News You May Not Have Heard About — 05/27/2016

News You May Not Have Heard About

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USA News Banner

  1. Author: Don’t refuse to vote for ‘lesser of two evils’

  2. The Obama 05-23-16 Viet Nam Clone and the Missing Head Scars – Observation (Video: 4:00 minutes long.)

  3. Obama’s gender ‘identity’ rules go beyond bathrooms, showers

  4. John Bolton slams ‘Mr. High-Minded Obama’ Hiroshima speech



  7. Leftist “Pro-Israel” Group Was Paid Half a Million Dollars to Help Obama Sell Iran Deal

  8. Oklahoma senator weighing options after abortion ban veto

  9. House Speaker Paul Ryan is ready to jump off the fence and endorse Trump in bid to unify party, a top Trump official says

  10. Trump hits out at ‘thugs flying the Mexican flag’ after his Albuquerque demo erupts in violence: Riot police are injured in fierce clashes with protesters setting fires on the streets

  11. State Department sets new single-day record for Muslim migrant approvals

  12. At 11th hour, NY Senator Schumer upends bill making it easier for 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia

  13. 11 states sue over Obama’s school transgender directive

  14. Shocking Report Exposes Depth Of Voter Fraud! This Is Damning!


  16. States in Sink on Bathroom Order

  17. Clinton Releases Plan to Dissolve U.S. Border Within 100 Days

  18. New Movie exposes Clinton’s corrupt Trade secrets

  19. 80% of Illegals caught by BP Are Released Into The USA

  20. BREAKING: Obama Administration Cuts Benefits to U.S. Military Veterans to Pay for Visas for Muslim Immigrants

  21. The scandal in Washington no one is talking about

  22. Obama Refuses to Believe Netanyahu is Sincere About Direct Peace Talks

  23. VA Wrongfully Declares 4K Vets Dead While Thousands More Die in Waiting

  24. Bernie Sanders Enlists Professional Israel-Hater For Democratic Policy Committee

  25. Someone Poisoned the Water Bill


  27. Spotlight on Bill Clinton and Benghazi

  28. The Clintons: NY’s Sixth Crime Family


  30. Last-Minute Change to Bill Dashes Hopes of Suing Saudi Arabia

  31. Facebook deliberately censors content on certain topics, including vaccines and immigration

  32. Mainstream media fails to expose government censorship of news

  33. Secret Text in Senate Bill Would Give FBI Warrantless Access to Email Records

  34. DARPA Teams Up With Mainstream Media to Push Microchips for Your Children

  35. Podcast: DARPA brought us the internet – is mind control next?

  36. Caught on camera: US Special Forces on ISIS frontline in Syria

  37. Abortionists, lawmakers work to ban baby body-parts investigations

  38. Alabama stacks deck against Chief Justice Roy Moore

  39. Realities of ‘transgender’ campaign knock plan off rails


  41. Stunner! Dozens of Planned Parenthood abortion emergencies

  42. Feds told ‘to cease and desist’ from allowing Muslim immigration

  43. Lawsuit against transgender mandate challenges ‘imperial White House’

  44. South Carolina governor to sign ban on abortion past 19 weeks

  45. Hillary Clinton’s inner circle shunned investigators in email probe

  46. Obama’s Fast and Furious guns linked to another 69 dead

  47. Audio Shows Katie Couric Documentary Deceptively Edited Interview with Pro-Gun Activists

  48. Democrats blocking ‘common sense’ fix for Zika

  49. Scientists Find Almost 72-Year-Old Sunken WWII Bomber Containing Remains of Soldiers

  50. Mother of Texas ‘affluenza’ teen indicted for money laundering

  51. This Is What the US Vice President Actually Does — and How the Job Has Changed

  52. ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle Lied About His Military Accolades, Documents Show

  53. Silencing America as it prepares for war

  54. CIA Secrets of the IT Industry Finally Revealed — Why Bill Gates Went from Computers to Vaccines Overnight

  55. Russian deep-cover spy sentenced in New York court


  57. The Relationship Between The United States And China Is Officially Going Down The Tubes




  61. In Louisiana, It’s Now A Hate Crime To Target Police Officers

  62. Police Now Using “Pre-Crime” Algorithm To Target and Label Innocent Citizens as Criminals

  63. Police Militarization Program a Federally-Sponsored Gunshow that Never Ends

  64. How free is our freedom of the press? It may shock you…

  65. Hawaii could be first to put gun owners in federal database


World News Banner

  1. EgyptAir MS804: Human remains from crash site indicate explosion aboard doomed flight

  2. Saudi Press: U.S. Blew Up World Trade Center To Create ‘War On Terror’

  3. Chinese Military Prepares For Global Power Role


  5. Twenty Year Old UN Plan to Invade the US Found In Newly Re-discovered Documents

  6. Getting to know Avigdor Liberman, Bibi’s enigmatic pick for defense minister

  7. Palestinians Reject Netanyahu’s Call for Direct Negotiations

  8. BDS and Terror are Two Sides of the Same Coin

  9. Israel Supporters See Successes And Challenges With Protestant Churches On BDS

  10. Doctors claim ‘heaviest newborn baby girl ever’ born in India

  11. Found off Sardinian Coast: WWII submarine with 71 bodies inside

  12. US-backed forces battle IS near Syria stronghold, Iraqi city

  13. Venezuela says hits Zeta-linked drug cartel with multiton cocaine haul

  14. Turkey enraged by ‘unacceptable’ US backing of Kurdish militia

  15. Debris in Mozambique, Mauritius to be analyzed by MH370 team

  16. No new signal from EgyptAir jet since day of crash as search intensifies

  17. Putin in Greek trip as EU sanctions talks loom

  18. Fearing Russian Bear, Sweden Inches Toward NATO

  19. North Korea threatens retaliation after South Korean warning shots

  20. EU further tightens sanctions on North Korea

  21. Philippine police killings raise fears over Duterte rule

  22. Russia accuses Turkey of supplying Islamic State extremists

  23. Islamic State commander in Falluja killed, U.S. military says

  24. Putin vows Russian retaliation over U.S. missile shield

  25. It Has Begun! Russia Ready for War!

  26. Putin warns Romania, Poland: you may now be in Russia’s cross-hairs

  27. Islamic State advance near Turkish border, civilians trapped

  28. Turkey says U.S. ‘two-faced’ for not viewing Syrian Kurdish YPG as terrorists

  29. Russia says U.S. ‘delays’ with joint Syria action may hit peace process

  30. Iraqis fleeing Mosul to Syria, up to 50,000 anticipated: UNHCR

  31. Really high school: Children tackle 800-meter high cliff en route to class (VIDEO)

  32. Gunboat diplomacy: Cameron pledges warship & support to Libyan unity government

  33. 60,000 Chinese factory workers replaced by robots

  34. Israel thwarts smuggling of weapons supplies into Gaza

  35. Iran’s leader calls for vigilance against West’s ‘soft war’

  36. Report: Arab countries plotting to replace Abbas with archrival


  38. Netanyahu’s government may be near collapse, report says

  39. Arab World: ISIS shifting tactics as it loses territory, recruits

  40. Hezbollah is broke thanks to US sanctions, says White House official


World Financial News Banner

  1. Keiser Report

  2. Boom Bust

  3. A Marriage From Hell: Bayer Offers Monsanto $62 Million To Make Monster Seed and Pesticide Company

  4. Northwest Territorial Mint Scandal: Investors Had Fair Warning on This Blowup As Well

  5. Eurozone agrees ‘breakthrough’ debt deal with Greece

  6. Currency War Resumes – China Devalues Yuan To 5-Year Lows

  7. Microsoft lays off hundreds as it guts its phone business

  8. Economy-Stock Market Expert Breaks the Silence To Warn of Soon Coming Disaster!

  9. An Inside Look at the World’s Biggest Paper Gold Market


  11. Israel, South Korea to Conduct Free Trade Talks

  12. Israel to Lead the World in Gas, Oil Exports

  13. Health-care costs for families top $25,000 — triple 2001

  14. AT&T Announces Change to Prepaid GoPhone Plans

  15. Internet companies seek answers on wireless streaming freebies

  16. Many opt to take Social Security before full retirement age

  17. Apple’s efforts to buy Time Warner fell through

  18. Rate hike likely appropriate in coming months: Yellen

  19. U.S. economic growth revised higher in first quarter

  20. Verizon strike seen lowering U.S. May payrolls by 35,000 jobs

  21. Exclusive: Verizon turns to former Yahoo bankers for bid – sources

  22. Dollar firmer, traders look to Yellen speech for Fed clues

  23. Dollar, bond yields extend gains after Yellen

  24. Wall Street puts finishing touch on best week since March

  25. Oil slips for second day as $50 level sparks new output fears

  26. G7 vows growth efforts as Japan’s Abe warns of global crisis

  27. Thermo Fisher to buy microscope maker FEI Co for about $4.2 billion

  28. Saudi Aramco boosting market share as it prepares for listing: CEO

  29. Boosting clouds: Microsoft, Facebook to lay giant cable under Atlantic


  31. Canadian suit filed in Johnson baby powder case

  32. Don’t expect copper prices to rebound ‘anytime soon’

  33. Many of the world’s best investors made their fortunes this way… and you can too

  34. CHART: More downside ahead for gold stocks

  35. VIDEO: Jim Grant discusses ‘The Forgotten Depression of 1921: The Crash That Cured Itself’

  36. Former Reagan budget adviser: We’re entering ‘payback’ time for low rates

  37. Top trader: Expect the dollar rally to continue… for now

  38. Van Simmons: The best values in the rare-coin market today

  39. So, you thought Bank of America would be punished for role in 2008 crisis? Think again…


Earth News Banner

  1. Live Earthquake Map

  2. Real Time Seismicity

  3. USGS realtime Global Earthquakes Map

  4. Global Volcano Activity

  5. European – Mediterranen Quakes

  6. In the path of the storm: Two critically injured and homes destroyed as 26 tornadoes are reported across five states

  7. Why Is India’s Heat Wave Off The Chart?

  8. Nuclear threats in US worse than previously known — study

  9. 600 tons of melted radioactive Fukushima fuel still not found, clean-up chief reveals

  10. Radar images reveal Mars is coming out of an ice age

  11. Coronal hole paints sun black in stunning NASA video


  13. M 6.5 – FIJI REGION – 2016-05-27 04:08:41 UTC


Technology News Banner

  1. Google Patents The Mark Of The Beast; The Vampire Watch A Mini Particle Accelerator

  2. New Israeli facial imaging claims to identify terrorists and pedophiles

  3. Swallow This Robot: Foldable Droid Could Mend Stomachs

  4. How you’ll access Apple’s car: Firm patents system to use an iPhone to do everything from unlock the doors to turn on the radio

  5. Apple’s new MacBook Pro set to have ‘custom key’ touchscreen above the keyboard

  6. The transforming ‘hypercopter’ that can hit 293mph: Airbus awarded patent for record breaking helicopter with two jet engines

  7. Custom Earphones Double as Brainwave Monitors

  8. The Future; Martial Law Tech, Gravity Sensors that can See Through Walls and Underground

  9. Beer Company Creates Edible Six-Pack Rings to Save Ocean

  10. US scientists create chimeras: half-human, half-animal embryos’

  11. Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

  12. Top 3 Nano technology (Video: 7:50 minutes long.)

  13. You’ll Never Guess How Signs of Messianic Days are Manifesting in Modern Technology


  15. Have You Seen This? Tesla Model S drives sleeping owner through traffic

  16. 5 DIY Air Conditioners That Actually Work

  17. An intelligent Wi-Fi router that’s more impressive than anything it connects to

  18. Apple Has Confirmed That the Next IPhone Will Be All Glass

  19. Next-gen Motorola Droid looks pretty fantastic in this leaked image


Petition News Banner

Sign The National Petition To Protect American Women And Girls!

It’s time for Americans to take a stand and protect women and girls who are being sacrificed at the altar of political correctness. Radical activists’ efforts to “accommodate” transsexuals through bullying and unlawful directives gives sexual predators and deviants easier access to potential victims.

Reasonable Americans must take action to keep men and boys out of female restrooms, fitting rooms, and locker rooms. It’s time to draw a line in the sand and protect women and girls across the nation!

The Obama administration is already blackmailing and bullying conservatives opposed to this “PC” madness. Don’t let extremists destroy our right to privacy! Fight back by pressuring elected officials to keep men and boys out of female restrooms, fitting rooms, and locker rooms.

Sign The National Petition To Protect Our Wives, Mothers And Daughters!

Americans are taking an important stand to protect women and girls across the nation. The aggressive, leftist effort to “accommodate” transsexuals in bathrooms, locker rooms and fitting rooms makes it easier for sexual predators to have access to potential victims. It’s time to stop this kind of political correctness that puts wives, mothers and daughters at risk!

Businesses and Hollywood elites are successfully boycotting an entire state, and conservative Americans who speak out in favor of separate male and female facilities are being ridiculed, marginalized or even fired. Don’t let these bullying efforts destroy our right to privacy by allowing them to silence Americans opposed to this “PC” madness. Fight back against President Obama’s and the Left’s attacks!

Archaeology News Banner

  1. The Loa Giants: Impressive and Enigmatic Geoglyphs in Northern Chile

  2. The Establishment Has Already Acknowledged A Lost Race of Giants – Part 1

  3. The Establishment Has Already Acknowledged a Lost Race of Giants – Part 2

  4. Historians Draw Closer to the Tomb of the Legendary King Arthur

  5. Herakleia Under Latmos: A Prosperous City of the Past and its Mystical Connection with the Moon

  6. Trailing the Mayflower – The Iconic Ship of a Pilgrim Voyage to the New World

  7. Did the Legendary Battle of Monte Medulio Really Happen?

  8. Sword Guards Confirm Samurai Warriors Secretly followed Christianity

  9. Decoding the Ancient Symbols of the Norsemen

  10. A Crucified King and Mysterious Bones: Whose Remains Were Hidden in the Abba Cave?

  11. Antikythera Mechanism: Ancient Celestial Calculator

  12. Bits of 3.5-Billion-Year-Old Asteroid Tell Story of Monster Impact

  13. Where Is Golgotha, Where Jesus Was Crucified?

  14. The first art gallery? Archaeologists discover large collection of 14,500-year-old animal paintings in Spanish cave

  15. Fossil Hints At Life After Mass Extinction

  16. New Evidence Of Viking Life In America?

  17. Fossil Discovery: Complex Life Evolved One BILLION Years Earlier Than Thought

  18. Frozen in Time: Casts of Pompeii Reveal Last Moments of Volcano Victims

  19. Enochian: The Mysterious Lost Language of Angels

  20. Greek archaeologist claims he’s found tomb of Aristotle

  21. Archaeologist: Boston shipwreck is rare, remarkable find


Health News Banner

  1. Science Natural News

  2. Dr. Heimlich, 96, saves choking woman with namesake maneuver

  3. The superbug that doctors have been dreading just reached the U.S.

  4. Nurse Whistleblower: Hospitals Vaccinating Patients by Force Without Their Knowledge

  5. Loss of Y Chromosome Linked to Alzheimer’s

  6. The #1 WORST Food that HARMS Your Brain (avoid!)

  7. New vaccines will permanently alter human DNA

  8. Antibiotic Apocalypse: Superbugs Could Kill 10M Per Year

  9. USDA Adds Warning to Meat Labels & 4 More Fun Facts About Beef

  10. Neuroscientist Shows What Fasting Does To Your Brain & Why Big Pharma Won’t Study It

  11. 5-Minute Health Tip: Diffuse Essential Oils the Right Way

  12. 5-Minute Health Tip: Pineapple and Kiwi Juice for Digestion

  13. Tiger Nuts for Weight Loss

  14. 10 Signs Your Gut Is Out of Whack

  15. Late-Term Abortion Activist Wendy Davis to Campaign for Pro-Abortion Hillary Clinton

  16. Do You Know What Kind Of Water You’re Drinking?

  17. These 7 Foods Cause the Most Pet Deaths

  18. Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis): Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

  19. E-Cigarettes: What Vaping Does to Your Body

  20. Can Cancer Really be Prevented?

  21. Dealing with Stress, Violent Tendencies and Depression with Magnesium Supplementation

  22. Natural Opioid Pain Medication Alternatives

  23. Is your TOOTHPASTE vegetarian? The everyday items that secretly contain animal products – including sugar cubes, cake mix and wine

  24. Do YOU suffer from text neck? From holding your phone higher to taking frequent breaks, the simple ways you can prevent spinal pain

  25. Bloated or suffering from IBS? Try the FODMAP diet: Revolutionary plan ‘significantly reduces symptoms’

  26. Improve Digestion & Heart Health with Marjoram

  27. The Best Sunscreens (and Toxic Ones to Avoid)

  28. 7 Benefits of a Bone Broth Fast: Stronger Gut, Skin + More

  29. Turkey Burger on Greens Recipe

  30. Fennel Apple Soup Recipe


  32. 30 Solid Scientific Studies That Prove Vaccines Cause Autismc

  33. Skip Your Regular Workout and Do This Instead

  34. Can Proper Diet and Exercise Guarantee You Won’t Have a Heart Attack?

  35. What Are the Symptoms of Strep Throat?

  36. Aspartame creates depression and exacerbates anxiety – here’s how

  37. Three Philadelphia doctors caught in drug-dealing ring, accused of selling $5 MILLION in prescription drugs

  38. How antidepressants ruin your natural serotonin so you can never be happy again … without your pills

  39. Deadly combination: How type 2 diabetes may increase your chances of contracting liver disease

  40. A Natural Migraine Remedy that Actually Works

  41. 7 Reasons Why You Should Never Throw Away Watermelon Rinds

  42. How To Cleanse Your Kidneys Instantly With This Natural Home Drink

  43. Disease INVASION: Shocking 22% of resettled refugees in Minnesota test positive for tuberculosis… but the CDC says your healthy child is the real problem

  44. FLASHBACK: Government ‘health’ agencies pumped lead into Washington D.C. residents’ drinking water and covered it up for three years

  45. Genetically modified polio virus being redeployed as a cancer treatment… FDA pushing for quick approval… what could possibly go wrong?

  46. Expert recommends we take a 15-minute nap daily to function at full capacity

  47. Stuffing your face with junk food is as damaging to you as having diabetes

  48. National park turtles loaded with now-banned toxins, demonstrating how the long life of chemical exposure can poison the environment

  49. Long before pills, our ancestors used these 12 natural antibiotics to survive infections

  50. Study shows fruit consumption lowers breast cancer risk in adolescents

  51. Commonly prescribed antidepressants may cause bone loss in postmenopausal women, study finds

  52. Xylitol sweetener shown to kill if consumed by dogs

  53. 12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Chestnuts

  54. How to Fight Inflammation?!

  55. Natural Insect Repellant can protect from mosquito bites without adding toxins to the body

  56. Glyphosate found to create ‘mutant’ offspring when fed to pigs – cranial deformations, missing eyes and transgender organ development

  57. Ontario proposal would force parents of unvaccinated children into re-education camps featuring government vaccine propaganda

  58. Federal government announces new plan to tackle American opioid epidemic that kills 44 people a day… yet won’t stop the FDA from approving such opioids

  59. Listeria outbreak strikes frozen foods: 47 MILLION pounds recalled; be careful what you consume

  60. Link between cell phones and cancer is real, according to major government study

  61. Simple dementia test to warn men they are at risk of developing disease discovered by Swedish university

  62. The Key Survival Skill People Don’t Know

  63. Tips to Avoid Stinky Shoes When Going Sockless This Summer

  64. 5 Good Bacteria Strains That You Should Watch Out For

  65. Study: Brain scans reveal hidden consciousness in patients

  66. Anti-GMO activists protest against Monsanto worldwide


Misc News Banner

  1. He wasn’t just a great actor, but a great American

  2. The Next Wave: ‘Puppy Play’, ‘Ecosexuals’ And ‘Polyamory’

  3. Experts Say Another American Civil War Is Possible As Fast-Growing U.S. Movement Armed With Guns And Constitution See Threat To Liberty

  4. Big Brother Is Watching You At Work

  5. As populations swell and water becomes scarce, food prices could double: report

  6. Lost Cave City in the Grand Canyon?

  7. 10 Signs The Global Elite Are Losing Control

  8. The cat is out of the bag on Google’s ‘secret’ radio transmitter

  9. Google aims to kill passwords by the end of this year

  10. Betrayal, The Climate Engineering Cover-Up By The Media, The US Military, And Academia

  11. Warning for Whatsapp users over scam inviting them to upgrade to fake ‘gold’ service that lets fraudsters hack your phone

  12. Pediatricians Call It What It Is – Child Abuse

  13. Much Ado About Restrooms.



  16. Hillary Clinton: 6th Level Illuminati Witch & sadistic Monarch slave handler)

  17. Chronicles from the Future: A True Story Kept Hidden by the Masons now Revealed

  18. A Fake Museum for a Fake Palestine

  19. The CSS May 15- Kate Dalley and Kathy Rubio- The Agenda of Foreign Mercenaries on American Soil

  20. Louisiana Legislature Passes Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Company

  21. Planned Parenthood lawyer got insider details in baby body-parts case

  22. 34% of “Pro-Choice” Women Who See This Viral Video Turn Against Abortion

  23. How The Presidential Election Will Decide Judicial Outcome

  24. 25 Deadliest Wars In Human History We Should Never Forget Happened

  25. Tell the Truth About Transvestites, Go to Prison

  26. Pause Before You Post

  27. Boycott Is Making a Difference Despite CEO’s Claims

  28. Shocking NBC News Report – Someday We Will Be Microchipping All Of Our Children

  29. The Cemetery Of The Giants

  30. Liberal Censorship: Breaking Out Of The Echo Chamber

  31. The Saudi Solution

  32. Geekly Update – 25 May 2016

  33. Cybersecurity breakthrough as ‘masterpiece’ technique to create truly random numbers is revealed – and it could revolutionise encryption

  34. Amazing trove of 4,000 incredibly detailed pictures show faces of First World War soldiers on the eve of battle (and most look remarkably relaxed)

  35. Transgender Teacher Sues After Coworkers Call Her Wrong Pronoun.The School’s Response Says It All

  36. Windows 10 upgrade app breaks Microsoft’s own guidelines

  37. Consumers erupt on Windows 10: ‘Insidious,’ ‘malware,’ ‘new low’

  38. Bill Gates of Hell: Windows 10 Hijacking Computers

  39. US Military is Gearing Up For War; Ordering Droves of Bulletproof Armor Plates

  40. How the TSA Kills Hundreds of People Every Year


  42. The American People Have Been Conquered: “Change Through Peaceful Means No Longer Possible”

  43. The European Union always was a CIA project, as Brexiteers discover

  44. ‘Frozen’ Star Green Lights Giving Elsa a Girlfriend

  45. Crafting The Perfect Password

  46. 12 million whales, dolphins and other marine creatures threatened around the world by the Navy

  47. [SOLD!] Where to Sell Handmade Goods


  49. Twitter abuse – ‘50% of misogynistic tweets from women’

  50. How to Convince Loved Ones to Prep (and When to Give Up)

  51. 6 Giant Corporations Control The Media, And Americans Consume 10 Hours Of ‘Programming’ A Day


Religion News Banner


  2. One World Religion: Pope Francis Welcomes Top Islamic Cleric To The Vatican


  4. RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH declares Holy War against Islam – the fight against the fearsome foe that is currently not only spreading evil through the Middle East but also threatening the whole of mankind

  5. The Sound That Kills Worship

  6. Fewer churches are involved in politics, and that’s not good

  7. Pastor Dan Fisher – Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment (Video: 35:48 minutes long.)

  8. Pastors with Sasse

  9. It’s Time to Bring Back the Black Robed Regiment

  10. Hugh Fitzgerald: CAIR: “Do Nothing Till You Here From Me”

  11. Vox laments that Muslim selfie girl’s love of Hitler became basis for “Islamophobic hatred”

  12. Jehovah’s Witnesses ‘hid’ over 1,000 sex-abuse cases

  13. Cross Examining a Church Display

  14. Atheist admits to ‘vexatious’ attack on church

  15. WATCH: Experience Lag B’Omer – The Jewish Festival of Fire!

  16. Understanding Lag B’Omer: The Mystical Holiday of Holy Fire

  17. Hillsong NY Features Naked Dancing Cowboy – Seriously

  18. Bible reading by Republican spurs GOP walkout


  20. Evangelicals cheer as United Methodists back away from abortion stance

  21. Why Are So Many Muslim Refugees in Europe Suddenly Finding Jesus?

  22. Pastors warn world leaders against visit to Japanese shrine

  23. Graduates defy school to deliver Lord’s Prayer



  26. Why Do So Many Preachers In America Refuse To Talk About Hell?

  27. The End of Absolutes: America’s New Moral Code


Jihad News Banner

  1. How Facebook Enables Jihad Extremists

  2. ISIS calls for attacks on America during Ramadan

  3. BREAKING: Muslim Pilot Of Flight 804 Converted The Plane Into A Portable Mosque And Said Farewell Before He Crashed The Plane And Slaughtered Everyone

  4. Christian Woman Goes Into Her Hotel Room To Rest, As She Is Resting Two Muslims Break In And Gang Rape Her

  5. ‘Leader Of Al-Qaeda Branch U.S.’ Barrack Hussein Obama Allows Another Major Al-Qaeda Affiliated Terrorist To Visit U.S. Capital In Washington DC

  6. ISIS Hangs Children On Hooks, Tortures Them To Death With Electric Shocks And Metal Rods For “Apostasy” In The Basement Of Captured Churches

  7. Afghan Taliban reveals new leader after Mullah Akhtar Mansour was killed in US drone strike

  8. Islamic State: “Those who say Islam is a religion of peace are cowards”

  9. Iran to renew financial support for Islamic Jihad: “The defense of Palestine amounts to a defense of Islam”

  10. Video: Portland State University students pledge money to fund Hamas bombings of Israeli schools, hospitals, synagogues

  11. Turkish Refugee Camps – UnsafeHavens, Children Raped, Organs Sold

  12. Elderly Christian woman stripped naked and paraded through streets by mob


Prophecy News Banner

  1. The Red Dragon & The Coming Armageddon – Rise Of The Islamic Antichrist And The Vatican’s Last Crusade

  2. Eschatological ‘Dream Team’ Steve Quayle, Tom Horn & Cris Putnam on The Hagmann Report 5/23/16 (Video: 3:00:58 minutes long.)

  3. A Close Look At The Rapture (Video: 58:30 minutes long. There is more on this than talking about the rapture. They are also talking about the food shortage in Venezuela.)

  4. The Brand New Luciferian Tattoo Agenda-YOU Are Being MANIPULATED Into Slavery! (Videos)

  5. Project Chimera: The Beasts of Old Return, Scientists Creating Human & Animal Hybrids

  6. CERN Alert: The Cloud Experiment, Weather Manipulation & Portals

  7. The End Times: New Biometric Surveillance Technology to Bring About Total Global Martial Law

  8. “Hidden Hand”: UNESCO & The United Nations Building the New World Order Through Eugenics

  9. End Times: The Pole Shift Mystery Connected to The Ancient Black Sun, CERN, and Planet X

  10. The World is Undergoing a Massive Depopulation Event Right Now!

  11. Bullets, Bunkers & Bullion – Government Prepares For Civil War, Wealthy For Revolution, And Preppers For Survival, As Russia And China Wait In The Wings, To Strike

  12. The Grand Imam: the world must unite against terrorism

  13. New Report Suggests “Trillions” Of Worlds Host Advanced Aliens

  14. 3,000-Year-Old Bible Mystery Surfaces–What It Reveals Is Scary As Hell!

  15. Something Has Shifted And Things Have Suddenly Become A Whole Lot More Serious


The 1260 Report Banner

Broadcast on Hebrew Nation Online airs LIVE at 9 am and 5 pm Pacific on Fridays or listen to the podcast later.

Join us this week with Laura Densmore and Kimberly Rogers:

*Lieberman set to be Defense Minister in Expanded coalition
*Lieberman’s Israel Beytenu party signs on to the coalition government
*Will the governors of Judah soon be revealed?
*French PM arrives in Israel to rekindle peace initiative
*Egypt seeks to advance its own peace initiative
*Pope Francis promotes the “Islamization of Europe”, says Muslim migration necessary
*Pope Francis meets with top Imam at Vatican
*Iran boasts: We can destroy Israel in 8 minutes
*Iran boasts: Arrogant powers cannot stop Iran missile program
*Elections update: Trump needs only 10 more delegates to secure the Republican nomination
*40 Volcanoes erupting: earth’s crust becoming increasingly unstable
*Economy watch update
*Close in scripture/prayer: Obadiah 1:10-17

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Let The Scriptures Speak Banner

John 4:24 “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” (New King James Version)

God is Spirit, and nowhere, not even in one verse, does it say that God does not have a body. He is perfect, immortal, infinite, immutable, self-existing, omnipotent, omniscient, invisible, impartial, absolutely holy, full of knowledge and wisdom, and sufficient to provide for His entire creation.

Like any other person He has names, and in His case, many names. And just as our names identify us as specific individuals, His names identify Him. He has titles by which He is known. Men and women have titles by which they are known.

The Bible shows that He has a head, hair, face, arms, fingers, hands, waist, loins, eyes, eyelids, nostrils, ears, mouth, lips, tongue, breath, feet, and back parts. God even speaks of His heart! He rests, but He does not get tired. He feels things. He eats and drinks, and the alcohol in wine, as Judges 9:13 says, has an effect on Him: It cheers His heart. He laughs. He becomes angry. He speaks in a small still voice; He roars from Zion. As a man, He wept. Sounds a great deal like us, does it not? It should because we are made in His image and likeness.

But there is even more. He goes about from place to place in a body, just like anybody else. He rides in a vehicle. He walks. He plants. He works. He lives in a spiritual place called heaven.

Yet, despite all these biblical descriptions, the men and women who claim that God has no body never cite any other passage except John 4:24 as proof. But He has revealed Himself in so many different ways in His Word that what these people say turns God into a liar who deceives mankind about what He is like.

Let us be clear: John 4:24 does not teach that God has no body. It, plus a multitude of passages that we have read or alluded to, expand our understanding about the properties of spirit—about what spirit bodies are like. Spirit is just as real as matter, except that it is a much higher type of substance and is governed by higher laws.

John 4:24 is a statement of fact, but it does not define or analyze spirit. The properties of spirit are described throughout the Bible, as those who actually saw and heard God and interacted with Him reported their experiences. Either they are right, or these modern writers are. They cannot both be right because they contradict each other. Which will we believe?

John W. Ritenbaugh

To learn more, see: Image and Likeness of God (Part 3)


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The Design of Scripture by Brad Scott

The Number Ten – Law, Testing, and Representation

The Number Eleven – Disorder and Judgment

The Number Twelve – Governing Order and Rulership

The Number Ten – Law, Testing, and Representation

I am a person who ponders a great deal, not necessarily curious, mind you, but ponderous. I think that is a word. Anyway, I have always wondered why we have globally agreed that countdowns begin at ten. Whether it be a new year dawning or the launch of the space shuttle, the crowd gets real loud when the count gets to ten. Could it be that the number ’10’ is when things get serious? When reality begins to sink in? When the number ten is reached it seems as if the realization that whatever is about to happen is now going to REALLY REALLY happen. We also have a lot of top ten lists as well. It is as if to say that of all things considered, these are the top ten, and these ten epitomize all the rest.

The number ’10’ in scripture seems to have set the pattern for our top ten lists and countdowns. This number pictures the law, testing, and the summing up of a whole. Obviously the Ten Commandments come to mind when thinking about all the commandments being represented or summed up in the ‘top ten’, so to speak. The Ten Commandments are, after all, things you do, and what sums up good works, at least from God’s point of view. Interestingly, YHVH has given man ten fingers and ten toes in order to work, make, form, and otherwise do things. In the account of creation (doing, forming, making, etc.) the phrase ‘God said’ appears 10 times in B’reshith [Genesis] chapter one. We know from the life of Avraham [Abraham] that he was very wealthy and owned many camels, perhaps 613 of them. When sending Eliezer to find a bride for Yitz’chak [Isaac], Avraham sends a representative delegation of 10 camels. His instructions were that the woman who gives water to his servant AND takes care of the ten commandments, I mean camels, is the one who will be the bride of his only begotten son. Later, when bargaining with YHVH for the cities of Sodom and Gemorrah, Avraham talks YHVH down to 10 souls. Seems like an average representation of faithful saints in a large city. I do mean faithful.

The number ’10’ in Hebrew is ‘eser, which means to take apart, to portion out. It is the Hebrew word for the ‘tithe’. Every man’s tithe represents his wealth, whether small or great. Our decimal system is based biblically upon the number ten, for it is a combination of the numbers 0-9 that make up all numbers. The first occurrence of ‘eser is found in the number of Seth’s age in B’reshith [Genesis] 5:8. The number is actually twelve, but in Hebrew the numbers 11-19 are represented by adding the numbers 0-9 to the number ten. When reading the number twelve you literally read ‘ten and two’ (sheney ‘asar).

The tenth letter of the Aleph-bet is the yod. This word literally means ‘of the hand’ or lifting of the hand’, as in 10 fingers. The hand is that which we work, make, and worship with. Yod is directly linked to Torah and the commandments in Mattityahu [Matthew] 5:18:

“For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one YOD or one tag shall in no way pass from Torah, till all be fulfilled.

It is with the hand that the terumah (heave) offering was lifted up as a representation of all of the dough from the produce of the field (B’midbar [Numbers] 15:17-21). A representative portion was taken from the offering, and when accepted by YHVH, all of the fruit of the land was accepted. The Messiah claimed to be that offering (‘eser, or portion) in Yochanan [John] 12:32.

“And I, if I be LIFTED UP from the earth, will draw all men unto me.

The Pharisees also recognized this same concept in Yochanan [John] 11:50-51.

“Nor consider that it is expedient for us that ONE man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not. And this spoke he not of himself, but, being high priest that year, he prophesied that Yahshua should die for that nation;”

Below are a few examples of the number 10 in scripture.

  • 10 Commandments
  • 10 plagues in Egypt
  • 10 virgins of Mattityahu [Matthew] 25
  • 10 servants and cities of Luke 19:13,17
  • 10 horns of Dani’el 7:7
  • 10 toes of the King’s image: Dani’el 2:41
  • 10 vices of 1 Corinthians 6:9-10
  • The tithe
  • The Passover lamb to begin testing on the 10th of Aviv
  • Noach was the 10th generation from Adam
  • 10 Gerahs was the redemption money: Sh’mot [Exodus] 30:12-16
  • Israel puts God to the test 10 times in the wilderness: B’midbar [Numbers] 14:22
  • Haman has 10 sons: Esther 9:13-14

The Number Eleven – Disorder and Judgment

All numbers from 10-19 are represented in the scriptures by using the base 10 and adding 0-9. Thus eleven is expressed literally as ‘one and ten’. Eleven in scripture seems to speak of disorder and judgment as if adding to the law (the number 10). Adding to God’s order or Torah creates disorder and subsequently judgment. Twelve, we will learn, speaks of God’s perfect government and eleven seems to fall just short of that. It is almost as if the disciples of Yahshua [Jesus] knew that eleven was short of God’s rule, when they quickly chose a replacement for Judas so that the total apostles would be complete at twelve. Otherwise, eleven is not a number that shows up much in scripture. Below is a handful of examples.

  • The 11th judgment on Egypt was burial in the Gulf of Aqaba (erroneously called the Red Sea)
  • Canaan has 11 sons: B’reshith [Genesis] 10:15-18
  • Zedekiah reigned 11 years. He was judged the 11th year: Yirmeyahu [Jeremiah] 52:1
  • Jehokiam reigned 11 years
  • 11th hour of Mattityahu [Matthew] 20:6,9. A time in our culture that means time is almost up!

The Number Twelve – Governing Order and Rulership

The number twelve in scripture is overwhelmingly expressed as governing order and rulership. In the beginning, YHVH sets the sun, moon, and stars in the heavens to rule the day and the night. Subsequently, we have 12 months in our year, 12 hours of the day, and 12 hours of the night. 12 signs of the mazzaroth [The Hebrew “Mazzaroth” has nothing to do with astrology. Rather, it is a tool that uses the stars to tell a story.] and 360 degree (12 x 30) orbits. Israel was to be represented by 12 tribes as also there were 12 apostles to sit upon 12 thrones (Mattityahu [Matthew] 19:28). Many juries in our judicial system are made up of 12 jurors.

As we related in the number eleven, it appears that the disciples were not prepared to take on their mission of going to the nations until there were 12 of them (Acts 1:20-26). Twelve is the product of 3 (heavenly completion) and 4 (the earth, things of the world). Godly rulership involves righteous judgment in this world based upon the instructions and precepts of a heavenly Creator. The 12th letter of the Aleph-bet [alphabet] is the lamad, which, when written, stands heads above the other letters. The word lamad means to lead or to teach. When we enter the New Jerusalem soon, we will all enter through one of the 12 gates into the city, each representing one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Below are a few examples of the number 12 in scripture.

  • The 12 tribes of Israel
  • The 12 apostles to sit on 12 thrones
  • Ishmael begot 12 princes: B’reshith [Genesis] 17:20
  • Solomon’s 12 officers: M’lakhim Aleph [1 Kings] 4:7
  • 12 stones placed in the Jordan river plus twelve more stones on the other side: Yehoshua [Joshua] 4:1-24
  • 12 stones in the priests breastplate: Sh’mot [Exodus] 28:21
  • 12 cakes of shewbread in the tabernacle: Vayikra [Leviticus] 24:5
  • 12 spies sent to Canaan
  • 12 wells of water at Elim: Sh’mot [Exodus] 15:27
  • 12 stones of Eliyahu’s [Elijah’s] altar: M’lakhim Aleph [1 Kings] 17:30-40
  • 12 legions of angels: Mattityahu [Matthew] 26:53
  • 12 years of the issue of blood: Luke 8:43
  • Jairus’s (ruler of the synagogue) daughter was 12 years old: Luke 8:42
  • Yahshua [Jesus] is 12 years old at the Temple: Luke 2:42
  • 12 stars in the crown of the women: Hitgalut [Revelation] 12:1, cp. B’reshith [Genesis] 37:8-10
  • Description of New Jerusalem in Hitgalut [revelation] 21 – 12 gates, 12 angels, 12 apostles, 12 pearls, 12 stones, 12 foundations, 12,000 furlongs, wall was 144 cubits (12 x 12)
  • 12 kinds of fruit in the Tree of Life: Hitgalut [Revelation] 22
  • 12 captains of Divre-HaYamim Aleph [1 Chronicles] 27
  • 12,000 of each tribe of Israel in Hitgalut [Revelation] 8

Shalom Alecheim [peace to you]!


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