and Clinton Are Double Agents Working for the CIA and the KGB

  9. Former State Dept. watchdog debunks central Clinton email claim

  10. Stunning Hidden Agendas Exposed – Trump University Lawsuit Brought By Firm Who Paid $675,000 To Bill and Hillary Clinton…

  11. Increasing Tensions Between The United States And China Create Unstable World

  12. ‘Berning’ the Jews: Sanders And The Democratic Platform Committee

  13. West Virginia Becomes Latest State to Ban Dismemberment Abortion Tearing Off Baby’s Limbs

  14. Indiana University Sues to Stop Pro-Life Law So It Can Use Aborted Babies in Research

  15. FBI Plants Hidden Microphones In Public Places

  16. Which U.S. city is being flooded with the most Muslim invaders?

  17. Target Accommodates Muslims, but Not Christians

  18. The Good, the Bath, and the Ugly

  19. Bloody Hell! This Is Unbelievable. Obama Now Complied To Turkey’s Demands That American Troops Wear The Mark Of Islam On Their Right Arm

  20. BDS Groups at Stanford Hatching ‘Big Plans’ Against Israel Despite Opposition from Student Majority

  21. Twitter, Facebook team up with EU to stamp out “hate speech”

  22. It begins: Facebook deletes page of critic of Muslim migrant invasion






  28. Corruption at the FDA: Former Chief Sued

  29. US military chiefs overrate damage to ISIS

  30. How Clinton & the IRS Burdened the American Taxpayer

  31. Betrayed – 100 Years Of US Troops As Lab Rats

  32. Obama Administration Files Motion In An Effort To Protect Clinton

  33. Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton TO BE INDICTED – Breaking News!

  34. Hillary Clinton To Be Indicted, Cover-Up Underway

  35. If Clinton Is Indicted, It will Mark the End of America As We Know It

  36. Transcript of Key Hillary Aide Released in Email Case

  37. Americans Derelict for Allowing the Clinton Crime Family

  38. Gitmo Judge Allowed Destruction of Evidence in 9/11 Case: Report

  39. George Soros: The Ugly Face Behind Many Protest Movements

  40. SNEAK ATTACK ON 2ND AMENDMENT: Senate Bill 2934 or the “Fix Gun Checks Act of 2016”

  41. All your disk image are belong to us, says appeals court

  42. U.S. court says no warrant needed for cellphone location data

  43. Justice Department asks for hold on court sanctions in immigration case

  44. Bill Kristol Announces That ‘There Will Be An Independent Candidate’ To Sabotage Donald Trump

  45. Donald Trump Gives A Powerful Speech On Memorial Day At The Freedom Ride Rally

  46. Senate Leaders Support Trump

  47. Ohio UFO Video Shot Near Air Force Base Stuns Viewers, Media Outlets

  48. US army may use soon Israeli-designed ‘suicide drones’


  50. Anyone in Great Britain who is planning on voting should watch this. Decision will be made quite easily after watching the first 10 minutes

  51. War with Russia: Washington has already decided

  52. The Politics Of Appeasement – The ‘National Security’ Excuse

  53. Obama declares June LGBT Pride Month

  54. Glenn Beck Suspended From SiriusXM For Comments Which ‘May Be Reasonably Construed By Some To Have Been Advocating Harm’ To Donald Trump

  55. New Obama scheme could damage 90% of U.S. cars

  56. Warning on new E-15 gasoline which car manufacturers say if you use it, it voids your car warranty (This is a re-post from May 15, 2016. DO NOT use this fuel in your vehicle.)

  57. Government Can’t Help; It Can Only Hurt

  58. Camille Paglia: “Transgender Mania is a Symptom of Cultural Collapse” (video)

  59. New Surveillance Tool Could Give Law Enforcement Access To All Public Cameras

  60. Shock Report: More Americans Killed By Police Since 9/11 Than Soldiers Killed In War

  61. State Dept. admits intentionally altering video of Iran press conference

  62. US Blocks Cluster-Bomb Sales To Saudis: Report

  63. The Most Radioactive ‘Scandal of the Millennium’

  64. Repealing the 17th Amendment  would be no small task

  65. Supreme Court rejects constitutional challenge to death penalty

  66. Dem: Obama ‘letting Iran get away with literally murder’


  68. No National Honor Society honors for Plano Senior High grads

  69. 27 Nations Set to Join RIMPAC Exercise in Hawaii, California

  70. Congress’ Treachery, the FBI’s Double-Crossing and the American Citizenry’s Cluelessness: With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies?


World News Banner

  1. Mysterious hemorrhagic fever outbreak stumps disease detectives

  2. Russia successfully tests anti-satellite missile capable of wiping out US navigation, communications and intelligence devices


  4. China Warns The World: America Is The “Greatest Threat To Peace & Stability”

  5. Hezbollah Digging Terror Tunnels into Israel, Preparing for War

  6. WATCH: Who’s Actually Responsible for the Palestinian Refugees?

  7. When socialism takes hold, hospitals collapse into ruin… Disturbing photos from Venezuela show the human cost of bad government

  8. ‘You Are Committing Genocide Against Us!’ AfD Chairwoman Calls Out Traitors In German Government

  9. ‘There Is No Room In Europe For Islam And Multiculturalism’- Slovak PM Robert Fico Publicly SLAMS Islam Weeks Before He Becomes President Of The European Commission

  10. PM partially embraces Arab peace plan, says it could ‘revive’ talks with Palestinians

  11. Iraqi forces enter IS-held Fallujah in major offensive


  13. Rouhani: Iran at turning point after defeating ‘Zionist plots’

  14. Israel intercepts communication equipment en route to Gaza terror groups

  15. WATCH: What the Palestinian Leaders Really Want!

  16. Denmark says it will punish Islamic preachers advocating criminal acts

  17. Father of Pakistan nuke program: Pakistan could target Delhi in five minutes


  19. Why Putin sent a lost Israeli tank home

  20. Analysis: Zigzagging on the Arab peace initiative

  21. 8 Lessons That We Can Learn From The Epic Economic Meltdown In Venezuela

  22. Venezuela is running out of everything: Bread, sugar, toilet paper…

  23. It Is Being Reported That Turkish Military Forces Have Entered Syria

  24. Syrian Border Chaos as NATO Aims to Win Proxy War

  25. It costs $150 to buy a dozen eggs in Venezuela right now

  26. What Food Costs In Venezuela: Eggs $150 A Dozen, Dry Milk $100 A Pound




  30. High Profile Temple Activist Joins Netanyahu Government

  31. Syrian Ceasefire Enabled Terrorists To Recover From Their Losses

  32. The Shocking Endgame Plan – The  ‘Chemical Castration’ Of The American Male And The ‘Estrogenic Disaster’ Facing The U.S. – The Real Reason For Ongoing Rape Of European Women

  33. Iraqi army repels Daesh counterattack

  34. Zionists Push for Multi-National Firing Squad Aimed at Internet ‘Hate Speech’

  35. Normalization talks with Turkey advancing

  36. Iraqi forces struggle to breach ISIS-held Fallujah

  37. Yemen’s warring sides swap prisoners

  38. Ship detects signals from crashed EgyptAir plane’s black box

  39. The world’s longest tunnel opens in Switzerland


  41. Rising anti-Semitism forces Jews out of Paris suburbs


World Financial News Banner

  1. Keiser Report

  2. Boom Bust

  3. US had no income tax and no Federal Reserve in 1912 and managed to generate a $3 million surplus


  5. Record Debt Looms Over All Aspects Of The American Economy

  6. The hard cost of amnesty: $6.3 trillion in benefits handed out to illegals

  7. More Than Half of Americans Living on the Edge of Financial Ruin

  8. U.S. Firms Evade $100 Billion in Taxes Yearly Moving Profits Overseas

  9. Is the U.S. housing boom out of steam?

  10. Two crisis markets that are primed to deliver big gains

  11. Trump: Only Dummies Believe 5% Jobless Rate, It’s Really 20%

  12. Court Rules Dell’s $24.9 Billion Buyout Priced 22 Percent Below Fair Value

  13. Consumer Confidence Unexpectedly Falls to 6-Month Low

  14. More in Debt Than Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands Rejects Rescue


  16. Here’s proof that the US dollar is insanely overvalued

  17. When 87,000 Job Cuts Isn’t Enough


  19. Dollar Stunner: Jim Willie Warns Chinese Preparing to Issue GOLD-BACKED Trade Notes!…”That crackling sound you hear is a burning dollar about to go up in smoke…”

  20. Gregory Mannarino: More Proof of A Massive Stock Market Bubble

  21. If Gold Hits $10,000, Silver to be $1,000! – Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic Silver Interview

  22. This Could Soon Lead to the Collapse of the U.S. Dollar

  23. Russia and Saudi Arabia dump $50bn in US assets

  24. TERRIFYING: Paul Craig Roberts – We Are Witnessing The Final Enslavement Of Humanity

  25. The Federal Reserve Has Created an Unprecedented Disaster for Pension Funds

  26. Legend Warns The Coming Crisis Will Be Totally Devastating For The World Economy And Humanity

  27. Why Is The MSM (Finally) Reporting On The Petrodollar?

  28. Congress investigating Fed’s cyberoversight in wake of $101M theft

  29. Greece spends all money received from EU to handle migrant crisis – official

  30. U.S. takes more steps to block North Korea’s access to financial system

  31. Stocks squeeze out gains; consumer staples lead

  32. Rise of Ad-Blocking Software Threatens Online Revenue


Earth News Banner

  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. Real Time Seismicity

  3. USGS realtime Global Earthquakes Map

  4. Global Volcano Activity

  5. European – Mediterranen Quakes

  6. Hurricane 2016 Forecast: A ‘Near-Normal’ 10 to 16 Storms

  7. Very strong M7.3 earthquake at intermediate depth hits South Sandwich Islands region

  8. Mars close approach: 10 amazing facts about the Red Planet

  9. 25 Most Awe Inspiring Canyons In The World

  10. The No. 1 Source of Pollution Might Surprise You

  11. It’s Going to Be a Scorching Summer

  12. Bits of 3.5-Billion-Year-Old Asteroid Tell Story of Monster Impact

  13. Volcanoes Spit Out 4.5-Billion-Year-Old Pieces of Earth

  14. June 7: FEMA Will Hold A Drill To Prepare For A 9.0 Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake And Tsunami

  15. Fukushima Nuclear Waste Annihilates Pacific Ecosystem

  16. Canadian student finds four new planets – and one could support life and have an ‘Avatar-like’ moon with water oceans

  17. Weather radar anomalies seen over Croatia two days before Europe’s apocalyptic lightning

  18. Frantic volcanic activity seen across much of the globe

  19. Magnitude 6.5 quake felt off Indonesia’s Sumatra: USGS

  20. Scientists prepare for Lake Taupo eruption – supervolcano eruption would destroy North Island

  21. 5.3 magnitude earthquake injures 28 people in Algeria’s Medea

  22. New lava flows open vents on active Hawaii Volcano

  23. Another Lake Just Disappeared Overnight! Photos of Before and After in Patagonia, Chile


Technology News Banner

  1. Israeli Start-Up Seeks to Identify Terrorists Using Facial Recognition Technology

  2. Shape-Shifting Touch Screens Can Morph on Demand

  3. Insoles That Buzz Your Feet Could Improve Balance

  4. Low Battery? New Tech Lets You Wirelessly Share Power

  5. The smart stick-on tattoo that could save your life: Wireless medical sensors set to revolutionise medicine

  6. Cloth Car Makes Debut in Japan

  7. Fusion Reactor Powers Futuristic Airliner

  8. First look: the $17,000 Solarin Android phone

  9. The next version of Siri actually sounds amazing

  10. Everything we wanted to know about the iPhone 7 might have just leaked

  11. OnePlus 3 finally has a release date: June 14th

  12. Leaked photos point to a second OLED screen on Apple’s next-gen MacBook Pro

  13. Intel has a crazy-fast 10-core desktop gaming processor that costs more than a MacBook Pro

  14. A big Google Maps update is bringing two new features you’ve been waiting for

  15. SanDisk may have just unveiled the perfect mobile storage solution

  16. Googling yourself now leads to personal privacy controls

  17. Google’s Now on Tap feature gets a text select and image search update


Petition News Banner

Sign The National Petition To Protect American Women And Girls!

It’s time for Americans to take a stand and protect women and girls who are being sacrificed at the altar of political correctness. Radical activists’ efforts to “accommodate” transsexuals through bullying and unlawful directives gives sexual predators and deviants easier access to potential victims.

Reasonable Americans must take action to keep men and boys out of female restrooms, fitting rooms, and locker rooms. It’s time to draw a line in the sand and protect women and girls across the nation!

The Obama administration is already blackmailing and bullying conservatives opposed to this “PC” madness. Don’t let extremists destroy our right to privacy! Fight back by pressuring elected officials to keep men and boys out of female restrooms, fitting rooms, and locker rooms.

Sign The National Petition To Protect Our Wives, Mothers And Daughters!

Americans are taking an important stand to protect women and girls across the nation. The aggressive, leftist effort to “accommodate” transsexuals in bathrooms, locker rooms and fitting rooms makes it easier for sexual predators to have access to potential victims. It’s time to stop this kind of political correctness that puts wives, mothers and daughters at risk!

Businesses and Hollywood elites are successfully boycotting an entire state, and conservative Americans who speak out in favor of separate male and female facilities are being ridiculed, marginalized or even fired. Don’t let these bullying efforts destroy our right to privacy by allowing them to silence Americans opposed to this “PC” madness. Fight back against President Obama’s and the Left’s attacks!

43 Republican lawmakers support Obama’s radical agenda

Late Wednesday night, Republicans allowed passage of an amendment from Rep. Sean Maloney (D-NY) to an appropriations bill. The amendment would legitimize President Barack Obama’s radical agenda to punish those who don’t follow his pro-LGBT agenda.

This amendment requires the federal government to follow Obama’s executive order 13672. This executive order instructs the federal government to deny contracts to companies that don’t follow the Obama mandated sexual identity agenda. This could include companies that don’t allow men into female restrooms and showers in their private corporate offices.

It is a shame that a Republican led Congress is forcing Obama’s radical agenda down the American people’s throat. The Obama administration wants you to believe that a man who “thinks” he is female should have access to the same facilities as real women. It is dangerous to force federal contractors to allow individuals free access to the private facilities of the opposite sex. Republicans in Congress along with President Obama are willing to put the safety of women and children at risk all for their radical agenda.

It’s not too late to stop this dangerous Maloney baloney. The House has yet to approve final passage of this bill. Please contact your representative in an effort to stop this radical agenda!

#BoycottMeBeforeYou: New Film Spreads Message that Disabled Lives Are Not Worth Living

The film Me Before You is set to be released this Friday, June 3rd. The film follows a romance between two of its characters, one of whom eventually ends his life at a suicide clinic because he does not want to live as a quadriplegic.

Liz Carr, a disability rights activist at Not Dead Yet UK, explains the terrible message of this story: “if you’re a disabled person, you’re better off dead”.

Whether or not the filmmakers intended this message, it is certainly there. This is where the “right to die” (i.e. the right to be killed) movement leads.

Films like this, which juxtapose the wonderful life the disabled person once lived, when he was not disabled, with the difficult life he now lives, create a negative portrayal of disability and contribute to the view that life under conditions of severe disability is not worth living. Me Before You, and the larger movement that inspired the movie, ignore the inherent dignity and beauty of human life, regardless of disability.

Campaigners who favor assisted suicide focus on ‘autonomy’ and ‘choice’, but choices always exist in a social context. The prejudiced view against the lives of disabled people in this film is also the view of too many people in society. The soft bigotry of low expectations and societal pressure influence the ‘choice’ to commit suicide.

There are sharp disagreements on this issue, and this issue personally affects many of us, but Not Dead Yet and other disability advocacy groups are right to recognize the danger inherent in this film and the message it sends.

All persons have inherent dignity and rights and it is a tragedy whenever an individual, disabled or not, fails to recognize that dignity.

The wish to commit suicide should not be met with encouragement or submission – it should be met with assistance to overcome the obstacles that the person faces. People who are contemplating suicide should be assisted to live, not to die.

Take Action: Army cancels Christian speaker at atheist’s request

Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (U.S. Army, Ret.) was invited on March 31 to speak at a prayer breakfast for soldiers on Monday’s D-Day anniversary event at Fort Riley, Kansas. General Boykin, a founding member of Delta Force and 36-year veteran, was eager to speak to Fort Riley’s young soldiers about the importance of faith to the soldier.

This week, following an angry demand by atheist Mikey Weinstein, which actively stalks General Boykin in his stand for military religious freedom, Fort Riley officials promptly canceled the prayer breakfast, citing “scheduling conflicts.” Not only would the event be “rescheduled,” but the official said General Boykin would not be invited back as a speaker.

The message is clear: the men and women in uniform at Fort Riley will not be permitted to hear from one of the Army’s own highly decorated heroes because he is unapologetic about his Christian faith.

When military officials are so frightened by anti-Christian activists that they deny Christian soldiers the opportunity to hear from a man who has seen his faith at work in his distinguished career, how do we expect them to respond to the real threats that are facing America today?


Archaeology News Banner

  1. An Undersea Mystery: The Accidental Discovery of the Ghost Ship in the Baltic Sea

  2. Ancient Travels to the Americas or a Modern Forgery? Who Made the Bat Creek Inscription?

  3. Parting the Waters of the City of Jerusalem in the Siloam Tunnel of King Hezekiah

  4. Treasures of the Diamond Shipwreck to be Revealed for First Time

  5. More Than 70 Engravings and Paintings from 14,000 Years Ago Discovered in a Spanish Cave

  6. The True Origins of the Legend of Brutus of Troy and the London Stone

  7. Deep in a Cave in France Neanderthals Constructed Mysterious Ring Structures 176,000 Years Ago

  8. 2,500-Year-Old Phoenician DNA Linked to Rare and Ancient European Ancestry

  9. The Northern Mysteries Current: Futhark and Mystery Schools of the Viking Age

  10. Archaeologists search for the last Dead Sea Scrolls in the Cave of the Skulls

  11. BREAKING NEWS: Archaeologists Claim to have Found Long Lost Tomb of Aristotle

  12. Archaeologists discover a prehistoric brewery in China dating back 5,000 years

  13. Tomb of 12th Dynasty Noblewoman Unearthed in Egypt

  14. Theano – A Woman Who Ruled the Pythagoras School

  15. First Person: A Scepter from the Temple?

  16. King Tut’s Blade Made of Meteorite

  17. ‘Van Gogh’ Mummy Found in Spanish Church

  18. Baalbek: Ancient Alien Sanctuary and Landing Spot Revealed

  19. Long-Sought Aristotle’s Tomb Is Discovered in Northern Greece

  20. Students find 3,330-year-old Egyptian amulet during Galilee dig

  21. Britain’s oldest hand-dated document found in Roman trove

  22. King Tut’s dagger made of iron from a meteorite


Health News Banner

  1. Science Natural News

  2. Food and Nutrition Facts

  3. Quaker Oats issues recall over Listeria concerns, just months after dealing with glyphosate poisoning allegations

  4. General Mills recalls 10 million pounds of flour

  5. New “Flesh-Eating” Disease Spreading Across Syria And The Middle East

  6. Premiums Take a Hike under Obamacare

  7. Top Selling Children’s Vitamin Contains GMOs And Cancer-Causing Chemicals

  8. Killer Superbugs Have Invaded the US

  9. The end of chemical medicine: Superbug discovered in America that resists ALL known antibiotics… blind faith in failed pharma will soon cost you your life

  10. If Your Joints Are Suffering, Consider These 2 Novel Orthopedic Remedies

  11. Try This Cucumber Avocado Caprese Salad Today

  12. Starves Cancer Cells Into Oblivion by Taking Advantage of Their Metabolic Inflexibility

  13. What Is Horseradish Good For?

  14. Benefits of Coconut Oil Are Undeniable

  15. A Convenient, Delicious Protein Bar Without the Added Sugar

  16. What Are the Causes of Rheumatoid Arthritis?

  17. The Top 5 “Super-Spices” that SLOW Aging, Boost Your Metabolism & Fight Diabetes, Cancer and More…

  18. Research finds that 45 percent of common sunscreen ingredients interfere with the normal functioning of sperm cells

  19. Big Industry’s all out assault on democracy and your right to know

  20. Foods Which Make You Beautiful: What to Eat for Great Skin and Hair

  21. 10 Reason Why Tea Tree Oil Should Be in Every Home

  22. 11 Plants That Attract & Stimulate Positive Energy

  23. New anti-migraine surgical implants send out tiny electric shocks to ease the brain… but is there a natural method?

  24. The completely MEATLESS protein profile – so much easier to digest

  25. Scientists claim they can change your belief about immigrants and God – with MAGNETS

  26. Even moderate exercise can vastly reduce a woman’s risk of osteoporosis and stroke

  27. Higher arsenic found in babies who regularly eat rice cereal



  30. White Chocolate Blueberry Lasagna

  31. Salmonella Poisoning Alert, the Worst Chicken You Can Eat

  32. Here’s Why ‘Inert’ Ingredients May Be the Most Harmful of All

  33. How the Zika Industry Was Born

  34. What Happens to Your Body When You Sit All Day?

  35. Urine of very single member of the European Parliament tested found to be heavily contaminated with glyphosate weed killer

  36. GMOs, forced vaccination and global warming – three population reduction schemes being pushed on the masses for ‘health’ reasons

  37. Doctors criticized for ‘over-prescribing’ harmful drugs for patients who can heal through healthy diet and exercise

  38. 16 signs that your headache is actually a migraine

  39. Flashback: FTC judge vindicates POM Wonderful’s right to inform consumers about health benefits of pomegranates

  40. Global cost of diabetes hits shocking $827 billion per year globally, yet food companies that cause the disease pay nothing toward healthcare costs

  41. Air pollution from fracking increases the risk of lung and heart disease in children

  42. The domestication of humans: poor diet and exercise causing human evolution to favor early obesity

  43. Did the NFL Tamper with a Government Brain Health Study?

  44. Not Losing Weight? Try Bone Broth

  45. No. 1 Reason To Stop Wrapping Your Food In Aluminum Foil

  46. What Are Free Radicals?

  47. Living a Longer Life with Baking Soda

  48. Can suncream RAISE your risk of skin cancer? Think slathering on high factor lotion will keep you protected? Think again, say these experts

  49. Cancer from coloring? Scientific research group claims food dye may be carcinogenic and promote allergies

  50. Achieve younger looking skin with these anti-aging foods

  51. Statin medication linked to mood swings, aggression in women

  52. Antidepressants linked to premature births

  53. Glyphosate risk assessment panel stacked with people who have financial ties to the biotech industry … It’s all a SCIENCE FARCE

  54. Autism and ADHD solutions revealed

  55. Dangerous, experimental pneumonia vaccine injected into 2-month old babies and adults after major surgery; contains multiple strains of pneumonia plus aluminum

  56. Statistics show antidepressants have little to no effect on suicide prevention

  57. STUDY: Exposure to certain pesticides makes you 6 times more likely to develop ALS

  58. Magic mushrooms found to be powerful medicine that CURES depression with a single treatment … No wonder they’re kept illegal by the government!

  59. Weekly walks and even minimal exercise have been shown to prevent over 10 types of cancer

  60. 15 healthy and filling oatmeal smoothies

  61. 9 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Will Improve Your Life

  62. healthy sea salt dark chocolate bars

  63. How to Keep Bananas from Turning Brown

  64. 17 Ways To Eat Protein For Dessert


  66. Former FDA Commissioner Exposed, Don’t Trust This Antibiotic

  67. Toxic Chemicals Deemed Safe Due to ‘Chemical Safety’ Loopholes

  68. Crohn’s Disease: What You Need To Know About This Delibitating Disease

  69. Music Therapy Can Heal Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases, Science Confirms

  70. More than 2,000 Indians contract HIV after transfusions

  71. Are You Buying TOXIC Fish and Seafood at Grocery Stores and Restaurants?

  72. First baby born with Zika-linked microcephaly in New York tri-state area


Misc News Banner

  1. Unconstitutional: All Federal Gun Control

  2. Food City Salute (Video: 00:01:00 minute long. This will touch one’s heart.)

  3. [TIP] The Windows 10 Secret Microsoft Won’t Tell You

  4. Are You Being Fingerprinted Online?

  5. Five Cool Things You Can Do With Skype

  6. Got a Dell? Read This Now!

  7. The Virginia Ratifying Convention and the Birth of the Tenth Amendment



  10. ‘It’s A Scary Thing Coming Up’ Expert Warns: ‘Just Wait Until July, Just Wait Until August’

  11. Massive Military Drills Across America As Warning Goes Out: ‘The Wheels Could Come Off The Cart, Quickly’

  12. Americans Consume 10 Hours Of “Programming” A Day From The Big 6

  13. Embryonic Research Raises New Ethical Concerns

  14. The Real Goal of the LGBT Movement

  15. Beware! There Is A Sinister Side To Microchipping Your Child

  16. You better bee-lieve it! ‘Dancing’ hairs lead bumblebees to pollen by sensing electric signals given out by flowers

  17. Why Are Americans Getting Married Later In Life?

  18. Next Wave Of Policing – Predicting Crime Before It Happens

  19. Brushing up on Our Moral Hygiene

  20. Old Knowledge, An extensive list of free E-Books

  21. Facebook, Microsoft: Atlantic Ocean Internet Cable to Be Built Jointly

  22. Facebook using people’s phones to listen in on what they’re saying, suggests professor

  23. GMOs, forced vaccination and global warming – three population reduction schemes being pushed on the masses for ‘health’ reasons

  24. MySpace breach could be the biggest ever – half a BILLION passwords!

  25. Critical flaws on HP, Dell, Acer, Asus and Lenovo laptops let hackers take over in 10 minutes

  26. Geekly Update – 01 June 2016

  27. Why Conscripting Women Into Combat Will Result In Cultural Disaster

  28. Seven Agendas of Chemtrails, HAARP and Electromagnetic Weapons

  29. This Will Be the End of Humanity Unless This Is Stopped

  30. Shock Report: Secret Law Will Give FBI Full Access To Your Email Without A Warrant: “Massive Expansion of Government Surveillance Authority”

  31. Millennials turn to ‘sugar daddy’ prostitution to pay debts

  32. YouTube, Facebook crack down on ‘hate speech’


  34. Gay marriage victory at Supreme Court triggering backlash

  35. Gun collector suing ATF over denial of firearms license

  36. Daughters for Sale: How Young American Girls Are Being Sold Online


Religion News Banner

  1. JUST THE FACTS: Many have no idea what true Christianity is like



  4. Jesus at the Pub: Dangerous Cocktail?

  5. The Pope Likens the Spread of ISIS to Jesus’ Spreading Christianity

  6. Pope Francis Demotes Jesus Christ to Third, and Claims Mary as the Source of Our Hope

  7. TBN Co-Founder Jan Crouch Dies at 78

  8. If You Want To Love As God Loves Then You Need To Learn To Hate As God Hates

  9. The angel that looks over the ‘birthplace of Jesus’: Incredible mosaic discovered under plaster walls in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem

  10. A False Religion : Jehovah’s Witnesses EXPOSED – 2016 Documentary (Video: 30:17 minutes long.)

  11. Jehovah’s Witnesses Cult Exposed – Documentary Film (Video: 59:27 minutes long.)

  12. Megachurch False Prophets 100% Exposed (Video: 2:57:37 minutes long.)

  13. The Emergent Church & The New Age – Johanna Michaelson – a Simply Agape (Video: 1:20:03 minutes long.)

  14. Beware Of The Emerging Church Movement! (Video: 28:42 minutes long.)

  15. The Jesuits and The Corrupt Catholic Church Fraternal Order Exposed! (Video: 1:01:23 minutes long.)

  16. Rise of the None’s – Slow Death Of Christianity In Britain

  17. Pope Francis might jettison idea of a ‘just war’

  18. Iran accuses Saudi Arabia of ‘blocking the path to Allah’ and bans pilgrims from going to Mecca

  19. Malaysian government backs bill to impose Sharia in the country

  20. Islamic State seems to be selling sex slaves online

  21. Canada: Pro-Sharia, pro-Caliphate organization holds conference in Mississauga


  23. Jesus Christ would be BANNED from speaking at universities if he was alive in 2016 along with other ‘non-violent extremists’, Oxford professor warns

  24. When Muslims Meet Christ: A Growing Trend, An Answer To Prayer

  25. Married Christian rock star: I am ‘gay’

  26. This is strongest ‘retrograde force’ in the world

  27. THE HEAVENS DECLARE: Think World War II had carnage? It’s far worse now

  28. ‘Bible Emoji’ hits iBooks as ‘Scripture 4 Millennials’

  29. Bishop facing ‘hate crime’ claim – for preaching

  30. Jesus Christ would be banned from UK universities today, Oxford professor says



Jihad News Banner

  1. ISIS, inspired by Planned Parenthood, issues Fatwa to justify organ harvesting from live subjects

  2. Evil ISIS Soldier Who Bragged About Buying Enslaved Christian Girls And Raping Them Has Been CAPTURED

  3. French jihadi network linked to Bataclan killer on trial

  4. Uganda: Muslim kills Christian wife for leaving Islam

  5. Video: Robert Spencer on how to defeat the jihad

  6. Hamas executes three convicted Palestinians in Gaza

  7. Nigeria: Muslims murder four, burn church in “blasphemy” riot

  8. Nigeria: Muslims murder three Christians, attack a fourth with machetes

  9. Germany: “Refugees Welcome” activist raped by Muslim refugee

  10. Germany: 3 Muslims arrested for Islamic State jihad suicide plot

  11. BBC religion chief states “uncomfortable truth”: ISIS driven by “Islamic doctrine”

  12. Muslim ‘war criminal’ now working security at Dulles International Airport

  13. Toronto: Muslim group gives out book saying “women may enjoy being beaten”

  14. SB jihadi’s friend tied to group that planned jihad mass murder in 2012

  15. Egypt: Muslims who stripped and paraded Christian woman were screaming “Allahu akbar”

  16. Bangladesh: Muslims plotted to bring down government for the Islamic State

  17. UK: Muslim who went on stabbing rampage had photo of beheaded soldier

  18. Jihad group attacks Mogadishu hotel, many casualties


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  1. The Three Step Plan to Destroy America and Implement the New World Order

  2. America’s Secrets (NOTE: Be sure to watch both videos at the bottom on this link.)

  3. Eye of the Phoenix Secrets of the Dollar Bill (Video: 2:51:27 minutes long. This is eye opening.)


  5. Disaster Ahead! Wait Until You See What 20 World Leaders Have Planned! What’s About To Happen Could Usher In Hell On Earth, Literally!

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Join us this week with Laura Densmore and Kimberly Rogers:

*Lieberman set to be Defense Minister in Expanded coalition
*Lieberman’s Israel Beytenu party signs on to the coalition government
*Will the governors of Judah soon be revealed?
*French PM arrives in Israel to rekindle peace initiative
*Egypt seeks to advance its own peace initiative
*Pope Francis promotes the “Islamization of Europe”, says Muslim migration necessary
*Pope Francis meets with top Imam at Vatican
*Iran boasts: We can destroy Israel in 8 minutes
*Iran boasts: Arrogant powers cannot stop Iran missile program
*Elections update: Trump needs only 10 more delegates to secure the Republican nomination
*40 Volcanoes erupting: earth’s crust becoming increasingly unstable
*Economy watch update
*Close in scripture/prayer: Obadiah 1:10-17

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Deuteronomy 13:1-5 “1 If there arises among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams, and he gives you a sign or a wonder, 2 and the sign or the wonder comes to pass, of which he spoke to you, saying, “Let us go after other gods”—which you have not known—”and let us serve them,” 3 you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams, for the LORD your God is testing you to know whether you love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul. 4 You shall walk after the LORD your God and fear Him, and keep His commandments and obey His voice; you shall serve Him and hold fast to Him. 5 But that prophet or that dreamer of dreams shall be put to death, because he has spoken in order to turn you away from the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt and redeemed you from the house of bondage, to entice you from the way in which the LORD your God commanded you to walk. So you shall put away the evil from your midst..” (New King James Version)

What is coming from the prophet’s mouth? Something false. Who is this prophet speaking for, what supernatural spirit? It is not the spirit of God, but a demon speaking through a human being, inspiring and motivating him. God permits it and expects His people to put that person to the test. God expects us to be able to discern the spirit that is motivating the speaker. The test is to see whether we will remain loyal to God—loyal in terms of keeping His commandments.

Thus, the listener better have a good working knowledge of God, which returns us to II Corinthians 10:5, where Paul warns that reasonings will exalt themselves against the knowledge of God. This clarifies the devices that Satan will use to turn us aside. This also underlines our need to be able to thwart those devices. We need to have a good working knowledge of God—not things about God so much, but the knowledge of God the Person, the Being with whom we have a relationship.

Also, Deuteronomy 13 confirms that some of these false prophets will be able to do miracles, which Paul confirms in II Thessalonians 2, and John confirms in Revelation 11. What is in the New Testament is built upon what God has already shown in the Old Testament—that Satan’s modus operandi will be carried through from one covenant to the other. We have to understand that such signs—the ability to do miracles—are not of themselves indications of authority from God. They must be combined with teaching that agrees with God’s already revealed will.

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see: Satan (Part 2)


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The Design of Scripture by Brad Scott

The Number Thirteen, Fourteen, and Fifteen

The Number Thirteen

There are many superstitions that cluster around this number. It is to many people an unlucky number. So far, I have used two words that have no scriptural basis and are meaningless to a child of the Most High God: superstition and luck. There are some who teach that thirteen, and especially ‘Friday the 13th’, became an ‘unlucky’ number because of the death of the firstborn in Egypt on that day. If that is a fact, then it is not a fact because of a lack of luck, but rather rebellion, which is the consistent meaning of this number in scripture.

The very first occurrence of this number cannot be written off as coincidence.

B’reshith [Genesis] 14:4
“Twelve years they served Chedorlaomer, and in the THIRTEENTH year they rebelled.”

In Pirkei Avot 5:13, we read that thirteen is the age that young men become a ‘bar mitzvot‘ or ‘son of the commandments’. As a young man enters into his teenage years, it is this particular time that was chosen to place him under the authority of the commandments. Could it be that this is the beginning of a young man’s rebellious years? We had previously learned that 12 was the number of YHVH’s governing authority, but when perusing the lists of the tribes in scripture we are many times confronted with a total of 13 tribes in which a rebellious son is generally left out to bring the total back to 12. Could this also be one of the reasons that the tribe of Dan is left out in Hitgalut [Revelation] 7:4-8? When reading the genealogies of the righteous and the unrighteous in the first 11 chapters of B’reshith [Genesis], we find that the gematria of the lines of Seth are divisible by 8 and the line of Cain by 13. The line of the Canaanites and the descendants of Joktan are all divisible by 13. In B’reshith [Genesis] 25:12-17, Ishmael’s 12 sons add up to multiples of 13, as well as the Dukes of Edom. The sons of Midian and the children of Lot all add up to multiples of 13. The kings of Yehudah [Judah] add up to multiples of 8 while the kings of Israel, the rebellious house, are in multiples of 13. In Yechezk’el [Ezekiel] 4:4-5, the prophet is commanded to lay on his left side 390 years (13 x 30) because of Israel’s rebellion and iniquity. Haman orders the Yehudim [Jews] to be executed on the 13th day of the 12th month.

The 13th letter of the Aleph-bet [alphabet] is the letter ‘mem‘. The symbol for mem is water. The earth was covered in water during Noach’s time because the earth had become corrupt. After the flood the names of Noach, Shem, and Ham are divisible by 8, but when adding Ham (remember what he did?) the names are now divisible by 13. (Adding ham to your breakfast is also rebellion.) Perhaps the most astonishing revelation about the number 13, is the fact that the gematria of almost every one of the names for hasatan are divisible by 13. The word ‘dragon’ is mentioned 13 times in the book of Hitgalut [Revelation]. There are 13 famines mentioned in scripture. Leaven occurs 13 times in the Brit Chadashah. One of the titles of the Mashiach tachat (antichrist) is the adversary. In the last days, most of the nations or gentiles will be as lawless as the adversary. The gematria of adversary and nation (goy) are both 13.

The Number Fourteen

The number ’14’ is a multiple of seven, and for that reason alone, we should be sensitive to it’s appearance. This number speaks of salvation, for it is the 14th of Aviv that the passover lamb is to be killed. The generations of the Messiah are in multiples of 14 (Mattityahu [Matthew] 1:17). The Holy Spirit makes it a point to tell us that the fourteenth night was come when those who abode in the ship would be ‘saved’ (Acts 27:31-33). The gematria of King David is 14, and the 14th letter of the Aleph-bet is ‘nun‘ whose symbol is the fish, the historic symbol of those who are saved.

The Number Fifteen

This number paints for us a picture of rest. It is this day that the Messiah is buried, which of course for most of us is the final rest, at least for our bodies anyway. The final feast in the last days is the feast of Sukkot which begins on the 15th of Tishrei [September/October]. In Esther 9:20-22 we read:

“And Mordecai wrote these things, and sent letters unto all the Yehudim [Jews] who were in all the provinces of the king, Ahasuerus, both near and far, to establish this among them, that they should keep the fourteenth day of the month of Adar, and the FIFTEENTH day of the same, yearly, as the days in which the Yehudim [Jews] RESTED from their enemies, and the month which was turned unto them from sorrow to joy, and from mourning into a good day; that they should make them days of feasting and joy, and of sending portions one to another, and gifts to the poor.”

The word ‘kinsman’ is found 15 times in the book of Ruth. The 15th time Naomi’s name is mentioned in the book of Ruth we read:

Ruth 3:1
“Then Naomi, her mother-in-law, said unto her, My daughter, shall I not seek REST for thee, that it may be well with thee?

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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El Shaddai by Amy Grant With Lyrics


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